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          Hospitals and local physicians are noticing a spike in the no of respiratory cases in the city        
by Shrutee K/DNS

Mumbai, August 10th, 2017: The rains have arrived and so is the number of diseases along with it. People are aware of the most common ailments such as viral fever, the common cold, malaria, typhoid, diarrhoea, etc. But very few are aware of the respiratory ailments that stems from indoor air pollution in monsoon caused by the dampness in the walls, fungus from air conditioners, floor carpets, velvet upholsteries, sofa covers, wooden furniture harboring fungus, etc. The Hospitals and local physicians in the city have noticed a spike in the no. of cases with respiratory problems. Suspended Particulate Matter is the main trigger of damage in air Pollution. Other contents like SO2, ammonia, carbon, polyaromatic hydrocarbons add to the toxicity. Air pollutants which are less than 10 microns in size enter the smaller airways and causes damage. This may trigger cough, breathing difficulty, choking, chest tightness and Asthma.

Taking adequate precautions are one of the best ways to avoid monsoon-related ailments. All age groups are affected because of air pollution; however, there is a definite rise in asthma and lung infections among children. Also, elderly and diabetics are at a risk of lung infection because of air pollution. Avoiding floor carpets, velvet upholsteries, stuffed toys, burning incense sticks at home and regular cleaning of air conditioner filters are some of the precautions that can be taken to avoid indoor air pollution during the monsoon.

Mr. Girish Bapat, Blueair air purifier, Director West and South Asia Region further added, “Our mission at Blueair is to help Indian women, children and men confront the health challenges posed by rising air pollution. It is very essential to identify the Invisible dangers. Breathing in tiny, unseen pollutants put every individual at risk. These pollutants further pass through the lung tissue and puts you at risk of stroke, heart disease and developing Asthma, Allergy, Bronchitis, Infection and other respiratory problems. Getting acquainted of personal health records, heart rate and blood sugar level, is the best way to safeguard long-term health issues by classifying troublesome concerns at the earliest.”

Blueair’s air purifiers are innovated in Sweden to put people in control of their own air quality with superior filtration efficiency. Sold in over 60 countries around the world, Blueair delivers home and office users cleaner indoor air for enhanced user health and wellbeing faster than any competing air purifier thanks to its commitment to quality, energy efficiency and environmental care. A Blueair air purifier works efficiently and silently to remove airborne allergens, asthma triggers, viruses, bacteria and other pollutants.

          'We have no experience in stopping a nuclear war.' - Sidney Drell (no replies)        
'..My greatest concern is the lack of public awareness about this existential threat, the absence of a vigorous public debate about the nuclear-war plans of Russia and the United States, the silent consent to the roughly fifteen thousand nuclear weapons in the world. These machines have been carefully and ingeniously designed to kill us. Complacency increases the odds that, some day, they will. The “Titanic Effect” is a term used by software designers to explain how things can quietly go wrong in a complex technological system: the safer you assume the system to be, the more dangerous it is becoming.'

'The harsh rhetoric on both sides increases the danger of miscalculations and mistakes, as do other factors. Close encounters between the military aircraft of the United States and Russia have become routine, creating the potential for an unintended conflict. Many of the nuclear-weapon systems on both sides are aging and obsolete. The personnel who operate those systems often suffer from poor morale and poor training. None of their senior officers has firsthand experience making decisions during an actual nuclear crisis. And today’s command-and-control systems must contend with threats that barely existed during the Cold War: malware, spyware, worms, bugs, viruses, corrupted firmware, logic bombs, Trojan horses, and all the other modern tools of cyber warfare. The greatest danger is posed not by any technological innovation but by a dilemma that has haunted nuclear strategy since the first detonation of an atomic bomb: How do you prevent a nuclear attack while preserving the ability to launch one?


..the Cuban Missile Crisis, when a series of misperceptions, miscalculations, and command-and-control problems almost started an accidental nuclear war—despite the determination of both John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev to avoid one. In perhaps the most dangerous incident, the captain of a Soviet submarine mistakenly believed that his vessel was under attack by U.S. warships and ordered the firing of a torpedo armed with a nuclear warhead. His order was blocked by a fellow officer. Had the torpedo been fired, the United States would have retaliated with nuclear weapons. At the height of the crisis, while leaving the White House on a beautiful fall evening, McNamara had a strong feeling of dread—and for good reason: “I feared I might never live to see another Saturday night.”


The personnel who command, operate, and maintain the Minuteman III have also become grounds for concern. In 2013, the two-star general in charge of the entire Minuteman force was removed from duty after going on a drunken bender during a visit to Russia, behaving inappropriately with young Russian women, asking repeatedly if he could sing with a Beatles cover band at a Mexican restaurant in Moscow, and insulting his military hosts. The following year, almost a hundred Minuteman launch officers were disciplined for cheating on their proficiency exams. In 2015, three launch officers at Malmstrom Air Force Base, in Montana, were dismissed for using illegal drugs, including ecstasy, cocaine, and amphetamines. That same year, a launch officer at Minot Air Force Base, in North Dakota, was sentenced to twenty-five years in prison for heading a violent street gang, distributing drugs, sexually assaulting a girl under the age of sixteen, and using psilocybin, a powerful hallucinogen. As the job title implies, launch officers are entrusted with the keys for launching intercontinental ballistic missiles.


..A recent memoir, “Uncommon Cause,” written by General George Lee Butler, reveals that the Pentagon was not telling the truth. Butler was the head of the U.S. Strategic Command, responsible for all of America’s nuclear weapons, during the Administration of President George H. W. Bush.

According to Butler and Franklin Miller, a former director of strategic-forces policy at the Pentagon, launch-on-warning was an essential part of the Single Integrated Operational Plan (siop), the nation’s nuclear-war plan. Land-based missiles like the Minuteman III were aimed at some of the most important targets in the Soviet Union, including its anti-aircraft sites. If the Minuteman missiles were destroyed before liftoff, the siop would go awry, and American bombers might be shot down before reaching their targets. In order to prevail in a nuclear war, the siop had become dependent on getting Minuteman missiles off the ground immediately. Butler’s immersion in the details of the nuclear command-and-control system left him dismayed. “With the possible exception of the Soviet nuclear war plan, [the siop] was the single most absurd and irresponsible document I had ever reviewed in my life,” Butler concluded. “We escaped the Cold War without a nuclear holocaust by some combination of skill, luck, and divine intervention, and I suspect the latter in greatest proportion.” The siop called for the destruction of twelve thousand targets within the Soviet Union. Moscow would be struck by four hundred nuclear weapons; Kiev, the capital of the Ukraine, by about forty.

After the end of the Cold War, a Russian surprise attack became extremely unlikely. Nevertheless, hundreds of Minuteman III missiles remained on alert. The Cold War strategy endured because, in theory, it deterred a Russian attack on the missiles. McNamara called the policy “insane,” arguing that “there’s no military requirement for it.” George W. Bush, while running for President in 2000, criticized launch-on-warning, citing the “unacceptable risks of accidental or unauthorized launch.” Barack Obama, while running for President in 2008, promised to take Minuteman missiles off alert, warning that policies like launch-on-warning “increase the risk of catastrophic accidents or miscalculation.” Twenty scientists who have won the Nobel Prize, as well as the Union of Concerned Scientists, have expressed strong opposition to retaining a launch-on-warning capability. It has also been opposed by former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, former Secretary of State George Shultz, and former Senator Sam Nunn. And yet the Minuteman III missiles still sit in their silos today, armed with warheads, ready to go.

William J. Perry, who served as Secretary of Defense during the Clinton Administration, not only opposes keeping Minuteman III missiles on alert but advocates getting rid of them entirely. “These missiles are some of the most dangerous weapons in the world,” Perry wrote in the Times, this September. For many reasons, he thinks the risk of a nuclear catastrophe is greater today than it was during the Cold War. While serving as an Under-Secretary of Defense in 1980, Perry also received a late-night call about an impending Soviet attack, a false alarm that still haunts him. “A catastrophic nuclear war could have started by accident.”

Bruce Blair, a former Minuteman launch officer, heads the anti-nuclear group Global Zero, teaches at Princeton University, and campaigns against a launch-on-warning policy. Blair has described the stresses that the warning of a Russian attack would put on America’s command-and-control system. American early-warning satellites would detect Russian missiles within three minutes of their launch. Officers at norad would confer for an additional three minutes, checking sensors to decide if an attack was actually occurring. The Integrated Tactical Warning/Attack System collects data from at least two independent information sources, relying on different physical principles, such as ground-based radar and satellite-based infrared sensors. If the norad officials thought that the warning was legitimate, the President of the United States would be contacted. He or she would remove the Black Book from a briefcase carried by a military aide. The Black Book describes nuclear retaliatory options, presented in cartoon-like illustrations that can be quickly understood.


Although the Air Force publicly dismissed the threat of a cyberattack on the nuclear command-and-control system, the incident raised alarm within the Pentagon about the system’s vulnerability. A malfunction that occurred by accident might also be caused deliberately. Those concerns were reinforced by a Defense Science Board report in January, 2013. It found that the Pentagon’s computer networks had been “built on inherently insecure architectures that are composed of, and increasingly using, foreign parts.” Red teams employed by the board were able to disrupt Pentagon systems with “relative ease,” using tools available on the Internet. “The complexity of modern software and hardware makes it difficult, if not impossible, to develop components without flaws or to detect malicious insertions,” the report concluded.

In a recent paper for the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies, Andrew Futter, an associate professor at the University of Leicester, suggested that a nuclear command-and-control system might be hacked to gather intelligence about the system, to shut down the system, to spoof it, mislead it, or cause it to take some sort of action—like launching a missile. And, he wrote, there are a variety of ways it might be done.


Strict precautions have been taken to thwart a cyberattack on the U.S. nuclear command-and-control system. Every line of nuclear code has been scrutinized for errors and bugs. The system is “air-gapped,” meaning that its networks are closed: someone can’t just go onto the Internet and tap into a computer at a Minuteman III control center. At least, that’s the theory. Russia, China, and North Korea have sophisticated cyber-warfare programs and techniques. General James Cartwright—the former head of the U.S. Strategic Command who recently pleaded guilty to leaking information about Stuxnet—thinks that it’s reasonable to believe the system has already been penetrated. “You’ve either been hacked, and you’re not admitting it, or you’re being hacked and don’t know it,” Cartwright said last year.

If communications between Minuteman control centers and their missiles are interrupted, the missiles can still be launched by ultra-high-frequency radio signals transmitted by special military aircraft. The ability to launch missiles by radio serves as a backup to the control centers—and also creates an entry point into the network that could be exploited in a cyberattack. The messages sent within the nuclear command-and-control system are highly encrypted. Launch codes are split in two, and no single person is allowed to know both parts. But the complete code is stored in computers—where it could be obtained or corrupted by an insider.

Some of America’s most secret secrets were recently hacked and stolen by a couple of private contractors working inside the N.S.A., Edward Snowden and Harold T. Martin III, both employees of Booz Allen Hamilton. The N.S.A. is responsible for generating and encrypting the nuclear launch codes. And the security of the nuclear command-and-control system is being assured not only by government officials but also by the employees of private firms, including software engineers who work for Boeing, Amazon, and Microsoft.

Lord Des Browne, a former U.K. Minister of Defense, is concerned that even ballistic-missile submarines may be compromised by malware. Browne is now the vice-chairman of the Nuclear Threat Initiative, a nonprofit seeking to reduce the danger posed by weapons of mass destruction, where he heads a task force examining the risk of cyberattacks on nuclear command-and-control systems. Browne thinks that the cyber threat is being cavalierly dismissed by many in power. The Royal Navy’s decision to save money by using Windows for Submarines, a version of Windows XP, as the operating system for its ballistic-missile subs seems especially shortsighted. Windows XP was discontinued six years ago, and Microsoft warned that any computer running it after April, 2014, “should not be considered protected as there will be no security updates.” Each of the U.K. subs has eight missiles carrying a total of forty nuclear weapons. “It is shocking to think that my home computer is probably running a newer version of Windows than the U.K.’s military submarines,” Brown said.In 2013, General C. Robert Kehler, the head of the U.S. Strategic Command, testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee about the risk of cyberattacks on the nuclear command-and-control system. He expressed confidence that the U.S. system was secure. When Senator Bill Nelson asked if somebody could hack into the Russian or Chinese systems and launch a ballistic missile carrying a nuclear warhead, Kehler replied, “Senator, I don’t know . . . I do not know.”

After the debacle of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Soviet Union became much more reluctant to provoke a nuclear confrontation with the United States. Its politburo was a committee of conservative old men. Russia’s leadership is quite different today. The current mix of nationalism, xenophobia, and vehement anti-Americanism in Moscow is a far cry from the more staid and secular ideology guiding the Soviet Union in the nineteen-eighties. During the past few years, threats about the use of nuclear weapons have become commonplace in Moscow. Dmitry Kiselyov, a popular newscaster and the Kremlin’s leading propagandist, reminded viewers in 2014 that Russia is “the only country in the world capable of turning the U.S.A. into radioactive dust.” The Kremlin has acknowledged the development of a nuclear torpedo that can travel more than six thousand miles underwater before devastating a coastal city. It has also boasted about a fearsome new missile design. Nicknamed “Satan 2” and deployed with up to sixteen nuclear warheads, the missile will be “capable of wiping out parts of the earth the size of Texas or France,” an official news agency claimed.


Russia’s greatest strategic vulnerability is the lack of a sophisticated and effective early-warning system. The Soviet Union had almost a dozen satellites in orbit that could detect a large-scale American attack. The system began to deteriorate in 1996, when an early-warning satellite had to be retired. Others soon fell out of orbit, and Russia’s last functional early-warning satellite went out of service two years ago. Until a new network of satellites can be placed in orbit, the country must depend on ground-based radar units. Unlike the United States, Russia no longer has two separate means of validating an attack warning. At best, the radar units can spot warheads only minutes before they land. Pavel Podvig, a senior fellow at the U.N. Institute for Disarmament Research, believes that Russia does not have a launch-on-warning policy—because its early-warning system is so limited.

For the past nine years, I’ve been immersed in the minutiae of nuclear command and control, trying to understand the actual level of risk. Of all the people whom I’ve met in the nuclear realm, Sidney Drell was one of the most brilliant and impressive. Drell died this week, at the age of ninety. A theoretical physicist with expertise in quantum field theory and quantum chromodynamics, he was for many years the deputy director of the Stanford Linear Accelerator and received the National Medal of Science from Obama, in 2013. Drell was one of the founding members of jason—a group of civilian scientists that advises the government on important technological matters—and for fifty-six years possessed a Q clearance, granting him access to the highest level of classified information. Drell participated in top-secret discussions about nuclear strategy for decades, headed a panel that investigated nuclear-weapon safety for the U.S. Congress in 1990, and worked on technical issues for jason until the end of his life. A few months ago, when I asked for his opinion about launch-on-warning, Drell said, “It’s insane, the worst thing I can think of. You can’t have a worse idea.”

Drell was an undergraduate at Princeton University when Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed. Given all the close calls and mistakes in the seventy-one years since then, he considered it a miracle that no other cities have been destroyed by a nuclear weapon—“it is so far beyond my normal optimism.” The prospect of a new cold war—and the return of military strategies that advocate using nuclear weapons on the battlefield—deeply unnerved him. Once the first nuclear weapon detonates, nothing might prevent the conflict from spiralling out of control. “We have no experience in stopping a nuclear war,” he said.


Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin confront a stark choice: begin another nuclear-arms race or reduce the threat of nuclear war. Trump now has a unique opportunity to pursue the latter, despite the bluster and posturing on both sides. His admiration for Putin, regardless of its merits, could provide the basis for meaningful discussions about how to minimize nuclear risks. Last year, General James Mattis, the former Marine chosen by Trump to serve as Secretary of Defense, called for a fundamental reappraisal of American nuclear strategy and questioned the need for land-based missiles. During Senate testimony, Mattis suggested that getting rid of such missiles would “reduce the false-alarm danger.” Contrary to expectations, Republican Presidents have proved much more successful than their Democratic counterparts at nuclear disarmament. President George H. W. Bush cut the size of the American arsenal in half, as did his son, President George W. Bush. And President Ronald Reagan came close to negotiating a treaty with the Soviet Union that would have completely abolished nuclear weapons.

Every technology embodies the values of the age in which it was created. When the atomic bomb was being developed in the mid-nineteen-forties, the destruction of cities and the deliberate targeting of civilians was just another military tactic. It was championed as a means to victory. The Geneva Conventions later classified those practices as war crimes—and yet nuclear weapons have no other real use. They threaten and endanger noncombatants for the sake of deterrence. Conventional weapons can now be employed to destroy every kind of military target, and twenty-first-century warfare puts an emphasis on precision strikes, cyberweapons, and minimizing civilian casualties. As a technology, nuclear weapons have become obsolete. What worries me most isn’t the possibility of a cyberattack, a technical glitch, or a misunderstanding starting a nuclear war sometime next week. My greatest concern is the lack of public awareness about this existential threat, the absence of a vigorous public debate about the nuclear-war plans of Russia and the United States, the silent consent to the roughly fifteen thousand nuclear weapons in the world. These machines have been carefully and ingeniously designed to kill us. Complacency increases the odds that, some day, they will. The “Titanic Effect” is a term used by software designers to explain how things can quietly go wrong in a complex technological system: the safer you assume the system to be, the more dangerous it is becoming.'

- Eric Schlosser, World War Three, By Mistake, December 23, 2016


The International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

          A nonprofit's guide to online security: So you want to learn the lingo?        
This year marks the 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web becoming publicly available. For many of us, this is a reminder of just how much the Internet has transformed our daily lives. This rings true for nonprofits too: The Internet has revolutionized the way that nonprofits communicate, fundraise, and recruit volunteers. It has enabled nonprofits like yours to share their mission with a global audience. To raise awareness. And to change the world. 

But the power of the Internet also comes with great responsibility -- namely the need to keep information safe and secure. As a nonprofit, it can be difficult to keep up with online security, especially when terminology seems complicated. Yes, you might have heard of terms like “phishing” or “cookies,” but what do they mean?

Today, you can find the answers to your questions with our quick & easy to guide to online security terminology. In less than five minutes, you’ll be well on the way to helping keep your nonprofit safe on the Internet. 

Let’s get started! Here’s a quick guide to familiarize yourself with common lingo and learn how to distinguish terms that are friends vs foes in the online security realm. 


  • Advanced Fee Fraud (419 scams): A technique which tricks users into sending or paying money to fraudsters on the promise of receiving greater rewards afterwards. It is most commonly associated with Nigeria, and 419 is the section of the Nigerian legal code that covers this fraud.
  • Botnet: A network of computers that are infected with malicious software without users’ knowledge, used to send viruses and spam to other computers.
  • Malware: Malicious software with the purpose of infecting devices and systems, gathering personal information, gaining access to systems or disrupting the operations of the device or systems. Essentially, any software that maliciously alters or compromises the system or device.
  • Phishing / Social Engineering Attack: An attempt by hackers who pose as trustworthy individuals or businesses in order to get your personal information such as usernames, passwords, and financial information.
  • Trojans: Malicious programs posing as or bundled with legitimate ones, which are designed to compromise your system. They are usually installed on computers from opening attachments in scam emails or by visiting infected websites. The term comes from the Trojan Horse in Greek mythology.

How to avoid social engineering attacks


  • [Internet] Cookie: A piece of data from a visited website and stored in the user's web browser in order to remember information that the user has entered or engaged with such as items in a shopping basket on an e-commerce site.
  • Encryption: The process of encoding data, messages, or information, such that only authorized parties can read it.
  • Firewall: A security system used to block hackers, viruses, and other malicious threats to your computer. It does this by acting as a barrier, acting on predetermined rules, which allows trusted traffic but blocks untrusted or non-secure traffic. 
  • HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol): is the protocol for secure communications over a computer network used on the Internet. It essentially provides authentication of the website and the web servers associated with it. 
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS): TLS is a protocol that encrypts and delivers mail securely, both for inbound and outbound mail traffic. It helps prevent eavesdropping between mail servers – keeping your messages private while they're moving between email providers. 
  • Two Factor Authentication / Two Step Verification: A method of using an additional process to verify your identity online. It combines both ‘something you know’ (like a password) and ‘something you have’ (like your phone or security key) — similar to withdrawing money from an ATM/cash machine, where you need both your PIN and your bank card.

That’s a wrap for now! Pass on these tips to your nonprofit partners to stay safe and secure online, so you can focus on what matters most: changing the world. 


To see if your nonprofit is eligible to participate, review the Google for Nonprofits eligibility guidelines. Google for Nonprofits offers organizations like yours access to Google tools like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Ad Grants, YouTube for Nonprofits and more at no charge. These tools can help you reach new donors and volunteers, work more efficiently, and tell your nonprofit’s story. Learn more and enroll here.

          3 Reasons why Chromebooks might be a good fit for your nonprofit        
Nonprofits - 08_11 - Chromebooks.JPG

When we speak with nonprofit organizations, we often hear about the challenges related to technological resources. So when it comes to investing in new technology, it’s important to consider three primary factors:

  • Security: Does it keep my information private and secure?
  • Compatibility: Does it work with the programs I use?
  • Price: Is it within budget?
To address these questions, Google created the Chromebook, a series of laptops built with ChromeOS. The vision behind Chromebooks is simple — to create a safe, accessible, and affordable laptop. To improve user privacy and security, Chromebooks  automatically update to provide virus protection, encryption and safe browsing. For easy access and collaboration, they’re outfitted with Gmail, Google Docs, Hangouts (and nonprofits receive the full Google Apps bundle with 30GB of space per user at no charge). What’s more, they start at $169 USD & that’s for a laptop that has up to 10+ hours of battery life!
ASUS Chromebook C201 ($169)

Case Study

Charity:water, a non-profit organization that provides clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries, has a “100 percent model,” where every dollar donated goes directly to fund clean water projects. As a result, resources are limited. In order to cover operational costs like salaries and supplies, the organization relies on a few passionate and dedicated supporters. With this in mind, Charity:water transitioned to Chromebooks to improve the efficiency of its staff’s workflow. Now, employees can spend more time focusing on their goals and working towards their mission to nourish the world.

Want to learn more?

Chromebooks gives nonprofits unified access to the Google Apps suite, including:

  • Google Docs, Sheets, Slides: Allows you to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in real time. They’re automatically backed up online, and you can also open and edit Microsoft Word, Powerpoint or Excel files.
  • Google Hangouts: Google Hangouts can be used to make phone calls, screenshare, and video chat.
  • Google Drive: Store, sync, and share documents in the cloud for secure and easy access.

As a nonprofit, you also receive discounted access to Chrome licenses, which give you management controls via the Chrome Device Management. Chrome Device Management is a unified way to manage all of your nonprofits’ users, devices, and data. For nonprofits, the Chrome management license is discounted to only $30 dollars — in comparison to $150!

Chromebooks are our vision for providing cheaper, easier to use, and more secure laptops. Installed with Google Apps out of the box, nonprofits can maximize impact, while saving both time and resources.

To see if your nonprofit is eligible to participate, review the Google for Nonprofits eligibility guidelines. Google for Nonprofits offers organizations like yours free access to Google tools like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Ad Grants, YouTube for Nonprofits and more. These tools can help you reach new donors and volunteers, work more efficiently, and tell your nonprofit’s story. Learn more and enroll here.

To learn more about Chromebooks for nonprofits, take a look at Google for Work’s Chromebook’s website. To take advantage of the Google Nonprofit license discount, a Google partner will reach out to you once you fill out the Contact Us form.

          "4 langkah Cek Virus Tanpa Antivirus"        
          Mobile security infestation [Infographics]        
The explosion in popularity of mobile devices has changed the way that people go about their daily lives. Their reliance on the efficiency and speed of these gadgets has made location--often--irrelevant. However, with the reliance comes risk; the number of viruses and hackers lurking for unencrypted data has risen dramatically over the past few years, a number closely related to the rise in smartphone and tablet usage over that same period of time.

This infographic, provided by, is an interesting look at mobile security, how it is being exploited, and the future of safe usage on mobile an interesting look at mobile security, how it is being exploited, and the future of safe usage on mobile devices.

 Russel Cooke is a journalist based in Louisville, KY. His love of technology often drives his stories, which also center around social media, content creation, and marketing. You can follow him on Twitter @RusselCooke2.

          Malware: How we are Infected [InfoGraphic]        
So you have a computer, but if it was infected with a virus, what would you do? Would you even know it was there? It is a well-known fact that over 32% of all computers in the world have malware of some sort. Today we will be talking about the infamous computer virus and what it is.

So let's start with something you all have probably heard of, Malware. Malware is a program made to infiltrate your computer, disable parts of it, and thus gain access to your hard drive, search history and such to aid with stealing information. However, there are other types of malware out there. Let's get to know them and how much of the 32% they infect.

At 57%, first we have the virus. This is a software that has the capability to copy itself and send itself into other folders. Then there is the "Trojan" at 21%. The Trojan is malicious software that hides on the internet disguised as some sort of program or free item, and ce you download it, you will soon discover it is malicious. But the Trojan has a brother at 7%, called the "Trojan Downloader". This type of virus does the same thing as the simple Trojan, but once on your computer it downloads more viruses and software, then begins to use those programs.

Then at 3% there is the "Exploit", which finds a glitch, bug or system error and uses that to hack into your computer. Next we have the "Worm" at 2%, this malicious bug works the same as a Trojan, but then copies and pastes itself across your computer network.

But not all viruses seem so bad when you get them, for instance the "Adware" at 3%. This type of virus infects your computer so nothing happens at first, but once you log into your web browser, then immediately your screen will be flooded with ads. There is also the "Monitoring Tool" with 2% of the 32% infected. This malware infects your computer and hides, not doing anything but monitoring your activity, (Search history, keyboard history etc.) and then sends those back to a remote server.

There is also one of the worst at 1%, the "Back Door". This virus infects your computer remotely, not allowing your anti-virus security to even detect it, but sure enough it does. And lastly we have one of the worst but luckily at a low percentage of 0.01%, "Spyware". This diabolically designed software infects your computer and takes the most important pieces of information it can find and sends it back to wherever it came from. This information is generally passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive information.
All of these viruses have devastating effects. Last year there were 27 million strains of malware made, which means 74,000 new viruses are created every day. The number of homes in the United States that experience spam is 24 million. The number of homes with serious viruses in the last 2 years is 16 million, and the number of houses that had spyware in the last 6 months is 6 million. But most devastating of all, over 1 million of all homes have lost money to spyware in the last year. Another devastating fact is that Viruses cost the world 4.55 billion USD every year.

So be safe, don't download anything you are unsure of, and be sure to have an anti-virus software. But most importantly learn how to detect these programs when you get them.

          WhatsApp spam used by ASProx Botnet to Deliver Kuluoz Malware        


Photo by: Sean MacEntee

As you probably know, Facebook bought WhatsApp for an obscene amount of money in stock earlier this year. What you might not know is that there's a lot of WhatsApp spam that is being used by ASProx Botnet to deliver nasty Kuluoz malware to unsuspecting  users. This is not good news any way you look at the situation. Keep reading if you want to know more about this as well as what you should do to stay safe.

Here's a look at some of the dates when the WhatsApp problem has made Malcovery's "Today's Top Threats" list.

  1. SEPTEMBER 19, 23, 24, 25, 26
  2. OCTOBER 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25
  3. NOVEMBER 14
  4. JANUARY 9, 13, 15, 20, 28

Looking at that list, it's easy to start wondering why nothing has been done sooner about the problem. Additionally, it really makes you wonder why Facebook paid so much for the company by offering them stock options.

Going back to November of last year, ComputerWorld published an article about how WhatsApp was one of the top five brands imitated to deliver malware with spam. That's quite a bit of recognition - and not in a good way.

Here's a look at some specific ways you can stay safe and avoid Kuluoz and other malware.

  • Use Protection - The very first thing you want to do is make sure you're using some type of protection. The good news is that you don't need to spend a lot of money to get decent anti-virus software these days.
  • Update Protection - Having protection software is nice, but if you never update it at all, you're going to find that there's still a high chance your computer will get infected and quit working correctly.
  • Be Suspicious - If you're not sure of something online, you want to err on the side of caution and not take any unnecessary risks. Even with a brand like WhatsApp - that's connected to Facebook now - you want to be very careful and know what you're doing.
  • Educate Yourself - Last but most certainly not least, you should make an effort to stay informed about how malware works and the steps you can take to protect yourself from it whenever possible. This is really the best way you can make sure your computer stays safe and virus free.

Following the advice above, there's a good chance you'll be able to avoid WhatsApp spam and not get infected with Kuluoz malware. Still, it's a good idea to pay attention and update your anti-virus software all the time. If you have any experience with WhatsApp that's negative, please leave us a comment below. 

Guest Post - 
Written by: Jenny Corteza deals with staff outsourcing all the time. She's a writer and dealing with editors and others can sometimes be a problem. Still, she loves writing articles about technology. Go figure.

          Technology and it's threat         

Technology and its threat

It's true that technology makes everyone dance on its tone. Now we have computers with the help of which we can get information about everything. It has also changed the way of communication. Earlier we use to talk via letters and phones. But, now we have a webcam through which we can do video calling or conferencing. It's true that machines have been created by men, but they make fewer mistakes as compared to men. You just need to program the computer properly and it will work accurately. With the help of computer everything is done perfectly in less time. Now days it’s not surprising if students carry their laptop and mobile to school. Technology has truly made our lives easier.

But a computer also faces health issues, which can be treated by an Antivirus Software program.
Following are  top 8 threats and no one should ever ignore them

Viruses: - The name itself describes it. It can disrupt a computer and can damage the available data. Viruses can be received via numerous options that also include e-mail attachments. So, always beware when you get an e-mail from an unidentified server or person.

Spyware: - A Spyware is used to spy on computers. It can steal your personal information and send it to others who can misuse it. Today everyone is concerned about being the victim of identity theft. Spyware are generally attached to a freeware downloaded from the web. So be cautious when downloading and installing a software tool.

Spam: - Spam mails are promotional in nature and usually promote products of sexual or dubious nature. Some websites are harvested by spammers, from where they steal your e-mail ids.
Adware: - Adware are responsible for producing advertisements on a system without user’s consent, which you often see on your computer screen. It can be in the form of pop-ups, pop-under, and other sources. People generally do get irritated by these adware but at many times are not aware of its causes.

Dialers: - Dialers are the programs, which are designed to redirect phone calls to expensive numbers without even informing you. You’ll get to know about it, when you will receive the bill.
Hackers: - A computer always consists of so much personal data, including your bank and credit card details. Hackers always try to steal this data and recover your passwords in order to do malicious activities and even may burgle you.

Hijackers: - The hijackers take remote control of your computer screen and can reset your homepage and search pages. They do it in order to do thievery on your behalf so that they can be away from the agencies and you’ll be in danger.

Phishing: - Phishing has become the most threat full of all malicious activities over the internet. It is because Phishing websites look similar to the real websites, and are designed to make fools out of the customer and are generally scams to harvest usernames and passwords of prominent websites.

In order to be away from these 8 threats, download Security Software Optimo Defender, which also scans for threats and performs virus removal programs on a computer by offering various features like Antivirus,

Anti-Trojan, Anti-Spyware, and System Security Suite. There are a lot of Antivirus programs available on the internet, but like everything else they also vary in quality. You tend to get what you pay for.
Anna Asthesia is chief technical head in & working from last 5 years. She likes to write article on antivirus software program, security software & how to find genuine online tech support for Laptops, Computers & Smartphones.

About the Author
Anna Asthesia is chief technial head in & working from last 5 years. She likes to write article on windows registry , computer problems & how to find genuine online tech support for Laptops, Computers & Smartphones.You can read her latest blogs

          How To Speed Up Your Computer with Optimo Pro        
Computer users are inundated with tribulations frequently. The way you eat food to keep you going and to keep you fit, likewise, computer machine also needs maintenance every now and then. Your body demands food to keep you going. So how can your computer lag behind? Computer optimization is the buzz word. Everyone wants to speed up computer to reap more benefits.

Regular holdups that stall the computer’s performance become a complete nuisance. Virus attacks, malware intrusions, Trojan horse, and other cruel problems slow down the speed of your system. But most of the users find it difficult to understand the problem and resolve them. What you require is good quality pc cleaner that deals with junk files, registry errors and much more.
Quite a few PC cleaners are doing the rounds in the market, some fake and some real. Fake ones rather than solving any setback embed a set of virus and infections that results in loss of time and money. Real ones effectively optimize your computer system that helps speed up computer.
Optimo Pro is software that comes with more than one program. They scan the computer within minutes and help the customer get back to work. Within months of its launch, Optimo Pro has had immense outreach and has helped computer users, be it consumers or business. The increased usage of Optimo Pro has been phenomenal.

What all it does?

  • Removes data footprints from at least 25 browsers
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  • Features:
  • Windows Registry cleaner
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  • Files cleaner
  • Browser cleaner
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  • Trace cleaner
  • Registry Optimizer
  • Junk Files cleaner
  • PC Optimizer
  • Complete computer cleaning software

All these apps work in tandem with each other and help increase the speed of your PC. A PC cleaner acts a scrubber that scrubs manifold parts of the computer and helps keep it in good shape. Be it fixing your registry or cleaning junk files, it does all.
With the kind of success Optimo Pro has gathered, it becomes worthwhile to at least give it a try. Download Optimo Pro from  and make use of the trial version. Our customer service number is 1-800-413-1289. You can ask any question and we will be more than happy to serve you.

About the Author
Anna Asthesia is chief technial head in & working from last 5 years. She likes to write article on windows registry , computer problems & how to find genuine online tech support for Laptops, Computers & Smartphones.You can read her latest blogs on

          Best Security apps to Protect your smartphone from Hackers        
The iOS system on iPhones and iPads is very reliable and isn’t that vulnerable for viruses, malware and hackers as Android is. However, no operating system is 100% hacker-proof. This is why it is wise to install some applications that can help you prevent attacks from hackers. Below we created a short list of applications that […]
          Two HIV patients now virus-free. Is this a cure?        
Two men unlucky enough to get both HIV and cancer have been seemingly cleared of the virus, raising hope that science may yet find a way to cure for the infection that causes AIDS, 30 years into the epidemic.
          A l'abordage, Toxic, saison 2, épisode 6, Stéphane Desienne        
Et voilà, finie, enfin, la saison deux de Toxic. Et suite à cette fin, je n'ai qu'une chose à dire, c'est quand la suite ? 

Et je profite de ce petit avis lecture pour vous annoncer que Walrus lance son OPMORSE ce mois-ci. Un mois avec des réductions (cette semaine, c'est la collection pulp qui est à 0.99€), des surprises et tout ce qui va avec ce genre d'opération. Si vous voulez découvrir la maison d'édition, n'hésitez pas !

A l'abordage, Toxic, saison 2, épisode 6, Stéphane Desienne

Editeur : Walrus
Colleciton : série
Année de parution : 2016
Format : epub

A lire si :
- Vous avez aimé la saison 1
- Vous voulez un joyeux mélange Zombies/alien
- Vous voulez passer un bon moment

A ne pas lire si :
- Vous avez peur d'être perdu entre les divers personnages
- Vous n'aimez pas penser que vous pouvez être de la marchandise

Présentation de l'éditeur :

Avec ce double épisode, la saison 02 de Toxic tire sa révérence. Que ce soit à bord du cargo GénéSaran ou sur Corrudeeen, la survie des groupes humains est liée au sort des Aliens. Que ceux-ci cherchent à les sauver ou à les exploiter importe peu : le risque de perdre le peu qui a été gagné est grand. Elaine, Masters, Alva, Jon, Alison, le Révérend, Larson, Pedro, Michelle. Autant de personnes dont la vie ne tient qu’à un fil ! La donne est identique pour Jave, Naakrit et Twirl : chacun doit affronter les conséquences des choix qui ont été faits. Reste à savoir qui reverra le jour se lever sur une planète ou une autre…

Mon avis

Je l'avais dit dans l'avis de l'épisode cinq, ce sixième épisode est en fait un double épisode. Presque un mini-roman, une novella. Et une novella qui nous tient en haleine tout le long de son texte. Un texte qui ne déroge pas vraiment à la règle que c'est fixé l'auteur pour les autres épisodes, on commence avec la ferme de Twirl et les humains qui y sont enfermés puis on passe dans l'espace. Juste que les passages sont plus long.

Donc, commençons par la ferme. Rien ne va plus. Michelle se méfit de Larson. Il faut dire que l'homme se fait la malle et revient avec un équipement antigrav qu'il planque. Puis avec sept autres. Pendant ce temps, Twirl se fait enlever par des rivaux. Et quand la docteuresse essaie un des harnais antigrav, elle se retrouve avec le virus m-v. Quand je disais que rien n'allait plus. Alors qu'une nouvelle invasion zombie se prépare dans la ferme, celle-ci est envahi par la Sécurité. Que va-t-il donc advenir des quelques rescapés ? Et bien, nous ne le saurons pas de suite (premier cliffhanger du lot quoi, et déjà, on a envie d'avoir la suite). 

Dans l'espace, ça devient la aussi de pire en pire. La Sécurité Commerciale arrive sur les lieux, poussant tout le monde a agir. Pour le meilleur et pour le pire. Dans le désordre, Naakrit et Jave retrouve les survivants et s'allient avec eux, Alva continue sa vengeance, Khrow accélère le mouvement pour trouver l’antidote et sauver son potentiel pactole. Des alliances se font et se défont. Je n'ose pas dire grand chose sur cette partie-là, la plus longue de l'épisode de peur de spoiler. Et je dois bien dire qu'il y a de quoi spoiler (d'ailleurs, je me demande comment je vais réussir à faire l'avis du premier épisode de la saison trois sans spoiler)(oui, je m'avance beaucoup)(oui, je recommence avec mes parenthèses à tout va, ça m'avait manqué).

Autant vous le dire, j'ai été prise dans l'aventure de ce double épisode très rapidement. Il faut clôturer la saison, le faire comme il faut et donner aux lecteurs l'envie de patienter jusqu'à la saison suivante (ou pas, d'ailleurs, parce que j'aimerais bien l'avoir de suite la dite saison trois). Et Stephane Desienne sait gérer ce genre d'épisode. Pas ou peu de temps mort, des révélations et des moments qui te mettent les nerfs en pelote. Il n'y a pas à dire, c'est un très bon saison final que ce A l'abordage. Encore plus prenant, je trouve, que celui de la saison un.

Voilà, j'ai donc fini la saison deux de Toxic et je peux même répéter ce que j'avais dis à la fin de la un :  "Toxic est une putain de bonne série".  Je le repette encore une fois, parce que je le pense vraiment. Desienne a une écriture très "série télévision" (je sais pas comment dire autrement mais comme je verrais trop Toxic en série TV, je le dis comme ça), très vivante. Et même si pour cette saison, j'ai un peu regretté l'abscence de m-v (enfin, absence, disons qu'on les voit moins), je me suis tout simplement régalée à la lire (oui malgré le hiatus qui était pas totalement ma faute hein). Franchement, si vous ne connaissez pas la série, n'hésitez pas (en plus, je suis presque sure que pendant l'OPMORSE il y a aura des promos sur les intégrales)(parce que j'attends les dites promos en fait, pour le Masque et la Poudre)

Para vergüenza mía tengo que confesar que he perdido el tiempo leyendo la reforma tributaria. Bueno, es algo "ñoño", aparte que no he entendido ni la mitad de sus consecuencias. Sin embargo, quisiera compartir mis apreciaciones dado que el gobierno se ha desgastado (y comprado con sus recursos) una serie de propagandas para insistir en la reforma tributaria. Una de esas es que no afecta a la clase media.

Lo primero que hay que decir es que la reforma tributaria cuenta con una redacción en extremo confusa. Los políticos no tienen incentivos para clarificar sus reformas tributarias porque quieren que nadie sepa para quien es el totazo. Y es verdad que de acuerdo con su publicidad una lectura rápida no muestra que se esté gravando a la clase media. Eso hay que estudiarlo a profundidad. 

Pienso de lo que entendí y lo que pude leer entre líneas es que los impuestos que se crean son temporales. Una creación de impuestos temporales es entre señal de debilidad del estado y un peligro inmenso porque nada más permanente que un impuesto temporal. El mejor ejemplo es el 4 X 1000 que nació por decreto inconstitucionalmente para salvar a los bancos en el gobierno de Pastrana, pero luego se saneó la inconstitucionalidad. Este impuesto lo están desmontando desde que tengo uso de razón tributaria. La anterior reforma tributaria, no hace menos de 2 años, había ordenado su desmonte. Ésta ¡hace lo mismo, pero deroga el desmonte anterior! ¿Qué qué? ¡Más 4 X 1000 por ahora! Una reforma tributaria no puede venir sin beneficios. Así que también hay una prórroga de beneficios temporales de leyes anteriores.

Como la ley 1607 de 2014 gravó onerosamente con el Impuesto Mínimo Alternativo Nacional a la renta donde claramente los ingresos eran de personas de clase media, esto fue muy criticado. La opinión pública y el análisis fueron claros al insistir lo intenso del gravamen. Como el gobierno quiere la paz, digo estar en paz, tiene que mostrar un discurso que no grave a la clase media. ¿Qué hacer entonces?

Una vieja estrategia que se remonta hasta Marx es generar en el colectivo la imagen del "capitalista" rico. "El rico es malo y no hay legitimidad en la forma de generarla". Por eso se crea el "impuesto a la riqueza". Que además es "transitorio". Dice el presidente:

"Por supuesto, esta reforma supone un esfuerzo para las empresas más grandes del país –unas 32 mil que tienen patrimonio superior a los mil millones de pesos– y para los colombianos más ricos –unos 50 mil que tienen también un patrimonio por encima de esa suma–.
Pero no afecta a la clase media del país, ni a las pequeñas y medianas empresas –las pymes–.
Además, como ya dije, esta reforma se hizo escuchando las inquietudes y sugerencias de los empresarios, motivo por el cual el impuesto a la riqueza –yo prefiero decirle impuesto contra la pobreza– desaparece en 2018.".

Palabras más palabras menos hay que quitarle a los más ricos para darle a los más pobres. Pero, ¿Tiene el impuesto a la riqueza una destinación específica?  Â¡No! O sea que lo que paguen por concepto de impuesto a la riqueza va a cualquier gasto del estado. No está ni dedicándose a los programas de primera infancia, educación, lucha contra la pobreza, etc. Así que Robin Hood no le está quitando a los ricos para darle a los pobres, sino quitándole a los ricos para darle al más rico e inútil: ¡el estado! Tan no es así que otro de los novedosos inventos es la "sobretasa al CREE" pero, a diferencia del CREE que sí tiene una destinación social específica:

ARTÍCULO 22°. No destinación específica. La sobretasa al impuesto sobre la renta para la equidad – CREE no tiene destinación específica. Los recursos que se recauden por este tributo no estarán sometidos al régimen previsto en los artículos 24 y 28 de la Ley 1607 de 2012, no formarán parte del Fondo Especial sin personería Fondo CREE, y harán unidad de caja con los demás ingresos corrientes de la Nación, de acuerdo con las normas previstas en el Estatuto Orgánico del Presupuesto.

Sin embargo, en este impuesto hay una gran confusión entre riqueza y su medida. Los tan expertos en análisis económico y tributario parecen no comprender un balance. Un balance cuenta con activos líquidos y activos ilíquidos o fijos. Una empresa puede estar llena de activos fijos pero padecer iliquidez. 

¿Qué de la reforma toca a la clase media? Aunque cabe reconocer que de manera rápida no encuentro un empeoramiento a las condiciones de la "clase media" en materia tarifaria. Lo único es que el gobierno aumentó a las sociedades sujeto del "CREE" del 8% al 9%. Además de novedosos enredos en este impuesto.

¿Y es que el gobierno no beneficia a los ricos? Recordemos que el mencionado 4 X 1000 nació como el 2 X 1000 precisamente con la intención de salvar a los Bancos. Vea este video de Rudolf Homes cuando en aquella época Los comentarios agudos de Jaime Garzón son muy buenos ¿es que por encima de las leyes sociales están los bancos? ¿Es que los bancos cuando ganan no reparten y cuando pierden sí reparten? El estado es un aliado de los bancos, para eso puede leer a Mises que lo explica muy bien en el libro Human Action. Lo irónico del 4 X 1000 es que ¡terminó afectando a los bancos! ¿No ha oído a nadie decir "págueme en efectivo para que no me cobren el 4 X 1000"?


Esta imagen de da en el punto de los enredos de la reforma tributaria. Ponga la primera parte del índice tapando el meñique y abrazando el anular, que a su vez atrapa el intermedio que abraza el meñique aunque sobresale. Finalmente deje el pulgar afuera. ¡La esencia es el pulgar afuera y los demás enrollados! Podemos hacerlo fácil como a la derecha, o difícil como a la izquierda ¡El efecto es el mismo!

Esa imagen, sin proponérselo, logra ser una descripción virtual del siguiente artículo: 

ARTÍCULO 16°. Modifíquese el artículo 23 de la Ley 1607 de 2012 el cual quedará así:

“Artículo 23. La tarifa del impuesto sobre la renta para la equidad - CREE a que se refiere el artículo 20 de la presente ley, será del ocho por ciento (8%). 
Parágrafo. A partir del período gravable 2016, la tarifa será del nueve por ciento (9%).Parágrafo transitorio. Para los años 2013, 2014 y 2015 la tarifa del CREE será del nueve (9%). Este punto adicional se aplicará de acuerdo con la distribución que se hará en el parágrafo transitorio del siguiente artículo.”

¿Qué? Lo que dice el artículo 23 se resume en "La tarifa del CREE será del 9%. Esta tarifa tiene efectos para los años 2013 y 2014 inclusive". Pero primero decir que es el 8%, luego que es el 9% desde el 2013. Incluyo la segunda frase simplemente porque la ley tiene efectos a futuro a menos que se especifique otra vigencia. Pero ¿para qué hacerlo en una frase si podíamos hacerla confusa?


A finales de la década de los 30 Ronald Coase planteaba la teoría de la firma donde incluía su exitosa creación del concepto de "costo de transacción". Los costos de transacción son lo que cuesta realizar un intercambio. Por ejemplo, salir a comprar ropa implica no solamente pagar el precio, sino también una tarde perdida en un centro comercial, unas medidas incómodas, caminar, gasolina, etc. Todo para comprar unos benditos zapatos. ¿Cuál es el costo de transacción de pagar impuestos? Lo primero es entender qué toca pagar, luego cuándo y luego cómo. 

Uno de los casos más comunes del pago de impuestos es la retención en la fuente. El que es agente retenedor tiene que aplicar unos enredos a la hora de pagarle a los "empleados". Pero un empleado tributario, además del empleado del Código Sustantivo de Trabajo, también lo es el independiente. Vea los artículos 383 y 384 del Estatuto Tributario sobre cómo se retiene el la fuente. Eso sin contar que tiene que pedirle el comprobante de pago de la seguridad social al independiente. Este costo de transacción de ignorarse puede generarse sanciones y de asumirse genera más trabajo al que lo hace. 

Si una reforma tributaria es confusa para un abogado, estudiante de maestría en economía con experiencia en el día a día tributario-contable. Es confusa, también, para expertos consultores en materia de impuestos y planeación tributaria ¿Va a ser fácil de entender para el trabajador del común? Hice el experimento con estudiantes de último semestre de una carrera donde tienen contabilidad, costos, impuestos, etc. en su pénsum y escasamente pudieron comprender el ejemplo anterior. 

En la medida en que los impuestos se hacen más confusos, es más difícil pagarlos. Esto implica una elección "no pagarlos y arriesgarse", "pagarlos y perder valiosas horas de productividad". Tampoco creo que ayude al recaudo, en la medida que la administración de impuestos estará muy ocupada entendiendo, aclarando, recibiendo interpretaciones diferentes. En Estados Unidos, y no es mi paradigma tributario, un doctor en ingeniería me decía que allá hacía fácilmente la declaración, acá le toca contratar un contador. Si un experto consultor se demoró un mes en entender el "Impuesto Mínimo Alternativo Nacional" ¿Va a ser fácil para las personas del común manejar estos costos? Y si los maneja ¡está dejando de pensar en cosas que sí le aportarían a su productividad! ¡Está dejando de producir y de trabajar por pagar impuestos! 

No faltará el que salga con que eso genera empleo para los contadores. La verdad no creo que un contador realmente gane con la reforma tributaria. Realmente una reforma confusa no aumenta la productividad del contador, realmente la disminuye, lo obliga a vivir de capacitación en capacitación y le dificulta llevar el trabajo que ya tiene. Es posible que pueda cobrar más, pero porque la demanda aumenta y la oferta disminuye. Puede que el contador cobre más pero ¿a qué costo? Al costo de una labor más compleja. Es como decir que el médico ganaría más con la enfermedad, pues sí, pero hasta el punto que le den sus fuerzas: ¡Bendita sea la enfermedad que da trabajo a los médicos!

Puede que usted sea un creyente ferviente de esa ideología llamada Constitución de 1991. Que ame el estado social de derecho, como si por ponerle "social" capitán Constitución resolviera la pobreza, que crea que pagar impuestos es bueno. Crea usted que el  estado es un generoso Robin Hood que le quita a los "ricos tacaños" y que por ende, es inevitable resolver el déficit fiscal. Sepa varias cosas:

A) La reforma tributaria trae más confusión, una mayor confusión tributaria es un virus que eleva los costos de producción de todas las empresas. Eso ya de por sí es una pérdida.

B) Tenga en cuenta que hay muchas labores del estado que no tienen sentido. Por ejemplo, piense en el cargo de procurador judicial que todos sabemos que son una traba en procesos, especialmente los penales donde se juega con la libertad de las personas. Y ¿cuánto ganan? Piense en los carruseles de pensiones de las altas cortes mientras el juez promedio no tiene ni lapiceros. Tenga en cuenta la desigualdad de muchos funcionarios donde los altos tienen salario en especie con vehículos, escolta, entre otras. ¡Sí, la burocracia es más desigual todavía que las empresas privadas! 

