Aneba is a typeface created by Mateusz Machalski and published by Borutta. You’ll find 10 geometric fonts perfect for long text and headlines. Enjoy! Download Aneba font Aneba font details Foundry: Borutta Released: 2013 Price: all 10 fonts for only $20.00 $100.00
          tattoos quotes for chest ideas        

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tattoos quotes for chest ideas
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tattoos quotes for chest ideas
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blog entry 22

blog entry 38
          Signal 27: Nabir Enthru        
I'm Vaux, an Informed Jack who Tells Tales. This is my Signal.

If you can hear this broadcast, it is for Nabir Enthru, a foundry city in the heart of Vralk, the Red Kingdom.

The mutant master of the city is obsessed with finding out the loathsome secret of Haulak the Blood-Speaker. And what sorts of games do the violent Vralkans call 'sport?'

Listen to it. Remember it. Pass it along.


Episode 27: Nabir Enthru

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (abbreviated AMD; NYSE: AMD) is an American manufacturer of integrated circuits based in Sunnyvale, California. The company was founded in 1969 by a group of former executives from Fairchild Semiconductor, including Jerry Sanders, III, Ed Turney, John Carey, Sven Simonsen, Jack Gifford and three members from Gifford's team, Frank Botte, Jim Giles and Larry Stenger.

It is the world's second-largest supplier of x86 based processors, AMD is also the world's second largest supplier of graphics cards and GPUs after taking control over ATI in 2006. AMD also owns a 37% share of Spansion, a supplier of non-volatile flash memory.

AMD Live!

AMD Live! logo (TM)
AMD Live! logo (TM)
Main article: AMD Live!

AMD LIVE! was originally the name of Advanced Micro Devices' initiative to gather the support of professional musicians and other media producers behind its hardware products. The primary focus of this initiative was the Opteron server- and workstation-class central processing unit.

AMD subsequently extended AMD LIVE! into a platform marketing initiative focusing the consumer electronics segment.

AMD LIVE! was first announced on January 4, 2006 officially through press release.

[edit] AMD Quad FX platform

Main article: AMD Quad FX platform

[edit] Geode processors

Main article: AMD Geode

In August 2003, AMD also purchased the Geode business (originally the Cyrix MediaGX) from National Semiconductor to augment its existing line of embedded x86 processor products. During the second quarter of 2004, it launched new low-power Geode NX processors based on the K7 Thoroughbred architecture with speeds of 667 MHz and 1 GHz (fanless), and 1.4 GHz (TDP 25W).

[edit] Pacifica/AMD-V

AMD's virtualization extension to the 64-bit x86 architecture is named AMD Virtualization (also known by the abbreviation AMD-V), and is sometimes referred to by the code name "Pacifica".

AMD processors using Socket AM2, Socket S1, and Socket F include AMD Virtualization support. AMD Virtualization is also supported by release two (x2xx series) of the Opteron processors.

[edit] Production and fabrication

“ Only real men have fabs. ”

—Former AMD CEO Jerry Sanders, III, [4]

AMD produces their own processors in wholly owned semiconductor Fabrication Plants, called "FABs."

AMD uses a "FAB x" naming convention for their production facilities, where "x" is the number of years that have passed between the founding of AMD and the date the FAB opened.

At their Fabrication facilities, AMD utilizes a system called Automated Precision Manufacturing (APM). APM is a collection of manufacturing technologies AMD has developed over their history (many of which AMD holds patents for), which are designed to enhance the microprocessor production process, primarily in terms of yield. Much of APM is related to removing the "human equation" from the manufacturing process by isolating in-process wafers in containers that are only exposed to clean room facilities. AMD claims that the technologies that combine to make APM are unique to the industry and make it the foremost semiconductor manufacturer in the world - a fact which is lent some credence by their current agreement with Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing based in Singapore. India's first Fab City, a silicon chip manufacturing facility, being setup with an investment of $3 billion by the AMD-SemIndia consortium

AMD currently has a production agreement with foundry Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing which allows Chartered access to AMD Automated Precision Manufacturing (APM) process technology, in exchange for which Chartered will act as extra production capacity for AMD.

AMD has planned expansions in their production capacity. In addition to the completion of Fab 36 in Dresden (300 mm 90 nm process SOI), AMD is planning to upgrade Fab 30 (adjacent to Fab 36) in Dresden from 200 mm 90nm process SOI to a 300 mm 65 nm process silicon on insulator|SOI facility and rename it Fab 38, and open a new facility at the Luther Park Technology Campus in Stillwater, New York (likely 300 mm 32 nm process SOI production) between years 2009 to 2010.

AMD Quad FX platform

Main article: AMD Quad FX platform

[edit] Geode processors

Main article: AMD Geode

In August 2003, AMD also purchased the Geode business (originally the Cyrix MediaGX) from National Semiconductor to augment its existing line of embedded x86 processor products. During the second quarter of 2004, it launched new low-power Geode NX processors based on the K7 Thoroughbred architecture with speeds of 667 MHz and 1 GHz (fanless), and 1.4 GHz (TDP 25W).

          Thermoforming Conversion Story:        
Trike Conversion Kit Light Bars

California Sidecar, a 30-year industry leader in motorcycle trike conversion kits, was looking to find ways of cutting costs with a specific focus on the type of materials used to make their conversion kits. Obviously, due to lower volumes and high impact and structural requirements, fiberglass is a choice material for most of the applications on their kits. However, because fiberglass dominated, several components were sourced as fiberglass where plastics were more suitable and economical. One such component was the light bar assembly, a cosmetic rear panel that adds additional LED lights to the conversion kit for style and safety. It was determined that an ABS vacuum form would not only prove to be more economical but also resulted in an easier assembly process and weight elimination.

The process of converting the light bars from fiberglass to an ABS thermoformed plastic component required addressing a few design characteristic requirements necessary for the light bar’s function and aesthetics. Firstly, in order to achieve a class-A painted surface on the exterior of the light bar, a female mold would be necessary with a polished surface free of even slight imperfections. Secondly, the opposite ends of the light bars required undercut (or die-lock) features so that the final assembly would show no trimmed edges in order to achieve a high-end appearance. Since the undercut edge geometry was on a curve, hydraulically–controlled indexing details were selected to mold the undercut geometry. These undercut  details would then subsequently open up and allow the vacuum form to index from the mold cavity. Due to the mold size and deep-draw geometry a cast aluminum mold proved to be far more economical than an aluminum mold cut from billet. However, given that a CNC-cut surface was necessary to achieve the required finish it was determined to use a Renboard-cut foundry pattern with hand-constructed run out data. A very high quality cast aluminum mold with minimal porosity was developed and the mold surface was benched to perfection. Lastly, during the thermoforming process, a matched surface plug assist is utilized to achieve adequate material distribution and consistency. In the end a very high-end and aesthetically pleasing light bar was introduced to two of their Trike models providing the cost savings they needed while maintaining critical appearance and performance requirements.

Light Bar Close-Up Shot

Overall Trike Conversion Shot

Learn more at our website or call us today at 1-800-691-2816 to discuss your next project or get a copy of our capabilities brochure!
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          The Emperor's cherished daughters        

I've just completed my first unit of Napoleonic artillery; a pair of 12 pounders of La Garde.

I felt that the Perry crew of 4 was somewhat meagre, so added a couple of Foundry gunners and a couple of Perry/Victrix plastic hybrid figures, for variety.  The other figures also had greatcoats which ties in with the look of the army I am slowly building for early 1814.  The buckets are conversions, and the ammo boxes are from Front Rank.

Basing posed a bit of a dilemma.  I had wanted them on a 45mm frontage, to match the base size of my infantry, but found that 60mm was the bare minimum width for the gunners to be positioned around the guns in a broadly historical manner.  I could be tempted to go even wider...


A WIP shot of the Garde gunners.  I hope to have them ready for a game on Tuesday.  A vicarious mix of Perry, Foundry and Victrix conversions...

          Edinburgh Cocktail Recommendations        
Given that my blog is called Cocktails & Daydreams, I publish surprisingly little content on the former.  Well today I'm making up for that with a bumper cocktail related post with my tips on good places to grab a drink in my favourite city.

Foundry 39
A newbie on the Edinburgh food & drink scene is Foundry 39 on Queensferry Street.  I was invited recently to try out their cocktail menu so I took along my mum to help me (she didn't need much persuading).

For my first drink I went for an East 8 Hold Up - Absolut Vodka, Aperol, pineapple juice, passion fruit syrup, lime juice, and sugar syrup.  This was the perfect thirst-quencher - it fell into that category of tasting just like juice, so I could have quite easily drank the whole thing in about 5 minutes.  My mum went for a Peach & Rhubarb Bellini - Prosecco, white peach purée, and rhubarb liqueur - which she enjoyed so much that she had the same for her second drink too.  I however went for a different choice and picked a Purple Rain - Lavender-infused Bombay Dry Gin, violet droplets, blueberries, lemon juice, and honey - which came in an Instagram friendly copper mug (unfortunately it was too dark to take a photo, but it was so cute I was tempted to nick it for my new house).  

We also ordered a couple of burgers to soak up all that booze - cheeseburger for mum, maple-glazed bacon for me.  The food definitely hit the spot - especially the sweet potato fries which were crisped to perfection.  

There's still several more cocktails I want to try on the menu (starting with the Watermelon Collins) so I'll definitely be back soon.  I also fancy trying their sourdough pizzas, oh and definitely more of those sweet potato fries!

All Bar One
One of my favourite girls night activities is a cocktail class - I've been to quite a few over the years, so I was excited to be asked to try out the new offering at All Bar One a few months ago. I took along my pal Jemma to the Festival Square bar one Thursday after work where we were seated with a couple of other bloggers and introduced to our lovely French barman (insert whistle and winky face here).  The format for the class was very relaxed, we were talked through a cocktail recipe and then we all got to make it at our seats at the same time (and then drink it obvs).  The other classes I've been to have involved a lot of standing around watching other people make cocktails and waiting for your turn, so you got to drink a lot quicker here!

Another thing slightly different to the other classes I've been to was the cocktail shaker - instead of the usual metal shaker and glass method, at All Bar One they have mason jars with lids - so no more trying to slap the shaker at exactly the right spot to dislodge your glass (which I once did so violently that I knocked a stone out of my engagement ring).  

We made 3 cocktails, a Cosmopolitan, a Pomegranate Daiquiri (my favourite!) and an Espresso Martini.  So that's 3 pretty bloody strong cocktails in the space of about 1.5 hours.  May I remind you that this was a Thursday at 6pm.  A school night.  On an empty stomach.  Needless to say that Jemma and I were so pissed we had to go for a burger at Byron before heading home.  If it had been a Saturday then I think it would have been an ideal warm up for a night out.

Btw I vlogged the class which you can watch here if you fancy!

Tried & Tested Faves
All Bar One and Foundry 39 are new discoveries for me on the cocktails front, but here's some of my old Edinburgh favourites that I'd also recommend:

Apologies for all the shite photos by the way - I find it impossible to take good pictures of cocktails as it's either a) too dark, or b) I'm too busy drinking to remember to take one.

          Bronze casting of the Dancer complete        
     The Bronze casting of the Dancer is now complete.  If you were able to visit my latest work called "Hand" you might have come across a figure in one room who danced in front of a wall of blue butterflies.  I have, in the past, created studies for my characters in wire, wood and something called Hyrdrocal but after speaking to my friend Toy, I decided to make the jump into Bronze.  It is a big jump because it is quite expensive to do and you kind of just have to hope someone will want to buy them after you have invested in having them made.  In the picture to the right you can see some of the stages I went through before finally arriving at the bronze casting.  The first shows the model I created in Zbrush, a 3D program.  The middle image is of the Dancer within the virtual space of Second Life.  The third image to the left in white is the 3D print.  From there is created the wax model which you can see below.  We used the lost wax process to create a mold to hold the molten bronze.  Essentially you create a cast around the model then melt it so that the wax runs out leaving a cavity to pour the bronze into.  Then 30 were created with each being 4 inches tall.

Below you can see some more images showing molten bronze being poured.  So yeah I am really excited.  If you are interested in purchasing one of the 30 bronze sculptures then please email me at giving your address for shipping as well as the edition number you wish to purchase.  There is a list showing which ones have already been sold and what is still available.  I have decided to first put the work up for sale to Second Life users who have supported me for the last ten years and then what is left over will go into a first life gallery or exhibitions to be sold.


The Dancer

Each is sold in US dollars with shipping extra. 

1st =  $400 (Sold)
Trezi Sensair
2nd= $375 (Sold)
Venus Adored
3rd= $350 (Sold)
4th= $325 (Sold)
5th= $300 (Sold)
Nickola Martynov

6-10 =  $275 (Sold)

6 BelAmi Runningbear
The Foundry Katana 2.6v3 Win/Lnx
The Foundry Katana 2.6v3 Win/Lnx

          100 announcements (!) from Google Cloud Next '17        

San Francisco — What a week! Google Cloud Next ‘17 has come to the end, but really, it’s just the beginning. We welcomed 10,000+ attendees including customers, partners, developers, IT leaders, engineers, press, analysts, cloud enthusiasts (and skeptics). Together we engaged in 3 days of keynotes, 200+ sessions, and 4 invitation-only summits. Hard to believe this was our first show as all of Google Cloud with GCP, G Suite, Chrome, Maps and Education. Thank you to all who were here with us in San Francisco this week, and we hope to see you next year.

If you’re a fan of video highlights, we’ve got you covered. Check out our Day 1 keynote (in less than 4 minutes) and Day 2 keynote (in under 5!).

One of the common refrains from customers and partners throughout the conference was “Wow, you’ve been busy. I can’t believe how many announcements you’ve had at Next!” So we decided to count all the announcements from across Google Cloud and in fact we had 100 (!) announcements this week.

For the list lovers amongst you, we’ve compiled a handy-dandy run-down of our announcements from the past few days:


Google Cloud is excited to welcome two new acquisitions to the Google Cloud family this week, Kaggle and AppBridge.

1. Kaggle - Kaggle is one of the world's largest communities of data scientists and machine learning enthusiasts. Kaggle and Google Cloud will continue to support machine learning training and deployment services in addition to offering the community the ability to store and query large datasets.

2. AppBridge - Google Cloud acquired Vancouver-based AppBridge this week, which helps you migrate data from on-prem file servers into G Suite and Google Drive.


Google Cloud brings a suite of new security features to Google Cloud Platform and G Suite designed to help safeguard your company’s assets and prevent disruption to your business: 

3. Identity-Aware Proxy (IAP) for Google Cloud Platform (Beta) - Identity-Aware Proxy lets you provide access to applications based on risk, rather than using a VPN. It provides secure application access from anywhere, restricts access by user, identity and group, deploys with integrated phishing resistant Security Key and is easier to setup than end-user VPN.

4. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Google Cloud Platform (Beta) - Data Loss Prevention API lets you scan data for 40+ sensitive data types, and is used as part of DLP in Gmail and Drive. You can find and redact sensitive data stored in GCP, invigorate old applications with new sensitive data sensing “smarts” and use predefined detectors as well as customize your own.

5. Key Management Service (KMS) for Google Cloud Platform (GA) - Key Management Service allows you to generate, use, rotate, and destroy symmetric encryption keys for use in the cloud.

6. Security Key Enforcement (SKE) for Google Cloud Platform (GA) - Security Key Enforcement allows you to require security keys be used as the 2-Step verification factor for enhanced anti-phishing security whenever a GCP application is accessed.

7. Vault for Google Drive (GA) - Google Vault is the eDiscovery and archiving solution for G Suite. Vault enables admins to easily manage their G Suite data lifecycle and search, preview and export the G Suite data in their domain. Vault for Drive enables full support for Google Drive content, including Team Drive files.

8. Google-designed security chip, Titan - Google uses Titan to establish hardware root of trust, allowing us to securely identify and authenticate legitimate access at the hardware level. Titan includes a hardware random number generator, performs cryptographic operations in the isolated memory, and has a dedicated secure processor (on-chip).


New GCP data analytics products and services help organizations solve business problems with data, rather than spending time and resources building, integrating and managing the underlying infrastructure:

9. BigQuery Data Transfer Service (Private Beta) - BigQuery Data Transfer Service makes it easy for users to quickly get value from all their Google-managed advertising datasets. With just a few clicks, marketing analysts can schedule data imports from Google Adwords, DoubleClick Campaign Manager, DoubleClick for Publishers and YouTube Content and Channel Owner reports.

10. Cloud Dataprep (Private Beta) - Cloud Dataprep is a new managed data service, built in collaboration with Trifacta, that makes it faster and easier for BigQuery end-users to visually explore and prepare data for analysis without the need for dedicated data engineer resources.

11. New Commercial Datasets - Businesses often look for datasets (public or commercial) outside their organizational boundaries. Commercial datasets offered include financial market data from Xignite, residential real-estate valuations (historical and projected) from HouseCanary, predictions for when a house will go on sale from Remine, historical weather data from AccuWeather, and news archives from Dow Jones, all immediately ready for use in BigQuery (with more to come as new partners join the program).

12. Python for Google Cloud Dataflow in GA - Cloud Dataflow is a fully managed data processing service supporting both batch and stream execution of pipelines. Until recently, these benefits have been available solely to Java developers. Now there’s a Python SDK for Cloud Dataflow in GA.

13. Stackdriver Monitoring for Cloud Dataflow (Beta) - We’ve integrated Cloud Dataflow with Stackdriver Monitoring so that you can access and analyze Cloud Dataflow job metrics and create alerts for specific Dataflow job conditions.

14. Google Cloud Datalab in GA - This interactive data science workflow tool makes it easy to do iterative model and data analysis in a Jupyter notebook-based environment using standard SQL, Python and shell commands.

15. Cloud Dataproc updates - Our fully managed service for running Apache Spark, Flink and Hadoop pipelines has new support for restarting failed jobs (including automatic restart as needed) in beta, the ability to create single-node clusters for lightweight sandbox development, in beta, GPU support, and the cloud labels feature, for more flexibility managing your Dataproc resources, is now GA.


New GCP databases and database features round out a platform on which developers can build great applications across a spectrum of use cases:

16. Cloud SQL for Postgre SQL (Beta) - Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL implements the same design principles currently reflected in Cloud SQL for MySQL, namely, the ability to securely store and connect to your relational data via open standards.

17. Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise (GA) - Available on Google Compute Engine, plus support for Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC) and SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability (GA).

18. Cloud SQL for MySQL improvements - Increased performance for demanding workloads via 32-core instances with up to 208GB of RAM, and central management of resources via Identity and Access Management (IAM) controls.

19. Cloud Spanner - Launched a month ago, but still, it would be remiss not to mention it because, hello, it’s Cloud Spanner! The industry’s first horizontally scalable, globally consistent, relational database service.

20. SSD persistent-disk performance improvements - SSD persistent disks now have increased throughput and IOPS performance, which are particularly beneficial for database and analytics workloads. Read these docs for complete details about persistent-disk performance.

21. Federated query on Cloud Bigtable - We’ve extended BigQuery’s reach to query data inside Cloud Bigtable, the NoSQL database service for massive analytic or operational workloads that require low latency and high throughput (particularly common in Financial Services and IoT use cases).


New GCP Cloud Machine Learning services bolster our efforts to make machine learning accessible to organizations of all sizes and sophistication:

22.  Cloud Machine Learning Engine (GA) - Cloud ML Engine, now generally available, is for organizations that want to train and deploy their own models into production in the cloud.

23. Cloud Video Intelligence API (Private Beta) - A first of its kind, Cloud Video Intelligence API lets developers easily search and discover video content by providing information about entities (nouns such as “dog,” “flower”, or “human” or verbs such as “run,” “swim,” or “fly”) inside video content.

24. Cloud Vision API (GA) - Cloud Vision API reaches GA and offers new capabilities for enterprises and partners to classify a more diverse set of images. The API can now recognize millions of entities from Google’s Knowledge Graph and offers enhanced OCR capabilities that can extract text from scans of text-heavy documents such as legal contracts or research papers or books.

25. Machine learning Advanced Solution Lab (ASL) - ASL provides dedicated facilities for our customers to directly collaborate with Google’s machine-learning experts to apply ML to their most pressing challenges.

26. Cloud Jobs API - A powerful aid to job search and discovery, Cloud Jobs API now has new features such as Commute Search, which will return relevant jobs based on desired commute time and preferred mode of transportation.

27. Machine Learning Startup Competition - We announced a Machine Learning Startup Competition in collaboration with venture capital firms Data Collective and Emergence Capital, and with additional support from a16z, Greylock Partners, GV, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Sequoia Capital.


New GCP pricing continues our intention to create customer-friendly pricing that’s as smart as our products; and support services that are geared towards meeting our customers where they are:

28. Compute Engine price cuts - Continuing our history of pricing leadership, we’ve cut Google Compute Engine prices by up to 8%.

29. Committed Use Discounts - With Committed Use Discounts, customers can receive a discount of up to 57% off our list price, in exchange for a one or three year purchase commitment paid monthly, with no upfront costs.

30. Free trial extended to 12 months - We’ve extended our free trial from 60 days to 12 months, allowing you to use your $300 credit across all GCP services and APIs, at your own pace and schedule. Plus, we’re introduced new Always Free products -- non-expiring usage limits that you can use to test and develop applications at no cost. Visit the Google Cloud Platform Free Tier page for details.

31. Engineering Support - Our new Engineering Support offering is a role-based subscription model that allows us to match engineer to engineer, to meet you where your business is, no matter what stage of development you’re in. It has 3 tiers:

  • Development engineering support - ideal for developers or QA engineers that can manage with a response within four to eight business hours, priced at $100/user per month.
  • Production engineering support provides a one-hour response time for critical issues at $250/user per month.
  • On-call engineering support pages a Google engineer and delivers a 15-minute response time 24x7 for critical issues at $1,500/user per month.

32. site - Google Cloud Platform Community is a new site to learn, connect and share with other people like you, who are interested in GCP. You can follow along with tutorials or submit one yourself, find meetups in your area, and learn about community resources for GCP support, open source projects and more.


New GCP developer platforms and tools reinforce our commitment to openness and choice and giving you what you need to move fast and focus on great code.

33. Google AppEngine Flex (GA) - We announced a major expansion of our popular App Engine platform to new developer communities that emphasizes openness, developer choice, and application portability.

34. Cloud Functions (Beta) - Google Cloud Functions has launched into public beta. It is a serverless environment for creating event-driven applications and microservices, letting you build and connect cloud services with code.

35. Firebase integration with GCP (GA) - Firebase Storage is now Google Cloud Storage for Firebase and adds support for multiple buckets, support for linking to existing buckets, and integrates with Google Cloud Functions.

36. Cloud Container Builder - Cloud Container Builder is a standalone tool that lets you build your Docker containers on GCP regardless of deployment environment. It’s a fast, reliable, and consistent way to package your software into containers as part of an automated workflow.

37. Community Tutorials (Beta)  - With community tutorials, anyone can now submit or request a technical how-to for Google Cloud Platform.


Secure, global and high-performance, we’ve built our cloud for the long haul. This week we announced a slew of new infrastructure updates. 

38. New data center region: California - This new GCP region delivers lower latency for customers on the West Coast of the U.S. and adjacent geographic areas. Like other Google Cloud regions, it will feature a minimum of three zones, benefit from Google’s global, private fibre network, and offer a complement of GCP services.

39. New data center region: Montreal - This new GCP region delivers lower latency for customers in Canada and adjacent geographic areas. Like other Google Cloud regions, it will feature a minimum of three zones, benefit from Google’s global, private fibre network, and offer a complement of GCP services.

40. New data center region: Netherlands - This new GCP region delivers lower latency for customers in Western Europe and adjacent geographic areas. Like other Google Cloud regions, it will feature a minimum of three zones, benefit from Google’s global, private fibre network, and offer a complement of GCP services.

41. Google Container Engine - Managed Nodes - Google Container Engine (GKE) has added Automated Monitoring and Repair of your GKE nodes, letting you focus on your applications while Google ensures your cluster is available and up-to-date.

42. 64 Core machines + more memory - We have doubled the number of vCPUs you can run in an instance from 32 to 64 and up to 416GB of memory per instance.

43. Internal Load balancing (GA) - Internal Load Balancing, now GA, lets you run and scale your services behind a private load balancing IP address which is accessible only to your internal instances, not the internet.

44. Cross-Project Networking (Beta) - Cross-Project Networking (XPN), now in beta, is a virtual network that provides a common network across several Google Cloud Platform projects, enabling simple multi-tenant deployments.


In the past year, we’ve launched 300+ features and updates for G Suite and this week we announced our next generation of collaboration and communication tools.

45. Team Drives (GA for G Suite Business, Education and Enterprise customers) - Team Drives help teams simply and securely manage permissions, ownership and file access for an organization within Google Drive.

46. Drive File Stream (EAP) - Drive File Stream is a way to quickly stream files directly from the cloud to your computer With Drive File Steam, company data can be accessed directly from your laptop, even if you don’t have much space on your hard drive.

47. Google Vault for Drive (GA for G Suite Business, Education and Enterprise customers) - Google Vault for Drive now gives admins the governance controls they need to manage and secure all of their files, including employee Drives and Team Drives. Google Vault for Drive also lets admins set retention policies that automatically keep what’s needed and delete what’s not.

48. Quick Access in Team Drives (GA) - powered by Google’s machine intelligence, Quick Access helps to surface the right information for employees at the right time within Google Drive. Quick Access now works with Team Drives on iOS and Android devices, and is coming soon to the web.

49. Hangouts Meet (GA to existing customers) - Hangouts Meet is a new video meeting experience built on the Hangouts that can run 30-person video conferences without accounts, plugins or downloads. For G Suite Enterprise customers, each call comes with a dedicated dial-in phone number so that team members on the road can join meetings without wifi or data issues.

50. Hangouts Chat (EAP) - Hangouts Chat is an intelligent communication app in Hangouts with dedicated, virtual rooms that connect cross-functional enterprise teams. Hangouts Chat integrates with G Suite apps like Drive and Docs, as well as photos, videos and other third-party enterprise apps.

51. @meet - @meet is an intelligent bot built on top of the Hangouts platform that uses natural language processing and machine learning to automatically schedule meetings for your team with Hangouts Meet and Google Calendar.

52. Gmail Add-ons for G Suite (Developer Preview) - Gmail Add-ons provide a way to surface the functionality of your app or service directly in Gmail. With Add-ons, developers only build their integration once, and it runs natively in Gmail on web, Android and iOS.

53. Edit Opportunities in Google Sheets - with Edit Opportunities in Google Sheets, sales reps can sync a Salesforce Opportunity List View to Sheets to bulk edit data and changes are synced automatically to Salesforce, no upload required.

54. Jamboard - Our whiteboard in the cloud goes GA in May! Jamboard merges the worlds of physical and digital creativity. It’s real time collaboration on a brilliant scale, whether your team is together in the conference room or spread all over the world.


Building on the momentum from a growing number of businesses using Chrome digital signage and kiosks, we added new management tools and APIs in addition to introducing support for Android Kiosk apps on supported Chrome devices. 

55. Android Kiosk Apps for Chrome - Android Kiosk for Chrome lets users manage and deploy Chrome digital signage and kiosks for both web and Android apps. And with Public Session Kiosks, IT admins can now add a number of Chrome packaged apps alongside hosted apps.

56. Chrome Kiosk Management Free trial - This free trial gives customers an easy way to test out Chrome for signage and kiosk deployments.

57. Chrome Device Management (CDM) APIs for Kiosks - These APIs offer programmatic access to various Kiosk policies. IT admins can schedule a device reboot through the new APIs and integrate that functionality directly in a third- party console.

58. Chrome Stability API - This new API allows Kiosk app developers to improve the reliability of the application and the system.


Attendees at Google Cloud Next ‘17 heard stories from many of our valued customers:

59. Colgate - Colgate-Palmolive partnered with Google Cloud and SAP to bring thousands of employees together through G Suite collaboration and productivity tools. The company deployed G Suite to 28,000 employees in less than six months.

60. Disney Consumer Products & Interactive (DCPI) - DCPI is on target to migrate out of its legacy infrastructure this year, and is leveraging machine learning to power next generation guest experiences.

61. eBay - eBay uses Google Cloud technologies including Google Container Engine, Machine Learning and AI for its ShopBot, a personal shopping bot on Facebook Messenger.

62. HSBC - HSBC is one of the world's largest financial and banking institutions and making a large investment in transforming its global IT. The company is working closely with Google to deploy Cloud DataFlow, BigQuery and other data services to power critical proof of concept projects.

63. LUSH - LUSH migrated its global e-commerce site from AWS to GCP in less than six weeks, significantly improving the reliability and stability of its site. LUSH benefits from GCP’s ability to scale as transaction volume surges, which is critical for a retail business. In addition, Google's commitment to renewable energy sources aligns with LUSH's ethical principles.

64. Oden Technologies - Oden was part of Google Cloud’s startup program, and switched its entire platform to GCP from AWS. GCP offers Oden the ability to reliably scale while keeping costs low, perform under heavy loads and consistently delivers sophisticated features including machine learning and data analytics.

65. Planet - Planet migrated to GCP in February, looking to accelerate their workloads and leverage Google Cloud for several key advantages: price stability and predictability, custom instances, first-class Kubernetes support, and Machine Learning technology. Planet also announced the beta release of their Explorer platform.

66. Schlumberger - Schlumberger is making a critical investment in the cloud, turning to GCP to enable high-performance computing, remote visualization and development velocity. GCP is helping Schlumberger deliver innovative products and services to its customers by using HPC to scale data processing, workflow and advanced algorithms.

67. The Home Depot - The Home Depot collaborated with GCP’s Customer Reliability Engineering team to migrate to the cloud in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Moving to GCP has allowed the company to better manage huge traffic spikes at peak shopping times throughout the year.

68. Verizon - Verizon is deploying G Suite to more than 150,000 of its employees, allowing for collaboration and flexibility in the workplace while maintaining security and compliance standards. Verizon and Google Cloud have been working together for more than a year to bring simple and secure productivity solutions to Verizon’s workforce.


We brought together Google Cloud partners from our growing ecosystem across G Suite, GCP, Maps, Devices and Education. Our partnering philosophy is driven by a set of principles that emphasize openness, innovation, fairness, transparency and shared success in the cloud market. Here are some of our partners who were out in force at the show:

69. Accenture - Accenture announced that it has designed a mobility solution for Rentokil, a global pest control company, built in collaboration with Google as part of the partnership announced at Horizon in September.

70. Alooma - Alooma announced the integration of the Alooma service with Google Cloud SQL and BigQuery.

71. Authorized Training Partner Program - To help companies scale their training offerings more quickly, and to enable Google to add other training partners to the ecosystem, we are introducing a new track within our partner program to support their unique offerings and needs.

72. Check Point - Check Point® Software Technologies announced Check Point vSEC for Google Cloud Platform, delivering advanced security integrated with GCP as well as their joining of the Google Cloud Technology Partner Program.

73. CloudEndure - We’re collaborating with CloudEndure to offer a no cost, self-service migration tool for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) customers.

74. Coursera - Coursera announced that it is collaborating with Google Cloud Platform to provide an extensive range of Google Cloud training course. To celebrate this announcement  Coursera is offering all NEXT attendees a 100% discount for the GCP fundamentals class.

75. DocuSign - DocuSign announced deeper integrations with Google Docs.

76. Egnyte - Egnyte announced an enhanced integration with Google Docs that will allow our joint customers to create, edit, and store Google Docs, Sheets and Slides files right from within the Egnyte Connect.

77. Google Cloud Global Partner Awards - We recognized 12 Google Cloud partners that demonstrated strong customer success and solution innovation over the past year: Accenture, Pivotal, LumApps, Slack, Looker, Palo Alto Networks, Virtru, SoftBank, DoIT, Snowdrop Solutions, CDW Corporation, and SYNNEX Corporation.

78. iCharts - iCharts announced additional support for several GCP databases, free pivot tables for current Google BigQuery users, and a new product dubbed “iCharts for SaaS.”

79. Intel - In addition to the progress with Skylake, Intel and Google Cloud launched several technology initiatives and market education efforts covering IoT, Kubernetes and TensorFlow, including optimizations, a developer program and tool kits.

80. Intuit - Intuit announced Gmail Add-Ons, which are designed to integrate custom workflows into Gmail based on the context of a given email.

81. Liftigniter - Liftigniter is a member of Google Cloud’s startup program and focused on machine learning personalization using predictive analytics to improve CTR on web and in-app.

82. Looker - Looker launched a suite of Looker Blocks, compatible with Google BigQuery Data Transfer Service, designed to give marketers the tools to enhance analysis of their critical data.

83. Low interest loans for partners - To help Premier Partners grow their teams, Google announced that capital investment are available to qualified partners in the form of low interest loans.

84. MicroStrategy - MicroStrategy announced an integration with Google Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL and Google Cloud SQL for MySQL.

85. New incentives to accelerate partner growth - We are increasing our investments in multiple existing and new incentive programs; including, low interest loans to help Premier Partners grow their teams, increasing co-funding to accelerate deals, and expanding our rebate programs.

