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Caper plant (Capparis spinosa)
Legend has it that the caper plants originate in the Western Wall, where the little folded letters containing the prayers, dreams and promises of the pilgrims are transformed into beautiful white caper blossoms, blooming for a day and sending the prayers to heaven.

Many of the prayers are of barren couples who beg for a child of their own. Perhaps that is why these caper flowers are considered a remedy for fertility, as are the roots of the the plant. But this is only one of the many medicinal qualities attributed to capers in herbal and folk medicines. I will only highlight a few that I read about: The entire plant parts (root, leaves, fruit) were used as remedy for toothache, and an infusion of the fruit after it has been boiled in water is considered to aid those suffering from diabetes. The fruit and the root, when ground up, are placed for short periods on aching joints to relieve joint pain (long exposure of the skin will create burns). Despite all its many therapeutic values, caper is not a very common plant in the modern pharmacopeia -perhaps because of the emphasis on it as a culinary item.

Caper (Capparis spinosa) buds on the bush
The pickled capers most people are familiar with are the buds of Capparis spinosaIt grows here in the wild, and quite in abundance. What's special about it is that it blooms all summer long, from May through September - an unusual quality in those scorching months, which on its own alludes to nearly magical qualities.

Soaking caper buds for pickling

My first jar which I've pickled about three weeks ago turned to be quite the delicacy, so I thought I'd better hurry and go get some more buds before the season is over. As it turns out - in the meantime, the plants developed their fruit (AKA caper berries). They look like plump and short cucumbers are also very pickle-able, as are the leaves and stems of this plant.

Caper berries

I was pleased to learn that the blooming season is rather long, and will continue all summer. The hardiness of the plants around here to the arid conditions is amazing to me. I can barely survive a hot day and they can endure all summer with very little water from dew and that which is found deep in the crevices of rocks.

Capers has interesting history and uses - both culinary and medicinal. The famous "Cypriot wine" mentioned in the Talmud as well as in the Jewish daily prayer (used in the preparation of incense) was intact wine made of capers.

Capers have a unique flavour that is a tad mustard-like which develops while they pickle and release the glucocamparin (mustard oil) within them. Through the picking process, white or violet coloured dots will form on the buds, which contain the citrus flavalnol ruin, which is also dominant in asparagus, buckwheat flour and black raspberry. The stems can be added to yogurt, and both the stems and leaves can be pickled and added to salads.

Recipe for pickling capers:
The hardest part about this task is the actual harvest: the bushes are equipped with hook-shaped thorns that are quite vicious. Once you endured a few of these claws-in-flesh encounters, and collected enough caper buds or berries, soak them in water for three days, changing the water daily.

To pickle, sterilize a clean jar by rinsing with boiling water, fill with the capers, and cover with the salt and vinegar solution:

1/2 cup filtered or spring water
1/2 cup appel cider vinegar 
1 Tbs salt

Season with:
2-4 Bay leaves 
1 tsp yellow mustard seeds, whole 
(Both are local spices, so to speak, that grow wild)

Marinate for one week, then keep refrigerated. The pickled buds can be used as a flavourful garnish to sandwiches to offset fatty elements such as cheese and smoked salmon. It's great as an addition to salads, marinates, stuffed vegetables, and just to eat on their own on the side with ripe watermelon or charcuterie. It can also be used to make tartar sauce, pasta sauce (spaghetti ala puttanesca, anyone?) - and just anything else your imagination may take you to.

As for the pickled caper berries (or fruit) - I have one more week to wait till they are ready. So will report later.

Pickling capers

          Raspberry Pi Sense HAT: a Simple Weather Station        
In this article we have discovered the Sense HAT. Now let’s see how we can program it. In this article, we will see how to get data from the environmental sensors (temperature, pressure,...

          [RPi] 树梅派安装XBMC并让其支持中文        

1- 下载.img文件 ( );
2- 用dd命令将.img(比如XBian_beta_2.img)写入SD卡;
3- 将中文字体(比如wqy-zenhei.ttc)重命名为arial.ttf,复制到SD卡的~/.xbmc/media/Fonts目录(XBian默认用户为xbian,密码raspberry);
4- 从 下载资源插件并复制到SD卡;
5- 将SD卡插入RPi并连接HDMI到电视机/显示器;
6- RPi开机,进入XBian的配置页面,可以校准屏幕,配置网络连接等;
7- 在系统设置中选择字体为Arial,语言选为中文,此时应该看到界面可正常显示中文;
8- 安装扩展程序,选择之前下载到SD卡的repository.googlecode.xbmc-addons-chinese-eden.zip文件,扩展安装成功后即可在扩展程序列表中看到对应的资源条目,逐一安装即可。


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          [RPi] 树梅派安装Archlinux和蓝牙        
不久前入了个 Raspberry Pi 也就是大家说的树梅派(以下简称RPi),拿来做蓝牙测试,用的蓝牙dongle是ORICO的BTA-403-BL ã€‚这里简单记录下安装过程:

首先是操作系统。作为Arch重度用户,当然选Archlinux ARM了: ä¸‹è½½img文件,用dd写到SD卡上:
dd bs=1M if=/path/to/archlinux-hf-*.img of=/dev/sdX

然后用GParted把SD卡上的分区拖满,充分利用空间。这样SD卡就准备好了,插到RPi上,接上Micro-USB的电源和网线,启动RPi,从路由器上找到RPi的IP地址(机器名默认是alarmpi),ssh上去(用户名root密码root),修改密码,创建非root账号,执行系统更新 sudo pacman -Syu ,这之后开始安装蓝牙相关工具:
sudo pacman -S bluez bluez-utils

确保蓝牙dongle插到RPi的USB接口,通过 hciconfig 确认蓝牙设备被识别,输出应该类似下面这个样子:
[sean@alarmpi]$ hciconfig
hci0:   Type: BR/EDR  Bus: USB
        BD Address: 84:A6:C8:DC:04:97  ACL MTU: 310:10  SCO MTU: 64:8
        RX bytes:553 acl:0 sco:0 events:28 errors:0
        TX bytes:384 acl:0 sco:0 commands:27 errors:0

sudo systemctl start bluetooth

完成以后,即可通过 bluetoothctl 命令打开蓝牙控制台,执行各项蓝牙相关操作,比如show、list、scan on、agent、info等等,这里不展开了。

sudo pacman -S xorg xorg-xinit lxde
echo 'exec startlxde' > ~/.xinitrc


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          Sending Tado Data to Loggly        

I've just had a Tado smart thermostat installed at home: it's a clever device that controls the boiler, central heating and hot water and is linked to the internet. It has a room thermostat and takes account of the external temperature as well. You can control it from your smart phone or from the web app and, if you want, it will track your location so that when you leave the house it turns the temperature down and brings it up again in time for when you get home again.

I expect the web app and the mobile app are both in constant development and right now there are features only available in one or the other. For instance, you can only set the hot water schedule in the web app but can only see the historic temperature data in the mobile app (you have to turn your phone to landscape orientation to make it magically appear).

I wanted to see the historical temperature data on my computer instead of my phone so I had a poke around and have found a way to get hold of the data on one of my Raspberry Pis and send it to Loggly to graph it.

Read more… (9 min remaining to read)

          Raspberry Pi System Logging and Loggly        

I've already written about how useful Loggly is to log data from a Raspberry Pi, but like me, you may want to know more about how system logging actually works and what the extra configuration added by the Loggly setup script means.

This post explains how system logging works and how Loggly fits into it. It describes how the log files are rotated to avoid them filling up the disc and it also goes into a lengthy detour regarding how to encrypt the log traffic between your computer and Loggly, how all the encryption actually works and how you know you can trust it.

Read more… (20 min remaining to read)

          Monitoring Broadband Speed with Loggly        

I've been having trouble with the speed of my network at home and needed to check whether the broadband link to the internet was working as fast as it should be. To check this, you really need to make many measurements over time, as at different times of the day the performance will vary depending on how many other people in the area are using the same link. To check the speed, I have plugged a spare Raspberry Pi directly into the my Virgin Media Superhub via an ethernet cable and set it up to measure and report the speed every hour. I'm sending the data to an online logging service called Loggly so that I can access it and graph it easily from any other computer.

Read more… (11 min remaining to read)

K isn't the only one feeling pretty good about herself after discovering ghost tram. I'm feeling pretty special too. I don't want to brag, but guys, I've done it again. Two weeks ago it was apple pie toastie, now meet snownuts. And I'm not talking about Russeth's Friday night. 

A little while ago while talking about the prospect of buying donuts Baby started saying words that rhymed with donuts. "Are you buying brobutts? Snownuts?"

'Mmmmm, snownuts' I thought. I didn't know what a snownut would be, I just knew it would be delicious. White and pillowy like snow but fried and delicious like a donut. I tried to imagine how you could get something so lovely sounding. A donut covered in heaps of icing sugar. No that's just a sugary donut. I kept thinking about it going through different possibilities until it suddenly struck me. I'd make a meringue, fill it with something and deep fry it. SNOWNUT! First I thought I'd fill it with lemon curd but I felt like it needed something even more special than that and decided on raspberry curd. 

I knew I'd seen poached meringues before but I'd never seen deep fried meringues so naturally I googled it and found that Poh has a recipe for a fancier version of this using pandan creme patissiere and spun sugar. So I knew it would work and so I set to... work. 

First I made a raspberry curd which is just like making a lemon curd but I added some heated strained raspberries to it. 

Then I made my meringue. I noticed Poh included flour and corn flour in her recipe which I was a little wary of. But as a frequent pavlova maker I decided I'd add some corn flour for a little integrity. I used theee egg white about half a cup of castor sugar, about a tablespoon of corn flour and a little vanilla extract. Whipped it into some stiff snowy peaks and used Poh's technique to create the snownuts. This involved putting the meringue mixture into a ladle, making a well, adding the curd the covering that over with some meringue.

Then I fried the little bastards. Oh my god. Fucking snownuts! They are delicious. 

Snownut ripped open

They really are these lovely sweet pillows. I'd never really chose to eat a meringue, I don't like the crunchy chalky texture that they are often entirely made up of. I like that on the outside of a pav, but meringues tend to be all crunch, no softness. Snownuts are like the pillowy inside of a pavlova with a delightful deep-fried skin and a delicious tangy burst in the middle. In fact I think lemon curd would have worked pretty damn well here, like an inside out lemon meringue pie. But I guess I can try that next time!*

*As if. I have to stop inventing delicious sweet treats, especially of the deep-fried variety. I know where this is heading and it involves me not fitting into my jeans. And I love jeans even more than deep-fried things!

          Links from Hanselminutes 349        
As if I had nothing better to do (I'm supposed to be cleaning the bathroom), I collected a bunch of links whilst listening to the Hanselminutes podcast episode 349. This show was one of the Hanselminutia episodes where Scott chats with Richard Campbell. They were talking about a lot of home automation stuff that's interesting to me so I gathered links to follow up on later (after the bathroom is clean, of course).

          out of inodes        

Hi everyone,

This is my first post so a bit of background first - skip if you want


I've built a web-based coding dojo server which supports about 10 different languages.

It's free, no adverts, no login, instead it asks for donations to raise money to buy Raspberry Pi computers for schools. It's backed by Turnkey Rails. Turnkey is awesome. So far it's early days compared to what I'd like to do but I've more or cobbled stuff together and it seems to work and I'm starting to get some £ in and have already given a few Pi'es to local schools.


I'm pretty green at linux and admin etc. I've hit a problem that I'm running out of inodes. For example (after reclaiming some disk space on /dev/sda1 where I'm running out)

#df -i



Filesystem            Inodes   IUsed   IFree IUse% Mounted on
/dev/sda1             655360  555214  100146   85% /
none                  170404    2018  168386    2% /dev
none                  188955       1  188954    1% /dev/shm
none                  188955      32  188923    1% /var/run
none                  188955       3  188952    1% /var/lock
none                  188955       1  188954    1% /lib/init/rw
/dev/sda2            19546112      90 19546022    1% /mnt

So I was hoping I could "move" some of the space on /dev/sda2 to /dev/sda1

I've done a bit of searching and found this

which looks promising. However, ssh'ing onto my cyber-dojo server and running 



both report nothing. They don't say command not found. They just report nothing. Is this route an option for me? If so how do I do it?


It turns out that cyber-dojo gobbles disk inodes at a single particular sub-folder. I was wondering whether a simple ln to point that sub-folder to /mnt and so be on dev/sda2 might be a simpler solution? Would that work?


Also, when I go to

and I click the web-management and web-shell icons on the top right, they both say

This page is not available. How do I get them working? 





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She, my love. However, fall in love with someone else. She lied to me. However, I still love her. Five hundred years. Click <a href='' rel="nofollow"></a>
          Iden Glasses in Oak Raspberry        
Iden Glasses in Oak Raspberry

Iden Glasses in Oak Raspberry

Iden Glasses in Oak Raspberry Frame Colour - Oak Raspberry Lens Colour - Clear Lens Size - 52 Filter Category - 0 Total UV Protection

          Janette Glasses in Oak Raspberry        
Janette Glasses in Oak Raspberry

Janette Glasses in Oak Raspberry

Janette Glasses in Oak Raspberry Frame Colour - Oak Raspberry Lens Colour - Clear Lens Size - 51 Filter Category - 0 Total UV Protection

          PM8234 Adley Glasses in Oak Raspberry        
PM8234 Adley Glasses in Oak Raspberry

PM8234 Adley Glasses in Oak Raspberry

PM8234 Adley Glasses in Oak Raspberry Frame Colour - Oak/Raspberry Lens Colour - Clear Lens Size - 51 Filter Category - 0 Total UV Protection

          Glossybox - Herbstzauber Edition im Oktober        
Was soll ich sagen? Ich habe die Kündigung der Glossybox verschwitzt und sie daher noch ein weiteres Mal erhalten. Und leider muss ich gestehen - ich bin absolut begeistert von der Herbstzauber Edition! Ich habe mich über wirklich jedes einzelne Produkt wahnsinnig gefreut und auch fast alle sofort ausprobiert und geneuer unter die Lupe genommen!

Wie ich ja bereits mehrmals erwähnt habe, bin ich ein totaler Herbst-Fan und lebe diese Jahreszeit richtig aus. Ich freue mich über vereinzelte Sonnentage genau so wie über einen kalten stürmischen Tag, den ich mit einem Buch auf dem Sofa verbringen kann. Ich liebe Abende am Lagerfeuer und Wellnessnachmittage zu Hause. Und der Inhalt dieser tollen Box spiegelt genau das alles wieder - Wellness und Beauty reichen sich hier die Hände; und genau das gefällt mir so daran!

vanilla and raspberry shower
Munter in kühle Herbsttage starten Sie mit dem köstlich duftenden, veganen VANILLA AND RASPBERRY Duschgel: Das feine Aroma reifer Himbeeren und süßer Vanille verwöhnt die Sinne. Die Marke Original Source hat 82 britische Sonnenuntergänge lang gewartet bis die Himbeeren reif genug waren, um diese dann mit Vanille zu einem absoluten Pflege-Duschgel zu mixen. Ein unvergessliches Duscherlebnis - genau das Richtige in der kühlen Jahreszeit.

Mein Fazit:
Die Drogerie Müller hat für dieses vegane Duschgel bereits die Werbetrommel gerührt und schon da habe ich mich allein rein optisch bereits darin verliebt. Und ich war wirklich glücklich darüber, es dann in der Box wiedergefunden zu haben! Es war liebe auf den ersten Blick und ich denke, dass diese Liebe auch lange anhalten wird. Denn es duftet einfach unfassbar gut und macht Lust darauf, auch die anderen Geruchsrichtungen einmal zu testen! Für nur 2,25 Euro sollte dies auch kein Problem sein. Den Mix aus Frucht und Süße mag ich immer besonders gern und so freue ich mich schon heute auf die morgige Dusche!

more brows fibre gel
Topmodels wie Cara Delevingne begründeten den Mega-Trend "betonte Augenbrauen". Richtig tolle Brauen zaubert das MORE BROWS Fibre Gel von ModellCo: Das innovative Gel macht auch aus spärlichen Augenbrauen ein Beauty Statement. Die Brauen wirken voller und werden raffiniert betont. Die speziell designte Bürste gibt das Augenbrauengel perfekt dosiert ab. Für einen ganz natürlichen Look lässt es sich leicht verblenden. Die Brauen lassen dich damit ideal formen und definieren. Die Formulierung hält besonders lange und krümelt oder verblasst im Laufe des Tages nicht.

Meine Fazit:
Ich habe schon so viele Sachen ausprobiert, die meine Augenbrauen hervorheben, formen und gleichzeitig voller wirken lassen sollen. Und das dann aber bitte auch den ganzen Tag lang! Ich habe allerdings auch bei jedem Produkt sowohl positive als auch negative Aspekte gefunden und werde darüber in einem der nächsten Posts auch mal etwas schreiben. Bei diesem More Brows Fibre Gel bin ich erst mal begeistert, dass es in der dunklen Variante bei mir gelandet ist und damit perfekt zu meiner Haarfarbe passt (das war ja bei Glossybox sonst immer so eine Sache, die nie wirklich geklappt hatte - ich bin begeistert!). Dann muss ich auch positiv erwähnen, dass das Gel wirklich nicht abblättert oder krümelt und auch den ganzen Tag hält! Ich war wirklich sehr überrascht. Die Bürste ist wirklich unschlagbar und für ein präzises Auftragen toll geformt und total klein! Doch am Ende des Bürstchens befindet sich immer viel mehr Farbe als am Rest der Bürste, so dass es an einigen Stelle passieren kann, das man größere Farbklumpen auf den Brauen zu kleben hat! Das ist eher unschön und schmierig. Aber mit etwas Übung geht es und die überschüssige Farbe verteilt sich. Doch ich finde dennoch, dass dies nicht ausreicht, um die Brauen voller wirken zu lassen. Da sind Brauenstifte doch viel besser. Allerdings bleiben die Augenbrauen durch das Gel dort, wo sie bleiben sollen und tanzen nicht aus der Reihe. Jedoch ist das Produkt für dieses eher befriedigende Ergebnis mit 12 Euro viel zu teuer. Da gibt es bereits deutlich günstigere Produkte, deren Ergebnis ähnlich ist! 

Es wird allerdings als Tipp erklärt, dass sich das Gel noch mit einem Wattestäbchen verblenden lassen könnte. Ich werde das mal testen!

vanille brûlée mini body butter
Draußen ist es herbstlich, da kommt die Hautpflege von The Body Shop mit cremig-warmem Vanille-Duft gerade richtig. Die Body Butter ist perfekt für relaxte Stunden im Home Spa! Sie spendet extra viel Feuchtigkeit und bewahrt nachhaltig vor dem Austrocknen. Durch fair gehandelte Shea- und Kakaobutter wird die Haut seidig-weich. Und ihr Vanille-Duft ist so lecker, dass man am liebsten reinbeißen würde.

Mein Fazit:
Eigentlich wurde mit dem Text schon alles gesagt, was es zu sagen gibt. Ich mag die Body Butter von The Body Shop einfach super gern und bin immer wieder von den verschiedenen Gerüchen begeistert. Leider creme ich mich immer viel zu selten ein und bin dazu oft einfach viel zu faul. Aber bei dem Geruch, kann man einfach nicht widerstehen. 50 ml kosten 6 Euro. 

westminster bridge matte top coat
Nach England entführt Sie der Westminster Bridge Matte Top Coat vom UK-Beautylabel Nails Inc. Der matte Topcoat sorgt für einen stylish-matten Effekt auf den Nägeln. Ob über kräftigen oder pastelligen Tönen, beide Looks sind absolut im Trend diesen Herbst. Für alle, denen ganz normaler Nagellack einfach nicht reicht.

Mein Fazit:
Ich habe mich sehr gefreut, als ich dieses Produkt auch endlich auspacken durfte. Denn es war bereits im September in der Pop Art Edition in einigen Glossyboxen enthalten. Ich hatte mir bereits einen matten top Coat von Manhatten zugelegt, von dem ich eher nicht so begeistert gewesen bin. Ich hoffe aber, dass mich dieser Lack endlich vom Trend überzeugen wird. Doch der dünne Pinsel macht mich bisher eher nicht so zuversichtlich. Ich weiß auch nicht, ob mich dieses matte Finish nicht vielleicht sogar stören wird. Ich mag es einfach, wenn die Nägel glänzen und die Farbe darunter zum Strahlen gebracht wird. Von einem 15,20 Euro teuren Lack erwarte ich jedoch ne Menge und hoffe, nicht enttäuscht zu werden!

erfrischendes gesichtspeeling
Einen strahlenden Herbst-Teint bringt das erfrischende Peeling von Love Me Green hervor: Das vegane Gesichtspeeling unterstützt die Zellerneuerung und regt die Durchblutung an. Es entfernt sanft abgestorbene Zellen und stimuliert den Regenerationsprozess der Haut. Überschüssiger Talg wird entfernt während organisches Orangen- und Arganöl sowie Argansamenpuder die Haut pflegen. Das Natur-Peeling verzichtet vollständig auf Mikrokunststoffkügelchen - grobes Mehl aus Argansamenschalen peelt sanft die Haut.

Mein Fazit:
Ich freue mich, wenn endlich bald jeder eingesehen hat, dass diese kleinen Mikrokunststoffkügelchen einfach total schrecklich und schädlich für die Natur mit all ihren Lebewesen sind und sie immer mehr und mehr aus der Kosmetikabteilung verschwinden. Ich achte nun schon lange darauf und versuche, auf solch schädliche Stoffe zu verzichten. Ehrlich gesagt wusste ich das vor einigen Jahren noch nicht einmal und merke immer wieder, dass man immer noch dazulernt. Auch das Gesichtspeeling von Love Me Green verzichtet glücklicherweise auf diese Kügelchen. Es duftet total angenehm frisch nach einem Hauch Orange und pflegt die Haut richtig gut. Ich habe nach der Anwendung eine wirklich glatte Haut, auch wenn das Peeling doch auch noch etwas sanfter ausfallen könnte. 75 ml würden 9,90 Euro kosten, wobei ich hier eine Probe mit 30 ml erhalten habe. Doch da man wirklich nur eine geringe Menge für eine Anwendung benötigt, wird sie wahrscheinlich lange ausreichen. Denn ein Peeling sollte höchstens einmal pro Woche angewendet werde!! 

vital maskemit quittenextrakt und heilerde

Mein Fazit:
Dieses Produkt war als kleines Goodie in der Box enthalten und wurde auch sofort von mir getestet. Nach dem Peeling von Love Me Green brannte die Maske zunächst an einigen Stellen, was sich aber schnell wieder legte. Mit lauwarmem Wasser habe ich sie dann nach 10 bis 15 Minuten wieder von meinem Gesicht entfernt und fühlte mich sofort frischer. Ich mag Gesichtsmasken ja wirklich gern und freue mich immer wieder, sie mit Freundinnen an einem Wellnessnachmittag aufzutragen. Und diese Maske gehört ab heute mit zu meinen Favoriten. Der fruchtige Geruch ist außerdem super angenehm und mein Gesicht fühlte sich den ganzen Tag total gepflegt und sauber an. (Man muss dazu sagen, dass ich wie heute meist auch kein Make Up trage) Der eine Abschnitt der Packung reicht meiner Meinung nach sogar für mindestens 2 Anwendungen aus, falls ihr die Maske (so wie ich) nur auf eurem Gesicht und nicht auch noch auf Hals und Dekolleté anwendet. 

Mit all diesen Produkten steht einem ein gemütlicher Spa-Nachmittag nichts mehr im Weg. Auch wenn mich das Augenbrauengel vielleicht nicht zu 100 % überzeugen konnte, so bin ich doch mit der Box insgesamt total zufrieden und freue mich riesig, sie noch erhalten zu haben. Nun bin ich gespannt, wie zufrieden ihr mit euren Produkten seid!


          Be sure to look around        
I enjoy reading the reminders that Gretchen Rubin often send me from her Happiness Project blog.  A little nugget of wisdom for the day, often to give me a gentle nudge to look up from the desk and be aware of the life that's going on around me.  She recently wrote about the "arrival fallacy."  That's where you think you'll be all set once you get to a goal.  The truth is that you're all set right this very minute and, once you get to the goal, you know there's another goal just beyond.  And then another, and then another.  I am so guilty of that.  Yet I truly believe in staying in the present moment.  How can I believe in one yet practice the other?  Will work on that.

And to that end, I went outside to the yard yesterday to see what was blooming.  A couple of photos to share with you:

Pretty white peony.  Smells divine.

Gorgeous raspberry double peony.  Peonies are my favorite flowers.  Please remind me to plant more this year.

The little irises are blooming, but a tad on the pitiful side this year.  Gotta figure out what to do for them.

Nothing stops Lamb's Ears.  So nice to touch.

We used to get a big patch of black-eyed Susan's on top of this rock wall, but the deer decimated them.  Last Fall I noticed some baby buddliea's (butterfly bush) growing in that spot, so I left them alone over the winter.  Look how big they are already!  Need to move them, as they're too tall for this spot.  But a nice gift from Mother Nature.

That was a nice stroll in the yard.  Then today I picked Grandboy up early from after-school care and took him to Goodberry's for a concrete--flavor of the day was sweet cream and we had hot fudge sauce blended in.  For those of you not familiar with Goodberry's, it a frozen custard that is absolutely supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.  Oh yeah.  Life is good!


          Weight A Minute        

Raspberry Key Lime Pie: Tart and creamy key lime pie with a twist of fresh raspberries and mascarpone all in a shortbread crust. 

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          Me So Corny…#SummerDessertWeek        

Sweet Corn and Raspberry Layer Cake: The flavors of summer come alive in this  layer cake. Flavors of sweet corn are found throughout this delightful cake studded with fresh raspberries.

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          February Visiting Teaching Kit        

Hello! I hope everyone has had a wonderful January. I'm really excited for the new visiting teaching Kits this year! This month's kit includes a relief society message about a Restoration of All Things, a delicious white chocolate
raspberry cheesecake recipe, and the sweetest poem that comes with a wooden heart. The heart has a very special meaning and is explained the the poem.

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          Recette sans gluten: brownies ultra moelleux à la confiture de framboises        
J’ai récemment reçu un courriel d’un lecteur qui me demandait comment remplacer les œufs dans une recette. Je lui ai répondu qu’il pouvait substituer un oeuf dans une recette de muffin, de gâteau ou de biscuit par 3 c. à soupe de purée non sucrée de pommes, de poires ou d'abricots puis d’ajouter 1/4 à 1/2 c. à thé de levure chimique supplémentaire pour aider la pâte à lever.

On peut aussi remplacer un oeuf par :
  • 1 c. à soupe de graines de lin ou de chia moulues mélangée dans 3 c. à soupe d'eau très chaude. Laissez reposer environ 3 minutes puis utiliser la gelée créée par ce mélange (qui aura consistance d’un blanc d'oeuf) dans votre recette.
  • De la gélatine. Préparer la gélatine selon les instructions indiquées, puis utiliser 3 c. à soupe de gélatine pour remplacer un oeuf. Ajouter aussi 1/4 à 1/2 c. à thé de poudre à pâte de plus qu'indiqué dans la recette pour aider votre pâte à lever (si c'est un muffin, un gâteau ou des biscuits).
  • Des produits de remplacement des œufs sous forme de poudre. Personnellement, je n'aime pas car trop poudreux en bouche.

Inspirée par la question de mon lecteur, je me suis mise en tête de créer une recette de brownies sans gluten et sans œufs. J’utilise souvent de la purée de pommes dans mes recettes de gâteaux sans gluten pour les rendre plus moelleux. Mais cette fois-ci, je désirais cuisiner avec de la confiture de framboises. Tout comme les oeufs, la pectine contenue dans la confiture aide à renforcer la structure du gâteau. Les graines de chia moulues et les enveloppes de psyllium jouent aussi ce même rôle. Le résultat, des brownies sans gluten et sans œufs ultra moelleux mais assez fermes pour être coupés en petits morceaux qui ne s'effritent pas.

J’ai adapté une recette de la chef Jenna Weber du blogue Eat, live, run. Celle-ci s'est inspirée de la recette de brownies du livre Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook d'Isa Chandra Moskowitz et de Terry Hope Romero.

Il ne me restait qu'un seul brownie (à la forme imparfaite...) lorsque j'ai pris la photo affichée dans ce billet. Ces brownies sans gluten sont tellement bons que vous aurez de la difficulté à résister à la tentation d'en manger un deuxième, et même un troisième lors du service du dessert. Ne soyez donc pas étonnés si vos brownies disparaissent rapidement ou mystérieusement de votre cuisine.


Rendement: environ 24 carrés de 4 cm ou 1.5 pouce

Temps total de préparation: 1,25 heure (incluant la cuisson de 45 minutes)

Mise en place: pour préparer ces brownies sans gluten ultra moelleux à la confiture de framboises, vous aurez besoin d’une balance électronique + tasses/cuillères à mesurer, d’un grand bol pour mélanger les farines, de deux bols en pyrex pour faire fondre le beurre et pour chauffer la confiture au micro-ondes, d’un bol, tamis fin et d’une spatule pour retirer les pépins de framboises, d’un fouet ou batteur électrique, d’un four à micro-ondes, d’un couteau et planche à couper pour hacher les noix et les pistoles de chocolat, d’un moule a gâteau, du papier-parchemin, d'une grille de refroidissement et bien sûr d’un four



  • farines sans gluten: 100%
  • lait: 33,16%
  • confiture: 188,77%
  • cassonade ou sucre blond: 33,67%
  • cacao: 16,83%
  • pépites de chocolat mi-sucré: 86,73%
  • pistoles de chocolat 70%: 28,06%
  • beurre: 57,65%
  • poudre à pâte: 2%
  • bicarbonate de soude: 1%
  • enveloppes de psyllium: 3,06%
  • graines de chia moulues: 3,06%
  • sel: moins de 1%




  • 30 g (65 ml ou ¼ de tasse) de farine de tapioca
  • 34 g (65 ml ou ¼ de tasse de farine de sorgho
  • 60 g (125 ml ou ½ tasse) de farine de teff
  • 56 g (125 ml ou ½ tasse) de poudre d’amandes (ou de noisettes ou autre farine de grains entiers sans gluten)
  • 8 g ou 1 c. à soupe de fécule de pommes de terre ou de maïs
  • 8 g ou 1 c. à soupe de farine de riz glutineux (ou de riz blanc)
  • 2 g ou ½ c. à thé de bicarbonate de soude
  • 4 g ou 1 c. à thé de poudre à pâte (levure chimique)
  • 6 g ou 1 c. à soupe d’enveloppes de psyllium
  • 6 g ou 1 c. à thé de graines de chia moulues
  • une pincée de sel
  • 113 g (125 ml ou ½ tasse) de beurre non salé (ou 125 ml d’huile de pépins de raisin ou de canola)
  • 370 g (250 ml ou 1 tasse) de confiture de framboises
  • 66 g (85 ml ou 1/3 de tasse) de cassonade ou sucre blond
  • 33 g (65 ml ou ¼ de tasse) de poudre de cacao brut
  • 65 ml ( ¼ de tasse) de lait 2% (ou de lait de soya, ou d’amandes ou de riz)
  • 170 g (250 ml ou 1 tasse) de pépites de chocolat mi-sucré sans gluten
  • 55 g (85 ml ou 1/3 de tasse) de pistoles sans gluten de chocolat 70% ou 75% hachées grossièrement
  • facultatif : graines d’une demi-gousse de vanille
  • facultatif: une grosse poignée de pacanes ou noix de Grenoble hachées

NOTE: J’ai utilisé du beurre et du lait pour créer mes brownies ultras moelleux à la confiture de framboises, mais si vous désirez des brownies sans œufs, sans lait ni gluten, il suffit de remplacer ces ingrédients par ceux que je propose entre parenthèses dans la liste d'ingrédients ci-dessus. La confiture de framboises peut aussi être remplacée par de la purée d’abricots, de la marmelade d’oranges ou même de la confiture de bleuets, et les farines sans gluten par celles que vous préférez (si votre mélange de farines sans gluten contient de la gomme de xantane, vos brownies seront un peu plus fermes).


  1. Préchauffer le four à 325 F (165 C) ou T5/T6.
  2. Graisser un moule à gâteau carré ou rectangulaire et couvrir le fond et les parois intérieures avec 2 feuilles de papier parchemin superposées en forme de croix.
  3. Séparer les pépites de chocolat en 2 portions égales.
  4. Peser tous les ingrédients secs (sauf la cassonade).
  5. Dans un grand bol, mélanger ensemble les farines, le sel, le bicarbonate de soude, la poudre à pâte, le cacao, les graines de chia moulues et les enveloppes de psyllium.
  6. Dans un bol de pyrex, faire fondre le beurre au micro-ondes (environ 50 à 60 secondes à haute intensité).
  7. Peser la cassonade.
  8. Retirer le beurre fondu du micro-ondes, ajouter la cassonade puis avec une fourchette, fouetter le beurre et la cassonade pendant 30 secondes. Ajouter ensuite les graines de la demi-gousse de vanille et fouetter le mélange avec une fourchette. Mettre de côté.
  9. Dans un bol en pyrex, faire chauffer la confiture de framboises dans le four à micro-ondes pour environ 60 secondes. La confiture doit être assez liquide pour être passée au tamis fin.
  10. Mettre la moitié des pépites de chocolat dans un bol de grosseur moyenne. Au-dessus du bol de pépites, verser la confiture chaude à travers un tamis fin. Avec une spatule ou une louche, presser sur la confiture afin d’en extraire le plus de jus. Jeter les pépins de framboises.
  11. Mélanger la confiture de framboises tamisée avec les pépites de chocolat jusqu’à ce qu’elles soient toutes fondues. S'il reste des pépites non fondues, chauffer au micro-ondes pour environ 20 secondes à intensité moyenne puis fouetter le mélange avec une fourchette.
  12. Ajouter ensuite le lait puis le mélange de beurre fondu et fouetter le tout avec une fourchette ou un batteur électrique.
  13. Incorporer les ingrédients secs au mélange liquide, 1/4 de tasse (65 ml) à la fois et battre avec une fourchette ou un batteur électrique jusqu’à ce que la pâte soit lisse.
  14. Ajouter finalement les noix hachées, les pépites de chocolat et les morceaux de chocolat. Fouetter avec la fourchette pendant au moins une minute.
  15. Verser la pâte à brownies dans le moule recouvert des 2 feuilles de papier-parchemin superposées en croix.
  16. Déposer le moule au four et cuire pour environ 45 minutes ou jusqu'à ce qu'un cure-dents inséré au centre du gâteau en ressorte propre, mais tout de même humide. Ces brownies sont très fondants et super moelleux, donc ils ne sembleront pas cuits à leur sortie du four. Ne vous inquiétez pas. C’est ainsi qu’ils doivent être.
  17. Retirer le moule du four, déposer sur une grille de refroidissement et laisser tiédir. Attendre environ 1 heure puis démouler le carré de brownies en tirant doucement sur les extrémités des feuilles de papier parchemin et vers le haut pour déplacer le carré entier de brownies sur la grille de refroidissement. Ne pas couper le carré de brownies en morceaux avant qu'il ne soit froid (si vous êtes capable de résister à la tentation bien sûr).

NOTE: Ces brownies sans gluten se conservent sans réfrigération dans un contenant hermétique pendant environ 5 jours. Placer des feuilles de papier-parchemin ou de papier ciré entre chaque étage de morceaux de brownies. La texture de ces brownies sans gluten est similaire à celle d’un fudge crémeux au chocolat, surtout si vous conservez vos brownies au réfrigérateur ou au congélateur.

          Python 2 or Python 3        

@LimeBlast wrote:

As I'm sure the regulars here will know, @Twisted and I are working on a little Raspberry Pi project together. For me it's an excuse to get into the maker scene (I guess I should join FizzPop or something), and for @Twisted it's an opportunity to learn coding.

Now, for various reasons, we've decided that we need to learn Python. It seems to be a nice language for beginners (with teachers being rather fond of it for this reason), and appears to be the language of choice for all things Pi and GPIO related things.

From what I understand, one of the main differences between Ruby (which is the language I use professionally) and Python is:

  • with Ruby you've got multiple ways of solving a problem, and can choose your syntax based on what reads the best within the context that you're working

  • with Python there is one way of doing things, and only one way.

OK, fine - only, that's not strictly true on the Pythons side, is it?

From what I understand, the Python community is split down the middle, with part being strong supporters of Python 2, and the rest being supporters of Python 3.

This leaves @Twisted and I in a difficult position, as we don't know which of the two we should learn, or even how to tell the difference.

Personally, based simply on the idea that larger numbers are better, I would have opted to go for Python 3, but having chosen Learn Python The Hard Way as our tutor, it states:

A programmer may try to get you to install Python 3 and learn that. Say, "When all of the Python code on your computer is Python 3, then I'll try to learn it." That should keep them busy for about 10 years. I repeat, do not use Python 3. Python 3 is not used very much, and if you learn Python 2 you can easily learn Python 3 when you need it. If you learn Python 3 then you'll still have to learn Python 2 to get anything done. Just learn Python 2 and ignore people saying Python 3 is the future.

Long story short, we're a bit lost and not sure what to do - please shower us with your wisdom.

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          Vol State 2012        
All packed up!

All my junk unpacked!
After only making it 130 miles last year, I have spent the past year waiting for July to come back around. 2012 was going to be my redemption year (although two of my races thus far this year have been slower and I did not get to participate in the book set out). So far- I was not redeeming anything, but I was still looking forward to trying Vol State again. I felt like I learned a lot from last year and Strolling Jim this year taught me more patience and not to quit. I was looking at Vol State like going to the dentist with a toothache.  I hated to go, but knew it would be worth it when I finished. I did not get to train like I had envisioned earlier in the year due to a death in the family and then beginning a new race directing venture. I wanted to try to get my   feet toughened up more. Alas, I had about three weeks before the start where I got some good mileage in going back and forth to work. I live 12.5 miles from work.  On Monday and Wednesday mornings, I would jog into work and on Tuesday afternoons (my early day), I would walk home- working on my walking pace in the heat of the day. My plan was to try to jog in the morning and evenings as much as possible when the temps were cooler and then keep a good walking pace during the heat of the day. The last week of work I also would stand all day instead of sitting on a stool to try to get myself use to being up all day on my feet.  (don't know if any of that truly helped, so...)
  I felt like I packed well last year, but I did decide to add a fanny pack to make getting to my wallet, phone, etc easier throughout the day.  I was glad I did.  I'm sure I packed more than many others, but I had reasons for everything I took.  I made a list of everything and had it in three columns. 
  In my Go-lite pack:  2-24oz insulated water bottles, shampoo, 10 q-tips, caress soap, deodorant, razor, Glide, Neosporin, scissors, umbrella, sunblock, phone charger, ipod cord for charger, xtra shirt and shorts, 3 pairs socks, 2 pairs underwear, 5-band aids, maps, flashlight, Advair inhaler, toothbrush/paste, waterproof bags for everything to slide into in pack, garbage bag, devotionals for each day, and Dad (actually a tupperwear container with his ashes). 
  Waist pack had: pepper spray, chapstick, credit/debit cards, medical card, driver's license, roll of quarters, cell phone, ipod/earphones, cash, emergency inhaler, and ziplock bags (for phone with rain & tp (used & unused)). 
  Then I wore or had on my pack: hat, sunglasses, shirt, jog bra, shorts, underwear, socks, shoes, 2 buffs, bandanna, watch, and pic of Angela Ivory (all runners had laminated pic of her) and I had my dad on other side.
  My husband was going to drop me off at the ferry and return to pick me up if/when I finished.  He also offered to come crew or just bring dry shoes if I felt like I needed him to finish the race (I didn't). 
Day 1: I woke up and started to get dressed. The first snafu. Somehow, I had forgotten to pack my jog bra. (I later found it in my duffel bag that I had packed for him to bring at the finish line.) Thankfully, there was a Wal-Mart near and we were able to find one and get back in time for some breakfast before heading to the ferry.  I was a little disappointed about the ferry not running because I wanted my husband to get to ride across the river. He didn't seem to be bothered by it though. He did buy me a ferry shirt. While he was paying, the race started. I took off because I didn't want to get lost through Hickman. I knew he would be at the top of the hill and I figured I'd say goodbye to him then. Well, I got to the top of the hill and he was there, with Carl and laz. I wasn't sure if giving him a hug would be considered crewed or not. So I didn't get to really say bye to him, but I thought he might be at the Subway in Union City. So I kept going. The highlight from Hickman to Union City was Stu Gleman sitting on his vehicle playing his guitar.  
  I didn't really see anyone and I got a little turned around in Union City looking for the Subway, but when I got inside, Sulaiman, Richard, and Thomas were there.  Paul, John, Psyche, Mike, Sherry, and I believe a few others came in/out.  I headed on down the road and caught up with Fred Davis and we covered several miles chatting about religions.  The sky was overcast and kept the sun at bay for the most part.
  I was feeling pretty good.  I leapfrogged with Richard and Erika's crew, Adam, before reaching Martin.  I stopped at Pizza Hut in Martin and saw Mike Melton.  Heading into downtown Martin, I caught up with Dusty and John Price.  Dusty got a chuckle when she found out I was jog/walking telephone pole to telephone pole.  Traveled with Dusty for awhile, catching up with Psyche.  I stopped at a store for some juice.  Headed into Dresden feeling pretty good.  I had made it earlier in the evening than I did last year.  I stopped st Subway for carryout and then DG Store for a Sunny D for in the morning before heading to my hotel.  I let Dusty know which room we were in, since we decided to share.  I hurried and tried to get my shower and clothes washed before she arrived so she could have the bathroom.
  It was a good day.  40.5 miles completed with only a slight heel blister that I didn't take care of immediately and let get too big.
 Day 2:  Dusty had left earlier, so I headed out alone.  I saw 3 raccoons as I was walking back to the course from the hotel.  Later down the road I saw a deer in a field as I headed to Gleason.  I called my mom and let her know I was okay.  There were a few sprinkles of rain, but not too much.  I actually love running in the rain, so it lifted my spirit.  I made it into Gleason and headed for some breakfast.  I chatted with a few of the locals and the waitresses.  Went through McKenzie and headed into Huntingdon where I caught and passed Fred.  I stopped at Huntingdon at Mallard's for lunch and was joined by Fred.  (Last year I had stopped in Huntingdon on the second day.  So I was still doing better than last year.)  I had to take cover at a church on my way out of Huntingdon due to a storm rolling through.  I made it into Parkers Crossroad and stopped at Subway before heading to the hotel.  I stopped at the first hotel and thought I was going to have to go across the expressway because he didn't have any non-smoking rooms.  When he went to call the other hotel, the phone rang, and he had a cancellation!  Praise the Lord!  I ended up in a room with three beds- all the pillows I could want!  I did not sleep very well though.
  I completed 41.5 miles for a total of 82.
Day 3:  My original goal was to head to Linden, but I knew I could stop in Parsons for Plan B if I needed too.  Turns out I would have to go to Plan B.  With the limited sleep and the pouring rains, I was moving at a snail's pace.  I stopped In Lexington and had to run to the bathroom before a dirty accident happened, all the while a nice gentleman is trying to buy me a drink.  I felt so bad that I had to run to the bathroom and not get to properly thank him (but its a good thing- would have not been a pretty sight!)  My stomach had begun to misbehave and I had the runs but not in a good way.  The clouds began to move in again and I stopped in DG Store and bought a pair of flip flops.  I figured my best bet at combating blisters was to keep my feet and shoes as dry as possible.  The rain was coming down as I exited the store and I sat under a bank drive thru changing into my new race accessories.  I was a little worried that my feet would slip in them and I'd risk twisting my ankle.  A needless worry.  I was much slower walking in flip flops but it was better than trashing my feet, or worse yet, waiting for the rain to pass and losing precious time.
  Naresh came upon me in my new shoes and snapped a pic.  I did not talk long because he had Abi in the car and she was not feeling well and had dropped.  The rain eased up and I changed back into my shoes.  Of course, it came back and I thought I might try to just tie my grocery bags (I had kept the store bags just in case) around my ankles with my feet down in them.  It worked well for awhile.  Until I got a hole in it, then I had water just sloshing around soaking my shoes.  I was mad at myself for being so dumb.  I took them off and trudged on.  Not caring how wet my feet became.  The long stretch from Lexington to Parsons was spent watching one storm after another roll in on me.  I eventually reached the store that we reached last year- but was closed.  It was open and I headed in to dry off and get a bite to eat.  I had a corn dog because I was nervous about my stomach and it was all I could really get down.  I bought a newspaper and stuffed my shoes while I ate.  When I went to tear the paper up, I came across the article that laz had wrote about the race.  I tore it out and put it in my ziplock bag for a keepsake. 
  I eventually had to leave because the a/c was freezing me.  I changed out the newspaper and stuffed my shoes in a bag and headed back out in the rain in my flops.  Trudging along with a chill.  This was Vol State- you weren't supposed to be cold!  My feet began to hurt and I was worried I may be causing a stress fracture, I took refuge under a bridge to change my shoes.  It was nice to get out of the relentless pounding of the rain.  It slowed down enough for me to come back out and I headed into Parsons with off and on sprinkles.  I tried to call the motel that was past the town center (the same one we tried to reach last year), and I kept getting a busy signal.  So I asked my husband if he would try to get hold of them.  If I could get to that motel, I'd be a little farther than I was last year on the third day. 
  By the time I reached Subway, he had me a reservation.  I was thrilled but I still had to go four miles to get there.  I tied my Subway bag to my pack and headed out.  I was able to jog some.  Well, as much as possible on a two lane road with no shoulder, plenty of cars, and rain.  I was glad when I crested the hill and so the motel sign.  When I went to check in, they told me my mom had called.  I was a little confused, but I figured Pat might have recruited her help too.  When the lady read off the phone number, I did not recognize it.  Come to find out, they almost gave me Erika's room.  : )  I almost asked them if I could dry my socks, but I felt bad about asking and headed to my room.  This is when I learned of snafu number two.  I had left my cell phone charger at the last hotel (and its only the third day).  I had a small meltdown, but since there was no cell service anyway- the owners had already told my husband we could use the phone as much as possible.  I had a solar charger that I bought for the race ( a nice cheap one from Wal Mart) and once I figured out how to work it- I charged my phone some.  I tried to make Naresh feel bad enough to bring me a charger, but he wasn't budging.  He wanted me to stay self supported for as long as I could.  Thanks Naresh!
  I was getting ready to go to sleep when I heard, "Adam."  I jumped up and tried to poke my head out but the dumb door would not open.  It took me a couple of minutes of tugging and yanking, but finally I was able to go outside.  Adam was sitting outside, chuckling at whoever (me) trying to open the door.  When I stepped out, over Adam's shoulder was this huge, vibrant rainbow.  It was awesome.  I chatted with him and Erika before heading to bed.  It was a bad night.  I needed the air on to try to dry my clothes, but I freezing.  My teeth were chattering and I hated to crawl out of bed the next morning.
Only 29 miles- 111 total miles, one lost charger, and one vibrant rainbow.
Day 4:  I wish I would've asked about the dryer.  You could just feel the dampness in the air.  None of my clothes dried.  I picked out the driest socks to wear and then used the blow dryer to work on my shorts and shirt; burning a hole in the back of my shirt in the process.  I actually managed to get out of the room before sunup though.  My goal was Hohenwald today. 
  I reached Linden, and after chatting with a cop about the race, I headed into the Commodore Inn as Naresh pulled up.  They let me use their dryer for my socks.  I went back outside to chat with Naresh as my socks dried.  Laz and Carl pulled up as I was trying to cut the burned part of my shirt off (it was sticking me)- surgery on my shirt as laz called it.  We headed inside for breakfast where Jan and Fred were.  I ordered oatmeal- but it was not (I think it was cream of wheat or some such crap).  I forced myself a few bites as I watched Abi try to bandage Jan's back and shoulders from her pack rubbing her raw.  I finished and went up and got my socks, which were better but still slightly damp, and headed on down the road.  I planned to stop at the store where I had missed the turn last year.  Once I passed the store, I would be on unfamiliar ground.  Mom and I rode the course tour from Shelbyville to the start last year, but that was over a year ago.  I hoped I would be okay.
  When I reached the last store out of town, it was closed for church.  I could either wait 45 minutes or go on.  I filled up my bottles from the side faucet outside and called my husband.  Naresh, laz, and Carl pulled up to check on me.  Laz said that was all he ever saw me do- sit on my butt (that is what I am good at though).  Just as I was getting ready to leave, the owner returned, early, and opened up.  I got a Gatorade and a payday.  It was a 15 mile stretch with nothing to Hohenwald.  Jan eventually caught up to me as I was lying in the shade.  We traveled together for awhile before I had to step off to tinkle. 
  I made it into Hohenwald and the second store I stopped at had a phone charger.  Score!  Then I came upon a laundromat.  I stopped to get all of my socks dried.  Things were looking good.  Jan and Dusty were coming out of a Mexican place as I came through town and we headed to the hotel together.  I felt bad about not offering to room with Jan (Dusty already had her room) but I knew how restless I was trying to sleep and how I liked to use all of the pillows.  I just didn't want to cause her (or anyone to have a bad night's sleep- I was doing it enough to myself).  I got in my room and ordered a pizza. 
  I called Pat while I was eating and on the second piece I stopped eating.  My chest felt all flutter and I just felt bad.  It just hit me all at once and the chest part was a little disconcerting.  We discussed it and I figured after sleeping, I would feel better.  Unfortunately, the ac would not stay running.  I would wake up sweating, turn the air back on, fall asleep, then wake up sweating, turn the air on, etc.  The cycle went all night and I did not get a good night rest- if that is even possible at vol state. 
33 miles- 144 total
Day 5:  Monday Morning Meltdown  The next morning, the chest was still fluttering.  I used my inhaler and called my husband.  I was a little nervous about leaving the room.  All kinds of thoughts were running through my head.  I didn't want to be on the side of the road and having some kind of heart attack or something.  Plus, this was the day I was to head to Columbia.  Everyone always warns about going into Columbia at night and I was already loosing time by waffling on my decision on what to do.  Plus, there was no Plan B- no hotels between Hohenwald and Columbia.  Finally, I got it together and told him I would try.  I would just take it easy and not stress myself out.  No running, keep a walking speed without getting out of breath.  That was my plan as I headed to Wal Mart.  I stopped there to get a few more pairs of socks (I know like, 4 pairs wasn't enough) and a new watch.  Mine was suppose to be good for 100 meters, but apparently I went deeper than that the day before and I left it at the Pine Tree Inn all fogged up and not working.  Incidentally, my camera on my phone had quit working too.  The rain, heat, humidity was wiping everything, including me out.
  It was a beautiful morning as I set out and I tried to be positive.  I had a hard time when I called Carl to check in.  Tried hard not to be too blubbery- Tom Hanks knows nothing but there is crying in vol state.  It was a 17 mile stretch to Hampshire but Carl had said there was a campground I could get water. 
  Heading out of Howenwald, I heard my phone chime and checked it.  It was the morning's update.  I stopped and sat down on a bridge and read the update that I felt that was just for me: 
vol staters may be consistent with their performance,
but their emotional state is a different matter.
part of running the vol-state, at least successfully,
is surviving the crushing emotional and physical lows that accompany the effort.
sitting at home (or even putting in endless miles up and down the route in a car)
it is easy to say that every low will pass,
that highs
(such as one can feel a "high" after a couple of hundred miles, with over a hundred remaining)
will be in the future.
at the time when it is only with the greatest effort one can trudge along at 30 minutes a mile,
it seems like this is the state that will last forever.
that, if anything, it will get even worse.
the ever-present pain seems to crescendo,
until it's cacaphonous screaming wracks your body and fills your head.
the mind can only calculate the endlessly depressing slow progress,
which will never get you to the finish.
the downward spiral disappears into the mists below you.
the freefall can only end when you crash to earth in a total collapse.