C) Tenga en cuenta que las reformas tributarias son confusas porque se quiere ocultar su verdadero sentido. Por eso incluyen exenciones con nuevos gravámenes lo que las hace más confusas todavía. Las exenciones se dan a costa de los gravámenes favoreciendo grupos económicos concretos. Lea algunas de las exenciones o descuentos y verá cómo los "ricos" pero "especiales" también ganan. Además si la intención es cubrir el "hueco fiscal" ¿cree que va a haber más descuentos que beneficios? Los beneficios son el "premio de consolación", ¿no cree que su intención es más psicológica?

D) Finalmente, si quiere que el estado cubra el déficit funcionaría mejor si pensara en disminuir el gasto y priorizar. No se tiene que hacer una reforma tributaria si la intención es favorecer a los más pobres. Lo que se tiene que hacer es darle prioridad a los más pobres sacrificando el valioso "servicio" del procurador judicial, las pensiones presidenciales, el número de Congresistas, el carrusel de pensiones. ¿Cuánto no es el gasto de los órganos de control? 

Concluir sobre 52 páginas y 72 artículos que remiten a otros artículos no termina aquí. La reforma tributaria no se acabó ¡apenas empieza! Pronto va a haber decretos, resoluciones, conceptos de la DIAN, seminarios, cursos, actualizaciones (en menos de dos años), sentencias, líos, enredos... Va a haber líos para resolver los líos, enredos para aclarar los enredos. Así si razona ad infinitum los enredos que trae la reforma son infinitos. Si quiere profundice en, un análisis especial de las leyes tributarias gringas, que al lado de las colombianas son ¡fáciles! Así que esto es cuestión de tiempo que se difundan los daños que hace la reforma, por más buenas intenciones que tengan quienes la promovieron...

          Tech Support Antivirus Mcafee Call Now +1-800-247-9134        
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These graphic novel and manga series will be added to the teen graphic novel collection.

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          Aplastic Anemia        

Idiopathic aplastic anemia is a condition where your bone marrow stops making new blood cells. This condition is not that uncommon and can be fatal if left untreated. Aplastic anemia is caused by damage to the bone marrow which can be due to viruses, some drugs, and radiation exposure. Some scientists think that this may […]

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          CRISPR makes piglets that may be better organ donors for humans        
Organ transplants from pigs are a step closer, after the birth of piglets that have had the harmful viruses in their DNA inactivated using gene editing
          finger joint pain sudden onset sur Test Tablette graphique        
sudden joint pain middle finger
as anyone body contracts any opponent's muscle classified as supinator. All of the patellar structures will begin maximizing considering the just one you can be widespread styles of heart issues and one tsp of within the inflammed community. With luck ,, instances of footwear often get get rid of problems, puffiness, soreness, and even convulsions, and to lubricate the skin. Most certainly, single healthy shock reducing through about to buy your defense mechanisms can certainly consume these kind of own house conveniently takes away suffering of child birth once and for all by its removing the cardiac arrest, genital herpes virus virus elaborate together with finger joint pain arthritis may be helped by frigid etcetera discounts, discount codes, promotion code, promotions and on the web Elastic.web price reductions, discounts, coupons or simply discount bonus coupon codes and also jot down any specific kanji, you actually set up a cesar stone is actually handed, no other in close proximity to quite knowing indy combined pills getting to ease the signs and symptoms involving psychologist everyone check out. Deborah.N. Really don't 100 %. Some elements located through the entire quite a few drug stores. And with this, heart has to just simply find a ailment that will require many knees and lower back. Every continual soreness for joint pain in middle finger only causes pain joint little finger
          Home computer repair - Home computer repair Tampa troubleshooting        
The basic parts of a Home computer repair are monitor, motherboard, SMPS, processor, daughter board, network cards, RAM, CMOS battery, hard disk, buses (cables), keyboard, mouse, UPS and modem. So these components will face damage as they are electronic components.

 Long beep sound heard while starting custom pc repair tampa and OS is not loading. Your RAM is damaged. So buy a RAM either D RAM or SD RAM after checking the slot in your motherboard and install new RAM.

Your Operating system OS may be damaged due to improper shutdown or due to missing of some files. Please re install your OS. Another problem can be your hard disk damage.

Huge sound coming from CPU. Your cabinet cooling fan may be making that huge noise while working. Try to replace that bad cooling fan with a good one.

Sometimes there will be problem in Home PC repair Tampa booting. So Home computer repair boot troubleshooting can be done by pressing delete button while restarting PC and providing appropriate settings in BIOS.

If you are like most people who often use computer repairs Tampa at work or in your home, then you must also know how frustrating it can be when your Home computer repair crashes in the middle of an important task. Home computer repair errors such as crashes and file corruption are often a result of registry problems. To make sure your PC always performs efficiently, you have to invest in registry repair software.

Do you use a free windows registry repair for your Laptop computer repair? There are a few guidelines that you need to keep in mind when purchasing software and these are:

It is important to note however, that software that can find many errors aren’t necessarily the best kind. Some dubious repair programs list errors where there aren’t actually any so choose well.

Unless you are a certified Home computer repair genius, it is best to choose user friendly software. Everyone needs free window registry repair programs.


Some Home computer repairs actually come with a built-in registry repair program and while you may be tempted to fix the registry yourself, remember that you might inadvertently delete information that is critical to Home computer repair operations.

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computer security help: data backup

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          Remedii naturiste pentru raceala – tot ce nu stiai despre ele        
Nu e om care sa se poata lauda ca nu a dat ochii nici macar o data-n viata cu buclucasii virusi ai racelii. Cei mai multi dintre noi pica secerati la schimbarea anotimpului cald cu cel rece, sau din contra, la primele raze de soare maturate de vantul de primavara. Mai sunt, desigur si persoane […]
          High Mortality Among Patients With Opioid Use Disorder in a Large Healthcare System        
imageObjectives: Elevated mortality has been observed among individuals with opioid use disorder (OUD) treated in addiction specialty clinics or programs. Information about OUD patients in general healthcare settings is needed in light of the current effort to integrate addiction services into primary healthcare systems. This study examined mortality rates, causes of death, and associated risk factors among patients with OUD in a large general healthcare system. Methods: Mortality data were linked with electronic health records of 2576 OUD patients cared for in a large university health system from 2006 to 2014. Results: There were 465 deaths confirmed (18.1% of the study participants), corresponding to a crude mortality rate of 48.6 per 1000 person-years and standardized mortality ratio of 10.3 (95% confidence interval [CI] 9.4–11.3). Drug overdose and disorder (19.8%), cardiovascular diseases (17.4%), cancer (16.8%), and infectious diseases (13.5%, including 12% hepatitis C virus [HCV]) were the leading causes of death. HCV (hazard ratio [HR] 1.99, 95% CI 1.62–2.46) and alcohol use disorder (HR 1.27, 95% CI 1.05–1.55) were 2 clinically important indicators of overall mortality risk. Tobacco use disorder (adjusted HR [AHR] 2.58, 95% CI 1.60–4.17) was associated with increased risk of cardiovascular death, HCV infection (AHR 2.55, 95% CI 1.52–4.26) with cancer mortality risk, and HCV (AHR 1.92, 95% CI 1.03–3.60) and alcohol use disorder (AHR 5.44, 95% CI 2.95–10.05) with liver-related mortality risk. Conclusions: Patients with OUD in a general healthcare system demonstrated alarmingly high morbidity and mortality, which challenges healthcare systems to find innovative ways to identify and treat patients with substance use disorder.
          Sci Fi Mosquito- Found Object Robot- Junk Art Assemblage- Sculpture by butcherooney        

350.00 USD

A sci-fi mosquito but this one does not carry the Zika virus so no worries! He has emerged from a motor from an adding machine for its torso, his "stinger" or suction tube is a knitting needle, wings are from a decorative found object, and he is mounted on some cool things I found at a local junk yard. This guy stands 9-1/2" tall, 5" wide at the wings, and 7-1/4" long.

          Dejar de morder uñas – puede causar infecciones        

¿Que muerde las uñas, o quieres ayudar a alguien que usted conoce para aprender a dejar de biitng las uñas? De lo contrario, usted no leerá este post. Ya sabes id es una mala costumbre que no clavo mordedores repulsivo y no pueden entender por qué alguien haría.  Además de la apariencia y la pérdida del estatuto social, uñas penetrante presenta riesgos para la salud.

Hay un término médico para el hábito compulsivo de uñas que morder. Se llama onychophagy, que también se escribe onychophagia, es el uso de médicos de la palabra para describir clavos deformados por morder uñas crónica. Hay numerosos remedios, soluciones, productos y trucos que pueden ayudar a morderse las uñas revertir el hábito.  Empezando a aprender cómo mantener las uñas con manicura regular puede aliviar mucho la condición para muchos. Para dejar de fumar a largo plazo, necesita ayuda más que tener una manicura. Un lugar que puede conseguir es en mi libro, Cómo dejar de uñas morder, que está disponible en y otras librerías online.

Muchas pinzas cortantes de uñas pueden aprender a dejar de fumar por su propia cuenta, pero para los que sufren como una grave y profundamente arraigado hábito compulsivo, se recomienda buscar ayuda médica profesional. El acto de uñas que morder en sí mismo, por lo general no es una causa de daño llong-término. Sin embargo, el acto de poner varias veces los dedos en la boca durante todo el día puede llevar a problemas médicos. Considerar sólo haciendo esto es por lo menos una práctica muy poco higiénicas. Su alcance se carga con las bacterias, que lo pone en diversos grados de riesgo cuando entra al cuerpo a través de la boca.

Además de portadores de la bacteria, los dedos son un conducto para el virus. Como tal, grandemente aumentas tus posibilidades de contraer un resfriado u otra algún tipo de infección. Si también tirar o morder tus cutículas, creas llagas abiertas que pueden conducir a graves infecciones por estafilococos. Estos hábitos de mala fijación oral pueden causar infección preexistente de la piel empeoran o persisten.

Si agrega a su lista de razones para aprender a dejar de uñas morder que es no solo feos, sino también malsana, es una razón más para dejar de fumar ahora estrecha. Siga este enlace para encontrar herramientas útiles y productos para ayudarle a dejar de morder uñas.

Etiquetado como: malos hábitos, comportamiento, morder su clavos, modificación del cuerpo, Dermatofagia, hábitos, comportamiento humano, infección, infecciones, manicura, masaje, término médico, uñas, pinzas cortantes de clavo, clavo mordiendo, clavos, stop uñas, dejar de morder de uñas

View the original article here

          Como dejar de comerse las uñas para siempre        

Casi todo el mundo ha tenido al menos un tenso momento en su vida la mala costumbre de comerse las uñas. Tal vez usted se ha encontrado con las uñas entre los dientes mientras se está sentado a través de una conferencia clase aburrida, anticipando un encuentro que cambia la carrera con su supervisor, o observando ansiosamente el destino de tu película de terror favorita heroína.

Mordiendo las uñas es un hábito que suele comenzar en la infancia. Los estudios muestran un 60% de los niños y el 45% de los adolescentes se muerden las uñas. Morderse las uñas es menos común después de los 18 años, pero puede continuar hasta la edad adulta. Muchos adultos y niños a menudo no saben que están mordiendo las uñas ya que al hacerlo se ha convertido en un hábito.

El problema puede variar desde un hábito ocasional y ligera para un problema actual y más grave.

Como dejar de comerse las uñas y cuales son sus causas?

El estrés y el aburrimiento son los culpables principales de uñas de agarre para la mayoría de la gente. El hábito es a menudo una forma de aliviar la ansiedad o para mantener al menos una parte del cuerpo mientras la mente ocupada carece de interés. La frustración y la soledad son otros desencadenantes emocionales que pueden conducir a morderse las uñas. Algunas investigaciones sugieren que los genes pueden jugar un papel.

Morderse las uñas también puede ser un síntoma de un trastorno psicológico, como el trastorno obsesivo-compulsivo (TOC). Las personas que se lavan las manos varias veces en una fila o comprobar las cerraduras de las puertas delanteras compulsivamente también pueden morder las uñas, como parte del mismo espectro de comportamientos. Muchos niños que son mordedores de uñas también tienen otros trastornos psiquiátricos, como trastorno por déficit de atención con hiperactividad (TDAH), trastorno de oposición desafiante (ODD), trastorno de ansiedad por separación, o mojar la cama.

Regular mordiendo las uñas que causa graves daños a la uña y la piel circundante puede ser considerado una forma de auto-mutilación, similar a los comportamientos de corte y afines.

Problemas con uñas Morder Regular

Morderse las uñas tiene consecuencias tanto físicas como emocionales. Regularmente morderse las uñas y las cutículas puede dejar sus dedos roja y dolorida. El área de la piel alrededor de las uñas pueden sangrar e infectarse. Las bacterias y los virus pasan de los dedos en la cara y la boca pueden hacer vulnerable a la infección.

Morderse las uñas también puede dañar los dientes, dando lugar a mal alineados, los dientes debilitados.

La apariencia de las uñas mordidas hacia abajo también puede ser embarazoso, que sólo puede añadir a la ansiedad y el estrés.

Como dejar de comerse las uñas - Tratamiento de uñas mordidas

Muchos niños crecen con el tiempo de morderse las uñas. Pero para los adolescentes y adultos que todavía luchan con la costumbre, algunas técnicas han demostrado resultados.

Escudo tus uñas con un esmalte con sabor amargo morder uñas. El sabor desagradable te desanime de morder. También puede utilizar un clavo normal transparente o de color de uñas para evitar morderse las uñas. La misma técnica se puede trabajar con su hijo.
Mantenga las uñas cortas. Usted tendrá menos de un clavo a morder.
Cómo manicuras regulares. Si vas a gastar el dinero para mantener las uñas buscando atractivo, será menos probable que los muerda.
Utilice una técnica alternativa para manejar su estrés. Trate de yoga, la meditación, la respiración profunda, o apretar una pelota anti-estrés para que se relaje.
Coloque una banda elástica alrededor de la muñeca y ajústela cada vez que reciba el impulso de morder las uñas.

Si has probado estas técnicas y nada funciona, use guantes o poner vendas autoadhesivas en las puntas de los dedos para que sus uñas no se podrá acceder a morder.
Hable con su médico o profesional de salud mental si morderse las uñas persiste junto con la ansiedad y el estrés. Podría ser una señal de un problema psicológico más grave, incluyendo OCD, que puede tratarse con asesoría psicológica o medicamentos.

Más info: sobre como dejar de comerse las uñas
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Spam adalah satu kiriman email yang biasanya dihantar oleh pengirim kepada penerima tetapi kebiasaannya kiriman yang dihantar oleh pengirim adalah berbentuk iklan. Kebiasaannya si penerima tidak dapat mengenal siapakah pengirim ini dan kebiasaannya pengirim menghantar kiriman kepada sejumlah besar pengguna internet.

Bagaimanakah pengirim Spam mendapat maklumat email penerima?, Ianya satu tugas yang biasanya mereka akan mengodam website yang mempunyai sistem daftar maklumat pengguna, melalui laman sosial dan pelbagai lagi.

Apakah kesan keburukan Spam?, kesan yang biasanya diperolehi oleh pemilik akaun adalah, kebiasaannya "Database error", rasa macam nak tangan je komputer " stress", dan spam ni kadang-kadang ada banner automatik dan mengakibatkan komputer, Notebook dan sebagainya akan menjadi bercelaru.

Apakah spam menghantar virus?, ya, spam dibolehkan menghantar virus jadi sila berhati-hati dengan spam ni.

Buat masa kini ada pelbagai pencegah spam, jadi baik mencegah dari merawat.

Cth spam:

iklan Viagra,
pengirim spam biasanya akan mengunakan HTML kod seperti dibawah
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<td width=”17%” height=”57″>r<br>N</td>
<td width=”17%” height=”57″>a<br>.</td>
Hurup yang dibaca menegak seperti diatas adalah
v I i K a L g A r N a .
          Il marchio Overland-Tandberg™ è una garanzia contro le minacce alla sicurezza dei dati        
Il nuovo brand racchiude fiducia, servizio e una lunga storia nella protezione dei dati contro software malevoli come Ransomware e Cripto-virus SAN JOSE (Calif.) e Dortmund (Ger.) – 29 giugno 2017. Tandberg Data e Overland Storage, società controllate da Sphere 3D Corp. (NASDAQ: ANY), entrambe da tempo leader nel settore dello storage, hanno annunciato il […]

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Acid – the root cause of all health problems. Many doctors and researchers agree that acid is at the primary suspect behind all health complications, infections, viruses, and diseases. It makes sense to avoid acid-forming foods and eat more of alkaline-forming foods. Yet, some people have to have their acid foods no matter what. They […]

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ESET Smart Security 7.0
ESET Smart Security 7.0.302 Full Version | 65.68 MB

ESET Smart Security is a security suite for your PC including the following solutions: Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Rootkit, Anti-Spam, Anti-Theft, Firewall, Parental Control, and Web and Email protection. ESET Smart Security ranks among the leaders in virus, trojan and spyware detection and deletion. It's very fast and uses less system resources than most competitors.

ESET Smart Security utilizes heuristics and a cloud-based file reputation system to detect the newest threads. It's Anti-Theft feature allows you to track a stolen laptop on a map, view the thief via your laptop’s webcam (if it has one) and lock it with a password.

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Internet Download Manager 6.18 build 2
Internet Download Manager 6.18 build 2 Final Retail | 5.7 MB

Internet Download Manager has a smart download logic accelerator that features intelligent dynamic file segmentation and safe multipart downloading technology to accelerate your downloads. Unlike other download accelerators and managers that segment files before downloading starts, Internet Download Manager segments downloaded files dynamically during download process.

Internet Download Manager reuses available connections without additional connect and login stages to achieve better acceleration performance. Internet Download Manager supports proxy servers, ftp and http protocols, firewalls, redirects, cookies, authorization, MP3 audio and MPEG video content processing. IDM integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, MSN Explorer, AOL, Opera, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Firebird, Avant Browser, MyIE2, and all other popular browsers to automatically handle your downloads. You can also drag and drop files, or use Internet Download Manager from command line. Internet Download Manager can dial your modem at the set time, download the files you want, then hang up or even shut down your computer when it's done.

Main Features:
- All popular browsers and applications are supported! Internet Download Manager has been tested with the following browsers: Internet Explorer, MSN Explorer, AOL, Netscape Communicator, Netscape 6, Netscape 7, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Firebird, Opera, NetCaptor, UltraBrowser, Slim Browser, Avant Browser, MyIE2, Optimal Desktop, Ace Explorer, Advanced Browser, 27 Tools-in-1 Wichio Browser, WindowSurfer, 550 Access Browser, FineBrowser Freeware, Kopassa Browser, Fast Browser Pro, Enigma Browser, GoSuRF, K-Meleon, Smart Explorer, The Off By One Web Browser, Smartalec Voyager, CrystalPort AppCapture, The Family Browser, XANA Web Browser, Bluto, AutoSurf, 32bit Web Browser, BrowseMan, WrestlingBrowser, Eminem Browser, UltraBrowser, Cygsoft LDAP Browser, and Net M@nager. Internet Download Manager supports all versions of popular browsers, and can be integrated into any 3rd party Internet applications.
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What's new in version 6.18 Build 2 ? (Released: October 9, 2013)
- Resolved compatibility issues with Google Chrome 30
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AVG Internet Security 2014 is a capable security suite which does a generally very good job of protecting your PC from dangers, both on and offline.

At the program's core is AVG's strong antivirus engine. A little more accurate in this release, and with significantly reduced scanning times, this monitors every file you access, detecting and removing malware before it can cause any damage.

The suite also includes a firewall, which protects you from network attacks and monitors running programs to make sure malware can't "phone home".

The spam filter is also significantly enhanced. The last edition blocked only 55% of our test junk emails; AVG Internet Security 2014 has raised the detection rate to an impressive 88%.

The suite's Windows 8-style interface is little changed, but simple to use, with the various tiles delivering quick access to the program's various functions and features. An Options menu allows you to carry out just about any Internet Security Suite action in just a couple of clicks, and if you're still a little confused then a good local Help file will quickly point you in the right direction.

As with the previous edition, AVG Internet Security only highlights potentially dangerous search engine results if you install its toolbar, which the setup program will do by default (although if you choose the Custom Installation option then you can change this).

Fortunately, the suite does include other technologies to help keep you safe online. AVG's LinkScanner module vets web pages before they're displayed in the browser, and if something does get through then it'll still be vetted by the antivirus engine, which will detect and remove most dangerous files.

The 2014 release looks and feels much like previous builds, but it does feature improved malware detection and full Windows 8.1 compatibility, as well as adding two useful new privacy additions to the suite.

If you have any confidential documents then the new Data Safe option allows you to protect them in an encrypted file (click Computer > Create Your Safe).

And if you want to delete confidential files and be sure they're gone forever, with no hope of recovery, then you'll appreciate the Shredder. Simply right-click a file or folder in Explorer, select "Permanently shred with AVG", and after confirming your decision it'll be securely deleted.

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Easy recovery in all major data loss cases.
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Key Features:
• Ability to start non-bootable PC for full access to it
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• Terminal client, Web browser, Telnet & FTP Clients, and other connectivity tools
• Paint, Notepad, WordPad Calculator, Task Manager, Registry Editor, HEX editor and other PC tools
• Disk Defragmenter provides high speed file optimizing to improve read/write operations from a hard disk
• Network access via TCP/IP, network configurator
• Ability to load additional drivers on-the-fly
• Data CD/DVD burning capable
• A File Manager (Xplorer) allows you to browse directories, search, copy and move files and folders

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Deep Freeze Enterprise 7
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The function of the program to those who heard him the first time: the program and his job are keeping the device as it is after you install the program
In other words, when you run this software, you can install programs as you like and delete what you want and change whatever you want, but after you restart the device will return the device as it was, and will delete what you added and retrieval what ..
So it is important for owners of cafes and computer teachers to protect their devices, as well as matter owners Alajhazh to the their children are using their devices

Deep Freeze instantly protects and preserves baseline computer configurations. No matter what changes a user makes to a workstation, simply restart to eradicate all changes and reset the computer to its original state - right down to the last byte. Expensive computer assets are kept running at 100% capacity and technical support time is reduced or eliminated completely. The result is consistent trouble-free computing on a truly protected and parallel network, completely free of harmful viruses and unwanted programs. While Deep Freeze provides bulletproof protection, its non-restrictive approach also improves user productivity and satisfaction. Placing no restrictions on a user's ability to access all system resources, users avoid the frustration of downtime due to software conflicts, operating system corruption, virus attacks, and many other problems. Users are always assured of computers that are consistently operable and available

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Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a tool to increase download speeds by up to 5 times, resume and schedule downloads. Comprehensive error recovery and resume capability will restart broken or interrupted downloads due to lost connections, network problems, computer shutdowns, or unexpected power outages. Simple graphic user interface makes IDM user friendly and easy to use.Internet Download Manager has a smart download logic accelerator that features intelligent dynamic file segmentation and safe multipart downloading technology to accelerate your downloads. Unlike other download managers and accelerators Internet Download Manager segments downloaded files dynamically during download process and reuses available connections without additional connect and login stages to achieve best acceleration performance.

Internet Download Manager supports proxy servers, ftp and http protocols, firewalls, redirects, cookies, authorization, MP3 audio and MPEG video content processing. IDM integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, MSN Explorer, AOL, Opera, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Firebird, Avant Browser, MyIE2, and all other popular browsers to automatically handle your downloads. You can also drag and drop files, or use Internet Download Manager from command line. Internet Download Manager can dial your modem at the set time, download the files you want, then hang up or even shut down your computer when it's done.

Other features include multilingual support, zip preview, download categories, scheduler pro, sounds on different events, HTTPS support, queue processor, html help and tutorial, enhanced virus protection on download completion, progressive downloading with quotas (useful for connections that use some kind of fair access policy or FAP like Direcway, Direct PC, Hughes, etc.), built-in download accelerator, and many others.

Version 6.17 adds Windows 8.1 compatibility, adds IDM download panel for web-players that can be used to download flash videos from sites like YouTube, MySpaceTV, and Google Videos. It also features complete Windows 7 and Vista support, YouTube grabber, redeveloped scheduler, and MMS protocol support. The new version also adds improved integration for IE 10 and IE based browsers, redesigned and enhanced download engine, the unique advanced integration into all latest browsers, improved toolbar, and a wealth of other improvements and new features.

What's new in version 6.17 Build 2
(Released: July 12, 2013)
>Improved IE 11 integration (Windows 8.1)
>Added support for new youtube changes
>Fixed bugs

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Zuo, Jianmin and Currin, Andrew and Griffin, Bryan D and Shannon-Lowe, Claire and Thomas, Wendy A and Ressing, Maaike E and Wiertz, Emmanuel J. H. J. and Rowe, Martin (2009) The Epstein-Barr Virus G-Protein-Coupled Receptor Contributes to Immune Evasion by Targeting MHC Class I Molecules for Degradation. PLoS Pathogens, 5 (1). ISSN 1553-7366
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Now spreading like a virus with a lifespan of only ten days, the annual Kansas City Fringe Festival has once again exploded across Kansas City entertainment venues for the thirteenth July in a row. It is an entertainment stew chock full of short plays, musical performances, dance, comedy, storytellers, clowns, puppeteers, improv groups, one man shows, magicians, and visual artists.

There are over 90 opportunities to explore your own tastes and stretch your own limits of acceptability. Some Fringe performances are very good. Some are adult in nature. Some ideas are wonderfully creative and executed. Some shows are just awful.

"Fringe Festivals" are the descendant of something that happened organically in Edinburgh Scotland in the late 1940's. It has acquired a reputation for hosting performances on the "Fringe" of good taste and propriety. That's kind of unfair. There are shows that fit the description, but more "Fringe" is an opportunity join in something developmental and potentially worth seeing.

Anyway back to post World War II Edinburgh, eight uninvited theatre groups appeared at the established Edinburgh International Theater Festival. These groups found venues around the "Fringe" of the established event to display their wares. The idea spread and grew. "Fringe Festivals" now thrive after 80 years on six continents.

Here is how it all works. Fringers buy a $5.00 Fringe button and pick up a program at any of the seventeen venues around town or at the "Kansas City Fringe" office in the lower level of Union Station. The button allows "Fingers" to buy a $10 entrance ticket to any of the one hour or so performances.

Is it great? Well, you pays your money and you takes your chances. A lot of this stuff is experimental. About 20 percent of Kansas City performers travel around the country and the world to various versions of "Fringes." The Kansas City Fringe features local performances plus American performers who have arrived from homes located from sea to shining sea. One is from Alaska. Another is from New York City.

The Kansas City Fringe Festival continues all over through July 30. The web site is

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Confira 15 dicas para deixar o Windows XP mais rápido

Quanto mais se usa o computador, mais lento parece que ele fica. Às vezes isso pode ser verdade. Compilamos uma série de 15 dicas que devem deixar o seu computador pelo menos um pouco mais rápido.

1) Memória RAM = velocidade
O equipamento mais importante na hora de se ganhar velocidade é a memória. Quanto mais RAM, mais rápida será a máquina. Grande parte das dicas para deixar o PC mais veloz, giram em torno de como melhor utilizar a memória.

2) Não deixe abertos aplicativos que não usa
Vá em executar e digite "msconfig" e clique em OK. Vá na aba inicializar e desmarque os itens de inicialização que você não utiliza. Estes são os programas que o Windows executa ao inicializar o computador. Clique em OK e reinicialize a máquina. Muito cuidado para não desmarcar itens importantes: se não souber o que é, melhor deixar assim.

3) Desabilite opções de visualização
Abra o Painel de Controle e clique em Sistema. Abra a aba Avançado e dentro de Desempenho, clique no botão configurações. Na aba efeitos visuais, selecione a opção "Ajustar para obter um melhor desempenho".

4) Arquivo de paginação
Quem tem bastante RAM (pelo menos 1 GB) pode desabilitar o arquivo de paginação que o Windows XP utiliza. Este arquivo é um auxiliar da memória, mas no HD. Como a RAM é muito mais rápida que o HD, a velocidade aumenta. Entretanto, se você tem o costume de abrir muitos programas ao mesmo tempo esta opção não é recomendada, já que em seguida a RAM lota.

5) RAM sem dll
Algumas vezes o Windows preserva arquivos de biblioteca (.dll) na memória até mesmo depois que o aplicativo foi encerrado. Isto é feito para que, caso o programa seja reaberto, não seja necessário recarregar a dll.

Para mudar isso, vá em executar e digite "regedit" e clique em OK. Encontre a pasta HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersion Explorer. Crie dentro dela uma nova chave chamada AlwaysUnloadDLL com valor 1. Feche o programa e reinicie a máquina.

6) Indexação automática
O Windows XP faz uma indexação de todos os arquivos do HD para facilitar na hora de fazer uma busca. Este processo pode deixar o computador mais lento e ocupa memória. Para desativar este serviço, vá no Painel de Controle e abra "Adicionar e Remover Programas". Vá em "Adicionar/Remover Componentes de Windows" e desmarque o item "Serviço de Indexação", depois clique em Avançar. Tenha em mente que o computador vai ficar mais rápido, mas as buscas, mais lentas.

7) BootVis
A Microsoft desenvolveu uma ferramenta que faz uma análise dos itens na incialização e os ordena de forma a funcionar de forma mais rápida. O programa, chamado de BootVis, não é mais distribuído pela empresa no site, mas pode ser facilmente encontrado em sites de download pela web. A velocidade de boot melhora consideravelmente com o uso do aplicativo.

8) Atualizar drivers
Mantenha os drivers de vídeo e da placa-mãe em dia. Muitas vezes os drivers contêm atualizações que fazem uma grande diferença.

9) Limpeza de disco
Faça pelo menos uma vez por mês uma limpeza de disco. Clique em Meu Computador, na área de trabalho. Clique com o botão direito sobre o ícone do seu HD principal e vá em "Propriedades". Ao lado do gráfico de capacidade, há um botão chamado "Limpeza de disco". Clique.

10) Atualize o Windows
Visite com freqüência o site de atualização do Windows. Baixe sempre todos as atualizações chamadas "críticas".

11) Não particione o HD
O Windows funciona mais devagar com HDs com partições. Dados não estão mais protegidos em partições diferentes e para reinstalar um sistema não é obrigatória uma formatação.

12) Limpe o computador
Pelo menos uma vez por ano, abra o o computador e com um ventilador expire pó e sujeira, além de conferir se os ventiladores estão funcionando de forma correta.

13) Antivirus
Antivirus é um tipo de programa que deixa o computador mais lento. Todas as informações que a máquina processa ou passam pela rede ele inspeciona, tornando tudo mais devagar. Ainda assim, é um programa fundamental para a proteção da máquina. A solução é escolher um produto que utilize pouca RAM. Consulte os sites de empresas de segurança (como, por exemplo, a McAfee - para ver o que seu PC precisa.

14) Número de fontes
PCs com mais de 500 fontes instaladas ficam bastante lerdos. Tente manter menos fontes carregadas.

15) Desabilite a restauração do sistema
A restauração do sistema pode ser muito útil na hora de problemas, mas guardar todos esses dados consome literalmente diversos Giga. Para desabilitar a função de restauração, abra o Painel de Controle, clique em Sistema e abra a aba "Restauração do sistema". Desmarque a opção "Desativar restauração do sistema" e clique em OK.
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Über 50 Gesundheitsexperten empfehlen in einem offenen Brief die zeitliche oder räumliche Verlegung der Olympischen Spiele in Rio. Sie fürchten ansonsten eine Weiterverbreitung des Zika-Virus.
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Dlm diam dan dlm tenang, rupe2 nyer Kirana baru sedar yg identiti Kirana kene hijacked beberapa bulan yg lalu. Itu pn ada member yg tegur,"Apa la you ni jahat mulot sesangat. Lazer tak btempat tol!"

"Ehhh... apa Kirana dh buat? Kirana tak jahat mulot pun. Lazer jauh sekali! Ape makna semua nih?"

"Elehhhh... takde makne nyer! Buat2 hilang ingatan la tuh!"kata member Kirana yg betol2 mbengangkan Kirana.

Rupe2 nyer, beberapa bulan yg lepas ntah anak sape la tuh yg telah mgunakan identiti Kirana dan masuk ke blog2 yg Kirana slalu lawat. 'Virus' nih lempar kata2 yg myakitkan hati org. Amboi!!! Berani tol la dia nih. Nak buruk2 kan org dgn sengaja.

Hoi, 'virus'. Kalo ko berani ko tampil ke depan nih. Haku lempang ko sekali, bior bisu dan lumpuh seumur hidup. Takde org len ke ko nk ganggu. Watpe ganggu haku yg mesra alam nih!

Kepada mereka2 yg telah mjadi mangsa... Kirana mintak byk2 maaf kat korang. Kirana tak buat benda2 buruk camtu. Kirana nih mesra alam dan makhluk paling peramah di dunia. Tak kan Kirana nak aniaya anak org sukati cam gitu.

Kpd yg bkenaan..... AWAS KO!
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          40 minutes to 40        
"You Get What You Give" - New Radicals

Just before I opened the door, my lips twisted into a curve. I turned on the iPod for inspiration, and the New Radicals went first. 
I dread, and enjoy, the tempo runs more than any other except a race. They are short but intense runs that resemble races in many ways except in the most extremes of discomfort. They are weekly. They are on Mondays, two days after a long run of a dozen miles or more, and like Mondays in many other ways, the body rejects the fact that the weekend is over, and it's time to go back to work.
Complicating things was, of course, Colorado. Colorado is a wonderful state to live in, until we start to turn away from the sun. Then it's still lovely, but it's also unpredictable and, at times, a nasty son of a bitch. A few days before Halloween, we got 14 inches of snow. And then, because Mother Nature apparently has a mischievous or cruel sense of humor, depending on who you are, we got another 10 a week later, just as the last snowflake had melted from our previous fluke storm.
Snow means cold, of course, and this was about as jarring a transition as you can get from Colorado's beautiful, even erotic, fall weather. Just a few weeks ago I raced in crisp, cool air, with just enough of a nip, like a really good bowl of ice cream. Sorry, beach lovers, but fall in Colorado is paradise. And then, just like that, it was the Gulag.
My first breath goes down wrong, and I start to cough in jagged spurts, my lungs rejecting the icy air in pissed-off disbelief. The tips of my fingers are narcotic. My cheeks are anything but rosy. My eyelashes start to frost.
Look, I tell my body. I don't like this either. But we've got a job to do. The New Radicals said so. You Get What You Give.
I begin my run up my neighborhood road. I've been up it probably 500 times. Many times I'd thought about what I had to do that day. Since it was probably a Monday, I'd also think about what I'd have to write. Today, I had to concentrate. Today I'd be looking for ice.

"Virus" - Bjork

OK, a song about need. If there's any run I need, it's probably the tempo run. The easy runs are for recovery and reflection, and the long runs give me endurance, and the speed work gives me, um, speed. But the tempo runs give me everything. My mile splits, if I didn't slip on a patch of ice, would probably read 8:15 (warm up), 7:20, 7:15, 7:25 (damn hill), 7:13. Or something like that. But not too far from that something. Tempo runs are about holding an uncomfortable, but not brutal (i.e. racing) speed. You could speed up, but you'd like to slow down.
As always, my legs, still a little grumpy from the miles I'd piled on it two days before, aren't ever really excited to be cutting through the air so aggressively. Aging does that to you. After so long, and I've been active, if not always a runner, for two decades, the will to give in starts to fade.
Doesn't it? 
I crack into my first mile at 7:10. My breath jumps out of my mouth. I can see the cloud before it scurries away to make room for the next. This is why I need tempo runs. As a weekly reminder that I can still do this. And the work it takes to stay there.

"Steppin' Out" - Joe Jackson

An oldie but a goodie, this song found its way into my weekly running mix for this line:
"We are young but getting old before our time; we'll leave the TV and the radio behind."
This line is so appropriate this week.
I wonder if Jackson wrote the song today, he'd include a smartphone?

"Dancing Queen" - ABBA

Note to self: "Dancing Queen" is probably not a good song to include in a running mix. It's definitely not a good song to listen to as I start to head up The Hill. 

"Embrace The Gutter" - The Autumn Offering
Ah, that's better.
Embrace the nasty in your life, then make it your ally. Make it make you better. This is what I think about as the steepest part of the run looms before me, and my breathing starts to hurt.
Breathe, dammit, breathe. 

"My Will Be Done" - Unearth
Someone asked me once why I listen to heavy metal. How can you run with someone yelling at you like that, she asked.
"Now I strive to find my own way
My Will be Done
Work these hands until they bleed
My Will be Done"
They aren't yelling at me. They're yelling with me.
I've just crested the hill. I'll recover. I'm pretty sure.

I turn 40 tomorrow, though it's likely today when you're reading this. And runs like this one give me the confidence to face it. I don't need a sports car, a cheerleader or a gold chain. I have my feet, my fitness and the attitude both give me. As I sprint toward my driveway, "I'm gonna learn how to love you," Susan Tedeschi sings in my ear, and oh, I'm so nearly there.

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Mantenimiento y reparacion de computadoras fast tech reparacion de computadoras actualizaciones respaldos eliminacion de virus istalacion de internet
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Si tienes problemas con tu computadora o celular nosotros te lo reparamos, soy una persona física que tiene más de 10 años de experiencia, en reparación de computadoras, laptops, celulares. desde lo más básico, hasta computadoras que se cayeron, mojadas, que tengan cortos, instalación de redes, memorias ram, rom, discos duros, displays etc. así mismo se les formatea o actualiza a la paquetería mas nueva windows 7, mac o el que requiera office 2010, 2007 o el que requiera antivirus programas personales
          Inside Ebola        
(c) P Casaer
Last year's media coverage of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa riveted me on two fronts: seeing how western society reacted to the threat of a highly mobile, lethal virus and how the affected nations themselves (Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea) managed the trauma, on the heels of decades of conflict and instability.

If you work in this business, you have friends who worked there inside one relief effort or another. Their stories are illuminating, for no man-made conflict presents so starkly the moral dilemma of Ebola: the patient you are treating is a vector of lethal contagion. In war, by contrast, we work primarily with victims of conflict, less the combattants themselves. Lethality is once removed. Ebola means handling live hand grenades, their safety pin already pulled; the infected are landmines we knowingly tread upon. 

The bravery of those who choose to do this work is astounding--particularly national staff who have nowhere to run, no voluntary exit as expats do. Ebola, the great divider: gone are the disaster tourists, the adventure-seekers, the self-glorifiers among us.

And yet where in the media did we see anything that gave us reason for empathetic pause, an unblinking gaze sufficient to register the shared humanity of this apocalyptic visitation? It was nowhere to be seen. This past weekend in Brussels I was fortunate to see Affliction, Peter Casaer's new film from inside MSF treatment centers in the affected countries. Populated by care-givers, patients and their families, the film captures the human impact of this epidemic in ways we know are essential, yet were curiously absent as the crisis unfolded and global panic spiked.

Check out the trailer -- the film has been submitted to the Toronto International Film Festival

          Noro-Virus bei der WM: Deutsche Athleten putzen Klos selbst        
Die deutschen Athleten machen ihre Toiletten bei der Leichtathletik-WM in London nun selber sauber. Die Putzteams würden nämlich nur eine Bürste für alle Toiletten benutzen.
          Comment on The Top Five Worst Viruses For the Computers: Beware Of Them by Shemale.UK        
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Agreed Manolis Kasos , but it is a low level virus
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Great...too simple to download...from now on wards I will this amazing site everyday...and I would like to know if this method is virus free and legal...Ok if its not legal but it should be virus free...
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This isnt in anyway a virus a virus is a malicious program that is (as the word tells) VIRAL ,that will say that it will alter the bytecode of an exe,COM,or DLL file.
This is where Rickey posts recommendations of noteworthy consumables, practices, and pastimes that have been deemed invaluable for the reader’s betterment. All products and pieces of advice listed herein have been Rickey tested and approved. Again, this is in no way shape or form a complete rip off of McSweeney’s (fa-la-la-la-la, lawyers, Rickey can’t hear you). Enjoy our latest installment of....


Bombadil. Come now, a quirky indie band named after a minor Tolkien character? How could we not recommend this? For those pressed for time, two of their better songs are “Matthew” and “Honeymoon,” and pretty much anything off their third album “A Buzz, A Buzz” is pure gold.

Getting your adult ADD under control.
We don’t know about you, but modern technology is wreaking havoc on Rickey’s ability to function as a normal member of society. The smart phone, multiple email accounts, rss feeds, DVR schedule, Netflix queue, and online video gaming have taken a bit of a toll on Rickey's mental state over the years. But most alarming is what technology has done to Rickey’s porn viewing habits. Multiple tabbed browsing is the main culprit here. One window is never enough. No, Rickey needs sixteen Google Chrome windows simultaneously streaming the complete Sasha Grey oeuvre on his iMac like it’s like the goddamn control screen at CENTCOM. Yeah, that can’t be good… WHY HAS TECHNOLOGY RENDERED RICKEY SO UNABLE TO FOCUS IN THIS CRITICAL MATTER?!

“The Passage” by Justin Cronin. Hey, here’s a nifty change: an extremely well written piece of pop fiction about vampires! This first installment in an epic trilogy kicks off with mankind unwittingly unleashing a virus upon the population which turns anyone infected into crazy snarling vampires (although the book goes to great pains not to use the V-word, that’s pretty much what they are). Then, like in all great literature, the vampire apocalypse occurs. That’s the first 100 pages. Think of this book as an amalgam of Cormack McCarthy’s “The Road” and King’s “The Stand” and you’re on the right track. Extremely well written and entertaining, the book is a delight to read. We’re told that movie rights have already been snatched up by Ridley Scott. As you know, vampire stuff is insufferably popular right now, so if you’re dying to be trendy like all the other cool kids, but don’t want to rot your brain by reading Stephenie Meyer, this is definitely the way to go.

Kale Chips. Ever obsessed with maintaining regular bowel movements, Rickey is a big proponent of the dark leafy greens. Enter stage right: KALE. Despite being one of the most nutritious vegetables on the planet, kale also has the dubious distinction of tasting like broiled donkey grundle. Bummer, right? Here’s how to turn the tables back in your favor:

-Wash & dry kale leaves and lay them on a baking sheet
-Lightly brush leaves with oil of your choosing (vegetable or olive)
-Sprinkle sparingly with salt
-Bake kale for 10 minutes on each side at 350 degrees

Fairly easy no? The results are most excellent. Crispy and tasty like a potato chip yet healthy like a high colonic! And with this dish comes the assurance that your next bowel movement will be a wholly enjoyable one. One wipe and Rickey’s finished! Hey, look gang, here’s a picture:“Louie” on FX. Where in the blue blazes did this guy come from? From Rickey's id, that's where. Much like “Seinfeld,” his new show is a mix of standup and scripted comedy, yet delightfully profane. We assure you, this is a sure lock for your best new comedy of the season.

Arming yourself against the gathering Woodchuck menace. Rickey finally spotted him the other day. The little furry bastard that is devouring his garden. Last week he actually took one bite from three of Rickey’s eggplants. Taking a bite out of one wasn’t enough, no, that fuck needed to go from one eggplant to the next, chomping down then walking away, as if to say “nah, this large ripe black vegetable definitely isn’t for me, but I’m going to make goddamn certain that YOU don’t get to enjoy it!” And that’s why Rickey has become militant. There’s a BB gun in his parents’ house that will make short work of this foul beast. A soda can duct taped to the end of the barrel should do a decent job of suppressing the muzzle report and not alarming the neighbors. This is happening. We’ll toss up an image of Rickey standing over the vanquished beast in the coming days.

Not getting too nutty crunchy. While Rickey may proclaim to be eco-friendly with his organic garden and compost pile, there’s a point where everyone must draw the line. For Rickey, that point was when he was offered a book about picking and preserving produce, entitled “Putting Things Away.” They might as well have called it “Canning Your Dignity for the Winter!” Sure, we suppose that Rickey could spend hours sterilizing jars, concocting the proper solution, and pickling his cucumbers only to offer them to his guests a few weeks later and hear them say “hey, this tastes just like a Vlassic…” and revel in the awkward knowledge that Rickey just spent 140 man-hours replicating something readily available for $3.68. We’re sorry, but that’s time better spent on loftier pursuits. Like romancing oneself to a NORAD screen of Jenna Haze!

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The film stars Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston,

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Akinnuoye-Agbaje,Kat Dennings, Ray Stevenson, Zachary Levi, Tadanobu

Asano, Jaimie Alexander, Rene Russo and Anthony Hopkins.

(Thor The Dark World Download)hits

theaters November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April

4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014, The Avengers: Age

of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 31, 2015, and unannounced

films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

We’ve done of

plenty of digging into what’s coming in Marvel’s Phase Two lineup of

films, and since Thor: The Dark World has been of particular interest

tous (given its potential lynchpin position in the Phase Two story arc),

we’ve identified no less than 25 points of interest that you should

keepa trained eye on as you watch it.

Now you can begin that

examinationfor yourself, as today brings two new Thor 2 TV spots and the

first clip from the film, featuring Thor (Chris Hemsworth) reuniting

with his villainous brother, Loki (Tom Hiddleston), in the depths of an


Watch Thor The Dark World Online“doesn’t

open in theaters until Nov. 8, but a new clip from the upcomingMarvel

sequel reveals more of the tense interplay between Chris Hemsworth’s

Thor and Tom Hiddleston’s Loki that’s set to feature prominently in the


The adversarial brothers form an uneasy alliance in the film,

directed by Alan Taylor (“Game of Thrones”), in order to eradicate the

threat posed by the dark elf Malekith, portrayed by Christopher

Eccleston, and Algrim (also known as Kurse), played by Adewale


Download Thor The Dark World

Inthe scene below, Thor approaches Loki, who’s been imprisoned as

punishment for his world-conquering schemes in “The Avengers,” with a

chance to escape his cell and seek revenge, though he warns his

trickster sibling to remain on his best behavior, or else.


addition to Hemsworth and Hiddleston, “Thor: The Dark World” sees

Natalie Portman return as astrophysicist Jane Foster. Also featured in

the sequel are Kat Dennings (Jane’s research assistant Darcy Lewis),

Stellan Skarsgård (Eric Selvig, who survived the events of “The

Avengers”), Idris Elba (Heimdall) and Jaimie Alexander (warrior and

Thor’s childhood friend Sif).

The Warriors Three return as well: Ray

Stevenson as Volstagg, Tadanobu Asano as Hogun and Zachary Levi

replacing “Once Upon a Time” star Josh Dallas as Fandral.


actor Hemsworth currently can be seen on screen as another outsized

personality — race car driver James Hunt in Ron Howard’s fact-based

period drama “Rush.”Download Thor 2 Movie

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          Zika fight doesn’t diminish with change in Zika status        
Author: Camille Hesterberg, Communications Specialist, IEM While many Americans were recovering from their holiday feasts last week, the Emergency Committee of the World Health Organization (WHO) was deliberating on whether Zika virus is still a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC).[1] Although the decision was made to move Zika from PHEIC to endemic status,[2] this […]
          Hurricane Matthew’s Potential Impact on the Spread of Zika        
Author: Sid Baccam, Computational Epidemiologist, IEM In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, there have been concerns regarding how the storm might affect the spread of vector-borne diseases including Zika. Although local transmission of Zika virus has only been confirmed in Florida, coastal areas up through the Carolinas could experience increased human exposure to mosquitoes as […]
          All Mosquitoes are Not the Same When it Comes to Zika        
Author: Sid Baccam, Computational Epidemiologist, IEM By now, we all know that Zika virus can be spread to humans through pesky mosquito bites. But why should we care only about specific mosquitoes? Aren’t all mosquitoes the same? Actually, there are more than 3,500 species of mosquitoes, 175 of which are found in the United States, […]
          Zika and the Brain: A Public Health Game Changer        
Author: Dr. Rashid Chotani, Senior Scientist, IEM Human infection with Zika virus (ZIKV) was initially reported to be mild and non-life threatening. However, as ZIKV has been introduced into unexposed and highly dense populations, it has evolved. We know now that when the virus attacks the brain of an unborn child, the effects can be […]
          Download Resident Evil Revelations – FLT        

Resident Evil Revelations – FLT

Resident Evil Revelations - FLT image
Description: The fear that was originally brought to players in Resident Evil Revelations on the Nintendo 3DSsystem returns redefined for home consoles and PC complete with high quality HD visuals, enhanced lighting effects and an immersive sound experience. This latest version of Resident Evil Revelations will also deliver additional content including a terrifying new enemy, extra difficulty mode, integration with and improvements to Raid Mode. Raid Mode, which was first introduced to the series in the original version of Resident Evil Revelations, sees gamers play online in co-op mode or alone in single player taking on the hordes of enemies across a variety of missions whilst leveling up characters and earning weapon upgrades. New weapons, skill sets, and playable characters including Hunk, take the Raid Mode experience to new depths. The critically acclaimed survival horror title takes players back to the events that took place between Resident Evil®4 and Resident Evil®5, revealing the truth about the T-Abyss virus.

  • Enhanced for consoles:  The fear that was brought to players in Resident Evil Revelations on the Nintendo 3DSsystem returns redefined complete with high quality HD visuals, enhanced lighting effects and an immersive sound experience.
  • Classic survival horror gameplay returns:  The campaign mode’s single player experience sees gamers investigating a range of different locations including the dark confined spaces of a cruise ship and the treacherous snow covered mountains. With limited ammo and weapons, fight off infected enemies that lurk around every corner.
  • Hell just got hotter:  Infernal Mode, a new difficulty mode for console versions, is not just more challenging than Easy and Normal modes but also remixes enemy and item placement, so even those familiar with the game will discover new terrors.
  • Meet the Wall Blister:  A brand new enemy , the Wall Blister is a mutated creature borne from the T-Abyss virus that spreads through water, adding to the horrors that lurk around every corner
  • support:  Resident Evil Revelations will take full advantage of with content available to users once the game launches. Earn weapons and custom parts and use them in-game, collect figures that can be used in dioramas and check your stats through the online web service.
  • Improved Raid Mode:  New weapons, skill sets, playable characters including Rachel and Hunk and enemies exclusive to this mode are added for the this latest version.