86. Orbitera Test Drives for GCP Partners - Test Drives allow customers to try partners’ software and generate high quality leads that can be passed directly to the partners’ sales teams. Google is offering Premier Cloud Partners one year of free Test Drives on Orbitera.

87. Partner specializations - Partners demonstrating strong customer success and technical proficiency in certain solution areas will now qualify to apply for a specialization. We’re launching specializations in application development, data analytics, machine learning and infrastructure.

88. Pivotal - GCP announced Pivotal as our first CRE technology partner. CRE technology partners will work hand-in-hand with Google to thoroughly review their solutions and implement changes to address identified risks to reliability.

89. ProsperWorks - ProsperWorks announced Gmail Add-Ons, which are designed to integrate custom workflows into Gmail based on the context of a given email.

90. Qwiklabs - This recent acquisition will provide Authorized Training Partners the ability to offer hands-on labs and comprehensive courses developed by Google experts to our customers.

91. Rackspace - Rackspace announced a strategic relationship with Google Cloud to become its first managed services support partner for GCP, with plans to collaborate on a new managed services offering for GCP customers set to launch later this year.

92. Rocket.Chat - Rocket.Chat, a member of Google Cloud’s startup program, is adding a number of new product integrations with GCP including Autotranslate via Translate API, integration with Vision API to screen for inappropriate content, integration to NLP API to perform sentiment analysis on public channels, integration with GSuite for authentication and a full move of back-end storage to Google Cloud Storage.

93. Salesforce - Salesforce announced Gmail Add-Ons, which are designed to integrate custom workflows into Gmail based on the context of a given email.

94. SAP - This strategic partnership includes certification of SAP HANA on GCP, new G Suite integrations and future collaboration on building machine learning features into intelligent applications like conversational apps that guide users through complex workflows and transactions.

95. Smyte - Smyte participated in the Google Cloud startup program and protects millions of actions a day on websites and mobile applications. Smyte recently moved from self-hosted Kubernetes to Google Container Engine (GKE).

96. Veritas - Veritas expanded its partnership with Google Cloud to provide joint customers with 360 Data Management capabilities. The partnership will help reduce data storage costs, increase compliance and eDiscovery readiness and accelerate the customer’s journey to Google Cloud Platform.

97. VMware Airwatch - Airwatch provides enterprise mobility management solutions for Android and continues to drive the Google Device ecosystem to enterprise customers.

98. Windows Partner Program- We’re working with top systems integrators in the Windows community to help GCP customers take full advantage of Windows and .NET apps and services on our platform.

99. Xplenty - Xplenty announced the addition of two new services from Google Cloud into their available integrations: Google Cloud Spanner and Google Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL.

100. Zoomdata - Zoomdata announced support for Google’s Cloud Spanner and PostgreSQL on GCP, as well as enhancements to the existing Zoomdata Smart Connector for Google BigQuery. With these new capabilities Zoomdata offers deeply integrated and optimized support for Google Cloud Platform’s Cloud Spanner, PostgreSQL, Google BigQuery, and Cloud DataProc services.

We’re thrilled to have so many new products and partners that can help all of our customers grow. And as our final announcement for Google Cloud Next ’17 — please save the date for Next 2018: June 4–6 in San Francisco.

I guess that makes it 101. :-)

          Bead Soup Hoarder's Hop        
It's been kind of a busy and distracted month here - a quick weekend in New York, a work trip to the mountains, a flood, and a friends wedding all added up to not much beading.  I was glad that Lori Anderson is hosting a blog hop this weekend so I could get back at it.

Lori's challenged all of us to pull things out of our stash that we've been hoarding - things that we see as to precious or too expensive to use anywhere else, and put something together.  When she announced the theme of the hop, I knew what I should be using.  I'd bought 5 bone pieces over 25 years ago from a craft store in Edmonton.  Even though I've been beading a long time, none of the 5 pieces has found their way into anything over the years.  That became my personal challenge - use one of those pieces in my work.  When I was designing this piece, I ran across a single earring that was purchased as part of a grab bag in Savannah this spring.  I knew I would find a use for it, and I think it balances out the bone.  It's not a new dangle, but the fact that it has some age (and a few stones missing) adds some character.

 In addition to the bone, I also wanted to use something from my vintage treasures - I hoard anything vintage with a passion, and have amassed quite a collection of things from bead shows in town, as well as a flea market in Paris.  The large dark brown glass beads came out of that collection.  Purchased at a bead show several years ago, they look lovely when combined with the bone.

When I first started collecting beads, I was still in high school, and everything had to be funded out of my allowance and a part time job at a bead shop.  I don't know how much money I actually took home from the bead shop, as my purchases added up quickly, but the discount was very much appreciated.  I still have several relics from that era - I tended to purchase smaller, inexpensive beads so that my dollars would go further.  A few years ago, I cleaned out my bead collection, and the wood and plastic beads were donated to a local charity.  I kept anything that I would see using in a piece - the nut beads were part of the things that I kept, as were the leopard jasper rounds, which were purchased at a local gem show around town. 

"New" components in the piece include the lighter faceted glass, purchased at a local bead shop recently and the two leaf connectors, purchased in New York on my spring trip.

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163.  Birgit Klughardt, 
I decided I needed a bit of a stretch, so picked China as my country from the list that Beady Eyed Bunny gave, then picked the Warring States period, manly so I could make beads with lots of dots on them!  The Warring States period is known for a specific style of beads, often used as inspiration by modern beadmakers, and is known for layers of dots, often referred to as horns.  I took a class with
Larry Brickman several years ago, who introduced me to the style, and since I hadn't used the technique in a while, I thought this would be perfect.

Lets go back to the Warring States period.  It was a period of significant conflict, leading to the conquering and consolidation of seven states of China into the Qin dynasty.  Significant advancements in the art of warfare, including the invention of the crossbow and advancements in ironworking, are likely to have happened during this period.  Because of the amount of conflict and change, advancements in schools of thought, including the rise of Confucianism and Taoism, were thought to be the "golden age" of Chinese philosophical thinking, and this period is included in the time that the Hundred Schools of Thought existed.

In my work, I tried to capture some of these elements in the necklace that I made - this was one of the first periods in Chinese history where mass production was used to arm soldiers in conflict.  This made outfitting an army much easier, and so the scale of military campaigns was greater than in any period before.  I represented this through the repeating elements of small turquoise circles, which would have been time consuming to reproduce by hand, but much easier with mechanical assistance.  I incorporated the "free thinking" aspects of the period into the bold and unusual colour scheme - I don't normally work with turquoise, or orange or green, but they seem to have worked out well in this piece.

My research into jewellery or elements that would have existed around this time uncovered two trends - one was the Warring States style beads, which are easily identifiable by the layers of dots incorporated.   Because of this, they are also known as "Dragon Eye Beads".   The Warring States period was one of the first periods in Chinese history to start creating glass jewellery, although techniques were thought to have been adopted from Europe.  The other trend was to make monochrome funeral objects out of glass, using glass to represent the more expensive and harder to work with material of jade.

To incorporate these trends, I decided to make a disk in the Warring States style at the bottom of the necklace.  This is then hung from cord, and attached with another Warring States style bead to the main necklace with a small bail.   For the main necklace, I decided that I really liked a technique that I used in my "Bead Soup Blog Party" work, which uses a right angle weave technique to set disks flat.  I spent quite a bit of time trying to find the right stringing material - too stiff, and the work wouldn't hand properly; too weak, and the material wouldn't support the stone and glass that is incorporated.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the work - it's a large departure for me from the colours and materials that I usually use, but it's nice to step out of the box once in a while!  I look forward to seeing what everyone else has made!

If you'd like to visit others on this hop, the list of participants is as follows:

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          Memories and Thanks Blog Hop        
I'd decided to participate in the Memories and Thanks blog hop hosted by Lori Anderson. Lori decided to host the hop in honour of a friend she lost, and asked all participants to make a piece either in honour of her friend, or someone else we had lost and wanted to honour through a piece.

I decided to make a piece in honour of my childhood babysitter, affectionately known to us as "Mrs. C". She started looking after us when my Mom arrived to pick us up from the babysitting centre of a group function. I guess the level of general calm in the middle of twenty or so kids impressed my Mom, and she'd asked the woman providing the babysitting if she'd help out with us two kids on an occasional basis.

Mrs. C was a remarkable woman. Raised on the Canadian prairies in the early part of the century, she continued to farm and homestead until she moved in to the city in her later years. She always had a story as to what life was like either on the prairies or just growing up through a century that included two world wars and a great deal of progress. When she first babysat us, she drove a white Volkswagen Beetle, which could be described as vintage even then, as the heat was somewhat variable and the Beetle had a distinctive rattling sound. In later years, she stopped driving altogether, and it was a sad day when we could no longer look for the white Beetle to pull up in the front of the house. My brother has since gone on to form a business specializing in Volkswagens, and I can't help but think that Mrs. C. influenced that. The most vivid memory that I have of her is that she almost always wore a cardigan, and in the sleeve of the cardigan, tucked a kleenex, useful for wiping small noses or cleaning up little mouths. When I think of her, I see her retucking the kleenex into the sleeve, making it ready for the next time that her charges might need a bit of cleaning up.

For the piece, I wanted something that read vintage, but was also timeless in it's own way. I wanted the necklace to be appropriate for at least a couple of decades in the last century, in order to honour a woman who had lived through nearly all of it. I love the way that many older necklaces have beads linked by small pieces of wire, akin to a rosary, and wanted to incorporate that look into the piece. I also had a couple of art deco style necklace links that I wanted to incorporate, as I knew were vintage - they'd been with me for at least 20 years, and looked like they'd been around for many more before that. I`d started out designing the piece as three strands, but with a white, blue and black lampwork beads made by yours truly. In the original version each lampwork bead was to be separated by tiny grey pearls.  I've been slightly obsessed in the last few months with creating "white hearts" in my lampworking - a solid core, in this case either white or striated blue, covered with a transparent, in this case clear.  I then etch these to give the beads a slightly etherial look.

 The look wasn`t really what I was after, so out came the black beads. The tiny grey pearls all got linked together, and created the middle strand. In retrospect, I`m not sure I`d do an entire strand of chain linked 4mm pearl beads again, as that strand took a long time to put together, but what`s a few hours in memory of a loved one! The white beads were combined with some Czech glass and links from a chain I`d picked up a few years before. And the striated blue beads were again strung with some Czech beads and some vintage plastic that was retrieved from a necklace that I picked up in a Seattle market.  This was strung along with a few other links and a lampwork focal featuring the same blue glass with cobalt blue roses. All of this got popped onto the necklace links, and voila - a new necklace. I`m quite pleased with the way the whole thing turned out - the end piece was exactly what I was after - mostly vintage, but something that also looks classic rather than old. I do have a few of the blue and white lampwork beads left over, along with an earlier version of the focal, which I`ll likely put up for giveaway next week.

If you`d like to check out the other participants, the participating blogs are here:

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          Comment on House built out of Albizia wood might solve multiple sustainability issues by Steve Jolicoeur        
Aloha Joey! Just saw this article and like your design and what you are doing with the albizia. A couple of my past homes have been featured on the Lake Tahoe Green Builders tour. I am currently in Puna to design and build a small, sustainable jungle house. You can see some of my past work on the "Artistic Architecture" page of my website, my original music is on the front page, my last band 'Groove Foundry" and assorted adventures on other pages. This Puna project will be followed by a new publication called "Sustainable Aloha" soon to have their first issue out. It will be associated with the Aloha Aina group. I think it would be good to meet and share ideas!! smiles, Steve
          Lightning EarPods also be disassembled, and the secret want to know?        

  Lightning EarPods

  Apple has released its latest iPhone 7 / iphone 7 plus who canceled the traditional 3.5 mm headphone jack, and then in the iPhone 7 / iphone 7 plus parts packaging box is configured using the Lightning and the Lightning connector EarPods to 3.5 mm headphone jack hole converter. So, this is how two new accessories for audio converting it? Vietnamese website Tinhte after dismantling and Lightning Lightning EarPods to 3.5 mm headphone jack converter, discovered the secret.

  Lightning EarPods also be disassembled, and the secret want to know?

  Both parts are built-in digital - analog converter chip, which EarPods built-in chip model 338S00140 / A0QK1623 / TW, converter is built 338S00140 / A0MU1621 / TW. Letters from the point of view, TW should represent Taiwan, after all, a lot of Apple parts suppliers from Taiwan. However, two specific chip vendor is still a mystery, Tinhte in dismantling its report did not mention.

  Insiders speculate that the two chips is likely to be designed by the Cirrus Logic from the United States, and then to TSMC to complete foundry, TSMC is still the main supplier of Apple's A-series chips.

  iPhone 7/7 Plus is the first to cancel the traditional 3.5 mm headphone jack Apple products, according to Apple's acting style, this design trend will continue.

  In recent days we have heard, the future of Mac products will soon be lifted headphone jack, if coupled with the iPad and iPod, perhaps a few years, Apple's full line of hardware products will no longer appear headphone jack, you feel is this a good thing? Wish to express your views!

          iphone expensive, but it is the most cost-effective smart phone!        


  Compared to a lot of Android phones, iphone often gives the impression that the more expensive. However, despite iphone expensive, but it is the most cost-effective smart phone! Why do you say this way? Here we take a look:

  iphone most cost-effective factor of 5

  1, quality iphone mobile phone parts used are the best.

  the iphone lcd screen mainly by LG Display, Japan Display, Sharp company, its memory chip is mainly provided by Samsung, while the application by their own chip design by Taiwan's TSMC foundry and South Korea's Samsung, the baseband chip supplied by Qualcomm, which are the world's leading suppliers of parts, reprocessing Apple has been on the quality of mobile phone parts stringent requirements to ensure that the use of iphone parts are of the highest quality.

  2, iphone brings the perfect experience

  Because of iphone by Apple hardware and software control, in order to protect the iphone can give users a better experience, I believe that this is the Android phones can not be achieved.

  3, iphone super hedge

  Because Apple strictly control sales channels, so, iphone price is very strong, basically before the new listing, there is little discount phenomenon. Phase Bian Zhuo mobile phone market a few months later, the price will be significantly reduced. Therefore, for users who want to sell a used iphone, often able to sell a good price. I think this is the Android phones can not be right!

  4, IOS system

  Iphone IOS system used to fluency of the known, which is currently the Android phones can not be achieved. Even to spend two or three years, basically iphone is still very smooth. And Android phones, Oh, I believe that to spend a few months, basically Caton difficult to use it.

  Moreover, the growing number of Android flagship phone iphone price also substantially flat, since it takes the same money to buy a mobile phone, iphone facing so many advantages, why do not we buy iphone it?

          Why iPhone camera better than other phones?        

  iPhone camera

  16 million pixel camera compared to the mainstream Android flagship phone used, iphone still using a 800-megapixel camera, but the camera effects, we find, iphone photographic effect often was better, which in the end is what it?

  Here, the first user to correct a misconception that though pixel camera phone imaging has a great impact, but the camera does not represent all the pixels. Affect the image quality of the pixel addition, there are cell phone lens itself, CMOS sensor, Image Signal Processor (ISP) design, software optimization and so on.

  Why iPhone camera better than other phones? Mainly in the following factors:

  1, Apple has a profound accumulation Imaging Technology

  In 1994 Apple introduced the world's first consumer digital camera Apple QuickTake, designed by Apple, Kodak foundry. Apple has thus accumulated a lot of valuable imaging technology.

  2, software optimization

  The current mainstream flagship smart phone basically uses Sony's plan, Apple is using Sony's camera. Apple controls the white balance, sharpness, noise is very good, but iOS is Apple's own research and development of a system of their own control system easier to optimize the camera function.

  In contrast Android mobile phone manufacturers are basically purchase third-party software algorithms and functions and integrate themselves, will inevitably cause conflict. Also a short phone camera can not fully grasp, you need time to adapt optimization.

  With 3 excellent screen

  Mobile photos are presented first on the phone screen if the phone screen performance results are not good enough, you adjust the white balance of the class can not see high-quality photos.

  iPhone lcd screen using the most mature and the most expensive LTPS lcd screen. Screen color reproduction is always the smart phone is the most accurate, the maximum viewing angle. To a large extent to ensure that the pictures are on the iPhone can render the most realistic effect.

  Practical experience, the accuracy of the iPhone white balance, metering aspects of the original material and the image processing and processing is done very good. It is also a major cause iPhone to win the hearts and minds of many photographers.

  Well, the points above is a good reason why it is so iphone in the camera. However, with major Android handset manufacturers continue to increase research and development efforts for the camera, I believe that the gap between them and the iphone camera taking pictures will become increasingly smaller, for example: samsung s7 edge photographic effect it has caught up with iphone.

          Cold knowledge about the iphone, you know it?        


  iphone as the best on the planet smartphones by consumers love and praise. In addition, as Apple introduced a feature-rich system on the new ios 10 wwdc 2016, and iphone7 upcoming release, we believe that this status as the iphone smartphone king, will continue. So despite hundreds of millions of users in the use of iphone, but often there are some cold knowledge, it is the fruit powder do not know. The knowledge about these cold, help yourself to better use iphone. So let's take a chat:

  Cold knowledge about the iphone, you know it?

  A, A9 processor identification method

  After the iPhone 6s listing, burst out, "Chip door" for many fruit powder worried. Since the iPhone 6s A9 processor using Samsung's 14nm and 16nm TSMC foundry two different processes, so that the phone performance and endurance produces differences. Although Apple will not give response to a difference, but unofficial test results showed that Samsung's 14nm A9 chip performance and battery life to lose minor TSMC.

  So how to judge or TSMC process technology used in Samsung's own iphone it? Just under these three test software can be!

  1.TLC Check: The software can be used to identify A9 processor, download the application on the phone after the test identified (TSMC) s8003 and s8000, respectively, corresponding to TSMC and Samsung.

  2. Ann Bunny: Open in Ann Bunny test machine applications, CPU model field will show the CPU manufactured by TSMC or Samsung.

  3.CPU Indentifier: you can download in the App Store, open the application to see the relevant information about the CPU, Model of N71mAP / N66mAP / N69AP namely TSMC, Model of N71AP / N66AP / N69uAP Samsung is produced.

  Two, iPhone "screen and well-being."

  Many have found that apple fruit powder have air screen, are worried about quality problems. So what is the well-being of the screen it? Cold shield is the mobile phone screen white color temperature 9300k, partial white, and warm white color temperature of the screen panel 6500k, yellowish.

  Why iphone screen will produce well-being? In fact iphone screen color temperature by the hardware and software aspects of common processing. Under normal circumstances, the color temperature of the screen iOS system will be fixed at 6500K, a relative bias of settings. But iphone is not only a supplier of accessories, different batches of the product, resulting in the color temperature of the screen is not the same ,, so there have been well-being of the screen points. Due to the low color temperature of the warm screen, it is what we called "yellow screen", but this is not a quality problem.

  And in order to solve this problem, in the iOS 9.3 beta 1, the emergence of a new feature called "Night Shift" is. Night Shift function can be determined by the clock and targeting iOS devices local sunset time, so that the system will automatically adjust the color of the device's screen to a warmer state, so that the eye is more comfortable.

  iPhone "screen yin and yang"

  So many tangled fruit powder is not just well-being of the screen, there are yin and yang screen. Yin and yang screen is newly purchased iPhone, the screen display appears uneven situation, a portion of the screen will be dark.

  Why yin and yang screen? According to insiders say, the screen is composed of many layers, the adhesion between the layers are made of a trait glue, probably because you want to speed up production, so as to speed up the production problem is caused by under yield, some iPhone lcd screen ultraviolet irradiation, no compliance time so there will be yin and yang screen phenomenon. Sources also said that the problem may because the backlight paper (unevenness) caused.

  Personally I think that yin and yang screen actually no big problem, just look up the habit, it's nothing.

  Iphone on these two cold knowledge is finished, is not feeling the growth experience of it! If you want to know more about iphone interesting aspect of knowledge, please pay attention to YDT-PARTS official website!

          Together to talk about what will get iphone7 large parts list?        


  Distance iphone7 release more and more closer to the time, eagerly anticipated by his apple fans around the world is!The release of the iphone, for fruit, but a feast.For iphone parts suppliers, however, is also a feast!So today idle have no matter, we just bold guess with the upcoming iphone7 will use which manufacturer parts or chips?What are the manufacturer is our familiar?

  A, say the brain of the iphone first - processor

  According to the law of the apple, new A10 processor is presented and the iPhone will be 7.First say now used on the iPhone 6 s the A9 processor, early in the early part of the iPhone 6 s sale, samsung and TSMC two A9 processor contract because "chip" events as we know.The media in the test of 14 nm samsung A9 processor and found that after 16 nm processors TSMC for both performance and life, fever, samsung foundry A9 processors are better than TSMC foundry A9 processor slightly inferior.

  A10 look at news, according to Taiwan media reports, apple agreed with TSMC, applied to the iPhone 7 A10 all processors will contract by the latter, is still based on 16 nm technological process, the integration of TSMC fan out wafer level packaging (InFOWLP) technology is the key to win big A10.

  Second, the screen

  According to south Korean media reports, apple and samsung have already signed an agreement, samsung will provide about 100 million over the next three years to the apple piece of OLED panel, worth 3 trillion won, about $2.59 billion.Combined with previous message, the iPhone series 7 should not big range with OLED screen, only the high-end version will be equipped with OLED screen.As for the OLED big order signed with samsung, will be left to the iPhone 7 s and even the iPhone 8.

  Iphone7 will continue to use the LCD screen, suppliers mainly JDI, LG and sharp.Considering the apple contract foxconn in recently acquired sharp, we have reason to believe that the sharp will get more iPhone 7 orders of the screen.

  Three, camera module

  7 Plus the iPhone will be equipped with dual cameras that we're tired of listening to.The recent rumors have not apple bought camera manufacturers, therefore, can be concluded that the iPhone 7 will continue to use SONY customized module.And a camera there are still great may be raised.

  Fourth, baseband chips

  Before there have been media reports said, Intel has been "pretty much" 7 LTE iPhone chip orders, up to 50%.There are media reports that Intel has 1000 or more employees in LTE chip 7360 7 development for the iPhone.The chip theory descending rate of up to 450 MBPS, uplink rate of up to 100 MBPS, support LTE category 10, and 29 LTE band.

  Rumors Intel chips for iPhone production has A long history, the 7 finally on the iPhone baseband chip implements, we have reason to believe that the future will have more cooperation with apple, Intel and even produce A series of processors in the future.After all, in terms of processor, Intel's strength is obvious to all.

  As for the other parts, suppliers should be and the iPhone 6 s, iPhone SE.

          Why the parity iphone SE?See for yourself!        

  iphone SE

  Since the iphone SE release, it got the attention of the world, for the most powerful iphone 4 inches ever, you are all produced deep interest.Then the iphone SE why so cheap?What is the secret inside it?Want to know the answer?The following Chipworks companies in the United States to solve mystery for you!

  Chipworks well-known semiconductor research institutions through the iphone SE dismantling found that iphone SE parts across three generations, including the iphone 5 s, 6, and 6 s, etc.

  IPhone SE the A9 processor by TSMC foundry, 2 gb memory from SK hynix, both with the iPhone 6 s.

  In addition, the iPhone 6 qualcomm MDM9625M base band chip, the accessory transceiver module, and the sound IC, all are put into the iPhone SE on reuse.As to the control element of touching the screen from the iPhone 5 s.

  Thus, belongs to the iPhone SE rare, original parts only Dialog power management IC, power amplifier Skywork, Toshiba's NAND flash memory, sound, the sound of science and technology, as well as the epcos development antenna switch module and so on is the new parts.

  Positive, however, is that apple can be used mixed with all sorts of old and new iphone parts, successful assembly price, the hodgepodge of cell phones, is a highly technical thing, after all, we these consumers also get the corresponding value.Have to give apple praise a!

          GATE Exam Best Coaching Centres In Chennai        
Some of the Best Coaching institutes for GATE examination based on Students Feedback.
Note This feedback is based on Feb 2016. Visit or enquire atleast 3 or 4 four coaching centres, interact with the current students and decide where to join. 

1. The GATE academy
Address: No 1/16, second floor, pinjala subramanium, near KPN travels India Private Limited, Chennai
Contact No.: 044 4212 7775

2. GATE zone
 coaching fees is also reasonable.
Address: 11-A, old rosery school campus , no. 1st St. addambakkam, shanti nagar, Chennai
Contact no.: 0980 40 587794

Address: No.1/1 first floor, emelem complex, mahalingapuram,main road near aiyppa temple, chennai
Contact no.: 044-42144432

4. T.I.M.E
Address: Durgabai ,deshmukh road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

5. ACE engineering academy
Address: 1st floor, durai swami road near T. nagar, Chennai
Contact no.: 09343799966

6. Vani Institute
Address: Office no. 19/9 , near canara bank, burkit road, T. nagar, Chennai
Contact No.: 044-24345294

7. IES GATE Academy
Address: New no. 50, , mahalakshmi street, beside City Union Bank ,opposite T nagar bus stand, Chennai
Contact no.: 91- 9445037000

9. G.B Education
Address: no. 336/6, 2nd floor , adjacent to santosh super market. 11 main road , anna nagar, Chennai
Contact no.: 9841114641

10. Visu Acadmey
Address: No. 6, old no. 30, prasanth apartments, 1st main road , gandhi road , ,Chennai
Contact no.: +91-044-4208 2207

01.  Solved Question Paper : GATE-CSE-2016-SET2 - by ACE
02. Solved Question Paper :  GATE-CSE-2016-SET1 - by ACE
03. Solved Question Paper :  GATE-CSE-2014-SET1 - by GATE-ONLINE
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05. Solved Question Paper :  GATE-CSE-2012-SET1 - by  GATE-ONLINE
06. Solved question Paper -  GATE CSE-2015- SET 1-by Arihant

HAL Recruits through GATE Last Date : 7 Feb 2017
Hindustan Aeronautics Limited invites application for the post of 125 Management Trainee & Design Trainee. Apply Online before 07 February 2017.
Job Details : 
Post Name : Management Trainee
No of Vacancy : 75 Posts
Pay Scale : Rs. 16400-40500/-
Post Name : Design Trainee
No of Vacancy : 50 Posts
Pay Scale : Rs.16400-40500/-
Eligibility Criteria for HAL Recruitment : 
Educational Qualification : BE/ in Relevant Engineering.

Nationality : Indian
Age Limit : 28 years (as on 07.02.2016)
Job Location : Bangalore (Karnataka)
Selection Process : Selection will be made on Through Gate-2017 & Personal Interview.
How to Apply HAL Vacancy : Interested candidates may apply online through the website from 06.01.2017 to 07.02.2017.
Important Dates to Remember : 
Starting Date for Submission of Online Application : 06.01.2017
Last Date for Submission of Online Application : 07.02.2017
Important Links : 
Detailed  Original  Advt of HAL is here: Link : 

   GATE 2017: Important Dates 

GATE 2017 Online Examination Dates:
February 4 – 5, 2017 & February 11 – 12, 2017  (Saturdays and Sundays only)
GATE Online Application Processing System (GOAPS) Website Opens for Enrollment, Application Filling, Application Submission
 September 1, 2016 (Thursday)
Last Date for Submission of Online Application through Website
October 4, 2016 (Tuesday)
Last Date for Request for Change in the Choice of Examination City via GOAPS login
November 16, 2016 (Wednesday)
Availability of Admit Card on the Online Application Interface for printing
January 5, 2017 (Thursday)
Announcement of Results on the Online Application Website
March 27, 2017 (Monday)

GATE is conducting exam on following disciplines. 
You have to write exam in any one of the papers.
(But please note that, for example, if you apply for BSNL JTO post, you are supposed to have score in CS,EE,EC or IN titles only)

AE: Aerospace Engineering
IN: Instrumentation Engineering
AG: Agricultural Engineering MA: Mathematics
AR: Architecture and Planning
ME: Mechanical Engineering ( ME01 ME02 ME03 )
BT: Biotechnology
MN: Mining Engineering
CE: Civil Engineering ( CE01 CE02)
MT: Metallurgical Engineering
CH: Chemical Engineering PE: Petroleum Engineering
CS: Computer Sc. and Information Technology ( CS01 CS02 )
PH: Physics
CY: Chemistry PI: Production and Industrial Engineering
EC: Electronics and Communication Engg. ( EC01 EC02 EC03)
TF: Textile Engineering and Fibre Science
EE: Electrical Engineering ( EE01 EE02)
XE: Engineering Sciences (XE-A, XE-B, XE-C, XE-D, XE-E, XE-F, XE-G )
EY: Ecology and Evolution
XL: Life Sciences (XL-H, XL-I, XL-J, XL-K, XL-L, XL-M )
GG: Geology and Geophysics

List of Public Sector Undertakings who select through GATE:

Name of PSU
Civil/ Electrical
Electrical / Electronics
Electrical/ Electrical & Electronics/Mechanical / Production/ Industrial Engineering/ Production & Industrial Engineering/ Thermal/ Mechanical & Automation/ Power Engineering/ Civil Engineering/ Electronics & Instrumentation/ Instrumentation & Control Electronics/ Electronics & Tele-communication/ Electronics & Power/ Power Electronics / Electronics & Communication/ CSE/ IT
Electronics & Communication Engg/ Electronics Engg/ Electronics & Computer Engg/ Electronics & Control Engg/ Electronics & Communication/ System  Engg/ Electronics & Instrumentation Engg/Electronics & Tele‐Communication  Engg/ Electronics & Telematics  Engg/ Industrial Electronics  Engg/ Tele Communication  Engg/ Telecommunication & Information Tech/ Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engg/  Electronics & Electrical Communication Engg/ Mechanical  Engg/ Mechtronics Engg/ Mechanical & Automation Engg/ Mechanical & Production Engg/ Computer Science & Engineering/ Computer Science App Engg.Tech/ Computer Science/Engg. & InfoTech /Computer Science & System Engg/ Computer Software  Engg/ Computer Science & Automation Engg/ Computer Technology/ Computer Technology & Informatics Engg/ Computer Technology & Information Engg/ Information Science /  Technology Engg /Information Technology Engg/ Mathematics/ Applied Mathematics/ Electrical Engg/ Electrical Power System  Engg/ Electrical & Electronics  Engg/  Electrical & Renewable Energy Engg/ Power Engg/ Power Electronics Engg/ Electronics & Electrical Communication Engg/ Electrical with Communication Engg/ Physics/ Applied Physics/ Physics (Electronics)/ Solid State Physics/ Aeronautical Engg/ Aerospace Engg/ Avionics Engg/ Chemical Engg/ Chemical Engg / Chemical Tech/ Chemical Plant Engg/ App. Chemical and Polymer Tech/ Polymer Science & Chemical Technology/ Chemistry/ Organic Chemistry/ Inorganic Chemistry/ Analytical Chemistry/ Physical Chemistry/ Civil  Engg/ Civil & Structural   Engg/ Metallurgy & Material Tech/ Metallurgy/Metallurgical Engg/ Materials Engg
Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical/ Petroleum/ Civil/ ELectrical/ Electronics/ Telecom/ E&T/ PG in Physics with Electronics/ Instrumentation/ Chemcical/ Applied Petroleum/ PG in Geo-Physics/ PG in Mathematics/ PG in Petroleum Technology/PG in Chemistry/ PG in Geology/ PG in Petroleum Geo-Science/ PG in Geological Technology/ Auto Engineering/ Computer Engineering/ Information Technology/ MCA/ "B'Level Diploma as per Dept of Electronics, GOI
Chemical/ Mechanical/ Electrical/ Instrumentation
Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India
Computer Science/ Electronics and Communications or Electronics/Physics or Chemistry/Telecommunication or Electronics
 Physics/Applied Physics/ Engineering Physics/ Mechanical Engineering/ Electrical Engineering/ Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Electrical Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Electrical/ Electrical & Electronics/ Mechanical/ Electronics & Communication/ Instrumentation & Control/ Civil/ Computer Science/ IT
Mechanical/ Mechanical & Industrial Engineering/ Mechanical & Production Engineering/ Production Engineering/ Production Engineering & Management/ Production & Industrial Engineering/Electrical/ Electrical & Electronics/
Electrical & Instrumentation
BPCL Limited 
Mechanical Engineering/Chemical Engineering / Chemical Technology/ Instrumentation Engineering / Instrumentation and Control Engineering / Instrumentation and Electronics Engineering / Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
Chemical/ Petrochemical/ Chemical Technology/ Petrochemical Technology/ Mechanical/ Production/ Production & Industrial/ Manufacturing/ Mechanical & Automobile/ Electrical/ Electrical & Electronics/ Instrumentation/ Instrumentation & Control/ Electronics & Instrumentation/ Electrical & Instrumentation/ Electronics/ Electrical & Electronics/ Computer
Science/ Information Technology/ Electronics/ Electronics & Communication/ Electronics & Telecommunication/ Telecommunication/ Electrical &
Electronics/ Electrical & Telecommunication
NLC Ltd.
Mechanical/Electrical & Electronics Engineering/ Electrical/ Electronics & Communication Engineering/Civil/Instrumentation / Electronics & Instrumentation / Instrumentation & Control /Computer Science Engineering / Computer Engineering / Information Technology/Mining
Electronics & Communication Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering/ Electrical Engineering/ Material Science/ Ceramics
Indian Oil
Chemical, Civil, Computer Science & IT, Electrical, Electronics & Communications, Instrumentation, Mechanical, Metallurgy, Petroleum, Polymer
Mechanical/ Mechanical & Production/ Civil/ Electrical/ Electrical & Electronics/Electronics/ Electronics & Communication/ Electronics &
Telecommunication/ Applied Electronics/ Instrumentation/ Instrumentation & Control/ Electronics & Instrumentation/ Instrumentation & Electronics/ Instrumentation & Process Control/ Chemical/ Petrochemical/ Petroleum Refining & Petrochemical/ Petroleum Refining
Civil Engineering
Electrical/Electrical & Electronics/Power Systems & High Voltage/Power Engineering/ Civil Engineering/ Mechanical/ Production/ thermal/ Mechanical & Automation Engineering/ Geology/Applied Geology
Industrial and Production Engineering/Industrial Engineering/ Mechanical Production and Tool Engineering/ Production Technology Manufacturing  Engineering (NIFFT Ranchi)/ Mechatronics/ Manufacturing Process and Automation/ Power Plant Engineering/ Production Engineering/ Production and Industrial Engineering/ Thermal Engineering/ Manufacturing Technology/ Power Engineering/ Electrical & Electronics/Electrical, Instrumentation & Control/ High Voltage Engg./ Power Systems & High Voltage Engg/ Electrical Machine/  Electronics & Power/ Power Electronics/ Power Plant Engineering/ Energy Engineering/ Power Engineering / Electronics & Telecommunication/ Instrumentation/ Electronics & Instrumentation/ Electronics & Power/ Electronics Design & Technology/ Electronics & Biomedical/ Applied Electronics/ Power Electronics/ Electronics & Communication/ Electrical & Electronics/ Industrial Electronics/ Mechatronics/ Electronics & Control/ Control & Instrumentation /  Metallurgical Engineering/ Metallurgical & Materials Engineering/ Materials Engineering/ Extractive Metallurgy/ Foundry Technology/ Process Metallurgy
*Special Recruitment for PwD candidates (ME & EE) through GATE 2016 - Application starts from October 26 to November 20, 2015
NTPC Limited
Electrical / Electrical & Electronics / Electrical, Instrumentation & Control / Power Systems & High Voltage / Power Electronics / Power Engineering/ Mechanical / Production / Industrial Engg./ Production & Industrial Engg./ Thermal / Mechanical & Automation / Power Engineering/ Civil / Construction/ Electronics & Instrumentation / Instrumentation & Control/ Electronics / Electronics & Telecommunication / Electronics & Power/ Power Electronics/ Electronics & Communication/ Electrical & Electronics/ Computer Science Engg. / Information Technology
Electrical /Power Engineering/ Mechanical
Oil India
Mechanical Engineering / PG in Geo Physics/Geology
Power Grid
Electrical/ Electrical (Power)/ Electrical and Electronics/Power Systems
Engineering/Power Engineering (Electrical)/Electronics / Electronics and
Communication/Electronics and Telecommunication/ Civil Engineering/ Computer Science/ Computer Engg./ Information Technology
Mechanical Engineering/ Petroleum Engineering/ Geophysics/ Geology
Mechanical Engineering. Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering. Electronics & Communication engineering/ computer Science/ Metallurgical Engineering/ Chemical Engineering/Instrumentation Engineering
THDC India Ltd
Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Engineering
Mechanical, Electrical, Civil , C & I
Electronics & Communication / Computer Science / Information Technology / Electrical / Electrical & Electronics
IRCON International Ltd
Civil/ Mechanical/ Electrical/ Electronics/ Electronics & Communication Engineering/ Electrical & Electronics Engineering/ Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering
Electrical, Mechanical, C & I, Metallurgy and Environment Engineering
Civil Engineering
Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Computer, Electronics & Communication and Instrumentation Engineering
Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation Ltd (MRVC Ltd)
Civil Engineering
National Textile Corporation
          Güncelleme Notları: NW.45.20150317a.8        
Sınıflar ve Denge Kurnaz Düzenbazlar, artık sadece seçilmiş birkaçını değil herhangi rastgele bir hançer kullanarak sıyrılış gerçekleştirebiliyor.   İçerik ve Çevre PvP Zaferi günlük görevi, tamamlandığında artık olması gerektiği gibi Zafer Mührü ödülünü veriyor.   Eşyalar ve Ekonomi Bahamut'un Şampiyonu Destek Paketi: İçinde artık Ant İçmiş Paladin için eşyalar bulunuyor. Delzoun Hazine Kutusu: İçinde artık Ant İçmiş Paladin için eşyalar bulunuyor ve Muhafız Savaşçılar'da olması gerektiği gibi çalışıyor. Gond'un Zamazingosu, bayan karakterlerde artık olması gerektiği gibi görüntüleniyor. Ejderha Katili Yüzüğü: Bu eşyanın olması gerektiği gibi artık yeniden istatistikleri var. Takva Mahzeni: Bela Varlok ve Ant İçmiş Paladin silahları, artık Silah Efsunu yuvalarına sahip. XP Destekleri, artık Yakarış'tan elde edilen XP bonuslarıyla birlikte birikebiliyor.   Kararlılık ve Grafikler Bir Foundry Görevi'ni bir grup üyesiyle paylaşırken meydana gelebilecek çökme sorunu giderildi. Yakarışın TSİ 13.00'te sıfırlanmasının sebep olabileceği sunucu çökmesi sorunu giderildi.
          Modül 6: Elemental Evil Yama Notları        
  Yeni Özellikler Seviye Üst Sınırı 70'e çıkarıldı! Modül 6: Elemental Evil'ın yayınlanmasıyla birlikte, seviye üst sınırını ve bununla ilgili olan birçok sistemi yükseltiyoruz. Bunlara her sınıf için yeni Sınıf Özellikler, Karşılaşma Güçleri ve Beceriler de dahil! Efsunlar ve Rüntaşları, artık düzey 12'ye kadar işlenebiliyor! Eserlerse, yeni Mitik kalitede düzey 120'ye kadar işlenebiliyor. Seviye 70'te yeni bir ikincil eser yuvası açılıyor. Yoldaşlar, artık Efsanevi kalite sahibi olabiliyor ve açılabilen yeni pasif güçler sayesinde düzey 40'a kadar çıkabiliyor! Yoldaşlar, aynı zamanda mevcut kalitelerinden bağımsız olarak 5 yeni düzey kazanabiliyor. Artık tüm meslekler, seviye 25'e erişebiliyor. Yeni seviye üst sınırıyla uyumlu yeni eşyalar, iksirler, işleme taşları ve meslek kaynakları da üzerinde durulması gerekenler arasında! Mevcut tüm fazlalık tecrübesi, seviye 70'e ulaşıldığında erişilebilir olacak ve ödüllere katkı yapacak.   Elemental Denge Ağacı Zümrüt Yerleşimi, Koruyucu'nun Yerleşimi'nin merkezine Elemental Denge Ağacı olarak bilinen fevkalade ve esrarengiz bir oluşum getirdi. Burada, Kılıç Sahili boyunca görülen ve doğal olmayan elemental dengesizliklerle mücadele etmeyi umuyorlar. Kabına sığmayan Rashemi Korucu Minsc ve minyatür dev uzay hamster'ı Boo'nun da yardımıyla, kahramanlar bu elemental karışıklığın merkezindeki tuhaf yeni tarikatları araştıracak. Elemental Kötülük'le mücadelede elini taşın altına koymak isteyen Seviye 60 oyuncular, Koruyucu'nun Yerleşimi'ndeki Çavuş Knox veya Archdruid Sabahşafağı ile konuşmalı. Minsc ve Boo ile birlikte araştırma görevlerini ("Herkese Kılıç!" ile biten) tamamladıktan sonra, yeni 61 ile 70 arası Elemental Kötülük Macera Bölgeleri'ne erişim kazanacaksınız.   Boğulmuş Sahil "Herkese Kılıç!" görevi tamamlandıktan sonra erişilebilir. Blackdagger Haydutları yenilgiye uğradıktan sonra, Anayol ticareti yavaş yavaş kaldığı yerden devam etti. Zümrüt Yerleşimi Korucuları, tüccarların ve yolcuların Blackdagger Harabeleri'ni çevreleyen kıyı ormanından güvenle geçebilmelerine rehberlik etme görevini üstlendiler. Bunu yaparken, kalede başka bir kötü niyetli gücün yuvalanmasını önlemek için gözlerini dört açmışlardı. Udo Stonekin'e bağlı bir cüce madenci grubu, terk edilmiş madenlerde çalışmaya başladı ve mütevazı bir başarı elde etti. Bu sırada, Lord Neverember Kuzgun Kayalığı Sahili'ndeki fenerlerin önceden olduğu gibi korsanların ve hurdacıların eline geçmemesi için küçük bir Neverwinter Muhafız birliğine orada bir garnizon kurma görevini verdi. Muhafızlar, kıyıda süslü püslü bir kuleyle karşılaştıklarında biraz şaşırdı. Keyif Çeşmesi denilen bu kulenin Lliira'nın takipçileri tarafından inşa edildiğini öğrendiler. Ziyaretçilere burada rahatlatıcı, güzel kokulu banyolar sunuluyordu. Bundan bir zarar gelmeyeceğini düşünen muhafızlar, kendi işlerine bakmaya karar verdiler. Islah Kayası "Herkese Kılıç!" görevi tamamlandıktan sonra ve seviye 63'te erişilebilir. Ashmadailer yenildikten sonra, Lord Neverember Helm'in Barınağı'nın baştan aşağı yeniden inşa edilmesini emretti. Zira bu kale şehrini Neverwinter'ın düşmanlarını gözetlemek ve Kılıç Sahili'nin iç kesimlerindeki varlığını sağlamlaştırmak için hayati öneme sahip bir tedarik noktası olarak kullanma planı yapıyordu. İşe bakın ki, Neverwinter'daki güçler çok sayıda çatışmaya dahil olmuş, birlikler Helm'in Barınağı garnizonundan kopmuş ve şehrin kırılgan bir hal aldığını düşünen şehir konseyi endişelenmeye başlamıştı.  Öne çıkan birçok şehir konseyi üyesinin protestosuna rağmen, Helm'in Barınağı konseyi güvenliği sağlamanın alternatif yollarını aramaya başladı. Tam da bu sırada, kendilerine Kara Toprak paralı asker şirketi el uzattı. Kara Toprak, kendisini Waterdeepli bir soylu tarafından yönetilen, iyi eğitimli ve eli silah tutan, toprak büyüsünde uzman olanların dahil olduğu yeni bir paralı asker şirketi olarak tanıttı. Şirket, yakınlarda bir yere kendi özel operasyonları için bir kale inşa etmelerine müsaade edilmesi şartıyla Helm'in Barınağı'nı çok ucuza korumayı teklif etti. Böyle örnekler yok değildi. Örneğin; güneydeki Baldur Kapısı da uzun zamandır Alevli Yumruk paralı asker şirketiyle böyle bir ilişki içindeydi ve kendileri şu an şehir gözcülüğü yapıyordu. Dahası, Helm'in Barınağı'nın surlarının onarılması yıllar alabilirdi. O sebeple, yakınlarda bir kale olması büyük bir emniyet tesis edebilirdi. Bulettelerin tüccarlara düzenledikleri bir dizi saldırının ardından şehrin güvenliğinden ciddi anlamda tedirginlik duymaya başlayan Helm'in Barınağı şehir konseyi, anlaşmayı imzalamaya can atıyordu. Lord Neverember, askeri bir gücün kendi topraklarında kalesini inşa edecek olmasından hoşnut değildi fakat paralı askerleri emelleri doğrultusunda eğitmişliği vardı. Mesela, on yıldan fazla bir zaman önce kalesinin güvenliğini sağlamaları için kiraladığı Mintarn askerleri, şu an saygın birer Neverwinter Muhafızı idi. Neverember, aynı zamanda Kara Toprak paralı askerlerini kuran Waterdeepli soylu Marlos Urnrayle'ı tanıyordu ve Urnrayle kendi krallığını kurma planları yapıyor olsaydı, Neverember her tür sadakat sorununu Waterdeep'teki kendi nüfuzunu (ve etkili maddi gücünü) kullanarak çözebileceğinden emindi. Anlaşmayı bir deneme temelinde kabul ederek Yüzbaşı Dunfield'ı emeklilikten çağırıp şehir konseyinde kimlerin güvenilir olduğunu, Urnrayle'ın kimleri kolayca parmağında oynatabileceğini öğrenmesi ve Kara Toprak paralı askerleri üzerinde bir gözetim kurması için Helm'in Barınağı'ndaki garnizon kuvvetinin başına geçirdi. Son olarak, Kara Toprak'ın kalesini büyüye başvurarak bir günde dikebileceği iddiası ilgisini uyandırdı. Paralı askerler olarak vefasız olurlarsa, sağ kalanlar mühendis olarak faydalı olabilirdi. Kendine göre aldığı tedbirlerle ve bölgeye yerleştirdiği adamlarla, Lord Neverember anlaşmayı tedbirli olarak imzaladı. Başlangıçta, her şey yolunda gidiyordu. Kara Toprak paralı askerleri kasabada devriye geziyor, yolları koruyor ve yeniden yapılanma çabalarına katılıyordu. Hatta tıpkı iddia ettikleri gibi, kalelerini elemental büyü kullanarak bir günde diktiler ve adına Islah Kayası dediler. Ancak bu, aynı zamanda ilk gerginliği ortaya çıkardı. Çünkü kale, Helm'in Barınağı'na anlaşmada yazılandan tam bir fersah daha yakına dikilmişti. Tam bir zamanlar Neverwinter güçlerinin Son Tabya'da Ashmadailer'e karşı koyduğu yere. Kara Toprak'ın bunun büyüdeki bir sapmadan kaynaklandığı yönündeki açıklamasına rağmen, şehrin ve yeni muhafızlarının arasındaki ilişkide soğuk rüzgarlar esmeye başlamıştı.    Ateşten Çukur "Herkese Kılıç!" görevi tamamlandıktan sonra ve seviye 65'te erişilebilir. Gauntlgrym yeniden keşfedildiğinde, Delzoun cücelerinin torunları bu efsane şehri yeniden inşa edip zenginliklerine konmak için yorulmadan çalıştı. Ancak bu yeniden inşa işinin fazlasıyla zahmetli olduğunun farkına varmaları uzun sürmedi ve gönülsüzce de olsa dış yardım aramaya başladılar. Ve sonunda, karın tokluğuna çalışan ve onlara inşaat hızını Cücelerin elinden gelenin birkaç katına çıkarmayı vadeden yüzeyli ve becerikli büyük bir zanaatkar ekibini işe aldılar. Zanaatkarlar, işleri için operasyon üssü olarak çukurun üzerinde yükselen devasa kuleler inşa etti. Sonra cücelerin Gauntlgrym'in en derinlerindeki Ateşten Çukur denilen yerde yaşayan eski ve tutsak ateş primordiyalı Maegera'nın gücünden faydalanmak için başvurduğu Dev Ocak'ın inşasına başladılar. Ocağın inşası tamamlanır tamamlanmaz, Ebedi Alev Tarikatı belirdi ve zanaatkarlar canlarını kurtarmak için tüydü. Saldırıdan hemen haberdar olan Lordlar İttifakı, müttefiklerini ve Gauntlgrym'deki çıkarlarını korumak için birlikler gönderdi. Karşı karşıya oldukları tarikat gücünün boyutunu fark etmeleri uzun sürmedi. Ateş Devleri, Ateş Arkonları ve Mağma Vahşileri'nin yanı sıra yeni bazı tehditler de onlara göz kırpıyordu: Tarikatın ölüm saçan binekler olarak eğittiği, iki ayaklı sürüngen canavarlar olan Ateş Arşınlayıcılar. Durum yeterince tehlikeli değilmiş gibi, bir de düşman duergar akını başladı: Civar mağaralarda yaşayan kötü niyetli gri cüceler. Lordlar İttifakı, yetenekli maceracılara hemen koşarak savaş güçleriyle destek olmaları çağrısı yaptı. Bunlar, Lordlar İttifakı'nın ve tahmin edilmesi zor diğer bazı müttefiklerin safında bu yeni tehditleri bertaraf etmek için çarpışacak. Fakat bu gözü pek maceracılar, bütün dünya ateşten bir yıkıma sürüklenmeden Ebedi Alev Tarikatı'nın ve elçi önderlerinin baştan çıkarıcı Vanifer'ın planlarını gerçekleştirmesine engel olabilecek mi? Döner Tümsek "Herkese Kılıç!" görevi tamamlandıktan sonra ve seviye 67'de erişilebilir. Elemental Kötülük Tarikatlarının tehdidi bariz bir şekilde ortaya çıkınca, Harperlar son elemental tarikatların üssünü ortaya çıkarmak için hummalı bir çalışmaya girişti. Önceki tarikatlarla yapılan dövüşlerde bulunan çok sayıda ipucu sayesinde, kahramanlar son tarikat kalesinin Neverwinter Ormanı'nın üzerindeki bulutlarda olduğunu keşfetti. İnleyen Nefret Tarikatı, bulut devi büyüsüyle askıda duran, sözde avariel Aerisi Kalinoth'un kurduğu yüzer ada gözlemevi görünümüne sahip bir kale inşa etmişti. Harperlar bunun aslında son Elemental Kötülük tarikatı olduğunu fark edince, Döner Tümsek'i işgal ederek daha fazla yıkım küresi oluşturulmasının önüne geçmek için müttefiklerini topladı. Harperlarla ittifak kuran büyücüler, bir Shaundakul rahibinin yardımıyla göğe yükselen bu diyara açılan eski bir portalın etkin hale getirilmesine yardımcı oldular ve arakokra müttefikleriyle birlikte hava tarikatına bir savaş açmayı planlıyorlar. Yeni Ant İçmiş Paladin Sınıfı! Ant İçmiş Paladinler, Paragon Yollarını kullanarak birer tank veya şifacı olabilir ve böylece bir Koruyuculuk Andı veya Adanmışlık Andı alabilir. Bu yollar, onlara kendilerine has güçlerin yanı sıra benzersiz pasifler verir. Aynı zamanda, Paladin'in sahip olduğu tüm karşılaşma güçlerinde değişiklikler yapar.   Sınıf Mekanikleri İlahi Çağrı: "Tab" tuşuna basılarak gücün bir kısmı tüketilir ve Andınıza göre bir etki oluşturulur. Yok: 30' içinde kalan tüm düşmanlara hasar verir. Koruyuculuk: 30' içinde kalan tüm düşmanlara sataşırsınız ve 10 saniye boyunca %10 artırılmış Hasar Direnci elde edersiniz. Bu etki devrede olduğu sürece, gelen hasarın %5'ini saldırganlara geri gönderirsiniz. (En fazla maksimum Can Puanının %5'ini). Adanmışlık: Bir AoE içinde bir şifa patlaması oluşturursunuz. Müttefikler iyileşir. 10 saniye içindeki müteakip kullanımlar, %50 daha fazla iyileştirir.   Taktik Manevra İbadethane Bölgesi: %30 artırılmış hasar direnci kazanırsınız ve bu Bölgede olduğunuz süre boyunca her saniye iyileşirsiniz. Bölgedeki müttefikler de %10 hasar direnci kazanır ve iyileşir. Koruyuculuk: Kazandığınız hasar direncini %60'a çıkarır. Müttefikler %20 kazanır. Adanmışlık: İbadethane Bölgesi iyileştirmesi, %500 artar.   Anlık güçler Yiğit Darbe: Adaletin güçlerini yönlendirerek hedefi yok etmek için silahınızı düşmanınıza savurursunuz. Bu kombinasyonunun nihai darbesi, size "Yiğitlik" kazandırır. Yiğitlik: Hasar Direnci, 15 saniye boyunca %5 artar. Birikmez. Işınımlı Darbe: Bir ışık patlaması oluşturarak düşmanınıza saldırırsınız. Bu darbe ne kadar uzun süre yüklenmişse, o kadar fazla hasar verir ve o kadar geniş bir alanı etkiler. Tam olarak yüklendiğinde, size ayrıca "Işınım" kazandırır. Işınım: Zırh Aşımı, 15 saniye boyunca %5 artar. Birikmez. Ant Darbesi: Düşmanınıza yoğun bir darbe yağmuruyla saldırırsınız. Bu kombinasyonun nihai darbesi, seçmiş olduğunuz Anda göre değişir. Yok: Bonus Işınımlı hasar verir. Koruyuculuk: Hedefi 3 saniye boyunca size saldırmaya zorlarken sizi de tehdit listesinde en üst sıraya taşır. Oyuncular, diğer hedeflere 3 saniye boyunca %75 daha az hasar verir. Adanmışlık: 15 saniye boyunca %10 daha güçlü iyileştirmeye sahip olursunuz. Aynı zamanda düşmanın yanında iyileştirici bir ışık patlaması oluşturup tüm müttefikleri iyileştirirsiniz.   Sınıf Özellikleri Cesaret Aurası: 30' içindeki müttefiklerinizle birlikte Paladin'in maksimum can puanının %1'ine eşit miktarda bonus hasar verirsiniz. (düzey başına +%25). İntikam Aurası: 30' içindeki müttefiklerinizle birlikte size saldıran tüm düşmanlara hasar verirsiniz (düzey başına +%25). Hakikat Aurası: 30' içindeki düşmanlar %5 daha az hasar verir (düzey başına +%2.5). Bilgelik Aurası: 30' içindeki müttefiklerinizle birlikte %15 artırılmış Yeniden Yükleme hızına sahip olursunuz. İvme Aurası: 30' içindeki müttefiklerinizle birlikte %20 daha hızlı hareket eder ve %20 daha hızlı Eylem Puanı üretirsiniz. Tapınakçı Aurası: 30' içindeki müttefiklerinizle birlikte %5 daha fazla kritik darbeye ve %15 daha fazla kritik şiddete sahip olursunuz.   Karşılaşma güçleri İlahi Dokunuş: Hedefin etrafındaki tüm düşmanlara Ağır Işınımlı hasar verin. Koruyuculuk: 6 saniye boyunca hasarı emen bir kalkan kazanırsınız. Adanmışlık: Düşmanın yanındaki tüm müttefikleri de iyileştirirsiniz. Kutsal Silah: Silahınızı kutsal enerjiyle doldurup düşmanınıza saldırırsınız. Sonraki 5 saldırınız da bonus ışınımlı hasar verir. Koruyuculuk: Bu güç, onu kullanarak darbe indirdiğiniz düşmanlara sataşır. Adanmışlık: Kutsal Silah, sonraki 5 saldırıyı değil 5 iyileştirmeyi güçlendirir. Bir hedef olmaksızın oluşturulabilir. Kavuran Işık: 4 saniye boyunca kör edici bir ışık yayarak bu ışığa yakalanan düşmanlara hasar verip onları yön kaybına uğratırsınız. Sadece Paladin'e bakan hedefler üzerinde etkilidir. Yüklenir. Koruyuculuk: Işık yayarken %100 daha fazla iyileşme alırsınız. Adanmışlık: Işık, içinde kalan müttefikleri de iyileştirir. Afet: Hedefe kutsal bir işaret yerleştirirsiniz. Bu hedef, 10 saniye boyunca %10 daha az hasar verir ve %10 daha fazla hasar alır. Bu etki, 3 defaya kadar birikir. 3 Yüke sahiptir. Koruyuculuk: Bu düşmana da sataşılır. Adanmışlık: İşaret, müttefiklerin üzerine yerleştirilerek 10 saniye boyunca verdikleri hasar artırılır ve aldıkları hasar azaltılır. Sürgün: 20 saniye boyunca bir AoE içindeki tüm hedefleri sürgün edersiniz. Bu düşmanlar sersemler ve sersemleme sona erene dek zarar görmez halde kalır. Bu sersemleme, oyuncular üzerinde 6 saniye sürer. Koruyuculuk: Sersemleme bu düşmanlar üzerinde sona erdiğinde, düşmanlar 6 saniye boyunca sataşılmış hale gelir (oyuncular, diğer hedeflere %75 daha az hasar verir). Adanmışlık: Alan içindeki müttefiklere de artırılmış hasar direnci verir. Tapınak Şövalyesi'nin Gazabı: Bir kutsal enerji fırtınası oluşturup yakındaki tüm düşmanlara ağır hasar vererek onları sersemletirsiniz. Koruyuculuk: Verdiğiniz hasarın %15'i kadar Geçici Can Puanı kazanırsınız. Adanmışlık: Düşmanlara hasar vermenin yanı sıra çap içinde kalan tüm müttefiklere Geçici Can Puanı kazandırırsınız. Arıtıcı Dokunuş: Hedef müttefiki iyileştirir, üzerindeki tüm kalabalık kontrolü etkilerini kaldırırsınız. Bu gücü, kontrol altında iken devreye sokabilirsiniz. Bu gücü oluştururken hedefinizde bir düşman varsa, yakın dövüş mesafesindeki tüm müttefikleri iyileştirir ve arındırırsınız. Koruyuculuk: Bu gücün getirdiği iyileştirme, yapılan iyileştirmenin %20'si kadar Geçici Can Puanını Paladin'e kazandırır. Adanmışlık: Bu güç, hedefte bir müttefik olsa dahi bir AoE içinde her zaman devreye girer. Husumet Yemini: Paladin, Yemininin hedefine %20 daha fazla hasar verir. Bir hedef Yeminle işaretlendiğinde, bu gücün müteakip kullanımları Paladin'in o hedef üzerine vahşi bir darbe savurmasını sağlar. 60 saniye veya hedef ölene kadar sürer. Koruyuculuk: Yeminin hedefine darbeler savuran müttefikler, Paladin için tehdit oluşturur. Adanmışlık: Yeminin hedefine darbeler savuran müttefikler, her darbede iyileşir. Çarpma: Gökyüzünden inen bir ateş kıvılcımı, ağır hasar verdikten sonra hedefi tutuşturur. Yanma süresince yanan düşmanın 15' yakınındaki tüm düşmanlar da hasar alır. Koruyuculuk: Bu gücün yanma etkisi altında kalan tüm düşmanlar, 3 saniye boyunca %15 daha az hasar verir. Bu etki, her tıklamayla yenilenir. Adanmışlık: Düşman yandığında etrafındaki bir AoE içinde iyileştirme serbest kalır. Aklanma: Müttefikinizin üzerine bir kalkan yerleştirirsiniz. Kalkan, kırılıncaya kadar iş görür. Koruyuculuk: Kalkanın emiş gücü artar.  Sadece kendi üzerinizde oluşturabilirsiniz. Adanmışlık: Kalkanınızın etkisi altında kalan müttefikler, %20 daha fazla iyileştirme alır.   Günlük güçler Kahramanlık: İlahi cesaretle dolarsınız. Can Puanınızın %100'ünü Geçici Can Puanı olarak alır ve 15 saniye boyunca %15 daha az hasar alırsınız. Tüm kontrol etkilerine karşı bağışıklık kazanırsınız. El Dayama: Hedefi anında maksimum sağlık puanının %100'ü kadar iyileştirirsiniz ve tüm zamanla aktarılan hasar etkilerini hedeften kaldırırsınız. Bu güç, hedefte eksik olan Can Puanı miktarı ile doğru orantılı olarak eylem puanı tüketir. Soğuma süresi 20 saniyedir. İlahi Yargılama: 30' içindeki tüm müttefiklerinizle birlikte bir büyü oluşturduğunuz veya bir düşmana saldırdığınız her sefer, 20 saniye boyunca bonus ışınımlı hasar verirsiniz. İnanç Kalkanı: Kendinizi ve müttefiklerinizi 15 saniye boyunca korumak için ilahi kalkanlar çağırırsınız. Müttefiklerin aldığı tüm hasar %50 azalır ve müttefikler %20 daha fazla iyileştirme alır.   Adanmışlık Andı Paragon Yolu Adanmışlık Andı içen Paladinler, ilahi gücü aktarabilir hale gelir ve en feci yaraları dahi iyileştirerek önlerine çıkan her türlü kötülüğe karşı koyabilir. Arıtıcı ışık sayesinde tüm zorlukların üstesinden gelirler ve adeta bir umut feneri görevi görürler. Sınıf Mekanikleri Adanmışlık Andı: İyileştirmeniz %100 artar. Bir müttefiki iyileştirdiğinizde, aynı zamanda onun istatistiklerini 8 saniye boyunca %5 artırırsınız. Bu etki birikmez ve sadece hedefe Can Puanı kazandırırsanız çalışır.   Anlık güçler Yara Sarma: Hedef yoksa kendinizi veya hedefteki bir müttefiki iyileştirin.   Sınıf Özellikleri Yenileniş Aurası: 30' içindeki müttefiklerinizle birlikte büyülerden %10 daha fazla iyileştirme alırsınız. (Düzey başına +%5). İlahilik Aurası: 30' yakınınızdaki en fazla 3 yaralı müttefik 3 saniyede bir iyileştirilir (düzey başına +%25). Yaşam Aurası: 30' yakınınızdaki ölmeye yakın durumda olan müttefikleriniz canlanır ve can puanlarının %15'i kadar iyileşir. Bu müttefik, dirilme hastalığı alır. (Düzey başına +%5).   Karşılaşma güçleri Fazilet Bağı: 60' içindeki tüm müttefikler bağlanır. Bağlanan müttefikler, tüm kaynaklardan %20 artırılmış iyileştirme alır. Buna ek olarak, bağlanmış bir müttefiki iyileştirdiğinizde diğer bağlanmış müttefikler de bu iyileştirmenin %15'ini alır. (düzey başına +%5 iyileştirme alınır ve +%5 paylaşılır). Bu etki, kapatılıncaya veya Paladin devre dışı bırakılıncaya kadar sürer.   Günlük güçler Şifalı Menşe: 60' yakınınızdaki her yaralı müttefiki iyileştirmeye çalışan ve 40 saniye süren bir İyileştirme Kaynağı oluşturursunuz. Bu iyileştirme, etrafınızdaki yaralı müttefiklere de zincirleme şekilde geçer ve bu zincirleme geçiş en fazla 5 defa olabilir.   Koruyuculuk Andı Paragon Yolu Koruyuculuk Andı içen Paladinler, tüm kötülüklerin karşısında durarak müttefiklerini korur ve düşmanlardan gelebilecek her tür saldırıyı bertaraf eder. Sergiledikleri kararlı direnç, hem ilham verir hem de korku salar. Sınıf Mekanikleri Koruyuculuk Andı: Hasar Direnciniz %10 artar, %500 daha fazla tehdit oluşturursunuz. Hasar aldığınızda, aldığınız hasar miktarıyla doğru orantılı olarak güç kazanırsınız. Bu bonus, en fazla maksimum sağlık puanınızın %50'sine eşdeğer Güç kadar olabilir.   Anlık güçler Koruma Darbesi: Bu kombinasyonun nihai darbesi, size hasarı emen bir kalkan kazandırır. Bu kalkan, 3 defaya kadar birikir ve 8 saniyelik bir ömre sahiptir.   Sınıf Özellikleri Koruma Aurası: 30' yakınınızdaki müttefiklerinizle birlikte %5 daha az hasar alırsınız (düzey başına +%2.5). Gazap Aurası: Can Puanınız azaldıkça, 30' yakınınızdaki müttefiklerinizle birlikte %20'ye kadar bonus hasar verirsiniz. (Düzey başına +%5) Işınım Aurası: 30' yakınınızdaki tüm düşmanlar, 3 saniyede bir hasar alır. Bu hasar, bonus tehdit oluşturur. (Düzey başına +%25 hasar ve tehdit).   Karşılaşma güçleri Bağlayıcı Ant: Paladin'in yakınındaki tüm hedefler, 2 saniye boyunca ona saldırmaya zorlanır. Bu süre boyunca, Paladin kendisine gelen tüm hasarı emer. Etki kaybolduğunda, bu hasarın %50'sini alır ve %50'sini bir AoE içindeki tüm düşmanlara verir. Bu gücün etkisi altındaki oyuncular, Paladin olmayan hedeflere %75 daha az hasar verir. (Düzey başına +2s).   Günlük güçler İlahi Koruyucu: Hasar karşısında tüm müttefiklerinize kalkan olursunuz. Onlara yöneltilen hasarın %100'ünü kendi üzerine çekersiniz. Bu etki devredeyken alacağınız hasarın tamamı %80 azalır.   Güncellenen Özellikler Senaryo Değişiklikleri Tyranny of Dragons Bu bölgelerdeki senaryo genişletme alanlarında bulunan oyuncuların seviyesi, bölgeye uygun bir seviyeye düşürülerek ayarlanacak. Düşmanlar, yaklaşık olarak o bölgedeki en zorlu mahlukların seviyesinde olacak. Oyuncu seviye ayarlaması şöyle yapılacak: Neverdeath: 30 Abanoz Bayırları: 38 Icespire Doruğu: 49 Rothé Vadisi: 55 Fısıldayan Mağaralar: 60   Diğer Senaryolar Tüm Teçhizat Skoru ve Lütuf koşulları kaldırıldı. Artık oyuncuların seviye 60 veya üstü olması, bölgelere girmeleri için yeterli. Oyuncular, senaryo bölgelerinde seviye 70'e çıkarılacak.   Ödüller bakımından farklı odaklara sahip senaryoları burada inceleyebilirsiniz: Sharandar'da Efsun işleme eşyaları elde edilebilir Dehşet Halkası'nda Eser işleme eşyaları elde edilebilir Ejderhalar Kuyusu'nda Eser Teçhizatı işleme eşyaları elde edilebilir Icewind Dale'da Kara Buz ve yukarıdakilerin bir karışımı elde edilebilir   Zindan Değişiklikleri Seviye Kazanma Zindanları (3 Oyunculu) Oyuncular, Elemental Evil yayınlandığında favori zindanlarının elden geçirilmiş 3 adam versiyonları için kuyruğa girebilecek. Bu zindanlar; seviye 19'da Cragmire Mezarları, seviye 36'da Gri Kurt İni ve nihayet seviye 50'de Örümcek Tapınağı. Seviye kazanma zindanları, akla gelen herhangi üç sınıfla oluşturulabilecek takımlar için tasarlandı. Şefleri yenip zindanın sonundaki sandığı Günlük Zindan Sandığı anahtarı ile açmak, güçlü ve ender ekipman kazandıracak. Final Oyun Zindanları ve Çarpışmalar (5 Oyunculu) Elden geçirilen yeni final oyun zindanları, bir tank ve şifacıya sahip olduğu varsayılan beş oyunculu takımlar için tasarlandı. Ancak seviye 70'te erişilebilecek bu zorlu karşılaşmalar, farklı toplam eşya seviyesi gerekliliklerine sahip iki kademeye ayrılacak.   Kademe 1 Kessell'in İnzivası, Tuern Kıyıları, Valindra'nın Kulesi, Malabog Kalesi ve Lostmauth'un İni gibi Kademe 1 zindanlar, toplam en az 1.600 eşya seviyesi gerektiriyor. Oyuncular, şefleri yenip zindan sonundaki sandığı bir Günlük Zindan Sandığı Anahtarı kullanıp açarak Element Mührü elde edebilecek. Ayrıca, oyuncular her gün bir defa fazladan Element Mührü dolu bonus bir Element Zulası alabilecek. Bu bonusun kullanılabilirliği, Harikalar Çarşısı'ndaki Zindan Efendisi Rehberi incelenerek serbestçe izlenebilir.   Element Mühürleri, eşya seviyesi 130 olan, "İttifak" ekipmanı yanı sıra zırh ve silah geliştirme parçaları satın almak için kullanılabilir. Zindan sandığından işleme puanı cevherlerinin yanı sıra sözü geçen ekipman ve nadiren eser veya eser ekipmanları elde edilebilir. Ayrıntılar için oyundaki koleksiyonlara göz atın!   Kademe 2 Destansı Cragmire Mezarları, Destansı Gri Kurt İni ve Destansı Örümcek Tapınağı gibi Kademe 2 zindanlar, en az toplam 2.000 eşya seviyesi gerektirir ve hatrı sayılır bir zorluk olarak tasarlanmıştır. Oyuncular, şefleri yenip zindan sonundaki sandığı bir Günlük Zindan Sandığı Anahtarı kullanıp açarak Koruyucu Mührü elde edebilecek.   Ayrıca, oyuncular her gün bir defa fazladan Koruyucu Mührü dolu bonus bir Koruyucu Zulası alabilecek. Bu bonusun kullanılabilirliği, Harikalar Çarşısı'ndaki Zindan Efendisi Rehberi incelenerek serbestçe izlenebilir.   Koruyucu Mühürleri, eşya seviyesi 135 olan, "Elf" ekipmanı yanı sıra güçlü zırh ve silah geliştirme parçaları satın almak için kullanılabilir. Oyundaki en güçlü ekipmanlardan biri olan bu güçlü "Elf" ekipmanı, sadece Koruyucu Mühürleri ile elde edilebilir. Ayrıntılar için oyundaki koleksiyonlara göz atın!     Yakarış Güncellemeleri Kılıç Sahili maceracıları! İlahlar, aranızda en sadık olanları ödüllendirmenin yeni yollarını buldu!   Yakarış ödülleri, her gün giriş yapan oyuncuları daha güzel ödüllendirecek ve kazara bir-iki gün kaçıranların acısını dindirecek şekilde güncellendi.  İşte Yakarışta yapılan değişikliklerin kısa bir özeti: Semavi Sikkeleri, sahipleri Yakarmazsa artık yok olmuyor! Her günün ilk Yakarışları daha sık gerçekleştirilebiliyor ve her gün ne kadar fazla gerçekleştirilirse Yakarışlar o kadar güçleniyor. Oyuncu, ilk Yakarışın üzerinden 15 dakika geçtikten sonra yeniden yakarabiliyor. Bir sonraki yakarış için 30 dakika ve bir sonraki için biraz daha uzun bir süre beklemek zorunda kalıyor. Tecrübe ve Astral Elmas ödülleri, aynı gün içindeki her Yakarışla artıyor. Son kutsamadan sonra, oyuncular bir sonraki güne kadar Yakarış bildirimi almıyor. Yeni bir Yakarış penceresi, günün Yakarış yolunda oyuncunun mevcut gelişimini ve her kademenin getireceği ödüllerin bir ön izlemesini gösteriyor. Yakarış günü, günlük görevler sıfırlandığında sıfırlanıyor ve oyuncuların Yakarışa baştan başlamasını sağlıyor. Yakarışın son kademesi, oyunculara aynı gün içinde ikinci bir Semavi Sikke kazanma şansı tanıyor! Takva Mahzeni de hem planı hem de içeriği bakımından bir güncelleme geçirdi: Büyük Parti Fişekleri, artık Mahzen'de bulunmuyor. Kader Şurubu'nun fiyatı halen 3 Semavi Sikke. Kutsanmış Meslek Paketi, içinde yeni Elemental kaynaklar olacak şekilde güncellendi ve fiyatı artık 5 değil 7 Semavi Sikke. Senaryo Hazineleri Sandığı, artık Mahzen'de bulunmuyor. Harika Artırış Kasası, üç ayrı kasaya ayrılarak oyunculara ödüllerinin Efsun, Eser veya Eser Ekipmanı odaklı olmasını seçme tercihi sunuldu. Üç Kasa için artık 7 yerinde 11 Semavi Sikke gerekiyor. Yama Notları     Sınıflar ve Denge Genel Değişiklikler Tüm karakterler, beceri ağacı ve güç değişikliklerine uyum sağlamak için mecburi bir beceri yeniden ayarı alacak. Artık tüm sınıfların her yol için yeni becerilerin yanı sıra iki yeni Sınıf Özelliği ve Karşılaşma gücü var! Oyuncuları iyileştiren veya hasar veren lütuflar, artık seviye 60 ile 70 arasında ölçekleniyor. Seviye 60'ta %10 etkinlik ile başlıyorlar ve seviye 70'te %100 etkinliğe ulaşıyorlar. Güç Yuvaları İkinci Günlük güç yuvası, seviye 10'da açılıyor (önceden 18 idi). Üçüncü Karşılaşma gücü yuvası, seviye 6'da açılıyor (önceden 7 idi). İstatistik Değişiklikleri Zırh Aşımı: Daha zorlu içerikteki düşmanlar, yüksek kademe zindanlarda daha fazla Zırha sahip olarak Zırh Aşımı'nın genel olarak daha etkili olmasını ve etkin bir sınıra ulaşıp artık kullanılmamasındansa içerik ilerledikçe halen ihtiyaç duyulur halde kalmasını sağlayacak. Tazelenme: Artık Savaşta Sağlık Tazelenmesi sağlamıyor. Artık size karşı oluşturulan iyileştirme büyülerinin etkisini artırıyor ve Savaş dışında sağlık tazelenmesi sağlıyor. Yaşam Çalma: Artık tüm saldırılarda etkinleşmiyor. Yaşam Çalma, artık oyuncudaki yaşam çalma şiddeti kadar miktarı çalma amacıyla darbe savurma olasılığını artırıyor. İstatistik Eğrileri: Genel bir kural olarak, seviye 70'teki yeni istatistik eğrilerinin çok daha kısıtlayıcı oldukları hissedilecek. Ancak iki ana yönden büyük oranda geliştirilen bu eğriler, içeriğin ilerleyişine daha etkili katkı yapacak. Öncelikle, biriken istatistikler bakımından daha esnekler. Yani bu istatistikleri ağır bir şekilde cezalandırılmadan, önceden olduğundan daha çok kovalayabileceksiniz. Bu eğriler tam olarak doğrusal olmasa da çoğu zaman öyle hissedilecek. İkinci olarak, bu eğriler gelecek modüllerde öngördüğümüz teçhizat gelişiminin daha derinine işleyecek şekilde tasarlandı ve bu sebeple güçlü köleleri önceden olduğundan çok daha incelikle ele alıyor. Kısacası, tüm bunlar seviye 70'te önceden alışkın olduğunuzdan daha küçük yüzdeler göreceğiniz anlamına geliyor fakat ekipmanınız doldukça asıl istatistiklerinizin halen değerli olduğunu göreceksiniz. Azim: Artık size karşı olan Zırh Aşımı etkisini doğrudan azaltıyor. Taban Azim %20'ye ve Azim'in Zırh Aşımı'na karşı olan etkileri iki katına çıkarıldı.   Sınıf Değişiklikleri Kontrol Büyücüsü Çağrışım: Bu sınıf özelliği, artık tüm AoE güçlerine olması gerektiği gibi etki ediyor. Sadık Ruhban Güneş Parlaması: Artık hedefleri yeniden olması gerektiği gibi Deviriyor ve çoğu Kalabalık Kontrolü bağışıklığını/direncini görmezden gelmiyor. Muhafız Savaşçı Verilen Hasar Güçlerin hasarı, herkesi kapsayacak şekilde %20 artırıldı. Silah hasarı, herkesi kapsayacak şekilde artırıldı. Ortalama artış yaklaşık %50. Boğa Hücumu: Bu güç, etkinleştirildiğinde artık 3 saniye boyunca %50 artırılmış hasar direnci sağlıyor. Mecburi Tehlike: Bu güç, artık iki kat daha hızlı etkinleşiyor. Grifonun Gazabı: Artık düzey 4'te 4. yükü olması gerektiği gibi alıyor. Demir Cengaver: Bu güç, artık diğer etkilerinin yanı sıra %30 hasar direnci sağlıyor. Atılım Darbesi: Bu güç, etkinleştirildiğinde artık 3 saniye boyunca %50 artırılmış hasar direnci sağlıyor. Çelikten Hava Saldırısı: Şövalyenin Yiğitliği, artık Çelikten Hava Saldırısı'nın müttefikleri etkilemesine sebep olmuyor. Zalim Tehdidi: Bu güç, artık diğer etkilerinin yanı sıra %20 hasar direnci sağlıyor. Büyük Silahlı Savaşçı Gözdağı Becerisi: Bu beceri, artık silah hasarının %25/50/75/100/125'ini veriyor (önceden güce göre belirleniyordu). Bu hasar, güçle birlikte artıyor. Gözdağı verilen hedefler, sizden artık %100/200/300/400/500 daha fazla tehdit alıyor (önceden %10/20/30/40/50 idi). Nöbetçi Himayesi Becerisi: Ayrıca, tehdit oluşturmayı artık dolaylı olarak %250 artırıyor. Biçen Darbe: Biçen Darbe yüklenirken sağlanan Hasar Direnci, %20'ye çıkarıldı (önceden %8 idi). Biçen Darbe: Hasar, birden fazla hedef vurulduğunda artık düşmüyor. Hasar, yaklaşık %25 artırıldı. Biçen Darbe: Biçen Darbe yüklenirken kazanılan Kararlılık, artık temel olarak %25 artırıldı (önceden %5 idi) ve artık düzey başına %10 elde ediliyor (önceden %5 idi). Kesin Darbe: Nihai darbenin hasarı, yaklaşık %30 artırıldı. Durdurulamaz: Anlık güçlerin hasarını artık azaltmıyor. Silah Hasarı, yaklaşık %20 artırıldı. Feci Darbe: Nihai darbenin hasarı, yaklaşık %15 artırıldı. Feci Darbe: Birden fazla hedef vurulduğunda artık daha az hasar vermiyor. Avcı Korucu Ezici Kökler: Bu özellik, artık Zayıf Kavrayan Kök'ün hedefleri düzey başına .125s (önceden düzey başına .5 idi) afallatmasını ve Kuvvetli Kavrayan Kök'ün de hedefleri düzey başına .25s (önceden düzey başına 1s idi) afallatmasını sağlıyor. Dikenli Kökler, artık bu sınıf özelliğini olması gerektiği gibi dikkate alıyor. Ormanbağı: Bu gücün etkinliği, AoE uygulamalarıyla uyumlu hale getirilmesi için %1/2/3/4/5'e düşürüldü. Bela Varlok Ruh Kuklası: Ruh Kuklaları, artık önemli ölçüde daha fazla hasar veriyor. Gaddar Tehdit: Bu güç, artık hedefin etrafındakilere önceden verdiğinin yarısı kadar hasar sıçratıyor. Kurnaz Düzenbaz Bıçak Telaşı: Artık 4 kullanımdan sonra olması gerektiği gibi soğumaya geçiyor. Şaşırtan İnfaz: Bu gücün tüyo notunda artık bu güç tarafından öldürülen oyuncuların canlandırılamayacağı belirtiliyor.   Paragon Yolu Değişiklikleri Kılıç Ustası Kılıç Ustası: Silah Ustasının Darbesi: Hasar yaklaşık %50 artırıldı. Kılıç Ustası: Silah Ustasının Darbesi: Debuff, varsayılan olarak 6 saniye sürüyor ve düzey başına 2 saniye kazanılıyor (eskiden sırasıyla 3 ve 1 saniye idi). Kılıç Ustası: Silah Ustasının Darbesi: Birden fazla hedef vurulduğunda artık daha az hasar vermiyor. Fırtına Bekçisi Soğuk Çelik Kasırgası: Hasar, yaklaşık %200 artırıldı. Fırtına Adım Eylemi: Bu sınıf özelliği, artık bazı günlük güçlerle yanlışlıkla olması gerekenden daha fazla kez tetiklenmiyor.     İçerik ve Çevre Sharandar: Sharandar senaryosunun ilk kısımlarının maliyeti, senaryoyu sonrakilerle daha uyumlu kılmak için düşürüldü. Zindanlar Birçok zindandaki toplam düşman sayısı, zindanın toplam temizlenme süresini azaltmak için düşürüldü. Zindan Günlük Görevleri elden geçirildi! Bunları tamamlamak için artık özel içerik gerekmiyor. Gauntlgrym PvP'si: 10'a 10 bir oyuncu PvP Egemenlik maçına dönüştürüldü. Harita, artık 60 ile 70 arası seviyeleri destekliyor ve oyuncuları seviye 70'e yükseltiyor. Puan toplama buffları, mancınıklar ve dev kaldırıldı. Lord Neverember, artık günlük görev vermiyor. Ejderhalar Kuyusu: Fraksiyon Mülkleri: Bazı oyuncuların bu görevi bırakıp yeniden almaları durumunda onu tamamlayamamaları sorunu giderildi.   Düşmanlar Cragmire Kalesi: Traven Blackdagger ve mürettebatı, Traven'in susuzluğunu bir ömür boyu giderecek kadar büyük bir içki fıçısı buldu. Ateş bombaları kullanımı için erişim sağlamak dahil olmak üzere bunu dövüş tarzına dahil etti. Gri Kurt İni: Marrowslake, kırmızı ruh kurtlarının yardımıyla kurtadam tazelenme güçlerinde ustalaştı. Ejderha kuyruğu savruluşları, örneğin Bloklama'dan veya Durdurulamaz'dan gelen Kalabalık Kontrolü Bağışıklık etkilerini olması gerektiği gibi dikkate alıyor. Destansı zindan düşmanlarının hasarı düşürüldü fakat Zırh Aşımı artırıldı. Seviyesi seviyenizden 2'den fazla olan düşmanlarla dövüştüğünüzde zorluğun birden arttığını hissedeceksiniz. (Bu fark önceden 5 Seviye idi). Örümcek Tapınağı Kraliçesi: Syndryth, zaten geniş olan büyü cephanesini güncelledi. Artık bir Drider'e dönüştüğünde çok daha büyük güçlere başvurabiliyor. Seviye 60'tan sonra seviyesi sizden daha yüksek olan düşmanların zorluğu artırıldı. Tuzaklar, artık Can Puanının belli bir yüzdesini hasar olarak veriyor ve bir sakatlığa yol açıyor. Sosyal agresiflik, bir karşılaşmada bir düşmanı agresifleştirdiğinizde yakındaki düşmanların size saldırma olasılığını artıracak şekilde ayarlandı.   Foundry Çağırma Portalı, Foundry'ye geri getirildi. Portalın ismi, "Thay Portalı - İmp Portalı" olarak değiştirildi. Aynı zamanda, portalın etkinliğini kaybetmeden önce sınırlı sayıda imp çağırması ve bu implerin ganimet bırakmaması sağlandı.   Grafik ve Performans Çeşitli çökmelerle efekt ve Animasyon sistemiyle ilgili performans sorunları giderildi. Efekt sistemine performans ve kararlılık güncellemeleri uygulandı.   Eşyalar ve Ekonomi Tüm Aşırı Yük yuvası efsunları, artık hiç kullanılmadıkları takdirde 99'a kadar birikebiliyor. Yoldaşlar: Yoldaşların artık ek düzeylerde açılan bir Uzman ve Usta pasif gücü var. Ödül eşyaları ve müsabaka jetonları gibi para birimi eşyaları, artık 9.000'den fazla biriktirilebiliyor. Yoldaş Tahkimat Kiti: Bu eşya, Eskimiş Yoldaş Tahkimat Kiti olarak yeniden adlandırıldı. Sakatlık Kitleri: Bunlar, artık iksir tablasına yerleştirilebiliyor. Mulhorand, Ejdersoyu, Xvim ve Bahamut'un Dişi ekipmanlarının seviye ölçeklendirmesi seviye 60'ta duruyor. Parti Fişeği fiyatı, 2.500 Astral Elmas'tan 500 Astral Elmas'a düşürüldü. Taşınabilir Sunaklar, artık iksir tablasına yerleştirilebiliyor ve savaş dışındaki oyunculardan canlanma hastalığını kaldırıyor. İksirler: İstatistik artırıcı iksirlerin çalışma yöntemini değiştirdik. Artık aynı anda etkili olan sadece bir normal istatistik artırıcı iksire sahip olabiliyorsunuz.  Birçok istatistik iksirinin büyüklüğü de artırıldı. Meslek paketlerinde, artık seviye 20 üstü meslek vazifeleri için ek kaynaklar bulunuyor. PvP iyileştirme iksirleri, artık PvP dışında kullanıldıklarında bir hata mesajı veriyor. Transmutasyon: Maliyetler, eşya seviyesi değişiklikleriyle uyumlu olacak şekilde gözden geçirildi. Maliyet hesabında eşya seviyesi yerine artık eşyanın kuşanılması için gereken minimum seviye kullanılıyor. Maliyetler de değiştirildi; seviye 70 eşyaların transmutasyonu için 50.000 Astral Elmas gerekiyor.   Kullanıcı Arayüzü   Kahramanca Karşılaşma düşmanlarının sağlık barı kesimi, artık sıradan düşmanlardan ayırt edilebilmeleri için daha büyük. Eşya Seviyesi, artık tüm ekipmanların, eserlerin ve efsunların üzerinde görülen yeni bir sayı. Zindan kuyruğu ve diğer koşulları sağlama amacıyla Teçhizat Skoru'nun yerine getirildi.   PvP'de iken oturumu kapatmak, bağlantıyı kesmek veya karakter değişikliği yapmak, artık karakterinizin kısa bir süre daha oyunda kalmasına sebep oluyor. Seviye ölçeklendirme içeriği, artık karakterinizin seviyesini belirlenen miktara aşağı veya yukarı yönlü hareketle sık sık "geliştiriyor". Karakterinizin HUD üzerindeki seviyesi, o anki Geliştirilmiş seviyenizi yansıtır. AOE güçleriyle nişan almak, artık mevcutsa halihazırdaki hedefinizin ayağını merkez olarak alıyor.  
          Neverwinter Ä°ki Kat XP Maratonu        
Seviye üst sınırının yükseleceği zamana hazırlık yapmak adına karakterinizin seviyesini artıracak bir şeylere mi ihtiyacınız var? O şeyi, bugün başlatacağımız İki Kat XP Maratonu boyunca bulacaksınız! Karakterleriniz ve yoldaşlarınız, hiç olmadığı kadar hızlı seviye kazanacak! Görevlerden, şefleri öldürmeden ve diğer oyun içi etkinliklerden tam iki kat XP ödülü kazanın! Etkinlik süresince giriş yaparak oyunculara 7 Nisan'da merhaba diyecek olan Elemental Evil hazırlığınızı tamamlayın! İki Kat XP Hafta Sonu Başlangıcı: 2 Nisan 2015, TSİ 20.00 İki Kat XP Hafta Sonu Bitişi: 7 Nisan 2015, TSİ 17.00 Peki, bu etkinlik boyunca Neverwinter'da neler iki katına çıkacak? - Oyundaki yaratıkları öldürerek kazanılan XP. - Mesleklerden kazanılan XP. - Görevlerden alınan XP ödülleri. - Yakarıştan alınan XP ödülleri. - Tamamlanan Foundry görevlerinden alınan XP ödülleri. - Yoldaşları da iki kat XP bekliyor. Seviye 60 bile olsanız, siz oyunda ilerledikçe yoldaşlarınız iki kat XP kazanmaya devam edecek. - *Yoldaşlar, Kılıç Sahili Maceralarından iki kat XP kazanmaz. İki Kat XP Maratonumuz boyunca sizi bekleyen dolu dolu maceraları düşündükçe heyecanlanıyor musunuz? Bizimle Neverwinter Forumlarında paylaşın.  
          [Rehber] Astral Elmas        
Yeni Neverwinter oyuncularının sıkça sorduğu sorulardan bazıları, "Astral Elmas nedir?", "Onları ne için kullanabilirim?" ve "Nasıl daha fazla elmas elde ederim?" şeklinde oluyor. Gelin, hep birlikte inceleyelim!   Astral Elmas nedir? Astral Elmas, oyundaki en faydalı para birimlerinden biridir ve Neverwinter'ın gerçek para birimi olan ZEN ile uyum içinde çalışır. Müzayede Evi ve oyundaki çeşitli zaman kazandırıcılar gibi birçok hizmet için temel para birimi olarak Astral Elmas kullanılır. Neverwinter'da yoldaşlara seviye kazandırma gibi bazı işlerin tamamlanması zaman alır fakat aceleniz varsa, bu süreci Astral Elmas kullanarak hızlandırabilirsiniz.  Ayrıca, Astral Elmas Takası'ndan faydalanarak Astral Elmaslar'ı ZEN'e dönüştürebilir, tersini de yapabilirsiniz!   Astral Elmas nasıl kazanılır? Neverwinter'da Astral Elmas kazanmanın birçok yolu vardır! Aşağıda, en etkili olanların ve en sık kullanılanların kısa bir listesini inceleyebilirsiniz. Müzayede Evi'nde Eşya Satışı: Bir zindana girip karakterinize faydası dokunmayan ganimet toplarsanız, bunu Müzayede Evi'nde satıp para kazanabilirsiniz. Önceden de belirttiğimiz gibi, Müzayede Evi'nde geçerli olan para birimi Astral Elmas'tır ve burada eşya satarak güzel bir kâr sağlayabilirsiniz. Günlük Görevler: Günlük Görevler, Astral Elmas sahibi olmanın en sık başvurulan yoludur. Tamamlandığında Astral Elmas kazandıran birçok farklı türde Günlük Görev (PvP, PvE Zindanları, PvE Çarpışmaları ve Foundry Görevleri) alabilirsiniz. Ödüller, bir Günlük Görevden diğerine farklılık gösterir. Günlük Görevleri başlatmak için Koruyucu'nun Yerleşimi'ndeki Rhix ile konuşun veya Çıkarma Sayfası'nda onları kendiniz etkinleştirin! Müsabakalara Katılım: Yarım saatte bir, bazı özel etkinlikler sayesinde bonus ödüller kazanma şansı yakalarsınız. Özel bir müsabaka olan Çarpışma gibi bazıları, size fazladan Astral Elmas kazandırır. Müsabakalar, varsayılan olarak ekranın sağ üst köşesinde veya Çıkarma Sayfası'nın alt kısmında görülür. Meslekler: Liderlik Mesleği sayesinde mülklerinizi Astral Elmas toplamaya gönderebilirsiniz. Liderlik Mesleğinde ne kadar ilerlerseniz, o kadar büyük ödüller kazanırsınız! Ayrıca, Gateway sayesinde bütün gün boyunca zanaatkarlık yapabilirsiniz: ZEN Satışı: Astral Elmas Takası'nı kullanarak ZEN'i Astral Elmas'a dönüştürebilirsiniz (bu konuda daha fazla bilgiyi bu yazının sonunda bulabilirsiniz). Yakarış: Neverwinter'da kamp ateşlerinde her saatte bir defa Yakarabilirsiniz. Yakarış, size aralarında Astral Elmasların da olduğu çeşitli bufflar ve bonuslar kazandırır! 24 saatlik bir süre zarfında Yakardığınız ilk üç sefer için Astral Elmas kazanırsınız. Bu, Astral Elmas kazanmanın hızlı, sürekli ve çok kolay bir yoludur. Kaçırmayın! Eşya Takası: Doğru NPC ile konuştuğunuz takdirde, bazı oyun içi eşyalarına karşılık doğrudan Astral Elmas alabilirsiniz. Örneğin; Rhix, kilitli kutulardan elde edilen Mücevherli İdol gibi eşyalara karşılık Astral Elmas vermeye hazırdır. Lord Neverember Astral Elmas Günlük Görevi: Tüm seviye 60 karakterler, mutlaka Çavuş Knox ile konuşarak kendisinden "Koruyucu'nun Huzuruna Çıkmak" görevini almalıdır. Bu görev, sizi bizzat Lord Neverember'a götürür. Danışmanları, size orada seviye 60 karakterleri ne gibi içeriklerin beklendiğini anlatır. Ardından, Neverember seviye 60 karakterlere ödül olarak okkalı miktarda Astral Elmas vadeden bir Günlük Görev sunar. Ona her gün uğradığınızdan emin olun zira kendisi Rhix'ten daha cömerttir! Kurtarma Sistemi: Koruyucu'nun Yerleşimi'ndeki Yedi Güneş Seyyar Pazarı'nın batı ucunda, bir Kurtarma Taciri ve istasyonu bulunur. Burada, Ham Astral Elmas karşılığında mor kalite teçhizat kurtarılabilir. Harika Foundry Görevleri Oluşturma: Bir Foundry yazarı iseniz, oyuncular görevlerinizi oynayıp değerlendirdikten sonra size ortaya koyduğunuz harika çalışma için Astral Elmas cinsinden "bahşiş bırakarak" teşekkür edebilir. Daha fazla bilgiye Neverwinter Wiki sayfalarından ulaşabilirsiniz!   Astral Elmasları oyunda nasıl kullanırım? Kazanılan Astral Elmaslar oyunda kullanılmadan önce işlenmelidir. Astral Elmas kazandığınızda, elinize geçen çoğu kez işlenmemiş Ham Astral Elmas olur. Bunlar envanterinizde saklanır ancak bu haliyle kullanılamaz. Oyunun bu elmasları otomatik olarak işlemesini bekleyebilir veya envanterinizdeki para birimi sekmesini açarak "İşle" düğmesine tıklayıp işlenmemiş Astral Elmasları işleyebilirsiniz (günde en fazla 24.000 elmas). Böylece, bu Astral Elmaslar toplam Astral Elmas havuzunuza eklenir. Bu noktadan sonra, Astral Elmaslarınızı nasıl kullanacağınız size kalmış! Meslek vazifelerini hızlandırmak, sevdiğiniz bir nesnenin görünümünün kopyasını yapmak, Müzayede Evi'nde yeni destansı teçhizat satın almak ve çok daha fazlası için Astral Elmaslarınızdan yararlanabilirsiniz. Koruyucu'nun Yerleşimi'ndeki Harikalar Çarşısı'nı da ziyaret etmeyi unutmayın. Burada da Tanımlama Tomarlarından Kilitli Kutulara kadar Astral Elmaslarla satın alınabilecek bir sürü çok faydalı eşya bulabilirsiniz. Aradığınız her şey Harikalar Çarşısı'nda! Buraya Koruyucu'nun Yerleşimi'ndeki Yedi Güneş Seyyar Pazarı'nda veya ekranınızın yukarısında yer alan Elmas simgesine tıklayarak göz atabilirsiniz.   Oyun içi Astral Elmas Takası'nı nasıl kullanırım? A: Bu, "ZEN Satın Al" sekmesi. B: Bu kısımda ZEN satışı ile en önemli teklifler görüntülenir. Örnek: 1. sırada ZEN başına 356 İşlenmiş Astral Elmas karşılığında 2.312 ZEN sunulduğunu görüyoruz. C: Bu kısımda, takasta bulunan tüm tekliflerinizi bulabilirsiniz. Bir teklifi iptal etmek isterseniz, üzerine tıklayarak onu vurguladıktan sonra "Teklifi İptal Et" düğmesine tıklayın. Teklif iptal edildiğinde, takasa çıkardığınız Astral Elmaslar "Takas Bakiyesi"ne geri gelir (F).   D: Bu kısımda, ZEN satın almak için ne kadar Astral Elmas sunmak istediğinize karar verebilirsiniz. Her iki alana da değer girildikten sonra, "Harcanacak miktar:" alanı bu değerlere göre otomatik olarak güncellenir. Örnek: 100 ZEN satın almak için bir teklif yapmak istiyorsanız, "Alınacak ZEN Miktarı" kısmına "100" girmeli, ZEN başına ödemeyi düşündüğünüz Astral Elmas miktarını da "Birim Fiyat" kısmında belirtmelisiniz. "Harcanacak miktar:" alanı güncellenerek bu birim fiyatla 100 ZEN satın alabilmeniz için ihtiyacınız olan toplam Astral Elmas miktarını gösterir. E: Yukarıdaki alanlara gerekli bilgileri girdikten sonra (D), "Yayınla" üzerine tıklayarak ZEN satın alma teklifinizi onaylayıp gönderin. Bir ZEN Satın Alma teklifi oluşturduğunuzda, bunun için yayınladığınız tüm Astral Elmaslar derhal alınır. ZEN'i daha ucuza alırsanız veya teklifinizi tamamen yerine getirilmeden iptal ederseniz, bu Astral Elmasları geri alırsınız. Dikkat: Astral Elmas Takası ile satın alınan ZEN'ler Neverwinter'a bağlanır. Miktarınıza ve fiyatınıza uygun bir satış teklifi bulunamadığı takdirde, siparişinizin bir kısmını alabilir veya hiçbir kısmını alamayabilirsiniz. Geri kalan kısım, uygun bir satış teklifi bulunduğunda yerine getirilir. F: Bu kısımda mevcut Takas Bakiyesi görülebilir. Teklif iptal edildiğinde, takasta yayınladığınız Astral Elmaslar bu bakiyeye geri gelir. Gelecek teklifler, önce bu bakiyelerden çekilir. Takas Bakiyesi'nde mevcut olan Astral Elmasları veya ZEN'leri istediğiniz zaman çekebilirsiniz. G: Bu kısımda mevcut karakterinizin Astral Elmas bakiyesi ve hesabınızın ZEN bakiyesi görülebilir. Neverwinter Zen Pazarı'ndan eşya veya özel hizmet satın almak isterseniz, Astral Elmas Takası'ndaki "Zen Sat" sekmesine tıklayarak ZEN karşılığında Astral Elmas da elde edebilirsiniz! Neverwinter için ZEN satın almanız gerekiyorsa buraya tıklayın. Satın alımınız tamamlandıktan sonra, ZEN'i Neverwinter'a bu sayfada aktarın. Burada üç kutu göreceksiniz: 1, 2 ve 3. 1. Kutuda Neverwinter'ı, 2. Kutuda karakterinizin bulunduğu sunucuyu ve 3. Kutuda da ZEN miktarını seçin. Bu bilgilerin Neverwinter'da Astral Elmas kazanma ve kullanma hakkında aklınızdaki soruları yanıtlamış olmasını umuyoruz!
          Yama Notları: NW.35.20150122b.3        
  Karakter Tiefling ve Ork silahlarının da içinde bulunduğu bir dizi Silah Altına Çağrı müsabakalarına ait dönüştürme silahı ile ilgili birkaç ölçeklendirme ve kırpma sorunu giderildi. Sınıflar ve Denge Avcı Korucu Gökyüzünü Böl: Korucular, aynı anda birden fazla Gökyüzünü Böl'e sahip olamıyor. Yeni bir tane yerleştirilmesi, eskisinin yerini alıyor. Gökyüzünü Böl: Artık müttefiklere Tilki Çabukluğu uygulamıyor. Gökyüzünü Böl: Artık Tilki Çabukluğu'nu yanlışlıkla birden çok kez tetiklemiyor. İçerik ve Çevre İnler: İşkence kafeslerindeki büyütme büyüsü devre dışı bırakıldı ve kafesler tekrar uygun bir boyuta getirildi. Foundry Çağırma portalları, bir mülk olarak Foundry'den kaldırıldı. Eşyalar ve Ekonomi Aslan Tacı: Aslan Tacı, artık gizlilik durumundayken etkinleştirilemiyor. Kullanıcı Arayüzü Steam kullanıldığında görülen Türk Lirası simgesi, artık belirsiz bir simgenin yerine "TRY" olarak görüntüleniyor.
          EPISODE76 - OpenStack Summit #5        
Bernard Golden, VP Strategy at ActiveState on Cloud Foundry and OpenStack
          EPISODE60 - Intro to Cloud Foundry        
Learn about the open source Cloud Foundry project that is now a central part of the HP Helion portfolio from the VP of Engineering responsible for the HP Helion Development Platform.
          Episode 47:25th July 2011: Yuri Gagarin Statue in London        

