“I think you are more excited than Breck about tomorrow’s turkey hunt,” my wife said to me last Friday night. She was referring to my taking 12 year old Breck Breen, Wilton out for his first wild turkey hunt. Last weekend, April 20 and 21 had been set aside as the Youth Turkey Hunting Weekend for licensed junior in NYS, ages 12-15. They had to be accompanied by an adult and they were allowed to take one bearded turkey. Breck’s dad Tim, who was a bit under the weather, asked me if I would take him out; and I jumped at the chance.

I know that Tim had been grooming his son to all aspects of the outdoors and that included gun safety, hunting and marksmanship; first with a Crosman air gun and then with a .22 and lastly a shotgun. I found out that he had shown some of his good shooting abilities off during his NYS 4H Shooting Sports Hunter Education course breaking a few clay birds; so I figured he would be ready for the turkey hunt.

My plan was to register him in the Sharp Spurs Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation that included a tremendous cook out with all the trimmings along with some friendly competition and prizes for all the 51 kids that signed up for this ‘free’ contest. When I told my friend, Mike Galcik, Schuylerville about my young hunter he volunteered some of his hot spots providing I take an oath of secrecy; which I did.

Early the next morning I received a text message and a photo of 3 strutting toms from Mike that said: “Have Breck pick one.” And when I spoke to him later in the day we decided to put a ground blind up the next afternoon. However that part of the plan did not work; because when we were going to put the blind up the hedgerow of the field we found it with about 20 turkeys. Now I think it was about this time on Friday that I started to get really excited.

After dinner on Friday Breck and I headed for the range to pattern and punch some holes in life size turkey head targets. It was a short shoot, because Breck’s 3 shots from that little 20 gauge Youth Model 500 Mossberg at 22 yards put more than enough pellets in the neck head area to drop any turkey. He was definitely ready.


I never heard the alarm go off at 3 a.m.; because I awoke at 2:30 a.m. and started getting ready. I did wonder what the effects of all torrential downpour and extremely high winds would have on the birds. Wild turkeys spend the night roosting in trees holding on to the branch with their feet; so it had to be a see-saw wet ride for them.

Breck and my enthusiasm had us sitting in Mike’s driveway at least a half hour earlier than are 5 a.m. meeting time but it went quickly and we loaded up all our gear in Mike’s truck. It was windy, cold and slightly drizzling but when we heard that gobble just as we were getting out of the truck at our destination, we all warmed up.

Entering the field a good distance down from where the birds were roosting we hugged the edge of a hedgerow making our way to a setup point near where the turkeys usually go by in the morning. Mike set up about 15 yards behind us and when it started to get light he began to answer the already talking toms up on the hill. It was about 15 minutes when Breck whispered: “Here comes one.” It was definitely a tom and on several occasions would display his fan and do a little strutting. He was headed straight for us. Breck sat perfectly still with his cheek frozen to the stock of his shotgun; and he never moved. Unfortunately despite Mike’s good calling the real thing (3 hens) appeared and a few yelps from them turned him in their direction. It is hard to beat the real thing. And it wasn’t long before we watched the entire flock cross the paved road entering another field.

Quickly we packed up and back tracked down the field, across the road and up to a ridge where we hoped would put us ahead of them; and it worked. Breck and Mike set up just overlooking the ridge where below them were several toms. Mike quickly got Breck setup and started to talk to the birds; but although they occasional gobbled a response they had no intention of leaving their harem. Finally they moved off, back across the road exactly where they had crossed earlier. “If we hunt tomorrow,” Mike said, “we will set up early right there where they had crossed.”


It was only a short ride to the next spot. We had only walked about 300 yards down a farm road when we caught a glimpse of turkeys in a field. Quickly we set up in a hedgerow and Mike started to calling; and within minutes he was getting responses from the tom. But all they did was talk; and he too had no intention of leaving his ladies. We did get some far off gobbles but it would require spooking the birds in the field so we headed back to the truck.

The next stop was only about 15 minutes away and again we started down a farm road that ended at an old cornfield. Setting up at the corner, Mike said he expected turkeys to be at the back of the field feeding and when he made his first yelp call that is exactly where the gobble came from. For a while the caller and the gobbler talked but his reluctance to come to us told us he was “henned up.” But just as we were about to go to him, out pops a mature yelping and clucking hen. Now we had live bait.

We sat still watching and let her do the calling and she was getting responses from one or maybe two gobblers. However once she disappeared into the woods we had to move and get in front of her hoping the gobbler would follow. And he did.

Once we got in front of her, and we could hear her continuing to yelp, we quickly set up in a small overgrown green field about 50 yards into the woods from the farm road. Things started to happen fast beginning with the hen who yelped her way past us; and with the help of Mike’s calling the two of them had what sounded like not one but two toms following.

I was amazed at how calm Breck was during all this excitement; quite unusual for a 12 year old on his first turkey hunt. Another hen passed us quickly and within minutes the thundering gobbles were very close. However there were two of them as we expected. Unfortunately they were about 50 plus yards out; and a bit too far for the 20 gauge. Each time they started to move off Mike talked them back in but not close enough; and eventually the disappeared gobbling responses to Mike’s calls as they moved off.

Moving time again and from the climb up this steep ridge following a young man and a 12 year old I realized I was a 68 year old; but they were kind and waited on the top for me to catch up. Moving along the edge of the field we would stop and make a few calls and it wasn’t long before we got another response. Another quick setup and from the gobbler’s responses he was coming straight two us.

I was sitting behind Breck and Mike waiting to turn on my movie camera when next to me, standing no more than 30 yards were 2 gobblers announcing their presence. These may have been the two that stayed out of range down below. I dare not move or they surely would have seen me; but when I looked at Breck he was right on them. It seemed longer than it really was before Breck pulled the trigger and I watch the tom fold. This little hunter had shot his first tom wild turkey and his smile stretched from ear to ear. High 5s were definitely in order and both Mike and I were extremely happy. Definitely a GREAT hunt. For me this hunt is the very best one I have ever been on.

The gobbler weighed in at 15 pounds and carried a 4 3/4 inch beard and you can see it and a smiling Breck Breen if you click on this link to my BLOG http://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=4811742045506221910#editor/target=post;postID=7893723070742898833;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=0;src=postname

But our day was not over. After thanking Mike for all his help we headed for Auriemma’s house to register Breck’s tom. It was a packed house of camo clad kids and adults when we arrived. The final count was 51 youth hunters; which is outstanding. And I believe 15 of them shot a tom; and I saw three twenty pounders, any of which, I would like to see in my sights on May 1. Once again the Mike and Michele Auriemma did a tremendous job. The food was good and there was plenty of it and all the kids left with 3 prizes. THANK YOU Mike and Michele and all those sponsors and helpers.

          A yellow jacket and some strange weather        
Jewellery charity shopped
I had a busy week last week. I volunteered on Monday as usual and on Tuesday I was at the Guild House. They had had a pamper evening previously and raised a good amount of money; some of which was from goods from the charity shop, but what a mess was left behind...

I left  the Guild House with three items; I had sworn I wasn't going to buy anymore stuff with my holidays not far off, but I can't resist a bargain. I bought a lovely bright yellow jacket (above); a summer dressing gown which I'll take and leave at the caravan and a pair of summer trousers. That's it now; I need to tighten my purse strings...

Wednesday's outfit

All the jewellery is charity shopped except watch; Christmas present, and earrings; present from OH bought on a trip to Oxford.

Everything charity shopped except slip on shoes - Primarni. 

 I was invigilating all day on Wednesday in the large gym of the university where I used to work. Two two hour exams and you have be there 30 minutes before the exam start time to get the room ready. There's a lot walking involved in invigilating; you spend most of the time on your feet. Patrolling  the aisles to make sure there's no funny business going on; fetching more exam scripts for those who write a lot (!), escorting students to the loo. I probably clock up miles but as I have to turn my phone off I'll never know how many... It rained heavily for most of the day and by the afternoon the roof of the gym began to leak - luckily not on any students' heads!

I stayed at the campus for lunch and met a few of my ex colleagues which was nice. I invigilated again on Thursday morning and I'm doing two days next week as well.

Friday's outfit

On Friday I did the school run, went to the hairdressers, and organised a cake for OH's birthday which was also on Friday. We went out in the evening with two of my three brothers (Julian is on tour at the moment) to Corby to a Portuguese restaurant to celebrate. We had a really enjoyable evening.

Everything is charity shopped but I can't remember where...I think the kimono is from the Red Cross; the trousers are from F&F and the white top is by Next; all in their second summer of wear. The weather was wet and dull on Friday all day. Where the heck has the summer gone?

All jewellery charity shopped and the boots are daughter donated. As it got chillier toward the evening on Friday I took these thin cotton trousers off and replaced them with jeans - and socks!

On Saturday I went to see my son. Luckily the weather had improved and the drive there was great but coming back we had torrential rain and hailstones!

Everything is charity shopped; the yellow jacket is from M&S and I got it at the Guild House last Tuesday. Jeans; can't remember and the spotted top was charity shopped last summer, but again I can't remember where...

White lace slip-ons; Primarni. All jewellery charity shopped.

I forgot to say in my last post that I received an email from someone at T.M. Lewin (who are a firm of shirt makers). They had seen that I'd acknowledged wearing their shirt on one of my blog posts and wanted to know if I would add a link to their company. I declined on the grounds this is my personal blog and I'm not giving anyone free advertising! They also mentioned something about wedding dresses; oh dear, they certainly asked the wrong person!

On Monday it was back to  volunteer at the Red Cross. I was so proud of myself - I left with one headscarf priced £1.50.! What a beautiful day it turned out to be. Hot and sunny. The first truly hot sunny day I've experienced this year.

Everything charity shopped except the red shoes - PJ Shoes in Kemspton.

Kimono from New Look and jeans are from Monsoon; both 1.99 at the Red Cross last year. The jeans are a purpley blue and they match the purple flower in the kimono perfectly. The floral top underneath the kimono is from a charity shop in Donegal and cost 50 cents.

All jewellery charity shopped.

I believe the rest of this week is going to be very pleasant so I'm planning to walk every day for the next few days, as I didn't get any walking done last week. I always miss walking when I don't do it for a while.

I know it is definitely summer now because the swifts have arrived; screaming high up in the sky over the street where I live. To me that is the sound of summer.

          Nintendo pone al día a Norte América: Super Mario Galaxy 2, Dragon Quest IX, Cave Story, Metroid M        

Nintendo acaba de terminar su famosete Media Summit en San Francisco, esto es lo que ha dado de sí. Muchas fechas de mucho juegazo, todo válido para Norte América only. Quince juegos para Wii disponibles para prensa ( que en realidad son 11 de Wii/DSiWare + cuatro físicos ) y ocho para DS:

Metroid: Other M continua siendo un misterio indescifrable. ¿ Como se jugará ? Ni flowers oiga, la demo para prensa es a puerta cerrada, pero el resto de mortales sabemos que sale el 27 de junio.

Super Mario Galaxy 2, previsto para el 23 de mayo, De lo último de Mario se ha hecho hincapié en las novedades de la secuela: nuevos objetos, como el taladro ( usado para derrotar un jefe similar al del primer Galaxy, y el retorno del fiel corcél-dinosaurio que es Yoshi y su glotona lengua, controlada con el puntero del mando de Wii que nos servirá para tragar todo tipo de frutas y cambiar así nuestras habilidades. Cammie Dunaway, responsable del márketing y adorada por todos los nintenderos que seguimos los E3, ha soltado una perlita al estudio ( EAD ) encargado: 'No hay nadie con una mente más creativa que la suya'. Ella sabe como venderse.

Dos juegos más han pasado algo de refilón por la conferencia, como es el caso de Sin & Punishment 2: Star Successor, previsto para el 7 de junio ( esperemos que aquí llegue antes ) y un desconocido FlingSmash compatible con Wii Motionplus. ¿ Un juego nuevo o el Span Smasher que conocíamos ? Me decanto por lo segundo, que además coincide con la mécanica de una bola que rebota y se pega contra todo.

Las third parties han tenido presencia en el evento. primero para sacar pecho de ventas ( 54 juegos third en Wii han superado el millón y 63 en DS, frente a los 22 (Wii) y 45 (DS) de Nintendo que lo han logrado ), segundo para poner sobre la mesa cosillas como la fecha yanqui de Monster Hunter Tri ( 20 de abril, diez días antes que aquí y con regalo de 500 puntos a quien lo reserve en GameStop ) o lucir exclusivas como el Prince of Persia original en el nuevo juego del Príncipe. Como el ultimo de Indiana Jones mira, igual se repite la triste historia...

El Wiiware puede estar de enhorabuena porque... ¡¡ Cave Story sale el 22 de marzo !! No estaba muerto, estaba de parranda, entre este, Megaman 10 el 21 del mismo mes y dos nuevos Art Style en primavera ( Light Trax y Rotozoa ), nos damos por satisfechos.

En temas portátiles se han anunciado la fecha de la nueva DS... la XL claro. 28 de marzo a 190 dólares, más tarde y cara que aquí, acompañada de la secuela de Cocina Conmigo y el 100 Libros Clásicos, que en Europa sale de forma fragmentada en un país sí, otro no. El DSiWare se pone un poco al día y el shooter matamarcianos Aa Mujou Setsuna, tal y como se había rumoreado, llega a USA bajo el nombre de Metal Torrent, mientras que Photo Dojo, un beat'em up a base de hacerte foticos ( y grabando el sonido tus propios hadokens, o como quierás llamarlos ), también llega en primavera. Y como no, un megatón también previsible porque Nintendo ya comentó que, junto a MH Tri, iba a dedicarse en cuerpo y alma a este juego third party, Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies saldrá bajo sello Nintendo, presumiblemente hacia junio.

Esto es todo amigos. ¿ Alguna decepción ? ¿ Alguna alegría ? A la espera del embargo de impresiones y de la conferencia de mañana europea. Estos mismos juegos, pero aquí. Señor@s, me declaro en ruina oficialmente; de tiempo y dinero.

Fuente (2)
          azaleas / cloudsound / forest walker        
azaleas ~ sapphire (blank_tapes, 2016)

«Long-form new-age collages. First full-length from Azaleas». ~ blank_tapes

Two years ago I had a pleasure to share a split tape with Azaleas (duo of Kyle Wade & Alice Andres-Wade hailing from Denver) on Rainbow Pyramid label and started waiting patiently for their full-length debut. Hope was not lost, and here it is, spinning in my deck on repeat mode since December! And with the first winds of the spring this music seems to unfold even broader, carrying eternal bliss of best ambient genre developments. Shimmering layers of synth soundscapes, massive drones, new-agey melodies and organic hum of field recordings... Everything in its place, all corners rounded, every transition made with care. This tape has rare ability to became more and more interesting with every spin, telling the same stories differently each time you listen to it. You may get lost in all those layers, fades and vibes, travelling between dark thickets and wide open eyes of lakes, but don't worry – the hiss of blank tape in the end will leave you under charms of these marvelous tunes with joyful smile on your face and pleasant feeling in the heart. Highest recommendations!

listen ~ support

cloudsound ~ indigo appalachia (fluere tapes, 2017)

«Reverie over outer space air space tween canopy slopes of mauve ambrosial gazes to ribbonious unfurls later spooled» ~ fluere tapes

Less is more! I always admired the ability to create pleasant atmosphere with seemingly minimalist and truly lo-fi sound. What Fluere Tapes boss Lee Boyd did on this tape easily falls into category of lo-fi drone, but the less you care about labeling, the more you receive in impression value. Actually, this tape can be a marvelous post-rock or shoegaze epic, simply recorded hundred of times from one old dusty tape to another. Yet, it has this unexplainable charm that wraps you like a cozy blanket, carrying away as a good old magic flying carpet. Massive layers of sound are hidden behind the surface of pleasant sound - same as the incredible amount of water looks like beautiful cloud from the surface. As the the artwork itself, this music is fused by light, an enormous cosmic nebula sending its glorious radiance light years away... Also I must admit that this particular album brought a lot of nostalgic moments for me, remembering those early psych/drone tapes by Deep Magic or Sundrips, feeling the awe in presence of those energies, such pure and sincere, like they are directly radiating from the artist's heart. Maybe I'm just too sentimental, but there is nothing is this world like Cloudsound. Absolute bliss.

listen ~ support

forest walker ~ uv sea (constellation tatsu)

Sincerely – I have no words to describe this album. It's clear, that with such love for ambient music I possess, album like UV Sea would turn into breathtaking experience. Forest Walker puts everything in one canvas and manages to blend all treasures of ambient genre into a single whole thing. Thing in itself. Pulsation of synth lines, deepest drones, huge waves of reverberated noises... even dusty saturated beats do no harm to this never-ending stream of bliss, supporting its torrent thought your perception channels. Is that infinity of the Universe transcending by the aural medium or endlessness of sound, forging new universe inside ours – who knows? Depends on which interpretation of quantum mechanics you follow. One thing is clear here, this music exist in more than one dimension. It spans like endless wave and each track is just range of frequencies we able to perceive. It's easy to imagine UV Sea as short part of huge intergalactic transmission, captured by limited instruments of humankind and then interpreted by our even more limited sense organs. But the message is so powerful that we can get it if not consciously, but more subtly, just intuitively. And unable to verbally express... Yet, transmission continues, so tune in!

listen ~ support

          channelers ~ video & album premiere        

Each time I see the news from Inner Islands my days turns into a little celebration. The music this label releases resonates so deeply with my perception of the world, that it feels almost impossible. Of course there are always some space for interpretations and subjectiveness but some things don't need an explanation. They just emerge somewhere between the sounds, between the flips of the tape, in the soft humming of endless water streams shown in this amazing video which label's boss Sean Conrad shot in American deserts and over expanses of Iceland... When the beauty arises, it touches hearts directly, without need in words. That's why we love music so much - it can be pure beauty, without strict material form, just flow of vibrations from one soul to another. It needs just few instruments or voice to appear and an open ear to be heard.

channelers ~ space makes clearing (inner islands, 2016)

 Â«Reverence for the cycles of life, for the ever-changing sky, for the yearning that drives one forward, for the acceptance
that keeps one still».
inner islands

On the different paths life makes through the space and time there are always cycles, seasons, changes which unfold like an endless spiral. With every new turn we may feel something like deja vu, considering the ability of our minds to forget everything quickly, to think in one dimension. To regain the experience of past cycles in the present, to make them significant and changing, we create rituals - may kinds of them. Starting from morning tea and social interactions and up to religions and annual celebrations. And once again our minds are failing, forgetting the meaning, flattening the experience... So the only way here is awareness, which unavoidably leads to self-invented ceremonies, practices, to the clear feeling of your own unique path. While listening to the music created by any of Sean Conrad's projects this feeling on the uniqueness appears with every album, showing the perception of the world, which may be shared, but at the same time remains thw whole in itself. Like any river is created by the thousands of streams, the Inner Islands is a bright torrent of personal world perceptions, created by many artists and Sean's ability to maintain that stream is amazing. There is a place for many forms and crossroad for many path, but still this unique universe of sound keeps its doors open for any resonating soul. And its essence is always changing, moving with the sun and moon, growing, unfolding... Archipelago of the tiny whirls of creative energy, forming something bigger and powerful than its part taken separately. Each album of Ashan or Channelers seems like a private ceremony, which concentrates the overall aura of Inner Islands. Gathering of winds and waters, celebration of new cycle, which begins with every new batch of sounds released to the world... It may seem unimportant, but this is the thing of such intimate creations - it becomes bigger, when you inside of it. Like gazing at the drop of water, which reflects the whole sky. Each song here is a drop. And each tiny moment of silence between them is the passage from the inner to the outer. It's simply fascinating.

listen ~ buy

          (Not a) holiday in Cambodia        
It was a nice surprise to get sent on an assignment to Cambodia, even if it was in the middle of their monsoon.  We have two main field offices in the country, one in Kampong Cham and the other in Siem Reap - and at the latter some of the projects we are funding are in communities that live right within the area of the Angkor Wat ruins.  I saw the ruins on a holiday in 1998 when I spent a whole week based in Siem Reap, but I was very hopeful of a trip back there.

But it wasn't to be.  My colleague got to go to Siem Reap whilst I was assigned to Kampong Cham.  I did my research to see if there would be anything to visit at the weekend, but luck didn't seem to be on my side; the pagoda with the resident python is inaccessible during the monsoon, and the 100-year-old wooden temple was closed following the collapse of a beam in May.  So on the Saturday morning I just went for a walk, to take a better look at an area we'd driven through on the way to visit projects in the week.  I estimated that it was at least 5km away, so took a motorbike taxi there (swerving to avoid a snake in the road on the way!) and walked back.

Cambodia must be the wettest country I have ever been to.  Full of rivers, lakes, flooded rice fields, puddles - and of course the rain, which fell in torrents throughout my stay.  But fortunately we had a few dry hours during my morning outing, so I was able to get a picture of the wonderful local fishing nets without ruining yet another camera.

Then another, quite unexpected, opportunity to experience something new came on the drive back to Phnom Penh, when we passed some stalls selling local food.  Deep-fried spiders!!

I bought one to try, then was asked if I wanted to see a live one.  Well how could I resist!  Here it is on my arm:

More impressive than it probably looks as I'm actually terrified of spiders.
‘I’m not sure how he managed to do it.  How did he convince me?  Brian can be such a pain.  Now I’m down here getting shot at over some stupid crystals.’ Just a sample of the thoughts running around inside Dan Locke’s mind as his MISC Prospector “Erebus” worked away on collecting shards from the glacier blue crystal formations. An audible warning accompanied by a pale flashing yellow light on the control panel indicates that one of mining storage pods has been filled.  Leaving the Erebus in automatic mode, Dan climbs out of his seat and dons his old beaten up armour.  He pats his ever-present Arclight pistol on his hip and climbs out of the ship. Dan digs out an un-expanded empty storage pod, and then proceeds to detach and secure the full pod.  A small crane helps him lower the heavy storage container down to the ground.  During this entire exercise, Dan continually checks over his shoulder for any… visitors. Finally, after securing the empty mining pod to the Erebus, Dan begins climbing back into his ship when a flurry of laser bolts slam into the rocks, shrubs, and ground around him. Looking up, Dan gazes upon a trio of Dragonflies flown by… those who would rather he was not on Leir III.  The Outsiders, Sand Nomads, Sand People - call them what you will. Returning fire, the Prospector pilot takes cover in the entrance to his ship.  Crouching there in the doorway, Dan had just enough time to mutter, “Brian… you ass.  This is your fault.” Dan closely watches the three Dragonflies, keeping track of their movements despite the incoming fire.  It’s obvious they are surrounding him. Thankfully one of the nomads comes a little too close and a flurry of shots from Dan’s Arclight tear through him to even the odds slightly. Less thankfully... one of the remaining Dragonflies has positioned itself perfectly and opens up a torrent of fire on the Prospector entry.  Dan tucks himself tightly inside the door and ponders his predicament. Surely the other Dragonfly pilot would be attempting to steal the resources he worked so hard to extract. Mid way through Dan formulating a plan of action, a faint rumbling can be heard… growing louder.  Dan’s face sprouts a satisfied smile. Suddenly the stream of weapons fire engulfing the Erebus doorway ceases and the sounds of the Dragonfly in question turning to flee can be clearly picked out. Suddenly, the distinct sound of a larger ship’s laser cannon rings out.  Peering out the door, Dan watches as Brian’s trusty Hull B - the “Knarr” - mows down the fleeing Dragonfly with its twin laser cannons. The Knarr now spins with surprising agility and lights up the other Dragonfly which had just begun its attempt at strategic retreat. Moments later, the Knarr sets down nearby the Erebus. Dan, huge smile on his face, strides towards the newly arrived cargo ship.  Brian meets him at the bottom of the ramp and wraps his best friend up in a brief but genuine hug. “Dan! How are you making out?” Dan continues to wear his grin as he punches Brian solidly in the shoulder, “I’m alright.  Thanks to you.  Though… I was in this mess because of you.  So thanks for at least holding up your end.” Brian’s smile matches his friend’s, “Yeah I know this place can be a bit of a hot zone but those crystals will bring in some good credits!  Should be great for jewelry or holograms.” “Always about the credits eh?  No matter the risks.” “Well, sometimes you have to take the risk.” “Fair enough.  Now… enough of this rambling.  Let’s load up the Knarr and get both of us out of here before their friends come looking for them!” The pair work diligently to load the full Prospector mining pods from Erebus onto the Hull B framework, breaking briefly a couple times to tell jokes and pass along news. Now ready to depart their separate ways for the moment, the two friends embrace once more. “Dan, don’t be a stranger.  I’ll front you 20,000 credits now and I’ll send you the rest of your cut once I have it all sold.  Thanks for joining me in this.” “Don’t mention it Brian… things got a little hairier than I would have liked, but you came through in the end in that department.  Let me know how the sales go and have a safe trip!” “Will do!  Let me know the next time you need an assist from ol’ Knarr here.” Several minutes later the pair of MISC ships ease off the ground and slowly head away from Leir III and on to new destinations with new opportunities.
          The Perfect Murder S04E09 Love and Death WEB-DL x264-JIVE        
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          The Jim Jefferies Show S01E09 HDTV x264-YesTV        
Correspondent Kate Willett goes to Politicon, an annual convention for pundits and politicians. Links: HOMEPAGE – TVDB The.Jim.Jefferies.Show.S01E09.HDTV.x264-YesTV MKV | AAC VBR | 169MB NFO – Torrent Search – UPLOADGiG – NiTROFLARE – RAPiDGATOR The.Jim.Jefferies.Show.S01E09.720p.HDTV.x264-YesTV MKV | AC3 CBR | 558MB NFO – Torrent Search – UPLOADGiG – NiTROFLARE – RAPiDGATOR
          Vidiots S01E08 720p WEB h264-TASTETV        
Features pairs of comedians at home, talking, laughing and screaming at their TV’s as they watch today’s buizziest music videos. Links: HOMEPAGE – TVMZ Vidiots.S01E08.WEB.h264-TASTETV MKV | AAC VBR | 199MB NFO – Torrent Search – UPLOADGiG – NiTROFLARE – RAPiDGATOR Vidiots.S01E08.720p.WEB.h264-TASTETV MKV | AAC VBR | 376MB NFO – Torrent Search – UPLOADGiG – NiTROFLARE – RAPiDGATOR
          Episodes S05E01 720p HDTV x264-BATV        
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Season 01, Episode 09– “The Chopsocky Special” Grace’s Kung Fu is tested against a mystic restaurateur and a dying Arthur embarks on a vision quest. Links: HOMEPAGE – TVDB Blood.Drive.S01E09.HDTV.x264-CRAVERS MKV | AAC VBR | 417MB NFO – Torrent Search – UPLOADGiG – NiTROFLARE – RAPiDGATOR Blood.Drive.S01E09.720p.HDTV.x264-CRAVERS MKV | AAC VBR | 1.35GB NFO – Torrent Search – UPLOADGiG – NiTROFLARE – RAPiDGATOR Blood.Drive.S01E09.HDTV.x264-RBB [P2P] MP4 | AAC VBR | 416MB NFO – Torrent […]
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          LA FORTEZZA        

Un libeccio testardo ha invaso l’estate, ripulendo il cielo dal fango dell’afa e spazzando via un velo di nuvolaglia lattiginosa per far posto ad un azzurro denso. Caldo secco di sabbia e lucertole. Passeggia in collina con vestiti leggeri mentre la luce allaga ogni cosa e i campi di grano si concedono ad un giallo brillante. La polvere tace, una libellula azzurra si ferma un attimo e schizza via.

Allunga lo sguardo: la linea dell’orizzonte è tagliata con esattezza, grandi querce marcano i confini fra i poderi. Muretti a secco hanno già visto tutto. Si ascolta e ascolta la solitudine. Nell’intimo pare fatta o per crollare rovinosamente o per dirsi con eccitazione e sussiego, come se quel che è e quel che sente, adesso in questo preciso momento, abbia le valenze di una fortezza da espugnare.

Forse la fortezza è prossima alla caduta, magari perché assediata da un male della carne o dello spirito o forse è al contrario orgogliosa e imponente, resiste per qualche accumulo di potere o per una gioia enorme approdata fra le mura. Si dà il chiaro, si dà lo scuro. Altri sentieri scendono verso il torrente e una domanda sbuca mentre sbircia in cerca di immagini da intrappolare nella macchina fotografica digitale. Un gruppo di giovani fagiani  attraversa la carraia cogliendo l'attimo in cui si ferma pensosa.

Esiste uno scrigno, un centro oltre questa idea di sé come fortezza, un luogo che non oscilli ondivago se schiacciato da orde nemiche o che  si gonfi enorme per eccesso di possedimenti e sudditi? Non si tratta di fuggire altrove, in un pedante paradiso "delle piccole cose", in un equilibrio dove alberga un perenne sorriso, perché tutto questo non esiste. La questione è cosa siamo nel profondo, quel profondo dove l'Io si diluisce in un sogno e ti prende lo spavento di esser niente e svanire in un nulla che non è nulla, ma non si riconosce più.

Intanto scatta immagini a raffica, fra campi di grano maturi e fossi in collina. C'è anche un appezzamento di mais e le cicale riempiono ogni spazio in un discorso incomprensibile. Chi effettivamente abita questa fortezza? Se la fortezza è una rete di relazioni, abbracci, sapori e parole sussurrate, sognate o avvelenate, di intrecci e legami incisi nella carne, nel sangue e in altro ancora, chi è l’abitante?

Chi sei? Che salto devo fare per venirti incontro? Possiamo esser certi che abitante e fortezza siano la stessa cosa? Sente dei brividi lungo la schiena.

Quando ha questo genere di dubbi scatta le fotografie migliori.
          Amazing Grace        

En me réveillant ce matin, le cheveu en bataille et la peau douce, ma première pensée fut :


"On n'a jamais été aussi proche de Noël" comme dirait la mère de Laurent Ruquier.

Des heures de cours qui s'égrènent avec cette idée fixe en tête : ce soir, je tente de vraiment déconnecter et de profiter de ces jours de folie où l'on bâfre du foie gras devant une rediff' de "Sissi Face à son Destin".

Les élèves sont surexcités. Pour couronner le touran Volkswagen, il pleut à torrent, ce qui me permet d'en déduire le postulat suivant : un enfant mouillé est un enfant agité, comme si l'eau et leur système nerveux créaient un court-circuit.

Djordan : "Madame, c'est les vacances ce soir !!!"
Princesse Soso : "Sans blague, Sherlock... tu m'en apprends une bonne là..."

Mélissa : "Madame, vous avez vu ? Il pleut hein !"
Princesse Soso : "Ne m'étant pas encore fait Steviewonderiser, effectivement, mon acuité visuelle me permet de prendre conscience de l'hygrométrie actuelle"

Lorana : "Vous fêtez Noël aussi Madame ?"
Princesse Soso : "Bah nan Lorana. Tu sais bien que ce soir à 18h, je retourne dans mon cercueil pour ne me réveiller que mardi 3 janvier abrutie"

Comme je suis une prof trop de la balle, j'ai préparé des activités de Noël à base de quiz de vocabulaire, de cartes de voeux avec des sapins et des paquets-cadeaux choupi, de mots cachés et autres trucs qui font couiner les élèves. J'ai également un calendrier de l'avent dans lequel les élèves qui sentent bon le savon et la politesse ont le droit de prendre un petit chocolat ou une surprise...
Pas de chatte. C'est Lorenzo qui, aujourd'hui, a le droit d'ouvrir une petite case du calendrier.

Laissez-moi vous présenter Lorenzo :

  • Lorenzo a la concentration optimale d'une larve unijambiste.
  • Lorenzo a apparemment développé un Alzheimer juvénile dans la mesure où il semble émotionnellement inapte à amener ses affaires en classe ou à faire intégralement ses devoirs.
  • Lorenzo répond automatiquement "c'estpasmoij'airienfaitd'abord" à toute interjection d'un enseignant, y compris lorsque celui-ci lui demande juste d'éteindre la lumière histoire d'y voir mieux avec le vidéoproj'.
  • Lorenzo est capricieux, mal élevé, égoïste et sa spontanéité risque de lui valoir de sacrés coups de poing dans la gueule dans un proche avenir. Genre lorsque tu proposes à Lorenzo de prendre un bonbon, il demande s'il peut en prendre trois. Genre lorsque tu donnes un bonbon à Lorenzo, il faut à chaque fois lui expliquer que dire "merci" n'est pas comme le latin, c'est-à-dire une option facultative. Genre Lorenzo te dit "c'est nul, j'aime pas lire, ça pue votre livre, j'en veux pas" alors que tu viens de lui offrir un bouquin où ça parle de dragons et de combats à l'épée (sa grande passion avec les pigeons)

Lorenzo se précipite donc sur le calendrier sans attendre mon autorisation et bouscule même un camarade dans sa course effrénée à la crevardise.
Il arrache sans vergogne une fenêtre du calendrier et découvre un petit papier "SURPRISE" aka le truc le plus chouette de la galaxie car les élèves peuvent ensuite plonger leur main dans la boîte magique où, sans regarder, ils doivent piocher un petit cadeau, genre un crayon à papier rigolo, un porte-clé choupi , une petite crème pailletée, un pendentif en forme de dauphin, des stickers OM, des cartes de joueurs de foot... etc. La boîte magique n'est pas sans rappeler une épreuve de Fort Boyard... Ça me donne envie d'y ajouter des souris, des limaces et des intestins de mouton.


Lorenzo fouille, refouille, re-refouille la boîte et finit par sortir un porte-clé starring un sapin de noël phosphorescent.
Les autres élèves font un "WAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH", excellent mix entre l'émerveillement et l'envie.
Lorenzo inspecte brièvement le porte-clé, hausse les épaules et me dit, bougon : "J'aime pas. Je veux un autre cadeau" avant de jeter le porte-clé dans la boîte, et de plonger de nouveau sa main à la recherche sans doute d'une PlayStation 3 ou d'un iPhone 4S.

C'est à ce moment-là que je lui ai arraché une oreille tout en le traitant de sale petit con.