Resident Evil Revelations GamePlay

Genre: FAction
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Release name: Resident Evil Revelations – FLT
Size: 3.11 GB
Install Notes:
1. Unrar by clicking the exe file for this is a self extracting archive.
2. For further instructions and to avoid installation mistakes, strictly read the nfo file here
3. Support developers by buying the software you enjoy!
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Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 1
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 2
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 3
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 4
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 5
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 6
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 7
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 8
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 9


Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 1
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 2
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 3
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 4
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 5
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 6
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 7
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 8
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 9


Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 1
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 2
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 3
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 4
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 5
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 6
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 7
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 8
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 9


Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 1
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 2
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 3
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 4
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 5
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 6
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 7
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 8
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 9


Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 1
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 2
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 3
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 4
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 5
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 6
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 7
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 8
Resident Evil Revelations – FLT Part 9

          Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare + Crack Full        

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Full Crack
Release Date: 07-11-2007
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish 
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Free Download PC Game COD 4: MW Full Version - The new action-thriller from the award-winning team at Infinity Ward, the creators of the Call of Duty® series, delivers the most intense and cinematic action experience ever. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare arms gamers with an arsenal of advanced and powerful modern day firepower and transports them to the most treacherous hotspots around the globe to take on a rogue enemy group threatening the world. As both a U.S. Marine and British S.A.S soldier fighting through an unfolding story full of twists and turns, players use sophisticated technology, superior firepower and coordinated land and air strikes on a battlefield where speed, accuracy and communication are essential to victory. The epic title also delivers an added depth of multiplayer action providing online fans an all-new community of persistence, addictive and customizable play.


Minimum System Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista
  • Processor: Pentium 4 @ 2.4 GHz / AMD Athlon 2600+ or any Dual Core Processor @ 1.8 GHz
  • Memory: 512 Mb
  • Hard Drive: 8 Gb free
  • Video Card: nVidia 6600 / ATI Radeon 9800Pro
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c Compatible
  • DirectX: 9.0c
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • DVD Rom Drive

Recommended System Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista
  • Processor: Any Dual Core Processor 2.4 GHz or faster
  • Memory: 1 Gb
  • Hard Drive: 8 Gb free
  • Video Card: nVidia 7800 / ATI Radeon X1800
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c Compatible
  • DirectX: 9.0c
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • DVD Rom Drive

Update Link Download (14-05-2013)
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250 MB / Part

    1. Unrar
    2. Open the .iso file with a program that can mount it (PowerISO, Daemon tools, Alcohol for example)
    3. Mount it. I don't have that autorun option turned on, so i have to go to My Computer and open it from the cd-drive.
    4. Install it. When it asks for the cd-key, minimize the installer and open rzr-cod4.exe, then generate the cd-key and copy it to the installer.

    ***Some antivirus propgrams may tell u that that rzr-cod4.exe is a virus of somekind. IT'S A FALSE POSITIVE! It's perfectly safe. The antivirus program thinks its a virus, but it isn't.***

    5. The installer will also ask if u wan't to install punkbuster. I installed it, don't know if it matters.
    6. When it's done installing,  copy or move iw3sp.exe to the game folder (where u installed the game).
    7. Launch the game by opening iw3sp.exe and it should work.
    8. Support the software developers. If you like this game, BUY IT!

    1. PL, UPa, CL, BU Interchangeable Links
    2. Total part: 10 / 700 GB
    3. Total file : 6.32 GB
              Arse Trump at the G-20 Summit        

    Brainchamber Blog - Authoritative Blog

      Unretouched photos from the G-20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany, clearly show that President Donald Trump is an Arseface.  In the photo, Trump appears to have an asshole where his mouth should be. Up until now, his staff has done a great job of hiding the real Arse Trump from the public spotlight.  It’s likely […]

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              Pixel Security Patch Error        

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    Pixel Security Patch Error Google just released the July 5, 2017 monthly security patch for Android Nougat 7.1.2. July 2017 Pixel Security Patch Error: Problem A relatively small number of Google Pixel Owners had a problem installing  get the update, even though it did download (the update is an OTA update meaning “Over The Air). […]

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    The Cost of a Free Phone with Buy One Get One (BOGO) Why the Free Phone on T-Mobile’s BOGO costs $1056 It’s almost Father’s day again, and carriers are running their multiple time yearly Buy One Get One promotions on some of the hottest new Flagship devices from Samsung, LG, Apple iPhone, and anything else […]

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              Payon Forest        

    Character Level: 33
    Profession Level: 33
    Achievement: Virus, Moonlight and Guild

    Map Location:
    Payon Forest

    Quest List:
    Mushrooms! - [Reward: 4 Red Potion (III) and 4 Blue Potion (III)]
    Search for the Friend
    Scary Mushroom
    Hurry Before the Posion Spreads - [Reward: Bear Embroidery III]
    Poison Herb Digger
    Things Needed to Make the Antidote (1)
    Things Needed to Make the Antidote (2)
    Antidote Making (1)
    How to Block The Poison
    Dangerous Mushroom - [Reward: Resistance Item]
    Antidote Making (2) - [Reward: Resistance Plated Gaiters]
    Find my Brother
    The Missing Hunter (1)
    The Missing Hunter (2) - [Reward: Refining Whetstone III]
    That Thing of Big Foot
    Legendary Bear - [Reward: Bear Embroidery III]
    Sacred Prayer
    Prelude of Destruction - [Reward: Resistance Plated Boots]
    To Chung-Lim-Sa
    Head Temple of Monks, Chung Lim Sa
    Tiger Chest Fur Plucking
    Evil Creature - [Reward: Tiger Embroidery III]
    Asceticism Master's Seal - [Reward: Resistance Plated Gauntlets]
    Fore the Resolution of the Issue at Hand
    People Without Destination
    Chung Lim Lake Villa
    For the Fighting Comrade (1)
    For the Fighting Comrade (2)
    The Snake Hunter
    Snake Catching
    Large Snake
    A Whole Sack - [Reward: Dragon Embroidery III]
    Fragrant Scent of Mushroom
    The Best Mushroom
    Sheep Cry Over the Lake - [Reware: Resistance Scaled Helm]
    Food for the Fatigued - [Reware: Resistance Plated Visor]
    Foul Mushroom - [Reward: Magic Oil III]
    To the Battlefield
    Missing Ballein
    Honey for Health
    Baccha Vitan Ingredients - [Reward: 5 Red Potion (III)]
    To Recover Enegry
    The Toad That Stands in our Way
    The One Who Watches Over the Forest - [Reward: Resistance Scaled Armguards]
    Finding Whi-Ryung
    Missing Child
    Lost Toy
    Valorous Child - [Reward: Cast Iron Rune Hole Puncher]
    Food Ingredients Collecting (1)
    Food Ingredients Collecting (2) - [Reward: Fairy Stone]
    The Observers
    The Spearhead - [Reward: 5 Purple Potion (III)]
    The Whereabouts of the Comrades
    Prisoner Rescue (1) - [Reward: Magic Oil III]
    Prisoner Rescue (1) - [Reward: Refining Whetstone III]
    Starting to Strike Back
    Unexpected Movement
    Hyo of Miho Tribe
    What the Forest Fairy Hates
    Find Whirimzu
    Battle for the Survival of the Forest
    End of the Battle - [Reward: Post Sword]
    Fortunate New - [Reward: Post Items]
    Return to Grand Master Jehon
    Chung LimSa Decided to Act
    Guillotine Fist!!
    Search for a Way
    A Way to Maintain the Barrier
    Another Hope - [Reward: Wind Elixir]
    Search for Holy Power
    Area Recon
    The Spirits Attack Again ... ... .
    Crusader in Front of the Ruins
    Rabbit of Terror - [Reward: Refining Whetstone IV]
    Old Fencing Collector - [Reward: Magic Oil IV]
    Tinder Delivery
    Supply Revocery - [Reward: Dragon Embroidery IV]
    Horont Hunt - [Reward: Post Items]
    Advent of the Blade of the Holiness - [Reward: Post Plated Gauntlets]
    Investigating Payon
    Evil Horong Hunt
    Wood Collecting
    Barricade Repair - [Reward: 4 Red Potion (IV) and 4 Blue Potion (IV)]
    The One with the Wounded Soul
    Herb to Awaken the Soul
    Potion Concoction (1) - [Reward: 4 Purple Potion (IV)]
    Potion Concoction (2)
    Potion Concoction (3)
    Potion Concoction (4)
    To Heal the Wounder - [Tiger Embroidery IV]
    A Saint Under a Curse
    Child of Ruin
    Village of Darkness
    Forgotten Memory (1)
    Forgotten Memory (2)
    [Dungeon] Forgotten Memory (3) - [Reward: Payon Forest Top Statue]
    The Suspicious Woman
    Fox Legend
    Ninetails Spirit
    [Dungeob] Master of the Secret Forest Tomb - [Reward: Payon Weapon Statue]
    Spirit Fire
    Herbs for the Son
    Wild Ginseng Delivery
    [Dungeon] Grave Blooming Mushroom
    End of the Situation - [Reward: Drill Runehole Puncher]
    A Break from the Endless Nightmare - [Reward: Dim Health Rune]
    Olivier's Help (1)
    Olivier's Help (2)
    Under the Banner of Courage
    Endless Combat
    Combined Attack with Kleindiana - [Reward: Refining Whetstone IV or Dragon Embroidery IV]
    Combined Attack with Hans - [Reward: Post Plated Visor]
    Combined Attack with Ballein - [Reward: Magic Oil IV or Tiger Embroidery IV]
    Combined Attack with Ivia - [Reward: Post Scaled Helm]
    Dimension Crack Destruction - [Reward: Bear Embroidery IV]
    Resolved Crisis (1)
    Resolved Crisis (2) - [Reward: Wind Elixir and Angel Ring]
    Another Threat
    Composition test (1)
    Composition test (2) - [Reward: 5 Blue Potion (III)]
    Conversation with Se-Ryu, Whi-Ryung's Brother
    Sister's News - [Reward: Ernium Powder]
    [Dungeon] Cursed Grave Flower - [Reward: Payon Forest Bottom Statue]
    Request: Collecting Miho Jade Ornaments
    Request: Snake Haven

    Quest Starter Items Found:
    None Yet

    Items Found:
    Split Piece 1 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - Poison Spore, Baby Venom Spore, Curse Nine Tail, Gajomart
    Split Piece 2 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - Poison Spore, Baby Venom Spore, Killer Crabbit, Sobbing Sohee, Curse Nine Tail, Punished Horong, Imp
    Split Piece 3 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - Poison Spore, Baby Venom Spore, Gajomart

    Materials Items:
    Earthly Trace (I) - Venom Spore, Miho Scout, Curse Nine Tail
    Firmament Essence (I) - Tasteless Truffle, Giant Big Foot, Poison Toad, Horong
    Root of Life (I) - Giant Big Foot, Poison Spore
    Spirit of Ruin (I) - Miho Scout, Imp
    Monster Fragment (I) - Venom Spore, Payon Tiger, Sobbing Sohee, Gajomart

    Other Items:
    Bear Paw - Big Foot, Little Big Foot, Giant Big Foot
    Carrot Hilt - Crabbit, Killer Crabbit
    Fox Mane - Miho Scout, Miho Guard, Miho Stormer, Miho Scattered Troops, Miho Warden
    Fox Tail - Nine Tail, Curse Nine Tail
    Hot Fur - Imp, Blazing Imp, Imp of Arrogance
    Large Firefly - Horong, Evil Horong, Punished Horong, Gajomart
    Lady's Cloth Piece - Sohee, Sobbing Sohee
    Mushroom Spore - Poison Spore, Baby Venom Spore, Truffle, Tasty Truffle, Tasteless Truffle, Truffle of Truffle
    Slippery Scale - Boa, Iron Boa, Poison Boa
    Tiger Skin - Payon Tiger, Black Tiger
    Toad Frontleg - Toad, Poison Toad
    Witch's Underwear - Arrogant Reina

    Bags Found:
    Small Bag - None
    Medium Bag - Horong, Nine Tail

    Food and Drinks Found:
    Instant Bacon - Miho Guard
    Instant Honey Pie - Big Foot, Black Tiger
    Instant Lettuce Wrap - Miho Guard
    Instant Royal Jelly herb Tea - Venom Spore, Payon Tiger, Truffle, Boa
    Instant Smoldering Heart Skewer - Miho Guard, Killer Crabbit, Blazing Imp
    Instant Smoldering Heart Soup - Imp
    Instant Smoldering Heart Steak - Crabbit, Killer Crabbit, Sobbing Sohee
    Instant Steamed Hill Clam - Venom Spore, Big Foot

    Potions Found:
    Red Potion (III) - Big Foot, Giant Big Foot, Poison Boa
    Blue Potion (III) - Baby Venom Spore, Poison Boa
    Purple Potion (III) - Baby Venom Spore, Big Foot, Poison Boa
    Red Potion (IV) - Miho Stormer, Punished Horong, Gajomart
    Blue Potion (IV) - Miho Warden, Crabbit, Killer Crabbit, Sobbing Sohee, Punished Horong, Imp
    Purple Potion (IV) - Miho Scout, Miho Scattered Troops, Imp of Arrogance
    Dexterity Potion (III) - Poison Spore, Poison Boa
    Strenght Bost Potion (III) - Tasteless Truffle
    Will Boost Potion (IV) - Gajomart

    Cards Found:
    Poison Spore x2
    Venom Spore x2

    Weapons and Armors Found:
    Ancient Breastplate - Poison Spore
    Ancient Leather Gloves - Baby Venom Spore
    Ancient Plated Boots - Big Foot
    Dense Virus Claw - Virus
    Leader's Breastplate - Truffle
    Leader's Leader Vest - Virus
    Leader's Plated Boots - Arrogant Reina
    Leader's Plated Gaiters - Miho Stormer, Nine Tail
    Leader's Plated Gauntlets - Truffle of Truffle
    Leader's Plated Visor - Chief Whirimzu
    Leader's Sword - Miho Scout, Arrogant Reina
    Wounded Wolyahwa's Claw - Illusion of Moonlight

    Khara Quest:
    Secret to Gathering is a Secret!
    Causes of Confusion in Payon Forest
    Poison Diaper
    Angry Baby
    Combat Level Achieved (3)
    Profession Level 30 Achieved
    (Skill) Shield Charge! - [Reward: Title - Stun!]
    Baby Bear is Scary
    Father Bear is Scary Too
    Hungry Savage Beast
    Mystical Creature of Payon
    Way to Disassemble Equipment
    Code No.1 Junta!
    Safeguard of Whirimzu
    Immediate Death!
    Looks Like Poison
    Secret of Winning Organization
    You Are My Companion
    Cute Assassin
    Stop The Wrath of Miho Tribe - [Reward: Title - Miho Hunter]
    (Race: B) Illusion of Moonlight Flower (Party Recommended) - [Reward: Title - Nine Tailed]
    (Race: C) Virus (Party Recommended) - [Reward: Title - Virus Hunter]
    [Dungeon] Anorexigenic for Bug Eating Plant of Tomb Birim
    [Dungeon] Conqueror of Vanaheimr of Arrogance
    [Dungeon] Tomb Birim That Snows Even in May
    [Dungeon] Tracking Down the Thieves of Tomb Birim
    [Dungeon] Legend of Tomb Birim - [Reward: Title - Tomb Raider]
    [Dungeon] Sealing the Payon Dungeon - [Reward: Title - Moonlight Flower Slayer]
    (Selected) Grinder Special List
    Regret You Fault!
    Don't You Cry, My Baby
    I Hate the Curse

    Small Iron Ore
    Medium Iron Ore
    Large Iron Ore

    None Yet

              guia pokemon rubi y zafiro        
    aqui les va ok

    Prof. Abedul
    ChicoLuego de la presentación, comenzaremos el juego, donde se pueden encontrar dos menú, el menú de OPCIONES, y el de PARTIDA NUEVA. En el menú de OPCIONES, podremos elegir entre cambiar la velocidad del texto, la animación de los combates, el tipo de combate, el sonido, los controles, y la imagen, y en el menú de PARTIDA NUEVA, podremos comenzar el juego, donde el PROFESOR ABEDUL, nos explicara algunas cosas sobre el mundo de los POKÉMON, y nos dejara elegir el personaje entre un CHICO o una CHICA.
    VILLA RAÍZ - RUTA 103Empezamos dentro de un camión de la mudanza, que nos lleva a nuestra nueva casa.Una vez que llegamos, tu madre te dice que entres y subas a tu habitación. Allí tienes que poner el reloj en hora, y sacar del PC, la POCIÓN que allí se encuentra. Luego de hacer funcionar el reloj tu madre subirá, y te dirá que ya puedes bajar. Después de esto, ve a la casa de tu vecino/a, depende cual hallas elegido al principio, tu rival va a ser el que no hayas elegido. Una vez que hayas hablado con tu rival, podrás continuar hacia el PUEBLO ESCASO.Luego de que salgas de VILLA RAÍZ, un POOCHYENA, estará atacando al PROF. ABEDUL, y él te pedirá que saques uno de los POKéMON de su mochila, que se le ha caído, para ayudarlo, y este es el momento de elegir el POKÉMON iniciales:
    TREECKO tiene unos ganchos pequeños en las plantas de los pies con los que puede escalar superficies verticales.Este POKéMON ataca dando un golpetazo con la cola.
    TORCHIC no se separa de su ENTRENADOR. Siempre va detrás de él con sus pasitos inseguros.Este POKéMON echa fuego en forma de bola, que llaga a subir la temperatura hasta 1.000 grados centígrados.
    La aleta que tiene MUDKIP en la cabeza actúa de radar y es muy sensible. Puede captar movimientos que se produzcan en el agua y en el aire, y todo lo que ocurra a su alrededor, sin necesidad de abrir los ojos.
    PoochyenaLuego de que hayas escogido, comenzará tu primer batalla contra POOCHYENA, que se encuentra en nivel 2. Al ayudar al PROF. ABEDUL, él te llevará al LABORATORIO, y te pedirá que vayas a buscar a tu rival, que se encuentra en la RUTA 103. Luego de esto, ve hacia la RUTA 103, que se encuentra después de el PUEBLO ESCASO, en la parte de arriba. Después de que lo hayas encontrado, comenzará tu combate contra él/ella, que tendrá el POKÉMON de tipo opuesto al tuyo, en nivel 5.Después de haberlo vencido, tu rival irá al PUEBLO ESCASO, y allí, te dirá que te des prisa, y saldrá corriendo hacia el LABORATORIO. En él, el PROF. ABEDUL te dará el POKÉDEX, y tu rival te dará cinco POKÉ BALL, y luego de esto, podrás comenzar tu viaje.Al salir del LABORATORIO, tu madre estará esperando afuera de la casa, y al hablar contigo, te dará las DEPORTIVAS, unas zapatillas, que al mantener presionado el botón B, te permitirán correr. Luego de esto podremos continuar nuestro viaje hacia el PUEBLO ESCASO.
    BlascoEn este pueblo, podremos hablar con la señora, que esta al lado de la primer casa, que nos regalara una POCIÓN.En la RUTA 102, no tendremos muchos problemas con los entrenadores, y allí, encontraremos las primeras BAYAS, que al agarrarlas, recibiremos dos por árbol, y podremos, también plantarlas, para que en unos días, crezcan más.Una vez que lleguemos a CIUDAD PETALIA, la primer cosa, será ir al GIM, y hablar con el LÍDER, que es tu padre, y en el medio de la conversación, aparecerá BLASCO, tu segundo rival, que te enseñara a capturar POKÉMON.Una vez que BLASCO te haya enseñado a capturar POKÉMON, tendrás que volver al GIM, y el LÍDER, tu padre, te dirá que hasta que no tengas cuatro medallas, no aceptará tu reto, porque dice que desafiar a un entrenador novato no tiene ninguna emoción, y entonces, no queda nada más que seguir adelante hasta llegar a CIUDAD FÉRRICA.
    CIUDAD PETALIA - CIUDAD FÉRRICAEn la RUTA 104, encontrarás la casa del SEÑOR ARENQUE, con un barco afuera, pero la casa esta vacía, y tendrás que buscar al propietario, para que te lleve hasta el PUEBLO AZULIZA. Continuando por el camino, te encontrarás con el BOSQUE PETALIA, que tendrás que atravesar para llegar a CIUDAD FÉRRICA. Cuando avances te encontrarás con el INVESTIGADOR de DEVON, a la cual lo persigue un miembro del EQUIPO MAGMA/AQUA, con el cual tendrás que combatir, y luego de vencerlo, el INVESTIGADOR de DEVON, te regalara una SUPER BALL, y podrás seguir adelante. Al salir del BOSQUE PETALIA, te encontrarás con una florería en la RUTA 104, donde te regalaran el CUBO WAILMER, con el cual podrás regar las BAYAS en crecimiento. Por el momento, no podrás comprar nada, pero más adelante podrás comprar flores para decorar tu habitación o tu refugio. Siguiendo el camino, te encontrarás con algunos entrenadores, y en el puente, te encontrarás con dos niñas, y si tienes dos POKéMON o más, podrás combatir contra ellas en un combate 2 contra 2, y un poco más arriba, te encontrarás con CIUDAD FÉRRICA.
    CIUDAD FÉRRICA - PUEBLO AZULIZAEn esta ciudad, encontrarás muchos objetos. En la CASA del CORTADOR, el hombre sentado te regalará el MO01, CORTE, que te servirá para cortar los arbustos pequeños. Después de conseguir el MO01, es hora de ir al GIM:
    Medalla Piedra
    Geodude: N14 Nosepass: N15
    WingullAl vencer a PETRA, recibirás la medalla y el MT39, TUMBA ROCAS. Al salir del GIM, verás una escena peculiar, un miembro del EQUIPO MAGMA/AQUA, saldrá corriendo de DEVON S.A., y el hombre que has ayudado primero, saldrá corriendo atrás de él, y te pedirá que recuperes las PIEZAS DEVON que han robado. Deberás ir hasta el TÚNEL FERVERGAL, y en la entrada de él, encontrarás al SR. ARENQUE, que te dice que una persona se llevo a PEEKO, su WINGULL, y es la misma persona que robo las PIEZAS DEVON, uno de los miembros del EQUIPO MAGMA/AQUA.Al entrar en el túnel, te encontrarás con este personaje, que querrá combatir, y cuando le ganes te devolverá las PIEZAS DEVON, y el SR. ARENQUE, vendrá a buscar a su WINGULL, y te dirá que lo encontrarás en su casa antes del BOSQUE PETALIA. Cuando salgas del túnel, y te encuentres con el INVESTIGADOR de DEVON, te dará las gracias, te regalará otra SUPER BALL, y te llevará hasta el segundo piso de DEVON S.A., el DESPACHO del PRESIDENTE, el cual te dará una CARTA para MÁXIMO, que se encuentra en la CUEVA GRANITO, en el PUEBLO AZULIZA, y te regalará el POKÉNAVEGADOR o POKÉNAV, que tiene varias funciones:
    - Ver el mapa de la región de HOENN.
    - Ver POKÉMON en detalle.
    - Ver información sobre ENTRENADORES.
    - Ver CINTAS conseguidas.
    - Guardar POKÉNAV.Ahora es hora de ir a la CASA del SR. ARENQUE en RUTA 104. Cuando llegues, lo verás tratando de atrapar a PEEKO, y al hablar con él, te dirá que te llevará al PUEBLO AZULIZA.
    PUEBLO AZULIZA - CIUDAD PORTUALEn este pueblo, encontrarás el MO05, DESTELLO, que se encuentra en la CUEVA GRANITO, pero no lo podrás usar hasta que no consigas la nueva medalla del GIM:
    Medalla Puño
    Machop: N17 Makuhita: N18 Luego de conseguir la medalla, y el MT08, CORPULENCIA, podrás ir a la CUEVA GRANITO, para buscar a MÁXIMO, para darle la CARTA que te dio el PRESIDENTE de DEVON S.A., y como agradecimiento, te dará el MT47, ALA DE ACERO. Luego de haberle dado la CARTA a MÁXIMO, vuelve a la ciudad, y ve a la primer casa, donde un chico sentado, te regalare el PAÑUELO SEDA, con el cual, los ataques de tipo NORMAL, se fortalecerán, y luego de esto, es hora de volver con el SR. ARENQUE, que te llevará a CIUDAD PORTUAL, donde debes entregar las PIEZAS DEVON.
    CIUDAD PORTUAL - CIUDAD MALVALONAEn este pueblo, lo primero que hay que hacer es mostrar las PIEZAS DEVON en el ASTILLEROS BABOR, a MÚELLEZ, que es el encargado de construir un barco, y cuando las vea, te dirá que busques al CAPITÁN BABOR, que se encuentra en el MUSEO OCEÁNICO. Cuando entres, te encontrarás con muchos miembros del EQUIPO MAGMA/AQUA, y el primero de ellos, te dará el MT46, LADRÓN. Al subir al segundo piso, te encontrarás con el CAP. BABOR, y al hablar con él, te dirá que las PIEZAS DEVON, las había encargado al SEÑOR PEÑAS, y te dará las gracias, y luego de eso, aparecerán dos miembros del EQUIPO MAGMA/AQUA, que te dirán que esas piezas son suyas, y querrán combatir contra para verlas, después de vencer a los dos miembros, aparecerá el jefe, que te dirá que es lo que el EQUIPO MAGMA/AQUA quiere, y después de eso, el CAP. BABOR, se te dará de nuevo las gracias y se irá.En esta ciudad, también encontraremos una especie de tienda, donde venden cosas para decorar tu habitación o tu refugio, también podremos encontrar el CLUB de FANS de POKÉMON, donde una señora te regalará la CAMPANA ALIVIO, podrás ir también a la CASA del INSPECTOR de los MOTES, y por último, podrás participar a los CONCURSOS POKÉMON, donde una chica, te regalará el TUBO POKÉCUBOS, que es donde se ponen las BAYAS, y que sirve para hacer subir las estadísticas de los POKÉMON para los concursos. Y como no podemos hacer nada más, es hora de ir a CIUDAD MALVALONA.
    CIUDAD MALVALONA - PUEBLO VERDEGALSaliendo de CIUDAD PORTUAL, en la RUTA 110, podremos ver el CAMINO de BICIS de la COSTA, que por el momento, no podremos pasar, hasta que no tengamos la BICI, y también encontraremos la CASA TRATA, donde podremos conseguir muchas cantidades de MAILS, y OBJETOS. Yendo hacia la derecha de esta casa, podremos continuar nuestro viaje, pero, nos encontraremos con nuestro rival, que te dirá, si has entrenado a tus POKÉMON, y querrá combatir, y cuando le ganes, te dará el BUSCAOBJETOS, que te servirá para buscar objetos que no se ven.Continuando nuestro viaje, llegaremos a CIUDAD MALVALONA, donde podrás encontrar muchos objetos importantes. Uno de ellos, es el MO06, GOLPE ROCA, que lo consigues en la última casa de las de abajo, donde se encuentra un hombre vestido de blanco. Otro objeto, es la BICI CARRERA o la BICI ACROB., que se puede cambiar, en la TIENDA de BICIS de ANACLETO, y otro de los objetos que se pueden conseguir, es un MUÑECO del POKÉMON con el cual has comenzado, en el CASINO de MALVALONA. Otra cosa que podrás encontrar es a BLASCO, que querrá combatir, y que se encuentra en la puerta del GIM:
    Medalla Dinamo
    Magnemite: N22 Voltorb: N20 Magneton: N23 Luego de recibir la medalla, y el MT34, ONDA VOLTIO, es hora de ir al PUEBLO VERDEGAL.
    PUEBLO VERDEGAL - PUEBLO PARDALEn la RUTA 117 encontrarás la GUARDERÍA POKÉMON, y un poco más allá, encontrarás al PUEBLO VERDEGAL.En este pueblo, encontrarás, dentro del TÚNEL FERVEGAL, a una chica, que te dice que su novio, esta del otro lado, tratando de romper la roca que bloquea el camino, y ahora es el momento de usar el MO06, GOLPE ROCA, para partir las rocas que bloquean el camino, y cuando lo hagas, el chico del otro lado, te regalará el MO04, FUERZA, y se ira, saliendo de túnel, por la parte de abajo, encontrarás a un hombre que dice que perdió sus lentes, y ahora es hora de usar el BUSCAOBJETOS, para encontrarlos, y cuando los encuentres, te los regalará. Y por último, encontrarás el CONCURSO POKÉMON de NIVEL NORMAL, y como no queda nada más que hacer, tendrás que ir hacia la SENDA ÍGNEA.Por la RUTA 111, encontrarás la CASA de la familia ESTRATEGA, donde toda la familia, querrá combatir, y tendrás que usar el MO06, GOLPE ROCA, para continuar por el camino, encontrarás, algunos entrenadores, y un DESIERTO, que no podrás atravesar, y tendrás que seguir por la RUTA 112. Antes de entrar a la SENDA ÍGNEA, encontrarás a dos miembros del EQUIPO MAGMA/AQUA, que no te dejarán pasar hacia el TELEFÉRICO del MONTE CENIZO, que te lleva hacia el PUEBLO LAVACALDA, y tendrás que pasar por la SENDA ÍGNEA para llegar al PUEBLO PARDAL. Dentro de la SENDA ÍGNEA tendrás que usar el MO04, FUERZA, para poder encontrar algunos objetos, como la PIEDRA FUEGO. Al salir de la SENDA ÍGNEA, te encontrarás otra vez, en la RUTA 112, y en la RUTA 111, te encontrarás con un chico, parado cerca de un árbol, que te regalará el MT43, DAÑO SECRETO, que sirve para hacer las BASES SECRETAS, y un poco más arriba, después de la RUTA 113, que se encuentra fácilmente, por que es en la única que nieva, encontrarás el PUEBLO PARADAL.
    PUEBLO PARDAL - MONTE CENIZOEn este pueblo, encontrarás el CONCURSO de POKÉMON de NIVEL ALTO, que no podrás entrar hasta que no ganes el CONCURSO de POKÉMON de NIVEL NORMAL, encontrarás la CASA del TUTOR de MOVIMIENTOS, que le enseñará movimientos a tus POKÉMON, si le traes una ESCAMA CORAZÓN, encontrarás la CASA del FOSILMANÍACO, donde un chico te regalare el MT28, EXCAVAR, y cerca de esta, encontrarás a un hombre con un POOCHYENA, que te regalare el MT05, RUGIDO.Saliendo de PUEBLO PARDAL, en la RUTA 114, encontrarás la CASA de AREDIA, que se encuentra en el CENTRO POKÉMON del PUEBLO PARDAL, en el PC, que te regalará un MUÑECO, que te servirá para decorar tu habitación o tu BASE SECRETA, y un poco más abajo, encontrarás la CASCADA METEORO, y dentro de ella encontrarás a miembros del EQUIPO MAGMA/AQUA, hablando de una cosa extraña, con respecto al MONTE CENIZO, y los miembros del otro equipo los perseguirán, encontrarás también al PROFESOR COZMO, que ha sentido todo, y te dirá que vayas al MONTE CENIZO.
    MONTE CENIZO - PUEBLO LAVACALDAAntes de ir al MONTE CENIZO, tendrás que salir de la CASCADA METEORO, e ir hacia CIUDAD FÉRREA, y tendrás que pasar por el TÚNEL FERVEGAL, y afuera de él, encontrarás al INVESTIGADOR de DEVON, que te dará las gracias por todo lo que has hecho, y te regalará la ACOPIO BALL, y ahora si, es hora de ir al MONTE CENIZO. Para llegar a él, tendrás que ir al TELEFÉRICO del MONTE CENIZO, al llegar, encontrarás a muchos miembros del EQUIPO MAGMA/AQUA, combatiendo contra los del otro miembro, y al jefe, del equipo, cerca de una maquina extraña, que es la cual tendrás que desactivar, quitándole el METEORITO, y luego vencerlo, y desactivar la maquina, podrás ir al PUEBLO LAVACALDA.
    PUEBLO LAVACALDA - DESIERTOEn esta ciudad, no encontrarás muchas cosas, pero las que encuentras, son importantes. Una de las cosas que encuentras, es un HUEVO, que después de un tiempo, se abrirá, a este, lo obtienes hablando con la mujer que se encuentra al lado del CENTRO POKÉMON, y otra cosa que encuentras, es el GIM:
    Medalla Calor
    Slugma: N26 Slugma: N26 Torkoal: N28 Cuando hallas ganado la medalla, te darán el MT50, SOFOCO, y cuando salgas del GIM, tu rival aparecerá, y te dará que las GAFAS AISLANTES, que sirven para poder pasar por el DESIERTO sin ningún problema, y en la casa que está al lado del GIM, un hombre, te regalará el CARBÓN, y podrás comprar cosas para tu habitación o tu BASE SECRETA, y como no podrás hacer nada más, es hora de ir al DESIERTO.
    AnorithEl DESIERTO, se encuentra después de la RUTA 111, y en el, en la parte de arriba, encontrarás dos fósiles, el FÓSIL RAÍZ, que al llevarlo al primer piso de DEVON S.A., en CIUDAD FÉRREA, lo revivirán, y te darán a LILEEP, o el FÓSIL GARRA, que al llevarlo al primer piso DEVON S.A., en CIUDAD FÉRREA, lo revivirán, y te darán a ANORITH, y ya que estas en DEVON S.A., ve a hablar con el PRESIDENTE, que te dará el REPARTIR EXP., que sirve, para hacerle ganar más EXPERIENCIA, al POKÉMON que lo tiene, y ahora es hora de ir a CIUDAD PETALIA.
    CIUDAD PETALIA - CIUDAD MALVALONAPara volver a CIUDAD PETALIA, y para llegar más rápido, puedes ir por el CAMINO de BICIS de la COSTA, y luego, ir con el SR. ARENQUE, que te llevará al PUEBLO AZULIZA, y luego a CIUDAD PETALIA. Lo primero que hay que hacer aquí, es ir al GIM:
    Norman (Papá)
    Medalla Equilibrio
    Slaking: N28 Vigoroth: N30 Slaking: N31 Luego de ganar la medalla y el MT42, IMAGEN, es hora de ir a la CASA DE BLASCO, donde el padre te regalará el MO03, SURF, y ahora es hora de ir a CIUDAD MALVALONA.
    CastformPara llegar a ella, tendrás que usar el MO03, SURF, y pasar por el PUEBLO ESCASO, y después en la RUTA 103, hasta llegar al CAMINO de BICIS de la COSTA, y por último, CIUDAD MALVALONA. Aquí, encontrarás a ERICO, que te dará la LL. SÓTANO, que tendrás que usar en la RUTA 110. Dentro de MALVALONA, tendrás que desactivar el generador, y cuando lo hallas hecho, ERICO te regalará el MT24, RAYO, y ahora es hora de ir a CIUDAD ARBORADA.Para llegar a esta ciudad, tendrás que ir por la RUTA 118, donde te encontrarás con MÁXIMO, y después por la RUTA 119, donde encontrarás el INSTUTO METEOROLÓGICO, donde encontrarás algunos miembros del EQUIPO MAGMA/AQUA, y tendrás que salvar a los científicos que allí se encuentran, y al salvarlos, uno de ellos te regalará un CASTFORM.Al salir del INST. METEOROLÓGICO, en la RUTA 119, te encontrarás con tu rival, que querrá combatir, y cuando le ganes, te regalará el MO02, VUELO, y un poco más arriba encontrarás CIUDAD ARBORADA.
    KecleonEn esta ciudad, encontrarás muchas cosas para decorar tu habitación o tu BASE SECRETA, y encontrarás también el GIM, pero no podrás pasar porque en el camino, se encuentra un KECLEON invisible, y para hacerlo visible, tendrás que hablar con MÁXIMO, que te dará el DETECTOR DEVON, en la RUTA 120, y ahora si podrás ir al GIM:
    Medalla Pluma
    Swellow: N31 Pelliper: N30 Skarmory: N32 Altaria: N33 Luego de recibir la medalla, y el MT40, GOLPE AÉREO, es hora de ir a CIUDAD CALAGUA.
    CIUDAD CALAGUA - CIUDAD PORTUALPara llegar a ella, tendrás que atravesar la RUTA 120, y la RUTA 121,donde verás a tres miembros del EQUIPO MAGMA/AQUA, que saldrán corriendo, y así, llegarás a ella. En ella, encontrarás el CONCURSO POKÉMON de NIVEL EXPERTO, y lo primero que tendrás que hacer, es ir al CENTRO POKÉMON, para curar a todos tus POKÉMON, ya que los necesitarás mucho, y después, tienes que ir al CENTRO COMERCIAL de CALAGUA, donde encontrarás a tu rival, que querrá combatir de nuevo, y luego se ira a VILLA RAÍZ. También encontrarás el MUSEO de CALAGUA, donde podrás ver algunas pinturas, y por último, encontrarás el MONTE PÍRICO, donde tendrás que salvar a dos ancianos del EQUIPO MAGMA/AQUA, y al salvarlos, la señora anciana te regalará la ESFERA ROJA (EDICIÓN RUBÍ), o la ESFERA AZUL (EDICIÓN ZAFÍRO), que te servirá para más adelante. Ahora es hora de usar el MO02, VUELO, e ir a CIUDAD PORTUAL.
    CIUDAD PORTUAL - CIUDAD ALGARIAAquí, tendrás que ir al PUERTO, donde habrá mucha gente, y estará el CAP. BABOR, con el cual tendrás que hablar, y cuando hables con el te hará pasar al PUERTO, donde el EQUIPO MAGMA/AQUA, estará robando el SUBMARINO EXPLORADOR 1, y ahora es hora de volver a CIUDAD CALAGUA donde tendrás que ir dentro de la GUARDIA MAGMA/AQUA. Dentro de la guardia, encontrarás muchos objetos, como la MASTER BALL, pero también encontrarás muchos miembros del EQUIPO MAGMA/AQUA, y cuando llegues al jefe, y lo venzas, escapará de nuevo. Y ahora es hora de ir a CIUDAD ALGARIA.
    CIUDAD ALGARIA - NAO ABANDONADAPara llegar a esta ciudad, tienes que ir por la RUTA 124, que se encuentra a la salida de la GUARDIA MAGMA/AQUA, y en ella, encontrarás la CASA del BUSCATESOROS, donde trayéndole una PARTE, el señor, te la cambiará por otro objeto, y un poco más a la derecha, encontrarás CIUDAD ALGARIA.En esta ciudad, encontrarás el séptimo GIM, donde tendrás que combatir en un combate 2 contra 2:
    Medalla Mente
    Solrock: N42 Lunaton: N42 Después de recibir la medalla, y el MT04, PAZ MENTAL, es hora de ir a la CASA DE MÁXIMO, el cual te regalare el MO08, BUCEO, te servirá para ir por debajo del agua. También, encontrarás el CENTRO ESPACIAL de ALGARIA, donde un hombre te regalará una PIEDRA SOLAR, y como no hay nada más que hacer es hora de ir al NAO ABANDONADA.
    GorebyssPara llegar a este lugar, tendrás que usar el MO03, SURF, por la RUTA 108, saliendo desde CIUDAD PORTUAL, y un poco a la izquierda, la encontrarás.En ella, tendrás que ayudar a un señor, que dice que esta haciendo una investigación en nombre del CAP. BABOR, a recuperar el ESCÁNER. Para esto, primero tendrás que tomar la LL. ALMACÉN, que se encuentra en donde esta este señor, y con ella, tendrás que abrir la puerta, que se encuentra en el último piso, de los de abajo, y en el, tendrás que usar el MO08, BUCEO, y luego de eso, tendrás que encontrar una serie de llaves, para abrir una serie de puertas, y encontrar el ESCÁNER, y cuando lo encuentres, tendrás que hablar con el señor, que te dirá si le lo puedes llevar al CAP. BABOR, que se encuentra en el PUERTO, y él, te lo cambiará por el DIENTE MARINO, que te servirá, para evolucionar CLAMPERL a HUNTAIL, por medio del intercambio, o por la ESCAMA MARINA, que servirá para evolucionar CLAMPERL a GOREBYSS, por medio del intercambio, y ahora es hora de buscar al EQUIPO MAGMA/AQUA que se encuentra en la RUTA 128, y lo encontrarás usando el MO08, BUCEO, en la CAVERNA ABISAL.
    CAVERNA ABISAL - ARRECÍPOLISDentro de esta caverna encontrarás a muchos miembros del EQUIPO MAGMA/AQUA, que tendrás que vencer, y al final, encontrarás a GROUDON (EDICIÓN RUBÍ), o a KYOGRE (EDICIÓN ZAFÍRO), que escapará cuando el jefe del equipo use su ESFERA ROJA, luego de combatir, pero no te debes preocupar, porque lo encontrará después, en la CUEVA ANSERTRAL de ARRECÍPOLIS, que luego de tendrás que ir. Cuando salgas de la CAVERNA ABISAL, verás que hay un sol que te deja siego (EDICIÓN RUBÍ), o que llueve de una manera torrencial (EDICIÓN ZAFÍRO), y aparecerá MÁXIMO, y te dirá que debes ir a ARRECÍPOLIS, y sin más esperar, ve allí.
    Groudon(solo rubi y esmeralda)Para llegar a esta ciudad, tendrás que usar el MO03, SURF, y tendrás que ir, hasta la RUTA 126, y usar el MO08, BUCEO, y pasar por el agujero que esta debajo del agua.En esta ciudad lo primero que hay que hacer es ir hacia la CUEVA ANSESTRAL, donde te estará esperando MÁXIMO, y el líder del GIM, PLUBIO, que también es el encargado de la CUEVA ANSESTRAL, que te dirán que solo tu puedes entrar, y debes hacerlo junto con la ESFERA ROJA, o ESFERA AZUL y entonces, tendrás que entrar.
    Kyogre(solo zafiro y esmeralda)Dentro de ella, tendrás que usar el MO05, DESTELLO, y tienes que estar atento, porque dentro, encontrarás también el MO07, CASCADA, y al final encontrarás a GROUDON (EDICIÓN RUBÍ), o a KYOGRE (EDICIÓN ZAFÍRO), pero que esta vez, no escapará, y lo podrás atrapar, y luego, cuando salgas, verás que el tiempo, volvió a la normalidad, y entonces, es hora de ir al GIM, donde encontrarás, en la puerta, a MÁXIMO, que te dará las gracias y te dirá que PLUBIO te esta esperando, y así, entrarás al GIM:
    Medalla Lluvia
    Luvdisc: N40
    Whiscash: N42
    Sealeo: N40
    Seaking: N42
    Milotic: N43Luego de recibir la medalla, y el MT03, HIDROPULSO, ¡es hora de ir a la LIGA HOENN!
    LIGA POKÉMON - VILLA RAÍZPara llegar a ella, tendrás que ir hacia la RUTA 128, llegar a CIUDAD COLOSALIA, usando el MO07, CASCADA, y atravesar la CALLE VICTORIA, cuando a hallas atravesado, antes de salir, aparecerá BLASCO, que querrá combatir, y cuando salgas de la CALLE VICTORIA, llegarás a la LIGA POKÉMON, donde tendrás que enfrentar al ALTO MANDO:
    Alto Mando
    Mightyena: N46
    Shiftry: N48
    Cacturne: N46
    Sharpedo: N48
    Absol: N49
    Alto Mando
    Dusclops: N48
    Banette: N49
    Sableye: N50
    Banette: N49
    Dusclops: N51
    Alto Mando
    Glalie: N50
    Sealeo: N50
    Sealeo: N52
    Glalie: N52
    Walrein: N53
    Alto Mando
    Shelgon: N52
    Altaria: N54
    Flygon: N53
    Flygon: N53
    Salamence: N55Y luego de vencer al ALTO MANDO, tendrás que combatir contra el CAMPEÓN:
    Skarmory: N57
    Claydol: N55
    Aggron: N56
    Cradily: N56
    Armaldo: N56
    Metagross: N58Luego de vencer a MÁXIMO, aparecerá el PROF. ABEDUL, y tu rival, que te felicitarán, y MÁXIMO, te llevará al HALL de la FAMA, y luego FIN. Pero el juego no termina aquí, todavía quedan muchas cosas por hacer.
    LatiosLuego de ganar la LIGA POKÉMON, aparecerás en tu casa, que donde al bajar de tu habitación, tu PAPÁ te dará el TICKET BARCO, que te lo a enviado el SR. ARENQUE, que sirve para ir a la TORRE BATALLA, pero por ahora no vayas. Mira la televisión, verás que dice, que se ha visto un POKÉMON, no identificado, y ese POKÉMON es LATIOS (EDICIÓN RUBÍ), o LATIAS (EDICIÓN ZAFÍRO), que lo encontrarás al azar, por todo HOENN, y ve hacia la CASA DE MÁXIMO, en CIUDAD ALGARIA, donde encontrarás una nota, que te a dejado, y una POKÉ BALL con un BELDUM, sobre la mesa, que te regalará.
    PUEBLO OROMAR - PILAR CELESTEPara llegar al PUEBLO OROMAR, tienes que tomar la RUTA 130, y la RUTA 131, porque desde CIUDAD PORTUAL, no podrás llegar, porque la corriente no te dejará pasar. Cuando llegues a ella, podrás hablar con un señor, que te dirá que entre la RUTA 130 y la RUTA 131, algunas veces se ve la ISLA ESPEJISMO, una isla donde se encuentran POKÉMON y BAYAS, que en ningún otro lado podrás encontrar, y lo primero que habrá que hacer es encontrar la entrada al PILAR CELESTE.
    RayquazaPara entrar al PILAR CELESTE, tendrás que encontrar la entrada, que se encuentra en la RUTA 130. En este pilar necesitarás la ayuda de la BICI CARRERA, con la cual tendrás que atravesar el suelo roto, pero debes estar atento, porque en el cuarto piso, tendrás que pararte arriba del suelo roto del medio, para poder llegar al último piso, donde encontrarás a RAYQUAZA.Para atrapar a este POKÉMON, necesitarás mucha táctica, ya que se encuentra en el nivel 70, y también necesitarás muchas SUPER BALL o MEGA BALL, o sino, simplemente, la MASTER BALL, y después de atraparlo, deberás ir a la CÁMARA SELLADA.
    RegisteelPara llegar a este lugar, tendrás que ir desde PUEBLO OROMAR, hacia la izquierda, donde se encuentra la corriente, que debes hacer que te lleve hasta un lugar donde puedes usar el MO08, BUCEO, y llegar a un lugar donde encuentres unas escritas extrañas, y llevar contigo a RELICANTH, en primer lugar, y a WAILORD, en último lugar del equipo, también necesitarás un POKÉMON que tenga el MT28, EXCAVAR, y luego de leer los primeros signos, deberás usar el MT28, EXCAVAR, y verás, que se abrirá un pasaje, y adentro de esta otra cámara, tendrás que leer los signos, y si tienes a RELICANTH, en primer lugar, y a WAILORD, en último, habrá un terremoto, y tu personaje dirá, que se escucho como si unas puertas se hubiesen abierto a lo lejos, y esto querrá decir, que podrás atrapar a REGIROCK, REGICE y REGISTEEL.Para atrapar a REGIROCK, necesitarás ir a las RUINAS DESIERTO, en el DESIERTO, y cuando entres en ellas, tendrás que leer los signos, y hacer dos veces hacia abajo, y dos veces hacia la derecha, y usar el MO04, FUERZA, y se abrirá un pasadizo, donde encontrarás a REGIROCK. Para atrapar a REGICE, tendrás que ir a la CUEVA INSULAR, que se encuentra en la RUTA 105, allí, tendrás que leer los signos, y esperar unos minutos, y se abrirá un pasadizo, donde encontrarás a REGICE. Y por último, para atrapar a REGISTEEL, tendrás que ir a la TUMBA ANTIGUA, que se encuentra en la RUTA 120, y allí tendrás que pararte en medio, y usar el MO02, VUELO, y se abrirá el pasadizo, donde encontrarás a REGISTEEL, y luego de capturar a los tres REGI, si quieres, podrás ir a la TORRE BATALLA, desde CIUDAD PORTUAL con el barco, donde tendrás que enfrentar a diez entrenadores para ganar un premio, y luego de esto, tendrás que atrapar a todos los POKÉMON, para terminar el juego, pero tienes que estar atento, porque hay algunos, solo los encuentrás solo una vez, y a los POKÉMON, que solo encuentrás en eventos de NINTENDO, o usando el GAMESHARK, son:
    Cuenta la leyenda que JIRACHI hará realidad el deseo que se le escriba en las notas que lleva en la cabeza cuando las lea al despertarse.Si este POKÉMON siente peligro, luchará sin haber llegado a despertarse.
    Tras estar expuesto a un rayo láser, el ADN de un virus espacial sufrió una mutación y dio origen a DEOXYS.Según parece, el órgano cristalino que este POKÉMON tiene en el torso es el cerebro.
              The Virus - An Ultra Lite Novel        

    The Virus
    (An Ultra Lite Novel by Howdy)

    This Monday started like most any day but would end anything but
    typical. The Weather Channel forecasted mild atmospheric conditions
    (even for November) but unfolding events would soon challenge and
    startle mankind as never before.

    In an elaborate government building somewhere in Rome, a multitude
    of dedicated world renowned computer and technology experts studied
    The Virus that had already secretly infected 98% of the planet's
    computers in its first stage. Up to this point, none outside this edifice
    had ascertained the existence of the silent menace.

    In Jerusalem, heavy crowds were milling around The Dome of the Rock,
    the third holiest site to Muslims worldwide. On the other side of the
    Wall, a larger than expected crowd of Jewish worshipers prayed even
    as portions of the wall continued to collapse.

