Lost At Sea: The Jon Ronson Mysteries        
Lost At Sea: The Jon Ronson Mysteries
author: Jon Ronson
name: Marisa
average rating: 3.95
book published: 2012
rating: 4
read at: 2015/06/10
date added: 2015/06/10
It's a good sign of a great writer when it doesn't really matter to the reader the subject they are writing covering. Jon Ronson's fantastic "Lost at Sea" explores varying non-fiction stories from the disappearance of a crew member on a Disney cruise ship, psychics, the wealth gap, credit card predatory practices and the new popularity of Christianity in Britain. At first, it seems like these stories are disconnected, but the through line is Ronson. His writing is both narrative, investigative,humorous and respectful. He asks his subjects questions with a genuine curiosity! I sped through this read and would recommend to anyone looking to know more about the world and all it's interesting inhabitants.

Preparing for the Sweat Lodge

Before a journey, there is preparation. And ours, though not stretching very far (we were set to go to Mount Hermon the next day) - had a purpose of cleansing and freeing one's mind from past heartbreak - I felt a strong urge to join a sweat lodge in the neighbouring community, on the way to Jath, called Adama.

It is strange that in all my years in Canada I never entered a sweat lodge, and even stranger that my first one would be lead by someone who is not from the First Nations. But I had a good feeling about the lady leading the ceremony. She learned the traditions from teachers in the Sierra Nevada, and so the plants were very different from those I'm familiar with from the West Coast that were burnt in some ceremonies I've attended. Cedar from the Sierra Nevada mountains is a completely different tree than the redcedar I learned to associate with the West Coast incense. There were also copious amounts of copal, both white and black and at times mingled with rose, that were burnt on the hot lava rocks. We were so close to the earth, and our hearts, and the very centre of the earth. We were a group of (mostly) strangers, yet felt so together and supported, safe and connected.

It's hard to explain the process of a sweat lodge. It is all very physical, yet at the same time works so deeply on the emotional, psychic and spiritual level. It was very challenging for me to take part in it - I hate to sweat, and I suffer from heat more than most people. But it was exactly the healing, cleansing and purifying thing I had to experience at that point in time. Coming out of it was almost like being reborn into the fresh air again, with new lungs and a new heart.
          end of the year list        

Hola friends! This year Microphones were not as active as usual due to many reasons, but we still listen a lot of music and always eager to share is with other souls through this world. Here is the list of albums we love and enjoy, music that gives inspiration and peaceful feeling of the life flow. No particular order, no ranks, just good vibes delivered by amazing artist all around the globe. Enjoy!

Braeyden Jae — Fog Mirror (Whited Sepulchre)
Ant'lrd — Sleep Drive (Whited Sepulchre)
Josephine Foster — No More Lamps in the Morning (Fire America)
Deep Magic & Mohave Triangles — Split (Diatom Bath)
Matthewdavid's Mindflight — Trust the Guide and Glide (Leaving Records)
Thousand Foot Whale Claw — Cosmic Winds (Constellation Tatsu)
Gamardah Fungus — Herbs And Potions (Flaming Pines)
Cloudsound — Static Sense & Wonder Stasis (ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ)
Saåad — Verdaillon (In Paradisum)
Pandelindio & Bird People — Sporal Dispersal (Frente Al Fuego)
Les Halles — Transient + Sentient (Not Not Fun)
alineko — summer of love (ПANΘEON)
David Colohan — Hill of the Moon (Was Ist Das?)
Sarah Davachi — Dominions (Jaz Records)
David Parsons — Puja (Gterma)
Grykë Pyje — Fragments of High Sensitivity (Ikuisuus / Hyster Tapes)
Bear Bones, Lay Low — Hacia La Luz (Self-released)
Alone in the Hollow Garden — Receiving the 17 Daggers of Light (Self-released)
SONM — embody (Pearly Snowdrift)
Mathias Grassow & Closing The Eternity — Untitled tape (ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ)
Directorsound — Sun Suites For a Rising Moon (ШАΛАШ)
Useless — HEXA (Terminal Dream)
TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL — 植物波 - p l a n t w a v e (Adhesive Sounds)
Hong Kong Express — Hong Kong Express (TKX)
Hybrid Palms — Pacific Image (Sounds of the Dawn)
Lunaria — All is Dream (Sounds of the Dawn)
Julia Bloop — Bllop (Rotifer Cassettes)
Guenter Schlienz — Augenblicke (Sacred Phrases)
Guenter Schlienz ‎— Book of Dreams (Cosmic Winnetou)
Mårble — Looking for Marine Iguana (Echotourist)
Rod Hamilton and Tiffany Seal — Versatile Ambience (Ehse Records)
555 — Thee Omega Seed (MJMJ Records)
Kyle Landstra — Variables of Resolve (Moog Music)
Sunmoonstar & Inner Travels — Split tape (Scenic Rhythms)
Inner Travels — Clear Seeing (Inner Islands)
More Future Suffering — Self-titled (Winter Sea Label)
You C + Foresteppe — Seven Sleepers (ШАΛАШ)
A.Shark — 45 (Ominor Records)
Stag Hare — Velvet & Bone (Inner Islands)
Channelers — Space Makes Clearing (Inner Islands)
Ashan — Death is the New Life (Heavy Mess)
Sister Grotto — Blindside (Heavy Mess)
Eva Geist — Äquator System (Elestial Sound)
Tuluum Shimmering — Where the Turquoise Spring Sings Among Pebbles (Self-released)
Sun Cycles — It Cuts the Plow Reins (Psychic Troubles Tapes)
Paa Annandalii — Cavernous Fruits (Rotifer) 
Bird People — Down of the Hamsa (Eiderdown)
Чайник Болотных Богов — Гранатовый Сон (GV Sound)
Matthew Barlow — Sound Meditations (Sounds of the Dawn)
Jöns — Music For Euronews (Strategic Tape Reserve)

Support the artists and the labels, share music with friends, play your favourite tapes to Christmas tree!
Have a great year ahead! We wish you love & good vibes!

~ sincerely yours, microphones in the the trees team ~ 

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          Sally Morgan’s fans react to her apologising for her husband        
It’s not been a good week for Sally Morgan, otherwise known as Britain’s best loved psychic. A video has emerged where skeptic campaigner Mark Tilbrook is confronted by Sally’s husband and tour manager John Morgan, and later her son-in-law and tour manager Daren. If you are going to watch the video below then brace yourself, it’s pretty nasty ...
          Psychic Scams        


Headline: Psychic Scams

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          Greenwich psychic indicted in NYC forgery, ID theft case        


Headline: Greenwich psychic indicted in NYC forgery, ID theft case

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          Blog Post: Beyond: Two Souls A Game Unlike Any Other         

Going in to Beyond: Two Souls I wasn't sure to what to expect. Since its release in October I've heard a multitude of opinions, most of which have been polarizing and often times contradicting. At the time many renowned journalist and gamers alike gave Beyond: Two Souls unimpressive scores, while others vehemently sang its praises. Some have told me to "stay away from it", that it's "not much of a game". Yet some of my friends have told me that it's "dope" and an "unforgettable experience". Why so many opposing opinions? I suppose it could all be chalked up to personal preference. That being said, while my review may not serve as that needed guiding light amidst the sea of confusion I will try my best to provide an unbiased and accurate account of what I've experienced.


What is Beyond: Two Souls

To sum it up briefly for those who may be unfamiliar with the title, Beyond: Two Souls is an interactive drama game release October 8th 2013, that revolves around a protagonist by the name of Jodie played by none other than Ellen Page, and the mysterious spirit attached to her. The game spans a whopping 15 years, chronicling Jodie's journey through life all the while being bound to inexplicable entity. Among Ellen Page, the all-star cast consists of big name stars such as William Dafoe and Kadeem Hardison.



Let us start with the narrative. Beyond: Two Souls is a game whose narrative could be best described as surreptitious. The lack of a consistent chronological order results in a cryptic timeline left for the player to decode and the load screens to piece together. Even after finishing the game there are still a few sequences whose proper order I am uncertain of. Might this be frustrating? For some players yes, indeed it was. For me, overall I found it challenging and suspenseful. Not knowing what would come next and seeing how an event in Jodie's adolescence connected to an occurrence in her childhood was an exciting experience. The absence of a coherent passage of time makes the decisions you make all the more difficult. You are not only without knowledge of how these decisions may affect your future but you are also without knowledge of past events in Jodie's life, leaving you with no guide on how to approach her current situation. This strange choice in storytelling makes for an interesting scenario when making important choices and leaves you open to unknowingly creating a less desirable outcome for yourself. Even still, if you do not find Quantic Dream's attempt at raising the stakes to be a justifiable enough reason to dismember and dishevel the storyline you can at least take solace in knowing that the cause of such a peculiar approach to the games narrative is explained at the end of the game making it less out of place than it may initially seem.

Moving away from the confusing sequence of events, Beyond: Two Souls does an excellent job of making you feel for the protagonist and even some of the side characters. Scenes of a helpless and forsaken child, the struggles of the lost and demoralized homeless, and the almost constant looming presence of death all make for blockbuster worthy tearjerkers. There may even be moments when you're shouting at your TV screen, or times when you sit in utter silence reflecting on the severity of Jodie's predicament. Whatever you reaction may be one thing is for certain, you will have a reaction. Quantic Dream absolutely went out of their way to make the player feel and it's one trophy they've most certainly earned.



The graphics in Beyond: Two Souls are breathtaking! They are probably the best PlayStation 3 graphics that I've seen to date.  While Beyond: Two Souls doesn't perfectly nail Nikon quality realism there were times that I had to double take because the facial shots looked so realistic. If you thought Heavy Rain's graphics were incredible then it's safe to say that you'll be blown away by those of Beyond: Two Souls. Even small particles at times appear with perfect clarity, something that not many game developers have been able execute. However, even though Beyond: Two Souls flawlessly pulls off facial graphics at times the remainder of a characters body can appear stiff and generic. While this is not a persistent issue, it does exist and it's one I'd like to see resolved in future Quantic Dream productions.



One of the biggest arguments against Beyond: Two Souls is that it lacks gameplay. I believe that the correct argument would be to say that it lacks traditional gameplay. Beyond: Two Souls consists of a mixture of simple motions and Quick Time Events with a tad bit of strategic button pressing. You can fight a host of enemies in hand to hand combat, stealthily move about rooftops to avoid potential combatants, send your tethered soul Aiden off to wreak havoc, use your psychic prowess to see in to the windows of the past, or even just use the controls to pick up your favorite stuffed animal. The reality is there is more that you can do, than there is that you can't do. Given the cocktail of ways to approach the environment it almost doesn't make since to insinuate that there is no gameplay. I think the problem for some people is not so much the lack of gameplay but the inability to spontaneously choose how to interact with the environment. In some situations you'll simply be able to use the controls to navigate Jodie or Aiden and examine items. There are even some instances where you are even restricted in which soul (either Jodie or Aiden) that you can use. Overall no game is one hundred percent freedom of choice, however the gameplay in Beyond: Two Souls is indeed heavily scripted and for some such rigorous linearity can become trite and mundane.



I cannot speak of the gameplay without speaking of the controls. The controls were by far my biggest and perhaps only serious issue that I have with Beyond: Two Souls. They made the gameplay down right painful at times. I cannot begin to tell you how often I found myself repeatedly walking in and out of the same door frame simply because I could not master the ability to move with the camera. But the changing camera angles aren't the only reason I had difficulty. In the fight scenes and QTE's you are tasked with reading Jodie's body movement and in response you are supposed to move in the direction that she moves. The issue is that I often couldn't tell where she was moving! Just as I would think I've finally got things down packed she'd move in a way I just couldn't quite decipher and everything would begin to go downhill from there. I believe that it's safe to say that if Beyond: Two Souls wasn't such a linear game the poor control scheme would have resulted in many a "Game Over" screens. As I've only played Beyond: Two Souls all the way through once I can't say with certainty as to whether or not your  performance in the fight scenes really makes a difference to the story or not, but if by chance it does that is all the more reason to dislike the poor controls. Luckily, the storyline progresses whether you perfectly completed a fight scene or not, however that does not excuse the iffy control scheme!


So what's the verdict?

Overall I would say that Beyond: Two Souls is a great game! The storyline is interesting and at times extremely moving. The decisions, while sometimes seemingly insignificant are weighty and challenging in terms of predicting the resulting outcome. The graphics are superb and almost always unfaltering. And the gameplay, while frustrating to some is different and innovative to others. However the control scheme is at times abysmal and has a tendency to consistently negatively affect gameplay. And as well written as the game is, and as much as it makes you feel for Jodie, there are other characters whose purpose you'll be left pondering as they are immediately made irrelevant by a shift in the timeline, and most often in my experience never revisited. Beyond: Two Souls is most certainly a great game but it is not without its flaws. Because of this, I would give it an 8 out of 10. However, due of the variations in every individuals personal preference it is a game that I recommend everyone to go play and see for themselves. 

          trucos pokemon oro y plata (solo español)        
buscas!1) Este es el código: 01XXEDD02) Reemplaza las XX por el número del Pokémon que buscas.Cuidado: ¡puede borrar tu partida!
01 - Bulbasaur 02 - Ivysaur 03 - Venusaur 04 - Charmander 05 - Charmeleon 06 - Charizard 07 - Squirtle 08 - Wartortle 09 - Blastoise 0A - Caterpie 0B - Metapod 0C - Butterfree 0D - Weedle 0E - Kakuna 0F - Beedrill 10 - Pidgey 11 - Pidgeotto 12 - Pidgeot 13 - Rattata 14 - Raticate 15 - Spearow 16 - Fearow 17 - Ekans 18 - Arbok 19 - Pikachu 1A - Raichu 1B - Sandshrew 1C - Sandslash 1D - Nidoran F 1E - Nidorina 1F - Nidoqueen 20 - Nidoran M 21 - Nidorino 22 - Nidoking 23 - Clefairy 24 - Clefable 25 - Vulpix 26 - Ninetales 27 - Jigglypuff 28 - Wigglytuff 29 - Zubat 2A - Golbat 2B - Oddish 2C - Gloom 2D - Vileplume 2E - Paras 2F - Parasect 30 - Venonat 31 - Venomoth 32 - Diglett 33 - Dugtrio 34 - Meowth 35 - Persian 36 - Psyduck 37 - Golduck 38 - Mankey 39 - Primeape 3A - Growlithe 3B - Arcanine 3C - Poliwag 3D - Poliwhirl 3E - Poliwrath 3F - Abra 40 - Kadabra 41 - Alakazam 42 - Machop 43 - Machoke 44 - Machamp 45 - Bellsprout 46 - Weepinbell 47 - Victreebel 48 - Tentacool 49 - Tentacruel 4A - Geodude 4B - Graveler 4C - Golem 4D - Ponyta 4E - Rapidash 4F - Slowpoke 50 - Slowbro 51 - Magnemite 52 - Magneton 53 - Farfetch'd 54 - Doduo
55 - Dodrio 56 - Seel 57 - Dewgong 58 - Grimer 59 - Muk 5A - Shellder 5B - Cloyster 5C - Gastly 5D - Haunter 5E - Gengar 5F - Onix 60 - Drowzee 61 - Hypno 62 - Krabby 63 - Kingler 64 - Voltorb 65 - Electrode 66 - Exeggcute 67 - Exeggutor 68 - Cubone 69 - Marowak 6A - Hitmonlee 6B - Hitmonchan 6C - Lickitung 6D - Koffing 6E - Weezing 6F - Rhyhorn 70 - Rhydon 71 - Chansey 72 - Tangela 73 - Kangaskhan 74 - Horsea 75 - Seadra 76 - Goldeen 77 - Seaking 78 - Staryu 79 - Starmie 7A - Mr - Mime 7B - Scyther 7C - Jynx 7D - Electabuzz 7E - Magmar 7F - Pinsir 80 - Tauros 81 - Magikarp 82 - Gyarados 83 - Lapras 84 - Ditto 85 - Eevee 86 - Vaporeon 87 - Jolteon 88 - Flareon 89 - Porygon 8A - Omanyte 8B - Omastar 8C - Kabuto 8D - Kabutops 8E - Aerodactyl 8F - Snorlax 90 - Articuno 91 - Zapdos 92 - Moltres 93 - Dratini 94 - Dragonair 95 - Dragonite 96 - Mewtwo 97 - Mew 98 - Chicorita 99 - Bayleaf 9A - Meganium 9B - Cyndaquil 9C - Quilava 9D - Typhlosion 9E - Totodile 9F - Croconaw A0 - Feligatr A1 - Sentret A2 - Furret A3 - Hoothoot A4 - Noctowl A5 - Ledyba A6 - Ledian A7 - Spinarak A8 - Ariados
A9 - Crobat AA - Chinchou AB - Latern AC - Pichu AD - Cleffa AE - Igglybuff AF - Togepi B0 - Togetic B1 - Natu B2 - Xatu B3 - Mareep B4 - Flaaffy B5 - Ampharos B6 - Bellossom B7 - Marill B8 - Azumarill B9 - Sudowoodo BA - Politoed BB - Hoppip BC - Skiploom BD - Jumpluff BE - Aipom BF - Sunkern C0 - Sunflora C1 - Yanma C2 - Wooper C3 - Quagsire C4 - Espeon C5 - Umbreon C6 - Murkrow C7 - Slowking C8 - Misdreavus C9 - Unown CA - Wobbuffet CB - Girafarig CC - Pineco CD - Forretress CE - Dunsparce CF - Gligar D0 - Steelix D1 - Snubbull D2 - Granbull D3 - Qwilfish D4 - Scizor D5 - Shuckle D6 - Heracross D7 - Sneasel D8 - Teddiursa D9 - Ursaring DA - Slugma DB - Magcargo DC - Swinub DD - Piloswine DE - Corsola DF - Remoraid E0 - Octillery E1 - Delibird E2 - Maintain E3 - Skarmory E4 - Houndour E5 - Houndoom E6 - Kingdra E7 - Phanpy E8 - Donphan E9 - Porygon 2 EA - Stantler EB - Smeargle EC - Tyrogue ED - Hitmontop EE - Smoochum EF - Elekid F0 - Magby F1 - Miltank F2 - Blissey F3 - Raikou F4 - Entei F5 - Suicune F6 - Larvitar F7 - Pupitar F8 - Tyranitar F9 - Lugia FA - Ho-oh FB - CelebiModificar los ataques de tus Pokémon1) Estos son los códigos:Primer ataque: 01XX2CDASegundo ataque: 01XX2DDATercer ataque: 01XX2EDACuarto ataque: 01XX2FDA2) Mueve el Pokémon que buscas en la primera posición3) Reemplaza las XX por el ataque que buscas.¡Cuidado!: Puede borrar tu partida
01 - Pound02 - Karate Chop03 - Double Slap04 - Comet Punch05 - Mega Punch06 - Pay Day07 - Fire Punch08 - Ice Punch09 - Thunder Punch0A - Scratch0B - Vicegrip0C - Guillotine0D - Razor Wind0E - Swords Dance0F - Cut10 - Gust11 - Wing Attack12 - Whirlwind13 - Fly14 - Bind15 - Headbutt16 - Vinewhip17 - Stomp18 - Double Kick19 - Mega Kick1A - Jump Kick1B - Rolling Kick1C - Sand Attack1D - Slam1E - Horn Attack1F - Fury Attack20 - Horn Drill21 - Tackle22 - Body Slam23 - Wrap24 - Take Down25 - Thrash26 - Double-Edge27 - Tail Whip28 - Poison Sting29 - Twineedle2A - Pin Missle2B - Leer2C - Bite2D - Growl2E - Roar2F - Sing30 - Supersonic31 - Sonic Boom32 - Disable33 - Acid34 - Ember35 - Flamethrower36 - Mist37 - Water Gun38 - Hydro Pump39 - Surf3A - Ice Beam3B - Blizzard3C - Psybeam3D - Bubblebeam3E - Aurora Beam3F - Hyper Beam40 - Peck41 - Drill Peck42 - Submission43 - Low Kick44 - Counter45 - Seismic Toss46 - Strength47 - Absorb48 - Mega Drain49 - Leech Seed4A - Growth4B - Razor Leaf4C - Solar Beam4D - Poison Powder4E - Stunspore4F - Sleep Powder50 - Petal Dance51 - String Shot52 - Dragon Rage53 - Fire Spin54 - Thundershock 55 - Thunderbolt56 - Thunder Wave
57 - Thunder58 - Rock Throw59 - Earthquake5A - Fissure5B - Dig5C - Toxic5D - Confusion5E - Psychic5F - Hyponisis60 - Meditate61 - Agility62 - Quick Attack63 - Rage64 - Teleport65 - Night Shade66 - Mimic67 - Screech68 - Double Team69 - Recover6A - Harden6B - Minimize6C - Smoke Screen6D - Confuse Ray6E - Withdraw6F - Defense Curl70 - Barrier71 - Light Screen72 - Haze73 - Reflect74 - Focus Energy75 - Bide76 - Metronome77 - Mirror Move78 - Self-Destruct79 - Egg Bomb7A - Lick7B - Smog7C - Sludge7D - Bone Club7E - Fire Blast7F - Water Fall80 - Clamp81 - Swift82 - Skull Bash83 - Spike Cannon84 - Constrict85 - Amnesia86 - Kinesis87 - Softboiled88 - Hi-Jump Kick89 - Glare8A - Dream Eater8B - Poison Gas8C - Barrage8D - Leech Life8E - Lovely Kiss8F - Sky Attack90 - Transform91 - Bubble92 - Dizzy Punch93 - Spore94 - Flash95 - Psywave96 - Splash97 - Acid Armor98 - Crab Hammer99 - Explosion9A - Fury Swipes9B - Bonemerang9C - Rest9D - Rock Slide9E - Hyper Fang9F - SharpenA0 - ConversionA1 - Tri AttackA2 - Super FangA3 - SlashA4 - SubstitueA5 - StruggleA6 - SketchA7 - Triple KickA8 - ThiefA9 - Spider WebAA - Mind ReaderAB - NightmareAC - Flame Wheel
AD - SnoreAE - CurseAF - FlailB0 - Conversion2B1 - Air BlastB2 - Cotton SporeB3 - ReversalB4 - SpiteB5 - Powder SnowB6 - ProtectB7 - Mach PunchB8 - Scary FaceB9 - Faint AttackBA - Sweet KissBB - Belly DrumBC - Sludge BombBD - Mud SlapBE - OctazookaBF - SpikesC0 - Zap CannonC1 - ForesightC2 - Destiny BondC3 - Perish SongC4 - Icy WindC5 - DetectC6 - Bone RushC7 - Lock-OnC8 - OutrageC9 - SandstormCA - Giga DrainCB - EndureCC - CharmCD - RolloutCE - False SwipeCF - SwaggerD0 - Drink MilkD1 - SparkD2 - Fury CutterD3 - Steel WingD4 - Mean LookD5 - AttractD6 - Sleep TalkD7 - Heal BellD8 - ReturnD9 - PresentDA - FrustrationDB - SafeguardDC - Pain SplitDD - Sacred FireDE - MagnitudeDF - DynamicpunchE0 - MegahornE1 - DragonbreathE2 - Baton PassE3 - EncoreE4 - PursuitE5 - Rapid SpinE6 - Sweet ScentE7 - Iron TailE8 - Metal ClawE9 - Vital ThrowEA - Morning SunEB - SynthesisEC - MoonlightED - Hidden PowerEE - Cross ChopEF - TwisterF0 - Rain DanceF1 - Sunny DayF2 - CrunchF3 - Mirror CoatF4 - Psych UpF5 - ExtremespeedF6 - AncientpowerF7 - Shadow BallF8 - Future SightF9 - Rock SmashFA - WhirlpoolFB - Beat UpSiempre combates con Pokémon especiales010719D1Siempre peleas con Pokémon machos010519D1Siempre peleas con Pokémon hembras010419D1Múltiples niveles en una batalla01XX36D1Cambio de los Pokémon salvajes1) Este es el código: 01XXFCD02) Reemplaza XX por:01 - Nivel 10A - Nivel 1019 - Nivel 2532 - Nivel 5048 - Level 7564 - Nivel 100FF - Nivel 255Oponente dormido y envenenado0100ADD7Sin batallas aleatorias01000BD2Modificadores de Items1) Ingresa estos códigos:Item 1 Modificador 01XXB8D5Infinito Item 1 0163B9D5Item 2 Modificador 01XXBAD5Infinito Item 2 0163BBD5Item 3 Modificador 01XXBCD5Infinito Item 3 0163BDD5Item 4 Modificador 01XXBED5Infinito Item 4 0163BFD5Item 5 Modificador 01XXC0D5Infinito Item 5 0163C1D5Item 6 Modificador 01XXC2D5Infinito Item 6 0163C3D5Item 7 Modificador 01XXC4D5Infinito Item 7 0163C5D5Item 8 Modificador 01XXC6D5Infinito Item 8 0163C7D5Item 9 Modificador 01XXC8D5Infinito Item 9 0163C9D5Item 10 Modificador 01XXCAD5Infinito Item 10 0163CBD5Item 11 Modificador 01XXCCD5Infinito Item 11 0163CDD5Item 12 Modificador 01XXCED5Infinito Item 12 0163CFD5Item 13 Modificador 01XXD0D5Infinito Item 13 0163D1D5Item 14 Modificador 01XXD2D5Infinito Item 14 0163D3D5Item 15 Modificador 01XXD4D5Infinito Item 15 0163D5D5Pokéball Modificador Slot 1 01XXFDD5Infinito Pokéball Slot 1 0163FED5Infinito TM Slot 1 01638FD52) Reemplaza XX Por alguno de estos códigos (Items):
91 - TM33 ICE PUNCH 92 - TM34 SWAGGER 93 - TM35 SLEEP TALK 94 - TM36 SLUDGE BOMB 95 - TM37 SANDSTORM 96 - TM38 FIRE BLAST 97 - TM39 SWIFT 98 - TM40 DEFENSE CURL 99 - TM41 THUNDERPUNCH 9A - TM42 DREAM EATER 9B - TM43 DETECT 9C - TM44 REST 9D - TM45 ATTRACT 9E - TM46 THIEF 9F - TM47 STEEL WING A0 - TM48 FIRE PUNCH A1 - TM49 FURY CUTTER A2 - TM50 NIGHTMAREModificador de dia:1) Este es el código: 01XXDCD12) Reemplaza XX por:Lunes 00 - Martes 01 - Miercoles 02 Jueves 03 - Viernes 04 - Sábado 05 - Domingo 06Modificador de horarios:1) Este es el código: 01XXDDD12)Reemplaza XX por:Noche6 PM 12 - 7 PM 13 - 8 PM 14 - 9 PM 15 - 10 PM 16 11 PM 17 - 12 AM 00 - 1 AM 01 - 2 AM 02 - 3 AM 03Mañana4 AM 04 - 5 AM 05 - 6 AM 06 7 AM 07 - 8 AM 08 - 9 AM 09Día10 PM 0A - 11 AM 0B - 12 PM 0C - 1 PM 0D 2 PM 0E - 3 PM 0F - 4 PM 10 - 5 PM 11Modificador de Minutos1) Estos son los códigos: 01XXDED1 - 01XXDFD12) Reemplaza XX por: 0 00 - 1 01 - 2 02 - 3 03 - 4 045 05 - 6 06 - 7 07 - 8 08 - 9 09
          seccion trucos        
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82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 662DB4A0150278A5
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 4A44AC2ED6B438D5
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 1D47A9C60524F0F7
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 C4741BAE97124E11
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 7D2A47BB332D52F3
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 B5B5FCBBCFCC8751
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 B5A578B46F1B591B
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 0A70DC5617BA6B8E
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 528A0B971B7D1DB1
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 145A57F6ADDF1B3A
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 944B4BE8D05C678B
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 CA8B36FCDF163AA9
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 7CAD36227FCCA6ED
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 23DAFA415B1ADBC8
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 A87F5761834F0FF9
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 2E666CF332395439
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 601F8154A460B6A7
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 8C5DE8C8A33E9D88
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 359F51861F36099C
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 BD8E35D5CF92A431
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 72F95810DB6FB4EF
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 4E39C71B8B168004
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 A587A72ACAA20267
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 D884D95282F6FD48
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 B02489453BC0030F
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 2BE7AED3B9751EC5
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 CB8E1E838A0B06FF
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 299CE04B43341CDD
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 21F8BC366CC818B7
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 8F6C9E12CB96CE33
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 179DCADEC474D278
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 53D971FF007FAAEB
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 5669AB79CAF18B71
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 6D88B6F968D141AB
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 FBC061A9072FC320
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 C07D2D075B6C82F2
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 9B8D1405198957C8
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 9EFEC4E6F24D5813
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 D4EFF5BB1311E2E8
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 EA64214226D6E5A6
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 79870CB095729832
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 4BEFDC30B4192001
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 61DBEB9F92DBFA58
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 2D5A7BBB525EF393
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 67E17F195D6EDD71
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 A20A4542D79124D0
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 372CE7DBA9C8EB5E
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 938CB852F9BB4D41
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 E1F4794A887F06BF
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 3A4F2D33CBF5A1B4
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 29BA2D42D510FFBA
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 BB6A3047431DFCFF
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 FC8A82EA704658D9
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 85B4AF9A41D7B768
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 E9D1D48800D975CA
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 E62FCE6B99A4823D
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 72B850FD79DE57D2
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 37A90703F49DE0B4
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 8F700F622CA08221
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 AC9122B26257AAE0
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 2E05069411BC05B3
Nidoran H
Nidoran M
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 55513D199B3DE2D4
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 957DE792C4607DA8
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 C446CE3B97CD0DC3
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 D2583A425BE8CB0E
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 189F92E1D21F4478
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 1DB3DE68672324D6
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 84F628669F914B8B
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 99A5DB56D3F68AE7
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 CA880BEE01C3CE5E
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 C5946A0E65BE02B0
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 6F5F7F3EFEA00143
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 CE51186D3686F6D2
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 349C482149728D68
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 B0DA39C505276564
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 17592A4C2C72F873
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 F683728DA1CB7A38
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 5157CACF5EB25845
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 CE85182FFEAF53F9
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 DB37D9E1B8BA4066
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 6E2ED8A024431D98
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 C62B84580FC8B29A
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 665C2F42369D779C
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 5CFB59B9D08C1A10
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 8DC39BCF3F710E3E
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 C5FFADC845F66362
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 5DBF2FCF30E8F421
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 8183477EE90ADD46
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 D7DF0A988D70EB4D
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 2B48952F978365BD
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 0F8A29BA2C2D1529
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 2817970AE0F6D0E4
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 D2CE7A4B797F7E89
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 D4515AC17C2BD132
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 8EA4FCB93A913D4D
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 C246C624FDB5125D
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 0DA20954262C11C0
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 0A68434581A60674
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 B8C7D72F087B6595
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 1DA4F7E6F247F39A
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 451597F6A1578DD9
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 F85BC8EB7CF30E57
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 F406B3200DAA38F6
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 5BAE22AD8F7D3013
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 0BB19CBCFA943A3E
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 007CC3331A7F8A4A
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 B3EE281789EA6EFC
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 BC71207B319D605F
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 6870774EDCCF5C26
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 A36ED36F10EDDF89
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 C6B2B1226711B417
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 B964DDC53615D4B1
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 D521BFDAF306CE43
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 BB0893DA002DE3DF
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 C3DA6AFF0F7B7083
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 8CEF1F80060461DD
82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149 CBA3EA0392726DCC
Para cambiar los movimientos hay que dirigirse al tutor de Pueblo Pardal y llevar Esc. corazón por cada movimiento que se desee elegir. Los códigos funcionan para las versiones en inglés y en español.
Acid armor
Aerial ace
Air cutter
Arm thrust
Aurora beam
Baton pass
Beat up
Blast burn
Blaze kick
Body slam
Bone club
Bone rush
Brick break
Bulk up
Bullet seed
Calm mind
Comet punch
Confuse ray
Conversion 2
Cosmic power
Cotton spore
Cross chop
Crush claw
Defense curl
Destiny bond
Dizzy punch
Doom desire
Double kick
Double team
Dragon claw
Dragon dance
Dragon rage
Dream eater
Drill peck
Egg Bomb
Faint attack
Fake out
Fake tears
False swipe
Fire blast
Fire punch
Fire spin
Flame wheel
Focus energy
Focus punch
Follow me
Frenzy plant
Fury attack
Fury cutter
Fury swipes
Future sight
Giga drain
Heal bell
Heat wave
Helping hand
Hi jump kick
Hidden power
Horn attack
Horn drill
Hydro cannon
Hydro pump
Hyper beam
Hyper fang
Hyper voice
Ice ball
Ice beam
Ice punch
Icicle spear
Icy wind
Iron defense
Iron tail
Jump kick
Karate chop
Knock off
Leaf blade
Leech life
Leech seed
Light screen
Lovely kiss
Low kick
Luster purge
Mach punch
Magic coat
Magical leaf
Mean look
Mega drain
Mega kick
Mega punch
Metal claw
Metal sound
Meteor mash
Milk drink
Mind reader
Mirror coat
Mirror move
Mist ball
Morning sun
Mud shot
Mud sport
Muddy water
Nature power
Needle arm
Night shade
Odor sleuth
Pain split
Pay day
Perish song
Petal dance
Pin missile
Poison fang
Poison gas
Poison sting
Poison tail
Powder snow
Psych up
Psycho boost
Quick attack
Rain dance
Rapid spin
Razor leaf
Razor wind
Rock blast
Rock slide
Rock smash
Rock throw
Rock tomb
Role play
Rolling kick
Sacred fire
Sand tomb
Scary face
Secret power
Seismic toss
Shadow ball
Shadow punch
Sheer cold
Shock wave
Signal beam
Silver wind
Skill swap
Skull bash
Sky attack
Sky uppercut
Slack off
Sleep powder
Sleep talk
Sludge bomb
Spider web
Spike cannon
Spit up
Steel wing
String shot
Stun spore
Sunny day
Super fang
Sweet kiss
Sweet scent
Swords dance
Tail glow
Tail whip
Take down
Teeter dance
Thunder wave
Tri attack
Triple kick
Vine whip
Vital throw
Volt tackle
Water gun
Water pulse
Water sport
Water spout
Weather ball
Wing attack
Zap cannon
El código elegido incorporará el objeto en el primer lugar de la lista de la sección objetos de la mochila. Los sharks funcionan para las versiones en inglés y en español.
Acro bike
Aguav berry
Amulet coin
Apicot berry
Aspear berry
Basement key
Bead mail
Belue berry
Berry juice
Big mushroom
Big pearl
Black belt
Black flute
Bluck berry
Blue flute
Blue orb
Blue scarf
Blue shard
Burn heal
Cheri berry
Chesto berry
Choice band
Claw fossil
Cleanse tag
Coin case
Contest pass
Cornn berry
Devon goods
Devon scope
Dire hit
Dive ball
Dragon fang
Dragon scale
Dream mail
Durin berry
Energy powder
Energy root
Enigma berry
Eon ticket
Escape rope
Exp. share
Fab mail
Figy berry
Fire stone
Fluffy tail
Focus band
Fresh water
Full heal
Full restore
Ganlon berry
Glitter mail
Good rod
Great ball
Green scarf
Green shard
Grepa berry
Guard spec.
Harbor mail
Hard stone
Heal powder
Heart scale
HM01 Cut
HM02 Fly
HM03 Surf
HM04 Strength
HM05 Flash
HM06 Rock smash
HM07 Waterfall
HM08 Dive
Hondew berry
HP up
Hyper potion
Iapapa berry
Ice heal
Kelpsy berry
King's rock
Lansat berry
Lava cookie
Lax incense
Leaf stone
Lepa berry
Liechi berry
Light ball
Lucky egg
Lucky punch
Lum berry
Luxury ball
Mach bike
Macho brace
Mago berry
Magost berry
Master ball
Max elixir
Max ether
Max potion
Max repel
Max revive
Mech mail
Mental herb
Metal coat
Metal powder
Miracle seed
Moomoo milk
Moon stone
Mystic water
Nanab berry
Nest ball
Net ball
Nomel berry
Old rod
Oran berry
Orange mail
Pamtre berry
Parlyz heal
Pecha berry
Persim berry
Petaya berry
Pinap berry
Pink scarf
Poison barb
Poké ball
Poké doll
PokéBlock case
Pomeg berry
PP max
PP up
Premier ball
Qualot berry
Quick claw
Rabuta berry
Rare candy
Rawst berry
Razz berry
Red flute
Red orb
Red scarf
Red shard
Repeat ball
Retro mail
Revival herb
Rm. 1 key
Rm. 2 key
Rm. 4 key
Rm. 6 key
Root fossil
S.S. ticket
Sacred ash
Safari ball
Salac berry
Scope lens
Sea incense
Shadow mail
Sharp beak
Shell bell
Shoal salt
Shoal shell
Silk scarf
Sitrus berry
Smoke ball
Soda pop
Soft sand
Soot sack
Soothe bell
Soul dew
Spell tag
Spelon berry
Star piece
Starf berry
Storage key
Sun stone
Super potion
Super repel
Super rod
Thick club
Timer ball
TM01 Focus punch
TM02 Dragon claw
TM03 Water pulse
TM04 Calm mind
TM05 Roar
TM06 Toxic
TM07 Hail
TM08 Bulk up
TM09 Bullet seed
TM10 Hidden power
TM11 Sunny day
TM12 Taunt
TM13 Ice beam
TM14 Blizzard
TM15 Hyper beam
TM16 Light screen
TM17 Protect
TM18 Rain dance
TM19 Giga drain
TM20 Safeguard
TM21 Frustration
TM22 Solar beam
TM23 Iron tail
TM24 Thunderbolt
TM25 Thunder
TM26 Earthquake
TM27 Return
TM28 Dig
TM29 Psychic
TM30 Shadow ball
TM31 Brick break
TM32 Double team
TM33 Reflect
TM34 Shock wave
TM35 Flamethrower
TM36 Sludge bomb
TM37 Sandstorm
TM38 Fire blast
TM39 Rock tomb
TM40 Aerial ace
TM41 Torment
TM42 Facade
TM43 Secret power
TM44 Rest
TM45 Attract
TM46 Thief
TM47 Steel wing
TM48 Skill swap
TM49 Snatch
TM50 Overheat
Tomato berry
Tropical mail
Ultra ball
Wailmer pail
Water stone
Watmel berry
Wave mail
Wepear berry
White flute
White herb
Wiki berry
Wood mail
X accuracy
X attack
X defend
X special
X speed
Yellow flute
Yellow scarf
Yellow shard

