Friedrich Kittler's Technosublime        
Bruce Clarke

In the 1970s a number of texts came into English translation bearing titles with a 1-2-3 punch, mixing exemplary authors with generic modes and methodological issues; for instance, Roland Barthes’s Sade, Fourier, Loyola and Image, Music, Text, containing the essays “Diderot, Brecht, Eisenstein” and “Writers, Intellectuals, Teachers,” and Michel Foucault’s Language, Counter-Memory, Practice with the essay “Nietzsche, Genealogy, History.” The title Gramophone, Film, Typewriter, a cognate translation of the German, echoes these theoretical signatures. Matt Kirschenbaum tries his hand at this with “Media, Geneology, History,” his review of Bolter and Grusin

In Gramophone, Film, Typewriter Kittler contrasts the restriction of Foucault’s discourse theory to textual archives with his own wider media band, in which phonographic and cinematic data streams decenter the channel of literary writing. But his commentators agree that Kittler’s “media discourse theory” follows from Foucault as the prime member of the triumvirate Foucault, Lacan, Derrida. Lacan runs a close second. Kittler writes: “Lacan was the first (and last) writer whose book titles only described positions in the media system. The writings were called Writings, the seminars, Seminar, the radio interview, Radiophonie, and the TV broadcast, Television ” (170). Gramophone, Film, Typewriter partakes of this same postsymbolic media literalism.

I write about Kittler from the standpoint of a scholar of British and American literature who dropped from the tree of Columbia’s core humanities curriculum to the seed-bed of canonical romanticism and modernism and the theory culture of the 1970s and 1980s, then passed through the forcing house of literature and science in the 1990s, to arrive at the threshold of contemporary media studies. In the process I seem to have become posthuman, but Kittler’s work reassures me that I had no choice in the matter: “media determine our situation” (xxxix). Kittler parlays high poststructuralism into a historical media theory that humbles the subject of humanistic hermeneutics by interpellation into the discrete material channels of communication. Media studies bids to become a hegemonic site within the new academic order of a wired culture. For Kittler, media determine our posthumanity and have been doing so in technological earnest at least since the phonograph broke the storage monopoly of writing.

As a kind of media theory of History, a requiem and good-riddance for the era of so-called Man, Gramophone, Film, Typewriter transmits the tenor of its own historical moment. The German edition appeared in 1986, the year after the opening of MIT’s Media Lab and the release of Talking Heads’ post-hermeneutic concert film and album Stop Making Sense. Other resonant events in American culture include the publication of William Gibson’s Neuromancer (1984), Donna Haraway’s Manifesto for Cyborgs (1985), and Octavia Butler’s Xenogenesis trilogy (1987-89). Memories and premonitions of mushroom clouds loomed over these three speculative and/or scholarly scenarios published during the final decade of the Cold War; each text imagines the form of a posthuman or post-nuclear world. Gramophone, Film, Typewriter posits its posthumanity on the premise that the Strategic Defense Initiative has already set off the fireworks, that the future is always already a prequel to Star Wars. The text begins with the observation that optical fiber networks are “immune…to the bomb. As is well known, nuclear blasts send an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) through the usual copper cables, which would infect all connected computers” (1), and the book ends with before-and-after photos of Hiroshima (262).

Many of Kittler’s sublime effects result from a kind of hyperbolic digitality, i.e., all-or-nothing assertions pressing seemingly local instances into global histories. For instance, Kittler is fond of audacious chronologies that parody the popular media’s demand for appearances of journalistic exactitude: “around 1880 poetry turned into literature” (14), or “around 1900, love’s wholeness disintegrates into the partial objects of particular drives” (70). One thinks of Virginia Woolf’s famous dictum: “in or about December, 1910, human character changed,” and, thanks to Kittler, perhaps now we know why. A related rhetorical scheme mediating the grand transformations of modernism is the from/to formation: “literature defects from erotics to stochastics, from red lips to white noise” (51), or as combined with an audacious chronology: “from imagination to data processing, from the arts to the particulars of information technology and physiology - that is the historic shift of 1900” (73). Again, and as the volume is coming to a conclusion with the arrival of Turing’s universal computer, “the hypothetical determinism of a Laplacian universe, with its humanist loopholes (1795), was replaced by the factual predictability of finite-state machines” (245).

Kittler wrote Gramophone, Film, Typewriter just as chaos theory was arriving to throw a wrench into such stark digital determinism, precisely through the operational finitude as well as non-linear iterations of “finite-state machines.” As John von Neumann pointed out in 1948 in “The General and Logical Theory of Automata,” digital computers could produce perfect results, “as long as the operation of each component produced only fluctuations within its preassigned tolerance limits” (294). But, von Neumann continued, even so, computational error is reintroduced by the lack of the infinite digits necessary to carry out all calculations with perfect precision. Kittler melodramatizes Turing’s work, it seems to me, because he is captivated by the towering image of an informatic colossus.

Such an all-determining and inescapable imago of media induces a productive critical paranoia. The media are always already watching us, putting their needles into our veins: “humans change their position - they turn from the agency of writing to become an inscription surface” (210). Neuromancer ‘s Wintermute is everywhere, or as Kittler phrases it, “data flows…are disappearing into black holes and…bidding us farewell on their way to nameless high commands” (xxxix). At the same time, he enables one to see the particular and pandemic pathologies of modern paranoia precisely as psychic effects driven by the panoptic reach of media technologies in their surveillance and punishment modes. Not for nothing is the apocalypse according to Schreber’s Memoirs a prophetic book of prominent proportions in Kittler’s media cosmos.

In Gramophone, Film, Typewriter the objects of science are subsumed into the will-to-power of media technology. By way of contrast, despite his coinage of “technoscience” to underscore the sociological inextricability of the two, Bruno Latour sorts science and technology into separate treatments and preserves their disciplinary and epistemological distinctions. Yet one should not see Kittler falling under Latour’s blanket indictment of (Baudrillardian) postmodernism: “Instead of moving on to empirical studies of the networks that give meaning to the work of purification it denounces, postmodernism rejects all empirical work as illusory and deceptively scientistic” (Latour 46). Kittler busts open the realm of the real to examine the nonsymbolic and nonimaginary residues of communication technology, all that which cannot be posted: “Bodies themselves generate noise. And the impossible real transpires” (Kittler 46). Where Latour finds the proliferating quasi-objects of mediation, Kittler finds the literal networks of communications media.

For the most part Kittler elides the history of physics concurrent with his media history - the cross-over from late-classical determinism to statistical mechanics, from thermodynamic entropy to information entropy. On the one hand, he scants the ether and the electromagnetic field theories which made possible many developments from analog to digital processing, and from pre-electrical storage technology (photography, phonography) to broadcast transmission (radio, television), electronic storage and manipulation (tape deck, video camera), and digital computation (microprocessor, fiber optic cable) technologies. But on the other hand, that lacuna has opened the door for major efforts among Kittler’s German and American scholarly associates, including the editors of Stanford’s Writing Science series, who have both midwived Kittler’s delivery into North American discourse and paralleled Kittler’s media emphasis with research projects that bring to science studies a thoroughgoing “materiality of communication.”

“Once the technological differentiation of optics, acoustics, and writing exploded Gutenberg’s writing monopoly around 1880, the fabrication of so-called Man became possible” (16). I take it that the “fabrication” in question here is not the discursive construction of the humanist subject but the simulation of its spiritual activities by media devices. One notes Kittler’s detour around physics in the continuation of this passage: so-called Man’s “essence escapes into apparatuses…. And with this differentiation - and not with steam engines and railroads - a clear division occurs between matter and information, the real and the symbolic” (16). Missing from this formulation is the mode of energy, which would correspond by structural default to the Lacanian register of the imaginary. Indeed, Kittler runs up against numerous phantasmagorias of energy, but elides them by metonymic reification in media receivers and inscription devices.

The phantasmagorias of energy I have in mind are those that emanated from the nineteenth-century wave theories connecting the physics of optics and acoustics through an analogy between vibratory media - the air and the luminiferous ether. As sanctioned by the first law of thermodynamics, i.e., the conservation and interconvertibility of energy, the optical imaginary of ether waves is easily displaced to sound waves propagated through the air. We see this concatenation and transposition of physical and technological media in a delightful short story by Salomo Friedlaender, “Goethe Speaks into the Phonograph” (1916), which Kittler republishes in its entirety.

Friedlaender’s comic narrator unveils the thoughts of Professor Abnossah Pschorr, Edisonian inventor-extraordinaire of media gadgetry: “When Goethe spoke, his voice produced vibrations…. These vibrations encounter obstacles and are reflected, resulting in a to and fro which becomes weaker in the passage of time but which does not actually cease” (60). Pschorr extends to the air trapped in Goethe’s study a hypothetical characteristic much discussed in the late nineteenth-century popularization of the ether, its cosmic storage capacity. For instance, in 1875 British thermodynamicists Balfour Stewart and P. G. Tait wrote that the luminiferous ether

may only be an arrangement in virtue of which our universe keeps up a memory of the past at the expense of the present…. A picture of the sun may be said to be travelling through space with an inconceivable velocity, and, in fact, continual photographs of all occurrences are thus produced and retained. A large portion of the energy of the universe may thus be said to be invested in such pictures (156).

While rehearsing the same imaginary accessing of physical (as opposed to technological) media archives, Kittler leaves unmentioned the contemporary vogue connecting the spirits of the dead to the storage and transmission capacities of the luminiferous ether. Kittler cites from another (unnamed) Friedlaender story the assertion that “all the waves of all bygone events are still oscillating in space…. All that happens falls into accidental, unintentional receivers. It is stored, photographed, and phonographed by nature itself,” and comments, “Loyally and deliriously, Friedlaender’s philosophy follows in the wake of media technology” (77). But it also follows from prior scientistic anticipations of new storage capacities projected onto the ether medium. In an 1884 discussion of ether as a surface that forms at the interface of the third and fourth dimensions of space, hyperspace theorist Charles Howard Hinton completed this technoscientific circuit by conceiving the ether medium itself as a cosmic phonograph:

For suppose the æther, instead of being perfectly smooth, to be corrugated, and to have all manner of definite marks and furrows. Then the earth, coming in its course round the sun on this corrugated surface would behave exactly like the phonograph behaves. In the case of the phonograph the indented metal sheet is moved past the metal point attached to the membrane. In the case of the earth it is the indented æther which remains still while the material earth slips along it. Corresponding to each of the marks in the æther there would be a movement of matter, and the consistency and laws of the movements of matter would depend on the predetermined disposition of the furrows and indentations of the solid surface along which it slips (196-97).

My point is that the multiplicity of the concept of “media” extends beyond its particular technological instantiations to include both scientific and spiritualistic registers. A history of media could concern itself as well with the luminiferous ether and the Anima Mundi, the subtle fluids and strange angels that intermingled with the departed souls and trick shots of phonography and cinema; but for the most part, Kittler displaces this business to premodernist media:

the invention of the Morse alphabet in 1837 was promptly followed by the tapping specters of spiritistic seances sending their messages from the realm of the dead. Promptly as well, photographic plates - even and especially those taken with the camera shutter closed - furnished reproductions of ghosts or specters (12).

The telegraph and daguerreotype remain outside Gramophone, Film, Typewriter’s primary historical field. Even here, however, the Kittler effect opens up research corridors by insisting on the material basis, and thus empirical examinability, of the media that mediate the cultural imaginary: “The realm of the dead is as extensive as the storage and transmission capabilities of a given culture” (13).

Beyond that I have nothing but admiration for this volume. Kittler’s fundamental derivation of Lacan’s real, imaginary, and symbolic from the data channels of phonograph, cinema, and typewriter is an astonishing theoretical event. It offers a comprehensive reading of psychoanalysis into technoscience that grows more convincing the more one gets acclimated to Kittler’s methods of channel processing across the cybernetic bridge from the nervous system and its “psychic apparatus” to the Aufschreibesysteme of his media discourse networks. In this reading, the hallucinatory powers and spiritual effects of literature derived from a storage-and-transmission monopoly that could only funnel and traduce the real and the imaginary into the narrow band of the symbolic. As the translators remark in their excellent Introduction: “in short, people were programmed to operate upon media in ways that enabled them to elide the materialities of communication” (xxii). It is both exhilarating and disquieting to submit to Kittler’s deprogramming. But the institutional regimes that sustained the privileges of literary discourse networks (and of us who still inhabit them) are increasingly caught up in the media transformations Kittler describes. The daemonic angel of our history is being driven by the electronic differentiation and digital reintegration of data flows.

At another level, Kittler passes on a wealth of useful engineering expertise: matters of time-axis manipulation from Edison to Jimi Hendrix; the historical mathematics of music and sound: “Overtones are frequencies…. Intervals and chords, by contrast, were ratios” (24); the non-negligible difference between a phonograph and a gramophone (the latter is restricted to playback, the former also records); the physical differences between acoustic and optical waves, such that “cuts stood at the beginning of visual data processing but entered acoustic data processing only at the end” (117-18); the reasons why the first mass-produced typewriters were developed for blind people by arms manufacturers; the pervasive loops between warfare and media, e.g., the revolving cylinder that unites typewriters, film-projectors, and machine-guns, and the collusion of the piano, the typewriter, and Turing’s universal computer; the enigmas of the Enigma machine.

And then, in the midst of this media mayhem, a canny persuasion - a literary core of archival gems. In addition to valuable translations of Friedlaender’s “Goethe Speaks into the Phonograph” and “Fata Morgana Machine” (which limns the eversion of virtual reality eighty years before Marcos Novak), this volume also contains complete texts of Jean-Marie Guyau’s “Memory and Phonograph” (1880); Rilke’s amazing meditation on the phonograph, “Primal Sound” (1919); Maurice Renard’s audio phantasms in “Death and the Shell” (1907); the sonnet “ ‘Radio Wave,’ which the factory carpenter Karl August Düppengiesser of Stolberg submitted to Radio Cologne in 1928”; Richard A. Bermann’s spoof of the sex war between male poets and female typists “Lyre and Typewriter” (1913); and Carl Schmitt’s facetious but telling “world history of inscription,” “The Buribunks: A Historico-Philosophical Meditation” (1918).

In sum, ranging over literature, music and opera from Wagner to acid rock, philosophy, cinema, psychoanalysis classical and structural, history, mathematics, communications technology, and computer science, Kittler’s broadband scholarly panoptics afford a sublime techno-discursive vista, and in particular a point of lucid observation on the ongoing relativization of literary production. Kittler transposes Kant’s mathematical sublime into the mechanical transcendence of communications technology over individual subjects, displacing human psychology into machine being, setting off repeated implosions by which so-called Man is apocalypsed into infinite media loops. His high-prophetic meld of Lacan’s laconism and Zarathustra’s hammer facilitates a neuromantic network of discursive intensities. Under the conditions of technological mediation, however, theory remains viable, or inevitable. Ineluctably funneled through the “bottleneck of the signifier” (4) but pieced out with a tremendous portfolio of period graphics, Kittler’s illuminated writings operate a machine aesthetic tooled to the posthumanist discursivities of his intellectual heroes, but going beyond them to place the stylus of technology on the groove of inscripted bodies.


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          Nuclear bombs trigger a strange effect that can fry your electronics — here's how it works        

electromagnetic pulse emp nuclear bomb blast electricity shutterstock_157626572

  • Nuclear blasts trigger an effect called electromagnetic pulse, or EMP.
  • EMP can disrupt or even destroy electronics from miles away.
  • Blasts miles above a country like the US might severely damage its electric and telecommunications infrastructure.

A nuclear detonation creates plenty of terrifying effects, including a blinding (and burning) flash of light, a building-toppling blast wave, an incendiary fireball, and radioactive fallout that can drift for hundreds of miles.

But there's a lesser-known consequence of a nuclear explosion that can drastically expand its damage zone: an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP.

EMPs are rapid, invisible bursts of electromagnetic energy. They occur in nature, most frequently during lightning strikes, and can disrupt or destroy nearby electronics. However, nuclear EMPs can cover an entire continent and cripple tiny circuits inside modern electronics on a massive scale. The power grid, phone and internet lines, and other infrastructure that uses metal is also prone to effects that resemble those of a devastating geomagnetic storm.

Savvy readers called this to our attention after we published expert advice on why you should never get in a car after a nuclear bomb is detonated. Brooke Buddemeier, a radiation expert at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, suggested sheltering deep within a building instead, and tuning in to a radio for instructions.

But a reader named Taylor K. pointed out that "radios, computers, anything that use[s] electrical transmission to power itself will be effectively neutralized" by the bomb's EMP.

He's correct — but fortunately only in certain situations.

How electromagnetic pulse works

Nuclear explosions don't make EMPs directly; the effect requires a couple of key ingredients.

The first is a nuke's invisible burst of gamma rays, a form of light typically emitted by the "hottest and most energetic objects in the universe," according to NASA. A small fraction of a bomb's energetic yield — between 0.1% and 0.5% — is emitted as gamma rays. These slam into air molecules, knock off electrons, and accelerate the negatively charged particles to about 90% of the speed of light.

Earth's magnetic field then shuttles many of these high-speed electrons toward the planet's poles in a corkscrew-like pattern. The electrons respond to this movement by letting off their newly acquired energy as a powerful soup of electromagnetic radiation, including radio waves.

This is a nuclear electromagnetic pulse. It happens within a fraction of a microsecond, and the surge of energy can overload or "shock" sensitive electronic devices — especially the kinds we heavily rely on today.

nuclear bomb"[T]he radiation can be collected by metallic and other conductors at a distance, just as radio waves are picked up by antennas," according to an unclassified 1977 report from the Department of Defense and Department of Energy. "The energy from the EMP is received in such a very short time, however, that it produces a strong electric current which could damage the equipment. An equal amount of energy spread over a long period of time, as in conventional radio reception, would have no harmful effect."

When EMP passes through metal objects like a phone, computer, or radio, they can "catch" this incredibly powerful pulse. This can generate a rogue current of electricity that moves through a modern device's tiny circuits and can disrupt or even destroy them. Power transmission or telecommunications equipment, meanwhile, can overload from the excess current, spark, and fail for miles around.

If you've ever turned on a microwave oven and noticed your phone's Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection momentarily drop out, you've experienced disruptive electromagnetic waves — and had a very small taste of what could happen with an EMP.

The intensity of a nuclear detonation's EMP is about 30,000 to 50,000 volts per meter — thousands of times greater than the one your microwave bleeds off.

Fortunately, not all nuclear blasts are created equal when it comes to EMP.

Why altitude is everything

Nuclear detonations that occur dozens or hundreds of miles above Earth could have devastating consequences compared to those that happen on the ground.

At a high elevation, gamma rays can more easily spread out, hitting many upper-atmosphere air molecules over a large area at once. The low density of air allows electrons to move more freely and maximize the intensity of an EMP.

In fact, a 2008 report by the EMP Commission suggests that the right nuclear device detonated at the right altitude could bathe the entire continental US in EMP, disrupting telecommunications and power grid infrastructure to "catastrophic" effect.

But if an explosion were to occur closer to the ground, many of the gamma rays would slam into the earth. Those rays would have a harder time creating a large electric field that could generate widespread EMP. And the greater density of air wouldn't help, either.

nuclear weapon bomb attack city buildings illustration shutterstock_632270807The US government actively plans for 15 disaster scenarios, one of which is a terrorist-caused nuclear detonation that occurs close to the ground with a yield of about 10 kilotons — roughly 66% as powerful as the Hiroshima blast.

This setup is the one we discussed with Buddemeier, and in that case he says the nuclear blast itself would give you a lot more to worry about than bricked electronics or power loss.

"[T]here would be some localized EMP effects," he told Business Insider in an email, "but if you were close enough for you equipment to be damaged by EMP (within a couple miles), then you are also close enough to be significantly impacted by the blast wave."

nuclear blast zone damage 10 kiloton ground blast llnlPut another way, you may not survive inside this zone, which can stretch a couple of miles in diameter. And if you did, you'd have to worry about climbing out of rubble before checking to see whether your radio still worked.

It's more likely, Buddemeier says, that within about 5 miles of the blast "you may have a disruptive impact, which doesn’t 'fry' your equipment, but can cause 'latch-up' (e.g., like the endless spinning hourglass on your phone) until restarted."

There are hundreds of variables that determine whether or not an EMP affects electronics, Buddemeier says, including "the size and orientation of your device, the structure of the building you are in, plug-in or battery, if it is behind a surge protector," and so on.

Because many radios have simpler, less sensitive circuitry than a phone, they're likely to be a first line of information after a ground blast.

"There is a good chance that there will be plenty of functioning radios even within a few miles of the event and that radio transmission towers outside of the impacted area will still be able to send information on the safest strategy to keep you and your family safe," Buddemeier says.

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          EMP = Instant Blackout        
As Director of the U.S. Task Force on National and Homeland Security, Dr. Peter Pry warns an electromagnetic pulse could fry the grid. In the following year, 90% of the population dies. What we can do. Then Elisabeth Rataj on mental health impacts  …
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Can't work out if this is just hype scaremongering or a practical proposition worthy of consideration.
          11 Facts the Media is not telling you about the Korean Conflict (1 reply)        
1.) How North Korea could kill 90 percent of Americans
By TheHill

The mainstream media, and some officials who should know better, continue to allege North Korea does not yet have capability to deliver on its repeated threats to strike the U.S. with nuclear weapons.
False reassurance is given to the American people that North Korea has not “demonstrated” that it can miniaturize a nuclear warhead small enough for missile delivery, or build a reentry vehicle for an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) capable of penetrating the atmosphere to blast a U.S. city.

Yet any nation that has built nuclear weapons and long-range missiles, as North Korea has done, can easily overcome the relatively much simpler technological challenge of warhead miniaturization and reentry vehicle design.

Indeed, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un has been photographed posing with what appears to be a genuine miniaturized nuclear warhead for ballistic missiles. And North Korea does, in fact, have two classes of ICBMs—the road mobile KN-08 and KN-14—which both appear to be equipped with sophisticated reentry vehicles.

The Defense Department assesses that on January 6, 2016, North Korea may have tested components of an H-Bomb. H-Bombs are much more powerful than A-Bombs and can produce much greater casualties—millions of casualties in a big city like New York.

Eight years ago, in 2008, the CIA's top East Asia analyst publicly stated North Korea successfully miniaturized nuclear warheads for delivery on its Nodong medium-range missile. The Nodong is able to strike South Korea and Japan or, if launched off a freighter, even the United States.

In 2011, the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Lt. General Ronald Burgess, testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee that North Korea has weaponized its nuclear devices into warheads for arming ballistic missiles.

In February and March of 2015, former senior national security officials of the Reagan and Clinton administrations warned that North Korea should be regarded as capable of delivering by satellite a small nuclear warhead, specially designed to make a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack against the United States. According to the Congressional EMP Commission, a single warhead delivered by North Korean satellite could blackout the national electric grid and other life-sustaining critical infrastructures for over a year—killing 9 of 10 Americans by starvation and societal collapse.

Two North Korean satellites, the KMS-3 and KMS-4, presently orbit over the U.S. on trajectories consistent with surprise EMP attack.

On April 7, 2015, at a Pentagon press conference, Admiral William Gortney, then Commander of North American Aerospace Defense (NORAD), responsible for protecting the U.S. from long-range missiles, warned that the intelligence community assesses North Korea's KN-08 mobile ICBM could strike the U.S. with a nuclear warhead.

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HELLO. Please read this….

While many say calling D.C. does no good, we have to assume that if we all call—and encourage many others to do so—then there could be enough of a groundswell to make Washington think and avoid a war with North Korea.

I urge everyone, at least this one time, to immediately call the White House at 202-456-1414 [follow the prompts, to get to public comment, which is briefly taken by a live attendant, but no name or address is asked of you].

Also call the capitol switchboard, 202-224-3121, and 202-225-3121, to ask for any senator and House member by name. And it does not hurt to call legislators’ district offices, too.

We must not allow another catastrophic war to occur. Russia is moving warships into the region. This cannot be stressed too greatly. Make the calls. Letters, faxes and emails are OK, too, but please call first—right away, at least on this issue.

Do this for the kids and grandkids, and call your local newspaper and raise hell, too, if you want to put some icing on the cake.

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North Korea’s Space Launch EMP Threat F. Michael Maloof Book: A Nation Forsaken: EMP: The Escalating Threat of an American Catastrophe F. Michael Maloof is a staff writer for WND and G2Bulletin, is a former senior security policy analyst in the office of the secretary of defense. Space launch vehicle' could put kill electric grid, devastate nation WASHINGTON - U.S. officials quietly are expressing concern that North Korea could use its "space launch vehicle" to explode a high-altitude nuclear device over the United States, creating an electromagnetic pulse that would destroy major portions of the U.S. electrical grid system as well as the nation's critical infrastructures. The concern is so great that U.S. officials who watch North Korea closely are continually monitoring the status of the North Korean "space launch vehicle," whose status could suggest a pre-emptive nuclear strike against the United States. They are aware of the three-stage missile North Korea launched last December that also orbited a "package," which experts say could be a test to orbit a nuclear weapon that then would be deorbited on command anywhere over the U.S. and exploded at a high altitude, creating an EMP effect. “Remember we do not 100% agree with everything our guests, say, do, or believe. It is up to you to pray and sort it out!” Another do not Miss End-Time Radio program as “We are Warning the World as it HAPPENS!” Please visit also please visit
          A Nation Forsaken EMP: The Escalating Threat of an American Catastrophe        
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A Nation Forsaken EMP: The Escalating Threat of an American Catastrophe F. Michael Maloof The United States is more vulnerable than ever to an EMP attack that could shut down the country overnight, resulting in tens of millions of deaths and a 19th-century lifestyle for Americans for the foreseeable future, says a new book, "A Nation Forsaken," written by a long-time national security expert. Even worse, the threat doesn't just come from terrorists, but from unpreventable solar activity -- and a new peak period is on the way, threatening the economic and national security of the entire country, writes F. Michael Maloof. Although presidential candidates such as Newt Gingrich and congressmen such as Roscoe Bartlett have warned for years about the danger posed by an EMP, the government is ignoring simple, inexpensive steps that could safeguard critical infrastructure from an attack. Incredibly, even while the idea of an EMP has entered the public consciousness through pop culture events like NBC's new show "Revolution," the federal government is ignoring its own reports and not taking it seriously. The reality of a potentially devastating electromagnetic pulse event is brought home by Maloof in "A Nation Forsaken." He reveals the nature of the EMP threat, describing how a nuclear detonation in low orbit creates an electromagnetic pulse that can disable all electronics throughout the entire country. The result would be a complete breakdown of the delivery and distribution of food, medicine and other essential supplies. The author also describes the plausibility of such an attack, noting that several nations already have the means and motivation to use such weapons. Even more terrifying, Maloof describes how a "natural" EMP caused by solar flares is becoming ever more likely -- with increased likelihood in the first quarter of 2013. Maloof exposes the self-interested actions of the energy industry in preventing simple reforms that could potentially save millions of lives. Most importantly, Maloof provides a practical guide for how individuals and families can prepare for the day when the lights go out for good. F. Michael Maloof, is a former senior security policy analyst in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. He has almost 30 years of federal service in the U.S. Defense Department and as a specialized trainer for border guards and Special Forces in select countries of the Caucasus and Central Asia. While with the Department of Defense, he was director of technology security operations as head of a 10-person team involved in halting the diversion of militarily critical technologies to countries of national security involved in sponsoring terrorism. His office was the liaison to the intelligence and enforcement community within the Office of the Secretary of Defense Following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the United States, he was detailed back to report directly to the undersecretary of defense for policy to prepare analysis of worldwide terrorist networks, determine their linkages worldwide and their relationship to state sponsors. Another do not Miss End-Time Radio program as “We are Warning the World as it HAPPENS!” Please visit also visit
          NEED FOR SPEED RIVALS [PC]        
Erase the line between single player and multiplayer in this street-racing rivalry between Cops and Racers. Seamlessly join a world where your friends are already racing and chasing.

Erase the line between single player and multiplayer in this street-racing rivalry between Cops and Racers. Seamlessly join a world where your friends are already racing and chasing. Forget isolated game modes. There are no lobbies; no waiting. You and your friends can all share the same race as paths cross and experiences merge.
• All-drive: Imagine your race and your friend’s pursuit colliding—creating a world where no two events feel the same. Don’t want to play with others? Then simply choose to make Redview County yours alone and dominate the advanced Racer and Cop AI.
• High-stakes rivalry: Racers are lone wolves out for glory; driving agile cars built for high-speed racing and epic chases. Cops work in teams to hunt down and bust racers using the full power of the police force. Switch roles whenever you like, and watch the stakes grow through a new scoring system that puts your speed points on the line.
• Next-gen racing: Experience speed that you can truly feel in the fastest racing game around, powered by the Frostbite 3 engine. Every detail of the game world is rendered in stunning, high-definition graphics. Race and chase in snow, hail, rain, dust storms and heavy fog.
• Your car, your identity: Personalize your cars with performance and style modifications. Power up your car with the latest upgrades in pursuit technology and personalize your bodywork with fresh paint jobs, liveries, custom license plates, rims and decals to show off your car to the world.
• Pursuit and evasion tech: Use the latest pursuit tech and modifications to change your pursuit or escape strategy on the fly. Racers evade Cops using turbo bursts, jammers and electromagnetic pulses. Cops will be armed for aggressive busts, deploying shockwaves, spikestrips and calling in police roadblocks or helicopter support.
Genre: Racing
Release Date: 22 November 2013
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Ghost Games
Supported Languages: Deutsch, English (US), Español (ES), Français (France), Italiano, Nederlands, Português (Brasil)
Need For Speed Rivals-RELOADED

Minimum System Requirements:

OS: Windows Vista (Service Pack 2) 32-Bit
Processor: Intel 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo or AMD 2.8 GHz Athlon X2
Memory: 4 GB
Hard Drive: 30 GB
Graphics Card (AMD): AMD Radeon 3870 512 MB or higher performance
Graphics Card (NVIDIA): NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT or higher performance
Graphics Card (Intel): Intel HD 4000 Integrated 512 MB or higher performance
Sound card: DirectX 10.1 compatible
Online Connection: 512 KBPS or faster
Keyboard and Mouse

Recommended System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 (Service Pack 2)
Processor: Intel Quad-Core CPU or AMD Six Core CPU
Memory: 8 GB
Hard Drive: 30 GB
Graphics Card(AMD): AMD Radeon 7870 3GB or higher performance
Graphics Card(NVIDIA): NVIDIA GeForce GT660 3GB or higher performance
Sound Card: DirectX 11 compatible
Keyboard and Mouse 

Need For Speed Rivals RELOADED
Need For Speed Rivals RELOADED
Need For Speed Rivals RELOADED
Need For Speed Rivals RELOADED
Need For Speed Rivals RELOADED
Need For Speed Rivals RELOADED


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      3. Install the game.                                                      
      4. Copy over the cracked content from the /Crack directory on the image to
         your game <install> directory.                          
      5. Play the game.                                                        
      6. Support the software developers. If you like this game, BUY IT!

