Union Bank of India Announces Excellent Results for the Quarter ended June 30, 2017         
Highlights  of  Union Bank of India's Results for the Quarter ended June 30, 2017  

CASA     25.1 per cent YoY
Non Interest Income      `  ` 1414 crore  (up 36 per cent YoY) 
Savings Deposit     27.6 per cent YoY
Operating Profit     ` ` 2057 crore (up 26.5 per cent YoY) 
CASA Share      35.5 per cent 
Net Profit        ` 117 crore (up 7.3 per cent QoQ) 
RAM* Sector      14.8 per cent YoY
CRAR       12.01 per cent 
RAM* Share       55.4 per cent
Tier I      9.24 per cent 

 The growth in Deposits was driven by Savings Deposits, which grew by 27.6 per cent on YoY basis.
 Cost to income ratio improved to 43.79 per cent against 48.28 per cent on YoY basis.

 Capital Adequacy Ratio (Basel III) improved to 12.01 per cent compared to 10.75 per cent a year ago. * (Retail, Agriculture & MSME share in domestic advances) 

Global Business grew by 10.5 per cent to `670971 crore as on June 30, 2017 from `607280 crore as on June 30, 2016. Domestic business grew by 10.0 per cent to `635233 crore as on June 30, 2017 from `577473 crore as on June 30, 2016.  Total deposit of the bank grew from `338727 crore as on June 30, 2016 to `375796 crore as on June 30, 2017 showing growth of 10.9 per cent. 
Financial Results for the Quarter ended June 30, 2017 
CASA deposits grew by 25.1 per cent to `133412 crore as on June 30, 2017 from `106604 crore as on June 30, 2016.   CASA share in total deposits improved to 35.5 per cent as on June 30, 2017 compared to 31.5 per cent as on June 30, 2016. Average CASA ratio also increased by 430 basis points (bps) to 33.5 per cent on YoY basis.  Savings Deposit registered YoY growth of 27.6 per cent.  A total of 8.70 lakh CASA accounts were opened during April-June 2017, out of which 8.38 lakh were Savings Bank Accounts (excl. BSBDA/BSBDS accounts).   The Bank’s Global Advances grew by 9.9 per cent (YoY) to `295175 crore as on June 30, 2017 from `268553 crore as on June 30, 2016.  Due to encouraging growth of 14.8 per cent in RAM (Retail, Agriculture & MSME) sector, Domestic Advances increased by 9.4 per cent from `242935 crore as on June 30, 2016 to `265683 crore as on June 30, 2017. 

Financial Performance for the quarter ended June 2017

Domestic Net Interest Margin (NIM) stood at 2.20 per cent for April -June 2017 as against 2.36 per cent for April -June 2016. Global NIM for April -June 2017 stood at 2.06 per cent as against 2.27 per cent for January-March 2017 quarter. It was 2.28 per cent a year ago.    Yield on funds stood at 6.94 per cent for April -June 2017 as against 7.94 per cent for April-June 2016 and 7.35 per cent for January-March 2017.   Cost of funds stood at 5.03 per cent for April -June 2017 as against 5.82 per cent for April-June 2016 and 5.24 per cent for January-March 2017.  Net Interest Income for April-June 2017 increased by 6.7 per cent to `2243 crore from `2103 crore for April-June 2016. It was `2387 crore during January-March 2017.  Non Interest Income for April-June 2017 stood at `1414 crore, showing increase of 36.0 per cent over April-June 2016.   Operating profit increased by 26.5 per cent to `2057 crore during April-June 2017 over `1626 crore during April-June 2016 and was `2134 crore during January-March 2017.  Net Profit for April-June 2017 sequentially increased to `117 crore from `109 crore in January-March 2017.  Cost to income ratio improved to 43.79 per cent for April -June 2017 from 48.28 per cent for April-June 2016 and it was 44.32 per cent for January-March 2017.  Return on average assets (annualised) stood at 0.10 per cent for April-June 2017 as against 0.17 per cent for April-June 2016 and 0.10 per cent for January-March 2017.  Return on equity (annualised) stood at 2.46 per cent in April -June 2017 as against 3.36 per cent for April -June 2016 and 2.27 per cent for January-March 2017.  Earnings per share (annualised) stood at `6.78 in April -June 2017 as against `9.69 for April -June 2016 and `6.33 for January-March 2017.

Asset Quality
Gross NPA stood at 12.63 per cent as on June 30, 2017 as against 11.17 per cent as on March 31, 2017 and 10.16 per cent as on June 30, 2016.   Net NPA ratio stood at 7.47 per cent as on June 30, 2017 as against 6.57 per cent as on March 31, 2017 and 6.16 per cent as on June 30, 2016.  Provision Coverage Ratio stood at 51.13 per cent as on June 30, 2017 as against 51.41 per cent as on March 31, 2017. It was 49.99 per cent as on June 30, 2016.  

Capital Adequacy

Capital Adequacy ratio of the Bank under Basel III improved to 12.01 per cent as on June 30, 2017 as against 11.79 per cent as on March 31, 2017 and 10.75 per cent as on June 30, 2016 compared to minimum regulatory requirement of 10.25 per cent.  The Tier I ratio as of June 30, 2017 is 9.24 per cent, within which Common Equity Tier 1 ratio is 7.73 per cent compared to regulatory minimum of 6.75 per cent. 

Digital Initiatives

The Bank has been pioneer in taking various digital initiatives and continuously launched various digital products for enhancing the customer services. Following are some of the key achievements during the quarter:
 66 per cent growth in mobile banking users on YoY basis.  U-Mobile transaction volume doubled from June 2016.  90 per cent growth in number of PoS terminals on YoY basis.  7th largest presence in banking industry and 3rd largest presence amongst all PSU banks within short span of time in Social media.  Trendsetter on Social media channels by taking various initiatives like Live streaming, Digital Education Series – #KyaAapJanteHai etc.   67 per cent share of “transactions through digital channels” in “overall transactions”. 

Financial Inclusion:

Under the Pradhan Manrti Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY), the the Bank has more than 69 lakh accounts having a balance of `1270 crore.   48.91 lakh Rupay Card issued under PMJDY as on June 30, 2017.

Total enrollment under Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY), Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY) and Atal Pension Yojana (APJ) increased to 30.1 lakh, 12.8 lakh and 2.21 lakh respectively.  The Bank financed `696 crore in 33433 accounts under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana, including an amount of `211 crore to 7964 beneficiaries through a specific scheme for financing of light commercial vehicle during April–June 2017. 


The Bank has 4286 branches as of June 30, 2017 including 4 overseas branches at Hong Kong, DIFC (Dubai), Antwerp (Belgium) and Sydney (Australia). In addition, the Bank has representative offices at Shanghai, Beijing and Abu Dhabi. The Bank also operates in United Kingdom through its wholly owned subsidiary, Union Bank of India (UK) Ltd.   Total number of ATMs stood at 7574 including 1685 talking ATMs as of June 30, 2017. ATM to branch ratio stood at 1.77. 

Awards & Accolades during FY 2017-18 (April-June)

Skoch Award 
Skoch Order of merit Award – Operational Customer Relationship Management (OCRM)
Skoch Financial Technology Award - Unified Payment Interface(UPI)
Skoch Financial Technology Award - Green PIN solution for Debit cards 
Skoch Financial Technology Award - Union Digi Gaon
Skoch Financial Inclusion Award for Financial Inclusion

          Feast after fasting this Janmashtami at Taj Wellington Mews Mumbai         

by Shrutee K/DNS 
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          Ungrateful Children? You’re Not Alone.        
What everybody wishes for...a big lottery win, happened in 2011 to an English couple, Dave and Angela Dawes. They won $131.3 million dollars (US) in the Euromillions lottery, open to residents of the United Kingdom and the Isle of Man. Not surprisingly, David Dawes left his job as a factory worker, ready to enjoy the … Continue reading Ungrateful Children? You’re Not Alone.
          United Kingdom        

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          Troubling Meaty 'Estrogen'        

High temperature cooking can imbue meats with a chemical that acts like a hormone

Food for Thought

Women take note. Researchers find that a chemical that forms in overcooked meat, especially charred portions, is a potent mimic of estrogen, the primary female sex hormone. That's anything but appetizing, since studies have linked a higher lifetime cumulative exposure to estrogen in women with an elevated risk of breast cancer.

Indeed, the new finding offers a "biologically plausible" explanation for why diets rich in red meats might elevate breast-cancer risk, notes Nigel J. Gooderham of Imperial College London.

At the very high temperatures reached during frying and charbroiling, natural constituents of meats can undergo chemical reactions that generate carcinogens known as heterocyclic amines (see Carcinogens in the Diet). Because these compounds all have very long, unwieldy chemical monikers, most scientists refer to them by their abbreviations, such as IQ, MeIQ, MeIQx, and PhIP.

Of the nearly two dozen different heterocyclic amines that can form, PhIP dominates. It sometimes accumulates in amounts 10 to 50 times higher than that of any other member of this toxic chemical family, Gooderham says. Moreover, he adds, although heterocyclic amines normally cause liver tumors in exposed animals, PhIP is different: "It causes breast cancer in female rats, prostate cancer in male rats, and colon cancer in both." These are the same cancers that in people are associated with eating a lot of cooked meats.

However, the means by which such foods might induce cancer has remained somewhat elusive. So, building on his team's earlier work, Gooderham decided to probe what the heterocyclic amine did in rat pituitary cells. These cells make prolactin—another female sex hormone—but only when triggered by the presence of estrogen. Prolactin, like estrogen, fuels the growth of many breast cancers.

In their new test-tube study, Gooderham and coauthor Saundra N. Lauber show that upon exposure to PhIP, pituitary cells not only make progesterone, but also secrete it. If these cells do the same thing when they're part of the body, those secretions would circulate to other organs—including the breast.

But "what was startling," Gooderham told Science News Online, is that it took just trace quantities of the heterocyclic amine to spur prolactin production. "PhIP was incredibly potent," he says, able to trigger progesterone production at concentrations comparable to what might be found circulating in the blood of people who had eaten a couple of well-done burgers.

The toxicologist cautions that there's a big gap between observing an effect in isolated cells growing in a test-tube and showing that the same holds true in people.

However, even if PhIP does operate similarly in people, he says that's no reason to give up grilled meat. Certain cooking techniques, such as flipping hamburgers frequently, can limit the formation of heterocyclic amines. Moreover, earlier work by the Imperial College team showed that dining on certain members of the mustard family appear to detoxify much of the PhIP that might have inadvertently been consumed as part of a meal.

The human link

Three recent epidemiological studies support concerns about the consumption of grilled meats.

In the first, Harvard Medical School researchers compared the diets of more than 90,000 premenopausal U.S. nurses. Over a 12-year period, 1,021 of the relatively young women developed invasive breast cancers. The more red meat a woman ate, the higher was her risk of developing invasive breast cancer, Eunyoung Cho and her colleagues reported in the Archives of Internal Medicine last November. The increased risk was restricted, however, only to those types of breast cancers that are fueled by estrogen or progesterone.

Overall, women who ate the most red meat—typically 1.5 servings or more per day—faced nearly double the invasive breast-cancer risk of those eating little red meat each week.

Related findings emerged in the April 10 British Journal of Cancer. There, researchers at the University of Leeds reported data from a long-running study of more than 35,000 women in the United Kingdom who ranged in age from roughly 35 to 70. Regardless of the volunteers' age, Janet E. Cade's team found, those who consumed the most meat had the highest risk of breast cancer.

Shortly thereafter, Susan E. Steck of the University of South Carolina's school of public health and her colleagues linked meat consumption yet again with increased cancer risk, but only in the older segment of the women they investigated. By comparing the diets of 1,500 women with breast cancer to those of 1,550 cancerfree women, the scientists showed that postmenopausal women consuming the most grilled, barbecued, and smoked meats faced the highest breast-cancer risk.

These data support accumulating evidence that a penchant for well-done meats can hike a woman's breast-cancer risk, Steck and her colleagues concluded in the May Epidemiology.

PhIP fighters

Such findings have been percolating out of the epidemiology community for years. Nearly a decade ago, for instance, National Cancer Institute scientists reported finding that women who consistently ate their meat very well done—with a crispy, blackened crust—faced a substantially elevated breast-cancer risk when compared to those who routinely ate rare- or medium-cooked meats.

However, even well-done meats without char can contain heterocyclic amines, chemical analyses by others later showed. The compounds' presence appears to correlate best with how meat is cooked, not merely with how brown its interior ended up (SN: 11/28/98, p. 341).

At high temperatures, the simple sugar glucose, together with creatinine—a muscle-breakdown product, and additional free amino acids, can all interact within beef, chicken, and other meats to form heterocyclic amines. In contrast, low-temperature cooking or a quick searing may generate none of the carcinogens.

Because there's no way to tell visually, by taste, or by smell whether PhIP and its toxic kin lace cooked meat, food chemists have been lobbying commercial and home chefs to reduce the heat they use to cook meats—or to turn meats frequently to keep the surfaces closest to the heat source from getting too hot.

The significance of this was driven home to Gooderham several years ago when just such tactics spoiled an experiment he was launching to test whether Brussels sprouts and broccoli could help detoxify PhIP. "I bought 30 kilograms of prime Aberdeen angus lean beef," he recalls. "Then we ground it up and I gave it to a professional cook to turn into burgers and cook." Professional cooks tend to move meats around quite a bit, he found. The result: His expensive, chef-prepared meat contained almost no PhIP.

In the end, he says, "I sacked the cook, bought another 30 kilos of meat and prepared the burgers myself. It was a costly lesson."

Once restarted, however, that study yielded encouraging data.

One way the body detoxifies and sheds toxic chemicals is to link them to what amounts to a sugar molecule. Consumption of certain members of the mustard (Brassica) family, such as broccoli and Brussels sprouts (both members of the B. oleracea species)—can encourage this process. So Gooderham's team fed 250 grams (roughly half a pound) each of broccoli and Brussels sprouts each day to 20 men for almost 2 weeks. On the 12th day, the men each got a cooked-meat meal containing 4.9 micrograms of PhIP.

Compared to similar trial periods when their diets had been Brassica-free, the volunteers excreted up to 40 percent more PhIP in urine, the researchers reported in Carcinogenesis.

Experimental data suggest that two brews may also help detoxify heterocyclic amines. In test-tube studies, white tea largely prevented DNA damage from the heterocyclic amine IQ (SN: 4/15/00, p. 251), and in mice, extracts of beer tackled MeIQx and Trp-P-2 (see Beer's Well Done Benefit).

The best strategy of all, most toxicologists say, is to prevent formation of heterocyclic amines in the first place. In addition to frequently turning meat on the grill or fry pan, partially cooking meats in a microwave prior to grilling will limit the toxic chemicals' formation. So will mixing in a little potato starch to ground beef before grilling (see How Carbs Can Make Burgers Safer) or marinating meats with a heavily sugared oil-and-vinegar sauce (SN: 4/24/99, p. 264).

If you would like to comment on this Food for Thought, please see the blog version.


Janet E. Cade

UK Women's Cohort Study

Centre for Epidemiology and Biostatistics

30/32 Hyde Terrace

The University of Leeds

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Eunyoung Cho

Channing Laboratory

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Harvard Medical School

181 Longwood Avenue

Boston, MA 02115

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Biomolecular Medicine

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Susan Elizabeth Steck

Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Statewide Cancer Prevention and Control Program

Arnold School of Public Health

University of South Carolina

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          Human Suffering and Humanitarian Emergencies [Audio]        
Speaker(s): Professor Craig Calhoun | Humanitarian emergencies are not simply brute facts, appealing directly to our emotions or our moral sensibilities. They are one of the important ways in which perceptions of human life, sympathy for suffering, and responses to social upheaval have come to be organized in recent decades. Like nations and business corporations, they are creatures of social imaginaries, but no less materially influential for that. They are shaped by a history of changing ideas about the human; moral responsibility for strangers; structures of chance and causality; and the imperative and capacity for effective action, even at a distance. They reflect the context of the modern era generally and more specific features of the era since the 1970s. And they are embedded in a complex institutionalization of responses. First, grasping human suffering as humanitarian emergencies is made possible by a long history of changes in how we – Westerners especially – construct the categories of the human, the emergency, and moral obligation. Second, though they are influenced by both state politics and economic activity, humanitarian emergencies appear as anomalies outside the putatively normal stable functioning of political and economic systems. Third, emergencies and humanitarian sympathies are produced importantly through large-scale media systems, including especially visual media. Fourth, they have commanded attention especially since the 1970s as responses to an era of market-driven globalization and declining faith in political action. Fifth, they have occasioned a new institutional field of response in which NGOs and voluntary action are pivotal (even though states remain crucial funders), and they are shaped by the way such response organizes both what we see and what happens materially on the ground. Sixth, they reflect a view from relatively ‘core’ locations in the modern world-system on seeming chaos in its periphery, a view often linked at once to a managerial orientation, an idea of charity, and the reassurance of grasping suffering and chaos precisely as distant. The specific historical circumstances that gave rise to humanitarian response are changing, and with them this specific project of cosmopolitan care for distant strangers may be undergoing a deep transformation. Professor Calhoun is a world-renowned social scientist whose work connects sociology to culture, communication, politics, philosophy and economics. He took up his post as LSE Director on 1 September 2012, having left the United States where he was University Professor at New York University and director of the Institute for Public Knowledge and President of the Social Science Research Council. Professor Calhoun is an American citizen but has deep connections with the United Kingdom. He took a D Phil in History and Sociology at Oxford University and a Master's in Social Anthropology at Manchester. He co-founded, with Richard Sennett, Professor of Sociology at LSE, the NYLON programme which brings together graduate students from New York and London for co-operative research programmes. He is the author of several books including Nations Matter, Critical Social Theory, Neither Gods Nor Emperors and most recently The Roots of Radicalism (University of Chicago Press, 2012).
          LSE Director's Inaugural Alumni Lecture [Audio]        
Speaker(s): Professor Craig Calhoun | Craig Calhoun took up his post as LSE Director on 1 September 2012, having left the United States where he was University Professor at New York University and director of the Institute for Public Knowledge and President of the Social Science Research Council. Professor Calhoun is a world-renowned social scientist whose work connects sociology to culture, communication, politics, philosophy and economics. Professor Calhoun is an American citizen but has deep connections with the United Kingdom. He took a D Phil in History and Sociology at Oxford University and a Master's in Social Anthropology at Manchester. He co-founded, with Richard Sennett, Professor of Sociology at LSE, the NYLON programme which brings together graduate students from New York and London for co-operative research programmes.
          Social Movements and Social Change [Audio]        
Speaker(s): Professor Craig Calhoun | Drawing on his decades of research on social protest, Professor Calhoun will explore the roots of radicalism and the relationship between social movements and social change. Professor Calhoun is a world-renowned social scientist whose work connects sociology to culture, communication, politics, philosophy and economics. He took up his post as LSE Director on 1 September 2012, having left the United States where he was University Professor at New York University and director of the Institute for Public Knowledge and President of the Social Science Research Council. Professor Calhoun is an American citizen but has deep connections with the United Kingdom. He took a D Phil in History and Sociology at Oxford University and a Master's in Social Anthropology at Manchester. He co-founded, with Richard Sennett, Professor of Sociology at LSE, the NYLON programme which brings together graduate students from New York and London for co-operative research programmes. He is the author of several books including Nations Matter, Critical Social Theory, Neither Gods Nor Emperors and most recently The Roots of Radicalism (University of Chicago Press, 2012). Describing his own approach to academic work, Professor Calhoun says: "We must set high standards for ourselves, but in order to inform the public well, not to isolate ourselves from it."
          Knowledge Matters: the public mission of research universities [Audio]        
Speaker(s): Professor Craig Calhoun | The university is an institution in upheaval. In his Inaugural Lecture as Director of LSE, Professor Craig Calhoun explores the options for the future. Professor Calhoun is a world-renowned social scientist whose work connects sociology to culture, communication, politics, philosophy and economics. He took up his post as LSE Director on 1 September 2012, having left the United States where he was University Professor at New York University and director of the Institute for Public Knowledge and President of the Social Science Research Council. Professor Calhoun is an American citizen but has deep connections with the United Kingdom. He took a D Phil in History and Sociology at Oxford University and a Master's in Social Anthropology at Manchester. He co-founded, with Richard Sennett, Professor of Sociology at LSE, the NYLON programme which brings together graduate students from New York and London for co-operative research programmes. He is the author of several books including Nations Matter, Critical Social Theory, Neither Gods Nor Emperors and most recently The Roots of Radicalism (University of Chicago Press, 2012). Describing his own approach to academic work, Professor Calhoun says: "We must set high standards for ourselves, but in order to inform the public well, not to isolate ourselves from it."
          #151 Powering Your Electronics in Ireland – Audio        

Whether it’s your phone, tablet, laptop, curling iron, or sleep apnea machine, here’s a look at how you can power up all your devices while visiting the Emerald Isle. SHOW NOTES 00:24 Ireland’s wall outlets/sockets are the same as the United Kingdom and therefore do not fit plugs from North America, Australia, or many other […]

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          puncak dunia Gunung Everest        
Gunung Everest merupakan satu gunung tertinggi di Dunia yang terletak di banjaran Himalaya dengan ketinggian 8,850 meter dari aras laut. Di kemuncak gunung adalah membahagikan kepada dua negara iaitu antara Nepal dan Tibet, China

Gunung yang menjanjikan satu cabaran yang boleh dianggap diluar kemampuan manusia untuk mendaki sampai kepuncak, dengan suhu sejuk yang terlampau dan juga angin kencang yang bakal dihadapi oleh pendaki pada ketinggian lebih 6,000 meter ianya telah ramai mengecewakan para pendaki untuk sampai ke puncak.

Gunung ini mempunyai dua laluan ke puncak diantaranya adalah disebelah tenggara (Nepal) dan sebelah Barat laut (tibet), tetapi laluan yang sering digunakan adalah disebelah tenggara kerana laluan ini agak mudah secara teknikalnya. Ia juga merupakan laluan yang digunakan oleh Hillary dan Norgay pada tahun 1953.

Antara bahaya yang menanti para pendaki adalah serangan penyakit altitud,perubahan cuaca yang secara mendadak dan runtuhan ais. Biasanya untuk menangani bahaya yang bakal menanti. Para pendaki perlulah berada di kem pengkalan selama beberapa minggu bagi menyesuiakan diri dengan altitud, kemudiannya untuk pendakian kepuncak perjalanan akan bermula pada waktu subuh kerana waktu ini amat sesuai untuk mendaki ke kem seterusnya iaitu kem I pada ketinggian 6065 meter.

sepanjang laluan ke kem I, pendaki terdedah kepada bahaya ais runtuh serta salji runtuh kerana terdedah dengan cahaya matahari dan disini ramai dikalangan shelpa dan pendaki terbunuh dan merupakan kawasan paling bahaya yang dihadapi oleh pendaki sebelum sampai ke kem I.

Dari kem I, pendaki akan bergerak ke kem II dengan ketinggian 6,500 meter menerusi Western Cym yang agak datar serta lembah glasier bercerun landai dan setiap pendaki terpaksa menyeberangi lembah tersebut yang berhampiran dengan pengkalan Nuptse yang melalui laluan kecil yang dikenali sebagai "sudut Nuptse". Western cym juga dipanggil sebagai "lembah sunyi-Vallay of silance", kerana laluan ini terhalang daripada tiupan angin dan berada dikedudukan terdedah pada cahaya matahari menjadikan ianya amat panas kepada para pendaki.

Dari kem II, pendaki memanjat permukaan Lhotse menggunakan tali kekal pada ketinggian 7,470 meter dan untuk sampai ke Kem IV yang jaraknya 500 meter, dan dari kem III ke kem IV pendaki akan berhadapan dengan cabaran tambahan iaitu Taji Geneva dan Gelang Kuning (Yellow Band). Taji Geneva merupakan rabung batu hitam yang berbentuk Anvil yang dinamakan oleh pendaki Swiss 1952 dan pada masa pendakian tali kekal diperlukan untuk mendaki dikawasan batu yang diliputi dengan salji dan untuk melintasi gelang kuning iaitu batuan mendak tali sepanjang 100 meter digunakan untuk melintasinya.

Dengan jarak kepuncak yang masih berbaki 1,000 meter dari kem IV ia memelukan tempoh 10 hingga 12 jam dan pendakian bermula pada waktu tengah malam dan pendaki akan singgah di "The Balcony" pada ketinggian 8,400 meter dimana sebuah pelantar kecil yang digunakan untuk berehat seketika. Pendakian kepuncak seterusnya diteruskan melalui mendaki rabung dan pendaki akan berhadapan dengan tangga batu yang mengancam yang biasanya memaksa mereka ke timur kedalam salji yang sampai ke tahap pinggang serta ancaman runtuhan salji juga boleh berlaku dikawasan ini.

Pada ketinggian 8,750 meter dom salji dan air batu sebesar meja kecil telah menandakan pendaki berada dipuncak selatan dan pendakian diteruskan dengan mengikuti rabung timur, laluan ini dikenali sebagai mata pisau atau "Cornice Traverse". Disini adalah kawasan paling terdedah dalam pendakian kerana silap langkah boleh mengakibatkan seseorang pendaki akan jatuh terjunam diketinggian 2,400 meter di sebelah barat daya manakala disebelahnya 3,050 meter di permukaan kangshung.

Diakhir laluan pendakian, terdapat sebuah dinding batu setinggi 12 meter yang dikenali "Hillary Step pada ketinggian 8,760 meter dan untuk memanjat dinding ini peralatan yang diperlukan adalah tali kekal dan tali ini telahpun dipasang oleh shelpa, dan melepasi dinding ini adalah mudah untuk pendaki sampai kepuncak melalui tebing salji sederhana curam seterusnya sampai ke puncak. Dipuncak pendaki biasanya mengambil masa kurang dari 30 minit kerana pendaki perlu turut ke kem IV sebelum cuaca menjadi gelap yang mana menjadi masalah besar kepada setiap pendaki.

Kejadian manis dan pahit di puncak dunia

  • 1921 Ekspedisi British pertama meninjau laluan melalui glasier Rongbuk.
  • 1922 Tujuh pendaki Sherpa terbunuh dalam runtuhan salji dan menjadi kematian pertama dilaporkan di Everest.
  • 1922 Ekspedisi kedua British sampai ke 8321 meter.
  • 1924 Ekspedisi ketiga British sampai ke 8500 meter. Pada 6 Jun, George Mallory dan Andrew Irvine cuba mendaki untuk sampai ke puncak tetapi hilang selepas awan tebal menyelitupi mereka. Saksi mendakwa melihat mereka berhampiran puncak.
  • 1933 Lady Houston membiayai formasi kapal terbang untuk melintasi puncak dan meletakkan bendera Union Jack British.
  • 1934 Maurice Wilson (British) mati dalam cubaan mendaki berseorangan.
  • 1950 Nepal membuka sempadannya kepada orang asing.
  • 1952 Ekspedisi dari Swizland, termasuk Sherpa Tenzing Norgay menyerah akibat keletihan, 200 meter dari puncak.
  • 1953 Puncak dicapai buat pertama kali pada 11:30 am 29 May oleh Sir Edmund Hillary New Zealand dan Sherpa Tenzing Norgay dari Nepal mendaki dari arah Laluan Col Selatan (South Col Route).
  • 1960 Pada 25 May, pasukan China menjadi pasukan pertama sampai ke puncak melalui laluan Rabung Utara.
  • 1963 Penyeberangan pertama oleh ekspedisi Amerika Syarikat, bermula dari barat dan turun di barat daya.
  • 1965 Pada 20 May, Nawang Gombu Sherpa menjadi orang pertama sampai ke puncak dua kali.
  • 1975 Pada 16 May, Junko Tabei dari Jepun menjadi wanita pertama sampai dipuncak.
  • 1975 Pada 27 May, wanita Tibet, Phantog, menjadi wanita pertama sampai ke puncak melalui sebelah Tibet.
  • 1978 Reinhold Messner (Selatan Tyrol, Itali) dan Peter Habeler (Austria) sampai ke puncak tanpa tangki oksigen.
  • 1980 Ekspedisi pasukan kali pertama pada musim sejuk oleh pasukan dari Poland.
  • 1980 Reinhold Messner dari South Tyrol, Italy, lelaki pertama mendaki Everest seorang diri tanpa tangki oksigen.
  • 1982 Pada October 5, Laurie Skreslet menjadi rakyat Kanada pertama untuk sampai ke puncak.
  • 1988 Jean-Marc Boivin dari Perancis memulakan dengan paraglider dari puncak gunung.
  • 1993 90 pendaki pada musim luruh sahaja dan menjadi permulaan komersial mendaki pucak Everest.
  • 1993 Ramon Blanco dari Sepanyol menjadi orang tertua untuk sampai ke puncak pada usia 60 tahun, 160 hari. (dikalahkan oleh rekod tahun 2001).
  • 1996 Hans Kammerlander dari South Tyrol, Itali mendaki gunung dan mendaki turun tersebut dari sebelah utara dengan ski dalam tempoh 16 jam 45 minit.
  • 1996 Göran Kropp dari Sweden mejadi orang pertama untuk menaiki basikal pergi dan balik dari rumahnya ke gunung tersebut,pereseorangan tanpa bantuan tangki oksigen.
  • 1997 M.Magendran dan N.Mohandas dari Malaysia menjadi cikgu pertama yang mendaki Gunung Everest
  • 1998 Edward Grylls dari United Kingdom menjadi pendaki termuda untuk sampai ke puncak pada usia 23 tahun.
  • 1998 Tom Whittaker merupakan orang cacat pertama untuk sampai ke puncak.
  • 1999 Sherpa Babu Chiri Sherpa dari Nepal tinggal selama 21 jam di puncak gunung.
  • 2001 Pada Mei 24, Temba Tsheri menjadi pendaki termuda untk mendaki puncak gunung pada usia 15 tahun.
  • 2001 Pada Mei 25, Erik Weihenmayer berusia 32 tahun , dari Boulder, Colorado, menjadi orang buat pertama untuk sampai ke puncak.
  • 2001 Pada hari yang sama,Sherman Bull berusia 64 tahun, dari New Canaan, Connecticut, mejadi pendaki tertua untuk mendaki puncak tersebut.
  • 2003 Pemba Dorjie Sherpa dari Nepal dan berusia 24 tahun menjadi pendaki gunung terpantas dalam masa 12 jam dan 45 minit pada 23 mei.
  • 2003 Tiga hari kemudian,Sherpa Lakpa Gelu memecahkan rekod tersebut dalam tempoh 10 jam dan 56 minit. Setelah sedikit peselisihan dengan Dorjie pihak kementerian pelancongan telah mengiktiraf rekod tersebut pada bulan julai tahun yang sama. [2]
  • 2003 Yuichiro Miura menjadi orang tertua untuk sampai ke puncak pada usia 70 tahun dan 222 hari.
  • 2004 Pemba Dorjie Sherpa memecahkan rekodnya sendiri iaitu dalam masa 8 jam dan 10 minit pada 21 Mei. [3]
          SABAH sah milik Malaysia melalui penjanjian Cobbold        

Perkara yang dibangkitkan oleh waris Kesultanan Sulu untuk menuntut Sabah dari Malaysia adalah sangat tidak relevan kerana Sabah adalah sebuah negeri yang sah milik Malaysia melalui satu persetujuan oleh rakyat Sabah pada tahun 1962 bagi menyertai pembentukkan Malaysia.

Persetujuaan itu dilakukan oleh Perdana Menteri pertama iaitu Almarhum Tunku Abdul Rahman menerusi penjanjian Cobbold bertujuan untuk memberi kebebasan dan keadilan kepada semua pihak dan pada pada 17 Januari 1962 sebuah suruhanjaya yang akan meninjau pandangan penduduk negeri-negeri tersebut telah diumumkan dan dikenali sebagai Suruhanjaya Cobbold.

Suruhanjaya itu dianggotai oleh 5 orang ahli, dipengerusikan oleh Lord Cobbold dan dianggotai oleh dua wakil Kerajaan British, Sir Anthonv Abell dan Sir David Watherston, sementara wakil Kerajaan Persekutuan Tanah Melayu pula terdiri dari Datuk Wong Pow Nee dan Encik Mohamed Ghazali Shafie. Mr. H. Harris bertindak selaku Setiausaha. 

Sepanjang Februari-April 1962, Suruhanjaya ini telah menemui lebih 4000 orang dan menerima 2200 memorandum daripada pelbagai pihak yang terdiri daripada parti-pati politik, ahli-ahli mesyuarat kerajaan dan undangan, pembesar-pembesar, anak-anak negeri dan pemimpin kaum, majlis bandaran, pemimpin-pemimpin agama, kesatuan sekerja dan orang ramai yang memberikan pandangan. Secara keseluruhan, lebih lapan puluh peratus bersetuju dengan gagasan tersebut dan pada 21 Jun 1962, laporan tersebut telah diserahkan kepada kerajaan British.

Antara sebab suruhanjaya itu ditubuhkan adalah kehendak Kerajaan Filipina pada tahun 1962 di mana tuntutan mereka ke atas Sabah tidak mendapat persetujuan Setiausaha Agung Pertubuhan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu (PBB).

Selepas Suruhanjaya ini mendapat keputusan lebih lapan puluh peratus dan Rakyat negeri Sabah telah sebulat suara mahu bersatu dalam pembentukan Malaysia dan isu ini sudah dianggap selesai. 

Berikut adalah penjanjian yang disaksikan bagi pihak united kingdom dan Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Fail:Agreement relating to Malaysia (1963) Malay Texts.djvu

Fail:Agreement relating to Malaysia (1963) Malay Texts.djvu

Fail:Agreement relating to Malaysia (1963) Malay Texts.djvu

Sumber Wikipedia, www.malaysiamerdeka.gov.my

          Sejarah penubuhan 69 komando PDRM        


Disebalik pencerobohan yang berlaku di Sabah oleh pengikut Sultan Sulu dan marilah kita sama-sama sedekahkan Al-Fatihah kepada 8 anggota Polis yang terkorban demi mempertahankan Agama, Bangsa dan Negara. Antara anggota polis yang terkorban adalah daripada 69 Komando tetapi tahukah anda semua apakah 69 Komando.
Nama 69 Komando adalah satu nama yang paling digeruni oleh pihak musuh, ia ditubuhkan pada tahun 1969 sebagai unit tempur khas bagi membanteras sebarang tindakan insurgensi oleh Parti Komunis Malaya dan nama 69 komando itu sendiri diambil semperna tahun ia ditubuhkan.

Semasa ia ditubuhkan buat pertama kalinya pada bulan oktober 1969, unit ini telah dicadangkan penubuhannya oleh Adun Negeri Perak pada masa itu supaya menubuhkan sebuah pasukan elit bagi menentang ancaman komunis pada tahun 1969 terutamanya di kawasan perak dimasa itu teknik yang digunakan oleh pihak komunis  adalah serangan secara gerila.

Atas cadangan yang dikemukakan itu maka lahirnya 69 Komando yang pada masa itu hanya terdiri daripada 60 anggota sahaja daripada 1600 pegawai dan anggota polis Hutan "sekarang Pasukan Gerakan Am" telah terpilih dalam sesi pemilihan dan dihantar untuk menjalani latihan asas komando oleh sepasukan jurulatih dari United Kingdom Special Air Service Regiment di Fort Kemar, Perak.

Diakhir latihan 60 anggota terpilih, setiap anggota diharuskan menjalani pelbagai sesi latihan yang amat mencabar dan sekali lagi setiap daripada 60 anggota perlu ditapis dan hanya 30 anggota sahaja yang berjaya dan merupakan pasukan elit pertama 69 komando.

Pada tahun 1970 bermulalah operasi mereka yang pertama membabitkan kawasan hutan dan diarahkan untuk menghapuskan pihak musuh dengan kepakaran yang mereka miliki seperti penyusupan khas, komunikasi, perubatan perang dan penggunaan bahan letupan. Para pelatih diajar memasang jerangkap samar, mematikan bahan letupan dan pelbagai teknik pertempuran.

Keputusan yang diterima cukup membanggakan apabila ramai musuh dapat dibunuh, dicederakan, ditangkap dan sejumlah senjata berjaya dirampas oleh pasukan ini. Paling manis lagi biarpun usianya baru setahun jagung tapi hasilnya cukup membanggakan semua pihak.

Didorong oleh faktor kejayaan tersebut maka Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) pada masa itu telah bertindak menubuhkan 3 pasukan lain yang terdiri daripada anak watan sendiri serta mendapat latihan oleh New Zealand special Air Service dan Nama 69 Komando mula diketahui umum.

Pada tahun 1980 program ini telah berjaya melahirkan sebuah unit yang cekap dan mempunyai kelengkapan khas dan juga pelbagai keperluan logistiknya yang diuruskan sendiri oleh unit ini. Kini 69 Komando turut dikenali sebagai Pasukan Gerakan Khas (PGK) dikalangan anggota PDRM sendiri.

Terbaru Unit ini turut digerakkan bagi menangani pencerobohan yang berlaku di Sabah oleh pengikut Sultan Sulu, Pasukan 69 Komando nampaknya jelas mempunyai kepakarannya tersendiri biarpun ada yang terkorban tetapi dapat dilihat semangat yang dimiliki oleh setiap anggota 69 Komando amat jelas dapat dilihat semangat juang mereka amatlah tinggi.

Tahniah diucapkan kepada 69 Komando dan anggota-anggota lain terutamanya Atm yang turut sama mengerakkan anggotanya bagi membantu PDRM menangani musuh negara.

Sumber rujukan 

          Chief Administrative Officer (United Kingdom)        
  Job Description:   The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) oversees, directs and manages the infrastructure operations of the organization that includes human resources, finance, administration, strategic business planning, risk management, corpor......
          Medical Receptionist (United Kingdom)        
Job Summary:  Responsible for greeting patients as they enter the clinic. Schedules appointments, collects and enters patient information in practice management system. Collects insurance co-pays, deductibles and self-pay payments. Answers teleph......
          Diagnostic Laboratory Specialist (United Kingdom)        
  Ref# 18788lR   Position Summary    The Diagnostic Laboratory Specialist (DLS) is the Leader in each UK Region to support laboratory goals and objectives. The Diagnostic Laboratory Specialist’s (DLS) primary responsibility is to support the Co......
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  Ref# 15580BR   The Distribution Specialist is responsible for the utilization of Automated Information Systems (AIS) that are used throughout Defense Transportation System, including geographic information systems (GIS), to account, track, and in......
          Employment: UK!        

Head of Bioacoustics Technology, Aquatec Group, Hartley Wintney, UK

About Aquatec
Aquatec Group is a UK-based manufacturer of oceanographic and subsea instrumentation, sold throughout the world for use by research organisations, survey companies, fisheries and the oil and gas industry. Our product range includes a number of bioacoustics-related products, including the AQUAclick (a Static Acoustic Monitoring data logger) and various models of AQUAmark (acoustic deterrent devices) for bycatch mitigation.

About the Role
To support our growing bioacoustics-related business, we are currently recruiting at our UK office for a Head of Bioacoustics Technology position, reporting to the Managing Director.

Aquatec develops and manufactures solutions for marine mammal monitoring and bycatch mitigation, with an in-house engineering team that comprises acoustics, electronics and software engineers. Within the role, you will be expected to provide the interface between the engineering team and the needs of regulators, specifiers and end users of the technology. You will be in regular contact with marine mammal scientists around the world.

Within the role you will be expected to develop the bioacoustics arm of the business, take part in product development and testing, and support existing users of products. The role requires someone who has a well-rounded mix of personal, scientific, and business development skills.

About You
You will be degree qualified with a Masters or PhD in Marine Biology or similar. You will be a citizen of the European Community or will have a permanent right to work in the United Kingdom. You will have practical field experience in the use of static acoustic monitoring systems, and a good understanding of bioacoustics principles. You will be able to process and present bioacoustics data using Matlab, C or both. Ideally you will be in a similar position, or actively working in marine mammal research in the field, and looking for a new challenge. You will need to be competent and confident in the representation of Aquatec to potential customers as well as confident with Aquatec’s internal team to build and expand the company’s business.

The Reward

Aquatec is based in pleasant semi-rural surroundings in Hampshire, UK, approximately 40 miles or one hour’s train journey from London. You will be working with a highly motivated and dynamic team and a diverse range of clients and contacts around the world, with opportunities to travel. Salary will be competitive and will reflect your current experience. Assistance with relocation may also be available.

For more information or queries please send CV/Resume to Reva Perryman, Office Administrator at Aquatec Group, email rperryman@aquatecgroup.com.

Aquatec Group Limited
Registered in England
No 2523284

Registered Address:
High Street, Hartley Wintney
Hampshire, RG27 8NY, UK

Tel: +44 (0)1252 843072
Fax: +44 (0)1252 843074


          Showbiz Sandbox 326: How Brexit Will Affect the Entertainment Business        

Thanks to the passage of a referendum in the United Kingdom dubbed Brexit, Britain will soon be leaving the European Union. Entertainment companies beyond those in the UK suddenly face a lot of uncertainty and confusion over deals they have already made and will be making in the months and years to come. We discuss how […]

The post Showbiz Sandbox 326: How Brexit Will Affect the Entertainment Business appeared first on Showbiz Sandbox.

          Britain's anti-Christian brave new world        

The head of the British Christian Legal Centre sees persecution of Christians in public life looming behind controversial recent remarks by the Equality and Human Rights Commissioner Trevor Phillips.

Andrea Minichiello Williams, who directs the legal centre, said that Phillips also sounded "naive," saying he "doesn't seem to be living in the same Britain that I'm living in."

Williams is not the only one who wondered where Phillips got some of the ideas he expressed in an interview on 19 June with the London Telegraph newspaper. The equality commissioner indicated that Muslim immigrants were integrating better into British society than many Christian populations, and said that Catholic adoption agencies were more clearly discriminatory than Sharia courts.

Phillips also said British Christians tended to imagine discrimination against them where none existed. And he indicated that believers should not expect exemptions from the 2010 Equality Act, with its controversial language on sexual orientation, once they stepped outside "the door of the church or mosque."

Williams, whose legal centre advocates for the rights of British Christians in the public square, said her country's Christian roots once made it "a land of great freedom," where "freedom of conscience" was respected.

"Those things we have seen eradicated under the Equalities agenda, which is Trevor Phillips' approach," she said in a 30 June interview. "Secularism, under the Equalities agenda, is not neutral. It punishes dissenters."

Williams said the system of equality laws, which began under Prime Minister Tony Blair and continued with his successor Gordon Brown, "sounds like utopia - but in fact, it leads to the beginnings of tyranny."

"If you enter into the public sphere, or a public sector job, you have to speak and act the prevailing Equalities agenda. If you do not do that, if you disagree, then you are punished. You lose your job. You become under investigation. You perhaps get accused of hate speech. These are our realities in the United Kingdom."

Phillips' most blatant criticism of traditional Christianity in the Telegraph interview came during a discussion of immigrant populations from Africa and the Carribean.

The commissioner acknowledged that there was "an awful lot of noise about the Church being persecuted," but said the "more real issue" for "conventional churches" was the influx of "people who ... believe in an old time religion which in my view is incompatible with a modern, multi-ethnic, multicultural society."

Williams explained that this perception of "incompatibility" came from a caricature of Christianity, not from the Gospel of Christ himself. "Everything that flows from him," she said, "leads to the recognition of the innate dignity of every human being."

"Because Christianity is not coercive - unlike secularism, and unlike Islam - it leads to true tolerance."

In his extensive interview with the Telegraph, Phillips said individual believers could expect the commission to stand up for their right to worship and believe as they pleased. He said it was "part of the settlement of a liberal democracy" for individuals not to be "penalised or treated in a discriminatory way" on account of "being an Anglican, being a Muslim, or being a Methodist, or being a Jew."


But Williams charged that the commission is not upholding even this limited interpretation of religious freedom.

"What Mr Phillips needs to do," she said, "is to come spend a day at the Christian Legal Centre, run through the cases, and see the discrimination that is out there."

"In the Sherry Chapman case, for instance - the nurse who was told to take off her cross after 38 years of wearing it in frontline nursing - exceptions were made for the Muslims, with the long flowing hijab and a big brooch."

"Down in a South London council, Muslims are allowed to pray five times a day, but Christians are not permitted to display Christian calendars on their desks. These are our realities."

She also pointed to the case of Eunice and Owen Johns, the elderly Pentecostal couple who were rejected as foster parents - despite their extensive experience - because they disapproved of homosexuality. "The Equality Commission intervened in that case. They intervened against the Christians," Williams noted.

"They've intervened in a number of other high-profile cases. They have not, ever, intervened against Muslims. They've only ever intervened in the Christian cases to stand against the Christians. This is not equality. This is inequality."

"There's a complete making-way for Islam, and yet Christianity is suppressed," Williams observed.

"This notion of accommodating Sharia, of accepting it - and then, of saying that Catholic adoption agencies, which believe a child needs a married mother and father, should be closed - is devastating for society."

Williams says Britain's aggressive pursuit of secularism was creating a "vacuum" that radical Muslims could seek to exploit. "Radical Islam has an agenda in this nation, and works hard," she noted.

But many English Christians fail to stand up for biblical truth in this context. "In many ways, the Church has herself to blame for the state we're in. What we've got to do is find our voice. Otherwise, there will be increased oppression and suppression."

Williams observed that Christianity has historically "survived much worse than attacks by Trevor Phillips." But she acknowledges that things look "very bleak" at the moment.

"We've currently got a government that's consulting on extending civil unions to religious premises," she noted. "They said they would never do that."

Williams and other English Christians want authentic religious freedom for themselves and others. But they understand the conflict with secularism is part of the cost of discipleship.

"Jesus suffered a false trial, was hated by the world, put on the cross," she recalled. "But there was his resurrection, and the great hope that flows from that."

With acknowledgement to Catholic News Agency.

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           The University of the West of England         
Pollard, K., Fletcher, I., Martin, H. and Hughes, M. (2014) The University of the West of England. In: Barr, H., Helme, M. and D'Avray, L., eds. (2014) Review of Interprofessional Education in the United Kingdom 1997-2013. London: CAIPE, pp. 75-83. ISBN 9780957138223 Available from: http://eprints.uwe.ac.uk/25309
          Muslim Liberals Caught in No Man's Land        
Originally published in Huffington Post
Muslim Liberals Caught in No Man's Land
"Islam is the motherload of bad ideas." - Sam Harris
"That's just a fact." - Bill Maher
When the host of Real Time on HBO, Bill Maher, tag-teamed with 'new atheist' Sam Harris, to lead an assault on Islam last week, it was Batman-to-be Ben Affleck who stood up as the inexplicable first line of defense against the disjointed attack. Rounding out the panel of record, was New York Times activist Nicholas Kristof and Republican-lite Michael Steele. The debate - in which, of course no Muslims participated - quickly went viral. In the messy aftermath, Sam Harris even claimed that the media reaction vindicated him and proved his point. 
While Maher and his sidekick, Harris - and for that matter the entire Dawkinsian crew - may not be the bigots that Affleck accused them of being, they certainly should not feel any sense of self-absorbed vindication. They are not emissaries of the truth nor do they represent the vanguard of neo-enlightenment. Rather they come across as pseudo-intellectual bullies driven by a vain desire for celebrity, feigning any concern for the 'victims of Islam' they cite in remarks branching from their central diatribe against the religion. In effect, they silence the very Muslim liberals and champions who are leading the charge for a more just, equal, and tolerant (i.e. liberal, I guess) Muslim world, forcing on them a Faustian and false choice between identity and values. 
Just today, Malala Yousafzai, the ardent campaigner for girls' education from Pakistan and a proud Muslim, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. In fact, five of the last twelve recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize have been Muslim. These five alongside millions of others seek to promote progressive and positive change in the Muslim world. They constitute everyday Muslims, not necessarily Islam incarnate. The reason this distinction is important is that treating as equal the Muslim world and the ideology of Islam is a misdirection that confuses an evolving 1,400-year philosophy with a disaggregated non-body politic of 1.5 billion people. As I wrote on these pagesseveral weeks ago, it does not mean ignoring a problem but diagnosing it accurately: 
"There is no crisis in Islam. But, there is, conversely and unmistakably, an existential crisis (or crises) in the Muslim world...The approach of religious discourse divorces us from what is the larger crisis facing the Muslim world, which is one of being mired in a political, social and economic malaise, characterized by hollow leadership and disintegrating states, an environment into which extremism seeps."
Malala and others are the vanguard in the fight being waged by Muslim liberals, one that is just unfolding, and which contests a broad range of injustices, inequalities, and intolerances in Muslim-majority countries. Yet, these individuals are also caught in a tripartite 'battle' that is ongoing: within the West, within the Muslim world and between the West and Muslim world. These battles are not clear-cut by any means, but each places the Muslim liberal effectively in no man's land. 
Within the West, we are witnessing the rise of xenophobic and anti-immigration sentiment broadly in the conservative movement, and in the United States, most acutely, on the fringes of the Republican Party. This has been exacerbated by the War on Terror, in which, domestically, the Muslim constitutes the ubiquitous bogeyman. So mainstream is this sentiment, that a series such as Homeland entertains many Muslim Americans, even though it not-so-subtly portends that every Muslim from a secular journalist to a CIA agent could be a threat, simply because he or she is Muslim. More tangibly, in terms of everyday consequences, each new mosque in the U.S. now faces anti-Sharia protestors, including from sitting politicians (who conveniently forget the meaning of the First Amendment). 
In Europe, however, while there has been similar sentiment from the conservative side of the spectrum, such as from political parties such as the UKIP or BNP in the United Kingdom, it has often dovetailed with a similarly xenophobic liberal view, such as that espoused by Sam Harris. Much akin to the convergence of the liberal humanitarian perspective with the neoconservative movement in recent years (e.g. prior to the Iraq War in 2003), this neo-liberalism is partly a revivalist movement of the White Man's Burden. Overall, within this battle, Islam is portrayed as a flawed essence, and there can be no equivocation. When an assured liberal such as Reza Aslan appears on CNN, he is forced to choose between Islam and liberalism, and asked to re-confirm that indeed Islam is the threat. Meanwhile, the anchors (on CNN) fail to realize that this would mean he would be asserting that he himself (and many members of his family) have an essentialized evilness about them. Whether or not a person like Reza Aslan is liberal is cast aside due to this inability to disavow Islam.
Yet, it is not just Muslims on the American side of the Atlantic who are caught up in this game. In the Muslim world's own multi-dimensional civil war, we see hyper-nationalists and Islamists battling it out, overlaid with a layer of sectarian strife. Muslim liberals - a term used loosely without weighing the religiosity of individuals - are often the last ones in the streets pushing for open societies. Take the example of the exemplary Alaa Abdel Fattah in Egypt, who, fresh off from being released from prison on bail after being charged for encouraging a demonstration, had his nomination for the prestigious Sakharov Prize revoked. He, like all Muslims, inevitably faced the pro-Israel test, and (two weeks ago) failed. Already under threat of condemnation from within their countries, Muslim liberals within Muslim countries are abandoned in their hour of need by the haughtier-than-though 'critics' in the West. Muslim liberals may be fighting for democracy, against gender discrimination, and for the rights of minorities, but they likely have not reconciled with Zionism. Ask Malala for her views on Israel: you may not like the answer
Finally, since 9/11 (and before as well), Western countries have increasingly been at war in the Middle East and within other majority-Muslim countries. The recent strikes against ISIS are just one recent example. In this battle, again the Muslim liberal is caught in no man's land. On one hand, he or she will surely be in favor of crushing the cancer that is ISIS but not by any means necessary nor will this mean broad support for the securitization of the interaction between the West and the Muslim world. When a recent video surfaced on Fox News from the Harvard campus, where many students alleged that the U.S. had a more detrimental footprint, overall, on the world stage than ISIS, the headline read, "Twisted Ivy: Harvard students say US bigger threat to world peace than ISIS." Imagine, a Muslim making the same statements as in the video. Game over. 
When Bill Maher and Sam Harris pontificate from their plush perches, criminalizing a faith, which has 1.5 billion adherents, they think they are doing the world a big service. Nothing could be further from the truth. It should be pointed that Muslim countries are not uniquely in crisis and that broadly there are many countries in crisis in the developing world. In addition, America's homophobia is only now beginning to subside for example, and in many ways is still real (so no real claim can be made of some type of civilizational superiority). And many of Burma's Buddhist monks would have something to say about religious militancy being the dominion of Islamists only. Nevertheless, there are indeed a myriad of unique problems within the Muslim world, which is in a deep crisis. Yet, there are also countless Muslim leaders, intellectuals, clerics, philanthropists, and others, facing these problems, and trying to stand-up to illiberal phenomena in their communities and societies. They already are well aware of the challenges in front of them and do not need lectures from people far-removed from the very violence they face. 
Maher's (and others) self-titillating orgies of intellectual masturbation demonstrate a total lack of awareness. Perhaps they'll be comforted by the controversy they spawn, indulging their egos as they eye retweets and dollar signs. As for the Muslim liberals on the frontlines? Once again they are caught in No Man's Land.
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          Waiting for Obama: The Arab World and Intervention         

This article originally appeared in Syria Deeply, and can be found here

On Aug. 2, 1990, a Saddam Hussein-led Iraq launched a bombing campaign and invasion of Kuwait. Part of the decision was the thought that the U.S., facing its own economic issues at home and a perceived passivity towards disputes in the Arab world, would not react with force. 