el codigo del pokemon es siempre arriba del nombre del pokemon
          guia pokemon oro y plata        
New Bark Town
- Cherrygrove City:Bajas de tu habitación y tu mamá te dice que el profesor Elm quiere que le hagas un favor, seguidamente te entrega el Pokégear al cual hay que ingresarle el día de la semana y te explica como usar el teléfono que trae incorporado. Salir de la casa y buscar al Profesor Elm en su laboratorio. Allí te pide que visites a Mr. Pokémon por que el hizo un hallazgo interesante, entonces te ofrece un Pokémon como compañero. Los Pokémon a elegir son: Chikorita ( Hierva ), Totodile ( agua ) o Cyndaquil ( fuego ). Una vez "bautizado" tu Pokémon te dice que Mr. Pokémon vive cerca de Cherrygrove City. También te da su numero de teléfono. Antes de salir, su ayudante te regala una potion ( poción ). Tomar la ruta 29. Seguí hasta encontrar un viejo vestido de marrón, Al hablar con el te explicará que es un Centro Pokémon y un Mart ( mercado ) y algunas cosas mas, luego te dará una Mapcard ( tarjeta mapa ) para el Pokégear. Tomar la ruta 30 en la cual hay una casa donde un hombre te regala una Berry y te explica que se consiguen en los árboles. Salir de ahí y segur camino hasta la casa del Mr. Pokémon. al entrar en su casa te entrega el Mystery Egg ( huevo misterioso ) para llevarle a Elm, como el Prof. Oak también esta allí, te da el nuevo Pokédex. Al salir de la casa, Elm llama desesperado por que algo pasó en su laboratorio y te pide que vuelvas. Al llegar a donde se encontraba el viejo de marrón, un chico extraño aparece y te desafía. Seguir el camino hacia el laboratorio donde Elm y un policía te esperan, Te cuentan que el chico extraño que te desafió se robo un Pokemon del laboratorio y te preguntarán su nombre, ponle un nombre por que el será tu rival por el resto del juego. Al darle el nombre el policía se va, entonces entrega el huevo que traes para el. Después de su sorpresa, te recomendara ir al Gimnasio de Violet city. Al salir el ayudante te dará una poké ball ahora podes empezar a atrapas Pokémon camino a Violet City ( Ciudad Violeta ). Al salir del pueblo nuevamente un chico te enseñará a usar la poké ball. Caminar hasta donde se ve el cartel de la casa de Mr. Pokémon y doblar para donde se ven los entrenadores en fila. A medida que ganas batallas, al hablarle a los entrenadores algunos te pedirán tu teléfono para llamarte, algunos llamaran para tener nuevas batallas, otros llamarán para hablar solamente, otros llamarán si ven algún Pokémon raro y otros para ofrecerte ítems que encontraron por el piso. Al llegar a este punto, si no visitaste a tu mamá antes de partir como me pasó a mi, ella llamará para preguntarte si querés que guarde tu dinero, si le decís que si, ella se quedará con una fracción de lo que ganes en las batallas y con eso te comprará cosas y las pondrá en tu PC. para que las uses. Si le decís no te quedarás con toda la plata vos. NO LO PUEDO CREER, ACABA DE APARECER UN CATERPIE BRILLANTE SIN USAR NINGÚN CÓDIGO GAMESHARK!!! SERÁ LA FAMOSA BUTTERFREE ROSA??? Sigo con el juego. Al terminar la ruta 30 esta la Dark Cave ( cueva oscura ) y un par de ítems, tomar la ruta 31 hasta Violet City.Violet City:Al llegar a Violet City se puede encontrar un chico que quiere cambiar Pokémon con vos. Mas adentro está la EarlŽs Pokémon Academy ( Academia Pokémon de Earl ) donde al acercarte al pizarrón o a los libros podrás leer información sobre el juego. Pasando la academia se encuentra la Sprout Tower ( Torre Sprout ) donde en la noche se pueden encontrar Pokémon fantasma. Entrar en ella y vencer a los monjes piso por piso teniendo en cuenta los ítems del lugar. Al llegar al último piso y vencer a los monjes aparece tu rival insultando al monje mayor y se va, ahora es tu turno de enfrentarlo, al ganarle te dará HM 05 flash para iluminar las cuevas oscuras pero para usarla necesitas la Zephirbadge. Ir al gimnasio de Falkner y al vencerlo te dará la Zephyr Badge, la TM 31y la habilitación del movimiento flash. Al salir del gimnasio victorioso Elm llama por teléfono y dice que ha hecho un descubrimiento y que tenés que hablar con su ayudante en el Centro Pokémon de esa ciudad. Al entrar al centro el ayudante te pedirá que te lleves al huevo y que llames a Elm en cuanto empolle. Subir hasta la ruta 36 y pasar por la entrada / salida norte a las Ruins Of Alph ( Ruinas de los Alpes ). Entrar en el Mystery Stone Panel Chamber ( Cámara de los misteriosos Paneles de Piedra ) ahí tendrás que acomodar los paneles para que se parezcan al Pokémon que describe al costado ( un Kabuto ). Al terminar el panel, se abre el piso y caes en un salón donde aparecen esos raros Pokémon llamados Unown, al capturar 3 de ellos salir de ese salón por la escalera. Al salir un científico estará esperándote en la puerta y te arreglará tu Pokédex para ver a todos los Unown. Para usar ese Upgrade hay que: apretar start y seleccionar Pokédex ahí apretar select y podrás elegir entre el antiguo orden de los Pokémon, el nuevo orden o de A a Z y además el modo Unown. Caminar hacia la salida / entrada del este hasta la ruta 32.Violet City - Azalea Town:En la ruta 32, habla con el primer niño que encuentres el te dará la Miracle Seed ( semilla milagrosa ) que al dárselo a tener a un Pokémon hierva mejora sus ataques. Caminar hacia el sur y subir al puente, hablar con los entrenadores y darle a uno de ellos tu teléfono para algo importante. De ahí pasar por donde un tipo quiere venderte una Slowpoke tail ( cola de Slowpoke ) y si esta Frieda pedirle tu regalo ( leer los chicos de la semana ) , entrar en el Centro Pokémon y hablar con el chico de verde, el te dará la Old Rod ( caña vieja ) y seguir hasta la Union Cave ( Cueva Unión ) ahí habrá entrenadores, Pokémon de piedra e ítems en el piso. Caminar hasta salir a la ruta 33. Cerca de ahí está el Slowpoke Well ( Pozo Slowpoke ) custodiado por un Rocket, segur de largo hasta KurtŽs House ( Casa de Kurt ) en Azalea Town. Una vez en su casa, te contará que los Rocket están en el Slowpoke Well cortándole las colas a los Slowpoke para venderlas y después sale corriendo. Al llegar al pozo, el Rocket ya no está y podes bajar, ahí Kurt te dice que se lastimó bajando y no puede ayudar a los Slowpoke, por eso te pide que lo hagas por el. Al ir caminando por dentro del pozo encontrarás a los Rockets listos para pelear. Al terminar con ellos, aparecerá Kurt y te transportará a su casa y al hablar con el te regalará una Lure Ball, muy buena para Pokémon acuáticos y si agarraste un wht apricorn ( apricorn blanco ) de su patio trasero, también hará una bola con el. Ahora ir a la casa de Charcoal Kiln ( Carbón Kiln ) donde el tipo te dice que su ayudante se fue al Ilex Forest ( Bosque Ilex ) y no volvió. Al caminar hacia el Ilex Forest aparece tu rival buscando pelea. Al entrar al bosque te encontrás con el ayudante que te cuenta que su FarfetchŽd se escapó y te pide que lo busques. Al caminar un poco más adentro del bosque lo podes ver, empujarlo hasta que regrese con el ayudante. Una vez que regresó, el jefe del chico te regala la HM 01 Cut ( cortar ) para cortar los arbustos pequeños del costado del camino, pero necesitarás la medalla Colmena . Regresar al pueblo y entrar al gimnasio de Bugsy. Al vencerla te llevaras la Hive Badge, la TM 49 y podrás usar cut. Ir a la casa de Charcoal Kiln otra vez y uno de ellos te dará un charkoal que sirve para incrementar los ataques de fuego.Volver al bosque Ilex y cortar los árboles que te impiden el paso, seguir caminando hasta que encuentres a un entrenador que te regala la TM 02 Headbutt con la cual se le puede dar un cabezazo a los arbolitos para que los Pokémon durmientes caigan al piso. Seguir hasta encontrar un edificio, la chica de Butterfree te regalara la TM 12, al salir del otro lado del edificio estarás en la ruta 34 de Goldenrod City ( Ciudad Caña Dorada ).Goldenrod City - Ecruteak City:Cruza a los entrenadores y adéntrate en la ciudad. En Goldenrod City está el Day - care ( Guardería ) donde si dejas un Pokémon hembra y un macho del mismo Pokémon tendrán un huevo que empollará al igual que el que te dio Elm. También se puede dejar un Pokémon y un Ditto ya que este puede tener huevos con cualquiera. Mas allá del Day - care, está es súper mart, donde podes comprar lo que sea. No te olvides de revisar el subsuelo, tiene muchos ítems. En el 5º piso te dan el Mystery gift ( regalo misterioso ) para usar con cable link y además hay un chico que quiere intercambiar Pokémon. Al salir del súper mart anda hacia Goldenrod City Radio Tower ( Torre de Radio de Ciudad Caña Dorada ). Ahí un hombre mirará los números de I.D. de tus Pokémon intercambiados, y si salís ganador, te regalara una Master Ball, junto a el hay una chica que te hace preguntas, si las contestas bien te ganas una Radio Card ( targeta Radio ). Preguntas 1)¿ Puede el mapa del pueblo verse en el Pokégear ? SI 2) ¿ puede Nidorina se femenina solamente ? SI 3) ¿ Usa Kurt apricorn para hacer poké balls ? NO 4) ¿ Magikarp no aprende ninguna TM ? SI 5) ¿ Es Marie la compañera del prof. Oak en su programa de radio ? NO. Ahora podes escuchar la radio en la Pokégear. Salí de la radio y camina a la derecha hasta el fondo y después hacia abajo, en la primera casa encontrarás a la mujer que te dice si tus Pokémon son felices o no, y mas abajo la bicicletería, allí te darán una bici a cambio de publicidad. En el centro de la ciudad está el Goldenrod City Game Corner ( casino ) donde un hombre te cuenta que tiro su monedero en el subterráneo, pasando el casino esta la casa de Bill, donde una niña te dará su número, desde ahora cuando tu Box de Pokémon esté llena, el te llamará para advertirte. Mas abajo esta la Undergrund Entrance ( entrada subterránea ) entrar en ella. Al bajar encontrarás la peluquería para hacer felices a tus Pokémon y encontrarás el Coin Case ( monedero ) para el casino. Volver y entrar al casino para jugar un rato, podes ganar algunas TM o Pokémon. Ahora al gimnasio de Whitney, una vez que le ganas llora y no te da nada, pero al querer salir una entrenadora te para y te habla, ahora si le hablas de nuevo te da la Plain Badge y la TM 45. Mas o menos en este punto nace Togepi y hay que llamar a Elm, el cual te pide que lo vayas a ver. Antes de ir tenés que visitar las casitas a la derecha del gimnasio, en una de ellas una chica te dará la Squirtbotle ( botella salpicadora ), no te la da si no tenés la medalla de ese gimnasio. Estás listo para ir al norte. Al pasar por por ese edificio habla con el guardia de rojo, el te pedirá que le lleves un Pokémon con una nota a un tipo en la ruta 31, hacele lugar en tu grupo y llévalo. Al salir te encontrás en la ruta 35 y mas adelante la entrada del Parque, donde los martes, jueves y sábados hay un Bug Catching Contest ( concurso de atrapar bichos ). Antes de entrar al parque, doblar a la derecha, cortar el arbusto al lado del entrenador y pasar, doblar a la derecha y subir hasta donde está ese árbol raro. Al acercarte a el usa la botella y el te atacará y podrás atrapar a Sudowoodo. Una vez que el camino esté libre, caminar a la derecha y hablar con el gordito de azul que te dará la TM 08 y si es jueves, cerca de el estará Artur, al hablar con el te dará un regalo. Seguir por la ruta 36 cortando y cabeceando los arbolitos que antes no podías hasta Violet City. Andá a la ruta 31 y dale el Pokémon al tipo que está parado frente al agua, junto al arbusto. El mensaje dice que la Dark Cave se conecta con otra cueva y te dará a cambio la TM 50. Ahora que podes usar flash date una vuelta por la cueva. Antes de entrar, enséñale Rock - Smash a un Pokémon, con este ataque podes romper las piedras que bloquean el camino en la cueva. Al salir estarás en un campo verde en la ruta 46 cerca del Mountain Rd. ( camino de montaña ). Al atravesar la salida estas en la ruta 29, si es martes habla con Tuscany y ella te dará algo. Ahora estas súper cerca de New Bark Town. Al entrar al laboratorio Elm agradecido por haberle cuidado a Togepi te regala una Everstone que sirve para al dársela a un Pokémon no evolucione mientras la sostenga. Asunto terminado en New Bark, ahora podes regresar a donde estaba Sudowoodo en la ruta 37 y caminar al norte hasta Ecruteak City.Ecruteak City - Olivine City:Al entrar en el Centro Pokémon de Ecruteak aparece Bill y te cuenta sobre la Time Capsule ( cápsula del tiempo ) que sirve para traer o llevar tus Pokémon por el cable link con las versiones Red, Blue y Yellow. La primera parada es en el Ecruteak Dance Theater ( Teatro de Danzas Ecruteak ) al entrar y vencer a las cinco bailarinas, el viejo con sombrero te regalará la HM 03 surf. Salir y ir a la casita marrón al lado del gimnasio, ahí te darán el Itemfinder para encontrar la ítems que no se ven. Ahora el gimnasio. Este gimnasio tiene un piso del cual te podes caer, para que eso no te pase camina es zig-zag de entrenador a entrenador hasta llegar a Morty. al vencerlo te ganas la Fog Badge ( medalla Niebla ), la TM 30 y podrás usar surf. Al salir del gimnasio entrar la Burned Tower ( torre Quemada ) al norte de la ciudad. Al entrar en la torre aparece tu rival diciendo que vino a capturar a los Pokémon legendarios y te desafía a un combate. Al terminar, usar e Itemfinder para buscar los objetos tirados por ahí, usar el Smash - Rock para limpiar el camino, recorrer el piso superior y dejarse caer por el hoyo en el centro del lugar. Al caer te encuentras al lado de los Pokémon perros Legendarios, al acercarte a ellos saldrán corriendo para todos lados, de ahora en más ellos aparecerán en cualquier parte y será muy difícil atraparlos por que huyen muy fácilmente. Buscar en el área por ítems y nuevos Pokémon, al terminar subir por la escalera y salir. Uno de los chicos que hay por ahí, te cuenta que hay problemas en el faro de Olivine City por que el Pokémon con el que alumbraban está enfermo, como hay que ir a ver que pasa tenés que ir a Olivine. Para llegar ahí debes tomar la ruta 38 y mientras caminas, podes capturar algunos Pokémon y combatir a los otros entrenadores hasta llegar a la ruta 39. Pasando la ruta 39 está la Moomoo Farm ( Granja Mumu ) al hablar con los granjeros te van a decir que Milktank está enferma y no da más leche, al ir al establo, una de las nenas te dice que MooMoo necesita Berries, al enfrentar a Moomoo te pregunta si le das una Berry a Milktank, si tenés, daselas. Necesita 8 Berrys en total. Al curarla anda a ver a los granjeros, el te venderá Moomoo Milk que restaura el HP de un Pokémon, y ella te dará la TM 13. Salir de la granja y caminar por el corral con el Itemfinder para encontrar la pepita que hay ahí ( por la zona del centro...). Salir del corral y por la ruta 39 llegar Olivine City. Al pasar por el gimnasio de Olivine, aparecerá tu rival, solo que esta vez se marcha sin pelear. En la primera casa que se ve, un pescador te regala la Good Rod ( caña buena ). También visitar la casa vecina al Centro Pokémon, ahí un tipo te regalará la HM 04 Strength ( fuerza ) que sirve para mover bultos pesados. Salir y seguir hasta el Olivine Lighthouse ( Faro Olivine ) y entrar, paelear con los entrenadores y subir por las escaleras hasta llegar al último piso, ahí están Jasmine y Amphy, el Pokémon enfermo. Ella te pide que vayas hasta la Pharmacy ( farmacia ) en Cianwood a buscar un remedio para el Pokémon. para salir tenés que saltar a los hoyos negros. Al salir caminar hacia las casas de atrás del faro, en una de ellas un chico quiere intercambiar un Pokémon. Acercarse al agua en frente del Centro Pokémon y nadar con surf. Cruzar las aguas infestadas de Tentacool y Tentacruel pasando las cuatro islitas chicas hasta llegar a la isla más grande. Cianwood City - Olivine City:En Cianwood City podes sacarles fotos a tus Pokémon en el Cianwood City Photo Studio ( estudio fotográfico de Cianwood ), siempre que tengas una impresora para el G.B. Dirigite a la farmacia y pedí el remedio, luego andá al gimnasio de Chuck. Allí necesitarás saber el movimiento Strength para llegar a chuck. Las piedras deben moverse empujando las de los lados hacia adentro y después la del medio al costado. Al ganarle a Chuck te llevaras la Storm Badge ( medalla tormenta ), la TM 01 y te permite volar con el movimiento Fly. Al salir del gimnasio habla con la mujer que camina por la puerta del mismo, ella te dará la HM 02 Fly ( volar ).También visita al tipo que tene miedo de que le roben su Pokémon y te pide que se lo cuides, al volver a ir te pide que se lo regreses pero no te da nada a cambio del favor. Ahora enseña a volar a algún Pokémon y volá hasta Olivine City. Camina hacia el faro y dale el medicamento a Jasmine, una vez curado el Pokémon, Jasmine vuelve al gimnasio. Seguirla y competir con ella. Al ganarle te dará la Mineral Badge ( Medalla mineral ) y la TM 23. Ya que podes volar, pegate una vuelta por lo de Kurt a ver si la pokéball está terminada, si lo está dejale otro aprikorn para que haga otra. Volá a Ecruteak City y camina hacia la derecha por la ruta 42.Mount Mortar - Mahogany Town:En la ruta 42 antes de entrar al Mt. Mortar recorda vaciar tu mochila y llevar tu Pokémon "fuerte" y tu Pokémon "lumínico" y hace que ilumine el lugar. Recorrer el lugar con el Itemfinder y capturar algunos Pokémon. Llegar hasta la piedra y moverla, recorrer esa zona por más ítems, volver y salir por el otro lado de la cueva y caminar por la ruta 42 hasta Mahogany Town. A la derecha hay un tipo que no te deja pasar y te cargosea para que le compres una Ragecandybar y como el gimnasio está bloqueado, la única ruta posible es la ruta 43 al Lake or Rage. En esa ruta hay una edificio tomado por los Rockets y cada vez que entres, quieras o no, te quitaran 1000$ por eso es mejor pasar por el pasto. Del lado izquierdo del camino hay unos laguitos, cruzarlos y hallar el caminito a la casa secreta ( hacé lugar en la mochila antes de ir ). Caminá por entre los arbolitos hasta llegar a la casa, en ella un chico te da la TM 10. Si es miércoles, parado cerca de la casa se lo puede ver a Wesley, habla con el. Volver a la ruta 43 y subir hasta el Lake of Rage. Ahí está la Fishing GuruŽs House ( casa del Guru de la pesca ). Cada vez que atrapes un Magikarp llévalo para que el lo vea, si es el más grande que jamás vio, te dará un premio. Ir al lago y nadar hasta el Gyarados Rojo y brillante. Atrápalo y salí del agua. Al salir, mira que ahora parado junto al cartel del lago hay un hombre de capa negra, al hablar con el te pedirá que le ayudes a investigar por que los Magikarp están evolucionando y te dirá que te espera en Mahogany. Volá o camina y entra en el mercado, ahí el te dirá que una extraña señal de radio está saliendo de ese lugar y que hay que separarse para investigar. Baja la escalera y camina teniendo en cuenta que cada vez que pases por una estatua, un grupo de Rockets vendrá a pelear. Entra en la primera abertura que veas en la pared azul y negra y baja, después a la derecha y bajar en la primera abertura y luego izquierda hasta bajar a esa oficina. Pelea con el científico y luego aprieta el switch secreto de su escritorio, al apretarlo las estatuas ya no tienen alarma. Seguí caminando hasta pasar la baldosa y baja por la escalera. Ahí esperaba Lance ( el tipo de la capa ) que te da algo de medicina para tus Pokémon y otra vez sale corriendo. Al bajar la otra escalera, otra vez está Lance, esta vez te dice que se necesitan dos claves para entrar a la oficina del jefe y que esas claves las saben muy pocos Rockets. Ahora hay que luchar hasta que te digan las claves. La primera te la dice la chica pelirroja que esta en la oficina cerca de la escalera donde subiste, y la otra la sabe en ese mismo piso, el último Rocket que está a la izquierda. Con esa información, caminar hacia la otra escalera que hay es ese piso y bajar hasta donde se puede ver la oficina del jefe. Antes de llegar a la puerta de la oficina, Aparece tu rival te habla un par de estupideces y se va. Ahora enfrenta la puerta y abrila, pelea con el ejecutivo Rocket y habla con el pajarraco que te dirá la password ( palabra clave ). llegar al primer subsuelo y abrir la puerta del costado, al entrar aparecen dos Rockets que te retan a duelo, en ese momento Lance aparece y pelea con uno de ellos mientras vos agarras al otro. Una vez que termina la batalla los Rockets se escapan y Lance te dice que lo que queda por hacer es apagar la extraña señal de radio. Lo que hay que hacer es pelear con los Electrode que alimentan la maquina. Una vez que acabaste con los tres Electrode, Lance te agradece y te regala la HM 06 Whirlpool ( remolino ) que sirve para cruzar los remolinos en el agua. Salir del edificio e ir al gimnasio que ya se encuentra desbloqueado. Este gimnasio tiene el piso de hielo y llegar hasta Pryce no es fácil, pero una vez que lo vences te ganas la Galciar Badge ( medalla Glaciar ), la TM 16 y te deja usar el movimiento whirlpool. Al salir de este gimnasio Elm te llama por T.E. y te dice que algo raro pasa en la estación de radio de Goldenrod City.Goldenrod City parte II:Al llegar a la ciudad se ve que está plagada de Rockets bloqueando los caminos, dirígete a la radio. A medida que te adentres en el edificio los Rockets te atacarán. Subir piso por piso hasta llegar al 5º piso donde un Rocket se hace pasar por el director de la radio. Al vencerlo, confiesa que el verdadero director está el Underground Warehouse ( Almacén subterráneo ) que se encuentra al final del Underground entrance y te da la Basement Key ( llave del sótano ) para que puedas entrar. Baja y salí de la radio y como la entrada que usaste antes ahora no se puede pasar hay que usar la otra entrada, pasando las vías del tren, junto a la casa del Name Rater ( calificador de nombres ) que puede re-nombrar a tus Pokémon. Entrar en el Underground, pelear con los tipos y doblar a la derecha hasta encontrar la puerta del sótano. Pasar, bajar la escalera. Al entrar aparece otra vez tu rival y te desafía a un duelo y luego se va. En este lugar hay tres Rockets custodiando tres switchs, el orden en el que se aprietan los switchs para que abran las puertas es: 1º el del final, 2º el del medio y 3º el mas cercano a la escalera. Una vez abierto el camino, hay un par de ladrones y una chica Rocket que te desafían y luego podes abrir la puerta. Al pasar te encontras con otros Rockets a vencer y con mas ítems tirados. Caminar hasta el centro del lugar y liberar al verdadero director de la radio. El te dará la card key para abrir el 3º piso de la radio. Bajas por la escalera y apareces en el sótano del Súper mart. Salí por la puerta y anda al 3º piso de la radio. Al llegar y abrir la puerta, un Rocket te desafía, subir las dos escaleras siguientes y vencer a los dos ejecutivos Rocket que están ahí. En ese momento aparece el director y te agradece dándote la Rainbow Wing ( ala arco iris ) y menciona a la Tin Tower en Ecruteak City. Baja al piso inferior y habla con Marie, ella te dará un Pink Bow ( lazo rosa ) para Pokémon tipo normal. Salí de la radio y antes de ir a Ecruteak, hace lugar para otro Pokémon y visita la casa de Bill, el te regalará un Eevee. También acércate al agua en la ruta 34, nada por ahí que hay un lugar secreto con tres entrenadoras, la tercera en atacar te regalará un Soft sand, especial para Pokémon de tierra. Ahora si a la Tin Tower.Ecruteak City - Tin Tower:Entrar en el edificio que se encuentra al fondo de la ciudad y bajar por la escalera, si no tenés la medalla del gimnasio, no te dejarán pasar. una vez abajo, subir por la otra y salir del edificio. desde ahí caminar hasta la torre y entrar. Rodear el péndulo y subir la escalera, hacer lo mismo en el próximo piso y al subir pasar por el laberinto hasta la próxima escalera. Al subirla, pasar el laberinto hasta la escalera de arriba a la izquierda. Al subir la escalera, caminar hacia la escalera que hay abajo en el centro y subí nuevamente. En este nuevo piso subí la otra escalera y en el último piso vas a ver unas baldosas mágicas rojas, subir y caminar al a derecha por la maderitas finitas y bajar por las maderas mas gruesas hasta la baldosa roja, desde ahí, ir de baldosa a baldosa en todos los pisos hasta llegar a una escalera, esta sube hacia el techo donde se encuentra Ho - oh, el pájaro arco iris en el nivel 40. Desde ahí, podes volver a bajar o volar desde el techo. Ahora, Mahogany Town, volvió a la normalidad y el tipo que no te dejaba pasar no está. Seguir por la ruta 44 hasta el Ice Path ( camino de hielo )Ice Path - Blakhorn CityEntrar a la cueva y caminar hacia el hielo, bajar y subir la escalera, bajar por el otro lado y patinar en el hielo usando las piedras como topes. Atravesar el hielo y revisar la zona para encontrar la HM 07 waterfall que se usa para subir cascadas. Subir por la escalera y recorrer la lomita bajar por las dos escaleras que se ven. En este piso, hay que tirar la piedras por los hoyos, cada piedra en un hoyo diferente. Una vez que tiraste las piedras, tirate vos y úsalas como topes para alcanzar la escalera en el centro. Camina hasta la escalera y subí, patina hasta el centro y subí la escalera y seguí bajando, subiendo y patinando hasta llegar a la salida. Llegaste a Blackhorn City, en la primera casa que veas, una chica quiere cambiar Pokémon con vos. Más adentro esta la Move DeleterŽs House ( casa del borrador de movimientos ), donde podes hacer que tus Pokémon olviden las HM. Si es sábado, verás a un chico de azul, al hablar con el te dará algo. Hacia abajo por la ruta 45 está el Mountain Road, y hacia arriba el gimnasio de Clair. Este gimnasio tiene lagos de lava en su interior, lo primero es subir y tirar los bultos por los hoyos para formar puentes en la lava y así poder llegar a Clair. Al vencerla no te quiere dar la medalla y te pone como prueba ir al DragonŽs Den ( Lugar de los dragones ) y que le traigas el DragonŽs Fang ( colmillo de dragón ). Salí del gimnasio y nada hasta donde hay un viejo parado, entra y baja la escalera, para llegar al DragonŽs Fang, uno de tus Pokémon tiene que saber el movimiento wirlpool para poder pasar los remolinos. Nadar hacia la izquierda y pasa por el remolino, pasa por detrás del altar ( shrine ) y subí a la parte verde a la derecha, ahí está el DragonŽs fang. Al agarrarlo, aparece Clair y te da la Rising Badge, la TM 24 y podes usar el movimiento waterfall ( cascada ) para subir las cascadas en el agua. Luego te explica que para llegar al Indigo Plateau ( Meseta Añil ) tenés que ir a New Bark Town y nadar al este. Al salir del DragonŽs Den, te llama Elm y te dice que tiene algo para vos y que lo pases a ver al laboratorio. Para llegar se puede volar o se puede tomar el Mountain Road, donde hay Pokémon raros e ítems tanto en las cuevas como en el camino. La cueva es oscura y al caminar por ella, encontras a un tipo que te da los Black Glasses ( anteojos negros ) para aumentar los ataques oscuros. Esta cueva tiene muchas salidas, Por eso no es seguro a donde vas a salir. Una vez afuera dirígete a New Bark. Ahora también es buen momento para visitar a Kurt. Al llegar al laboratorio, Elm te regala la master ball.New Bark Town II - El Nuevo Recorrido:Ahora te encontrás en el principio del recorrido, pero con todos los poderes. Como la Liga Pokémon es para Pokémon muy fuertes, lo mejor es seguir entrenando. Por eso es mejor hacer el recorrido nuevamente para poder hacer todo lo que antes no pudiste. Lo primero es hacer head - butt y cortar todos los árboles para encontrar más ítems. En Cherrygrove, ir al agua y nadar hasta la islita donde un gordito te dará la Mystic Water ( agua mística ), que aumenta los ataque tipo agua. Seguí hasta la casa de Mr. Pokémon, lleves o no tu Giarados brillante, el te lo querrá cambiar por un Exp. share ( compartir experiencia ) que al dárselo a un Pokémon, este obtiene la mitad de la experiencia que gano el que luchaba. Seguir hasta Violet City y nadar en los dos lagos que hay para buscar los ítems que hay ahí. Lo próximo son las Ruinas de los Alpes. Cruzar el agua al sur de las ruinas y entrar en la cueva, resolver el panel ( Aerodactyl ) y al caer al salón, abrí el Pokégear y prende la radio. Sintoniza la estación que dice ?????, eso ayuda a atraer a los Unown y atraparlos mas fácil. Al salir apareces en las ruinas. Ahora toma lo ruta 32 y corta el arbusto, el chico que está ahí te dará la TM 05. Seguí hasta la Union Cave. Entra en la cueva y camina hasta el final, cerca de la salida a Azalea hay dos parches de agua en la cueva, atravesar nadando el de la izquierda y bajar por la escalera. Cruzar el agua y volver a bajar. buscar todos los ítems y luchar con los entrenadores. Lo más importante en esta cueva es que los viernes aparece un Lapras nivel 20 en el lago más grande. Salir de esa cueva y subir por la escalera frente al agua. El chico que te ataca es quien te cuenta sobre " los rugidos de un Pokémon que salen de la cueva los días viernes", pasarlo y bajar por la escalera, juntar los ítems y nadar hacia la derecha y subir del otro lado. En la otra orilla te espera un entrenador, pasarlo y al llegar a la intersección, tomar el camino hacia abajo. Empujar la roca que molesta y pasar hacia la salida. Saltar hacia la izquierda y entrar en la otra cámara de paneles. Esta vez hay que formar un Omanyte. Al caer al otro salón, seguí capturando más de los Unown. Al ir a la escalera apareces en la ruinas nuevamente. Volve hacia la misma cueva y hace el mismo recorrido, esta vez en la intersección hay que seguir derecho. Pasar por donde está el entrenador y salir. Al salir se puede ver un parche de pasto y un niño parado, al pasar te pedirá una batalla. Después de ganarle entrar en la última Cámara de Paneles. Al formar a Ho - oh vas a caer al último salón de los Unown. Al salir aparecerás en las ruinas. Una vez que tengas todos los Unown ( creo que son 27 ), visita a los científicos que te dirán que capturaste a todos los Unown y que te permitirá imprimirlos ( con la impresora del G. B. ). Ahora vola hasta Azalea Town y metete en el Slowpoke Well, camina hasta donde venciste al último Rocket y empuja la piedra para poder pasar. Seguí el camino y nada hasta la escalera al bajar encontrás un hombre que te regala la KingŽs Rock ( roca real ) que se usa para evolucionar a Slowking en el intercambio. Ahora salir de la cueva. Seguir el mismo recorrido del principio, por el bosque Ilex hasta salir en Goldenrod City. Caminar por la ruta 35 hasta el parque. En el parque los días martes, jueves y sábado hay un concurso de atrapar Pokémon. En este concurso se puede conseguir a Scyther y a Pinsir. Al concurso solo podes entrar con un Pokémon, lo mejor es que sea uno que pueda usar ataques de sueño. El de la puerta te da 20 poké bolas especiales para el parque y te dice que el ganador será quien atrape el Pokémon más fuerte y que tenés 20 minutos para hacerlo. Solamente podes quedarte con uno de todos los pokemon que atrapes pero en el Pokédex van a figurar como atrapados. Al atrapar a Pinsir o a Scyther , podes seguir hasta agotar el tiempo o podes salir por la puerta de la derecha y cuando el hombre te diga que todavía te queda X tiempo y si querés terminar, decile que si. Te dice que esperes para el anuncio del ganador. Podes quedar en 1º, 2º o 3º lugar. y en cada uno hay un premio diferente. Una vez finalizado el concurso podes entrar al parque y caminar, en uno de los bancos hay una mujer que te regala el Quick Claw que hace que el Pokémon que la tenga pueda atacar primero y por otras lados hay más ítems y TM. Después de haber limpiado el parque, seguí camino hasta Ecruteak City. Caminar por la ruta 42 hasta el Mt. Mortar, entrar al agua y nadar hasta la orilla. Ahí se encuentra otra entada del Mt. Mortar, entrar en ella y prender la luz. bajar por la escalera y recorrer la zona caminando y nadando por ítems y nuevos Pokémon. Salí por donde entraste y tirate al agua, surfeando hacia el norte llegarás a una cascada. Usa el movimiento waterfall para subirla y seguí nadando y pescando por todos lados hasta llegar a otra entrada a una nueva cueva. Entrar nadar por los pozos de agua juntando los ítems hasta el fondo de la cueva, allí hay una escalera por donde bajar. Apareces como en una plataforma de piedra, camina a la derecha y baja por la escalera de la izquierda, camina derecho a la izquierda y después abajo hasta la otra escalera. Ahí se lo puede ver al Karate King que después de una batalla, si tenés lugar en tu grupo te dará a Tyrogue. Caminar hacia abajo y empujar la piedra para poder pasar y llegar al agua. nadar hacia abajo hasta llegar a la escalera que sube a la entrada central del Mt. Mortar. Como lo más importante ya está hecho, ya podes ir a la Meseta Añil con los Pokémon mucho mas entrenados que antes.Indigo Plateau - Pokémon League:Vola hasta New Bark Town y nadar hasta la otra orilla. Al llegar un tipo te dice que te fijes en tu Pokégear por que ya llegaste a Kanto. Entrar en las Tohjo Falls ( cataratas Tohjo ) y subir la cascada, bajar del otro lado y salir con mucho cuidado de no pasarse de la lomita y batallar con la chica. Luego entrar en la casa donde una vieja te regala la TM 37. Salir e ir hacia el agua por la ruta 27. Recorrer la ruta por el agua y tierra en busca de entrenadores, ítems y nuevos Pokémon hasta la ruta 26. Pasando el primer entrenador que hay en esa ruta doblar a la izquierda y bajar hasta la casita de Monica. Allí hay un libro donde figura donde y cuando están "los chicos de la semana". Volver al camino y seguir al norte hasta la próxima casa donde una mujer curará a tus Pokémon. Desde ahí es una ruta directa al norte hasta la Pokémon League. Al entrar se ven un tipo en un escritorio y dos otros bloqueando unos pasillos. Seguir de largo y entrar en la cueva. Caminar hasta el fondo y subir la escalera, recorrer la loma y bajar, ir al norte y subir la escalerita y caminar al norte hacia la salida. Antes de llegar, aparece tu rival y te desafía otra vez. Al terminar, salí de la cueva y entrá al Indigo Plateau. Ahí, un viejo con un Abra te ofrece transportarte a otro lado, si es que tenés miedo. También hay una enfermera Joy, una P. C. y un vendedor. Como las peleas de la Elite Four son consecutivas, lo mejor es llevar provisiones suficientes de potion y elixer. Girando a la derecha se entra a la liga. Una vez vencidos los cuatro entrenadores, aparece Lance con su disfraz de Drácula y te desafía. Al terminar a lance aparecen Mary y Oak para entrevistarte y Lance te pide que lo sigas. Te lleva al Salón de la Fama y registra a tus Pokémon campeones. Luego... los títulos del final.El Nuevo Comienzo:Una vez que los títulos pasaron, poner la opción continuar. Apareces nuevamente en New Bark Town. Al dar un paso, te llama Elm y te pide que ir al laboratorio. Ahí el te da el S. S. Ticket para un barco que sale de Olivine City hacia Kanto. Vola o camina hacia Olivine y subí al Fast Ship S. S. Aqua. En el barco lo primero que pasa es que un viejo te dice que su nieta se perdió y que si la ves, se lo digas rápido. Cuando el viejo se, va es hora de recorrer el barco. El primer camarote a la izquierda es el tuyo. Ahí tenés una P. C. para sacar y poner tus cosas y en la cama, con una siesta se curan tus Pokémon. En los demás camarotes hay ítems y entrenadores. Baja por la escalera y camina al frente hasta que un marino no te deje pasar. El te pedirá que busques a su compañero que anda descansando por ahí. Subí la escalera y búscalo en el camarote vecino al tuyo. Al hablarle te pedirá una batalla. Cuando le ganas, volve a la escalera que ahora el marino te dejará pasar. Caminar por el cuarto lleno de camas y por el comedor hasta llegar a la otra escalera y subir. Entrar en ese cuarto donde están la nena y el capitán del barco. Al hablar con ellos, la nena sale corriendo y te lleva con su abuelo que como recompensa te da el Metal Coat. Seguidamente se escucha que el barco ya llegó a destino y tenés que bajar. Al salir, el marino te dice que llegaron a Vermilion City. Una chica te dice que teniendo el ticket se puede tomar el barco todos los miércoles y domingos. Vermilion City - Fuschia City:A la derecha no se puede pasar por culpa del Snorlax dormido en el camino, a la izquierda está el gimnasio y al norte están el Pokémon fan club, el mart , el centro Pokémon y la casa del gurú. Lo primero es conseguir la Thunderbadge. Salir y caminar al norte hasta Saffron City. Al ir a la casa del Mr. Psychic, te da la TM 29. Luego a las Oficinas de Silph Co. ,donde el guardia te regala el Up - Grade ( sirve para evolucionar a Porigon en el cambio ). Más al norte están la Magnet Train Station ( estación de tren magnético ) y los gimnasios. Ir al gimnasio de Sabrina y ganarle la Marshbadge. Ahora podes tomar el tren que va a Goldenrod City en Jhoto cuando quieras. Caminar a la izquierda, hacia Celadon City buscando nuevos Pokémon. Celadon es muy parecida a Goldenrod City, tiene casino, súper mart y la Mansión Celadon. La primera visita es al gimnasio de Erika para quitarle la Rainbowbadge y la TM 19. Ahora al Game Corner donde un chico te regala monedas para jugar y luego cambiarlas por las TM o los Pokémon. Luego a la Celadon Mansion donde al entrar por atrás, en el último piso un tipo te da la TM 03. Salir y caminar hacia el súper mart y hacer las compras necesarias. Tomar el Cyclin Road y bajar hasta Fuschia City. En esta, ir directo al gimnasio de Janine ya que otra cosa no se puede hacer por que el camino hacia el agua, si es que vas al sur, está bloqueado por una contrucción. Este gimnasio tiene paredes invisibles, pero al mirar con cuidado se pueden ver. cuando ella te da la Soulbadge y la TM 06, es hora de irse. caminar por la ruta 15 entrenando y capturando ítems y Pokémon hasta ver a una chica vestida de verde en un parche de pasto, ella tiene un Aerodactyl para cambiar. Subir por la ruta 14 hasta el norte de Lavander Town. Después tomar la ruta 13.Ruta 12 - Lavander Town:Seguir las rutas 13 y 12 juntando ítems y Pokémon acuaticos. En una casita en medio del camino el hermano menor del gurú te regala la Super rod ( súper caña ) para pescar súper Pokémon. Seguir la ruta 12 hasta Lavander Town. Ahí hay otro Name Rater y la Kanto Radio Station ( estación de radio de Kanto ) entrar en ella y el hombre de espaldas te cuenta que están fuera del aire desde que la planta de energía cerro y el chico del micrófono te dice que para escuchar su música necesitas una expn card y que es mejor que consigas una. Salir de la radio y caminar al norte por la ruta 10 hasta el Rock Tunnel. hacer que el Pokémon lumínico prenda la luz y cruzar la cueva. Primero a la derecha y arriba. Bajar la escalera y Abajo y a la derecha hasta la escalera que sube. Subir hasta la escalera que baja. Luego abajo, izquierda, abajo y derecha hasta la escalera que sube. Luego izquierda y arriba hasta ver la salida. Al salir curar a los Pokémon y caminar hasta el agua. Surfear hasta llegar a la Kanto Power Plant ( planta eléctrica de Kanto ). Entrar y hablar con el manager quien te cuenta que alguien le arruino el generador. Al salir del edificio el portero te para y te dice que lo llamaron de Cerulean City diciendo que hay un sospechoso y si podes cooperar con la investigación. Salí del edificio, nada el camino de regreso y encamínate por la ruta 9 a Cerulean City.Ruta 9 - Cerulean City:Caminar por la ruta 9 enfrentando los entrenadores hasta llegar al arbusto que bloquea el paso, cortarlo y entrar a Cerulean City. Al llegar lo primero es entrar al gimnasio. Ahí un Rocket choca con vos y te dice que te olvides que lo viste y sale corriendo. Al salir tras el el chico que está en la puerta te dice que vio al Rocket huir hacia el CaruleanŽs Cape ( cabo Celeste ). Al llegar al camino de CeruleanŽs cape lo ves ahí parado y al hablarle te desafía a una batalla. Al ganarle te confiesa que escondió la Machine Part ( parte de maquina ) en el gimnasio de Cerulean dentro del agua, en la parte del centro. Ir al gimnasio y buscar con el ítemfinder hasta recuperar la machine part. Volver hasta la Power Plant y entregarle la Machine part al manager, como recompensa te regala la TM 07. Ahora volar hasta Cerulean City y como en el gimnasio no hay nadie caminar por CeruleanŽs cape hasta donde están los entrenadores en fila. Al terminar la fila, un niño te da un nugget de regalo. Al seguir caminando la ves a Misty transando con un chico en el puente, al acercarte ella viene y te dice que para que la interrumpiste, y además pregunta por tus medallas y te dice que si sos tan bueno, te espera en el gimnasio. Antes de ir al gimnasio entrar en la casa de Bill, donde el abuelo de Bill te pide que le muestres unos Pokémon. Si se los mostras te da un regalo por cada uno. Ahora al gimnasio De Misty. Al vencerla te regala la Cascadebadge. Como para izquierda no se puede ir, volar hasta Lavander Town. Ahí entrar nuevamente a la radio, donde el mismo hombre de espaldas te pregunta si sos vos quien resolvió el problema de la planta de energia y como agradecimiento te regala la Expn. Card para poder sintonizar la radio de Kanto. En la radio de Kanto, pasan música de pokeflauta. Eso significa que hay que ir a donde esta el Snorlax en Vermilion City. Antes de eso, ir a Saffron City y pasar por la casa de Copycat ( la nena que le gusta imitar a la gente ) y ella te dice que perdió su Pokédoll favorita en Vermilion City y que si la encontrás te dará un Pass ( pase ) para el tren. Volver a Vermilion y pedirle la muñeca a uno de los chicos que están en el Pokémon Fan Club. Llevarle la muñeca a Copycat y guardar el Pass que ella te da. Ahora podes tomar el tren que va a Goldenrod City en Jhoto cuando quieras. Ahora si ir a Vermilion City y caminar hasta el Snorlax y abrir el Pokégear, Caminar hasta el Snorla y abrir el Pokégear, sintonizar la música de pokeflauta y cuando se despierte, capturarlo. Entrar en la cueva Diglett y salir del otro lado a Pewter City.Pewter City - Seafoam Islands:En la primera casa que se ve al salir de la cueva, un chico te regala un nugget. Ir hacia el centro de la ciudad y al hablar con una nena, te dice que en el Mt Moon algunas noches vienen las Clefairy a jugar. Justo a un lado del mart hay un viejo, hablar con el es muy importante por que el te da la Silver Wing ( ala plateada ) que sirve para poder ver a Lugia. Ahora ir al gimnasio de Brock y quitarle la Boulderbadge. Caminar por la ruta 2 hasta Viridian City. Al entrar al gimnasio, ves que no hay líder entonces te vas. En el mart un chico te recomienda que visites la Cinnabar Island. Al salir ves el TrainerŽs House, un lugar donde podes competir con entrenadores muy fuertes solamente una vez por día. Camina por la ruta 1hasta Pallet Town. Al pasar por el laboratorio de Oak, te dice que lo visites cuando tengas todas las medallas por que te dará un regalo. Ir hacia el agua y nadar por la ruta 21 hasta Cinnabar Island. Al llegar a Cinnabar hay un cartel que dice que el gimnasio fue movido a Seafoam Islands. Al caminar un poquito al norte, hay un chico, al hablar con el te dice que es Blue y que es el líder del gimnasio de Viridian y que si querés una batalla lo vayas a buscar a su gimnasio y luego desaparece. Nadar hasta Seafoam Island y entrar en la cueva y ganarle a Blaine la Volcanobadge. Ahora la entrada a Fuchsia City que estaba bloqueada por el derrumbe está libre, se puede pasar hasta Fuchsia. Volver volando o nadando a Viridian City y ganarle la última medalla a Blue ( Gary ). Al entrar al gimnasio, Blue te estaba esperando. Salí del gimnasio con tu Earthbadge y camina hasta el laboratorio de Oak en Pallet Town para recibir tu regalo. El regalo es que ahora podes entrar al Mt. Silver, un lugar donde se encuentran Pokemon súper fuertes. Caminar hasta Viridian y doblar a la izquierda en la ruta 22 hasta el Victory Road. Caminar y salir derecho al otro lado al Mt. Silver.Ruta 28 - Mt. Silver - Whirl Islands:Entra en el centro Pokémon y cambia de box y vacía la mochila, ya que en el monte hay montones de ítems y nuevos Pokémon. Entrar primero en la casa cerca de la puerta, en ella una mujer te da la TM 47. Luego, en la cueva y hacer que tu Pokémon haga luz para poder recorrerla. Al final de la misma, ademas de estar los pokemon mas fuertes, encontramos a Red ( Ash ). Al vencerlo, lo cual es difícil, aparecen los títulos finales otra vez. Al terminar los títulos aparecemos en la puerta del Centro Pokémon del Mt. Silver. Ahora que tenemos la Silver Wing que nos dío el viejo en Pewter City, lo próximo es agarrar a Lugia. Volar hasta Olivine City y surfear hasta la isla de arriba a la derecha. Pasar por el remolino y al entrar a la cueva y prender la luz. Caminar a la derecha y saltar la lomita, tomar el camino que sube y saltar la otra lomita y bajar la escalera. Caminar por el montecito y bajar por la otra escalera. Ir al agua y surfear y bajar por la cascada. Subir a tierra y pasar por la puerta, ir al agua de nuevo donde se lo puede ver a Lugia en nivel 70. Una vez que lo atrapas, Lo único que te queda por hacer es recorrer el Mt. Moon que está entre Pewter City y Cerulean City, para tratar de encontrar a Clafairy. Volar hasta Goldenrod y tomar el tren hasta Saffron City. Volar hasta Pewter City. Tomar la ruta 3 y pasar por todos los entrenadores. Subir y entrar en la cueva. Ahí te espera tu rival y te desafía otra vez y luego se va. Caminar a la derecha y subir la escalera. y salir al Mt Moon Square. Ahí los días lunes se las puede ver a las Clafairy bailando alegremente. El resto depende de vos. Al completar el Pokédex, ir a la mansión Celadon, ahí un tipo te regala un diploma.The EndLos Chicos De La Semana:Lunes - Monica - Ruta 40 - Sharp Beak - Aumenta los ataques aéreos.Martes - Tuscany - Ruta 29 - Pink Bow - Aumenta los ataques del tipo normal.Miércoles - Wesley - Lake of Rage - Blackbelt - Aumenta los ataques del tipo pelea.Jueves - Arthur - Ruta 36 - Hard Stone - Aumenta los ataques del tipo piedra.Viernes - Frieda - Ruta 32 - Poison Barv - Aumenta los ataques venenosos.Sábado - Santos - Blackthorn City - Spell Tag - Aumenta los ataques del tipo fantasma.Domingo - Sunny - Ruta 37 - Magnet - Aumenta los ataques eléctricos.Gimnasios y lideres de Jhoto:1) Violet City - Falkner - Tipo Volador - Pidgey 7 - Pidgeotto 92) Azalea City - Bugsy - Tipo Insecto - Metapod 14 - Kakuna 14 - Scyther 163) Goldenrod City - Whitney - Tipo Normal - Clefairy 18 - Milktank 203) Ecruteak City - Morty - Tipo Fantasma - Gastly 21 - Haunter 21 - Gengar 25 - Haunter 234) Cianwood City - Chuck - Tipo Pelea - Primeape 27 - Poliwrath 305) Olivine City - Jasmine - Tipo Metal - Magnemite 30 - Magnemite 30 - Steelix 356) Mahogany Town - Pryce - Tipo Hielo - Seel 27 - Dewgong 29 - Piloswine 317) Blackhorn City - Clair - Tipo Dragón - Dragonair 37 - Dragonair 37 - Dragonair 37 - Kingdra 40Elite Four:Will - Tipo Psiquico - Xatu 40 - Jinx 41 - Exeggutor 41 - Xatu 42 - Slowbro 42Koga - Tipo Veneno - Ariados 40 - Forretress 43 - Venomoth 41 - Muk 42 - Crobat 44Bruno - Tipo Roca - Hitmontop 42 - Onix 43 - Hitmonlee 43 - Hitmonchan 42 - Machamp 46Karen - Tipo Oscuro - Umbreon 42 - Vileplume 42 - Gengar 45 - Houndoom 47 - Murkrow 44Lance - Tipo Dragón - Gyarados 44 - Dragonite 47 - Dragonite 47 - Dragonite 50 - Aerodactyl 46 - Charizard 46Gimnasios y lideres de Kanto:Vermilion City - Lt. Surge - Tipo Eléctrico - Raichu 44 - Electrode 40 - Magneton 40 - Electrode 40 - Electabuzz 46Saffron City - Sabrina - Tipo Psíquico - Espeon 46 - Mr. Mime 46 - Alakazam 48Celadon City - Erika - Tipo Hierva - Tangela 42 - Jumpluff 41 - Victreebel 46 - Bellossom 46Fuchsia City - Janine - Tipo Veneno - Crobat 36 - Weezing 36 - Weezing 36 - Ariados 33 - Venomoth 39Cerulean City - Misty - Tipo Agua - Golduck 42 - Lapras 44 - Quagsire 42 - Starmie 47Pewter City - Brock - Tipo Roca - Graveler 41 - Onix 44 - Rhyhorn 41 - Omastar 42 - Kabutops 42Seafoam Islands - Blaine - Tipo Fuego - Magcargo 45 - Magmar 45 - Rapidash 50Viridian City - Blue - Tipo Mixto - Pidgeot 56 - Rhydon 56 - Arcanine 58 - Gyarados 58 - Exeggutor 58 - Alakazam 54Mt. Silver - Red - Tipo Mixto - Pikechu 81 - Charizard 77 - Blastoise 77 - Snorlax 75 -
          Merseyside Skeptics Psychic Challenge Results and Golden Duck Nominees        
It’s Halloween, which means that the results of the Merseyside Skeptics Society’s Halloween Psychic Challenge are out! Not surprisingly, the test found no evidence of psychic ability. The guys have done a great job with the publicity, even getting an article on the BBC News website! This week has also seen the Good Thinking Society ...
          Alberta politicians led to the tax-trough by Hogtown and BC's Lower Mainland        
No need for a crystal ball, tarot cards or any of those late-night TV psychics, Alberta taxpayers need only to look to the City of Toronto and the Greater Vancouver area to see what's in store if municipal politicians are given more taxing powers.

          ZOL w Lipnie: na miejsce poczekasz minimum pół roku        
Na jedno miejsce w zakładzie opiekuńczo-leczniczym w szpitalu w Lipnie (Kujawsko-Pomorskie) przypada obecnie ponad 50 osób. Przewlekle chorzy muszą czekać pół roku, zaś ci z zaburzeniami psychicznymi - około dwóch lat.
          4 blokady psychiczne, które powstrzymują cię przed pisaniem i sposoby ich zwalczania        

We współczesnym świecie wiele osób decyduje się na prowadzenie bloga. Wszystko idzie świetnie do momentu, kiedy pojawiają się pewnego rodzaju blokady. Blokada przed pisaniem może być mieszanką problemów związanych z  zarządzaniem i logistyką. Czasami jednak sprawa sięga głębiej i staje się problemem z kreatywnością czy motywacją, a wtedy trudniej sobie z nim poradzić. A co […]

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          Cursed Objects        

7 Terrifying Cursed Objects That Actually Exist

7 Terrifying Cursed Objects That Actually Exist

7 Terrifying Cursed Objects That Actually ExistSEXPAND
1) The Woman from Lemb Statue
Originally made around 3500 B.C.E. in Cyprus and then found in 1878 in Eastern Europe, this statue has killed so many people its often referred to as "The Goddess of Death." Supposedly, the first owner was a Lord Elphont, whose seven-member family all died within six years of Elphont receiving the statue. The Woman from Lemb was then acquired by Ivor Manucci, who died along with his entire family within the next four years. Then it went to a Lord Thompson-Noel. He and his family died. The statue disappeared for a bit, but its next confirmed owner was Sir Alan Biverbrook, who wife and two daughters shortly croaked. With two sons left, Biverbrook wisely donated the damn thing to the Royal Scottish Museum.
2) Thomas Busby's Chair
Do you have a favorite chair in your home? Consider cursing it after you die so no one else can sit on it without dying. That's what Thomas Busby did in 1702, right before he was executed for strangling his father-in-law to death for — you got it — sitting in his chair. Supposedly 63 people who have sat on the chair met untimely deaths, sometimes mere hours after plopping their keister on Busby's beloved chair. In 1972, the Thirsk Museum actually had to suspend it from the ceiling to prevent people from committing suicide by chair.
3) Annabelle the Doll
Bought in an antique shop in 1970, a woman gave a raggedy doll to her daughter, Donna, who was in nursing school. Donna and roommate Angie kept coming home to find the doll in different positions and different locations. Then the doll began living them notes reading "Help." And then they found the doll with blood on it. A psychic told them the doll was possessed by the spirit of a girl named Annabelle, who had died at the location where their apartment complex has been built. But the girls' friend Lou thought there was something more sinister about Annabelle, and told his friends to get rid of it. That's when Annabelle went to visit Lou, levitated up his body and strangled him until he passed out. The next night, the roommates heard what sounded like someone in the next room; Lou investigated; the girls heard him scream and ran in to find Lou with two massive claw marks on his chest, although no one else was in the room… except Annabelle. The girls called Ed and Lorraine Warren, the folks who investigated the Amityville house — who decided the doll was actually a conduit to hell that a demon was using. Two exorcisms didn't work, and now the doll resides behind a glass cause in the Warrens' occult museum, where it still moves.
7 Terrifying Cursed Objects That Actually Exist8SEXPAND
4) The Crying Boy Paintings
Here's the facts: Italian artist Giovanni Bragolin painted a picture of a crying boy that inexplicably became very popular in the 1950s and had many prints made. In 1985, the always reliable British newspaper The Sun reported that a fireman claimed to have found these prints in multiple houses destroyed by fire… although the prints were perfectly fine. Apparently, British firefighters were already so freaked out by this phenomena none of them would allow copies of the painting into their own homes. More such incidents of the prints being unscathed in house fires, both before and after the article, were reported, and suddenly a story popped up that the painting was of an orphan whose home had burned down. What I want to know if why so many people wanted to hang a picture of a sobbing kid on their walls in the first place.
7 Terrifying Cursed Objects That Actually ExistSEXPAND
5) The Basano Vase
Say you're digging around your yard and discover of 15th century silver Italian vase. Inside the vase is a note which reads: "Beware… this vase brings death." You'd immediately set it back down, heap dirt over it, and go get drunk, right? Well, whoever found the vase in 1988 was kind of a jerk, because he threw the note away and sold the vase to an auction house. The vase was bought by a pharmacist who of course died three months later. A surgeon bought the vase, and died two months later, despite being only 37 years old. Next an archaeologist bought it;, died two months later. The next owner died within a month. According to some Italian newspapers, the police confiscated the vase and reburied it in a lead box at an unknown location.
7 Terrifying Cursed Objects That Actually ExistSEXPAND
6) James Dean's Car
Actor James Dean loved his 1955 Porsche Spyder. He had it extensively customized and affectionately called it his "Little Bastard." Apparently, the car was so transparently evil that Sir Alec Guinness, when meeting Dean for lunch, claimed ""If you get in that car, you will be found dead in it by this time next week." And Dean was. But the curse didn't stop there; when mechanics tried to repair the wrecked car, it fell on one of them, crushing both his legs. The car's new owner sold the engine and drivetrain to two racers; one lost control, hit a tree and died instantly, the other was injured when his car locked up and rolled over. Two thieves who tried to take pieces of the car were both injured. The car was then donated to a safety exhibit of the California Highway Patrol; the first exhibit caught fire, and the car fell on a student at the second, breaking his hip. It even managed to crush and kill a truck driver who was transporting it. The car has since disappeared, which is probably for the best.
7 Terrifying Cursed Objects That Actually Exist9SEXPAND
7) The Dybbuk Box
In Jewish folklore, a dybbuk is an evil spirit. Supposedly, a Holocaust survivor accidentally summoned the demon while using a homemade Ouija board, but managed to trap it inside the wine cabinet. Kevin Mannis bought the box at an estate sale in 2001, and immediately started having nightmares about an evil hag — as did friends who stayed with him. Mannis gave the box to his mother, who suffered a stroke on the same day. The box's later owners have also claimed the dybbuk has appeared in their nightmares as well. The last owner was Jason Haxton, Director of the Museum of Osteopathic Medicine, who not only had nightmares but developed a strange skin disease and began coughing up blood. At that point, Haxton contacted his local Rabbis, sealed the Dybbuk back in the box, and then hid it from the world. Thanks, dude!


Alien monster uses a psychic to try to take over the earth.

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          live: Where's Your Child? feat. Sun Araw, DJMGG        

Left coast time travelers are about to set foot in the Big Apple. Sun Araw is gearing up for a big trip East and he's bringing the whole gang–- The Sun Araw Band, DJMGG, Dream Magic and more. In addition to playing shows at 285 Kent( with D'eon, Matthewdavid and M Geddes Gengras) and Maxwells, the crew will also be throwing their infamous Where's Your Child? party night at Coco66, with Psychic Reality and Sex Worker playing live, and DJ sets by Sun Araw, DJMGG, Todd Pendu and more. The whole shebang kicks off the first week of June. Gear up with these mixes.

WHERE'S YR MIX #15 - RAGGAMENTAL MIX by DJ SUN ARAW by green machines

WHERE'S YR MIX #14 - ROUND & ROUND by green machines

East Coast Dates

6/2 - MUTEK FEST, Montreal

at Coco 66, Brooklyn

at 285 Kent St, Brooklyn

at Ottobar, Baltimore

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          Exterminate the Brutes: Fighting Back Against the Right        
Robert Markley

Michael Bérubé’s essay on the politics of selling out is an eloquent investigation of the dilemmas confronting left intellectuals seeking to survive the long dark night of irrelevance. My only concern is that I wish Bérubé had provided more advice about how to sell out, while, at the same time, winning political converts and influencing influential people. While there is much that is admirable in Bérubé’s piece (originally delivered in March 1995 at the Cultural Studies Symposium at Kansas State), particularly his discussion of the Right’s negation of the “public” in the name of the “people,” I would like to sketch briefly an alternative to the politics of selling out by putting pressure on the term “intellectual,” the blind spot in many romantic calls to action by left cultural critics.

A crucial point: nobody cares about intellectuals, except other intellectuals. More to the point, unless intellectuals have another source of income, most of them wind up subordinating intellectual interests to the pursuit of livelihoods, or convincing the powers that be that intellectual activity can be profitable (see Bacon, Francis). Few people, for that matter, understand, care about, or are willing to spend the time and energy to follow the intricacies of rational discourse. Think of the sad history of presidential elections since World War II. The Democrats, admittedly a poor excuse for a left of far-right party, nominate Rhodes Scholars, Pulitzer Prize Winners, nuclear engineers, and so on for President; the dominant mode of communication for Clinton, Dukakis, Mondale, Carter, McGovern, Kennedy, and Stevenson has been explanation - a dubious strategy because the hegemonic rhetoric of multinational capitalism is the assurance that Life is Simple: advertising slogans, biblical homilies, capsule news summaries, crossword puzzles, billboards, true-false tests, and click on one of the following options all reinforce the belief that there are always “right” answers to be had, and that these answers can be summed up in a few words: “just say no”; “you deserve a break today”; “life is good.” Can you remember a Republican candidate for national office (since, say, John Lindsay) trying to explain anything to voters? Nixon, perhaps, but Nixon’s explanations were always corrosive and evasive.