to succeed at the volstate
you must preserve a spark of hope deep inside.
you must persevere thru any depression.
it will not always be that way.
there are still times in the future when you will move strongly,
and you will feel invincible,
as if you could go on forever.
and somewhere out there in the future is the rock.
the reward for never losing sight of your goal.
the incredible power of that moment,
when you step on, touch, or kiss the rock,
and all the pressure ends cannot be described.
it can only be felt.
and the memory of that moment will last a lifetime,
with a power that could not be, if it were not for the hopeless, horrible lows.
so easy to understand on the sofa,
so hard to believe on the road.
what comes down must go up.
  Carl was correct about the campground.  I was also able to get the best buttered toast.  The owners were cleaning up after their bed & breakfast guests had left and offered to fix me food, but toast was the only thing I felt I could get down.  They were very sweet and I headed out feeling much better about the day.  I was feeling really good when I finally reached Hampshire.  It was lunchtime and I ordered a fried bologna sandwich.  I was able to charge my phone and chat with the locals.  They told me about Juli staying at their Men's club and one of the guys offered to rent his apartment to any of us for the night.  They were really sweet and I hated to leave, but I knew I needed to get out of there.  Columbia and darkness was preying on my mind.  I filled my buff with ice and wore it on my head to keep my cool.  As it dripped dried, I laid my buff on one shoulder and I eventually lost it somehow.  (I loved that buff- my LLTH's buff.)  Carl, laz, and Mike pulled up and I chatted briefly with them, but I knew I needed to get going.  Especially since I knew I'd have to rest in the shade as the day was getting warmer- which I did several times.  I think I scared a poor farmer that came upon me while he was mowing his field and I was stretched out with my feet on a fallen log.
     I finally reached the edge of town and kept plowing ahead.  It was only about 5 or 6 in the evening, so I felt okay.  I went through the town square (which is apparently the less desirable part of town), I was a little nervous, but I kept plowing ahead.  I finally saw the hotel ahead and breathed a sigh of relief, especially since the clouds were rolling in again.  After I got checked in, I went back out to the steak house in front and ordered me a steak, mashed potatoes, and grilled veggies.  Steak sounded so good and I figured I'd have time to digest it before heading back out.  I ran my bath water and grabbed the suitcase stand for a tv table.  Nothing better than soaking in the tub while eating a steak dinner.  I was getting food in me and was becoming human again.
35 miles- 179 total went from a morning low to an evening high
Day 6:  I still was having the fluttering feeling, but not too much.  I headed out with the hopes of getting to Shelbyville, but I had Lewisburg as Plan B.  I knew Dusty was several hours ahead of me.  We would text about where we were each day.  She was so diligent about getting up early every morning and starting early.  I wish I could do that.  I couldn't make myself get in bed because I didn't want to get up the next day to face the truth.  It was great to know I was close to someone.  I also chatted with Diane on the phone a couple of times a day to see how she was faring and let her know where I was.  I knew that if she caught up to me- I would finish, but if she passed me, it was going to be like Ray K at the Backyard.  She was my grim reaper always nipping at my heels.  (I adore these two for their encouragement throughout the race!) 
  I reached the Bench of Despair and had the best biscuits and gravy I have had in a very long time.  Since my camera was kaput, the lady offered to take a pic of me on the bench and text it to me.  I thought that was so sweet of her to do. 
  Culleoka, past I-65 interchange to Lewisburg was kind of a blur.  Just suffering, tired, and hot.  I kept stopping probably every half hour.  I stopped on a bridge and laid down right beside the road on the bridge because it was the only shade available.  I sat on guardrails in the shade.  I finally reached Lewisburg.  There was two convenience stores- one ahead on my side and one across the road.  I looked ahead and was trying to see if it was open instead of having to cross the road.  I was dying for something cold to drink.  I saw a truck pull in, so I opted to keep going.  I reached the store- it was closed for remodeling.  Skunked again!  I decided to keep going.  Figured there had to be others.  There wasn't.  I came upon a gentleman sitting on his front porch and asked him how much farther to the restaurants and he acted like they were wayyyyy up there.  So I decided to go over to the Family Dollar Store that sat back off of the road on the other side.  I needed something cold and I was almost out of water.  It helped some,and I headed back out. This was becoming a bad day as I reached the intersection I looked at my choices.  Huddle House was on the course but did not sound good.  Pizza Hut was about 1/4 mile off the course, but I figured I could stomach a cheese personal pan pizza.  I took off my shoes and socks and swapped out for my flip flops.  My feet were so happy as I sat there chatting with a family and waiting for my food.
  I was at Lewisburg and I was fairly early.  I did not want to go on to Shelbyville- it was still 21 miles to go, but it was too early to call it a day.  So I headed back out.  I stopped at a store and had a hard time explaining that I wanted ice.  "You know frozen water" I tried to explain.  Our sheet said that there were various stores between miles 210-220- so I decided to keep going.  I was really starting to drag even more.  Called to whine to my husband a couple of times.  A friend of mine that lives outside of Shelbyville wanted to pick me up and take me home for dinner.  I had to explain to her that I couldn't do that because it would make me crewed.  Not sure she understood my text, so I had my husband call her to explain -not sure if he did.  I passed a store that was closed and I was broken.  There was a family out in the yard and the wife asked if I needed anything and I begged of some water.  They gave me some ice too.  They were great.  They also let me know the next store was closed too, but thought I could make the one after that.  I thanked them and headed on my way.  This is when the highlight of my otherwise really, rotten, hard, suffering, day was.  I was crossing a bridge and saw the water rippling under the bridge.  I figured it might be a turtle, then I thought it was a deer as I saw brown fur.  Then it came into view- a bobcat.  I watched him looking side to side in the water as he waded through it.  He came out on the rocks and then stepped into the deeper side of the creek and swam across to the other side.  He got out and shimmied the water off and then squatted for a poo (or pee).  That was when I realized how alone I really was and decided to get the heck out of there.  Especially since he was already looking for dinner it seems.  I did make it to the store 25 minutes before they closed and was able to get a hamburger to eat and charge up my phone.  I was late a few minutes checking in because my phone was dead.  (I was really bummed about my camera because I had such a great vantage of the bobcat, but my phone was dead anyways- but it just added to the discouragement of the day.)  I had about 9 miles to go and it was 8:00pm.  I probably did the most running of the race trying to get to Shelbyville.  I just had my cheap little flashlight that I only used when a car came so I could see the white line to make sure I didn't go off the road and fall in a ditch.  I was worried the dumb light might die and I am the biggest chicken at night (seeing the bobcat did not help).  There is a reason I call myself a candy arse!  I finally saw the city limit sign, stopped at a store for a drink, and then headed to the hotel.  When I reached the Magnolia hotel, which was on the course, I took a couple of steps toward it but could not make myself go in.  I wanted a good night sleep with good AC and it did not look like that would happen.  So I sat down and used my phone to find the next nearest hotel.  There was an America's Best Inn about a 1/2 mile off course.  After calling to make sure someone was there to get me checked in (didn't want to be like Psyche- get to a hotel and not be able to get checked in), and that they did have non smoking rooms left, I headed off course. 
  This was my roughest day.  I would go 100 feet start tearing up, get mad at myself for being soft.  Go 100 feet, tear up, get mad.  It was ridiculous.  I also thought about my dad and if he was alive he would be calling me on my cell and be like, "You're doing what?!" and then proceed to tell me about his problems.  lol  As the darkness fell, I let fear take hold even though I know the spirit of fear is not from the Lord- just repeating it to myself kept me sane but I also argued with God that if it wasn't from Him, then He better get them fear spirits away from me!  It was more panic than fear.  That and I just could not see and I just wanted to get done and in a hotel room.
  I reached the hotel.  Praise the Lord!  My longest day and the longest mileage I have ever went.  44 miles in 17.5 hours (no wonder I have 3 50 miler DNF's!).  Total mileage: 223.  (I did not set my alarm for the next morning.)
Day 7:  When I finally woke up and got moving,  I backtracked to the course, but then missed my turn.  When I reached the Magnolia I knew I had messed up.  Re checked my maps and realized I passed my turn when I crossed the street and was trying not to get hit in the morning traffic and completely missed the street sign that I was watching for.  Once back on course, I headed thru town and came across a coffee shop and was able to have some real oatmeal (finally).  I tried to shove as much as I could down before heading toward Wartrace. 
  I reached the convenience store at Wartrace and went in to have lunch- as many others were.  I sat down and traded out my shoes/socks for my flip flops while I waited for the line to go down.  I also plugged in my phone (always worried about my phone dying).  There were three tables in there and by the time I got my food and sat to eat, they were filling up.  The couple that sat with me use to live in New Albany, IN (which is about 25 minutes from where I live now).  He also helps out with the SJ40 every year.  One of the best parts of VS is chatting with the locals.  Makes me homesick, especially now because I live in a small town that is similar to all the ones we trek through.  Loved it!  I finally got moving down the road but before I could get out of town, the heavens opened up.  I decided to just keep going.  I knew today was a fairly short day, so I figured I could get to the hotel and get my shoes dried back out.  Leaving Wartrace, Mike Melton drove up and I chatted with him for a few minutes before he headed off to pick up Jan.  I was very lucky Mike came up because he told me the turn was just up ahead.  When I reached "the turn" I still wasn't sure Mike knew what he was talking about.  I pulled out my turn sheet, re read my maps, and then for good measure looked at my google maps on my phone.  I finally felt like Mike meant for me to veer to the left- so I did (thank God Mike came along when he did!).  Leaving Wartrace was beautiful with the light rain falling and all of the growth.  I enjoyed this section, even the hill.  Did have a short run in with a Pyrenese, but I kept pointing my umbrella out at him.  The neighbor across the road was watching me brandishing my umbrella and "No'ing" the big hound.  Mike and Jan passed by again and I eventually caught up with Psyche (walking in wet socks and her shoe insert!).  We came upon an empty store and sat under the awning.  I gave her 3 pairs of socks that I had bought and knew I wouldn't need (I later felt bad for not giving her more of my socks).  I also gave her my flip flops, my solar charger, and cord since her phone was dying.  Although her beau, Charles, was coming to crew her, I felt bad for leaving her, but I knew needed to get going.  I took off and saw some kids playing on a trampoline just before I saw the jaws of life coming at me.  I had just walked not more than 50 feet from Psyche when this dog comes screaming out of this yard at me.  I did not have my pepper spray out (I know dumb right).  I start yelling at the kids to get their freaking dog while trying to keep the dog off of me.  I knew I couldn't dig in my waist pack for my spray, so I reached around and unclipped my pack to keep it between me and his jaws.  I figured if I could get it lodged in his mouth, I could strangle him somehow with the straps.  One of the kids finally come out but instead of grabbing the dog by the collar, he starts throwing rocks at the dog- which does not help the situation.  So I am still yelling and doing the 'stay away from the teeth' dance.  The kid finally grabs the dogs collar, but when he does the dog takes one final lunge at me and scratches my leg. The other kids were still playing on the trampoline during all of this.  It made me nervous that the dog would get off of his chain and go for Psyche, so I walked back to walk past the house with her (the house across the street had another dog chained up and he was stalking us quietly- not the good stalk you want to see either).  This time I had my pepper spray and when I felt like we were in the clear I left Psyche again. 
  As I headed down the road, a car comes by me and honks the horn.  I looked behind me and a husky looking dog quickly turned from me and dashed back into the woods.  I didn't even realize I had someone following me.  I love dogs, well animals period, but I was not feeling good about dogs when I finally made it to the campground outside of Manchester and here comes another dog at me.  This one just wanted to jump and play though, but I was a little edgy and had my umbrella out as a weapon to whack him in the head.  Thankfully, the owner was there and got him under control and apologized for the dog.  I used the bathroom and headed out feeling more than a little weary.  Somewhere along the road, I lost my umbrella.  I kept tucking it (and map pieces) under the flap on my waist pack.  Problem was, I would open the flap to get something out of my waist pack and forget the umbrella (or whatever was there).  Many times I would catch it, but apparently not this time. 
  Rita and newly crowned "King of the Road" Dan came by and chatted for a minute.  They offered to take any trash, but I didn't have any.  I later chuckled to myself because they probably thought my bag of socks hanging off my pack was trash- not my most treasured possessions. 
  As I was making my way through road construction, Fred and his mother stopped.  They were leaving to head to a reunion.  I was tired and frustrated because I couldn't figure out how far I was or how far to go to Manchester.  I explained that I was using my map, but hadn't seen any identifying road signs.  Fred gave me a paper that had mileage points for different places, mainly cemeteries, stores, etc.  He was trying to explain it to me and I loved seeing him, but I just wanted to get going.  (I felt bad because he probably thought I was so rude, but I just wanted to get moving and get to food and shelter for the night.)  I stuffed the sheet in my waist pack and headed on.  I pulled it out later after getting out of the road construction part, but it had so much numbers and stuff.  I'm sure it would help, but I had a good system that was working for me.  I like my little map pieces.  I would find a street name on my map and I would know about how many miles I was.  Tenness is just like everywhere else, road signs are limited.  So a lot of the time, I would find out that I was actually farther than I thought I was- which was a real boost.  I left Fred's sheet in Manchester (sorry Fred).
  I finally made it into Manchester and was irritated with myself because I stopped at a Subway, but once I crossed over the interstate, there was an O'Charley's.  I almost threw out the sandwich for a Cajun chicken pasta dinner but I felt that I had wasted so much food already that I just couldn't bring myself to do it.  I checked in with laz and then checked into the hotel.
29.5 miles for the day, 1 lost umbrella, several dog fights with only a scratched and bruised leg, 252.5 miles total
Day 8:  I was looking forward to this day.  The shortest day yet.  The climb into Monteagle.  It all started with a stop at Wal Mart for more flip flops and an umbrella.  I knew how much I enjoyed going shoeless and it would be worth the few dollars and lost time.  I made it to Hillsboro and tried to eat a coconut raspberry zinger and a yoo hoo.  It looked good but I could only get about a 1/3rd of one down.  I was hoping there was a cafe or something in Pelham (my mileage sheet said there was).  When I reached Pelham I came upon a house that said cafe, but I was thinking someone said the cafe was named Southern something or another.  While I was sitting in front of the post office trying to decide to go a little further to see if the cafe was ahead or to go back and go into the house that had said cafe, Psyche and Charles drove up.  I was so glad to see her crew show up for her!  They hadn't noticed a cafe, but a lady came out of the post office and Charles went over and asked her.  Yep- it was up ahead.  I headed on and sure enough there was the cafe.  I changed into my new flip flops and headed in.  I found a table close to an electrical outlet to plug in my phone.  I can't remember what I ate but it was dang good!  Southern cooking, but I was really looking forward to taking a nap out in the porch swing.  The restaurant closed at two and after checking with them, I headed out for a nap.  I had already stopped in a field and laid down under a shade tree.  I was having a really hard time staying awake.  Figured a nap would help and a porch swing is the best place to get one.
  I eventually got up and headed across the street to the small store.  I finally found a Gatorade, but no luck with ice.  So I walked back to the restaurant to beg for some ice.  Then I remembered I better buy another bottle of water- so back to the small store.  I finally was able to leave Pelham after chatting with a couple that was working out in their yard.  I had seven miles to Monteagle with the climb up the mountain in there.  I was worried about the climb, but it turned out not to be bad at all.  Very pretty too and for the most part shaded.  Charles and Psyche passed again and let me know I was getting close.  Psyche had a milkshake from McD's that looked really good (but of course by the time I reached a McD's it did not sound good anymore).  At the top of the mountain, the course goes left but the hotels are to the right.  There was some kind of steak house in front of me, but wasn't sure if it would be any good.  I pulled out my phone and looked at my hotel options.  I ended up staying at the American Eagle Inn (I think was the name).  I asked the guy about the steak place and he said it was the best in Monteagle (probably the only one).  After I cleaned up, I called in an order and then headed over to get my food.  While waiting, I realized I did not get all of the sunblock off of my legs.  That crap was caked on there.  So I decided to take a bath when I got back to my room and eat my dinner again while soaking in the tub.  I eventually filled my belly and cleaned my body and headed to bed.  I had told my husband the past day or so that I was not going to make a big push to finish on Friday night.  It was crazy to make myself suffer more than necessary.  I was almost done.  I would just stop in Kimball on Friday and then finish on Saturday morning figuring the pictures would be better in the daylight anyways.
21 miles, another steak dinner, and one mountain climbed.  273.5 miles total
Day 9:  At the light of day, best laid plans go awry.  I decide that I am done with this race.  I am finishing tonight no matter what.  I just want it to be over.  Plus a little guilt from laz about having to go back up on Saturday morning.  Not too mention after reasoning it out in my head.  It made no sense to stop in Kimball and get a room, then have to go 14 more miles.  If I didn't finish before check out time then I would have to pay for another night.  (I am way too cheap for that!)  When I first tell my hubster of my new plan, he is a little shocked, but he also begins to see the reason after we've miffed each other.  Although I ended up leaving later than I intended from Monteagle (due to a storm when my alarm originally went off), I was gonna finish on Friday!  I stopped at a store for a drink, candy cigarettes, and a garbage bag.  It was still raining and in the early morning hour, I was freezing.  I reached Tracy City and found a $20 lying in the gravel lot next to the store where I stopped for a bacon biscuit.  I didn't stay long because I knew I needed to try to get to Jasper (16 miles) before the heat came.  I did stop at the DG Store and bought a pair of scissors, a  pair of gel insoles and foam insoles.  My feet were feeling pretty bad and I figured a little bit of cushion might help.  I cut both pairs of insoles for my shoes, put the foam ones in, and gave the scissors to the clerks since I didn't need them any longer.  That was a good idea! 
  Okay from Tracy City to Jasper- that is just desolate.  There seemed to be nothing.  Good thing- it was easy to find pp spots.  Bad thing- no change of scenery, seemed to take forever.  Good thing- John Price found me dragging along and chatted with me.  Whenever you see someone, it always gives you a quick pick me up.  I made it almost to the descent but the call of a closed gas station with shade was calling my name.  I laid down between the two gas pumps using the hoses to prop my unshod feet and legs up and rested my eyes for a bit.  That helped and I was able to start down the hill, even jogging some.  You should never waste a down hill.  John was at the bottom of the hill and we chatted again.  While coming into Jasper, a guy was trying to push his truck in a parking lot.  I asked if he needed help, but he was trying to push it to get it to start.  He didn't seem to think I'd be much help in that effort, but I felt bad for him.  I asked if he had a cell phone.  Turns out it was dead, so I sat and rested while he used mine to call for help.  I headed on into Jasper and found a nice little cafe to have lunch.  Best grilled chicken salad ever.  Had a slice of watermelon and an orange with it.  Good stuff.  Thank you Lord for the twenty in Tracy City because the lady's credit card machine would not work and it gave me the cash to pay for my food.  I was getting low (another reason to finish). 
  I was really starting to feel good about my chances of not only finishing, but finishing tonight!  I reached Kimball and was greeted by the sight of my mom and other dad.  I told them to meet me at the gas station up ahead.  I felt bad for not accepting anything from them, but my mom understood even though it was killing them both not to be able to even buy me a drink.  I bought my Gatorade and sat on the sidewalk chatting with them before heading out.  I was by the Wendy's and John had said it was only a half marathon left to go.  I crossed the Tennessee river for the second time.  Checked my phone camera to see if by some chance it might work- it didn't.  I headed into New Hope.  Laz called to see where I was and I let him know what road I had passed and he knew where I was and made me feel like I was getting close to 377 (the road I was watching for).  I wasn't that close.  SR156 seemed to take forever.  I finally came upon a convenience store and stopped to go potty and for fluids.  He also let me have some ice.  As I headed out a guy pulled up and asked if I was in the race and where was Diane at.  I chatted with him and he gave me a glo light.  He tried to give me another but I had to cut him off.  (I'm sorry buddy but I gotta finish this race.  It's getting late and I am a candy arse.)
Another call from laz telling me to call my mom when I reached the Alabama state line.  I finally reached the turn off and was so happy to be heading up Sand Mountain.  Happiness faded as the steepness settled in.  I finally came to the state line and called my mom.  She didn't know why I was calling.  I was feeling frustrated as to why I was calling, other than they were wanting to know where I was.  I vaguely remembered that you could see the runners at some point, but the runners were still a ways away.  Turns out I was coming up on that spot.  I heard all of the yelling from across the valley.  I waved my arms.  If I'd had the energy I would probably have mooned them, but also out of respect for my dear momma- I did not.  I just trudged along.  Abi pulled up briefly but I didn't hear what she said because another car pulled up behind her and honked the horn.  I still trudged along.  I crested and had three dogs run out to greet me.  I waved my umbrella at them and chased them back into their yard.  I kept trying to find some point on my maps to line me up to where I was on the course.  I had a lady offer to give me a ride because she had seen me walking earlier in the day. 
  Finally, CR 132-Castle Rock  Road!  woo hoo I was getting somewhere now!  I turned and kept plodding along.  About that time my mom, other dad, and hubby came up.  They took a few pictures then almost got stuck in a yard as they were turning around.  I was glad they had come up when they did because I just had a guy pull off into a drive and yell "Run Forest run".  Turned out to be the glo light guy from earlier.  He may be a nice guy, but I was tired and he kind of creeped me out.  I followed those tail lights from my mom's blazer like a drunk to a bar.  Jogging as much as I could until I'd come to a little incline.  Trudge upward, see the tail lights and jog some more.  I made it back the private drive- so pretty with all of the trees lining the drive.  I saw the power lines and started watching for the road to turn on.  Blazer had stopped, so I turned onto the road.  Then Blazer turned and I kept running off to the side trying to give them room to pass.  Finally, I just stopped and waved them past.  Through the corn field.  Laz was correct- the corn was really tall!  It was getting dark and I wished I had my flashlight.  I grabbed the glo light out of my pack and bent it.  A little light for the way.  I saw the tail lights turn down the dirt road.  I knew I was getting close.  I was singing "Zippity Doo Dah, zippity ah my oh my what a wonderful day."  I was making up lines about the race ending to fit the song and I was sounding good (Of course, now I cannot remember for the life of me what I was saying).  Then I came upon a large puddle.  I tried to decipher which side would be the best with my little glo light.  I went left, but ran into briers.  I backed back out and went right and was able to get past without soaking my feet.  Back to jogging and singing.  I could hear voices getting closer!  I saw a car.  More voices, yelling, clapping.  I slowed down because I knew there was a drop off at the rock.  I just wanted to find the rock.  Laz is telling me to hurry ("what's the hurry now!").  John is yelling for me to come to him.  He is out on the rock and I make my way to him with laz telling me to hurry, John telling me to slow down.  It was chaos- BUT I was finished as soon as John stuck me on the spot and called out time.  8 days, 13 hours, 13 minutes, and 36 seconds.  Dang I could have had 8:13:13:13 if I would have known where to go before I got there or if I hadn't been playing by the puddle like Briar Rabbit.  A couple of pics and I was allowed to sit on the 'thrown'.  I had never felt so good!
  I only had one thing left to do.  After I had rested and chatted with John, family, laz, Sherry, & Dusty, I dug into my pack for one last thing, my dad's ashes.  I walked back over to the rock and opened up the ziplock bag and let him fly.  He had traveled the whole race with me and I got him to Georgia, although not Fort Benning.  I figured he didn't always listen to what I wanted (like for him to stop drinking), I could get away with not listening completely to him.  Plus, my sister has the rest of his ashes and plans to follow his wishes- so I'm good.  When he passed away in January, and we were discussing his wishes, I knew immediately why I didn't finish the race last year.  This year I would finish and I would have extra meaning to the finish.  I didn't want my gesture to take away from my finish (or anyone else's), but it made it special to be able to do that.  My husband came over and gave me a hug and I went and sat back down.  Laz made some joke about what I was doing because he didn't really know.  I let him in on the secret that only Pat and my mom knew about.  I joked with laz that I really thought about leaving him a couple of times to lighten my pack load.  I was actually nervous that I might leave the ashes somewhere after the second night of leaving my charger.  I was careful to check every morning as I packed my bag for the day.
  I didn't want to tell anyone and if I didn't make it, have some feel sorry for me.  Plus, it was a private kind of thing but it was part of also what made my finish extra special and I feel I can share it now.
  We headed off the mountain and met up with laz and Naresh at Huddle House- and of course more rain.  The lights flickered a few times while we were eating.  The lights were out at our hotel room, but they came on in the middle of the night.
  This year was so different from last year and not just because I finished.  Last year I kept catching up to John and Stu and seeing several others.  This year other than the first day and a few hours with Jan one day, I didn't travel with anyone.  This year I never thought about quitting.  There were many times that I wanted the race to be over with or the day to be done, but not quitting.  Last year my shins were horrible and I could hardly go downhill without crying and I did not know anything about taking care of blisters.  I still don't know a lot about taking care of blisters, but I managed to only get the one heel blister the first day, then just a couple of small ones later in the week.  But they were manageable.  As for my shins, I never had any pain in them, my legs, or anything.  I was a little sore in my hips, knees, or back periodically but not outright pain (Of course, I didn't haul butt like the front runners either).  Last year I carried my ipod but never got it out.  This year if I was on a long stretch and not much traffic, I would get it out and hang it on my pack.  I probably used it maybe 5 or 6 times for an hour or so.  It was a great pick me up, but it also would start getting on my nerves.  This year I tried to enjoy myself more.  Although I did have quite a few melt downs that my husband can attest too, I remembered what Carl had said in his SJ report.  One other thing that I felt helped me was my course from home to work is 12.5 miles and I know how far different points are from home.  So if I knew I only had 4 miles to the next point, then I'd tell myself, "okay its from the pond to home."  10 miles- "from the bridge to home."  And so on.  It helped me to digest the miles.  That and I had a lot of prayer coverage over me!
  Honestly, if it wasn't for the pictures, I wouldn't believe I had even finished it.  I also feel like anyone can do this race.  I mean really, if I can finish it- anyone can!  When I was out there, I didn't think I'd ever want to go back, but I know I will.  I want to do a few other races first, but I will be back.  Shooting for my 40th birthday which is in three years.  I hope to get under 7 days or better.  I really need to finish a 50 miler and work on my speed- or at least getting out of the jogging and maybe get closer to some running.  Although my energy level is really low still after two weeks and my bruised leg from the canine has healed, I feel more energized toward wanting to run than in a really long time.  Thanks laz for a great race!  And thanks Carl for helping out and keeping me on track.  I know I was a little better knowing where I was when I called in this year; a little better.  : )
  For those that might want to know:  Counting the night in Union City before the race, I spent $594.84 on hotels (lowest was $39 and highest was $86).  I spent $238.71 + the $65 in cash I brought on food, drink, and whatever else I bought (i.e. socks, watch, umbrella.)  I also gave a small donation to the RD.  I found a twenty and some change, more so near the end of the race (thanks Dusty).  ; )
  Vol state to me is like a Christian's walk.  You have valleys and mountains.  You do a lot of things wrong and a fw right.  You hope to get the chance to do it better next time.  I feel closer to God because of VS, but I still have a long way's to go.  Kind of like I feel better about my races, but I have a long way's to go.  : )

          4 Ingredient Raspberry Colada Smoothie        

Fruity and tropical, this 4 Ingredient Raspberry Colada Smoothie is healthy, full of tart raspberries, coconut and protein for an island inspired breakfast or snack!Fruity and tropical, this 4 Ingredient Raspberry Colada Smoothie is healthy, full of tart raspberries, coconut and protein for an island inspired breakfast or snack! ” alt=”alt description” /> Originally Posted February 2015 – Post Updated January 2017.  As look out onto the snow-covered streets, I am wishing to be transported straight ahead to Florida. While...

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          A Dozen Valentine Treats on the Healthy Side        

I gathered up a dozen Simple Healthy Treats that I thought would work great for fun treats to have on Valentines. Many of them could be made heart shaped or add extra berries for more color. Be creative, have fun and enjoy!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie


My Version of Magic Shell® with Gourmet Vanilla Ice Cream

Peanut Butter Cups

Berry Creamy Carob Cake


Raspberry and Cream Chocolate Layer Cake

Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream

Angel Food Cake

My Version of Spumoni


Strawberry Cheesecake Shake

Chocolate Pudding Parfait





          Fruit and Creamsicles        
Oh goodness I certainly haven't done very much blogging this's been full of lots of other exciting things that I hope to post about soon...ish! But before the last of the heat was gone (which is always too soon for me) I wanted to be sure to post these super yummy popsicles that we have enjoyed a lot this Summer.

I have loved how simple they are and that lots of fruit are super tasty with them.  We have tried cherry, peach and strawberry. But I also think blueberry, raspberry, orange, pineapple and other fruits would be super good too.

Fruit and Creamsicles

Fruit Part:
4 cups of favorite fresh fruit (frozen works too just mostly thaw first)
1/4 cup water
1-2 Tablespoons pure maple syrup or honey (optional)

Blend ingredients in blender till smooth.

Cream Part:
2 cups coconut cream (I use the thick stuff from the top of chilled canned coconut milk more info here)
1-2 Tablespoons pure maple syrup
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
a pinch of Real Salt

Mix or whip together.

To popsicle molds add a spoonful of cream and then some fruit. Layer or marble however you would like until molds are full. Freeze until solid. Enjoy!

          A Pretty Personal Post        
Good morning!
I didn't plan on getting this blog up and making many person posts. But in light of the recent SNAP benefits challenge some other bloggists are following, I wanted to post a few things.

I'm on unpaid medical leave from my bank job. I use SNAP benefits to help pay for groceries. My boyfriend buys the rest, and we pool our money for groceries. These are some thoughts from seeing some posts.

First, I'll share what I planned for and what I bought this week:

Currently, this is my meal plan:

Sweet and Sour Stir Fry


Samosas w/ white rice

Mini shepherd's pie

Tuna cakes w/ white rice

This is a list of what I purchased at the grocery store, Big Y. I got a big discount on milk since we had a "coin" that gives us extra discounts on certain items (like a loyalty program)

Fat Free Milk ($1.88), Large eggs ($2.15), Cream cheese ($1.50)

Frozen Food:
Fillo dough ($4.39), Mixed frozen veggies ($2.50), Raspberry sherbet ($1.67), green peas ($1.50), ice cream sandwiches ($2.88)

General Grocery:
Yellow cake box ($1.25), chocolate frosting ($1.59), tuna (2 cans for $2.50), chicken ramen (2 for $0.50). pepsi cola ($1.34), pineapple chunks in syrup from the discounted grocery area (2 for $0.64), oatmeal ($2.99), whole wheat bread ($2.50), bagels (buy one get one free: $2.49)

Chicken sausages ($3.99)

Bananas ($1.65), granny smith apples ($2.57), scallions ($0.99), ginger root ($0.76), jalepenos (2 for $0.84), 2lb bag red potatoes ($4.99), strawberries ($1.99), mint ($1.99)

Total: $56.78

Looking through there's many things we could have not splurged on (such as the chocolate cake, the pepsi and ice cream sandwiches), but everyone's entitled to have something nice once in a while.

A few things:
1) Meal plan, meal plan, meal plan. I can't say it enough! Okay, I can, and that's it, but seriously do this. Go through your cupboards and see what's going on in there. I clean out my fridge and freezer every week to make sure everything is usable and start with proteins.
2) Rice! Oh my God rice. Yeah, I could have gotten healthier rice but I already had a bag of jasmine rice so I used that. I always have a bag at the house. Leftover proteins are easier to have as a meal over rice or with a rice side. It helps with not having to figure out two new sides each meal.
3) EAT before you go. I know you've heard this before, but man those grocery store owners are bastards. The bakery smells right next to where I'm going to buy my produce? You play a dangerous game, grocery store.
4) Take a list. I keep a text file open all week to jot them down when I think of them (vs. losing a piece of paper) and then e-mail it to myself. I also think of the snacks and other things I'll need and put them on there. Make sure you don't forget cat litter, paper goods, etc. Grocery stores usually put toilet paper on sale one week, and then paper towels the next so if you don't see a deal, just wait!
5) Cut down on the drinking. Not just alcohol (Andrew and I don't drink), but soda! I budget myself one bottle each week. I'm a hardcore caffeine addict, and it's been difficult but try to cut back and see how it goes. I'm drinking much more tea and enjoying it immensely. It's also a good drink for meals since I have to wait to drink it and sip it slowly.

So to conclude my rant, seriously think about your groceries. Go through them and think about what you DO need, what you're BUYING and what you can do without. I keep my receipts each week to look over them and make sure I don't overspend. Review it, and really see where your money is going!

          Recipe Review: Whole Foods' Chocolate Chip Soda Bread with Raspberry Butter        
I read a lot of food blogs

A lot. It's disturbing how many.

But recently I've been in an incredible rut of what to cook. I feel like the kid opening up the fridge 10 times thinking they'll find something new in there each time. And it's not helpful.

But the other day I came across Whole Foods' recipe for Chocolate Chip Soda Bread w/ Raspberry Butter and I just had to try it out!

I did it according to all directions on there. Cutting in the butter with my fingers made me a little nervous as they never really went to "pebbles" as it described on the website. However the rest was simple to follow and very straightforward.

Andrew isn't a big fan of soda bread, so next time I might break it down in half since the loaf is pretty big for one person. It's definitely filling and more of a desert bread.

The only thing I did not enjoy was the raspberry butter. The amount of fat in it made me a bit sick to my stomach, so I recommend skipping that and macerating some raspberries or strawberries and putting those on top. It makes it a big lighter and not so butter heavy (you can see the recipe calls for a stick and a half which is a LOT).

All in all I enjoyed the bread and have something to snack on during the week.

What's one of your go to recipes that you've changed up because of feedback?

          Rainy, rainy day!        
Well! It's been a bit whacky here in the Northeast. Today I woke up, thought about going to the pool because it was already hot, but knew it was going to rain. And boy, did it rain!

The rain made it's own pool at our complex!

Makeshift bird bath!

Where's all the seed? What's this nonsense?
Alright, enough with bird photos.

I had a bit of a whacky night in the kitchen, honestly! I decided to make these potato cakes earlier in the week since our potato supply needs to be used up. I had looked at a few different recipes, and came up with one that worked for me.
And, surprisingly, I was in the mood for a "meat and potatoes" meal. As many of you already know I rarely eat red meat so this came as a surprise! So I grabbed a can of green beans, the potatoes, and made myself a delicious meal!

Potato Cakes
4-6 baby red potatoes, mashed (Already cooked them with skins on, added 2tbsp butter, salt, pepper, paprika, garlic salt and almond milk, mashed em up and let them cool)
1/2 C Italian bread crumbs
1/2 C Chipotle panko bread crumbs
1/4 C chicken broth
2 tbsp chopped onions
Salt, pepper, garlic salt to taste
2tbsp oil for frying

Mix all the ingredients together and form them into patties. Fry them until golden brown and let them cool on a cooling rack placed over paper towels.
Add brown gravy to make them even more delicious!
Makes about 8-9 patties
When flipping them over, pat them lightly back into shape by poking them with your spatula.

Honestly, I was so sad when I made my first batch. I used WAY too much oil and they fell apart in the pan. So I decided, eh, whatever I'll just try it again. I loathe making such stupid kitchen mistakes. But sometimes, all you can do is throw it in the disposal, wipe your hands on your apron and go again.

And they came out DELICIOUS!

See the mini bell peppers at the top? ANOTHER kitchen mistake! I have an electric stove, and ended up heating up my cast iron griddle instead of the pot I needed for the gravy and figured hell, if it's already hot I might as well throw something on it.
Protip: I love the sound the seeds make as they pop inside the peppers! It makes me smile for some reason.

Anyway, boyfriend had to work tonight so I decided to throw together a bento for him!
He has: Carrot sticks, wheat thins, pepperoni, potato cakes, green beans, kiwi and strawberry.
These potato cakes are so delicious I might be going from referring him as Boyfriend to Husband. He'd marry me for these cakes. And now ladies, you too can make your man want to marry you with potatoes!

After all these kitchen mishaps and very silly wedding thoughts I wanted to treat myself. I've found that I'm in love with Pinkberry - but am poor on a budget, so I had to make do with what was at home!

Raspberry sorbet with kiwi chunks, chocolate chips and whipped cream! YUM!

I hope your evening wasn't rained out and that delicious food came from your kitchen!
Take care!
          Breakfast is the best time of the day        
It's no secret: I love breakfast. Any meal that I can sit around in my pajamas and cook is a great meal to me. There are so many different great breakfast recipes  out there that there's a plethora to choose from - it's almost overwhelming!

But the other day I was sitting around in my PJs watching TV when I saw Melissa d'Arabian make a Dutch Baby and it looked delicious.I figured it's an easy enough recipe that I couldn't really mess it up, even if I was half awake.

So to cut the story short, it's over 100 degrees outside and where am I? In the kitchen. Oy vey.

The Dutch Baby was easy as heck to make, and I followed the recipe to the T. Then I added some caramelized bananas on top and it was heaven on a plate.

Caramelizing bananas are easy by the way:
1. Let 1 tbsp of unsalted butter melt in a pan
2. Slice bananas lengthwise then across
3. Cover them in brown sugar. I didn't go bananas overboard on the sugar because I didn't want it to taste like sugar and butter. I like bananas.
4. Place them in the pan and let them brown. Patience is a virtue with this. If you've ever had to caramelize onions you know it can take a while. Just let them groove. It'll all work out in the end.
5. Take them out and put them on a plate and top everything with them. I mean everything. French toast, ice cream (make a little breakfast sundae? Yes please!)

So that was my breakfast/lunch, and it was incredibly easy and done within 45 minutes. That gave me plenty of time to wake up a little bit and plan for my day while breakfast baked/sizzled away.

If you live in the northeast, what are your plans to beat the heat? I plan to be at the pool most of the day under a very protective layer of sunscreen. I'm painfully Irish so it's SPF 5000 for me.

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          Cinnamon Apple Oaty Bake        
I'll be the first to say it: I'm not a baker. I'd much rather be throwing random ingredients into a pan and figure it out as I go along. There's just so much planning and thinking with baking.

But then I thought, well why can't I just throw together what I have? It wasn't baking itself that was holding back my creativity, is was my own mental block with baking!

And so I decided that I wanted to have something oaty with cinnamon. And why not apples? And crap, I bought this soy flour and can't find the recipe I wanted to use, so I'll just throw that in there too! And a little bit later, with some common sense guidelines to ingredients, I came out with my Cinnamon Apple Oaty Bake.

And oh my goodness is this delicious.

My favourite way that I've discovered I like this is warm with some of your preference of jelly. I had some pomegrante raspberry jam that I put over the top. Oh em gee!

Cinnamon Apple Oaty Bake
1/2 Apple, peeled & sliced (I used fuji, but granny smith would hold up well)
2/3 cup old fashioned oats
1 1/2 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp sugar
1 tbsp water
1 tbsp soy flour
2/3 cup milk (fat free)
2 tbsp & 2 tsp vegetable oil
1/4 tsp salt

Makes 4 muffin cups

1. Preheat your oven to 290 degrees F.
2. Put four muffin wrappers in your muffin tin
3. Combine all the ingredients in a medium sized bowl.
4. Disperse "batter" between four cups evenly.
5. Bake at 290F for 25 minutes, until browned on top
6. Let cool and eat or serve warm with jelly!

I hope you can experiment with this and come up with fun varients. Enjoy!
          Raspberry Pi Zero W Ä°ncelemesi        

Merhabalar, Bu yazımızda stoklara bittiği gibi kendini tüketen Raspberry Pi Zero W’nin incelemesini yapmaya çalışacağım.Raspberry Pi ürünlerinin Türkiye dağıtıcısı olan Samm Teknoloji‘ye teşekkür ederiz. Bu ürünün incelenmesi için bize gönderim sağlayan Ramazan Subaşı‘ya çokça teşekkürlerimizi sunarız. Biraz inceleme için geç oldu tabi, onun içinde kendisinden özür dileriz 🙂 Çoğunuzun bileceği üzere, meşhur 1 Raspberry Pi …

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          Cómo montar una mini consola con Raspberry Pi        
¿Te gustaría construirte tu propia mini consola retro para disfrutar de juegos de NES, SNES, MegaDrive, Super Nintendo, Gameboy, PSP, N64, PC/MSDOS, etc... por menos de unos 70 euros? ¡Aquí te explico como, paso a paso!
          Balancing The Hormones        

Do you sense your hormones going haywire? Are you a victim of mood swings, irregular menstruation, unexplained unhappiness and weight fluctuations? Well, you need to get your hormones in control. Hormones are vital chemical messengers that affect our overall health. Hormones like estrogen, testosterone, adrenaline and insulin are secreted by many important glands and organs like thyroid, adrenals, pituitary, ovaries, testicles and pancreas which work together to control the level of hormones flowing through the body, and if any of them is imbalanced it can lead to major health issues. This results in people resorting to synthetic hormone replacement therapies, birth control pills, insulin injections, thyroid medications which eventually makes them dependent on the drugs for the rest of their lives. Sadly, the medications only mask the lifestyle disease instead of solving it hence it leads to irregularities in other areas of the body. This is not all, it may often also lead to serious side effects such as stroke, osteoporosis, anxiety, reproductive problems, cancer etc. Folks, if you are suffering from hormonal imbalance there are natural ways to balance your hormones via herbs, proper lifestyle and food. 
If you have hormone imbalances your body could be harmed by the following: Infertility and irregular periods Unexplained weight gain or weight loss Depression and anxiety Fatigue Insomnia Low libido or drive Changes in appetite Digestive or gut health problems Unexplained Hair loss and hair thinning Endometriosis and reproductive issues Nerve damage Eyesight Issues 
 Herbs To Boost Hormone Health 
1. Maca 
It has been used for centuries by people for fertility, hormonal balance, libido, immune system and endurance. This herb works and adapts to each body’s circumstances and balances hormones depending on the needs. If a person is producing too much or too little of a hormone, it will either increase the deficient hormone or decreasing the body’s production of the profuse hormone besides acting as a regulator it checks to not get out of control. This herb is not just for women, men benefit greatly from it.

 2. Red Raspberry Leaf Just like a tea, this is a nutrient dense power packed herb, strengthens the uterine, rich source of vitamins like C and minerals, helps increase fertility in both men and women, prevents miscarriage or hemorrhage, and helps decrease heavy blood flow and painful menstrual cramps. This one is ideal for hormonal health. 

 3. Chaste Tree Berry or Vitex This herb is a famous hit for hormone regulation. Helps in treating endometriosis, infertility, PMS, preventing miscarriage, menopausal symptoms, regulates menstrual cycle. It works to help naturally balance the body’s hormones and regulating the pituitary gland because if this is not balanced it may throw off the balance of the other glands. 4. Milk Thistle Milk Thistle is one of the best liver cleansing herbs, a healthy liver is important for hormone balance and toxic removal. If you liver’s not in the pink of health, with surplus estrogen and lack of progesterone due to it, excess estrogens get filtered out of the body through the liver. So if the liver is choked, stagnant the body cannot eliminate these excess estrogens and they re-enter the body and lead to further hormonal imbalance and disruption.

 5. Oatstraw This beautiful herb typically strengthens the nerves, calms the body, strengthens the blood, stabilizes moods, strengthens digestion, soothes stomach, balances the endocrine system and hormone producing glands, benefits the hair, skin, and nails, cholesterol lowering, and improves heart health. Food Fix
 Eat Healthy Fats – You can keep your hormones in check by including varied fats to create hormones, these essential fats are essential building blocks for hormone production, they keep inflammation levels low, boost metabolism and promote weight loss. Anti-inflammatory, healthy fats are coconut oil, avocados, grass-fed butter and wild-caught salmon.  Avoid caffeine, alcohol and turn to matcha green tea. Nutritionist Shipra Samanta says, ‘Eat organic as much as possible and befriend fresh seafood. Reduce stress and sleep well to balance hormones. Avoid chemicals at home like pesticides, plastic, household cleaners, or mattresses and beauty products with disrupting chemicals all these things keep the body from producing real hormones. Get enough Vitamin D and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Indulge in balancing exercises like walking, swimming, cycling. As far as herbs are concerned, we would recommend Indian herb Ashwagandha aka Withania somnifera, helps the endocrine system, a balancing effect on the adrenal glands and the thyroid. People with thyroid have got help as it reduces stress, improves blood circulation, prevents premature, aphrodisiac. Also American ginseng is another, although it has a milder work compared to the Chinese ginseng, it helps the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal maintaining hormonal balance.’

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          Three Little RPi, All in a Row        

My 3 Pi + 0.14159265 for the case.

element14 delivered my third and last --for now-- Raspberry Pi. Now it's time to get down and dirty with the experiments.

What I've learned so far is that the audio is a challenge to set up. Some HDMI displays need a little help, and that when it comes to video, the hardware is willing, but the software is weak.

As you can see I found a case I could print on the RepRap, though it took me a few tries with adjustments to the scad file to get it to fit right.

The Raspberry Pi community is coming through with some awesome support, notably a fan magazine called MagPi. They're working on their third issue already.

My next objective is to do something with the GPIO pins. The MagPi is going to help out there since its the subject of a lengthy article in the 2nd issue.

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          Thoughts for ArtServe Interview        
Computer interface in a shoe box.

Today I had an interview with Jennifer Baum, a writer for ArtServe Michigan. They're doing an article on the Kalamazoo Makers Guild meetup group. In preparation for our discussion Jennifer was kind enough to supply me with some topics we might discuss and I jotted down some notes while I thought about what I would say. Here are those notes and roughly what I said.
About Kalamazoo Makers Guild...

The Kalamazoo Maker's Guild is a group of people interested in DIY technology, science and design. We more or less pattern ourselves after the Homebrew Computer Club that founded Silicon Valley. Like them, our members tend to have some background in a related profession, but that's by no means a prerequisite. This group is about the things we do for fun, because they interest us, and anybody can be interested in making stuff. We meet every couple of months, report on the status of our various projects and sometimes listen to a presentation or hold an ad hoc roundtable on a topic that catches our interest. "Probably the most useful aspect of the group is that you start to feel accountable to the other members of the group and you're motivated to make progress on your project before the next meeting."

How did it get started...

When I gave up my web design business I ended the professional graphic design association I'd formed on, and then I had room on the service to start another group. MAKE magazine had really caught my attention. I did a few projects from the magazine and thought it would be fun and helpful to know other people who were working on the same kinds of things. The group didn't get going, though, until about 8 months ago when Al Hollaway from the       posted to an online forum about RepRap 3D printers at the same time I was building one. He wanted to meet and talk about RepRap. I told him about my Meetup group. We joined forces and here we are. is a great web site because it's a web service that's all about meeting people nearby in person to share a common interest.

About membership and kinds of projects ...

The group is growing steadily now. We have twenty something members and we're seeing membership tick up at an increasing rate month to month. We have a high school student who is working designing assistive devices for the blind using sonic rangefinders, one member who last meeting showed off a prototype of computer interface built into a shoe box, and another member is on the verge of completing a working DIY Segway (the self-balancing scooter) made using a pair of battery-powered drills for motors. Al should be done with his RepRap 3D printer and I've just finished my 2nd. At least two other members are in some stage of building their own 3D printers. I'm building both a laser etcher and a 3D scanner right now, and I'm excited to start playing with the products of a couple Kickstarter projects I've backed. There are a few of us about to start building CNC milling machines, and there's been a lot of excitement in the group around the brand new, hard-to-get Raspberry Pi (a $25 computer.) Almost all the members so far have dabbled in a bit of Arduino hacking. One member is designing a flame thrower for Burning Man. Another is making a calibration device for voltage meters. So, there's a range of things going on.

Where do I see this headed....

Our approach to this group has been to learn from the mistakes other groups have made. All of the other groups I've seen in Kalamazoo start out with facilities and try to bring in members to support and justify it. Getting people to work on actual projects that interest them is something that comes later down the road. It's the, "if you build it they will come" approach. Those groups quickly get into trouble managing the building and funding, and they go away. We're coming at it from the opposite direction. We're gathering together a community of makers first, people who are already doing things on their own. Once we reach a tipping point then we'll worry about the next step, like getting a hackerspace put together. That kind of bottom-up approach is, I think, much more sustainable and durable, and it fits in with our modern culture (particularly in the maker subculture.)  It was good enough for Homebrew, so it's good enough for us.

About impact...

Silicon Valley came out of a group like this, so the potential is there for us to have a big impact on the community. Being a college town we have access to a lot of smart people, and Kalamazoo has a strong progressive, energetic, entrepreneurial vibe going on. I think what's more likely, though, is that we will have an impact in aggregate with all the other makers--groups and individuals--around the globe.

"Makers aren't just hacking new technologies, we're hacking a new economy. We're trying to figure out how to live in a world without scarcity."

The unsung official slogan of the RepRap project is, "wealth without money."

I don't know that another story like Apple is likely to happen again. Steve Jobs relied on a very traditional, very closed model for his business, as did most of the people of that era who went on to make a name for themselves in technology. The ethos of that time was centered around coming up with a big idea and capitalizing on that idea to the exclusion of the competition. It's interesting that even then this view was at odds with that of his partner, Steve Wozniak, who was content to build computers in his garage and share what he learned with his friends at Homebrew. In this way Wozniak was much more like the modern maker/hacker and is probably one of this hobby's forefathers.

Makers/hackers today are all about open-ness and sharing -- not in a hippy, touchy-feely kind of way, but in a calculated way that weighs the costs and benefits of being open verses closed. The success of Linux and the ever increasing number of open source software, and now hardware, projects has proven that there's enormous power in being open. "We tend to think that's the way to change the world."

About the Maker Movement....

I know there are a lot of people who are keen to talk about the "maker movement" but I'm not so sure that I would characterize it as a movement. If it is, then it started in the 60's with people like my dad who were HAM radio enthusiasts and tinkered around with making their own radios and antennas. I think that what we're observing and calling a movement is really an artifact of reaching the steep part of Moore's Law. Ray Kurzweil is famous for talking about this phenomenon. The pace of advances in technology is itself accelerating, it's exponential, and moving so fast now that if you're not paying close attention things seem to pop out of nowhere. For makers, technology has reached a point where Moore's Law has forced down prices and increased the availability of things that just a few years ago were far out of reach. We're just taking those things and running with it. In effect, we're just the people paying close attention.

About me...

I started college in the engineering program at WMU, but I couldn't hack it and dropped out. I went back to community college and got a degree in graphic design. In my professional life I've been paid to be a web designer, photographer, videographer, IT manager, technical document writer, photo lab manager, artist, and I've even been paid to be a poet. For fun I do all those things and also play guitar, peck at a piano, and watch physics and math lectures from the MIT OpenCourseWare web site, do exercises on Khan Academy, play board games and roleplaying games, and commit acts of crafting -- woodworking and model making. For work, I now teach at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts. I've taught web design, digital illustration and this fall I'll be teaching classes in 3D modeling and 3D printing with the RepRap 3D printer I have on loan there. I live near downtown Kalamazoo with my wife and many pets, including a 23 year old African Grey parrot named KoKo.

Post interview notes...

I mentioned SoliDoodle, the fully assembled, $500 3D printer. The big hackerspace in Detroit is called i3detroit. Also, Chicago has Pumping Station: One. I'm on the forums for both and will be visiting each this summer. The presentation about 3D scanning we had was from Mike Spray of Laser Abilities. You can actually see the entire presentation on my YouTube channel. Thingiverse was the web site that I kept going on about where you can find 3D designs for printing.

          Raspberry Pi First Impressions        

It's my Pi!
The long wait is over and I finally have my hands on an actual Raspberry Pi. Initial impressions was that I'm really nervous about getting this protected and supported in a case. It's no more vulnerable to abuse than any other PCB, but a case will give me some peace of mind.
Getting the SD card was easier than I thought it would be, and the instructions at http;// were clear and easy to follow. One caveat, however: they don't explain that the partitions need to be adjusted after you dd (the command for copying the image onto the SD card) the image onto the card. It gives you a filesystem partition of about 1.7 GB and if you have a 4GB card, a bunch of it is going unused if you don't fix it. I used gparted on an Ubuntu computer to move the swap partition to the end of the unallocated space and then grow the filesystem partition to fit. I'm pretty sure it would be a bad idea to change the start point of the filesystem partition, and I didn't. 
It was a little dicey on first boot. I was a little dissapointed because it didn't sync up with my plasma TV via HDMI right away. I got some horizontal lines going across the screen. Information to help me troubleshoot this issue is hard to find, and the search function on the Raspberry Pi forums is, as one element14 user put it, "about as useful as a fish on a bicycle." I punted and switched over to the RCA output and that was no problem. Then I tried HDMI on the presentation projector, and that was fine too. 
Getting the audio to work was a small saga, which I can not now relate because the file containing my notes are on the Raspberry Pi.
I have two more units on order with element14, which I'm happy to see both have delivery dates now. This first one was from England through RS Components. I'll have it a whole month before the first one from Newark element14 gets here. I registered interest with RS in the first hour of the announcement, and at element14 about 9 hours later. Not sure how that 9 hours really accounts for a month's worth of delay. I suspect things are just especially slow at element14. 

This is a repost of my article on WixsonIT. Follow updates there.

          Product Snapshot: Vaalia Whipped Probiotic Raspberry Yoghurt         
Product Snapshot: Vaalia Whipped Probiotic Raspberry Yoghurt

It seems what’s old is new again with Vaalia recently bringing out a whipped yoghurt. This whipped yoghurt is more like mousse in texture. I can’t help but wonder whether it’s just a good cost-saving tactic by the manufacturers to add air to yoghurt so they need less, well, yoghurt. Time to find out what it’s really like...


Catherine Saxelby

          Four Fruit Clafoutis        
Up until now I’ve always mourned the passing of the fresh cherry season because it meant the end of clafoutis, one of my favourite puddings. Courtesy of River Cottage Baking, I’ve discovered that you can use other fruits and I duly celebrated with a blackberry, blueberry, raspberry and mulberry clafoutis with fruit picked from the garden. […]
          Small is Beautiful        
Raspberries are delicious – it’s hard to think of anyone who doesn’t love them – especially when they are freshly picked, but they do need a fair bit of space to crop well – until now. Thompson & Morgan have a new, compact and multi-branching raspberry called ‘Ruby Beauty’ that can be grown on its […]
          Be You, Bravely ATC        

Here is an ATC I created for the Mixed Up! Swap in the Vera Lane Studio Facebook group. I used the head of one of the zombie flowers from the Cindy Clawford set, the body from the You are Magic set, and the legs from the Girl and Cat with Hats set from Vera Lane Studio.

I coloured her with Faber Castell watercolour pencils and fussy cut out all of the different pieces. I added Glossy Accents to her one eye.

I added clear Wink of Stella to her flower petals and purple Stickles to her dress. 

I added black stripped skinny washi tape along the bottom. 

I edged along the entire ATC with Black Soot Distress ink.

Here's a look at just the background:
For the background, I used an ATC stencil from Joggles called Mini Cyclone and Distress Inks in Picked Raspberry, Wild Honey and Broken China.

Thanks for having a look.

Talk to ya soon xx

          Love Star ATC        

Here is an ATC I made using the digital stamp set Star from Vera Lane Studio. 

I coloured her with watercolour pencils and a water brush. 

I added some heart stickers in her hair and on her dress.

Here is a look @ the background:

I used Tim Holtz watercolour paper and Distress Ink in Picked Raspberry and Tumbled Glass. I stamped some hearts in Fired Brick while the background was still wet. 

I stamped and white embossed some hearts and flicked on some shimmer paint mixed with water.

I used some Tim Holtz word stickers for the sentiment and edged around them with a red gel pen.

I stamped some arrows with black Archival Ink.

I would like to enter this in the following challenge:

Challenge #243: Owl (All) You Need is Love 
Check it out here: Wicked Wednesday ATC Challenge

Thanks for having a look.

Talk to ya soon xx

          Grow From Love ATC        

Here is an ATC I made for the VLS "Swap It" Facebook swap using digital stamps from the sets Best Friends (girl head) and Love You the Bone (flower stem) from Vera Lane Studio.

I used watercolour paper and Distress Inks in Broken China, Pickled Raspberry and Seedless Preserves. I watered down some Dylusions Paint in Bubblegum pink and let it drip from top.

I white embossed some circles with stamps from Inkadinkado. I used the dot fade stencil from Tim Holtz with Black Soot Distress Ink.

I coloured the images with Prismacolour markers and fussy cut them out. I used Stickles on the flower in her hair. I used clear Wink of Stella on the stem and in her hair.

I used silver glitter washi tape along the bottom.

I edged the entire ATC with black Archival Ink and used some Tim Holtz sticker words for the sentiment.

Thanks for having a look.

Talk to ya soon. xx
          Rest Your Wings ATC        

Here is an ATC I made for the "Put a Bird on It" swap in the Vera Lane Studio FB group. The bird image is a freebie.

I used Distress Inks in Salty Ocean, Mustard Seed, and Picked Raspberry for the background. 

I white embossed some dots and silver embossed some spirals. 

I used a Tim Holtz alphabet stencil and Distress Paint in picket fence.

I coloured the bird with coloured pencils and gamsol. I added Glossy Accents to the feathers on the body and to the bird's eyes. 

I drew my own tree branch and coloured it with Prismacolour markers. 

I added some Tim Holtz word stickers for the sentiment. 

Thanks for having a look.

Talk to ya soon xx

          RaspyFi – Linux dla audiofila        
RaspyFi to nowa dystrybucja Linuksa, która zaprojektowano z myslą o przekształceniu RaspberryPi w miniaturowy sprzęt audiofilski. Współpracuje z wieloma przetwornikami analogowo-cyfrowymi; ich pełną listę można znaleźć na stronie projektu. Idea jest prosta: podłączamy swoje RaspberryPi do wzmacniacza, siadamy w fotelu z pilotem (którym może być dowolne urządzenie z Andriodem lub iOS-em) i cieszymy się odtwarzaną […]
          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 04-21-2016 with DJ K-Nee        

Louie Vega- Brand New Day - Elements Of Life
Stacy Epps- Floatin - Floatin Single
Prince- I Wanna Be Your Lover Dimitri From Paris ReEdit - I Wanna Be Your Lover dimitri From Paris Reedit Single
Prince- When Doves Cry - The Hits The BSides
Prince- 1000 Xs Os - HITNRUN Phase One
Prince- Sign O The Times - Sign O The Times
J Rawls- A Tribute To Troy - J Rawls Presents The Liquid Crystal Project
Andre Zimma YeSolar- Cosmic Tree - Extensions 4Hero Presents
PM Dawn- Set Adrift On Memory Bliss Radio Edit - Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Positive Flow- My Prediction feat Omar - Flow Lines
Captain Planet- Get You Some feat Brit Lauren - Cookin Gumbo
Sango- She Said - Da Rocinha 3
Anthony Valadez- Under Water feat Mar The Park Full Crate Remix - Under Water feat Mar The Park Single
DJ Shadow- The Mountain Will Fall - The Mountain Will Fall
Jono McCleery- Fire In My Hands - Fire In My Hands Single
Disclosure- Holding On feat Gregory Porter - Caracal
Urban Soul- Alright Club Mix From 1991 - Alright Systematic Presents Lost Treasures Vol 6 Single
Prince- 1999 - 1999
Prince The Revolution- Raspberry Beret - Around The World In A Day
Maribou State- Wallflower - Wallflower Lane 8 Remix Single
DJ Zinc- Show Me - Show Me Single
SHUYA OKINO- Deep Into Sunshine FeatNDea Davenport - DESTINY
QTip- Life Is Better feat Norah Jones - The Renaissance
The Slakadeliqs- Dream On - The Other Side Of Tomorrow
Prince The New Power Generation- Cream - The Hits The BSides
Prince The Revolution- Purple Rain - Purple Rain Soundtrack From The Motion Picture
Maxwell- Lake By The Ocean - Lake By The Ocean Single
Michal Menert FKeepLove C1 Paul Basic- Sweet Remorse - Sweet Remorse Single
Josef Salvat- Open Season Gryffin Remix - Open Season Gryffin Remix
Prince The Revolution- Lets Go Crazy - Purple Rain Soundtrack From The Motion Picture

playlist URL:
          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 08-04-2014 with Barry Roark        

Toots The Maytals- Funky Kingston - The Best Of Toots The Maytals Millennium Collec
The Wolfgang Press- Chains Wobble Mix - Going South EP
Midlake- The Old And The Young - Antiphon
Adam Rosenthal- Fishermans Blues - Luck In Livingrooms
Temples- Test Of Time - Sun Structures
Lapcat- Its All Here - Trickster Trickster
Acoustinauts- Passion Snakes - Inhale Einstein
Beck- Feather In Your Cap - Odelay Deluxe Edition
The GOASTT- Animals - Midnight Sun
Mac Demarco- Blue Boy - Salad Days
Sly Robbie- Great Wall - Underwater Dub
The Charlatans- Weirdo - Between 10th And 11th
Adriana Evans- Never Thought - Walking With The Night
Delroy Williams- Your Mind Dub - Rockers Allstar Explosion
Phox- Raspberry Seed - Phox
Roger Waters- The Tide Is Turning After Live Aid - Radio KAOS
Tom Petty The Heartbreakers- Swingin - Echo
The Ting Tings- Soul Killing - Sounds From Nowheresville
Townes Van Zandt- The Hole - No Deeper Blue
The Black Keys- 10 Lovers - Turn Blue
Herbie Hancock- Rockit - Future Shock
The Balancing Act- Who Got The Pearls - New Campfire Songs
Sinad OConnor- You Made Me The Thief Of Your Heart - So Far The Best Of Sinad OConnor
Agitpop- Five Day Forecast - Back At The Plain Of Jars
Abecedarians- Spaghetti Western - Eureka
The Waterboys- The Pan Within Album Version - Karma To Burn
Damon Albarn- You Me - Everyday Robots
Cut Copy- Lights Music - In Ghost Colours
Various Artists- Thievery Corporation Honeymoon Suite - PSYCHO
Various Artists- The Tower That Ate People Peter Gabriel - Red Planet

playlist URL:
          Raspberry Puree - Frozen - 85% Fruit - 2.2Lbs - Kosher - $36.40         
          Cosmic Carrot Lemon Cheesecake with Red Raspberry Sauce        

I’ve got a bit of a bakery habit. While I rarely feel any pull to actually buy one of the gorgeous cakes – I know that despite their lovely appearances, they’re made of low-energy, dead food products like white flour, sugar and butter – I really love to ogle them. I admire the artistry that is patisserie. In fact I know that many of the master bakers out there, while they may differ with me on matters of diet, hold the same core philosophy close to their hearts: namely, using the best quality ingredients and preparing their little delicacies with the utmost attention to detail. Ultimately, it comes back to that old hang-up of mine: integrity.

