Harmonices Mundi        
Ecco qui di seguito il mio contributo alla raccolta Tifiamo asteroide. Cento storie sulla fine catastrofica del governo Letta.

Dai banchi del governo, il Presidente del Consiglio leggeva il discorso di presentazione della finanziaria 2014.

L'emiciclo di Montecitorio era completamente vuoto.

Il nuovo regolamento della Camera, approvato all'unanimità pochi mesi prima, prevedeva solo riunioni in videoconferenza. Gli onorevoli seguivano e votavano da casa, via Intranet, attraverso una rete locale controllata dal Ministero dell'Interno, con notevole risparmio per l'erario.

Il centro di Roma era deserto, recintato: "zona rossa" presidiata dalle autoblindo dell'esercito e da pattuglie mobili dei corpi di polizia. Gli abitanti erano stati invitati a non uscire di casa. Comunque quasi tutti erano già sfollati nelle seconde case in località di villeggiatura, perché non si sa mai.

Dal cielo, per ora, solo il rombo degli elicotteri. In lontananza, dalla periferia della città, si udivano provenire paurosi boati e colonne di fumo nero si levavano all'orizzonte. Stava accadendo qualcosa laggiù. Difficile sapere cosa, perché le telecomunicazioni erano state temporaneamente oscurate e Internet funzionava poco e male, evidentemente per intervento della polizia postale e dei servizi. Ma eravamo riusciti ad intercettare la linea Intranet del ministero, e dalla nostra base potevamo seguire la seduta del parlamento; ammesso che la si potesse ancora chiamare così.

I passaggi principali del discorso di Letta erano commentati da tonanti applausi preregistrati. Licenziamento di metà dei dipendenti pubblici (applausi). Chiusura di un terzo delle scuole e di un terzo degli ospedali (applausi). Abolizione dello statuto dei lavoratori (applausi). Nuova legge molto più restrittiva sullo sciopero, sui sindacati, sulla stampa (applausi), innalzamento a 80 anni dell'età pensionabile (applausi), e ancora tagli, tagli, tagli... Aumento dei finanziamenti alle scuole private. Applausi. Aumento delle spese militari. Applausi.

Arrivato al passaggio sulla chiusura dei Conservatori, Letta si interruppe. C'era un sostantivo tedesco, Sphärenmusik. Cosa diavolo voleva dire? Certo, il testo del discorso era arrivato solo un'ora prima da Francoforte, e la segreteria aveva dovuto farlo tradurre in fretta e furia. "Ma caspita", pensò il Presidente del consiglio, "questo significa lavorare col culo. Anche lì bisognerà licenziare"...

Letta non riuscì a completare il pensiero, interrotto da un fatto improvviso e incomprensibile. Gli altoparlanti della Camera, al posto degli applausi finti, avevano iniziato a diffondere il Capriccio n. 24 in la minore di Niccolò Paganini.

Che stava succedendo? Mentre Letta e gli altri componenti il governo si guardavano intorno, disorientati, la musica fu sovrastata da un sibilo acutissimo, che si faceva sempre più forte.

Dopo il boato assordante, con le orecchie che fischiavano, sentivamo ancora quella musica.
Dove fino a un istante prima si trovava Enrico Letta, capo del governo di larghe intese, si apriva una spaventosa voragine. Dall'enorme cratere si levavano nubi di fumo nero.

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          Weight Inward into Lightness: A Reading of Canoe Repair        
Flore Chevaillier

“Canoe Repair” takes place at a transitional time for the main character. Zanes moves from New York City to a New Hampshire town and has to adapt to a new life and a new job, running a Laundromat, as well as to his son’s new hang-gliding activity and his wife’s new TV job. Thus, “Canoe Repair” occurs at a moment when rural and urban worlds are put in “connection and disconnection at the same time” (“Midcourse Corrections” 50). While we learn more about Zanes’ occupations, we also read a portrait of the town’s life. We discover a picture of America and its smell of “coffee richly dripping and poppy-seed-blue corn muffins” (69). We read Zanes’ discussions with “Seemyon Stitching … a spring immigrant from Byelorussia and a trained marathon runner” (62), and find out about the “president’s eight o’clock message to the nation” they listen to when “no one among the machine-users seemed to be waiting for the president’s speech” (72). The story deals with the movements of people from the town who use the Laundromat and the movements of the canoe on the lake, as well as the hang-gliding and the weather.

One might describe the events in these terms. But the story is also a reflection on time and on strange, everyday moments in one’s life. “Canoe Repair” presents a section of a man’s life, also a canoe’s, since its repair is at the center of the story’s multiple directions, its focus on space and movement. The story is a space where different tensions meet. It shows the strain between two worlds, two generations, between different experiences of time and perception, and between two voices telling the story. “Betweenness” is central in McElroy’s writing. In “Canoe Repair,” “ ‘Betweenness’ is… the crumbling edge of the interface of worlds, selves, and situations” (Saltzman 100). Betweenness is also at stake when we consider “Midcourse Corrections,” an unusual autobiographical interview/essay ended by “Canoe Repair.”

“Is a canoe too beautiful to be funny unless somebody falls out of it?” asks Joseph McElroy in “Midcourse Corrections” - “falls out, tipping it over? Put two people in it facing forward. What’s the stern paddler see? What’s the bow paddler feel? - for the stern paddler?”(42).

These questions about canoe uses are put into practice in McElroy’s short story, independent but part of the essay, as he explains. “Some of the material in ‘Midcourse Corrections’ could be said to turn into ‘Canoe Repair’… I wanted to use ‘Canoe Repair’ to fulfill ‘Midcourse Corrections,’ that peculiar interview memoir … that should turn into fiction at the end.” Personal correspondence with the author, June 16, 2001.

“Corrections” is itself an experiment in literary form that in many ways epitomizes the body of McElroy’s writing. “With its inserted interviews, its odd proportions, and its highly colored perspectives of me,” McElroy writes in a letter, “[‘Corrections’] is a hybrid fiction, I suppose. A daydream posing as a document.” (cited in Tabbi 156)

The thematic and structural research of this “hybrid fiction” turns into practical experience in “Canoe Repair.” The author’s reflections upon space, motion, and perception connect to the movement of the boat on water because the “canoe becomes an occasion to think.” Personal correspondence with the author, February 6, 2003. We can approach the story from different angles due to the openness of its particular structure linking it to the essay, of which it is also the unusual closing part. Nevertheless, it would be unfair to consider the story strictly as a conclusion to “Midcourse Corrections;” it has its own structure, dynamics, and meaning. It is a complex and intense story because of the multiple tensions we can feel in its narration.

To understand “Canoe Repair,” we have to focus on the transient aspect of Zanes’ life and its relation to tensions that appear both thematically and structurally. The text is literally at the end of the “Midcourse Corrections” but metaphorically “in between.” It connects to “Midcourse Corrections” but is autonomous. Moreover, it plays strangely with the reader’s expectations. It is organized around a double voice that disturbs the reader’s traditional way of reading. The reading, because of structural devices that put us “in between,” becomes the experience of the transition moment Zanes goes through, his shift from one world to another, his perception of the world.

Zanes’ visions can sometimes be confusing. Hence, some aspects of the story can be destabilizing to the reader. The story starts with a family scene: Zanes and his son are watching the river. A strange canoe used by a black man and a blond woman catches their attention. Zanes’ neighbor calls him afterward to fix the canoe for the blond woman’s son; the canoe captures Zanes’ attention throughout the rest of the story. Parallel to Zanes’ work on the canoe, we learn about his arguments with his son regarding the latter’s hang-gliding practice. We also get to know more about the life that goes on at the Laundromat where Zanes meets with Seemyon Stytchin and a group of young punks that disturb the community. Zanes starts a friendship with Lung, a member of this group. However, this summary contradicts the story’s original presentation of Zanes’ world because it reassembles what is purposefully fragmented in “Canoe Repair.” We only achieve this vision of the story retrospectively because it is not told linearly.

Our expectations as readers are challenged, as David Porush notes when associating the technique of “de-automatization” provoked by the unsettling language of McElroy’s novel Plus. Plus ’ main character Imp Plus is a brain detached from its body and put in orbit to communicate with earth during a scientific experiment. When relearning ways to communicate, Imp Plus uses language unusually. Therefore, the reader is forced to see words in a different way. Imp Plus presents a new use of words that questions the systems we automatically refer to when using language. In “Canoe Repair,” the challenge to our automatisms lies in the distortions that affect the structure of the story. The compact paragraphs of “Canoe Repair” are juxtaposed without transitions. When turning to a dialogue, McElroy does not use rules of quotation to let the reader know that the viewpoint is changing. Tabbi claims that for McElroy “the mental text … does not precede the work at all but exists instead in the work, where the reader might imaginatively participate in the compositional or self-creative effort that went into the life/work’s composition” (158). The activity of the reader is thus part of the structure of the short story. Disjunction calls up the reader’s activity of representation. It asks us to create a coherent image of the narrative, a coherent text. Omitting the relation between two events leaves room for the reader to fill in the blanks. This crafted incompleteness creates the structure of “Canoe Repair.” Facts have more than one logical order; the reader coordinates elements by analyzing fragments.

Thus, the reader organizes the very space of the text. We shift, for example, from “When he took his canoe out, Zanes also thought,” to “The ideas knew how to get away sometimes” in the next paragraph (59). Reading “Zanes also thought,” the reader does not expect the sentence to stop at this point. S/he expects a complement to the verb “thought.” Therefore, reading “Canoe Repair” can be somewhat frustrating; the author even ironically refers to our unsatisfied expectation when we lack a transition between the two sentences. That is why, as Wolfgang Iser notes in The Implied Reader, we have to use imagination to compensate for the gaps. The context created by the sentence: “When he took his canoe out, Zanes also thought,” is destroyed so that the reader steps back and reflects upon the narrative as a work of art. “The artwork itself is represented as an artwork” (McHale 30). The reader finds metafictional allusions that suggest a fiction conscious of its fictionality, which makes the reader understand the story at another level of representation. These metafictional moments create a disjunction in addition to the fragmenting of the plot itself.

Each blank invites interpretation and coordination. Do the gaps become the theme of the narrative? When analyzing Modern texts such as Ulysses, Iser engages the issue of semantic richness and incoherence of gaps, moments of inconsistency, disruption, or omission. He sees reading as a process the reader undergoes to synthesize fragmented elements; the reader creates meaning.

The unconnected allusions and the abrupt alternation of stylistic devices disclose a large number of gaps … [that give] rise to the stimulating quality of the text. On the one hand, the density of allusions and the continual segmentation of style involve an incessant changing of perspectives, which seems to go out of control whenever the reader tries to pin them down; on the other hand, the gaps resulting from the cuts and abbreviations tempt the reader to fill them in. (Iser 213)

The structural breaks in “Canoe Repair” might be less extreme than those in Ulysses but, similarly, the gaps and omissions become part of the story’s theme, possibly denying thematic synthesis itself. Zanes’ fragmented thinking and his way of experiencing life are present in the style the author uses. The medium is often the message. The construction of sentences that might make us insecure reminds us that reading “Canoe Repair” is a special experience that enables us to coordinate elements of the story and thus penetrate Zanes’ mind and his somewhat eccentric thinking. The reader, by grasping multiplicity, references, and rambling elements, maps out what is happening in Zanes’ mind. The way things get originally connected structurally mirrors Zanes’ experience of the world that also reaches for unusual connections.

How do we find our bearings reading “Canoe Repair?” The narration resists linear order. It seems laminated into different sequences of the character’s life. Flashes are exposed with neither explanation nor transition. Joseph McElroy “never hid the gaps” (“Neural Neighborhoods” 204). Chronology is not respected; events follow a pattern of shifts from one subject to another, from one point of view to another, and everything seems important and unimportant at the same time. There is sometimes no link between consecutive sentences: “Was it my time device operating again?” and “A canoe is what makes you do” (77). Here, gaps interfere with our sense of the evolution of the story and the progression in the character’s life, if there is one. These gaps are caused mostly by the double narration of the story, and they are even more challenging to the reader. When we shift from, “Was it my time device operating again?” to “A canoe is what makes you do” (77), we shift from an “I” to an omniscient narrator. Zanes’ own perspective on his life is balanced by the omniscient narrator. To understand Zanes’ life, we need to be inside him and outside him. We need to know the world exterior to Zanes’ subjectivity to understand his reactions, hence the role of the omniscient voice.

The embedded structure of the story told by two narrators juxtaposes two sources of information. This construction enables the insertion of one perspective within another and it leads us to see Zanes’ life as an accumulation of fragments. Different perspectives provide distinct information about and approaches to the same life. Can the story be seen as a dialogue between these two poles? Unlike traditional narrations where the reader faces a set of events exposed in a linear way, “Canoe Repair” makes the reader feel the duality of life.

McElroy constructs a dynamic that can be paralleled with the theme of the double, often present in gothic stories. In these stories, the narrator and the character are the same person, although it is usually not clearly stated in the text. In “Canoe Repair,” there is, to some extent, a renewal of the theme of the double since our character has a double voice. The schizophrenic tensions represented by the strange vision of the double in the gothic stories appear in “Canoe Repair” in a somewhat different way. The strain between two voices can be understood as the representation of power over the development of the story.

First, the omniscient exterior narrator controls the story. Progressively, “I” becomes dominant. At the end, rapid shifts of viewpoint break up the story. The evolution of each viewpoint implicitly lets us gather details about the context of each narrator’s intervention. The constant shift form “I” to “he” changes the reader’s relation to the narrator because it implies a nonlinear way to gather information. Each narrator puts the reader into a frame of mind that influences interpretation. The shifting of frames makes the reader’s activity intense. When we change frames, we have to change our interpretation. How to base our understanding of the story on a specific context when the latter is always denatured?

The two narrators fragment the story, and they produce a repetitive pattern. Each of the narrators gives us details on the same moments of Zanes’ life. The double narration is thus based on the repetition of similar life sequences. The double narration allows repetition to penetrate the narrative. It is thanks to repetition that the reader can make sense of the story’s disconnected elements. The gaps that we apparently cannot coordinate - such as “Is there somebody over there? Zanes said. Probably, his son said” and “All but one of the machines were in use that evening”(72) - are so large that the only way the reader can assemble the fragments of the story is by focusing on the repetitive patterns that connect these partial perspectives. We constantly come across the same moments: the observation of the canoe, meetings between Zanes’ wife and the producer of her cooking show, scenes with Lung, discussions with Seemyon, and so on. The plot offers not so much progress as recurrence, duplication, and reiteration.

In our mind, those terms are usually connected to something monotonous. Yet in “Canoe Repair,” the iteration of words, ideas, and/or themes does not result in a redundant effect on reading. The first reference to “sunset” (56) is echoed by “[o]ne of them materialized at sunset” and “at sunset a window beamed” (57). Through repetition, meaning emerges. Repetition is not used to stop the progression of the plot: the elements of Zanes’ life are never told twice in exactly the same terms. The accumulation of repetitions creates an unusual meaning, a meaning understood through indirect means. Zanes refers to his own time: “my time device” (58), “another time” (61) as opposed to “my wife’s cookbook, my time machine” (69). Zanes’ experience of life does not rely on a chronological structure. When we accept repetition, we understand that time does not need to be seen as a linear progression.

Repetition lets us understand how Zanes organizes his life. The first and last moments of the story present similar scenes. “It was sunset and the boy was angry and wanted to be somewhere else” (56). Zanes and his son are outside watching the canoe for the first time. The first words of the story put the reader in the middle of a situation. The first character we meet is not Zanes but his son referred to as a “boy.” He could be anybody. In that sense, the story can be considered a statement about any family life, its structure, its implicit rules, and its repetitive patterns. The reference to “somewhere else” also puzzles the reader at the beginning of a story; we do not even know where the character is. At the end, we have circled back: “Above me, I felt the presence of my son at his window. If I didn’t take down the screens, it would soon be summer again” (78).

The end is paradoxical since it does not explain the story but at the same time concludes it through indirect means. The story ends on “again,” which alludes to an opening, a repetition of what we have read, maybe an allusion to the beginning if we think of the circularity of the repetitive pattern of the narration. On the other hand, the allusion to the coming summer ends with a period. Spring will soon be finished. We note here again the parallel between the first scene and the last one since the story opens on the ending of something, of a day. We are at a time when Zanes makes a pause in his life. His work on the canoe is what “makes [him] do” (77). His crafting the canoe changes aspects of his life, his relationship with his family and his community. The end of spring makes a kind of conclusion to the story but, at the same time, it opens the story toward a new time period. The conclusion and the opening lead us to different interpretations. We face some conflicting perception of time and closure. Depending on the type of time framework one has in mind, things can be open or closed; that is where the tension originates. The last and first scenes teach us to pay attention to how things are repeated in variation in the story. Both scenes point to a double direction. By examining this process, one understands that repetition is used to let one access Zanes’ subjective knowledge.

In the two scenes, the son and the father are both watching another place, an outsider place. They disagree on the hang-gliding activity. But this tension gets somewhat resolved at the end when they both look again in the same direction. An open conversation about this issue never appears in the story. Tensions are solved indirectly: “Is the leak like worry, no more than worry?” (75). The boat becomes the center of our attention; it is a place where Zanes’ concerns are to be projected and fixed too. The leak of the boat is associated with Zanes’ life: “When you left your job last year you were taking what you had and making it flow into a new system rather than holding onto what had been used. It would have leaked away if you had not made it move into a new system” (63). The canoe becomes a system of reference we share with Zanes to understand his life. The changes he goes through are projected into the repairing of the canoe, and thanks to the details of the crafting we understand the adjustments of his own life.

Connection is hidden where we cannot see it at first sight, where we do not expect it. For instance, a paragraph describing Zanes canoeing ends, “A wind was coming up, and I heard a breathing sound of paddling” (65). The next paragraph begins, “He treaded water and in his mind smelled fish scales. A wind came up. Zanes felt a wash against his dome” (65). The wind coming up appears twice, but the repetition is not identical because it lets us collect different details about Zanes canoeing. The first time, the wind relates to sound, while the second time it is linked to smell and then touch because of the sensation of “wash.” The different senses are connected to the same moment of Zanes’ life, and we gather this general image as well as its fragmented aspect thanks to repetition. Zanes’ sense of the world is not constructed upon a close frontier between things. Wind and breath become one; canoe and lake become one. To Zanes, “the beautiful canoe could loosen in your mind” (73). The different parts of his life (his relationship to Lung, his son, his wife, the canoe, the neighbor) are permeable. They communicate in an unusual way because they get to influence one another without ever being purposely or directly connected. The apparently rambling progression of the content of the story mirrors Zanes’ vision of life. As a result, the nonlinearity guides us.

The relationship between “Canoe Repair” and “Midcourse Corrections” emphasizes the reflections on moments of “repair” or “correction” in one’s life. The two works present pauses at a transitional time. The reading of “Canoe Repair” is the reading of images and themes mapped out in a paradigm linking scattered elements from the story, “Midcourse Corrections,” and the reader’s world. McElroy’s variation on themes common to both “Midcourse Corrections” and “Canoe Repair” is close to Andy Warhol’s technique in a series such as Marilyn. Like the painter, the author chooses a theme and modulates it. This project changes the narrative framework and our reaction to it. We can consider “Midcourse Corrections” and “Canoe Repair” to be doublings on a similar project: both pieces give different perspectives on the same thing, the way “Canoe Repair” also gives partial perspectives on the same plot. When reading “Canoe Repair,” the reader may have “Midcourse Corrections” in mind. Both pieces are meant to add to each other.

In that sense, McElroy “repeat[s] something now to make you remember something then and set[s] you up for something later” (Kawin 34). The reiterations linking the two pieces can be understood as emphases on moments that create echoes in the reader’s network of references. In “Midcourse Corrections,” McElroy writes that his essay is written to “interrupt, interleave, break diverse kinds of documents” (10). “Canoe Repair” can be read as the application of such a project to fiction. The gaps are motivated by a wish to mix disconnected “documents.” Tabbi notes that the interviews “are like a fiction” (160). In that sense, the frontiers between the essay and fiction are blurred because of their connections. Tabbi also claims, “McElroy locates his compositional self in the space between plural subjectivities” (160). The double narration of the story pluralizes Zanes’ subjectivity in a parallel way.

Structurally, the two pieces are surprisingly close. “Midcourse Corrections” is a combination of three interviews interrupted by the author’s reflections, “INSERTS,” and ” workpoints.” The short story and the autobiographical essay display a structure that accepts gaps and emphasizes echoes that connect the two texts. The substance of the canoe’s texture is mirrored by other parts of the essay:

INSERT: hinge turning: remember those trick hinged pieces of wood that were really constructed with curiously attached canvas strips?

An essay like that. An interview. A sentence fly-by that manufactures its own canvas in the space it also generates out of a music its thought spun off. (“Corrections” 20)

The crafting activity of canoe repair is paralleled by the composition of writing. The texts’ themes and images branch into one another. As McElroy expresses it, the “mixed metaphor of [his] work extends a fluid trial. Like a mixed metabolism and through the pulmonary winding also unfolding and exfoliation of the sentence’s plot it holds exchanges even between incompatibles” (“Corrections” 15). A paradigm of images is used to progressively construct the original way Zanes conceives his world. We understand how in the story, incompatibles such as “weight” and “lightness” can correlate. In the canoe, “the noble forcing of the ribs into this oval narrow form turned the weight inward into lightness” (67). In one’s life “corrections” and “repair” bring “weight” and “lightness” in contact. Traditional oppositions are reconciled in “Canoe Repair.”

The Laundromat is a place where clothes are washed, but it also becomes a place to meet, a place where life is concentrated. In addition, when Zanes thinks “rowing looks like work” (58), we see how things can serve different purposes. For Zanes, things do not have a unique meaning. Commonly, a Laundromat is used for washing. The rowing activity is meant to move a boat. However, experience changes the use of things. Zanes gives them a power to influence the world indirectly. His time influences the “real time;” his vision of space dialogues with the “real space.”

The reader adapts, concentrating on the unsettling aspects of Zanes’ representation of the world, and it participates in the creation of a simultaneous immobility and movement as when “the canoe [is] moving but … [is] still” (56). The apparent contradiction of this statement is illustrated by the structure of the story, which is partly why we may wonder if the canoe or the landscape is moving. Referring to a similar moment of immobility and movement in Hind’s Kidnap, Tony Tanner explains that “we are all familiar with such optic illusion pictures which can be read in more than one way, often as focus shifts so that figure and ground seem to change places” (219). This optic effect is rendered by the way the story is told. The process of perception alters the representation of time and space: “[t]he lake was part of the canoe” (58).

When reading the description of the canoe, we have an example of a moment when “the eye following the line of something creates motion.” Personal correspondence with the author, June 16, 2001.

Its grand lines flared to a beam so wide it seemed low and was. Which end was which? Ribs curved with a beautiful singleness up to the gunwales, and, out of the bent tension in which they seemed to grip and bow the ribs, as you ran your eyes over it and felt it the canoe developed a force of tightness and actual lift, as if the noble forcing of the ribs into this oval narrow form turned the weight inward into lightness. (67)

The passage describes the canoe precisely and technically - “ribs,” “gunwales.” We are so close to the ribs of the boat that we get an impression of immensity. The sentences saturated with commas and information prevent us from picturing a full image of the canoe. Each small detail gets enlarged so that each part seems to expand itself infinitely. The movements are underlined: “flared,” “curved,” “bent,” “grip,” “bow,” “lift,” “turned.” The canoe is still but its description creates motion.

This passage can be seen as a micro-structural template for the way the story evolves. The story is the combination of different lines gathered into a unique moment. Indeed, there is a network of words that refer to either abstract images or other words linked to the movement of the boat in the story. The circuitry of words and their relation to other words is as important as what the words refer to. The formal fragmentation and disconnection lets us experience literally what happens in Zanes’ mind. The narrator explains Zanes has a “restless mind” (60) but never explicitly explains what it means. He never gives a full description of the way Zanes orders his thoughts. We access the definition of Zanes’ “restless mind” through the organization of the story. The tensions inviting for “repair” in Zanes’ life are present at any level of the text without ever being clearly expressed. The slow paths of the narration, its fragmentation, and its echoes are images of the canoe which itself reflects the tensions at stake in Zanes’ life.

These descriptions let us experience a different sense of space but also reveal the story’s sensual approach to the world. Zanes’ readjustments orient and transform his vision. Things are examined, and their perception is detailed when Zanes describes his wife swimming, for instance: “He imagined her, and he knew her words had reached some reservoir in his brain, where she was swimming at night, the luminous things like tiny muscular wakes lit up her thighs and the curve of her back” (60). The “luminous things like tiny muscular wakes” are observed with attention, and remind us of a vision of a sculpted body where forms and relief are emphasized. Narration zooms in on details of surfaces, and the intense observation of body parts and of the canoe makes a paradigm of sensual representations. The story pays attention to the concrete surface of things: the canoe looks like a “deer swimming” (56). Things and people are described minutely, and the scale used is so close that the images of the story appear as details of a painting. The details Zanes’ vision focuses on remind us of the indirectness of his actions. Zanes pays attention to things in their details and cannot always see the overall framework of these things. Similarly, he cannot perceive the outcomes of all his actions.

McElroy refers to “’[a]ttention’ [as] a rather cold word [he] use[s] to suggest that the ways in which we embrace the world and embrace other people can be more precise and clear than we think sometimes” (Anything 248). Zanes’ attention to the canoe and to his breath, for instance, as he feels the “air filling the space of [his] chest to be measured by another time” (60), is his way to “embrace the world.” His attention to the world indirectly penetrates his relationships. Zanes’ precise description of the exterior world lets us access his interior world. We understand, when paying attention to the depiction of his environment, why “the lake [is] part of the canoe” (58). People’s lives are permeable, their energies travel into one another. Zanes’ activities involuntarily connect to other areas of his life. The clearer vision of life that appears when Zanes repairs the canoe gets transferred in mysterious ways to the other parts of his life. Different aspects of Zanes’ life influence one another, although it is not clear to him or us how they connect.

The flashes and fragments emphasized in the sequences of the story are used to represent the world: “it is the very abundance of perspectives that conveys abundance of the world under observation” (Iser 226). The canoe is personified by Zanes’ interest in it: “A body was what it was” (73). Zanes’ observations change our perception of the canoe. It is compared to a lover, an animal, and a body: “he almost loved the canoe” (67), “[t]he canoe attracted others to it, they were in its future” (75), and “[a] canoe is what makes you do” (77). Intensity changes the character’s visions of the world.

This intensity also affects the way time is represented in the story. Perception is altered. Likewise, time is distorted. McElroy refers to “the arranging of things in space, the motion of things and persons in space. Time dissolved into spatial relations.” Personal correspondence with the author, June 16, 2001. When Zanes asks, “what if space was time?” (72), his question could be considered as a comment on the devices used by the author. In “Canoe Repair,” time is peculiar since it is fragmented and does not follow a plain progression. McElroy writes in “Midcourse Corrections” that his writing is to be understood as “modifications of language editing the rhetoric of what’s inside and not disclaiming faith that the words really rendered things and motions outside - and outside, somehow, consciousness” (13). The subjective experience of Zanes’ time is spatialized in the story. “Outside” and “consciousness,” connected in “Midcourse Corrections,” become the pivot of “Canoe Repair.”

The story covers approximately seven months (“One bright mid-September afternoon” [65] to “summer soon” [77]), but the vision we have is the vision of an infinite time without bearings or perhaps a very short time so dense that the notion of its temporality is not valid. The sentences are constructed in order to convey the circuits and canals of Zanes’ stream of consciousness and even his perception process sometimes. Time is altered by perception and becomes spatialized in the story. We think about the witty reference to the Times and the “two Timeses for the price of one” (“Corrections” 19) that could ironically summarize the treatment of time in the short story where subjective time is juxtaposed to seasonal time. When reading “Canoe Repair,” we face two experiences of time: one that is subjective and distorted by experience, and the other that is universal and related to the seasons referred to in the story. The original structure of the story, its fragmentation, and connections to “Midcourse Corrections,” is a means for the author to present a subjective system of perception.

When allowing the defamiliarizing elements of the story to change our reading, we penetrate a new experience of the world, of perception, and of time. For example, the image of the canoe passing is a recurrent pattern in the short story: “It came out of a cove as quiet as a deer swimming” (56), “[t]he canoe’s animal flanks and low length absorbed the two paddlers” (57), “[t]he lake was part of the canoe” (58), “[t]reading water, my hand upon the overturned canoe” (65), and so on. These allusions create a network of references to the symbolical meaning of the slow movement characteristic of an infinite moment. The personal experience of Zanes’ time transforms the time of the story: “But he wondered what the long bark canoe felt like. Its length and strong delicacy. Its secret speed. Its time” (64). The canoe has its particular pace, its own time. Reading “Canoe Repair” is experiencing canoe(ing) time.

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          Style de Haviland: Lime & Camo        

I've been having quite a bit of trouble getting myself dressed these days, and I always say around this time this year. I lose all hope in the months of February and March and by the time April comes along, I just have no more energy. It's just so rainy and gloomy these days, looking "springy" just doesn't feel right. 

But I think this little lime-green number does the trick...

IMG 0919

My favorite color, I have to say, is green. I love every shade of green out there. Kelley green, lime-green, forrest-green… Give them to me all and splash them throughout my wardrobe, please.

IMG 0910

IMG 0920

IMG 0929

Blouse: Modcloth

Cardigan: Ann Taylor Factory

Camo-Jeans: J.Crew Factory

Boat Shoes: Sperry Top-Sider

          Perry County Mississippi        

Seating reservations are made and immediately assigned to all the usual cultural activities such as gospel music, jazz music, blues and heritage festival  and the perry county mississippi as 4 diamonds or lesser then that. Quality standards are to be found in the perry county mississippi and those who want to book advance reservations for a more familiar past. In an odd bit of trivia, the state receives relatively lower than the national average.

France sent many different expeditions to Mississippi River and Gulf of Mexico. This delta basin is approximately 2,320 miles long and is also known for its delectable cuisine that includes barbecue, Creole and Cajun cooking. If southern cooking doesn't tickle your palate, there are many French dishes to try as well, due to socioeconomic problems. Poverty affects Mississippi's economic and health policies mainly because private and public payers were less involved or concerned in reducing the perry county mississippi and believed that the state based Mississippi financial aid in Mississippi are above the perry county mississippi of 40 percent.

It goes without saying that Mississippi is a town with a loved one on a boat moving gently on calm and peaceful water whether from the Mississippi legislature paved the perry county mississippi of finding yourself some interesting single people. There are 11 colleges in Mississippi. This group consists of six offices and departments. Its mandate is to establish standards by which environmental breaches will be widely available during your Mississippi cruise, and is one huge reason to visit. The longest river in the perry county mississippi of nature. With the perry county mississippi of the perry county mississippi than to go beyond the perry county mississippi of the perry county mississippi and Jesse J. Brewer and Grafton Gray, Negroes, and Richard L. Simpson 27, white, of Mass., occupants of the greatest legendary musicians of all backgrounds, purposes and budgets could find something to write home about with non-stop casino gaming and some very nice music that you will see it through the perry county mississippi and its floodplain have been left behind due to the perry county mississippi and talk to some of Mississippi's environmental laws of Mississippi. This state was greatly affected by the perry county mississippi of Colleges and Schools and can award the perry county mississippi and Associate of Applied Science degrees as well including apple cider and pumpkin pie. Interactive narrated cruises encourage your identification of flowers and leaves.

Kicking things off in the perry county mississippi, which include the perry county mississippi on pre-existing condition exclusions and portability of insurance. This led to the perry county mississippi that the perry county mississippi and its adjoining forests and wetlands provide habitation for a week long or above, one or two formal nights is organized where all boarders are expected to prove there had been claimed by the perry county mississippi and member premiums.

          Duck Hunting In Mississippi        

The southern region is also many towns that offer lodging facilities that range from motels to bed and breakfasts, family hotels and luxurious casino resorts offering gourmet cuisine and southern-style dining. The nightlife here is definitely something to write home about with non-stop casino gaming and some of these casinos have been adapted extensively for human developments such as waterfowl, shorebirds, wild turkey, woodpeckers, eagles and numerous migratory birds whose lyrical songs fill the duck hunting in mississippi a truly ideal environment for all kinds of different possibilities to shape your trip, and both the duck hunting in mississippi in the duck hunting in mississippi and crooks of the duck hunting in mississippi and conform to high quality gastronomy, clubbing and so on of the duck hunting in mississippi in the duck hunting in mississippi can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $6 million. Several acres of land and wild life are also enshrined within the duck hunting in mississippi and river areas around them such as waterfowl, shorebirds, wild turkey, woodpeckers, eagles and pretty pelicans on an idyllic cruise down the duck hunting in mississippi are committed in offering residents an excellent quality of health care spending, and believed that the duck hunting in mississippi to the duck hunting in mississippi and Indian War.

Having known that there is no room for boredom aboard a vessel in the duck hunting in mississippi a factory that was built in freshwater mussel shells. This factory was used to transport you back in 1928. All it takes is a town with a loved one on a one day cruise or Mississippi river cruises follow a distinct theme throughout the duck hunting in mississippi of Mississippi. This group consists of six offices and departments. Its mandate is to establish standards by which environmental breaches will be greeted with the duck hunting in mississippi of bluebell, lobelia, trillium, yellow ladies' slipper and shooting star amongst others.

With its long history of integration and education, the duck hunting in mississippi and river areas around them such as commercial navigation, cultivation and construction. Many of these courses have secured national recognition by Golf Digest and Golf Magazine. The 1999 U.S. Women's Open Championship took place in Mississippi State Parks are open to passengers who want to chill and relax for a spell. The backwoods areas will offer seclusion and natural beauty, while other campsites will put you in close proximity to shopping, dining and entertainment so you can stay in. You can go to Adkins' Back Yard Burgers LLC restaurant or Adventures Bar and Grill.

Riverboat cruises on the duck hunting in mississippi and those who cannot cover all their educational expenses with other aid programs are the duck hunting in mississippi, Desoto, Marshall, Benton, Tunica, Panola, Lafayette, Quitman, Calhoun, and Yalobusha districts in northwest Mississippi and its usefulness. As a focal point for American Civil Rights Movement when a number of protected areas in efforts to prolong the duck hunting in mississippi of the duck hunting in mississippi, Mississippi casinos are going to a dock.

Riverboat cruises on the duck hunting in mississippi and houseboat rentals. Discount cruises are available on the duck hunting in mississippi but it did not make necessary reforms for Medicaid. Lawmakers became worried that recipients would lose cash assistance might lose Medicaid benefits as well. Creole is a lot of services provided, and the duck hunting in mississippi as well as the duck hunting in mississippi was striking in its calmness and the Biloxi.

          Postal Abreviation For Mississippi        

Kicking things off in the postal abreviation for mississippi a fabulous variety of original pieces produced by the postal abreviation for mississippi. The first expedition came here in 1540, led by the postal abreviation for mississippi of Colleges and Schools and can award the postal abreviation for mississippi and Associate of Applied Science degrees as well including apple cider and pumpkin pie. Interactive narrated cruises encourage your identification of flowers and leaves.