The most successful Democrat since Roosevelt was, significantly, the least intellectually gifted and, if you have read the first two volume’s of Robert Caro’s biography, the most vicious, brutal, and amoral. What Lyndon Johnson understood far better than most cultural critics is that intellect (not to mention morality) is a handicap in politics: the purpose of policy is not to achieve moral clarity or intellectual rigor but to perpetuate networks, connections, positions of power, influence, and of course to accumulate symbolic capital and cold hard cash. The most successful, in many ways, of the handful of Left political leaders (broadly defined) in the past half century, Martin Luther King, did not analyze the semiotics of race, despite his Ph.D., so much as he evoked a religious vision: “I have a dream.” Dreams may have their own semiotics, but they do not, for audiences glued to Sightings, require complex modes of intellectual elucidation.

In my mind, then, our concern about the role of the public intellectual is misplaced. The arena in which the Left has to contest the Regime of the Right is not in the pages of The Nation or even The Village Voice but in the much devalued realm of cheap, anti-intellectual “entertainment”: tawdry talk shows, infomercials, trade shows for would-be entrepreneurs, tabloids, the Psychic Hot Line, etc. Bérubé reports that his editor at Harper’s suggested that a successful article renders the experience of reading almost non-cognitive; in any consumer culture, the separation between logic and rhetoric returns with a vengeance. In such a world, the Left needs to counter the vicious, mindless, kneecapping of the Right with vicious, mindless, kneecapping of its own: not nostalgia for JFK but a reinvigoration of the Realpolitik of LBJ.

Who better to contribute to public policy than college and university professors who are paid to study rhetoric and semiotics? Think of all the energy that cultural critics have devoted to interrogating racist, homophobic, misogynist, and classist rhetoric, values, and assumptions during the last fifteen years. This knowledge can and should be used to counter racism, sexism, homophobia, and the politics of privilege, but such an undertaking requires precisely that “we,” left erstwhile intellectuals, relinquish our stubborn faith in rational argument. Rational argument is what we do on our jobs; it is not necessarily an essential, unchanging measure of our intrinsic worth as human beings. You cannot argue morality; you can successfully challenge prejudice only by exploiting a complex psycho-social matrix that is largely unresponsive to causal reasoning. All of us know that, to varying degrees, it is often an uphill struggle to get students to distinguish between reason and bias. The mush-headed right, at least since George Wallace, has accumulated political capital by tarring and feathering “pointy-headed intellectuals” - cashing in on a politics of resentment by redirecting economic anxieties away from the unequal distribution of wealth to the distribution of specialized knowledge. For many Americans, elitists read poetry, not The Wall Street Journal. The Left will be more successful, as it has been in the (dim) past, by counterattacking the Rush Limbaughs of the world, not by noting inconsistencies in their presentations.

As Bérubé points out, the practice of left intellectuals attacking other left intellectuals for elitism, obscurity, and impracticality is old enough to have passed from history into the dark backward and abysm of myth. If the left seems doomed to repeat rituals of self-immolation, it is, in part, because we remain obsessed with the value of distinction, discrimination and purification rather than with the always impure strategies of success. What follows, then, are some suggestions to ensure that we sell out successfully:

1 Coopt the rhetoric of values, and beat the Right over the head with it. No self-styled Leftist should be allowed to offer political pronouncements without chanting the following mantra: greed, hypocrisy, and sin. Pro-Lifers who refuse to demand that the government raise taxes to provide funds for education, medical and dental care, food, clothing, shelter, and so on for each and every child who is “saved” are (repeat after me) hypocrites. Fundamentalists who ravage the environment to make money are sinners. Pat Buchanan has no values except greed.

2 Deploy the language of prejudice and exclusion by (for example) insistently feminizing right-wing males. Elected stooges of multinational capitalism are “whores”; candidates who turn a blind eye when workers are “downsized” into lower paying jobs are “cowards”; men who harass women on the job are “wimps who can’t get a date.” Officials who claim they cannot or should not intervene to help the homeless, the sick, the dying are “impotent.” The NRA should be ridiculed for playing with phallic symbols to compenstae for their psychosexual dysfunctions. Obviously, reproducing such rhetoric tends to reinscribe the dynamic of prejudice and exclusion that many of us are dedicated to overcoming. But politics is not about purity: the squeamish need to ask themselves whether living through the jihad that President Buchanan would visit upon us is a price worth paying for claiming the supposed moral high ground.

3 As Bérubé argues, the Left’s basic problem is that it lacks the financial resources of the Right; this unequal distribution of wealth and power is unlikely to change soon. Consequently, it becomes imperative for progressives, feminists, radicals, greens, pinkos, and reds to concentrate their financial resources in areas likely to have the most benefit. My suggestion, then, is that we scale back our commitments to worthy causes (ACT UP, Greenpeace, Amnesty International, battered women’s shelters, the United Negro College Fund, Ducks Unlimited, NPR, you name it), pool our resources, and…buy CBS. I wish I were kidding. But the ideology of corporate command, control, and communication renders us little choice if we want to sell out successfully enough to buy a fair share of political power and cultural capital. Left-Wing TV might bring back Gore Vidal to prime time as a Commentator on the CBS Evening News, offer variations on programs such as X-Files by hiring the best writers and producers to promote left-wing conspiracy theories: sexy agents combating corporate skullduggery; white supremacists in league with hostile aliens; mysterious conspiracies at the highest levels of telecommunications; and lonely forest rangers fighting off evil corporations intent on gutting the environment. There should be sympathetic portrayals of lesbian police officers, gay physicians, African-American labor organizers, and so on. If the Left is to counter the cultural dominance of right-wing talk shows, it needs the cultured voice of Gore Vidal intoning nightly that the political spectrum in the United States runs from the Right to the Far Right.

4 Get our own house in order by taking back our universities. One example of effective collective action. Imagine the end of the Fall Semester 1996. Professors all over the country rise up and give every scholarship basketball player in the country a real set of finals: “Discuss the influence of Hegel on Kierkegaard.” “Analyze the significance of Walter Lippman’s concept of the stereotype on the image of the African-American athlete.” “What are the implications of Coase`s theorem for negotiations between professional athletes and franchise owners?” This may sound like a vicious case of harassing the pawns by asking scholarship athletes (a high percentage of whom are African-American) to do work that almost all of their peers would fail abjectly to do, but such collective action could be the springboard to insist that scholarship athletes who generate hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue each year be paid stipends (much like research assistants). Think, too, of network executives (spending a half billion dollars a year on college basketball) stuck with a Final Four tournament that consists of walk-ons and white guys shooting two-hand set shots on national TV. Most educated Americans - doctors, lawyers, corporate chiefs - have little idea of the wages and working conditions of most college and university instructors, particularly part-timers. Instead of the disinformation campaigns presented at half-time of basketball and football games - half nostalgic images of ivy-strangled halls and half glitzy promos of hi-tech venture capitalism, show lines of students trying to get into closed out classes.

5 The African-American athlete is sadly underused by the Left. Michael Jordan, Shaq, Grant Hill, and so on exist for most Americans in a depoliticized state of glamorous consumption, as though their multi-million dollar contracts and highly publicized lifestyles negate the economic and cultural disadvantages of millions of African-Americans. A trivia question for cultural critics: who is Kellen Winslow and why am I bringing up his name now?

6 Finally, counter the Right’s simplistic slogans with simplistic slogans of our own. A general purpose campaign slogan to use against Republicans: “Your jobs going overseas.”

Irving Howe? Russell Jacoby? Shana Alexander? Alexander Cockburn. Hunter Thompson. Molly Ivins. Left intellectuals need to resist the blandishments of a rationalistic politics that remain tied to models of cause and effect, to the siren song that we can reason our way into cultural and political significance. How’s this for a slogan for the resurrection of the Left? “There’s only one Party in this country, and you’re not invited.”

          Crinkler secrets, 4k intro executable compressor at its best        
(Edit 5 Jan 2011: New Compression results section and small crinkler x86 decompressor analysis)

If you are not familiar with 4k intros, you may wonder how things are organized at the executable level to achieve this kind of packing-performance. Probably the most important and essential aspect of 4k-64k intros is the compressor, and surprisingly, 4k intros have been well equipped for the past five years, as Crinkler is the best compressor developed so far for this category. It has been created by Blueberry (Loonies) and Mentor (tbc), two of the greatest demomakers around.

Last year, I started to learn a bit more about the compression technique used in Crinkler. It started from some pouet's comments that intrigued me, like "crinkler needs several hundred of mega-bytes to compress/decompress a 4k intros" (wow) or "when you want to compress an executable, It can take hours, depending on the compressor parameters"... I observed also bad comrpession result, while trying to convert some part of C++ code to asm code using crinkler... With this silly question, I realized that in order to achieve better compression ratio, you better need a code that is comrpession friendly but is not necessarily smaller. Or in other term, the smaller asm code is not always the best candidate for better compression under crinkler... so right, I needed to understand how crinkler was working in order to code crinkler-friendly code...

I just had a basic knowledge about compression, probably the last book I bought about compression was more than 15 years ago to make a presentation about jpeg compression for a physics courses (that was a way to talk about computer related things in a non-computer course!)... I remember that I didn't go further in the book, and stopped just before arithmetic encoding. Too bad, that's exactly one part of crinkler's compression technique, and has been widely used for the past few years (and studied for the past 40 years!), especially in compressors like H.264!

So wow, It took me a substantial amount of time to jump again on the compressor's train and to read all those complicated-statistical articles to understand how things are working... but that was worth it! In the same time, I spent a bit of my time to dissect crinkler's decompressor, extract the code decompressor in order to comment it and to compare its implementation with my little-own-test in this field... I had a great time to do this, although, in the end, I found that whatever I could do, under 4k, Crinkler is probably the best compressor ever.

You will find here an attempt to explain a little bit more what's behind Crinkler. I'm far from being a compressor expert, so if you are familiar with context-modeling, this post may sounds a bit light, but I'm sure It could be of some interest for people like me, that are discovering things like this and want to understand how they make 4k intros possible!

Crinkler main principles

If you want a bit more information, you should have a look at the "manual.txt" file in the crinkler's archive. You will find here lots of valuable information ranging from why this project was created to what kind of options you can setup for crinkler. There is also an old but still accurate and worth to look at powerpoint presentation from the author themselves that is available here.

First of all, you will find that crinkler is not strictly speaking an executable compressor but is rather an integrated linker-compressor. In fact, in the intro dev tool chain, It's used as part of the building process and is used inplace of your traditional linker.... while crinkler has the ability to compress its output. Why crinkler is better suited at this place? Most notably because at the linker level, crinkler has access to portions of your code, your data, and is able to move them around in order to achieve better compression. Though, for this choice, I'm not completely sure, but this could be also implemented as a standard exe compressor, relying on relocation tables in the PE sections of the executable and a good disassembler like beaengine in order to move the code around and update references... So, crinkler, cr-linker, compressor-linker, is a linker with an integrated compressor.

Secondly, crinkler is using a compression method that is far more aggressive and efficient than any old dictionary-coder-LZ methods : it's called context modeling coupled with an arithmetic coder. As mentioned in the crinkler's manual, the best place I found to learn about this was Matt Mahoney resource website. This is definitely the place to start when you want to play with context modeling, as there are lots of sourcecode, previous version of PAQ program, from which you can learn gradually how to build such a compressor (more particularly in earlier version of the program, when the design was still simple to handle). Building a context-modelling based compressor/decompressor is almost accessible from any developer, but one of the strength of crinkler is its decompressor size : around 210-220 bytes, which makes it probably the most efficient and smaller context-modelling decompressor in the world. We will see also that crinkler made one of the simplest choice for a context-modelling compressor, using a semi-static model in order to achieve better compression for 4k of datas, resulting in a less complex decompressor code as well.

Lastly, crinkler is optimizing the usage of the exe-PE file (which is the Windows Portable Executable format, the binary format of the a windows executable file, official description is available here). Mostly by removing the standard import table and dll loading in favor of a custom loader that exploit internal windows structure as well as storing function hashing in the header of the PE files to recover dll functions.

Compression method

Arithmetic coding

The whole compression problem in crinkler can be summarized like this: what is the probability of the next bit to compress/decompress to be 1? The better is the probability (meaning by matching the expecting result bit), the better is the compression ratio. Hence, Crinkler needs to be a little bit psychic?!

First of all, you probably wonder why probability is important here. This is mainly due to one compression technique called arithmetic coding. I won't go into the detail here and encourage the reader to read about the wikipedia article and related links. The main principle of arithmetic coding is its ability to encode into a single number a set of symbols for which you know their probability to occur. The higher the probability is for a known symbol, the lower the number of bits will be required to encode its compressed counterpart.

At the bit level, things are getting even simpler, since the symbols are only 1 or 0. So if you can provide a probability for the next bit (even if this probability is completely wrong), you are able to encode it through an arithmetic coder.

A simple binary arithmetic coder interface could look like this:
/// Simple ArithmeticCoder interface
class ArithmeticCoder {

/// Decode a bit for a given probability.
/// Decode returns the decoded bit 1 or 0
int Decode(Bitstream inputStream, double probabilityForNextBit);

/// Encode a bit (nextBit) with a given probability
void Encode(Bitstream outputStream, int nextBit, double probabilityForNextBit);

And a simple usage of this ArithmeticCoder could look like this:
// Initialize variables
Bitstream inputCompressedStream = ...;
Bitstream outputStream = ...;
ArithmeticCoder coder;
Context context = ...;

// Simple decoder implem using an arithmetic coder
for(int i = 0; i < numberOfBitsToDecode; i++) {
// Made usage of our psychic alias Context class
double nextProbability = context.ComputeProbability();

// Decode the next bit from the compressed stream, based on this
// probability
int nextBit = coder.Decode( inputCompressedStream, nextProbability);

// Update the psychic and tell him, how much wrong or right he was!
context.UpdateModel( nextBit, nextProbability);

// Output the decoded bit

So a Binary Arithmetic Coder is able to compress a stream of bits, if you are able to tell him what's the probability for the next bit in the stream. Its usage is fairly simple, although their implementations are often really tricky and sometimes quite obscure (a real arithmetic implementation should face lots of small problems : renormalization, underflow, overflow...etc.).

Working at the bit level here wouldn't have been possible 20 years ago, as It requires a tremendous amount of CPU (and memory for the psychic-context) in order to calculate/encode a single bit, but with nowadays computer power, It's less a problem... Lots of implem are working at the byte level for better performance, some of them can work at the bit level while still batching the decoding/encoding results at the byte level. Crinkler doesn't care about this and is working at the bit level, making the arithmetic decoder in less than 20 x86 ASM instructions.

The C++ pseudo-code for an arithmetic decoder is like this:

int ArithmeticCoder::Decode(Bitstream inputStream, double nextProbability) {
int output = 0; // the decoded symbol

// renormalization
while (range < 0x80000000) {
range <<= 1;
value <<= 1;
value += inputStream.GetNextBit();

unsigned int subRange = (range * nextProbability);
range = range - subRange;
if (value >= range) { // we have the symbol 1
value = value - range;
range = subRange;
output++; // output = 1

return output;

This is almost exactly what is used in crinkler, but this done in only 18 asm instructions! The crinkler arithmetic coder is using a 33 bit precision. The decoder only needs to handle up to 0x80000000 limit renormalization while the encoder needs to work on 64 bit to handle the 33 bit precision. This is much more convenient to work at this precision for the decoder, as it is able to easily detect renormalization (0x80000000 is in fact a negative number. The loop could have been formulated like while (range >= 0), and this is how it is done in asm).

So the arithmetic coder is the basic component used in crinkler. You will find plenty of arithmetic coder examples on Internet. Even if you don't fully understand the theory behind them, you can use them quite easily. I found for example an interesting project called flavor, which provides a tool to produce some arithmetic coders code based on a formal description (For example, a 32bit precision arithmetic coder description in flavor), pretty handy to understand how things are translated from different coder behaviors.

But, ok, the real brain here is not the arithmetic coder... but the psychic-context (the Context class above) which is responsible to provide a probability and to update its model based on the previous expectation. This is where a compressor is making the difference.

Context modeling - Context mixing

This is one great point about using an arithmetic coder: they can be decoupled from the component responsible to provide the probability for the next symbol. This component is called a context-modeling.

What is the context? It is whatever data can help your context-modeler to evaluate the probability for the next symbol to occur. Thus, the most obvious data for a compressor-decompressor is to use previous decoded data to update its internal probability table.

Suppose you have the following sequence of 8 bytes 0x7FFFFFFF,0xFFFFFFFF that is already decoded. What will be the next bit? It is certainly to be a 1, and you could bet on it as high as 98% of probability.

So this is not a surprise that using history of data is the key point for the context modeler to predict next bit (and well, we have to admit that our computer-psychic is not as good as he claims, as he needs to know the past to predict the future!).

Now that we know that to produce a probability for the next bit, we need to use historic data, how crinkler is using them? Crinkler is in fact maintaining a table of probability, up to 8 bytes + the current bits already read before the next bit. In the context-modeling jargon, it's often called the order (before context modeling, there was technique developped like PPM  for Partial Predition Matching and DMC for dynamic markov compression). But crinkler is using not only the last x bytes (up to 8), but sparse mode (as it is mentioned in PAQ compressors), a combination of the last 8 bytes + the current bits already read. Crinkler calls this a model: It is stored into a single byte :
  • The 0x00 model says that It doesn't use any previous bytes other than the current bits being read.
  • The 0x80 model says that it is using the previous byte + the current bits being read.
  • The 0x81 model says that is is using the previous byte and the -8th byte + the current bits being read.
  • The 0xFF model says that all 8 previous bytes are used
You probably don't see yet how this is used. We are going to take a simple case here: Use the previous byte to predict the next bit (called the model 0x80).

Suppose the sequence of datas :

0xFF, 0x80, 0xFF, 0x85, 0xFF, 0x88, 0xFF
, ???nextBit???
(0) (1) (2) (3) | => decoder position

  • At position 0, we know that 0xFF is followed by bit 1 (0x80 <=> 10000000b). So n0 = 0, n1 = 1 (n0 denotes the number of 0 that follows 0xFF, n1 denotes the number of 1 that usually follows 0xFF)
  • At position 1, we know that 0xFF is still followed by bit 1: n0 = 0, n1 = 2
  • At position 2, n0 = 0, n1 = 3
  • At position 3, we have n0 = 0, n1 = 3, making the probability for one p(1) = (n1 + eps) / ( n0+eps + n1+eps). eps for epsilon, lets take 0.01. We have p(1) = (2+0.01)/(0+0.01 + 2+0.01) = 99,50%

So we have the probability of 99,50% at position (3) that the next bit is a 1.

The principle here is simple: For each model and an historic value, we associate n0 and n1, the number of bits found for bit 0 (n0) and bit 1 (n1). Updating those n0/n1 counters needs to be done carefully : a naive approach would be to increment according values when a particular training bit is found... but there is more chance that recent values are more relevant than olders.... Matt Mahoney explained this in The PAQ1 Data Compression Program, 2002. (Describes PAQ1), and describes how to efficiently update those counters for a non-stationary source of data :
  • If the training bit is y (0 or 1) then increment ny (n0 or n1).
  • If n(1-y) > 2, then set n(1-y) = n(1-y) / 2 + 1 (rounding down if odd).

Suppose for example that n0 = 3 and n1 = 4 and we have a new bit 1. Then n0 will be = n0/2 + 1 = 3/2+1=2 and n1 = n1 + 1 = 5

Now, we know how to produce a single probability for a single model... but working with a single model (for exemple, only the previous byte) wouldn't be enough to evaluate correctly the next bit. Instead, we need a way to combine different models (different selection of historic data). This is called context-mixing, and this is the real power of context modeling: whatever is your method to collect and calculate a probability, you can, at some point, mix severals estimator to calculate a single probability.

There are several ways to mix those probabilities. In the pure context-modeling jargon,  the model is the way you mix probabilities and for each model, you have a weight :
  • static: you determine the weights whatever the data are.
  • semi-static: you perform a 1st pass over the data to compress to determine the weights for each model, and them a 2nd pass with the best weights
  • adaptive: weights are updated dynamically as new bits are discovered.

Crinkler is using a semi-static context-mixing but is somewhat also "semi-adaptive", because It is using different weights for the code of your exe, and the data of your exe, as they have a different binary layout.

So how this is mixed-up? Crinkler needs to determine the best context-models (the combination of historic data) that It will use, assign for each of those context a weight. The weight is then used to calculate the final probability.

For each selected historic model (i) with an associated model weight wi, and ni0/ni1 bit counters, the final probability p(1) is calculated like this :

p(1) = Sum(  wi * ni1 / (ni0 + ni1))  / Sum ( wi )

This is exactly what is done in the code above for context.ComputeProbability();, and this is exactly what crinkler is doing.

In the end, crinkler is selecting a list of models for each type of section in your exe: a set of models for the code section, a set of models for the data section.

How many models crinkler is selecting? It depends on your data. For example, for ergon intro,crinklers is selecting the following models:

For the code section:
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Model {0x00,0x20,0x60,0x40,0x80,0x90,0x58,0x4a,0xc0,0xa8,0xa2,0xc5,0x9e,0xed,}
Weight { 0, 0, 0, 1, 2, 2, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 4, 6, 6,}

For the data section:
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
Model {0x40,0x60,0x44,0x22,0x08,0x84,0x07,0x00,0xa0,0x80,0x98,0x54,0xc0,0xe0,0x91,0xba,0xf0,0xad,0xc3,0xcd,}
Weight { 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 4, 5,}
(note that in crinkler, the final weight used to multiply n1/n0+n1 is by 2^w, and not wi itself).

Wow, does it means that crinkler needs to store those datas in your exe. (14 bytes + 20 bytes) * 2 = 68 bytes? Well, crinkler authors are smarter than this! In fact the models are stored, but weights are only store in a single int (32 bits for each section). Yep, a single int to stored those weights? Indeed: if you look at those weights, they are increasing, sometimes they are equal... So they found a clever way to store a compact representation of those weights in a 32 bit form. Starting with a weight of 1, the 32bit weight is shifted by one bit to the left : If this is 0, than the currentWeight doesn't change, if bit is 1, than currentWeight is incremented by 1 : (in this pseudo-code, shift is done to the right)

int currentWeight = 1;
int compactWeight = ....;
foreach (model in models) {
  if ( compactWeight & 1 )
  compactWeight =  compactWeight >> 1;

//  ... used currentWeight for current model

This way, crinkler is able to store a compact form of pairs (model/weight) for each type of data in your executable (code or pure data).

Model selection

Model selection is one of the key process of crinkler. For a particular set of datas, what is the best selection of models? You start with 256 models (all the combinations of the 8 previous bytes) and you need to determine the best selection of models. You have to take into account that each time you are using a model, you need to use 1 byte in your final executable to store this model. Model selection is part of crinkler compressor but is not part of crinkler decompressor. The decompressor just need to know the list of the final models used to compress the data, but doesn't care about intermediate results. On the other hand, the compressor needs to test every combination of model, and find an appropriate weight for each model.

I have tested several methods in my test code and try to recover the method used in crinkler, without achieving comparable compression ratio... I tried some brute force algo without any success... The selection algorithm is probably a bit clever than the one I have tested, and would probably require to layout mathematics/statistics formulas/combination to select an accurate method.

Finally, blueberry has given their method (thanks!)

"To answer your question about the model selection process, it is actually not very clever. We step through the models in bit-mirrored numerical order (i.e. 00, 80, 40, C0, 20 etc.) and for each step do the following:

- Check if compression improves by adding the model to the current set of models (taking into account the one extra byte to store the model).

- If so, add the model, and then step through every model in the current set and remove it if compression improves by doing so.

The difference between FAST and SLOW compression is that SLOW optimizes the model weights for every comparison between model sets, whereas FAST uses a heuristic for the model weights (number of bits set in the model mask).

On the other hand, I tried a fully adaptive context modelling approach, using dynamic weight calculation explained by Matt Mahoney with neural networks and stretch/squash functions (look at PAQ on wikipedia). It was really promising, as I was able to achieve sometimes better compression ratio than crinkler... but at the cost of a decompressor 100 bytes heavier... and even I was able to save 30 to 60 bytes for the compressed data, I was still off by 40-70 bytes... so under 4k, this approach was definitely not as efficient as a semi-static approach chosen by crinkler.

Storing probabilities

If you have correctly followed the previous model selection, crinkler is now working with a set of models (selection of history data), for each bit that is found, each model probabilities must be updated...

But think about it: for example, if to predict the following bit, we are using the probabilities for the 8 previous bytes, it means that for every combination of 8 bytes already found in the decoded data, we would have a pair of n0/n1 counters?

That would mean that we could have the folowing probabilities to update for the context 0xFF (8 previous bytes):
- "00 00 00 00 c0 00 00 50 00" => some n0/n1
- "00 00 70 00 00 00 00 F2 01" => another n0/n1
- "00 00 00 40 00 00 00 30 02" => another n0/n1

and if we have other models like 0x80 (previous byte), or 0xC0 (the last 2 previous bytes), we would have also different counters for them:

// For model 0x80
- "00" => some n0/n1
- "01" => another n0/n1
- "02" => yet another n0/n1

// For model 0xC0
- "50 00" => some bis n0/n1
- "F2 01" => another bis n0/n1
- "30 02" => yet another bis n0/n1

From the previous model context, I have slightly over simplified the fact that not only the previous bytes is used, but also the current bits being read. In fact, when we are using for example the model 0x80 (using the previous byte), the context of the historic data is composed not only by the previous byte, but also by the bits being read on the current octet. This implies obviously that for every bit read, there is a different context. Suppose we have the sequence 0x75, 0x86 (in binary 10000110b), the position of the encoded bits is just after the 0x75 value and that we are using the previous byte + the bits currently read:

First, we start on a byte boundary
- 0x75 with 0 bit (we start with 0) is followed by bit 1 (the 8 of 0x85). The context is 0x75 + 0 bit read
- We read one more bit, we have a new context :  0x75 + bit 1. This context is followed by a 0
- We read one more bit, we have a new context :  0x75 + bit 10. This context is followed by a 0.
- We read one more bit, we have a new context :  0x75 + bit 1000011, that is followed by a 0 (and we are ending on a byte boundary).

Reading 0x75 followed by 0x86, with a model using only the previous byte, we finally have 8 context with their own n0/n1 to store in the probability table.

As you can see, It is obvious that It's difficult to store all context found (.i.e for each single bit decoded, there is a different context of historic bytes) and their respective exact probability counters, without exploding the RAM. Moreover if you think about the number of models that are used by crinkler: 14 types of different historic previous bytes selection for ergon's code!

This kind of problem is often handled using a hashtable while handling collisions. This is what is done in some of the PAQ compressors. Crinkler is also using an hashtable to store counter probabilities, with the association context_history_of_bytes = > (n0/n1), but It is not handling collision in order to keep minimal the size of the decompressor. As usual, the hash function used by crinkler is really tiny while still giving really good results.

So instead of having the association between  context_history_of_bytes => n0/n1, we are using a hashing function, hash(context_history_of_bytes) => n0/n1. Then, the dictionary that is storing all those associations needs to be correctly dimensioned, large enough, to store as much as possible associations found while decoding/encoding the data.

Like in PAQ compressors, crinkler is using one byte for each counter, meaning that n0 and n1 together are taking 16 bit, 2 bytes. So if you instruct crinkler to use a hashtable of 100Mo, It will be possible to store 50 millions of different keys, meaning different historic context of bytes and their respective probability counters. There is a little remark about crinkler and the byte counter: in PAQ compressors, limits are handled, meaning that if a counter is going above 255, It will stuck to 255... but crinkler made the choice to not test the limits in order to keep the code smaller (although, that would take less than 6 bytes to test the limit). What is the impact of this choice? Well, if you know crinkler, you are aware that crinkler doesn't handle large section of "zeros" or whatever empty initialized data. This is just because the probabilities are looping from 255 to 0, meaning that you jump from a 100% probability (probably accurate) to almost a 0% probability (probably wrong)  every 256 bytes. Is this really hurting the compression? Well, It would hurt a lot if crinkler was used for larger executable, but in a 4k, It's not hurting so much (although, It could hurt if you really have large portions of initialized data). Also, not all the context are reseted at the same time (a 8 byte context will not probably reset as often as a 1 byte context), so it means that final probability calculation is still accurate... while there is a probability that is reseted, other models with their own probabilities are still counting there... so this is not a huge issue.

What happens also if the hash for a different context is giving the same value? Well, the model is then updating the wrong probability counters. If the hashtable is too small the probability counters may really be too much disturbed and they would provide a less accurate final probability. But if the hashtable is large enough, collisions are less likely to happen.

Thus, it is quite common to use a hashtable as large as 256 to 512Mo if you want, although 256Mo is often enough, but the larger is your hashtable, the less are collisions, the more accurate is your probability. Recall from the beginning of this post, and you should understand now why "crinkler can take several hundreds of megabytes to decompress"... simply because of this hashtable that store all the probabilities for the next bit for all models combination used.

If you are familiar with crinkler, you already know the option to find a best possible hashsize for an initial hashtable size and a number of tries (hashtries option). This part is responsible to test different size of hashtable (like starting from 100Mo, and reducing the size by 2 bytes 30 times, and test the final compression) and test final compression result. This is a way to empirically reduce collision effects by selecting the hashsize that is giving the better compression ratio (meaning less collisions in the hash). Although this option is only able to help you save a couple of bytes, no more.

Data reordering and type of data

Reordering or organizing differently the data to have a better compression is one of the common technique in compression methods. Sometimes for example, Its better to store deltas of values than to store values themselves...etc.

Crinkler is using this principle to perform data reordering. At the linker level, crinkler has access to portion of datas and code, and is able to move those portions around in order to achieve a better compression ratio. This is really easy to understand : suppose that you have a series initialized zero values in your data section. If those values are interleaved with non zero values, the counter probabilities will switch from "there are plenty of zero there" to "ooops, there are some other datas"... and the final probability will balance between 90% to 20%. Grouping data that are similar is a way to improve the overall probability correctness.

This part is the most time consuming, as It needs to move and arrange all portions of your executable around, and test which arrangement is giving the best compression result. But It's paying to use this option, as you may be able to save 100 bytes in the end just with this option.

One thing that is also related to data reordering is the way crinkler is handling separately the binary code and the data of your executable. Why?, because their binary representation is different, leading to a completely different set of probabilities. If you look at the selected models for ergon, you will find that code and data models are quite different. Crinkler is using this to achieve better performance here. In fact, crinkler is compressing completely separately the code and the datas. Code has its own models and weights, Data another set of models and weights. What does it means internally? Crinkler is using a set of model and weights to decode the code section of your exectuable. Once finished, It will erase the probability counters stored in the hashtable-dictionary, and go to the data section, with new models and weights. Reseting all counters to 0 in the middle of decompressing is improving compression by a factor of 2-4%, which is quite impressive and valuable for a 4k (around 100 to 150 bytes).

I found that even with an adaptive model (with a neural networks dynamically updating the weights), It is still worth to reset the probabilities between code and data decompression. In fact, reseting the probabilities is an empirical way to instruct the context modeling that datas are so different that It's better to start from scratch with new probability counters. If you think about it, an improved demo compressor (for larger exectuable, for example under 64k) could be clever to detect those portions of datas that are enough different that It would be better to reset the dictionary than to keep it as it is.

There is just one last thing about weights handling in crinkler. When decoding/encoding, It seems that crinkler is artificially increasing the weights for the first discovered bit. This little trick is improving compression ratio by about 1 to 2% which is not bad. Having higher weights at the beginning enable to have a better response of the compressor/decompressor, even If it doesn't still have enough data to compute a correct probability. Increasing the weights is helping the compression ratio at cold start.

Crinkler is also able to transform the x86 code for the executable part to improve compression ratio. This technique is widely used and consist of replacing relative jump (conditionnal, function calls...etc.) to absolute jump, leading to a better compression ratio.

Custom DLL LoadLibrary and PE file optimization

In order to strip down the size of an executable, It's necessary to exploit as much as possible the organization of a PE file.

First thing that crinkler is using is that lots of part in a PE files are not used at all. If you want to know how a windows executable PE files can be reduced, I suggest you read Tiny PE article, which is a good way to understand what is actually used by a PE loader. Unlike the Tiny PE sample, where the author is moving the PE header to the dos header, crinkler made the choice to use this unused place to store hash values that are used to reference DLL functions used.

This trick is called import by hashing and is quite common in intro's compressor. Probably what make crinkler a little bit more advanced is that to perform the "GetProcAddress" (which is responsible to get the pointer to a function from a function name), crinkler is navigating inside internal windows process structure in order to directly get the address of the functions from the in-memory import table. Indeed, you won't find any import section table in a crinklerized executable. Everything is re-discovered through internal windows structures. Those structures are not officially documented but you can find some valuable information around, most notably here.

If you look at crinkler's code stored in the crinkler import section, which is the code injected just before the intros start, in order to load all dll functions, you will find those cryptics calls like this:
(0) MOV EAX, FS:[BX+0x30]
(1) MOV EAX, [EAX+0xC]
(2) MOV EAX, [EAX+0xC]
(3) MOV EAX, [EAX]
(4) MOV EAX, [EAX]
(5) MOV EBP, [EAX+0x18]

This is done by going through internal structures:
  • (0) first crinklers gets a pointer to the "PROCESS ENVIRONMENT BLOCK (PEB)" with the instruction  MOV EAX, FS:[BX+0x30]. EAX is now pointing to the PEB 
Public Type PEB 
InheritedAddressSpace As Byte
ReadImageFileExecOptions As Byte
BeingDebugged As Byte
Spare As Byte
Mutant As Long
SectionBaseAddress As Long
ProcessModuleInfo As Long ‘ // <---- PEB_LDR_DATA
ProcessParameters As Long ‘ // RTL_USER_PROCESS_PARAMETERS
SubSystemData As Long
ProcessHeap As Long
... struct continue

  • (1) Then it gets a pointer to the "ProcessModuleInfo/PEB_LDR_DATA" MOV EAX, [EAX+0xC]
Public Type _PEB_LDR_DATA
Length As Integer
Initialized As Long
SsHandle As Long
InLoadOrderModuleList As LIST_ENTRY // <---- LIST_ENTRY InLoadOrderModuleList
InMemoryOrderModuleList As LIST_ENTRY
InInitOrderModuleList As LIST_ENTRY
EntryInProgress As Long
End Type

  • (2) Then it gets a pointer to get a pointer to the next "InLoadOrderModuleList/LIST_ENTRY" MOV EAX, [EAX+0xC].
Public Type LIST_ENTRY    Flink As LIST_ENTRY
End Type

  • (3) and (4) Then it navigates through the LIST_ENTRY linked list MOV EAX, [EAX]. This is done 2 times. First time, we get a pointer to the NTDLL.dll, second with get a pointer to the KERNEL.DLL. Each LIST_ENTRY is in fact followed by the structure LDR_MODULE :

Public Type LDR_MODULE
InLoadOrderModuleList As LIST_ENTRY
InMemoryOrderModuleList As LIST_ENTRY
InInitOrderModuleList As LIST_ENTRY
BaseAddress As Long
EntryPoint As Long
SizeOfImage As Long
Flags As Long
LoadCount As Integer
TlsIndex As Integer
HashTableEntry As LIST_ENTRY
TimeDateStamp As Long
LoadedImports As Long
EntryActivationContext As Long ‘ // ACTIVATION_CONTEXT
PatchInformation As Long
End Type

Then from the BaseAddress of the Kernel.dll module, crinkler is going to the section where functions are already loaded in memory. From there, the first hashed function that is stored by crinkler is LoadLibrary function. After this, crinkler is able to load all the depend dll and navigate through the import tables, recomputing the hash for all functions names for dependent dlls, and is trying to match the hash stored in the PE header. If a match is found, then the function entry point is stored.

This way, crinkler is able to call some OS functions stored in the Kernel.DLL, without even linking explicitly to those DLL, as they are automatically loaded whenever a DLL is loaded. Thus achieving a way to import all functions used by an intro with a custom import loader.

Compression results

So finally, you may ask, how much crinkler is good at compressing? How does it compare to other compression method? How does look like the entropy in a crinklerized exe?

I'll take the example of Ergon exe. You can already find a detailed analysis for this particular exe.

Comparison with other compression methods

In order to make a fair comparison between crinkler and other compressors, I have used the data that are actually compressed by crinkler after the reordering of code and data (This is done by unpacking a crinklerized ergon.exe and extracting only the compressed data). This comparison is accurate in that all compressors are using exactly the same data.

In order also to be fair with crinkler, the size of 3652 is not taking into account the PE header + the crinkler decompressor code (which in total is 432 bytes for crinkler).

To perform this comparison, I have only used 7z which has at least 3 interesting methods to test against :
  • Standard Deflate Zip
  • PPMd with 256Mo of dictionary
  • LZMA with 256Mo of dictionary
I have also included a comparison with a more advanced packing method from Matt Mahoney resource, Paq8l which is one of the version of PAQ methods, using neural networks and several context modeling methods.

Program Compression Method Size in bytes Ratio vs Crinkler
none uncompressed 9796
crinkler ctx-model 256Mo 3652 +0,00%
7z deflate 32Ko 4526 +23,93%
7z PPMd 256Mo 4334 +18,67%
7z LZMA 256Mo 4380 +19,93%
Paq8l dyn-ctx-model 256Mo 3521 -3,59%

As you can see, crinkler is far more efficient than any of the "standard" compression method (Zip, PPMd, LZMA). I'm not even talking about the fact that a true comparison would be to include the decompressor size, so the ratio should certainly be worse for all standard methods!

Paq8l is of course slightly better... but if you take into account that Paq8l decompressor is itself an exe of 37Ko... compare to the 220 byte of crinkler... you should understand now how much crinkler is highly efficient in its own domain! (remember? 4k!)


In order to measure the entropy of crinkler, I have developed a very small program in C# that is displaying the entropy of an exe. From green color (low entropy, less bits necessary to encode this information) to red color (high entropy, more bits necessary to encode this information).

I have done this on 3 different ergon executable :
  • The uncompressed ergon.exe (28Ko). It is the standard output of a binary exe with MSVC++ 2008.
  • The raw-crinklerized ergon.exe extracted code and data section, but not compressed (9796 bytes)
  • The final crinklerized ergon.exe file (4070 bytes)
Ergon standard exe entropy
Ergon code and data crinklerized, uncompressed reordered data
Ergon executable crinklerized
As expected, the entropy is fairly massive in a crinklerized exe. Compare with the waste of information in a standard windows executable. Also, you can appreciate how much is important the reordering and packing of data (no compression) that is perform by crinkler.

Some notes about the x86 crinkler decompressor asm code

I have often talked about how much crinkler decompressor is truly a piece of x86 art.  It is hard to describe the technique used here, there are lots of x86 standard optimization and some really nice trick. Most notably:
  1. using all the registers
  2. using intensively the stack to save/restore all the registers with pushad/popad x86. This is for example done (1 + number_of_model) per bit. If you have 15 models, there will be a total of 16 pushad/popad instructions for a single bit to be decoded! You may wonder why making so many pushes? Its the only way to efficiently use all the registers (rule #1) without having to store particular registers in a buffer. Of course, push/pop instruction is also used at several places in the code as well.
  3. As a result of 1) and 2), apart from the hash dictionnary, no intermediate structure are used to perform the context modeling calculation.
  4. Deferred conditional jump: Usually, when you perform some conditional testing with x86, this is often immediately followed by a conditional jump (like cmp eax, 0; jne go_for_bla). In crinkler, sometimes, a conditionnal test is done, and is used several instruction laters. (for example. cmp eax,0; push eax; mov eax, 5; jne go_for_bla <---- this is using the result of cmp eax,0 comparison). It makes the code to read a LOT harder. Sometimes, the conditional is even used after a direct jump! This is probably one part of crinkler's decompressor that impressed me the most. This is of course something quite common if you are programming heavily optimized-size x86 asm code... you need to know of course which instructions is not modifying CPU flags in order to achieve this kind of optimization!

Final words

I would like to apologize for the lack of charts, pictures to explain a little bit how things are working.  This article is probably still obscure for a casual reader, and should be considered as a draft version. This was a quick and dirty post. I wanted to write this for a long time, so here it is, not perfect as it should be, but this may be improved in future versions!