          "Black Sky Event": The American Government is preparing for widespread power outages across country        

Federal government agencies are preparing for the possibility of “widespread power outages” across the U.S. as a result of a “black sky” event that could “bring society to its knees”.

An exercise sponsored by FEMA and the U.S. Department of Energy set to take place on August 23 called EarthEX2017 will wargame responses to catastrophes such as mega earthquakes, cyber terrorism or high altitude electromagnetic pulse attacks.

The exercise will simulate a “subcontinent-scale, long duration power outage, with cascading failures of all other infrastructures,” according to the official Earth Ex website.

          EPISODE184 - Electromagnetic Pulse        

AJ reviews two Springfields, Paul learns to drift and an AR manufacturer is closing the doors.. plus MORE MORE MORE!

Show Notes / Links:

                        REVIEW FILM (+NOVEL) : THE 5TH WAVE (MOVIE VS BOOK)        
              Assalamualaikum Wavers :)

              Mamamia Lezatos!

              Postingan kali ini gue akan ngebahas dan ngereview salah satu film yang (again) bertemakan dystopian-apocalyptic yong adult yang emang sekarang lagi laku di pasaran. Yep! The 5th Wave yang merupakan salah satu buku yang ditulis Rick Yancey ini memberi para pembaca satu dunia dimana Bumi perlahan mulai diambil alih sama alien.

              Here we go~

               "We're not rescued dumb-ass, we got drafted" - Ringer

              Sinopsis :
              Cerita dibuka dengan Cassie Sullivan (Chloe Grace Moretz) yang lagi lari-lari di hutan sambil membawa senapan, dan tiba di supermarket yang udah kosong untuk mengambil beberapa makanan, tiba-tiba mendengar suara minta tolong dari seorang pria. Cassie dan pria tentara yang lagi sekarat itu sama-sama menodongkan pistol satu sama lain. Cassie curiga sama tentara sekarat itu karena salah satu tangannya berada di balik bajunya. Dan guess what? Cassie lebih dulu menembak tentara sekarat tersebut.
              OKE, that wasn't a spoiler ya karena itu salah satu clip yang emang dipake buat promosi sebelum film ini tayang.
              Cassie tadinya cuma cewek SMA biasa aja, punya adik kecil gemesin namanya Sammy Sullivan (Zackhary Arthur), sahabat terbaiknya Lizbeth Altschuler, dan gebetan gantengya Benjamin Thomas Parish (Nick J. Robinson). Hidupnya, dan hidup seluruh umat manusia di muka bumi mendadak berubah 180 derajat ketika The Others datang ke Bumi. Mulai terjadi keanehan-keanehan yang melumpuhkan ruang gerak manusia secara bertahap atau ada gelombangnya. Nah, 5th wave ini artinya gelombang ke-5. Terus apa dong gelombang ke-1 sampe ke-4 nya?

              First Wave - Gelombang Pertama
              "The Others hit us with the electromagnetic pulse that killed all the power of the planet" yep, mereka mematikan ruang gerak manusia dengan serangan elektromagnetik yang dampaknya akan mematikan seluruh alat dan mesin yang dialiri arus listrik.
              Mesin pesawat mati, kebayang?

              Second Wave - Gelombang Kedua
              Terjadi bencana gempa bumi dimana-mana, membuat banyak kerusakan yang (again) semakin mempersempit ruang gerak manusia.
              Third Wave - Gelombang Ketiga
              "In Ohio, we only had the lake to worry about. But by the ocean? I can only imagine" Bencana alam buatan The Others selanjutnya yaitu Tsunami. 

              Fourth Wave -Gelombang Keempat
              "There are over 300 billion birds in the world, that's 75 birds in every person" Selanjutnya The Others menyerang Bumi lewat serangan virus flu burung yang udah dimodifikasi sehingga penyebarannya sulit dicegah, salah satu virus mematikan yang semakin mengurangi populasi manusia di Bumi.

              Gelombang keempat ini sedih guys, karena (maaf, spoiler) korbannya yaitu Lizbeth sama Mamanya Cassie ;( Setelah kepergian ibunya, Cassie sekeluarga berniat untuk pergi ke Kamp Pengungsian yang menampung warga yang masih bertahan. Kamp ini dipimpin sama seorang leader mantan tentara namanya Hutchfield.

              Nah, disini nih mulai banyak yang beda sama bukunya. Tapi itu nanti gue bahas belakangan biar ngga spoiler-spoiler amat buat yang belum nonton.

              Setelah beberapa hari berada di Kamp Pengungsian, tiba-tiba aja datang mobil tentara yang gue ngga tau namanya apa, pokoknya yang suka dipake tentara kalo perang deh hahaha, dan beberapa bis sekolah kuning mencrang. Pasuka ini dipimpin oleh seseorang yang namanya kolonel Vosch, penuh cita rasa jerman~
              Liev Schreiber sebagai pemeran kolonel Vosch

              Jadi ceritanya, mereka ini datang dari pangkalan militer setempat yaitu Wright-Patterson, untuk mengidentifikasi adanya The Others yang ternyata berwujud sama seperti manusia yang berkeliaran bebas. Warga pengungsian panik, dan kolonel Vosch bilang keselamatan anak-anak diutamakan. So, para tentara ini memboyong anak-anak pengungsian untuk pergi naik bus sekolah yang kuning mencrang itu.

              Disinilah Cassie sm adiknya yang gemesin itu, kepisah.......

              Ketinggalan bis gara-gara boneka beruang, duh Cassie
              OK sis lanjut. Scene berganti ke Pangkalan Militer Wright-Patterson dimana kita bisa ketemu lagi sama si ganteng Ben Parish yang ternyata masih hidup!

              Ternyata di Wright Patterson, anak-anak ini wajib ikut pelatihan militer dengan maksud memburu The Others yang berkeliaran? Anak-anak ini dipasangin semacem alat pendeteksi gitu di leher belakangnya, ngiluuuuu~

              Lho kenapa kudu anak-anak? Di Korea aja wajib militer umur 21 tahun tuh, si Siwon Super Junior aja sampe cuti hahahaha :D

              STOP buat kalian yang belum nonton! Karena makin ke bawah ini makin spoiler, kecuali kalo emang penasaran banget ya mangga ~
              Trailer :

              Jadi, sebenernya yang dimaksud The Others adalah orang-orang di Wright-Patterson ini guys. Tujuannya ngambil anak-anak untuk di-militerisasi karena anak-anak kan polos, gampang dicuci otaknya, dan pemikirannya ga akan sekompleks orang dewasa jadi enak dikibulin gitudeh. Nah maksud mereka memburu The Others yang masih berkeliaran, itu artinya memburu manusia terakhir yang masih bertahan. Jadi semacem diputer-balikin fakta gitu.
              Nah sekarang kita bahas nih perbedaan antara buku sama film the 5th wave ini, yuk!
              1. Pemeran Reznik harusnya cowok (di buku), bukan cewek (di film)
              2. Peran Dr. Pam, dihilangkan.
              3. Ben seharusnya diambil paksa dan sekarat pas dateng ke Wright Patterson (di buku)
              4. Ben ngga kenal sama Cassie, sama sekali (di buku), bukannya "Hei Ben, casing HPmu bagus" (film)
              5. Cassie kepisah sama Sammy bukan gara-gara ngambilin boneka beruang (film), tp karena keputusan Cassie dan bapaknya (buku)
              6. di Film, drone tampak hanya sekali sedangkan di buku, drone berkeliaran dimana-mana
              7. Adegan "ehem" kissing si Evan sama Cassie itu di rumah (buku), bukan di mobil tengah hutan (film)
              8. Ada adegan Cassie potong rambut di buku, tapi di film dihilangkan.
              9. Ringer dipindah ke Squad 53 pimpinan Ben karena masalah kedisiplinan (film), tapi karena alasan Squad 53 lemah dan butuh pimpinan baru (buku)
              10. Salah satu anggota Squad 53 ada yang mati, gue lupa itu Oompa atau Poundcake (buku), dan ngga ada di filmnya
              Anyway segitu dulu ya, kritik saran boleh di comment. Thankyou :')

                        EPISODE184 - Electromagnetic Pulse        
              AJ reviews two Springfields, Paul learns to drift and an AR manufacturer is closing the doors.. plus MORE MORE MORE!
                        Why Cryptocurrencies Can Never Replace Physical Gold        
              Gold is rare enough to be a true store of value. There’s no danger of it becoming ubiquitous, even if a dozen super-high-grade deposits were discovered tomorrow. If ever the lights go out, due to an electromagnetic pulse, either as an act of war or through a strong solar flare, Bitcoin will vanish instantly. Physical gold, on the other hand, will still be there and ready to use as needed.
                        Franks calls electric grid “completely vulnerable,” urges new protections        
              He concedes that the worst-case scenario is a once-in-100-years event, but Rep. Trent Franks, R-Glendale, said the U.S. still needs to defend against an electromagnetic pulse attack or solar storm that could cripple the nation.
                        Non-Lethal Technology        
              Non-lethal technology has always been a goal of military strategists. It provides the same effect of killing without all the horrible consequences (ethical, tactical, etc.). For example, Joshua's capture of Jericho in the bible is a prime example of non-lethal technology. Now, we have various methods of non-lethal warfare, both anti-personell and anti-material. * Lasers: Used to give the illusion of imminent death * Electromagnetic Pulse Weapons: Disables all electronic equipment in a given radius * A weapon that "turns off" all guns in its vicinity * Insect Sex Pheromones: Attracts all nearby insects to infest a certain enclosure * Netgun: Fires a strong net to disable people or vehicles, also serves as an obstacle * Acoustics: Vibrations caused from sound waves have many devastating effects Read Future War by John B. Alexander for more information
                        Book Reviews        

              FAITH MAGAZINE March-April 2014

              The Church and New Media – Blogging converts, online activists, and Bishops who tweet
              By Brandon Vogt. Our Sunday Visitor, 2011, 224pp paperback. Available from Amazon at £8.95

              Despite the image of a professor pope who would prefer a quiet library, Pope Benedict enthusiastically promoted the use of the new media in the task of evangelisation in his messages for World Communications Day over several years. Brandon Vogt, a young married man, is an upbeat apostle who has enthusiastically used the new media himself and made great efforts to encourage others to do so. The Church and New Media is a part of this apostolate.

              Vogt has gathered a collection of articles from some of the best-known bloggers and users of other new media to give guidance on the effectiveness of evangelisation using social media and to offer sound advice to those starting out in the field. In the rough labelling used today, the contributors might be described as “neo-orthodox”: they are some of the people who have used the social media in a positive and effective way in complete loyalty to the magisterium of the Church. There is a local bias in that several of the contributors come from Texas A&M College. Having come to know the contributions and style of many of the writers, I was impressed that they seem to have networked so effectively – and astonished that one college should have produced so many great apostles.

              Priests occasionally say in a mildly superior and accusatory manner: “I don’t know how you find the time to blog.” My stock reply is to answer immediately: “I don’t have a television.”

              Fr Robert Barron, whose Catholicism series of DVDs has proved so popular a means of building up the faith of uncatechised Catholics, writes of his engagement with those who comment on his YouTube videos. Open comment boxes on the internet provide an outlet for prejudice, abuse and the publication of opinions that do not merit serious consideration. Patience in responding to such commenters is admirable.

              The internet apostolate plays a major part in the conversion story of blogger Jennifer Fulwiler. She repeatedly saw how “someone would toss out a half-baked argument against Christianity that might have sounded impressive offline, but it would be quickly demolished in the flood of facts provided by the internet”. She noticed that Catholics had the best answers in a ruthless intellectual environment and were not afraid to get involved in online debate on the most difficult questions.

              The prolific blogger Mark Shea points to one of the attractions of the new media for writers: there is nobody who will change your headline “Exploring the Mysteries of the Rosary” to “My Friend the Rosary”. Writers do indeed need to edit themselves, but mistakes are quickly punished in an environment where anyone can comment, and there is a direct link between the quality of writing and the number of readers. Blogging can become a tyranny, though: Fr Dwight Longenecker speaks of how people visit his blog every day looking for the three “E’s”: education, entertainment and enlightenment. I have some sympathy with him. One time, when things were very busy in the parish I did not blog for a week. My sister rang up to check whether I was ill.

              As well as direct evangelisation, Catholics are using the internet in imaginative ways to help people within the Church. Matthew Warner’s “Flocknote” project enables parishes to contact people from one source, sending the same material to a person’s email inbox, Facebook or Twitter account, or to their mobile phone by text message; the important thing is that it is the end user that chooses which of these means is the one by which they prefer to receive information. There is also a chapter on “innovative shepherding” looking at examples from the Archdiocese of Boston and giving recommendations for dioceses and bishops. In England, the dioceses of Lancaster and Shrewsbury have made particularly effective use of the internet in pushing out good news and keeping up with the way in whichpeople choose to receive information, but in some dioceses there is often still an attitude in which people see the internet as irrelevant, looking down on what they see as technically advanced enthusiasts who spend too much time “playing on their computers”.

              Priests occasionally say in a mildly superior and accusatory manner: “I don’t know how you find the time to blog.” My stock reply is to answer immediately: “I don’t have a television.” I confess that I find it amusing when this is met with the protest: “Well, I only watch documentaries and the history channel.” As long as we are not nuked back to the stone age or sent offline by a massive solar electromagnetic pulse, the internet is here to stay and is an indispensable part of communication. In the Church we are obliged to communicate in order to spread the gospel of Christ. The Church and New Media is an easily readable introduction and demonstration of some of the ways in which this apostolate can flourish.

              Within the Church there is much ground to be made up. The priest-blogger Fr John Zuhlsdorf once said that in the Vatican it is “yesterday’s technology tomorrow”, and this is true of many local churches. On the day that the encyclical Lumen Fidei was issued, Brandon Vogt set to work to make versions of the encyclical available for Kindle and other e-book formats. Fr Zuhlsdorf immediately read out the entire encyclical and published an audio file. (Lest there be any doubt, the downloads were given away free of charge, as is customary.) In both cases, letters followed from the Libreria Editrice Vaticana complaining about copyright infringement. Brandon Vogt was even accused of “stealing from the Pope”. Pope Benedict’s message on the importance of using the new media for evangelisationhas not penetrated everywhere, even at the Holy See. The Church and New Media would be a good primer for anyone who wants to understand why some of us devote some of our time trying to use the new media for the good.

              Fr Timothy Finigan


              The Pope’s Last Crusade
              By Peter Eisner. William Morrow, 292pp, $27.99, £18.99

              The successor of St Peter has probably from the very beginning had to contend with conflict from afar and intrigue nearer at home. This was certainly the experience of Pope Benedict XVI, and it was also true of Pius XI, as this book shows.

              Pius XI wrote an average of two encyclicals a year. He condemned communism in Divini Redemptoris. But he came to realise that the more immediate menace was from the Nazis. His outspoken denunciation in Mit  Brennender Sorge (1937) was an unparalleled attack on the racism of Nazi policies. In 1938 Pius XI was considering a second encyclical which would enlarge on the point in an even more forthright way.

              This book recounts how the Pope turned to Fr John LaFarge, an American Jesuit on the board of America, the Jesuit magazine which had already published his analysis on racism, which Pius had read and appreciated. LaFarge, who was on a fact-finding mission to Europe for his editor, was summoned to Castel Gandolfo by personal letter and asked to draft the new encyclical in the deepest secrecy as soon as possible.

              LaFarge enlisted the help of two fellow Jesuits and completed the task in four months. He then left for America, because of the worsening health of his brother, and entrusted the draft of the new encyclical to the Jesuit General, Wlodimir Ledochowski. His superior had other thoughts in mind. He shared the opinion of Pius’s Secretary of State, Eugenio Pacelli, who considered that communism was by far the greatest danger and that criticism of Germany should therefore be muted. The draft encyclical was filed away until Pius died in February 1939 when it was shelved. The softly-softly policy was in fact pursued by Pacelli when he became Pius XII. Personally he sheltered Jews in Vatican territory, but he drew back from denouncing the Nazis’ racist policies except in carefully worded terms.

              It is perhaps vain to speculate whether a new encyclical would have aroused such a wave of revulsion around the world that Kristallnacht and the Final Solution might have been avoided. Pius XII made a tactical decision because he thought Pius XI’s approach was too brutal – and because his fondness for Germany led him to consider that Hitler might eventually become more democratic. That was despite outbursts like the speech at the Sportpalast in 1938, in which Hitler raved: “In this hour the whole German people will be united to me: my will they shall feel as their will, just as I regard their future and fate as director of my actions.”

              This does not take away from the undoubted holiness of Pius XII, who gave us such magisterial documents as Mystici Corporis and Mediator Dei and the revised paschal triduum. But it brings home that it takes a great pope to see the broader picture and to rise above the inner circle which surrounds him, advising, prompting and sometimes undermining him. Popes always need our prayers.

              James Tolhurst


              The Evolution of Adam: What the Bible does and doesn’t say about human origins
              By Peter Enns. Brazos Press, 161pp, £10.99

              The Bible speaks about the creation of the universe and of man. The language and images it uses to describe such beginnings have their roots in a particular time and culture. One cannot read these passages of the Bible as if they intend to give an accurate description of physical, historical reality. This is neither the way nor the reason they were composed.

              Furthermore, in view of the state of scientific knowledge today, unless one is prepared simply to reject scientific evidence, adjustments to the interpretation of the scriptural accounts are always necessary. Without such development of doctrine, those of us who hold the Bible dear can be forced into closing down all dialogue with modern thought. In this book Peter Enns seeks to give Christians, who value Scripture as the Word of God, parameters by which they can understand the Bible and its message while accepting evolution as a valid description of the origin of humans.

              Enns has a gift for expressing in an accessible way modern developments in biblical scholarship. The way he describes the setting, culture and language of the biblical authors is engaging. And his outline of current thought on the formation of Genesis and the other books of the Bible is clear and comprehensible. His approach takes seriously the “human dimension” of Scripture and sees it not as an unhappy condescension but as a mark of God’s love and of how far He will stoop to commune with His people.

              In this respect Enns, an evangelical, is close to Catholic theology, expressed by Pius XII in Divino Afflante Spiritu: “Just as the substantial Word of God became like men in every respect except sin, so too the words of God, expressed in human languages, became like human language in every respect except error.” This book describes well many of the facets of the “human languages” used by the Holy Spirit to communicate the Word of God to us.

              However, in order to be successful in giving parameters for an authentic and modern interpretation of the Bible, one needs a clear understanding of biblical inspiration and a sound theology of biblical interpretation. Enns does not demonstrate that he has either in a Catholic sense. A Catholic exegete seeks to be faithful to the Church, which means resolutely seeking one’s place in the mainstream of the great Tradition of the Church. Assured of the assistance of the Holy Spirit this Tradition, under the guidance of the Magisterium, in former times recognised the canonical writings of the Word of God and has never ceased to meditate on them and search their meaning. Furthermore, since the Holy Spirit is the divine author of the Scriptures, speaking the One Word of God, the Church has avision of the unity of the Bible. In this context a development of doctrine can be positively identified and adjustments to the interpretation of Scripture, which Enns argues for, can be confidently and authentically made.

              Enns does not know this Tradition and, although he recognises a kind of “development of doctrine” within the Bible itself, he does not have the theological tools to set his own thinking in dialogue with the living theology of the Church. It is inevitable that such an individualistic approach to the study of the Scriptures, which does not know how to “listen to the Church”, will wander from authentic interpretation.

              We see this especially when Enns describes St Paul’s use of the span of Adam simply as a “biblical idiom” available to him as he seeks to express what God has achieved in the death and resurrection of Christ. While Enns recognises that Paul uses the language and symbolism of Adam, he is unable to see that Paul, inspired by the Holy Spirit, brings to fruit the doctrine sown “in seed” in the book of Genesis. Paul is not only using the vocabulary, language and idioms of the Old Testament in a new context, but developing the content of Revelation itself.

              The early writers of the Church expressed it thus: The New Testament lies hidden in the Old and the Old Testament is unveiled in the New. The Holy Spirit gradually unveils the nature of God and His plan for mankind. This “unveiling” is expressed through the Scriptures, the human authors of which are inspired to write what God wishes while employing their own faculties and doing so in the language and culture of their time. In the Old Testament it was piecemeal and incomplete. In the New Testament it was perfected in the fullness of revelation in Christ. Not having such a theology of inspiration and interpretation, when Enns is wrestling with the concept of a historical Adam he strays from the doctrine of original sin, which teaches that original sin is passed on by generation, and allowsfor an interpretation that “all have sinned” through imitation or accident or, worse still, because we were created that way.

              Enns does not fail in his intention to describe what the Bible does and doesn’t say about human origins. What is more, he conveys in a simple way the cultural background which gave rise to the vocabulary, expressions, images and idioms of the words of Scripture. But the Catholic reader cannot place complete trust in Enns’ conclusions. Ultimately, he does not speak from the heart of the Church.

              Luiz Ruscillo


              Love is his Meaning – The Impact of Julian of Norwich
              By John Skinner. Gracewing, 145p, £7.99

              Julian of Norwich is the best known of the 14th-century English mystics. Her famous book Revelations of Divine Love, with its account of the “showing” of her “courteous Lord”, is loved by modern readers more than ever. If her English is quaint, her message is refreshingly contemporary with its stress on God’s love for us, prefiguring devotions to the Sacred Heart and, more recently, the Divine Mercy. Julian’s influence reaches beyond the Catholic world, and there are many interfaith Julian prayer groups around the country.

              This being the case, a new introduction to Julian for beginners is always welcome. John Skinner, a journalist and former Jesuit, has already translated the entire text for Gracewing into modern inclusive language. In this book he presents excerpts from his own translation with a commentary punctuating the text. These comments are most helpful when they refer to the original Middle English to resolve a textual ambiguity or bring out a fuller meaning, and when they set Julian in the context of her time. Unfortunately, there is a tendency to re-state Julian’s words in a kind of summing-up, and a subjectivism that some may find off-putting. Extraneous information, such as comparing one of Julian’s images with an Orthodox icon, show the author’s breadth of knowledge but doesn’t really helpwith understanding Julian. There is very little about medieval anchoritic life, for example.

              When she was 34, Julian (we don’t know her real name) fell seriously ill and was prepared for death. On her sickbed she received a number of visions, or “shewings”, several of which concerned the Passion. The rest of her life was spent meditating on these visions and writing about her experiences. For many years she lived as an anchoress in a cell attached to St Julia’s church in Norwich. It might have been helpful to describe the world of Julian, in many ways so different from our own.

              The use of the word “impact” in the title is misleading; the book does not address Julian’s influence on Christian thinking – a fascinating subject in itself. Anyone buying the book expecting to read about this will be disappointed.

              However, as an introduction to the thought of Julian, John Skinner’s book is good. The 16 revelations are each quoted in brief and discussed. To begin, a longer vision taken from the latter part of Julian’s book is presented as an overview of her thought. The book’s format, excerpts from a modern translation divided into short sections by commentary, would lend itself well to group study. If the editorial habit of paraphrasing Julian may seem at times patronising to the reader, it does serve to drive home her message.

              Gracewing’s edition has large, clear type with a slightly different font for the commentary. It would perhaps have made it easier to determine at a glance which is Julian and which is commentary to have the latter in italics. As they stand, the fonts are similar enough at first glance to confuse the eye.

              A book like this runs the risk of being too personal, both in the selection of text and in the commentary. Some readers may find the interruptions in Julian’s text annoying and prefer to let her speak for herself. However, as an introduction for complete beginners, the book will no doubt prove useful and may help to encourage a new generation of Julia’s followers.

              Clare Anderson


              The Twilight of Atheism: The Rise and Fall of Disbelief in the Modern World
              By Alister McGrath. Rider, 320pp, £8.99

              In the past few years the “New Atheism” of Richard Dawkins and his associates has sought to make atheism seem credible and current. However, as this fascinating, educational and highly readable book indicates, atheism is an ideology past its sell-by date. How does McGrath argue this? Is he convincing, and what are the weaknesses in his account?

              The narrative of this book’s subtitle, The Rise and Fall of Disbelief in the Modern World, runs as follows: the corruption of the Church was so horrendous that it made belief in its God cease to be credible; atheism thus arose as a credible alternative proposing that a new, freer and happier world would arise when belief in God was rejected. However, the horror of atheist regimes in the 20th century made this claim incredible (in the original sense). In addition, at a philosophical level, postmodernity rejected the claims that atheistic modernity had made about reason’s capacity to know with certainty that there was no God. Thus at both an existential and a theoretical level atheism has lost its appeal. He further argues that the worldwide rise of Pentecostalism fulfils a need for a faithin God that is not linked to the discredited institutions of historical Christianity (ie the mainline churches) and that likewise shares the postmodern rejection of reason.

              The argument that McGrath uses to trace and explain this rise and fall is both historical and philosophical. It is historical in that his account progresses through the eras of the Western world to describe the way in which various cultural changes made certain key philosophers seem more credible in one era than they would have been in another. It is historical in that it provides useful thumbnail sketches of the pivotal thinkers involved, describing the different ways in which Feuerbach, Marx and Freud explain away religion as a delusion.

              Interestingly, linked with McGrath’s description of the historically conditioned attractiveness of various thought systems is an account of their capacity to engender in the human imagination a vision of a possible society that can appeal and attract intellectual assent as well as seeming to argue for its conclusions. A less sophisticated illustration of this can be seen in the way that science fiction has envisioned various atheistic scientific futures: over the course of the past century such visions of the future have shifted from being utopias to being dystopias. Such a shift parallels the cultural sense that a future without God is no longer felt to be a happy future, and with this cultural shift atheism has lost its appeal.

              The general account provided by the book is convincing in many respects, not least in the manner in which it largely fits the facts of history. That said, the fundamentally Protestant thinking of its author deeply colours the work and leads to some significant weaknesses. While the book gives an interesting summary of various authors who have argued that it was the Protestant Reformation that gave rise to atheism, the author fails to note any connection between the rejection (traceable from nominalism) of reason’s capacity to know reality, the Protestant Reformation’s appeal to faith against reason, intellectual scepticism and current postmodernism. Similarly, given that the book attributes the rise of atheism to the moral corruption of the Catholic Church, it might be noted that thisaccount fails to argue why atheism became prominent when it did. Why didn’t 12th-century corruption give rise to atheism rather than giving rise to great reformers like St Francis of Assisi? The book’s account of Christian history fails to address such questions. Might the influence of nominalism in the subsequent century be relevant? The book does not say.

              To look at the same point from a slightly different angle, McGrath seems too uncritical in his acceptance of postmodernism’s rejection of reason’s capacity to know the truth. Thus he asserts that “nothing can be proven at all” (p98) about God by reason – a point that he doesn’t really prove (perhaps because postmodernism denies that reason can prove such things). With reason deemed powerless, all that is left is “faith”. An account that, in contrast, truly acknowledged the capacity of reason to grasp truth would have shown how authentic reason can not only demonstrate that God exists but even show many of His attributes. Another point that could have been usefully articulated is that, despite the scandal and doubt caused by corruption in the Church, the goodness of many Christians and theholiness that is inherent within the Church has led many people to believe in God. The book is thus limited by the postmodernism that it rather uncritically reflects.
              This said, while McGrath doesn’t address the problems within postmodernism, the book stands as a fascinating and illuminating postmodern critique of atheism. Such a critique might provide a good morale booster to those weighed down by the triumphalism of the New Atheism, a triumphalism McGrath shows to be misplaced.

              Dylan James

                        North Korea just might be able to win a war, if it begins with an EMP in Tokyo        
              North Korea has nuclear-armed missiles and satellites potentially capable of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack. EMP is considered by many the most politically acceptable use of a nuclear weapon, because the high-altitude detonation (above 30...
                        New alarms sounded over North Korea's EMP potential        
              WASHINGTON – Alarms once again are being sounded over North Korea’s capability to launch satellites that could carry a nuclear weapon and be detonated at a high altitude over America, creating an extremely powerful electromagnetic pulse that would knock out the nation’s vulnerable electrical grid system, according to a report from Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin. It [...]
                        EMP hit to U.S. reactors could cause '100 Fukushimas'        
              WASHINGTON – What would be the impact of either a natural or man-made electromagnetic pulse event in the United States on the nation’s 100 nuclear reactors? Is there a way to prevent the escape of radiation that would be generated by the meltdown of each reactor’s nuclear core should its backup generators, which hold at [...]
                        Maloney: North Korea's nuclear threat could be a 'blast from the past.' Why isn't Canada ready?        
              Let the sabre-rattling commence! In our last instalment in this fine newspaper, I provided a primer on 1960s’ Soviet technology that North Korea could use against North America: Fractional Orbital Bombardment Systems and Electromagnetic Pulse. I emphasize “North America” because, once again, numerous Canadian pundits think that somehow if the feces hit the rotating wind-making […]
                        Falling Skies        
              Written and produced by Robert Rodat and Steven Spielberg, FALLING SKIES opens in the chaotic aftermath of an alien attack that has left most of the world completely incapacitated. In the six months since the initial invasion the few survivors have banded together outside major cities to begin the difficult task of fighting back. Day and time: Premiers Sunday June 19, 2011 9/8c on TNT Cast: Noah Wyle, Moon Bloodgood, Sarah Carter, Colin Cunningham, Drew Roy, Will Patton, Jessy Schram, Connor Jessup, Seychelle Gabriel, Maxim Knight Official Site: “I’m writing this by lantern-light, so I’ll keep my comments brief – which wasn’t always my habit, back when I was a history professor. But since the invasion, I’ve learned to adapt. The aliens arrived almost seven months ago. At first they stayed in their massive transport ships, hovering over the Earth’s major cities. We had enough time to exhaust every peaceful alternative, including international efforts to communicate with them. All we got was silence. Then they attacked. They hit us with an electromagnetic pulse that wiped out our power grid, our computers, anything electronic. That included fuel-injection car engines, the internet, cell phones, guided missiles, you name it. Everything was knocked out in an instant. And then the skitters finally showed themselves, along with their mechs and their short-range airships. But I’m not here to write about the devastation of the initial attacks. Other historians will do that, once we’ve taken our homes back. Or I should say, our home. Because all of us who survived share one home now: Earth. And we have one common goal: to reclaim it. To do that, we’ve banded together into resistance units that, in the Boston area, we’re calling the militia. But it’s more than just fighters and encampments. We’re building communities again, helping each other stay strong and hopeful and focused on what to do next. We’ve had enough time to get past the shock of having our planet invaded and occupied by a merciless enemy. Now we’re figuring out what resources we still have, and how we can use them to move forward. It’s the beginning of our new history. That’s why I’m writing down my thoughts about what’s happened so far, and why I’m encouraging others to do the same. I’m here with two of my kids, Hal and Matt. My middle son, Ben, was taken prisoner by the enemy. But I won’t rest until he’s safe with us again. Ben’s going to be amazed at how the Massachusetts militia has grown in the months since we last saw him. We have a formidable group of fighters now. Some of them are combat veterans who survived the decimation of the Armed Forces. But most of them are like me: ordinary people who picked up guns in order to defend their families.” Tom Mason, 2nd Mass
                        Back on the Bridge, and Forging Ahead!        
              Forging on ahead!