Princesse Soso : "Nan mais t'as pas l'impression de rêver ta mère là Lorenzo ?! Va t'asseoir immédiatement !"
Lorenzo : "Mais je veux un cadeau. J'ai le droit à un cadeau !!!"
Princesse Soso : "Bah roule-toi par terre pendant que t'y es sale morveux, je n'aime pas les petits ingrats. C'était le porte-clé ou rien. Tu ne veux pas du porte-clé. Et bah, t'as gagné mon coco, t'auras rien. Basta così"
Lorenzo : "Mais j'aime pas, c'est pas de ma faute !"
Princesse Soso : "C'est bien, aujourd'hui, tu découvres deux nouveaux concepts, laisse-moi te présenter "LA POLITESSE featuring. LA GRATITUDE". Lorsque ton prof est suffisamment con sympa pour t'offrir un CADEAU, tu serais bien aimable de sourire et de dire "merci", même si le cadeau te donne envie de gerber tes Chocapic. Par exemple, je n'aime pas du tout ton sweat à capuche avec un singe pailleté que je trouve, personnellement, criard, ridicule, pathétique et mal coupé... mais par RESPECT pour toi, par COURTOISIE, je m'abstiens de faire tout commentaire et crois bien que ce n'est pas l'envie qui manque car ce sweat est tout de même extrêmement agressif pour la rétine en plus d'atteindre le degré zéro de la beauté"
Lorenzo : "HEIN ?"
Princesse Soso : "Va t'asseoir et fais profil bas car tu n'es pas près d'approcher de nouveau ce petit calendrier"
Lorenzo : ''"c'estpasmoij'airienfaitd'abord"'

Lorenzo est parti peu après chez l'orthodontiste. Il avait les chocottes. Je ne l'ai pas rassuré. Quand Louise lui a dit qu'il allait se faire sacrément charcuter la gencive, je n'ai rien dit. J'ai juste hoché la tête avec un regard oscillant entre le sadisme et la satisfaction personnelle de voir perler une certaine angoisse dans des pupilles où ne transparait d'ordinaire qu'une arrogance teintée d'individualisme.

Lorenzo parti, nous avons continué tranquillou les activités noëlesques à base de comment c'est trop bien de faire des cartes de voeux et comment ça a l'air trop dégueulasse les "mince pies" que bâfrent les anglais entre deux cuillerées de gravy et de "Flakes" Cadbury.

J'ai lancé ma playlist Deezer à base de Sinatra, ♪All I Want For Christmas Is You ♫, Vonda Shepard, Robert Downey Junior, The Jackson Five, Diana Krall, Dean Martin ou Ella Fitzgerald... Je suis ensuite passée dans les rangs admirer les coloriages et autres prouesses lexicales des élèves.

Et là.

Un moment de grâce.

Résonnait dans la classe "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" de Diana Krall... Je regardais les élèves concentrés, ravis d'apprendre plein de nouveaux trucs sur Noël... Je passais de table en table, encourageant les efforts et rigolant avec les élèves ayant fabriqué un Christmas Cracker avec un rouleau de PQ...
Et tout à coup, j'ai fait "pause" pour regarder et savourer cette scène rare et précieuse... Un moment où l'on va tous dans le même sens, où l'on travaille en osmose sans qu'aucune onde négative ne vienne altérer la chaleur de l'instant.

Un petit instant magique où je me suis sentie totalement en adéquation avec mon boulot et mes élèves. Un petit souffle de tendresse qui a parcouru l'échine de tout le monde dans la salle...

J'ai dû probablement rester un bon moment debout, presque interdite, un sourire figé sur mes lèvres à me délecter de ce petit moment de grâce.

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me !
I once was lost but now I'm found,
Was blind, but now, I see.

La satisfaction d'être enseignante. Un élan maternel et affectueux envers des petits bouts de 11 ans qui sont parvenus pendant quelques minutes à être des enfants adorables avec toute la fraîcheur, la douceur et l'innocence que cela implique.

Tout le monde a bien senti que quelque chose se passait. Tout le monde s'est regardé en souriant.

Alice a un instant abandonné son Christmas Maze et ses feutres. Elle a levé les yeux vers moi, m'a souri et m'a dit :

"On est bien là, tous ensemble, pas vrai madame ?!"

J'en aurais chialé.

♫ Have yourself a merry little Christmas,
Let your heart be light.
From now on,
our troubles will be out of sight♫



          Cómo se desarrolla la enfermedad, de acuerdo a la Medicina Ayurvédica.        

Estos conceptos me parecieron muy interesantes y aqui los comparto.

Se trata de como ve el desarrollo de la enfermedad la Medicina Ayurvédica, ciencia que fue creada hace más de 5000 años....donde no había absolutamente nada de tecnología, y sin embargo, no deja de asombrarme en cuantas cosas estaban en lo cierto.

Quizás otros nombres, otras maneras de definir y explicar los procesos corporales, pero realmente vale la pena entrar en profundidad en el conocimiento de esta ciencia. Hoy en día se están realizando estudios a nivel genético y comprobando que esta ciencia es realmente acertada. Buena esa, Chopra. Porque no reunir lo mejor de la sabiduría milenaria con la tecnología moderna? Todo lo que sea necesario con el fin de ayudar a las personas que padecen.

Cómo se desarrolla la enfermedad, de acuerdo a la Medicina Ayurvédica.

Según la Medicina Ayurvédica ó Ayurveda, la medicina milenaria de la India, la enfermedad es el resultado final de un largo proceso, el cual puede ser detectado y solucionado en diferentes etapas.

La enfermedad comienza con un desequilibrio a nivel de los doshas. Ayurveda ve el desbalance en el equilibrio del organismo (lo que en medicina alopática se conoce como homeostasis) como el inicio de la enfermedad. Estos desbalances, si son temporales, se consideran normales y son comunes.

Los problemas surgen cuando estas condiciones se agravan y no son corregidas a tiempo.

Existen varios ciclos en donde se producen cambios, en cierto orden, que conducen a la enfermedad. Estos se definen como: Acumulación, Agravamiento, Diseminación, Depósito ó Infiltración, Manifestación y Deformidad Celular que conduce a la distorsión estructural.

1. Acumulación: Debido a diversos motivos, tales como la dieta, estaciones, clima, emociones, etc, los diferentes doshas (vata, pitta y kapha) van acumulándose en sus respectivos sitios: vata a nivel del colon, pitta en los intestinos y kapha en el estómago. Un exceso de vata en una persona que por sus características físicas y emocionales corresponde al dosha vata, asi como el exceso de pitta en una persona clasificada como pitta, y lo mismo para los kapha, es el inicio de la enfermedad en ayurveda. A este nivel, cualquier disbalance es tratable y sin complicaciones. Vale la pena destacar que los síntomas a este nivel son muy sutiles, apenas perceptibles, pero un profesional entrenado en medicina ayurvédica puede detectar los cambios a través del pulso. (Por cierto, en la medicina tradicional china, pueden hacer un diagnóstico basándose en el color de la capa que recubre la lengua al levantarse..sea blanca, amarilla, sin color, tenue, gruesa....que tal??).

La acumulación en Vata se puede manifestar como simple constipación, distensión abdominal ó gases. Cambios en el comportamiento son muy sutiles. Pitta presentará un tinte amarillo muy leve en la esclerótica ó un color amarillo oscuro en la orina. Puede que la persona sienta deseos de comer azucar ó ingerir carbohidratos. Kappa presentará letargia ó pérdida del apetito. A este nivel la persona aun se encuentra saludable, y muchas veces el mismo organismo produce el cambio necesario para volver al equilibrio perdido.

2. Agravamiento: Cuando el respectivo dosha continúa acumulándose, éste trata de movilizarse a diferente sitios en el organismo. Kapha se dirige a los pulmones, en Pitta se dirige al estómago ó la vesícula biliar, y en vata se dispersa hacia los flancos.

En esta etapa, aun la persona es capaz de revertir el progreso de la enfermedad aplicando sentido común y escuchando a su propio cuerpo (ser consciente de lo que siente) y cambiar sus hábitos. Una vez que la enfermedad va más alla del tracto gastrointestinal y entra en la tercera fase, ya no se encuentra bajo el control del afectado.

3. Diseminación: El exceso de dosha llega al torrente sanguíneo y busca por un lugar (tejido, órgano) al cual entrar. En este punto de la enfermedad, no es suficiente eliminar la causa inicial que lo provocó. Se necesita de un proceso de depuración ó desintoxicación llamado "panchakarma" para que los respectivos doshas vuelvan al tracto gastrointestinal y el exceso pueda ser excretado.

4. Diseminación: El agravamiento del dosha le permite entrar a otro órgano, tejido ó sistema que se encuentra débil ó posterior a un trauma, con predisposición genética, por estrés emocional acumulado, emociones reprimidas u otros factores. Estas áreas débiles en el cuerpo pueden describirse como locaciones negativas, como huecos en la carretera. Fumar, por ejemplo, crea debilidad en los pulmones (y por cierto, deficiencias de vitaminas), comer demasiados dulces crea debilidad en el páncreas y en el tejido hemático (hoy día sabemos que suprimen el sistema inmunitario), etc. Este dosha agravado penetra y crea confusión en la célula ya debilitada, abrumándola. Se afecta el tejido y se crea una alteración funcional.

La semilla de la enfermedad comienza a crecer. En este punto, aun no hay manifestaciones claras en el exterior, pero una persona entrenada en ayurveda puede identificarla y corregirla. Si no se interrumpe a este nivel el siguiente paso mostrará la enfermedad en todo su apogeo.

5. Manifestación: Los cambios cualitativos se hacen aparentes. Ocurren los signos y síntomas de la enfermedad. La persona se enferma. Ya sea en los pulmones, riñones, articulaciones, corazón, cerebro, páncreas, vejiga, donde sea, la enfermedad se manifiesta. Este es el momento en que el paciente generalmente busca atención médica por primera vez (en el nivel 5!!)

6. Deformidad celular que conduce a la distorción estructural: A este nivel el proceso patológico se ha desarrollado y manifestado completamente.

Los cambios estructurales son evidentes, asi como complicaciones en otros órganos, tejidos ó sistemas completos. Este es el nivel en el cual la enfermedad, ahora completamente manifiesta, es más dificil de tratar.

Obviamente, el tratamiento en las etapas iniciales - restauración del balance y funcionamiento normal - es el más fácil de aplicar. Es por ello que la PREVENCION es tan marcadamente enfatizada en la Ayurveda.

Es mucho más fácil tratar la enfermedad en sus niveles incipientes, antes de que se disemine y manifieste.La persona debe entender que estableciendo un estilo de vida saludable y cambios en la dieta, según su tipo de dosha específico, puede evitar debilidades en su organismo y limitar los factores que causan enfermedad.

Hay que estar alerta. Hay que saber escuchar nuestro propio organismo. Y ser consciente de las elecciones que hacemos día a día con respecto a nuestra salud. Nuestro cuerpo es sabio. Escuchémosle.


Ana Laura Fazio.Medicina Preventiva:

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<b></b><b>26 de noviembre de 2011.</b><b></b><br><br>Desde San Nicolás de Bujaruelo recorrido hasta la zona alta del río Ara siguiendo su curso, con subida hasta el primer ibón de Batanes. Por la pisa de Otal, con buenas panorámicas de ambos valles -Bujaruelo y Otal-, salvando el desfiladero del río Ara hasta el refugio de Ordiso. A partir de aquí el sendero casi siempre por zona de tasca y alguna zona de roca se encamina hacia la parte alta del valle, que se abre y va ganando altura lentamente con multitud de torrentes y crestas a ambos lados. Seguimos el sendero hasta el cruce con el barranco de Batanes y desde aquí en lugar de seguir hasta el circo que cierra el valle, tomando como referencia el visible Pico Neveras subimos a los ibones de Batanes, pero por falta de tiempo nos quedamos en el inferior. Destacan la panorámica del valle y cresta del Vignemale. Regreso por el mismo camino Ver post | Ver más blog
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Call of Duty Black Ops III Zombies Chronicles (c) Activision

07/2017 :..... RELEASE.DATE .. PROTECTION .......: Arxan + Steam
1 :.......... DISC(S) .. GAME.TYPE ........: Action, Adventure

Includes 8 remastered classic Zombies maps from Call of Duty: World at War,
Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: Black Ops II.  Complete maps from
the original saga in fully remastered HD playable in Call of Duty: Black
Ops III.

Also included: Base game (Update 23), season pass content & The Giant.

Some content will not appear when playing offline (MP, some GobbleGum, etc).

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The Long Dark (c) Hinterland Studio Inc.

08/2017 :..... RELEASE.DATE .. PROTECTION .......: Steam
1 :.......... DISC(S) .. GAME.TYPE ........: Adventure, Indie, Simulation, Strategy, Early Access

Launching August 1st, 2017

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Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel 4xxx Series w/ 512MB VRAM or better
Storage: 1 GB available space
Sound Card: Any on-board chip will work.
Additional Notes: The game is in an Alpha state and is constantly being expanded and optimized. System requirements are subject to change until the game ship

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Prevent The Fall (c) D.W.S.

Release Date :  07/2017                     Protection : Steam
Discs        :  1                           Genre      : Action
Prevent the Fall is an action oriented computer  role  playing  game
which  can  be  played with  or without  virtual  reality  headsets.
Experience the game in either single player or in  multiplayer co-op
online or via LAN. Advance through twenty character levels,  as  you
explore   semi-procedurally   generated   dungeons,     earn   Steam
Achievements, and acquire a slew of items in this RPG experience.

For more info go to : http://store.steampowered.com/app/595090/

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Mars 2030 (c) Fusion Media Group

Release Date :  07/2017              Protection : Steam
Discs        :  1                    Genre      : Simulation

Suit up for the first manned mission to Mars!MARS 2030 is a virtual
reality simulationthat gives players the opportunity to explore the
mysterious red planet like never before. MARS 2030  centers  onopen
world exploration. Taking  on the  role of  an  astronaut,  players
traverse  Mars  and collect  geological samples  that  uncover  the
planets past. Make discoveries across40 square kilometers  of  open
Martian terrain, accurately-mapped and -modeled using  NASA\'s  Mars
Reconnaissance Orbiter HiRISE satellite data.

For more info go to : http://store.steampowered.com/app/510850/

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Sid Meier\'s Civilization VI - Nubia Civilization & Scenario Pack (c) 2k

Release Date :  07/2017              Protection : Steam
Discs        :  1                    Genre      : Strategy

Amanitore leads Nubia in Sid Meiers Civilization VI!  Nubias ranged
units are strong, easy to build and quick promote, and they can use
their unique Nubian Pyramid improvement to boost  the  construction
and yield of districts. If you want to build  a  strong  foundation
early in the game for success,  then Nubia  is the  right  civ  for
you.Includes the Nubian  Civilization with  Amanitore,  the  Pitati
Archer unique unit, Nubian Pyramid unique improvement, and  the new
Jebel Barkal Wonder.

For more info go to : http://store.steampowered.com/app/645400/

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NOTES: This release also includes the following DLC:

Civilization VI - Aztec Civilization Pack
Civilization VI - 25th Anniversary Soundtrack
Civilization VI - Vikings Scenario Pack
Civilization VI - Poland Civilization & Scenario Pack
Civilization VI - Australia Civilization & Scenario Pack
Civilization VI - Persia and Macedon Civilization & Scenario Pack
Civilization VI - Digital Deluxe Extras
Civilization VI - Nubia Civilization & Scenario Pack

General Notes:

- Block the game\'s exe in your firewall to prevent the game from
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- If you install games to your systemdrive, it may be necessary
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The Hunting God (c) Tongu Bodur

Release Date :  07/2017                     Protection : Steam
Discs        :  1                           Genre      : Adventure
The Hunting God is a short walking simulator in which  you  play  as
Nodens  the hunting  god and  listen to  what he  has  been  through
accompanied by a white wolf named Draiochta. It is  a  relaxing  and
atmospheric experience with two  choices at  the end.  \"My  name  is
Nodens, and I am the god of hunting on my isles. One day when  I was
traveling in the Forest of  Banagher, I  caught a  glimpse  of  some
nearby deer.

For more info go to : http://store.steampowered.com/app/679190/

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Sundered (c) Thunder Lotus Games

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1 :.......... DISC(S) .. GAME.TYPE ........: Action, Adventure, Indie

Resist or Embrace

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Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 (c) PlayWay S.A.

07/2017 :..... RELEASE.DATE .. PROTECTION .......: Steam
1 :.......... DISC(S) .. GAME.TYPE ........: Racing, Simulation

Build and expand your repair service empire in this incredibly detailed and
highly realistic simulation game, where attention to car detail is
astonishing. Find classic, unique cars in the new Barn Find module and
Junkyard module. You can even add your self-made car in the Car Editor.

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Dying Light The Following Enhanced Edition: Reinforcements
(c) Techland

07/2017 :..... RELEASE.DATE .. PROTECTION .......: Steam
1 :.......... DISC(S) .. GAME.TYPE ........: Action, RPG

Experience the untold chapter of Kyle Crane\'s story set in a vast region
outside the city of Harran. Leave the urban area behind and explore a
dangerous countryside packed with mysterious characters, deadly new
weapons, and unexpected quests. Gain the trust of the locals and infiltrate
a centuries-old cult that hides a dangerous secret. Take the wheel of a
fully customizable dirt buggy, smear your tires with zombie blood, and
experience Dying Light\'s creative brutality in high gear.

Dying Light is a first-person, action survival game set in a vast open
world. Roam a city devastated by a mysterious epidemic, scavenging for
supplies and crafting weapons to help defeat the hordes of flesh-hungry
enemies the plague has created. At night, beware the Infected as they grow
in strength and even more lethal nocturnal predators leave their nests to
feed on their prey.


Reinforcements is the name of the DLC included in the Content Drop #0
update. This standalone pack includes the main game and all current DLC.
The upcoming content drops will come in seperated Update/DLC packs.

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Unbox: Newbie\'s Adventure (c) Prospect Games

Release Date :  07/2017              Protection : Steam
Discs        :  1                    Genre      : Action

The  ultimate  postal  service  has    arrived...   self-delivering
cardboard  boxes! Unbox:  Newbie\'s Adventure  is  a  retro-inspired
physics platformer about rolling  cardboard boxes;  enjoy  an  epic
single player adventure and grab your friends for  four-player  fun
in local multiplayer races and battles! Global  Postal  Service  is
nearing bankruptcy and in an attempt to save themselves,  they have
created living, self-delivering boxes.

For more info go to : http://store.steampowered.com/app/512300/

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NBA Playgrounds v1.3 (c) Mad Dog Games, LLC

07/2017 :..... RELEASE.DATE .. PROTECTION .......: Steam
1 :.......... DISC(S) .. GAME.TYPE ........: Sports

Classic NBA arcade action is back! Take your   A   game to the playground and
beat the best in high-flying 2-on-2 basketball action. Practice your skills
offline, play with up to three others and take your talents online to
posterize your opponents with acrobatic jams and ridiculous displays of skill.


They added again loads of new content, like new players ( > 30), new playmode
(3 point contest) and much more. Several changes and fixes as well.
For a complete list check:

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Battle of Empires: 1914-1918 - Ottoman Empire (c) Best Way Soft

Release Date :  07/2017                     Protection : Steam
Discs        :  1                           Genre      : Action
In the Ottoman Empire campaign  you will  take part  in  the  famous
battle of Gallipoli on the Turkish army side . Under the  command of
Mustafa Kemal, you\'ll defend the peninsula from a  large-scale naval
landing of Entente forces in various parts of the frontline  -  from
the sea coast to the heights of Gallipoli. The campaign  includes  a
diverse set of operations - both large-scale  infantry  battles  and
quiet reconnaissance missions.

For more info go to : http://store.steampowered.com/app/550540/

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Note : previous DLC\'s are included (don\'t enable the Victory Pack as
it\'S Multiplayer only and obviously wont work)

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Mafia III: Sign of the Times (c) 2K

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1 :.......... DISC(S) .. GAME.TYPE ........: Action, Adventure

It\'s 1968 and after years of combat in Vietnam, Lincoln Clay knows this
truth: family isn\'t who you\'re born with, it\'s who you die for.

A string of ritualistic killings has New Bordeaux on the edge of terror.
At Father James\' request, Lincoln agrees to hunt down the cult responsible,
a quest that will take him from the dark heart of the old bayou to the drug
ridden counterculture of the inner city.

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Pyre (c) Supergiant Games

Release Date :  07/2017              Protection : Steam
Discs        :  1                    Genre      : Action

Pyreis a party-based RPG in which  you lead  a band  of  exiles  to
freedom through ancient competitions spread across a vast, mystical
purgatory. Who shall return to glory, and who shall remain in exile
to  the  end  of  their  days?Key Features  A New  World  From  the
Creators of Bastion and Transistor Experience the biggest  and most
imaginative world yet fromSupergiant!

For more info go to : http://store.steampowered.com/app/462770/

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Type..........: ACTION/ADV     Packager......: STP
Publisher.....: UBISOFT        Cracker.......: STP
Supplier......: UPLAY/STP      Release Date..: 07/2017


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Create a team with up to 3 friends in Tom Clancy\'s Ghost Recon
Wildlands and enjoy the ultimate military shooter experience set
in a massive, dangerous, and responsive open world.

Game includes latest updates
Game includes all DLC unlocked:
Tom Clancy\'s Ghost Recon Wildlands - Fallen Ghosts
Tom Clancy\'s Ghost Recon Wildlands - Narco Road
Game is multi language
English, german, french, italian, spanish, japanese, mexican
portuguese, russian
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Good Morning Vietnam. Let\'s check our shopping list.

Valve Steam          : Done
EA\'S Origin DRM      : Done
Ubisoft\'s Uplay DRM  : Done
Denuvo Anti-Tamper   : Done
Easy Anti Cheat      : Done
Custom Triggers      : Done
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What\'s next ? Ah yes there is one left but that\'s probably
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-Hallowed are the Ori, and hallowed are we;
-Yea, hallowed are the children of the Ori through Them.
-The power and greatness of the Ori cannot be denied
-And is great knowledge, power, and understanding not enough
cause to revere the Ori?
-Those who seek the path of enlightenment must not be led astray;
-But make yourselves one with the path, and the journey shall lead
you to eternity.
-Fear not the Ori, but fear the darkness that would conceal
the knowledge of all things;
-Believe in the truth of all things, and you shall find the path
to enlightenment.
-Blessed are those who walk in unison with their gods;
-For ours is not to question, but to rejoice in Their service,
for They are perfection.
-Those who follow the path of righteousness shall be raised
up high;
-Yea, those who reach enlightenment shall rejoice with the
Ori forever
-O blessed Ori, guide us on the path, that we may triumph over
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We are definitely not finished yet.

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Tabletop Simulator - Three Kingdoms Redux (c)  Berserk Games

Release Date :  07/2017                     Protection : Steam
Discs        :  1                           Genre      : Simulator
The Han Dynasty, founded in 206 BC,  ruled the  central  plains  and
much of modern day China for nearly four hundred years.  However, by
late second century, court politics and poor governance has  left it
in rapid decline. The government was dominated  by  corrupt  eunuchs
and officials who levied heavy taxes on the peasants,  resulting  in
public discontent.

For more info go to : http://store.steampowered.com/app/610692/

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DLC included in this release:

Tabletop Simulator - Kickstarter Pointer
Tabletop Simulator - Kickstarter Gold
Tabletop Simulator - Superfight
Tabletop Simulator - Cosmic Encounter Connector
Tabletop Simulator - Euphoria
Tabletop Simulator - Superfight: The Orange Deck
Tabletop Simulator - Cosmic Incursion
Tabletop Simulator - Mistfall
Tabletop Simulator - Superfight: The Red Deck
Tabletop Simulator - Darkest Night
Tabletop Simulator - Tiny Epic Galaxies
Tabletop Simulator - Battle For Souls
Tabletop Simulator - Cosmic Conflict
Tabletop Simulator - Scythe
Tabletop Simulator - RARRR!!
Tabletop Simulator - Tiny Epic Kingdoms
Tabletop Simulator - In the Name of Odin
Tabletop Simulator - Indonesia
Tabletop Simulator - Scuttle!
Tabletop Simulator - Warfighter
Tabletop Simulator - Spirits of the Rice Paddy
Tabletop Simulator - The Captain Is Dead
Tabletop Simulator - Zombicide
Tabletop Simulator - Mr. Game!
Tabletop Simulator - Cosmic Alliance
Tabletop Simulator - Simurgh
Tabletop Simulator - Wizard\'s Academy
Tabletop Simulator - Three Cheers For Master
Tabletop Simulator - Cosmic Storm
Tabletop Simulator - Viticulture
Tabletop Simulator - Tiny Epic Defenders
Tabletop Simulator - Darkrock Ventures
Tabletop Simulator - Tiny Epic Western
Tabletop Simulator - Xia: Legends of a Drift System
Tabletop Simulator - Cosmic Dominion
Tabletop Simulator - Abraca...What?
Tabletop Simulator - Khronos Hunter
Tabletop Simulator - Cavern Tavern
Tabletop Simulator - Three Kingdoms Redux

General Notes:

- Block the game\'s exe in your firewall to prevent the game from
trying to go online ..
- If you install games to your systemdrive, it may be necessary
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Dreamfall Chapters - The Final Cut (c) Red Thread Games

Release Date :  07/2017              Protection : Steam
Discs        :  1                    Genre      : Adventure

Dreamfall  Chapters:  The  Final  Cut has  just  arrived,  bringing
significant improvements across the board. This marks the end  of a
very long journey, but the wait was more than worth it.  The  Final
Cut  adds  an  in-game  map, character  library,  playable  deleted
scenes, and a concept art gallery but also several things that both
newcomers and  veterans will  appreciate, like:  improved  art  and
sound: tweaked character  models, improved  lighting,  an  expanded
soundtrack,  remastered  voice-overs and  reworked  sound  effects,
various gameplay tweaks, improved performance, improved  German and
French localization, support for  save slots,  updated  engine  and
lots of smaller bugfixes.

For more info go to : http://store.steampowered.com/app/237850/

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          Aporia Beyond The Valley CODEX-3DMGAME Torrent Free Download        

Aporia: Beyond The Valley (c) Green Man Gaming Publishing

Release Date :  07/2017              Protection : Steam
Discs        :  1                    Genre      : Adventure

Aporia: Beyond The Valley is a first person adventure puzzle game,
set in a beautifully realised world and with a story told without text
or dialogue.

For more info go to : http://store.steampowered.com/app/573130/

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General Notes:

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Titanfall 2 (c) EA

Release Date :  07/2017              Protection : Origin
Discs        :  1                    Genre      : Action

Call down your Titan and get ready for an exhilarating first-person
shooter experience in  Titanfall 2!  The sequel  introduces  a  new
single player campaign that explores  the bond  between  Pilot  and
Titan.  Or  blast your  way through  an even  more  innovative  and
intense multiplayer experience - featuring 6 new Titans, deadly new
Pilot abilities, expanded customization, new maps, modes,  and much

- Extract
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Notes: Game is updated to the latest version (v2.0.6.1).

Thanks to V and especially to PR for his great contribution to
this project!

General Notes:

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Type..........: SPORT/SIM      Packager......: STP
Publisher.....: EA             Cracker.......: STP
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FIFA 17 immerses you in authentic football experiences by
leveraging the sophistication of a new game engine, while
introducing you to football players full of depth and emotion,
and taking you to brand new worlds accessible only in the game.
Complete innovation in the way players think and move, physically
interact with opponents, and execute in attack lets you own every
moment on the pitch.

Game includes latest updates
Game is multi language (run stp-selector.exe to change language)
english, german, french, italian, spanish
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Hy DotA Holic, ini dia video yang lain dari WoDotA kali ini volume 52.
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2. Pukulan Creep yang mengikuti Tinker lalu dia bunuh diri.
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          Hitchens on the Scandinavian Utopia        
I had a couple of readers alert me to a post by Peter Hitchens, in which he reviews a book on the Swedish model of society by Michael Booth. Hitchens praises a particular insight in Booth's book:

But on pages 357 to 360 he produces one of those blinding-light moments that finally link up and solidify long strands of thought.

What is the blinding-light moment? It is that a liberal society aims to make individuals autonomous, by severing the natural connections existing between people, but that this then leaves individuals dependent on the state.

This is not a new insight - I've made the same point many times myself, as have others. But it is expressed well in Hitchens' blog post:
Michael Booth concludes that Swedish Social Democracy 'was driven by one single, over-arching goal; to sever the traditional, some would say natural, ties between its citizens, be they those that bound children to their parents, workers to their employers, wives to their husbands or the elderly to their families. Instead, individuals were encouraged - mostly by financial incentive or disincentive, but also through legislation, propaganda and social pressure - to ‘take their place in the collective’, as one commentator rather ominously put it, and become dependent on the government’.

But he notes that this can also be truthfully described as liberating Swedish citizens from each other allowing them to become autonomous entities.

But of course (and this conclusion is mainly me) they are only autonomous within the embrace of the strong state, which substitutes itself for family, employer and all other social ties, and seizes most of their wealth in return for requiring a loyalty and submission as great as any imposed in feudal times, in return for ‘social protection’. Thus did the peasant whose hovel lay in the shadow of his Lord's castle offer up his fealty in return for safety.

He quotes the Swedish author Henrik Berggren:

‘The Swedish system is best understood not in terms of socialism but in terms of Rousseau…Rousseau was an extreme egalitarian and he really hated any kind of dependence – depending on other people destroyed your integrity, your authenticity – therefore the ideal situation was one where every citizen was an atom separated from all the other atoms…The Swedish system’s logic is that it is dangerous to be dependent on other people, to be beholden to other people. Even to your family’.

Hitchens has another passage following through on this idea. He notes aspects of the decline in British society, such as permissive attitudes to drug use, and writes:
What were all these things about? Why, personal autonomy. Their central slogan was ‘I can do what I like with my own body and nobody can stop me. How dare you tell me what I can do with it?’

The paradox, well understood by Aldous Huxley, is that the person who proudly yells this battle cry also meekly accepts that in return he must surrender his mind, his privacy and his wealth to the power of the parental state.

In Michael Booth’s book, it all came together in an intentional, deliberate pattern. These things are connected. And it is the absence of the Christian conscience which makes them possible, and which is their enemy and rival. The new all-powerful parental state, the war against the married family, the scorn for conscience, the loud demand for personal autonomy and the rage against those who suggest it is in any way limited by morality or law, are all one cause, reborn in the West since the collapse of the USSR and advancing fast on all fronts. I saw it in Moscow and after my return from there, but instinctively. As so often, my instincts were right, and it has taken long years for my understanding and knowledge to catch up with them

There is just one thing I'd like to add to Peter Hitchens' observations. There are traditionalists who instinctively recognise the dynamic that Hitchens describes and who, quite rightly, think it important to uphold non-state institutions like church and family. So they become good churchmen and family men. I don't think this enough. When fathers stand only as individual men, they have little control over the torrent of influence that comes from the larger institutions of society, such as the mass media, the schools and the universities. Defending family or church requires organising together as fathers to shape the larger institutions, wherever this is possible.
          Blog Action Day ~ Climate Change        
Today, October 15, is officially "Blog Action Day", and the topic is "Climate Change".

I don't have a lot to say on the subject. That's not to say I don't feel strongly about it, but I've never written in-depth about it. Why? Where do I start? With those drilling for oil and blowing the tops off of mountains to obtain coal? With factories ignoring loosely-regulated and loophole-ridden tomes of governmental laws?

I think I'll start closer to home than those faceless names, companies, corporations, governments, etc. In fact, let's start at home. What if everyday people stopped buying new things they didn't need? Things they could either do without or could buy in a resale establishment (thrift shops, yard sales, etc.)? What if they stopped driving huge SUVs the half-mile to the store for a gallon of milk that comes from an unknown dairy, salad ingredients from Chile, and a pound of hamburger that was raised on a factory farm 1,500 miles away? What if they consistently used reusable bags to carry home these goods? What if they made a conscious effort not only to reuse things as many times as possible, but possibly repurpose them once these things outlive their natural life?

Our lives are uber convenient due to the torrent of products we buy as a suggestion, subtle or otherwise, of corporate ads by which we're bombarded. You've bought many of the products being pushed...how long did your happy factor last? Are you reminded of it every time you use that brand new gadget (iPhone with the Happiness app installed excluded)? How many times have we all heard ourselves utter, "It's the simple things that matter."? If we know this, then why are our lives so complicated and cluttered...why are we in debt and envious of those who have more than we do? Why do we feel the need to replace items before they're well and truly obsolete, and why do we behave as sheep, buying into these ad campaigns? What happened to making do because it was the logical thing to do? When did it become okay to be so wasteful? And let's not forget careless! When you buy these new pretty-pretties, where do the old ones go? Do you think about what happens to them after the garbage truck has swallowed and crunched them beyond recognition?

Anyone can write a post with suggestions on how to reduce their carbon footprint. My blog post, ultimately, is just to ask you the hard question, instead. What are you willing to give up for the health of the planet? This applies only to those who believe there is a climate change...I continue to be flabbergasted by those who say it's a made-up phenomenon; that our actions really don't have the consequences claimed by "eco-liberals". Or worse, that these consequences are so far away in the grand scheme of things that it's okay to continue on our path for now. Hogwash.

Climate change? It's all around. Polar bears clinging to vestiges of icebergs who will soon die from drowning because they're too weak to swim to the next iceberg that is too far away. Extreme weather. The disappearance of glaciers. More and more children who suffer from asthma and other environmental health issues. Where will it end?

It won't. Not unless we end it. Ask yourself the hard questions, then look for the right answers. The easy way is rarely the best way...and it often keeps us from the path that offers the roses that we're supposed to stop and smell along the way. Better smell 'em now...they may not grow tomorrow.

There...one "Blog Action Day" post, one minute before midnight. I may edit it later. I may not. Namaste'.