Links to audio and video below. The 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s UK visit was marked by the unveiling of an aluminium statue of Gagarin, an exact copy of the one outside Lyubertsy Technical School number 10 where Gagarin started his training as a foundryman. The statue, a gift from the Russian federal space agency […]

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          Eclipse Newsletter - Neon Lights Everywhere        
Read great articles about Cloud Foundry and Docker Tooling, Buildship, and Automated Error Reporting.
          XYZ Type        
XYZ Type is a new independent type foundry established by Ben Kiel and Jesse Ragan. They currently offer three beautiful typefaces – Cortado, Aglet Slab, and Export. I am especially impressed with Cortado, an elegant script inspired by the lettering of illustrator Cecilia Carlstedt. Designed to look as much like handwriting as possible, the typeface’s […]
          Developing for Cloud Foundry        
We are pleased to have a series of articles describing how developers can use Eclipse and Orion for developing Cloud Foundry applications.
          Carhartt Coats: Warmth, Protection, And More!        
by Max Johnson


When you go to choose your next piece of outerwear, ask yourself what it is you like in that garment. Do you appreciate the low cost? Is the design just perfect for what you need? Is the garment going to provide you the protection you need in your workplace environment? There are a multitude of reasons why people choose to purchase Carhartt coats, but you will find that these garments are cost effective, will offer you protection, and they look great. What more is it one person could want when it comes to purchasing the best outerwear on the market today?