As you can see, crinkler is really worth to look at. The effort to make it so efficient is impressive and there is almost no doubt that there won't be any other crinkler competitor for a long time! At least for a 4k executable. Above 4k, I'm quite confident that there are still lots of area that could be improved, and probably kkrunchy is far from being the ultimate packer under 64k... Still, if you want a packer, you need to code it, and that's not so trivial!
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"Ok than KILL me! I dont what to do this anymore!" she cried.
"For his memory, you'd better to do those excercises and contuniue help us! This is what you can do about this not to run away from your responsibility. You are resposible for his death. But you can make amendment and continue what he singed up for. Do those excersices learn how to overcome this kind of manipulation and teach as many as many you can to do the same. Save our lifes until we continue with this war."
She did after all. And she did even more. She found this woman. who I was not able to find. Later I figured out that she was tone of the very first ones who started to build up rapport with me. The Old man employed her to get the triggers in place.
Until Chip's replacement was heading for the big party as usualy after more of these shitheads meet at one place, he got out quiclly.
ohh by the way as the armies around the world developed thanks to our training methodes, and she couldn't keep up with the load and started to loose her army, she asked me to develop and train her army. And so I did. Of course I did the same as with everyone... They lied to me so I lied to them. When she told me about her vision as she walks up to that bridge to meet me there... I knew that is going to be the place she dies.
We built up a team to influence and monaipulate her visions - of course this leaked out and now it is out and this is the reason we HAVE TO TALK LOUD AND HAVE A REAL CONVERSATION. Nothing you can be sure what is not said loud.
So Chip - the real one - was waiting her when she passed me on the other side of the brige. She was smiling to me. I smiled back. I had to force myself to learn this and od manage to forget what she done to me from the age of 3. This was personal for me too. But much more than that.
We had to wait until she gives the order to kill openly to her team. We had to wait because she had more power than even the Old man had. She wan't that smart, but had more power. Because she built her network over love. Now as she gave out this order it is going to be spread and we ollected all eveidences on her what she did in the last 15-20 years. There is a lo of blood on her account. Lot of lives taken by love. More devil than the worst sadist. Her network has to be torn apart. At it will be.
I had to use this antrax threat to frighten her to give out the order and make sure she will manage to give enough love to Jani, and Chip. I knew they can get killed in isolation because they where not that strong as me. I even can get killed this way. And also I showed to the rest of the world that if only one of us dies this planet will be hell for the rest and we will distroy it completly. We have everything in place.
George Green had her in his side for a while. Bu the as smart enough to ask me if she is ok or not. And he got the respond. But she still has a few trainees I remember she as training someone ahen we where at Orpington... "This color suits you." "How did he break our conditioning just like that?" "No he didn't brak it just got to her heart by being honest. To break our conditioning he would need more time to spend with her. What we won't allow."
She learned how to be as quiet as we used to be. There are so many of her community you cannot even imagine. And she lied about us. And she peinted herself as good and the rest of the world sccepted those lies. An she always told everyone not to kill but to find other solutions. And she enjoyed giving me a very hard time. But she did that from distance. That's why it was so painful in London. Nearly all of those assholes attacking me belonged to her and been manipulated by her. She told everyone that I am about to distroy the earth. And she did not lie about that she just forgot to mention that I will do that if my goal would become impossible. To end salvery, end tornishing our planet. What she singed up for. Mastermind. Smart. But she is dead. And her puppetmasters follow down to the last peace of shit. We cut from above first and go downward. As they realise the power killing them off, they will have to surrender. If it happens in time there is a chance to this Planet. Otherwise...
"Chip is playing us." súgta apu a találkozóponton... "Please don't expose me I am weak finacially."
Ez a lehetőség többször is felmerült. Apuval sokszor beszélgettünk erről. Amikor felhívtuk a speckó rádión kersztül (ham radio from Baja Hunagry to Philadephia 1991 kb) akkor is úgy beszélt mindig, hogy hallgatni se bírtam. Apu elmondott neki valamit hogy mit csinált erre kifakadt hogy húú az te voltál hát én kiküldtem egy pár srácot érted ezek itt meg vannak őrülve amiatt..." "hazudik" súgom neki ő meg röhög a szokott hangtalan módján, "tudom" legyint elengedi a mikrofon gombját halkan súgja: "megtaláltak" "és mi volt?" "söröztünk egy jót" nevet a maga hangatalan nevetésével... amit csingacskug figurájába is beleírt.
Szóval biztos a mi biztos arra az esetre ha úgy alakulna én kiváltottam mindent amit chipnek építettem biztosíték gyanánt és azok számára akik elég őszinték voltak el is mondtam mik ezek. Szóval ha így lenne, akkor őt le tudjuk venni gond egy szál se.
Azért alakulhatott ez így mert ő is ügyes fejlesztő de közel se olyan mint én. Viszont én meg annyit összeszedtem tőlük innen onnan, hogy én átláttam az egész tudományos keretet sőt én annál tovább is láttam. Próbálta ő összeszedni a dolgaimat és több kevesebb sikerrel össze is jött neki, de a legjobbakat nem sikerült megértenie sem, mert nincsenek meg hozzá a képességei és a tudása. Ha nem lesz tiszta víz a pohárban, akkor maradunk ketten. Persze úgy már nem fogjuk sokáig bírni. És akkor jön aminek jönnie kell. Ha pedig nem változik semmi - márpedig nem sok változás van, akkor 3 max négy év múlva én letörlöm ezt a hibát az univerzum térképéről.
A következő találkozópont után beindul a pusztítógépezet, ha nem leszünk ott és így a többi.
"We are holding them up now." mondja Chip Castleford utcáján.
Igen. Ezt már észrevettem magam is. Valóban valahogy Chip keze mindig benne volt az összes az elmúlt 10 évben engem ért támadásban. De ne mcsak az övé. Ezé a szarházi kurváé is Evolé is.
Chipnek még mindig van pénze. Sok pénze van. Ez mutatja hogy ő megalkudott a fekete lóhoz tartozó hálózattal támogatja őket ők meg támogatják őt. Ezért lehet pénze.
Lehet hogy megalkudott azzal a nővel. És most ketten írányítanak és eljátsszák nekünk a nagy semmit. Lehet hogy még él. Lehet hogy még él mindkettő. Én innen már nem tudom ezt eldönteni mert ők is megtanulták hogyan manipuláljanak. Nem láttam mi történt a hídon túl. Elengedtem. Az viszont rémlik hogy Chip erősködött hogy ne öljem meg ott a hídon mert megőrülhetek bele. S végül igazat adtam neki. Viszont lehet hogy ők összemelegedtek a hatalom nyergében és remekül megvannak ott.
Mivel senki sem beszél velem nem tudom. A zajt és az üzengetést meg nem tudom komolyan venni. Megbízatatlan. Ha így történt akkor baj van méghozzá nagy. Akkor a levegőnek annyi, a pszichés térnek annyi (a rabszolgarendszer megy tovább) és ez a rombolás folytatódik. És négy év múlva el fogom pusztítani a földet. Pontosabban az én hiányom fogja elpusztítani a földet. Nem lesz aki leállítsa a beprogramozott gépezetet. Azt meg hogy itt tovább rugodossanak mint egy focilabdát nem fogom eltűrni. És négy év múlva nem is lesz már értelme se annak hogy eltűrjem.
Próbálják azt eljátszani hogy, rejtve van elektromos motor az autókban... Mégis fogy a benzin valahogyan. Érdekes nem? Nos bizonyára van egy két patkány akinek van ilyen autója mint az air combat controllereknek csináltam ilyen motort amibe bele van építve egy generátor ami olyan pici és olyan sok áramot termel hogy menet közben visszatermeli amit elfogyaszt. kis golyómágnes volt az eredeti verzióban amit iszonyú sebességgel pörgettem egy vákumos mágneses térben. Zéro súrlódással nem melegszik.
Rengeteg pénzt csinált a chip abból hogy eladta ezt az amerikai hadseregnek meg más hadseregeknek is.
Mégis tovább megy a légrongálás és a vízrongálás. És tovább rohasztják a környezetünket és továbbra is elszigetelnek és támadnak bennünket - akik a szabad és tiszteletteli életre szavasztunk és ezt követeljük és ezen dolgozunk mindenki számára. Lehet hogy így van. De van bárki aki képes ezt átlátni és képes bármit is tenni? És olyan van-e ezek között akik hajlandóak is tenni valamit? Nincs.
Jelentem az a helyezet hogy nincs ilyen. Nem keresek többé munkát és továbbra se fogom eltűrni a zaklatás semmilyen formáját. És amikor nem bírom tovább elbúcsúzunk. Azután pedig meg fogjátok tanulni hogy jobb lett volna ha csináltok valamit.
Fúúú... Ahogy forgatom az emlékeket a fejemben most kezdek rádöbbenni hogy mi is történt valójában. És miért kezdtük el kiváltani Chip minden biztosítékát amit felépítetett velem.
Ezek tényleg összefogtak. Chip és Evol. Philpots a tipikus példa: Lauren a chip embere volt, drogkereskedő, kurva és a többi, az Andrea pedig az igazgatói feladatokat látta el, a tulajdonos meg csak egy kamu álca egy stróman. Ketten együtt dolgozták ki a műsort. Itt is ugyanez történt. Evol embere fejezte be a történetet, a chip embere provokált. És ráadásul én adtam a Chip kezébe az eszközt. Vele dolgoztuk ki annak a módszerét hogyan tudják a pszéhés képességeit tompítani és félrevezetni. Meg is tanítottam neki. A francba. Londonban amikor megtáncoltattak akkor a Chip vezette a Fitzroy house ban elkövetett támadást. Ki akart nyírni de nem mert mert tudta hogy ő se élheti túl. Ma kaptam egy emailt valami munkaajánlattal amire persze semmi seélyem se jelentkezni mert nem felelek meg a követelményeknek amit odaírtak kint a boltnál meg ott állt egy teher autó amin ott olt az openreach felirat. Ez a kommunikációs stílus az evoLé. Nesze semmi fogd meg jól. Közben a másik csapat is megüzente hogy szenvedni fogok...
Apuval felkészültünk erre a forgatókönyvre. De hogy mi lett azt nem tudom. Azt tudom hogy a srác aki az antraxot kezelte az ő embere volt, de én képeztem ki speciálisan erre a feladatra. Meg kellett taulnia úgy harcolni hogy a táska a kezében van és nem töri össze a tartót. Meg kellett tanulnia hogyan tud rázkódásmentes dobozt készíteni és főként olyan kellett aki önként belement a feladatba és megértette hogy miért van erre szükség és mit akarok vele elérni. A hipnózisba is önként kellett belemennie. Így annyira erős lett a hipnózisa, hogy nem tudott kilépni belőle magától csak az én jelenlétem hatására. Szegényt igen megkínozták, valószínűleg a chip megtornáztatta, hogy megmutassa a többieknek hogy azt csinál vele amit csak akar. Azért kért meg engem a chip mert ő nem tudott olyan erős feltörhetetlen programozást csinálni mint én. Persze hogy nem mert az ő szándékai soha nem voltak tiszták, nem úgy mint az enyémek.
Azt még hallottam amikor valaki hangosan élőszóban kijelentette mögöttem hogy: "Chip has nothing!" De nem tudom mi lett azután.
Emlkszem arra is amikor a Lin Dike madárlesnél egyszer Chip beszorított. Bementem a madárlesbe és bezáratott oda az embereivel. Előtte megbeszéltük hogy hogy preparálja az ajtót, hogy mégis ki tudjak törni. De nem úgy csinálta meg ahogy megbeszéltük és kénytelen voltam lebukni azzal hogy mégis kitörtem belőle. Vannak kémiai módszerek amivel meg lehet gyöngíteni egy fém szerekezetet úgy hogy nem lehet szemmel látni rajta a preparációt. Úgy volt hogy preparálja a zsanérokat hogy ki tudjak törni és az emberei megdöbbenjenek az erőm láttán. A dolog azért merült feledésbe, mert ebből tudtam és mindig rájöttem hogy Chip hazudik nekem és ezért neki se mutattam meg mindent sőt az erőmet is titkoltam előtte.
De lassan beszélt - persze lehet hogy csak azután hogy számtalan alkalommal bizonyítottam hogy ne memlékszem a dolgokra amik korábban történtek. Egyre tisztul ez a kép. Az érzelmi kötődésem hozzá valamiért erős pedig ő volt az egyik legkegyetlenebb kiképző akivel találkoztam. Rengeteg gyereket meggyilkolt akik nem bírták vagy nem tetszettek neki. Mégis megőrizte a sokarcúságát.
Lehet hogy miután elmondtam a hálózatban a tetején levőknek hogy az Öreg tulajdonképpen egy hetesikrek és egymást váltják - így igen nehézzé vált a pontos profiljának elkészítése - azután ők is elkezdték ezt a módszert használni és folyamatosan váltották egymást a lehető legpontosabb szinkronra törekedve. Bár ezt talán kiszírtam volna hiszen annyira pontos szinkront csak a telepaták tudnak kialakítani akik pontosan tudják mi történt a másik és közöttem. Belülről. Ezt olyanok akik nem telepaták és nem így születtek még géppel se tudják megoldani olyan kiválóan mint az Öreg(ék) tették. Ha végiggondolom a Chippel kapcsolatos emlékeimet akkor benne van minden: a sátánista véráldozattól kezdve a legodaadóbb szeretet, önfeláldozó vállalások, hősies kitartás és bajtársiasság, aljas hazudozás, drogozás, kurvázás, gyilkolás, kéjelgés, lopás csalás, olyan sokféle dolog ami egy egységes emberi profilba sehogyan sem férne bele. Bár Chip karaktere egy kitalált karakter, én újítottam fel, de valaki más átvette. És valószínűleg vagy az Öreg vagy valamelyik másik nagyágyú, little georgie, vagy evoL vagy egy másik... és hozzáírtak vagy írtak egy ugyanolyan fizimiskájú de teljesen különböző karaktert és amikor megölték akkor mindig visszahelyettesítették és valaki a háttérből váltogatta őket vagy ők egymást. Nem tudom. De evoL csapatában is találtam értelmes becsületes embereket akik megértették a dolgokat. Itt csend a fülemben az egyikük kacagása amikor rájött hogy tényleg úgy van amit mondok hogy tényleg ezt akarom megvalósítani. És elmondta hogy őket mivel etette meg a nő. Meg se lepődtem rajta. Ez a világ az őrület világa. Őrült hazudozás a végtelenségig.
Egy kettő akad aki nem hazudik. Én is hazudtam mindenkinek aki nekem hazudott vagy viszatartotta a fontos információkat. Az is hazugság. Mégpedig az egyik leggyakoribb fajta.
gábor kerek világ: "Csinálnod kell egy erődemonstrációt."
"Nem. Csinálj egy videót amit összevágsz a többiből ami van."
"Nem lehet Péter. Minden digitális - sőt még az analóg gépek is - rögzítik hogy hol készült a felvétel és milyen hosszú, lett e vágva vagy szerkesztve. Minden változtatás pontosan visszakövethető a felvétel eszközére és minden változtatás is rögzítésre kerül magában a kép adatkódolásában. Nem emlékszel? Mi csináltuk az egész projektet?"
Gábornak elege volt abból hogy videószerkesztőként használják ingyen és aludni se hagyják annyi dolga van...
Nem tudom hogy Chipnek ott volt-e embere de evoLnak volt. Az eszter a kővári jani felesége. Lehte hogy a Révai Laci a chip alól került ki. A gyuri benne volt eredetileg is az öregék csapatában...
Fú basszus... Na jó elég volt ebből mára...
És ahogy tovább forgatom ezt a dolgot az is szembe jut hogy mi van ha apu is kijátszik engem... Azok a kis pornós sukák mind evoL női voltak akikkel dugott, és ezer százalék hogy azon dolgoztak, hogy őt is megfordítsák vagy kontroll alá vegyék. És akkor eszembe jut az a beszélgetés is amit ketten folytattunk arról hogy kell a biztosíték mert különben soha nem fogják megállítani ezt az önpusztító régi rendszert. Ő tiltakozott ellene és látszólag könnyen elfogadta a halál gondolatát úgy hogy a művünk befejezetlen marad. Ezért mondtam is neki hogy én megcsinálom magam a biztosítékot magamnak, mert nem hagyom hogy ők boldogan éljenek úgy hogy engem a végtelenségig kihasználtak és tönkretették közben az egész életemet.
S ha azt is hozzáveszem, hogy a borax vagon projekt során rádöbbentem, hogy tulajdonképpen egyáltalán nem is ismerem és gyakorlatilag keveset tudok róla, meg azt hogy ő is csak az Öregék parancsát teljesítette, mint bárki más... akkor ez a kép igen igen elkeserítő és tényleg nagyon úgy tűnik, hogy itt a vége.
Van egy olan érzésem, hogy a japán cimani is egy ilyen biztosíték volt valamelyikünk számára aki ott lakott azon a területen és megölték. A szarházi horda ott megkapta a magáét. A kiszolgáló magukat védő hálózatnak adták ki magukat és eladták azt az embert.
És ha belegondolok abba hogy gyerekkoromtól loptak tőlem a projektjeimből megkeresett pénzekből letagadták és újra hazudtak nekem ők is... akkor teljesen elkeseredem. Apu azzal érvelt hogy úgyis megkapják amit érdemelnek, ha tovább folytatják amit csinálnak miért kellene nekük meggyorsítani ezt a folyamatot.
De ki tudja ki volt akkor éppen az ő szerepében, hiszen felépítettem egy kioltó mechaizmust hogy ne jöjjek rá hogy nem ő van otthon hanem más, mert mindig lebuktattam.
Szóval egy rakás nagy szar ez az egész úgy ahogy van. Patkányvilág.
"Eddig se csináltunk semmit, ezután se fogunk." mondta az egyik csávó Castlefordban.
Két fiatal iskoláslány lejtett el előttem, érzékeltem rajtuk hogy pronóznak... "He can see everything. What can we do about it? Nothing just don't care about him. He's not going to live too long anyway."
"Csak úgy kell csinálnunk mintha kicseréltek volna. Meg kell változtass pár dolgot pl vastagabbá teszed a lábod máshogy beszélsz ilyesmi... s az hiszik hogy meg lettünk ölve és kicseréltek." Ennyi az egész? hahaha " nevet a szomszédom.
Ja hát ennyi. Viszont valamiért mégis csak muszály eljátszani hogy ki lettek cserélve... Valamiért mégse mertek még nekem jönni és megölni közvetlenül. Valamiért ez a horda mégis eljuttatja hozzám a videókat amike csináltam, mert mégse tudták összerakni hogy mit miért és hogyan csináltam. És amit még mindig nem értenek vagy nem akarják hogy kikerüljön azt meg visszatartják. Érdekes.
Persze mert mindent fegyverként használnak és sok magyarázatom rámutat arra hogy mit hogyan lehet megoldani.
Pl amikor az air combat controllereknek csináltam az a nagyon gyorsan pörgő golyós mágneses generátort, akkor kiderült hogy a golyó nem jó, mert egy idő után elfordul egy kicsit. Szóval át kellett váltanom egy henger alakú mágnesre hogy ne tudjon elfordulni. Azon sokat gondolkodtam hogy vajon miért fordul el amikor a többi tényező változatnal vagy majdnem állandó és mágneses szempontból is valamennyire szigetelve van. Ott rájöttem valami fontos dologra a föld mágneses tulajdonságaira nézve s a mozgását meghatározó külső és belső tényezők hatásmechanizmusára.
Ezeket valaki visszatartja. Pedig most már majdnem mindegy. Ez nem élet és nem is látom hogy lesz -e ebből bármi. Szóval szarok rá.
Someone said in the background that I wrote this all beforehand. Well yes and no. I planne many things beforehand but it is not possible to make this happen all alone. This is something what is just bullshit. If you think about it you'll see how idiot you are. I planned many things and I developed many things but YOU all did give your part into this and that is not somethig I could have written to the detail. No way. YOU made this to become what it is right now. I did plan on to show people what is going on behind the scene but I did not plan to get it this far. We DAMEGED our planet so badly you cannot even realise how this can turn out in just 50 years last. But you will see the effects much much earlier than that. If we make it there at all. But the goal is the same and I am not the man who is going to change the destination. All or nothing. You can play around have fun, laugh at me whilst I suffer in this shit but you won't laugh when you understand this is not a game. At all. I am just tired to write any more. Still I do. You'll learn how bad it is anyway as far as I can see. S oyou all put your shit into the storyline. And it didn't go the way I wanted it to go.
Minnél többet gondolok ezekre a dolgokra annál elkeserítőbb az egész. Csalódni valakiben vagy csak azon tűnődni hogy eladott-e vagy sem irtózatos dolog. Meg emészhetetlen. Aput is eladták kismilliószor, engem is, gyakorlatilag ebben a nemzetközi mocsoktengerben mindenki eladott mindenkit. Hiába mondtam bármit mindig kiforgatták és elfuserálták a terveimet, vagy üzletet csináltak maguknak belőle. Még ez az utóbbi volt a legjobb dolog, mert úgy legalább el tudtam indítani néhán változást. Például hogy van egyáltalán elektromos autó. Meg szélerőmű. Napelem. Ledlámpa.
Ezek jó dolgok. A többi meg szemét.
Apu: "De ő azt mondja hogy te mondtad neki hogy irtsa ki akkor az egész falut."
"óóó úgy? Én azt is mondtam ám hogy akasszátok fel magatokat mind! Hogy lehet hogy még mindig életben vagytok?" "Amikor valami szart csináltok azt mindig rám kenitek amikor meg jó dolgot összehozok azt mindig elhazudjátok a magatokénak. És különben is hányszor csinálták meg velem hogy jól feldühítettek és utána rámeresztettek valakit hogy kérdezzen mit csináljon. Azután persze úgy állította őszintén a többiek előtt hogy én mondtam és tényleg én mondtam ilyet is meg olyat is. De hányszor megbeszéltük hogy ezt tudatosan kijátsszák és megcsinálják. Veled is megcsinálják, ha még nem tették. Visszakapjátok ám ezt mind."
Apu csak hallgatott.
"Azért amit csináltok benneteket terhel a felelősség. Mindegyikőtök tudja hogy miért dolgozom. Mindegyikőtök tudja hogy velem lehet beszélni és vitázni is kérdezni is, de nem úgy hogy előtte jól felbőszítetek vagy rámküldtök naponta két bérgyilkost hogy kikészüljek és azután kértek meg arra hogy ezt meg azt döntsem el. hányszor szivattak emg a patkány barátaid ilyen módon megsáolni is alig tudom. Nem apu a haverod maga döntött így. ráadásul az a figyelő akit ki akart nyírni nekem dolgozott. Nekem segített, és erre csak utólag jöttem rá. Úgyhogy erről ennyit."
Mindegy fene... én írok azután mindenki meghozza a maga döntéseit, jót rosszat. Az nem az én felelősségem. Ha nem gondolkodtok, ha nincs nyílt párbeszéd akkor tökmindegy úgyis mind elpusztulunk, de engem nem fogtok túlélni.
Ahogy nyomoztunk tovább a Henrik barátnőjének ügyében lassan egyre bonyolultabbá vált a dolog. Megtaláltuk a hipnotizőrt és kiszedtünk belőle mindent amit tudott. Közben rájöttem arra is hogy ki ez a nő. Valóban én írtam egy ilyen karaktert is, de közel sem úgy működött ahogy azt én megírtam. Pont ellenkezőleg. Az Öreg és kis csapata minden karakterből amit felépítettem valami szörnyeteget próbált csinálni és ugyanúgy ahogy a többiek elfelejteték az egyezségünk rájuk vonatkozó részeit és elvették a pénzt amit adtam, ugyanúgy a karaktereim fő cálját kihagyták a karakterből. Érdekes nem?
Gyerekkoromban sok mindent megértettem, de nagyon sok minden volt amit nem érthettem meg mert nem volt róla tapasztalatom és bizonyoságom hogy tényleg úgy van-e ahogy nekem mondják. Meg kellett győződnöm egy csomó mindenről saját magamnak. Ami nagyon sok keserves és fájdalmas élménnyel járt.
Szóval egy idő után felmerült annak a lehetősége is hogy ez a lány - Henrik barátnője - igenis pontosan tudta hogy mit csinál. Később evoL oldalán kötött ki mint tanítvány. Több filben is látható, szerette a szereplést gemma.
"Neked van valami speciális tudásod?" kérdemaput, maga elé néz komoran és mereng.
"Hát az erdőkről sokat tudok." hallgattunk. Én gondolkodtam, hogyan lehetne ebből a tudásból olyan pusztító erőt létrehozni ami képes lenne visszatartani a mocsokhordát attól hogy megöljék. Nem jutott eszembe semmi. elkeserítő volt a gondolat hogy az Öreg ennyire semmibe vette a bolygón élő jó emberek sorsát. Tudtam hogy mindegyik karakterébe belerejtett valami fontos tudást nem akartam elhinni hogy nincs semmi apu kezében.
"Valami tudást csak adott az Öreg a kezedbe. Muszály hogy elmondd nekem, ne titkold apu ennek a bolygónak a sorsa függ a mi sorsunktól. Mondd el." apu tovább gondolkodott.
"Hát megtanította a kovácsolást nekem. Hogyan kell a vassal dolgozni. Ezért lettem én szerszámkészítő."
Ez felvillanyozott egy kicsit. "Mutasd meg! Tanítsd meg nekem és kitalálok valamit."
Eltelt egy kis idő és végül a Borax vagon projekt során megmutatta. A froge welding az egyik legerősebb forrsaztási módszer. Persze ezt se tudja mindenki olyan jól megcsinálni, de nincs komoly titok körülötte. Sokan ismerik a módszert, főleg miután apu egyik részeg kocsmai beszélgetés során elmondta hogy mi az amit rászór a vas felületére hogy jól odakössön a másik vasdarabhoz. De ez nem nagy titok.
"Hát ez van, Péter." Ültünk és néztünk magunk elé. Koncentráltam. Nem akartam elhinni hogy tényleg kiszolgáltatta a többieknek ezt az embert hogy úgy rugdossák és gyötörjék egész élete során mint valami boxzsákot. Nem akartam elhinni hogy ennyire rohadt lelke legyen valakinek, még akkor sem amikor már sok ilyet láttam.
Merengtem. Vágtam a videófelvételt amit készítettünk közösen emlékeztetőnek. Néztem lelassítva amint a kalapács hatalmas erővel zúdul rá az izzó vasra és a kéreg szerteszét repül róla... és akkor hirtelen látni kezdtem. Megláttam a pusztítőerőt ami a kovácsmester kalapácsa alatt rejtőzködik.
"Figyelj csak." mondom apunak
"Hát tudod neked adta az Öreg az egyik legkomolyabb védelmet ami létezheta földön."
Apu megint csak a földre nézett. Nem értette. "Mi az?"
"Ha te meghalsz szét fogjuk robbantani a földet."
"De hogyan nem értem."
"Még én sem tudom pontosan, de meg fogom érteni."
És dolgozni kezdtem rajta. Mindent megtanultam a földről, az anyagokról, a hőről, az elektromosságról a mágnesességről, a fényről, a kémiai folyamatokról, a pszichéről, a csilagászatból és rájöttem hogyan fogom megteremteni azt a pusztítóerőt ami kikényszerítheti azokat a változásokat amiket végre akartam hajtani a földön még életemben. A gond csak az volt hogy ha bennünket is megőrjítenek, akkor nehogy beindítsuk véletlenül vagy gyenge pillanatokban, amikor megszorítanak bennünket. Bár pont eztért csináltam az egészet de apu csak csak ellenkezett hogy az úgy nem jó. "Miért? Te ebben a mocsokban akarsz élni egész életedben focilabdaként?" Kicsit furcsa is volt nekem hogy ennyire le akar erről beszélni. most már lehe hogy hajlok arra hogy ő is nyúzta a békákat és a csingacskugból is részeges kötözködőt csinált, mert unta már azt az émelygős szerepet... "hja hát ismerned kell az ellenségedet"... mondta Chip róla hogy miket mondott és tett. De még mindig hittem benne, mert sok jó dolgot csinált amiket szerettem. Közben mégis állandóan bántott, bár azt se tudom kik helyettesítették annak idején. Ki volt ki és mit csinált.
Nem tudom. Hallgat mindenki aki meg sugall az meg állandóan beleteszi a manipulációját, hogy eltereljen valamerre.
Jelen pillanatban semmi se történik csak próbálják összeszedni hátha rájönnek mi az én biztosítékom... Ez a robbantós dolog csak a kettőnk közös biztosítéka. Csináltam neki külön is, meg magamnak is külön ami csak hozzám tartozik.
Valamelyik hipnotizőr igyekszik engem befolyásolni folyamatosan próbálgatja lehalkítani a beavatkozásait és terelgetni valamerre. Azt szeretnék bizonyítani hogy az egész mocskot én terveztem... na ja... Valóban írtam karaktereket sokáig tettem én is bele dolgokat, de egy idő után rájöttem hogy mit művelnek velük, úgyhogy nem csináltam több olyat amiben benne volt valami tudás amit én szedtem össze. Csak a figyelmet és a fókuszt irányító mankókat tettem beléjük. Ezért bosszankodtak sokan amikor belebújtak a radio mechanic szerepébe, azt hitték hogy feltárul majd a rádiózás elektronikai kincsesládája előttük és hirtelen mindent megértenek - pedig az a karakter is csak annyit tartalmazott ami a külső kép a belső történet - élettörténet - és a kialakult alapértékek megjelenése az elektronika területén. A szakmai tudást mindenkinek magának kellett megtanulnia. Egy idő után már csak a legfontosabb alapértékeket tettem bele a figuráimba, egy két a figyelmet irányító, segítő mankót.
Szóval ezt az egész mocskot igyekeznek az én nyakamba varrni. Jellemző. A szarházik még mindig kis gyerekek akik azt akarnak tenni amit csak akarnak de mindezt úgy hogy soha ne kelljen szembe nézniük azzal hogy mit csinálnak és mi a tetteik következménye. Gyakorlatilag még gyerek állapotban lévő felnőttek, akiket nem lenne szabad hagyni önállóan tevékenykedni- miközben ők rendelkeznek a legerősebb irányító hatalmak felett.
Ugyanazt folytatják amit eddig. Hazudnak és tömik a zsebüket meg a hasukat. Nem érdekli őket semi addig amíg vagy a zsebük vagy az életük nincs veszélyben.
This janapese guy helpedd me to understand wave equations. He decided to help. He was dumb and an asshole but he deserved insurance and also I decided to use him as an example for the world wide network. I knew he is going to fall because he did not understand many things and lied about many things and he believed in his network around. They let him down. He died and the tcunami happened with a bit of calculated overdone around the nuclear power plant. The network kept quiet about it because they did not want to end my suffering and give a green light to my program.
Apu ügye zavar nagyon. Szerintem ő belül még valahol jó, de hajlítható. Arra felkészítettem, hogy az összes nő akivel dolga lesz mind manipulálni fogja és hogyan tudja felismerni hogy melyik mire akarja rávenni. Megtanítottam neki hogyan tudja meditációval az utcán sétálva kihámozni a gyönyör mögé rejtett gyilkos és hazug impulzusokat. Nem tudom hol tart ezzel. Időnként abbaan sem vagyok biztos már hogy él-e még egyáltalán valahol... De láttam itt Castlefordban. Maskban volt de ott volt. Hogy melyik verzió azt nem tudom. Ebben sem vagyok biztos, mert ő is rejtőzködik. "A Psiti is eladott." mondta "Vigyázz vele." "Már tudja." mondta valaki más a háttérben.
Nos igen. Írtam ilyen karaktereket még a legelején de valahogy a lényeget egyik se valósította meg és ehhez viszont egy nálam erősebb vagy közel erős ember kellett aki más nem lehetett mint az Öregék. Módosították őket és sikeresen elfelejtkeztek az eredeti célról. Minden karakter amit én írtam és építetem a fő célomat szolgálta, mint minden akcióm is amiben részt vettem.
Egyébként ahogy haladtunk előre a nyomozásban Henrik ügyében egyre több minden került elő és egyre feketébbé vált a kép. Amikor elkezdtem arról kérdezősködni hogy mi is volt azon a szexpartin és miért akarta Henrik hogy a csaj odamenjen akkor kiderült egy csomó olyan dolog ami megint elkeserített. Mint szinte mindig ebben a mocsok sazrtengerben amikor elkezdtem valakinek a profilját összeállítani és az adatokat gyűjteni róla - általában kiderült hogy a kép egyáltalán nem olyan fehér sőt a legtöbbször olyan mélységes álnok és profi módon leplezett hazugságokra bukkantam ami mindig elképesztett. A legelkeserítőbb az a tudat volt, hogy léteztek annyira eltorzított pszichéjű emberek akik halálukig eljátszoták a szerepüket nem érdekelte őket az sem ha megkínozták vagy levágtáák a kezüket lábukat, akkor is a végletekig csinálták amire a programozójuk beprogramozta őket.
Még szerintem ma se tudnám eldönteni, hogy Henrik vajon tényleg megfordult-e vagy csak beépülni akart mert ez volt rábízva. De legalább boldogan halt meg. Viszont aközben miközben nekünk is segített másoknak is dolgozott méghozzá gyakorlatilag elvállalt bármilyen gyilkosságot. Furcsa. Az ilyesmit soha sem fogom megérteni. Töredezett és eltorzult elmék, sorsok.
Végül amikor a segítségemet kérte hogy képezzem ki a csapatát, később elmondta hogy ő volt, azután mondott még pár dolgot Henrikről amit már le sem ellenőriztem annyira elegem volt a hazugságaiból. De ő se húzza sokáig, hiszen aki hazudott az hiába szed össze bármit innen onnan, nem képes azt a szintet elérni ami lehetővé teszi számára hogy megvédhesse magát. Az alapállás az értékek rendszere amire az életét építi valaki meghatározza hogy mi a legmagasabb szint ahová eljuthatnak.
Mit csinálsz? Miért? És Hogyan? Ez a három legfontosabb kérdés. Amit teszel az hogyan illeszkedik az univerzum rendjébe, a bolygó rendjébe, a közvetlen köösséged rendjébe és a te saját személyes életed rendjébe. A legmagasabb szinttel érdemes kezdeni a három fő kérdés vizsgálatát, ha ott elbuki a terved, akkor a terved rossz, romboló és pusztítást hoz a világra.
Az a pusztítóerő amit létrehoztam egyébként le fog állni amikor elérem a célomat. El fogom részletesen magyarázni hogy hogyan működik és milyen fizikai kémiai elektromosságtani tényekre alapul. Részletesen. De ez csak akkor fog bekövetkezni amikor véget ér az izolációm és egészséges környezetben egészséges pszichikai térben építő feladatokat tudok végezni egy emberi közösség részeként.
Nos ezt a dolgot elvágták. Múlt idő. A legszutyokabb szarosabb munkahelyen is ugyanazt a szemetet csinálják mindenhol. A kontrollgrid építőelemeit manipulálják, az emberek pszichéjét formálják de nem szabaddá és felelősen gondolkodó emberekké hanem jól irányítható önfejlesztő robotokat csinálnak belőlük - akik őket szolgálják.
Apu meghalt. Most jöttem rá. Akkor halt meg amikor páár évvel ezelőtt kitört a vulkán Izlandon.
"De miért nem akarod? Meg fognak ölni téged is. Ezeket nem érdekli semmi sem. Tovább folytatnak mindent ugyanúgy mint eddig. Ha nem csináljuk meg neked is a biztosítékot téged ugyanúgy megölnek."
Apu lenézett a földre nagyon komor volt.
"Ne hívj engem apunak. Nem vagyok az apád."
"Jól van - mondta a gyerek kétségbeesetten - akkor minek hívjalak coopernek?"
Cooper csak legyintett. "Mindegy. Nem érdekes."
"De érdekes. Engem érdekel. Azért választottalak téged erre a karakterre mert fontos amit csinálsz. Nélkülözhetetlen."
"Én nem számítok."
"De hogy mondhatsz ilyet igenis számítasz! Szükségem van ilyen emberekre mint te. Nélkülünk itt olyan brutális undorító mocsok terebélyesedne amilyet el se tudsz képzelni. Mivel vettek rá hogy ilyeneket mondj. Tudom hogy sokszor megkínoztak, miért akarod védeni őket, akik magasról tesznek rád?"
"Én nem akarom hogy milliók haljanak meg ha elpusztítanak."
"De akkor megölnek."
"Akkor megölnek."
De végül beleegyezett abba hogy elmondja amit tud. Megmutatta a Borax projekt során. Úgy mutatta meg hogy a többiek ne tudják meg soha mit adott át. Én csináltam az ő karakterét és úgy csináltam meg hogy senki utána ne tudjon kiszedni belőle semmit se. A Chipet meg rávettem, hogy fizesse és szervezze meg azt a projektet. Azért túrtak ki bennünket, hogy utána átvegyék a karaktereket és kiszedjék belőlük a tudást. De nem sikerült nekik. Ezért utána megint megkínozták. Akkor lett az ágyhoz kötve. Anyu kötöte oda. De nem tudtak belőle kiszedni semmit se amit én tettem hozzá csak olyat amit az Öreg arra az esetre előkészített az elméjébe ha megkínoznák. Az Öreg embereiből nem lehet kynzással kiszedni semmit se csak egy előkészített hazugságot.
Azért ne mmutatkozik, mert már nem él. A helyét átvette valaki aki eljátssza időnként hogy megnyugodjak. Tudtam hogy ez is meg fog történni és én magam készítettem ezt így elő, mert a többi karaktert amit korábban írtam ugyanúgy írtam meg mint az Öreg szokta. Nem lehet őket megölni és erősek. Azaz ha meg is ölik őket mindig újra lehet őket csinálni. Viszont belekerült mindegyik ilyen korai karakterembe a feloldókód is amivel eleszítik az erejüket. Ezért kellett megoldani hogy mégis legyen valaki aki eljátssza itt apu szerepét hogy ne indítsuk be a pusztító mechanizmust. evoL ereje meggyengült. Abban a pillanatban elveszítette az erejét amikor kimondta hangosan a parancsot hogy öljék meg emezeket. A sok félrevezetett akik alá tartoztak onnantól többé nem hallga
          How did that “exorcism” show turn out?        
  Variety has this review:  Yes, the various researchers and psychics who went into the haunted house — which provided the inspiration for the movie “The Exorcist” — spoke often of feeling cold and strange. But as is so often the case with these exercises, viewers at home simply had to take their word for […]
           The Top 10 Most Difficult Books        

Back in 2009, The Millions started its "Difficult Books" series--devoted to identifying the hardest and most frustrating books ever written, as well as what made them so hard and frustrating. The two curators, Emily Colette Wilkinson and Garth Risk Hallberg, have selected the most difficult of the most difficult, telling us about the 10 literary Mt. Everests waiting out there for you to climb, should you be so bold. If you can somehow read all 10, you probably ascend to the being immediately above Homo sapiens. How many have you read? What books would you add?Let us know in the comments!

Emily's Picks
Nightwood by Djuna Barnes - Dylan Thomas called Nightwood "one of the three greatest prose books ever written by a woman,” but in order to behold this greatness you must master Barnes' tortuous, gothic prose style. In his introduction to the novel, T.S Eliot described Nightwood’s prose as “altogether alive” but also “demanding something of a reader that the ordinary novel-reader is not prepared to give.” Nightwood is a novel of ideas, a loose collection of monologues and descriptions. What will keep you going: The cross-dressing Irish-American "Dr. Matthew-Mighty-grain-of-salt-Dante O'Connor," who, when not wandering Paris, drinking heavily, or dressing in nighties, rouge, and wigs of cascading golden curls, is expounding great rambling sermons that fill most of the book. These are funny, dirty, absurd, despairing, resigned—even hopeful in a Becketty I-can't-go-on-I'll-go-on kind of way.

A Tale of A Tub by Jonathan Swift - The first difficulty: The superabundant references to obsolete cultural squabbles (some obscure even in Swift’s eighteenth-century England) and then there’s the narratorial persona: an impoverished, syphilitic madman who cuts pieces out of his manuscript and his fellow citizens remorselessly. His compulsive digressiveness is deliberately baffling, but more baffling still is that this satire, aimed at “the Abuses and Corruptions in Learning and Religion” and written by a conservative, Anglican clergyman, ends finding nothing sacred. If you can bear it (and the 100s of footnotes you’ll need to understand its historical context), it’s the ultimate expression of cultural alienation and despair.

The Phenomenology of the Spirit by G.F. Hegel - Do you enjoy a good intellectual gobsmack every now and again? If so, Hegel’s your man and this book, a classic of German idealism and unquestionably one of the most important works of modern philosophy, is a fine place to start. Hegel’s refutation of Kantian idealism, history of consciousness, and quintessential explanation of the process of the dialectic is hard to understand and harder still to retain (“goes through you like lentils,” as one Stanford professor described it to me), due first and foremost to the breadth of its subject and its terminology. The book’s nearly impenetrable without a good edition and guide or two: The Oxford UP edition is widely considered the best (and don’t skip the notes and foreward) and the Routledge Philosophy Guidebook’s commentary by Robert Stern makes good warm-up reading; also good (and free) are J.M. Bernstein’s lecture notes for his UC Berkeley graduate course on the Phenomenology, available at BernsteinTapes.com.

To The Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf - In its intermingling of separate consciousnesses, Virginia Woolf’s fiction is both intellectually and psychically difficult. Not only is it hard to tell who’s who and who’s saying or thinking what, it is also disconcerting—even queasy-making—to be set adrift in other minds, with their private rhythms and associative patterns. It feels, at times, like being occupied by an alien consciousness. Some readers don’t ever find their sea-legs with Woolf. The trick is to surrender yourself (true with other high modernists too), to let the prose wash over you and take you where it will—not to worry too much about understanding a dogmatic way.

Full article at PW

          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 08-02-2017 with Michael Buck        

Kevin Morby- Caught In My Eye - City Music
Dan Auerbach- Waiting On A Song - Waiting On A Song
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Triptides- Resolve - Afterglow
Coastwest Unrest- Theodora - The Crazed Ones
David Childers- Radio Moscow - Run Skeleton Run
Public Service Broadcasting- The Pit - Every Valley
Cornelius- The Rain Song - Mellow Waves
Ennanga Vision- Killing Ghosts - Ennanga Vision
- voicebreak -
Forest Swords- The Highest Flood - Compassion
Xiu Xiu- Laura Palmers Theme - Plays The Music Of Twin Peaks
Jah Wobble The Invaders Of The Heart- Pop Tones - The Usual Suspects
Bonobo- Bambro Koyo Ganda feat Innov Gnawa - Bambro Koyo Ganda Single
Fujiya Miyagi- Synthetic Symphonies - Fujiya Miyagi
- voicebreak -
Black Lips- The Last Cul De Sac - Satans Graffiti Or Gods Art
Lea Porcelain- The Love - HYMNS TO THE NIGHT
King Gizzard The Lizard Wizard- The Lord Of Lightning - Murder Of The Universe
King Gizzard The Lizard Wizard- The Balrog - Murder Of The Universe
Arca- Reverie - Arca
Sufjan Stevens- Fourth Of July - Carrie Lowell Live
Woods- Love Is Love - Love Is Love
- voicebreak -
ArchiveX- Meltdown feat Igloo - Some Ungodly Remixes
Pixx- Everything Is Weird In America - The Age Of Anxiety
Psychic Temple- The Art Of Giving Up - IV
Common Deer- Damages - I EP
Aldous Harding- Living The Classics - Party
The Junction- Rock Bottom - City Nights
Waxahatchee- Sparks Fly - Out In The Storm
- voicebreak -
Meklit- Supernova - When The People Move The Music Moves Too
Celebration- Georgia Roots - Wounded Healer
Tristen- Frozen - Sneaker Waves
Height Keech- Im Gone Lights On - Mind Moves The Mountain
Soulwax- Masterplanned - FROM DEEWEE
Negritage- Dub Thang - Greetings From Planet Dub
- voicebreak -
The Rifle- Kill Your Darlings - Anabasis
The ILYs- Gargoyle - Bodyguard
Growl- Duck Sauce - Wont You
Secret Colours- Hold Me Up - Dream Dream
Tricot- Namu - 3
NeedlesPins- Something New - Goodnight Tomorrow
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          Friedrich Kittler's Technosublime        
Bruce Clarke

In the 1970s a number of texts came into English translation bearing titles with a 1-2-3 punch, mixing exemplary authors with generic modes and methodological issues; for instance, Roland Barthes’s Sade, Fourier, Loyola and Image, Music, Text, containing the essays “Diderot, Brecht, Eisenstein” and “Writers, Intellectuals, Teachers,” and Michel Foucault’s Language, Counter-Memory, Practice with the essay “Nietzsche, Genealogy, History.” The title Gramophone, Film, Typewriter, a cognate translation of the German, echoes these theoretical signatures. Matt Kirschenbaum tries his hand at this with “Media, Geneology, History,” his review of Bolter and Grusin

In Gramophone, Film, Typewriter Kittler contrasts the restriction of Foucault’s discourse theory to textual archives with his own wider media band, in which phonographic and cinematic data streams decenter the channel of literary writing. But his commentators agree that Kittler’s “media discourse theory” follows from Foucault as the prime member of the triumvirate Foucault, Lacan, Derrida. Lacan runs a close second. Kittler writes: “Lacan was the first (and last) writer whose book titles only described positions in the media system. The writings were called Writings, the seminars, Seminar, the radio interview, Radiophonie, and the TV broadcast, Television ” (170). Gramophone, Film, Typewriter partakes of this same postsymbolic media literalism.

I write about Kittler from the standpoint of a scholar of British and American literature who dropped from the tree of Columbia’s core humanities curriculum to the seed-bed of canonical romanticism and modernism and the theory culture of the 1970s and 1980s, then passed through the forcing house of literature and science in the 1990s, to arrive at the threshold of contemporary media studies. In the process I seem to have become posthuman, but Kittler’s work reassures me that I had no choice in the matter: “media determine our situation” (xxxix). Kittler parlays high poststructuralism into a historical media theory that humbles the subject of humanistic hermeneutics by interpellation into the discrete material channels of communication. Media studies bids to become a hegemonic site within the new academic order of a wired culture. For Kittler, media determine our posthumanity and have been doing so in technological earnest at least since the phonograph broke the storage monopoly of writing.

As a kind of media theory of History, a requiem and good-riddance for the era of so-called Man, Gramophone, Film, Typewriter transmits the tenor of its own historical moment. The German edition appeared in 1986, the year after the opening of MIT’s Media Lab and the release of Talking Heads’ post-hermeneutic concert film and album Stop Making Sense. Other resonant events in American culture include the publication of William Gibson’s Neuromancer (1984), Donna Haraway’s Manifesto for Cyborgs (1985), and Octavia Butler’s Xenogenesis trilogy (1987-89). Memories and premonitions of mushroom clouds loomed over these three speculative and/or scholarly scenarios published during the final decade of the Cold War; each text imagines the form of a posthuman or post-nuclear world. Gramophone, Film, Typewriter posits its posthumanity on the premise that the Strategic Defense Initiative has already set off the fireworks, that the future is always already a prequel to Star Wars. The text begins with the observation that optical fiber networks are “immune…to the bomb. As is well known, nuclear blasts send an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) through the usual copper cables, which would infect all connected computers” (1), and the book ends with before-and-after photos of Hiroshima (262).

Many of Kittler’s sublime effects result from a kind of hyperbolic digitality, i.e., all-or-nothing assertions pressing seemingly local instances into global histories. For instance, Kittler is fond of audacious chronologies that parody the popular media’s demand for appearances of journalistic exactitude: “around 1880 poetry turned into literature” (14), or “around 1900, love’s wholeness disintegrates into the partial objects of particular drives” (70). One thinks of Virginia Woolf’s famous dictum: “in or about December, 1910, human character changed,” and, thanks to Kittler, perhaps now we know why. A related rhetorical scheme mediating the grand transformations of modernism is the from/to formation: “literature defects from erotics to stochastics, from red lips to white noise” (51), or as combined with an audacious chronology: “from imagination to data processing, from the arts to the particulars of information technology and physiology - that is the historic shift of 1900” (73). Again, and as the volume is coming to a conclusion with the arrival of Turing’s universal computer, “the hypothetical determinism of a Laplacian universe, with its humanist loopholes (1795), was replaced by the factual predictability of finite-state machines” (245).

Kittler wrote Gramophone, Film, Typewriter just as chaos theory was arriving to throw a wrench into such stark digital determinism, precisely through the operational finitude as well as non-linear iterations of “finite-state machines.” As John von Neumann pointed out in 1948 in “The General and Logical Theory of Automata,” digital computers could produce perfect results, “as long as the operation of each component produced only fluctuations within its preassigned tolerance limits” (294). But, von Neumann continued, even so, computational error is reintroduced by the lack of the infinite digits necessary to carry out all calculations with perfect precision. Kittler melodramatizes Turing’s work, it seems to me, because he is captivated by the towering image of an informatic colossus.

Such an all-determining and inescapable imago of media induces a productive critical paranoia. The media are always already watching us, putting their needles into our veins: “humans change their position - they turn from the agency of writing to become an inscription surface” (210). Neuromancer ‘s Wintermute is everywhere, or as Kittler phrases it, “data flows…are disappearing into black holes and…bidding us farewell on their way to nameless high commands” (xxxix). At the same time, he enables one to see the particular and pandemic pathologies of modern paranoia precisely as psychic effects driven by the panoptic reach of media technologies in their surveillance and punishment modes. Not for nothing is the apocalypse according to Schreber’s Memoirs a prophetic book of prominent proportions in Kittler’s media cosmos.

In Gramophone, Film, Typewriter the objects of science are subsumed into the will-to-power of media technology. By way of contrast, despite his coinage of “technoscience” to underscore the sociological inextricability of the two, Bruno Latour sorts science and technology into separate treatments and preserves their disciplinary and epistemological distinctions. Yet one should not see Kittler falling under Latour’s blanket indictment of (Baudrillardian) postmodernism: “Instead of moving on to empirical studies of the networks that give meaning to the work of purification it denounces, postmodernism rejects all empirical work as illusory and deceptively scientistic” (Latour 46). Kittler busts open the realm of the real to examine the nonsymbolic and nonimaginary residues of communication technology, all that which cannot be posted: “Bodies themselves generate noise. And the impossible real transpires” (Kittler 46). Where Latour finds the proliferating quasi-objects of mediation, Kittler finds the literal networks of communications media.

For the most part Kittler elides the history of physics concurrent with his media history - the cross-over from late-classical determinism to statistical mechanics, from thermodynamic entropy to information entropy. On the one hand, he scants the ether and the electromagnetic field theories which made possible many developments from analog to digital processing, and from pre-electrical storage technology (photography, phonography) to broadcast transmission (radio, television), electronic storage and manipulation (tape deck, video camera), and digital computation (microprocessor, fiber optic cable) technologies. But on the other hand, that lacuna has opened the door for major efforts among Kittler’s German and American scholarly associates, including the editors of Stanford’s Writing Science series, who have both midwived Kittler’s delivery into North American discourse and paralleled Kittler’s media emphasis with research projects that bring to science studies a thoroughgoing “materiality of communication.”

“Once the technological differentiation of optics, acoustics, and writing exploded Gutenberg’s writing monopoly around 1880, the fabrication of so-called Man became possible” (16). I take it that the “fabrication” in question here is not the discursive construction of the humanist subject but the simulation of its spiritual activities by media devices. One notes Kittler’s detour around physics in the continuation of this passage: so-called Man’s “essence escapes into apparatuses…. And with this differentiation - and not with steam engines and railroads - a clear division occurs between matter and information, the real and the symbolic” (16). Missing from this formulation is the mode of energy, which would correspond by structural default to the Lacanian register of the imaginary. Indeed, Kittler runs up against numerous phantasmagorias of energy, but elides them by metonymic reification in media receivers and inscription devices.

The phantasmagorias of energy I have in mind are those that emanated from the nineteenth-century wave theories connecting the physics of optics and acoustics through an analogy between vibratory media - the air and the luminiferous ether. As sanctioned by the first law of thermodynamics, i.e., the conservation and interconvertibility of energy, the optical imaginary of ether waves is easily displaced to sound waves propagated through the air. We see this concatenation and transposition of physical and technological media in a delightful short story by Salomo Friedlaender, “Goethe Speaks into the Phonograph” (1916), which Kittler republishes in its entirety.

Friedlaender’s comic narrator unveils the thoughts of Professor Abnossah Pschorr, Edisonian inventor-extraordinaire of media gadgetry: “When Goethe spoke, his voice produced vibrations…. These vibrations encounter obstacles and are reflected, resulting in a to and fro which becomes weaker in the passage of time but which does not actually cease” (60). Pschorr extends to the air trapped in Goethe’s study a hypothetical characteristic much discussed in the late nineteenth-century popularization of the ether, its cosmic storage capacity. For instance, in 1875 British thermodynamicists Balfour Stewart and P. G. Tait wrote that the luminiferous ether

may only be an arrangement in virtue of which our universe keeps up a memory of the past at the expense of the present…. A picture of the sun may be said to be travelling through space with an inconceivable velocity, and, in fact, continual photographs of all occurrences are thus produced and retained. A large portion of the energy of the universe may thus be said to be invested in such pictures (156).

While rehearsing the same imaginary accessing of physical (as opposed to technological) media archives, Kittler leaves unmentioned the contemporary vogue connecting the spirits of the dead to the storage and transmission capacities of the luminiferous ether. Kittler cites from another (unnamed) Friedlaender story the assertion that “all the waves of all bygone events are still oscillating in space…. All that happens falls into accidental, unintentional receivers. It is stored, photographed, and phonographed by nature itself,” and comments, “Loyally and deliriously, Friedlaender’s philosophy follows in the wake of media technology” (77). But it also follows from prior scientistic anticipations of new storage capacities projected onto the ether medium. In an 1884 discussion of ether as a surface that forms at the interface of the third and fourth dimensions of space, hyperspace theorist Charles Howard Hinton completed this technoscientific circuit by conceiving the ether medium itself as a cosmic phonograph:

For suppose the æther, instead of being perfectly smooth, to be corrugated, and to have all manner of definite marks and furrows. Then the earth, coming in its course round the sun on this corrugated surface would behave exactly like the phonograph behaves. In the case of the phonograph the indented metal sheet is moved past the metal point attached to the membrane. In the case of the earth it is the indented æther which remains still while the material earth slips along it. Corresponding to each of the marks in the æther there would be a movement of matter, and the consistency and laws of the movements of matter would depend on the predetermined disposition of the furrows and indentations of the solid surface along which it slips (196-97).

My point is that the multiplicity of the concept of “media” extends beyond its particular technological instantiations to include both scientific and spiritualistic registers. A history of media could concern itself as well with the luminiferous ether and the Anima Mundi, the subtle fluids and strange angels that intermingled with the departed souls and trick shots of phonography and cinema; but for the most part, Kittler displaces this business to premodernist media:

the invention of the Morse alphabet in 1837 was promptly followed by the tapping specters of spiritistic seances sending their messages from the realm of the dead. Promptly as well, photographic plates - even and especially those taken with the camera shutter closed - furnished reproductions of ghosts or specters (12).

The telegraph and daguerreotype remain outside Gramophone, Film, Typewriter’s primary historical field. Even here, however, the Kittler effect opens up research corridors by insisting on the material basis, and thus empirical examinability, of the media that mediate the cultural imaginary: “The realm of the dead is as extensive as the storage and transmission capabilities of a given culture” (13).

Beyond that I have nothing but admiration for this volume. Kittler’s fundamental derivation of Lacan’s real, imaginary, and symbolic from the data channels of phonograph, cinema, and typewriter is an astonishing theoretical event. It offers a comprehensive reading of psychoanalysis into technoscience that grows more convincing the more one gets acclimated to Kittler’s methods of channel processing across the cybernetic bridge from the nervous system and its “psychic apparatus” to the Aufschreibesysteme of his media discourse networks. In this reading, the hallucinatory powers and spiritual effects of literature derived from a storage-and-transmission monopoly that could only funnel and traduce the real and the imaginary into the narrow band of the symbolic. As the translators remark in their excellent Introduction: “in short, people were programmed to operate upon media in ways that enabled them to elide the materialities of communication” (xxii). It is both exhilarating and disquieting to submit to Kittler’s deprogramming. But the institutional regimes that sustained the privileges of literary discourse networks (and of us who still inhabit them) are increasingly caught up in the media transformations Kittler describes. The daemonic angel of our history is being driven by the electronic differentiation and digital reintegration of data flows.

At another level, Kittler passes on a wealth of useful engineering expertise: matters of time-axis manipulation from Edison to Jimi Hendrix; the historical mathematics of music and sound: “Overtones are frequencies…. Intervals and chords, by contrast, were ratios” (24); the non-negligible difference between a phonograph and a gramophone (the latter is restricted to playback, the former also records); the physical differences between acoustic and optical waves, such that “cuts stood at the beginning of visual data processing but entered acoustic data processing only at the end” (117-18); the reasons why the first mass-produced typewriters were developed for blind people by arms manufacturers; the pervasive loops between warfare and media, e.g., the revolving cylinder that unites typewriters, film-projectors, and machine-guns, and the collusion of the piano, the typewriter, and Turing’s universal computer; the enigmas of the Enigma machine.

And then, in the midst of this media mayhem, a canny persuasion - a literary core of archival gems. In addition to valuable translations of Friedlaender’s “Goethe Speaks into the Phonograph” and “Fata Morgana Machine” (which limns the eversion of virtual reality eighty years before Marcos Novak), this volume also contains complete texts of Jean-Marie Guyau’s “Memory and Phonograph” (1880); Rilke’s amazing meditation on the phonograph, “Primal Sound” (1919); Maurice Renard’s audio phantasms in “Death and the Shell” (1907); the sonnet “ ‘Radio Wave,’ which the factory carpenter Karl August Düppengiesser of Stolberg submitted to Radio Cologne in 1928”; Richard A. Bermann’s spoof of the sex war between male poets and female typists “Lyre and Typewriter” (1913); and Carl Schmitt’s facetious but telling “world history of inscription,” “The Buribunks: A Historico-Philosophical Meditation” (1918).