Look, I’m not trying to argue the merits of pastry. No matter if your baker is using the finest flour and organic butter imported from France. That croissant is still nutritionally dead. Despite its beauty, it’s not doing anything to make you a glowing diva radiating an aura of earthly energy. I’m just giving credit where credit is due: to the creativity and artistry of the patissiere.

My latest addiction is a little cake shop on Little Collins Street in Melbourne. They make the most delicate, gorgeously petit cakes – miniature versions of French classics with contemporary twists. One that I’ve really admired lately is the “cosmopolitan:” a layer of carrot cake, a layer of cheesecake, and a topping of raspberry jam. I just had to have a go at rawifying it.
I’ll be the first to admit that mine didn’t come out nearly as pretty as the delicacies on display at Le Petit Gateaux. Then again, I haven’t been disciplined under the exacting eye of a French patissiere! So I’ll give myself a break in terms of design, and suffice it to say that the flavors are HOT. Sweet, spicy carrot cake, given a depth of flavour with the additional superfood boost of mesquite meal, layered with lemony cashew cheesecake and tied together with the sweet-tart, lip smacking sensuality of raspberry-honey sauce. This is a super-powered cake. Carrots, coconut, mesquite, cashews, lemons (from my lemon tree!), dates, berries, honey – this cake is seriously nutritious. Yup, my cake packs more vitamins than most people’s so called “healthy” meals, but don’t eat it for that reason. Eat it because it’s delicious, it makes you feel great, and because there’s absolutely no reason that every single bite you put into your mouth shouldn’t satisfy on every level.

Cosmic Carrot Lemon Cheesecake with Red Raspberry Sauce


1 cup dried coconut
1/2 cup macadamia nuts
1/2 cup dates
pinch himalayan salt

Carrot Cake Layer

3 1/3 cups finely grated carrot
1 cup sunflower seeds
1 1/2 cups medjoool dates (pitted)
1 1/3 cups shredded coconut
2/3 cup mesquite meal
1 tsp grated nutmeg
2 tsp ground cinnamon
Cheesecake Layer

2 cups cashews
1/3 cup lemon juice
1/2 cup honey
1/2 cup coconut oil
1 small vanilla bean
water, as needed

Raspberry Sauce

2 cups raspberries, fresh or frozen and defrosted
2 Tbsp honey, softened

For the crust: Grind macadamias and coconut in food processor. Add dates. Press into the bottom of a cake pan.

For the carrot cake layer: Squeeze as much moisture as possible out of the shredded carrots. Grind the sunflower seeds to a powder in the food processor. Add dates and process to combine. Add shredded coconut, mesquite meal, nutmeg and cinnamon, and pulse a few times. Add carrots and process until combined, leaving some texture.

Press half (or all, of you prefer 2 layers) of the carrot cake mixture on top of the crust, and place the cake in the freezer to set a bit while preparing the next layer.

For the lemon cheesecake layer: If honey and coconut oil are firm, melt over a double boiler. Combine cashews, lemon juice, melted honey and coconut oil and vanilla bean in food processor or high powered blender and whir until smooth, adding water slowly as needed (up to 1/2 cup).

Smooth half of the cheesecake mixture over the carrot cake layer. Place in freezer for 10 minutes to solidify, then top with the remaining carrot cake mixture. Again, freeze to solidify, then top with remaining cheesecake mixture.

Will keep frozen for a few weeks, about 1 week in the refrigerator.

Make sauce just before serving: Soften honey over a double boiler, then combine with raspberries and mash with a fork. Drizzle over each serving of cake.
          Comentario en ¿Qué es MP4? por pure raspberry ketone side effects        
First of all I would like to say fantastic blog! I had a quick question which I'd like to ask if you do not mind. I was curious to know how you center yourself and clear your mind before writing. I have had difficulty clearing my mind in getting my ideas out. I truly do enjoy writing however it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are generally lost simply just trying to figure out how to begin. Any suggestions or hints? Appreciate it!
          Comentario en ¿Qué es MP4? por pure raspberry ketone drops        
I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you make this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz respond as I'm looking to design my own blog and would like to find out where u got this from. thanks
          Comment on Raspberry pi som vekkerklokke by Svein Ove Undal        
Hmm, har ikkje våre særlig borti openelec. Men lurer på om det er lettare å bruke ein spotify plugin til xbmc, som spotyxbmc
          Comment on Raspberry pi som vekkerklokke by reaVen        
Kunne du forklart hvordan man kan få spotify til å funke med openelec på raspberry pi. Jeg har alt annet enn musikk-streaming på min nå. xbmc + plex funker utmerket, men finner ikke en guide på hvordan få spotify til å funke med openelec.
          Có bán 0908431997 ….gia…. 2110000         
Tag: Sim Mobifone đẹp đầu 0906

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          ÐÐ°Ñ‚уральные соки, фрукты и брызги сока, этикетки с ягодами и фруктами вектор        
Натуральные соки, фрукты и брызги сока, этикетки с ягодами и фруктами вектор

Нарисованные стаканы с соками из разных фруктов и овощей: морковь, помидоры, груши, виноград, клубника, персики, ананас, кокс, слива, фрукты в брызгах сока, а также этикетки с нарисованными фруктами и ягодами.
Натуральные соки, фрукты и брызги сока, этикетки с ягодами и фруктами вектор. Set of vector fruit juice splash in a glass, pineapple, strawberry, raspberry and blackberry
7 files | EPS + preview | 98 Mb

          Baked Raspberry Lemon Donuts        

I have some exciting news to share! After a lot of soul searching and self reflection, I have decided to enrol in the Professional Culinary Nutrition Expert Program at the Academy of Culinary Nutrition. The program is a distance education program developed by the incredibly inspiring Meghan Telpner – author of Undiet and The Undiet Cookbook. The curriculum focuses on honing your skills in the kitchen in addition to learning about how food can maintain good health and help people thrive. I really do think the program is the perfect fit for me, as it marries two of my passions – cooking...

[ Read more... ]

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          Double Chocolate Coconut Energy Bites        

Although I eat a lot whole grains, vegetables and legumes throughout the day, I have a bad habit of having something sweet after both lunch and dinner. It’s a habit that I’m trying to break, as I know sweet treats should be…well…treats! They should not be a twice-a-day sort of thing. Nor should they be full of processed sugar and oil. But I’m such a sucker for my mom’s vegan chocolate raspberry shortbread bars. *drools* As of late, I’ve been trying out different “treat” recipes that are made with natural sugars (mainly pure maple) and filled with both protein and fibre....

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          Comment on DGRadio: 08.14.2013 by John        
Hey Bruben! Hilden's the big MGS fan. I'm more or less a casual fan. Loved the first, played about half of the second, skipped three, and played through four. It's a great series for sure, but one that I never got too far into. Moe was in the same boat as you just a few years ago. He hated beer. The trick to getting him started was fruity beers. I believe the first one he enjoyed was some sort of raspberry Belgian beer with a pink silhouette of a woman on it. No joke. But hey, whatever does the trick. Once your palate gets used to it, it'll open the door to a world of deliciousness. I didn't like beer until I visited Germany and tasted what REAL beer was supposed to be. If all you're drinking is shitty American macro-brews, you'll hate beer. My suggestion is to take some cash to a *good* liquor store. Most good stores usually have single bottles you can sample. If you need to, start with something fruity. Beyond that, maybe go with a light German beer like a Hefeweizen. Have any more questions? Feel free to ask!
          Natural Products Expo West 2014        
I finally decided to stop being jealous of Quarrygirl's Natural Products Expo West blog posts and go visit the mecca for myself. Safe to say, I was blown away by the size and the quality of the Expo. I got to see some great products, meet tons of awesome people and, of course, get my name printed up on a press pass. The Expo is held in Anaheim, which is nice because it's right next to Disneyland, so you can really make a vacation out of it. Also, you're still close to LA (just don't drive there on a Friday night) so you can check out all the Vegan eats and catch a concert.

So, day one of the Expo, I really lucked out and caught Sarah from The Spooky Vegan in the press line. This was the first time at the Expo for both of us, so it really worked out because we didn't know what the hell we were doing. Sarah is the best Expo buddy you could ask for!

Ever since I've been back everyone is like "what was your favorite product???" I had a few that I loved, but the Gardein Golden Fishless Filet was my top pick. I still haven't seen it in Omaha yet, but I can't wait to get reacquainted.

So what else did I love? Well, Amy's Tofu Breakfast Sandwich was killer. Mr. Dewie's Cashew Milk Ice Cream was off the hook amazing. The Field Roast Hand-Formed Burgers (and Apple Maple Breakfast Sausages) were delish. And Phoney Baloney's new Coconut Bacon flavors (especially Apple Fennel) were mouth-watering good!

My favorite moment from the Expo is when I spotted Amy Berliner serving food at the Amy's Kitchen booth. I told Isa "look it's Amy!" and Isa was like "what are you talking about?" and I was like "look, It's AMY!" Isa finalllly got it and we were able to snag a pic. I'm happy to report that Amy is super nice and down to earth. And I finally got to tell her I put her through college. Life complete! Shout out to Allie Drew for making it happen.

And my second favorite moment from the Expo was getting Vega formulator Brendan Brazier and Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness creator Robert Cheeke together for a pic. Two cool dudes doing good things in the Vegan community.

So many awesome booths with great food! The Chicago Vegan Foods peeps brought the nacho cheese pump, so you know this expo is official. Follow Your Heart had yummy grilled cheese sandwiches right off the grill. Team Phoney Baloney was ready to greet the Vegans and all the people who ask "how can coconut be bacon?" One of the Qrunch team members was from Nebraska, gotta love my home state folk!

Sarah and I LOVED the Beyond Meat "Taco Beyond" booth. Their tacos were AMAZING. Cobra Corn is a product you need to try, headquartered in Chicago. The Bombay Seasoning Cobra Corn is worth getting shipped from Vegan Essentials. Daiya had a MASSIVE booth with tons of "Daiya Girls" walking around, giving samples. Mr. Dewie's had some really great ice cream and they entertained the heck out of us bloggers. Cybele from Cybele's Free to Eat told me she appreciated my putting up a pic of her cookies on Facebook. I thought that was pretty cool! And it took all three days of the expo, but I finally caught up with Jackie from Vegan Yack Attack. She's always the life of the party!

Nature's Path had some cool new things to sample and their rep was cracking us up. Dr. McDougall's had some new soups I hope to see soon. Vegetarian Plus had tons of stuff I've never seen before and I got to sample it. Sweet Earth had a sweet new Hickory and Sage Seitan Bacon that I can't wait to try again. Morinaga had a pamphlet with Terry Hope Romero on it, so we had to chat it up with them. And the Hail Merry ladies were super nice and gave us a heads up that Costco carries them now!

Always a treat to see Dan and Nicole from Upton's Naturals. Their Bacon Seitan is in my fridge 24/7. Happy to see the Liz Lovely booth, but they broke my heart by getting rid of the chocolate dipped cookies and pretzels. Wildwood got harassed by Isa about their creamer, I'm sorry. Vega had this nifty dispenser for Vega One. Oddly I didn't take any because it wasn't 6:20 am and I wasn't driving to work. Tofurky had a new gluten-free pizza I'd like to try again. I had a sample, but I need a whole pizza of that stuff. And Peanut Butter & Co. was in the house as they should be.

Sjaak's was very sweet and gave us bloggers a metric ton of candy to split amongst ourselves. I love their chocolates so much! JJ Sweet's Cocomels out of Boulder, Colorado was representing with their amazing caramels. Bee Free Honee gave a taste of everything. The honee is made out of apples, it's really good stuff! Endangered Species Chocolate had this amazing Raspberry Orange Creme Filled Dark Chocolate Bar that was to die for. I can't wait to find it here in Omaha.

So that was Natural Products Expo West 2014 in a nutshell! I didn't post half of what I actually saw, it really is a lot of stimuli. Lots of food, people and more people. Thank you to everyone who hung out with me and made my trip so special. I look forward to 2015!

          Would You Wear A Blue Lipstick?: Maybelline The Loaded Bolds Review        

Maybelline recently launched their most pigmented matte lipsticks to date, The Loaded Bolds. Lipstick obsessed (as I am) or not, it is really hard to miss because we are talking about bold and edgy shades that are not for the faint-hearted. Maybelline has outdone itself in the lipstick department with this collection, not only just in producing another kind of matte variety (we saw the creamy and powder ones) but also pulling through with actually releasing blue, black and even white colors. SAY WHAT?! I know it straight up sounded like out of your comfort zone, but ehem, no one appreciates these colors better than me.


Perfect timing that I received all 12 shades before my Tokyo Trip with b/vlogger friends (segue: vlogs here) because if there’s a city where these lipsticks are NOT weird and not frowned upon, it’s Tokyo. So much love for Tokyo’s diversity! Anyway, so of course I brought The Loaded Bolds with me and wore a shade per day for 12 hours a day we’re out exploring. I’m basically ready for a review, are you?


The pigment is insane, exactly what it’s supposed to be! Just a single stroke provides an incredible laydown of color and it doesn’t even require a preparation for your lips before application. Most of the shades apply smoothly without skipping, while the fun surprise shades like Audacious Blue and Wickedly White need a bit of warming up. The finish is forgiving for a matte lipstick; it feels comfortable and didn’t give me any major dry patch and sink-into-lip-line issues.

Get the swatch party started!


Pitch Black – Black lipstick, need I say more? Actually yes, I wish it is as opaque on the lips as it is on the arm, but it will get darker after a few swipes.
Wickedly White – Meant as a lightening mix for other lipsticks, but if you can rock that correction fluid look, go ahead I’m hands down to you.
Audacious Blue – I love this shade! I owned this cerulean blue like nobody’s business during our last day in Tokyo and I loved it! I welcomed the attention.
Chocoholic – Another favorite aside from Audacious Blue is this brown shade with red undertone. Very 90’s, very me.


Dynamite Red – A true orange-red. Oh this one’s hot, baby!
Sunny Coral – Less bright, less orange version of Dynamite Red.
Midnight Date – Such an oldie but goodie deep wine red kinda shade this one, eh?
Smoking Red – What’s a “bold and edgy” lipstick collection without a true red? I appreciate this, Maybelline.


Raspberry Rendezvous – I wasn’t sure I was going to love this until I actually applied it to my lip. It’s pink and it’s served hot.
Fierce Fuchsia – Yet another “not afraid of purple, not even blue, but scared of pink” shade. Barbie surely loves this pink. Me? I’m still on the fence.
Berry Bossy – A marriage of plum and red. Seductive and vampy. One of my favorites too!
Fearless Purple – Of course there’s a purple shade. And Maybelline gave us a mega bright one. Yass!


(Left picture, top to bottom): Sunny Coral, Dynamite Red, Chocoholic, Audacious Blue, Wickedly White and Pitch Black

(Right picture, top to bottom): Fearless Purple, Berry Bossy, Fierce Fuchsia, Raspberry Rendezvous, Smoking Red and Midnight Date


(Top row, left to right): Chocoholic, Fearless Purple (worn as tint) and Dynamite Red

(Bottom row, left to right): Smoking Red (worn as tint), Raspberry Rendezvous (with highlighter on the middle of the lips) and Audacious Blue

Hours of fun swatching await you at the Maybelline counter. Speaking of hours, I haven’t talked about the wear time, right? Focus, Kim! I get around 4 hours of solid wear; the full opacity does come off with minimal bleeding outside the lips after a full meal. Nonetheless, you will be left with a stain that does not go anywhere. Or you can just reapply whenever you need to. No biggie. 


Tempting new lipstick collections (like this) that hit the market on a regular basis don’t help my little lipstick obsession. So overall, The Loaded Bolds is an amusing way to revamp and refresh your makeup style. It encourages you to play with colors more. “Try everything once they say,” how about a blue lipstick, eh?

WHERE TO FIND: Maybelline counters nationwide

Are you a fan of Maybelline lipsticks? Yay or nay this collection? Please follow me on my social media sites (links on the sidebar) for instant updates that go beyond the blog.



          Samsung scraps a Raspberry Pi 3 competitor, shrinks Artik line        
          [سؤال] ما أفضل لوح اردوينو لعمل ذراع تحركه بواسطة الحاسوب؟        

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله

جامعتي تطلب تجهيز بألواح اردوينو و تكون مناسبة لأي شيء و فيها العديد من المنافذ و تستطيع التحكم بذراع متحرك -يتحرك الى الاعلى و الاسفل و ايضاً بزاوية معينة يميناً و يساراً (كذراع الإنسان مثلاً)-.

و انهم يريدون لوحاً أفضل من UNO ، و أعجبهم MEGA.

ما هو أفضل اردوينو لعمل هكذا مشروع؟ هل الوصلات تكفي؟ هل يستطيع تحمل تيار عالي؟ ام علينا إضافة Relay؟

و هل لوح اردوينو يأتي مفرداً -بدون شاحن و وصلات كـ Raspberry Pi-؟

و أيضاً هل يوجد عدة مناسبة لعمل مثل هذه الذراع؟

          Cupcake Alternatives!        
I am loving these awesome alternative to the now (TOO typical) tiered cupcake display!

***Come on Brides....lets start a much needed NEW TREND!

Here are some ideas I Love:

Sprinkles Custom Cakes just introduced Cake Shooter, a push-up pop with three layers of cake and icing. The shooters are available in four flavors: Yellow Raspberry Swirl, Pina Colada, O.M.G. (a mix of raspberry swirl and chocolate buttercream icing), and the Sprinkles Signature (vanilla Bavarian cream and white icing). The label on each pop can be customized with a company logo or message for no additional charge, though a week’s notice is required They also have a super cute and interactive Sprinkles Mobile Another cute (and local) idea is your very own Ice Cream Truck like this one we did outside of Gotham Hall in NYC Cake Pops are decedent little cakes on a stick that are as yummy as they are cute. Each Cake Pop is made to order so you can make it any cake flavor, any color fondant on the outside and any design detail on top! And if you're not into cake at about Ice Pops or Shaved Ice!Peoples Pops transforms local sustainably grown fruits and herbs into Popsicles (they do pretty awesome shaved ice too!)

What are some of your new ideas to do for dessert.... instead of the Cupcake? I'd love to hear!

          Too Many Choices        
Today I needed to make cookies to take for church tomorrow. Our ladies group is serving the goodies between services. I had everything I needed except peanut butter chips so I ran to Walmart to get some. I hate shopping for food at Walmart but I needed a glass water bottle that my friend said I could get there - but I never found that.  Anyway I grabbed the chips and headed home. Little did I know that they now make packs of "chocolate" chips that are a mixture of PB and milk chocolate. I don't really like milk chocolate, and the recipe I was making calls for PB chips only so I had to separate them.  Remember when all they had was semi sweet chocolate? We got excited when they came up with butterscotch chips, and then PB chips. They could have stopped there. Too many choices just leads to disaster in all kinds of ways! Hopefully I'll figure out something to put the milk chocolate chips in one of these days - until then they are hanging out in my freezer.
I also made some wonderful almond shortbread cookies with raspberry jam in the middle. I found the recipe on Pinterest. They were simple to make and SO yummy!

The heat of June and July is oppessive here and keeping things growing is a challenge. I planted 4 varieties of sunflowers a few months ago and only 2 came up - rats! This is the big one and it was quite spectacular.  It has since given up the struggle and I cut it down so I can save the seeds from the birds. The other one is blooming how and it has 5 buds on it. Kind of strange to see that tall stalk with 5 flowers.

I like to find unusual plants when I go to the nursery and a few months ago I found this one. I forgot to write down the name of it so can't share anything but the beauty/oddity.
I also have gerber daisies, 4 o'clocks, cannas and some groundcover flowers that are happy. My herbs are also doing well - mint, sage, rosemary and basil. I still have a lot of cherry tomatoes.  I've eaten hundreds of them and given away hundreds as well. They are all voluntary and I have no idea where the seeds came from, except they were probably in my compost.

The purple flowers below are palumbo. I love this color. I even traded in a diamond ring and got an ice blue sapphire which is almost the same color. Not a bad trade for a ring I'd never wear again.

I have planted 4 packages of flower seeds in my front flowerbeds. I'm hoping this fall will be very colorful! Stay tuned for the show!
          Comment on The Benefits of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea in Pregnancy by Week 18 & Red Raspberry Leaf Tea « They Call Me Granola        
[...] hear success stories from friends.  That’s good enough for me!  Here is a pretty thorough blog on the benefits of RRL during pregnancy.  I learned to make the tea differently than what is [...]
          Comment on The Benefits of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea in Pregnancy by Kabonna+ 3rd Trimester « Kabonna Green        
[...] 1.  Raspberry Leaf Tea and Pregnancy Tea Read about the Benefits! [...]
          Comment on The Benefits of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea in Pregnancy by Labor Prepping Herbs        
[...] Here is a good article [...]
          Holiday Gift Guide 2015        

Hi everyone! 
I hope you are having a wonderful week! As there is only a month left before Christmas, I thought I would share with you my favorite handmade picks for this year. Many shops are from Montreal, so you can also buy locally if you who are big on helping out our fellow crafters. But may they be from here or around the world, all those shops are fantastic in their own way! I can tell you that I have bought from many shops here and loved their creation, it's quality and their passion for their work. 

Without any further due, please enjoy this Handmade Gift Guide for 2015! :)

1. For your mother in Law - Hand painted silk scarf by HanaKratochvil
2. For your cat loving friend - Cat sleeping mask by JulienEmilyDesign
3. For your yogi bff - Vintage Floral Tatoo Sleeve Hoodie by Ahpeele 

4. For your vintage-loving friend - Magnolia Poster by MarcadeVintagePrints
5. For your beloved sister - Berry Necklace and Earrings Set by Kirameku
6. For your friend that just moved in - Salad Servers by BlisscraftandBrazen

7. Stocking stuffers for the entire family - Natural Lip Balm by PrettyMommaBeauty
8. For your beer-loving brother - Beer Soap by EntreBullesetMoi
9. For your friend that wants to save Earth one step at the time - Eco Sponges by ToriLynnes
10. For your couple friends that are expecting - Adopt a Monster Plushie by TabbynSkates


If you'd like to shop local to meet those great sellers in person, some crafters will be busy with craft show just before the Holidays! You can catch them at :

Marché Casse-Noisette (November 26 till December 6) - Montreal

One of A Kind Show (November 26 till December 6) - Toronto
Puces Des Neiges (December 11 to 13) -  Montreal

Annual Holiday Craft Fair (November 28th and 29th) at the Hudson Community Centre
Annual St. Edmunds School Holiday Craft Fair (December 5th) 115 Beaconsfield Blvd. Beaconsfield 

On this everyone, happy shopping! :)
* M *

          Giveaway and interview : Pretty Momma Beauty        
Hi everyone!

I have a wonderful surprise for you today, a beauty giveaway!
I met Ekatrina in the Etsy forum and she was very kind in offering to send one set of her amazing Raspberry Black Bath Tea. I was very curious about her product, especially when she mentioned it is real tea mixed with magnesium, salts. The tea bad holds the leaves together so it will be an easy clean up after a relaxing, skin rejuvenating and soothing bath.

RaspBerry Black Tea Bath Giveaway by Pretty Momma Beauty

But, as amazing are her products, I wanted you to learn more about this impressive lady behind the small natural shop of Pretty Momma Beauty.
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Ekatrina

Tell us about yourself and how all your Etsy adventure started :
I am a cell biology PhD student in the process of graduating and beginning my career as a professor. I started my first Etsy shop about halfway through my graduate career as a birthday present to myself. It has been a nice outlet for my creative energies in the midst of a demanding school load.

What pushed you to start your own beauty product line?
This shop began when I wanted to make bath salts for myself. I grew up in a home invested in natural and healthy products, so it was a short jump to combine that expertise with my scientific skills. The very first product I made was the mustard milk bath salts, which I formulated to combat muscle pain and tension. Once I got started, I just couldn’t stop, and I eventually opened this shop in order to share my products with a wider audience.

From the start, my products have been about providing tools to create a naturally healthy, beautiful you. Because of the demands on my time, I have been terrible about daily beauty upkeep. Once I started making my own products, I began to research and concoct products to help restore and repair my appearance. I formulated products that I found worked well, and so had to share those too. Because I need good value from the time I spend on myself, all my products are carefully formulated with high concentrations of active ingredients to maximize their effectiveness.

What inspires your collections?
My collections begin with an idea. For instance, I began my mud mask line in response to my search for something to reduce the appearance of my pores. Once I have an idea for a product type, my next question is “What other problems could this medium solve?”. So, in the mud mask example, I began expanding the concept to products that help maintain skin firmness, deal with inflammation, and provide deep-cleaning and detoxification benefits to help provide clear skin.

What is your process for your products?
When I start out to create a product, I begin by reading as much as I can about the process that produces the problem I want to solve and about how modern and traditional products go about addressing the problem. From that reading, I create a list of potential ingredients annotated with the mechanism of action of each. Then I research each ingredient intensively for safety and effectiveness, as well as to get an idea of which products would work well together. I create a prototype recipe designed to incorporate a diverse and synergistic ingredient list, then I go through repeated rounds of testing (on myself) and refinement for function and usability. The final product is what ends up in my shop. 

Are your products sold in boutiques or craft shows?
My primary outlet is online, although I have taken my products to a craft fair. I enjoyed the face to face interaction and direct feedback of the craft fair, so I hope to be able to do more of them after graduation. My products are not in a brick and mortar yet, but I am on the look-out for locations that would be a good fit. I’ve also been refining my packaging to reflect the professionalism and quality of my product, which is important in brick-and-mortar sales.

Can you tell us more about your Bath Tea Collection?
My bath tea collection is extensive, and primarily off-menu at this point. I have a wide variety of herbal and black teas, as well as a few more unusual options. My Roobios bath tea is especially refreshing, and my lavender mint bath tea is a favorite among returning customers. All of my bath teas are pre-packaged for easy clean-up and also contain magnesium salts to promote well-being. I will be working on bringing more of these teas into my regular offering once the craziness of my current transition period has passed. In the meantime, I am delighted to accommodate requests!

How long does it take you to develop a new serie of product?
The time it takes for me to develop a new product is directly proportional to how busy I am! :) Some products require minimal rounds of refinement and are ready to meet customers quickly. Other products, such as one particularly luscious conditioning treatment I have developed, require significant research to translate into a shelf-stable, easy-to-use product. (It’s been over a year since I made my first batch of that particular product, and it still isn’t ready to go to market. My hair, however, has greatly benefited from the research process.)

What’s next for PrettyMommaBeauty in 2015?
I have an extensive list of products to roll out in the next year. I have a very nice deep-conditioning moisturizer that is ready to go to market. It just needs final packaging decisions and photographs. I also want to elaborate on the idea and create a lighter moisturizer for those who live in warmer climates or who have more naturally moist skin. I also have an herbal detangling spray that has passed all my usage tests and needs to make its way into my shop. I have vegetable-based blush that will be ready once I standardize shades, and have initial recipes for complimenting lip products. I want to create liquid shampoos and bath gels from my bar soap recipes, which should be a fairly quick process once I obtain the necessary supplies. I also want to develop a magnesium-based deodorant, as I think that would work better than the salt crystal I currently use. What would you like to see in my shop??

If you weren’t making beauty products, what would you be making :
If I wasn’t running Etsy shops in my spare time, I’d be reading, embroidering, or tutoring. In addition to making bath and beauty products, I love doing graphic design and creating jewelry. I’m also an avid treasure-hunter at resale shops.

If you could live anywhere in the world...?
If I could live anywhere in the world….I don’t know. I like my current home, but would love to go someplace warmer in the winter. My favorite European country is Italy, but I want to visit China, and Spain, and Russia, and the Italian Alps, and see more of France… Home is where the heart is, but I love to learn about other cultures and meet new people too.

You can follow Ekatrina on Twitter here or on Tumblr
And, you can enter the giveaway at the top of the article! :)

          Summer moodboard        
Hi everyone!

We have a very late summer here in Quebec so I thought since the heat and the sun were finally here, I would share my summer mood board with you! :) I personally LOVE summer and one mood board is not enough to cover everything that inspires me for this season, so I picked my main 4 themes for summer 2015. I hope you'll like it! :)

          Lemon Cupcakes with Raspberry Cream Cheese Frosting        
The cupcakes are actually double-raspberry – there is a raspberry jam filling hidden under the frosting. I used the same jam, instead of commonly used icing sugar, to sweeten the cream cheese frosting. I strongly dislike the mouthfeel of icing... Continue reading →
          KM 1047 Raspberry Shine        

Where possible we would advise you to order a sample. A physical sample that you can see and touch will allow you to understand a fabric and its colours better as sometimes colours can be distorted by individual monitor settings.

With almost complete foil coverage our popular Shine and Hologram Shine ranges offer total impact whilst retaining important stretch qualities. Be a real show stopper in this sparkling fabric.

  • Width 145 cms (+/- 5%)
  • Weight 190 g/m2
  • Composition 80% Nylon 20% Elastane (with foil effect)
Excl. Tax: £0.00 Incl. Tax: £0.00

          Anthon Berg Raspberry in Orange Liqueur Marzipan        
Anthon Berg Raspberry in Orange Liqueur Marzipan

Anthon Berg Raspberry in Orange Liqueur Marzipan

Ingredients: Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Almonds (11%), Apricot Kernels, Apricots (9%), Raspberries 10%, Glucose Syrup, Cocoa Butter, Alcohol, Milk Fat, Orange Liqueur (Liqueur Grand Marnier 0.7%), Emulsifier (Rapeseed Lecithin), Thickener (Pectin), Acid (Citric Acid), Preservative (Sorbic Acid, Potassium Sorbate). Minimum 50% cocoa solids in the chocolate. Alcohol 1.6% Allergen & Dietary Advice: Suitable for Vegans ✖ Suitable for Vegetarians ✔ Contains Gluten or Possible Traces ✖ Contains Milk, Milk Derivatives or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Eggs, Egg Derivatives or Possible Traces ✖ Contains Peanuts or Possible Traces ✖ Contains Other Nuts or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Soya or Possible Traces ✖ Contains Sulphur Dioxide or Sulphites ✖ Contains Mustard ✖ Contains Celery ✖ Contains Alcohol ✔ Contains Artificial Colours ✖ Contains Artificial Flavours ✖

          Belly Flops Jelly Beans        
Belly Flops Jelly Beans

Belly Flops Jelly Beans

Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Modified Cornstarch, The following ingredients are present in certain beans depending on flavours: Flavourings, Acidity Regulators (E270, E296, E297, E325, E330, E331, E334), Strawberry Puree, Acai Puree, Cranberry Puree, Acerola Cherry Juice Concentrate, Colours (E100, E102, E110, E129, E132, E133, E150d, E153, E162, E163ii, E171), Grape Juice Concentrate, Peach Puree Concentrate, Raspberry Puree, Blackberry Puree, Apple Juice Concentrate, Strawberry Juice Concentrate, Banana Puree, Lemon Puree, Chocolate (Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter, Emulsifier: (E322 Soya Lecithin), Flavouring), Blueberry Puree, Pomegranate Juice Concentrate, Sour Cherry Juice Concentrate, Glazing Agents (E901, E903, E904), Plum Juice Concentrate, Cantaloupe Powder, Orange Puree, Cocoa Powder, Pear Juice Concentrate, Coconut, Passion Fruit Juice Concentrate, Lime Juice Concentrate, Kiwi Juice Concentrate, Mango Puree, Mango Juice Concentrate, Yellow Papaya Puree, Licorice Extract, Cherry Juice Concentrate, Orange Juice Concentrate, Blackcurrant Juice Concentrate, Freeze-dried Soluble Coffee, Tangerine Juice Concentrate, Watermelon Juice Concentrate, Guava Juice Concentrate, Salt, Grapefruit Juice Concentrate, Pineapple Juice Concentrate, (E555), Antioxidant: Ascorbic Acid, Concentrates of (Apple, Purple Carrot, Hibiscus, Carotene, Pumpkin, Black Carrot, Blackcurrant, Safflower, Spirulina, Radish), Calcium Carbonate, Paprika, Cinnamon, Cayenne Pepper, Tapioca Dextrin, Vanilla Beans, Caffeine. Chocolate contains cocoa solids 35% minimum. E102, E110, E129: May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children. Allergen & Dietary Advice: Suitable for Vegans ✖ Suitable for Vegetarians ✔ Contains Gluten or Possible Traces ✖ Contains Milk, Milk Derivatives or Possible Traces ✖ Contains Eggs, Egg Derivatives or Possible Traces ✖ Contains Peanuts or Possible Traces ✖ Contains Other Nuts or Possible Traces ✖ Contains Soya or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Sulphur Dioxide or Sulphites ✔ Contains Mustard ✖ Contains Celery ✖ Contains Alcohol ✖ Contains Artificial Colours ✔ Contains Artificial Flavours ✔    

          Fabulously Fruity Chocolates - 15 Chocolates        
Fabulously Fruity Chocolates - 15 Chocolates

Fabulously Fruity Chocolates - 15 Chocolates

Ingredients: Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter, Full Cream Milk Powder, Whole Milk Powder, Vegetable Fats (Palm, Coconut, Sunflower, Rapeseed, Cottonseed), Sweetened Condensed Skimmed Milk, Evaporated Milk, Glucose Syrup, Invert Sugar, Hydrogenated Vegetable Fat, Raspberry Liqueur: 50% vol, Cherry Liqueur: 24% vol, Kirsch: 60% vol, Concentrated Lemon Juice, Chilli Flavour, Lime Oil, Natural Flavouring: Strawberry; Alcohol, Milk Fat, Skimmed Milk Powder, Lactose, Sorbitol, Emulsifiers (Soya Lecithin, Sunflower Lecithin, E471), Fructose, Dextrose, Wheat Starch, Modified Starch, Anhydrous Milk Fat, Vegetable Oil (Rapeseed), Natural Vanilla Flavouring, Salt, Acidity Regulator: E330, Glazing Agent: E901, Preservative: E202, Antioxidant: E223, Colours (E120, E160a, E100). Allergen & Dietary Advice: Suitable for Vegans ✖ Suitable for Vegetarians ✖ Contains Gluten or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Milk, Milk Derivatives or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Eggs, Egg Derivatives or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Peanuts or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Other Nuts or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Soya or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Sulphur Dioxide or Sulphites ✔ Contains Mustard ✖ Contains Celery ✖ Contains Alcohol ✔ Contains Artificial Colours ✖ Contains Artificial Flavours ✖  

          Fabulously Fruity Chocolates - 24 Chocolates        
Fabulously Fruity Chocolates - 24 Chocolates

Fabulously Fruity Chocolates - 24 Chocolates

Ingredients: Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter, Full Cream Milk Powder, Whole Milk Powder, Vegetable Fats (Palm, Coconut, Sunflower, Rapeseed, Cottonseed), Sweetened Condensed Skimmed Milk, Evaporated Milk, Glucose Syrup, Invert Sugar, Hydrogenated Vegetable Fat, Raspberry 50% vol, Cherry Liqueur 24% vol, Kirsch 60% vol, Concentrated Lemon Juice, Chilli Flavour, Lime Oil, Natural Flavouring, Strawberry, Alcohol, Milk Fat, Skimmed Milk Powder, Lactose, Sorbitol, Emulsifiers (Soya Lecithin, Sunflower Lecithin, E471), Fructose, Dextrose, Wheat Starch, Modified Starch, Anhydrous Milk Fat, Vegetable Oil (Rapeseed), Natural Vanilla Flavouring, Salt, Acidity Regulator: E330, Glazing Agent: E901, Preservative: E202, Antioxidant: E223, Colours (E120, E160a, E100). Allergen & Dietary Advice: Suitable for Vegans ✖ Suitable for Vegetarians ✖ Contains Gluten or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Milk, Milk Derivatives or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Eggs, Egg Derivatives or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Peanuts or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Other Nuts or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Soya or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Sulphur Dioxide or Sulphites ✔ Contains Mustard ✖ Contains Celery ✖ Contains Alcohol ✔ Contains Artificial Colours ✖ Contains Artificial Flavours ✖

          Gift Box of Raspberry Flavoured Crystallised Fondant Creams        
Gift Box of Raspberry Flavoured Crystallised Fondant Creams

Gift Box of Raspberry Flavoured Crystallised Fondant Creams

Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose, Water, Flavourings. May contain the following colours (E122-E133-E110-E24-E102-E142) Allergen & Dietary Advice: Suitable for Vegans ✔ Suitable for Vegetarians ✔ Contains Gluten or Possible Traces ✖ Contains Milk, Milk Derivatives or Possible Traces ✖ Contains Eggs, Egg Derivatives or Possible Traces ✖ Contains Peanuts or Possible Traces ✖ Contains Other Nuts or Possible Traces ✖ Contains Soya or Possible Traces ✖ Contains Sulphur Dioxide or Sulphites ✖ Contains Mustard ✖ Contains Celery ✖ Contains Alcohol ✖ Contains Artificial Colours ✔ Contains Artificial Flavours ✖

          Green Flip Flop Keyring        
Green Flip Flop Keyring

Green Flip Flop Keyring

Jelly Belly Beans Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Modified Cornstarch, Flavourings, Acidity Regulators (E270, E296, E297, E325, E330, E331), Grape Juice Concentrate, Raspberry Puree, Colours (E100, E102, E110, E129, E132, E133, E150d, E171), Concentrates of: (Apple, Purple Carrot, Hibiscus), Apple Juice Concentrate, Strawberry Puree, Lemon Puree, Strawberry Juice Concentrate, Blackberry Puree, Peach Puree, Blueberry Puree, Glazing Agents (E901, E903, E904), Coconut, Chocolate (Sugar, Chocolate Liquor, Cocoa Butter, Emulsifier: E322 Soya, Flavouring: Vanillin), Plum Juice Concentrate, Orange Puree, Banana Puree, Cocoa Powder, Pear Juice Concentrate, Passion Fruit Juice Concentrate, Freeze-Dried Soluble Coffee, Tangerine Juice Concentrate, Watermelon Juice Concentrate, Kiwi Juice Concentrate, Mango Puree, Grapefruit Juice Concentrate, Pineapple Juice Concentrate, Cherry Juice Concentrate, antioxidant (ascorbic acid), Cantaloupe Juice Concentrate, Mango Juice Concentrate, Lime Juice Concentrate, Pomegranate Juice Concentrate, Salt, Vanilla Beans, Tapioca Dextrin, Caffeine. Chocolate Contains Minimum 35% Cocoa Solids Contains Soya

          Jelly Belly Beans 50 Flavour Assortment        
Jelly Belly Beans 50 Flavour Assortment

Jelly Belly Beans 50 Flavour Assortment

Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Modified Cornstarch, Flavourings, Acidity Regulators (E270, E296, E325, E300, E331, E334), Grape Juice Concentrate, Raspberry Puree, Colours (E100, E150a, E153, E160a, E162, E163ii, E171), Concentrates of: (Apple, Purple Carrot, Hibiscus), Apple Juice Concentrate, Strawberry Puree, Lemon Puree, Strawberry Juice Concentrate, Blackberry Puree, Peach Puree, Blueberry Puree, Glazing Agents (E901, E903, E904), Coconut, Chocolate (Sugar, Chocolate Liquor, Cocoa Butter, Emulsifier: E322 Soya, Flavouring), Plum Juice Concentrate, Orange Puree, Banana Puree, Cocoa Powder, Pear Juice Concentrate, Passion Fruit Juice Concentrate, Freeze-Dried Soluble Coffee, Tangerine Juice Concentrate, Watermelon Juice Concentrate, Kiwi Juice Concentrate, Mango Puree, Grapefruit Juice Concentrate, Pineapple Juice Concentrate, Cherry Juice Concentrate, Antioxidant (Ascorbic Acid), Cantaloupe Juice Concentrate, Mango Juice Concentrate, Lime Juice Concentrate, Pomegranate Juice Concentrate, Salt, Vanilla Beans, Tapioca Dextrin, Caffeine. Chocolate Contains Minimum 35% Cocoa Solids. Allergen & Dietary Advice: Suitable for Vegans ✖ Suitable for Vegetarians ✔ Contains Gluten or Possible Traces ✖ Contains Milk, Milk Derivatives or Possible Traces ✖ Contains Eggs, Egg Derivatives or Possible Traces ✖ Contains Peanuts or Possible Traces ✖ Contains Other Nuts or Possible Traces ✖ Contains Soya or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Sulphur Dioxide or Sulphites ✔ Contains Mustard ✖ Contains Celery ✖ Contains Alcohol ✖ Contains Artificial Colours ✔ Contains Artificial Flavours ✔

          Jelly Belly Fruit Bowl Mix Gift Box        
Jelly Belly Fruit Bowl Mix Gift Box

Jelly Belly Fruit Bowl Mix Gift Box

Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Modified Cornstarch, Grape Juice Concentrate, Acidity Regulators (E270, E296, E325, E330, E331), Raspberry Puree, Peach Puree Concentrate, Blueberry Puree, Flavourings, Plum Juice Concentrate, Banana Puree, Lemon Puree, Apple Juice Concentrate, Glazing Agents (E901, E903, E904), Coconut, Pear Juice Concentrate, Colours (E100, E102, E110, E129, E132, E133, E150d, E171), Watermelon Juice Concentrate, Tangerine Juice Concentrate, Grapefruit Juice Concentrate, Cherry Juice Concentrate, Lime Juice Concentrate, Antioxidant: (Ascorbic Acid), Concentrates of: (Apple, Purple Carrot, Hibiscus), Tapioca Dextrin. E102, E110, E129: May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children. Allergen & Dietary Advice: Suitable for Vegans ✖ Suitable for Vegetarians ✔ Contains Gluten or Possible Traces ✖ Contains Milk, Milk Derivatives or Possible Traces ✖ Contains Eggs, Egg Derivatives or Possible Traces ✖ Contains Peanuts or Possible Traces ✖ Contains Other Nuts or Possible Traces ✖ Contains Soya or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Sulphur Dioxide or Sulphites ✔ Contains Mustard ✖ Contains Celery ✖ Contains Alcohol ✖ Contains Artificial Colours ✔ Contains Artificial Flavours ✔

          Meybona White Chocolate with Raspberry and Lemon Bar        
Meybona White Chocolate with Raspberry and Lemon Bar

Meybona White Chocolate with Raspberry and Lemon Bar

Ingredients: Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Full Cream Milk Powder, Skimmed Milk Powder, Lemon Granules (Glucose Syrup, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Slightly Sweetened Apricots, Modified Starch (Potato), Thickeners (Sodium Alginate), Flavourings, (Raspberry Granules) (Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Raspberries, Thickeners (Sodium Alginate), Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin), Bourbon Vanilla. Allergen & Dietary Advice: Suitable for Vegans ✖ Suitable for Vegetarians ✔ Contains Gluten or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Milk, Milk Derivatives or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Eggs, Egg Derivatives or Possible Traces ✖ Contains Peanuts or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Other Nuts or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Soya or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Sulphur Dioxide or Sulphites ✖ Contains Mustard ✖ Contains Celery ✖ Contains Alcohol ✖ Contains Artificial Colours ✖ Contains Artificial Flavours ✖

          Ð˜Ð½ÑÑ‚алация на LibreELEC на MK808B+        
LibreELEC ("Just enough OS" for Kodi) е Linux дистрибуция, създадена да стартира Kodi на различен мултимедиен хардуер. Проектът представлява надстройка на OpenELEC проекта.

LibreELEC поддържа много от настоящите HTPC - Raspberry Pi …

          No Added Sugar Mango and Raspberry White Chocolate Bar        
No Added Sugar Mango and Raspberry White Chocolate Bar

No Added Sugar Mango and Raspberry White Chocolate Bar

Ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Full Milk Powder, Alimentary Fibre (Dextrin, Inulin, Oligofructose), Whey Powder (Milk), Sweeteners (Erythritol, Steviol Glycosides), Skimmed Milk Powder, Freeze Dried Mango Powder (4,6%), Freeze Dried Raspberries (2,7%), Emulsifier: Soya Lecithin, Natural Flavourings, Cocoa Solids: 44% Minimum.; Milk Solids: 40% Minimum. Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter, Natural Vanilla Flavour, traded in compliance with Fairtrade standards, total 29.1%. Allergen & Dietary Advice: Suitable for Vegans ✖ Suitable for Vegetarians ✔ Contains Gluten or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Milk, Milk Derivatives or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Eggs, Egg Derivatives or Possible Traces ✖ Contains Peanuts or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Other Nuts or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Soya or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Sulphur Dioxide or Sulphites ✖ Contains Mustard ✖ Contains Celery ✖ Contains Alcohol ✖ Contains Artificial Colours ✖ Contains Artificial Flavours ✖

          Raspberry Jelly Belly Beans        
Raspberry Jelly Belly Beans

Raspberry Jelly Belly Beans

Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Modified Cornstarch, Raspberry Puree, Acidity Regulator (E330), Flavouring, Glazing Agents (E901, E903, E904), Colours (E100, E102, E129, E132, E171). Allergen & Dietary Advice: Suitable for Vegans ✖ Suitable for Vegetarians ✔ Contains Gluten or Possible Traces ✖ Contains Milk, Milk Derivatives or Possible Traces ✖ Contains Eggs, Egg Derivatives or Possible Traces ✖ Contains Peanuts or Possible Traces ✖ Contains Other Nuts or Possible Traces ✖ Contains Soya or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Sulphur Dioxide or Sulphites ✖ Contains Mustard ✖ Contains Celery ✖ Contains Alcohol ✖ Contains Artificial Colours ✔ Contains Artificial Flavours ✔

          Signature Chocolate Box - 48 Chocolates        
Signature Chocolate Box - 48 Chocolates

Signature Chocolate Box - 48 Chocolates

Ingredients: Sugar, Full Cream Milk Powder, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Whole Milk Powder, Sweetened Condensed Skimmed Milk, Evaporated Milk, Vegetable Fats (Palm, Coconut, Sunflower, Rapeseed, Cottonseed), Butter (Milk), Glucose Syrup, Invert Sugar Syrup, Milk Fat, Skimmed Milk Powder, Cream (Milk), Vegetable Oils (Coconut, Palm, Rapeseed, Palm Kernel, Sunflower,) Cocoa, Liquid Sugar, Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Hydrogenated Vegetable Fat, Hazelnuts, Almonds, Cherry Soaked in Liqueur 24% vol, Marc de Champagne, Maple Syrup, Honey, Coconut, Raspberry 50% vol, Kirsch 60% vol, Batida de Coco 16% vol, Strawberry, Cranberry (Sugar, Cranberries, Citric Acid, Natural Orange Flavour with Other Natural Flavours, Elderberry Juice Concentrate, Sunflower Oil), Speculoos Herbs (Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cloves, Pimento, Ginger, Coriander, Mace, Cardamom), Rum, Orange Liqueur, Concentrated Lemon Juice, Chilli Flavour, Lime Oil, Sugar Cane, Emulsifiers (Soya Lecithin, Sunflower Lecithin, E471), Low Fat Cocoa Powder, Lactose, Fructose, Dextrose, Sorbitol, Alcohol, Wheat Starch, Modified Starch, Natural Flavouring, Natural Vanilla Flavouring, Strawberry Flavour, Natural Orange Oil, Anhydrous Milk Fat, Butter Oil (Milk), Water, Salt, Pistachios, Acidity Regulator: E330, Glazing Agent: E901, Preservative: E202, Antioxidant: E223, Colours (E100, E160a, E120).   Allergen & Dietary Advice: Suitable for Vegans ✖ Suitable for Vegetarians ✖ Contains Gluten or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Milk, Milk Derivatives or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Eggs, Egg Derivatives or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Peanuts or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Other Nuts or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Soya or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Sulphur Dioxide or Sulphites ✔ Contains Mustard ✖ Contains Celery ✖ Contains Alcohol ✔ Contains Artificial Colours ✖ Contains Artificial Flavours ✖

          Signature Chocolate Box - 96 Chocolates        
Signature Chocolate Box - 96 Chocolates

Signature Chocolate Box - 96 Chocolates

Ingredients: Sugar, Full Cream Milk Powder, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Whole Milk Powder, Sweetened Condensed Skimmed Milk, Evaporated Milk, Vegetable Fats (Palm, Coconut, Sunflower, Rapeseed, Cottonseed), Butter (Milk), Glucose Syrup, Invert Sugar Syrup, Milk Fat, Skimmed Milk Powder, Cream (Milk), Vegetable Oils (Coconut, Palm, Rapeseed, Palm Kernel, Sunflower,) Cocoa, Liquid Sugar, Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Hydrogenated Vegetable Fat, Hazelnuts, Almonds, Cherry Soaked in Liqueur 24% vol, Marc de Champagne, Maple Syrup, Honey, Coconut, Raspberry 50% vol, Kirsch 60% vol, Batida de Coco 16% vol, Strawberry, Cranberry (Sugar, Cranberries, Citric Acid, Natural Orange Flavour with Other Natural Flavours, Elderberry Juice Concentrate, Sunflower Oil), Speculoos Herbs (Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cloves, Pimento, Ginger, Coriander, Mace, Cardamom), Rum, Orange Liqueur, Concentrated Lemon Juice, Chilli Flavour, Lime Oil, Sugar Cane, Emulsifiers (Soya Lecithin, Sunflower Lecithin, E471), Low Fat Cocoa Powder, Lactose, Fructose, Dextrose, Sorbitol, Alcohol, Wheat Starch, Modified Starch, Natural Flavouring, Natural Vanilla Flavouring, Strawberry Flavour, Natural Orange Oil, Anhydrous Milk Fat, Butter Oil (Milk), Water, Salt, Pistachios, Acidity Regulator: E330, Glazing Agent: E901, Preservative: E202, Antioxidant: E223, Colours (E100, E160a, E120).   Allergen & Dietary Advice: Suitable for Vegans ✖ Suitable for Vegetarians ✖ Contains Gluten or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Milk, Milk Derivatives or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Eggs, Egg Derivatives or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Peanuts or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Other Nuts or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Soya or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Sulphur Dioxide or Sulphites ✔ Contains Mustard ✖ Contains Celery ✖ Contains Alcohol ✔ Contains Artificial Colours ✖ Contains Artificial Flavours ✖

          White Chocolate & Raspberry Meringue Drops        
White Chocolate & Raspberry Meringue Drops

White Chocolate & Raspberry Meringue Drops

Ingredients: Caster Sugar, Pasteurised Free Range Egg White; White Chocolate (13%) [Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Whole Milk Powder, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin), natural Flavouring], Natural Flavouring, Colour (Water, *Carmoisine). *May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children. Allergen & Dietary Advice: Suitable for Vegans ✖ Suitable for Vegetarians ✔ Contains Gluten or Possible Traces ✖ Contains Milk, Milk Derivatives or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Eggs, Egg Derivatives or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Peanuts or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Other Nuts or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Soya or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Sulphur Dioxide or Sulphites ✖ Contains Mustard ✖ Contains Celery ✖ Contains Alcohol ✖ Contains Artificial Colours ✔ Contains Artificial Flavours ✖

          White Chocolate Raspberry Truffles        
White Chocolate Raspberry Truffles

White Chocolate Raspberry Truffles

Ingredients: Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter, Cream, Whole Milk Powder, Glucose Syrup, Invert Sugar, Framboise 50% vol., Ethyl Alcohol 96% Vol., Emulsifier 0.38% (Soya Lecithin), Raspberry Concentrate, Red Grape Juice, Skimmed Milk Powder, Natural Vanilla Flavouring, Colours (E120, E100), Stabiliser (E440), Natural Flavouring, Acidity Regulator (E330). Allergen & Dietary Advice: Suitable for Vegans ✖ Suitable for Vegetarians ✖ Contains Gluten or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Milk, Milk Derivatives or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Eggs, Egg Derivatives or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Peanuts or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Other Nuts or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Soya or Possible Traces ✔ Contains Sulphur Dioxide or Sulphites ✖ Contains Mustard ✖ Contains Celery ✖ Contains Alcohol ✔ Contains Artificial Colours ✖ Contains Artificial Flavours ✖

          b l o g;; ♥        

b l o g;; ♥

b l o g;; ♥ by babyitscoldoutside on

** pleasee don't fav, i mean you can if you want, i am aware it is a bad set, my blog sets are just for fun (: **i know its latee, (: and it is actually the 21 now, 2:23 AM, but i'm doing the blog now cuz i didn't have time till now (:, but i am going to sleep verry soon. 12/20/10 ♥ Hi there, (: today was quite a wonderful day. So first i woke up and did the usual, ate breakfast and such. Then i practiced piano, && went on here for a litttle. Then i got ready and went sledding with friends . ♥ i got home, and ended up playing a little in the snow in my yard, i'm suchh a dork. ahaha, and then i went in and took a nice warm shower ♥, got out and got ready to go out to eat. I put on my pjs, and then went to go to my hair. It was my bestie's mom's birthday, and we all went to The Cheesecake Factory. So i blow dried my hair, and straightened it, not all the way, i didn't have enough time. Then i changeed into my outfit, which was a superr comffy, simple outfit, (: outfit : 1. A grey knit top from Hco 2. Dark wash jeggings (: 3. Fuzzy socks && grey short classic uggs After i got ready, we left with my friend && her mom to go the restaurant, and then when we got there, there was a long wait, so me and my friends went to look around a little. We went to Victoria Secret, and then went back. I ordered Orange Chicken, because i was craving Chinnessee food (: mmmhh, it was supper yummy. And for dessseertt we hadd ;; white raspberry truffle cheesecake, it was to die for. After dessert, we went to go look around a little more, (: and then my friend and i got each other a little gift from A&F. Then we left, and now i'm sleeping over at my bestie's tonight ♥ and why, it has been a funn night. She sneaked and found her Christmas gifts, ahaha it was soo much funn (: dudde, i love that coach bracelet,♥ i have laughedd soo much, (: soo many new inside jokes, ohhdearr, and i just had coke, which wasn't very smart, since it is soo latee, but ahhwell. That was my day, i'm actually really tiredd right now so i think i'm going to bed, i looveyou all so much, and can you believe it is almost that time of the year ? i can't wait. Merry Christmas, haha i love how i have been saying that in my last few ssets, but there is still a couple days left. Tuesday, December 20, it has been an amazing day. I spent time with my love ones, and i am so thankful for them, (: Thankyouu ily ♥&(: Vickiee

          MSP430 LaunchPad ve 74hc595 LCD yazısına RaspberryPi Java ile 2×16 LCD (74HC595 Kullanarak) Kullanma | i'm haka tarafından yapılan yorumlar        
[…] Buradaki yazıdan faydalanılmıştır. […]
          Healthier Raspberry Oat Crumble Bars        

I love fresh strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries equally as much but when it comes to jams or preserves, it’s raspberry all the way. Just somethin’ about it, you know? These raspberry oat crumble bars are helping me get my berry fix during the winter. It’s like a little taste of Spring or Summer. As I mentioned […]

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          gpio-watch: Run scripts in response to GPIO signals        

For a small project I'm working on I needed to attach a few buttons to a Raspberry Pi and have some code execute in response to the button presses.