Regardless of your industry, you will recognize the excellence offered by these Carhartt coats. Each design is geared at you and your life. You have needs, and when you rely on this manufacturer, you will be getting more of what you need. Each design is geared at you and your needs while promoting regulations of your industry and providing you a price tag that will not empty the pocketbook.

There are flame resistant all season duck bombers that are simply a favorite. Whether you are out fishing, duck hunting, golfing, or working at the foundry, this is one of those bombers that does it all. When you see the price, you will be simply amazed. Yu get the two tone coloration, you get the popular duck cotton, and there are even protective properties that make these a force to be reckoned with.

Of course, there is the brown duck lineman's coat that will marvel anyone. When you want a good example of work wear that transforms to day wear easily, this is one of those garments that will impress anyone. The two tones duck is amazing with the darker, solid coloration. This has copious number of pockets, and the waist is flat rather than bunched. You have so many bonuses with this jacket you will find it is a pleasure to purchase one for your own.

There are even extra protective Carhartt coats such as the hi-visibility flame resistant rain jacket. This is protection at its best being mellow enough for crossing guards and intense enough for firefighters. These are an amazing offer adding functionality and protection in one nice package. The reflective strips are strategically placed for optimal protection, and the hood has a drawstring allowing for a comfortable fit each time.

When it comes to getting the most out of your outerwear, you will find that some manufacturers just offer more regardless of your need. Thanks to the caring and compassion placed into all Carhartts, you will find you get more for your time as well as your money. With so many options available today, it is comforting to know some things simply get better with age.

Carhartt coats and other types of outerwear by this exceptional manufacturer promote a healthier and happier you. Each design is gear at insuring you get the most out of your precious time. Instead of being let down, every piece of apparel or garment you purchase will be backed by a seal of approval. A seal of approval that guarantees it must meet our standards before it ever leaves the shop.

          Bellingham’s All Ages Scene Bounces Back        
Bellingham’s all-ages calendar has been pretty thin the last couple of months, but there’s plenty for the kids to do in January. The Old Foundry and WhAAM have shows every weekend. Western’s Associated Students are putting on their first show of the quarter mid-month. And Honey Moon continues to quietly host all-ages acoustic shows and
          Investment Recommendation: Claroty Series A        
Today, Claroty came out of stealth, announcing a Series A financing led by Bessemer. $32 Million is  is a lot for Series A, but this is an important company for our nation and our planet. To explain why, I thought I'd share this excerpt from our internal investment memo.

EXCERPT from APRIL 2016:

The Need for Industrial Security

The physical infrastructure of modern civilization runs on machinery: traffic lights, railroad switches, nuclear reactors, water treatment, electricity distribution, dams, ship engines, draw bridges, oil rigs, hospitals, gas pipelines, and factories depend upon mechanical elements such as pressure valves, turbines, motors, and pumps. These actuators (like the ones in the original Bessemer steel smelting process) were once manually configured, but today these machines are controlled by software running on directly-attached, single-purpose computers known as Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). PLCs, in turn, are connected in aggregate to computers running Human Management Interfaces (HMI) through closed, vendor-proprietary Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) protocols like DNP3 and Profibus. Industrial manufacturers provide the machines, the PLCs, and the HMIs, and so Operations Technology (OT) teams typically need to use a mix of controllers and interfaces. This is collectively known as an ICS. 

During the PC revolution, many of these ICS components migrated to cheap, standard PCs, and their SCADA connections migrated to LAN switches and routers that leveraged the connectivity benefits of those PCs’ standard Ethernet ports. The security implications were relatively minor until the Internet came along; but now, if any computer in the building is connected to the Internet, all the machines are potentially exposed. ICS security had once depended upon an air-gap between IT and OT networks, and where absolutely necessary devices like one-way diodes were used to send data out of the OT network to the outside world. However, trends like remote management, cloud, IoT, and the adoption of open standards are eroding the network segmentation and creating new attack vectors.

The threat of ICS attacks is very different from threats plaguing other computer networks. First, there is little valuable data to steal from a PLC (with the theoretical exception of pharmaceuticals), and yet the consequences of an attack are potentially catastrophic; the worst doomsday scenarios of cyber warfare arise from compromised machinery such as gas relays, dams, reactors, and water treatment facilities that can kill millions of people when they malfunction. To get a taste of the kind of damage we’re talking about, watch this video from 2007, where members of the Idaho National Laboratory hacked some of its own machinery.

Second, the fear of unexpected downtime also makes OT teams less willing to experiment with new hardware and software updates. These factors create an environment of older computers running older software that is never patched despite the accumulation of known vulnerabilities.

Finally, OT teams will not run encryption or conventional cybersecurity software on their computers, lest the security processes interfere with the precise and fragile timing of their network; they would rather be infected than incur downtime. And evidence of infections is mounting:

•      The Stuxnet worm, allegedly developed jointly by NSA and the Israeli Army’s intelligence arm (Unit 8200), crippled the Iranian nuclear program by destroying their centrifuges;
•      Iran crippled the operations of the most valuable company on Earth, Saudi Aramco;
•      According to BVP-funded iSIGHT Partners, the Russia-based Sandstone Team developed the Blackworm malware that shut down power for 700K Ukrainians;
•      For two years, an Iranian group controlled malware inside a dam in Rye, New York (near BVP’s  Larchmont office).

The malware behind these attacks likely lay dormant for some time, and there is no comprehensive way to know how much more already lurks in critical ICS just waiting to be activated. According to the ICS-CERT, we discover more and more infections every year in US infrastructure.
So, at a time when nation-states, terrorists, and criminal organizations are scrambling for an advantage in cyberspace, society’s most critical infrastructure remains exposed and undefended.

Claroty’s Origin

Although our small investment in cyber foundry Team8 is gaining market value, we originally invested for more strategic reasons. Following our roadmap principle of “following the attackers,” we have long known that ICS would develop into a significant target, and hoped Team8 would provide us the best opportunity to invest in this market. They did just this with Claroty (fka Team 82), which is the second spin-out. Claroty is one of two dozen companies addressing cyber attacks on ICS. While Claroty is a newer entrant in this relatively nascent space, we believe deep the experience of its team makes it the likely winner.

Recall that retired Israeli General Nadav Zafrir had founded Team8 to focus the world’s best nation-state cyber warriors on the biggest challenges of cyber security. Zafrir recently commanded Unit 8200, considered Israel’s equivalent to the US National Security Agency (NSA). But unlike the NSA, which employs career-minded employees, Unit 8200 draws and trains the smartest draftees from the Israeli population, who, like everyone else, typically resign their military commission after three years. Naturally, several of them founded cybersecurity companies like Check Point, Palo Alto Networks, and NICE. But now Zafrir, along with the Unit’s former Head of Cyber (Israel Grimberg) and former Chief Technology Officer (Assaf Mischari), recruit and commercially train the top 1% of those graduates, re-purposing them in cybersecurity startups.

A principal skill set attributed to Unit 8200 is blind protocol analysis. If, for example, you wished to hack a Siemens centrifuge, you’d need to deconstruct the packets sent back and forth between the HMI and the PLC, or between the PLC and the actuator. Most protocols were cobbled together decades ago and were rarely well documented, and in some cases the vendors themselves treat them as holy writ. Unit 8200 is reputedly the best in the world at quickly and accurately understanding and parsing them down to the individual bit level. Team8 recruited the best, most experienced ICS thought leaders in Unit 8200, led by their team leader Benny Porat (CS PhD), to staff Claroty.

When Team8 starts a new company, it marries a technical team with an entrepreneurial founder. In the case of Claroty, Team8 recruited Amir Zilberstein, who founded the successful Waterfall Security and Gita Technologies. Waterfall develops ICS security products (unrelated to Claroty’s product); Gita’s technology remains undisclosed. Team8 also recruited Galina Antova, the former head of Siemens’ Industrial Security Services division, to run business development. Antova is a super impressive executive - highly connected, brilliant, and fast-moving. [See Appendix: Due Diligence for summaries of the team reference calls.] Next step is to recruit a CMO – we hope to get Patrick McBride, who was a star at iSight.

Beyond Security 

With meaningful Operations Technology (OT) experience on the team, Claroty is taking a different approach to the market than its competitors who generally come from cybersecurity backgrounds. Rather than lead with the cybersecurity benefits of their product, Claroty has developed an OT visibility platform that first and foremost surfaces operational issues. By deconstructing the proprietary vendor protocols, Claroty has delivered the first heterogeneous HMI with analytics that span an ICS network. Seeing as how most OT teams today care more about downtime than infection, we believe this approach will enjoy a far better reception in the near-term.

          Mediasite Unleash 2016        

Mediasite er utstyr som brukes til automatisk videoopptak av forelesninger på bl.a. Høgskolen i Oslo og Akerhus. Jeg var tilstede under årets Unleash konferanse i Madison, og deler litt om hva som interesserte meg og hvilke tanker jeg har for forbedringer av løsningen vi allerede har implementert på HiOA.

Mediasite Join

Join er en tjeneste som lar deg gjøre opptak av all videokonferanse. Opptakene lagres i Mediasitebiblioteket, og gir deg bÃ¥de fleksibiliteten til publisering, redigering, sikkerheten og resten av tilleggene som Mediasite-paraplyen gir deg. Join aktiveres ved Ã¥ ringe et spesifikt nummer for Ã¥ legge til denne spesielle brukeren i din samtale. Ved Ã¥ ogsÃ¥ legge pÃ¥ noen ekstra siffere sÃ¥ vil opptaket lagres direkte i en publiseringsmappe som du spesifiserer. Tjenesten er aktiv nÃ¥, men vi avventer litt for Ã¥ fÃ¥ tilgang til den via vÃ¥r tekniske leverandør (Uninett) slik at det bÃ¥de blir rimeligere for oss som kunde, og gjør det mer fleksibelt for skalering, support og vedlikehold. Join støtter allerede Cisco, Tandberg og Lifesize som vi har pÃ¥ HiOA, og bl.a. Skype for business som kommer om litt. Vi har allerede mange auditorier og større klasserom som som har videokonferanseutstyr, og uten Ã¥ sette ut ekstra recordere, vil man ha tilgang til opptak av forelesning ogsÃ¥ i disse rommene! Vel Ã¥ merke sÃ¥ vil det ikke bli hel-automatisert her da foreleseren selv mÃ¥ ringe opp denne brukeren hver gang de har forelesning. All-VTCs_transparent-454x250  

Mediasite Monitoring Service

MMS er en tillegstjeneste som overvåker recorderene for feil, og rapporterer tilbake til en administrator. Den overvåker både Mediasite sin egen log, og Windows sin Event log for nøkkelord den mener er relevante for kritiske feil. Administratoren velger selv hvilke feil den skal rapportere på, og også hvilken grad av feil den skal tolerere før den sier ifra. Av typer feil som kan være interresant for meg å få beskjed om:
  • Recording was interrupted
  • low audio
  • ping down (no network)
  • no videoinput
Inntil videre støttes det kun e-post varsling, men lite håp om at de vil støtte sms e.l. etterhvert. MMS krever en egen boks utplassert på institusjonen som Sonic Foundry har tilgang til. Boksen kan enten være hardware som er på utlån fra Sonic Foundry, eller settes opp som et VM image. De snakket også om å lage en egen side/dashboard hvor du kan gå inn for å se alt av status på alle recorderene dine. Kan være veldig fint for infoskjermer plassert for intern bruk. Skjermbilde 2016-05-07 kl. 21.20.05

Valg av codec

Er fort lett Ã¥ bli litt forvirret nÃ¥r man ser pÃ¥ valgene av codecs man kan velge mellom nÃ¥r man skal gjøre opptak. Er ikke nødvendigvis én som er best, men de har alle sine for- og bakdeler. I skillet mellom MP4 og Smooth streaming sÃ¥ er det noen viktige forskjeller. MP4 kan leses av sÃ¥ og si alt som støtter HTML5 standarden (alle nettlesere, inkludert iOS), og støtter ogsÃ¥ muligheten til Ã¥ styre hastigheten pÃ¥ avspillingen. Smooth streaming har ikke denne hastighetsstyringen eller enkelheten i Ã¥ vises overalt, men har derimot muligheten til Ã¥ se ting live, og støtter adaptiv kvalitetsvisning. Tips:  valg av hvilken codec som avspilles avhenger litt av hva nettleseren fortrekker. Dersom du f.eks ønsker Ã¥ tvinge gjennom MP4 avspilling for Ã¥ fÃ¥ hastighetsstyring kan du gjøre følgende: "users can append ?useHTML5=True to the end of a presentation URL to force the use of the HTML5 player  " De fleste velger nok derfor Ã¥ gjøre opptak i begge disse formatene, spesielt om man sender ting direkte, men man vil se at det etterhvert begynner Ã¥ slite litt pÃ¥ lagringsserveren. For Ã¥ ikke sløse sÃ¥ altfor mye med denne lagringen, er det lurt Ã¥ være litt kresen pÃ¥ bÃ¥de hvilke formater, og hvilke kvaliteter man skal ta opp i. Det er ogsÃ¥ viktig Ã¥ skille pÃ¥ hva som skal tas opp, om det er en vanlig forelesning (balanced) eller noe ekstraordinært (HD) MÃ¥ ogsÃ¥ nevnes at Sonic Foundry er i planleggingen for Ã¥ fase ut Smooth streaming til fordel for mpeg-dash, men mer om dette kommer senere. Se nedenfor for et cheat sheet til de ulike scenarioene: Skjermbilde 2016-05-07 kl. 21.42.32 Skjermbilde 2016-05-07 kl. 21.41.30  


Analytics har lenge vært en viktig del i Mediasite, men de har nÃ¥ utvidet denne muligheten til Ã¥ bl.a. gi deg bedre oversikt over hvor mye plass du bruker pÃ¥ serveren, og en forenkling av opprydding. Under det nye valget "content storage" vil man kunne kjøre slike rapporter . Her kan du enten velge Ã¥ se hva som tar opp plass av My Mediasite content og recorder content, og enda mer detaljert hvilke deler av presentasjonene som spiser plass (arkivert fil, redigert fil, head, mp4, smooth stream osv). Ved noen klikk kan man velge Ã¥ f.eks slette alle arkiverte opptak mellom 1.jan -31.des 2015, og kun beholde de redigerte versjonene i mp4. Fin mÃ¥te Ã¥ bÃ¥de fÃ¥ oversikt, og rydde pÃ¥ serverdisken. Skjermbilde 2016-05-08 kl. 17.31.35   Et lite tips jeg fikk fra de var ogsÃ¥ hvordan man kan vise heatmaps av seerenes bruksmønster. Ved Ã¥ gÃ¥ direkte inn pÃ¥ en spesifikk presentasjon etter du har kjørt en rapport, kan du klikke deg inn pÃ¥ "viewing trends" og fÃ¥ opp et heatmap av presentasjonen. Om du ogsÃ¥ aktivt bruker kapitler i presentasjonen, kan du veldig lett sÃ¥ hvilke kapitler studentene spoler seg frem til. Skjermbilde 2016-05-08 kl. 17.06.17 Om du har personer som jevnlig ber om Ã¥ fÃ¥ statistikk til sitt kurs, kan du ogsÃ¥ lage en schedule pÃ¥ Ã¥ kjøre en slik rapport f.eks hver mÃ¥ned og sende den direkte pÃ¥ epost til foreleseren. Dette setter du opp pÃ¥ samme sted som du oppretter rapporter. NB! husk Ã¥ vær forsiktig med hva du sender ut til brukerene dine! loggene inneholder mye data du sannsynligvis ikke har lov Ã¥ dele (ipadresser, brukernavn, tidspunkt..) Skjermbilde 2016-05-08 kl. 17.11.11  


LMS integrering blir mer og mer viktig for mange institusjoner, og Sonic Foundry har lagt stor vekt på dette i det siste. For vår del på HiOA har ikke dette vært så stor fokus pga vårt valg av LMS (fronter). Dette endrer seg sannsynligvis nå som vi er på utkikk etter et nytt! De ulike valgene av LMS vi har har også en betydning på hvilken grad av tilgang eksterne tilbydere har, og hvilke funksjoner de kan gi oss. Skjermbilde 2016-05-08 kl. 17.45.27 Eneste forskjellen her er Blackboard som ikke gir muligheten til å knytte publiseringskataloger til et kurs i LMS som automatisk oppretter roller og sikkerhetsinnstillinger for alle studenter. Med Blackboard vil dette fortsatt være mulig, men alt må opprettes manuelt for hvert kurs. (og regner med at alt dette må gjøres av en administrator..) Det som går igjen på alle her er både single sign-on, slik at studenter som er logget inn i LMS og har tilgang til en video i Mediasite, slipper å logge inn en gang til i Mediasite, og muligheten til å embedde/linke til videoene direkte i et "rom" i LMS. Blackboard skiller seg litt ut igjen med å ikke la deg embedde videoavspilleren, men den kan linke deg videre til selve mediasitefilmen. Skjermbilde 2016-05-08 kl. 17.53.21 Enten om man vil inkludere en spesifikk video eller en hel videokatalog fra Mediasite til sitt LMS kurs, kan foreleser trykke på en dedikert Mediasite-knapp i redigeringsverktøyet og enkelt søke etter alle de presentasjonene hun/han har tilgang til. Skjermbilde 2016-05-08 kl. 17.58.12
          This Week in Native Ads 7/14        
  I spoke on a Spark Foundry panel yesterday, it was a good reminder that many brands are yet to even get their feet wet in native content. Which segways into the Business Insider story – around how brands are shifting to direct buys than programmatic.   Tied to that, the secret of Google & […]
          Gems of the Week        


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my favorite fictional restaurants / all the "can you guess the movie from the ________?" quizzes I've done at work (it brings me such joy to make these): fooddogs, shoes, kisses, first day of school outfits, and cats (plus - a tv food one) / The Shining underwear / The X-Files Out of Context tumblr


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          PaaS Talk – IT Management & Cloud Podcast #089        
Tweet John has been playing with Cloud Foundry a lot of late, so we go over that and PaaSes in general. Download the episode directly right here, subscribe to the feed in iTunes or other podcatcher to have episodes downloaded automatically, or just click play below to listen to it right here: Show Notes Cloud […]
          NAB News Brief - Tuesday 2PM        

On this NAB News Brief we are talking to:

Bill Collis, from The Foundry

Dedo Weigert, of Dedo Weigart Film

Philip Hodgetts, Special Correspondent for the BuZZ

This NAB News Brief is sponsored by Adobe Systems, Inc.

          Results from using Bi-Tron Powertrain Formulation!        

Bi-Tron Powertrain Formulation 

 Protects and improves efficiency!

Designed to reduce friction in extreme pressure situations, contributing to a reduction in wear and operating temperatures.

Steel Casting Company

"I was a doubtful when I heard about Bi-Tron, but much to my amazement what they said turned out to be true. That is a rare occurrence when so many are selling products that absolutely do not work.

I am now reporting some of the fantastic results that I have observed in testing this product in our industry. My company is enjoying cost reductions in many areas. Some of the reductions are in annual power consumption, reducing our power bill by an estimated $28,000.00. A cost reduction in maintenance of our equipment due to less friction and more free horsepower from a far better and superior lubricant. A good safe estimate in labor parts and cost of breakdowns would be $37,500.00. This cost is 15% of my assigned maintenance annual cost for repair of equipment.

Some of the tests we have performed on the Bi-Tron product have been measured through amperage readings (before and after). The readings were taken on transmissions, gear reduction, mulling operations, overhead cranes, hoisting equipment, blast cleaning equipment, melting furnace, dust collector fans, material handling equipment, bearings of all types (roller, needle, sleeve and pour babbit). I have even tested Bi-Tron for drilling of steel and much to my amazement; the amount of productivity out of a single drill bit skyrocketed.

I invite you to put Bi-Tron to the test. It will be to your liking, a product that actually works and excels. Wouldn't that be a change?

The industry that we are putting Bi-Tron in is one of the most rugged in our nation, the foundry industry. This industry is tremendously hot, exasperatingly dirty, gritty, and harmful to equipment. Bi-Tron works here, so it will work anywhere. The Bi-Tron product has been tested in actual production, and it works!"
DH9 Caterpillar

"I own two D9H Caterpillar bulldozers. I added Bi-Tron Fuel Conditioner to them. After 90 hours of work, I am saving 15 litres of diesel per hour per machine, whilst pulling re-growth timber. Starting the dozers has been noticeably easier, and I have noticed a significant reduction of black smoke emission and an increase in power.

I have since added Bi-Tron Powertrain Treatment to the transmission, final drives and hydraulics. After 60 hours of operation, I have noticed that the transmissions are running cooler and quieter, and both machines perform under a heavy load a lot better. The final drives and hydraulics are both running cooler.

I have just begun to use Bi-Tron Engine Treatment in the engines. I have added Bi-Tron Fuel Conditioner to my 140G Caterpillar Grader. Already the black smoke has noticeably reduced and it has much greater power.

I am very happy with the range of Bi-Tron products, and recommend Bi-Tron to everyone."

more testimonial feedback on product use at, click on Results

Posted by Alex W Fraser, Courtenay, BC   1 866 517 2113 or 250 338 6334   3/18/15

          Approaching The Physical Limits        
As storage media technology gets closer and closer to the physical limits, progress on reducing the $/GB number slows down. Below the fold, a recap of some of these issues for both disk and flash.

The current examples of this are Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR) and its planned successor Bit Patterned Media (BPM). As I wrote last December:
Seagate 2008 roadmap 
Here is a Seagate roadmap slide from 2008 predicting that the then (and still) current technology, perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR), would be replaced in 2009 by heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR), which would in turn be replaced in 2013 by bit-patterned media (BPM).

ASTC 2016 roadmap
Here is a recent roadmap from ASTC showing HAMR starting in 2017 and BPM in 2021. So in 8 years HAMR has gone from next year to next year, and BPM has gone from 5 years out to 5 years out. The reason for this real-time schedule slip is that as technologies get closer and closer to the physical limits, the difficulty and above all cost of getting from lab demonstration to shipping in volume increases exponentially.
HAMR is still slipping in real time. About the same time I was writing, Seagate was telling the trade press that:
It is targeting 2018 for HAMR drive deliveries, with a 16TB 3.5-inch drive planned, featuring 8 platters and 16 heads.
It is tempting to imagine that this slippage gives flash the opportunity to kill off hard disk. As I, among others such as Google's Eric Brewer, and IBM's Robert Fontana have pointed out, this scenario is economically implausible:
NAND vs. HDD capex/TB
The argument is that flash, despite its many advantages, is and will remain too expensive for the bulk storage layer. The graph of the ratio of capital expenditure per TB of flash and hard disk shows that each exabyte of flash contains about 50 times as much capital as an exabyte of disk. Fontana estimates that last year flash shipped 83EB and hard disk shipped 565EB. For flash to displace hard disk immediately would need 32 new state-of-the-art fabs at around $9B each or nearly $300B in total investment.
But there's also a technological reason why the scenario is implausible. Flash already hit one physical limit:
when cell lithography reached the 15-16nm area ... NAND cells smaller than that weren’t reliable data stores; there were too few electrons to provide a stable and recognisable charge level.
Despite this, flash is currently reducing in cost quite fast, thanks to two technological changes:
  • 3D, which stacks up to 96 layers of cells on top of each other.
  • Quad-Level Cell (QLC), which uses 16 voltage levels per cell to store 4 bits per cell.
Going from 2D to 3D is a one-time gain because, unfortunately, there are unsolved technical problems in reducing cost further by going from 3D to 4D. QLC requires more electrons per cell, so requires bigger cells to hold them. Reducing cost again by going to 32 voltage levels would need bigger cells again, so won't be easy or cost-effective. Thus the current rate of $/GB decrease is unlikely to be sustained.

At The Register, Chris Mellor has an clear, simple overview of the prospect for flash technology entitled Flash fryers have burger problems: You can't keep adding layers:
The flash foundry folk took on 3D NAND because it provided an escape hatch from the NAND scaling trap of ever-decreasing cell sizes eventually to non-functioning flash.

But 3D NAND, the layering of many 2D planar NAND chip structures, will run into its own problems.
The piece is quite short and easy to understand; it is well worth a read.

          Foundry to integrate AMD’s Radeon ProRender into Modo        
Native version of the physically based GPU renderer in beta this year. New open-source 'Baikal' edition out now.

          Foundry releases first beta of Modo VR        
Work-in-progress tech lets users manipulate content in Modo in virtual reality. Sign up for the beta.


Quilts Measures: 60" x 72"



TARIKH : 2 JUN 2016


          Dragon Quest Heroes 2: Switch vs PlayStation 4        

Released alongside the Nintendo Switch in Japan last week, Dragon Quest Heroes 2 provides an interesting window into multi-platform development for Nintendo's new console. It's especially fascinating as the game is designed to support a wide range of hardware across multiple console generations. In addition to its appearance on Switch, the Square-Enix title is also available on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita, with a PC version scheduled for release somewhere down the line.

For this analysis, we grabbed the Switch demo from the Japanese eShop and were delighted to find that demos with very similar content are also available for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, opening the door to some head-to-head comparisons. Alas, no PS3 demo is available, which may have given us further insight into how Switch's presentation and performance sit between the PlayStation console generations. However, as things stand, PS4 operates at 1080p, as does Switch in docked mode (dropping down to the handheld screen's native 720p when decoupled from your HDTV). For its part, the Vita version clocks in at the system's native 960x544.

Unfortunately, none of the versions offer much in the way of great texture filtering, but there are many visual differences between them worthy of comment. A very quick, cursory look at the game's visual make-up shows the Switch version holding up fairly well compared to the PlayStation 4 release, but look a little closer and the cutbacks made to accommodate Switch's mobile-orientated chipset start to become clear.

Read more…

          Análisis de la Nintendo New 2DS XL        

Seis años después del lanzamiento de 3DS, la New 2DS XL despide a la portátil de Nintendo por todo lo alto. Olvida la 2DS estándar, aquella recortadísima versión que se publicó con un precio muy económico en 2013, porque la New 2DS XL es algo muy diferente. Incluye prácticamente todas las características de la New 3DS XL, como la potencia extra de proceso o los 256MB de memoria RAM. También tiene el C-stick y los botones ZL y ZR, así como la inevitable compatibilidad de serie con Amiibos. Pero, tal y como sugiere su nombre, el cambio más evidente es la supresión de la pantalla 3D estereoscópica, así como la tecnología de head-tracking.

Estos recortes se trasladan a un precio que ronda los 149,99€, 50€ menos que la New 3DS XL, con lo cual cuesta menos de la mitad que la Nintendo Switch. Aquellos que quieran disfrutar del enorme catálogo de juegos de 3DS y DS y no tengan especial interés en las 3D sin gafas encontrarán aquí una máquina muy bien construida, aunque también con un par de pegas a tener en cuenta.

Nintendo podría haber conservado el diseño actual de la New 3DS XL, pero en vez de eso el fabricante japonés ha optado por realizar una serie de cambios. La potencia de proceso de la New 2DS XL es la misma, pero la carcasa exterior se ha modificado. Es sencilla -como era de esperar por el precio- usando plásticos mate para el cuerpo, con una bisagra que permite que ambas pantallas descansen por igual. El único aspecto criticable en este sentido es que la pantalla superior baila un poco cuando la mueves, porque la bisagra no es tan sólida como debería, pero este es un problema que han tenido siempre los diseños tipo concha de Nintendo.

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          Startup Spotlight: Project Foundry        
At the northernmost edge of Walker’s Point, Project Foundry is tucked away in a timeless Cream City brick office overlooking the Milwaukee River. Ellen Jennings, the Director of Operations at Project Foundry, answers the door and leads me to an open concept office reminiscent of an academic study. Among the M.C. Escher prints, model sailboats, ... Read More
          Module name change after synthesis in RTL compiler        


I am trying to synthesize VHDL files using RTL compiler and created the netlist file. My design is hierarchical with submodules. However, the netlist created with a submodule name. Is it due to some optimization? How can I change this? My script is as below

set_attr lib_search_path /cad/FOUNDRY/digital/90nm/dig/lib

#set_attr hdl_search_path ../rtl/
set_attr library /cad/FOUNDRY/digital/90nm/dig/lib/slow.lib

read_hdl -vhdl {/home/manideepam/NOC/my_package.vhd /home/manideepam/NOC/my_switchcontrol.vhd /home/manideepam/NOC/my_buffer.vhd /home/manideepam/NOC/my_crossbar.vhd /home/manideepam/NOC/RouterBL.vhd /home/manideepam/NOC/RouterBC.vhd /home/manideepam/NOC/RouterBR.vhd /home/manideepam/NOC/RouterCC.vhd /home/manideepam/NOC/RouterCL.vhd /home/manideepam/NOC/RouterCR.vhd /home/manideepam/NOC/RouterTL.vhd /home/manideepam/NOC/RouterTR.vhd /home/manideepam/NOC/RouterTC.vhd /home/manideepam/NOC/NOC.vhd}

elaborate NOC
read_sdc NOC_constraints.sdc
#read_sdc constraints_top.sdc
check_design NOC -unresolved
synthesize -to_mapped -effort medium

#write_sdf -timescale ns -nonegchecks -recrem split -edges check_edge > delays.sdf
write_hdl NOC > NOC_netlist.v
write_sdc NOC > NOC_rc_sdc.sdc
write_script NOC > NOC_rc_sdc.g

report power > NOC_power.rep
report timing -lint > NOC_timing.rep
report gates > NOC_cell.rep
report area > NOC_area.rep

          2017 Cheer for Children Ball        
Title: 2017 Cheer for Children Ball
Venue: The Foundry at Puritan Mill / Atlanta
Category: Charity Event
Date: Oct 06, 2017 - Oct 06, 2017

The Cheer for Children Ball, an annual benefit for the Georgia Center for Child Advocacy, partners with The American Culinary Federation, Greater Atlanta Chapter to feature top chef sensations and top shelf creations, live music and entertainment with bidding opportunities on destination packages, resort weekends and local getaways. 