Almost five months later, Operation Desert Storm, led by a broad international coalition under the direction of then President George Bush (who had secured a resolution from the U.N. Security Council), began with aerial attacks and ended with the capitulation of Saddam’s forces after just five weeks.
Two things became clear: that the U.S. would take decisive action to enforce peace and security in the region when a “red line” was crossed; and secondly, that it would be methodical in building a strong coalition.
The countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) have been waiting for a similar moment from President Barack Obama on the Syrian conflict.  After months of endless prodding, with only a series of half-steps coming from the U.S., the Aug. 21 chemical weapons attack near Damascus (allegedly carried out by the Assad regime) finally seemed to have pushed Obama to take robust action on Syria.
But initial urgency by the U.S. to act has since subsided, or so it appears. With the passing of each day, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are left increasingly in the lurch, waiting for Obama, wondering if the U.S. has reversed its approach to the region that was heralded by the Gulf War over two decades ago.
In 1991, when military action was mobilized against Iraq, it was done so under the auspices of a U.N. resolution. And while the Arab world was divided on the intervention, the six GCC countries, along with Egypt and Syria, were part of the armed coalition that was formed. Twenty years later, the situation is markedly different as the Arab world contemplates involvement in military strikes against Syria.
Outside of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, enthusiasm to participate in a military coalition is weak at best. While Jordan will have to be involved due to its reliance on both Saudi Arabia and the U.S. for economic support, Syria’s other Arab neighbors, Lebanon and Iraq, have voiced staunch opposition to external intervention.
In an unambiguous statement, Egypt, under its new military leadership, also voiced its objections to “aggression in Syria.” Even the United Arab Emirates may not get involved without broad international legitimacy; unlike in Libya in 2011, this would constitute a military strike by Arab countries allied with the U.S. without any other legal or symbolic cover.
Obama’s initial enthusiasm for military action, juxtaposed with his subsequent hesitation, has furthered the Arab world’s reluctance to participate. Staunch Western allies like the United Kingdom have indicated a lack of desire to be involved, and it is still in doubt whether action would be approved by NATO or the U.N. In the current atmosphere, a broad coalition involving multiple regional actors is unlikely, especially from a military standpoint. Most of the “diplomacy” to build a coalition has so far been limited to public speeches by high-level U.S. officials, rather than effective diplomatic engagement in the region. It indicates to the Arab world that the U.S. is not serious about a response, and is itself perhaps buying time.
In Sunday’s Arab League meeting in Cairo, rhetoric was high. But it was clear that beyond Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the appetite for intervention had dissipated. Following two years of bluster, including countless meetings of the Friends of Syria, the moment for a decision finally came, and the U.S. blinked. The hawkish stance of the Arab League and even the GCC must, to Assad, have looked hollow. In the end, the statement by the Arab League called for “deterrent measures” by the U.N., without calling for military or unilateral action.
While we may yet see strikes on Syria or the symbolic contribution of military hardware (like fighter jets) by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the process has already overshadowed whatever the result may be. In many ways, whatever happens now in response will be far too little and far too late. All the while, the conflict in Syria will continue without any end in sight.

          10 Questions on the Conflict in Syria        
A potential military strike by Western powers on Syria now appears to be a fait accompli and is being touted as long overdue. Given the spiralling humanitarian disaster that has overtaken the country during the last two years of conflict, continued inaction appears to be an untenable reality. The death toll is now well over 100,000 (although the proportion of civilians to combatants is unclear). There are 2 million refugees, half of whom are children, and over 4 million more internally displaced persons (IDPs), amounting to a quarter of the country's overall population. Yet, it was the apparent chemical weapons attack in the suburbs around Damascus known as Ghouta last week that has served as the impetus for international military intervention into the conflict. Amidst the rhetoric and war rehearsals, clarity on what is really happening seems to be cast aside in the media, in favor of faux-spontaneous leaks, retired generals, and trumpeters of past wars. Here are ten questions to try to set the record straight.

1. Were chemical weapons used in Syria?

When the initial attack unfolded last Wednesday, August 21 in the suburbs in Damascus known as Ghouta (near the town/suburb of Jobar), news quickly spread to local, regional and international media. Claims were made of hundreds of deaths, with some activists claiming the death toll was 1,300. Moreover, the Government of Syria immediately denied responsibility and has continued to do so. However, the attack did unfold amidst a series of army strikes on Jobar, which is a rebel-held area, and has been for quite some time. The Government conversely claimed to find chemical weapons supplies in tunnels in the same area, and it is alleged that some Hezbollah fighters were also exposed to chemical toxins.

A week on, it appears incontrovertible that chemical weapons were used, not just from YouTube videos but also from visits by independent journalists, and of course by a report by Médecins Sans Frontières that has documented at least 355 deaths from local hospitals. It is likely that the chemical agent used was a neurotoxin or nerve gas, most likely sarin gas. What is still not clear, is how they were delivered (i.e. in what form and carried on what type of weapon) and from where.

It should also be kept in mind that this was not the first attack that has been alleged. There have been numerous claims by rebels, and counter-claims by the government on the use of chemical weapons in the conflict. Here's a map of those events. In fact, this is precisely why the team of UN inspectors had arrived in the country, the day before this latest incident (and massacre) took place. In fact, what is interesting is that their investigation of other sites has now been put on the back-burner due to the latest developments.

2. Do we know who actually used the chemical weapons? 

The United States, United Kingdom, and France have all stated they are certain that the Government of Syria has undertaken the attack last week. On the U.S. side, at the forefront of the rhetoric has been Vice President Biden - who has said there is 'no doubt' - and Secretary of State John Kerry, who made an evocative plea for action several days ago. Of course, the next speech is the most important, and it would be one made by President Barack Obama. In light of this certainty, it would be difficult to question the attribution of blame. A leak from the US government also claims to have intercepted a murky call between commanders in the Syrian army that supposedly is evidence of culpability on the Syrian side.

There is tremendous reason to doubt U.S. claims. Firstly, it should not be forgotten that then Secretary of State Colin Powell presented ironclad evidence to the United Nations Security Council of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) that Saddam Hussein possessed, a finding that was later proven to be utterly false, but which was the basis of a war that continues until today. Secondly, the U.S. claimed that there was incontrovertible proof that the Government of Syria was responsible for earlier chemical attacks this year, but that finding has been contested, and some experts apportioned blame to the rebels fighting the government. And finally, in this case, no evidence has been presented, as of yet to make such a determination, at least not conclusively.

Does that mean the Assad and his regime are not responsible? No. It is very likely given the ongoing military operations in the same area that the Syrian government launched such an attack. Yet, more evidence needs to be presented to make a definitive conclusion. The other scenarios that could be possible are:

- Extremists groups like Jubhat al-Nusra, who have previously seized advanced weaponry and possibly chemical weapons from Syrian army bases and positions, were attempting to use them on Syrian soldiers (or conversely to cast blame on the Syrian army);

- The Government of Syria inadvertently hit a stockpile of sarin gas releasing the toxins (although unclear if this would lead to the effects that we've seen); or

- Rogue elements within the chain of command used chemical weapons intentionally or inadvertently.

Russia, Iran and China have of course cast doubt on western claims but that is to be expected.

3. What would be the basis or justification for US intervention?

The U.S. intervention would likely be on the basis of Obama's previously stated red line on Syria, which would be the mass use/movement of chemical weapons. It is not in fact about humanitarian intervention and the Responsibility to Protect framework, developed in the 1990s to prevent genocide and mass civilian deaths. If it was, then the humanitarian case for intervention has been present for some time, and other massacres by the Syrian regime, such as in Houla in 2012, would have provided sufficient pretext. Obviously, the U.S. and other Western powers, and regional countries, have their own interests at play that are much more geopolitical in nature, but the justification or casus belli being offered is around the issue of chemical weapons, and chemical weapons alone.

4. Will anybody else be involved in the military strikes besides the US and will this affect whether they are 'legal'?

Given Russian and Chinese opposition, and a likely veto of any resolution by the United Nations Security Council supporting such a military strike on Syria - especially in light of the intervention in Libya, which Russia regretted supporting - a 'coalition of the willing' will need to be developed. This coalition would be broader than the Iraq War in 2003, and would be similar to the coalition carrying out the strikes against Serb positions vis-a-vis Kosovo in 1999. While the U.S., U.K. and France will likely lead an effort, Turkey would also be critical as a staging ground (as it borders Syria from the North), and thus there will be an attempt to launch such an attack under the auspices of NATO. Despite its reluctance, Jordan, given its reliance on the U.S. and Saudi Arabia politically and economically, will have no choice but to support . The two other neighbours of Syria, Iraq and Lebanon are squarely against any military strike. And of course, the other neighbor - Israel - would sit this one out but would provide intelligence to the U.S. and other parties on Syrian positions, given that it has already undertaken a number of air strikes on Syria in the past two years.

Further afield, it is likely the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) will support military intervention, with Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates possibly sending fighter jets to participate in a strike to give it regional cover and credibility. Finally, while many groups within the Arab and Muslim world, and the 'left' of the West, will oppose military intervention, many others will support it, because of the spiralling humanitarian situation in Syria.

Technically speaking if the military intervention is not sanctioned by the United Nations Security Council, and there is no imminent threat that the U.S. and other parties can point to towards its own territory or its assets, it would be illegal under international law. However, that has not stopped NATO or other countries (i.e. Russia in Georgia) form undertaking military action in the past. And before the Iraq War, some scholars claimed that while such an attack would be illegal it would be legitimate, and demonstrated retroactively to be legal. Given the state of world affairs, 'legality' is likely not a determining factor for a strike on Syria.

5. Are we seeing a repeat of Iraq in 2003? 

No. The situation today with Syria is different than it was in 2003 in Iraq, for many reasons, despite some passing similarities. In Iraq, the U.S. claimed that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction while in Syria, we already know Bashar al-Assad possesses chemical weapons, and the question is whether he used them (small aside, it was released this week that thirty years ago, the U.S. obstructed a UN investigation when it knew Saddam Hussein had used chemical weapons). In Iraq, the U.S. alleged that Saddam Hussein had links with Al Qaeda (and related groups), while in Syria, Bashar al Assad is widely acknowledged to be fighting Al Qaeda (and related groups) in addition to the 'Free Syrian Army' (and in addition to crushing peaceful demonstrators). In Iraq, there was no active state of conflict that was leading to a spiralling humanitarian catastrophe (and the potential use of WMDs), while in Syria there is not just a violent conflict, but also WMDs have been used by somebody (even if the culprit is not yet clear).

What should be noted, however, is that both Iraq in 2003 and Syria in 2013, are in complex environments, and any removal of government or sustained military intervention would have dramatic unforeseen consequences. It seems like the media debate in the U.S. is also similarly anaemic (but slightly better) this time around.

6. What is the real motivation for the United States and other powers?

As with all things in this world when it comes to international relations, the primary interest is not humanitarian but geopolitical. This is not absolute, however, and it could be argued that Turkey has been insisting on humanitarian intervention from an early stage. However, the regimes (not peoples) in the Gulf, most notably Saudi Arabia, are exclusively concerned with dislodging Syria from the Iranian orbit, and severing connections between Syria and Hezbollah. Humanitarian concerns are a by-product. And for the United States, something similar is at play. As noted above, if this was about humanitarian concerns, action would have been taken long before 100,000 deaths had occurred.

For the U.S. it has been looking for regime change in Syria for a while. However, these strikes if they occur, will be about sending a message and asserting America's position in the Middle East, given the red line that Obama drew. Ultimately, it may tip the scales in the rebels favour or improve the U.S.'s negotiating position vis-a-vis Iran. The chemical weapons attack in a morbid way, opened a door of opportunity for Western powers (with GCC support) to do something limited without a full-scale intervention.

7. Will military intervention solve the Syrian conflict?

No. Military intervention no matter how small or how big will not solve the Syrian conflict. In fact, it could very much exacerbate the situation on the ground even further (if that can be imagined). What is being reported currently is that the U.S. and allies will undertake a series of 'surgical strikes', a euphemism for a large-scale assault on key military and strategic installations, such as army positions, air bases, radar installations, communications infrastructure, supply routes, and, where appropriate, power stations (among other targets). More than anything this will be intended to send a message to the regime and weaken its capabilities. Yet, it would not be a fatal blow. And it would not necessarily tip the scales in favor of the rebels. It may in fact mobilize certain parties to support the regime, if there are civilian casualties from the intervention.

The solution to the Syrian situation has to be political, if it is going to lead to stability or peace. Yet, if the military intervention escalated and led to the removal of the Syrian regime, that would still not be the end of the conflict. After the Soviets were booted out of Afghanistan, the country devolved into a civil war for five years until the rise of the Taliban in 1996. Somalia has only recently stabilised (somewhat), more than 20 years after the assassination of its leader, President Siad Barre. And neighboring Lebanon, took 15 years of conflict (1975-1990) to reach an end, which was brought about by ironically Syrian military intervention (which committed its own crimes), that produced a - audible gasp - political settlement.

8. What could potentially go wrong?

Everything. The potential for disaster following military intervention in any country is great (see Black Hawk Down, Iraq, Afghanistan and the list goes on). Yet, in Syria it could be apocalyptic. Here is a list of what that could entail:

- Chemical weapons are used by Syria against its neighbors such as Jordan and Turkey, or U.S. military positions in those countries;
- U.S. planes/helicopters are shot down leading to an escalation of U.S. involvement requiring boots on the ground;
- Syria sends a volley of missiles into Tel Aviv and other places in Israel, leading to a regional war;
- Proxy forces of Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah, launch a sustained campaign against Israel/U.S. interests, including attacks embassies within Lebanon/Palestine/Israel but also in other countries, in the short and medium-term;
- Al Qaeda forces in the region, while opposing the Assad regime, oppose U.S. intervention especially if there are masses of civilian casualties, and use it as a pretext for attacks in places such as Yemen;
- Russia objects to the U.S. strike, and mobilizes warships to the Mediterranean, leading to a standoff with Europe and the U.S.;
- Negotiations with Iran, still in embryonic stages are suspended irrevocably;
- Six party talks with North Korea are suspended by Russia, China, and North Korea irrevocably;
- The Syrian regime goes all out in its conflict and begins to bomb with even more abandon civilian areas controlled by rebels, leading to thousands of casualties, and counter-massacres by enraged rebel fighters;
- The Syrian regime is removed by force from power by the intervention, leading to a power vacuum sinking the country further into civil war for over a decade of even more violent strife and a possible Al Qaeda style government;
- Tensions rise in the Middle East, especially in places of sectarian division (i.e. Lebanon, Yemen, Bahrain, Eastern Province in Saudi Arabia, and Iraq) leading to civil strife and attacks on governments, and counter-attacks on populations; and
- World War 3.

9. What could potentially go right?

It may seem that what is written above is slightly alarmist and that's true. Many things can go wrong (most of which, to be honest, are hard to predict as they will be unforeseen consequences or as Donald Rumsfeld, ironically calls them, unknown unknowns). However, the U.S.-led strikes could be quite effective. Firstly, if they are limited in scope, they can be completed in one day, reducing the risk for a military entanglement and civilian casualties. Secondly, if they are from the air, there is limited risk for casualties on the side of the intervening forces. Thirdly, an attack that is forceful and hits Syrian military positions, will send a message to Assad that there is a limit to what he can do, which thus far has not been the case, and may entice him to reach a political settlement. Fourthly, it is unlikely that the Syrian regime would retaliate, for a short strike on positions, against Israel, knowing that they cannot afford to fight a war on so many fronts (and thus far they have yet to retaliate to any Israel air strike). Finally, the systematic destruction of Assad's air capabilities could be instrumental in limiting civilian casualties by the regime in the future.

All of this is one possibility of what could occur.

10. Let's cut to the chase - should I support or not support military intervention?

There is no clearcut answer. Ultimately, military intervention should not be supported as a solution to the Syrian conflict. It is not, and whether we like it or not, a political solution/settlement is the only way the current situation moves towards peace and stability. The U.S. is negotiating with the Taliban. The Vietnamese negotiated with the U.S. The Lebanese negotiated with each other. The Dayton Accords to end the Bosnian War were signed with Slobodan Milosevic. It may not be easy, it may be unlikely, and it will not work perfectly, but political discussions involving all parties is the only way to find a real solution.

That being said, if a case is made with overwhelming evidence by independent parties (not U.S. conjecture) that chemical weapons were used by the Syrian regime, then military intervention on a limited scale, and for a period of 1-2 days only, should be undertaken, ideally with UN support - and if not with broad support of half of the members, i.e. 90, of the UN General Assembly to demonstrate legitimacy - against military targets only, which will both send a message about the use of these weapons and damage the capabilities of Assad.

What is clear is that whatever happens, there are no clear answers with regards to the conflict in Syria.

          Forex trading – Choosing the best broker        

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          Barbados: En ö i solen med en miljon besökare        
Vi svenskar vill ha så hög solfaktor som möjligt när vi åker på semester. Sitter man på Kreta eller Kanarieöarna på vårkanten och huttrar när solen uteblir en endaste dag på semesterveckan så är ju det en katastrof. Åker man till Barbados får man full valuta för pengarna för ön har över 3 000 soltimmar per år.
Flygresan som tar knappt 10 timmar är mödan värd för man hamnar på en ö där årstemperaturen pendlar mellan 22 till 30 grader. Barbados ligger utanför Venezuelas kust och ön är den östligaste i ögruppen Små Antillerna. På östkusten badar man i Atlanten och på syd- och västkusten i Karibiska sjön. I mitten på mars när jag är där är det 26 grader i vattnet och vågorna som rullar in mot den vita sanden är alldeles turkosblå. Bildtext: Så gott som ensam på Miami Beach på sydkusten under mandelträdens skugga. De små buskarna är tuktade vindruvor. Här badar lokabefolkningen och på vardagarna är det tomt. På Barbados får man inte bada topless, då kommer strandvakten och säger till.

Under det stora trädet i hamnen i Oistins samlas männen och spelar spel. De har lyse i trädet.

Bara engelska
På Barbados råder tropiskt havsklimat men de behagliga passadvindarna från norr dämpar dock temperaturerna. Ön är mycket grön och frodig. Regnperioden infaller mellan juli och november. Barbados är den mest brittiskinfluerade ön i Karibien och kallas "Lilla England", men kulturen bär också på afrikanska traditioner eftersom Barbados är ett gammalt slavsamhälle. Till skillnad från många andra öar i Karibien så talas det endast engelska på Barbados eftersom engelsmännen var de enda kolonisatörerna. Det är det rent och snyggt och man slipper se tiggare, lösspringande hundar och katter eller barnprostitution.

Killarna som surfar kommer från England. De är medlemmar i United Kingdom Sailing Academy.

Skäggiga fikonträd
Det var portugisiska sjömän som kom till ön på 1530-talet som döpte den till Los barbados "de skäggiga" efter de skäggiga fikonträd som fanns på ön. År 1625 förklarade en engelsk sjökapten Barbados som brittisk koloni och de följande decennierna anlände tusentals brittiska kolonisatörer. De livnärde sig på bomulls- och tobaksodling. På 1640-talet introducerade holländska köpmän det lönsamma sockerröret och det blev en historiskt omvälvande händelse för ön. En liten grupp vita tog kontroll över merparten av öns jord och skövlade skogen för att bereda plats för sockerplantager. Då upphörde den vita arbetskraftsinvandringen och istället massimporterades afrikanska slavar.
På bilden syns skäggiga fikonträd vid biblioteket i huvudstaden Bridgetown.
Självständig stat
Under 1700- och 1800-talen producerades socker med slavarna som arbetskraft. Slavarna behandlades grymt och omänskligt och de revolterade vid ett några tillfällen innan slaveriet avskaffades på 1830-talet. Allmän rösträtt infördes 1951 och 1966 blev Barbados en självständig stat inom Samväldet, som består av Storbrittanien och forna brittiska kolonier. Barbados ekonomi baseras på turism, tillverkningsindustri och sockerproduktion. Det var här som romtillverkningen startade på 1600-talet och det finns över 1 000 så kallade "rum shops" på ön.

Ann Layne, 42 år, hyr ett stånd på fiskmarknaden i Oistins. Hon rensar och packar flying fish för avsalu. Här kan man bland annat köpa dolphin, tuna-, King- och sword-fish. På Ann Laynes tatuering på armen står det Star Girl med sirliga bokstäver.

Passerat miljongränsen
Turistindustrin är sedan 1970-talet landets främsta näringsgren. Det är mest nordamerikaner, kanadensare och britter som besöker ön. De har haft ön som sin Kanarierö sen jet-planen kom i bruk på 60-talet. Den lilla ön har både övernattande och kryssande turister och 1998 passerades för första gången miljongränsen. Barbados är ett samhälle med egen kultur och historia som man som besökare kliver rakt in i. Invånarna som kallas Bajans (bejdjans) är öppna och tillmötesgående och hejar på en på gatan. De pratar kreoldialekt och bor i chattel-houses, små trähus på flyttbar grund, och på bakgårdarna håller man tuppar och höns. Allt inhägnas med galvaniserad plåt och lummig grönska. På söndagarna går man i någon av öns otaliga kyrkor och då klär kvinnorna upp sig i dräkt och hatt och det känns som om man är på besök amerikanska Södern. Barbados är ett puritanskt samhälle och man uppmanas som besökare att inte bada topless eller gå i affärerna i lättklädd i strandmundering. Det råder kvinnoöverskott på ön på grund av migration och arbetsvandring, främst till Storbrittanien.

Rent vatten
På Barbados kör man på vänster sida och det är mycket hög puls i trafiken. Det finns inga trottoarer och på bussarna spelas högljudd reggae-musik när de flackar och far genom öns 11 socknar. Yuppienallarna lyser med sin frånvaro - eller lös för sen några år tillbaka ser man mobiltalande människor i varje hörn
- och varje kväll påminner om en exemplarisk augustikväll här hemma i Sverige. Det blir mörkt redan klockan sex på kvällen. Nymånen hänger på den djupblåa himlen som en hängmatta och då först går det upp för en att man är mycket närmare ekvatorn.

Man behöver inte vaccinera sig för att åka till ön och vattnet är bland det renaste som finns på vår jord. Detta tack vare att ön är uppbyggd till stora delar av korall och kalksten som är genomträngligt för regnvattnet och som blir ett naturligt filter innan vattnet samlas upp i olika pumpstationer på ön.
Lisa Smith-Fields, 26 år, hyr ett av de nygjorda chattel-housen för hantverkare på Tyrol Cot i S:t Michael. Hon är konstnär och keramiker och står här vid en av sina tavlor och med en kruka som man förr förvarade kött i på Barbados.

På vykorten i affärerna poserar bara vita människor fastän de svarta är i majoritet. Men det är de vita som äger merparten av landets företag och de utgör överklassen. Det hamras och det byggs på ön.Turismsektorn växer och bland Barbados 135 registrerade hotell finns inget som har 300 - 400 rum, vilket är kravet för att man skall kunna hålla större konferenser. På Barbados kan man surfa, dyka, spela golf och tennis och titta på nationalsporten cricket. Men den stora behållningen det är solen, vattnet och sanden. Sam Lord´s Castle vid Long Bay på ostkusten byggdes 1820. Sam Lord satte ut lanternor runt kusten för att lura in skeppen bland klipporna. Sen plundrade han dem och enligt sägnen skall hans stora skatt ligga nedgrävd på ägorna. Byggnaden gjordes om till hotell på 40-talet och här pågår nu ett bröllop mellan en kvinnlig engelsk diplomat och en amerikan.
Till vänster ett papaya-träd med omogna frukter.
I den tropiska värmen frodas växterna. Här samsas bougainvillea med ett Travellers tree, som tillhör banansläktet. I grenarnas fäste kan man hitta vatten att släcka törsten med, därav namnet.

Statsskick: monarki där statschefen drottning Elisabeth II företräds på ön av en generalguvenör, regeringschefen heter David Thompson.
Yta: 430 kvadratkilometer, 2,3 mil hög och 3, 4 mil bred
Tid: svensk - 5 timmar
Invånarantal: 265 000
Nationalrätt: Flying fish och cou-cou (en majsrätt)
Folkgrupper: svarta 80 %, mulatter 16 %, vita 4 %, några hundratal indier
Religion: protestanter 67 %, katoliker 4 %, små grupper av hinduer, muslimer och judar.

Copyright bild och text: Helena Palén Olofsson. Kontakta Helena för högupplösta bilder. Helena bloggar här!

          CBHD Player Unboxing and Import Info        
If you’re living outside of Asia and were hoping to import a CBHD player you’re in luck, online import retailer GBAX is allowing users to import CBHD players from the United Kingdom. For £ 259.99 ($414.54 USD) you get the following. 1 CBHD player 14 free CBHD discs (The Aviator, Blood Diamond, The Invasion, The Island, [...]
          Lost Fortean Expedition Found!        
Earlier this month, an expedition from the United Kingdom left for the island of Sumatra. All they had to do was take a simple series of flights, and take some ground transportation to their final destination and yet, they disappeared. The expedition’s headquarters back in
          Back to Life, Back to reality.... — Jersey, United Kingdom        
Thecurries2012's Great Adventure
          Simon Holliday Is Making A Splash In Hong Kong        
Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Simon Holliday has a deep and profound interest in human motivation and resilience.

His drive is both for himself and for others.

He has completed a 15 hour 2 minute crossing of the English Channel in 2011 as well as a 35 km, 10 hour 20 minute swim across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong to Macau in 2014 [see video above] and numerous other open water swim throughout Ireland, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. Holliday was the protagonist of the 19-minute documentary film called The Clean Cross.

He founded the Splash Foundation, an organization in Hong Kong that conducts swim and water safety courses for under-served communities who may not have the access or means for swim lessons. "The Foundation provides an opportunity to learn an important life skill which develops confidence, improves wellbeing and allows people to flourish both in and out of the water by bringing together experienced coaches in a supportive group setting.

By 2020, the Foundation aims to provide 5,000 people with the opportunity to learn how to swim and be water safe

He explains the core values of the Splash Foundation through OASIS:

Optimistic: We believe attitude is more important than ability. Positive mindsets find ways to succeed and flourish.
Active: We think an active lifestyle and healthy bodies lead to healthy thought patterns and constructive goals.
Safe: We create an environment where everyone feels safe, always.
Inclusive: We welcome everyone into the Splash community with kindness and respect.
Simple: We ensure everything we do is transparent and easy to understand.

For more information, visit the Splash Foundation here.

Copyright © 2008-2017 by World Open Water Swimming Association

          Somalia: UN Deputy Special Representative holds security discussions with Somalia’s South West State officials        
Source: United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia
Country: Somalia

Baidoa, 8 August 2017 - The Deputy Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Somalia Raisedon Zenenga held discussions today with South West state administration officials on the progress the state has made in the security sector.

Mr. Zenenga’s visit also focused on the ongoing construction of the new headquarters of the Somali National Army’s 60 Division and a military training base that has been supported by the United Kingdom.

“We have come here to see the progress that is being made in partnership with us and with international donors, international partners who are working with us as the UN, and with South West state to support many projects including the security sector,” Mr. Zenenga said.

The delegation toured the military facility and expressed satisfaction with the progress made thus far. Once completed, the facility will host military officers and train Somali security forces to strengthen them as they prepare to take over the country’s primary security responsibility from the African Union Mission in Somalia.

This is in line with the political agreement on a National Security Architecture that was signed by Somalia’s federal and state government leaders in April 2017. The agreement endorsed an inclusive federal institutional framework for a reformed security sector.

The South West state Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Mohamed Hassan Fiqi represented South West state President Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan and briefed the delegation on the progress the state has made in strengthening security and tackling the humanitarian crisis induced by the current drought.

“We provided reports on the progress made by South West state since it was established. They have appreciated the steps taken by the administration in the security sector, the military and the construction of the military facility,” the Minister said.

The meeting agreed to continue military and humanitarian support for South West state to help it solve the socio-economic challenges it currently faces.

“We appreciate the support we have received in building capacity of the police and paying the salaries of 600 police officers,” Mr. Fiqi stated.

          Bartoli Happy With Retirement        

Marion Bartoli reckons that she didn’t make a mistake by deciding to retire after her Wimbledon glory last year.
Bartoli is in United Kingdom at the moment and yesterday, she even addressed the press at the All England Club as the previous year’s Wimbledon champion.

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          New Partner for UK: Veolia        
Veolia ES WEEE Compliance Scheme (UK) Limited has become WEEElogic exclusive partner for serving customers in the United Kingdom.
          The euro does not intend to give up        


A strong employment report, along with speeches by FOMC members and the ripe technical reasons provoked a recovery of the dollar against most of its competitors, but there is still no certainty that the euro is ready to give its leadership to the dollar.

The Sentix economic index in August for the eurozone was 27.7p This is somewhat lower than the 28.3p a month earlier, but still indicates a steady growth. Investors' expectations have been growing for the eighth month in a row and have reached 40p, which is the highest since November 2007.


The Sentix index is often seen by investors as an advance indicator. Since it is slightly earlier than similar studies from Ifo or Markit, it predicts market reversals. At the current period, the release contains a specific warning. Despite the fact that the expectations are at the 10-year peak, the index for Germany once again declined, the second time since February, and signs of a slowdown appeared. Germany is the engine of the entire European economy, its slowdown will inevitably have an impact on all intra-European processes.

Meanwhile the euro is supported by a number of geopolitical factors. After North Korea warned Washington about a possible attack of the US military base on the island of Guam, the demand for gold and the Japanese yen increased briskly, as well as the franc and euro, which in the current situation can be considered as defensive assets, also rose in a second echelon.

The momentum for the euro is slowing, but it is still too early to predict a confident turnaround. Markets will be waiting for tomorrow's report on US inflation, and the absence of significant macroeconomic factors will contribute to the flight into the lateral range.

United Kingdom

Today, the Office of National Statistics will publish data on industrial production and the trade balance in June. Weak data from the previous month played a role in the pound's lost growth momentum, and players need new data to reassess prospects. The forecast is conditionally positive. It is expected that the industry will show symbolic growth, and good data will be able to support the pound.

The NIESR will also publish its forecast for GDP growth. Its assessment has a significant impact on market expectations, as it is priced in by the Bank of England in the development of monetary policy. At the moment, the economy of Britain looks affected by the Brexit referendum, as its growth slowed down relative to other G10 countries, and general weakness serves as a deterrent for the Bank of England. The fall of the pound last week was provoked largely by this factor, and the need for decisive action to curb inflation was limited by weak economic growth.


Political uncertainty also has a negative influence on the pound. Negotiations on Brexit are slow, and the first phase will not be completed in October, as it was assumed recently. Because of the weak results of the parliamentary elections, the position of Theresa May seems unconvincing, and the divided cabinet complicates the negotiations, since it does not in any way give a clear understanding the results the United Kingdom wants to achieve. The key question at the moment is whether Britain is ready to compromise and pay for its exit. The situation is aggravated by the probability of May being overthrown from her post at the Conservative Party's conference in October.

Pound positions look weak, and there are few reasons for the resumption of the upward trend. The pound may fall by the end of the week below 1.29.

Oil and ruble

Oil prices almost did not react to the report of the US Department of Energy on reserves, which was slightly worse than expected. OPEC countries did not provide new information to players, which led to the stabilization of prices at just above $52/bbl. A startling factor is the decline in China's oil imports, which may indicate a slowdown in China's economy, but so far this scenario is preliminary and does not deny the impact on long-term forecasts.

In the absence of significant drivers, the Russian ruble continues to trade in a narrow range of about 60 rubles per dollar.

The material has been provided by InstaForex Company - www.instaforex.com
          Health and Fitness Education: Course Tutors & Assessors - All Disciplines         
£135-£185.00 per day (+ expenses) depending on the level of course being taught : Health and Fitness Education: If you’re an ambitious exercise professional that shares our philosophy, we’re keen to hear from you. United Kingdom

Although the Christmas presents are yet to be unwrapped, it’s time to think pass Christmas and start preparing to ring in the New Year.  Now before the resolutions go into effect and we anxiously await the clock’s striking of midnight, we’re going to need a few items to prepare for the evening.  One of those items is a FAB dress for whatever New Year's Eve party you’re attending.  I’m already brainstorming on what I have in my closet that I can rock, but one thing for sure is that it will be something sparkly….I mean, if you’ve been paying attention to my posts, you should know by now I love blingy, glittery, and sparkly things. J

Considering Christmas shopping has left me a little monetarily challenged, for shits & giggles, I decided to do some cyber window shopping to see what sparkly things I could’ve possibly gotten had I decided to shop for a NYE dress.

This shimmery silver dress is sure to make its wearer the center of attention at any party.  This one shoulder dress comes in sizes 1-4x.  The asymmetric neckline is detailed with rhinestone embellishments and ruched detailing.  Add some FAB accessories and this dress is a winner.  Purchase directly from www.babyphat.comfor $74.00.

Razzle & dazzle them in the Samantha Sequin Dress by Monif C.  This dress is currently in stock in sizes 18/20 & 22/24 for $277.80.  Order directly from Monif C at www.monifc.com.

If you want the bang but not a lot of flash, this low key black DKNY number may be just for you as the sparkle is at a minimum by only being on the front of the dress.  This dress retails for $129.00 in sizes 2-3x.  Order directly from www.bloomingdales.com.

Look FAB, be safe, and don't drink & drive.  

With that said, this will be my final post of 2011 as I have and will continue to be busy with year end work and preparing for the holidays. I started this blog for fun and never imagined it would get an audience outside of a few family members and friends, so you can imagine my surprise to see my audience map showing views from neighboring Canada, to the United Kingdom, Pakistan, and all the way on the other side of the world in Australia.  I am truly honored and appreciate all of you who log on to view my ramblings of materialism and consumerism.

I wish you all a joyous holiday season.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  See you in 2012!

Happy Shopping ~The Plus Size Shopaholic ~ Muah!

One of my airport fears is being held up for something that's inside my hand-carry luggage. I recently experienced that on my way back home from my Taiwan trip and it was nerve-wracking! I overlooked packing this 100ml canister of Super volcanic clay mousse mask I bought from innisfree in my check-in baggage and there I was at the security checkpoint realizing that fear. But luck was on my side that day. They let me through upon checking the product (even though it's 100ml) without taking it. It was not liquid anyway. I was kinda ready to give it up since I bought it for just less than a Php1,000 but a part of me will regret it for sure if the case was otherwise. It's a good product, by the way.

Now if it was a 100ml bottle of perfume, then that'd be a different story. You know how much a good bottle of perfume costs, right? Add that to the personal fact that I love smelling good always especially on travels.

I usually bring two kinds of scents. One for when it's hot and the other, for when it's cold. But bringing two bottles of perfume can be a hassle especially at times when the trip is short and when I don't have baggage allowance. In comes Travalo.

Let's get to know the brand first.

Travalo originated from the United Kingdom and was launched in October 2009. The brand has won six international awards that include a Red Dot Design Award and a Beauty Challenger Award. Not only has it been raved by bloggers and Youtubers and featured in various publications such as Elle, Cosmopolitan and Style, but it also has won the favor of over 10 million users around the world.

I'm featuring two atomizers today. The stylish Travalo Classic and it's more affordable sister, the Perfume Pod.

The Travalo atomizer uses the innovative, patented Genie-S system that allows you to "pump to refill" and instantly transfer your favorite fragrance.
The Travalo Classic comes in a sleek, rounded casing that makes it easy to slip into bags and pockets and it is also made in lightweight aircraft grade aluminum that doesn't have an ounce of glass on it. It is a little over three inches long and is small enough to fit inside an evening clutch or even your pocket. It stores up to 5ml of perfume and can spray between 65 to 80 times before needing a refill.
This unique system allows the Travalo to refill in seconds without spillage or exposing it to air. All you have to do is remove the spray nozzle,

connect the bottom part of the Travalo to the exposed tube, then start pumping the same way you spray your perfume. You can actually check through the clear part of the tube if the content is filled to your liking.

Travalo Classic is available at the 2F of Travalo SM North EDSA, Lazada Philippines, and at 4L SM Aura and retails at Php999.75.

Now if you prefer a cheaper alternative, then there's the Perfume Pod for you. Same as the Travalo, it comes with the patented Genie-S refill system. The atomizer is durable, scratch-resistant and shatterproof, and is crystal clear so you can see the perfume inside.
The Perfume Pod measures three inches in length and carries 5ml of perfume to last you the whole weekend and can spray up to 65 to 80 times before needing to be refilled.
Perfume Pod is available at the 2F of Travalo SM North EDSA, Lazada Philippines, and at 4L SM Aura and retails at Php349.75.

Is this something you would like to include in your travel essentials? Sound off in the comments below.

For more information, follow @travaloph on Instagram and like Travalo Philippines on Facebook.

          Studying Medicine Abroad – What You Need To Know!        
If you are UK student currently intent on pursuing a rewarding career in the field of medicine, then it is worthwhile at least considering the possibility of studying for your medical degree abroad. With fees for studying medicine in the United Kingdom now at the highest level they have ever been, applying to study medicine […]
          Baidu's Political Censorship is Protected by First Amendment, but Raises Broader Issues        

Baidu, the operator of China’s most popular search engine, has won the dismissal of a United States lawsuit brought by pro-democracy activists who claimed that the company violated their civil rights by preventing their writings from appearing in search results. In the most thorough and persuasive opinion on the issue of search engine bias to date, a federal court ruled that the First Amendment protects the editorial judgments of search engines, even when they censor political speech. This post will introduce the debate over search engine bias and the First Amendment, analyze the recent decision in Zhang v. Baidu, and discuss the implications of the case for both online speech and search engines.

Search Engine Bias and the First Amendment

When users enter a query into a search engine, the search engine returns results ranked and arranged by an algorithm. The complicated algorithms that power search engines are designed by engineers and modified over time. These algorithms, which are proprietary and unique to each search engine, favor certain websites and types of content over others. This is known as “search engine bias.”

The question of whether search engine results constitute speech protected by the First Amendment is particularly important in the context of search engine bias, and has been the subject of considerable academic debate. Several prominent scholars (including Eric Goldman, Eugene Volokh, and Stuart M. Benjamin) have argued that the First Amendment encompasses results generated by search engines, thus largely immunizing the operators search engines from liability for how they rank websites in search results. Others (primarily Tim Wu) have maintained that because search engine results are automated by algorithm, they should not be granted the full protection of the First Amendment.

Until now, only two federal courts had addressed this issue. See Langdon v. Google, 474 F. Supp. 2d 622 (D. Del. 2007); Kinderstart v. Google, 2007 WL 831806 (N.D. Cal. 2007). In dismissing claims against Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo brought by private plaintiffs dissatisfied with how their websites ranked in search results, both courts concluded after limited analysis that search engine results are protected under the First Amendment.

Baidu in Court

In May 2011, eight Chinese-American activists who described themselves as “promoters of democracy in China” filed a complaint against Baidu in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. The plaintiffs, who are residents of New York, alleged that Baidu had violated their First Amendment and equal protection rights by “censoring and blocking” the pro-democracy content they had published online from its search results, purportedly at the behest of the People’s Republic of China. While the plaintiffs’ content appeared in results generated by Google, Yahoo, and Bing, it was allegedly “banned from any search performed on … Baidu.”

Baidu responded by filing a motion for judgment on the pleadings. Baidu argued that the plaintiffs’ suit should be dismissed based on the longstanding principle that the First Amendment “prohibits the government from compelling persons to speak or publish others’ speech.” Baidu also accused the plaintiffs of bringing a meritless lawsuit “for the purpose of drawing attention to their views.”

Last month, United States District Judge Jesse M. Furman concluded in a thoughtful decision that that the results returned by Baidu’s search engine constituted speech protected by the First Amendment, dismissing the plaintiffs’ lawsuit in its entirety.

Judge Furman began his analysis with a discussion of Miami Herald Publishing Co. v. Tornillo, a 1974 decision in which the Supreme Court held that a Florida statute requiring newspapers to provide political candidates with a right of reply to editorials critical of them violated the First Amendment. By requiring newspapers to grant access to their pages the messages of political candidates, the Florida law imposed an impermissible content-based burden on newspapers’ speech. Moreover, the statute would have had the effect of deterring newspapers from running editorials critical of political candidates. In both respects, the statute was an unconstitutional interference with newspapers’ First Amendment right to exercise “editorial control and judgment.”

The court then cited Hurley v. Irish-American Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Group of Boston, which extended the Tornillo principle beyond the context of the press. In that case, the Supreme Court ruled that Massachusetts could not require organizers of a private St. Patrick’s Day parade to include among marchers a group of openly gay, lesbian, and bisexual individuals. This was true even though parade organizers did not create the floats themselves and did not have clear guidelines on who and what groups were allowed to march in the parade. Once again, the Court held that requiring private citizens to impart a message they did not wish to convey would “violate[] the fundamental rule of protection under the First Amendment . . . that a speaker has the autonomy to choose the content of his own message.”

These decisions taken together, according to the court, established four propositions critical to its analysis. First, the government “may not interfere with the editorial judgments of private speakers on issues of public concern.” Second, this rule applies not only to the press, but to private companies and individuals. Third, First Amendment protections apply “whether or not a speaker articulates, or even has, a coherent or precise message, and whether or not the speaker generated the underlying content in the first place.” And finally, that the government has noble intentions (such as promoting “press responsibility” or preventing hurtful speech) is of no consequence. Disapproval of a speaker’s message, regardless how justified the disapproval may be, does not legitimize attempts by the government to compel the speaker to alter the message by including one more acceptable to others.

In light of these principles, the court reasoned that “there is a strong argument to be made that the First Amendment fully immunizes search-engine results from most, if not all, kinds of civil liability and government regulation.” In retrieving relevant information from the “vast universe of data on the Internet” and presenting it in a way that is helpful to users, search engines make editorial judgments about what information to include in search results and how and where to display it. The court could not find any meaningful distinction between these judgments and those of a newspaper editor deciding which wire-service stories to run and where to place them, a travel guidebook writer selecting which tourist attractions to mention and how to display them, or a political blog choosing which stories it will link to and how prominently they will be featured.

Judge Furman made clear that the fact that search-engine results are produced algorithmically had no bearing on the court’s analysis. Because search algorithms are written by human beings, “‘they ‘inherently incorporate the search engine company engineers’ judgments about what materials users are most likely to find responsive to their queries.’” When search engines return results, ordering them from first to last, “they are engaging in fully protected First Amendment expression,” the court concluded.

The court declined to see any irony in holding that the democratic ideal of free speech protects Baidu’s decision to disfavor speech promoting democracy. “[T]he First Amendment protects Baidu’s right to advocate for systems of government other than democracy (in China or elsewhere) just as surely as it protects Plaintiffs’ rights to advocate for democracy.”

Implications for Online Speech and Search Engines

As the amount of content on the Internet grows exponentially, search engines play an increasingly important role in helping users navigate an overwhelming expanse of data – Google alone processes 100 billion search queries each month. As such, there is a definite public interest in shielding search engines from civil liability and government regulation. The decision in Zhang v. Baidu promotes strong constitutional protections for some of the Internet’s most heavily relied-upon intermediaries, making it clear that search engines cannot be compelled to include in their results the speech of others. Though not addressed in this case, these protections complement those guaranteed to search engines by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act . CDA § 230(c)(1) immunizes search engines from most kinds of tort liability for publishing the third-party content of others, while CDA § 230(c)(2) protects their decisions to remove it.

If search engines were subject to civil liability in the United States for the ways in which they display and rank content in search results, individuals would have the power to alter or censor those results via the federal courts. In addition to the obvious financial consequences of civil liability for search engine operators (the plaintiffs in Zhang v. Baidu sought more than $16 million in damages), such a course could result in significant compliance burdens. To better understand how this might play out, one must look no further than this order by a French court requiring Google to remove from search results at the request of a British executive certain images which had been deemed to violate his right of privacy in a United Kingdom lawsuit. The court seemed to take the position that Google’s argument that the First Amendment protected its search results was inconsistent with the “neutral and passive role of a host,” as required to claim the protection of French intermediary law. Marie-Andree Weiss did an excellent write-up on this controversial decision for the Digital Media Law Project.

Though it has been rightfully heralded for reaching the conclusion that operators of search engines are exercising their First Amendment rights when deciding which websites to display in what order, the decision in Zhang v. Baidu has serious and potentially negative practical consequences for online speakers. Search engines play a critical role in helping online speech be discovered. Allowing search engines to prevent certain types of content from being indexed in search results could mean that some online speech will be nearly impossible to find without a direct link to where it exists online. A tremendous amount of power over what online speech can be easily located now rests in an ever-dwindling number of private entities. Proposals for a publicly-controlled, open source search engine belonging to “The People” have yet to gain traction.

Attorneys for the plaintiffs in Zhang v. Baidu have announced plans to appeal the decision to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. Should the Second Circuit adopt the line of reasoning laid out so clearly by the district court, plaintiffs across the country considering bringing a lawsuit over search engine bias would be hard-pressed to overcome the First Amendment hurdles put in place by this likely influential precedent.

Natalie Nicol earned her J.D. from University of California, Hastings College of the Law. During law school, she worked as an intern at the Digital Media Law Project, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the First Amendment Project.

(Image courtesy of Flickr user simone.brunozzi pursuant to a Creative Commons CC BY-SA 2.0 license.)