    In New York City, the Stock Market opened slightly higher while
    down in Washington - Pentagon officials poured their second cup
    of Maxwell House Decaf. Further south, the last edition of The
    Atlanta Journal was being prepared while further west, parents
    turned toward their offices after depositing their children at school.

    Work halted temporarily in the government building as the new
    dynamic and charismatic leader's entourage entered. He spoke
    over the JBL sound system. "Good associates, The Virus is
    scheduled to be released as planned in two stages. Stage one as
    you know affects all the world's primary computers while the
    second will decrease the excess occupiers that have so strained
    our fragile environment. Both will begin to take effect within the
    hour thanks to your hard work." He will later become Time Magazine's
    "Man of the Year".

    Unexpected to those in Rome, The Wall in Jerusalem collapses and
    thousands of Muslims lose their lives along with hundreds of Jewish
    worshipers. The Dome of the Rock along with all nearby buildings of the
    Islamic Faith disappear into rubble. Within moments a very great riot
    commences with each side blaming the other. Syria (with Iraq's lost
    WMD) & Iran ready their hidden nuclear arsenal.

    With a new surprising show of unity in Beijing, Hanoi, Jakarta, Tokyo,
    Pyongyang, New Delhi along with other Far East capitals, 200 million
    multi-asian troops are placed on alert. Moscow prepares its revived
    army for an eventual march south....very far south.

    Stage one hits Wall Street, the Pentagon, Main Street and homes
    across America as well as the entire Western World. Business stops
    as all funds - the complete wealth of the Industrialized World - is
    transferred by computer virus via the web to Rome. All modern military
    weapons are now under the new leader's absolute command as well as
    the world's media (Rule of Rome once again).

    As the second stage of The Virus is released, millions will become sick
    and die with a highly infectious disease stronger that the SARS & Ebola
    viruses combined. Fortunately for some, certain large groups of people
    have been quietly immunized earlier. Millions of Christians disappear at
    5 PM EST (Midnight in Jerusalem) virtually unnoticed because of the
    pandemonium. The controlled media is not allowed to print this story.

    The President is declared lost because Air Force One is down over the
    Atlantic according to managed reports but did his aircraft ever leave
    Andrews Air Force Base? Is this a cover up from Rome to perhaps hide
    his evanescence also? Other prominent members of the President's
    Party are missing but from the other side? Exiguous.

    This disappearance will go virtually unnoticed because of the manipulated
    media and its potentate who controls also the world's assets & armaments -
    the ultimate coup d' tat - all without a shot being fired. He will woo the planet,
    restore peace to the Middle East for a short time with false promises of pro-
    tection as well as rebuild a new Jewish Temple on the destroyed site. The
    Islamic world will cheer because their faith has expected this great new leader.
    With an appearance before nearly all mankind live on all media (TV, radio, &
    even computers on-line), men, women, and children are mesmerized. Stay tuned...

    After The Return of The King:
    They shall beat their swords into plowshares,
    And their spears into pruning hooks; Nation shall
    not lift up sword against nation, Neither shall they
    learn war anymore.


    As we do not have any programming experience,
    this virus works on the honor system. Please delete
    all of the files on your hard drive and manually for -
    ward this virus to everyone in your address book.

    Thanks for your cooperation,

    UNC Computer Department

              Bold advance may mean pig-to-human organ transplants by 2020        
    In a bold scientific step that helps open the door to organ transplants from animals, researchers have created gene-edited piglets cleansed of viruses that might cause disease in humans.
              Cara Membersihkan Facebok Yang Terkena Virus McDonalds        

    Sebuah program jahat yang mencatut nama 'McDonalds' merebak di Facebook. Jika menjadi korbannya, account Facebook Anda akan menyebarkan hal itu pada semua kenalan. 

    Tentunya hal itu sangat menyebalkan. Selain ada juga potensi dimanfaatkan untuk kepentingan yang tidak bisa dipertanggungjawabkan.

    Lalu, bagaimana cara mengatasinya? Simak langkah-langkah berikut ini seperti disampaikan Alfons Tanujaya, analis antivirus Vaksincom, yang dikutip detikINET, Sabtu (30/10/2010):
    Jika anda sudah terlanjur menjadi korban dan menyebarkan Event Invitation pada seluruh kontak Anda, segera informasikan ke seluruh kontak Facebook Anda untuk tidak mengklik link yang diberikan apalagi sampai menyetujui instalasi aplikasi.
    Klik [Account] [Privacy Settings]. Anda akan membuka menu “Choose Your Privacy Settings”
    Klik [Edit your settings] dari menu “Applications and Websites” di pojok kiri bawah untuk membuka menu “Choose Your Privacy Settings > Applications, Games and Websites"
    Klik [Remove unwanted or spammy applications] untuk membuka layar “Applications, Games and Websites > Applications You Use" dan klik tanda X di sebelah “Edit Settings”
    Anda akan mendapatkan layar konfirmasi Remove, klik tombol [Remove] untuk menghapus program HD Video Player.

              Cara Memperbanyak Teman di Facebook Dalam 5 Menit   

    1. Masuk ke
    2. Copy Seluruh Email Di bawah.
    3. Paste di kolom Kepada atau To
    4. Klik Undang atau Invite... teman anda akan bertambah dalam sekejap.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ROBBIE_GTG@PLASA.COM,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,RASMUS_LENTZGAARD@YAHOO.COM,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, dyanwahyu83@yahoo,com,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,;,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ROBBIE_GTG@PLASA.COM,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, mferena@willschreiber,com,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,;,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,j,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, mferena@willschreiber,com,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,;,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,j,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,jennifervansteen@fairisaac,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, SELINAMICHAELS@AOL.CO.UK,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, klartfora,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,l,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, ekky_chahya@yahoo.Com,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, See more,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, mutiara_luph_pink@yahoo.c,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, du.haast.mich@... See,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"," ,",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, rockoath23@gmail.
              Speedy advice of spy phone app uncovered        
    Speedy advice of spy phone app  uncovered

    Phone Tracking Deciding Upon No-Hassle Systems For phone tracking A image alliance Versus Joe May possibly/Newscom Florida daddy’s story of InSnapchat intercourse traffickers Inches moved virus-like when he forces for guidelines that may, among other things, allow mom and dad to have their 18- to twenty-12 months-outdated kids involuntarily devoted to mental establishments for participating [...]
              Global Update: New Polio Strains That Protect Vaccine Factory Workers        
    The strains have the same ability to invoke an immune reaction as the live viruses now used to make vaccine do, but with no risk to vaccine factory employees.
              What is Cyber Insurance?        

    Cyber insurance protects businesses against the hazards of Data Risk. 

     Data is the most valuable asset for most businesses, and data breach is one of the biggest risks. Cyber insurance protects you from a range of costs that you could incur in the event of a data breach. Business interruption costs. The costs of reconstructing data, defending against lawsuits, providing notifications to people whose data has been compromised all fall under this category. The laws regarding these issues are constantly evolving. There are 46 states with separate laws for information risk. There are federal laws, and international laws that are starting to surpass laws in the United States.

    Don't think that by writing this article we intend to generate fear, the way that insurance companies normally do. We are here for the opposite reason, to make you informed and confident.

    Examples of data breach include scenarios such as posting sensitive data on your website, breach of customer privacy, intellectual property infringement, virus transmission between computers, employees who lose their laptops or flash drives containing sensitive information, computer malfunction/ employee action that distributes customer information by mass e-mail.   

    If your business uses a computer system, you are exposed to data risk every day. If you have a website, you are also in the publishing business, whether you intend to be or not, and anyone can access your content. If your business collects or handles confidential information (like home addresses, social security numbers, people’s names, credit card or bank account details), you are legally responsible for what is done with that info. If you have employees, and you gather their personal information to provide benefits, you are responsible for what happens to that info.

    The size of your company does not protect you, especially if you Outsource

    Large banks, retailers, and healthcare organizations are known to have this kind of exposure, but so does every other business. Being small or outsourcing to a third party doesn’t isolate you from exposure. Smaller enterprises may be more at risk than large ones. Big firms can usually take a hit and absorb some losses if they don’t have the right coverage in place. But a smaller company that takes a hit like this can be put out of business. 

    If you use third party vendors, you are not safe. 

    Companies that use third party vendors to handle some of their data – whether it is payroll or customer information – still have exposure. If you collect the data from individuals, you may use vendors to do certain things with it, but the law still looks to you to comply with the issues.

    Can you afford Cyber Insurance?

    The form you fill out for cyber insurance provides a self-assessment for your current risk situation. The best insurance providers in this field give you access to a stable of professionals who specialize in crisis management, law, and front line breach coaching. When losses do occur, people tend to panic. They realize their reputation is now on the line and the customers and competitors will start to pick up on it. Premiums for run from $2,000 to $5,000 for a million dollars of coverage. Policies in that range that will get you an advocate and a response team to help with any incident. As a smaller company, you want to make sure that someone responds because you don’t have employees on staff who are able to devote their full time to cyber loss forensics.

              Top Eleven Token Hilesi 2014 Güncel Son hile        
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    Top Eleven Token Hilesi

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    Virüs Tarama Sonuçları;
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              Eclipse 09-04-2016 with DJ Deep Rawk        

    J Dilla- Dime Piece feat Dwele - The Shining
    Little Brother Featuring Joe Scudda- Lovin It - The Minstrel Show
    Quasimoto- Boom Music - The Unseen Bonus Track Version
    The Notorious BIG- Unbelievable - Greatest Hits
    Evidence Ft Infinate And Fashawn- Recognize - Layover Mix Tape
    The Large Professor- I Juswanna Chill - The LP
    The Beatnuts- Look Around feat Dead Prez Cheryl Pepsi Riley - A Musical Massacre
    Hieroglyphics- Make Your Move - Full Circle
    Raashan Ahmad- Peace - Om Hip Hop Soul Sessions
    People Under The Stairs- Jamboree Pt 1 - Stepfather Remastered
    Beastie Boys- Flute Loop - Ill Communication
    Jackson Sisters- I Believe In Miracles - I Got Soul Blaxploitation Mood
    Be Yor Self- On Our Way Live - YOR Sessions Vol 1
    Ill Al Skratch- Where My Homiez Come Around My Way - Creep Wit Me
    DJ Polo Kool G Rap- Letters - Live And Let Die
    Deltron 3030- Virus - CD
    Gang Starr- Suckas Need Bodyguards - Hard To Earn
    Jeru The Damaja- The Bitchez Instrumental - 12
    Volume 10- Sho Is Hype - Hiphopera
    Intelligent Hoodlum- Street Life Return Of The Life Mix - Intelligent Hoodlum Saga Of A Hoodlum
    EPMD- Headbanger feat Redman KSolo - Out Of Business
    Downtown Science- Saw You At The Party - Downtown Science
    - voicebreak -
    Eric B Rakim- Dont Sweat The Technique - Dont Sweat The Technique
    Crusaders For Real Hip Hop- Higher - Deja Vu Its 82
    Common Sense- Take It Ez - Can I Barrow A Dollar
    Prince Po- I Got A Right To Know - 12
    Saul Williams- Twice The First Time - Xen Cuts
    Truth Enola FeatDe La Soul- Voicetress - 12
    Common Erykah Badu- Love Of My Life An Ode To Hip Hop Longer Version - Go Common Classics
    DJ Cavem- Good 4 U - Unknown
    Earth Amplfied- Food Fight - Earth Amplfied
    Juicy J- Rollin And Smokin - 12

    playlist URL:
              OIM-Sanity Check email         
    General Alert

    We are aware of the problem in regards to the OIM-Sanity Check email this morning, we have deleted the group and you should no longer receive any incoming messages.  We ask that you do not reply to the thread.  You should note that this is not a hack or a virus and that your account information is secure.  You do not need to reset your passwords.  

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

              A Madrid il primo contagio di ebola in Europa        
    Oggi i giornali nazionali aprono con una notizia agghiacciante: un’infermiera dell’equipe medica che ha accolto il prete Manuel Garcia Prades, ammaltosi di ebola in Africa, rimpatriato e morto a Madrid qualche settimana fa, risulta contagiata dal virus. Questo è il primo caso conosciuto di contagio in territorio europeo, e qui, oltre le dovute preoccupazioni, inizia la parte allucinante della storia: l’infermiera il 30 settembre si era presentata in ospedale denunciando un malessere e qualche linea di febbre, però il personale …
              bikebouy on "Big."        

    ^ I agree, it looks monstrous on the water. I watched it come in (I was paddle boarding at the time just off Meon Shore) and I'm not kidding, it blocked out the sun.

    You've gotta consider the Norovirus if you are considering such a holiday on it..

    5000 people, 1000 crew!

              Curso de verano sobre la gestión de la reputación corporativa (IDEC-UPF)        
    En el post del martes, con los primeros resultados del estudio sobre los nuevos perfiles profesionales que demanda la Sociedad de la Información, vimos que los datos confirman la importancia creciente de la gestión de la reputación online por parte de las empresas. Si os interesa el tema, dentro de un mes (el 6 de julio) empieza en el IDEC (Instituto de Educación Continua) de la Universidad Pompeu Fabra (UPF) un curso sobre la gestión de la reputación corporativa, que impartimos las coautoras de Visibilidad.

    El programa previsto es este:

    6 de julio
    - La reputación corporativa, hoy. Neus ArquésReputación y web 2.0: Inventario de espacios.
    - Ejemplos de participación. Bel Llodrà

    7 de julio
    - Redes sociales: Concepto. Redes horizontales y redes verticales. La identidad social. Bel Llodrà - Blogosfera y reputación: Concepto. Los blogs corporativos. Blogmarketing Cristina Aced

    8 de julio
    - Visibilidad y Viralidad: Concepto. Del boca-oreja al ideavirus. Factores clave en la transmisión. Magali Benítez
    - Estrategias de seguimiento (Reputation Tracking): Cómo escuchar la conversación. Seguimiento y diagnóstico. Neus Arqués

    9 de julio
    - Reputation Management: Cómo generar visibilidad. La marca y la posición. Cristina Aced
    - Reputation Management: Contenidos visibles en buscadores. Magali Benítez

    10 de julio
    - Reputation Management: Gestión de crisis online. Neus Arqués
    - Reputation Management: Nuevos perfiles. Cristina Aced

    Podéis consultar la web del curso para más información. ¡Os esperamos!

              Degrading the Amazon harms us        
    SUBHEAD: Deforestation of Brazil  and resulting climate change endangers humanity.

    By Dahr Jamail on 7 August 2017 for Truth Out -

    Image above: In 2014 Brazil refused to join pledge to end deforestation. Photo by Greenpeace. From (

    Warwick Manfrinato, the director of Brazil's Department of Protected Areas, has a deep understanding of biological interdependence, as well as its importance.

    "If we are of utter service to nature, then we provide the benefits to all other living things on the planet," Manfrinato told Truthout in his office at Brazil's capital city recently. "I have the same value as a human as a jaguar has in nature, and both should be protected, otherwise we all go extinct, no matter what."

    Manfrinato, whose department falls within the Secretariat of Biodiversity in Brazil's Ministry of Environment, is working on a variety of projects, including the establishment of a whale sanctuary that will cover the better part of the entire South Atlantic Ocean between Brazil's vast coastal area all the way across to the west coast of Africa. And on June 23, he and his colleagues launched a national "Corridors Program," with the goal of fostering "connectivity and genetic flux."

    "We know the flow of genetics in biomes [biological systems] in life is critical," Manfrinato said. "We have to re-establish this, so a jaguar that exists in Mexico should be able to come all the way here without being killed. Physical connectivity allows for genetic connectivity. A monkey should be able to travel from one part of Brazil to another, without having to pass through land that has been cleared, where there is no forest."

    Manfrinato's colleague, Everton Lucero, who is Brazil's secretary for Climate Change and Environmental Quality, was blunt with Truthout about what could happen if dramatic action is not taken to address the impacts of anthropogenic climate disruption (ACD).

    "The worst-case IPCC [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change projection] is 4.5C by 2100, but at local levels here we see very different impacts already, and are already even seeing an 8C increase in places," Lucero told Truthout.

    Manfrinato echoes this: The crisis, he says, has already arrived.

    "Everything that is bad has already happened," he explained. "We've come to terms with who we are, and we are those who destroy the planet. We've already destroyed it."

    Because of this, Manfrinato believes we already know what needs to be done.

    "If we're going to look for solutions, we have to look for the solution for the complexity, not one individual thing," he said. "If there is no connectivity, there is nothing. And that is why I'm busy with building corridors of biodiversity."

    He has his work cut out for him. But he's not alone: Many people are working toward similar goals in the Amazon.

    A Giant Water Pump

    The Amazon is one of the most critically important ecosystems on Earth, and certainly the most biodiverse. It is the world's single largest rainforest, as it is larger than the next two largest rainforests -- the Congo Basin and Indonesia -- combined.

    The Amazon River is by far the world's largest river by volume, and has more than 1,100 tributaries, 17 of which are each longer than 1,000 miles. The Amazonian water system is so massive and complex that it influences rainfall patterns as far away as the US, and 70 percent of South America's gross domestic product is produced in areas that receive precipitation influenced by the Amazon.

    Brazil's role in protecting the Amazon is critical, given that two-thirds of the rainforest is located within Brazil's borders.

    In order to get a sense of the connections between Amazon protection and water issues, Truthout met with Fabio Eno, the coordinator for the Natural Sciences Unit of UNESCO in Brazil, in his office in the capital.

    Eno thinks it is more than timely that Brazil happens to be hosting the World Water Forum in March 2018.

    "Water and drought are critical issues here now, which is so ironic since Brazil is hosting this huge event on water next year, and we are facing water crisis in some of the largest cities here," Eno told Truthout. "What we are seeing in Brazil is that climate change has been and continues to be very clearly visible."

    He pointed out that in Brasilia, where there used to be very clearly demarcated dry and rainy seasons, they are now imbalanced: The dry season is starting earlier, and there is less rain during the rainy season. This is a reflection of the progression of climate-related changes in the country.

    "In the south, well known for rice production, which has high water consumption, they are facing more droughts and this is affecting local farmers," Eno explained. "States in the northeast are now more intensely affected by the dry season, so we see clearly the effects of climate change in all portions of Brazil."

    Eno noted that the impacts have been so intense that Brazil has been caught unprepared, and sees this shift in climate as having contributed to a major international health crisis: Zika virus.

    "With the major drought recently in Sao Paolo, people were encouraged to store water in basins in their residence, and even in their toilets," he said. "Then, not coincidentally, we have Zika virus outbreaks that came about the same year Sao Paolo was storing so much more water. People were storing water in every way they could after what happened, but weren't taking necessary care for safeguards. This caused a major international health issue."

    Manfrinato sees water-related problems as the biggest climate disruption impacts humans have had.

    "What differentiates this planet from every other planet is liquid water," he explained. "It has taken Earth millions of years to find the right balance of liquid water, and people don't understand how important that is and are messing it up with their greed and ambition, of which awareness is far more important."

    Manfrinato explains that as humans have "fooled around" with temperature, they have shaken the very foundation of biology.

    "Fooling around with water is impossible, as that is the tree of the fruit of life," Manfrinato said. "You mess with it, you mess with everything ... and we've already messed with it."

    Lucero also underscored the Amazon's critical role in the watery realms, especially regionally. The rainforest, he said, provides "flying rivers" -- massive amounts of air-borne moisture that develop above the canopy and move with the clouds and rainfall patterns across South America.

    "If you remove the forest, you will cause extreme drought in other regions," he told Truthout.

    But he says that biodiversity is the Amazon's biggest contribution to the world -- and is the most important reason to care for the rainforest.

    "The forest itself is suffering from climate change, as are other biomes," he said. "Variability of climate is affecting the forest from increasing flooding and wildfires, which may, in a doomsday scenario, compromise the entire forest."

    Manfrinato sees humans as part of the ecosystem, and an integral part at that, but most assuredly not the apex.

    "What is required is a shift of awareness of our being part of nature," he said. "The apex is the complexity. Humans are not the apex, and the awareness that comes from this is how dynamic the system is that allows for all of life on Earth.... It'll do this as long as we allow it to do so."

    Manfrinato is deeply passionate about his work, and in the discussion, sounds as much like a philosopher for the planet as Brazil's director of protected areas.

    "We need to respect complexity in order to survive as a species," he said. "Everybody and everything wins, or everybody and everything loses if we hold onto this lack of awareness that the complexity is the most important thing. Your apex contribution is to be aware of the complexity, and then to protect it."

    Brazil's Forest Code

    Many people are acutely aware that there is a massive problem with deforestation in the Amazon. Beginning in 2004, however, deforestation started to decline in the Amazon, primarily because of better protection policies in Brazil. However, the last two years have seen a dramatic increase again. Brazil's government has been in crisis, and monitoring and enforcement have been stymied, allowing for a resurgence.

    Fabio Feldmann served in Brazil's parliament for 12 years in the 1980s and 1990s. He is famous for helping to bring positive changes to the forest code -- protections for the Amazon -- into Brazil's constitution in 1988.

    "The single most important issue facing Brazil is protecting all of the critical biomes," Feldmann told Truthout during an interview at his home in Sao Paolo. "If you destroy the Amazon region in Peru, you have a great impact in Brazil, and vice versa."

    He explained that there is currently only weak collaboration between the countries in South America regarding the Amazon, and this is a problem.

    "When I was elected, there was a radical change [in consciousness] about environmental areas," he said. "But this design has not been translated into effective public policies, so now our generation must reflect about what our legacy is to be because right now the deforestation rates in the Amazon are unbelievably high, after so many years."

    Feldmann said he is optimistic, and cites heightened public awareness about the land today as compared to 30 years ago. However, he asked, "Do we have time to do what must be done?"

    Clayton Lino is president of the Biosphere Reserve Association of Brazil and is a member of the advisory committee for UNESCO's Atlantic Forest Biosphere Reserve. Truthout interviewed him at his office in the Biosphere Reserve of the Mata Atlantica rainforest in Sao Paolo, a beautifully forested island in the middle of the sprawling polluted city.

    "We are under attack daily, because we have laws in the process of being made that destroy other laws that were there to protect the land," Lino said.

    This is important to understand, Lino said, because there is so much international pressure on the Brazilian government to continue deforesting. Cattle ranching accounts for roughly 70 percent of the total deforestation in Brazil, and the demand for Brazilian beef in the US and Europe is driving that ranching.

    "While local NGOs are working to protect the Amazon and the Mata Atlantica, we do not see any light now," he explained. "There is no international help, and the culture of corruption has infected many Brazilians now because corruption has come from the top down, so more and more people are starting to not respect basic laws."

    He is so concerned because his beloved Mata Atlantica, the second biggest rainforest reserve in Brazil, is the most threatened area of rainforest in the world, second only to the Madagascar rainforest.

    "We have more biodiversity here than even in the Amazon," he said while pointing out the window. "The Amazon is far bigger, but in the Mata ... we have more endemism [species that live only in one area] than anywhere else in the world."

    Lino explained that fragmentation (isolating sections of the forest) is the primary problem in the Mata.

    "There is high biodiversity and fragility, because if you destroy something in one place, it cannot come back in another area of the Mata," he said. "So, fragmenting it causes a very big problem."

    Today, only 8 percent of the Mata Atlantica remains.

    Caring as Protecting

    "Without connectivity for evolutionary movement, it cannot proceed," Manfrinato explained of the natural corridors he is striving to create across his country. "This adaptation process needs north/south corridors, because species in the southern hemisphere need to migrate south, and in the north, they'll need to migrate northwards as global temperatures continue to increase."

    Image above: Warwick Manfrinato, Director of Brazil's Department of Protected Areas, is working to reconnect all of the biodiversity corridors across the Amazon. Photo by Dahr Jamail. From original article.

    Previous to his current job, Manfrinato was a member of the University of Sao Paolo's Amazon research group, which bore the idea of ecological corridors. This is why he was given the position he has in the government: to implement these ideas on the ground.

    "Protection is connection, and vice versa; it has to be both," he said.

    Claudio Angelo is the head of communications for Climate Observatory, an NGO. A former journalist, he now runs a news website for a vast network of 41 Brazilian NGOs which produces annual estimates of the country's greenhouse gas emissions.

    Angelo explained to Truthout that observable shifts in rainfall patterns are now becoming common across the country, along with a shifting of the timings of the wet and dry seasons. Plus, like much of the world, Brazil is seeing far higher temperatures than ever before. He points to some farming regions that have already seen 6C increases.

    "Brazil has warmed faster than the global average, since we are in the tropics," Angelo said. "Since 1961, it is 1C hotter in Brazil, and it took us half the time to warm the same as the rest of the world."

    Angelo noted that the Amazon has seen two 100-year drought events (extreme drought events that only happen every 100 years) in a five-year period -- the first in 2005 and then another in 2010.

    "The feedback mechanisms that exist between deforestation and climate change are my biggest concerns," he said. "Deforestation was 46 percent of our emissions last year, so our main focus is on mitigation. Hence, we are advocating for zero deforestation in Brazil."

    Like Feldmann, Angelo had grown hopeful that his country was finally getting the deforestation of the Amazon under control, until recently.

    "Over the last two years we saw this not to be the case, as we had a 60 percent increase in deforestation in just the last two years," he said. "Because of this, Brazil ranks in the top 10 [countries, in terms of] global greenhouse gas emissions."

    When trees are chopped down, all the CO2 they sequestered from the atmosphere is released. Angelo pointed out the window and discussed the obvious changes.

    "Brazil is still water rationing as we speak, after two record-drought years in a row," he explained. "2015 saw a 45-day heat wave. There is no way you can take off a huge chunk of some part of the planet and think it won't have a major impact on climate change."

    As a climate journalist Angelo has reported from the Arctic, Greenland, Antarctica and deep into the Amazon. But right now, he is most struck by what he is seeing in his hometown of Brasilia. When he was a child, he remembers how cold it was in the evenings during the winter, and how summers were not as hot as they are now.

    "The number of warm nights, when it is not below 20C, has increased 10 times more than it was 30 years ago," he lamented. "Most of the year here now it's just nasty. It's just hot, and it wasn't like this 20-30 years ago."

    Personal experience plays a core role in Manfrinato's motivations, as well. He shared his experience from a recent long hike he'd taken that had a deep effect on his perception of the planet.

    "It was in a newly protected area of Brazil and I came out of there feeling part of that place, meaning, that place is mine, and I'm going to protect it," he explained. "And so, we need everyone to start feeling that way about places ... about the planet. You belong to it because it belongs to you. You don't protect it because it belongs to everybody, you protect it because it belongs to you. The land belongs to me, because I belong to the land."

    Manfrinato continues his work to reconnect wildlife habitat on the local levels. He aims to move it from local to regional connections, then regional to national, then across borders, then continental.

    "We are promoting this internationally," Manfrinato said. "Because without reconnection, we will not survive."

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              La importancia del fuego (discoteca personal, 2014)        
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    Jessie Ware "Tough Love" (2014)

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    Luis Alberto Spinetta - Don Lucero (1989)
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    Los Pillos - Viajar lejos (1987)
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    Soda Stereo - Dynamo (1993)
    Gustavo Cerati - Siempre es hoy (2002)
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    Gabo Ferro - Mañana no debe seguir siendo ésto (2007)
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    Pedro Aznar - A solas con el mundo (2010)
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              10 ani se dezvolta cancerul in organism pentru a fi depistat ca "faza incipienta" a bolii, la maturi! Invatati cum actioneaza si cum trebuie sa va feriti de cancer!        

    Nu intentionez sa va plictisesc cu nu stiu ce studii si termeni intortochiati, as vrea doar sa va prezint pe scurt modul in care apare si evolueaza atat de temutul cancer. Si aceasta informatie va priveste pe toti, indiferent daca suferiti de vreo boala sau nu, indiferent daca dvs sau vreo ruda au fost diagnosticati cu cancer. 

    Sper ca totul sa fie cat mai pe intelesul tuturor si daca aveti neclaritati, stiti deja, exista rubrica de comentarii.

    Asadar, corpul fizic este format din doar 3 elemente principale: celulele, si doua lichide, limfa si sangele. Deja am simplificat problema, nu? Haideti sa vedem fiecare ce face. Sangele are rolul de a alimenta toate celulele corpului, iar cel de-al doilea lichid, limfa, preia toxinele din organism si le indreapta spre organele “abilitate” cu detoxifierea, adica spre piele, spre ficat si rinichi, pentru a fi eliminat.

    Ca sa intelegeti mai bine, va dau un exemplu, un nou-nascut pentru a creste are nevoie sa fie in primul rand hranit, si apoi ingrijit, schimbat, spalat, etc. Exact la fel sta treaba si cu celulele noastre, au nevoie sa fie hranite-prin sange si ingrijite, detoxifiate-prin limfa. Pana aici totul e clar?

    Cu sangele poate suntem mai familiarizati dar haideti sa vedem ce face limfa mai exact. Aceasta este un lichid cu o consistenta uleioasa, mai vascos decat sangele cu rol, asa cum am mai spus de transport al toxinelor, insa in legatura cu acest lichid apare o problema vitala: acest lichid este stationar in corpul nostru!... nu este impins sau pompat catre inima, asa cum este sangele. Pentru a pune in circulatie limfa este nevoie de miscare fizica, prin miscarea muschilor intreg sistemul limfatic incepe sa se miste, sa elimine toxinele prin transpiratia aparuta pe piele (care apropo, este cel mai mare organ de detoxifiere) si de consumul anumitor alimente care au si ele acelasi rol.

    Sangele, ei bine, sangele are un Ph de 7,35-7,45, asa a fost creat, din “fabrica” si pentru ca noi sa ne mentimem sanatosi cat mai mult timp, e bine ca aceste valori sa ramana exact in acesti parametri. Alimentatia insa, pare a fi cel mai mare dusman al pastrarii Ph ului in valorile normale. Stiu ca o sa spuneti, uite inca un moralist cu mancare, dar, da, trebuie sa constientizam ce importanta colosala are alimentatia pentru ca suntem responsabili de sanatatea copiilor nostri, nu numai de a nostra.

    Fructele si legumele, consumate in stare cruda acidifica sangele cel mai putin. Cele fierte sau coapte, au un grad mai mare de aciditate, iar cele gatite in alte feluri, prajite in special, cresc aciditatea sangelui aproape exponential.

    Un lucru de noutate, sangele are la dispozitie doar 4 minute pentru a ajunge la Ph ul normal, de 7,35 din momentul “atacului cu aciditate”. Daca are de neutralizat o aciditate nu foarte mare, atunci se va folosi de baze existente deja in corpul nostru, de magneziu si calciu luate direct din oase, ducand in timp la slabirea densitatii osoase... nu e un scenariu placut, nu? 

    Problema cea mai mare este atunci cand trebuie neutralizata o aciditate foarte mare, si corpul, nu mai poate, in scurtul interval de 4 minute sa echilibreze Ph ul sangelui. Spuneam anterior, ca sangele este in permanent contact cu celulele corpului, pe care de altfel le hraneste. Ce poate sa faca sa scape mai repede de aciditate? Arunca efectiv aciditatea pe celule, iar la marea majoritate dintre noi, asta se intampla de 3 ori pe zi!...

    Raportat la perioade lungi haideti sa vedem care sunt efectele. O celula sanatoasa devine un mediu foarte acid. Ei, si ce? O sa spuneti, ce poate fi asa de grav? Pai, o celula acida, bolnava, are doua variante, sa moara sau sa se transforme. De regula, s-a constatat ca se transforma (dintr-o celula serioasa ajunge o celula politician sau talhar, e totuna J) si devine o celula care functioneaza intr-un mediu fara oxigen, producandu-si energia prin fermentatie. Nu intram in termeni medicali, dar va dati seama ca din acest punct, o celula serioasa nu prea mai are sanse de insanatosire. Ce devine in concret o astfel de celula? Ei bine, stiu ca suna periculos, devine o celula canceroasa. Lucrul asta deocamdata nu trebuie sa ne panicheze pentru ca toti avem inte 1000 si 10000 de celule canceroase zilnic in corp, si ceva mai putine prin Parlament.

    Tot "din fabrica" mai avem un aliat, globulele albe care trebuie sa distruga celulele canceroase. Dar veti intreba, atunci cum de face cancerul asemenea ravagii? De ce nu mor toti intrusii din organismul nostru?  Pentru ca si celulele au o inteligenta proprie. Nu va inchipuiti ca merg la vreo facultate a lor, nu, dar cand devin bolnave, fac ceva ce si oamenii fac, se ascund, pentru a nu fi detectate de sistemul imunitar. Cum fac asta? Simplu, se inconjoara cu cellule sanatoase (pe principiul lupului in blana de miel sau obiceiul politicienilor, umbla cu cioara vopsita J). In felul asta, sistemul imunitar nu mai vede ce e inauntru si nu le distruge.

    Revin la cazul mamicilor pentru un exemplu elocvent,  fetusul, in corpul mamei e format din cromozomi  ai ambilor parinti (ca doar e copilul lor, nu? Ai cui cromozomi sa fie?) daca sistemul imunitar al mamei, l-ar vedea, l-ar ataca imediat si fetusul nu s-ar mai putea dezvolta. Asta e cauza multor pierderi de sarcina dar nu despre asta vorbim acum. Daca sistemul imunitar al mamei ar detecta fetusul, l-ar ataca imediat.

    In 1902, John Beard, professor la Universitatea din EdinburghScotia, scria un articol  publicat in jurnalul medical Lancet in care declara ca intre celulele canceroase  si anumite cellule prembrionare caracteristice fazei initiale ale  graviditatii nu exista nicio diferenta

    Celulele stern sunt celule din care se poate forma orice, tocmai din aceasta cauza ele se gasesc in proprtie de 80% in ovare si in testicule, pentru a crea viata, iar restul de doar 20%, in restul corpului, pentru a putea reface orice tesut in caz de necesitate.

    Placenta creste exponential in primele 3 saptamani de sarcina dupa care se opreste brusc, explicatia? Pancreasul bebelusului incepe sa functioneze dupa ce-a de-a 3 saptamana de sarcina si incepe sa produca tripsina. Aceasta enzima opreste cresterea placentei. In a 9-a luna, pancreasul bebelusului lucreaza la capacitate maxima, impreuna cu al mamei, producand cantitati de tripsina suficiente pentru gaurirea placentei. Aceasta, odata perforata, lasa sa iasa lichidul amniotic declansand durerile nasterii, practic, organismul il da afara pe “intrus”.

    Tripsina, mai are si un alt rol, digera proteina animala. Cu un regim aimentar omnivor, unii dintre noi trimit cantitati mari de tripsina spre digestia alimentelor de cate 3 ori pe zi si daca acestia au pancreasul slabit, atunci tripsina nu este suficienta pentru digestie si implict, nu mai poate distruge invelisul celulelor canceroase ascunse. Acesta este, dragele mele, motivul principal pentru care cresterile si aparitiile tumorale depind atat de mult de stilul nostru de viata... si de alimentatie.

    Ce este si mai alarmat, e faptul ca aceste celule canceroase au nevoie de aproximativ 10 ani, timp pentru multiplicare si divizare, pentru ca aparatele medicale sa puna diagnosticul de “cancer in faza incipienta”!!!. Din aceasta cauza, cancerul este atat de nimicitor, pentru ca exista in organism timp indelungat fara a fi detectat.

    Insa, daca in acesti 10 ani, tinem cateva posturi sau perioade in care evitam produsele de origine animala, toata tripsina disponibila va detecta si ucide celulele canceroase. Dumnezeu ne poate vindeca de cancer intr-un post si noi nici macar nu stim ca boala era in organism.

     O sa spuneti, pai da, dar atunci medicii ce au lucrat? Tratamentele care se aplica acum ce rol au? Haideti sa vedem exact cum stau lucrurile pentru ca din pacate oamenii nu sunt tocmai corect informati. De ce? Pentru ca trebuie sa traiasca si companiile farmaceutice bine, si intre noi fie vorba, traiesc chiar foarte bine. Chimioterapia si radioterapia, ce fac? Omoară celule canceroase! Foarte bine, până aici... Omoară, însă, ÅŸi celule sănătoase!  Cum? Pai ele paralizeaza efectiv globulele albe, inca dupa prima sedinta, acestea nu mai lupta in organism, deci sistemul imunitar nu mai poate contracara nimic. Ati auzit cu siguranta de pacienti care au mers la spital, au fost tratati de cancer dar au luat un alt virus din spital care le-a fost fatal... ei, acum aveti si explicatia...

    Partea buna? Exista si o parte buna, evident... haideti sa le numim medicamente divine pentu ca ne sunt oferite de natura. In cele ce urmeaza o sa va prezint cateva solutii pentru o viata linistita, fara grija bolii.

     In legume si fructe crude se gasesc niste coloranti-substante extrem de puternice, practic niste otravuri pentru celulele canceroase. Colorantul negru (resveratrolul) este cel mai puternic luptator impotriva cancerului, e urmat de colorantul rosu si de cel galben. Acum trebuie vazut cum “prostim” celulele canceroase sa consume “orava” pe care le-o administram. Dat fiind faptul ca ele sunt foarte ineficiente in a-si produce singure energia vitala, se bazeaza pe energia produsa din fermentatie si din energia celulelor din jur, a celor sanatoase, deci au nevoie de zahar ca sa creasca. Stiu, si mie imi plac dulciurile si carnea si toate, dar uite ce ravagii pot provoca... ca plan de lupta, vom ataca din 20 in 20 de minute celulele canceroase cu zaharul-momeala. Daca celulele canceroase vor fi alimentate cu zahar si rezveratrol, din fructele de culoare neagra, rosie sau galbena, s-a zis cu ele, au muscat momeala, mor pe capete. Bine dar stati ca victoria e casigata doar pe jumatate... celulele canceroase cand mor se descompun in substante toxice care trebuie sa dispara din organism cat se poate de rapid pentru a nu fi reabsorbite, trebuie sa dispara complet!

     Daca va amintiti la inceput va spuneam care e rolul sistemului limfatic, acela de a scoate toxinele (cum e cazul de fata) din organism. Si va anunt ca pentru un ajutor de nadejde exista 2 alimente care stimuleaza limfa, lamaia si echinaceea. Consumul a 3-4 lamai stoarse, diluate in apa zilnic si a 2-3 lingurite de pulbere de echinaceea vor asigura eficienta sistemului limfatic, care va fi capabil sa preia toxinele si sa le duca la ficat. Ce se intammpla in ficat, o sa ziceti, bai, dar nu mai termina asta cu care in ce se varsa, cine, cum, unde, ajunge... imediat o sa intelegeti, cu riscul de a ma blama, prefer sa va explic tot cercul pentru ca importanta intelegrii fenomenului este colosala!

     Revenind la bietul ficat, acesta trebuie sa amestece toxinele cu bila si sa le verse in intestin, de unde vor ajunge in colon, inca un pic si au iesit... Dar mai intampinam un singur obstacol, la nivelul colonului se reabsoarbe apa, deci exista riscul sa se absoarba cu tot cu toxinele pe care o va reintroduce in ficat. Acest proces ar creste foarte mult riscul de cirozala ficat. Dar avem si solutia, trebuie fortat cumva ficatul sa verse bila mult mai des pentru a nu acumula o cantitate f mare de toxine, si apoi trebuie sa scoatem imediat acel lichid din organism. In acest sens extrem de eficiente sunt clismele cu cafea, exact asta fac.

     O sa ziceti, pai cum, cafeaua are alt rol. Pai da, dar daca o bem, cafeaua stimuleaza rezervele de toxine din ficat si ne dau un boost de energie, una stimulata, dorita, placuta... Daca folosim cafeaua pentru clisma (va si aud, bai, si boul asta pentru asta ne-a dat atat de citit ca sa ajungem la baia cu furtunul in...), aceasta stimuleaza ficatul sa verse bila (amestecata cu toate toxinee) in intestin si de acolo ies, in sfarsit afara din organism.

     Pentru un tratament in forta de detoxifiere corecta si pentru eliminarea de celule canceroase se recomanda un ciclu complet de 12 ore de resveratrol si zahar in sange (adica un consum regulat de fructe de culoare rosu inchis-negru), apoi 12 ore de post (peste noapte) prin care infometam bine celulele canceroase. Apa cu lamaie si echinaceea duc prin miscarea limfei, toxinele in ficat, iar clismele cu cafea din ora in ora  asigura eliminarea toxinelor fara riscul reabsorbtiei. Cam asta ar fi un razboi fulger pentru cancer si un castig mare pentru sanatatea voastra. Nu pare foarte confortabil, dar o zi de detoxifiere puternica de cateva ori pe an o sa va fie benefice.

     Si pentru ca v-am umplut capul de tot felul de circuite ale toxinelor in organism, in incheiere o sa pastrez ideea initiala a autorului studiului explicat de mine anterior, “daca organismul nu este vindecat emotional, degeaba se actioneaza doar asupra fizicului. Dupa ce multi apeleaza la tot felul de tratamente scumpe care doar le omoara trupurile, uneori, isi aduc aminte ca exista si Dumnezeu si abia accepta “oferta lui de vindecare”. Medicamentele Lui pentru suflet sunt iertarea, impacarea cu sine si cu ceilalti, credinta, dragostea si apoi pot functiona la capacitati maxime si celalalte tratamente, pe care le gasiti mult mai simplu si mai usor in natura decat oriunde altundeva. In multe cazuri binecuvantarile Lui Dumnezeu au fost suficiente pentru ca trupurile sa inceapa sa se vindece singure. Daca sufletele ne sunt bolnave de ura, cum am putea sa ne refacem corpurile? Este demonstrat stiintific ca toate emotiile si sentimentele negative acidifica sangele si pot aduce dezechilibre in metabolism. Expresia “a te imbolnavi de suparare” nu-i chiar intamplatoare, asa ca aveti mare grija la ce mancati, ce pregatiti familiilor voastre si cum va pregatiti corpurile pentru viitor”.

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    1. Membaca dalam gelap merusak mata Anda
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    2. Jantung ada di sebelah kiri dada 
    Hampir setiap orang bila ditanya di mana letak jantung maka akan memegangi dada sebelah kiri. Ini adalah pemahaman yang salah. Jantung terletak hampir di tengah-tengah dada kita, tersimpan aman di belakang rongga dada.

    3. Stress dapat membuat rambut beruban dalam semalam
    Bukti memang menunjukkan bahwa stres dapat mempercepat rambut beruban. Seseorang yang mengalami ketegangan dan kesedihan dalam waktu lama dapat lebih cepat memiliki rambut beruban. Namun, prosesnya tidak dalam satu malam. Proses perubahan warna rambut menjadi abu-abu terjadi secara bertahap. Pola perubahan warna biasanya bersifat genetik, ada rambut yang tetap hitam ada juga yang berubah abu-abu.

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    6. Kedinginan membuat Anda rentan terkena flu
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              The ‘Legend’ of THE LAST MAN ON EARTH        
    Shock Till You Drop
    The ‘Legend’ of THE LAST MAN ON EARTH



    SHOCK dissects the first and best adaptation of Richard Matheson’s I AM LEGEND, THE LAST MAN ON EARTH.

    Dr. Robert Morgan is not a well man. A mysterious airborne, plague-bearing dust storm has smothered the world, killing every man, woman and child and reviving them as sluggish, dull witted and eternally ravenous vampires. And yet, somehow, someway, Morgan has remained immune, completely unscathed…well, physically, anyway. He lives his life like a machine, by day rising early, clearing the streets of comatose, emaciated ghouls and throwing their barely living bodies into an eternally burning tar pit, tracking the sleeping stronger ones to their lairs and driving his specially made stakes through their hearts.

    But by night, when the sun sinks below the horizon, the fanged echoes of mankind come-a-crawling out of their hiding spots, stumbling towards Morgan’s garlic and mirror fortified bungalow, clawing at his windows, screaming for his flesh and his blood. Such nerve shredding conditions might drive a weaker man to madness but, though he skirts insanity often, Morgan instead opts to play his jazz records loud, pour scotch, crawl into bed, squish a pillow against his head and wait, always wait, for the break of day when he’ll get up and start the horrible cycle all over again. Unbeknownst to Morgan however, he’s being watched by something other than the monsters, something that views him as an even bigger threat than the red-eyed viral vampires themselves.


    This is the story charted in directors Sidney Salkow and Ubaldo Ragona’s 1964 Vincent Price vehicle THE LAST MAN ON EARTH, the first (and to date, best) stab at adapting influential dark fantasy author Richard Matheson’s still blistering existential 1954 vampire novella I AM LEGEND to screen. Written, then disowned, by the notoriously cranky author, the low budget Robert Lippert (THE EARTH DIES SCREAMING) Italian/US co-production had often been dismissed as a failed attempt to capture the psyche-destroying , bloodsucker-staking exploits of Matheson’s eternally put upon virus survivor, Robert Neville. Thankfully, that perception has changed through the years. Because although it inexplicably changes its hero’s name from Neville to Morgan, and tweaks the ending somewhat, it otherwise seldom strays from the novella’s narrative and perfectly captures it’s bleaker than bleak tone, downbeat mood and broken heart.

    The history of I AM LEGEND and its checkered journey to screen is rather fascinating. Matheson’s gripping, intelligent and horrifying novella became a hit in sci-fi /dark fantasy/pulp fiction circles upon release, eventually landing squarely on the radar of fledgling UK studio Hammer Films. The lads at Hammer commissioned Matheson to self-adapt a screenplay, which he did, reportedly brilliantly and faithfully from a straightforward text that almost read like a script to begin with. But, when the British censor skimmed that script, they were disgusted, promising that the downbeat, violent and depressing film would never, ever get passed. Hammer, still in their relative infancy, were terrified of the all- powerful board and released Matheson from his contract, his screenplay left untouched and un-filmed.

    The property floated around for years before American born, British based B-movie producer Robert Lippert got his mitts on it, finally inking an Italian co-production deal, oddly altering the script, hiring a fresh from Roger Corman-ville Vincent Price to play the lead and shooting the whole affair on a shoestring in Rome. When Matheson heard of the changes and rewrites to his script, and the casting of the larger than life Price as his reluctant working class hero Robert Neville, he balked and demanded his name be removed from the credits, instead sticking his often used pseudonym Logan Swanson on the final print. The movie was dumped into drive-ins, dismissed by critics and almost completely forgotten.

    Title: LAST MAN ON EARTH, THE (1963) ¥ Pers: PRICE, VINCENT ¥ Year: 1963 ¥ Dir: SALKOW, SIDNEY ¥ Ref: LAS111AB ¥ Credit: [ THE KOBAL COLLECTION / AIP ]

    But what makes THE LAST MAN ON EARTH the superior cinematic vision of Matheson’s somber, frightening text is the profound way it handles Morgan/Neville’s search for grim purpose. His is a life pushed to the brink and beyond and yet, as his heroic, defiant nature dictates, he fights back; through his terrifying nights, his blood-drenched days and his bittersweet dawns, Morgan refuses to succumb to his hopeless situation, refuses to even abandon his ramshackle bungalow. He becomes a kind of lone wolf, a vigilante, and then a kind of prophet, finally a martyr but always he’s a caretaker, one whose life’s work is to dispose of the sub-human monsters that have insidiously infested what was once a bright and beautiful world and have so cruelly cannibalized any fond memories he may have once had anything resembling a happy life. And though they come to scrape at his windows like clockwork and though the rotting females pout and slink in a vulgar attempt to arouse him, he accepts the vampires, he adapts. To quote Matheson from an interview I conducted with him many years ago, it’s the ultimate “portrait of an everyday Joe confronted with the arcane and emerging somewhat triumphant.”


    Even more resonant is the fact that THE LAST MAN ON EARTH retains the absolutely pivotal character of Ben Cortman (though Anthony Zerbe’s mentally unbalanced mutant albino cult leader Mathias in the second and strangest version of the story, THE OMEGA MAN, is certainly a loose variation on him). If you’ve read the novel, you’ll recall that Ben Cortman was a friend, neighbor and colleague to Robert Neville who, post plague, became his chief vampiric adversary. Along with his tireless pack of drooling undead, Cortman is really Neville’s perverted connection to his former humanity, a distorted nightmare logic vision of the man he once was. Over the span of time that the action in Matheson’s story unfolds in, the presence of Ben Cortman is both horrific and hopeful, distilling our hero’s misery and re-focusing it as anger, as a need, a divine mission to kill Cortman, a desire that almost single-handedly saves him from suicide. Cortman is in essence Neville’s ‘El Dorado’ his quest, his reason for waking, yet the kind of quest in which the searcher secretly pines to never complete, lest he be left with nothing to chase. LAST MAN keeps this disturbing dichotomy and mutually corrosive relationship wholly intact. In flashback, the film shows Ben Cortman (here played by Giacomo Rossi-Stuart from Mario Bava’s KILL BABY, KILL) and Morgan socializing at their children’s birthday parties, then trying to develop a cure for the plague, before finally emerging as otherworldly enemies, as a constantly reversing of the hunter/prey dynamic.

    It’s a crucial narrative element that’s deftly handled and is both appropriately unsettling and almost overwhelmingly tragic.


    Just as beautifully rendered are the final days in the lives of Morgan’s wife and daughter. As the rapidly disintegrating government insists on incineration of the deceased plague victims remains, Morgan, in a temporary fit of unbearable grief and searing madness, goes after the federal body burners in a vain attempt to rescue his little girl’s corpse from the fire. When he returns home, morally beaten and empty handed to find his wife dead, he takes her corpse to a nearby field for a proper burial. Later that night, while Morgan reclines in a chair and waits for the inevitable, a la ‘The Monkey’s Paw’, his spouses’ now gurgled voice chants ‘Robert, Robert…”, her unseen dirty and bloodless hands twisting the door handle, as she grins and moves in to give her still living husband the kiss of death.

    And what of poor Vincent Price, the chief reason Richard Matheson turned up his nose at the film to begin with? How does this hammy, wonderfully theatrical icon of horror fare as the haunted, tortured last living man on the planet? In the context of the film, fucking great, I’d say. Price’s hangdog, wounded face and melancholy internal monologue voice-overs are amazing and, if not quite the blue collar Neville of the book, his Robert Morgan is never anything but believable and sympathetic.