This event unites area philanthropists, community leaders and socialites for a spectacular evening of dinner and dancing, helping promote the Center's mission to champion the needs of sexually and severely physically abused children through prevention, intervention, therapy, and collaboration. 


Chairs for this year are John and Leslie Tarbutton of Brookhaven. 


Time: 7:30-11:30pm


Tickets are $200. Tables and sponsorship opportunities range from $500-$25,000. 


For more information/purchasing tickets visit - 


          Around Town: Chicken Scratch & The Foundry        
With the spring weather fully in swing, JD Ryan is Around Town with some of the coolest patios to hang out for food and fun in North Texas.
          ANTIQUE in Versalien.        
Wöchentlich, also immer bis montags gibt seit kurzem eine kleines Freefont-Projekt. Ellmer Stefan von The Pyte Foundry delivered einen Displayfont zum freien Download. Bis zum 15. Februar 2016 also ist die Antique mit einem Auffälligem A und schicken schweren Buchstabenformen zu haben.
          Foundry Favorites: Mostardesign        
Foundry Favorites is our new blog series that brings focus to the personal favorites of designers, studios, and foundries on YouWorkForThem. Continuing this series, we spoke with Olivier Gourvat from Mostardesign, an independent type foundry in the South West of France. Having worked in the field of graphic design himself, Olivier has a deep understanding...
          Foundry Favorites: Set Sail Studios Edition        
As part of a new blog series, we’ve been talking directly with some of YouWorkForThem’s partners to find out what products they’re most proud of and why, mingling their choices with some of our own to present a fresh batch of Foundry Favorites each week! Continuing this series, we spoke with Sam Parrett from Set...
          Foundry Favorites: Fontfabric        
Continuing our new blog series, we’re focusing on the personal favorites of designers, studios, and foundries. Fontfabric is an independent type foundry established by Svetoslav Simov in Sofia, Bulgaria. Created in 2008, Fontfabric releases type designs with versatility and quality in mind. We recently talked with Svet to learn more about his foundry’s favorite products...
          Foundry Favorites: Connary Fagen        
While many of us tend to be our own harshest critics when it comes to our creative work, artists (of all genres) usually have at least a few personal favorites nestled among their own portfolios. It’s always interesting to learn what makes those particular works stand apart from the rest, and that’s why YouWorkForThem is...
          You can now spice up those iPad docs with Hoefler & Co. fonts        

Sure, you're likely not buying $300 fonts just for your Pages and Keynote work on an iPad, but for those who've already splurged for a bite of Hoefler & Co.'s catalog, the option is pretty tempting. The popular type foundry has made purchased fonts available for use on devices running iOS 7, with the ability to download the requisite files directly from the site. A quick jaunt over to your Font Library page will show the options you've licensed with the option to "add to device" for an easy install. One thing's for sure: those cover letters typed out in a pinch are about to get a major aesthetic upgrade.

Source: Hoefler & Co.

          related or relevent 12/07        
- Accelerometer sensor in N95 = radio control car controller!

- N95 as light sabre using accelerometers

- The 'Pointers' group on Flickr

- The Flickr Pointers Pool

- The relatively rubbish Flickr Map of the Pointers Pool

- Tracking fingers with a Wii remote -- not wholly related, but cute.

- GMiF = an add on for mozilla = the real taggr?

- EARTHMINE - a video - pasted from here!

- OS maps available in API from Jan 08...

- OpenSpace from OS website...

- MapThis! app for map display + GPS on PSP
you tube video...

- OpenStreetMap Tiles in VRML (not new!)

- OpenStreetMap API Spec (not new!)

- Google Map Blog - Confessions of a Search Box (hijacked all Flickr images for pointers!)

- Flickr stats.

- GPS for the IPhone - coming February 2008 for $89.

- a navigation device without a screen! Haptic innit!
          Custers Last Stand        

 The bronze busts of Custer and Sitting Bull are done at the foundry now they will be 
welded together and chased out so they can then be welded into the two fighting buffalo.

 Got to feeling a bit ambitious and started a buffalo. 
So now I have a draft horse and a buffalo started in the shop.

After several days of working on this buffalo and visiting with my coffee partner Jenny Lynn I decided to go ahead and do the two fighting bulls. Kavan and Michael Van Beak and I have talked about this summer.  Sitting bull will be in the buffalo on the left and Custer in the one on the right.  I will name this piece something like, "Custer's Last Stand".  I have started sculpting it out in clay as pictured here below. 

This is my booth at the 2013 Black Hills Stock Show in Rapid City.
 General Custer is on the left and Sitting Bull on the Right.

Detail of Warrior bronze casting to be added to THE LAST STAND.

Custer and Sitting bull will be looking at each other. The bronze busts will be inside a buffalo
 like the picture below shows sitting bull in a previous sculpture sent to New Hampshire.

Sculpting on General Custer's bust at the 2013 Black Hills Stock Show.

Sculpting on Sitting Bull's bust.

          Foundry in Israel is Vital Cog in Building AT&T’s Future        

Innovators in Israel are playing an important part in developing technologies critical to the future of Dallas-based AT&T Inc., according to a report in The Jerusalem Post.

The Post recently visited the AT&T Foundry in Ra’anana and senior executives …

The post Foundry in Israel is Vital Cog in Building AT&T’s Future appeared first on Dallas Innovates.

          Project Scorpio (Xbox One X) Details Leak! New Specs Revealed as Developer Speaks Out        

XBox One X SpecsIt's fair to say that Microsoft has been tight-lipped about Scorpio since their announcement of the console at E3 2016. We've been left with only speculation and rumors to go on. Thankfully, all of that has changed. We're pretty sure Microsoft's not happy, but a whitepaper has leaked that shows us a glimpse of Xbox One X (Project Scorpio) specs.

Not only this, but a developer has spoken out about the true nature of this 4K console, and shots have been fired! Let's dive in and see what juicy details await!

XBox One X (Project Scorpio) Specs Leak: We Have The Power!

Thanks to the wizards at Digital Foundry, we now have new information from a leaked whitepaper that Microsoft provided to developers. The paper is entitled "Reaching 4K and GPU Scaling Across Multiple Xbox Devices" and it provides some new details on how Scorpio/XBox One X will reach its lofty goals.

The first and most interesting development, is the fact that Xbox One X (Project Scorpio), will be ditching the ESRAM that the Xbox One and S models are using. Even with this fact in place, however, Microsoft still urges developers to optimize as if it were there so their games perform well on older Xbox hardware. Remember, XBox One X isn't going to have any exclusives, barring VR titles.

Within the Xbox One, ESRAM was used to offset the slower DDR3 RAM in the console because of its blazing bandwidth. The biggest problem this presented was the low amount of ram given to developers to work with. In the whitepaper, this type of RAM is ruled out as an option for Scorpio.

The paper reads:

"ESRAM remains essential to achieving high performance on both Xbox One and Xbox One S. However, Project Scorpio and PC are not provided with ESRAM. Because developers are not allowed to ship a Project Scorpio-only SKU, optimizing for ESRAM remain crucial to performance on Microsoft platforms."

This is interesting news because it was assumed that ESRAM would be used in some capacity on XBox One X because the 320GB/s bandwidth couldn't match the lower latency provided by ESRAM. Microsoft's explanation is that Scoprio's higher system memory bandwidth outpaces the wide bandwidth offered by ESRAM.

The whitepaper also confirms the 6 teraflops of GPU processing power. It reiterates that XBox One X (Project Scorpio) will indeed have 4.5 times the power of Xbox One. A juicy comment in the Whitepaper also gives developers the option to make games look and play better on XBox One X, much in the way that developers have harnessed the increased power of PS4 Pro.

The comment is as follows:
XBox One X Project Scorpio GPU
"We acknowledge that developers may not wish to spend all of the additional GPU resource of Project Scorpio on resolution, and this is not mandated. To make the best games possible, developers will inevitably spend GPU resources on other quality improvements such as higher fidelity shadows, reflections, texture filtering, and low draw distances. Another option developers might consider is frame-rate upscaling - running graphics at 60Hz but the GPU at 30hz and interpolating animation."

In other words, Project Scorpio/XBox One X will not force developers to solely dedicate its power to 4K. This is excellent news as it opens the avenue for games to not only look better, but play better as well. One downside to this news, is the technique suggested at the end with interpolating animation.

Suggesting this tells us that Microsoft isn't opting for more powerful CPU cores beyond the eight they've promised and the overclocked speed. This rules out the console using Zen architecture cores for the time being and leaves us with customized Jaguar CPU options.

The focus of the paper is really on how developers can use the additional GPU power to scale games up to 4K. The paper suggests two ways that developers could achieve 4K:

1. Half-Resolution

The first suggestion the paper offers is one that involves cutting down intensive effects to boost the overall efficiency of the GPU while utilizing a full 4K framebuffer. The paper describes using this technique with effects like SSAO, SSR, shadow accumulation, global illumination, and non-important global lights.

It takes a half-resolution effect rendered at 1080p and then up-samples it to 4K. In doing this, the effects could still theoretically look better than they would running at, say, 900p on Xbox One. In other words, you save power by downscaling the effects, and when you bring them up to 4K with a framebuffer, the effects like lighting and shadows look even better than they would running at full power on a lower resolution.

It's a balancing act to be sure, but a clever way to get to 4K without sacrificing overall graphical quality.

2. Sparse Rendering

The other suggested technique is one that PS4 Pro has called "checkerboard rendering." This technique was shown off by Mark Cerny during the PS4 Pro's announcement presentation and it does a surprisingly good job of bringing resolutions up to 4K standards, but in the case of PS4 Pro, it doesn't always provide native 4K, which is what Microsoft is promising on XBox One X. The technique involves rearranging the pixels with a frame buffer to increase the resolution for each rendered frame.

So wait, does this mean Microsoft is going back on their promise of native 4K? Not quite. In the whitepaper, one first-party title is confirmed to be running at a native 4K using the suggested techniques. They don't say which one it is, but Digital Foundry believes it is Forza, and I would be inclined to agree.

These techniques are already being used on PS4 Pro to great effect, and with time and experience, this bodes well for Scorpio. The paper only confirms the lack of ESRAM, a boost in the L2 cache, and support for memory compression tech. It does not cover the details on the system's CPU and that leaves room for Microsoft to really bring the heat.

We're not done yet, though. In the wake of this leak, one developer has spoken out and shots were fired!

Ori and the Blind Forest Creator: 'Scorpio is a Full Blown Next-Gen Machine'

Thomas Mahler, creator of the Xbox One exclusive "Ori and the Blind Forest" took to the NeoGaf forums and answered one user's question about XBox One X/Project Scorpio. The question was "Is Scorpio their PS4 Pro, or a new generation? I am super confused."

Thomas replied with the following statement:

All consoles now are x86 PCs and the architecture will remain the same, that's why Sony was able to quickly iterate on the PS4 and make a beefier version of it.

Scorpio is a next-gen machine with the added benefit that all your old games will still be compatible. From this point on, similar to PCs, you'll not lose your library when you buy a next-gen system. I guess since NeoGAF is confused, Microsoft will need to do a little work to make it clear to everyone that Scorpio isn't just a half-assed upgrade (which the PS4 Pro kinda is...), but a full blown next-gen machine that's just backwards-compatible to your current library.

Not only is this a bold statement, but you can practically smell the gunpowder from the shots fired at Sony. In comparison, Thomas is calling the PS4 Pro a middling upgrade when stacked again the jump in power that XBox One X (Project Scorpio) is offering. Of course, Microsoft is trying to distance itself from calling the system next-gen and instead refers to it as part of the Xbox Family.

Marketing confusion aside, this new information is very interesting. What do you think of it all? Will Project Scorpio (XBox One X) truly blow PS4 Pro out of the water? Let us know your predictions in the comments!

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          Smashwords Alert        
Just received this email from Mark Coker at Smashwords.

Smashwords today announced a new distribution partner: Page Foundry. Page Foundry has created mobile ebook store apps for Android smart phones and tablets. This is a standard agency pricing relationship, so 60% list price to the author, no discounting. This deal will lead to distribution at the following four places:

A. Cricket Wireless: Cricket Wireless is the leading mobile operator of pre-paid smart phones you can purchase in places like Target and Best Buy. Cricket has roughly 2.5 million monthly smart phone subscribers, and Page Foundry is powering the ebook store app available to all existing and new smart phone customers. Starting this summer, new Cricket subscriber phones will ship pre-loaded with the Page Foundry app (previously, subscribers had to manually download the app from the Cricket app store).

B. ASUS: Asus, a leading manufacturer of netbooks, notebooks and tablets, currently has about 8 million devices here in the US pre-loaded with the Page Foundry ebook store app, all part of their @Vibe media store. Page Foundry is one of two pre-loaded ebook store apps on the Asus devices.

C. VERSENT and INKTERA: These are two sister e-reader apps, available for download to Android devices from Google Play (formerly known as the Android Market). Versent and Inktera also sell books through their websites at and Page Foundry set up these two sites as experimental showcases of their platform, though they've also started attracting some customers so they plan to continue operating the sites as independent ebook retailers.

The distribution above is currently US-only. Page Foundry plans to add additional mobile operators and device-makers in the future, and further international distribution is possible.

Like any new distribution channel, I expect the Page Foundry partnership to start small and then grow over time as their business grows.

I added a short post at the Smashwords blog about this, where you'll find screen shots of their app:

As with all new Smashwords distribution partners, all Premium Catalog books will automatically go to Page Foundry unless you opt out, or unless the title is unpublished. You have 48 hrs to opt out of the channel if you don't want a book going to the new partner. Click to your Dashboard's Channel Manager to adjust distribution settings.



On June 14, we announced over at the Smashwords Blog - - and at Site Updates - - that starting around July 15, we'll require larger cover images for new Premium Catalog titles. Also that week, I updated the Smashwords Style Guide and Smashwords FAQs to reflect the new requirements.

Your current Premium Catalog titles, even if they have smaller cover images, are NOT affected by the new guidelines unless you update the cover image.

This change is prompted by new requirements at Apple that go into effect in August. The new requirements are also consistent with updated recommendations by Amazon (some day, Amazon-willing, we'll distribute to Amazon!), which also now recommends larger cover images. We think the new recommendations make good common sense because they create a more satisfying customer experience for readers who use the newer high resolution screens such as Apple's amazing Retina display.

Starting July 15, cover images for new titles, and cover image updates for existing titles, should be at least 1,400 pixels wide. Please see the Smashwords blog for full details and suggest width/height ratios and options -

If your book is among the tens of thousands at Smashwords that have the smaller covers, and you're already Premium Catalog-distributed, you can leave your cover as-is for now. Better yet, consider this a good time to update your cover. As I mention in my new best practices book, The Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success, the cover image is the first impression your book makes on a prospective reader. If your cover image doesn't look as good or better than the covers put out by big New York publishers, you're at a disadvantage. Make the effort to upgrade to a professional cover image. Professional cover design is very affordable. Most of the cover designers on my "Mark's List" (send a blank email and you'll receive it via instant autoresponder) charge between $40 and $100 for a cover. They all have online portfolios, so you can decide if their work matches your vision. We don't get a commission if you hire them, though all the folks there are on the list because they've done good work for your fellow Smashwords authors and publishers. If their portfolios don't match what you're looking for, ask your favorite indie authors for references. There are many great cover designers out there for under $300. *Always* review an artist's online portfolio before signing on with them, and try to work directly with the artist rather than through an intermediary.



For most Smashwords retail partners, we ship new books and metadata updates once per week. As promised, we're working to speed deliveries for all retailers that can support faster shipments. On June 4, we announced faster shipments to Apple and Kobo.

APPLE: For Apple, we're now shipping near-real-time (about every 15-20 minutes). This means immediately after receiving Premium Catalog approval, your book will ship to Apple. Metadata updates ship at the same speed. If your book is already Premium-catalog approved, it's possible to see price changes at Smashwords reflected within an hour or two at Apple.

A few months ago Apple implemented their own manual vetting process for all incoming titles from all publishers and distributors (previously, they only inspected erotica). At first, this created a multi-week lag time on their end, but now they've cut the lag down to only a few days so it's not too bad.

As with any new system, we're still working out kinks. Most shipments are flowing through great, but some aren't landing on the first shipment attempt, and until we improve reliability we won't be satisfied.  We've already proactively identified and reshipped most missing titles.

Some Apple shipment issues are unrelated to bugs mentioned above, such as if your book mentions competitive ebook retailers, or if cover images are blurry, or if NCX navigation isn't working properly, or if they deem the book too obscene. For a more complete list items that can delay Apple distribution, see the fourth FAQ here, "My book shipped to the Apple iBookstore but it's still not showing in the store. Why?" -

If you're writing non-erotic books, and your book doesn't appear within ten days days of shipment to Apple (check your Dashboard's Channel Manager for ship dates), then please contact our support team at "comments/questions." Our support team is aggregating daily bug reports and working with our tech team to diagnose issues and reship books where necessary. 

KOBO: Around June 4, we began shipping daily to Kobo. This integration appears to be working much more smoothly. As I mentioned above for Apple, if your book or metadata update doesn't appear at Kobo within ten days (like Apple, most are appearing much quicker), please contact our support team at the "Comments/questions" link at the top of any Smashwords page.

See the Smashwords blog for my post on the Apple/Kobo news:

Here's some cool Apple news I haven't reported: We've seen a dramatic sales increase at Apple over the last five weeks. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's a result of summer vacation reading, or the faster shipments, or a big increase in multiple strong sellers (several Smashwords authors are selling thousands of copies a week there), or maybe iPad and iPhone sales are especially strong, or maybe a combination of all the above plus mysterious pixie dust. Regardless, the results are impressive and the upward trend is pronounced. If you're not on Apple, Smashwords can get you there. Apple distributes to 32 countries. For the month of may, 44% of our Apple sales were from outside the U.S. Go global!



This news just broke last night. Califa, a consortium of 220 California libraries, is creating an ebook aggregation service modeled after a similar system created by Douglas County Libraries in Colorado. The service will deliver ebooks to California libraries, and to other states as well. They plan to establish an "opening collection" of ebooks by purchasing the top 10,000 best-selling Smashwords titles. We'll also work with California libraries to create local publishing portals, where local authors can upload ebooks to Smashwords that can then be purchased by their local libraries. Library Journal has the scoop (we didn't intend for this story to leak out so soon!):

A few months ago, we announced a distribution deal with Baker & Taylor's Axis360 library service, and two weeks ago 3M announced Smashwords will supply titles for their Cloud Library service (we'll formally announce the 3M deal once we get further along with integration). We're talking with other library aggregators as well.

I expect Smashwords will become the largest single supplier (by title count) of ebooks to public libraries by the end of this year. If your books aren't fully distributed at Smashwords, please consider getting them on asap so you don't miss out. I think from a sales perspective, the library channel will start off small this year, but then become increasingly significant over the next couple years. Authors and publishers who embrace libraries early will receive the most benefit two or three years from now (much in the same way that the first indie authors to get distribution through Smashwords a few years ago are reaping the greatest benefit today). Smashwords was the first to open distribution of self-published ebooks to B&N, Sony and Kobo back in 2009, and now we're going to do it again with libraries.

Last week, I conducted a flash survey at Site Updates to understand how Smashwords authors and publishers view the library opportunity. 150 of you responded (thank you!), and 82% of you said you think libraries can help increase your overall book sales.

Most large NY publishers have been unfriendly to libraries, and some won't even sell ebooks to them. I think this presents a great opportunity for progressive indies to step in and satisfy the demand.

In the next few weeks, we plan to add a new library-specific pricing option so you can control the price at which libraries acquire your books. Some of you want to price lower than retail, some want to price higher, and some want to make their books available for free to libraries. We'll give you the choice because Smashwords is all about putting you in control.



Thanks to you and your support, Smashwords is a thriving, profitable business. Thanks to your support, we're helping tens of thousands of writers and small presses achieve their publishing dreams.

Forbes Magazine has a feature story on us this month, and for the first time ever, I revealed our revenue numbers. In 2012, Smashwords authors and publishers will earn over $10 million. The Forbes story is on newsstands now. Read it online here:

Unlike other self-publishing services that earn most of their money by selling you service packages, we only earn money if we help you sell books. We give you the flexibility to control your destiny. Thanks to the sales success of our 45,000 authors and publishers, and the tremendous support of our retail partners, Smashwords has now been profitable for 22 months straight. We've done this entirely without venture capitalists. This means we have the independence to do what's right for you without the distraction of outside investors.

We've reinvested our profits in the business to further improve our services and our ability to help you achieve your objectives. One year ago we were about five people. Now we're fourteen going on fifteen. As we grow the business, we're growing our capability to serve you.

Four years in to this, I still feel like we're only now getting started. I'm really excited about our roadmap for new service enhancements, and new distribution partners. We've got a great team in place, all of whom are sincerely committed to serving you. With your help, we'll change the face of publishing one indie ebook at a time.



Our annual Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale kicks off in a few days. Why Summer/Winter? Because it's summer here in the northern hemisphere, and winter in the southern hemisphere. Enrollment is optional. If you enroll, you can choose coupon codes to make your books 25%-off, 50%-off, 75%-off, or FREE. Past Summer/Winter promotions have been great successes and a lot of fun. To enroll now, visit the Smashwords home page. Here's a direct link to the enrollment form: The promotion goes live one minute past midnight July 1.



Smashwords now publishes over 130,000 ebooks. Over 100,000 are in the Premium Catalog. Although the vast majority of time our distribution systems perform reliably as intended, there are always glitches, and when glitches hit they can hurt our authors.

As we have for the last four years, we will always push the envelope of what's possible. We will make mistakes. There will be glitches and bugs (witness our Apple glitches mentioned above). Our retail partners will make mistakes too, mistakes for which we'll often get the blame. We accept that.

The world of e-publishing is in a constant state of change. It's a world increasingly driven by computer software, and since software is created by humans, it's not infallible. We and our retail partners are always striving to move forward and improve. We don't like system glitches, and we will never stop working to remedy them, but we will also not allow the fear of mistakes to stop us from innovating. Despite the hiccups along the way, they're mere bumps along the long term road we're heading. Those who have stuck by us and our retail partners for several years know we always persevere and come out stronger the other end.

I created Smashwords to serve my fellow authors. Nothing is more important to us. With your continued support, trust and goodwill, we will be here to serve you and authors/publishers like you for many years to come.

In my survey last week, I asked authors what they liked most about Smashwords, and where they think we can improve. I'm happy to say that the suggestions and requests are very much aligned with where we're going. You want faster Premium Catalog approvals, faster shipments and faster reporting. You want faster, more accurate metadata updates at our retail partners. You want us to improve the look of the Smashwords retail store. All this and more is coming in the months and years ahead. It won't come all at once, and it may not come as fast as we would prefer. Thank you for your patience as we work to take you there.



Frequently asked questions:
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Together, we're changing the world of publishing one indie ebook at a time. Every new author, publisher and literary agent brings new readers who can then discover your books too!

Best wishes,


Mark Coker

Norm Applegate author of: 
The Prisoner

          Production Manager/Foundry Positions        
Decatur, Production Manager Direct and coordinate all activities within the manufacturing plant. Departments and processes include Pattern Making, No Bake Molding, Melting, Disamatic Molding, Casting Finishing and Injection Molding. Many foundry positions in Decatur IL available. Email resume to: rebbecca.weis This job listing brought to you by The Ottumwa Daily Courier
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          The Pyte Foundry        
This is not a typical typeface review. It’s a review of a whole foundry. I don’t know why I took it upon myself to review fifty-two typefaces instead of just one, but I feel it’s necessary to review them together. These fifty-two typefaces gave me much joy in 2016, and I want to give some […]
Again and again, I find myself returning to Production Type for my font needs. The foundry’s work fits the bill on a technical level. The typefaces are legible and functional, but uninhibited — most of them retain a certain je ne sais quoi. Stratos jumped out at me immediately. What caught my eye was the modern employment […]
Berton Hasebe’s Styrene is an unexpected design, executed with a determined confidence that immediately drew me in. It is extremely difficult to find a unique space in the world of geometric sans serifs, but Hasebe has done just that with this typeface. The Enschedé Typefoundry sans serifs that informed the design of Styrene contain many […]
          Jumpstart Foundry & Health:Further Parent Company Raises Capital,...        

Growth and capital raise prepare Briovation, parent company of Jumpstart Foundry and Health:Further, to catalyze a revolution in health through innovation. Nashville company also prepares to open...

(PRWeb August 09, 2017)

Read the full story at

          Upcoming Readings        
22nd September 2009
Komedia Studio Bar, Gardner Street, Brighton
8-11pm / £3.50

Keston Sutherland is a Brighton based poet. He teaches at the university and through his editing of the poetics journal Quid, co-editing (with Andrea Brady) of Barque Press, and most notably through his own poetry, has already made a huge and pemanent contribution to poetry culture in Britain. His most recent collections are: Hot White Andy, Neocosis and Neutrality. He's read all over the world and his poems have been translated into several languages. Keston's a brilliantly engaging reader. His poems are spiked and sticky, spattered with jump edits and blurt jargon, precise in their articulations of the millivolt twitching of difficulty, and funnier than you think or deserve.

Sophie Robinson is a London poet who's work has appeared in various online magazines including Pilot, How2 and Dusie as well as Jeff Hilson's Reality Street Book Of Sonnets and Voice Recognition: 21 Poets for the 21st Century (Bloodaxe) Her most recent collection, 'a' (Les Figues Press) is a magnetically fascinating tender and beautiful book about loss. Everyone we've shown it to has been transfixed by it. I hope she brings some so you can all buy one.

Neil Palmer is Brighton's foremost and only Hauntiquarian. A mage of divergence, his stuff is: punk rock, words, tailoring, speculative enquiry. All conducted at the sub-rumour valency. Provisional cassettes, secret discographies, unmaintained websites, and a recent chapbook Hillwaking all testify to his fierce, baffling, kind, impatient intelligence.

PLUS: Desperate For Love regulars reading, Alan introducing people and rambling slightly, Steph from Born Bad playing beautiful and apposite records, and a free chapbook for the first 50 of you through the door. Fraser behind the bar, Lisa on the door, it's a family affair. If you come, you're family. You are so coming.

24th September 2009
Whitechapel Gallery, Whitechapel High Street, London E1
7.30pm / FREE ENTRY

To mark the release of Bloodaxe's anthology Voice Recognition: 21 Poets for the 21st Century, 14 Hour presents 5 of its poets.


"Who are the best young poets today? Which new poets are most likely to become the defining voices of their generation? Two young editors, JAMES BYRNE and CLARE POLLARD, set out to answer these questions in Voice Recognition, a vibrant anthology introducing 21 of the most exciting young poets of the 21st century.

"Voice Recognition showcases the work of a talented new wave of poets from Britain and Ireland who are just now starting to make their mark. None has yet published a first book of poems. All are likely to produce distinctively different debut collections in the next few years.

"Influenced by poetries from across the world, and unafraid to take risks, all these poets are committed to extending and remaking the traditions of poetry in a fast-changing new millennium. Their poems show a lively range of styles and subjects - sometimes sexy, sometimes dark, but consistently brimming with vitality. The future of poetry begins here.

"Voice Recognition includes: Jay Bernard, Emily Berry, Amy Blakemore, Siddhartha Bose, Ailbhe Darcy, Joe Dunthorne, Miriam Gamble, Sarah Jackson, Annie Katchinska, Mark Leech, Toby Martinez de las Rivas, Jonathan Morley, Adam O'Riordan, Colm O'Shea, Sandeep Parmar, Heather Phillipson, Kate Potts, Sophie Robinson, Jack Underwood Ahren Warner, and James Womack." - official blurb.

● AMY BLAKEMORE was a Foyle Young Poet of the Year in both 2007 and 2008, and has since been highlighted by the Times as one of the top ten rising stars of British poetry. Her work has been featured in various places, including Iota, Brittle Star, Rising and Pomegranate.

● HEATHER PHILLIPSON has received commissions and awards for her writing, including the Michael Donaghy Poetry Prize in 2007, an Eric Gregory Award in 2008, and a Faber New Poets Award in 2009. Her pamphlet will be published by Faber and Faber in October 2009. She is also an artist and exhibits nationally and internationally, with recent shows in London, Paris and New York. She has a PhD in Fine Art practice and received the Sir Leslie Joseph Young Artist Award 2009.

● ADAM O'RIORDAN was born in Manchester and educated at the universities of Oxford and London. From 2008 to 2009 he was Poet-in-Residence at The Wordsworth Trust, the Centre for British Romanticism. His first collection will be published by Chatto and Windus in 2010.

● SOPHIE ROBINSON was born in 1985, and lives and works in London. She has an MA in Poetic Practice from Royal Holloway, and is currently working on a practice-based PhD at Royal Holloway. Her first chapbook, Killin'Kittenish!, was published by yt communications in 2006. Since 2005 she has performed at numerous events in the UK and the US. Her critical and creative work has been featured in Dusie, How2 and Pilot.

● AHREN WARNER has published his poems in magazines including Poetry Review, Magma and The Wolf. He has work forthcoming in several anthologies, including Voice Recognition: 21 Poets for the 21st Century (Bloodaxe) and Identity Parade: An Anthology of New British and Irish Poets (Bloodaxe). He also has a pamphlet forthcoming from Donut Press. He maintains a keen interest in post-Heideggarian ontology and aesthetics, and kittens.

6th October 2009
The Foundry, Great Eastern Street, London EC2A
7.30pm / FREE ENTRY

The next Openned night, the Land for Lajee Fundraiser, takes place on Tuesday 6th October.

Confirmed readers so far are: Sean Bonney, Sophie Robinson, Harry Gilonis, Josh Stanley, Tim Atkins, Nat Raha, Posie Rider, Peter Philpott, Alan Hay, Michael Zand, Amy De’Ath, Elizabeth-Jane Burnett, Frances Kruk, Raz, Andrea Brady, Justin Katko.

Publishers donating to the book table include: Barque Press, Reality Street, Bad Press, West End Lane Books, Critical Documents, Grasp Press, Hot Gun!, Veer.

Come along and buy amazing books to support the Lajee Project. Visit Openned for more details about the night and the project.
          Face-Off: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD        

It may not seem like it at first glance, but Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is one of the most ambitious remasters we've played. The gap has never been so wide - porting from the almost eleven-year-old PSP hardware with its sub-PS2 spec is a gargantuan task and one that Hexadrive hasn't taken lightly. The talented Japanese development house has crafted a new engine with features rivalling any other modern renderer on the market today, with Square-Enix handling the spruced-up assets. The final product is a mixed bag, but the sheer number of technical accomplishments on hand is very impressive.

Let's get the basic stuff out of the way - the original 480x272 resolution of the game sees a sizable 17x bump to full 1920x1080 on both consoles. SMAA 1Tx handles anti-aliasing duties, resulting in a sharp and clean image throughout thanks to its robust temporal component, where information from past frames is blended into the present. Anisotropic filtering is also used to an acceptable degree preventing textures from becoming blurry at oblique angles. Hexadrive clearly understands the importance of image quality and has taken measures to ensure that the resulting image is always crisp and clean. Between the two console versions we have full image quality parity here - something which extends to every visual facet of the game.

Then we come to frame-rate - the HD version of the game retains the 30fps update of the original PSP title and does so with little difficulty. Both consoles turn in a stable 30fps with only minor frame-pacing issues interrupting the fluidity, particularly on Xbox One. While this may seem like a disappointment, the game was coded for 30fps originally and would not function properly at 60fps without overhauling core systems. According to one of the key programmers, the optimisation necessary to run at 60fps would have been minimal in comparison to the massive required overhaul of the game's underlying systems. It was simply beyond the scope of this project, which says a lot considering how many other changes were implemented.

Read more…

          Esteri di mer 27/04        
1-Attentati di Parigi: Salah Abdeslam estradato in Francia. Il terrorista belga potrebbe essere il primo pentito dell'Isis. ( Esteri) ..2-Spagna: il nuovo parlamento è durato 4 mesi. a giugno si torna alle urne. Le sinistre sull'orlo di una crisi di nervi tra scambi di accuse e processi ai dirigenti. ..( Giulio Maria Piantadosi) ..3-Olimpiadi 2016: tra cento giorni l'inizio dei giochi. ..Oltre ai ritardi nei lavori lo stato di Rio rischia la bancarotta. Da due mesi non vengono pagate le pensioni a 143 mila persone. ( Intervista a Emiliano Guanella )..4-Il piano di Putin: riforme strutturali per affrontare la crisi del petrolio e mantenere la pace sociale. ..( Emanuele Valenti) ..5-Il regime di Al Sisi in difficoltà. caso Regeni ha aperto gli occhi agli egiziani. ..( Laura Cappon) ..6-Festival dei Diritti umani: oggi la seconda puntata dedicata alla Tunisia. ( Danilo De Biasio) ..7-Musica e nuove tecnologie: Youtube lancia “ Music Foundry” per sostenere gli artisti emergenti...( Niccolò Vecchia) ..8-Progetti sostenibili: Adelaide, capitale dell'uso razionale dell'acqua. ( Fabio Fimiani)

Reuben Miller is the name of three men - father, son and grandson - who were prominent Pittsburghers during the 19th century.