Subject Area: 


          biodata emma watson        
Nama Lengkap : Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson
Nama panggilan : Em
biasa dipanggil saat memerankan Hermione : Hermy
Nama Ortu : Jacqueline dan Chirs Watson ,
Nama Adik : Alex ( 3 thn lbh muda)
Nama kucingnya : Bubbles dan Domino
Tempat T.L : Oxfordshire,Paris, Prancis, 15 April 1990
OR favorit : Hoki,Tennis
Hobi : Balet, tari modern, berdiskusi
Warna favorit : Biru Muda
Buku Favorit : Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Karakter HP favorit : Hagrid dan Dobby
Mantra Favorit Petrificus Totalus(membuat tubuh kaku)
Penyanyi favorit : jusstine timberlake
Bintang film favorit : Julia Robert
Film favorit : Shrek,Finding Nemo,Ice Age
Gadget : iPod
Yang paling nggak disukai : Hermy nggak main Quidditch
Pengghargaan : Aktris terbaik dalam Otto awards 2003 dan 2006
Artis anak terbaik pada Phoenix Film crictis Society 2004
Alamat: Emma Watson
c/o Harry Potter Productions
Leavesden Studios
P.O Box 3000
Leavesden,Hertfordshire, WD25 7LT
United Kingdom

GoSiP yg PaLiNg HoT's N' tErBaRu DaRi EmMa :

- Emma Pernah kepergok jalan bareng sama TOM DUCKER
- Kalian pasti tau fil Equus yang ada Daniel Radcliffe main drama bugil Khan ?????
Kalo kita liat pasti aneh ya..... Tapi ka lo Emma malahan bangga.. Ichhh aneh dech..
katanya " Aku bangga baget sama Daniel. Nggak nyangka dia bisa berpose bugil di depan umum. Kalo boleh sama mama aku mau ikutan achhhhh...... . Kalo diijinin aku mau minta caranya sama Daniel"
          STOP ACTA        
In short, just email anything inbetween TV-stations, newspapers ANYTHING among those lines that have failed to bring light onto this, and tell them why this is all HORRIBLY wrong and DANGEROUS! This is NOT democracy, this is something you do in China and North Korea, NOT The United Kingdom, Swede, the United States or any other so-called democratic country. ACTA is NOT for just Europe, NOT for just the Americas, its for EVERYONE! And the quickest thing you can do is to sign this petition: Avaaz.org Now before you say "But I dont want to give away my adress/name/etc, you do NOT have to! you can just sign it with your email, and then your firstname (Or even online-name!) and leave the postal-adress empty, it still works! AND, this does not affect the website-owners anymore, this directly affects ANY and ALL end-users, and an end-user, that is YOU. This is NOT democracy, this is corruption! (Copied from AtlasTasume's Profile)
          BANG BANG: Adam Hartzell        
[BANG BANG is our week-long look back at 20!!, or "Twenty-bang-bang," or 2011, with contributions from all over aiming to cover all sorts of enthusiasms from film to music to words and beyond.]

by Adam Hartzell

I spend most of my time watching movies out of sync with my time and place. Since I prefer cinema from elsewhere, only one U.S. film makes my Top Ten, though it does make the top spot. Work and financial constraints keep me from traveling abroad for film festival premieres, which means I have to wait until they make it here to San Francisco. So my Top Ten lists usually say something about my cosmopolitan dreams that are anchored awake by my restricted finances and mobility. But here are 10 films which were released this year, or made their way to Bay Area festivals in 2011, about which I have found myself still ruminating in a positive way since they shined their light and heat on my eyes.
10. Passion (Khusel Shunal) (Byamba Sakhya, 2010, Mongolia) I knew nothing about Mongolian cinema until this documentary about said cinema, told through a lonely road movie, found its way into the program of this year's San Francisco Asian American International Film Festival. Now I want to know more, which is ironic since the film presents a pessimistic view of Mongolian cinema's future. But it's at least caught the fascination of one viewer even more isolated from this nation's cinema than the Mongolian residents portrayed in the documentary.

9. Aurélie Laflamme's Diary (Christian Laurence, 2010, Canada) A French language film from Quebec that was part of the NY/SF International Children's Film Festival that ran from October 21-23 at Viz Cinema, it ended up winning an audience award. I would have voted for it as well, had I seen it in the theater along with that awarding audience rather than on DVD for an sf360.org overview I wrote on the festival. It's a teen film that doesn't have to throw an American-Pie in our faces thinking that will entertain the kids and kidults. Marianne Verville is a refreshing presence in the lead role, allowed to be awkward in what is an awkward time of our lives. Plus, although she gets the boy the genre demands, she isn't swan-ed away from her duckling beginnings.

8. The Trip (Michael Winterbottom, 2011, United Kingdom) I am still laughing about the scene where Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon are riffing on announcing the inexact time of an ancient battle. Adding to this comedic pleasure was that I got to laugh at this scene along with a friend I hadn’t seen in some time whom I randomly ran into in the lobby of The Bridge theatre before the screening. It was a nice day in the Richmond neighborhood thanks to the run-ins such local establishments afford.

7. Oki's Movie (Hong Sang-soo, 2010, South Korea) I got to see three of my favorite director’s films for the first time this year. (The others were Ha Ha Ha on DVD because I couldn't make the screenings at the San Francisco International Film Festival and The Day He Arrives on screen at the Starz Denver Film Festival in mid-November with the proprietor of the Coffee, Coffee and More Coffee blog, Peter Nellhaus.) Thanks to the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, I was able to watch Oki's Movie in the theatre in late June after having already seen it on DVD to prepare a piece for sf360. I'm biased in that I always find something to ruminate on endlessly in a Hong film (even with my least favorite, Woman Is the Future of Man). But Oki's Movie seems to have won over those who haven't been fans of his work. I think a big reason is the auditioning of men in Oki's movie nested within "Oki's Movie" that Andrew Tracy expertly analyzes in the Fall 2010 issue of Cinema Scope magazine.

6. The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls (Leanne Pooley, 2009, New Zealand) Finally getting the theatre release it deserved, The Topp Twins graced our local screens outside of the film festivals that started the momentum (Frameline in 2010 and Mostly British in 2011). I own the DVD and saw the film in the theatre three times, once each at those festivals and once in Berkeley at Shattuck Cinemas with my cousin when it was released. Even after all these screenings, I'm still moved by how much major moments of the lives of these yodeling, country singing lesbian twins are tied up with major political successes in New Zealand history. I am still giddy about getting to meet them for an interview for sf360, the most nervous I have ever been for an interview.

5. Poetry (Lee Chang-dong, 2010, South Korea) Poetry definitively represents what I have been appreciating lately about South Korean cinema - how much it has opened up cinematic space for its senior actresses. Yun Jung-hee came out of retirement for this virtuoso performance of Lee Chang-dong's as he continues to explore the life of the outsider in South Korea. During my first draft of this brief commentary on Poetry, I went into a rant about how, if there failed to be a Best Actress nom nod to Yun, the Oscars would continue to be irrelevant in my cinematic life. But after writing that draft, I went to talk with Brian Darr of Hell on Frisco Bay blog and he informed me the Los Angeles Critic Circle gave Yun their Best Actress award. As a result, I put my seething rage at the Oscars as a failed institution back into its cage to be unleashed some other day.

4. The Salesman (Sébastian Pilote, 2011, Canada) I am someone upon whom car commercials fail to make the intended impact. I don't desire the products they advertise. And I don't buy into the false sense of freedom the commercials purport to symbolize. (The streets are usually much more crowded than as portrayed in the commercials and buying a car shackles you with debt, high gas prices, and vast acres of asphalt requirements for roads and parking.) That said, I'm primed to appreciate the tragedy in The Salesman, a perfect example of a genre I'm calling 'Post Peak Oil Cinema', where the life of a successful car salesman is turned on its head by the very products he sells so successfully. The Salesman is a sad, sad film that doesn't pummel you but rather slowly piles upon you like the snow that surrounds this little Quebec town.

3. The Life of Fish (Matías Bize, 2010, Chile) My wife and I caught this film during our yearly Caltrain trip to Cinequest in San Jose because it fit with our schedule and it's one of those happy accident, eeny-meeny-miney-mo(e)ments where you select a film with no real sense of what you are getting yourself into and you realize the programmers have made an excellent choice for you. In this film, we travel through a party held in a single house as our main character relives his younger self through his memories and those of others. Simple, poignant, and delightful.

2. Nostalgia for the Light (Patrico Guzmán, 2010, France/Chile/Germany) This was a truly amazing film I saw in the Dolby screening room as part of the press screenings for the San Francisco International Film Festival this year. Guzmán’s pairing of professional astronomers with amateur archaeologists works on so many levels. Even though the archaeologists are searching for the remains of family members killed by their own government, somehow, in spite of all this, Guzmán leaves us with tremendous hope for humanity.

1. Deaf Jam (Judy Lieff, 2011, USA) I have not had the experience with a film for a long time like I had with Lieff’s documentary about high school Deaf poets venturing out into the venues of a (hearing) poetry slam. Cinema transfixed me again at the Mill Valley Film Festival like it did the first time I could not stopping about the impact a film had on me. Lieff captures the vibrancy of American Sign Language through several tactics of translation. Her willingness to mess with the text of subtitling the poems in the opening sequence is mesmerizing. At the same time, she even took the risk not to translate the ASL later in the film and it is just as powerful sans subtitles. Mixed in with this story of the life of young Deaf folk is a story about the struggles of immigrant children whose parents’ citizenship comes after they enter adulthood and a friendship between a young Israeli Jew and Palestinian Muslim. Lieff and the subjects of her documentary show us how ASL is as perfect a language of cinema as any other, leaving you hoping Lieff and the students she films don’t stop here. We need these stories. We need this kind of active, engaged cinema.


Adam Hartzell is totally bummed that sf360.org is no longer publishing because he had a blast writing for them for three years. He continues to write for Brian Darr's San Francisco film blog, Hell on Frisco Bay, and the premier English language website on South Korean cinema, Koreanfilm.org. He began this year as a guest on an episode of the VCinema podcast where he discussed the original version and the recent re-visioning of the South Korean classic The Housemaid (MP3). He has had a few magazine pieces in Kyoto Journal, a chapter on The Power of Kangwon Province for The Cinema of Japan and Korea (Wallflower Press), and next year he will have a bunch of essays in the upcoming publication of World Directory of Cinema: Korea (Intellect, Ltd.).

          Your Country Hates You        
There has always been two Britains.
There's the majority, everyday Brits who have always been too busy getting-by to have time for Babylon's rules, no matter what shape Babylon took. The ordinary Brit's position of "I couldn't care less about what you pretend happens after you die, as long as you don't bore me with it or try to impose your Babylon-monkey on me", bears no resemblance to the minority Britain of Kings and Nobles; those whose legitimacy to rule has long been entwined with this foreign church.
That Bible is still the doctrinal heart of the state religion of the UK. Our head of state, the Queen, is also know as 'the defender of the faith' and, on days of Royal events, the whole world sees the backward looking traditions of the ancient establishment's pompous ways; it sees a state legitimising itself through Christian rites and, consequentially, the tacit approval of Christianity by the state.

This ancient foreign tome is held high-most in this land as the paragon of righteousness! The land's establishment hails the book as evidence of its legitimacy. Yet, if a faithful follower of that fable were to actually follow many of the verses within, that follower would contravene the laws of the land.
The law of the land permits that which the book does not
and prohibits that which the book promotes.
And, further, the state encourages promotion of this fable, which inspires followers to at best, contravene the state's laws, and at worst, if followed to the letter would return our hard fought civilization into a medieval chaos similar to that wrought by ISIS.
I suggest this paradox is something of a constitutional problem; a crisis, even.
We, the people, the true owners of this United Kingdom of Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England, our laws, practices and government, are in conflict with much of the foreign religion, which ancient invasions imposed on us. This ancient interloping fable, widely promoted, in faith and secular schools alike, as "good" contains commands by a fabled divine being who demands, under pain of eternal torment, the persecution, even, when circumstances demand it, to death of unbelievers.
How is it not disrespectful, to me and the other great many who identify as unbelievers, to have a state religion that views so many of the state's citizens in varying degrees from second-class human to actual living anti-christ?

As many Brits, I'm an 'unbeliever';
... it's disrespectful that the state religion judges us to be spoiled. (Colossians 2:8)
... it's discriminatory that the state religion commands our ostracisation. (Romans 16:17)
... it's divisive that the state religion judges us wicked! (1 John 5:19)
... it's disrespectful that the state religion judges us to be deceiver & ultimate evil! (2 John 1:7)
... it's disheartening that the state religion commands our deportation! (2 John 1:10)
... it's absurd that the state religion wants us dead! (Exo 22:20 Deut 13:6-10,13:12-16,17:2-7,17:12-13)
(These are not ALL of the instances of supremacist hatred or commands to contravene the laws of this land. And unbelievers are not the only minority group targeted.)

Makes one wonder why politicians have not noticed the divisiveness inherent in all such supremacist fables. Perhaps because so many of them have been indoctrinated with fable that they do not see it as a problem. One further wonders, if they were on the other side of the persecution fence, for how many seconds would they be able to remain unaware?

I'm sure I've heard it said that our Members of Parliament are supposed to look out for the rights of ALL their constituents so, if an MP fails to raise this issue, can that MP be said to be doing so?

I would like something to change.

To the cobweb ridden establishment,
If you must keep this ancient fable as some sort of token head-nod to your ancestors, or to give your reign an air of legitimacy, so be it, but at least accept the reality of our present. Edit from this Bible of yours the hate that is commanded against born and bred UK owners, whose generational ancestors' blood, sweat and tears helped raise this world from primitive hovel to World wide web.
For our state to be still seen as promoting these primitive, supremacist, hate-fables demeans us all before the world and our descendants.
With this fable flying as a banner above our society, held high like that notorious black flag, what are we?

So the question here is...
Is it not time for we the people to demand a purge of ALL the hatred from the fable at the core of the UK?
I mean it's not as if a monarch has never introduced an new standard bible; it's called King James version for a reason, why not a peace laden Queen Elizabeth version?
Or, better yet, purge the fable entirely?

This is one of the Too Many Questions
Please leave a comment - Anything will do
The best communications are often,

          Kenmaster Steker KM-931 Blister        

Kenmaster Steker KM-931 Blister

Travel Universal Adaptor KENMASTER KM-931
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          TextNow Wireless Introduces Elastic Calling Tech, Plus New Plans        
TextNow Wireless Introduces Elastic Calling Tech, Plus New Plans

TextNow Wireless, the Wi-Fi-centric, cloud based mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) has recently taken the opportunity to unveil its new Elastic Calling technology for all of its customers. As an MVNO leasing capacity on Sprint, TextNow Wireless offers a combination of Wi-Fi and cellular mobile service, but its Elastic Calling feature should give its customers a more smooth switching between networks, even in the middle of phone call conversations.

TextNow Wireless’ Elastic Calling tech takes full advantage of enhanced network recognition algorithms. This helps guarantee that calls made or received are connected to the best network available from the start of the phone call until its end. Whenever a connection starts to become faulty, users will be handed over to a better connection, and the phone call never experiences any disruption.

What the Elastic Calling technology does is constantly detect Wi-Fi networks that are available, as well as cellular data and cellular voice networks. The result is a better overall calling experience for TextNow Wireless customers, with lesser instances of dropped calls and improved coverage even apartment blocks or basements.

Apart from rolling out its new Elastic Calling technology, TextNow Wireless also introduced new and improved zero contract plans. There is the brand new Short plan, which comes with unlimited voice calls and text messaging, unlimited 2G data, and a hundred megabytes of speedy cellular data, for a rate of $13.99 a month.

And it gets better -- three of TextNow Wireless’ existing plan options, namely Grande, Venti, and Quattro, will all be upgraded in terms of high speed data, with their respective prices staying the same. These are summarized as follows:

  • Short Plan ($13.99 a month) -- Featuring 100 megabytes of high speed data (new plan)
  • Tall Plan ($18.99 a month) -- Featuring 500 megabytes of high speed data (unchanged)
  • Grande Plan ($26.99 a month) -- Featuring 1.5 gigabytes of high speed data (previously only 1 gigabyte of data)
  • Venti Plan ($39.99 a month) -- Featuring 3 gigabytes of high speed data (previously only 2 gigabytes of data)
  • Quattro Plan ($59.99 a month) -- Featuring 6 gigabytes of high speed data (previously only 4 gigabytes of data)

All of the mobile plans listed above already come with unlimited voice calls and text messaging within the United States and to Canada, plus 2 gigabytes (albeit, throttled) of data. Customers of TextNow Wireless can also enjoy free international voice calls to ten countries (including Mexico and the United Kingdom), with voice calls made to other destinations starting from $0.02 a minute. For other deals, you can explore more plans and phones from TextNow Wireless at Wirefly now.

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          TextNow Wireless Now Selling Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge For Just $299.99        
TextNow Wireless Now Selling Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge For Just $299.99

TextNow Wireless, a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that leases network capacity from major US wireless carrier Sprint, has recently revealed that it is now offering the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge handset for only $299.99. Interested buyers can choose between color options of black, white, or gold.

Samsung first introduced the Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone in March of last year during the 2015 Mobile World Congress held in the beautiful city of Barcelona in Spain, along with another flagship device, the Galaxy S6. The device possesses a revolutionary design that features a display screen that curves on both sides of the handset. As far as specifications go, the Galaxy S6 Edge has plenty to offer. It comes with a 5.1 inch Corning Gorilla Glass display screen, flanked by a 16 megapixel camera on the rear side as well as a 5 megapixel camera on the front side. 

When it comes to hardware specs, the Galaxy S6 Edge is no slouch either. It is powered by an eight core Exynos 7420 chip set, supported by 3 gigabytes of random access memory (RAM), and onboard storage options of 32 gigabytes, 64 gigabytes, and 128 gigabytes. With regards to software, the Galaxy S6 Edge comes with Google’s Android 5.0 Lollipop and TouchWiz user interface.

Some may remember that back in December of last year, TextNow Wireless announced that it was offering Samsung’s Galaxy S6 for just $250. By adding the Galaxy S6 Edge, the wireless carrier has further strengthened its current range of Android powered devices, which should be welcome news for its Android using customer base.

Apart from selling the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone for a tad below three hundred bucks, TextNow Wireless also took the opportunity to formally debut international calling. Before, this service was only made available to Android and iOS mobile users in beta mode. But now, the wireless carrier has rolled out the feature to its subscribers. 

The international calling feature should prove to be handy especially for mobile users with family and friends based in locations outside the United States. They will now be able to get in touch with loved ones from across the globe without having to worry about paying for pricey international rates. On top of all this, TextNow Wireless also offers unlimited domestic calling in the US and  Canada, absolutely free of charge. Other countries covered by free unlimited calls to landline phone numbers include the United Kingdom, Mexico, France, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Portugal, Brazil, Italy, and South Korea.

For more TextNow deals, you can start comparing phones and plans from TextNow Wireless at Wirefly today.

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          TextNow Now Offers International Calls To Over 150 Countries        
TextNow Now Offers International Calls To Over 150 Countries

Attention, mobile users who like to make international calls -- here is some additional good news for you. TextNow Wireless, a cloud focused mobile services provider, has just announced that it will be adding new worldwide voice call features, as well as a new way for its customers to earn bill credits. 

For those not familiar with TextNow Wireless, it is actually a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) of Sprint that prioritizes Wi-Fi connections with back up from Sprint’s 3G and 4G networks. This time around, the wireless carrier will be rolling out international calling to over 150 countries around the world over the new few months, including territories such as the United Kingdom, India, and China, just to name a few. Calling rates start as low as $0.04 a minute to Mexico, but those who are looking to make international calls to Canada, they will no doubt be pleased that all calls made to the United States’ northern neighbor are offered absolutely free of charge.

And because TextNow Wireless is committed to making its wireless services as convenient as possible to everyone, customers will now be able to make international calls directly from their own TextNow phone number. And that is not all -- customers will also be granted the ability to check rates in other countries before making an international call. To do this, they only need to enter the phone number they are calling into their handset’s dialer.

Also, it should be noted that international calling features will not be made available to subscribers of TextNow Wireless’ plans only. As a matter of fact, any person who is using TextNow Wireless’ free mobile app will be able to enjoy unlimited free calls to phone numbers in both the US and Canada, both on their smartphone and via their tablet devices and other mobile devices. 

Apart from finally adding international call features, TextNow Wireless is also planning to introduce a new credits system that will reward mobile users who complete offers or watch video content from partners and advertisers. The credits earned by customers can be applied to their wireless service in order to free international and domestic calls, or reduce their monthly smartphone bill. 

As for the offers, what kind exactly? According to FierceWireless, TextNow Wireless’ offers include a credit in the amount of $1.50 for starting a free Hulu trial, plus credits for installing mobile apps from businesses such as Walmart, and for downloading and completing games. The setup is actually reminiscent of Data Perks, the feature launched by AT&T nearly a month ago. AT&T’s Data Perks provides the wireless carrier’s subscribers with bonus monthly data for watching advertisements or answering polls. 

Interested to know more about TextNow deals? You can explore plans and phones from TextNow Wireless at Wirefly now.

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          gamefreaksnz: Han Solo in Carbonite Vinyl Decal for Door ...        


Han Solo in Carbonite Vinyl Decal for Door

 Bring the infamous Han Solo frozen in carbonite into your home today.

  • This DoorWrap measures 80 cm x 200 cm (approx. 31 x 79 inches).
  • Manufactured with tender loving care in our studio in Oxford, United Kingdom.
  • Made from special repositionable vinyl that does does not leave any residue upon removal and enables quick and easy application.
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           Evolution of precipitation in direct charged thin slab cast VoN and V-Ti-N steels         
Li, Y. and Crowther, D. and Mitchell, P.S. and Baker, T.N. (2002) Evolution of precipitation in direct charged thin slab cast VoN and V-Ti-N steels. In: Proceedings of the Institute of Physics Conference: Electron Microscopy and Analysis Group Conference. Institute of Physics Conference series, 168 (11). Institute of Physics, Bristol, United Kingdom. ISBN 0750308125
           Nanoanalysis of dispersion strengthening particles in thin slab cast vanadium microalloyed steels         
Wilson, J.A. and Craven, A.J. and Li, Y. and Baker, T.N. (2002) Nanoanalysis of dispersion strengthening particles in thin slab cast vanadium microalloyed steels. In: Proceedings of the Institute of Physics Electron Microscopy and Analysis Group (EMAG 2001 Conference). EMAG Conference Series, 168 . Institute of Physics, London, United Kingdom, pp. 187-190. ISBN 0-7503-0812-5

United Kingdom London Gatwick 15,95 £ London Heathrow 16,50 £ Luton 15 £ New route Manchester Liverpool 8 £ Spain Madrid 8 € Italy Florence Pisa 4,99 € The cheapest Milano Bergamo 9,90 € Palermo Trapani 10,60 € Rome Ciampino 4 € Rome Fiumicino 4 € Turin 5 € Dolomites Bergamo 25 € Dolomites Verona […]

The post Destination appeared first on Terravision Inglese.

          Cyclosporiasis in travellers returning to the United Kingdom from Mexico in summer 2017        
Via Eurosurveillance: Cyclosporiasis in travellers returning to the United Kingdom from Mexico in summer 2017: Lessons from the recent past to inform the future. The abstract: During the summers of 2015 and 2016, the United Kingdom experienced large outbreaks of...
          Animal appoints Paul Fowler to Managing Director position        



Industry Updates

Fowler will lead as Animal pursues larger business objectives

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 2 December, 2015 - Animal has announced the appointment of Paul Fowler as its Managing Director, effective 1st January 2016. Fowler brings years of experience from several Executive Director roles within the branded apparel and fashion sectors including Ben Sherman and Nicole Farhi. 

Fowler stated, “It’s a great privilege to be appointed Managing Director for one of the UK’s leading action sports lifestyle brands. It’s an exciting time for the business as we continue our retail store opening programme as well as evolving the product offering. With a passionate and talented team I am very much looking forward to driving the brand to achieve ambitious business objectives and being a part of the Animal success story.”

Paul has been working within the Animal retail business throughout 2015 and will continue to lead new store openings in 2016.


          UK action sports brand Animal launches new website        



Industry Updates

Animal debuts re-designed website

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 25 April, 2014 - Animal, the UK’s leading action sports lifestyle brand has announced the launch of their new website. The brand site has been re-designed and is now fully responsive, operating across iPads and mobile phones as well as computers.

New features include social media plug-ins to facilitate sharing on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, as well as a new blog just for girls and the Animal team rider pages now have a new gallery function showcasing the team in action.  

A comprehensive store locator allows consumers to easily locate the nearest stockist and can be used across all digital platforms.

Visitors to the site can use the fluid navigation system to explore the brand’s latest news, athlete results, new video content, blog and direct access to the online shopping portal.

Animal’s Head of Brand and Marketing, Joel Pickering, comments, “When we undertook this project it was important for us to maintain all aspects of the design in-house to ensure we had a clean, fresh looking site that truly reflected out brand values and maximised our brand assets. We now have a great looking site that we can easily update and that is fully responsive across all devices."

The Editors

          Book Review - Just Three Dates by David Burnett        

Book Review
Just Three Dates
by David Burnett
When their mothers become matchmakers, entangling them in a series of dates with each other, Karen and Mark must each decide whether to entertain the idea of a “marriage of convenience,” or to hold out for an increasingly unlikely marriage based on love. 

Since breaking with her last boyfriend, Karen has refused to trust any man her age. For the past three years, she has not dated the same one twice, and only one in ten has received even a goodnight kiss as she turned him away. Karen is an artist. She follows her feelings, lives in a cluttered loft, and gushes over vivid sunsets.

Mark still dreams about his almost-fiancée, and his date book has been empty since he threw her out a week before he’d planned to ask for her hand. His friends call him the “Ice Man,” since he seldom smiles, especially at a woman. A math professor at the College, logic guides his behavior, he loves order, and an elegant proof is a thing of beauty.

Both Karen and Mark have all but abandoned hope of ever falling in love, and, left on their own, these opposites would never attract. So, their mothers become matchmakers, entangling them in a series of dates by extracting promises that Karen and Mark will go out together three times, suggesting that, in the absence of love, a “marriage of convenience” is a live option.

If you enjoy heartwarming stories based on true-to-life behaviors, with complicated relationships and a less-than-certain outcome, this book is for you.

Available to buy from....

Our Review
Both Karen and Mark find themselves at a time of life where they would have loved to be settled down with a family, yet through past heartbreaks they both remain single to the annoyance of their parents or should I say mothers!  So what does a mother do when their child can't move forward into a relationship after so long, they feel the need to press the fast forward button and play the blind date host of course!

After being hammered by his mother so many times of the need to find a wife, Mark gives in to her crazy blind date request with her friends daughter Karen, with the promise that they just have to have three dates, and then the whole idea will be forgotten about.  Poor Karen is also put into the same predicament and reluctantly agrees.  They set out, under duress, to meet for their three dates, but the path of true love never runs smoothly so  how will it work out?

David's wonderful writing style has you there in the moment, along with Karen and Mark, it feels like you are reading a true story and the characters are your friends, I even felt frustrated with Mark at times for his stubborn ways just like you would in reality.  You get to relive the new relationship emotions, the awkwardness, the stress and anticipation, getting to know each other, searching for clues within each other and perhaps reading the wrong signals. Yet for Karen and Mark they have the added pressure of knowing their mothers expect wedding bells to chime!

I really enjoyed their story and it did leave me thinking about the idea of an agreed marriage against the loneliness of being on your own, the pros and the cons, quite thought provoking. Which is why I love this author so much, a simple, gentle, realistic story that flows in to the readers mind and has you thinking long after you have read the book.

Our Rating

Other books by the author...  
About the author
David Burnett lives in Columbia South Carolina, with his wife and their blue-eyed cat, Bonnie. The Reunion, his first novel, is set in nearby Charleston.

David enjoys traveling, photography, baking bread, and the Carolina beaches. He has photographed subjects as varied as prehistoric ruins on the islands of Scotland, star trails, sea gulls, a Native American powwow, and his grandson, Jack. David and his wife have traveled widely in the United States and the United Kingdom. During one trip to Scotland, they visited Crathes Castle, the ancestral home of the Burnett family near Aberdeen. In The Reunion, Michael's journey through England and Scotland allows him to sketch many places they have visited.

David has graduate degrees in psychology and education and previously was Director of Research for the South Carolina Department of Education. He and his wife have two daughters.

Find the author on the following sites...

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          What is the smallest paper airplane in the world? This is, at 3mm long!!!…        
This is the smallest paper airplane in the world. At an overall length of only 3mm, this amazing little plane was designed and built by Daniel Jackson, Eliza Culley and Harry Culley in The United kingdom on 16th June 2013. … Continue reading
          26.09.17 20:00 Uhr - Fürth - Paul Rose Band - Einer der besten Blues-Gitarristen mit Band auf Tour        
Tickets erhältlich unter: http://www.frankentipps.de/veranstaltung213457-tickets

Er kommt von der Insel, und nicht nur dort zählt man ihn zu den besten Rock- und Blues-Gitarristen im gesamten United Kingdom: Paul Rose. Geboren 1966 in Newcastle sorgte er schon früh für Erstaunen: Der legendäre Rory Gallagher wählte ihn bei einem von Fender ausgeschriebenen Wettbewerb, an dem über 1.000 Gitarristen aus dem UK teilnahmen, zum Sieger, und das “Guitar Magazine” kürte ihn zum “Guitarist of the year”.

Paul tourt zudem ständig solo und mit verschiedenen Musikern u.a. in den USA und ist Endorser für mehrere Hersteller Seit 2006 ist der Saitenkünstler mit Anselm Gayler (drums) von „Remember Rory“ und dem Bassisten Stefan Kugler (ex-„Remember Rory“ / „Kugler & Waloschik“ / „AM/FM“) auch regelmäßig in Deutschland unterwegs. In dieser Besetzung erhielt die Band in Deutschland überragende Kritiken in der Presse.

Während der Touren 2010 und 2011 spielte die Paul Rose Band u.a. auf der Musikmesse Frankfurt; 2012 wurde ihr Konzert als „heimlicher Headliner“ der Rother Bluestage gefeiert. Und im Kreuzwirtskeller kennt man die drei sympathischen Musiker natürlich auch schon länger und weiß ihre Auftritte als stets spektakuläre Erlebnisse voller Leidenschaft und Spielwitz zu schätzen.
          Relax from Conventions thru Holidays via OTBeach.com        
I think it is safe to say that conventions are tiring and hard work. Even if you’re just attending—not an exhibitor—it still takes a lot out of you… long days of walking, listening, conversing, standing, networking, learning; it takes its toll, especially if you’re attending a few conventions a month throughout the year. A perfect solution to relieve the stress of the busy convention life is to take a break once in a while—go on holiday! OTBeach.com offers many all inclusive holiday packages.

OTBeach.com is a UK-based travel agency that offers tons of cheap holiday deals to destinations throughout Europe and beyond. On OTBeach.com you book hotels, book flights, look into skiing & snowboarding, and find a bunch of other holiday extras such as airport services, insurance, and car hire. Basically, they can book your entire holiday.OTbeach_logo.gif

OTBeach gives you multiple ways to contact them, aside from just their website. You can contact them in the United Kingdom by post, by telephone, or by email. They also offer additional help and information through their FAQs page, which I encourage you to read through to make sure you properly educate yourself on all the details of your OTBeach holiday.

          Drupal Global Sprint Weekend January 28, 2017 and January 29, 2017        

Small local sprints everywhere (well, not everywhere, but anywhere) will be held during the weekend of January 28 and 29 2017. Listed alphabetically by continent, country, locality (state, province, city; where applicable).

Sprint Locations


  1. Remote sprint with an Accessibility focus - join the remotesprint Slack group for more. You need to join the Drupal Slack Group first (it's a lovely excuse to join if you never have)


  1. ?


  1. India

    1. Mohali, Chandigarh- Jan 28 - Details
    2. Gurgaon, Delhi-NCR - Jan 28 - Details
    3. Chennai, Tamil Nadu - Jan 28 - Groups.Drupal.org, Meetup
    4. Bangalore, Karnataka - Jan 28 - Groups.Drupal.org, Meetup
    5. Hyderabad, Telangana - Jan 28 - Groups.Drupal.org, Meetup


  1. Canberra, #govCMS Camp, Jan 30-31 Register & details


  1. Belgium

    1. Ghent, Jan 28th, Belgian DUG & Calibrate - details
  2. Bulgaria

    1. Sofia Jan 29 BulDUG - initLab Details
  3. Germany

    1. Berlin Jan 28-29 Drupal Berlin Details
  4. Italy

    1. Milan Jan 28 @Wellnet Details and application
  5. Russia

    1. Novosibirsk Jan 28-29 DrupalSib (Details will follow)
  6. Switzerland

    1. Zurich Jan 28 @ AmazeeLabs Meetup details
  7. United Kingdom

    1. London Jan 28 @Manifesto Digital Details
    2. Sheffield Jan 28-29 by Drupal Yorkshire, Union St & Magnetic Phield Details
  8. Netherland

    1. Amsterdam Jan 28-29 Details
  9. Hungary

    1. Budapest Jan 28 @Cheppers Details
  10. Poland

    1. Wroclaw Jan 28 @Ratio Web; details, FB
    1. Warsaw Jan 28 @New Emma Hostel; details, FB
  11. Serbia

    1. Novi Sad, Jan 28 @Develomon, details: drupal.rs
  12. Spain

    1. Cáceres, Jan 28th, details
    2. Bilbao, Jan 28th, details
    3. Sevilla, Jan 28th, details
  13. Slovenia

    1. Ljubljana, Jan 28 @ Agiledrop, details: g.d.o, Meetup

Latin America

  1. Argentina
    1. Buenos Aires, Jan 28th, @MediaMonks details
  2. Perú
    1. Lima, Jan 28th, CTIC-UNI details

Canada & US

  1. Canada
    1. Toronto, Canada - Jan 28 - Details
    2. London, Ontario, Canada - Jan 28 - Details
    3. Vancouver, BC, Canada - Jan 27 @ 5pm - Jan 28 - Details
  2. US
    1. Georgia, Atlanta - Jan 28-29 - Details
    2. Massachusetts, Boston - Jan 28-29 - Details
    3. North Carolina, Charlotte - Jan 28 - Details
    4. Texas, Austin - Jan 28-29 - Details
    5. NYC, New York - Jan 28 - Details

To contribute

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To participate

  • use "Drupal Global Sprint Weekend 2017" in the description of your sprint meetup, sprint camp session, mini-sprint, wind-sprint, or all-day sprint, like: "Drupal All-day Sprint in Anywhere Town, IL, USA is part of Drupal Global Sprint Weekend 2017."
  • add a link to your sprint on this page. The link can be to a website, meetup, event on groups.drupal.org, blog post or whatever is appropriate for your event.
  • link back to this listing of local sprints
  • add an "event" of type "sprint" on groups.drupal.org in a group for your area, to put your sprint on drupical.com and get exposure to people in your area
  • use the #SprintWeekend hash tag on twitter
  • use the tag "SprintWeekend2017" on d.o issues (no # in this tag name!)

Suggested announcement

A blurb to add to your session/event description (edit to fit your event):

Everyone is welcome; if you have built a site in Drupal, you can contribute. We will split into groups and work on Drupal core issues. Bring your laptop. For new folks: you can get a head start also by making an account on Drupal.org, getting some contribution tools, and developers can install git before coming and git clone Drupal 8 core.

Resources to help plan your sprint

Resources for participating in a sprint

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Issues and Topics to Sprint On

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Past global sprints

The curious might want to see the locations from 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013.

          Column: When capitalism only rewards shareholders, it’s time for reform        
Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) February 17, 2016. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid - RTX27DT0

Today’s Anglo-American version of capitalism largely ignores the fact that corporations owe their powers to society, their employees, their customers and other stakeholders and not just to shareholders and executives, writes professor Bruce Scott of the Harvard Business School. Photo by Brendan McDermid/Reuters

Editor’s Note: On both sides of the Atlantic, populist resentments are stewing. In the United Kingdom, this was epitomized by the vote for Brexit — the British exit from the European Union. And as the number of people in the middle class falls in the United States, wide discontent with economic prospects grows, as does support for candidates such as Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. But what is at the root of stagnating incomes and increasing inequality? Harvard Business School professor Bruce Scott thinks economists are missing a key cause: “shareholder capitalism.” Below, he lays out a compelling case for the need to reform shareholder capitalism.

— Kristen Doerer, Making Sen$e Editor

Former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers recently warned of populist opposition to the international integration of markets in continental Europe, but his notion that globalization has caused the stagnation of incomes and diminution of opportunities for the bulk of the population is only part of the issue. Part of the problem lies within the firms themselves. British firms, like their U.S. counterparts, shifted from stakeholder capitalism to shareholder capitalism back in the 1970s and 1980s.

Shareholder capitalism has become a means of extracting value from companies, not adding value to companies.

Today’s Anglo-American version of capitalism largely ignores the fact that corporations owe their powers to society, their employees, their customers, suppliers, taxpayers and other stakeholders, and not just to shareholders and executives. The shareholder model focuses corporations on maximizing stock price (as opposed to optimizing the value provided to the company’s stakeholders) and pays excessive compensation to top executives. The disparity in incomes between the highest paid executives and the lowest paid employees is grossly excessive.

According to a Sept. 23, 2014 Harvard Business Review article by Gretchen Gavett, the actual CEO-to-employee compensation ratio in the UK is 84 to 1, and in the U.S., it is 354 to 1, or more than four times greater than in the UK. Thus, the U.S. faces even greater income disparity problems than those facing Britain’s new prime minister, and the resentment in the United States is arguably even stronger.

READ MORE: Average CEO pay was $15.5 million in 2015, down from 2014

Until Prime Minister Theresa May’s proposals to add employee and consumer representation to the board and to limit executive pay and incentive compensation, neither Britain nor the United States government nor either of the leading candidates for the presidency had thus far shown any sign of recognizing the role of stakeholders — as opposed to shareholders — in the way capitalism functions in British or U.S. society.

Shareholder capitalism has become a means of extracting value from companies, not adding value to companies. High rates of executive pay and, even more so, the use of aggressive stock buybacks do not create value for a firm’s stakeholders. Instead, they provide a rationale or intellectual cover to allow a limited number of people to extract value to the disadvantage of everyone else.

Economist William Lazonick has written a prize winning analysis in the September 2014 Harvard Business Review on these circumstances, which he titles “Profits Without Prosperity.” It shows how skillful business leaders can capture the regulatory system as a way to plunder their neighbors while criticizing the misfortunes of “excessive business regulation.”

Anglo-American capitalism is failing to generate additional income for any but the top 1 percent of the population, and capitalists are enriching themselves as in the 1920s.

In the July 12 edition of Financial Times, Martin Wolf quotes the work of Robert Gordon, a distinguished economist from Northwestern University, to the effect that in the U.S., growth has slowed dramatically since the period between 1920 and 1970 and still more since 2004 and that “the distribution of the gains has shifted away from those below the top 10 percent of the income distribution. This helps explain the increasingly fraught politics of the U.S. and other high-income countries,” like England. At the same time that growth is slowing, the growth rate for the bottom two-thirds of the populations has essentially fallen close to zero. It should be no wonder that there is frustration with the political system.

Both Britain and the U.S. need to get back into the game of establishing and enforcing realistic and appropriate rules for how our societies want capitalism to operate. They need to reaffirm that the charter for a firm comes from society and not just from shareholders.

As an example of the egregious way the supposedly level playing field has become imbalanced, in 1982, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission altered its regulations to allow firms to repurchase their own shares in a framework that invited abuse. Roughly 10 years ago, those purchases began to equal $300 billion to $400 billion per year; over a period of 30 years, the amount of stock taken out of circulation is approaching $10 trillion. Much of this should have been plowed back into new product development, research or employee training.

READ MORE: Column: The biggest scam bankrupting business and the middle class

Anglo-American capitalism is failing to generate additional income for any but the top 1 percent of the population, and capitalists are enriching themselves as in the 1920s. These issues need to be addressed directly through reforms in and to our capitalist systems and not just through more “responsible nationalism.”

It is a shame that there has been virtually no debate on how our capitalist systems are functioning with respect to societal welfare on either side of the Atlantic, and we should welcome the notion of a new British prime minister who thinks they might be important. It is a shame that there is so little evidence of real reflection on what might be needed to improve the U.S. system. Instead, both U.S. authorities and higher education seem narrowly focused on the need for more attention to English, math and science, while U.S. business schools focus on shareholder capitalism. U.S. academic leaders do not seem willing to recognize and take into consideration that there are other overarching factors at work, like democracy and capitalism and how they interact with each other.

Capitalism is not a self-regulating system and never has been.

In government, higher education and business, we badly need a renewal of ideas on how capitalism and democracy transform each other and what might be done to get them back on the track again. Capitalism is not a self-regulating system and never has been. It is a socially constructed system that needs regular attention by people who recognize that there is a critical role for government in modern societies to balance the playing field and to provide appropriate and competent regulation where it is needed. Indeed, there can be no capitalism at all without the involvement of government to shape appropriate market frameworks by, for example, abolishing the repurchase of stock in all but exceptional and infrequent circumstances.

The post Column: When capitalism only rewards shareholders, it’s time for reform appeared first on PBS NewsHour.

          23.08.17 20:45 Uhr - Fürth - A United Kingdom        
Tickets erhältlich unter: http://www.frankentipps.de/veranstaltung216151-tickets

Großbritannien 2016, 111 Min, ab 6, Regie: Amma Asante

mit David Oyelowo, Rosamund Pike, Tom Felton

Basierend auf wahren Begebenheiten schildert „A United Kingdom“ in außergewöhnlich mitreißender Art und Weise die Liebesgeschichte des botswanischen Thronfolgers Seretse Khama und der Engländerin Ruth Williams. In Zeiten der Apartheid (1947) setzen sich die beiden mit ihrer Heirat über alle Konventionen hinweg und stoßen auf beiden Seiten der Gesellschaft auf Widerstand. Aus dem Exil gründet Seretse die erste demokratische Partei Botswanas und wird 1962 zum ersten Präsidenten gewählt. Ein Sieg der Liebe und Demokratie über alle Grenzen der Gesellschaft hinweg.
          Swine Flu Dangers - Are There Reasons to Panic?        
In the early month of 2009, a new type of strain from the well known virus H1N1 began to spread. Even though one should be aware of such a virus, it is not really the time to start to panic.. It is important to know the facts and make good decisions. The virus responsible was clinically identified as a new strain on April 24, 2009. Following the identification, its presence was soon confirmed in various Mexican states and in Mexico City. Within days, isolated cases were identified elsewhere in Mexico, the U.S., Spain, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Israel.

Find More About The Swine Flu Dangers Now

Despite the scale of the alert, WHO officials noted on April 29 the majority of people infected with the virus have made a full recovery without need of medical attention or antiviral drugs.

A pandemic is the spread of a disease over a large area such as an entire country, continent or the entire world. Due to the newness of the influenza strain, its transmission from human to human, and the unusually high mortality rate in Mexico the WHO formally determined the situation to be a "public health emergency of international concern.

Find More About The Swine Flu Dangers Now

Unlike other diseases like chicken pox, humans cannot get complete immunity to influenza because the virus is constantly mutating and producing new strains that change from year to year. Even though humans cannot get complete immunity from the strains of the flu viruse, usually our immune systems can respond strongly enough to beat off the virus. At this point it is a good idea for people everywhere to exercise caution--wash your hands, stay home from work or school if you feel sick, go to the doctor if you have flu symptoms--etc. but do not panic.

Time magazine recently reported that researchers at Northwestern University "estimated that even if nothing were done to slow the spread of the disease from now on, by the end of May the U.S. would have only about 1,700 cases." Furthermore, the good news is the H1N1 flu virus is hitting North America at the end of flu season; it may very well phase itself out and re-appear in the fall, but that gives health officials months to prepare.

Find More About The Swine Flu Dangers Now

          Back to Blighty — London, United Kingdom        
Jo's European adventure
          WWE Continues Global Buy-In, Announces WWE United Kingdom Title + Tourney        

A 16-man two-night tournament is set for January to crown the first WWE United Kingdom champion. Unlike their efforts say 20 years ago, the WWE has been conscious of almost every independent promotion in the world. Whether it be the New Japan talent raid, the Cruiserweight Classic, working relationships with EVOLVE and more, Triple H […]

The post WWE Continues Global Buy-In, Announces WWE United Kingdom Title + Tourney appeared first on Day & A Dream.

          Why volunteer in Peru Cusco with Abroaderview as an Internship or Gap year?        

A Broader View pairs volunteers from the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and all over the World with international volunteer work that is immersive, challenging, and comprehensive. Each of our programs allows you to fully experience a new culture while building lifelong relationships and memories. Through our extensive programs, you can volunteer in Peru […]

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          Landscape Art: Entrance to Atlantis        
2D Art Darius Kalinauskas Entrance to Atlantis2D Art by Darius Kalinauskas, United Kingdom. Tools: Photoshop, Modo.
          Ayurvedic Consultations in Isle of Man, British Isles (United Kingdom)        

Offerd by Jess Inman, Ayurvedic Health Practitioner intern from the California College of Ayurveda.

(PRWeb November 30, 2013)

Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/ayurvedic-consultations/united-kingdom-isle-man/prweb11379123.htm

          EU: No Compromise on Freedom of Movement        
The European Council meets without Britain for the first time after Brexit vote; Scientists discover an escape tunnel used by Jewish prisoners during the Holocaust; The world's biggest uncut diamond goes on auction. (Photo: A United Kingdom name card at the EU Summit in Brussels. Credit: Reuers/Phil Noble)
          Fine Houses and Castles        
Scotland, a part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, has some interesting aspects for visitors from all over the world. Scottish banks issue their own banknotes (try spending them in England or Wales and you will be met with a frown), their legal systems are seperate from the rest of the UK, and the Scottish sense of identity is very strong.
If you want to immerse yourself in Scottish culture and history what could be better than considering holidaying in a historical Scottish castle. Luxury vacations in Scotland including Scottish castles for hire are available for large group holidays and functions.
As with all true luxury vacations staff are provided to make your stay enjoyable and hassle-free. Fine chefs will cook your food to order, and fine wine is provided at cost.
           British bisexuality: A snapshot of bisexual identities in the United Kingdom         
Barker, Meg ; Bowes-Catton, Helen ; Iantaffi, Alessandra; Cassidy, Angela and Brewer, Laurence (2008). British bisexuality: A snapshot of bisexual identities in the United Kingdom. Journal of Bisexuality, 8(1) pp. 141–162.
          Want National Security? Dismantle the War Machine        

Want National Security? Dismantle the War Machine

A military response to violence creates more violence. For real security, we need to stop climate change and work toward shared prosperity.


By: David Korten
Date: 2016-09-22

The recent 15th anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the World Trade towers was a reminder of the terrible consequences when a nation ignores the lessons of history—including its own recent history. The U.S. military budget is a tragic example.

We currently spend roughly $598 billion on defense, which is more than the next seven biggest military spenders combined: China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, the United Kingdom, India, France, and Japan. This represents 54 percent of federal discretionary spending. In return, we get an ability to rapidly deploy conventional military power anywhere in the world.

The 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center was the most devastating foreign-sourced attack on the United States since the War of 1812. It was carried out by a largely self-organized band of 19 religious fanatics of varied nationalities, affiliated with a small, dispersed, and loosely organized international network. We responded by invading and occupying Afghanistan and Iraq. This led to hundreds of thousands of pointless deaths, destabilization of the Middle East, and a cost to the U.S. Treasury of some $4 trillion to $6 trillion.

I view all this in part through the lens of my experience as an Air Force captain during the Vietnam War. I briefed pilots headed for Vietnam on the psychological consequences of bombing civilian populations. I later served in the Defense Department’s office overseeing defense-related behavioral and social science research.

"We currently spend roughly $598 billion on defense, which is more than the next seven biggest military spenders combined." (Photo: Daniel Achim / iStock)

Read more »
          After U.K. Election, The Only 'Certainty' In Britain Is Uncertainty        
Standing outside 10 Downing St. today, Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May tried to put a brave face on the disastrous results of Thursday's vote. After calling a snap election in April in anticipation of a landslide, she ended up with an electoral train wreck, in which her Conservative Party actually lost its parliamentary majority. It now holds 318 seats. Clinging to power, May said the Tories would form a minority government with the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland, which won 10 seats. "What the country needs more than ever is certainty," she said. Now, though, the political landscape of the United Kingdom and the country's path toward leaving the European Union seem more unclear than ever. Front and center among many questions facing May's new government is the matter of Brexit. Negotiations with the EU are scheduled to begin later this month. "The irony of this is that Theresa May is calling this a certainty government and talking about how it's delivering certainty
          Voters Head To The Polls In The U.K.        
Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit STEVE INSKEEP, HOST: It is election day in the United Kingdom. Polls are open to choose members of parliament. And it's a high-stakes vote - about a week and a half before the U.K. begins negotiations to leave the European Union. The race was supposed to be a cakewalk for Prime Minister Theresa May's Tory Party, but that hasn't exactly gone to plan. NPR's Frank Langfitt is at a polling station in south London. Frank, what's it like there? FRANK LANGFITT, BYLINE: It's pretty busy. I'm actually out in front of St. Michael's Church here. And I'm in a place called Croydon. It's kind of - started off as a working-class neighborhood. But it's gotten - been moving up. There's a lot of construction here. And it's a mix of folks. It's also called a marginal constituency, which we'd say in America, swing district. So the conservative Tory Party controls it. But it was very narrow vote in 2015. I'm sure labor - the Labour Party is hoping to maybe pick up a
          Indian Actresses Pictures        
Indian Actresses Pictures Biography

The cinema of India has had a profound effect on cinema across the world since the early 20th century.[citation needed] It consists of films produced across India, which includes the cinematic cultures of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Gujarat, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra,Manipur,Orissa, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. Indian films came to be followed throughout Southern Asia, the Greater Middle East, Southeast Asia, and the former Soviet Union. The cinema as a medium gained popularity in the country as many as 1,000 films in various languages of India were produced annually.Expatriates in countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States continue to give rise to international audiences for Indian films of various languages. Marathi producer-director-screenwriter Dadasaheb Phalke is considered as the Father of Indian cinema.The Dadasaheb Phalke Award, for lifetime contribution to cinema, was instituted in his honor, by the Government of India in 1969, and is the most prestigious and coveted award in Indian cinema.

In the 20th century, Indian cinema, along with the Hollywood and Chinese film industries, became a global enterprise.At the end of 2010 it was reported that in terms of annual film output, India ranks first, followed by Hollywood and China.Enhanced technology paved the way for upgrading from established cinematic norms of delivering product, altering the manner in which content reached the target audience, as per regional tastes.Indian cinema found markets in over 90 countries where films from India are screened.

Films by Indian directors like Satyajit Ray, Mrinal Sen, Ritwik Ghatak, Shaji N.Karun, Girish Kasaravalli,Shyam Benegal,Mani Ratnam, Adoor Gopalakrishnan and G. Aravindan have been screened in various international film festivals.Other Indian filmmakers such as Shekhar Kapur, Karan Johar, Mira Nair, Deepa Mehta and Nagesh Kukunoor have also found success overseas.The Indian government extended film delegations to foreign countries such as the United States of America and Japan while the country's Film Producers Guild sent similar missions through Europe.Sivaji Ganesan, and S. V. Ranga Rao won their respective first international award for Best Actor held at Afro-Asian Film Festival in Cairo and Indonesian Film Festival in Jakarta for the films Veerapandiya Kattabomman and Narthanasala in 1959 and 1963.