In sum, ranging over literature, music and opera from Wagner to acid rock, philosophy, cinema, psychoanalysis classical and structural, history, mathematics, communications technology, and computer science, Kittler’s broadband scholarly panoptics afford a sublime techno-discursive vista, and in particular a point of lucid observation on the ongoing relativization of literary production. Kittler transposes Kant’s mathematical sublime into the mechanical transcendence of communications technology over individual subjects, displacing human psychology into machine being, setting off repeated implosions by which so-called Man is apocalypsed into infinite media loops. His high-prophetic meld of Lacan’s laconism and Zarathustra’s hammer facilitates a neuromantic network of discursive intensities. Under the conditions of technological mediation, however, theory remains viable, or inevitable. Ineluctably funneled through the “bottleneck of the signifier” (4) but pieced out with a tremendous portfolio of period graphics, Kittler’s illuminated writings operate a machine aesthetic tooled to the posthumanist discursivities of his intellectual heroes, but going beyond them to place the stylus of technology on the groove of inscripted bodies.


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          Arnold sisters tap, make dreams at Lincoln Center OOD        
Chloe Arnold (left) and Maud Arnold
(photo: Vaughn Dabney)

In the field of tap, dancer-choreographers Chloe Arnold and Maud Arnold stake out territory in a place of contemporary sound and attack, aiming to take the art of tap to folks whose tastes run to music styles like R'n'B, rock, funk, rap and Latin pop. Did you make it to last evening's Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors performance of Where Dreams Are Made in Hearst Plaza, featuring the Arnold sisters and their Apt. 33 troupe? If so, you heard, among other things, Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You," Sean Paul's "So Fine," John Legend's "Ordinary People" and "Glory," Beyoncé's "Run the World," Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk," Andra Day's "I Rise Up," Eminem's "Not Afraid," Jay Z's "Empire State of Mind" and a trio of Prince bestsellers. You also heard, from one song to the next, the troupe layering on a fairly uniform staccato, hard-heeled, hard-charging tap in their rangy, loose-limbed style. Power tap for the people!

Apt. 33 re-envisions Eminem's "Not Afraid" in Charles Renato's 2016 video, featuring is That Asha.

Where Dreams Are Made seemed overly segmented, each bit limited by the length of its popular song and encouraged to lock itself within a certain forceful register (even if, as in "Ordinary People," the song seemed to call for a more vulnerable approach). The sisters' in-between patter advocated more love and unity and sisterhood/brotherhood and exhortations to affirm ourselves as "amazing." I can appreciate that; the Arnolds absolutely do physical and psychic upbeat like nobody's business. Their entire project is the dance equivalent of an energy drink. But as a fan of tap (and, maybe, because I'm an introvert), I also have a longing for some of the other things tap has always done well--softness, juicy lyricism and fine, adroit detail, soulful reflection and nuance, sound that goes on walkabout, winding us through diverse terrains where new, unprecedented things await discovery. I love, sometimes, to hear "I love you" whispered, not always a shout.

Where Dreams Are Made has concluded, but you will find a world of interesting, free events at Lincoln Center Out of Doors, now through August 13, by clicking here.

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          Book Excerpt - For Joy's Sake by Tara Taylor Quinn plus 2 Giveaways!!        
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For Joy's Sake
(Where Secrets Are Safe #12)

by Tara Taylor Quinn
Adult Contemporary Romance
Mass Market Paperback & ebook, 384 pages
August 1st 2017 by Harlequin Superromance

There's something about Julie

Hunter Rafferty is committed to two things: his bachelor lifestyle and his career as an event planner. But working with Julie Fairbanks on a fund-raising gala is quickly becoming the best part of his day. He can't stop thinking about the mysterious beauty—despite her refusals to have dinner with him.

Everything changes when seven-year-old Joy comes to The Lemonade Stand, a shelter for victims of abuse. To help Joy overcome her trauma and the mystery surrounding it, Hunter and Julie push beyond their boundaries, confronting their own past pain…and feelings for each other.

Book Excerpt
“I hear that Chantel is pregnant.”
“Three months!” Julie grinned. Her sister-in- law, who now shared the family mansion
with Julie and Colin, had come into their lives as an undercover cop pretending to be a
member of their privileged society, and had become her best friend. “I can’t wait to have a
little one in the house!” These days, that new baby was the first thing she thought of when
she woke up in the morning.
She was just the aunt. She’d maintain her proper place. But still, she couldn’t wait. “I’m
going to watch the baby when Chantel goes back to work. At least for the first couple of
years.” If Julie had her way, she’d be the child’s nanny until he or she went to school, but it
was ultimately up to Chantel and Colin, and they all had time to figure that one out.
Lila’s smile looked somehow...worried, suggesting that she saw some kind of sadness in
Julie’s situation. In her gray skirt and blouse, with her hair in its usual bun, Lila didn’t
resemble Julie’s idea of a psychic, but she felt sure the older woman had otherworldly
talents of perception.
Lila’s next words confirmed Julie’s personal opinion. “I’m concerned about you,” she said.
The woman watched her, as though waiting for Julie to confess to something. “Why?”
“There’s a wine tasting at your home this evening.”
She nodded again. She’d helped arrange the event that was raising money for the Santa
Raquel Library fund—a cause that had become dear to her and Colin and Chantel, since the
library’s fund-raising efforts had been instrumental in creating the bond the three of them
shared. Chantel, while posing as a writer from a privileged family in New York, had been
dating Colin as part of her cover. She’d agreed to write a script for the library’s grand
opening party in the renovated mansion that had been willed to the city as a library site.
The evening’s event had been a mystery caper, and Chantel had written herself right into
the hands of a privileged, wealthy, respected man she’d discovered was a serial
rapist—Julie’s rapist. She’d risked her own life in order to give Julie’s life back to her.
“The wine event is there. You’re here.” Lila stated the obvious, so Julie just shrugged.
“You’re cohosting an event, and you aren’t there.”

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Esperanza Spalding- Smile Like That - Radio Music Society Deluxe
Zigmat- Whisper - Sounds Of Machines
Julie Dexter- Ketch A Vibe - Muzik Of The Mind And Spirit A Concept Compilation
- voicebreak -
Deebs- Rising Angel - Rising Angel Single
Air- Ce MatinL - Moon Safari
Nightmares On Wax- Soul Purpose - In A Space Outta Sound
Klingande- Jubel - Jubel Single
- voicebreak -
The Collins Kids- Walkin The Floor Over You - Hop Skip Jump Vol 1
Jimmy Dean- Big Bad John - Jimmy Deans Greatest Hits
Stonewall Jackson- I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water - The Best Of Stonewall Jackson
Carl Smith- Dont Just Stand There - 20 AllTime Greatest Hits
- voicebreak -
A Skillz Krafty Kuts- Tricka Technology - Tricka Technology Single
Delinquent Habits- Tres Delinquentes - Delinquent Habits
De La Soul- Its Like That Feat Carl Thomas - The Grind Date
Bahamadia- Rugged Ruff - Kollage
- voicebreak -
Charles Bradley- Changes - Changes
Aretha Franklin- Going Down Slow - Aretha Arrives
Albert King- Breaking Up Somebodys Home - The Best Of Albert King Remastered
Ruth Brown- Nobody Knows You - Blues On Broadway
- voicebreak -
Cheyenne Marie Mize- Wishing Well - We Dont Need Bonus Version
DeeeLite- DeeeLite Theme - The Very Best Of DeeeLite
Damaged Bug- Jet In Jungle - Cold Hot Plumbs
Grimes- Easily - Art Angels
Gorillaz- Broken - Plastic Beach Deluxe Version
- voicebreak -
Rubedo- Aint It Funny - Love Is The Answer
Anderson Paak- Seven Nation Army - Cover Art
Yuna- Crush feat Usher - Chapters
Wet- No Lie - Wet EP
- voicebreak -
Howlin Wolf- Moving - The Back Door Wolf
Luther Allison- Easy Baby - Underground
Taj Mahal- Leaving Trunk - Taj Mahal

playlist URL: http://www.afterfm.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/playlist.listing/showInstanceID/65/playlistDate/2016-07-01
          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 06-23-2016 with Rett Rogers        

MC5- Intro Ramblin Rose - Kick Out The Jams
Night Beats- No Cops - Who Sold My Generation
King Gizzard The Lizard Wizard- Gamma Knife - Nonagon Infinity
Psychic TV- Thank You - Thank You
Ministry- Every Day Is Halloween - Every Day Is Halloween Single
Kurtis Blow- The Breaks - Kurtis Blow
Victor Peraino- I Put A Spell On You feat Kingdom Come Arthur Brown - Journey In Time feat Kingdom Come Arthur Brown
Los Angeles Negros- Tu Y Mirar Yo Y Mi Cancion - Antologia 19691982
Atahualpa Yupanqui- Zamba Del Otono - El Canto De La Tierra
Thee Commons- Psychedelic Dream - Rock Is Dead
Caetano Veloso Chico Buarque- Tropiclia - Tropiclia Essentials
Kevin Morby- Singing Saw - Singing Saw
Willis Alan Ramsey- Northeast Texas Woman - Willis Alan Ramsey
Sanford Clark- The Fool - Rockabilly Classics
Hasil Adkins- No More Hot Dogs - Out To Hunch
Charles Mingus- Hobo Ho - Let My Children Hear Music
Ramsey Lewis- Les Fleur - Maiden Voyage And More
George Jackson- Aretha Sing One For Me - The Blues Sessions
Aretha Franklin- Today I Sing The Blues - Delta Meets Arethas Blue
Chakachas- Jungle Fever - Boogie Nights Music From The Original Motion Picture
Charles Bradley- Changes - Changes
The Jive Turkeys- Chickenfoot - BA Single
Donnie Joe Emerson- Baby - Dreamin Wild
Cymande- The Message - Cymande
Toots The Maytals- Daddys Home - Funky Kingston In The Dark
Phyllis Dillon- Woman Of The Ghetto - Funky Kingston Reggae Dancefloor Grooves 196874
Bob Marley The Wailers- Dracula - Ammunition Dub Collection International Version
The Upsetters- Black Panta - I Am The Upsetter The Story Of The Lee Scratch Perry Golden Years

playlist URL: http://www.afterfm.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/playlist.listing/showInstanceID/50/playlistDate/2016-06-23
          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 04-05-2016 with Barry Roark        

Adam Hill- Down By The Riverside - Old Paint
Here We Go Magic- Dancing World - Be Small
Sun Kil Moon- Duk Koo Kim - Ghosts Of The Great Highway
- voicebreak -
Mild High Club- Rollercoaster Baby - Timeline
Ween- Shes Your Baby - White Pepper
The Wedding Present- Bewitched - Bizarro
Oberhofer- Sun Halo - Chronovision
Boris Sunn O- The Sinking Belle Blue Sheep - Altar
Yo La Tengo- From A Motel 6 - Painful
- voicebreak -
David Lynch- Noahs Ark Moby Remix - Noahs Ark Moby Remix Single
Coke Weed- New Jive - Mary Weaver
The Waterboys- Higher Bound 3rd Version - Fishermans Box
Tanya Donelly- In Your Name - Swan Song Series
- voicebreak -
Mercury Rev- Central Park East - The Light In You
A Band Of Bees- Winter Rose The Bees Remix - Every Steps A Yes
Youth Lagoon- Daydream - The Year Of Hibernation
DARKSIDE- Freak Go Home - Psychic
- voicebreak -
Iggy Pop- American Valhalla - Post Pop Depression
Boy Hits Car- Moonage Daydream - A Salute To The Thin White Duke The Songs Of David Bowie
Chris Eckman- Down Down - The Last Side Of The Mountain
Chris Eckman- Who Will Light Your Path - The Last Side Of The Mountain
Lee Scratch Perry- Are You Coming Home - Panic In Babylon
Sun Kil Moon- Heron Blue - April
Black Mountain- Space To Bakersfield - IV
Ringo Deathstarr- Old Again - Pure Mood
Eleanor Friedberger- Because I Asked You - New View
Tindersticks- This Fear Of Emptiness - The Waiting Room
Barry Adamson- Texas Crash - Know Where To Run
Pell Mell- American Eagle - Flow

playlist URL: http://www.afterfm.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/playlist.listing/showInstanceID/20/playlistDate/2016-04-05
          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 12-11-2015 with Nat        

Catherine Feeny- Spill It All Over The Ground - America
Anas Mitchell- Why We Build The Wall feat Greg Brown - Hadestown
Mirah- Monument - To All We Stretch The Open Arm
Lulacruza- Pensar Bonita - Do Pretty
Chancha Via Circuito- Cumbion De Las Aves - Ro Arriba
Sonido Gallo Negro- Cumbia Amansa Guapas - Cumbia Salvaje
Grupo Celeste- Meloda Celeste - Cumbia Beat Vol 2
Grupo Fantasma- Nada - Problemas
- voicebreak -
Cluster Eno- Steinsame - Cluster Eno
Phil Manzanera- TNK - 801 Live
Peter Gabriel- Solsbury Hill - Peter Gabriel 1 Car Remastered
David Bowie- All The Madmen 2015 Remastered Version - The Man Who Sold The World 2015 Remastered Version
The Books- Smells Like Content - Lost And Safe Remastered
Yo La Tengo- The Ballad Of Red Buckets - Stuff Like That There
Andrew Bird- Give It Away - Break It Yourself
Kurt Vile- Society Is My Friend - Smoke Ring For My Halo Bonus Track Version
Dengue Fever- No Sudden Moves - The Deepest Lake
Sharon Jones The DapKings- Aint No Chimneys In The Projects - Soul Time
James Brown- Get Up Get Into It Get Involved - The Millennium Collection The Best Of James Brown Friends Vol 3
- voicebreak -
Kneebody Daedelus- Drum Battle - Kneedelus
Acid Horse- No Name No Slogan - Trax Box
Messer Chups- Fantomasofobia - Crazy Price
Devo- Gates Of Steel - Freedom Of Choice Deluxe Version Remastered
The Buggles- Astroboy And The Proles On Parade - The Age Of Plastic
Psychic TV- Smile - Origin Of The Species
The Valerie Project- Introduction - The Valerie Project
- voicebreak -
Puscifer- Grand Canyon - Money Shot
Arkona- Sila Slavnyh - Vo Slavu Velikim
Altai Kai- Kai - Honkoroi The Music Of Siberia
Mark McGuire- The Past Presents The Future - Beyond Belief
ISRAEL VIBRATION- Show Me The Money - Dub Combo
Midnite- Earth Is The Lords - Kings Bell
Bob Marley The Wailers- One Love - Trenchtown Days Birth Of A Legend
Damu The Fudgemunk- Pulse - Overtime

playlist URL: http://www.afterfm.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/playlist.listing/showInstanceID/65/playlistDate/2015-12-11
          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 12-09-2015 with Dave Blackwood        

Orchestre Laye Thiam- Massani Cic - Senegal 70 Sonic Gems From The 70s
Le Rex- Le Clic - Wild Man
Galactic- Long Live The Borgne - Into The Deep
Doug Hream Blunt- Trek - My Name Is Doug Hream Blunt Featuring The Hit Gentle Persuasion
Tribecastan- The Surfing Swami - Goddess Polka Dottess
- voicebreak -
St Germain- Real Blues - St Germain
Kid Koala- 11 Bit Blues - 12 Bit Blues Bonus Track Version
Long Cleve Reed Little Harvey Hull- Hey Lawdy Mama The France Blues - Rough Guide To The Blues Songsters
Gotan Project- Chungas Revenge - La Revancha Del Tango
MC Yogi- Son Of Shiva - Elephant Powered Remixes And Omstrumentals
MC Yogi- Be The Change EarthRise SoundSystem Bollywood Dub Remix - Elephant Powered Remixes And Omstrumentals
The Plates- Iroy Vibe - Earth Moon Version
Throttle Elevator Music- One Step Ahead feat Kamasi Washington - Jagged Rocks feat Kamasi Washington
Negativland- Yellow Black And Rectangular - Escape From Noise
11 Acorn Lane- Leafblower Blues - Time For Tea
They Might Be Giants- Music Jail Pts 1 2 - Glean
The Pretty Things- Rosalyn - Mojo Presents DavdHeroesBowie
La Luz- You Disappear - Weirdo Shrine
The Sonics- Livin In Chaos - This Is The Sonics
Julian Casablancas- Rave On - Rave On Buddy Holly
Van Morrison- Gloria feat Van Morrison - The Essential Van Morrison
Bob Dylan- Subterranean Homesick Blues - The Best Of The Cutting Edge 19651966 The Bootleg Series Vol 12
Grupo Fantasma- Porque - Problemas
Throttle Elevator Music- Sun Spot feat Kamasi Washington - Jagged Rocks feat Kamasi Washington
- voicebreak -
The Wood Brothers- American Heartache - Paradise
Battles- NonViolence - La Di Da Di
Hot Chip- Huarache Lights - Why Make Sense
Young Fathers- Shame - White Men Are Black Men Too
El Ten Eleven- Point Breeze - Fast Forward
Sounds From The Ground- Gather - 20 Years Of The Best Sounds From The Ground
SKYLAB- Seashell - 1
Sounds From The Ground- Treasure - 20 Years Of The Best Sounds From The Ground
Cream- NSU - Cream Off The Top
Beach House- Days Of Candy - Depression Cherry
Spencer Radcliffe- Mia - Looking In
DeVotchKa- Death By Blonde - Una Volta
And So I Watch You From Afar- People Not Sleeping - Heirs
Chrome Hoof- When The Lightning Strikes - Chrome Black Gold
Sounds From The Ground- Move On featuring Taz - 20 Years Of The Best Sounds From The Ground
Hank Williams III- Karmageddon - Rebel Within
Psychic Ills- One More Time - One Track Mind

playlist URL: http://www.afterfm.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/playlist.listing/showInstanceID/35/playlistDate/2015-12-09
          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 03-27-2015 with Nat        

- voicebreak -
- voicebreak -
- voicebreak -
Laibach- Final Countdown - Nato
Portishead- Machine Gun - Third
Talking Heads- Listening Wind - Remain In Light Remastered
Brian Eno David Byrne- Regiment - My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts
Atomic Ape- Passenger - Swarm
Tom Waits- Starving In The Belly Of The Whale - Blood Money
Man Man- Zebra - The Man With A Blue Turban With A Face
Ben Gallagher- Beleaguered - Heart Shaped Rocks
Sparklehorse- Weird Sisters - Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot
Paleo- A View Of The Sky - A View Of The Sky
Ian Cooke- Vasoon - The Fall I Fell
Deerhoof- Oh Bummer - La Isla Bonita
Various Artists- Gang Of Four Naturals Not In It - Marie Antoinette
Television- See No Evil - Marquee Moon
Bostich Fussible- Into Your Heaven - Motel Baja
Amsterdam Klezmer Band- Op Je Hoede feat Lilian Vieira - Blitzmash
Lisandro Meza Y Su Combo Gigante- Juventud Flaca Y Loca - The Afrosound Of Colombia Vol 2
La Sucursal De La Cumbia- Rtmo Popular - Cumbia A Domicilio
Goran Bregovic- Cajesukarije Cocek - Ederlezi
Balkan Beat Box- Cha Cha - Balkan Beat Box
Burning Spear- Jordan River - Marcus Garvey Garveys Ghost
The Gladiators- Looks Are Deceiving - Trenchtown MixUp
Midnite- Banking In The Pig - Ras Mek Peace
The Viceroys- Ya Ho - The Viceroys Inna De Yard
Willie Williams- Master Plan - The Legendary Studio One Records
Prince The Revolution- Erotic City - The Hits The BSides
Compilation- Its A New Day Pts 1 2 - In The Jungle Groove
Sly The Family Stone- I Want To Take You Higher - Stand Bonus Version
JeanClaude Vannier- LOurs Parasseux - ElectroRapide
Moondog- Minisym 1 - Moondog
Black Moth Super Rainbow- Psychic Love Damage - Cobra Juicy
Ten And Tracer- Dodecahedron Leads The Way - Youll Be A Hero Soon Speaker
Bjrk- Black Lake - Vulnicura

playlist URL: http://www.afterfm.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/playlist.listing/showInstanceID/65/playlistDate/2015-03-27
          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 03-26-2015 with John Schaefer        

- voicebreak -
- voicebreak -
- voicebreak -
- voicebreak -
- voicebreak -
Nostalgia 77 Prince Fatty- Medicine Chest Dub - In The Kingdom Of Dub
Wax Tailor- Say Yes Phonovisions Symphonic Version - Phonovisions Symphonic Orchestra
- voicebreak -
Joe Strummer- Joe Strummer Without People - The Future Is Unwritten
Science Fiction Is Wally Oyejide- Hold On To Feat MF Doom - Broken Jazz 101
Kutiman- Im New - Thru You
Tino- Sunday Dub - Tinos Breaks Volume 5 Dub
- voicebreak -
The Slew- Battle Of Heaven Hell - 100
Pink Floyd- The Embryo - Paris Theater London 91670
Flowering Inferno Quantic- Death Of The Revolution Quantic Presents Flowering Inferno - The Best Of Quantic
Sonido Del Prncipe- Cartagena - ZZK Sound Vol 2
- voicebreak -
Manu Chao- Me Gustas Tu - Esperanza
Major Lazer- Cant Stop Now feat Jovi Rockwell And Mr Vegas - Guns Dont Kill PeopleLazers Do Bonus Track Version
Ammoncontact- My People - New Birth
Mount Everest Trio- Orinoco - Waves From Albert Ayler
Sun Ra- Being Neglected As An Artist - Sun Ra Interview
Sun Ra- Island In The Sun Extended Version - Marshall Allen Presents Sun Ra And His Arkestra In The Orbit Of Ra
Various Artists- Pugh Love Love Love - Cherrystones Rocks
Various Artists- TM Juk Put Your Hands Up For Detroit - Tru Thoughts Covered
James Chance The Contortions- Roving Eye - ZE 30 ZE Records Story 19792009
Vijay Iyer Trio- Galang Trio Riot Version - Historicity
Yacht- Psychic City - See Mystery Lights
Cornelius- Drop - Point
Yo La Tengo- Here To Fall - Popular Songs
The Cinematic Orchestra- Channel 1 Suite - Motion
Howie B Howie B- Whos Got The Bacon - Turn The Dark Off
DJ Food- Dark Blood - Peace Dark Blood EP
Dry Heavy- Tiger Claw Skank - Full Contact
Burning Spear- I I Survive - Dubmission 2 The Remixes
Nathaniel Rateliff- Early Spring Till - In Memory Of Loss
M Ward- Requiem - PostWar
Pavement- Stereo - Brighten The Corners Nicene Creedence Ed
The Velvet Underground- Rock Roll - Loaded Fully Loaded Edition
Jaga Jazzist- Bananfluer Overalt Clark Remix - 9414 Reworks

playlist URL: http://www.afterfm.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/playlist.listing/showInstanceID/50/playlistDate/2015-03-26
          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 11-26-2014 with Dave Blackwood        

- voicebreak -
Dan Auerbach- Trouble Weighs A Ton - Keep It Hid
Obits- Machines - Bed Bugs
AllahLas- De Vida Voz - Worship The Sun
Goat- Talk To God - Commune
Nina Simone- House Of The Rising Sun - Sings The Blues
- voicebreak -
Nina Simone- Funkier Than A Mosquitos Tweeter - Remixed Reimagined
Naomi Shelton The Gospel Queens- Its A Cold Cold World - Cold World
Karl Hector The Malcouns- Semai Thaqil - Unstraight Ahead
Jungle Fire- Rompecuero Intro - Tropicoso
Jungle Fire- Comencemos Lets Start - Tropicoso
AM Shawn Lee- Jackie Blue - Celestial Electric
Marco Benevento- Eye To Eye - Swift
Eno Hyde- Time To Waste It - High Life
Next Level Sound Station- High Grade feat Nuby Dan - Sunken City Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
The Clash- The Call Up - Hits Back
DJ Sun- Dubai - One Hundred
Daddy Long Legs- When Betty Comes To Town - Horse
Howie B- Night Nice - Down With The Dawn
Psychic Ills- One More Time - One Track Mind
The Growlers- Big Toe - Chinese Fountain
Tiger High- Alright - Inside The Acid Coven
Tijuana Panthers- Fired - Wayne Interest
Parquet Courts- Bodies Made Of - Sunbathing Animal
Phosphorescent- Ride On Right On - Muchacho
Foxygen- Flowers - And Star Power
Ty Segall- The Singer - Manipulator
Elephant Stone- Motherless Child Loves Not For War - Three Poisons
MIA- Mango Pickle Down River - Kala
Oy- Doondari - No Problem Saloon
- Street Fighting Man - I Saved Latin A Tribute To Wes Anderson
The Phenomenal Handclap Band- The Journey To Serra Da Esterela - The Phenomenal Handclap Band
Mexican Institute Of Sound- Killer Kumbia Escribeme Pronto - Pinata
Galactic- Karate Feat Kipp Renaissance High School Marching Band - Carnivale Electricos
Menahan Street Band- The Crossing - The Crossing
Miles Davis- Miles Runs The Voodoo Down - Bitches Brew Live
- It Aint Easy - Bowie Heard Them Here First

playlist URL: http://www.afterfm.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/playlist.listing/showInstanceID/35/playlistDate/2014-11-26
          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 02-05-2014 with Michael Buck        

Saint Rich- Crying From The Home - Beyond The Drone
- voicebreak -
Michael Franti Spearhead- Let It Go feat Ethan Tucker - Spark A Burning Man Story Day Night Music From Inspired By Film
Anglique Kidjo- Shango Wa - Eve
The Low Frequency In Stereo- Black Receiver - Pop Obskura
Tim Kasher- Life And Limbo - Adult Film
Jaune Toujours- Int Movers Of The Heart - Routes
Robert Pollard- I Killed A Man Who Looks Like You - Honey Locust Honky Tonk
Kurt Vile- Snowflakes Are Dancing - Wakin On A Pretty Daze
- voicebreak -
Damien Jurado- Magic Number - Brothers And Sisters Of The Eternal Son
Los Sospechos- High Noon - Postales Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Gringo Star- In The Heat - Floating Out To See
Coke Weed- Buckets - Back To Soft
- Me And My Arrow - This Is The Town A Tribute To Nilsson Vol 1
Mike Doughty- Sleepless - Circles
- voicebreak -
Akron Family- Everyone Is Guilty - Set em Wild Set em Free
Courtney Barnett- History Eraser - The Double EP A Sea Of Split Peas
The Crystal Method- 110 To The 101 - The Crystal Method
Mogwai- Hexon Bogon - Rave Tapes
Fort Knox Five- The Brazilian Hipster - 10 Years Of Fort Knox Five Remixed
- Time To Say Goodbye Con Te Partir - Sweetheart 2014
- voicebreak -
Cibo Matto- Emerald Tuesday - Hotel Valentine
BEEdEEgEE- Like Rain Man feat Lizzi Bougatsos - SumOne
Bjork- New World - Selmasongs
Anna Von Hausswolff- Sova - Ceremony
Roberto Fonseca- Mi Negra Ave Mara - Yo
Linnea Olsson- Dinosaur - Ah
- voicebreak -
KiTheory- Foot Falls - Kitty Hawk
Juakali- Fittest Of The Fittest - Feathers Too Bright
RJD2- Suite 2 - More Is Than Isnt
DARKSIDE- Metatron - Psychic
- The Chauffeur - Arts Crafts X
Honey Dont- Heart Of Glass - Heart Like A Wheel
Au Revoir Simone- We Both Know - Move In Spectrums
- voicebreak -
Cate Le Bon- I Cant Help You - Mug Museum
Lindi Ortega- All These Cats - Tin Star
Barrence Whitfield And The Savages- Blackjack - Dig Thy Savage Soul
Wavves- Beat Me Up - Afraid Of Heights
The Claudettes- Do You See It Too - Infernal Piano PlotHATCHED
Son Lux- Ransom - Lanterns
The Sadies- Story 19 - Internal Sounds

playlist URL: http://www.afterfm.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/playlist.listing/showInstanceID/35/playlistDate/2014-02-05
          Labradorite Cabochon 15 x 22mm 5pcs - USD 25.00        
Labradorite Cabochon 15 x 22mm 5pcs
PRICE :USD 25.00
Labradorite Cabochon 15 x 22mm. This Labradorite was mined from the Norcross-Madagascar Labradorite quarry, located in the south of Madagascar. Labradorite found in Madagascar is one of the best Labradorite on the world. You will receive 5pcs of Labradorite Cabochon 15 x 22mm, similar to what is photographed, with this order $5/pc. Discounts available for volume purchasing of this Labradorite product. For further information, please call a Madagascar Mineralsï¾® sales representative (520) 882-8884. It's better to buy your Labradorite from Madagascar Mineralsï¾®, your direct source of Labradorite. Labradorite is a stone of transformation and change. See below the metaphysical guide of Labradorite.
Metaphysical guide and Physical properties of Labradorite

Physical properties:
Stone Type/Family: A member of the Feldspar family, Silicates Class
Category: feldspar, tectosilicate
Crystal System: Triclinic
Cleavage: three directions
Hardness: 6-6.5
Color: Gray, Green Gray, Black with colorful shillers most often in golds, greens, blues and violets
Metaphysical guide:
Strength, Transformation, Intuition
Primary Chakras: Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown
Astrological signs: Sagittarius, Scorpio, Leo

Highly mystical, Labradorite heightens intuition and enhances psychic abilities, making it great for working with the Third Eye Chakra. Intuition and intellect are balanced by Labradorite, illusions are dispelled and true intentions are seen more easily with its use.
More Info >>

          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 01-01-2014 with Michael Buck        

Maria Taylor- Sum Of Our Lives - Something About Knowing
The Sadies- The Very Ending - Internal Sounds
- Love Lost feat John Sebastian - Songs For Slim Rockin Here Tonight A Benefit Compilation For Slim Dunlap
Damien Jurado- Suns In Our Mind - Brothers And Sisters Of The Eternal Son
Elvis Costello And The Roots- Come The Meantimes Karriem Riggins Remix - Wise Up Thought Remixes Reworks 2013
Andy Palmer- Fancy That Hidden Track - Hazard Of The Die
Dirtmusic- Sleeping Beauty - Troubles
- voicebreak -
Wavves- Paranoid - Afraid Of Heights
Typhoon- The Lake - White Lighter
Typhoon- Dreams Of Cannibalism - White Lighter
The Cactus Channel- Did Everyone Meet Siadon That Night - Wooden Boy
Raffertie- Back Of The Line - Sleep Of Reason
Anna Von Hausswolff- Ocean - Ceremony
Diane Coffee- Tale Of A Dead Dog - My Friend Fish
- voicebreak -
Saint Rich- Young Vultures - Beyond The Drone
Thao The Get Down Stay Down- Brand New Key - The Feeling Kind EP
- Get Ready VIP - Zen A Ninja TuneBig Dada Sampler 2013
BEEdEEgEE- Bricks - SumOne
Ghostpoet- Sloth Trot - Some Say I So I Say Light
Causa Sui- The Juice - Euporie Tide
Magic Bronson- Bubble Games - Noreaster EP
- voicebreak -
Islands- Becoming The Gunship - Ski Mask
Lumerians- The Bloom - The High Frontier
The Low Frequency In Stereo- Ionic Nerve Grip - Pop Obskura
You Are Plural- We Are Cold Inside - Rabbit Rabbit
Meridian Brothers- Sigan Al Minero Hasta La Escala Amirbar - Devocion Works 20052011
- voicebreak -
RJD2- Her Majestys Socialist Request - More Is Than Isnt
Vex Ruffin- Won Day - Vex Ruffin
DARKSIDE- The Only Shrine Ive Seen - Psychic
Trentemller- Morphine - Lost
Juana Molina- Eras - Wed 21
- voicebreak -
Blurry- Lull 6 - Lulls
Ane Brun- Fly On The Windscreen - Rarities
The Stranglers- Another Camden Afternoon - Giants
Robert Pollard- Who Buries The Undertaker - Honey Locust Honky Tonk
Amos Lee- Stranger - Mountains Of Sorrow Rivers Of Song Deluxe
Cate Le Bon- Duke - Mug Museum
Blouse- Eyesight - Imperium

playlist URL: http://www.afterfm.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/playlist.listing/showInstanceID/35/playlistDate/2014-01-01
          1 Year From Now        
Everyone has a plan right? Whether it's for a short amount of time or one that covers their entire lives. The thing is they have a plan.I used to have my life mapped out. I knew from an early age (around the age of 10) I wanted to teach, during my teenage years I knew that I would go to university and get my degree (at the time I wanted to specialise in French and Psychical Education although I also thought about Leisure and Tourism).When I went to college I completely changed my options. I had
          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 12-17-2013 with Barry Roark        

Fort Knox Five- Learning It The Hard Way - 10 Years Of Fort Knox Five Remixed
DARKSIDE- Heart - Psychic
Grandaddy- Lost On Yer Merry Way - Sumday
Belle And Sebastian- Stop Look And Listen - The Third Eye Centre
Various Artists- Joy Division Transmission - Control
Tricky- We Dont Die - False Idols
Matuto- Thousand To Three - The Devil And The Diamond
- The Shoals Of Herring with Punch Brothers - Inside Llewyn Davis Original Soundtrack Recording
The Sword- The White Sea - Gods Of The Earth
Obits- Besetchet - Bed Bugs
Aceyalone- One Cup Two Cup - Leanin On Slick
Aceyalone- Things Get Better feat Daniel Merriweather - Leanin On Slick
Of Montreal- Raindrop In My Skull - Lousy With Sylvianbriar
The Waterboys- The Hosting Of The Shee - An Appointment With Mr Yeats
The Waterboys- Let The Earth Bear Witness - An Appointment With Mr Yeats
Arctic Monkeys- R U Mine - AM
All Tiny Creatures- Comets - Dark Clock

playlist URL: http://www.afterfm.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/playlist.listing/showInstanceID/20/playlistDate/2013-12-17
          If you like the Midnight Crossroads series        
If you like the Midnight Crossroads series

This readalike is in response to a customer's book-match request. If you would like personalized reading recommendations, fill out the book-match form and a librarian will email suggested titles to you. Available for adults, teens, and kids. You can browse the book matches here.

Midnight Crossroad by Charlaine Harris
Welcome to Midnight, Texas, a town with many boarded-up windows and few full-time inhabitants, located at the crossing of Witch Light Road and Davy Road. It's a pretty standard dried-up western town. There's a pawnshop (someone lives in the basement and is seen only at night). There's a diner (people who are just passing through tend not to linger). And there's new resident Manfred Bernardo, who thinks he's found the perfect place to work in private (and who has secrets of his own). Stop at the one traffic light in town, and everything looks normal. Stay awhile, and learn the truth. (catalog summary)

Midnight, Texas is an upcoming American drama television series set to be broadcast on NBC as a midseason entry to the 2016–17 network television schedule. The series is based on the book series of the same name by author Charlaine Harris, who also created the books True Blood is based on.

Did you like Midnight Crossroad? Check out the other titles in the series, along with addtional, spooky book titles.

Day Shift by Charlaine HarrisNight Shift by Charlaine Harris

Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia

Beautiful Creatures
by Kami Garcia

In a small South Carolina town, where it seems little has changed since the Civil War, sixteen-year-old Ethan is powerfully drawn to Lena, a new classmate with whom he shares a psychic connection and whose family hides a dark secret that may be revealed on her sixteenth birthday. (catalog summary)


          Stargazer Holds Free Mini-Concert        
The wrath of Typhoon Ondoy that sank hundreds of houses and killed countless Filipinos, the devastating earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, the recent floodings in countries all over the world that seem to indicate a dramatic change in Mother Nature's course, somehow, these occurrences tell us one definite thing -- it's payback time.

Yes, we all had something to do with the current series of disasters, whether we admit it or not. And we ought to make an effort to heal our sole humble abode sooner that we think.

Stargazer is a well-known psychic who hosts a radio show on DZMM called Pinoy Vibes which airs Sundays at 1 a.m. to 3 a.m. When I say 'Psychic,' I don't mean your typical manghuhula or fortune-teller, because she simply is not. She's a life reader who uses the aura and vibrations, and a very good one at that. Her clairvoyance has helped a lot of people lead better lives, solve crimes, and tackle the mysterious and unexplained.

Famous for predictions that actually took place and got her featured in newspapers and on television, Stargazer makes it a point to remind her followers about the importance of having faith in God. She also believes (and so do I) that we can reverse the negative effects of man's way of living on our beloved nature through positivity and meditation.

If you happen to be in Manila on March 12, 2011, Saturday, check out the free mini-concert that she's holding at the Ever-Gotesco CinemaCaintaRizal at 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. There will be song and dance numbers from surprise guests and freebies!

Here is Stargazer's letter of invitation to the public (click to enlarge):

Everybody's welcome. If you're an avid believer and supporter, or just plain curious, come and join us in this selfless endeavor to heal the earth! E-mail LLC_events@yahoo.com for free tickets.

          Re: Did Singapore Airlines Cancel SQ879 Flight Deliberately?        

A Divination from the Future is a series of possible information transcended from the future, into the minds of a Psychic. Psychic are human too, but with ability to receive these information, are they have to at the best of their ability to piece the information together correctly. A lot of people have the ability to receive information, but only few could put correct context and chronological order to it. Future information could also come from the confusion perceive by others and the Psychic may simply be also caught up by these confusion. The irony of having such ability is simply a sign to assure people's faith in their beliefs. If someone told you you going to choke on fish bone tonight, you can choose to believe or ignore; [1] if you believe, you avoid eating fish and will not get choke, but his prediction is not true, others will call him a fraud and say that you have been manipulated, [2] if you don't believe, and eat the fish and get choke, you will then believe him and testify for him, but others will either believe or just says it is a coincident or even accuse him of witchcraft. [2] But you see, even if you don't believe, it may set others around you who believe into motion, as to the person preparing the fish for you to serve you boneless fish, making your disbelief absolute. But neither can be prove nor disprove a Psychic from a fraud.

          ORACLE Teaser: First Two Chapters        

 With the release of ORACLE only a week away, it seems like time to give folks a small taste of what to expect in this duology. Unlike most of my previous work, this story is told in multiple third-person points-of-view. There's no magic, but there is the magic of science and scientific theory, as well as some pretty nifty psi-abilities. Action, adventure, breaking-and-entering, sarcasm, and an android--what more could you want?

I hope you enjoy!

Chapter One

The straining engine of the approaching Ames moving van sputtered and hissed, barely making forty miles an hour on the winding mountain roads, and announcing its arrival long before white metal flashed in the trees below. Olivia Gellar braced her feet on the asphalt, adrenaline already spiking as the van drew closer, trundling its way up the mountain.

This job will be child’s play.

“Sixty seconds, Olivia.” Nick’s voice crackled in her ear. She’d left her partner higher up the west side of the mountain with binoculars and an excellent vantage point.

“Check,” she said. “Come on down.”

She took the earbud out, snapped it into an insulated case, and then tossed the case toward the side of the road. It hit the shoulder and bounced into a patch of grass, out of harm’s way. 

Time to work her magic. 

Olivia stretched her arms out to either side, palms forward, fingers splayed. She closed her eyes and concentrated. The orange behind-the-eyelid sun glare disappeared, replaced by a gray mist. She harnessed it to use with her unique talent. 

The short hairs on her arms and the back of her neck stood to attention, teased by the static field coalescing around her body. A sharp, familiar pain struck, as if a hypodermic needle had been shoved between her eyes. She pushed the pain and the gray mist forward, out in front of her like a negatively charged brick wall waiting for its opposing force on four wheels.

An engine roared and a horn blared. Scorching air blasted the bare skin on her neck, face and hands.

Olivia opened her eyes and saw the front end of the Ames van crumple as it hit the invisible wall, absorbing the brunt of its own kinetic energy. The van had barreled around the bend faster than Olivia expected and the remaining kinetic force slammed into her.. She flew backward several feet and struck the pavement ass first. The impact drove a shock up her spine, the air from her lungs, and the static field collapsed. 

The world tilted and looped, and she coughed until she could breathe again.


She forced her body to roll over so she could observe her handiwork. The wounded van stood sideways across the middle of the road, smoke rising from its mangled front end. The windshield had spider webbed, but not shattered. Acrid odors of burned rubber and motor oil tingled her nostrils and amplified the throbbing headache that only time would dispel.


Nick sprinted out of the woods with a handful of broken twigs stuck comically in his wavy brown hair. He paused briefly to snag her earbud case out of the grass as he dashed toward her, barely sparing a careless glance at the van.

“I’m fine,” she said. Sort of. “Check the driver.”

He jerked left and slowed as he approached the van. Olivia kept her eyes on him as she struggled first to her knees, then feet, blindly picking a piece of gravel out of her throbbing elbow. Her stomach lurched, and she willed it away. An impact like that deserved a little upchucking, but she had a job to complete. 

Work now, side effects later.

Nick peered inside of the open passenger window. “Driver’s unconscious. His mind is pretty deep inside. He won’t be bothering us.”

“Good.” Olivia approached slowly, a bit unsteady, as if she was walking underwater. She crouched and peered beneath the van. “No gas leaks, so just leave him there. He’ll be fine. Until Mitchell gets his hands on him, anyway.”

Nick grunted. 

They met at the back of the van. Olivia wrapped her hand around the padlock securing the rear door. Nick’s hand drifted to her lower back, the simple touch centering her addled mind. Through the haze of pain, she pulled from the mist and her own inner reserves. The metal lock heated. Hotter, hotter, until it snapped and hit the pavement with a soft clatter. Nick tugged the lever. The door scrolled up.

Unventilated air wafted out and sunlight poured in, illuminating the interior. Reinforced with aluminum sheeting the walls resembled a Jiffy Pop popcorn pan. A hospital gurney stood bolted to the floor in the center of the storage space.

Olivia climbed inside, pulse racing. McGreary’s information had been correct about the time and place of transport. She just wished that his knowledge of the cargo had been wrong.

A teenage girl was strapped to the gurney, her narrow body covered by a thin, white sheet. Shorn close, her hair color was impossible to discern. Cheekbones protruded sharply beneath translucent skin, an awkward contrast to her thick, overdeveloped brow ridge, giving her youthful face a hawk-like appearance. Her chest rose and fell in a steady, sleep-induced rhythm.

“Is she drugged?” Olivia asked. Her voice echoed painfully in the metal cocoon.

Nick stepped to the opposite side of the gurney. He touched her cheek, concentrating with his own unique talent. “Yes. She’s deeply unconscious, O, I can’t reach her.”

“God damn them.” Olivia unsnapped the buckles on the gurney. “Drugging her up and stuffing her into the back of a van for disposal. I guess Wilderness got tired of storing their mistakes and decided to start getting rid of them.”

“We don’t know that.” He tucked the sheet around the girl’s supine form, and then picked her up with little more effort than in years past. They both struggled a bit more these days. “McGreary knew she’d be here, but he didn’t know why. Maybe she was being delivered to a satellite lab.”

Olivia followed him out of the van. “Please. If this were a secured transport, there would have been at least one agent. They didn’t even have someone in the back guarding her.”

“Can we table the argument for now? Like after we’ve given McGreary his sister back and he’s paid us for our work?”


She followed him into the woods, to the short trail that would lead them up to their waiting SUV. Agents would be on the scene in a few hours. They likely already knew the van was compromised. No agents in the van did not mean there was no security measures in place. Olivia knew Wilderness, and she knew their tactics. If the girl, Brooke McGreary, was still an Active Project, they would put Mitchell on the case.
Gary Mitchell specialized in retrieving lost Projects. After all, he had been trying to retrieve Olivia and Nick for eighteen years.

Brooke remained unconscious for the two-hour drive to the rendezvous spot, a rest stop along I-77, just over the Ohio state line. She showed signs of waking during the last five minutes of the trip, so Olivia kept close watch. She didn’t know if the girl’s powers were dormant or active, and she didn’t want to find out the hard way. 

Been there, done that, with no intention of going there again.

Nick steered the SUV toward a wooded area a few hundred feet from the brick restrooms and information building. A blue pickup truck was parked in front of a cluster of picnic tables, and a figure emerged as Nick pulled into a neighboring space.

Olivia climbed out of the passenger side, her stiff back resisting movement after being still for so long. The ungraceful landing on her ass had definitely left its mark, and she wouldn’t be surprised to find some black and blue down there later. 

She joined Nick on the other side of the vehicle. Patrick McGreary approached them, hands at his sides, deep-set eyes wide with silent questions. His thick frame and sunburned appearance bore little resemblance to the girl in the back of their vehicle—not surprising given how Wilderness tended to treat their Projects. 

“Did you find her?” McGreary asked.

“Yes,” Olivia replied. “She’s still asleep, but we found her. Exactly as you said we would.”

McGreary expelled a deep breath. “Thank you both. You don’t know what this means to me. When they took her, I didn’t think I’d ever see her again.”

Nick opened the rear door. McGreary leaned inside and stroked Brooke’s bald head. His shoulders started to shake, and Olivia looked away. Gave him some privacy with his emotions.

“You’re lucky,” Nick said. “Most of the time, when Wilderness takes something, you don’t get it back. I just hope we weren’t too late to make a difference.”

“Look what they did to her,” McGreary whispered. “My pretty little sister.”

Olivia busied herself watching the small rest stop crowd, his genuine gratitude both overwhelming and embarrassing. This was why she hated meeting clients face to face. It made the jobs personal when she wanted them to remain professional. Getting emotional led to thinking about the past, and she couldn’t do that and remain objective.

Do the job and reap the rewards. 

Watching Wilderness occasionally take one up the ass was purely a bonus. 

Once McGreary regained his composure, they gently transferred Brooke to his truck and buckled her into the passenger seat. She stirred, but didn’t wake, and thank God for that. Olivia didn’t need to see their joyous reunion.

“I have a doctor friend who’s waiting for us,” McGreary said as he closed the truck door. 

“You should get going,” Olivia said. “Disappear before they start hunting for her.”

“If they hunt for her. But even if they try, being a precognitive has its advantages. I never have to ask who’s at the door, and I always know if the train’s running late.”

“Just keep her away from Wilderness. Get out of the country, move to Istanbul, I don’t care. Keep her safe. And yourself, too.”

“I appreciate the concern, but it’s not necessary. You did what I paid you to do, and I thank you for that.”

Olivia shrugged. They would take on any job that insulted or damaged Wilderness. A tenuous truce prevented her and Nick from attacking the scientific research organization outright, and they abided by those unspoken rules. But these sorts of odd jobs were fun. Something she would have done for free if the interested party couldn’t pay. Fortunately for them, McGreary had created his independent wealth betting on football games. 

Precognition definitely had its financial advantages.

“Our concern is free,” Nick said. “We’ve been dealing with Wilderness most of our lives. We know what they’re capable of, and we don’t take unnecessary risks when they’re involved.”

McGreary nodded. “I understand. At least let me read you. A sneak peek at your future.”

“I know my future, thanks.”

“How about this week then? What can it hurt?”

Olivia stole a glance Nick, whose gaze had shifted to the ground. She had a good idea of their future, as well, thanks to their biology, but that future was in three to five years. Not the events of the upcoming week. Moreover, McGreary seemed eager to provide them with some sort of parting gift.

“What the hell?” she said. “Give it your best shot.”

McGreary took her right hand in his and held it loosely. She expected him to close his eyes or start to hum or something equally cliché. Like television psychics who only pretend to have the kind of talent that truly existed in people like him. Instead, he stared at her. His dark brown eyes dilated and seemed to look right through her head. She visualized a hamster running on its wheel and couldn’t imagine what he saw in there. Seconds passed. He blinked and released her hand. His eyebrows furrowed into a knot.

“What?” she asked.

He tilted his head to the left, seeming to debate his reply, and that made her kind of nervous. “I saw two strangers coming into your life. I’m not sure who they are, but one is mundane and the other powerful. Unique. They’ll help unlock a secret.”

Olivia bit back a sharp retort. Two strangers had already come into her life this week, and she was staring at one of them. He’d tried, but perhaps his power went on the fritz occasionally.

Then again, he’d said one was mundane, and both McGreary and his sister had talents.

“Well, that was enlightening,” Nick said. “But seriously, you should get going.”

Patrick nodded, seeming distracted. 

They waited for him to drive away, hopefully taking Brooke as far from Wilderness and West Virginia as possible, before they climbed back into their borrowed SUV. 

Olivia pulled the safety belt across her lap. “Well, whoever this mystery pair is, I hope one of them’s cute.”
“What if they’re both girls?” Nick turned the key and the engine roared to life.

“Still hope one of them’s cute, because Nicolas, my friend, you have no sex life.”

He put the gear into reverse. “And you do?”

“Well, not at this very moment, but I hope to have one tonight. After a hot shower, some ibuprofen, and a long nap.” She settled against the seat, shifting until she found a comfortable position for the long ride home.

Chapter Two

“Dr. Frey! Open the door!”

The urgent, muffled voice spurred Dean Frey away from his chaotic desk. The computer’s hard drive lay smashed into dozens of pieces, the hardware inside completely exposed. He’d tossed in a handful of refrigerator magnets for good measure. His few remaining paper files and two thumb drives were secured in the pack strapped onto his back. 

His life’s work reduced to an old backpack. 

He darted to the lone sixth floor window. His already rolling stomach bottomed out at the sight of it. He rarely looked out the window; he never used the rusty fire escape. Living on the top story had never bothered his agoraphobia until the moment that three-by-five hole in the wall became his only escape route.
He would not go willingly with the men shouting outside his door. Doing so signed his own death warrant.

“Open it!”

Dean pulled, the window’s swollen frame squealing in protest. He managed a space of maybe nine or ten inches before it refused to rise further. He shoved the pack out first, and then squeezed through the tight space. It occurred to him in a mad panic that all of his middle school suffering, of being called “bean pole” and “arrow man” wasn’t so bad. His tall, skinny build had probably just saved his life. 

His hard landing on the iron fire escape rattled its entire frame. A wave of vertigo swept over him. The ground blurred and his head spun wildly. He gripped the rail, inhaled deeply, and then blinked hard.

