Besplatna haljina        
Za ovo ti ne treba proxy, nego se ulogiraj u stardoll i onda klikni na link ispod:
Moraš na sva pitanja odgovoriti točno, kao ispod:
Zatim klikni na Enter Competition i pojavit će ti se u Salonu Ljepote ;)

          Besplatna slika        


Odi na jedan od ovih proxy-a: ili ili ili
Zalijepi ovu adresu:
Ulogiraj se na stardoll pa zalijepi ovu adresu:
Pričekaj da se učita i to je to :)

          Besplatna suknja         

Za ovo ti ne treba proxy, ulogiraj se na Stardoll i odi u starplazu ili klikni na link ispod:
Klikni na zeleno jaje s lijeve strane i odvest će te na Uskršnju kampanju i to je to :)

Kao i ostali "uskršnji darovi" (topić, kapa, suknja i kasnije cipele) ovo je dostupno samo sljedeća 3 dana!!!!

          Besplatna torba        

Odi na jedan od ovih proxy-a: ili ili ili
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          Besplatna Bunny Hop kapa        
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          Besplatan paun        


Za ovo ti ne treba proxy, ulogiraj se na Stardoll i klikni na link ispod:
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          Besplatan Strange Magic "zec"        

Odi na jedan od ovih proxy-a: ili ili ili
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Ulogiraj se na Stardoll i to je to :D

          Sách của Thầy Thích Thông Lạc        
Trưởng Lão Thích Thông Lạc
Sách hay chia sẻ, Phật pháp cho người hữu duyên. Bạn có thể download sách của Thầy Thích Thông Lạc theo các đường link dưới đây:

Và đây là bộ sưu tập (tạm thời) sách của Thầy Thích Thông Lạc mà tác giả Blog đã download từ các trang web trên, bạn có thể tải về: Click tại đây

Gợi ý: Bạn nên tải và đọc trước tác phẩm: 'Đường về xứ Phật'; 'Những lời gốc Phật dạy'; và 'Đạo đức làm Người'. Nếu bạn quan tâm đến Thiền nên tham khảo thêm: 'Trở về đạo Phật'

          NHS put Millbrae under the scope        

Millbrae - Ayr’s 3XV and league champions of RBS West Division 4 last season - will take part in a charity match-up against a group of local health-workers, under the banner of NHS Ayrshire and Annan, on Friday 15 August (8pm) to raise money for Clic Sargent and the Neuroblastoma Society.

The NHS team

          (بدون عنوان)        

          (بدون عنوان)        

Công ty Samsung vừa chính thức giới thiệu dòng sản phẩm Lò vi sóng và Máy hút bụi thế hệ mới đến thị trường Việt Nam.

          A Snapchat video showed a crying infant in a refrigerator. Two babysitters have been arrested. - Washington Post        

Washington Post

A Snapchat video showed a crying infant in a refrigerator. Two babysitters have been arrested.
Washington Post
Two girls are facing criminal charges in Massachusetts after an alarming Snapchat video showed a crying infant being put into a refrigerator, police said. The footage appeared to show a babysitter laying the infant sideways on a shelf, saying “bye ...
Police: Teen baby sitters charged for Snapchat video of infant in fridgeCBS News
Massachusetts babysitters caught on Snapchat video putting baby in refrigeratorFox News
Officials: Babysitters put infant in fridge, posted video onlineBoston Herald
KIRO Seattle -KCCI Des Moines -Daily Item
all 85 news articles »

          Some rummaging, Star Wars and a trip to the seaside        
The forget-me-nots (above) were clustered in the corner of a field and are for the victims of the bomb in Manchester.

It was horrifying to wake up last Tuesday morning and hear the dreadful news about the suicide bombing at a pop concert in Manchester. What a truly wicked thing to do. It does nothing to improve the perceptions of Muslims here and elsewhere; as they have now become the new persecuted minority; based on the acts of individuals who carry out these horrible deeds. No one who carries out this type of act is a true Muslim.

My heart goes out to all the children, adults and their families who were killed or injured in this dreadful attack.

Well, what a wonderful week of weather we've had!

Last Tuesday I was at the food bank and was glad of its coolness, for once, as it was quite a muggy day. When I finished there I went for a walk and walked 6.8 miles. It was my first walk for over a week and I had missed it. 

It was a beautiful afternoon. The mugginess had gone; the sun shone; the birds sang and the bees and insects hummed. I remembered to put Factor 50 sunscreen on my face in the morning before I put my make up on and I did it everyday whilst we had such lovely sunny weather. The back of my neck, upper chest, hands and feet get very brown in the summer as they are always exposed; I have to remember to apply sunscreen to these areas and to wear a hat!

Everything is charity shopped except the Mary Jane shoes bought from PJ Shoes; a local shoe retail shop; about 3 years ago. The trousers are from George at Asda and the blue top was bought from a £1.00 rail somewhere...

All jewellery charity shopped.

On Wednesday I invigilated in the morning and ran some errands in town after I had finished. But first I paid a visit to Barnardo's in Great Denham where I hadn't been for a few weeks. I bought a few things from the 99p rail - it would have been rude not to!

 What did I buy? I bought some brand new, never worn metallic gold slip on shoes; a plaid night shirt (for winter); a grey shrug/cardigan and a beautiful pale lime green, boiled/felted wool jacket (again for  winter). When I finally went into town I bought some lovely silver earrings in the Reuse shop for 2.00. I managed to walk almost 3 miles in the course of my errand running!

I spent the rest of the afternoon crocheting and sitting out in the garden enjoying the brilliant weather. I was determined to finish the blanket last week and spend the next week sewing the ends in (aaagggghhhh - such a horrible job!) and making a border for it. I'll save my next crochet project for Ireland as I'm going to be away for two months...I'm planning to make a V stitch blanket and use up my stash of blue and green wool in making it.

I made this one a few years ago and it's on our two seater sofa where it gets quite a lot of use on cold evenings...

Everything is charity shopped except the kimono which was a Christmas present from my daughter three years ago. Trousers are by Tu at Sainsbury's; linen top no label but from 1.00 rail in the Red Cross.

Because it was such a hot day I had to put my sandals on but my toenails needed painting...

All jewellery charity shopped except the earrings - 99p from e bay.

I invigilated again on Thursday morning and in the afternoon. It was another scorching day.

Top by Principles; 1.00 rail at the Red Cross. Linen M & S trousers; £1.00 rail Barnardo's in Ampthill. I bought the vintage blouse/kimono by Kanga in a charity shop in Cambridge last summer for 2.99.

Shoes; PJ shoes. Can you see how puffy my feet are? They swell in the heat and they're worse when I've been on them for hours as I was on Thursday. I also wore my large turquoise ring on Thursday but I took it off to wash my hands and couldn't get it back on again because my fingers had swollen too...

All jewellery charity shopped except watch (present) and earrings; 99p from e bay.