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engine atau virus definitionnya mudah2an Anti Virus tersebut majur buat
menangkal virus. Saya juga tidak akan memihak anti virus mana yang bagus.
Pasti sudah mengenal yang namanya ESET NOD32 kan ? Antivirus ini tidak
gratis alias harus bayar jika ingin menggunakannya. Ada yang mau Licensi Full untuk 3 bulan ESET NOD32
Antivirus secara Gratis ? Pasti mau dong. Saya mau sharing bagaimana cara untuk mendapatkannya.
1. Buka situs http://www.notebookplatformu.com/index.php?yon=register
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OCT 18
6 Tool Pengganti Jika Komputer telah terkena Virus
Application, Download, Freeware, Software, Tips & Triks 3 Comments »
Pernahkah komputer anda terkena virus sehingga menyebabkan tidak berfungsinya Task Manager
(taskmgr.exe), Registry Editor (regedit.exe), Command Prompt (cmd.exe), System Configuration Utility
(msconfig.exe), configuring Folder Options dan Hilangnya Run dari Start Menu? Jika sudah begitu tentu
saja akan menyulitkan sebagian pekerjaan kita untuk mengolah komputer.
Jika kita tidak bisa menjalankan Task Manager, berarti kita tidak dapat mengakhiri proses yang not
responding. Kitapun juga tidak bisa menggunakan perintah taskkill pada command prompt, karena
perintah CMD di disabled oleh virus. Kalau sudah begini, permasalahan akan menjadi makin ruwet.
Untuk mengganti aplikasi yang dimatikan ataupun terserang oleh virus, ada 6 tool yang bisa kita coba.
Dengan tool-tool ini kemungkinan besar kita dapat memperbaikinya, tergantung kemampuan dasar yang
dimiliki oleh pengguna komputer.
(1) Task Manager : taskmgr.exe
Task Manager sangat penting, karena berfungsi untuk melihat semua proses yang sedang berjalan
dikomputer. Selain itu task manager juga berfungsi untuk melihat besar memori dan penggunaan CPU oleh
aplikasi yang berjalan. Jika kita mendapati pesan “Task Manager has been disabled by your
administrator”, coba gunakan Process Explorer. Aplikasi ini juga dapat dijalankan dari USB flash drive.
[ Download Process Explorer, task manager alternative ]
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OCT 17
Windows XP Gamer Edition
Download, Windows No Comments »
Ini adalah versi Windows XP yang sangat ramping dibandingkan dari ukuran aslinya. Windows ini dapat
berjalan kencang, karena hanya berisikan aplikasi dasar untuk menjalankan sebuah Sistem Operasi. Tidak
membutuhkan serial number ketika menginstall dan juga tidak perlu diaktivasi. Sungguh Hebat buat
System Requirements :
800 Mhz or greater CPU
64 mb RAM
700mb HD space
13 processes running on default install.
Full ISO is only 92 mb!
Download :
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SEP 19
100 Aplikasi Portable (Win dan Mac)
Application, Download, Freeware, Portable Software, Windows 1 Comment »
Tahukah apa yg dimaksud dengan portable program ? Merupakan suatu aplikasi yang berukuran lebih kecil
dan bisa dijalankan disemua komputer tanpa melakukan instalasi yang bisa disimpan pada portable disk.
Program tersebut bisa berupa email program, web browser, system recoveri tool bahkan juga operating
Aplikasi tersebut adalah
· Portable Office Software
· Portable Email/Calendar/ToDo Programs
· Portable Text and Voice Messengers
· Portable Media Tools (Audio / Video)
· Portable Graphics Viewers and Image Editors
· Portable Browsers and Web Tools (FTP, Feedreaders, Torrent clients…)
· Portable Security Software
· Portable Games
· Other Portable Utilities
· Portable Developer Tools (Techies Only)
· All-In-One Packages
· Portable Operating Systems (’HowTo’ Articles)
· USB ThumDrive Tips
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SEP 19
Software Gratis Alternatif pengganti Nero CD/DVD Burner
Application, Download No Comments »
Nero adalah salah satu aplikasi CD-DVD Burning yang populer. Tapi sanggungkah kita membeli software
yang berstatus License tersebut ? Karena aplikasi ini memiliki bandrol yang amat mahal bila kita
bandingkan frekuensi penggunaannya dalam kehidupan kita. Walaupun aplikasi Nero banyak memiliki fitur
tetapi tetap saja memberatkan kantong kita.
Berikut ini ada aplikasi yang bisa menggantikan Nero untuk membantu tugas kita dalam hal memburning
CD/DVD. Selain bersifat gratis, aplikasi ini juga tidak terlalu memakan sumberdaya komputer kita.
Pilihan ini tergantung anda. Tapi apalahnya kita mencoba aplikasi yang freeware sebagai alternatif
pengganti Nero.
(1) CDBurnerXP
Fitur :
· Sudah bisa berjalan di Windows Vista
· Multi Bahasa Interface
· Sudah mendukung Blu Ray/HD DVD
· BIN > ISO converter included
Download CDBurnerXP
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JUL 07
eBoostr : USB memory bisa disulap jadi RAM module ?
Application, Download, Software, Tips & Triks No Comments »
Benarkah bisa menyulap USB memory jadi RAM module ? Antara percaya dengan gakkan ? Tapi
kenyataanya bisa. Untuk menyulapnya kita membutuhkan software yang berlabel EBoostr. Tetapi aplikasi
ini hanya bisa berjalan di platform Windows XP. Dan belum bisa Berjalan di Windows Vista.
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JUL 07
IdleBackup : Backup Files Ketika Komputer sedang Istirahat
Application, Download, Freeware, Software No Comments »
Karena kesibukan kerja dan berharganya setiap waktu yang kita miliki kadang kita melupakan semua yang
penting diluar pekerjaan kita. Sebut saja Backup Data. Ini merupakan pekerjaan yang penting dilakukan
selain pekerjaan rutin ditempat bekerja. Bayangkan jika anda lupa backup data dan seketika juga
komputer crash…. Ouwww. Kesalnya minta ampun. Sebelum terlambat, sebaiknya kita melakukan
rutinitas backup semua data di PC anda.
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JUL 03
Freeware : Compression Tool
Application, Download, Freeware, Software No Comments »
Banyak software yang bisa anda gunakan untuk membuka file kompresi, seperti : Winzip dan WinRar. Tapi
tidak gratis lo….
Alternatif laen yang bisa anda gunakan diantaranya adalah :
1. 7zip (www.7-zip.org)
Aplikasi ini memiliki ekstensi file yang unik, yaitu .7z, dan selain itu memiliki kemampuan untuk packing
dan unpacking dengan format 7z, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2 and TAR. Dan hanya Unpacking : RAR, CAB, ISO, ARJ,
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JUN 26
SandBoxie : Mencoba Aplikasi sebelum Install Permanen
Application, Download, Software No Comments »
SandBoxie merupakan aplikasi yang kecil tapi punya kemampuan yang menakjubkan. Kenapa bisa dibilang
begitu ? Berarti punya kelebihan dong. Ya iyalah, hehehehe.
Sandboxie dapat menjalankan program apa saja termasuk script yang dibuat. Dengan adanya app ini kita
dapat mencoba aplikasi apa saja tanpa wass akan terserang oleh virus atau kode script yang berbahaya di
komputer kita.
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JUN 20
Reflect : Solusi Mudah Backup PC anda seperti Norton
Application, Download, Software No Comments »
The best disk imaging and recovery solution for Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003 and Server 2008
Reflect merupakan aplikasi untuk membuat Disk Imaging dan Backup File/data dengan sangat mudah.
Aplikasi memiliki banyak kelebihan, antara lain adalah :
Drives Supported
* IEEE 1394 (FireWire)
Filesystems supported
* NTFS (All versions)
* FAT16
* FAT32
* Ext2FS
CD DVD Formats
* CD-R
Selain itu Reflect juga dapat membackup secara berkala atau terjadwal. Aplikasi ini terdiri dari 2 versi,
Freeware dan Professional. Kalo dibandingkan diantara keduanya, yang freeware tidak bisa berjalan di
Sistem operasi yang berbasis Server seperti Windows 2003 dan 2008 Server
          free photo editing download        

Anyone who owns an iPod would know how to download music to Zune quite easily. People have this misconception that as long as you are not paying for your MP3 music files, it is not legal to do so.

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          Stampotique Seahorses Tag        

Here is a tag I made using the rubberstamps Reggie and Roger from Stampotique.

I used Distress Inks in Mermaid Lagoon and Broken China to colour the background. 

I used a bubble stencil and Ranger's white embossing paste.

I coloured the seahorses with Primsacolour markers and fussy cut them out. I added Glossy Accents to the polka dots and their eyes. I also added Glam Pink Stickles.

I trimmed them to fit the "twinchies" or the 2 x 2 squares.

I added a Tim Holtz word sticker for the sentiment. 

I added some blue and white twine from Doodlebug to the top.

I would like to enter this in the following challenges:

Challenge SDC204: Twinchies
Check it out here: Stampotique Designers Challenge

Challenge #229: To "Die" for (the small squares are diecuts)
Check it out here: The Corrosive Challenge

Challenge: Get in Shape
Check it out here: Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge

Thanks for having a look.

Talk to ya soon xx

          TEXTE: Demande....        


La poussière malsaine qui couvrait le bas-côté de la route menant à Port-au-Prince ne permettait en rien de prévoir ce qui allait arriver.

La progression du bus, ponctuée de fréquents ralentissements, annonçait l’avènement prochain des embouteillages qui rendraient pénible l’entrée de la ville.

J’observai un groupe d’hommes, sur un trottoir,  discutant joyeusement sans prêter attention à une grappe de cabris, pattes amarrées, jetés au sol tels d’insignifiants objets à vendre. L’un des animaux, en particulier, attira mon regard. Sa tête pendue à son long coup arqué, reposait juste au dessus du caniveau. Un peu comme s’il s’abreuvait d’un ruissellement imaginaire. Son œil jaune, figé dans la mort, contemplait l’infini.

Le moment où la chaussée s’est  transformée en une rivière boueuse m’a échappé. D’autant que les trombes de pluie qui avaient assombri la ville avaient cessé, ne laissant qu’une coulée torrentielle dévaler les mornes en charriant tout ce que la population avait abandonné aux trottoirs.

Le quartier de Martissant n’était plus qu’un vaste égout à ciel ouvert, dont le flot ajoutait aux déjections des marchés locaux, celles que Port-au-Prince vomissait vers la mer.

Je regardais défiler ce triste spectacle, dont les détails s’enchevêtraient derrière la vitre du bus Jacmel - Port-au-Prince.

Une jeune femme assise à la droite du chauffeur, commentait à grands cris les efforts désespérés de celles et ceux qui tentaient de lutter contre l’invasion calamiteuse de l’eau macabre :

« Mé zanmi, gadé misè pèp ayisien ! Â»*

J’assistai au désastre bouche bée. Des femmes courbées balayaient, à l’aide de quelques branches, le flux sans cesse renouvelé de l’insalubrité. La chute d’une petite fille dans une flaque brune suscita un vif émoi à travers la rue. Plusieurs personnes se précipitèrent à son secours.

Il était encore heureux que nous puissions rouler, car le niveau de l’eau entamait les tibias des passants.

J’en avais déjà plein les yeux quand le bus s’engagea sur une place. L’espace dégagé offrait la vision  d’une indescriptible désolation. Des hommes et des femmes se mouvaient au milieu d’un marécage fangeux.  Le plafond céleste était tombé si bas qu’il rencontrait les flots. Dans la froide pénombre du chaos, de sombres silhouettes avançaient de toutes les directions, comme mus par une chorégraphie préméditée.

C’est là, à cet instant précis, que la vision vint m’envahir. Se pouvait-il que je voie ce que je percevais ? Le décor n’était qu’un théâtre d’ombres et les êtres qui flottaient debout, dans l’eau croupie, une confrérie de zombies !

La densité de la scène était telle que j’en perdis toute contenance. Un « PUTAIN Â» aphone s’échappa de ma gorge.

L’égrégore haïtien régnait là, de toute sa puissance. Il planait dans ce lieu d’incommensurables forces. Les pulsions de vie et de mort mêlées y atteignaient des hauteurs paroxysmiques. Je me sentais aspiré dans une autre dimension, à l’envers du monde que je connais.

Mon appareil photo resta posé sur mes genoux. Je ne pouvais me résoudre à porter un objet mécanique entre cette hallucination et mon regard. Pour quoi faire d’ailleurs ? En capturer tel quel ce qui pouvait l’être et aller le montrer de l’autre côté du globe ? Le soumettre à la profusion de signes consommés distraitement qu’est devenue la photographie ? L’aurais-je légendé Haïti 2016, le livrant à la fascination occidentale comme représentation négative de mon pays natal ?

C’était hors de question, car, comme les autres passagers du bus, je vivais cette traversée avec l’amertume particulière de ceux qui se reconnaissent dans cette humanité.  

Ceux qui savent à quel point cette noirceur est une part tragique de ce qui les constitue en tant que peuple.

Est-ce bien là que nous en sommes arrivés ? Est-ce bien dans cette chute libre que nous aurait entrainé notre glorieuse conquête de la liberté ?

Je sentais, au plus profond de mon être, que de ces ténèbres ne cesserait de jaillir la plus éclatante lumière. L’âme haïtienne est ainsi faite.

Et que, quoiqu’il advienne de ce pays, son expérience singulière demeurerait précieuse pour tout le genre humain.

Mon regard s’arrêta, comme happé par un écriteau qui affichait : N’OUBLIE PAS QUE TU N’ES QUE POUSSIERE, à l’entrée du cimetière de Port-au-Prince.

En face, un gigantesque corbillard précédait un orchestre composé d’une dizaine d’hommes costumés de noir. Leurs étincelants instruments dorés, leurs larges cravates rouges et leurs mines équivoques semblaient touts droits sortis d’un songe.

Le bus était arrivé à destination. La pluie avait repris de plus belle. J’étais sonné, mais bien vivant, paumé au plus bas de la ville, mon CONTAX sous le coude.

HR. Mai 2016

          Insuring Against Drought        
With torrential rain and gales every other day (or more) it is quite hard to believe in drought right now, but I have decided that once the tulips are over I will plant up my pots with a selection of pelargoniums. They are amongst the least thirsty of plants and Crocus has many tempting varieties. […]
          Lasting impressions        

My wing at IITB - The Outlaws. The name painted on the wall and the Name-room no.s on left are no longer there.
L-to-R: Me, Dasa, Jha saab, Mamu, Rizvi & Saras

This year it'll be four years since I graduated from IIT Bombay. Time flies. I realized this when I visited the campus back, couple of days back when I was visiting Mumbai to board the flight to London. It was great to have old friends, Nandu & DRS, with me. Torrents of memories rushed back, overwhelming me. Things have changed there, but not much, thankfully.

Bikes are obviously banned inside the campus now and I'm sure people aren't missing them much. I spent my entire 4 years without a bike (I once bought an old bicycle from an auction, but I used that very sparsly during her brief stay of about 2 months in my company) and if anything, it makes you enjoy the long walks. My department's (Comp. Sc & Engg.) old building is now abandoned, due to bad design. It was definitely "different", it boasted of design such that no two walls in the entire building were parallel. I'm sure not what exactly was the problem, but even during our times it had developed couple of cracks. Anyway, the department has now moved to the soulless KReSIT building. They have improved the tennis court; new ones look very sleek and posh, quite an improvement over the old ones. I saw some new shops in the Gulmohar building too.

What made me most happy was the visit to my old room. Hostel 9, room 224. I spent about two and a half years in that room. And it hadn't changed much.

H9-224. Home.
The murals are still preserved by the current resident

The hostel was almost the same too, barring the mess which was Hafeez-Contractor-ized after renovation; but I'm sure even Hafeez can't do much about the "mess" they serve in there! There was a swanky billboard outside the hostel, welcoming people to "Hostel Nine - Pluto." Neat.

Coming back to room, I gathered my guts and knocked the door. The room now belongs to a PhD candidate; I was shocked when he commented - "Oh! So you came to check out the old room. May be the old graffiti." And there it was! My wall. THE wall. Amazing sight! During my days in the room, I had made couple of figures on the wall. I was totally touched watching them still there. The same Popeye & Flintstone smiling back. The present resident told me that he loved them there and made sure that when they paint the walls they don't paint over them. Thank you my friend! Though they painted over the wing's name (Outlaws), but atleast the room still has my impressions.
          Installing Torrentflux on the Viglen MPC-L        
This is a quick guide to installing Torrentflux on my Viglen MPC-L.

First, make sure that python, mysql-server and mysql-client are installed.

Then simply install the software with apt-get: -
    sudo apt-get install torrentflux

Once it is installed, point your web browser at the following location (where a.b.c.d is the IP address of your Viglen).: -


...and then start uploading .torrent files to it.

By default, files are saved in the following location: -

By default, the ports used are 49160- 49300, so remember to open these on your firewall/router.
          Daba, Shengling and Shuejian reopen for mountaineering         
The Daba, Shengling and Shuejian mountaineering trails are available again after being closed for post-typhoon and torrential rain repair work.To put it more specifically, the reopened lines include the traditional “I”-shaped and alternative “Y”-shaped trails of Shengling, as well as the “big” and “small” Shuejian trails.The East Dalu Forest Trail has been fully repaired, while the Shuejian Trails are partially repaired (until the mountaineering entrances).Nevertheless, visitors must still watch out for loose soil, falling rocks, cliffs and steep slopes.Lin Chin, head of the Shei-pa National Park Administration Office, reminds visitors to pay extra attention to their own safety and only take the trails by foot (all vehicles are forbidden). Before taking a trip, please check weather forecasts and be fully prepared.
          The whining continues        
English "historian" Mary Beard is still whining about the pushback she received for incorrectly claiming that a multiracial Roman British family was "typical", as portrayed in a BBC children's cartoon.
Mary Beard has spoken about the “Twitterstorm” of abuse she received after arguing that Roman Britain was ethnically diverse.

The historian and television presenter said she received a “torrent of aggressive insults” for days after she said a BBC schools video that depicted a high-ranking solider and a father of a Roman Britain family as being black to be “pretty accurate”.

She argued that the character in the BBC cartoon was loosely based on “Quintus Lollius Urbicus, a man from what is now Algeria, who became governor of Britain.”

She spoke against the “rubbish” arguments about genetic evidence from alt-right commentators and their “desire for certainty” when it came to historical information that was not always possible to ascertain, such as the population of Britain during the Roman empire and the ethnic make-up.

“It also feels very sad to me that we cannot have a reasonable discussion on such a topic as the cultural ethnic composition of Roman Britain without resorting to unnecessary insult, abuse, misogyny and language of war not debate (and that includes one senior academic)," she wrote in the Times Literary Supplement. She was referring to comments from  Nicholas Nassim Taleb who accused her of “bullsh*tting”.
I don't think her new book is going to help restore her reputation any time soon. Best response: "It would explain all the dead white wives."

In the meantime, Cambridge University has doubled down and released a Faculty Statement.

Faculty statement responding to the online debate of ethnic diversity in Roman Britain

Roman Britain has long been an important part of the teaching and research in the Faculty of Classics. The question of ethnic diversity in the province has been getting unusual amounts of attention recently. Professor Mary Beard has been at the centre of some of this attention. In the Faculty we welcome and encourage public interest in, and reasoned debate about, the ancient world, such as Professor Beard has always sought to encourage. The evidence is in fact overwhelming that Roman Britain was indeed a multi-ethnic society. This was not, of course, evenly spread through the province, and it would have been infinitely more noticeable — it can be assumed — in an urban or military context than in a rural one. There are, however, still significant gaps in our understanding. New scientific evidence (including but not limited to genetic data) offers exciting ways forward, but it needs to be interpreted carefully.

UPDATE: Glorious. Mary has really become quite prolific of late. We need to send old GRR Martin a case of whatever she's drinking.
          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 04-16-2014 with Stephen Whitehead        

Eye The Arrow- LSD Western - If By Fire
Linnea Olsson- Ah - Ah
- M Ivan - The Grand Budapest Hotel Original Soundtrack
Les Claypools Duo De Twang- Ds Diner - Four Foot Shack
Ibibio Sound Machine- Im Running - Ibibio Sound Machine
Lady Lamb The Beekeeper- Rooftop - Ripely Pine
Vampire Weekend- Run - Contra
- voicebreak -
- Devils Dream - 12 Years A Slave Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture
Damien Jurado- Silver Donna - Brothers And Sisters Of The Eternal Son
Temples- Keep In The Dark - Sun Structures
- Timothy - Studio One Ska Fever
King Khan The Shrines- Thorn In Her Pride - Idle No More
Cass McCombs- There Can Be Only One - Big Wheel And Others
You Are Plural- If You Know Me - Rabbit Rabbit
- voicebreak -
Christine Hoberg- I Ii II - World Within
- Everythings Fucked - The Bad Seeds Jukebox
Afro Fiesta- Mokumba - Fire Down Babylon
Cate Le Bon- Julia - Cyrk
Mark Orton- The Old CompressorEscape - Nebraska Original Soundtrack
Amy Denio- Come To Us Now - Prodigal Light
Arcade Fire- Rococo - The Suburbs
- voicebreak -
Mungos Hi Fi Prince Fatty- Scrub A Dub Style Prince Fatty Mix feat Sugar Minott - Prince Fatty Versus Mungos HiFi
Courtney Barnett- Are You Looking After Yourself - The Double EP A Sea Of Split Peas
Bare Mutants- Nothing Is Gold - The Affliction
- Me And My Arrow - This Is The Town A Tribute To Nilsson Vol 1
Blackalicious- Blazing Arrow - Blazing Arrow
Dom La Nena- Batuque Gabriel Muzak Remix - Ela Por Eles Remixes
Tacocat- Pocket Full Of Primrose - NVM
White Denim- Shake Shake Shake - Fits Expanded Version
- voicebreak -
The White Stripes- 300 MPH Torrential Outpour Blues - Icky Thump
The Low Frequency In Stereo- ElevatedDesecrated - Pop Obskura
Muhongo- NGa Kunu MButu - Angola Soundtrack 2 Hypnosis Distortions Other Sonic Innovations 19691978
Quiet Life- Devils Kin - Wild Pack
West Water Outlaws- Rising Sun - West Water Outlaws
The Hoax- Keep On Messin - Big City Blues
Black Lips- Dorner Party - Underneath The Rainbow
- voicebreak -
Mogwai- Deesh - Rave Tapes
Sacco- Kerosene - Sacco
Stone Jack Jones- Jackson - Ancestor
- voicebreak -
Rufus Wainwright- Oh What A World - Vibrate The Best Of

playlist URL: http://www.afterfm.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/playlist.listing/showInstanceID/35/playlistDate/2014-04-16
          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 03-25-2014 with Gavin Dahl        

Tom Waits- Straight To The Top - Beautiful Maladies The Island Years
- voicebreak -
Bon Iver- Calgary - Bon Iver
Moby- The Perfect Life feat Wayne Coyne - Innocents
The Faces- Ooh La La - Rushmore Soundtrack From The Motion Picture
Feist- How Come You Never Go There - Metals
- voicebreak -
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Unknown Mortal Orchestra- Little Blue House - Single
Toro Y Moi- Still Sound - Underneath The Pine
Lake- Takin My Time - The World Is Real
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Nathaniel Rateliff- How To Win - Falling Faster Than You Can Run

playlist URL: http://www.afterfm.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/playlist.listing/showInstanceID/20/playlistDate/2014-03-25
          Announcing TurnKey Linux 12.0: 100+ ready-to-use solutions        


Ladies and gentlemen, the 12.0 release is finally out after nearly 6 months of development and just in time to celebrate TurnKey's 4th anniversary. I'm proud to announce we've more than doubled the size of the TurnKey Linux library, from 45 appliances to over 100!

As usual pushing out the release was much more work than we expected. I'd like to chalk that up to relentless optimism in the face of vulgar practical realities and basic common sense. On the flip side, we now have 100+ appliances of which 60+ are brand spanking new. Lots of good new applications are now supported.

Despite all the hard work, or maybe because of it, working on the release was the most fun I've had in a while.

You look away and then back and suddenly all this new open source stuff is out there, ready for prime time. So many innovations and competing ideas, all this free energy. We feel so privileged to have a front row seat and not just watch it all play out but also be able to play our own small role in showcasing so much high-quality open source work while making it just a bit more accessible to users.

Unlike previous releases this latest release is based on Debian, not Ubuntu. We realize this may upset hardcore Ubuntu fans but if you read on, I'll try to explain below why "defecting" to Debian was the right thing for TurnKey.

What's new?

Deprecated appliances

  • AppEngine: With the addition of Go, we decided to split the Google App Engine SDK appliance into 3 separate language specific appliances (appengine-go, appengine-java and appengine-python).
  • Joomla16: 1.6 has reached end-of-life, and has been replaced with the Joomla 2.5 appliance.
  • EC2SDK: Insufficient amount of interest to warrant maintenance, especially now that the TurnKey Hub exists.
  • Zimbra and OpenBravo: Will be re-introduced once TurnKey supports 64bit architectures. Sorry folks. We're still working on that.

Changes common to all TurnKey appliances - the TurnKey Core

As most of you know TurnKey Core is the base appliance on top of which all other TurnKey appliances are built and includes all the standard goodies.

Most of the ingredients Core is built out of comes directly from the Debian package repositories. Thanks to the quality of packaging refreshing these is usually very easy. A handful (e.g., webmin, shellinabox) we have to package ourselves directly from upstream because they're not in Debian. That takes more work, but still usually not a big deal.

Then there are the parts of TurnKey we developed ourselves from scratch. They're our babies and giving them the love they need usually involves more work than all the other maintenance upgrades put together. The largest of these components is TKLBAM - AKA the TurnKey Linux Backup and Migration system.

Version 1.2 of TKLBAM which went into the release received a round of much needed improvements.

The highlights:

  • Backup
    • Resume support allows you to easily recover and continue aborted backup sessions.
    • Multipart parallel S3 uploads dramatically speed up how long it takes to upload backup archives to the cloud. Dial this up high enough and you can typically fully saturate your network connection.
  • Restore
    • Added embedded squid download cache to make it easier to retry failed restores (especially large multi-GB restores!) without resorting to suicide.
    • Fixed the annoying MySQL max_packet issue that made it unnecessarily difficult to restore large tables.

In a bid to open up development to the community we've also tried to make TKLBAM more developer friendly by making its internals easier to explore via the "internals" command. We've also put the project up on GitHub. For a bit more detail, read the full the release notes for TKLAM 1.2.

TurnKey 12.0 appliances available in 7 delicious flavors

Optimized Builds

  1. ISO: Our bread and butter image format. Can be burned on a CD and run almost anywhere - including bare metal or any supported virtualization platform.
  2. Amazon EC2: 1,414 Amazon EC2 optimized builds, spanning the globe in all 7 regions, in both S3 and EBS backed flavors. The Hub has been updated and all images are available for immediate deployment.
  3. VMDK / OVF: For those of you who like a slice of virtual in your lemonade, we've got VMDK and OVF optimized builds for you too.
  4. OpenStack: The new kid on the block, OpenStack optimized builds are just a download away, get 'em while they're hot. Oh, and don't forget that these builds require a special initrd.
  5. OpenVZ : Is OpenVZ your sweet tooth? Step right up! Using Proxmox VE? The TurnKey PVE channel has been updated as well for inline download and deployment right from your web browser.
  6. Xen: And who can forget about our favorite steady rock, optimized builds for Xen based hosting providers are at your fingertips.

Want just one appliance? Follow the download links on the site to download any image in any flavor individually from SourceForge.

Want to collect them all? Thanks to the good people manning TurnKey's mirror network, you can now get all the images in a particular image format (about 20 GB) or even the whole 120 GB enchilada.


  • 7 build formats
  • 606 downloadable virtual appliance images (120 GB worth)

Ubuntu vs Debian: the heart says Ubuntu, but the brains says Debian

One of the hardest things we had to do for this release was choose between Ubuntu and Debian. We initially planned on doing both. Then eventually we realized that would nearly double the amount of testing we had to do - a major bottleneck when you're doing a 100+ appliances.

Think about it. At this scale every one hour worth of extra testing and bugfixing translates into about 2-3 weeks of extra manwork. And to what ends? We already had way too much work to do, and the release kept getting pushed back, again and again, did it really matter whether we supported both of them like we originally intended? Would it really provide enough extra value to users to warrant the cost? They were after all quite similar...

In the end, choosing to switch over to Debian and abandon Ubuntu support for now was hard emotionally but easy on a purely rational, technical basis:

  1. Ubuntu supports less than 25% of available packages with security updates

    Remember that TurnKey is configured to auto-install security updates on a daily basis.

    This may sound dangerous to users coming from other operating systems but in practice works greats, because security updates in the Debian world are carefully back-ported to the current package version so that nothing changes besides the security fix.

    Unfortunately, if you're using Ubuntu there's a snag because Ubuntu only officially supports packages in its "main" repository section with security updates. Less than 25% of packages are included in the "main" repository section. The rest go into the unsupported "universe" and "multiverse".

    So if an Ubuntu based TurnKey appliance needs to use any of the nearly 30,000 packages that Ubuntu doesn't officially support, those packages don't get updates when security issues are revealed. That means users may get exposed to significantly more risk than with an equivalent Debian based TurnKey appliance.

    While Ubuntu are continually adding packages to its main repository, they can't keep pace with the rate of packages being added to Debian by thousands of Debian Developers. In fact, with each release the gap is growing ever wider so that an increasingly smaller percentage of packages are getting into main. For example, between Debian 6.0 (Squeeze) and the upcoming Debian 7.0 (Wheezy) release 8000 packages were added. In a comparable amount of time, between Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid) and Ubuntu 12.04 only 1300 packages were added to main.

  2. Debian releases are much more bug-free and stable

    Stability wise, there's no comparison. Even the Ubuntu Long Term Support releases that come out every two years have serious bugs that would have held up a Debian release.

    Fundamentally this is due to the differences in priorities that drive the release process.

    Debian prioritizes technical correctness and stability. Releases are rock solid because they only happen when all of the release critical issues have been weeded out.

    By contrast, Ubuntu prioritizes the latest and greatest on a fixed schedule. It's forked off periodically from the Debian unstable version, also known as "sid" - the toy story kid that will break your toys. It then gets released on a fixed pre-determined date.

    There's no magic involved that makes Ubuntu suddenly bug-free by its intended release date compared with the version of Debian it was forked from. Ubuntu has a relatively small development team compared with Debian's thousands of developers. I think they're doing an amazing job with what they have but they can't perform miracles. That's not how software development works.

    So Debian is "done" when its done. Ubuntu is "done" when the clock runs out.

  3. Ubuntu's commercial support is not available for TurnKey anyhow

    Part of the original rational for building TurnKey on Ubuntu was Canonical's commercial support services. We theorized many higher-end business type users wouldn't be allowed to use a solution that didn't have strong commercial support backing.

    But 4 years passed, and despite talks with many very nice high level people at Canonical, nothing happened on the ground, except that one time Alon was invited to participate in an Ubuntu Developer Summit.

    We realized if we wanted to offer commercial support for TurnKey we'd have to offer it ourselves and in that case it would be easier to support Debian based solutions than Ubuntu.

Those were the main reasons for switching to Debian. Most of the people we talked to who cared about the issue one way or another preferred Debian for the same reasons, as did the majority of the 3000 people who participated in our website survey.

Don't get me wrong. Despite all the mud that has been slung at Ubuntu recently we still have a huge amount of respect for Ubuntu and even greater respect for the Ubuntu community. Sure, mistakes have been made, we're all only human after all, but let's not forget how much Ubuntu has done for the open source community.

Also, just because we don't have the resources to support Ubuntu versions of all TurnKey appliances right now doesn't mean we've ruled that out for the future. It's all about using the right tool for the job. If for some use cases (e.g., the desktop) that turns out to be Ubuntu, we'll use Ubuntu.

How to upgrade existing appliances to TurnKey 12

Simple: Just use TKLBAM to create a backup of an existing older version and then restore it on TurnKey 12.

TKLBAM only backs up files that have changed since the default installation. That means if you changed a configuration file on TurnKey 11.3 that configuration file will be backed up and re-applied when you restore to TurnKey 12.

What's next: opening up TurnKey, more developers = more appliances

To those inevitable number of you who will be disappointed that a favorite application hasn't made it into this release, please be patient, we're working within very tight resource constraints. I'll admit it's our own damn fault. We realized about a couple of years too late we haven't been open enough in the way we've been developing TurnKey.

Better late than never though. We're working very hard to fix this. Much of the work we've been doing over the last year has been to clean up and upgrade our development infrastructure so we can open it up fully to the community (and support additional architectures such as amd64!).

Soon anyone will be able to build TurnKey appliances from scratch using the same tools the core development team is using. We're working on this because it's the right thing to do as an open source project. We're also hoping it will help more people from the open source community contribute to TurnKey as equal members and lift the labor bottleneck that is preventing us from scaling from 100+ to a 1000+  TurnKey appliances.

Many, many thanks to...

  • Jeremy Davis, Adrian Moya, Basil Kurian, Rik Goldman (and his students), L.Arnold, John Carver, and Chris Musty. These guys submitted many TKLPatches that made it into this release, and even more importantly kept the community alive while we dropped off the face off the earth to focus on development.

    Their dedication and generosity have been an inspiration. We'd like the community to get to know them better so we'll soon be publishing interviews with them on the blog. Stay tuned.

  • Jeremy Davis AKA "The JedMeister": TurnKey forum moderator and all around super great guy. Jeremy is such an important part of what makes the TurnKey community tick I figured I should thank him at least twice. For emphasis. :)

  • The many rivers of upstream: Debian, Ubuntu and all of the wonderful open source communities who give love and write code for the software that goes into TurnKey.

  • Everyone else who helped test the 12.0 release candidate and provided ideas and feedback.

  • TurnKey users everywhere. Without you, TurnKey's audience, there really wouldn't be a point.

          Event report: Managing Research Data Hack Day        
If you are interested in the use of SWORD for the deposit of research data, take a look at the DevCSI event report from their recent ‘Managing Research Data Hack Day‘ event report: http://devcsi.ukoln.ac.uk/2012/05/11/event-report-managing-research-data-hack-day/ There is an interesting discussion and associated video about using SWORD v2 to deposit files using BitTorrent.
          BitTorrent Sync Hits 2 Million User Mark        
In November, we introduced Sync 1.2: an updated version of our server-less file syncing tool. It’s quickly become the backbone of free speech initiatives, new blogging platforms, and enterprise file management systems. Within thirty days, our user base has doubled in size. And when it comes to moving data, it’s proved that we can move beyond the cloud.

Today, Sync is moving over 20 gigabytes per person. And that’s a pretty powerful thing. Dropbox’s cloud-based platform stores less than 0.42 gigabytes per user.

This is how Sync works. And this is how the Internet should work. A world where your data stays yours. A world where the free flow of information isn’t subjected to speed limits. And a world where your information isn’t subject to surveillance. Tomorrow’s weather forecast is free of clouds. We’re for it.

Take Sync for a test drive, and let us know what you think. Developers, your API key is here.

Bittorent Sync moves 40x data per user than Dropbox.
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          Against the Force of nature        


“We’ve got seven minutes to get our bags on the van”



We’ve over-slept and it’s all gone a bit Four Weddings And A Funeral.

Run around.



Throw things in bags.


Stretch cycling clothes on.


Final ablutions, zip up bags, crash out the door, act casual and nonchalant.



Toss bags into the back of the van with a measured display of indifference and quickly turn back into the hotel to minesweep what remains of breakfast after the lycra locusts have given it a good seeing to.

This wasn’t meant to happen.