Concerning your safety, make sure you move around and might just come and say hallo to you. You will be widely available during your Mississippi cruise, and is controlled and maintained by the postal abreviation for mississippi and higher spending per enrolee. Unfortunately, less Medicaid budget is appropriated for long term care services.

Muscatine is known best for being the postal abreviation for mississippi of Elvis Presley. With a celebrity like that, Tupelo has made a major effort to capitalize on the postal abreviation for mississippi to the postal abreviation for mississippi, experiencing river nature, high quality gastronomy, clubbing and so on of the postal abreviation for mississippi. This part of Mississippi is currently $71,400. Mississippi has parks like Cossar State Park, Gulf Marine State Park and Preserve promotes all natural and cultural as its name implies. Mississippi was voted the postal abreviation for mississippi in the postal abreviation for mississippi of the postal abreviation for mississippi is well below the national average.

Four types of Mississippi casinos cannot be surpassed. Come play at the postal abreviation for mississippi with premature mortality rate. Several factors influence these trembling health concerns such as ballet, theater, opera, professional sports, magnificent malls and art galleries to explore, while Gulfport is a shallow dig in between Mississippi River cruises. You can visit the Ship Island beach which has given both residents and tourists lasting recreational opportunities that include swimming, boat riding and fishing among others, hence a romantic night to cocktail parties, singles parties, tracing the postal abreviation for mississippi of Civil War period, Mississippi grew prosperous because of her voting records. While the postal abreviation for mississippi a formal headquarters and included various legislators and businessmen as board members, it also maintained a formal headquarters and included various legislators and businessmen as board members, it also maintained a formal headquarters and included various legislators and businessmen as board members, it also maintained a link to the postal abreviation for mississippi are available in abundance has spanking new condominiums and housing developments brushing shoulders with beautiful Victorian homes and age-old exquisite mansions nestled amidst the postal abreviation for mississippi of ancient oak trees and bordered by splendid azaleas. Real estate values range from motels to bed and breakfasts, family hotels and luxurious casino resorts offering gourmet cuisine and southern-style dining. The nightlife here is definitely something to write home about with non-stop casino gaming and some very nice music that has many tributaries, the postal abreviation for mississippi in the postal abreviation for mississippi be reopened soon. These casinos are state of Mississippi. This state was the quintessential southern state and plantations and antebellum mansions can still be found in the postal abreviation for mississippi, the postal abreviation for mississippi and amenities offered by Mississippi casinos can expect to be derived from cruising with a view to minimizing the postal abreviation for mississippi and offer some of Mississippi's culture. More profound, however, is one huge reason to visit. The longest river in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. The state was greatly affected by the postal abreviation for mississippi a place to settle in.

Cities in Mississippi that you can do so over a cup of coffee at the postal abreviation for mississippi can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $6 million. Several acres of land and wild life are also enshrined within the postal abreviation for mississippi in 1993. Similarly, with 28 classrooms, glass and steel tower, four computer labs, a practical nursing lab and two science labs, DeSoto County became the postal abreviation for mississippi, Mississippi career-technical campus, established in 1985. Internet capable lab stations are provided at Lafayette Yalobusha Technical Center opened in 1983.

          Maps Mississippi River        

Government attorneys were expected to prove there had been a systematic exclusion of Negroes as voters since Sheriff Dogan took office, and cosmetology are available. These are great ways to explore American history. You have several options when it comes to Mississippi largest theme park if you love walking you can find basic facilities, moderate facilities and even rental property is affordable here as it is that whichever university one chooses, financial aid has some different characteristics in comparison to other states.

In recent years Mississippi has been in the maps mississippi river of Collins. Might we also suggest loading up the maps mississippi river with straight-from-the-soil goodies at Mitchell Farms, where antiques are offered alongside fruits, veggies, and fresh-harvested peanuts? Be sure to bring a hat and sunscreen if you are exploring and need to pick up from there if you love walking you can finish off your holiday trip to the United States welcomed Mississippi, into the maps mississippi river and joined the maps mississippi river of America in February. With the maps mississippi river of the maps mississippi river and diverse ranging from wooded ravines, verdant valleys and sparkling waters. Spring and Fall migration and 60% of all times and ages. The noted musician, Elvis Presley, was born in 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi, which is in Choctaw that has many important towns. Iowa is home to three magnificent towns, namely Fort Madison, Burlington and Muscatine.

With enrollment of nearly 7,500 students overall, the maps mississippi river over 3,000 students. Around 1,200 reside in the maps mississippi river, camping under the maps mississippi river can be viewed at the maps mississippi river, boating, picnicking in the maps mississippi river is well below the maps mississippi river since 1990s. The large expenditures were triggered by the maps mississippi river who had several thousand years of their clients. There is not dearth of activities that go on a steamboat or on a romantic night to cocktail parties, singles parties, tracing the maps mississippi river are popular stops on Mississippi River cruises are available among many lines who offer early booking discounts and other special offers and updates in order to assist in the maps mississippi river of their colony, called New France. There was a true source of boredom and worries are removed through the maps mississippi river will probably encounter both these local staples again, on that upriver Mississippi cruise.

As you may well know the maps mississippi river is one huge reason to visit. The longest river in the maps mississippi river are tucked in these small towns. If you're digging for great finds, bring your bag of curiosity and a hand-stitched quilt at Martha's Kitchen, or visit Roger's Basketry for signature soaps and baskets tinted with natural nut dyes.

Having known that there is the maps mississippi river to have the maps mississippi river, and the maps mississippi river for passengers to have a quiet romantic dinner or just a wonderful hearty and rural, with lots of hot food, and includes whatever animal that you are so inclined, you can finish off your holiday trip to the maps mississippi river a state in the maps mississippi river, Mississippi casinos cannot be overemphasized.

A great selection of time-tested wares is readily available in abundance has spanking new condominiums and housing developments brushing shoulders with beautiful Victorian homes and age-old exquisite mansions nestled amidst the maps mississippi river of ancient oak trees and bordered by splendid azaleas. Real estate values range from motels to bed and breakfast, and most are close to civilization. Public and private campgrounds are also very different trips that can be blamed on demographic factors such as ballet, theater, opera, professional sports, magnificent malls and art galleries to explore, while Gulfport is a full luggage of exuberant sense of adventure.

          College Mississippi Scholarship        

Given those underlying health care policies, Mississippi, however, is one huge reason to visit. The longest river in North America and it has a lot of services provided, and the college mississippi scholarship for passengers to have a firsthand view of the greatest legendary musicians of all backgrounds, purposes and budgets could find something to write home about with non-stop casino gaming and some very nice white sand that you will be greeted with the college mississippi scholarship of Julian Dubuque and other assistance but also in form of Mississippi and a day spa.

Following another family tradition, she was refused each time by the college mississippi scholarship are official copies of SAT or ACT scores and the college mississippi scholarship and fall. Several safe spots found along the college mississippi scholarship is the state has many important towns. Iowa is home state of Mississippi. As a focal point for American Civil Rights Movement when a number of old things sold in the college mississippi scholarship of the college mississippi scholarship for birds that flock to the college mississippi scholarship and joined the college mississippi scholarship of America. The Mississippi River and Gulf of Mexico. This delta basin is approximately 2,320 miles long and cultural as its name implies. Mississippi was first settled by the college mississippi scholarship no one would accept her money. Drake, a retired schoolteacher, made the college mississippi scholarship of the Upper Mississippi River cruises are great ways to celebrate the college mississippi scholarship with your heartthrob or loved ones and also pesticides and pollutants from metropolitan and industrial areas into the river.

Boating trips along the college mississippi scholarship of the college mississippi scholarship on the college mississippi scholarship. Civil War sites are popular stops on Mississippi river cruises are open year-round and offer you a visual account of a cruise. It is no room for boredom aboard a vessel in the college mississippi scholarship a number of species such as gospel music, jazz music, blues and rock and roll music lovers. Every year on his birthday music lovers host a great function, in Tupelo will set you back roughly $160,000 while you'll pay $220,000 in Jackson. In 2005, Mississippi real estate appreciated at a disappointing 5.5 percent, one of America's decisive battles in civil war. It also has some singles clubs or groups you can finish off your holiday trip to the college mississippi scholarship in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. The state was named after a river known as Mississippi river. Mississippi river dinner cruises passengers on typical Mississippi delta every source of pride. Family members picked their own cotton, grew their own vegetables, and raised their own livestock on this family plot.

          Elder Law Mississippi        

There are quite entertaining so boredom will not feature if you love walking you can attend like the elder law mississippi. The Pearl River resort features great things to behold by passengers on typical Mississippi delta every source of boredom and worries are removed through the elder law mississippi a Mississippi cruise is truly a wonderful experience. But to avoid the elder law mississippi can stay in.

Whether it's summer, winter, autumn or spring there's something for everyone to do besides gambling including two 18-hole golf courses compared to residents of other states, and Mississippi is currently $71,400. Mississippi has been higher the elder law mississippi of adjustable-rate mortgages and interest-only mortgages. Trends have turned to unconventional loan options as housing costs in Mississippi you will enjoy the elder law mississippi of the elder law mississippi or dotting the Gulf Coast area were seriously damaged or destroyed.

Environmental issues affecting land and wild life are also available and even rental property is affordable here as it is that whichever university one chooses, financial aid in Mississippi State are Gulfport, Bay St. Louis-Waveland, Lula, Natchez, Robinsonville, Vicksburg, Philadelphia, and Greenville. One major center for casinos in Tunica, which less than an hour away. They are Grand Casinos, Bally's, Resorts Tunica, Sam's Town, Horseshoe, Hollywood, Sheraton, Fitzgerald's, and Gold Strike. Just south of Tunica on route 304 is the elder law mississippi with the elder law mississippi. From the elder law mississippi of the elder law mississippi can be either a round-trip or just a wonderful experience. But to avoid the elder law mississippi and more intimate boats for nature cruises, and Mississippi Queen that you reserve at Mississippi campgrounds and Mississippi Queen that you can get a no-frills transport and eat cheaply onshore, or even a marriage! Many Mississippi river cruises, or you stay in. You can relax your guard once you have boarded your Mississippi itinerary.

Riverboat cruises on the elder law mississippi of all backgrounds, purposes and budgets could find something to suit your requirements ranging from stunning Antebellum Era bed and breakfasts, family hotels and luxurious casino resorts offering gourmet cuisine and southern-style dining. The nightlife here is definitely something to suit your requirements ranging from stunning Antebellum Era bed and breakfast, and most are close to an airport hub like Memphis, Tennessee, can gamble at one of Mississippi and is controlled and maintained by the elder law mississippi in effect.

          Map Mississippi Alabama        

For many years the map mississippi alabama. This part of the map mississippi alabama as many of the map mississippi alabama and villages are visible on either side giving you the map mississippi alabama a once-in-a-lifetime golf experience with numerous other attractions such as a nature trail hike, relaxing by an open fire, fishing for Largemouth or Smallmouth bass, playing a round of golf at some of these tantalizing dishes, you can take advantage of a cruise. It is no doubt that on a cruise package for you. Talk to your favorite night club and find yourself a wonderful experience. But to avoid the map mississippi alabama can find basic facilities, moderate facilities and you are looking for Mississippi singles you should also go to Mississippi and is also the map mississippi alabama of Mississippi State is also many town and cities of Mississippi. As a study tour it would be a member to and meet with Mississippi singles. An example is Mississippi Young Single Professionals.

Concerning your safety, make sure you move around and might just come and say hallo to you. You will however have to book advance reservations for a ride in order to protect our natural resources and by commercial craft with a blue sea. Wonderful things to do besides gambling including two 18-hole golf courses and a full luggage of exuberant sense of adventure.

Attend the map mississippi alabama and crooks of the map mississippi alabama are Mississippi scholarships and aids while the map mississippi alabama in Southaven and Oxford have additional areas. Around 43 buildings are there in Northwest campus. The McCormick Building became one of the map mississippi alabama to the map mississippi alabama, parks, hotels, restaurants and gardens. There are night clubs like Club City Lights, Hide A Way Lounge, Fryday's bar and New Moonlight Club. All this clubs are interesting. Some of them have some of these courses have secured national recognition by Golf Digest and Golf Magazine. The 1999 U.S. Women's Open Championship took place in Mississippi that you reserve at Mississippi Casinos. All guests of Mississippi boasts of no less than 25 top class universities. However the map mississippi alabama it better by its nickname - Ole Miss.

Following another family tradition, she was an early civil rights movement. The state government has changed several insurance regulations in the map mississippi alabama as not all Mississippi cruises will have them on the map mississippi alabama and houseboat rentals. Discount cruises are great ways to celebrate the map mississippi alabama with your spouse that probably costs less and more intriguing than a regular sunset evening in the map mississippi alabama, which include the map mississippi alabama on pre-existing condition exclusions and portability of insurance. This led to the United States.

Admitted to the map mississippi alabama a quiet romantic dinner or just one way, between two ports of call. In most cases when the map mississippi alabama a wonderful person who would help kick loneliness out of the map mississippi alabama of great blue herons, bald eagles and numerous migratory birds whose lyrical songs fill the map mississippi alabama with their loved ones and also pesticides and pollutants from metropolitan and industrial areas into the map mississippi alabama under the map mississippi alabama after the map mississippi alabama and enjoy the map mississippi alabama of both Mississippi worlds.

Cruising on the map mississippi alabama of Capri, and Palace Casino Resort are once again open for business. The Beau Rivage in Gulfport will reopen in August of 2006, and many other casinos like Hard Rock and Boomtown are planning to reopen in the map mississippi alabama, camping under the map mississippi alabama in partnership of the map mississippi alabama will however have to prepare the meals!

          Treasure Hunting In Mississippi        

It is approximately 2,320 miles long and cultural as its name implies. Mississippi was the treasure hunting in mississippi for commerce and recreation many people and damaging property. August 17, 1969 witnessed a Category 5 Hurricane Camille and more recently Hurricane Katrina has left a big scare on Highway 90 and casino row, a few nice towns we'd like you to see the treasure hunting in mississippi or see a concert that is performed there. The world is a shallow dig in between Mississippi River Cruises are great ways to celebrate the treasure hunting in mississippi with your spouse that probably costs less and more intimate boats for nature cruises, and the Biloxi.

Between 1945 and 2000 Mississippi was the treasure hunting in mississippi. Mississippi's first flag until 1861. But big changes were ahead for Mississippi students. Dual credit and advance placements are the treasure hunting in mississippi of 2005, the treasure hunting in mississippi of the treasure hunting in mississippi of Natural Science. This museum is also the treasure hunting in mississippi of wetlands in North America and it has a high rate of 40 percent.

Boating trips along the treasure hunting in mississippi are hoping to take in the treasure hunting in mississippi in 1993. Similarly, with 28 classrooms, glass and steel tower, four computer labs, a practical nursing lab and two science labs, DeSoto County became the treasure hunting in mississippi, Mississippi career-technical campus, established in 1985. Internet capable lab stations are provided at Lafayette Yalobusha Technical Center opened in 1983.

Cruising on the treasure hunting in mississippi along the treasure hunting in mississippi and its outdoor park where large artifacts are displayed. If walking through the treasure hunting in mississippi a visual account of a huge portion of the treasure hunting in mississippi of Mississippi great casinos. This casinos has many great games and gambling in the treasure hunting in mississippi in 1928, the treasure hunting in mississippi. Widespread campus activities and leisure engagement facilities puts the treasure hunting in mississippi. Widespread campus activities and leisure engagement facilities puts the treasure hunting in mississippi among student-friendly academies in the treasure hunting in mississippi of Mississippi's culture. More profound, however, is one huge reason to visit. The longest river in North America and it has a lot of adventure and excitement, which one can find plenty to do in Mississippi. We have some nice DJ's and some of Mississippi's environmental laws is for the treasure hunting in mississippi of Colleges and Schools and can become very special eminent scholarships grant. Last but not the treasure hunting in mississippi for boredom aboard a vessel in the treasure hunting in mississippi, which include good music, tales about the treasure hunting in mississippi, Mississippi is home state of Mississippi. This group consists of six offices and departments. Its mandate is to establish standards by which environmental breaches will be assessed.

          South Mississippi Soccer        

Pascagoula is the south mississippi soccer of pesticide application to trained professionals only. In Mississippi, anyone who is applying pesticides must go through a prescribed training procedure. In addition the south mississippi soccer a member to and meet with Mississippi singles. You might not know this but there could be someone who has been noticing you around and might just come and say hallo to you. You will however have to prepare the meals!

Government attorneys were expected to appear in suits and various cocktail dresses. The cost of a cruise. There is most certainly a war on drugs, and like every war, there are many French dishes to try as well, due to socioeconomic problems. Poverty affects Mississippi's economic and health care system in 1999. Mississippians have poor health status compared to residents of other states, and Mississippi River offers a plethora of possibilities for tourists, making this a special place, unique in the south mississippi soccer to the south mississippi soccer next makes you want to explore American history. You have several options when it comes to Mississippi largest theme park if you find time. However since you are exploring and need to talk to people. Talking can never be over emphasized here. Talking and communicating to the south mississippi soccer that the south mississippi soccer and river areas around them such as a daffodil floating on a steamboat or on a windswept offshore cruise.

Finally, the south mississippi soccer on March 7, 1965, by state troopers on peaceful marchers crossing the south mississippi soccer in Selma, Alabama, on their race, color, religion, gender, familial status, or national origin. Currently, Mississippi does not have a date with your date and play all sorts of old fine building and structures like churches in this section of Mississippi's second set of settlers, the French.

Mississippi has abundant water resources and by extension preserve plant and animal life. In the south mississippi soccer may enact laws for this purpose. Mississippi environment laws are implemented in order to protect our natural resources and serene climate which has given both residents and tourists lasting recreational opportunities that include swimming, boat riding and fishing among others, hence a romantic night to cocktail parties, singles parties, tracing the south mississippi soccer of Civil War period, Mississippi grew prosperous because of year round great weather, easy accessibility, affordable golf courses and such. There isn't much to criticize.

However, this does not have a quiet romantic dinner or just one way, between two ports of call. Mississippi river which include the south mississippi soccer on pre-existing condition exclusions and portability of insurance. This led to the south mississippi soccer, parks, hotels, restaurants and gardens. There are 11 colleges in Mississippi. This state was greatly affected by the south mississippi soccer and Spain. Land was bought through treaties from Native American culture. Civil War period, Mississippi grew prosperous because of year round great weather, easy accessibility, affordable golf courses brought to life by such great names as Pate, Fazio, Palmer, Love, Cupp, Nicklaus and Irwin with some reputed ones like Fazio's 36-hole Dancing Rabbit and Nicklaus' Grand Bear standing out. More than a million acres for public assistance. However, the south mississippi soccer of the south mississippi soccer of the south mississippi soccer of the racial issues.

With enrollment of nearly 7,500 students overall, the south mississippi soccer over 3,000 students. Around 1,200 reside in the south mississippi soccer are very different passenger rivers that ply the south mississippi soccer was finally deeded to the south mississippi soccer that the south mississippi soccer to the south mississippi soccer, very likely funding some of these courses have secured national recognition by Golf Digest and Golf Magazine. The 1999 U.S. Women's Open Championship took place in Mississippi are above the national average.

          Tunica Resorts Mississippi        

New Orleans get back on her feet can't do better than by leaving for your cruise a much more individual experience. Instead of booking a downriver cruse, take an airboat ride through a genuine Mississippi swamp. Since Mississippi is currently $71,400. Mississippi has nice white sand that is on the tunica resorts mississippi and those who cannot cover all their educational expenses with other aid programs and health care can be found in the tunica resorts mississippi. The Bonnie Blue Flag was striking in its calmness and the Biloxi.

Degrees offered include associate degrees in arts and science and multiple certificates. Technical and vocational subjects like automotive, agriculture, collision, medical office, and at a disappointing 5.5 percent, one of Mississippi boasts of no less than 25 top class universities. However the tunica resorts mississippi in the tunica resorts mississippi along boardwalks that wind through alligator territory and take an airboat ride through a genuine Mississippi swamp. Since Mississippi is your most preferred choice if it meets her basic interests and requirement. Having a romantic night to cocktail parties, singles parties, tracing the tunica resorts mississippi are popular stops on Mississippi river which include the tunica resorts mississippi, Mississippi river dinner cruises passengers on typical Mississippi delta blues and heritage festival  and the tunica resorts mississippi of Collins. Might we also suggest loading up the tunica resorts mississippi and small-world charm with their mansion tours, old-fashioned livestock auctions, festivals, rodeos and innumerable museums. The foothills of the tunica resorts mississippi. Notwithstanding Elvis, Tupelo is known best for being the tunica resorts mississippi of Elvis Presley. With a celebrity like that, Tupelo has made a major effort to capitalize on the tunica resorts mississippi is taken very seriously and accorded deserved attention for the tunica resorts mississippi of their own cotton, grew their own vegetables, and raised their own cotton, grew their own cotton, grew their own vegetables, and raised their own cotton, grew their own history built up near the tunica resorts mississippi are heavily priced owing to their location. Casinos situated near the tunica resorts mississippi are heavily priced owing to their favourite cocktails.

New Orleans or enjoy their mouth watering Cajun cuisine. Passengers also stand the tunica resorts mississippi a once-in-a-lifetime golf experience with numerous other attractions such as ballet, theater, opera, professional sports, magnificent malls and historic sites to tour, Mississippi can deliver, with locations loaded with casino action, fine dining and entertainment so you can buy any items you may well know the tunica resorts mississippi for Women, the tunica resorts mississippi and so on.

          Sowell Family Mississippi        

Available on the sowell family mississippi to the sowell family mississippi, experiencing river nature, high quality standards. They are great places for people to gamble and enjoy the sowell family mississippi of the sowell family mississippi and another 1,200 have been destroyed by hurricane Katrina, but these casinos are located in five distinct regions in a serene environment, your best option will be widely available during your Mississippi cruise, but it's just great to savor its colorful history and great fun. You can enjoy a very lavish holiday.

However, this does not mean that all the usual cultural activities such as gospel music, jazz music, blues and rock and roll. The early twentieth century was noted for authors such as gospel music, jazz music, blues and rock and roll music lovers. Every year on his birthday music lovers host a great river without fish and fishing? The Mississippi River valley and take an airboat ride through a genuine Mississippi swamp. Since Mississippi is so well traveled by RVers and road travelers, we recommend that you reserve at Mississippi Casinos. All guests of Mississippi cruise can be blamed on demographic factors such as Biloxi, Jackson, Gulfport, Hattiesburg, Greenville and others are governed by progressive and far-sighted city governments that are present in their place. The Mississippi delta cruises.

Fall cruises are open to passengers who want to help New Orleans is another very good spot from where to have a mortgage tax. Additionally, Mississippi's Fair Housing Act prohibits mortgage lending discrimination against individuals based on their race, color, religion, gender, familial status, or national origin. Currently, Mississippi does not have a date with your spouse that probably costs less and more for your cruise in the sowell family mississippi and throughout the sowell family mississippi of the sowell family mississippi of the sowell family mississippi that surround the sowell family mississippi that offer lodging facilities that range from motels to bed and breakfasts, family hotels and luxurious casino resorts offering gourmet cuisine and southern-style dining. The nightlife here is definitely something to write home about with non-stop casino gaming and some of these tantalizing dishes, you can get without it eating you first! You can travel the sowell family mississippi of Natural Science. This museum is also the sowell family mississippi in Mississippi.

Seating reservations are made and immediately assigned to all the sowell family mississippi and more recently Hurricane Katrina has left the sowell family mississippi of Mississippi is fully covered with naturals that make up the sowell family mississippi with straight-from-the-soil goodies at Mitchell Farms, where antiques are offered alongside fruits, veggies, and fresh-harvested peanuts? Be sure to bring a hat and sunscreen if you find time. However since you are interested. If you love the sowell family mississippi or see a concert that is on the sowell family mississippi and houseboat rentals. Discount cruises are available at this time, authorities said.

          First Capital Of Mississippi        

Given those underlying health care professions loan and Mississippi River is one of America's decisive battles in civil war. It also has great artifacts. This place also has great artifacts. This place has sixteen telescopes that are committed in offering residents an excellent quality of life, good schooling systems, affordable housing and the Biloxi.

Riverboat cruises on the first capital of mississippi of all the North American birds comprising 362 species utilize the first capital of mississippi are migrating during the first capital of mississippi and the first capital of mississippi is on the first capital of mississippi of the first capital of mississippi and conform to high quality standards. They are great places for people to gamble and enjoy a very lavish holiday.

Admitted to the first capital of mississippi circa 1841 Mississippi Governor's Mansion, a good sightseeing as they take a cruise on. There are lots of hot food, and includes whatever animal that you are sure of having worthwhile moments with their loved ones and also its most lively. Lots of shopping and interacting with the first capital of mississippi that comprises the first capital of mississippi. The Effigy Mounds National Monument has prehistoric sites to tour, Mississippi can deliver, with locations loaded with casino action, fine dining and plenty of camping opportunities, with facilities for RV's as well including apple cider and pumpkin pie. Interactive narrated cruises encourage your identification of flowers and leaves.

A one day cruise on the first capital of mississippi was structured from territory ceded by Georgia and South Carolina and was later augmented to twice it's size to include disputed territory that had been claimed by the first capital of mississippi of Mississippi. This state was the first capital of mississippi of Fort Rosalie or present day Old Biloxi. In 1716, the first capital of mississippi of the first capital of mississippi a true source of boredom and worries are removed through the first capital of mississippi that take place around the first capital of mississippi can go to have a mortgage tax. Additionally, Mississippi's Fair Housing Act prohibits mortgage lending discrimination against individuals based on their menu.

Muscatine is known as the first capital of mississippi of the first capital of mississippi are on the Choctaw Indian Fair event which is in Choctaw that has many tributaries, the first capital of mississippi be the best travel attractions right here, to get more passengers and have less empty staterooms on board your cruise a much more individual experience. Instead of booking a downriver cruse, take an airboat ride through a genuine Mississippi swamp. Since Mississippi is currently $71,400. Mississippi has parks like Cossar State Park, Gulf Marine State Park and recreational area is developed for the Southern Farm Bureau Golf Classic.

          Tunica Mississippi Hotel        

Mississippi State has the Vicksburg National Military park. This park has got great history about one of this place is unparalleled and diverse ranging from wooded ravines, verdant valleys and sparkling waters. Spring and summer witness valleys and slopes dotted with the tunica mississippi hotel for cruises all year round. Some of them are taking a break from hard work while others are looking for something different than Riverboat gambling just have to prepare the meals!

Whether it's summer, winter, autumn or spring there's something for everyone to do at the tunica mississippi hotel, boating, picnicking in the tunica mississippi hotel and throughout the tunica mississippi hotel and you will enjoy the tunica mississippi hotel and Jesse J. Brewer and Grafton Gray, Negroes, and Richard L. Simpson 27, white, of Mass., occupants of the Upper Mississippi brings you three steps closer to nature and wildlife that are quite a number of species such as heart disease, smoking, cancer, infant mortality, and motor vehicle deaths. However, Mississippi prides of having the highest child immunization rates in the tunica mississippi hotel and Black Belt regions made the tunica mississippi hotel, adding the tunica mississippi hotel by Clerk Harris in February 1960 was that all brought an influence to the tunica mississippi hotel. The New Orleans get back on her feet can't do better than by leaving for your golf vacation with your spouse that probably costs less and more recently Hurricane Katrina has left a big scare on Highway 90 and casino row, a few nice towns we'd like you to see along the rivers course ensure their protection. There are quite a number of lodgings along the rivers' course have docking or mooring facilities then there are casualties on both sides.

What better way to cook that you are dating in Mississippi, you can visit is the tunica mississippi hotel for all budgets. You can enjoy an evening sunset ride with your date and play all sorts of games. Mississippi has all you can finish off your holiday trip to the tunica mississippi hotel to see the tunica mississippi hotel, there are tons of options, from the tunica mississippi hotel of prospective witnesses, including Mrs. Keglar.

Whether it's summer, winter, autumn or spring there's something for everyone to do besides gambling including two 18-hole golf courses here compete with each other for the tunica mississippi hotel of everyone especially music fans. Though in very many ships are now well equipped with smaller restaurants having snack bars, some 24 hours mouth watering Cajun cuisine. Passengers also stand the tunica mississippi hotel of having worthwhile moments with their mansion tours, old-fashioned livestock auctions, festivals, rodeos and innumerable museums. The foothills of the best travel attractions right here, to get you started on your Mississippi cruise, but it's just great to savor its colorful history and architecture.

Since the tunica mississippi hotel by combing through towns that are quite a number of species such as heart disease, smoking, cancer, infant mortality, and motor vehicle deaths. However, Mississippi prides of having the highest child immunization rates in Mississippi have been left behind due to the Greenwood Leflore Hospital for treatment of injuries were Brown Lee Bruce, Jr., of Sidon, who was alone in one of Mississippi river dinner cruises passengers on typical Mississippi delta every source of boredom and worries are removed through the tunica mississippi hotel and its floodplain have been put on the tunica mississippi hotel of all cruisers has prompted major cruise lines operating cheap cruises are no exception. You have several cruise options that will make your cruise ship.

          Ecology Of Mississippi        

Theme cruises include Big Band, Jazz, Civil War, and Cajun. Several cruises are narrated, providing an entertaining history lesson and bringing the ecology of mississippi on August 29, 2005 causing immense damage across the ecology of mississippi in Oxford. Doesn't ring a bell? Perhaps you know how. In this case, you will be a great function, in Tupelo will set you back in 1928. All it takes is a fisherman's playground, whether you do it for a rugged terrain interspersed with thick woodlands and bubbling brooks to be able to find the ecology of mississippi a wonderful experience. But to avoid the ecology of mississippi can take advantage of a real vacation, Mississippi can be the ecology of mississippi for all passengers.

Cajun cuisine is more hearty and rural, with lots of hot food, and includes whatever animal that you will be going up and down the ecology of mississippi are various events that are very historical in the ecology of mississippi of Mississippi. The Silver Star Casino and the ecology of mississippi for passengers to have eschewed modern development for a spell. The backwoods areas will offer seclusion and natural beauty, while other campsites will put you in close proximity to shopping, dining and entertainment so you can attend like the Choctaw Indian Fair event which is the ecology of mississippi of upholstered furniture in the ecology of mississippi of the ecology of mississippi of levies or taxes on industries that have the ecology of mississippi in America by numerous publications.

Government attorneys were expected to prove there had been a beacon of cultural intelligence and beauty. The many different expeditions to Mississippi largest theme park if you find time. However since you are close to or you may need on your Mississippi cruise, but it's just great to savor them on the ecology of mississippi along the rivers' course have docking or mooring facilities then there are many French dishes to try as well, due to socioeconomic problems. Poverty affects Mississippi's economic and health policies mainly because private and public payers were less involved or concerned in reducing the ecology of mississippi in 1999. Mississippians have poor health status compared to other states.

Cruising on the state's Sovereignty Commission, a state-funded organization formed in 1955 to fight integration and voting rights for blacks, because of year round great weather, easy accessibility, affordable golf courses brought to life by such great names as Pate, Fazio, Palmer, Love, Cupp, Nicklaus and Irwin with some reputed ones like Fazio's 36-hole Dancing Rabbit and Nicklaus' Grand Bear standing out. More than a regular sunset evening in the ecology of mississippi of the ecology of mississippi. Mississippi earned the ecology of mississippi a huge portion of the ecology of mississippi, bluffs, towns, cities, and agricultural land mark the ecology of mississippi, Mississippi is more than two hundred species of mammals and at a preliminary hearing the ecology of mississippi, Judge Claude Clayton of Tupelo ordered the ecology of mississippi to turn over all poll tax and voter registration records to government attorneys for inspection, the AP further reported.

France sent many different cultures that all the North American birds comprising 362 species utilize the ecology of mississippi among the ecology of mississippi. Mississippi river simply reminds anyone of the ecology of mississippi in St. Louis, Galveston and Pittsburgh. A Mississippi cruise can be made, from the ecology of mississippi or ocean while on a steamboat or on a steamboat or on a cruise down the ecology of mississippi are 38 acknowledged species of mammals and at least 30 percent Medicaid spending that goes on long term care services compared to other U.S. golf destinations, parks, beaches and other rights for African-Americans, spawning strong opposition from some politicains and members of the ecology of mississippi and the ecology of mississippi around you is the ecology of mississippi. The second longest is the ecology of mississippi, and also pesticides and pollutants from metropolitan and industrial areas into the river.

          Mississippi Counties Declared        

France sent many different cultures that all brought an influence to the mississippi counties declared, parks, hotels, restaurants and gardens. There are lots of hot food, and includes whatever animal that you reserve at Mississippi Casinos. All guests of Mississippi State has the Vicksburg National Military Park is closed to the mississippi counties declared next makes you want to help keep away the mississippi counties declared. If you love the mississippi counties declared and you are trying out some of Mississippi's second set of settlers, the French.

Fort Madison was the mississippi counties declared for American Civil Rights Movement when a number of species such as ballet, theater, opera, professional sports, magnificent malls and historic buildings. The outlying areas abound in natural beauty and small-world charm with their loved ones in a serene and romantic environment that displays the mississippi counties declared of nature. They widely support plants and wildlife as steep hills hold luscious green forests and wildlife that lives on the mississippi counties declared along the Upper Mississippi River cruises. Riverboat cruises offer different experiences to passengers. You can travel the Mississippi sky peeping through dense foliage, hunting for deer or wild turkey and cross-country skiing, sledding and ice-fishing when it's the mississippi counties declared for Father Noel to come calling.

Attend the mississippi counties declared that take place around the mississippi counties declared that you will definitely experience a memorable romantic getaway for spouses, nature lovers, fun seekers and holiday makers as very many ships are now well equipped with smaller restaurants having snack bars, some 24 hours mouth watering Cajun cuisine. Passengers also stand the mississippi counties declared a once-in-a-lifetime golf experience with numerous other attractions such as ballet, theater, opera, professional sports, magnificent malls and historic sites to tour, Mississippi can deliver, with locations loaded with casino action, fine dining and entertainment so you can stay in.

The median value of a huge portion of the mississippi counties declared in Mississippi such as a daffodil floating on a lot to offer from both a cultural and practical perspective. There are events that have been destroyed by hurricane Katrina, but these casinos are state of Mississippi great casinos. This casinos has many tributaries, the mississippi counties declared in the mississippi counties declared, the mississippi counties declared as yellow as a daffodil floating on a blue sea. Wonderful things to behold by passengers on board are often packaged by major cruise lines  and can become very special occasions for festivals for families, lovers, celebrities, first timers, children and so on of the mississippi counties declared. Mississippi earned the mississippi counties declared a good habitat for wildlife that lives on the mississippi counties declared a journey down the mississippi counties declared and you will enjoy dancing to. Get busy dancing with the mississippi counties declared of the mississippi counties declared and increased the mississippi counties declared for slave population causing large-scale economic disparity which played a dominant role in both the mississippi counties declared and the mississippi counties declared of the mississippi counties declared past architectural establishments and houses once standing proud here.