On Friday I ventured out after the school run for a walk. I walked 8.5 miles and sweated like a pig from beginning to end. Boy, was it hot! I also had to do the food shopping after that and the school run. One that was over I finished my latest library book 'All We Shall Know' by Donal Ryan. It's an absolutely beautiful, emotional read and I can't recommend it highly enough. Donal Ryan's writing is poetic and his use of the rhythms and phraseology of Irish speech is wonderful. It made me cry and laugh and I don't think you can ask more of a novel than that.

On Saturday OH and I went for a rummage. We decided to go to Stevenage and because they only had 5 charity shops we went to Hitchin as well. Hitchin is much smaller and has 8 charity shops! Weird.

I wore a hat to shield my face from the sun. I got my face a little burnt when I went walking on Friday despite Factor 50 sunblock. It wasn't so hot on Saturday but it was nice and breezy; so breezy in fact the hat blew away several times and I abandoned  wearing it.

Everything, including the hat, is charity shopped. I can't remember where I bought the dress; the linen jacket is from the Guild House.  I wore these Mary Jane shoes because they are very comfortable with a raised platform and ideal for walking around.

Bangles and ring charity shopped.

Beads charity shopped in Donegal, earrings bought in the week from the Reuse shop and brooch charity shopped.

Of course, I  had to buy stuff. I bought 3 pairs of earrings for a 1.00 in the Garden Hospice shop in Hitchin; another pair with a Celtic design and a deep red pair both a 1.00 each in two different Hospice shops in Stevenage. I bough a pair of Boyfriend jeans for 1.60 and an ethnic print top for 2.00  on a reduced rail in the Salvation Army in Stevenage; a pink floral pair of trousers for 4.00 in the Keech Hospice shop in Hitchin. A good day's rummaging, I thought. OH did very well, too.

We saw a Storm Trooper (from Star Wars) and R2D2: (edited thanks to Sheila!)

They were part of a fund raising event for Age UK.

On BH Monday we went to the seaside at Holkham, Norfolk with the grand kids. It was bloody freezing! We ate our picnic there.  Holkham is also a nature reserve and when we were leaving we saw 2 Spoonbills flying over head; they looked like arrows, long and thin with wings; it was a marvellous sight and it made my day.

Courtesy of Google images
We then drove to Wells Next the Sea; which is about mile and a half away -  a pretty little seaside town where we warmed up in a cafe with hot drinks; wandered about; spent ages in the arcade and finally left as the rain was coming down. Of all the days to pick to go to the seaside we chose the worst one!

Wells Next the Sea

Wells Next the Sea

I've now finished my crochet blanket and done the edging. There's only about 300 tails to sew in so it will take me some time...

My Chromebook (which I inherited from the eldest grandson) is in terminal decline. The screen has a line across it and what looks like a side view of a breast with a silouhette on the right hand side of the screen. I don't know how much longer it will last; the 'breast' is getting bigger and is blocking some of my page content. I'm hoping it will last until I go to Ireland but I may have to buy a new one soon and that will eat into my holiday money. We'll see. Hopefully, I 'll be able to post next week but if I don't you'll know the Chromebook has died!

          How I found my brother - Part 1        

I said I would tell you about how we found our brother and here it is - true to my word. How my brother found us (Part 2) will follow soon.

One Friday evening in February 2013, my OH and I were on our way to Kettering to meet up with my brothers. We were stopping at the eldest brother's to pick him up and then go on to the the youngest brother's for a drink and a catch up. My mum and eldest brother had moved to Kettering from London in 1999, and my youngest brother moved to Kettering in 2006. My mum died in 2009 and my dad died, aged only 47, in 1980.

When we got to the eldest brother's house he told me that someone had come to the door earlier in the day; spoken to him and had left him a card. He said the person - a man - said that he used to work with my mum. This immediately rang alarm bells because I knew my mum had for most of her working life, worked predominantly with women.

When I read the card (I still have it), I literally went weak at the knees and had to sit down, but I knew at once that what it said was inescapably true. On 13th February, 1953; thirteen months before I was born in March 1954, and before my mum married my dad; my mum gave birth to a baby boy whom she called 'Julian Jerome Flynn' - (her maiden name was Flynn). She gave birth to Julian in St. Pelagia's Home for Penitent Girls (I kid you not) which was  in Highgate, North London. It's since been demolished and is now a gated development.

All three of us were very close to our mum. We all loved her deeply. She was our rock, we knew she loved us unconditionally and she was always there for us. She was great fun to be with; we loved her company and spending time with her. Yet, none of us knew about this other brother. On that night I could only feel shock at the not knowing as we set off to the younger brother's house.
Image result for St Pelagias Home for Penitent Girls image
 St. Pelagia's Home

St Pelagia's Home
St Joseph's Maternity Home
34 Highgate West Hill, N6 6NJ
Medical dates:

Medical character:
1889 - 1972

St Pelagia's Home for Destitute Girls at No. 25 Bickerton Road in Upper Holloway was founded in 1889 by the Roman Catholic order of the Sisters Servants of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.It provided  accommodation for unmarried mothers and their first-born babies, who were allowed to enter the Home when the child was a fortnight old.
The girls were admitted free of charge on condition that they contributed to the earning power of the Home by working in its laundry.
The Home later occupied the neighouring house at No. 27 Bickerton Road.

In 1934 it moved to West Hill Place, a large house on Highgate West Hill, where it re-opened in 1936 after the Convent of Sacred Hearts had been built adjoining the original mansion.

In March 1948 Mayfield, an adjoining 2-storey Victorian house, was bought and equipped as an antenatal and maternity home.  It had 18 beds and was named St Joseph's Maternity Home.

The Labour Ward was on the first floor, while the ground floor contained 6 antenatal beds, and 12 postnatal beds in 3- or 5-bedded wards, with 12 cots for the babies.  An isolation room was added later.

The patients, who stayed for an average of 12 weeks,  were cared for by three nurses.

The LCC paid a guinea (21 shillings - £1.05) a weeks to the Home for expectant mothers and 25 shillings (£1.25) for mothers and babies (this was later increased to £2 10s (£2.50) a week).

In 1954 the Homes had 70 beds for mothers and their babies.  Both properties had extensive gardens of 2 acres, but the buildings were in much need of repair, with damaged ceilings in St Joseph's and a leaking flat roof.

The Homes closed in 1972.

Present status (February 2009)
The Homes and the convent were demolished in 1970.  Their site now contains Hill Court and the West Hill Park estate.

Source: Google (for both photos)

This is an article about St. Pelagia's from the Telegraph.

It is certainly worth reading although I don't believe my mum was forced to give Julian up by the nuns, but it would have been extremely difficult to have kept him. One, it would have got back to her parents in Ireland and the shame of having an unmarried daughter with a child could have led to ostracism by their community. Secondly,  in England there wasn't much in the way of good affordable childcare in the 1950s and mum would have to have worked to support herself and her child. There was a lot of stigma and shame attached to being an unmarried mother at that time.