              Wikistrat North American Energy Export Boom

              The blog has been a bit quiet this past week as I started teaching a new round of classes, and contributing to two simulations for Wikistrat, What Comes After Chavez? and, an in-depth project, the North American Energy Export Boom. Both simulations are excellent, and the cloud of minds that have been assembled, have led to insights beyond my expectations. Mindful of neglecting the blog, I want to step back onto the bridge, and into the realm of history, and visit my favorite subject, naval history and how it relates to this nation's heritage and future security.

              USS Iowa BB-61
              tour route of Iowa

              A couple of weeks ago, I attended a presentation by Robert Kent, President and founder of the Pacific Battleship Center, now tasked with preserving the USS Iowa BB-61 the Battleship of Presidents as a living museum and education center, soon to be stationed at Pier 87 in San Pedro, California. I wrote stationed, because unlike other museum ships, the Iowa along with her sister the Wisconsin, is mandated by Congress to be kept in a state or readiness, so if the need arises, they can be returned to duty to defend the nation.

              Robert Kent, CEO, Pacific Battleship Center

              What Robert Kent conveyed to those gathered was a view into how the Iowa will be preserved, and how it will convey not only the history of it's long service, but the history of the great gun ships down through history. More than just examples of firepower will be displayed, visitors will learn about the level of engineering skill that went into designing, and building the massive turrets with a precision that compared to the best Swiss watches. As visitors move deeper into the center of the great ship, they will experience what it was like to live and work aboard the ship, from her commissioning on Washington's Birthday, 1943, to the last time her ensign was lowered in 1990.
              The Iowa is a living example of the industrial ingenuity and the skill of the thousands of workers who fashioned the machinery that even today stands as an engineering marvel. Using the latest technology, visitors will be able to experience via the magic developed in Hollywood, a "Life at Sea." as they are taken on tours, guided by experts who will give them the experience of being on a active duty ship. Without giving away any trade secrets the tours will set the bar for museum experiences, to a new level. I can not say enough about this amazing enterprise.  After meeting Robert and his indispensable partner Trish Place, I was impressed enough to be willing to swab the deck, chip paint, and any other task, just to share in their passion for this great ship. They have led this effort with all the skill of the greatest naval captains who ever commanded a ship and deserve a fleet wide signal of Bravo Zulu.

              As noted above, the battleship is to be maintained in a state of readiness in the event of having to be recalled to duty. Recent developments in armaments have been touted as making gun ships completely obsolete, where million dollar a shot cruise missiles, drones, and the soon to be deployed, railgun which if all goes well, will be on navy ships within five years. But wait! is it wise to shed the tried and true methods of defense? One of the advantages of the Iowa is that she is equipped with both guns, cruise missiles, and anti-ship missiles. There is a soon to be released fiction movie based on the board game "Battleship," where a modern naval fleet when confronted with an alien invasion must fall back to the old reliable and obsolete battleship to save planet Earth. I know this is great fiction, but recent developments in a weapons system that will defeat electronics, including radar, computers, and the control of missiles, was successfully tested by the Air Force in May, 2011. This technology uses HPM (high power microwave), which is the non-nuclear equivalent of the EMP (electromagnetic pulse) weapon. It stands to reason that what we have now, will soon be had by other nations, (think nukes). So given that reality, it's back to the future for war-fighting.

              A final thought about the battleship and her main armament the 16 inch gun, and it's amazing accuracy, along with the relative cost per round, compared to the cost of a cruise missile, is something to ponder when considering the cost of launching hundreds of cruise missiles into Libya last year. A few weeks ago, I attended the West 2012 Conference about the Navy in the 21st century, and listened, as both the Navy and Marines discussed the need to maintain the ability to preform a forced entry by sea, something that hearkens back to the days of Alexander the Great. Hopefully, that day never comes, but until the railgun, or some other technological advancement is developed to defeat HPM weapons, the last two Iowa class battleships stand ready to answer the call.

              For those who would like to be a plank owner, the window is still open for a couple more months.
              USS Iowa Plank owner
                        The Skeptic Zone #193 - 30.June.2012        

              Richard Saunders

              An interview with Wison da Silva
              Editor-in-Chief of COSMOS Magazine, Wilson chats to Richard Saunders about the new free COSMOS iPad app and edition. Wilson also chats about the dangers from an electromagnetic pulse or EMP.

              Strange News Story? 
              Homeopath to start offering ‘assisted-suicide’ remedy!
              A homeopath in Banbury has decided to take politics into her own hands and start offering an assisted-suicide treatment.

              Maynard's Spooky Action....
              Tim Ralston – The Inventive Prepper
              “I’m prepping to survive the total destruction of the power grid due to an EMP weapon”
              Prepping isn’t just a hobby for father of four, Tim Ralston. If America is attacked by an EMP weapon that fries our electrical grid, Tim is prepared to evacuate to the desert where he’s readying a survival team, outfitting underground shipping containers for shelter, and training his sons to be marksmen defending the perimeter.

                        Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack        
              This is an old (2008) and controversial report.  I was reading it to prepare for class and just thought I would share, for what it is worth.  Its conclusion: Electrical power is necessary to support other critical infrastructures, including supply and distribution of water, food, fuel, communications, transport, financial transactions, emergency services, government services, and […]
                        Amazing Atmospheric Sprites! (pictures and video)        

              Otherworldly Photos Capture Mysterious Phenomena in Upper Atmosphere

              All images and video: Thomas Ashcraft

                        Ashes by Ilsa J. Bick        
              Ashes by Ilsa J. Bick

              Seventeen-year-old Alex has had a rough time lately in Ashes by Ilsa J. Bick. First her parents tragically pass away in a helicopter accident, and then she is diagnosed with a brain tumor, which she dubs “the monster.” Fed up with managing the monster and all of its side effects like losing her sense of smell, she escapes to a campsite for a few days to think about her options. And then the whole world is turned upside down by an electromagnetic pulse that leaves much of the population dead or changed into flesh-eating zombies.

                        The times they are a-changin'        
              For as far back as I can remember (and farther back than that), progressives - not all of them, but an ominous majority - have been enamored, either openly or secretly, with Russian strong men. Now, they're going all better-dead-than-red on us. Once again, Trump's impact on the leftist psyche is like the effect of an electromagnetic pulse on a power grid.

              See? I was just a progressive who was ahead of the curve."
                        Robert Farley & John Mueller        
              John's new book, "Atomic Obsession" ... The incredibly small odds of a nuclear terrorist attack ... Why Obama's arms control efforts may be counterproductive ... John: Israel can live with Iran having the bomb ... Fears of a crippling electromagnetic pulse attack ... Why are we obsessed with atomic weapons? ...
                        CyberPunkRadio - #47 - Rise of the Machines - 2008 date source transmission        
              CyberPunk Radio - San Francisco Pirate Radio - #047 - 20060625 - Cyberpunk mayhem, Nuclear Disaster (the Hippies), Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) coordinated nuclear strike takes out unhardened machines and most of the meatpuppets. Time shifted transmission- origin date: 2008.

                        Injecting Electromagnetic Pulses into Digital Devices        
              This talk is not about someone on the ground firing a ray gun at a jet and bringing it down. This talk is about someone on the jet injecting EMP into the wiring system and causing great problems with the aviation and the black box. This talk will have at least ten video demos of device pulses and one of a surge protector, along with explanations of a Marx generator and a MOSFET charging circuit. Going green, fly by wire airplanes, robotic control trains, densely integrated systems… these are all realities of our daily environment. One problem is that all of these make our lives more susceptible to an EMP disruption. Other topics will include TWA 800, Tesla coils, Byzantine faults and the power grid.
              CULT OF EMP CRAZY

              "This is subhuman idiocy."

              Occasionally one comes across an editorial in a US newspaper that almost knocks you out of your chair.

              Not often does one see an editorial-like thing condemning the usual imprecations to bomb Iran because that country will eventually launch an electromagnetic pulse attack against the United States.

              How did the sane person get a permissions slip to opine?

              Barry Kissin of the Frederick News Post writes:

              I just read "How to Save the Obama Presidency: Bomb Iran" by Daniel Pipes, visiting fellow at the prestigious Hoover Institution of Stanford University. When I first read the title, I was certain this had to be satirical. It's not! His first point: "[Obama's]counterterrorism record barely passes the laugh test.

              It continues:

              Pipes then points out that the way for Obama to consolidate popular support is to act tough, you know, start another war. Pipes follows with the polls (Zogby, Pew, Los Angeles Times, Fox News) that all show that a definite majority of Americans favor "using the [U.S.] military to attack and destroy the facilities in Iran which are necessary to produce a nuclear weapon."

              How about this from Pipes: "Eventually, [Iran] could launch an electromagnetic pulse attack on the United States, utterly devastating the country." And: "Taking out Iran's nuclear facilities ... would require few 'boots on the ground' and entail relatively few casualties, making an attack more politically palatable." And: "Just as 9/11 caused voters to forget George W. Bush's meandering early months, a strike on Iranian facilities would dispatch Obama's feckless first year ... " And the clincher: "[T]he chance to do good and do well is fleeting. As the Iranians improve their defenses and approach weaponization, the window of opportunity is closing. The time to act is now ..."

              However, Kissin's final line is most surprising. It is something most editors simply would not allow into a newspaper in 2010.

              This is subhuman idiocy. It is also part of a long-standing pattern of criminal manipulation of the frightened and very misinformed.

              Subhuman idiocy. That's unequivocal.

              The entire piece is here.

              By contrast, Pipes' material immediately gets wide duplication around the country, also immediately flying into the Jerusalem Post.

              "I do not customarily offer advice to a president whose election I opposed, whose goals I fear and whose policies I work against," he writes. "But here is a way for Barack Obama to salvage his tottering administration by taking a step that protects the US and its allies."

              When the electromagnetic pulse crazy/bomb Iran lobby launches a sally -- which is does once ever few months, the last one petering out in September at the Values Voter summit -- it always does so with perniciously admirable efficiency.

              Everyone gets on the same page and makes a push into the opinion sections of US and foreign newspapers. And it always works.

              In addition, the Cult of EMP Crazy lobby always comes up with a new catastrophic meme to sell the story of Iranian-launched electromagnetic pulse doom.

              Usually, it has been the story that the US will be hurled back to the time of horse and buggy transportation, water drawn from the creek and shitting in out houses or trenches filled with lime.

              Now, however, there's a new flavor of Gotterdammerung.

              "EMP attack, our version of Haiti quake," trumpeted Clifford May for the Scripps Howard News Service very recently.

              He writes, and this isn't satire:

              President Obama has pledged $100 million to help Haiti recover from its recent earthquake. By coincidence, that’s precisely the amount that the [mumble] recommends be spent on measures it estimates would limit the damage resulting from an EMP event by 60 to 70 percent.

              This is delivered in an essay which, as must be the case, brings up the Bomb Iran lobby's favorite story:

              Think of a blackout, but one of indefinite duration — because we have no plan for recovery and could expect little or no help from abroad.

              The EMP commission also reported that Iran — which is feverishly working to acquire nuclear weapons — has conducted tests in which it launched missiles and exploded warheads at high altitudes. And the CIA has translated Iranian military journals in which EMP attacks against the U.S. are explicitly discussed.

              Might Iran’s rulers orchestrate such an attack if and when they acquire a nuclear capability?

              That is a heated debate among defense experts.

              That opinion piece is here.

              For regular readers of DD blog and longtime observers of the the Washington DC Doom Club, May was warning about anthrax just in November.

              "A scenario perhaps even more frightening: terrorists using biological weapons, setting off epidemics of smallpox, Ebola virus or other hemorrhagic fevers; a crop duster spreading 10 pounds of anthrax causing more deaths than in World War II."

              That ran in the National Review on-line, under the heading -- Apocalypse When?

              Alert readers will notice May always resorts to writing that potential enemy strikes will cause more casualties than America suffered in World War II.

              On electromagnetic pulse attack by Iran, our equivalent of the Haiti quake , May writes:

              When you consider that such an event — whether naturally occurring or a “man-caused disaster” — could cause trillions of dollars in damage and claim more lives than were lost in World War II ...

              Readers will have also noted that it's not really a coincidence that Dan Pipes' Bomb Iran/EMP doom essay also ran in the National Review.

              It's what's called a rigging. And one can't help but applaud the EMP Crazy lobby's talent for it. They're really good.

              Cult of EMP Crazy -- from the archives.

              In today's Washington Times, Arnaud de Borchgrave, often called 'the Short Count' behind closed doors, if he is called at all, writes about how a neocon thinks the Obama administration can save and revitalize the country.

              Bomb Iran!

              The Short Count writes:

              Mr. Obama is floundering as he tries to reset his presidency on economics. Defense is sacrosanct. Either taxes go up, or entitlements go down, or both. On Capitol Hill, it's still burned toast for the president.

              For centuries, leaders faced with insuperable domestic problems found escape in foreign distractions. In some cases, the distractions occurred suddenly and fortuitously, such as World War II, which started in Europe and pulled America out of the Great Depression.

              President Obama isn't looking for such a distraction, but others have no pangs illuminating what they think is the way out of the "clueless in Washington" dilemma. Right-wing scholar-activist Daniel Pipes, a neocon icon, could not be more blunt: President Obama can "save" his presidency by bombing Iran. The fact that this also could cost him the presidency is not deemed worthy of discussion.


              "Obama can give orders for the U.S. military to destroy Iran's nuclear weapons capacity. It would have the advantage of sidelining health care, push Republicans to work with Democrats, make Tea Party-ers jump for joy, conservatives and neoconservatives would swoon ecstatically."

              In 2003, President George H.W. Bush appointed Mr. Pipes to the board of the U.S. Institute of Peace.

              And what better way to promote peace than to advocate bombing. Even the President can get behind that in America.

              So what else is there? Electromagnetic pulse crazy, that's what!

              To reinforce the war party's arguments, Mr. Pipes also says that "the apocalyptic-minded leaders in Tehran" could eventually "launch an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack on the U.S., utterly devastating the country." His detractors dismiss EMP alarmism as flimflam. But they are wrong. EMP is a very real concern of those who ponder future asymmetrical threats.

              Those durned accusers of flimflam'd be us (as in here and here and other places) and Armchair Generalist.

              To summarize: One would be hard-pressed to imagine a bigger instance in which a group of people offer themselves up for deserved ridicule.

              If a thing is backed up by hard science [like global warming or evolution], the Republican party denies its existence. If, however ... something [is] rather abstract to almost all Americans, rests almost entirely on theoretical prediction, is ... not likely to ever occur at all, and then only in the context of what would promise to be an all out nuclear war, [like electromagnetic pulse doom], the GOP extreme right believes in it very strongly.

              And so The Short Count writes, repeating the electromagnetic pulse crazy/bomb Iran lobby's favorite script of doom:

              One Scud-type nuclear missile, fired from the cargo hold of a freighter off the East Coast, set to explode 75 miles up, could fry everything electrical in one-third of the United States, from every cell phone and computer to aircraft, trains, vehicles, elevators, and the entire government, including the Pentagon.

              This comes to de Borchgrave through a Pipes article in National Review.

              In it, Pipes writes:

              Not only does a strong majority — 57, 52, 58, 61, and 61 percent in these five polls — already favor using force, but after a strike Americans will presumably rally around the flag, sending that number much higher.

              Fourth, if the its strike to taking out Iran’s nuclear facilities and did not attempt any regime change, it would require few “boots on the ground” and entail relatively few casualties, making an attack more politically palatable.

              DD had missed this but it is pointed out by Don Emmerich here.

              Cult of EMP Crazies -- from the archives.

              The United States has a large privileged class of professional cullions, the purpose of which is to spout off and babble on multifarious global menaces always said to be threatening the country's existence. These menaces need only have the most tenuous existence in reality or not have any connection to reality at all. Most important, said menaces are never considered with any sense of proportion.

              Consider these people the worst kind of pseudo-educated riff-raff and paranoids, useless in reality, a class with no idea about what's actually going on in their country, but flunkymen for always increasing military and national security contracting.

              The next news piece is cherry-picked for its perfect stenography of their ludicrous posturings, on display at the Conference on National Security Strategy and Policy held by the "Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis and Tufts University’s Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy."

              Burma and Venezuela to become threatening nuclear nation-states

              "The global security landscape in the 21st century is also likely to be marked by the pursuit of weapons of mass destruction by both nation states and non-nation states," said someone named Robert G. Joseph, senior scholar at the National Institute for Public Policy. "It’s fair to say that the trend is not positive ... In addition, there are other states hostile to the United States that may seek to acquire nuclear weapons: Syria, Burma and Venezuela."

              The dirty tricky yellow Chinese meme

              Told with a straight face while we're selling six and a half billion dollars in weapons to Taiwan. This takes some gall even for a country as wracked by hypocrisy and dysfunction as the US.

              "By 2015, China is projected to have in excess of 100 nuclear-armed missiles."

              "[The Federation of American Scientists] estimates that the [US nuclear] stockpile will decline from approximately 9,938 warheads today to approximately 5,047 warheads by the end of 2012," it says here.

              "Approximately half of the warheads in the 2012 stockpile will be active and ready to launch on relatively short notice," continues FAS. "This indicates that US nuclear posture planning 17 years after the end of the Cold War is still dominated by a nuclear warfighting mentality."

              Wow, one hundred Chinese nuclear-armed missiles! How dare they!?

              "China’s search for asymmetrical advantages also places great emphasis on perceived U.S. vulnerabilities in space and cyberspace," said USAF General Robert Kehler, head of Air Force Space Command.

              It is looking like they are developing "the capability for electromagnetic pulse warfare."

              But this is all, perhaps, a trick by the cagey Chinaman.

              "Kehler noted that while much attention has been paid to China’s 2007 test of a kinetic anti-satellite weapon, it may have been an attempt to distract the United States from more pressing Chinese threats in the cyber domain ... 'For those of us who have children, remember when you would take the kids to the doctor for shots when they were little? The doctor would always have a blue bear that they would hold up, and the kid would look up and then they’d give the shot. I’m not so sure the direct ascent [antisatellite weapon] isn’t the blue bear."

              Failed state

              New definition: One of the symptoms of a failed state is when the people of the failed state can't tell when they're responsible for some other nation's problem with erupting violence.

              "Richard Shultz, director of the Fletcher School’s international security studies program ... cited Iraq in 2003 as an example of a weak state. With the removal of Saddam Hussein’s regime, the United States was not prepared to deal with the sectarian violence that emerged ..."

              Only a career ticket-puncher in the national security infrastructure would purposely forget to add the part about the US launching an unjust war under fraudulent circumstances, smashing the government and infrastructure of Iraq, transforming it into a 'weak state' in which "sectarian violence emerged ..."

              The original is here. Crikey, it must be depressing to have to regularly attend these things if you're not in on the take.
                        CIA Analyst Warns: North Korea About To Detonate EMP Over U.S.        
              CIA claims North Korea are about to launch an EMP attack on the United States
              A CIA analyst has warned that North Korea are about to detonate an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) device over the United States.

              Following North Korea’s recent successful test of the ICBM missile, Pyongyang are now ready to deliver a warhead containing an EMP weapon right to the middle of continental America.
     reports: North Korea has more than enough capability to hit the United States.  All of it.  The North Korean ICBM test on Friday, July 29 proves they can strike the U.S. anywhere.  Here you go:
              “Looks like it pretty much can get to New York, Boston, and probably falls just short of Washington [DC].  If those numbers are correct, the missile flown on a standard trajectory, the missile would have a range of 10,400 km (6,500 miles), not taking into account the Earth’s rotation.  However, the rotation of the Earth increases the range of missiles fired eastward, depending on their direction.  It is important to keep in mind that we do not know the mass of the payload the missile carried on this test.”
              – David Wright, Senior Scientist, Global Security Program, Union of Concerned Scientists to CNBC
              Keep this sentence in mind from the excerpt: â€œHowever, the rotation of the Earth increases the range of missiles fired eastward, depending on their direction.”
              Such proves they have at least enough “juice” to deliver a warhead containing an EMP weapon dead center over the continental United States, and can strike the U.S. anywhere.
              Dr. Peter V. Pry, formerly an analyst with the CIA, and now the head of the Committee to Assess EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) Threats against the U.S., is the foremost expert on such threats and briefs Congress on them annually.  Dr. Pry has assured Congress countless times that North Korea not only has miniaturization capabilities regarding nuclear warheads, but also has that capability regarding the deployment of an EMP weapon.  I strongly urge you to read his writings and articles.
              Now-retired Congressman Roscoe Bartlett (R, MD) practically hopped up and down during both the Bush Jr. and Obama administrations to try and initiate action by the government to protect the grid and infrastructure from an EMP attack.  To no avail, all his pleadings… substantiated by piles of research documents and assessments – pure evidence â€“ fell on deaf ears, and he has since retired and withdrawn from mainstream society.  Several general officers over the past years (such as General Curtis Scapparotti, for example) went “against the grain” during the Obama years and declared that North Korea did indeed possess EMP weapons, miniaturization capabilities, and ICBM’s.  Their declarations also went unheeded.
              Now, just as Obama planned it, we are “behind the power curve,” and vulnerable: North Korea has had years to prepare, in the face of mere “sanctions” or other “paper-tiger” rumblings.  Through our complacency, they have been enabled to strike the U.S.  Along with the mothballing of TARS (Tethered Aerostat Radar System), the string of radar-equipped balloons along the Gulf Coast to add about ten minutes early warning time to our missile tracking capabilities. As SHTF Plan reported, TARS was taken out in 2013, at Obama’s direction.  North Korea has two satellites in orbit that each cross over the U.S. several times daily at 300 km, the optimal height for an EMP strike.
              Just as Obama planned it.
              The United States, South Korea, and Japan all equally assessed the North Korean launch on July 29th with the same capabilities.  President Trump said that he would take all necessary steps to ensure the security of the U.S. and its allies.  The nations (the U.S. included) have all declared the intention of more sanctions against North Korea.  More nonsense.  These two excerpts came from a article by Cheyenne Roundtree and Gareth Davis for Mailonline that are interesting, if not “amusing” (from a cynical perspective).  Here’s the first, with the main point underlined:
              “[President] Donald Trump released a statement yesterday after the missile launch, saying: ‘North Korea’s test launch yesterday of another intercontinental ballistic missile â€“ the second such test in less than a month – is only the latest reckless and dangerous action by the North Korean regime.”
              Yes, there you have it from the mouth of the President of the United States, confirming it was indeed and intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), and was indeed the second one that is confirmed.  Here is the second excerpt:
              “Washington and its allies have watched with growing concern as Pyongyang has made significant progress toward its goal of having all of the US within range of its missiles to counter what it labels as US aggression.  While there are hurdles, including building nuclear warheads to fit on those missiles and ensuring reliability, many analysts have been surprised by how quickly Kim Jong-Un has developed North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs.”
              Well, along with interesting and amusing, let’s add infuriating to the list to describe these words from the excerpt:
              “Many analysts have been surprised.”
              “Significant progress toward its goal”
              Do you think those analysts will be surprised when, suddenly, all the lights and air conditioning in their offices go out and they’re in the dark on the 30thfloor?  Or if not that, perhaps they’ll be surprised when they look out of their windows and see a nice blinding flash of light and a mushroom cloud?  Do you think either an EMP and/or a mushroom cloud over what was once an American city will prove that North Korea has made significant progress toward its goal?
              Sometimes valuable information comes from sources that might normally never see the light of day.  I found this comment on Steve Quayle’s website that may place things into perspective from a “grass roots” level.  Obviously, it is written by a mother of someone in the service, probably the U.S. Army.  Here it is, along with its citation:
              “Angel says:  Comment ID: 3722746    August 1, 2017 at 1:22 am
              “Wanted to give a heads up that the upcoming fight with North Korea is very real.  My child is a Combat Engineer stationed at the DMZ currently and they are readying for a fight.  They are doing things in that area that haven’t been done in 50 years.  Such as clearing mine fields.  They are awaiting orders to attack.  Get prepared now if you’re not already.  I have someone on the front line and I can tell you it’s getting bad.”
              Sometimes information from the average person will give you insights on things you will not hear in the mainstream media.  This woman’s comment is both simplistic and unsolicited, and anyone with more information who is in the area?  Your comments would be greatly appreciated.  Such comments can reveal (at least in part) what is taking place over there and is valuable, because there is no such thing as “grass roots” journalism anymore.  There are no more reporters to interview the “man on the street” or to cover things happening in foreign countries.  We must rely on what information we bring to one another and our wits to be able to recognize the valuable parts…pieces to the overall puzzle that present the big picture.
              Let’s once more examine the “flip” side of things.  We have a President who has not been able to accomplish much, and thus far has been railroaded by Congress and members of his own political party every day since being sworn in.  His popularity ratings are falling, and the midterm election campaigning is right around the corner.  What is the solution?  Why, the same as it was for Bush Jr. back in 2003.  War.  War is the solution, either false flagged/orchestrated by the U.S., or allowed to be initiated by North Korea.  War is the vehicle to create a cohesive bond and gain the support of the populace: nothing new here with this method.
              The cost, however, will be sustained by the population and not by those who initiated the conflict, whether North Koreans, Americans, or others.  The ones who initiate the hostilities will be safe in underground bunkers with food, water, medical supplies, and armed guards…funded by their “host” populations, who will be busily engaged in being vaporized and incinerated on the surface.  I close with the point that I have stood by all along, and exhort you to make the best possible choices and take actions for you and your family, while there’s still time to do so, in whatever way you can.  Now is the time to act, and not “one second after,” so to speak:
              The next world war will be initiated by an EMP weapon detonated over the United States, followed by a nuclear exchange and a war between conventional forces.

                        November Book Discussion -- One Second After        
              Join our discussion of "One Second After" by William R. Forstchen.

              One Second After chronicles the events ocurring after an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack has been made on the United States. One man struggles to seave his family and his small North Carolina town after America loses a war that sends our nation back to the Dark Ages.

              This book is often considered a cautionary tale. How prepared would you be in the event of an EMP strike.

              Have you every thought about how you life would change without the telephone, television, a microwave?

              Click on "comments" below to read the discussion.
                        Have You Been Zapped Yet         
              Have you been zapped yet?  Of course we are all zapped 24 hours a day by WiFi, GPS positioning satellites, satellite TV signals, radio waves, computer monitors, television screens, leaky microwaves, spy drones, weather satellites, cell phone towers, and Smart Meters.

              I am not referring to those.  I am referring to Electromagnetic Pulses that cause enough power to wake you up in the middle of the night with your entire body shaking.

              You could call it The Hum, but sometimes there is no sound.  These vibrations will not cause even a ripple in a glass of water, only in your body.

              They easily penetrate walls, windows and ceilings, even if you live at the bottom of a highrise building.  This is one reason why the globalists have bunkers two miles below the ground, to shield themselves from their own harmful rays.  Just this week, a large number of elites flew to the underground bunker at Denver airport and just this week the rays that bombard us got more constant and more powerful than in the past.

              My city has been zapped on and off for the past year.  Recently, it has been occurring every night for several hours, traditionally a time when EMF readings are at their lowest point in the day.  

              Let me repeat that because it is so important:  Your own government, whom you pay to serve and protect you from harm, is purposely exposing you, or at the very least allowing others to expose you, to harmful microwaves.

              The two most important questions are “Which direction are the rays coming from?” and “How can I stop them?”  The next two most important questions are “Who is doing this?” and “Why?”

              There seem to be two distinctive sources:  One is from above, presumably from satellites.  If you hold a sheet of aluminum above your head, you can feel the buzzing effects being reduced.  Before anyone makes a “tin foil hat” joke here, I should add that other visitors to my house have also reported being woken up in the middle of the night with their bodies shaking intensely from electrical current. 

              The other source is ground based and feels like a generator starting up when it begins.  The ground based field sometimes lasts precisely for one hour, indicating that it is scheduled and not accidental.  It feels like a a Smart Meter transmitter situated in the sewer tunnels near your house that radiates you for hours a day whether you have a Smart Meter or not.  Have workers dug up your road in the past year or two?  They probably have.  It could be the cell phone towers that can transmit for ten miles or more and yet are erected every three or four blocks.  It can also be caused by HAARP, scalar beams that are bounced off the ionosphere for hundreds, even thousands, of miles.

              Here is some information about HAARP: 

              For the benefit of skeptics to the “culling of the herd” already taking place, perhaps I should mention one of the stated goals of the globalists on the Georgia Guidestones:  “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature”.  Translation:  “Kill off 6.5 billion innocent people”.

              Why would they do that?  The globalists who rule the world are psychopathic eugenicists who are being deceived by their “spirit guides” (demonic entities) that they have learned to manifest.

              I have no way of knowing the radius of those affected by these EMF rays but I hardly think I am important enough to qualify for special treatment in this regard.  Urban locations are always hit the hardest because they are the most heavily populated.
              The symptoms are similar to those of wind farms and, no doubt, prolonged exposure to Smart Meters:
              -Headaches “for no reason”, caused by artificially created tension in the back of the neck

              -A throbbing or tightening sensation in the skull

              -A tingling or “bubbling” sensation at the top of the skull

              -tightening in the stomach


              -Excellerated hair loss from the radiation

              -Intense heat in the body, even in the middle of the winter

              -Insomnia from the constant disruption of deep sleep Alpha Waves

              -A throbbing tingling, on and off roughly every five seconds.  This also prevents deep sleep.  It resembles a sweeping magnetic pull, back and forth for hours.

              -Painful welts on the skin

              EMF Rash.  This is after a week of healing. 
              It was much worse, with painful raised red welts.

              -Reduced effectiveness of the immune system to disease

              -A softening and lumping of the skull from prolonged exposure.  Hair smells burnt after a shower

              -Probable eventual mass infertility, also caused by GMOs, another goal of the eugenicists

              -Probable soaring rates of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Leukemia, Autism and cancer.  I urge you to watch the movie Burzynski and anything by the Gershon clinic or Dr. Lorraine Day regarding cancer.

              -Certain frequencies of electrical pulses are also effective in mind control techniques.

              People seldom believe in chemtrails, even when they can see them fogging up the sky right in front of them, so what are the chances that they will believe in invisible “death rays” without firsthand experience?  Pretty minute.   

              Here is some proof of "Death Rays":   

              So what can we do?  Here are a few suggestions:

              -Ask your friends if they have been suffering from insomnia or headaches lately. 
              -Consider throwing out your mattress and box spring and replacing them with a futon.  If the futon hurts your back, put a piece of memory foam on top.  You are sleeping on a giant antenna that attracts harmful rays to your body while you sleep.  In fact, bedsprings have been used as makeshift radio antennas since at least the 1930s.

              -Consider throwing out your microwave and using a toaster oven.