India is the world's largest producer of films.In 2009, India produced a total of 2961 films on celluloid, that include a staggering figure of 1288 feature films.The provision of 100% foreign direct investment has made the Indian film market attractive for foreign enterprises such as 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures and Warner Bros. Indian enterprises such as Zee, UTV, Suresh Productions, Adlabs and Sun Network's Sun Pictures also participated in producing and distributing films.Tax incentives to multiplexes have aided the multiplex boom in India.By 2003 as many as 30 film production companies had been listed in the National Stock Exchange of India, making the commercial presence of the medium felt.

The South Indian film industry defines the four film cultures of South India as a single entity. They are the Kannada, the Malayalam, the Tamil and the Telugu industries. Although developed independently for a long period of time, gross exchange of film performers and technicians as well as globalisation helped to shape this new identity, currently holding 75% of all film revenues in India.

The Indian diaspora consists of millions of Indians overseas for which films are made available both through mediums such as DVDs and by screening of films in their country of residence wherever commercially feasible.These earnings, accounting for some 12% of the revenue generated by a mainstream film, contribute substantially to the overall revenue of Indian cinema, the net worth of which was found to be US$1.3 billion in 2000.Music in Indian cinema is another substantial revenue generator, with the music rights alone accounting for 4–5% of the net revenues generated by a film in India.

Indian Actresses Pictures
Indian Actresses Pictures
Indian Actresses Pictures
Indian Actresses Pictures
Indian Actresses Pictures
Indian Actresses Pictures
Indian Actresses Pictures
Indian Actresses Pictures
Indian Actresses Pictures
Indian Actresses Pictures
Indian Actresses Pictures
Indian Actresses Pictures
Indian Actresses Pictures

          My personal tips for online bingo players        

My personal tips for online bingo players

Bingo players should be cautious on these gambling web sites as the payout and frequency of winning is rather or relatively low. I discover that there is a better chance for citizens in the United Kingdom to play at free to play web sites just like bingoport.co.uk, when citizens can register for free and play on line slot machines and bingo on line for free. Also membership of bingoport.co.uk gains the account holder having a tiny incentive that can be earned in the form of amazon vouchers and exchanging the free credits for genuine cash to play on the internet site.

For more think bingo plus information or any other great source of good bingo tips, please follow that link

Bingo players should use on line bingo sites for some recreational fun. Mainstream high street bingo operators provide members the chance to get an hour or two worth of genuine bingo for approximately five Pounds. The tip is for the on line bingo player to make use of a maximum of five Pounds or up to Ten dollars every time they decide to play bingo on line. Bingo can become an addictive game though what I have learned when I have played on line is that the payout as well as the frequency of wins that I have had to be actually low and not frequent. The house tends to be the beneficiary of on line bingo.

When playing the on line bingo game will auto play a persons game so that effectively when a player carries a winning ticket the pc automatially recognises the win and so there is no need to press the winning bingo call. I locate myself when I decide to play on bingo sites on the internet that I do choose approximately two or three cards each game, though in acquiring one ticket carries a fine chance as any of winning. Purchasing the maximum number of cards will not help in winning on line bingo. This is because the prizes of on line bingo tend to be tiny anyway, this creates acquiring the maximum cards seemingly not worth although. I have had fun in the past playing the game, though I do enjoy playing the on line slot machines much better as this is a faster and more fluid on line game.

The tips in registering having a on line bingo webpage is interesting. Men and women need to read the terms and conditions of each on line bingo internet site and register using the companies that if some one is playing for genuine cash, they need to avoid the welcome bonus schemes offered by the bingo internet site as this is a catch as citizens can not withdraw the bonus and should win up to a certain amount of cash before they can withdraw their funds. Men and women need to choose on line bingo companies that have tiny withdrawal levels and stick to these types of on line bingo sites.

          BGF Invests $2.5 million in U.K. Effects House Milk        

The Business Growth Fund has invested an initial £2 million ($2.5 million) in Milk Visual Effects, an Oscar winning independent visual-effects company in the United Kingdom. The funding will help expand the studio, invest in new equipment and hire top talent toward increasing its capacity to work on feature film and high-end television and digital […]

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          Chlymadia From Kissing        

You all are obviously thinking, what’s that chlamydia?? Is it really dangerous?? Is kissing cause that?? Chlamydia is basically common, asymptomatic, sexually transmitted diseases caused by the micro-organism called as Chlamydia trachomatis. It is most commonly spreading in the United Kingdom. Infectious people usually contain the chlamydia trachomatis in their semen and in the vaginal […]

Chlymadia From Kissing article is originally written by Hairstyles 2017 - Trendy Haircuts and Hair Colors

          African immigrants and refugees        
Most of the controversy is about the Somalis who might bring in terror.

AlJ laments man made famine in Somalia. Want to fix it? Kill the bad guys who are intimidating aid workers and stealing food.

Somalia has been policed since the early 1990's by the UN (as is the Congo civil war). Including well trained soldiers from Kenya trying to keep the peace. The trouble is that peacekeepers keep the peace, they don't kill bad guys.

on the other hand, this explains the little noticed phone call Trumpieboy made to Kenya's president a couple days ago.

Kenya is having trouble with these "refugees" from Somalia, and deporting a lot of them

so the question is, of course, why they can't be settled in these nearby countries, where there are already a lot of Somalian workers. The answer: these countries don't want them because they cause crime and terrorism.

from my main blog. I think refugees need to be helped, and the best way to do this is pacify their countries.

But who will risk invading and doing this (as Britain did in India and was the excuse for colonialism in Africa).

Resettling refugees is good, but does have problems, the main one being you can't resettle all of them, the second is that the problem of assimilation takes three generations. (at least it did for the Irish, Italians, and Jewish immigrants into the  USA).

about ten perdcent of Zimbabwean population has emigrated to find jobs, mostly to South Africa or the UK. Wikipedia article.

There are various conflicting unofficial figures about the number of Zimbabweans in the US. The RAND Corporation estimated in 2000 that there were 100,000 in the state of New York alone.[12] 
it's hard to find later statistics.  Indeed it is hard to find exactly how many Zimbabweans are working or emigrating abroad.

Rough estimates vary from place to place:

However, tacit agreement among nongovernmental organisations is that the Zimbabwe diaspora is spread out mainly in South Africa, Botswana, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, New Zealand and Australia. South Africa is estimated to have the bulk of Zimbabwe’s diaspora community, with an estimated two million to three million Zimbabwean nationals living in that country.
Second to South Africa as a destination of permanent settlement for Zimbabweans is the UK. Community-based organisations estimate the total number of Zimbabweans living legally in the UK to be 200 000, but say it is about 500 000 if one includes undocumented immigrants. 

not many go to the USA: Only 45,000 is the estimate in this article. (2008).

this article states that since 1980 immigrants from Sub Sahara Africa number 1.8 million. into the USA. But few are from Zimbabwe.

and this video frrom the US Library of Congress discusses recent African immigration into the USA.

          Austerity is Smokescreen for Class War Against Poor, Says Yanis Varoufakis        

By Sarah Lazare [Photo: Anti-austrity protest in Dublin. William Murohy / flickr.] Austerity and deficit reduction are smokescreens for class war against the poor, economics professor, former Greek finance minister, and fiery commentator Yanis Varoufakis declared Thursday on BBC’s Question Time. Varoufakis made the statements during a panel debate with United Kingdom politicians and pundits […]

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After several months of medication and intensive care in the United Kingdom (UK), President Muhammadu Buhari’s doctors are yet to diagnose what the president’s illness is all about. According to Independent Newspaper, a credible source in the presidency said despite series of tests and treatments from renowned medical practitioners both within and outside the UK, […]
          BREAKING: Pro and anti-Buhari protesters clash in Abuja        
Supporters of the President Muhammadu Buhari under the umbrella of Coalition for Good Governance and Change Initiative have begun a counter protest in Abuja to renew their support for the president currently in the United Kingdom on medical vacation. The pro-Buhari protesters, mostly women and young ladies were armed with placards bearing several inscriptions, and […]
          Revenue Management for Camping Sites & Holiday Parks        

Camping Revenue Management by XotelsOver the last year, we have expanded into a new and very exciting segment of the tourism industry. We have taken on the revenue management for a camping site and holiday park in the UK. We have adapted our methodology to the specific requirements of this lodging type, and the results are incredible. We would like to take you with us through our journey of the last few months implementing yield and dynamic pricing at Lady’s Mile in Devon, United Kingdom.

          A Canadian Corbyn?        
With the ascendancy of Jeremy Corbyn in the UK and Bernie Sanders in the US, the Canadian Left (to the extent it exists) has been wondering what the chances are of the same happening for them. Like the United Kingdom, Canada has a party—the New Democratic Party, or NDP—linked to the unions, so could a […]
          Comment on eBay Seller Of Counterfeit SanDisk SDHC Extreme Fake Cards, margarita.marjorie United Kingdom Stopped. Did You Buy From This Seller? Did You Know You Could Report Fraudulent SanDisk eBay Sellers? by SanDisk And eBay Beware 32GB Micro Mini SD SDHC Memory Card 32 GB. czd666 – China eBay Flash Memory Sellers – Test Immediately To Verify Advertised Capacity. Please Avoid Fake Memory Products! Fälschung? Never Fund A Flash Memory Purchase        
[...] eBay Seller Of Counterfeit SanDisk SDHC Extreme Fake Cards, margarita.marjorie United Kingdom Stoppe... [...]
          Risk implications of kids going mobile: Research        
By Anne Collier Even back in 2010, the EU Kids Online researchers in 25 countries noted that “the ways through and the locations from which children go online are diversifying, and this trend is continuing.” It has indeed continued. Increasingly obvious to parents, the mobile platform enables “ubiquitous internetting,” as Dutch researchers put it way back in 2006). At the same time, mobile represents the most personal, private way of accessing the Net and the least evolved provisions for kids’ safety, EU Kids Online’s Prof. Sonia Livingstone pointed out at the ICT Coalition gathering in Brussels last week. At that all-day gathering of people representing Internet companies, the European Commission and youth advocacy organizations, Livingstone gave a summary of findings from EU Kids Online’s latest project, “Net Children Go Mobile,” based on face-to-face interviews in the homes of 1,000 young people aged 9-16 in five countries: Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Romania and the United Kingdom. She showed us how, on the risk side of digital life, things have changed between 2010 and 2013, when the researchers went back to them. One big difference was in the questions alone. “In 2010, we asked them about the handheld devices they used,” she said. [...]
          Making Paris the leading European Financial Centre post-Brexit        
Prime Minister and Paris Region officials
10 July 2017

Making Paris the leading European Financial Centre post-Brexit

On 7 July, at the Monnaie de Paris, Edouard Philippe, Prime minister, presented measures to all relevant stakeholders to establish Paris’ Financial Centre as a European financial centre of reference. The aim is to strengthen attractiveness and competitivity in collaboration with local and regional authorities through three watchwords: amplify, simplify, welcome.
In the context of the United Kingdom’s upcoming exit from the European Union, Paris shows great potential for the relocation of financial activities within the continent. With the reshaping of the European financial landscape, Paris is the only financial capital, after London, to provide a complete ecosystem in one place. “France has a unique opportunity to seize the potential of our financial centre, to make Paris the leading European Financial Centre post-Brexit”, declared the Prime minister before Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, Valérie Pécresse, President of the Île-de-France region and Patrick Ollier, President of the métropole du Grand Paris (Grand Paris metropolitan authority).
The goal of all of these actors is to make attractiveness France’s fundamental driving force for growth and financial independence. Though multiple European partners are ready to take on the position, Paris’ Financial Centre has many solid strengths:
  • a complete financial ecosystem for which the quality of regulations and supervision is unanimously recognised on a global level;
  • scientific, legal and financial training courses of the highest quality;
  • a high level of interconnection provided by transport in the Parisian region (Eurostar).
The Government has plans for new measures, which attest to the city, region and métropole’s common determination to strengthen this attractiveness and make Paris the leading European financial centre.

Measures to enhance Paris’ attractiveness

The plan to enhance the attractiveness of Paris’ financial centre rests on three words – amplify, simplify, welcome – which provide the basis for the key measures announced by the Prime minister.

Amplify the policy on competition regarding the cost of labour

  • Abolishment of the increased rate of 20% for the last tranche of payroll tax, to promote the creation of direct and indirect jobs.
  • For some employees in finance (traders or risk takers), exemption of deferred bonuses in the calculation of their severance pay.

Simplify our legal and fiscal framework, for better legibility

  • Reduction of corporate tax to 25% by 2022, compared with 33.3% today.
  • Reform on capital taxation: the solidarity tax on wealth will be replaced by a wealth tax on real-estate assets tightened around property assets, and a single tax rate of around 30% on savings interest will be implemented.
  • Abolishment of the extension of the financial transaction tax base to intraday operations.
  • Fight against over-transpositions of European economic and financial directives in French law, in order to ensure fairness for all on the single market.
  • Creation of a chamber, within the Court of Appeals of Paris, specialised in the legal handling of international business litigation.

Welcome those who wish to come and work in France

  • Development of international education facilities, to respond to the challenge of the arrival of new pupils and students to school, particularly through the opening of three international high schools in Île-de-France by 2022.
  • Development of academic pathways with a strong linguistic diversity (binational baccalaureates, international sections, etc.).
  • Strengthen the list of languages available in academic pathways (particularly bilingual facilities) as early as the French 3rd cycle (so from the last two years of primary school), followed by the French 4th cycle (secondary school) and in high school.

Our Ambition for Paris’ Financial Centre

Press release - 7 July 2017... [Read more]
7 July 2017

          London Bridge attack        
Union Jack
4 June 2017

London Bridge attack

France will continue doing its utmost to combat terrorism, alongside the United Kingdom and all those countries concerned.


          The agenda for European work: an agenda for the protection of citizens        
European flag
1 June 2017

The agenda for European work: an agenda for the protection of citizens

The Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Minister for European Affairs have recently presented the agenda for future European work. This must above all ensure the economic, social and physical security of European citizens.
At the Council of Ministers meeting on 31 May, Ministers Jean-Yves Le Drian (Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs) and Marielle de Sarnez (Minister for European Affairs) indicated that the European Union (EU) must above all better protect the people of France and Europe.
The EU must therefore:
  • better protect workers in economic and social spheres, which in the short term requires a reform of the Posting of Workers Directive to prevent fraud and social dumping,
  • ensure fair international competition. The EU must therefore allow reciprocal access to public procurement and initiate discussions on the way in which strategic investments are controlled.
The EU is also facing an unprecedented influx of refugees and migrants. As a result, it must reconcile solidarity, both between Member States and towards refugees, with efficiency in protecting its borders from illegal migration.
France is also in favour of a series of measures aimed at improving the security of European citizens:
  • firstly, to fight terrorism by carrying out systematic checks at European borders, by more effectively gathering and sharing the information needed for this fight, and by making it more difficult for terrorists to communicate online,
  • also mentioned were European military operations, the relaunch of European Defence as well as the proposed European Defence Fund, which France supports.

Key agenda points

The first European Council meeting that the President of the Republic will attend, on 22 and 23 June, will promote this protection agenda.
In mid-July, a Franco-German Council of Ministers will be held in a limited format to give a strong and concrete impetus to our cooperation on security, defence and economic recovery, following the President of the Republic’s visit to Berlin on 15 May.
In the longer term, the ministers have stressed the importance of both the Gothenburg Social Summit – which will take place on 17 November 2017 and should lead to concrete progress in terms of social convergence, based on the "social package" presented by the European Commission in April – and the Africa-European Union Summit on 29 and 30 November 2017.
Finally, the ministers reiterated that after the British general election of 8 June, Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier will initiate negotiations on the terms by which the United Kingdom and the European Union will separate. The unity shown by the other 27 Member States and by the institutions is a vital asset in these difficult negotiations which must not divert our energies from our main aim of reforming Europe.


          Morecombe Bay        


IMG_4701After a great time at Garstang we decided on an early start and try to make it to the city of Lancaster and pick up a mooring there for the night. Pulling ropes through rings at 07.10 after a bit of a cruise we came across this guy. Obviously from down under ,but I haven’t a clue what he is doing here on the Lancaster canal.

IMG_4443It’s silly season on the Lancaster canal just as it is on all canals over the country . This poor guy came around the corner then saw us and just panicked . His poor wife struggled with the pole and couldn’t push the boat off the bank . Eventually they did it and looked vey red faced as we passed . We said not to worry as it happens to the best of us .

IMG_4454With all the safe moorings at the Water Witch pub full in Lancaster we carried on towards our next destination which was Hest Bank , hopefully there will be room to stop when we head back down this way in Lancaster. Just North of Lancaster we came to The Lune Aqueduct.

The Lune Aqueduct is one of the 'Seven Wonders of the Waterways', a masterpiece of civil engineering.  664 feet long, it carries Lancaster Canal  53 feet above the River Lune. It was designed by John Rennie and constructed by Alexander Stevens in 1797. The aqueduct consists of five 70 foot semi-circular arches.

IMG_4459Looking back up The River Lune and it’s amazing that you never hear much about this Aqueduct as it is a real delight and a great experience to cross . Maybe because The Lancaster is still seen by many as a difficult place to get to it gets little attention. But as we have shown it’s not that difficult at all to get to and everyone should give it a go.

IMG_4529After a good 7 hour cruise we reached Hest Bank and picked up this mooring just before the village.

IMG_4468It was then just a short walk down to Morecombe Bay where we had to cross the Railway . It’s funny that every time we come to a level crossing there is always a train coming.

IMG_4474Morecambe Bay is a large estuary in northwest England, just to the south of the Lake District National Park. It is the largest expanse of intertidal mudflats and sand in the United Kingdom, covering a total area of 310 km² . We were very surprised at just how big the Bay is .The bay is notorious for its quicksand and fast moving tides. It is said that the tide can come in "as fast as a horse can run". On the night of 5 February 2004, 23 Chinese immigrant cockle pickers drowned after being cut off by the tide here at Hest Bank . Needless to say we kept well away from the sands.

IMG_4475The views towards the Lake district are just brilliant.

IMG_4522After seeing The Bay with the tide out we went down later in the day and watched it come in for the last hour or so. With the town of Morecombe in the distance The Bay looks completely different. What an eye opener this day has been ,it’s made us so glad that we made the effort to get up here to The Lancaster Canal

                                                                                                           Happy Days


IMG_4342We woke after a good nights sleep to beautiful Sunshine and the buzz from the nearby factory that we were moored just a couple of hundred yards away from .

IMG_4345Pulling pins at 09.30 which was late for us, we took this picture of the buzzing factory as we headed North on The Lancaster canal .

IMG_4339We then spotted this sign after a short distance up the canal and started to wonder what sort of a factory it was that we spent the night outside of .
It turns out that it’s Springfields which is a nuclear fuel production installation  The site is currently operated by Springfields Fuels Limited which has a 150-year lease from the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. Since its conversion from a munitions factory in 1946, it has previously been operated and managed by a number of different organisations including the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority and British Nuclear Fuels. Fuel products are produced for the UK’s nuclear power stations and for international customers.The site has been making nuclear fuels since the mid-1940s. The site is notable for being the first nuclear plant in the world to produce fuel for a commercial power station at Calder Hall.  Anyway we survived the night although we both seemed to have a glow about us, and we have lived to cruise another day !!!!.

IMG_4351As we cruised along we noticed all these markers which reminded us a bit of The Macclesfield canal where they have mile posts similar to this.

IMG_4387We eventually picked up this mooring just before Bilsborrow and decided to get the BBQ out for the first time this year .Luckily we still had some excellent sausages left from the butchers in Tarleton and they went down a treat with a bit of steak and a glass or three of the red stuff.

                                                                                                              Happy Days
          Pesticides Are Harming Bees — But Not Everywhere, Major New Study Shows        
In the global debate over neonicotinoid pesticides, the company that makes most of them has relied on one primary argument to defend its product: The evidence that these chemicals, commonly called "neonics," are harmful to bees has been gathered in artificial conditions, force-feeding bees in the laboratory, rather than in the real world of farm fields. That company, Bayer, states on its website that "no adverse effects to bee colonies were ever observed in field studies at field-realistic exposure conditions." Bayer will have a harder time making that argument after today. (Although it still has another argument in its quiver. We'll get to that later.) This week, the prestigious journal Science reveals results from the biggest field study ever conducted of bees and neonics, which are usually coated on seeds, like corn and soybean seeds, before planting. Scientists monitored bees — honeybees and two types of wild bees — at 33 sites across Europe, in the United Kingdom, Germany and
          Airports, Airports and more Airports — London, United Kingdom        
Travelbugs3's Half World Domination
          Rest before Egypt — Liverpool, United Kingdom        
Travelbugs3's Half World Domination
          charles mylle        
Name: Charles Mylle
Age: 38
Birth Date: abt 1890
Birth Place: Ykse
Marriage Date: 8 Dec 1928
Marriage County or District: Stormont
Father: Charles Mylle
Mother: Louise Colet
Spouse: Caroline Burton
Spouse's Age: 32
Spouse Birth Date: abt 1896
Spouse Birth Place: Burnley Eng
Spouse Father: Henry Burton
Spouse Mother: Deborah Broadley

Name: Charles Mylle
City: East Boston
County: Suffolk
State: Massachusetts
Birthplace: Belgium
Birth Date: 17 Jan 1889
Race: Caucasian (White)
Draft Board: 1

U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007
full name
Name: Karel L Mylle
Gender: Male
Spouse: Caroline Burton
Child: Margaret Mylle

he passed April 1959 ONT

Name Margaret Mylle Richardson
Age 32
Birth Date 11 Nov 1927
Birth Place Harrogate York England
Civil Date 1 Feb 1960
Court City Greensboro
Court District Middle District of North Carolina
Petition Number 2067

Name: Margaret Mylle
[Margaret Mylle Richardson]
[Margaret Richardson]
SSN: 242581943
Gender: Female
Race: White
Birth Date: 11 Nov 1927
Birth Place: Harrogate Yo, United Kingdom
Death Date: 10 Jul 1999
Father: Karel L Mylle
Mother: Caroline Burton
Type of Claim: Original SSN.
Notes: Feb 1956: Name listed as MARGARET MYLLE; Jun 1959: Name listed as MARGARET MYLLE RICHARDSON; 21 Jul 1999: Name listed as MARGARET M RICHARDSON
          Vermont bats begin white nose recovery and other wildlife health related news stories        

Crisis biology: Can bacteria save bats and frogs from deadly diseases?

As populations plummet, biologists race for a solution.

In 2007, Valerie McKenzie volunteered for a large study of human body bacteria. It was the dawn of the golden age of the microbe. Researchers were just beginning to understand how bacteria and other microbes in human intestines influence everything from obesity to allergies and infections. McKenzie, a University of Colorado-Boulder biologist, was mildly curious about her "microbiome." But she was more interested in the bacteria living on the skin of frogs and toads.

Amphibian populations worldwide are plummeting, and entire species are going extinct. The West's struggling species include boreal toads and mountain yellow-legged frogs. Invasive species and habitat degradation play a major role, but amphibians are dying even in places with good habitat. Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, an aggressive fungus commonly known as chytrid, is often to blame.

McKenzie, who was studying the role of farmland conversion and suburbanization in the decline of leopard frogs in Colorado, suspected chytrid was also a factor. When she read a paper about a strain of bacteria found on red-backed salamanders that inhibited chytrid's growth, she began to wonder: What microbes lived on the skin of her frogs and toads? And could any of them fight chytrid?

High Country News
26 Feb 2014
Emily Guerin


Other Frog Health News 
>>> Does your pond host killer frog disease? Scientist at uni's Penryn campus wants to know [Cornwall, United Kingdom]

Infected Tasmanian devils reveal how cancer cells evolve in response to humans

Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumor Disease (DFTD) has ravaged the world's largest carnivorous marsupial since it emerged in 1996, resulting in a population decline of over 90%. Conservation work to defeat the disease has including removing infected individuals from the population and new research explains how this gives us a unique opportunity to understand how human selection alters the evolution of cancerous cells.

DFTD is an asexually reproducing clonal cell line, which during the last 16 years has been exposed to negative effects as infected devils, approximately 33% of the population, have been removed from one site, the Forestier Peninsula, in Tasmania between 2006 and 2010.

Science Daily
18 Feb 2014


Cited Journal Article
Beata Ujvari, Anne-Maree Pearse, Kate Swift, Pamela Hodson, Bobby Hua, Stephen Pyecroft, Robyn Taylor, Rodrigo Hamede, Menna Jones, Katherine Belov, Thomas Madsen. Anthropogenic selection enhances cancer evolution in Tasmanian devil tumours. Evolutionary Applications, 2014; 7 (2): 260 DOI: 10.1111/eva.12117

Other Wildlife Health Related News
White-Nose Syndrome
One Health News Corner
Huh?! That's Interesting!

           Learning, improvement and innovation: final report of the beacon scheme evaluation         
Hartley, Jean (2008) Learning, improvement and innovation: final report of the beacon scheme evaluation. United Kingdom: Communities and Local Government..
           Taking the power of ideas seriously – the case of the United Kingdom's 2008 Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill         
Kettell, Steven and Cairney, Paul. (2010) Taking the power of ideas seriously – the case of the United Kingdom's 2008 Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill. Policy Studies, Vol.31 (No.3). pp. 301-317. ISSN 0144-2872
          Protective Genes Play Crucial Role in Defense Against HIV        

This year marks two milestones for 1) the number of abstracts submitted for presentation on this subject, and 2) the number of international collaborating clinical research teams -- such as the "CASCADE Collaboration": team members from France, Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States. The abstracts are representative of eight groups working together across many disciplines and institutions to unlock the mysteries of viral control. In fact, in the many years I've been following developments on this field, I've never seen as many abstracts or so many countries contribute -- last count was 16 -- to the body of knowledge being accumulated on the HC/LTNP group. It's tremendous!

I am grateful for the invitation from the fabulous editorial staff at The Body to highlight a few of the most intriguing abstracts (posted here in abbreviated form) with brief comments on why I believe they are important, not only to members of the HC/LTNP community, but to the entire PLWHA population.

Read more ...

          Jun 11, Bolivia visa for dual nationals        
Hi, I am travelling to bolivia for a 10 day trip. I am a national of both unites states and united kingdom and have passports of both countries. #1 If
           Eversheds Sutherland Ots&Co consulted PRFoods in a purchase transaction worth 15.4 million eurs        
    One of the largest Estonian seafood producers PRFoods acquired 85% fish processing companies John Ross Jr Ltd (JRJ) and Coln Valley Smokery Limited (CVS), both located in the United Kingdom. The Leigh family who have been running the c...
           Why don't healthcare professionals talk about sex? A systematic review of recent qualitative studies conducted in the United Kingdom         
Dyer, K. and Das Nair, R. (2013) Why don't healthcare professionals talk about sex? A systematic review of recent qualitative studies conducted in the United Kingdom. Journal of Sexual Medicine, 10 (11). pp. 2658-2670. ISSN 1743-6095
          That Conservative Party Draft EU Bill In Full...        

DRAFT European Union (Referendum) Bill


Make provision for the holding of a referendum in the United Kingdom on the United Kingdom’s continued membership of the European Union.

Be it enacted by the Queen’s most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:-

1. Referendum on the United Kingdom’s continued membership of the European Union
(1) A referendum is to be held on the United Kingdom’s continued membership of the European Union.
(1A) Oh yes it will.
(1B)  No, really.
(1C) Look, we mean it this time.  We really do.
(1D) OK, I know we said we have one like this before and didn't, but this time it's different, Nigel Farage is at the door and he's looking very smug.
(2) The referendum must be held before 31 December 2017.
(2A) Or... ummm... Douglas Carswell will get really upset.
(2B) Unless the government of the day decides not to hold it after all.
(2C) Which they will be perfectly entitled to do.
(3) The Secretary of State shall by order appoint the day on which the referendum is to be held.
(3A) Unless he puts forward a Bill to rescind this Bill.
(4) An order under this section may not be made unless a draft of the order has been laid before, and approved by a resolution of, each House of Parliament.
(5) The question that is to appear on the ballot papers is—
       â€œDo you think that the United Kingdom should remain a member of the European Union?”
(6) In Wales, a Welsh version of the question is also to appear on the ballot papers, as provided by order.
(6A) Scotland & Northern Ireland can cope with just an English question.
(6B) England probably won't, if someone could kindly translate the question into Polish, that'd be great, thanks.


6. Short title
(1) This Act may be cited as the Desperately Trying to Save Our Bacon (Farage) Act 2013.

           Older adults’ lifelong embodied experiences of leisure time aquatic physical activity in the United Kingdom         
Evans, Adam and Sleap, Mike (2013) Older adults’ lifelong embodied experiences of leisure time aquatic physical activity in the United Kingdom. In: 11th European Sociological Association Conference: Crisis, Critique and Change, 28.08.2013-31.08.2013, Turin.
          CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge - Bonus Bucks        
Bonus bucks answers for 12/2

1. According to Ilian Mihov, a professor of Economics at the INSEAD business school, Italy will have to refinance what percentage of its total debt in 2012.


2. What major government official told a news conference on Thursday that the United Kingdom is preparing itself for a wide range of European financial crises?

ANSWER: Bank of England Governor Mervyn King

3. According to a new report, how many days delinquent is the average housing loan in foreclosure?

Answer: 631 days
           Brain drain: the impact of increased cognitive load on self-paced running performance         
Mccarron, James and Smith, Mark F. (2013) Brain drain: the impact of increased cognitive load on self-paced running performance. In: International Sport Science and Sport Medicine Conference, 21-23 August 2013, United Kingdom.
           The role of design-led knowledge exchange in supporting micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises to be eco-innovators in the United Kingdom         
Chick, Anne (2013) The role of design-led knowledge exchange in supporting micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises to be eco-innovators in the United Kingdom. In: The handbook of design for sustainability. Bloomsbury Academic . ISBN 9780857858528
           "Swim for Health": program evaluation of a multi-agency aquatic activity intervention in the United Kingdom         
Evans, Adam B. and Sleap, Mike (2013) "Swim for Health": program evaluation of a multi-agency aquatic activity intervention in the United Kingdom. International Journal of Aquatic Research and Education, 7 (1). pp. 24-38. ISSN 1932-9997
           Research note: socio-economic change in the United Kingdom and patterns of cultural attendance         
Voase, Richard (2013) Research note: socio-economic change in the United Kingdom and patterns of cultural attendance. Managing Leisure: an International Journal, 18 (2). pp. 171-175. ISSN 1360-6719
          WorldSIM Presents Its Wireless Services to the Global Mobile Customers        

WorldSIM offers its wireless mobile services to customers across the world. The company was launched in 2006 and since then has been innovating with its product offerings.

London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2014 -- People across the world are travelling more than ever. With more number people travelling from one part of the other the need for a single mode of communication expanded more than ever. To facilitate this need and eliminating all kinds of roaming costs, WorldSIM has come up with its global wireless services. The service not only helps in staying connected but also helps in keeping communications cheaper. The idea is simple as they say 'the world's local sim'. Presently the customers are receiving incoming calls for free and make outgoing calls at 1p/min. This is available for more than 90 countries as of now.

The company has been known to be one of the most innovative ideas and has also received acclamations through various awards globally. The most notable of them all has been by the Business Travel Show where the company had received the Gold Award for innovation and best customer service. Since its inception the team has been working towards enhancement of their innovative idea as well as expanding the reach of the services offered. The known innovation is the award winning multi IMSI SIM card which was developed by the company itself. The company has also developed its own international mobile phone as well as data roaming USB sticks. Moreover, the company is on the verge of launching more innovative products this year.

The entire team at WorldSIM is quite small but includes some of the most talented and experienced professionals. Right from manufacture of travel accessories to SIM card the company has launched a wide number of innovative products. The company has its head office and provides its services in respect to international calls, data roaming, and hosts of other connectivity options to over 90 countries. To know more about what products they have on offer and to purchase them, customers can check their online portal. The website lists down all the products, along with description for them all. The website also offers support services for both new and existing clients. In case customers have more queries they could get in touch with the company through the mentioned contact details. The company also maintains a travel blog where it features latest updates from the world of travel as well as innovative gadgets which are making news. The blog definitely provides more information about the products as well as the uses which each of them may have.

About WorldSIM
WorldSIM is a global wireless service provider which has launched various innovative products in the field of technology and communications. The company has a small team and a collective experience of over 100 years in the field of communications. Global SIM cards as well as affordable calling options internationally is what has made the company popular since its inception in 2006.

For Media Contact:
Company: WorldSIM
Address: 25 Harley Street
England, London, W1G 9BR, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0) 20 8819 2557
Website: http://www.worldsim.com/

For more information on this press release visit: http://www.sbwire.com/press-releases/worldsim-presents-its-wireless-services-to-the-global-mobile-customers-521515.htm

Media Relations Contact

Robert Key
Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8819 2557
Email: Click to Email Robert Key
Web: http://www.worldsim.com/

          This is the end...the Lands End. — Lands End, United Kingdom        
John O'Groats to Lands End cycle ride
          Whoever said England wasn't warm or hilly... — St Austell, United Kingdom        
John O'Groats to Lands End cycle ride
          Sunshine, slow progress and Ronald — Crediton, United Kingdom        
John O'Groats to Lands End cycle ride
          Sunburn and beautiful England — Highbridge, United Kingdom        
John O'Groats to Lands End cycle ride
          Pro Finance Group Inc. Forex Broker Acts as Gold Sponsor at the MOSCOW FOREX EXPO 2011        

London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/15/2011 -- Pro Finance Group Inc. (PFGFX) was founded by a group of professional traders, specializing in foreign exchange (forex trading) and willing to establish the company that would become an alternative to Forex marketplace. The company offers their clients a new revolutionary approach to the process of foreign exchange trading as they trade directly at the same price as banks.

All trades are absolutely anonymous and open. As PFGFX trades without a dealing desk, most of currency pair spreads consist only of 2 or 3 pips, which allows clients to save 40% compared to the traditional Forex trading company. This means that active clients can save thousands of dollars if they choose this company.

Pro Finance Group can say with confidence that the company differs from the rest of the market due to their art trading system that is completely free and offers multiple charts to clients: the EUR/USD 1 minute, 5 minute, 15 minute, 30 minute, 1 hour, 4 hour and daily charts can be viewed simultaneously. All of the trades are executed with just one point and click, simply and quickly.

The Expert Advisor system that is offered to all advanced traders allows to program all of the clients' trading strategies and to trade automatically with their help. Moreover, based on these strategies the system can offer them a number of buy or sale prompts. There is also an option allowing to "back-test" each of the clients' strategies before the beginning of real-time trade.

Forex broker company presents new original approach to the process of foreign currency trading. The presented platform offers a number of important features, e.g.:

1) Expert Advisor feature allows clients to program their personal trading strategies into the platform so they could trade automatically and also receive prompts from the platform to execute the trade, which is based upon some of those strategies.

2) Customers can back-test personal strategies in order to determine their profit potential.

3) Multiple charting features allows customers to view the USD/JPY 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hour, daily and weekly charts at the same time. It is really useful in making right trading decisions and is probably the best charting these days.

An Automatic Trailing Stop feature allows setting the stop loss price at a certain fixed number of points below the original market price. The stop loss price rises proportionally along with the market price, though it doesn't change in case when the currency price suddenly falls. Due to this technique investors are able to limit their maximum potential loss and at the same time don't limit their maximum potential at all. Also, with the help of this feature they don't need always to pay attention to their ongoing investment. The stop loss is modified as long as the platform is working and Internet connection is stable.

For more information please visit http://pfgfx.net/ or contact:

Pro Finance Group Inc. United Kingdom
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London, UK, W1G 9QR
Phone: +44 207 612 4409
Fax: +44 207 182 6834
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For more information on this press release visit: http://www.sbwire.com/press-releases/moscow/forex-expo/release-103957.htm

Media Relations Contact

Jack Almeida
Email: Click to Email Jack Almeida
Web: http://pfgfx.net/

          The case to leave the EU is about openness, tolerance, kindness and freedom        
The shocking murder of Labour MP Jo Cox may well prove decisive in the referendum on EU membership.   Tommy Mair appears to have repeatedly shot and stabbed the MP and for all we now know, when asked for his name he shouted out “Death to Traitors, Freedom for Britain", but Mr Mair doesn't believe in freedom.

It appears he is a fascist, and so of course, the new narrative has been that “politics are too angry” and that the anti-EU campaign has “fuelled” this murder.  Of course, those claiming the hate tend to be on the left/Remain side, like legendary leftwing polemicist Polly Toynbee, who once claimed Conservative welfare cuts were like The Final Solution for the disabled.  You can’t do much more in hate than accuse your opponents of being Nazis can you?  Of course Labour is led by a man who used to go to the funerals of IRA terrorists and invite their leaders for meetings, all the time it was waging war against the UK public and UK government (and had killed several MPs).  Corbyn’s statements against hate and violence are as duplicitous as they are disgusting.  The late Jo Cox had a range of views across the spectrum, including a belief that the world shouldn't let Assad barrel bomb and drop chemical weapons on civilians, which saw her be damned by the mediocre "Madame Mao" Labour front bencher Diane Abbott as a "warmongering Tory".  She faced a campaign for de-selection, which Labour has carefully airbrushed away, as her tragic murder becomes politicised.  She did support remaining in the EU, quite vehemently, so it has become easy to claim that the other side were opposed to her.

Yet, the narrative that links the murder to leaving the EU may well stick among undecided voters, especially as polls have been close throughout the campaign, and most recently have put Leave ahead by a few points.  

It’s grossly simplistic and opportunistic to claim, as Remain advocates are, that their side is about kindness, tolerance and openness, when the EU is neither open, nor particularly tolerant and kind with its trade policies, or indeed with diversity of opinion about itself.

The EU isn't open when it maintains a fortress around it trading with the world, especially on services and agriculture.  It has been a force for openness in trade within with enormous resistance from one of its founding members, France, which sees the EU as a tool for "solidarity" - code for spending ever more taxpayers' money on its dirigiste vanity led economic nationalism and absurd profligacy for 19th century farming enterprises.

The EU isn't tolerant when it ignores referenda in France, Ireland, the Netherlands on EU Treaties and simply demands their governments ignore them.  It isn't tolerant when it says that it wont allow "extremists" to be in government in Member States even if democratically elected.

The EU isn't kind when it continues to flood world markets with subsidised agricultural produce, undermining exports and domestic production in developing countries, and so impoverishing poor country producers, whilst funding subsidies for Prince Charles's farming empire.  

Do I think leaving the EU will mean the UK will embark on some free market libertarian revolution of less government?  No, not really.  However, within the EU the only certainty is that there will be growth in EU spending programmes, growth in regulation and ever less accountability for the new laws and spending from Brussels/Strasbourg (don’t forget the EU has two locations for its Parliament, because France wanted an impoverished area to get a boost, so monthly the entire Parliament relocates between cities, at a cost of over €330 million annually).

For all of the relatively mild rhetoric about immigration, the Leave campaign is led by politicians who have mostly been sceptical about government power and all are advancing an agenda of more free trade, more openness to the world and greater engagement with the world.  Leaving the EU is not the fascist/socialist vision of a self-sufficient island that waves a flag and shuts out the world (although those who hold those views want to the leave the EU because its own internal market is an anathema).

I don’t doubt a vote to leave the EU will be a shock, initially to financial markets, more fundamentally to the EU and to the UK Government.  However, the shock need not last for the UK, when there are many years to negotiate leaving the EU and a new trade relationship.  It wont give succour to Putin, nor will it mean a loss of influence for the world’s fifth largest economy.

Given that the EU has proved that it is structurally incapable of reform, we now have a choice. Do we cave in, because we’re too scared to leave? Or do we vote to retrieve our sovereignty, walk away from the whole racket and engage with the world on our own terms? A vote to leave would represent an extraordinary vote of confidence in the project of the United Kingdom and the principle of national self-determination. It would also show reform-minded Europeans that theirs is not a lost cause. And that we stand willing to help forge a Europe based on freedom, co–operation and respect for sovereignty.

It isn't a vote for UKIP politicians, for leaving the EU will put most of them out of a job.  Nigel Farage isn't even an MP, and the one UKIP MP, Douglas Cardwell, is very much a libertarian.

I urge all those in the UK eligible to vote, to Vote Leave.  It is time to break free, for a more open, a more tolerant and a kinder UK. 

          Motorola Talkabout T5100 Specs        
Motorola released the Talkabout T5100 in 2007. The device is a 2 way radio that allows two or more people to communicate with one another via the 14 channels in the Family Radio Service, or FRS, frequency band. The device was designed for family and group recreational use. Although the product was no longer manufactured, it could still be purchased for about $43 as of December 2010.
Range and Weight
The Motorola Talkabout T5100 works at distances of about two miles, though the range fluctuates depending on weather conditions, altitude and noise in the frequency band. The range also decreases when buildings, trees or other obstacles get in the way of the radio signal. Motorola doesn’t recommend using the device at distances closer than 5 feet. The device weighs 0.39 lb.
The Motorola Talkabout T5100 is powered by three AA alkaline batteries. According to the manual, the batteries provide up to three hours of talk time and 27 hours of standby time. The battery meter, located on the front display, is divided into three bars, the bars disappearing as the power is used. If the battery is low, the device beeps every 10 minutes.
The Motorola Talkabout T5100 produces up to 0.5 watt of power output. To send a message, the person needs to hold the radio 2 or 3 inches from the mouth.
The Motorola Talkabout T5100 operates in the frequency band of between of 450 and 470 MHz. The device complies with numerous national and international standards including those issued and upheld by the United States Federal Communications Commission, American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, National Radiological Protection Board of the United Kingdom and the Ministry of Health (Canada).
          WiG Yearbook 32 (2016) | Special Online Section on Race and Inclusivity        


Feminist Conflicts "nach Silvester" and "Cologne[ialism]" | Maggie McCarthy

Interview with Anne Wizorek | Kat Sark

A Black German Year: A Review Essay | Karina Griffith

Intersectional Inclusivity: Race and Ethnicity in Feminist German Studies | Editors' Introduction

The year 2016 began under the signs of racism, sexism, nationalism, and xenophobia; as day broke on the New Year, it brought with it news of the mass sexual violence that had occurred over night in Cologne and in other German cities, which threw into sharp relief the political, discursive, structural, and everyday formations enabling such attacks. At the same time, however, voices of antiracist, critical feminism grew stronger, bringing with them not only a call for policy changes and better legal protection, but also an intense reminder of the importance of ongoing collective, individual, and personal action at all community levels. 

Reminders of the necessity to fight for ongoing political and structural changes while maintaining vigilance in combating both systemic and everyday sexism and racism have continually surfaced throughout the 2016 in Europe and across North America. The events in Cologne are a spectacular reminder of the daily violence occurring against young black men in confrontation with the police in the United States, but also the increasing prominence of Black Lives Matters in changing the way in which we talk about such violence; of the ongoing disappearances of indigenous women and children in Canadian First Nations communities, but also the Liberal government’s commitment to launching a national inquiry in August 2016, thereby acknowledging the ongoing devastation of settler colonialism; of the hate crimes against LGBQT people seen most recently in the June 2016 Orlando shooting, but also the increased public awareness and solidarity around transgender rights; of the xenophobic panic and racist rhetoric leading up to the June 2016 “Brexit” referendum that saw the United Kingdom vote to leave the European Union, but also the presentation of the Ingeborg Bachmann prize to Black British-born author Sharon Dodua Otoo in that same month; or the divisiveness of US politics in the form of the vitriol produced in the lead-up to the election, but also the historic nomination of Hillary Clinton as the first female candidate for president. The capacity of social media to erase the space-time separation of these conversations across national and linguistic borders intensifies the oscillating senses of hopelessness and empowerment in the face of competing modes of violence and historic acts of care seen in these examples.

In this snapshot of moments, we see the absolute urgency of ongoing feminist engagement across all of our communities—personal and academic. Volume 32 of the Yearbook contains a special section entitled “Intersectional Inclusivity: Race and Ethnicity in Feminist German Studies,” which is also augmented by further work featured on the Women in German website. The three online contributions to the special section include a thought piece responding to the Cologne attacks, an interview with Anne Wizorek, and a book review essay. The five contributions in the Yearbook range from traditional analytical articles to thought pieces or essays, which look to the past and to the contemporary period in order to address race in Germany, in German studies, and in Women in German as an organization.

Carrie Smith-Prei and Waltraud Maierhofer

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          Old fart establishment Republicans are against Trump.        

Old fart establishment Republicans are against Trump.

Trump wants to do populist trade changes which should make hipster Bern supporters happy.

The more establishment rightists which come out against Trump, the more I realize he must be in.

He's not an Xtian fundie.

He's not a slimy raping (murdering?) Clinton.

And he's got some good big foreign policy balls.

Plus the soldiers like him most. And for flipping once the people who defend America should be given deference on such matters.

Response received:
Q: Clinton is raping & worse?
Q: Trump has been accused of rape. What about that?
Q: Doesn't having big foreign policy balls mean we'll just nuke everyone?

My responses:
Yes the Clintons have raped, and probably worse.

Christopher Hitchens
on Hillary:





No one left to lie to, interviews:Charlie Rose: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_RqyXT5bt4

cspan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZ6oY4dMeYo

And worse probable crimes of the Clinton crime family:




You know those tin pot hat righties who we all just chuckled about? Oh boo haa haa - Alex Jones, what a kook!

But, as OJ implied, if the gove fits, you must not aquit.

And Paul Joseph Watson is a mutch better representative of that section of the alt-right.

Hitch (on Iraq). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cp4U3garYSs

Milo Y. https://www.youtube.com/user/yiannopoulosm

PJW https://www.youtube.com/user/PrisonPlanetLive

Douglas Murray https://www.youtube.com/user/DouglasMurrayArchive
It takes a Britisher to remind Americans about key unique American values worth honoring.

In any case regarding the Clintons: apply the same moral compass you use for all things leftist. All the things you obsess about, to your current party leaders.

Oh pith. What's a little rape? Well, that's just "natural."

She "stood by her..." raping husband.


"Stand by your raping husband...." to the tune of the song by Tammy Wynette, in a half drunk cornball country tone with a twang twang twang...

As for Trump:


ce upon a time, I was a lib-chump.

In 1998, I was more of a full-on one. A morbidly obese virgin with no children, living in his parent's basement.

--------------- quote of: September 21, 1998 letter sent to a nephew, quoting from a letter I sent to congress

The more people that do what Ms. Lewinsky & Clinton physically did with each other the better. While I agree that Clinton lying to his wife was probably bad - his responses are to be expected. Why? Because when you force humans into a puritanical culture where their natural inherent proclivities cannot be properly exercised, what else do you expect to happen?

--------------- end of quote of: September 21, 1998 letter sent to a nephew, quoting from a letter I sent to congress

...and the above naive and stupid statement I made back then shows how stupid I was.

Cheating in marriage destroys marriages & families, and ruins childrens' lives. So shaming for cheating is also natural, and that's the type of natural that should take precedence in such cases.

But by 2008, I had wised up a bit:

--------------- quote of the file: note for hillary clinton - may 16, 2008.txt

May 16, 2008

To the DNC from Jonathan Higbee.

Hillary Clinton has on her web site a petition about "counting the votes in Florida and Michigan." These attempts on her part to change the rules of the game are dishonest, unfair, conniving, and not helpful.

The "votes" in Florida and Michigan should >not< count in the primaries. Why? Because Obama promised not to campaign there & Hillary broke her promise. So the "votes" are tainted.

Do not give in to the unfair, conniving, and the end run type of approach Hillary is trying. Obama is the nominee. Period. Move on - and let's now win against McCain.


in Portland, Oregon

----------------------- end of quote of my message to the DNC

A further note for Ms. Clinton:

Your tactics in this campaign have been in the style of Karl Rove and George Bush, and they have been highly disturbing, corrosive, and racist.

Earlier in the race I could have gone either way between yourself & Obama. But your actions these past few months have fully convinced me that Obama is the most suitable President. I frankly feel that you've shown yourself to be unstable, and completely unsuited to the Presidency of my country.

Furthermore, the rose coloring of my proverbial glasses relative to yourself and your husband has now been lifted. When your husband was in office I supported him. Now I feel as if I were hoodwinked.

I know many republicans were disturbed by the actions of your husband when he was in the White House. In those days I supported him and yourself. But after what I've witnessed and learned about these past few months, I can now finally see why so many republicans were upset with you both. And I say this as a person who is politically a United Kingdom style Green.

You've now embraced the "politics of personal destruction" by being an advocate for it. In the past you and your husband rejected this type of politics, supposedly. Now it's your primary modus operandi. So it's sad to see this.

This is an honest message.


in Portland, Oregon

--------------- end of the file: note for Hillary Clinton - may 16, 2008.txt

Now, as a finally married man with kids, I've wised up even more. A man with a wife and kids naturally becomes more socially conservative. I have. That's "my journey." So why do journeys to slow motion suicide (eg: journeys to gayness AKA sexual orientation dysphoria, gay marriage AKA outlier flaky abusive not even a comparison to the real thing "marriage," transgenderism AKA gender dysphoria, abortion, being "childfree," and journeys to death cults like Islam) get to be the ones most honored by leftists, whereas journeys to social conservatism don't? Runs counter to their narrative.

Big balls: You know, like the microscopic ones of Obama compared to Putin. Crimea? Gone. Islamic State? Born & flourishing.

Nuking? I take the neocon view: We'll only nuke as a last resort, or if one of our cities gets nuked.

But the leftist rhetorical pouncing on the nuke option may show a not-so-hidden desire for them to do some nuking of their own: namely those who don't tow the leftist party line. "Hate speech" Crimes into differing categories based on "what was in the mind of the killer" - but such actions lend credence to though crime censorship via having "hate speech" laws and codes. And thus the entire concept of "hate" crime is corrosive to free speech. There's just crime. All crime is "hate crime." Camel nosing in the "mind of the killer" brings in a whole host of freedom-threatening problems.
Current leftist hate, hate, hate, freedom of speech & thought. They hate conservatives, family values, and anyone who tells them they're being abusive dickheads for being overly & abusively permissive & relativist. They hate narratives with run counter to their abusively permissive lines of thought.