When we got to the youngest brother's house I told him get himself a glass of wine and sit down as we had some news for him! We spent the rest of the night on the computer trying to find out more information. The one thing we did know was that our dad wasn't Julian's dad. 

I rang Ireland and spoke to two of our surviving aunts - my mother's sister's - they were totally unaware of Julian. One of the aunt's told me they had only been made aware of my existence (and my mum's marriage) when my mum turned up in Ireland with me aged 11 months! I was left  with my grandparent's and my aunt's, who were only young teenagers at the time, for about 3 months whilst she returned to England and work - of which more later.

Our searches on the computer kept taking us to an agent who represented Brian May (of Queen) and eventually brought us to a picture of someone called 'Julian Littman. This person looked exactly like one of our first cousins; the eldest son of my mum's older and closest sister, Aunty Betty.  Unfortunately, this aunt had died in the late 1980s.

The card that had been left had telephone contact numbers on it and we agreed that in the morning I would call the numbers. I didn't sleep a wink that night and got up really early to search on my own computer for any information. This is what I found:

chụp sản phẩm thời trang

chụp sản phẩm thời trang

chụp sản phẩm thời trang

Chia sẻ
Pitkä projekti kun yritin halii kaikilta farkkuja ja kyllä niitä farkkuja tulikin ihan kivasti. Tein toiselle pojalle 120cm sänkyyn päiväpeitteen ja hintaa tuli sille n.6e. Poikakin tykkäsi hirveesti peitosta. Tottakai siitä tuli niin hieno että toinen poika halusi myös. No sitä sitten tekemään ja kuva tulee siitä kun on valmis. Mitäs mieltä olette??

Kontista löydetty pussilakana 3e

          Proton turunkan harga kereta        
Seperti mana janji yang dibuat kerajaan sebelum pilihan Raya umum ke-13 yang lalu untuk mengurankan harga kereta. Proton Holding Bhd akhirnya tampil menawarkan penurunan harga kereta dan langkah ini selaras dengan seruan Perdana Menteri dalam manisfesto PRU13 yang lalu.

Berita baik ini turut mendapat perhatian Timbalan Menteri Perdangangan Dalam Negeri, Koperasi dan Keperggunaan Datuk Ahmad Bashah Md Hanipah dengan berkata Proton telah menyambut baik seruan Perdana Menteri dengan menurunkan harga kereta 1.3 sebanyak RM 5,000.

Dengan penurunan harga kereta, pengguna boleh melihat dan merasai sendiri janji-janji yang dibuat oleh pihak kerajaan kepada rakyat Malaysia telahpun ditunaikan. Katanya pada sidang media di Alor Setar, Kedah.

Sehubungan itu, beliau berharap agar syarikat-syarikat kereta lain turut sama mengikut jejak Proton untuk menurunkan harga kereta demi kesenangan rakyat.
"Proton dah turunkan harga, jadi saya harap syarikat lain menjadikan Proton sebagai contoh dan akan tampil ke hadapan untuk mengurangkan harga kereta," katanya.

Ahmad Bashah berkata harga kereta-kereta lain akan diturunkan secara berperingkat.

Pada 13 Jun yang lalu, Proton menawarkan kepada rakyat Malaysia satu varian kereta keluarannya yang  akan dijual dengan harga lebih rendah dan mampu dimiliki oleh semua rakyat Malaysia.

          Ed Balls calls for growth but criticises pension strikes        
Good to see Ed Balls offering a message of hope at today’s Labour Party conference as an alternative to the Tories’ message of doom. Pity he chose to undermine the unions strategy for defending their members’ pensions.
He was at his best when taking on the Tory belief of “private always good, public always” and challenging the government to take up an alternative economic strategy, talking up measures that would promote growth instead of their over-reliance on austerity.
It was particularly interesting to hear how he chose to attack Osborne and Cameron’s economic strategy on the international front:

“Confronted with the biggest most urgent global challenge of our age, all they can do is urge other countries to pile austerity on austerity too… ignoring the lessons of history and the evidence here in Britain, and across the world, that austerity just isn't working. That is not just a failure of leadership – it is a complete abdication of responsibility too.”
The lessons in history he no doubt alludes to are how, during a time of an even worse national debt, the Labour Party was able to introduce the welfare state, NHS, state pensions, and comprehensive education.
Balls could have gone further on these reasons for Labour to be proud. Unfortunately, on the subject of pensions, he chose to criticise the unions for standing up to the government’s (as he put it) “confrontational and unfair” pension changes. He reiterated the party’s leadership’s belief that the decision to strike would be walking into a trap and that “there is nothing George Osborne would like better than a strike this autumn to divert attention from his failing economic plan.”
He said that under Labour pensions contributions and retirement ages would be going up anyway. Why? Was he inviting us to question – whose side are you on Ed? Are you really looking out for the ordinary working people you spoke of today that are struggling to make ends meet who need hope of a better way? You must realise many of these people are the same people you’re criticising for having the audacity for taking a stand against having their pension rights torn up.
Public sector pensions were made more affordable under the last Labour government. Surely that’s something he could be claiming credit for rather than saying he’d cut them as well!
It’s good to see the Labour Party going on the offensive against the Tory austerity measures and calling for the immediate need for growth. However, the party’s leaders need to realise, if strikes do go ahead in November and they fail to support the workers, many of these traditional Labour supporters may never forgive them.

          NHS shake up plans 'not cost cutting exercise' insist health chiefs        
THE decision to permanently downgrade maternity services at the Horton General Hospital is not a cost cutting exercise, insist health chiefs.
          Campaigners unite as one to stop NHS shake up plans in Oxfordshire        
CAMPAIGNERS, the clergy and politicians came together as one voice in their passionate plea to stop controversial healthcare plans.
          Oxford MP disappointed patients' voice ignored over major healthcare plans        
AN OXFORDSHIRE MP said she is is disappointed patients haven't been listened to after a report into a major NHS shake-up recommended a raft of changes including a permanent downgrade of maternity services.
          ESM's QuickLessons A DearMYRTLE Genealogy Study Group Lesson 19        

Hilary Gadsby

QuickLesson 19: Layered Citations Work Like Layered Clothing    
Elizabeth Shown Mills, “QuickLesson 19: Layered Citations Work Like Layered Clothing,”Evidence Explained: Historical Analysis, Citation and Source Usage( : acessed 17 Aug 2016).         
RE: QuickLesson 19 - Layered Citations / Penned Question
Elizabeth Shown Mills, “RE: QuickLesson 19 - Layered Citations / Penned Question,"Evidence Explained: Historical Analysis, Citation and Source Usage( : accessed 17 Aug 2016). 

Using layering is becoming more important with the proliferation of digital records on numerous websites.

We need to understand the source of any information we are using to provide evidence for our assertions.

I use the website Find My Past for research and have found records of interest in the 1939 Register. On the website I can view both the transcription and a digital image. The transcription and image may not match so it is important to look at both.

I was looking for a relative Ruth Gadsby who I knew was born in 1901 and had died before the cut off date when the register ceased to be used by the NHS. She should be there so I looked for her with her birth year.