              -Never agree to a Smart Meter.  Their installation is based on “implied consent”.  That means if you do not send them a registered letter stating your refusal of Smart Meters due to health and privacy concerns, they will assume that you are not opposed to having one and can install it without informing you.  You can also be affected by your neighbour’s Smart Meter so inform them as well.

              Warning about Smart Meters:

              -Never use anything wireless in your home (cell phones, wireless phones, WiFi, wireless computer connections, baby monitors).

              -Keep your clock radio at least one metre away from your body, even when it is off.  Even electrical items with cords can produce “dirty electricity”.  

              -Turn off the power in your house at night and turn it on in the morning.  Even when televisions, radios, computers and appliances are off, you are being affected by their strong Electromagnetic Fields.  You can purchase a device to automatically do this for you for several hundred dollars.  Your sealed fridge will stay cool until morning.

              -Purchase an EMF meter and monitor levels around wall sockets and in your bedroom.  If the amount is high, videotape it and share it on YouTube.  Without proof, those responsible can never be held accountable.  Hire an electrician who is familiar with EMFs to check your house and offer suggestions.

              -CFL lightbulbs, apart from containing mercury that destroys the environment, cause harmful EMF fields.  Their harsh, unnatural lighting adversely affects the mood as well.  Switch back to incandescent lightbulbs until they are outlawed, as they were in Germany.

              -Never buy a house near power lines, cell phone towers, or wind farms.

              -Stetzerizer filters can be plugged into wall sockets to reduce the high frequency energy.

              -Consider living off the grid, at one with nature, using solar power.  I am not even a hippie and yet this idea sounds better every year.  Les Stroud (Survivorman) has a good dvd about this.

              Harmful rays from above can be blocked.  HAARP cannot.  As usual, the cheapest and easiest ways to block them are the least effective. 

              Please let me know if you have experienced anything similar to this or if you have another piece of the puzzle.  I will not publish any negative comments for this particular article.

              Here's some proof:

              Need more proof?  Look at this scary page of TIs (Targeted Individuals) and then judge if this is real or not: 

              Here is some predictive programming from a new Swedish movie:

              Thanks to Bob for his advice.

                        Lifeline Data Centers Achieves FEDRAMP Ready Status        

              For Immediate Release:

              Company Becomes First Privately-held FedRAMP-Ready Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Site with an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Shield

              INDIANAPOLIS - August 8, 2017– Lifeline Data Centers is pleased to announce it has been awarded FedRAMP-Ready status by the United States government. FedRAMP is a government-wide program that provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services. The FedRAMP application process is an arduous and painstakingly-detailed authorization that few cloud service providers and data centers are capable of obtaining. So very few organizations

              The post Lifeline Data Centers Achieves FEDRAMP Ready Status appeared first on Lifeline Data Centers.

                        IGI 2 strike force free download full version        
              IGI 2 convert strike The secret is to strike computer game developed by Inner loop Studios and published by Code masters in 2003. Game is a stealth-based first person shooter. This is the sequel to Project IGI Inner loop for: I'm going to. Offered to the original, and published by Eidos Interactive Inc., only one player play. Chris Ryan served as former Special Air Service operative best known for being the only successful fugitive Bravo two zero, as a consultant for the game. Art box looks like a poster about the Golden Eye.Plot match the features of rogue Chinese General "Wu Xing" primary opponent. Xing organizes various events (such as armed robbery of advanced technology from the prototype of the Russian mafia) in order to obtain the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons on board a space rocket that could launch control. At the end of the game, David Jones in the play is finally able to defeat him, and stop the launch.Prevented the game in China, because it "intentionally blackened China and the Chinese military image" [1] and received generally negative views by the critics. [2] [3]
              Missions and the story
              The game is divided into missions, and is presented in the story, cut scenes, as shown before and after each task, with the animated characters in a speech given in real time and pre-recorded. This approach is similar to other games in this genre, which does not depend on the video, instead of providing quality similar to the visual appeal and drama, re-use the same engine in the game to make 3D cut scene.Missions and objectives that must be completed before each mission ends.Does not encourage straight forward tactics, with the underground movement and disguise to give the best player category, and ranked the opportunity to stay alive, with the highest possible rank entitled David Jones.Multiple paths exist in each mission, with it being the most obvious and difficult poses some gun battle, because in all the Jones task than anywhere 20-1 until 50-1. Each offers an important opportunity for large groups of enemies to be overcome or sneaked past is detected. Require some missions until the entire operations that are not exposed, without giving any opportunity to the enemies sound the alarm, because the secret strike the name implies.At the beginning of a new game, and can choose the difficulty level, and change the number of bullets Jones takes a death before, the intelligence of the enemy AI and the group, keeping the number of games available.
              Covert operation 
              A player can use a computer available for the map of the area recon mission, since the introduction of satellite image in real time from the terrain with the enemy in the open air, structures, clearly visible, which is also necessary to plan ways to strike, after monitoring the roads and other patrol of the enemy's strategic information. Using binoculars and thermal goggles, and can be located in the nearby enemies, and sometimes even through walls.Jones has been equipped with picks the lock, safe and crackers to be able to forcibly enter any closed room or safe, and give access to a silent and stealthy in the restricted areas and buildings, and access to military secrets or private information, and objects. Remote-controlled CR - 4 explosives are also available for use on a specific ground targets, and this means that large structures can be destroyed safely, from a distance, leaving Jones that are not exposed. Can call the air strikes on some missions, using a laser to determine the label ground targets for bombing.
              Shooting hide 
              During game play, the player has access to a large arsenal of weapons, the real world, including pistols, assault rifles, sniper rifles and light machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades. Although this can not be bought, and can exchange weapons available in the levels of the game with those that have been implemented.Players begin with the missions of certain persistent or carry weapons from previous missions, though, and can get additional weapons to kill enemies, is required of the player to evaluate the tasks in the future and equipping weapons and the most appropriate sentence based on the brief cut scene, and the goals of the list.Such as the prequel session, and was intended realism is paramount in this game, which includes more than 30 minutes like the real world of weapons that look and act just as they do in real life [4], including the rate of fire and load times.
              Silenced weapons, is not available fully in the prequel, such as the G17 - SD, pistols SO COM, and SMG - 2 semi-automatic rifle, sniper rifle, 1SD Paris Saint-Germain, and the empowerment of silence and invisibility even kill from long distances, leaving the enemy is ignorant and Jones that are not exposed completely.
              Heavy weapons such as the A3 - MP5 MP5 - SD3 and sub-machine guns and assault rifles AK - 47, and G36, with faster rates of fire, recharge, and there is a need for more range or power to hit both the gun-battles, which is used normally are at the expense of being detected by enemies near the manifold, thus giving less chance for Jones to stay.
              Balanced weapons such as the Dragunov SVD sniper rifle and M82A1 - T, and a rifle G11, however, provide a balance between the power and stealth. Emission of noise, and can be used so far from great distances, and that means, if used strategically, while under the cover of Jones can be detected while the creation of 1 shot 0.1 - murder rate hit.Lead the implementation and the break is different, based on speed, weight, caliber, and the target material: wood, steel, plastic or flesh, and the meaning that players are able to kill multiple targets with one shot or targets hit right through the cover [5]. Affected not only the goals of the movement, but Jones and also the position of a bribe is calculated for each weapon.Can be only 2 guns in no time and the rest must be left behind, unlike the prequel Jones can carry any number, and encourage critical thinking and understanding of nuclear weapons, because every weapon has different strengths and very side effects. [6] In addition to Had hum chosen, and knife fighting is at all times and is always available for use, which kills without fuss and hand to hand combat when out of ammunition or without guns.

              David Jones: The protagonist of the game as a whole. That is, in fact, one of the best officers in the headquarters of the Iraqi interim government. He is able to accomplish difficult tasks and missions without the help of one, and also the fear that his image as a man does not hesitate to kill his goals in any spot. As described by David as an officer who does not surrender easily, even in cases of danger and emergency, but stands firm in the face and resolve the situation quietly.Robert Quest: Robert appears as one of the opponents in this game. Strong man in his fifties in the early, pioneering the role of veteran Robert David temporary, and testing each one has a place in Russia to get the chips. Unknown to David Robert already secretly cooperated with the Mission Director David in order to obtain a complete set of sheets, drawings, and EMP. When they succeed in getting all the chips on David, Robert betrays him by threatening that he would shoot him if he does not jump, the latter of which David chooses. Robert David was killed in a seaport in Egypt.Phillip White, Director of the Mission; is in fact a good friend to David. David is evidence that he honestly around all the missions in Russia to restore the EMP chips stolen to get the chips for himself and Robert Quest, a close comrade. Both of them have infiltrated the Iraqi interim government for decades and has had great confidence in the agency only to wait for the moment. After a betrayal with Robert David, he and Robert flee in search of safe havens in China, where obedience to the command of General Wu Xing peace and EMP chips to him. Finally, he was killed by General Wu Xing accused of murder of Gen. Robert.Rebecca Anya: Anya is one of the employees working in the agency IGI, although they usually spend more time in front of the screen from director David a new mission after the horrific incident. Have a cold is usually a way of soldiers and do not function properly, causing David to achieve success in every task without further risk or failure.Jach Priboi: middle-aged man, is in fact the old David Jach mind, but did not send him in the past few years. Since the Russian fiasco, had moved Jach illegal arms trade to Libya, where he was held captive by the .

              Libyan intelligence for purposes unknown. While serving to monitor closely in Libya, he faced David unexpectedly, he intends to save it. He is trying his best to h
                        12 Critical Events to Happen Over 40-Day Period From Aug. 21-Sep. 30        

              We are about to witness an extremely unusual convergence of events that many believe could represent a major turning point for our nation. By now you have probably heard that on Aug. 21, a total solar eclipse will move across the entire continental United States for the first time in decades. In fact, we have not seen a total solar eclipse cross from the west coast to the east coast in 99 years. And it will be the very first total solar eclipse that is only visible in this country since the United States first became a nation. Starting with that event, there is going to be a whole lot going on until we reach the end of September. The following are 12 critical events that are going to happen over a 40-day period from Aug. 21 to Sept. 30.

              Aug. 21 – The "great American eclipse" will sweep across portions of Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Seven years later, another very unusual total solar eclipse will move across our nation, and when you plot the paths of both eclipses on a map, they form a giant "X" right over the center of the United States.

              Aug. 23 – A FEMA exercise known as "EarthEX2017" will simulate "catastrophes such as mega earthquakes, cyber terrorism or high altitude electromagnetic pulse attacks":

              An exercise sponsored by FEMA and the U.S. Department of Energy set to take place on Aug. 23 called EarthEX2017 will include wargame responses to catastrophes such as mega earthquakes, cyber terrorism or high altitude electromagnetic pulse attacks.

              The exercise will simulate a "subcontinent-scale, long duration power outage, with cascading failures of all other infrastructures," according to the official Earth Ex website.

              "Black sky events" are defined as, "Catastrophic occurrences caused by man or nature that bring society to its knees."

              Sept. 1 – This marks the start of FEMA's annual "National Preparedness Month."

              Sept. 1 – The U.S. State Department's ban on U.S. citizens traveling into North Korea goes into effect. Many are concerned that this is yet another sign that we are moving toward war with North Korea.

              Sept. 11 – This will be the 16th anniversary of 9/11.

              Sept. 20 – Rosh Hashanah begins at sunset.

              Sept. 21 – The U.N. International Day Of Peace

              Sept. 23 – This is the date of what has become known as "the Revelation 12 sign". If you are not familiar with this alignment yet, the following is a very brief summary:

              On Sept. 23, a unique astronomical alignment of the sun, moon, constellation Virgo, constellation Leo and planets Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and Venus is going to fulfill this passage from the book of Revelation:

              "And a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars. She was pregnant and was crying out in birth pains and the agony of giving birth" (Rev. 12:1-2).

              Sept. 24 – Very important national elections will be held in Germany.

              Sept. 29 – Yom Kippur begins at sunset, and it concludes on Sept. 30. Of course Sept. 30 will be the end of a 40-day period that began back on the day of the Great American Eclipse on Aug. 21

              Sept. 29 – U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says that the debt ceiling will be breached on this day if Congress does not raise it by then.

              Sept. 30 – If Congress does not pass a budget by the end of this day, there will be a government shutdown just like we witnessed in 2013.

              On top of everything else, the month of September is when the Federal Reserve is scheduled to begin unwinding  their $4.5 trillion balance sheet:

              The other big market force that could ruffle markets is clearly the Fed, which is expected to begin the untested task of unwinding its $4.5 trillion balance sheet in September.

              In addition, it is very interesting to note that a large asteroid will come within 4,200 miles of our planet on Oct. 12:

              The asteroid has not been seen since its 2012 discovery, when it sped past Earth at about one-fourth the distance from Earth to the moon. It's been too distant and too faint to be detected over the last five years. As it starts to approach Earth this summer, large telescopes will be used to detect it and re-establish the asteroid's precise trajectory.

              The asteroid, known as 2012 TC4, could come as close as 4,200 miles to Earth, NASA said. That's actually fairly close, when you consider that the moon is about 239,000 miles away.

              So what does all of this mean?

              I don't know, but I am sure that I will receive even more criticism for putting this list together. Those of us that monitor global events and warn about where things are headed are often highly criticized. But in this day and age, we desperately need independent thinkers that are willing to challenge the system. Way too often people just go with the herd and will believe whatever the mainstream media tells them to think.

              Never let someone else do your thinking for you. Investigate things for yourself and come to your own conclusions. Learning to think critically is one of the most important skills that you can have, and you will find that it is one of the most common traits among those that are truly "awake" to what is going on in the world.

              The truth is out there, and if you diligently seek it, you will eventually find it.

                        Preparing for Life Off-the-Grid with Disaster Relief Supply        

              Doomsday prepping has been all-the-rage in recent months, with prophecies of the December 21, 2012 Mayan Apocalypse swirling around the heads of survival enthusiasts. But NBC’s new primetime series “Revolution” presents the idea that the world won’t end, but it may change for the worse. As unlikely as it seems, certain phenomenon like solar flares and electromagnetic pulses can incapacitate electrical devices. To make sure no customer is left in the dark, Disaster Relief Supply recommends products crucial in off-the-grid preparedness.

              (PRWeb September 27, 2012)

              Read the full story at

              Pedophiles Run the Government and No One Gives a Damn - BFP Roundtable

              Mark Phillips and Cathy O'Brien Lecture - Transcript
              from ArchiveTC Website
              recovered though WayBackMachine Website
              Circa 1996


              Our speakers today are interesting people who really have a very controversial story to tell. And it is something that you would call 'mind-boggling'.

              Mark Phillips is from Nashville, Tennessee, aka Gore Country. His vocation has been primarily in the advertising field. He was oriented to medical telemetry, electronics, commercial aviation and national tourism. His skills were in the area of subliminal marketing tools for a subcontractor to the Department of Defense.

              The area of hypnotism used to be a joke, but now we find that it is no longer the entertainment thing that it used to be. It's a very sophisticated business. It is being done on a much larger scale.

              His work with the Department of Defense made him a subliminal persuasion expert. He is recognized in the media nationally and has been interviewed by many people on the subject of mind control. And he is also best known for his help in the recovery of our second speaker, who is Cathy O'Brien.

              Cathy comes from Michigan. She is formerly also with the US Department of Defense. The "MKULTRA-Monarch-CIA-mind control slave", was the expression used. She was a victim of pedophilia in this horror story that was a terrible thing from beginning to end. But thank God it didn't work.

              As you listen to the two speakers, ask yourself this question:

              Is it meant that the leaders of our country take their oath of office and say, "So help me God"?

              Let's give a warm welcome to our speakers this evening.

              We have Mark Phillips who will give us an introduction.

              MARK PHILLIPS

              Thank you John. And thank you all of Granada Forum. You folks really represent what I fantasize will happen all across this great land. As a matter of fact, around the world.

              You've heard a number of speakers in the past that have enlightened you on a variety of subjects. The one tonight - this is very apropos that it be Halloween - this is probably the worst story you've ever heard.

              I spent a great deal of time trying to not want to believe this. But unfortunately, the evidence is that support not only Cathy O'Brien's story, and the other evidences that Senator John DeCamp from the Nebraska cover-up - Franklin cover-up as it's known - support what you are going to be hearing tonight.

              In addition to that, there has been a tremendous amount of information that has surfaced over the past three years, that has come from people who have been on the front lines. Not only therapists, but we have got generals and colonels from all branches of the military, and members of intelligence that have provided us with literally tons of documentation - not only supporting Cathy's story but thousands of others just like her.

              Cathy O'Brien is not unique. I wish she were. Because if she were, I would not be in front of you tonight. Because it would mean that this problem went no further.

              Unfortunately, that is not the case.

              What has happened to Cathy O'Brien is happening all around the world, and it's happening in day-care centers, it's happening in homes - and not homes of Appalachian people who lack any education, or any written language skills, who have been practicing incest for years - this is happening as a result of a very coordinated effort that has come out of the intelligence communities, again, from around the world.

              My role in all of this is relatively simple, but nevertheless complex. I'm going to give you all a background tonight of a few minutes of MKULTRA information.

              I can't, nor can Cathy, discuss what we may surmise are other victims, other than the ones that are the most obvious ones, like Timothy McVeigh. And again, it is not our experience, we have no proof, we only have Mr. McVeigh's admissions and some other information that would support it.

              We've spent about five and a half years on the lecture circuit with law enforcement and mental health. Now that was done to protect us. It was also done to ferret out as much information as we could regarding other survivors, as well as ferreting out information through law enforcement, or I should say cooperative law enforcement who are like you all, they're free-thinkers and they knew something was going on but they didn't understand it.

              I will attempt to give you some background on myself so that you'll have some understanding of how I was able to do what we've accomplished, Cathy and I. But our main concern, of course, remains the same focus, and that is to get this information out to the populace of this country and all the other countries that are affected, and we don't know of many that aren't.

              And also to affect Cathy O'Brien's institutionalized daughter, Kelly. Who, by the way, went into an institution when she was eight years-old, right after I rescued them, and she remains in that institution, or an institutionalized setting to this day.

              I don't know how many of you all can imagine being a child and being raised in a mental institution. But I can assure you, it is not a pretty sight. Even though Kelly has not been mistreated as she had been prior to going in to the institution.

              External control of the mind is not something new. It's thousands of years old. It's recorded in caves, it's recorded - the exact formula for trauma-based mind control - in the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

              Adolf Hitler was particularly interested in mind control and he assigned his right-hand man, Heinrich Himmler, to do some research, particularly on the families of Northern European multi-generational sexually abused, psychologically abused, physically abused children.

              You see, I'm sure each of us understands, those of us that read the Bible and understand its literal interpretation about "the sins of the father", understand what "multigenerational abuse" means. In this case, multigenerational abuse - and that begins by the way at birth - involves horrendous sexual and psychological and physical abuse that is put on these children by their care-givers.

              Adolf Hitler knew that these people who are abused become very, very receptive to external control of their mind. They also develop some incredible abilities - like forty-four times visual acuity. Now I know that it doesn't take a rocket scientist - pardon the pun - to figure out how we could use somebody with forty-four times the average person's visual acuity. It's called Special Forces. Special Forces individuals are screened very carefully.

              Now back when I was working for the Defense Department in a project known as MKULTRA, which was the exact project that Adolf Hitler assigned Himmler to do, on multigenerationally abused children, I saw nothing of what Cathy O'Brien is reporting. I saw no abuse. What I saw in the prison systems and in the mental institutions were people who had a chance to recover their lives and their mind.

              I saw things that were very benevolent. And I really and truly believed the information that I was seeing would eventually reduce our prison and our mental institution populations - dramatically. Because I saw true rehabilitation occur without the use of trauma.

              Well, I was sworn to secrecy on the things that I witnessed, on the equipment that was developed, and I can assure you that in 1967 all the way up through 1973 when I was involved in this research as a Defense Department subcontractor, the equipment that I saw then was 25 to 30 years ahead of anything known on this planet in the private sector.

              I don't know if I was even seeing a portion of what was actually available. I don't know if what I was witnessing represented even a small percentage of what was actually occurring. But I was put into that job after months and months and months of psychological examinations because they knew I could keep a secret. I was given a Defense Department clearance.

              I knew about the Heinrich Himmler studies for Adolf Hitler, and I knew that Adolf Hitler wanted to develop some very serious people to put in places to control various regions in what he called, and what George Bush called, and Nero called, the New World Order.

              You see, Adolf Hitler was not the first, nor was George Bush, to fantasize about this hideous idea of totalitarian government, enslaving the entire globe through mind manipulation.

              Now, mind manipulation comes in a lot of forms. You folks in this room are not falling into one big huge trap, and that is, information control.

              And I again, thank the Granada Forum for bringing Cathy and I in to impart this message, because we need your support. This book (Trance Formation of America) is not distributed through bookstores for the most part. The few bookstores that do handle it, handle it directly with us.

              To guard the integrity of the book so that it would go totally uncensored, we published it ourselves the first time. We now have an opportunity before us because many of the people Cathy has mentioned in the book have been indicted for a variety of reasons, or are facing indictments, or have fled their respective countries, or stepped down from power. For one simple reason: corruption that they could not cover up.

              Now the corruption that we are talking about here goes beyond, I hope, most of your limits of experience. It certainly went beyond mine.

              Adolf Hitler had the largest number of human subjects from which to work and do his horror on. And it was even accepted by most of the people in his country, that these prisoners of war were indeed to be subjected to anything that he chose that would better his country.

              Well, MKULTRA took on the same scientists, because in 1947, when the National Security Act was formed, there was a project developed called Project Paperclip.

              It was a few airlines at that time that were cranked up. Capital International Airlines was one of those airlines. I was vice-president of Capital Airlines for a period of time.

              Well, Cathy O'Brien certainly is a remarkable person, but I can assure you that the prognosis for recovery of someone who has been horribly abused before age five - before the brain is fully formed - the level of recovery is very good.

              These people can lead normal productive lives, even though they've experienced in most cases a lifetime of horrific abuse. That was the thing that surprised me the most.

              Now there are a lot of survivors out there. There are a lot of survivors in various levels of recovery. Cathy is, again, the only one that we know of that is vocal, that has written a book, that's been validated and we haven't been locked up.

              Now, I want everybody in this room to understand that neither Cathy or I are suicidal, and we just came back from Arkansas and I want to tell you - Cathy and I were invited over there, spent 4 days with the investigators, because they had found one chapter of her book that they were actually able to validate.

              I said,

              "Well, give it to me in print."

              And they said,

              "Well, we can't do that."

              And I said,

              "Well, okay, can I use this recording?"

              I was only joking... They patted me down before I went in. But no, these people are what I consider friends, of yours and mine.

              Now, if there any CIA operatives in this room, you don't have to hold up your hand, but I'll tell you where I stand, I want you to come see me alone, particularly if you're trying to disrupt what we're doing, because this information that Adolf Hitler was developing, we developed through Project Paperclip.

              Project Paperclip was the importation of Nazi and fascist scientists into this country after World War II that saturated our universities, saturated our Fortune 500 corporations, saturated NASA, it built NASA, and it has infiltrated every aspect of society with its filth! Filth in child pornography, filth in blood rituals and hideous religious beliefs that involve human sacrifice - anything to traumatize the mind.

              I'm approached by a number of avid researchers who say, "Well, this is Satan behind it". Well, I want to tell you, these are people behind it, because I worked for the airline that brought these folks in. I had no idea what I was involved in but I was recruited by Capital International Airways for the purposes that I could keep my mouth shut and I worked on a need-to-know basis.

              Most operatives do not know who they are working for. There are over 86,000 of them in this country. Now you divide that by 50 and see what you come up with. This place is crawling with Big Brother.

              The KGB never had that many functioning operatives in high levels as we do in this country. "1984", George Orwell's book, really was a grim prophecy that has come true.

              Most people are saying,

              "We've got to stop this New World Order from taking over".

              Its already here. We're in it.

              Now let's understand who the players are, and some of their tools.

              Mind control, whether it be trauma-based mind control to develop a totally robotic human being, is one type. Fortunately, it requires a great deal of horrible trauma that somebody's got to put on to these people. And it requires something more that just pushing a button or a console.

              There is equipment available now that we cannot protect ourselves from. And the amazing part about this equipment is that it is available to everyone in this room. I don't quite understand the philosophy about making pain-field generators and another device called an MDD1, which uses a dual-coil electromagnetic pulse system, which affects our cerebral cortex - stops logical thought.

              You couldn't balance your checkbook if one of these things was turned on nor could you think to turn it off. Any more than Cathy O'Brien could have thought to have walked away from her victimization.

              This is not the 'beaten wife syndrome'. This has nothing to do with an economic situation. This has something to do with robotic mind control.

              There are tons and tons of documents... "Trance Formation of America" is a book, our book, an autobiography, Cathy's autobiography... I wrote the first four or five chapters, to give you a briefing. But what this book contains is her life - that which we can validate. When this book was printed we had over 27,000 documents. 27,000 documents fit into 5 filing cabinets. We now have over 3 tons of paperwork!

              General Russell Bowen, who was one of the originators, and he's set up Operation Watchtower, the CIA's drug operation - by the way, how many of you believe that the Central Intelligence Agency is the world's largest drug dealer? (Mark raises his hand in the affirmative).

              Okay... So that makes our country the largest drug dealer on the face of the Earth. And I resent this. I know now why the intelligence community did not want me for an officer. I know now why I was not privy to some of the stuff that I am now unfortunately very privy to. Because I think I'd have blown the whistle on them. There's a lot of whistleblowers out here now.

              I'm not into this. I was hired because I could keep secrets. This is against my programming. But I can assure you of this - it would be against God and everything that I am if I didn't get up here and talk and present Cathy O'Brien so that she can present her story.

              Cathy and I are really humbled by the number of people that we see who would have done the same thing. And people come up and say,

              "Oh man, we really appreciate what you are doing". And I say, "Well thank you. I appreciate hearing that".

              I even appreciate it when I hear people say,

              "This is hard to believe. I'm going to look at this book and I'm going to look at these documents".

              I tell them,

              "Please, please do this".

              Look in the back of our book and you'll get a thumbnail sketch of some books that you can get that are written by doctors, intelligence officers and a number of other concerned professionals who present the elements of what Cathy experienced.

              This is good news because I wouldn't have one ounce of credibility as far as MKULTRA goes if this didn't come out, and I couldn't even tell you the codename. In 1977, the 95th US Congress met to address an issue that a Dr. Ewen Cameron - the founder of the American Psychiatric Association (APA), the lobby group in Washington that controls what doctors do for our heads when we run into trouble...

              Psychiatry is the youngest of all the healing arts and it is the most primitive of them all. The information that therapists are provided with by their lobby has been carefully screened. Information on rehabilitating victims of mind control is not only scarce but it has required some incredible efforts by some brave individuals who wound up getting sued because they could not violate the civil rights of the individual that they were treating.

              The situation with Cathy and I was very different. I wasn't a doctor. I wasn't a psychiatrist. I had no insurance or practice or license to protect. So I kept Cathy from reading newspapers. You see, when I rescued her on February 8th 1988, she didn't know her name, how old she was or where she'd been.

              I'd seen this with people involved in espionage and I immediately thought that Cathy had been an information courier, even though she was dressed like a prostitute, walked like a prostitute and talked like someone who was leading a Christian choir somewhere. It was such a conflict, I couldn't quite grasp this contrast, until I was given a great deal of information from some people involved in intelligence in this country and abroad. I was fed a treatment modality that would ultimately lead to putting Cathy O'Brien free again for the second time in her life. The first time was when she was born and it stopped right there!

              Cathy O'Brien had been a victim of the most horrendous abuse system known to man. The type of mind control that Adolf Hitler thought that he could use on certain individuals to put them in positions of extraordinary power whilst having invisible strings - a master puppeteer to their minds and what they said.

              I don't know if we have politicians like that now or not. Because it seems like you don't have to put them under mind control, they'll do anything that corrupt members of Congress persuade them to do. I've known several corrupt congressmen that didn't have to be blackmailed with sex, that didn't have to be enticed with money, or drugs. They just simply were corrupt.

              You see, a sociopath is a very outgoing individual. Leaders. Unfortunately, sociopaths have no conscience, no expression of soul. They do not relate to anyone else's pain except that it gives them pleasure.

              MKULTRA was designed and had many sub-projects for developing the perfect soldier, the perfect espionage agent, things that I was told would cover an area of our national security that no soldier and no diplomat could possibly cover.

              No one told me that we were using them as drug mules and prostitutes. No one told me that we were using them for breeders so that children could be provided for sheikhs, world leaders. No one told me that we were using them for money laundering operations.

              When I rescued Cathy and her daughter it took me a year to put Cathy back together literally, with a whole lot of help, and a whole lot of love. Other therapists don't have that latitude. They can't love their patients. They can't keep them away from telephones, newspapers and TVs. And they wind up getting contaminated because they are highly suggestible. They see an ad for fried chicken, they can smell it.

              Now, I dreamed as an ad-man to be able to produce ads like that. I worked real hard just to get somebody to go, "Nice ad". But nobody ever drooled on any pages that I ever put out. And I used subliminal. I used a form of neurolinguistics. Those of you who don't know about neuro-linguistic programming should learn.

              Tony Robbins is an advocate of neuro-linguistic programming and he teaches it. Matter of fact, he taught George Bush and he taught Bill Clinton. And there's nothing wrong with Tony Robbins, he's not a bad guy. He's a smart businessman. And any smart businessman these days knows the value of neurolinguistics - or the language of the unconscious. To me it's the subconscious.

              The language of the subconscious provided many of the codes, keys and triggers to unlock all the rest of the doors in Cathy's mind that pertained specifically to her abuse. It gave me information like bank account numbers first. And by the way I am nothing more than a hacker. And instead of going around and looting the bank accounts and having to hide for the rest of my natural life in luxury, I took them to the FBI. Not because I knew they were clean or dirty, it's because I didn't want them to kill me over it.

              I provided everything that's in this book over a period of three and a half years to every state federal and local law enforcement agency that was directly involved with this case. And the names of over a thousand agencies and people are in this book.

              I wanted to get this before Congress, like what happened in the 95th US Congress in 1977, when the wife of a Canadian cabinet member had gone in to a mental hospital in Montreal, where Dr. Ewen Cameron was practicing, and she came out as a vegetable. The cabinet member was incensed on trying to find out what had happened to his wife. They put her through horrific electroshock tortures and every other conceivable torture - drugs, hypnosis.

              Unfortunately, many, many others were involved in Dr. Ewen Cameron's experiments. Of those recovered ones, I'm in touch with two and these people are highly functional and one of them will be doing the same thing we are in the very near future.

              I don't know of any in this country that have recovered to the point that Cathy O'Brien has because no doctor can dedicate 16-18 hours of every day, day in, day out, seven days a week, and violate every civil right that they've got, and get away with it legally. Nor can they have their patients legally go into the safe of their handler and pull out their diaries.