The Clintons are playing everyone for fools. They know which SJW (social justice warrior) buttons to push. But such pushing no longer works for me.

The establishment Republicans who really want Hillary in, de facto, are showing that voting for Trump is even more important.

Is Trump playing everyone for fools? I don't think so.

Taking into account the totality of reactions from all parties, I find high utilitarian value in a Trump presidency.

What swayed me to Trump:

Milo's Y's interview with Dave Rubin:

His interview with Joe Rogan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnH67G7vAu4

Related posts:
Trump & Brexit: The Leftist Armageddon

          Amazon Europe Chooses Icecat as Content Syndication Partner        
Download this post in PDF format In order to offer a better online customer experience, Amazon Europe takes up-to-date product data from the Icecat catalog for the following markets: Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain, and Italy. Thanks to an automated end-to-end system integration, Amazon currently pulls from Icecat: Multiple images Standardized specifications Bullet points (in … Continue reading Amazon Europe Chooses Icecat as Content Syndication Partner
It is easy to see why Edinburgh is the United Kingdom’s second most visited destination with over a million tourists a year. From its almost constant festival scene (including the world famous ‘Edinburgh Comedy Festival’) to its Hogmanay Street Party and the celebrations on Burns Night, there are many events that might bring you to(...)
          é£²ç”¨æ°´å«æ°Ÿï¼Œä½ åžå¾—下?        




這一切根源,都要從約 120 年前開始說起。在二十世紀初期,美國科羅拉多州的科羅拉多泉市(Colorado Springs)和馬尼圖泉市(Manitou Springs)出現了許多奇特的病例。這些病人的牙齒上出現明顯的褐斑,而且通常都是發生在小孩身上。

這個現象驚動了當地的牙醫師馬凱(Frederick McKay)和研究人員布萊克(G.V. Black),在經過三十年鍥而不捨的追蹤調查後,終於發現這種「科羅拉多褐斑」(Colorado Brown Stain)是因為當地飲用水中的含氟量過高所致。

這項研究在當時還伴隨著另一個意外發現,就是牙齒上帶有「科羅拉多褐斑」的小孩,其蛀牙率似乎都明顯較低。當時美國國家牙科研究中心主任迪恩(Henry Trendley Dean)經過實驗後發現,飲用水中含有 1 mg/L 的氟最能夠預防齲齒,並且較不會產生科羅拉多褐斑。同一時間,其他研究中心的研究結果似乎也都證實了飲用水加氟可以預防齲齒。





從權威機構的音量來看,正方(支持飲用水加氟)的分貝明顯較高。有許多政府和相關組織都願意為飲用水含氟背書,其中包括世界衛生組織、世界牙醫聯盟、以及美澳加等國的牙醫協會。在飲用水中人工加氟的國家,也有包括美澳加等將近 30 個國家。


畢竟,全世界196個國家中,只有 30 個國家在飲用水中人工加氟。若是以統計人數來看,全球約只 5% 的人口在飲用加氟水,而且其中有半數以上的人都集中在北美地區。相較之下,歐洲地區幾乎有高達 98% 的民眾並不飲用加氟水。

如果再平衡報導一下反方,我們就可以發現更多反面案例。比方說,德國、芬蘭、丹麥、瑞典、中國、匈牙利、和以色列等 10 個國家現在都已明令禁止、拒絕或已停止在飲用水中人工加氟(2)。(台灣並未添加。)



在科學證據的戰爭中,兩方人馬可以說是旗鼓相當。正方確實有不少研究指出,飲用水加氟真的有助於防治小孩齲齒(3, 4, 5, 6),但是,反方或中立方也有不少研究顯示飲用水加氟並無明確效益,尤其是對大人(7, 8)

若把格局放大、並著眼於大型文獻回顧論文,我們就可以發現,關於飲用水加氟對民眾健康影響的大規模科學研究結果,基本上可以用一句話來總結,就是缺乏縝密的實驗和明確的正反證據(3, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13)。







不過大家要注意的是,反方在提出氟對身體產生危害的證據時,通常都引用了「高劑量氟」的相關研究,然而,高劑量的氟畢竟很少出現在自然環境中。因此,雖然高劑量氟很毒,但是以此來反氟卻是有點岔題的一種亂入。畢竟,幾乎任何東西攝入過量都會中毒,連水喝多了都會 水中毒了,更何況是氟呢。






文/謝伯讓的腦科學世界 (《都是大腦搞的鬼》作者)


1. Peckham, S., & Awofeso, N. (2014). Water Fluoridation: A Critical Review of the Physiological Effects of Ingested Fluoride as a Public Health Intervention. The Scientific World Journal, 2014, 293019. http://doi.org/10.1155/2014/293019

2. http://www.fluoridation.com/c-country.htm

3. Iheozor-Ejiofor, Z et al. (2015). "Water fluoridation for the prevention of dental caries.". The Cochrane database of systematic reviews 6: CD010856. PMID 26092033.

4. Parnell C et al. (2009). Water fluoridation. Eur Arch Paediatr Dent. 10(3):141–8. doi:10.1007/bf03262675. PMID 19772843.

5. Truman BI et al. (2002). Reviews of evidence on interventions to prevent dental caries, oral and pharyngeal cancers, and sports-related craniofacial injuries [PDF]. Am J Prev Med. 23(1 Suppl):21–54. doi:10.1016/S0749-3797(02)00449-X. PMID 12091093.

6. Griffin SO et al. (2007). Effectiveness of fluoride in preventing caries in adults. J Dent Res. 86(5):410–5. doi:10.1177/154405910708600504. PMID 17452559.

7. Fagin D. (2008). Second thoughts about fluoride. Sci Am.298(1):74–81. doi:10.1038/scientificamerican0108-74. PMID 18225698.

8. National Research Council. Fluoride in Drinking Water: A Scientific Review of EPA's Standards. Washington, DC: National Academies Press; 2006. ISBN 0-309-10128-X. Lay summary: NRC, 2006.

9. SCHER (2010). http://ec.europa.eu/health/scientific_committees/opinions_layman/fluoridation/en/l-3/5.htm#0

10."Introduction to the SCHER opinion on Fluoridation". European Commission Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks (SCHER). 2011.

11.Centre for Reviews and Dissemination What the 'York Review' on the fluoridation of drinking water really found, University of York, York, United Kingdom. Originally released : 28 October 2003.

12. Calman K. Beyond the 'nanny state': stewardship and public health. Public Health. 2009;123(1):e6–e10. doi:10.1016/j.puhe.2008.10.025. PMID 19135693. Lay summary: Nuffield Council on Bioethics, 2007-11-13.

13. McDonagh MS, et al. (2000). Systematic review of water fluoridation [PDF]. BMJ. 321(7265):855–9. doi:10.1136/bmj.321.7265.855. PMID 11021861. PMC 27492.

14. Balbus JM, Lang ME. (2001). Is the water safe for my baby? Pediatr Clin North Am. 48(5):1129–52, viii. doi:10.1016/S0031-3955(05)70365-5. PMID 11579665.

15. Kunz D, et al. (1999). A new concept for melatonin deficit: on pineal calcification and melatonin excretion. Neuropsychopharmacology 21(6):765-72.

16. Mahlberg R, et al. (2009). Degree of pineal calcification (DOC) is associated with polysomnographic sleep measures in primary insomnia patients. Sleep Med. 10(4):439-45.

          Pub Company Punch Installs ZeeVee’s Video Technology in U.K. Pubs to Provide a Better Entertainment Experience        

London, England - 5 February 2016 ZeeVee, Inc. (Zv) a global manufacturer of video and signal distribution technology, announced today that Punch, one of the largest leased pub and bar operators in the United Kingdom, is rolling out Zv’s coax video encoding products to their pubs as part of a major refurbishment program.


Pub Company Punch Installs ZeeVee’s Video Technology in U.K. Pubs to Provide a Better Entertainment Experience.

Punch sought to enhance their customer experience by adding a network of screens and projectors to show video from Sky Sports, FreeView channels as well as camera feeds from local games showcasing in-house Darts and Pool tournaments. To ensure local expertise, Punch commissioned integrator TVC to deliver a ‘wow’ factor at their pubs, using the highest quality audio visual equipment.

TVC, one of the largest providers of audio visual solutions in the U.K., deployed HDbridge2312 and HDbridge2840 video encoders in order to deliver a mix of pristine, digital SD and HD signals to new HD screens and projectors at selected Punch pub locations.

“When we first looked at ZeeVee’s products we were impressed by the video quality and ease of set up using their Maestro web based interface,” said Matt Brown, managing director, TVC. “This, combined with the simplicity of a coax installation, meant that we were able to offer a very cost effective and flexible solution to Punch that had no limitation on the total number of screens that could be installed.”

“With extensive audio-visual experience and unrivalled customer service, TVC has been an excellent partner for Zv in the U.K.,” said Bob Michaels, CEO, ZeeVee. “Our product offering is well aligned with TVC’s target markets, delivering standard, high definition and Ultra HD video signals to digital displays and TV sets, and also delivering IP video via standards based, off the shelf IT networks and displays,” he added.

About ZeeVee

ZeeVee is a global manufacturer of video and signal distribution technology for the ProAV and IT marketplace. As the only manufacturer today that can deliver multimedia content over coax, fiber, and CATx, ZeeVee has transformed the digital video industry with its award-winning, HD to Ultra-HD/4K solutions. The company offers a variety of innovative, cost effective and easy to install distribution platforms. ZeeVee is installed in thousands of facilities worldwide where there is a need to transport HD/UHD content from multiple sources to multiple displays over long distances.

For additional information please visit www.zeevee.com. Please contact:

Tricia Hawkins

Bob Gold & Associates



          2 bedroom luxury Apartment for sale in London, England        
London, United Kingdom. We offer for sale beautiful apartment of 80 square meters on the 3rd floor, located in the new Riverlight residential complex, located along the River Thames. The apartment comes complete with new furniture in a modern...
2 rooms 2 bathrooms 80 m² 15,641 £/m²
Fri, 16 Dec 2016 16:07:54 -0500
          Langkah Pengurusan Tekanan Emosi        

Kesedaran tentang perlunya menguruskan tekanan ini digambarkan dengan kajian-kajian yang banyak dijalankan sama ada di dalam ataupun di luar negeri. Antaranya ialah kajian oleh Nelson dan Sutton (1990) dan Jung (1995) di Amerika Syarikat; Cooper dan Kelly (1993) , Abouserie (1996) dan Cockburn (1996) di United Kingdom; Chan dan Hui (1995) di Hong Kong.

Di dalam negeri pula telah dijalankan oleh Noor Azzuddin (1990), Noriah (1995), Abu Omar (1996) dan Ungku Norulkamar (1997).Kebanyakan kajian yang dimaksudkan adalah berkaitan langsung dengan persoalan tekanan dalam kalangan guru-guru.

Gold dan Roth (1993) menggambarkan status profesion perguruan masa kini dianggap mempunyai tiga keadaan negatif, iaitu keadaan yang bertekanan, moral guru yang rendah, dan peletakan jawatan (mungkin bukan dalam keadaan kegawatan sekarang).

Antara contoh kajian tindakan mengenai stress ialah

Pengendalian Stress semasa kerja
  1. Buangkan perasaan ‘superman’ dalam diri
  2. Aturkan pengurusan masa
  3. Buat sesuatu yang baik untuk orang lain
  4. Pergaulan bersama rakan sekerja
  5. Belajar kemahiran atau perkara yang baru
  6. Hadapi masalah kerja secara terus
  7. Berbual mengenai tajuk yang tiada kaitan dengan stress yang dihadapi
  8. Membantu orang lain
  9. Berbincang melalui jawatankuasa di jabatan
  10. Maklumkan kepada ketua mengenai rancangan kita

Strategi Mengurangkan 'Stress' Aspek Kerohanian .
Kerohanian adalah faktor penting 'stress'.
Cara terbaik ialah merapatkan hubungan diri dengan Allah.
  1.  sembahayang
  2.  zikir
  3.  munajat
  4.  meditasi
  5.  berguru
  6.  berbincang dengan rakan
Proses Meditasi
  1. Tutup mata selama 10 hingga 20 minit
  2. Pusatkan perhatian kepada sesuatu rangsangan
  3. Proses meditasi berlaku sebaik sahaja fikiran kita ‘mengembara ataupun bergerak’
  4. Adakalanya fikiran kita mengembara jauh dari rangsangan asal
  5. Kemudian kembali ke rangsangan asal di mana penumpuan diberi dengan baik
  6. Munajat
  7. Bernafas perlahan-lahan
  8. Letakkan tapak tangan kanan ke arah kiri dada (kebahagian jantung)
  9. Tumpukan fikiran untuk pembersihan rohani kebahagian jantung dan hati
  10. Pejamkan mata dan mulailah dengan zikir munajat atau mendengar melalui kaset

Strategi Mengurang 'Stress' Aspek Fizikal
  1. Diet
  2. Urut
  3. Mandi air suam/berendam kolam air panas
  4. Menangis
  5. Bermain
  6. Menjerit


          Your Guide For Beginners Motorcycle Online Shopping        
The world of motorcycling is a fun and exciting adventure, but before you get started, you should know a little something about the sport. You are probably ready to get suited up and ride, but learn a little about what you are getting into.

First Steps

The first thing you should do before looking at a motorcycle, is to visit the local Department of Motor Vehicles and pick up the free learner's book they offer for novice riders. You will need a motorcycle driver's license in order to ride, so be sure you get information and practice you will need in order to pass the motorcycle driver's test.

The next thing you can do to ensure you are taking all the proper safety precautions is to sign up for a motorcycle safety class in your area. Taking the extra time to learn all you can about the practical side of riding a motorcycle may one day save your life.

You should also be sure you are outfitted with the proper clothing. You will need a sturdy pair of boots, a leather jacket, a good pair of motorcycle gloves and of course, a helmet. These items of clothing may prevent you from more serious injuries, should you have any kind of accident when you are riding your motorcycle.

Getting Ready to Shop

Now that you know some of the basic procedures you will need to ride with confidence and safety, it is time to go shopping for that motorcycle you have been longing for. It is easy to get caught up in the latest styles, but you need to purchase a motorcycle that will be the right one for you; not your friend, not anyone else, but the right ride for you.

You can visit many local showrooms in your area and test drive as many motorcycles you need to until you find the bike that feels like it was made for you. Then, armed with all the knowledge you have gathered, you are ready to sit down in front of you computer and get started looking for the motorcycle of your dreams.

Buying and maintaining a motorcycle is not a cheap endeavor, it can run into quite a bit of money especially for those who are just getting started and need to start from scratch. Never sacrifice quality for price when you are shopping for a motorcycle. Just because the deal seems impossible to pass up, be sure that you are buying a motorcycle that will last you for years to come.

Websites You Can Visit

When you are shopping for motorcycles online, there is a host of websites you can visit. There are websites in Canada, the United Kingdom as well as the United States. You can shop for used or new motorcycles and be able to compare prices quickly and easily. When you shop for your motorcycle online, you can find not only a motorcycle, but lots of tips and advice for the best websites like The Red Book, Cycle Trader and eBay, where you can find the best price for the motorcycle you want to buy.
          Still waiting for #DelawarePapers and #Nevadapapers        

For just $309, you too can hide your assets — in the U.S.

The website for Corporation Makers promises that owning a business can remain “your deep dark secret.”

“Do you wish to own land or other assets without anyone becoming aware of it?” it advertises.

Not a problem. All for as little as $309.

The pitch doesn’t rely on the loose rules of well-known offshore havens such as the Cayman Islands. It’s about Nevada.

Nevada is among a handful of U.S. states with liberal incorporation laws that offer many of the same benefits that have drawn business tycoons, politicians and money launderers from around the world to hide their wealth in exotic locales — a secret economy revealed this week in a series of reports based on leaked documents from a Panamanian law firm.

The so-called Panama Papers show how the firm Mossack Fonseca set up shell companies for the rich to shield their millions from the prying eyes of tax authorities and the public.

The firm’s most common destination was the British Virgin Islands, where it worked with more than 100,000 entities. But its seventh-most popular place to set up corporations — after island nations such as Seychelles — was Nevada, with more than 1,000 companies.

In pursuit of fees and other revenue, several U.S. states have competed with each other in recent decades to attract people from around the world starting businesses. The states promise minimal taxation and maximum legal protection and privacy, much like offshore tax havens.

“The mechanisms are pretty much the same here,” said Matthew Gardner, executive director of the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, a nonprofit in Washington. “There’s nothing special happening in Panama. Panama is pretty much a microcosm of what the U.S. is a willing partner in.”

Financial watchdog groups have dubbed the competition among states a “race to the bottom” that places the U.S. among the worst places in the world for corporate transparency.

“From the states' perspective, the end game is to raise revenue for the state by creaming off fees from large numbers of companies incorporating there — and the consequences be damned,” one such group, the Tax Justice Network, based in the United Kingdom, wrote in a 2015 report.

When John Cassara, a former special agent with the U.S. Department of the Treasury who investigated money laundering and fraud, was training foreign investigators, they would often ask about “this thing called Delaware.”

“You’ve heard the expression ‘follow the money’?” Cassara said. “Well, when the money trail leads to a Delaware corporation, it is almost a dead end for law enforcement.”

More than a century ago, Delaware sought to attract businesses by allowing companies to write governance rules that shielded management from liability and eliminated standard protections for shareholders.

Today, the state is the legal home to 1.1 million companies, 95% of which have their principal location in another state or country. Tens of thousands of businesses list the same Delaware addresses, home to their incorporating agents.

The businesses registered in Delaware include 65% of Fortune 500 companies.

But many more are limited liability corporations essentially unknown to all but the owners and their agents and lawyers, drawing enough criticism that the state maintains a “facts and myths” Web page.

“Delaware has a comprehensive statutory and regulatory regime to protect the public from improper behavior by business entities, just like other states,” it says.

State officials say that over the last decade or so they have cracked down on a variety of questionable practices, including the use of shelf corporations, or old shell companies that are sold to start-ups trying to pass themselves off as businesses established long ago.

Not in dispute are the benefits to Delaware: corporate franchise taxes — the fees for maintaining a business — provide the state nearly $1 billion a year, or a quarter of its annual revenue.

That success has drawn the attention of other states looking for sources of revenue.

In the 1980s, Nevada began revamping its corporate laws to minimize liability for management.

Among its biggest draws is secrecy.

The state allows “nominees” to file company documents while the identities of the true owners remain hidden.

That is a key selling point for many incorporation companies that specialize in establishing businesses in Nevada.

A common practice is for a nominee to be “appointed in the morning,” file state paperwork by lunch, and then resign by dinner, according to the incorporation site www.Nevada123.com.

“The less the public knows about your affairs, the less engaged they can become,” the site says.

Nevada and other states say their rules are not meant to encourage illegal activity.

But secretive entities have long been used to move and hide money. Hard-to-trace shell companies have served as fronts for controversial foreign buyers of top-end real estate in cities including New York and Miami.

Federal rules have also allowed U.S. political donors to hide campaign contributions by donating to super PACs through limited liability corporations.

One prominent Republican donor, the gambling industry magnate Sheldon Adelson, tried to hide behind secrecy protections when he purchased the Las Vegas Review-Journal last year.

The company’s journalists were informed one day that their new owner was a company called the “News + Media Capital Group,” which had been recently incorporated in Delaware with “undisclosed financial backers with expertise in the media industry.”

Corporate documents listed Michael Schroeder, a Connecticut newspaper publisher, as the company’s manager but did not name the owner, whose identity was only revealed after the newsroom revolted and its reporters launched their own investigation.

Adelson had originally denied buying the paper.

Gardner, of the financial watchdog nonprofit, explained the cost of such secrecy: “There is a basic matter of democratic distrust when you don’t know who’s running things.”

Secrecy has been allowed to flourish in the U.S. even as the government tries to improve corporate transparency abroad in an effort to cut off funding for terrorism, drug trafficking and other illicit activity.

But pressure is building on federal and state officials to address corporate secrecy. This week, U.S. Treasury officials said they could soon issue a rule change that has been in the works to require banks and other financial institutions to obtain information about the owners of companies.

News reports about the Panama Papers this week have already put some state officials on the defensive, with some critics calling for federal requirements that states disclose businesses’ true owners.

Wyoming launched an audit Monday of 24 companies in the state linked to Mossack Fonseca and discovered they had failed to provide “required statutory information for performing the duties of a registered agent under Wyoming law.”

Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Murray promised to fight fraud and possibly seek changes in state law. At the same time, he defended the way Wyoming did business.

“I oppose a one-size-fits-all federal law mandating the dissolving of privacy protections,” he said in a statement. “We are not naive as to the importance of the release of these 'Panama Papers,' but we will not compromise the privacy of our customers.”

See full text and comments in http://www.latimes.com/world/la-fg-panama-papers-americans-20160407-story.html

I got my passport! And – equally as important – I have located and rubber-banded to it, the one-before-last, which contains the vital rubber stamp “Given leave to enter the United Kingdom for an indefinite period.” They don’t hand those out like sweeties any more. I don’t know what would happen if I tried to get back to Drummond Place without it, and don’t intend to find out.

Helen (anon) (comment yesterday) – that was a good idea, to list the places I wanted to visit, and see what Google came up with. Lerwick, Norway, Faroes, Iceland. There are indeed several interesting cruises .  I even found one that included a knitting cruise, but it seemed to think that 1500 passengers made it a small ship. (Not all knitters, of course.) I’m certainly not going to add my voice, and money, to big-ship-cruising.

I’ve signed up to hear what Gudrun and Mary Jane are offering next year, and also Amy Detjen. You’re right, Mary Lou, that my driving-home-from-Greece hopes for this year preclude Rhinebeck. Which is a distinct shame.

My difficulty is not just that I’m about to turn 84, but that I’m weak. I hope that will pass, to some extent. But that’s why an initial adventure with family at hand to support, is a good idea.

I’m getting a bit bored with tennis, and indeed with the sewn bind-off. Three more matches. Federer and Williams have simply got to win: the two oldest players in the tournament, I think. Venus was magnificent yesterday, and the British Girl, in today’s newspapers, is suddenly somewhat more Australian than she was yesterday.

We’ve heard from Susan Crawford. She hopes to have the Vintage Shetland Project book ready to go to the printers in “early autumn” and to us six weeks later. I’ll believe it when I see it. It would be gloomily interesting to collect all her reports from the two years (for such it now is) since she solicited crowd-funding. I’m pretty sure, although I’m not going to look it up, that when she was first diagnosed with cancer, late last year, she planned to publish the book as then scheduled, but said that she wouldn’t be able to take part in the post-publication publicity.

Cancer sort of takes over everything, but it is worth remembering that we had had major delays before the diagnosis. She was at EYF in March, 2016, selling autographed bookplates to put in your book when you got it. I was already cross, having hoped to have mine by November, 2015, and didn’t seek her out. 

          Prime Minister May's Offer on EU Citizens' Rights         
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard says Prime Minister Theresa May’s offer to grant EU citizens certain rights in the United Kingdom does not go far enough.
          Will Scotland Secede from a Post-Brexit UK?        
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard discusses the implications of Scotland’s recent announcement that it will likely hold another referendum on its membership in the United Kingdom.
          News Click: Brexit        
Great Britain, United KingdomTake Our Poll
          Mentoring for CILIP Professional Registration        

This one day workshop will provide participants with a background to mentoring, a basic framework for conducting mentoring both long and short term. The focus of the event is to enable participants to develop effectively as mentors in the context of the CILIP professional development scheme.

Mentor Training is a requisite for becoming a CILIP Mentor and this course is suitable for all CILIP members who have recently registered as CILIP mentors or are thinking of registering. Do come along and find out more about the mentoring scheme.

By the end of the day participants will:

· Have an awareness of the function of mentoring in the CILIP CPD process

· Have had the opportunity to explore and experience mentoring

· Be able to make an assessment of their capability as mentors and identify their development needs in this area

The morning session will focus on generic mentoring skills whilst the afternoon will focus on the CILIP regulations.

Members who have previously attended a course on mentoring skills may attend the afternoon only (13:30-16:00) to join in the elements relating to the CILIP scheme.

Bookings close on the 14th April. CILIP SWMN reserves the right to cancel an event when we do not have enough attendees. We will try to give at least 7 days’ notice if this likely to happen.


Thu, 20th Apr 2017 - 10:00am to 4:00pm

The Commons

Bath Spa University
BA2 9BN Bath

United Kingdom


  • Free to CILIP members (half or full day)
  • Non-CILIP Members £50 (inc. VAT) for the morning session on an introduction to mentoring skills
  • Non-CILIP Members £50 (inc. VAT) for full day on mentoring skills and CILIP mentoring scheme for people who intend to become a CILIP member
  • Tea/coffee will be provided but not lunch. There are places on the campus where attendees can purchase lunch
Free Event: 

          FXCM Micro        
FXCM Micro is a discount brokerage division of FXCM (Forex Capital Markets LLC). FXCM is a retail forex broker regulated in Canada, United States of America, Dubai, France, Australia, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. It is a registered Futures Commission Merchant with the CFTC and is a member of the NFA. FXCM Micro has been there for the past three and a half years. FXCM Micro provides No Dealing Desk trading execution which eliminates any conflict of interest between the trader and the broker. It ensures that there is no dealer intervention in trades. No Dealing Desk trades are […]
          FXCM MetaTrader        
FXCM MetaTrader is provided for the clients of FXCM (Forex Capital Markets Inc.) who are one of the largest brokers in the forex market. FXCM is regulated in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Dubai and Hong Kong. FXCM has over one hundred and fifty thousand live accounts. FXCM clients can also opt to use the popular MetaTrader 4 platform nowadays to trade their account. FXCM MetaTrader can also be used in combination with other brokers so that the traders who want to work with different brokers can take advantage by using the same platform to trade all […]
          If UK Media wrote about the UK like it does Latin America        
Following a disastrous and disputed General election in which she could not secure a democratic mandate, the United Kingdom’s increasingly unpopular authoritarian leader, Theresa May, has resorted to ... - Source: www.reddit.com
           Computing with virtual cellular automata collider         
Martinez, G. J., Adamatzky, A. and McIntosh, H. V. (2015) Computing with virtual cellular automata collider. In: Proceedings of the Science and Information Conference 2015, London, United Kingdom, 28-30 July 2015. London: IEEE, pp. 62-68 Available from: http://eprints.uwe.ac.uk/25998
          Oman: A Year On, Editor Remains in Prison        

(Beirut) – Omani authorities should quash the conviction of an editor at Azamn newspaper who was arrested nearly a year ago, free him immediately, and allow the paper to reopen, Human Rights Watch said today. Charges against the editor and the reason given for shutting down the newspaper were so vague as to be arbitrary. Given that the case criminalized criticism of the judiciary, they also amounted to violations of freedom of expression.

Yusuf al-Haj. 

© 2016 Private

The Omani authorities closed Azamn newspaper on August 9, 2016, after it published an article titled, “Higher Authorities Tie the Hands of Justice,” on July 26 that alleged corruption within the judiciary. The authorities arrested three journalists – Ibrahim al-Ma’mari, the editor-in-chief; Zaher al-Abri, who oversees the newspaper’s local coverage; and Yousef al-Haj, the deputy editor, who remains in custody. The Oman authorities have taken action in recent months against several other journalists and authors who criticized the government.

“The Azamn newspaper case shows the extent of the threat against activists who seek to expose government corruption in Oman,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. “Oman should allow Azamn to start publishing again, free its deputy editor Yousef al-Haj immediately, and stop trying to silence critics of the government.”

Following the publication of the article, Oman authorities arrested al-Ma’mari on July 28, and al-Abri on August 3. On August 7, Azamn published an interview with Ali bin Salem al-No’mani, the vice president of the Omani Supreme Court, in which al-No’mani supported the allegations in the earlier article concerning officials’ actions that had undermined the judiciary’s independence. Hours later, the Information Ministry announced the immediate closure of Azamn. Oman’s Internal Security Service arrested al-Haj at a barber shop the same day.

In September, the Court of First Instance in Muscat charged al-Ma’mari and al-Haj with “disturbing public order,” “misusing the internet,” “publishing details of a civil case,” and “undermining the prestige of the state,” and al-Abri with using “an information network [the internet] for the dissemination of material that might be prejudicial to public order,” sentencing them to three years in prison and a fine of 3,000 Omani Rials (US$7,800). The court sentenced al-Abri to one year in prison and fined him 1,000 Omani Rials ($2,600).

On December 29, an appeal court acquitted al-Abri and reduced al-Ma’mari’s sentence to six months and al-Haj’s to a year. Al-Ma’mari was released from the Central Prison in Muscat on April 10, 2017, while al-Haj remains in custody.

Oman authorities have targeted Azamn and al-Haj before for their criticism. On September 21, 2011, a Muscat court convicted al-Haj of “defaming” and “insulting the dignity” of the justice minister and his deputy and sentenced him to five months in prison for the charges relating to each of the two officials. The judge also ordered the newspaper shut down for a month. The charges stemmed from an article al-Haj wrote on May 14, 2011, alleging that the justice minister and his deputy refused to grant a salary and grade increase to a longtime civil servant.

Omani authorities have also closed down other publications that have been critical of the government. The Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR) reported that on May 3, 2017, Oman’s Internal Security Service (ISS) ordered the website of the local independent magazine Mowaten to be blocked throughout the country. Human Rights Watch reported in February that Omani authorities had barred the family of Mowaten’s editor-in-chief and founder, Mohammad al-Fazari, who currently lives in the United Kingdom, from traveling outside the country.

In February, the Omani Center for Human Rights reported that the management of Muscat’s annual International Book Fair withdrew two books that were critical of the government. One was a compilation of Mowaten articles and the other an anthology by the poet Ahmed al-Raimi titled, “To You No Loyalty.”

On May 23, the Court of First Instance in Muscat sentenced a writer and researcher, Mansour Bin Nasser al-Mahrazi, to three years in prison for his book, “Oman in the Square of Corruption,” which was published in 2016. The court issued the sentence despite the fact that the writer himself removed the book from the Omani book market, according to the Omani Center for Human Rights. On the same day, the court ordered the release of al-Mahrazi after he paid the bail, the human rights group reported.

The authorities restrict digital content and online criticism using article 61 of Oman’s 2002 Telecommunications Act, which penalizes “any person who sends, by means of telecommunications system, a message that violates public order or public morals.” Human Rights Watch has documented the spread of these legal restrictions on the right to free expression, particularly targeting social media, across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries in its “140 Characters” report featuring activists who have been prosecuted for views they expressed online.

This spate of arrests and closures of independent media outlets violate international standards of freedom of expression, particularly the right to criticize government officials. The United Nations Human Rights Committee sets a high bar for restricting criticism against government officials and has emphasized that the “mere fact that forms of expression are considered to be insulting to a public figure is not sufficient to justify the imposition of penalties.”

          Saab Signs Contract with NATS to Deliver RemoteTower Demonstrator        
Defence and security company Saab has been selected by NATS, the United Kingdom’s leading provider of air traffic control services, to install a remote tower demonstrator suite at its Swanwick Control Centre. The installation is taking place at NATS' Swanwick Control Centre and will demonstrate the air navigation service provider’s capability to provide remote and digital air traffic control service. With this contract, Saab consolidates its position as the key remote tow...
          Anti-Submarine Warfare Training System Demo        
Defence and security company Saab will participate in Unmanned Warrior, a demonstration and exercise held in Scotland and Wales 10-21 October, with its  anti-submarine warfare training system AUV62-AT and the waterborne anti-IED vehicle Sea Wasp. Unmanned Warrior is a multinational event, held in Scotland and Wales 10-21 October, which will see around 40 companies and organisations, invited by the United Kingdom´s Royal Navy, showing off their latest technological developments wi...
          Woburn Abbey Triathlon        

tri for life presents The Woburn Abbey Triathlon, set in one of the most spectacular locations in Bedfordshire. One of the UK's most loved triathlons, it has become famed for its iconic venue and unrivalled family experience. Highlights of the event include stunning views of The Abbey and deer park, great event village and the stunning cycle route through the picturesque roads surrounding Woburn. Now in its 9th year, tri for life has raised over £2m for its charity partners. In 2016, we raised money for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital and Melanoma Focus.

2016 saw the event take a leap into becoming of the UK’s largest triathlons with the event expanding to two days of racing and the introduction of a new half iron distance.


Set in the stunning location of Woburn Abbey, with views of The Abbey, Deer Park & lakes
Choice of several triathlon distances
A major tick on your triathlon bucket-list
Great support and camaraderie around the course
Closed road bike course for the SuperSprint, Sprint and Olympic distances (on Sunday)


Free rucksack for WoBurner entrants
Finisher’s medal
Electronic chip timing
Results texted to your phone as you cross the line
Free Kids Zone with inflatables, climbing wall and body zorbing

WoBurner: GBP 180
WoBurner Relay: GBP 200
Olympic Triathlon Relay: GBP 130
Olympic Triathlon: GBP 85
Sprint Triathlon: GBP 75
SuperSprint Triathlon: GBP 70
Junior Triathlon: GBP 34
Scootathlon: GBP 19

Date and Time: On Saturday September 09, 2017 at 8:00 am and ends Sunday September 10, 2017 at 4:00 pm

Venue Details: Woburn Abbey, London Road, Woburn, MK17 9WA, United Kingdom

Event image: 
Date and starting time: 
Saturday, September 9, 2017 - 08:00
Amy Fraser
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          8/11/2017: YOUR LOCAL NEWS: Survivor helps Kiwis cope post-cancer        

A Sandringham cancer survivor has launched a course bringing post-treatment support to other survivors. Health and wellness coach Jan Haworth was diagnosed with cancer in early 2011. While living in the United Kingdom, she visited a Penny Brohn UK...
          Twist and Shout with THE FAB FOUR Ultimate Beatles Tribute        

Get ready to "Twist and Shout" when the Emmy Award winning Fab Four brings "The Ultimate Tribute" to The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts, Saturday, September 23 at 8 p.m. Tickets are now on sale to The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts members and go on sale to the public Friday, August 11 at 10 a.m.

The Fab Four elevate Beatles tributes to a new level with their precise attention to detail and uncanny, note-for-note, live renditions of Beatles' classics such as "Can't Buy Me Love," "Yesterday," "A Day In The Life," "Here Comes The Sun" and "Hey Jude." Their incredible stage performances include three costume changes representing every era of the Beatles ever-changing career. This loving tribute to the Beatles has amazed audiences in countries around the world, including Japan, Australia, France, Hong Kong, The United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico and Brazil.

Tickets to The Fab Four: The Ultimate Tribute start at $35. Discounts are available to members of The Hanover Theatre, students, children and groups of 10 or more. Tickets are available online at TheHanoverTheatre.org, by phone at 877.571.SHOW (7469) or at The Hanover Theatre box office located at 2 Southbridge Street in downtown Worcester.

About The Hanover Theatre

The Hanover Theatre continues to draw over 197,000 patrons annually with world-class performances and headlining acts including Broadway hits ("Les Misérables," "Kinky Boots"), comedians (Dave Chappelle, Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld), musical acts (Neil Young, Aretha Franklin, John Legend, Tony Bennett) and everything in between ("A Christmas Carol," Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, Alton Brown, Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson). POLLSTAR consistently ranks The Hanover Theatre as one of the Top Theatres in the World. After nine seasons, the award-winning, historic theatre continues to establish its place as a world-class performing arts venue, acting as a catalyst for the economic development of downtown Worcester. The Hanover Theatre's recently acquired 551 Main Street houses new function space, offices, rental space for a restaurant on the ground floor and The Hanover Theatre Conservatory for the Performing Arts on the lower level.

Worcester Center for Performing Arts, a registered not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, owns and operates The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts and Conservatory. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

          Heraldry 101: Elements of a Coat of Arms        
Part One: Introduction

Traditionally, there are many elements to an illustrated coat of arms, as indicted in the diagram below, which uses the coat of arms of the United Kingdom:

The most important, and strictly speaking the only necessary, element of a coat of arms is the shield, or escutcheon. The escutcheon is the area where the blazon is illustrated. The background of the escutcheon is called the field. An object placed on the field is called a charge. A field may also be divided.

An escutcheon may be any shape, though usually some form of shield is used. The two major historical exceptions are the coat of arms of a woman, which employs an escutcheon shaped like a lozenge, or elongated diamond, and the coat of arms of a member of the clergy, which uses an escutcheon shaped like a cartouche, or oval. The rationale behind these exceptions is that women and clergy didn't fight, and therefore didn't use shields. Modernly, these exceptions are rarely followed.

An escutcheon also contains a number of points, which are basically areas of the shield used in a blazon to describe the placement of charges. The most important points are chief, which refers to the top of the escutcheon; base, which refers to the bottom of the escutcheon; dexter, which refers to the right of the escutcheon from the point of view of the bearer (meaning the viewer's left); and sinister, which refers to the left of the escutcheon from the point of view of the bearer (meaning the viewer's right.)

The use of a helm is also derived from the need to recognize friends and foes on the medieval battlefield. As such, women and clergy tended not to use helms as part of their coats of arms. In many countries, the shape of the helm, its orientation, and the type of metal depicted indicated the rank of the bearer of the coat of arms.

A crest is a small charge or charges appearing above the helm. It is usually separated by a torse, or cloth wreath. Originally, the crest was probably simply a repetition of the coat of arms itself, but over time, this practice declined, though it is usually related in some way to the original coat of arms. Sometimes, a crest is used to differentiate related coats of arms.

Mantling is the representation of drapery tied to the helm and is derived from the protective cloth tied to the helmets of knights. Despite its origin, it often takes on plant-like shapes. Sometimes, tassels are also incorporated.

Supporters are figures placed to the sides of the shield and positioned as if supporting it. Supporters may be animals or humans, though sometimes inanimate objects are used. In many countries, using supporters is a privilege reserved for the aristocracy.

If a motto is incorporated, it is usually placed on a scroll below the shield.
          Heraldry 101: Introduction        
Ever since the first armed conflict, men in battle have needed a manner of discerning friend from foe. Ancient warriors marked their shields with mythological symbols. Roman army units also used distinctive markings on their shields. At its very basic, modern heraldry developed as a continuation of these practices. However, over time, it evolved into an art in its own right, and as medieval warfare made personal armor obsolete, heraldry lived on as a means of personal identification for important individuals and families. Most countries and many sub-national entities and cities have coats of arms today, and the influence of heraldry can even be seen in the logos of corporations.

Modernly, heraldry is the profession, study, or art of devising, granting, and blazoning arms, tracing genealogies, and determining and ruling on questions of rank or protocol, as exercised by an officer of arms. Blazoning is the term used for formally describing a coat of arms, and it employs a unique jargon. For example, the Royal Coat of Arms of Scotland, shown here, is blazoned, Or a lion rampant Gules armed and langued Azure within a double tressure flory-counter-flory Gules. From this description alone, an experienced practitioner of heraldry could draw the Royal Coat of Arms of Scotland, even if he or she had never seen it before.

Heraldry began to emerge in Europe in the twelfth century. Several seals survive from the Continent and the British Isles depicting unmistakable heraldic devices. At this time also, the practice emerged of children of armigers, persons entitled to use a coat of arms, inheriting the coats of arms of their parents or combining the coats of arms of their parents into new personal coats of arms.

By the fourteenth century, the rules of heraldry were firmly established, and authorities began compiling a body of heraldic jurisprudence. In many countries, the use of coats of arms is still regulated by the government. In the United Kingdom and in Ireland, it is unlawful to use a coat of arms without an official grant from the government. There are even special courts to handle disputes over the use of a coat of arms. In England, for example, the Court of Chivalry hears such disputes.

Who can use a particular coat of arms can be a confusing topic, however. The laws are not the same in every country. The United States, in contrast with the United Kingdom, does not regulate the personal use of coats of arms. In addition, there is also the question of whether there is such a thing as a “family” coat of arms. Many people will say that there is not. A coat of arms belongs to an individual. While this statement is true technically in countries such as England, which grant the use of coats of arms to individuals, coats of arms can be inherited, and thus become like “family” coats of arms. Furthermore, in other places, such as Scotland and Eastern Europe, coats of arms have historically been shared by all members of a family or clan.

Heraldry is a rich and complex subject, and in upcoming posts, we’ll be exploring in more detail the rules and practices of heraldry.

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A unicorn is a mythological creature. In addition to the trademark single horn in the middle of its forehead, a traditional unicorn has a billy-goat beard, a lion's tail, and cloven hooves.

The unicorn's origin is unclear, though it may have been created from inaccurate accounts of real animals, such as the oryx, the rhinoceros, or even the narwhal.

Unicorns are characterized as being wild and untamable. One legend has it that only a virgin is capable of taming a unicorn. Its wild an untamable nature may have led to its adoption as a symbol of Scotland, as seen on the royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom. The use of the Scottish motto, "Nemo me impune lacessit," is appropriate here because it means, "No on harms me with impunity."

Unicorn horns have also been highly sought after through the ages for their alleged medicinal purposes.
          Neurology Scholarships at University Of Edinburgh – Apply Now!        
The University Of Edinburgh, United Kingdom is offering sponsorship for medically inclined students to study Neurology using the 2017/18 edition of the Anne...
          Christie Headed To U.K. In February To Meet With Government, Business Leaders        
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will visit the United Kingdom early next month, in an effort to bolster that nation’s business and cultural ties with New Jersey.
           Hydrological data United Kingdom Hydrometric Register and Statistics 1981-5: a catalogue river flow gauging stations and observation boreholes together with summary hydrometric statistics         
Institute of Hydrology, British Geological Survey. 1988 Hydrological data United Kingdom Hydrometric Register and Statistics 1981-5: a catalogue river flow gauging stations and observation boreholes together with summary hydrometric statistics. Wallingford, NERC Institute of Hydrology, 178pp. (Hydrological data UK).
           Hydrological data United Kingdom 1986 Yearbook: an account of rainfall, river flows, groundwater levels and river water quality January to December 1986         
Institute of Hydrology, British Geological Survey. 1988 Hydrological data United Kingdom 1986 Yearbook: an account of rainfall, river flows, groundwater levels and river water quality January to December 1986. Wallingford, NERC Institute of Hydrology, 196pp. (Hydrological data UK, 1986).
          Montreal's Festival du nouveau cinéma Reveals Its Line-Up        
Today, Montreal's Festival du nouveau cinéma (FNC), which will take place between October 12 to 23. Here's the complete line-up of feature films according to the press release we received.

Opening and closing

The 40th edition of the FNC kicks off on Wednesday, October 12, with Declaration of War by Valérie Donzelli (France) at Cinéma Impérial (Centre Sandra & Leo Kolber, Salle Lucie & André Chagnon). This critically-acclaimed second feature by Valérie Donzelli (The Queen of Hearts) tells the love story of Roméo and Juliette who are battling to save their sick child. The director and her producer Edouard Weil will be in attendance.

Ten days later, on Saturday, October 22, Monsieur Lazhar (Quebec/Canada) by Philippe Falardeau will close the Festival. Selected to represent Canada at the Oscars for Best Foreign Language Film, Monsieur Lahzar shows the efforts of an Algerian schoolteacher to help his Grade 6 students come to terms with their teacher’s death. Between the opening and closing dates, the FNC will be in celebratory mode, highlighting the social relevance of featured works.

International Selection: Louve d’Or presented by Quebecor

The International Selection is an opportunity for relative unknowns to make their mark. This year, there are 19 contenders for the Louve d’Or, which includes a $15,000 prize from Quebecor. The 19 films in competition are: Behold the Lamb, by John McIlduff (United Kingdom); Black Blood, by Miaoyan Zhang (China); Blue Bird, by Gust Van Den Berghe (France/Belgium); Elena, by Andrey Zvyagintsev (Russia); The Giants, by Bouli Lanners (France/Belgium/Luxemburg); The Island, by Kamen Kalev (Bulgaria/Sweden); The Last Christeros, by Matias Meyer (Mexico/Netherlands); Nuit #1, by Anne Émond (Quebec/Canada); OK, Enough, Goodbye, by Rania Attieh & Daniel Garcia (Lebanon/United Arab Emirates); Oslo, August 31st, by Joachim Trier (Norway); Play, by Ruban Östlund (Sweden/France/Denmark); Shame, by Steve McQueen (United Kingdom); Toll Booth, by Tolga Karacelik (Turkey); Tomboy, by Céline Sciamma (France); Twilight Portrait, by Angelina Nikonova (Russia); Volcano, by Runar Runarsson (Iceland/Denmark); Wasted Youth, by Argyris Papadimitropoulos (Greece); White White World, by Oleg Novkovic (Serbia); and Without, by Mark Jackson (United States).

Special Presentation

Twenty-five films by established filmmakers will be screened in this year’s Special Presentation section, which features strong, committed works that reflect their creators’ bold vision: 30 tableaux, by Paule Baillargeon (Quebec/Canada); Les Amants, by Nicolas Klotz & Elisabeth Perceval (France); An Organisation of Dreams – Part 2 – Dangerous People, by Ken McMullen (United Kingdom); L’Apollonide (Souvenirs de la maison close), and De la guerre, Bertrand Bonello (France); Stopped on Track, Andrea Dresen (Germany); Norwegian Wood, Tran Anh Hung (Japan); Early One Morning, Jean-Marc Moutout (France/Belgium); Décharge, Benoît Pilon (Quebec/Canada); Faust, Alexander Sokurov (Russia); Almayer’s Folly, Chantal Akerman (France/Belgium); U2-From the Sky Down, Davis Guggenheim (United States); Hanezu, Naomi Kawaze (Japan); Hard Core Logo II, Bruce McDonald (Canada); Outside Satan, Bruno Dumont (France); Il se peut que la beauté ait renforcé notre résolution – Masao Adachi, Philippe Grandieux (France); Louis Martin, journaliste, Louis Bélanger (Quebec/Canada); Melancholia, Lars Von Trier (Denmark/Sweden/France/Germany); My Paris Movie, Jonas Mekas (United States); Once Upon a Time in Anatolia, Nuri Bilge Ceylan (Turkey); The Skin I Live In, Pedro Almodóvar (Spain); Pina, Wim Wenders (Germany/France); Take This Waltz, Sarah Polley (Canada); The Turin Horse, Béla Tarr (Hungary); and A Separation, Asghar Farhadi (Iran).

International Panorama

Festivalgoers can tour the world, exploring countless new realities through a wide array of works, including comedies, documentaries, road movies and dramas. The 27 films in this year’s International Panorama section are: Abderrahmane Sissako: Une fenêtre sur le monde, by Charles Castella (France); Absolutely Tame Is a Horse (Asb Heyvan-e Najibist), by Abdolreza Kahani (Iran); Acorazado, by Alvaro Curiel de Icaza (Mexico); Avé, by Konstantin Bojanov (Bulgaria); Chico & Rita, by Javier Mariscal & Fernando Trueba (Spain); Cultures of Resistance, by Iara Lee (United States); Do Me Love, by Jacky Katu & Lou Viger (France); End of the Night, by Daisuke Miyazaki (Japan); Flying Home, by Tobias Wyss (Switzerland); Pio’s Generation (La Generación de Pio), by Juan Rodrigo & Pedro Rodrigo (Spain); Goodnight Nobody, by Jacqueline Zünd (Switzerland/Germany); The Furious Force of Rhymes, by Joshua Atesh Litle (France); Land of Oblivion, by Michale Boganim (France/Germany/Poland/Ukraine); Last Road to the Beach (A Última estrada da praia), by Fabiano De Souza (Brazil); Melting Away, by Doron Eran (Israel/Canada); Mike, by Lars Blumers (France); Mondo Lux – The Visual Worlds of Werner Schroeter, by Elfi Mikesch (Germany); Our Ancestors The Gauls, by Christian Zerbib (France); Policeman (Hashoter), by Nadav Lapid (Israel); The First Rasta, by Hélène Lee (France); Searching for Hassan, by Edouard Beau (France); The Terrorists (Poo Kor Karn Rai), by Thunska Pansittivorakul (Thailand/Germany); Three and a Half (Seh-O-Nim), by Naghi Nemati (Iran); A Life for Ballet, by Marlène Ionesco (France); The Life and Death of Celso Junior, by Panayotis Evangelidis (Greece); Vinyl (Tales from the Vienna Underground), by Andrew C. Standen-Razlrish (Austria/United Kingdom) and Y’a pire ailleurs, by Jean-Henri Meunier (France).


Turning the spotlight on homegrown talent, the Focus section presents original, unseen Quebec and Canadian works that wow, amaze and offer food for thought. This year’s lineup includes 9 films in competition for the Grand Prix Focus/Cinémathèque québécoise with a $5,000 prize, as well as 10 non-competing films. Opening the section on October 13 is the visually ambitious documentary Surviving Progress, by Mathieu Roy and Harold Crooks (Canada). Also in competition: Amy George, by Yonah Lewis & Calvin Thomas (Canada); The Girl in the White Coat, by Darrell Wasyk (Canada); Fortunate Son, by Tony Asimakopoulos (Quebec/Canada); I am a good person/I am a bad person, by Ingrid Veninger (Canada); Laurentie, by Simon Lavoie & Mathieu Denis (Quebec/Canada); Marginal Road, by Yassaman Ameri (Quebec/Canada/Portugal); Peace Park, by David Bouthillier (Quebec/Canada); and Romeo Eleven, by Ivan Grbovic (Quebec/Canada). The non-competing films are: Alejandro Jodorowsky, grand rectum de l’Université de Foulosophie, by François Gourd & Matthieu Bouchard (Quebec/Canada); Another Silence, by Santiago Amigorena (Quebec/Canada/France/Argentina); National Parks Project, by Louise Archambault, Keith Behrman, Daniel Cockburn, Hubert Davis, Sturla Gunnarsson, Zacharias Kunuk, Stéphane Lafleur, Peter Lynch, Catherine Martin, Kevin McMahon, Scott Smith, Jamie Travis and John Walker (Quebec/Canada); Le Pays des âmes, by Olivier Godin (Quebec/Canada); Planet Yoga, by Carlos Ferrand (Quebec/Canada); Dust. A Sculptor’s Journey, by Jeanne Pope (Quebec/Canada); Rasta, A Soul’s Journey, by Donisha Prendergast (Canada); République: un abécédaire populaire, by Hugo Latulippe (Quebec/Canada); Les Tickets: l’arme de la répression, by Eric “Roach” Denis (Quebec/Canada); and Touch the Sky, by Adrian Wills (Quebec/Canada).