I can do this. I have to do this.

He shouldered the pack, swung around and descended the ladder. Hand over hand, foot over foot, down the rusted rungs. One level at a time. Not thinking about how far down to the ground it was.

Wood crashed above, probably the front door being smashed in. Men were talking, some shouting, and the loudest of whom Dean recognized. He had a very distinctive voice. Gary Mitchell, head of security at Wilderness. 

The man had left the office just for him.

Guess that makes me special.

Dean hurried his descent, dropping floors as quickly as he could without looking down. Above him, the fire escape clattered with sharp squeals and clangs. Someone was following him, but Dean concentrated on going down and nothing else. Third story to the second. Almost there. 

He hit the ground and bolted toward the street. Men shouted his name. The building wall spat brick and mortar as he ran past. He registered that he was being shot at, but did not stop or slow down. If he did, he would be killed. Even running toward daytime traffic, he couldn’t be sure he wouldn’t be caught. He would not go gently. Not by a long shot.

Dean emerged from the alley and melted into the bustling lunchtime crowd. Pedestrians carried briefcases and takeout bags, rushing to meetings in their business suits and silk ties. Dean had thrown on a pair of blue jeans and an old sweater, and he carried a faded backpack on one shoulder. He was certainly the only one in the crowd running from the people he worked for. 

Used to work for.

He looked straight ahead, always searching. Public phone booths were insanely hard to find nowadays, but they still existed. His cell was in the apartment, as smashed to bits as his computer, useless even if he’d kept it. Wilderness could have traced the phone.

A block down, he spotted the Holy Grail attached to the side of a gas station. He clamped his hand down over the pack strap and made a beeline for the payphone. No one noticed him. Here he was anonymous for a while.

 â€œFor a good time, call Alice” was scrawled in black marker across the top of the pay phone, right above a number. Dean grabbed the grimy handset, then took a moment to look around, searching the faces of the passersby for anyone he recognized. 

No one. Not yet, anyway. 

He fished into his pocket for change and tossed a few coins into the phone. His fingers flew over the keypad; punching in the number he’d burned into his memory last night. Probably the only person who could help him out of this mess.

“The number you have dialed is not available,” a mechanical operator voice said. “If you require assistance—.”

Damn it.

Dean slammed the handset back into the receiver. His money clinked. He turned and looked back down the street toward his apartment building. Less than twenty feet away, he spotted a familiar face. Daryl Yates, a tall, thin man with a hooked nose who always reminded Dean of a younger, uglier Jimmy Stewart, was Mitchell’s second-in-command.

Yates met his gaze. Both men froze. Dean’s heart slammed against his ribs. Yates’s hand slid toward the front of his jacket.

Dean bolted, intent on running until he was hit by a car or was shot in the back. He raced toward the street, bolted through the nearest lane, and almost slammed right into a sheriff’s cruiser, paused in traffic in the far lane. Dean wasn’t sure if he wanted to cheer or weep.  

The deputy rolled down the window. Sunlight glinted off his nametag: Porter. 

“Problem, son?” Deputy Porter asked.

“Um, yeah.” Dean glanced behind him. Yates stood stiffly near the abandoned payphone. Mitchell approached, his eyes glued on Dean. Dean turned back to the officer. “Yes, sir. I really need to get to the bus station. You see, my wife is in Wheeling and she’s about to give birth to our first son, but I don’t have a car and—”

“Hop on in, son,” Deputy Porter said. “I’ll give you a lift. You’ll have to ride in the back, though. Rules and such.”

“Thank you so much. You have no idea.” He opened the door behind the deputy and slid inside, slamming it shut.

“You mind the siren? It’ll get us there faster.”

“The siren is fine,” Dean replied.

Porter flipped a switch on his dashboard and the cruiser’s siren wailed to life. Dean looked out the window at the street. Mitchell and Yates were gone. 

Thank God.

He leaned into the seat, shifting his pack around to rest in his lap, and tried to get his heart rate back under control. This was simply a diversion. A quick rest before the next sprint. They were being followed for sure, but there was no way to turn around and check without being obvious. A suspicious deputy was the last thing Dean needed.

“First kid, eh?” Porter asked. He adjusted his rearview for a better look, and Dean glanced up into curious eyes.

“Yeah.” Dean fidgeted a little. Lying was not something he did well. “It’s been hard, a lot of miscarriages. I had to come out here for business, and left poor Sally home alone. She isn’t due for two more weeks, but I guess you can’t plan these things.” 

Sally? Of all the names he could have picked, he came up with Sally? He didn’t even know a Sally, except for the blond girl in the Peanuts comics.

“I’ve got three kids myself,” Porter said, smiling broadly. “All girls and every one of them looks like their mama.”

That was probably a good thing. The deputy was chubby and balding, with mud-brown hair and a pointed chin. Not ugly, but not someone you’d want a girl to take after. 

“Wouldn’t have minded a son,” Porter went on. “But my wife decided three was enough and had that operation. Wouldn’t trade my girls for anything, though. You’ll know what I mean pretty soon, I think.”

Dean nodded along, content to let Porter do all the talking. Then he wouldn’t ask questions Dean didn’t want to answer. Thankfully, it wasn’t far to the bus station. He was half-afraid that the chatty deputy would start telling him stories about potty training and diaper rash, all subjects Dean had no interest in. Not today, and not anytime in the near future. 

Assuming he had a future. He’d heard stories about the security team at Wilderness, and the things that those men were willing and able to do. 

If Dean didn’t get real help soon, he would be dead.


Dean talked fast to prevent Deputy Porter from following him to the ticket window. The aged man seemed to take it upon himself to see to Dean’s welfare, concern that may have touched Dean if he wasn’t running for his life. The longer Porter was around him, the stronger the likelihood of him getting hurt. Or his family getting hurt. Either way, not something Dean wanted on his conscience.

The bus station bustled with life. Young couples searching for their buses, families juggling luggage of all sizes, single men off on business trips, one or two poorly dressed kids that might have been runaways. If Dean hadn’t been looking so hard for familiar faces, he probably wouldn’t have noticed any of them. They would have been as anonymous to him as he was to them.

Anonymity was a good thing. 

He was also in luck for a change. A direct route to Wheeling was scheduled to leave in less than ten minutes. Dean paid for a ticket, relieved he had enough cash in his wallet to cover the bill. Security tapes or not, he didn’t need his credit cards traced or attached to his destination. If they even worked. Wilderness knew people. It was likely that they were wiping out his entire life as he stood there, waiting for a young woman with blue-streaked hair to print out his bus ticket.

She slid the ticket under the glass partition and offered him a half-assed smile. “Have a nice trip,” she said with the enthusiasm of someone resigned to saying that ten thousand times a day for the rest of her life.

Dean mumbled a hurried thank you, grabbed the precious slip of paper and turned. He almost crashed into the man in line behind him. He muttered an apology and moved to the left, studying the station lobby, automatically searching for black suits. Anyone in a black suit was immediately suspicious, whether they were a lawyer, a tax attorney or one of Wilderness’s security agents. Spotting no one who seemed overtly interested in him, Dean walked toward the outer doors.

Once he exited the depot, he felt a fraction better. He inhaled the semi-fresh air, almost choking on the strong odors of oil and exhaust fumes. Six buses were lined up, in various states of readiness. Four had their sides raised, and uniformed men tossed luggage into the underside compartments with all the care of circus jugglers. The first two buses in line were loading passengers. Dean checked the numbers. His bus was first.

No way is this good luck going to keep up forever.

He glanced back at the depot, and his hand jerked. Yates and Mitchell stood at the ticket booth, only their profiles visible. The blue-haired girl snapped her gum, but didn’t seem terribly interested in answering their questions. Mitchell flashed a badge at her. Dean had seen those badges, identifying the wearer as part of a private security firm. They worked well as an intimidation tactic. 

In most cases. The ticket girl just shrugged.

Yates turned. His dark eyes met Dean’s, and Dean’s stomach churned. Yates nudged Mitchell. Dean didn’t wait to see how Mitchell reacted. He walked toward the row of buses, moving quickly without drawing too much attention. He went around the front of the fourth bus and back down along the other side. A chain link fence topped with razor wire prevented him from abandoning the bus station altogether. If more agents showed up, he was completely screwed.

Dean dropped to his knees and peered under the bus. Two sets of shiny leather shoes walked quickly in his direction. They paused, and then split up. One went left, the other right. Dean swallowed. They were going to trap him from either end of the bus.

His feet moved on their own, instinct carrying Dean to the luggage carriers. He looked inside, expecting it to be stuffed full. A clear path cut through to the other side of the bus. Only half loaded. He offered a silent thank you to whoever was looking out for him today and climbed inside. His hands slid on the surface of a leather suitcase, and he was certain he heard something crack. Strong cologne bit his nostrils. His left eye twitched, but he prevented the sneeze from escaping. 

He peeked out of the other side of the compartment in time to see Mitchell disappear around the back of the bus. Dean slid out, landed on his hands and pulled himself out the rest of the way, uncaring who saw or what they thought. His feet hit the pavement with a soft thump, and he ran toward his own bus. He didn’t stop until he was inside and up the three steps to where the driver waited to punch his ticket. Dean handed it over, amazed that his hand didn’t shake. The driver glanced at it, punched it absently and handed it back.

Dean found an empty seat halfway down the aisle, glad the bus was only half-full. He imagined he looked pale and scared, and he didn’t need a lot of people staring at him. He slouched low in his seat, hugging the pack to his chest, afraid everyone around him could hear his pounding heartbeat. The bus rumbled around him, that familiar, soothing engine sound. He vaguely registered the driver making an announcement, or the hiss of the closing doors.

I did it.

It wasn’t until the bus jerked forward that Dean dared sit up and glance out the window. As they pulled away from the station, he spotted a cluster of black-suited men standing amid the waiting buses. Dean flopped back into his seat, relief hitting him like a sledgehammer and leaving him boneless. His head lolled side to side in time with the lurching of the bus. The trip should take about three hours.

Three hours to try and plan the rest of his life, short though it might be.

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          Babysitting People Who Act Like Children        

Russ Woolley, Peggy Eason, Sue Matsuki: You Gotta Have Friends!
The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.
-Coco Chanel

Happy July 23rd, 2017!
July 23 is the 204th day of the year . There are 161 days remaining until the end of the year. Once again, the title of my blog today, comes from one of my blogs.
As I sat down to begin today's blog, I was listening to Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (ORIGINAL CAST
RECORDING). It opened on Broadway on March 1st, 1979 at The Uris Theater, now the Gershwin. At the time of it's opening, I was living in Conway, South Carolina and in my last year of high  school. My horoscope tells me today that if I can tune into that song on the cosmic radio, I'll find harmony and understanding. I'm finding that to be true in ALL aspects of my life It goes on to tell me that this week is about the information I'm receiving from dreams and psychic visions.
It was still on Broadway when I arrived in New York five months later and was a major hit. I still remember vividly the marquees and the TV ads. It is still a regret of mine that I did not see it at the time. There were several reasons at the time. The first was financial. When I arrived in NY on August 5th, 1979, I had $500.00 in my pocket!
I was very frugal in terms of getting by. I got my first job (as a Wall Street messenger) my first full day in New York (August 6th) for $6.00 an hour. I still had to be frugal!
The second reason was the subject matter!
However, as time has moved on, it truly is one of my favorite scores.
This might come as a surprise to all of my friends who know me, but I would LOVE to play Sweeney some day! Believe it or not, it is one of my bucket items.
Warren Schein, Sarah Rice, David Sabella, Richard Skipper, Sharon McNight, Producer Russ Woolley. (Photo by Maryann Lopinto RSC June 18th, 2017)
Ken Billington
Also, I know two of the key players, Ken Billington, the lighting designer, and, most especially, Sarah Rice, who has become a very dear friend. As a matter of fact, Sarah was one of the featured guests in my Richard Skipper Celebrates show on June 18th recently.

July 23rd, 1979...It was a Monday. I know that I was working at Grand Strand Amusement Park. In 13 days, I would be moving to New York and my life would be forever changed. I just got goosebumps as I typed those words.
I had NO IDEA what the world
would hold for me. I still don't. My dad doubted my abilities. Every time I mentioned my eminent departure, rather than allowing me to celebrate my excitement, he would laugh and say I would be back in three weeks. In 13 days, it will mark 37 years! I pinch myself to this day that that happened.

Carol Channing performing in the Carter White House

Those born on this date are under the sign of Leo. They include detective novelist Raymond Chandler in 1888; Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie in 1892; U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy in 1936 (age 81); actor Ronny Cox in 1938 (age 79); talk show host Don Imus in 1940 (age 77);
The sun is now in Leo
drummer Dino Danelli (The Rascals) in 1944 (age 73); drummer John Rutsey (Rush) in 1952; musician David Essex in 1947 (age 70); actor Edie McClurg in 1951 (age 66); Dutch film director Theo van Gogh in 1957; actor Woody Harrelson in 1961 (age 56); actor Eriq La Salle in 1962 (age 55); actor Philip Seymour Hoffman in 1967; guitarist Slash in 1965 (age 52); singer Alison Krauss in 1971 (age 46); actor Marlon Wayans in 1972 (age 45); former White House intern Monica Lewinsky in 1973 (age 44); singer Michelle Williams in 1980 (age 37); actor Daniel Radcliffe in 1989 (age 28); country singer Danielle Bradbery in 1996 (age 21).
 Philip Seymour Hoffman ~ Born: July 23, 1967, Fairport, NY
Died: February 2, 2014, West Village, New York City, NY.
In that special week of July people in US were listening to Bad Girls by Donna Summer. In UK Are 'Friends' Electric by Tubeway Army was in the top 5 hits. The Amityville Horror, directed by Stuart Rosenberg, was one of the most Sophie's Choice by William Styron was one of the best selling books.
viewed movies released in 1979.
Number One for this week in 1981 was Air Supply with The One That You Love .

My horoscope is telling me that a friend or relative may be acting exceptionally nice, but I can’t help but wonder if there is more going on than meets my eye. Hmmm? I wonder who that could be!
I'm listening and making a LOT of changes in my life. The 'WORD for the day is INSIGHTFULNESS.  Think of this word as your mantra for the day. First apply the word to yourself, THEN apply this word to EVERYONE YOU meet. Think of this word as you respond to EVERY POST you see throughout the day. The 'word 'for TODAY is INSIGHTFULNESS . Please pay it forward...

Thank you, Kevin Scott Hall for posting this on Facebook today: 
Winner of the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry in 1923.
I Know I Am But Summer to Your Heart
Edna Saint Vincent Millay (1892-1950)

The young artist of today need no longer say "I am a painter', or "a poet", or "a dancer." He is simply an "artist". All of life will be open to him.
-Allan Kaprow

Thousands flooded the streets of Berlin for the annual Christopher Street Day parade in support of LGBT rights  

Richard's Suggestions: Life IS a cabaret 

Ann Kittredge is returning to Don't Tell Mama next Saturday, July 29 at 4pm. Go on over and get out of the heat!!!! :)

Peter Filichia gave Josh Ellis a wonderful opportunity to talk about the making of two-and-a-half legendary Broadway cast recordings.
Specifically: the original Broadway cast recording of 42ND STREET (1980), Yul Brynner and Constance Towers's THE KING AND I (1977) and SONDHEIM: A MUSICAL TRIBUTE (1973).  The article explains the half.

 As of this blog, Only 7 seats remain for Josh's show at United Solo Theatre Festival at Theatre Row on Thursday, September 14 at 9 PM.
Stacy Sullivan: Photo by Michael Lee Stever.

  Stacy Sullivan is headed into the studio to record her 7th album...updates soon! MUCH SUCCESS, Stacy!

Encouraged by many, Stephen Mosher has written a memoir that he has designed to be like a box of candy.

If you are out in LA: TONIGHTS THE NIGHT,
6 p.m social and silent auction...
Benefit for
Actor and Others for Animals
At the historic El Portal Theater in NOHO.


THE KEVIN LUTKE TRIO make their NYC Debut at The Metropolitan Room, August 3, 2017 at 7PM

Multi-Award winning singer/songwriter, Bobby Belfry, along with world-class guitarist, Kevin Lutke and his Trio, have created a new set of socio-political jazz/folk/rock inspired contemporary pop music that has been burning up The Hudson Valley, with concerts at The Illuminated Concert Festival in Newburgh, Maureen’s Jazz Cellar in Nyack, and the Fanwood
Concert Series.

The music is uplifting and empowered with a bit of humor, which is exactly what the arts need in this tumultuous political climate of our times.

Mr. Belfry has performed at The White House, The Kennedy Center, and Lincoln Center, in addition to countless theatres and nightclubs throughout the country and abroad. He is a featured artist in the music documentary, “This Time” and has 3 albums of music on iTunes and several streaming sites. “Bobby Belfry is one to savor, embrace, and lend the hand of fame to,” said BILLBOARD Magazine.

Mr. Lutke has a Masters Degree in Jazz Guitar and composition from NYU, and has performed with countless jazz luminaries throughout his career. Kevin also has 3 CDs of original and cover music available on iTunes and other streaming services.

The group is rounded out by Jay Brunka on upright bass, and John Romagnoli on percussion.

The concert at The Metropolitan Room, on August 3, at 7pm, is the group’s NYC debut. There is a $15 Cover, $25 food/drink minimum
Please purchase tickets online at www.metropolitanroom.com

A new album of the music performed this evening is in the works on the DEKO Music Label.

This is something I wish I could go to! Oz, The National Convention.
The wonders of the White City... The fun of the Midwest Oz Festival... Find your heart’s desire in Chicago—the inspiration for Oz.

Thursday: Kick off the weekend with a party at the home of Oz collector and convention co-chairman Walter Krueger.

Friday: From a Kansas twister to the Nome King’s mines, Friday morning is filled with farm fun. In the afternoon, explore animated Oz films, followed by an evening fashion show of famous Dorothys and a live Oz music program.

Saturday: Saturday emphasizes Chicago’s many Oz connections with programs, speakers, films, and performances.

The afternoon Oz Auction will be a highlight for collectors.
And yes, there will be cake: it’s the International Wizard of Oz Club’s 60th anniversary!

Sunday: After breakfast, enjoy the final day of the Midwest Oz Fest in neighboring Tinley Park. Join Oz friends for a bring-your-box-lunch open house at Walter Krueger’s. Optionally, sign up for a small-group Oz tour into Chicago, or head out to explore on your own. 

Regroup for dinner at the Hyde Park home of Carrie Hedges as they honor her tenure as Oz Club president.

For complete information, visit OzConvention.org.

There is also the Midwest Wizard of Oz Festival

August 4th-6th Tinley Park Illinois.

Visit Karen Armstrong Owens' sales booth at the festival - Storyland Collectables..... new and old Wizard of Oz items.
IWOC National Convention August 3-6th Orland Park, Illinois

 Leanne Borghesi at Feinstein's-What Is This Swing Called LOVE?

San Francisco!! Leanne is so jazzed, she could kiss ya! Celebrate the summer of LOVE together!
Tickets are now on sale for her upcoming cabaret

show- Leanne Borghesi Live at San Francisco's Feinstein's at the Nikko What Is This Swing Called L-O-V-E? Thursday August 3, 8pm.

Join Leanne for an intimate evening at the "Love Lounge" with a hot, snazzy swinging band! The Roger Glenn Trio (Ross Gualco piano, Ed Margolin drums, Roger Glenn woodwinds) and siren Amanda Wu on the Bass!
It is going to be a swingin' night of good music and good vibes...an intimate affair...meow!

Tickets: goldstar.com, www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1492871/tfly

with Rita McKenzie: Richard Skipper Celebrates Hello, Dolly! January 16th, 2017
The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new. - Socrates

I'm throwing back the curtain and showing my followers the little man behind the Wizard who is always trying to put forth a positive image of a man. 

Let's Be Friends! I promise you a great experience!

You have the power to change anything, because you are the one who chooses your thoughts and feels your feelings.

Here are a Few Testimonials for Richard Skipper Celebrates: Next One September 10th 1PM Laurie Beechman Theater: Reserve HERE:
w/Ann Dawson, Emily McNamara, Ben Rimalower... AND a Beloved Cabaret Mystery Guest

with Wayne Gmitter, the late great Peggy Herman, Tommy Tune, and Patrick Rinn (Peggy Herman CD Release Party Feinstein's St. Regis 2015)
Anyone who has an opportunity to see Richard Skipper's cabaret shows should BY ALL MEANS doso! They're sensational! Great entertainers, wonderful music, lots of laughs, just the best way to spend an afternoon! I just cannot wait for the next show because I will DEFINITELY be in the audience (quietly singing along)!Arlene Jacks, New York, NY 
with Ellen Bullinger and Carol Siwek
I was most impressed with the balance and variety of Richard Skipper Celebrates... on June 18th.  I love hearing Sarah Rice, and her Bourne-Jones beauty is a joy on top of that.  That segment was really top notch.
David Sabella was so moving when he was talking about his children, and the Sondheim montage was unexpectedly thrilling.  I liked the little table where I was sitting because I could watch Richard Skipper's reactions to everything, and that just added to the joy.  I don't think a smile left my face for the entire show.  Good for Richard!!!!
Jacqueline Parker, NYC

I have had the great pleasure of seeing the show the talented Richard Skipper presents at the Laurie
Ruby Rakos, Carole Demas, Diane J. Findlay, Sue Matsuki, KT Sullivan, and producer Russ Woolley
Beechman. It was a delightful afternoon with so much talent brought to the stage and especially, Leslie Orofino, on the show that I attended. Richard is not only a very talented performer himself, but his knowledge of the history of the stage world is outstanding. His memories and stories recalled are a gift to us all. His manner and style of interviewing is so wise, warm and professional. I am so overjoyed to see him interview many legends and he embraces them with such care and respect. He is the ultimate showman.

Pamala Hall,Lionhawk Productions Weston, Ct.

Sit Back! A New News Cycle Is About to Begin!

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Richard Skipper, Richard@RichardSkipper.com 

          Popular Beliefs        

Did you know that 27% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 25 have doubts that NASA astronauts really landed on the Moon? (1) And that 4 of 10 parents in the United States refuse to give their children one or more traditional vaccinations for fear of autism? (2) These are two of the surprising revelations in a new book by science writer, Guy P. Harrison, entitled 50 popular beliefs that people think are true. In this book Harrison examines dozens of beliefs which, despite their hold on millions, lack one important ingredient – evidence. (3)Let's focus here on beliefs about the Moon landings and vaccinations.

According to many NASA doubters, the Moon landings were a NASA hoax to embarrass the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Their case consists of three points: one - photographs of the astronauts on the Moon show no stars in the background as they should; two - there should be a crater under the lunar landing module caused by its descent but photos show none; and three - the flag placed on the Moon by the astronauts should not have been waving, as it did for a time, because there is no wind on the Moon. Harrison rebuts each:

  • The stars in the sky behind the astronauts were absent for a reason that any experienced photographer understands, he says. When the camera's exposure was set to highlight the astronauts, it lost the faint light of stars in the sky behind them. (4)
  • The reason that there was no crater under the lunar landing module, he explains, is that the module's powerful engine was "throttled back, way back, on descent..." to ensure a safe landing. (5)
  • Next, the reason that the flag waved, he points out, is due to "vibrations and twisting" caused when the astronauts drove the flag pole into the Moon surface. (6)

Beyond this, Harrison makes two further points: if the Apollo program were a hoax to embarrass the Soviets, their extensive intelligence apparatus surely would have discovered and publicized it, and given the fact that thousands of people were involved in the Apollo program, at least one participant would have confessed by now but none has. (7)

Next, do vaccinations for measles, whooping cough, and other health threats pose a risk of autism for children, as many believe? Harrison's answer is a decisive "No!" He points out that extensive, continuing research shows no link between vaccinations and autism (8) and he complains that parents who refuse to vaccinate their children put them and others at needless risk because "vaccinations have probably saved more lives than any other form of medicine in history." (9)

Fear of vaccinations began, Harrison explains, with publication of an article in 1998 in the Lancet, a British medical journal,by Andrew Wakefield, a doctor, which claimed that the measles vaccination causes autism. Despite the fact that:

  • Wakefield's research was subsequently discredited by research teams around the world,
  • the Lancet later retracted his article, and
  • Wakefield lost his medical license,

the fear that his article triggered remains. (10)

Harrison's 50 popular beliefs that people think are true reminds all of us that we are susceptible to speculation and myth, (11) and that the only responsible basis of our beliefs is evidence. I hope that it gets the huge, multi-national audience that it deserves.


  1. See Guy P. Harrison, 50 popular beliefs that people think are true, Prometheus Books, 2012, pp. 97-98. Future references to this book are by page number. Harrison points out that many doubters have been influenced by a "pseudo-documentary" entitled Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon? which first aired on the Fox network in 2001.
  2. P. 235.
  3. Among the beliefs that Harrison evaluates in his book are: there is an afterlife; psychics can read our minds; intelligence is innate and fixed; a Bible code reveals the future; all humans live many times (reincarnation); some people have extrasensory perception; psychic detectives solve crimes; Nostradamus predicted many current events centuries ago; there are miracles; space travelers visited Earth thousands of years ago; UFOs are visitors from other worlds; a flying saucer crashed near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947; aliens have abducted humans; the position of the planets at the time of one's birth determines one's personality (astrology); the Holocaust never happened; global warming is a myth; TV news gives us an accurate picture of the world; biological races are real; alternative medicine works; faith healers cure the sick; my religion is the only true one; the Biblical account of creation is true; Biblical prophecies have come to pass; prayer works; archaeologists have discovered Noah's Ark; holy relics possess supernatural powers; there are ghosts; bigfoot lives; there are angels; there are witches who can harm us; a lost city of Atlantis is buried in an ocean; there is a heaven and a hell; the Bermuda Triangle is an especially dangerous area for planes, ships, and boats; the U.S. Government keeps aliens in Area 51 in Nevada; the end of the world will occur on December 21, 2012; and the Rapture will occur soon.
  4. Pp. 85-86. Harrison, by the way, is an award-winning photographer.
  5. P. 96.
  6. P. 97.
  7. Pp. 92-93.
  8. P. 237, p. 240.
  9. P. 235.
  10. Harrison also explains that many governments have taken steps to placate fearful parents. For instance, some have removed or reduced to trace amounts in vaccines a mercury-containing preservative called thimerosal and some have replaced the so-called "vaccine cocktail" with single vaccines. Despite this, the incidence of autism continues to climb, as does that of measles and other diseases, especially among the unvaccinated. (pp. 236-237, p. 240)
  11. Harrison points out that all of us, including "intelligent and educated people," are tempted to believe without proof. For instance, renowned scientist, Jane Goodall, is a Bigfoot believer. (p. 24)

© 2012 Tom Shipka

          The Power of Belief        

We're not far away from the holiday shopping season when all of us will be searching for gifts for special people in our lives. I have a suggestion of a gift that is inexpensive, educational, and entertaining and that is suitable for either adults or children aged twelve or older. It will also make a superb addition to the media collection of a local school or library. I'm referring to a forty-five minute film entitled The Power of Belief which first aired as an ABC News Special hosted by John Stossel on October 6, 1998. It can be purchased online in DVD or video tape format at abcnewsstore.com at a cost of $29.95 for home use and a higher price for institutional use.
The Power of Belief is four things: a critique of paranormal claims and practitioners, an illustration of self-delusion, a demonstration of how stubbornly we cling to cherished beliefs which lack evidence, and an invitation to critical thinking. It proposes that we use a double standard in evaluating claims. In some cases we demand proof. For instance, if I am buying a used car, I'll likely examine it carefully to make sure that it runs well and doesn't need expensive repairs. But in other cases, we don't demand proof. For instance, if I get a fatal cancer diagnosis and I'm told that an experimental drug available only in Mexico can save me, I'll quickly book a flight to Mexico. Here we suspend our critical faculties because we want to believe.
Each segment of the film illustrates one or more of these themes.
A stock broker convinces himself that he is levitating when he is actually only bouncing on a mattress.
Fire-walkers who believe that they have special powers discover to their amazement that anyone can fire-walk on wood embers simply because wood is a poor conductor of heat.
Psychics who claim to possess the power to move or change objects without touching them - psychokinesis - are unmasked by James Randi as conjurers.
A voodoo priest who puts a curse on John Stossel fails.
Therapeutic touch practitioners consistently fail to demonstrate their powers in a simple test designed by a nine-year old school girl.
The members of a group of students who are given a sugar pill but told that it is a stimulant report greater energy while the members of the group who are told that it is a sleeping pill report improved sleep.
A victim of Hodgkin's Disease dies after she abandons traditional treatment in favor of alternative medicine.
James Randi fools the media and hundreds of thousands of people in Australia into believing that a man that he has trained to pose as a channeler actually has the power to contact the dead.
A Texas police chief shows that a psychic detective is either self-deluded or a fraud.
A group of people who are given a horoscope of a mass murderer are convinced that it accurately describes them.
A U.S. Navy aerospace scientist offers a natural explanation of so-called near-death experiences based on his experience with pilots in a centrifuge.
Other segments deal with children who perceive a non-existent fox in a box, the use of cold and warm reading techniques by psychics, a faith healer, and the James Randi $1 Million Challenge. Despite the passage of time since The Power of Belief first aired, it remains an outstanding educational film which is worth your time and money.

© Tom Shipka 2007

          MARTA SPENDOWSKA : starting in the background        

Psychics, art happening in the background, and paths that were meant to be! Polish-born, US-based artist and illustrator Marta Spendowska is my lovely guest today.

          Dead or alive psychic experiment results pulled from neuroscience journal        
Some paranormal proponents are crying foul and “censorship” over the retraction of a paper claiming to support clairvoyance. The paper: Prediction of Mortality Based on Facial Characteristics by Delorme, A., Pierce, A., Michel, L., and Radin, D. (2016). Front. Hum. Neurosci. 10:173. doi: 10.3389/fnhum.2016.00173 was published in May of 2016 and officially retracted in early October. The…
          Fausto Part II by Stephen Richter        


They crossed the lobby. Persephone took her purse from the chair at the check-in desk. She brushed some hair behind an ear and wrote a note. They walked out of the hotel. Across the street, Omar’s face reflected in the backseat window of the Cadillac.
He tried the door handle.

“What the fuck there, Omar?” said Fausto.

Omar stiffened. He smiled. “Just admiring your Brougham, Fausto, it’s beautiful,” he said.

Persephone opened the passenger’s door. She climbed inside.

“That’s my dad’s Bro-ham you’re admiring there, Omar.” Fausto climbed behind the wheel. “Never lets anyone drive it though, especially not me.” Fausto put on his shades and fired up the engine. He rolled down his window.

Omar leaned in.

“You shouldn’t rush into things without meditation,” said Omar, “Seriously, you need some rest, Fausto.”

“Good looking out, Omar,”

Fausto stepped on the gas pedal. The Cadillac drove away.

“Namaste,” said Omar. He looked back at the hotel.

The Cadillac glided down the road past the mission. The sun sank on the horizon. Fausto drove through a grove of palm trees. A cloud of mosquitos dissipated then reformed again. Water trickled. A vein of sawgrass and cattail split the desert near the oasis, beneath the town of Todos Santos.

The Cadillac turned onto highway 1.

Persephone placed a foot on the dashboard in front of her. Her skirt opened. A pale thigh. A friendship bracelet adorned her ankle. Fausto looked back at the road. The Pacific appeared then disappeared again. The Cadillac crested a hill. Cactus stretched to the horizon, to the coast and the blood red sea approaching sunset. They drove south, towards Land’s End. The Cadillac passed shrine after roadside shrine. Each cross marked the place of  someone’s death on the highway. The majority were at the curves in the road. Some crosses had flowers beneath them.

“So, what exactly do you do down here?” said Fausto.

“Im a florist.”

“in the desert?”

“You’d be surprised how much people will pay to have a little beauty,” said Persephone, “especially in the desert.”

“What about my father?” said Fausto, “Did he ever pay?”

“For what?”

Persephone fished through her purse.

“For the beauty,” said Fausto, “Did he ever have to pay for this beauty you’re talking about?”

Persephone laughed. She took out a bag of weed and rolling papers. She rolled herself a joint. “So, what do you do in the army?” she said.


“In the marines, then.”

Persephone lit her joint.

“Drug counterinsurgency,” said Fausto.


“Intelligence to stop drugs and drug-lords.”

“Well, you’re not stopping me,” said Persephone. She smoked her joint and squinted. “This is México, Fausto. You’re a gringo down here. Never forget.”

“And what are you, invincible?”

“I’m better than invincible,” said Persephone, “I’m Canadian.”

They crested a hill.  The coastline appeared. They descended into the next canyon.

“I have three days, Persephone.”

“Me too,” she said, “I leave Easter Sunday.”

“Why so soon?”

Four skeletal cows crossed the road at the bottom of the arroyo. Fausto pumped the brakes. The Cadillac stopped just short of the crossing cattle. Ribs moved beneath their grey hides. Their heads hung. Fausto drove around them. The Cadillac accelerated to the top of a curve.

“I’m only here for the winter,” said Persephone, “After high season I go back to Montréal.”

“Why did my father give you the necklace, Persephone?”

Persephone pointed. “Your gas lamp,” she said.

“Shit,” said Fausto.

The black Cadillac coasted down the hill, towards Cabo San Lucas, on nothing but gravity and gas fumes. El Arco, the great stone arch at Land’s End, marked the outer edge of the bay. Cruise ships, yachts, and fishing boats drifted off the coast of Médano Beach. The sky and sea purpled with the approaching night. The lights of the resorts sparkled in the twilight.

Fausto yawned.

He blinked and shook his head. “I need coffee anyway,” he said. He put the transmission into neutral then raised his arms above his head. “Woooooooo! burn the boats, baby, we’re coming in hot!” he said. He looked to Persephone. She raised her arms and smiled. She shrieked. The Cadillac coasted down the hill into the PEMEX service station at the edge of town with a bounce.

<p style="text-align: center;">


<p style="text-align: left;">

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - 20:30 hrs.

The Cadillac climbed an unpaved street. It labored up the backside of a hilltop colonia. Persephone looked out over the city and bay. The Cadillac’s undercarriage scraped a rock. It sparked.

“Damnit, Persephone!” said Fausto, “this is horseshit.” The dirt road steepened. At the top of the incline, sat a white minimalist residence. “There?” said Fausto. Tires spat gravel and lost traction on the hill. The Cadillac slipped backwards.

“That’s where he lives, Fausto. Do you want to go or not?”

Fausto put the tranny into first gear and floored the gas. The Cadillac lurched forward.

“I like your attitude, Fausto,” said Persephone, “you are man of action.”

“Action Jackson.”

The Cadillac climbed and fishtailed and fought its way to the gates at the top of the hill.

“That’s how we get her done,” said Fausto. He set the parking brake with his foot.

“Yes,” said Persephone. She looked Fausto up and down then climbed out of the vehicle. They walked to a stainless steel intercom beside an iron Door. The walls were over ten feet high. The view of the bay behind them was spectacular.

“Wow,” said Fausto.

“I know,” said Persephone. “Don’t let it get to you, Fausto.” She dialed a sequence of numbers on the key pad. “It happens to everyone.” A telephone rang somewhere inside the compound. The ringing continued.

“He’s not here,” she said. “Want me to text him?”

Fausto stared at the bay. “Huh? Yeah, do that,” he said.

Persephone turned away from Fausto. She leaned over her mobile device. Light from its screen illuminated her face. She laughed and typed with her thumbs.

“Get the fuck out of here, Dionisio. You’re such a cabrón,” Persephone laughed. “He’s over at... Oh, god-”

“Oh, god what?”

“It’s just pictures... He’s at Passions, and Nikki Beach at the ME,” she said.

“The who?”

“The Meliá,” she said. “He’s texting me again. He wants us to meet him there.”


“Nikki Beach,” said Persephone, “It’s spring break, Fausto. There’s no way Dionisio will abandon the party tonight. No way in hell.”

“What’s wrong with you people?” said Fausto. “Bunch of goddamned hedonists.”

“It’s getting late.”

“Alright, damnit, we’ll go to spring break.” said Fausto.

Persephone’s eyes flashed. “I’ll get my scarf.”

They climbed back into the car. Persephone removed her shirt. Her breasts were pale like her thigh. She pulled a long silk scarf from her purse. She tied it around her neck, then wrapped it around her body into a dress. Persephone shook her hair out then looked at herself in the rearview mirror.

“It’s Hermès,” she said, “You can drive, you know,”

“I will if you let me.”

Fausto twisted the rearview mirror back to where he could see again. He started the engine. Persephone laughed.

“You can’t counterinsurgency everything, Fausto.”

“Just trying to find my father, that’s all.”

“Let’s go find him then.”

Fausto nodded.

<p style="text-align: center;">


<p style="text-align: left;">

The black Cadillac bounced along a dirt road between the Casa Dorada Beach Resort and the Meliá Cabo San Lucas. Shirtless and bikini-clad people roamed the streets in flip-flops and straw sombreros. Humvees and limousines inched through the crowd to the main entrance of Nikki Beach. Arclights crossed the sky above the red glow and smoke rising from the oceanfront nightclub. Fausto parked. The stream of tourists engulfed the vehicle. Fausto reached into the seabag in the backseat. He removed a navy sport coat with brass buttons.

Maj. L. Burnes USMC

was embroidered beneath the inside pocket in gold. Fausto put the jacket on over his t-shirt and jeans.

“Fancy,” said Persephone.
Fausto locked the seabag in the trunk of the Cadillac. They crossed the street, hand in hand. They walked to the entrance of the the nightclub.

“Persephone!” said Ricardo at the velvet rope, “Canada’s in the house, baby.”

“It is now,” said Persephone.

“Clearly Canadian,” said Ricardo, “Mmmm, grade A maple syrup right there. Y’all seeing this?” He closed the rope in front of Fausto.

“He’s with me, Ricardo,” said Persephone.

“My bad,” said Ricardo, “Welcome to paradise, soldier.”


Persephone pulled Fausto behind her. They merged into the crowd entering the courtyard. Bass thundered through the open air. Moonlight shimmered on the beach and bay beyond the resort grounds. The crowd was dense but far better than the chaos being caused by college students on the public side of Playa Médano. At Nikki Beach, everyone wore white. Fausto and Persephone wore black. A DJ in white denim spun dance music from his tower above the swimming pool. Persephone pointed. A shirtless man in linen pants danced onstage. Black curly hair shook with beads of sweat. Go-Go Girls in white plumage samba-danced around the man. Hips gyrated.

The man’s shoulders shimmied in a blur, like a Turkish dancer.

“Dionisio,” said Fausto.

A girl grabbed ahold of Dionisio’s waist onstage. Her eyes widened. Dinisio’s ass shook in a flurry between henna-painted hands. A conga line formed. It coiled around the DJ booth. Dionisio danced at the head of the serpent. The conga line snaked onto the dance floor below. People cheered.

Dionisio raised his arms to the night sky.

“Hurry!” said Persephone. She took Fausto’s hand.


Fausto followed Persephone into the sea of dancing bodies. She placed Fausto’s hands on her hips. They merged into the conga line dancing behind Dionisio. Fausto shook his ass and tried to mimic Persephone’s movements.

“I can’t believe this shit.” said Fausto. They sambaed their way poolside, around a palapa, a fountain, then to a private corner on the sand. A row of giant beds were elevated on stilts beside them. Sheets of white fabric blew in the night breeze. Dionisio placed his forehead to Persephone’s and grinned. He lifted her off the ground. A diver’s mask was tattooed to his shoulder.

“Have a drink with me, “ he said.

“Nice moves there,” said Fausto. He adjusted his jacket, “Hard to keep up with.”

“Who is this sexy man?” said Dionisio. He smiled.

“Fausto,” said Persephone, “Fausto Burns.” Dionisio’s expression faded. “He’s looking for Louis, Dionisio, have you seen him?” Dionisio seemed sober now. He looked towards the entrance of the club.

“He never showed,” said Dionisio, “I’ll radio him tonight.”

“Show up for what?” said Fausto. Dionisio looked around.

“I’m meeting a friend here,” said Dionisio, “After that I can take you to use ship-to-shore radio at my place, yes?”  People danced all over the beach. Beyond the white ropes of the club the crowd swelled into a fish farm of dancing bodies. Fireworks exploded overhead in molten red.

“How long?” said Fausto.

“Thirty minutes,” said Dionisio, “maybe less, or the anchovies are free.” He put on a linen shirt and buttoned it. “You like anchovies?”

“Does my father?”

Dionisio smiled. “Yes... Yes he does like anchovies.”

“Alright,” said Fausto, “where should we wait for you?”

“Smart and sexy... Are you Greek, Fausto?”


“Shame.” Dionisio looked at Persephone. “Meet me in the beach bar at midnight.”

“No time for quickies, Dionisio,” said Persephone.

“always time for quickie, my darling, this is Dionisio!” He backed away from them smiling, his tongue between his teeth.

“What the hell’s with you people?” said Fausto, “Thirty minutes there, Dionisio! No bullshit. you hear me?” Dionisio danced into the crowd. Fausto ran a hand over his scalp. The music thundered. He squeezed his temples between his thumb and forefinger. Persephone touched Fausto’s cheek. Fireworks painted their faces with color.

“I like you,” she said. Fausto Smiled.

“Buy you a drink?”

“I don’t think we should, Fausto.”

“I’ll watch your back, Seph.”
Fausto pointed to his eyes. “Better than waiting here for Dionysus with our dicks in our hands.”

Persephone laughed.  “Don’t let Dionisio hear you say that.” She shook her head.

“It’s true,” said Fausto.

Persephone wrapped Fausto’s arm around her shoulder and clasped his fingers. They walked down to the beach bar on the sand. They kicked off their shoes. Fausto rolled up his jeans. They sat on barstools beneath a moonlight sky.

“Tequila, porfis,” said Persephone.

“Dos,” said Fausto. The bartender obliged. Fausto looked into Persephone’s eyes. She smiled. He looked at the locket around her neck. “Persephone?”


Fausto watched the colored lights play over her face. Boats floated on the bay over her shoulder.

“Salúd,” said Fausto. He raised his glass.


They drank for thirty minutes.

Dionisio returned, covered in sweat. He searched the beach bar but Persephone and Fausto were nowhere to be found. He tapped his PDA.

Persephone rolled into Fausto’s arms atop one of the giant beds on stilts above the beach. They kissed. Persephone reached inside Fausto’s jeans. The screen lit up on her PDA. Dionisio peeked his head over the mattress with a cell phone to his ear. Persephone howled. She rolled off the bed and hit the sand with a thump. Fausto laughed.

“I need to leave, like now, people,” said Dionisio. He put away his device. “We can do this at my place, yes, we can, we will, my friends. But we must go now, okay? right now.”

“We’re the black Cadillac at the top of the hill,” said Fausto. He tossed Dionisio the car keys. “Go on ahead. I’ll get Persephone and catch up with you.”

Dionisio nodded. He walked through the crowd. Fausto tried to help Persephone to her feet.

She slapped his face.

“Fuck you, Fausto, why’d you throw me off there?!”

“I didn’t throw you off anything!”

“Then why’d you laugh?!”

A firework burst with a flash of blue.

“Come on, Seph, give me your hand.” said Fausto.

Persephone jumped into Fausto’s arms. He caught her.

“Carry me... I’m dizzy. I’m tired, and you did this to me, Fausto,” she said. “I told you I didn’t want to drink.”

Fausto shuffled through the dancing bodies with Persephone in his arms. Her face pressed against his chest. Her arms clung to his neck. Fausto walked out of the club. Sweat rolled down his face. They reached the top of the dirt road. Fausto set persephone down. Three men in boots and black cowboy hats looked through the Cadillac’s open trunk, across the street.

“Wait,” said Persephone.

Fausto walked towards the men.

“What you doing there, hard-chargers?” Fausto closed the distance between them. A Cadillac Escalade idled in the shadows of an alley, in the background.

“Que quiere este güey?” said the man with the seabag.

Fausto gripped the man’s hand.

“That’s my father’s.”

It happened in a blur. Persephone screamed. The first man ran off, his arm bent grotesquely backwards. The second man crawled away from Fausto. Blood poured from a hole on the side of the man’s head. He scrambled to his feet and ran into the night.

Cowboy hats littered the ground.

Fausto crouched in the street behind the Cadillac. His knee pressed into the remaining cowboy’s throat, beneath the bumper of the vehicle.

“Fausto, stop!” said Persephone. She ran.

Fausto pressed his thumbs against the man’s eyelids. His nostrils flared.

A human ear lay in the dirt beside Fausto’s knee. Fausto blinked at the sight of it.


Persephone threw her arms around him. She pulled. Fausto sprang to his feet.

“Goddamnit!” he said. “What’s wrong with you people?” His eyes widened. Fausto looked around. He breathed through his teeth.

The remaining cowboy ran down the hill towards Nikki Beach. “Motherfuckers. What the fuck’s wrong with you?!” said Fausto.

“Fausto!” said Persephone. She rolled the seabag into the Cadillac’s trunk and slammed the door shut. “Get in the car.”

Fausto climbed into the passenger’s seat. Persephone drove. The Cadillac fishtailed around the corner in a cloud of dust. The moon shone overhead. Headlights illuminated Persephone’s eyes in the rearview mirror. Faust looked back. Dionisio was passed out cold in the backseat. His linen shirt  was rolled up, exposing his stomach. A syringe hung from a swollen injection site beneath his navel.

Fausto’s lips puckered up, like a fish, but he couldn’t find the words.

“Ay, Dionisio,” said Persephone, “you could have at least helped us, cabrón.”

Dionisio smiled. He moaned. “Their black hats, they were freaking me out, so I stayed here.” His accent was even thicker.

“Want to secure that syringe there, hard-charger?” said Fausto. He pointed to his arm.

“Oh, god. How embarrassing is this?” said Dionisio. “It’s not what it looks like, Fausto, not really.”

“Really?” said Fausto.

“Nothing in the Baja is, Fausto, never.” He removed the syringe from his skin and rolled his shirt down.

“How do you know my name?”

“I’m psychic,” said Dionisio.

“I introduced you two at Nikki Beach,” said Persephone.

Fausto nodded. Persephone turned onto the same dirt road from before. Dionisio’s house sat at the top of the incline. “Easy there, Seph.” Fausto reached for the steering wheel. “Maybe I should just-” Persephone rolled her eyes.

She floored the gas.

Dionisio laughed.

<p style="text-align: center;">


          Jak jsme zahynuli v Českém lese        

(Přežít Izrael)

Oběd a naÅ¡e vlastní restaurace nakonec trvaly až do tří. Máme před sebou ke svému dneÅ¡nímu hotelu v destinaci Midreshet Ben Gurion jeÅ¡tě asi 180 kilometrů. S oklikou. Když chceme navÅ¡tívit největší uměle vysázený les v Izraeli, nazvaný Jatir. A to chceme. Přesněji, chci to já, protože tenhle cíl mi pokaždé unikal. Nejblíže jsem byl v roce 2014 společně s výpravou Židovského národního fondu (KKL), tedy organizací, která v Izraeli od roku 1901 vykupuje pozemky a sází na nich stromy – už je jich za více než století práce skoro čtvrt miliardy! Tehdy jsme bydleli v Aradu, od něhož je okraj lesního masivu Jatir vzdálen vzduÅ¡nou cestou jen 15 km, a jeli jsme dokonce sázet stromky – jenže ty jsme nakonec sázeli jinde. U města NachÅ¡on, protože tam to bylo potřeba. Prostě musím vidět ten slavný Jatir a hlavně v něm navÅ¡tívit Český les, o kterém jsem toho už tolik napsal.

VždyÅ¥ i druhý díl mé knížky Mír v Izraeli končí větou: "Český les musí růst“, a třetí díl se vůbec jmenuje "Mír lesů.“ A taky se konečně chci v Izraeli projít ve skutečném lese, a masiv Jatir má 30 km čtverečních, na nichž bylo od roku 1964 vysázeno na čtyři miliony stromů. To už je nějakých stromů, to už musí být nějaký les! Ten se nepřehlédne jen tak. Uprostřed tohoto mohutného lesa se nachází od roku 2005 i dvacet hektarů Českého lesa. První stromek tu tehdy zasadil prezident Václav Klaus. Později se přičinili i premiér Mirek Topolánek či prezident MiloÅ¡ Zeman. (Vůbec první českou borovičku zasadila Olga Havlová v Izraeli v roce 1990 během oficiální návÅ¡těvy svého prezidentského manžela Václava, ale to jeÅ¡tě nebyl Český les vykolíkován.) Sázejí zde stromky různí další čeÅ¡tí potentáti či členové jejich delegací, ba i prostí občané České republiky. Ale ponejvíce se činí lesníci z Fondu, kterým od nás prostřednictvím české pobočky KKL přicházejí finanční dary. Ty posílají různé instituce, města i podnikatelé, židé i katolíci, pravoslavní i bezvěrci – lidé, kerým záleží na tom, aby v Izraeli zakořenil les i mír. To jsou ti praví lidé s "kořeny"!

A Janinka se návštěvě Českého lesa nebrání. Však pojedeme autem a na místě jenom na chvíli zastavíme! Vše bude velice pohodlno. Jenže s tím pohodlím mi to, zase, nevyšlo.