              By the way, in one of the diaries, it's got Bill Clinton's home phone number, it's got Dick Thornburgh on a coke deal for $20,000, and the list goes on.

              This is a small group, gang. If you consider the population of the United States, it's so fractional - these bad guys that are in control of all of us - that we wonder what on Earth could they be doing?  

              How does Clinton survive all of these attacks against him?

              How did George Bush survive the attacks against him? Well he didn't. He went out of office. But I don't believe anything changed. I believe the guy that he had for his replacement did exactly what he wanted him to do. Like start out with NAFTA and GATT. We are, as David Icke so eloquently said, a one-party system.

              There are ways to change that. And there are a number of people who are making some very positive efforts in that direction. But that's their job.

              My job and Cathy's job is to stand before groups like you, very nervous, because we want to make sure that the information will excite you enough to go out and talk about it, or go out and investigate it and talk about it some more.

              We attempt to get our books out by the case. And they get real cheap when you buy a case of them. One box of 36 books - $232. And we deliver them.

              This book is information. It is truth. And it is truth that will set us free.

              I am absolutely intent on the idea that the information contained in this book will indeed reach the eyes of those who can see. And the information on this video will reach the ears and eyes of those who can hear and see truth, so that they will get out and wonder why Sirhan Sirhan had the same psychiatrist - Jolyon West - as Lee Harvey Oswald, Timothy McVeigh.

              Now, this guy's real popular. He's right down here at UCLA. He was also the first person to call me on my unlisted, unpublished, fake name telephone, out in the boonies, outside Anchorage, Alaska, after I had rescued Cathy and her daughter.

              And a woman by the name of Margaret Singer, who may be a friend of one or two of you out there, but I don't miss a chance to bring out the fact that she was the one that sent another character in on us up there.

              I wasn't connected well enough to be told not to do anything on my own, and at the time I was absolutely out of mind from hearing this stuff. I was suffering from what is known as post-traumatic stress disorder. I was shell-shocked from hearing what Cathy and Kelly were telling me.

              And then I was showing this information to members of the intelligence community and members of other branches of federal law enforcement who validated it for me... Thank you.

              I apologize to everybody who buys our book and reads it. Because I tried to make my portion of it informative enough to where it wouldn't hurt you. And I told Cathy that she had to include enough detail in the book such as anatomical details of her alleged abusers so that we could get them into court and make them drop their pants.

              That kind of leads me into the presenter for the second oldest profession - now who was first? It's a long debate in the intelligence community whether prostitutes or spies came first.

              At this point I would like to introduce Cathy O'Brien, the person who rescued my spirituality. I wasn't a bad guy but I needed that extra push, and I'm mighty proud to have been with her for over eight years now.

              CATHY O'BRIEN

              I want to thank each and every one of you for coming out here tonight, to arm yourselves with knowledge about a tool that's being covertly used to usher in what Adolf Hitler and George Bush term New World Order... That is, mind control.

              I've enjoyed talking with quite a few of you earlier this evening, pertaining to how mind control has affected some of you or some of your loved ones. Mind control is very prevalent in this country and around the world.

              These criminals that are in control of our country operate on the philosophy that secret knowledge equals power. Many government secrets and personal reputations were staked on the belief that I could not be deprogrammed to remember those things that I was supposed to forget. They were wrong.

              For, as intelligent as these perpetrators are, they are limited in their thinking by their own immorality. They don't have wisdom. They don't think deep. And they never consider the strength of the human spirit.

              They never considered what would happen when a good man like Mark Phillips gained knowledge of their secrets and used them to restore a mind, rather than control one.

              I know that I am extremely fortunate to have survived my CIA, MKULTRA, White House, Pentagon-level trauma-based mind control victimization. Now that I'm in control of my own mind, and ultimately my free will, I'm telling. I'm telling everything that I witnessed and saw and heard and photographically recorded behind the scenes of this New World Order effort. By telling their secrets, their power is eroding.

              I also speak out to give voice to the many, many mind control victims and survivors out there who can't think to speak out and tell what they know and what they've endured. I speak out for the sake of my daughter, Kelly, who is now 16 years old and is a political prisoner in the custody of the state of Tennessee, where she is being denied any rehabilitation, due to the political affluence of her abusers.

              She is counting on Mark and I to get this word out on her behalf.

              For Kelly's sake and for your sake, Mark and I have gone to great lengths with the facts and the truths that are listed in our book, Trance Formation of America. Trance Formation of America is self-published - uncensored - so that you can have the facts that you have a right to know and a need to know.

              These truths have been covered up and kept from us for a long time under a blanket of so-called national security. This is the same blanket of national security that has prevented us from obtaining justice despite the extensive evidences and documentation we have.

              We have over 27,000 documents and evidences: government insider testimony, medical records, more than enough evidence for any legal procedure in this country, including congressional. But this blanket of national security has stopped us from obtaining justice.

              It's time for truth to prevail. It's time that these truths were brought to light for the sake of humanity as we know it.

              I'd like to begin by defining mind control, by my experience.

              I realize that my experience was extreme - that the extensive, total robotic, absolute mind control I endured is more limited than the kind of mind control that is proliferating in society. Mind control has kind of a sliding scale, where you've got the total robotic mind control on one side and you've got mind control that is proliferating such as in occultism in this country, or Global Education 2000, where children are losing their freedom of thought and their ability to critically analyze.

              There are so many different aspects of society that are affected by mind control in varying degrees. It's imperative that this information gets out and as I explain my victimization, it certainly can be applied to all different facets of mind control and mind manipulation. And as Mark and I have heard so many, many times from people who have read the book and who have heard us speak out, that this is a thread that is tying things together.

              All of a sudden this whole New World Order is making sense. The erosion of constitutional values, the erosion of morality in this country, all of a sudden it begins to make sense when we learn about mind control.

              I was born in 1957, in Muskegon, Michigan, to a multi-generational incest-based family. This means my father was sexually abused as a child, my mother was sexually abused as a child, and they were sexually abusing me. My father sexually abused me as far back as I can remember. And I've often heard him state that he began substituting his penis for my mother's nipple while I was still an infant.

              I tell you this so you can understand that my sexuality was confused at infancy. It was put into an area of my brain that's much like survival, like eating and drinking would be. I tell you these facts so that you can be better armed and understand what's happening in society, and name names.

              Mark and I name names in our book. Not so that I can say that I was in the White House with so and so, I mean I miss the whole glamour part. But this is so you know who the problem is and where these problems lie.

              The sexual abuse that I was enduring was so horrific that I developed dissociative identity disorder. This used to be termed multiple personality disorder and I'm so glad they've changed it to dissociative identity disorder because it really more aptly describes the compartmentalization that occurs when a person endures trauma that is literally too horrible to comprehend.

              Even though I couldn't understand that what my father was doing was morally wrong, the pain and the suffocation of his abuse was so extensive that I developed dissociative identity disorder.  

              It certainly was incomprehensible - there was no place for it in my mind to deal with such horror. Therefore, I developed a compartment in my brain, a little area behind amnesic barriers that was actually the neuron pathways shutting down in my brain in order to compartmentalize the memory of abuse so that the rest of my mind could function normally, as though nothing had happened.

              So, if I'd seen my father at the dinner table, I didn't remember sexual abuse, but as soon as he unzipped his pants, the part of me, the part in my brain that knew how to deal with that abuse, the neuron pathways actually physically opened up so that that part of my mind could deal with my father again and again and again as needed.

              I certainly had a lot of experiences within that compartment that dealt with my father's abuse, but I did not have a full range of perceptions, I had a very limited perception, a very limited view. Therefore, I'm so glad it's not termed 'personality' anymore.

              I developed another compartment within my brain to deal with my mother's abuse. Her abuse was primarily psychological. She suffered from dissociative identity disorder herself and I don't hold her accountable for her actions the way that I do my father, who was fully aware of what he was doing.

              My mother, in spite of her inability to control herself, destroyed any remnants of self-esteem that I might have developed. And her abuse was so horrific that I developed another compartment in my brain just to deal with my mother.

              I developed another compartment to deal with the child pornography that my father was subjecting me to. He was earning his living as a worm-digger on a sixth grade education and supplemented the family income with child pornography that was being distributed through the local Michigan Mafia pornography ring.

              At that time, there was a criminal faction of our government that was interested in targeting children such as myself for mind control, because this compartmentalization of memory was something that they deemed ideal for keeping government secrets.

              After all, if I couldn't think to remember, how could I tell about it? Additionally, people who suffer from dissociative identity disorder develop a photographic memory behind those amnesic barriers because the brain has a defense mechanism that when trauma occurs it photographically records events surrounding trauma.

              An example of this would be that many of you who are old enough to remember when John F. Kennedy was assassinated: most people know exactly where they were and what they were doing. This was an event that traumatized the nation and this exemplifies how the mind photographically records events surrounding trauma.

              So behind these amnesic barriers, I had a photographic memory which the government deemed ideal for programming. That way I could deliver messages to and from government leaders or, in my case, also drug lords who were involved in funding the black budget and funding the New World Order controls.

              They were interested in programming me so that I would deliver the messages verbatim. When I delivered messages, I delivered exactly what I was told, using the voice inflections of my abusers, with no conscious comprehension of what I was even saying. I was just a tape recorder, parroting out exactly what I had been told.

              Another aspect that the government was interested in was that, as a dissociative identity disorder person, I had no concept of time, because I was going from compartment to compartment to compartment in my brain with no memory of what had happened before. Therefore, I had no ability to keep track of time and the concept of it was just absolutely impossible. If I didn't know what I was doing earlier, I wouldn't know to be tired while I was overdoing something else. Therefore, a person who suffers from dissociative identity disorder has extensive physical endurance - just superhuman strength and ability to keep going and going and going.

              Dissociative identity disorder persons also develop a 44 time visual acuity. Very often that's why you see them wide-eyed, with the whites around their eyes, because they are actually taking in more of their surroundings than the average person, 44 times more detail than the average person sees. That certainly makes them perfect marksmen for mercenary operations or for intelligence.

              I was a 'chosen one', or a prime candidate, for mind control because of the sexual abuse that I had endured. My sexuality had been enhanced; therefore, I was used as a sex slave and also delivered messages to and from these government leaders.

              At that time, because this criminal faction of our government was so interested in dissociative identity disorder persons, they knew that any child who was subjected to child pornography had to have endured trauma so horrible that they had to be suffering from that disorder.

              Therefore, this criminal faction of our government sanctioned this child pornography ring so that they could identify and target children such as myself for the project.

              At that time, the local Michigan Mafia politician who was protecting this pornography ring was a guy named Gerald Ford. This is the same Gerald Ford that went on to become the first unelected President of the United States.

              I never perceived his political affluence, I only perceived him as another abuser like my father, because Gerald Ford also sexually abused me as a child and sexually abused me right on through my mind control victimization until Mark rescued my daughter Kelly and I in 1988.

              Gerald Ford is not a pedophile per se, he is what I refer to as trysexual - he'll try anything, any age, anybody, anytime, anywhere, just as long as he had control, because he had a perversion of power in addition to his interest in mind control.

              It was Gerald Ford who came up to our house and explained to my father how to raise me in the project according to government specifications. My father had been caught sending this child pornography through the US mail and therefore he was approached and told that if he sold me into that project, he would gain immunity from prosecution.

              My father remains free from prosecution to date, for so-called "reasons of national security". My father thought it was just absolutely wonderful and immediately sold me into the project. He felt like the government condoned child abuse. So did I. My father went on to have five more children to raise in the project, so there were seven of us in all. The rest are still awaiting freedom.

              Once my father agreed to sell me into the project, I was taken routinely to Mackinac Island, Michigan, which is a political retreat where the Michigan governors mansion is located. It was a Bohemian Grove of sorts, where the politicians met and discussed New World Order controls and mind control. Mind control of the masses... Mind control in the school systems... How to use occultism as a trauma base...

              One of my sexual abusers at that time was the Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Trudeau. Pierre Trudeau is a professed Jesuit. Now the Jesuits are an intelligence arm of the Catholic Vatican. There is a criminal faction within these Jesuits.

              I am certainly not saying all Catholics are bad, nor am I saying all CIA's bad, nor all politicians. There is good and bad in everything. But, nevertheless, Pierre Trudeau represented this criminal faction of the Catholic Jesuits who believed in mind control of the masses, because they wanted to be the One World Church in the New World Order.

              The money that was being brought in through the Church was funding New World Order controls.

              Another sexual abuser of mine was then Michigan Senator, and later US Congressman, Guy Vander Jagt. This is the same Guy Vander Jagt that went on to head the Republican National Committee which put George Bush into the office of President.

              It was at Mackinac Island, Michigan, when I was thirteen years old, that I was dedicated to the Senator who had become my owner in this mind control project. That is US Senator, Robert C. Byrd. Senator Byrd is a Democrat from West Virginia, and again you'll notice as I reveal any names that this doesn't have anything to do with party lines - Democrats and Republicans both are involved, because it is not about party lines, it is about who's for a New World Order and who's not.

              Nevertheless, Senator Byrd has been in office, he's still in office today, he's been head of our Senate Appropriations Committee, which means he held the purse strings of our country. He decided where money would be spent.

              And I know, from having witnessed and experienced and saw so much behind the scenes, that Senator Byrd was appropriating money in directions that would allow for New World Order controls.

              Not only that, but my father, for having sold me into this project, was granted a lucrative military contract for making camshafts for military automobiles and all. My father became extremely wealthy on a sixth grade education.

              Senator Byrd, as my owner, would decide where I should go, when, what operations I would be forced to carry out during the Reagan-Bush administration, what places I should be taken to specifically for mind control programming... Senator Byrd directed all of my activities.

              Also around that time, I had made my First Communion, in Muskegon St. Francis of Assisi Church. Having made my First Communion, I also endured an extra ritual after that that was referred to as the "rite to remain silent".

              This involved Congressman Vander Jagt and the head of our church at that time, a Father Don. They subjected me to an occult blood ritual. This was so horrific, this reversal of the Catholic Mass, it confused my mind because when a person is operating on a subconscious level they are so traumatized that consciously there's no place for what they are enduring.

              The subconscious mind has no ability to discern and to question and reason the same way that the conscious mind does. And this reversal of the Catholic Mass into occultism just made it all seem to run together in my mind.

              It was so absolutely horrible that my mind readily accepted the mind manipulation that I endured afterwards - a hypnotic language, the neurolinguistic programming, mind control programming, that actually changed the way that my brain was functioning.

              You know that part of my brain that I said would open up to deal with my father's abuse again and again? They changed that, so that they decided when, where and how that particular compartment in my brain would be opened and accessed.

              They replaced the triggering mechanism with hypnotic codes, keys and triggers, hand signals, there's also phone tones that can open those neuron pathways and give access to the compartmentalized memories as well.

              With this rite to remain silent, I also had a silence in my head after that, because up until that time I heard my own voice arguing back and forth, back and forth, with all these different perceptions from the different compartments in order that I could formulate some kind of a decision about things.

              I remember before the rite to remain silent that I had some free thoughts of my own and I had hoped for a place in the world where people didn't abuse each other. I had hoped to have ten children that I knew would be at least ten children in this world that weren't abused. I had hoped for those things, but with the rite to remain silent I lost my capacity, my ability for free-will thinking.

              I lost my ability to even hope anymore. I lost all free will entirely. This rite to remain silent silenced this argument that always went on in my head and, instead, all I ever heard from that point on was the voices of my abusers directing me, telling me exactly what it was that I was supposed to do. I could have only robotically followed those instructions and carried them out.

              By the time I was ready for high school, Senator Byrd ordered that I be sent to Muskegon Catholic Central High School. At that time there was an enormous emergence of information that Catholics had long since learned the effects of trauma on the human mind.

              They had learned it and kept records of it for so many years from such things as the Spanish Inquisition and other aspects where people who didn't follow the belief systems were wiped out. The Crusaders had also recorded a lot of information pertaining to trauma on the human mind.

              This information was being merged with the Hitler/Himmler research that the CIA had taken and had been advancing on. The combination of the merging of the information was very powerful. Muskegon Catholic Central was a place where this information was being brought together.

              It was at Catholic Central that the very basis, the very groundwork for Global Education 2000 was being implemented. There are many different names for the program which is being implemented in our school systems, that is being forced on our children by the federal government.

              Global Education 2000 was designed to increase our children's learning capacity while decreasing their ability to critically analyze. That way they would just readily accept whatever they were told without any question and just take all the information in.

              At Catholic Central I got straight A's. I did really good in school because I was photographically recording everything in class. I endured occult ritual in the school chapel, as did numerous other students in the school... I certainly wasn't the only one.

              As a matter of fact, by that time I really thought that the whole world was involved in this kind of abuse. By then, my whole environment was saturated with it. This occultism, this trauma, created the photographic recording of all that I learned in school. Of course I had no ability to critically analyze or to creatively use it in any way, but the information was sure in there.

              It was while I was at Catholic Central that Gerald Ford went into the office of President. I had been conditioned by that time to believe that I had no place to run and no place to hide. This is a phrase that is used to lock in mind control victims of varying levels, that there is no place to run, no place to hide, we're watching you. I certainly felt like I had no place to run and no place to hide.

              Who would I turn to? I couldn't turn to my parents. I couldn't turn to my church. I couldn't turn to my school. I couldn't turn to the local politicians. And now I couldn't even turn to the President of the United States!

              I truly felt locked in. Which was exactly what they wanted for total control of my mind.

              Of course, since then I have learned otherwise. And Mark wisely taught me, while I was in the deprogramming process, that I did have a place to run... Right at them. And I had no need to hide... Obviously, they do, by the way. They are covering up all their acts with the national security blanket.

              After I graduated from high school, Senator Byrd ordered that I be moved to Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville was heavily involved in mind control at that time through the country music industry and, above all, the proliferation of CIA cocaine operations within the country music industry were already in full swing. The political corruption in Tennessee was just all the way to the top.

              The country music industry provided a cover for mind control slaves like myself to be taken around the country to the various places designated, and also to distribute and deliver the large quantities of CIA cocaine that was coming in to the country.

              It is my experience that the CIA's so-called "war on drugs" is no more than the CIA eliminating their competition as they take over the drug industry worldwide. They took their 'war on drugs' to our street corners and turned our streets into a blood bath.

              The country music industry provided the cover for distributing the cocaine, so Senator Byrd wanted me to be within the country music industry. Besides that, he fancied himself an entertainer of sorts and he fiddled on the Grand Ole Opry from time to time.

              When I was first sent to Nashville, Gerald Ford was playing on the Opry that night and he had a musician behind him, a guy named Wayne Cox. Wayne Cox later told me that playing music behind Senator Byrd wasn't the only way that he backed him, but that he backed him politically as well.

              After the Opry that night I endured an occult ritual again... Occultism is oftentimes used as a trauma base for mind control. Who can comprehend that kind of a trauma? Blood rituals, absolutely horrible, and it is a perfect trauma base for mind control, for the compartmentalization of memory.

              I witnessed Wayne Cox murder a railroad bum down at Nashville's Union Station. It was abandoned at that time and there were bums around, and he shot him right between the eyes and cut off both of his hands, which was Cox's MO for murder.

              After this blood ritual, I was programmed that Wayne Cox would be my first handler in MKULTRA mind control. As my handler, Wayne Cox would follow Senator Byrd's directions and instructions.

              Above all, he would be subjecting me to more trauma - sufficient to satisfy the numerous compartments that Senator Byrd wanted developed in my brain for mind control programming so that I could carry out various operations during the Reagan-Bush administration.

              I endured numerous occult rituals after that.

              Wayne Cox at that time was working directly under the direction of Louisiana Senator J. Bennett Johnston and he took me to his home town in Chatham, Louisiana. J. Bennett Johnston, at that time, was heavily involved in mind control operations because he was running a band of mercenaries out of Louisiana.

              At that time this band of mercenaries were going in and out of South America. There were a lot of arms deals going on. And most importantly, when the aeroplanes would fly these guys down to South America, they would come back full of cocaine, which was being distributed on our streets.

              Wayne Cox was triggering these mercenaries into operation by showing them a severed hand from another one of his victims, which re-traumatized them into the occult ritual that they had already endured and accessed a specific compartment of their brain. And he told them that J. Bennett Johnston wanted them to "give him a hand". He would then give them instructions and the guys would follow them through.

              At that time, it was 1978, and it was determined that I had endured sufficient trauma to carry out my first trial run operation.

              An enormous quantity of cocaine had been flown in on one of these operations, and I was to deliver it into the neighboring state of Arkansas. By that time, Bill Clinton's drug operation was in full swing. He was governor of Arkansas.

              I delivered this cocaine to a remote airport on Ouachita Forest, which I have since identified as Mena Airport. I also delivered a little packet of information and a small quantity of cocaine, a personal stash from J. Bennett Johnston to Bill Clinton. I delivered it to Bill Clinton and he cut out two lines of the coke, and he did inhale!

              That certainly wasn't the only time I saw Bill Clinton using cocaine.

              My sexual experience with Bill Clinton was extremely limited, in spite of the fact that I was a sex slave. It was my experience that Bill Clinton is bisexual, leaning far more towards a homosexual, and all I have ever seen him involved in is homosexual activity with very limited experience with him myself.

              Whereas, my experience was much more prevalent with Hillary Clinton because Hillary is also bisexual, leaning more towards a homosexual. It was Hillary Clinton who accessed my sex programming to fulfill her perversions.

              Around this same time, J. Bennett Johnston subjected me to some other mind manipulation that involved, instead of an occult theme, an alien theme.

              Now these guys who were manipulating my mind and programming me for mind control purposes, and these criminals in control of our country as well, claimed to be gods, demons and aliens in order that I feel totally helpless, in order that I felt they were beyond my realm to affect. It certainly worked at that time.

              J. Bennett Johnston told me that he was an alien. He told me that he'd been part of the Philadelphia Experiment, and when the ship disappeared it came back a spaceship.

              This is in keeping with an air/water mirror theme that NASA uses quite frequently. A reversal. Because, again, the subconscious mind doesn't have any reasoning capacity.

              J. Bennett Johnston then showed me, in his office at General Dynamics, a then top secret stealth. Here was this triangular stealth that wasn't in any of the school books, wasn't being talked about anywhere, wasn't out in the newspapers or anything else, it was being withheld, it was still a top secret weapon system.

              It looked like a spaceship to me. I'd never seen anything like that. And everything J. Bennett Johnston was doing and was involved in was certainly alien to me. So it was easy for me to accept the idea that what was happening was in fact being perpetrated by aliens.

              I'm not saying that there's no such thing as aliens... That would be foolish of me. But what I am saying is that it was my experience that these were people claiming to be aliens.

              If there is a reality out there pertaining to any alien influence, we need to sort out the government misinformation and disinformation and mind manipulation techniques that they are using. I know for a fact that the plan is to make all of us feel totally helpless, that what's happening is beyond our realm to affect because we've been taken over by aliens, that our Independence Day is dawning. So, beware of that.

              Understand that those criminals have been keeping information and technology from us under the blanket of national security. They are 25 years ahead of us at least technologically. Can you imagine what they've got now? What's happened that you are aware of in the last 25 years?

              Microwave ovens, we've got computerization, and they've had access to all of that to continue their own advancements. They are way ahead.

              So when they say, "It's aliens, it's aliens", and they show us some incredible technology, don't fall into the trap of feeling totally helpless, that this is beyond our realm to affect.

              Superstition begins where knowledge leaves off, and they have been keeping knowledge from us for a long time. People have all kinds of belief systems, and I'm sure each one of you has various and different belief systems as well.

              Regardless of what your belief system is, it is imperative that you know that these criminals are people. They are within our realm to affect. They need to be held accountable for their actions and their crimes against humanity.

              It was 1980 when my daughter Kelly was born. She was born directly into the MKULTRA mind control project, on a much higher level, a much more sophisticated technological level than I was subjected to. In addition to trauma, she was subjected to harmonic mind control programming on NASA installations, literally since birth, before her brain even had a chance to form.

              As soon as Kelly was born, Senator Byrd figured I'd been traumatized enough by that time and ordered that we be transferred back to Nashville to carry out operations during the Reagan administration. But being within the country music industry, we had a second handler, his name was Alex Houston.

              Alex Houston is a ventriloquist, stage hypnotist in the country music industry. Above all, he carries out criminal covert CIA operations that fund the black budget, and this certainly included bringing in large quantities of cocaine and distributing them throughout the United States and Canada.

              He was working at that time and provided a cover for me to be taken throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean for these criminal covert operations. As my handler, he took me to various military and NASA installations for mind control programming, for specific operations that I was forced to participate in.

              These operations I won't have time to get into tonight, but are detailed in our book Trance Formation of America. And they involve such leaders as the president of Mexico at that time, De la Madrid, and ex-president Salinas.

              It was my experience that, in 1984... There is a CIA trauma base, near-death trauma center, that is located in Lampe, Missouri. It is called the Swiss Villa Amphitheater. They bring certain involved country music acts in to bring large quantities of cocaine or bring the cocaine out for distribution.

              Because Lampe, Missouri is just across the Arkansas line and is very much a part of Bill Clinton's cocaine operation. And it was in full swing at that time.
                        Obama, Clinton and Fertilizing a Nuclear North Korea How leftist fantasies and appeasement put America in nuclear jeopardy. Matthew Vadum        
              After Barack Obama’s eight long years of gutting America’s missile-defense capabilities, our nation has awakened to the nightmare of a North Korea armed with nuclear missiles capable of reaching U.S. territory. Fortunately, Donald Trump, who, unlike his predecessor, takes his responsibility to defend the nation seriously, now resides in the White House, and Obama, one in a series of Democrat presidents who cleared the way for the nuclear adventurism of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), is on the outside looking in. "North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States," President Trump told reporters yesterday after applauding the unanimous weekend approval of the toughest U.N. Security Council sanctions resolution against North Korea to date. "They will be met with fire, fury, and frankly power the likes of which this world has never seen before." Defense Secretary James “Mad Dog” Mattis issued a statement urging North Korea to back off or suffer the consequences. “The DPRK should cease any consideration of actions that would lead to the end of its regime and the destruction of its people," he said. "While our State Department is making every effort to resolve this global threat through diplomatic means, it must be noted that the combined allied militaries now possess the most precise, rehearsed, and robust defensive and offensive capabilities on Earth." But not all of the blame for the status quo can be assigned to Democrats. North Korea has long massed troops near the border with South Korea, effectively holding the population of nearby Seoul and other densely-populated areas hostage. The DPRK is thought to have the ability to quickly assault and subdue a large chunk of South Korea, with devastating consequences for the populace. The Korean War itself began June 25, 1950 but never technically ended. Hostilities were suspended when representatives from both countries signed an armistice agreement on July 27, 1953. The “final peaceful settlement” envisioned in the pact never happened. The U.S. was a major party to the armed conflict and it still has troops stationed on the Korean Peninsula. “I think, basically, since the end of the Korean War, we’ve had a succession of administrations – Republican and Democratic – who have faced a very unhappy reality, Center for Security Policy President Frank Gaffney told SiriusXM host Raheem Kassam on Wednesday’s “Breitbart News Daily” show. “And that is the massive, if uneven, shall we say, North Korean military … so closely positioned at the Demilitarized Zone to Seoul, the capital of South Korea, that at will, from a standing start, they could essentially devastate the 24 or so million people who live in and around that capital city.” Kim Jong-un “greatly accelerated the development and testing programs of all ranges of North Korea’s missile systems,” according to Bruce Klingner, a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation. “During his five years in power, he has overseen three times as many missile launches as his father did during his eighteen-year reign.” Kim wouldn’t actually have to incinerate a U.S. population center to inflict devastating damage on the nation. There is some evidence that the North Koreans have the ability to detonate a nuclear weapon on a satellite in orbit over U.S. territory in order to create an EMP, or electromagnetic pulse. An EMP could take the nation’s electric grid offline and fry the circuitry of everything from automobiles to smartphones to toasters.
                        What is an EMP?        
              An EMP, or electromagnetic pulse, is a burst of electromagnetic energy capable of knocking out electrical systems. In this episode of TechStuff, Jonathan and Chris discuss how much damage a large-scale EMP could do.
                        Kim might decide that death with ‘glory’ is preferable to defeat.        
              Gaming out the North Korea crisis: How the conflict might escalate

              via Toru

              If the latest North Korean threats about hitting Guam reflect any real intent beyond rhetorical saber-rattling, a launch would be detected by Japanese radar, leading U.S. ships in the Pacific to launch missiles to destroy the North Korean warhead, according to one scenario. The immediate crisis might be averted, but North Korea might then respond by attacking South Korean patrol boats near the border between the two Koreas.

              Skirmishes have taken place in that area for many years, but the chances that such a conflict could quickly metastasize into a full-scale war are high, military analysts said.

              In a conventional war, heavy casualties would likely result as North Korean troops poured into the South, using tunnels the North is reported to have built under the demilitarized zone between the countries. In addition, North Korea is believed to have a stockpile of several thousand tons of chemical weapons, according to the International Crisis Group, which studies global conflicts.

              In war games played out at Washington policy institutes, even minor confrontations have led to a nuclear exchange. In one model, a single nuclear device deployed against Seoul would result in 180,000 deaths and 160,000 additional injuries, along with a near-total collapse of civil order, including a mass exodus from the city leading to gridlock and a paralyzed health-care system.

              Even without using nuclear weapons, the North could sow panic and perhaps force a shift in U.S. policy. North Korea might attempt to spread fear through an act of terrorism, said Patrick Cronin, an Asia-Pacific security expert at the Center for a New American Security. “A few grenades in downtown Seoul will absolutely close down the city out of fear,” he said.

              Even without nuclear force, North Korea might seek to divide the United States from its allies. How, for example, would regional Asian powers react if North Korea shot a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse over Tokyo, temporarily turning off the lights in the Japanese metropolis?

              In that instance, some experts concluded, Japan might join with some neighbors to urge Washington to cut a deal with Kim, averting further military conflict by accepting North Korea as a nuclear power.

              Despite the country’s acquisition of nuclear weapons, “the regime does not have regional ambitions,” concluded Robert Carlin of Stanford University and Robert Jervis of Columbia in a paper that studied how North Korea might use its new status.

              “The most likely scenario,” they wrote, “is for Pyongyang to remain tightly focused on its domestic situation, especially on its economy, and on ways to loosen or blunt the pressures from its neighbors and the United States.”

              Still, they said, “we could well enter the danger zone of North Korean fatalism, in which a decision to use nuclear weapons, especially against Japan — the historic enemy — would rise on the list of ‘patriotic’ options.”

              The North Korean leadership, they warned, “might become. . . fatalistic and decide that death with ‘glory’ is preferable to defeat.”






                        Obama, Clinton and Fertilizing a Nuclear North Korea        

              After Barack Obama’s eight long years of gutting America’s missile-defense capabilities, our nation has awakened to the nightmare of a North Korea armed with nuclear missiles capable of reaching U.S. territory.