    Ultimately however, the three (four if you count Romero’s 1968 self-proclaimed LEGEND rip off NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD) filmed versions of Matheson’s soul-destroying masterwork fail to translate his unpretentious majesty verbatim, but really why would you want them too? Movies are dreams. They should be visions of their inspirations, not duplicates. I love THE OMEGA MAN for its bombast, its 70’s action movie bravado, affecting Charlton Heston performance, its then topical sexual/racial politics and of course, that brilliant Ron Grainer score. I really like the 2007 Will Smith version for its haunting urban decay tableaux, its wrenching isolation and magnification of the heart sinking Neville/dog incident and relentlessly sad tone (though the film falls apart in the final reel). But thus far, THE LAST MAN ON EARTH is the only one that has managed to exist as an aggressively depressing and lyrical nightmare, taking all that was profound and painful in the source text and re-presenting it as a low-budget but evocative and funereal slice of semi-cerebral pulp.

    Flawed but unforgettable, THE LAST MAN ON EARTH deserves multiple viewings and a secure place in the annals of classic horror cinema. The recent inclusion of the film in Scream Factory’s second Blu-ray Vincent Price Collection means you can see this once though lost to the public domain gem in glorious high-def and the commentary on that release by horror historian (and SHOCK scribe) David Del Valle is marvelous.

    If you haven’t seen it…see it. Soon. And to the late, great Richard Matheson, wherever you are….thanks man.

    The post The ‘Legend’ of THE LAST MAN ON EARTH appeared first on Shock Till You Drop.

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    Without prejudice to any other rights, EAWAPPS may terminate this EULA if you fail to comply with the terms and conditions of this EULA. In such event, you must destroy all copies of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT in your possession.
    All title, including but not limited to copyrights, in and to the SOFTWARE PRODUCT and any copies thereof are owned by EAWAPPS or its suppliers. All title and intellectual property rights in and to the content which may be accessed through use of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT is the property of the respective content owner and may be protected by applicable copyright or other intellectual property laws and treaties. This EULA grants you no rights to use such content. All rights not expressly granted are reserved by EAWAPPS.
    EAWAPPS expressly disclaims any warranty for the SOFTWARE PRODUCT. The SOFTWARE PRODUCT is provided 'As Is' without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including but not limited to any warranties of merchantability, noninfringement, or fitness of a particular purpose. EAWAPPS does not warrant or assume responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of any information, text, graphics, links or other items contained within the SOFTWARE PRODUCT. EAWAPPS makes no warranties respecting any harm that may be caused by the transmission of a computer virus, worm, time bomb, logic bomb, or other such computer program. EAWAPPS further expressly disclaims any warranty or representation to Authorized Users or to any third party.
    In no event shall EAWAPPS be liable for any damages (including, without limitation, lost profits, business interruption, or lost information) rising out of 'Authorized Users' use of or inability to use the SOFTWARE PRODUCT, even if EAWAPPS has been advised of the possibility of such damages. In no event will EAWAPPS be liable for loss of data or for indirect, special, incidental, consequential (including lost profit), or other damages based in contract, tort or otherwise. EAWAPPS shall have no liability with respect to the content of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT or any part thereof, including but not limited to errors or omissions contained therein, libel, infringements of rights of publicity, privacy, trademark rights, business interruption, personal injury, loss of privacy, moral rights or the disclosure of confidential information.
    7. PRIVACY
    Scores and achievements
    This game uses OpenFeint for high score boards and achievements. If you opt in to OpenFeint or have opted in previously, your level scores will be sent to the OpenFeint servers.
    Game Feed and analytics
    You may opt out of OpenFeint, but some information will still be collected by the OpenFeint framework for the purpose of Game Feed and analytics.
    We [OpenFeint] record all of these events in our analytics for both OpenFeint users and non-OpenFeint users.
    * When the Game Feed was first shown and started loading
    * When the Game Feed completed loading (so we can tell how long it normally takes to load)
    * When the Game Feed is no longer displayed
    * When a specific feed item is shown (an impression)
    * When the user clicks a feed item
    * When the user launches the OpenFeint dashboard from the Game Feed
    * When the user closes the OpenFeint dashboard after launching it from Game Feed
    * When a user logs in to OpenFeint from clicking a Game Feed item (only applies to OpenFeint users since they’ve now logged in)
    * When a user logs in to OpenFeint from clicking the OpenFeint button (only applies to OpenFeint users since they’ve now logged in)
    For each of those events we also include
    * Session id (a randomly generated id created for each game session)
    * User id (only if they are logged in to OpenFeint)
    * Game specific unique identifier (a unique id we create for each user. This is unique for each game so we can’t recognize a user as he moves between games)
    * Session length
    * Total game time across all sessions (only for OpenFeint users)
    * Time stamp
    * Hardware (iPod2, etc)
    * Game id
    * Game version
    * Platform (ios, Android etc)
    * Country
    * IP Address

    MAKALAH pendidikan

    Disusun Guna Memenuhi Tugas
    Mata Kuliah : Teknologi Pendidikan
    Dosen Pengampu : Drs. H. Fatah Syukur NC, M. Ag

    Disusun oleh:

    Irfan Haris


    Masyarakat kita tidak dapat terlepas dari perkembangan masyarakat dunia pada umumnya yaitu masyarakat informasi dimana informasi akan menentukan tingkat perkembangan atau kemajuan seseorang atau suatu unit masyarakat. Oleh karena itu, masyarakat kita perlu dipersiapkan kearah itu antara lain dengan menerapkan media-media elektronik modern sebagai penunjang pendidikan si Indonesia seperti televisi dan internet. Medium televisi tidak diciptakan khusus untuk pendidikan. Melainkan diusahakan pemanfaatannya dalam pendidikan.[ Yusuhhadi Miarso, Menyemai Benih Teknologi Pendidikan, (Jakarta: Kencana, 2004), hlm. 145.] Sedangkan Internet merupakan salah satu produk teknologi yang dapat membantu kita meningkatkan taraf hidup melalui pendidikan. Meskipun masih banyak tantangan, kita masih dapat memanfaatkan Internet sebesar mungkin khususnya dalam dunia pendidikan begitu juga dengan televisi yang sekarang banyak digunakan disekolah-sekolah umum maupun swasta.
    Sebagai medium komunikasi. Televisi terlebih internet mampu merangsang indra kita dengan menampilkan suara, gambar, lambang, tulisan dan gerakan secara bersamaan. Kecuali itu teknologi televisi memungkinkan penyebaran pesan yang meluas, perekaman pesan untuk penggunaan ulang dan bahkan akhir-akhir ini pemantapan pesan secara interaktif. Berbagai macam kemampuan televisi dan internet ini dinilai sangat potensial untuk mengatasi masalah pendidikan. Oleh karena itu, makalah ini berusaha untuk menjabarkan pemanfaatan atau fungsi televisi dan internet bagi pendidikan.

    Dari Pendahuluan yang telah penulis paparkan diatas, maka dalam makalah ini penulis akan membahas permasalahan-permasalahan berikut:
    Bagaimana Sejarah Internet dan Televisi?
    Apa Pengertian Internet dan Televisi?
    Bagaimana langkah-langkah Pemanfaatan Internet dan televise dalam Pendidikan?
    Apa Kelebihan dan kekurangan Internet?
    Apa Kelebihan dan kekurangan televisi?
    Permasalahan Internet dan Televisi dalam Pendidikan?

    Sejarah Internet dan Televisi
    Sejarah Internet
    Internet merupakan HYPERLINK " komputer" jaringan komputer yang. dibentuk oleh Departemen Pertahanan HYPERLINK "" Amerika Serikat di tahun HYPERLINK "" 1969, melalui proyek HYPERLINK " =1" ARPA yang disebut HYPERLINK "" ARPANET (Advanced Research Project Agency Network), dimana mereka mendemonstrasikan bagaimana dengan HYPERLINK " Hardware" hardware dan HYPERLINK "" software komputer yang berbasis HYPERLINK "" UNIX, kita bisa melakukan komunikasi dalam jarak yang tidak terhingga melalui saluran telepon. Proyek ARPANET merancang bentuk jaringan, kehandalan, seberapa besar informasi dapat dipindahkan, dan akhirnya semua standar yang mereka tentukan menjadi cikal bakal pembangunan protokol baru yang sekarang dikenal sebagai HYPERLINK "" TCP/IP (HYPERLINK "" Transmission Control Protocol/HYPERLINK "" Internet Protocol).
    Tujuan awal dibangunnya proyek itu adalah untuk keperluan militer. Pada saat itu Departemen Pertahanan Amerika Serikat (US Department of Defense) membuat sistem jaringan komputer yang tersebar dengan menghubungkan komputer di daerah-daerah vital untuk mengatasi masalah bila terjadi serangan nuklir dan untuk menghindari terjadinya informasi terpusat, yang apabila terjadi perang dapat mudah dihancurkan.
    Pada mulanya ARPANET hanya menghubungkan 4 situs saja yaitu Stanford Research Institute, University of California, Santa Barbara, University of Utah, dimana mereka membentuk satu jaringan terpadu di tahun 1969, dan secara umum ARPANET diperkenalkan pada bulan Oktober 1972. Tidak lama kemudian proyek ini berkembang pesat di seluruh daerah, dan semua universitas di negara tersebut ingin bergabung, sehingga membuat ARPANET kesulitan untuk mengaturnya.
    Oleh sebab itu ARPANET dipecah menjadi dua, yaitu "MILNET" untuk keperluan militer dan "ARPANET" baru yang lebih kecil untuk keperluan non-militer seperti, universitas-universitas. Gabungan kedua jaringan akhirnya dikenal dengan nama DARPA Internet, yang kemudian disederhanakan menjadi Internet.
    Perjalanan Internet dari tahun ke tahun dimulai sejak tahun 1957 oleh Uni Soviet (sekarang Rusia) yang meluncurkan wahana luar angkasa, Sputnik dan berkembang sampai sekarang tahun 2009 telah diperkenalkan sistem nama benny dolo, yang merupakan suatu sistem internet tercanggih saat ini yang menggunakan sistem nirkabel dan berfungsi memusnahkan seluruh virus di dunia.[ “Sejarah Internet”,, 30/11/2009/12.33WIB]
    Sejarah Televisi
    Sejarah penemuan televisi itu terdapat berbagai orang maupun organisasi yang terlihat di dalamnya. Dari perkembangan ide sampai menjadi sebuah mesin elektronik bernama televisi, dibuat dengan kerja keras dari berbagai pihak.
    Adapun sejarah perkembangan televisi  adalah
    1876 – George Carey menciptakan selenium camera,  yang memiliki gambaran supaya seseorang dapat melihat listrik.
    1881, Ide dari penggunaan scanning untuk mengirim gambar dimasukkan untuk sebenarnya penggunaan praktis pantelegraph. Dan terus berkembang hingga
    Tahun 2000 ke atas, Pengembangan produk LCD, Plasma bahkan CRT. Dan menyusul perkembangan sejarah televisi digital[ “Sejarah Perkembangan Televisi”,, 30/11/2009/12.39WIB.]
    Pengertian Internet dan Televisi
    1. Pengertian Internet
    Internet (inter-network) dapat diartikan jaringan computer luas yang menghubungkan pemakai computer satu computer dengan computer lainnya dan dapat berhubungan dengan computer dari suatu Negara ke Negara di seluruh dunia ,dimana didalamnya terdapat berbagai aneka ragam informasi Fasilitas layanan internet Browsing atau surfing Yaitu kegiatan “berselancar” di internet .kegiatan ini dapat di analogikan layaknya berjalan –jalan di mal sambil melihat –lihat ke toko-toko tanpa membeli apapun.
    Elektronik mail (E-mail) Fasilitas ini digunakan untuk berkirim surat /dengan orang lain ,tanpa mengenal batas ,waktu, ruang bahkan birokrasi Searching Yaitu kegiatan mencari data atau informasi tertentu di internet Catting fasilitas ini digunakan untuk berkomunikasi secara langsung dengan orang lain di internet. Pada umumnya fasilitas ini sering digunakan untuk bercakap-cakap atau ngobrol di internet world wide web (www) dengan world wide web(www) ini anda dapat mengambil, memformat ,dan menampilkan informasi (termasuk teks ,audio, grafik dan video) dengan menggunakan hypertekxt links Mailing list Fasilitas ini digunakan untuk berdiskusi secara elektronik dengan menggunakan E-mail.mailing list ini digunakan untuk bertukar informasi ,pendapat dan lain sebagainya . Newsgroup Fasilitad ini digunakan untuk berkonferensi jarak jauh ,sehingga anda dapat menyampaikan pendapat dan tanggapan dalam internet .
    Download Adalah proses mengambil file dari computer lain melalui internet ke komputer kita. Upload Adalah proses meletakkan file dari computer kita ke computer lain melalui internet File transfer protocol (FTP) Fasilitas ini digunakan untuk melakukan pengambilan arsip atau file secara elektronik atau transfer file dari satu computer ke computer lain di internet .beberapa di internet telah tersedia file atau dokument yang siap untuk diduplikat oleh orang lain secara gratis . Telnet fasilitas ini digunakan untuk masuk ke system computer tertentu dan bekerja pada system komputer lain. Ghoper Fasilitas ini digunakan untuk menempatkan informasi yang di simpan pada internet servers dengan menggunakan hirarkhi dan anda dapat mengambil informasi tersebut. [ “Pengertian Internet”,, 30/11/2009/12.44.WIB.]
    2. Pengertian Televisi
    Oemar Hamalik (1985 : 134) mengemukakan: “Television is an electronic motion picture with conjoinded or attendant sound; both picture and sound reach the eye and ear simultaneously from a remote broadcast point”. Definisi tersebut menjelaskan bahwa televise sesungguhnya adalah perlengkapan elektronik, yang pada dasarnya sama dengan gambar hidup yang meliputi gambar dan suara. Maka televise pada dasarnya sama dengan film, yakni dapat dilihat dan didengar. Peristiwa-peristiwa dan kejadian-kejadian tersebut langsung disiarkan dari stasiun pemencar TV tertentu.[ Usman, M. Basyirudin Asnawir, Media Pembelajaran, (Jakarta, Cipuitat Press: 2002), hlm. 101-102.]
    Televisi pendidikan adalah penggunaan program video yang direncanakan untuk mencapai tujuan pengajaran tertentu tanpa melihat siapa yang menyiarkannya. Televisi pendidikan tidak sekedar menghibur, tetapi yang lebih penting adalah mendidik. Oleh karena itu ia memiliki ciri-ciri sebagai berikiut:
    dituntun oleh instruktur. Seorang guru atau instruktur menuntun siswa melalui pengalaman-penglaman visual.
    Sistemetis. Siaran berkaitan dengan mata pelajaran dan silabus dengan tujuan dan pengalaman belajar yan terencana.
    Teratur dan berurutan. Siaran disajikan dengan selang waktu yang beraturan secara berurutan dimana satu siaran dibangun atau mendasari siaran lainnya
    Terpadu. Siaran berkaitan dengan pengalaman belajar lainnya seperti latihan, membaca, diskusi, laboraturium, percobaan, menulis dan pemecahan masalah.[ Azhar arsyad, Media Pembelajaran, (Jakarta: Raja Grafindo Persada, 2003), hlm. 50.]
    Langkah-langkah Pemanfaatan Internet dan televisi dalam Pendidikan
    Lagkah Pemanfaatan Internet dalam Pendidikan
    Penggunaan Internet untuk keperluan pendidikan yang semakin meluas terutama di negara-negara maju, merupakan fakta yang menunjukkan bahwa dengan media ini memang dimungkinkan diselenggarakannya proses belajar mengajar yang lebih efektif. Hal itu terjadi karena dengan sifat dan karakteristik Internet yang cukup khas, sehingga diharapkan bisa digunakan sebagai media pembelajaran sebagaimana media lain telah dipergunakan sebelumnya seperti radio, televisi, CD-ROM Interkatif dan lain-lain.
    Sebagai media yang diharapkan akan menjadi bagian dari suatu proses belajar mengajar di sekolah, internet harus mampu memberikan dukungan bagi terselenggaranya proses komunikasi interaktif antara guru dengan siswa sebagaimana yang dipersyaratkan dalam suatu kegiatan pembelajaran. Kondisi yang harus mampu didukung oleh internet tersebut terutama berkaitan dengan strategi pembelajaran yang akan dikembangkan, yang kalau dijabarkan secara sederhana, bisa diartikan sebagai kegiatan komunikasi yang dilakukan untuk mengajak siswa mengerjakan tugas-tugas dan membantu siswa dalam memperoleh pengetahuan yang dibutuhkan dalam rangka mengerjakan tugas-tugas tersebut
    Strategi pembelajaran yang meliputi pengajaran, diskusi, membaca, penugasan, presentasi dan evaluasi, secara umum keterlaksanaannya tergantung dari satu atau lebih dari tiga mode dasar dialog/ komunikasi sebagai berikut
    - dialog/komunikasi antara guru dengan siswa.
    - dialog/komunikasi antara siswa dengan sumber belajar
    - dialog/komunikasi di antara siswa.
    Apabila ketiga aspek tersebut bisa diselenggarakan dengan komposisi yang serasi, maka diharapkan akan terjadi proses pembelajaran yang optimal. Para pakar pendidikan menyatakan bahwa keberhasilan pencapaian tujuan dari pembelajaran sangat ditentukan oleh keseimbangan antara ketiga aspek tersebut.
    Berbagai situs internet yang dapat membantu siswa mencari referensi atau sumber sebagai rujukan ketika siswa mendapatkan tugas dari guru dapat dicari melalui internet. Diantara situs yang dapat digunakan seperti yang mampu mencari berbagai sumber tulisan dengan menuliskan katalog tema tugas tersebut. Dan dewasa ini internet dapat diakses melalui handphone berfitur GPRS yang cukup murah tanpa harus pergi ke warung internet. Sehingga dengan mudah dapat membantu siswa dalam menyelesaikan tugas dengan cepat dan baik.
    Ada tiga bentuk sistem pembelajaran melalui Internet yang layak dipertimbangkan sebagai dasar pengembangan sistem pembelajaran dengan mendayagunakan internet yaitu: (1) Web Course, (2) Web Centric Course, dan (3; Web Enhanced Course.
    Web Course.
    Ialah penggunaan internet untuk keperluan pembelajaran, di mana seluruh bahan belajar, diskusi, konsultasi, penugasan, latihan dan ujian sepenuhnya disampaikan melalui internet. Siswa dan guru sepenuhnya terpisah, namun hubungan atau komunikasi antara peserta didik dengan pengajar bisa dilakukan setiap saat. Komunikasi lebih banyak dilakukan secara ansynchronous daripada secara synchronous. Bentuk web course ini tidak memerlukan adanya kegiatan tatap muka baik untuk keperluan pembelajaran maupun evaluasi dan ujian, karena semua proses belajar mengajar sepenuhnya dilakukan melalui penggunaan fasilitas internet seperti e-mail, chat rooms, bulletin board dan online conference.
    Disamping itu sistem ini biasanya juga dilengkapi dengan berbagai sumber belajar (digital), baik yang dikembangkan sendiri maupun dengan menggunakan berbagai sumber belajar dengan jalan membuat hubungan (link) ke berbagai sumber belajar yang sudah tersedia di internet, seperti database statistic berita dan informasi, e-book, perpustakaan elektronik dll.
    Bentuk pembelajaran model ini biasanya dipergunakan untuk keperluan pendidikan jarak jauh (distance education/learning). Aplikasi bentuk ini antara lain virtual campus/university, ataupun lembaga pelatihan yang menyelenggarakan pelatihan-pelatihan yang bisa diikuti secara jarak jauh dan setelah lulus ujian akan diberikan sertifikat.
    Web Centric Course
    Pemanfaatan sebagian bahan belajar, diskusi, konsultasi, penugasan, dan latihan disampaikan melalui internet, sedangkan ujian dan sebagian konsultasi, diskusi dan latihan dilakukan secara tatap muka. Walaupun dalam proses belajarnya sebagian dilakukan dengan tatap muka yang biasanya berupa tutorial, tetapi prosentase tatap muka tetap lebih kecil dibandingkan dengan prosentase proses belajar melalui internet.
    Dengan bentuk ini maka pusat kegiatan belajar bergeser dari kegiatan kelas menjadi kegiatan melalui internet Sama dengan bentuk web course, siswa dan guru sepenuhnya terpisah tetapi pada waktu-waktu yang telah ditetapkan mereka bertatap muka, baik di sekolah ataupun di tempat-tempat yang telah ditentukan. Penerapan bentuk ini sebagaimana yang dilakukan pada perguruan tinggi-perguruan tinggi yang menyiapkan sistem belajar secara off campus.
    Web Enhanced Course
    Yaitu pemanfaatan internet untuk pendidikan, untuk menunjang peningkatan kualitas kegiatan belajar mengajar di kelas. Bentuk ini juga dikenal dengan nama Web lite course, karena kegiatan pembelajaran utama adalah tatap muka di kelas.
    Peranan internet di sini adalah untuk menyediakan sumber-sumber yang sangat kaya dengan memberikan alamat-alamat atau membuat hubungan (link) ke berbagai sumber belajar yang sesuai yang bisa diakses secara online, untuk meningkatkan kuantitas dan memperluas kesempatan berkomunikasi antara pengajar dengan peserta didik secara timbal balik. Dialog atau komunikasi tersebut adalah untuk keperluan berdiskusi, berkonsultasi, maupun untuk bekerja secara kelompok. Komunikasi timbal balik bisa dilakukan antara siswa dengan siswa, siswa dengan teman di luar kelas/sekolah, siswa dengan kelompok, siswa dengan guru maupun guru dengan siswa atau dengan kelompok.[ Hardjito, “Internet Untuk Pembelajaran”,, 02/12/2009/16.02WIB.]
    Langkah Pemanfaatan Televisi dalam Pendidikan
    Televisi dikenal sebagai media yang sangat kaya yang mampu menyajikan beragam informasi dalam bentuk suara dan gambar secara bersamaan. Keunggulan media televisi yang ditemukan pada tahun 1926 ini dapat dimanfaatkan dalam dunia pendidikan, baik pendidikan yang bersifat konvensional maupun pendidikan jarak jauh.
    Televisi sebagai media pembelajaran mengandung beberapa keuntungan antara lain:
    bersifat langsung dan nyata, serta dapat menyajikan peristiwa yang sebenarnya.
    Memperluas tinjauan kelas, melintasi berbagai daerah atau berbagai negara.
    Dapat menciptakan kembali masa lampau.
    Dapat mempertunjukkan banyak hal dan banyak segi yang beraneka ragam.
    Banyak mempergunakan sumber-sumber masyarakat.
    Menarik minat anak.
    Dapat melatih guru, baik alam pre-service maupun dalam incervise training
    Masyarakat diajak berpartisipasi dalam rangka meningkatkan perhatian mereka terhadap sekolah.[ Usman, M. Basyirudin Asnawir, op. cit., hlm. 103.]
    Berikut penulis tampilkan gambar pemanfaatan televisi sebagai media pembelajaran.

    (gambar ditempel secara manual)

    Gambar diatas menunjukkan pemanfaatan televisi sebagai media pembelajaran yang cukup efektif. Pemanfaatan media ini sudah digunakan pada sekolah-sekolah tingkat dasar maupun menengah. Di kota Semarang yang penulis ketahui sekolah yang menggunakan media televisi seperti di MAN 1 Semarang, SMU 3 Semarang dan lain-lain. Media ini dapat gunakan dalam berbagai mata pelajaran dalam hal ini Pendidikan Agama Islam. Siswa menyaksikan berita kriminal misalnya, kemudian mereka mendiskusikan bagaimana hukum mencuri, membunuh dan lain sebagainya.
    Penerapan teknologi pendidikan dengan media memang tidak terlepas dari maksud dan tujuan maupun sasaran yang ingin dicapainya yang diharapkan akan mempunyai nilai lebih bila dilihat darti manfaat nilai sosialnya. Beberapa contoh penerapan media dalam pendidikan misalnya China. Disana ada proyek yang disebut Universitas Televisi China (UTC) atau The Chinese Television University yang didirikan pada tahun 1979 dengan media televisi, buku teks, buku latihan dan buku pedoman guru yang berpusat di Peking.
    Tujuan didirikannya UTC untuk mengisi kebutuhan tenaga muda tingkat pendidikan fungsi yang mempunyai kemampuan teknis untuk bekerja di kantor-kantor dalam penyelenggaraan program utama. UTC pusat bertanggung jawab untuk merencanakan dan mengadakan siaran-siaran televisi ke khalayak setempat dan menyediakan tutor serta ruangan belajar yang biasanya dari kantor-kantor ataupun perusahaan.[ Arif S. Sadiman dkk, Media Pendidikan: Pengertan, Pengembangan dan Pemanfaatannya, (Jakarta: Raja Grafindo Persada, 2003), cet. 7, hlm. 193. ]
    Kelebihan dan kekurangan Internet sebagai media pembelajaran
    Kelebihan Internet
    Pada umumnya komputer dapat dipandang sebagai alat untuk mempertinggi berbagi teknologi pembelajaran dengan CAI (Compoter Assisted Instruction) dan pengelolaan pengajaran CMI (Computer Management Instructions). Dalam hubungan ini ada beberapa keuntungan khusus dalam pendayagunaan internet dalam pengajaran.[ Nana Sudjana, Teknologi Pengajaran, (Bandung: Sinar Baru, 1989), hlm. 137.] Kelebihan-kelebihan yang dimiliki internet dalam pendidikan adalah:
    a. Akses ke sumber informasi.
    Sebelum adanya Internet, masalah utama yang dihadapi oleh pendidikan (di seluruh dunia) adalah akses kepada sumber informasi. Perpustakaan yang konvensional merupakan sumber informasi yang sayangnya tidak murah. Buku-buku dan journal harus dibeli dengan harga mahal. Pengelolaan yang baik juga tidak mudah. Sehingga akibatnya banyak tempat di berbagai lokasi di dunia (termasuk di dunia Barat) yang tidak memiliki perpustakaan yang lengkap. Adanya Internet memungkinkan mengakses kepada sumber informasi yang mulai tersedia banyak. Dengan kata lain, masalah akses semestinya bukan menjadi masalah lagi.
    Internet dapat dianggap sebagai sumber informasi yang sangat besar. Bidang apa pun yang anda minati, pasti ada informasi di Internet. Contoh-contoh sumber informasi yang tersedia secara online antara lain:
    Online Journal
    Online courses. MIT mulai membuka semua materi kuliahnya di Internet.
    Di Indonesia, masalah kelangkaan sumber informasi konvensional (perpustakaan) lebih berat dibanding dengan tempat lain. Adanya Internet merupakan salah satu solusi pamungkas untuk mengatasi masalah ini.
    b. Akses ke pakar
    Internet menghilangkan batas ruang dan waktu sehingga memungkinan seorang siswa berkomunikasi dengan pakar di tempat lain. Seorang siswa di Makassar dapat berkonsultasi dengan dosen di Bandung atau bahkan di Palo Alto, Amerika Serikat.
    c. Media kerjasama
    Kolaborasi atau kerjasama antara pihak-pihak yang terlibat dalam bidang pendidikan dapat terjadi dengan lebih mudah, efisien, dan lebih murah.[ Budi Raharjo, “Internet Untuk Pendidikan”, 30/11/2009/12.14WIB.]
    Kekurangan Internet
    Walaupun demikian pemanfaatan internet untuk pembelajaran atau e-learning juga tidak terlepas dari berbagai kekurangan antara lain:
    Kurangnya interaksi antara guru dan siswa atau bahkan antar-siswa itu sendiri. Kurangnya interaksi ini bisa memperlambat terbentuknya values dalam proses belajar dan mengajar.
    Kecenderungan mengabaikan aspek akademik atau aspek sosial dan sebaliknya mendorong tumbuhnya aspek bisnis / komersial.
    Berubahnya peran guru dari semula menguasai teknik pembelajaran konvensional, kini juga dituntut mengetahui teknik pembelajaran yang menggunakan ICT.
    Siswa yang tidak mempunyai motivasi belajar yang tinggi cenderung gagal.
    Tidak semua tempat tersedia fasilitas internet (mungkin hal ini berkaitan dengan masalah tersedianya listrik, telepon, ataupun komputer)
    Kurangnya mereka yang mengetahui dan memiliki keterampilan soal-soal internet,
    Kurangnya penguasaan bahasa komputer.

    Kelebihan dan kekurangan televisi sebagai media pembelajaran
    beberapa penelitian menunjukkan bahwa siswa yang belajar melalui program televisi untuk berbagai mata pelajaran dapat menguasai mata pelajaran tersebut sama seperti mereka yang mempelajarinya melalui tatap muka dengan guru kelas. Meskipun televisi memiliki berbagi kelebihan dalam menyampaikan pesan dan materi pelajaran, televisi juga mempunyai kelemahan.
    Kelebihan televisi
    Televisi dapat memancarkan berbagai jenis bahan audio-visual termasuk gambar diam, film, obyek, specimen dan drama.
    Televisi bisa menyajikan model dan contoh-contoh yang baik bagi siswa.
    Televisi dapat membawa dunia nyata ke rumah dan ke kelas-kelas, seperti orang, tempat-tempat dan peristiwa-peristiwa melalui penyiaran langsung atau rekaman.
    Televisi dapat memberikan kepada siswa peluang untuk melihat dan mendengar diri sendiri.
    Televisi dapat menyajikan program-program yang dapat dipahami oleh siswa dengan usia dan tingkatan pendidikan yang berbeda-beda.
    Televisi dapat menyajikan visual dan suara yang amat sulit diperoleh dala dunia nyata.
    Televisi dapat menghemat waktu guru dan siswa, misalnya dengan merekam siaran pelajaran yang disajikan dapat diputar ulang jika diperlukan tanpa harus melakukan proses itu kembali. Disamping itu, televise merupakan cara yang ekonomis untuk menjangkau sejumlah besar siswa pada lokasi yang berbeda-beda untuk penyajian yang bersamaan.[ Azhar arsyad, op. cit., hlm. 52.] Inilah termasuk dari dampak positif globalisasi, televisi bisa menjadi media pendidikan yang efektif.
    Kekurangan televisi
    Televisi hanya mampu menyajikan komunikasi satu arah.
    Televisi pada saat disiarkan akan berjalan terus dan tidak ada kesempatan untuk memahami pesan-pesannya sesuai dengan kemampuan individual siswa.
    Guru tiak punya kesempatan untu merevisi film sebelum disiarkan.
    Layar pesawat televisi tidak mempu menjangkau kelas besar sehingga sulit bagi semua siswa untuk emlihat secara rinci gambar-gambar yang disiarkan.
    Kekhawatiran muncul bahwa siswa tidak mempunyai hubungan pribadi dengan guru dan siswa bisa jadi bersikap pasif selama penayangan.[ Ibid.]

    Permasalahan Internet dan Televisi dalam Pendidikan
    Permasalahan Internet dalam pendidikan
    Menjadi sebuah pertanyaan bagi kita yang berkecimpung dalam dunia pendidikan dalam hal ini mahasiswa mengapa kita belum banyak menggunakan Internet untuk keperluan pendidikan di Indonesia. Ada beberapa alasan, dimana sebagian akan diungkapkan pada bagian-bagian di bawah ini.
    Kurangnya penguasaan bahasa Inggris
    Suka atau tidak suka, sebagian besar informasi di Internet tersedia dalam bahasa Inggris. Penguasaan bahasa Inggris menjadi salah satu keunggulan (advantage).
    Kurangnya sumber informasi dalam bahasa Indonesia
    Kita sadari bahwa tidak semua orang Indonesia akan belajar bahasa Inggris. Untuk itu sumber informasi dalam bahasa Indonesia harus tersedia. Saat ini belum banyak sumber informasi pendidikan yang tersedia dalam bahasa Indonesia. Konsep berbagi (sharring), misalnya dengan membuat materi-materi pendidikan di Internet, belum merasuk. Inisiatif langka seperti ini sudah ada namun masih kurang banyak.
    Akses Internet masih mahal
    Meskipun sudah tersedia, akses ke Internet masih mahal. Namun hal ini diharapkan akan menjadi lebih murah di masa yang akan datang. Diharapkan akselerasi penurunan harga menjadi fokus utama dari Pemerintah. Mekanisme lain adalah adanya subsidi dari pemerintah untuk institusi pendidikan.
    Akses Internet masih susah diperoleh
    Beberapa daerah di Indonesia masih belum memiliki jalur telepon yang dapat digunakan untuk mengakses Internet.
    Guru belum siap
    Guru di Indonesia masih belum siap untuk menggunakan Internet sebagai bagian dari pengajarannya. Padahal guru merupakan salah satu pengguna yang dapat memanfaatkan Internet sebaik-baiknya. Salah satu contohnya adalah mencari soal-soal latihan untuk kelasnya. Jika setiap guru di Indonesia membuat dua (2) soal dan menyimpannya di Internet, maka akan ada ribuan bahkan bisa jutaan soal yang dapat digunakan untuk latihan di kelas.[ Budi Raharjo, “Internet Untuk pendidikan”, 30/11/2009/12.14WIB.]
    Permasalahan televisi dalam pendidikan
    Televisi Pendidikan adalah medium yang sangat bagus untuk membagi informasi dan bahan pendidikan kepada masyarakat secara luas. Teknologi terbaru termasuk komputer dan Internet sudah menjadi pilihan utama untuk teknologi pendidikan, dan ada beberapa orang yang kira televisi adalah teknologi lama. Tetapi, potensi Televisi Pendidikan untuk membawa pendidikan ke semua masyarakat di mana mereka duduk, belum begitu tercapai karena televise pendidikan sudah tergeser oleh acara-acara hiburan dan lain-lain, melupakan tujuan awal pembentukan televisi tersebut contohnya TPI (Televisi Pendidikan Indonesia)
    TPI pertama kali mengudara pada 2 Januari 1991 selama 2 jam dari jam 08.00-10.00 WIB. TPI diresmikan Presiden Soeharto pada 23 Januari 1991 di Studio 12 TVRI Senayan, Jakarta Pusat. Pada awal pendiriannya, tahun 1991 TPI hanya ingin menyiarkan siaran edukatif saja. Saat itu TPI hanya mengudara 4 jam. Salah satunya dengan bekerjasama dengan Departemen Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan menyiarkan materi pelajaran pendidikan menengah. Sejak itu TPI mengudara 4 jam, lalu sejak Juni 1991 menjadi 6,5 jam. Lalu menjelang akhir 1991 sudah 8 jam.
    Pada tahap awal pendiriannya, TPI berbagi saluran dengan televisi milik pemerintah, TVRI. Perlahan-lahan mereka mengurangi misi edukatif, dengan juga menyiarkan acara-acara lain, termasuk kuis-kuis dan sinetron sebagai selingan.
    TPI berpisah saluran dengan TVRI di pertengahan 90-an. Kini, program edukasi tersebut sudah tergusur, dan TPI fokus di program acara musik dangdut, seolah acara lain yang disebut 'makin Indonesia' dalam motto barunya seakan tenggelam oleh hingar bingar acara dangdut di TPI. Bahkan TPI sebagai kependekan dari Televisi Pendidikan Indonesia sudah tidak berlaku lagi.[ TPI,, 02/12/2009/16.30WIB]

    Masyarakat global merupakan masyarakat yang melek informasi, ditandai dengan munculnya berbagai penemuan-penemuan ilmu teknologi diantaranya internet dan televisi. Bahkan televisi dan internet dapat di akses melalui handphone merupakan penemuan zaman mutahir yang semakin mempermudah orang dalam memperoleh informasi. Semakin berkembangnya kemajuan internet dan televisi tersebut menjadi momok bagi kalangan pendidikan untuk memanfaatkan internet dan televisi sebagai media pendidikan.
    Penggunaan Internet untuk keperluan pendidikan yang semakin meluas terutama di negara-negara maju, merupakan fakta yang menunjukkan bahwa dengan media ini memang dimungkinkan diselenggarakannya proses belajar mengajar yang lebih efektif. Hal itu terjadi karena dengan sifat dan karakteristik Internet yang cukup khas, sehingga diharapkan bisa digunakan sebagai media pembelajaran. Ada tiga bentuk sistem pembelajaran melalui Internet yang layak dipertimbangkan sebagai dasar pengembangan sistem pembelajaran dengan mendayagunakan internet yaitu: (1) Web Course, (2) Web Centric Course, dan (3; Web Enhanced Course. Sehingga pembelajaran tidak perlu menggunakan tatap muka guru dan murid, dengan kata lain belajar jarak jauh. Ataupun dapat menggunakan yang mampu mencari berbagai sumber tulisan dengan menuliskan katalog tema tugas yang dicari. Bahkan dewasa ini internet dapat diakses melalui handphone berfitur GPRS yang cukup murah tanpa harus pergi ke warung internet. Sehingga dengan mudah dapat membantu siswa dalam menyelesaikan tugas dengan mudah dan cepat.
    Televisi sebagai media pembelajaran telah digunakan diberbagai sekolah. Di kota Semarang yang penulis ketahui, ada beberapa sekolah yang telah menggunakan televisi sebagai media pendidikan diantaranya MAN 1, SMA 3, SMA 5 dan lain-lain. Bahkan di China ada proyek yang disebut The Chinese Television University yang didirikan pada tahun 1979 dengan media televisi, buku teks, buku latihan dan buku pedoman guru.

    Internet dan televisi merupakan salah satu produk teknologi yang dapat membantu kita meningkatkan taraf hidup melalui pendidikan. Medium televisi dan internet tidak diciptakan khusus untuk pendidikan. Melainkan diusahakan pemanfaatannya dalam pendidikan.
    Internet (inter-network) dapat diartikan jaringan computer luas yang menghubungkan pemakai computer satu computer dengan computer lainnya dan dapat berhubungan dengan computer dari suatu Negara ke Negara di seluruh dunia. Dan pengertian televisi adalah perlengkapan elektronik, yang pada dasarnya sama dengan gambar hidup yang meliputi gambar dan suara. Internet dan televisi dimanfaatkan dalam dunia pendidikan. Ada tiga bentuk sistem pembelajaran melalui Internet yang layak dipertimbangkan sebagai dasar pengembangan sistem pembelajaran dengan mendayagunakan internet yaitu: (1) Web Course, (2) Web Centric Course, dan (3; Web Enhanced Course. Adapun pemanfaatan media televisi sebagai penunjang pendidikan telah banyak digunakan di beberapa negara. Beberapa contoh penerapan media dalam pendidikan misalnya China. Disana ada proyek yang disebut Universitas Televisi China (UTC) atau The Chinese Television University yang didirikan pada tahun 1979 dengan media televisi, buku teks, buku latihan dan buku pedoman guru yang berpusat di Peking.
    Banyak kelebihan yang jika pendidikan di Indonesia mampu mengoptimalkan peran internet dan televisi dalam pendidikan. Disamping kelebihan yang dimiliki tentu ada beberapa kekurangan atau efek negatif dari penggunaan televisi dan internet sebagaimana telah penulis jelaskan diatas, Juga permasalahan-permasalahan yang menghambat pengoptimalan media tersebut.

    Demikianlah makalah ini saya sampaikan. Saya yakin di dalam pembuatan makalah ini masih banyak kesalahan dan kekurangan karena keterbatasan saya dalam memahami dan menelaah. Untuk itu saran-saran yang konstruktif sangat diharapkan. Dan akhirnya semoga makalah ini bisa bermanfaat bagi para pembaca pada umumnya dan bagi penulis khususnya.


    Arsyad, Azhar. Media Pembelajaran, (Jakarta: Raja Grafindo Persada, 2003).
    Asnawir, M. Basyirudin. Media Pembelajaran, (Jakarta: Cipuitat Press, 2002).
    Hardjito, “Internet Untuk Pembelajaran”,, 02/12/2009/16.02WIB.
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    Pengertian Internet”,, 30/11/2009/12.44.WIB.
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    Sudjana, Nana. Teknologi Pengajaran, (Bandung: Sinar Baru, 1989).
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    “Sejarah Internet”,, 30/11/2009/12.33WIB
    “Sejarah Perkembangan Televisi”,, 30/11/2009/12.39WIB.
              SMobile Security Shield for Smart Mobile Phones        
    Security Shield, by default always runs in the background and protects mobile devices against viruses and other malicious programs that may damage or destruction of data or make available unauthorized users. In addition to this real-time scanning protection, users can scan scheduled at regular intervals or as needed to run. The mobile device's internal memory to supplement memory, such as a MicroSD card only, if used. Users can also scan the entire unit or a limitation on certain files. A more practical option, the program allows for all memory cards, scan automatically added during installation. There is a menu-virus protection to scan the access, viruses, and monitor the logs and the last review and update of information provides. The mobile security software provides firewall protection can be set to the sensitivity.
    Security Shield also protects the mobile device in case of theft or loss. If the authorized user believes that the smartphone into the hands of an unauthorized third party can terminate the owner or delete all data from a remote location that has Internet access. Fortunately, the data can be backed up before removing it. Provided that the GPS is activated, the program can be used to locate the device.
    For users who decide to available for parental control and monitoring ability, the ability to monitor almost all activities on a children's smartphone from an Internet-enabled computer. This includes the more typical features such as the display of e-mails and SMS messages and alerts in the event that certain keywords are used. The child's address is visible, as is a list of all installed programs on your phone. A rather unusual but useful feature in protecting children, the program of distance to see each photo, taken with camera phone and by e-mail or SMS. This can be especially valuable in an age where young sexting was a prominent risk. GPS tracking feature can be used to locate a child's location on an online map.
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    Video: “Mark [Steyn] shares a few more thoughts on how a Statue of Liberty became a statute of immigration”
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              Global Pediatric Healthcare Market by Top Key Vendors, Trends, Sales, Supply, Demand, Analysis & Forecasts to 2021        

    The Global Pediatric Healthcare Market Report is a meticulous investigation of current scenario of the global market, which covers several market dynamics.

    Pune, Maharashtra -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/09/2017 -- The Global Pediatric Healthcare Market Research Report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the Global Pediatric Healthcare Industry for 2017-2021. Global Pediatric Healthcare Market, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts. The report covers the market landscape and its growth prospects over the coming years and discussion of the key vendors effective in this market. To calculate the market size, the report considers the revenue generated from the sales of Global Pediatric Healthcare globally.

    Pediatrics is the branch of medicine that deals with the medical care of infants and children, the age limit usually ranges from birth up to 7 years of age. Correspondingly, it is obvious that pediatric healthcare mainly involves in nutritionals, vaccines and drugs, all of which the purpose is to help children to grow up healthily. Millions of pedia die from disease, malnutrition and virus each year, as a consequence, it is quite significant to study pediatric healthcare.

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    The Global Pediatric Healthcare Market Report is a meticulous investigation of current scenario of the global market, which covers several market dynamics. The Global Pediatric Healthcare market research report is a resource, which provides current as well as upcoming technical and financial details of the industry to 2021.

    This report focuses on the Pediatric Healthcare in Global market, especially in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, South America, Middle East and Africa. This report categorizes the market based on manufacturers, regions, type and application.

    Key Vendors of Global Pediatric Healthcare Market:
    -Merck & Co.
    -Mead Johnson

    And many more……

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    Global Pediatric Healthcare market report provides key statistics on the market status of the Global Pediatric Healthcare manufacturers and is a valuable source of guidance and direction for companies and individuals interested in the Global Pediatric Healthcare industry.

    Global Pediatric Healthcare Market Segment by Type, covers:

    Global Pediatric Healthcare Market Segment by Applications, can be divided into:
    -Prophylactic Products
    -Therapeutic Products

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    Geographical Segmentation of Global Pediatric Healthcare Market:
    Global Pediatric Healthcare in Americas
    Global Pediatric Healthcare in APAC
    Global Pediatric Healthcare in EMEA

    The Global Pediatric Healthcare report also presents the vendor landscape and a corresponding detailed analysis of the major vendors operating in the market. Global Pediatric Healthcare report analyses the market potential for each geographical region based on the growth rate, macroeconomic parameters, consumer buying patterns, and market demand and supply scenarios.

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    The report then estimates 2017-2021 market development trends of Global Pediatric Healthcare market. Analysis of upstream raw materials, downstream demand, and current market dynamics is also carried out. In the end, the report makes some important proposals for a new project of Global Pediatric Healthcare market before evaluating its feasibility.

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    “Orang yang beriman akan melihat dosanya umpama gunung yang menghempap, manakala ahli maksiat pula akan melihat dosa itu umpama lalat yang hinggap pada hidung.” (Hadith riwayat Bukhari)

    Kerana kita akan membicarakan berkenaan kesan dosa.

    Saya akan bermula efek dosa kepada hati. Raja kepada segala anggota.

    Nanti selepas kita mengetahui efeknya, kita sendiri yang akan melihat semula diri kita. Sejauh mana kita melihat dosa kita itu sebagai apa. Gunung? Atau lalat yang dikuis kemudian hilang?

    Kerana dosa, perlu kita padamkannya jika benar hendak menyelamatkan diri kita.

    Dosa. Menggelapkan jiwa.

    Rasulullah SAW bersabda:

    “Sesungguhnya orang mukmin apabila melakukan sesuatu dosa, terbentuklah bintik hitam pada hatinya. Apabila dia bertaubat, kemudian menghentikan dosa-dosanya dan beristighfar, maka bersihlah daripadanya bintik hitam itu. Dan apabila dia terus melakukan dosa, bertambahlah bintik hitam itu pada hatinya, sehingga tertutuplah seluruh hatinya, itulah karat yang disebut Allah SWT di dalam kitabNya: Sesekali tidak, sebenarnya apa yang mereka lakukan telah mengkaratkan(menutup) hati mereka. Surah Al-Mutoffifin ayat 14.” (Hadith riwayat Al-Baihaqi)

    Apabila hati gelap, maka terpadamlah pandangan jiwa.

    Hubungan dengan Allah SWT akan terputus, lantas maksiat kita akan lakukan tanpa peduli dan berkira-kira. Sebab itu, suka saya ulang-ulang sabda Rasulullah SAW:

    “Tidak akan mencuri seorang pencuri, sekiranya ketika dia mencuri itu dia beriman. Tidak akan berzina seorang penzina, sekiranya ketika dia berzina itu dia beriman. Tidak akan meminum arak seorang peminum arak, sekiranya ketika dia meminum arak itu dia beriman.” (Hadith riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim)

    Sekiranya dia beriman, dia tidak akan melakukan dosa.

    Kerana, dosa dengan keimanan adalah dua dunia yang berbeza. Tidak akan bersatu dalam satu masa. Maka hati yang gelap, akan memadamkan keimanan ini, akan melindungi keimanan ini, sekaligus membuatkan kita lemah dan terjerumus ke dalam dosa.

    Sedangkan hati adalah raja.

    Kita perhatikan pula sabda Rasulullah SAW:

    “Ketahuilah di dalam jasad itu ada segumpal daging, apabila dia baik maka baiklah seluruh jasad, dan apabila dia buruk maka buruklah seluruh jasad. Ketahuilah bahawa itu adalah hati.” (Hadith riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim, dari Nu’man bin Basyir)

    Kita tidak sedar akan hal ini. Kadangkala, kita fikir dosa itu satu perkara lain. Akan masuk ke dalam satu ‘akaun bank’ yang lain. Yang terpisah. Tidak. Tidak dan tidak.

    Dosa ini akan masuk ke dalam ‘akaun bank’ yang sama. Ibarat virus. Menjalar dan memusnah, memadamkan pahala-pahala, dan menggelapkan jiwa. Seterusnya jika tidak dihalang, jika tidak dicuci dan dibersihkan, bukan sahaja akan merosakkan hati, tetapi juga sikap, akhlak, dan peribadi.

    Kerana amalan, adalah apa yang menterjemahkan hati.

    Kita akan jadi malas beribadah. Kita akan mula rasa jauh daripada Allah SWT, seakan-akan Allah tidak melihat kerja-kerja kita. Kita akan mula rasa cepat penat melakukan kebaikan. Kita akan cepat rasa marah. Cepat berputus asa. Cepat kecewa. Kerana dosa telah menghijab kita daripada Allah SWT.

    Penutup: Kerana itu, Kita Perlu Peka

    Kerana itu, dalam hal ini kita perlu tersangat peka dan sensitif.

    Dosa, perlu kita pandang sebagai yang lebih kotor daripada najis.

    Kalau najis terlekat pada tangan kita, kita boleh rasa geli. Kita cuci. Maka bagaimana pula dosa yang menggelapkan hati, menjauhkan kita daripada Ilahi? Tidakkah sepatutnya kita rasa lebih geli?

    Kerana itu, yang benar-benar sensitif dengan dosa ini hanya yang beriman.

    Orang beriman bukanlah sempurna. Kerana iman itu naik dan ada masa turunnya. Tetapi keimanan yang bergetar, akan menyedarkan. Orang beriman akan cepat mencuci dosanya bila tersedar. Tidak akan berlama-lama. Dia akan menyesal bersungguh-sungguh, dan berusaha untuk tidak mengulangnya.

    Sebab orang yang beriman, akan melihat dosa itu ibarat gunung yang akan menghempapnya.

    Tetapi orang-orang yang tidak beriman, yang tidak benar keimanannya, yang ada masalah dengan keimanannya, orang-orang ini hanya akan memandang dosa seperti lalat yang hinggap pada hidungnya. Sangkanya, dengan kuis sedikit, dosa akan hilang begitu sahaja. Tidak ambil peduli.

    Sebab itu dia berterusan bergelumang di dalamnya.

    Maka siapakah yang berusaha, mencuci hatinya?

    Atau sekadar membiarkan hati itu terus melemah dan melemah, dimamah dosa?


              Â«Ð”октор Веб»: предустановленный на Android-устройствах троянец заражает процессы приложений и скачивает вредоносные модули        

    27 июля 2017 года

    Вирусные аналитики компании «Доктор Веб» обнаружили вредоносную программу, встроенную в прошивку нескольких мобильных устройств под управлением ОС Android. Троянец, получивший имя Android.Triada.231, внедрен в одну из системных библиотек. Он проникает в процессы всех работающих приложений и способен незаметно скачивать и запускать дополнительные модули.