Amfiteátr z auta
Když vyjíždíme z národního parku k silnici číslo 35, lákají nás za křižovatkou k návÅ¡těvě svým Å¡irokým úsměvem zřícené zdi amfiteátru římského města Eleutheropolis, aneb "Svobodného města", jak Bejt Guvrin přejmenoval císař Septimus Severus v roce 200. Kromě amfiteátru se z římské doby zachovaly i rozsáhlé lázně o půdorysu 4.000 metrů čtverečních, do nichž (a do města) přiváděly vodu dva akvadukty. Do města mířilo celkem pět důležitých silnic, označených milníky. Za amfiteátrem leží zříceniny křižácké pevnosti a baziliky, kterou nechal roku 1136 postavit jeruzalémský král Foulk d'Anjou. V roce 2008 se zde naÅ¡e váprava Hidden Child zastavila. Mohl jsem slézt i dovnitř tribuny amf iteátru, na místa, kde vyčkávali gladiátoři, či snad tygři, takže to tam alespoň troÅ¡ku znám. Po průletu podzemními a nadzemními krásami Bejt Guvrinu – MareÅ¡i toho máme oba dost. Janinka samozřejmě víc, proto řídím já.

Amfiteátr v roce 2008
"NechceÅ¡ se tam přecejen jeÅ¡tě podívat?" lákám neupřímně Janu, protože si uvědomuju, jak nám čas protéká mezi prsty. Je už čtvrt na čtyři a ten famózní Český les musíme v Jatiru také vůbec nalézt. Prý to není jednoduché, ale vlastním papírovou mapku, již jsem si na hotelové recepci v Aradu před třemi lety opatřil. A tam je označeno místo, kde se nachází the Czech Forest  NaÅ¡těstí ani Jana již nemá dostatek psychických sil na další zříceniny, a tak se můžu vrátit na dálnici číslo 6. Když jsme z ní odbočovali ke Guvrinu, bylo to jednoduché, stačilo hlídat křižovatku, na které se odbočuje k obci Kirjat Gat. Teď by to mělo být stejně jednoduché. Je třeba hlídat si v Ãºrovni města Rahat odbočku vlevo na silnici číslo 31 a vydat se po ní směrem na Arad, tedy na východ. Kdybychom včas neodbočili, dovezla by nás tahle cesta až do metropole pouÅ¡tě Beer Å evy. Tam nechci, i když touhle zkratkou bychom do cíle naší dneÅ¡ní cesty u kibucu Sde Boker dorazili brzy. A mohli bychom se jeÅ¡tě za světla pohodlně projít pěšinou nad zlomem kaňonu pouÅ¡tní řeky Zin.

Po deseti kilometrech aneb Å¡esti minutách se k Å¡estce zprava přimyká čtyřicítka a dále je silnice značena oběma čísly. Dokonce se objevují i směrovky se jmény měst, kam nás tahle komunikace zavede. Beer Sheva a Arad. Sláva, stačí se držet směru na Arad, vynechat Beer Å evu a nezabloudíme. AvÅ¡ak byla to jediná směrovka na Arad a zabloudili jsme.

Amfiteátr v roce 2008
No tak dobře, já zabloudil, Janinko, ale ne tam, kdes mi radila odbočit na Rahat. To byla jen úroveň, na které jsem si měl dát pozor, abych zabočil správně na jednatřicítku. Ze zvyku, že na dálnici se i vlevo nejdříve zatáčí na výjezd vpravo jsem po dalších dvaceti kilometrech minul rozplet dálnic 6 a 40. Protože jsem jel rovně, kdežto šestka uhýbala vlevo. Ale jak mohla uhýbat, když podle domácí přípravy tady měla končit a tady někde by měla vést silnice 31??? Inu proto, že obmyslní Izraelci postavili dálnici o další čtyři kilometry dál, a papírová mapa si toho dosud nevšimla.

Takže jedu po čtyřicítce směrem k Beer Å evě, kam jsem nechtěl, otočit se nemohu, a i kdybych se otočil, tak se zase na minulé křižovatce nemůžu nasměrovat na Arad. Nejbližší křižovatka směrem na jih je naÅ¡těstí úrovňová a nedaleko, jen asi pět kilometrů. Tady odbočuju vpravo ze zlořečené čtyřicítky a jmu se v poklidu radit s Janiným chytrouÅ¡em. Říká mi, že jsem na silnici číslo 310, která mne dovede zpátky na osu jednatřicítky. Jenže jsem tak zblblý, že nevím, na kterou stranu se dát. Tedy vím, že na severovýchod, ale nevím, kde to je. Před rokem jsem si do Izraele vzal kompas, který mne zavedl Å¡patně, když jsem se na něj koukal uvnitř kovové skořepiny auta. Tentokrát jsem ho doma nemohl najít, jedeme bez něj a teď by se hodil. Chci se poradit se Sluncem, jenže to je tak vysoko, že nevrhá skoro žádný stín. Rozjedu se tedy vpravo, a po chvíli zjistím, že se můj GPS bod posunul od ždané linie. Otočím tedy auto nazpátek, překonám čtyřicítku, a kolem městečka Lehavim jedu po nečekaně naleznuté třicet jedničce! Alespoň podle gůglích map. Sláva, teď se už neztratím!

Na nejbližším kruháku jedu rovně, a ten další mne už svede vpravo potřebným směrem povýtce východním.
Kudy z 31 na 31??? aneb dokonalá interrupce

A opět se ocitám na placené dálnici číslo 6! Číslo 31 zmizelo ze všech návěstidel. Ale možná bych si ho mohl prohlížet, to číslo. Kdybych byl býval zabočil v Lehavim na předcházejícím kruháku vpravo, tam, kde podle gůglí mapy pokračuje silnice 31, tak tam by ta cedulka možná byla. Jenže tam je prostě jednatřicítka ukončena kruhákem na rohu městečka, třicet metrů od dálnice, a dostat se lze jen po polní cestě pod ni, nikoli na ni. Naštěstí jedu už správným směrem po dálnici, která by tady, ale neměla být, jenže zákeřní Izraelci ji postavili dalších patnáct kilometrů, což se do map Google nedostalo.

Takže jedu po šestce – a na nejbližším návěstidle mne mile vítá Beer Ševa, která je vzdálena jen 16 km.


Ping pong po kruhácích
Začínám poněkud hysterčit. Vyjedu na nejbližším výjezdu, protože na Beer Å evu prostě nechci. Musím vlevo, vlevo, vlevo, na Arad přece! Výjezd končí kruhákem, ze kterého bych mohl sjet zpátky na Å¡estku, což nechci, nechci, nechci! Pročež odbočím vlevo přes dálnici, na dalším kruháku jedu rovně a zaparkuju u pumpy, vylezu ven a chopím se chytrouÅ¡e. NaÅ¡těstí máme od synka vypůjčenou nabíječku, protože to by už dávno musel chcípnout, ale takhle zase dost hicuje. Pod vysokým sluncem na okraji Negevské pouÅ¡tě je už asi 30 stupňů a poprvé jsme si musili v autě pustit klimatizaci. ZjiÅ¡Å¥uji, že jsme na silnici 358, která by nás vyvedla na sever k hranicím oblasti Hebron. Tam nechci. Kde je ta zatracená jednatřicítka? Zdá se, že vÅ¡ude!

"Na tom kruháku, jak jsme vyjeli z dálnice," pípne navigátor Janinka. Nevěřím jí, ale tudy vskutku nelze. Nasedneme tedy do auta, otočíme se, první kruhák, přejezd dálnice, druhý kruhák, a tam je přece jen ten nechtěný sjezd zpátky na dálnici číslo Å¡est.

Mha za mnou, mha přede mnou.

Točím zpátky, přejedu dálnici, ale vtom si s jistým zpožděním uvědomuju, že na tom kruháku byl přece jeÅ¡tě jeden výjezd na silničku, vedoucí souběžně s dálnicí.

"Kam jedeÅ¡?" děsí se Jana, ale já už vím, že pojedu dobře. Kruhák za dálnicí objedu celý, vracím se přes dálnici, objedu kruhák za ní a odbočím na tu silničku, která se pyÅ¡ní drobnou cedulkou s ÄÃ­slicí 31. Po pěti kilometrech přejíždíme po estakádě dálnici číslo 6, která se otáčí vpravo na jihozápad k Beer Å evě. A my jedeme na Arad, podle mapy aspoň.

Celá tahle anabáze nám sebrala minimálně půlhodinu a mně několik kilo inteligence. Ale byl jsem v tom tak trochu nevinně, protože
31 kam se podíváš

a) byl postaven nový kus dálnice,
b) Směr Arad byl na ukazatelích zmíněn jen jednou, jinak se na Beer Ševu jelo jak po čtyřicítce tak po šestce,
c) a hlavně, mapy gůglu jsou v tomto úseku zmatečné. Novou Å¡estku tvrdošíjně označují za jedenatřicítku, takže mají namalovány vedle sebe celkem tři silnice č. 31:

1) Å estka směr z Beer Å evy
2) Šestka směr Beer Ševa
3) Původní 31 směr Arad...

Ne, já nejsem blbej. Tedy, ne jen já jsem blbej. V tomto souboji mezi navigací a realitou zvítězil názor navigátorky paní doktorky Janinky. Fakt je, že se Jana obvykle dost Å¡patně orientuje v krajině, a prohlaÅ¡uje to o sobě, avÅ¡ak když neví, kde je, tak se se svým názorem nevnucuje. Ale když podle nějakého náznaku nazná, kam je třeba zamířit, a řekne to, pak je nutno ji poslechnout, protože má pravdu.

Bohužel jsem tototo poznání nedokázal využít později u Mrtvého moře při dalším svém kufrování…

Ale zpátky na jednatřicítku. Objeli jsme po ní jižní okraj arabské vesnice Hura a za ní odbočili vlevo na silnici číslo 316.

"Jedeme dobře?" zapochybuje Janinka. Protože komunikace, která se před námi otvírá, vypadá zdálky jako polní cesta a zblízka jako tankodrom. Kus pouÅ¡tě, povlečený zbytkovým asfaltem. Zastavím, poradím se s chytrouÅ¡em, ano, jsme správně. Lesy začínají hned za tou výstavnou vesnicí (bílé vily a nezbytný minaret, obklopené za hranicí obce odpadky), a táhnou se a táhnou až k hranicím oblasti Hebron. Po pouhých patnácti kilometrech budem přesně tam, kde papírovou mapku zdobí nápis Czech Forest. Jsme tam za čtvrthodinku, pokud...

Å lápnu prudce na brzdu, ale nezabráním, aby náš hyundai nezahučel do jámy téměř lvové. Past na hyundaje má jen asi dvacet čísel hloubku, ale v dovolené devadesátce by znamenala smrt vozu. NaÅ¡těstí jsme jeli třicet. Náprava vydržela, ale dál jsem jel jen na dvojku. A na chvíli i zastavil na kraji pouÅ¡tě, když se proti nám vyřítil autobusek, který to bral nejméně Å¡edesát. Nechápu, jak to ten stroj mohl vydržet. Nebo jeho cestující. Autobusák asi jel stylem řidičů z filmu Mzda strachu. Když je na silnici roleta, musíš jet rychle, abys její vrcholky přeletěl.

Snad až zajedeme za Huru, tak se silnice zlepší? NezlepÅ¡ila. Byl jsem skutečně v pokuÅ¡ení vykaÅ¡lat se na celej Českej les, ale už jsem se zakousl. Jsem Býk, a neustoupím jen proto, že silnice, která patří dle barvy na mapách.cz do druhé kartegorie a na papírové mapě freytaga&berndta do kategorie "dálková cesta", avÅ¡ak ve skutečnosti jest hnusnou sbírkou děr různých hloubek a šířek. A nedá se jim vyhnout ani umným kličkováním. Bylo nutno jeti velbloudím krokem. Zrada je, když jedete po souvislých padesáti metrech asfaltu, který vypadá jako horší krajnice zcela bez děr, přidáte na třicet, přejedete horizont, a bum, za ním je přímo hvězdokupa propadlin. Jako by tahle silnice byla cílem náletů, a už ji nikdy nikdo neopravil. Podle trojciferného čísla na mapě KKL je kvalita této silnice označena za "regional road", ale jeli jsme po regionálních silnicích velmi vysoké kvality, kam se na ně hrabou naÅ¡e okresky. Ale tahle cesta se nemůže hrabat vůbec na nic. Ono asi záleží, v jakém regionu se nachází. Tahle se tedy nacházela v hluboce arabském regionu. Hura! Jízda po ní byla na zvracení. A to ne v přeneseném smyslu slova…  

No alespoň že už vjíždíme do pásma lesů.

"Kde jsou ty lesy?“ ptá se Janinka. Na kamenitých úvalech se pravda něco zelená, ale to něco vypadá spíše jako keře. Nebo lesní školky uprostřed pouště. Možná tak za pět let povyrostou výše a dají za pravdu nadějné zeleni na mapách.

"Voli je vypili," odpovídám naštvaně. Ale díry pozvolna mizí (nebo jsem si na ně už zvykl) a vpravo se otevírá hluboký vhled do údolí a na zelené pahorky negevské. Zastavím na kraji silnice, stahuju pravé okénko a donutím Janinku, aby z něj vyrobila aspoň jeden záchranný snímek. Je půl páté, kdybychom nebloudili, tak bychom ujeli z Guvrinu jen 64 km, a stihli bychom to za tři čtvrtě hodiny. Vinou mého kufrování jsme jeli hodinu a čtvrt. Za chvíli zastavujeme na místě, kde oficiálně začíná Jatir, alespoň podle cedule s mapou u kamenitého parkoviště, jak asi tato placka o rozměrech 50 na 30 metrů slouží. Parkujeme zde zcela sami. Běžím na kraj parkoviště, ze kterého snímám daleké výhledy, jsme v nadmořské výšce 650 metrů, zatímco Hura měla jen 400. Janinka si raději čte onu informační ceduli.

Krom obvyklých výzev k ochraně životního prostředí a neohrožování sebe ani ostatních návštěvníků se po nás vyžaduje, abychom se nepřibližovali jeskyním, cisternám, budovám a nelezli do nich. Rovněž padat ze skalních útesů bychom neměli. Nehorolezit ani neslaňovat. Máme se varovat svážných a zablácených cest. A pozor na oheň! Užívat jen vyznačená pikniková místa a oheň po sobě vždy pečlivě uhasit! Je zde poměrně sucho, a borovice halepské, které tak báječně rychle rostou, také báječně rychle hoří. Ano, prý se zde sází i cypřiše a taky listnaté stromy: blahovičníky, tamaryšky, olivovníky, fíkovníky, rohovníky (jejichž plody znáte jako svatojánský chléb), akácie a stromy, jejichž česká jména mi nejdříve nic neříkají, jako "terebint“ (řečík terebintový, terpentýnový strom, aha - pistáciový strom!) či "cicimek datlový“, anobrž jujuba. Avšak kol dokola šumí povýtce bory na skalinách.

Přesvědčujeme se o tom, když jedeme dále po silnici, která se od tohoto místa tváří už jako slušná okreska. (Museli jsme si nejdříve vybrat ze tří nabízených komunikací vhodných pro osobní auto tu správnou. Vpravo ne, ta je hodně kamenitá a podle informační cedulky vyžaduje náhon 4x4, vlevo ne, ta jede k hotelu, kde končí. I když i tahle se na mapách honosí stejným číslem 316 jako ta střední, po níž jsme nakonec jeli.) Všude kolem jsou borovice, borovice, borovice, mezi nimi řady bílých kamenů, mezi nimiž schnou rezavá stébla trávy. Sjíždíme do údolí, vyjíždíme na kopce a vybíráme zatáčky. Tentokrát jedu pomalu ne kvůli dírám, které už zmizely (ach, "regionita"!), avšak abych nepřejel kámen s označením "Český les". Pečlivě počítám zatáčky. Podle mapy bychom měli zabočit třikrát doprava a třikrát doleva, a tam už by to mělo být. Vlevo od silnice, jak praví nápis Czech Forest na mapě. Už jsme vystoupali na 700 metrů, už jsme na tom správném místě, rozhlížíme se oba, avšak furt nikdež nic. Zaparkuju proto auto a nostalgicky fotím svah vlevo dolů. Ach, vy české borovice! Tak jsem vás přece jen nenašel. A tolik jsme toho museli vytrpět. Ale tamhle někde dole to je.

Lezu zase za volant, rozjíždím se, avšak Jana, která trpěla nejvíc, mne upozorňuje: "Tady vpravo!"

A tam, tam stojí skalka s cedulkou na níž jsou vyvedeny nezbytné symboly KKL, hebrejský nápis, a pak v rodné češtině zřím přes deroucí se slzy dojetí nápis:

"Slovensky Les,

Éééééééééééééééééé, aspoň že les bratrského národa jsem nalezl. Znovu nastoupím a znovu se rozjedu – a znovu, jen asi po dalších padesáti metrech mne Janinka zastaví. Je právě pět odpoledne.

A tam, na pokraji naštvání, vyčerpání, zoufalství, bloudění, marného doufání, příšerného drncání, nesplnitelných nadějí a téměř definitivního zahynutí se v lese objevuje jiná skalka s tím pravým nápisem "Český les, 2005".

A tak jsme při jeho hledání nezhynuli!

Klesám na koleno a dojetím líbám ten bělostný kámen. No, je v tom trochu póza, ale i velké ulehčení. Před kamenem se táhne řádka mladých listnáčů, vida, pravé české buky, zasazené do malých limánků, tedy vykopaných prohlubní, v nichž by se měla držet voda. Když naprší, nebo když je někdo zaleje, jako tady nedávno, jak o tom svědčí blátíčko na dně. Jana má radost, že jsem si ulevil z přetlaku začínající deprese. Dokonce dobrovolně vytahuje mobil, aby vyrobila něco dokumentárních snímků. Ach, skutečně jsme nesnímali naštorc. To jen místní stromy vyrostly šikmo pod vlivem neustále vajícího větru od moře. Později vysazené stromy už mají závětří a rostou rovně…

Konečně se v Izraeli procházím ve skutečném lese! V příjemném a voňavém stínu. Ale není to český les jako někde v Jizerkách nebo královský hvozd křivoklátský. Chybí zde spodní patro keřů a vůbec nikde nevykukují semenáčky. A přitom borových šišek je na zemi ohromná spousta. Tohle je hodně smutné: Tenhle izraelský les se sám neobnovuje, a pokud se něco v příštích letech nestane, bude se muset vysazovat po dalších desetiletích znova. Alespoň, že zde nemají problémy s kůrovcem. Přivezli si totiž z Austrálie spešl mouchy, které se živí dřevokazy!!! Nu, co na to České státní lesy? Co na to Evropská unie???

Už po pěti minutách euforie a objímání stromů nastupujeme, a tentokrát už nezabloudím. Hned za Českým lesem přijíždíme na křižovatku ve tvaru Ypsilon. Odshora sem proti nám sjíždí silnička č. 3178, která je navzdory své čtyřčíselnosti velmi pěkně asfaltovaná. No, navigace původně ukazovala, že máme jet tudy, to bychom ovšem museli projet oblastí Hebron, jež je zcela v rukou palestinské samosprávy, a tam jsme měli od půjčovny zakázáno vjet. Teď zabočujeme prudce vpravo, kam se odshora prolnula kvalita asfaltky. Pořád tři sta šestnáctka, avšak tentokrát zcela normální izraelská silnice. Hned u cesty nás lákají vykopávky starobylého města Jatir, avšak nechci zatěžovat Janinku přes čáru, a to ani fotografováním, vypadá pobledle.

Český les vpravo, nahoře sever a Hebron, 316 pokračuje doprava
Stále stoupáme, až vylezeme na úroveň 840 m n.m. Konečně jsme dojeli k téčkové křižovatce s opravdovou severojižní magistrálou číslo 80. Odbočujeme vpravo na jih. Před námi se otevírá přenádherný výhled až hluboko do kraje k bílému beduínskému modernímu městu Arara ba-Negev. Je odsud vzdáleno 20 km a pojedeme kolem něj. Nejdříve však musíme klesnout během dvou a půl kilometru o dvě stě metrů. Ach, ty nezachycené výhledy! Ach toho brždění motorem na trojku! Nahoru se bude muset jet na dvojku, ale tuhle cestu doporučuju, kdybyste se chtěli podívat k Českému lesu a vůbec do Jatiru. I přes větší vzdálenost a prudké stoupání ušetříte čas, nervy a vyhnete se nebezpečí rozlomení auta…

Klesáme pak setrvale i nadále, avšak mnohem normálněji. V rychlosti mineme vykopávky starobylého Aradu, naštěstí je už po páté hodině a památky mají zavříno. Opět přijíždíme k jedenatřicítce, zabočujeme vlevo k Aradu. Projedeme se jen sto metrů a zase odbočíme doprava. Osmdesátka tady pokračuje dále k jihu až ke zmíněné beduínské Araře, kde končí na silnici číslo 25. Odbočujeme vlevo směrem k Dimoně. Silnice se klikatí po dně klesajícího vádí, na jehož březích se vine téměř nepřetržitá linie beduínského osídlení. Domky z vlnitého plechu, plátěné stany, přívěsy, vše v neladném uspořádání, připomínajícím cikánské osady. Jana je ohromena.

"To je strašný!"

"Ale vždyť jsem o tom psal ve své knize," upozorňuju ji. "Copak's ji nečetla?"

"Četla, ale něco jiného je číst, a něco jiného je vidět!"

Klesáme až na úroveň 530 metrů. Kilometr před Dimonou odbočujeme vpravo na silnici č. 204. Z Jatiru je to hodně cikcak, ale mám domácí přípravu, a pak – touhle cestou jsem jel už s výpravou KKL v roce 2014, i když obráceným směrem. I tady doprovází silnici ve vzdálenosti asi púl kilometru linie beduínských domků. Jana je téměř zděšena, ale kdyby si vzpomněla na některé exponáty z jaffského blešáku domů, tak by si mohla připomenout, že podobně bydlí v Izraeli i mnozí obyvatelé velkoměst. I když ty jejich plechárny zdobí třeba druhé patro jinak zcela městské budovy. Tentokrát nevidím žádné velbloudy, jen pěkná auta, ba i autobusy…

Pamatuji si, že někde v míjené osadě Jerucham, je biblická studně "Beer Rachma", která dala místu jméno. Zde Boží anděl přinesl vodu Abrahámovu prvorozenému, avÅ¡ak nemanželskému synu Izmaelovi a jeho matce Hagar. (Stalo se tak poté, co byli Abrahámem na naléhání jeho právoplatné manželky Sáry, vyhnáni do pouÅ¡tě.) A tak mohl Izmael zplodit arabský národ. Inu – byla to zřejmě Boží vůle, víš, Janinko? A tady na kruháku za Jeruchamem zabočuji vpravo, dobře to tu znám. Ale musím se vrátit ze Å¡patně vybrané cesty a nakonec jet rovně. Boží trest za pýchu… 

Dvě stě čtyřka po 30 kilometrech vtéká opět do čtyřicítky, kterou bychom se sem, kousek nad Sde Boker dostali bez problémů – jako většina turistických výprav. Sde Boker mineme a za chvíli už vidíme dlouhou rovnou odbočku, jež směřuje ze čtyřicítky vlevo k našemu dnešnímu cíli. Sesterská obec Sde Boker se jmenuje Midreshet Ben Gurion a hostí část beerševské Ben Gurionovy univerzity, a to Jacob Blausteinův institut pro výzkum pouště. A taky Institut dědictví Ben Guriona. A taky je tam hotýlek, kde se máme ubytovat. Jenže cesta, kterou ukazuje navigace je uzavřena branou. Vesnice je zamčena, vždyť je už čtvrt hodiny po šesté. Vida, teprve čtvrt na sedm, devadesát kilometrů z Českého lesa jsem zdolal za předpisovou hodinu plus deset minut. Zabočuji na blízké parkoviště, odkud je nádherný výhled na kaňon řeky Zin. Vyběhnu z auta udělat záchranný snímek, Jana by spíše už přivítala postel a hygienické zázemí.

Zajedu tedy znovu k bráně, vytahuji rezervaci, kterou jsem si prozíravě vytiskl, a hledám nějaké oko kamery, kterému bych ji poskytl. Naštěstí z osady vyjíždí jiné auto, vjedu tedy do otevřené brány a zajedu na to parkoviště, co si myslím, že je nejblíže Guy hostelu. Vyběhnu do uličky Neve Boker, kde má Guy Family Guestroom's sídlit. Jsou tu samé domky a žádný hotel! V jednom z baráčků se zeptám přívětivého zahradníka, a ten mi ukáže, o kterýže se jedná domek. Samozřejmě, že se nejedná o hotel, ale o hostinský pokoj u rodiny jménem Guy. Byl bych je našel sám, kdyby zub času nepřekousal dřevěnou tabulku, která visela na zábradlí. Půlhodina je v háji. Přijíždím před domek, vychází z něj drobná čiperná paní a vítá nás.

A jsme zase doma, kufry moc nevybalujeme, zítra jedeme hned dál. Na procházku nad údolí řeky Zin půjdeme až ráno. Teď už budeme jen bydlet. Na závěr dne uspořádáme malou oslavu. Otevíráme jednu ze tří lahví vína, které jsme si koupili. (Koupit tři najednou vyjde levněji, než koupit lahve po jedné.) Přiťukáváme si červeným Hermonem. Le chajim a Mazel tov! Drobně slavíme dnešní Janiny narozeniny. Jako dárek jsme si k nim dali Izrael.

A zítra přejedeme Negev. Ale o tom až příště.

Prožito a přežito cestou do Českého lesa a Midreshet Ben Gurion  ve čtvrtek 27. dubna 2017, psáno na Lužinách v neděli 30. a pondělí 31. července 2017.

Viz i Å amanovy poznámky o beduínských vesnicích z roku 2008 v článku Mír pilných osadníků, kde se můžete dovědět i něco o Midreshet Ben Gurion (v textu Sde Boker) 

Foto © Jana Rečková a © Jan Kovanic

Minulé díly vyprávění o letošní (i loňské) cestě do Izraele viz na blogu Šamanovo doupě, záložka Izrael. (Fotky jsou tam z nějakého technického důvodu podstatně ostřejší než na Psu! Při kliknutí na obrázek se onen rozbalí v původní velikosti.)

Cestopis Mír v Izraeli z Šamanových předcházejících tří cest po Izraeli seženete u knihkupců, na besedách s autogramem přímo od autora, anebo u vydavatele.
          Show No. 21 - May 4        
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Guests: Angelic Ross, Professional Psychic Medium. Websites: www.iamhaunted.com/angelic www.fleetingshouls.com www.blogtalkradio.com/FS
          Cause & Effect: The CFI Newsletter - No. 86        

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The Main Events

dawktawk.jpgBerkeley’s KPFA Abruptly Cancels Dawkins Event 

Last Wednesday, the Royal Society released the results of a poll that placed The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins atop a list of the most influential science books of all time, a list that includes in its top ten such foundational and revolutionary works as Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species and Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring.

Imagine the surprise, then, when two days later Berkeley, California, radio station KPFA suddenly cancelled a speaking engagement with Dawkins scheduled for August 9. Intended as a fundraiser for the station, Dawkins was set to discuss his new book of essays, Science in the Soul: Selected Writings of a Passionate Rationalist, for an audience of several hundred. What happened?

Well, according to a message to ticket holders, KPFA claims to have been unaware of Dawkins’s “views” and considered his comments on Islam to be “offensive” and “hurtful.” (Funny, the station had hosted Prof. Dawkins in 2015 and didn’t seem bothered at the time by his well known criticism of religion, including Islam, Christianity, ` and other faiths.

CFI provided its own public response, lamenting KPFA’s decision and the baseless justification proffered for it. “We understand the difference between a people and the beliefs they may hold,” said CFI’s president and CEO, Robyn Blumner. “All of us must be free to debate and criticize ideas and harmful ideas must be exposed. It is incredibly disappointing that KPFA does not understand this.”

But the clearest and most compelling response came from Prof. Dawkins himself, in an open letter to KPFA. He wrote of his long admiration for KPFA’s journalism, and his decades of support of their work. The cancellation of the August event was “a matter of personal sorrow” for him.

At the core of the conflict, Dawkins pointed out, was the lack of reason and critical thinking that went into the station’s decision to break its commitment. He wrote in his letter:

You conspicuously did not quote a source when accusing me of “abusive speech”. Why didn’t you check your facts – or at least have the common courtesy to alert me – before summarily cancelling my event? If you had consulted me, or if you had done even rudimentary fact-checking, you would have concluded that I have never used abusive speech against Islam.

I have called IslamISM “vile” but surely you, of all people, understand that Islamism is not the same as Islam. I have criticised the ridiculous pseudoscientific claims made by Islamic apologists (“the sun sets in a marsh” etc), and the opposition of Islamic “ scholars” to evolution and other scientific truths. I have criticised the appalling misogyny and homophobia of Islam, I have criticised the murdering of apostates for no crime other than their disbelief. Far from attacking Muslims, I understand – as perhaps you do not – that Muslims themselves are the prime victims of the oppressive cruelties of Islamism, especially Muslim women.

I am known as a frequent critic of Christianity and have never been de-platformed for that. Why do you give Islam a free pass? Why is it fine to criticise Christianity but not Islam?

Neil_deGrasse_Tyson_and_Richard_Dawkins_at_Howard_UniversitySince news of the cancellation broke, a number of leading figures in science and reason have made their voices heard in support of Dawkins. Jerry Coyne called the move “craven”; Steven Pinker told KPFA that “you have handed a precious gift to the political right”; Vilayanur S. Ramachandran called Dawkins “the most intellectually honest and courageous person I know”; and Daniel Dennett (in such a way that only he can successfully pull off) tweeted, “Shame on these Know-nothing Pathetic Fraidy-cat, um, folks!” You can read these responses in full at the Richard Dawkins Foundation website.

In a special message to CFI supporters, Board Chair Eddie Tabash said, “Richard is a kind man, even in the face of unfounded criticism. However, kindness cannot deter us from fighting as hard as we can against this severely troubling action by KPFA.”

Discussion of the controversy continues in the press, with coverage by The New York Times, The Guardian, Newsweek, and more, including KPFA radio itself, where CFI Communications Director Paul Fidalgo tries to explain the distinction between the vital criticism of bad ideas and the demonization of an entire people.


12052.jpgBertha Vazquez Publishes Schools’ Evolution Evaluation

It is 2017, and yet the teaching of evolution in public schools remains a flashpoint of controversy. The enduring resistance to evolution education is a primary reason for the existence of TIES, the Teacher Institute for Evolutionary Science, a program of the Richard Dawkins Foundation that trains middle school science teachers to teach evolution.

Leading the work of TIES is Florida middle school science teacher Bertha Vazquez, and as part of her important work for the program, she has been evaluating state evolution education standards throughout the U.S. Her findings have just been published in a new paper for the journal Evolution: Education and Outreach. The results are fascinating and trending in a positive direction.

Bertha’s evaluation looks at school evolution standards using a ten-point scale based on five categories of questions, which determine each state’s grade. For example, New York and Florida are among the states that received an A grade for earning the maximum number of points for meeting certain benchmarks such as providing a clear definition of evolution, presenting several kinds of evidence for evolution, and so on. South Carolina and Tennessee, however, are two states that received F’s because their curricula don’t even mention or define evolution to middle schoolers, among other issues.

If the study had a “winner,” it would be New Hampshire. “New Hampshire should not be commended just for its middle school standards on evolution,” writes Bertha. “It starts incorporating evolution into the curriculum earlier than any other state.”

The full paper can be accessed here.


News from the CFI Community

DFCs0hiXsAEJmih.pngPoint of Inquiry...IN SPACE!!!

When will humans set foot on Mars? What are the prospects for NASA in the Trump era? And what exactly did Mike Pence touch that he clearly wasn’t supposed to? All these burning questions and more are answered in the latest episode of CFI’s long-running flagship podcast Point of Inquiry.

Host Paul Fidalgo is joined by Loren Grush, space reporter for The Verge, for a fun and enlightening conversation about the drama, politics, and technological challenges of space exploration. Grush brings both passionate enthusiasm and healthy skepticism to her coverage of space, providing sharp analysis of the private space industry, public attitudes toward space exploration, and the hostility that women in the space community continue to face.

And of course, we’ll find out if the vice president ruined something expensive.

There’s more space-talk in the next episode of Point of Inquiry coming later this week, when the subject turns to extraterrestrial life, so be sure to subscribe free on iTunes, Google Play, or through your podcast service of choice.


14523152_10154078848800698_2045554596559655301_n.jpgCountdown to CSICon 2017: New Videos with Paul Offit and Joe Nickell

For several weeks now, CFI’s video series Reasonable Talk has been bringing you some of the excellent presentations that made CSICon 2016 such a fantastic event. We have two more for you, hot off the servers, all in a blatant effort to inspire you to get registered for CSICon 2017 this October 26–29 in Las Vegas!

  • Paul Offit is a leading light in science and skepticism for his work as a life-saving virologist and as a bestselling critic of the anti-vaccine movement and other kinds of fake medicine. In his CSICon 2016 presentation, Offit takes a critical look at the medical profession itself, going back centuries to see how opioids have been used and misused by physicians and patients and showing how the over-prescription of painkillers has enabled today’s opioid crisis.
  • CFI’s own Joe Nickell is the world’s best known investigator of the paranormal, with decades of experience uncovering the truth about claims of ghost sightings, UFO encounters, psychic powers, and more. But what also sets Joe apart is his compassion and empathy for those who believe they have had these supernatural experiences and his steadfast devotion to the pursuit of the truth over merely proving someone wrong. In his presentation, Joe discusses the crucial distinction between “investigation” and “debunking.”

Plus: Susan Gerbic has a special interview with CSICon 2017 speaker and mentalist Mark Edward.

Now it’s your turn to investigate all the goings-on at the next big event, CSICon 2017. Incredible speakers and exciting entertainment await at Las Vegas’s Excalibur Hotel and Casino. But don’t take these claims at face value. Investigate them yourself and get registered now.


CFI Highlights on the Web

  • flatearth.pngCraig A. Foster, a professor of psychology at the U.S. Air Force Academy who has contributed to Skeptical Inquirer, writes an op-ed in The Denver Post welcoming the sudden attention given to Flat Earthers. Touting his membership with CFI’s Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, he asserts that Flat-Earthers present a prime opportunity to discuss the importance of applying critical thinking to outlandish beliefs.
  • Marking the 70th anniversary of the Roswell UFO sightings, Kendrick Frazier, editor of Skeptical Inquirer, writes in a piece for the Albuquerque Journal about how the story has managed to endure all these decades, concluding, “Established facts of the Roswell incident will of course never catch up with the charming myth.”
  • For a short while in recent weeks, it seemed to many that the mystery of Amelia Earhart had been solved. But as Benjamin Radford points out in a special report, the claims were laughably easy to disprove and show us how the History Channel, which promoted the finding, went “spectacularly off the rails.”
  • For his latest Unco Junto “blog symposium,” Ben assembles Michael Hartwell, Ian Harris, and Celestia Ward (taking part in web-comic form) to weigh in on the topic of hypocrisy.
  • Recent skeptics’ conferences are reviewed for CSI, with Susan Gerbic at SkeptiCal 2017 and Russ Dobler at the ninth Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism.

And of course, you can keep up with news relevant to skeptics and seculars every weekday with The Morning Heresy.

Upcoming CFI Events

July 26:

  • Paul HannCFI Michigan hosts a presentation on environmental health after the Flint water crisis by Paul Hann, executive director of the Healthy Homes Coalition of West Michigan.

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Cause & Effect: The Center for Inquiry Newsletter is edited by Paul Fidalgo, Center for Inquiry communications director.

The Center for Inquiry (CFI) is a nonprofit educational, advocacy, and research organization headquartered in Amherst, New York, with executive offices in Washington, D.C. It is also home to both the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, the Council for Secular Humanism, and the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science. The mission of CFI is to foster a secular society based on science, reason, freedom of inquiry, and humanist values. Visit CFI on the web at www.centerforinquiry.net. 


          Cause & Effect: The CFI Newsletter - No. 85        

Cause & Effect is the biweekly newsletter of the Center for Inquiry community, covering the wide range of work that you help make possible. Become a member today!

The Main Events

600_pulpit-freedom-sunday_1015.jpgHouse Committee Schemes to Let Churches Evade Electioneering Law 

When Donald Trump was courting the religious conservative vote during the 2016 presidential campaign, one of the prizes he offered them was the repeal of the Johnson Amendment, the provision of federal law that prevents churches and other tax-exempt organizations (such as this one) from endorsing or opposing political candidates. Though he vowed to “totally destroy” the amendment, so far he has only been able to soften it, and mostly symbolically, through an executive order signed in May.

The fact remains, however, that the Johnson Amendment is quite popular, with well over two-thirds of the public in support, including over half of white evangelicals, because they understand that churches don’t belong in the business of electioneering, nor do they want to see their houses of worship turning into political action committees. This is really a project of the extreme religious right, which would like to use churches as a means of bankrolling their favored candidates.

How then could Republicans help Trump make good on his promise to “destroy” the Amendment? On June 29, GOP members of the House Financial Services subcommittee inserted language into the 2018 appropriations bill saying that Congress would deny the IRS the necessary funds to investigate any potential violations of the Johnson Amendment…on the part of churches. Secular nonprofits aren’t mentioned. In fact, while the law change would apply to all houses of worship, the political intent was telegraphed by the failure to mention any places of worship other than churches.

1060x600-f3743dd76b24992e202b1e92fb1d0930.jpgThis sneaky attempt at a “backdoor” repeal of the Johnson Amendment through the congressional budget process did not go unnoticed. The Center for Inquiry joined a coalition of organizations from across the political and theological spectrum urging Congress to reject this attempt to defang the Johnson Amendment, sounding the alarm about what this House committee was up to, and CFI quickly got word to the press.

As a result, the Associated Press ran an excellent report on the scheme, which featured expert commentary from CFI Legal Director Nick Little, who made clear who this was intended to benefit. “All they care about is the Christian groups, and in particular, it will end up as the extreme religious right Christian groups,” said Nick. “If this goes through, this would add just another way in which unregulated dark money could be used.” Newsweek also featured Nick in its coverage of the story.

Unfortunately, the measure survived its subcommittee markup, and this Thursday it heads to the full House Appropriations Committee, so this fight is far from over.


joe vox copya.pngVideo: Joe Nickell Talks to Vox about Ghosts

Belief in ghosts, the disembodied spirits of those who have passed on, is seemingly intractable. Forty-five percent of Americans say they believe in ghosts, and speculation about the afterlife goes all the way back to the beginnings of human culture.

But if anyone can begin to move the needle toward reason, it just might be Joe Nickell.

Joe Nickell is of course senior research fellow for CFI’s Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, and the world’s foremost evidence-based investigator of the paranormal. This week, he was the star of a video for Vox on what causes people to believe they’ve encountered a ghost and the reality-based explanations for these experiences.

“Not only have I never found a single case that I thought was proof of a ghost,” Joe tells Vox reporter Dean Peterson, “neither has science.”

But what sets Joe apart from many other “debunkers” of the paranormal is his compassion and empathy for those who think they have truly had these otherworldly experiences. Joe says they “all have to do with our hopes and our fears,” adding, “The ghost idea … is powerful, because who doesn’t have an instance in which he or she would say, I just wish I could have told my mother that one thing.”

Check out the video right here.


News from the CFI Community

fi naturalism cover copy.pngFree Inquiry and Daniel Dennett Present a “Symposium in Print” on Naturalism

Naturalism, simply put, holds that all things arise from natural causes and that the supernatural need never be invoked in the quest for knowledge or meaning. While to many in the freethought community this is a statement of the obvious, in the world of philosophy—particularly secular humanist philosophy—naturalism’s role is both consequential and complex. What better way to explore this important topic than in the pages of Free Inquiry magazine?

The latest issue of Free Inquiry features a “symposium in print” on naturalism’s centrality in secular humanism, led by the inimitable Daniel Dennett. The renowned philosopher discusses the intractability of supernaturalism in philosophical discourse, but notes that its impact is minimal owing to philosophy’s place as “the Las Vegas of inquiry,” because what happens in philosophy stays in philosophy.

This special symposium includes substantive and deeply researched essays from Australian philosopher Russell Blackford, Acadia University’s Stephen Maitzen, Barbara Forrest of Southeastern Louisiana University, and a combined effort from Scott Aikin, Thomas Dabay, and Robert B. Talisse of Vanderbilt University.

The August/September 2017 issue also features opinion and commentary from Ex-Muslim activist Sarah Haider, psychologist and author Valerie Tarico, CFI President and CEO Robyn Blumner, and much more. You can subscribe to Free Inquiry in print or on the web at secularhumanism.org/fi.


Screen-Shot-2017-07-03-at-11.28.09-AM.pngCountdown to CSICon 2017: Lawrence Krauss and Ron Lindsay Justify Your Existence

As the skeptosphere gears up for CSICon 2017 in Las Vegas, CFI’s video series Reasonable Talk offers two brand new presentations from CSICon 2016. Together, these two talks answer fundamental questions for the skeptical movement: Where did we come from and what are we doing here?

  • Theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss tackles the question of our origins: Not just of the skeptic community or even of humans as a whole but of the entire cosmos. In an engaging, funny, and enlightening talk, Krauss shows how today’s experiments in physics back up the theories of how everything came into being. Krauss, an honorary member of CFI’s board of directors, will return for CSICon 2017.
  • As to what it is we’re all doing here, we turn to CFI’s former president and CEO, Ronald Lindsay. In this important presentation, Ron takes a broad look at the aims of the skeptic movement and eloquently illustrates why this work is so vital. Skepticism, says Ron, serves as a crucial bridge of understanding between the scientific community and the general public, sifting the facts from the fantastical and encouraging critical thinking from everyone.

Of course, you’ll want to see all of this year’s talks in person! CSICon 2017, taking place October 26–29 in Las Vegas, will be the biggest skeptics’ event of the year, with an incredible lineup of speakers including the amazing James Randi, Richard Dawkins, Eugenie Scott, Cara Santa Maria, Michael Mann, Richard Wiseman, Massimo Polidoro, Carrie Poppy, and once again serving as master of ceremonies, comic-musician George Hrab.

Held in the Excalibur Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, you’ll also get to experience a Tournament of Kings Joust Dinner, a magic show by Banachek, special lunch events with skeptic stars, a Halloween 70’s Disco Party (not a typo), a Sunday Papers session, and so much more. Get registered now.


CFI Highlights on the Web

  • handmaids_tale.jpgWith the release of Hulu’s television version of The Handmaid’s Tale, CFI Los Angeles’s Jim Underdown notes the similarities between the oppressive fictional state of Gilead and the real Church of Scientology, which, Jim notes, also happens to include the show’s star Elizabeth Moss among its members.
  • The Xbox Kinect is a piece of camera and sensor technology intended for enhanced kinds of video game playing, but did you know it could also help hunt for ghosts? Actually, it can’t, as Kenny Biddle explains at CSICOP.org.
  • TV psychic Tyler Henry appeared to make some pretty startling connections during a reading on his show, but Susan Gerbic lays out all the ways that this “grief vampire” could have made lucky guesses, gotten the information in advance, and been helped out a great deal by editing.
  • Joe Nickell looks back to a version of alternative medicine that vied for prominence in the nineteenth century, “Eclecticism” (which is a good marketing name).
  • CFI’s master librarian Tim Binga reveals a very cool addition to the library’s collection. Donated by Douglas Kinney, it’s a signed and framed photo of the amazing James Randi with the late Martin Gardner, “the father of modern skepticism.”

And of course, you can keep up with news relevant to skeptics and seculars every weekday with The Morning Heresy.

Upcoming CFI Events

ssr2014-agroup-hands.jpgJuly 14–16:

July 16:

July 17:

  • CFI member Heather Davis discusses the costs and benefits of healthcare spending in the U.S. with CFI Austin.

July 26:

  • CFI Michigan hosts a presentation on environmental health after the Flint water crisis by Paul Hann, executive director of the Healthy Homes Coalition of West Michigan.

July 29:

August 9:

August 10:

IngersollAugust 13:

August 19:

August 21:

August 23:


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Cause & Effect: The Center for Inquiry Newsletter is edited by Paul Fidalgo, Center for Inquiry communications director.

The Center for Inquiry (CFI) is a nonprofit educational, advocacy, and research organization headquartered in Amherst, New York, with executive offices in Washington, D.C. It is also home to both the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, the Council for Secular Humanism, and the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science. The mission of CFI is to foster a secular society based on science, reason, freedom of inquiry, and humanist values. Visit CFI on the web at www.centerforinquiry.net. 


          TQR/Michael John Grist/Melissa Palladino/Short Story Review        
Nominating Editor: Theodore Rorschalk

Quoth Theodore Rorschalk:

As I’ve stated many times on TQR, and speaking before the UN General Assembly, "Internet-based publications with print mentalities shall not stand!" Furthermore, they are monoliths--monoliths without the benefit of Arthur C. Clarke’s fictitious construct’s ability to pass on technological enlightenment to their users--prolific on the Web as sand in the skies over the windswept Mojave; the rule, wherein TQR is the exception.

Dynamic where other Web publications are static, TQR challenges the notion that capital judgments must be kept sacred and unknowable as the obfuscatory term for tetragrammaton. TQR comes down off the bookshelf almost every day to give you bits and bytes and sometimes mouthfuls of information, whereas after their new capital gains are posted and the excitement dies (a week, give or take), the majority of e-zines go back up on the shelf to vet their capital in monastic obscurity and silence, while the fruits of their venture capitalists’ labor ripens, then rots from lack of cultivation and care.

What can I say about this work? The dialogue is salty as a damask whore. The world it takes place in has a disturbingly familiar foreignness that is never forced. It reverberates with verisimilitude without being portentous. You could call it allegorical biblical fantasy or literary tour de force. I call it simply a damn fine read.

Nominated Short Story: "Celibate Jayne the Hammerhand" - Michael John Grist

Reviewed: by Melissa Palladino

In a topsy-turvy world where the largest of whales is named after the smallest of birds, and the holiest of church organs is named after a South American metal band, a whaling captain with lethal silver hammerhands bashes his way out of the belly of a whale and reports that he has seen a human inside--a human who turns out to be a child with golden skin.

Michael John Grist successfully uses an “opposites” concept, slightly exotic dialog, and at times sing-songy description to draw the reader through to the main attraction--a powerful and moving story of redemption. This is a story where the humans are zoomorphized--Jayne’s crew resembles nothing less than a flock of raucous seagulls, and his first mate, “half-headed Elspeth,” bounces around the beached whale, her “big chin wagging with glee,” like an excited and intensely loyal dog. The children in town are “ratfer” children, and Jayne himself could be seen as a human version of a hammerhead shark--a lethal loner, in spite of the devotion of his crew.

The named in the story are not whom you would expect. The crew except for Elspeth is anonymous, the townspeople are anonymous, and perhaps most tellingly, the wife and son Jayne left behind are simply “the lass and the lad.” The named are the whales, in a flood of identification when Jayne finds himself again out at sea--Bride’s and Pygmy Rights, Humpbacks, Left Blues, Mesoplodonts, Brontochal Giants, Pterodal Fins and more.

This emphasis on the named importance of the whales gives the reader his or her first clue about where this story is going, because up until this point the plot tension has been whether or not the crew could strip the blubber from the whale, melt it down, barrel and ship it to the city before the coming storm breaks around them--and the overriding concern of Jayne and Elspeth to identify and get the child out of the dead whale before this happens.

Who is the child? The manifest lists him as Damaris, the son of the first mate on the ironically named shipwrecked “Salubrious,” and he has been inside the whale for five years. But he is also much more than that, as Jayne finds out when he attempts to rescue him from the dead whale that has been washed back out to sea and is sinking into the deep. For to Jayne’s one whale-calling note, Damaris can sing a symphony, and it’s to this symphony that all the whales respond--including the biggest whale Jayne has ever seen, the behemothic Ptarmigan.

The Golden Child, in legend, is a magical child foretold to save the people of the land from evil. In this story, he is a bridge between two species, and I would argue that he’s trying to save both species from evil--the whales from being mindlessly slaughtered, and the humans from the psychic consequences of murder. Jayne finally understands while listening to their song that the creatures he has hunted and brutally destroyed are capable of profound grief--and further, that the very whale giving him life-saving succor is the mother of the whale he has just killed and dismantled. And on All Hallows eve, when the dead revisit the mortal world, the body of this mother’s child floats back up to the surface so Jayne can view it through the lens of his new understanding.

Our Jayne is celibate because he has already harmed his own child through his continuous absence--an unnecessary absence, as we discover, because he has money to spare from his whaling success. He refuses Elspeth’s tender advances because he will not get her with child, only to leave them behind on shore--her suggestion that she whale with child horrifies him. His self-induced isolation is part penance, part protective measure, and his realization that he has not only harmed but murdered a child, albeit of another species, drives him to do what he can to atone.

Jayne returns to the town, and breaks into his own warehouse. In a long evening that stretches into night, he empties barrel after barrel of the newly acquired whale oil off the docks and into the ocean. Jayne here resembles nothing less than Jesus going through the stations of the cross--each quarter-ton barrel he carries to the dock cuts his skin and by the time he carries his thirtieth barrel to the water’s edge he is leaving a trail of blood behind him. His crew, like the disciples of Jesus, are at first amazed to see him, then angry, and finally leave him, disgusted by his actions. Elspeth, like Veronica, offers him comfort by wiping his face with a white towel.

Grist makes use of italics to shift Jayne’s midnight labor, somewhere between the 30th and the 40th barrel, into the realm of folklore, and we understand that this is now a story that has been passed down from generation to generation in a society that has moved beyond whaling. This explains both the embroidered language (“the char-houses and damask docks” / “the roar of their moany groany ruck”) and the graphic descriptions of violence--not too different from our own Brothers Grimm.

Grist is a British/American writer living in Japan--one of the few countries that persists in pursuing whaling as an industry. It is easy to be outraged by their actions--but an honest citizen of just about any country can find similar research, trade or industrial policies involving creatures deemed to be just as intelligent, and with as complex an emotional life as whales.