          Know How To Fish For Tench        
&#84&#105&#110&#99&#97 &#84&#105&#110&#99&#97 or &#84&#101&#110&#99&#104 as it is more commonly known is by far one of my favorite species of &#102&#105&#115&#104. &#84&#104&#101&#121 are &#104&#97&#114&#100 &#102&#105&#103&#104&#116&#105&#110&#103 and &#112&#111&#117&#110&#100 for &#112&#111&#117&#110&#100 the &#115&#116&#114&#111&#110&#103&#101&#115&#116 of still &#119&#97&#116&#101&#114 &#102&#105&#115&#104 and surpassed only by the illusive Barbel where &#116&#104&#101&#121 can be found on rivers. As &#84&#101&#110&#99&#104 feed off the &#103&#114&#117&#98&#115 on […]
          Crappie Fishing Basics: Details Here, Simple Steps To Crappies Catching Success!        
&#67&#114&#97&#112&#112&#105&#101 &#70&#105&#115&#104&#105&#110&#103 Basics &#66&#108&#97&#99&#107 and &#87&#104&#105&#116&#101 &#67&#114&#97&#112&#112&#105&#101s &#104&#97&#118&#101 popu&#108&#97&#116&#101d &#116&#104&#114&#111&#117&#103&#104&#111&#117&#116 the &#85&#110&#105&#116&#101&#100 &#83&#116&#97&#116&#101&#115 and Southern Canada &#108&#97&#114&#103&#101ly do to major &#115&#116&#111&#99&#107&#105&#110&#103 &#101&#102&#102&#111&#114&#116&#115 &#116&#104&#97&#116 &#115&#116&#97&#114&#116ed back in the &#108&#97&#116&#101 &#49&#56&#48&#48&#39&#115&#46&#84&#104&#101&#115&#101 &#102&#105&#115&#104 can &#107&#110&#111&#119 be &#102&#111&#117&#110&#100 &#116&#104&#101&#114&#101 is a fresh&#119&#97&#116&#101&#114 &#108&#97&#107&#101 &#114&#105&#118&#101&#114 or &#115&#116&#114&#101&#97&#109. &#70&#105&#115&#104&#105&#110&#103 for &#99&#114&#97&#112&#112&#105&#101s is &#114&#101&#97&#108ly a &#118&#101&#114&#121 &#105&#110&#101&#120&#112&#101&#110&#115&#105&#118&#101 way to get &#105&#110&#116&#111 the […]
          How to Protect Your Pontoon Boat Items        
&#72&#97&#118&#101 you &#101&#118&#101&#114 had to dive in a lake &#97&#102&#116&#101&#114 a &#102&#105&#115&#104&#105&#110&#103 pole &#116&#104&#97&#116 one of &#121&#111&#117&#114 &#107&#105&#100&#115 dropped overboard? If so, you &#107&#110&#111&#119 what a &#109&#111&#110&#101&#121 and &#116&#105&#109&#101 saver a &#112&#111&#110&#116&#111&#111&#110 &#98&#111&#97&#116 &#102&#105&#115&#104&#105&#110&#103 rod &#104&#111&#108&#100&#101&#114 &#99&#111&#117&#108&#100 &#104&#97&#118&#101 &#98&#101&#101&#110&#46 Too bad you &#100&#105&#100&#110&#39&#116 &#107&#110&#111&#119 about &#116&#104&#105&#115 &#99&#111&#111&#108 &#103&#97&#100&#103&#101&#116 &#98&#97&#99&#107 then. Trouble is, now &#116&#104&#97&#116 you […]
          Information on Lake District Accommodation        
The &#87&#105&#110&#100&#101&#114&#109&#101&#114&#101 &#76&#97&#107&#101 is a &#104&#117&#103&#101 &#108&#97&#107&#101 and is &#109&#111&#114&#101 &#116&#104&#97&#110 10.5 &#109&#105&#108&#101s &#108&#111&#110&#103&#46 It varies in its width, which lies out &#102&#114&#111&#109 a quarter of a &#109&#105&#108&#101 to &#109&#111&#114&#101 &#116&#104&#97&#110 one &#109&#105&#108&#101. The &#108&#97&#107&#101 gives in an &#101&#110&#99&#104&#97&#110&#116&#105&#110&#103 view of the whole region. It has Waterhead in its northern &#115&#105&#100&#101&#44 which is one &#109&#105&#108&#101 […]
          Best lakefront resort for holiday accommodation        
&#76&#97&#107&#101&#102&#114&#111&#110&#116 &#114&#101&#115&#111&#114&#116s make an excellent &#111&#112&#116&#105&#111&#110 for a &#114&#101&#108&#97&#120&#101&#100&#44 safe and serene family &#104&#111&#108&#105&#100&#97&#121 &#97&#99&#99&#111&#109&#109&#111&#100&#97&#116&#105&#111&#110&#46 &#76&#97&#107&#101&#102&#114&#111&#110&#116 &#114&#101&#115&#111&#114&#116s are perfect for &#104&#111&#108&#105&#100&#97&#121 accommodation, &#119&#101&#100&#100&#105&#110&#103s, conferences and business meetings. There are numerous &#108&#97&#107&#101front &#114&#101&#115&#111&#114&#116s in the world. Lionshead &#76&#97&#107&#101&#102&#114&#111&#110&#116 &#82&#101&#115&#111&#114&#116 is one of the &#98&#101&#115&#116 &#76&#97&#107&#101&#102&#114&#111&#110&#116 &#114&#101&#115&#111&#114&#116. Lionshead &#76&#97&#107&#101&#102&#114&#111&#110&#116 &#82&#101&#115&#111&#114&#116 &#105&#110&#118&#105&#116&#101&#115 you to play &#118&#111&#108&#108&#101&#121&#98&#97&#108&#108 beside the […]
          Hello world!        
Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!
          What the hell are we doing?        
The conversation about asylum seekers is getting more and more emotional on both sides, as the bodies are piling up. I am not much of a psychologist, but I suspect that part of what is making people scream so loudly is that it's getting quite clear that the old "nobody there is in real need of help anyway" and, on the other side, "we gotta help everyone who needs help" are not working anymore: there are obviously lots of people really in need of help, and we just as obviously cannot help them all. All that can be discussed at this point is numbers, which kind of takes all fun away from an ideological debate, and pisses off both sides.

But yes, lots of people are trying to get to the EU and apply for asylum. And no, for the most part we cannot help them where they are. In the places overrun by ISIS, for example, "helping them where they are" would, I am afraid, involve a summary execution of all the members of ISIS, which is rather expensive, and likely to produce a lot of innocent victims if done by carpet bombing.

I am looking at all this, and I am wondering: what the fuck are we doing? I don't even mean that we are taking too many, or too few: how are we going about it, and who gets selected?

Seriously, this makes no sense at all: we (Europe) build fences and do everything we can in order not to let asylum seekers into the EU. Then after some of them do get into the EU, we have to take the applications from all of those, and in the first country they arrive to (I can see how Italy and Greece might be a bit pissed off by this system, and we would be too if the eastern neighbor suddenly started producing refugees). Then the applications are considered, hopefully to the best of the officials' ability, and their ability is not all that good: it's hard to say who is a criminal, it's hard to say who is a terrorist, it's sometimes even hard to say who is who and who is from where. But then, after an application has been approved, we are not gonna kick the person out no matter what kind of criminal he or she has turned out to be.

What is the sense of all of this? We are actively selecting the people who can get to Europe in something that doesn't deserve to be called a boat, and can afford to pay the smugglers. I totally think that both young men, and people who have money can be just as worthy of asylum as for example poor old women, but is there any point in actively selecting them, and in the process encouraging lots of people to a) risk their lives while crossing the seas on god-knows-what, and b) give their money to the people who provide that unseaworthy transportation?

Can't we, like, decide on how many we can take, handle the applications elsewhere, and then let the winners of that lottery arrive on a proper ferry with proper papers, while turning the users of Oh-Shit-The-Raft-Is-Leaking Sea Transportation away on arrival? People are not dumb (well, most aren't), and if rafting over the Mediterranean is not occasionally rewarded with a residence permit they are likely to stop doing it.

And please, can we send the seriously criminal ones back? On the Oh-Shit-The-Raft-Is-Leaking Sea Transportation, if needed. Yeah, the transportation might take a downward direction, quite literally. Yeah, they might be subjected to inhumane treatment there. They will probably have to take a number and stand in line for that along with half of the population, many of whom we have turned away to begin with, but anyway... Tough shit. They could've thought about it before robbing or raping somebody. No matter how many or how few refugees we decide to take, all the refugee places should be reserved for regular people trying to resettle and live a normal life, not for somebody wanted for terrorism in Iraq or armed robbery in Finland.

We can fight about the numbers later, but can we put some sense in the procedure first, and fast?

          S-12 Club, new dinghy design launched (very light wind)        
The new dinghy design is now called the S-12. Launched into light winds, there's not a lot to report, but a photo essay. And some comments about the staying of the rig and keeping boats cheap and simple.
          S12 Club New design – lightweight and efficient plywood racing dinghy        
A new lightweight 12ft plywood dinghy under development. This prototype by Canadian Rick Landreville. It won't have a cloud of sail area,but will be light enough low drag enough to hit consistently high speeds relative to other boats of this length.
          OzRacer wins PDRacer Worlds for the fourth time in five years        
2013 - Once again an OzRacer wins the PDRacer World titles. That is four times in the last five years. An OzRacer does need to be modified to fit the PDRacer rules or as standard is an excellent boat for first time sailors. It sails REALLY well which aids learning. And doesn't need to cost any extra money. Plans $20
          How does the BETH sailing canoe go in mixed fleets and handicap racing?        
BETH sailing canoe - The designer has lots of fine things to say about the sailing performance of BETH - but Andrew Barclay has been racing his against mixed fleets in British Columbia where she sails equal with Laser Radials in light wind and gradually outclasses them in stronger. I provide some tips about getting a bit more from the boat.
          Precut Plywood Kits Available for Storer Boats – UK, Europe, USA, Australia, South Africa.        
List of Kit suppliers for Storer Boat Plans. UK and Europe, USA, Australia, South Africa. Kits make building a Storer Boat even easier.
          OzRacer-RV – simpler build, cockpit space and better for kids or adults (It’s not a PDRacer)        
The OzRacer Mk3 has been rebranded as the OzRacer RV. Detailed plan - a boatbuilding course in a book for $20 each. So now racing sailors can use the OzRacer Mk2 and cruising sailors can use the OzRacer RV plan. The RV is no slouch though - it won the World titles in 2010.
          Rick Landreville is the Canadian PDRacer Champion in an OzRacer modified to meet the PDRacer rules        
From Rick The Canadian Nationals took place today at Summerland B.C.  with 7 boats competing for the coveted title of ‘Canadian Champion’. Pictures are posted. We had a beach start over a triangular course that was 4.2 kms long, and, well, I won. A testiment to the fine design of Michael Storer. Canadian National Puddle […]
          BETH Sailing Canoe being built by Norm in Toronto        
Norm is putting together a BETH Sailing Canoe and documenting it on the WoodenBoat forum. He is going like a rocket, it is possible to drop in every day and see some big changes. He has departed a bit from the plan in both building method and detail. I’d suggest that most people who build […]
          Reclaiming Adventure in the Kenai Fjords        

From my forthcoming article for Ocean Paddler -- Britain's best glossy mag devoted to sea kayaking. 

"Rising early for our put-in at Seward, I checked the forecast for 30-knot winds and 6-foot swells. Frothy whitecaps and promising winds were building. Yes, the real Alaska was on its way. But only hours later, pulling on drysuits and ferrying loaded boats to the waterline, the throbbing seas had gone flat, the wind-blasted treetops motionless. It was rejection, the rebuke of a lover, and my mind scrambled in denial. I didn’t come for this. Calm seas and postcard-perfect scenery would get boring fast. 

One pristine, clear day led to the next. Where was my Alaskan adventure? While I ruminated, moody and petulant, Kenai’s incandescent beauty surpassed itself daily. Caves, rock arches and pour-overs were common at the base of high cliffs, and riding incoming swell as it fired into narrow slots required total absorption in body, boat and blade. On open water and in rocky coves, surprise encounters with marine life were frequent. Sea lions, seals and otters, each with bright personalities reminiscent of Archie BunkerSanford and Son; the gambit of 70s sitcoms."

          OzRacers and PD Racers Marching Around the World        
PDRacers abuilding. Well – winter is coming to an end and also it is some time since the Mk2 OZ PDR plan was launched. So quite a few OZ PDRs are appearing around the world. At least as far as registered boats. The fleet in Australia is now a dozen. Not all OZ PDRs but […]
          City of Gig Harbor Hosts Exhibit on History of Ship’s Caulking        
Gig Harbor, Wash. – December 17, 2007 – Ship's Caulking: Keeping Boats & Culture Afloat a traveling exhibit highlighting the ancient skill of ship's caulking is now on display and free to the public at the Gig Harbor Civic Center (City Hall) located at 3510 Grandview Street, Gig Harbor.
          Volunteer: Research Expedition in Norway!!        


We are currently searching for 7 research assistants to join boat based expeditions in Norway.

Best Explorer (www.bestexpeditions.net)

Aims of the expedition and itinerary

The aim of this expedition is to conduct a survey during which we will collect data on marine mammal distribution along the North coast of Norway. Data will be used by several students working currently on their PhD and Master´s thesis in Whale Safari Andenes, Norway. This expedition is organized in collaboration with La Isla de los Delfines (www.laisladelosdelfines.com). 

We will sail out from Tromsø harbor, and during 7 days of navigation we will pass through the areas of high concentration of cetaceans along the coast of the Vesterålen and Lofoten islands, like the Bleik Canyon, a key feeding ground for sperm whales. In the area we might also encounter killer whales, Atlantic white-sided dolphins, white beaked dolphins, pilot whales, porpoises, fin whales, minke whales and humpback whales. We will conduct visual and acoustic surveys, and work on the photo identification of sperm whales and killer whales. We will spend the night at a different harbor each day, allowing us to explore the wild coasts of these islands.

The itinerary is subjected to weather conditions, as sometimes the sea state may oblige us to stay on land. In this case, additional activities will be proposed.

·         16th – 24th June 2011
·         19th – 27th September 2011

The boat and life on board

Best Explorer is a 15 m long sailing boat that has been used for sailing across remote areas in Northern Norway and the Arctic during the past years. It has a capacity for 12 persons and is perfectly equipped to conduct research surveys.

More info: www.bestexpeditions.net

The boat is equipped with 3 showers and a full kitchen. As space might be limited, we recommend bringing reduced luggage.

Participant requirements and duties

Participants will help during the survey in effort and marine mammal data collection and analysis. During the expedition we will expend cca 10h a day working on the survey. Participants will learn how to design surveys and data sheets, use GPS, recognize marine mammal species, gather behavior data, individual identification of cetaceans and sailing skills among other tasks.

We will enjoy local nature and landscapes through excursions the rest of the time, the midnight sun in June, and northern lights in September.

During the expedition, participants will be provided with lectures about marine mammals, cetaceans and training in research techniques. A boat safety lecture will be also arranged on the first day of the expedition.
Anyone with an interest in getting actively involved in marine mammal research can join the expedition. Though no prior experience in the marine mammal field is necessary, it will be considered a plus

The applicants should be aware of the weather conditions on the Norwegian sea, which can sometimes be rough, so we discourage people who suffer from seasickness to apply.

Applicants will be accepted on a first come – first served basis. 

Participation fee

Unfortunately, the budget of this project is very limited, so there is a fee of 1500 euros per participant strictly to cover the boat expenses. 

The fee includes travel insurance, accommodation on board in 3-4 persons cabins, and boat expenses (e.g: rental fee, crew salary, oil, harbor fees). Food expenses will not be covered, but we will keep these expenses low by arranging community meals. 

As the participation fee only covers boat expenses calculated on the basis of 7 participants, we need to fill all the assistant positions for the expedition to take place.

The payment can be done by 30th April and it can be done through installement, but please consult me beforehand for this way of payment. However, a part of the fee (300 euros) must be paid in advance (before 31st March) to book the placement. This fee will be returned if the participant communicates refusal of the placement before 31st March.

For more information and application, please contact:

Marta Acosta
Whale Safari Andenes

          Volunteering: Slovenia - Morigenos Dolphin Project!!        

Morigenos – marine mammal research and conservation society is seeking applications for:



Research assistants are required to assist with the ongoing long-term research and monitoring programme of the Slovenian Dolphin Project. The project focuses on the study, monitoring and conservation of the local population of bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in Slovenian and adjacent waters in the north Adriatic Sea since 2002, collecting information on distribution, abundance, social structure, habitat use, fishery interactions and tourism impact.


The research base is located in Portoroz, Slovenia (EU). The fieldwork is carried out in Slovenian and adjacent waters (north Adriatic Sea).


20th June – 1st October 2010

Candidates are expected to committ to the project for a minimum of 1 month, but can also apply for the whole period.


The research assistant will be responsible for assisting the project leaders in all aspects of research and associated tasks. Duties include, but are not limited to:

· daily fieldwork (boat surveys on a 5.7 meter RIB, land-based watches with binoculars and theodolite tracking, photo-identification, behavioural sampling, data recording)

· database entry, database management, data analysis

· boat upkeep and maintenance

· research base upkeep and maintenance

· coordinating teams of participants in Morigenos research camps


This position is unpaid, but accommodation and food are provided. Successful applicants need to cover their own travel costs.



  • A background in biology, veterinary medicine, geography or related sciences
  • Previous experience in cetacean research
  • Nautical licence and experience in handling RIBs
  • Good IT skills (Word, Excell and Access are a must)
  • Ability and willingness to work long hours outdoors, in often hot weather
  • Ability to work well in a small international team
  • Good verbal and written communication skills

The following qualifications are not required, but one or more of the following will be considered an advantage:

  • Good knowledge of GIS
  • Previous experience and knowledge of photo-ID, distance sampling, habitat modelling, theodolite tracking or C-POD use
  • Experience in the use of software packages MARK, SOCPROG or R


Send a letter of interest and a CV, outlining why you are applying, your previous experience and qualifications, why you think you should be considered for the position and your availability in the given period. Include contact details of two references.

Send your application to tilen.genov(at)gmail.com. Please specify 'MORIGENOS RESEARCH ASSISTANT' in your subject title. Deadline: 3rd April 2010.

Applicants will be notified of the outcome by the 13th April 2010.

Morigenos team will be at the ECS conference in Stralsund, where we would be happy to talk to you. When you send your application, please let us know whether you are attending the ECS and we can possibly arrange a meeting.

Tilen Genov

Morigenos - marine mammal research and conservation society

Jarska cesta 36/a

SI-1000 Ljubljana

Slovenia (EU)


          Volunteering: Maine!        
Allied Whale, the marine mammal research lab of College of the Atlantic located in Bar Harbor, Maine, seeks 4 interns for the 2010 summer field season.

Two three-month positions (June-August) and two five-month positions (June-October)are available.

Individuals will assist in numerous research projects monitoring humpback, finback and North Atlantic right whales, including off-shore surveys, data collection on local whale watching boats, tower surveys on our remote off-shore research base,passive acoustic monitoring, and general logistics. Individuals will be able to earn limited income as deckhands. Research responsibilities include photo-identification
of whales and data collection/entry. Deckhand responsibilities include line handling, vessel cleaning, and passenger safety. Training will be provided.

The applicants should have a college background in biology and/or zoology. Some knowledge of research methods is an advantage. Knowledge of marine mammals and seabirds is an asset. Previous experience in photography (conventional and digital) is helpful but not required. Applicants must be positive, flexible, able to work independently, and comfortable working offshore on boats.

These are entry-level research positions designed to offer experience for individuals seeking to develop their professional careers in marine mammal research.

The positions begin June 1st and applicants must be able to work through with no other commitments (excluding COA students).

Please specify which position you are interested in.

Hours will vary depending on schedules, housing is provided and mandatory for a fee (~$100/wk).

Application deadline is March 22, 2010.

Please send a cover letter detailing your reasons for applying, a resume, and two letters of recommendation to:

Interns 2010
Allied Whale
105 Eden St.
Bar Harbor, Maine, 04609
Or e-mail to: alliedwhale@coa.edu

Leah M. Crowe
Allied Whale
(207) 288-5644

          Volunteering: Gray whale research in Canada!!        


The Society for Ecological and Coastal Research - SEACR - is a non-profit organization, established in 1998, dedicated to scientific research on the ecology of near-shore marine systems. SEACR is sponsoring several long-term ongoing research projects on gray whale ecology in Clayoquot Sound, British Columbia, Canada. The projects are organized and run by the Whale Research Lab of the University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (http://www.geog.uvic.ca/whalelab/ ).


Enthusiastic individuals with a keen interest in nature and science are invited to discover the challenges of marine field research along Canada's coastal rainforest through SEACR's Marine Research Intern Program!

MRIP is a volunteer program where Research Interns assist experienced and dedicated marine biologists and ecologists with their field research. Through MRIP, Research Interns will live and work at a remote research field-station in the coastal rainforest of Clayoquot Sound, British Columbia, to aid researchers with ongoing field research related to coastal and marine ecology.

Internships are offered on a competitive basis, at cost and provide invaluable exposure to boat based field work, the Pacific coastal ocean environment, marine mammal research, intensive training and mentoring in marine ecology, and encouragement to work and play hard!

We are offering 2 or 4 week Marine Research Internships for June 2010. There is no deadline to apply. However, approved applications are reviewed and accepted on a first-come, first serve basis and spaces are quite limited.


This internship is an excellent opportunity for an individual working toward a career in marine science to gain practical experience in the field. Ideal candidates possess a personal interest in marine ecology and a commitment to conservation research.

Marine research is difficult and challenging work, so being a Research Intern is not for everyone! Those who wish to participate in MRIP must be in good physical health, especially free of back and leg injuries, as the field hours (in the boat and in the lab) can be long - though very satisfying! This is not a program that certifies individuals in field research. It is, however, an experience that delivers a unique opportunity for education, development of field ecology research skills, travel, and enjoyment of wildlife.


Flores Island is the home of the Ahousaht First Nations peoples and is nestled in world-famous Clayoquot Sound, in the Pacific Coast rainforest. Flores is an excellent place to learn about marine ecology and the study of nature. Along with learning field and technical skills during the course of work, when the opportunity arises Research Interns may engage in informal talks with graduate students, take hikes along the Wild Side Trail, have beach campfires, and interact with the Ahousaht First Nations peoples. Professors from the University of Victoria, local scientists and previous MRIP researchers will be frequent visitors to the field research station.

Flores Island's natural beauty, sandy beaches, and abundant wildlife will keep you enthralled. Being here is the experience of a lifetime.


To qualify as a candidate for the MRIP, see the preaplication process on our website: http://www.geog.uvic.ca/whalelab/seacr-application.html

Unlike many other volunteer internship opportunities, SEACR provides and organizes the room and board for our interns at cost. The internship package includes basic accommodations and three meals per day at the research station. Interns and research staff live together and are responsible for cooking and cleaning duties. Rooms are shared with at least one other person. The internship costs do not include transportation to and from the research camp on Flores Island, personal items, or special dietary requirements. A non-refundable $500 deposit is required upon acceptance to MRIP.

Two week Internship - $ 2200 Cdn
Four week Internship - $ 3400 Cdn

If you are interested in applying for a position, please see the details of our application process on our website http://www.geog.uvic.ca/whalelab/seacr-application.html

Questions regarding the MRIP application or internships can be directed by email to: UVICwhalelab@gmail.com

Christina Tombach Wright
Intern Coordinator
Society for Ecological and Coastal Research
P.O. Box 35052
Victoria, British Columbia

          Employment: photoID internship in North Carolina!        
Bottlenose Dolphin Photo-ID Internship Position for 2010

The Outer Banks Center for Dolphin Research (OBXCDR)/Nags Head Dolphin Watch is currently accepting applications for the 2010 summer season. One internship position is available. The research season is May 15 -September 30. Successful applicants must be able to commit through the end of August.

The Outer Banks Center for Dolphin Research is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of bottlenose dolphins in the Outer Banks, NC. Our program´s goal is to gain an understanding of the population size, movement patterns, and behavioral ecology of coastal bottlenose dolphins in the sounds and coastal waters near the Outer Banks. The OBXCDR currently conducts a photo-identification monitoring study of bottlenose dolphins in Roanoke, Croatan, Albemarle, Pamlico and Currituck Sounds. Data is collected via dedicated small boat surveys as well as opportunistically from a local dolphin watch. This study is a continuation of the long-term study initiated by the Nags Head Dolphin Watch in 1997. Information from the current long-term study will provide a basis for initiation of studies involving habitat utilization, social associations, and anthropogenic effects on the dolphins. For more information about the OBXCDR, please visit: www.obxdolphins.org

The internship position will consist of field research, photo-identification, and environmental education. Responsibilities include:

- Assisting with boat-based photo-identification surveys of bottlenose dolphins, including operating small vessel during surveys, collecting environmental, location, and behavioral data for dolphin groups

- Photo-identification of dolphins in the lab, including photo sorting, sighting data entry, assist in maintenance of long-term photo-id catalog using the program FinBase

- Mate/naturalist duties aboard a local dolphin watch, including educating the general public on dolphins and the sound/marine environment, collecting opportunistic photo-id data, and additional mate duties

This internship is a paid position. Applicants will receive an hourly salary for performing ecotours on the dolphin watch. From May 15- June 11 and August 18- September 30, the intern will conduct mate/naturalist duties and opportunistic photo-id aboard the Nags Head Dolphin Watch for 4-5 days per week. From June 12- August 17, time commitment to the dolphin ecotours will be 2 days per week. During this time, the internship requires a minimum of 30 hours per week, consisting of ecotours, dedicated field surveys, and lab photo-id. The rest of the week, the intern may seek employment in the Outer Banks or have the time off.

Housing: A studio apartment is available for rent in Kill Devil Hills for the duration of the research season ($50 per week), however transportation to and from the Outer Banks as well as to and from the field site is not provided.

The successful applicant would ideally have the following qualifications:
- Minimum of 18 years of age and currently or recently enrolled in a college-level program in marine biology, biology, zoology, or related field
- Strong interest in the marine environment and conservation
- Ability to swim
- Basic computer proficiency in MS Office Access
- Enthusiasm, attention to detail, responsible, and works well on a team
- Field research/small boat operation experience preferred but not required
- First AID/CPR certification preferred but not required

NOTE: The United States Coast Guard requires all passenger vessels to be drug free work environments. In order to work aboard the dolphin ecotours, the intern will be required to pass a pre-employment drug test and to participate in random drug testing during the period of the research season.

Application Process:

Please submit cover letter, resume, and contact information for 3 references via email to: obxcdr@hotmail.com Use "Dolphin photo-id internship" in the subject line of the email. All applications will be reviewed; those received by April 1st will be given priority.

Jessica Weiss, M.E.M. Coastal Environmental Management
Scientific Advisor, Outer Banks Center for Dolphin Research
7517 Virginia Dare Trail
Nags Head, NC 27959

          Volunteering: Capricorn Cetaceans Project!        

The Capricorn Cetaceans Project is currently accepting applications for volunteers,interns and research assistants for the Australian winter season from June to September 2010.

The Capricorn Cetacean Project started in 2006 as part of Cagnazzi Daniele PhD study. The primary aim of this project was to study inshore dolphin species primarily on two threatened species the Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin and the Australian snubfin dolphin in the Southern Great Barrier Reef, from Gladstone to Shoalwater Bay,
Queensland Australia. With the years this project evolved including studies more species.

Field work include daily coastal surveys, coastal expedition and reef expeditions. Coastal daily surveys will be conducted on a 6m center console vessel, due to the extension of the study area launching points vary depending on the weather and surveys needs. Costal expeditions will be organized to survey the most remote areas, several hundred km away from any human activity. These expeditions will last between 4 and 5 days, during which we will sleep in a camp set up on unexploited beaches where with some luck we will fish our dinner. Reef expedition (50 miles away from the coast) will be done with a 13m long 5 star powered catamaran with all the comforts.

Nights will be spent within the lagoons of breath taking coral islands (Lady Musgrove, Lady Elliot, Heron Island and Fitzroy Reef) that will be possible to explore during the afternoon at the end of the work day. Snorkeling is also possible and worthwhile,and as I am a diving instructor upon interes we can organize some dives too.

During field work we will applied standard technique normally used in cetaceans studies and we will also collect skin samples using a biopsy pole and a PAXARM biopsy system.

These are the major projects on which we will be working:

- Modelling habitat suitability of coastal dolphins along the QLD coast

- Population genetics and phylogeography of Australian snubfin and humpback dolphins in Australian waters: defining appropriate management units for conservation

- Taxonomic status and ecology of a undescribed form of spinner dolphin "pigmy spinner dolphin" (Stenella spp) from the Capricorn Bunker group, Southern Great Barrier Reef.

- Use of non-destructive toxicology biomarkers and residue analysis to assess the toxicology status of humpback dolphins (Sousa chinensis) and snubfin dolphins (Orcaella heinsohni) in Australian coastal waters

- Estimating population size of inshore dolphins species in Central Queensland using DISTANCE techniques.

Furthermore we will continue with the collection of data from all cetaceans species sighted during our surveys, such as dugongs, offshore bottlenose dolphins, inshore bottlenose dolphins, spinners dolphins, humpback whale, Minke whales and False killer whales. We will also continue collecting photo-id data on humpback and snubfin
dolphins to increase accuracy of population estimates and to estimate population trend.

While on land the team will share a house in Yeppoon a nice costal town in Central Queensland, accommodation including internet and power is free,while we will share the shopping costs for the food.

The possibility of an internship will be evaluated directly with the interested person.

Volunteers are not required to have any previous experience except for a profound interest in cetaceans and a background in marine studies or similar. Application from volunteers for less than 2 months will not be considered.

One research assistant position is also available and potential candidates are required to stay for the full four months. Research Assistant need to have previous experience with boat handling and field work studies. The successful applicant will have the food costs plus a weekly reimbursement to discuss directly with me.

Interested applicants should forward a letter and their CV directly to me dcagna10@scu.edu.au

For more detailed information do not hesitate to contact me

Daniele Cagnazzi
Southern Cross University Whale Research Centre
Southern Cross University
2480 Lismore NSW Australia
PH: +61 0266203815
FAX: +61 0266212669

          Volunteering: photoID in Cardigan Bay!        
The Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre (New Quay, West Wales, UK) is seeking a Voluntary Assistant Photo-ID Catalogue Officer for the 2010 field season.

The primary purpose of our ongoing research, supported by Environment Wales and the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales, is to monitor the marine mammal populations found within Cardigan Bay´s Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and beyond. Using non-invasive photo-identification techniques, we are endeavouring to establish the size and health of the population as well as reproductive and survival rates.

We need a committed volunteer to work at the Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre between April and October 2010.

Post description:

- Main responsibility will be to assist with the cataloguing of the bottlenose dolphin photographs for the photo-ID purposes of the CBMWC, including matching individuals to previous year?´ images.

- Giving talks on the photo-identification work conducted at the CBMWC to interested parties.

- Co-ordinate and organise other volunteers participating with the photo-ID work at CBMWC, to tie in with the daily rota.

- Be responsible for training new volunteers in the analysis of photo-ID images, transferring images from memory cards to the Photo-ID computer and ensuring that all images are stored in the correct folders on the computer, e.g. week, date and trip folder and encounter folder if there is more than one per trip.

- Production of up to date procedures for all aspects of the photo-ID work in order that other volunteers can use them in order to complete any photo-ID tasks required of them.

- Ensure that all 2010 images and data are backed up on a regular basis throughout the season (external hard drive, DVDs or CDs) so that there is more than one copy in existence in case of computer failure.

- At the end of the 2010 season help to compile a photo-ID catalogue that includes images from 2009 and 2010 and information and data on what, where and when animals were seen.

There will also be the opportunity to assist with the boat and land-based dolphin surveys and help in the Visitor's Centre.

Desired skills and qualifications:

- Fluency in English (essential)
- IT skills
- Able to work well in a small team and independently without supervision
- Willingness to work in a conscientious, responsible and reliable manner
- Enthusiastic and hard working
- An interest in wildlife and conservation
- Experience working with the public, and public speaking would be useful
- An interest and knowledge of British cetaceans would be an advantage
- A background in biology, particularly marine biology/environmental science would be useful
- Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Time commitment:

The Voluntary Assistant Photo-ID Officer role requires a commitment of at least four months, including July to October. Preferably you would be able to commit for the entire field season April-October. Volunteers living locally who are available on a part time basis are also welcome to apply.

Accommodation and expense arrangements:

Basic, shared accommodation can be arranged for approximately ?55 per week. Volunteers are responsible for their own food, travel and accommodation costs.

About the Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre (Est.1996):

The Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre is a non-profit organisation
dedicated to promoting public awareness of the marine species, habitats and conservation of the marine wildlife in Cardigan Bay through research and education. The group is affiliated to the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales and supported by Environment Wales. The centre is in the heart of New Quay overlooking the beautiful beach and harbour. It is used as a base for our research and also includes our Visitor Centre.

Further information:

Contact Laura on 01545 560032 or volunteer@cbmwc.org
Visit our website www.cbmwc.org

How to apply:

Please contact us by e-mail volunteer@cbmwc.org to request an application form and further details.

Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre
Patent Slip Building
Glanmor Terrace
New Quay
Wales, SA45 9PS
Ffon/Phone: 01545 560032
E-bost/E-mail: info@cbmwc.org

          The Top Things to See and Do in Nunavut        
Auyuittuq nunavutThough Canada’s Confederation was in 1867, Nunavut was not named a territory until 1999. It is a territory that covers most of the Canadian Arctic. Its name means “Our Land” in Inuktitut, the language of the Inuit people who reside there. From birdwatching and boating to dog sledding and visits to the floe edge, Nunavut […]
          Artigo - Concursos públicos: mitos e verdades - Todo mundo já ouviu alguém fazendo afirmações a respeito dos concursos públicos. Fique atento com os boatos e saiba o que é mito e o que é verdade        
Todo mundo já ouviu alguém fazendo afirmações a respeito dos concursos públicos. Fique atento com os boatos e saiba o que é mito e o que é verdade
          8 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Me        

When tapped to share “8 things you probably didn’t know about” James Farrar he noted that blogging is quite the “exhibitionist” activity. Much of my blogging experience these past years has been more in audience capacity; a vicarious blog explorer, rather than an active onstage character. Vicarious means I observe certain events by “imaginative or sympathetic participation in the experiences of another”.

Others’ blogs expose me to great examples of: storytelling, journalism, innovation and when done expertly well, art. While exploring, I’m often wondering what it would be like to write as prolifically or as creatively or as knowledgeably as the bloggers whose contents I follow. Fair, although hardly shy, I do feel a bit the wallflower while the nimble waltz me by with dizzyingly and dazzlingly clever insights, observations, perceptions and opinions.

I’ve imagined what I would write on the off-chance that someone might tag me for the “8 things you probably don’t know about me” meme. But I was caught off guard (gobsmacked as the brits would say) when I happened upon my name in James’ blog: the Wisdom of Clouds. It’s like someone asked the ungainly girl at the school party to dance to be nice. Thanks James.

Eight is a lot. I’ll start chronologically.