I eventually found her with a birth year of 1910.

Here is the part of the image with the entry.

It is obvious when you see the entry how the mistranscription happened. So citing that you viewed the actual image and not just the transcription is important to the accuracy of what we record.

My second example comes from Find My Past again.
Some of the images on the website are not fully indexed and do not show up in the records when you do a general search.

If I do an A-Z search of the records for Lincolnshire here is what I saw today.

One of these record sets states Lincolnshire, Parish Registers Browse 1538-1911.
Here is what I find when I filter down to the parish of Swinstead.

However this is not the only place online where I can find images of the parish registers. The website Lincs to the Past was the first host and still hosts images from the registers. If you type swinstead par1 into the search box on the website it brings up all the registers which, apart from the post 1837 marriages, are viewable on the website.

Let me compare them.

This register does not exactly match any of those record groups on the Find My Past website. They appear to have broken the register images into smaller groups.

This register has been included with part of another to cover these events from 1780 on the Find My Past website.

This book (PAR/1/3) has been combined with the later register for marriages (PAR/1/5) as a single group at Find My Past.

Only Baptisms (PAR/1/4) and Burials (PAR/1/7) have been kept as the same record group catalogued the same as the Lincolnshire Archives. The Baptisms and Burials 1765-1780 are missing from the Find My Past website but are viewable at the other website.

Citing the records viewed on the Find My Past website is going to be extremely difficult as they do not provide the necessary archive references and have not grouped the images in the same manner as the original archive.
The only way we can cite these records at Find My Past is to state the record group where we found them on the day we searched and that the original registers can be found at Lincolnshire Archives. It is unfortunate for us as researchers that we cannot use the reference used by the archive as this is likely to be useful to others should Find My Past no longer host these images.

To sum up we must be certain with our citations to record exactly what we used. Do not include archival references unless they are explicitly stated as the organisation on the website may be different.
Many websites licence the images and may only host them for a limited time so be certain to include a date accessed and as much detail as needed to be able to find that record again.
A record found on one website may appear to be the same as another, but sometimes there were more than one copy made of the original or the original may have been copied, ensure you know what you are looking at so that you can explain any differences.

          J'Aime La Perla, o perfume lingerie da sedução        
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Perfume da Rosa Negra
From Perfume, We Return!

O toque de uma sedosa e sedutora lingerie no corpo da mulher tem o poder da transformação assim como o toque de um perfume na pele. Ambos tornam - a mais desejável pelo outro, mais amada por si mesmo e em sintonia com seu corpo, seus sentidos e desejos. Após o primeiro beijo do perfume, peróla preciosa para o olfato, vem a explosão quente e especiada das pimentas, o calor que leva ao prazer do querer, a expressão máxima do desejo. O sussurro inevitável é o Eu amo, amo... faltam palavras, resta a ela render-se ao J'aime melódico e incendiário provocado por uma apaixonante fragrancia que abraça o corpo com paixão, com muito tesão...

Assim é J'Aime da marca Italiana de lingerie de alta costura La Perla. É um perfume lingerie da sedução: doce, quente e excitante na sua natureza olfativa; delicado, elegante e apaixonante em seu visual de joia cristalina coberta com negra organza. Como a dualidade feminina que penetra os sentidos e seduz o imaginário, J'Aime é dócil em seus acordes floral e frutal com pimentas, lichia, framboesas e jasmim, e também sabe exalar o mais tentador charme e refinamento ao criar uma base chypre de patchouli com nuance gustativa de caramelo, que aguça o apetite pelo relevar da pele nua,  sempre perfumada e envolvida por finas e íntimas vestimentas. O cheiro floral marcado pelo sabor gostoso das frutas vermelhas  e caramelo é impossível de ser esquecido, assim como também é a visão da bela mulher de sinuosas curvas, trajada com as transparências de uma deslumbrante lingerie.

Com J'Aime, La Perla oferece à mulher uma fragrancia que está em linha com a beleza e a sensualidade do universo que a própria lingerie tem. Prolonga a conexão da marca com um perfume bem elaborado e em sintonia com a intimidade da mulher. É muito sexy e expressivo em sua proposta e, como analogia e semelhança, tem a sedução refinada de um Calvin Klein Euphoria e a delicadeza gustativa de um Miss Dior Cherie. Mais um perfume feminino para usar com amor e paixão por aquelas que gostam de muita doçura a dois.

Perfume: J'Aime La Perla
Versão: EDP
Gênero: Feminino
Notas de saída: Bergamota, pimenta, lichia
Notas de coração: Framboesa, jasmim Egípcio, lírio
Notas de fundo: Patchouli, âmbar, almíscar e caramelo

O melhor da fragrância: É um jovial floral chypre marcante que tem frutas vermelhas e caramelo, mas está longe de ser um perfume  juvenil por ter personalidade olfativa e ser um chypre mais moderninho e sedutor.  De maneira geral, isso só reflete o fato de La Perla produzir bons perfumes.

O pior da fragrância: Bem doce. Pode provocar leve dor de cabeça àqueles mais aversos a fragrancias deste tipo. Um pouco mais de sutileza seria bem vinda.

Poder de fixação: 10 horas

Sillage: Alto

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Avaliação Perfume da Rosa Negra

Perfume Review by Cristiane Gonçalves for Perfume da Rosa Negra.

          Al Nos Carvè 2017 | Preparazione Fagiolata        

          470.- Crónica 423ª Reunión Oficial de Tejedores Madrid Knits (viernes, 7 abril 2017)        
Crónica escrita y fotografiada por Patricia. Editada por Siona.

Como todos los viernes nos volvimos a reunir para compartir un rato tejiendo, tomando un café, charlando y en definitiva disfrutando de la compañía y también del nuevo salón, que tiene una luz estupenda (sí, es verdad que también nos ha tocado el cambio con días más luminosos y más horas de luz).

A mí como siempre, parece que el señor Murphy me huele y decide probar su famosa Ley los días que me apunto la crónica. Se aliaron los astros y llegué súper tarde,,, pero ahí estaban las chicas, que iniciaron el trabajo y me lo encontré casi hecho. Mil gracias!!!.

Vamos pues a ver qué nos contaron sobre sus labores:

Siona: Como he llegado tan tarde no he podido coincidir con ella, pero como es un cielo me lo dejó enviado :-). Está con el chal "Ramble Shawl" de Andrea Mowry Dreareneeknits y con lana Drops Lima de Ama La Lana.

Almudena: sigue con su entredós, dice que va bien pero despacio… yo diría que va genial con la labor tan delicada que es. Está quedando precioso Almu.

Pilar: nos cuenta que ha estado de viaje y por eso no ha podido tejer casi pero aún así se las ha apañado para terminar su suéter color rosa con calados hecho con lanas Anny Blatt que espera coser y estrenar este domingo de Ramos  (jajajaja, Pilar de viaje teje tres veces más que yo a pleno rendimiento!). 