Temps Ø

The section opens with the North American premiere of Guilty of Romance by Sion Sono (Japan), a story of ordinary mental illness in the form of a psychosexual, neofeminist punk thriller, with powerful lead actress Megumi Kagurazaka in attendance. Other big names on the program: Takahi Miike with Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai (a 3D remake of Kobayashi’s masterpiece); Shinya Tsukamoto, who will present the much-anticipated Kotoko, about a mother on the brink of madness, which nabbed the Orizzonti prize at the last Venice festival. Must-see new discoveries include Our Day Will Come by Romain Gavras, a Thelma and Louise for redheads and a cross between Gaspar Noé and Bertrand Blier, starring Vincent Cassel. It’s no secret that Australian film is in a state of effervescence, represented here by two major works: the mysterious Sleeping Beauty by Julia Leigh, with rising star Emily Browning, and Justin Kruzel’s monstrous Snowtown, which got a special mention at the 2011 Cannes Critics’ Week. And . . . (drum roll), don’t miss the long-awaited world premiere of Assassin’s Creed Embers, an all-new animated short by Ubisoft studios. Expect an evening of surprises, anecdotes and of course sneak previews of the new game by the Montreal mega franchise. On the US front, look for the astonishing The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye, a beautiful love story told through one of the most radical artistic performances the world has ever seen. Director Marie Losier, the darling of New York’s experimental new cinema scene, will be in attendance. We’ll also be showing Take Shelter, by Jeff Nichols, which won the Critics’ Week Grand Prix at Cannes and has everybody talking, as well as the documentary Last Fast Ride: The Love, Life and Death of a Punk Goddess, by Lilly Ayers, on punk icon Marian Anderson (with narration by Henry Rollins). Asia will also be in the spotlight with Gandu, by Quashiq Mukherjee, a proud representative of an all-new style of Indian films (Wong Kar-wai meets a pornographic ghetto rapper version of Gaspard Noé in Calcutta). Also showing will be Shirome, by Koji Shiraishi, a horror film that takes delight in terrifying a group of young female Japanese pop stars, offering a new twist on The Blair Witch Project. Finally, the latest wacky flick from Thailand — Saturday Killer, by Yuthlert Sippapak, about a hit man with severe erectile dysfunction — along with the superb Tatsumi, Eric Khoo’s tribute to renowned manga artist Yoshihiro Tatsumi. And, last but not least, the first real 3D porn flick, Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy, by Christopher Sun Lap Key, which smashed this year’s box office records in Hong Kong and has become a true Chinese cultural phenomenon.

          The Undertaker Has Been Pulled From All Upcoming WWE Events        
Hoping to see The Undertaker during WWE's tour of the United Kingdom? It looks like you're out of luck.
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          Store Locator        
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          Condiment Sauces (Seasonings, Dressings & Sauces) Market in the United Kingdom – Outlook to 2021: Market Size, Growth and Forecast Analytics        
Condiment Sauces (Seasonings, Dressings & Sauces) Market in the United Kingdom – Outlook to 2021:... more »
          Italian Miracle | Comedy Short Film        
In a rural Italian village, Antonio is asked to translate an English-speaking woman's confession, but when he starts disagreeing with the priest, he has to make a decision that might change the course of her life and maybe his too.
Genres: Comedy
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Completion Date: February 14, 2015
Film Language: English, Italian
Shooting Format: BlackMagic 4K
Francesco Gabriele - Director (The Surprise, The Bicycle, Only Pictures Remain)
Francesco Gabriele - Writer (The Surprise, Pesce d'Aprile, Only Pictures Remain. Author of the novel "Io ci voglio credere")
Francesco Gabriele - Producer (The Surprise, Recycling, Only Pictures Remain, The Legs of London Danni Dee, The Tenant)
Francesco Gabriele - Key Cast (Buufis, Halloween Party, Exit, L'incubo, Confess, CSI-Las Vegas, Glee, An Ordinary Morning, Blackout)
Jennifer Ann Elmore - Key Cast (Beauty Queen Murders, The Bicycle, Kill Your Friends)
Anna Maria Teresa Ricci - Key Cast (I Cesaroni, La Finestra Aperta, L'uomo che Amava Troppo, Paranormal Stories, Operazione Vacanze, La Terra e il Vento, Come Non Detto)
Pietro Marchesani - Key Cast
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          Fermented Meats (Savory & Deli Foods) Market in the United Kingdom – Outlook to 2021: Market Size, Growth and Forecast Analytics        
Fermented Meats (Savory & Deli Foods) Market in the United Kingdom – Outlook to 2021:... more »
          Comment on New journal for maternity out by New journal for maternity out (via Good Health) « Woman's World        
[...] C&G Medicare Ltd United Kingdom have just created their Healthcare Today range of journals. One being the BABY BOOMERS journal packed with ideas information and opportunities for mothers and babies. Get the latest updates via twitter from maternity to baby in their up to date BABY BOOMERS journal. Morning and evening updates from articles written around the world. Easy to read, twitter contributors will have their articles featured. Why not j … Read More [...]
          OP-ED: Will Canadian Infrastructure Bank lead to more privatization?        

This week, Spacing is publishing three columns about the proposed $35 billion Canada Infrastructure Bank, which was proposed as part of the Liberal government’s omnibus budget bill and is currently being debated in the Senate (here are details of the recent manifestations of the bill).  About three years ago, the United Kingdom’s chancellor of the […]

The post OP-ED: Will Canadian Infrastructure Bank lead to more privatization? appeared first on Spacing National.

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          the end of an era, home sweet home — Dartford, United Kingdom        
And so it begins..... In a land far, far away (well Australia to be exact) 24/11/08
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Every location is connected to WIKIPEDIA, so you can read about every location right away in your language.

- Thousands of locations in 33+ categories
- Multiplayer with up to 8 players on one device (pass'n play)
- Learn mode for systematic learning
- Multiuser compatible
- 3 Zoomable World Maps available offline
- All Locations available in many languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japenese, Korean, Chinese, Dutch, Portugese, Russian)
- Wikipedia link for every location

Countries in Africa, Cities in Germany, Capitals of the World, Capitals of Europe, Capitals of Africa, Capitals of Asia & Oceania, Capitals of North America, Capitals of South America, Largest Capital Cities, US States, Countries in South America, Countries in North America, Countries in Asia & Oceania, Largest Countries of the World, World Wonders, Most Visited Places, Highest Skyscrapers, Corporate Headquarters, Largest Airports of the World, Airlines, US State Capitals, States of Germany, States of Austria, Cantons of Switzerland, Cities in Italy, Cities in France, Cities in Spain, Cities in Austria, Cities in Japan, Cities in Switzerland, Cities in United Kingdom, Countries of the World, Countries in Europe

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What is there? - Learn Geography

Designed Thirst | Country: United Kingdom “BlossomGueuze is the latest edition to Lindemans Botanical range. BlossomGueuze is 2 to 3 year old lambic aged in wood, blended with 12 month old lambic and elderflower. After refermentation in the bottle this gueuze has a golden colour and combines the sour taste of lambic with the natural […]
          Tim Price: “the UK today feels like a very strange, and disturbing, place”        
[Editor’s note: This letter was written by Tim Price, frequent Sovereign Man contributor and manager of the VT Price Value Portfolio.] If you have been voting for politicians who promise to give you goodies at someone else’s expense, then you have no right to complain when they take your money and give it to someone else, including themselves. Economist Thomas Sowell It is difficult to know where to begin. In our election last week, 262 British parliamentary seats fell to a party led by Jeremy Corbyn, a self-confessed Socialist. Corbyn has also publicly supported the IRA, Hizbollah and Hamas. Yet his message attracted 12.9 million votes while the United Kingdom […]
          Stocks hit record high on sagging performance, higher debt.        
There’s something completely ridiculous happening around the world right now. We can start in the United Kingdom, where the FTSE-100 stock market index hit an all-time high yesterday of 7454. Simultaneously the British government released statistics yesterday showing that debt judgments and bankruptcy filings across the UK soared 35% in the first quarter of 2017 to the highest level in a decade. British consumers are on a debt binge, borrowing (and now defaulting) at record levels. This all sounds pretty sustainable. Across the pond in the Land of the Free, the US stock market also hit a record high yesterday. Simultaneously, consumer credit (i.e. DEBT) in the US is also […]
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          Svart filmvÃ¥g. FrÃ¥n "I Am Not Your Negro" till "A United Kingdom"        
P1 Kultur möter Tempo-aktuella regissören Raoul Peck och analyserar hans film "I Am Not Your Negro" i studion. Dessutom träffar vi David Oyelowo som gör huvudrollen i "A United Kingdom".
          Why People with Back Problems are Heading for Israel        

back surgery - minimally invasive procedures

Many people across the world with back problems are considering travelling to Israel for minimally invasive spinal surgery, attracted by the affordability of the procedure there and the high standards of healthcare. A top destination in the ever-growing medical tourism business, Israel is a particularly appealing option for patients who want the reassurance that their high-tech lumbar surgery is in the hands of neurosurgeons renowned for their expertise in this complex procedure.

Minimally invasive back surgery is a relatively new development that has revolutionized treatment of spinal issues, having many advantages for the patient over traditional open surgery techniques. With open surgery, a long incision is made to enable access to the problem area, while minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) entails strategically-placed smaller skin openings, typically just 2cms to 3cms long, avoiding major damage to soft tissue surrounding the spine. In most cases, MISS results in reduced blood loss, less pain after surgery and a faster recovery, with the added benefit of minimal scarring.

Minimally invasive back surgery techniques have been used in Israel for common procedures like decompression (relieving pressure on nerves) and spinal fusion (correcting vertebrae problems) since the 1990s, but are now being employed across a wider range of lumbar operations.

The minimally invasive approach, which requires only a low level of anaesthesia, involves the use of endoscopic equipment, including a miniature video camera, that allows the surgeon to see inside the patient’s back, allowing a better view than the open procedure.

Procedures that are minimally invasive provide a highly-effective option for patients in cases where non-surgical treatment, such as physiotherapy and medications, has failed to relieve the misery of chronic back problems. According to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Global Burden of Disease (GBD) studies, pain in the lower back is the single leading cause of disability worldwide. 

Why is Medical Tourism so Popular?

Contrary to general perceptions, medical tourism (MT) is nothing new. Ancient Greeks travelled to the sanctuary of the healing god, Asklepios, a small territory in the Saronic Gulf called Epidauria, which is regarded as the origin of medical tourism as we know it.

Health tourism has seen a boom in recent years and is no longer focused on people from less-developed countries seeking treatments unavailable in their homeland, but on patient mobility as people in richer countries look to take advantage of health services abroad that are cheaper without compromising on quality. Besides affordability, this shift has been fuelled by the availability of inexpensive flights and an increased awareness of the range of treatments on offer in different countries.

The number of people seeking affordable, high-quality healthcare who are travelling abroad for treatment is rising every year, and the concept of global healthcare is particularly being embraced by people who cannot afford health insurance or who have limited coverage.

The World Health Organization in 2016 ranked Israel as the third most popular medical tourist destination, below the United Kingdom and Canada.

Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery Expertise in Israel

Many health tourists often remain in the country of their choice to enjoy a vacation after their procedure, which makes Israel – with its host of landmark attractions steeped in history, including the Masada fortress, the city of Caesarea and the Dome of the Rock – an attractive proposition for people seeking minimally invasive spinal surgery, because the relatively short post-operative recovery period allows time for sightseeing aplenty, with hospitalization after the operation typically being just a few days.

Herzliya Medical Center (HMC), a private hospital in Israel, is at the forefront of providing minimally invasive spinal surgery for patients from abroad. It boasts state-of-the-art surgical equipment backed by the expertise of a team of highly-skilled neurosurgeons with extensive experience in complex spinal procedures. HMC specializes in a range of minimally invasive lumbar procedures including correction of structural deterioration and deformities of the spinal column, removal of the herniated part of a slipped disc, decompression of the spinal cord in the case of tumours, and stabilization of vertebral compression fractures.

If you are suffering with back problems and are considering travelling to Israel for minimally invasive spinal surgery, Herzliya Medical Center can advise you on whether you are a suitable candidate for this type of procedure.

          For sale - Cane Seat - Auction        

Cane 6710, Australia
Posting to: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Estonia, Australia, Greece, Portugal, Cyprus, Slovenia, Japan, Sweden, Korea, South, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Belgium, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Russian Federation, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait ...

          Re:Politics - USA        
Trump fundraising emails overseas prompt complaints here and abroad

Sir Roger Gale was puzzled when a string of emails from Donald Trump’s presidential campaign landed in his inbox. As a Briton and a member of Parliament, Gale is barred by U.S. law from giving Trump money, much less voting for him.

“I’ve gotten rid of most of that rubbish,” Gale said in an interview.

The emails to Gale were among a wave of fundraising pleas inexplicably sent by the Trump campaign in recent days to lawmakers in the United Kingdom, Iceland, Australia and elsewhere. The solicitations prompted watchdog groups in Washington to file two separate complaints Wednesday with the Federal Election Commission alleging that the Trump campaign was violating federal law by soliciting funds from foreign nationals.

“The scale and scope of this does seem somewhat unprecedented,” said Brendan Fischer, associate counsel for the Campaign Legal Center, which joined Democracy 21 in one of the complaints.

The episode is only the latest fundraising stumble by Trump’s presidential campaign, which entered June with $1.3 million and has been scrambling to put together a financial operation to take on the well-funded campaign of likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Last week, Trump dispatched his first official fundraising email, casting a wide digital net for small donations that he hopes will infuse his cash-strapped campaign and the Republican Party’s coffers at a time when Clinton is lapping him in the money chase.

So far, his effort has both shown promise and hit speed bumps. His campaign said it raised $2 million in less than 12 hours after blasting out its first email. But the emails to foreign nationals have caused a distraction, at best, and some experts have raised questions about whether his initial appeals landed in supporters’ spam folders at a higher rate than normal.

Whether the snags prove to be growing pains for a campaign that until recently eschewed traditional fundraising or a sign of more serious stumbles to come is a key question facing Trump and the Republican Party as the general election comes into focus.

Trump’s campaign did not respond to requests for comment on the complaints to the FEC or questions about why emails were sent to foreign lawmakers.

The emails were sent both before and after Trump’s trip to Scotland last weekend to visit two of his golf courses, and their message focused on the “Brexit” vote in Britain to leave the European Union.

The mogul is trying to build out his once-lean campaign operation with experienced hands. As a part of that process, Trump recently enlisted the help of the Prosper Group, an Indiana-based digital strategy firm, to help with online fundraising.

Gale, a Conservative who has served in the House of Commons for more than three decades, said the hostile tone of the Trump emails he received was off-putting. One from this week that he shared with The Washington Post was signed by Trump’s sons Eric and Donald Jr.

“We’ve set another Trump-sized goal to raise another $10 million by Thursday at midnight. Please chip in what you can to help make Donald J. Trump the next President of the United States,” said the email, which was sent to Gale’s official parliamentary account.

Another fundraising pitch sent to the same account last week was signed by the candidate himself. “Hillary Clinton is a world-class liar,” it said.

“I don’t know if someone at Team Trump was stupid enough to think that all Conservative Party MPs would consider themselves Republicans,” Gale said. “But I asked around, and it seems that most others did get these emails, too.”

In reaching out to British MPs in particular, Trump’s team isn’t courting a particularly sympathetic audience. Members of Parliament from all major parties spent more than three hours debating Trump in January, ostensibly to consider banning his entry into the United Kingdom. Words such as “fool” and “buffoon” were used to describe Trump. Not one MP stood to speak in his defense.

In Iceland, Katrin Jakobsdottir, the chairwoman of the Left-Green Movement, a democratic socialist party that focuses on feminist and environmental issues, said she unexpectedly received a Trump campaign email and has “no idea” how she got on his list.

“I am a Left-Green politician and would not support his campaign,” she wrote in an email to The Post.

There have been other complications with Trump’s online fundraising.

Tom Sather, senior director of research at Return Path, a data firm that performs email studies and works with the Republican National Committee, said he noticed that Trump’s campaign switched domain names when he sent his first email out, causing many email services to flag it as spam and not recognize that it was coming from a familiar source.

Sather said he and his company also noticed a big jump in the size of Trump’s distribution list on June 21, signaling that the campaign may have added another list or lists to its existing file.

Renting email lists from former candidates is common practice in politics, and there is evidence suggesting Trump is doing that now. A Trump fundraising email sent out Wednesday afternoon came from “info@chrischristie.com.” Christie, a former presidential candidate and the Republican governor of New Jersey, supports Trump.

In last week’s fundraising email, Trump vowed to match the $2 million raised with his personal funds. Trump is also holding in-person fundraisers across the country more often.

But he will need to keep up an intense pace if he wants to catch up to Clinton. Compared with Trump’s $1.3 million, campaign finance filings showed Clinton had $42 million at the start of this month.

Trump is still adjusting to a more traditional fundraising structure after spending the primary relying heavily on his own money and on earned television media through countless interviews — as opposed to pricey paid TV ads that lesser-known candidates are often forced to purchase.

Trump often points out that he is raising money in part to help the rest of the GOP through a joint fundraising agreement he recently finalized with the RNC.

At a campaign rally Wednesday in Bangor, Maine, Trump suggested that he does not need to haul in much cash to help himself.

“First of all, I don’t even know why I need so much money,” he said. “You know, I go around, I make speeches. I talk to reporters. I don’t even need commercials, if you want to know the truth. Why do I need these commercials?”

Also, I don't recall anyone discussing this gem, which was a nice choice of background to drive home his core message:

          Shell Logo        
“Royal Dutch Shell plc (LSE: RDSA, RDSB), commonly known as Shell, is a global oil and gas company headquartered in The Hague, Netherlands and with its registered office in London, United Kingdom. It is the fifth-largest company in the world (and the second-largest energy company) according to a composite measure […]
          Jordan Peele, Viola Davis, Steve Bannon Make Time’s 100 Most Influential People List        

Time Magazine has revealed its 100 Most Influential People List of 2017 — Jordan Peele, RuPaul, Riz Ahmed, Constance Wu and Steve Bannon are just a few who have made the comprehensive list.

The list is broken up into five categories: Pioneers, Artists, Leaders, Titans and Icons. In the first category, names like Samantha Bee, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Peele and Ahmed make the list, while in the Artists list, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Leslie Jones, Ava Duvernay and Sarah Paulson are listed.

In the Leaders category, we see people like Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un, Julian Assange and Elizabeth Warren, while the Titans list bears names like LeBron James, Jason Blum and Tom Brady.

Lastly, the Icons list features Simone Biles, Ashley Graham, Fan Bingbing, Colin Kaepernick and Margaret Atwood.

Each person on the list, which includes 40 women, is introduced in a profile written by a notable figure, such as Lena Dunham, Barry Jenkins, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Leonardo DiCaprio, Oprah Winfrey, Taylor Swift, Helen Mirren, Brie Larson, Martin Scorsese, Cate Blanchett, Arianna Huffington, Kamala Harris, Paul Ryan, John McCain, John Cusack, Sheryl Sandberg, Stephen Colbert, Harvey Weinstein and Meryl Streep.

“Some years the list has the feel of a loose, lively dinner party, people who mostly don’t know each other but would get along if they did. This year is a bit more complicated,” Time editor-in-chief Nancy Gibbs wrote in her essay introducing the 2017 list. “These past 12 months have sharpened our edges as political debates in the U.S. and Europe, the Middle East and Asia, turned jagged and primal and seem almost perfectly designed to divide us more deeply.”

See the full list below.

Biram Dah Abeid, Mauritanian politician, activist

David Adjaye, architect

Riz Ahmed, actor

Thelma Aldana, Attorney General of Guatemala

James Allison, immunologist

Guillem Anglada-Escudé, Natalie Batalha and Michaël Gillon, astronomers

Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks

Margaret Atwood, novelist

Stephen Bannon, White House Chief Strategist

Cindy Arlette Contreras Bautista, activist

Samantha Bee, actor, comedian

Fatou Bensouda, Chief Prosecutor, International Criminal Court

Jeff Bezos, CEO, Amazon

Simone Biles, gymnast

Bob Bland, Tamika Mallory, Carmen Perez and Linda Sarsour, organizers, Women’s March

Jason Blum, director

Tom Brady, football player, New England Patriots

Gretchen Carlson, advocate for workplace equality, former Fox News anchor

Chance the Rapper, rapper

George Church, geneticist

James Comey, director, FBI

James Corden, host, The Late Late Show with James Corden

Viola Davis, actor

Rodrigo Duterte, President of the Philippines

Ava DuVernay, director

Daniel Ek, co-founder and CEO, Spotify

Theo Epstein, president of baseball operations, Chicago Cubs

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President of Turkey

Fan Bingbing, actor

Bob Ferguson, Attorney General of Washington

Melinda Gates, philanthropist

Donald Glover, actor, writer, rapper

Ashley Graham, model

Glenda Gray, physician and researcher

Kirsten Green, founder, Forerunner Ventures

Gavin Grimm, activist

Demis Hassabis, artificial intelligence pioneer

LeBron James, basketball player, Cleveland Cavaliers

Barry Jenkins, director

Leslie Jones, comedian, actor

Colin Kaepernick, football player

Alicia Keys, singer

Kim Jong Un, Supreme Leader of North Korea

Jared Kushner, White House senior adviser

John Legend, singer, songwriter

John Lewis, U.S. Congressman, 5th District of Georgia

Leila de Lima, Philippine opposition senator

Jean Liu, president, Didi Chuxing

Demi Lovato, singer

Barbara Lynch, chef, restaurateur

Kerry James Marshall, artist

General James Mattis, Secretary of Defense, U.S.

Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Conor McGregor, mixed martial artist

Rebekah Mercer, Republican donor

Alessandro Michele, designer, Gucci

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India

Neymar, soccer player

Sandra Day O’Connor, former Supreme Court Justice, founder, iCivics

Sarah Paulson, actor

Jordan Peele, actor, comedian, filmmaker

Tom Perez, chairman, Democratic National Committee

Ben Platt, actor

Pope Francis, Pontifex

Reince Priebus, White House Chief of Staff

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia

Ryan Reynolds, actor

Margot Robbie, actor

RuPaul, television personality

Raed Saleh, head of Syria’s White Helmets

Juan Manuel Santos, President of Colombia

Chuck Schumer, U.S. Senator, New York

Vijay Shekhar Sharma, entrepreneur, founder, Paytm

Ed Sheeran, singer, songwriter

Cindy Sherman, photographer

Raf Simons, designer, chief creative officer, Calvin Klein

Qasem Soleimani, commander of Iran’s Quds Force

Evan Spiegel, CEO and co-founder, Snapchat

Emma Stone, actor

Donald Trump, President of the United States

Ivanka Trump, White House special assistant

Dr. Celina Turchi, infectious disease expert

Bernard J. Tyson, CEO, Kaiser Permanente

Hamdi Ulukaya, entrepreneur, CEO, Chobani

King Maha Vajiralongkorn, King of Thailand

Guus Velders, atmospheric chemist

Margrethe Vestager, antitrust czar, European Union

Jeanette Vizguerra, activist

Wang Qishan, senior leader, Communist Party, China

Elizabeth Warren, U.S. Senator, Massachusetts

Colson Whitehead, novelist

Constance Wu, actor

Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China, General Secretary, Communist Party, China

Janet Yellen, chair, Federal Reserve

Yuriko Koike, Governor of Tokyo

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          Gender Pay Gap Widens in Every 4th UK Public Service Body Over Decade        
The average gender pay gap in the public sector in the United Kingdom declined only by 2.4 percent between 2010 and 2017, which means that male and female civil servants would have equal earnings only in 37 years, according to report.
           A spatial analysis of Serotine Bat (Eptesicus Serotinus) roost location and landscape structure: a case study in Sussex, United Kingdom         
Tink, Michael, Burnside, Niall and Waite, S. (2014) A spatial analysis of Serotine Bat (Eptesicus Serotinus) roost location and landscape structure: a case study in Sussex, United Kingdom International Journal of Biodiversity. ISSN 2314-4149
           Recent historical land use change on the South Downs, United Kingdom         
Burnside, Niall, Smith, Roger and Waite, S. (2003) Recent historical land use change on the South Downs, United Kingdom Environmental Conservation, 30 (1). pp. 52-60. ISSN 1469-4387
          Minister of Health Visits Oncology Center in the UK in Preparation for Commissioning of Linear Accelerators        
Minister of Health, Dr. the honourable Dr. Christopher, visited the Christie NHS Foundation Trust’s Oncology Center in the United Kingdom, Monday August 7, 2017, to discuss best practices as it relates to oncology treatment. The visit formed part of the Minister’s overall plan to seek technical cooperation in several areas... Read More
          Suspended Sentence for Mirai Botmaster Daniel Kaye        
Last month, KrebsOnSecurity identified U.K. citizen Daniel Kaye as the likely real-life identity behind a hacker responsible for clumsily wielding a powerful botnet built on Mirai, a malware strain that enslaves poorly secured Internet of Things (IoT) devices for use in large-scale online attacks. Today, a German court issued a suspended sentence for Kaye, who now faces related cybercrime charges in the United Kingdom.
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KITTERY, Maine- Blue Current, a sake brewery in Kittery, picked up a gold medal at the 2016 London Sake Challenge,recently  held at Harrods in London. A jury of the world’s best sake professionals from the Sake Sommelier Association recognized and rewarded the most outstanding premium sakes from around the world. Blue Current’s junmai ginjo was one of only two American-brewed sakes to be honored the top prize. Dan Ford, the tōji (master brewer) at Blue Current, is now entering his third brewing season.“For me this is an incredible honor,” said Ford. “We are thrilled as a young brewery to be given a gold medal alongside some Japanese breweries that have been brewing for more than an average of 160 years. Four of them were founded before 1800.” He continued, “We have always stated that we are brewing to please American palates and to bring the experience of premium sake to North America. This is all the more validation that the path we’ve chosen and the flavors we’re developing truly honor Japan’s sake tradition, and that we are earning attention from all sake lovers.” The London Sake Challenge invites certified sake sommeliers from all over the world, including Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Korea, the United States, and other countries, to evaluate each sake individually for taste, bouquet, and bottle design. The bottles are covered to allow for a “blind” test. Afterwards, the sakes are judged for label elegance and packaging. Blue Current Brewery hand crafts sake in small batches using traditional methods and theread more

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          R.I.P. 2016 - Year in Review        
Here's my attempt at 'understatement of the year'... 2016 was interesting. A number of astounding things unfolded. Some good, some bad, some horrid. All making my personal achievements for the past 365 seem insignificant, and absolutely trivial. 

In January, North Korea announced that it had successfully conducted a hydrogen bomb test. On February 1, World Health Org declared Zika a Public Health Emergency. Later in the month Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire primary and gave hope to those of us who someday wish for climate change awareness, equal rights, accessible healthcare, quality education, and substantial change in the United States. 

In March, Obama became the first US president in 88 years to travel to Cuba, lifting the travel embargo. On March 22, attacks in Brussels killed more than 30. On Easter Sunday, a suicide blast in a park in Pakistan killed 69.  

On April 3, The Int'l Consortium of Investigative Journalists published the 'Panama Papers', which outlines how a Panamanian law firm established secret shell companies and offshore accounts for elite global power players. On April 16, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Ecuador, killing 663 people.  

In May, Eric Fanning became secretary of the Army, making him the first openly gay secretary in the US military. On June 23, the United Kingdom surprisingly voted to leave the European Union, effectively making England the butt of many a 'Brexit' joke. Unfortunately, later in November the world stage would have a new clown to mock.  

On July 19, sadly my birthday, Donald Trump officially became the Republican Party nominee for president. On July 26, Hillary Clinton became the Democratic Party nominee for president, and the first woman in the history of the United States to lead the presidential ticket of a major political party. On July 3, a suicide car bomb detonated in Baghdad, Iraq, killing at least 292. On July 14, a truck plowed into crowds on the Promenade in Nice, France, killing 85 and injuring 200.  

On September 9, North Korea claimed to have successfully detonated a nuclear warhead. In early October, Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Haiti, tearing through the Caribbean nation killing more than 500.  

On November 8 (after substantially losing the popular vote) Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. On November 22, the Dow Jones Industrial closed at over 19k for the first time ever, signaling that while humanity is lost, at least our economy continues to steadily grow. On November 28, a plane ran out of fuel and crashed near Medellin, Colombia killing more than 70 people, including the majority of the Brazilian soccer team Chapecoense.  

On December 10, 44 people are killed and 155 injured in bombings in Istanbul, Turkey. On the 11th, a bomb killed 25 during morning mass in Cairo, and another car bomb killed 20 in Mogadishu, Somalia. On the 19th, a truck ran into a Christmas market in Berlin, killing 12 and injuring 48.

Marking a very somber year, there were too many notable deaths to mention throughout. David Bowie, Harper Lee, Nancy Reagan, Prince, Muhammad Ali, Gene Wilder, Leonard Cohen, Fidel Castro, John Glenn, and many many more. Finally, there were far too many shootings in the United States to highlight. A sad fact about the state of our union in 2016.


From a personal perspective, again an understatement, 2016 was interesting. I was able to accomplish some lofty goals, and also travel to several far flung locations.

In early January I founded a group called the NYC Adventure Cycling Club. It now has a wonderful leadership team, over 1k members, and continues to provide unique group rides and 'overnighters' throughout the northeast. Most importantly, it allowed me to meet amazing, lifelong friends. Really, it was more of a social club on two wheels. Some have even said it's a "drinking group with a cycling problem". Regardless, big shout out to Colin and Chris. Keep up the amazing work running the show!  

A bit later in January, I was able to explore the amazing areas of Tulum and Akumal in Mexico. This was part of my family's annual 'Destination Christmas' idea, which has removed all gifts and replaced them with quality time together in an exotic environment.

In early February, my sister ordered and received a copy of 'Someday Never Maybe', a blog-to-book recounting my one-year, 24k mile motorcycle journey to/through Central and South America. This marked one of the first 'paid' copies to be shipped. Although it's family, and my sales will most likely remain in single digits, it feels nice to have a published physical book that I can look back on someday.  

In early March the NYC Adventure Cycling Club completed the first of many organized overnight rides. Although cold, we had a solid group of amazing individuals show. Thanks Chris, Anna, Bert, Colin, and George. We'll look back on that long weekend up to Harriman with fond memories of smiles, laughter, and good friendship.  

In April I traveled all over the United States for work on a whirlwind tour. Miami, LA, Seattle, Vegas, you name it. I was also invited on a fun trip to explore New Orleans with Jen. Later that month I joined my good friends Peter and Sam in Austin for a MotoGP boys weekend. Foggy memories of that one, but I'm certain we had an amazing time. Finally, I popped down to Nicaragua to revisit a few places I'd uncovered on my moto trip, and explore a couple of business opportunities.  

In May I continued to explore my incredible home, New York City. It takes awhile to feel 'at home' in NY, but I'd made friends, knew where my favorite bagel and pizza shops were, and was able to navigate the subway with eyes closed. I don't know if I'll ever be a New Yorker, but the city in Spring was beginning to unfold and present itself to me in a way that's hard to explain for those who haven't lived there.  

On June 11th, I quit yet another fantastic job, and my father and I set off from Brooklyn to ride bicycles for 100 days across the country. On September 18th, 4,519mi later, we dipped our wheels into the Pacific. Following the adventure, I was able to sample the #vanlife by renting a ridiculous minivan and road tripping through the PNW, into Canada, then back 'home' to Denver. It was a lovely way to end the bike journey, and nice to explore and spend more time with Jen.  

In October, I found myself in Mexico yet again. This round to explore the beautiful city of Guadalajara. I sampled wonderful tequila, met rad people, and ate fantastic street food. Later that month I made way down to the Caribbean. Jen accepted a one-year contract in St Lucia with the Ministry of Education, so I figured I'd spend time getting her settled in, and do a bit of 'exploring' myself. My first stop was the lovely fishing village of Castara, Tobago. 

Then from Nov 4th - Dec 28th I was 'living' in St Lucia alongside Jen. During my time there we explored the island together. I also checked another item off ye olde bucket list by spending a month learning and becoming officially certified to sail. I now hold Competent Crew, Flotilla Skipper, and Bareboat Captain IYT certifications, and can fully charter my own boat with confidence. I even captained an overnight trip to Martinique to explore St Anne's French bread and croissants. Happy to report, they're both amazing.

So now I find myself back in Castara, Tobago. I've been contracted to assist a small, boutique hotel to build their website and help with sales/marketing efforts. I'll be here for five weeks, then it's off to Panama to explore several land/business opportunities. Finally, at the end of Feb I'll make way to Cali, Colombia to spend some time dancing salsa, practicing Spanish, and looking at a business there. After that? Honestly I have no idea. An idea that's terrifying, but apparently just the way I want it. Some say life begins at the end of the comfort zone. Sure, we'll go with that, this year was slightly uncomfortable. 

What a fucking year...  Let's put 2016 to bed. See you soon 2017. 

          Web traffic analysis=nonsense        

What is it with search engines? and web-traffic rankers?

This blog has done enough whining about Technorati’s randomness. It’s well overdue to say that it’s probably working far more consistently and reliably than most of the facilities that claim to find Internet resources. (On a note that shows how shamelessly susceptible to flattery we are at whydontyou.org.uk – others please take note – it puts this blog at under 60,000 in the blogosphere which is almost beyond its wildest dreams.)

As an experiment, look up your blog in a few search engines. See if you can find any points in common between them.

Here’s one of my favourites in that I suspect they actually must a randomiser to generate web traffic numbers and links. Pick a blog, look at it in technorati’s blog directory.

Go to the traffic rank bit and click on it. You will find yourself in the realm of Alexa. This will probably show you that the traffic isnt really counted because the blog isn’t in the top 100,000. The daily page views are shown as a percent of people using the whole Internet, i.e., if the site isnt in the top 100,000 sites in the world, you wont get any figures. (If you come in at a newbie 5,195,452 – as this blog does – you may wonder if you are even reading the blog yourself)

100,000 sounds like a lot of sites. However, if you consider, global players (like Google or Microsoft), then big online retailers (like Tescos and Dell), then news sites (CNN, BBC) and national government information sites, you can see it must be pretty difficult to get into the club.

Beneath this blank chart, you will see “Percent of Internet users who visit this site” with a fraction of a percent if it’s anything like this one. (Maybe you’re Microsoft, in which case i guess it will be higher. Will check shortly.)
Then “average number of pages visited” and “3 months average traffic rank” (risibly low) and average page views per visitor (1) (1 🙂 Do you suspect that’s hard-coded?)

But the next bit is what creases me up for its randomness. People who visit this site come from (in order of most visits):

United States 40.0% (fair enough, the blog’s in English. Most English-speaking Internet users are in the USA)
France 20.0%
India 20.0%
Costa Rica 10.0%
United Kingdom 10.0%

Whydontyou.org.uk traffic rank in other countries: (These seem to be the same countries to me)
Costa Rica 46,349
India 167,900
France 170,280
United States 658,841
United Kingdom 703,872

Come on…. To what do we owe this unprecedented popularity in Costa Rica? India? France? This is a UK-based blog. Most of the stuff we witter on about, apart from atheism and technology, relates to the UK.

It’s not that I don’t want to believe it. A central American flavour to its posts would make this blog much more interesting. I just think the figures have been made up.

OK, let’s look at the sites that link here, according to Alexa. These are so out of date, that it’s obviously not been updated since the blog was a couple of months old. In fact, until I submitted a more recent image, Alexa had a screen shot of the blog that was well over a year old. (Yes, I know, that’s like saying “We don’t get enough spam here, please deluge us with as much as you can possibly manage”.) Maybe because of their age, the sites listed in some of these links are unrecognisable. In fact none of the blog links would be counted by Technorati, being over a year old, but then, it shows no links that Technorati counts (under 90 days.)

Let’s search for this blog on Google. Here, it’s wierder. There are few points of comparison between different Google results, if you repeat the search over a day or so. Maybe it’s just how Google treats blogs, but the post that comes up first is always the same one from a few months ago. Other posts can only be seen by asking for similar results, excluded the first time for being the same. Well, guess what Google, every post is different. It’s a blog. Lots of the other Google results for the blog are bits of the RSS feed. I’d like to think that lots of people are devouring the RSS feed, but, unfortunately, these tend to be link farms. In fact, lots of obscure references to the blog linkfarm sites turn up on Google, most being complete news to us. Real human-created references to the blog don’t turn up as often as they actually happen.

I could go on to the point where I was boring even myself.

None of this would matter if getting seen and indexed correctly wasn’t crucial to getting any visitors. I know that indexing engines and search engines are bomabarded with spammers trying every trick there is to get high on the first results page. The search engines have algorithms that are supposed to penalise sites and blogs that don’t match their definition of legitimate – density of keywords, number of inbound links, and so on. I believe that not only are these not working, they are often acting in exact reverse to their intentions.

Content from blogs get scraped and put into blag sites that exist just to spew out other people’s content. Google then decides the original source site has “duplicate” content and downranks it. How do you stop this without stopping legitimate blogs from commenting on your posts?

Keywords in the metatags don’t match teh keywords in the text? Well, duh, normal human beings aren’t thinking only of page rank. So they put keywords in their metatags then write content, without remembering to keep changing the metatags. Only people obsessed with search engine rankings do that and ,of course, a fair percentage of them aren’t just bloggers or normal website owners.

It’s not just a question of getting visitors. Anyone who wants to bring in revenue from their site or blog by displaying adverts gets judged by these bizarre standards. Some schemes base what they send you on your Alexa rating, which is itself derived from Google’s well-nigh arbitrary page rank . If you’ve ever tried to have GoogleAds on a site, you’ll see how abstract the GoogleAds process is. In fact, visitors who think they’re helping you pay for the site, so click a few times on your ads every time they visit will get you disqualified. Ditto, your rivals……. (It seems as if you get automatically disqualified anyway, at the very point that you might actually receive any revenue.)

I know it must be well nigh impossible to filter the enormous volume of material in the Internet, especially in the face of the number of spammers there are. However, there must be better ways of doing it. I am always amazed when people find things here and comment or email us about them. How do they manage to find it?

So here, is an unaccustomed prop for Technorati (unaccustomed for this blog, anyway, whioch has done its fair share of ranting about it). For all the irritating Technorati monster error messages and totally inconsistent service, Technorato remains the best performing indexing service that I’ve come across yet. The tags are really helpful when they work. You can still find an interesting read on someone’s first post. And Technorati isn’t yet totally under the sway of the giant players. The fabled Web 2.0 stuff really does still have something going for it.

          London to Boot! Via the Trafford Centre... — Boot, Eskdale, United Kingdom        
Ramble on! Matt's first EVER ramble & my impressive tour guiding...
          Bye Munkley! Oh Not Really — London, United Kingdom        
India, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Cook Islands and Los Angeles.
          Pharmacist net salary in United Kingdom        
          Conspiracy Of Noise        

I can't find shit about these guys, but I like them so I thought I should post. Bought this CD years ago at some stand i think.

Genre: Industrial, Industrial metal, Industrial Rock,
Country: United Kingdom (I Think...)
Website: None

Conspiracy Of Noise - Chicks With Dicks & Splatter Flicks (1993) [RS]
Conspiracy Of Noise - Chicks With Dicks & Splatter Flicks (1993) [HF]

pass = rockshot

          Above All        
Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: United Kingdom
Website: Here

Above All - Domain (1996) [RS]
Above All - Domain (1996) [UL]

pass = rockshot

          Could ‘British values’ anti-extremism push jeopardize Catholics?        
Lourdes, France, Aug 8, 2017 / 06:01 pm (EWTN News/CNA).- A government proposal in the United Kingdom to set up an anti-extremism commission could unjustly affect faithful Christians, Bishop Mark Davies of Shrewsbury has warned. [...]
          BBC: Guernsey Freemason list criticised by Grand Master        

BBC http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-guernsey-18063287

Guernsey Freemason list criticised by Grand Master 15 May 2012

Jurat Hodgetts said he felt a list of members should not be published

The list was posted on an internet forum and includes the names of a number of former and present politicians, jurats and bailiffs.

Provincial Grand Master David Hodgetts said the publication of the list raised issues regarding data protection laws.

He said: “It shouldn’t be published and if somebody has published something, maybe they’ll be prosecuted.”

He added that he felt disclosure of membership should be optional.

The list of members was circulated on Twitter shortly after the general election in April.

Jurat Hodgetts said public perception of the group was misinformed, and stated: “I know there’s nothing evil about Freemasonry.”

He added: “We are in danger of being accused of trying to advance ourselves by saying we’re a Mason, and if we don’t say we’re a Mason then we’re secret and we’ve got something to hide.”

He said: “The thing about Freemasonry that people aren’t concentrating on is the fact that the only organisation that gives more money to charity is the National Lottery in the United Kingdom.”

He [...]

          LGBT youth and allies take to social media for #spiritday        

"The butterflies you feel should come from love, not fear.”

Today, as millions of individuals stand in solidarity with LGBT youth for the fifth annual Spirit Day, LGBT youth themselves, along with peer allies, are painting social media purple. Some use Twitter to ask celebrities who haven’t gone purple to participate, others call on their communities and social networks to take a stand, and still others use the hashtag #SpiritDay as a way to connect with people they do not know and discuss bullying.

The photojournalism project We Are the Youth, which chronicles the individual stories of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer youth in the United States through portraits and “as told to” interviews in the participants’ own voice, has participated as well. If you identify as an LGBT youth, you can share your story with the project’s blog.

From the United States to the United Kingdom, from Canada to South Africa, check out some of the Tweets and photos of youth celebrating Spirit Day below, and join the conversation with @GLAAD at #SpiritDay on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram!

Spirit Day, which takes place today, October 16, inspires millions to wear purple or "go purple" online in a united stand against bullying and to show their support for LGBT youth. Each year, Spirit Day draws the participation of celebritiescorporationsmedia outletssports leaguesschoolsfaith institutionsnational landmarks, and individuals. Spirit Day is made possible by the generous support of its national partners PepsiCo and Wells Fargo, as well as official partners Comcast-NBCUniversal and Google, and supporting partner American Eagle Outfitters.

You can go purple now by putting on purple, posting about #spiritday, and sharing your favorite #spiritday posts on social media.

Check out glaad.org/spiritday for more about how to stand against anti-LGBT bullying and follow @GLAAD on Twitter to keep up to date with #spiritday news!​




October 16, 2014

          Back to school with the Duchess of Cambridge        
The then-Catherine “Kate” Middleton did not begin her education in her native country of the United Kingdom. Instead, she began her schooling at an English-language nursery school in Amman, Jordan. At the time, her father, Michael Middleton, was working for British Airways in the country. They lived in the Middle Eastern kingdom from May 1984 to […]
           Together alone: integrating the Tasman world         
Mortensen, Reid (2014) Together alone: integrating the Tasman world. In: Australian Private International Law for the 21st Century. Studies in Private International Law. Hart Publishing Ltd., Oxford, United Kingdom, pp. 113-144. ISBN 978-1-84946-625-7
           Negotiation and mediation         
Druckman, Daniel (2011) Negotiation and mediation. In: Cambridge handbook of experimental political science. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, United Kingdom, pp. 413-429. ISBN 9780521192125
          Oskar Blues to Expand Overseas        

Now that Oskar Blues Brewery has reached into all 50 states in the USA, it's time for this once small brewery, now large, to expand to other countries. And Oskar Blues already has a plan. Read on for the details on where they are headed next.


[Press Release] LONGMONT, Colo., BREVARD, N.C. & AUSTIN, Texas - The craft beer-in-a-can pioneers are hopping overseas once again to quench international thirst for Oskar Blues Brewery.

After experiencing explosive domestic growth in the past year, achieving 50-state distribution (Montana), Oskar Blues will launch in Puerto Rico, Spain, Chile, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Belgium by the end of 2016, and in Brazil, New Zealand and Japan in early 2017.

Oskar Blues is currently available in all 50 U.S. states, Washington D.C., the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, parts of Canada and Australia.

"After launching the canned craft beer movement in the U.S. we're ready to push boundaries around the globe." said Chris Russell, Business Development Director of Oskar Blues. "As American craft beer travels worldwide we want to challenge the perception of cans once again."

International Distributor Partners:

Australia - Phoenix Beers
Belgium - AmeriCraft
Brazil - The Beer Concept Trading Company
Canada (British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario) - TruCraft (AFIC)
Chile - Global Craft
Ireland - Grand Cru
Japan - Global Craft and Nagano Trading
Luxembourg - AmeriCraft
New Zealand - Global Craft
Puerto Rico - Craft Beer Distributors of Puerto Rico
Spain - Crusat
Sweden - Great Brands
The Netherlands - AmeriCraft
UK - Vertical Drinks Ltd

In 2015, the brewery achieved over 30 percent growth in year-over-year sales and is forecasted to surpass 215,000 BBLS in 2016. This year was highlighted with the opening of a 50,000 square foot brewery in Austin, Texas and a 21,000 square foot expansion in Brevard, North Carolina; doubling its capacity. The continued growth includes the collaborative addition of Cigar City Brewing in Florida, 92% increase in production of Michigan's Perrin Brewing Company and the expansion of Oskar Blues' ancillary brand offerings including B. Stiff & Sons Old Fashioned Sodas, Oskar Blues Fooderies, Hotbox Roasters and REEB Cycles.

To learn more about Oskar Blues, visit www.oskarblues.com.

About Oskar Blues Brewery

Founded by Dale Katechis in 1997 in Lyons, Colorado, Oskar Blues Brewery launched the craft beer-in-a-can apocalypse with their hand-canned, flagship brew Dale's Pale Ale. Today, Oskar Blues is one of the fastest growing breweries in the country and operates breweries in Longmont, Colorado and Brevard, North Carolina, and now Austin, Texas, while producing 192,000 barrels in 2015. The original canned craft brewery continues push innovation with creations like The Crowler, Hotbox Coffee Roasters, B. Stiff & Sons Old Fashioned Sodas, Oskar Blues Fooderies, and REEB Cycles. Oskar Blues is available in all 50 U.S. states, Washington, D.C., parts of Canada, Puerto Rico Sweden, Spain, Chile, the Netherlands, Belgium, the U.K., Ireland and Australia.

In 2013, Oskar Blues founded the CAN'd Aid Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity that offers grassroots grants to those making a difference in the areas of community, the environment, music, and more. In 2015 alone, CAN'd Aid partnered with 52 organizations and provided nearly $400,000 in charitable contributions, bringing the total amount raised $1.9 million to date. CAN'd Aid's "do-goodery" efforts include:

Towns - building strong communities
Tunes - for your eyeholes and earholes
Treads + Trails - get outside and get after it
Love Yur Mama - save the blue marble

To keep up with all things Oskar Blues, visit http://www.oskarblues.com.

# # #

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          Straddling the Prime Meridian — London, United Kingdom        
The Digital Swashbuckler heads for Europe and the Mediterranean -- 3 continents in 3 months.
          DNA, Splitting the Atom, and a Falling Apple — London, United Kingdom        
The Digital Swashbuckler heads for Europe and the Mediterranean -- 3 continents in 3 months.
          Back in London — London, United Kingdom        
The Digital Swashbuckler heads for Europe and the Mediterranean -- 3 continents in 3 months.
          Happy Mother’s Day        

Here in the United Kingdom, Mother’s day is celebrated every 3 weeks before Easter. So this year 2013, Mother’s day in the UK along with Ireland, and Nigeria was yesterday, March 10, 2013. I have not blog lately, so even if it is a little late, I would like to greet the wonderful mom’s from Ireland, Nigeria and UK a Happy Mother’s Day! 

As for me, I had a wonderful day yesterday, got cards and a present from my husband and daughter. My daughter by the way is only 5, but she made me a card and has been tidied up the living room (as her present for me), she is so sweet! 

Here are the things I got for Mother’s Day

          Email of the day        

Thanks for your latest update from Scotland, and I agree with your conclusion. Here is Allister Heath’s article which you mention above: Why Scotland’s dire economy is falling further behind the UK.

Aggressive, narcissistic and destructive politicians such as Sturgeon have always been a political hazard. Fortunately, in democracies we have opportunities to vote them out over time. Sturgeon was sufficiently shrewd to survive longer than most and she had little opposition. Consequently, it may take a little longer before she resigns or you can vote her out. However, I maintain that her popularity peaked early last year and will never recover.

The SNP’s utopian socialism is now seen to have undermined Scotland’s economy. Ancient claims of England’s “yoke” are no longer credible and Scotland has been increasingly subsidised by the UK. Sturgeon’s credibility is now accelerating lower following her opportunist intervention in the Brexit process.

The answer to Scotland’s problems, in my opinion, is to get rid of Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP’s sole vision which is to break up the United Kingdom. The people to do that are impressive Ruth Davidson, leader of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party. They won 31 seats last year and are the second largest party in Scotland, and closing on the Scottish National Party which has seen its once overwhelming lead shrink to 63 seats in the Scottish Parliament.

(See also: ‘Get back to the day job!’ Sturgeon’s independence threat ripped apart during heated FMQs)

          For sale - lg G4 H815 32gb Unlocked Gold faulty - read listing... - Auction        
Barnstaple DEV, United Kingdom
Quality Used Mobiles Spares Or Repair - Trade Buyers Only This handset has failed our quality control process and is being sold as a faulty unit for spares or repair, ...Model: G4 32gb Network: Unlocked Grade: Grade A Status: Fault (s) Found fault (S) Fault (s) Found: Stuck on the boot screen Please note that we have not attempted to ... ...