Normally I would reach for Python for a simple project like this, but constraints of the project made it necessary to implement something in C with minimal dependencies. I didn't want to write something that was tied closely to my project...

          Interrupts on the PiFace        

I recently acquired both a Raspberry Pi and a PiFace IO board. I had a rough time finding examples of how to read the input ports via interrupts (rather than periodically polling for values), especially for the newer versions of the PiFace python libraries.

After a little research, here's some …

          I2C on the Raspberry Pi        

I've set up my Raspberry Pi to communicate with my Arduino via I2C. The Raspberry Pi is a 3.3v device and the Arduino is a 5v device. While in general this means that you need to use a level converter when connecting the two devices, you don't need to …

          Interrupt driven GPIO with Python        

There are several Python libraries out there for interacting with the GPIO pins on a Raspberry Pi:

All of them are reasonably easy to use, but the Quick2Wire API provides a uniquely useful …

          Anonymous Bidder Pays £989 For Raspberry Pi Board, Donates To Museum        
As the auctions of the first 10 Raspberry Pi Beta Boards draw to a close, an anonymous bidder has stepped in and payed almost £1,000 for board #7, which he plans to donate to a computing museum. Continue reading
          First 10 Raspberry Pi Beta Boards Pass the £10K Mark On eBay!        
These Pis are flying off the shelves! At a combined price of £10,408 and with the most expensive board (Serial number #01) fetching £2,500, the Raspberry Pi Foundation will be benefiting greatly from these charity auctions. The foundation aims to … Continue reading
          today's leftovers        
  • Restarting the free accounting search

    ack in 2012, we started a quest to find a free replacement for the QuickBooks Pro package that is used to handle accounting at LWN. As is the way of such things, that project got bogged down in the day-to-day struggle of keeping up with the LWN content treadmill, travel, and other obstacles that the world tends to throw into the path of those following grand (or not so grand) ambitions. The time has come, however, to restart this quest and, this time, the odds of a successful outcome seem reasonably good.

    Accounting data is crucial to the proper operation of any but the most trivial of businesses. It provides metrics showing how well the business is operating, and a company's duties to report to governments cannot be performed without it. Accounting is often tightly tied to a company's day-to-day operations, such that a failure of the accounting system can bring the entire business down. Given that, one would think that businesses would demand open and free access to their own accounting data.

    Proprietary systems like QuickBooks do not provide that access; instead, accounting data is stored in a mysterious, proprietary file format that is difficult to access — especially if one is uninterested in developing on Windows using a proprietary development kit. Locking up data in this way makes moving to a competing system hard, naturally, though a number of (proprietary) alternatives have found a way. It also makes it hard to get company data into the system in any sort of automated way. LWN operates with a set of scripts that convert data into the IIF format for importing, for example.

  • OSGeo-Live 11.0 Released

    Version 11.0 of the OSGeo-Live GIS software collection ( has been released, ready for FOSS4G which is the International Conference for Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (( - 2017 in Boston, USA.

  • 6 hardware projects for upgrading your home

    Every day, hobbyists and tinkerers are pushing the boundaries of what we can do with low-cost microcontrollers and mini-computers like the Arduino and Raspberry Pi. That trend doesn't stop when it comes to IoT and home automation. In this article, I'll round up six projects from Adafruit Industries that use open source hardware and software to improve home life (or at the very least, make more fun) in new and interesting ways.


          today's leftovers        
  • Another DIY Net Player

    This is a Raspberry Pi based audiophile net player that decodes my mp3 collection and net radio to my Linn amplifier. It is called TeakEar, because it’s main corpus is made from teak wood. Obviously I do not want to waste rain forest trees just because of my funny ideas, the teak wood used here has been a table from the 1970ies, back when nobody cared about rainforests. I had the chance to safe parts of the table when it was sorted out, and now use it’s valuable wood for special things.

  • August 2017 Issue of The PCLinuxOS Magazine Released

    The PCLinuxOS Magazine staff is pleased to announce the release of the August 2017 issue. With the exception of a brief period in 2009, The PCLinuxOS Magazine has been published on a monthly basis since September, 2006. The PCLinuxOS Magazine is a product of the PCLinuxOS community, published by volunteers from the community. The magazine is lead by Paul Arnote, Chief Editor, and Assistant Editor Meemaw. The PCLinuxOS Magazine is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Share-Alike 3.0 Unported license, and some rights are reserved. All articles may be freely reproduced via any and all means following first publication by The PCLinuxOS Magazine, provided that attribution to both The PCLinuxOS Magazine and the original author are maintained, and a link is provided to the originally published article.

  • Ryzen Linux Users Are Still Facing Issues with Heavy Compilation Loads

    It was originally reported that Linux users were facing segmentation faults and, at times, crashes when running concurrent compilation loads on Ryzen CPUs, and these issues don’t appear to be fixed: Phoronix has run additional tests and found that heavy workloads remain problematic, as of Linux 4.13. These problems did not occur when tested using Intel CPUs.

  • 50+ Segmentation Faults Per Hour: Continuing To Stress Ryzen

    In direct continuation of yesterday's article about easily causing segmentation faults on AMD Zen CPUs, I have carried out another battery of tests for 24 hours and have more information to report today on the ability to trivially cause segmentation faults and in some cases system lock-ups with Ryzen CPUs.

  • Give Generously! Seven Ways To Help Open Source

    Your business most likely depends on open source software. But are you playing your part to make sure it will still be there in the future? For that to happen, the projects where it is both maintained and improved need to flourish.

    How can you contribute to that goal? The first thought most of us have — donate money — is unlikely to be the best way to support the open source projects that are most important to you. While proprietary software companies want your money in huge quantities to pay their shareholders, executives and staff, in open source communities most of the people who develop the code are paid elsewhere. As a consequence, there’s only a modest need for cash and a little goes a long way.

  • RFC: integrated 3rd-party static analysis support
  • GCC Working On 3rd Party Static Analysis Support

    Red Hat's David Malcom has posted a series of patches for implementing third-party static analysis support within the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC).

          Sweet Table Contest Submission, Round 6        
I am thrilled to share with you another roundup of the dessert table submissions for the Sweet Table Contest for 2011!

First off we are starting with Nicky's dessert table for her son's birthday. She was inspired by the HiPP range of owl invitations. The colours were blue, brown, white with some red highlights in keeping with the invitations and all the sweets were made by Nicky! 

Next we have Melanie who styled this dessert table for her son Max's birthday. The theme for Max's first birthday was ''Max's magical garden'' and Melanie created all the sweets for her table. 

Next we have little Rome's party that was based on a robot theme featuring orange and blue, created by mum Liv. The theme was robots (his current obsession) and we chose the colour scheme of orange and blue because of its bold contrast.


Mother Amanda created this fairy garden party for her daughter Milla's birthday. Inspired by Milla's love for all things fairy and dressing up in fairy wings & all things sparkly! Amanda focused on pastel colours to create a whimsical feel.

Sonia created a cowgirl inspired dessert table for her daughter Erin's 7th Birthday. She chose the colour combination of  cherry red and pale blue An old picture frame in a charity shop with old rope with red entwined and glued to a sheet of  linen to create Erin's name in a 'lasso' style served as a striking backdrop.

Nicole created this table for her husband's 40th birthday in August. He is a keen amateur photographer with a passion for Nikon cameras. Nicole granted her husband's request by creating a replica Nikon camera birthday cake and she handmade all the sweets herself as well as designing the printables.

Ashlea created this Woodland Gnome birthday dessert table for her daughter Hannah's 2nd birthday party.It was a woodlands gnome theme inspired by her little girls party dress. Ashlea used her island bench in her kitchen and she created a table that you could access from every angle. Everything was loving made Ashlea including the mushroom cake pops, rainbow cake pops, peppermint slice, chocolate caramel slice, rocky road, mini meringues red raspberry lollies, vanilla slice, marshmallows and the mushroom cupcakes and main cake.

Amanda created this Sweet peach ''thankful'' table for her family.  She was inspired by her family because "they have always supported me with everything in life and this was my little way of thank them for always being there". Amanda incorporated colours of peach, silver and ivory tones and these colours were used in the desserts, flowers and printable files. 

Thank you to all who have entered to date. Remember the closing date is December 11th! Please be sure to email through one photograph of your table and please include a URL link also along with some details about what inspired you to create your table.

          Sep 8, 17: One day workshop on raspberry pi at Arjun College of technology (Arjun college of technology)        
One day workshop on raspberry pi Raspberry pi workshop Raspberry pi one day workshop Raspberry pi workshop in Coimbatore one day workshop in Coimbatore Workshop on raspberry pi in Coimbatore Workshop on raspberry pi one day workshop for engineering...
          Sep 8, 17: Workshop on raspberry pi at Arjun College of technology (Arjun college of technology)        
One day workshop on raspberry pi Raspberry pi workshop Raspberry pi one day workshop Raspberry pi workshop in Coimbatore one day workshop in Coimbatore Workshop on raspberry pi in Coimbatore Workshop on raspberry pi one day workshop for engineering...
          Organic feeding, organic eating        

Sara is down on her knees these days, planting tomatoes and peppers, turning the soil in preparation for planting peas and beans. Her kale is ready for eating, and the Brussels sprouts and broccoli are well on their way.

It’s Spring gardening season, and despite the unpredictable nature of our weather, some of her small strawberry plants are already showing red fruit, while her large raspberry bush is full of promising buds. In the flower department, poppies and peonies are trying to outdo each other in rich reds and oranges, while the purple blue shower of catmint flowers is only outdone by the long lasting blessing of the forget-me-not blue star field.

We went through the first signs of Spring—crocuses, hyacinths, daffodils, tulips—and now we’re in the clematis, early rose, bluebells, and lupens period. Sara has dug up large sections of her flower beds, moving things around and redesigning the stone walled enclosures. Yes, after years of having her raised beds enclosed by driftwood, Sara started converting the perimeters of the beds to stone, with a little help from a neighbor. My work and sore back prevented me from helping out.

We had kale—prepared with garlic and slivered almonds—last night, and Sara’s red and green lettuce has been ready for the nightly picking for quite a while. Her sorel has bolted, and ready for trimming. She promised to utilize the second growth to make sorel soup, hopefully sweetened with some honey.

Speaking of honey, we finally spotted some bumblebees among the catmint flowers this week, but still no honey bees. Facebook friends report a similar dearth of the helpful insects, without whom the work of pollination will be very difficult, indeed. Who is to blame? Corporate pesticides, cell phones, or an insidious virus? It’s very disturbing…

Advanced Nutrients, our favorite fertilizer maker, has undergone many changes since we started using their products back in 2006. We hear that their CEO is helping to feed thousands of poor families at Christmas and Easter in Bulgaria these days, and that they are coming out with a brand new line of products to be used with coco coir as a substrate. Since we hardly use hydroponics, we’re still betting on Iguana Juice, Grow and Bloom, to keep our plants and flowers well fed each year! But Sara has switched to a coco fiber seedling pot, which is biodegradable.

She started the kale from seed, BTW, under a very primitive grow light, wick-action hydroponic system, but we had to cut the holes bigger on the bottoms of the coco pots, in order to aid the absorption of water from below. The taste of that wonderful vegetable still lingers on my tongue from last night. By producing some of our own food each year, we are not only saving a bit of money, but we’re taking part in a very exciting global revolution of growing our own—rather than depending on the corporate agri-businesses to supply shrink-wrapped, half-ripe produce for our table.

          Angels Face Diamante Small Rasberry Bow Raspberry        
Angels Face Diamante Small Rasberry Bow Raspberry

Angels Face Diamante Small Rasberry Bow Raspberry

Angel's Face baby and girls hair bow. 6cm x 5cm

          Manitoba Fibre Festival - shopping        
I would be remiss if I didn't share photos of my fibre acquisitions from this year's fibre festival (even if I am late in sharing).

I did not bring home ANY alpaca NOR raw fleece. (It was tempting! I almost did.)
I really don't need more of either right now.
Instead I restocked my pretty-fibres stash so that I have ready-to-spin stuff available between rounds with the raw fibres I have to clean and prep.

Clockwise from the largest batt: my prize of an Icelandic wool blend donated by Tog & Thel, Merino-Silk roving from Wild Wind Naturals, a natural braid of Falkland wool and a dyed braid of Falkland from Generations Fibreworks, Chocolate-Raspberry merino Fluffy Roving from Cloud 9 FibreWorks (2 braids that I claimed before she could even put it on display; good thing because when I walked away to do some organizing stuff I returned to find most of the fibre sold), and a pair of earthy merino-tencel fibre dyed by Manjusha Fibres.

I was also deeply compelled to support Wayne of Natural Knot Wood designs as he added Tibetan style support spindles to his collection. Last year I was admiring (and helping others shop for) his Turkish spindles, but I have a decent collection of those already.  I haven't bought a new spindle in years and I really love my other Tibetan style spindle. This one is a beauty.

As you can see from the photo above, I started spinning some new fibre on the new spindle immediately.  Later, at home, I took a break from my super-fine spinning on the wheel to whip up that prize batt in a chunky 3-ply.

Plying "ball" of 3 strands.

Filling my bulky quill attachment, with a bobbin for comparison.
With 92 meters of bulky yarn, I'm thinking.... hat. Or mitts. Or cowl.
          Latinoware 2014 aí vamos nós!        


Após 5 anos volto a Latinoware, evento da comunidade de Software Livre que ocorre em Foz do Iguaçu - Paraná - Brasil.

Além das conexões pessoais, trocas de chaves pgp, desvirtualizações de amigos virtuais, chops e etc… tem uma extensa e rica programação. Assim, para minha organização pessoal, listo abaixo as palestras ou oficinas que pretendo participar. Se você estiver por lá, nestes horários, poderemos compartilhar as mesmas coordenadas de espaço-tempo :-)

O que pretendo participar/assistir/comparecer

A programação completa (com sinopse de cada palestra/oficina/keynote) pode ser vista aqui.


  • 10h - 11h - GNU/Linux - It is not 1984 (or 1969) anymore - Jon “Maddog” Hall
  • SIMULANDO FENÔMENOS COM O GEOGEBRA - Marcela Martins Pereira e Eduardo Antônio Soares Júnior
  • 12h - 13h - Espaços abertos colaborativos Guilherme Guerra
  • 13h - 14h - (comer alguma coisa) e tentar me dividir entre: O analfabetismo tecnológico e a formação dos professores Antonio Carlos C. Marques e Internet das Coisas: Criando APIs para o mundo real com Raspberry Pi e Python Pedro Henrique Kopper
  • 14h -16h - Abertura Oficial da Latinoware
  • 16h - 17h - Edição de vídeos na prática com kdenlive Carlos Cartola
  • 17h - 18h - red#matrix, muito mais que uma mídia social. Frederico (aracnus) Gonçalves Guimarães


  • 10h - 11h - Direitos autorais e os cuidados ao utilizar serviços “da nuvem” e “gratuitos” para construir objetos educacionais Márcio de Araújo Benedito
  • .
  • 11h - 12h - Colaboração e Ferramentas Livres: possibilidades de contra-hegemonias na Escola. Sergio F. Lima
  • 12h - 13h - Professor Livre! O uso do software livre nas licenciaturas. Wendell Bento Geraldes
  • 13h - 14h - (comer alguma coisa) e Padrões abertos de documentação - ODF. Fa Conti
  • 14h -15h - Bitcoin, o futuro do dinheiro é open source (e livre). Kemel Zaidan e Plataforma Open Hardware para Robótica. Thalis Antunes De Souza e Thomás Antunes de Souza
  • 15h - 16h - Mozilla e Educação, como estamos revolucionando o ensino de habilidades digitais. Marcus Saad
  • 16h - 17h - Arduino Uno x MSP 430. Raphael Pereira AlkmimYuri Adan Gonçalves Cordovil
  • 17h - 18h - Inclusão de PCDs na Educação - Com Software Livre é Possível. Marcos Silva Vieira


  • 10h - 12h - Presença digital: não basta estar lá, tem que participar. Frederico (aracnus) Gonçalves Guimarães Será um “mão na massa” :-)
  • .
  • 12h - 13h - Acho que vou almoçar :-)
  • 13h - 14h - Educação e tecnologia com recursos livres. Marcos Egito
  • 14h -14:15h - Foto oficial do Evento
  • 14:15h - 15:15h - Introdução ao Latex. Ole Peter Smith
  • 15:15h - 16:15h - abnTeX2 e LaTeX: normas “absurdas” e documentos elegantes. Lauro César
  • 16:15h - 17:15h - Data Science / Big Data / Machine Learning E Software Livre. Eduardo Maçan

Se você estiver por lá, faça contato!

          Gerenciando meu Conteúdo - nível pré-pokemon        


Na minha jornada pessoal para desenvolver as competências técnicas para auto-gerir meu conteúdo tenho experimentado e escolhido um conjunto de ferramentas livres para ter o máximo de controle sobre minha “pegada digital"…

Neste texto apresento algumas novidades implementadas desde o último da série

Nuvem Pessoal e Computação Sensata

Mantendo os princípios básicos já apresentados eu acrescentei mais duas ferramentas ao meu “canivete digital livre"…


Eu instalei minha nuvem pessoal que sincroniza com meu computador pessoal e com meus dispositivos Androids instalando o excelente OwnCloud no servidor e seus respectivos clientes no computador portátil (notebook) e dispositivos Androids (táblete e celular).

O OwnCloud é simplesmente fantástico! Além de criar sua própria nuvem ele te oferece a oportunidade de adicionar vários plugins que aumentam a versatilidade do mesmo (favoritos, notas, calendário (com sincronização CalDAV) e etc).

O cliente dos dispositivos Androids (tem para iOS também) permite enviar automaticamente (via wi-fi) todas as suas fotos para sua nuvem privada. Além, é claro, de acessar seu arquivos (ou enviá-los) na (para) sua nuvem pessoal.

Red Matrix

A Red Matrix é uma evolução do Friendica, mas com foco em comunicação descentralizada e excelente controle de privacidade.

Eu não tinha comentado antes sobre o Red Matrix porque eu não entendia bem aonde ela queria chegar (ainda não está 100% claro pra mim!). Mesmo tendo em conta que o mesmo tem muitas características redundantes com vários aplicativos livres que já uso eu continuo acompanhando (de perto) sua evolução por conta de suas características filosóficas irem de encontro a minha perspectiva pessoal de manter o máximo de controle sobre meu conteúdo e minha privacidade.

Próximos passos evolutivos

Muitas das ferramentas que estou utilizando atualmente somente são possíveis porque usamos* um servidor Debian com o ajuste fino do “sysadmin” @aracnus que, além de fazer toda a mágica acontecer, ainda conserta as lambanças que (eventualmente) eu faço por lá!

Quando eu crescer (isto é, minha meta de evolução Pokemon) pretendo ter as competências técnicas do @aracnus para além do software gerenciar também meus próprios Hardwares… Sim Raspberry Pi, estou falando com você :-)


Nesta linha mas com excelentes argumentos históricos, políticos e técnicos não deixe de ler o texto: re-descentralize!


* Eu e o @aracnus dividimos um servidor no Contabo. Com administração majoritária do @aracnus.

          Strawbluey Bluebarb & Triple Chocolate Double Cherry Nut Volcanoes        

Strawbluey Bluebarb & Triple Chocolate Double Cherry Nut Volcanoes

All butter walnut pecan brown sugar cinanamon nutmeg

Triple Chocolate Double Cherry has black sour cherry and semi-sweet chocolate chips inside with red sours and milk chocolate buttercream on top.

Strawbluey Bluebarb also has some raspberry liquor in with the blueberry strawberry glaze. 

Mixed the freshly frozen fruit into the crumb so came out more like a cobbler in texture than a regular batter mix, if that makes any sense (no it doesn't.)

Now I gotta get on my bike to deliver them so my friends had better all be home!



          Measuring Energy        
Not sure why the picture shows cost in Â£. The device is
equally happy to display cost in our native R.
One of the best birthday presents I've ever received was an Energy Monitor given to me by one of my sons this year. Electrical Energy Monitor, to be more accurate, since I hardly see it measuring the other myriad forms of energy. It's one of those that plugs in to the AC supply, and in turn provides a plug for some appliance, allowing you to measure the consumption of that specific device.

As part of the Solar Project, I know to within a gnat's pubic hair width how much electrical energy we consume overall on a month to month, season to season basis, but nailing down the detailed usage of specific appliances has long been a problem – just not a high enough priority to justify running out to buy a monitor. But having been given one,... well, now I'm measuring every electrical device in sight.

I started, predictably, with my PC. My PC is switched on pretty much all day, every day, since it's a Work Device, and although I have been quite conscious about buying lower-power motherboards that actively manage fans and power to the various components, a more efficient (and probably not coincidentally a much quieter) Power Supply, energy efficient CPU and so on, but have nevertheless remained quite in the dark about exactly how much power this beastie draws. I am not so terribly interested in the specific consumption of something like the motherboard or the disks, but of the entire cluster of equipment; the PC box and all it contains, the monitor, all those trickle drain devices hanging off various USB hubs... they're all on at once, and that's what I most needed to get a handle on.

Amazingly, it turns out that my estimates were surprisingly accurate. At a "quiet" level of operation – the stuff we do most of the time: reading emails, browsing the web, typing blog posts and so on – the entire cluster draws around 105W. That's surprisingly little for what is, I confess, quite a decently powerful machine. Well,... it serves me perfectly doing some reasonably heavyweight software development, running the usual array of server applications, development tools and debuggers. I have, of course, avoided getting any sort of serious graphics cards. For a start I have little to no interest or skill in graphic work, and for another I'm not into any level of seriously graphic intensive gaming. (I could probably get into that world quite easily, but I fear – with some justification – getting sucked into a black-hole for time.) So: pleasant to find that my energy conservation efforts were not entirely in vain.

Power draw does surge up as high as about 150 to 170W in times of more intensive CPU use, but those are pretty transient events. Stuff like my Development Environment starting up and doing a whole bunch of work for perhaps ten or fifteen seconds. I also note that the consumption increases in proportion with the ambient temperature in the office – fans have to work a little harder to cool the electronics when the weather is hot. Some day any decade now I shall get around to installing the long planned for Solar Chimney in the roof as part of the the Whole House Passive Cooling System.

What is disturbing is that the Computer Cluster, much to my consternation, unexpectedly draw around 4.5W when it is "off". What the hell is that? I surmise that it is some parts of the motherboard sitting quietly waiting to be awakened by the ring of the telephone, or some incoming network packets, these all being pretty stock features of most motherboards. I have a Raspberry Pi computer currently doing service as a household network server that only draws 3W at peak, so 4.5W when allegedly "off" is atrocious and unacceptable. I believe I will install a master power switch somewhere on the desk so that I can completely sever the electricity connection at night, thus solving the problem. I need, in any case to do this as part of my Lightning Mitigation Strategy; currently (forgive the pun) I run around unplugging all devices when ever a thunderstorm rolls to near. I've lost many thousands of Rands-worth of kit over the years to lightning induced surges.

So it's been great fun, and quite educational, using the Power Monitor so far. I plan on monitoring the computer for about a week to give me a good estimate of its power use, then I'll move on to the other part of the Compute Centre, the DSL Router, RasPi and associated wall-warts and supporting devices. I don't expect their consumption to amount to very much, but they have the attribute of being always on which is an important factor when sizing the battery pack for a PV Solar setup.
          Last Week's Blocks        
I actually pieced these all last week, on Thursday evening. I'd meant to post them during the day on Friday but then I got distracted with spending time with the family and cleaning before I disappeared for a road trip to St. Paul. More on the trip in a later post, because it was AWESOME!
#063 Ozark Maple Leaf
#063 Ozark Maple Leaf
I've actually had the pieces for this particular block cut for a couple of weeks. I just kept skipping over it, despite its relatively quick and easy construction. Ah, well. It's done now!

#046 Hill and Valley
#046 Hill and Valley
A very low contrast block - it's actually more attractive in person. However, I need a few blocks like this to make everything work well together. I'm still feeling these red-violet/raspberry colored fabrics.

#075 Rosebud
#075 Rosebud
A bit of carelessness led to me having to re-piece one of the quadrants. Those big HSTs in the quadrants? Yeah, I sewed one on in the wrong direction, and then cut it, so I didn't have a rosebud in the end. No big deal. I caught the error before I cut all four quadrants.

#076 Sawtooth
#076 Sawtooth
I'm having a lot of fun picking fabrics for these blocks. I like to pair the unexpected. Here, a very contemporary print by Kate Spain with a Joann's Fabrics damask print.
          Back to the Farmer's Wife        
Last night, I treated myself, since it was just me at home. Sushi, solitude and sewing! Well, not so much sewing, but cutting. Stitch N' Bitch was today, so I spent the evening cutting fabric so that I could just spend today piecing.

And piece I did!
#064 Peace and Plenty
#064 Peace and Plenty
I really need to vary up my grays in these blocks, but I love this particular gray and white print!
#089 Steps to the Altar
#089 Steps to the Altar
More new fabric. Lots of strip piecing.
#098 Water Wheel
#098 Water Wheel
This is one of the few white background blocks that I've done so far for the sampler. I need to make a few more to ensure that they don't look like holes in the top.
#103 Whirlwind
#103 Whirlwind
An ultra modern print combined with some fussy cutting and I'm happy!
#069 Practical Orchard
#069 Practical Orchard
I really like the citrus-y fabric I used here, but I'm almost wishing I'd fussy cut those squares... I might yet go back and do that.
#091 Strawberry Basket
#091 Strawberry Basket
Very similar in construction to Steps to the Altar, so I cranked this one out. I'm really digging the mustard and the raspberry color together.
Progress Thus Far

So, now I'm forty-five blocks in. A few more white background blocks, because I need more blocks that are brighter. There a good range of medium value blocks to dark blocks, so that's good. I'll probably end up re-making the Basket Weave block again, because I don't like the cream in it. Same with Attic Window. I want this quilt to be crisp.

          It's Been a Year!!!        

It's been quite a year!!
Tomorrow it will be Stan's 1st birthday. I can hardly believe it.
I have been very absent from this blog, and , well, from a lot of my old life actually! It's not that I didn't want to, or couldn't get the time.. it's simply that I couldn't fit it in my head

I feel like I'm coming back to me now... and the fog is lifting! 
Stan is now being fed through a mic key button, directly into his tummy, and is FINALLY putting on weight.
And I am happy. So happy. We all are. We are LOVING him so much. 

And this story is basically a reflection on how it all went.

I have been comforted and inspired by the many stories of families adjusting to a post-birth diagnosis of down syndrome. A lot of them feel like they could have been written by me. It seems that the experience of adjustment holds similarities and involves a process, much like the grieving process, I believe. It sounds grim but for me, and seemingly a lot of others, it's necessary to get through it...

I felt compelled, all of a sudden, to add my story to the blogosphere. It's not what I was planning on doing, and I've never written a birth story or anything on here before, but, like I say, it feels like something I need to do.
Feel free to read it or not. And this is not going to be what I always do - blogging specifically about DS. It's just what's in my world right now. It's going to be an interesting and special aspect of our life from now on, but it is not all that's in it. And soon it will just be portrayed as our 'normal'. Which is what it is.
This blog usually deals with much more trivial, shallow matters! And that's how I like it. It's escapism and hedonism amidst my hectic life.
And it's how I avoid doing housework.

(a surprise diagnosis)

I knew something was different in this pregnancy. Just knew it. I told everyone. This baby didn't do what my other boy babies did in utero. He was listless and calm and, happily, didn't make me sick AT ALL. And with my other boys I was on the couch for 4 months literally. Having found out he was a boy I was confused by this.

I couldn't wait to hold him. I wanted to snuggle him under my chin. I wanted to breastfeed a hungry, earnest, button-nosed newborn again. It was my sixth time. I would know exactly what to do. I would soak it up. I would relish every moment, knowing it was my last time.  I was dreaming of another little guy, and watching him join into our big noisy family and grow up clever and kind, or crazy and cool, just like his siblings. He would explore the world and develop into a happy and strong person, who could be whatever he wanted to be.

The last photo of Stanley on the inside..
The morning of his birth. Bags all packed and ready to go.

When he came out, by caesaerian section (because it was assumed he's be as big/bigger than my previous babies who were enormous), he was nowhere near as big as the others. And there was no obvious reason for this... He looked the same as the others, but his face features were smaller and his hands were so tiny. He was screaming, as on the way out he got a big scratch down his face and body from the hook that held my stomach open. ( I know. Horrible.) so his face was screwed up and I didn't really get a good look at him for a while.

YOu can see the scratch on the side of his head and down his tummy. I'm smiling, but my eyes show how weird I was feeling.

But I remember how he felt in that first hour. They put him on my chest. (That's the photo above) But he had to be molded into a position that fitted, and even that didn't feel like the right spot. He didn't seem to blend into me like my other babies did. Usually my baby and I become one. We stay like that for about 4 months.. Stan didn't wriggle and hunt for my boob. It was weird. It felt odd. And I kept noticing all the small things that set him apart from the other kids. The teeny tiny pinky fingers that stuck up differently. ("JOhn look at his tiny fingers! Do they look odd to you?") I remember saying to my Dad on the phone that he looks the same, but somehow different to the others.

Four of his adoring siblings meeting him for the first time.  They were so excited to meet their newest baby.

I was in the post-natal ward with my new little bundle. The kids had been up to visit. John had taken them home. My mother and father-in-law came to see him. They loved him and left. There had been a couple of weird 'dusky spells'when he went purple and stopped breathing - during or after a feed (which was via bottle - a first EVER for me) So I was feeling all wasn't quite right. I didn't have the blissed out i'm-just-soaking-up-my-baby feeling .  There was a little baby with me, and he didn't want to feed. But he wasn't crying, and none of it felt right. 

There were 2 midwives in my room., and Stan lay in a little bassinet next to my bed. I looked at him, and for the first time our eyes properly locked together.

That's when I saw it. His eyes were wide open and he stared at me intently.
In hindsight, it felt like he was looking at me, imploring me to notice, and asking me if it was OK and if I would still love him anyway..
It breaks my heart when I remember that look.

But what I saw at the time was Down SYndrome. I saw it, 100%. Flashing lights.
"OMG he has Downs." That's what I said out loud.
The midwives came over and checked him out.
"Do you think?" There was the sandal toes. There was the single Palmers Crease. (this had been pointed out to us earlier on, but nothing has been thought of it) And of course there were the eyes.

One of our many hospital stays. 
He went purple and stopped breathing properly a few times not long after that. He was taken down to NICU where they looked after him. He was fed formula . This is the first time in 6 babies that that has happened. Those that know me know how much I am 'ínto' breastfeeding, for so many reasons.. So even that made me cry so badly. It was a big deal. And I was baby-less and in shock.

They say that this shock is sometimes like losing the baby you thought you were having, and you grieve, then get to meet a new type of baby that has arrived. You have to forget all your previous expectations and ideas.


I wanted everything to go away. Maybe the world to stop for a while till I'd worked out what to do. I had to work out how to tell people, who to tell.
It's hard to know what to say. I didn't want people to be  put in that situation. Do they congratulate me? Or say "Oh no!". Do they come and visit him? Do they send a text? Or ring? Do they say anything to my kids? What do they say to them?
 (I made the decision to send a message via facebook post. It stated that we were filled with different emotions, and that we loved our guy.) It took me a few days to get to doing that. I was in turmoil. I was up and down like a yo-yo in my head. I could cry in a heartbeat. Great buckets. I spent that whole first week teetering on the edge of a howling attack. A guteral heart wrenching howling session that I wanted no-one else to hear!
 I was away from my baby and I didn't know what my baby was like.
 What he was going to be like. 
What LIFE was going to look like in a year, 5 years 20 years, 40 years for our family.
How would his siblings be affected? 
Could I handle this? 
Why did we need this in our already busy lives? 
We were too old for this, me and John. 
And how could I do this without my Mum? (I cry about that after I had all my babies, but this one more so..)

Thank goodness I had an ensuite in the hospital I spent many hours in that week just crying uncontrollably. For one - post-partum hormones. ANother thing - I had just had a baby, but i didn't have a baby. He was in the nicu. I like to mother my babies in the natural, earthy way of "attachment parenting''.. that's a way of saying I hold them close. For as long as they want to. We have them close to us in bed. I feed them when they want feeding. I carry them next to my body in a sling. I felt heart broken, and so many other things.

Not long before graduating from NICU.
Trying to get aour heads around 'the new normal' and smiling through the weirdness!!

The Mummy-ing trip is so different this time. And I used to cry coz of that. There was grief attached to that. I felt more often like a nurse than I did a mummy. And I HATED that.  But I love him. SO BADLY. He is my cute little funny guy with his fluffy mohawk and his brown AND blue eyes. ANd his little hands that try and put things in his mouth, but miss! 

He's doing things, in his own time. We have had lots of ups and downs.. and things are going well now, as we approach his first birthday.   I wish for him all the lioness mummy wishes I can think of. I anticipate the more interesting and colourful life adventure we will have with him by our side.

I try not to forecast into the future too much. (we learnt that very early on.) It's a freaky thing. But we will face challenges head on, and we will lap up the future fun we will have.I feel like he is love in its purest form. He is so undemanding and tolerant. He has a calmness that a lot of people notice. A peaceful wairua (spirit) that my other babies didn't have.

The outpouring of support has been mind-blowingly overwhelming. My family has been amazing. AMAZING. My midwife and friend -I couldn't have coped without her.  My friends - INCREDIBLE! People dropped meals off, groceries, baking, money, cards and gifts, did washing, took kids, minded STan in the hospital while I came home, minded kids at home while John came to the hospital... etc. John's employer has been so kind, and so has all the medical interactions we have had. WE have even been given a caregiver for Stan daily while I get the kids ready for school, and a cleaner twice a week! Amazing. A group of staff at the kids'school made us meals every Wednesday for the whole term. A group of friends and family got together and bought us a new washing machine. A washing machine!! I think of them every time I use it. i could never thank them enough.  We have been thankful, so thankful for all that. 
We got to experience the best side of people through this, and we still do. Amazing messages from so many different fabulous people, with advice and offering support and encouragement. They made such a difference.
There are support groups. Online support groups as well. Medical input regularly. Ongoing free healthcare. We are lucky for that here in NZ.
JOHN has been amazing. Incredible. He is a total rock. And he totally rocks.

This whole thing has made us reconsider what 'perfect 'actually means. Perfect? I don't think a baby with Down Syndrome is what people mean when they say ''Perfect". But it doesn't really matter. Stan has a major difference obviously, and life will therefore be different with him. But also there will be plenty of similarities. We can already see what an amazing little guy he is and what he adds to our family. He is the most adorable little dude. EASY to look after. Rarely cries. Lie him down and he goes to sleep without a fuss (a new experience for us!!) He wakes up in the morning chatting and raspberrying. Loves his siblings probably more than they love him. And that's A LOT!!!

When he had a naso-gastric tube (for 8 months) It was horrific on his skin. Had to change nostrils every day or two to give his skin and his nostrils a break.

I don't know what will happen. This is our story with Stan so far. We are learning all the time. We are loving him. We are doing our best. We are happy.

Now that he's turning one, we are going to have a huge party. We will invite everyone who has helped us, and even everyone who offered to help... and that's a LOT of people! Also, I feel like we didn't celebrate his birth properly. So we will celebrate.
 We will C E L E B R A T E this amazing, precious little man. We marvel at his fortitude and we thank our lucky stars he chose us!!

          Ð›ÑƒÐ±Ñ€Ð¸ÐºÐ°Ð½Ñ‚ на водной основе System JO H20 - RASPBERRY SORBET (30 мл)        
Лубрикант на водной основе System JO H20 - RASPBERRY SORBET (малиновый сорбет) (30 мл) -это интимный лубрикант с широкой гаммой насыщенных ароматов из коллекции ароматизированных средств JO® H2O.Лубрикант на водной основе System JO H20 - RASPBERRY SORBET делает прелюдию более приятной и улучшает качество интимной близости. Изготовлен с использованием глицерина исключительно растительного происхождения и натуральных ароматизаторов,Лубрикант разбудит вкусовые рецепторы и аппетит к удовольствию. Отсутствие сахара и искусственных подсластителей также делает его безобидным.Преимущества:• Отличный способ добавить остроты в ощущения и сделать прелюдию более приятной. • Совместим с материалом большинства игрушек. Перед применением обязательно ознакомьтесь с рекомендациями производителя на упаковке.• Глицерин растительного происхождения придает естественный сладковатый вкус.• Безопасен для вагинального применения и не способствует возникновению кандидоза. • Создавайте уникальные вкусовые ощущения, смешивая и сочетая разные вкусы.Состав:Glycerin, Water (Aqua), Flavor (Aroma), Cellulose Gum, Methylparaben, PropylparabenОбъем (мл.): 30 Страна производства: США
          ÐÐ½Ð°Ð»ÑŒÐ½Ñ‹Ð¹ стимулятор Rocks Off Ass-Berries - Raspberry        
Это «ÑÐ³Ð¾Ð´Ð½Ñ‹Ð¹» сюрприз для аппетитной попки! Встречайте! Самая яркая и сочная секс-игрушка для любителей клубнички . . . простите, малинки. Идеальная ягодная форма подарит бесконечное наслаждение, как начинающим дегустаторам анальных игр, так и искушенному пользователю. Вы будете чувствовать каждый мягкий пупырышек, который будет нежно вибрировать для максимального удовольствия. Нажмите на кнопку мощного семискоростного вибратора, и он унесет Вас в мир сексуального блаженства.Материал: Силикон Вибрация: С вибрацией Тип питания: LR1, ААА Количество режимов вибрации: 7 Длина вводимой части (мм): 50 Максимальный диаметр (мм): 35 Общий размер: 100мм х 45мм х 45мм Размер в упаковке: 240мм х 115мм х 50мм Производитель: Rocks off Страна производства: Великобритания Гарантия: 1 год
          A Very Brief Taste of Melbourne        
Stokehouse Wagyu beef cigars, artichoke tapenade and horseradish

Friday night I was fortunate enough to attend A Taste of Melbourne for the first time with some friends thanks to SBS Food and Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate.  Unfortunately for me due to a sick little boy who needed a visit to the Dr I didn't arrive until 8.30pm & couldn't make it again due to a very busy weekend.  The doors close at 9.30pm & the bar closes at 9.15pm so 1 hour was really not that long to spend there.  Luckily I had printed out the menu and knew some of the dishes I wanted to try.  Thanks to the map I even managed to find these places though I only got to try 2 savoury dishes & one sweet & only managed to visit the Green & Blacks produce stall.  I have to say I was very disappointed as there was so much I wanted to try, maybe next year I will have better luck.

My first stop was The Stokehouse for the fabulous beef cigars, artichoke tapenade and horseradish.  Wow, I am so glad I tried these as they were luscious, crunchy pastry, moist & delicious filling & the tapenade was the perfect partner.

Next I dropped into Green and Vlacks to say i & thanks for the tickets & tried the chocolate and raspberry cheesecake brownies & butterscotch choc chip cookies, both were great & are from the upcoming new cookbook, I will be very interested to see the book when released, I already have one of their books & love it being a true chocoholic.

Longrain was next on my list so I headed upstairs only to be very disappointed to find EVERYTHING sold out, even the cocktails, not very happy!!!!!!   So it was off to Charcoal Lane for the  Seared Kingfish, Red Curry, Puffed Rice & Coconut.  I loved the flavours in this dish though I think the temperature put me off a bit.  It was quite cold & I think I would have preferred it warmer even though the guy dishing it up assured me this was the temperature it should be served at. 

By this stage I only had 6 crowns left out of my 60 (yes I managed to spend a lot in a short time without even getting much as there may have been some glasses of wine going down too).  I stopped by the Melbourne Wine Room & Mr Wolf stall and they were kind enough to let me sample the Vanilla pannacotta and blood orange jelly.  Nice though by this stage I was more interested in drinking more wine than sweets so headed out the door for a long night at the Brunswick Green and Retreat!

Apologies too for the lack of photos, I did take heaps more but they were completely crap, I really need that new camera  which current financial circumstances have had to put on hold again for now....

Green and Blacks samples

Looking forward to next year & hope I manage a bit more time next visit.

          NEW PRODUCT – Adafruit AMG8833 IR Thermal Camera Breakout        
NEW PRODUCT – Adafruit AMG8833 IR Thermal Camera Breakout Add heat-vision to your project and with an Adafruit AMG8833 Grid-EYE Breakout! This sensor from Panasonic is an 8×8 array of IR thermal sensors. When connected to your microcontroller (or raspberry Pi) it will return an array of 64 individual infrared temperature readings over I2C. It’s […]
          Octarine Pi Camera, Raspberry Pi Camera Mod #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi        
Peter Le Roux built an infrared Raspberry Pi based camera, which he calls the Octarine Pi Camera. After six months of fiddling, my infrared Raspberry Pi based camera is finished. Apart from a few software tweaks to interface properly with the mode switch, it’s working perfectly, and runs for about three hours on the RS775-7504 […]
          Hardywood Raspberry Stout        
Richmond, VA's bellows brewery delivers the goods with this beer. Don't fear the fruit of this fine release. Raspberry & Chocolate are the Wonder Twins here and form a great balance of flavor without being too sweet, while having a body that gives Coco a run for her money. OG!

          ÐÐµ жми на кнопку — получишь результат        

Есть у меня домашний сервер, как, наверное, у многих айтишников: файлохранилище, прокси, VPN, DLNA, управление 1-Wire и так далее.

В качестве него используется старый нетбук с линуксом. Почему нетбук — потому что маленький и не шумит, в нём вообще вентиляторов нет. Почему не перепрошитый роутер или какой-нибудь Raspberry Pi — потому что не хотелось возиться с поиском прошивок, кросскомпиляцией и прочими интересными вещами.

Работает он уже несколько лет, висит себе на стенке на гвоздике в дальнем углу, пыль собирает. Вот только в последнее время в доме возникла проблема с электроэнергией: её могут внезапно отключить на сутки. Это вообще отдельная тема, но что касается нетбука-сервера — никаких бесперебойников и батарей не хватает, он ведь не один на резервном питании сидит, поэтому он периодически выключается.

А вот чтобы потом его включить, надо взять табуретку, подойти к стенке, долезть до него, открыть крышку, нажать кнопку (потому что настройки «включаться автоматически» в нём нет), закрыть крышку, убрать табуретку. Казалось бы, мелочь, но задалбывает, тем более что он управляет разными другими вещами, поэтому включается одним из первых, как только дали свет.

И вот, наконец, нашлось решение: конденсатор!

Ведь что такое «нажать на кнопку»? Это на пару секунд замкнуть два контакта, чтобы компьютер запустился, а потом контакты разомкнуть, чтобы он не выключился.

А что такое конденсатор? В момент подачи напряжения через него проходит ток заряда, который постепенно снижается до нуля. Чем не нажатие на кнопку?

Подходящий конденсатор на 100 мкФ нашёлся в валяющемся без дела старом CD-приводе, который всё было лень выбросить. Припаиваем его параллельно кнопке — и всё: в момент подачи напряжения нетбук сам запускается, потом конденсатор заряжается и «отпускает кнопку». Причём даже не нарушается всё остальное — настоящая кнопка-то работает, можно нажать, и он выключится, как и положено.

Просто вовремя вспомнился график заряда из учебника. А ведь уже собирался рыть интернет в поисках нового биоса для этой давно снятой с производства модели — и вряд ли бы нашёл.

          48822 Soup Maker        
48822 Soup Maker

48822 Soup Maker

The fuss-free way to make delicious soup, just the way you like it. In as little as 21 minutes, you can be sitting down with a bowl of fresh, homemade and nutritious soup. Unlike shop-bought soup, this soup will be made to your own personal taste and consistency. Simple Steps The Soup Maker is designed to be quick and easy to use. Simply prepare and chop your ingredients into small pieces, place them inside the soup maker and choose either the smooth or chunky setting. For best results chop your ingredients to 1 - 2 cm pieces to allow quicker cooking and better blending. The easy to use control panel features an LED countdown display that shows exactly how long your soup has left to cook while you just sit back and let your soup maker do the hard work for you. Recipes to Get You Started Delicious recipes are included in the instruction booklet to get you started; from a smooth roast tomato and basil to a chunky chicken and sweet corn as well as some inspirational ideas such as butternut squash, chilli and coconut if you’re feeling adventurous. A step by step guide to making tasty creations, Raspberry smoothies and blueberry milkshakes to name a few, with the smoothie function are also available. Key Features: Wattage: 1000W Capacity: 1.6L Jug material: Stainless steel Warranty: 2 years (subject to online registration, click here)

          Palm Springs | Eat + Drink        
Truss + Twine | Uptown Design District | 800 North Palm Canyon Dr

We arrived to Palm Springs from Joshua Tree on a Monday evening and quickly learned Monday + Tuesday are the industry off days. I googled 3-4 places on my hit list which were either closed or done serving dinner by 8 pm. We hit the jackpot with Truss + Twine located just a few blocks away and serving food until late in a super dark industrial minimalist bar. The staff turned out to be incredibly welcoming; shaking up some strong cocktails and eager to serve us from the small plates menu of elevated desert cuisine.

We drank: Brooklyn ($15) rye, dry vermouth, Amaro Cio-Ciara, maraschino, orange bitters, lemon zest Game Changer ($12) gin, lime, cucumber, sugar, onion brine, sea salt, celery bitters 
Velvet Touch ($15) Dickel rye, Amaro Nonino, Pedro Ximinez sherry, orange zest

And ate: Wagyu Beef Tartare ($18) celery root puree, horseradish, pickled quail egg
Red Snapper Crudo ($10) golden beet, pink peppercorn, shiso pesto 
Smoked Trout Rilllettes ($10) trout roe, cucumber gel
Drake Farm's Goat Cheese ($8) bougainvillea dust, temecula valley honeycomb, cactus confit

Bootlegger Tiki | Uptown Design District | 1011 N Palm Canyon Drive

Does it get any better than a night cap at the Hawaiian themed tiki-cocktail den that happens to be your next door neighbor? 

From the Pod Thai ($10) with white rum, lime, coconut creme, cardamom lemongrass syrup + soda to the For Luck Sake ($12) with tequila, mezcal, lime, honey, yellow chartreuse, serrano pepper tincture, basil + bitters - these expertly crafted cocktails prove even if you aren't staying right next door, this Palm Springs speakeasy is a must visit.

Ernest Coffee | Uptown Design District

Conveniently located next door to The Twist (our airbnb) is Ernest Coffee - Palm Springs only independent roasters. This hip, light filled, booze serving coffee shop (it's actually the same building and owners as Bootlegger Tiki) was our first stop each morning for fresh brewed Stumptown Coffee alongside chocolate croissants and spinach quiches on the sunny patio. 

Lulu California Bistro | Downtown | 200 S Palm Canyon Drive

Lulu is affirmatively the it spot in town. The large colorful terrace sprawling along Palm Canyon Drive opens to a retro airy bar defined by two massive chandeliers covered in pastel green and purple lampshades. The dining room is awash in all white everything, bordered by tall scalloped booths and lined with Old Hollywood photos. Every seat in the house is packed with breezy lunch dates and mingling locals. Nothing we ate or drank was particularly must visit worthy -  Cobb Salad, Asian Lettuce Wraps, a Desert Haze Martini and a Raspberry Mojito, but they do have a vast menu and offer prompt and polished service. Lulu proved a fun, energetic stop for lunch as we continued on our bike ride exploring the city!

Lulu Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Purple Palm| Colony Palms Hotel | 572 N Indian Canyon Dr 

The Purple Palm is one restaurant not to miss in Palm Springs. The menu features imaginative California fare and the Hollywood hideaway atmosphere is so incredibly alluring. Fantastic food + excellent wines are enhanced by dining under a cabana overlooking the relaxed pool setting, backed by a gorgeous open interior with towering halo light fixtures and striking purple wallpaper, ceilings, and tiled floors. We had the best time here. A top trip moment for sure!

Aperol on Fire - Aperol, gin, lemon, singed orange
Pinot Noir ($16) | Colene Clemens, Willamette Valley, Oregon
West Coast Oysters ($18) | Kumaia - Baja, California | watermelon migonette 
Gai Lan ($8) | maitake mushrooms, goat cheese, black garlic, chile de arbol
Seared Scallops + Smoked Pork Belly ($30) | canterelles, parsnip, arugula, lemon verbena (unpictured) 
Marinated + Grilled Swordfish ($29) | red pomelo, toasted pine nuts, baby spinach, pearl couscous, fresh herbs, saffron yogurt citronette

Purple Palm Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Our night out followed with drinks at Trio and Bootlegger!
Peabody's Cafe | Downtown | 134 S Palm Canyon Dr

Peabody's is a casual cafe + bar with an outdoor patio. We brunched here on a whim after learning our first choice (Cheeky's - Uptown) was a 45 minute wait. While we might have missed out on bacon flights back at Cheeky's, this runny egg - crispy potato - cheesy refried beans - homemade salsa + hot sauce covered plate of Huevos Rancheros was everything I needed to affirm the choice. 

More on where we stayed and all the good desert modern vibes up next!

          Lake Superior        
After nearly a month without being able to sail because of wind, water, and illness, we were finally able to get some time on our boat. We took the D.Too up to Lake Superior to spend some time in the Apostle Islands in mid-July.

We had to launch the boat at Red Cliff, which is located a couple of miles North of Bayfield, because there was a launch ramp there. Our good friend Jeff helped us rig the boat and shuffle the truck and trailer. Then Donavan motored the boat to Schooner Marina, just a couple of miles North from there. We planned on using it as a base camp while touring through the Apostles, but ended up only staying there for one night. It was a beautiful area, tucked away behind some wooded islands.

Schooner Marina

View from Schooner Marina

This was a logging barge, abandoned at Schooner Marina since the 1920s.

 Our first day we sailed up past Hermit Island to Stockton Island, where we spent some time at the sandy Julian Bay, and decided to stay for the night. The sand makes a strange squeaking noise when you walk in it barefoot! We were greeted by National Park Service Ranger Stu Whipple, who proved to be a vast wealth of knowledge about many things. There were only a few boats there that Friday night, which Mr. Stu Whipple said was unusual. At 7:00 in the evening, there was a park program called The Web of Life that we attended, along with some other visitors to the island. The kids at the program didn't always follow along, which made for an interesting presentation, but we had a fun evening. After an early breakfast the next morning, we headed out for more island hopping.

At the dock at Stockton  Island 

Jane and Ranger Stu Whipple

When we left Stockton Island, we got to sail without tacking nearly the entire length of the island. Then we headed over to Manitou, and met a volunteer park staff named Denise who lives on the island during the Summer.  She gave us a tour of the fishing camp and talked about the island's history. I was more interested in the fact that she lived there alone, and had no electricity until a month ago, when the solar panels were repaired. She had spent the past two Summers on the island, without electricity. No running water. The park had a random delivery service that comes by maybe a couple of times a month, but had no set schedule, so it was a surprise when they showed up. If she ordered food or supplies, it may or may not come in a timely manner. Wild strawberries grew on the island, and they were delicious.

It was a short stay at Manitou, because we wanted to get to Raspberry Island to see the lighthouse. So we sailed some more with good wind. We went by Oak Island, where the rock formation "Hole in the Wall" was supposed to be. But as we learned, the landscape changes at the Apostle Islands. The rock is soft, and the crashing waves are harsh. The Winter months take their toll on the rocky shores as well. Hole in the Wall had crumbled and was a pile of rocks.

We saw a lot of kayakers and birds along the route.

We arrived at Raspberry Island mid-afternoon on Saturday. We toured the lighthouse and looked around the grounds. There was a long animated history about the various lighthouse keepers and their staff and/or families that lived there. Sounded like a hard life.

We decided to head to Little Sand Bay, rather than return to Schooner Marina for the night. En route, a swarm of flies descended upon us, and we couldn't do much but swat at them. They were good at biting ankles and buzzing in ears. Mosquito spray did nothing to keep them away. I guess there's spray for black flies, but we didn't know about that on this trip. As the afternoon progressed, the winds started getting swirly, and kept shifting 90 degrees, and going from 0 to 20 knots at a moment's notice. We headed to Little Sand Bay for the evening. We docked next to a family with a similar size boat that had been at the marina for the past three weeks, and was fun to hear about their sailing adventures.  It was a really nice marina and campground, with a beach, flush toilets, and hot showers! Jane enjoyed every minute of the time spent on the beaches. The water was cold of course, but she waded in the water mid-thigh on a few occasions.

On Sunday we motored to Cornucopia, since there was no wind. It was very hot and humid. Our friend Jeff met us Sunday afternoon at Corny, and Jane and I headed home, while they motored across the lake to Superior, WI, on Monday. We left the boat there since the following weekend we would be back to spend some time with the Northern Lights Sailing Club. Overall it was a smooth trip; however, since there was no wind, they motored the entire 43 miles.

We were all sad that the vacation had to end. But we plan to return next year, and spend more time there.

Our track for this trip

Jr Ranger  Jane

          7 Rosé Cocktail Recipes        

The beginning of June means many things: the start of summer. No more wearing a jacket because it might be cold at night. Watching the Cubs defend their World Series title (OK, that one isn’t normal, but we’re still pinching ourselves). And best of all, June means it’s time for the Rosé to flow. While having a glass of chilled Rosé on its own is perfectly acceptable, sometimes it’s nice to mix it up. Here are seven of our favorite pink drinks to enjoy as the summer begins.

Rosé Julep

This pink take on a Kentucky classic is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Sprigs of mint, lemon syrup, brandy, and Rosé combine for a delicious and refreshing drink. You can find the recipe for this cocktail here.

La Rosa Paloma

To really spice things up, you have to try this Mexican-French fusion cocktail. A splash of Patrón Silver Tequila adds a kick, fresh squeezed grapefruit juice provides a pucker, and decadent strawberry syrup gives this drink a sweet finish. Just add a spritz of sparkling Rosé on top and you’ve got a winner. You can find the recipe for this cocktail here.

Rosé Whiskey Sour

This isn’t your grandma’s whiskey sour. Lemon juice, bourbon of your choice, simple syrup, and a splash of Rosé on top make this a classy and fun cocktail to savor before dinner. Or heck, it makes a nice dessert. You can find the recipe for this cocktail here.

Sangria a la Rosé

Sangria has to be on any list of fun summer drinks. This concoction goes heavy on peaches and strawberries, two seasonal fruits that are best from June through August. Add in a bottle or two of Rosé and a liqueur such as pisco and you’re guaranteed a delicious pitcher full of sangria. You can find the recipe for this cocktail here.

Rosé Cobbler

The best cocktails are oftentimes the simplest ones. This three-ingredient cocktail features Rosé in a starring role, with cameos by Pedro Ximenez sherry and Angostura bitters. You can find the recipe for this cocktail here.