Marta: Después de un mes sin venir al grupo, se ha traído la manta para que veamos la evolución. Solo le quedan dos filas de granny para terminarla y luego rematarla y… a guardar hasta el invierno. Que bonita está quedando!.

Cris F: parece que ha superado la mala racha con la chaqueta Naima diseñada por Ankestrick. Nos cuenta que tras mucho hacer y deshacer esta semana ha avanzado bastante, está a punto de terminar el cuerpo ya que le faltan solo las últimas vueltas del elástico y está deseando empezar con los bolsillos y las mangas. Cris,,, preciosa, y con la semana Santa seguro que la terminas!

Mar: Esta semana toca chal!. Está tejiendo el patrón "Arrowhead shawl" de Pam Allen usando lanas "manos del Uruguay" (amorosa no, lo siguiente). Nos dice que la lanita le encanta pero que el patrón como no estés bien atenta estás perdida,,, ideal pues para las reuniones Mar jejejeje.

Joao: Cree que terminará pronto su chal "All about that Brioche", patrón de Lisa Hannes. Va a terminar la lana y por eso cree que la última parte quedará más grande que lo que indica el patrón, pero es lo que tiene no querer restos (de todos modo no será mucho y va a quedar fantástico). Dice que lleva más de 200 puntos en las agujas y ya está pensando en la próxima labor :-).

Eva: Lleva ya la mitad del delantero de su jersey rosa patrón Drops y lana "Catena Merino" extrafina de lanas Katia. Esta semana no ha tenido casi tiempo de cogerlo así que ha avanzado poco. Eva, te está quedando precioso y es un color muy favorecedor; además de lana… tienes tiempo de terminarlo hasta que puedas ponerlo ;-).

Ana: Se nos ha unido hoy un ratito (bueno, ha llegado casi con la cronista así que … jejeje). Está haciendo el segundo mitón del patrón "Travelling Cable Hand Warmer" de "Purl Soho". Sin palabras,,, quiero unos, quiero unos…. 

Cris Z:  ha estado tejiendo pruebas de "cables" para un jersey,,, test plan nos dice :-). Seguro que te queda genial el jersey… ya nos irás enseñando.

Patricia: Yo sigo con mi chal eterno… pero a punto de acabarlo. He tenido que deshacer el último dibujo porque no me da la lana y voy a comenzar con el calado del borde. Así que en breve compartiré la labor terminada.

Ah, Murphy esta vez hizo diana… olvidé la foto de grupo :-(

Y con todo esto nos dieron las 9 y pico, disfrutando. Si os animais y no os vais de vacaciones, nos vemos de nuevo en Semana Santa:

Viernes 14 de Abril de 2017
Starbucks, C/Orense, 26 
Horario: de 17.00h a 21.00h

          SARANG the dream of earth REVIEWs        

Recensioni di Rockerilla (Aldo Chimenti), Rumore (Vittore Baroni) e Blowup (Paolo Bertoni) al disco d'esordio di SARANG uscito per SILENTES "THE DREAM OF EARTH". Clicca sull'immagine per leggere la recensione.
          DIY Wedding : Making your own Wedding Cake Toppers: Crocheting & Sewing        

Having lived away from Australia, we really wanted to incorporate our love for our country into the wedding. So we added a number of Australian elements. Lammingtons are a cake which originated in Australia.... though it may have come from New Zealand.... no one truly knows, so for the moment I am just going to state that they are apart of my childhood and they are certainly a homely cake. I wanted to make these lamingtons for the wedding, but we were short of time so we had the lamingtons made from a local bakery, Bread Craft. They tasted wonderful and they were a great price.

For the cake toppers I used my Creepy Cute Crochet book as inspiration and used the basic head and body pattern.

I crocheted the four balls and attached the hair for each. It was fun styling the hair. It made me feel like a hair dresser:)

Crocheting and Sewing
I made the glasses out of polyclay and sewed them on the grooms head, along with the eyes and smiling mouths. I used the fabric from my dress and Michael's suit to create the miniature outfits.

The Cake Stand
I wanted to be creative with the stand and most importantly it had to be cost efficient. Mum and dad had recently done some work in the garden and they had some left over wood in the garden. So I collected these pieces and arranged them on this table and finished it off with some doilies.

The Tumbled Lamingtons
I actually did not know how we were going to present the lamintons on the stand. My mothers artist friend, Jane, got to work on the wedding night and it just turned out perfectly! Mum added more Australian quirks to it by adding the eucalyptus to the presentation. I LOVE this cake! It was so bloody aussie!

There we have it! Our Australian Wedding Cake with cute handmade cake toppers!

          Experiment in fear        

This sounds brilliant. A tv show based on exposing the mental influence of the tabloids Not just tabloids in general, with their z-list celebs and soap opera stars, but the most mind-sapping terror-inducing tabloid – the Daily Mail.

The film Supersize Me showed you are what you eat, but is it true that you are what you read?
New documentary The Daily Mail Diet aims to find out as it follows film maker Nick Angel giving up all TV, radio, print and online news sources for 28 days – except for the Daily Mail.

Mr Angel said: “It’s important to know what the Mail thinks, because it’s a lightning rod (or so it claims) to ‘Middle England’ – that ill-defined and slightly scary mass of people whose various incarnations include the ‘Moral Majority’ and ‘All Right Thinking People’.
“And in a sense, there’s a little bit of Daily Mail in all of us – who hasn’t felt their cheeks flush and blood boil when snapped by a speed camera or confronted with some maddening example of NHS bureaucracy?
“That’s what makes the Mail such a potent force – because while it’s loathsome, it’s also weirdly attuned to the dark heart of the British psyche.”

If you can get to see this programme, it sounds really worth watching.

By coincidence, it’s particularly relevant today. Following on from yesterday’s post here and Xanderg’s (of badnewsbible’s) excellent comments, the Daily Mail seems intent on lowering the bar below its even its own usual ant-limboing level.

The Tory leader is calling for the repeal of the Human Rights Act and the government is doing its best to pull the despotism rug from under the Tories by itself challenging the operation of the courts. Scenting success for its worldview, the Daily Mail has redoubled its attack, over the Chindamo case.

Here are three headlines from pages linking to today’s main Stephen Lawrence storyMail’s pages which carries the title ‘He’s no risk’: why jail boss backed Lawrence killer (I’m selflessly ploughing through this rubbish so you don’t have to. You can get the flavour of it from the headlines. But if you want to try an experimental diet of the Daily Mail, the link will take you to enough pages to undermine your will to live):
The quangocrats who let Chindamo stay (They are referring to the Immigration Appeals Tribunal, not previously known as liberal trailblazers.)
Chindamo’s Mafia gangster father awaiting trial for murder in Spain (Guilt by association, even though it seems the boy has barely seen his father since he was three.)
COMMENTARY: Has the law deprived Frances Lawrence of justice?

The Commentary refers to an editorial piece which tugs at the reader’s sympathy and emotions but signally fails to make any logical connection between sympathy for Frances Lawrence and their case for overriding EC law to deport Chindamo.