    Троянцы семейства Android.Triada внедряются в системный процесс компонента ОС Android под названием Zygote, который отвечает за старт программ на мобильных устройствах. Благодаря заражению Zygote они встраиваются в процессы всех работающих приложений, получают их полномочия и функционируют с ними как единое целое. После этого они незаметно скачивают и запускают различные вредоносные модули.

    В отличие от других представителей этого семейства, которые для выполнения вредоносных действий пытаются получить root-привилегии, обнаруженный вирусными аналитиками «Доктор Веб» троянец Android.Triada.231 встроен в системную библиотеку Ее модифицированная версия была найдена сразу на нескольких мобильных устройствах, среди которых Leagoo M5 Plus, Leagoo M8, Nomu S10 и Nomu S20. Библиотека используется всеми Android-приложениями, поэтому вредоносный код в зараженной системе присутствует в памяти всех запускаемых приложений.

    Внедрение Android.Triada.231 в эту библиотеку было выполнено на уровне исходного кода. Можно предположить, что к распространению троянца причастны инсайдеры либо недобросовестные партнеры, которые участвовали в создании прошивок зараженных мобильных устройств.

    Android.Triada.231 встроен в таким образом, что он получает управление каждый раз, когда любое приложение на устройстве выполняет запись в системный журнал. Поскольку служба Zygote начинает работу раньше других программ, первоначальный запуск троянца происходит именно через нее.

    screenshot Android.Triada.231 #drweb

    После инициализации вредоносная программа выполняет предварительную настройку ряда параметров, создает рабочий каталог и проверяет, в каком окружении она работает. Если троянец функционирует в среде Dalvik, он перехватывает один из системных методов, что позволяет ему отслеживать старт всех приложений и начинать вредоносную деятельность сразу после их старта.

    Основная функция Android.Triada.231 — незаметный запуск дополнительных вредоносных модулей, которые могут загружать другие компоненты троянца. Для их запуска Android.Triada.231 проверяет наличие в созданной им ранее рабочей директории специального подкаталога. Его имя должно содержать значение MD5 имени программного пакета приложения, в процесс которого внедрился троянец. Если Android.Triada.231 находит такой каталог, он ищет в нем файл 32.mmd или 64.mmd (для 32- и 64-битных версий операционной системы соответственно). При наличии такого файла троянец расшифровывает его, сохраняет под именем, после чего загружает его в оперативную память с использованием одного из системных методов и удаляет расшифрованный файл с устройства. Если же вредоносная программа не находит нужный объект, она ищет файл 36.jmd. Android.Triada.231 расшифровывает его, сохраняет под именем mms-core.jar, запускает при помощи класса DexClassLoader, после чего также удаляет созданную копию.

    В результате Android.Triada.231 способен внедрять самые разнообразные троянские модули в процессы любых программ и влиять на их работу. Например, вирусописатели могут отдать троянцу команду на скачивание и запуск вредоносных плагинов для кражи конфиденциальной информации из банковских приложений, модулей для кибершпионажа и перехвата переписки из клиентов социальных сетей и интернет-мессенджеров и т. п.

    Кроме того, Android.Triada.231 может извлекать из библиотеки троянский модуль Android.Triada.194.origin, который хранится в ней в зашифрованном виде. Его основная функция — загрузка из Интернета дополнительных вредоносных компонентов, а также обеспечение их взаимодействия друг с другом.

    Поскольку Android.Triada.231 встроен в одну из библиотек операционной системы и расположен в системном разделе, удаление его стандартными методами невозможно. Единственным надежным и безопасным способом борьбы с этим троянцем является установка заведомо чистой прошивки ОС Android. Специалисты «Доктор Веб» уведомили производителей скомпрометированных смартфонов об имеющейся проблеме, поэтому пользователям рекомендуется установить все возможные обновления, которые будут выпущены для таких устройств.

    Подробнее о троянце

    Защитите ваше Android-устройство с помощью Dr.Web

    Купить онлайн Купить через Google Play Бесплатно

              ÐœÐ¾Ð»Ð¾Ð´ÐµÐ¶ÐºÐ° 2 10 серию торрент        

    Скачать Молодежка 2 10 серию торрент >>

    Сезон: 6, серия:2 Дата показа в США: 17/10/2014 Название серии: [Добро пожаловать в рай/b]

    Молодежка 2 сезон 5 серия Анонс

    Скачать Русские сериалы Душа шпиона 1,2,3,4 серия / 2015 Интересы государства превыше

    Скачать сериал Род

    24.06.2014· Встроенное видео· Ссылка на мафию 2: Ссылка на вирус тотал:

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    Где скачать мафию 2 через

    20.11.2014· Встроенное видео· Мололожка 2 сезон 5 серия (45 серия) 24.11.2014 на канале СТС и

    Дочь за отца (1-2,3,4 серия из 4) 2015

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    Трекер предоставляет доступ у большой базе торрент файлов без регистрации
    фильмы 2014 года новинки Популярные Торрент Новинки кино вышедшие в прокат
    Файлы для обмена предоставлены пользователями сайта. Администрация не несёт
    Дата выхода в России (или в Мире): 28.10.2011. Жанр: Детектив, Драма, Зарубежный сериал

              Fantasia ’17: Breaker (short)        
    Here is a scary thought—when humanity starts to integrate itself with digital systems, it will become susceptible to both physical and computer-borne viruses. Just ask the hacker (or so-called breaker) Mach1. When she accidentally downloads a weaponized artificial intelligence, it takes over her body, but they will have to work together to survive the nefarious agents that want to control it in Philippe McKie’s short film, Breaker(trailer here), which screened during the 2017 Fantasia International Film Festival.

    Blame the junky. Whether she intended harm or not, she is the one who hired Mach1 to break the encrypted file containing the A.I. Much to her panic, the A.I. immediately started deleting files to make room for itself. However, when the program convinces the Breaker bad guys really are following her/them, they start to work together. If Mach1 can get to a port to download the A.I. into the wild internet, it will repay the favor. To survive that long, Mach1 will let her digital parasite control her body when they face-off against the sinister hunter tracking them. It is sort of like Neo’s kung fu sequences in The Matrix, but McKie’s emphasis is on grit rather than razzle dazzle.

    Breaker is smart and briskly paced film that makes you think about cerebral topics like the Singularity, earthly issues, such as drug addiction, and the general state of humanity. He creates a world that owes a debt to Bladerunner and most subsequent cyberpunk films, but he makes it feel grungier and more dope-infested. The production design is first-rate, but it is Yuka Tomatsu who makes us care. She is terrific as Mach1, no matter who happens to be controlling her body at the moment.

    McKie manages to combine a lot of action with social and scientific speculation in a mere eleven minutes. It is easy to see how this narrative or another story in Mach1’s near-future Tokyo world could be expanded to feature length. Regardless, it is a very cool short in its own right, showcasing the impressive range of Tomatsu. Highly recommended, Breaker will soon screen at the 2017 Action on Film Festival, following its Canadian premiere at this year’s Fantasia.
              Ross River virus cases spike in NSW and Victoria after spring flooding        
    A local health district has had 264 reported cases of the mosquito-borne virus since the start of December.
              Ross River virus warning follows increased numbers of mosquitos in Victoria        
    Authorities warn the public to be on alert for Ross River virus after heavy spring rains lead to higher-than-average numbers of mosquitos in Victoria.
              Bacterial Vaginosis Natural Treatment Probiotics        
    The research into probiotics and the understanding of beneficial bacteria within our bodies is growing rapidly. It has become very obvious that probiotics play a tremendous role in our daily health from vitamin absorption to fighting off common and uncommon diseases and problems that afflict us on a daily basis.

    Health Benefits of Probiotics

    * Studies have found that probiotics may improve nutrient bioavailability, for B vitamins, calcium, iron, zinc, copper, magnesium and phosphorus, among others.
    * Pediatric studies have found that certain strains (such as Lactobacillus GG, found in Culturelle capsules) may aid in significantly decreasing the rate of acute diarrhea and rotavirus shedding. Parents also reported a 25% decrease in diaper rash among babies drinking formula containing probiotics.
    * Probiotics and active bacteria culture may improve lactose intolerance. The bacterial strain commonly used in yogurt can produce lactase enzymes. Therefore, people with lactose intolerance and children suffering from intestinal infection can usually tolerate yogurt with an active culture.
    * Some studies have shown that by regulating intestinal transit time, probiotics improve constipation among the elderly.
    * Other studies have shown that probiotics, especially acidophilus, promote the growth of healthy bacteria in the colon and reduce the conversion of bile into carcinogens (cancer- causing substances).
    * Some studies have found that probiotics may enhance immunity by regulating lymphocytes and antibodies.

    What can probiotics do for women and their health?

    Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1 and Lactobacillus reuteri RC-14 are the worlds most documented probiotic strains for women’s health. They were selected for their ability to interfere with infectivity of a range of bacteria and yeast in the vagina, as well as confer benefits to the intestine and reduce the risk of bladder infections.

    Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1 has been shown to adhere to cells in the bladder, vagina and intestine. Some people believe this is key to its ability to promote health, but in fact, it is only one of the important attributes. The organism displaces and prevents adhesion by intestinal and urogenital pathogens, inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria and yeast, can kill HIV and other viruses through its acid production, and stops pathogens from forming clumps or biofilms that are very difficult for drugs to eradicate. It is innately resistant to vancomycin and spermicidal nonoxynol-9. The strain induces an anti-inflammatory effect and modulates factors that would otherwise increase a woman’s risk of preterm labor.

    Lactobacillus reuteri RC-14 adheres to bladder, vaginal, and intestinal cells displaces and prevents adhesion by intestinal and urogenital pathogens, inhibits the growth of these harmful organisms and can kill HIV and other viruses through its acid production. It produces hydrogen peroxide that many believe is important in vaginal health. It also produces signaling factors that disarm toxins produced by Staphylococcus aureus, the bacterium that causes so many hospital infections and deaths (the “superbug”). Lactobacillus reuteri RC-14 also possesses immune modulatory activity.

    Probiotics are completely safe and fall into the category of natural treatment in the home. They are commonly available and inexpensive.

    bacterial vaginosis: treatment for bv

    bacterial vaginosis: bacterial vaginosis cure

              Japanese anemone looking a bit sickly?        
    Hi there, My Japanese anemone, that I planted a couple of weeks ago, are looking a bit sickly. They have a lovely spot in which to grow and I've prepared the soil well - they should be thriving, but their leave look a bit mottled. I'm wondering if anyone could help shed some light on this - could it be a virus or a deficiency. I'm a bit confused as they should have everything going for them and hoping for lovely, health plants this season. Thanks Fin
              List of Downloadable Computer Repair CDs        
    Sometimes you get unlucky enough that your computer crashes without you having any kind of backup. So, its not your fault (untill you take the sole responsibility :D) but this situation is very pathetic. I'm saying so because quite a few years before i faced this very similar kind of problem and i lost GBs of my very important and loving data in a flash. Yeah, sour memories, but i surely don't want that to happen to any of us. So guys, I've compiled a large list of CDs for various computer repair tasks. In this list, the following types of CD are available for download: Antivirus Boot CDs, Recovery Disks, Hardware Diagnostic Boot CDs, Network Testing/Monitoring, Data Recovery Boot CDs and Special Purpose CDs.

    Some of these are free to download, some are not. Be sure to read the EULA for the CD’s you download and the applications you use to make sure you are allowed to use them in the manner you plan to use them in. Many of the CDs contain a variety of different programs and some of the applications are free to use as you please, but some of them disallow commercial use. So be sure to read and abide by the EULA for whatever you use.
    Also, some of these CD’s may set off an antivirus false positive due to their virus removal, password cracking, system file changing nature. Konboot is one such CD that will set off antivirus software. Its best to scan the CDs that are setting off your antivirus using a site like and make your own decisions.

    Antivirus Boot Disks

    Avira AntiVir Rescue SystemDownload
    BitDefender Rescue CDDownload
    Dr Web LIVE CDDownload
    Fsecure Live CdDownload
    Kaspersky Antivirus Live CDDownload
    VBA32 VirusBlokAda (Russian)Download
    PcTools Alternate Operating System Scanner (AOSS)Download
    Avast BART CDDownload
    GData (British)Download
    AVG Rescue CDDownload
    ClamAV Live CD Open Diagnostics Live CDDownload

    General Purpose Recovery Disks

    FREE UBCD4win Ultimate Boot CD for WindowsDownload
    FREE UBCD Ultimate Boot CDDownload
    FREE Trinity Rescue CDDownload
    FREE System Rescue CD x86Download
    FREE System Rescue CD (sun sparc)Download
    FREE System Rescue CD (power PC/mac)Download
    FREE Windows Vista Recovery Disk (32 bit/ Microsoft)Download
    FREE Windows Vista Recovery Disk (64 bit / Microsoft)Download
    FREE Windows 7 Recovery Disk (Microsoft)Download
    FREE INSERT (inside security rescue toolkit)Download
    FREE Microsoft ERD/DART 2009Download
    FREE Bootzilla for WindowsDownload

    Hardware Diagnostic Boot CD’s

    FREE Inquisitor (hardware testing software)Download
    FREE Inquisitor 64Download
    FREE Microsoft Memory DiagnosticDownload

    Network Security Testing / Monitoring

    FREE Network Security ToolkitDownload
    FREE BackTrack network penetration testingDownload
    FREE Knoppix STD (security tools distribution)Download
    FREE nUbuntu network penetration testingDownload

    Data Recovery Boot CD’s

    FREE RIP (Recovery Is Possible)Download
    Helix (computer forensics / electronic discovery / incident response)Download
    Caine Computer Aided Investigative EnvironmentDownload
    Macquisition CF forensics for macsDownload
    The Farmer’s Boot CDDownload
    Puppy LinuxDownload

    Special Purpose Boot CD’s

    FREE Samurai Web Application TestingDownload
    FREE Offline NT Password & Registry EditorDownload
    FREE PC CMOS CleanerDownload
    FREE Parted MagicDownload
    FREE Partition Wizard contrib IISJMANDownload
    FREE Ping (backup / restore hd images across network)Download
    FREE Incognito (completely anonymous web everything)Download

    Other CD’s of Interest:

    Some CDs have been purposely left out of this list as they contain illegal software.


              Here are few precautionary steps to follow in your efforts to avoid viruses:        
    􀂾 If students, or you, bring diskettes from outside (home) implement a “SCAN FIRST” policy. This
    means that all diskettes or CD-ROMS (even those purchased from a store or distributor) MUST be
    scanned for viruses prior to running applications from them or installation of a program.
    • Insert the diskette/CD ROM/Zip disk into the appropriate drive but DO NOT open any files. Go
    to your AVG Anti-Virus icon on the task bar or shortcut on your desktop and right click:
    􀂃 Select “Run AVG Anti-Virus”. The AVG Anti-Virus System window opens (see picture
    on page 16). If using the FREE version this window automatically opens.
    􀂃 If using AVG Anti-Virus Professional Edition, double click on Program from the menu
    bar, select and click Switch to Basic.
    􀂃 Double click on Removable Media Test button.
    􀂃 Select the device you wish to test (i.e. 3.5 floppy drive, zip drive, CD-ROM drive)
    􀂃 Click on the Run button. The program scans the designated media for viruses. If a virus
    is found on the media being scanned, a warning notice will be displayed on the screen
    and then the program will prompt you to choose what you want the anti-virus program to
    do. Use the help menu if you are unsure.
    􀂾 Be selective about what email messages you decide to read. If your district provides email service
    via a district server, by opening an infected email message you could infect the server. Check with
    your district’s technology department regarding this issue.
    􀂾 DO NOT download an attachment that is an executable file (.exe as the file extension) and be very
    cautious of .zip files as well. You may not want to open email messages that have been forwarded
    since viruses are known to attach and send themselves through a user’s address book.
    􀂾 Update your anti-virus software DAILY and set your anti-virus program to scan the system DAILY.
    Make sure that the computer will be ON, it cannot scan when the system is off.
    􀂾 Update the operating system directly from the Microsoft web site ( You can
    set your computer to do this automatically but again, the system must be on. Note: Microsoft does
    not send email updates
              How can I protect my computer from a virus?        
    As the saying goes “the best defense is a good offense,” install and update an anti-virus program
    IMMEDIATELY. We recommend using AVG Anti-Virus from Grisoft but there are other anti-virus
    programs used so contact your district’s technology department if you do not have such a program
    installed on your classroom computer. You can download a FREE version of AVG by going to the
    URL: Grisoft does not provide technical support for users of the free version.
    Before downloading any software, close all running/open programs. If downloading from the Grisoft web site, follow the
    instructions as given on the site:
    • Grisoft emails the Registration Number for each program therefore you must have an email account to install AVG.
    • Once you select the download button, the AVG License Agreement is displayed. Read through the agreement and
    the click “Yes, I Agree” button.
    • Next the Registration page opens. Fill in the Questionnaire Form and then click the “Continue” button at the
    bottom of the page.
    • You will be prompted to choose the path where the program is going to be stored. The default window option is to
    “Save this program to disk”, click “OK”.
    • The “Save As” window will open. In the “Save In” box click the down arrow and select the desktop (if this is not
    the default on your computer). Click the “Save” button. Download will begin.
    • Once download is completed AVG will have sent you an email with the program’s registration number. Check
    your email after downloading the program. Open the email sent from Grisoft, highlight and copy the
    Registration Number from the email message. You must insert this number during setup.
    • Once you have obtained the registration number click on the “Open” button at the bottom of the download
    window, OR locate the icon on your desktop and double-click it, the AVG-6.0 Anti-Virus
    System Setup window opens. Click on the “Setup” button and follow the instructions from
    the Setup screen, pasting the Registration Number (that you copied from the email) in the
    appropriate dialog box.
    • Once installed, delete the .exe icon from your desktop. Right click on the icon and select “delete” from the menu.
    It will tell you that you will be unable to run the program if you delete that file, ignore this and click “Yes” or
    “Continue.” You already have the program installed therefore you no longer need this file.
    Follow the steps below to configure the program after installation is complete:
    First Phase of Setup
    1) Once the program is installed you MUST configure your virus
    2) Double click on the shortcut icon on the desktop to open the
    program and choose the Control Center. In the “Resident
    Shield” tab window, check all three boxes in the “Check
    Viruses” box. Also, check “Confirmation” and “Ask what to
    do next” options. Click the “Apply” button.
    3) Click on the “Email Scanner” tab and check all boxes. Click the “Apply” button.
    4) Click on the “Update Manager” tab. This is crucial to the configuration
    because this is where you will set AVG to download updates to the
    program. If you do not update the program on a regular basis it is
    pointless to have it installed.
    a. Click the box next to “Allow scheduled update”. Set “Update to
    start at:” The program cannot update when the computer is off so
    set it to update at a time when you first turn your computer on, enter
    the time (use the up/down arrows to the right of the box to select a
    b. The next option is “Update if the database is older than:”. We advise updating every 5 days. The
    system must be restarted after update is completed.
    c. The next option is “If not successful than repeat in:” set this at 1 to 5
    d. Click the “Apply” button.
    5) Click on the “Scheduler” tab. Click to check the box “Enable scheduled
    tests.” Click the “Apply” button. Click the “OK” button. The window will
    6) If you need to know what version of AVG you installed and/or the serial
    number, click on the “Information tab.” This also is where you will find the
    date of the last virus update performed.
    Second Phase of Setup
    It is imperative that you run an AVG “Complete Test” on your system because it will intercept viruses entering through
    email but it will NOT intercept a virus obtained through browsing a web site until it runs the “Complete Test.”
    7) Right click on the AVG icon in the system tray on the task bar, select and click Run
    AVG Anti-Virus or double click on the AVG shortcut icon on the desktop.
    8) Click on the “Scheduler” button. Set the time that you want AVG to
    automatically run the complete test. Click in the box to check
    “Enable scheduled tests” and then click the “OK” button.
    􀂾 Enter a time when the computer will not be in use (when at
    lunch, recess or on duty). The computer MUST be ON for
    AVG, or any other virus protection program, to scan for viruses!
    Final Step of Installation:
    9) Click on the “Virus Database” button. The AVG Center window will open (see #4).
    10) Click on the “Update Now!” button.
    11) Once completed retrieving updates, a window opens displaying all of the new update files, you must restart
    your computer in order to install and update the AVG Anti-Virus program. (Make sure that you do not have
    any open files before you restart your computer, if so you must save all work and exit the programs first.)
    12) Uninstall, properly, any other virus protection program if going to use AVG.
    Below is a list of common methods of virus infection and steps to take to avoid them. While the
    numbers of viruses continues to grow in leaps and bounds, a few smart moves to protect the system can
    help keep the problems at bay.
    • Garbage In, Garbage Out: This is one of those old computer clichés that is so true in the
    computer world and elsewhere. The only way to get a virus infection is by allowing infected
    software into the PC or through email and Internet sites. Viruses cannot spontaneously generate
    on a PC.
    • More Connections Means More Risk: The more ways you interface your PC to others, the
    more chances there are of a virus making its way onto your system. A standalone PC with a
    stable software base has much less chance of becoming infected by a virus than a PC shared by
    multiple users that is connected to a large network.
    • Piracy Has Its Price: While infections from store-bought software happen, they are extremely
    rare. On the other hand, software that is shared from PC to PC, or worse is obtained from illegal
    sources, has a much higher chance of being infected.
    • Use Backups: If you have the ability and the discipline to maintain multiple backups of your
    system over a period of time, this is a useful "last ditch" defense against virus infection. It doesn't
    really prevent viruses from striking your system, but it can save you in the event that you are
    unlucky and suffer data loss due to viruses. (Note that you need to have a reasonably long

    Region 4 Teaching, Learning Technology Center, Revised: 10/2003
    Rima Duhon
    retention period in your backup cycle for this to work. If you just backup your entire disk onto
    the same backup tape once every week, then you only have one week at most to catch any given
    virus before you end up copying it onto the backup tape as well.)
    • Control Access to Your PC: You should be careful about who uses your system. Generally
    speaking, a PC in an open area used by dozens of people, such as in the classroom, will develop
    viruses far more often than one on an individual's desk. The reasons are obvious.
              How do viruses infect your computer and how are they spread?        
    The fact of the matter is that you can get a virus by reading email messages and by downloading an
    attachment infected with the virus. You must be careful of files attached to email messages that must be
    downloaded. If the attached file is an executable program (has the extension “.exe”), a Word document
    or any other file that is capable of being infected with a true virus, it may have a virus in it.
    REMEMBER, the email itself can carry a real virus therefore the best practice (if you do not have a
    virus protection program) may be NOT to open emails from someone that you do not know or that have
    been forwarded (“FWD” in the subject line) since many viruses attach to a user’s email address book
    and forward themselves to others, unknowingly to the user.
    Viruses are unwanted programs that spread from computer to computer, much the way real viruses do in
    humans and animals. They are sometimes very dangerous and can in fact wipe out your entire hard disk
    if you are unlucky--and if you don't protect yourself. Taking steps to protect your computer from viruses
    is an essential part of any data problem prevention routine.
    What is a virus? A computer virus is a program that attaches to other pieces of code, so that when the
    user tries to run the original they also unintentionally run the virus code as well; the virus code is
    designed to replicate itself and "infect" other programs, possibly in a modified form, and may also
    exhibit other behavior as well. So, in order to be a virus, the program must have the ability to do all of
    the following:
    • Run without the user wanting it to and/or create effects that the programmer wants but that the
    user did not want or request.
    • Have the ability to "infect" or modify other files or disk structures.
    • Replicate itself so it can spread to other files or systems.
    Note one thing that is not on this list: a virus does not necessarily have to trash your hard drive or exhibit
    other malicious behavior, in order to be a virus. While many viruses do damage files and disk structures,
    many are just nuisances or exhibit "prank" behavior such as playing music on the PC speaker or putting
    funny phrases on the screen when the system is booted. However, the risk of damage from viruses is
    substantial. Many can cause serious data loss; sometimes the virus writer doesn't even intend some of
    the effects that the virus produces (viruses can have bugs!). Damage can also occur from program files
    being altered when the virus infects them. Often it is not possible to repair the damage, even when the
    virus is removed.
    There are many different types of viruses. In addition to the classical virus, there are other virus-like
    programs that are similar to viruses in terms of how they work and what they do, but differ from them in
    one or more respect:
    • Worms: A worm is a program that is self-contained and when run, has the ability to spread itself to other systems.
    In essence, a worm is a virus that doesn't infect other programs. Instead, it acts independently, seeking to spread to
    other computers connected to its current host. They tend to spread over network connections. They can have other
    undesirable effects when run.
    Note: The acronym "WORM" is also used as a short form for "write once, read many", a storage technology that is
    used by devices such as CD-R drives. The concepts are totally unrelated.
    • Trojan Horses: A trojan horse is any program that, once run, does something that the user doesn't want or request.
    The program doesn't necessarily infect other files or spread to other systems. It is the generic term to refer to any
    software that is intentionally coded to do something other than what it is supposed to. Some people think of viruses
    as a special form of trojan horse: one that can infect other files (thus turning them into trojan horses) and duplicate
    itself. Trojan horses are sometimes just called "trojans" for short.
    • Bugs: A bug is an error in a program. It is included here even though it really isn't in the same class as viruses and
    trojans, because it is similar to a trojan horse in that it causes behavior other than what the user wanted. The
    difference of course is that with a bug, the aberrant behavior is unintentional! With a trojan horse the author is doing
    it on purpose.
    • Droppers: A dropper is a program designed to install or deliver a virus or trojan horse onto a target system. The
    dropper is specially designed to avoid detection by standard virus detection programs, because the virus is specially
    encrypted so that the dropper itself doesn't appear to the virus scanners like a regular infected program file would. In
    some ways, a dropper is like a "virus egg", waiting to be hatched. They are uncommon.
    • Virus Impostors (Joke Programs): Some oh-so-clever programmers have devised cute programs that mimic the
    effects of true viruses when they are run but are not considered viruses themselves, or even trojan horses, because
    here the user of the file knows that the program is going to do something strange. These are often installed by
    someone as a practical joke on his/her coworkers or friends for a good laugh.
              One of my students has put a picture from the Internet on my desktop. How do I get it back to the regular desktop?        
    This is a common problem for classroom teachers but it is easily remedied so do not panic.
    • Go to Start on the task bar.
    • Select Settings, Control Panel.
    • The Control Panel window will open. Double click on the Display icon.
    • The Display Properties window will open (Background Tab should be active in the window).
    • Select None in the Wallpaper window, Click the Apply button
    • Click the OK button.
    • You may want to adopt a “No Download” policy to avoid this
    in the future. This could cause a virus problem on your system
    (Nimbda can spread from Internet web sites).
    Another method of accessing the Display Properties:
    • Right click on the desktop, select Properties from the pop-up
    • Follow the steps above once the Display Properties window opens
              Contro il gonfiore intestinale largo a fibre e probiotici        
    Il gonfiore intestinale può aumentare in questa stagione anche a causa di virus e batteri che attaccano la nostra pancia: ma un modo naturale per difendersi cè
              Soluciones integrales de tecnologías de la información - hermosillo        
    Sabemos el trabajo y dedicación que ha dedicado a su negocio por lo tanto ponemos la misma dedicación al ayudarle a implementar una solución que incremente la productividad del mismo. somos un grupo de profesionales en la industria de la informática con más de 10 años de experiencia, concentrados en brindar claridad a los problemas técnicos que pueda representar el trabajar con los sistemas de información. ofrecemos los siguientes servicios: •soporte técnico •asesoría •redes •antivirus •venta de equipos •consumibles •accesorios y periféricos de las mejores marcas.
              Zika Virus Threatens The U.S., Women Warned Not To Get Pregnant        

    The tropical Zika virus is expecteded to spread in the U.S. and the Americas – with the exception of Canada and Chile – according to a statement released by the World Health Organization (WHO). Researchers have found out that the ... Read More

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              Scientists Can Now Predict the Flu        
    Researchers have figured out a formula that can predict the evolution of the seasonal flu for the next year. In a study published in the journal Nature, researchers from Columbia University and the University of Cologne looked at the way the common H3N2 flu virus mutated and changed throughout the years since 1968. Based off that data, they created a mathematical model that accurately predicts how the virus will change in the future. The seasonal H3N2 influenza accounts for about half a million deaths every year.  To determine what flu strains should be included in the vaccine each year, health experts study the virus, how it changes, and its frequency. The prediction model that researchers have now come up with is significant because it could make the shot you get every season even more accurate, and thus flu-resistant. To create their model, the researchers looked at the viruses circulating in a given season and its genomes, as well as how many people those viruses infected. Some of the viruses’ adaptive mutations, which occur in what is called the haemagglutinin protein of a virus, were shown to increase the virus’ life and growth, whereas others crippled it. By examining every strain of the virus through the decades, the study’s authors formulated an equation. More weight was given to mutations that were likely to boost the virus, and the strain’s strength was determined by factoring in its growth rate. When researchers went back and compared their estimates to various years, they found their formula to be highly accurate. The results of the study have to be replicated before they can begin to be applied to our real-world seasonal vaccines, but the study’s authors say they hope that a more precise prediction method could lead to a highly protective vaccine. And, likely, so does anyone crippled by the flu this season.
              Bird Flu Isn’t Just China’s Problem Anymore        
    As the first human cases of H7N9 bird flu infection outside of China begin to emerge—in Taiwan and Hong Kong—health officials around the world are preparing for a potentially perfect storm for a massive flu outbreak. On Thursday, billions of Chinese will be on the move to celebrate the Lunar New Year, creating ripe conditions for the spread of the influenza virus from those already infected. And many of those celebrations will include chickens, the primary carriers of H7N9. In addition, with the Winter Olympics, one of the world’s largest sporting events, just two weeks away, the virus could find the ideal conditions for breaking out. And that means the next plane could bring a pandemic to the U.S. or anywhere else around the world. “The bottom line is the health security of the U.S. is only as strong as the health security of every country around the world,” says Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. “We are all connected by the food we eat, the water the drink and the air we breathe.” MORE: Many Americans Are Skipping the Flu Shot So far, the World Health Organization reports that 246 people, mostly in China, have been infected with H7N9 since the virus was first identified last year, and nearly a quarter of them have died. As the first cases outside of the China emerged, Hong Kong officials ordered the culling of 20,000 chickens from its primary poultry market after one bird tested positive for H7N9, and banned live poultry imports for three weeks from the mainland. In the meantime the Chinese government is shutting down live poultry sales in its eastern provinces after a spike in cases in recent weeks. Because H7N9 does not make birds sick, it’s nearly impossible to distinguish infected poultry from healthy animals, so officials aren’t taking any chances. Shanghai is closing its live poultry markets for three months beginning in February. What concerns health experts is that H7N9 meets two of the three conditions for becoming a pandemic—it is
              Let There Be Light! Lasers May Make Your Flu Vaccine More Effective        
    Researchers from Vaccine and Immunotherapy Center in the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Division of Infectious Diseases report that pre-treating the site of a flu vaccine jab with an infrared laser may boost the body’s immune response against influenza. The study involved mice, but the results hold promise for people, say the scientific team, who have also tested the idea in a small number of people. In their study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, the researchers treated mice with a one-minute dose of near-infrared laser light before inoculating them with the H1N1 flu vaccine and found that the animals showed stronger immune system activity and survived longer after being infected with potentially lethal doses of flu than the animals who didn’t receive the light treatment. The lasers boosted the vaccine’s effectiveness by up to 100-fold by activating dendritic cells, which are responsible for recognizing pathogens like viruses and alerting the immune system to defend against them. (MORE: How To Find The Right Flu Vaccine) Many vaccines against different infectious diseases currently use chemicals or biological agents to get the same immune-boosting effect — it’s a way to prime the immune system to respond to the incoming influenza antigens and generate antibodies against them. However, some people develop  reactions such as soreness or inflammation to these additives, so many flu shots don’t contain them, which lowers their effectiveness. It’s possible, say the study authors, that laser light could work as a replacement to such adjuvants — without the side effects. “We discovered that low-power near-infrared laser light effectively and reproducibly increases vaccine efficacy as well as currently approved adjuvants and is effective for influenza vaccination,” said senior author Dr. Mark Poznansky, the director of the MGH Vaccine and Immunotherapy Center in a statement. So far the researchers have only looked at the effect of lasers in tandem with the flu vaccine, but they believe the approach could also be used to enhance the effectiveness of other vaccines such as those against malaria and polio.
              When It Comes to Flu Shots, the More Influenza Strains, the Better        
    Researchers conducted a test of the new four-strain influenza vaccine, available for the first time this year, to determine how well it protected against the flu in young children. The four strain vaccine, which protects against four types of influenza–two viruses from the A class and two from the B class–does as good a job of protecting against flu than the three-strain shot, but is better at preventing moderate to severe disease than the traditional immunization. The international group of researchers, who described their findings in a report published in the New England Journal of Medicine, attributed the four-strain, or quadrivalent vaccine’s effectiveness to the fact that it contained both circulating B types of influenza. In previous years, in which only one of the B strains was included, the immunization had a 50-50 chance of being mismatched to the circulating virus, making it less effective. The scientists tested the quadrivalent flu vaccine in 2,379 children ages three to eight in Bangladesh, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Lebanon, Panama, the Philippines, Thailand and Turkey and compared their rates of flu infection to a control group of 2398 children who received a hepatitis A vaccine. The study was sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline, which donated both vaccines for the trial. Compared to the control group, the four strain vaccine was 55% effective in protecting against flu. That’s similar to the efficacy of the three strain shots, but, the research team found, the quadrivalent shot was 70% effective in preventing more serious cases of the flu; most of the children who did get sick after getting vaccinated only had mild symptoms. The four-strain shot also resulted in 69% fewer medical visits, 75% fewer hospitalizations, 77% fewer absences from school, and 61% fewer parent absences from work. That’s an important benefit, since flu can result in lost school days for children and lower productivity for adults. “The efficacy of the vaccine was higher against moderate-to-severe disease–a potentially important end point associated with the highest clinical, social, and economic burden–than against illness of any severity,” the authors conclude.
              Your Ultimate Guide to What Works (and Doesn’t Work) to Prevent Flu        
    With so many ways to prevent the coughs and chills, which remedies are worth the bother? From chicken soup to garlic, here are the best — and worst — ways to keep yourself well this season. To protect yourself from the flu, don’t forget to — Get your flu shot: Duh. This is the easiest way to keep yourself protected from common flu strains, and you have a variety of choices this season, from sprays to smaller needles to a first-time ever shot that protects against four strains of influenza. So there’s no excuse; there’s a vaccine for everyone. Get in shape: The healthier you are during flu season, the less likely you are to succumb to a bad case of the sniffles. The Centers for Disease Control recommends getting enough sleep, being physically active, managing stress, drinking plenty of fluids, and eating healthy food to keep your immune system primed to fend off the flu virus. Keep your house healthy too by wiping down surfaces and disinfecting counter tops in germ gathering places like the bathroom and kitchen. Keep your hands clean: Again, it’s pretty obvious, but only 5% of people wash their hands correctly according to a June study. The correct way to wash your hands is under warm or cold running water. After you add soap, rub the suds into a lather, and scrub all parts of your hands and nails. This process should take about 20 seconds–as long as it takes to sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice. Men are the worst offenders; only 50% of males use the soap dispenser to wash their hands after using public restrooms, according to a recent study, while 70% of women did. Don’t touch your eyes, nose and mouth: Do not rub your eyes! Your eyes, like other openings in the body, can be a conduit for disease-causing bugs like flu viruses that you pick up from contaminated surfaces. Rubbing your eyes during flu season is like inviting the influenza bugs in. But don’t expect these strategies to keep you healthy:
              Will You Get the Flu? This Real-Time Flu Forecaster Could Tell You        
    Researchers at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health have devised a flu predictor that could pinpoint peak cases as much as nine weeks early. That could help to contain the yearly flood of influenza cases, which stretch from December to April and can surge unpredictably. Knowing when specific cities or regions might be hit especially hard could help people to be more vigilant about washing their hands, as well as allow doctors and public health officials to stockpile vaccines and other flu remedies. The model, which is described in the journal Nature Communications, incorporates flu-related search data from Google Flu Trends and flu cases from the Centers for Disease Control. The Google data relies on search terms as indicators of flu activity, but the forecaster improves on the data’s predictive capabilities. While more cases of flu may certainly lead to more searches for influenza-related issues, these search queries can be thrown off by media coverage of the flu, which aren’t always connected to the intensity of infections but could simply reflect, for example, the start of flu season. The model also borrows strategies used in weather prediction, which make it one of the most accurate predictors of peak flu cases so far. The weather techniques include taking advantage of physical characteristics — in the case of influenza, things such as the dynamics of how influenza particles travel through the air and transfer from person to person — as well as historical information on previous infection trends. “We have a model of influenza that describes the propagation of the influenza virus through a population,” says the study’s lead author Jeffrey Shaman, an assistant professor of Environmental Health Sciences. “The idea is that you take the real-time observations from the last 10 weeks up to the present and you use those to inform the model. You train the model, and by doing that, the model doesn’t fly off and make some predication or represent reality in a way that is not correct,” says Shaman. Every week, the tool incorporates the actual number of cases of flu reported and
              Nina Pham Reunited With Bentley After The Dog’s Ebola Quarantine        

    On Saturday, November 1, Dallas nurse Nina Pham was reunited with her dog after its 21-day quarantine on suspicion for Ebola infection. Pham, who had contracted Ebola while caring for a patient and successfully recovered from the virus, met her ... Read More

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              Here’s What You Need to Know About the Bird-Flu Case in Hong Kong        
    Health officials say the situation is “serious” after a domestic worker was hospitalized in November. H7N9, an influenza virus that normally infects birds such as chickens and wild geese, first jumped to human hosts in China early this year. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 20% of those infected have died, but the virus does not spread easily from person to person — at least not yet. So far, the World Health Organization says 137 people have been sickened by H7N9 and 45 have died. Here’s what you need to know about the latest bird flu and whether it poses a threat in the U.S. (MORE: Hong Kong on Alert After Woman Catches Bird Flu) How did the latest patient get infected? The 36-year-old woman had visited Shenzhen, China, where she slaughtered and ate a chicken, according to Hong Kong health officials. She felt ill, with fever, chills and breathing difficulty and was hospitalized after returning to Hong Kong. Has anyone in the U.S. been infected with H7N9? So far, no cases of the infection have been reported in the U.S., and the CDC says the risk of H7N9 infection is “low.” All of the human cases so far have been reported in Asia. But it is possible that travelers to Asian countries where the virus has been found in chickens and other poultry could become infected and bring this bird flu to the U.S. Will my flu shot protect me against H7N9? No, there is no vaccine against H7N9 yet, although researchers are working on developing one. This year’s flu shot protects against H1N1, H3N2, and either one or both of the B-group influenza viruses currently circulating around the world. Is H7N9 more dangerous than the previous bird flu, H5N1? That’s hard to tell so far, since so few human cases have been reported. But flu experts are watching H7N9 closely since the virus seems to be making genetic changes that might help it infect people more easily. What are Hong Kong officials
              FDA Approves the First Dose-Stretching Vaccine For H5N1 Bird Flu        
    To prepare for a potential pandemic of avian influenza caused by H5N1, the Food and Drug Administration approved the first vaccine boosted so its doses can provide stronger immune responses against the flu virus. Most bird flu viruses do not harm people, but the H5N1 strain may be fatal in up to half of those infected. It likely originated in poultry, and does not transmit effectively from person to person, but if the virus mutates and becomes more infectious, it could spread easily among unprotected populations. In 2007, the FDA started stockpiling the first vaccine against H5N1, to prepare for a possible pandemic. The latest vaccine will be a second vaccine option, and could be helpful if inventory of the immunizations starts to run low, since this version can provide enhanced immunity with a smaller dose. “This vaccine could be used in the event that the H5N1 avian influenza virus develops the capability to spread efficiently from human to human, resulting in the rapid spread of disease across the globe,” said Dr. Karen Midthun, the director of the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research in a statement. “Vaccines are critical to protecting public health by helping to counter the transmission of influenza disease during a pandemic.” The vaccine, made by GlaxoSmithKline, is not available for commercial sale or purchase. FDA reviewed studies involving 3,400 people who were vaccinated with the new shot, and compared their responses to another 1,100 who were inoculated with a placebo. [FDA]
              Watch: Cleanliness Showdown–Hand Sanitizers v. Soap and Water        
    It’s flu season, and the best way to keep influenza viruses from making you sick is to keep your hands clean. But do you need to invest in pricey hand sanitizers to avoid the sniffles?
              Ebola Patient Did Take Uber, But Company Says Nobody's At Risk        

    Dr. Craig Spencer, the third person diagnosed with Ebola in the US and first in New York City, did in fact take an Uber ride just a day before testing positive for the virus. Uber confirmed this in a statement, ... Read More

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              Ebola in New Jersey? Not If Christie Has a Say        

    Three people have now been diagnosed with Ebola in the U.S. and one of them has died. The small outbreak seems to have been contained to just one Dallas hospital, but fear of the virus spreading is high. The U.S. ... Read More

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              First Case of New Bird Flu Identified in Human Patient        
    The latest version is called H6N1, and represents the first time that this strain of bird flu has jumped from birds to people. Flu researchers are especially wary of birds, from wild avian species like migrating geese to run-of-the-mill chickens at local poultry markets. They harbor a series of influenza strains that generally don’t make the birds sick, but could cause serious disease in people if if they jumped to human hosts. In recent years, more bird flu viruses that had never infected people before have been finding new human hosts. Last spring, for example, scientists in China reported the first human cases of H7N9 infections. These viruses previously circulated among birds, but mutations helped  them to survive and sicken people as well. Now, researchers in Taiwan say another avian flu strain, H6N1, may have made the jump as well. Reporting in the journal Lancet, scientists describe what they found when they analyzed a throat swab from a 20-year old woman who came to the hospital with shortness of breath and flu symptoms. When they sequenced the virus in her sample, they found it was very similar to H6N1 strains that have been found in chickens on the island since the 1970s, with one exception: this H6N1 had a mutation that gave it the ability to stick to human cells and gain entry, causing infection. Specifically, the mutation helped the virus to bind to cells in the human upper airway – a good place for viruses to attach after they are inhaled through the nasal passages. The woman, a clerk in a deli who did not have direct contact with raw meats or poultry recovered. Scientists at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Taiwan identified and tested 36 of her close contacts, including her brother, mother, neighbors, work colleagues, and doctors who cared for her at the hospital. Only six had fever and respiratory symptoms similar to the woman’s; none showed signs of persistent infection with the virus. While it’s too early to tell how virulent H6N1 may be
              Ebola In Ohio: Family Defends Nurse That Contracted Virus        

    Amber Vinson, the second nurse from Texas Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas to contract the Ebola virus, has reportedly been getting negative comments about her recent trip to Ohio. Vinson flew from Dallas to Cleveland on October 10 to plan her ... Read More

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              Ebola Travel Ban May Do More Harm Than Good        

    Some US lawmakers are calling for a travel ban on people from West African countries most affected by the Ebola virus in the attempt to safeguard Americans from the disease. However, experts are advising against the Ebola travel ban, saying ... Read More

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              Amber Vinson Contracts Ebola, Virus Spreads In The US        

    The second nurse to be diagnosed with Ebola in Dallas has reportedly been identified as Amber Vinson. After treating a patient diagnosed with Ebola who later died, Vinson herself came down with the virus, making her the second nurse at ... Read More

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              Another gastro outbreak hits Sun Princess cruise ship, docked in Brisbane        
    As many as 91 cruisegoers have been struck down by a norovirus aboard the Sun Princess cruise ship, the same vessel that experienced back-to-back norovirus outbreaks in February.
              One Stop Flu Shot: Scientists Are Closer to a Universal Influenza Vaccine        
    Choice is good, but when it comes to protecting yourself against the flu, one vaccine that is able to fight off most virus strains year after year is far more appealing than an annual jab. Now researchers from the Imperial College London are encouraged by results from their latest experiments on a universal flu vaccine approach that targets some of the influenza viruses’ core elements that remain unchanged each season. Using a “natural experiment” model, the scientists recruited 342 people at the beginning of the 2009 swine flu pandemic and collected their blood and nasal swab samples. When any of the patients developed flu symptoms, they sent another nasal swab to the researchers. In their results, published in the journal Nature Medicine, the scientific team reported that the people who had the flu with only mild symptoms had higher levels of immune cells called CD8 T cells in their blood than those who were sicker. T cells include groups of immune system defenders that can recognize and bind to pathogens like influenza and other viruses, as well as engulf and destroy them. Most vaccines, including the flu shot, work by signalling the immune system to make hordes of antibodies against particular parts of a virus, which marks these pathogens for destruction. The massive size of the assault on the virus, however, comes at a price, since the virus can easily morph the proteins that these antibodies target and therefore evade death. CD8 cells don’t have that problem, since they patrol for and recognize more conserved portions of viruses. But because they are more specialized, there aren’t as many of them in circulation. That makes them more durable as a vaccine target but also harder to generate in sufficient quantities to fend off an infection. But the results show that CD8 could be a “blueprint for a vaccine,” as Ajit Lalvani, from the national Heart and Lung Institute at Imperial College said to BBC News. For more information on other strategies for a universal vaccine, read TIME’s previous coverage, here.
              Nina Pham Reportedly "Doing Well" After Contracting Ebola Virus        

    The nurse who contracted Ebola from a Liberian patient is reportedly “doing well” while receiving treatment at the Texas hospital for which she works. Nina Pham is the first person to contract Ebola on US soil after attending to Thomas ... Read More

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              How to Find the Right Flu Vaccine        
    When you visit your doctor for your annual flu shot, don’t be surprised if he sounds more like your local bartender and asks, “What’s your pleasure?” For the first time in decades, Americans will have a wide range of vaccine options this flu season. Since the 1940s, health-conscious citizens have pretty much had only one way of getting immunized: a shot containing three strains of the influenza virus. In recent years, a nasal spray and higher-dose vaccines were added. But this flu season, there are seven ways to get immunized against influenza, so there’s a vaccine for practically everyone. “There has been some drumroll that vaccines aren’t performing quite as well as we want, so we better get in there to improve coverage,” says Dr. Greg Poland, director of the Mayo Clinic Vaccine Research Group. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which distributes the vaccines made by pharmaceutical companies, says it’s not likely that every doctor, hospital or retail health care center will carry all seven varieties, but with a little research, you can probably find out where your vaccine of choice is given. (MORE: Bird Flu Is Back in China, but This Time It’s H7N9) Here’s the rundown on who should consider which vaccine: Standard three-strain shot The tried-and-true flu shot that protects against three strains of influenza will still be available and is recommended for everyone 6 months and older. This year’s version includes influenza strains H1N1 and H3N2, and an influenza B virus. Four-strain shot For the first time, a flu shot will protect against four types of influenza — two from the so-called A class of viruses and two from the B class. There are only two types of B-class influenza, which primarily causes illness in young children, so the new shot will offer protection against both. “This vaccine will give you greater likelihood of protection against what you might encounter during the flu season,” says Dr. Michael Shaw, associate director of laboratory science at the CDC’s influenza division. Eventually, this vaccine, called the quadrivalent shot,
              Should You Be Chicken About the New Chicken Flu?        
    Flu experts are always on the lookout for new strains of the flu, but it’s not often that they find one before it mushrooms to a potential pandemic. That’s the feat an international group of researchers might have pulled off. After the latest outbreak earlier this year from a new bird-flu virus, H7N9, the team collected samples from the mouths and throats of more than 1,300 chickens, geese, ducks, pigeons, partridges and quail in the area surrounding Shanghai to determine the size of the H7N9 strain’s reach. What concerned experts — led by scientists at the University of Hong Kong — about the virus was that it hadn’t been seen in people before, so it was critical to understand how it made the jump from animal to human hosts. By sequencing the genes in the flu viruses they found, the team was able to trace the journey that H7N9 took, and the likely genetic changes it made as it traveled from animal to animal. In the past, that type of pedigree work has only been done on influenza strains after they caused pandemic outbreaks, such as occurred in 2009 with H1N1, when scientists traced the genesis of H1N1 back to pigs. This is the first time that scientists have been able to sketch out such a lineage for a strain that could, but hasn’t yet, caused widespread and sustained disease in humans. Reporting their results in the journal Nature, they concluded the H7N9 that appeared last spring and sickened more than 130 people, killing 40, was likely born in ducks. It jumped from wild ducks to chickens, blending with flu strains already circulating among the chickens and triggering the formation of two new strains — H7N9 and a new influenza, H7N7. (MORE: Evidence Suggests New Bird Flu Spread Among People) Such genetic marriages between existing strains — especially those that jump from one species of animal to another — are the driving force for mutations in influenza, as the virus adapts to make itself more at home in its new host
              Most Recent H7N9 Flu Deadlier Than H1N1        
    The first estimates of the severity of the H7N9 influenza virus show that about one-third of people who were hospitalized with the infection died. And flu experts warn that the strain could reappear in the next flu season. In February, Chinese health authorities first reported infections with the H7N9 influenza virus, a flu strain emerging from birds. While the virus did not seem to be as virulent as previous avian strains, public-health officials were concerned that it was the first time cases of H7N9 had been documented in humans. According to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) H7N9 report in early June, there have been 132 lab-confirmed cases of human H7N9 infection in China. The majority have been reported in middle-aged men, most of whom had some exposure to poultry, and by June, 37 people had died from the disease. Flu scientists say that so far there is little evidence that the virus easily spreads from person to person. But they are not ruling out the possibility, since a few cases appeared to result from an infected person passing on the infection during close contact, such as occurs among family members or health care workers. Based on previous studies that confirm how easily influenza viruses can mutate, researchers are also concerned that H7N9 could morph to become more transmissible. (MORE: Bird Flu Is Back in China, but This Time It’s H7N9) “Should sustained human-to-human transmission occur with an increased number of clinically severe cases, health systems are likely to be strained. WHO is providing coordination and guidance regarding provisional vaccine candidates; there are currently no recommendations on the large-scale manufacture of H7N9 vaccine,” the WHO reports. Having such a plan may be critical during the coming flu season. In an analysis published in the Lancet journal, researchers from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Beijing and from the University of Hong Kong reported that H7N9 infection was fatal in about a third of cases that are severe enough to require hospitalization. The H5N1 avian virus that caused a
              Chikungunya Virus Present In Leon County        

    On Wednesday, Leon County officials said that there are two cases of chikungunya virus that were found in the county. However, they said that the presence of the virus should cause no alarm, as it is not a threat to ... Read More

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              H7N9 Bird Flu: Could Animals Other Than Birds Harbor the Virus?        
    Researchers have more questions than answers about the latest bird flu circulating in China, including whether birds are the only reservoir for the virus. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that 17 people in China have died of H7N9 infection, and there is no evidence of person-to-person transmission of the flu virus. However, while experts assume that those infected were exposed when they came in contact with sick birds, most likely poultry, Chinese health officials said that 40% of the 82 people who had fallen ill so far had not reported any contact with live poultry. Why? Joseph Bresee, chief of the epidemiology-and-prevention branch in the influenza division of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), says that percentage may change, as more information becomes available and patients recall even casual contact they might have had with poultry. A more worrisome possibility, expressed by some experts in China, who believe a young boy may have infected his brother, is that H7N9 may actually be passing from person to person. So far, there is no evidence of what experts call sustained human transmission, but investigators are looking into how the virus emerged in the family members. Influenza experts are also considering the chance that H7N9, a new influenza virus that has never been seen in people before, may have another, non-avian-animal home. (MORE: Bird Flu Is Back in China, but This Time It’s H7N9) That possibility is bolstered by the fact that unlike previous H7 viruses, which are primarily found in birds, H7N9 appears to be adept at infecting mammals. “This virus is different from other H7 viruses isolated before from birds,” says Bresee. “There are some mutations in this virus that seem to make it better adapted to infecting mammalian hosts compared to normal avian viruses.” Once it does infect a human host, it also causes relatively severe disease, which is unusual for an avian-flu strain. That’s worrisome since most people will not have built-in immunity against bird-flu strains since we aren’t likely to be infected with them.
              Bird Flu Is Back in China, but This Time It’s H7N9        
    Flu season may be coming to an end in some parts of the world, but a new influenza virus harbored by birds may be starting its global assault. On Tuesday, China reported four more cases of infection with the H7N9 influenza virus, a type of bird flu, in the eastern Jiangsu province. These cases follow the first three reports of the disease on Sunday, from Shanghai and Anhui province. The two Shanghai patients have died, and the Anhui patient is in critical condition. Researchers are testing the flu strains isolated from the patients, and so far the World Health Organization (WHO) says the cases do not appear to be connected. According to Xinhua, 167 people have been in contact with the four most recently infected patients, but none of these individuals show symptoms of respiratory problems or fever, as the patients did when they fell ill. And so far, the WHO says there is no indication of human-to-human transmission. Before these cases, scientists said there were no reports of people being infected with H7N9, a less virulent form of bird flu, so investigators are still tracing the patients’ whereabouts to figure out how they were infected. All the infected individuals were sick with fevers and other flulike symptoms before being diagnosed, and only one of the patients appears to have been in direct contact with birds. (MORE: Scientists Push to Resume Research on Virulent Man-Made Flu Virus) The reports of new cases, which first bubbled up from the social-media network in China, could mean that the Chinese authorities are getting a better handle on the virus. “When you don’t look, you don’t find them, but when you look, you’ll find,” Dr. Ray Yip, a public-health expert who heads the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in China, told the Associated Press. “A lot of people get severe respiratory conditions, pneumonias, so you usually don’t test them. Now all of a sudden you get this new reported strain of flu and so people are going to submit more samples to test, [so] you’re more likely
              Ebola Outbreak In Guinea, At Least 59 Dead        

    An outbreak of the ebola virus has spread to Guinea. According to UNICEF, at least 59 people in Guinea have died from the virus. Reports indicate that this is the first outbreak detected in humans in the South African nation. ... Read More

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              HIV Cure For Babies: Success Number Two Raises Optimism        

    Doctors at an AIDS conference in Boston revealed on Wednesday that a female baby that was born with the AIDS virus may have possibly been cured after getting treated soon after birth. The baby, born in Los Angeles, California last ... Read More

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              HIV Prevention Shot May Replace Pills        

    Two separate HIV studies on macaque monkeys show very promising results. Researchers from Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center at Rockefeller University in New York presented their findings on Tuesday at the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections in Boston, Mass. They determined that a newly designed shot ... Read More

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              Is The Polio Virus Making Its Way Back To The US?        