              Fortunately, Donald Trump, who, unlike his predecessor, takes his responsibility to defend the nation seriously, now resides in the White House, and Obama, one in a series of Democrat presidents who cleared the way for the nuclear adventurism of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), is on the outside looking in.

              "North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States," President Trump told reporters yesterday after applauding the unanimous weekend approval of the toughest U.N. Security Council sanctions resolution against North Korea to date. "They will be met with fire, fury, and frankly power the likes of which this world has never seen before."

              Defense Secretary James “Mad Dog” Mattis issued a statement urging North Korea to back off or suffer the consequences. “The DPRK should cease any consideration of actions that would lead to the end of its regime and the destruction of its people," he said. "While our State Department is making every effort to resolve this global threat through diplomatic means, it must be noted that the combined allied militaries now possess the most precise, rehearsed, and robust defensive and offensive capabilities on Earth."

              But not all of the blame for the status quo can be assigned to Democrats.

              North Korea has long massed troops near the border with South Korea, effectively holding the population of nearby Seoul and other densely-populated areas hostage. The DPRK is thought to have the ability to quickly assault and subdue a large chunk of South Korea, with devastating consequences for the populace. The Korean War itself began June 25, 1950 but never technically ended. Hostilities were suspended when representatives from both countries signed an armistice agreement on July 27, 1953. The “final peaceful settlement” envisioned in the pact never happened. The U.S. was a major party to the armed conflict and it still has troops stationed on the Korean Peninsula.

              “I think, basically, since the end of the Korean War, we’ve had a succession of administrations – Republican and Democratic – who have faced a very unhappy reality, Center for Security Policy President Frank Gaffney told SiriusXM host Raheem Kassam on Wednesday’s “Breitbart News Daily” show.

              “And that is the massive, if uneven, shall we say, North Korean military … so closely positioned at the Demilitarized Zone to Seoul, the capital of South Korea, that at will, from a standing start, they could essentially devastate the 24 or so million people who live in and around that capital city.”

              Kim Jong-un “greatly accelerated the development and testing programs of all ranges of North Korea’s missile systems,” according to Bruce Klingner, a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation. “During his five years in power, he has overseen three times as many missile launches as his father did during his eighteen-year reign.”

              Kim wouldn’t actually have to incinerate a U.S. population center to inflict devastating damage on the nation. There is some evidence that the North Koreans have the ability to detonate a nuclear weapon on a satellite in orbit over U.S. territory in order to create an EMP, or electromagnetic pulse. An EMP could take the nation’s electric grid offline and fry the circuitry of everything from automobiles to smartphones to toasters.

              It was President Bill Clinton who cleared the way for the DPRK to go nuclear.

              Nearly two years ago, North Korea sent geopolitical shockwaves around the world by claiming to have conducted a successful test of a powerful hydrogen bomb. Without the machinations years ago of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and more importantly, those of her husband, the pariah nation may not have been able to join the nuclear club.

              The announcement by the DPRK came after years of appeasement and dithering by left-wing politicians in the West. In 1994 Bill Clinton unveiled an agreement between the U.S. and North Korea that he claimed would achieve "an end to the threat of nuclear proliferation on the Korean Peninsula."

              Under the deal, North Korea "agreed to freeze its existing nuclear program and to accept international inspection of all existing facilities," Clinton said at the time. The pact "is good for the United States, good for our allies, and good for the safety of the entire world."

              Years after Clinton’s presidency, North Korea today possesses what it calls its "H-bomb of justice" that can reportedly be loaded onto a missile and delivered to targets outside its borders.

              Critics note that the deal with the DPRK is remarkably similar to President Obama’s loophole-ridden nuclear nonproliferation pact with the Islamic Republic of Iran. This makes sense because both Clinton and Obama share a similar core philosophy that favors appeasement and discourages national security-related preparedness.

              Way back in 1999, Donald Trump presciently eviscerated President Clinton’s weak stance on North Korea.

              What Clinton had agreed to “was so soft, these people are laughing at us,” Trump told the late Tim Russert on NBC. “We virtually tried to bribe them into stopping and they’re continuing to [do] what they’re doing. And they’re laughing at us, they think we’re a bunch of dummies."

              On the possibility of striking at North Korea militarily before the nuclear threat got out of hand, Trump said, “You want to do it in five years when they have warheads all over the place, every one of them pointing to New York City, to Washington, and every one of our — is that when you want to do it? Or do you want to do something now?”

              And Barack Obama was exponentially worse on nukes than Bill Clinton was.

              While in office, Obama scoffed at the idea of missile-defense, that is, that a missile could take out another missile. The idea grew out of President Reagan’s Strategic Defensive Initiative (SDI), derided by left-wingers at the time and for years after as “Star Wars.”

              According to the leftists at Mother Jones, the U.S. government “sank more than $239 billion (in 2016 dollars) into making some version of this Cold War daydream into reality, without much success.”

              Whether that dollar figure provided by writer Bryan Schatz in January is accurate, really doesn’t even matter. It is money well-spent. And now that this research and development money has been spent, deploying missile-interception systems won’t be a terrible strain on the public purse because the hard part is over.

              Making new missiles costs only a fraction of what it costs to design and develop those missiles. The interception vehicles may very well save America from ruin.

              But the Left will still find a way to whine about those costs too. Every dollar not redistributed or spent on social welfare programs is a dollar wasted, as these people see it. And every dollar spent on defending America is an abomination in their eyes.

              When seeking the presidency, Obama referred to missile defense programs as “unproven” and promised to cut them. As president, he was passive-aggressive about such programs. He undermined America’s missile defense, but eventually he supposedly acknowledged missile defense had some value.

              But President Obama still put a great deal of energy into weakening America’s missile defense programs, which despite his best efforts have shown great promise in testing in recent months, successfully taking down an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) on May 30. A long-range ground-based interceptor missile launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California hit and destroyed the ICBM launched from the U.S. Army’s Reagan Test Site on Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands.

              In 2009, Obama killed President Bush’s missile defense program for the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland. Then he renegotiated the New START nuclear arms agreement, which curbed the U.S. missile defense arsenal while letting the Russians add to theirs. In March 2012 Obama was caught on an open microphone telling then-Russian President Dmitri Medvedev to wait until after the upcoming election when he would be able to make even more concessions on missile defense.

              Leftists like Obama don’t lose sleep worrying about such threats because they claim climate change, not potential nuclear missile attacks by rogue nations and terrorists, is a much more serious, pressing threat to Americans and the whole world. These people don’t take seriously the provocations of Kim Jong-un that could lead directly to the deaths of millions of Americans and South Koreans. Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders said during the election campaign last year that climate change was the greatest threat facing the United States, a claim echoed by President Obama who called climate change “a potential existential threat to the entire world if we don’t do something about it.”

              But that frivolous view was rejected by the electorate last November and finally we have a president who, unlike the previous occupant of the White House, wants to protect America from foreign attack.

                        Your First Choice – Brass Tattoo Machine        
              In modern time, tattoo artists use a variety of tattoo machines to create their artwork. The most commonly used machine move the needles up and down with the help of dual coils and electromagnetic pulses to create body images. Brass … Continue reading
                        PPM vs. PPM        
              A show called Revolution premiered on NBC this fall, telling the story of a future 15 years after a world-wide blackout. Not only does the entire electrical grid fail, but cars grind to a halt and even battery powered devices stop working. The exact cause isn't clear, but some suspect it has something to do with a set of special pendants. Intended to generate free energy, they instead cause other electrical devices to stop working with their electromagnetic pulses. It turns out there is a valuable lesson embedded within the plot of this fledgling series.

              Today, Vermont and dozens of other states and countries are working on a project called the "Smart Grid." The visible cornerstone of this infrastructure upgrade is the smart meter, a solid-state (digital) device that is replacing existing electromechanical (analog) meters. Not unlike Revolution's little pendants, smart meters are designed to save power. However, the new meters have a number of problems that are already making our grid less stable and our homes and businesses less safe and less healthy.

              A Toyota Prius converted to an herb garden in Revolution
              According to Paul Hines, a professor of electrical engineering at UVM, a primary goal of smart meters is to reduce power consumption, resulting in lower emissions of the greenhouse gases produced by most power plants. Many scientists and environmentalists are convinced that the amount CO2 in the Earth's atmosphere is the most important indicator of climate change. This may be true, but other factors besides CO2 are affecting the Earth's climate. And, despite our best efforts to conserve energy, diminishing reserves of the fossil fuels that generate most of our electricity and enable nearly all of our transportation will curb our emissions no matter what. Just as we are now questioning the value of figures like Gross Domestic Product (instead looking to calculations like Gross National Happiness), we must reconsider whether parts per million of CO2 paints a complete picture of our future.

              Smart meters communicate with Green Mountain Power by transmitting radio frequency signals. But unlike many wireless devices that constantly emit radio waves (cell towers, cordless phone base stations, and Wifi routers, to name a few), these new electric meters send chirps or bursts of RF at intervals. These signals are indiscriminately pumped in whichever direction a meter happens to be facing. With any luck, the pulse will find another meter before relaying through up to 50 other meters on its way to a "collector" that sends data back to Green Mountain Power's central office. Originally, GMP stated that their meters would transmit every 15 minutes, but they later changed that figure to once every 4 hours. More recently they have clarified that transmissions occur "a few times a day." However, independent tests conducted at dozens of installed smart meters have shown that these RF pulses occur much more often. If we are so concerned about miles per gallon, cents per kilowatt hour, or parts per million of any given chemical pollutant, why are we ignoring the emissions and effects of pulsed RF radiation which has been classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as a Group 2B carcinogen?

              Even if we were to set aside for a moment the dozens of non-thermal health effects associated with exposure to microwaves, it is impossible to deny that radio waves excite every living tissue and water molecule they hit, heating them up. Considering this fact, shouldn't we be asking how much additional RF energy is being pulsed into the environment and whether it could change the climate as well? Some believe that the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) in Gakona, Alaska is doing exactly that. In addition to having the capacity to affect weather and living things, these pulses of EMR can interfere with electronics that are poorly shielded. The phenomena of electromagnetic interference (EMI) is alluded to in the first scene of Revolution, when the cartoon "Falling Hare (Bugs Bunny Knows a Gremlin)" is shown on TV, just before the lights go out.

              By analyzing the "pulses per minute" of a variety of different electric meters in Vermont and New Hampshire, we can see the difference between these different electric meters is considerable.

              CVPS analog meters: 0 RF pulses per minute

              GMP analog meters: 0 PPM

              PSNH analog meters: 0 PPM

              NHEC analog meters: 0 PPM

              CVPS solid-state non-transmitting meters: 0 PPM

              PSNH solid-state non-transmitting meters: 0 PPM

              GMP electromechanical RF "drive-by" meters: 10-12 PPM

              NHEC smart meters: 0-1 PPM

              GMP/CVPS smart meters: 5-30 PPM

              Both New Hampshire Electric Coop and GMP/CVPS picked the same meter manufacturer and model, yet GMP's meters pulse up to 200 times more often than those being deployed by NHEC. Because PSNH did not receive stimulus funding in 2009, their customers will have non-transmitting meters indefinitely.

              While debate about the health effects caused by man-made electromagnetic radiation and the efficacy of building a Smart Grid in Vermont and elsewhere will no doubt continue, GMP customers, their electronics and Vermont's environment are being exposed to far more pulses of Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) RF than in New Hampshire. I won't speculate on why this is, but hopefully Green Mountain Power plans to offer an explanation to Vermonters and the revised smart meters and health report that Richard Tell Associates is submitting to the Department of Public Service, Vermont Department of Health and the Vermont Legislature in January will include this information as well.

              Fisken: Looking for answers from GMP - VT Digger
                         Droplet formation with electromagnetic pulse force         
              Bojarevics, V. and Pericleous, K. (2006) Droplet formation with electromagnetic pulse force. In: Proceedings of the 4th International Scientific Colloquim 'Modelling for Material Processing'. University of Latvia, Laboratory for Mathematical Modelling, of Environmental and Technological Processes, Riga, Latvia, pp. 23-28. ISBN 9984783855
                        Melayu & Perang Akhir Zaman - Bahagian 2        

              (untuk siri ini sy edit sumbernya melalui kenyataan saudara radzi sapiee@ selendangmerah @ merahsilu dari forum CVT, juga penulis buku siri Berpetualang ke Aceh)

              Posted: 07 July 2006 at 6:13pm

              Untuk Anscynchronous, eloklah kalau dah ada semangat untuk berjihad. Tetapi mengikut sabda Rasulullah SAW dan huraian orang lama, takkan menangnya kita walaupun memikul senjata moden paling canggih. Kalau nak cuba boleh tetapi sia-sia sahaja kerana Nabi dah kata umat Islam akan disembelih di mana-mana dan kamu tak boleh buat apa-apa. Lebih baik duduk beramal, jaga diri, keluarga, elakkan dari terpedaya dengan fitnah Dajjal lalu mengalah dengan suasana yang penuh huru-hara sehingga terpaksa menagih simpati musuh.

              Teruskan istiqamah beramal, sucikan diri dan bertahan sehingga datang peristiwa di mana segala senjata moden, waima kuasa letrik sekali pun tidak boleh dipakai. Barulah stand-by kuda, bawa keluar balik keris dan pedang, baru lah berbaloi keluar perang.

              Sekurang-kurang sebelum mati, dapat juga libas 10-20 orang. Ini tak, pakai pedang ke, machine gun, baru nak melangkah, laung Allahuakbar naik semangat tiba-tiba dah berkecai kena bom. Lebih bijak kita menilik kekurangan diri dan memperbaikinya untuk persediaan masa yang lebih memanfaatkan dan sesuai. Wassalam...

              Posted: 07 July 2006 at 8:03pm

              Jawaban kepada seorang forumer yang bertanya kesimpulan buku itu:
              Tapi memandangkan engkau ni nama Firasat, cubalah firasatkan...

              Banyak conclusion dalam buku "Berpetualang ke Aceh." Salah satunya nak memperbetulkan sejarah bangsa Melayu dan Tanah Melayu yang selama ini diolah Mat Saleh, ambik dari sudut orang-orang lama dan orang tua-tua Melayu pula... Nak faham balik apa itu Melayu, apa yang special sangat pasal bangsa Melayu...

              Kenapa dalam kitab Hikayat Raja-raja Pasai dan Sulalatus-Salatin atau Sejarah Melayu karangan Bendahara Johor Tun Sri Lanang ada menyebut Rasulullah SAW telah berwasiat mengenai sebuah kerajaan bernama Samudera, kerana di situ kelak akan muncul banyak wali Allah.

              Siapa itu Sultan Malikus Salih yang mengasaskan kerajaan Samudera dan Pasai? Kenapa baginda menerima barang pertabalan wasiat Nabi dari Mekah? Apa yang sebenarnya menyebabkan kejatuhan Melaka ke tangan Portugis? Kenapa angkatan laut Melaka yang mampu meronda dari utara Selat Melaka sampai menghampiri Jawa boleh "hilang" dalam peristiwa itu? Bagaimana Portugis boleh mengalahkan Melaka dengan beberapa buah biji kapal sahaja? Apakah yang sebenarnya berlaku?

              Kenapa makam Sultan-sultan Melaka semua dah hilang? Tapi masih ada satu, dalam banyak-banyak tempat di Pagoh, Muar? Apakah yang sudah berlaku? Siapakah pewaris sebenar Melaka yang disisihkan?

              Apakah kaitan keSultanan Melaka dengan Samudera-Pasai, kerajaan Perlak, Aceh sampai ke keSultanan Perak sekarang? Apakah pula kaitan mereka dengan Timur Tengah, pergolakan Sunni Syiah, Bani Umaiyah dan Bani Abbasiyah? Bagaimana Ahlul Bait anak cucu keturunan Nabi boleh menjadi Raja-raja Melayu? Kenapa... Apa pula kena mengena dengan Sultanul Awliya Sheikh Abdul Qadir al Jilani? Agaknya sebab itu Rasulullah SAW menyebut dari Samudera (bekas pusatnya terletak di Geudong, Lhoksuemawe, Aceh sekarang) akan muncul banyak wali?

              Akhir kalam, apakah kena-mengena semua ini dengan Panji-panji Hitam dari Timur. Jika kita faham, maka tahulah kenapa ia akan datang dari Timur, kenapa banyak pihak cuba merosakkan Nusantara, baik Indonesia, lebih-lebih lagi Malaysia dengan cara halus mahupun kasar.

              Gitulah ceritanya lebih kurang. Amacam... Firasatkanlah wahai Firasat... Moga kita semua semakin faham....

              Posted: 08 July 2006 at 4:45pm

              Jawaban kepada soalan bertanyakan apakah anak cucu Saidina Hussein turut berperanan juga:
              A'kum Belagak. Setiap Ahlu Bait Rasulullah SAW yang masih ada nur dalam hati (yang tak kena penyakit Abu Lahab) akan memainkan peranan dalam Akhir Zaman, baik keturunan Saidina Hassan mahupun Hussin.

              Tetapi barisan mestilah diatur dengan IKHLAS, mengikut peranan yang telah dijanjikan perseorangan setiap roh (bukan perjanjian umum Alastubirabbikum) dengan Allah semasa di alam Lahut. Tidak boleh seorang yang ditakdirkan memainkan peranan Captain mengaku General pasukan... Masing-masing ada tempat yang sesuai mengikut kemampuan yang akan diisyaratkan secara IKHLAS ke hati nurani yang terdalam.

              Macam ni lah... Bayangkan seorang raja yang betul-betul berdaulat, yang sudah fana' kemudian baqa' dalam peranan khalifah negerinya yang bersifat zilullah fil'alam.

              Sekarang bayangkan, raja ini ada empat bini dan entah berapa orang gundik. Katakan dia ada 20 orang anak lelaki... Maka setiap anak boleh membuktikan dia adalah anak raja yang berdaulat. Tetapi adakah ini bermakna setiap anak layak menjadi pengganti dan raja yang benar-benar zilullah fil'alam? Tentu tidak... Cuma seorang sahaja yang layak. Dan raja yang bernar-benar zilullah fil'alam dapat mengenali anak yang paling layak... Kerana mengikut syarat-syarat yang dikemukakan dalam kitab-kitab lama, seorang raja mestilah SEKURANG_KURANGNYA memiliki ilmu firasat, jenis yang tidak boleh diajar atau belajar tetapi melalui kelebihan zat berdaulat yang sentiasa hidup dengan zikir daim yang mengalir di dalam tubuhnya.

              Tetapi masalahnya, selalu terjadi di mana setiap 20 orang anak itu mengaku dia lah orang paling layak menjadi raja. Sekarang bayangkan jika tiap-tiap 20 orang anak itu masing-masing memiliki 20 orang anak. Maka raja yang berdaulat itu telah memiliki 400 orang cucu yang masing-masing sahih berketurunan seorang raja yang telah mencapai martabat pemerintahan zilullah fil'alam. Tetapi lagi sekali cuma satu dari 400 yang benar-benar mewarisi zat berdaulat tertinggi datuknya. Yang lain jatuh sikit, mungkin layak menjadi raja dalam wilayah jajahan takluk datuknya atau raja bendahara, temenggung dan sebagainya.

              Fahamilah ini...
              Sekali lagi, sering terjadi anak-anak gila kuasa yang mahu menjadi raja kerana mahu menjadi orang paling berkuasa yang disembah dan ditakuti, lupa bahawa seorang raja bertanggungjawab untuk menaungi rakyat dan negara melalui limpahan daulat yang mengalir dari peribadi dan tubuh-badannya. Maka dalam kes ini, selalunya anak raja pewaris yang benar-benar berdaulat seringkali mengalah kerana kelembutan hati bertunjangkan Tasawuf serta sifat kasih-sayang kemanusiaan yang tidak rela rakyatnya mati sengsara bertumpah-darah kerana masalah takhta semata-mata.

              Maka beliau dengan rela menyerahkan takhta kepada adinda, asalkan rakyat bahagia, negara terpelihara itu sahaja. Seringkali dalam hal ini, pewaris sebenar akan meninggalkan istana dan tanah-airnya untuk menjalani kehidupan zuhud dan mendekat diri kepada Allah... Fahamilah ini... Maka zuriat yang berdaulat masih hidup tetapi seringkali tersembunyi di kalangan rakyat kebanyakan, sedia melupakan istana buat selama-lamanya, bangkit cuma apabila kezaliman berleluasa terlalu teruk sehingga tidak dapat ditangani pihak-pihak yang sepatutnya memikul amanah keluarga.

              Berbalik kepada persoalan saudara Belagak, tentang peranan keturunan Saidina Husin. Ini sudah tidak perlu diperbesar-besarkan lagi kerana sangat nyata. Banyak keturunan Saidina Husin boleh di trace melalui gelaran Sayyid, Sharifah, (tolak Sayid malam Jumaat dan Sharifah celup), Wan, Nik, Tuan, Engku juga ada yang berkahwin dengan puteri istana dan memakai gelaran Raja. Malah kebanyakan buku tentang Ahlul Bait juga sejarah kedatangan Islam menyerlahkan peranan jurai Saidina Hussin terutama Ba'Alawi dari Hadramaut sebagai peneraju utama syiar Islam di bumi Timur ini. Jadi ini tidak ada masalah, memang terang peranan mereka.

              Masalahnya keturunan Saidinan Hussin terlalu diperbesarkan dan ini boleh merosakkan aturan saf perjuangan akhir zaman... Orang lupa tentang keturunan Saidina Hassan yang berada di Nusantara, keturunan cucu SULUNG Rasulullah SAW, dari satu-satunya darah-daging Rasulullah SAW yang pernah menjadi Khalifah seluruh umat Islam (selepas kebangkitan Saidina Ali), cucu Nabi yang mewarisi KEMULIAAN baginda dan RUPA-PARAS baginda, sedangkan Saidina Husin mewarisi KEBERANIAN dan KEMULIAAN, lebih dekat kepada rupa-paras dan perwatakan Saidina Ali.

              Sekali lagi diingatkan, Captain janganlah mengaku General...

              Ingat cerita Sang Nila Utama yang membuka Singapura?Baginda ada dua orang anak, yang tua menggantinya sebagai raja, begitu juga keturunannya dan yang muda menjadi BENDAHARA, begitu juga keturunannya. Apabila raja tiada waris, baru Bendahara boleh menjadi Raja. Tetapi selagi titisan zuriat raja ada, maka dia lebih utama memegang takhta daripada mana-mana zuriat Bendahara.

              Pada mereka yang tahu, itulah perbezaan peranan keturunan Saidina Hassan berbanding Saidina Hussein. Maka ini perlu diterangkan supaya saf perjuangan tidak akan BERTERABUR nanti...

              Seperti disebut awal tadi, cerita Ahlul Bait dari belah Saidina Husin memang selalu telah diwar-warkan. Jadi tidak perlu dipanjangkan. Sedangkan zuriat Saidina Hassan seolah-olah tidak wujud di Nusantara ini kerana banyak cerita telah digelap atas pelbagai sebab, salah-satu kerana perebutan takhta di mana keturunan yang lebih layak telah terbuang untuk memastikan mereka tidak akan dapat naik lagi, sejarah diubah... Lagi satu digelapkan kerana niat baik, untuk protect identiti mereka kerana ... Imam Mahdi, Pemuda Bani Tamim, Al-Mansur dan ramai peneraju utama panji-panji Hitam mempunyai nasab bapak bin bapak bin bapak sampai ke Saidina Hassan. Kalau tak mesti Zionis dah trace n wipe out family dia, itupun nasib baik ada pemeliharaan dari Allah SWT kerana amanah yang bakal dipikul mereka. Apapun, mereka juga ada darah Saidina Hussin, dari sebelah ibu.

              Untuk pengetahuan, anak Saidina Hassan yang dikenali sebagai Hassan al-Muthana adalah anak-cucu Nabi yang pertama sekali menemukan balik dua cabang, melalui perkahwinannya dengan seorang sepupu, anak Saidina Hussein. Salah seorang anak yang terhasil bernama Abdullah, dikenali sebagai Abdullah al-Kamil juga Sheikh Banu Hasyim kerana memiliki keturunan yang ramai.

              Salah seorang anak Abdullah bernama Muhammad, juga dikenali sebagai Muhammad Nafs al Zakiyah (Nafas Suci). Oleh kerana namanya adalah Muhammad bin Abdullah, serupa seperti nama Imam Mahdi yang diisyaratkan oleh Rasulullah SAW, beliau telah dianggap sebagai Imam Mahdi pada zamannya (sekitar tahun 750an Masihi gitu). Lalu namanya telah digunakan untuk memimpin satu pergerakan besar untuk menjatuhkan pemerintahan keKhalifahan Bani Umaiyah yang zalim terutama terhadap anak cucu Nabi dan jatuhlah mereka. Kemudian terdirilah Daulah Abbasiyah sedangkan ini terjadi kerana nama Muhammad bin Abdullah telah digunakan di mana beliau telah menerima bai'ah untuk menjadi khalifah umat Islam yang baru oleh para penyokokngnya termasuk orang-orang Bani Abbasiyah. Tetapi beliau dikhianati, dan ahli keluarga beliau dibunuh.

              Kajilah... Ini bukan cerita Syiah... Memang ada dalam sejarah, direkod oleh ulamak tertentu tetapi digelapkan banyak pihak terutama Bani Abbasiyah malah Syiah - kerana terlalu memperbesar-besarkan peranan dan perjuangan anak cucu Saidina Hussin.

              Kalau ikut cerita Syiah, tak mahu di sebutnya perjuangan Muhammad Nafs al Zakiyah ni. Tapi yang diperbesar-besarkan adalah Imam Ja'afar al-Sadiq dari keturunan Saidina Hussein juga anaknya Muhammad bin Ja'afar yang pernah memberontak melawan Bani Abbasiyah kemudian mengisytiharkan diri sebagai khalifah di Madinah. Kemudian lari mengikut rombongan Nakhoda Khalifah yang mengandungi 100 orang pendakwah ke Aceh (sebelum ada nama Aceh) pada tahun 804 Masihi.

              Seorang anak tua Ja'afar al-Sadiq disokong orang-orang tertentu yang menerbit golongan Syiah Ismailiyah. Golongan inilah yang berjaya menerbitkan Daulah Fatimiyah di Mesir sekitar tahun 900 Masihi. Anak Ja'afar lagi seorang, Musa al Khazim pula diangkat pengikut Syiah Ithnat Assyaariah (pengikut Imam 12) sebagai Imam maksum seterusnya. Lalu cicit Musa, Muhammad bin Hassan al-Askari dianggap sebagai Imam Mahdi, tetapi kononnya dighaibkan sampai akhir zaman.

              Berbalik pada zuriat Saidina Hassan. Salah seorang adik-beranak Muhammad bin Abdullah Nafs al- Zakiyah dikenali sebagai Imam Musa al-Jaun. Dari beliaulah turun satu cabang yang menjadi Sharif-sharif atau Raja Mekah (memerintah Mekah, Madinah dan wilayah Hijaz selama 800 tahun sebelum digulingkan keluarga Saud yang menggunakan fahaman Wahabi untuk menuduh anak-cucu Nabi tahyul dan khurafat, dengan sokongan British dan Zionis). Lagi satu cabang sampai ke Sultanul Awliya Sheikh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani.

              Ini lagi satu kes pertemuan darah kembali dua cabang Rasulullah SAW kerana bapa Sheikh Abdul Qadir berketurunan Saidina Hassan sementara ibunyna Umi Khair berketurunan Saidina Hussein... Faham-faham ajelah power zat yang mengalir dalam tubuh-badannya. Sebab itu jadi raja segala wali.

              Sultan-sultan Brunei pula berasal daripada Sharif Ali, Raja Mekah yang melarikan diri kerana perang saudara merebut takhta. So ada kena-mengena...

              Sekian buat masa ini. Kita bertemu di masa dan hari yang lain, insyaallah

              Posted: 09 July 2006 at 1:56pm

              Respons kepada forumer yang meminta supaya dipanjangkan lagi cerita:
              As for soalan Master C-Fu, macamana boleh hilang tenaga letrik. Susah nak jawab. Kalau ikut hakikat, kun fayakun je... Tapi kalau nak dihuraikan secara saintifik, tenaga letrik boleh hilang fungsi apabila terkena ledakan gelombang ElectroMagnetic Pulse atau EMP.

              Macam dalam cerita Matrix le, bila robot-robot sotong yang menakutkan itu menghampiri kapal NEO. Satu-satu caranya untuk mengalahkan mereka serentak pada saat genting adalah menekan butang yang melepaskan gelombang EMP. Tapi habis black-out kawasan yang terlibat termasuk sekecil-kecil alat yang menggunakan tenaga letrik. Sebab itu Neo dan rakan-rakan perlu dikeluarkan dari Matrix terlebih dahulu sebelum EMP diletuskan. Kalau tak dia pun kojol bersama robot sotong (Hmm... panggil robot rastafarian pun boleh kot? Atau robot Bob Marley?) Teknologi ini sudah wujud lebih 10 tahun, lebih advance lagi yang ada dalam simpanan military US. Boleh digunakan untuk membuat seluruh bandaraya besar black-out...

              Letupan bom nuklear pun menghasilkan gelombang EMP. Tapi bom nuklear turut memusnahkan hidupan dan infrastructure... Apapun kemungkinan tenaga letrik hilang kerana perang nuklear memang wujud. Lagipun ia juga boleh memusnahkan pencawang letrik sekali.
              Tetapi ada yang percaya, kehilangan tenaga eletrik di bumi pada akhir zaman nanti bukan disebabkan oleh apa-apa perbuatan manusia tetapi kuasa Tuhan melalui fenomena alam. Melalui activity sun-spot (titik-titik hitam di matahari) yang boleh menyebabkan hamburan keluar lidah api yang boleh menjulur keluar jauh dari matahari di samping menghasilkan gelombang EMP yang mampu menyelubungi seterusnya memblack-out seluruh bumi!

              Apapun, kan lebih senang terima kemungkinan letrik akan hilang lalu kita tak boleh menonton tv dan enjoy light-show disco lagi... Bersedialah untuk hidup dengan cara orang-orang lama lalu keluar berperang berkuda, berkeris, berpedang dan sebagainya... Bukankah itu lebih Rock? Yeehahh... Allahuakbar!

              Posted: 09 July 2006 at 11:06pm

              Sedikit sedutan dari bab akhir dalam buku "Berpetualang ke Aceh" karangan Radzi Sapiee, bab bertajuk "Penutup: Sampai bila berpetualang?". Sekadar untuk renungan...