Rivington Punch

A good summer party isn’t complete without a boozy punch bowl drink for everyone to enjoy. This is an excellent recipe to keep for your next get together. Soda water, Aperol, elderflower liqueur, raspberry liqueur, and Rosé combine for a splashy, bubbly drink that everyone will love.You can find the recipe for this cocktail here.

Summer Babe

Any drink that has the word “summer” in it has to be fun to drink, right? This one is no exception. Gin, Aperol, lemon juice, simple syrup, white peach puree, and of course Rosé combine for an unforgettable taste of summer. You can find the recipe for this cocktail here.

          Connect Multiple Devices To TV        
How to connect multiple devices to a television, even an old TV? Not a problem. Panlong 4-Way AV switch allows you to connect multiple video devices with AV out (such as Wii, XBOX, DVD, PS2, Cable Box, Raspberry Pi, Roku) to one set of standard yellow-white-red RCA connectors of your TV using AV cables. I […]
          Baby ballet shoes, Girls ballet shoes, Baby pumps,Baby mary Janes, Crochet booties, Crochet rose,Photo prop, Cream baby pumps, Newborn gift by Suzymadethis        

10.00 GBP

Baby ballet shoes

Gorgeous little ballet style shoes in cream with raspberry pink crochet rose and green leaf and ties which fasten up the leg which can be taken off to wear as cute little slip on pumps.

Perfect for busy mums as they are machine washable at 40 degrees and be dried in a tumble dryer on a cool setting or simply lay/hang out to dry.

All booties are flat packed in a little presentation box ready to give as a gift or use as a gender/pregnancy announcement.



Newborn 8 cm foot
0-3 months 9 cm foot
3-6 months 10 cm foot
6-9 months 11 cm foot
9-12 months 12 cm foot


Processing times vary but will say on each individual item, at the checkout and on your invoice, this does NOT include the shipping time so if you have a deadline please be aware of this before purchasing, however if you require a quick process and ship please let me know BEFORE purchase and I will see if I can help.

Delivery times vary depending on place but these are approx times these are shipping from the UK

UK 1-3 days after processing time

EUROPE 3-7 days after processing time

USA/EVERYWHERE ELSE anytime from 5 to 21 days after processing time (time can vary due to delays in the sorting/customs office)

All international items are sent via standard shipping which does NOT supply tracking, there is an option to add tracking at the checkout if you wish to see where your parcel is and have updates as to when it will be delivered.

Two days ago, a long Monday at work was brightened up considerably when I arrived home to this intriguing box!

(See the kitten? She was intrigued too!) Carrie decorated the box up one side and down the other; it was very cheerful and spring-y!

Opening it -- Wowzah!

So many treats....I've had to beat my daughters off with a stick. Look at all this!

Raspberry and Orange Creme Sticks (mmm, perfect with dark roast coffee); Nikki's English Toffee Chocolate Confection (English Toffee is one of my all-time favorite flavors); cute little Reese's Whipps (Reese's being the other all-time favorite flavor!! How did Carrie know?!); a Daelman's jumbo caramel wafer, yum; and Lady Walton's Creamy Dark Chocolate-Filled Wafer Cookies. And the coffee to drink it with: Italian Roast, WorldMarket House Blend (I don't have a World Market close, but my sister-in-law loves the one near her), and oh, boy, Vanilla Macadamia Nut Kona!!

Then the non-edible treats: a Creative Knitting I don't have, a little cookbook with ideas for dried fruits, fun stickers, cool reproductions of vintage cigar box labels (the top one says, simply, Hand Made!), and these gorgeous stitch markers:

Aren't they lovely?

Then, the very most lovely part of the box, perhaps: just look at this yarn.

Not only is it gorgeous, and soft, and one of my favorite colors, and a yarn I don't have:
it's a yarn I hadn't even heard of! And as a yarn aficionado, that's not so common. A treasure! (This is Noro Maiko, 35% wool, 30% kid mohair, 35% silk; nicely soft, looks like fingering to sport weight; should make a lovely lacy scarf, I think!)

Thanks so very much, Carrie!!

Carrie's package went out late, as she knows; my trip in the middle of things kind of messed up my mailing schedule (I didn't account for the post-trip work craziness, mostly), but should arrive tomorrow, I think!
          Raspberry Cupcakes with Raspberry Buttercream        

Tender, delicious vanilla cupcakes bursting with raspberries, topped with raspberry buttercream and decorated with chocolate hearts. Raspberry Cupcakes with Raspberry Buttercream Recipe Do you have a raspberry lover in your life? If you do these cupcakes might just be the perfect Valentine’s Day treat. I had a real fun time making them. It was one...


The post Raspberry Cupcakes with Raspberry Buttercream appeared first on Recipes Food and Cooking.

          Food is the best medicine        

An apple a day they say, keeps the doctor away. Be it the common cold or a nebulous norovirus, everyone seems to be down with some debilitating ailment at the moment. As far as I'm concerned, winter can end now. Much as I love Nordic skiing and the winter Olympics snow does not belong in London, and I would quite like to pack away my thermals, ear muffs and wool scarves thank you very much!

If you're finding yourself beset by recurring sniffles here are a few tips on eating your way to good health. Inspired by helpful responses I received after asking on twitter what foods help boost the immune system, I've incorporated the tweets with tips in each section, along with a few basic recipe suggestions too. Sipping endless cups of Lemsip and taking antibiotics when you need to might seem the easiest route to recovery but trust me after having been on antibiotics twice this winter I definitely recommend pre-empting future illness with healthy eating. The best strategy I've learned is eat a balanced variety of the following foods for optimal health and you'll feel - and look - better in no time :-)

1) Spices

@scandilicious you can boost immune system with teaspoon or 2 of good quality honey (manuka) & teaspoon of cinnamon with it, twice a day.
9:02 PM Jan 14th from Tweetie in reply to scandilicious

This was a brilliant suggestion, cinnamon and honey tea not only tastes delicious but cinnamon is a potent weapon against pretty much everything from colds to diabetes. I sprinkle it on my daily porridge and try to bake with it as much as possible.

@scandilicious Ginger Increases the body temperature to help fight off infections ...Gingerale contains some ginger or add ginger to food.
12:17 PM Jan 14th from web in reply to scandilicious

Ginger is another top immune boosting agent, and one I've been incorporating into my raspberry & ginger smoothie, recipe of which you can find here

Niamh of Eat Like A Girl also posted a gingery note today on the healing powers of Lemon, Ginger and Honey Tea here a drink I'm trying to have every day to strike back at all dastardly bugs!

2) Vitamins (and the sun)

@scandilicious Get Fresh Air and some Sun every day. Eat foods with Vitamin ..( A / C / D ) every day.
12:12 PM Jan 14th from web in reply to scandilicious

Sensible advice from the somewhat fiersome sounding XXorcist. We tend to hibernate in winter, and I don't know about you but a few rays of sunshine on a cold, crisp winter's day make all the difference to my mood and outlook on life. Interestingly enough, food writer Fiona Beckett also came across research here that correlates vitamin D deficiency with a compromised immune system, so up your fruit, veg and dairy intake to increase the level of vitamin D in your body. And get outside as much as you can on sunny winter days!

3) Probiotics

@scandilicious Probiotics :-)
12:09 PM Jan 14th from Gravity in reply to scandilicious

@scandilicious yoghurt(with live bacteria!!) And royal jelly!
12:06 PM Jan 14th from UberTwitter in reply to scandilicious

@scandilicious Eat live yoghurt (doesn't have to say pro biotic, it's all the same). Try not to take painkillers.
11:38 AM Jan 14th from Gravity in reply to scandilicious

@scandilicious probiotic yoghurt, smoothies with real fresh fruit. I add Innocent to the smoothie mix. Get well soon!
11:36 AM Jan 14th from Tweetie in reply to scandilicious

All great tips from the probiotic crowd! We hear much about the healing powers of probiotics, but steer clear of gimmicky probiotic drinks that are packed full of sugar, and probiotic supplements in health food shops. A Scot in London gave excellent advice on buying probiotics that have to be chilled, they are the only ones potent enough ('live' enough if you will) to survive the acidic environment of our stomachs. I picked up some at my local health food shop Alara and am amazed at how much better I felt within a week of taking them. Ask for refrigerated probiotics in your local health food shop and eat plain bio yoghurt from brands such as Yeo Valley and Rachel's Organic on a daily basis. Royal Jelly and bee pollen are also meant to be excellent for perking up the immune system.

4) Citrus

Citrus fruits are famously good for upping your vitamin C intake, try blood oranges which are currently in season and taste delicious drizzled with a bit of honey, a sprinkle of cinnamon and some scattered walnuts on top.

@scandilicious 'Orange' juice- satsumas, oranges, clem, mango: ginger, peach, dried apricots, oats, echinacea. 1 tsp of PB - Blend, drink xx
11:58 AM Jan 14th from web in reply to scandilicious

@scandilicious vit C, zinc, echinecia (or however its spelt) and don't forget to eat some protein with all the veg and fruit & carbs pls ;)
11:43 AM Jan 14th from TweetDeck in reply to scandilicious

5) Echinacea

@scandilicious echinacea?
11:35 AM Jan 14th from Echofon in reply to scandilicious

@scandilicious Echinacea
11:34 AM Jan 14th from web in reply to scandilicious

Another well-known cold and flu fighter, the easiest way to take this is in supplement form...

6) Spelt

Easy spelt bread with fennel seed, recipe here

@scandilicious spelt contains immune-system boosting properties
11:31 AM Jan 14th from TweetDeck in reply to scandilicious

@scandilicious @aforkful I'm working on a spelt-ish (in fact it is the old Roman grain - Farro) risotto mix. More bite than rice, love it.
11:39 AM Jan 14th from web in reply to scandilicious

This intrigued me, being an avid spelt fan! I knew spelt was more digestible and I've been using it in bread baking for ten years now as diabetes runs in our family and spelt is better for maintaining steady blood sugar levels than plain wheat. It's also chockfull of flavour and I've taken to using refined spelt for cinnamon buns, cakes and pancakes recently. Try it, you won't be disappointed.

7) Garlic and chilli

Moroccan spiced chickpeas with spinach (photo courtesy of Andrew Crawley and the Daily Telegraph) recipe hereThis recipe is from the Ultimate Student Cookbook and one I never tire of. It's quick to make, frugal and extremely tasty. You've got all the wonders of aromatic spices such as cumin, coriander, turmeric and chilli, the latter of which has brilliant antiseptic properties. Garlic is well-known for its immune boosting properties, so you could up the quantity from this recipe if you're in dire straits and if you're feeling extra brave, try crushing a clove and eating it raw. I'm not a huge fan of raw garlic, but love it with seafood such as prawns:

or just gently sauteed with some anchovies, chilli flakes and tossed with broccoli in pasta...

8) Soup

Or more accurately, chicken soup. Known as Jewish penicillin chicken soup is the apotheosis of immune boosting soups. Nourishing and delicious in equal measure, a simple chicken soup requires little embellishment and is worth making in large batches and sipping (slurping?) throughout the day. Anthony Silverbrow's post on chicken soup is brilliant - as a South American proverb goes "good broth resurrects the dead" and chicken soup will do exactly that!

9) Protein

This wasn't tweeted so much as just an instinctive reaction I had to feeling unwell. I craved eggs, salmon and basically anything out of the sea. Protein is needed for strength, simple as that. Try an open sandwich of soft-boiled egg, Swedish kaviar from a tube and dill on sourdough crispbread such as Peter's Yard

For more boiled egg recipe suggestions check out Foodista: Soft Boiled Egg on Foodista
Or indeed a few slivers of smoked salmon with black pepper on the same crispbread (you can tell I'm addicted to crispbread!):

Mackerel is not only cheap but endlessly versatile and full of essential omega fatty acids. My favourite way to eat mackerel is with either a gooseberry compote or rhubarb, such as this recipe from Nigel Slater. Aim to eat oily fish at least two or three times a week.

10) Miscellaneous

Well, these are tips I picked up from an excellent book on nutrition Nourishing Traditions lent to me by the good people at Rude Health :

* Coconut oil contains lauric acid, an essential saturated fatty acid that boosts the immune system and protects against viruses, funghi and other pathogens

* Tea is full of antioxidants that help the cells in our body fight off damaging free radicals, thus keeping the cells in robust health

* Pickles such as kimchi, sauerkraut and umeboshi (Japanese pickled plums) are amazing immune enhancers. The fermentation process allows probiotic lactobacilli to develop in the pickles and these act as natural pathogen fighters. Kimchi, the Korean spicy cabbage has been linked to fighting off SARS in Korea, which you can read more about here. Whether or not you believe kimchi will protect you from dastardly viruses, it certainly tastes good.

Finally, it goes without saying that aside from eating well a few behavioural habits really help fight off lurgies:

* Wash your hands with soap after you've been on public transport, in the shops, out and about in town. My Norwegian grandmother was a nurse and she always complained that people's hygiene changed dramatically after antibiotics and medical care improved in the second half of last century. Hand hygiene is the first line of defense in combating germs!

* Have a lymphatic drainage massage. This was suggested by A Forkful of Spaghetti and it makes perfect sense. Our lymphatic system fights off pathogens and if it becomes congested then one of the most effective ways to reboot the lymph nodes is to massage away toxins trapped in the lymph nodes.

* Learn to say no. This might seem banal, but I learned to my cost towards the end of last year that saying yes to everything depleted my energy and enthusiasm for going out. Be selective, ruthless even, in how often you say yes to a favour, to going out or to events.

* Calm down! Adrenal fatigue is now recognised as a significant factor in the weakening of our immune systems. It seems we're all too stressed, all the time and the constant surge of adrenaline through our bodies - be it from working in stressful jobs, not sleeping enough, taking too many drugs, or in personal relationships - is seriously detrimental to our health. Relax as often as you can, try yoga, pilates or meditation. Chamomile, lemon verbena and valerian teas are all fantastic alternatives to boring old water to keep you hydrated and calm throughout the day. Hot baths, good novels, cooking a delicious meal - whatever it is that helps you unwind, do it. Ignore the maddening crowd and you'll feel so much the better for it. Exercise, curiously enough, can be calming as you vent all your frustrations through a game of footie, or on a run. My resolution is to dance more as I'm easily bored with gyms and running!

* Incidentally painkillers are also thought to weaken the immune system, but of course use them if you're feeling rotten and can't function. See your doctor if you're feeling utterly miserable and showing symptoms beyond just a cough or temporary food poisoning. Antibiotics are essential when you're seriously ill.

What are your top tips for eating your way to good health? Feel free to comment below, and dispute any of my suggestions of course.
          A return to baking: raspberry and cinnamon crunch muffins made with Jordans Country Crisp        

Raspberry and cinnamon crunch muffins

Lovely juicy, tart raspberries inside the muffin

Being a contrarian sort I tend to steer clear of predictions, resolutions and diets of any description in the new year. January is a month to hunker down indoors, savour these cold winter nights hiding under the duvet with a hot water bottle and a good book whilst nursing a whisky or three. And of course with this cold snap we're experiencing - the perfect excuse to eat carbs, glorious carbs...

Having been beset by a dastardly bout of swine flu over the Christmas holiday and only just surfacing for air last week after a slow recovery, I finally mustered the energy to bake these raspberry and cinnamon crunch muffins over the weekend. Being a baker at heart, it pained me not having the inclination to bake during the festive season, and while I was preparing a batch of raspberry muffin batter on Saturday morning inspiration struck: out of the corner of my eye a box of Jordans raspberry crunch cereal beckoned me to open it. After chomping on some of the crispy crunchy goodness and feeling ever so slightly guilty foregoing my daily porridge, I whisked and folded the raspberry muffin batter, adapting the recipe by sprinkling cereal on top of the muffin batter thus making 'streusel' raspberry muffins.


OK, so it was hardly a Eureka! moment, more like thank the gods - with apologies to the inimitable Johnny Nash - I can see clearly now this flu has gone.

And then it occurred to me this wasn't the first time I'd baked with crunchy cereal. One Saturday morning just before Christmas I pootled along to Leiths School of Food and Wine in deepest darkest West London for a morning of Jordans crunchy crisp appreciation, along with Ginger Gourmand, Kavey Eats, Food Urchin, Mathilde's Cuisine, Apple & Spice, the Mueslilover, amongst others. It was one of the more enjoyable food blogging events I'd been to, Jordans enticing us along with the promise we could create our own cereal and take it away in a bespoke Jordans cereal box with our names imprinted on the box for posterity, photos of which you can see on Jordans' Facebook page
When we arrived at Leiths Bill Jordan, who runs Jordans with his brother David, talked us through the story of Jordans and explained the importance of using conservation oats in the cereal and the extensive testing of recipes that takes place at the company:

But we weren't just there to make our own cereal, we were there to bake cake:

The cake was a delicious pear and chocolate crunch sponge, full of the good things in life - mainly butter and sugar - and a real hit with all those who attended.

As for the cereal - we tasted different varieties of Jordans, of which the strawberry is a firm favourite. It was my sweet treat from studying when I first arrived at university here in 1999, tasting sweet and crunchy and with a hint of acidity from those freeze-dried strawberries. I loved it then - and still do - with ice cold whole milk.

So when we were given the run of the Jordans crunchy crisp flavours table I ran erm, a little amok with the freeze-dried berries. And the coconut. And chocolate. I may have been a little over-zealous:

As a yuletide twist I tossed hazelnuts in a cinnamon and mixed spice mixture and roasted them at 180 C for 10 minutes to add to this decadent confection, I mean cereal, I had created...

But back to the raspberry and cinnamon crunch muffins. If you're curious, here's the recipe I drummed up on Saturday:


250g sharpham park refined spelt flour
50g porridge oats (small, not jumbo)
85g light muscovado sugar (I used billingtons)
85g golden caster sugar (waitrose)
150ml whole milk
50ml plain wholemilk yoghurt
100g melted butter
2 medium eggs
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1/4 tsp salt
170g frozen raspberries
100g Jordans raspberry crunchy crisp cereal for topping


The key to light, fluffy muffins is not to overmix the ingredients. An American friend once told me never to stir more than 12 times when combining dry and liquid ingredients and that trick has never failed.

Preheat oven to 180 C. Line a 12x muffin tin with paper cups or parchement paper.

In a large bowl sieve all the dry ingredients together:

Make a well in the middle and add all the liquid ingredients:

Add the frozen raspberries and stir:

Finally, using an ice cream scoop or teaspoon, fill each muffin case 3/4 full and top with raspberry crunchy crisp (a tip though, leave out the freeze-dried raspberries as they incinerate when baked!) if you wish, dust a little extra cinnamon on top of the crunchy crisp

Bake on the upper middle shelf of the oven for 20 minutes, insert a skewer and if it comes out dry the muffins are done.

Many thanks to Jordans and Wild Card for organising an executing a thoroughly enjoyable morning for us all. It won't be the last time I bake with crunchy crisp cereal.

Have you been baking during this cold spell? If so, what have you been making?
          Recipe from the Blaggers' Banquet - a sumptuous chocolate fondant from Trish Deseine        

Much has already been written about the Blaggers' Banquet so I thought I'd share the recipe we were given by chocolatier Trish Deseine for this sumptuous chocolate fondant I made for the dessert component of the banquet. Trish very kindly also donated her moreish 72% chocolate for us to use in the fondants which you see in the photo above

Trish's chocolate fondant is a brilliant mise-en-place dish in that you make it up the day before and it actually improves with time, so if you're wondering what to do for Christmas or New Years I'd recommend foregoing more complicated desserts for this easy-peasy fondant

Trish Deseine's favourite Chocolate Fondant Cake Recipe:

1) Melt 200g Chocolate by Trish 64% cooks chocolate buttons with 200g pure, semi-salted butter in the microwave (honest). Add 180g sugar, stir a bit and let it cool before breaking 5 eggs into the melted chocolate one by one, stirring well after each one.

2) Add a tablespoonful of plain flour and cook at 180° in a floured 22 cm cake tin for 20 minutes or so. Take it out of the oven when it's still wobbly in the middle.

Trust me, it's a chocoholic's bombshell of a dish - I made 10 of them the night before the banquet and I swear the smell of sweet chocolate still suffuses my Bloomsbury flat...

As a final word on the banquet let me extend a huge thank you to the food and drink suppliers I dealt with in the run-up to the banquet who were generous and helpful in equal measure:

Abel & Cole

Barber's 1883 Cheddar


Brockhall Farm

Firefly Tonics

Fish for Thought

Lahloo Tea

Laverstoke Park Farm

Peter's Yard

Riverford Organic


St. John Restaurant

The fundraising for Action Against Hunger continues online, so if you want to save yourself the tedium and stress of Christmas shopping why not bid on some of the fantastic prizes we've blagged for the Ebay auction here

Blaggers Banquet Menu: 15 November 2009

Menu conceived by Signe Skaimsgard Johansen with Charlie Nelson, Neil Rankin and Danny Kingston

Canapés and table nibbles:

by Danny Kingston aka Food Urchin

Fresh goats’ cheese and pomegranate crispbreads with a salty vanilla twist and fresh chives
(Brockhall Farm, Abel & Cole, Peter’s Yard and Halon Mon)

Buffalo mozzarella, tomato and fresh basil brochettes with a pesto dip
(Laverstoke Park, Abel &Cole and Purely Pesto)

Crispy chicken skin bites
(Silfield Farm)

Cheddar Gougeres with thyme
(Barbers 1883, Abel & Cole)

Spicy Bar Mix
(Munchy Seeds)

The canapés were offered with a choice of the following (also available throughout the evening from the bar):

Apple Wood Badger Cider was via Positive PR
Chapel Down Pinot Reserve 2004
Albarino Laga de Bouza 2007 (The Wineaux )
Sipsmith’s Gin martini
Sipsmith’s Vodka Martini
Sipsmith’s Gin or Vodka and Fevertree tonic
The Blaggertini (Sipsmith’s vodka, Chegworth Valley Apple and Raspberry juice. Galliano Balsamico)
Cornish Cocktail (Bramley & Gage Quince Liqueur, Chapel Down Sparkling Wine)
Black Velvet (Chapel Down Sparkling Wine and Porter)
Marston’s Pedigree
Innis & Gunn
Fullers London Pride
Daas White
Chapel Down Brut
Chapel Down Porter
Firefly Tonics
Chegworth Valley Apple Juice
Chegworth Valley Apple and Blackberry Juice


by Charlie Nelson aka Eat My Nels
Monkfish and beetroot tartare with tomato salsa
(Fish for Thought, Abel & Cole)

Paired with:

Brewery Hill Chardonnay/Viognier 2008 (Naked Wines)
Main Course:
by Neil Rankin aka The War on Cookbooks

Grilled buffalo steaks with bearnaise sauce
(Laverstoke Park)

Spiced winter beef stew
(Donald Russell)

Lamb hotpot
(Donald Russell)

served with a selection of seasonal vegetables from Riverford organic and handmade sourdough bread from St John Restaurant

paired with:

Quinta do Lagoalva 2004 (Casa Leal and Viniportugal)
The Pastor's Blend Journey's End 2007


by Signe Skaimsgard Johansen (yes that would be me)

Golden Chocolate Fondant served with Crème Fraiche
(Trish Deseine, Easy Tasty Magic and Sainsburys So Organic)

Titillating Jellies from Bompas & Parr

Paired with:

Lorca Fantasia Malbec 2008 (Naked Wines)
Castello Romitorio Morellino di Scansano 2007 (The Wineaux)


Barbers 1833 Vintage Cheddar
Brockhall Farm Chive Goats Cheese
Trethowans Dairy Gorwydd Caerphilly
A selection of deliciously fragrant cheese from Pong’s (each table had a different cheese)

Served with Peter’s Yard crispbread and a selection of seasonal fruit from Abel & Cole

Paired with:

Albarino Laga de Bouza 2007 (The Wineaux )

And to finish:

Coffee from Square Mile, with milks from Sainsburys and Brockhall Farm
Lahloo Tea
Chocolate truffle by Lahloo tea and Damian Allsop

We also used ingredients throughout the menu donated by the following:

Abel & Cole – herbs
Billingtons – sugar
Halen Mon – flavoured salts
Hill Farm – extra virgin rapeseed oil
Maldon Salt – salt and pepper
Riverford Organic – assorted vegetables
Sainsburys – all dairy produce except cheeses and goats milk
Silfield Farm – chicken used for stock

A final word of thanks goes to Danny, Charlie and Neil for being so unflappable on the day of the banquet - they made a stellar team and I hope we'll get to work together again on the next Blaggers' Banquet!

Photo at top of page courtesy of FoodbyMark
          â€œBlorange”, el color de cabello que es tendencia en 2017        
¡No importa que estemos en invierno!, la tendencia para el cabello cada vez es más veraniega, se impone el famoso blorange. Si 2016 fue el boom de los colores de fantasía, el bronde y el balayage, 2017 será el tiempo en el que se consolidarán tonos como el blorange, técnica de coloración que se basa en una combinación de blonde (rubio), blood y orange (rojo y naranja). El término nace de la unión de las palabras blood (sangre) y orange (naranja) y sí, es una extraña mezcla de naranja y rojo que llega a asemejarse al tono melocotón. A simple vista se puede pensar que es un rosa, pero tiene toques en rojo, a diferencia de su predecesor, el rose gold. Alex Brownsell es el creador de esta tendencia, ha sido encargado de teñirle el cabello a celebridades como Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj o Christina Aguilera, así que es un experto y sabe del tema. Para lograr este tono, puedes recurrir a baños de color con productos especiales para ello. Es la mejor forma de darle un tono especial e iluminado a tu cabellera. Él recurrió a Bleach London, una de sus líneas de baños de color, combinó tres tonos diferentes de naranja, uno que estaba más cerca del rojo, uno medio y otro que tendía al rubio. El resultado es simplemente hermoso. Un color atrevido y apto para las que ya tienen un color castaño o rubio de base. Este estilo luce genial en cualquier longitud de pelo, incluso en los extralargos, otra tendencia para este 2017. Los resultados varían dependiendo de la cantidad de cada color que apliques, incluso puedes sumarle un toque de rosa. The alt Renaissance lady @ryanlostudio A photo posted by alexbrownsell (@alexbrownsell) on Sep 16, 2016 at 8:59am PDT  Georgia, la hija de Mick Jagger y Jerry Hall, ha sido una de las primeras celebridades en llevarlo y lo bautizó como blorange.   @georgiamayjagger ❤️ #blorange #haircolor #hairstyle A photo posted by Roho Hair Boutique (@rohopeluqueria) on Sep 23, 2016 at 6:11am PDT Toma en cuenta que si tu cabello es castaño, deberás decolorarlo para obtenerlo. El blorange les va bien a las chicas con tez clara y también a aquellas pieles que van más hacia el dorado. ¡A nosotras nos encanta! ¿Te ves con una melena blorange? Added some fun, rich colors! #blorange #raspberry #balayage #colormelt #wella #wellalife #wellacolor #frisco #friscotx #friscohair #friscohairstylist #dallas #dallashair #dallashairstylist #btc #modernsalon #behindthechair #oribe #oribeobsessed #vonanthonysalon A photo posted by Lauren Amyx (@hairby_lauren_amyx) on Jan 27, 2017 at 5:38am PST   La idea es que el tono se vea decolorado y algo gastado. La nouvelle coloration qui affole la toile est le… blorange ! 🔥 Un subtil mélange pastel dans des couleurs oranges et rouges. Un vrai rayon de soleil en hiver ☀️ Plus d’infos dans l’article > http:// Oserez-vous la tendance blorange ? #beaute #tendance #coiffure #coloration #teinture #cheveux #blorange #hair #teamvanity #monvanityideal   A photo posted by Mon Vanity Idéal (@monvanityideal) on Jan 27, 2017 at 2:36am PST Makin’ pancakes, makin’ bacon pancakes! 🍁 A photo posted by M A N D A W I L D E (@mandawilde) on Jan 21, 2017 at 2:16pm PST
          ÐšÐ¾ÑÑ‚юм Raspberry Girl        
Костюм Девочки-Малинки: чепчик, платье в горошек с бантиками и аппликациями малинок, и полосатые чулочки. Производитель: Leg Avenue Для кого: Для женщин Цвет: розовый Материал: полиэстер Размеры: L
          RE[3]: Comment by Laurence        
You said "the only Ubuntu project that I'm interested in is Ubuntu TV" He said exactly to your lack of excitement about this announcement and then gave statements about why he isn't excited about the announcement so his response mostly does flow within the conversation. As for Ubuntu TV, its main appeal just seems to be as an alternative to MythTV as a DVR (which TiVo may have patents on). With over the top stuff there are already a whole bunch of other decent platforms available or planned with Roku, Google/Apple TV, Ouya, Wii U, Boxee, Raspberry Pi running XBMC, Pocket TV, numerous smart TV's, and PS4 and Xbox 720 on the way etc.
          Pi-top Review – Building the Future        
While the Raspberry Pi is undoubtedly the darling of makers and tinkerers, it has always been envisioned for use in education. But in order to keep the single board computer (SBC) affordable and accessible, the Raspberry Pi had to remain what it is today: a bare bones board that, by itself, isn’t exactly useful. You need at least an external … Continue reading
          Raspberry Pi PIXEL desktop now available for PCs, Macs        
The Raspberry Pi might be best known for producing ultra cheap but highly capable single board computers (SBCs), but the Foundation’s dreams of making computing affordable and accessible doesn’t end with just the hardware. To make it come true, RPi also had to invest in developing the software to run on the board, culminating in the PIXEL, it’s perhaps unfortunately … Continue reading
          Raspberry Pi gets its own official desktop environment: PIXEL        
The Raspberry Pi, in all its incarnations, has been used in every DIY project or dream imaginable, from security systems to obstruction-detecting robots to, well, mini desktop computers. While most of these projects won’t really use a traditional computer desktop environment, the RPi was still in need of a lightweight, beautiful, and user-friendly desktop for beginners as well as those … Continue reading
          Devouring Raspberry Pi        
2014 is the Year of Code, with the UK even becoming the first major economy to introduce computer programming to the school timetable. This week we investigate why coding, and getting kids into computer science has become so important. Plus, in the news, why the estimated number of smells a human can detect has gone from 10,000 to a trillion, the astronomers who have detected primordial gravitational waves, and a new supercomputer, in Scotland...
          Citizen Science: Research You can Do        
What's the best way to get involved in scientific research from home? Chris Smith and Dominic Ford investigate some of the best citizen science projects which are looking for your help. From categorising galaxies to hunting spiders, mapping your happiness and even discovering the nature of the trillion bacteria in one of your footprints - how will you choose to get involved? Plus, in the news, what a blue whale's earwax can reveal about ocean pollution, Curiosity fails to find methane on Mars, why Raspberry Pi have linked up with Google to boost kids programming skills, and the parasite that stops mice being afraid of cats...
          ZAP! Lasers on trial...        
A new liquid crystal laser that can dial-up any wavelength of light you need, a laser-powered projector technology that turns any surface into a touch-screen, and a laser that fires salvoes of X-rays to make light work of unlocking the molecular fabric of matter are the focus of this week's laser-led show. We also meet HECToR, one of the world's fastest computers that just got a tenfold power boost, and David Braben unveils the credit-card sized Raspberry Pi, the world's smallest home micro he's helped to invent...
My sister, my mom and I got together at my mom's house last Sunday to bake a sh!t ton of cookies. We baked ALLLL day long.

My sister and I picked up my grandpa in the morning and got to my mom's house around 10. We had our recipes picked out, our ingredients in order and were ready to bake (minus the fact that we left our cookie cutters back at my sister's house - thank goodness for my sister's husband). We didn't leave my mom's until 6:30ish!!

We made some old time faves (sugar cookies, peanut butter blossoms, Mexican wedding cookies) and made some newbies (mint chocolate bark, peanut butter and chocolate shortbread, bars and raspberry linzer cookies). All turned out super yummy and now the trick is going to be giving them away as gifts before they go into my tummy!!

It was a wonderful day spending time with family and officially kicking off the holiday season.

          Comment on How to reset the root password on a Raspberry Pi by John        
Just wanted to leave my thanks. I had no luck with the "add 'init=/bin/sh' to cmdline.txt" route, it just kept hanging on boot. This worked great! Thanks
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          One Shoulder Lace Dress        
One Shoulder Lace Dress

One Shoulder Lace Dress

Beautiful one shoulder dress from Self Portrait in raspberry red! Asymmetric wrap bodice with cut out detailing, voluminous skirt and finished with front pockets. Perfect from season to season.  Polyester Side zip fastening Cut out detailing

          My Favorite Phlox        
phlox David by Defining Your Home Garden and Travel
White Phlox paniculata 'David' with
'White Swan' and 'Prairie Splendor' coneflowers. July 2013
Tall, sturdy and fragrant. I love phlox 'David' for so many reasons. While other varieties have cross-pollinated into different colors, David has remained pure white. 

The show is big this year as I cut back the Knock Out® roses to give this mass of David more space. No regrets—the roses bloomed beautifully and will repeat. However, the crepe myrtles along the outside of the cottage garden fence will soon shade this area enough for me to replace the roses with hydrangeas. I hope David will continue to flourish here in part shade.

Difficult to see in the photo: Spiky, deep pink persicaria amplexicaulis 'Firetail' is beginning to bloom behind David to repeat the purple coneflower color. I love this persicaria and look forward to masses of spikes as the perennial gets established in this new spot.

(Note: After two years of growing the persicaria in the deer resistant garden, I removed it because it's not resistant at all. The deer love it and reach through the fence to pick the blooms.)

There are also new clumps of white liatris 'Alba' in the cottage garden border. Because we sit on the front porch in the evenings, I'm using the white to light up the garden along the fence.

phlox David by Defining Your Home Garden and Travel
Another view of same phlox in the cottage garden. July 2013
phlox David by Defining Your Home Garden and Travel
Another group:
Recent divisions of phlox 'David' are underplanted
with geranium 'Rosanne' and daylily 'Joan Senior' for now.
I've repeated divisions of David along the cottage garden fence. One group is underplanted with geranium 'Rosanne' and 'Joan Senior' daylily. I want to move that daylily to my pale yellow garden section for next year and replace this one with a daylily that will echo the color of the geranium.

Another group is planted with salvia guaranitica 'Black & Blue'. I don't have photos right now because those clusters of phlox aren't yet in full bloom. But I love the cobalt blue salvia with white phlox. The hummingbirds approve.

In a larger cottage garden border, I'm still growing David with monarda 'Raspberry Wine' and oriental lily 'Starfighter' for a favorite combination (click the link to view the story and see the photos).

Grow phlox paniculata 'David' in full sun in zones 4-9, but part shade is working well here in my south-facing southern garden. This perennial is topping out at about forty inches with rich soil and ample moisture. It's so easy to divide in autumn or spring.

What's your favorite phlox?

Words and photos by Freda Cameron, Defining Your Home, Garden and Travel. Deer and rabbit resistance varies based upon the animal population and availability of food. All company or product or patented names mentioned are registered trademarks, copyrights, or patents owned by those respective companies or persons.

          Favorite Flower Combinations in 2012 - Part Two        
cottage garden  by Defining Your Home Garden and Travel
Rudbeckia (yellow blooms), loropetalum (shrub)
and monarda (raspberry blooms).
The burgundy foliage of loropetalum chinense rubrum anchors this color scheme and has been paired with monarda 'Raspberry Wine' for years. For 2012, I added a mass of rudbeckia (grown from seed) as the deep brown eye of the susans picks up the chocolate tones in the loropetalum. I was hesitant to add the gold-yellow color to the cottage garden, but the brightness of the blooms do brighten the heavy shades of burgundy.

All plants are growing in full sun, south-facing in zone 7b in the fenced cottage garden. When hungry, deer will nibble the loropetalum, especially in winter since it is an evergreen shrub.  The rudbeckia are grown easily from seed, so I don't worry so much about the occasional deer nibbling and grow the susans outside the fence, too. Rabbits may also nibble rudbeckia foliage and blooms.

Monarda 'Raspberry Wine' is a great bee balm and you can click here to see what's growing on the other side of this combo. Yes, it will spread easily, but bee balm isn't difficult to remove if you have too much. This variety is suitable for zones 4-9 and has been good in drought without a mildew issue.

View the pink and purple combination in Part One.

cottage garden  by Defining Your Home Garden and Travel
Another view

Words and photos by Freda Cameron, Defining Your Home, Garden and Travel. Deer and rabbit resistance varies based upon the animal population and availability of food. All company or product or patented names mentioned are registered trademarks, copyrights, or patents owned by those respective companies or persons.

          Charity's Raspberry Ice - Organic lip balm by Faerykissnaturals        

3.00 USD

FaeryKissNaturals Lip Butters are pure silk on the lips!

A local author in Gaston County NC, DeAnna Chapman Kinney, has a wonderful book out: Charity Moon. You can find it on The main character, Charity, LOVES lip balm, especially a flavor called Raspberry Ice. We got together and here her favorite lip balm is born! Sweet and yummy! Here is her book site:

These Butters give a healthy dose of shine on the lips without a greasy feeling, leaving them soft, supple, and healthy feeling. Organic Shea and Cocoa butter simply melts on contact into your skin, and Avocado oil is perfect for sensitive skin types. The zinc oxide is a natural and safe sun-protection for those sunny days.

          Raspberry Pi car-puter: First GPS data exported to GPX file        

Today was the first trial run with the Raspberry Pi "car-puter" running in my car during my commute. I've run it a few times before with little success due to the sudden power loss from shutting the car down. This is the first time I had the Pi running using the Pi USP from CW2. It allows the Pi to shut down properly using backup power after the main power (from the car) shuts down when the car is parked.

The GPS data was run through a PHP script to generate the GPX XML file and uploaded to to visualize it.

The results are on the right track. The horizontal line is likely drawn by the mapper because of a gap in data. As for the rest of the track, it looks about right. It's just shifted over by a few degrees of Lat/Lon. Going to have to review the GPS calibration.

          Raspberry Pi Car-puter project: GPX File Output        

A big part of this project isn't just about collecting car data such as OBD2, GPS, and more; but rather, it's about getting it back while. While my focus is solely on data collection, I want to be able to export the GPS data into a standard file format to use in mapping programs. The GPX file format is a simple XML spec that's easy to generate.


Version 1.0

Build the GPX export server-side. Take as inputs: User ID (API Key or email address), date range for the GPS data.

Version 2.0

Build the GPX export process directly on the Pi itself. This'll require adding a JSON web service to the server to spit back relevant GPS data upon request.


          Raspberry Pi Digital Signage        

One great use of the Raspberry Pi is as a dedicated digital signage machine. What this is is a controller for the large TVs you see in building lobbies and restaurants. We're thinking of putting one up at the family bakery. The big factor here is that for more or less just the cost of a Pi ($35) you have your hardware, plus the cost of the display itself which is separate from the system. There are some mature and not-so-mature open source solutions to this.

My favorite so far is Screenly. It started as an open source project, but was then taken in-house by a software company to give it the quality and finish of a production system. Also, it's the only option where it outputs the video natively using the Pi's HDMI port. Other options have the Pi boot up directly into a browser which acts as a client to a web server that serves up the content. By outputting content directly and natively, you've got better performance and less things to go wrong. For example, video plays natively if it's h.264 and I prefer that over trying to do the same in a browser.

The plan so far is to run down to Costco to get a 40" display for around $500, attach it to a swivel on the wall in the bakery using a standard VESA mount, and hook up the Pi to it via HDMI. The Pi only needs a power cable. It has a tiny USB WiFi adapter it'll use to stay connected to the network.

Screenly is managed via a browser interface from a website running on the Pi. You go to the Pi's URL and the management of the display is very easy and user friendly. With port forwarding, I can also manage it remotely off the bakery's network, although it doesn't have a login feature so I might not go that route.

Here's a summary of what I've considered so far:

Outputs using a native app instead of a browser. 
How to fix overscan:

Uses client/server approach and the Pi displays the content in a browser. Mature solution. 

Concerto!topic/concerto-digital-signage/VbEZDhGWKZc - How to use it with a Pi
Uses a Server-Client model. You install the server software to manage the system. Then clients open up a web browser pointing to the server, and output that to a display. I’m not a fan of using the Pi to access it via a web browser, but this thing’s in production use so it seems viable. I’d prefer direct video feed. 

Raspberry Digital Signage
Run by a single guy. Even if it works well, it’s not as well supported. 

          Playing with Pi        

A few months ago I decided to join the party and pickup a Raspberry Pi. It's a $25 full fledged ARM based computer the size of a credit card. There's also a $35 version, of which I ended up buying a handful so far. Due to the cost, this allows you to use a computer in dedicated applications where it otherwise wouldn't be justified or practical. Since then I've been pouring over the different things people have done with their Pi. Here are some that interest me:

  • Setting up security cameras or other dedicated cameras like a traffic cam or bird feeder camera
  • RaspyFi - streaming music player
  • Offsite backup
  • Spotify server
  • Carputer - blackbox for your car
  • Dashcam for my car
  • Home alarm system
  • Digital signage for the family business
  • Console emulator for old school consoles
  • Grocery inventory tracker

Since the Pi runs an ARM based version of Linux, I'm already familiar with practically everything on that list. The OS I've loaded is Raspbian, a Debian variant. This makes it a lot easier to get up and running with.

After recently divesting myself of some large business responsibilities, I've had more personal time to dedicate to things like this. Add in the vacation I took during Christmas and New Years and I had the perfect recipe to dive head-first into a Pi project. What I chose was something that I've always wanted.

The database and Big Data lover in me wants data, lots of it. So I've gone with building a black box for my car that runs all the time the car is on, and logs as much data as I can capture. This includes:

  • OBD2
  • GPS
  • Dashcam
  • and more

Once you've got a daemon running, and the inputs are being saved then the rest is all just inputs. Doesn't matter what it is. It's just input data.

My initial goal is to build a blackbox that constantly logs OBD2 data and stores it to a database. Looking around at what's out there for OBD2 software, I don't see anything that's built for long term logging. All the software out there is meant for 2 use cases: 1)live monitoring 2)tuning the ECU to get more power out of the car. What I want is a 3rd use case: long term logging of all available OBD2 data to a database for analysis.

In order to store all this data I decided to build an OBD2 storage architecture that's comprised of

  • MySQL database
  • JSON + REST web services API
  • SDK that existing OBD2 software would use to store the data it's capturing
  • Wrapping up existing open source OBD2 capture data so it runs as a daemon on the Pi
  • Logging data to a local storage buffer, which then gets synced to the aforementioned cloud storage service when there's an internet connection.

Right now I'm just doing this for myself. But I'm also reaching out to developers of OBD2 software to gauge interest in adding this storage service to their work. In addition to the storage, an API can be added for reading back the data such as pulling DTS (error) codes, getting trends and summary data, and more.

The first SDK I wrote was in Python. It's available on GitHub. It includes API calls to register an email address to get an API key. After that, there are some simple logging functions to save a single PID (OBD2 data point such as RPM or engine temp). Since this has to run without an internet connection I've implemented a buffer. The SDK writes to a buffer in local storage and when there's any internet connection a background sync daemon pulls data off the buffer, sends it to the API and removes the item from the buffer. Since this is all JSON data and very simple key:value data I've gone with a NoSQL approach and used MongoDB for the buffer.

The API is built in PHP and runs on a standard Linux VPS in apache. At this point the entire stack has been built. The code's nowhere near production-ready and is missing some features, but it works enough to demo. I've built a test utility that simulates a client car logging 10 times/second. Each time it's logging 10 different PIDs. This all builds up in the local buffer and the sync script then clears it out and uploads it to the API. With this estimate, the client generates 100 data points per second. For a car being driven an average of 101 minutes per day, that's 606,000 data points per day.

The volume of data will add up fast. For starters, the main database table I'm using stores all the PIDs as strings and stores each one as a separate record. In the future, I'll evaluate pivoting this data so that each PID has it's own field (and appropriate data type) in a table. We'll see which method proves more efficient and easier to query. The OBD2 spec lists all the possible PIDs. Car manufacturers aren't required to use them all, and they can add in their own proprietary ones too. Hence my ambivalence for now about creating a logging table that contains a field for each PID. If most of the fields are empty, that's a lot of wasted storage. 

Systems integration is much more of a factor in this project than coding each underlying piece. Each underlying piece, from what I've found, has already been coded somewhere by some enthusiast. The open source Python code already exists for reading OBD2 data. That solves a major coding headache and makes it easier to plug my SDK into it.

There are some useful smartphone apps that can connect to a Bluetooth OBD2 reader to pull the data. Even if they were to use my SDK, it's still not an ideal solution for logging. In order to log this data, you need a dedicated device that's always on when the car's on and always logging. Using a smartphone can get you most of the way there, but there'll be gaps. That's why I'm focusing on using my Pi as a blackbox for this purpose.

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          Freedom II Dance Sneakers        
Freedom II Dance Sneakers

Freedom II Dance Sneakers

Capezio Split Sole Jazz Shoes SBR Nylex upper with PU accents Featuring a EVA sponge forefoot sole patch and heel With bungee cord lacing Available in Blueberry, Raspberry and Bumblebee

          Austrian Wreaths        

Also known as Mandelkranzchen, Austrian Wreaths are one of my favorite Christmas cookies. The dough is made with lots of butter and ground almonds and spiced with ground cloves and cinnamon. Unlike many nut-based doughs, this one 

is relatively easy to work with, and the cookies retain their shape well. I like to put lots of sliced almonds on top of the cookies, so that they have that random casualness of a home-spun wreath. Feel free to use whatever jam or preserves you 

like for the filling. I like raspberry preserves, but sour cherry or apricot would also be delightful. The dough can be made up to a month in advance and frozen (well-wrapped), an option which allows you to enjoy these cookies throughout the holiday season and even into the new year. Click on Read More below for the recipe. 

Austrian Wreaths
Adapted from Cookies at Home with The Culinary Institute of America (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2011) by Todd Knaster

Makes about 20 cookies

1 ¾ cups (232 g) all-purpose flour
¼ teaspoon ground cloves
¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon
¾ cup (96 g) ground almonds
12 tablespoons (170 g) unsalted butter, slightly softened
1 2/3 cups (191 g) confectioners’ sugar, divided
1 large egg, separated
1 cup (85 g) sliced almonds
½ cup (152 g) raspberry preserves or apricot jam

1. In a medium bowl, whisk together the flour, ground cloves, cinnamon and ground almonds. Set aside.
2. In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, cream the butter and 2/3 cup (76 g) of the confectioners’ sugar on medium speed until light, 3 to 4 minutes.
3. Add the egg yolk and mix to combine, about 1 minute. Scrape down the bowl with a rubber spatula and reduce the speed to low. Add the dry ingredients to the butter mixture all at once and mix just until combined, scraping down the bowl as needed. Gather the dough into a disk, wrap in plastic wrap, and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes (or up to 3 days).
4. Preheat the oven to 350°F. Line two baking sheets with silicone baking mats or parchment paper. On a lightly floured work surface, roll out the dough to slightly less than ¼-inch thickness. Using a 2 ¼-inch round cutter, cut out rounds from the dough, saving the scraps so that they can be re-rolled and cut again. Cut out a 1-inch hole in the center of half of the cookies. Transfer the cookies to the prepared baking sheets, spacing them about 1 ½ inches apart.
5. Lightly brush the cookies with the hole in the center with the egg white and sprinkle with sliced almonds. Bake until golden, 10 to 12 minutes. Rotate and switch the baking sheets as necessary for even baking.
6. Allow the cookies to cool for a minute on the baking sheets then transfer, using a spatula, to a cooling rack and allow to cool completely.
7. Spread some preserves or jam on the cookies without the holes.
8. Lightly dust the top cookies (with holes) with the remaining confectioners’ sugar and sandwich the cookies together. Store the cookies in an airtight container for up to 3 days. 

          Red, White & Blue...        
To get in to the swing of the Jubilee weekend I decided to celebrate with a cake!

My Elizabeth Sponge!

I used Fiona Cairns Victoria Sponge Recipe and decorated with a raspberry and blueberry Union Jack.

Here's a round up of some other great Jubilee cakes...

1. Jubilee Cupcakes by Butcher Baker
2. 60 Years a Queen by The Little Velvet Cake Co
3. Bunting Cake by the BBC
4. Jubilee 3 Tiers by A Little Cake
5. Jubilee Cake by University of Exeter 
6. Queen Elizabeth Cake by Mitch Turner
7. Bunting Cake by Pint Sized Perfection
          Comment on Raspberry Stitch – Free Crochet Pattern by A New Beanie for Me | Our Retired Life        
[…] This is the free Kindle book I got the Raspberry stitch from: (2014-02-10). 8 Different Crochet Stitches: Learn to Crochet Something New with Crochet Patterns (Kindle Locations 171-173). Prime Publishing LLC. Kindle Edition. Raspberry Crochet Stitch By: Candy Lifshes from Meladora’s Creations […]
          Special Scattered Hearts Stampaganza Blog Hop        

Hello my Crafty Friends!!  If you didn't already know... July's Close To My Heart Special is STAMPAGANZA!!  This month, when you purchase 2 stamps you get a 3rd equal or lessor value stamp for FREE!!   What a fun deal!  July is the best time to get your favorite stamps!

I am on the Scattered Hearts Team and we have put together a special Stampaganza Blog Hop just for you!!  We will be sharing some of our favorite stamps!  If you came from Andrea Sherman's Blog, you are in the right place. If you have jumped here and just discovered our blog hop, feel free to check the list at to find the complete list of blog hop participants.

I wasn't sure I was going to be able to participate at first.  I had not even had a chance to unpack my craft room since my move so finding everything I needed took a little bit of time!  Not mention, clearing my craft table of miscellaneous half unpacked boxes!!

I decided to create a Birthday Card since for me, July is full of birthdays for family members!  I used Wise Guy Birthday (C1662).   This stamp coordinates with our Artistry Cricut Cartridge.

This card is a shaker card.  I cut my frame using the Artistry Cricut Cartridge.  I cut a second from in White Daisy leaving the frame solid cut so that I could use this space for my foam tape. I cut up a 4x6 Flip Flap to use for a window of my Shaker Card.  A piece of lemon stripe B&T from our Adventure Fundamentals serves as the backdrop for the card.  

Here is a list of all the products I used:

White Daisy Cards and Envelopes Value Pack (X254)
Wise Guy Birthday (C1662)
Adventure Fundamentals Paper (Z3253)
White Daisy Cardstock (1385)
Lemon Cardstock (X5785)
Pacifica Ink (Z2892)
Raspberry Ink (Z2812)
Emerald Ink (Z2806)
Tangerine Ink (Z2809)
Prickly Pear Sequins (Z3324)
Artistry Cricut Cartridge (Z3167)
3D Foam Tape (Z1151)
4x6 Flip Flap (Z3231)
Random Sequins (Non CTMH)

You can purchase all of these products from your consultant or at 

The next blog on the list is Laura Lee's Blog.  I Hope you have a great time on our hop and check out all the creations using our wonder My Acrylix Stamps! If you get lost, just hop on over to for the full list.

          April Stamp of the Month - Flock Together        

Welcome to the April Stamp of the Month Blog Hop! This month we are featuring Flock Together. This set has 11 stamps. If you have come here from Michelle Rowley's Blog, you are on the right path! The blog hop is a great big circle, so you can start here and work your way around. If you get lost along the way, you'll find the complete list of participating consultant's HERE.

I usually create cards with the stamp of the month but this month I felt like this stamp was geared more towards memory keeping so I created a one page layout.

These pictures are of my daughters.  We had spent the day at 12 South, an up and coming area in Nashville with cool restaurants and boutiques.  BTW Reece Witherspoon has a boutique there.   I love it that my two girls share such a close relationship.  They are five years apart but since they have grown up they have become very close - even living together the last several years.  

For this layout, I pulled out my Adventure Fundamentals Paper pack and decided to use papers in Pacifica and Raspberry colors.  Here is a list of all the products I used for this page:

Adventure Fundamental Paper Pack - Z3253
White Daisy Cardstock - 1385
Pacifica Cardstock - X5759
Raspberry Cardstock - X5788
Thin Cut Hearts (Z3260)
Pacifica Ink - Z2892
Raspberry Ink - Z2812
Black & White Dots - Z3314

Remember! This stamp is available ONLY during the month of April!
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This blog hop will be fun....  
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          Sniggering Title        
On being a fat medical student, at the start of our metabolism module.
          CI20 status update        
I didn't really have much time to work on more hardware support on CI20 but it's been a while since the last post so here's what I've got:
  • drivers for on-chip ehci and ohci have been added. Ohci works fine, ehci for some reason detects all high speed devices as full speed and hands them over to ohci. No idea why.
  • I2C ports work now, including the onboard RTC. You have to hook up your own battery though.
  • we're no longer limited to 256MB, all RAM is usable now.
  • onboard ethernet is supported by the dme driver.
There's also an unfinished driver for the SD/MMC ports.
The RTC is a bit funny - according to the manual there's a Pericom RTC on iic4 addr 0x68 - not on my preproduction board. I've got something that looks like a PCF8563 at addr 0x51, and so do the production boards that I know of. Some pins on one of the expansion connectors seem to be for a battery but I haven't been able to confirm that yet. Either way, since the main connector is supposed to be Raspberry Pi compatible any RTC module for the RPi should Just Work(tm), with the appropriate line added to the kernel config.
Some more work has been done under the hood, like some preparations for SMP support.

Here's the obligatory boot transcript, complete with incomplete drivers and debug spam:

U-Boot SPL 2013.10-rc3-g9329ab16a204 (Jun 26 2014 - 09:43:22)
SDRAM H5TQ2G83CFR initialization... done

U-Boot 2013.10-rc3-g9329ab16a204 (Jun 26 2014 - 09:43:22)

Board: ci20 (Ingenic XBurst JZ4780 SoC)
DRAM:  1 GiB
NAND:  8192 MiB
MMC:   jz_mmc msc1: 0
In:    eserial3
Out:   eserial3
Err:   eserial3
Net:   dm9000
ci20# dhcp
ERROR: resetting DM9000 -> not responding
dm9000 i/o: 0xb6000000, id: 0x90000a46 
DM9000: running in 8 bit mode
MAC: d0:31:10:ff:7e:89
operating at 100M full duplex mode
BOOTP broadcast 1
DHCP client bound to address
*** Warning: no boot file name; using 'C0A8002F.img'
Using dm9000 device
TFTP from server; our IP address is
Filename 'C0A8002F.img'.
Load address: 0x88000000
Loading: #################################################################
	 369.1 KiB/s
Bytes transferred = 1621771 (18bf0b hex)
ci20# bootm
## Booting kernel from Legacy Image at 88000000 ...
   Image Name:   evbmips 7.99.18 (CI20)
   Image Type:   MIPS NetBSD Kernel Image (gzip compressed)
   Data Size:    1621707 Bytes = 1.5 MiB
   Load Address: 80020000
   Entry Point:  80020000
   Verifying Checksum ... OK
   Uncompressing Kernel Image ... OK
subcommand not supported
ci20# g 80020000
## Starting application at 0x80020000 ...
pmap_steal_memory: seg 0: 0x6bf 0x6bf 0xffff 0xffff
Copyright (c) 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005,
    2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
    The NetBSD Foundation, Inc.  All rights reserved.
Copyright (c) 1982, 1986, 1989, 1991, 1993
    The Regents of the University of California.  All rights reserved.