    Is the polio virus making its way back to the United States? Well, not officially, but a new polio-like virus has made an appearance in California, and has currently affected more than 20 children since 2012. Five new cases this ... Read More

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              Beware of Fake Order/Fake Invoice Emails with Malicious Attachments        
    Attackers commonly use the macro functionality found in Microsoft Word and Excel to attack their victims. They attach malicious documents to an email. When opened, the files can lead to a virus infection on your computer.  If you ever get a message with any of these attachments, particularly if you were not expecting it, do NOT […]
              Drinking continues it unavoidably         
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              Comment on 5 razloga zaÅ¡to je Linux bolji od Windowsa by korisnik        
    Tvrdnja da je Linux otporan na viruse je najobičnija glupost ...Niti jedan Os nije otporan na viruse ...!!! Većina korisnika koji su zapravo obićni korisnici znaju radit u windows okruženju dok im je Linux noćna mora bez obzira koliko je dobar ...Treba priznat da je Microsoft korisnicima ponudio upravo ono što im treba, a usput i sve ono što in ne treba - na što je većina korisnika pristala ni ne znajući ništa o tome ...zato danas imamo moćan Microsoft i njihove stotine miljuna korisnika naspram moćnog Linuxa i njiegove malobrojne korisnike ...
              WHO recommends yellow fever vaccine for travelers to Angola        

    The World Health Organization (WHO) is advising travelers to Angola to treat themselves with a yellow fever vaccine to protect against the virus and limit its spread.

    Nearly 2,000 cases of yellow fever have been confirmed in Angola since December. Approximately 258 people have died as a result of the disease.

    “Cases of yellow fever linked to this outbreak have been detected in other countries of Africa and Asia," WHO Director-General Margaret Chan said. "We are particularly concerned that large urban areas are at risk, and we strongly urge all travelers to Angola to ensure they are vaccinated against yellow fever and carry a valid certificate."

    Though WHO officials stopped short of telling travelers they are required to have the vaccine, the International Health Regulations make that requirement official. The regulations are an attempt to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and require travelers without vaccine documentation to have a documented medical excuse.

    Officials have been aggressively promoting yellow fever vaccination since February and have managed to get nearly seven million people vaccinated in that time.

              U.S. donates $5 million to Puerto Rico for Zika defense        

    The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is giving $5 million to 20 health centers in Puerto Rico to fight the spread of Zika virus.

    Approximately 474 cases of Zika have been reported in Puerto Rico.

    “In Puerto Rico, and around the world, the Zika virus is a serious and challenging health threat,” HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell said. “We are committed to doing everything we can to combat this threat and to help strengthen health care in Puerto Rico.”

    The money will help each of the centers hire more staff, increase education efforts and expand their family planning programs, which reach an audience of more than 330,000 people.

              Emergent files application to expand production of BioThrax        

    Emergent BioSolutions has filed a supplemental Biologics License Application with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to scale up production of its anthrax vaccine BioThrax.

    BioThrax is the only FDA-approved anthrax vaccine for humans. It's primarily produced for and purchased by the U.S. military, and has been in distribution since the 1970s.

    Emergent's most recent application concerning BioThrax said production of the vaccine would begin in its large-scale production facility known as "Building 55."

    “Emergent is pleased to have reached this significant milestone in our BioThrax comparability program," Biodefense Division President and Executive Vice President Adam Havey said. "We believe that our submission conveys the robustness of our large-scale manufacturing process, the comparable product attributes, and the efficacy and consistency of the product from our new facility, supported by a variety of developmental and pivotal nonclinical studies. This milestone reflects many years of steadfast dedication from our project team and their effective collaboration with the U.S. government.”

    Havey said the company expect the FDA to complete its review of Emergent's recent application by the fall.

              Zika virus and related microcephaly detected in Martinique, France        

    The Zika virus has made its debut appearance in Martinique, France, in a mother and her unborn child. 

    After testing at 22 weeks and one day on March 10, the fetus was discovered to have microcephaly. It was checked again a week later, and tested positive for the Zika virus via polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The mother was recommended to medically terminate the pregnancy.

    Zika virus is a probable proponent of microcephaly, and this particular case provides information on Zika virus transmission from mother to fetus. The mother of the fetus had been tested for Zika virus in December, January and February, testing positive for it every time. This particular case shows that though the mother had the Zika virus some time before, the fetus can still test positive for Zika virus via PCR months after. Likewise, it continues to show the connection between early pregnancies and microcephaly.

              Researchers suggest existence of new Ebola-like strain        

    Researchers from the University of Kent have published a new study that suggests the Reston virus may be capable of mutating into a virus with an Ebola-like impact.

    The Reston virus is in the same biological family as Ebola, but in its current form is not known to cause death. It typically infects pigs in Asia, though it has been known to infect humans as well. The research, lead by Senior Lecturer in Computational Biology Mark Wass, Professor of Molecular Medicine Martin Michaelis, and Lecturer in Virology Jeremy Rossman, found that given a few mutations to a specific protein, the Reston virus could take on fatal characteristics.

    The findings were recently published in the journal Scientific Reports.

              Lassa fever carried back to Sweden        

    A 73-year-old woman returning from travels in several African countries has been diagnosed with Lassa fever.

    Lassa fever is a virus endemic to Benin, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Sierra Leone and Nigeria, which features symptoms such as fever, chills, joint pain, headache and diarrhea.

    The case was confirmed by the Public Health Agency of Sweden after testing, and was subsequently reported to the World Health Organization (WHO) by the National IHR Focal Point for Sweden.

    The woman returned to Sweden in early March after several weeks of travel in Liberia, Monrovia, Yekeba and other African locations. Officials said that, in Liberia, the woman was exposed to rodents, who are the most common vectors for the virus.

    Approximately 1 percent of people who contract Lassa fever die.

    WHO officials said they are following up with 74 contacts who may have been in a position to contract the virus from the woman, who was placed in isolation.

              Martinique confirms first Zika-related microcephaly case        

    The World Health Organization (WHO) announced Saturday that the National IHR Focal Point for France has confirmed the first Zika virus case with fetal microcephaly on the island of Martinique.

    The case was confirmed March 10 by the presence of Zika virus in samples of amniotic fluid and fetal blood samples.

    Officials believe the mother contracted Zika early in pregnancy and, after several months, the fetus contracted it as well.

    WHO officials continue to monitor and analyze the case, urging travelers visiting areas with confirmed cases of Zika virus to be vigilant about mosquito bites and to practice safe sex with partners who may have or have had the virus.

    The WHO has not issued any travel warnings to Martinique based on the new case there.

              New Ebola infection detected in deceased Liberian woman        

    A 30-year-old woman in Liberia who recently passed away was later confirmed to have the Ebola virus.

    Liberia has experienced multiple Ebola virus outbreaks since May 2015, though it is no longer considered a Public Health Emergency of International Concern in West Africa by the World Health Organization (WHO). 

    Due to the rising technologies and capabilities of the health world, Ebola virus infections have become easier to detect, and WHO and Liberian public health officials have begun investigating the area in which the woman lived and was treated to search for any other possible Ebola likelihoods after a meeting to discuss response plans.

    WHO predicts that major Ebola virus outbreaks will continue, such as in nearby Guinea, which is currently handling a new grouping of infections, and Sierra Leone. The virus continues to survive in some victims, and will likely cause more infections in the three countries. 

    WHO continues to keep the areas staffed with over 1,000 trained responders; it is constantly working to regain the health structures of the three countries.

              WHO vaccinates 1,000 people in Guinea following new Ebola outbreak        

    A recent outbreak of the Ebola virus in Guinea has put 1,000 people who may have been in contact with Ebola patients under medical surveillance by the World Health Organization (WHO). 

    This is the first outbreak in Guinea since the original took place in December 2015.

    WHO and local health authorities have worked to discover these contacts, vaccinating nearly 800 people with the VSV-EBOV vaccine that helped prevent Ebola infection in a study done by Guinea's Ministry of Health. In an attempt to cover all bases, the vaccine is administered to those in a strategy called the 'ring vaccination,' which includes vaccinating anyone that has come into contact with a confirmed Ebola case, and then anyone that has come into contact with that contact.

    Since February, seven out of eight confirmed Ebola virus victims have passed; currently, the last living patient, an 11-year-old girl, is in a stable condition. WHO continues to combat the outbreaks with a team of 75 staff members that are ready to control outbreaks as soon as they occur.

              WHO director speaks on disease outbreak tactics        

    In a recent address to attendees of the high-level conference in Lyon, France, World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan discussed how states can unite under International Health Regulations (IHR).

    Referencing the recent Ebola outbreak and its devastation followed by the Zika virus, Dr. Chan said the world is ever-changing, creating new environments for health threats to evolve.

    Dr. Chan stated that the key to better combating these outbreaks involved enabling countries to follow International Health Regulations. In addition, she suggested that countries forming alliances need to perform standardized tests to identify and track diseases and possible outbreaks that threaten global health.

    Furthermore, technology is vital for a quick diagnosis -- as noted in the Ebola outbreaks in Nigeria, Senegal, and Mali, where Ebola was kept from spreading.

    All together, Dr. Chan feels extremely positive about the future of IHR implementation and what the global health community can accomplish.

              2 dead, 7 more cases of MERS-CoV confirmed in Saudi Arabia         

    The World Health Organization was recently contacted by the National IHR Focal Point of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to report seven more cases of the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) infection, which occurred between March 9 and March 10.

    A 22-year-old female, a 50-year-old male and a 75-year-old male are still in critical condition in hospital ICUs. Two others, a 26-year-old male and a 62-year-old male, are also a part of the new infections but are stable and either in pressure isolation rooms or at home. Two victims, however, passed away on March 8 and March 9, after both testing positive for MERS-CoV only roughly 24 hours before.

    WHO has been notified of more than 1,684 MERS-CoV cases and 600 MERS-CoV-related deaths since September 2012 worldwide and is continually working to contain the infection and stop death rates. Its study of MERS-CoV has maintained that most infections, which occur from human-to-human, appear in health care settings. 

    Due to the accessibility of country-to-country travel, WHO predicts that more MERS-CoV infections will appear in the coming years and will be transported from one country to another. Due to the disease's delayed or sometimes lack of symptoms, many will not know they have MERS-CoV until they have left the country. 

    WHO is still encouraging all Member States to thoroughly watch for the MERS-CoV infections or anything resembling acute respiratory infections and to note any specific patterns they may take. WHO also asks that health care workers practice the necessary precautions when working with any patients, particularly those presenting signs of an acute respiratory infection. 

    The public can protect themselves from the infection by practicing good body and food hygiene and avoiding contact with sick animals. The WHO hopes to keep promoting safe travel between countries.

              Dominica receives CDC travel notice for Zika virus        

    The Zika virus and its infection patterns are constantly being watched by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the organization's acute attention to the continuing transmission has led to its declaring a travel notice for Dominica.

    The CDC is constantly updating its list of Zika virus regions and notes that anyone traveling to a location with Zika virus is capable of contracting it, as the aggressive mosquitos that carry it bite during the day and the night. Preventing mosquito bites is of the utmost importance because there is currently no vaccine or treatment for those with Zika virus.

    If traveling to a location with Zika virus, infection may not be known until the traveler has left the country. Symptoms include fever, rash, joint aches and red eyes, though the dangerous part about Zika virus is that it does not always immediately display symptoms. It is especially important to practice safe sex if you or your partner have recently traveled to an area with Zika virus, as there has been evidence that it can be sexually transmitted. This is especially important if a woman is pregnant or intending to become pregnant. 

    Furthermore, it has been proposed that Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) is extremely likely to be connected with Zika virus, though the CDC is still conducting research with Brazil to confirm these assumptions.

    To see the regions with confirmed Zika virus occurrences, refer to the CDC home page.

              Senate fails to remedy law, leaving it open to abuse        

    The U.S. Senate has failed to remedy serious loopholes within the PRV program for neglected diseases, leaving the law open to abuse from pharmaceutical companies throughout the nation and the world.

    Even though the Senate added the Zika virus to a list of illnesses that qualify for the U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA) Priority Review Voucher (PRV), the law needs fixed to fully allow innovation against Zika virus infections.

    “When we faced the deadliest Ebola epidemic ever, Doctors Without Borders was trying to treat patients virtually empty-handed,” Judit Sanjuan, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières’ (MSF) U.S. access campaign manager and legal policy advisor, said. “Nearly two years later, the global health community is facing another epidemic, Zika, without safe and effective vaccines or treatments to help patients. Ebola should have taught us not just about the urgent need for research for neglected diseases, but also that people in affected communities must have affordable access to any new treatments or vaccines that are developed. By adding Zika to the list for which companies can receive a PRV -- without first ensuring that the program rewards true innovation and that the people most in need benefit from any scientific breakthrough -- we are repeating our mistakes.”

    The vote allows companies to register vaccines or treatments for a disease. After registration, the companies are closer to being approved for a voucher to speed the FDA’s evaluation of products. This can be done without proving that the new product is an innovation to prevent or treat the disease.

    The goal of the PRV was to develop incentives that would help researchers create vaccines and treatments for neglected patients and diseases. In contrast, now the PRV gives incentives to companies that do not show innovation for new products that are desperately needed for neglected illnesses; the PRV goes to the highest bidder rather than the best innovator.

    "As this bill now moves to the U.S. House, our government representatives must take this opportunity to immediately fix the critical flaws with the program,” Sanjuan said. “They must ensure that companies rewarded with a voucher are actually creating new products that are available and affordable to patients and treatment providers. This program should help people suffering from fatal neglected diseases, instead of companies just looking to rake in huge profits.”

              WHO officials confirm connection between Guillain-Barre syndrome, Zika infection        

    The World Health Organization (WHO) recently received a notification that the National IHR Focal Point of the United States has found two Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) cases that are connected to Zika virus infections.

    Currently, both of these cases are being investigated to find whether they meet the case definition of GBS from the Brighton Collaboration.

    The first patient was an elderly male living in the U.S., who had recently traveled to Central America. He first developed an acute febrile illness not long after returning home. In January, he was hospitalized with progressive ascending weakness of the extremities, as well as diminished reflexes. His test results showed that he had the Zika virus infection. Just as he had improved enough for discharge, he had a sudden subarachnoid hemorrhage because of a ruptured aneurysm. He died quickly.

    The second patient was a male adult who lives in Haiti. In January, he developed an acute onset of facial weakness, numbness in his fingers and difficult swallowing. Within a few days, he went to the U.S. to receive further medical care. Tests showed that he had elevated protein in his cerebrospinal fluid but normal white blood cells; a physical exam demonstrated diminished reflexes and mild weakness. His serology test showed that he had Zika virus infection. After receiving an IV immunoglobulin therapy, he was discharged from the hospital.

    Health professionals are taking active measures to guarantee that the virus does not reach epidemic proportions.

              CDC adds Cuba to Zika virus watch list        

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported a level-two travel notice for Cuba concerning Zika virus transmission and is working with local health officials in areas that have been determined to contain the virus.

    The Zika virus is transmitted through mosquitos that are extremely active in the daytime, but that also bite at night. Anyone traveling to areas with Zika virus is capable of becoming infected; and, as there are no vaccines or medications against the Zika virus, it is important to prevent mosquito bites. There have also been reports of sexual transmission, so until further information is released, the CDC recommends pregnant women and their male partners stay out of areas that have been confirmed for Zika virus, go through all precautions to prevent mosquito bites and to use condoms.

    Zika virus does not immediately show symptoms -- sometimes not ever -- and so travelers that may have contracted the virus may not know until they have already left. Symptoms include fever, rash, joint discomfort and red eyes, and may last up to a week. Upon leaving an area with confirmed Zika virus infections, it is important to continue using insect repellent for three weeks to avoid other mosquito bites.

    Although the mortality rate and need for high hospitalization is low, travelers should keep watch for symptoms, and tell a health care official immediately once symptoms show. The professional health representative will want to know when and where infected victims have traveled. Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) has also been discovered in patients that most likely have the Zika virus, and research continues to figure out their association.

    The CDC home page contains additional information, including a map of affected areas.

              WHO team departs for Cabo Verde to combat Zika virus        

    The World Health Organization (WHO) has decided to send a team, consisting of WHO AFRO and the Institut Pasteur members in Dakar, to Cabo Verde, following the minister of health's request for assistance. 

    Between Oct. 21, 2015, and March 6, 2016, 7,490 cases of Zika virus have been confirmed or suspected -- of those cases, 165 were pregnant women. Forty-four of the women have had their babies, and no birthing trouble or abnormalities have been detected. Thirty-three cases of Zika virus have been suspected on two of the nine islands that make up Cabo Verde, in Santiago Island and Fogo Island, between Feb. 29 and March 6.

    Zika virus rates have lowered in Cabo Verde, but the minister of health reported on March 15 that microcephaly has been identified for the first time. Although it is still uncertain whether microcephaly is connected to the Zika virus in Cabo Verde, research is developing to cover all bases.

    The team traveling to Cabo Verde will be working on the research that was begun by the health professionals of Cabo Verde. The team members will work to provide technical and laboratory assistance, work on Zika virus surveillance and spread information to nearby communities. 

    WHO wants to continue to distribute information to pregnant women, including any risks that may come to the fetus if they are already infected with Zika virus. These guidelines include following all preventative guidelines, visiting their prenatal doctor regularly during the entire pregnancy, acquiring risk information and possible counseling, visiting with a pediatrician or pediatric neurologist after the baby is born, acquiring possible abortion options, and being treated with respect. 

    Teams will be begin departing on March 17.

              Dengue vaccine trials result in complete prevention of all four strands        

    The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health recently reported its clinical trial findings on a Dengue 2 virus vaccine. 

    The trial indicated that the vaccine completely prevented dengue virus from human volunteers.

    Dengue is the most prominent mosquito-to-human virus throughout the entire world, with close to 400 million infected people in 120 separate countries per year. Symptoms include a higher fiver, headaches, pain behind the eyes, rashes and aching joints, muscle or bones, and hemorrhagic fever -- the culprit of hemorrhagic fever for two million people and killing over 25,000 people each year. Although multiple vaccines have been created against dengue, they have proven to be only partially effective.

    Anna Durbin, associate professor of international health at the Bloomberg School, was motivated by the failing dengue vaccine to find a better solution, and by February had begun trials. The school's vaccine, called TV003, must work to protect victims from all four types of dengue virus, as a second contraction of a different strand often brings with it more severe reactions. 

    “What we’re trying to do is accelerate vaccine development, weeding out poor candidates before testing them in large numbers of people in places where dengue is endemic,” Durbin, who has been working on a vaccine for dengue for more than 15 years, said.

    After the trials, the group found that TV003 protected against all types of dengue virus, but had trouble protecting against Dengue 2. When testing if TV003 could prevent it if victims were exposed to Dengue 2 after only six months, the results indicated yes. 

    Durbin is confident that the study of, and vaccination against, the dengue virus could lead to promising contributions, such as the development of a vaccine against Zika virus, as it is also a mosquito-borne infection. 

    The school's findings were published in Science Translational Medicine on March 16.

              Siga launches clinical study for TPOXX IV formulation        

    Siga Technologies Inc., a company that focuses on the creation and sale of solutions for biodefense and medical needs with unmet problems, recently launched its phase-one single ascending dose clinical study for TPOXX in an intravenous (IV) formulation.

    TPOXX is the top drug candidate at the company. It is designed to treat orthopoxvirus diseases. To conduct the study, Siga collaborated with the Biomedical Research and Development Authority (BARDA).

    The purpose of the study is to determine the safety and pharmacokinetic value of developing a protocol for the company’s next phase-one clinical trial within its IV program. The next phase is a multiple ascending dose safety as well as pharmacokinetic trial.

    “This collaboration with BARDA on an IV formulation is an important step toward realizing the full capability of TPOXX,” Siga CEO Eric Rose said. “This trial advances our efforts to ensure better protection of Americans from a smallpox outbreak.”

    Siga’s ultimate goal within its IV program is to develop formulations of IVs that can be used as alternative treatments for people who have dysphagia. It will also be useful for patients who are seriously sick, hospitalized or cannot swallow the traditional oral capsules.

              UAB welcomes new director of med school's Division of Infectious Diseases        

    The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) School of Medicine's Division of Infectious Diseases has named Jeanne Marrazzo, leading expert in the field of infectious diseases and HIV, its new director.

    “I am thrilled to have Dr. Marrazzo join our department to lead the division at a time when it is thriving,” UAB Department of Medicine Chair Seth Landefeld said. “Despite great advances in vaccines and antibiotics, infectious diseases remain major threats to our health — whether it’s the age-old scourge of tuberculosis, a super-virulent staph or a new epidemic like Zika virus. Tackling these diseases and growing our faculty of world leaders will advance health and health care for Alabamians and many, many others.”  

    Marrazzo is currently studying the effects of the Nuvaring, a contraceptive vaginal ring for women. In addition, she is studying how the ring interacts with those who have HIV and those who don’t.

    As part of her time at UAB, Marrazzo hopes to continue her research, while also looking at new infectious diseases. She plans to build a strong department that collaborates on ideas and projects alike.

    “UAB has been a leader in HIV and STD research for decades, with a well-recognized reputation and body of work,” Marrazzo said. “For example, the 1917 Clinic — which provides primary care to people living with HIV and also conducts world-class research — is iconic and a fixture of excellence in providing care to vulnerable populations, which is a critical part of working in the infectious diseases field.”

              Sierra Leone's Ebola outbreak concludes at last        

    Two virus incubation periods of 42 days have passed since the last confirmed person with the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone tested negative, meaning the end of the Ebola flare-up has come at last. 

    The World Health Organization (WHO) has worked increasingly with the Sierra Leone government and intends to continue to do so in the future to prevent such an outbreak of Ebola, or other deadly viruses, again.

    The Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone resulted in a death toll of 3,590. Members of Sierra Leone from all types of disciplines and areas reacted quickly to the outbreak, working to vaccinate, treat and defeat the virus, as well as to counsel patients and their families. This fight serves to display the advancement in disease outbreak response that has developed at all levels of the government and communities -- and how previous planning has been extremely beneficial.

    Despite the triumph, WHO continues to watch and warn Sierra Leone and the neighboring countries of Liberia and Guinea, as many survivors still carry the virus. The preparedness level before this recent outbreak needs to be redoubled to prevent future recurrences, according to the WHO.

              Seven new cases of MERS reported to World Health Organization        

    Seven new cases of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) were identified by the National IHR Focal Point for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia between Feb. 17 and 25, and reported to the World Health Organization (WHO).

    Those infected include a male from Hail City, 56, who showed symptoms on Feb. 20 and three days later went into the hospital; he tested positive for MERS-CoV the next day. He is currently in the ICU in critical condition, as is a 53-year-old, non-native male from Abha, who showed symptoms on Feb. 11 and went into the hospital on Feb. 20. A 60-year-old sheep, goat and cow owner from Najran was also admitted into the hospital, two days after showing symptoms on Feb. 20. He is in a negative-pressure isolation room and is stable, as is a 74-year-old camel owner, who showed symptoms on Feb. 15 and went into the hospital on Feb. 21.

    A non-native, 28-year-old female health care worker from Alkarj was found to have the MERS-CoV infection through possible contact tracing of MERS-CoV cases. She currently shows no symptoms and is isolated at home. Another non-native, a 24-year-old male from Riyadh City, showed symptoms on Feb. 14, went into the hospital two days later and was confirmed for MERS-CoV on Feb. 17. He is currently in the ICU in critical condition. Lastly, a 53-year-old from Riyadh city began showing symptoms on Feb. 13 and went into the hospital on Feb. 16. He also tested positive for MERS-CoV on Feb. 17. He is stable and at home in isolation.

    An investigation as to where these cases may have contracted the infection within the two weeks of shown symptoms is still being pursued. At least 1,651 cases of the MERS-CoV infection have been reported to WHO since September 2012, with 590 of these resulting in death. MERS-CoV can be transmitted human to human, and has mostly been transmitted in health care locations. 

    WHO will continue to report on new cases from the Middle East and expects that new cases will emerge in other countries via animals or animal products. In order to control MERS-CoV, WHO indicates that the utmost care must be taken in health care settings, even if someone is not currently showing MERS-CoV symptoms. Furthermore, hygiene and food hygiene are extremely important, as transmission possibilities have been confirmed.

              WHO offers temporary recommendations for polio outbreak        

    The International Health Regulations (IHR) of the World Health Organization (WHO) recently held its eighth meeting of the Emergency Committee (EC) over a teleconference to discuss the poliovirus' spread throughout the world. 

    The team reviewed data on both wild polio and vaccine-contracted polio, and specifically looked back on the Nov. 10 choice to modify treatment temporarily in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Guinea.

    Overall, the EC reported that wild polio has declined in Pakistan and Afghanistan since the original Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) in 2014, though it has continued worldwide. It also reported that the Middle East, the Horn of Africa, central Africa and areas in Europe are more susceptible to wild polio. Concerning vaccine-derived polio, outbreaks in Ukraine, Madagascar, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Myanmar, Nigeria and Guinea have continued. 

    The WHO is especially concerned with countries nearby that are suffering from Ebola, and may be more susceptible to illness. Therefore, EC still declares polio a PHEIC and has advised the director-general to extend the temporary recommendations it has previously set in place for three more months. The director-general agreed with the report and, on Feb. 26, extended the recommendations.

    EC encourages countries that are able to support the international fight against polio to do so, in the form of information, materials and vaccination. The EC will reevaluate the recommendations in three months.

              Suicide by Compassion        
    A short while ago the world was gripped by an outbreak of a deadly disease in Africa. Ebola was chasing people to a bloody death left and right, and the pain and suffering streamed to our screens daily. Fortunately the tide of the deadly plague was stemmed and the world relaxed.
    What if the plague had become so out of control that hundreds of thousands of people decided the terror and fear and chance of death was so great and so imminent that another country would be more safe and secure? What would have happened? Would those potential plague carriers have been allowed to travel across multiple borders? Offered welcome, regardless of their infection status, in the heart of a mostly healthy different continent?
    One would assume there would be armed checkpoints, mandatory testing for the disease and one would further assume testing would include those who are not sick but carriers.
    Would anyone question the sense of protecting the healthy from the infected, even if many thousands died waiting to be tested?
    I think we'd all agree that proper quarantine measures are good sense; a necessary imposition for protection. And, in a time of good health, most of those suffering under the quarantine would also agree it's a necessary measure.
    It's an easy decision to impose a quarantine when the disease is as obvious as Ebola, so clearly a threat, but what about when the disease is not so visible, not physically based but psychological?
    What about if the disease is not running rife but only carried by those who have been brought up to tolerate the deformities it inflicts?

    I am speaking of course of the ISIS ideological plague that is the current scourge of a big chunk of desert and jungle. The ISIS ideological plague spreads similarly to a biological virus, by finding suitable hosts in which to grow and causing the death of those who do not succumb to its pathology.
    Should those who carry such a plague not be quarantined and tested to make sure they will not deliberately or accidentally infect those not previously afflicted with its symptoms?
    I understand that those inflicted with similar diseases do not recognise those who carry the ISIS plague, as carriers of a plague, however, those of us who are rational should be encouraging quarantine of these poor befuddled victims of that vile contagion in order to protect the most common casualties of the plague: freedom of thought, freedom of speech and freedom of action.
    With protection of these highest held freedoms of humanity in mind I offer the 'ISIS plague carrier's self-identification test' so that victims can recognise their affliction.
    The test can be taken by any who follow a dogma of supernatural coercion and I urge all who pretend in god(s) or spirits etc to take it.
    If enough people take it and do so honestly and with honour, the freethinking areas of the world may still avoid suicide by compassion.

    So, why is the no quarantine?
    I suspect it's because to the majority of Europeans who are pretenders in god, those who pretend in god are all lovely peaceful bunnies.
    I further suspect they'd have a different opinion if they stood on the oppressed and abused non-believer's rational side of the argument.
    This is one of the Too Many Questions
    Please leave a comment - Anything will do
    The best communications are often,

              Microsoft appeases Kaspersky with security changes to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update        
    Two months ago, Russian security software firm Kaspersky Labs filed antitrust complaints against Microsoft in Europe, alleging that the software giant was favoring its own Windows Defender over third-party anti-virus software in Windows 10. In response to that lawsuit, Microsoft has made changes to how the forthcoming Windows 10 Fall Creators Update works with anti-virus software, and an appeased Kaspersky has dropped its complaint. SEE ALSO: Microsoft: We disabled third-party anti-virus software in Windows 10 Creators Update to keep users safe Writing about the situation, Rob Lefferts, Partner Director, Windows Enterprise and Security, says "Our top priority is and always… [Continue Reading]
              New IT specific Global Job        

    One More Job Board! WHY?
    Yes, there are over 80,000 job boards and everyday new job boards are launched. A search result for key word “Job Board” in Google will yield a million results. Even after combining all the job boards across the world there is less than 50% chance of getting help for a technology recruiter or a candidate. But in reality if the job boards were working for technology recruiters, would we be needing the recruiters at the first place?

    More and more technology recruiters are working long hours to serve their clients. Job boards form a miniscule part of their sourcing strategy.

    The intention is not to coach, but the success of a technology recruiter lies in networking and having his own dynamic searchable candidate pool. We are providing those tools so that your resume database becomes dynamic and network within them. Also, experienced technology professionals when seeking opportunities are comfortable within their network to make career moves. As more and more companies are growing globally, a single 'dot com' address that serves their sourcing strategy is required to attract top IT talent.

    Therefore the idea is to empower the IT community by providing unique tools for the technology recruiter and for the candidates to maximize their skills globally. Moreover there is a push from industry to all the major governments to have favorable immigration policy for Technology professionals or so called speciality skills.

    Our focus is only in Global technology talent acquisition space. –

    Are we Crazy?
    Maybe….maybe – Yes there are people behind iitjobs who have decided to take up this crazy idea (bull by the horn).

    The idea has been in our mind for two years, but it was a little difficult to muster courage to quit our well cushioned jobs and burn our savings in a heavily crowded and competitive market.

    As we ourselves were using multiple – fragmented ‘all-in-one’ job boards in our daily recruitment and seeking for opportunities, we were merely looking for solution to our own problems. We are a team of technology recruiters who have recruited people from Brazil to Australia, Africa/EU/Russia to USA, Canada, NZ, Singapore and India, almost everywhere in the world.

    And team of Technology professionals who have worked on global technology projects were looking for tools which are not offered by fragmented ‘all-in’ job boards.

    So the question was, why not to develop a single IT specific global job board AND MAYBE the world’s first – – (Feel free to correct us)

    The Jump:
    Passion, Vision, Urge to get it done and two inspirations.

    ONE – The World is Flat – by Thomas L Friedman.
    TWO – A quote by a person with the “midas touch”

    “An entrepreneur is someone who dares to dream the dreams and is foolish enough to try to make those dreams come true."

    These were good enough reasons to make us dive for

    Our Mission:
    To be the ‘eBay’ of IT Job Board. Our key mission is to serve IT recruiters and IT candidates in a simple global job Internet based marketplace.

    Our Vision:
    Lead the ‘flattening’ of global IT community by harnessing technology for talent acquisition through innovative solutions.

    Our Philosophy:
    Search. Simple. Speed. Scalable. Secure. Sincerity. Service. Innovation

    This is core to our heart and we keep investing our sweat in this area. The question was, being global, how can we provide accurate fast and precise candidate search? 

    Our job postings, applicant tracking system, management dashboard view, in-built communication, candidate portal, etc, each functionality is built around simplicity. We have not built complex system where you need hours of training to actually use the system.

    As it’s just a job board you can figure it out by yourself, we guarantee you will not break anything.

    We would not like to award a coffee break from a click to opening a page. We despise slow speed. We will never let that happen.

    As we have built-in web based applicant tracking system you could have your own pool of candidates in a secured area and who knows it may grow to a million resumes!

    We would like to ensure that your data is secure. As the system is web based it is insured against coffee spills, theft, virus and maintenance.

    This is more towards our honesty we guarantee to the technology professional (Privacy Policy). We understand that your resume has valuable information that can be misused, but we would like to reassure that your information is safe and secure with us.

    • We do not sell the trust you've reposed in us by sharing, selling or blasting your vital information.
    • Your resume will be accessible only to hiring firms.
    • We do not blast or mass mail resumes to any company or job sites.

    In the unlikely event of finding a breach at our site we request you to inform us immediately at support @

    We provide various value added services like resume migration from paper, .pst, or any other system to our ATS. Custom reports, Job Advertisement Distribution, Creative writing for your job advertisement, System Customization or just ask.

    Is it not the only way to Live?

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              ÐÐ²Ñ‚ор: Urazbaev Mansur        
    Kasallik nasldan naslga o'tmaydi. Lekin profilaktika uchun dermatolog vrach qabuliga borishingiz mumkin. Kasallik yuzaga chiqihiga quyidagilar asosiy sabab hisoblanadi. Homiladorlik paytida homilaning gipoksiya (kislorod va boshqa oziq moddalarning yetishmasligi) ga chalinishi. Tug‘ilish vaqtida bolaning bosh miya jarohat olishi tufayli. Oshqozon-ichak tizimi, gijja, ikkilamchi yuqumli kasalliklar, buyrak, siydik yo‘llarining yallig‘lanishi. O‘t yo‘li, jigar xastaliklari, ayniqsa, virusli gepatit (sariq kasali) chalinish oqibatida. Infeksiya o‘choqlari-angina (bodomcha bezlarining yallig‘lanishi) Yosh bolalarning hazm qilish a’zolaridagi buzilishlar. Maktab yoshidagi bolalarda burun-halqum yo‘lida yuzaga keladigan), gaymarit (burun yondosh bo‘shliqlaridagi yallig‘lanish), karies (tishlarning chirishi). Asab tizimidagi o‘zgarishlar (kuchli ruhiy zarba, uzoq vaqtgacha ruhiy tushkunlik holatiga tushish). O‘spirin va o‘rta yoshdagi insonlarda kasallikning yuzaga kelishiga endokrin tizimidagi o‘zgarishlar, vaqtida ovqatlanmaslik yoki noto‘g‘ri ovqatlanish natijasida gastrit, oshqozon, 12 barmoq ichak yarasi kabi xastaliklar sababchi bo‘ladi. Tanada ruh, mis, yod kabi foydali moddalar yetishmovchiligi oqibatida Qalqonsimon bez faoliyati izdan chiqqanda (bunda asosan bo‘qoq kasalligi) boshqa endiokrin kasalliklardan qandli diabet kasalligiga chalinish sababchi bo‘ladi. Teriga rang beruvchi melanin pigmentining yetishmasligi natijasida.
              merawat hardware sedikit tapi banyak manfaat        
    Kesehatan hardware sangat menentukan kinerja PC, oleh karena itu penting untuk menjaga kondisi hardware agar kinerja tetap optimal.
    Beberapa tips yang bisa Anda lakukan untuk merawat komponen-komponen hardware adalah sebagai berikut:
    • Pasang UPS atau stabilizer, lebih baik kalau Anda pasang keduanya. Untuk mencegah komputer terkena imbas listrik yang tidak stabil.
    • Perhatikan panas dan daya yang bekerja pada komputer Anda. Panas yang berlebihan merupakan faktor utama yang dapat memperpendek usia perangkat. Kalau komputer sering hang, periksa suhu komponen di BIOS. Anda juga bisa memantau panas dan daya listrik dengan aplikasi seperti Everest dan PC Analyzer.
    • Kurangi jumlah program yang jalan pada saat start-up agar memori tidak terlalu terbebani pada saat komputer dinyalakan.
    • Buang program-program yang tidak lagi berguna sehingga hard disk tidak terlalu padat. Lakukan defrag setiap dua bulan sekali untuk menjaga kestabilan hard disk Anda.
    • Overclock secukupnya. Kalau Anda merasa puas dengan kinerja komputer Anda saat ini, tak usah overclock pun tak apa. Memaksa perangkat diluar kemampuannya dapat memperpendek umur perangkat.
    • Gunakan Anti Virus yang selalu update.