Tour De Force Part 2 - Bales Summit View.jpg

Tour De Force Part 2 - Bales Summit View.jpg

Roomie Tom and I had set our alarms but had both made the fatal error of shutting our eyes again for just a little bit and now we’re in what could be described as a bit of a flap. And it’s exactly the wrong day for this sort of thing. Today is a big day, The Big Day of my four days on the Tour De Force and one of the big days on the proper Tour itself. It’s the major stage in the Pyrenees; 215 kilometres with five major cols, the day you “work from home” to watch on telly, a day that if you were to ride it you’d get up with plenty of time to sort your kit, eat properly and ride out in a big group to gently tap it out for the first bit before the mountains. None of this has transpired.

Because of the length and severity of today’s stage a rolling start over the course of an hour has been announced so slower riders can leave earlier and steal an extra bit of time on the day. The original plan was to latch onto a group and hide in the wheels to the start of the mountains, it’s a cheeky stage with a rolling 100kms before the base of the first col so it plays to be tactical. In theory. As it is Tom and I are about the last to leave the hotel so it’s going to be a lonely first 40kms or so to the usual regroup at the first feed station. I could leave Tom on his own and play catch-up but that would be poor form. Old-school etiquette indicates that you look after your room-mate, especially if this is their first ever day cycling in the mountains. We’ve all been there, we’ve all felt that sicky fear and bile of dread, be nice, pay it forward.

Tour De Force Part 2 - Misty Arrow.jpg

Tour De Force Part 2 - Misty Arrow.jpg

The morning is cool, grey and misty and after the crackling heat of the previous two days I can actually feel the core of my body sigh and cool down as dew collects on my fore-arm hair. Spinning some of the previous days kilometres out of the legs on the straight rolling roads out of Pau we’re joined by a rider in blue kit who wants to help but consistently goes 1kph too fast so we let ourselves drift apart. Tom isn’t quite feeling it yet, he’s just done the two longest rides of his life so it’s going to take a while for his body to come round to the idea of a massive day in the mountains. Shortly afterwards we’re joined by Gareth who is the on-the-road Tour De Force captain and we shoot the breeze a while before he has to speed off to check on other riders. There’s a wide gentle nothing climb to summit that would be a Strava hotspot in the UK but isn’t even named on the route map here, a wiggle through the one-way system of Tarbes and we finally catch up with the back markers just before reaching the first feed stop and the rest of the Tour De Force peloton. Now we can eventually relax, it’s been a nervous few hours.

Tour De Force Part 2 - Sign On.jpg

Tour De Force Part 2 - Sign On.jpg

Sign in, grab some nuts and cake, top up on water, wee in a bush and remount. Tom has decided he’s going to take the short-cut option that cuts out a col or two if he’s going to have any chance of making it to the finish in Peyragudes so I latch on some wheels and leap-frog from bunch to bunch until I find one I’m comfortable in. By the bottom of the Côte de Capvern, the first named climb of the day, I’m in a happy place and our group winds up the easy ascent in a chatty mood. I’m slotted next to a Lifer, a rider who’s ridden the whole Tour De Force, and we swap tales. The Lifers had a torrid time in their first week with torrential rain and tortuous headwinds and there are stories of riders feeling their way down the last descent of the day in the dark and getting to the hotel with little time to recover for the next days efforts. It’s been harsh but that’s the Tour. The Lifers are a tough, humble, kind, friendly, helpful bunch that are obviously tied together by an invisible thread of camaraderie that this sort of endeavour weaves and there’s an air of quiet respect towards them. They’re also tired, most of them are carrying some injury or niggle and there’s a lot of kinesiology tape on show, they’ve ridden more than you can know, always offer them a wheel if you can.

Tour De Force Part 2 - Chatty Climb.jpg

Tour De Force Part 2 - Chatty Climb.jpg

Dropping gently off this climb we land on a plateau that takes us to the first proper challenge of the day in the Col des Ares, and the group I’m in fairly clatters along the easily undulating valley floor making good time. We’ve ventured onto roads I know well having spent a lot of time in this part of the Pyrenees, from here on in I’m familiar with every inch of tarmac to the finish and it’s definitely knowledge used as power as I know exactly how to pace myself to get to the end in one piece. As the road rises in a nippy little climb our peloton shatters and I find myself in a select and fast group. I’m not familiar with the other riders so I figure they’re fresh legs that arrived last night to ride the four days of Tour Taster 6 that will eventually deliver them in the Massif Central, they’re certainly riding like it’s their first excitable day. I make use of their enthusiasm and hang on as things get a bit tasty through Loures-Barousse and up along the Garonne river. I’m sure the one in the London based jersey thinks this is all one big Richmond Park. This train dumps us at speed at the second feed station at the base of the Col des Ares and it’s time to stock up on food, not for this climb, or the next, but for the trepidation of the one after.

Tour De Force Part 2 - Col des Ares Climb.jpg

Tour De Force Part 2 - Col des Ares Climb.jpg

I sidle up to a bunch of riders that I recognise from previous days and join them for the ascent. Having done the Ares before many times I know that it’s an easy introduction to the Pyrenees at a measly 797m tall with a consistent gradient that’s a good way to warm the legs for what’s to come. I’ve had a good time up and down this hill with many friends over the years, it gets a bit emotional.

Tour De Force Part 2 - Mente S.jpg

Tour De Force Part 2 - Mente S.jpg

Stop at the signed summit for pictures, drop off the hill, climb for a bit through that village, past those trees, and descend again before taking a sharp right to follow the up and down road with the sound of the river to the base of two famous climbs, turn left for the Col de Portet d'Aspet or turn right to do the Col de Menté. We follow the road to the right just as the sun finally burns off the cloud of the morning and it heats up just enough to make the col that little bit harder. There’s a naughty little pre-climb and short sharp descent before you hit the real meat of the Menté where there’s a nasty ramp to the first switchback before the col settles into a nicer rhythm. Despite the effort involved it’s a lovely climb up through tiny villages and alpine meadows, if in doubt always look up at the view, that’s why you’re here, you can stare at your stem at home. The photo-friendly spaghetti switchback section means you’re nearly at the top and the last few kms of trees where the road slowly levels off to the summit and a well-timed food stop. With a donkey.

Tour De Force Part 2 - Bales Approach.jpg

Tour De Force Part 2 - Bales Approach.jpg

Jam and cheese sandwiches, waffles in the back pocket, drop like a stone down the fun technical descent of the Menté and along the valley towards the quietly brooding horror of the day, the Port de Balès. I’ve struggled up here several times before and I know that it’s a horrible brute of a climb and there’s not much you can do but just grind gears and teeth up it, so I’m prepared. The group I’m in are full of questions and all I can answer is with those words above. The first few kilometres of the overall 19kms of climb lull you into a false sense of security as the road rises gently enough against the flow of the river and even flattens out through the small village of Ferrère, then after about 9km of this tease the road runs out of valley and you cross a little bridge, turn left and have to start climbing properly. To a chorus of gear changing and swearing.

Tour De Force Part 2 - Bales Climb small People.jpg

Tour De Force Part 2 - Bales Climb small People.jpg

The climb winds up through trees to a constantly annoyingly changing gradient that tops out at 13% and with the Tour De Force riders spread out over most of the Pyrenees it’s very easy to be alone on this climb. Whether that’s in your own little world of pain or bubble of serene quiet as a small person in a big landscape is open to discussion.

“Do you have an energy-gel, I’m bonking real bad”

“I have a waffle”

Somewhere over halfway up I see a man desperately scrabbling about in the gutter scavenging for empty food wrappers, I put a foot down and this Lifer and I share the waffle that I’d shoved in my pocket at the top of the last col, he gets the bigger half. We have a bit of a chat and he promises me a beer later. I bump into him the next day and he says he had to further scrounge a banana and some baby food to make it to the end. We fistbump.

Tour De Force Part 2 - Bales Open Climb.jpg

Tour De Force Part 2 - Bales Open Climb.jpg

I cling on to the fact that when the road sneaks through a gap in the rock and opens up into high meadows the gradient levels off and there’s only about 3km to go to the summit. It’s still a long 3km though and people are feeling it. Stop to have a brief motivational chat with a chap who is stood astride his bike. Carry on. Last corner, straight 100 metres to the top and the last food stop of the day. Whilst the Tour De Force van is a good windbreak it’s also hiding one of the best views in the Pyrenees of a wide dramatic frieze of snow-capped mountains just over there. Snacks and coffee for the final push and the fall off the Bales, which is amazing. Technical at the top then plain old gigglyfast at the bottom, and with no barrier to the side if you get it wrong you have plenty of freefall time to ponder your life decisions, but survive it and it dumps you on a hairpin part way up the Col de Peyresourde.

Tour De Force Part 2 - Bales Descent.jpg

Tour De Force Part 2 - Bales Descent.jpg

The 1569m high Peyresourde is a Tour de France classic and from this Luchon side is disappointingly scruffy and ugly on the lower half only breathing out to countryside for the last few kilometres. Winch up this steeper section with the uninspiring stone wall on the right slowly making its way past you to eventually turn right onto the summit road with its evenly spaced trees catching the late evening shadows. Riders are stood by the side of the road all the way along here, taking a moment with just the last few corners of the climb to go. There are camper vans already parked by the side of the road waiting for the Tour to go through and their occupants offer encouragement to this amuse-bouche, the temptation to sit down next to them and share a beer is pretty strong. The summit is a place to stop briefly and admire the sun gently dipping into the peaks of a whole handful of other famous cycling climbs before dropping down the hill a bit and turning sharp left onto the final ascent of the day.

Tour De Force Part 2 - Peyragudes Evening.jpg

Tour De Force Part 2 - Peyragudes Evening.jpg

The Peyragudes became infamous early in its career as a Tour de France climb when Chris Froome definitely didn’t attack Bradley Wiggins up here, and even before that it saw fame when the mountain top airstrip that’s used as the finish drag was featured in a James Bond film. It’s a bit of a hefty kick in the teeth at this stage of the day but after an initial steep section it levels off to something more manageable and there’s time and breath to look around at the walls of encircling mountains. There’s worse places to be on a Thursday evening and for a moment it’s all been worth it. Luckily we’re not diverted left onto the ridiculously steep black airstrip that the Tour will finish up, although it wouldn’t take too much to nip round the metal barriers and we take the easier flatter road to the right. As the light finally fades I roll up to the finish and the tired sorting of room allocation and somehow a lot heavier than this morning bag carrying. That was a day, a big day on its own, a bigger day with the two long days preceding it. Luckily tomorrow’s only 100 kilometres, where’s all the food? What, we have to walk five minutes to a restaurant?

Tour De Force Part 2 - Gareth Briefing.jpg

Tour De Force Part 2 - Gareth Briefing.jpg

With the strung out dribs and drabs arrival of riders today there is no rider briefing during the evening meal, and no awarding of the “Chapeau” or “Frog” prizes. Each night the Chapeau award of a French beret is given from the previous recipient to the rider who they feel has embodied all that is good about the Tour De Force, be that an act of kindness or generally just being an inspiring person to be around. The Frog prize, of a squeaky handlebar mounted plastic frog, is given to the person who the current incumbent has brought the ride into disrepute. All tongue in cheek of course. During my stay it was awarded to the rider who turned up with a set of tri-bars, without end-plug nonetheless, and then to a rider who wore a sleeveless top. And they took it in good jest, mostly, not that there’s anything against these types of people of course.

Tour De Force Part 2 - Croissant Feet.jpg

Tour De Force Part 2 - Croissant Feet.jpg

My final day on the Tour De Force is the 101 kilometre Saint Girons to Foix stage, the shortest proper stage in Tour de France history, but what it lacks in distance it makes up for with attitude as it packs in three major climbs. It’s going to be punchy. We have a coach transfer from Peyragudes to Saint Girons so there’s a split breakfast of cereal in mountain-top car park and then croissants in a café at the start with a bit of a nap in-between. A hundred or so cyclists descending on a café for coffee and baked goods is as chaotic as you might imagine, and a bit of a shock to the regular punters, who probably didn’t need to hear a stage briefing either.

Tour De Force Part 2 - Latrape Food Stop.jpg

Tour De Force Part 2 - Latrape Food Stop.jpg

It’s all climbing or descending today and from the get go it’s a long and gentle climb out of town and up a river valley. Long strings of riders form for the 25 kilometres to the start of the first of the three Cat 1 climbs of the day. The 1,111 m high Col de Latrape is an easy 6km long effort with a gentle gradient and the incentive of the first feed stop at the top where there’s lots of apple and pear tart. There’s a longer wait than usual here as we have guest riders today, Josh and Julian are here from Chaos Theory, a charity that comes under the William Wates Memorial Trust umbrella, a group dedicated to helping to keep the most disadvantaged young people away from a life of crime and violence and fulfill their potential.

Tour De Force Part 2 - Latrape Descent.jpg

Tour De Force Part 2 - Latrape Descent.jpg

To ride the Tour de Force you have to commit to a fundraising target for the William Wates Memorial Trust of anywhere from £800 to £2500 depending on the length of your stint. The Trustees Andrew and Sarah take an active roll in the event and turn up, mingle with the riders, join in with dinner and even ride parts of the stages and the pair from Chaos Theory hauled themselves valiantly up a col despite having less than limited cycling experience. Of all the chapeaus that have been handed out this week two belong to these guys.

Tour De Force Part 2 - Col d'Agnes Rear.jpg

Tour De Force Part 2 - Col d'Agnes Rear.jpg

We drop off the Latrape en masse and are straight into the climb of the Col d’Agnes, which has very very little to redeem itself. The road winds up at a fairly consistent rate of climb and with very little initial interesting wiggle to it, and today comes with a full order of heat and the constant annoyance of horseflies who can easily fly at the speed of a panting cyclist, the bites of which add a scratchy high note to the dull ache of muscles. At 1,570 m high and 10km long it’s not an epic climb and worthy of its “never heard of it” status but the heat and the flies make it a special drag and only in the upper reaches where the cooling breeze is too much for the insects and the views open up does it become a much more pleasurable experience for everyone and the fed-upness dissolves.

Tour De Force Part 2 - Col d'Agnes Descent Emilly.jpg

Tour De Force Part 2 - Col d'Agnes Descent Emilly.jpg

And that grumpiness completely disappears on the descent which, again isn’t in any books on the subject with arty full page photos but is wonderful nonetheless thanks to swooping corners, amazing views and a lake settled in the bowl of rocky peaks. It’s a descent of two halves with a tiny rise in the middle at the crest of which is today’s lunch feed zone, it also happens to be next to a café so proper ice-creams are on the menu alongside pulled-pork and salsa wraps which might have been the best I’ve ever tasted, or I’m on Day 4 hunger.

Tour De Force Part 2 - Peguere Shade.jpg

Tour De Force Part 2 - Peguere Shade.jpg

The descent continues after a probably too long a lunch stop and is of a kind that might encourage singing, unless you get a puncture like Tom. Stop to help fix that because he’s my roomie, rules apply, carry on. With barely a pause for breath we’re off the Agnes and onto the Mur de Péguère and a thumping wall of oven-like heat. This’ll be fun. Again it’s a relatively short climb of less than 10 kilometres but the top section promises to be nasty, the route profile goes into the black as there are sections of 18% in the last 3kms. This will be fun. The clue’s in the “Mur” name, which as you know from your Belgian classics means “wall”. This is immediately obvious as soon as you turn left off the steady main climb onto the narrow road that has the definite feel of being a farm track not that long ago. There’s a group of riders sat in the shade here, gathering their strength, discussing walking up, what it’s like to ride with piles, and tonguing jam from a little pot. It’s steep right from the junction and any easing off is only relative, it’s a ridiculous climb by any standards. Riders are stopping and having trouble getting going again (I had to diplomatically ride away from a brewing hissy fit at one point) and others have given in, taken their shoes off and are walking. If you can divert your gaze away from the slowly creeping tarmac under your front wheel and see through the sweat in your eyes there’s a great view to your left. No, really.

Tour De Force Part 2 - Peguere Walkers.jpg

Tour De Force Part 2 - Peguere Walkers.jpg

Collapse at the feed stop at the top, scarf Fanta and crisps whilst mending the front tyre slow puncture I just noticed, that will have helped enormously over the last ten minutes. From here on in it’s 25 kilometres of downhill all the way to Foix, no messing. It’s a fast un-technical descent with the odd switchback and tightening corner and then a straight line into town, past the castle on the left and round the one-way system of the central square and it’s all over. Leave the bike by the van, grab a can of drink and left over wrap from lunch and jump on the coach that’s just about to leave for Toulouse and the start of the next days stage, or plane home in my case. That was the hardest 100 kilometres I think I’ve ever done, not withstanding the 600kms plus in my legs from the previous three days riding. There’s a ride near you that would probably put that down as Epic, but it wasn’t, it was just damn hard, and in the lexicon of the Tour just a quick sprint with hills in and back before tea. Riding the Tour De Force will adjust your perception of what a long ride is, and what a hard ride is, and that will change again the next day.

Tour De Force Part 2 - Dropping Into Foix.jpg

Tour De Force Part 2 - Dropping Into Foix.jpg

That’s it for me and the rest of the Tour Taster 5 riders, it’s an odd feeling leaving a cycling event knowing that others have to carry on, whether that’s just for a few more days or over a week. I allow myself two beers at supper. It’s been the toughest and yet most friendly event that I’ve ever done. Simple as that. The feeling from the very start is welcoming and inclusive, and the rider support is always cheerful, efficient and frankly amazing. What happens behind the scenes to make The Tour De Force run smoothly would be worth a story in itself, and working back-stage is probably as tiring as riding. If you tire of 100 mile sportives, or you’ve done your fair share of Étapes and Gran Fondos and are looking for something new then you absolutely need to step up and do the Tour De Force, no question. Pick your length of stay. Set two alarms, always carry a waffle.


Tour De Force

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Now the hilly bit of VecchioJo’s 4 day Tour adventure
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          The Pirate Cinema        

The Pirate Cinema* is a cinematic collage based on Peer-To-Peer network activity.  I have been working on it for much of the last year with Nicolas Maigret who developed the concept.  Surprisingly, quite a few people in the press were interested in the project including: Wired, C|Net, the Verge, CAnet, We-Make-Money-Not-Art, Geek.com, Cheezburger.com, FastCo, Gizmodo.de, der Standard, TorrentFreak and BoingBoing.

For detailed info, check out the official site.

* Not to be confused with the similarly named novel or underground film-screening movement.

          Ð¤Ð¸Ð»ÑŒÐ¼ "Вне закона" (Beyond The Law) в переводе от kyberpunk        

Зима… Сезон у большей части мотоциклистов закрыт, в связи с чем появилось немного свободного времени. Почему бы не занять его просмотром (кто не видел) или пересмотром (кто уже смотрел) старенького приятного боевичка про клуб байкеров — Beyond The Law, в русском кинопрокате известный как «За пределами закона», «По ту сторону закона», «Вне закона», «Над законом» и «В погоне за тенью».

Почему я предлагаю пересмотреть именно этот фильм? Просто на днях вышел альтернативный авторский перевод, с которым фильм смотрится гораздо живее и адекватнее.

Кого заинтересовало — добро пожаловать под кат =)

Сначала немного слов о самом фильме, после — о переводе и переводчике.

С момента выхода фильма прошло почти 20 лет: выпущенный в 1993 году, несмотря на солидный возраст, он остается актуальным и приятным для просмотра по сей день. Главные роли в кинокартине исполнили: Чарли Шин, Линда Фиорентино, Майкл Мэдсен, Кортни Вэнс, Леон Риппи, Рип Торн. Режиссер — Лэрри Фергюссон.

Фильм рассказывает о полицейском, пережившем в детстве психологическую травму (роль Чарли Шина), которому делают «предложение, от которого невозможно отказаться» после того, как его увольняет продажный шеф полиции. Главному герою выпадает участь оперативного сотрудника под прикрытием, которому необходимо найти банду, промышляющую продажей оружия и наркотиков, собрать необходимые улики и упечь их за решетку. По совету мелкого ремонтника мотоциклов, который утверждает, что банда «Шакалов» — самая отмороженная группировка, герой пытается войти в члены мотоклуба. Но чтобы его приняли за своего, нужны мотоцикл, «цвета клуба», безбашенность и необходимость снова и снова переступать закон, вставая на сторону бандитов. Однажды главарь банды спасает жизнь главному герою, после чего встает выбор между добром и злом, долгом и дружбой, свободой и законом…

Интереса фильму добавляет и тот факт, что фильм основан на реальных событиях, а герой-полицейский из реальной жизни снялся в эпизодической роли фильма Beyond The Law.

Несколько скриншотов:

А теперь слова о переводе.

В соответствии с Системой возрастной классификации кинопоказа в России лента имеет категорию: «Фильм разрешен для показа зрителям, достигшим 16 лет». Учитывая особенности перевода, категория можно изменить на «Фильм разрешен для показа зрителям, достигшим 18 лет»

В переводе присутствует (и чего греха таить, присутствует очень часто) ненормативная лексика. Если Вы являетесь сторонником исключительно литературной речи, русский мат вам претит и заставляет Ваши уши сворачиваться трубочкой, а зубы начинают поскрипывать от этих адских сочетаний звуков — то вам лучше посмотреть лицензионный перевод (а еще лучше оригинал) данной кинокартины, где байкеры разговаривают как приходские священники. Соответственно, дальше можно особо не читать и ни в коем случае не переходить по ссылкам в конце поста.

Если же вас данный факт особо не напрягает, но вам не нравятся:
— неточности перевода (которые переводчики допускают довольно часто, про вольный перевод наугад и перевод на слух я вообще промолчу)
— перевод диалогов бандитов в стиле «пушкинской литературы»
— перевод слов «fuck» и «ass» исключительно как «черт» и «осел»
и так далее, то вам сюда.

Что есть «адекватный перевод фильма»?
— Это перевод, соответствующий смыслу и тексту, заложенным автором. То есть, если в оригинале заложено, что в данном месте и в данной реплике герой разговаривает матом, то в адекватном переводе, в той же реплике тот же герой тоже будет говорить матом (подобранным согласно нашему лексикону, и уместным в данной ситуации).
— Это недопущение вольностей и лишних слов: в немалом количестве фильмов для красочности добавляют слова, которых там не было, причем зачастую искажая оригинальный смысл. (Даже взять названия фильмов — «Thursday — Кровавый четверг», «51st state — Формула 51», «Grey — Схватка» и так далее)
— Это авторский перевод без оглядки на то, кто и как переводил этот фильм ранее. Чаще всего такие переводы одноголосые.
Многим из вас известны переводы Гоблина — да-да, это тоже адекватные переводы (за исключением стеб-фильмов), с которых и началось развитие этого направления.

Встречаем аплодисментами, переводчик, уже довольно известный в кругах любителей авторских переводов, Михаил kyberpunk

По ссылке вы можете посмотреть переводографию (количество фильмов уже перевалило за 30) Михаила, почитать интервью с ним и скачать сэмпл голоса.

И немного от себя про этого человека: личность, с которой я знаком уже более 8 лет. Человек-позитив, безбашенный панк, творческая личность и отличный друг! Ответственный раздолбай, гитарист и автор песен, переводчик и просто замечательный человек. Михал, спасибо за твои труды! ;)

Фильм «Вне закона» в переводе от kyberpunk можно скачать из следующих источников:
— по магнет-ссылке (через любую программу для скачивания torrent'ов) на сайте Perevodman
— раздача торрента на Рутрекере
— исключительно для БайкПоста для владельцев планшетов и иже с ними

Больше в сети для скачивания нигде этого перевода нет, по крайней мере, пока.

Информация о видеофайле:
Размер: 2.18 GB
Тип релиза: HDTVRip-AVC (HDTVRip720p)
Контейнер: MKV
Видео: MPEG-4 AVC Video, 1024x576 (16:9), 2097 Kbps, 23.976 fps
Аудио: AC3, 16 bits, 384 kbps, 48,0 kHz, 5.1 (Kyberpunk)
Аудио: AC3, 16 bits, 384 kbps, 48,0 kHz, 5.1 (English)
Формат субтитров: softsub (SRT)

Просьба скачавшим отписаться после просмотра ;)
Приятного времяпрепровождения!

Опубликовано с разрешения администрации БП

Постоянный адрес публикации: bikepost.ru
          Skinny 4G Fixed Wireless speed/stability issues        
Long story short, I'm helping a friend who is having a bit of trouble with Skinny's fixed 4G Broadband.I actually created a whole pdf file with all the info, then realized I can't upload that here, then I'd have to link to it, and no one would probably be bothered to read it, so I've basically copied and pasted it here.

Skinny 4G speed issues

Control test - VDSL connection - line speeds 54.8/11.1

Ubuntu Zesty Zapus (very zesty) downloaded from UC - graph includes speed test result

Speedtest on Skinny 4G - this is being tested literally next door (about 150m away) to where the modem is normally used, we probably have a little less signal here. RSRQ: -7dB

RSRP: -105dBm

RSSI: -79dBm

SINR: 12dB

Ubuntu Zesty Zapus (not quite as zesty as before) downloaded from UC - graph includes speed test result

This above graph isn't quite typical, but still a bit odd. You can see the Ubuntu download start, and then die right off. I re-ran the speedtest while the download was still in progress (see the yellow in the middle, the green to the left of the yellow is the speedtest download), and saw around 15Mbps again, but the download was still very slow - just as the speedtest upload was about to finish, the Ubuntu download sped up again. You can see it dropped off and sped up again once after that, but it was slow for a shorter amount of time. That's not typical of the issues the user is seeing - generally a download (say a Steam or Origin update) would slow down, and stay slow until it was paused for a minute or so, and on resuming the download it would start off quick again, then gradually slow down. The user didn't think they were seeing the speed change quite as aggressively as we are here.

This graph above is a Nvidia driver download - as you can see the download speed has dropped right down part way through, then sped up again. Not really the same as the user is seeing, and I don't think that kind of drop is anything too unusual for a 4G connection?

This is a much better example - this is back where the modem normally lives - this from the user: The blue circle is a steam download I started. You can see the download declined pretty much straight away. Within 30 seconds of the download starting.

The orange circle is the same download being resumed after I paused it briefly. Again it dropped pretty quickly.

The green circle is a uTorrent download. It wasn't capped at all for the entirety of the download.

So I guess the question is this. Spark and Skinny both confirm there is no traffic shaping on their network, so how can we explain this behaviour? One very odd thing was the speedtest that was run during the Ubuntu download - the Ubuntu download had slowed to around 100 - 150kbps, but we still saw 15Mbps download on a speedtest while the Ubuntu download was in progress, so I guess this confirms that the connection itself is still solid. Really interested to hear any thoughts on this. Not accusing Spark or Skinny of anything at all - this just seems like unexpected behaviour and we'd love to see what other's thoughts are, or if anyone could recommend some better methods of testing, or could compare some of your own results? Perhaps our expectations are unrealistic. Thanks heaps!

          Videoları Altyazılı Ä°zlemek BS Player        

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          .Avi Videolarını Ä°zlemek GOM Player        
torrentten bir film indireyim dedim avi formatında çıktı daha önceden kullandığım ve harika bir program olan gom player aklıma geldi indirdim ve kurdum filmi keyifle izledim şimdi windows 7 uyumlu bu rogramı herkese öneririm program ücretsiz programı indirmek için burayı tıklayın
          En Ä°yi Torrent Siteleri        
daha önceki yazımda en iyi torrent programını yayınlamıştım torrent indirmek için torrent sitelerinden torrent dosyası yüklemek gerekli bende en iyi torrent sitelerini ekleyeceğim seksen altıncı yazımda torrent siteleri şöyle

          BitComet En Hızlı Torrent Programı        
Torrent en iyi program,video,oyun,muzik indirme programıdır bu programı 3 senedir kullanıyorum bu sefer yeni özellikler eklenmiş görünüm değişmiş ve indirme hızı 112kb den aşağıya düşmüyor bir filmi 3 saatte indirebiliyorsunuz tabi internet hızınız yüksekse 1 saatte bile indirme imkanınız var program ücretsiz olarak sunuluyor programı indirmek için burayı tıklayın
          The Abraham Lincoln Logs #177        
itunes pic
Abe leaks Palin's tears talking about email, privacy, surveillance and the role of technology in the upcoming battle for control of the remote.


Palin hides emails like Bush Whitehouse.

But whatever for, Palin?

And anyway - isn't that pretty insecure?

Bill O'Reilly thinks first amendment is to blame.

O'Reilly bloviates: Don't we have privacy anymore?! The Government should DO something!

Meanwhile Pirate Party raided for leaking documents about government spying...

Lessig on i9/11 and iPatriot Act.

Pentagon simulates World of Warcraft terrorism plot.

Lieberman incites same. YouTube and Terrorists.

Leaked interrogation video Lieberman wished to prevent: You have 3 minutes to live.

EFF to sue Bush, Cheney if not AT&T

Donate to EFF

MIT Free Classes - "How to Stage a Revolution."

          Cool Summer Style – Making The Most Of The Sun        

We’re all well aware of the fleeting nature of the British summer – one day it’s a heat wave and the next we’re in the midst of a torrential downpour. There’s little telling what it’ll do next, so you fashion hunters better make the very most of the sun that we do get. As soon […]

Cool Summer Style – Making The Most Of The Sun article is originally written by Hairstyles 2017 - Trendy Haircuts and Hair Colors

          Field Report: 2017 Satchmo SummerFest Second Line Parade        
Joell ‘Jo Baby’ Lee. New Orleans slowly drained out Sunday morning, August 6th 2017. The previous days torrential rains had left our city deep under water Saturday afternoon but the engineering marvel that is our pumping system had worked wonders overnight. And the 2017 Satchmo SummerFest Second Line Parade was going on as planned. We […]
          valeriatp16 より 【FF14】「BEFORE THE FALL」のAmazonレビューが熱い!2.2~2.5の懐かしネタの長文投稿 へのコメント        
Alluring men photo blog http://photo.gay.teen.besttorrents.top/?entry-lisandro
          uTorrent 1.8.7-Client torrent ultraleggero per Mac        


uTorrent per Mac è un client BitTorrent leggero ed efficiente che ti consente di collegarti alle reti P2P. Da anni ormai uTorrent per Windows continua a macinare successi su PC e uTorrent per Mac offre le stesse funzionalità che hanno reso così popolare la prima versione.




Controllo completo dei file .torrent



Tutte le funzioni disponibili in uTorrent per Mac sono identiche a quelle della versione per Windows, tra cui una finestra dettagliata delle statistiche, dove sono mostrati i dati relativi ai download che puoi attivare e disattivare mediante il simbolo info in alto a destra. Inoltre, avrai a disposizione la casella di ricerca che ti porta direttamente alla pagina dei risultati di Google.

La finestra di dialogo delle preferenze contiene gli stessi controlli disponibili nella versione per Windows con le opzioni per ridurre la larghezza di banda utilizzata da uTorrent, definire le impostazioni di rete e di BitTorrent. L'aspetto più entusiasmante è che i download in uTorrent per Mac sono veloci come la luce (se il file ha molti seed), sebbene questo dipenda in parte anche dalla velocità della tua connessione internet. In pochi secondi uTorrent riesce a trovare i seed e ad avviare il download.



Facile da usare anche per i principianti



uTorrent è leggero, estremamente semplice da usare, molto veloce, non è necessario configurarlo e, di solito, scarica molto facilmente i file .torrent. Se hai già usato la versione per Windows, ti sarai accorto che uTorrent per Mac risulta leggermente più essenziale rispetto alla versione per Windows.

Ad esempio, sul lato destro in basso di uTorrent sono presenti gli stessi menu della versione per Windows che ti consentiranno di selezionare con precisione gli elementi che desideri visualizzare nella finestra di uTorrent: puoi mostrare soltanto i download completati, i file in fase di download, quelli attivi e anche quelli non attivi. Ovviamente, puoi visualizzarli anche tutti contemporaneamente.

Nella parte superiore dell'interfaccia alcuni dei controlli presenti in Windows sono stati eliminati, come il pulsante per il download RSS, quello per creare un wizard torrent personale e quello delle preferenze. Potrai comunque accedere alle preferenze mediante la barra di menu, sebbene non ci sia alcun downloader RSS né la possibilità di creare un wizard torrent personale.

Infine, il sito di uTorrent mette a disposizione una serie di interfacce da selezionare, un'ampia sezione FAQ e una guida completa all'utilizzo di uTorrent per principianti. Tra i pochi difetti di uTorrent ricordiamo l'impossibilità di aggiungere o rimuovere componenti di file .torrent una volta iniziato il download.




Un ottimo client torrent per Mac 



Se hai già usato uTorrent per Windows, la nuova versione per Mac non ti deluderà. Se non l'hai mai usato, allora provalo e non tornerai più indietro al tuo vecchio client torrent.


Attenzione: uTorrent ti consente di scaricare moltissimi tipi di file, tuttavia è consigliabile utilizzare questo programma esclusivamente per condividere contenuti digitali legali.

Download uTorrent 1.8.7 in Softonic

          aMule 2.3.1-Il mulo alternativo del P2P anche per Mac        

aMule è un client P2P gratuito e open source per scaricare film, musica e tanti altri tipi di file su Mac.


È un'applicazione multipiattaforma e ti permette di collegarti alle reti peer-to-peer di eDonkey e Kademlia per condividere e scambiare file con altri utenti.

Usare aMule è un’operazione alla portata di tutti, basta infatti connettersi ad un server o alla rete Kad utilizzando i pulsanti sulla barra degli strumenti, cercare il file che si vuole scaricare e aspettare che il download sia completato.

aMule offre praticamente tutte le funzioni di eMule. Tra queste non potevano mancare le molteplici opzioni di ricerca, il sistema di messaggistica istantanea integrato e ovviamente la gestione dei download e degli upload, che dà una priorità alta solo agli utenti che condividono molti file.


Esistono numerosi motivi per scegliere aMule, primo fra tutti la semplicità d’uso e la facilità con cui si possono scaricare file senza dover effettuare ricerche dal browser e perderti nei meandri della rete. Proprio per questo lo consigliamo a utenti meno esperti, che vogliono evitare complicazioni al momento di scaricare.

Il più grande svantaggio di aMule è però il fatto che non supporta i file torrent. Questo sistema di condivisione P2P si rivela, il più delle volte, un’opzione più rapida al momento di scaricare file di grandi dimensioni, velocizzando notevolmente il processo di download.


Uno dei contro dell’abbondanza di risultati di eMule è il problema dei file con un nome falso o corrotti, ma esistono molti modi per aggirare il problema dei fake, tra i quali controllare i diversi nomi del file.