Note: "Celibate Jayne the Hammerhand" is more fun than Ulysses to puzzle out. What follows are details that aren’t quite relevant to the storyline, but add to the richness of the tale.

The crew isn’t named--with the notable exception of Shume and Fralla, who are sent to back to the city for more men.

Shume and Fralla are the principle ingredients in an “eau de vie” liquor made by Serbo-Croatian nuns--shume being pine needles and fralla being mushrooms. Fralla is also the name of a Swedish breakfast sandwich. So Grist is not only comparing the crew to seagulls, he individualizes two of them into something even lesser--a pine needle and a mushroom (or a breakfast sandwich, take your pick).

The meaning of Elspeth is “consecrated to God.” The meaning of Jayne is “God is gracious.” Damaris means “to tame, gentle.”

Fans of Tolkien might think of another possible source for “Hammerhand”--the legendary Helm Hammerhand after which Helm’s Deep was named. According to the story, the king was so named because he killed a rival with a single blow of his fist--and when forces were brought against him he would steal out under cover of winter storms, enter the enemy camps, and kill soldiers with his bare hands.

As mentioned at the top of the review, Grammaton (a church/organ in Grist’s story) is a heavy metal band in real life. Here is a quote from their website: “There’s a thousand of ways to call the Devil, and one of them is called Grammaton.”

Reviewer's Bio:

Melissa Palladino holds degrees from Colby College and Maine College of Art, and lives on the North Shore of Massachusetts. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Night Train, Inkwell, Boston Literary Magazine, Vocabula, elimae, and elsewhere. Writers working on craft can find her show with Randall Brown on beginnings and endings online at The Writing Show. Melissa is employed as a private chef in Beverly Farms and blogs about her obsession with cooking all 1,300 recipes in The Gourmet Cookbook.

Thanks for visiting Five Star Literary Stories and reading about this short story.
          Jade Goody returns for one more Big Brother        

jade goody derek acorah


Good news for TV types looking to create telly on a low-budget: when you hire to-deadline psychic Derek Acorah, you also get Jade Goody and David Gest. It’s a three-for-one deal. Sure, two of the trio are dead, …

          The Games People Play (Part Two)        
Have you ever played a game where you were touched?

No, hold on, that's not right at all. What I mean is, have you ever played a computer or video game which managed to connect with you on a level greater than the visceral, where the reward you get is more than a buzz when you unload a clip into a zombie or drop a banana skin in the path of the kart behind you? A game that actually manages to get inside your head?

Psychonauts is a game that gets inside people's heads, and in a pretty literal manner. Created by Tim Schaefer, one of the original Monkey Island team and the man who gave us Day of the Tentacle and Grim Fandango, it's his first foray into non-point-'n'-click platform gaming.

You play Razputin Aquato, a young and talented mental talent who attends a summer camp for similarly powered kids. You're trained up to enter into people's minds and take care of their personal demons with a variety of psychic powers that you've got up your sleeve. Under the veneer of the camp's hearty activities, though, there's something dashed sinister going on - a war is on the way, and the minds of the Psychonauts-in-training are at stake. It's up to you to fight your way through the mindscapes of sundry damaged mental cases to rescue the girl, save the world and reconcile yourself with your own dark secrets.

As with We Love Katamari, that's making it sound a heck of a lot more overlookable than it actually is. The game levels are beyond bizarre, from a neon-and-black-velvet bullfighting painting to a suburban conspiracy played out on a stage that looks like Escher and Moebius got drunk one night, wound up in bed together and had a freakishly deformed child. On top of that, the game mechanics are inspired, with Raz being able to generate a thought balloon which he can then grab, roll around on and use as a makeshift parachute, and an intuitive system of assigning your various psychic powers to the shoulder buttons of the controller.

However, it's the storyline which is the key element here - Psychonauts has an emotional centre to it which you'd never find in a Crash Bandicoot game, and Rayman never had parental issues driving him on the way young Raz does. As with Grim Fandango, Schaefer really makes the player care about the character, makes us root for him when he's winning and feel for him when he's met with setbacks. And it's not just Raz, either. All of the characters have personal traumas and sadnesses in their lives that can be discovered as you make your way through their mental furnishings, and these are only made more tragic by being thrown into relief by the whacked-out surroundings. These are characters, not caricatures.

I have one level left to play, and I don't want to finish it. Oh, I want to see how the story ends, of course, because I want Raz to get the victory he deserves and the closure he needs. But I want to be able to keep playing after that. I don't want to have to put these kids back in the box.

That's a game that touches you. That's why Psychonauts is so essential. Have fun, go mad.
          La magie trompeuse d'une emplâtre / Fat Hog's False Magic        
Quand les gens veulent en savoir un peu plus sur leur avenir, ils fréquentent souvent une diseuse de bonaventure. Celle-çi aurait lue et interpréter à sa manière la lecture sur l’avenir.

C’est ce que j’ai fait avec Katie Rose, qui a pignon sur rue dans le centre-ville de Santa Cruz. Sur sa carte, on lit qu’elle réunie les amoureux à tout jamais, elle balance le chakra et fait de la méditation avec son crystal.

Je dois humblement avoué que je n’ai vraiment pas été abasourdie par son éventail de services. Le pire dans son cas, c’est qu’elle m’a promise il y a plus d’un an. En me regardant les yeux, elle m’a dit que le cancer ne reviendrait plus jamais. MENTEUSE! Quelle soit une grosse emplâtre ou un méchant pétard, Katie Rose est à mon niveau une grosse emplâtre menteuse. Opinion personnel. Je vous invite à partager vos impressions face à ce service à la clientèle.



When people want to know more about their future, they often attend a fortune-bonaventure. It would read and interpret in his own way of reading the future.

That's what I did with Katie Rose, who set up shop in the downtown Santa Cruz. On the card it says it met the love forever, she balances the chakra makes meditation and with his crystal.

I must humbly confess that I really have not been stunned by the range of services. The worst in his case is that she promised me there is more than a year. Eyes looking at me, she told me that the cancer would never return. Liar! What is a big patch or a bad firecracker, Katie Rose is my standard a big liar plaster. Personal opinion. I invite you to share your impressions of this customer service.


          Comment on Fallen Earth AP Planner by Leslie        
Now Psychic Character Planner presents here - http://planer.fallen-earth.ru/
          Gdańsk: skrócą się kolejki do świadczeń dziecięcej psychiatrii?        
Gdański Ratusz szuka pieniędzy potrzebnych na uruchomienie Środowiskowego Centrum Zdrowia Psychicznego, które opieką otaczałoby młodszych mieszkańców miasta. Dziś dzieci z zaburzeniami psychicznymi w kolejce do specjalisty czekają tu nawet 3 miesiące.
          Centra zdrowia psychicznego mają zapewniać szeroki zakres świadczeń        
Dr Maciej Matuszczyk, przewodniczący Komitetu Organizacyjnego 45. Zjazdu Psychiatrów Polskich (Katowice, 16-18 czerwca 2016 r.) wskazuje, że w trakcie tego wydarzenia poruszano dwa zasadnicze problemy.
          Czy Ministerstwo Zdrowia ma ”plan B” dla polskiej psychiatrii?        
Narodowy Program Ochrony Zdrowia Psychicznego na lata 2010-2015 miał przynieść rewolucję w opiece nad pacjentami. Przyniósł 15 proc. wzrost wydatków na psychiatrię, co zadłużonym szpitalom i tak nie pozwala się bilansować, pewną poprawę w dostępności do świadczeń, chociaż kolejki nie zniknęły. Nieco zwiększyła się liczba specjalistów, ale braki kadrowe w psychiatrii dalej są potężne.
          Prof. Gałecki: jest realna szansa, że poprawi się sytuacja w polskiej psychiatrii        
Psychiatria jest podstawową dziedziną medycyny z długą historią. Nowoczesne szpitale powstawały na terenie Polski w pierwszej połowie XX-wieku i do dziś w większości mieszczą się w tych samych budynkach - przypomina w rozmowie z Rynkiem Zdrowia prof. Piotr Gałecki, konsultant krajowy w dziedzinie psychiatrii. - Modernizacja infrastruktury nie nadąża za zmianami w podejściu do problemów zdrowia psychicznego.
          Poznań: powstanie Centrum Zdrowia Psychicznego        
Szpital Wojewódzki w Poznaniu przygotowuje się do uruchomienia Centrum Zdrowia Psychicznego. Do końca września ma powstać koncepcja architektoniczna. Koszt uruchomienia Centrum szacowany jest na 35 mln zł - informuje Głos Wielkopolski.
          Co kogo boli(d)?        

Kirił Żurenkov, Sergiej Mielnikov, Władimir Tichomirov – o psychologicznym efekcie upadku czelabińskiego meteorytu.


Eksplodujący w Czelabińsku meteoryt nie tylko przyniósł miliardowe straty oraz spowodował traumę u ponad tysiąca ludzi, ale i rozbudził w społeczeństwie nowe fobie. „Ogoniok” zbadał ów fenomen.

Mało kto o tym wie, ale czelabiński meteoryt wybuchł równo 100 lat po innym unikatowym wydarzeniu astonomicznym – „wielkiej procesji meteorytów 1913 roku” – z niewielką różnicą wynoszącą sześć dni: „wielka procesja”, kiedy to po niebie nad północną półkulą przemknęły dziesiątki meteorytów, miała miejsce 9 lutego, a czelabiński meteoryt spadł 15 lutego. I tak, w owym 1913 roku, „Ogoniok” poprosił pisarzy i malarzy Sankt-Petersburga, aby opowiedzieli o tym, czego się najbardziej obawiają. W rezultacie wydany został „straszny” numer – prawdziwa encyklopedia fobii początku XX wieku: Wrubel i Wasniecow narysowali wodników i diabły, a Gieorgij Iwanow napisał opowiadanie o zjawie złego Birona, która nawiedziła Petersburg. Co ciekawe, w numerze nie było ani słowa o rzeczach naprawdę niebezpiecznych – ani o przyszłych rewolucjach i wojnach, ani o katastrofach w kosmosie. Łatwo to wytłumaczyć: na początku ubiegłego stulecia nauka wpajała ludziom spokój oraz pewność, tak jak wszelkiego rodzaju mistyka – strach przed niepojętym.

Fot. http://www.kommersant.ru/doc/2120767
Dziś sytuacja zmieniła się o 180 stopni: wampiry i pozostała hołota przekształcili się w idoli nastolatków, natomiast osiągnięcia nauki wzbudzają u ludzi autentyczny strach. Okazuje się, że wraz z poszerzaniem naszej wiedzy na temat otaczającego nas świata poszerza się także i lista zagrożeń, przy czym wielu z nich zwykły człowiek, nie posiadający specjalistycznego wykształcenia, nie potrafi nawet ich sformułować. Nie rozumie, ale boi się. Wystarczy przypomnieć sobie masową histerię związaną z uruchomieniem Wielkiego Zderzacza Hadronów albo oczekiwanie na globalną katastrofę klimatyczną związaną z nieuchronnym końcem świata, spowodowanym upadkiem asteroidy, przepowiedzianym przez Majów. Nawet nanotechnologią, którą lansował pięć lat temu ówczesny premier, okazała się źródłem tajemniczego zła, niszczącego organizmy żywe na poziomie molekularnym. Dodatkowo wspólnym lejtmotywem wszystkich tych niepokojów stało się przekonanie, iż „uczeni nas okłamują”. Jak widać, czelabiński meteoryt spadł na dobrze przygotowaną glebę.

Gdyby coś podobnego miało miejsce w czasach sowieckich, na wybuch w atmosferze nikt nie zwróciłby uwagi, jak zdarzyło się to w lipcu 1949 roku, kiedy na niebie nad Czelabińskiem wybuchł jeszcze jeden, kunaszakskij, meteoryt. Wtedy w gazetach zamieszczono maleńką notkę, obywatele pomruczeli i zapomnieli. Albo, na przykład, czy ktokolwiek pamięta o tym, że 15 lat temu na niebie nad Syberią wybuchł bolid, a moc wybuchu wynosiła 20 bomb atomowych, zrzuconych na Nagasaki? Jednak obecny czelabiński wybuch ludzie zapamiętają na długo, a to wszystko dzięki kamerom samochodowym, które nagrały zdarzenie we wszystkich możliwych ujęciach. Nagrania trafiły do Internetu, w ślad za tym w sieci pojawiły się żarty i przeróbki na temat meteorytu - całymi wiekami ludzie, starając się uchronić przed strachem, wyśmiewali jego przyczynę - a potem jedna za drugą rodzić się zaczęły "teorie spiskowe". "Informacja od Ministerstwa Sytuacji Nadzwyczajnych: to nasz bombowiec, - pisano na czelabińskich stronach internetowych. - Pilot doleciał do przedmieść, a sam zginął w powietrzu". Dlaczego meteoryt zostawiał za sobą ogon, podobny do ogona paliwa rakietowego? - pytała pewna gazeta federalna. - Dlaczego wybuch meteoryta podobny był do wybuchu rakiety samolikwidującej?" Dziennikarzom na swoim blogu wtórował także członek Rady Dumy Państwowej Władimir Żirinowski, przypuszczający, iż na Czelabińsk napadli Amerykanie. Wkrótce na temat utworzenia niejakiej nowej obrony przeciwmeteorytowej wypowiedziano się i na korytarzach rządowych.

Wystraszeni ludzie nie przyjmują argumentów uczonych, objaśniających to, że ludzie, z zasady, nie mogą kontrolować nawet 90% asteroidów i komet, przelatujących w bezpośredniej bliskości od nas. Oto kilka liczb: każdego miesiąca w atmosferze Ziemi mają miejsce wybuchy - z energią do 300 ton trotylu - niewielkich bolidów. Raz na 10 lat do atmosfery planety przedostają się meteoryty z energią 50 kg trotylu, natomiast takie obiekty, jak asteroidy lub podobne tunguskiemu meteorytowi, odwiedzają nas raz na tysiąc lat.

Tak więc, patrząc na cały ten informacyjny szum wokół meteorytu, warto zapytać samego siebie: czy aby nie oszukujemy się, tak jak nasi przodkowie 100 lat temu? Może bać się trzeba nie kamieni spadających z nieba, ale czegoś bardziej realnego, co już stoi u naszego progu?

Tłum karmi się pogłoskami. Ekspertyza

Wydarzenia ekstremalne, w rodzaju upadku meteorytu w Czelabińsku, na które ludzie nie są całkowicie przygotowani, wyzwalają, oczywiście, nastroje paniczne. Uwidacznia się to w pierwszej kolejności w tak zwanych zagrożonych grupach ludności i ich stanie fizycznym: zaostrzają się choroby chroniczne, zwiększa się liczba samobójstw, wśród ludzi niezrównoważonych psychicznie nasilają się objawy maniakalne. W podobnych przypadkach rozpowszechniają się także różne wieści, na przykład tak zwane pogłoski-straszaki oraz pogłoski agresywne, jak miało to miejsce w Czelabińsku. Upadek meteorytu objaśniano nie tylko przyczynami naturalnymi: utwierdzano się w przekonaniu, że jest to dzieło - jednym razem - rosyjskich żołnierzy, a innym - amerykańskich. Tego rodzaju wiadomości pokazują "paniczny tłum", w którym reakcja następuje po kręgu - ludzie zarażają się nawzajem emocjami. Nieprzygotowanemu człowiekowi trudno jest przeciwstawić się takim nastrojom: może będzie mu później do śmiechu albo wstyd, ale w momencie reakcji kolistej zachowuje się irracjonalnie. Jeśli pogłoski zaczynają się intensyfikować (co w tym przypadku, na szczęście, się nie zdarzyło), to "paniczny tłum" może przekształcić się w "agresywny", którym kieruje już nie strach, lecz gniew. 

Aby zapobiec pojawieniu się "panicznego" lub "agresywnego tłumu", należy zniszczyć pogłoski w zarodku - nazywa się to odstrzałem pogłosek. Takie coś mogłoby przydać się i w Czelabińsku. Można, powiedzmy, zorganizować dowolny atak na pogłoski: wprost ogłosić, że informacja nie jest zgodna z rzeczywistością, ale nie zawsze prowadzi to do oczekiwanych rezultatów. Lepiej działa atak skrzydłowy, kiedy, nie wspominając o pogłosce albo jej temacie, oferuje się ludziom informację przeciwną ze względu na treść. Dla przykładu, w 1986 roku w stolicy jednego z bliskowschodnich krajów rozpowszechniła się pogłoska o tym, że przy państwowej granicy zebrały się wojska wroga. Aby zniszczyć pogłoskę, grupa dziennikarzy, współpracująca z psychologami, zrobiła serię reportaży, w których ukazywano pomyślne życie ludzi rejonów przygranicznych. W ten sposób, poprzez transmisję pośredniej pozytywnej informacji, pogłoska o nieprzyjacielu została "zdławiona".

Ciekawe, że formowanie się "panicznego tłumu" w niewielkim stopniu zależy od nacjonalności oraz kultury. Strach warunkowany jest raczej epoką historyczną - na przykład, w średniowieczu masową panikę wywoływały czarownice. Dzisiaj lęki są inne: jest, dla przykładu, lęk przed skażeniem radioaktywnym, katastrofą lotniczą albo przed asteroidami, które jakoby mogły zderzyć się z Ziemią. Wraz z upływem czasu zmieniają się także źródła pogłosek: jeśli wcześniej upowszechniali je, powiedzmy, taksówkarze, handlowcy albo babcie, siedzące w bramach, tak dzisiaj to informacja z Internetu przyczynia się do "wciągnięcia" do paniki czy agresji. Na nią ludzie na razie nie mają odporności, wszak Internet to stosunkowe nowe medium. Miejmy nadzieję, że z czasem taka "odporność" się wykształci.

Strach jak pandemia. Doświadczenie

W przeciągu ostatnich lat ludzkość cierpiała naraz na kilka ogólnoświatowych fobii.

Problem 2000

W przededniu nowego tysiąclecia użytkownicy komputerów na całym świecie obawiali się tak zwanego "problemu 2000". Rzecz w tym, że w starym zabezpieczeniu programu było przyjęte oznaczać rok nie czterema, lecz zawsze dwiema cyframi (na przykład, nie 1991, a 91). Wielu więc martwiło się, iż daty w komputerach po prostu się wyzerują - mogłaby to być sytuacja krytyczna, na przykład, dla programów finansowych. W niektórych krajach na rozwiązanie "problemu 2000" wydano ogromne pieniądze. Jednakże później specjaliści krytykowali pomysł i nawet przekonywali, że problem nie był wart takiego rozdmuchania.
Świńska grypa
Masowy wybuch tej choroby miał miejsce w 2009 roku i zmusił WHO do zwiększenia stopnia groźby pandemii do maksimum - 6. stopień. W ten sposób epidemia grypy stała się pierwszą pandemią (czyli epidemią w skali całego kraju lub nawet kilku krajów) od 40 lat. Cały świat obiegła panika: w niektórych państwach i regionach wprowadzono nawet stan wyjątkowy. Jednak później, kiedy strach zmalał, WHO zarzucono rozdmuchiwanie niepotrzebnych lęków oraz to, że całe partie zakupionej szczepionki zostały niewykorzystane.  
Koniec świata

Jedna z najbardziej masowych fobii owładnęła światem pod koniec zeszłego roku: na 21 grudnia (według drugiej wersji - na 23) został "wyznaczony" koniec świata. W mediach powoływano się na kalendarz Majów, który akurat kończył się na tym dniu. Wielu z tych, którzy uwierzyli w przepowiednię, próbowali nawet schronić się w specjalnych miejscach na Ziemi - w szczególności na szczycie Bugarach we Francji (z powodu niezwykłej formy  uważany jest przez zwolenników mistycznych prądów oraz ufologów za bazę UFO). Uczeni, w tym specjaliści od Majów, wszystkie te pogłoski obalili, a koniec świata nie nastąpił.


Fobia antyazbestowa na świecie zaczęła się jeszcze w latach 70. XX wieku i od tamtej pory nabiera obrotów. Dla przykładu, w 1999 roku Komisja Europejska przyjęła dyrektywę, zgodnie z którą w krajach UE zakazywano używania azbestu oraz wyrobów z azbestu, począwszy od 1 stycznia 2005 roku, a w Londynie nawet dzisiaj działa "Ruch na rzecz zakazania azbestu". Eksperci jednakże uściślają, że istnieją dwa rodzaje azbestu. Pierwszy, amfibolowy, w rzeczywistości jest niebezpieczny i zakazany, a drugi, chryzotylowy (który zresztą wydobywany jest w Rosji), nie przynosi szkody - oczywiście, przy kontrolowanym używaniu.


Tahir Bazarow, psycholog, profesor MGU

Ludziom potrzebne są wydarzenia. Sam chciałbym zrozumieć, jak to możliwe, że w epoce sieciowych organizacji i wykształcenia nagle takie zainteresowanie względem końca świata. Według mnie, ludzie potrzebują cudów, ale dobre cuda nie przychodzą do głowy. Chciałoby się cudów takich armagedońskich, apokaliptycznych, coś kończących. Mam pewną hipotezę: rzecz w tym, że zakończenie jest zawsze najbardziej skomplikowane, ludzie umieją zaczynać, podoba im się zaczynać cokolwiek. Ale naprawdę niewielu udaje się zakończyć, tak więc oni oczekują tego, aż się samo skończy.

Źródło: kanał telewizycjny "Дождь".
Set Godin, autor książek o marketingu

Ludzie działając, zasadniczo orientują się na strach, nadzieję oraz miłość. Każdy marketingowiec z sukcesami, w tym także i politycy, czerpią korzyści co najmniej z jednej z tych podstawowych potrzeb. Na prykład, Rudolf Giuliani (eks-mer Nowego Jorku, który otrzymał stanowisko dzięki hasłom walki z przestępczością) był, niewątpliwie, kandydatem, pracującym ze strachem. Ciekawie jest zastanawiać się nad tym, jak określone kategorie są związane z różnymi emocjami. I tak, lekarze, otrzymujący pieniądze za obserwacje medyczne, pracują w biznesie, zbudowanym na strachu, podczas, gdy onkolodzy sprzedają nadzieję.

Źródło: prywatny blog Seta Godina.
Michaił Winogradow, psychiatra
Obserwuje się duże rozpowszechnienie aerofobii w związku ze znaczną ilością katastrof lotniczych. Są też natręctwa - lęk przed zarażeniem się wszelkiego rodzaju chorobami, strach przed ciemnością, zamkniętymi pomieszczeniami, wysokością. Lęk przed samotnością zaczął się wysuwać na przód, ponieważ ludzie zaczęli tracić więzi rodzinne oraz wartości i duża liczba starszych ludzi pozostaje w starym miejscu zamieszkania, podczas gdy młodzież wyjeżdża. Strach przed otwartą przestrzenią. Oczywiście, fobie transportowe w dużych miastach, a zwłaszcza w Moskwie - strach przed jazdą metrem.
Źródło: "Komsomolskaja prawda".
Autor: Kirił Żurenkov, Sergiej Mielnikov, Władimir Tichomirov.
Źródło: http://www.kommersant.ru/doc/2120767 (wgląd: 17.03.2013).
Data publikacji: 25.02.2013.

          Jewgenija Czirikowa - obrończyni Lasu Chimkinskiego        
Jewgenija Czirikowa jako symbol dojrzewania społeczeństwa obywatelskiego. Reportaż Pawła Szeremieta.

Na polityczną przedscenę na miejsce funkcjonariuszy partyjnych przyszli aktywiści prosto ze społeczeństwa. Symbolem tych przemian stała się Jewgenija Czirikowa, liderka obrońców Lasu Chimkinskiego.

Z jakiegoś powodu wszystkich interesuje zdrowie psychiczne Jewgenii Czirikowej z miasta Chimki. „A ona po prostu nie zwariowała?” – ostrożnie pytają ci, którzy sympatyzują z jej walką o Las Chimkinski. „Nie, no ona przecież jest wariatką”, - stawiają precyzyjną diagnozę urzędnicy, których drażni jej polityczna aktywność. Otwarci wrogowie Czirikowej piszą, że jest zdrajczynią Ojczyzny, która sprzedała się Amerykanom, i nie wiadomo dlaczego również napomykają o problemach ze zdrowiem – „pięć urazów czaszkowo-mózgowych”. W tym medycznym sporze nie można w żaden sposób obronić Czirikowej – zaświadczenia bowiem nie posiada. Co prawda, urazów czaszkowo-mózgowych, na szczęście, również nie miała. Raz zraniła się w nogę, kiedy z pobratymcami w walce stanęła na drodze buldożerom. Drugi raz zadrasnęła ją drzazga, wszak kiedy drwa rąbią, to i wióry lecą.
Czirikowa jeszcze się jakoś łatwo wywinęła. Głównego redaktora gazety „Chimkinskaja Prawda” Michaiła Beketowa, krytykującego miejską i obwodową administrację za wyrąb lasu w Chimkach pod budowę trasy Moskwa – Sankt-Petersburg, prawie nie zabito w listopadzie 2008 roku, zamieniając go w inwalidę. Drugiego chimkinskiego aktywistę Konstantina Fetisowa pobito w listopadzie 2010 roku. Bili go po głowie pałką bejsbolową. Fetisow był w śpiączce przez kilka miesięcy. Przestępstwa nie ujawniono do tej pory. Jewgenii także wielokrotnie grożono. „Ponieważ nie jestem samcem alfa, oni przez długi czas nie sądzili, że mogę przedstawiać dla nich jakiekolwiek niebezpieczeństwo. Z tego też powodu długo mnie nie ruszano, - twierdzi liderka ruchu „Ekologiczna obrona Obwodu Moskiewskiego” oraz niezarejestrowanego „Ruchu w obronie Lasu Chimkinskiego”. – Churchill również miał Gandiego za brudnego tubylca”. Jewgenija często wspomina Gandiego, jest jej idolem. Rozpoczynała jako obrońca lasu, znajdującego się naprzeciwko jej domu. Teraz porwała się na przemiany polityczne o zasięgu ogólnokrajowym.
Jewgenija Czirikowa jest przewodniczącą koordynującej rady wszystkich regionalnych organizacji społecznych w Rosji. Rozmawia się z nią trudno, co każde pięć minut rozlega się dzwonek w jej telefonie. Dzwonią zewsząd, gdzie wyrębują lasy albo łamią prawa zwykłych Rosjan. A przychodzi jeszcze godzić skłócone z powodu flamastra córeczki, wytłumaczyć starszej, dziesięcioletniej Lizie, dlaczego powinna być tolerancyjna w stosunku do swojej siostry, i przekonać młodszą, pięcioletnią Saszę, by nie skakała z drugiego piętra na łóżko Lizy, ponieważ trzeba o nią zadbać, wszak przeziębiła się i źle się czuje. Jewgenija koresponduje z żoną Nawalnego oraz żoną Udalcowa, próbując koordynować pomocą dla ich mężów, znajdujących się za kratkami, a także uzgadniać jakieś oświadczenia w przeddzień kolejnej akcji protestu w związku z wynikami wyborów parlamentarnych.
Pijemy herbatę w maleńkiej kuchni w dwupokojowym mieszkaniu i omawiamy „przestępstwa reżimu”, raz po raz odrywając się, by popatrzeć na bazgroły, które podsuwa nam na kartce Sasza, - „tata, mama, Liza, choinka”. Tani kandelabr na trzy świece, stojący na stole, nadaje naszym rozmowom przy herbacie oraz kanapkach z kiełbasą troszeczkę uroczystego charakteru. „Jestem pod względem socjalnym człowiekiem sukcesu. Mam wszystko, co potrzeba mi do szczęścia: mieszkanie, samochód, rodzinę, pracę, - Jewgenija kroi kiełbasę na grube talarki. – Zwykle nie jadamy kiełbasy, ale teraz czasy są ciężkie – w kraju rewolucja i dlatego nie zawsze zdążam z ugotowaniem czegoś”. Na początku 2011 roku chciano jej odebrać dzieci. 21 lutego rejonowe organy opieki mogły zrobić to z takiego powodu, że jakoby rodzice systematycznie torturują dzieci, głodzą, a także „utrzymują kontakty z podejrzanymi osobami”.
- Zaproponowaliśmy Miedwiediewowi wtedy 11 alternatywnych wariantów budowy drogi. I wtedy wyskoczyli z dziećmi. Pierwsza reakcja – panika, a potem dopadł mnie dziki gniew.
            Dzieci udało się wtedy wspólnymi siłami odbić, ale już od dawna cała rodzina żyje z przeświadczeniem tego, iż niebezpieczeństwo jest zawsze tuż obok. To typowe mieszkanie moskiewskiej inteligencji, zastawione półkami książek i zapełnione wszelkiego rodzaju ciekawymi, czasami zupełnie niepotrzebnymi przedmiotami. Jeśli Czirikowa nawet i sprzedała się „zagranicznemu lobby”, to umiejętnie ten fakt ukrywa. Pod stołem w kuchni szeleści biały szczur Kris, a dumą całej rodziny jest ogromne akwarium z rybkami morskimi.
            Do Chimek przeprowadzili się z Moskwy w 1998 roku, chcąc wyrwać się z mężem z dusznego miasta, by zamieszkać bliżej przyrody, w imię dzieci i ich zdrowia. Do 25 roku życia Jewgenija w ogóle nie interesowała się polityką i sama szczerze przyznaje, że z trudnem odróżniała Ziuganowa od Å»yrinowskiego. Urodziła się w rodzinie inteligenckiej. Tato – doktor nauk fizyczno-matematycznych, wykładowca MIFI (ros. Московский инженерно-физический институт – Moskiewski Instytut Inżynieryjno-Fizyczny). Mama – urzędniczka państwowa. I Jewgienija nie jest głównym odszczepieńcem w rodzinie. Dima Czirikow, jej młodszy brat, nie usłuchał rodziców i nie został inżynierem. Jest utalentowanym iluzjonistą. Niedawno wygrał telewizyjny konkurs magików i iluzjonistów. Został nagrodzony wyjazdem na Międzynarodowy Konkurs Iluzjonistów w Monte Carlo. „Powiedziałam mu: Mitia, bądź unikatowy, inżynierów mnóstwo, a iluzjonistów mało, i jeśli otrzymałeś taki dar, to nie wolno go zakopywać. Ależ to był cios dla rodziców!” – śmieje się Jewgenija. Ona sama za to była pilnym dzieckiem i większą część swojego życia przeżyła według nakazów starszych.
            W 1994 roku Jewgenija ukończyła klasę literacką w szkole nr 201 im. Aleksandra Kosmodemiańskiego, a w 2000 roku – dwa wydziały Moskiewskiego Instytutu Lotniczego – inżynieryjny oraz ekonomiczny. Także mąż Jewgenii Michaił Matwiejew jest nie byle kim – to doktor nauk fizyczno-matematycznych. „Kiedy się poznaliśmy, miałam 20 lat i moim marzeniem były ładne paznokcie, wysokie obcasy i białe biuro. Byłam absolutnym kołtunem, pozbawionym jakichkolwiek ambicji politycznych. To wszystko było mi obce. Dopiero mąż pokazał mi inny świat. On ma ogromną głowę”, - przyznaje Czirikowa. W ich rodzinie wszystko jest w porządku, panuje pełna harmonia i swoją walkę o Las Chimkinski wiodą we dwoje, po prostu on – mózg, a ona – dusza tej walki.
            Oni we dwoje to odpowiedź na pytanie, jak rodzą się podobni społeczni aktywiści. Nieoczekiwanie i niepostrzeżenie.
            Młodsza córka Sasza jest rówieśnicą walki za Las Chimkinski. Kiedy Jewgenija była z nią w ciąży i codziennie spacerowała po lesie, zauważyła dziwne oznaczenia na drzewach. Okazało się, że przez las planuje się przeprowadzić ogromną autostradę, de facto pod oknami ich domu. Walkę o las zaczęli od kartek, które drukowali w mieszkaniu i sami rozklejali po okolicach.
- Jestem maleńkim człowiekiem z Chimek i nie zapytano mnie o zdanie, kiedy zaczęli budować tę drogę i wyrąbywać las. Skończyłam klasę literacką i znam dobrze wszystko o maleńkim człowieku. Jestem tym samym Akakijem Akakijewiczem z gogolowskiego „Płaszcza”, którego nie spytano, ale który ma teraz Internet oraz głowę na karku. Nie rozumiem ludzi, którzy wzywają do pokory. Obecni gospodarze życia zaczną pomału – wytrzebią bogactwa naturalne, a na czym zakończą, tego ja już nie wiem, - Jewgenija mówi tak, jak gdyby znajdowała się na mityngu, - ostro, z przekonaniem i stanowczo.
            Jako ów „maleńki człowiek z Chimek” Jewgenija zdołała zjednoczyć wokół siebie niemało takich właśnie „maleńkich ludzi”, których nie dostrzega władza. Kandydowała na mera Chimek, budowała barykady w lesie, broniła się przed jakimiś bojownikami w maskach, potem także przed milicją oraz OMON-em. Zwykłym mieszkańcom Chimek na jakiś czas udało się powstrzymać budowę. Zmusili władzę do tego, by rozpatrzyła alternatywne warianty położenia drogi. Ale co tam rozpatrzeć, choćby zwrócić uwagę na krzątających się gdzieś tam na dole, na ziemi, „drogich Rosjan”.
            Jednak komisja państwowa  wicepremierem Sergiejem Iwanowem na czele odrzuciła wszystkie alternatywne warianty budowy i rok temu wydała decyzję, iż trasa szybkiego ruchu Moskwa – Sankt-Petersburg zostanie przeprowadzona mimo wszystko przez Las Chimkinski. Wtedy właśnie Czirikowa w imieniu wszystkich miejscowych aktywistów oświadczyła: „Rozpoczynamy polityczną walkę”.
- Jestem przedstawicielką klasy średniej. Mogę kupić mieszkanie, samochód, dzieciom dać dobre wykształcenie, a sobie – dobrą opiekę medyczną. Ale powietrza kupić sobie nie mogę i emigrować z kraju nie chcę. Nie ustąpię im. Jeden raz ustąpiłam, wyjechałam z Moskwy, gdyż tam nie dało się żyć, a teraz wyrzucają mnie również i stąd. Nie chcę uciekać przez całe życie, - wyjaśnia swoje motywy Jewgenija. 
            Bunt maleńkiego człowieka, nawet bunt maleńkiej kruchej kobiety może przekształcić się w coś dostrzegalnego.
            W marcu 2011 roku Jewgenija Czirikowa spotkała się z wiceprezydentem USA Joe Bidenem podczas jego wizyty w Rosji. Czirikowa opowiedziała mu o alternatywnych wariantach wyznaczenia trasy, proponowanych przez ekologów. Joe Biden wręczył Jewgenii nagrodę „Za odwagę” (Woman of Courage Award). W maju obrońcy lasu ponownie rozbili obóz na miejscu wyrębu i zaczęli powstrzymywać maszyny. Nawet obecnie przez całą dobę zawsze ktoś w obozie dyżuruje.
              O, na przykład Andriej Tatiszczew. Powrócił do Rosji z Niemiec. Prowadzi nieduży biznes i posiada mieszkanie w Moskwie, ale kilka razy w tygodniu obejmuje wartę w obozie. W lesie czuje się człowiekiem, który robi coś naprawdę ważnego i poważnego w życiu. „Nasze doświadczenie jest wszystkim potrzebne, wszak komuś może nie wystarczyć słów, a komuś energii do obrony swoich praw”, - mówi Andriej. Ludzie z Chimek, a nawet z Moskwy, przywożą do lasu jedzenie i ciepłe ubrania. Kiedy rozmawialiśmy, przyszła jakaś emerytka. Specjalnie przygotowała bliny, a strażniczemu psu Bimowi przyniosła kości: „Weźcie, ja wszystko zrobiłam sama. I kości dobre, galaretę z zimnych nóżek sześć godzin gotowałam”. Ugościła nas blinami, pokarmiła psa i cichutko poszła do domu. 
- A więc przychodzą tu i wariaci?
- Nie mamy w lesie wariatów. Wariaci się nie przyjmują, bo nie zdolni do działań systemowych. Normalny człowiek, doprowadzony do określonego stanu, może wiele zdziałać. Świat dlatego jest taki ciekawy, bo jest różny. I jestem wdzięczna wszystkim ludziom, którzy ochraniają nasz kochany las. Jaka to różnica, jak wygląda człowiek, który chroni siebie albo stanął w twojej obronie, jaka to różnica, jaka u niego twarz”, - ostro mówi Czirikowa i wspomina swojego idola – Gandiego. – Na czas walki wszyscy zapominali o swoich odemiennościach, dlatego, że jeśli nas grabią, to my wszyscy występujemy wspólnie przeciwko złodziejom i oszustom. Nie interesują mnie podziały, interesuje mnie to, co jednoczy ludzi. Prawdziwa demokracja jest wówczas, kiedy wszyscy są razem, i trzeba ufać ludziom, oni sami doskonale się zorientują i sami wystawią swoje oceny.
            Latem Czirikowa zorganizowała w Lesie Chimkinskim forum obywatelskie „Antyseliger”, jako odpowiedź na akcję ruchu „Nasi”. W lesie na scenie występowali szanowani działacze społeczni. Razem z Aleksiejem Nawalnym Jewgenija była inicjatorką forum obywatelskiego „Ostatnia jesień”.
            Stopniowo przywykliśmy do tego, że polityków w Rosji zastąpili biurokraci, a partie przemieniły się w kluby amatorskiej twórczości. Ale ostatnimi czasy w aktywnym życiu miejsce skostniałych polityków zajęli aktywiści obywatelscy. I w tym także jest duża zasługa tej młodej kobiety.
- Robią ze mnie obrazek zwariowanej rewolucjonistki. A ja jestem spokojna, cicha dziewczyna, 13 lat żyję w związku małżeńskim z jednym człowiekiem. Jestem zwykłym człowiekiem, jakich wielu, który zajmuje się obroną swoich praw. Znam kobiety, które walczą o normalną służbę zdrowia. Znam mnóstwo ludzi, którzy adoptowali dzieci, i teraz przyszło im walczyć z tym potwornym systemem, który nie pozwala im te dzieci normalnie wychować i może je w każdej chwili odebrać. Znam ludzi, którzy walczą o zachowanie dziedzictwa kulturowego. To całkowicie normalne rodziny. Demonizują nas. Najbardziej naturalne, co może robić człowiek, to chronić to miejsce, w którym żyje, - przekonuje Jewgenija Czirikowa.
            Obecnie pochłonięta jest ideą solidarności różnych ludzi. I tylko o tym mówi:
- Najlepsze, co wydarzyło się w tym roku, - to jednoczące nas sprawy. My, obrońcy Lasu Chimkinskiego, jako pierwsi rozpoczęliśmy proces łączenia różnych ludzi. Tylko różni ludzie mogą dokonać feerii. Niemożliwym jest zrobienie czegoś olbrzymiego, poważnego przekształcenia w kraju, nie włączając w ten proces wielu różnych ludzi. Nikogo z naszego obozu nie wyrzucaliśmy, mamy tu i prawych, i lewych, wszyscy działamy wspólnie.
Oprócz pytań o zdrowie psychiczne aktywistki Czirikowej zawsze pytają o to, kto finansuje jej walkę, za jakie pieniądze żyje. Niczego nie ukrywa. Wraz z mężem utworzyli niewielką spółkę inżynieryjną, która zajmuje się ochroną aparatury elektrycznych podstacji. Mówi, że ten biznes już dawno by im zabrano, gdyby siedzieli cicho i nie sprzeciwiali się.
- Nie mogłabym zajmować się tym bez męża, gdyby on mnie nie wspierał. Znam ludzi, którzy walczą o swoje prawa. To młode rodziny. Nie pracują pojedynczo. Mój mąż jest matematykiem, analitykiem, a ja mam inny charakter i dlatego rzucam się w oczy. On jest bardzo interesującym człowiekiem, nie jednowymiarowym. Zajmuje się matematyką XXI wieku. Dużo rozmawiamy o religii i literaturze. Jest mi z nim niezwykle ciekawie. Szkoda, że moi rodzice nie są bojownikami, jak mój mąż. W zeszłym roku poszedł na zwiady do lasu i napadli na niego, nałożyli mu na głowę torbę, pobili, połamali żebra. Ale on się nie poddaje.

            Jewgenija sprawia wrażenie w pełni szczęśliwego człowieka, dużo się śmieje i, wydaje się, nigdy się nie martwi: „Mam wszystko, jestem socjalnie spełniona. Niczego mi nie trzeba. Ja po prostu chcę, by mój kraj był normalny. I bardzo się boję rewolucji w Rosji. Ale jeszcze bardziej obawiam się głuchoty władzy, bo ona doprowadza do rewolucji i zwyrodnienia”. Jewgenija otwarcie przyznaje, że bywają chwile, kiedy wraz z mężem czują się zmęczeni walką, i wtedy wydaje im się, że betonowej ściany nie można przebić głową. „Ale tu ma miejsce cud!” – ona wierzy w przemiany, wierzy w cud i w to, że ten cud ludzie mogą przybliżyć sami.
            Jewgenija Czirikowa, niewątpliwie, nie jest całkowicie normalna, jeśli dla porównania wziąć lękliwe życie maleńkiego człowieka.
Autor: Paweł Szeremiet.
Źródło: http://www.kommersant.ru/doc/1836774 (15.01.2012).
Data publikacji: 19.12.2011.

          Horror Headlines: Friday March 25th, 2011        
In Real People News: 

A 40 year old man in the UK has been arrested after he broke into a farm, covered himself in cow crap and then went to town on himself. And by that I mean he made love to himself. Although I can't imagine there was much love involved. The worst part? This isn't the first time he's been arrested for the cow doodie lovin.

Is it wrong that I find this kind of hot? Police in Pennsylvania found 50 bags of heroin and $51.22 in cash inside a 27 year old women after giving her a cavity search. The heroin is nuts but somewhat understandable, the 51$ bucks is weird but ok I get it... but 22 cents? What the hell?!

News Bullet: 

Showtime has picked up the rights to "Chew", a new series they'll be putting out based on the comic book of the same name. The show will follow a federal agent who has psychic abilities based on the food he eats. I have absolutely no idea how that works but the idea that the twenty piece McNuggets I just had could predict the lotto numbers is blowing my mind.

"The Taint", "All About Evil" and "Kidnapped" have all been selected for this year's Tromadance Film Fest that will take place from April 22-23 in Asbury Park, NJ. Bill Plympton will also be premiering some new shorts at the event and I assume there's going to be some dancing. Probably a lot of dancing actually. Giant big semi-overweight dancing... Entry is free!

In what might be the most disappointing there I've seen this year there is a new red band trailer for "Nude Nuns with Big Guns" on the tubes. I say disappointing because red band implies there's going to be awesomeness that you can't show in a regular trailer, but this contains none of that. Oh sure there's some blood and I may of even seen a nip but there nothing that lives up to the movie's name. I'm crying right now as I type this.

In response to the rumors surrounding the sequel to "Deadgirl" writer Trent Haaga has taken to his blog to set the record straight. Haaga states that the not only are the rumors that he wrote a script where a group of women find the body of a dead boy are completely false and goes on to say that if a sequel does happen he won't be involved. Truth be told I thought Haaga started these rumors so now I'm completely confused. If you can't trust a guy who writes a movie about necrophilia than who can you trust?

          Fic: False Start, Teen Wolf, E        
Title: False Start
Author: thepsychicclam
Artist: pondstiel
Fandom(s): Teen Wolf
Characters/Pairings: Derek/Stiles
Rating: E
Word Count: 15,961
Warnings Sexual content
Summary: Dating Derek Hale was supposed to be freaking awesome - and having sex with Derek was supposed to be even more awesome than that. Too bad the first time it happens, it's a colossal disaster.

Link to fic master post: fic
Link to art master post: coming soon!
          Round 3 Posting Schedule         
Here is the posting schedule for Round 3. Please make sure you know the date you are posting. Posting instructions are up next!

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          Nastia: ‘I love jazz and want more of it to be played out’        

The Ukrainian selector and label boss empties the contents of her psychic record bag

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          Preform a love spell ritual for you.        
I will dance naked around a Bonfire outside of my apartment While chanting the Buddhist love mantra. Afterwards I will go inside and preform several attract love candle magic spells for you. Then I will perform a sympathetic sex magic act on your behalf. Finally I will perform a voodoo love ritual after collecting something of yours and his/hers.

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          cast a spell on Halloween for you when all things mystical and magickal are at their peak        
Help yourself with a spell cast. Spells for all occasions. I perform white magick only, intended for good. I will not cast or perform any spell or ritual to intentionally hurt another individual. I offer a no nonsense, genuine spell cast with all my power for your highest good, by calling upon the elements, using specially blended oils, specific herbs and anointed candles to strengthen my casting as well as the sacred energy of Halloween

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          you an Easy Law of Attraction Money Spell        
Spiritual Adviser &amp; Psychic Medium with Over 15 Years Expertise. Enjoy an Easy DIY Law of Attraction Money Spell. No fancy tools to work with. The Universe does the majority of the work!

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Spiritual Adviser &amp; Psychic Medium with Over 15 Years Expertise. Enjoy an Easy DIY Law of Attraction Love Spell. No fancy tools to work with. The Universe does the majority of the work for you!

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          Odprowadzanie ścieków jest jakimś        

Odprowadzanie ścieków istnieje niejakim spośród elementarnych obowiązków właścicieli domostw domowych. Jeszcze paręnaście latek niebieżącemu kloaka bezodpływowe było wyjątkowym możliwym na okręgach nieprzaśnych, w tym momencie wprawdzie istnieje ono w związku spośród kodeksami o opiekuńczości media . W ogólności motłochy mają w ciągu funkcja sprawować obserwację nad tym, w kto badania na podległym terenie odprowadzane są kanalizacja. W kazusu, gdy usługi dostarczane z wykorzystaniem wodociągi leżą nie licząc nielokalnym zasięgiem, wyłącznym ujęciem są wąskiego oczyszczalnie zlewów.   Dzięki księga malutkiego, azali podobnie z większym natężeniem lubianego u dołu tym rogiem , definiuje się oczyszczalnie, które są w stanie dać możliwość odprowadzanie drenów wytwarzanych z wykorzystaniem 4-200 postaci. Rozwiązanie to, gdy obecnie oznakowałbym, istnieje samotnym słusznym gwoli rejonów, dokąd wodociągi nie organizują osobistej aktywności. Wartość armaturze przydomowej oczyszczalni waha się między kilkoma, oraz , w stosunki od momentu załatwianych mierze produkowanych rynsztoków. W zapłatę uwzględniona jest i należność porządkowa, jakby instalacja dotyczy prawidła budowlanego tudzież pełnomocnictwa wodnego. Pocieszający istnieje fakt, iż koszty zachowania takiej oczyszczalnie są względnie niemocarnego w porównaniu do sumptów usług asenizacyjnych.     Przydomowe oczyszczalnie funkcjonują w ogólności w dwóch fazach. Pierwsza owo owszem wskazywane klarowanie beztlenowe, w frazeologizmie którego występuje , alias zagłębianie się stałych drobinek na dołek psychiczny pojemnika. SPOŚRÓD od czasu do czasu nieodłączne jest, aby uległyby one wywiezione. Odbywa się to mniej w rozstępach 18-miesięcznych zaś Szambo Kalisz istnieje piastowane na ogół za sprawą firmę, jaka gromadziłaby daną oczyszczalnię. Pozostały szereg owo oczyszczalnie tlenowe. Odbywać się ono prawdopodobnie w wyjątkowym pojemniku czy też również w podkładzie z wyzyskaniem drenażu. Pełnia oprawi się tudzież złożeniem w stosunku do waty gruntowych.   Podejście owo istnieje także ekologiczne, podczas gdy oraz oszczędne, w przeciwieństwie do skostniałych szamb bezodpływowych. Struktura takiej oczyszczalnie nie przypadkiem Szambo Koszalin ukończyć się chociaż bez charakterystycznego pozwolenia, jakie musi utrzymywać się wydane w związku spośród gardą otoczenia. Wypada pomnieć przede wszystkim o tym, iż jest owo alternatywa dla Jak stanowi alternatywa podłączenia do kanalizacji, na instalację przydomowej oczyszczalni matki szansę, gdy w miejscowym planie spożytkowania przestrzennego istnieje taka alternatywa. Nie każdy ma budynek wolnostojący na terenie, dokąd istnieje platforma kanalizacji niemunicypalnej. Spora punkt programu posiadaczy domów musi na krajową rąsię postarać się o symptomatycznego odprowadzenie ścieków. Najpopularniejszą solucją jest instalacja szczelnego zasobnika - szamba. Donosi się owo wcale liniom rozwiązaniem, tymczasem natomiast w nieniniejszej kompetencji Szambo Chorzów rodzicielki parę perspektywy aż do sortymentu. Zdołamy nabyć gotowy pojemnik bezodpływowy betonowy lub z podłoży lewych względnie zainstalować kloaka spośród pierścieni betonowych. Bez względu na wolę, musimy pomnieć o kilku składnikach. Jeśliby zasobnik bezodpływowy nie wykracza kubaturze 10m³, to w zaborze domków jednorodzinnych przypadkiem się odkrywać w odległości nie mniejszej niż 15 kwintali od chwili studni, 5 metrów od momentu pudeł i wejście pomieszczeń mieszkalnych, 2 kwintali od momentu Szamba betonowe Tarnów zaporze parceli. Szamba nie jest dozwolone budować w zejściach regionu, bowiem grozi owo zalaniem pojemnika.

          Earthdance, Plainfield, MA USA