          For sale - Microsoft Surface 2 rt 64gb, Wi-Fi, 10.6in - £ 30        

Kirkcaldy FIF, United Kingdom
Microsoft Surface in good clean condition - Boot problem - looping errornot work for parts only. No return no negative feedback. No box or charger.

          For sale - zara black leather biker boot womens stud eu 40 - Auction        
Berkhamsted HP4, United Kingdom
Pair of Zara Black Biker Style boots. Fine studded strap detailing, slip on style. Note: straps do not adjust the size of the shoe and are purely decorative.They are European size 40 which is uk size 7. I am a uk size 6 and they fit me well so I would suggest that they are closer to a ...

          For sale - vauxhall meriva A 2006-10 facelift tailgate boot... - £ 19        

Horsham WSX, United Kingdom
...Petrol The paint code is Z163 - Silver This listing is for a Vauxhall Meriva A ... Boot Tailgate Catch Release Actuator Part Number: ... This item comes with free postage Complete car being broken for spares all parts available, Please contact me with your requests and I will list the part you need on ebay. We are in Horsham, West Sussex where ...

          For sale - vw golf mk4 genuine rear boot badge emblem 110mm - £ 5        

Kirkcaldy KY1, United Kingdom
Vw golf mk4 genuine rear boot badge emblem 110mm Used condition minor Marks and scratches. Needs new tape.

          For sale - Job lot Car Boot Trader Wholesale Joblot - Auction        

Newton Aycliffe DL5, United Kingdom
Grab A Joblot Bargain: Ideal For Carboot Sale Loads of Items Some New Some Used. Need The Space So Would Like To Sell Soon. Please See Photographs all item are not displayed on their own Genre as only 12 Photographs allowed. Really good lot for sellers as there is a large variation in items. Drum Books that R.R....

          For sale - goliath safety work boot steel toe cap boot! size 10M - Auction        

Thornton Heath CR7, United Kingdom
Goliath boots worn maybe a couple of times as good condition, couple small marks on toes steel toe safety boots size 10M

          For sale - Citreon c4 picasso diesel spares or repairs - Auction        
Basildon, United Kingdom
Selling my 2008 citreon c4 picasso 2.0hdi automatic diesel 7 seater I am selling it as spares or repairs the engine runs perfect but the light has come ...car to own drives fantastic cheap to run the 2.0l diesel engine is very good on fuel, being a 7 seater its very practical with a large boot space ... ...

          For sale - 10 Minute Solution - Ultimate Boot Camp (dvd) - £ 2        

Accrington BB5, United Kingdom
All our dvd's come with free standard P+P to anywhere in the uk,alternative faster postage methods available at extra costdon't want to wait for delivery?? Then simply come along to our premises and collect in person and pay cash,we are located in Accrington,Lancashire Alternatively if you live within a 3 mile radius i ...

          For sale - don'T miss this invacare boot scooter - £570 ovno - £ 570        
Manchester M45, United Kingdom
We have for sale an invacare Colibri Boot Scooter. Unfortunatly it has had almost no use at all owing to a change in circumstances. For the last 4months it has been in our garage in the hope it...

          For sale - 2011-15 vw passat B7 estate avant tailgate boot lid... - £ 39        

Luton, United Kingdom
Used but good/working condition part. The item may have minor scratches/tears/dents/scuffed/signs of corrosion or similar attributes of used car part, which can be seen in the photos. Please always carefully view photos before buying!we provide as much compatibility information as we can. please use the ebay compatibility vehicle fitment list as A guide ...

          For sale - Steiff 400506 teddy bear replica 1907 limited... - Auction        

Laurencekirk AB30, United Kingdom
...edition This teddy bear is jointed, surface washable and stuffed with wood shavings. Bear has boot-button eyes and an underscored button made of patinated steel.Comes in Steiff box ...

          For sale - xr2 fiesta - Auction        

Maidstone, United Kingdom
...I don't have and there's a hole in the o/s sill . The boot has been patched up and the floors look good in the car , there has been a roll cage fitted before . Its fitted with a puma dash and loom , but I have 2 xr2 looms and an xr2 dash which will come with the car . ...

          For sale - Royal Doulton Boot Maker Character Jug 1962 D6579 - £ 14        
Bury, United Kingdom
11cm tall character jug marked Royal Doulton made in England, character jugs from Williamsburg Bootmaker, D ... Doulton & co. Ltd rd no. 906342 rd no. 43449 rd no. 9228 rd no. 282/62. Very good condition, no damage, chips or cracks. See all photos for details please.

          For sale - Wedding car for sale - £ 9999        

Norwich, United Kingdom
Jaguar xj6 cabriolet lwb 1983 series 3, Finished in Old English White having covered 115,000 miles with a near complete service history a very rare car. Its had ...rear window as opposed to vinyl. The centre section comes completely out and can be stored in the boot, the back half folds down over the boot and has a ... ...

          For sale - Range Rover dse - £ 1450        

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          11-Year-Old Boy Receives the First Ever NHS Medical Pot Prescription         

It’s being heralded as a major breakthrough in medical cannabis policy for the United Kingdom, despite the fact that there is still such a long way to go. For the first time in history, the UK’s National Health Service has prescribed medical cannabis to an 11-year-old boy, in order to treat a severe and potentially deadly form of epilepsy.


It was back in 2016 that Billy Caldwell attended a consultation in California with a childhood epilepsy expert, who recommended that he be prescribed cannabis oil to help prevent and reduce the severity of his seizures. Medical cannabis having been legal in California for some time, Billy was able to try out the medicine for his condition towards the end of last year.


The medical cannabis was administered by the director of paediatric neurology at an LA Children’s Hospital, who provided Billy with a drug containing CBD – a non-psychoactive cannabis compound.  As has been the case with many others who have turned to medical cannabis for the treatment of epilepsy, Charlotte Caldwell, the boy’s mother, said that the results where nothing short of miraculous and borderline instantaneous. When the family returned to Northern Ireland, they asked a local GP to continue prescribing the same medicine, in order for Billy to keep using it after the batch taken home from California ran out.


The GP ultimately agreed to do so having received the required permission from the NHS, resulting in the first ever medical cannabis prescription for the United Kingdom.


“I'm very grateful because the only alternative that was left for us was to fly to the US and have Dr Douglas Nordli prescribe it from there and bring it back into the country,” said Ms Caldwell.


“We went down to our surgery today and picked it up. It was as simple as that, no one has broken any laws and the meds will be with us before Billy needs them on Friday.”


It’s stories like these that highlight the incredible significance of both intensive medical cannabis research and ensuring that medical cannabis products are made available on a global basis to anyone who could benefit from them. The vast majority of doctors and scientists all over the world have stated repeatedly that the untapped potential of medical cannabis is both extraordinary and tragic, given the way in which it remains so restricted and misunderstood in so many countries.


Despite having been legalised across the vast majority of the United States and vast swathes of Europe, medical cannabis in all its forms remains entirely out of reach and illegal in the UK. Critics continue to argue that cases like that of Billy Caldwell are entirely insufficient to verify the medicinal benefits of cannabis, despite overwhelming evidence to support any number of cases of a similar nature worldwide.


Speaking on television in the UK, Billy’s mother described the medicine that had changed her son’s life.


“It's two little bottles of oil. One is a CBD which is really good quality whole plant extract - no synthetics, no chemicals,” Ms Caldwell told ITV’s This Morning programme.


“And the other bottle is a THCA, which is the part that the controversy is about in our country - 0.2 is the legal limit but this is slightly over that level. It's working for him. Billy is just over 90 days seizure-free today.”


In the United Kingdom alone, more than 600,000 people are known to suffer from epilepsy in one form or another. Which makes the fact that medical cannabis is still not being prescribed or even tested to its fully extent anywhere across the country even more difficult to grasp.


          Cannabis Legalisation Dreams Stubbed-Out in Britain        

If we’re going to be perfectly honest, a Liberal Democrat victory at the election was about as likely as Donald Trump doing bong rips with the president of Mexico. Suffice to say, not very!


Which in turn means that everything the Liberal Democrats had to say about their proposed legalisation of cannabis in the United Kingdom has officially gone up in smoke. It’s not as if anyone realistically expected it to happen anyway, but just as a reminder, here’s what the Lib Dems had to say about the issue on the campaign trail:


Plans to legalise cannabis so it can be taxed and sold on the high street will be brought forward if the Liberal Democrats gain power.


The party will commit to creating a legal market for the production and sale of the substance in its manifesto, it confirmed, making it one of the first political parties to fight an election on a ticket of relaxing drug laws.


Cannabis would only be sold to people over 18 and sales would be strictly regulated under the new proposals, which could generate up to £1 billion per year in tax revenues, the party predicts.


The Lib Dems have long campaigned to legalise the drug, with former health minister Norman Lamb attempting to bring in a Bill last year to tackle what he called “a catastrophic failure” of the war on drugs.


So sadly, none of the above happened and there are currently no measures being discussed to alter the country’s archaic approach to cannabis legalisation.  Which means that as it stands, cannabis remains a class B drug across the length and breadth of the UK, meaning that anyone caught even in possession of cannabis could be looking at an unlimited fine and up to five years in prison.


And just for the record, the same also applies in instances where it can be proven that the individual in question is using cannabis purely for medical purposes. Which is, whichever way you look at it, pretty outrageous.


Incredibly, those caught cultivating or supplying cannabis could find themselves facing up to 14 years in prison, as laid out in the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.  Needless to say, the fact that the country is still imposing legislation that was penned 45 years ago is as laughable as it is depressing.


The only plus point being that as far as most people are concerned, the vast majority of laws and legislation governing cannabis are not being enforced. A growing number of police forces across Great Britain are openly admitting that they are turning a blind eye to casual cannabis consumption, given the way in which there are far more pressing concerns to focus their attention on.


Still, this doesn’t do anything to address the fact that somewhere in the region of £1bn could be added to the UK economy every year if cannabis was to be legalised and taxed accordingly. In addition, more than 1,300 needless incarcerations could be avoided and £50m in legal costs wiped from existence annually. Politicians, scientists and medical experts alike are all calling for immediate legalisation of cannabis for medical purposes, which has at least lead to parliamentary debate.


Sadly, said parliamentary debate lead to the apparent conclusion that “substantial scientific evidence shows cannabis is a harmful drug that can damage human health.”


“There are no plans to legalise cannabis as it would not address the harm to individuals and communities.”


Quite simply, a sorry state of affairs and an embarrassment for those with even a modicum of common sense.



          Spice: What It Is, Why You Want Nothing to Do With It        

Once again, the past couple of weeks have seen many British newspapers dominated by stories of terrifying instances involving synthetic cannabis.  Despite on-going warnings from health campaigners on a global basis, it seems more people than ever before are putting their lives on the line with ‘fake weed’. Often going by the name of K2 or Spice, reports of severe psychotic episodes, seizures and violent crimes committed while high on the stuff are accelerating all the time. Which is why this seemed like an appropriate juncture to once again further the advice of those who know what they are talking about – synthetic weed really is something you want nothing to do with.


Having somehow found its way into prisons up and down the United Kingdom, videos have begun to emerge of inmates passed out and behaving like zombies all over the place. In addition, mobile phone video footage captured in Manchester showed how synthetic cannabis is routinely turning homeless people into entirely out-of-control ‘zombies’ that pose a real danger to themselves and everyone else around them. Perhaps even more worryingly, Spice is also somehow making its way into schools across the country, with evidence suggesting that young people in particular are entirely unaware of the dangers it poses.


What Is Spice?
In terms of what exactly it is, synthetic cannabis was originally invented by an organic chemist called John Huffmann at Clemson University in South Carolina, USA. He came about his discovery entirely accidentally, during experiments to develop medication with anti-inflammatory properties. Despite the fact that it was his own invention, he himself declared it as not being fit for human consumption and strongly advised that nobody experiment with the stuff under any circumstances.


Nevertheless, it was only a matter of months before it appeared for sale on the Internet, being peddled as a legal high and in doing so getting around existing drug laws at the time. As such, its presence became prolific and it wasn’t long before Spice was readily available all over the world.


While the actual substance supplied in a packet of Spice may look like cannabis, this is the only way in which it has absolutely anything in common with the real deal. Quite the contrary of an organic product, Spice is made by taking random plant matter and spraying it with a potentially lethal cocktail of equally random chemicals. When it is burnt, the chemicals both combust and combine with one another to create frankly terrifying emissions, which are subsequently inhaled by those foolish enough to use the staff.


Is Spice Illegal?
In a word, no. But in the United Kingdom and the United States, bills have been passed to outlaw the sale, possession and use of synthetic cannabis in all its forms. Nevertheless, not only does it remain incredibly easy and affordable to produce, but there is also a near infinite stockpile of the stuff already on the streets.


What Does Spice Feel Like?
The biggest problem with synthetic cannabis is the way in which you cannot predict the effect it will have on you. Even if you bought two identical products from the same brand and supplier, you have absolutely no idea what kind of chemical concoction has been used to create the stuff inside.


Users often report feeling overwhelmingly dizzy and nauseated, unable to speak and largely unable to move. Others have the kinds of paranoid hallucinations that have led to murder, suicide, self-mutilation and irreparable harm to others.  Worse still, the effects of coming off Spice for those that have become dependent can be exponentially worse than those associated with many of the most dangerous drugs in the world.


Long story short therefore – stick with real cannabis and don’t even consider giving the synthetic stuff the time of day.




          Canada’s Answer to Cannabis Control: Make It as Boring as Possible         

Canada has an approach to cannabis policy which many experts believe could and should be implemented elsewhere. And it’s a surprisingly simple approach too – one that effectively makes the entire subject and idea of cannabis nothing short of mundane. Dull. Perhaps even boring. Or at least, to such an extent that it becomes an ordinary everyday product, as opposed to something that has an air of mystery and taboo about that inevitably gives it a certain amount of appeal to certain demographics.


Bill Blair, the former police chief of Toronto, spoke with reporters from Spectator recently on his journey from top-cop to one of the most prominent cannabis campaigners in the country.


‘When I left the force all three political parties wanted me to run for office,’ he said.


‘I’ve spent my life avoiding politics and the other parties reminded me why. They just wanted me for political kudos. But Trudeau was different. He asked my advice on policy.’


Back in 2015, it seemed completely and utterly improbable that the young and handsome Justin Trudeau would even come close to winning the election. His party was well and truly behind, but his savvy and appeal to younger voters went on to see him installed as the country’s new prime minister.


Prior to the election, Bill was contacted by Trudeau for advice on exactly how to handle the cannabis issue on the campaign trail.


‘I asked him why he wanted to do it. He said because he didn’t want criminals preying on kids. I said, “That’s the policy. That’s what we need to do.”’


Across Canada, cannabis use among younger demographics is just about the highest in any country in the world. It is estimated that somewhere in the region of 25% of teenagers are using cannabis on a regular basis, which for the most part proves to be harmless but in some instances does of course become harmfully habitual. As such, the only advice Bill had in terms of cannabis policy was to focus on keeping it as far away from children as possible.


Which begs the obvious question – how exactly does legalisation and a liberal cannabis culture in any way help keep it away from children?


‘Cannabis use is endemic in our society. It’s a massive market and we’re simply not managing it,’ Bill explained.


‘Legalisation for adults means we can regulate supply and put our law enforcement resources where we need them: policing the minors’ market and going after the really dangerous drugs that kill people.’


Unfortunately, he also commented on the way in which there are many areas across Canada where local police seem to have completely and utterly given up even trying to enforce cannabis law in any way, shape or form. He’s completely against this approach to policing a society where cannabis is legal, just as would be and often is the case with alcohol prohibition. Very specific and strict law exists – it’s up to law enforcement to enforce it.


Sooner or later, the plan is to run a countrywide cannabis policy that operates similar to that of alcohol and is every bit as boring and uninteresting as possible.  Cannabis advertising will be prohibited in all its forms, it will be sold in plain packages and will be prohibited for sale alongside tobacco or alcohol. It will not be viewed as a subject of       taboo or controversy, it will be against the law for cannabis use to be in any way glamorised and it will be a subject spoken of and included in educational curriculums like any other.


All of which contrasts with the way in which cannabis policy is approached in places like the United Kingdom, where its status and reputation if anything makes it even more appealing in the eyes of younger crowds. Canada seems to have every intention of making cannabis as boring as possible going forward – perhaps it’s an example the rest of the world should consider following.


          The Key to Safer Cannabis – Banish Tobacco         

Right now, health groups all over the world are working hard to come up with realistic and effective initiatives for making cannabis as safe as possible.  Unsurprisingly, such efforts are predominantly focused on areas where cannabis has been legalised and millions are now free to enjoy pot in all its forms. As usual, some of these proposed initiatives are more realistic than others. But there’s nonetheless one area of the subject that comparatively few do not agree represents an important starting point for wider cannabis safety.


And that starting point is tobacco.


In many places – the United States being one of them – it is extremely rare to come across any seasoned cannabis user putting so much as a shred of tobacco in the joints they roll. By contrast, over in the United Kingdom it is rare for cannabis users not to use tobacco when rolling joints. This is something that has been picked up on by various health groups, which are now issuing an urgent call for cannabis users to immediately and permanently banish tobacco. They warn that to include tobacco when smoking cannabis is to open yourself up to a wide variety of potential dangers, which do not apply when smoking or vaporising pure cannabis.


The simple fact of the matter is that tobacco is known to be one of the most addictive products on the face of the earth and has absolutely no redeeming medical/health characteristics whatsoever.  It also kills millions of people every year through a wide variety of deadly diseases. In fact, it satisfies each and every requirement to be classified as an illegal substance and a danger to public health. Nevertheless, just as long as you are aged 18 or over in the UK, you can smoke to your heart’s content and effectively smoke yourself to death if you choose to do so.


Meanwhile, cannabis remains illegal. Entirely nonsensical, given the way in which marijuana has been proven as having an incredible array of beneficial medical properties and not being addictive. All of which paints a contradictory and painfully ironic picture to say the least – one where health authorities are advising cannabis users to use more of the substance that is illegal and immediately stop using a product that is perfectly legal. Which really tells you all you need to be told about the nonsensical way in which such substances are classified.


The thing is though, if you were to ask a sample group of cannabis users in the United Kingdom why they choose to mix cannabis with tobacco, most would probably tell you exactly the same thing. As cannabis is illegal, it isn’t as readily available as it could be and tends to be comparatively expensive.  Because it is comparatively expensive, those buying it are not able to buy as much, which means they want whatever they have to go as far as possible.  Given that the easiest way of doing this is to add tobacco, that’s exactly what has become the norm. Unfortunately, this also leads to an incalculable number of cannabis users becoming addicted to tobacco, while at the same time putting their health at risk in various terrifying ways.


So, what’s the solution to the problem?


As with many things, proactive and common sense cannabis policy would make all the difference in the world. Driving drug dealers off the streets, ensuring that cannabis is of the highest possible quality, advice and support on every corner for those needing it and so on. Suffice to say, a reality we may not see for a long time – precisely why the routine use of deadly tobacco along with cannabis is largely guaranteed to continue indefinitely.


          The Voice of the People Has Spoken: Legalise It, We Think So         

It became abundantly clear in November last year that as far as the Americans are concerned, the time has come for a change in cannabis policy. When the latest contingency of North American states took both recreational and medical cannabis to the polls in November, it turned out to be a resounding success for the cannabis community. Those voting on recreational cannabis may have passed the measure by a relatively modest margin, but in terms of medical cannabis, things were quite to the contrary. Not only this, but on-going research has shown that the overwhelming majority of people in general now support legal medical marijuana programs. Which is hardly surprising, given the fact that the same is also true for somewhere in the region of 75% of doctors.


All of which seems to suggest that the public in general is united in one simple yet important call:


Legalize It. We Think So.


The thing is though, while things are still developing in the United States and have a long way to go, the situation is at an even more remedial level in Europe.  The United Kingdom in particular has already fallen dangerously behind the curve when it comes to medical cannabis policy – one of the very reasons why organisations like LIWTS exist.


It may be the United States that is making all the headlines and most of the progress right now, but the team behind LIWTS is adamant to ensure that the situation in Europe does not go overlooked. Far from an irresponsible authority that condones breaking the law or stirring up controversy just for the sake of it, LIWTS is committed to the truth and indeed nothing but the truth. The hard facts, evidence and common-sense knowledge that paint an entirely different picture of cannabis than that of outdated, inaccurate and downright dangerous critical propaganda. LIWTS makes no accusations and never says ‘this is true because we say so’. Quite to the contrary of most cannabis critics, LIWTS focuses on science, research, evidence and reality.


Based in Europe, LIWTS is committed to ensuring anyone with an interest in cannabis is kept up to date with the latest news, scientific findings and improvements to cannabis policy on a global basis.


The simple fact of the matter is whether it’s the United States, the United Kingdom or anywhere else in Europe, we are talking about democratic nations.  Where democracy exists, the whole idea is supposed to be that when and where the public is united in its opinion about anything whatsoever, it is the responsibility of the government to make it happen. Recreational cannabis continues to split the public fairly evenly, but in terms of proactive and beneficial medical marijuana programs, there are very few critics at any level who have not already acknowledged the importance of progress.


This is precisely why LIWTS does what it does – to bring to the attention of the powers that be the clear and obvious patterns emerging among public opinion. This, while at the same time providing useful and entertaining resources for those lucky enough to already live in regions where cannabis in one form or another has already been legalised.


Once again, LIWTS is all about bringing the cannabis community together to create one united voice that cannot be ignored or overheard. A growing arsenal of scientific research is showing us all just how much better off the world could be with comprehensively relaxed cannabis policy across as many countries as possible. Nevertheless, it isn’t until the voice of the people is heard and acknowledged by lawmakers that real progress can occur.


          Tory AM Labels Medical Marijuana ‘Dangerous’ and ‘Catastrophic’         

Every now and again, an individual in a prominent and influential position speaks out in favour of cannabis legalisation and we all breathe a big sigh of relief. Unfortunately, it is routine for such comments to be immediately followed by many of weird and wacky statements from critics, who seem to believe they know more about the subject than the world’s leading doctors, scientists, researchers and cannabis users.


Which is why the latest example while extremely disappointing, isn’t exactly what you’d call surprising. It’s no secret that the United Kingdom is falling quite spectacularly behind the rest of the world when it comes to medical marijuana policy, but the time really has come to start being a little more realistic about the subject.


Just a few days ago, crime commissioner Arfon Jones – one of the most prominent police bosses in the United Kingdom – stated that to keep cannabis under its current Class B drug status really doesn’t make sense at all. It’s counterproductive, given the way in which there are tens of thousands of people across the country who could benefit massively from legalised medical marijuana. And it’s not as if he is alone in his sentiments, either. So, he made the decision to reach out to a number of other prominent figures, in order to see how many were on his side and would help campaign for positive progress.


Unfortunately, one particular Tory AM by the name of Darren Miller decided not only to lash out at the idea quite viciously, but also demonstrate to the world how little he himself knows about the subject. He spoke of the utter “disappointment” he felt but the fact that Jones had even brought the subject up in the first place, going on to spout all manner of nonsense regarding cannabis in general.


"(Mr Jones) knows first-hand the damaging effects drugs is having on our communities, so it was with some surprise and disappointment that I received his letter,” he said.


"Cannabis, whether used for medicinal or recreational purposes, is a dangerous substance and would have catastrophic consequences to health and society if it was ever legalised.”


“The commissioner’s calls are as reckless as they are misguided."


Now, you really don’t have to be a genius to figure out that there are quite a few glaring errors with this particular statement. First of all, there is the way in which he seems to be completely ignoring the fact that Jones is talking exclusively about the legalisation of medical marijuana, which would be controlled and regulated in the same way as any other prescription drug. He is not, for one second, suggesting that recreational cannabis be legalised in the United Kingdom.


Secondly, he describes medical marijuana as a dangerous substance and talks about the catastrophic effects it can have on communities. Once again, all this does is demonstrate the fact that he does not know what he’s talking about.  Right now, a full 25 North American states permit the production, distribution and consumption of medical marijuana for those deemed to be in need of it.  Likewise, plenty of other countries globally have been using medical marijuana for years. And in doing so, it has been discovered and confirmed that cannabis performs over and above conventional drugs in the treatment of a wide variety of chronic conditions.


But no…as far as Miller is concerned, all of these people – tens of millions of them globally – are lying to themselves. Cannabis has no redeeming qualities whatsoever and is instead simply a dangerous drug that leads to the downfall of society.


It’s blinkered and nonsensical viewpoints like this that are preventing the United Kingdom from making the same kind of progress as the rest of the world.


          Cannabis More Addictive When Mixed with Tobacco – Fact!        

One of the most on-going criticisms thrown in the face of those who support cannabis legalization is that of marijuana apparently being an incredibly ‘dangerous and addictive’ drug. 


Despite the fact that extensive scientific research has shown that cannabis is neither dangerous nor addictive, it still remains one of the primary bargaining chips among those who would prefer it to remain outlawed. One of the problems when it comes to the idea of cannabis addiction is the way in which so many people are unable to draw the line between addiction and dependency. Not only this, but they also assume that anyone with a heavy cannabis habit must be dependent. 


In reality however, it might just be that they love the stuff – control over their actions never coming into the equation.


As for tobacco on the other hand…well, it’s no secret that this happens to be one of the most dangerous, addictive and deadly substances on the face of the Earth – it also happens to be 100% legal. Which is why it’s hardly surprising to learn that according to the results of a recent study carried out in the United Kingdom, cannabis smokers who roll joints that also contain tobacco are much more likely to develop dependencies than those who smoke pure cannabis without tobacco.


Well duh…


As far as this particular study suggests therefore, it’s time to do away with the tobacco entirely and focus on pure cannabis. Not that this is exactly how the researchers put it themselves, but still…it’s a pretty clear message!


Despite the fact that the conclusion to the study was one any of us could have guessed ahead of time, it was nonetheless said to be the first ever to look at the use of pure cannabis in comparison to the use of cannabis mixed with tobacco.


“Cannabis is less addictive than tobacco, but we show here that mixing tobacco with cannabis lowers the motivation to quit using these drugs,” said Chandni Hindocha, doctoral student at the clinical psychopharmacology unit of University College London.


In order to see how personal approaches to cannabis use affected apparent dependencies or the symptoms thereof, the research team took into account data collected from over 33,000 marijuana users spanning 18 countries. 


The results were pretty conclusive – those who smoke cannabis but do not mix it with tobacco are considerably less likely to show any signs of dependency whatsoever.


It was also found that the practice of mixing cannabis with tobacco was particularly popular across Europe – between 77% and 90% of all cannabis users adding tobacco to their cannabis, depending on the country. Interestingly, this plummeted to little more than 50% of cannabis users in Australia, falling further to just 20% in New Zealand. Right at the bottom of the ladder in terms of tobacco use came the United States, where just 4.4% of cannabis smokers said they mixed the two together. Over the border in Canada, around 16% of cannabis users said that they mix marijuana with tobacco on a regular basis.


On the whole, it was noted that those who mix tobacco with cannabis are approximately five-times more likely to show signs of dependency than those who smoke pure cannabis alone. Coupled with extensive evidence to suggest that cannabis smoke is exponentially less harmful than tobacco smoke, it really adds up to something of a no-brainer. 


Tobacco may represent a cheap and easy option for making cannabis go as far as possible, but given the downsides of ‘polluting’ joints with anything other than marijuana, it’s the kind of habit most could probably do with getting out of!




          Experts Call For Immediate and Extensive MDMA Research         

In the never-ending question to persuade lawmakers to take a more realistic approach to the control and management of drugs, leading experts continue to push for decriminalisation. Those with real knowledge and experience in the subject unanimously agree that for progress to be made, drugs need to be looked at for what they are and the effects they have, rather than simply being deemed ‘bad’ and therefore illegal.


Just a few months ago, a team of researchers made a discovery with regard to the effect LSD has on the brain, which was so significant they likened it to the discovery of the Higgs boson. But even more recently, a pair of highly influential scientists from Stanford University in the United States have insisted that the time has come to proactively investigate the effects of MDMA.


Known as methylenedioxy­methamphetamine in scientific circles, MDMA is the active ingredient in ecstasy and remains a highly illegal drug in most countries. In the United States it is a Schedule 1 drug, while in the United Kingdom it is a Class-A controlled substance. Which in both instances means that not only is it illegal, but is officially classified as a serious risk to public health and a substance that has no redeeming qualities or benefits to human health.


However, experts have for generations been insisting that rather than simply writing-off MDMA as a menace to society, it would make far more sense for the greater good for it to be studied. It may have high abuse potential and be dangerous when consumed carelessly, in large quantities or on an on-going basis, but what if MDMA could be developed into safer compounds for controlled use?


Given the fact that the prospect has never been investigated in-depth, could it not be possible that we’re missing out on something quite incredible?


In a word…yes – yes it could.


Boris Heifets and Robert Malenka – two highly respected researchers – believe that there is far too much we don’t know about the effects of MDMA to simply ignore the subject any longer. The simple fact of the matter being that we haven’t even begun looking for what could turn out to be something of limitless value for therapeutic purposes.


“We've learned a lot about the nervous system from understanding how drugs work in the brain--both therapeutic and illicit drugs,” Malenka said.


“If we start understanding MDMA's molecular targets better, and the biotech and pharmaceutical industries pay attention, it may lead to the development of drugs that maintain the potential therapeutic effects for disorders like autism or PTSD but have less abuse liability.”


While research into the effects and addictive properties of MDMA has been carried out in the past, no study has yet focused on the potentially beneficial properties of the drug. Not only this, but the overwhelming majority of research carried out to date has brought about entirely inconclusive findings of little to no value whatsoever. But instead of MDMA being studied more intensively, the issue has simply been swept to one side.


Suffice to say, an approach and attitude that benefits nobody.


“I started thinking five or six years ago that maybe we can actually attack how MDMA works in the brain in a more meaningful way, because now we have the tools to do it right,” Malenka added.


“Although MDMA is an amphetamine derivative and thus shares some features with psychostimulants such as cocaine, its actions of enhancing positive social interactions and empathy are entirely unique, making it unlike any other known psychoactive substance,”


“These effects have been documented repeatedly in anecdotal reports and human studies and have received increased attention in the context of on-going clinical trials for the treatment of PTSD.”


The crux of the whole thing being that to stand by dated assumption when the truth is right there waiting to be discovered is of no benefit whatsoever and represents quite the opposite of common sense.


“Studying the response of the brain and nervous system to any drug is no different than running an animal through a maze and asking how learning and memory work, for example,” Malenka commented.


“You're trying to understand the different mechanisms of an experience. Drugs like MDMA should be the object of rigorous scientific study, and should not necessarily be demonized.”




          Ironic DUI Raises Concerns Over Growing Stoned-Driving Rates         

Once again, the debate as to exactly how dangerous it is to drive while stoned has been ignited in the United States. Most sensible people generally agree that it isn’t a good idea to use anything whatsoever that affects your judgement before getting behind the wheel, but it seems there are still quite a lot of people (especially in Canada) who believe otherwise.


Before that however, there was a story this week out of Portland which once again highlighted the dangers of driving while stoned…albeit in one of the most incredibly ironic ways imaginable. Basically, the 18-year-old driver in question was arrested after he was found to have been driving under the influence of marijuana, immediately after crashing his car into a Happy Valley marijuana dispensary. He was hit with a variety of charges including criminal endangerment and DUI – the passenger in the car he was driving was also injured in the accident.


According to official police reports, he first went into a parked car near the dispensary – named Stumptown Cannabis – before then colliding with the store itself. Local law enforcement officers were of course more interested in the causes and effects of the accident, though likewise couldn’t help but highlight the irony of it all. Mercifully, there weren’t any employees present at the time and nor were there any serious injuries caused.


Which once again begs the obvious question – exactly how safe or otherwise is it to drive after smoking cannabis?


Well, as mentioned a little earlier, anything that impairs your ability to make decisions or remain as active and alert as you can possibly be isn’t something that should be indulged in before driving. Admittedly, cannabis will always affect people entirely differently and some will tell you that they are never more alert and responsive than while they are stoned. It would certainly appear that this is a surprisingly common attitude in Canada.


According to a recent study, somewhere in the region of 50% of all cannabis users in Canada who also happen to be drivers believe it is perfectly safe for them to drive their cars after smoking cannabis. A survey was carried out focusing on those who both drive and consider themselves to be regular cannabis users – a whopping 44% of which said that their marijuana consumption had absolutely no detrimental effect whatsoever on their ability to drive safely. By contrast, 42% of those surveyed said that it would make at least some kind of difference to the driving if they were to get behind the wheel while stoned, the remaining 14% saying they hadn’t made their minds up yet.


This can only be looked at as a somewhat worrying statistic as it is difficult to believe that 50% (or thereabouts) of marijuana users are actually better or even competent drivers when they are stoned. Over the past couple of years, safety experts and insurance companies alike have been working frantically to highlight the true dangers of marijuana consumption prior to getting behind the wheel – something the pot-smoking public in general doesn’t seem to agree with.


At the same time, however, there are quite literally millions of drivers across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and elsewhere who genuinely believe that they are better drivers after drinking alcohol.  Even if this were to be true in their particular case, turning a blind eye to driving under the influence of alcohol would only lead to thousands more entirely preventable deaths on the roads every month.


All of which leads to one intelligent conclusion – it is illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana because in most instances, it has the potential to prove dangerous. Even if you yourself don’t believe you’re any less safe behind the wheel while stoned, this simply isn’t and never will be the way authorities see it.






          Cannabis Compound Shows Potential in Alzheimer’s Treatment Trials         

Yet another study has brought to light even more incredible medicinal properties of marijuana, highlighting just how important it is for more extensive research to be carried out on a global basis. In this instance, research suggests that one of the components found in marijuana has the potential to fight the toxic proteins that are known to be the cause of the devastating symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. One of the most heavily researched diseases in recent history, scientists are still no closer to uncovering an outright cure or even an effective treatment method against Alzheimer’s. Nevertheless, research into the effects of cannabis may have on the disease has suggested that the key to successful treatment may have been right there under our noses all along.


The study was carried out by a group of scientists from the Salk Institute in California, who focused specifically on how THC and the other active compounds present in marijuana can affect the ‘amyloid beta’ protein associated with the disease. When plaques begin to form and the catastrophic symptoms of Alzheimer’s begin to present themselves, there is very little that can be done to effectively slow the progression and absolutely nothing that can be done to stop or reverse the process entirely.


Or at least, not in terms of the current treatment options available.


“Inflammation within the brain is a major component of the damage associated with Alzheimer's disease, but it has always been assumed that this response was coming from immune-like cells in the brain, not the nerve cells themselves,” explained one of the researchers behind the study, Antonio Currais.


“When we were able to identify the molecular basis of the inflammatory response to amyloid beta, it became clear that THC-like compounds that the nerve cells make themselves may be involved in protecting the cells from dying.”


While cannabis has been associated for some time with highly beneficial effects when used to combat inflammation, this is the first instance in which cannabis or any kind of cannabis extract has been studied in accordance with Alzheimer’s. As far as the team behind the study is concerned, it absolutely paves the way for more intensive research into how and to what extent cannabis compounds may be able to help fight the disease.


“Although other studies have offered evidence that cannabinoids might be neuroprotective against the symptoms of Alzheimer's, we believe our study is the first to demonstrate that cannabinoids affect both inflammation and amyloid beta accumulation in nerve cells,” commented the senior author of the study, Professor David Schubert.


Alzheimer’s disease is known to affect well in excess of half a million people in the United Kingdom alone, having a devastating effect both on the patients themselves and their families. The condition remains the most common type of dementia and has so far proved impossible to stop upon initially having been detected. The most commonly associated symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease include gradual loss of memory, speech difficulty and reduced cognitive function in general. While there are various drug based and therapeutic treatments currently available and routinely used, none have so far proved effective enough to be considered a cure.


Once again therefore, the results of the study strongly underline the importance of taking a more realistic and liberal view to medical marijuana research, given the way in which it is demonstrating incredible effectiveness in a wide variety of arenas. From the treatment of chronic pain to severe forms of epilepsy to anxiety to insomnia and now perhaps even dementia, to continue overlooking what could be a revolutionary treatment for so many deadly conditions represents a counterproductive approach to say the least.




          The Daring and the Dumb – Unusual Attempts to Grow Pot on UK Soil         

You may or may not have come across a story in the press this week about a particular individual who has been well and truly boasting about growing cannabis in an unusual location. For the time being, growing marijuana in any way, shape or form in the United Kingdom remains 100% illegal. Which in turn means that if you decide to grow cannabis anywhere at all, you take full responsibility for the consequences. It may be entirely unfair and borderline moronic, but still…that’s the way the law often works.


Back to the story in question, this rather plucky person from Worcestershire converted an old nuclear bunker into a fully functioning cannabis farm, with no less than 800 robust plants on the go at the time his premises were raided. The premises themselves were originally constructed in order to provide space for a highly protected airplane engine factory during the Second World War. Nevertheless, the man in question was discovered to have cannabis and cannabis plants on the premises with a total value somewhere in the region of £650,000.


He’s waiting to be sentenced right now, but in the meantime, the media has been revisiting a number of additional stories concerning those that have tried their luck (and failed) in growing cannabis in unusual locations.


For example, just a short time ago police were tipped off by a concerned (spoilsport?) individual that the Worcestershire man in question’s luxurious nine-bedroom mansion in the Cambridgeshire countryside was being used as a cannabis farm. Despite the fact that the property itself was worth well in excess of £1 million at the time, police nonetheless found that its owners have made the decision to cultivate more than 1,000 marijuana plants.


Two men were arrested and taken into custody, with local media having reacted with comprehensive shock having always seen the property as a place of distinction, character and culture. In fact, they even said that it was more like "something you would see in Downton Abbey” than on Crimewatch.


Still, even these guys cannot hold a candle to Adrian James from Nottingham when it comes to the kinds of efforts some people will go to, in order to get one over on British lawmakers. Having decided to convert his own his back garden in St Ann's into a cannabis factory, he realised that it would be better if he kept his activities hidden from view. Which is precisely why he not only invested in a freight shipping container, but also hired a mechanical digger to take an enormous hole in his back garden, bury the container and then connect the garden to his house by way of an underground tunnel.


He clearly took his growing efforts seriously as well, having been found to have set up an extremely advanced hydroponics system that was fully automated for his own convenience. Unfortunately for him, he was visited by local police in October 2011 and found to have cannabis and cannabis plants about the place with a total value somewhere in the region of £86,000.


Last but not least, there was also the tale of a pretty sizable business centre near Scunthorpe where even the police themselves did not know what on earth they were going to do, having come across no less than 4,000 cannabis plants in various stages of growth. They estimated that the value of the haul found at Bellwin House Business Park was somewhere in the region of £4 million – there was so much cannabis it took them almost a week to clear it all out.


They even had to draft in Ministry of Defence police and leading health and safety experts, in order to determine exactly how to remove and get rid of all the stuff, without posing a danger to public health…apparently.



          Will Brexit Have Any Impact on Marijuana Policy?        

So it’s become abundantly clear at this stage that the United Kingdom will at some point in the future no longer be a member of the European Union. In order to avoid sparking frenzied debate, we are not for the time being going to get into the matter of whether or not it is the best or worst thing to happen to Great Britain in generations. We’ll leave that for you to thrash out.


Nevertheless, there is one question on the lips of hundreds of thousands of people across Europe right now – what exactly will the Brexit vote mean for cannabis legalisation? Are we looking at something that will set things back unbearably, or could it actually steer things in the right direction?


Well, for the time being at least absolutely nothing is expected to change. The reason being that while it officially takes two years to divorce the EU, experts believe it could take anywhere between six and ten years for the exit to happen.  And even when it does, it’s highly unlikely that it will make any difference for most of us anyway. Generally speaking, the European desire to approach and handle cannabis in a more proactive, responsible and sensible manner remains as strong as ever. In fact, it has long been the United Kingdom that has had one of the strongest and most ridiculously archaic attitudes to cannabis of all European countries.


Exactly what the United Kingdom decides to do in terms of Europe is unlikely to have any effect whatsoever on most European countries’ attitudes to cannabis.


But what about back home?


Well, given the way that things have been going ever since the Conservatives got into power, it certainly didn’t look as if any kind of proactive discussion with regard to the legalisation of cannabis was ever going to happen. Even with all the scientific evidence in the world and recommendations from leading experts, the government nonetheless made clear its intention to continue classifying cannabis as the devil’s lettuce.


Going forward however, there is one potentially bright spark on the horizon for cannabis users, though one that doesn’t come without its consequences. Or at least, consequences depending on your own personal political views.


Never in the history of British leadership has there been a figure that has divided the public quite as convincingly as Boris Johnson. While some consider him to be nothing less than the saviour of a country heading down the wrong road, others believe him to be quite simply the antichrist. Nevertheless, Bo-Jo has at least made it clear on a couple of occasions that as far as he’s concerned, it would make sense for the United Kingdom to decriminalise cannabis and take proactive steps toward a more sensible and liberal future drug policy.


The big question being – does this and this alone represent enough for him to deserve your support?


Once again, this isn’t the kind of debate we’ll be throwing our own two cents into right now.


Still, one thing we have definitely learned from the aftermath of Brexit is that when it comes to public pressure, the government tends to have quite selective hearing to say the least. Even with over 3 million people having signed a petition for a referendum rerun, huge protests on the streets of London and the leave party having admitted their campaign was full of lies, they’ve made it clear a second vote just isn’t going to happen.


For the third and final time, whether or not this is a good or bad thing is entirely up to you – we’re going to remain diplomatic and political to stay out of trouble!







          British Company Develops Cannabis Oil for Treatment of Rare Form of Epilepsy         

Chalk up another victory for those who follow facts and scientific evidence, as opposed to unfounded theories and archaic presumptions. Yet another high profile name has joined the ranks of those already supporting widespread medicinal cannabis use – this time from right here in the United Kingdom.


It’s not as if Great Britain is really at the forefront of this kind of research, but still…progress is progress.


In this instance, the manufacturer of a new type of cannabis oil has said that their product has proved effective in treating a rare type of epilepsy. Based in London, GW Pharmaceuticals announced on Monday this week that an oil the company has been working on for some time has so far shown remarkable promise in tests. 


They are looking to create a drug based on extracts of cannabis plants which have been specifically engineered to produce much lower levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and a much higher levels of cannabidiol (CBD) the normal.  The drug they are working on – which they have named Epidiolex – will therefore be likewise extremely low in THC with a much higher concentration of CBD. Given that it is the THC concentration in cannabis products that determines how high the user will get, one of the primary objectives of Epidiolex is to produce medicinal cannabis products that work without getting the patient high.


“Between the plant itself and the processing steps which are being taken, the product ends up being pure CBD,” explained Justin Gower, chief executive of GW Pharmaceuticals.


To date, tests of the drug carried out on patients with a rare form of epilepsy have apparently brought back extremely reassuring results. In the most recent study, 85 patients were provided with placebos while a third of 86 were provided with controlled doses of Epidiolex. According to the company, seizure rates among those taking Epidiolex were reduced by impressive 44%, more than double the improvement among those who were only given placebos.


GW Pharmaceuticals has openly admitted however that for the time being, Epidiolex has the potential to cause a variety of side effects. Though generally mild and temporary in nature, some of those taking the drug reported having a decreased appetite, upset stomach, mild nausea and some sleeplessness.


Generally speaking, the medical community in general has responded extremely positively to the progress GW Pharmaceuticals has made in bringing about an effective treatment for a rare yet life threatening condition.


“From a physician’s perspective, the positive outcome in this trial of Epidiolex in patients with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome is very exciting. Lennox Gastaut syndrome begins in early childhood, is particularly difficult to treat, and the vast majority of patients do not obtain an adequate response from existing therapies,” commented Linda Laux, Director of the Comprehensive Epilepsy Centre at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago and one of the lead researchers involved in the latest clinical trial.


“These data show that Epidiolex has the potential to provide a robust and clinically meaningful reduction in seizures in this highly treatment-resistant population together with an acceptable safety and tolerability profile, which is consistent with my previous clinical experience with Epidiolex.”


The form of epilepsy GW Pharmaceuticals has been focusing on with Epidiolex is known as Dravet syndrome, which is more common among children than adults and is known to affect around 6,000 children in the United States.  Advocates argue that these are exactly the kinds of conditions that should prompt authorities on both sides of the Atlantic to rethink counterproductive and potentially harmful attitudes to the restriction of medical marijuana research.


          This Week in Cannabis: Seniors the Fastest-Growing Pot Audience, Stoned Sheep Run Wild         

Slowly but surely, every ridiculous stereotype and all the propaganda that has stood in the way of sensible marijuana legislation is being eroded. It’s taking some time, but the world is beginning to acknowledge the fact that most of the negative press is completely unfounded BS. And the more regions and nations that relax the rules on marijuana, the clearer the message is becoming.


This week brought about the revelation that contrary to popular belief, it isn’t just younger people that are making the most of the fact that marijuana is more widely available than ever before. In the United States in fact, the latest statistics show that the 55-and-over demographic is in fact the fastest-growing of all in terms of pot users nationwide. From 2013 to 2014 alone, the previous estimate of 2.8 million marijuana users among this age bracket spiked to a colossal 4.3 million users.


What makes the figure all the more extraordinary is the fact that those aged 55 and over make up no more than about 14% of the total population of the US.  Nevertheless, they also account for around one-third of all prescription drug users. Marijuana is increasingly being turned to as a safe, effective and affordable treatment for a wide variety of conditions, with fewer side effects and without the highly addictive characteristics of so many conventional drugs.


As each new revelation with regard to the medical benefits of cannabis becomes public knowledge, more adults of all ages than ever before are giving it a shot.  And not only are they giving it a shot, but millions are using it on a regular basis and finding it has the potential to dramatically improve their everyday lives.


Meanwhile in the United Kingdom, a South Wales village has apparently had its usual tranquillity broken by a herd of stoned sheep. Reports state that the wasted woolies were seen running into traffic, breaking into homes and generally wreaking havoc on the place.


It’s all said to have kicked off when the sheep accidentally came across what was left of a cannabis factory which had been scrapped and dumped in the picturesque village of Rhydypandy. There was apparently quite a lot of weed left in the remains of the factory, which after being left in a field was summarily eaten by the sheep.


And it’s said to have caused plenty of trouble in the interim.


“There is a flock of sheep roaming the village causing a nuisance,” said County councillor Ioan Richard.


“They are getting in people's gardens and one even entered a bungalow and left a mess in the bedroom.”


Officials are now worried that the sheep may find the rest of the dumped plantation in other areas in the locality, which could lead to even more bizarre and problematic behaviour.


“I dread to think what will happen if they eat what could well be cannabis plants - we could have an outbreak out of psychotic sheep rampaging through the village,” Richard said.


Fly-tipping has long been a problem in the area, though this is said to be the first time anybody has left the remains of an illegal cannabis factory right by the side of the road. No humans have yet been injured as a result of the rampage, though one sheep was killed when it wandered off into a busy road.


“I told the council officers to make sure it was reported to the police before removing any evidence of what looks like the dumped remains of a cannabis growing establishment,” Richard said.


When contacted for comment, the local council said that the remains of the cannabis factory had been cleared away as quickly as possible, though it was impossible to confirm how much more of it had been eaten by the sheep before its removal.


          A Guide to Red Eye – What It Is, How to Hide It         

To buy pot seeds in the United Kingdom is to also invest in the huge downer that is not being able to germinate them legally. So it’s really very little wonder why so many Brits are heading overseas to revel in the more liberal cultures of a fair few neighbouring nations.


The thing is though, no matter where you travel there’s always one part of weed culture that remains the same – red eye.  Pretty much every stoner on the face of the earth knows that cannabis causes red eye, but comparatively few actually understand why it occurs…and whether there is anything that can be done to prevent it.


So here it is – your quick 101 guide to red eye!


A Sign of Poor Health?

Tackling the biggest question of all – does red eye indicate a poor state of health? At the risk of being vague, the answer is both yes and no at the same time. From a medical perspective, reddening of the eyes can be indicative of a wide variety of health problems. Allergies, tiredness, various viruses and problems with the eyes themselves can all lead to red eye.


But at the same time, red eye doesn’t necessarily mean that there are any specific underlying health problems. Red eye from cannabis use for example isn’t indicative of illness, but rather a side effect of the effect cannabis has on blood pressure.


Or at least, that’s what the experts seem to believe.


Cannabis Red Eye

As far as neuroscientists are concerned, the cannabinoids contained in cannabis can lead to a decrease in blood pressure, which is linked to reddening of the eyes. It’s all to do with the way in which blood vessels dilate in order to increase blood flow when blood pressure is reduced. There is of course a much more detailed and scientific explanation than this, but it all boils down to the same simple premise.



Along with having an apparently beneficial effect on high blood pressure, it has also been known for some time that marijuana is an effective treatment for glaucoma. These tiny little pot seeds grow and develop into plants with the potential to both reduce blood pressure and bring intraocular pressure under control far more effectively than almost any synthetic medicine or treatment.


Given the fact that cannabis is also safer and presents considerably fewer side effects, it’s pretty remarkable that the scientific and medical communities are not embracing the use of medicinal cannabis in these areas at least. In some nations perhaps, but hardly on a widespread basis.


Red Eye Factors

So, how about the question as to why some people seem to be far more predisposed to severe red eye than others? Well, it isn’t a subject that has been studied at any great length, but we do know for sure that some influencing factors include:


Genetics – some smokers take a single hit and end up with bright red eyes, while others can smoke all night with no redness at all.


Strain – the type and strength of cannabis smoked can also have an influence.


Hydration – letting yourself get dehydrated will almost always increase red eye severity.


Hiding the Evidence

To be honest, it’s largely impossible to go nuts on the cannabis and totally avoid red eye. As such, the best advice is to think about how to hide the evidence, if you feel so inclined to do so.


Sunglasses – the most obvious and the easiest solution being to don a pair of sunglasses, though depending on the weather and where you happen to be at the time you might end up looking like a bit of a tool.