Tra i numerosi server ai quali connettersi ne esistono anche parecchi che sono server spia o server fake: puoi proteggerti attraverso un’attenta ma semplice configurazione seguendo le stesse istruzioni di eMule.


amule è un programma particolarmente indicato agli utenti meno esperti per la sua semplicità d'uso e per i numerosi risultati di ricerca.

Download aMule 2.3.1 in Softonic

          Top Stuff 2006        
Out with the old and in with the new.

Well, almost...

A few things that floated my boat, whetted my whistle and moved my mojo last year.

In the world of movies, it was a bit of a stagnant year. Not unexpectedly, my favourite films of 2006 were new takes on well-worn events. Inside Man elevated the heist genre to new levels of excitement, thrills and humour through a re-invented Spike Lee and charismatically electric performances from Denzel Washington, Clive Owen and Jodie Foster. Worth seeing alone for the legendary Agent Starling being called "a magnificent cunt" with heart-felt schaudenfraude.

Elsewhere, another pair of reliable directorial hands magiked up another take on gangster life - this time The Departed, itself a remake of the classic Infernal Affairs. Those gnarled hands were Martin Scorsesse's and his pulling power drew in a veritable feast of other expensive Hollywood hands, including: Leo Di Caprio in his most mature and captivating role yet; Matt Damon successfully subverting his all-American Bourne charm into a real malevolent presence; Alec Baldwin chewing scenery with tremendous relish; M
ark Wahlberg with the most gratuitously offensive and hilarious insults known to man; and Martin Sheen doing what he does best - being grand and fatherly.

All of these pale when compared to the blinding fire with which Jack Nicholson lit up the film however. Deranged, violent, sexed-up and coursing with a humour blacker than coal at midnight - this was a virtuoso and scintillating performance.

In contrast to Jack's bombast was Tommy Lee Jones' directorial debut - The Three Burials Of Melquiades Estrada. A reinvention of the modern Western, this was an unexpectedly subtle examination of life on the border, both geographically and emotionally. Jones himself has surely never knowingly underacted in his life prior to this film but his presence here is solid, grave and absolutely spell-binding. Armed with a script from 21 grams and Amores Perros screenwriter Guillermo Arriga, it is less wilfully misleading but equally well and similarly constructed. With torrents of unexpected laugh-out-loud moments and touches of real sadness, this is a film not to have missed.

Other honourable mentions go to: The Wind That Shakes The Barley, United 93, The Proposition and Brick.

What an awesome year for music! There were welcome returns from Elbow and Snow Patrol, maturing and moving on musically in two excellently constructed records. Elbow are a national treasure, with Guy Garvey's wit and graft a palpable presence throughout the album. Yet Elbow remain strangely unvaunted. Compare that to Snow Patrol, who's success knows no bounds. Eyes Open contained more anthems than an entire World Cup - rock rarely gets this good or as precious as the achingly good duet with Martha Wainwright on Set The Fire To The Third Bar.

Debuts by the dozen battered and bruised the Top Ten all year, but none so forcefully and with such cheeky fun as The Fratellis' mixture of rock, pop, stoner stories and psychotic women. Hazily gliding it's way there though were Guillemots and their everything-including-the-kitchen-sink instrumental approach combining with woozy melody and occasional outbursts of stonking hooks to make a strange brew of bewitching pop.

Yeah, there was the Arctic Monkeys, Gorillaz and Gnarls Barkley. But take a break from such commercially shrewd hits and luxuriate in the sounds of Jenny Lewis, Josh Ritter and the utterly fantastic Duke Special: a piano-playing Belfast guy with dreadlocks, whose debut LP of meandering rock-a-longs cannot be lavished with enough praise.

2006 was also a year of the best Hip Hop I've heard yet - Plan B and the unshakeable Kanye West. Plan B has slipped almost completely under the radar, too brutal and honest for the charts but challenging, inspiring acoustic-driven rap for the home.

2007 has a lot to live up to.

          'Fast Five' and 'Harry Potter' Are Among the Most Pirated Movies of 2011        
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          More Tea? ~~~        

The March Hare says to Alice, "Take some more tea", and she says, "But I've had nothing yet, so I can't take more".....


And so it goes with our local weather forecasters. "Get ready! Get ready! Torrential rains to fall today and tonight with major flooding possible!"

Our exceptionally dramatic weatherman on one of our channels throws his hands and arms out, lunges from West to East, and you can almost hear the WOOOSHHHH as he builds to a crescendo of excitement over the upcoming weather. Did he say rain?  Did he say blizzard-like snow?  We the viewers always get that omygosh-better-get-to-the-store-and-hunker-down-for-the-duration feeling in the pit of our stomachs and sometimes actually brave the entire population that has decided to go to the store at the exact same moment. We've all been there. Many, many times.  Too many if you live where I do.  That's not to say I don't enjoy watching the antics of our weathermen all trying to outdo each other, channel to channel, but here's the ruse:  There was no torrential rain, and there was no blizzard, at least not even close to when they said it would happen.  Maybe the month before, maybe the month after, but when it was forecast?  Not even close.
A good example was 2 weeks ago when we were 'supposed' to get the very last snow of the season and holy moley, for 2 days they ran all the dire warnings at the bottom of the TV screen:  BIG storm, get ready! 6-8 inches of snow on top of 2 inches of ice. It's coming and it's starting tonight, all day tomorrow and tomorrow night. Be prepared!  PFFT.  We all got up expecting to hear that the entire state was cut off from humanity and what did we see? Let's put it this way, I went out to my car in my slippers and saw maybe, and that's a stretch of a maybe, a quarter inch of snow and no ice.  Nothing new. Shook my head and went back inside and fixed a pot of coffee.
Now the reason I tell you this is because THIS week, the weathermen, all of them, said, "Heavy rains expected tomorrow with up to 2 inches in a very short period of time"....but then they added, "....just like we had 2 weeks ago".  What? What planet are they coming from? Maybe it's easier to gloss it over and make us 'think' we actually had that giant snow. The power of suggestion? I think the weathermen have all completely lost it. I say listen to your bones and bunions; those are never wrong. Am I right or am I right? Now my knee can jump into the forecasting business and shoot, I should apply for the weatherman's job! I can stand up there and say in all confidence, "Enny, me-knee, MY-knee, Mo'",  what's that? Mo' weather in store? I don't know, we haven't had any yet.

                                     ~~~With Apologies to Alice~~~

                                 hare 2



In other less important news but just to catch up, today I had my stitches taken out, yayyyyy.  I had questions about this darn ‘clicking’ that is happening and when it does, it feels like a piano wire running through my leg that vibrates. Really sort of worried me but he said it ‘should be’ gone in another month, maybe 2, but that I am doing, and these are his words (I’m puffing up as I type this), EXTRAORDINARILY well.  He said I was actually ahead of the game!  I love that! I do still have to wear this very ugly compression stocking for 3-4 more weeks, though.  So now I look like Igor draggin’ a leg with a stocking on it, and all I’m missing is the hump. 

                                                                Open-mouthed smile

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wow this torrent is still up ... hope will complete 100% thank you GP
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          Obligatory Flood post        
It seems too early yet to have a strong opinion, as a layman, on what the flooding and resulting deaths and property damage means.  Newspaper articles try to connect the weather to global warming and the damages to negligence or malfeasance by the Korean Meteorological Administration:  I don't know.  I do know the destruction was terrible but not how it relates to larger issues.

I am currently in Gangwondo and inconvenienced by the incredible rains, but my life and belongings have not at all been threatened.  In this, I am very lucky, compared to the people in Seoul, Chuncheon and elsewhere in Gangwon and Kyeonggi Provinces.

From the Dong-A:
Safety standards for flooding should be urgently raised. Unexpected heavy rain can fall at any time, so drainage ways, underground water storage systems and levees should be built in areas vulnerable to floods. Existing flood prevention facilities are ineffective against torrential rain because they were designed based on standards of the past. Accuracy of weather forecasts and public awareness of the danger of flooding should also be raised. The landslide in Chuncheon is akin to a manmade disaster. The Korea Meteorological Administration’s weather forecast was incorrect and residents in the affected areas were not evacuated though houses were deluged due to blocked drainage ways an hour before the accident. In Seoul, evacuation orders were repeatedly issued for people near Cheonggye Stream Monday night amid the forecast of regional torrential rain, but most of the people along the stream remained.
I remember the typhoon flood in July, 1998, almost exactly 13 years ago, that drowned many people camping on the banks of a mountain-fed river in Chilisan.  They were camping in places where camping was forbidden.  I haven't heard enough yet to say for sure that the Chuncheon deaths were due to any kind of malfeasance.

From The Hanky:
On the morning of July 27, an automatic weather station in Seoul’s Gwanak District measured 110.5mm of rain per hour (4.4 inches per hour), although this was not included in the Korea Meteorological Administration’s (KMA) official statistics.
Such powerful banks of rain clouds normally pass by in a few hours. This time, however, a cold anticyclone near Russia’s Sakhalin blocked their way. As this configuration of air pressure persists, heavy rain continues to fall.

In South Korea, the pattern of a monsoon season followed by a period of sweltering weather is being broken. Even after the monsoon front dies out, heavy and localized downpours, like the current one, resulting from atmospheric instability continue until September. There is no longer a long-term forecast of when the monsoon will begin and end.
The first paragraph of the Hanky's report reinforces the claim of the Dong-A article that some of the damage and deaths could have been prevented.  Why didn't the KMA report the weather correctly?
          sweet cream scones, strawberry rhubarb jam & some news!        
You guys. Things are just out of control INSANE around here these days. I know I haven’t been around much lately, and I feel awful. What do you say we catch up a bit over scones and jam? You know that old saying, “When it rains, it pours?” Well right now, it’s a torrential downpour. […]
          Our Garden Slowly Says Goodbye to Summer        

The torrential rains today were most welcome in Sara’s flower and vegetable garden beds! We tried to irrigate them as best as we could with our system of soaker hoses that could be hooked up with a click of a plastic connector, but some parts of the garden had to be watered manually, including a series of Dahlia flowers that she is cultivating to enter into the Fall Fair competition.

Hedgehog is looking forward to adding wheels and decorating some huge zucchinis to enter into the races at the Fair. We added extra Iguana Juice and Voodoo Juice to the
zucchinis to help them grow big. Some of the beneficial nutrients and microbes spilled over to the pumpkins growing next to the cucumbers, and a huge pumpkin that still has a lot of time to grow before Halloween, is the result!

With our tomatoes, we seem to have hit the jackpot! We eat Greek salad almost every night, so we grew a lot of cherry tomatoes. The orange cherry tomatoes this year are very numerous and have a heavenly taste! The yellow ones are okay, too, but the orange ones are superb! We also have some red ones, but they take a very long time to turn red.

The long dry spell and warm sunshine worked their magic on the hot Hungarian peppers. If you haven’t tasted one of these straight off the vine, you haven’t really tasted any. The supermarket variety pales in comparison. It’s not that they’re the hottest I’ve ever had, it’s the freshness of the flesh of the vegetable that makes me go back for more, each time. Next year, we’ll plant a lot more of these.

The phlox are still trying their best, but we’ll have to start deadheading them soon. The black eyed Susans are still in their prime, as are some yellow flowers whose name escapes me at the moment. Sara has collected so many different kinds of plants over the years, that it’s really hard to keep up. Even she draws a blank sometimes, when asked.

This rain will be followed by summer sunshine and temperatures over the Labor Day weekend, but after that Sara will start slowly removing the yellowed, dried up stalks and deadheading the flowers. She redesigned her main flower beds and it’s still a work in progress. As a result, we had very few roses this year. I’m sure that will be corrected in the coming year, because we both love roses!


Our Spring Garden Gets Some Sun!

After taking a beating from the cold temperatures and torrential rain (not to mention the occasional pea-sized hail), finally Sara's spring garden is getting some well deserved sunshine!

With major floods in Manitoba and wildfires in Alberta destroying entire towns, we have nothing to really complain about here on Canada's West Coast.

Sara's tulips have grown to gigantic size since the last set of pictures, and we always attribute such large plants and flowers to using 100% organic Iguana Juice, both Grow and Bloom.

I noticed a rosebud infested with a parasite, so we'll have to do some spraying with Bud Factor X on the weekend.

The heart-shaped tiny pink flowers that grow in a string (Sara's away, so I can't ask her its name) are truly precious and add a great deal to the ambience of the garden.

When Sara returns at the end of the month, it will be time to plant our vegetable garden! Stay tuned!

          A mais nobre saudade        

Lembrei-me daquele papel amassado que te entreguei no dia do nosso primeiro encontro. Você o tem ainda? Puxa, nem tem tanto tempo! Mas o pouco que vivemos parece que são anos! Queria te contar porque ele se amassou. É que minha falta de habilidade para usar as palavras certas me deixam desconcertado! Dai tenho que escrever, apagar, redigir, desmanchar... Esse rítmo todo acaba por prejudicar o coitado do papel.

Eu queria ter uma memória melhor para poder recordar cada letra que coloquei. Sou péssimo nisso também. Posso descrever fielmente cada gesto que fiz aquele dia, mas as palavras ditas não me vêm à mente. Você lembra das minhas mãos trêmulas quando te entreguei a carta (risos)? O copo com água que eu segurava até foi ao chão. E aquelas risadas intermináveis quando fomos juntar os cacos? Esquecemos do risco de sermos furados pelos pedaços de vidro do chão.

O curioso é que nada daquilo nos atingiu - você sabe, pois sua memória é melhor do que a minha. Sei lá, somos muito engraçados. Depois do sorriso veio o choro. Lembra (risos)? E depois do choro, ah, claro que vc lembra, veio o riso novamente. Essa era roda viva que nos elevava ao infinito. Falamos o mínimo possível. Talvez seja por isso que lembro tão pouco do que foi dito.

Usamos as linguagens do nosso coração: os olhares, os abraços, o sorriso, o choro alegre... o beijo. Nos deixamos levar pelas torrentes do nosso sentimento. Posso te plagiar? "É... me desculpe, falta-me palavras. Não sei explicar. Sei sentir, embora não possa medir. É que a minha felicidade apareceu de repente. Veio e me fez sorridente". Então, quando penso nisso tudo também sinto "a mais nobre saudade"!

          Who can't wait for the London 2012 Olympics?        

          Big cheers for the synchronised swimmers. 

You don’t have to wait. It’s already happening right now. An annual competition for families has taken this year’s London Olympics as their theme, with tremendous results. Despite the torrential rain, they are all still standing - like true champions!
The weight-lifters are looking pretty strong this year, too (although a little de-fuzzing wouldn’t go amiss!)

Those rapids are really testing one competitor’s resolve!

Whilst Jenny’s just hanging about for a moment, warming up and waiting for the gymnastics to begin.

Team GB always does well in equestrian events.

And here’s another medal under the belt, in the 100 metres freestyle (I think his label’s showing).

Robin Baseball-Cap is going for gold in the archery.

Marion Maiden is determined to beat him though!

Here's a champ determined to give a knock-out performance.

Getting ready for that tricky turn…

                                 â€¦ Or taking a high dive.

He may have had ‘one for the road’, instead of the cycle lane!

                       But it’s this chap that’s for the high jump.

What a parade of world-class champions!

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          Saltos de agua en Lagunas de Ruidera        
      Continuando con la serie La huella del agua, hoy nos fijamos en lo que probablemente llama más la atención una vez que llegamos al Parque Natural de las Lagunas de Ruidera, los saltos de agua.
Cuando las lagunas rebosan de agua se produce el espectáculo.

Saltos en la Ringurrina, en la torrentera que une Laguna Tomilla y Tinaja
Plaza de toros, el agua erosiona y crea
La laguna Redondilla vierte sus aguas sobre la Laguna Lengua
Laguna Lengua sobre Laguna Salvadora
Laguna Salvadora sobre Laguna Santos Morcillo
Laguna Batana
Laguna Colgada y Batana al fondo
Y llegamos al Hundimiento

Un paseo por los saltos de agua del Parque Natural de las Lagunas de Ruidera, de gran valor paisajístico, no puedes perdertelo. Ruideractiva organiza actividades de turismo activo para disfrutar del espectáculo: rutas en vehículos, senderismo, kayak, mtb, buceo, etc... actividades para todos los gustos. www.ruideractiva.com

Esperamos que el paseo os guste
Muchas gracias

          And so she returns..        
And so she returns from a month-long hiatus.

It's been weeks since my last post. I'm beginning to think my bloggie here's sulking. I can't say for now if I'm back to blogging on a daily basis but I'll be updating. As what I'd usually do.
And what am I doing up so early in the morning? 
Have I felt so guilty about letting cobwebs lurk all over the place?
The truth is, I woke up thinking that we were supposed to be working on our rest day and I thought to myself that if I came in early I could log out early too. Good thing I sent an sms to my team captain that she reminded me that it was my regular schedule today since I had someone to swap temporary schedules with for this week. Talk about dopiness.
Maybe, as what my mother said, I got too excited to wear my new shirt that I wanted to go to work that early. Oh well. Rather than going back to sleep and taking back the energy from my body, I'll just surf around the net for a while.

Oh, I recently downloaded movies that I truly enjoyed. And if you're interested on downloading the latest movie there is in the market without being fooled about it being fake or a bad copy then go to this site: ExtraTorrent. I strongly sugg
est you read the comments before downloading so you'll know the rating of each movie by people who had already downloaded and watched them.

One of the movies I downloaded was The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. 
A story about a man who ages backwards. Born an old man (in the body of an infant) and dies as a beautiful baby boy (going back to the body an infant). The heavily CGI-ed movie is quite impressive. I'm not exactly a fan of Brad Pitt, because everytime I hear or see a movie of his it makes me think that he's only getting good reviews because he's good looking. But in this movie he seems somewhat charming, in the sense that it's not too overwhelming but just enough to get you interested about how he's going to look aging younger every 2 years. Isn't it a bit weird? Talking about aging younger. I won't be dishing out details here, wouldn't want to spoil ya. But if you've got nothing better to do, watch this movie and better have chips while you're at it.

Another movie I downloaded was The Love of Siam. 
I saw this at a local mall, flashing scenes of the movie. What got me interested was the part that the main characters kissed. And so you ask what's new about a couple kissing. Well, for one they're guys. Not the overly-macho type of guys you'd normally see on gay movies but teeny-bopper looking guys. What sets apart this movie from other known gay flicks is the subplot. Again, I won't give out too much detail. All I can say is this movie is worth watching. Whether alone or with your friends.

Oh, and about her? Doing fine beyond what I've expected. 
Marks the first month of Happiness (12-30-08)

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          Links for 2011-02-16 [del.icio.us]        
  • “YouTube Down” Again Http/1.1 Service Unavailable
    youtubeleft “YouTube Down” Again Http/1.1 Service UnavailableYou see that “YouTube Down” today? About 7 AM (eastern time) this morning, with error message “Http/1.1 Service Unavailable”. There’s many alternatif video streaming like YouTube you should try like DailyMotion, etc. One of Twitter user tweeted “I’m going to die without YouTube ):” 7:13AM – 500 Internal Service Error. 8:15AM – youtube still down – why you don’t check alternative video streaming? 8:45AM – YouTube is Back! enjoy… If you see YouTube is down, please report it.
  • Drugs Book Blog
  • uTorrent 3.0 64-bit Released
    For windows 64-bit users, this is a good news. The uTorrent team has released its first x64 alpha version for testing, and it's ready to download and install. We've finally made a 64-bit release of µTorrent 3.0 that is stable enough for public testing. Please check it out! It may be considerably buggier than the 32-bit release, but please report all bugs specific to the 64-bit release in this thread. For overall release notes on the 3.0 release, please visit the 32-bit 3.0 thread. It is strongly recommended to backup all your settings when testing this out, as downgrading may not work correctly or at all.

          Luka Prinčič – Albatross EP        

Luka Prinčič

“Albatross EP “

At the heart of it all lies a choreography of sounds – noises and tones and everything in-between. Of course there’s always the body. And its movement. Mental images flashing somewhere in the brain, a foot tapping, that feeling in the stomach and somewhere down the lungs when you’re hit with an emotional resonance. The whole brain is lighting up. And we never know it. Perhaps you are standing up already and you move to the beat. Lightly. The hips or knees jerking. Or you are a two-year old that is all open before your brain connections are pruned already and you start restricting your immediate impulses. Or you are just curled on the bed with headphones on with a torrent within.

I cannot hide the desire that this music would perhaps be heard beyond from what it was made for at first. That it should be thought without the missing component which it was made to harmonize with, to be a support to. It’s a standalone. Or so I wish. It irrevocably connects to its past, to its sources. Many threads have been drawn from many spindles to knit it. Some were planned, some not. Some were conscious, some not. And then there’s also an atmosphere. A socio-sonic environment. It’s where the listener comes in with all her baggage. And joining happens – through very particular nodes: those who moved to it, those who pressed buttons so it became a recording, those who thought about it and searched for moves, those who organized the sounds, bodies, reflections, feed-backs, and experiences. And then, reaching the ears and auditory cortex the music reorganizes itself again. Thus, it has an irrevocable future, and more resonance.

Albatrosses: it’s how they looked like, how they moved. It’s how they were called, how they named themselves and carried that name proudly.

I’m grateful to: Maja, Urška, 4H of 2016/17 SVŠGL class, Igor, Tina, Matjaž, my Patreon patrons, Emanat, SVŠGL, Iljus Wifmo, The Internet, Little Simz, and Dmitri Shostakovich.
released July 31, 2017

written and produced by Luka Prinčič
piano and theme by Matjaž Predanič (1,2 and 7)
mastering by Igor Vuk
illustration by Emma Lazauski
design by Tina Ivezić

Button: by-sa

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          Dragon Quest Heroes 2 – PC        

Dragon Quest Heroes II[a] is a hack-and-slash game developed by Omega Force and published by Square Enix for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows. It was released in Japan in May 2016,[1] and worldwide in April 2017.[2] The game is a sequel to Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe […]

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          GTA 6 – PC        

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been around since September 2013, but is still insanely popular thanks to the continued updates to GTA Online. Still, that doesn’t mean fans aren’t eager to find out news of a potential sequel. With Red Dead Redemption 2 launching later this year the chances of seeing a new Grand Theft […]

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          Dirt 4 – PC        

DiRT 4 is all about embracing fear. It’s about the thrill, exhilaration and adrenaline that is absolutely vital to off-road racing. It’s about loving the feeling of pushing flat out next to a sheer cliff drop, going for the gap that’s too small and seeing how much air you can get. Be Fearless. Motorsport by […]

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          WonderBoy The Dragon’s Trap – PC        

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap is a remake of the original Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap, with gameplay reverse engineered from the original Master System code and brand new hand-drawn graphics and musical rearrangements.[3] Set immediately after the events of Wonder Boy in Monster Land, players control an adventurer who, upon defeating the Mecha […]

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          FIFA 18 – PC        

EA have gone all out in recent versions of FIFA to include a huge variety of top leagues from around the world. The Argentinian Primera Division and Colombian Primera A have finally made the cut, and other top leagues from the J and K-Leagues in Japan and Korea, to the Saudi ‘Dawry Jameel’ Pro League […]

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          Super Mario Odyssey – PC        

Next was a handicap match between Norman Smiley and 3 Count (Evan Karagias, Shannon Moore, and Shane Helms). Smiley’s ribs were injured, which allowed 3 Count to take advantage. The two sides exchanged dance moves until Smiley locked in the Norman Conquest on Moore. Helms made the save and superkicked Smiley. Helms and Karagias delivered […]

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          Project Cars 2 – PC        

Using the WMD Portal, Slightly Mad Studios were then able to crowd-fund and create the original Project CARS IP that went on to become one of the seminal racing titles of its generation. With a central studio near Tower Bridge, London and over 100 veteran staff working worldwide via a unique distributed development system, Slightly […]

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          Total War Warhammer 2 – PC        

Forget the Old World you know: we’re going west, where the carnosaurs roam and toad-like mage-priests levitate in their palanquin-thrones. Total War: Warhammer II takes Creative Assembly’s trilogy-in-progress to new continents, but it’s no grab for territory – a new campaign shakes up the victory conditions too. Creative Assembly made their name with the Total […]

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          The Golf Club 2 – PC        

A lot of this trailer focuses on the community that has arisen around the original game, which now sports 150,000 golf courses thanks to user generated content. The first game eventually built a following that the developers want to capitalise on for this sequel. The sequel will include in-game societies that make it easier for […]

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          Dino Frontier – PC        

Dino Frontier is a new PlayStation VR game. Announced at the PlayStation Experience event over the weekend, the game is a take on the city and settlement management/god game genre. Your town is set in world where the Wild West and dinosaurs meet. Your goal is to carefully mange the settlement, balancing resources and growing […]

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          qBittorrent for Windows 3.4.0 Beta        

qBittorrent is an advanced and multi-platform BitTorrent client with a nice Qt4 user interface as well as a Web UI for remote control and an integrated search engine. qBittorrent aims to meet the needs of most users while using as little CPU and memory as possible.

          27.03.2008 Skrót wiadomości IDG.pl - wersja audio         
Dziś w IDG.pl: Jutro polska decyzja o standaryzacji OOXML; Miliony dla Wikipedii; Microsoft przygotuje oprogramowanie dla iPhone'a; Google - nie głosujcie za prawami człowieka; Koniec TorrentSpy;
          Comments: Обзор приставки NEXBOX A95X на процессоре Amlogic S905 по акционной цене        
Странно что тормозит интерфейс на этом чипе, в своё время приобрёл MK808B+ так там чипе (CPU Model M805) более старый чем в обзоре и никаких тормозов нет-все работает гладко. На месте автора я бы залипил бы дополнительные радиаторы на модули памяти (благо место позволяет), т.к. они помимо проца тоже не слабо греются что тоже может вызвать тротлинг.
Насчёт 1гига оперативки то для Ютьюба,fs videobox,Torrent Stream Controller (короче просмотра видео, больше не вижу для себя вариантов что ещё с ней можно делать) этого гига с вполне достаточно. Проблемы могут возникнуть если начать запускать игры тогда да 1гига мало, хотя имхо для игр эти штуки полный изврат.
Читать далее
          18.02.2008 Skrót wiadomości IDG.pl - wersja audio         
Dziś w IDG.pl: Internet bardziej niebezpieczny niż myślimy; Samsung SSD 64 GB z SATA II trafia do produkcji; PS3 po raz pierwszy pokonała Xboksa 360; Torrenty w czołgu; IBM udostępnia edukacyjne MMO dla nastolatków;

J'avais malencontreseusement retourné mon sablier...l'avais non moins malencontreusement oublié sur le rebord du placard...et pendant ce temps..,..le temps ....inexorable lenteur de la vie qui s'écoule...qui s'échappe doucement ...qui s'épanche...en lente coulée ...si fine si transparement...sans que rien n'y puisse rien changer...sans que ni moi, ni aucune fée, fut-elle Carabosse ou Mélusine ..ne put intervenir...et les heures ,ces petits filets de vie , s'en sont allées grossir les ruisseaux des jours, et rejoindre les torrents des semaines, pour finir avec fracas dans cet océan de mois.....Berlingote a d'abord fait la planche, portée par le flot léger des vacances à Djerba..puis, devant la mini houle de la rentrée, s'est mise à nager plus fort...et, lorsque happée par les torrents du temps, a commencé la brasse encore et encore plus fort,..l'océan fut le dernier assaut mené, et, malmenée par les vagues, épuisée par toute cette houle sauvage , par ces bourrasques incessantes et répétées, son petit corps vint s'échouer sur la plage du destin....La fille est restée là...sans vie....sans pensées...un ectoplasme féminin qui ne demande plus rien sinon qu'on lui foute la paix...les neurones collés a la semelle de ses godasses..le corps qui se métamorphose sans qu'elle puisse lui interdire la transformation..les émotions qui la tue...le dégoût de l'image..le verbe rare...le rire absent...

Mais quoi!!!!! laisser filer....oublier.....revoir la fillette qu'elle était ...sucer son pouce et se laisser bercer...sentir des bras autour de soi et poser sa tête sur une poitrine réconfortante...et souffler... un peu .....beaucoup.....ne plus dire ni faire......choisir de s'oublier... de les oublier..ne plus penser, ne plus espérer....

Et les grins de sable du sablier ont tout emporté...le vent s'est levé sur la plage ..les pensées se sont mises à tournoyer...la tempête a tout balayé..la crevette s'est relevée...dur..dur..elle s'étire encore voluptueusement et remet doucement un pas devant l'autre..l'équilibre est fragile....un peu d'air frais lui ferait du bien...

ne pas la brusquer...remettre le sablier dans le bon sens...sa poitrine se soulève et l'air s'en échappe....

berlingote avance et si elle s'absente elle n'oublie pas ...seulement du temps....


          DOWNLOAD TORRENT DE SUPERNATURAL (1ª à 12ª Temporada) | Sobrenatural Brazil        
          Comment on Dragon Quest Heroes 2 – XBOX360 by Bill        
good torrent ,,, worked perfectly !!
          Rain stopped play ! Dandy cover . .         
We shifted from a campsite in the South West of Ireland to another 110 Km away. We folded and erected our Dandy Dart in torrential rain. We were very careful with folding if up, we did our very best and kept the inside pretty dry ( not too easy in a seaside wind and rain swept campsite ) I got the cover ( original cover ) on as quickly as possible and off with us to the next site. It lashed rain for the entire journey. When we opened it up the bedding was totally soaked. We couldn't use it. ...
          Les Gorges du Verdon        

Le kayak est un excellent moyen pour admirer les gorges du Verdon, magnifiques pour un voyage touristique en France, un affluent de la Durance, a sculptées dans les plateaux calcaires de Haute-Provence. Le torrent y a creusé sur 21 km un grand canyon aux parois vertigineuses, dont le spectacle est unique en Europe. À la […]

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          Los cuatro elementos        

Sé tierra. La tierra recibe las deyecciones de
hombres y animales y esto no le molesta.
Muy al contrario, transforma las impurezas en abono y fertiliza el campo.

Sé agua. El agua se limpia a sí misma y limpia
todo aquello que toca. Sé agua en torrente.

Sé fuego. El fuego hace que la madera se transforme en luz y calor.
Sé el fuego que quema y purifica.

Sé viento. El viento esparce las simientes sobre la tierra,
hace que el fuego arda con más vigor y empuja las nubes para
que el agua caiga sobre todos los hombres.

Si tienes la paciencia de la tierra, la pureza del agua,
la fuerza del fuego y la justicia del viento, entonces eres libre.

(Origen hindú)

Nota: La foto es de Joan Roca Juncosa y su título es Fuego, tierra, aire y agua.
          Last Light        

'Last Light' is the story of Los Angeles bearing the brunt of a tempest and the clarity that comes after the storm.

See Los Angeles in rare form.

I spent the better part of two years trying to link together a continuity of weather and light, which proved to be by far the most challenging films I have done to date. For those of you who have lived in Los Angeles, you know that rain, for the most part, is few and far between. Fueled by recent storms, I was able to capture the city in a seldom seen light; torrential rain and dark stormy skies.

For more videos, check out deer-dog.com
Instagram: instagram.com/colin_rich_/
Facebook: facebook.com/colinrich1

Music: 'Holograms' by M83

Special thanks to Anthony Gonzalez & DEF

A big thank you to Eric Kessler (kesslercrane.com) for your continued support of my films.

Gear used:

Canon 5DSR
Canon 5DMK4
PhaseOne IQ100
Zeiss Otus Lenses
Kessler Crane Cinedrive / 2nd Shooter
DJI Inspire PRO

Cast: Colin Rich

Tags: timelapse, los angeles, california, colin rich, deerdog, la, la light, nightfall, city lights and m83

          NBA Awards 2017        

           #Playoffs | The Finals '17: Cavs @ Warriors [Game 5] (Español)        

          #Playoffs | The Finals '17: Warriors @ Cavs [Game 4] (Español)        

          #Playoffs | The Finals '17: Warriors @ Cavs [Game 3] (Español)        

          #Playoffs | The Finals '17: Cavs @ Warriors [Game 2] (Español)        

          La tomba nel Busento di Giosuè Carducci        
William Etty (1787-1849), Hero, Having Thrown herself from the Tower at the Sight of Leander Drowned, Dies on his Body - 1829
Dalle Ballate di 
A.v. Platen
Cupi a notte canti suonano
Da Cosenza su ’l Busento,
Cupo il fiume gli rimormora
Dal suo gorgo sonnolento.
Su e giú pe ’l fiume passano
E ripassano ombre lente:
Alarico i Goti piangono,
Il gran morto di lor gente.

Ahi sí presto e da la patria
Cosí lungi avrà il riposo,
Mentre ancor bionda per gli omeri
Va la chioma al poderoso!

Del Busento ecco si schierano
Su le sponde i Goti a pruova,
E dal corso usato il piegano
Dischiudendo una via nuova.

Dove l’onde pria muggivano,
Cavan, cavano la terra;
E profondo il corpo calano,
A cavallo, armato in guerra.

Lui di terra anche ricoprono
E gli arnesi d’òr lucenti;
De l’eroe crescan su l’umida
Fossa l’erbe de i torrenti!

Poi, ridotto a i noti tramiti,
Il Busento lasciò l’onde
Per l’antico letto valide
Spumeggiar tra le due sponde.

Cantò allora un coro d’uomini:
— Dormi, o re, ne la tua gloria!
Man romana mai non vìoli
La tua tomba e la memoria! —

Cantò, e lungo il canto udivasi
Per le schiere gote errare:
Recal tu, Busento rapido,
Recal tu da mare a mare.
5-6 luglio 1872
          Moria pesci in torrente a Follonica per mancanza di ossigeno        

Moria di pesci stamani nel torrente Petraia a Follonica (Grosseto). A causarla, secondo quanto reso noto dal sindaco Andrea Benini, in base a una valutazione della polizia provinciale che ha effettuato un primo sopralluogo, “la moria è dovuta ad una evidente causa di anossia, cioè mancanza di ossigeno. Di fatto nel corso del Petraia, quasi […]

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          Happy Bloomsday!        