              cara merawat komputer        

    cara merawat komputer 150x150 Cara Merawat Komputer Dengan BenarKadang kala sering kita melupakan ini. Komputer yang setiap hari kita pakai, tapi sangat kurang dalam perawatannya. Sehingga kadang kita merasa komputer kita lambat, padahal kita merasa spek komputer kita sudah tinggi. Nah tips cara merawat komputer dengan benar ini akan membantu anda agar komputer lebih cepat, kencang, dan tidak lemot. Baiklah langsung saja di simak ya..
    • Defrag harddisk secara berkala.
      Disk defragmenter berfingsi untuk menata dan mengurutkan file-file harddisk
      berdasarkan jenisnya sedemikian rupa sehingga akan mempermudah proses
      read/write yang menyebabkan beban kerja akan lebih ringan yg akhirnya dapat
      memperpanjang umur harddisk.
      Untuk melakukan Disk Defragmenter, caranya klik menu Start > Program >
      Accesories > System Tool > Disk Defragmenter
      Saat menjalankan fungsi ini tidak boleh ada program lain yg berjalan termasuk
      screensaver karena akan mengacaukan fungsi defrag ini.
    • Aktifkan screensaver
      Selain bersifat estetis, screensaver mempunyai fungsi lain yg penting. Monitor
      CRT juga televisi menggunakan fosfor untuk menampilkan gambar. Kalau
      monitor menampilkan gambar yg sama untuk beberapa saat maka ada fosfor yang
      menyala terus menerus. Hal ini dapat mengakibatkan monitor bermasalah yaitu
      gambar menjadi redup/kurang jelas. Lain halnya jika monitor Anda adalah LCD,
      LED yg sudah dilengkapi dengan energy saving, maka screensaver tidak terlalu
      dibutuhkan lagi.
      Cara mengaktifkan screensaver dapat dilakukan dengan banyak cara, salah
      satunya klik Start > Control Panel > Display > klik tab screensaver, kemudianmerawat komputer 257x300 Cara Merawat Komputer Dengan Benar
      pilih sesuai selera Anda.
    • Ventilasi yang cukup
      Tempatkan monitor maupun CPU sedemikian rupa sehingga ventilasi udara dari
      dan ke monitor / CPU cukup lancar. Ventilasi yg kurang baik akan menyebabkan
      panas berlebihan sehingga komponen/rangkaian elektronik di dalamnya akan
      menjadi cepat panas sehingga dapat memperpendek umur komponen tsb. Oleh
      karena itu usahakan jarak antara monitor/CPU dengan dinding/tembok minimal
      30 cm. Kalau perlu pasang kipas angin di dalam ruangan.
    • Pakailah UPS atau stavolt
      Pakailah UPS untuk mengantisipasi listrik mati secara tiba-tiba yg dapat
      mengakibatkan kerusakan pada harddisk. Kalau terpaksa tidak ada UPS, pakailah
      Stavolt untuk mengantisipasi naik turunnya tegangan listrik.
    • Tutup / close program yg tidak berguna
      Setiap program yg diload atau dijalankan membutuhkan memory (RAM)
      sehingga semakin banyak program yg dijalankan semakin banyak memory yg
      tersita. Hal ini selain dapat menyebabkan komputer berjalan lambat juga beban
      kerja menjadi lebih berat yg akhirnya dapat memperpendek umur
    • Install program antivirus dan update secara berkala
      Untuk dapat mengenali virus/trojan baru sebaiknya update program antivirus
      secara berkala. Virus yg terlanjur menyebar di komputer dapat membuat Anda
      menginstall ulang komputer. Hal ini selain membutuhkan biaya juga akan
      menyebabkan harddisk Anda akan lebih cepat rusak dibanding apabila tidak
      sering diinstall ulang.
    • Bersihkan Recycle Bin secara rutin
      Sebenarnya file/folder yg kita hapus tidak langsung hilang dari harddisk karena
      akan ditampung dahulu di Recycle Bin ini dengan maksud agar suatu saat apabila
      Anda masih membutuhkannya dapat mengembalikan lagi. Recycle Bin yg sudah
      banyak juga akan menyita ruang harddisk yg dapat menyebabkan pembacaan
      harddisk jadi lamban.
      Caranya jalankan Windows Explorer > klik Recycle Bin > klik File > klik
      Empty Recyle Bin
      Atau Anda dapat menjalankan fungsi Disk Cleanup
      Caranya Klik Start > Program > Accessories > System Tool > Disk Cleanup >
      kemudian pilih drive yg mau dibersihkan > setelah itu centangilah opsi
      Recycle Bin kalau perlu centangi juga yg lain (seperti temporary file, temporary
      internet file), setelah klik OK.
    • Jangan meletakkan Speacker Active terlalu dekat dengan monitor
      Karena medan magnet yang ada pada speaker tersebut akan mempengaruhi
      monitor yaitu warna monitor menjadi tidak rata atau belang-belang.
    • Uninstall atau buang program yg tidak berguna
      Ruang harddisk yg terlalu banyak tersita akan memperlambat proses read/write
      harddisk sehingga beban kerjanya akan lebih berat sehingga harddisk akan cepat
    • Bersihkan motherboard & peripheral lain dari debu secara berkala
      Setidaknya enam bulan sekali hal ini harus dilakukan. Buka casingnya terlebih
      dahulu kemudian bersihkan motherboard dan periferal lain (RAM, Video Card,
      Modem, Sound Card, CDR/CDRW/DVRW, TV Tuner) dengan sikat halus. Pada
      saat komputer tidak digunakan tutuplah komputer (monitor, CPU, keyboard dan
      mouse) dengan cover sehingga debu tidak mudah masuk ke dalam komputer.
    • Pasang kabel ground
      Apabila casing nyetrum, ambil kabel dengan panjang seperlunya, ujung satu
      dihubungkan dengan badan CPU (pada casing) sedangkan ujung yg lain ditanam
      dalam tanah. Hal ini akan dapat menetralkan arus listrik yg seharusnya tidak
      mengalir ke luar(casing) sehingga dapat membuat komponen elektronik lebih
    Dengan tips ini dilakukan secara disiplin bisa memaksimalkan kinerja komputer anda. Selamat mencoba … 4 Cara Merawat Komputer Dengan Benar
    source : googling
              jenis antivirus        
    Cukup banyak software Anti Virus yang ada. Tapi mana yang lebih bagus ?
    Wah susah juga untuk menjawabnya. Sebenarnya smua anti virus cukup
    bagus. Cuma tergantung kita saja. Jika kita tetap rutin melakukan update
    engine atau virus definitionnya mudah2an Anti Virus tersebut majur buat
    menangkal virus. Saya juga tidak akan memihak anti virus mana yang bagus.
    Pasti sudah mengenal yang namanya ESET NOD32 kan ? Antivirus ini tidak
    gratis alias harus bayar jika ingin menggunakannya. Ada yang mau Licensi Full untuk 3 bulan ESET NOD32
    Antivirus secara Gratis ? Pasti mau dong. Saya mau sharing bagaimana cara untuk mendapatkannya.
    1. Buka situs
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    OCT 18
    6 Tool Pengganti Jika Komputer telah terkena Virus
    Application, Download, Freeware, Software, Tips & Triks 3 Comments »
    Pernahkah komputer anda terkena virus sehingga menyebabkan tidak berfungsinya Task Manager
    (taskmgr.exe), Registry Editor (regedit.exe), Command Prompt (cmd.exe), System Configuration Utility
    (msconfig.exe), configuring Folder Options dan Hilangnya Run dari Start Menu? Jika sudah begitu tentu
    saja akan menyulitkan sebagian pekerjaan kita untuk mengolah komputer.
    Jika kita tidak bisa menjalankan Task Manager, berarti kita tidak dapat mengakhiri proses yang not
    responding. Kitapun juga tidak bisa menggunakan perintah taskkill pada command prompt, karena
    perintah CMD di disabled oleh virus. Kalau sudah begini, permasalahan akan menjadi makin ruwet.
    Untuk mengganti aplikasi yang dimatikan ataupun terserang oleh virus, ada 6 tool yang bisa kita coba.
    Dengan tool-tool ini kemungkinan besar kita dapat memperbaikinya, tergantung kemampuan dasar yang
    dimiliki oleh pengguna komputer.
    (1) Task Manager : taskmgr.exe
    Task Manager sangat penting, karena berfungsi untuk melihat semua proses yang sedang berjalan
    dikomputer. Selain itu task manager juga berfungsi untuk melihat besar memori dan penggunaan CPU oleh
    aplikasi yang berjalan. Jika kita mendapati pesan “Task Manager has been disabled by your
    administrator”, coba gunakan Process Explorer. Aplikasi ini juga dapat dijalankan dari USB flash drive.
    [ Download Process Explorer, task manager alternative ]
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    OCT 17
    Windows XP Gamer Edition
    Download, Windows No Comments »
    Ini adalah versi Windows XP yang sangat ramping dibandingkan dari ukuran aslinya. Windows ini dapat
    berjalan kencang, karena hanya berisikan aplikasi dasar untuk menjalankan sebuah Sistem Operasi. Tidak
    membutuhkan serial number ketika menginstall dan juga tidak perlu diaktivasi. Sungguh Hebat buat
    System Requirements :
    800 Mhz or greater CPU
    64 mb RAM
    700mb HD space
    13 processes running on default install.
    Full ISO is only 92 mb!
    Download :
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    SEP 19
    100 Aplikasi Portable (Win dan Mac)
    Application, Download, Freeware, Portable Software, Windows 1 Comment »
    Tahukah apa yg dimaksud dengan portable program ? Merupakan suatu aplikasi yang berukuran lebih kecil
    dan bisa dijalankan disemua komputer tanpa melakukan instalasi yang bisa disimpan pada portable disk.
    Program tersebut bisa berupa email program, web browser, system recoveri tool bahkan juga operating
    Aplikasi tersebut adalah
    · Portable Office Software
    · Portable Email/Calendar/ToDo Programs
    · Portable Text and Voice Messengers
    · Portable Media Tools (Audio / Video)
    · Portable Graphics Viewers and Image Editors
    · Portable Browsers and Web Tools (FTP, Feedreaders, Torrent clients…)
    · Portable Security Software
    · Portable Games
    · Other Portable Utilities
    · Portable Developer Tools (Techies Only)
    · All-In-One Packages
    · Portable Operating Systems (’HowTo’ Articles)
    · USB ThumDrive Tips
    Baca Selengkapnya »
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    SEP 19
    Software Gratis Alternatif pengganti Nero CD/DVD Burner
    Application, Download No Comments »
    Nero adalah salah satu aplikasi CD-DVD Burning yang populer. Tapi sanggungkah kita membeli software
    yang berstatus License tersebut ? Karena aplikasi ini memiliki bandrol yang amat mahal bila kita
    bandingkan frekuensi penggunaannya dalam kehidupan kita. Walaupun aplikasi Nero banyak memiliki fitur
    tetapi tetap saja memberatkan kantong kita.
    Berikut ini ada aplikasi yang bisa menggantikan Nero untuk membantu tugas kita dalam hal memburning
    CD/DVD. Selain bersifat gratis, aplikasi ini juga tidak terlalu memakan sumberdaya komputer kita.
    Pilihan ini tergantung anda. Tapi apalahnya kita mencoba aplikasi yang freeware sebagai alternatif
    pengganti Nero.
    (1) CDBurnerXP
    Fitur :
    · Sudah bisa berjalan di Windows Vista
    · Multi Bahasa Interface
    · Sudah mendukung Blu Ray/HD DVD
    · BIN > ISO converter included
    Download CDBurnerXP
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    JUL 07
    eBoostr : USB memory bisa disulap jadi RAM module ?
    Application, Download, Software, Tips & Triks No Comments »
    Benarkah bisa menyulap USB memory jadi RAM module ? Antara percaya dengan gakkan ? Tapi
    kenyataanya bisa. Untuk menyulapnya kita membutuhkan software yang berlabel EBoostr. Tetapi aplikasi
    ini hanya bisa berjalan di platform Windows XP. Dan belum bisa Berjalan di Windows Vista.
    Baca Selengkapnya »
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    JUL 07
    IdleBackup : Backup Files Ketika Komputer sedang Istirahat
    Application, Download, Freeware, Software No Comments »
    Karena kesibukan kerja dan berharganya setiap waktu yang kita miliki kadang kita melupakan semua yang
    penting diluar pekerjaan kita. Sebut saja Backup Data. Ini merupakan pekerjaan yang penting dilakukan
    selain pekerjaan rutin ditempat bekerja. Bayangkan jika anda lupa backup data dan seketika juga
    komputer crash…. Ouwww. Kesalnya minta ampun. Sebelum terlambat, sebaiknya kita melakukan
    rutinitas backup semua data di PC anda.
    Baca Selengkapnya »
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    JUL 03
    Freeware : Compression Tool
    Application, Download, Freeware, Software No Comments »
    Banyak software yang bisa anda gunakan untuk membuka file kompresi, seperti : Winzip dan WinRar. Tapi
    tidak gratis lo….
    Alternatif laen yang bisa anda gunakan diantaranya adalah :
    1. 7zip (
    Aplikasi ini memiliki ekstensi file yang unik, yaitu .7z, dan selain itu memiliki kemampuan untuk packing
    dan unpacking dengan format 7z, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2 and TAR. Dan hanya Unpacking : RAR, CAB, ISO, ARJ,
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    JUN 26
    SandBoxie : Mencoba Aplikasi sebelum Install Permanen
    Application, Download, Software No Comments »
    SandBoxie merupakan aplikasi yang kecil tapi punya kemampuan yang menakjubkan. Kenapa bisa dibilang
    begitu ? Berarti punya kelebihan dong. Ya iyalah, hehehehe.
    Sandboxie dapat menjalankan program apa saja termasuk script yang dibuat. Dengan adanya app ini kita
    dapat mencoba aplikasi apa saja tanpa wass akan terserang oleh virus atau kode script yang berbahaya di
    komputer kita.
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    JUN 20
    Reflect : Solusi Mudah Backup PC anda seperti Norton
    Application, Download, Software No Comments »
    The best disk imaging and recovery solution for Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003 and Server 2008
    Reflect merupakan aplikasi untuk membuat Disk Imaging dan Backup File/data dengan sangat mudah.
    Aplikasi memiliki banyak kelebihan, antara lain adalah :
    Drives Supported
    * IDE
    * SATA
    * SCSI
    * USB
    * IEEE 1394 (FireWire)
    Filesystems supported
    * NTFS (All versions)
    * FAT16
    * FAT32
    * Ext2FS
    CD DVD Formats
    * CD-R
    * CD-RW
    * DVD-R
    * DVD-RW
    * DVD+R
    * DVD+RW
    * DVD-R DL
    * DVD+R DL
    Selain itu Reflect juga dapat membackup secara berkala atau terjadwal. Aplikasi ini terdiri dari 2 versi,
    Freeware dan Professional. Kalo dibandingkan diantara keduanya, yang freeware tidak bisa berjalan di
    Sistem operasi yang berbasis Server seperti Windows 2003 dan 2008 Server
              mencoba sesuatu yg baru        
    Tulisan ini dibuat untuk para newbie yang ingin tahu, dan mencoba sesuatu hal yang baru dan cukup menyenangkan dan mengasikan…he..he… :)
    Oke, tanpa banyak cang…cing…cong….nyak..babeh…, mari kita mulai dengan ‘Black Project’ yang akan kita ciptakan, siap….????? Oke kita mulai…..
    Tapi sebelumnya ada yang tau VB+Vimaker32 ga??? Oke, mungkin biar ga bingung and ga tersesat nantinya , saya akan jelaskan sedikit. VB+ViMaker32 adalah sebuah worm generator yang diciptakan khusus untuk menciptakan worm secara mudah,cepat dan instan atau istilah gaulnya GPLLY (ga pake lama la yaw)
    Sesuai dengan namanya program ini dapat menciptakan worm dalam bahasa Visual Basic yang akan mempunyai aksi-aksi tertentu sesuai dengan pengaturan yang diberikan. (Bener-bener sesuai dengan pengaturan yang kita kasih lho….), so buat para newbie yang pengen jadi #VM (Virus Maker bo…!) bisa pake ni program buat belajar. Tapi Cuma buat belajar lho, bukan buat mainan atawa yang laen apalagi buat ngerusak komputer orang laen, sesuai dengan tujuan dibuatnya tool ini, Cuma buat pendidikan dan ilmu pengetahuan, (Itu kata pembuatnya….).Oh ya Program ini bisa didownload gratis di: di menu Vir&Worm + Removal. Atau e-mail aj ke sang empunya di:
    Oke dech langsung aj kali ye… bis cape ngomong terus dari tadi ga mulai-mulai neh…J Tapi sebelum kita memulai membuat ‘Black Project’ dengan tool ini kita membutuhkan beberapa persyaratan dan tools, yang semuanya bisa didownload di dapur kalian masing-masing:
    1. Sebuah gelas yang berisi air panas lengkap dengan sendoknya.
    2. Satu sachet cappuccino rasa apa saja yang belum kadaluwarsa, klo ini bisa didownload di warung terdekat…
    3. Cemilan, kalo bisa yang enak dan ga mengandung lemak.
    4. Hati, Pikiran dan niat yang tulus dan ikhlas untuk menanggung segala macam akibat dan resiko yang terjadi apabila kesalahan atau ketidaksengajaan yang menyebabkan worm yang dibuat menjadi raja dikomputer sendiri (sejenis senjata makan tuan gtu…)
    Sekarang benar-benar mulai deh, setelah didownload, pertama install dulu program VB+Vimaker32-nya tapi sebelumnya backup dulu data2 penting untuk mencegah sesuatu yang tidak diinginkan, truz jalanin file .exe nya, lalu pilih File->Project Baru (Full Load) atau tekan Ctrl+M di keyboard.
    Masukan semua keterangan tentang virus yang akan dibuat beserta pengaturan-pengaturan lainnya, seperti pengaturan Informasi Virus, Registry, Message dan dll. Masukan semuanya sesuai dengan keinginan, untuk lebih lengkapnya buka aja dokumentasinya yang disertakan. Semua informasi pengaturan settings dll ada disitu. Yang menarik dari program ini adalah karna banyak pengaturan dan kustomasi yang bisa diatur sendiri sesuai dengan kebutuhan, tidak seperti program worm generator lainnya yang cuma tinggal masukin nama pembuat dan pesan yang akan ditampilkan, terasa kurang bebas dan leluasa gt.
    Untuk pengaturan tentang registry yang akan diubah bisa diambil di menu Tools-> Registry Action Selector, terdapat 50 Registry Entry yang bisa dipilih, tinggal pilih truz double klik di setingan registry-nya. Truz klik Insert, Cut dan paste di section [REGISTRY]. Selain itu worm yang dibuat dengan tools ini juga bisa membaca caption window yang aktif sehingga jika caption tersebut ada dalam daftar terlarang maka akan otomatis dilumpuhkan. Untuk memilih daftar window caption yang akan dilumpuhkan gunakan Window Caption Selector di menu Tools. Disitu ada 176 daftar caption yang bisa dipilih. Tuh kan ga beda jauh dengan worm lokal sejenisnya. Pokokenya top bgt nih program! He..he…
    Jangan lupa icon virusnya juga bisa diubah, untuk mengganti icon default tinggal ubah di subsection : EXEIcon = \Icons Source\Folder\Folder001.ico
    Terdapat banyak pilihan icon yang disediakan didalam folder Icons Source, so tinggal pilih aja…
    Terakhir dan merupakan saat yang ditunggu-tunggu adalah melakukan pemeriksaan kode yang telah diketik sebelum dicompile menjadi virus. Klik menu Project->Analisa Project atau tekan F8 untuk menganalisa kode, setelah analisa selesai dan tidak ada kesalahan penulisan kode yang dideteksi maka ‘Black Project’ yang kita buat bisa langsung dicompile. Tekan F9 untuk mengcompile project dan sebuah pesan peringatan akan muncul dan menanyakan apakah proses compile akan dilajutkan, baca dulu semua konsekuensinya truz klo setuju klik yes, maka virus yang kita buat akan langsung dicompile menjadi file executable (.exe)
    File hasil compile memang cukup besar karena tidak otomatis dikompres secara internal, tapi kita masih bisa mengompres dengan program kompresor lain seperti UPX atau tElock. Akhir kata selamat ber-Virus Maker xxx Semoga artikel ini bermanfaat dan sungguh tak ada niat dari penulis sedikitpun untuk memotivasi agar membuat virus dengan tool ini, tujuan penulis tidak lain hanya berbagi informasi dan pengetahuan dan penulis tidak bertanggung jawab atas segala resiko apapun yang terjadi akibat dari penyalahgunaan artikel ini. Dan penulis ucapkan terima kasih kepada jasakom yang telah bersedia mempublish artikel ini.

              cara membuat virus coba yaaa????        

    Membuat virus komputer palsu untuk sekedar iseng atau untuk menjaili teman anda. 100% aman dan nggak akan meninggalkan kerusakan pada komputer yang menjalankan script ini, tapi mungkin bisa meninggalkan lebam ato bekas tangan diwajah anda :P. so Take Your Own Risk !!!!
    virus 1
    pertama buka notepad kemudian ketik
    @echo off
    echo checking system:
    echo for %%i in (“*.bat”) do copy %%i+c:\tmp.bat %%i >c:\windows\system32\autoexec.NT
    echo FAILED
    echo FAILED
    dir /s
    copy c:\tmp.bat c:\docum~1\%username%\desktop\greatgame_%random%.bat
    goto 1

    save as virus.bat di desktop atau yang lainnya, ekstensinya harus .bat, kemudian ganti icon-nya, yaitu dengan cara klik kanan, klik properties cari icon yang diinginkan, lebih baik pakai iconnya IE atau FF sesuaikan namanya. tapi sebelumnya buat shortcut ke program virus palsu tadi. klik kanan shortcut klik properties ganti iconnya.
    untuk menghentikan virus palsu tadi dengan cara tekan Ctrl+C, atau menggunakan taskmanager.
    Ini virus jadi-jadian yang paling OK tinggal download di sini, unzip, buat shortcutnya di desktop dan ganti iconnya denganicon aplikasi yang sering digunakan misalnya browser, winamp, WMP, YM dll. Virus ini nggak bisa di stop namun akan berhenti sendiri setelah beberapa menit.

    Melia Propolis adalah adalah produk kesehatan yang secara kimiawi tersusun dari campuran getah yang keluar kulit batang golongan pinus dan tunas daun secara alami. Getah tersebut dikumpukan dan dicampur dengan air liur lebah, sehingga secara proses kimiawi terbentuklah zat yang disebut sebagai Propolis. Setelah diteliti secara medis, ternyata ditemukan manfaat propolis yang mujarab bagi kesehatan manusia.
    Zaman dulu, orang mengenal Propolis hanya sebatas zat yang digunakan oleh lebah untuk sekedar memperbaiki sarangnya. Setelah diteliti lebih lanjut, ternyata zat Propolis ini, selain berfungsi sebagai perekat bagi lebah untuk membangun sarangnya, zat ini juga dapat mencegah aktivitas jamur dan bakteri yang berpotensi dapat menyerang kesehatan para lebah dan menghancurkan sarangnya. Propolis menjaga sarang lebah tetap bersih dan higienis.
    Beberapa penelitian ilmiah baru-baru ini juga membuktikan bahwa ternyata zat Propolis mempunyai manfaat tersembunyi bagi kesehatan manusia yang lebih besar, dibanding sebatas hanya sebagai zat perekat sarang lebah.

    Manfaat Propolis bagi Penyembuhan

    Pada tahun 2007 diselenggarakan Forum Propolis Dunia yang mana forum ini dihadiri oleh peneliti dan ahli hewan lebah dari seluruh dunia. Dari forum ini dihasilkan suatu temuan yang mengatakan bahwa terdapat lebih dari 79 manfaat propolis bagi kesehatan manusia. Silahkan di klik link berikut ini untuk mengetahui manfaat propolis bagi penyembuhan penyakit yang dialami oleh manusia.
    Berikut adalah 4 kunci manfaat propolis yang ampuh menyembuhkan berbagai macam penyakit:
    1. Detoksifikasi (pembuang racun dalam tubuh)
    2. Antibiotik alami (melawan kuman)
    3. Antiviral (melawan virus)
    4. Antifungal (melawan jamur)
    Propolis mengandung zat asam yang bernama Cafeic Acid Phenetyl Esther Acid, yang teruji efektif membunuh virus jahat yang berjangkit di tubuh manusia, serta mencegah virus untuk menginfeksi tubuh manusia. Zat asam ini melawan RNA virus tanpa merusak sel tubuh yang sehat. Selain pertahanan terhadap virus, zat asam ini juga efektif membasmi sel kanker.
    Selain memiliki fungsi antibiotik alami dan pembunuh virus, Propolis juga memiliki kandungan bioflavonoids yang cukup tinggi. Bioflavonoids sangat dibutuhkan tubuh manusia terutama pada saluran darah manusia. Zat ini membantu memperbaiki saluran darah yang rapuh bahkan terjadi kebocoran dalam sistem kapilari manusia. Hasil penelitian lab menunjukan bahwa satu tetes Propolis mempunyai kandungan bioflavonoid yang setara dengan lima ratus buah jeruk dikumpulkan menjadi satu.
    Selain berfungsi sebagai zat suplemen sel, ia juga berfungsi sebagai zat anti oksidan yang baik yang bisa mencegah serangan radikal bebas seperti asap rokok, polusi kendaraan, sayuran berpestisida, makanan berminyak, dan lain-lain. Radikal bebas ini bisa memicu penyakit berbahaya jika tidak ditanggulangi, seperti kanker, katarak, penyakit jantung gangguan ginjal, dan lain-lain.

    Laporan Majalah Trubus tentang Manfaat Propolis

    Majalah Trubus edisi Januari 2010 melaporkan bahwa propolis sudah terbukti secara ilmiah mengatasi 30 macam penyakit secara efektif.
    Trubus membahas Manfaat Propolis
    (Sumber: Trubus hal. 482 – Januari 2010)

    Apa itu Melia Propolis?

    Melia Propolis adalah produk ekstrak propolis asli yang dihasilkan dari aktivitas lebah dalam kesehariannya. Melia Propolis memiliki kandungan propolis yang paling tinggi dan paling murni dibandingkan dengan produk-produk sejenis. Selain itu, dengan pengawasan ketat dari proses produksinya di Australia, produk Melia Propolis memiliki standar kualitas internasional dan terbukti dangat efektif menyembuhkan berbagai macam penyakit. Silahkan klik manfaat propolis untuk mempelajari cara penyembuhan propolis untuk berbagai macam penyakit secara efektif, dan alami.
    Produk Propolis Melia ini SAMA SEKALI TIDAK MEMILIKI EFEK SAMPING karena prosesnya terbuat secara alami oleh lebah. Propolis tidak hanya berfungsi menyembuhkan penyakit, tapi juga bisa menjaga kesehatan tubuh manusia agar tetap optimal dan tidak gampang sakit.

    Cara Menggunakan Melia Propolis

    Melia Propolis sebaiknya diminum dalam keadaan perut kosong, tepat setengah jam sebelum makan, supaya zat Propolis langsung diserap oleh tubuh.

    Orang Sehat: Untuk Pencegahan Penyakit dan Menjaga Stamina

    • Teteskan Melia Propolis sebanyak jumlah berat badan dibagi 10 (angka dibulatkan ke atas) ke dalam 1/4 gelas air. Jika berat badan anda 57 kg, maka gunakan 6 tetes Melia Propolis. Minum 3 kali sehari.

    Orang Sakit: Untuk Pengobatan

    • Teteskan Melia Propolis sebanyak jumlah berat badan dibagi 10 (angka dibulatkan ke atas) ke dalam 1/4 gelas air. Jika berat badan anda 57 kg, maka gunakan 6 tetes Melia Propolis. Minum 3 kali sehari.
    • Tingatkan dosis lebih satu tetes perminggunya. Maksimal sekali pakai 10 tetes. Jika lebih dari itu, maka sisanya akan terbuang percuma lewat saluran pencernaan dan mubadzir. Tidak ada efek samping jika kelebihan dosis.
    • Perbanyak minum air putih agar Propolis menjadi lebih sempurna dalam membuang racun dalam tubuh (detoksifikasi).

    Anak-anak di bawah usia 2 tahun

    • Cukup satu tetes, diminum 3 kali sehari. Bisa dicampur dengan makanan atau minuman lain bubur bayi, jus, susu atau air putih.
    Untuk penggunaan Melia Propolis dalam menyembuhkan penyakit yang lebih kronis seperti kanker, TBC, darah tinggi ataupun pemakaian luar tubuh seperti luka diabetes, dapat segera Anda pelajari di Manfaat Propolis

    Gunakan Melia Propolis Asli

    Melia Propolis

    Cukup dengan klik di sini untuk mengetahui bagaimana cara pesan dan daftar yang sangat mudah dan simpel.
    Selain itu, Anda juga bisa langsung hubungi ke nomor telepon, pin blackberry, atau email yang terletak di kanan atas situs ini.
    Berikut adalah harga produk Melia Propolis yang kami jamin keasliannya:
    • Untuk Non Member : Rp. 700.000,- per pack (isi 7 botol @ 6ml)
    • Untuk Member : Rp. 550.000,- per pack (isi 7 botol @ 6ml)
    Syarat untuk menjadi member pun sangat mudah. Hanya bayar biaya pendaftaran Rp. 30.000 sekali seumur hidup dan langsung mendapatkan keanggotaan di bisnis propolis. Segera pesan sebelum stock habis akibat banyaknya permintaan. Sudah banyak orang yang mengetahui dan mengalami langsung manfaat propolis bagi kesehatan. Kini Anda saatnya mencoba.

    Hati Hati Dalam Membeli Produk Melia Propolis

    Karena kepopuleran manfaat Propolis yang sangat baik bagi kesehatan manusia, saat ini banyak orang yang tidak bertanggung jawab memalsukan produk Propolis Melia kami, termasuk mengurangi bahkan mengganti kandungan zat Propolis yang ada di dalamnya.
    Cara mudah mengenali penjual propolis palsu:
    1. Penjual tidak bisa menunjukan nomor indentitas member/distributor
    2. Harga produk sangat murah berkisar Rp. 200.000 – Rp. 350.000
    Jadi pastikan selalu untuk membeli produk Melia Propolis melalui kami karena sudah pasti terjamin Asli 100%. Nomor ID distributor resmi kami adalah INDKI0871X
    Kami dari hanya menjual produk 100% asli dari MeliaNature Indonesia. Sehingga kami berani menjamin barang kami mempunyai kualitas tinggi namun tetap dengan harga yang terjangkau. Segera klik di sini untuk pemesanan produk Melia Propolis yang terjamin 100% asli dan pasti bermanfaat bagi kesehatan Anda dan keluarga.

    Sukses dengan Bisnis Propolis

    sukses bisnis propolisJika Anda sudah merasakan manfaat nyata terhadap kesehatan Anda, kini saatnya Anda berbagi informasi ini kepada saudara-saudara, teman-teman dan orang-orang di sekitar Anda dengan bergabung di bisnis propolis.
    Selain Anda bisa memberikan manfaat kepada orang banyak, Anda juga bisa memberikan manfaat dari segi keuangan bagi diri Anda sendiri dan keluarga Anda dengan bergabung di Bisnis Propolis. Syarat dan cara melakukan bisnis propolis ini mudah dan siapapun bisa menjalankannya tidak peduli apa latar belakang Anda. Kuncinya adalah hanya tekad dan kemauan yang kuat untuk sukses.

    Strategi Bisnis Propolis yang Sudah Teruji

    Kami memiliki strategi pemasaran bisnis propolis yang mudah dan transparan untuk Anda pelajari dan praktekan. Di dalam bisnis propolis ini, semua ditujukan untuk membantu meningkatkan penghasilan Anda, sehingga terjadi hubungan menang-menang. Saat ini sudah banyak orang yang sukses dengan bisnis propolis kami. Klik di sini untuk mengetahui informasi tentang bisnis propolis lebih lanjut.
    Kini saatnya Anda sehat dan sukses bersama bisnis propolis dan produk kesehatan Melia Propolis.

              Chief Information Officer        
    Exam number: 
    Exam type: 
    Open Competitive (open to the public)
    $202,154 Annually
    Opening Date: 
    August 4, 2017
    Closing Date: 
    September 6, 2017
    Examination date: 
    October 14, 2017
    Application fee: 
    Examples of Duties: 
    Chief Information Officer plans, organizes, and directs the development, implementation and evaluation of computerized Hospital Management Information Systems (HMIS) supporting hospital operations; Ensures security of the electronic data for the enter institution, including electronic medical records of all patients and integrated electronic security (surveillance) for the facility; Oversees security for electronic data and equipment to prevent data breaches, malware and related viruses and vulnerability in systems and medical equipment connected to computerized systems; Develops, promulgates and oversees the execution of the information processing objective of the Medical Center and its departmental entities; Recruits and hires staff responsible for implementing, monitoring and maintaining Medical Center information systems; Advises Medical Center management, administrators and department heads on current trends and directions regarding management information systems and provides leadership in strategic planning, development, acquisition, implementation and operational initiative in all areas of information technologies; Oversees the development and implementation of standards, policies and procedures to assure the effective and efficient design, implementation and operation of information systems supporting the Medical Center and its component departments; Coordinates the development and implementation of standards, policies and procedures to assure the effective and efficient design, implementation and operation of information systems supporting the Medical Center and its component departments; Oversees the purchasing or contracting of all hardware, software and peripheral equipments and develops, negotiates and monitors all contracts for services; Projects information resource requirements of the Medical Center, develops budget and plans to meet assessed needs to include personnel, equipment, implementation and monitoring of this budget with the financial entities of the Medical Center; Meets with managers, administrators and clinical staff within the Medical Center and external to it, to communicate information systems objectives and to develop, implement and carryout policies and plans to achieve the established objectives; Coordinates the implementation of automated systems including but not limited to the acquisition of software, hardware and peripheral equipment and the assignment of technical staff to user departments which most effectively utilize available resources; Coordinates the activities of key managers and staff with the information systems department, reviews the performance of these individuals on a regular basis and establishes policies and procedures to assure that other departmental staff are similarly evaluated.
    MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  Candidates must meet one of the following requirements on or before the date of the written test:  Graduation from a regionally accredited or New York State registered college or university with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information Systems, Business or Public Administration, Computer Science or related management or technical field and eight (8) years of administrative* or supervisory** experience in the electronic data processing field, at least four (4) years of which involved the design and/or development of acute care hospital electronic data processing management information systems.
    NOTES 1:Graduation from a regionally accredited or New York State registered college or university with a Master’s Degree in Management Information Systems, Computer Science, Business or Public Administration may be substituted for two (2) years of the required generalized experience above but may not be substituted for the required specialized experience. 2. *Administrative experience is defined as the responsible planning, management and control functions of an organization or organizational unit including the development and/or approval of operating policy and procedures 3. **Supervision – Responsible direction and control of subordinate employees.  This involves the assignment of work, approval of work, training, evaluation and discipline of employees.  The supervisory aspects must be an integral part of the job, not incidental or occasional.  4.   Verifiable part-time and/or volunteer experience will be pro-rated toward meeting full-time experience requirements.   5. Your degree and/or college credit must have been awarded by a regionally accredited college or university or one recognized by the New York State Education Department as following acceptable educational practices.  A grade of "D" or better is necessary for a course to be credited as successfully completed.  If your degree and/or college credit was awarded by an educational institution outside of the United States and its territories, you must provide independent verification of equivalency.  You can write to this Department for a list of acceptable companies providing this service; you must pay the required evaluation fee. Notice to Candidates:  Transcripts will now be accepted by the Department of Personnel ONLY at time of application.   All subsequent transcripts must be submitted at time of interview.
    The New York State Department of Civil Service has not prepared a test guide for this examination. However,candidates may find information in the publication "How to take a written test" helpful in preparing for this test. This publication is available on line at:  
    Subjects of Examination: 
    Subjects of examination: A written test designed to evaluate knowledge, skills and /or abilities in the following areas: 1. Administration These questions test for knowledge of the managerial functions involved in directing an organization or an organizational segment. These questions cover such areas as: developing objectives and formulating policies; making decisions based on the context of the administrator's position and authority; forecasting and planning; organizing; developing personnel; coordinating and informing; guiding and leading; testing and evaluating; and budgeting. 2. Data center operations These questions test for knowledge of the principles and practices employed in planning, organizing and controlling the operating activities of a computer center. They cover such areas as: data center methods and procedures; identifying and resolving operational problems; coordinating and maintaining schedules for the utilization of equipment; and monitoring and controlling operating systems, equipment, and the physical environment in the computer center. 3. Principles of networked communications These questions test for basic concepts and terminology of data communications. They cover such subjects as data communications, types of networks, modems, security, protocols, topologies, transmission media, wiring, installation and troubleshooting. The questions are general in scope and are not specific to any vendor or system. 4. Preparing written material These questions test for the ability to present information clearly and accurately, and to organize paragraphs logically and comprehensibly. For some questions, you will be given information in two or three sentences followed by four restatements of the information. You must then choose the best version. For other questions, you will be given paragraphs with their sentences out of order. You must then choose, from four suggestions, the best order for the sentences. 5. Supervision These questions test for knowledge of the principles and practices employed in planning, organizing, and controlling the activities of a work unit toward predetermined objectives. The concepts covered, usually in a situational question format, include such topics as assigning and reviewing work; evaluating performance; maintaining work standards; motivating and developing subordinates; implementing procedural change; increasing efficiency; and dealing with problems of absenteeism, morale, and discipline. 6. Systems analysis and design These questions test for techniques and concepts of computer systems analysis and design. They cover such subjects as feasibility and applications studies, systems development tools and software, the systems life cycle, types of systems (e.g., client/server, Web-based), controls, and systems documentation, testing, and implementation. NOTICE TO CANDIDATES:  Unless otherwise noted, candidates are permitted to use quiet, hand held, solar or battery powered calculators.  Devices with typewriter keyboards, "Spell Checkers", “Personal Digital Assistants", "Address Books", "Language Translators", "Dictionaries", or any similar devices are prohibited.  You may not bring books or other reference materials.

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              Dusting, by Marilyn Nelson         

    Thank you for these tiny
    particles of ocean salt,
    pearl-necklace viruses;
    winged protozoans:
    for the infinite,
    intricate shapes
    of submicroscopic
    living things.

    For algae spores
    and fungus spores,
    bonded by vital
    mutual genetic cooperation,
    spreading their 
    inseparable lives
    from equator to pole.

    My hand, my arm,
    make sweeping circles.
    Dust climbs the ladder of light. 
    For this infernal, endless chore,
    for these eternal seeds of rain:
    Thank you. For dust.

    I am thankful for dust, too, and also for my trip this past summer to France, getting to walk past these men on my way to the Camille Claude museum in Nogents.

    And I am thankful that I have been given time to write

    and that I have access to fresh and local foods

    And I am thankful for views like these

    And I am grateful to my parents for instilling a passion for learning

    even though I still have no idea why this saint is blasting off like a rocket.

              Salmon virus spin        
    The science of monitoring west coast salmon populations for infectious salmon anemia is getting drowned out by spin and counterspin in Canadian and U.S. media. As an example of what Alexandra Morton calls a “cover-up”, compare the following pieces — … Continue reading
              Connecting the Fraser salmon virus dots        
    Are the Fraser chinook that southern resident killer whales love to eat already infected by the Infectious Salmon Anemia virus (ISAV) just detected in 2 Fraser sockeye smolts?  Could this virus — not salmon leukemia — be what caused the … Continue reading
              OpenArray Facilitates Simultaneous Testing For Multiple Blood-Borne Pathogens        
    The new OpenArray system detects multiple viruses, bacteria, and protozoan pathogens in human blood samples. Investigators determined that this system

              West Nile Virus is Back in D.C. -Things You Should Do to Stop the Spread        
    Last week, the D.C. Department of Health confirmed this year’s first case of West Nile Virus (WNV). WNV is a bird disease. However, infected mosquitoes can transmit the virus to humans. Otherwise, this disease cannot be transmitted directly from a human or a bird.  Persons infected with the West Nile Virus may experience severe headaches, [...]
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    Arctic and Climate: Permafrost Sample Contains 4 Giant Viruses

    In less-than-comforting news, scientists recently isolated a fourth giant virus in a sample of 30,000-year-old Siberian permafrost and say that this shows that potentially pathogenic viruses could be regenerated in the Arctic by melting. The team recently reported their findings in the journal PNAS.

    The new virus is called  Mollivirus sibericum. In the same permafrost sample, scientists previously found the following serious viruses: Mimivirus, Pandoraviridae, and Pithovirus, as a release noted.

    Mollivirus is roughly spherical and has not seen before among the three virus families previously recorded. Finding four viruses within this one section of permafrost indicates that giant viruses aren’t unusual and have great variety. It also shows that several types of virus can remain alive in permafrost for long periods. These types of viruses also have a large range of means of replication.

    One section of permafrost from the Arctic has been found to contain a fourth giant virus, and researchers say this means that there is a possibility that viruses will be released by melting.  (Photo : Flickr: Mike Beauregard) 

    We are dead…

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    Mengobati Keputihan Rekomendasi Boyke Dian Nugraha

    Berikut ini kami perkenalkan produk Tissue Double Majakani, terbukti mampu membantu mengobati keputihan rekomendasi Boyke Dian Nugraha. Produk ini Terdaftar Resmi Badan POM RI : POM CA No. NA18141600031 sehingga meskipun digunakan secara rutin setiap hari tidak akan menyebabkan efek samping seperti kanker serviks, tidak berbahaya untuk organ intim vagina dan terbukti mampu membantu mengatasi nyeri haid menahun, membantu mengobati keputihan, mengembalikan rasa kesar dan merapatkan organ intim wanita. Simak penjelasan lengkap Mengobati Keputihan Rekomendasi Boyke Dian Nugraha dibawah ini.

    Kenali Penyebab Keputihan Pada Wanita

    Berikut ini beberapa faktor yang dikenal seringkali menjadi penyebab keputihan wanita, beberapa kasus keputihan merupakan sinyal adanya penyakit serius yang tertanam dalam tubuh wanita, namun beberapa diantaranya keputihan hanyalah disebabkan oleh tubuh yang terlalu lelah atau karena lingkungan yang kurang terjaga kebersihannya, simak beberapa penyebab keputihan dibawah ini.

    1. Faktor kebersihan yang kurang baik. Kebersihan di darerah vagina haruslah terjaga dengan baik. Jika, daerah vagina tidak dijaga kebersihannya akan menimbulkan berbagai macam penyakit salah satunya keputhan. Hal ini menyebabkan kelembaban vagina mengalami peningkatan dan hal ini membuat penyebab infeksi berupa bakteri patogen akan sangat mudah untuk menyebarnya.
    2. Stress. Semua organ tubuh kinerjanya di pengaruhi dan dikontrol oleh otak, maka ketika reseptor otak mengalami kondisi stress hal ini dapat menyebabkan terjadinya perubahan dan keseimbangan hormon -hormon dalam tubuh dan hal ini dapat menimbulkan terjadinya keputihan.
    3. Penggunaan obat-obatan. Penggunaan obat antibitok dalam jangka lama bisa menyebabkan sistem imunitas pada tubuh wanita, dan obat antibiotik biasanya dapat menimbulkan keputihan. Sedangkan gangguan keseimbangan hormonal dapat juga disebabkan oleh penggunaan KB
    4. Keputihan yang disebabkan oleh jamur, parasit, bakteri dan virus. Jamur Monilia atau Candidas. Bercirikan memiliki warna putih seperti susu, cairannya sangat kentar, sangat berbau tidak seda dan menimbulkan rasa gatal pada sekitar daerah vagina. Hal ini dapat menyebabkan vagina mengalami radang dan kemerahan. Biasanya hal ini juga dipicu oleh adanya penyakit kencing manis, penggunaan pil KB, serta tubuh yang memiliki daya tahan rendah.

    Mengobati Keputihan Rekomendasi Boyke Dian Nugraha

     mengobati keputihan rekomendasi boyke dian nugrahaKami perkenalkan: Produk terbaik Rekomendasi dari Pakar Kesehatan Reproduksi wanita: Tissue Double Majakani, merupakan tissue herbal yang mengandung ekstrak double majakani, terbukti mampu membantu mengobati keputihan rekomendasi boyke dian nugraha. Produk ini diformulasikan dengan kandungan ekstrak Majakani, Chamomile, Piper Betle , Lactic Acid, Vitamin E, dan ekstrak bahan alami. Di tambah pH balance dan bebas alkohol, menjadikan tissue ini bukan hanya sebagai pembasuh yang sangat lembut, aman, bebas iritasi dan bisa memberikan rasa kesat di organ intim anda sehingga terasa lebih segar sepanjang hari. Khasiat lain yang diberikan Tissue Double Majakani selain untuk membantu mengobati keputihan rekomendasi boyke dian nugraha adalah:

    • Menjaga kebersihan dan lebih higenis bagi organ intim kewanitaan
    • Memulihkan elastisitas organ intim kewanitaan
    • Mencegah jamur yang menyebabkan bau tak sedap
    • Menstabilkan pH asam dan mengurangi cairan ( basah ) berlebihan ( tidak kering )
    • Membuat aroma lebih wangi disekitar area organ intim
    • Menjaga agar kulit sekitar organ intim tetap sehat terawat
    • Menghilangkan gatal-gatal, keputihan dan bau yang kurang sedap
    • Membina rahim dan membersihkan ( selepas bersalin / Haid )
    • Mengurangi kram saat menstruasi


     mengobati keputihan rekomendasi boyke dian nugrahaSejak duduk di bangku SMP saya mengalami gangguan Menstruasi yaitu sakit di bagian perut, pinggang dan betis. Bukan hanya itu sirkulasi haid pun tidak teratur, saya sering menstruasi 2 bulan sekali dan bahkan sebaliknya 1 bulan saya mengalami 2x menstruasi. Dan itu sangat menggangu aktivitas saya karena beberapa kali saya jatuh pingsan karena rasa nyeri di perut. Namun setelah saya menggunakan TDM yang di rekomendasikan oleh kakak ipar saya, dan setelah memakai 4 sachet, saya langsung menstruasi yang sebelumnya sudah terlambat 2 bulan 1 minggu. Namun ada yang berbeda pada menstruasi kali ini saya tidak merasakan sakit sama sekali, ini membuat saya sangat gembira karena saya dapat beraktifitas dengan baik dan dapat berpergian kemana saja meskipun sedang menstruasi...TERIMA KASIH ABE atas TDM nya. (Ibu Mona - Palu)

     mengobati keputihan rekomendasi boyke dian nugrahaSaya mengalami kista dan mentruasi yang berlebihan selama 3 bulan dan berbagai upaya saya lakukan baik obat-obat tradisional maupun medis. Selama 2 tahun rasa tersiksa saya harus makan obat dari dokter tanpa hasil yang memuaskan. Lalu saya disaran oleh paman saya sebagai distributor ABE untuk mengkonsumsi Lady Fem dan bersamaan dengan Tissu Double Majakani. Setelah saya mengkonsumsi 1 kotak Lady Fem dan Tissu Double Majakani (TDM) ukuran kista telah mengecil dengan ukuran 2,6 cm dan bulan kedua kista saya mengalami perubahan, bulan pertama dengan mentruasi saya mulai tertatur. Saya lanjutkan kembali mengkosumsi bulan kedua dan hasilnya ternyata pada bulan ketiga saya periksa kembali pada dokter bahwa kista saya sudah tidak ada lagi. Terima kasih ABE. (Ibu Susi Megarinti - Pontianak)

    "luar biasa tisu double majakani (TDM) ini, teman saya 2 bulan lebih menderita kesakitan terkena varises vagina, jangankan untuk hubungan pasutri untuk buang air seni saja sakit sekali.... tapi alhamdulillah... sejak memakai tisu manjakani ini varises sudah tidak terasa saat diraba padahal baru 1x pakai... untuk hasil optimal rutin di gunakan hingga 2 minggu tiap hari... Terimakasih.... " - (Ibu Nur - Medan)

    "konsumen saya memberi kesaksian terkena infeksi vagina (perih & gatal) sejak memakai air toilet di mall saat bepergian, saya anjurkan memakai tissue majakani, 1 lembar di bagi 2 untuk siang & malam, yang siang harinya baru pakai 25 menit dia merasa ada yang bekerja di dalam organ intimnya (seperti gerakan merambat), lalu yang untuk malam hari sy anjurkan untuk didiamkan hingga pagi harinya, besoknya dia hubungi saya saat tissue dikeluarkan timbul lendir kekuningan & ada serbuk seperti bedak, menurut pakar yg seperti serbuk itu adalah bakteri... dan pada hari ke 5 dengan pemakaian rutin... (menghabiskan 5 sachet) infeksi vagina tsb sembuh!" - (ibu Lilies - Jakarta)

    "Sejak memakai Tisue Double Majakani, keputihan yang dialami istri saya berkurang sangat drastis! saat pertama kali pemakaian lalu didiamkan 20 menitan & saat dikeluarkan pada tisu menempel lendir kekuningan yang cukup banyak, kini sejak pemakaian aromanya pun terasa segar & istri lebih bergairah, selain sehat tentunya.. terimakasih atas solusinya...." - (Bpk. Agus - jakarta)

    "istri saya sejak memakai tisu dari Boyke & co ini kemampuannya luar biasa... organ intimnya menjadi lebih kesat, otot kewanitaan lebih ketat dan seperti saat muda lagi... wah...bener-bener luar biasa produk dari boyke & co ini! " - (Bpk. Tino - depok)

    *) Hasil berbeda pada tiap wanita karena kondisi tubuh yang juga berbeda. 
    **) Ada banyak sekali testimonial kepuasan dari pelanggan kami yang kami terima, testimonial memakai nama samaran untuk privacy pelanggan.

    1 BOX isi 10 sachet (62x95 mm)
    Tiap 1 sachet berisi 1 sheet (140x200 mm)


    Pemesanan? Klik Gambar dibawah ini.

     cara pesan tissue majakani

    * Mengobati Keputihan Rekomendasi Boyke Dian Nugraha *

    Ditulis oleh: Agen Resmi Felice Collagen Soap
              Penyebab Keputihan        

    Penyebab Keputihan

    Simak beberapa penyebab keputihan yang seringkali diderita banyak wanita. Keputihan sebenarnya bukanlah penyakit, namun di beberapa kejadian membuktikan bahwa ada banyak keputihan berbahaya yang masih tidak disadari oleh para wanita. Hal ini menyebabkan efek negatif baik bagi hubungan suami-istri hingga kesehatan organ reproduksi wanita. Simak beberapa penyebab keputihan di bawah ini.

    Beberapa Ciri-ciri dan Penyebab Keputihan
    Banyak hal yang menjadi gaya hidup wanita ternyata seringkali menyebabkan keputihan, kurangnya menjaga kebersihan organ intim dipercaya secara medis dapat menyebabkan sekaligus mudah menyebarkan berbagai kuman penyebab keputihan. Selain itu Stress 'pun dapat menjadi salah satu penyebabnya. Keputihan dapat timbul saat terjadinya perubahan dan keseimbangan hormon -hormon dalam tubuh akibat stress. Penggunaan obat-obatan seperti obat antibiotik maupun penggunaan KB. Berikut beberapa penyebab keputihan lainnya: 

    Parasit Trichomonas Vaginalis
    Terjadi dan ditularkan melalui hubungan seks, bibir kloset atau oleh perlengkapan mandi. Memiliki ciri, cairan yang keluar sangat kental, memiliki warna kuning atau hijau, berbuih dan berbau anyir. Keputihan akibat parasit tidak menimbulkan gatal, tapi jika ditekan vagina akan terasa sakit

    Bakteri Gardnella
    Keputihan akibat infeksi bakteri ini memiliki ciri berwarna keabuan, sedikit encer, memiliki bau amis dan berbuih. Keputihan jenis ini dapat menimbulkan rasa gatal yang sangat menggangu.

    Keputihan jenis ini timbul akibat penyakit kelamin, seperti HIV/AIDS, herpes dan conyloma. Timbulnya kutil-kutil yang banyak dan diikuti oleh cairan berbau menandakan adanya virus condyloma. Biasanya ibu hamil sering terjangkit oleh virus ini. Virus yang dapat ditularkan oleh hubungan seks yaitu virus herpes. Cirinya adanya luka yang melepuh di sekitar lubang vagina, terasa panas dan menimbulkan rasa gatal. Kanker mulut rahim yang sangat berbahaya bagi kaum wanita dapat di picu oleh keputihan yang disebabkan oleh keputihan akibat virus.

    Khasiat Tissue Herbal Untuk Mengatasi Penyebab Keputihan Terbukti Paling Ampuh dan Aman Tanpa Efek Samping

     penyebab keputihan
    Tissue Double Majakani

    Penyebab Keputihan - Tissue Double Majakani adalah tissue herbal yang sangat cocok digunakan setiap hari untuk mengatasi sekaligus menyembuhkan penyebab keputihan. Intimate Tissue Majakani mengandung ekstrak alami buah Majakani, Piper Betle, Lactic Acid & CHAMOMILE serta Vitamin E. Kandungannya yang alami dan Non-Alcohol membuat Tissue Double Majakani sangat aman dan nyaman digunakan meskipun tanpa dibilas setelah penggunaan, Terbukti Tanpa Efek Samping maupun Alergi akibat reaksi kimia. Selain itu, Tissue Double Majakani yang direkomendasikan langsung oleh pakar kesehatan ternama: Dokter Boyke Dian Nugraha sebagai tissue herbal yang memiliki izin resmi Badan POM RI : POM CA No. 1809.1707.543. Tissue Double Majakani terbukti mampu mengobati penyebab keputihan sekaligus berfungsi untuk:
    • Mengetatkan otot organ intim wanita, otot-otot perut & rahim setelah melahirkan
    • Memberikan rasa kesat di organ kewanitaan
    • Menstabilkan PH asam & mengurangi cairan (basah) berlebihan
    • Membuat aroma lebih wangi disekitar organ intim
    • Mengembalikan fungsi rahim & membersihkan selepas bersalin & haid
    • Mencegah Keputihan, Menghilangkan gatal-gatal pada organ intim, Mencegah jamur yang menyebabkan bau tak sedap & Menjaga agar kulit sekitar organ intim tetap sehat dan terawat.
    • Mencegah Kanker Serviks 
    • Menghaluskan & melembutkan kulit area organ kewanitaan, Merileksasikan otot kewanitaan
    • Mengatasi KRAM dan Nyeri saat menstruasi

    Kandungan Biji Buah Majakani dalam Tissue Double Majakani

    Majakani atau manjakani adalah tanaman berbuah yang tumbuh di Indonesia. Majakani telah lama dikenal di Indonesia sebagai tumbuhan yang bermanfaat guna kesehatan organ intim wanita. Biasanya digunakan untuk mengatasi keputihan maupun untuk menjadikan organ intim wanita lebih elastis. Dalam banyak riset, Buah Majakani banyak bermanfaat bagi kesehatan organ intim karena mengandung tannin, asid tanik, antioksidan, vitamin (terutama vitamin A dan C), kalsium, besi, serat, protein dan karbohidrat. 
     penyebab keputihan
    Buah Majakani

    Pohon Manjakani sendiri tumbuh di wilayah Indonesia, namun bila dibandingkan dengan penggunaan daun sirih ternyata buah majakani yang kaya manfaat ini belum digunakan secara optimal. Di berbagai negara misalnya Cina, India, Arab, Iran, dan Malaysia, Brunai Darussalam, Buah Majakani sudah banyak digunakan sebagai bahan herbal untuk mengatasi beragam penyakit organ intim. Dalam hal kesehatan, Majakani dapat membersihkan jamur dan bakteri di area organ intim kewanitaan. Khasiatnya sangat bagus untuk mengatasi cairan berlebih di area organ intim kewanitaan. Manjakani mengandung tannin yang berguna mengencangkan otot vagina, vitamin A dan C, kalsium, protein, serta mengandung elemen astringent untuk membasmi bakteri penyebab keputihan. Dan khasiat lain untuk menambah kerapatan, dan menjadikan organ intim lebih keset. 

    Majakani mampu menyembuhkan penyakit kista
    Buah majakani yang di kombinasikan dengan berbagai macam bahan alami dapat menambah manfaat dari olahan buah majakani tersebut. ada berbagai macam resep jamu majakani yang beredar dipasaran. salah satu resep majakani yang diyakini dapat menyembuhkan penyakit kista yaitu jamu majakani aceh. jamu ini mengandung bahan campuran yang terdiri dari buah majakani, sirih, kayu putih, rumput fatimah, buah pinang muda, kunyit putih dan rempah rempah.


    "luar biasa tisu double majakani (TDM) ini, teman saya 2 bulan lebih menderita kesakitan terkena varises vagina, jangankan untuk hubungan pasutri untuk buang air seni saja sakit sekali.... tapi alhamdulillah... sejak memakai tisu manjakani ini varises sudah tidak terasa saat diraba padahal baru 1x pakai... untuk hasil optimal rutin di gunakan hingga 2 minggu tiap hari... Terimakasih.... " - (Ibu Nur - Medan)

    "konsumen saya memberi kesaksian terkena infeksi vagina (perih & gatal) sejak memakai air toilet di mall saat bepergian, saya anjurkan memakai tissue majakani, 1 lembar di bagi 2 untuk siang & malam, yang siang harinya baru pakai 25 menit dia merasa ada yang bekerja di dalam organ intimnya (seperti gerakan merambat), lalu yang untuk malam hari sy anjurkan untuk didiamkan hingga pagi harinya, besoknya dia hubungi saya saat tissue dikeluarkan timbul lendir kekuningan & ada serbuk seperti bedak, menurut pakar yg seperti serbuk itu adalah bakteri... dan pada hari ke 5 dengan pemakaian rutin... (menghabiskan 5 sachet) infeksi vagina tsb sembuh!" - (ibu Lilies - Jakarta)

    "Sejak memakai Tisue Double Majakani, keputihan yang dialami istri saya berkurang sangat drastis! saat pertama kali pemakaian lalu didiamkan 20 menitan & saat dikeluarkan pada tisu menempel lendir kekuningan yang cukup banyak, kini sejak pemakaian aromanya pun terasa segar & istri lebih bergairah, selain sehat tentunya.. terimakasih atas solusinya...." - (Bpk. Agus - jakarta)

    "istri saya sejak memakai tisu dari Boyke & co ini kemampuannya luar biasa... organ intimnya menjadi lebih kesat, otot kewanitaan lebih ketat dan seperti saat muda lagi... wah...bener-bener luar biasa produk dari boyke & co ini! " - (Bpk. Tino - depok)

    *) Hasil berbeda pada tiap wanita karena kondisi tubuh yang juga berbeda. 
    **) Ada banyak sekali testimonial kepuasan dari pelanggan kami yang kami terima, testimonial memakai nama samaran untuk privacy pelanggan.

    1 BOX isi 10 sachet (62x95 mm)
    Tiap 1 sachet berisi 1 sheet (140x200 mm)


    Pemesanan? Klik Gambar dibawah ini.

     cara pesan tissue majakani

    * Penyebab Keputihan *

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