              Lebih empat tahun kemudian, baru Rasyid tergerak kembali untuk menyambung usaha itu, selepas meninggalkan kerjaya sebagai wartawan penghujung tahun 2001. Ketika itu, dia terasa begitu bersemangat untuk bercerita tentang komplot Zionis Yahudi untuk menerbitkan Perang Dunia keTiga, selepas mengenali apa itu Illuminati dan Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

              Peristiwa 11 September yang menyaksikan menara berkembar World Trade Centre di New York hancur menyembah bumi selepas dilanggar dua buah pesawat terbang komersial terus mengapi-apikan semangat itu. Pemuda ini dapat merasakan segala yang berlaku adalah tipu helah Yahudi untuk mengalihkan perhatian dunia daripada masalah pendudukan Israel di Palestin, disokong pula pihak-pihak tertentu dalam kerajaan Amerika demi meraih simpati serta sokongan penuh rakyat untuk melancarkan perang secara besar-besaran terhadap umat Islam. Di samping itu, ia juga berjaya menyatu-padukan ahli-ahli Dewan Senat dan Dewan Kongress Amerika yang pernah berpecah dua kerana sokongan sama banyak terhadap Presiden Bush dan lawannya Al Gore dalam pilihanraya sebelumnya. Tentu ada dalang yang mendapat keuntungan besar daripada peristiwa ini...

              Tetapi penulisan ini juga tersangkut kerana masalah-masalah tertentu. Mungkin kerana nawaitu Rasyid masih belum lurus? Masih ada nafsu untuk meraih pengaruh dan kekuasaan melalui penulisan? Masih lagi mahu disegani ramai kerana kehendak nafsu amarah, suka disanjung dan dipuji? Lalu dia melupakan langsung hasrat untuk menulis buku, sehinggalah pemuda ini sampai ke Aceh, Januari 2004... Setelah tercetus satu perbualan dengan seorang tua mengenai sejarah lama bumi Serambi Mekah.

              Posted: 10 July 2006 at 8:15pm

              Respons kepada seorang forumer yang mempertikaikan kenyataan saya mengaitkan agama Hindu dengan Syariat Nabi Ibrahim yang telah diselewengkan: Hmm... Main kupasan kiasan ye saudara... Nak ambik gitu boleh jugak... Tapi takut lari daripada maksud yang sudah nyata di depan mata.

              Memang bahasa-bahasa dahulu ada unsur Hindi (bukan Hindu ya)... Di sini kita kena betul kerana Hindi adalah satu kawasan, benua Hindi sedangkan Hindu - kaji sedalam-dalamnya - adalah satu gelaran serkap jarang yang diberi British terhadap berbagai jenis agama yang dilihat mereka dipratikkan di Hindi, sekitar abad ke 18 gitu...

              Bacalah kitab-kitab lama Melayu... Takde pun perkataan Hindu. Yang ada, orang-orang sebelum kedatangan Islam syariat Nabi Muhammad pun telah menganut ISLAM, tetapi di atas SYARIAT NABI IBRAHIM KHALILULLAH...

              Maka itu apabila Iskandar Zulkarnain berjaya mengalahkan Raja Hindi, disuruh mengucap masuk agama ISLAM SYARIAT NABI IBRAHIM... Mengucap :

              Asyahaduallah ilaha illallah wa asya duanna Ibrahimu khalilullah...

              Disaksikan Nabi Allah Khidir AS... Peristiwa ini berlaku sekurang-kurang 300 tahun sebelum Nabi Isa lahir bergantung pada mana yang kita nak terima, adakah Iskandar Zulkarnain itu Alexander the Great dari Macedonia (hidup dalam tahun 330an gitu sebelum Masihi) atau Cyrus the Great dari Parsi (sekitar 550an SM) yang melebarkan empayar purba Achamenied.

              Tentang apakah maksud Samudera, kalau ikut kitab Hikayat Raja-raja Pasai, maksudnya Semut Besar... Ceritanya terang dan sampai sekarang ada tempat bernama kecamatan (daerah) Samudera di Aceh.

              Tentang kenapa banyak wali akan muncul dari situ, ini kena kaji perjalanan keturunan Nabi, para Ahlul Bait yang berdaulat dari Timur Tengah sampai ke bumi Serambi Mekah...

              Kat Aceh ni lah port banyak anak cucu Nabi masuk ke Nusantara sebelum bertebaran ke merata tempat menyebarkan dakwah... Tengok lah peta... pakai common sense... Takkan dari Tanah Arab (tak kiralah dari Hadramaut Yaman ke Baghdad ke) nak belayar pegi AUstralia atau Filipina kmudian baru masuk Malaysia?

              Kajilah... Kecuali Sunan Kalijogo, semua Wali Songo adalah keturunan Arab yang boleh dibuktikan bapa bin bapak bin bapak nya adalah dari keturunan anak cucu Nabi yang pernah menetap dan bertapak di Samudera ataupun Samudera Pasai sebelum gi Jawa...
              Tahu cita Wali Tujuh seperti Syed Jamaluddin Kubro dan saudara-saudranya yang datang lebih dulu ke Tanah Melayu? Tahu siapa itu Syed Thanauddin (atau Sheikh Saman, juga dikenali sebagai Adi Putera, guru Hang Tuah)?

              Kajilah... Jangan bercakap ikut sedap buat teori... Biarlah ada ilmu yang disokong penelitian warid dan khatir seperti dihuraikan dalam kitab Al-Hikam karangan Sheikh Iskandar Ato'ilah. Sekurang-kurangnya istikharah dan tahkik balik pengetehuan dengan orang-orang lama (pandai-pandai le ko cari orang yang jenis mati hidup semula, mati hidup semula ni)....

              Biasakan tilik diri sendiri sebelum berkata-kata dan menzahirkan sesuatu ilmu (atau pendapat dan sangka-sangka). Walau betul pun sekali ilmu itu, tilik lagi kenapa mesti berkata-kata... Untuk mencari kebenaran atau untuk memandai-mandai? A'kum....

              Posted: 12 July 2006 at 9:45pm

              Seorang forumer menyatakan apa yang perlu disibukkan mengenai perang akhir zaman sedangkan kematian seseorang itu sendiri adalah kiamat kecil, maka saya menjawab:
              Hmm... Kiamat kecil vs kiamat beso.

              Apapun, biarlah kita bersedia menghadapi segala kemungkinan. Bukan aku je yang tak sabo nak tunggu perang... Zionis pun tak sabo malah depa sekarang dok api orang sana-sini, Iran, North Korea, Palestin... Kat Malaysia ni pun ada... Kalau kita peka perkembangan politik sekarang dan apa yang tersirat di sebaliknya...

              Sebab program Zionis yang dirangka 100 tahun dulu oleh General Pike memang memerlukan Perang Dunia Ketiga untuk menjamin kemenangan dan pemerintahan MUTLAK "bangsa terpilih" ini terhadap segala isi muka-bumi... Jadi jangan haraplah diaorang nak tunggu 10 atau 20 tahun lagi...

              Attack kat Iran yang patut berlaku dua bulan besar pun dah lari program... Ni tengah cucuk tempat lain pulak tapi akan balik ke Iran juga... Kalau boleh mereka nak perang ni berlaku dalam setahun dua ni... Itupun paling lambat. Selama mana kita boleh lengahkan dengan usaha-usaha diplomatik dan doa para wali?

              Wali-wali pun dah boring nak doa delay perang sebab selagi tak berlaku perang, selagi itu lah banyak orang lupa diri kumpul harta, johget riang ria citrawarna horey-horey, jual agama, bangsa dan negara untuk merperkayakan diri lepas tu berlakon macam pejuang bangsa paling prihatin terhadap nasib masyarakat dan umat Melayu Islam.

              Sesekali jengoklah Protocols of the Elders of Zion, juga kaji dan tengok manifesto Zionis sejak pertubuhan rasmi mereka ditubuhkan tahun 1897 di bawah kepimpinan Theodore Hertzl di Basel, Switzerland...

              Tengok, apa program Freemason dan Illuminati seterusnya.

              Bacalah yang tersirat kenapa buku Da Vinci Code cukup top, sampai jadi wayang, sampai dah jual lebih 40 juta kopi diterjemahkan dalam lebih 40 bahasa.... Siapa yang support penjualan buku ni, network siapa, untuk siapa?

              Apakah yang sebenarnya diwar-warkan Da Vinci Code? Kenapa promosi Da Vinci Code kat kedai-kedai besar cam Books Kinokuniya disertai tajuk-tajuk seperti Knights Templar dan Judas Gospel? Apakah yang cuba dipromote mereka sebagai persediaan untuk menerbitkan the New World Order yang akan diperintah oleh SATU kepala yang berpusat di Jerusalem?

              Sedihlah banyak orang masih tak nampak permainan tangan-tangan cemar ini.... Perang yang diaorang nak push ni bukan setakat ekonomi, spiritual atau penaklukan budaya... Yang lain-lain tu cuma mukadimah saja untuk penaklukan tentera secara total.

              Bukalah minda dan mata hati kita.A'kum...

              Posted: 13 July 2006 at 7:18pm

              Benar saudara Aladin kata-kata Laksamana Hang Tuah: "Tak Melayu hilang di dunia". Benar sungguh jika kita tahu siapakah sebenarnya Hang Tuah (sorry yang ni tak leh cita, so jangan tanya, marah orang lama), dan siapa sebenarnya Melayu.Kalau kita tak faham makna besar Melayu, jadilah macam kat Johor ada perkuburan orang Melayu, ada pulak perkuburan Arab...

              Sedangkan dalam takrif Melayu mendalam seperti yang diketahui orang-orang Melayu lama, orang-orang Arab ni (termasuk le Syed Sharifah kat Wadi Hussein, Wadi Hassan, Wadi Hana) tu pun Melayu! Tapi tu le Mat Saleh, pandai mengadu-domba. Dan kita pulak tak dan kaji makna sebenar bangsa Melayu iaitu persatuan bangsa-bangsa bersatu yang menganut Islam, duduk di Tanah Melayu, bercakap bahasa Melayu dan mengamalkan adat-istiadat Melayu (check lah... Dalam perlembagaan Malaysia pun takrifnya macam tu)...Tu sebab orang Melayu ni ada muka Cina, muka India, Mat Saleh, macam-macam... (tengok posting saya dalam thread bertajuk Di manakah kekuatan Bangsa Melayu - Cerita Dongeng, Lagenda...) Kalau kita faham, maka benarlah kata-kata Hang Tuah itu... Kalau tak faham tu yang keturunan Syed kat JB kadang-kadang kutuk: Apa le orang Melayu ni malas, bodoh... Melayu pulak kutuk: Bodoh punya Arab, bahlol unta...Padahal sama-sama Melayu... Sampai bile le kita ni nak kena kencing dengan Mat Saleh?

              Posted: 15 July 2006 at 4:22pm

              Kata sesetengah orang, guru Hang Tuah yang bernama Adi Putra itu adalah seorang Wali Allah yang bernama Syed Thanauddin juga dikenali sebagi Syed Saman. Beliau adalah satu daripada wali tujuh lama anak cucu Nabi yang datang ke Nusantara dalam tahun 1350an Masihi gitu diketuai Sayyid Jamaluddin Kubra, datuk kepada Wali Songo, juga datuk kepada Syed Nurul Alam yang disebut sesetengah pihak sebagai nama sebenar Patih Gajah Mada, Perdana Menteri Majapahit.

              Dari keturunan Syed Nurul Alam (juga dikenali sebagai Sultan Qumbul) jadi pula Raja-raja Patani dan Kelantan.

              Untuk saudara penyapu, saya kurang dengar le pasal Syed Abdullah di Melaka ni... Ada details tak? Kat mana makamnya, agak-agak meninggal tahun berapa?

              Oh... Alang-alang bercerita pasal makam ni, saya nak war-warkan lah. Kat Kampung Ketek (dulu dikenali sebagai Kampung Pali), tak jauh belakang Masjid Kampung Hulu yang berdekatan bus-stand lama bandar Melaka ada makam seorang wali Allah terkenal dari Aceh iaitu Sheikh Shamsuddin Sumatrani @ Shamsuddin Pasai.

              Beliau adalah anak murid Sheikh Hamzah Fansuri (ingat Kias Fansuri?) dan seorang khalifah tariqat Qadiriyah yang menjadi guru kepada Sultan Aceh yang sangat terkenal, Sultan Iskandar Muda (memerintah 1607-1636) yang pernah menakluki hampir seluruh Nusantara. Sheikh Shamsuddin juga ada Qadi Malikul Adil Aceh (jawatan ulamak tertinggi) zaman itu selain seorang pahlawan jihad.

              Beliau dipercayai mangkat dalam perang Aceh-Portugis di Melaka tahun 1629 di mana Aceh nyaris-nyaris merampas balik Melaka jika tidak kerana;

              1. Pergaduhan antara Perdana Menteri dan Laksamana Aceh tentang pergerakan dan strategi tentera.
              2. Perdana Menteri silap strategi (dengar cite dia ikut cakap penasihat Belanda) lalu meletakkan armada laut Aceh yang sebanyak 300 kapal dan 20,000 tentera di kuala Sungai Pongor sehingga tersepit nanti.
              3. Portugis yang terkepung hampir dua tahun (semua port diaorang dah kena tawan kecuali A Famosa iaitu Bukit St. Paul) mendapat bantuan MELAYU, terutama askar-askar Pahang dan Johor yang telah dihasut membenci orang Aceh.

              Begitu le cite nya... Wassalam

              Posted: 16 July 2006 at 9:23pm

              A'kum kawan-kawan. Dah baca latest news pasal Israel attack Lebanon? Diaorang yang bunuh orang-orang Lebanon sampai kat 150 mati tapi masih boleh marahkan Hizbollah lagi... Marah sangat Hizbollah boleh balas ngan missile yang ada range 100 km sampai boleh pukul salah sebuah kapal perang depa. Pada hal diaorang yang kurang ajar pi blockade land, sea n air orang... Itupun kena missile baru 4 orang sailor diaorang missing, baru je jumpa satu mayat sedangkan budak-budak Lebanon banyak confirm dah mati... Akai ada ka?

              La ni diaorang dok kata Hizbollah dapat bantuan ketenteraan Iran, sebab tu dah ada missile yang range 100 sampai 200km, dah boleh attack sampai Haifa kat Israel. Dulu Hizbollah setakat boleh ataack range maximum 50km. Dah diaorang nak kaitkan Iran lagi supply alatan canggih kat pengganas. Sampai boleh sebut "it's a case of a terrorist state (Iran) helping another terrorist state (Lebanon)"... Sedap betul mulut diaorang nak kata semua negara Islam pengganas. Syria pun diaorang dah dok cari alasan nak kaitkan support Hizbollah. Tu yang dua hari lepas Israel bom highway dari Lebanon ke Syria nak putuskan land transport route...

              Agak-agaknya what's next yek? Adakah akan ada lagi "perundingan damai"? Pi rah... Rasulullah SAW dah lama bagitahu, dengan Yahudi ni takkan ada perdamaian. Yang ada "perdamaian" kejap untuk kaburi mata dunia, sambil tu diaorang pun position le army diaorang kat tempat-tempat strategik. Bila sampai masa, nampak le taring dia balik... Ini bangsa, Nabi-nabi sendir pun diaorang boleh torture n bunuh, inikan lagi orang lain, goyim - lebih rendah dari anjing.

              Kita semua ni bila nak nampak apa sebenarnyayang berlaku di dunia ini di sebalik leka-leka citrawarna dan Akademi Fantasia? Ish... Geramnya aku... Bila le nak sampai waktu, kuda dan pedang berguna balik dalam perang besar-besaran....

              Posted: 18 July 2006 at 12:11am

              Forumers sedang berbincang tentang perang Israel-Hizbollah di Lebanon. Ada yang menyatakan kali ini susah Israel nak menang. Saya pula takut kalau Israel cepat menang:
              Hmm... Itu yang risau tu.

              Ingat lagi Six-Day War (Perang Enam Hari), rasanya dalam tahun 1967 di mana negara-negara Arab dok luku Israel tapi lepas tu berjaya dikalahkan dek Yahudi?... Itu yang tak kuasa nak dengar tu. Satu negara kecik yang baru ditubuhkan tahun 1948 boleh luku jiran-jiran Arab yang jauh lebih besar kat sekeliling dia, sempat pulak conquer Semenanjung Sinai.

              Tapi la ni, Iran punya teknologi boleh tahan canggih, ada system missle yang Patriot dan radar buatan Amerika tak leh kesan. Jadi lawan kali ini bukan sebarang... Dia ada network lak supply senjata canggih kat Hizbollah di Lebanon dan Syria. Dan ada kemungkinan Peranchis dan Russia tak sokong Israel. Kemungkinan je le, aku takut diaorang main wayang sebab Odessa di Russia pernah jadi port besar Yahudi sebelum Perang Dunia I, begitu jugak Peranchis (sebab tu buku Da Vinci Code banyak cite pasal Museum Louvre di Paris)

              Apapun, aku rasa kalau le Iran terlibat sama, akan jadi ulangan perang dahulu zaman berzaman iaitu Rom lawan Parsi. Kalau jadi yang ni, boleh panjang cerita ni... Silap-silap India pun perang ngan Pakistan.

              Lepas tu, lepas tu stand-by le kita yang kat sini, buatlah apa-apa yang patut untuk menghadapi zaman mendatang... Rasanya tak payah lagi le nak fikir tahun 2020 nanti nak hantar anak engko kat sekolah mana... Silap-silap time tu semua orang cari port selamat kat hutan, mungkin kat Janda Baik, Pahang?

              Posted: 26 July 2006 at 10:08pm

              Forumers berbincang mengenai betapa banyaknya “keperluan” sekarang dikuasai Yahudi, maka kata saya:
              Adoi... Camana le kita nak kalahkan Zionis ni? Dah le duit kita nak dah banyak tabur kat diaorang, bukan Hard Rock Cafe, Starbucks n etc aje... Habis Kentucky, McDonald tu apa? Yang kita simpan duit dalam bank tu, interest ke, yuran perbankan Islam tu hapa? Bukankah semua bank musti ada deposit kat Bank Negara? Mesti ikut BLR, Base Lending Rate... Itu ape kalau tak riba' tak kira le kalau bagi nama sedap ikut Islam siap buat aqad...

              Itu le, kita ni dah darurat sangat... Banyak benda terpaksa dihalalkan kerana kita dah TERCENGKAM dalam sistem Zionis...

              Habis tu takkan nak suruh keluar duduk hutan tinggalkan semuanya jadi cam aku, bodoh, ketinggalan zaman... Dah nak jadik Melayu purba plak? Tak ke bodoh namanya tu? Itu le... Bukan senang nak selamat daripada fitnah Dajjal ni, apalagi le nak atur barisan perang lawan depa semua..

              url :

                        Welcome Back Author Dellani Oakes!!        
              The month of April flew by and suddenly it became May and that was even busier for me. So I am finally getting back here and I think you will be very happy that I did!

              My guest author today is a longtime friend and multi-published author, Dellani Oakes. Let's learn all about her. Then we will be treated to a preview of her new book: The Maker, the third book in her Lone Wolf series.

              Welcome back to my blog, Dellani!! I know you are on your blog blitz and I am so happy you stopped in here. I have a few questions that my readers might want to know about you.

              Where were you born and where do you live now?

              I was born in Knoxville, Tennessee but have moved around a lot. My husband and I moved to Florida, just south of Daytona Beach in 1989.

              Who or what influenced you to begin writing?

              My parents are the major influence in my writing life. They both encouraged reading, storytelling and writing when I was younger. My father was an English professor and my mother a school teacher, who was also a storyteller and poet. Neither of them wrote fiction, I went my own way on that.

              Besides writing do you have any hobbies?

              I used to, but now don't really have any hobbies. Wow, that sounds terrible, doesn't it? Unless you can count a serious Netflix Binge Addiction a hobby. When I'm not writing or tending to my family, I am glued to Netflix. I tend to favor cop shows or those with a medical bent.

              Tell our readers what a typical day of writing would look like for you.

              My days follow a loose schedule. In the morning and early afternoon, I check and share blog posts for myself and my friends. If there are any chores associated with the blogs, I tend to them. Short break for a late lunch, then I decide what I'm going to work on. If I'm editing, I'll work on that during the day and into the evening. Most of my writing is done late evening or at night. My creative mind seems to work best then.

              If I've just finished a book, like now, I will take a break from it and do some casual editing of something I've already finished. I am constantly perfecting, finding errors and rewriting things so it's not as big a job when I decide to get something reader ready.

              How did you get the idea for The Lone Wolf series?

              I originally set out to write the adventures two friends of mine, and I had in a Traveler game back in the early 80s. Traveler is like D&D, only set in outer space. Matilda, Marc and Wil were born in those long ago games. Once I started writing, the characters took over, and what happens in the books is nothing like what happened in the games. That's okay, though, because the book adventures are better.

              How did reading science fiction and watching science fiction influence your choices for The Lone Wolf series?

              Reading science fiction gave me a feel for the unique and off the wall, no holds barred mindset of sci-fi. You can go anywhere, do anything, and it doesn't matter. As long as you set your parameters and don't violate them (too much) you can travel the stars.

              I try not to be influenced by series like Star Wars or Star Trek, because people have expectations for those worlds. I want my universe to be unique and not a carbon copy of something else. I've tried very hard to stay away from those worlds.

              The Maker - Book 3 tells the story of Wil and his wife Matilda, who are battling evil on the planet Shazakan. For readers who haven’t read the other two books, can you tell us how he got there?

              Wil VanLipsig is a former Galactic Marine Colonel. He's been genetically enhanced by the Marines and at the age of 86, he doesn't look over 30. Unbeknownst to him, he fathered a son with his first love and now that indiscretion has caught up to him. His son has set him up for a fall, then takes off for parts unknown. Wil and Matilda must follow him in order to save the universe, quite literally, from a legendary evil race known as the Kahlea.

              By a few twists of fate, and lots of crazy adventures, they end up on the planet, Shakazhan, a virtually dead planet in deep, uncharted space. It is on this planet that an ancient warrior race, the Timokuan, made their last stand and drove the Kahlea away. Because of Wil's son, though, the Kahlea are coming back and they and their companions must stand against them.

              In the excerpt you provided for us here, something happens to Matilda. Will she be okay in the rest of the book?

              That's something readers will need to find out by reading the book. I won't give spoilers, but I rarely kill off main characters in my stories.

              How did you get the idea for Wil and Matilda? Are they based on any real life people you know?

              Wil, Matilda and Marc, are based on characters two friends and I created for a Traveler game back in 1982. My character was Matilda Dulac, also known as Romance. One friend created Marc and the other Wil. I changed their characters' last names, though, because I couldn't remember them. Except for having been loosely based on their characters and mine, they are completely my own creation.

              Are you planning any in-person or online events to talk about this new book?

              No. Maybe later when Book 4, The Kahlea, comes out – which will be late summer or early fall of this year – I hope.

              If you could meet any writer living or dead, who would it be and why?

              Oh, there are so many! I think I'd have to pick Andre Norton, because her book, Star Man's Son, was the one that woke a love of science fiction in me. I went through a time when I was in the third grade, where I didn't want to read. I'd been told by a clueless school librarian that I couldn't read above my grade level. In third grade, I was reading at least a sixth-grade level. She banned me from the older books.

              My mother, wise woman that she is, took me to the city library instead. One of her dear friends was the head librarian. She took me to the young adult section of the library, told me to pick whatever I wanted, and I could check it out. If I didn't like it, I could always get another. I remembered that my mother had taken my cousin to meet Andre Norton when he was a boy, so the name struck a chord. I fell in love with her books and that stuck with me my entire life.

              Thank you for providing us with such complete answers and I know my readers now want to see an excerpt. So I just happen to have one from The Maker:

              The Maker – Book 3 in the Lone Wolf Series by Dellani Oakes

              If anyone had asked Wil VanLipsig where he'd be in five years, he surely wouldn't have said he'd be fighting the ultimate evil on an unknown planet in a lost galaxy. Fighting a war, probably. Killing off insurgents, righting political wrongs, following another man's agenda, decidedly. Funny how life throws things in our paths that we must overcome. Wil is no different. With the help of his wife, Matilda, their good friends and benevolent aliens, they battle the Kahlea's slaves, wondering when the Grand Master himself will arrive. What's next for this tiny, insignificant oddment of miners and marines? Travel to the forgotten world of Shakazan and find out!
              The Maker is Book Three in the Lone Wolf Series, with more to come. The story is far from being told.


              Wil dragged Matilda back down the tunnel. Roaring, Surau rushed them from the rear. Ben and Marc took shots at him, but they didn't have time to aim carefully. The shots went wild, zinging around the tunnel dangerously. They holstered their weapons and provided a meat shield for Matilda. Wil ran, dragging her down the tunnel.
              They encountered nothing until they got to the first junction, where the metal passage intersected with the stone tunnels. Instead of being empty as it had been, they found themselves facing tall, dark humanoids. These carried lethal looking spears and didn't appear angry, just startled. Raising their spears threateningly, the dark men charged the group.
              Finding the way blocked, the unlucky humans veered off down the metal passage, footsteps echoing hollowly as they ran. Matilda tripped over her skirt, as it wrapped around her legs. Taking one set of claws, she slashed a portion of it away, freeing her feet to run more efficiently. Wil's grip on her arm was painful, bruising her skin, leaving her muscles feeling numb. She did her best to keep up, but his legs were far longer than hers, his stamina greater. The passage grew increasingly dim as they went further in. They had never been so far from Sentience and her repaired networks before. They initiated their Kindred suits as the air around them thinned and grew stale.
              The dark men surged down the tunnel after them, their numbers overwhelming. Ben and Marc formed a wall, with Wil directly behind them. He tried to contact the ship to teleport them out, but there was too much interference. Backing slowly as the men advanced, Marc picked off two with carefully aimed shots. Ben joined him, taking out a couple more. Their weapons were set to stun, but to the dark men, their comrades appeared to be dead.
              Instead of stopping, the men grew more determined, advancing rapidly. As one, they suddenly lunged forward, making a grab for the small, retreating party of humans. One grabbed Marc, who crushed the dark man's skull with a blow from his gun butt.
              Another held Ben, who summarily broke his arm, yanking it from the socket. The dark man screamed in pain as Ben's blow to his head killed him. Wil kicked a third in the teeth, before aiming down the tunnel, targeting the leader. His kill shot was true.
              The dark men stopped advancing as their leader's head exploded. With a mighty roar, they made a last, monumental attempt to grapple with the humans. Wil pressed his wife behind him, trying again to contact the ship. There was a crackle of static and a faint acknowledgment from Hammer.
              "Smith, get us the hell out of here!" Wil roared into his com.
              The dark men gathered their dwindling numbers, preparing for a final assault. Growling angrily, they reformed their ranks around the fallen, glaring at the humans with hatred.
              Wil shouted to his wife, "Run, Matilda! We'll catch up to you! Run! Run!"
              Matilda hesitated a moment. The passageway was dark, she could feel it surround her. Even the Kindred suit couldn't compensate for the complete lack of light. Her nightmares came back, freezing her in place.
              "Wil, I can't! I can't see a thing! Oh, God, Wil, I'm so scared!"
              "Babe, it's okay. Hammer has us. He'll get us out of here. Please, keep going a little longer."
              Hesitantly, she picked her way along, the floor sagging beneath her feet. The ceiling was partially collapsed, filled with so much rubble, she had to stoop to move. The others were engaged in combat, she could hear it. All her instincts screamed at her to go back, to fight beside her mate.
              Wil's voice echoed down the passage, "Run!"
              One of the dark men broke through their line, scrabbling over the stones, nearly on top of her. Matilda knew Wil was aiming at him. Flattening herself against the wall, she pressed back as far as she could.
              "Now!" she screamed. "You have a clear shot!"
              The weapon fired as she ducked, turning further away, sensing the electromagnetic pulse from Wil's gun, hit the dark man in the back, hurling him toward her. She tried to dodge him, but a hand shot out from his dying body, clutching at her flowing dress, dragging her with him. The floor collapsed beneath their combined weight. The man fell like an anchor into the nothingness below her. Kicking wildly, Matilda struggled for a hand hold, screaming hysterically.
              Wil heard her scream, felt the give in the floor and ran full speed down the passage. The ceiling collided with this forehead, the sides of the passage snagged his clothing. "I'm coming! I'm coming! Hang on!"
              "Wil! Oh, Wil! I'm falling! Wil!" A scream ripped from her throat, fading away as she fell.
              Wil reached for her a second too late. He saw her dropping into the bottomless pit. His cry of despair turned into a howl of grief. A moment later, the men found themselves on the bridge of Hammer. Matilda wasn't with them. Wil lay on the floor, still as death.
              "Oh, God," he whispered. "Oh, God! No!"

              I know that I definitely want to read more about these characters. Where can we find this book?

              The Maker – Book Three is ready for pre-order and will be available May 15, 2017

              ASIN: B071HH7CK8 

              It has been delightful to talk with you today and I also want to tell my readers that you can hear Dellani on her two radio shows in her bio.


              Dellani Oakes is a Tennessean by birth, a Floridian by a quirk of fate. She resides in a town south of Daytona Beach where her constantly changing household usually has at least one grown child in it. Dellani loves science fiction and grew up reading the greats. She always felt something was missing from their story lines—a little romance. Taking that idea to heart, she began her Lone Wolf Series, incorporating all she loved about sci-fi, but adding a strong romantic bond between Wil and Matilda.
              Dellani is an avid writer, but when she's not writing, she's reading anything she can get her hands on. She leads a small writers group through the Council on Aging, enjoying her time away from home. She also hosts two blog talk radio shows a month, Dellani's Tea Time – Every 2nd Monday of the month, and What's Write for Me – every 4th Wednesday. She and her co-host, Christina Giguere, interview other authors.
              You can find more about Dellani Oakes here:

              As always all of your comments are welcomed!

              Until the next time, I hope you will be able to tune into my radio show on Thursday, May 25, 2017, to hear author and poet, Cynthia Sharp and award-winning author Eleanor Kuhns. If you miss the time you can hear it anytime by clicking on the link.
              If you are a Facebook friend then you already know this, but to any who have not seen this news, my short screenplay, "The Kiss" and my poem, "My Thoughts Turn To You" -- a Scriggler poem of the day, are official selections for Action on Film festival. I was so surprised because this is the first screenplay I have ever written!!
              Many people have said that my poems affect them. If you are looking for a gift for someone who has lost a loved one, you might want to think of my poetry book, a memorial to my late husband. You'll Probably Forget Me: Living With and Without Hal.
               If you buy the book and would like it signed just either leave a comment here or contact me on Facebook. I will send you a personalized bookplate.

                        Watchdogs Say The Danger Of EMP Attacks Is Imminent And Far More Crippling Than A Nuclear Warhead        

              When it comes to electromagnetic pulse, many people connect it to a nuclear bomb going off. But this type of weapon doesn’t have to be linked to a nuclear bomb to be just as devastating. Using today’s technology, weapons using a force of electromagnetic pulse are in existence. This means that a country can experience […]

              The post Watchdogs Say The Danger Of EMP Attacks Is Imminent And Far More Crippling Than A Nuclear Warhead appeared first on ROK7.