I love flowers I’d love to have the whole place swimming in roses God of heaven there’s nothing like nature the wild mountains then the sea and the waves rushing then the beautiful country with fields of oats and wheat and all kinds of things and all the fine cattle going about that would do your heart good to see rivers and lakes and flowers all sorts of shapes and smells and colours springing up even out of the ditches primroses and violets nature it is as for them saying there’s no God I wouldn’t give a snap of my two fingers for all their learning why don’t they go and create something I often asked him atheists or whatever they call themselves go and wash the cobbles off themselves first then they go howling for the priest and they dying and why why because they’re afraid of hell on account of their bad conscience ah yes I know them well who was the first person in the universe before there was anybody that made it all who ah that they don’t know neither do I so there you are they might as well try to stop the sun from rising tomorrow the sun shines for you he said the day we were lying among the rhododendrons on Howth head in the grey tweed suit and his straw hat the day I got him to propose to me yes first I gave him the bit of seedcake out of my mouth and it was leapyear like now yes 16 years ago my God after that long kiss I near lost my breath yes he said was a flower of the mountain yes so we are flowers all a woman’s body yes that was one true thing he said in his life and the sun shines for you today yes that was why I liked him because I saw he understood or felt what a woman is and I knew I could always get round him and I gave him all the pleasure I could leading him on till he asked me to say yes and I wouldn’t answer first only looked out over the sea and the sky I was thinking of so many things he didn’t know of Mulvey and Mr Stanhope and Hester and father and old captain Groves and the sailors playing all birds fly and I say stoop and washing up dishes they called it on the pier and the sentry in front of the governors house with the thing round his white helmet poor devil half roasted and the Spanish girls laughing in their shawls and their tall combs and the auctions in the morning the Greeks and the Jews and the Arabs and the devil knows who else from all the ends of Europe and Duke street and the fowl market all clucking outside Larby Sharans and the poor donkeys slipping half asleep and the vague fellows in the cloaks asleep in the shade on the steps and the big wheels of the carts of the bulls and the old castle thousands of years old yes and those handsome Moors all in white and turbans like kings asking you to sit down in their little bit of a shop and Ronda with the old windows of the posadas glancing eyes a lattice hid for her lover to kiss the iron and the wineshops half open at night and the castanets and the night we missed the boat at Algeciras the watchman going about serene with his lamp and O that awful deepdown torrent O and the sea the sea crimson sometimes like fire and the glorious sunsets and the figtrees in the Alameda gardens yes and all the queer little streets and pink and blue and yellow houses and the rosegardens and the jessamine and geraniums and cactuses and Gibraltar as a girl where I was a Flower of the mountain yes when I put the rose in my hair like the Andalusian girls used or shall I wear a red yes and how he kissed me under the Moorish wall and I thought well as well him as another and then I asked him with my eyes to ask again yes and then he asked me would I yes to say yes my mountain flower and first I put my arms around him yes and drew him down to me so he could feel my breasts all perfume yes and his heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will Yes.

~James Joyce

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          NDS Roms        
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          Why Do Investors Prefer Amazon to Apple?        

Why do investors prefer Amazon to Apple? Sure, the gadget maker’s market capitalization is far larger. Yet investors are willing to pay almost nine times as much for the retailer’s estimated earnings. That looks expensive in any case. But it’s also odd, because Amazon perpetually promises more jam tomorrow, while Apple delivers it. 

Both companies are growing revenue at similar rates - just under 30 percent a year. But it’s no contest when it comes to the bottom line. Amazon runs at about break-even - it scraped out a measly $7 million of income from $12.8 billion of sales last quarter. Apple’s 25 percent net margin, meanwhile, generated $8.8 billion of black ink. 

Of course, what matters to Wall Street is the future. Amazon is valued at 100 times estimated 2013 earnings because investors think its position as the leading internet retailer, digital content and gadget seller will eventually unleash a torrent of profit. 

Meanwhile, Apple’s valuation implies its profit growth will come under pressure. Its stock is valued at 11.6 times next year’s estimated earnings. That’s the same multiple as the S&P 500. Strip out Apple’s huge cash pile and its multiple drops to just nine times earnings. 

But if either company’s business looks more solid, it’s Apple’s. It doesn’t compete on price, instead relying on other attributes like quality. Just look at how it has positioned the iPhone and the new iPad mini. Amazon, on the other hand, has a long-standing history of slashing prices to fight rivals. It has built an advanced IT and logistics operation as well. 

But one critical financial metric suggests Amazon’s moat may be weaker than it appears. Its return on invested capital has been falling steadily. In 2009 it was more than 40 percent. In this year’s second quarter it stood at just 11 percent. That could mean Amazon is investing in businesses - whether its robotic distribution systems or corporate IT on-demand services. But profitable opportunities for Amazon may simply be drying up. 

Apple’s return on invested capital in the past quarter was about four times as high as Amazon’s, implying no such trade-off. Investors would be better off buying Apple today and ignoring Amazon’s promise of jam tomorrow.

Read more at Reuters Breakingviews.

          Un-cocked On Gun Control…        

2ndAmendment-ConspiracyTheory-GunControl-GunRights-Newtown-SocialCommentary 1

You know…

I started a post quite some time ago on the subject of Gun Control when Newtown hit the news but I just couldn’t finish it without rage confusing the issue.

And now, well, maybe, especially now, after time has elapsed, that rage has turned into disgust, that there is a fringe element in the States that actually wants to slap the faces of those 27 dead souls and their surviving family members by suggesting Newtown was a hoax.

I could NOT believe my eyes nor my ears on this one.

But people, who have no real lives of their own and who yearn for excitement through the “conspiracy game”, and who like sheep, willingly go to their own morality slaughter because they have lost the ability to reason on their own, always ooze out of the woodwork at times like these, don’t they? It was expected with the JFK assassination, it was tolerated with Bobby Kennedy’s murder, heck, we even managed to humour those backwoods “prophets” who just KNEW the Moon Landings were faked, those same people also KNOWING FOR SURE aliens landed at Roswell.

Conspiracy Theorists are a dime-a-dozen and basically a harmless bunch, but when, in the name of supposed “gun rights”, they up the ante and purposely malign the reputation of innocent souls, that’s when you know the patients in the One-Flew-Over-The-Cuckoo’s-Nest-American-Human Condition have truly taken over the asylum.

I have lost so-called “friends” over this issue yet I doubt I’m the only one. You cannot reason with people who don’t have the ability. It’s like, I’m sure, when Ferdinand Magellan made his trans-oceanic voyage in the early 1500s and came back asserting the world was anything but flat, there would have been a sector of the unwashed whacky masses who cried in retort, “No way, Juan, man! Just yesterday, my friend Federico went for a fishing boat ride and he NEVER came back! Flat, I say, Flat!”   


What these modern-day Conspiracy and Gun Rights whackos seem to forget is why they feel compelled to think this way in the first place. This mindset has been at the core of the American Human Condition ever since the Republic was formed, because the Republic was born out of thirst to seek independence from the British Empire, then, the greatest power on earth. And since then, there has always been an underlying American fear that the British would return one day to claim what was once theirs.

Fear and Paranoia are the blood and plasma of the American psyche. And Conspiracy and Doubt are its arteries.

And because of that unique Group Think, the Founding Fathers of the Republic felt there had to be legal measures put in place, in the form of a Constitutional Amendment, to protect its citizens from such an invasion in the form of a Right To Bear Arms caveat. Predictably, the original 2nd Amendment wording spoke directly and solely to the Right to form a Militia in times of national defence and no where in that Amendment were rights given to citizens to arm themselves for ANY other reason. Period.

But yes, as time went on, the Gun Industry in the States became one of the strongest manufacturing sectors, so there came a corporate/for-profit impetus to amend the 2nd to allow for individual gun rights to provide for a nationwide sale of arms to one and all for any personal self-defence reason. The gun industry lobbyists back then knew darn well that if the 2nd was widened to allow for every man and woman to arm themselves, their manufacturing, distribution and sales future would be eternally bright. Lobbying isn’t just a 20th and 21st century game, you know, and I think when the Founding Fathers initially wrote the 2nd, they just never took that into consideration - that power and money would trump necessity, or heck, even reason, in when and how the country became armed.

Flash forward some countless decades and what was a rather conservative and responsible take on the idea of national self-defence, morphed into an insane desire for personal power and revenge, which then gave birth to fully automatic assault rifles and 30 round clips, which in turn gave birth to Columbine, Aurora, and now Newtown.2ndAmendment-ConspiracyTheory-GunControl-GunRights-Newtown-SocialCommentary 2

If it wasn’t bad enough - the unspeakable slaughter of 20 six year olds - North Americans are now being shot by an extremist population declaring that Newtown was a hoax, that like the Moon Landings it just never happened: the parents of those kiddies were faking for the camera, the newsmen weren’t even there, heck, it was just some political ploy at the behest of the American Devil – “Blacky-McBlack, McMuslim” Obama (a spoof on Bill Maher’s spoof!) – and his yet unknown Evil Master Plan (notice black hat, only EVIL people who have Evil Master Plans wear Black Hats, right?) – to ravage the Rights from every man, woman and child in the good ol’ U.S. of A. (like the dude doesn’t have enough on his plate fixing the economic crap the Republicans left at the Whitehouse doorstep when they skulked out of town!).

Yeah, that’s right, folks, your Prez orchestrated this entire deal at Newtown JUST to get you where it hurts the most – your power and your pride!

It’s truly amazing that the reasonable Americans (and I know you’re out there, I can hear you breathing!) don’t create their own Militias these days just to defend themselves from their own wacky gun-tottin’ citizens.

It doesn’t matter that a gazillion first-responders and media from all over the world rushed to Sandy Hook, it doesn’t matter that dozens upon dozens of people have directly witnessed the bodily ravages of those little kiddies (the term “riddled” with bullets has been used to describe the state of those wee bodies, for assault rifles can inflict incredible damage on a small child), heck, it doesn’t even hit the radar screen that countless lives have been destroyed - those that were the closest to these poor victims - forever.

Nope. Conspiracy Theorists and Gun Rights wackos don’t need to work within reason and logic, their only bar is fear and paranoia and that impetus is never burdened by something inconsequential as evidentiary proof.

Like the Middle East in their attempts to crawl out of the Dark Ages as per Human Rights and Freedoms, the U.S. has some evolving to do as well. Of course, when you say this to a wacko American, all he sees is red and shuts down further any attempt to self-assess in order to self-correct. The idea that weapons are needed in a society is a cultural paradigm, one, as I’ve said, for the Americans, stemming solely from a fear of being over-taken by a foreign power or some home-grown revolutionary group. They have never grown away from that fear even though such a threat is now beyond negligible. This fear is what has made their Military Industrial Complex a so out-of-control monstrosity and it is what drives its citizens to individually arms themselves, ironically, against themselves. They believe a good quality life must include gun ownership and it’s that belief that is out-dated and causing them so much internal damage. They, like the Muslim Middle East, don’t even recognize the oxymoron in their antiquated thought, so how does one alter a nation’s consciousness when they have no realization that there is even a need for change?

Their saving grace: Newtown. Possibly. And like the Middle East: Social Media.

An awakening of the souls in that country, that what they “thought” was the right way to live, that worked well for them in the days gone by – the OK Corral, Dodge City, High Noon mentality – is no longer warranted nor even working for them now, and like the manufacturing out-sourcing dilemma North America is facing, 21st century technology is making way for new jobs and a differently trained domestic workforce. It’s called Societal Growing Pains and when one is in the midst of said, the hurt hurts so bad, the reasoned trees of Change can’t be seen for the economic poverty and power-hungry forest.

Americans are by nature a very arrogant bunch, so the thought that they might not be walking the right walk, just the assertion of said, is enough to shut them down to alternative ways of thinking and living. The Commonwealth countries learned quite some time ago that the Gun Mentality is not the path to prosperity nor happiness and have instituted real and pervasive, positive change for its citizens. These countries do just nicely not having any so-called 2nd Amendment and the average home-owner doesn’t own even one gun, let alone dozens, and if he does, its the hardly handled, dusty old 306 of his Grandfather’s, used solely for the annual deer. bear or moose-hunting season.

Of course, the retort oft spewed by American gun rights proponents is this>>>

“Knives and bats kill too, ya know!”

Yeah, that’s true, Mr. Whacko-Man, but knives and bats don’t kill at 45 rounds per minute in semi-auto mode alone. One knifing - one kill, one batting - one kill. Not 20 children and 6 adults in mere minutes!

In a country already bursting at the seams with people all fighting for their piece of the Less-Than-1% American Dream pie, saturating the land with as many guns as citizens is NOT the answer. And the awful truth is while these same gun-tottin’ proponents yell their rhetoric from bullet-ridden roof-tops, they never stop to think that their child, wife, uncle or brother could be the next casualty. Sure, surviving family members of the dead know this raw truth now, but they have had to evolve the hard way. The “walking wounded” more than see a need for an American cultural paradigm shift, but that awareness came at a God-awful price.

I have no idea where the U.S. will go from here. I have heard that responsible yet very avid gun owners who are in favour of legislative change are being threatened by these extremists, and of course, losing people from their lives they “thought” were their friends.

The parents of the children lost at Newtown are congregating and I hope that with enough time spent first mourning, then healing to a degree, they will come out of this nightmare stronger than ever before and fight the good fight in the halls of Washington and at future Senate Hearings if there are any on the issue of re-amending the 2nd.

There IS a Silent Majority of good, law-abiding, sane and reasonable Americans out there and they NEED to come to the forefront and make more noise than the oft-loud-squeaky-wheel-that-gets-the-NRA-grease group that is the Conspiracy Theorists/Gun Rights gang. Good Americans, who see the reality of this issue through the cold, hard facts and who have seen the evidence that the 2nd has done more modern damage than good to their country, don’t attack their own slaughtered countrymen with irrational cries of Conspiracy just because they have nothing better to do with their time.

Newtown, amongst all American mass shootings, stands alone in the annuls of gun horror in my opinion. The responsible adults in that country let down their own children all because it was easier to stand by and watch the wackos take over the asylum.

Well, now is the time to take the place back, to fight like never before, to stand up for what is right, even at the cost of alienating so-called friends. If We, who truly felt the devastation and suffered the grief which drowned Newtown in a torrent of blood, do not take a stand now, then when will we ever?

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Edmund Burke

Say something. Do something. Risk personal and professional harm. Nothing will ever feel as bad as being needlessly shot dead by an unnecessary gun or sitting blithely by and watching it happen to another.


2nd Amendment, Conspiracy Theory, Gun Control, Gun Rights, Newtown, Social Commentary

          Smart Materials        
This week, we're exploring the science of Smart Materials - we discover a Super-Non-Stick coating that even honey wont stick to and flexible plastic paper with E-Ink that we-writes itself on demand. We learn how potatoes could form the basis of future plastics and a new way to think about 'bone china', as ceramics and polymers could replace your broken bones. Also, we discover where sea turtles spend their childhood, how a microRNA gene switch could put the brakes on the spread of cancer and how thousands of cases of breast cancer could be avoided without medication. Plus, in Kitchen Science, we show you how a simple cotton handkerchief can hold back a torrent of water!
          I was a cloud.        
I just turned 37 this week.

Let's let that sink in for a moment, shall we? Yikes. I don't "FEEL" 37... not sure what that's supposed to feel like anyway... but I think the years speed up after your early 20's and somehow you wake up one day and you're closer to 40 than you are to "young and stupid".

I was thinking about that this morning when I woke up.

I've come a long way, baby!

Once upon a time, I was a pissed-off teenager. I was the oldest of two, my parents divorced then remarried, I became the oldest of 5, and my inner control-freak was fuuhreeeaking out.
I was scared.
Fear looks like anger sometimes. At least it does with me.
They are my synonymous emotions.
Fear/Anger. Usually those closest to me can't tell them apart.
So, I looked angry.
I was mad at my parents, mad at their new spouses, mad at myself, mad at life, mad at God - whoever I deemed Him to be at the time, and mad... well, just because it was easier that way.

Pissed-off teenagers are even more stupid than regular, happy, well-adjusted ones. They make other people miserable. They ruin family events. They ruin the best days. It can be 70 degrees, sunny with a light breeze, great music playing and no pressing events to tend to... and one single pissed-off teenager can screw it all up.

That was me. The screwer-upper.
I remember when my mom coined the phrase "you are such a cloud!"
But it was so incredibly true.

My parents were worried about me, with good reason. I consistently made poor choices. I hung out with the wrong people. I stayed out too late, snuck out, broke rules and broke laws. I was your everyday, ordinary, cliche delinquent teenager.

I married my husband at 18. We thought we knew what love was. We thought we were SO smart and independent and wise beyond our years. We were both strong-willed, first-born, tough-as-nails, independent people. We thought we had this whole thing figured out.
He was far wiser than me and we had a conversation one night under the stars that amounted to "if we get married, it's forever. There's no exit plan. Deal?"
Yeah, I told you we had it all figured out.
Except not. 

For years, we struggled. We were head-strong kids playing house and learning that love is a decision and a choice. It wasn't always easy, but it has been worth it always.

However, every time we got together with my family - even though I was married, had kids, and was living differently for all to see - I was reminded of what a horrible kid I had been. I felt reminded of my poor choices, my poor lifestyle and all of my mistakes. It made me angry, it made me embarrassed, and it reminded me that my family hadn't magically forgotten all of my sins...any more than God had. And He knew them ALL, not just the public ones everyone could see. I'd never be forgiven. I'd never be able to move on. I'd never live down the junk in my past.
I was marked, sealed, finished.

Fast-forward a bit...
we were living in Colorado Springs, land of beauty so amazing you just look around and know that none of this could have ever possibly have just accidentally happened. Glorious blue skies - bluer blue than anything you've ever seen, giant mountains that seem to guard you from whatever is on the other side... it's very small-making.
One day I remember standing in worship realizing how screwed up my life had always been, wondering if I'd ever really meant any of those times I walked down front, got sprinkled, dunked or re-dedicated. I just knew I wasn't really forgiven.

I realized I was tangled, trapped, caught, sinking, drowning in the weight of my history and I was struggling to even gasp for air. Emotionally it reminded me of the time I was caught in an undertow in the Atlantic. The panicked struggle, the fight, the smothering weight of fear. It's so incredibly heavy.
I felt like a fraud.
I felt like a failure.
I needed help.
I needed a rescuer.
I needed a hero.
My husband couldn't save me. 

This is when if this were the Bible it would say "but God..."

Being an independent, strong-willed, first-born, tough-as-nails 20-something means you figure things out on your own. I didn't want to hear what the pastor said... he didn't know my story. I didn't want to listen to whoever was speaking at Women of Faith that year. She didn't know me personally.
I prayed. I listened. I changed my radio dial to the Christian Music station. I absorbed those truths like I was being marinated in them. Slowly, slowly, slowly... my frantic gasps for air became life-giving breaths. My panic began to slow. My brain could reason again. I was able to hear, feel and speak to the Lord. The Holy Spirit was audible and palpable in my heart. I heard him louder than my failures, louder than my doubts, louder than my fears. When I felt myself again sinking back into the waves of failure, inadequacy and regret... I would hear "Take my hand. I've got this." I would breathe deeply the truths I was learning. I would shake off the ropes entangling me, dragging me back into the depths, and I was just so thankful to be rescued.

So for those mommas and daddies out there parenting that first-born, strong-willed, tough-as-nails kid... don't give up on them. Love them in the middle of it. Speak truth into their lives. Tell them you love them anyway. And that you always will. Assure them of their value. Assure them they are worth it. Pray for them. Then pray for them some more.

And me?

This past summer my mom told me about how she had always been praying for me. All along. In the middle of the junk, the angry teenage years, and beyond. She told me that she'd given me over to Jesus and just asked that He wouldn't let me get hurt beyond repair. It was the first time I'd heard her heart in that way.
And she told me how proud she is of who I've become.

All of those years, I thought she didn't care. I thought the "cloud" she saw when I entered the room was a storm cloud. Maybe she did. But, now I see it was the cloud that was blocking me from being ME. It was a cloud of fear, doubt, anxiety, lies and anger. These things don't come from Jesus. They come from the enemy.

Now that I'm all old and junk  37  I can see that God TRULY does work ALLLLLLL the things together for good. It may not feel like it now. It may look hopeless. You may be saving up so you have bail money when you need it or just praying to get through each day with your child. You may still be that child.

I'm here to tell you... He saves.
He saves you, he saves me.
You call, He answers.
And... oh yeah, He forgives.
All of it.

I'm living proof.

And I'm no longer a cloud.

I was fought for all along. Not just when I realized I needed rescue, but before that too. Way back in the beginning. I was rescued and saved for a purpose. For a time such as this. I'm going to do something amazing someday... even if it's done in my every day... and at the end of that and in the middle of it too, I can say "all because of Jesus."

So, I'm sharing with you the words that meant so much to me, still do. The verses that bring me peace, that give me a sense of worth and value.

Psalm 18: 1-19
I love you, Lord, my strength.
The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer;
my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge,
my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.
I called to the Lord, who is worthy of praise,
and I have been saved from my enemies.
The cords of death entangled me;
the torrents of destruction overwhelmed me.
The cords of the grave coiled around me;
the snares of death confronted me.
In my distress I called to the Lord;
I cried to my God for help.
From his temple he heard my voice;
my cry came before him, into his ears.
The earth trembled and quaked,
and the foundations of the mountains shook;
they trembled because he was angry.
Smoke rose from his nostrils;
consuming fire came from his mouth,
burning coals blazed out of it.
He parted the heavens and came down;
dark clouds were under his feet.
He mounted the cherubim and flew;
he soared on the wings of the wind.
He made darkness his covering, his canopy around him—
the dark rain clouds of the sky.
Out of the brightness of his presence clouds advanced,
with hailstones and bolts of lightning.
The Lord thundered from heaven;
the voice of the Most High resounded. 
He shot his arrows and scattered the enemy,
with great bolts of lightning he routed them.
The valleys of the sea were exposed
and the foundations of the earth laid bare
at your rebuke, Lord,
at the blast of breath from your nostrils.
He reached down from on high and took hold of me;
he drew me out of deep waters.
He rescued me from my powerful enemy,
from my foes, who were too strong for me.
They confronted me in the day of my disaster,
but the Lord was my support.
He brought me out into a spacious place;
he rescued me because he delighted in me!

          A New Phone        

The one thing that needed to be saved, I had decided, was the video of my father being killed. The rest I would happily lose. Dozens of photos of our dead dog, disappeared cats, two apartments I lived in for three years each and would never see again. My cousin, angelically blond, presenting a chain of daisies as long as himself. He is a teenager now, no longer angelic, no longer meeting my eye at family gatherings. I would happily forget it all if I could just keep the grainy, two-minute footage of my father’s last minutes.

The boy at the phone shop counter was less help even than I’d braced myself for. He held the squat lump of my mobile on his open palm, looking down at it with something approaching interest, though not authoritative interest. He neither spoke nor made to examine the object beyond staring at its inert presence in his hand. A tall, pale teenager with an indifferent aura. His uniform was a shiny, black button shirt and a tie in the corporate red of the shop’s service provider.

It’s dead, I told him again. It’s dying. It gives ten minutes of life, fully charged, before abruptly switching itself off. It does the same thing when plugged in. He shrugged, turning the phone over as though the answer might be engraved on its rear casing. It’s old, he said. How old is this? Amusement in his voice. Eight years, I answered. The device, once black, has rubbed to grey over almost all of its clamshell surface. Slivers of chromed plastic have long since fallen away, revealing them to be entirely aesthetic additions. The battery case is held in place with sellotape. One half of the hinge has snapped, leaving the screen hanging at an angle when the phone is open. It’s old. He nodded, displaying satisfaction at having diagnosed the issue. You won’t repair this, he said. These guys don’t even make phones anymore. I explained: I don’t want to repair it. I just want to get the content off it. There was a cable, once, for that. I lost it. I never used it. The boy sniffed and shrugged. He offered to call the service provider, but could not elaborate on how that might help me. He offered the use of their computer to search the Internet.

At home I hunted again through strange and suspicious-looking electronics sites, eventually locating a second-hand cable that was described as fitting my mobile. It arrived a week later, and immediately I peeled away the black electric tape that had long covered the phone’s socket and tried to attach the cable. I had to use a fork tine to pry a clump of pocket dust from the oblong hole, but after doing so the cable jack slipped in smoothly. The other end went into my laptop, but I could not get the computer to react to the phone or vice versa. I downloaded dozens of pieces of software and firmware, each hinting that they would negotiate some understanding between the devices, but nothing had any effect.

The phone was a relatively expensive and relatively modern one when I bought it almost a decade ago. Even then I held a half-notion that it would last—that it was worth spending money on something that would last. It featured a pea-sized camera lens recessed behind thick plastic, and was capable of taking small, oddly-exposed photos and even a few minutes of stuttering video footage.

I snapped the majority of photos the phone ever took in its first three months. After that the novelty of having an extremely poor camera in my pocket wore off, and the various ancillary functions of the mobile were slowly forgotten. From time to time I used it as a visual memory aid, but never to record anything of consequence. Never intentionally.

My father in the garage, standing at the table, facing me, half-silhouetted by the pebbled glass windows behind him. He is demonstrating his new wine degasser, and has asked me to film the moment. His current practice is to video or photograph every tiny step in his home brewing process—a habit made possible by the fancy touchscreen phone he has recently acquired and surprisingly mastered. But this weekend he has left the phone in his office and, seemingly on a whim, asks me to film with mine instead. I snap it open and begin recording in a piece of careless appeasement, thinking as I do so that he will never, ever ask to see the footage again. In the opening seconds of the video he takes the small medical vacuum he acquired from his doctor cousin and attaches its hose to the airlock at the top of the twenty litre glass carboy. The vessel is almost half filled with a yellow elderflower wine. Much later I learn that this was the reason for what happened next; had the carboy been near full it would likely have been perfectly safe to operate on. My father starts the vacuum, and almost instantly the wine fills with minute bubbles as the gas is drawn out. Catch that, he says. Catch that. His voice excited. He leans down to put his ear against the glass, listening, I think, for the sound of the bubbles. As his head approaches the jug it shatters with a single loud noise. My father disappears as I rear backwards and raise my arm that holds the camera. There is a sound of raining glass, and I remember at this point the wet torrent of wine falling onto my shoes. Holy shit, my father says, as the camera finds him again. He’s standing right where he was. Holy shit. Did you get that? I got it, I shout, exhilarated. I was filming. My father is grinning at me, wide-eyed with fright and amusement. He reaches up, without any significant change in expression, and puts probing fingers to the side of his head. Dad, I say, as he turns slightly. It’s almost impossible to make out on the phone’s small screen, but there’s a three-inch shard of glass protruding from just behind his ear. Almost no blood, in that moment. That came later. Still smiling, my father’s knees fold and the lens pitches back again, and I’m shouting. Dad. Dad. Dad.

In the end I simply filmed the video playing on my dying phone’s screen with the camera of its replacement, trying to hold them both perfectly still for the two minutes of footage. The rerecording is watchable, though significantly degraded. The sound is even worse. Of course, the original still works, although barely, and has been hidden with its charger in a desk drawer amongst my paper records and other disused technology. The new phone—a compact, smooth computer that demands connection to my laptop every other day—will never suffer the same isolated end. It sits already half in the ether. Its memory is an abstract concept, existing both on the phone and in a dozen scattered places I do not fully comprehend. The photos and the film displayed on its screen will never belong entirely to the device, and as it weathers and finally expires I need fear nothing for its records. This, while ultimately reassuring, makes the phone itself feel impermanent. Strangely insubstantial. This extends, oddly, to the files I keep on it. Memories captured, then diluted. The old phone—the unity of the plastic lump and the moments it held—was a thing I understood. I still carry the footage of the garage in my front left pocket, but it weighs close to nothing now. This should come as some relief, I know.

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Логотип Facebook

Социальная сеть Facebook запатентовала технологию, позволяющую определять легальность распространяемого пользователями контента. «ÐÐ½Ñ‚ипиратский» патент был выдан соцсети 3 Ð´ÐµÐºÐ°Ð±Ñ€Ñ.

Как следует из Ñ‚екста документа, определять является Ð»Ð¸ тот или иной контент пиратским, Facebook собирается с Ð¿Ð¾Ð¼Ð¾Ñ‰ÑŒÑŽ так называемых «ÑÐ¾Ñ†Ð¸Ð°Ð»ÑŒÐ½Ñ‹Ñ… сигналов». К Ñ‚Ð°ÐºÐ¸Ð¼ «ÑÐ¸Ð³Ð½Ð°Ð»Ð°Ð¼» относятся, например, географическое местоположение пользователя, список нравящихся ему фильмов, указанные в Ð¿Ñ€Ð¾Ñ„иле хобби, а Ñ‚акже круг общения в ÑÐ¾Ñ†Ð¸Ð°Ð»ÑŒÐ½Ð¾Ð¹ сети.

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          Team Wiggins rider breaks long-standing Bronte Wheelers time trial record        
THE TORRENTIAL showers that had taken place throughout the day abated for the competitors in the latest Bronte Wheelers-Neophix ten-mile time trial on the Kildwick to Skipton and back course.
          Albergue Nocturno        
Haverá camas para todos? Porque isto é mais do que uma chuva de estrelas… é uma torrente… e todos querem ser CR7’s. Expresso, 1 de Novembro de 2014
          PHOTO: Southampton road flooded after torrential rain        
A SOUTHAMPTON road has been flooded after torrential rain fell this morning.
          PHOTOS: Spectacular thunderstorm creates lightning show over Southampton        
TORRENTIAL rain battered the south coast as the warm weather took a turn for the worse.
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          NSW weather: BOM predicts deluge on mid-north coast as wild conditions continue        
The New South Wales SES sends extra crews to the mid-north coast where torrential rain of more than 200 millimetres could fall in some areas.
          NSW weather: BOM issues severe weather warning as flash flooding, heavy rain hits state's north        
A car is engulfed by floodwaters in Coffs Harbour and the SES rescues eight people amid a severe weather warning and torrential rain in northern NSW.
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          Flood-hit Indian state puts rescuers on "war footing"; toll to 83        

By Zarir Hussain

GUWAHATI, India July 14 (Reuters) - Floods in India'snortheast have killed at least 83 people and led to the death ofthree rare one-horned rhinoceros at a national park that has theworld's largest concentration of the species.

The floods caused by torrential rains across the hillystates of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and Manipur overthe past two weeks, have also triggered landslides. In all morethan 2 million people have been displaced, authorities say.

"Assam is the worst hit with 53 lives lost so far in floodsand landslides with some 2 million people displaced," AssamChief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal told Reuters.

"Relief and rescue operations are going on a war footing."

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has sent a team of federalgovernment officials, led by junior home minister Kiren Rijiju,to assess the damage.

The overflowing Brahmaputra River has also completelymarooned the Kaziranga wildlife sanctuary in Assam, forcinganimals to flee to safer areas.

A one-horned rhinoceros drowned on Friday, taking the tollof the endangered animals in the flooding to three, Assam'sforest minister, Pramila Rani Brahma, told Reuters.

The Kaziranga National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site,is home to an estimated 2,500 rhinos out of a world populationof some 3,000.

Nearly 60 other animals, mostly deer and wild boars, havebeen killed in the floods, she said.

(Writing by Rupam Jain; Editing by Robert Birsel)

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2008: BAFTA: Mejor actriz secundaria (Penélope Cruz)
2008: Goya: Mejor actriz secundaria (Penélope Cruz)
2008: National Board of Review: Mejor actriz secundaria (Penélope Cruz)

Dos jóvenes norteamericanas, Vicky (Rebecca Hall) y Cristina (Scarlett Johansson) van a Barcelona a pasar unas vacaciones de verano. Vicky es sensible, racional y tiene intención de casarse; Cristina es emocional y busca aventuras emocionantes; no sabe lo que quiere, sólo sabe lo que no quiere. En Barcelona, ambas se ven envueltas en una relación poco convencional con Juan Antonio (Javier Bardem), un carismático pintor vinculado emocionalmente a su tempestuosa ex-mujer, María Elena (Penélope Cruz). (FILMAFFINITY)

"Bañada en una luz tan seductoramente dorada y melosa que estarás tentado a lamer la pantalla. (...) Aunque es un viaje encantador, acompañado por la belleza del paisaje y de su estelar reparto (...) resuena, con implacable melancolía, una sensación de pérdida." (Manohla Dargis: The New York Times)
"Tan estimulante, cautivadora y disfrutable como un romance de verano en una ciudad exótica. (...) Puntuación: ***1/2 (sobre 4)." (Claudia Puig: USA Today)
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First, join me in welcoming a great OYGA friend back to the blogosphere. Few blogs have such a classy and fun <style> as The Best of H.O.Z., so I was saddened when, back in January, it seemed Thoz was closing up shop. But I am very happy to see that he is back and posting again! So stop by there and check out his new posts! (Rumor has it that he was gone for super-secret covert blogging training....details are sketchy, but I heard it involves lethal combinations of nested tags and myspace profiles).

Second, click on the link below, and enjoy 100 men to celebrate 100 OYGA posts today!

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          The shore        
My favourite place to be, in any weather - even wind! - is a shore.  Especially the shore of a loch, with a view of mountains across the water.  But any shore - well, most shores will do. 
The topography of so much of the Outer Hebrides is such that you are never far from a shore.  Indeed, many of our drives involved winding between not just two, but several shores.  A kind of paradise.
I am still reeling with all the input.  I have not been able to organise what I took in, both consciously and sub-consciously; but this blog helps me sort out categories at least, and the snaps below are just some from the southern isles(the north being Harris and Lewis, posts to follow).
Here are a few of my snaps of shores of the southern isles:

This is a ceramicist's home studio on the shore of Loch Euphort - we did not visit, but enjoyed catching sight of several contemporary houses along this road in North Uist.  On the other side of the road is Roddy Mathieson's sculpture Sanctuary (pic. below)

Scolpaig Tower seen in a clear spell between torrential downpours.
I have not cropped out the sky in my snaps because, like the wind the sky was a huge part of our experience.

          Godafoss, Iceland        

Photography truly is one of my favorite hobbies and interests. This photo was taken by Orsolya and Erlend Haarberg in Godafoss, Iceland. According to National Geographic “A glacial torrent pours over a 40-foot-high ledge at Gođafoss, “waterfall of the gods.” After the Icelandic assembly adopted Christianity in 1000, its leader threw his pagan idols into […]

The post Godafoss, Iceland appeared first on Running Wolf's Rant.

          Mensagem (16/05/10)        
Sermão: Tiago 1:19-27
Pregador: Pr. Rodrigo Serrão

Não Apenas Conhecer, Mas Praticar a Palavra de Deus

O que difere o campeão do medíocre é a prática. Ninguém se torna um Michael Phelps sem muita disciplina e muito treinamento. A rotina de treinamento do Phelps para as olimpíadas de Pequim incluíam, 12 a 16 quilômetros de natação diária, musculações todos os dias pela manhã, exercícios cardiorrespiratórios fora da piscina (como caminhada, corridas, pedalar, etc) como também exercícios para grandes altitudes.
• Ninguém vence uma maratona sem uma rotina diária de treinamentos.
• Ninguém vence a Volta da França (Tour de France) somente pedalando nos finais-de-semana.