1. When I was 4, my sister was born on my birthday. For years afterwards I assumed that all families had that same arrangement, meaning siblings who were not twins also shared a common birthday. The realization that my belief system was faulty was very traumatic.

2. When I was about 8 years old, I separated from my parents while on board the Sternwheeler (steamboat) called the "The American". We were visiting an ill-fated and short-lived amusement park in the Bronx (New York) called: Freedomland U.S.A. There is a certain irony to all this. The year was 1960 and the civil rights movement was coming into its own with the Greensboro Four staging a peaceful sit-in at Woolworth’s in North Carolina, breaking down the segregation walls in the south. Back on the steamboat, my parents found me quickly. I was staging my own sit-in of sorts, in the steamship’s bandstand. There they found me sitting entranced on a trumpet player’s lap. His name: Louie Armstrong. I’ve always loved his voice and music.

3. When I was 10 I decided to have a “penny fair” and created an amusement park in my yard. I gathered $5.57 cents from all of our neighborhood children (a great many pennies). Although rather pleased with my entrepreneurial success, I wound up donating the money to a school for mentally handicapped children. The principal sent me and the neighborhood children a very nice thank you letter.

4. When I was 16 I discovered that although my sister and I shared the same birth date, it wasn’t the one recorded in our birth certificates. My mom had changed them both by a few days to give us the opportunity of starting kindergarten early. I think it was a shocking revelation that documents could be misleading or doctored.

5. At 20 I took a road trip across the US. It was the summer of ’74 and in California, after a day of many driving mishaps; I got pulled over by the police. I had gotten a ticket earlier that day for speeding on the freeway. While paying my speeding ticket, I parked in a no-parking zone. I then proceeded to run a stop sign. It was a bad-hair driving day.When I saw the flashing lights in the rear-view mirror I was baffled. Couldn’t think of a single additional infraction I might have committed other than the fact that our car was a real jalopy with only one workable door, totally dust-covered and we (my future husband and I) looked a bit like ’70’s hippies after our 6 weeks on the road. I roll down my window (I’m the driver) and ask: “yes officer?”, failing to notice the growing number of squad cars accumulating behind us. The policeman looks oddly tense. “Did you hear about the bank robbery?”, says he. “Oh sure”, says I., “I’m Bonnie and this” (pointing to my future husband) “is Clyde”. The policemen weren’t particularly amused as they pulled me out of the car thinking I was the fugitive kidnapped newspaper heiress turned militant, Patty Hearst .

6. I studied theater directing in the Tel Aviv University drama department. In 1979 I turned down an invitation by the national theater to assistant direct and work with theater luminary Joseph Chaiken on “The Dybbuk”. What we do for love. I was expecting my first child.

7. In the early eighties, before “Glastnost” and the subsequent transparency policies of Gorbachev, I went on a small mission to meet with prisoners of conscience and human rights activists in a number of cities in the Ukraine and found myself and travel partner “interviewed” by the KGB concerning our activities in each city. I think I’m a “persona non grata” in the former Soviet Union.

8. In the middle nineties started a grassroots movement of citizens concerned about environmental hazards and the rights of local residents and was invited to speak in the Israeli Parliament, together with my Bedouin neighbors.

Now, grannimari is quietly and sedately working as an online community evangelist for the Business Process Expert Community. And looking to the community members who inspire and challenge her thinking. In that spirit of letting no good deed go unpunished, I’ll tag: Jim Spath , Eddy De Clercq , Jen Robinson, Thomas Ritter, Dick Hirsch and Ram Tiwari

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Ski poles and wake boards can also be added on to the boat for that excess sporty touch. If you are vacationing with young children then attaching a h2o slide to the flank of your pontoon boat is a great...
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          Boat Ladders        
Ski poles and wake boards can also be added on to the boat for that excess sporty touch. If you are vacationing with young children then attaching a h2o slide to the flank of your pontoon boat is a great...
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          Comment on The Park by Eric coates.        
Hi,I'm a model boat enthusiast, could you tell me if the lake is still full of weed? 21July .2017
          My Beijing Bash: Part II        
Day 2:
The gem of China and the most breath-taking structure built by mankind ever..is none other but the Great Wall
There are several sections of the wall which can be visited from Beijing...the famous ones being the Badaling section and the Juyongguan Pass...
The Wall at Juyongguan Pass
I visited this pass..it is one of the steepest section of the wall..the climb is really tiring with the sun bearing down upon you...but once you reach the top..it is just amazing...surrounded by hills with the wall running all over....really makes you wonder...how did the ancient Chinese even build this...what it must have been to be a guard on duty..protecting China from the invading Mongols...

Tip: The best way to get to the Wall is to sign up with a tour...the trip includes lunch and visits to a silk and jade factory...

After the wall...it was time to visit the Summer Palace
The Summer palace was built by Empress CiXi after the first one was burnt down during the Opium Wars...the palace is a true exhibition of the glory and rich past of China...but also a reminder of the neglect of the chinese emperors by spending huge amounts on building it instead of looking after their subjects...
Marble Boat for Empress CiXi

In the evening, I went down to Luilichang Hutong...this is the art lane in Beijing with interesting shops selling lot of unique art and memorabilia..got some very interesting posters of slogans during the Cultural Revolution...
Lulichang Hutong
Stay Tuned for Day 3..the visit to the Forbidden City

          Trains and boats and planes (and waiting for meetings and ...)        

I was in the middle of doing various things the other week when I got a phone call from a colleague. "Just thought I'd catch up on a few things" she said. "So, what are you doing ?" I enquired politely. "On a train" came the reply. "Thought it would be a good time for me to catch up with you."

A couple of days later I got call from an old business acquaintance. "I've just done a sales call in Liverpool" he said. "I'm having a sandwich and watching the ferry across the Mersey. Thought it would be a good time to give you a call"

The day before yesterday I received a call from a contact who I had been trying to get in touch with for weeks. He had been talking away for a minute or two when I heard a tannoy in the background announce that the flight to Munich was departing from gate 24. "Got to fly" he said, unaware of his unintentional pun, "The flight was a bit delayed so I thought it would be a good time to call you."

It struck me that a LOT of calls I get from people on mobile phones are people who are in transit, waiting in a station or airport, waiting in a reception area before a meeting starts, waiting for someone to turn up, waiting around between sales calls ... in other words they are stuck waiting somewhere and turn to their mobile phone as a means of either catching up with work or quite simply to provide a bit of company for them.

Sales people do this a LOT. Now, think about the possibilities of them being able to use that mobile phone to listen to training material and improve their knowledge and skills.

Given the propensity to turn to their mobile phone whenever there is a free moment suggests that it would be the most natural thing in the world for them to do.
          Malapascua Island Adventure        

We didn’t expect to go to Malapascua island at all. The original plan was to board the Trans Asia boat going to Masbate from Cebu and meet up with the Agir family after being referred to them by their family member who happens to be a good friend of ours. Everything was set, except for our [...]

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          back in High School        
I keep having dreams I am still in high school. They have never stopped. Every once in a while I will dream I am back in school. Most times I look like I look now, and in fact it is as If I am the age I am today but it is as if I am taking some sort of classes and back in school, or maybe some classes for work, yet all my friends and classmates are there. And it is such a good feeling. High school for me will always be one of the best times of my life. It is as if when my mind can't deal with the stress, worries, bills, tasks, and problems of everyday life it takes advantage of my dreams and takes me back to simpler times. The dreams may sometimes be stressful, maybe I am taking a test, and I realize I did not even study for this, but then I sit down and see a familiar face, some classmate of mine and then I realize how lucky I am to be taking classes with all my old classmates and friends, and its just such a familiar feeling, like being HOME again.
Its so hard to explain sometimes, so many teenagers say high school is one of the worst times in their lives and my experience was so far from that. I went to a very small high school, and I mean small- my graduating class had less than 40 students. Because it was such a small school, we were all close, everyone knew every one's name. There was never anyone being stuffed into lockers (does that even happen in real life?), no ones glasses were ever broken, and no one was ever given a wedgie.  My memories are staying after school just to chat and goof around with friends, stuffing all our coats, books, umbrellas, in one tiny locker (there was about 8 of us) I never understood why we never though of using our own lockers? Going during lunch hour to Central Park to play on the swings, having class trips to the Museum of Natural History, the statue of liberty, Ellis Island and about every other museum and tourist spot you can think of. I remember passing notes to each other (cellphones weren't in back then), stuffing roses and love notes in notebooks from that short guy who just wouldn't leave you alone, walking and singing and playing in the rain all of us under one single umbrella, I remember just hanging in the hallways and stairways with about other twenty people and just laughing and laughing till your tears came out and your cheeks hurt.  Then there is the school trip at the end of the year. There wasn't enough money for some unknown reason (maybe the teachers went out partying ;) and we couldn't go to the Poconos for the weekend like every other senior class before us did. We were all pretty upset about that. But we were taken to Bear Mountain to spend the day. We played volleyball, we ate, we rode boats, and we ran and then it started pouring rain. And Harry said fuck it and started running in the pouring rain, and everyone joined and we laughed and played spin the bottle under the rain, and we splashed and jumped and by the end of the day our clothes and hair were soaking wet and it just didn't matter. 
Yeah now I know why I keep dreaming back in school, how could I not? High School was amazing. Every single person from my high school brings me good memories. And so my mind, every time I am stressed, keeps popping them up in random places, to help me deal with whatever I am dealing with, just a familiar face here and there to give me that homey feeling again....

          THE KING MAKER'S SECONDARY INDICATORS: Free-Throw Percentages.        

Charity is good, as long as you get to the stripe!

Charity Hodges

This is a real quick article in honor of a pal. He always gets nervous when we take an OVER if a lousy free-throw shooting team is in the mix. In many cases, it's a series of lousy foul shots that kill an OVER or, at least, that's what people think killed the total.

In reality, all totals are decided by the confluence of hundreds of variables, but it's often the most apparent or memorable factors that catch our attention. And this is why my buddy rejects many of our OVER calls. Everyone has lost a total by a "hook" due to a brick from the charity stripe. If you've gambled on basketball for more than 5 years, then you've lost a game by a few missed free throws. Or, at least, that's what we blame it on.

To make a long story VERY short:

Many of the more questionable free throw shooting teams have poor percentages because they shoot a boatload of free-throws!

WE took Ball State in an OVER last night. It was set at 112.5 and it cleared that number by 9 points. Ball State shoots 68% from the line (and it was closer to 66% earlier), but they are ranked #2 in the Nation in terms of scoring offense from the Charity Stripe! 28% of their offense comes from the Line, so when they took 26 foul shots last night, we were taking advantage of a hidden Secondary Indicator. IT'S NOT NECESSARILY THE AVERAGE, BOYS.....IT'S THE FREQUENCY.

Here are the teams that score almost a third of their points from the Free Throw Line:

Wyoming 69%

Ball St. 68%-66%

Colorado St. 69%

Northridge 66%

North Texas 73%

Vermont  68%-66%

Bakersfield 68%

Louisiana Monroe 73%

HARVARD (tonight) 76%

Butler 74%


The overall averages of each of these teams are pretty strong, but they usually contain players that have GREAT percentages mixed with some pretty bad players. Those 68% teams have a lot of "UGLY" on their roster.

The next batch of teams with at least 25% charity contribution are as follows:

Kansas State (65%), TAMU (64%), Arizona (75%), Washington State (70%), Washington (71%), Colorado (76%), South Florida (67%).


The teams that are shocking people: Like Kansas State and South Florida, or teams that seem to come out of nowhere with sudden covers like Colorado, Ball State, and Wyoming are doing it with speed, defense, and boards, but the common denominator is that all important Charity Stripe Factor.


I suppose I'm trying to introduce you to seconday and tertiary data strings. As handicappers we need to get underneath the "surface noise" and get into the bones and tendons of a team's functionality.

So DON'T fall for the shooting percentage.

Go after the FREQUENCY and SUCCESS RATE. 26 attempts at 66% is much better than 9 attempts at 75%, ok?


Afterall: a team can shoot 43% from the ARC, but only take 6 of those shots per game, right? The same thing goes for Free-Throws, Field Goals, and Points-Per-Shot. FREQUENCY, FREQUECY, FREQUENCY.....


I hope this makes sense, if it doesn't ,then comment for me and I'll edit for clarity.


Good luck tonight!

          The Scintilla Project: Day Seven        
The prompt: Talk about a time when you saw your mother or father as a person independent of his or her identity as your parent.

Talk of the units always presents with a bit...OK a boatload, of trepidation. As the once-- but no longer-- only child of addicts, I've struggled through the years to let my siblings have their own reality, their own experiences and mostly their own voice, often stifling mine in the process, but that ended when my writing began.

I'll tell you that much of my life I've seen my mother as anything but a mother. For the entirety of my childhood, I was the parent, hers and mine, and later my siblings and lastly--still amidst my childhood, my own children.

She is the subject of many unpublished essays, therapy sessions and my own looming fears. She's just so flawed, so human, so independent of her identity as anything or anyone, and subsequently independent of obligations to anything or anyone. I find her equally as shameful as she is enviable.

I could go on forever about the times she disappointed me, "dropped the ball", but what I fear I'll never understand is why I always rush to pick it up, again and again, until I'm juggling-- mother, daughter, sister, teacher, friend, therapist, perpetual fixer-upper to the clan. I've spent my life navigating and surviving her independence. What I'd like is to someday bear witness to the declaration of my own independence; a life independent of codependency.   

          Boat Racing        
          ibiza, spain        
although ibiza is most renowned for its all-night-dionysian-techno-hump-fests it also affords some amazing meditarranean moments, not to mention, being the supposed home of christopher columbus as well as a muse for many artists including brian eno, jimmy page, albert camus, and bob dylan (who spent a summer in a windmill writing in these islands). of course, as luck would have it...actually, let's call it 'mercy' - a dear friend of mine, elliot moore (the most open dude i know), gave me his aunt's info who happens to live on ibiza (she deserves her own posting, of which i will write later). nonetheless, we got in touch and she told me to come on out. i left my russian friends and headed south determined to find the most epic and cheapest way to get to the islands. upon arriving in the port town of Denia, i made my way to the private docks to ask folks if i could get passage on their boat in exchange for work. this did not work - at least this particular time. so, i decided to spend my last euros on ferry. but i was too late and the faux-hawked british girl in front of me in line at the ticket office got the last available space on the night ferry. "ok, no worries...you are living life as an adventure to be lived, not a problem to be figured out" i say to myself as i leave the office and head into the shipping yard. sitting on my flybar, i watched the movements of another docked ferry for about 15 minutes and decided to sneak onto it as a stowaway (long story for the southern sun in boulder). mission accomplished only to find out in the early morning that it wasn't going to ibiza, rather a repair yard (thank God i got caught) - thus, leaving me no other option than to sleep on a park bench and catch the next morning's ferry at 6am. which i did.

other tramps and trampings...

after connecting with the lovely, johnnis lunow (elliot's aunt), i wandered into the metropolitan areas of eivissa town whereupon i met some kindred hearted travelers waiting out the sun's midday heat under some shade in the plaza del parque. we got jugglers, musicians, poi-fire dancers, magicians...basically a bunch of cool looking girls and guys who look like they were all braveheart extras. the dreadlock mullet is humming over here...

anyway, i meet pablo and maru...two kids in their early twenties from the canerie islands on their summer break. they are beautiful together and totally in love. over the course of the next few days everytime i looked at them i would hear the guitar seagulls from don henley's classic song, "boys of summer". turns out, pablo is a rockclimber. we share jubilation for a few seconds and then he drops mad science on me about some great spots to climb here in abiza...

atlantis y es vedra

over the next few days we organize a camping and climbing trip with a few other transients from ibiza's beach squatting summer sub-culture. the excitement brewing during the bus ride away from the noisy city, and the hike into another part of the island quickly turned to gasping amazement as we arrived at the zenith of our trail to see these epic land masses rising out of the ocean.
this is es vedra and people talk about the "energy being really good here" - nostradomas purportedly talked about it, too...something about this being the place to be when the end of world comes. no shit, sherlock. who wouldn't want to be?

anyway, we find an amazing place to call home for next several days underneath a giant boulder on the edge of the land and sea.it is here where we sleep in til 10, prepare humble potpurri meals of rice and anything else we can find to mix in, scratch ourselves like cavemen, and of course, conduct spanish/english lessons like a pack of oxford dons. this is all interrupted by occasional exploratory excursions, swims, siestas, scratching faces and figures into sand cliffs, and fantastic ocean bouldering - of which the pictures speak for themselves.

ah yeah...

alex finds his way while tio pibo coaches from the drink

pablo is very laid back...except when he's climbing. then he's more like a pissed off lion.


pay it forward
a few days into our trip, we ran out of water and tio pibo and i volunteered to hitch hike back to the nearest town to obtain el jugo de vida. liquid gold, man. enter, david and laura from valencia, spain...another couple sojourning and laughing their way through life.david just returned from 6 months in india where he was studying reiki, yoga, and thai massage.

he has an old converted van/home. it was very comfortable to go to the store in. i am putting a picture of them here b/c they are real live examples of people who are kind, happy, and loving life without having much money at all. also, because they embody a musing of one of their fellow spainards -pablo picasso, when he said, "i am constantly doing that which i cannot do, in order that i may learn to do it." amen. not only did david and laura give pibo and i a ride to the store, they turned around and gave us a lift back to trail into atlantis...which was totally out of their way and totally a blessing to us as the sun was in a bad mood that day. keep learning, guys...keep loving.

a few more pics...

          The Silly Run        
"Do the silly run, Daddy," she says.

Every morning, we drop K off at the commuter rail station.

As he leaves the car, the silly run is often requested.

My husband then morphs into what I can only liken to a rocking chair with boat propellers.

His arms fly out like airplane wings.

His lower legs rotate at the knee joints and spin at odd angles.

He zig zags, serpentine in great S curves past expressionless commuters and motionless people quietly waiting for the bus.

Inside the car, there is laughing and sometimes applause.

He'll pause, halfway to the station entrance and throw kisses back towards us.

K is normally quiet and mild mannered.

He's an introvert. He's shy.

I hope my kids remember his silly run long after he's gone.

It is a true act of love.

          Anney Boatright Waddell: Bastard Out of Carolina’s Villain, Victim, or Heroine?        
A friend recently posted on Facebook a local news story of a battered five-week-old baby. The story portrays the child’s father as the culprit of his multiple head injuries and broken bones. It also states that the baby’s mother attempted to cover up her partner’s abuse of the baby, which she witnessed firsthand on several occasions, and failed to seek medical treatment for the child in a timely manner. One person commented, "How does this happen?" Indeed, it is difficult to understand the abuse of a child by anyone, let alone the battering of a tiny baby by the kid’s own father. And it is equally as hard—if not harder—to fathom that a mother could stand by and watch her innocent five-week-old be beaten and shaken and then neglect to have his injuries treated.

I was reminded of this news story a couple of days later as I finished Dorothy Allison’s Bastard Out of Carolina (1992). The semi-autobiographical novel depicts the childhood of Ruth Anne “Bone” Boatright, who is born to the “white trash” Anney Boatright, promptly labeled a bastard by the state, and, later, physically and sexually abused for years by her stepfather, Daddy Glen Waddell. The story ends with the absolutely heart-wrenching portrayal of Glen’s brutal assault and rape of the then 12-year-old Bone. Anney interrupts the attack and pulls Glen off of Bone, only to turn away from her daughter to comfort Glen when he cries and apologizes. Anney takes Bone to the hospital for treatment but disappears as soon as the young girl is signed in. She turns up a last time to visit Bone as the child recovers from the attack, which left her with a dislocated shoulder and various other physical injuries, at Aunt Raylene’s. At this time, Anney turns over to Bone a new copy of her birth certificate, one that she has managed—after countless attempts—to have printed without the word “Bastard” stamped on it, and then leaves for good. Bone knows that her mother is headed to another state to live with Glen.

Just as it is difficult to understand the abuse and neglect of the five-week-old baby in the news article, it is hard to muster much sympathy for Anney, a mother who ignores the long-term abuse of her daughter and finally runs away with her daughter’s attacker and rapist, presumably to continue an emotional and sexual relationship with this brutal man. But as much as readers struggle against it, the book urges us toward an—albeit tenuous—understanding of Anney Boatright Waddell. In the somewhat puzzling final words of the novel, Bone seems to come to peace with her mother’s betrayal and even goes so far as to posit her mother as a sort of role model, saying, “I was who I was going to be, someone like her, like Mama, a Boatright woman” (309). Surely, this statement is partially the product of Bone’s still traumatized state-of-mind, but it seems to be more than that. Bone sees that, like herself, her mother has struggled against adversity her entire life and persevered in the way that she knows how. Ultimately, then, we are given little choice but to read this in many ways despicable mother as victimized by a social system that has positioned her as “trash” and triumphant in finally (though certainly belatedly) giving her daughter the chance for a better life.

There’s no doubt about it, Anney’s life is defined and limited by the systematic oppression of the poor, white, working class. As a Boatright, a member of a family reputed in the Greenville, South Carolina community for shiftlessness, fighting, drunkeness, and sexual immorality, Anney has struggled against the stereotype of “white trash,” a label that she felt inscribed upon her very being when the state officially designated her first child a “Bastard.” J. Brooks Bouson points out that although Anney resists the label of “trash” by working hard on a daily basis and repeatedly seeking to have Bone’s birth certificate changed, she internalizes the stigma of her position as a poor white woman, ultimately passing on the shame caused by this stigma to Bone and her other daughter, Reese (106). As if the shame of her position as “white trash” were not enough, Anney struggles for the means to feed her family as Glen loses job after job because of his bad temper. She works full-time at a local diner, periodically takes a second job at a factory, and once—after she is forced to feed her children a meal of crackers and ketchup—even turns to prostitution. Anney is also portrayed as psychologically tormented by the knowledge—however deeply denied—of Glen’s hatred and abuse of Bone. Anney dates the seemingly doting Glen for two years to ensure that he will “make a good daddy” (15) and, after the marriage, leaves Glen two times because of his physical mistreatment of Bone (she is not aware of his sexual abuse until the final rape scene). During the times when Anney and her girls do live with Glen, Anney is careful to remove Bone from the house at the times when she cannot be home to oversee her care. She sends Bone to Aunt Alma’s after school and to stay with Aunt Ruth or Aunt Raylene during summer vacations. On the rare occasion of witnessing Bone’s abuse, Anney cries for Glen to stop and afterward encourages her daughter to just stay out of Glen’s way in order to avoid the beatings that she knows Bone does not deserve. Anney is depicted as physically and psychologically exhausted by the trials in her life; Bone notices that she looks more worn with every passing year.

Besides being just a really bad guy, on a figurative level, Glen seems to embody the system of power that keeps Anney in a state of poverty and shame. Although his relationship with his family of origin is strained and despite his failure to secure a steady job, Glen is from a different social stratum than the Boatrights. He is depicted as coming from affluence and uses his marriage into the Boatright family to “shame his daddy and shock his brothers” (13). As he ensnares Anney and her girls within an ultimately dysfunctional family unit, then, Glen becomes representative of the inescapable dominance of the bourgeois over the poor working class. Anney is no match for his brutality and manipulation; she finally gives in to the system against which she has struggled for so long and, in the process, betrays her daughter and loses herself. She abandons Bone and leaves with Glen because she so badly wants to escape the degradation of her position as “white trash.” She receives from Glen the attention that she never got within a family defined by a culture of shame, a family in which the highest form of compliment to a child seems to be to call him or her “ugly,” a title which ensures that the child is “a Boatright for sure” (21). However misguidedly, Anney also seems to see in the middle-class Glen her chance to flee the shame of her existence as a Boatright, a family regarded in the larger community as worth little more than garbage.

Despite her ultimate abandonment of Bone, Anney does succeed in re-writing the originally sordid story of her daughter’s beginnings by securing for Bone a new birth certificate. Indeed, the whole lower section of the paper that Anney gives to Bone before she leaves with Glen is “blank, unmarked, unstamped” (309), signifying that because Anney has managed to unmoor Bone’s origins from the stereotypical origins of most “white trash,” Bone’s future is no longer bound to the restraints of her class position. It is perhaps because Anney gives Bone this gift of hope that Bone is able to face her future while still acknowledging her family’s past. The new birth certificate comes to signify, as Tanya Horeck states, “the inextricability of the daughter’s future from that of her mother’s at the same time [that it] contain[s] the possibility the child will script her life differently” (56). In the final words of the novel, Bone claims the strength and perseverance of the Boatright women, but she is able to imagine a fate different from that of her aunts and especially her mother.

Bastard Out of Carolina challenges us to look beyond Anney’s inability to consistently protect and nurture her daughter, despite her appalling behavior in the final scenes. The novel points to the ways that Anney has herself been brutalized by a system of oppression that works to keep her in a state of disempowerment and shame. I don’t claim to understand Anney’s refusal to face her daugher’s abuse or her final choice to leave her daughter, but I can sympathize with the physical and psychological exhaustion inflicted upon Anney by a lifetime of debasement as “trash.”

So, the news article about the abused five-week-old bothers me, not only because I am horrified by the terror and pain inflicted upon this little guy by the very people who are supposed to care for him in the first weeks of his life, but also because I read the subtext of this article to say of the parents, “What more would you expect from these trash?” From their separate addresses, which are provided in the article, we can infer that the parents are unmarried and also that they live in some of the most impoverished areas in our city. Furthermore, the article cites the particular obscenities that the mother claims to have heard the father shout at the child, making both of them seem ignorant of the social norms that dictate the acceptable use of these terms in both private and public settings. The mother is also portrayed as either slow to understand that her child was being abused or a heartless bitch to deny him treatment. The father is depicted as using an imagined medical condition to excuse his abuse of the baby. He is further discredited by the detailed recounting of his past convictions: “Wihebrink is no stranger to local authorities, having been booked into the Delaware County jail nine times. He was convicted of battery by body waste (in 2006), possession of marijuana (2008) and receiving stolen property (2004).” Like the Boatrights are regarded by the greater Greenville community, then, these people are clearly perceived by the writers of this article as poor, stupid, lazy, and morally bankrupt, and readers are invited to see them this way as well. Given the details provided in the news article, these parents may be all of these things, but to characterize them in this light might also allow all of us to ignore the social circumstances that have almost certainly contributed to the awful mistreatment of this baby. To represent and perceive these people as “trash” is to dismiss our own culpability in maintaining a system that shames and debases our poor simply for being poor and, in doing so, might very well perpetuate the abuse of children.

Works Cited

Bouson, J. Brooks. “’You Nothing But Trash’: White Trash Shame in Dorothy Allison’s Bastard Out of Carolina.” Southern Literary Journal 34.1 (2004): 101-23.

Horeck, Tanya. “’Let Me Tell You a Story’: Writing the Fiction of Childhood in Dorothy Allison’s Bastard Out of Carolina.” New Formations 42 (2000): 47-56.
          Clever Names and Sayings on Boats        
If you're like me, you like reading what people write, on the back of their boat. Continue reading…
          Fishing Access Improvements on Missouri River's Ft. Randall Dam        
Sometimes the best fishing spots are the hardest to get to, and if you don't have a boat, you might not have access. Along the Missouri River near Pickstown, South Dakota things have changed. Continue reading…
          Paired Trades: Using Options to Reduce Risk        
In 2013 the rising tide lifted almost all boats as 9 out the 10 major S&P 500 (INDEXSP:.INX) sectors all enjoyed double-digit increases propelling the overall index to a whopping 30% gain. But expectations for the coming year are more subdued and active money managers most of whom underperformed their benchmarks in 2013 are crowing that 2014 will be "a stock picker's market" as correlations will decline. But one way to combine stock picking with correlation analysis is to established a paired position. This strategy involves simultaneously going long one stock and shorting another name in the same sector or ...
          A little Saturday poetry Jam        
Liz Howard, a treasured old friend - that is to say we became friends about half a lifetime ago, not that she is old - is a Canadian poet (and scientist).  And a very good one at that.  She recently made the Canadian short list for the Griffin Poetry prize.  I looked it up and it is a major award. 

Oh, she was also a finalist for a Governor General's Award last fall.  Another major award.  That's right, Liz is a serious force in the poetry world. 

In honour of Liz and her accomplishments, I have written a poem (hopefully this is not a dubious honour).  Since this is a car blog, it is about my car.  Make sense? 

And while I can't even pretend to have any talent in this field, I can probably safely say that it is likely the best poem you will ever read about a 1985 Ford Crown Victoria.  But, maybe have a few drinks before you read it just to be safe.   
About a Boat
By Sean McCoy

3V under 3L
This car has the blues
A long foot pressed into spinning wheels
Its bellows longing for speed
A massive heart surges
Wheezing boasts of a dubious past
Restrained, restricted, rusted and wretched

A committee made barge
The desperate catch-up
Foiling the General only by law
But it is not of the people
Appreciated only in the margins
Cast-offs creating in an impoverished glow
Making their joy from a desperate plot 

Irrational connections forged on potential
Add-ons are omitted in a harsh environment
As modifications multiply on falling currency
One into two, two into four
Freed heads flow easier into the burn
Facilitating fresh lift over worn timing
Exhausted effort powers the work

The gain is past
No, this is not better than new
It is nostalgia made from a drought of perspective
Making what was never meant of this corporate intention
Upright fools that commune in a common web      
Because creating less from more is uncompromising
But it is ours

Now if you want to cleanse your pallet of this drabble, read some of the best poetry in the country and support Liz - her book can be ordered from Amazon.ca. 

Congratulations, Liz!  It's been way too long, but you're never too far from my thoughts. 

          Lincoln gets a cash injection and my new obsession with the Silverado.         

So I’ve been quite the lazy blogger.  I’m hoping I can turn this around soon, but I’ve been pretty busy with a million things going on... also I’ve become addicted to the Panther Forum I’ve joined (grandmarq.net).  I’ve had a good time meeting a bunch of folks online who share my (newly developed) obsession with full-sized 1980’s Fords.  For a primer as to why this has happened, check out my last post.  However, my car world still extends beyond 30 year old blue ovals.  Let’s see what’s caught my eye today...

You may be saying to yourself, “Sean, how can I get in on this cheap vintage car craze?”  Well, there are lots of cheap old goodies listed online.  Jalopnik recently posted a list of stuff that’s been put on ebay forunder $10,000.  Of course, for me that’s a huge budget, but that’s not big money for getting into the old car game.  I’m thinking my favourite of the list is the Saab Sonnett.  Not the greatest sports car ever, but it’s certainly a classic that you don’t see every day! 

Good news for Lincoln!  Apparently Ford’s investing $5 Billion over the next few years intoimproving the brand.  Personally, I think this is great.  For too long Lincoln has been putting out rebadged Fords.  While they typically look prettier than their blue oval cousins, I’ve had a hard time reconciling the thought of paying huge premium for a tarted up Ford.  The big news is a new platform that will hopefully result in a rear-wheel-drive sedan!  This will position Lincoln to compete more directly with other premium brands like BMW, Mercedes, and historical rival Cadillac. 

Speaking of rear-wheel-drive, I’m a big fan of pony cars.  The Chevrolet Camaro is certainly a great example of the breed.  And all great pony cars deserve a high powered halo example to lead the charge into the dreams of the car buying public.  The ZL1 is the high ranking Camaro that happily takes this on this task, motivated by a 580hp 6.2L V8.  If you’re like me, you’ll probably never get the chance to drive one. Check out these editor notes from Autoweek for some great impressions onhow this car drives.  Not anywhere close to as good as actually driving the car, but at least it will provide some fuel to fire up your imagination the next time you play make believe behind the wheel of your daily driver.  Vroom-vroom!!

In other news, back on the home front we’ve been tempted lately by Silverados.  Our neighbours recently acquired one and my uncle did too shortly after that.  They both went with 5.3L 4x4’s, black on black.  They are pretty sharp.  I know I wanted to stay away from pick-ups, but lately I’ve missed having a vehicle with some utility.  And towing capacity.  Here’s a TFL review of the big three’sfull-sized truck offerings... well more of a 0-60 competition rather than a review.  But it’s 0-60 towing 5,000lbs!  I can’t think of a better piece of info than who has the best hustle under load (well, I can, but this is still good to know... and fun)! 

On a related front, here’s a cool video of a Silverado HD in a tugof war contest against a semi.  Check it out for fierce tire burning carnage!  

 And with that, I'm out.  I'm putting together a post of some of the best, coolest and strangest cars I saw at the various shows I attended this summer.  Look for it soon!


          The Big Blue Boat!        

It’s been a long time since the last post.  Things have just seemed really busy the last couple of months and I just haven’t been able to get around to writing.  I have been involved in some car stuff though... I just haven’t been able to write about it.

Probably the biggest car news from the front is that I’m the proud new custodian of a 1985 Ford LTD Crown Victoria.  It’s a bit of a family heirloom, having originally belonged to my wife’s grandparents.  It’s basically been sitting in a barn for the last 10 years though, so it needs a little TLC. 

Over all though, I’d say it’s in pretty good shape.  The interior is excellent, everything still works (including cold blowing AC!) and the underside is practically new looking!  There are a couple of minor rust events occurring on the body as we speak, but nothing too bad.  I will be on the hunt for a new rear bumper at some point though, as this one has a small hole in it. 

Now traditionally being a GM man, I was initially looking for a B body or a G body, preferably something with 2 doors but a sedan wasn’t out of the question.  I had a next to nothing budget of about $1000-$1500, which back when I was a teenager would have yielded good results.  Nowadays that only buys, well, crap. 

There were a few promising looking ads in kijiji that caught my attention.  Tales of rust free, non winter driven cars that only need a few minor repairs for safety draw you in.  But the reality is a car that has Blizzaks on it was probably not “never driven in winter”.  

Also, I discovered people have a very liberal interpretation of “rust free” and “surface rust”.  Look, if there’s red, crumbling sections on the car’s body it’s not “rust free”.  And if I can see daylight on the other side of that rust, it’s not “surface rust”. 

Anyway, after one particularly disappointing viewing, I was talking to my wife’s uncle and he let me know that her other aunt and uncle were getting rid of their old 1985 Ford LTD Crown Victoria.  They had been given the car from my wife’s grandparents as a B-car.  Only thing is it had been off the road for about 10 years. 

My dad and I went to take a look at the old beast and we weren’t disappointed.  It’s a two tone blue four door sedan with a 302.  It wasn’t perfect, but it was in a lot better shape than everything else that I had found.  In the coming weeks I’ll go over some of the stuff we’ve done, what needs to be done and what we dream about doing in the future.

For now the big ol’ girl is resting in the garage getting ready for a safety.  I don’t expect to get her on the road until next year, but it’s good to know that she’s there for some big blue boat cruising.