Eye drops – have the potential to be extremely effective by delivering hydration straight to your eyes and reducing reddening much more quickly.


Hydration – as already mentioned, if you allow yourself to get dehydrated, it is inevitable that your eyes will look even worse.


Makeup – if you can get away with it, be as strategic as possible with the makeup you use around your eyes in order to minimise the impact of your bright red eyeballs.


Sleep – last but not least, just as it’s the case with all other effects of cannabis, you can always simply sleep off your red eye.


          Eight Alternative Pot Products Definitely Worth Trying         

Slowly but surely, weed is finding its way into a thousand and one truly awesome products to enjoy every day. It’s still pretty lousy that while you can buy pot seeds in the United Kingdom legally, everything else to do with weed is still completely against the law. But at the same time, it’s the perfect excuse for travelling to a slightly more liberal neck of the woods, in order to indulge in a world of goodies. 


So whichever weed haven you plan to head to in the near future, here’s a quick rundown of just a few epic pot products you really just have to try:



Ok, so admittedly you’re not actually going to get high with this one, but the first shampoo to be legally created with small amounts of CBD and THC is said to work wonders anyway. Far from the realm of the hemp shampoo that’s been doing the rounds all over the place for decades, this is the real deal we’re talking about here – shampoo made with real weed!



If you regularly indulge in the kinds of activities that result in aching muscles, you’ll probably know how effective a few joint hits can be. These days though, there’s always the option of attacking what’s hurting you directly at the source. There are lots of brands right now throwing out various lotions and topical treatments that have been infused with CBD and THC. Cannabinoids are known to have various beneficial effects on the skin, while being much safer to play with than conventional painkillers.


Lim Balm

Research into medical marijuana has brought with it a raft of new lip balms for both sexes. Medicated lip balms for outdoors types, indica-based lip balms for relaxing at night and even sativa-based balms for daytime use. Suffice to say, it’s a million miles from the chap-stick in your pocket and for all the right reasons.



Once again, the oral health products that are being cooked up with cannabis these days aren’t made specifically to get you high, but instead to simply be awesome in every way. Cannabis-infused mouthwash and toothpaste not only do a great job, but make full use of the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis. So it’s basically everything your regular toothpaste is and a whole lot more besides.



Seeds stuck in your teeth? Corn kernels you can’t get rid of? It could be worse…now you’ve got yourself a perfect excuse to reach for a cannabis-infused toothpick! A company from Seattle has come up with these remarkable little beauties, which are designed to get you nicely buzzed after chewing and sucking on them for a while. Far more discreet than blazing up a public place and if you can pull it off, you might find you look pretty cool in the process. You might…but no guarantees on that one.



One of the best things about cannabis-infused honey is the way in which you’ll find literally a thousand different uses for it. And if you happen to grow your own cannabis, you’ll find it pretty easy to make your own cannabis-infused honey too. If you’re fond of your ‘wake n bake’ routine but not so keen on smoking in the early hours, this comes highly recommended.


Sunflower Seeds

For real? Apparently so – all thanks to some genius who decided that the time had come to take normal sunflower seeds and ‘medicate’ them with 100mg of THC in every bag. If discretion is your thing, this is about as good as it gets.


Chocolate Covered Blueberries

Last but not least, one of the biggest hits to emerge for a while now arrives in a rather unexpected form. A tidy little tin containing 22 decadent chocolate covered blueberries, which just so happen to have 5mg of THC baked into every one of them. Creative cannabis edibles that don’t just exist to get you high – they’re pretty damn delicious too!


          Sweet Dreams: Five Cannabis Strains to Aid Restful Sleep         

All over the world, big-name pharmaceutical companies are doing their all to sell you an endless range of chemicals to help you sleep at night. The way we see it, anyone looking to enjoy a peaceful, restful and healthy night’s sleep would be far better off looking at the natural means available to them, rather than the usual chemical cocktails.


It might be a while before the average Joe can buy marijuana seeds in the United Kingdom and legally do anything useful with them. Still, those fortunate enough to reside in more open-minded regions are free to revel in all of pot’s prestige and prowess – be it for good times, stress-reduction or fighting a bout of temporary insomnia.


Though there are plenty of types of cannabis that help prompt a good night’s sleep, indica-dominant cannabis tends to be the best for this job. It’s estimated that up to 50% of people will from time to time struggle with insomnia – and the medical community is still struggling to come up with something safe, effective and free from worrying side-effects.


Does it already exist in the form of marijuana? Some would certainly say so. We reckon that if you try out any of the following strains for yourself, you’ll no doubt find that the killer night’s sleep you’ve been craving was just a joint or two away:


Blue Cheese

Bringing together UK Cheese and Blueberry resulted in the creation of a world-renowned weed strain for well and truly relaxing tired muscles. Starting these plants from pot seeds is relatively easy and harvesting is possible after around 60 days of flowering. Widely used as a chronic pain treatment, Blue Cheese has an immediate and significant relaxing and sedating effect on the body and mind in equal measures. The fact that it is also famed for its gorgeous aromas and taste simply serves as a welcome bonus!


Northern Lights

If you’re out for the kind of smoke that basically lets gravity take over and results in guaranteed ‘couch-lock’, then chances are you won’t go wrong with Northern Lights. Another internationally recognised strain, Northern Lights is a fantastic choice for heavy relaxation though it doesn’t tick many social boxes when consumed in large quantities. If you’re looking to be put quite dreamily on your back and drift off into a hazy abyss of total relaxation, it’s definitely worth your time.



One of the biggest bonuses for those who set up a growing effort with Critical is its promise of supremely high yields. In fact, just 7 weeks of flowering can lead to a pretty mind-blowing yield of up to 600g/m². In terms of its effects, Critical has indeed earned critical acclaim across the weed community for its ability to serve as a base for all manner of sleep remedies. Not that you have to be too creative – just give it a shot on its own and you’ll soon see what all the fuss is about.


OG Kush

Another highly generous strain that never fails to deliver huge yields after about 8 weeks of flowering, OG Kush is a supremely popular strain from Northern California. Often the go-to for stoners looking to work on their sleeping habits, OG Kush delivers a strong yet not overpowering effect that brings both body and mind into a state of real tranquillity. Its relaxing properties can be felt in an instant and only continue to intensify over time.


Royal Domina

Last but not least, if you can get your hands on an order of Royal Domina (or buy marijuana seeds to grow your own), sleeplessness really isn’t an option. Above and beyond each of the strains listed above, Royal Domina tops the table when it comes to seriously deep relaxation. A few hits and you’re well on your way to the rest you’ve been craving. If this Spanish strain doesn’t work for you, chances are there isn’t any cannabis on Earth that will!


          Marijuana Arrests Plummet as NYC Weed Ticketing Policy Bears Fruit…Sort of!         

Across most of the United States, the attitudes of lawmakers toward marijuana finally seem to be shifting in a positive direction. The phrase ‘better late than never’ springs to mind, though of course for folks in the United Kingdom, it’s all very by the by.


Today’s big news comes from New York City where it appears pot smokers in general are now statistically less likely to get arrested, simply for doing what they love to do. Or at least that’s the case across a number of precincts anyway, with the New York Post having reported that as of October 20, arrests relating to marijuana offenses have dropped a massive 40% over the past year.


That’s getting on for half of all marijuana arrests, simply disappearing in the course of the year. When you think about all that precious time that can be spent doing more important cop things – (insert your own generic cop joke here) – it’s a hell of a difference over a seriously short period of time.   


In one respect, it is no real surprise as New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio gave the city his word in 2014 that those caught with small amounts of weed would no longer be arrested. Some didn’t see his word coming good, but it has – or at least that’s the picture the statistics paint. According to the New York City Police Department, a total of 18,120 arrests were made for offences relating to marijuana as of October 20. By contrast, the same 12-month stretch the year prior saw 29,906 arrests being chalked up.


Which all makes for a very reassuring reading for the tens of thousands of stoners in NYC now having at least one less thing to be paranoid about. Nevertheless, when looking a little closer at the bigger picture, it seems the softly-softly approach to weed tolerance isn’t something that’s being adopted consistently or in a widespread basis, as there are some rather large discrepancies from one area of the city to the next.


De Blasio’s promise to no longer arrest those with no more than 25g of weed on their person went live a while ago, with those being busted simply being given a ticket instead. Unsurprisingly, ticket issuing rates have exploded across the entire city, with some areas having brought back almost no weed arrests at all while others head in the opposite direction. As for what’s causing this, experts suggest that the new law has put the local police force in a rather tricky situation as on one hand they now have the power to basically let pot smokers get away with nothing but a ticket, but on the other there’s a clear line with regard to quantities. So it’s tempting to imagine that some patrolling officers are being heavy handed, while others are letting people get away with perhaps more than they should.


Still, even if there’s quite a bit of imbalance…which it appears there is…arrests for marijuana crimes are still down exponentially and the ticketing system is pulling in extra cash. But at the same time, it’s all very much a mixed message from a city where marijuana use as a whole remains illegal, at least in a technical sense.


Whichever way you look at it, it’s still an enormous step forward on the path toward comprehensive common sense tolerance.



          Weed Vs Alcohol – A Debate With 114 Obvious Answers        

So the big news in the weed world right now is of course that of the UK government apparently gearing up for its first meaningful discussion and debate on the subject of cannabis decriminalisation in that pretty much forever. The petition was filed, the signature list grew in excess of 200,000 and backers of a change in the law are popping up all over the place.  


Nevertheless, it’s in exactly these times that equally abundant critics creep out of the woodwork and once again voice a thousand and one ill-conceived and unfounded arguments against weed legalisation. Unsurprisingly, perhaps the single most commonly-voiced criticism of all is that of marijuana’s apparent existence as a potential scourge on society, a hugely harmful drug, a gateway drug that leads to the use of even more harmful drugs and a substance which in all respects represents an extreme and unacceptable danger to the nation’s youth.


If you need to leave for a moment to grab yourself a barf bag, feel free.


Nevertheless, it never helps to get too fired up and aggressively defensive when it comes to countering the arguments of naysayers as the simple fact of the matter is that it is the weed community that has science and reason on its side. This is a great time to revisit an important study for which the findings were published a little earlier this year. 


Even today in an age when science and hard evidence should dictate when and how these kinds of decisions are made, there is still a quite hilarious lack of logic and balance. When a team of researchers set out to draw a line under exactly whether or not weed could be considered even remotely as harmful as alcohol, even they had no idea that in a wholly scientific sense, marijuana is in fact 114 times less harmful than booze.


This isn’t a theory, it’s a fact.


It’s therefore almost impossible to believe that the United Kingdom is still living in an era where cannabis is considered a class B drug, having been bumped up from its previous classification in 2009 when it was declared a bigger danger than alcohol. And of course, the fact that this all went on while much of the world was finally starting to accept and explore the incredible potential benefits of cannabis is all the more depressing.


But what’s perhaps most depressing of all is the reality of how it would be if things were the other way around and alcohol was the so-called ‘new’ drug threatening society. If this was the case, each and every tabloid would be consumed entirely with printing scare stories about this devastating drug which on a daily, even hourly basis was leading to fatal health problems, violence on the streets, hideously antisocial behaviour, domestic violence, massive depression and so on and so forth – all of which just so happened to be 100% scientifically backed tales of terror.


Of course this isn’t the case at all as while all of the above is entirely true, alcohol is not only permitted, but can be advertised and glamorised to such an extent that pretty much every kid hitting their teenage years cannot wait to hit the bottle.  Suffice to say, the vast fortune in taxes all of this contributes to the government doesn’t harm things either.


So what we’re left with is a situation where a substance that is 114 times more dangerous and harmful than cannabis is as accepted, tolerated and indeed celebrated as anything else on the market. By contrast, evidence continues to mount that cannabis has the potential to be nothing less than beneficial, yet it takes hundreds of thousands of people to pretty much force the government into even entertaining the notion of a policy change.


Regardless of personal opinions on the matter, there’s really no debating the fact that to continue ignoring the facts would be detrimental for all involved.




          British Government Confirms Weed Debate…But Don’t Hold Your Breath        

So the one thing that’s becoming clear as time passes is that the United Kingdom is falling embarrassingly behind so many other western nations when it comes to having realistic attitudes and policies regarding cannabis. Actually, that’s quite embarrassing, as what we’ve also learned categorically is that when cannabis legalisation actually happens on a relatively large scale, it doesn’t breed complete and total anarchy or the collapse of society in general.


The fact that Colorado and Washington State seem to be doing pretty well these days can confirm what we’ve suspected all along…weed is good and the people want it.


Nevertheless, the British government has continually refused to even discuss the subject of cannabis legalisation and has instead chosen to remain stubbornly attached to entirely unfounded values from a time long forgotten.  

However, things may finally be heading at least partially in the right direction as it is now confirmed that the UK government will indeed discuss the subject of creating a cannabis industry this month. The debate will take place on October 12 and will cover pretty much anything and everything of importance with regard to possible decriminalization of marijuana. Of course, the fact that this is only happening because of such an enormous response to an official governmental petition makes it all a rather sad issue to say the least – common sense it appears was never going to prevail.


But that’s all by the by, as the petition has now blazed beyond 216,000 signatures though only 100,000 are needed in order for the matter to be officially debated.  And the number is still climbing too, as a growing number of forward thinking and realistic people from up and down Great Britain no longer refuse to sit around moaning about the fact that they’re being left behind.


“Legalising cannabis could bring in £900m in taxes every year, save £400m on policing cannabis and create over 10,000 new jobs,” reads the petition at https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/104349.


“A substance that is safer than alcohol, and has many uses. It is believed to have been used by humans for over 4000 years, being made illegal in the UK in 1925.”


So the the House of Commons is officially billed to begin debating the subject early next month, which will include discussion with regard to exactly how much marijuana should be considered appropriate to personal use, whether cultivation and retailing marijuana should be permitted if at all and basically how the decriminalisation of cannabis will benefit the UK.


In terms of how the whole thing will pan out, in the typically small-minded working ethos of those who are supposed to openly discuss and consider all such matters in accordance with public interests, a response has already been issued which gives the distinct impression that they have already made their minds up.


“Cannabis can unquestionably cause harm to individuals and society. Legalisation of cannabis would not eliminate the crime committed by the illicit trade, nor would it address the harms associated with drug dependence and the misery that this can cause to families,” reads the response.

“Despite the potential opportunity offered by legalisation to raise revenue through taxation, there would be costs in relation to administrative, compliance and law enforcement activities, as well as the wider costs of drug prevention and health services.”


And there you have it – a clear intent to oppose and eliminate the use of marijuana by investing precious and priceless resources in preventing its supply and use, rather than in any way looking to work with the people for a mutually beneficial and far more workable long-term plan.


          World’s First ‘Weed Wedding’ a Life-Changing Experience…Apparently!        

If you’re the kind of person who’s more likely to shudder at the thought of another boring wedding than show any real enthusiasm, let’s just say you’re far from in the minority. In fact, most people will tell you – assuming they’re being honest that is – that weddings don’t exactly rank highly on their lists of enjoyable exploits, though tend to be sure-fire bets for reeling off excuses not to turn up.


However, if there were more weddings out there that were even remotely like that of John Elledge and Whitney Alexander, chances are you’d be begging for an invitation – even if you’ve never met either of them in your life. This happy couple from Oregon not only made international headlines but also to a large extent made history last month when they threw the first official and 100% legal weed-wedding.


The setting really couldn’t have been better – the party took place on the family Christmas tree farm surrounded by nothing but nature’s finest offerings. And they weren’t confined to the great outdoors either, as the star of the show at the wedding was a huge weed tent the couple erected which they freely admit transformed what would’ve been a run of the mill wedding reception into "a life-changing event".


In terms of how it all went down, whereas most of us might have a tent or two erected and filled with the usual cakes, and refreshments and a contender for the world’s cheesiest DJ, this couple installed their very own pot bar where guests could have their fill of pretty much anything and everything they fancied. In an interview with USA Today, Mr Elledge said that there were no less than 13 different types of marijuana on offer to choose from, along with a professional ‘bud tender’ charged with the job of making sure every guest got their hands on their perfect pot.


Oh and just for the record, Mr Elledge is in fact a professional marijuana grower, so in that respect it’s not exactly surprising that he’d put on such an epic bash.


“We were shocked, utterly shocked at the response,” he said while being interviewed.


“I’m still getting 15 to 20 texts a day from people saying what a life-changing event that was and what a great experience it was to have a smoke tent there,”


“With the new recreational laws [in Oregon] you can only have up to eight ounces on private property.  We had 13 different strains there.”


He also revealed that one of the party’s oldest guests – an 81-year-old woman – was sure to drop by the weed tent for a toke of the good stuff.


“She hadn’t smoked weed since the ‘60s.  She loved it!” he added.


To read the story can be rather bittersweet to say the least as depending on where you happen to be based, it all begins to look and feel a little bit like a party you’re never going to be invited to…quite literally, in this case. It’s nothing short of extraordinary to see how some of the world’s forward-thinking countries and regions are evolving and advancing through and new era of sensible cannabis tolerance, rather than simply sticking with archaic laws and policies which no longer make any sense.


Oregon made history by becoming the very first North American state to effectively legalize cannabis when carried or owned in small amounts, and also became one of the first states to permit research, development and use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Several other American states have already followed suit and more are expected to follow soon enough – international communities like the United Kingdom on the other hand…well, let’s just say holding your breath may not be wise at this stage.



          New Law Could Decriminalize Marijuana in Massachusetts        

Slowly but surely, one step at a time, the United States is taking greater strides than ever to becoming the western world’s largest weed-tolerant nation. Of course it still has a hell of a long way to go with only a couple of states so far having decriminalized the stuff, but at the same time it’s way better progress than is being made elsewhere…like the United Kingdom, for example.


The latest news concerns another US state which looks to be heading closer toward weed legalization than ever before. Should the new house bill, H.1561, find its way into action, Massachusetts law would be dramatically changed with the word ‘marijuana’ itself being removed from the state’s criminal code. Or at least, the vast majority of it.


What’s interesting about the situation in Massachusetts is the way in which the moves being made toward greater weed tolerance are a markedly different proposition than those put forward when Washington and Colorado made their own changes. The proposition made by Boston lawmakers would see marijuana technically brought into the same bracket as alcohol, meaning that while it would in most respects be totally legal, it would also be highly-controlled and heavily taxed.


The bill itself focuses on the way in which current marijuana laws across the United States are dated, counterproductive and of no real benefit to the people. It is estimated that by the end of the year, around 700,000 arrests will be made in the US for weed offenses in 2015 alone. The overwhelming majority of drug arrests in the US are for weed offenses, an alarming proportion of all arrests are made in relation to marijuana and it’s incredibly rare for any of these arrests to lead any kind of conviction or further action being taken. As such, advocates for the bill insist that this represents hundreds of thousands of police hours being wasted every year on pursuits that are well and truly pointless.


“… a century of criminal prohibition has failed to stop the production, distribution and use of marijuana,” the bill states, “… sustained enforcement efforts reasonably cannot be expected to accomplish that aim.”


According to those behind the bill, the new system will be “informed by the success of education and treatment — instead of arrest and incarceration — to reduce adult and adolescent use of tobacco and alcohol, two substances with far greater documented harm to public health than marijuana.”


Should the Cannabis Regulation and Taxation Act of 2016 go ahead as planned, it will also open the door for weed cafes, grow shops and a generally boom in the industrial hemp industry, guaranteed to generate billions for the federal government. Undoubtedly one of the most forward-thinking and generally workable initiatives outlined to date, the bill would put similar restrictions on weed as already exist for alcohol. Those selling or giving weed to minors for example would face up to 12 months in jail and a $2,000 fine, while those buying or using weed without meeting minimum age requirements would be fined $100.


On the whole, the bill’s backers insist that the move could bring about not just a more relaxed attitude to weed in general, but greater education on the subject and a much more proactive push toward sensible and beneficial weed use on the largest scale to date. Of course, critics continue to insist that the legalization of weed will bring about nothing more than chaos and anarchy the likes of which the world has never before seen, despite states like Washington and Colorado having proven the exact opposite.


Still, you can’t please all of the people all of the time, can you?





          PR Longgarkan Cengkaman BN        
ANALISIS : Meskipun bertarung dengan seluruh jentera kerajaan dan sumber kewangan Barisan Nasional, Pakatan  Rakyat  memenangi  dua kali ganda jumlah kerusi pada pilihanraya negeri kali ini, sekali gus menyampaikan mesej bahawa Ketua Menteri Abdul Taib Mahmud perlu berundur segera.
DAP mencapai kejayaan paling besar, memenangi 12 kerusi berbanding 6 sebelumnya, manakala Parti Keadilan Rakyat menang tiga kerusi berbanding hanya satu pada tahun 2006.

Walaupun kejayaan itu jauh daripada mencukupi untuk menafikan BN majoriti  dua pertiga, ia sudah cukup untuk menghantar mesej jelas kepada Putrajaya dan Perdana Menteri Najib Razak iaitu:

Sarawak tidak lagi boleh dianggap simpanan tetap BN pada pilihanraya umum DAN Taib harus berundur segera sebelum BN bertarung di peringkat Parlimen pada pilihanraya umum kelak. 

Keputusan DUN Sarawak menunjukkan sekurang-kurangnya tujuh atau lapan kerusi Parlimen sekitar Kuching, Sibu dan Miri adalah “kawasan hitam" bagi  BN yang pasti memberi kesan kepada jangka hayat Taib sebagai Ketua Menteri Sarawak.

Keputusan setakat ini  yang menyaksikan BN menang sekurang-kurangnya 56 kerusi dan Pakatan 16  memberi isyarat paling jelas kepada Najib bahawa beliau belum boleh selesa mengharapkan kemenangan mutlak pada pilihanraya umum akan datang. 

Di atas kertas, kemenangan lebih dua pertiga BN itu adalah meyakinkan, tetapi tidak ada sesiapa akan menafikan  bahawa BN terpaksa membelanjakan jumlah wang yang besar dan menurunkan seluruh jentera Kerajaan Persekutuan untuk memperolehi keputusan itu.

Hakikat adalah prestasi BN merudum kali ini berbanding dengan kemenangan 63 daripada 71 kerusi pada tahun 2006, bermakna trend sokongan rakyat untuk BN terus menyusut.   

Sekali imbas, BN kali ini  berhadapan dengan sebuah Pembangkang yang masih tidak mempunyai sumber kewangan atau kemudahan untuk menyaingi pemerintah.

Namun rekod Taib selama 30 tahun menerajui Sarawak yang dibelit dengan dakwaan rasuah, rampasan tanah dan penyelewengan kuasa mendorong pengundi bandar, khususnya kaum Cina untuk menolak BN.

BN kalah semua lima kerusi yang dipertandingkan di Kuching kepada DAP dan Parti Keadilan Rakyat.

SUPP parti kedua terbesar dalam BN Sarawak  ditolak sepenuhnya di ibu negeri Sarawak itu. 

Presiden parti itu Dr George Chan pula kalah kepada calon DAP di Piasau Miri, keputusan yang mencerminkan sentimen pengundi terhadap BN pimpinan Taib yang merupakan besan Chan.   

Kerusi Batu Kawah pula dimenangi DAP dengan sokongan pengundi bumiputera, yang menunjukkan DAP tidak bergantung sepenuhnya kepada pengundi Cina untuk menang.  

Bagi PKR,  usaha membawa angin perubahan ke kawasan pedalaman, khususnya rumah panjang Dayak dan Iban tidak mencapai keputusan yang diharapkan sungguhpun parti itu menang tiga kerusi berbanding  satu sebelumnya.

Sesiapa yang arif dengan politik Sarawak akur dengan misi PKR dalam cuba menghebahkan mesej”ubah perintah” dengan segala kekangan logistik dan kewangan  berbanding BN yang menjelajah ke seluruh pelosok Sarawak menggunakan helikopter dan feri-feri  tempah khas.

Ini ditambah dengan penguasaan seluruh media arus perdana yang dilarang memberi liputan kepada ceramah pembangkang.

Laman-laman media alternatif  pula digodam termasuk TVSelangor, Malaysiakini dan HarakahDaily di dalam Negara dan Sarawak Report di United Kingdom.

Meskipun kalah di sebilangan banyak kerusi,  jumlah undi yang dipungut PKR di sesetengah kawasan memberi harapan kepada PKR untuk memberi  cabaran yang lebih sengit dalam empat tahun lagi.  

Kemenangan Pengerusi PKR Baru Bian di Be’kalalan  tentunya membanggakan Pakatan Rakyat  dan menjanjikan perjuangan lebih jitu untuk mendapatkan semula hak penduduk asal yang  kehilangan tanah adat mereka kepada pemimpin BN dan kroni mereka.
          Titanic, 100 Years Later, Part II (Episode 96)        
One hundred years ago this month, the RMS Titanic sank after striking an iceberg on her maiden voyage from the United Kingdom to New York City. Nearly three-quarters of the 2,200 people on board the ship perished. In recognition of this anniversary, this episode features a moving interview with Jim Delgado, Director of Maritime Heritage with NOS's Office of National Marine Sanctuaries. This is the second half of a two-part interview. Episode permanent link and show notes
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One hundred years ago this month, the RMS Titanic sank after striking an iceberg on her maiden voyage from the United Kingdom to New York City. Nearly three-quarters of the 2,200 people on board the ship perished. In recognition of this anniversary, this episode features a moving interview with Jim Delgado, Director of Maritime Heritage with NOS's Office of National Marine Sanctuaries. You don't want to miss this one. This is the first half of a special two-part series. Episode permanent link and show notes
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Need to go on holiday desperately, but can’t afford to go far? While the misfortunes of the British Pound in the past year have made it tough to afford the usual foreign holiday spots, there are plenty of excellent destinations located within the bounds of the United Kingdom. This summer, enjoy a Guernsey holiday for […]

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          2007 America’s Health Rankings Show a Decline in the Overall Health of the Nation        
The following is a press release from American Public Health Association.

Analysis shows Vermont, Minnesota and Hawaii are nation’s healthiest states; Mississippi and Louisiana rank as least-healthy states

WASHINGTON, D.C. – November 5, 2007 – The overall health of the nation declined over the past year, despite progress made in several key health indicators, according to a report launched today by United Health Foundation, the American Public Health Association (APHA) and Partnership for Prevention. The 18th annual edition of America's Health Rankings: A Call to Action for People & Their Communities measures the overall healthiness of states and the nation using a comprehensive and longitudinal set of related health determinants and health outcomes. The report indicates that the overall health of the nation declined by a rate of 0.3 percent since last year.

While this report, and others, show there have been modest gains in reducing the rates of cancer and cardiovascular mortality, these improvements continue to be dwarfed by increasing obesity, increasing numbers of uninsured people, children in poverty and the persistence of risky health behaviors, such as tobacco use and violent crime -- all of which have a significant impact on the overall healthiness of the nation.

"Even though specific mortality rates have improved, this report shows there are still many people who, through unhealthy personal behaviors, adverse community environments and difficult access to care, are vulnerable to a future life of poor health -- which is essentially preventable," said Reed Tuckson, M.D., member of the board of United Health Foundation. "The consequence of this reality manifests itself in a poor quality of life, people living with chronic disease, compromised productivity and significant escalation in the costs associated with managing chronic illness."

This lack of progress is in sharp contrast to the nation's average annual improvement of 1.5 percent between 1990 and 2000. In fact, since 2000, there has been a virtual stagnation in health improvement. The failure to demonstrate progress is particularly worrisome given that the U.S. continues to trail other nations in important health indicators such as infant mortality and healthy life expectancy.

Once again, this year's report provides a ranking of the healthiness of each state. Vermont surpassed Minnesota as the healthiest state in the nation this year, with Minnesota (2), Hawaii (3), New Hampshire (4) and Connecticut (5) rounding out the top five.

The data also notes that Mississippi ranks as the least healthy state, with Louisiana (49), Arkansas (48), Oklahoma (47) and Tennessee (46) completing the bottom five. The publishers of the report note that every state – no matter its ranking – has its own set of unique challenges to confront and successes on which to build and from which other states can learn.

A National Health Analysis

This year the report analyzes a comprehensive set of 20 related health measures, such as smoking, binge drinking, violent crime, infectious disease, high school graduation, health status and several measures of mortality. The analysis of this comprehensive set of factors allows for a more complete and holistic view of the health of the nation than only death-related statistics. The following is a snapshot of the national findings:
  • Since the first report in 1990, America’s Health Rankings, using a consistent set of measures, has shown an 18.4 percent improvement in the nation's overall health. This national success can be attributed mostly to:
  1. The reduction of several health determinants, such as infectious diseases, smoking, infant mortality, cardiovascular deaths and violent crime.
  2. Fewer children living in poverty.
  3. More ninth graders graduating high school within four years now than in 1990.
  • Over the last six years, however, the nation’s health has virtually stagnated. Several reasons for the stagnation are obesity, a growing number of uninsured and persistent lack of progress in key health measures such as tobacco use, violent crime and children in poverty. Within the national environment, some states have addressed key health issues and improved, however others have not and are declining.

  • Obesity has increased from 11.6 percent of the population in 1990 to more than 25 percent today. More than 55 million Americans are obese and as a result are at significant risk for other diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and cancer.

  • According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of Americans who are uninsured has increased from 13.4 percent in 1990 to 15.8 percent of the population today. Up .5 percent from last year, an alarming 47 million Americans are living without health insurance. Tragically, more than nine million of the uninsured are children. According to the Institute of Medicine (IOM), people without health insurance are sicker and die sooner. IOM attributes 18,000 deaths per year to people under age 65 due to lack of insurance coverage.
The United States Compared to Other Nations

This year's report also looks at the U.S. compared to other nations. According to the 2007 Commonwealth Fund findings, the U.S. spends twice as much on health care than Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Despite this expenditure of health care assets, the U.S. continues to fall behind in several important indicators of health. For example:
  • Although the U.S. can now celebrate its highest life expectancy in history (77.9 years), 43 other countries still have life expectancies that are higher than the U.S., including Japan, Sweden, France, Canada, Italy and Australia. In fact, a baby born today in Japan has a life expectancy of 82.0 years and a baby born in the U.S. has a life expectancy of 77.9 years. If we look at a broader measure and compare healthy life expectancy – that is number of years of active, healthy life expected at birth – a baby girl in Japan can expect 78 years whereas a girl born in the U.S. can expect only 71 years of healthy life at birth. Once again, U.S. citizens continue to demonstrate unacceptably high burdens of illness.
"The health of the American people is not just about length of life, but it is also about quality of life," said John Clymer, president of Partnership for Prevention. "We must look to each other, but also to these other nations as examples to aid us in our efforts to improve health."

State-by-State Analysis

Several states exhibited noteworthy gains in overall health improvement. For example:
  • South Carolina had the highest overall health improvement with a 6.3 percent increase. Montana followed with a 4.6 percent increase, and Maryland and New Mexico both had a 4.5 percent increase in health status.

  • Vermont moved to the top of the list of healthiest states after a steady climb in the rankings for the past seven years. This is notable because it demonstrates that progress can be made. Vermont has made significant progress in several key areas:
  1. The prevalence of smoking declined from 21.5 percent in 2001 to 18.0 percent in 2007.
  2. Children in poverty declined from 16.1 percent in 2001 to 8.9 percent of persons under age 18 in 2007.
  3. In 2001, Vermont ranked only 29th in prenatal care – now it ranks 2nd.
  • Nebraska’s return to the top ten (it last appeared in the top ten in 1992). Nebraska notes a continued improvement in high school graduation rates – now the highest in the U.S. Nebraska also has experienced reductions in the last few years in the occupational fatality rate and violent crime.

  • After four years in the bottom ten, Georgia moved up to 40th place. Georgia has experienced a decline in the infectious disease rate, number of poor physical health days and prevalence of smoking.
Health Disparities among Populations

Given that America’s Health Rankings™ is specifically intended to provide opportunities for focused analysis and action to meet high priority local problems, documenting disparities in health status between populations has been, and continues to be, a major feature of the report. Once again, state-specific concerns are noted and national trends also are documented.
  • Disparities continue to exist in measures such as premature death (premature death measures the loss of life before age 75 in a population). The premature death rate for Blacks is almost 1.5 times than the rate for Whites.

  • Disparities also are growing between the Hispanic and non-Hispanic populations.

  • According to the National Healthcare Disparities Report, Hispanics receive poorer quality care than non-Hispanics and data indicates that this trend is getting worse, not better.

  • In terms of preventive care, the Hispanic population has the lowest percentage of people accessing regular dental care and colon cancer screenings – two key indicators of a population’s ability to stay healthy.
"Eliminating disparities in health requires a greater emphasis and focus on the root causes of poor access to care; differential access to quality medical care; and the social determinates that lead to unhealthy living conditions," said Georges C. Benjamin, M.D., FACP, FACEP (E), executive director of APHA. "Eliminating these disparities is a mechanism to improve the overall health status of the nation and advance our health rankings as compared to the rest of the world."

To view the entire report, please visit www.americashealthrankings.org or www.unitedhealthfoundation.org.
          AF wraps up Exercise Red Flag 17-1 in Nevada        
After three weeks of high-intensity missions, Exercise Red Flag 17-1 has concluded. A 200-strong contingent of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) personnel deployed to Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada with colleagues from the United States and United Kingdom. This year, Exercise Red Flag 17-1, also witnessed the United States Air Force (USAF) debut its F-35A Lightning II in the exercise. The training operates within the 31,000-square-kilometre Nevada Test and Training Range, which is tur...
          Sonar System Upgrade for Collins Class Submarines        
The Minister for Defence Industry, the Hon Christopher Pyne MP, today announced that Thales Australia has been awarded a $100 million contract to design a major sonar system upgrade for Collins class submarines. Minister Pyne said Thales Australia will engage other Australian-based companies including Sonartech Atlas and L3 Oceania, as well as suppliers from the United Kingdom (UK) and France to design the Collins sonar system upgrade. "The sonar system upgrade will install improved sonar...
          In-Service Support Contract Awarded for HMAS Choules        
The Australian Government has awarded an in-service support contract to maintain the Bay-Class Landing Ship Dock, HMAS Choules, over the next two years. The maintenance contract awarded to Atlantic & Peninsula Australia Pty Ltd (A&P Australia) is a fixed-price performance-based commercial arrangement. The contact has an initial value of $60.6 million and will see the continuation of nearly 30 jobs in the Sydney region. With a growing maritime industry in Australian, United Kingdom-based co...
          Firebrand announce the fourth winner of Free Training For Life         
Our fourth Free Training For Life competition has finally come to an end. Over 14,000 people entered from 104 countries for a chance to win free access to our entire portfolio of accelerated courses, for life.

We’re now pleased to announce the lucky winner of the 2016/17 Free Training For Life competition!

Say hello to the winner

Firebrand Training is pleased to announce that Jennifer Hamling-Hills, an experienced project coordinator based in the United Kingdom is this year’s Free Training For Life winner.

Jennifer has won this life changing award, gaining unrestricted access to accelerated, world-class training from the industry’s leading vendors including Microsoft, EC-Council, CompTIA, ISACA, Cisco, The Open Group, AXELOS and many more.

Jennifer had this to say about winning this prize worth over £1 million:

“Amazing, unbelievable, I’m still coming down! Learning I had been shortlisted while on holiday in Spain was a bit surreal. Being told the following day was just amazing. I felt completely lifted and excited. Still only just sinking in”.

Firebrand's Co-founder and Commercial Director Robert Chapman presents Jennifer Hamling-Hills with the Free Training For Life prize. 

“All of these skills will make both myself and my CV a more attractive package to prospective recruiters and could boost my earning potential for years to come. I’m 100% focused on my new learning journey”.

Where to begin?

Having worked in project management for over a decade Jennifer has always wanted to get the official credentials to go alongside her wealth of experience.

Jennifer has her target set on the accelerated PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner certification  as her first course. Here, she’ll learn to implement a scalable, process-based approach to project management.

After this Jennifer has expressed interest in the PRINCE2 Agile the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis certifications. Her long-term aspirations also include gaining a professional Microsoft certification to prove her SharePoint and Office 365 skills.  

Jennifer went on to say: “This for me is the start of something big. I’m raring to go”.

Jennifer’s prize will allow her access to our growing list of 400+ accelerated courses and won’t have to pay a penny for training, exams, course books, food or accommodation. Not to mention, Jennifer can undertake her training in any of Firebrand’s purpose-built centres across Europe and the Middle East.

Join our previous winners

Jennifer joins previous winners Joseph Guthrie, Mario Henkel and Darren Edmondson as the fourth winner of this annual prize.

You can join our previous winners as we’ve just relaunched the Free Training For Life competition for the fifth time!

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India Grapples with Specter of Failing States

by Sultan Shahin [from Asia Times]


NEW DELHI - For the past five years or more, India was almost exclusively obsessed with facing threats from Pakistan. Also, it has been busy promoting its emerging "big power status" and lobbying for a permanent veto-wielding United Nations Security Council seat. Playing its "rightful role" in world affairs was the goal. Now suddenly, it is seized with the nightmarish vision of two potentially failing steps on its eastern doorstep, one likely to be soon overrun by Maoists with links to Indian radicals of the same hue, and the other dominated by Islamic fundamentalists with links to al-Qaeda and Pakistani extremists. Indeed, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is also predicting that Pakistan could be a failed state by 2015.

India seems not to know how to respond to events unfolding in Nepal and Bangladesh. Right-wing opposition is pillorying the government for what it calls its knee-jerk reactions. But some good may come out of this as New Delhi focuses its sights closer home. The Ministry of External Affairs has, however, promised to come out with its South Asian strategy soon.

When Nepal's King Gyanendra seized power on February 1, India reacted angrily, according to its first impulses; democratic, as democracy had been trampled on; and super-powerish, as its specific advice to the king not to go ahead with the widely suspected coup had been ignored, thus challenging India's pre-eminent status in the region.

Much sanctimonious posturing and pretentious outrage ensued. A regional summit meeting was postponed as a democratic leader of India couldn't be seen shaking hands with a constitutional monarch who had assumed power, put political leaders under house arrest, jailed journalists and suspended civil liberties. A planned visit of the army chief was also canceled.

Now the democratic impulse has run its course, super-powerish rage has subsided, and a sense of reality has set in. New Delhi cannot afford to disengage with Nepal and thus leave the door open for China and Pakistan to step in and perhaps establish a permanent military presence on India's northeastern borders. Following in the footsteps of China and Pakistan, therefore, India's Defense Minister Pranab Mukherjee, too, has called the developments an internal matter of Nepal. India said last Wednesday its response to the recent developments in Nepal would be dictated by the clout of the Maoists agitating for the abolition of the monarchy in the Himalayan kingdom.

A meeting of the Indo-Nepal joint security group that was to be held later this month to work out details of supplies that the Royal Nepal Army (RNA) needs has now been called off. But speaking in his capacity as a member of the Cabinet Committee on Security, the defense minter said, "We recognize that if the security situation [in Nepal] deteriorates due to increased Maoist influence, it will heighten our own internal security threat. It is not an ordinary thing if they [Maoists] increase their influence and strength in the neighboring Himalayan kingdom. If Maoist activity is not constrained, this may cause problems to us." Mukherjee explained, "There is extremist activity in a large number of our states. Because of the porous border, there is a threat perception that once they [Maoists] exert more influence in Nepal, there will be an impact here. Our policy will be keeping that in view."

Already, fearing a crackdown following the assumption of all powers by Gyanendra, a number of senior political leaders and activists have slipped into India's bordering states, Uttaranchal, West Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand, causing a lot of concern among security agencies. Some cadres of the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) have reportedly sneaked into West Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand, where they could indulge in extortion and get into clashes with other Maoist groups.

According to a report submitted by the intelligence agencies to the Home Ministry, CPN cadres had slipped through the porous India-Nepal border and could be now engaged in extortion rackets in Jharkhand and Bihar. The presence of CPN cadres has the potential to spark bloody clashes with the Maoist Communist Center (MCC) and the People's War Group (PWG), which already operate in the two states and are engaged in extortion rackets themselves. In fact, there have already been some reports of clashes between the CPN and the MCC, but none have turned too ugly so far.

It seems India's military relationship with Nepal is also not going to be affected as a result of the monarch's coup. Revealing that the Nepal army had sent a communique to the Indian army seeking continuance of friendly relations, Mukherjee said India had responded "along the same lines". He continued, "The missive did not specifically seek additional arms and equipment to counter the Maoists and India had stated that close bilateral military ties should continue. We have a long-standing relationship with the RNA. That relationship stands.

"The RNA wanted reiteration of the same policy," added the defense minister, number two in India's government hierarchy. And, of course, India has obliged. India recently supplied helicopters, mine-proof vehicles, guns and ammunition to the RNA to counter the Maoists. A second tranche reportedly is in the offing, but the minister did not specify whether it would go through in the present circumstances or whether specific requests for any military hardware had been made.

The Bangladesh headache

New Delhi shows similar ambivalence and what its critics term "cluelessness" in dealing with the other potentially failing state, on its eastern border, the Islamic Republic of Bangladesh. The National Awami Party-led and Islamic fundamentalist-supported government of Prime Minister Khaleda Zia keeps thumbing its nose at India, allowing Indian rebels from northeastern states a sanctuary, though constantly denying their presence, and allowing militants to make assassination bids on secular leaders who campaign for friendship with secular, democratic India.

Former prime minister Sheikh Hasina Wajed, the only surviving daughter of the father of Bangladesh liberation and former prime minister Sheikh Mujibur Rehman, barely survived an assassination attempt last August, and the widely respected former finance minister in her government, Shah A S Kibria, was killed in an Islamist bomb attack on his political rally a couple of weeks ago.

In its bid to work out a coherent policy toward these neighbors, in whose functioning as normal, secular democratic states India has a great stake, impinging on its own long-term security, the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is at present focused on two primary questions, sources in the government told Asia Times Online.

One, should the government adopt a carrot or/and stick policy, and to what measure toward whom? Two, should New Delhi try to solve these problems through a bilateral or a multilateral approach involving the United Nations, or world powers such as the United States and the United Kingdom, and/or regional powers like China and Pakistan?

In the context of the first question, some sections in the government have resurrected the love doctrine of depending on carrots propounded and implemented for some time by former prime minister Inder Kumar Gujral. This is also known as the Gujral doctrine. Gujral is a former congressman who led a government in the mid-1990s very much similar to the present UPA government in its orientation and support structure, except that the Congress Party then was supported from outside. He had started implementing it as a foreign minister in an earlier Deve Gowda-led government of what was then a "third front" supported by the Congress Party.

The Gujral doctrine primarily stood for India as a big power being magnanimous in its dealings with smaller neighbors and not to expect reciprocity from them every time it gave them a concession. It was very successful in earning the respect and affection of the smaller South Asian neighbors that surround India. As President General Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan told this correspondent at a luncheon table in Lahore a couple of months ago, when a smaller country makes a unilateral concession it is considered a surrender to big-power politics, but when the same gesture is shown by a big power, it is called generosity and magnanimity. Clearly, there are many takers for the Gujral doctrine in India's complex neighborhood.

The one time India was genuinely popular in the neighborhood, as the Times of India wrote in one of its editorials some time ago, was during the short stint of Gujral of the socialist Janata Dal, who was sensitive to the fears of smaller neighbors. The Gujral doctrine of assisting neighbors without expecting them to reciprocate was criticized by hawks in the establishment for giving in to pressure from India's smaller neighbors, but obviously it proved the more successful policy. The newspaper reminded its readers that India had a reasonably good relationship with all its neighbors before the Hindu fundamentalist Bhartiya Janata Party-led coalition government of Atal Bihari Vajpayee took office in 1998.

The Vajpayee government theorized that India would be better able to project its big-power status on the world scene if it succeeded in making its neighbors fear India's military power, and thus respect its dictates. But the near-contempt with which even the smallest and weakest of its neighbors treat India makes it clear that the sticks-only policy failed. Most distressingly for many observers, these neighbors, like Nepal and Bangladesh, are on the verge of becoming failed states and are almost wholly dependent on India for their survival. They are called "India-locked" due to their multiple dependencies on India for a variety of geopolitical reasons. And yet they neither love nor fear India.

Hawkish supporters of the Hindu fundamentalist doctrine explain the failure of this policy by complaining that Vajpayee did not implement it fully. For instance, India never bombed insurgents and civilian areas where they may be hiding in Kashmir or the northeast from the air in the manner of the US in Iraq or Russia in Chechnya or Israel with the Palestinians. How then could India expect to be feared by its insurgents and neighbors, they ask.

Right-wing columnist Swapan Dasgupta, for instance, comments, "King Gyanendra's faith in his own leadership may well be misplaced, but the South Asian experience suggests that non-ethnic insurgencies are rarely settled by following democratic niceties. The Naxalites [Maoists] in West Bengal, the Khalistanis in Punjab and the JVP [People's Liberation Front] in Sri Lanka were defeated by meticulous military operations that violated every clause of the human-rights charter. Saving democracy entailed putting democracy on the back-burner."

Mainstream India is, however, wiser by experience. Even half a million soldiers have not been able to pacify Kashmiri insurgency, despite cross-border infiltration having come to a virtual halt for nearly a year and a half. Neither has the US been successful in Iraq, nor the Russians in Chechnya, nor the Israelis in Palestine, despite the unrestricted use of brute force for years. With three-fourths of Nepal already under Maoist control, and vast masses of people on their side, the Nepalese king, with his 80,000 soldiers, who were primarily palace guards, though recently equipped with modern weapons by India and the US, hardly stand a chance of success in the near future.

Academic Pratap Bhanu Mehta takes a more balanced approach. His diagnosis and lament: "A great power ought to be loved or feared, or both. We do not offer carrots that are attractive enough for our neighbors to love us; our stick is not strong enough for them to fear us. We yet again helplessly watch Nepal drift by. We do not appear to have the military capabilities to transplant democracy or bring the Maoists to heel. Nor do we have other forms of soft power to greatly influence the outcome. We once again are left to pick up the pieces."

On the question of whether to take a bilateral or a multilateral approach, almost the entire media and a good chunk of intelligentsia advise the government to take a multilateral approach, and globalize the conflict in Nepal, as well as the growing Islamist threat in Bangladesh. India has, however, traditionally disliked the idea of international intervention in the South Asian region, which it considers its own turf. Inviting others would be an admission of failure on its part, it is felt by large sections in the bureaucracy. It was only with reluctance and rather a sense of helplessness that Delhi recently acknowledged US forces as having a role to play in providing relief in tsunami-hit Sri Lanka.

There is strong resistance in the government to thinking about South Asian security in multilateral terms. Taking the Kashmir dispute to the UN has not been a good experience for India. Until today, Kashmiri secessionists and their backers in Pakistan waved UN resolutions of 1948 in front of Indian eyes to prove their points, even though Musharraf seems to have realized their irrelevance in the present context. So go-it-alone would be the preferred policy for many in the government.

India's largest-circulation newspaper, The Times of India, is the most unequivocal in advising a multilateral approach. In a comment typical of editorials in other mainstream newspapers it says, "It is time for New Delhi to shed its customary ambiguity and address the problem head-on. But first we must get over our go-it-alone mindset. In today's globalizing world, no one should consider geography crucial to its strategic influence. So, it would be in India's interest to internationalize the Nepal crisis and try to win over as many nations as possible to our point of view. It is imperative that India take the issue up at the UN and lobby to work out a consensus on the best way to restore democracy in Nepal. As we have seen, Beijing, Islamabad and Dhaka have been trying to fish in troubled waters by insisting that the king's abolition of democracy is an internal matter for Nepal. Bangladesh, ever eager to put India down, has added its voice to this chorus. If we were to bring up the issue at the UN, China, Pakistan and Bangladesh would be hard put to explain why they support a move inimical to democracy. It would also expose their own undemocratic systems of government as being the reason for their energetic espousal of King Gyanendra's action."

While resistance from foreign-policy mandarins is palpable, the Times of India's comment seems to represent a cross-section of public opinion in India, which is disgusted at the royal coup, particularly because this king is not as popular as the previous ones, except in Hindu fundamentalist circles that have come out in his support and are demanding that India go out of the way to support him.

The paper continues, giving voice to what can be expected to be general opinion in the country: "Our focus should be on getting King Gyanendra to revert to his position as a constitutional monarch since New Delhi accepts that the two pillars of governance in Nepal are the monarchy and the political parties. India should help enable the Nepalese people to voice their opinion on what sort of political system they would like, and whether the monarchy has a valid role to play in it. Meanwhile, we should put pressure on the king by cutting off the arms supplies which we have so generously provided in the past. But under no circumstances should New Delhi be seen to do anything detrimental to the people of this desperately poor nation. Any verdict we are able to secure in the UN cannot be dismissed lightly by an already isolated king. This will ensure a speedy, and hopefully lasting, solution to the Kathmandu crisis."

At the moment of writing, however, it is not at all clear as to what approach the government will take. Its traditional ambiguity continues to dominate the debate, in the absence of a strong and decisive leader like former prime minister Indira Gandhi, who is missed in such moments of crisis. Manmohan Singh is still an unknown entity, though many are drawing comparisons with him and Gujral, hailing as both do from the mystical land of Punjab. Wishful thinking though it may be, some are hoping that this soft-spoken scholar-politician will follow India's first prime minister and pre-eminent leader of his Congress Party Jawaharlal Nehru's multilateral approach, and his fellow Punjabi intellectual-politician Gujral's love-thy-neighbor doctrine. His moves in the next few days will be watched with great interest and some trepidation.

Sultan Shahin is a New Delhi-based writer.

[Copyright 2005 Asia Times Online Ltd. All rights reserved. Please contact us for information on sales, syndication and republishing.]
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At the end of 2014, there were three tests performed at geographic coordinates that appear to be in the City of Homs, Syria. A quick look at those locations in Google Earth reveals the destruction of that city from years of war. See before-and-after photos in The Guardian here.

A New York Times' article on the destruction of another Syrian city, Aleppo, estimates the number of displaced people around the world is equivalent in number to the entire population of the United Kingdom or France. It would seem that number includes all displaced people, not just Syrians, but these images of Syria, even from Google Earth, are devastating.

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