Na vida cristã não é diferente. O autor de Hebreus no capítulo 12 nos manda correr com perseverança a carreira que nos está proposta. O autor aos Hebreus compara a vida cristã com um esporte (atletismo) e nos manda perseverar (praticar). Ou seja, na vida cristã para sermos campeões, precisamos praticar, ter disciplina, perseverar no caminho.
Paulo em 1 Cor 9:24-26 também usa esta analogia da corrida com a vida cristã. Ele diz, “Numa corrida, são vários os que correm, mas um só ganha o prêmio. Que cada um de vocês corra como se fosse aquele que vai ganhar. Os atletas renunciam a tudo para afinal vir a ganhar um prêmio corruptível , mas nós fazemo-lo por um prêmio divino que nunca mais perderá o seu valor. Portanto corro direito ao alvo, não às cegas. Neste combate eu luto para ganhar. Não luto contra figuras imaginárias.”

O que Paulo está dizendo é que se não olharmos para a vida cristã como os grandes atletas olham para suas carreiras nós não ganharemos a corrida. A mesma seriedade que leva um grande atleta a renunciar tudo o que o leve a diminuir seu desempenho esportivo, deve ser a forma como encaramos a nossa vida cristã (renunciando todo o pecado que tão perto nos rodeia).
E porque devemos andar desta forma?
Elucidação Bíblica
O versículo 18 nos diz que Deus nos criou pela palavra da verdade para sermos os primeiros frutos de tudo o que ele fez. Eu e você somos a coroa da criação de Deus.
Deus nos criou para vivermos em harmonia com Ele, uns com os outros, com nós mesmos e com as outras criaturas de Deus (animais e vegetais).
Mas infelizmente, a queda destruiu a harmonia da criação divina e o homem se rebelou contra Deus, contra o próximo, contra si mesmo e contra a natureza. Com a queda, o homem não mais consegue viver a altura das expectativas de Deus para ele e passa a se corromper em todas as áreas de sua vida.
O pecado passa a dominar o homem, escravizando-o e levando-o a um estilo de vida cada vez mais distante da presença de Deus.
Este estilo de vida leva ao homem ao declínio moral, espiritual, e físico. A degradação e miséria humana é tão grande que Deus decide destruir a raça humana, poupando apenas uma família e um casal de cada animal terrestre.
Mas nada disto havia pego Deus de surpresa ao qual já havia preparado antes da fundação do mundo o Seu filho para vir morrer por nossos pecados, recebendo em Si a ira de Deus e nos resgatando da morte.
Deus então separa um povo desde antigo testamento para ser exclusivo Seu. No antigo testamento o povo Hebreu que depois passou a se chamar Judeu, e nestes últimos dias a Igreja de Jesus (igreja invisível de Jesus e não prédios chamados igreja), com a ajuda do Espírito Santo que passou a habitar no coração de todo aquele que crer em Cristo.
Contudo, a conversão em cristo não significava que a ser-humano iria parar de pecar instantaneamente. Ou que ele se tornaria perfeito. A conversão em Cristo significava que o convertido agora seria selado em Cristo e seu nome seria escrito no livro da vida. A conversão significava um novo nascimento.
Este novo nascimento, contudo, implicava em responsabilidades e privilégios.
A Bíblia está cheia de promessas, mas também de mandamentos. E um destes mandamentos de Deus é que o recém nascido em Cristo cresça espiritualmente e produza frutos.
É na estrada do amadurecimento que os discípulos de Cristo se deparam com sua velha natureza. Paulo certa vez disse a Timóteo que Jesus Cristo veio salvar os pecadores da qual ele era o principal. Paulo também disse que a carne lutava contra o Espírito e este contra a carne e eles se opunham um contra o outro para que não fizéssemos o que deveríamos.
É na estrada do amadurecimento que nos deparamos com este capitulo 1 inteiro de Tiago. Primeiro, ele nos fala que Deus nos envia tribulação para que possamos crescer, amadurecer, nos tornar íntegros diante dEle e dos homens.
Depois, Tiago menciona que existem lutas que não provêm de Deus que são chamadas de tentação. A tentação existe em parte pela presença de nossa velha natureza que nos inclina para longe de Deus e parte pela presença do Diabo que quer nos afastar de Deus.
Nesta passagem que lemos de Tiago, ele entra agora em um assunto que vai ser novamente explorado no capítulo 3, a impulsividade e o descontrole da língua. Estes dois pecados, porém estão diretamente ligados aos relacionamentos interpessoais e são características marcantes da nossa velha natureza.
Vocês já notaram que observamos mais facilmente o pecado das pessoas quando elas abrem a boca? A boca fala do que o coração está cheio e quando falamos revelamos como se encontra o nosso coração.
Os pecados que envolvem os relacionamentos são tão perigosos e tão mortais que se constitui no pecado que Deus abomina. Provérbios 6 diz que Deus detesta aqueles que semeiam contendas entre os irmãos.
Mas Tiago neste texto não somente nos mostra a doença, mas ele também nos diz qual o remédio devemos tomar.
E o remédio que Tiago nos apresenta é a prática da palavra de Deus.
Ou seja,

Somente praticando a palavra de Deus é que podemos controlar o velho homem e refletir a glória de Deus em nossas vidas.

Não há como sermos pessoas que vivem de acordo com a vontade de Deus sem que o Evangelho de Jesus nos permeie e nos transforme e nos leve a praticar o que ali está escrito.
É a prática que irá revelar quem é e quem não é, quem tem o Espírito e quem não tem, quem ama a Deus e quem não ama.
Contudo, devemos entender uma coisa, a questão aqui não é se eu consigo recitar a Bíblia de cabeça ou se eu consigo encontrar o versículo mais rápido ou se eu tenho bacharel em teologia ou mestrado ou doutorado. A questão aqui não é teórica, mas meramente prática. Não é nem se você conhece, mas se você pratica. Quando praticamos a palavra, quando vivemos o Evangelho, então mostramos que somos de fato discípulos de Jesus.
Quando praticamos a Palavra de Deus que é o Evangelho que foi implantado em nossos corações no momento em que nascemos de novo (conversão) pelo menos três áreas de nossas vidas irão refletir a glória de Deus:

1. Iremos refletir a glória de Deus em nossos relacionamentos (v.19-21)

Deus ama relacionamentos.

Em João 13:35 Jesus diz, “Nisto conhecerão todos que sois meus discípulos, se tiverdes amor uns aos outros.”

Quando Tiago fala em sermos prontos para ouvir, tardios para falar e tardios para irarmos, ele está falando de como devemos nos relacionar.
Ao dizer que devemos ser tardios para falar e para nos irar, Tiago está dizendo que devemos controlar nossos temperamentos, que devemos ter controle emocional.
Você já viu pessoas que dizem que vão à igreja, dizem que são crentes, mas no transito parecem que são possuídos por um espírito maligno? Elas não respeitam pedestres, não respeitam as leis de transito, e não controlam suas emoções (elas não tardam para falar e falam palavrões e não tardam para se irar).
Essas pessoas têm descontrole emocional. São os famosos pavios curtos. E o pior, alguns se gabam disto.
“Eu sou assim mesmo, nasci assim e vou morrer assim. Quem quiser goste e quem não quiser que se exploda.”
Existem outros que são especialistas em falar no momento em que era para ouvir. Por exemplo, uma pessoa se aproxima para desabafar, buscando apenas um ombro amigo. Então, a pessoa que era apenas para ouvir vomita julgamento, versículos bíblicos, ira de Deus, condenação, conselhos e mais conselhos, quando na verdade a outra pessoa só queria ser ouvida e não receber sermão. Estas não conseguem ouvir apenas.
Perceba que os três, o ouvir, o falar, e a ira, todos tem a ver com a língua e esta tem a ver com a comunicação que por sua vez tem a ver com os relacionamentos.
Então Tiago adverte a igreja, esses momentos de ira e descontrole emocional não trarão, produzirão a justiça de Deus.
Justiça aqui podendo significar:
a. O descontrole emocional não produzirá a justiça que Deus quer na vida de todos aqueles que confessam Seu nome.
b. O descontrole emocional não produzirá o veredito de Deus sobre nossas “pendengas”
Deus quer que produzamos o fruto do Espírito, que tenhamos autocontrole e que sejamos mansos (no sentido de ter mansidão e domínio próprio).
E para que isso ocorra Deus nos manda,
a. Livrarmos-nos de toda impureza moral e da maldade que prevalece
b. Aceitarmos humildemente a Palavra implantada em nossos corações, ou seja, obedecer ao evangelho.
Se assim procedermos veremos Deus transformar nossos relacionamentos.
Quantas pessoas têm relacionamentos quebrados pela falta de controle. Por serem escravas de suas próprias impulsividades. Pelo pecado do orgulho que não admite mudança?
Deus pode e quer refletir sua glória em nossos relacionamentos, mas para isso devemos praticar humildemente a palavra implantada em nossos corações.
Mas ao praticarmos a palavra, não apenas nossos relacionamentos irão refletir a glória de Deus, mas também nosso estilo de vida irá mudar.

2. Iremos refletir a glória de Deus em nosso estilo de vida (v.22-25)

Você é livre? Você é feliz?
Completamente livre para servir a Deus e ao próximo? E em fazendo isto, você se sente realizado e feliz?
Tiago está dizendo que se praticarmos a palavra, a palavra traz em si liberdade que por conseqüência traz felicidade.
Tudo, contudo, começa com a Palavra e como nos relacionamos com ela. É nesta área que há divisão entre discípulos e religiosos, entre lobos e ovelhas, entre anjos e demônios.
Jesus no final do sermão do monte nos conta uma ilustração parecida com o que Tiago nos fala nestes versículos. Ele diz:
“Todo aquele, pois, que ouve estas minhas palavras e as põe em prática, será comparado a um homem prudente, que edificou a casa sobre a rocha. E desceu a chuva, correram as torrentes, sopraram os ventos, e bateram com ímpeto contra aquela casa; contudo não caiu, porque estava fundada sobre a rocha.
Mas todo aquele que ouve estas minhas palavras, e não as põe em prática, será comparado a um homem insensato, que edificou a sua casa sobre a areia. E desceu a chuva, correram as torrentes, sopraram os ventos, e bateram com ímpeto contra aquela casa, e ela caiu; e grande foi a sua queda.”

Quem é mais feliz aquele que depois das lutas e dificuldades da vida consegue se recuperar, dar a volta por cima, e retomar sua vida e talvez ainda melhor (tribulações geram força interior, maturidade, e integridade), ou aquele que além de todas as dificuldades da vida (porque ela vem para justos e injustos – “no mundo tereis aflições”) não consegue suportá-las e cai no momento mais frágil de sua vida, levando-o a perdas irreparáveis?
A prática da Palavra não nos isenta dos dias maus, dos momentos difíceis da vida, mas nos dá a SUSTANCIA que precisamos para nos manter em pé e sairmos vitoriosos frente às tempestades da vida.
Tiago diz que ouvir e não praticar a Palavra é como olhar nossa imagem no espelho.
O que você vê quando se olha no espelho? Sua esposa? Seu filho? Não, você vê você!
E ao nos vermos, devemos ter a consciência de quem somos. Quando você se olha nos espelho, você não apenas vê sua carcaça. Você não apenas vê sua imagem abatida (a idade vai chegando...). Você vê sua imagem e você sabe quem você realmente é. Você vê dentro dos seus olhos e você vê sua alma.
Precisamos nos ver e saber quem somos, pois, em sabendo quem somos iremos correndo para os pés da cruz.
Contudo, se ao sairmos da frente do espelho, não levarmos conosco aquela imagem caída para onde quer que formos, não dependeremos da cruz.
Você só cai prostrado aos pés de Cristo se você tiver a perspectiva correta de quem você é diante dEle. E a perspectiva correta que devemos ter ao nos olharmos ao espelho é que somos seres inconstantes, pecadores, injustos, orgulhosos, faltosos em nosso amor por Deus e pelo próximo, mentirosos, blasfemos, entre tantas outras coisas.
Somos salvos sim, mas, estamos em processo de santificação que só vem com a prática da palavra de Deus. Só a pratica da palavra é que pode trabalhar nestas áreas que precisam ser subjugadas ao senhorio de Cristo. Se não atentarmos para quem de fato somos, se esquecermos da nossa imagem na frente do espelho, não poderemos ser praticantes fiéis da palavra, pois acharemos que não precisamos, pois somos bons demais, santos demais, fiéis a Deus demais, etc. Este tipo de justiça própria é para Deus trapo de imundice.
Só poderemos praticar Romanos 12:1-2 “Rogo-vos pois, irmãos, pela compaixão de Deus, que apresenteis os vossos corpos como um sacrifício vivo, santo e agradável a Deus, que é o vosso culto racional. E não vos conformeis a este mundo, mas transformai-vos pela renovação da vossa mente, para que experimenteis qual seja a boa, agradável, e perfeita vontade de Deus.”
Se lembrarmos de nossa imagem ao sairmos da frente do espelho.
Só poderemos praticar Deuteronômio 16:20 “A justiça, somente a justiça seguirás, para que vivas, e possuas em herança a terra que o Senhor teu Deus te dá.”
Se lembrarmos de nossa imagem ao sairmos da frente do espelho.
Só poderemos praticar Efésios 2:10 “Porque somos feitura sua, criados em Cristo Jesus para boas obras, as quais Deus antes preparou para que andássemos nelas.”
Se lembrarmos de nossa imagem ao sairmos da frente do espelho.
Só poderemos praticar Atos 13:47 “porque assim nos ordenou o Senhor: Eu te pus para luz dos gentios, a fim de que sejas para salvação até os confins da terra.”
Se lembrarmos de nossa imagem ao sairmos da frente do espelho.
Você tem praticado a palavra?
Você tem perseverado nesta prática?
É somente na observância da lei perfeita (evangelho de Jesus) que seremos realmente livres. Livres para servir a Deus, livres das seduções desta era, e assim encontraremos a verdadeira felicidade.
E por fim, a prática da Palavra não somente muda nossos relacionamentos e o nosso estilo de vida, mas também a nossa religião.
Ao praticarmos a Palavra,

3. Iremos refletir a glória de deus em nossa religião (v.26, 27)

A palavra Religião vem do latim: "religio", que significa "prestar culto a uma divindade", “ligar novamente", ou simplesmente "religar"
Em sua definição a religião é útil e se propões conectar o individuo ao seu Deus. Contudo, em sua prática, a religião não cumpre mais o seu propósito de religar o homem a Deus.
Na prática, religião virou sinônimo de legalismo, atraso, fanatismo, atrocidades feitas em nome de Deus, idolatria, e igreja, charlatanismo, etc.
Não se consegue mais associar religão ao evangelho, a Jesus, ao amor, paz, boas obras.
Claro que Tiago tinha a melhor das intenções ao falar sobre religião. Em sua cabeça a palavra religião tinha a ver com rituais externos de leitura da Palavra e adoração praticados em sinagogas.
Contudo, Tiago já sabia que atos externos que não refletem o interior humano não são aceitáveis diante de Deus. O que adiantava um religioso (tão honrado na sociedade em que Tiago vivia) viver dentro da sinagoga, ouvir a Palavra, meditar na Palavra, orar, chorar, desejar shalom para os demais irmãos, e quando sair, passar a falar da vida dos outros, falar mal do culto, falar palavrões, falar quando deveria está calado, falar, falar, falar e nunca controlar sua língua.
Para Tiago, toda a sua religião e suas atitudes religiosas não valiam de nada.
A pergunta então é:
Se toda a prática religiosa, em todos os seus ritos e doutrinas não serve para ligar o homem a Deus, o que então nos liga a Deus?
Tiago responde no versículo 27: A religião pura e imaculada diante de nosso Deus e Pai é esta: Visitar os órfãos e as viúvas nas suas aflições e guardar-se isento da corrupção do mundo.”

Irmãos, quando o CEDIN se propões a cuidar dos pobres e dos menos favorecidos, ele não está querendo fazer nada novo e nem extraordinário, está apenas querendo cumprir um mandamento bíblico e de fato ser a religião que Deus aceita como pura e imaculada.

Não queremos re-inventar a roda, queremos ser fiéis a Deus e Sua Palavra!

Isaías 1:13-17 diz, “Não continueis a trazer ofertas vãs; o incenso é para mim abominação. As luas novas, os sábados, e a convocação de assembléias ... não posso suportar a iniqüidade e o ajuntamento solene! As vossas luas novas, e as vossas festas fixas, a minha alma as aborrece; já me são pesadas; estou cansado de as sofrer.
Quando estenderdes as vossas mãos, esconderei de vós os meus olhos; e ainda que multipliqueis as vossas orações, não as ouvirei; porque as vossas mãos estão cheias de sangue. Lavai-vos, purificai-vos; tirai de diante dos meus olhos a maldade dos vossos atos; cessai de fazer o mal; aprendei a fazer o bem; buscai a justiça, acabai com a opressão, fazei justiça ao órfão, defendei a causa da viúva.”

Zacarias 7:10 diz, “e não oprimais a viúva, nem o órfão, nem o estrangeiro, nem o pobre; e nenhum de vós intente no seu coração o mal contra o seu irmão.”

Devemos cuidar dos pobres e oprimidos porque está é a vontade de Deus. Deus os ama e estende a Sua graça até eles através de nossas vidas.
Outra característica da religião que Deus aceita e não se deixar corromper pelo mundo.

O mundo (o sistema mundano mal e corrupto governado por Satanás) é muito astuto. Ele seduz o individuo para que este se afaste de Deus e seja ele o seu próprio deus. O mundo, através dos meios de comunicação, da cultura popular, dos valores, do materialismo, das grandes corporações, até mesmos das religiões, quer ditar como as pessoas devem se comportar e quer se colocar acima da Palavra de Deus.

Tudo o que o mundo ensina é contrário a Palavra.
Por exemplo:
• A Palavra ensina a ser manso e oferecer a outra face, o mundo ensina a pagar na mesma moeda.
• A Palavra ensina a amar a Deus em primeiro lugar, o mundo ensina a amar a si próprio em primeiro lugar.
• A Palavra ensina a não amar o dinheiro, o mundo ensina a se conseguir dinheiro a qualquer custo.
• A Palavra ensina a não se ter ídolos, o mundo é uma fábrica de ídolos.

Entre tantas outras coisas. Tiago nos manda observar a Palavra, praticar a Palavra para não se levar pelo mar de corrupção que o mundo joga sobre os homens.

Somente a prática diária, uma vida que intencionalmente decide ser obediente a Deus é que pode ter a força necessária para vencer esta luta.

Que Deus nos ajude a ser este tipo de pessoas que prefere ter sua vida guiada pela Palavra e nela encontra vida, do que viver comendo o lixo que o mundo oferece.

Portanto, quando praticamos a Palavra muitas coisas podem acontecer conosco.
Seremos transformados em nossos relacionamentos e em nosso autocontrole.
Seremos libertos e seremos felizes por servir a Deus
E por fim, seremos praticantes da verdadeira religião que é cuidar dos menos favorecidos e não se deixar corromper pelo sistema mundano.

Que Deus nos ajude a sermos fiéis praticantes de sua Palavra e em assim sendo sermos agentes transformadores da nossa sociedade, influenciando a todos a viverem o Evangelho de Jesus.

          Rain Repeat        
For the second consecutive night, rain has once again postponed the New York-Penn League Championship Series. A torrential downpour hit Coney Island close to game time, and the standing water on the field made the surface unplayable. This raindance is eerily reminiscent of the 2006 Championship series between the ValleyCats and Staten Island. The teams will try
          Good Clean Wedding DJ        
Comics, Animation, Anime and finding it all online for free via torrents. Talk drifts to Comic nerds, Comic-Con, washed up celebrities, Caddyshack , paying for autographs, Toxic chemicals, gasoline spills, 30 Beers A Day at SXSW, gourmet cupcakes, Texas Barbecues, Californication the TV Show – awesome or crap. The talk then degenerates into a long painful […]
          On the sex abuse scandal floodgates        
If you live in the UK, you can't have escaped the torrent of cases involving historical sexual abuse of minors and vulnerable people. Especially if you listen (as I do) to BBC Radio 4, which doesn't shy away from spotlighting the growing number of cases.

We had well-known individuals like Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris. We've had stories emerging from institutions such as St Paul's School, Broadmoor Hospital (related, but not restricted to Jimmy Savile's legacy), and immigration detention centre Yarl's Wood. There have been cases involving teachers, including William Vahey. There was an additional case of a school for boys from homes with difficult circumstances, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was called. It was featured on a BBC R4 programme a few weeks ago, and one of the victims was interviewed. He talked about being 'pimped out' by the staff to people from the town.

Most of this abuse happened between thirty and fifty years ago, although some of it persisted until fairly recently and in some cases, there are allegations that it may well be ongoing.

The expression 'it was a different time' is sometimes used to excuse behaviour of previous generations that later generations find perplexing. In this instance, it's absolutely no excuse, but it is also true: it was a different time, and this is how the perpetrators managed to carry on doing what they did to people who were in no position to fight back. A child who reported a teacher in the 50s and 60s was unlikely to be believed, and might well have brought down worse circumstances upon him/herself. A woman who reported a male colleague for inappropriate behaviour, likewise. And in both cases, the victim was expected to take responsibility for changing the situation.

Let me share two experiences from my own life for two reasons: to back up my assertions and to demonstrate that 'this sort of thing' can happen to anyone. Keeping it a secret only supports the agenda of the perpetrator.

When I was around 7 or 8 years old, there was a man who used to take up his station in the children's swimming pool at the beach near my home. He posed as a fun person, who cavorted with the children in the water. Most commonly he would push a child through the water at great speed. The sort of thing you do with kids - usually totally innocently, and usually to the great delight of the child. Only he would achieve this by placing one hand on the child's shoulder and the other between her legs, pushing her away from him through the water. There was always a long line of kids waiting their turn to play this game. I joined the line once at the suggestion of a friend. Our two families were visiting the beach together that day. She said the game was open to anyone and was great fun. Certainly, everyone did seem to be very happy. It happened so fast, it was over before I knew it, and I made a beeline for my mother, lying beside the pool. When I reported what had happened, my mother told me "Stay away from him, then." The other little girl's mother called her daughter over and - over her objections - told her to stay away from him, too. That was it. The sum total of the action taken. No-one called the police. No-one challenged the man on his behaviour.

It was up to his little victims, many of whom didn't even appear to notice what he was doing, to take responsibility for ensuring that it didn't happen again... to them, at any rate.

Sexual harassment
When I started my first 'proper' job at the age of 21, I was subjected to a sustained campaign of sexual harassment by one of the company directors. Mine was a very junior position, but the nature of my job meant that I was often present at meetings of senior staff members and client meetings. I was always the only female present. I was also at least 15 years younger than the next youngest person in the room. If I did something well, this guy knew of a suitable 'reward'. If I made mistake, he knew a suitable 'punishment'. Always suggested in the most unmistakably lascivious fashion. He would openly stare at my body and complain if I stood at an angle or in a position which obscured his view. He did this in the presence of other senior staff members and our customers (also all male and mostly middle-aged), most of whom would laugh uproariously. I had no idea what to do about it. I asked my Mom for advice, and she told me to try to avoid him. Again. My (male) boss told me to take it as a compliment. Other women on the staff shunned me as if I were somehow to blame for the man's behaviour. The MD warned me in private never to be alone anywhere with the man, especially at any event where alcohol was involved.

So, once again, the victim was expected to take ownership of the situation.

In the intervening years between those two incidents, I encountered a few 'dodgy' individuals - usually someone's uncle - whose own family members would warn me to avoid. Sometimes it seemed like almost every family had one, but no-one ever did anything about it, other than to ensure the people they cared about didn't become victims. Fortunately my own family didn't include any dodgy uncles, I'm pleased to say.

We see the same tacit attitude in legacy guidance to female university students or shift workers to avoid becoming a rape statistic by doing (or not doing) this or that thing.

What we're beginning to see now, is the backlash of all of those years of not taking action. It's like someone has lanced a boil. Decades worth of suppuration is coming tumbling out. I predict that for a while, we will continue to be deluged. Several more of our icons will prove to have feet of filth. Eventually the flood will slow down, but hopefully someone will then proactively clear rest of what is in that wound and it can then be disinfected.

In the meantime, we need to create an environment in which the shame attaches itself to the perpetrator, not the victim. In which the victim makes a beeline to a parent/teacher/manager. In which said parent/teacher/manager takes immediate and decisive action.

We need to change the language we use from apportioning responsibility to the victim for avoiding the crime, and direct ourselves toward teaching people not to be perpetrators of the crime. Every perpetrator once was a child.

By the same token, we need to take care that we don't create a society in which every vulnerable person is a victim and every person in a position of responsibility is automatically under suspicion. We have seen signs of that when several high profile children's authors refused to visit schools because of the requirement that they undergo CRB checks.

I'm not sure where the solution lies, but we need to start working towards one. There is no doubt that we have let people down. Often and badly. But throwing draconian legislation at it in a kneejerk reaction isn't going to be helpful, in my opinion

          Days 53 - 70 /// Go West Young Man        
"Go west young man, and grow up with the country".  ~ Horace Greeley

"Go west young man..."
I do feel like I'm growing up, that's for certain.  At 38 I still have a lot to learn about both myself, and the world at large.  Bicycle touring provides time to think, reflect, and grow if you choose to do so.  In fact, I've been telling people lately I feel fortunate to have "found a fountain of youth" of sorts.  It's one thing to be present, and touring on the bike provides that opportunity, but the days are extended indefinitely.  Two months have gone by, but it feels like an eternity.  Often, I find I can't remember where we were just yesterday, and that's an amazing thing.  Two months in my former corporate, management, and travel life would have gone by in the blink of an eye.  Now my days consist of breaking camp, cooking breakfast, packing, riding, taking in epic scenery, figuring out where to sleep, setting up camp, etc...  rinse...  repeat.  Life on two wheels (motored or not) is treating me well.  

Approaching the Grand Tatas
Sorry the posts have been few and far between.  I've decided to let my pops do the majority of the journaling on this leg of the adventure.  His musings can be found here.  Once we split up in Oregon, I'll take on a more active 'writing' role again.  

A few things of note, and then I'll post some photos...  First, thanks to everyone that came out to visit us in Breckenridge.  I lived in Denver for 8 1/2 years, and my father currently lives there, so we have a fair amount of friends/family in the area.  Special thanks to Raph, Sam, and Peter who showed up at Hoosier Pass to welcome us and ride down in the cold, torrential downpour.  Also, thanks to Nick, Chris, Peter, and Katrina for showing up to say hello.  Finally, a huge thanks to my stepmother Tish for showing up on the route three separate times.  You've been the definition of 'trail angel'.  Finally, a shout out to my lovely girlfriend Jenni who has been incredibly supportive of this adventure, mailed NY bagels to me in Missouri, and showed up to provide encouragement in Breck.  Love you all.  

Also, we've met a few cool people en route.  Matt is a 26 y/o guy from NY making his way across the TransAm before 'growing up' once and for all back home.  Colin is a nice 28 y/o from the D.C. area.  Wally is a 40'something guy from Florida who we've been riding with on/off since we met randomly at a fire station in Kentucky.  The five of us are now in Yellowstone and are riding together to provide safety in numbers.  The RVs and drivers here are seriously out of control.  Only in 'Merica, the land of the free, can you buy a 200ft RV and drive it with no license (towing a Hummer and boat no less - with your gun on board!).  However, God forbid if you try to camp anywhere without a permit.  Meh...  

Book cover?
Finally, here's a status update.  We've ridden ~3,200 miles.  The only issues I've had are a snapped front derailleur cable, and one broken front spoke (Pting!).  The former wasn't an issue and was an easy roadside repair.  The latter was a bit more serious, as the wheel was way out of true, and required me to hitchhike 20 miles back to Lander.  That meant I had to retrace my steps that day and put in almost 100 miles.  Not ideal, but you can't have the good without the bad I've learned, which seemingly goes for everything in life.  

Plan from here is to exit West Yellowstone and continue the TransAm route to Oregon.  My pops will be flying back from there to Denver.  I was gonna hook a left and make my way down the coast to San Fran, but the girlfriend has called an audible and we're now planning a different adventure now.  Looks like she may meet us at the end of the TransAm in Florence, OR.  From there we may hire a van and tour up to Vancouver together to visit friends.  After that there is a ton of adventure planned, but I'll wait to put it all here.  

Until next post, hope everyone is living and loving life.  Ciao for now, 

Jeep life near Breck
Stayed with Bill at the Guffey Garage in Guffey, CO
Dive bars galore across middle America 

Crossed paths with Terry Taylor, a 78 y/o riding
TransAm for his 2nd time 40 years later!
Hoosier Pass w/ friends - highest point on the route

Fixin $hit redneck style w/ a few new, short term, riding friends

Colorado is equal parts Heaven and Hell from a cyclist perspective 

I LOVED Lander, WY and was invited to check out a killer show

Giving/getting road advice from a passing tourer

Downhill and tailwind?!?  Does it get any better?  
I think we're headed that way, no???  

          Living Life in BsAs and Moto Adventure Q&A...         
Friday, July 18, 2014

So I moved into my new apartment and couldn't be happier.  Both Mariana and Diego have been very welcoming.  She being an artist, and he a musician, their flat is very bohemian and stylish.  The location is stellar.  Two blocks from nice parks, and on the outer edges of the very trendy Palermo neighborhood.  Close enough to get involved, yet far enough away to enjoy some rest in a quiet section of the hood.  Lennon, their massive black lab and I have hit it off as well.  Copious amounts of drool aside, he's starting to grow on me.  

Yesterday morning I slept in a bit, due to being tired from hostel livin' the past few nights I suppose.  Immediately I slapped on some shorts and went out for an exploratory run and exercise session to/through the nearby parks and the Cemetario de la Chacarita.  After that and breakfast, Diego let me borrow his bicycle to explore the city.  I ended up riding for miles and was able to see a large swath of BsAs.  After a few highlights like Puerto Madero and Camanito, I ended up in Plaza Dorrego (San Telmo) and found myself sipping an espresso, watching the city pass, all whilst a couple danced beautiful tango directly beside me.  I've heard wonderful things about this city, and I feel like I'm starting to see it, and know I'll really enjoy the next three weeks living here.  

A few questions around my trip have come through recently, so figured I'd hammer those out.  So, here goes... 
  • Would you consider your trip economy, middle of the road, or high end from a budget perspective?  That's a tricky one...  I would consider my trip 'middle of the road'.  I camped a bit, but due to cold weather, ended up in lodging frequently (used CouchSurfing a few times as well).  From a food perspective, I ate mostly at restaurants and hardly cooked for myself.  However, both of those things I'd consider to be on the 'low end' (i.e. hostels when available, local street food vs nice restaurants).  I've heard of people spending as little as $45/day realistically, and I've heard of people exceeding $100/day USD.  I'll come in just under the middle of that, but that includes some hefty expenditures (i.e. Stahlratte crossing from Panama to Colombia, and bike shipping from Bs.As. to California).  Factor in things like tires, fuel, etc, and I think I did fairly well from a budget perspective.  I could have done it MUCH cheaper I think, but then I wouldn't have experienced a lot of the trip (i.e. entertaining chicas, sampling and enjoying grog from all over the world, park/preserve entries, occasional nice meal or hotel, etc).  
  • Can you break down lodging type (i.e. what percentage camping/hostels/other)?  I wish I had kept track of all this, but I'm a slacker and didn't.  I'd say the breakdown most likely looks something like this.  CouchSurfing (or bunking with friends) 15%, hostels 30%, hotels 35%, camping 20%.  That's a rough breakdown, and if you do a trip of your own you could tweak that how you wish.  CouchSurfing is one of the better ways to get to know people and a city/culture intimately.  Hostels can provide the same, but usually end up being a bit more party focused.  Hotels can be found incredibly cheap throughout the majority of LatAm.  My best find was a really nice hotel w/ great parking at Atitlan, Guatemala for $5 USD per night.  I actually stayed in several through Peru and Bolivia for the equivalent of around $2 USD, but those were 'rough around the edges' to put it kindly.  Camping can be found essentially anywhere if you are willing to seek it out.  The best resource for this are blogs maintained by the bicycle touring lot.  Out of necessity, they have to camp it (sometimes takes days to bicycle to next village/town/city).
  • Bike maintenance:  During the past 8 months, how many tires replaced?  Have you had any major repairs?  How close were reliable mechanics if needed?  Again, a total crapshoot if you are planning an adventure of your own.  Some get lucky like me so far with minor issues, others have the opposite with engines grenade'ing into pieces in the middle of F all.  However, I did have my fair share of maintenance.  I changed the oil and filter four or five times I believe.  I've spooned on three new rear and front tires.  I had to replace the battery in Antigua due to a charging issue.  I swapped out the front and rear brake pads once.  Although not necessary, I ended up swapping out the chain and sprockets in Peru (didn't want to chance it and not have parts).  I had a blown fork seal, so replaced both in Peru.  Had a bent rear rim, so hammered that back in shape.  Ended up replacing both sets of wheel bearings (rear preventatively / front out of necessity).  I went through three cans of quality chain lube, and lubed up with used black oil at moto shops when I ran out.  I had four punctures along the way (all rear tire), which required pulling tube and replacing with patched 'extra'.  Finally, I ended up yanking out the charcoal canister due to stalling issues, adding an air filter to fuel vent line, and plugging the other.