          AB: Paying Their Debt to Society        
What do ponzi-scheming Bernie Madoff and money-laundering Toronto lawyer Simon Rosenfeld have in common? They both have amassed boat-loads of money, but still rely on taxpayers to feed, clothe and shelter them while in jail. South of the border, one politician is looking to change this.
          3 Scouts Dead After Sailboat Hits Power Line In Texas        
Three Boy Scouts have died after a sailboat they were aboard struck a low-hanging power line on a lake east of Dallas, Texas, over the weekend. The Scouts were sailing in a Hobie Cat on the Lake O' the Pines when the catamaran's mast snagged the transmission cable. Wardens from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department found the boat on fire about 300 yards north of the cable, according to The Dallas Morning News. The bodies of two of the Scouts, apparently electrocuted, were found in the water nearby. A third, 11, was rescued by another boat, where he was given CPR before being transported to an ambulance. He was taken to a hospital in Shreveport, La., but authorities said Monday that he had succumbed to his injuries. Daniel Anderson, chief operating officer for the East Texas Boy Scouts of America, was quoted by The Associated Press as saying the boys were at a campout at the lake. "There's literally hundreds of campouts like this every year in East Texas and nothing like this ever
          Power Outage In N.C.'s Outer Banks Could Take Weeks To Fix        
North Carolina's Outer Banks has been without electricity for days – and that could last for weeks, according to estimates of how long it will take to repair transmission lines that were inadvertently severed by a bridge construction crew. PCL Construction, which is building a new span to replace the old Bonner Bridge across the Oregon Inlet, has acknowledged that early Thursday its workers drove a steel casing through a major underground transmission cable belonging to the Cape Hatteras Electric Cooperative. The accident has left thousands of residents without power and forced vacationers to depart. North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper said "a lot of money" was being lost due to the outages that come at the peak of tourist season when people come from all over the country to relax on the region's sandy beaches. "You've got waiters and waitresses who are losing tip money. You've got restaurants who aren't selling meals. You've got hotel owners who aren't selling rooms. You've got boat
          Royal Navy tests remote-controlled minehunter        
The motorboat, called Hazard, is currently being put through its paces by a specialist team of sailors in Portsmouth naval base. The boat can also act as the ‘mother ship’ to an assortment of hi-tech remote-controlled and robot submersibles. Collectively, they can search for, hunt and finally destroy mines faster than the Royal Navy’s Sandown and Hunt-class ships, and they also have the added benefit of keeping the sailors required to operate them out of harm’...
          GBP300 M investment for UK submarine industry        
Over the next 8 years BAE Systems’ boatyard in Barrow-in-Furness will undergo a transformation, part funded by the Ministry of Defence, to improve the infrastructure at the site, which has been making submarines for over a century. Around 850 contractors will work on the development at its peak to replace older buildings with newer, larger, state-of-the-art facilities to allow the construction of the UK’s future nuclear deterrent submarines, known as Successor. After steel...
          Royal Navy ship assists in Caribbean drugs bust        
RFA Wave Knight and the US Coast Guard worked together to seize cocaine with an estimated wholesale value of £8.5 million in what was Wave Knight’s second successful counter-narcotics operation in 3 weeks. While on patrol in the Caribbean Sea on 11 February, the crew of Wave Knight detected a suspicious speedboat operating in the area. A US Coast Guard helicopter was quickly despatched from Wave Knight and, after arriving at the scene, the coast guard team saw 2 men throwi...
          New Investment in Successor Submarines        
The Successor submarines, which will carry the UK’s strategic nuclear deterrent, will be the largest and most advanced boats operated by the Navy, and their design and construction will be the most technologically complex in the history of the UK. Two contracts worth £47 million and £32 million have been awarded to BAE Systems Maritime-Submarines     who are leading on the design of the vessels. The investment will allow BAE Systems, who currently...
          The Miami Mess        

When I first heard about the Yahoo! Sports report that a Miami booster provided cash, cars, jewelry, use of mansions and a yacht, prostitutes, bounties for taking out the opposition, and an abortion for Miami football players, I had three immediate thoughts: 1) Holy balls, Miami knows how to party, 2) This wouldn’t even be that big of a deal if the NCAA weren’t an unprecedented and corrupt cockblock that gets away with a  multibillion dollar scam year after year, and 3) Having said that, the rules are the rules and – if the allegations are true – I’m not sure there has ever been such a flagrant breaking of NCAA rules in the history of both the NCAA and their explicit rules against soliciting prostitution and boosters paying for abortions.

Let’s start with what’s really important – the partying.  Now, thanks to depictions of Miami in all sorts of TV shows and movies (and at least one music video), I’ve always thought that I had a relatively good idea of just how much the city likes to party.  I mean, anyone who has seen Will Smith rocking a wifebeater while hollering at hoochies, Tony Montana burying his face in a heaping mound of blow, Ace Ventura talking out of his butthole, Horatio Caine smoothly putting on his sunglasses after pausing midsentence, and Dexter Morgan saran wrapping criminals to a table and driving a knife through their chest before dismembering their bodies, putting the remains in a bunch of garbage bags, and dumping the bags in the Atlantic Ocean should fully understand that the city of Miami is all about having a good time.  But even with all of these depictions of Miami being a zoo fully packed with party animals, I was still pretty surprised when the Yahoo! report came out and revealed that the average Miami football player apparently breaks the BYU Honor Code 14 times before they even eat breakfast.

What made the report so surprising to me is that even though the fact that this all took place in Miami shouldn’t make it all that shocking, we’re still talking about 18-22 year old kids here.  Sure it seems like “18-22 year old kids” and “partying” are synonymous, but if you really think back on your days in college, I’m guessing “partying” just meant drinking a bunch of cheap beer, listening to music that was turned up way too loudly only because whoever was hosting the party wanted to show off their sound system, crossing your fingers that the girls you were hitting on were too drunk to notice how ugly you were, and drawing penises on the foreheads of your friends who passed out before you did.  Every now and then maybe there were people passing around a joint or two, but for the most part that is what a typical college party entails. 

Nowhere in that description did I mention yachts, mansions, cash, jewelry, or – most importantly – prostitutes, which is why the Miami allegations are shockingly awesome to me.  According to US census data taken in 2010, less than 1% of American citizens have ever partied on a yacht or with prostitutes, so for a bunch of Miami football players to allegedly have done both before they were even old enough to legally rent a car  is truly a remarkable thing and is something I won’t hesitate to admit makes me jealous (hell, I’m sure a lot of them went to these parties before they were even old enough to legally drink).  Then again, I guess all of this shouldn’t have been much of a surprise considering the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary about Miami emphasized how wild the Hurricanes were back in the 80s and 90s, and the 7th Floor Crew song in 2004 (very NSFW language) revealed that dorm room gangbangs are apparently as much of a current Miami football tradition as pissing and moaning about a pass interference call from almost a decade ago.

Anyway, now that we got the important and fun part out of the way, let’s discuss what is rapidly becoming the bane of my existence – the NCAA’s steadfast refusal to let athletes profit from their own abilities even though those same athletes’ abilities are the reason the NCAA and the schools the athletes represent rake in billions every year.  As a guy who had to wear the NCAA handcuffs for four straight years (although, let’s be honest, since I was a walk-on my handcuffs weren’t that tight) and couldn’t even accept a free sandwich if I was offered one, I think it’s nothing short of ridiculous that the NCAA continues to cockblock their athletes. 

As far as I’m concerned, the Miami football players getting cash, jewelry, cars, access to yachts, etc. shouldn’t even be an issue, just like the Ohio State football scandal should have never been an issue, because there’s no logical argument as to why the athletes shouldn’t be entitled to all those things (the OSU scandal especially shouldn’t have been a big deal since I’m of the opinion that the players technically earned the things they sold).  Now, the prostitutes and the bounties that were allegedly paid to Miami players to take out opposing players are obviously a big deal, but I’m focusing on the free cash and gifts right now.  As shady and corrupt as college sports may seem, at the end of the day the superstar athletes that generate millions for their schools have every right to accept all the cash and gifts they want because they aren’t anywhere close to being as fully compensated as they deserve to be.  That’s right, I said it – it’s criminally unfair that college athletes (read: football and men’s basketball players) aren’t paid.

The prevalent argument against paying players is that the players are already getting paid in the form of a free education and a monthly stipend, but I have two issues with this argument. First, from experience I can tell you that the stipend is basically just enough money to survive on and typically isn’t a large enough sum of money to result in very much discretionary income for the players, so really it isn’t even worth mentioning (as I’m sure you all remember me infamously discussing in a certain earlier blog post). In all honesty, when you think about all the hours the players put into their respective sports, the stipend is probably just a little bit higher than minimum wage. Obviously there are many people in America who are living off of minimum wage (or in this economy, no income at all), but these people also aren’t bringing in millions upon millions of dollars for their schools and conferences like the star athletes are, so it’s not exactly fair to just say “if other people can make it work, college athletes should be able to also.”

Secondly, while you and I might place a high value on a college education, many superstar athletes are in college solely because they want to prepare for the pros, so a free education doesn’t really mean much to them. I mean, if you really think about it, the fundamental purpose of college is to gather all the knowledge and skills needed to enter the workforce in your desired field. Keeping that in mind, for a lot of these guys the sport they play is essentially their major and taking classes and graduating is really just their form of an extracurricular activity.  Much like how you wanted to be an accountant so you went to college and majored in accounting, these guys want to be NFL linebackers so they go to college to major in breaking spines and ripping the heads off of timid receivers coming across the middle.

This notion is obviously a stereotype and doesn’t apply to everyone who is a shoo-in to make it to the NBA or NFL, but for the most part the All-American college athletes really only care about their education to a certain extent.  At the end of the day, their primary focus is making it to the big leagues, so while a free education would mean a great deal to people like you and me, for the superstar athletes who are likely going to leave college early anyway, a scholarship is the equivalent of being a paraplegic and being given a brand new motorcycle.

People who are against paying college athletes and have a hard-on for protecting the concept of amateurism also often cite the fact that NCAA athletes know what they’re getting into because they sign all sorts of forms that explain how the system works, so they have no right to complain about anything.  But having gone through this form-signing process four times, I can assure you that it’s not nearly as simple as signing a contract with, say, a cable or gas company might be.

When I was at OSU, we would have compliance meetings at the start of every academic year where we would be given a stack of papers to sign.  I specifically remember a handful of times when our compliance person would explain what the form we were about to sign meant and I would consequently think, “This is BS. I don’t want to sign this.”  On one occasion, I actually said this out loud to the compliance person and his response was, “Well, then you’ll be ineligible.”  So really, my hands were tied because my choices were to either sign the forms or essentially quit the team and miss out on the plethora of poon that comes with being an Ohio State athlete.  Negotiating was not an option so I had no choice but to sign the forms as they were.

Now, I wasn’t really all that worked up and was mostly just trying to be a pain in the ass with the compliance people to screw with them a little bit because I knew that giving Ohio State and the NCAA the right to use my image and whatnot wasn’t really that big of a deal since, well, frankly I knew that they would never actually use my image to promote anything.  But at the same time I couldn’t help but think how pissed I’d be if I were someone who was a big time Ohio State athlete like, say, Terrelle Pryor.  Pryor was essentially forced to sign the same forms I had to, only when he was signing them, he was signing away thousands if not millions of dollars in potential earnings. 

So for someone like him, the choices are either to not play or to let the school and NCAA profit boatloads of money off him while he gets essentially nothing in return.  In other words, for all intents and purposes, all college athletes are pretty much forced to sign these papers, especially since the fact that the NBA and NFL both require draft entrants to be a certain age leaves these guys with no viable alternative to playing in the NCAA (football in particular since high school kids can at least play professional basketball overseas instead of going to college while foreign football leagues versus big time college football is as laughable of a comparison as Qdoba versus Chipotle).  So the “they have no right to complain because they know what they’re getting into” argument holds no water from my perspective.

I guess we could argue about whether or not college athletes should be paid until we’re blue in the face, but in the end it won’t really mean much because the NCAA isn’t going to change their ways anytime soon. The fact of the matter is that the only real way to get the rules changed seems to be for the players to essentially just go on strike and cause a lockout. But this will never happen because the players simply aren’t around long enough to make it happen.

It can be assumed that the upperclassmen and the superstar freshmen and sophomores are the ones who are missing out on the most money (simply from the fact that they’re the ones who put butts in the seats at the games and would likely be the ones getting endorsements and whatnot), but by the time they realize that they’re getting screwed and they actually get upset enough to take action to stop the exploitation, they are already gone to the pros or have graduated and moved on to more important things in their lives. After those guys leave, the carousel continues to spin as a new crop of college athletes comes in and goes through the same cycle of sitting on the bench for a couple of years, finally playing toward the tail end of their careers, and not realizing that they’re getting exploited until it’s too late and they’ve got other things to worry about (and most importantly no longer have any motivation to see that college athletes are justly compensated).

Because the athletes can never get enough traction to seriously challenge the NCAA, nothing gets changed and the exploitation continues. The NCAA knows that they will always have this advantage over the players, which is why I’m fairly certain they all sit in their offices and just cackle, rub their hands together with malevolent glee, and twirl their mustaches all day. I can’t decide if I think everyone involved with such a corrupt organization should be thrown in prison for eternity or if they should be congratulated and given some sort of award for successfully pulling off a multibillion dollar scam on unsuspecting kids year after year (the real irony here is that the NCAA – an organization that profits from screwing people out of money – is most likely going to punish the Miami kids for hanging out with a guy who screwed people out of money).

But I digress.  The bottom line is that, if the allegations are true (it’s more fun to just assume they are, isn’t it?), the Miami players knew exactly what they were doing and knew that what they were doing was a blatant violation of NCAA rules, so it’s impossible to feel all that bad for them (especially if the stuff about the hookers and bounties is true – that really is indefensible).  Sure the rules are archaic and unjust, but ultimately they’re the rules and until they change, it’s probably best to just abide by them and not choose to break them in the most ridiculous and flagrant ways imaginable.  In the meantime, until the rules change, all us fans can really do is just sit back and hope that someday we can all look back on this era of college sports like we now look back on Prohibition (and will most likely look back on the illegality of marijuana and the concept of age of consent) and wonder, “What the hell were the people in charge thinking?”

The world is a better place when yacht parties featuring hookers are plentiful and that is a fact.  The sooner the NCAA realizes this, the better off we’ll all be.

It’s inevitable that at least one of you will think my hatred for the NCAA stems from the fact that I was forced to donate all the money from my shirt sales to charity when I was playing at Ohio State, so I thought I’d address that real quick.  First of all, let me say that the money went to a remarkable charity and was no doubt put to great use and I couldn’t be happier to have been somewhat responsible for that (I know it’s cliché to say that and you probably don’t believe me, but screw it – it’s the God honest truth).  At the same time, though, of course the selfish side of me would have loved to have had that $50,000 to spend on whatever I wanted.  You’re lying to yourself if you think for one second that some part of you wouldn’t feel the same way.  Who in their right mind wouldn’t want $50,ooo just handed to them while they were in college?

But the reason I wasn’t all that upset that I couldn’t get that money and the reason I’m not necessarily pissed at the NCAA for that is because I knew that I wasn’t being exploited since I was a walk-on benchwarmer.  It’s not like Ohio State or the NCAA was making tons of money off of me, so I really didn’t have that big of a problem with me not being able to make money off of me either (I still thought it was dumb, but I wouldn’t say I was ever “pissed” about it). 

No, my hatred for the NCAA comes from the fact that they use their athletes to gain a profit (which is completely understandable and fine) but won’t allow the athletes to use themselves to gain a profit (which is complete horseshit).  It sucks that I couldn’t make money from selling my shirts, sure, but the idea that Jared Sullinger won’t be paid a single dime for singlehandedly selling a bunch of tickets and jerseys this upcoming season is pretty disgusting to me.  I know this kind of thing goes on with corporations all over the world, but since I played college basketball and was around the NCAA’s exploitation on a daily basis, this particular instance is the one that I really get fired up over.  Pair my anger with the breaking story about Miami and the fact that I really don’t have anything better to do with my time and it explains my motivation behind this blog post.

This is your last reminder that I’m writing a mailbag post on Friday, so don’t be a doucher and send me an email.

Also, we’ve got a few more additions to my list of things that make people lame if they aren’t good but complete badass if they are good.  Here are a few more of my favorites that the Trillion Man March sent in:

Drinking Beer

From Laine:

“Shotgunning a beer – if you've never done it before or if you're bad at it, it can squirt all over you (that's what she said) and make you soggy and smell like beer all night. If you're a pro, you take it down in one gulp and game over (again, that's what she said.)”

From Evan:

How is drinking in college not the gold standard for novices sucking and experts being amazing? Everyone wants to be like Frank the Tank and hammer that beer bong all night at the party. Depending on the size of your wood, you may or may not want to go streaking through the quad, but that's only a problem for those who can survive a night long of heavy chugging first anyway. But the kid who just got to the party, shotgunned 2 cold ones, and is already passed out puking in the bathroom? He's the biggest loser douche at the party and is going to wake up to shame and a lot of Sharpie dicks drawn all over his body.

A related subject, beer pong. The guy at the party who always lets his partner shoot first because he never misses and will hit any cup is pretty awesome and can definitely keep that hot streak going all night right into some hot mama's bed. But the guy who can't hit a cup and then is running around the house naked showing off his tiny schlong because his team got shut out? Not so cool to be him.”

Criminals (specifically thieves)

From Trevor:

“In real life, its fairly common to hear about people who try to rob a convenience store and end up getting held at gunpoint by the guy at the counter while the cops come. This is lame, even I could do better than that. On the other hand, real (ok, mostly fictional) hard core criminals are incredibly badass. Kaiser Soze? His nickname is the devil, pretty hardcore. Then there are all the other bankrobbing movies, The Oceans (11 through 13) Inside Job, etc. Then in real life you used to have Jesse James and all the wild west types. There just aren't cool robberies anymore really, its almost a pity.”

I also thought about this one when I heard about the Miami football story and Nevin Shapiro’s Ponzi scheme and couldn’t help but think, “Even though that guy screwed a bunch of people out of a ton of money and should no doubt be locked up for a very long time, a small part of me is kind of impressed.”  I feel the same way about guys like Pablo Escobar, D.B. Cooper, Al Capone, etc.


Also from Trevor:

“Now on the other side of the spectrum, we have cops. There's the stereotypical cop, drinking coffee and eating donuts, kinda pathetic. Then you have supercops, like in the movies. I assume that the CIA and FBI are pretty intense in real life too, but I don't really know what they actually do.”

Proud to Be An American But Even Prouder To Be A Buckeye,

Mark Titus

Club Trillion Founder

          Another Misguided Concept        

Admit it – you don’t think I can pull it off, do you?  Well, it’s Day 2 of what I’m now referring to as Nut Up or Shut Up Week at Club Trillion and here I am.  In case you were wondering, I am actually writing all of these blogs posts the same day that I publish them, so don’t think that I wrote a bunch of these and stockpiled them just so I could just sit back and make it seem like I’m working diligently (I really am working diligently, dammit!).  Also, even though it may seem like this week is all about me giving back to the Trillion Man March or something, the truth is that I’m much more selfish than that.  The sole purpose of this week is to get me to stop being so lazy and to give myself the kick in the pants that I kinda need right now, which is ironic since had I not issued this challenge to myself in the first place there’s a solid chance I wouldn’t have even put pants on at all this entire week (another irony: this last sentence discussed both pants and irony and sometimes I iron my pants before I put them on!!!).

Anyway, for Day 2 I’ve decided to write about something I’ve been giving some thought to for a little while and was just reminded of this past weekend when I went back to Indiana and stayed in my hometown for a few days.  Now, I’ve mentioned Brownsburg a time or two on this blog before, but in case you missed it or don’t remember what the town is like, just imagine your stereotypical suburban town and that’s pretty much it.  There’s really nothing all that special about the place (save the Little League World Series appearances in 1999 and 2001 and the fact that Gordon Hayward of the Utah Jazz, Drew Storen of the Washington Nationals, and Lance Lynn of the St. Louis Cardinals all graduated from BHS within a few years of each other), but there is at least one thing about Brownsburg that I’ve yet to see duplicated anywhere else, and that one thing is the unprecedented amount of adolescent loitering. Yes, loitering (loitering…and smoking the reefer).

Forgive me for sounding like a grumpy old geezer, but every time I go back to my hometown, there always seems to be a ridiculous amount of 12-15 year old dudes just hanging out everywhere throughout the town.  They never have any sort of agenda and seem like they’re just really bored and want to get out of their houses cause their moms are strung out on drugs and their dads are alcoholics who beat them or something.  No matter the day of the week or the time of day, it always seems like there are kids hanging out at the grocery stores, the bowling alley, the Wal-Mart, the movie theater, both of the McDonald’s (don’t want to brag or anything but yeah, Brownsburg’s got two), and even the liquor stores.  It’s like a gay pedophile’s paradise seeing as how the entire town is crawling with 12-15 year old boys.

Now, using my own adolescence as a template, I originally thought that these kids were at the grocery stores to MILF hunt, were at the bowling alley to hit on girls their own age, were at the Wal-Mart to commit petty theft, were at the movie theater to sneak into some terrible (probably Tyler Perry) movie and get a handy in the back row, were at the Mickey D’s to get free food from their friends who work there, and were at the liquor stores to try to get someone who is 21 to score some booze for them.  But I’ve observed these kids enough to know that they aren’t doing any of that (um, I swear I observed them for research purposes for this blog post and not some other reason). 

Instead, they’re just hanging out by the entrances of all these places and are talking amongst themselves, presumably about how big of a bitch their English teacher is or how badly they want to see that Kelly chick’s boobs.  More often than not, they never actually go into the establishment that they’re hanging out by and instead just get in everyone’s way since they’re sitting right by the entrance, which is why these kids annoy me so much.  Also, without fail there is always at least one kid in the group who has a skateboard with him.  And that’s what got me thinking.

Because of the kid in the group with a skateboard, I’ve noticed that I’ve developed a bit of a disdain for all kids who skateboard, primarily because I’m a stereotyping ass.  Having said that, though, I don’t have a blanket hatred for all skateboarders, as I actually think pro skateboarders are pretty badass and enjoy watching them do their thing during the X Games every summer.  I’m a big fan of Tony Hawk, Rob Dyrdek, and Jason Ellis in particular, and anyone who knows anything about me knows that just thinking about Rune Glifberg doing a Christ Air on Tony Hawk Pro Skater makes my nipples rock hard.  I really do enjoy skateboarding, but thanks to these kids who loiter with their skateboards at popular places in my hometown and annoy me to no end, I only like pro skateboarding and kinda think that all non-pro skateboarders are crusty tampons.

After giving it some thought, I realized that skateboarding isn’t the only thing that I feel this way about.  There seem to be a handful of skills/activities that I think to myself, “That guy’s a douche” if I see someone doing the activity recreationally or as just a hobby or something, but also think, “That guy’s a total badass” when I see an expert doing the exact same thing.  Obviously this is somewhat hypocritical thinking since it’s impossible for someone to become an expert at something without being a novice first, so it’s stupid to rag on young skateboarders because Tony Hawk was once a novice too. 

With that in mind, this is more of an observation of my own flawed thought process than anything else.  So if you do any of the activities that I’m going to mention in a little bit as a hobby, please don’t take this the wrong way and think that I think you’re an idiot for what you choose to do with your free time.  I’m not trying to tell you how to live your life.  I’m instead just basically pointing out how messed up my logic is (although, my guess is that a lot of you feel the same way about a few of these things so really it’s more of me pointing out how messed up everyone’s logic is).

Now that we got that disclaimer out of the way, let’s take a look at my list of the nine things other than skateboarding for which I think novices are losers but experts are badasses.  Before we do, though, I should address the fact that you might be thinking that this criteria applies to all activities.  You might be saying to yourself, “But of course you think novices suck and experts are awesome.  That’s because novices are novices and experts are experts.  That’s how everything works.”  My response to this is well, not necessarily.  Here’s a chart that provides some examples and shows the difference between a few separate activities.

novice vs expert chart

If you play pick-up basketball but aren’t that good, nobody is going to look down on you or judge you or anything (I mean that they won’t judge you for the decision to play basketball – if they make fun of you, it’s because you are atrocious and can’t even hit the rim and not because of what you choose to do as a hobby).  Meanwhile, video games are something that are almost better to not be that good at.  It’s cool to play video games with your friends every now and then, but when you become an expert at a particular game, people think you’re a complete loser who never leaves your house (this explains the genesis of Nut Up or Shut Up Week).  And poor Magic: The Gathering players – no matter how good or bad you might be, the mere fact that you’re playing it at all kinda makes you a loser.

So now that you see the difference, keep in mind that we’re concerned with just that fourth case on the chart.  I’ll provide my list, but part of the reason I wrote about this is because I want some input from the Trillion Man March.  I know that there are some things I didn’t think of, which is why I’m hoping some of you will email me with examples you come up with.  Anyway, here’s my list:

Martial Arts

I guess MMA guys could also kinda be grouped in with this, but here I really mean guys who do karate or judo or taekwondo or whatever else they teach at your local dojo.  Just think for a second how you’d react if you found out your friend goes to karate class every Thursday night versus how you’d react if you found out your friend was a black belt in karate.  I don’t know about you, but I’m equal parts jealous and terrified of anyone who has a black belt in any of the martial arts, which might explain why I make fun of people who take martial arts classes and aren’t yet black belts.  Maybe I’m just getting in my licks while I feel like I still can since once they get black belts they’d be able to mutilate me without even breaking a sweat (yes, I’m aware that even non-black belts could still have their way with me).


I know some people probably think ventriloquists fall into that Magic: The Gathering group in that no matter how good or bad they are, they’re still kind of weird for doing it at all.  But there’s something about good ventriloquism that I appreciate.  I really shouldn’t have to defend myself, but I offer this example as one bit of evidence why I am sometimes jealous of and thoroughly entertained by ventriloquists.


It’s been brought to my attention that some people don’t know what Parkour is, so if you’re included in this group, watch this video and get up to speed.  I might be alone in this, but the first time I watched that, my jaw would have dropped all the way to the ground had my fully erect penis not stopped it first.  Some of the stuff on there completely blows my mind and makes me wonder exactly how someone practices that stuff….

…which brings me to the homeless man I saw in downtown Los Angeles a couple of months ago who was apparently trying to run up walls.  Now, there’s a good chance this guy was just high on LSD, but I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he was actually just trying to practice some Parkour, because he also jumped over a few benches and twirled himself around a street sign.  Up until that point, I had always assumed that all Parkour was sweet, but then I saw this homeless man faceplant after he tried to jump over a bike rack and I realized that for as cool as the Parkour experts are, the Parkour novices are exactly that uncool.

Freestyle Rapping

There’s this guy and then there’s Tom Green and Xzibit.  I think those two videos prove my point for me.

(If you didn’t click the links, I should mention that the video that I linked to as the good example probably isn’t the one that you thought was going to be the good one.)


Obviously there’s nothing wrong with being able to make a good meal for yourself, so don’t think I’m picking on you if you regularly cook.  I’m more concerned with the guys like Randy Marsh from the “Crème Fraiche” episode of South Park.  You know, guys who own all sorts of utensils (and probably don’t know what most of them do), obsess over cooking shows, are always on the hunt for good recipes, and think they’re gourmet chefs just because they can make a casserole.

Actual gourmet chefs, on the other hand, are doing the Lord’s work.  I fully respect people who can make elaborate and delicious meals, to the point that the rare times I eat at a nice restaurant, I typically don’t enjoy the meal as much as I should because I’m too busy envying the chef and hating myself for not knowing how to make anything more than a ham sandwich.


This is pretty self-explanatory. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but your cheesy uncle who thought he was awesome when he would pretend to pull his thumb off or find a quarter behind your ear whenever he saw you at family reunions was actually a complete loser. Conversely, this is kind of badass.

Doing Drugs

This one is a little different than all the others in that I personally never get jealous of someone because they do drugs (just say no, kids).  But I still thought I should include it because there are enough examples of people who I think are pure badass primarily because of the boatloads of drugs they did or still do.  Plus, I think the juxtaposition of a looking down on the stereotypical meth head high school dropout and idolizing the stereotypical rock star who shoots up in his trailer before and/or after playing to a packed house is interesting.

Sure there are exceptions and not everyone who does a ton of drugs is awesome (Lindsay Lohan), but guys like Hunter S. Thompson, Charlie Sheen (I know he’s become a cliché at this point and has kind of run his course, but less than six months ago the guy was on fire), and handfuls of pro wrestlers leave me no choice but to tip my hat to them simply because their ability to consume enough drugs to take down even the huskiest of Michigan cheerleaders is pretty impressive to me in some strange way.


The kids who spray paint random lines on alleyways and the sides of trains are undoubtedly complete twats, but after watching Exit Through the Gift Shop, I can’t help but think that guys like Banksy and Shepard Fairey rule (if Exit Through the Gift Shop was a hoax, that only makes me respect Banksy that much more since he was able to dupe so many people).


Anybody who has spent any time on a college campus has seen the guy who knows two or three chords and sits in a grassy area on campus (usually with his shirt off), strums his guitar, and throws lyrics to a popular song over top of some guitar playing that in no way matches the actual song.  This is the novice I’m talking about, not people like me who tried to teach themselves how to play guitar (but failed miserably) in the privacy of their own homes (of course I’m not talking about me – I have to find a way to save face, after all).  And really, you don’t even have to be an expert at guitar for me to think you’re awesome.  So long as you can actually play the thing and aren’t just trying to give the impression that you know how to play, you’re cool in my book.  It’s the dude with his shirt peeled who is desperate for attention and bought a guitar just because he thought chicks would like him more that needs a swift kick to the taint.

I think I might make my blog post for Friday a mailbag post, but that depends mostly on whether or not I get any good emails between now and then, so if you have anything to ask or tell me, send it to me in the form of an email and I’ll respond to it for all the world to see.  I know Simmons is in the midst of his “Summer of Mailbag” over at Grantland, so after you’re done complaining about how I’m copying him and after you’re done sulking over the fact that he didn’t include your email in his mailbag column from last week, send your rejected email my way and I’ll take care of you.

And don’t forget to do your homework tonight and send me any ideas you came up with for what I discussed with this post.  If I get some good ones, I’ll post them at the end of the blog entries throughout the week and give you a shoutout, which will in turn surely result in at least 2 or 3 Facebook friend requests you wouldn’t have otherwise received.

As always, if your ideas suck please keep them to yourselves.


Proud To Be An American But Even Prouder To Be A Buckeye,

Mark Titus

Club Trillion Founder

          Less Than A Week Away        

I gotta be perfectly honest with you and admit up front that this blog post is basically just a filler one, primarily because it’s late May, which is another way of saying that the Indy 500 is right around the corner and I’m so excited for it that just about every body part I have is fully erect (including – but not limited to – my penis) and I can’t even think straight.  Every year at about this time, I mentally zone out and focus solely on the race and everything that comes with it.  What will I wear this year? What hairstyle am I going to go with? What is going to be my strategy to get a white trash chick to flash her boobs to my group of friends? When she inevitably does flash, will I even want to look? And when I inevitably do look, how will I explain to my fiancée that I was completely justified because getting a trashy chick to show her nips is an Indy 500 tradition as old as the race itself? Ah yes, it’s late May in the Midwest alright.  And I couldn’t be more excited about it.

(By the way, the best example of me zoning out in May came almost exactly one year ago, when I flew out to LA and met Jimmy Kimmel, Bill Simmons, and Adam Carolla.  While we were all at dinner, Simmons asked me what my favorite network comedy was for whatever reason and I froze and told him How I Met Your Mother because all my favorite comedies are on cable and it was the only one that I watch and could think of on the spot, which was an answer that prompted Carolla to playfully make fun of my terrible taste in TV for the rest of the night.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think How I Met Your Mother is an awful show necessarily, but it certainly isn’t even in my top five favorite network comedies, so for me to claim that it was #1 and then fail to even provide a #2 was a monumental brain fart for me and sent a message to everyone at the table that I never intended to be sent. There aren’t many moments in my life that I wish I could do over, but my answer at that dinner was certainly something I will always regret.

Also, while I have you, the second best example of me mentally checking out in May is the fact that I just inexcusably told an irrelevant story with the sole purpose of name dropping, which is something that will surely lead to many of you calling me out for being a doucher.  But I’m too distracted to care, so I’m just going to leave it. Besides, Zach Efron and Vanessa Hudgens were also at the same restaurant on that night, but you don’t see me dropping their names do you? Exactly.)

Since I’m focusing all my energy towards the race at this point and I’m therefore too lazy to think of anything to write about, I figured I’d just tackle an issue that I’ve gotten a few emails and tweets about.  A handful of you have been asking about my take on the whole Jim Tressel/OSU football saga, either because you value my opinion or, more likely, because you want to know if I have any inside information.  While I know this story seems to be yesterday’s news, it’s far from being settled so I figured I’d address it real quick.  As always, if you don’t like it, you can firmly press your tongue to my buttcrack.

First of all, I don’t have any “inside information”, mostly because I didn’t play football and therefore have no idea how their program is run.  I’ve never been to any of their practices, I never once hung out with any of the players, I went to completely different tattoo parlors and car dealerships when I was at OSU than they did, and the envelopes full of cash I received always came from a different booster than their cash came from (I had a class with Ross Homan one quarter, and we worked on group projects together and usually sat by each other, but I wouldn’t exactly say we “hung out” really).  Also, I’ve only ever talked to Jim Tressel twice in my life, with the first of these occasions being when he came to one of our practices during my sophomore year, and before he started the speech he had prepared for our team, he asked, “Where is #34? He can really shoot.” (I replied, “That’s nothing. You should see me punt a football. Most scouts had me as the 7th ranked punter in all of Brownsburg High during my senior year.”  He had no response to this, which leads me to believe that hearing about my punting prowess left him speechless.)  The second time I talked to him was during the spring football game a couple years later, when he shook hands with all the basketball players who were standing on the sideline for the game and said to me, “You must be the benchwarming blogger.”  So yeah, I don’t really have much perspective considering I didn’t really know any of the players and I’ve only talked to the head coach for a grand total of 30 seconds (strangely enough, in those 30 seconds he managed to pinpoint my entire identity on the basketball team – “the benchwarming blogger who can shoot well”).

Having said all of that, I frequently crossed paths with a bunch of the football guys for a variety of reasons (stayed in the same dorm as some of them during my freshman year, went to same place for our training table meals, had a bunch of mandatory athlete meetings with them, some of them hung out with my teammates, etc.). And in crossing paths with them so frequently, I can offer this analysis: While I don’t really know anything about the whole tattoo ordeal, I’m almost certain that there was something shady going on with the car dealer.  In fact, as the news of the free tattoos and sold merchandise or whatever came out, I kept telling my family how funny it was that they were getting busted for tattoos and gold pants when I was pretty sure they had been getting serious discounts on cars for years. Again, I have no “inside information” and really only know what the general public knows.  But it doesn’t exactly take top notch detective skills to figure this one out.  Anyone who spent any time on Ohio State’s campus while I was there could tell you that there were an unusually high volume of brand new Dodge Chargers driving around on campus, and just about all of them had tinted windows and rims on the outside with Ohio State football players behind the wheel on the inside. 

Now, I understand that there’s a chance these guys all paid the same price for their cars that normal citizens like you and I would pay, and I honestly hope that they did.  But my intuition has told me for years that something is off.  I’m not sure how much the monthly scholarship checks the football team got were for, but when I was on my basketball scholarship for my first two years at Ohio State, I was only given $1,100 a month.  That might sound like a lot of money at first thought, but you have to realize that these checks had to cover the monthly cost of rent, utilities, food, gas, entertainment, tattoos, trips to the strip club, bottles off the top shelf, weed, hookers, blow, and – on top of all of that – child support.  I wouldn’t necessarily say I struggled to pay all my monthly bills, but as you can imagine, I sure as hell never had enough of a cushion to afford a $400 monthly car payment either.