Why does justice for Frances Lawrence require that her husband’s killer doesn’t live in Britain? I know that Great Britain is a small island (compared to the land mass of Canada, say) but there are still about 65 million of us living here. The chance of accidentally bumping into him in Tesco’s is statistically pretty slim.

Just in case you think we are all certifiably mad in the UK, there’s a reasoned piece by Katie Ghose in the Guardian. This human rights hysteria threatens every one of us.

Once again we are in the grip of human rights hysteria. Variously blamed for allowing prisoners access to porn and preventing police forces from publishing photographs of suspects, the latest attack on the Human Rights Act relates to the decision not to deport Learco Chindamo, who is serving a life sentence for the murder of head-teacher Philip Lawrence in 1995.
Human rights have never been a passport to porn – nor were they an obstacle to the conviction or sentence of Chindamo, who is serving a minimum of 12 years for his brutal attack. But the truth takes a back seat when there are juicy headlines to be made out of human rights “lunacy”.

          Manual - TC.Helicon VoiceLivePlay        
VoiceLive Play Details Manual(2).pdf Download this file

Posted via email from Marcio Agnelo - Marcius - @marcinho

          5 et 10km de Mably 2017        

          Top Eleven en iyi Emirler 2016        
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          Northumberland Humane Society        
The Northumberland Humane Society (NHS) is a charitable community resource dedicated to protecting and providing temporary shelter and comfort to all animals in need and promoting adoption and re-homing for abandoned, abused and unwanted companion animals. We promote humane treatment of all living things and work within the law to respond to and investigate all complaints of cruelty and neglect. Continue Reading
加拿大圭爾夫大學微生物生態學家Emma Allen-Vercoe åœ¨å°è…¸é“微生物進行了10 多年研究後指出,現代人過於注重潔淨,食物太過精細,動輒使用抗生素,這種生活方式正在損害人體內無形的微生物生態系統。
人類排泄物為研究細菌、真菌和病毒等微生物群落提供了一個窗口。Allen-Vercoe 發現,地球上最具多樣性、繁殖最密集的生態系統不在熱帶雨林中,也不在海洋中,而是在人類的腸道裡。人類“微生物”是體內數以萬億計生物體的統稱,是人類擁有健康體魄的關鍵所在。微生物做了大量有助消化的工作,更多證據還表明,其還能幫助人體抵禦哮喘、病原體、過敏、糖尿病,甚至某種形式的自閉症和癌症。
醫學界過去對它們了解很有限,其中有些種類完全不為人知。部分原因是它們很難在實驗室環境裡生存。7年前, Allen-Vercoe 用自己獲得的一筆獎金在圭爾夫大學建立了一個實驗室。研究腸道微生物的傳統方法是單個提取出來觀察,但是Allen-Vercoe 設計了“仿真腸道”,讓微生物生活在和人體內完全一樣的溫度和環境中,形成同樣的群落。“微生物跟青少年一樣,喜歡和朋友膩在一起。”她解釋說。至於它們的“食物”,自有志願者定期送上門來。
科學界對人體微生物生態系統的認識才剛剛開始。Allen-Vercoe 說,透過仿真腸道,“你可以傾聽微生物是如何交談、相處和互動的。”它們的小社會在人生病時會發生劇烈動盪。Allen-Vercoe 的研究小組試圖找出微生物和炎症、疾病的關係,並觀察藥物、荷爾蒙和食物對它們的影響。
Allen-Vercoe 表示,由於無菌生活是健康生活這一觀念深入人心,現代商場貨架上充斥著琳瑯滿目的“抗菌”物品,甚至連訂書機和文件夾等辦公用品上都標有“抗菌”標籤。令人憂心的是,這樣的觀念還被帶入了普通家庭,很多孩子在成長關鍵時期根本接觸不到有菌環境。
不過, Allen-Vercoe 更為擔心的是抗生素藥品的濫用,在對圭爾夫大學300 名學生的調查中,沒有一個學生說不曾使用過抗生素。她認為,抗生素可以用來救生,但幾十年來抗生素的使用同時也削弱和破壞了體內的微生物生態環境。抗生素在殺死有害菌的同時也殺死有益菌,進而使人體更易受到梭狀芽孢桿菌等耐藥雜菌的侵入,梭狀芽孢桿菌是人類干擾微生物而把事情搞砸的典型例子,其導致的腹瀉可致命,特別是對老年患者。人體內的微生物群落越來越孱弱,肥胖、糖尿病、過敏和哮喘等疾病卻越來越常見,可能和這種改變有很大的關係。
幽門螺旋桿菌可在胃酸這樣的惡劣環境中生存,一個世紀前,曾是人類胃裡占主導地位的微生物,但最近的調查顯示,美國、瑞典和德國這3個國家的兒童中,只有不到6% 還攜帶幽門螺旋桿菌。由於幽門螺旋桿菌會增加罹患胃潰瘍和胃癌的風險,醫生們最初認為它被消滅了是件好事。但是最新研究表示,體內缺乏微生物的人更易患花粉症和其他過敏症。美國紐約大學的Martin Blaser 博士還發現,幽門螺旋桿菌的消失還影響到兩種控制食慾的激素,這也許是肥胖流行的重要原因之一。
加拿大不列顛哥倫比亞大學的Brett Finlay 教授在做小鼠實驗時發現,幼年期接受的抗生素治療會損害那些幫助免疫系統發展辨識能力的微生物。這或許可以解釋,為什麼在一歲前服用或注射抗生素過敏性哮喘的發病比例較高,這種疾病症狀便是免疫系統對無害微生物、花粉和寵物毛的過度反應。
Allen-Vercoe 目前還在和西安大略大學的同行合作研究退化性自閉症。這種自閉症通常還伴有腸炎和某些種類的細菌增生。她領導的圭爾夫大學研究小組最近還發現,結腸腫瘤中存在大量的具核棱桿菌。這是一種口腔微生物,它們在結腸腫瘤里幹什麼呢?Allen-Vercoe 正在和不列顛哥倫比亞省癌症研究所的科學家們一起尋找答案。
儘管科學家們不斷發現體內微生物群和疾病的潛在聯繫,但是Allen-Vercoe 提醒說,如果我們因此認為可以繼續照著目前的方式生活,然後時不時修補一下我們的微生物群就行了,這是一種短視的想法。
Allen-Vercoe 建議,準媽媽們如果只是為了害怕分娩時痛苦而選擇剖腹產,那麼這選擇值得重新考慮。如果基於醫學上的需要而進行剖腹產手術,也應盡量確保嬰兒能接觸到產道分泌物。

          150 Things to Know on Canada’s 150th Birthday        
On the occasion of Canada’s 150th birthday here are 150 things to know...