NetBSD 7.99.18 (CI20) #20: Thu Jun 11 13:06:41 EDT 2015
Ingenic XBurst
total memory = 1024 MB
avail memory = 997 MB
mainbus0 (root)
cpu0 at mainbus0: 1200.00MHz (hz cycles = 120000, delay divisor = 12)
cpu0: Ingenic XBurst (0x3ee1024f) Rev. 79 with unknown FPC type (0x330000) Rev. 0
cpu0: 32 TLB entries, 16MB max page size
cpu0: 32KB/32B 8-way set-associative L1 instruction cache
cpu0: 32KB/32B 8-way set-associative write-back L1 data cache
com0 at mainbus0: Ingenic UART, working fifo
com0: console

apbus0 at mainbus0
JZ_CLKGR0 3f587fe0
JZ_CLKGR1 000073e0
JZ_SPCR0  00000000
JZ_SPCR1  00000000
JZ_SRBC   00000002
JZ_OPCR   000015e6
JZ_UHCCDR c0000000
dwctwo0 at apbus0 addr 0x13500000 irq 21: USB OTG controller
ohci0 at apbus0 addr 0x134a0000 irq 5: OHCI USB controller
ohci0: OHCI version 1.0
usb0 at ohci0: USB revision 1.0
ehci0 at apbus0 addr 0x13490000 irq 20: EHCI USB controller
48352 46418
UHCCDR: c0000000
UHCCDR: 60000017
caplength 10
ehci0: companion controller, 1 port each: ohci0
usb1 at ehci0: USB revision 2.0
dme0 at apbus0 addr 0x16000000: DM9000 Ethernet controller
jzgpio at apbus0 addr 0x10010000 not configured
jzgpio at apbus0 addr 0x10010100 not configured
jzgpio at apbus0 addr 0x10010200 not configured
jzgpio at apbus0 addr 0x10010300 not configured
jzgpio at apbus0 addr 0x10010400 not configured
jzgpio at apbus0 addr 0x10010500 not configured
jziic0 at apbus0 addr 0x10050000 irq 60: SMBus controller
iic0 at jziic0: I2C bus
jziic1 at apbus0 addr 0x10051000 irq 59: SMBus controller
iic1 at jziic1: I2C bus
jziic2 at apbus0 addr 0x10052000 irq 58: SMBus controller
iic2 at jziic2: I2C bus
jziic3 at apbus0 addr 0x10053000 irq 57: SMBus controller
iic3 at jziic3: I2C bus
jziic4 at apbus0 addr 0x10054000 irq 56: SMBus controller
iic4 at jziic4: I2C bus
pcf8563rtc0 at iic4 addr 0x51: NXP PCF8563 Real-time Clock
jzmmc0 at apbus0 addr 0x13450000 irq 37: SD/MMC controller
25227 24176
jzmmc0: going to use 25227 kHz
MSC*CDR: 80000000
sdmmc0 at jzmmc0
jzmmc1 at apbus0 addr 0x13460000 irq 36: SD/MMC controller
25227 24176
jzmmc1: going to use 25227 kHz
MSC*CDR: 20000018
sdmmc1 at jzmmc1
jzmmc2 at apbus0 addr 0x13470000 irq 35: SD/MMC controller
25227 24176
jzmmc2: going to use 25227 kHz
MSC*CDR: 00000000
sdmmc2 at jzmmc2
jzfb at apbus0 addr 0x13050000 not configured
JZ_CLKGR0 2c586780
JZ_CLKGR1 000060e0
usb2 at dwctwo0: USB revision 2.0
starting timer interrupt...
jzmmc_bus_clock: 400
sh: 6 freq: 394
sdmmc0: couldn't identify card
sdmmc0: no functions
jzmmc_bus_clock: 0
sh: 7 freq: 197
jzmmc_bus_clock: 400
sh: 6 freq: 394
sdmmc1: couldn't identify card
sdmmc1: no functions
jzmmc_bus_clock: 0
sh: 7 freq: 197
jzmmc_bus_clock: 400
sh: 6 freq: 394
sdmmc2: couldn't identify card
sdmmc2: no functions
jzmmc_bus_clock: 0
sh: 7 freq: 197
uhub0 at usb0: Ingenic OHCI root hub, class 9/0, rev 1.00/1.00, addr 1
uhub1 at usb1: Ingenic EHCI root hub, class 9/0, rev 2.00/1.00, addr 1
uhub2 at usb2: Ingenic DWC2 root hub, class 9/0, rev 2.00/1.00, addr 1
PS_LS(1): 00001801
port1: 00001801
port2: 00000000
ehci0: handing over full speed device on port 1 to ohci0
umass0 at uhub2 port 1 configuration 1 interface 0
umass0: Generic Mass Storage Device, rev 2.00/1.05, addr 2
scsibus0 at umass0: 2 targets, 1 lun per target
sd0 at scsibus0 target 0 lun 0:  disk removable
sd0: fabricating a geometry
sd0: 15193 MB, 15193 cyl, 64 head, 32 sec, 512 bytes/sect x 31116288 sectors
root on sd0a dumps on sd0b
sd0: fabricating a geometry
/: replaying log to memory
pid 1(init): ABI set to O32 (e_flags=0x70001007)
Thu Jun 11 07:15:08 GMT 2015
uhub3 at uhub0 port 1: Terminus Technology USB 2.0 Hub [MTT], class 9/0, rev 2.00/1.00, addr 2
Starting root file system check:
/dev/rsd0a: file system is journaled; not checking
/: replaying log to disk
umass1 at uhub3 port 5 configuration 1 interface 0
umass1: LaCie P'9220 Mobile Drive, rev 2.10/0.06, addr 3
scsibus1 at umass1: 2 targets, 1 lun per target
sd1 at scsibus1 target 0 lun 0:  disk fixed
sd1: 465 GB, 16383 cyl, 16 head, 63 sec, 512 bytes/sect x 976773168 sectors
swapctl: adding /dev/sd1b as swap device at priority 0
Starting file system checks:
/dev/rsd0e: file system is journaled; not checking
/dev/rsd0g: file system is journaled; not checking
/dev/rsd0f: 1 files, 249856 free (31232 clusters)
/dev/rsd1e: file system is journaled; not checking
random_seed: /var/db/entropy-file: Not present
Setting tty flags.
Setting sysctl variables:
ddb.onpanic: 1 -> 0
Starting network.
Hostname: ci20
IPv6 mode: autoconfigured host
Configuring network interfaces: dme0.
Adding interface aliases:.
add net default: gateway
Waiting for DAD to complete for statically configured addresses...
/usr: replaying log to disk
Building databases: dev, dev, utmp, utmpx.
Starting syslogd.
Starting rpcbind.
Mounting all file systems...
/stuff: replaying log to disk
/home: replaying log to disk
Clearing temporary files.
Updating fontconfig cache: done.
Checking quotas: done.
/etc/rc: WARNING: /etc/exports is not readable.
/etc/rc.d/mountd exited with code 1
Setting securelevel: kern.securelevel: 0 -> 1
Starting virecover.
Checking for core dump...
savecore: no core dump
Starting local daemons:.
Updating motd.
Starting ntpd.
Starting sshd.
Starting mdnsd.
Jun 11 03:23:01 ci20 mdnsd: mDNSResponder (Engineering Build) starting
Starting inetd.
Starting cron.
The following components reported failures:
See /var/run/rc.log for more information.
Thu Jun 11 03:23:02 EDT 2015

NetBSD/evbmips (ci20) (console)


          Raspberry PI 2 support added        

Recent commits just added support for the Raspberry Pi 2 inside NetBSD.

It comes with all the peripherals and GPU acceleration features that are available on the first Raspberry Pi, together with a Cortex A7 processor capable of running at 900MHz.

Head directly to the installation notes available in Raspberry Pi's entry in the NetBSD Wiki for a quick way to get your system up and rolling.

Stay tuned for multiprocessor support!

Copyright (c) 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005,
    2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
    The NetBSD Foundation, Inc.  All rights reserved.
Copyright (c) 1982, 1986, 1989, 1991, 1993
    The Regents of the University of California.  All rights reserved.

NetBSD 7.99.5 (RPI2) #6: Fri Mar  6 16:33:41 GMT 2015
total memory = 944 MB
avail memory = 928 MB
sysctl_createv: sysctl_create(machine_arch) returned 17
timecounter: Timecounters tick every 10.000 msec
mainbus0 (root)
cpu0 at mainbus0 core 0: 600 MHz Cortex-A7 r0p5 (Cortex V7A core)
cpu0: DC enabled IC enabled WB disabled EABT branch prediction enabled
cpu0: isar: [0]=0x2101110 [1]=0x13112111 [2]=0x21232041 [3]=0x11112131, [4]=0x10011142, [5]=0
cpu0: mmfr: [0]=0x10101105 [1]=0x40000000 [2]=0x1240000 [3]=0x2102211
cpu0: pfr: [0]=0x1131 [1]=0x11011
cpu0: 32KB/32B 2-way L1 VIPT Instruction cache
cpu0: 32KB/64B 4-way write-back-locking-C L1 PIPT Data cache
cpu0: 512KB/64B 8-way write-through L2 PIPT Unified cache
vfp0 at cpu0: NEON MPE (VFP 3.0+), rounding, NaN propagation, denormals
vfp0: mvfr: [0]=0x10110222 [1]=0x11111111
cpu1 at mainbus0 core 1: disabled (unresponsive)
cpu2 at mainbus0 core 2: disabled (unresponsive)
cpu3 at mainbus0 core 3: disabled (unresponsive)
obio0 at mainbus0
bcmicu0 at obio0
armgtmr0 at obio0: ARMv7 Generic 64-bit Timer (19200 kHz)
armgtmr0: interrupting on irq 99
timecounter: Timecounter "armgtmr0" frequency 19200000 Hz quality 500
bcmmbox0 at obio0 intr 65: VC mailbox
vcmbox0 at bcmmbox0
vchiq0 at obio0 intr 66: BCM2835 VCHIQ
bcmpm0 at obio0: Power management, Reset and Watchdog controller
bcmdmac0 at obio0: DMA0 DMA2 DMA4 DMA5 DMA8 DMA9 DMA10
bcmrng0 at obio0: RNG
plcom0 at obio0 intr 57
plcom0: txfifo disabled
plcom0: console                                                                                                                                                                                                   
genfb0 at obio0: switching to framebuffer console
genfb0: framebuffer at 0x3d6fa000, size 1280x1024, depth 32, stride 5120
wsdisplay0 at genfb0 kbdmux 1: console (default, vt100 emulation)
wsmux1: connecting to wsdisplay0
wsdisplay0: screen 1-3 added (default, vt100 emulation)
sdhc0 at obio0 intr 62: SDHC controller
sdhc0: interrupting on intr 62
dwctwo0 at obio0 intr 9: USB controller
bcmspi0 at obio0 intr 54: SPI
spi0 at bcmspi0: SPI bus
bsciic0 at obio0 intr 53: BSC0
iic0 at bsciic0: I2C bus
bsciic1 at obio0 intr 53: BSC1
iic1 at bsciic1: I2C bus
bcmgpio0 at obio0: GPIO [0...31]
gpio0 at bcmgpio0: 32 pins
bcmgpio1 at obio0: GPIO [32...53]
gpio1 at bcmgpio1: 22 pins
usb0 at dwctwo0: USB revision 2.0
timecounter: Timecounter "clockinterrupt" frequency 100 Hz quality 0
sdhc0: SD Host Specification 3.0, rev.153
sdhc0: using DMA transfer
sdmmc0 at sdhc0 slot 0
uhub0 at usb0: vendor 0000 DWC2 root hub, class 9/0, rev 2.00/1.00, addr 1
uhub0: 1 port with 1 removable, self powered
ld0 at sdmmc0: <0x03:0x5344:SL08G:0x80:0x0bcb2d39:0x08a>
ld0: 7580 MB, 3850 cyl, 64 head, 63 sec, 512 bytes/sect x 15523840 sectors
ld0: 4-bit width, bus clock 50.000 MHz
uhub1 at uhub0 port 1: vendor 0424 product 9514, class 9/0, rev 2.00/2.00, addr 2
uhub1: multiple transaction translators
uhub1: 5 ports with 4 removable, self powered
usmsc0 at uhub1 port 1
usmsc0: vendor 0424 product ec00, rev 2.00/2.00, addr 3
usmsc0: Ethernet address b8:27:eb:13:82:0f
ukphy0 at usmsc0 phy 1: OUI 0x00800f, model 0x000c, rev. 3
ukphy0: 10baseT, 10baseT-FDX, 100baseTX, 100baseTX-FDX, auto
boot device: ld0
root on ld0a dumps on ld0b
mountroot: trying nfs...
mountroot: trying msdos...
mountroot: trying ext2fs...
mountroot: trying ffs...
root file system type: ffs
vchiq: local ver 6 (min 3), remote ver 6.
vcaudio0 at vchiq0: auds
vchiq_get_state: g_state.remote->initialised != 1 (0)
vchiq: vchiq_initialise: videocore initialized after 1 retries

WARNING: no TOD clock present
WARNING: using filesystem time

          Lemon-Ginger Angel Food and Raspberry-Sorbet Cake        
Homemade frozen raspberry sorbet and whipped cream are layered between the lemon and ginger flavored angel food cake halves. Top with fresh raspberries.
          Raspberry Pi GPU acceleration in NetBSD 7        

With the latest updates to NetBSD 7, the Raspberry Pi port now supports hardware acceleration using the built-in Broadcom VideoCore IV GPU. This enables 3D graphics acceleration and hardware accelerated video playback, a first for NetBSD/arm.

The misc/raspberrypi-userland package in pkgsrc includes the client libraries to get started. Some packages have been created to take advantage of this already, with more on the way:

For both omxplayer and ioquake3, make sure that the user running them has permissions to /dev/vchiq. In addition, ioquake3 needs permissions to /dev/wsmouse.

# usermod -G wheel jmcneill 
# chmod 660 /dev/vchiq /dev/wsmouse

The default GPU memory allocation may not be sufficient for ioquake3. Add gpu_mem=128 or gpu_mem=192 to /boot/config.txt if you run into any issues.

More information can be found on the NetBSD Wiki.

          Taking a break... postcard from the edge        
Dear Everyone, I have been taking a break from blogging for a while. Not that I am on holiday though! Just centred on other activities - slowly crafting Dark Mountain's Issue 8 on tech and tools and prepping the ground for a new grassroots publication (watch this space). And of course wavy sea swimming and plant attention (here after some hefty weeding with Mark at the Bungay Library Community Garden )

I do have a post brewing about some new adventures with Dark Mountain (here in red trousers about to give a talk with Nick Hunt at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop) and some past adventures in land dreaming that I am reworking and updating into a future mix. 

And talking of heady mixes here are some of the latest summer meads we have been making: the end of strawberry, elderflowers and roses (June), the maturation of raspberry, mugwort and other high summer leaves (July); the beginning of redcurrant, spearmint and marjoram flowers, and blackcurrant and fennel flowers with heather honey (August). This last one we drank around the fire at Lughnasa. It was divine! Now bubbling away is wild cherry with meadowsweet, vervain and watermint (that's medicinal!). Mead really shifts your attention and highlights the presence of flowers and insects whereever you go. Kind of puts you off that writing tech too....

Photos by Mark Watson and SSW
          Winter awards 2008 progress report        

Whew! It’s good to be able to get out of the shop for 15 minutes and stop by and see what everyone is up to! Well, I made some progress over the past couple of days. The box is now COMPLETE! YAY! Just waiting for the final coats of finish to cure, then I get to re-assemble. This box has the most detailed interior I have ever done, and there’s about 8 million pieces to finish…well, maybe not quite 8 million…but enough. The bottom surfaces are done in burgundy ray skin, so all of the components have to be finished then installed. Tedious, but a lot of fun!

The 2X4 entry has turned into my nemesis…...all the bending and softening and laminating is turning out to be VERY time consuming, and far more labour intensive than I ever would have thought. Oh well, the upside is that I get to give all those who say softwoods can’t be steam-bent a great big raspberry, ‘cause I did it! :) . This is one of those “everything that can go wrong will” and “Well…I can start again, it’s only two tries so far…” projects. LOL, it’s testing me, but I will prevail. I WILL finish this project….now it’s personal, and I can’t get beat by a simple 2X4, I have to show it who’s boss.

I am really enjoying this contest, as it gives me a chance to try new things and experiment a little, all while having a “purpose”. Let’s face it, in my normal everyday life, I can’t just up and say: “Hey, I think I spend the next four days seeing how badly I can mangle a 2X4.”

Anyway, thanks for letting me vent a little, I hope to have the box entry done and entered by the weekend, and the 2X4? If things keep going the way they are, it will be last minute for sure.

          Troy's Groom's Cake        

I hope everyone like's chocolate.

This groom's cake was for Troy Jackson, the groom of one of my childhood friends Mary Lindsey.  Troy and Mary Lindsay are both Jackson, Mississippi natives so the Mississippi shaped groom's cake was perfect!

This cake is a three tier, dark chocolate cake with a raspberry ganache icing.  I don't know if you can tell in the picture, but the cake was HUGE.  Getting it to the venue was quite the experience and took multiple helpers (I'm so thankful for my friends and family who helped out!!).

I also made the bride's cake so stay tuned for a post about that cake and sweet Mary Lindsey! 

          92/99: Miette's Tomboy        

This is cake 2 in the weekend marathon! My original plan was to stay up tonight and do 4 but I think it might just be a Saturday marathon with 7 cakes. I'll need all the sleep I can get tonight...

I've been looking forward to Miette's Tomboy for quite awhile because apparently it's one of the best in the book. The recipe is really strange though and did not seem like typical Rose.

First you start off by pouring boiling water on top of 70% chocolate. This is strange because for every other cake I've done like this, I've poured the boiling water over cocoa powder. Plus the fact that it's 70% and not the normal 60-62% chocolate that every other recipe calls for.  Just so you know, I bought a little under 2 pounds of the 60% chocolate today to cover me for the next seven's going to be a long weekend haha.

The next step was strange too: make a meringue and then pour oil, milk and the watery-chocolate mixture into it. I looked at it and thought for sure I did something wrong.

But then it all turns out normal when you add a ton of dry ingredients-flour, sugar, etc.

Next is icing time! For some reason, Rose seemed to be freaking out over the temperature of the icing and how you have to measure it at each stage and yada yada ya...  I can't find my instant read thermometer so I decided to live on the edge and do it without.

So first: caramel. my favorite thing ever. It actually turned out just fine even without a thermometer.  Then you whip up the egg whites and finally pour the hot caramel into the meringue in order to stabilize it.

Next is the whipped butter mixture:

Then you combine the two:

And voila! Mousseline! I decided to add some seedless raspberry jam to mine to give it an extra kick (a variation suggestion in the book).  It actually turned out quite nicely and was really pretty as a result. Of course I did add a bit of food coloring to make the color more vibrant.

I tried the cake after it had been in the refrigerator for awhile and i think it needed to be at room tempurature.  It was good but not exceptional as I was expecting.  It almost had a brownie like consistency.  I'm going to try it again tomorrow at room temperature and see if it's better then!
          90/99: Chocolate Bull's Eye Cakes        

Time is ticking. Has anyone else noticed the clock on the right side of the page? Just in case you didn't, it says THIRTEEN DAYS! AAH!!!!!

So 9 cakes to bake in 13 days.  And I'm taking 18 hours of upper level classes this semester with tests coming up in almost all of them. And believe it or not I do have a social life. Again, AAHHH!!!

So the question is, am I going to finish on time? Should I extend the deadline to remove the stress or still shoot for it?

For some reason I really want to finish on time. I've worked so hard on this all year long and I want to reach the goal that I set for myself. And honestly, it's only 9 cakes.

But then again, it's 9 whole cakes. that's 10% of the project.  I really enjoy baking but I don't want these 9 cakes to be absolutely miserable because I'm trying to whip them out really quickly.  I would have to have a baking marathon this weekend and Easter weekend in order to finish.

So thoughts anyone? Should I try to finish on time or extend the deadline?

 This cake was good but I think it could have been better.  I made the cakes two days ago and stuck them in the fridge because I didn't have time to finish them then.  I think that was a bad idea because it was tough and didn't soak up the syrup when I finally brushed it on there.

The cakes themselves are sponge cakes.  Once they cool, you cut out a cavity in the top, brush it with syrup, coat it with a glaze, fill it with chocolate cream, and then drizzle chocolate glaze on top.  The recipe calls for apricot glaze but I didn't have any apricot jelly so I substituted raspberry.  As a result I made the syrup with Chambord and then added some Chambord to the glaze too.

Maybe in a couple months I'll re-make this one and see if I like it better when its completely fresh.

Rose's Heavenly Cakes- page 363
          Comment on No-Bake Raw Vegan Mango Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe by Emily        
Thank you Denisse! I love guilt-free desserts like this too.
          Comment on No-Bake Raw Vegan Mango Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe by Denisse Salinas        
Yum! This looks so delicious! It is so beautiful, I love the colors! Paleo vegan desserts are my favorite because I can indulge my sweet tooth without the guilt!
          Comment on No-Bake Raw Vegan Mango Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe by Emily        
Thanks Leah! Enjoy!
          Comment on No-Bake Raw Vegan Mango Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe by Emily        
Thanks Sally, I hope you enjoy it!
          Comment on No-Bake Raw Vegan Mango Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe by Emily        
It's so important to keep the house cool during summer! Enjoy :)
          Comment on No-Bake Raw Vegan Mango Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe by Ginny McMeans        
Ohhh, this looks and sounds so good. I can make it without heating up the house so thank you!
          Comment on No-Bake Raw Vegan Mango Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe by Sally        
That looks so good and sounds so easy to make. I love the no dairy, sugar, and no-bake. I'm definitely going to have to try making this.
          Comment on No-Bake Raw Vegan Mango Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe by Leah        
This sounds delicious and perfect for these hot summer days! Yum!
          Comment on No-Bake Raw Vegan Mango Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe by Emily        
It is a game-changer! I hope you enjoy it :)
          Comment on No-Bake Raw Vegan Mango Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe by Emily        
We love cheesecake in our house too, and especially love this guilt-free one!
          Plex Subtitles Without Transcoding to Xbox One?        
I've just recently starting using the Plex app on Xbox One to replace by Raspberry Pi to play my h.264 MKVs.

For the most part I've been pretty happy except:

If a video has SRT subtiles (either in the MKV or as an external file), Plex will transcode the video stream in order to render the subtitles.

Is the any way to get Plex to overlay the subtitles without transcoding the entire video stream?

I've searched Google but have not found any answers, and I have had no response on the Plex forums to my query.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



          Kodi client on Raspberry Pi (OpenElec) and connecting to Window 10 server        
For my bedroom, I got a Raspberry Pi 3, running OpenElec (Linux).

In my living room, I have a PVR and tuners running on Windows 10 Pro (Home edition).

Files are being written to a local drive, and I've shared the folder.

I've been reading a LOT of post saying a Windows update from November 2015 broke Windows file sharing client for Kodi devices running Linux.

Bad news: I've tried everything in the world to get the SMB share to work (MCSE with 30 years experience) but no joy.

Good news: I was able to get DLNA to work.

Apparently there's 3 version of SMB running on Windows now.

When I disable SMB version 2, and enable version 1, DLNA worked.

I don't think it's related, but I also opened up port 445, the Netlogon port.

Hopefully this will give someone the clues needed to get SMB to work.

On a different unrelated note, I discovered you can attach a USB drive to Raspberry PI, as long as the drive has an external power supply. The amps from Raspberry Pi USB port isn't enough for a hard drive.

          Ein neuer Raspberry Pi und neue Ideen        
          Der RaspberryPi als ePub -> Kindle Gateway        
          Tasting 1995 Ducru Beaucaillou        
Youthful color with aromas of grilled meat and pencil lead. Pretty raspberry flavors with leather and mushroom secondaries. This is a mature Bordeaux though not showing any evidence that there’s a rush to drink. Not decanted, but opened an hour before serving. 93 points.
          NoCo Beer News October 10-16 2016        

[Northern Colorado Beer News] - Hopefully by now your GABF hangover is gone and you're ready for your next adventure. The rest of the year will see a dramatic drop in festivals, so most of the action will be at your local brewery. Here's what's happening around the Northern Colorado craft beer scene for the week of October 10-16, 2016. If you aren't reading this article on, you're not getting the full story.
Picture of the Week: Intersect Brewing - Fort Collins, CO.

Featured Brewery News of the Week

Gravity Brewing - 55 Years Ago the Russians detonated the largest hydrogen bomb in the history of mankind. A little over 4 years ago Gravity Brewing started brewing a Russian Imperial Stout worthy of the same name. Join in for their 1st Annual Tsar Bomba Day! They will be releasing Bourbon Barrel Aged Tsar along with a few other renditions of this Mother of All Beers! 750ml bottles and draft only! More details to come. Save the date - October 29th at 12pm! Located at: 1150 Pine St, Unit B, Louisville, CO.

Boulder County Breweries

12Degree Brewing - [Press Release] Following up their two medals and Champion Brewmaster of the Year award at World Beer Cup in May, 12Degree Brewing earned a bronze medal at the 2016 Great American Beer Festival (GABF) competition for Treachery, their Golden Strong Ale. “We couldn’t be more excited that Treachery was recognized among the best beers in the country, particularly after it won Gold at World Beer Cup this year. It’s one of the beers I’ve been brewing the longest and one of my personal favorites, so it’s particularly special to see it receive this sort of recognition.” said Jon Howland, Head Brewer and Owner at 12Degree Brewing. Located at: 820 Main St, Louisville, CO.

300 Suns Brewing - In the spirit of the season, 300 Suns will decorate a special Day of the Dead Altar display starting October 14th. They are using it to honor some of their dear friends who recently past away. On Saturday, October 15th they will celebrate Day of the Dead and offer Day of the Dead Face Painting from 3-7pm. Live music from 5-7pm to go along with all their tasty brews on tap. Located at: 335 1st Ave, C, Longmont, CO.

Asher Brewing Co - Do you have some mad pumpkin carving skills? If so, you'll want to participate in Asher Brewing's upcoming Pumpkin Carving Contest set for Sunday, October 23rd from 4pm to 8pm at the brewery. A $10 entry fee gets you a pumpkin and a pint. They'll provide the carving tools. Your kids can carve for $8. Sign up by showing interest on their Facebook event page along with how many pumpkins you'll be needing. There will be a prize for the best carved pumpkin. Located at: 4699 Nautilus Ct S, Ste 104, Boulder, CO.

Avery Brewing Co - This year's batch of Mephistopheles' Stout has been released this week on October 10th and is now heading to store shelves in select markets around the country (including Colorado of course). Available on draft (limited) and in 12oz bottles. Tread carefully, this bad boy weighs in at 15.0% ABV! Available mid-October through December. Located at: 4910 Nautilus Ct N, Boulder, CO.

Bootstrap Brewing Company - Bootstrap won not 1, but two medals at the 2016 GABF this year. They took a Gold medal for their "Stick's Pale Ale" in the American-style Pale Ale category (157 entries). They also won a Bronze medal for "Wreak Havoc" in the Imperial Red Ale category (62 entries). Grats on winning twice! Located at: 6778 N 79th St, Niwot, CO.

Boulder Beer Company - If you're looking to visit Boulder Beer Company in the near future - be aware that their pub (tasting room) will be closed for renovations from October 16th through November 6th. You can still get beer to-go in 6-packs and kegs sales Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. Stay tuned for their grand re-opening coming next month. Located at: 2880 Wilderness Pl, Boulder, CO.

Crystal Springs Brewing Co - Their new canning line is now up and running. They've been busy canning their IPA, Kolsch and Naughty Marilyn Belgian Style Ale. Look for these cans around Boulder County and available in the taproom. Located at: 657 S Taylor Ave, Unit E, Louisville, CO.

Industrial Revolution Brewing Company - Don't forget that this Saturday, October 15th from 2pm to 10pm is IRBC's 3 Year Anniversary Party. They will be doing special bottle releases (Blonde Stout and an Imperial Saison) with a limit of 3 bottles per person, a Smoke Off Competition, hosting live music, and Raffling off some other special releases. Free to attend! Located at: 285 Cheesman Street, Erie, CO.

J Wells Brewery - Today, October 13th, J Wells Brewery is celebrating World Thrombosis Day between 3:00pm and 8pm! Come on out buy one of their Lisa Red Ale Bombers to donate to the National Blood Clot Alliance to bring more needed awareness to this cause that is dear to their heart due to the brewer's lovely wife Lisa, a 3 year Survivor of massive bilateral pulmonary embolisms and DVT. Brochures, awareness bracelets and more being given away that night! Located at: 2516 49th St, Ste 5, Boulder, CO.

Left Hand Brewing Company - Another medal has been won by the brewing team at Left Hand Brewing at the 2016 GABF. This time they won a Silver medal for their "Fade to Black, Volume 1" in the Export Stout category with 43 entries. Way to go! Located at: 1265 Boston Ave, Longmont, CO.

Odd13 Brewing - This Sunday, October 16th, Odd13 will be releasing a special brew: "Galaxy Double Dry Hopped Hop Wizard", a New England-style Pale Ale. The tasting room will be open from 1pm to 8pm that day. This is their October taproom exclusive can release (can't get this anywhere else). There's a limited supply and no growler fills on this one. Located at: 301 E Simpson St, Lafayette, CO.

Open Door Brewing Co - The brewery just signed a lease for their upcoming taproom! The new brewery "Galactic HQ" will be at 2030 Ionosphere St in Longmont, CO. Up until now, they've only been a production-only brewery. No date has been set yet but you can expect it to be open sometime in late November or early December. It's been under construction for a while now, so who knows. They may just open sooner than you think. Stay tuned for more details.

Oskar Blues Brewery - [Press Release] The nut is back. Oskar Blues Brewery's cult classic Death By Coconut Irish Porter returns to store shelves and taps across the nation this month. Death by Coconut (6.4% ABV/25 IBUs) is a semi-sweet porter made from loads of dark chocolate and extra dark caramel malt. It pours a rich velvet black with a frothy head and exudes intense fresh cacao flavors swirled with popping coconut aromas. Death by Coconut, awarded the 2014 GABF Silver Medal in the Chocolate Beer category, hits shelves nationally in 4-packs of 12-ounce CANS and on tap at your favorite bar beginning this month. Located at: 1800 Pike Road, Longmont, CO.

The Post Brewing Co - Grats to The Post Brewing Company for winning a Gold medal at the 2016 GABF for their Achtertuin Seizoen Farmhouse Ale in the Classic Saison category. They beat a field of 88 entries. Nice job! Located at: 105 W Emma St, Lafayette, CO.

Upslope Brewing Co - Set your calendar reminder for Saturday, November 5th from 2pm to 8pm for Upslope's 8th Anniversary Party at their Flatiron Park location. They’re taking over the parking lot and tossin’ up the garage doors to the brewery space to make room for the party. Get ready for beer bust-outs, live music and food trucks galore! There will be 50+ beers on tap! (Get 'em while you can, as supply will be limited on each style.) -- They’ll be bringing out vintage favorites, collaboration brews, specialty styles, and, of course, their core beer classics + an 8th Anniversary Ale! Located at: 1898 S Flatiron Ct, Boulder, CO.

Parry's Pizza - 6 Locations

Larimer County Breweries

Big Beaver Brewing - Starting this Friday and running for an entire week is Big Beaver's 6th Anniversary celebration. Each day they will offer up a special 1/2 barrel keg of beer. 10/14: Sour Cherry Stout aged in rum barrels, 10/15: Candied Pecan Nut Brown Ale, 10/16: Red Beer with garnishes, 10/17: Plum Sour Ale, 10/18: Roasted Chile Ale, 10/19: Star Anise Milk Porter, and 10/20: Pumpkin Spice Stout aged in a single malt barrel. Also, there will be plenty of board games to play all week long, an anniversary t-shirt for those who complete their games, and a lot more fun. Located at: 2707 W Eisenhower Blvd, Unit 9, Loveland, CO.

Big Thompson Brewery - Come watch the Broncos tonight (October 13th). There will be free food and beer during the game. They have beer brats at kickoff and anytime during the game where the Broncos score a TD. Those who arrive in Bronco orange and blue get a free taster of beer (21+ only). Guess the final score - closest wins a growler and fill-up! Coming soon: look for their Smoked Chipotle Porter. Located at: 114 E 15th St, Loveland, CO.

Black Bottle Brewery - Congrats to Black Bottle Brewery for winning a Silver medal at the 2016 GABF for their beer "PDA" in the Belgian-style Tripel category. They beat out 90 other entries! Located at: 1605 S College Ave, Ste 1609, Fort Collins, CO.

City Star Brewing - Want to put some coffee in your pint glass? City Star's "Up All Night Watchman" coffee stout returns to the taps very soon. Then coming on November 5th is the release of "Mule Kick", a strong ale / winter warmer brewed with Colorado wildflower honey. It's a multiple medal winner! Located at: 321 Mountain Ave, Berthoud, CO.

Coopersmith's Pub & Brewing - Coopersmith's won a Bronze medal at the 2016 GABF for their "Not Brown" in the English-style Brown Ale category against 46 other entries. Grats! Stop in during ANY Broncos game and get their Pizza & Pitcher Special. Get any large 14" pizza and a regular priced pitcher of beer for just $15. Go to Poolside for this offer. Located at: 5 Old Town Square, Fort Collins, CO.

Crow Hop Brewing Co - Come help celebrate Crow Hop's 3rd Anniversary on Saturday, October 22 from 12pm to 10pm at the taproom. They've got a lot of beers pouring and a taster special: Get 10 tasters for only $20. These will be ten original, small-batch, specialty beers releases that very day. These beers include: Orange Crush Blood Orange Sour, Stinger New England IPA, Sweataweatha Smoked Pumpkin Porter, Jacqui's Pink Kimono Hibiscus Rice Lager, Pitta's Potion Barley Wine, Bru R-E-D Belgian-style Dubbel, I Drink Your Milkshake Chocolate Caramel Porter, Nessie's Scottish Ale, and Cirtus X Paradisi Grapefruit IPA - plus more! There will be limited edition t-shirts, giveaways & prizes too. They are extending their patio space for this event - bring your friends. Located at: 217 E 3rd St, Loveland, CO.

Fort Collins Brewery - This Sunday, October 16th from 11am to 1pm is the FCB Beer Brunch at their Modern Tavern. This brunch will feature their release of their seasonal "Sled God", an Imperial Brown Ale made with hazelnutt cuffee, brown sugar and aged on American oak with hints of vanilla. There will be three courses each featuring a different beer. Cost is $35 per person. Tickets available on Eventbrite. Located at: 1020 E Lincoln Ave, Fort Collins, CO.

Funkwerks - Have you tried their latest creation "Romeo & Brewliet"? Its a mix of their taproom regulars (Deceit & Raspberry Provincial). The result is a tasty delight. Ask for one on your next visit. Also, look for their new winter seasonal - "Mango King" Imperial Saison Ale brewed with Mango - starting in early November. Located at: 1900 E Lincoln Ave, Fort Collins, CO.

Grimm Brothers Brewhouse - For the fourth time in 5 years, Grimm Brothers' "Little Red Cap" Alt Style Ale has won a medal. This time it was GOLD at the 2016 GABF. They beat out 56 other beers in the German-style Altbier category. Well done! Located at: 623 Denver Ave, Loveland, CO.

Horse & Dragon Brewing Co - It's almost time for Movember! Join the H&D crew at Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant's Agave Room on Monday, October 31st from 5-7pm. They'll debut their H&D BigoteRosado Hibiscus Lemongrass Agave Wheat Ale. If they raise over $1000 in donations that night, they're going to shave TimCo's beard off! They'll have a jar out in the taproom between now and then if you want to pitch in to help ensure the beard goes. Located at: 124 Racquette Dr, Fort Collins, CO.

Intersect Brewing - Just in time for the Broncos game, Intersect Brewing is doing a new beer release tonight (10/13) of their English Brown Ale. Come watch the game and enjoy a brew or two. Located at: 2160 W Drake Rd, Ste A-1, Fort Collins, CO.

Loveland Aleworks - On Friday, October 14th, Loveland Aleworks will release their Coconut Porter. They took a robust porter and packed in loads of chocolate and roasted coconut to make this fall treat. Embrace the dark side of beer and enjoy this one. Located at: 118 W 4th St, Loveland, CO.

Lumpy Ridge Brewing Co - Heading up to Estes Park for the Fall Back Beer Festival on November 5th? Then you might want to stop over afterwards to the brewery for the Fall Back Beer Fest After the Party, After Party from 6pm til close. There'll be even more food, music, fun and of course more beer! Spend the evening in Estes. Located at: 531 S St Vrain Ave, Estes Park, CO.

Maxline Brewing - Mark your calendar for Wednesday, October 26th for "The Fourth Phase" and Hot Chocolate-Infused Porter. Snowboarding season is upon us! Enjoy Hot Chocolate-Infused Porter while watching Travis Rice undertake a 15,000-mile mission to snowboard the most remote mountains in the world in the film "The Fourth Phase". You can even sit out on their heated outdoor patio and enjoy your brew. Located at: 2724 McClelland Dr #190, Fort Collins, CO.

New Belgium Brewing - Get ready for "Halloween Foolery" on Saturday, October 29th from 8pm to midnight at the brewery. A wicked good gathering oozing with voodoo and villains, new brews and brujas. $10 for your soul to drink, your bones to boogie and your alter-ego to costume-up! Tickets go on sale Friday, October 14th at 9AM. Located at: 500 Linden St, Fort Collins, CO.

Snowbank Brewing - Look for Snowbank's Colorado Red and also their Cranknbrew Coffee Pale in bottles in stores around NoCo. Also, Snowbank's 47 1/2 Stout is back on tap with rich notes of roast and a hint of earthy hops. Located at: 225 N Lemay Ave, Ste 1, Fort Collins, CO.

Three Four Beer Company - Next week on Thursday, October 20th starting a 4pm, Three Four Beer Co will tap their latest collaboration beer they did with Troubadour Maltings. It's "SMASH Test #3", a single malt, single hop beer brewed with Centennial hops. The brew is described as having a clean, nutty, lightly toasted flavor, with a hint of honey and floral aromas. Located at: 829 S Shields St #100, Fort Collins, CO.

Verboten Brewing - Congrats to Verboten Brewing for winning a Bronze medal at the 2016 GABF for their "Little Nonsense" in the Wood and Barrel-aged Strong Stout category. Coming up this Friday, October 15th - it's the return of their Friday Beer Releases. This week will be an Imperial Saison "5 o'clock Rust Red IPA" - aka Brett's wedding beer. Also, they'll tap a gluten-reduced version of Killer Boots. Located at: 127 E 5th St, Loveland, CO.

Weld County Breweries

Broken Plow Brewery - Mark your calendars for Saturday, October 29th from 7pm to close. That's the date for Broken Plow's "Spooky Brew Halloween Party". Wear your best innovative costume for a chance to win prizes. Plus, they will have a special "Spooky Brew" on tap starting that night. Food will be available outside from the Mad Smoker food truck. Meanwhile, Open Mic Night on Thursdays from 6-9pm. Located at: 4731 W 10th St, Unit G, Greeley, CO.

Echo Brewing Company - Congrats to Echo Brewing for taking home two Gold medals at the 2016 GABF this year. They won top honors for "Kirby" in the Golden or Blonde Ale category and for "Tri-Town Brown" in the English-style Brown Ale (Erie location). Located at: 5969 Iris Parkway, Frederick, CO.

High Hops Brewery - This weekend, October 15 & 16, 2016, High Hops Brewery will celebrate their 4th Birthday with a big Birthday Bash celebration spanning 2 days. There will be several special beer releases including: Lady Godiva Belgian-style Quad, El Pollo Loco American-style lager, Barrel-aged Belgian Red Ale, and Buried Alive (habanero buried beneath honey, strawberries, blackberries and blueberries. Sweet with a little heat. Plus, they'll unveil a specially aged The Noble One Belgian-style Quad that was aged for 4 years. Only 60 bottles of this exist ($20 each - limit 2 per customer). Live music from 3 performers on Saturday 2pm to 9pm and from 2 performers on Sunday 2pm to 6:30pm. Meanwhile, on October 13, they'll tap "Bad Mama Java", a vanilla blonde coffee stout. Next Wednesday, October 19th, their firkin tapping will be "Monster (S)quad", a quadruple. Located at: 6461 Hwy 392, Windsor, CO.

Wiley Roots Brewing Co - On Saturday, October 15th from 1pm to 11pm, join in for the 3rd Annual Yacht Rock Party to celebrate Kyle (the brewer's) birthday! What is a yacht rock party? Yacht Rock celebrates the culture and music that sprung from the sun drenched Miami beaches in the '70s'. Costumes are encouraged. They will bring out Grif: English Strong Ale 2014 from their cellar to mark the occasion. A cigar and beer pairing will take place at 9pm and includes Grif as well as the cigar for $15. Tickets are available at the door. Located at: 625 3rd St, Unit D, Greeley, CO.

Special Events

[ October Beer Fests ] - [ November Beer Fests ] - [ December Beer Fests ]

Brew Fests This Week
- St. Dominic's Oktoberfest - Oct 15 - St Dominic Parish - Denver, CO.
- Grand Coffee Bazaar (and coffee beers) - Oct 15 - Redline Art Gallery - Denver, CO.
- 4th Birthday Bash - Oct 15-16 - High Hops Brewery - Windsor, CO.
- 6th Anniversary Celebration - Oct 14-20 - Big Beaver Brewing - Loveland, CO.

Find all the details of these events in the October 2016 Colorado Beer Festival Calendar.

Catch up on Northern Colorado Beer News from last week:
[ October 3-9, 2016 ]

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          NoCo Beer News October 3-9 2016        

[Northern Colorado Beer News] - Happy GABF Week! Thousands have traveled from all over the country to join in one of this nations largest beer festivals of the year. Many breweries are hosting special events all week long. While most of the action is down in Denver, there's still plenty going on up in NoCo. Here's what's happening around the Northern Colorado craft beer scene for the week of October 3-9, 2016. If you aren't reading this article on, you're not getting the full story.
Picture of the Week: Jessup Farm Barrel House - Ft. Collins CO

Featured Brewery News of the Week

Mash Lab Brewing - A new brewery is coming to Windsor in the very near future. Work on their taproom is nearing completion. Look for them to open sometime in November 2016 pending quick turnaround by the TTB! Stay tuned for upcoming details on their Grand Opening. Taproom & brewery to be located at: 4395 Highland Meadows Pkwy, Windsor, CO.

Boulder County Breweries

12Degree Brewing - There's a new beer on tap this week. Come try their Mosaic Tatupu, a hoppy pale ale that was made with unmalted wheat, Citra and Mosaic hops. It has notes of tropical fruit, peach, and citrus. So EZ to drink you might just want two. Located at: 820 Main St, Louisville, CO.

300 Suns Brewing - Now on tap: a limited release of their Barrel-Aged Peach Sour Ale. Served on cask, this sour ale was aged in whiskey barrels with fresh peaches and vanilla. A complex brown ale with light fruity aroma, subtle malty smoothness and a sour finish. Stats: 6.6% ABV and 34 IBU. Also, stop in Friday night October 8th for the Barley-Har-Har Comedy Late Show from 9pm to 11pm. Featuring: Desiree Brown, Jacob Rupp and headliner Jillian Kudryki. Located at: 335 1st Ave, Unit C, Longmont, CO.

Asher Brewing Co - Tapping this week for GABF: Ginger Khan (October 7th at 4pm), an imperial whiskey ginger beer. Then on Saturday, October 8th at 2pm is "King Kolsch", a wild fermented ale. Food trucks on site both nights. Located at: 4699 Nautilus Ct, Boulder, CO.

Crystal Springs Brewing Co - The brewery has received their new canning line this last week and the installation will begin on October 10th. They play to do their first canning run with it starting on October 11th and will be canning their IPA and possibly their Naughty Marilyn. Volunteers welcome to help them can. They've also recently released their American Amber Ale in 12oz can 6-packs. Look for those in local Boulder-area stores. Also, they've recently tapped a new wet hop brew made with local Cascade and Nugget hops. Then on October 13th they will host their monthly "Thirteen Party" along with a new beer release during the Broncos game. Finally, on Saturday, October 22nd they will release a homebrew competition winning recipe from Steven Mongradon - a Coconut Cream Ale called "Found Paradise". Located at: 657 S Taylor Ave, Unit E, Louisville, CO.

Gravity Brewing - During the GABF, Gravity Brewing will be extending their Tasting Room hours. They will open at noon Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Come visit them this week and try all their latest beers. Located at: 1150 Pine St, Unit B, Louisville, CO.

Industrial Revolution Brewing Co - Mark your calendars for Saturday, October 15th for IRBC's 3 Year Anniversary Party from 2pm to 10pm at the taproom. There will be a special bottle release, a smoke off competition, a raffle for some special releases, live music and more. Located at: 285 Cheesman St, Erie, CO.

J Wells Brewery - A special beer has been tapped for GABF Week. Come try J Wells' "Blonde Stout", a collaboration beer they did with Ozo Coffee Roasters. It looks like a blonde ale, but takes light a dark and roasty beer. They also have a Milk Stout on tap and available in bottles as well. Located at: 2516 49th St, Ste #5, Boulder, CO.

Kettle and Spoke Brewery - The TTB finally gave approval to Kettle & Spoke so now they can begin to brew beer! Now all that is left is final approval from the city of Boulder. Get ready for opening day coming very very soon! Located at: 2500 47th St, Unit 12, Boulder, CO.

Left Hand Brewing Co - Come celebrate Halloween at Left Hand Brewing on Saturday, October 29th from 9pm to 11:30pm in their taproom. It's their "Day of the Dead Halloween Bash". They'll be tapping a new beer, a Peppercorn Kolsch that day. There will be live music with Quemando, face painting for adults, dance in the big Thriller salsa line and enjoy some Left Hand beer. Wear your costumes. Must be 21+ to attend and MUST show ID. Located at: 1265 Boston Ave, Longmont, CO.

Liquid Mechanics Brewing Company - Sometimes a picture says it all. In this case you can have all of these beers below in cans starting later this month. Located at: 297 US Hwy 287 #100, Lafayette, CO.

Odd13 Brewing - Two beer releases this week. The first is a collaboration beer they did with Our Mutual Friend Brewery called "Dragon Chaser", a beer made with peaches, and 2) their own brew called "Diego Grande", a tequila barrel aged Belgian-style quad. Both are available in bottles to go as well! Located at: 301 E Simpson St, Lafayette, CO.

Oskar Blues Brewery - During GABF week, the Tasty Weasel Taproom will be pouring these fine OB brews: Cascade Dry Hop Dales, Coffee IPA, Hotbox Porter, Passion Fruit Pinner, Osktoberfest, Nitro Shordy, Bayside Black IPA, Death by Coconut, and Barrel-Aged Ten FIDY Imperial Stout. Also they'll tap from Cigar City: Jai Alai IPA, Invasion Pale Ale, Vanilla Maduro, and a Lager. Also from Perrin: a Black Lager and a Blackberry IPA. There will also be just as many of these beers and several others available for take home in crowlers and cans. Located at: 1800 Pike Road, Longmont, CO.

Powder Keg Brewing Co - Today only in their taproom (October 6th) from 5pm to 10pm is a special Crooked Stave Artisans Tap Takeover. There will be beers from over 11 different beers that are distributed under the Crooked Stave Artisans (CSA) umbrella. Enjoy beers from Bell's Brewery, Jester King Brewery, La Cumbre Brewing Co, Council Brewing Co, Ecloptic Brewing, Melvin Brewing, Almanac Beer Co, Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project, Jack's Abby Craft Lagers, Lawson's Finest Liquids and more! For those of you not able to go to GABF this may be your next best thing! 1 night only October 6th. Located at: 101 2nd Ave, Niwot, CO.

Sanitas Brewing - This month, look for a special beer to be tapped: a Bourbon Barrel Passionfruit Saison. This is part of their "Deluge" project and was put into a "first fill" bourbon barrel along with passionfruit puree. Also try their Special Cargo #4 brew: "French Wet Hop Red". It was fermented with French ale yeast and bittered with Chinook hops from Paonia, CO. Located at: 3550 Frontier Ave, Boulder, CO.

Upslope Brewing Co - On tap NOW at both tap rooms: Whiskey Barrel Aged Barleywine with Pumpkin and our Hops & Pie collaboration, "Table Beer" - Start celebrating #GABF week with Upslope! In Denver? Head over to Freshcraft for an Upslope Tap Takeover featuring their Black IPA with Long Pepper, Tequila Barrel Aged Belgian Strong Ale, Citra Pale Ale, Whiskey Barrel Pumpkin Barleywine, and Craft Lager. Upslope Flatiron location: 1898 S Flatiron Ct, Boulder, CO.

Very Nice Brewing Co - The brewery will be celebrating their 4th Anniversary on Saturday, October 22nd from 12pm to 9pm. There will be several new beer tappings that day including some FREE BEER starting at 3pm. Get a FREE 10oz pour of their Anniversary Ale Double IPA while the 5 gallon keg lasts. (Limit one free pour per person) - Live music that night from 6pm to 9pm from Flash Mountain Flood. Head to Ned this week! Located at: 20 Lakeview Dr, Unit 112, Nederland, CO.

Vision Quest Brewery - And now for something different... come try their new Morel Mushroom Gose - available now in the taproom. Located at: 2510 47th St, Unit A2, Boulder, CO.

Wibby Brewing - Tapping today (10/6) in their taproom - come try Wibby's Fresh Hop Lager. A lager takes longer than an ale to ferment but it's worth the wait! Located at: 209 Emery St, Longmont, CO.

Wild Woods Brewery - New beers this week for GABF Week. On Wednesday they tapped "Rose Family Blonde", a blonde ale brewed with red rose petals, rose hops, hawthorn berries, and raspberry leaf - all part of the rose family. Tapping today 10/6 is their returning favorite: Doppelbock. It's strong, smooth and finishes with a rich malty sweetness. Located at: 5460 Conestoga Ct, Boulder, CO.

Parry's Pizza - 6 Locations

Larimer County Breweries

1933 Brewing Company - This week the brewery released their famous Chili Beer. Last year's batch was considered very spicy, so this year they dialed down the heat a bit and they believe it's the best batch of chili beer they've ever made. Also tapping this week on Friday, October 7th is a special Pumpkin Beer (to be named) made with pumpkin, cinnamon, oatmeal, raisins, maple syrup, molasses and pumpkin pie spices. Live music on Friday from Whitebird too. New taproom hours: Mon-Thurs 1pm-8pm, Fri-Sat 12pm-9pm, and Sundays 12pm-6pm. Located at: 4025 S Mason St, Fort Collins, CO.

Berthoud Brewing Co - Back on tap this week, just in time for the cooler weather, is their popular "Forged Stout". It's dark and roasty and perfect for Fall. They have it on the nitro tap too! Located at: 450 8th St, Berthoud, CO.

Big Thompson Brewery - Now on tap a new beer in their Experimental Series: "Kurt Sais", their first ever Saison. Stop in on Thursdays and play "Beat the Beertender", a game of chance where you can win beer discounts from 4pm to 6pm. Also, keep Big Thompson in mind for Sundays and watching Broncos games, because starting now, you can get FREE FOOD during Broncos games (breakfast burritos, pizza, brats depending on game time). This week they're ordering pizza just before halftime for the Broncos Falcons game. Plus, they will give away FREE BEER (taster of a rotating type) whenever the Broncos score a touchdown. There's a catch - you must be wearing Broncos gear to qualify for the taster. Located at: 114 E 15th St, Loveland, CO.

City Star Brewing - Tapping on Friday, October 7th at 2pm is City Star's Sundance Imperial Saison. Billed as a refreshing, and fruity ale, with the strength to keep your warm on chilly Fall nights. Stay for live music Thursday @ 7pm with Nancy Just, Friday night with Lee Johnson, and Saturday night with Franklin Taggart & Todd Silas. Located at: 321 Mountain Ave, Berthoud, CO.

Fort Collins Brewery - The first winter seasonal will soon be tapped in the next coming weeks. Look for their "Sled God Winter Warmer" in cans by the end of the month. It's an imperial brown ale brewed with brown sugar, hazelnut coffee and aged on American oak (6.8% ABV). Also coming soon, "Double Down", a Gose India Pale Ale - in cans! Plus, don't forget to sign up for FCB's 3rd Annual Malt Monster 5K run on Saturday, October 29th at the brewery. Cost is $35 and includes an FCB sports pack, 2 drink tickets, post-race snacks and vendor swag. Wear your best Halloween costume while you run! Details at the FCB Website. Located at: 1020 E Lincoln Ave, Fort Collins, CO.

Grimm Brothers Brewhouse - There's a new beer available this week just in time for GABF - come try their new "Local Love", a collaboration beer they did with Root Shoot Malting and Colorado Hop Company. It's a SMaSH beer (Single Malt and Single Hop). If you're going to GABF be sure to stop by their booth in Section G! Located at: 623 Denver Ave, Loveland, CO.

Horse & Dragon Brewing Co - Here are a few special beers they released for GABF Week. On tap now: Rum-barrel aged Coconut Porter, Perambulation Ale 2016 Red Sumac Golden Ale, and Bounty of the Bine 2016 Fresh Hop Ale. Also, they now have their H&D Stout on the nitro tap for some smooth creamy goodness. Coming soon: Mission to Civilize Saison (Oct 27). Later this month look for Whistle Blast Honey Brown on nitro. Also, Bigote Rosado Hibiscus Lemongrass Agave Wheat (November). And in early November they'll tap H&D Snug Vanilla Caramel Double Cream Ale on both CO2 and Nitro). Located at: 124 Racquette Dr, Fort Collins, CO.

Jessup Farm Barrel House - Just tapped this week - four beers for your tasting pleasure: 1) Tequila Train Delay Pale Ale (barrel aged), 2) Wheelhouse Kick bourbon barrel-aged brown ale with coffee, 3) Wood Know whiskey barrel-aged black ale, and 4) Can't Knot bourbon barrel-aged black ale. Try one or get a taster of all 4! Located at: 1921 Jessup Dr, Fort Collins, CO.

Loveland Aleworks - Special beers are on tap this week in honor of the Great American Beer Festival. Come check out these rare cellar brews: Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout, Brett Soured Golden Ale, Cherry Flanders Red, Barrel Aged Grand Cru, Rye Whiskey Barrel Wee Heavy, Brett-soured Tripel, and a Baltic Porter. These brews will be on tap through October 8th (while they last). Located at: 118 W 4th St, Loveland, CO.

Maxline Brewing - Coming very soon to a glass at Maxline - Bourbon Barrel-Aged Peach ESB. This one is almost ready. Ask for details on your next visit. Located at: 2724 McClellan Dr #190, Fort Collins, CO.

New Belgium Brewing - Going to this weekend's Bike Prom? Then you'll want to head to the Bike Prom Pre-party at New Belgium this Saturday, October 8th from 5pm to 8pm at their Liquid Center. Live music from The Other Black from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. Get $3 pints from 5-8pm. Enter to win a New Belgium Cruiser bike at the Pre-party. Located at: 500 Linden St, Fort Collins, CO.

Odell Brewing Company - Did you catch the release of Odell's "Jolly Russian", a Russian imperial stout aged in rum barrels last week? If not, you can get some in their tasting room. It's now also available in bottles. There's a limited amount available. 8oz pours on draft and a limit of 2 bottles for sale per person in the taproom. This is a big 13.3% ABV brew that you're going to love, but you better get some while it lasts. Located at: 800 E Lincoln Ave, Fort Collins, CO.

Old Colorado Brewing Co - The brewery is now open on Mondays! Also, new hours on Sunday. Come visit: Mon-Thurs 2pm-9pm, Friday 2pm-10pm, Saturday 12pm-10pm, Sunday 11am-9pm. Also, plan to attend Comedy Night at the Brewery on Saturday, October 15th starting at 8pm. Located at: 8121 1st St, Wellington, CO.

Pateros Creek Brewing Co - To celebrate GABF Week, PCBC is tapping a different beer every day. Tapped 10/5: Spring Prairie Lemongrass Sour. 10/6: Jolly Green Blonde Ale (made with Jolly Rancher green apple candy). 10/7: Pasil Beach Peach Ale. And 10/8: Oreo Porter (made with real Oreo cookies). Friday night 10/7 brings a Charity Comedy Showcase from 7-10pm in the tasting room. Cost is $7 at the door. Finally on Saturday 10/8 they'll be tapping a special surprise collaboration beer. Located at: 242 N College Ave, Unit B, Fort Collins, CO.

Rally King Brewing - There will be a new beer release on Friday, October 7th starting at 6pm at Rally King Brewing. Come try their "Lion Thistle" Scottish Ale. It's a taste of the old country. Located at: 1624 S Lemay Ave, Unit 4, Fort Collins, CO.