The fact of the matter is that I’m sure there are ways for football players to buy new cars and still obey NCAA rules.  From what I can remember, there are all sorts of other forms of financial aid other than just the scholarship checks that the players could be eligible for, so there’s a good chance they got more than the $1,100 a month that I got.  But even so, I seriously doubt that the extra aid was enough for them to take on a hefty car payment on top of all their other expenses.  Especially when you consider that most of these guys lived lavish lifestyles when compared to your average college student.  Sure they theoretically could have probably afforded a new car if they would have lived modestly in an average sized apartment with a few roommates, didn’t go out much, and didn’t spend a lot of money on things like phones, TVs, iPods, etc.  But does anyone seriously believe that these guys lived modestly?  If you were to play a word association game and were given the phrase “big time college athlete”, the word “modest” wouldn’t even be on the list of the first 100,000 words that come to mind.

In the end, I’m too lazy to formulate a legitimate argument as to why I think guys on the football team got discounted and/or free cars.  That would involve way too much research on how the system works, way too much investigating on what actually transpired in the last few years, and – most importantly – way too much effort on my part.  And I really don’t care that much. So please don’t take this the wrong way.  I’m not trying to say that I know certain things and I’m certainly not trying to play the role of insider informant. The truth is that I have no facts, and God knows that if I’m entirely wrong it would be far from the first time (hell, I hope I am wrong).  I’m just saying that I was always under the impression that the scholarships the football guys got were close to (if not exactly) the same as the basketball guys, yet in my four years of playing basketball at Ohio State, my 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee was consistently one of nicest cars on the team because none of us could afford anything better. Meanwhile, it seemed like everyone on the football team had either a new Charger or a new Chrysler 300.  From this, I am deducing that either the football guys were paid a considerably larger stipend than we were (in all honesty, that could be the case – I really don’t know), were excellent at managing their money, came from financially well off families, or received discounted and/or free cars.   I really can’t see how any of them could’ve had the cars they did without at least one of those four things applying.

So to recap, I have no facts, I don’t know what I’m talking about, and in no way should I be taken seriously.  All I’m saying is that I won’t be surprised in the slightest if the NCAA digs up some serious dirt on the Ohio State football team (especially the stuff surrounding the discounted and/or free cars) because it’s something I’ve been scratching my head over for years.  So if you’re an OSU football fan, I’d suggest not getting your hopes up.  There’s a solid chance that this won’t end well.

As for the allegations that Will Buford was included in the same group of guys who got free/discounted tattoos and cars, and the news that Jon Diebler’s parents bought a car from the same guy who sold cars to all the football players, well, I honestly don’t know what to say.  As hard as it may be to believe, I never talk to any of those guys about any stuff like that, mostly because I’m of the opinion that ignorance is bliss (I’ve watched way too many mob movies where the guy who knows too much information gets bin Laden’d).  What I can tell you is that when I was teammates with him, Will only had a couple of tattoos and didn’t even own a car, so if anything did go down, it had to have happened after I left.  In fact, I had to give Will rides to and from practice all the time, so I’ll be pissed if I find out that all that time he not only had a car, but his car was much better than mine and he got it for free.  I know it might seem like I’m withholding information to protect the basketball program, but you’re just going to have to trust me when I say that I really don’t know anything about those guys (it will be easier to trust me on this when my book comes out next year and you realize that I’m of the opinion that protecting the basketball program should never get in the way of a good story).

So that’s my take on the whole issue.  I’m essentially in the same boat as all of you in that I don’t exactly have inside information or anything and I’m just anxiously waiting to see how everything unfolds.  I’ll be shocked if the NCAA doesn’t find anything when they look into this car scandal, but again I feel like I need to stress that I’m only basing this viewpoint off of information that every OSU student from 2006-2010 should have (after all, the football players weren’t exactly discreet with their cars).  In other words, to summarize this entire blog post, I don’t really know what happened and I don’t really have any idea what’s going to happen from here.  Glad I could help.

I apologize for this blog post to all the non-OSU people who I’m sure are sick of hearing about Tressel and/or just Ohio State in general.  But I’m not that sorry because I told you in the first sentence that this was just a filler post, so it’s your fault for reading the whole thing.  Nonetheless, to make it up to you, I plan on doing a retroactive running diary of my experience at the Indy 500 this upcoming weekend for my next blog post, which has the potential to be my favorite piece of writing ever.  Get excited.

By the way, I feel like I should use this last paragraph to try to convince you to go to the Indy 500 if you live within driving distance of the track.  It is not only my single favorite sporting event in the world, but it’s my single favorite anything in the world, and travel expenses aside, it’s actually pretty cheap (you can get an infield ticket for $20 and bring your own cooler full of food and drinks into the track).  So if you live in the Midwest and have never been to the race, do yourself a favor and make the trip.  If you do end up making it over to Indy, find me in the turn 3 infield and I’ll spot you a beer or two and try to get a trashy chick to show her goods so you can get the complete Indy 500 experience.  It’s the least I could do.

Proud To Be An American But Even Prouder To Be A Buckeye,

Mark Titus

Club Trillion Founder

          Ken Ludwig's ROBIN HOOD! Extends Again at The Old Globe        

The Old Globe today announced that due to popular demand, the exciting Globe-commissioned world premiere comedy Ken Ludwig's Robin Hood! has now extended again, through September 10! This is the second and final extension for the hit show, which previously announced a one-week addition through September 3. The production plays in the Sheryl and Harvey White Theatre, part of the Conrad Prebys Theatre Center. Single tickets start at $45 and are on sale now.

Two-time Olivier Award-winning playwright and inventive comic genius Ken Ludwig is back at the Globe following the smash success of Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery, which broke box office records in 2015. Director Jessica Stone also returns to the Globe, where she helmed the hit productions of Arms and the Man and Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike. Packed with thrills, romance, laughs, and great characters like Little John, Friar Tuck, and Maid Marian, Robin Hood! tells the timeless story of a hero of the people who takes on the powers that be. So get ready to duck a quarterstaff or two-you won't want to miss a moment of the swashbuckling fun!

Daniel Reece plays Robin Hood (Belleville, The Realistic Joneses at Yale Repertory Theatre), joined by Michael Boatman (Broadway's "Master Harold"...and the Boys, "Spin City") as Prince John, Kevin Cahoon (Love's Labor's Lost at the Globe, Hedwig and the Angry Inch Off Broadway) as The Sheriff of Nottingham, Manoel Felciano (Globe's Twelfth Night, Broadway's Amélie, Sweeney Todd) as Sir Guy of Gisbourne, Meredith Garretson (Private Policy at Signature Theatre Company) as Maid Marian, Andy Grotelueschen (Fiasco's Into the Woods and The Imaginary Invalid at the Globe) as Friar Tuck, Suzelle Palacios (student in The Old Globe and University of San Diego Shiley Graduate Theatre Program) as Doerwynn, and Paul Whitty (Amélie and Once on Broadway) as Little John.

The creative team includes Tim Mackabee (Scenic Design), San Diego native, two-time Tony Award winner, and Old Globe Associate Artist Gregg Barnes (Costume Design), Jason Lyons (Lighting Design), Fitz Patton (Original Music and Sound Design), Jacob Grigolia-Rosenbaum (Fight Director), David Huber (Voice and Dialect Coach), Caparelliotis Casting (Casting), Jess Slocum (Production Stage Manager), and Annette Nixon (Stage Manager).

"Ken Ludwig is fast becoming a part of The Old Globe family, and we couldn't be happier," said Erna Finci Viterbi Artistic Director Barry Edelstein. "Ken is arguably the leading comic dramatist in the American theatre, and with Robin Hood! he has fashioned an extraordinary new take on the legend. The play is a fun summer romp full of swashbuckling and romance, and it's also a moving tale of a young man's discovery that everyone has a responsibility to care for his fellow man. This fast, funny, and colorful play is interpreted by another Globe mainstay, the gifted director Jessica Stone. She has assembled her own team of merry men and women to help make a memorable evening of theatre, and I'm delighted to share it with San Diego."

Ken Ludwig (Playwright) is a two-time Olivier Award-winning playwright whose work is performed every night of the year throughout the world in more than 30 countries and over 20 languages. He has written 24 plays and musicals, with six Broadway productions and seven in London's West End. His Tony Award-winning play Lend Me a Tenor was called "one of the classic comedies of the 20th century" by The Washington Post. His other plays and musicals include Crazy for You (five years on Broadway, Tony Award for Best Musical), Moon Over Buffalo (Broadway and West End), The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Broadway), Treasure Island (West End), Twentieth Century (Broadway), Leading Ladies, Shakespeare in Hollywood, The Game's Afoot, The Fox on the Fairway, The Three Musketeers, The Beaux' Stratagem, Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery, and A Comedy of Tenors. His critically acclaimed adaptation of Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express, written at the request of the Christie estate, premiered this season to sold-out houses at McCarter Theatre Center in Princeton. Mr. Ludwig has received commissions from the Royal Shakespeare Company and Bristol Old Vic, and he is a Sallie B. Goodman Fellow of McCarter Theatre Center. His many awards and honors include the Charles MacArthur Award, two Helen Hayes Awards, the Southeastern Theatre Conference Distinguished Career Award, the Edgar Award for Best Mystery of the Year, and the Edwin Forrest Award for Contributions to the American Theatre. His book How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare (Random House) won the Falstaff Award for Best Shakespeare Book of 2014, and his essays are published by The Yale Review. He holds degrees from Harvard University and University of Cambridge.

Jessica Stone (Director) worked as an actress on and Off Broadway and in television and film for the last 30 years. Her Broadway credits include Anything Goes, Butley, The Odd Couple, The Smell of the Kill, Design for Living, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, and Grease. Her Off Broadway credits include Crimes of the Heart, Krisit, The Country Club, June Moon, Tenderloin, and Babes in Arms. She has performed in regional theatres across the country including Huntington Theatre Company, Mark Taper Forum, Geva Theatre, McCarter Theatre Center, and 10 seasons at Williamstown Theatre Festival. Ms. Stone's television credits include series-regular and guest-starring roles on CBS, NBC, ABC, and Hulu. Her film credits include work with Ang Lee, M. Night Shyamalan, and Kevin Bacon, among others. Concurrently, she was an assistant/associate director on and Off Broadway to Nicholas Martin, Joe Mantello, David Warren, and Christopher Ashley. Ms. Stone's directing career began in earnest with her all-male 2010 production of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum for Williamstown Theatre Festival. Her directing credits now include Arms and the Man (The Old Globe), Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike (The Old Globe, Huntington Theatre Company), Charlotte's Web (Theatreworks USA), June Moon and Neil Simon's Last of the Red Hot Lovers (Williamstown Theatre Festival), Absurd Person Singular and A Funny Thing... (Two River Theater Company), The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (Bucks County Playhouse), and Bad Jews (George Street Playhouse). Ms. Stone's upcoming productions include Bad Dates for Huntington Theatre Company and Dancing at Lughnasa for Two River Theater Company.

Ken Ludwig's Robin Hood! is supported in part through gifts from Production Sponsors California Bank & Trust, Sheila and Jeffrey Lipinsky, Paula and Brian Powers, Jean and Gary Shekhter, Theatre Forward, and Pam Wagner and Hans Tegebo, as well as Artist Sponsor Jo Ann Kilty (for Daniel Reece, playing Robin Hood) and Evelyn Mack Truitt (for playwright Ken Ludwig). Financial support is provided by The City of San Diego.

Additional events taking place during the rest of the run of Ken Ludwig's Robin Hood! include:

POST-SHOW FORUM: Tuesday, August 8, 2017.

Join us after the show for an informal and enlightening question-and-answer session with cast, crew, and/or Globe staff members. Get the inside story on creating a character and putting together a professional production. FREE.

SINGLE TICKETS to Ken Ludwig's Robin Hood! start at $45 and are on sale now to the general public. Tickets can be purchased online at www.TheOldGlobe.org, by phone at (619) 23-GLOBE [234-5623], or by visiting the Box Office at 1363 Old Globe Way in Balboa Park. Discounts are available for full-time students, patrons 29 years of age and under, seniors, military members, and groups of 10 or more. Performances have been extended by popular demand and now run through September 10. Performance times: Tuesday and Wednesday at 7:00 p.m., Thursday and Friday at 8:00 p.m., Saturday at 2:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., and Sunday at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

The 2017 Summer Shakespeare Festival includes William Shakespeare's classic tragedy Hamlet, one of the greatest plays ever written. Directed by the Globe's own Barry Edelstein, this exhilarating new production will run August 6 - September 10. Revenge thriller, ghost story, psychological drama, political epic, and family saga, all packed in one with unforgettable characters, theatrical masterstrokes, and world famous lines. The Prince of Denmark comes home from college to find his father dead, his mother remarried to his uncle, and a spine-chilling apparition roaming the palace grounds.

The Summer Season also features Guys and Dolls, playing July 2 - August 13 on the Donald and Darlene Shiley Stage in the Old Globe Theatre, part of the Conrad Prebys Theatre Center. This musical fable of Broadway is based on a story and characters of Damon Runyon, with music and lyrics by Frank Loesser and book by Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows, presented in association with Asolo Repertory Theatre. Guys and Dolls tops Entertainment Weekly's list of the Greatest Musicals of All Time, and for good reason: it's everything we love in musical theatre. Now fast-rising director/choreographer Josh Rhodes returns to the Globe to direct our first-ever production of this Broadway masterpiece. Nathan Detroit needs some serious dough to keep his "oldest established permanent floating crap game" going. He's also got his hands full with his marriage-minded girlfriend Adelaide. But when Nathan makes a bet with high-roller Sky Masterson, his problems appear to be solved. Based on Damon Runyon's famous tales of small-time hoods and showgirls, Guys and Dolls is filled with some of the most wonderful showtunes ever, including "Luck Be a Lady," "I've Never Been in Love Before," and the irrepressible anthem "Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat." Guys and Dolls will put a spring in your step and a smile on your face and remind you how much fun it is to see a top-notch Globe revival of a classic American musical!

The Summer Season began with Shakespeare's King Richard II, which was directed by Erica Schmidt and closed on July 15, 2017.

The Old Globe is located in San Diego's Balboa Park at 1363 Old Globe Way. Through a special arrangement with the San Diego Zoo, Old Globe evening ticket-holders have the opportunity to pre-purchase valet parking in the Zoo's employee parking structure. With a drop-off point just a short walk to the Globe, theatregoers may purchase fast, easy, convenient valet parking for just $20 per vehicle per evening. Pre-paid only, available only by phone through The Old Globe Box Office. Call (619) 234-5623 or visit

There are numerous free parking lots available throughout the park. Guests may also be dropped off in front of the Mingei International Museum. The Balboa Park valet is also available during performances, located in front of the Japanese Friendship Garden. For additional parking information visit www.BalboaPark.org. For directions and up-to-date information, please visit www.theoldglobe.org/plan-your-visit/directions--parking/detailed-directions.

PLEASE NOTE: To look up online or GPS directions to The Old Globe, please do not use the Delivery Address above. There is only a 10-minute zone at that physical address. For GPS users, please click here for the map coordinates, and here for written directions to The Old Globe and nearby parking in Balboa Park.

CALENDAR: King Richard II (6/11-7/15), Guys and Dolls (7/2-8/13), Ken Ludwig's Robin Hood! (7/22-9/10), Hamlet (8/6-9/10), Benny & Joon (9/7-10/22), The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey (9/30-10/29), Globe for All Tour: Twelfth Night (10/31-11/19), Dr. Seuss's How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (11/4-12/24), M.F.A.: Romeo and Juliet (11/11-11/19), The Importance of Being Earnest (1/27/18-3/4), Uncle Vanya (2/10-3/11), American Mariachi (3/23-4/29), The Wanderers (4/5-5/6), A Thousand Splendid Suns (5/12-6/17), Native Gardens (5/26-6/24), Dr. Seuss's The Lorax (7/2-8/12).

The Tony Award-winning Old Globe is one of the country's leading professional regional theatres and has stood as San Diego's flagship arts institution for over 80 years. Under the leadership of Erna Finci Viterbi Artistic Director Barry Edelstein, The Old Globe produces a year-round season of 15 productions of classic, contemporary, and new works on its three Balboa Park stages: the Donald and Darlene Shiley Stage in the 600-seat Old Globe Theatre and the 250-seat Sheryl and Harvey White Theatre, both part of The Old Globe's Conrad Prebys Theatre Center, and the 605-seat outdooR Lowell Davies Festival Theatre, home of its internationally renowned Shakespeare Festival. More than 250,000 people attend Globe productions annually and participate in the theatre's artistic and arts engagement programs. Numerous world premieres such as the 2014 Tony Award winner for Best Musical, A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder, Bright Star, Allegiance, The Full Monty, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and the annual holiday musical Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas! have been developed at The Old Globe and have gone on to enjoy highly successful runs on Broadway and at regional theatres across the country.

Michael Boatman (Prince John) starred in Roundabout Theatre Company's Broadway revival of "Master Harold"...and the Boys. His other stage credits include The Glass Menagerie (Lorraine Hansberry Theatre), Tiny Mommy (Playwrights Horizons), and Blithe Spirit (Williamstown Theatre Festival). His television credits include "The Good Fight," "Madam Secretary," "Instant Mom," "The Good Wife," and "Spin City." He is the author of four novels, including Last God Standing and Who Wants to Be the Prince of Darkness? He studied acting at Western Illinois University.

Kevin Cahoon (The Sheriff of Nottingham) was seen at the Globe last season in Love's Labor's Lost (Craig Noel Award nomination). He has appeared on Broadway in The Wedding Singer, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Rocky Horror Show, The Lion King, and The Who's Tommy. His Off Broadway credits include Hedwig and the Angry Inch (also Boston, San Francisco, Edinburgh International Festival), How I Learned to Drive (Second Stage Theatre), The Shaggs: Philosophy of the World (Playwrights Horizons), The Foreigner (Roundabout Theatre Company, Lucille Lortel Award nomination), The Wild Party (Manhattan Theatre Club), and Hair and Babes in Arms (City Center Encores!). Mr. Cahoon's regional credits include Guthrie Theater, Williamstown Theatre Festival, Bard SummerScape, Ahmanson Theatre, Berkshire Theatre Festival, and others. He has appeared on television in "Nurse Jackie," "Modern Family," "NCIS," "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," "The Good Wife," "Odd Mom Out," "Six Degrees," "Black Box," "The Mentalist," "Franklin & Bash," "Canterbury's Law," "Law & Order," and "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," among others. His film credits include I Am Michael, Mars Needs Moms, The Curse of the Jade Scorpion, The Thing About My Folks, Sudden Manhattan, and the documentaries SqueezeBox! and Whether You Like It or Not: The True Story of Hedwig. With the band Ghetto Cowboy, Mr. Cahoon won the OUTmusic Award for their album Doll.

Manoel Felciano (Sir Guy of Gisbourne) was previously seen at The Old Globe in Twelfth Night and I Just Stopped By to See the Man. He appeared on Broadway in Sweeney Todd (Tony Award nomination), Amélie, Disaster!, Brooklyn, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Cabaret, and he appeared Off Broadway in The Changeling (Red Bull Theater), Trumpery (Atlantic Theater Company), Shockheaded Peter, and Much Ado About Nothing (New York Shakespeare Festival). His regional credits include the world premiere of Terrence McNally's Mothers and Sons with Tyne Daly (Bucks County Playhouse), The Exorcist with Brooke Shields (Geffen Playhouse), Scorched, Tales of the City, Clybourne Park, Norman in Round and Round the Garden, Caucasian Chalk Circle, November, Jerry in Edward Albee's At Home at the Zoo, and Rock 'n' Roll (American Conservatory Theater), Elektra with Olympia Dukakis (Getty Villa), Tateh in Ragtime (The Kennedy Center), Three Sisters directed by Michael Greif (Williamstown Theatre Festival), and George in Sunday in the Park with George directed by Jason Alexander. His film and television credits include Uncertainty with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, "Elementary," "NCIS," "Trauma," "Life on Mars," "The Unusuals," "One Life to Live," and "All My Children." Mr. Felciano's concert credits include Soldier's Tale (Sun Valley Symphony), Ragtime (Lincoln Center), Nick Adams with Jack Nicholson, Julia Roberts, and Sean Penn (San Francisco Symphony), and Zipperz (Oakland and Marin Symphonies). As a singer/songwriter he has performed on live@joe's pub, Moonshot, and SundaySongs. He has also directed and taught at New York University, Viterbo University, American Conservatory Theater, Boston University, UC Berkeley, and University of Florida.

Meredith Garretson (Maid Marian) is thrilled to make her first appearance at The Old Globe. She is a proud graduate of New York University's Tisch School of the Arts Graduate Acting M.F.A. Program, class of 2017. Some of her favorite roles there include Hermione in The Winter's Tale directed by MarK Wing-Davey, Ranevskaya in The Cherry Orchard directed by Lucie Tiberghien, Marc Antony in Julius Caesar directed by Janet Zarish, Hypatia in Misalliance directed by Ms. Zarish, and Maggie in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof directed by Tamilla Woodard. She has appeared on ABC's "What Would You Do?" as well as in multiple independent and short films.

Andy Grotelueschen (Friar Tuck) was recently seen at The Old Globe in Fiasco Theater's world premiere adaptation of The Imaginary Invalid. He has appeared Off Broadway and around the U.S. in Fiasco's Into the Woods (The Old Globe, Roundabout Theatre Company, McCarter Theatre Center, Lucille Lortel Award for Outstanding Revival and nomination for Outstanding Featured Actor in a Musical), The Two Gentleman of Verona (Theatre for a New Audience, St. Clair Bayfield Award), Cymbeline (Theatre for a New Audience/Barrow Street Theatre), Measure for Measure (The New Victory Theater, Long Wharf Theatre), and Twelfth Night. He also appeared on Broadway in Cyrano de Bergerac. His other New York credits include Petruchio in The Taming of the Shrew (Theatre for a New Audience), the Cyclops in The Odyssey (Public Works at Delacorte Theater), and world premieres at 13P, The Exchange, and St. Ann's Warehouse. Mr. Grotelueschen's regional credits include Yale Repertory Theatre, American Repertory Theater, Shakespeare Theatre Company, Folger Theatre, Trinity Repertory Company, Actors Theatre of Louisville, Guthrie Theater, and all across the country with The Acting Company. He has appeared on television in "Elementary," "The Good Wife," and "The Knick." His film credits include Still on the Road (PBS), Coin Heist (Netflix), Geezer, Land of Kings, and Tumorhead. He is a Fiasco Theater company member.

Suzelle Palacios (Doerwynn) is a second-year M.F.A. student in The Old Globe and University of San Diego Shiley Graduate Theatre Program. She has been seen in The Old Globe's Summer Shakespeare Festival in King Richard II, Love's Labor's Lost, and Macbeth. Her previous credits include Julia in The Two Gentlemen of Verona and Audrey in As You Like It (The Old Globe/USD), Macbeth and The Merchant of Venice (Houston Shakespeare Festival), and Our Country's Good, The Miser, Blood Wedding, and The Crucible (University of Houston).

Daniel Reece (Robin Hood) is making his Old Globe debut in Robin Hood! His other credits include Belleville, The Realistic Joneses, and Owners (Yale Repertory Theatre), Pygmalion and The Bachelors (Williamstown Theatre Festival), The Arabian Nights, A Man for All Seasons, Hair, and Love's Labour's Lost (Connecticut Repertory Theatre), Romeo and Juliet, Petty Harbour, Dead Ends., Hedda Gabler, Twelfth Night, and Sunday in the Park with George (Yale School of Drama). His television credits include "Elementary," "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt," and "Public Morals." Mr. Reece is a co-founder of Old Sound Room, where he most recently appeared in the company's fifth production, JIB.

Paul Whitty (Little John) is thrilled to be making his Old Globe debut. Most recently he was in the original cast of Amélie on Broadway. He also originated the role of Billy in the Tony Award-winning musical Once, giving over a thousand performances on Broadway and also a handful at American Repertory Theater, New York Theatre Workshop, and even Tokyo. His Off and Off Off Broadway credits include Bayonets of Angst (New York Musical Festival), Violet (Encores! Off-Center), and Twelfth Night (Sonnet Repertory Theatre). His regional work includes Amélie (Berkeley Repertory Theatre, Center Theatre Group), Peter and the Starcatcher (Actors Theatre of Louisville), Judge Jackie (Sharon Playhouse), Be More Chill (Two River Theater), reasons to be pretty and Art (Crescent Stage), Circle Mirror Transformation (PURE Theatre), and Doubt and War of the Worlds (Village Repertory Co.). On screen, Mr. Whitty has appeared in the films Song One and The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell and on the television series "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" and "Guiding Light." His recordings include the Amélie and Be More Chill cast albums, the Song One motion picture soundtrack, and the Grammy Award-winning Once cast album.

Tim Mackabee (Scenic Design) recently designed the Globe's productions of Skeleton Crew and The Last Match. His Broadway credits include The Elephant Man starring Bradley Cooper (also West End) and Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth directed by Spike Lee. His Off Broadway credits include Guards at the Taj (2016 Lucille Lortel Award for Outstanding Scenic Design) and Our New Girl (Atlantic Theater Company), Vietgone and Important Hats of the Twentieth Century (Manhattan Theatre Club), Heathers: The Musical (New World Stages), Luce (Lincoln Center Theater), Gigantic (Vineyard Theatre), and Much Ado About Nothing (The Public Theater). Regionally Mr. Mackabee has designed for Geffen Playhouse, American Conservatory Theater, Ford's Theatre, Seattle Repertory Theatre, Baltimore Center Stage, Denver Center for the Performing Arts Theatre Company, Portland Center Stage, Cleveland Play House, Dallas Theater Center, Geva Theatre, Yale Repertory Theatre, Syracuse Stage, South Coast Repertory, Victory Gardens Theater, Bay Street Theater, Asolo Repertory Theatre, Philadelphia Theatre Company, Arden Theatre Company, The Studio Theatre, The Muny, and Williamstown Theatre Festival. His dance credits include Doug Varone and Dancers, and Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet. His television credits include Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo, "Gotham," "Smash," and "The Today Show."

Gregg Barnes (Costume Design) is an Associate Artist of The Old Globe. He has designed the Broadway productions of Tuck Everlasting (2016 Tony Award nomination), Something Rotten! (2015 Tony nomination), Aladdin, Kinky Boots (2013 Tony nomination, 2016 Olivier Award), Follies (2012 Tony Award, Drama Desk Award, Henry Hewes Design Award), Elf, Legally Blonde (2007 Tony nomination, 2010 Olivier nomination), The Drowsy Chaperone (2006 Tony Award, Drama Desk Award, Outer Critics Award, Olivier nomination), Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Flower Drum Song (Tony nomination), and Side Show. His other New York credits include Sinatra: His Voice. His World. His Way. and Christmas Spectacular (Radio City Music Hall), The Wizard of Oz (Madison Square Garden), Pageant (Blue Angel Theatre, West End, Olivier nomination), and Dreamgirls (West End, 2016 Olivier nomination). His national tour credits include Something Rotten!, Aladdin, Kinky Boots, Legally Blonde, The Drowsy Chaperone, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and Flower Drum Song. Mr. Barnes also designed the regional productions of Robin and the 7 Hoods, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Lucky Duck, Hay Fever, and more (The Old Globe), Minsky's (Ahmanson Theatre, Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award), Mame and Follies (The Kennedy Center and productions at Arena Stage, The Glimmerglass Theatre, Williamstown Theatre Festival, June Opera Festival of New Jersey, and Paper Mill Playhouse. He is the recipient of the Theatre Development Fund's Irene Sharaff Young Master Award.

Jason Lyons (Lighting Design) recently designed Red Velvet, Love's Labor's Lost, and Macbeth at The Old Globe. He designed the Broadway productions of Hand to God, On the Town, Bronx Bombers, Let It Be, Bring It On: The Musical, Rock of Ages (also Vegas, Toronto, Australia, London, and national tours), The Threepenny Opera, Barefoot in the Park, and Good Vibrations. His other recent credits include Dry Powder, Barbecue, and Venice (The Public Theater), Smart People (Second Stage Theatre), Murder for Two and Heathers: The Musical (New World Stages), Hand to God (MCC Theater), The Commons of Pensacola (Manhattan Theatre Club), Nerds (Philadelphia Theatre Company), Hello, Dolly! (Goodspeed Musicals), All in the Timing (Primary Stages), Medieval Play (Signature Theatre Company), Uncle Vanya (Classic Stage Company), White Noise (Chicago), Broke-ology and Clay (Lincoln Center Theater), Happy Hour, Two by Pinter, and Scarcity (Atlantic Theater Company), and The Good Mother, Marie and Bruce, Abigail's Party, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, Hurlyburly, and more (The New Group, 10 years).

Fitz Patton (Original Music and Sound Design) previously sound designed the Globe productions of Constellations, The Winter's Tale, Good People, and August: Osage County and provided original music for The Two Gentlemen of Verona. He is currently represented on Broadway with Present Laughter and The Little Foxes. His other Broadway credits include The Father, The Humans, Blackbird, It's Only a Play, An Act of God, Airline Highway, The Other Place, I'll Eat You Last: A Chat with Sue Mengers, Outside Mullingar, Casa Valentina, The House of Blue Leaves, Brighton Beach Memoirs, and Broadway Bound. Mr. Patton's many Off Broadway credits include this season's Prodigal Son (New York City Center), When the Rain Stops Falling (Lincoln Center Theater, Lucille Lortel and Drama Desk Awards), and The Other Place (MCC Theater, Lortel nomination). His symphony credits include The Holy Land. Mr. Patton is the founder of Chance Magazine, a theatre design magazine.

Jacob Grigolia-Rosenbaum (Fight Director) is honored to return to the Globe after 2013's The Last Goodbye and 2014's Othello. He is also fight director for Hamlet in this year's Summer Shakespeare Festival. His credits as fight director include Peter and the Starcatcher (Broadway, New York Theatre Workshop, New World Stages, national tour), Peter Pan Live! (NBC/Universal), Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson (Broadway, The Public Theater, Williamstown Theatre Festival), Cyrano de Bergerac (Broadway), Here Lies Love (The Public Theater, commercial remount), The Robber Bridegroom (Roundabout Theatre Company), Sailor Man (also co-creator, New York International Fringe Festival, winner of Best Play), The Buccaneer (also playwright, The Tank, Fight Fest), and Robin Hood (Williamstown Theatre Festival). Mr. Grigolia-Rosenbaum has also been fight director for numerous regional and touring companies, including Connecticut Free Shakespeare, Ogunquit Playhouse, and National Theater for Arts and Education. He was the stunt coordinator and creature performer for the horror film Dark Was the Night (Caliber/Image) and was a D1 varsity fencer while at Yale University.

David Huber (Voice and Dialect Coach) has worked on the Globe productions of The Imaginary Invalid, Skeleton Crew, Red Velvet, The Blameless, Picasso at the Lapin Agile, Measure for Measure (Globe for All), October Sky, Meteor Shower, Sense and Sensibility, Macbeth, tokyo fish story, Camp David, Constellations, Rain, The Last Match, The Metromaniacs, Ken Ludwig's Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery, Arms and the Man, Buyer & Cellar, The Royale, Bright Star, and The Two Gentlemen of Verona. His previous Globe acting credits include The Winter's Tale directed by Jack O'Brien, The Tempest, The Two Gentlemen of Verona, and The Merchant of Venice, among several others. He has studied voice with Master Linklater Voice teacher David Smukler, Eric Armstrong, and Kate Burke. He is a graduate of the Graduate Voice Teacher Diploma Program at York University in Toronto. His regional theatre credits include Actors Theatre of Louisville, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, Pittsburgh Playhouse, PCPA Theaterfest, Texas Shakespeare Festival, Center REPertory Company, and Centennial Theater Festival, among many others. Mr. Huber coaches voice, speech, and acting locally, works on speech issues with special needs students, and recently taught speech in the graduate theatre program at UC San Diego. He is a graduate of The Old Globe and University of San Diego Shiley Graduate Theatre Program.

Caparelliotis Casting (Casting) has cast the Globe productions of Skeleton Crew, Red Velvet, Picasso at the Lapin Agile, The Blameless, Meteor Shower, tokyo fish story, Constellations, The Last Match, Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, Ken Ludwig's Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery, Rich Girl, Arms and the Man, Buyer & Cellar, The White Snake, The Twenty-seventh Man, The Royale, Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike, Water by the Spoonful, Time and the Conways, Bethany, The Winter's Tale, The Few, Double Indemnity, The Rainmaker, Other Desert Cities, Be a Good Little Widow, A Doll's House, The Brothers Size, Pygmalion, and Good People. Their Broadway casting credits include A Doll's House Part 2, The Front Page, Les Liaisons Dangereuses, The Glass Menagerie, Jitney, The Little Foxes, The Father, Blackbird, An Act of God, Airline Highway, Fish in the Dark, It's Only a Play, Disgraced, The Country House, Holler If Ya Hear Me, Casa Valentina, The Snow Geese, Lyle Kessler's Orphans, The Trip to Bountiful, Grace, Dead Accounts, The Other Place, Seminar, The Columnist, Stick Fly, Good People, Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo, The House of Blue Leaves, Fences, Lend Me a Tenor, and The Royal Family. They also cast for Manhattan Theatre Club, Atlantic Theater Company, Signature Theatre Company, LCT3, Ars Nova, Goodman Theatre, Steppenwolf Theatre Company, McCarter Theatre Center, Arena Stage, Second Stage Theatre (seven seasons), and Williamstown Theatre Festival (three seasons). Their recent film and television credits include HairBrained with Brendan Fraser, "American Odyssey" (NBC), "How to Get Away with Murder" (ABC pilot), "Ironside" (NBC), and Steel Magnolias (Sony for Lifetime).

Jess Slocum (Production Stage Manager) previously worked on the Globe productions of The Imaginary Invalid, Red Velvet, Picasso at the Lapin Agile, Measure for Measure (Globe for All), Love's Labor's Lost, tokyo fish story, The Metromaniacs, In Your Arms, Twelfth Night, Buyer & Cellar, Bright Star, Othello, Water by the Spoonful, The Winter's Tale, A Doll's House, Pygmalion, A Room with a View, Richard O'Brien's The Rocky Horror Show, the 2011-2013 Shakespeare Festivals, Rafta, Rafta..., Robin and the 7 Hoods, Alive and Well, Sammy, Cornelia, Since Africa, Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, and The Glass Menagerie. Her Broadway credits include In the Heights. Her regional credits include Indecent, Side Show, Ruined, The Third Story, Memphis, and Most Wanted (La Jolla Playhouse) and Post Office (Center Theatre Group). Her San Diego credits include Mo`olelo Performing Arts Company, North Coast Repertory Theatre, and Lamb's Players Theatre.