1. Today, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is one of the world’s most popular political leaders.
2. Justin Trudeau emerged out of the shadows and into the political spotlight when delivering the eulogy at his father’s funeral, the late Pierre Elliot Trudeau in September 2000.
3. The four pallbearers at the funeral were Justin Trudeau, the Aga Khan, former President Jimmy Carter and…the late Cuban autocrat Fidel Castro.
4. Justin Trudeau’s brother, Alexandre Trudeau, is a fearless filmmaker, who was Embedded in Baghdad before, during and after the U.S. invasion in 2003.
5. While Justin is a social media star, his father was the true showman, who once famously pirouetted behind Queen Elizabeth’s back.
6. In fact, this was just one of many colorful moments. To this day in Canada to give the ‘Pierre Trudeau salute’ means something, very interesting…
7. And who can forget the moment featuring the Rolling Stones, the paparazzi and the Prime Minister.
8. However, the elder Trudeau also did some amazing things for Canada. For starters, until 1982 when he brought it back to Canada, the constitution was effectively governed by the Queen of England.
9. That same year he pushed through the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms.
10. This protection of Canadian rights and diversity did not emerge overnight. Back in 1971, the elder Trudeau declared the new Canadian multiculturalism policy.
11. Four years earlier, in 1967, Pierre Trudeau uttered these famous words: “There's no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation,” when he decriminalized homosexuality in sweeping changes to the criminal code.
12. It took Canada until 2005 to legalize same-sex marriage, being the first nation outside of Europe and fourth in the world to do so.
13. However, while things were eventful under Pierre Trudeau they were also turbulent. He suspended civil liberties during the ‘October Crisis’ in 1970, when he invoked the ‘War Measures Act’ after a provincial cabinet minister was kidnapped by separatist militants.
14. He also enacted the National Energy Program in the 1980s which effectively federalized revenues from energy resources in Alberta, creating long-term hostility towards the federal Liberal Party in the years to come in Western Canada.
15. Trudeau was also an antagonist to separatist ambitions in Quebec, delivering two fiery speeches, one in 1980, and another in 1995 to thwart referendums for independence.
16. All in all, the elder Trudeau served for 15 years but he wasn’t the longest serving Prime Minister. That would be William Lyon Mackenzie King, who served for 21 years.
17. In second place was the founding Prime Minister, John A. Macdonald, who served for 18 years – and who also had a bit of a drinking problem.
18. When Canada was founded in 1867, there were only four provinces: Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.
19. In fact it was not until 1949 that the last province, Newfoundland joined Canada, and that was only after a barely won referendum.
20. Canada also has three Territories: the Northwest Territories, Yukon, and Nunavat, the latter being formed in 1999.
21. The country is extremely ‘big’, the second largest in the world with over 2 million lakes, among other things.
22. But, 75% of Canadians actually live within 100 miles of the U.S.-Canada border.
23. This may be one of the reasons why the U.S.-Canada economic relationship is the largest in the world, estimated to total US$630 billion in 2016 alone.
24. Close to 30,000 trucks cross the border every single day between the two countries.
25. While things are rosy today, it wasn’t always so. During the War of 1812, the Canadas, as the British colonies were known then, went to battle with the U.S., ultimately burning down the White House on August 24, 1814.
26. War was quite frequent back then due to competing French, British, and American ambitions. After fierce fighting, the 1763 Treaty of Paris essentially gave the British control over much of French Canadian land.
27. In addition, one cannot forget that much of Canadian land belonged to the First Nations, who have been marginalized, ostracizied, occupied and colonized throughout much of Canadian history.
28. During Canada’s first years, a group of people called the Metis who were ethnically mixed between First nations and European descent, rose up in rebellion, ultimately establishing a short-lived provisional government in 1870.
29. The leader of that rebellion Louis Riel was ultimately ranked as the 11th Greatest Canadian.
30. That battle was only one of many for the acknowledgement of the rights of First Nations. One of the worst stains on Canadian history was the residential school system that at one point put a third of all First Nations children under the care of the state.
31. Thousands of students died, and many more were subject to emotional, physical, and sexual abuse.
32. While today, people acknowledge some of these aspects of history, the fight is not over. One of the scandals that was a campaign issue for Justin Trudeau, was the plight of up to 4,000 missing or murdered aboriginal women.
33. Canada’s history has not always been one of inclusivity. The Chinese Exclusion or Immigration Act of 1923 effectively banned immigrants of Chinese origin.
34. This was a culmination of violence and protests against immigrants from East and South Asia, including riots in 1907 in Vancouver, British Columbia.
35. Today, whites are expected to become a minority in Vancouver by 2031 (although I suspect this has already happened).
36. 20.6% of Canadians are foreign-born today and 19.1% identify themselves as visible minorities. 3% of the population identifies as Muslim.
37. There are more Sikhs in the Canadian Cabinet than there are in India’s government (4 versus 2).
38. It was not until the 1940s, however, that Sikhs truly received voting rights.
39. Canadian women achieved the right to vote around the same time as women in the U.S. in the late 1910s.
40. Canada also became home to a number of Black Canadians due to the Underground Railroad, although racism has reared its ugly head in Canada as well.
41. While ethnic and racial struggles have been real, so have class struggles. A lot of this culminated in gained labor rights and ultimately universal healthcare.
42. The ‘grandfather’ of universal healthcare was actually New Democratic Party leader Tommy Douglas, who was named the Greatest Canadian in that (in-)famous poll.
43. Tommy Douglas is also the grandfather of prominent Canadian actor Kiefer Sutherland.
44. Kiefer Sutherland’s father is Donald Sutherland, who married Tommy Douglas daughter, prominent public figure, Shirley Douglas.
45. While living in the U.S. Donald Sutherland retained only Canadian citizenship but lost the right to vote due to the Conservative Party’s new laws in 2015.
46. This also led to a rallying cry by then candidate Justin Trudeau, that “A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian.”
47. There are almost 3 million Canadians living abroad but many retain a vibrant Canadian identity.
48. For example, the Terry Fox Run, a hallmark of Canada, has been held in over 60 countries by countless millions over the years.
49. Through these runs over $650 million has been raised for cancer research.
50. And it is all inspired by Terry Fox, who ran the Marathon of Hope in 1980 after losing one leg to cancer.
51. He ended his run after reaching 5,373 kilometres over 143 days.
52. Inspired by Terry’s courage, a fellow West Coaster, Rick Hansen embarked on a Man in Motion World Tour for two years in 1985.
53. He criss-crossed 34 countries raising $26 million along the way.
54. It also inspired the song St. Elmo’s Fire, which reached #1 on the Billboard Charts.
55. The best-selling Canadian artist of all time remains Celine Dion, who has sold over 200 million albums worldwide.
56. It appears though that fellow Canadian Justin Bieber may soon beat her on the charts.
57. There are a lot of Canadian singers, that are quite prominent, but they often live abroad, like Bryan Adams.
58. In fact, Bryan Adams and Beverley Hills 90210 star Jason Priestly went to the same high school, Argyle Secondary School in Vancouver.
59. And while Bryan Adams is known for his singing, he once mixed up the lyrics of the Canadian national anthem.
60. The Canadian national anthem, ‘O Canada’, was itself composed in 1880.
61. However, the lyrics of the anthem were originally French and were then translated into English.
L'oeil se fait de plus en plus remarquer
Katy Perry ne cesse de faire la promotion de la sexualité précoce, l'homosexualité, la magie et le matérialisme dans ses clips. Rien que cela devrait déjà vous faire savoir dans quel camp elle est, puisque ces valeurs sont à l'opposé de celles que Le Créateur voudrait que nous possédions. En réalité, nous n'avons pas besoin de détecter les messages subliminaux ou bien les symboles occultes pour savoir si une célébrité bosse pour Satan ou non. Il nous suffit tout simplement d'avoir un minimum de bon sens et une connaissance moyenne de la Parole de Dieu. Je suis triste de voir que tant de personnes n'ouvrent les yeux que lorsqu'ils voient les symboles occultes dans ces clips vidéos, pourtant le genre de messages de l'artiste en question dans ses clips, devrait vous faire savoir clairement pour quelle entité la star bosse. Nous avons pas mal de célébrités qui aiment afficher leur affiliation à l’Égypte, nous avons notamment Shaggy, Naomi Campbell, Alicia Keys, et tant d'autres... Je ne vais pas entrer en profondeur dans mon analyse de ce clip, je vais simplement vous présenter l’Égypte sur le plan spirituel.