Snowbank Brewing - Special tappings today (Oct 6th) in honor of GABF week. Today's special release is a Blackberry Sourado, infused with fresh blackberries. One day only!! They also have their 47 1/2 Stout back on tap starting at 2pm today as well. Also ask if they have some of their Raspberry Porter released from yesterday left. Friday's tapping: Colorado Orange, a red ale with orange zest. On Saturday (10/8) they'll tap SLARVE, a Colorado Red aged in whiskey barrels. Then on Sunday 10/9, they'll tap Caramel Latte Cranknbrew, a coffee brew infused with caramel and vanilla bean. Located at: 22 N Lemay Ave, Ste 1, Fort Collins, CO.

Summit Hard Cider & Perry Co - The folks at Scrumpy's in Fort Collins is having a Summit Pint Night at Old Chicago's at 4709 S Timberline Rd in Foco on Thursday, October 6th from 5pm to 6:30pm. Come talk with Summit rep Brandon and try their Summit Peach Cider and get a free Summit Pint Glass to take with you. Summit Hard Ciders and Perry are always on tap at Scrumpy's in Old Town FoCo. Located at: 215 N College Ave, Fort Collins, CO.

Three Four Beer Co - For GABF Week, there are special guest beer tappings. Tonight enjoy special beers from Bells Brewery, Crooked Stave, Melvin Brewing, Half Acre Beer Co, and Cascade Brewing. Then on Friday night 10/7, enjoy beers from Casey Brewing and Blending. Be sure to try Three Four Beer Co's own brews too. Located at: 829 S Shields St #100, Fort Collins, CO.

Weld County Breweries

Broken Plow Brewery - On Thursday night, October 6th, Broken Plow will have the Mad Smoker setting up a big CHILI BAR with all the fixins' in the taproom. Come warm up with some hot chili and stay for the beer and Open Mic Night 6-9pm hosted by Cole Britton. Located at: 4731 W 10th St, Unit G, Greeley, CO.

Crabtree Brewing Company - The brewery has just installed two new English Pub Beer Engines in the taproom and this Friday they will serve up their first pints from them with two special firkin pours: 1) a Spiced Rum Pumpkin Ale, and 2) an English Brown Ale. The beers tap starting at 6pm on October 7th. Located at: 2961 29th St, Greeley, CO.

High Hops Brewery - This week High Hops is tapping their Golden Belgian Strong Ale (October 6th). It's a magical melding of two styles that pay homage to The Golden One and The Noble One brews. Also, during GABF week through Saturday, they will be tapping daily small batch firkins: Oct 6 - Flower Power Fresh Hop Pale Ale, Oct 7 - Oh My Gourd - pumpkin milk stout with cinnamon and habaneros, Oct 8 - Barrel-Aged Dark One Milk Stout - aged a year in bourbon barrels. Next Wednesday's firkin (Oct 12th) will be a Bourbon Barrel-Aged Porter. Live music this weekend Friday 6-8pm and Saturday 5-7pm. Located at: 6461 Hwy 392, Windsor, CO.

WeldWerks Brewing Company - Long lines for special barrel-aged beer releases are becoming commonplace at WeldWerks. Yesterday, the brewery held a special beer release for their Barrel Aged Mexican Achromatic Imperial Stout. This was a bottle release that they had just enough for 500 people to get up to 4 bottles each. The beers all sold out at $14 a 12oz bottle. They have just a little bit left of it on tap still at the brewery for those who missed it. They also went through their allocation of crowlers of their Double Dry Hopped Juicy Bits New England Style IPA. Next time you see a long line outside of the brewery - better get in it so you don't miss out! Located at: 508 8th Ave, Greeley, CO.

Wiley Roots Brewing Co - Did you miss their big 5 brew bottle release yesterday on Wednesday? Stop in today and ask to see if they have any bottles left of these new releases: 1) Little's Key Lime Express Belgian-style Grisette. 2) Sudachi Farmhouse Saison. 3) Sorachi Dry Hopped Farmhouse Saison. 4) Breakfast at Mr. B's Dark Sour Ale with black currants and maple syrup. And 5) Citra Dry Hopped Funk Yo Couch Farmhouse Saison with Brettanomyces. Long lines were here as well (just a couple blocks away from WeldWerks Brewing Co). Located at: 625 3rd St, Unit D, Greeley, CO.

Special Events

[ October Beer Fests ] - [ November Beer Fests ] - [ December Beer Fests ]

Brew Fests This Week
- Great American Beer Festival - Oct 6-8 - Colorado Convention Center - Denver, CO.
- Three Floyds Night - Oct 6 - Lowdown Brewery - Denver, CO.
- Fifty Firkin Fiasco - Oct 6 - Epic Brewing - Denver, CO.
- Collaboration Beer Celebration - Oct 7 - Denver Beer Co - Denver, CO.
- Oskar Blues GABF Ordeal Gospel Brunch - Oct 7 - Homemade Liquids & Solids - Longmont, CO.
- Denver Rare Beer Tasting VIII - Oct 7 - McNichols Building - Denver, CO.
- Great Avery Boulder Fest - Oct 7 - Boulder Theater - Boulder, CO.
- Haunted Brew Fest - Oct 8 - Colo. Springs Event Center - Colo. Springs, CO.
- CiderGrass - Oct 8 - Stem Ciders - Denver, CO.
- Robe One Out GABF After Party - Oct 8 - Star Bar - Denver, CO.
- Final Party Post GABF - Oct 8 - Falling Rock Tap House - Denver, CO.

Find all the details of these events in the October 2016 Colorado Beer Festival Calendar.

Catch up on Northern Colorado Beer News from last week:
[ September 26 - October 2, 2016 ]

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Northern Colorado Beer News is published on Fermentedly Challenged once a week with most important craft beer stories from newsletters, emails and social media sites. This news is intended for audiences of legal drinking age (21+). Please, always drink responsibly and use a designated driver.

          NoCo Beer News September 19-25 2016        

[Northern Colorado Beer News] - Welcome to Fall! The last of the summer brews are starting to tap out and the newer fall seasonals are arriving. Darker, maltier brews await you at local tap rooms now. Here's what's happening around the Northern Colorado craft beer scene for the week of September 19-25, 2016. If you aren't reading this article on, you're not getting the full story.
Picture of the Week: Matt Kriewall of Rally King Brewing - Ft. Collins, CO

Featured Brewery News of the Week

Wild Woods Brewery - Today on tap is "Thy Fruited Plain", an oaked American wheat aged on fresh Palisade peaches! This is their latest collaboration with The Catamounts for their fall production of 'The Taming' (showing now)! Also, come to Wild Woods' Four Year Anniversary Party this Saturday, September 24th from 1pm to 9pm. There will be a special tapping of "Above Treeline", a Bourbon Bark Imperial Porter at 3pm. Live music from 4-7pm, plus an anniversary glass giveaway to the first 50 people who order Above Treeline. Get $2 off all bomber bottles. Located at: 5460 Conestoga Ct, Boulder, CO.

Boulder County Breweries

12Degree Brewing - There's a new batch of Midnight Fog Quadrupel on tap this week. They're even allowing 32oz growler fills of it for a limited time too. This beer has notes of chocolate, coffee, and molasses. Located at: 820 Main St, Louisville, CO.

300 Suns Brewing - Just in time to get you in the mood for Oktoberfest celebrations, 300 Suns Brewing has tapped a new Marzen Lager. This Oktoberfest beer is described as lightly malty, smooth, clean finishing, and delicious. Buy a pint of Marzen between now and September 25th and you'll get $1 off a Bavarian Pretzel with Cheese or Stone-ground Mustard (perfect for sharing). Prost! Not valid with any other discounts, offers or happy hour pricing. Located at: 335 1st Ave, Longmont, CO.

Asher Brewing Co - This Saturday, September 24th from 3pm to 6pm, Asher Brewing will host the 2016 Cornhole Cup competition. Register to play or come enjoy the fun and cheer on the team with the best creative name. 2 person teams - single elimination tourney. All entrants receive a tank top or tee, 2 pints of beer and a BBQ dinner with all the fixin's. Sign up online. Located at: 4699 Nautilus Ct, Boulder, CO.

Atom Brewing Company - Looking for some of the best oak barrel aged beer? Check out your local liquor store around the Erie/Boulder area and look for these beers: Passion Fruit Harvest, Yuzu Harvest, and Blueberry Harvest. Following the GABF in October, you can also look for their latest batch of Arlo Farmhouse Ale. Brewed locally in Erie, CO - available only in bottles locally.

Avery Brewing Company - And now for something completely different... This Sunday from 11am to 11pm, Avery will be hosting a release event for their latest barrel-aged beer: No. 40 - Scarlata Cucumis. It's an oak barrel aged sour ale made with cucumbers and hibiscus. This is a brewery-only release (not in stores) and it's $12 a bottle with a limit of 1 per person. Located at: 2910 Nautilus Ct N, Boulder, CO.

Fate Brewing Co - Say Farewell to Summer and welcome in Fall with a fresh tapping of their UROR Gose, a sour and slightly salted German-style ale. Also recently tapped - several pumpkin ales: Cascadian Dark Pumpkin, Chocolate Pumpkin Porter, Chai Pumpkin Saison. Plus, try their new Fresh Hop IPA with High Wire Cascade hops. Located at: 1600 38th St, Boulder, CO.

Front Range Brewing Co - Each Wednesday, FRBC comes out with a new Small Batch Wednesday brew. This week they tapped a Scottish Brown Ale (4.5% ABV). Come try a pint while it lasts - it's going fast. Located at: 400 W South Boulder Rd, Lafayette, CO.

Gravity Brewing - Now back on tap - their Schwag American Pilsner Lager. Get a pint, a pitcher or a growler of it. Located at: 1150 Pine St, Unit B, Louisville, CO.

Industrial Revolution Brewing Co - Get ready for IRBC's 3rd Year Anniversary celebration set for Saturday, October 15th from 2pm to 10pm at the brewery. There will be a special bottle release, a smoke off competition, a raffle for some special releases, live music and more. Located at: 285 Cheesman St, Erie, CO.

Left Hand Brewing Co - Happy 23rd Anniversary to Left Hand Brewing! Be sure to look for them at Longmont Oktoberfest this weekend September 23 & 24 in Roosevelt Park in Longmont, CO. There will be 12 live bands and ten local breweries tapping beer. Get tickets and details online. Taproom located at: 1265 Boston Ave, Longmont, CO.

Liquid Mechanics Brewing Co - As the brewery gets closer to canning their beer (waiting on labels now), there was one other purchase they made. At a cost equivalent to putting a child through college, they purchased an Anton Paar CBOXQC. This big device measures CO2 and dissolved O2 real time from their cans and bright tanks. They racked up a combined 35 years working in the biotechnology industry before they opened their brewery and they can't wait to start using it. Located at: 297 N US Hwy 287, Lafayette, CO.

Odd13 Brewing - There are still some spots available for Odd13/Melting Pot Beer Dinner in Louisville for Friday night September 23rd. Call The Melting Pot for reservations (303) 666-7777. You will be enjoying some delicious courses paired with some of your favorite Odd13 beer. How about a Watermelon & Feta salad paired with some Humulus Kalecumber? And a dessert of a tart raspberry puree blended into some bittersweet dark chocolate paired with Buzzin Cuzzin? Just to name a few! Don't miss out on this evening of fine dining and drinking Odd! Melting Pot restaurant located at: 732 Main St, Louisville, CO. Odd13 Taproom located at: 301 E Simpson St, Lafayette, CO.

Oskar Blues Brewery - Here's what's coming to store shelves this month and for the rest of the year from Oskar Blues. Now available: Ten FIDY Imperial Stout and also Hotbox Coffee Porter. In October, look for their Death By Coconut Porter. Then in November, they'll release a limited amount of their Barrel-Aged Ten FIDY Imperial Stout. And in December, look for the return of their Deviant Dale's Imperial IPA. Located at: 1800 Pike Road, Longmont, CO.

Pumphouse Brewery - For the first time ever, Pumphouse Brewery has bottled their Flashpoint IPA in big bomber bottles and will start selling those this weekend. Pick some up at the brewery or soon at local stores. Located at: 540 Main St, Longmont, CO.

Sanitas Brewing - Now on tap - their 17th beer in their "Train" series - "Bee's Knees", a honey ale made with over 110 pounds of clover and orange blossom honey. It's all part of Boulder Pollinator Appreciation Month. This beer will be just $2.50 for 15 minutes after a train goes by. Located at: 3550 Frontier Ave, Boulder, CO.

The Post Brewing Co - Now available in 25.4 oz bottles, The Post's "The Town Tart", a kettle soured white ale made with a white tea blend and infused with jasmine and rose petals. Pick some up at the brewery. Located at: 105 W Emma St, Lafayette, CO.

West Flanders Brewing Co - Now available on tap - "Warp Factor 9", a big, dark imperial stout weighing in at 9% ABV. The coming of Fall dictates darker brews to be enjoyed. Located at: 1125 Pearl St, Boulder, CO.

Wibby Brewing - Coming to cans in October - Wibby's Moondoor Dunkel. Come visit Wibby Brewing at GABF this year. They will be at booth Z8 (look for the giant disco ball). Located at: 209 Emery St, Longmont, CO.

Parry's Pizza - 6 Locations

Larimer County Breweries

1933 Brewing Company - Today, Thursday, September 22, in collaboration with Recycled Cycles, 1933 Brewing is hosting their very first bike ride. Registration starts at 4pm (register at the bar inside 1933 Brewing). Two rides to choose from, either MILD or WILD. Both rides start promptly at 5pm (starts outside in the parking lot). Proceeds benefit Bike Fort Collins. $10 to participate. After the ride, pick up your commemorative pint glass and your free beer as well as your chance to win a FREE BIKE or other good stuff like a helmet, growler fill, and more. Winner will be announced at 6:30pm at the beginning of the NoCo Bike Show. Stick around for an awesome show planned for today with guest speakers including: 1) Todd Hopkins - FC Police Bike Patrol, 2) Dr. Marie Walsh - Cycling and Pregnancy, 3) Cosmo Catalano - Cyclocosm. Today they are also releasing their classing Triggerman Brown Ale as well as a Recycled Cycles collaboration beer: Rusty Sprocket Red. Located at: 4025-C South Mason, Fort Collins, CO.

Big Thompson Brewery - Today's the brewery is releasing #5 in their Experimental Series - a Rye IPA. Available in tasters for $2.50, halfs for $4, or in tulip glasses for $5. Hurry in this one probably won't last until tomorrow. Also, Thursdays are half price growler fill day. Stop in this Saturday, September 24th for their big 1st Birthday celebration from 12pm to 10pm with special beer releases every hour! Live music, ice cream, corn hole & giant jenga tourneys and more. Located at: 114 E 15th St, Loveland, CO.

Black Bottle Brewery - The GABF is coming in two weeks and Black Bottle is planning to host a special GABF Week event at the brewery. On Monday, October 3rd, Black Bottle welcomes Shorts Brewing Company and Starcut Ciders to the taproom for a series of special tappings from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. You don't get to sample these in Colorado that often so stop on in and try some of these special guest beverages. Located at: 1611 S College Ave, Fort Collins, CO.

City Star Brewing - Plenty of fresh craft beer on tap this weekend - It's Thirsty Thursday! Beers include: Cowboy's Golden, 6 Shooter Pale Ale, All American IPA, Red Necktar, Bandit Brown, Night Watchman, Oktoberfest, Fresh Hop 6 Shooter, HydroPony Express HyPA, and Country Pumpkin. Coming October 1st, the release of Hellbilly, a sour harvest ale brewed with pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger, allspice, cloves, nutmeg and vanilla and aged for 10 months in rum oak barrels. To be available in 22oz bottles ($18 each - limit 1 case per person). Live music Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights starting at 7pm. Located at: 321 Mountain Ave, Berthoud, CO.

Crow Hop Brewing Co - New for this week is their Raspy Amber Ale, a malt-forward brew with a bit of acidity from the raspberries with a slightly bitter finish. Stats: 6.3% ABV & 36 IBUs & 15 SRM. ALso, save the date - Saturday, October 22 for Crow Hop's 3rd Anniversary Party. Details coming soon. Located at: 217 E 3rd St, Loveland, CO.

Equinox Brewing - The brewery now has a crowler machine and is filling crowlers for your take home pleasure. Starting today, September 22nd at 4pm they have 90 crowlers of Space Ghost IPA available. Also try their recently tapped: Honey Roasted Habenero Golden Ale. Coming soon: Super Collider Imperial IPA, Black Hole Sun Ale, Sunrise Golden Ale, and Space Ghost IPA on Nitro. Located at: 133 Remington St, Fort Collins, CO.

Fort Collins Brewery - Sign up now for the upcoming 3rd Annual Malt Monster 5K on October 29th. Registration and Check-in will begin at 10am. The race starts at 11am. Participants will receive an FCB sports pack, 2 beer tickets, after-race snacks, and sponsor swag. After the race join Team FCB and some awesome vendors for games, food, brews and activities. Don't forget to wear a costume for their costume contest! Free your inner Monster! A portion of each race registration goes directly to local non-profit, FoCo Cafe, a restaurant built on a pay-as-you-can model serving the Fort Collins community. Cost is $35 per person and you can sign up online on Eventbrite. Located at: 1020 E Lincoln Ave, Fort Collins, CO.

Funkwerks - Funkwerks' "Bramble" is now available on store shelves. This is a Brett Saison ale brewed with blackberries. Also available is their Raspberry Provincial, a Belgian-style sour ale with raspberries. Located at: 1900 E Lincoln Ave, Fort Collins, CO.

Horse & Dragon Brewing Co - Announcing the return of their Agitated Aardvark Imperial IPA - now on tap. Looking ahead to Movember, H&DBC will be tapping a special Agave Wheat beer. Located at: 123 Racquette Dr, Fort Collins, CO.

Jessup Farm Barrel House - New seasonal hours have started this month. They will be open Sundays through Thursdays 11am to 9pm, and Fridays & Saturdays 11am to 11pm. Also, get your dancing shoes on for the Barrel House Barn Dance set for Saturday, October 1st. Join in for a night of beer and dancing! They're hosting THE DOLLHOUSE THIEVES from 5pm to 7pm and ANDREW DECARLO & FRIENDS from 8-10 PM. Located at: 1921 Jessup Dr, Fort Collins, CO.

Loveland Aleworks - The brewery is excited to announce the annual release of its 2016 Crowdsource Fresh-Hop Ale. This pale, straw colored, 5.3% ABV beer will be released to the general public at 5:30 pm on Friday, September 23, 2016. As downtown Loveland’s oldest brewery, they wanted to highlight the best of what grows in Loveland. This hoppy pale ale was conceived in 2015 when local backyard gardeners and farmers were getting their hop plants ready for the upcoming season. Loveland Aleworks collected over 100 pounds of hops from local backyard gardeners and farmers. Check out their YouTube video showcasing this beer here or below. Located at: 118 W 4th St, Loveland, CO.

Lumpy Ridge Brewing Co - Up in Estes checking out all the Elk? Be sure to stop in to the brewery. Here's what they've been pouring lately: Thurman's Stout, Dirty Face IPA, Dark Farmhouse, Sunlion Wheat, Meditating Saaz Kolsch EPA, Tourist Saison, N8's Heli-Brown and Ogg's FM Altbier. Coming soon: Scottish Breakfast, Rye Pale Ale, and a Pale Ale. Located at: 531 S St Vrain Ave, Estes Park, CO.

Maxline Brewing - Come celebrate fall with a glass of their newly tapped Apple Spice-infused Witbier. It'll be available this evening alone with food from Between the Bunz. Enjoy corn hole and beer pong out on their patio. Located at: 2724 McClelland Dr (aka 2701 S College Ave), Fort Collins, CO.

Pateros Creek Brewing Co - As of Wednesday, Pateros Creek had 14 beers available on tap including this week's Outlaw tap: Conta Amber. Get a flight of any 4 beers for $8. They even have Cache La Porter Ice Cream Beer Floats available for $7. Enjoy some #LeisureBeers. Located at: 242 N College Ave, Fort Collins, CO.

Rally King Brewing - It's back! Starting on Friday, September 23rd, Rally King is bringing back their Kismet Double IPA to the tapline. Come see what an extra dose of malt and hops will do for a beer. Located at: 1624 S Lemay Ave, Unit 4, Fort Collins, CO.

Zwei Brewing - With the coming of Fall, you'll want to enjoy a darker brew like their "Spresso Lov Chocolate Espresso Porter". Served up in a big tall glass. Located at: 4612 S Mason St, Fort Collins, CO.

Weld County Breweries

Brix Taphouse & Brewery - In addition to having 60 Colorado beers & hard ciders always on tap, Brix will host a Pint Night with Backcountry Brewery this Saturday, September 24th from 7pm to 9pm. Reps from Backcountry Brewery will be there. Get a FREE pint glass with the purchase of any Backcountry beer. Those who do will also be entered into a raffle for some awesome brewery swag! Stop in after the Greeley OktoBREWfest on Saturday - just a block away. Also, don't forget that Thursday nights are Trivia Night at 7pm. Located at: 813 8th St, Greeley, CO.

Broken Plow Brewery - Dive into the spirit of Oktoberfest and try their Der Pflug Lager, an Oktoberfest beer from Broken Plow. Located at: 4731 W 10th St, Unit G, Greeley, CO.

Crabtree Brewing Company - In honor of this weekend's Greeley OktoBREWfest, Crabtree Brewing will offer special Oktoberfest Weekend prices. Get $4 pints and $2 off growler fills this Friday & Saturday, September 23-24, 2016. No other offers valid this weekend. Located at: 2961 29th St, Greeley, CO.

High Hops Brewery - If you missed their Wednesday Firkin yesterday, don't fret - they still have some Cherbocka Bock beer left in the firkin today. Coming soon to High Hops' 4th Year Birthday Celebration on October 15th & 16th will be a specialty bottle release of "The Noble One", a Belgian-style Quadruple that was aged for 4 years! Don't miss that one. Located at: 6461 Hwy 392, Windsor, CO.

Hunters Moon Meadery - The meadery is considering offering mead Tastings during their honey harvest in 2-3 weeks. While sipping their meads you will be able to see how they get the honey out of the hive boxes and extract it. No dates set, kind of depends on weather and grandbaby-to-be's schedule. Cost $10 per Person. If this is something you would be interested in please message Mead Mistress Kim on Facebook or send an email to Groups of 2-6 would work best. Located at: 404 Immigrant Trail, Severance, CO.

WeldWerks Brewing Company - Now on tap - Fruity Bits Piña Colada IPA (FBPC). FBPC was made with Mosaic and Citra hops and loaded up with pineapple and coconut. Crowlers are also available for take home (limit 2 per person). Enjoy one to commiserate the end of summer. Also, back on tap is their Apricot Gose. Located at: 508 8th Ave, Greeley, CO.

Wiley Roots Brewing Co - Plan to attend a special Keep The Glass night tonight from 4pm to 10pm. With the purchase of a Lyle Double Belgian IPA you'll get to keep a special Wiley Roots logo pint glass. Next week, they will offer the same deal with their recently released Strawberry Cream Ale on September 29th at 4pm. Also coming soon, a Crab Apple Gose made with locally harvested crab apples. Located at: 625 3rd St, Greeley, CO.

Special Events

Cantillon Zwanze Day - On Saturday, October 1st Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project (Denver) will host Zwanze Day at their Brewery/Barrel Cellar location (1441 W. 46th Ave). This year’s Zwanze is going to be a throwback to the Framboise they were producing 30 years ago. As the name implies, it was a lambic aged on raspberries. Back in the ’80s they used fresh fruit that lost its color quickly and often made filtration difficult, so cherries were also used to help maintain some rosiness and act as a secondary filter bed beneath the raspberries. Vanilla was also added to round it out. With modern flash-freezing techniques helping to maintain color and consistency, Cantillon began producing Rosé de Gambrinus with 100% raspberries. With Zwanze 2016, Jean wanted to give a nod to the raspberry/cherry blend, but with a twist: He decided to use blueberries instead of cherries. Doors will open at 10:30am with tickets first-come, first-served. Zwanze will be tapped at 1:00 p.m. and last call will be at 3:00pm. Only the first 150 people will get a pour of this year's Zwanze beer. They will be capping attendance at 300 people. **Ticket Info - CASH ONLY** First 150 people: $20 for Zwanze Day 2016 Glass / Zwanze pour / Cantillon pour. Next 150 people: $15 for Zwanze Day 2016 Glass / Cantillon pour.

[ September Beer Fests ] - [ October Beer Fests ] - [ November Beer Fests ]

Brew Fests This Week
- Greeley OktoBREWfest - Sept 23-24 - Lincoln Park - Greeley, CO.
- Oktoberfest Denver - Sept 23-25 - 20th & Larimer - Denver, CO.
- Manitou Springs Heritage Brew Festival - Sept 24 - Memorial Park, Manitou Springs, CO.
- Bikes & Brews - Sept 24 - Macon Plaza - Canon City, CO.
- National Drink Beer Day - Sept 28 - Nationwide - Drink a beer with your friends today!

Find all the details of these events in the September 2016 Colorado Beer Festival Calendar.

Catch up on Northern Colorado Beer News from last week:
[ September 12-18, 2016 ]

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Northern Colorado Beer News is published on Fermentedly Challenged once a week with most important craft beer stories from newsletters, emails and social media sites. This news is intended for audiences of legal drinking age (21+). Please, always drink responsibly and use a designated driver.

          NoCo Beer News September 12-18 2016        

[Northern Colorado Beer News] - Fermentedly Challenged is changing up the way Beer News is being done. Instead of 3-4 daily news postings a week, it will now be published WEEKLY on Thursdays of each week. These weekly posts will focus primarily on the latest beer tappings and special brewery news and events coming up for the weekend. Just more of the news that matters. Here's what's happening around the Northern Colorado craft beer scene for the week of September 12-18, 2016. If you aren't reading this article on, you're not getting the full story.
Picture of the Week: Maxline Brewing - Fort Collins CO.

Beer Factoid of the Week

Economic Impact of Homebrewing - America has slowly awakened to the tremendous economic impact of small and independent craft brewers. But there’s another group of brewers who are also leaving a significant imprint: homebrewers! In a new report posted on the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) website, Brewers Association chief economist Dr. Bart Watson investigates in-depth the impact of homebrewing on the U.S. economy. Among the report’s findings: In 2015, the hobby of homebrewing—and its 1.2 million participants—created over 11,000 jobs, and resulted in over $1 billion in spending and over $700 million in revenues. The complete analysis can be found on

Boulder County Breweries

Asher Brewing Company - This Saturday, September 17th, Asher Brewing will release their "Green Dream Pale Ale", made with fresh local Cascade and Chinook hops from Niwot Hops. It taps at 4:00pm. Located at: 4699 Nautilus Ct S, Ste 104, Boulder, CO.

Avery Brewing Company - Now available in the taproom only: "No. 39 Barrel-Aged Series - L'Eighyore Sour Ale". This brew aged in rum barrels for 7.5 months and was dry-hopped with Simcoe, Galaxy and Huell Melon hops as well (9.9% ABV). You won't find this one in stores, but you might be able to take home a bottle or two from the brewery. Hurry while it's still in stock. Located at: 4910 Nautilus Ct N, Boulder, CO.

Bootstrap Brewing Company - After 4 long years of putting up with a parking lot that just wasn't cutting it, this week their parking lot got a new black top paving job and now has fresh painted parking stripes and stops. Stop on in and enjoy some beer! Located at: 6778 N 79th St, Niwot. CO.

Boulder Beer Company - Good news coming for all you fresh hop beer lovers. All of those fresh hops that were used a few weeks ago will soon debut in Boulder Beer's "Harvest 16 Fresh Hopped-Peach Pale Ale". It'll be on tap next week. Meanwhile, this Saturday, September 17th, stop in to celebrate "Half Way to St. Paddy's Party" all day long. They'll have Shamrock Shakes (with mint) and Shake Bombs, both made with Shake Chocolate Porter. While the rest of the world is acting German - you can act Irish! Located at: 2880 Wilderness Pl, Boulder, CO.

Front Range Brewing Company - This year's edition of FRBC's classic German FestBier called "Novemberfest" will be available has been tapped this week. This rich malty lager is amber colored and comes in at a healthy 6.4% ABV. Come on by to sample this delicious seasonal specialty. Located at: 400 W South Boulder Rd, Ste 1650, Lafayette, CO.

Gravity Brewing - This Saturday, September 17th marks Gravity Brewing's 4th Anniversary Party starting at 1pm. A different beer will be tapped hourly from 1pm to 8pm including: Strawberry Saison at 1pm, Vanilla Bean Oatmeal Stout @ 2pm, Blueberry Wit @ 3pm, Mango Double IPA @ 4pm, Equalizer Coffee Tsar Bomba @ 5pm, Barrel-Aged Sour @ 6pm, Wine Barrel-aged Old Ale @ 7pm, and a Dry Hopped Sour @ 8pm. You won't want to miss these. Located at: 1150 Pine St, Unit B, Louisville, CO.

Grossen Bart Brewery - Do you love cigars and beer? If so, join in at Grossen Bart Brewery for the inaugural Oktoberfest Cigar & Beer Pairing sponsored by Havana Manor on Monday, October 3rd from 5pm to 10pm. The first twenty people to purchase tickets gets 2 pints of Friendly Mutton Chop Marzen, & 2 Oktoberfest Quesada Bavarian Cigars! The price is $20.00. There will also be some tasty German cuisine to go along with the evening. Monday night football will be in full effect with the Vikings taking on the Giants. (Purchase tickets at Grossen Bart.) Located at: 1025 Delaware Ave, Longmont, CO.

Left Hand Brewing Company - Now on tap in their taproom. Fresh off their Pilot System is a new Saison! Come try one and let them know what you think. Also, don't forget about Left Hand Brewing's 23rd Anniversary on Wednesday, September 21st. If you wear your Left Hand gear into the taproom that day you'll get Half Off your first pint. Located at: 1265 Boston Ave, Longmont, CO.

Liquid Mechanics Brewing Company - If you love beer and playing pinball - listen up. Liquid Mechanics just doubled the number of pinball machines they have on site to 6 machines! Start practicing up and get ready for some upcoming pinball tournament action. Machines include: Party Zone, Pinball Magic, Dr. Who, South Park, No Fear and 1 more. Located at: 297 N US Hwy 287, Lafayette, CO.

Odd13 Brewing - Now on tap: "The Economist", a hazy, juicy American pale ale that was hopped up with Mosaic hops. It has a huge pineapple and tropical fruit flavor profile. Plus, also now on tap: "Boulder Brett", an IPA with Brettanomyces and hopped with Huell Mellon and Simcoe hops. It's light and cloudy and has notes of honeydew, strawberry and pineapple along with some barnyard funk from the brett. Located at: 301 E Simpson St, Lafayette, CO.

Oskar Blues Brewery - Looking for a beer with a little pick me up? Look for Oskar Blues' newest creation: "Hotbox Coffee Porter". They blended their favorite morning coffee from Colorado's Hotbox Coffee with their best malts to produce a brew that combines the best of both worlds. Check out the details in their Press Release. Available now through the end of November. Located at: 1800 Pike Road, Longmont, CO.

Sanitas Brewing - Now available in their new 750ml bottles: "Deluge", a French-style Saison aged in oak barrels with Brettanomyces. Also now on tap, their Rum Barrel Aged Barleywine and their Grand Cru. Both are good warmers on these cool Fall-like evenings. Located at: 3550 Frontier Ave, Unit A, Boulder, CO.

The Post Brewing Co - Now on tap - a fresh hop version of their Townie Ale - aka Wet Townie. It was made with over 300 pounds of fresh hops from High Wire Hops in Paonia and Niwot Hops in Niwot. Just 15 barrels were made. Grab a pint while it lasts. Located at: 105 W Emma St, Lafayette, CO.

Upslope Brewing Company - There's FREE beer coming at 11,000 feet. In 2 weeks, Upslope will host their 2nd Annual Backcountry Tap Room at Vance's Cabin on Saturday, October 1st (11am-5pm. You'll need to hike up 3.1 miles for the exclusive release of their newest tap room series beer "Fresh Hop IPA". Details on the Backcountry Tap Room hike online. Located at: 1898 S Flatiron Ct, Boulder, CO.

Vindication Brewing - Beer special all weekend long: get their IPA 6-packs to go for $8. That's 6 craft beers for just $8. What are you waiting for? Located at: 6880 Winchester Cir, Boulder, CO.

Vision Quest Brewery - Two new beers to try today: "Hibiscus Cranberry Gose" and a "London Ale" with Cookie malt. Located at: 2510 47th St, Unit A2, Boulder, CO.

West Flanders Brewing Co - Now on tap: "Wicked Wet", a wet hop beer made with the freshest Cascade, CTZ and Chinook hops. Located at: 1125 Pearl St, Boulder, CO.

Wild Woods Brewery - Just tapped on September 15th - try their Oktoberfest Lager, a classic seasonal brew with German hops, malts and yeast and lagered for 3 months. Located at: 5460 Conestoga Ct, Boulder, CO.

Parry's Pizza - 6 Locations

Larimer County Breweries

1933 Brewing Company - This week in the brewhouse, Z the brewer made a batch of his popular Chili Beer. Look for it to be on tap in about 2 weeks or so. In the meantime, stop in and enjoy their Slightly Lupid IPA, or an amber ale, a stout, a Mexican-style lager, or 2 different pale ales. Located at: 4025-C South Mason, Fort Collins, CO.

Big Thompson Brewery - This week on September 15th, Big Thompson Brewery turned 1 Year Old. They are planning to host a 1st Anniversary Party on Saturday, September 24th at the brewery. Look for some special beers to tap for the occasion. Meanwhile, Big Thompson will be pouring this weekend at the Loveland Oktoberfest and at the Fall Harvest Brewfest in Fort Collins. Located at: 114 E 15th St, Loveland, CO.

Black Bottle Brewery - BBB is hosting a mini Octoberfest celebration this Saturday, September 17th for those feeling the need to drink some delicious Oktoberfest beers while listening to German music. They’ll be serving all Oktoberfest beers in dimple steins and the Boots (for those looking to indulge a bit more) to give you the extra authentic vibe. BBB's own Oktoberfest brew, Shushen Ze Mouthen, will be making it’s seasonal debut for the occasion. Along side it, they'll be pouring Oktoberfest beers from Fort Collins Brewery, Odell, and Paulaner, one of the most consumed beers of its kind during Oktoberfest celebrations. Feeling strong? Test your strength in a stein hoist competition at 7pm for your chance to win some awesome swag from the participating breweries! Located at: 1611 S College Ave, Ste 1609, Fort Collins, CO.

C.B. & Potts Brewery & Taphouse - Now on tap this week: "King Bouche Strong Ale". It was brewed as a Pro-Am beer for the upcoming GABF with homebrewer Andrew Lowell (his recipe). Stats: 9.1% ABV & 60 IBU! Available for only a limited time. Located at: 1427 W. Elizabeth St, Fort Collins, CO.

City Star Brewing - Tapping this Saturday at City Star - "Country Pumpkin", a harvest ale brewed with cinnamon, ginger, allspice, cloves, nutmeg and aged on vanilla beans (6.5% ABV & 21 IBU). Also - City Star wants you to show off your talent at the upcoming "City Star Farm Stand Band Talent Show" set for Saturday, September 24th at 3:00pm at Fickel Park in Berthoud, CO. Sign up to perform online. There is a catch - Contestants will be judged on: 1) Use of materials found on a farm or in the garden in your act, 2) Creativity, and 3) Performance. Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place but the real winners are the people that have the most fun participating in a fun, quirky, unique event! Located at: 321 Mountain Ave, Berthoud, CO.

Crow Hop Brewing Company - Next Saturday, September 24th, Crow Hop will once again host a Monthly Microfest and tap 4 different beers with the same malt bill only each one will use different hops grown from High Wire Hops in Paonia, CO. Come taste and smell the difference hops can make! Located at: 217 E 3rd St, Loveland, CO.

Equinox Brewing - Need a job? Equinox Brewing Co. is hiring for a part-time production assistant (20-25 hrs/week). This job is labor intensive and does require heavy lifting! Resumes can be sent to or submitted in person at Equinox. Please include references and availability. Application deadline is end of day on Tuesday, Sept. 27th. Located at: 133 Remington St, Fort Collins, CO.

Fort Collins Brewery - Monday's can be great if you become active in FCB's Artisan Collector Series. Every month with the release of the latest FCB brew, they will also release specialty glassware from the Artisan Collector Series. Designed by Kelsey Knoble, the illustrator behind FCB's new packaging artwork, the Artisan Collector Series is truly one-of-a-kind. Receive a pour with the purchase of the specialty glass. Then bring in your glass every Monday of the month for discounted refills of select beers. There's a new glass and beer every month. Collect them all! July's glass was a tall flute, August's glass was a beer stein, and September's glass is a wide-bottom globe. This month's new beer is their Oud Bruin. Located at: 1020 E Lincoln Ave, Fort Collins, CO.

Funkwerks - Starting today, Funkwerks is pouring "Bramble", a barrel-aged Brett Saison that was brewed with blackberries. Cheers to barrel-aged beers! Also, Funkwerks has lots of kegs to sell out of the taproom this week! Call or stop in and ask your friendly beertender what's available to take home. Rumor has it there are a variety of 1/6 and 1/2 barrels of Saison, Tropic King, Nelson Sauvin and Raspberry Provincial. Located at: 1900 E Lincoln Ave, Fort Collins, CO.

Grimm Brothers Brewhouse - Loveland Oktoberfest is this weekend at Grimm Bros - September 16th and 17th. Beers from 7 Loveland breweries will be featured including special beers "The Farmer's Wild Daughter", a wild Oktoberfest lager, and also "Hans the Hedgehog", a Vienna/Amber style lager. Details on this Oktoberfest celebration can be found at: Located at: 623 N Denver Ave, Loveland, CO.

Horse & Dragon Brewing Company - During the last week, Horse & Dragon tapped a bunch of new beers. 1) Ruby-Throated Red, a red kettle sour ale. 2) Theo's Secret IPL, a lager with bold hop selections with flavors/aromas of passion fruit, tangerine, and peach. 3) Kahlo By Muray, a Munich Dunkel with notes of toffee and biscuit and a touch of chocolate. 4) Harry Hughes's Aggie Ale, a pale ale infused with jasmine green tea. Try a pint or perhaps a taster of all four! Coming soon: Perambulation Ale 2016, Bounty of the Bine 2016, and a Rum-barrel-aged Coconut Porter. Located at: 124 Racquette Dr, Fort Collins, CO.

Loveland Aleworks - Two new beers are getting tapped in the coming weeks. This Friday, September 16th they're releasing their "Colorado Grand Cru". The following week on Friday, September 23rd "Crowdsource Ale 2016" goes on tap: a community powered beer brewed with all Loveland grown hops. Have you had the chance to try their Crowlers yet? They are a unique and innovative way of taking your favorite beer from the taproom to-go in 32oz cans. Local beers are perfect for watching the game, throwing in the cooler for a picnic, or taking to the mountains for watching the leaves change. Located at: 118 West 4th St, Loveland, CO.

Odell Brewing Company - Now rolling off the canning line and coming to you in October, it's Odell's Fall/Winter seasonal - Isolation Ale. Look for it in 6/12 packs in the next few weeks. Located at: 800 E Lincoln Ave, Fort Collins, CO.

Old Colorado Brewing Company - New beers on tap this week: Opa's Brown, Oragne Shandy, Grapefruit Shandy, Cornaleous Joe Rye Sour, Where's Your Aspen Saison, and a Golden ale. Located at: 8121 S 1st St, Wellington, CO.

Pateros Creek Brewing Co - The brewery's annual "Stevetoberfest" celebration has been set for Saturday, September 24th from 2pm to 7pm at the brewery. The theme for this year is "BEER:30 STEVE:40" - it's both a celebration of the harvest season and also a celebration to mark the 40th birthday of owner/brewer Steve. There will be several beer releases that day including: Stevetoberfest 2016, Oreo Porter, and Peanut Brittle Red, plus more announced that day. Live music from 3 groups: from 2pm to 7pm. Plenty of food will be available from the Come N Get IT food truck. Games and more fun as well. Located at: 242 N College Ave, Unit B, Ft. Collins, CO.

Rally King Brewing - Now back on tap: "Problem Child", a dark kettle soured beer. Also, Rally King is now serving up delicious Empanadas. Grab a pint and a snack. Located at: 1624 S Lemay Ave, Unit 4, Fort Collins, CO.

Snowbank Brewing CO - Saturday, September 17th marks the release of Snowbank Brewing's "S'mores Porter" in bomber bottles! The cost will be $12 per bomber with a 2 bottle per person limit. Located at: 225 N Lemay Ave, Ste 1, Fort Collins, CO.

Three Four Beer Company - This Friday, September 16th at 5pm, Three Four Beer Company will tap their fourth beer "Hop Experiment Vol 2", an IPA. This one is described as "citrusy, dank and bitter hop flavor, and a huge aroma of citrus, pine, and floral notes". Located at: 829 S Shields St, Fort Collins, CO.

Verboten Brewing - Guten Tag! This Friday Verboten Brewing is releasing Frau Blucher. She is spicy, smooth and so refreshing. Frau Blucher is their 7% ABV, traditional Bock made with rye and fermented with the house lager yeast from our good friends, Grimm Brothers Brewhouse! Released in their taproom and at Loveland Oktoberfest this tonight. Verboten Brewing is located at: 127 E 5th St, Loveland, CO.

Zwei Brewing - Their annual Oktoberfest celebration happens this Saturday, September 17th at the brewery. Fort Collins Mayor Wade Troxell will tap the first keg at noon. Live music in the Oktoberfest tradition from 12-2pm and 4-7pm. Plenty of German food, beer, music and fun from Noon to 10:00pm. Also, Zwei Brewing now has 32oz crowler cans available for take home. Ask your server about it. Located at: 4612 S Mason St, Ste 120, Fort Collins, CO.

Weld County Breweries

Brix Taphouse & Brewery - Releasing today - Brix Oktoberfest Beer! It's a big malty brew (5.8% ABV & 22 IBU). Get $4 pints of it and all their other Oktoberfest beers on tap today. Plus, you can get $1 off pretzels all day too. Located at: 813 8th St, Greeley, CO.

Broken Plow Brewery - Speaking of Oktoberfest beers, Broken Plow will also be releasing an Oktoberfest Der Pflug Lager on Saturday, September 17th at 2pm. Plus, today they'll have "The Plow Summer Ale" back on tap starting at 5pm. Located at: 4731 W 10th St, Unit G, Greeley, CO.

Crabtree Brewing Company - One of their favorite seasonal beers is now back on tap: "Chunkin' Pumpkin"! It's the fan favorite pumpkin brew. It's also being bottled this week and will soon be on store shelves for a limited time. Located at: 2961 29th St, Greeley, CO.

High Hops Brewery - Two new beers are being released this week. First up is the latest incantation of "Dr. Pat's Double IPA". This batch was brewed with wet Zeus, Chinook, and Nugget hops from their fields (8.6% ABV). Also on tap this week is "The Destro: Dunkel Märzen", a dark German lager made with Hallertau hops (8.5% ABV). Located at: 6461 Hwy 392, Windsor, CO.

WeldWerks Brewing Company - With their latest expansion in brewing capacity, new secured hop contracts and clever ideas from their brewers, WeldWerks is planning some great stuff ahead. Soon to be released: "Fruity Bits Piña Colada", their Juicy Bits IPA with coconut and pineapple. Also coming soon: Double Dry-Hopped Juicy Bits, more hoppy goodness. Then releasing during GABF week (first week of October) is their "Barrel-Aged Mexican Achromatic Imperial Stout" made with cacao nibs, vanilla beans, cinnamon sticks and a dash of cayenne. Also on the horizon: Apricot Gose and a Barrel-Aged Peach Sour (to be named), the first in their upcoming barrel-aged sour program (near end of 2016). Also of note, there's less than 100 crowlers left of their Coffee Maple Achromatic left. If you want some better come sooner than later. Located at: 508 8th Ave, Greeley, CO.

Wiley Roots Brewing Co - Now on tap - ISO Juice #1: The Boston Hop Party - a cloudy New England-style IPA featuring Citra, El Dorado and Simcoe hops. Tapping on Saturday, September 17th is Wiley Roots' Oktoberfest beer. Stop in and try them both soon. Located at: 625 3rd St, Unit D, Greeley, CO.

Special Events

[ September Beer Fests ] - [ October Beer Fests ] - [ November Beer Fests ]

Brew Fests This Week
- Fall Harvest Brewfest - Sept 16 - Lincoln Center - Fort Collins, CO.
- Blue Moon Brewery RiNo Grand Opening - Sept 16 - 37th & Brighton Blvd - Denver, CO.
- Telluride Blues & Brews Festival - Sept 16-18 - Town Park - Telluride, CO.
- Thrills & Pils' Brew Festival - Sept 17 - Elitch Gardens - Denver, CO.
- Bines & Brews Hopfest - Sept 17 - Limbach Park - Monument, CO.
- Red, White & Brew VI - Sept 17 - Lakewood Elks Lodge - Lakewood, CO.
- Loveland Oktoberfest - Sept 16-17 - Grimm Bros Brewhouse - Loveland, CO.
- Vail Oktoberfest - Sept 16-18 - Vail, CO.
- Steamboat OktoberWest - Sept 16-17 - Steamboat Springs, CO.
- Pueblo Oktoberfest - Sept 16-17 - Pueblo, CO
- FORToberfest - Sept 17 - Fort Collins, CO.
- Oktoberfest in Woodland Park - Sept 17-18 - Woodland Park, CO.
- Autumn Gold Brats & Beer - Sept 17-18 - Estes Park, CO.

Find all the details of these events in the September 2016 Colorado Beer Festival Calendar.

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          NoCo Beer News 090816        

[Northern Colorado Beer News] - The 2016 NFL season kicks off today with our Denver Broncos playing the Carolina Panthers. You'll want to stock up on craft beer for the game. There's plenty of specials today at local brewery taprooms for all you football fans. Here's what's happening around the Northern Colorado craft beer scene today, Thursday, September 8th, 2016. If you aren't reading this article on, you're not getting the full story.
Picture of the Day: Bottles & caps from Odell Brewing Co - Ft. Collins, CO"

Featured Brewery News of the Day

WeldWerks Brewing Company - New beer release today at 2pm. Stop in for the release of their latest beer: "Pomegranate Berliner". They took their classic Berliner Weisse and infused it with pomegranates. This beer is available on draft and in crowlers to-go. They'll have the Broncos vs Panthers game on at 6:30pm on both TVs too. Plus, today they are offering $1 off crowlers all day and also $1 off drafts during the game. Located at: 508 8th Ave, Greeley, CO.

Boulder County Breweries

12Degree Brewing - Now back on tap - 12Degree's "Raspberry Beret", a kettle-soured blond ale aged on raspberries. Just one of many brews available on tap today. Located at: 820 Main St, Louisville, CO.

Avery Brewing Company - The second Saturday of every September is National Sour Beer Day. Stop by and check out over 6 sour beers on tap and even more in the bottle. Plus, check out their big selection of to-go beer in the cold case. Located at: 4910 Nautilus Ct N, Boulder, CO.

Bootstrap Brewing - Bootstrap Brewing is planning to open a 2nd location! They are in need of more room to grow so they've recently secured a 14,000 square foot property in Longmont, Colorado at 142 S. Pratt and plan to have a 2nd brewhouse and tasting room. No word yet on when this facility will open - most likely not for a year or so. More plans will be reveals as they are announced. Located at: 6778 N 79th St, Niwot, CO.

Boulder Beer Co - Come celebrate Oktoberfest at Boulder Beer on Saturday, September 24th from 12pm to 9pm. Grab your lederhosen and celebrate Oktoberfest with them. Enjoy smoked meat, fun games and even drink your favorite Boulder beer out of a 1 liter stein. Prost! Caribou Mountain Collective will start playing at 4pm. Located at: 2880 Wilderness Pl, Boulder, CO.

Crystal Springs Brewing Co - Tonight, Crystal Springs Brewing will begin offering specials for every Bronco Game. This week they are offering a hot dog, chips and a beer for only $7.50. So put on your game attire and come join in for a great time! Game starts at 6:30, but they'll open at 3:00 for pregame. And don’t forget, they’re open for lunch on Fridays at 12:00pm. For those of you who work in a school, don’t miss Faculty Friday – faculty and staff (yes, retired too) have Happy Hour prices all day and evening (Noon – 9 PM). Located at: 657 S Taylor Ave, Louisville, CO.

Gravity Brewing - Just in time for the big Bronco kickoff game tonight, Gravity Brewing has installed a new big screen TV. They'll have the game on tonight. Gastronauts will be serving up Pulled Carolina Port and more too. Located at: 1150 Pine St, Louisville, CO.

Gunbarrel Brewing Company - This upcoming brewing business just posted a brief video stating that they're now working on filling out a lease agreement and filing paperwork for their Colorado liquor license and their Federal Brewer's Notice. Things are starting to move towards opening a brewery in the Gunbarrel area near Boulder, CO. Stay tuned for more news on this endeavor.

Liquid Mechanics Brewing Co - Now on tap - Cherry Almond Imperial Porter! The dark side of beer is awesome. Trivia tonight starting at 7:30pm. Also, grab some brats and dogs from Suburban Wiener tonight on site. Located at: 297 N US Hwy 287, Lafayette, CO.

Oskar Blues Brewery - The fame of Oskar Blues beer continues to grow and so also do the number of facilities the brewery operates. On September 17, 2016 Oskar Blues will officially open their new Austin, Texas brewing facility with a special Grand, er "Can'd" Opening party. This becomes the 3rd large brewery operation that is owned by the brewery - the other two being in Longmont, CO and Brevard, NC. The brewery produced 192,000 barrels of beer in 2015 and looks to greatly expand that number. The Austin, TX plant is located at: 10420 Metric Blvd, Austin, TX. Colorado's location is at: 1800 Pike Rd, Longmont, CO.

SKEYE Brewing - Broncos Kickoff Special tonight. Whenever the Broncos score a touchdown you can get $1 off your next beer. Also, SKEYE Trivia tonight as well at 6:30pm. Pay attention to the questions between plays, m'kay? Located at: 900 S Hover St, Longmont, CO.

West Flanders Brewing Co - Celebrate the return of pro football. Get Happy Hour pricing whenever the Broncos are on the field - that means $2 off West Flanders beers and appetizers. Located at: 1125 Pearl St, Boulder, CO.

Wild Woods Brewery - There's a new cask being tapped today just for hop heads: "Treeline IPA" dry-hopped with Mandarina Bavaria hops. There's notes of citrus, pine, and dank orange. Get a 16oz pour for $6. Located at: 5460 Conestoga Ct, Boulder, CO.
Parry's Pizza - 6 Locations

Larimer County Breweries

Berthoud Brewing Co - This little brewery's 2nd anniversary is this Saturday and they are celebrating with party. They will newly tap "Little Thompson Pale Ale" that day. Plus live music from AJ Fullerton (6-9pm) and Between the BunZ food truck will be on site serving up food starting at 6pm. Located at: 450 8th St, Berthoud, CO.

Big Thompson Brewery - Come watch the Broncos at the taproom tonight. They'll be giving away free beer brats starting at kickoff until they're gone. Stop in before the game 4-6pm and play Beat the Beertender. If you can out match the beertender at their game you'll get discounts on your beer. Located at: 114 E 15th St, Loveland, CO.

Equinox Brewing - Over at the brewery, they're calling this month "Spicy September" and today they'll tap a firkin of "What the Helles Maibock", a beer conditioned with cayenne and shishito peppers. Feel the heat! Located at: 133 Remington St, Fort Collins, CO.

Fort Collins Brewery - FCB is planning to host "The Art of Aging: Aged Craft Beer and Food" beer dinner at their Tavern on Thursday, September 22nd from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. The cost is $35 per person for a 3-course 3-beer dinner. Each course will feature a unique added food entree along with an aged beer. Beers will includes: Bourbon Barrel-Aged Peach Wheat Wine, the recently released Oud Bruin, and a 2014 Double Chocolate Stout. Tickets are available online. Located at: 1020 E Lincoln Ave, Fort Collins, CO.

Intersect Brewing - Open for less than a month, Intersect Brewing is adding another beer to their tap lines. Today they added "Much Obliged", an Imperial Amber Ale. Available on draft and for growler fills. A big brew at 7.1% ABV. Located at: 2160 W Drake Rd, Fort Collins, CO.

Maxline Brewing - The game will be on inside the taproom tonight starting at 6:30pm. Get a FREE hot dog with the purchase of a 16oz beer, while supplies last. There's also live music out on the patio too until 9pm. Located at: 2701 S College Ave, Fort Collins, CO.

Old Colorado Brewing Company - Game Day Special - wear your Broncos gear into the taproom today and get $1 off pints. Also, anyone 21+ can get $10 growler fills today - with or without Bronco gear. Located at: 8121 1st St, Wellington, CO.

Pateros Creek Brewing Co - Just tapped today - 3 fresh beers - Alton Ellis Coffee Chocolate Stout, Peanut Brittle Red, and Canta-Amber, an amber ale made with cantaloupe. Try one or all 3! Located at: 242 N College Ave, Fort Collins, CO.

Rally King Brewing - Cheer on the Broncos at Rally King tonight. During the 1st quarter, you can get $1 off pours. Plus they have an $8 Pretzel and Pint special all night long. Located at: 1624 S Lemay Ave, Unit 4, Fort Collins, CO.

Three Four Beer Co - Don't forget - during every NFL game being played all season, stop in and order a house made Three Four pint and you'll get $1 off. It all starts tonight at 6:30pm. Located at: 829 S Shields St, Fort Collins, CO.

Verboten Brewing - This Friday, September 9th, Verboten welcomes back to the taps: "Hop Crush", a juicy New England-style IPA. Located at: 127 E 5th St, Loveland, CO.

Weld County Breweries

Brix Taphouse & Brewery - Come watch the Broncos game tonight starting at 6:30pm. They'll have 60 beers on tap to choose from including several of their own brews. Tonight's beer special is $3 pints of Verboten Brewing's "Something Orange" during the game. If the game isn't your thing, play Trivia tonight starting at 7pm. Located at: 813 8th St, Greeley, CO.

Crabtree Brewing Company - Now back on tap - "English Extra Pale Ale" - served up in a tall pint glass. It's also Flight Night - get $2 off Flights and $5 Pizzas from the food truck outside. Try the full 10 flight and a pizza for just $19. Located at: 2961 29th St, Greeley, CO.

Broken Plow Brewery - The Bronco game will be on all of their TV's tonight. Watch the game or check out Open Mic Night with Cole Britton from 6-9pm. Grab some food from the Mad Smoker who will start the tailgating starting at 2pm. Located at: 4731 W 10th St, Greeley, CO.

Echo Brewing Company - During each and every Broncos game you can get Happy Hour pricing on beer for the duration of the game. They'll also have pitchers available on select drafts tonight and some good game day eats for you to try. Located at: 5969 Iris Pkwy, Frederick, CO.

High Hops Brewery - In honor of the new Broncos season - Go Blue & Orange! - they have their BLUEberry Wheat in cans on sale. Get $2 off every blueberry wheat six-pack bought today. Also, two beer releases today: Imperial Blueberry Wheat and also The Pink One kettle-soured Gose. Located at: 6461 Hwy 392, Windsor, CO.

Special Events

[ September Beer Fests ] - [ October Beer Fests ] - [ November Beer Fests ]

Brew Fests This Week
- BBQ, Blues & Brews - Sept. 9 - Gold Hill Mesa Community Center Park - Colo. Springs, CO.
- Breckenridge Oktoberfest - Sept 9-11 - Main Street - Breckenridge, CO.
- Boulder Valley Beer Fest - Sept. 10 - Superior Community Park - Superior, CO.
- Lafayette Brew Fest 2016 - Sept. 10 - Lafayette Florist - Lafayette, CO.
- Craft Brew Races - Sept. 10 - Boulder Reservoir - Boulder, CO.
- Chili & Beer Festival - Sept. 10 - Mt. Crested Butte Resort - Crested Butte, CO.
- Sour Beer Day - Sept. 10 - Everywhere - National Beer Holiday.
- Chili Cook-Off & Craft Beer, Cider, Spirits Tasting - Sept 10 - 300 Suns - Longmont, CO.