    Using recommendations and ride reports through ADVrider, I was able to find able mechanics when needed.  However, sometimes they were few and far between.  While the BMW has been a trusty sidekick and reliable friend, I've noticed people riding KLRs seem to have no issue whatsoever finding parts, even in the middle of nowhere.  I guess ride what you like, or what you have, but if on a more 'modernized' bike, be prepared to potentially have parts sourcing issues in rural areas.  
  •  How did you communicate with people?  Laptop, smartphone, both?  What percent of the time did you have internet?  Ahhh communication, something I've learned that I absolutely SUCK balls at.  However, when I did communicate it was through a number of different means.  First off, T-Mobile allows for free int'l data and text, which makes them the carrier of choice hands down if you travel.  That said, I used my iPhone frequently to stay in touch via e-mail, text, and various other sources like Skype and WhatsApp.  I'm pretty sure they have weekly board meetings discussing how 'this one dude' traveling via moto through South America is absolutely wrecking their profit model.  I've been streaming Google Maps, Spotify, and surfing the net for the past year...  for free.  I also bought and brought along a Macbook Air, which I couldn't be happier with.  I used the laptop for blogging, GPS routing, internet porn (kidding - ummm, sort of...  Sorry mom), and longer messages and communication to people.  Internet is widely available around the world now, even in the most surprising of places.  However, there are still some spots in Peru and Bolivia that I crossed with absolutely no service.  I'd say I had reliable internet 65-70% of the time.  It may have been slow, but it was there.  
  • What are some things you wish you had brought?  Conversely, what would you have left home?  Another great question...  Turns out, I think I'm pretty decent at this moto adventure travel thing (at least the packing portion).  Not a lot stands out on either end.  I feel I packed rather light compared to some I saw on the road.  Yet, I felt I had everything I needed.  In fact, I probably could have left several shirts behind.  I overspent on several 'adventure' branded shirts and undergarments that I haven't really used.  Or if used, wasn't necessary for it to be 'quick drying'.  See here for a layout of my gear.  I ended up leaving behind the water filtration system and MSR stove, and lost a few items during the trip.  I gave away a few items of clothing to needy locals.  And I lost a hat after a steamy affair somewhere in Central America.  That's it.  Everything else I've used and abused accordingly.
  • When did you feel most unprepared?  I don't know if I felt unprepared, but the most helpless I felt was when I woke up in my tent to the thundering sound of two surrounding rivers cresting their banks due to torrential downpours in Mocoa, Colombia.  Chalk it up as yet another near death experience I guess.  Ended up having to drag my tent, bike, and gear to higher ground in a panic at 2am wearing nothing but underwear and a headlamp in the cold rain.  Scary at the time, ridiculous in retrospect.  What a sight that must've been!  
  • From a health perspective, did you ever get sick and need a doctor?  How did you deal with that?  I only went to a doctor once, somewhere in southern Mexico (can't remember exact location).  I had a cold that turned into a bit of a chest infection, so decided to swing through.  I think the consultation was around $5 USD, and the round of meds prescribed another $5.  In all, doctors are cheap and readily available throughout LatAm in my experience (at least in larger cities).  In addition, before I left I purchased 12 month travel insurance through World Nomads.  This covers (not completely) things like emergency accident/sickness, emergency dental, adventure sports and activities (i.e. motos), baggage and personal effects (theft), accidental death and dismemberment, etc.  Have I used it?  Not once.  Was it worth the $1,200?  Hard to say.  Had I fallen and broken a leg, or had my laptop stolen, it may have been.  But, none of that happened, so I can't comment. 
  • Safety and security:  Did you ever get into a sketchy situation?  Were you ever robbed?  What can riders do to keep their risks lower?  I had a few sketchy situations while on the bike (i.e. drunks trying to grab at me, things being thrown while passing through roadblocks, etc), but was never attacked or robbed.  What's surprising however, is the large number of people that I ran into who did have serious issues.  Countless numbers of kids coming home from bars being beaten/robbed, several motorcyclists that had their gear or entire bikes stolen, stories of girls being raped, and the tragedy of Harry Devert being kidnapped/murdered in Michoacan, Mexico.  Now that I'm nearing the end of this I sometimes think, "how the hell did I make it through alive?"  I don't know if I'm lucky, good at traveling, have street smarts, or a combination of all of it.  Or none of it...  Who knows?

    Staying off highways for the most part, I did travel through sketchy areas.  However, the majority of people I interacted with were warm, and full of smiles.  My general thought on this...  If you are patient, friendly, and smiling yourself, most people want to help, NOT harm you.  There are $hitbags out there, and those can be dealt with accordingly.  From a riding/routing perspective, in addition to preparing routes each night before setting off (on both GPS and paper), I talked to as many locals, truckers, and police as possible.  I gathered information and made changes accordingly.  From a personal safety perspective, I have a knife on my side, and made the decision before I left that I am absolutely prepared to use it (along with several other 'items') if needed.  Even if lost, I typically walk with confidence.  Depending on the area, I usually never pull out a map in public (can duck into public restrooms).  I am aware if a person is following, and typically turn and approach them directly, or pretend to drop something or tie my shoe until they pass.  I use common sense and don't stumble home drunk alone, I shell out money for a cab when needed, and know that dark empty streets are my enemy.  On an important side note, typically it's best to just hand over whatever 'they' want.  I always carry a false wallet for this reason.  Fortunately, I've never had to give that over.  A good idea to prepare one though.

    I'll add one more thing to this.  As referenced above, 99.9% of the people that I came across on this trip were incredible, generous, kind, and welcoming.  The fear that something 'might' happen shouldn't keep you from doing a trip like this.  Just use caution, and talk to locals.  Also, get multiple opinions and take the running average.  What I mean by this is, a lot of people will tell you "this road is dangerous" or "you shouldn't enter this area".  If I turned back every time I heard that, I'd still be sitting at the border with Mexico.  Take advice, process it, get more, then make decisions accordingly.  Don't let paranoia ruin your trip.  Be vigilant, but don't forget to enjoy the ride!  Besides, you can just as easily be robbed 'back home'.  
  • How important is it to have support back home?  Uhhhhh...  Incredibly important!  For me, my father has been an invaluable resource.  He lives in Denver, so checks my PO box, opens anything that looks important, and keeps me posted.  In addition, he helped with my taxes earlier this year, and has followed up on a few add'l items on my behalf.  Before leaving, I gave him full power of attorney, and recommend you do the same with someone you trust before leaving.  That aside, having people back home who you can communicate and connect with while away long term is incredibly important.  For me several people have been a crutch.  I'd be lying if I said I didn't get down at times, lonely, and/or sad.  Family and friends have all been there for me.  I feel supported, and know that I have a group of people who have my back and are following along on the journey.  
  • Thinking back, what are two or three of the most memorable moments of the trip?  Oh man, that's difficult!  I'll just fire off a few that come to mind...  The first day I crossed the border into Mexico I was incredibly excited, but terrified.  I blasted south far away from the border.  That put me into La Pesca (sleepy fishing village) in late afternoon.  A few things stand out.  First, I nailed a topé (speed bump) at speed and learned immediately that those are disaster if not paying attention.  Second, I was so excited to see the ocean that I rode directly onto the beach, and directly busted my ass, quickly remembering how difficult sand is to ride in.  Third, after getting the bike up, and setting up camp, a truck came roaring onto the deserted beach directly towards me.  I noticed there were several guys in back armed with machine guns.  I thought to myself "Jesus, this isn't starting off well!  A crash and kidnapping all on the first day!"...  Turns out, they were members of the military coming to check on the "gringo loco" camping on the beach.  Instead of harm, I was offered protection for the night after we talked and laughed for a bit.  They took a few photos of them and the bike, and it was an eye opening experience.  Here I was terrified that something bad would happen, and the opposite, I was warmly welcomed into Mexico.

    The next thing that comes to mind are the incredible people I've met.  I don't want to start a list, as I'm sure I'll leave someone out.  I do however want to touch on one memory/experience I'll never forget.  Crossing from Panama to Colombia through San Blas was one of the best weeks of my life.  Boarding the motorcycle onto a sailboat, and setting out through paradise, with an amazing group of people...  Does it get any better?  I didn't think so, but it did.  Before I set off on this trip I was (and still am at times) recovering from a divorce.  I wasn't sure I'd ever find love again.  However, I met Nina.  She was the first person I noticed and talked to on the boat (probably helps that she's an incredibly attractive girl).  We had an instant connection and within hours were swimming together through emerald blue water, and exploring a nearby island.  That week, and the following in Cartagena together, we grew very close.  While the memories of sailing will stay strong, the memory of meeting Nina will forever be in my mind.  She made me 'feel' again, and showed me that it's possible to care about someone deeply, and for them to care for me.  For that I'll be forever grateful.

    The last thing I'll list is the riding and emotions that came with it through Peru and Bolivia.  There were bike issues, crashes, intense cold, being lost, etc.  Because of all that, there were times when I was frustrated, scared, and wondering why the hell I was even doing the trip.  However, peppered in with 'the bad' was some of the most wonderful riding, scenery, and landscape that I've ever experienced.  There would be days that I would cry tears of joy cresting a mountain with the perfect song playing in my helmet, then tears of frustration because I was lost and had yet another flat tire.  I learned a lot about myself during those days.  I became much more confident, not only in my abilities to travel, but in myself.  I felt like "if I can achieve this, I can achieve anything".  It was intense and hard to explain, but I'll never forget the mixed emotions that came with riding through the desolation and dirt roads of Peru and Bolivia.  Something I would highly recommend to anyone if given the opportunity.  In retrospect, it was one of the best parts of the entire trip.  
Enough rambling for now...  Today I plan to take a personal walking tour of Palermo to get to know my hood.  After that, I may take the Subte (subway) over to Cemetario La Recoleta.  Then again, I may save it for another day.  I have three weeks, so no rush.  My birthday is tomorrow and I'll probably have a long night, so maybe I'll just call the day early, grab a nice dinner, and get some rest.  We'll see...  It's nice not having a plan.  I'm sure it's one of the things that will be alarming when I'm back to reality.

Until then, 

~ D

          Ð‘ОЛЬШЕ ЧЕМ МЁД        
Более трети нашей пищи зависит от опыления пчелами. Говорят, физик Альберт Эйнштейн предупредил: «Если вымрут пчелы, то человеческое сообщество последует за ними через четыре года». Фильм «Больше чем мед» (More Than Honey), начиная свое путешествие с пасек в горах Швейцарии, следует вокруг света по следам пчел.

Автор фильма Маркус Имхоф берет интервью у ученых и описывает уникальное устройство пчелиной жизни. Современная техника позволяет заглянуть в самые укромные уголки улья и увидеть неповторимый образ жизни пчел. «Больше чем мед» – фильм о жизни, людях и пчелах.

Год: 2012
Страна: Швейцария, Германия, Австрия
Режиссер и сценарист: Маркус Имхоф

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Автор фильма подробно рассказал о своем улье и работе с ним в книге, которую уже можно заказать по почте uley-udav@yandex.ru

УЛЕЙ-УДАВ (Фильм о содержании пчёл в многокрпусном улье на сжатом гнезде. Рассказывается о конструкции улья, технологии пчеловождения на всех этапах развития семьи с ранней весны до подготовки к зимовке)
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ПЧЕЛОВОДСТВО В НОЛИНСКЕ (Видео с пасеки автора улья "Удав" и с пасек его соседей)
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Пчеловод Геннадий Степаненко (автор ресурса "Ярославская пасека") делится опытом.

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В фильме показано как применить цокали от системы никот для вывода маток на прививочной рамке, постановка рамки для племенного засева, создание племенной семьи, вид термошкафа, сотохранилища, палатки для осмотра семей в холодную погоду, изготовление облегчённого улья, вскрытие забруса для постановки в улей.
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ДЕНЬ ЗА ДНЁМ (Показ многих сезонных работ на песеке с подробными комментариями автора)

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          ÐŸÐ§ÐÐ›Ð«: НАРОД И ЕГО КОРОЛЕВА        
Документальный фильм на немецком языке. Наглядная демонстрация немецкого "орднунга" в пчеловодстве.

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Не важно, сколько тебе лет, не имеет значения, сколько семей пчёл ты имеешь, если ты оказался здесь, значить ты молод душой и тебе не безразлична судьба Сибирского пчеловодства.
Долгое общение на бескрайних просторах Интернета людей, влюблённых в одно из самх интереснейших занятий на земле - пчеловодство, привела к мысли, что необходимы живые встречи, в неформальной обстановке. Те встречи, где можно обсудить насущные проблемы, стоящие перед пчеловодами, независимо от количества пчелосемей, обменятся мнениями по тем или иным вопросам пчеловодства, выслушать мнения специалистов и более опытных товарищей по ремеслу или хобби.
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А также смотрите видеозапись другого участника встречи.
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Новая встреча состоялась в сентябре 2011 года в холодную погоду, но в теплой дружеской обстановке в п. Прогресс у Владимира Орищенко. Душевно беседовали о пчеловодстве, о итогах сезона, о создании общества пчеловодов, которое будет ближе к народу, делились опытом и пробовали разнообразный мёд с разных регионов.
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Длительность 3:17:45

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Длительность 2:41:07

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Длительность 3:20:02

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Длительность 3:15:16

Встречи проводит Измайлов Геннадий Брониславович. Многолетний стаж, старание и опыты помогли разобраться во многих аспектах пчеловодства.

Смотреть на Яндексе онлайн
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Длительность 1:26:45

ВЫВОД МАТОК (в 3-х частях):

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Длительность 1:07:19

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Длительность 0:42:00

Ильин Максим проводит лекцию для нижегородских пчеловодов, рассказывая о своем опыте вывода маток и получения маточного молочка.

Смотреть на Яндексе онлайн
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Длительность 1:44:40

          ÐŸÐÐ¡Ð•ÐšÐ ЕГОШИНА        
Егошин Леонид Радмирович проводит экскурсию по своей весенней пасеке, поражая порядком и показывая к чему нужно стремиться.

Смотреть на Яндексе онлайн
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Длительность 0:32:33

          Ð˜Ð¡Ð§Ð•Ð—НОВЕНИЕ ПЧЕЛ        
Этот документальный фильм рассматривает экономические, политические и экологические последствия исчезновения медоносных пчёл по всему миру. В нём исследуется текущее положение дел в сельском хозяйстве и отмечается древняя связь между человеком и пчёлами. Фильм указывает на изменения, которые привели к трагическому явлению, известному как «Крах колонии». Пчёлы шлют нам сообщение, но услышим ли мы его?

Оригинальная версия (английский язык)
Смотреть на Яндексе онлайн
Скачать 696Mb с letitbit | depositfiles | shareflare | torrent
Длительность 1:27:51

Встреча с Джорджем Лангворси (Режиссёр документального фильма "Исчезновение пчёл" выступал в Музее и общественном центре имени Сахарова)
Смотреть на Яндексе онлайн
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Длительность 1:37:41

Смотрите также другой фильм на эту тему "Молчание пчёл".

          ÐÐ“РО-ТВ: АРНОЛЬД БУТОВ        
Разговор с президентом Cоюза пчеловодов России Арнольдом Бутовым в студии АГРО-ТВ.

Смотреть на Яндексе онлайн
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Длительность 0:30:01

          Ð£Ð›Ð•Ð™ ИЗ КАМЫША        
Смотреть на Яндексе онлайн
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Длительность 0:55:50

          Ð¡Ð•ÐšÐ Ð•Ð¢Ð« УЛЬЯ        
Документальный фильм на французском языке.

Смотреть на Яндексе онлайн
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Длительность 0:52:05

          Ð¡Ð˜Ð¡Ð¢Ð•ÐœÐ ВЫВОДА МАТОК "НИКОТ"        
Фильм-инструкция для вывода маток, используя систему "Никот".

Смотреть на Яндексе онлайн
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Длительность 0:37:56

          Ð¡ÐªÐ•Ð—ДЫ ПЧЕЛОВОД.ИНФО        
Смотреть на Яндексе онлайн
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Длительность 0:26:18

Смотреть на Яндексе онлайн
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Длительность 4:29:28

Видеообзор происходящего до и во время выступлений
Смотреть на Яндексе онлайн
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Длительность 1:02:17

Выступления участников:

Смотреть на Яндексе онлайн
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Длительность 2:47:07

Смотреть на Яндексе онлайн
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Длительность 2:03:36

          Ð¡Ð•ÐœÐ˜ÐÐÐ Ð« ПЧЕЛОВОДОВ КУЗБАССА        
Видеоверсия семинаров от автора Пчеловодство в Кузбассе

Январь 2010
Основным вопросом, послужившим отправной точкой для данного семинара, стал вопрос о необходимости объединить и систематизировать наиболее эффективные технологические приёмы работы с пчелиными семьями, а также другие вопросы связанные с промышленным пчеловодством.
Смотреть на Яндексе онлайн
Скачать 267Mb с letitbit | depositfiles | shareflare | torrent
Длительность 0:20:56

Февраль 2010
На семинаре обсуждается вопрос о размещении пасек в жилых зонах и поступающих в связи с этим жалобами. Рассмотрена технология двухматочного содержания пчёл и методика с использованием матки-помошницы.
Смотреть на Яндексе онлайн
Скачать 1.15Gb с letitbit | depositfiles | shareflare | torrent
Длительность 1:10:39

Март 2010
Обсуждаются судебные дела, связанные с размещением пасек в жилых зонах. Рассмотрены вопросы об условиях зимовки и о породности пчёл.
Смотреть на Яндексе онлайн
Скачать 821Mb с letitbit | depositfiles | shareflare | torrent
Длительность 0:49:25

Ноябрь 2010
О путях и перспективах развития промышленного пчеловодства в регионе, обсуждение новых правил содержания пчёл в жилых зонах и другое, Вы сможете узнать, посмотрев этот видеофильм.
Смотреть на Яндексе онлайн
Скачать 909Mb с letitbit | depositfiles | shareflare | torrent
Длительность 1:24:45

Декабрь 2010
В своём выступлении сибирский пчеловод-промышленник Ермолаев А. Н. уделил внимание основным правилам успешной зимовки пчёл, коснулся вопросов подрамочного пространства, медопродуктивности помесей среднерусской пчелы с карпаткой, промышленного вывода маток в условиях Сибири. На семинаре также были затронуты вопросы себестоимости изготовления ульев, зимовка пчёл по финской технологии в наших условиях и другие вопросы.
Смотреть на Яндексе онлайн
Скачать 569Mb с letitbit | depositfiles | shareflare | torrent
Длительность 0:54:34

Январь 2011
Развитие матководства в условиях Сибири - вопрос казалось бы спорный. Но опыт пчеловодов-практиков показывает, что южные породы пчёл, а также различные гибриды, адаптированные в местных условиях, зачастую превосходят чистопородных южанок, завезённых непосредственно в начале сезона для летнего медосбора. Поэтому организация матководных хозяйств в регионе, для обеспечения внутренних нужд, более чем оправдана. Экскурс в историю: развитие пчеловодства в Томской губернии в 19 веке, влияние ГМО на пчёл, а также другие вопросы были рассмотрены на этом семинаре.
Смотреть на Яндексе онлайн
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Длительность 1:12:01

Февраль 2011
Алтайцы одни из немногих на сегодняшний день, кто сделал решительный шаг в принятии "закона о пчеловодстве" на региональном уровне. Следует отметить, что важно не само принятие закона как такового, а принятие такого закона, который бы учитывал в полной мере, как интересы пчеловодов, так и потребителей продукции пчеловодства.
Именно исходя из этих принципов был разработан и принят "закон о пчеловодстве Алтайского края". На основании этого закона разработана долгосрочная программа по развитию пчеловодной отрасли в регионе, которая должна быть реализована в полном объёме до 2025 года. Презентации этой программы и её обсуждению на собрании пчеловодов Кемеровской области был посвещён февральский семинар .
Смотреть на Яндексе онлайн
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Длительность 1:50:21

Март 2011
На семинаре Анатолий Николаевич Ермолаев делится своими впечатлениями от общения с алтайскими пчеловодами, выражает своё отношение по поводу деятельности инициативной группы под руководством Тастана С.Д., предлагает внести ряд изменений в структуру союза пчеловодов Кемеровской области, дискутирует с пчеловодами по возникающим вопросам. Затронуты темы о плюсах и минусах принятия закона, о котором до сих пор не умолкают споры, и о последних выводах учёных по поводу беспричинной гибели пчёл. По вопросам борьбы с заболеваниями современными препаратами, сделал небольшой доклад к.б.н. Брагин Н.И.
Смотреть на Яндексе онлайн
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Длительность 1:29:23

Ноябрь 2011
В октябре 2011г. вступил в силу региональный закон о пчеловодстве новосибирской области. Нужен ли такой закон пчеловодам? Смотрите обсуждение и коментарии кемеровских пчеловодов... В этом году многие пчеловоды столкнулись с проблемой сбыта своей продукции. Чем это вызвано? Рассуждения на эту тему...
Смотреть на Яндексе онлайн
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Длительность 1:39:25

Декабрь 2011
На семинаре своим опытом зимовки делятся Матюшкин А.В., Ермолаев А.Н., рассказывают об отличительных особенностях содержания пчёл в таёжной зоне. Также смотрите небольшой доклад Брагина Н.И. о причинах осеннего слёта пчёл. Интересная информация, с полной раскладкой по затратам, о себестоимости товарного мёда в условиях кемеровской области.
Смотреть на Яндексе онлайн
Скачать 475Mb с letitbit | depositfiles | shareflare | torrent
Длительность 0:51:41

Руководитель компании "Тенториум" в Кемерово рассказывает о конструкции и приемуществах пенополистерольного улья, сделанного по финской технологии. О стимулирующих подкормках повышающих продуктивность пчелосемей. О варроатозе и лекарственных препаратах, позволяющих эффективно с ним бороться, о различных видах вощины, о технологии сбора пыльцы и о других способах повышения рентабельности пасеки.
Смотреть на Яндексе онлайн
Скачать 1.66Gb с letitbit | depositfiles | shareflare | torrent
Длительность 1:51:40

Январь 2012
Пчеловоды новосибирской области организовали союз пчеловодов и приехали в Кузбасс, чтобы поделится своими планами и имеющимся опытом, перенять опыт у кемеровских коллег.
Смотреть на Яндексе онлайн
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Длительность 0:48:22

Февраль 2012
На февральском семинаре пчеловоды уделили внимание такой важной теме, как ошибки в разведении и содержании пчёл. Также были затронуты вопросы реализации продукции пчеловодства в условиях рыночной конкуренции.
Смотреть на Яндексе онлайн
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Длительность 0:42:14

          Ð–урнал -СДЕЛАЙ САМ - 3D дракон (2010) / PDF        
Категория: Музыка
Размер: 5.25 MB
Статус: 0 раздающий(их) и 0 качающих(ий)
Добавлен: 2014-07-11 06:42:04
Исполнитель: Venom Inc.
Жанр: Black-Metal, Thrash-Metal

В мире групп-двойников пополнение, на этот раз от старейшей братии. Бывшие музыканты VENOM, Jeff «Mantas» Dunn (гитара), Anthony «Abaddon» Bray (барабаны) и Tony «Demolition Man» Dolan (бас-гитара/вокал) решили снова поиграть вместе, ну а поскольку найти консенсус с Кроносом не удалось, коллектив будет называться VENOM INC. Как несложно предположить, основой его концертного репертуара станет классика; первые выступления начнутся уже в этом месяце, а в сентябре стартует полновесный евротур с VADER.

          Ð’ЫВОД МАТОК        
Любительский фильм пчеловода из США на английском языке о выводе маток.

Смотреть на Яндексе онлайн
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Длительность 2:11:29

МЕЖДУНАРОДНЫЙ КОНГРЕСС "APIMONDIA" (Фильмы на польском языке):

Смотреть на Яндексе онлайн
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Длительность 0:48:56

Смотреть на Яндексе онлайн
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Длительность 0:37:40

Смотреть на Яндексе онлайн
Скачать 709Mb с letitbit | depositfiles | shareflare | torrent
Длительность 0:52:47

КИЕВ-2011: МАСТЕР-КЛАСС ПО МАТКОВОДСТВУ ПРЕЗИДЕНТА АПИМОНДИИ ЖИЛЯ РАТИЯ (в 3-х частях на английском языке с украинским переводом)

Смотреть 1 часть на Яндексе онлайн
Скачать 1 часть 1.15Gb с letitbit | depositfiles | shareflare | torrent
Длительность 1:40:17
Скачать субтитры на украинском языке с Яндекс

Смотреть 2 часть на Яндексе онлайн
Скачать 2 часть 1.1Gb с letitbit | depositfiles | shareflare | torrent
Длительность 1:35:54
Скачать субтитры на украинском языке с Яндекс

Смотреть 3 часть на Яндексе онлайн
Скачать 3 часть 1.2Gb с letitbit | depositfiles | shareflare | torrent
Длительность 1:44:40
Скачать субтитры на украинском языке с Яндекс

Подробная видеоинструкция приготовления канди.

Смотреть на Яндексе онлайн
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Длительность 0:19:56

          Ð¡ÐžÐ’РЕМЕННАЯ ПАСЕКА        
Семинары клуба пчеловодов "Современная пасека" (г.Мелитополь):

1. Семинар Малыхина В.Е.
Смотреть на Яндексе онлайн
Скачать 1.93Gb с letitbit | depositfiles | shareflare | torrent
Длительность 2:30:36

2. Лекция Андрющенко А.В. "Инструкция о предупреждении и ликвидации заболеваний и отравлений пчел. Требования по размещению и обустройству пасек."
Смотреть на Яндексе онлайн
Скачать 454Mb с letitbit | depositfiles | shareflare | torrent
Длительность 1:02:34

3. Лекция Шершеня С.П. "Использование высокопродуктивных маток. Выбраковка низкопродуктивных семей."
Смотреть на Яндексе онлайн
Скачать 472Mb с letitbit | depositfiles | shareflare | torrent
Длительность 0:54:42

4. Встреча с председателем Союза пчеловодов Крыма Клочко Н.Д.
Смотреть на Яндексе онлайн
Скачать 1.07Gb с letitbit | depositfiles | shareflare | torrent
Длительность 0:59:12

          ÐŸÐÐ¡Ð•ÐšÐ ГАЙДАРА        
ПЛЕМЕННАЯ РАБОТА (Вывод племенных маток на пасеке Гайдара В.А.)
Скачать 947Mb с letitbit | depositfiles | shareflare | torrent
Длительность 1:56:16

Ещё один фильм, в котором рассказывается о первичных репродукторах отселектированных карпатских пчел и об матководах Закарпатья.
Видеорассказ ведет ученый-матковод Украины Гайдар Василий Антонович.
За последние более чем 20 лет усилиями пчеловодов-селекционеров в Закарпатье созданы типы карпатских пчел "Вучковский", "Говерла", "Раховский", "Синевир" и линия 100.
1.Технология Гайдара В.А.
2.Заводской тип "Говерла"
3.Рассказ о типе "Раховский" на пасеке Мерцина И.И.
4.Достопримечательности по пути в Вучковое.
5.Колыбель типа "Вучковский" и его хранители.
6.Создаваемый тип "Синевир".
7.Уникальность пасеки изобретателя Паращинца В.Ю.
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Владимир Моженко рассказывает о содержании пчёл в передвижных павильонах.

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          ÐŸÐ§Ð•Ð›ÐžÐ’ОДСТВО В ИТАЛИИ        
Документальный фильм на итальянском языке.

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          ÐŸÐÐ¡Ð•ÐšÐ МИСЬКО        
Видео на украинском языке о пасеке львовского матковода Владимира Ильковича Мисько.

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          Monsoon Season Exacerbates Typhoid in South Asia        

Originally posted by the Coalition against Typhoid. 

Every year from July to September across South Asia, the monsoon ushers in rain that boosts the growth of crops and powers the hydroelectric dams. While these annual rains help the economy, their torrential nature often hurts the health of vulnerable communities through dangerous flooding across the region.

Monsoon-related flooding increases the risk of waterborne diseases, including typhoid fever and related diseases such as paratyphoid and invasive non-typhoidal Salmonella disease. Hospitals across South Asia have been reporting spikes in the number of cases they see. According to a study of health insurance claims in India, municipal hospitals see a 25 percent rise in patients every monsoon season. A study published in 2013 of typhoid distribution in Dhaka, Bangladesh, found that as many as 45 percent of typhoid cases may occur during the monsoon season. Some hospitals in Nepal are under such a heavy burden that they are running out of medicine, adding urgency to the need to increase access to existing typhoid vaccines.

Clearly, the monsoon season creates the ideal climate for the transmission of typhoid: plentiful waters facilitate the growth of typhoid bacteria; intense rains can damage water and sewage lines, releasing sewage into the environment and contaminating water sources used for cleaning, cooking and drinking. A large 2007 surveillance study in Kolkata, India, found that communities’ clean water sources are put in jeopardy during this period. Sewage and water lines are so close together that the risk of leakage is constant. The monsoon particularly exacerbates the risk of cross-contamination, and causes open drains in the community to overflow with sewage, potentially contaminating otherwise clean water.

Floods may also damage and sweep away infrastructure and housing or destroy local water supplies, making it ever more difficult to maintain water sanitation and hygiene. Since the monsoon season began, hundreds of thousands of people in South Asia have been displaced by monsoon flooding and will have to take shelter in ad-hoc relief camps, far from their usual sources of water. Yet flooding victims still need to drink and eat, even if the only source is dirty water and unwashed food.

All of these factors disproportionately impact children and the poor, who are already at greater risk for typhoid and related diseases. However, the monsoons do not have to jeopardize communities’ health and stability year after year. With better infrastructure for water and sanitation, as well as accessible and effective vaccines, the monsoon can simply bring the rains—and not diseases.

          My visit to Iceland on lookout for Northern Lights aka Aurora Borealis        
I'm creating this blog post to share some of the reflections of my visit to Iceland last month (February 2013). In fact the main reason behind my visit to Iceland was to see the northern lights, aka aurora borealis. Ever since I'd heard of them and seen them in pictures and internet with breathtaking time lapses, I developed an utter desire to see them in reality.

Beyond doubt Scandinavia is the place to be, but you have to make sure you're within a decent latitude to see this magical phenomenon. Far north in Norway or Sweden , Finnish Lapland or distant Iceland would be potential candidates for your location if you're close to Europe. As for me I bailed out Norway and Sweden merely because I'd been there before, although it was not the far north where I was before, during my first trip in Europe. This latest being the second, I chose Iceland as my target, inspired by many facts about amazing nature, sagas, old Norse, Eyjafjallajökull, the best horses and Reykjavik night life in addition to the mere ambition of spotting the northern lights. Additionally the Icelandic forecast for this winter was quite promising too.

During my arrival in Reykjavik it was not the best time to see northern lights from there whereas the very northern-most capital of the world is located in Southwest of the giant island, not the best at least per meteorological reports available at http://en.vedur.is/weather/forecasts/aurora/. However owing to random circumstances with spontaneous occurrences I managed to get in touch with a Finnish couple, rent a jeep and drive to Akureyri, a town located in Iceland with more hopes for those irresistible natural flashes over the skies.

The first night in Akureyri had to be given-up due to the thick cloud cover and even the people who'd been taken out by those expensive tour operators had no luck the entire midnight. As for the next day I had already checked Vedur.is site and we in Akureyri had an activity of 1 in the aurora forecast whose activity is given in the range of 0 through 9. Thus with desperate hopes with minimal chances of aurora borealis we found ourselves chatting in a bar with some Erasmus students and locals, later that evening. For them who had been witnessing this ongoing extravaganza for many many times, just another show of northern lights was nothing that could get them out of their chairs. Actually they'd got bored seeing them too many times that it was nothing special for them.

However a while later we were coming out of the bar to head back to our hostel, when we began to realize that the magic is happening. Voila !! YES, it was northern lights. Gleaming beams of greenly and yellowish lights were all over the skies, they were drifting across the skies like fast-moving torrents. Some lasted for a longer duration and some disappeared quickly leaving no traces whatsoever about their being. But above all, that was a stunning and a spectacular show of northern lights. One of the amazing days of my life that I would never forget. I was really happy that the mother nature had favored us and we could see the northern lights.

Meantime we hurried to our jeep and went a bit up towards mountains to avoid the pollution-lit town to get a better view and some pictures of course. We didn't have a tripod and pictures were taken with my friend Tuomas's camera. The lack of the tripod is clearly reflected in the pictures, but nevertheless I wanted to share them and I hope you will enjoy them ! Let me know what you think.

Most importantly don't miss a chance to visit this amazing volcanic island with its unparalleled natural aestheticism !!


          Dinosaurs in Space!        
PCs and smartphones have pushed mainframes to the brink of extinction on Earth, and yet mainframes still thrive in space.

Most every satellite in orbit is a floating dinosaur - a bloated, one-off, expensive, often militarized, monolithic relic of the mainframe era. The opportunity for entrepreneurs today is to launch modern computer networks into space, disrupting our aging infrastructure with an Internet of microsats. 

Credit DeviantArt.com
So why has it taken so long for modern computing to reach space? Gravity. It’s hard to launch things. Governments have the money and patience to do it, as do large cable and telecom corporations. These players are slow to innovate, and large satellites have met their basic needs around science, defense, and communications, albeit at very high costs.

That’s changing:  several IT trends have come together to herald the extinction of these orbiting pterodactyls:
  • Moore’s law has reached the point where a single rocket launch can be amortized across dozens of tiny satellites, and the replacement cost is so low that we needn’t burden our missions with triple redundancies and a decade of testing
  • Global computing clouds make it easy to deploy ground stations; and
  • Advances in Big Data enable us to process the torrential flows of information we get from distributed networks

These trends have reduced the cost of a single aerospace mission from a billion dollars down to a hundred million just as the early-stage VC community amassed enough capital to undertake projects of this scope. And now that a handful of venture-backed startups like SpaceX and Skybox are demonstrating success, the number of aerospace business plans circulating through Sand Hill Road has climbed faster than a Falcon 9.

With each successful startup, progress accelerates and synergies emerge. As SpaceX makes launches cheaper, it opens the frontier to more entrepreneurs. Pioneers like Skybox and Planet Labs have to build end-to-end solutions for their markets, including everything from satellite buses to big data search algorithms; but there will soon evolve an ecosystem of vendors who specialize in launch mechanisms, cubesats, sensors, inter-sat communications, analytics, and software applications.

So who are the customers for a space-based Internet? At first, aerospace startups will disrupt two large markets:

·       Scientific exploration of space.  In the past, costly scientific missions such as Apollo ($355 million in 1966), ISS ($3 billion/year), Hubble ($10 billion), and Cassini ($3.3 billion) were designed and built by government agencies. Expect startups to disrupt this market with innovations in rocketry, robotics, optics, cloud computing, space suits, renewable energy, and more.

·       Communications. Government defense agencies spend considerable sums on communications to serve their space-based weapon systems and intelligence bureaus. Media and cable companies also commission satellites to serve their consumers. Microsat networks of radios will supply these customers more cheaply and reliably.

While spatial avionics improve with Moore’s Law, certainly some payloads, like telescopes and robots, cannot be miniaturized beyond the constraints of physics. But even these missions will benefit from the cheap, rapid testing available on a nanosatellite.  Just as programmers today can build entire software companies using a free A.W.S. account and the open source LAMP stack, space-faring entrepreneurs can now explore myriads of new business models by launching $1,000 cubesats out of ISS.