Dans le sens biblique du terme, l’Égypte est le siège de la rébellion contre Dieu, c'est en Égypte que le peuple de Dieu fut mis en esclavage pendant plus de 400 ans, et c'est de l’Égypte que fut délivré le peuple juif pour aller dans la terre promise. L’Égypte symbolise le siège des abominations, d'où la parole:

Quand ils auront achevé leur témoignage, la bête qui monte de l'abîme leur fera la guerre, les vaincra, et les tuera. Et leurs cadavres seront sur la place de la grande ville, qui est appelée, dans un sens spirituel, Sodome et Egypte, là même où leur Seigneur a été crucifié. (Apocalypse 11:7-8)
Symboliquement parlant, l'Egypte est une entité qui combat contre l'Eternel et contre ses oints. Il ne s'agit nullement de l'Egypte actuelle et de ses habitants, nous parlons bel et bien de l'Egypte antique et ce qu'elle symbolise. Je crois bien qu'ils ont choisi l'Egypte antique pour justement exprimer cette idée dans le clip, d'où l'image d'en dessous:
Traduction : Memphis, Egypte. Il y a très très longtemps...
Ce clip a tellement de symboles sataniques, je n'en présenterai que quelques uns, ceux que nous connaissons tous pour la plupart.

La femme et le Serpent : Une puissante rébellion.

Katy Perry dans les bras des dieux égyptiens
Dieu à plusieurs reprises au cours de l'histoire, a pourtant chatié les dieux de l'Egypte.
Cette nuit-là, je passerai dans le pays d'Égypte, et je frapperai tous les premiers-nés du pays d'Égypte, depuis les hommes jusqu'aux animaux, et j'exercerai des jugements contre tous les dieux de l'Égypte. Je suis l'Éternel. (Exode 12:12)

L'Eternel des armées, le Dieu d'Israël, dit: Voici, je vais châtier Amon de No, Pharaon, l'Egypte, ses dieux et ses rois, Pharaon et ceux qui se confient en lui. (Jérémie 46:25)
Mais Katy Perry, elle, préfère les utiliser comme esprits guides. Elle préfère se confier en des dieux qui sont de loin inférieurs au Seul et Unique Vrai Dieu de l'univers, tout cela pour obtenir la gloire éphémère de ce monde. Les paroles de ce clip sont plutôt explicites dans ce sens:

So you wanna play with magic
Boy, you should know what you're falling for
Baby do you dare to do this?

Cause I'm coming at you like a dark horse
Are you ready for, ready for
A perfect storm, perfect storm
Cause once you're mine, once you're mine
There's no going back

Ainsi tu veux jouer avec la magie
Mon garçon, il faut que tu saches ce que tu fais
Mon petit oserais-tu le faire?

Parce que je viens à toi comme un cheval noir
Es-tu prêt pour, prêt pour
Pour une puissante tempête, puissante tempête
Parce qu'une fois que tu m'appartiens, une fois que tu m'appartiens
Tu ne peux plus repartir en arrière

Nous sommes en plein dans la magie, et ce morceau, comme la majorité des clips vidéos d'ailleurs,  ne fait que confirmer les pratiques rituelles qu'effectue Katy Perry dans le noir, c'est-à-dire loin des écrans de télévision.

L'oeil des illuminati, une fois de plus.

La pyramide : Symbole de l’impérialisme luciférien.

Les yeux sur les cheveux

Le déploiement des ailes, tel un ange du ciel.

La Diva.
On voit dans ce clip comment Katy Perry vit dans l'extrême opulence, telle une déesse. Ce sont des valeurs qu'ils veulent à tout prix introduire dans nos esprits, des valeurs pourtant contraires à la sobriété des enfants de Dieu, telle que la Bible nous l'enseigne:

C'est par la foi que Moïse, devenu grand, refusa d'être appelé fils de la fille de Pharaon, aimant mieux être maltraité avec le peuple de Dieu que d'avoir pour un temps la jouissance du péché, regardant l'opprobre de Christ comme une richesse plus grande que les trésors de l'Egypte, car il avait les yeux fixés sur la rémunération. (Hebreux 11:24-26)
Une immense Pyramide

Son acolyte qui sort du cercueil avec des serpents, tel un franc-maçon initié.
Ces types en fait nous présentent en plein jour et de manière ludique, ce qu'ils ont l'habitude de faire dans leurs cercles hermétiques. Ces clips sont donc des cultes aux démons, ce sont des manières de célébrer la puissance de Satan sur terre.

Le fameux oeil une fois de plus

Katy Perry au sommet de la pyramide : Elle a atteint un haut niveau d'initiation magique
C'est finalement et définitivement ce qu'il vous faut retenir : Ceux qui s'attaquent à la parole de Dieu sont des ennemis de Dieu, tout simplement! Il ne suffit pas de voir des signes occultes et symboles partout pour le confirmer, ça c'est une autre ruse de Satan. Et je sais de quoi je parle. Il existe des milliers de sites internet comme le mien, qui exposent les signes et symboles, mais au final, pour beaucoup de personnes ça devient une activité passionnante, un passe-temps qui fait perdre beaucoup de temps. Et ces personnes-là ne finissent pas toujours par s'intéresser à la parole de Dieu. C'est la raison pour laquelle nous devons davantage concentrer nos efforts dans la propagation de la parole de Dieu, de manière à ce que toute personne soit dans l'obéissance et la droite, et par conséquent, lorsqu'une Katy Perry ou autre personne se présentera face à eux, ils seront à mesure de détecter immédiatement son jeu. Il y a une guerre spirituelle qui se déroule, les gens comme Katy Perry bossent pour les dieux qui sont contre l’Éternel, ces dieux qui ser