Find all the details of these events in the September 2016 Colorado Beer Festival Calendar.

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Northern Colorado Beer News is published on Fermentedly Challenged several times a week with craft beer stories as they break from newsletters, emails and social media sites. This news is intended for audiences of legal drinking age (21+). Please, always drink responsibly and use a designated driver.

          NoCo Beer News 083016        

[Northern Colorado Beer News] - Fermentedly Challenged is back after a 1 week vacation. I enjoyed some great Michigan craft beer, but it feels good to be back in Colorado after a long road trip. The summer is nearly over but you can still find lots of new beer releases to taste and beer festivals to attend. Here's what's happening around the Northern Colorado craft beer scene today, Tues, August 30th, 2016. If you aren't reading this article on, you're not getting the full story.
Picture of the Day: Funkwerks of Fort Collins, CO.

Featured Brewery News of the Day

High Hops Brewery - Have you tried their recently tapped new beer? It's The Prospector Blonde Ale. This brew has the aroma of citrusy grapefruit. It's an easy drinkin' ale. Later this week on Wednesday they'll tap a firkin of Cin'illa Stout, a dark brew with a touch of vanilla and cinnamon. Then on Thursday, September 1st, High Hops will tap "Gose Down Easy", a gose style beer dry-hopped with Pekko hops for a hint of orange and mint aroma. Very sessionable at 4.2% ABV. Located at: 6461 Hwy 392, Windsor, CO.

Boulder County Breweries

Boulder Beer Company announced they will be making their new Pulp Fusion Blood Orange IPA a year round beer, effective immediately. Pulp Fusion was first released this May as a new summer seasonal in 12-oz 6-pk bottles and draft throughout Boulder Beer’s 34 state footprint. Its unprecedented success as a summer seasonal prompted the brewery’s decision to keep it out year round as part of their core portfolio of beers.

“With the strength it has demonstrated in the market, Pulp Fusion has the capacity to be our #2 selling beer this year,” said Judd Belstock, National Sales Director for Boulder Beer. “There is no doubt in my mind that we have a winner on our hands, and with one taste you’ll understand why.”

Pulp Fusion Blood Orange IPA blends the beauty of an IPA with vibrant citrus flavor from the juice of blood oranges. It shines with a bright, golden color and finishes smooth without lingering bitterness. Pulp Fusion clocks in at 6.5% ABV and 52 IBUs.

Left Hand Brewing Company - Let the Oktoberfest season begin! Available now from Left Hand Brewing is their returning seasonal - Oktoberfest! This brew is a Märzen Lager made especially for this late summer / early fall time of year. This beer was brewed in the late Spring and lagered for several months. It's a dry crisp brew weighing in at 6.6% ABV. Taproom located at: 1265 Boston Ave, Longmont, CO.

Oskar Blues Brewery - [Press Release] News flash.... Summer is coming to a close. That means fall, colder weather, shorter days... sad times indeed. BUT if there's one thing that can warm you (and your belly) up it's the release of Oskar Blues Brewery's giant fuhCAN Ten FIDY Imperial Stout. The 10.5% ABV half-baked, but fully-roasted dark mouth bomb is consistently rated as one of the best of its style around (100 ratings from both Beer Advocate and Rate Beer) and the 2016 edition is just as kickass as usual.

"Ten FIDY is the perfect illustration of the how good the malt we use really is," Tim Mathews, said. "Shipped direct to the brewery from the Simpsons Malthouse in the UK; the roast, chocolate, espresso, and burnt sugar really pop. It's a bear to brew and tests the brewer at every step, but all the sweat and tears are worth it!"

Ten FIDY is a complex beer. Like a Rubik's Cube. It continually brings a new experience for the drinker every time. Each sip or sniff can evoke a different appearance, aroma, and mouthfeel while never departing from the quality and consistency that Oskar Blues Brewery brings to every batch of beer. It's complicated and that's a good thing. This is an immensely viscous stout loaded with inimitable flavors of chocolate-covered caramel and coffee underneath a smooth blanket of malt. This brew is constructed with colossal amounts of two-row malt, chocolate malt, roasted barley, flaked oats and hops. And at 10.5% ABV you won't forget you're drinking a big, bold, badass beer that is #NeverTheSameStout.

Look for Ten FIDY in four-pack, 12-ounce cans and on draft in all 50 states where Oskar Blues Brewery is sold from September through March only. Located at: 1800 Pike Road, Longmont, CO.

Upslope Brewing Company - New beers are arriving. Now available in large 19.2oz cans - Upslope's Experimental Hop IPA. This beer was a collaboration they did with REEL ROCK. This beer is available in the taproom, and will be available at all REEL ROCK shows. Look for it also in local stores. Plus, look for the new limited release of Upslope's Blood Orange Saison. Available in 12oz cans and on draft. Located at: 1898 S Flatiron Ct, Boulder, CO.

Parry's Pizza - 6 Locations

Larimer County Breweries

Black Bottle Brewery - Get ready for three upcoming beer releases over the next 7 days. Today, Black Bottle tapped their new "Bockstreet's Bock, Alright", a Doppelbock beer. The second happens this Friday, September 2nd at 11am with tapping of "Static Age", a hazelnut breakfast stout. Time to start embracing the dark beers again. So good you'll want one for breakfast. The third release is set for next Tuesday, September 6th at 11am - "Karma Payment Plan", a sour grapefruit IPA. Located at: 1611 S College Ave, Ste 1609, Fort Collins, CO.

City Star Brewing - On International Womens Day, March 8th, women across the world brewed together for the Pink Boots Society's Big Brew Day, raising the profile of women in the industry and raising the profile of beer to women. The City Star Brewing and Spirit Hound Distillers ladies brewed Calamity Jane, gose inspired ale with pink Himalayan sea salt, coriander and tart cherries at City Star.

In further collaboration the ladies distilled 2 kegs of Calamity Jane at Spirit Hound, producing just under 1 gallon of Calamity Jane Spirit. The finished product weighs in at 90 proof, featuring a floral brandy nose that leads to a taste of roses on the palate. There is hint of malt and long lingering heat finish. Calamity Jane Spirit is a truly one-of-a-kind, delicate spirit and supply is extremely limited.

The fruits of their labor will be unveiled at the Calamity Jane Release Party at Lyons Fork on Thursday, September 1st 5-8pm. The final keg available of Calamity Jane Ale will be on tap. Due to the very limited supply of Calamity Jane Spirit it will only be available for sale at this event with purchase of a tasting ticket, and it is expected to completely sell out that night. Calamity Jane Release Party - Thurs. Sept. 1st 5-8pm, Lyons Fork, 450 Main St, Lyons, CO.

Funkwerks - Fans of barrel-aged beers take note. Funkwerks now has bottles of all three vintages (2014, 2015 & 2016) of Barrel Aged Deceit Belgian-style Golden Ale available in the taproom. Perfect opportunity to stock up your cellar or plan for a vertical tasting. Tuesdays are double stamp days for bottle purchases. Earn your way quickly to a great discount! Located at: 1900 E Lincoln Ave, Fort Collins, CO.

Grimm Brothers Brewhouse - [Press Release] Loveland Oktoberfest returns to Grimm Brothers Brewhouse. This year we brought back the two-day format that was such a success last year. “We want to give people a chance to come out and have a good time on Friday, Saturday or both if they want to,” said Russell Fruits with Grimm Brothers Brewhouse.

The event will feature beer from seven Loveland craft breweries; including Verboten, Loveland Aleworks, Crow Hop, Big Beaver, Buckhorn, Big Thompson, and of course Grimm Brothers. Beer will be sold in several locations and allowed anywhere inside the fenced area. Local food will be brought to you by Gunter’s Bavarian Grill, The Road Grill, Bedrock BBQ, Styria Bakery, Chaulkboard Gourmet Express, and Artisan Pops. Neue Polka Colorado, a local CSU polka band, will kick off the live music at 6:00 on Friday night. Saturday’s lineup will feature local favorites Dave Beagle, William’s Reserve, and Hazmat. Wear your dirndl and lederhosen for the best-dressed contest at 2:00 on Saturday, and hold those steins high for the stein-hoisting contest at 4:30. The Loveland Big Thompson Kiwanis Club will run hammerschlagen, corn hole, carpet ball, ladder ball, washer toss, and more. Money raised from playing games will go directly to Kiwanis Club.

“There will be something for everyone at Loveland Oktoberfest this year, with live music, food, games for kids and adults alike,” said Aaron Heaton of Grimm Brothers. “We’ve even got a face painting booth for the little one’s, so bring the whole family”.

Loveland Oktoberfest will be celebrated on Friday, September 16th from 3:00 – 9:00 PM and Saturday, September 17th from 12:00 – 9:00 PM at 623 Denver Ave. Loveland, CO 80537. The event is free to attend and all ages are welcome.

Intersect Brewing - Fort Collins has a new brewery that opened last week - Intersect Brewing! They have a huge outdoor patio and a spacious taproom. They opened with a Milk Chocolate Stout, Raspberry Berliner Weiss, IPA, and Belgian Wit. Many more to come! Go check them out! Open today from 1pm to 9pm. Located at: 2160 W Drake Rd, Ste A-1, Fort Collins, CO.

Pateros Creek Brewing Company - New beers on tap today. Come taste their Pasil Beach Summer Ale and Snowy River Vanilla Porter. Get 'em while they're fresh! Located at: 242 N College Ave, Fort Collins, CO.

Three Four Beer Company is now pouring their own beers in addition to 3 dozen+ guest beers. Come try their freshly made beers including: Hop Experiment V 1 (West Coast Session IPA), Smash Test Dos (American Pale Ale), and their Robust Porter. Located just west of CSU campus at: 829 S Shields St, #100, Fort Collins, CO.

Verboten Brewing - Over the weekend, Verboten tapped two new beers. One was a collaboration beer they did with Fort Collins Brewery called "Stout, Collaborate, and Listen", a white stout made with steam lager yeast. The other brew was "Laze About", a peach habanero golden ale. Both are on tap this week. Located at: 127 E 5th St, Loveland, CO.

Weld County Breweries

Crabtree Brewing Company - Grats go to Crabtree Brewing for being awarded 1st Place in the People's Choice Awards at last weekend's Garden City Bootlegging Brew Fest. Wiley Roots Brewing took 2nd place and Broken Plow Brewery took 3rd place.

WeldWerks Brewing Company - This brewery was just named Best Local Brewery for 2016 in the Greeley Tribune's annual local survey. There's a lot of new beer brewing that will be tapped soon. Look for these new offerings coming your way soon: Coffee Maple Achromatic Imperial Stout, Extra Juicy Bits IIPA, Liqweldellic sour cherry farmhouse ale, and Pomegranate Berliner sour wheat beer. Located at: 508 8th Ave, Greeley, CO.

Wiley Roots Brewing Company - Mark your calendars for this Saturday, September 3rd at 1pm for Wiley Roots' Fresh Hop IPA Release Party. The hop crop was harvested and the freshest batch of beer was made with them. This beer has fresh Cascade, Centennial and Saaz hops grown in a local homebrewer's garden. Stats: 5.8% ABV and 57 IBU. Come see how good fresh hop beer can be. Located at: 625 3rd St, Unit D, Greeley, CO.

Special Events

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Brew Fests This Week
- Keystone Oktoberfest - Sept. 3 - River Run Village - Keystone, CO.
- Beaver Creek Oktoberfest - Sept 3-4 - Beaver Creek, CO.
- Tour de Fat - Sept. 3 - New Belgium Brewing - Ft. Collins, CO.
- Pints in the Park - Sept. 3 - Community Park - Louisville, CO.
- Brews & Views Beer Fest - Sept. 3 - Hudson Gardens & Event Center - Littleton, CO.

Find all the details of these events in the September 2016 Colorado Beer Festival Calendar.

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Northern Colorado Beer News is published on Fermentedly Challenged several times a week with craft beer stories as they break from newsletters, emails and social media sites. This news is intended for audiences of legal drinking age (21+). Please, always drink responsibly and use a designated driver.

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こんにちは bluetooth-agent が使えなくなったと思うのですが、どのように変更すればいいでしょうか?
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          Raspberry Pi        
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          Fun Fact: The Most Magical Ice Cream Cakes Are Also the Easiest to Make        

We partnered with Talenti Gelato and our favorite ice cream tinkerer Cristina Sciarra to show you how to make an ice cream cake that towers above the rest.

When we were dreaming up recipes for Ice Cream & Friends, one of the most spectacular things longtime Food52 superstar Cristina Sciarra taught us is that the bigger the ice cream cake, the better. (I'm not sure they teach you that at ice cream school, which she did indeed attend—I think that's just her own smarts.)

It's not just because a towering ice cream cake is dazzling: Because it's so big, it freezes up really solid. That means when you take it out of the freezer, put candles in, sing "Happy Birthday," and cut the cake, that cake isn't a puddle.

Oh, and you get to eat a ton of ice cream—or gelato, or sorbetto—at once.

Watch Cristina Sciarra make her latest creation, a Pistachio-Raspberry Gelato-Sorbetto Cake below:

E6e13c6d d6bb 4c90 a593 8f90abf2fce7  2017 0614 talenti sponsored ice cream cake without packaging julia gartland 048

Pistachio-Raspberry Gelato-Sorbetto Cake

By Cristina Sciarra

  • 1 cup plus 2 tablespoons (145 grams) pistachios
  • 1 teaspoon lemon zest
  • 1/2 cup (67 grams) all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 stick (57 grams) unsalted butter, cubed and chilled
  • 1/4 cup (75 grams) raspberry jam
  • 1/2 teaspoon rose water (optional)
  • 2 pints pistachio gelato, divided
  • 2 pints raspberry sorbetto, divided
  • 1 cup frozen raspberries

View Full Recipe

Ice cream, gelato, sorbet. Heck, frozen desserts in general: We adore you. We partnered with Talenti Gelato and ice cream aficianado Cristina Sciarra to share a summer of ice cream treats with you. Stay tuned for more, and see all of Talenti Gelato's flavors here .

          Burgerville Workers Union Marches Forward; Community Support and Solidarity Continue Growing        

Pete Shaw - Portland Occupier, July 19, 2017

The shakes–blackberry, chocolate hazelnut, and pumpkin spice–come and go. So do the Walla Walla onion rings, waffle fries, and asparagus. But since April of last year, solidarity has always been in season at Burgerville.

Since its formation 15 months ago, the Burgerville Workers Union (BVWU)–which is supported by the Portland Industrial Workers of the World–has been organizing for better working conditions on the job, greater benefits, and higher wages. Fighting against a management that promotes the Burgerville corporation as one which supports family values, local farmers, and sustainable practices, but treats its workers no differently than people have come to expect from larger fast food chains such as McDonald’s, the Burgerville Workers Union has slowly but surely been gathering steam in its struggle.

However, Burgerville management has so far refused to talk with the union.

On Friday July 14, the BVWU took another small but significant step toward pushing Burgerville’s management to start negotiating with it. A crowd of over 100 people picketed outside the Burgerville on Southeast 92nd and Powell during the early evening, virtually shutting down business at the store. On a hot night when one of the raspberry shakes would have made a delightful treat, only a few customers crossed the picket line.

At a rally just prior to establishing the line, Mark Medina of the BVWU told the gathered crowd, “We’re gonna shut down the shop for a couple of hours and make corporate know that workers care about benefits, about wages, and that they want Burgerville to negotiate with the union and respect the rights of workers here in Portland, Oregon. This is a union town. They should respect our rights to organize.”

That lack of respect was given official imprimatur when on June 22 Burgerville agreed to pay $10,000 to settle charges brought against it by the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) that between August 1 and August 15, 2015 the company willfully “failed to provide a meal period of not less than 30 continuous minutes during which the employee is relieved of all duties and/or failed to provide timely meal periods to twenty-eight employees” as required by law. Another 16 employees were also denied their 30-minute work-free meal period during a two-week period in December, 2016.

In addition to those charges, BOLI found that Burgerville was “employing minors under 18 in hazardous and permitted occupation” when two 17 year old employees operated a trash compactor which Oregon law has declared “hazardous and detrimental to to the health of employees under the age of 18.”

All charges pertained to the Burgerville store on NE Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, near the Oregon Convention Center.

Brandon Doyle, BVWU Shop Leader at the SE 92nd and Powell Burgerville, is one of many Burgerville workers who has seen the company’s scarce regard for workers up close and personal. A few months ago Doyle was feeling ill to the point of vomiting while on the job. Instead of allowing him to go home and rest–as well as not risk getting Burgerville customers sick–Doyle’s manager insisted he remain at work. Fortunately, Doyle and his fellow workers contacted fellow union members from other stores, who then contacted Doyle’s manager, eventually resulting in Doyle being allowed to leave and likely helping prevent the spread of what ailed him. They had his back, and Doyle now wants to return the favor.

read more

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aaron22197 wrote:
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A. 20
B. 60
C. 80
D. 86
E. 92


Look at the diagram below:

Notice that "30% of the people like both strawberry and apple jam" doesn't

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Edited by CrustyLobster - BarryK gets Raspberry hardware
          Broken Heart Sweatshirt; DIY.        

 You all may be wondering if I fell off the face of the Earth.  If you follow me on Snap Chat or any of my other media channels you would know I still live.

Where have I been ?

 No one ever really knows how one will react in a stressful, difficult time in their life.  I tend to stop doing the very thing that I love the most, the very thing that makes me feel the very best possible way that I could ever  feel about myself.  I retreat into the safety of my quietness. I stop doing anything artistic and save every bit of energy to deal with an emotion  in which I am unfamiliar.  Is this the right reaction?  Most likely not, but it is my reaction.  I am a very lucky girl to have amazing family and extraordinary friends to rely on.   I know each  of you have had to weather a very difficult storm at one time or another, maybe even two or three. What I have experienced about these difficult moments in my life is that I learn more about the inner part of me and how strong I am.  Another thing about me is that no one will ever  know that I am going though something so unbearable, not unless you are in my closest circle.  I like it that way.  I really do not like too much outside influence on how I should be dealing with a very private, emotional, situation, oh and let me tell you everyone has a strong opinion on what you should do and how you should deal with it.
Sometimes when tragedy hits it takes your body months to react because you are running strictly on adrenaline. Survival mode. We have all been there.  Then one day you wake up and all of your adrenaline is gone,  the walls come crashing down on top of you and your holding them up with nothing left. The very core of you is tested.  Can I hold it up? Will I die?  Am I strong enough? The answer is always YES!  I am strong enough!. Yes!  I can hold it up!  No!  I will not Die.! 
 I have only had three significant times in my life where I have had to really dig deep.  I don't know about you but I always see things so clearly after the pain. I really can't share with you the details of what I am talking about. I will let you come to your own conclusion.   I will say that pain is pain no matter where is comes from.
 If any of you are dealing with a difficult time in your life, you know that your life is forever changed but this could be a new beginning,  a chance to look inside and see what you are really made of.  A chance to change.  A chance  to make yourself  the very best you.  Sometimes all you can do is sit and watch the tragedy unfold.   That helpless feeling is almost unbearable. That feeling is the worst part, especially for me because I love to control things.   As I sit and write this I see the lesson in all of it is learning to let go. Letting it all go to regain all you lost.  We cannot control anyone but ourselves so why not concentrate on the things that deal with just ourselves. Learning to let go and trust. What a concept.

This is the first Post I have done in about two months. It feels really good to be back doing what I love. I am also working on my new Studio/ Office. A place where I can rev up my You Tube  Channel with more weekly DIY videos. The beginning of WobiSobi Inc.
  I Hope I was not too much of a Debbie Downer. My  road to emotional  recovery is set into place. I am doing wonderful, and  taking each day one day at a time. Trying  not to focus to much on the future but to make everyday the very best day that I can.
Just a quick reminder.
Treat each person you see with kindness you never know what kind of struggle they are going through on the inside.
 I hope you enjoy this DIY I saw it on Pintrest, of course.
Of course I thought what a great DIY.
Thank you all so much for your endless support and encouragement.
It means the world to me.

 Things You Need

  •  Try on your sweatshirt. Mark where you would like your heart to sit on your shirt.
  • Mark  on your arm. 
  • On the first shirt I did not try it on.  Big mistake.
  • Mark out half of a heart on the contact paper make sure the plain side is facing up.
  • Cut it out
  • Do the same for the sleeve.

  • Carefully peel off the contact paper
  • Stick the contact paper to the shirt. 
  • Press the edges down
  •   Shake the tulip paint really well.
  • Cover the other parts of your shirt with paper so you don't get over spray on it.

  • Spray the shirt 
  • Little burst at a time

  • Paint the edges of the heart with glitter glue 
  • Sprinkle the glue with glitter.
  • Build it up to the desired look you want.

  •  Let dry about an hour or two.
  • Peel off your contact paper
  •  Cut the Sleeves.

Broken Heart Complete ;)
I hope you all have a wonderful day.
Lots of Love.

          ã€TIF2017】アイドルネッサンス、ひときわ爽やかな存在感で魅了 初のオリジナル曲も披露        

アイドルグループのアイドルネッサンスが、6日までお台場地区で行われたアイドルイベント『TOKYO  IDOL FESTIVAL 2017』に出演。多くの出場アイドルのなかでもひときわ爽やかな存在感で注目を集めた。

2日目で唯一のライブはZepp DivercityのHEAT GARAGEにて。トレードマークである、全身純白のセーラー服で登場したメンバーたち。元気で爽やかなイメージが強いアイドルネッサンスだが、この回は『Music Lovers』、そしてTRICERSTOPSのヒット曲『Raspberry』のカバーで、序盤からスタイリッシュでダンサブルなイメージで会場を盛り上げた。

これまで、Jポップの魅力の再発見を目指し、主にポップス、ロックの名曲をカバーしてきたアイドルネッサンスだが、8日には初のオリジナル曲収録のミニアルバム『前髪がゆれる』をリリース。この回のライブでは、その中から『交感ノート』を披露。最後は『Good day Sunshine』で爽やかに元気いっぱいに締めくくった。

アイドルネッサンスは3日間ともに出場。最終日には屋外のSMILE GARENの大トリを務め、観客を大いにわかせた。


アイドルネッサンスのサマーツアーが開幕 10/28ディファ有明にて自身最大規模のライブ開催を発表 (2017年07月29日) 【アイドル横丁夏まつり】アイドルネッサンス、清涼感あふれるフレッシュなステージを披露 (2017年07月11日)

          A profile blog of and by SecondServing.        

Hey guys and gals! I'm doing a profile blog today due to being tagged, then pressured and threatened by none other than MyIGN user: EinyelVargas a.k.a. Mijo. If you liked this profile blog, be sure to send your thanks his way. :D

A little bit about me.

Name: Nicholas Anthony Aguirre

Age: 18

Ethnicity: Spanish/Native-American mix and 100% 'murican baby!

Nicknames: Nick, Niko, Nickelodeon, sNickers, Nicky, Nicho, and Nikka.

A pic of H-town.

A pic of H-town. Home to yours truly.

Place of origin: Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

Reason behind username: Just a random thought married with the fact that I like to eat.

IGN friends: BladeSymphony, SmaugtheMagnificent, neil_rev, EinyelVargas, JohnSnow123, xxDisturbedSavio, Kralamoonard, Ksquall1, cookiemonster426, OcarinaPlayerOfTime(RIP) and I'm sure I'll make many more in the future!

IGN nemesis: Probably BladeSymphony or Kralamoonard. I just love kicking both of their asses in games! :D

What I do with my freetime: Play videogames(duh), write blogs here(duh), watch anime, TV, and movies, read(usually non-fiction), tinker with techie stuff, and slowly but surely learning how to play the guitar.(Just picked it up recently, it's fun.)

Pets: Technically they're not mine, but they're worth mentioning since I live with them every day. My brother's two cats, Bigby and Nezbit. They love to destroy my stuff, but I love 'em.

Pet Peeves: People who can't admit their own mistakes. Closed-minded people in general. People who bullshit a lot. Malicious passive-aggressive actions and words. Willing ignorance. Overly-sensitive people. People who are glued to their phone 24/7. When someone pisses on the toilet seat, or doesn't flush. Raw onions. Framerate dips in videogames.

My gaming profile

Consoles I've owned: 



~PSP(Fat and Slim)


~PS Vita(2 of them)

~Nintendo 64

~Gameboy Color


~Gameboy Advance(OG and SP)

~Wii(2 of them)

~Nintendo DS(OG and Lite)

~3DS(OG and XL)

~Wii U

~Xbox 360

~Xbox One

GameCube Master Race.

GameCube Master Race.

My favorite console: Easily the GameCube. Super Smash Bros. Melee, Wind Waker, Metroid Prime 1 and 2, etc., etc. Phenomenal console with an amazing library, an amazing controller, and a cute design.

My favorite games:

~All Mega Man games(excluding the StarForce series) 

~All Kingdom Hearts games(except for Re:Coded)

~All Super Smash Bros. games

~All Metal Slug games

~All Bioshock games

~The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker

~Metal Gear Solid 1 and 3


~Street Fighter 3rd Strike

~Halo 2

~Battlefield 2


~Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Ruby

~Persona 4(especially the Golden version)

~Call of Duty 4 and Black Ops(1v1 me bruh)

~Contra 3: The Alien Wars

~Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

~Pretty much any Bomberman game that has 4 player multiplayer with custom matches

~Uncharted 2

~Portal 1 and 2

My Favorite genres: Shoot-em-up, First Person Shooter, Fighting, Role Playing Games, and Action.

My Least favorite genres: Real Time Strategy, Simulators, and MMORPGs.

Some other stuff about me.

My Favorite foods: North-East style Pizza, Fettuccine Alfredo, Buffalo Wings, Burgers of all kinds, Tacos, Cinnamon Rolls, Enchiladas(especially from my Grandma), and Brisket.

My Favorite drinks: Ice-cold water, Apple Juice, Fanta Strawberry and Grape flavor, Mexican hot chocolate, and Raspberry tea.

My Favorite Movies: Hercules(the Disney version), The Jungle Book(the Disney version), Enter the Void, Monsters Inc., Kung Fu Hustle, Team America World Police, and Spirited Away.

My Favorite TV shows: Spongebob Squarepants(before it turned crappy), Samurai Jack, Drake and Josh(HUG ME BROTHA), South Park, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Wilfred, and Game of Thrones(haven't caught up on the new season yet! XO ).

JoJo is da best.

JoJo is da best.

My Favorite Anime: Yu Yu Hakusho, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Dragonball Z, Hunter X Hunter, Cowboy Bebop, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Hajime no Ippo, and Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood.

My Favorite Musical Artists: Marvin Gaye, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Van Halen, Notorious B.I.G., Nirvana, Radiohead, Daft Punk, Muse, The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, Justice, Kendrick Lamar, Dance Gavin Dance, Tame Impala, and Mac DeMarco.

Random facts about me.

~I've been to pretty much every part of the U.S. besides the west coast. (I plan to one day.)

~I believe in Lord GabeN and his divine plan.

~I've never owned a SEGA console in my life and I regret it hard.

~I know I already said I hate raw onions, but I'll just reinforce it here. I really hate raw onions.

~I don't really like sports in general, but I do like watching the occasional football or basketball game.

~I believe that people who disagree on various subjects should and could still get along.

~Working in the restaurant biz for a couple of years gave me a newfound sympathy for employees who work at restaurants.

~People say I'm a pretty patient guy.

~I talk too much sometimes. I'm working on that.

~I procrastinate sometimes, kind of like this blog that I'm writing. I think I got tagged like five days ago haha. Again, trying to improve myself on that.

~I enjoy using Southern slang.

~My favorite color is red.


Whelp, I hope you enjoyed this profile blog and know me a bit better. I'm not going to tag anyone. I hate getting tagged!


          PiPhone: smartphone basato su Raspberry Pi        
Tra i tanti smanettoni che realizzano progetti utilizzando Raspberry Pi ce ne è uno che ha realizzato una sorta di smartphone basilare chiamandolo PiPhone. PiPhone è stato realizzato grazie ad un Raspberry Pi, un display PiTFT touchscreen da 2.8 pollici della Adafruit ed un modulo SIM900 per collegarsi alle reti GPRS/GSM. Lo “smartphone” di cui parliamo permette di effettuare le due funzioni più basilari ovvero effettuare chiamate audio ed inviare dei messaggi di testo. Colui che ha realizzato il progetto ha fatto sapere che i componenti gli sono costati circa 158 dollari e ovviamente consiglia di comprarsi uno smartphone ad
          Raspberry Marshmallow Dessert        
This Raspberry Marshmallow Dessert is a bright, delicious dessert great for any holiday table.  This dessert came about by accident.  I have been trying to make a “healthier” version of my mom’s Raspberry Custard Pie (which I have yet to post…sorry for teasing).  Anyway, I didn’t want to deal with a pie crust, so I … Continue reading Raspberry Marshmallow Dessert
          Triple Chocolate-Cookie Trifle Pie        

Triple Chocolate-Cookie Trifle Pie

Prep: 25 min., Cool: 20 min., Chill: 8 hr.


Makes 10 to 12 servings

* 3 1/4 cups heavy cream, divided
* 1 1/2 (4-oz.) bittersweet chocolate baking bars, chopped
* 1 (4-oz.) white chocolate baking bar, chopped
* 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
* 1 (12.5-oz.) package assorted cookies
* 2 tablespoons mocha liqueur (optional)
* 2 (6-oz.) containers fresh raspberries
* Raspberry Glaze


1. Microwave 1/2 cup cream at HIGH 30 seconds to 1 minute or until hot (do not boil).
Place bittersweet chocolate in a large bowl. Pour hot cream over chocolate, and stir until smooth.
Repeat procedure with 1/4 cup cream and white chocolate.
(If chocolate does not melt completely after stirring,
microwave at HIGH for 10-second intervals just until chocolate is melted and mixture is smooth.)
Stir 1/2 tsp. vanilla into each chocolate mixture until well blended. Cool 20 minutes.

2. Meanwhile, let 2 1/2 cups cream stand at room temperature 20 minutes.

3. Beat 1 1/2 cups cream at medium-high speed with an electric mixer until medium peaks form.
Gently fold one-fourth of whipped cream into cool bittersweet chocolate mixture.
Repeat procedure with remaining whipped cream.

4. Beat remaining 1 cup cream at medium-high speed until medium peaks form.
Gently fold one-fourth of whipped cream into cool white chocolate mixture.
Repeat procedure with remaining whipped cream.

5. Crush 6 to 7 cookies to equal 1/2 cup crumbs.
Sprinkle on bottom of a lightly greased 9-inch springform pan.
Spread half of bittersweet chocolate mixture over crushed cookies in pan.
Arrange cookies around sides of pan (about 19 cookies).
Spread white chocolate mixture over bittersweet chocolate mixture.

6. Crush remaining cookies, and sprinkle over white chocolate mixture in springform pan.
Drizzle with liqueur, if desired. Spread remaining bittersweet chocolate mixture over crushed cookies.
Cover and chill 8 to 24 hours.

7. Remove sides from pan.
Mound raspberries in center of trifle; brush with Raspberry Glaze. Serve immediately.

Note: For testing purposes only, we used Ghirardelli 60% Cacao Bittersweet Baking Bars,
Ghirardelli White Chocolate Baking Bar, Pepperidge Farm Distinctive Entertaining Cookie Collection,
and Godiva Mocha Liqueur.

Raspberry Glaze: Combine 3 Tbsp. seedless raspberry jam and 2 tsp.
water in a small glass bowl. Microwave at HIGH 10 to 15 seconds or until smooth.

          Hameediyah - Old School to New SChool        
Hameediyah Restaurant
Hameediyah Restaurant. To Penangites or those who have been here for a long time, definitely know about this ol' school Nasi Kandar.

Hameediyah is located on Campbell Street, off Penang Road. If I recall correctly they started with one shop, and then expended next door. And behold, after recommendation from my friend Lasiaf, that they have gone high end, fully aircond with drinks like cappuccino, I was tempted to try the 'new school' version.

So here we are, outside Hameediyah. Yes, take note, two ol' school buildings and one new school.

Old School

And the new school 2 shops down.

New School

Now for the main course. We ordered the Chicken Tikka Naan. Really GOOD. The chicken tikka was well marinated, juicy and fresh. The Naan was nice too.

Also had the lamb briyani. I've heard very good reviews about it, and in fact most of the diners there were having Briyani. However I found it ok only. I have tasted briyani there before and yes it has been good.

For drinks, I ordered the Special Bandung. And yes, it sure did look really special. Taste was average though.

We also ordered the Chocholate Mochiato or something and Raspberry Shake/Smoothie. The chocolate drink was good and tasty. The raspberry shake was amazing! It was smooth, and had a fabulous taste of tangy raspberry. Highly recommended.

Summary - Nice place. Choose between the old school or new school , up to your likings and mood. Price, average / reasonable. Food - a lot of items, plus point includes old school drinks like Teh Tarik (Tea) and also the newer blended drinks. Has north Indian, South Indian and other menu items.

Getting there - Get onto Penang road, take left on Campbell Street, drive 100 meters and you should see it. Otherwise, come from Hutton Lane go straight at the Penang Road Junction into Campbell Street. Parking, some do illegally park but there should be ample parking on the road side if you go during non- peak time. Otherwise slightly after Hameediyah, there's an abandoned disco or something which offers parking for a rate as well.


          I blocked ads on my home network and it was easy as Pi        

Good riddance, “one weird trick” and other annoying forms of clickbait advertising (you know who you are).  I installed Pi-Hole on my Raspberry Pi and it’s made a world of difference in my web browsing experience.  It doesn’t block every ad – I still get ads on YouTube and sponsored posts on Facebook – but it blocks practically all the ads on the news sites and blogs I read.  It also seems to be very effective eliminating in-app ads on ...

Continue reading I blocked ads on my home network and it was easy as Pi

          Raspberry Sandwich Scones        

Hi! It’s been a while, ya’ll! Honestly, I have no amazing excuse. I mean, yes, we are in the midst of an out of state move, but it’s been relatively easy thus far (I am probably jinxing myself here, so watch out for that). Our house sold within a week and we are barreling toward...

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          UFO Sightings.        
I might as well use NaBloPoMo to do something useful, so as I've been sorting out the spinning and knitting supplies I also decided to round up all my UFOs and put up the (bi)annual Knitting List of Shame. Some of these articles have been in the UFO pile for a year or two so I expect you'll have seen some of them before, sigh. I'm sure you understand how it can happen though.

I dredged my most recent past list up from November 6th 2008.

1)Plain vanilla socks in Regia Kaffe Fassett . 95% finished, will complete this week. Finished long ago.

2) Viveka in Rowan Soft Lux Amythyst. 25% done but really like this one so WIP. No change here.

3) Brigitta in Rowan Soft Tweed Twig. 35% complete. Not sure about this one. It may be working out small but I can't tell untill I get to the armholes. Horrible. Frogged it. Yarn now being used in entirely different UFO.

4) Cold Weather Corset in Noro Iro. 80% done and intend to finish it. Eventually.

5) Tahoe in purple DB Cathay. Hate this and it's heading for the frog pond. The Cathay is meant to be knitted at a looser than usual gauge then blocked to size. To me it just looks cheap and skanky, as if my gauge was off or I used the wrong yarn. Frogged.

6) Kismet from Rowan mag No (???) , in khaki Linen Drape. I've finished 60% of this, as in the back and front but have laid it aside as it's a summer sweater. I'll definately finish this one. Linen Drape is gorgeous. I have to finish it's not listed on Ravelry yet, so this is my chance to be the lead link picture, lol. Finished, sewn up, just needs the ends darned in and blocked. It's been like that for a few months now.

7) Forest Canopy in a heavy blue silk 2ply I bought at Woolfest from Knitwitches .

I like this and it was my holiday knitting (until I got the wheel) but I was having real trouble with it in the poor light of an evening campsite and rather put myself off it. It's looking lovely though and I'll get going again with it. No change. Can't bear to frog it though.

8) Silk Tweed Sweater in dark raspberry Summer Tweed. 60% done, as in the body is done up to the front neckline. I hate the neckline though and have reknitted it three times and it's still not right. I want a Summer Tweed sweater though and most of the rest of this is okay so I feel it's worth at least one more shot. Finished the knitting, just needs sewn up.

9) A single sock in something I really can't remember, except it was by The Natural Dye Studio. This is nice and I'll make a point of putting the other one in the car to knit on in these five minute slots when I'm waiting around for kids. When I've found the other ball of the yarn, of course..... Long gone. I think I lost the first sock eventually, then found the yarn. I p/hopped the yarn just to put an end to the misery.

What else has appeared since then? Well, I've actually knitted and finished quite a lot of items but not gained many UFOs, which is a relief. I've got a pair of socks on the needles at the moment but they're my car knitting so don't really count as a UFO. Similarly I'm knitting a blanket but as it's progressing at a slow but steady rate of a 12" square per week that's not really a UFO either, is it? So really, I've only got one new item in the UFO pile.

10)Mr Greenjeans from Knitty, Fall 2007.

I've almost finished the first sleeve of this and as it's knitted top down aand all in one, that means only one sleeve and the front bands to knit, really. And no painful sewing up to do. It's cardigan weather now too so I am motivated. I have pulled it's basket out and placed it firmly on the sofa. I'm intending to finish it before I cast on anything else. Honestly!

The rest of the UFOs have been gathered together in another basket so at least I don't have the excuse of not being able to find them any more. Really though given that two of them only need some sewing up and blocking it is pretty shameful. But I can't find it in myself to think further than Mr Greenjeans and something new to cast on.

Tomorrow (or soon) I'll give you the Spinning List of Shame, or what's on the bobbins and has been for months. And I have a lot of bobbins, oops.
          Raspberry Tea        

Finished quilt measures 51" x 65".

          Raspberry Vinaigrette        

Raspberry Vinaigrette | Mommy's Home CookingThis Raspberry Vinaigrette is ridiculously easy to make with a few pantry staples. It’s sweet, tangy, delicious, and will make an ordinary salad stand out. I think what makes a great salad is kick-ass vinaigrette! I mean, sure, the greens, the veggies, the protein, and grains are important. But when it comes to pulling it […]

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          Watercress Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette        

Watercress Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette | Mommy's Home CookingThis delicious and fresh peppery Watercress Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette is super simple to make and perfectly balanced. Satisfied you salad cravings and say bye-bye to boring lettuce…watercress is here!!! This is a sponsored recipe created by me on behalf of Reese Specially Foods®. The opinions and text are all mine. This Watercress Salad with […]

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          Wild West        

Every few months we throw a rock star party with all our Berlin Besties. This time it was a Wild West theme and we had a blast with a dancing competition and all things BBQ.  Many of us got into the spirit with our Texas best. So much fun.

The American crowd showed up first, which is crazy unusual. 

Sweet Nici always puts the best personal touches on her offerings. 



Cookie dough and raspberry lime cupcakes. Susanne is a maverick. 

We all write our names on our plastic cups, so Abby decided to write her name on her plastic cup. Um. Totally not the same.

The Lifesaver pass along game.

I love these people. Seriously, love them. 

Yup, I got us boot mugs for the cold drinks. Cheers, my freunden.

          The New Screen Savers 116: Set Phasers to Fun with Starship Horizons        

The New Screen Savers (MP3)

Leo Laporte and Jason Howell talk with David Hernly, the founder of Mythric Studios about his multiplayer video game 'Starship Horizons Bridge Simulator' you can play on any device with a browser. Jason and several TWiT folks went on a mission and lived to tell the tale.

  • Megan Morrone helped her parents install the ecobee4 smart thermostat in their home and has a review.
  • Liam Kennedy stopped by. He built the Raspberry Pi based ISS-Above module which tracks the International Space Station as it passes overhead.
  • Barnaby Britton from gave us his review of the Canon 6D Mark 11 DSLR.
  • In 'Call for Help,' Leo and Jason gave George some advice on convertible tablets for teachers in the classroom.

Hosts: Leo Laporte and Jason Howell

Guests: David Hernly, Liam Kennedy, Barney Britton, Megan Morrone, and Bryan Burnett

The New Screen Savers records live every Saturday at 3PM Pacific on Episodes are available for download and streaming later that evening at

Thanks to CacheFly for the bandwidth for this show.

          Comment on Thermal Printer driver for CUPS, Linux, and Raspberry Pi: zj-58 by soichiro        
Hello burak1489, Could you please upload the optimized 58mm ppd file?
          Comment on VM-CLAP1 👏 sensor + gpiozero on Raspberry Pi by scruss        
so guess who noticed that I accidentally had used "hand wave" instead of "hand clap" emoji in the article? Around me, a hand wave sensor would be 100% redlined all the time …
          Comment on G5RV in the mist by scruss        
Haven't been on air for a while and would need to set up the radio with a Raspberry Pi. It'll take a few weeks.
          Raspberry Rose Coconut Smoothie Bowl with Almond Butter Fruit and Nut Granola        
Allow me to out myself first: Smoothie bowls are not my most favorite breakfast. Now that we have set that straight let me tell you a bit about my reasons and what I have observed about these very attractive looking super bowls that seem to be taking everyone by storm and is the big trend raging...

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          Christmas Cookie Post | Butter Spekulatius Dark Chocolate Orange Spritz Cookies & Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cranberry Pistachio Rocky Road        
It does not feel very much like Christmas – weather-wise. After a few days of extreme cold with -10 degrees, where the entire landscape was frozen in sparkly white ice crystals, it is now too warm and a mix between windy grey skies and a moisture in the air.  Although Christmas is an adopted...

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          Carpe Diem #1223 Raspberry        

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

I hope you all are well and in a good mood to create haiku, tanka or other Japanese poetry form, because I have another nice and beautiful classical kigo for you. Today our prompt to work with is Raspberry (Kiichigo), and it's from the Shiki Saijiki, a classical anthology of kigo (seasonwords).

Raspberry (Kiichigo)
An example by Jane Reichhold:

low winter sun
raspberry leaves glow
red and green

© Jane Reichhold

I love to share a little bit of spiritual / magical background on this fruit.

Wild raspberry caught the eye of early cave dwellers, as evidenced by the remains of raspberry canes found at a variety of dig sites across Europe, Asia, and Northern America, and raspberries have been a part of our diet ever since.
Raspberry teaches us to be acquiescent. First year canes do not produce fruit but are essential to the fertility of the plant, establishing her root system and filling her canes with the strength and energy she’ll need. After the cane has weathered a year, she’s ready to bloom and fruit. Raspberry reminds us that maturity and proper conditioning are essential to abundant and healthy reproduction. It is best to be patient, Raspberry councils, when beginning any creative endeavor.
Raspberry’s thorny canes remind us, too, to be protective of the fruits of our labors. If we truly want to share our work, we would be wise to be picky about who will carry it into the world.
If Raspberry has come into your life around a specific project, you would be wise to consider carefully with whom you share the fruits of your labors. Is the person in question one who must be won-over, or is he or she already adapted to your way of thinking? Will the person in question carry word of your work to a wider or a new audience?
Raspberry, like her cousin Rose, offers all of us an opportunity to remember to be gentle with one another, to be loving and patient as we work our own magic in the world. It is only with care and a gentle touch that Raspberry yields her fruits. Even the magic of her leaf requires careful, patient treatment; you must wait for the leaf to dry fully before attempting to use it as medicine or food because if you don’t you’re likely to end up with an upset stomach. Raspberry invites us to slow down and savor all that must occur before we bear the fruits of our lives.


And after a while I found a nice one-line haiku created by Erik Amann on raspberries:

wild raspberry taste       on the tip of your tongue  Â© Erik Amann

I couldn't come up with a new haiku immediately so it took me some time to find the right scene and feeling to create the following tanka:

the sweet taste
of her passionate kiss
rests a while
I carress her snow white skin
a gentle touch of raspberry

© Chèvrefeuille
Well .... I hope you did like this episode and that I could inspire you.

This episode is open for your submissions tonight at 7:00 PM (CET) and will remain open until July 24th at noon (CET). I will try to publish our new episode, a new "weekend-meditation", later on. For now .... have fun!


          Carpe Diem #1222 Beach        

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

Welcome at a new episode of our daily haiku meme Carpe Diem Haiku Kai. This month we are exploring classical and non-classical kigo (seasonwords) for summer and today we have an other nice modern kigo extracted from Jane Reichhold's "A Dictionary of Haiku", a modern Saijiki.

Today our prompt is beach and I think this kigo doesn't need any explanation, so here are a few haiku by Jane which she wrote for this modern kigo.

darkening beach
the warmth of a person's eyes
for the sinking sun

scattered in sand
embers of a saltwood fire
face to face with stars
shell beach
wind blowing through
a train whistle
a windless day
the beach colored
sea foam

© Jane Reichhold (1937-2016)
Four beauties I would say. Jane was in my opinion, one of the best modern haiku poets. She was renown all over the globe and has been my co-host for two years. She is still missed. Her spirit is moving here at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai.

And here are a few haiku created by myself, maybe not that clear for summer, but very clear for beach:

the beach covered with foam
last night's storm
torn apart clothes
thrown against a beach pole
a winter's love
© Chèvrefeuille
Beach Love
hot summer night
the sweet scent of Honeysuckle
arouses the senses
the sound of waves
accompanies hot steamy love -
seagulls cry
© Chèvrefeuille
And to conclude this episode about the beach, I have another haiku for you to share:
a whisper of rain
awakens me gently
morning on the beach
© Chèvrefeuille
I hope I have inspired you with this episode full of the beauty of the beach.
This episode is open for your submissions tonight at 7:00 PM (CET) and will remain open until July 23rd at noon (CET). I will try to publish our new episode, Raspberry (Kiichigo), later on. For now .. just have fun!

          Peach Week/ Peach Salsa        
I always get excited every late July/ early August.  Summer is at it's peak, Shark Week is on the Discovery Channel and the Elberta Peaches are in season!  Usually I buy a case and eat 4 a day, diced with a little sugar and a dash of heavy cream.  Except for this year we got adventurous - peach canning at my aunt's lake cabin with my mom, cousin, and aunt!  (And two baby boys watching)

Jars are prepped and ready to go.

Peaches going in for a blanch to remove the skins.

A lot of pots of hot water is required for canning!


We also made a Peach Raspberry pie with raspberries picked right outside the cabin!

Peach Raspberry Pie

Another new venture- a shrimp boil!  So much fun.  Boil everything all together than dump in on the patio table and pour over some hot melted butter!

Here's the link for the recipe for the shrimp boil. 

Then we made a traditional Peach Pie

For the finale of peach week I made a peach salsa.

Peach Salsa
serves about 6 as an appetizer

1 Cup Peaches, Chopped (About 2 Peaches)
1 Cup Tomato, Chopped
1/2 Cup Red Onion, Finely Chopped
1 Jalapeno, Minced
1 Tablespoon Lime Juice
2 Teaspoons Sugar

Mix all ingredients together and store in an airtight container in the fridge.  

          Chocolate Raspberry Baskets        

Dimensions: 59" x 69"

          ã€2016年圣诞特辑】Station One推出豪华圣诞套餐!有鸡扒、羊扒和鱼扒,超丰富!Station One Christmas Combo        
今年Station One推出的圣诞套餐实在太壮观啦,可供4个人一起享用哦! 有来过Pandan Indah的话,一定会对这里的Station One Vintage留下印象,因为这家分店的设计很特别,走的是Vintage复古风,和朋友在这里喝酒聊天,特别有Feel! ❤充满美国Style的复古设计! 一走进来,就给人很美国的感觉,真的很有复古Feel哦~ 每周四、五和六晚上9pm到12am,这里都会有民歌表演,特别热闹! 还有楼上,设计同样充满了美国的复古情调,很适合举办私人聚会或派对 还有Darts可以玩哦! ❤全城唯一Hoegaarden Draught Beer! 这家店也是全Pandan Indah唯一提供Hoegaarden Draught Beer的餐厅! 很多人特地来这里,就是为了喝新鲜到不行的Hoegaarden啤酒! ❤超豪华Christmas Combo套餐来啦! 还有两个礼拜就要过圣诞了!Station One特别推出适合4人共享的Christmas Combo套餐,真的非常壮观,价格只要RM98++,分下来,一个人才RM24.50++而已 饮料有4杯Lime Fizz,味道有点像Mojito,很清新解渴! 还有Raspberry冰淇淋! 主菜是很丰富肉扒拼盘,有鸡扒、羊扒和鱼扒,旁边还搭配各种新鲜的蔬菜沙拉、玉米和炸马铃薯 一整只大鸡腿,烤得好香! 涂了Garlic Honey的羊扒,口感很嫩,味道很特别 一大块香煎三文鱼,真的很丰富! ❤个人圣诞烤鸡套餐! 上面的大拼盘是给4个人享用的,如果比较少人,也不用担心,因为还有个人圣诞套餐可以选,是Rosemary烤鸡,一份RM38++ 套餐包含芒果冰淇淋饮料(Mango Cream with Float),里面还可以喝到西米露哦! 还有Raspberry冰淇淋和蘑菇汤,超丰富! ❤热腾腾的味鼎锅! 最近天气转凉,Station One也推出了热腾腾的火锅面!这是药材鸡面锅(Herbal Chicken Noodle Pot),一锅RM33++ 里面有一整只大鸡腿哦! 汤是药材汤,冷天喝这个,特别畅快! 这是海鲜面锅(Seafood Noodle Pot),有虾和苏冬,搭配伊面,相当丰富呢,一锅RM36++ 今年圣诞还没有什么plan的话,可以到Station One来听听歌,吃丰盛的圣诞大餐哦!想要订二楼的场地来办活动的话,也欢迎致电03-4292 8688 【餐厅资讯】 Station […]
          Raspberry Ketones        
Raspberry Ketones
          Vegan MoFo, Day 1: Cobbler        

Hello readers! Vegan MoFo is upon us and I am going to do my darnedest to post every day. A very rough sketch of my posting plan:

Monday: Random!

Tuesday: Tidbit Tuesday. A new food cart pod called Tidbit has opened practically on my doorstep and there is so much vegan stuff! I see this as my opportunity to become a Tidbit Expert.

Wednesday: What I ate Wednesday! Because, duh, it's easy and you can see the vast amount of food I consume on a daily basis.

Thursday: Travelogue USA. I've been to St. Louis, NYC, Ogden, Austin, and San Diego since we last spoke! Let's talk good ol' Americana food.

Friday: A Vegan in Spain.

Saturday: Cookbooks! I kinda just want to explore my silly amount of cookbooks more.

Sunday: Baking Spree!

So, let's start this random posting off right, yeah? My coworkers put together a Labor Day potluck and I was too lazy to prepare anything the day before, which was my day off. Isa Does It to the rescue! I made the peach raspberry cobbler just 90 minutes before I had to leave for work, subbing cherries for peaches and shortening for coconut oil. The plate was gone in half an hour. I have exactly one vegan coworker and she got the very first bite. Deeeeelicious.

          Vegan Month of Food, Day 1.         

Hello vegans and vegan lovers!

It's so great to be hitting Vegan Mofo time again. I feel so inspired by the community to cook and bake such wonderful and new things. This year, I don't really have a plan for posting, but that could change! Watch out, world!

So, as I mentioned before, I started a new job at an airline. This has proven to be the craziest summer I can ever remember, and I've some crazy ones! I'm planning on taking full advantage of my flight benefits this month and taking my husband to San Francisco for our fifth (!!!) wedding anniversary. Of course, I will be posting lots of photos of the delicious things we plan on hitting up.

For now, though, I thought I'd share a couple random photos I found in my phone. What is Vegan MoFo if not random sometimes?

First, Hood & Portland to Coast, one of the most awesome running/walking relays in the USA, took place last weekend. This is my second year participating and I just love it so much. A teammate baked me my own personal size vegan marionberry crumble!! I snacked on this thing after all my legs and it was the best.

Sometimes I forget to pack a lunch for work. Well, it's more that I have to get up at the ungodly hour of 2:30 or 3am and have no desire to cook the night before in this unseasonal heatwave Portland has been experiencing. By "heatwave" I mean "stupid hot thick humid times." When I forget lunch, there are some awesome options at PDX I can turn to, like Elephant's Deli, who recently had a vegan quinoa curry bowl. They also carry this vegan chocolate mousse that is TO DIE FOR.

My husband and I recently hit up Sen Yai, a new outpost of the Pok Pok empire right down the street from our to Pok Pok. Jeff was not impressed by the food he ordered OR the service, but I loved my dish, which was called Suki Haeng and is available vegan. I don't know what was in that sauce, but holy crap it was good.

The other day, a friend and I hit up Fire on the Mountain for their "Mountainfest," which we assumed meant beer festival but actually just meant live music and pints outside. The thing about FOTM that makes them super awesome? They make vegan wings. VEGAN. WINGS. They are a delicious baked seitan concoction. So, I had them with raspberry habenero sauce and they were delicious. Also, beer. The wings are so much better than the beer.
Thanks for reading! Tune in tomorrow!

          SCARLET Ladies EE Wide Faux Fur Mule Slippers Grey        
SCARLET Ladies EE Wide Faux Fur Mule Slippers Grey

SCARLET Ladies EE Wide Faux Fur Mule Slippers Grey

Ladies Heeled Mule Slippers Extra Wide Fitting Elegant 1.5" Wedge Heel Anti-Slip Sole For Extra Grip Comfort Memory Foam Sock Available in: Raspberry, Navy, Grey

          SCARLET Ladies Faux Fur Mule Slippers Navy        
SCARLET Ladies Faux Fur Mule Slippers Navy

SCARLET Ladies Faux Fur Mule Slippers Navy

Ladies Heeled Mule Slippers Extra Wide Fitting Elegant 1.5" Wedge Heel Anti-Slip Sole For Extra Grip Comfort Memory Foam Sock Available in: Raspberry, Navy, Grey

          SCARLET Ladies Faux Fur Mule Slippers Raspberry        
SCARLET Ladies Faux Fur Mule Slippers Raspberry

SCARLET Ladies Faux Fur Mule Slippers Raspberry

Ladies Heeled Mule Slippers Extra Wide Fitting Elegant 1.5" Wedge Heel Anti-Slip Sole For Extra Grip Comfort Memory Foam Sock Available in: Raspberry, Navy, Grey

          Comment on Raspberry Pi 3 as desktop computer by Links 7/3/2017: Linux 4.11 RC1, ROSA Fresh R8.1 | Techrights        
[…] Raspberry Pi 3 as desktop computer […]
          Berry Pickers Required        
We are recruiting strawberry and raspberry pickers to join our farm located in Pemberton, WA. Former experience not required, however the position is highly labour intensive with long hours working in hot conditions... &nbsp; Kindly apply o
          Envoi de SMS par le RaspberryPi - doudy        

@ Guillaume T.
Tu as trouvé une solution ?
J'ai le même soucis...
Depuis 2015 !

          Minitel et Raspberry - turbolax        

Bonjour, je suis très intéressé par votre article.
J'ai pu mettre la main sur un câble USB-Port COM, pourriez-vous m'indiquer sur quelles bornes de la fiche port com je dois prendre les mesures de tension ? Ou peu-etre me trompe-je d'endroit ?
Je n'ai pas votre petit appareil USB avec ecran LCD, juste un voltmètre.
Merci d'avance et bonne continuation.

          Domotisation d'une chaudière avec le RaspberryPi - Yannick        

Merci Hakem pour ton retour.
Tiens nous au courant dans les commentaires du résultat :)

          A Little Perspective!        

In all my 20 plus years of experience, I've NEVER had this happen before...

Went to get some pizza sauce from the pantry only to discover some of the jars had unsealed. So, out they went since I had no idea how long they were that way.

Went down a little later that day and what'd ya know... more unsealed jars. WHAT?!
By the next morning, I had thrown out 15 jars *ouch*!

There was no more deciding what to do with the ripe tomatoes sitting on my counter.

Fast forward a few days - Les and I were out late last Saturday afternoon trying to finish up some errands when my phone rang...