Reuben Miller (1) was born in 1805 in Pennsylvania. He graduated from St James College and spent his life in the iron business. He was a clerk with the foundry of Christopher Cowan who was the first person to create a rolling mill in Allegheny County (in 1811-1812). Reuben Miller was selected by Cowan to make a trip to Nashville to learn about the process.

Reuben Miller (1) (born 1805-) married Ann L.? …

Here is their family in 1850:


In 1834, The Pittsburgh Savings Institution was brought into being by an act of the Pennsylvanian Legislature and Reuben Miller was among those who were named to be its directors. Also named were SFF&HC members or relatives Thomas S. Clarke, John Caldwell. Son and SFF&HC member Reuben Miller Jr. (born in 1839) was listed as the treasurer. The name of the bank was later changed to The Farmers Deposit Bank of Pittsburgh. Reuben Miller was also a director of the Exchange Bank with SFF&HC members and relatives Harvey Childs and James W Brown. Miller was also elected to the organizing board of the Mechanics Bank (1855) and upon election, became its first president.

Reuben Miller (2) (born in 1839) was the son of Reuben (1) and Ann L. Miller. He continued in the same line of work as his father, and listed his occupation as a steel maker.

Reuben Miller was a director of the Fidelity Trust Company, serving along with these SFF&HC members: C B Shea, Robert Pitcairn, Frank Semple and James H. Reed. He was a member of the Americus Club (as were many SFF&HC members. Miller served on the Central Board of Education for the Pittsburgh Public Schools and served as its first treasurer. He served as president of the Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce. And he served on the board of Homewood Cemetery.

Reuben Miller (2) married Mary L. Fleming. Their children include:

Reuben Miller Jr., (3) a graduate of Yale 1892, married Rachel Larimore (thereby a connection with the Mellon family)

Ruth Lindley Miller

Lois Fleming Miller

Harvey Miller
(his children include Harvey Miller, Jr. and Frances Miller)

[One of the daughters of Reuben and Mary Miller became Mrs. Cameron B Waterman of Grosse Pointe MI; their children include Cameron B Waterman Jr., Reuben Miller Waterman and Mary Elizabeth Waterman]

Their summer home was Rockmont, Beaumaris, Lake Muskoka, Ontario.

Here is the household of Reuben and Mary in 1880, or nine years before the Flood:

          MARVIN F. SCAIFE        
1856 – 1921

Marvin Frisbee Scaife was born in 1856, the son of William Borrett Scaife (Sept 5, 1812-April 2, 1876) and Mary Frisbee; they were married Dec. 23, 1834.

He became associated with Associated with W. B. Scaife and Sons, a producer of iron products. In 1834 his father had organized the William B. Scaife Company and by the age of 26 he was its sole proprietor. Among other things he invented and produced the prevalent style of Victorian era kitchen range.

Marvin Scaife came from a large family. In addition to his mother Mary, at home in Allegheny in 1880 were four sisters, Cora R (age 40), Mary R (age 37), Alice L (age 34)and Lois E (age 27), as well as brother Walter Bell Scaife (age 21) who was at that time a law student. Also among his siblings but no longer at home: Oliver Perry Scaife (1837-1903), Charles Cook Scaife (born in 1845-1915), William Lucian Scaife (born in 1854; became chairman of the Scaife foundry) and Lauirson L. Scaife (-1926; an attorney of Boston Mass.).

Marvin Scaife graduated from Pittsburgh High School in 1875.

With his brothers, Marvin continued the Scaife family business into its third generation, Jeffrey Scaife having founded it in 1802. In 1888 Marvin was listed along with brothers Oliver and Charles as partners in the business, located at 119 First Avenue, providing structural iron work, roofing, etc.

Marvin F. Scaife married Jennie M Boyle they lived at 3063 Amberson Place in Shadyside in 1920.

Marvin Scaife was a member of the Duquesne Club. He served as vice chairman of the Reception Committee for the Pittsburgh sesqui-centennial celebration, July 4, September 27-October 3, November 25, 1908. He was active in the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society and served as a director of the Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce in 1918-1920.

* * *

Of course now the Scaife and Mellon families are linked through the marriage of Sarah Cordelia Mellon - daughter of Richard B. Mellon and niece of SFF&HC member Andrew W. Mellon - and Alan Magee Scaife (1900-1958)* - the grandson of Marvin Scaife's brother Charles Cook Scaife (his parents were James Verner Scaife and Mary Magee). They had two children Cordelia Scaife (May) and Richard Mellon Scaife (owner of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review). During World War II, while Richard and Cordelia's father, Alan Scaife, served in Europe in the OSS, as temporary head of the OSS Secret Intelligence Branch in London, the Scaife family lived in Washington. (Note that SFF&HC member John G A Leishman's grandson Henry B. Hyde was also an OSS officer.)

*August 4, 1958... Died. Alan Magee Scaife, 58, Pittsburgh industrialist and serviceman in both world wars, board chairman of Scaife Co., president of the board of trustees of the University of Pittsburgh, fellow of Yale University's Yale Corporation; of a myocardial infarction; in Pittsburgh. Marrying Sarah Mellon of the banking Mellon family, Scaife stayed with his family firm, became a vice president of T. Mellon & Sons, and member of a dozen big corporate boards, was one of the civic leaders who helped carry out the postwar redevelopment of the city's famed Golden Triangle. He wrote the book: Scaife Company, 1802-1952, oldest manufacturing firm west of the Alleghenies; father to son for five generations. 1952.

          Mason Typeface - A-D Foundry        
Mason Regular Typeface is launching today over at A-D Foundry. Limited Edition single weight decorative face. Take a look here
          Boutique at Family        
Family now has a small shop called Boutique. We sell some of our prints, posters and typefaces (via A-D Foundry). There will be more coming soon!
          Logicalis chief technologist defines the new ideology of hybrid IT        
The next BriefingsDirect thought leader interview explores how digital disruption demands that businesses develop a new ideology of hybrid IT.

We'll hear how such trends as Internet of things (IoT), distributed IT, data sovereignty requirements, and pervasive security concerns are combining to challenge how IT operates. And we'll learn how IT organizations are shifting to become strategists and internal service providers, and how that supports adoption of hybrid IT. We will also delve into how converged and hyper-converged infrastructures (HCI) provide an on-ramp to hybrid cloud strategies and adoption. 

Listen to the podcast. Find it on iTunes. Get the mobile app. Read a full transcript or Download a copy. 

To help us define a new ideology for hybrid IT, we're joined by Neil Thurston, Chief Technologist for the Hybrid IT Practice at Logicalis Group in the UK. The discussion is moderated by Dana Gardner, Principal Analyst at Interarbor Solutions.

Here are some excerpts:

Gardner: Why don’t we start at this notion of a new ideology? What’s wrong with the old ideology of IT?

Thurston: Good question. What we are facing now is what we've done for an awfully long time versus what the emerging large hyper-scale providers with cloud, for example, have been developing. 

The two clashing ideologies that we have are: Either we continue with the technologies that we've been developing (and the skills and processes that we've developed in-house) and push those out to the cloud, or we adopt the alternative ideology. If we think about things such as Microsoft Azure and the forthcoming Azure Stack, which means that those technologies are pulled from the cloud into our on-premise environments. The two opposing ideologies we have are: Do we push out or do we pull in?

The technologies allow us to operate in a true hybrid environment. By that we mean not having isolated islands of innovation anymore. It's not just standing things up in hybrid hyper-scale environments, or clouds, where you have specific skills, resources, teams and tools to manage those things. Moving forward, we want to have consistency in operations, security, and automation. We want to have a single toolset or control plane that we can put across all of our workloads and data, regardless of where they happen to reside.
Solutions for
Hybrid and Private Cloud

IT Infrastructure
Gardner: One of the things I encounter, Neil, when I talk to Chief information officers (CIO)s, is their concern that as we move to a hybrid environment, they're going to be left with having the responsibility -- but without the authority to control those different elements. Is there some truth to that?

Thurston: I can certainly see where that viewpoint comes from. A lot of our own customers reflect that viewpoint. We're seeing a lot of organizations, where they may have dabbled and cherry-picked from service management and from practices such as ITIL. We're now seeing more pragmatic IT service management (ITSM) frameworks, such as IT4IT, coming to the fore. These are really more about pushing that responsibility level up the stack. 

You're right in that people are becoming more of a supply-chain manager than the actual manager of the hardware, facilities, and everything else within IT. There definitely is a shift toward that, but there are also frameworks coming into play that allow you to deal with that as well. 

Gardner: The notion of shadow IT becoming distributed IT was once a very dangerous and worrisome thing. Now, it has to be embraced and perhaps is positive. Why should we view it as positive?

Out of the shadow

Thurston: The term shadow IT is controversial. Within our organization, we prefer to say that the shadow IT users are the digital users of the business. You have traditional IT users, but you also have digital users. I don’t really think it’s a shadow IT thing; it's that they're a totally different use-case for service consumption. 

But you're right. They definitely need to be serviced by the organizations. They deserve to have the same level of services applied, the same governance, security, and everything else applied to them. 

Gardner: It seems that the new ideology of hybrid IT is about getting the right mix and keeping that mix of elements under some sort of control. Maybe it's simply on the basis of management, or an automation framework of some sort, but you allow that to evolve and see what happens. We don't know what this is going to be like in five years. 

Thurston: There are two pieces of the puzzle. There's the workload, the actual applications and services, and then there's the data. There is more importance placed on the data. Data is the new commodity, the new cash, in our industry. Data is the thing you want to protect. 

The actual workload and service consumption piece is the commodity piece that could be worked out. What you have to do moving forward is protect your data, but you can take more of a brokering approach to the actual workloads. If you can reach that abstraction, then you're fit-for-purpose and moving forward into the hybrid IT world.

Gardner: It’s almost like we're controlling the meta-processes over that abstraction without necessarily having full control of what goes on at those lower abstractions, but that might not be a bad thing. 

Thurston: I have a very quick use-case. A customer of ours for the last five years has been using Amazon Web Services (AWS), and they were getting the feeling they were getting tied into the platform. Their developers over the years had been using more and more of the platform services and they weren’t able to make all that code portable and take it elsewhere. 

This year, they made the transformation and they've decided to develop against Cloud Foundry, an open Platform as a Service (PaaS). They have instances of Cloud Foundry across Pivotal on AWS, also across IBM Bluemix, and across other cloud providers. So, they're now coding once -- and deploying anywhere for the compute workload side. Then, they have a separate data fabric that regulates the data underneath. There are emerging new architectures that help you to deal with this.

Gardner: It's interesting that you just described an ecosystem approach. You're no longer seeing as many organizations that are supplier “XYZ” shops, where 80 or 90 percent of everything would be one brand name. You just described a highly heterogeneous environment. 

Thurston: People have used cloud services, and hyper-scale of cloud services, and have specific use-cases, typically the more temporary types of workloads. Even companies born in the cloud, such as Uber and Netflix, reach those inflection points, where actually going to on-premise was far cheaper. It made compliance to regulations far easier. People are slowly realizing, through what other people are doing -- and also from their own good or bad experiences -- that hybrid IT really is the way forward.

Gardner: And the good news is that if you do bring it back from the cloud or re-factor what you're doing on-premises, there are some fantastic new infrastructure technologies. We are talking about converged infrastructure, hyper-converged infrastructure, software-defined data center (SDDC). At recent HPE Discover events, we've seen more  memory-driven computing, and we’re seeing some interesting new powerful speeds and feeds along those lines. 

So, on the economics and the price-performance equation, the public cloud is good for certain things, but there's some great attraction to some of these new technologies on-premises. Is that the mix that you are trying to help your clients factor?
Solutions for
Hybrid and Private Cloud

IT Infrastructure
Thurston: Absolutely. We're pretty much in parallel with the way that HPE approaches things, with the right mix. We see that in certain industries there's always going to be things like regulated data. Regulated data is really hard to control in a public-cloud space, where you have no real idea where things are. You can’t easily order them physically. 

Having on-premise provides you with that far easier route to regulation, and today’s technologies, the hyper-converged platforms, for example, allow us to really condense the footprint. We don’t need these massive data centers anymore.

We're working with customers where we have taken 10 or 12 racks worth of legacy classic equipment and with a new hyper-converged, we put in less than two racks worth of equipment. So, the actual operational footprint of facilities cost is much less. It makes it a far more compelling argument for those types of use-cases than using public cloud.

Gardner: Then you can mirror that small footprint data center into a geography, if you need it for compliance requirements, or you could mirror it for reasons of business continuity and backup and recovery. So, there are lots of very interesting choices. 

Neil, tell us a little bit about Logicalis. I want to make sure all of our listeners and readers understand who you are and how you fit into helping organizations make these very large strategic decisions.

Cloud-first is not cloud-only 

Thurston: Logicalis is essentially a digital business enabler. We take technologies across multiple areas and help our customers become digital-ready. We cover a whole breadth of technologies. 

I look at the hybrid IT practice, but we also have the more digital-focused parts of our business, such as collaboration and analytics. The hybrid IT side is where we're working with our customers through the pains that they have, through the decisions that they have to make, and very often board-level decisions are made where you have to have a "cloud-first" strategy.

It's unfortunate when that gets interpreted as "cloud-only." There is some process to go through for cloud readiness, because some applications are not going to be fit for the cloud. Some cannot be virtualized; most can, but there are always regulations. Certainly, in Europe at present there is a lot of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) in the market, and there is a lot of uncertainty around European Union General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR), for example, and overall data protection.

There are a lot of reasons why we have to take a bit more of a factored, measured approach to looking at where workloads and data are best placed moving forward, and the models are that you want to operate in.

Gardner: I think HPE agrees with you. Their strategy is to put more emphasis on things like high performance computing (HPC), the workloads of which won't likely be virtualized, that won't work well in a public cloud, one-size-fits-all environment. It's also factoring in the importance of the edge, even thinking about putting the equivalent of a data center on the edge for demands around information for IoT, and analytics and data requirements there as well as the compute requirements.

What's the relationship between HPE and Logicalis? How do you operate as an alliance or as a partnership?

Thurston: We have a very strong partnership. We have a 15- or 16-year relationship with HPE in the UK. As everyone else did, we started out selling service and storage, but we've taken the journey with HPE and with our customers. The great thing about HPE is that they've always managed to innovate, they have always managed to keep up with the curve, and that's really enabled us to work with our customers and decide what the right technologies are. Today, this allows us to work out the right mix for our customers of on-premise and off-premise equipment,

HPE is ahead of the curve in various technologies in our area, and one of those includes HPE Synergy. We're now talking with a lot of our customers about the next curve that’s coming with infrastructure-as-code, and how we can leverage what the possible benefits and outcomes will be of enabling that technology.

The on-ramp to that is that we're using hyper-converged technologies to virtualize all the workloads and make them portable, so that we can then abstract them and place them either within platform services or within cloud platforms, as necessary, as dictated by whatever our security policies dictate.
Solutions for
Hybrid and Private Cloud

IT Infrastructure
Gardner: Getting back to this ideology of hybrid IT, when you have disparate workloads and you're taking advantage of these benefits of platform choice, location, model and so forth, it seems that we're still confronted with that issue of having the responsibility without the authority. Is there an approach that HPE is taking with management, perhaps thinking about HPE OneView that is anticipating that need and maybe adding some value there?

Thurston: With the HPE toolsets, we're able to set things such as policies. Today, we're at Platform 2.5 really, and the inflection that takes us on to the third platform is the policy automation. This is one part that HPE OneView allows us to do across the board. 

It’s policies on our storage resources, policies on our compute resources, and again, policies on non-technology, so quotas on public cloud, and those types of things. It enables us to leverage the software-defined infrastructure that we have underneath to set the policies that define the operational windows that we want our infrastructure to work in, the decisions it’s allowed to make itself within that, and we'll just let it go. We really want to take IT from "high touch" to "low touch," that we can do today with policy, and potentially, in the future with infrastructure as code, to "no touch." 

Gardner: As you say, we are at Platform 2.5, heading rapidly towards Platform 3. Do you have some examples you can point to, customers of yours and HPE’s, and describe how a hybrid IT environment translates into enablement and business benefits and perhaps even economic benefits? 

Time is money

Thurston: The University of Wolverhampton is one of our customers, where we've taken this journey with them with HPE, with hyper-converged platforms, and created a hybrid environment for them. 

Today, the hybrid environment means that we're wholly virtualized on HPE hyper-converged platform. We've rolled the solutions out across their campus. Where we normally would have had disparate clouds, we now have a single plane controlled by OneView that enables them to balance all the workloads across the whole campus, all of their departments. It’s bringing them new capabilities, such as agility, so they can now react a lot quicker. 

Before, a lot of the departments were coming to them with requirements, but those requirements were taking 12 to 16 weeks to actually fulfill. Now, we can do these things from the technology perspective within hours, and the whole process within days. We're talking a factor of 10 here in reduction of time to actually produce services. 

As they say, success breeds success. Once someone sees what the other department is able to do, that generates more questions, more requests, and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

We're working with them to enable the next phase of this project. That is to leverage the hyper-scale of public clouds, but again, in a more controlled environment. Today, they're used to the platform. That’s all embedded in. They are reaping the benefits of that from mainly an agility perspective. From an operational perspective, they are reaping the benefits of vastly reduced system, and more importantly, storage administration. 

Storage administrations have had 85 percent savings on their time required to administer the storage by having it wholly virtualized, which is fantastic from their perspective. It means they can concentrate more on developing the next phase, which is embracing or taking this ideology out to the public cloud.

Gardner: Let's look to the future before we wrap this up. What would you like to see, not necessarily from HPE, but what can the vendors, the suppliers, or the public-cloud providers do to help you make that hybrid IT equation work better? 

Thurston: A lot of our mainstream customers always think that they're late into adoption, but typically, they're late into adoption because they're waiting to see what becomes either a de-facto standard that is winning in the market, or they're looking for bodies to create standards. Interoperability between platforms and standards is really the key to driving better adoption.

Today with AWS, Azure, etc., there's no real compatibility that we can take from them. We can only abstract things further up. This is why I think platform as a service, things like Cloud Foundry and open platforms will, for those forward thinkers who want to adopt the hybrid IT, become the future platforms of choice.

Gardner: It sounds like what you are asking for is a multi-cloud set of options that actually works and is attainable. 

Thurston: It’s like networking, with Ethernet. We have had a standard, everyone adheres to it, and it’s a commodity. Everyone says public cloud is a commodity. It is, but unfortunately what we don’t have is the interoperability of the other standards, such as we find in networking. That’s what we need to drive better adoption, moving forward.

Listen to the podcast. Find it on iTunes. Get the mobile app. Read a full transcript or Download a copy. Sponsor: Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

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As of April 2010, a silent change was made on Foundry27, users with a myQNX account could no longer checkout/update their copies of the QNX SVN repositories and a vague Wiki page was created "detailing" some licencing clarifications.
          ams amplia l’ecosistema dedicato alla tecnologia Asic        

Nel corso dell’evento CdnLive Emea, ams ha annunciato un’ulteriore espansione del proprio Foundry Ecosystem. In collaborazione con Fraunhofer IIS e RoodMicrotec, i tre partner sono pronti ad aprire una nuova strada verso le soluzioni Asic offrendo sviluppo Ic, assemblaggio, test e servizi di qualificazione ad Oem, integratori di sistemi e start-up innovative. La tecnologia Asic consente di ottimizzare le prestazioni e le dimensioni, aiuta a ridurre i costi dei sistemi e garantisce sicurezza ed affidabilità. Tuttavia, nonostante tali vantaggi, non di rado Oem, system integrators e start-up difettano delle competenze interne necessarie a livello di progettazione dei chip. Ecco perché l’obiettivo del Foundry Ecosystem di ams mira ad abbassare in modo significativo le barriere di ingresso delle società.

L'articolo ams amplia l’ecosistema dedicato alla tecnologia Asic è un contenuto originale di Elettronica News.

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          Inkwell: welcome to our universe        

Informal is not an adjective that readily comes to mind in describing anything in the type catalogue of New York foundry, Hoefler & Co. From the highly formal sparkle of Renaissance inspired text romans like Requiem through its humanist sans, Ideal Sans, to the precision and aplomb of the shaded and layered Obsidian, all walk […]

Sponsored by Hoefler & Co.

Inkwell: welcome to our universe

          Beer Run to Mississippi        

On the afternoon of July 1st, I drove into a changed Mississippi under gray clouds that foretold a fine summer rain. Some 15 hours earlier, at precisely midnight, that state's House Bill 1322 went into effect, allowing for legal existence of that wonderful institution beer lovers in Tennessee have taken for granted for so long: the brewery taproom.

Until that day, the nine breweries in Mississippi could only sell their product through a distributor, on tap through restaurants and bars, and in package. They weren't allowed to sell it onsite, but could offer paid brewery tours that gave away free samples. It was a measly loophole that didn't encourage visitors to hang around and hoist a few.

Now all that has changed. Granted, Mississippi has not been on the cutting edge of the craft beer industry. Only Georgia — despite big, cosmopolitan Atlanta — still doesn't allow on-premise sales at breweries. Back in 2013, Mississippi became the 49th state to allow home brewing. But this is Mississippi, so, all things considered, coming in 49th out of 50 is like winning the silver. (Lucky Town Brewing in Jackson, has released a brew called Old No. 49 Farmhouse Ale to commemorate the "victory.") So it was that Mrs. M and I — under those cloudy skies and with R.E.M. on the stereo — went down to Water Valley, a little Oxford bedroom community. Along with the other eight Mississippi breweries, the Yalobusha Brewing Company was celebrating the long overdue HB1322. Located in what Water Valley calls downtown, Yalobusha has staked out a great spot in the former Hendricks Foundry building, connected to a small coffee shop by an even smaller games arcade. Flanked on either side of the building were food trucks offering tacos and a pizza stand. It's neat.

There, over two great offerings from Yalobusha — its wonderfully named Snopes Pilsner and Blues Trail Farmhouse Ale — was as good a place as any to consider the implications of the three-year political slog it took to pass a law with a lot of economic upside and little to no downside. After all, there are a lot cheaper and quicker ways of getting into drunken foolishness than drinking craft beer at a homegrown brewery. But Mississippi was the first state to pass prohibition and the last to repeal it, so its relationship with alcohol is complicated.

Which has given brewers that much more to celebrate. Theirs is a business with pretty thin margins after everyone involved has taken their bit. The general rule of thumb among the brewers with whom I spoke was that each barrel sold on premise (without a middle man) generates about $1,000 of much-needed revenue. Sell enough of those, and you start making new local hires to deal with the demand.

The legal fight was largely spearheaded by Jackson attorney Matthew McLaughlin, who is also the executive director of the Mississippi Brewers Guild. McLaughlin expects the number of breweries in the state to double over the next 18 to 24 months. "It, in theory, lowers the risk of new products that they [brewers] want to introduce, because they have the opportunity to test in a taproom."

Low-risk testing leads to more innovation, which leads to more products and growth which, politics aside, ought to be pretty straightforwardly a positive outcome. Breweries are embracing their new freedom in different ways. For the moment, Yalobusha is all about the beer, letting the local pizza place and food trucks handle the suds-sopping pub grub aspect.

The Lazy Magnolia Brewery, in Kiln, is adding a small kitchen to its works in order to make it a destination brewpub. If you've never heard of Kiln, Mississippi, don't worry, few have. Apparently, that includes the global satellite communication system. The website offered directions and a helpful warning that if you put their address in GPS, you will get lost. Which sounds like a road trip I'm just going to have to take.

          46: Sean Michael Ragan        
Sean Michael Ragan is a long-time contributor to MAKE magazine and His work has also appeared in ReadyMade, Popular Science, and The Wall Street Journal. He is the co-founder of, a company that helps hardware entrepreneurs design, build, and sell products by connecting them to the tools and services they need to mass-produce goods and grow companies.
          242 RR Migrating a Monolith to Microservices Via an Evolutionary Path with Mike Gehard        

02:34 - Mike Gehard Introduction

03:23 - Monoliths

04:18 - Microservices

09:47 - Migrating a Monolith to Microservices Via an Evolutionary Path

15:21 - The Steps Along the Continuum

  • Where do engines fit in?
  • Service Boundary Definitions

19:25 - Bounded Context

21:52 - Evolution

30:40 - Dependency on the Database

35:15 - Testing

51:16 - Deployment

52:47 - Security

55:15 - Advice for those getting started

01:04:09 - Fault Tolerance


LOWA Boots (Avdi)
Pearl’s Peril (David)
He Never Died (David)
httplog (Coraline)
Toxic Workers by Michael Housman and Dylan Minor (Coraline)
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol. 1 by Ryan North (Jessica)
Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording) (Jessica)
MyFitnessPal (Chuck)
Run 10k (Chuck)
Pebble Time Steel (Chuck)
Aftershokz Bluez 2 (Chuck)
The Elm Programming Language (Mike)
Kotlin (Mike)

          Checking a Used 1911 with a Purchase in Mind        
There are many advantages to buying guns used. Not only is the price lower, but the selection is more varied. You can often tell the functional quality of the gun by examining wear patterns on it. It is not uncommon for the seller to allow the buyer to shoot the gun. That is the ultimate test, and no NIB gun seller can match it.

Prelude: Make sure the pistol is unloaded. Lock back the slide and check the chamber. Put a finger on top of the magazine follower and across the chamber. Look again. Make sure the pistol is unloaded. During all of this inspection process, keep the muzzle in a safe direction.

#1 Check Originality.

Know what the pistol should look like. Know what the markings on the frame and slide should be and where they should be located. There are many mix master pistols out there, and some are quite good. Essex is not a secret Colt foundry in Area 51 though. Non-original small parts that can be recified do not necessarily lower the price of a pistol, nor do well installed aftermarket parts that work right if the buyer wants that modification. However, they do show that someone has been monkeying around with the pistol, and other inspections should be carried out more stringently. On a collector's piece, they DO lower the value, and should have replacement cost deducted from the price accordingly. We are talking buying shooting pistols here though, not collector's guns.

#2 Check For Damage

The seller should let you field strip the pistol. If he does not, pass on it. Period. There is no reason to refuse this on a used gun except to conceal damage.

Once inside the gun, bring the frame and slide rails up to eye level and check them for straightness like you would a piece of lumber. A bulge on both sides of an area means this gun has suffered a KaBoom. Likewise, run the barrel between your fingers, checking for bulges. Check the bore. Check the barrel and slide lugs for damage and peening. Check the barrel seat for proper fit and signs of impact. Check the breech face and barrel hood for peening. Check the slide for cracks at the beginning of the recoil plug tunnel. Check the frame for cracks at the beginning of the dustcover and the slide stop hole. Some guns with a hole where the rear of the slide stop enters the frame will be cracked in the frame rail above the hole. This is so common that many newer guns have the rail cut out here. A crack in this area is not a cause for alarm in a shooter, but can be a bargaining chip on the price. It is easily repaired by cutting out the crack. Look for signs of an incompetent person using tools inside the pistol. The finish should show normal wear on the rails, breech face, barrel and slide lugs, and other moving parts. Holster wear is OK. In fact, it is a common sign of a gun that works as advertised. Signs of impact from tools, especially around the right slide stop hole are signs of incompetent monkeys with tools in possession of this pistol. A stripped magazine lock screw is a sign of the same.

#3 Check Functions

The slide should pull back easily, without any change in resistance along the length of it's travel. It should lock back quickly and positively with the magazine inserted. Try this both with and without the magazine checking for smoothness of travel.

A Wilson Combat or genuine Colt magazine should insert and lock positively, and fall free upon release, without resistance. It should not rattle in the gun. You may want to bring your own along for this check, as used guns are often sold with cheapo magazines. If the gun has an extended ejector, the magazine should not touch it when inserted.

Ask if it is OK to release the slide from slide lock. This will not harm a 1911 if not done over and over. If it is OK with the owner, remove the magazine with the pistol at slide lock. Place your left thumb on the slide lock and release the slide. The hammer should not follow the slide. Check this one more time. Then, with the hammer still cocked and your finger off the trigger, try to push it off the sear. If the hammer falls in any of these instances, the gun is not safe to load with live ammo until repaired. If the seller balks at this test, pull a snap cap out of you pocket to perform it with. The test will not be as stringent with a snap cap, but if the gun fails with a snap cap, it will certainly fail without one. If the seller balks at the use of a snap cap for the test, pass on the gun.

The thumb safety should snick on and off without resistance in either direction with the hammer cocked. The hammer should not move when engaging the thumb safety. Once engaged, press on the trigger a couple of times with the grip safety depressed. Then raise the rear of the pistol up to your ear and slowly pull back on the hammer. Listen for a little tink sound. If you hear this sound, the thumb safety is allowing the sear to move on the hammer hooks while engaged. Replacement of the thumb safety or sear will be in order.

The grip safety should not allow the trigger to be moved when not depressed. When depressed, it should offer no resistance to the trigger. Depress the grip safety, pull the trigger back and hold it. Release the grip safety. Then release the trigger. The trigger and grip safety should both pop back out quickly and smoothly.

With the hammer cocked and thumb safety off, use your weak hand to hold the slide about 1/8 inch out of battery while pulling the trigger. The hammer should not fall. If it does, the disconnector is worn or monkeyed with, and you may be holding a full auto 1911.

Ask to dry fire the gun. The trigger should release the hammer at a poundage suitable for your likes or greater. Greater poundage than required can be reduced without parts replacement. Making a light trigger heavier often involves new parts. The trigger should be smooth throughout it's travel, and the sear should break cleanly. Once dry fired, lock the slide back and take a look at the breechface. The firing pin should be retracted.

Insert a Bic-Stick type ball point pen into the barrel, plastic end first. Cock and drop the hammer with the barrel pointed straight up. The pen should fly out of the gun at least two feet. Any less is a sign of a weak mainspring, or a sign of firing pin damage.

#4 Check Fittment

On some pistols, such as a Colt, some lateral movement of the slide in battery is acceptable. Unless it is a match grade top of the line gunsmithed pistol, it is expected. The pistol may rattle a bit if shook vigorously from side to side and still be accurate. Other pistols, such as a Les Baer are expected to lock up tighter than Fort Knox.

The rear of the slide should blend smoothly into the frame. Neither the ejector nor the extractor should be above or below the surface. The trigger should not flop around sloppily in it's track. The magazine release should be flush on the right side with a magazine inserted.

Many people evaluate barrel lock-up by pressing on the barrel hood in battery. Movement is considered to be bad. While a firm lock-up is nice, of greater importance is whether the barrel returns to the same location with each slide cycle. The muzzle end of the barrel should not move within the bushing. The slide should not have wear on the muzzle end that passes into the dustcover on recoil.

#5 Evaluating Modifications

If the pistol has any modifications, they should be well done.Custom Sistema I look at the fit of aftermarket grip safeties, especially the way the lines of the pistol was blended into the line of the grip safety. If the rear of the frame has humps in it where it was blended, the gunsmith did not have an eye for quality. The gap between grip safety and frame should be no greater than the thickness of a piece of paper. The grip safety should not rub on either side of the frame.

If it has an aftermarket bushing, I remove it and check that for fit too. A correctly fit bushing should not require a bushing wrench for removal. It should not require a hammer for installation.

Aftermarket extended thumb safeties should snick on and off without mushiness or resistance. I check the underside of the left side of the slide to see if the thumb safety has been battering it. The apex of the thumb safety should be at least 1mm below the slide at rest.

An aftermarket barrel should have no peening on the hood, or the lugs. The slide of such a gun as well as the frame should be checked as well. A well fitted, quality aftermarket barrel (assuming good rifling) is always a plus for me.

Look at the sights. Quality sights with a professional installation are a big plus for me. Sights that look like Bubba bought them on sale at a gun show and installed them with a rock are not. Adjustable sights that are off center make me wonder why.

A refinished gun is not necessarly an indicator of a worn out gun. Gold Cup National MatchMany pistols are refinished after customization is completed. Some finishes, such as hard chrome enhance the durability of the gun. Others like a home baked Gun Kote job may not last long. One thing to consider is that a refinish (assuming it's not 24 kt. gold) should never add to the cost of the gun, but a bad refinish can subtract from it. A good finish is expected. The same applies to grips. If the price is being jacked up because of them, ask to buy the gun without them, unless they are factory ivory. If you want them, and they are not ivory, they should not add to the price of the gun. Ugly or dinged up grips subtract from the price.

A non-original full length guide rod and an extended slide stop are red flags to me. They tell me the last owner did not understand this pistol very well. Conversely, a pistol that came with a FLGR but now presents with a GI set-up tells me the last owner knew the gun. Known cheapo aftermarket parts (they are easy to spot) tell me the last owner had a ghetto mentality about the gun.

Often I will be told "This gun was done by (insert name of reknowned 'smith")". It pays to be able to recognize quality work, and to know what different people's work often looks like. Suffice to say, a gun that has passed through a reknowned gunsmith's hands should have an appearance and function several degrees above what the factory puts out, regardless of who makes the gun. It should NEVER look worse than a top of the line gun. These men do not put out trash. Many less than stellar gunsmiths do. Which brings us to item #5.