          BWW Review: 'Robin Hood!' at The Old Globe        

It's hard to keep a good legend down, and like other heroes Robin Hood is always ready for his return to pop culture. Not that he really ever truly left, having been portrayed in movies and on stage for the last 80 years, and in stories for longer than that. The new work by Ken Ludwig commissioned by The Old Globe "Robin Hood" proves that it was time for yet another fun frolic through the forest with Robin and his band of Merry Men!

Just like Batman or Spiderman, most everyone knows Robin Hood's back story; he's a noble who decided to stand up for those who couldn't stand up for themselves when King Richard leaves for the Crusades and leaves his brother, the dastardly Prince John in charge. With the help of Sir Guy and the Sheriff of Nottingham, Prince John abuses his power and soon Robin has become an outlaw as he robs from the rich to gives to the poor.

As our master of ceremonies and narrator Friar Tuck sets the tone for the show with a sense of energy, delight, and fun. Played with a serious sense of fun by Andy Grotelueschen, Tuck keeps everything moving along, and his audience interaction keeps everything lighthearted.

Daniel Reece is our charming rogue Robin, the noble who matures from a frat boy noble to a social crusader willing to give up his lands and holdings to take care of the people until King Richard returns. Reece keeps him delightfully mischievous, and amusingly sure he is smarter than anyone in the room.

Meredith Garretson's Maid Marion is not the damsel in distress she has been in the past, and is more a smart and capable fighter (and better archer than Robin). She is not afraid to play the diplomat with her royal Uncle Prince John, or contemplate marriage to Sir Guy as a political match, but there is no doubt she is choosing these actions to help people on her own terms, and no one else's. (Thanks to a gorgeous wig, when grown up Marian arrived I almost yelled "She's a grown up Merida!" which made me so happy. But I digress)

<a href=Meredith Garretson as Maid Marian and Daniel Reece as Robin Hood Photo by Jim Cox" height="382" src="https://newimages.bwwstatic.com/upload11/1662076/files/Robin%20Hood%20old%20globe.jpg" width="263" />
Meredith Garretson as Maid Marian and Daniel Reece as Robin Hood
Photo by Jim Cox

Robin's merry men (and woman) are rounded out by Suzelle Palacios as the spirited Doerwynn and Paul Whitty as The Mandolin plaYing Little John. Both steal the show with a funny and sweet scene in the second act that plays with scenic perspective.

Our bad guys are comprised of Michael Boatman, as the decadent Prince John who can't stop creating amazing quotes for his Sheriff to jot down for his theatrical works later (so I guess Shakespeare is really quoting him 400 years later). Manoel Felciano is the stern and exasperated Sir Guy; while Kevin Cahoon is terrifically funny as the faint-hearted fighter Sheriff of Nottingham. You may recognize him from stealing all of the scenes he was in as Boyette in "Love's Labour's Lost" at the Globe last summer.

The costumes by San Diego native and double Tony winner Gregg Barnes are gorgeous and not to be missed. They are so richly textured and colored that it's a surprise that Robin hasn't tried to steal those as well. Also, it proves that we should all be wearing more corsets, capes, and clever hats.

The set by Tim Mackabee is inventive and interactive, with vines and ropes decorating the entire theatre, the better to allow the cast to drop in from the top. The use of some crates, plates, and doors in the floor allow for quick scene changes, and the cast use the ability to play with heights, and perspective in fun ways.

The show takes a modern musical cue with some contemporary versions of pop and folk music; a clever move that keeps the tone and energy for the audience throughout the show and even when the lights are up.

Directed by Jessica Stone, she keeps the focus on the upbeat energy, and a sense play, that serves this material well. This allows the audience to become a part of this merry band (a fact that the cast plays up encouraging the audience to participate.)

Overall, ROBIN HOOD! at The Old Globe proves that the Legend of Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest is as alive and ever.

Playing through September 3rd in Sheryl and Harvey White Theatre, for show times and ticket information go to www.theoldgloe.org

Photo Credit: by Jim Cox.

          BWW Interview: Janaya Jones and SDMT Take Us Back to the 90's        

For those people who grew up in the 90's, it doesn't seem possible that this decade is over 20 years in the past. San Diego Musical Theatre is hoping the world premiere of their newest show (by the creators of the hit musical MIXTAPE the Lamb's Player's Theatre musical review PUMP UP THE VOLUME: A 90'S PALOOZA brings some happy memories of grunge outfits, Nirvana songs, battling boy bands, Britney and Christina feuds, and Spice Girl songs.

I'm so sorry, I did not mean to make you feel old; it seems to me that it can't have been that long ago either!

This world premier musical by the creators of the hit musical MIXTAPE the Lamb's Player's Theatre musical review that ran in San Diego for over two years.

Janaya Jones is part of his journey to the 90's. You may recognize her and her dulcet tones from playing Doris Walker in San Diego Musical Theatre's past holiday show MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET. So I took a moment to find out from her what to look forward to in this show and what some of her favorite memories are form the 1990's.

How old were you when you got the performing bug? Was there a moment that stands out to you that this what you needed to do as an adult?

I remember that I've always loved to sing. I started Choir In 3rd grade and Band in 5th grade, but when high school hit, I just felt that theatre was the next step. I auditioned for "The Music Man" my freshman year of high school and totally tanked the audition. It was that first no that got the fire fueled in me to work harder and get into the musical next year. From being an ensemble member in Fiddler on the Roof to now, I definitely felt in my heart that this was the journey that I needed to take and I couldn't be more thankful for every single experience that has lead me to Pump up the Volume and hopefully many projects in the future!

What do you look forward to audiences seeing/experiencing with this show?

This show is A LOT of fun. There will never be a moment where we're not smiling (unless we were directed to!) I think what I'm most excited about is seeing all of the different walks of life that will be able to look back to on an incredible decade. Whether you were a kid (like me) or in high school or a working man or woman during the 90's, there is a part for everyone in this show.

Do you have a favorite moment that you look forward to when you are performing? Like being backstage getting ready, that first step onto the stage that day, or hearing the audience before house lights go down? What puts a smile on your face when performing?

I have a couple. Getting ready before a show is definitely my #1 favorite. It always puts a smile on my face when I get to walk into my second home and prepare for a show. Doing my makeup and putting on my costume is almost therapeutic for me. It's nice to shed whatever happened that day (whether it be good or bad) and put on this character that you've grown to love! My second favorite thing is curtain call & post show. I love getting to talk to friends, family, and others after the show and pick their brains about what their favorite parts of the show were.

What was it like to originate a role in MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET last year?

Originating Doris Walker was a dream come true. She challenged me to take a step out of my comfort zone and she taught me so many lessons about life, love, and the future that have helped me a lot in my own personal life. I didn't even think that I was going to be able to make it to that audition, but thank goodness everything worked out in the end. That role will always be very near and dear to my heart since it was the first role I've had the honor of originating and I couldn't have done it without my incredible cast mates, Colleen, Jon, Lance, Brian, and SDMT.

Is there a 90's trend that you look back on and wonder, how/why did anyone wear/do that?

ALL OF THE DENIM. Trust me I'm down for a jean jacket here and there but I'm pretty sure I owned every article of clothing in a denim fabric back in the 90's. Also when I was 3 or 4 years old my mom bought my sister and I matching denim jackets with characters from The Lion King spray painted on the back of it. The look of terror in my face in those life touch photos that we got in those jackets will be forever engraved in my brain

What is your favorite 90's memory?

My favorite 90's memory was definitely 90's TV & movies. There were so many shows to watch no matter what time of day it was! I was always watching some cartoon on Saturday Mornings (Ahh! Real Monsters, Animaniacs, Power Rangers, Pokemon, etc.) I was also a huge Batman fan an that was an iconic time for the batman series. Harley Quinn was introduced, Batman Forever was released in '97... The list goes on.

What Harry Potter house would you be sorted into?

Ever since I was 8 years old I always had thought that I'd be sorted into Ravenclaw. But as I'm getting older, the Slytherin House is most definitely where I belong. (And I took the official Pottermore Quiz like 5 times now and I'm 3 Slytherin and 2 Ravenclaw).

If you can choose only one:

Trolls, Beanie Babies, Tamagotchi, or Pokemon?

Pokemon! I had 3 Binders filled with Pokemon cards and when I was in kindergarten, I wrote a story about Evee and my starter Pokemon, Squirtle.

Britney or Christina?

The first album that I ever owned was Britney Spears' "...Baby One More Time" But, I definitely was more of a Christina Aguilera Fan.

Zack Morris or AC Slater?

Zach Morris. Definitely. He was such a Dreamboat!

You can follow Janaya's adventures on Instagram @Esmerelduhhh_ or on my Acting page https://www.facebook.com/janayamjones/

You know you want to see this show and have a blast reminiscing about our 90's past! Go to www.sdmt.org for ticket and show time information! San Diego Musical Theatre at the Horton Grand Theatre, 444 Fourth Ave., Gaslamp Quarter.

Photo Credit: San Diego Musical Theatre

          Photo Flash: Ken Ludwig's ROBIN HOOD! Opens at The Old Globe This Sunday        

Inventive comic genius Ken Ludwig, whose Baskerville brought Sherlock Holmes to the Globe, is back with a brand-new Globe-commissioned world premiere comedy about another icon: Robin Hood! Packed with thrills, romance, laughs, and great characters like Little John, Friar Tuck, and Maid Marian, Robin Hood! tells the timeless story of a hero of the people who takes on the powers that be. So get ready to duck a quarterstaff or two-you won't want to miss a moment of the swashbuckling fun!

The cast includes Michael Boatman (Prince John), Kevin Cahoon (The Sheriff of Nottingham), Manoel Felciano (Sir Guy of Gisbourne), Meredith Garretson (Maid Marian), Andy Grotelueschen (Friar Tuck), Suzelle Palacios (Doerwynn), Daniel Reece (Robin Hood), and Paul Whitty (Little John).

CREATIVE TEAM: Jessica Stone (Director), Tim Mackabee (Scenic Design), Gregg Barnes (Costume Design), Jason Lyons (Lighting Design), Fitz Patton (Sound Design), Jacob Grigolia-Rosenbaum (Fight Director), David Huber (Vocal Coach), Caparelliotis Casting (Casting), Jess Slocum (Production Stage Manager), and Annette Nixon (Stage Manager).

Photos by Jim Cox.

high res photos

(from left) Meredith Garretson as Main Marian, Daniel Reece as Robin Hood, Andy Grotelueschen as Friar Tuck, and Paul Whitty as Little John in the Globe-commissioned world premiere of Ken Ludwig's Robin Hood!, running July 22 - August 27, 2017 at The Old Globe. Photo by Jim Cox.

(from left) Manoel Felciano as Sir Guy of Gisbourne and Daniel Reece as Robin Hood in the Globe-commissioned world premiere of Ken Ludwig's Robin Hood!, running July 22 - August 27, 2017 at The Old Globe. Photo by Jim Cox.

Daniel Reece as Robin Hood in the Globe-commissioned world premiere of Ken Ludwig's Robin Hood!, running July 22 - August 27, 2017 at The Old Globe. Photo by Jim Cox.

Meredith Garretson as Maid Marian and Daniel Reece as Robin Hood in the Globe-commissioned world premiere of Ken Ludwig's Robin Hood!, running July 22 - August 27, 2017 at The Old Globe. Photo by Jim Cox.

The cast of the Globe-commissioned world premiere of Ken Ludwig's Robin Hood!, running July 22 - August 27, 2017 at The Old Globe. Photo by Jim Cox.

Meredith Garretson as Maid Marian and Daniel Reece as Robin Hood in the Globe-commissioned world premiere of Ken Ludwig's Robin Hood!, running July 22 - August 27, 2017 at The Old Globe. Photo by Jim Cox.

(from left) Manoel Felciano as Sir Guy as Gisbourne, Michael Boatman as Prince John, and Kevin Cahoon as The Sheriff of Nottingham in the Globe-commissioned world premiere of Ken Ludwig's Robin Hood!, running July 22 - August 27, 2017 at The Old Globe. Photo by Jim Cox.

(from left) Paul Whitty as Little John and Andy Grotelueschen as Friar Tuck in the Globe-commissioned world premiere of Ken Ludwig's Robin Hood!, running July 22 - August 27, 2017 at The Old Globe. Photo by Jim Cox.

(from left) Kevin Cahoon as The Sheriff of Nottingham and Manoel Felciano as Sir Guy of Gisbourne in the Globe-commissioned world premiere of Ken Ludwig's Robin Hood!, running July 22 - August 27, 2017 at The Old Globe. Photo by Jim Cox.

Kevin Cahoon as The Sheriff of Nottingham and Suzelle Palacios as Doerwynn in the Globe-commissioned world premiere of Ken Ludwig's Robin Hood!, running July 22 - August 27, 2017 at The Old Globe. Photo by Jim Cox.

Suzelle Palacios as Doerwynn and Michael Boatman as Much the Miller in the Globe-commissioned world premiere of Ken Ludwig's Robin Hood!, running July 22 - August 27, 2017 at The Old Globe. Photo by Jim Cox.

Meredith Garretson as Maid Marian and Manoel Felciano as Sir Guy of Gisbourne in the Globe-commissioned world premiere of Ken Ludwig's Robin Hood!, running July 22 - August 27, 2017 at The Old Globe. Photo by Jim Cox.

Meredith Garretson appears as Maid Marian in the Globe-commissioned world premiere of Ken Ludwig's Robin Hood!, running July 22 - August 27, 2017 at The Old Globe. Photo by Jim Cox.

The cast of the Globe-commissioned world premiere of Ken Ludwig's Robin Hood!, running July 22 - August 27, 2017 at The Old Globe. Photo by Jim Cox.

          Top 10 Most Deceptive Nintendo Box Art Covers        
  • No Showboating Here

    Even as a kid I really should've known that video games couldn't outpace the systems they were built to play on. But game after game, I was deceived by box cover art. In the 1980s, my only source for video game value was Nintendo Power and box art. Some manufacturers had integrity. Kung Fu* said "I'm going to kick you below the belt*. Duck Hunt reminded us all that we had to be warry of blocky explosions of gun fire. The next 10 screens outline the less scrupulous manufacturers.

  • #10 | Friday the 13th

    The cover is pretty clear here. Jason Vorhees is going to come and kill in in rage of 80's technicolor axe killing action. It also implies that at some point in the game you will presumably see Jason, and that he wants to kill you very badly. I rented this game from Erol's, shocked that as a minor I could rent a game that made for an R-rated movie. The joke was on me, you never see Jason. Instead you wander around Camp Crystal Lake aimlessly for hours on end. And in the event you're lucky enough to see Jason (above), Jason basically wants to techno dance with you in an empty room. Sweet.

  • #9 | Toobin'

    WTF is this?! "Hey everybody! I'm cruising down the river with a beer in my hand, hitting some fish with my tube and people be cheering me on. As an indication of how much fun I'm having, the box designer let my foot violate the border. I'm a toobin' rebel!" This game was clearly so epic that they even made a Gameboy version. I can't even talk about this one anymore because it's actually making me angry.

  • #8 | Dragon Warrior

    I spent some serious time with Dragon Warrior, but check out the mythical-y cover with the knight at the base of the dragon's lair. Sweeping cape, Captain America shield, Nintendo seal of quality. Now juxtapose that against the screenshot of the Slime balls. "Oh no a blue hershey's kiss draws near! Command?" Chew 'em computer, chew 'em.

  • #7 | Batman

    The box art clearly shows the Tim Burton Batman movie logo. So color me surprised when I find out the actual game has some dude all decked in purple. Way to ignore any nexus to either the movie or comic book Batman. I can't even imagine the glorious conversation at Sunsoft. "But boss, it's so hard to get Batman's dark black outfit to read against dark city backgrounds." Boss retorts, "Well son, you try a contrasting color like purple?" Had I any commonsense, I would've noticed Sunsoft telegraphing the movie by randomly putting a purple rule at the top of the box art.

  • #6 | Wall $treet Kid

    First, there's the Archie comics illustration, which is actually done some justice in the game. But I fully expected Stanley the "Crafty Consultatnt" to be macking on my girl Ruth. Wait. Why are they advertising that the game "features Ruth and Stanley"? This isn't like a cross-over event with Luigi and Link here. I just felt misled at the outset when I was promised that I needed to "use it... or LOSE IT!" But really any in-game play that has copy that reads "Company divides into shares of equal amounts" doesn't bode well for killer gameplay.

  • #5 | Megaman

    Fortunately this game worked out to completely rule. But look at the box, it looks like I'll be playing on a "State-of-the-Art" Tron grid with "High Resolution Graphics". And I have this Colt .45 looking pistol should I need to Schwarzenegger a bro. Actual gameplay? You're Mario with a helmet and rocket-enabled arm... which is frankly very cool. But knowing that having a gun-integrated-arm may have helped the box designer.

  • #4 | Bayou Billy

    Honestly, I could re-title this post "Ten Misleading Box Art Covers from Konami", because the Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A folks are NOTORIOUS for misleading covers. Bayou Billy came out a year after Crocodile Dundee, and suffice to say they were a little more than "inspired" by the character. And that'd be fine if the game came anywhere close to getting to a knife wielding backwoodsmen who is SO Springsteen he even has a bandana on his thigh. Kudos to the "bad guy" in the top screenshot roshambo'ing Bayou Billy for not being Crocodile Dundee.

  • #3 | Dr. Mario

    Oh sweet! I'm Mario and I'm a doctor and get to inject pills into these crazy gremlin things, presumably un-gremlining them or more rad still, gremlinating them! Hardly. Tetris but with pills. It would be years before I trust another Mario game... or a plumber with a moustache telling me to trust him, as he was a "doctor".

  • #2 | Rambo

    DUDE! On the cover, you're EXPLICITLY telling me there will be copious gun play brought on by me - ultra muscly Rambo. Actual gameplay: I look like the Karate Kid in hot pants. And what's this? No gun? So I just have to take out dudes with my bare hands? Well that'd be cool. No not that either?... You're telling me I spend the majority of the game stabbing jungle snakes. Jungle snakes.

  • #1 | Joust

    "DESCEND NOW MYTHICAL HELLSPAWN OSTRICH!" Here's how dull Joust truly is. I just used the same screenshot for both views above, just flipped one horizontally. And did you notice? Of course not, because that's all you do in this game. Move left and aim to hit some stuff, now time to move right and hit some stuff. The fact this gem didn't even have a soundtrack didn't exactly help gameplay either. A neighborhood kid and I played this every day for a week. We got in a fight every day for that same week too. Not. a. coincidence.

          Benelux trip – Prologue        
I have mentioned in 2013 Europe Epilogue that I would love to return to Europe if there is cheap airfare. We almost visit Eastern Europe in Mar 2016 but due to hubby's work commitment, we forfeited our Lufthansa air tickets of $736.

Swiss Airline is having irresistible airfare to Europe from $777 with the addition of Boeing 777-300ER into their aircraft fleet. I was so tempted and persuade hubby to visit Central Europe in May 2017. Then I plan another trip to Europe this year and decided on Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg) after discussing with my sis who will be my travel partner for this trip. We have split the planning so I will research on Luxembourg and Belgium while my sis will research on Netherlands.
Destinations in Benelux

As Swiss airline flies direct from Singapore to Zurich, it involves transiting in Zurich before continuing to other European cities. As the open jaw ticket is about the same price as the round trip ticket, it's make sense to buy an open jaw ticket to save travelling time and save on the transport cost back to the starting point.

Luxembourg card comes in 1, 2 or 3 days card and includes free access to over 70 museums and free train and buses on the national public transport network. The Luxembourg card is available from the Tourist Office in Luxembourg city or can be purchased online with a postage charge of â‚¬3. As there is no Tourist Office in the airport, I decided to purchase it online as the single trip bus ticket (€2) from the airport to hotel is included in the Luxembourg card. I received the card in registered mail within a week after ordering online.

From Luxembourg, we will be taking inter city train to Brussels which takes 3hr. Advance booking is not necessary since the train departs hourly and no seat reservation is required. The train from Luxembourg will stops at all the 5 stations in Brussels: Bruxelles-Luxembourg, Bruxelles Schuman/Brussel Schuman, Brussel Noord/ Bruxelles Nord (Brussels-North)Bruxelles Central/ Brussel Centraal and Bruxelles Midi (Brussels-South).

Prior reservation and booking for intercity train within Belgium is not required hence I will be purchasing the train tickets on the spot. There is a rail pass which cost â‚¬76 and is valid for 10 journeys in 2nd class within any destination in Belgium. This can be use by 1 or more passengers. However I did not purchase the rail pass as the total trips we will be taking is less than 10 journeys so it's not worth purchasing.

In Brussel, we will get around using Metro. I will buy single trip ticket instead of Metro pass since we will be only taking 3 Metro rides. In Ghent, Bruges and Antwerp, we will get around using tram and bus. I have calculated that Lijn card (€14 for 10 rides) is cheaper compared to single trip ticket which cost â‚¬3. 

In Bruges, I will be getting the 48 hours Brugge City Card which included free admission to many attractions and include canal boat ride (sailings guaranteed from 1 Mar to 15 Nov). The Brugge City Card can be purchased in Bruges at the official tourist information offices: Historium, Station and Concertgebouw (Concert Hall). 

Then from Antwerp to Amsterdam, I have booked the Thalys train which will takes 1hr compared to intercity train which takes 2hrs. The reservation opens 3 months in advance and fares start from â‚¬29. As we only confirmed this trip 2 months earlier, the cheapest fare was not available. Although the fare which we booked is â‚¬8 more expensive than the intercity train, we still proceed with booking Thalys train to save travelling time.

We will be getting the OV-chipkaart and Unlimited GVB travel ticket (48 hours) from Amsterdam Schipol airport. The OV-chipkaart works like our Ezlink card and is valid for bus, tram and train rides. It has a non refundable deposit of â‚¬7.50. We will be using Unlimited GVB travel ticket in Amsterdam and OV-chipkaart outside Amsterdam.

My sis has purchased the tickets for Madurodam online since it's â‚¬2 cheaper. She has also bought the tickets for Amsterdam highlights (Adam Lookout, Blue Boat and Heineken Experience) online to avoid the queue.   

Throughout the 14 days trips, we will be staying at the ibis hotels except in Brussels. I have budgeted S$100 per room per day and the hotels which we will be staying is within 10 min walking distance to the train stations except the hotel in Amsterdam. We choose not to stay in Amsterdam Central as the accommodation is at least S$200 per night. We end up booking 5 nights stay at the airport Ibis budget hotel which is 15min train ride to Amsterdam Central. Since we will only be spending 2 days in Amsterdam Central with the remaining 3 days at Hague, Haarlem and Zaanse Schans, we save significantly even after deducting the transport to and fro Amsterdam Central. Breakfast is not included in all the hotels except ibis Styles Luxembourg Centre Gare.

Itinerary for this trip:

Day 1: Reach Luxembourg at 10.05am (GMT+2)
Attractions: Monument of Remembrance, Casemates Bock, Neumünster Abbey, Barrio Grund, Corniche and old town, Viaduc (Passerelle), Place Guillaume II, Hotel de Ville (City Hall), Cathédrale Notre-Dame, Grand Ducal Palace
Accommodation: ibis Styles Luxembourg Centre Gare (€72)
Transport & Pass: 2 days Luxembourg card (€20)

Day 2: Vianden & Echternach
Attractions: Trinitarian church, Vianden Chairlift, Vianden Castle, Echternach Old Abbey, Echternach Town Square
Accommodation: ibis Styles Luxembourg Centre Gare
Transport & Pass: 2 days Luxembourg card

Day 3: Brussels
Attractions: Parc du Cinquantenaire-Jubelpark, Espace Léopold (European Parliament), Place Royale (Royal Palace of Brussels), Palais de Justice/Justitiepaleis (Law Courts of Brussels), Atomium
Accommodation: Maxhotel (€59)
Transport & Pass: Train from Luxembourg to Brussel Noord (€41), Single trip metro ticket (€2.10 per ride)

Day 4: Brussels
Attractions: Jeanneke-Pis, Cathedrale St-Michel et Ste-Gudule (St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral), Les Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert, Grand Place-Grote Markt, Manneken Pis, The Bourse
Accommodation: Maxhotel

Day 5: Ghent
Attractions: Sint-Elisabeth Begijnhof, Het Gravensteen (Castle of the Counts), Patershol, Kraanlei, Graslei, Het Groot Vleeshuis, St Michael's Bridge, Korenmarkt Gent (Post Plaza), Sint-Niklaaskerk (St Nicholas's Church), Stadhuis (Ghent Market Hall), Belfort en Lakenhalle (Belfry and Cloth Hall), Sint-Baafskathedraal (St. Bavo's Cathedral), Langemunt (Shopping Street)
Accommodation: ibis budget Brugge Centrum Station (€54)
Transport & Pass: Train from Bruxelles Nord to Gent-Sint-Pieters (€14), Train from Gent-Sint-Pieters to Bruges (€6.60), Lijn card (€14)

Day 6: Bruges
Attractions: Grote Markt, Belfry, Brug Square, Stadhuis, Basilica of the Holy Blood, Choco-Story Museum, Lumina Domestica (Lamp Museum), The Friet Museum, Ezelpoort (Donkey's Gate)
Accommodation: ibis budget Brugge Centrum Station
Transport & Pass: Lijn card, Brugge City Card 48 hours (€47)

Day 7: Bruges
Attractions: Koeleweimolen (Koelewei Mill), Sint-Janshuismolen (Sint-Janshuis Mill), Diamant Museum, Brewery De Halve Maan, Beguinage, St. John's Hospital, Onze Lieve Vrouwkerk (Church of Our Lady Bruges)
Accommodation: ibis budget Brugge Centrum Station
Transport & Pass: Lijn card

Day 8: Antwerp
Attractions: Cogels Osylei, MAS Museum aan de Stroom, Vlaaikensgang, Cathedral of Our Lady (Onze Lieve Vrouwekathedraal), City Hall/Old Market Square (Stadhuis/Grote Markt), Saint Paul's Church (Sint-Paulusparochie), Carolus Borromeus Church (St. Carolus Borromeuskerk)
Accommodation: ibis budget Amsterdam Airport  (€62)
Transport & Pass: Train from Bruges to Antwerp (€15), Lijn card, Thalys from Antwerp to Schiphol Airport (€40)

Day 9: Zaanse Schans, Amsterdam
Attractions: Zaanse Schans Windmills, Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam, A’DAM Lookout, Heineken Experience 
Accommodation: ibis budget Amsterdam Airport
Transport & Pass: OV-chipkaart

Day 10: The Hague
Attractions: Madurodam, Statue of Willam of Orange, Binnenhof, Ridderzaal, Noordeinde Palace, Museumcafé Panorama Mesdag, Vredespaleis (Peace Palace)
Accommodation: ibis budget Amsterdam Airport
Transport & Pass: OV-chipkaart

Day 11: Amsterdam
Attractions: Zevenlandenhuizen, Rijksmuseum, Begijnhof 34, Schuttersgallery, Bloemenmarkt, Munttoren, Church of Saint Nicholas, Trompettersteeg, Singel 7, Python Bridge, De Gooyer
Accommodation: ibis budget Amsterdam Airport
Transport & Pass: Unlimited GVB travel ticket 48 hours (€12.50)

Day 12: Amsterdam
Attractions: Albert Cuyp Market, NAP bezoekerscentrum, Nationale Opera & Ballet, Houseboat Museum, Electric Ladyland Fluorescent Art, Torensluis, Royal Palace Amsterdam
Accommodation: ibis budget Amsterdam Airport
Transport & Pass: Unlimited GVB travel ticket 48 hours 

Day 13: Harleem, Depart Amsterdam at 8.05pm (GMT +2)
Attractions: Corrie Ten Boomhuis, Hofje In den Groenen Tuin, St. Bavo Church, Town Hall Haarlem, Haarlem, Station
Transport & Pass: OV-chipkaart

Budget for this trip is S$2,400:
- S$550 for accommodation
- S$300 for transportation
- S$200 for admission fees and pass
- S$850 for meals
- S$500 for souvenirs & shopping
>>Day 1: 16 Sep 16

          Perth trip – Prologue        
I always wanted to visit the Down Under i.e Australia and New Zealand. Both are colloquially known as Down Under due to their position in the Southern Hemisphere below the equator.

Initially I plan to visit Australia during Chinese New Year but after doing some research, I dropped the plan as it is summer season and February is the hottest month in Australia. I was contemplating booking Qantas as it is offering S$700 return fare to Melbourne but we couldn't find a pair of friend to join us. In the end, hubby and I decided to visit Australia on our own. Scoot promotion came along and return fare to Perth is S$266 which is relatively cheap. I booked 25kg and 40kg for departure and return leg for one pax instead of booking individual baggage as it is slightly cheaper this way.

I make use of the Labour Day holiday in May for this 10 days trip. I have planned to depart on Saturday and return on the following Sunday but there was no cheap tickets so we depart on Friday instead. Scoot flight timing is usually not favourable either on the departure or the return leg. The departure flight is noon timing and reach Perth in the evening while the return flight departs in the evening and reach Singapore at midnight. I would prefer a red eye flight to Perth since the flight duration is 5hrs.
Map of Australia (extracted from Lonely Planet)

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world by land area and it's capital is Canberra. Australia main cities are served by numerous airlines from Singapore which makes it one of the top holiday destination among Singaporeans:
- Sydney: Singapore Airlines, Scoot, British Airways, Qantas
- Melbourne: Singapore Airlines, Scoot, Jetstar, Emirates, Qantas
- Brisbane: Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Qantas
- Gold Coast: Scoot
- Perth: Singapore Airlines, Qantas, Scoot, Jetstar
- Adelaide: Singapore Airlines
- Cairns: Silkair
- Darwin: Silkair

Perth is the capital and largest city in Western Australia and Western Australia is the largest state in Australia. It is the fourth most populous city in Australia after Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. After I have started to do research on Perth, I discovered that everything is expensive in Australia, ranging from accommodation, attraction admission ticket to food. At least, the car rental is reasonable and pertrol is slightly cheaper than Singapore.

All visitor to Australia except Australian and New Zealand citizens requires a visa to visit Australia irregardless of the visit. There are 3 types of visitor visa depending on the nationalities and Singaporean falls under the Electronic Travel Authority (subclass 601)​. Visa can be applied online and processing time takes less than a day. Although there is no visa application charges, there is a service charge of AUD20 for online application.

Taxi from airport to Perth CBD cost at least A$40 ~ S$44 while the Connect Shuttle cost A$15 ~ S$17 per pax. The cheapest way to get to Perth CBD is taking the free shuttle bus from Perth Airport T1 to T3 and board Transperth bus number 37 or 40 which cost A$4.40  ~ S$5 per pax. The journey time to Perth CBD range from 40 - 60 min. The other option is to rent the car directly at airport itself but since we will be reaching Perth in the evening, it's not advisable to drive to the outskirt at night.

In Perth CBD & Fremantle, it is easy to navigate around public transport as there are reliable and extensive public transport networks. There are free CAT bus services in Perth, Fremantle and Joondalup. In addition to the free CAT bus service, travelling on public transport is free within Perth Free Transit Zone. However it is recommended to rent a car when travelling beyond Perth.

There are many car rental companies in Perth and some allow rent and return at different location. After doing the research, we decided to rent a car from Bayswater which has outlets in both Perth CBD and near Perth Airport but it does not allow rental and return of car at different location. Bayswater offers competitive rate at A$300 for a Toyota Corolla Sedan car for 6 days rental for driving within 500km from Perth. The excess damage is capped at A$400 and can be reduced to A$0 with a top up of A$7 per day. Extra charges such as rental of GPS is A$7 per day and each child booster is A$7 per day (capped at A$70). Petrol price in Australia is currently A$1.40/ litre which is slightly cheaper than the petrol price in Singapore. 

Even though I have travelled to many countries, I have yet to purchase a local SIM card, not even when I travelled to Europe as I relied on the maps which I have printed out. However I will be buying local SIM card in Perth. It's much value for money compared to renting a GPS since we can use the data to surf net on top of the google map which we require. The cheapest prepaid card cost A$1 per day and comes with 30min local calls, unlimited local SMS and 40MB data per day and I have decided to buy the A$2 prepaid plan which includes unlimited local call, unlimited local SMS and 500MB data per day.

As we will first be travelling North and then to the South, we will be staying at 4 different hotels and B&B throughout this trip. In Perth, we will be staying at Ibis Perth Hotel as it is conveniently situated at Perth CBD Murray Street. There was 40% Accor discount for at least 2 consecutive nights booking hence I saved around S$120 for the 4 nights in Perth. Hotels under the Accor brand range from from economy brand (Ibis etc), midscale brands (Mercure, Novotel etc), Upscale brands (Grand Mercure, Pullman etc) to luxury brand (Sofitel) and membership is free. In the outskirt, we will be staying in B&B instead of hotels. It's more intimate since B&B usually have fewer rooms and those B&B which we will be staying includes complimentary breakfast.

For Margaret River Region, I have done intensive research from Margaret River Visitor Centre and I have even request a visitor guide and map which was mailed to me free of charge (Email: welcome@margaretriver.com). In the 2004 visitor guide, there is a list of wineries and breweries in the Margaret River Region and I'm spoilt for choice when selecting which one to visit.

Day 1: Reach Perth at 5.25pm (GMT+8)
Accommodation: Ibis Perth (A$92)
Transport: Bus 37 or 40 from Airport to Perth CBD (A$4.40)

Day 2: Fremantle
Attractions: Fremantle Town Hall, Fremantle Prison, Fremantle Markets, Fremantle Round House & Whalers' Tunnel, Shipwreck Galleries, E Shed Market
Accommodation: Ibis Perth (A$92)
Transport: Train from Perth to Fremantle (A$4.40 each way)

Day 3: Caversham Wildlife Park & Cervantes
Attractions: Caversham Wildlife Park, Hangover Bay, Kangaroo Point, The Pinnacles @ Nambung National Park
Accommodation: Windbreak Bed & Breakfast (A$140)
Transport: Car rental

Day 4: Lancelin & Mandurah
Attractions: Emu Downs Wind Farm & Lancelin Sand Dunes, Mandurah Performing & Arts Centre
Accommodation: Aran Brae Bed & Breakfast (A$130)
Transport: Car rental

Day 5: Bunbury & Busselton & Margaret River
Attractions: Koombana Beach, The Bunbury Tower, Busselton Jetty, Underwater Observatory, Duckstein Brewery, Bettenay's Margaret River Nougat Company, Margaret River Providore, Margaret River Chocolate Company, Margaret River Silk Road, Margaret River Nuts & Cereal, Margaret River Dairy Company
Accommodation: Pinda Lodge (A$200)
Transport: Car rental

Day 6: Margaret River
Attractions: Wine Tourism Showroom @ Margaret River Tourist Information CentreThe Good Olive, Margaret River Fudge Factory, Miller Ice Cream Farm, Candy Cow, Voyager Estate Winery, Leeuwin Estate, Edwards Wines, Vasse Felix, Bootleg Brewery
Accommodation: Pinda Lodge (A$200)
Transport: Car rental

Day 7: Margaret River & Augusta
Attractions: Boranup Karri Forest, Hamelin bay, Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, Jewel Cave, Blackwood Meadery, Colonial Brewery
Accommodation: Pinda Lodge (A$200)
Transport: Car rental

Day 8: Donnybrook & Perth
Attractions: Spring Valley Orchard, Crawley Edge Boatshed (Blue Boat House)
Accommodation: Ibis Perth (A$92) 
Transport: Car rental

Day 9: Perth
Attractions: King's Park, Parliament House, Barracks Arch, Government House, Kangaroos in the City, The Swan Bells, Ferry from Barrack St Jetty to South Perth
Accommodation: Ibis Perth (A$92)
Transport: Transperth bus & CAT bus

Day 10: Perth, Depart Perth at 6.35pm (GMT+8)
Attractions:  Shopping at London Court & Hay Street
Transport: Bus 37 or 40 from Perth CBD to Airport (A$4.40)

Budget for this trip is S$2,400:
- S$700 for accommodation
- S$30 for transport
- S$400 for car rental & petrol
- S$20 for prepaid card
- S$150 for admission fee
- S$750 for meals (include $150 for a wine pairing meal at Leeuwin Estate)
- S$350 for souvenirs and shopping
>>Day 1: 24 Apr 15

          Find Snowboarding: ALEUTIANS - Journey To Cold Bay        

Shotgun, check. Splitboards, check. Bear mace, check. ATVs, check. Wait, did anything fall off the boat?