                        Roswell or Bust - Part 30 of 43        
              © 2008 by Henry Melton

              “There are more features to the talkie than humans know. You can sense another talkie in range, but we are able to communicate over that link.”
              Joe was intensely aware that Judith had unconsciously gripped his hand as they listened. By the grip, it was clear that she was frightened by how much the Trust had been fooled.
              “We’ve talked with Bob Seven and Fred Two. Sam Four is comatose just like Sam Five, which is what we had expected. The idea of knocking at the front door with a crate of sludge wouldn’t have worked. There are five Trust agents at the Kingman base, armed and expecting an attack. They’ve been alerted to our presence by the talkie and the base is locked down. They’ve reported the fact to Trust headquarters, so we can expect reinforcements as soon as a plane can arrive. We don’t have much time.”
              Joe asked, “What can we do?”
              “Drive up to the base. We have more resources than you believe.”
              Joe sighed and reluctantly pulled his hand from her grip. He strapped the seatbelt.
              “Get ready to move!” Everyone moved to a seat. They drove into the town of Kingman.
              Judith pointed to Highway 20. “Go north a few miles.”
              The town artery gradually dwindled into a two lane rural road.
              “Here.” She pointed.
              There were several modern houses, each on two or three acres. Joe pulled to a stop on the shoulder, as close as he could get to the loose pile of stones, each eight to ten feet tall. A cedar tree grew up in the gaps between the rocks.
              “Judith and Joe, be ready at the front door when I signal.” Bob Four slipped out the door. This wasn’t a ranch house out in the country. The town had grown and the base had been surrounded by houses. Bob Four had the pre-dawn darkness, but there were streetlights. He crept up to the tunnel entrance next to the cedar tree and waited. Joe turned off the engine. They waited in the darkness.
              Inside the base, the agent watching the security monitors noticed headlights that slowed and went dark. He called out, “We may have something here.”
              Down below, in Fred Two’s quarters, an agent babysat the non-humanoid alien, resting in a chair, reading People magazine. Suddenly, the reading lamp flashed, and he slumped, motionless.
              Fred Two, three feet away, settled into an inert lump on the floor. Everyone, human or alien, in the Kingman base, collapsed.
              Bob Four signaled to the humans and vanished underground.
              Joe whispered to Judith, “Okay, I wish I knew what we’re up to, but here we go.” He opened the side door to the RV and everyone but Sam Five left under the cover of darkness.
              The humans ran up to the door. Judith used her card on the hidden lock, but nothing happened. “This should work.”
              “What do we do now?”
              Joe waved. Bob One and Fred Four hurried over.
              “The door lock won’t open.”
              “Let Fred Four work on it.”
              The mobile footstool extended delicate tentacles and fished into the crack. Shortly, there was a click, and the door opened. They went in.
              Three men in the blacked-out security office were slumped at their stations. Joe checked the first one’s pulse. “He’s okay.” He looked at Judith. “Did they get rollbacked?”
              “I don’t know.” Fred Four worked on the controls and shortly, consoles lit up. Just then the elevator motors started.
              Bob Four arrived. “Everyone is unconscious. Joe, Judith, we need your muscles.”
              Bob One stayed put, but everyone else went down into the apartment level. Judith picked up the unconscious Bob Seven and headed back to the elevator.
              Joe picked up Fred Two, carefully. Collapsed, the red mass was very heavy and hard to carry—and he was frightened he would squeeze something wrong. He was waiting for the elevator when Fred Four walked up and extended its tentacles, lifting Fred Two out of his arms.
              “Thank you.” He turned back and found Bob Four extracting Sam Four from its cage.
              “Take him to the RV and then come back here. There are a few pieces of equipment we’ll need to take, too. And hurry. We don’t have much time.”
              Joe felt a little queasy with the insectoid, but he put it out of his mind. He met Judith as the elevator opened. “Bob Four has more stuff to carry.”
              At the RV, he passed the Sam to Bob One and headed back. Judith was already loaded with a set of metal rods.
              “Take these.” She headed back into Fred Two’s room and returned with a couple of boxes. They went up in the elevator together.
              Joe asked, “Should we take their talkie?”
              Bob Four shook his head. “No time to find it. They’re already starting to stir. Get out.” He went into the control room and flipped a circuit breaker. Everything went dark.
              Joe was the last one out, and looked around the RV, taking a head count before closing the door.
              As planned, Judith settled into the driver seat, adjusted the steering wheel and pulled the RV into the driveway to turn around. She backed out onto the road, bouncing through the soft shoulder, but that couldn’t be helped. It was tight quarters. She headed for the highway.
              “Three bases down, two to go.”
              Samuelson rushed into Carl Morris’s office, not waiting for acknowledgement.
              “Whitfield is in Roswell. We just located Valet. It’s at Roswell Industrial Air Park. According to the mechanic, it must have landed late yesterday.”
              Carl was on the phone. He put it down. “Kingman’s been hit. All of our people were knocked unconscious and the Guests removed.”
              He tapped the Santaquin number. “Blake, what’s the score?”
              As Samuelson listened, Carl’s face didn’t change. It was already an uncompromising frown.
              “Kingman has been cleaned out, too. Get back here.” He looked over the map. None of the bases were marked, except in his head.
              “Samuelson, activate the phone tree. Call everyone. Have each report to their usual base and wait for orders. Get a response report. Find out who can’t be found.
              “It had to be an inside job. Whitfield is involved, but how much of the organization is compromised? He couldn’t have arrived in Roswell and participated in the Kingman attack at the same time.”
              Samuelson nodded and rushed out.
              Joe was tired from the driving, and the excitement of their raid had faded fast. He wanted to go back and crash out on the bed, but it was taken. Both Sams were laid out side by side on the bed and the Bobs were positioning them.
              “What’s going on?” Bob One put his finger in the shushing gesture, which looked odd. The other two Bobs pushed at the abdomens of the Sams, and a cavity opened in each of the insectoids.
              Joe shuddered. It looked totally unnatural, even on giant bugs. From one of the Sams—Joe couldn’t tell them apart—a pale blue pod protruded. Bob Four gently pulled it out. From the other, another appeared, but it was a darker blue. The Bobs exchanged the pods and pushed them back into the insectoid bodies. In a fashion that strangely reminded Joe of a videotape being swallowed by the player, the pods vanished and the cavities closed off tightly.
              Wordlessly, or at least to Joe’s ears, the Bobs worked in easy cooperation to strip the sheets from the bed. They folded them into a foot wide band and struggled to tuck the ends under the mattress.
              “Hey, let me do that. I’m practiced.”
              With an economy of motion, Joe tucked the band snug under the mattress. The Sams should be secure against the motion of the RV.
              Bob One tugged Joe’s arm and closed the door connecting after them. “Sams have to exchange their pods to live. All we can do now is hope that we were in time. It really takes all three to do the exchange properly. We’ll swap them again, once we have Sam One.”
              Joe nodded, “One last question, before I have to get some sleep. How were the Kingman people knocked out?”
              “Fred Two did it. The Freds are very clever. Over a period of several years, a chemical has been released into the air and it penetrated throughout the base, collecting undetectably on every surface.”
              Joe nodded, struggling to contain a yawn. He was familiar with cigarette smoke gradually staining the walls in the smoking rooms. He stretched out on the couch. “Go on.”
              “On signal, a high intensity electromagnetic pulse was triggered, which caused the chemical to decompose into a fast-acting knock-out gas.”
              “Wow.” He marveled at both the expertise and patience it had required. The aliens had been planning their escape for a long time. He looked around.
              “Where are the Freds?”
              Bob One paused before answering. “They’re in the closet, resting.”
              Kenneth Winston, aka John Smith, picked up the new cell phone with his good arm. The old phone was destroyed, smashed when it hit something hard during the accident. He’d walked into the cell phone store a couple of blocks from his hotel room in downtown Taos, arm in a sling, and purchased a new one with the same number. He just hoped Judith would call soon. There’d been no messages on the home answering machine, and he knew that she’d have no way to leave a message with anyone else. No one would understand her tapping code.
              I just hope Joe Ferris was able to find her. He toyed with the idea of calling the boy’s motel, but that would be awkward. He was limited in what he could do. Judith had taken the credit card and the car. What cash he had left was barely enough to rent a room and eat. He’d charged the new phone purchase on his regular phone bill.
              The phone rang. He fumbled the slide open with one hand.
              “Yes?” Habit kept him from spilling out questions, even though only Judith and one other person knew this number.
              The caller id reported “Out of Area”.
              “This is an automated message brought to you by the American Red Cross. Have you considered becoming a blood donor today? Please call your local Red Cross office and learn how you can help save lives.”
              He recognized her voice. It was his control. The code phrase ordered him to pass the same command to anyone below him, report his current location to a memorized anonymous voicemail number, and then report to his standard work location as soon as possible.
              Well, the only one under him was Judith, and he had no way to contact her, and no way to get back to his Roswell check-in point. Should he call in and report his situation?
              He only had two choices. He could drop out of sight, preferably as soon as he connected back up with his daughter, and go into hiding. The Trust wasn’t as powerful as it had been in his youth. He could vanish where they couldn’t find him.
              Or else, he could do as he was told.

                        EMP Attack Survival PDF Covers Family Survival Food and Water Solutions        
              (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 19, 2017 ) Houston, Texas -- The complete EMP (ElectroMagnetic Pulse) attack survival answers PDF report, BlackoutUSA Darkest Days, has been reviewed by Your Winning Edge family survival information site. The report provides real answers to survival food access and storage, survival...
                        ECOMONIC COLLAPSE? BE READY        
              20 Things You Will Need To Survive When The Economy Collapses And The Next Great Depression Begins

              Today, millions of Americans say that they believe that the United States is on the verge of a major economic collapse and will soon be entering another Great Depression.  But only a small percentage of those same people are prepared for that to happen.  The sad truth is that the vast majority of Americans would last little more than a month on what they have stored up in their homes.  Most of us are so used to running out to the supermarket or to Wal-Mart for whatever we need that we never even stop to consider what would happen if suddenly we were not able to do that.  Already the U.S. economy is starting to stumble about like a drunken frat boy. 

              All it would take for the entire U.S. to resemble New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina would be for a major war, a terror attack, a deadly pandemic or a massive natural disaster to strike at just the right time and push the teetering U.S. economy over the edge.  So just how would you survive if you suddenly could not rely on the huge international corporate giants to feed, clothe and supply you and your family?  Do you have a plan?

              Unless you already live in a cave or you are a complete and total mindless follower of the establishment media, you should be able to see very clearly that our society is more vulnerable now than it ever has been.  This year there have been an unprecedented number of large earthquakes around the world and volcanoes all over the globe are awakening.  You can just take a look at what has happened in Haiti and in Iceland to see how devastating a natural disaster can be.  Not only that, but we have a world that is full of lunatics in positions of power, and if one of them decides to set off a nuclear, chemical or biological weapon in a major city it could paralyze an entire region. 

              War could erupt in the Middle East at literally any moment, and if it does the price of oil will double or triple (at least) and there is the possibility that much of the entire world could be drawn into the conflict.  Scientists tell us that a massive high-altitude EMP (electromagnetic pulse) blast could send large portions of the United States back to the stone age in an instant.  In addition, there is the constant threat that the outbreak of a major viral pandemic (such as what happened with the 1918 Spanish Flu) could kill tens of millions of people around the globe and paralyze the economies of the world.

              But even without all of that, the truth is that the U.S. economy is going to collapse.  So just think of what will happen if one (or more) of those things does happen on top of all the economic problems that we are having.

              Are you prepared? 

              The following is a list of 20 things you and your family will need to survive when the economy totally collapses and the next Great Depression begins....
              #1) Storable Food
              Food is going to instantly become one of the most valuable commodities in existence in the event of an economic collapse.  If you do not have food you are not going to survive.  Most American families could not last much longer than a month on what they have in their house right now.  So what about you?  If disaster struck right now, how long could you survive on what you have?  The truth is that we all need to start storing up food.  If you and your family run out of food, you will suddenly find yourselves competing with the hordes of hungry people who are looting the stores and roaming the streets looking for something to eat.
              Of course you can grow your own food, but that is going to take time.  So you need to have enough food stored up until the food that you plant has time to grow.  But if you have not stored up any seeds you might as well forget it.  When the economy totally collapses, the remaining seeds will disappear very quickly.  So if you think that you are going to need seeds, now is the time to get them.
              #2) Clean Water
              Most people can survive for a number of weeks without food, but without water you will die in just a few days.  So where would you get water if the water suddenly stopped flowing out of your taps?  Do you have a plan?  Is there an abundant supply of clean water near your home? Would you be able to boil water if you need to?
              Besides storing water and figuring out how you are going to gather water if society breaks down, another thing to consider is water purification tablets.  The water you are able to gather during a time of crisis may not be suitable for drinking.  So you may find that water purification tablets come in very, very handy.
              #3) Shelter
              You can't sleep on the streets, can you?  Well, some people will be able to get by living on the streets, but the vast majority of us will need some form of shelter to survive for long.  So what would you do if you and your family lost your home or suddenly were forced from your home?  Where would you go?
              The best thing to do is to come up with several plans.  Do you have relatives that you can bunk with in case of emergency?  Do you own a tent and sleeping bags if you had to rough it?  If one day everything hits the fan and you and your family have to "bug out" somewhere, where would that be?  You need to have a plan.
              #4) Warm Clothing
              If you plan to survive for long in a nightmare economic situation, you are probably going to need some warm, functional clothing.  If you live in a cold climate, this is going to mean storing up plenty of blankets and cold weather clothes.  If you live in an area where it rains a lot, you will need to be sure to store up some rain gear.  If you think you may have to survive outdoors in an emergency situation, make sure that you and your family have something warm to put on your heads.  Someday after the economy has collapsed and people are scrambling to survive, a lot of folks are going to end up freezing to death.  In fact, in the coldest areas it is actually possible to freeze to death in your own home.  Don't let that happen to you.
              #5) An Axe
              Staying along the theme of staying warm, you may want to consider investing in a good axe.  In the event of a major emergency, gathering firewood will be a priority.  Without a good tool to cut the wood with that will be much more difficult.
              #6) Lighters Or Matches
              You will also want something to start a fire with.  If you can start a fire, you can cook food, you can boil water and you can stay warm.  So in a true emergency situation, how do you plan to start a fire?  By rubbing sticks together?  Now is the time to put away a supply of lighters or matches so that you will be prepared when you really need them.
              In addition, you may want to consider storing up a good supply of candles.  Candles come in quite handy whenever the electricity goes out, and in the event of a long-term economic nightmare we will all see why our forefathers relied on candles so much.
              #7) Hiking Boots Or Comfortable Shoes
              When you ask most people to list things necessary for survival, this is not the first or the second thing that comes to mind.  But having hiking boots or very comfortable and functional shoes will be absolutely critical.  You may very well find yourself in a situation where you and your family must walk everywhere you want to go.  So how far do you think you will get in high heels?  You will want footwear that you would feel comfortable walking in for hours if necessary.  You will also want footwear that will last a long time, because when the economy truly collapses you may not be able to run out to the shoe store and get what you need at that point.
              #8) A Flashlight And/Or Lantern
              When the power goes off in your home, what is the first thing that you grab?  Just think about it.  A flashlight or a lantern of course.  In a major emergency, a flashlight or a lantern is going to be a necessity - especially if you need to go anywhere at night.
              Solar powered or "crank style" flashlights or lanterns will probably be best during a long-term emergency.  If you have battery-powered units you will want to begin storing up lots and lots of batteries. 
              #9) A Radio
              If a major crisis does hit the United States, what will you and your family want?  Among other things, you will all want to know what in the world is going on.  A radio can be an invaluable tool for keeping up with the news.
              Once again, solar powered or "crank style" radios will probably work best for the long term.  A battery-powered until would work as well - but only for as long as your batteries are able to last.
              #10) Communication Equipment
              When things really hit the fan you are going to want to communicate with your family and friends.  You will also want to be able to contact an ambulance or law enforcement if necessary.  Having an emergency cell phone is great, but it may or may not work during a time of crisis.  The Internet also may or may not be available.  Be sure to have a plan (whether it be high-tech or low-tech) for staying in communication with others during a major emergency.
              #11) A Swiss Army Knife
              If you have ever owned a Swiss Army knife you probably already know how incredibly handy they can be.  It can be a very valuable and versatile tool.  In a true survival situation, a Swiss Army knife can literally do dozens of different things for you.  Make sure that you have at least one stored up for emergencies.
              #12) Personal Hygiene Items 
              While these may not be absolute "essentials", the truth is that life will get very unpleasant very quickly without them.  For example, what would you do without toilet paper?  Just think about it.  Imagine that you just finished your last roll of toilet paper and now you can't get any more.  What would you do?
              The truth is that soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, toilet paper and other hygiene products are things that we completely take for granted in society today.  So what would happen if we could not go out and buy them any longer?
              #13) A First Aid Kit And Other Medical Supplies
              One  a more serious note, you may not be able to access a hospital or a doctor during a major crisis.  In your survival supplies, be absolutely certain that you have a good first aid kit and any other medical supplies that you think you may need.
              #14) Extra Gasoline
              There may come a day when gasoline is rationed or is simply not available at all.  If that happens, how will you get around?  Be certain to have some extra gasoline stored away just in case you find yourself really needing to get somewhere someday.
              #15) A Sewing Kit
              If you were not able to run out and buy new clothes for you and your family, what would you do?  Well, you would want to repair the clothes that you have and make them last as long as possible.  Without a good sewing kit that will be very difficult to do.
              #16) Self-Defense Equipment
              Whether it is pepper spray to fend off wild animals or something more "robust" to fend off wild humans, millions of Americans will one day be thankful that they have something to defend themselves with.
              #17) A Compass
              In the event of a major emergency, you and your family may find yourselves having to be on the move.  If you are in a wilderness area, it will be very hard to tell what direction you are heading without a compass.  It is always a good idea to have at least one compass stored up.
              #18) A Hiking Backpack
              If you and your family suddenly have to "bug out", what will you carry all of your survival supplies in?  Having a good hiking backpack or "survival bag" for everyone in your family is extremely important.  If something happened in the city where you live and you suddenly had to "go", what would you put your most important stuff in?  How would you carry it all if you had to travel by foot?  These are very important things to think about.
              #19) A Community
              During a long-term crisis, it is those who are willing to work together that will have the best chance of making it.  Whether it is your family, your friends, a church or a local group of people that you know, make sure that you have some people that you can rely on and work together with in the event that everything hits the fan.  Loners are going to have a really hard time of surviving for long.
              #20) A Backup Plan
              Lastly, it is always, always, always important to have a backup plan for everything.
              If someone comes in and steals all the food that you have stored up, what are you going to do?
              If travel is restricted and your can't get to your "bug out" location immediately do you have a Plan B?
              If you have built your house into an impregnable survival fortress but circumstances force you to leave do you have an alternate plan?
              The truth is that crisis situations rarely unfold just as we envision.  It is important to be flexible and to be ready with backup plans when disaster strikes.
              You don't want to end up like the folks in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.  You don't want to have to rely on the government to take care of you if something really bad happens.
              Right now the U.S. strategic grain reserve contains only enough wheat to make half a loaf of bread for each of the approximately 300 million people in the United States.
              How long do you think that is going to last?
              Now is the time to get ready.
              Now is the time to prepare.
              The United States economy is going to collapse and incredibly hard times are coming.
              Will you be able to survive when it happens?

              Source: Economic Collapse
                        Korean War II--A Scenario        

              North Korea has nuclear-armed missiles and satellites potentially capable of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack. EMP is considered by many the most politically acceptable use of a nuclear weapon, because the high-altitude detonation (above 30 kilometers) produces no blast, thermal, or radioactive fallout effects harmful to people.

              EMP itself is harmless to people, destroying only electronics. But by destroying electric grids and other life-sustaining critical infrastructures, the indirect effects of EMP can kill far more people in the long-run than nuclear blasting a city.

              In this scenario, North Korea makes an EMP attack on Japan and South Korea to achieve its three most important foreign policy goals: reunification with South Korea, revenge upon Japan for World War II, and recognition of North Korea as a world power.

              Revenge against Tokyo is a convenient rationale for someday attacking Japan. War against Japan will be necessary for the North to conquer South Korea, as Japan is an indispensable staging area for U.S. and allied forces defending South Korea.

              North Korea's dictator, Kim Jong Un, is the scion of three generations of totalitarian rule, a megalomaniac and ruthless murderer described by state media as a demigod having supernatural powers.

              Kim's strategy is to sever U.S. security guarantees to South Korea and Japan by raising the stakes too high-raising the specter of nuclear war-and through "nuclear diplomacy" to cow the U.S. and its allies into submission. 

              In this scenario, North Korea detonates a nuclear weapon at 96 kilometers HOB (height of burst) over Tokyo. The EMP field extends from the Japanese capital to a radius of 1,080 kilometers, covering all of Japan's major home islands. 

              Virtually all of Japan's major military bases and seaports are covered by the EMP field, rendering them inoperable. Traffic control towers and systems are damaged and blacked-out stopping air and rail traffic. Highways are jammed with stalled vehicles. Communications systems are damaged or destroyed or in blackout.

              Worse, Japan's population of 126 million people is at risk because suddenly there is no running water or food coming into the cities. EMP induced industrial accidents are happening everywhere. Gas pipelines are exploding and turning into firestorms in towns and cities. Refineries and chemical plants are exploding, releasing toxic clouds and poisonous spills. Tokyo knows from the experience of Fukushima that as the nationwide blackout becomes protracted, within days Japan's nuclear reactors will exhaust their emergency power supplies and begin exploding, contaminating the home islands with radioactivity. 

              As a consequence of the EMP attack, Japan's critical infrastructures are paralyzed and incapable of transporting U.S. forces to aid South Korea. Indeed, with Japan's survival at risk, Tokyo would probably oppose any effort to help South Korea by U.S. forces staging from Japan, fearing another North Korean EMP attack. 

              The EMP field also covers the eastern half of South Korea, including the vital seaport of Busan (the key to South Korea's survival and U.S. victory in the last Korean War). All the eastern coastal seaports, and all military bases and airfields in the eastern half of South Korea (nearest Japan) are under the EMP field. 

              The EMP field does not extend to North Korea.

              Left uncovered by the EMP field are the western half of South Korea, including Seoul, the capital, and the major highway systems radiating around and from Seoul southward-the best invasion routes. Stalled traffic from the EMP will not be blocking Seoul or the highways.

              U.S. and South Korean forces covering the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) will not be covered by the EMP field. The EMP field, in their immediate rear area, will cause cascading failures of the electric grid throughout the DMZ and the entirety of South Korea. 

              Thus, even those U.S. and South Korean forces not covered by the EMP field will be in a paralyzing protracted blackout that will cripple or deny allied forces communications, transportation, food and water, supplies and reinforcements from South Korean bases or from overseas.

              The EMP attack creates conditions for North Korea's conquest of South Korea that are ideal.

              North Korean armor and infantry pours across the DMZ, thrusting through and around Seoul and down the coastal highways, flanking U.S. and allied forces paralyzed by EMP and unable to maneuver.

              U.S. nuclear missiles and bombers start blasting North Korea's nuclear forces and underground bunkers where the Dear Leader may be hiding. Now Kim Jong-Un knows he has miscalculated. The U.S. is no paper tiger.

              In a final act of vengeance, Kim detonates the Super-EMP warhead in his KMS-4 satellite, blacking-out the United States. 

              Airliners crash. Communications and transportation stop. Natural gas pipelines explode, causing firestorms in cities. In 7 days, 100 U.S. nuclear reactors go Fukushima. In a year, most Americans are dead from starvation.

              The United States, Japan, South Korea, and North Korea are in ruins.

              Russia and China are the winners.

              Mr. President, harden the U.S. electrical grid to defend against an EMP attack, and shoot down those North Korean satellites!

              A version of this piece also appeared on The Hill.

                        States work to protect electric grid from solar storms and nuclear attacks        
              By Josh Peterson | States are working to protect their electrical grids from solar storms and nuclear attacks, frustrated by federal inaction to do the same. Fearful of the deadly consequences of an electromagnetic pulse, should one hit the electrical grid, states have taken the protection of their residents into their own hands. An EMP […]
                        Another Israeli Masterminded 9/11 False Flag Coming August 23?        
              Starting August 23, there will be war games being played, about an event called a "Black Sky" hazard ( A Black Sky Hazard is a catastrophic event that severely disrupts the normal functioning of our critical infrastructures in multiple regions for long durations). A Black Sky happens when something like an "EMP – High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse" hits, which "...would cause an extended duration, subcontinent-scale duration power outage, and would precipitate cascading, direct and indirect failures of all other critical societal infrastructures."

              Hosted by the Electric Infrastructure Security Council. Their CEO is Avi Schnurr, who's big in the holocaust industry.

              If an EMP would be detonated over the USA, it would mean NO cell phones, NO drinking water, no grocery stores open, since they not only wouldn't have electricity, the trucks delivering the food wouldn't start or run. No AC or heat, in short, back to the Stone Age, with anarchy descending upon the land as the strongest fight over food and water.

              Be afraid GOY, be VERY afraid!

              If you remember back to the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag, on that day, the Pentagon was running a number of war games, simulating plane hijacking:

              On the very morning of 9/11/01, five war games and terror drills were being conducted by several U.S. defense agencies, including one "live fly" exercise using REAL planes. Then-Acting Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Air Force General Richard B. Myers, admitted to 4 of the war games in congressional testimony.

              On September 11th, the government also happened to be running a simulation of a plane crashing into a building. In addition, a December 9, 2001 Toronto Star article, stated that "Operation Northern Vigilance is called off. Any simulated information, what's known as an 'inject,' is purged from the screens". This indicates that there were false radar blips inserted onto air traffic controllers' screens as part of the war game exercises.

              Moreover, there are indications that some of the major war games previously scheduled for October 2001 were MOVED UP to September 11th by persons unknown.
              Interestingly, Vice President Cheney was apparently in charge of ALL of the war games and coordinated the government's "response" to the attacks.
              Which gave a perfect cover for Israel and American traitors in the WH, Pentagon, CIA, FBI and NSA so they could pull off the biggest False Flag in history, leading to endless 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel' and a police state.

              If the USA is attacked with an EMP, it won't be North Korea or Iran or Syria, it will be the same SOBs that pulled off 9/11.

              The ominous music accompanying this video should of got an Oscar!

              You might even remember that about 10 years ago, the neoCONs--mostly Jew war mongers--were predicting that Iran was going to detonate an EMP over Kansas, and repeatedly shrieked that we just have to attack Iran to protect Israel, oops, I mean the USA.
              Take Frank Gaffney[close friend of Avi Schnurr], for instance, for the last 30 years or so a lickspittle of Likudnik Grand Pooh-Bah Richard Perle.

              In an exclusive interview with Newsmax TV, Gaffney essentially warned that "any day" now, Iran could detonate exo-atmospherically, somewhere over Kansas, a specially designed multi-megaton thermonuclear weapon, which could wipe out our entire electricity grid, causing a "catastrophic disaster."

              "Such an attack could really cripple our 21st-century society, and I would suggest sort of push us back into preindustrial society in the blink of an eye. It would translate over time – not immediately but over time – into the deaths of perhaps as many as nine out of 10 Americans, because our society simply can't be sustained without electricity and all of the infrastructure that supports our urban settings."

              So, Gaffney appears to have gone from Likudnik neo-crazy to just plain crazy. What could conceivably have moved Gaffney to make such charges?
              Israeli papers were warning about North Korea setting off an EMP over the USA as far back as 2013.

              Wonder why they never worry about an EMP being set off over Israel, or do they know something us GOYIM don't? And why detonate one over Kansas instead of DC or Manhattan?

              Why would these maniacs attack the USA like this? Maybe to cover up their massive Wall Street frauds, since those TBTF banks are in worse shape now than 2007, an EMP would be one way to dump the toxic slop and blame the resulting crash on NK or Iran, instead of where it belongs; On the back of those who control the FED, the US Treasury, Hollywood, the MSM, have 4 out of 9 Supreme Court seats, have Congress wagging its tail and have boxed in Trump, making him all but incapacitated.

              Trump is going to be taught that one doesn't interfere with the Israeli plot to bust up Syria and steal more of their land.
                        China building electromagnetic pulse weapons for use against U.S. carriers        
              China’s military is developing electromagnetic pulse weapons that Beijing plans to use against U.S. aircraft carriers in any future conflict over Taiwan, according to an intelligence report made public on Thursday.  Portions of a National Ground Intelligence Center study on the lethal effects of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and high-powered microwave … Continue reading
                        When The Grid Goes Down: 15 Tips to Get Home Safely Following an EMP Attack        

              The United States has been attacked by an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) weapon. You’re 15 miles from home, and the “S” has hit the fan.

              The post When The Grid Goes Down: 15 Tips to Get Home Safely Following an EMP Attack appeared first on

                        Knight Rider’s 15-Second Clip Released        

              Finally the long wait is over. NBC network in America has released a 15 second clip of the upcoming remake of the 1980’s iconic television show Knight Rider. The 540 horsepower Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR is officially the new KITT (Knight Industries Three Thousand) with the artificial intelligence voice provided by Will Arnett. NBC network will air the Knight Rider TV movie at 9pm ET on February 17, 2008 Sunday.

              Knight Industries Three Thousand: 2008 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR

              Vehicle Type: Front engine, on-demand all-wheel drive, two-door coupe
              Engine Type: Aluminum block/titanium heads 5.4-liter V8 internal combustion with Whipple supercharger and Knight Industries liquid air cycle auxiliary turbine engine. 540 hp in Hero mode. Power output can’t be measured in Attack mode.
              Transmission: Continuously variable transmission with infinite power band
              Price New: $45.6 million, as tested
              Acceleration: 0 to 60 mph: 1.77 seconds. Standing quarter mile: 3.87 seconds
              Braking (300 to 0 mph): 12 ft.
              Fuel Economy: Not testable

              Special Features as KITT:

              Knight Industries 2000 microprocessor: Version 2.3
              Auto Cruise
              Auto Pursuit
              Auto Collision Avoidance
              Voice Interaction
              Emergency Eject
              Audio/Video In-Dash Functions
              Voice Analyzer
              Infrared Tracking Scope
              Range: 20 miles
              Pyroclastic Lamination
              Blood Analyzer
              Microwave Jammer
              Interior Oxygenator
              Rocket Boosters
              Olfactory Detector
              Electromagnetic Field Generator
              Microwave Ignition Sensor
              Aquatic Synthesizer
              Electronic Field Disrupter
              Ultra Magnesium Charges
              Ultraphonic Chemical Analyzer
              Graphic Translator
              Anamorphic Equalizer
              DNA Analysis Equipment
              Mass Spectrometer
              Targeted Electromagnetic Pulse
              Military-Grade GPS
              Heated Seats
              3D Heads-Up Display
              Laser Weapons System
              Holographic Projection
              Keyless Entry and Ignition
              Personal Safety System
              Nanotech Cloaking
              360-Degree Video Surveillance
              Laser-Guided Missile Defense
              Mini-KITT Reconnaissance Drone
              24-Hour Roadside Assistance
              1000-Watt Quadraphonic Stereo System
              In-Seat Medical Diagnosis
              Biometric Analysis