#5b Spotting Incompetent Work

People love to fiddle with a 1911. It's hard not to. It looks so easy. It's not. JE Clark 1911It is easier to screw up a 1911 than to "improve" one.

The first thing that jumps out at me is buggered up grip screws. If a man cannot use a screwdriver, he is not mechanically equipped to open up a 1911. 'nuff said.

Next I look at the feed ramp with the slide locked back. There should be about a 2mm step between the bottom of the barrel and the top of the feed ramp on a Government Model. Incompetent gun hacks love to take a Dremel to the feed ramp of 1911's. If this step is not present, the gun will never feed ammo properly, and it cannot be repaired for less than the cost of a frame replacement.

I look at lowered ejection ports for the straightness of the lines. The scallop behind the ejection port should have smooth edges and be in the right place.

I look at the sights for signs of heavy handed handiwork. Punch marks around the sights and the slide stop hole, as well as stripped mag release screws and pins inserted backwards are red flags.

#6 Shooting the Pistol

One of the advantages of buying used is the ability to test fire the gun without lowering it's value in the marketplace Many sellers will allow you to fire their gun if they percieve you as a serious buyer. It never hurts to ask. 9mm CommanderOffer the owner a "test target" to help him in his sale if you do not buy. Expect to buy the ammo, and no +P ammo. No reloads from your Brother-in-Law Bernie. Only clean factory ammo, and some JHP if it's a defensive weapon. Somewhere between 50 and 100 rounds. Buy the ammo from the seller if he is a dealer. If he will only let you shoot one magazine "out back" make it your preferred JHP and try your darndest to create a jam. Offer to clean the gun when you are done. The combination of a high dollar guaranteed ammo sale, a decent test target, and a clean gun is often to much to resist if the seller trusts you. Heck, invite him along to shoot your prize Python while he waits.

Once at the range, I first load three rounds of JHP and shoot them to see if I get hammer follow or a full auto effect. I do this twice, at different speeds.

Then I load a magazine full of JHP and empty it into a target as fast as I can with a limp wrist. For once, I do not care about groups. I am trying to jam the gun. I note where the empties fly. I pick one or two up and check them for centered primer strikes and dents in the case. Then I load up another magazine with JHP and do the same limp wrist procedure, except this time holding the pistol upside down. I do this often enough that the Range Officer knows I am in a buying mood.

I try to fire the pistol with the thumb safety engaged. I try to fire it with the grip safety released. I allow my thumb to ride the slide to see if I can initiate a malfunction.

If the pistol continues to work as advertised, Combat EliteI load up some target rounds and shoot for accuracy. I am not a bullseye shooter, so I usually shoot from sandbags at 15 yards. As long as the pistol performs better than me, I figure it is accurate enough. I shoot several groups of five rounds, and compare consistency as well as accuracy. I try to eliminate any of my own shortcomings from the equation.

If the pistol has no failures, I clean it, and get to re-examine the interior, but this time with the advantage of fresh soot and cleaning fluid. If the job is done carefully, it can reveal damage that is invisible to the naked eye. Liquified soot will travel right to a crack. A piece of cloth dragged over a part can snag on a burr the finger can not feel.

Finally, let me say that the price of the gun should be agreed on at the counter, before the test fire. You should never use the test fire as a bargaining chip to lower the price. If you do that, the seller will likely never allow you to test fire a gun again, and you might like the next gun even more. The test fire should be seen only as a means to eliminate a potential problem gun before a transfer of ownership. You should only request a test fire if you are prepared to buy right then. If you find a problem that eliminates the gun, explain what you found in good humor. Above all, do not become hostile, but do not waver. If the owner offers a lower price, consider it and take it if you like, but never, never, make him think you are trying to get him to lower the price. At the range, a change in price should always be the seller's option. One more thing, if the seller has gone this far to sell you a gun, he deserves your loyalty. He is an honest seller, the type all gun buyers look for. The ability to buy a gun you have shot first is valuable. It is a valuable consideration when you are haggling at his counter. Don't forget that.
          Industrial and Commercial Air Make-Up Units        
Canada Blower Co. offers different types of Industrial Make-Up Air Systems for larger industrial plants ventilation needs.

Negative Air Pressure in industrial manufacturing facilities can create problems such as:

- Exhaust fans losing performance, as the building pressure becomes negative.

- Pilot light outages and exhaust system failure on natural draft gas equipment.

- Cold air drafts and infiltration of dirt and contamination from outside.

- Difficulty opening or closing exterior doors.

Headaches and nausea among personnel due to inadequate ventilation. In temperate climates or during mild weather, moderate amounts of make-up air can be supplied by simply opening windows or overhead doors. However, this is usually not the case in industrial and commercial facilities. Forced ventilation Make-up air is required.

Direct Gas-Fired Make-up Air Units supply tempered and filtered air to the indoor environment. In summer, a direct-fired unit may be used as an air handler, with the heater disabled. By adding a DX or evaporative cooling section to the unit, it may be used to supply conditioned air year round.

Make-Up Air Applications:

There are three general applications for Make-Up Air Units:

- Direct Compensating Ventilation

- General Area Ventilation

- Door Heating

Direct Compensating Ventilation.

Conditioned Air is Delivered to the Immediate Vicinity of Exhaust. This is the case for welding fume extractors, stovetop exhaust hoods, paint booths, or similar applications.

General Area Ventilation.

Door Heaters

Heated Air is introduced at open doors to warm incoming air or compensate for loss. Heater may also be used as part of an air-door system.

Typical Industrial Uses:

* Plating Tanks

* Paint Spray Booths

* Welding Operations

* Chemical Exhaust

* Degreasing

* Factory Ventilation

* Plastic Molding

* Foundry Works

* Grinding & Buffing Operations

Typical Commercial Uses:

* Warehouses
* Kitchens
* Entryways
* Gymnasiums
* Pools
* Exposition Buildings
* Garages

While there are no facts and figures to show how many buildings in the United States provide the correct amount of makeup air, it can be surmised that there are probably a great many that do not have sufficient makeup air. And there's no one solution that is available for every building. Each building must be analyzed with a careful air balance calculation and evaluated based on the diversity of sources of exhaust air and infiltration.

Make-Up Air Volume Requirements:

The recommended method for calculating Make-up Air Volume is to determine the total CFM capacity of exhaust fans, blowers, stacks, etc. in the building and add 10%. This will create a positive pressure in the building.

When information is not available, the following estimates may be used to determine approximate requirements:

- Paint / Spray Booth: 100 to 200 CFM per sq. ft. of face opening.

- Oven Exhaust: One air change per minute.

- Fume Exhaust: Area of Pipe (in square feet) x velocity (3,000 feet/min average) = CFM.

- Roof Ventilator: same as Fume Exhaust.

- Canopy Hoods: 100 to 300 CFM per square foot of hood open area.

- Furnace Combustion Air: Minimum CFM = BTU/hr rating / 6,000.

- Drying, Baking, Curing Ovens: 100 CFM per square foot of booth cross section.

- Pickling or Cleaning Tanks: 150 CFM per square foot of door opening or 200 CFM per square foot of hood face opening.

Additional information can be found at the Canada Blower company web site

Susanna Terlitkaia
Canadian Air Handling Units Engineer
Canada Blower
          Apple might use Intel chips in future iPhones and iPads        
Apple are in talks with Intel to establish a foundry relationship which could lead to Intel eventually co-designing the company's next-gen iDevices.
          Apple might use Intel chips in future iPhones and iPads        
Apple is in talks with Intel to establish a foundry which could lead to Intel co-designing the next-generation iPhone and iPad microprocessor chips.
          WIP Sunday        
 A post to keep stoking the old enthusiasm.

While waiting for the polyfilla to cure on the bases of my Gotham City police officers, I began work on converting two 28mm figures and a 4-wheel wagon. See below pictures.

Meet Doctor Grimsdale and his 'nurse'/daughter, Emmanuelle.

The Doctor is a conversion of a Great Escape Games' Old West doctor miniature. Emmanuelle is simply a stock miniature from Foundry's Old West range. The horse is Colonel Bills. The cart is a cut-down and converted wagon by 4Ground. The cart is still a WIP.

I wont give the game away just yet as to what I'll be using them for. Except to say that I've also made an order from Colonel Bills (collecting on Tuesday) for a chunk of miniatures so I can field a full force in this new project for myself. Possibly resulting in quite a few conversions using the old green stuff. Good practice at sculpting if nowt else.
The Superhero group is all now cleaned. Glued. Pollyfilla covered bases. Just needs to be tidied up. PVA glue coated (the pollyfilla, to help seal it for painting). Then painted.
I honestly don't know when I'll get to paint anything, however. As the attic paint room is a mess. And I mean totally upside down. Possibly I'll need to relocate to the kitchen table until I get everything tidied away and sorted.

Cheers for looking.
          Ð¢ÐµÐ¾Ñ€Ð¸Ñ MMO / Социализация, Соревнование, Конфликт        
Теория MMO / Социализация, Соревнование, Конфликт
Quantic Foundry уже не раз подкидывала ММОзговедам пищу для размышлений. Но их доводы в заметке “Competition Is Not The Opposite of Community”, без преувеличения, произвели в моем сознании тектонический сдвиг. Все дело в том, что я давний и последовательный сторонник наличия конфликтов в игре. Б...
          Sportpong in the Giesserei        

S640x360 video thumbnail Sportpong - The Sporty Arcade Game Invited to the Art Foundry Kunstgiesserei St.Gallen Sportpong was located in the metal workshop, an amazing and unique ambiance.

          Seravek from Process Type Foundry        
Process Type Foundry, creator of Klavika and Stratum, has added Seravek to their collection...
          Capucine by Process Type Foundry        
"Although Capucine defies traditional categorization, it sits in a genre we are drawn to as users of type: a face with distinct personality able to straddle the worlds of both text and display with ease. In this context it should come as no surprise that its designer was born and raised in France, a country whose type history is rich with successful instances of such attempts. From Auriol and Grasset – typefaces that became symbolic of the Art Nouveau style – to the iconic designs of Roger Excoffon in the 1950s and 60s, French type designers have often tried to fulfill the requirements of efficient text setting while retaining a gestural quality. Like many of its French predecessors, Capucine is driven by the eye rather than geometrical dogma, bringing a warmth and liveliness to the page."
          Colophon’s Aperçu        
Brighton based designers Anthony Sheret and Edd Harrington have recently launched their specimen catalogue to accompany the release of Aperçu, the latest font to come out of their font foundry, Colophon.
          Catch A Cheating Spouse Home        

Do you suspect that your husband or wife is cheating on you? Then you need to know how to catch a cheating spouse.If you think that your spouse is being unfaithful, you should be looking for confirmation. Before you take steps to start spying on your spouse or before you decide to hire the services of a costly private investigator, read the signs below to see if your spouse may truly be cheating on you.

1 – A Change in Physical Appearance

Men and women who cheat often want to impress or entice the individual they are having inappropriate relations with. When doing so, they often change or improve their appearance. They may take special care when they are going out to work or meet friends. If your spouse starts paying more attention to their weight or buys new clothes, they may be having an affair.

2 – Distance or Lack of Communication

Until you recently started noticing a problem, how was your communication with your spouse? If your spouse has recently stopped talking to you or distanced themselves from you at home, there is a good chance that they may be cheating on you. This is because they may be afraid of making a mistake and talking about their affair or they may already be discussing their problems with someone else.

3 – They Constantly Work Late

Depending on your spouse and his or her career, they really may have to work late. With that said, be on the lookout for changes and use your best judgment. Has your husband or wife all of a sudden started working late? In terms of using your best judgment, know what careers often call for late nights, such as lawyers, doctors, and so forth.

4 – They Spend Too Much Time with Friends

Spending time with friends does not always means they are cheating. In fact, healthy relationships also depend on solid friendships. With that said, be sure to use your common sense. Look for the appearance of new friends or an increased amount of time. Has your husband or wife gone from spending one night a week with friends to three or more?

5 – You Don’t Know Where They Are

When you are married, there is never really any reason why you shouldn’t know where your spouse is, especially late at night or for long periods of time. If you do not know, chances are your spouse is cheating. When they arrive home, they better have a good reason for being late or not letting you know where they were.

6 – You Hear Rumors

Many men and women are not careful about cheating. This often involves them telling someone or someone seeing them out on a date. In these types of situations, people often talk. Listen to what you hear. If people are telling you that your spouse is cheating, it might be time to start listening.

7 – Less Sex

Has your relationship recently become sex-free or has the sex that you do have decreased in intensity and in frequency? If so, there is a good chance that your spouse is cheating on you. Men and women who get sex elsewhere don’t always need to have it again when they return home.

8 – You Are Accused of Cheating

In today’s society, cheating is a major concern. If your spouse accuses you of cheating, have you been displaying behavior that may lead them to that conclusion? If you haven’t, there is a good chance that they are accusing you of cheating to make themselves feel less guilty.

9 – Hearing the Phrase “We are Just Friends”

The “just friends,” phrase is a big sign of a cheater. As with all other friendships, it is important to use your best judgment. Is the friend of the opposite sex and is a newly acquired friend? If so, something may be happening.

10 – A Bad Feeling

Bad feelings are not something that should be easily dismissed. If you have reason to believe that your husband or wife is cheating, they may be. If you do not want to be in a relationship with a cheater, it is important for you to follow your heart. Take additional steps to see if they are truly cheating. This may involve hiring a private investigator or spying.

          Best Way To Stop Smoking Home        
So what is the situation today with stopping smoking? You may know it quite well but it’s worth recapping because we’ll come back to this time and time again.

These days, many people give up using willpower. Almost immediately after stopping, they are “dieing” for a cigarette. You know the deal - it can’t be done at any old time, you need to prepare for the inevitable struggle that is coming up so you set a date and psyche yourself up. Then you stop and celebrate and hope you can get through the bad days ahead. Everyone tells you it will get better but it seems a mystery to you.

Maybe you even use some “medicine” to help you. It must be good, right? Because the doctor recommends it then it must be good for you? Especially patches, they really help. You just slap a patch on and no cravings. Wow, this is really great! Imagine stopping smoking and with the help of the great drug companies and the medical profession, you can do it without wanting another cigarette, well at least until you take off those dreaded patches anyway!

          Affiliate Internet Marketing Home        
After you read this short article you will feel regenerated and excited about affiliate internet marketing.

And you will sink deeper and deeper into a comfortable feeling of success because you will soon know what it takes to make it.

But, first things first. This article, in part, is an extension of how to make internet marketing work for you.

You may or may not have already begun to do a little research on the subject.

No matter.

What I want to do here is give you a brief refresher course (if your business is already off the ground) or a quick introduction (if you don't know where to begin).

Here goes:

Your successes in affiliate internet marketing consists of mastering 5 critical qualities. Think of it as a way to organize the process of internet marketing.

Marketers from all walks of life have told me this formula is RIGHT ON THE MONEY. So let's go over it and be sure you have it down packed.

First Quality: An Overwhelming Amount Of Ambition

Your ambition, or your wanting to learn more about affiliate internet marketing, is more than shot in the dark.

You have to know EXACTLY what you want to accomplish as an affiliate marketer. You can't create an affiliate internet marketing business unless you have true ambition.

You have to be honest with where you are.

By knowing exactly what you want and combining that with the power of ambition - you will be filled with a ferocious momentum.

And, I'll tell you something else - momentum is POWER.

Second Quality: Giving It All You Got

Are you willing to put in a considerable amount of time and effort to grow your online business?

Some internet marketers do. Most of the people who sign up for affiliate programs are looking for a shortcut to igniting their affiliate internet marketing business.

You'll have to be prepared to burn the midnight oil to really see a boost in your income.

And, listen my friend; time and effort are a key component for success.

Third Quality: The Power Of Determination

EVERY ounce of determination is necessary for your growth as an affiliate internet marketer. You have the edge, the ultimate advantage. So push yourself to go beyond your limitations and break free of your fears. Have the guts to do extraordinary things.

Fourth Quality: A Little Self Discipline Goes A Long, Long Way

If you want your business to survive you'll have to harness the internal force of self-discipline in order to reach your goals.

I want to invite you my friend to focus on doing SPECIFIC things every day to put cash in your pocket. The goal here is ACTION. Plain and simple.

Fifth Quality: Be Optimistic NOT Pessimistic

Get this: A negative attitude can choke the life out of your business. Here's the thing - begin to see the lesson in every obstacle that's going to come your way. I promise you, if you get this little habit, your online business will move steadily forward instead of taking two steps backward.

As this article comes to an end, you realize that to have a bright future in your affiliate internet marketing business, you must embrace certain qualities in order to get your foot in the door.

You can learn how to use your energy in a positive way, can't you? Leave no stone unturned.

          Make Your Computer Faster Home        
As you bang your head up against a brick wall, wondering how to make your computer faster, you realize there's more to it than meets the eye.

It's easier than you think. I'll give you a clue: It's located right at your fingertips.

The key to learning how to make computer faster is cleaning up its drives.


First things first, spend a few minutes deleting any program you rarely use. Surprisingly enough, there could be programs on your system you never use that are taking up a ton of space.

Delete these programs and free up space on your hard drive. Here' how:

From the start menu click the 'control panel' and double click on program and features. In a just a few seconds you'll be faced with a list of programs and features.

Right off the bat you'll discover some programs you'd forgotten about. Simply highlight a program you are not using anymore.

Almost immediately you'll see a button prompting you to uninstall. Now, all you have to do is follow what the computer tells you.

Check and recheck the list to make sure you haven't missed anything. Send those files to your recycle bin and empty it.

But wait, there's more, lots more to learning how to make computer faster.

Turn your attention your "c" drive. Because, as you might have guessed, you'll need to delete every single file that you no longer need.

If you want to make your computer fast, open up program like MS Word, PowerPoint, paint, notepad, etc. Keep your eyes open for any saved files you are not using or that have already served a purpose.

All you have to do is right click on the file name and scroll down to delete.

Listen, this is no really have to search high and low for files that are taking up precious space on your hard drive.

Heck, if you've had your computer for a long time your system could be bogged down with files that date back several years.

Okay, once you feel confident that you've gotten rid of the files you no longer need, empty your recycling bin and permanently delete the files you've discovered are no longer necessary for your system.

Shockingly simple isn't it?

As you are finishing up this article revealing how to make your computer faster, you feel excited to know that the solution is clear.

Delete the files you no longer use. Empty your recycle bin. Restart your computer...and SMILE because you are reaping the reward of a thing well done.

          Fastest Way To Build Muscle Home        

Wouldn't it be amazing if the fastest way to build muscle fell into your lap today? Can you imagine getting started with ease and enjoying results within the next 30 days?

With each word you read you feel more and more amazed at how quickly you can understand and implements these phenomenal ways to build muscle fast.

Here are all the disadvantages of NOT trying to build muscle fast:

Excess fat in more places than you care to mention. · Bone density decreases over time. · Sleeping patterns get more and more out of whack as the days roll by.

Surprisingly enough, getting on board with the fastest way to build muscle will point you in the right direction along with improving your overall health.

Now here are some ways to help you perfect, polish and strengthen your muscles. Apply these tools and you'll build muscle that STRENGTHENS, TONES, and SCULPTS!

1. The Program. The fastest way to build muscle requires you to come full circle with a PLAN that clearly lays out which exercises you will do on which days.

Mix it up a little by including exercise that focus on certain muscles as well as working to build muscle fast with exercises that work several muscles at once.

2. Good Form. In short, the fastest way to build muscle means doing whatever you have to do to learn the proper way to do each exercise in your program.

Seriously, I'm not kidding around...make it point to learn each exercise slowly while using lightweights. Remember, to build muscle you want to focus your attention of the muscle not on momentum.

Be steady. Be controlled. Take it slow. I promise, the results you get from these ways to build muscle fast will astound you.

3. Stress The Muscle. As you might have guessed, to start the ball rolling in the muscle building process, you have to stress the muscle.

You are aiming for exhaustion. Your muscle should be completely exhausted during the final rep of your final set. If you discover that your muscles are too tired and you start to lose form before your last rep - you are probably using too much weight.

4. Monitor What You Eat. One of the surefire ways to build muscle fat includes giving up junk food and only putting into your body foods that are good for it.

Turn your attention to complex carbs and protein such as egg whites and low fat yogurt.

Bite the bullet and stay away from sugary white processed foods.

Eat at no more than six small meals during the day. This small change will provide your body with a steady supply of fuel to build muscle.

5. Switch It Up. A good rule of thumb is around every four to six weeks you change up your routine. You see your body will adapt to stress.

When that happens, you'll hit a plateau and like it or not, the benefits of weight training will begin to fade away. To put a stop to this, increase the weight size and change exercises.

Remember, the fastest way to build muscle means using every tip included in this article to your advantage. The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself. For a complete guide visit the links below to discover the experts guide to building muscle fast.

          How To Detox Your Body Home        

In recent years, a lot of attention has been given to how to detox your body, also known as cleansing. In these days the topic is so popular that you may have hear d of it before. While some individuals may jump right on the detox bandwagon, you may be looking for more information. For example, what reasons call for a detox diet? Continue reading on to find out.

1 - Drug or Alcohol Dependency

A dependency on drugs or alcohol is the biggest reason why you could benefit from detoxification. Unfortunately, this detoxification is recommended under the care of a medical professional. Withdrawal symptoms can be severe for many.

Although drug and alcohol dependencies are common reasons for detoxification, very few individuals fit into this category. If you only enjoy a glass of wine or a beer from time to time, you are likely classified as a social drinker, not an alcoholic.

2 - Lack of Energy

Millions of Americans suffer from a lack of energy or feeling lethargic. There are many reasons for this, one of which is deprivation of sleep. Another reason could be a medical condition. For example, some thyroid conditions can leave you feeling fatigued and without energy. People who suffer anemia also feel extremely tired and weak. Once these issues have been ruled out, it is time for a body cleanse or body detox.

Many of the foods and drinks we consume are ridden with unnatural chemicals and other additives and conservatives. By many standards, they are safe, but it is their accumulation that needs to be considered. Even healthy bodies do not fully expel all toxins and harmful build up of them; this is why a cleanse is advised. When your body starts to feel like new from the inside, you will notice a significant change in your energy levels.

3 - Skin Problems

The buildup of toxins in the human body not only impacts energy levels and our internal organs, but the skin as well. Some individuals with acne problems have tried various different forms of over-the-counter medications without success. However, many of those same individuals noticed an improvement in their skin with a full body cleanse.

While on a full body detox, many fast or consume all-natural foods. If you are looking to improve the overall appearance of your skin, you can go a step farther. Switch to organic or natural skincare products, including lotions, creams, shampoos, and soaps.

4 - The Consumption of Unnatural Foods

When it comes to unnatural foods, there is some confusion. Many view unnatural or processed food as safe. Since there are millions of foods currently available for sale in department stores and grocery stores, these products are often viewed as safe. Yes, technically they are, but many are full with unnatural chemicals and additives. Some of these stay and buildup inside our bodies. That is why a body detox or cleanse is recommended.

An easy way to cleanse your body, without fasting, involves consuming all-natural, organic foods. Some recommend doing so for a week to a month. On that same note, after a detox, your body is clean and "pure," again. So, it is advised that you be careful with what you resume consuming, otherwise the buildup process will begin again.

5 - It Is Easy

Many are surprised to learn how easy and affordable it is to cleanse the body. Since it is easy to cleanse or detox your body, why not at least give it a try?

As previously stated, eating organic foods for an extended period of time can help to cleanse or detoxify your body. That is the easiest approach to take, but there are other options. Popular ways to detoxify the body include water fasting, juice fasting, and the Master Cleanse. Since you have many options to choose from, choose the option that is the easiest and most comfortable for you.

In short, there are many reasons why a body cleanse or detox is recommended. Whatever the reason for cleansing, you will be happy with the results. Discover what the 10 day detox can do for you. Those results should include healthier skin, more energy, and a slight weight loss. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today!

          How To Improve Your Credit Score Home        
Credit may seem like a trifle and fickle thing, but it can be demystified and used to how to improve your credit score. Credit is when you borrow money against your own name in order to make payments on an item of high price or value.

The highest forms of borrowing are often vehicles and homes, though jewelry, electronics, recreational vehicles and many other items are available on credit, even furnishings and home goods can be bought on credit.

With the expansion of credit over the past few decades stores have cropped up their own store credit cards that you can use to purchase items in their stores and on their web sites on credit.

The positive of credit is the ability to finance something you can not immediately afford and the option to build a solid credit rating, or name, for yourself for future borrowing power for the larger items like a house, which for 98% of people requires a loan. This borrowing power can also be extremely useful in the time of emergency when funds are low due to job loss, medical problems, injury, catastrophe or a death of an income earner. Borrowing allows people to get through these tough times without sacrificing their quality of life.

The negative aspect of credit is that it has allowed people to live outside their means and every day millions of people find themselves further in debt. While, this funds credit card companies, it can bring great hardship to those experiencing high levels of debt. Credit, when used wisely, can offer opportunities where there are none and help you find a greater level of borrowing in the future and help during a present situation, but when used unwisely can push you into a worse financial situation and negatively affect your future borrowing power.

When you turn eighteen it seems that every bank and financial institution in the country suddenly has your personal information and wants to offer you "free money", this is a dangerous time and you should avoid a good majority of these offers. It is wise to open one account, but only charge during a month what you are able to pay off completely before the due date. One or two open revolving accounts that are constantly in good standing offer a great way to build good credit. This can also be used when someone is bouncing back from bad credit or a bankruptcy, but can also be a slippery slope if you have not broken your bad spending habits.

Your credit report offers a reporting mechanism through three major agencies (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) that gathers account, financial and personal information about you from the creditors and bills you have to form together a credit rating and thus a credit score that represents your ability to pay debt, your timeliness in paying your bills and how often you move or change jobs. While, much of this information may not seem connected it is all used to gauge whether or not you are a person worthy of credit, a job or even renting an apartment to. So, it's vitally important to set a good credit rating and practices from the start as credit impacts you your entire life. For some bad credit and financial practices can lead to a bankruptcy which allows the debtor to wipe their debt clean, except for a few different areas (like school loans, taxes due and others) and start over. While, this may seem like a dream to many, it sets you back and means you not only have a note on your credit report showing the bankruptcy and your inability to pay any of your bills, but now you have essentially no credit and have to start over as if you were eighteen again.

Regardless of how you choose to handle your credit and your potential borrowing power, it's important to take the time to understand the credit rating and reporting process, not to mention the staying power they both have. Credit ratings, scores and reports are essential to the quality of life and options available to individuals and can have a direct effect on your status or level of success throughout your life. If you are suffering from a poor credit rating and high interest repayments then now is the time to learn improve your credit score Take the time to understand these things and work to set your self up for better financial success. Improve your credit score and get lower interest payments on your loans, click the links below to improve your financial situation today.

          Honest Critiques Only        

Hey guys,

I'm working on a typeface this quarter for a school class and need some critique from you type experts. The name of my typeface is "1800 Something" because it was Inspired by the “Franklin TYPE Foundry - Book of Specimens Edition of 1889”. The goal with this font was to use characteristics of 1800 typefaces and make them relevant again for type nerds alike. Basically i'm looking for any critique but I am specifically concerned with my drop shadow alternates, how can I make the drop shadow less illustrator stroke looking, it feels too blocky.

Thanks for any comments and all your critiques!


          Here, Read This!        

We're totally stoked to hear that one of our favorite graphic novels, Scott Pilgrim, is going to be turned into a film! First thoughts were "Ah, man!" (in a bad way) because we read that they weren't going to animate the film, but then we looked at who was going to play Scott Pilgrim, and our reaction was "Hell yeah!". So who is going to play Scott, Michael Cera!

photo from:

On his website, Bryan Lee O'Malley, creator of Scott Pilgrim, has told everyone not to get too crazy yet because filming hasn't even begun. But to nerds like us, there is much to be excited about! For those of you that aren't familiar with this series of graphic novels, the story revolves around 23 year old Scott Pilgrim, his rock band, roommates, and his relationship with dream girl Ramona Flowers. The series is up to volume 4 now, so go grab your copies and catch up! They're fast reads because they're so entertaining and hilarious. Kinda makes you want to be an irresponsible young adult again. There's a great article/interview for more of the story behind Scott Pilgrim here.

          Lowongan D3/S1 Terbaru PT Barata Indonesia (Persero)        
PT Barata Indonesia (Persero) mengalami beberapa tahapan transformasi sejak berdiri.  Berawal dari cikal bakal Perseroan “NV BRAAT” pada tahun 1924 hingga saat ini telah terjadi perubahan-perubahan yang cukup signifikan namun masih memiliki benang merah bidang usaha  yang menjadi unggulan bagi Perseroan.
PT. Barata Indonesia (Persero) salah satu perusahaan BUMN yang bergerak di bidang Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC), Manufacturing dan Foundry membutuhkan Professional Muda untuk ditempatkan di Kantor Pusat Gresik dan Kantor Cabang (Tegal, Cilegon, Jakarta dan Medan), dengan posisi :

Lowongan D3/S1 Terbaru PT Barata Indonesia (Persero)

- S1 Akuntansi , S1 Manajemen Keuangan atau D3 Perpajakan
- Memahami Flow Proses Keuangan & Akuntansi
- Memahami Penyusunan budget & laporan keuangan
- Diutamakan memiliki pengalaman di bidang akuntansi / keuangan.

2. AUDITOR STAFF – kode Jabatan : AU
- S1 Akuntansi
- Mengerti program database keuangan
- Memahami penyusunan budget & laporan keuangan
- Memahami perpajakan & manajemen keuangan
- Memiliki pengalaman di Kantor Akuntan Publik (KAP) atau memiliki pengalaman sebagai internal auditor minimal 1 tahun
- Memiliki kemampuan analisa yang tinggi & memahami teknik audit

- S1 Public Relation, S1 Manajemen & S1 Ilmu Komunikasi
- Memiliki kemampuan komunikasi & interpersonal skill yang baik
- Percaya diri berpenampilan menarik (good looking & fashionable)
- diutamakan berpengalaman di bidang public relation atau marketing communication
- Menguasai Bahasa Inggris aktif

- D3 Manajemen SDM & D3 Manajemen Umum
- Memiliki pengetahuan tentang sistem dan administrasi HRD
- Aktif kreatif dan memahami area kerja bidang HRD
- Memahami sistem rekrutmen, training & pengembangan SDM
- Memahami Organizational Development
- Memahami undang – undang ketenagakerjaan & Hubungan Industrial
- Diutamakan berpengalaman di administrasi HRD minimal 1 tahun

5. LEGAL STAFF – Kode Jabatan : LG
- S1 hukum
- Mengerti dan memahami undang – undang ketenagakerjaan
- Mengerti dan memahami masalag legalitas dan hubungan iindustrial (khususnya di bidang industri, jasa & konstruksi)
- Mampu membuat opini hukum, draft perjanjian serta review kontrak yang berhubungan dengan bisnis perusahaan
- Menguasai Bahasa Inggris secara lisan maupun tulisan
- Berpengalaman di bidang Legal minimal 1 tahun

Pendaftaran :
Bagi calon peserta yang memenuhi kualifikasi diatas silahkan mendaftar via ONLINE dengan klik link berikut PENDAFTARAN 

Deadline 25 Agustus 2016

Firefighters Bachelor Auction Hits the Stage for a Fabulous Evening

Written & Photographs by Nikki Artale

Las Vegas Firefighters held their 17th Annual Bachelors Auction on June 9, 2017 inside the Foundry at the SLS Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. Proceeds from the Bachelor Auction will support the Firefighters of Southern Nevada Burn Foundation to fund six children’s camps ranging from Camp Beyond the Scars and family camps. A dozen bachelors were representing fire companies from Las Vegas and they were among the fit and handsome men that took part in the auction. 
Capt. Jason Martinez
James Johnson

The evening began with the firefighters giving out a rose and a glass of champagne to each woman that entered the room. Our firefighter Heroes mingled with all the ladies and lots of pictures were taken and the ladies started to single out the men they would be bidding on.

Master of Ceremonies Scotty Allen got the ladies excited when he announced that the Firefighters would go into the audience and give out Kisses, but to the surprise of everyone they handed out chocolate kisses. Everyone loves chocolate.

The night started out with entertainment by Aussie Heat who added more eye candy with their amazing dance moves. They are all super talented and awesome. 
Aussie Heat

The firefighters were paired off with prize packages that included LV show tickets, dinners, helicopter rides, $500 gift certificates, a Five Night trip to Mexico, Golf, spa treatments and much more. Two Firehouse Dinner were auctioned off to six lucky ladies for $7500 each. That will be such an exciting dinner for everyone.

Upon introduction the firefighters put on a show as they came off the stage and mingled in the audience, a la Magic Mike and they tore their shirts off. Guess what………..I got one of the

It was a fabulous night and all the children will benefit by the thousands of dollars they will receive from our “Heroes the firefighters of Las Vegas”

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Sadly no cleaning ladies this week, but we do have a special guest mix from Dirty Demos head honcho & electronic composer/improviser Adam Baker.