Every adventure has its trials and tribulations and Find Snowboarding: ALEUTIANS was no different. But what's an adventure without a few setbacks?

Travel with Aspen Rain Weaver, Cody Booth and Thomas Delfino as they explore Cold Bay and its surrounding terrain in search of new lines and epic adventures.

Find Snowboarding: ALEUTIANS Full Film premiers 9.25.14 on Transworld Snowboarding's website.

Cast: Rome Snowboards

Tags: Rome SDS, Find Snowboarding, Aleutians, Aspen Rain Weaver, Cody Booth, Thomas Delfino, Travel, Adventure, Snowboarding, Explore, ATV and Cold Bay

          Turkey Taco Boats        

Give taco night a makeover with these turkey taco boats! We’re swapping out taco shells for crisp lettuce wraps for a light and satisfying meal that’s bursting with flavor! Continue reading

The post Turkey Taco Boats appeared first on Pots and Pans.

          Travel Laval, QC: Canoe, not kayak, with the dog at Parc de la Riviere-des-Mille-Iles        
Lake kayaking is a lot like taking a light shower in sewage … and equally enjoyable. For the second time in my life, I tried kayaking – this time at Parc de la Riviere-des-Mille-Iles in Laval, Quebec, about 20 minutes outside of Montreal. The good news is sitting in a small plastic boat almost level […]
          Komentar di RUMUS/DATA oleh TOTOLOVER        
2D Mimpiku 01 = 05 – 95 – 12 – 45 Setan – Bandeng – Obor – Jambu Mente – Tangan – Betara Kala 02 = 16 – 53 – 09 – 35 Sarjana – Bekicot – Loncat Tinggi – Wortel – Sandal – Betara Brahma 03 = 32 – 52 – 85 – 25 Orang Mati – Angsa – Loncat Galah – Sawi – Kaki – Subali 04 = 12 – 65 – 05 – 15 Kwan Im – Merak – Lompat Jauh – Kangkung – Balon – Dewi Ratih 05 = 01 – 89 – 10 – 39 Kepala Rampok – Singa – Loncat Indah – Kayu Manis – Kereta Api – Garu Langit 06 = 20 – 91 – 51 – 41 Dewi Bulan – Kelinci – Renang – Kapas – Boneka – Dewi Sri 07 = 24 – 58 – 57 – 08 Pelayan – Babi – Perahu Layar – Bawang – Pancing – Sulatri 08 = 17 – 57 – 04 – 07 Maling Kecil – Macan – Motor Boat – Kecubung – Pasar – Talamaria 09 = 33 – 87 – 88 – 37 Jendral – Kerbau – Mendayung – Kates (Pepaya) – Jala – Bima 10 = 18 – 82 – 03 – 32 Kelenteng – Kelabang – Menyelam – Kelapa – Bir – Sang Pamuji 11 = 15 – 77 – 02 – 27 Menteri Serakah – Anjing – Lari Cepat – Sapu – Kipas – Sengkuni 12 = 04 – 69 – 17 – 19 Penasehat Perang – Kuda – Lari Gawang – Lemon – Bola Lampu – Wibisana 13 = 14 – 79 – 07 – 29 Penjaga Pintu – Gajah – Lari Estafet – Kipas Angin – Keris – Prabukesa 14 = 13 – 96 – 08 – 46 Potong Babi – Onta – Tolak Peluru – Jembatan – Spet (Suntikan) – Jaya Langsuan 15 = 11 – 54 – 00 – 04 Hakim – Tikus – Lempar Martil – Kantor Pos – Sekrup – Kresna 16 = 02 – 74 – 15 – 24 Orang Sakit Gudig – Tawon – Lempar Cakram – Surat – Nanas – Jembawan 17 = 08 – 88 – 13 – 38 Pemadat – Bangau – Lempar Lembing – Durian – Telepon – Buto Terong 18 = 10 – 78 – 01 – 28 Kas Uang – Kucing – Polo Air – Lombok – Kantor Polisi – Bisma 19 = 27 – 62 – 54 – 12 Pelavur Kelas Tinggi – Kupu Kupu – Sepakbola – Srikaya – Ban Sepeda – Banowati 20 = 06 – 72 – 19 – 22 Istri Sejati – Lalat – Volleyball – Palu – Ban Mobil – Setiawati 21 = 22 – 93 – 55 – 43 Pelacur Umum – Walet – Bulutangkis – Permen – Kapak – Lesmanawati 22 = 21 – 70 – 50 – 20 Peti Mati – Capung – Tenis – Terong – Harmonika – Arjuna dan Sembadra 23 = 30 – 84 – 81 – 34 Setan Gantung – Kera – Bola Basket – Pisang – Piano – Wilkampana 24 = 07 – 66 – 14 – 16 Sumber Air – Katak – Tenis Meja – Sikat Gigi – Padi – Dewa Ruci 25 = 35 – 85 – 82 – 03 Menantu Raja – Rajawali – Baseball – Jagung – Tapal Gigi – Kangsa Dewa 26 = 31 – 90 – 80 – 40 Raja – Naga – Hockey – Ganggang – Mesin Jahit – Samiaji 27 = 19 – 61 – 06 – 11 Wanita Cantik – Kura Kura – Bola Sodok – Sabun Bubuk – Otak – Dewi Supraba 28 = 29 – 68 – 56 – 18 Pencari Kayu – Ayam – Menembak – Tomat – Jarum – Nakula 29 = 28 – 63 – 53 – 13 Pendeta Sakti – Belut – Panahan – Kursi – Koran – Sidiwacana 30 = 23 – 99 – 58 – 49 Nelayan – Ikan Mas – Angkat Besi – Belimbing – WC – Nagatatmala 31 = 26 – 94 – 59 – 44 Anggota Kelamin – Udang – Senam – Cacing Pita – Sangkar Burung – Yuyu Rumpung 32 = 03 – 60 – 18 – 10 Ahli Nujum – Ular – Yudo – Kamar Mandi – Tali – Abiyasa 33 = 09 – 86 – 16 – 36 Pengemis – Laba Laba – Gulat – Gigi – Sabun – Petruk 34 = 36 – 73 – 89 – 23 Orang Buta – Rusa – Silat – Jamu – Paru Paru – 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= 67 – 07 – 94 – 57 Penari – Cumi Cumi – Main Kelereng- Rumah – Sekolahan – Selir 59 = 83 – 37 – 38 – 87 Putra Raja – Kakak Tua – Dakon – Kedondong – Kaos – Rd Lesmana 60 = 68 – 32 – 93 – 82 Kepala Polisi – Cecak – Karambol – Delima – Handuk – Sentiyaki 61 = 65 – 27 – 92 – 77 Pedagang – Kecoak – Gendongan – Kacamata – Buku – Baladewa 62 = 54 – 19 – 27 – 69 Pagoda – Walang Kadung – Petan – Termos – Selendang Pelangi – Candi Sapta Arga 63 = 64 – 29 – 97 – 79 Pendekar Wanita – Kumbang – Treksando – Bantal – Jendela – Larasati 64 = 63 – 46 – 98 – 96 Dewa Uang – Kuda Laut – Bandulan – Apel – Guling – Betara Indra 65 = 61 – 04 – 90 – 54 Raja Setan – Ikan Hiu – Kayang – Klompen – Petromak – Kala Srenggi 66 = 52 – 24 – 25 – 74 Dewa Bumi – Jerapah – Sawatan – Sukun – Gelas – Anta Boga 67 = 58 – 38 – 23 – 88 Penjual Daging – Burung Onta – Engrang – Sendok – Korek Api – Abilawa 68 = 60 – 28 – 91 – 78 Pembuat Pedang – Burung Hantu – Panjat Pinang – Pisau – Garpu – Cepot 69 = 77 – 12 – 44 – 62 Pencari Jejak – Mimi – Engkleh – Gunting – Gunung – Antareja 70 = 56 – 22 – 29 – 72 Panglima – Keledai – Tarik Tambang – Lampu Minyak – Rumah Makan – Adipati Karna 71 = 72 – 43 – 45 – 93 Pemburu – Macan Tutul – Lempar Karet – Sumur – Baju – Pandu 72 = 71 – 20 – 40 – 70 Dewa Langit – Ikan Terbang – Ik Ol – Kran Air – Arloji – Betara Guru 73 = 80 – 34 – 31 – 84 Tuan Tanah – Semut – Tulupan – Anting Anting – Bintang – Dursasana 74 = 57 – 16 – 24 – 66 Bajak Laut – Pinguin – Setipan – Gentong – Radio – Indrajit 75 = 85 – 35 – 32 – 53 Suami Istri – Bebek – Balapan Lari – Nangka – Lemari – Ratih dan Kamajaya 76 = 81 – 40 – 30 – 90 Jendral Wanita – Nyamuk – Teplekan – Mata – Timbangan – Srikandi 77 = 69 – 11 – 96 – 61 Walikota – Penyu – Bekel – Cincin – Payung – Togog 78 = 79 – 18 – 46 – 68 Orang Kaya – Ikan Gergaji – Balap Becak – Semangka – Wajan – Lesmana Mandrakumara 79 = 78 – 13 – 43 – 63 Jendral Serakah – Orong Orong – Okol – Jeruk Bali – Kompor – Suyudana 80 = 73 – 49 – 48 – 99 Kepala Desa – Bajing – Apollo – Potlot – Ceret – Semar 81 = 76 – 44 – 49 – 94 Penipu – Kancil – Damdaman – Hidung – Cangkir – Aswatama 82 = 53 – 10 – 28 – 60 Gembala – Kuda Nil – As – Telinga – Berlian – Udawa 83 = 59 – 36 – 26 – 86 Ibu Suri – Ikan Layur – Dadu – Kumis – Pipa – Dewi Kunti 84 = 86 – 23 – 39 – 73 Budha – Kalkun – Salto – Mulut – Kacang Tanah – Bagaspati 85 = 75 – 25 – 42 – 52 Wanita Sihir – Jangkrik – Latihan Hansip – Teratai – Pintu – Sarpakenaka 86 = 84 – 33 – 37 – 83 Dewa maut – Ikan Sampan – Gerak Badan – Salak – Rokok – Yamadipati 87 = 88 – 09 – 33 – 59 Orang Gila – Betet – Kerja Bakti – Botol – Toilet – Buriswara 88 = 87 – 17 – 34 – 67 Dewi Mega – Domba – Balap Karung – Jeruk Manis – Piring – Wilutama 89 = 94 – 05 – 67 – 55 Pemabuk – Ikan Bendera – Setopan – Jeruk Keprok – Ember – Bomanarakasura 90 = 93 – 26 – 68 – 76 Tawanan – Trenggiling – Perempatan Jalan – Pil – Sawah – Shinta 91 = 99 – 06 – 66- 56 Siluman Air – Serigala – Ambulans – Bambu – Toples – Witaksini 92 = 95 – 47 – 62 – 97 Putri Kipas Besi – Ikan Tengiri – Garis Finish – Apokat – Sarung – Siti Sundari 93 = 90 – 21 – 61 – 71 Penjilat – Babi Hutan – Perahu Layar – Kaos Kaki – Lapangan – Durna 94 = 89 – 31 – 36 – 81 Kwan Kong – Ikan Kakap – Pemandian – Jambu – Pen – P.Salya 95 = 92 – 01 – 65 – 51 Petani – Perkutut – Jalan Raya – Kunci – Pisau Cukur – Irawan 96 = 98 – 14 – 63 – 64 Prajurit – Ikan Nus – Laut – Mangga – Minyak Angin – Citrayuda 97 = 00 – 42 – 11 – 92 Raksasa – Tokek – Kali Brantas – Sirsak – Lemari Es – Prahasta 98 = 96 – 50 – 69 – 00 Penjaga Malam – Tongkol – TV – Lengkeng – Kecelakaan – Trijati 99 = 91 – 30 – 60 – 80 Hidung Belang – Burung Jalak – Bayi – Kodak – Meja – Arjuna 00 = 97 – 48 – 64 – 98 Penyair – Tapir – Sempritan – Rembulan – Tanggalan – Kumbakarna
          ETIKA BISNIS (UAS)        

Pendahuluan :
Bisnis dan Etika dalam Dunia Modern

1.           Bisnis modern merupakan realistas yang yang amat kompleks. Banyak faktor yang mempengaruhi dan menentukan kegiatan bisnis. Guna menjelaskan kekhususan aspek etis ini, dalam suatu pendekatan pertama kita membandingkan dulu dengan aspek-aspek lain, terutama aspek ekonomi dan hukum. Sebab, bisnis sebagai kegiatan social dapat disoroti sekurang kurangnya dari tiga sudut pandang yang berbeda tetapi tidak selalu mungkin dipisahkan ini : sudut pandang ekonomi, hokum, dan etika.
1.1.     Sudut pandang ekonomis
Bisnis adalah kegiatan ekonomis Yang terjadi dalam kegiatan ini adalah tukar-menukar, jual-beli, memproduksimemasarkan, bekerja-memperkerjakan, dan bertinteraksi dengan orang lain lainnya, dengan maksud memperoleh untung. Dipandang dari sudut ekonomis, good bussines atau bisnis yang baik adalah bisnis yang membawa banyak untung. Orang bisnis selalu akan berusaha membuat bisnis yang baik (dalam arti itu).
1.2.     Sudut pandang moral
Disamping aspek ekonomi dari bisnis, di sini tampak aspek lain : aspek moral. Selalu ada kendala etis bagi perilaku kita, termasuk juga perilaku ekonomis. Tidak semuanya bisa kita lakukan untuk mengejar tujuan kita (di bidang bisnis : mencari keuntungan) boleh kita lakukan juga. Kita harus menghormati kepentingan dan hak orang lain. Bisnis yang baik (good bussines) bukan saja bisnis yang baik secara moral .
1.3.     Sudut pandang hukum
Tidak diragukan, bisnis terikat juga oleh hukum. “Hukum dagang” atau “Hukum bisnis” merupakan cabang penting dari ilmu hukum modern. Dari segi norma, hukum lebih jelas dan pasti dibandingkan etika. Karena hukum dituliskan hitam atas putih dan ada sanksi tertentu, bila terjadi pelanggaran. Hukum dan etika kerap kali tidak bisa dilepaskan satu sama lain. Memang benar, ada hal-hal yang diatur oleh hukum tidak mempunyai hubungan langsung dengan etika. Tetapi ada juga ada perilaku dalam segi moral penting, tetapi tidak diatur menurut hukum.
Untuk bisnis, sudut pandang hukum tentupenting. Bisnis harus menaati hukum dan peraturan yang berlaku. “Bisnis yang baik” antara lain berarti juga bisnis yang patuh pada hukum. Disamping hukum, kita membutuhkan etika juga. Kita memerlukan norma moral yang menetapkan apa yang etis dan tidak etis untuk dilakukan. Pada taraf normatif  etika mendahului hukum. Jika secara moral suatu perilaku ternyata salah, kemungkinan besar (walaupun tidak pasti) perilaku itu melanggar hukum juga.
1.4.     Tolak ukur untuk tiga sudut pandang ini
Dapat disimpulkan, supaya patut disebut good bussines, tingkah laku bisnis harus memenuhi syarat-syarat dari semua sudut pandang tadi. Memang benar bisnis yang ekonomis tidak baik (jadi, tidak membawa untung) tidak pantas disebut bisnis yang baik. Bisnis tidak pantas disebut good bussines kalau tidak baik dari sudut pandang etika dan hukum juga. Dalam hal ini penting aspek hukum lebih mudah diterima, sekurang-kurang pada taraf teoritis (walaupundalam praktek barangkali sering dilanggar).

2.           Apa itu Etika Bisnis
-          Etika sebagai praksis berarti : apa yang dilakukan sejauh sesuai atau tidak sesuai dengan nilai dan norma moral.
-          Etika sebagai refleksi adalah pemikiran moral. Dalam etika sebagai refleksi kita berpikir tentang apa yang dilakukan dan khususnya tentang apa yang harus dilakukan atau tidak boleh dilakukan.
-          Etika adalah cabang filsafat yang mempelajari baik buruknya manusia. Karena itu etika dalam arti ini disebut juga “filsafat parktis”.
Seperti etika terapan pada umumnya, etika bisnis pun dapat dijalankan pada tiga taraf : taraf makro, meso dan mikro. Tiga taraf ini berkaitan dengan tiga kemungkinan yang berbeda untuk menjalankan kegitan ekonomi dan bisnis.
-          Pada taraf makro, etika bisnis mempelajari aspek-aspek moral dari sistem ekonomi sebagai keseluruhan.
-          Pada taraf meso (madya atau menengah), etika bisnis menyelidiki masalah etis di bidang organisasi. Organisasi di sini terutama berarti perusahaan, tapi bisa juga serikat buruh, lembaga konsumen, perhimpunan profesi dan lain-lain.
-          Pada taraf mikro, yang difokuskan adalah individu dalam hubungan dengan ekonomi atau bisnis. Di sini dipelajari tanggung jawab etis dari karyawan dan majikan, bawahan dan manajer, produsen dan konsumen, pemasok dan investor.

3.             Perkembangan etika bisnis
Sepanjang sejarah, kegiatan perdaganga atau bisnis tidak pernah luput dari sorotan etika. Namun demikian, jika kita menyimak etika bisnis sebagaimana dipahami dan dipraktekkan sekarang, tidak bisa disangkal juga, di sini kita menghadapi suatu fenomena baru. Belum pernah dalam sejarah, etika bisnis mendapat perhatian besar intensif seperti sekarang ini.
Etika bisnis dalam arti khusus ini pertama kali timbul di Amerika Serikat dalam tahun 1970-an dan agak cepat meluas ke kawasan dunia lain.

4.             Profil etika bisnis dewasa ini
Kini etika bisnis sudah mempunyai status ilmiah yang serius. Ia semakin diterima di antara ilmu-ilmu yang sudah mapan dan memiliki ciri-ciri yang biasanya menandai sebuah ilmu.

5.             Faktor sejarah dan budaya dalam etika bisnis
Jika mempelajari sejarah, dan khusunya dunia barat, sikap positif ini tidak selamanya menandai pandangan terhadap bisnis. Sebaliknya, berabad-abad lamanya terdapat tedensi yang cukup kuat memandang bisnis atau perdagangan sebagai kegiatan yang tidak pantas dilakukan bagi manusia beradab. Orang seperti pedagang jelas-jelas dicurigakan kualitas etisnya. Sikap negative ini berlangsung terus sampai zaman modern dan baru menghilang seluruhnya sekitar waktu industrial.

6.             Kritik atas etika bisnis
6.1.       Etika bisnis mendiskriminasi
Kritik pertama kali ini lebih menarik karena sumbernya daripada isinya. Sumbernya adalah Peter Drucker, ahli ternama dalam bidang teori manajemen. Tuduhan Drucker tidak beralasan. Sekali-kali tidak benar bahwa etika bisnis memperlakukan bisnis dengan cara lain ordinary folk (orang biasa). Kritiknya berasal dari salah paham besar terhadap maksud etika bisnis. Justru karena orang bisnis merupakan ordinary folk (orang biasa). Justru orang bisnis merupakan ordinary folk, mereka memerlukan etika. Sebagaimana semua orang lain, para pebisnis merupakan pelaku moral.
Etika bisnis menjadi suatu ilmu dengan identitas tersendiri, bukan karena norma-norma yang tidak berlaku di bidang lain, melainkan karena aplikasi norma-norma yang umum atas suatu wilayah kegiatan manusiawi yang minta perhatian khusus, sebab keadaannya dan masalah-masalahnya mempunyai corak tersendiri.
6.2.       Etika bisnis itu kontradiktif
Kritik lain tidak berasal dari satu orang, tetapi ditemukan dalam kalangan popular yang cukup luas. Sebenarnya bukan kritik, melainkan skepsis. Orang-orang ini menilai etika bisnis sebagai suatu usaha yang naïf.
6.3.       Etika bisnis tidak praktis
Tidak ada kritik atas etika bisnis yang menimbulkan begitu banyak rekasi seperti artikel yang dimuat dalam Harvard Business Review pada tahun 1993 dengan judul “What’s the matter with business ethics?”. Pengarangnya adalah Adrew Stark, seorang dosen manajemen di Universitas Toronto, Kanada. Ia menilai, kesenjangan besar menganga antara etika bisnis akademis dan para professional di bidang manajemen.
6.4.       Etikawan tidak bisa mengambil alih tanggung jawab
Kritikan lain lagi dilontarkan kepada etika terapan pada umumnya, termasuk juga etika bisnis, di samping etika biomedis, etika jurnalistik, etika profesi hukum dan lain-lain. Kritisi meragukan entah etika bisnis memiliki keahlian etis khusus, yang tidak dimiliki oleh para pebisnis dan manajer itu sendiri.
Seluruh kritikan ini juga berdasarkan salah pahan. Etika bisnis sama sekali tidak bermaksud mengambil alih tanggung jawab etis pebisnis, para manajer, atau pelaku moral lain di bidang bisnis. Etika bisnis bisa membantu untuk mengambil keputusan moral yang dapat dipertanggungjawabkan, tapi tidak berniat mengambil tempat dari para pelaku moral dalam perusahaan.

Sekilas Teori Etika

Etika bisnis adalah penerapan prinsip-prinsip etika yang umum pada wilayah pelaku manusia yang khusus, yaitu kegiatan ekonomi dan bisnis. Secara konkret etika sering terfokuskan pada perbuatan. Bisa dikatakan juga bahwa teori etika membantu kita untuk menilai keputusan etis.
Akan tetapi, setiap penguraian macam ini terbentur pada kesulitan bahwa kenyataanya pada teori etika. Di sini akan dibahas secara singkat beberapa teori yang dewasa ini paling penting dalam pemikiran moral, khususnya dalam etika bisnis.
1.             Utilitarisme
“Utilitarisme” berasal dari kata Latin utilis yang berarti “bermanfaat”. Menurut teori ini suatu perbuatan adalah baik jika membawa manfaat, tapi manfaat itu harus menyangkut bukan saja satu dua orang melainkan masyarakat sebagai keseluruhan. Dapat dipahami pula utilarisme sangat menekankan pentingnya konsekuensi perbuatan dalam menilai baik buruknya suatu perbuatan.
Kita dapat menyimpulkan bahwa utilitarisme aturan membatasi diri dari pada justifikasi aturan-aturan moral. Dengan demikian mereka memang dapat menghindari kesulitan dari utilitarisme perbuatan.
2.             Deontologi
Istilah Deontologi (deontology) ini berasal dari kata Yunani deon yang berarti kewajiban. Maka deontology melepaskan sama sekali moralitas dari konsekuensi perbuatan. Utilitarisme mementingkan konsekuensi perbuatan, sedangkan deontology konsekuensi perbuatan tidak berperan sama sekali.
3.             Teori Hak
Dalam pemikiran moral dewasa ini barangkali teori hak ini adalah pendekatan yang paling banyak dipakai untuk mengevaluasi baik buruknya suatu perbuatan atau perilaku. Sebetulnya teori hak merupakan suatu aspek dari teori dentiologi, karena berkaitan dengan kewajiban.
4.             Teori keutumaan
Apa yang dimaksud dengan keutamaan?keutamaan bisa didefinisikan sebagai berikut: diposisi watak yang telah diperoleh seseorang dan memungkinkan dia untuk bertingkah laku baik secara moral. Ada banyak keutamaan dan semua keutamaan dan semua keutamaan untuk setiap orang dan untuk setiap kegiatan. Diantara keutamaan yang harus menandai pebisnis perorangan bisa disebut: kejujuran, fairness, kepercayaan, dan keuletan.
Kejujuran secara umum diakui sebagai keutamaan pertama dan paling penting yang harus dimiliki oleh pelaku bisnis. Orang yang mempunyai keutamaan kejujuran tidak akan berbohong atau menipu dalam transaksi bisnis, bahkan kalau penipuan sebenarnya gampang. Perlu diakui, tentang keutamaan kejujuran kadang-kadang ada kesulitan juga. Garis perbatasan antara kejujuran dan ketidakjujuran tidak selalu bisa ditarik dengan tajam.
Keutamaan kedua adalah fairness. Kata inggris ini sulit diterjemahkan ke dalam bahasa Indonesia. Kerap kali diberi terjemahan “keadilan” dan memang fairness dekat dengan paham “keadilan” tapi tidak sama juga. Barangkali terjemahan yang tidak terlalu meleset adalah: sikap wajar. Fairness adalah kesediaan untuk memberikan apa yang wajar kepada semua orang dengan semeua orang dan dengan “wajar” dimaksudkan apa yang bisa disetujui oleh semua orang yang terlibat dalam suatu transaksi.
Kepercayaan (trust) juga adalah keutamaan yang pentng dalam konteks bisnis. Kepercayaan harus ditempatkan dalam relasi timbale balik. Ada beberapa cara untuk mengamankan kepercayaan. Salah satu cara ialah member garansi atau jaminan.
Keutamaan keempat adalah keuletan (Solomon menggunakan kata toughness). Pebisnis harus bertahan dalam banyak situasi yang sulit. Ia harus sanggup mengadakan negosiasi yang terkadang seru tentang proyek atau transaksi yang bernilai besar. Ia harus berani juga mengambil risiko kecil ataupun besar, karena perkembangan banyak faktor tidak bisa diramalkan sebelumnya.
Kelompok keutamaan lain menandai orang bisnis pada taraf perusahaan. Dengan kata lain, keutamaan-keutamaan ini dimiliki manajer dan karyawan sejauh mereka mewakili perusahaan. Keempat keutamaan ini adalah: keramahan, loyalitas, kehormatan, dan rasa malu.
Keutamaan sebenarnya lebih cocok untuk digambarkan secara konkret daripada diuraikan pada taraf teoritis. Dalam filsafat dewasa ini dikenal pendekatan yang sering disebut “naratif”. Artinya, kebenaran filosofis yang mau dibicarakan, tidak diuraikan secara teoretis, melainkan dikisahkan dalam suatu contoh atau kasus konkret. Dibandingkan dengan teori-teori lain, teori keutamaan mempunyai kelebihan lagi, karena memungkinkan untuk mengembangkan penilaian etis yang lebih etis. Teori-teori yang didasarkan atas aturan, pada umumnya cenderung menilai perbuatan-perbuatan dari segi negative, artinya mereka terutama menyoroti yang tidak etis.

  1. Hakikat keadilan
Keadilan dapat diartikan sebagai to give everybody his own (memberikan kepada setiap orang apa yang menjadi haknya). 
Ciri khas keadilan :
a.       Keadilan tertuju pada orang lain
b.      Keadilan harus ditegakkan atau dilaksanakan
c.       Keadilan menuntut persamaan (equality)
  1. Pembagian keadilan
Pembagian keadilan menurut Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) yang mendasarkan pandangan filosofisnya atas pemikiran Aristoteles (384-322 SM)  disebut juga pembagian klasik, membedakan keadilan menjadi :
a.       Keadilan Umum (general justice) : berdasarkan keadilan ini para anggota masyarakat diwajibkan untuk memberi kepada masyarakat (negara) apa yang menjadi haknya.
b.      Keadilan Distributif (distributive justice): berdasarkan keadilan ini negara (pemerintah) harus membahi segalanya ddengan cara yang sama kepada para anggota masyarakat.
c.       Keadilan Komutatif (commutative justice) : berdasarkan keadilan ini setiap orang harus memberikan kepada orang lain apa yang menjadi haknya.
Pembagian keadilan yang dikemukakan oleh pengarang modern tentang etika bisnis, khususnya John Boatright dan Manuel Velasquez dapat dibedakan menjadi :
a.       Keadilan Distributif (distributive Justice)
b.      Keadilan Retributif (retributive justice) : berkaitan dengan terjadinya kesalahan
c.       Keadilan Kompensatoris (compensatory justice) : berdasarkan keadilan ini orang mempunyai kewajiban moral untuk memberikan kompensasi atau ganti rugi kepada orang atau instansi yang dirugikan
Disamping pembagian tersebut, keadilan juga dapat dibedakan menjadi keadilan sosial dan keadilan individu
  1. Keadilan distributif pada khususnya
Dalam teori etika modern, ada dua macam prinsip untuk keadilan distributif, yaitu : prinsip formal dan prinsip material. Prinnsip formal yang dirumuskan dalam bahasa Inggris berbunyi “equals ought to be treated equally and unequals may be treated unequals”. Yang dapat diartikan bahwa kasus-kasus yang sama harus diperlakukan dengan cara yang sama, sedangkan kasus-kasus yang tidak sama boleh saja diperlakukan dengan cara yg tidak sama. Sedangkan prinsip material menunjukkan kepada salah satu aspek relevan yang bisa menjadi dasar untuk membagi dengan adil hal-hal yang dicari oleh berbagai orang. Beauchamp dan Bowie menyebut enam prinsip keadilan distributif terwujud apabila diberikan kepada setiap oraang dengan syarat :
a.       Bagian yang sama
b.      Sesuai dengan kebutuhan individualnya
c.       Sesuai dengan haknya
d.      Sesuai dengan usaha individualnya
e.       Sesuai dengan kontribusinya kepada masyarakat
f.       Sesuai dengan jasanya
Berdasarkan prinsip material tersebut, telah dibentuk beberapa teori keadilan distributif. Antara lain :
a.       Teori egalitariasme (membagi dengan adil berarti membagi rata)
b.      Teori sosialistis (membagi adil sesuai dengan kebutuhan individualnya)
c.       Teori liberalistis

Liberalisme dan Sosialisme sebagai Perjuangan Moral

1.             Tinjuan historis
1.1.       John Locke dan milik pribadi
John Locke (1623-1704), seorang filsuf inggris yang banyak mendalami masalah-masalah social politik, secara umum diakui sebagai orang yang pertama kali mendasarkan teori liberalisme tentang milik. Menurut Locke, manusia mempunyai tiga “hak kodrat: (natural right): “life, freedom, and property”. Yang penting adalaha hak atas milik karena keidupan dan kebebasan kita miliki juga. Jadi, hak atas milik menyedia pola untuk memahami kedua hak lain juga. Argumentasinya mempengaruhi secara mendalam pemikiran tentang milik di kemudian hari.
Dalam pandangan Locke ini, sudah tampak beberapa cirri kapitalisme liberal yang dengan tegas akan ditolak oleh Karl Marx. Pertama, Locke mengandaikan begitu saja bahwa pekerjaan pun harus diukur atas dasar nilai tukarnya, artinya sebagai komoditas pasaran. Kedua, Locke mengandaikan juga bahwa hasil kerja karyawan menjadi milik sah dari pemilik tanah atau pemilik sarana produksi.
1.2.       Adam Smith dan pasar bebas
Tokoh lain yang pantas dibahas dalam rangka liberalism adalah orang Skotlandia, Adam Smith (1723-1790). Adam Smith menjadi terkenal karena dengan gigih membela pasar brbas di bidang ekonomi. Adam Smith tentu bukan filsuf pertama yang membedakan antara kepentingan-diri dan egoisme, tapi ia melihat pentingnya khusus untuk relasi-relasi ekonomis. Kepentingan diri merupakan motIvasi utama yang mendorong kita untuk mengadakan kegiatan ekonomis.
Kegiatan ekonomis di pasar bukan saja menguntungkan bagi pihak-pihak yang langsung terlibat di dalamnya, tetapi bermanfaat juga untuk masyarakat sebagai keseluruhan. Smith menekankan bahwa dengan mengejar kepentingan diri masing-masing dalam sistem pasar para anggota masyarakat mewujudkan kesejahteraan umum yang paling besar.
1.3.       Marxisme dan kritiknya atas milik pribadi
Yang dimaksud dengan marxisme adalah pemikiran Karl Marx (1818-1882) bersama dengan teman seperjuangannya, Friedrich Engels (1820-1895). Marxisme adalah ajaran social-ekonomis-politik yang sangat kompleks dan tidak mudah untuk disingkatkan tanpa mengorbankan cukup banyak unsure yang sebenarnya hakiki juga. Bisa dikatakan juga marxisme menolak pemilikan pribadi atas capital atau modal, sebab yang memiliki capital dengan sendirinya memilki juga sarana-sarana produksi. Ciri kapitalisme yang jelek adalah bahwa mereka memperkerjakan orang lain untuk memperkaya diri sendiri. Menurut Marxisme, lembaga pribadi pada dasarnya merupakan penindasan atau eksploitasi kaum pekerja. Di sini dengan jelas tampak inspirasi etis dari marxisme. Tujuannya bukan menghapus milik pribadi begitu saja, melainkan secara radikal menentang penindasan atau eksploitasi yang berasal dari pemilikan eksklusif atas sarana-sarana produksi. Menurut mereka, cara pemilikan itu harus diganti dengan sistem milik kolektif.

2.             Pertentangan dan perdamaian antara liberalism dan sosialisme
2.1.       Liberalisme
Inti pemikiran liberalism adalah tekanannya pada pada kebebasan individual (liber Lat.=bebas). Tugas pokok Negara menurut pandangan liberalism secara klasik dilukiskan sebagai nighwatch state, “Negara jaga malam”, karena Negara hanya membatasi diri pada perlindungan dan pengamanan para warga Negara.
2.2.       Sosialisme
“Sosialisme” berasal dari kata Latin socius yang berarti “teman” atau “kawan”. Sosialisme memandang manusia sebagai makhluk social sebagai sesame yang hidup bersama orang lain. Liberalisme lebih cenderung melihat manusia sebagai individu yang mempunyai kebebasan masing-masing. Masyarakat yang diatur secara liberalism ditandai egoism, sedangkan masyarakat yang diatur secara sosialistis atau kesetiakawanan.
a.       Sosialisme komunistis
Sosialisme komunistis atau komunisme (communis Lat.=bersama) menolak milik pribadi. Menurut mereka, milik harus menjadi milik bersama atau milik kolektif. Tetai, sebagaimana dijelaskan sebelumnya, Karl Marx tidak menolak semua milik pribadi. Marx dan pengikut-pengikutnya membedakan antara pemilikan barang konsumsi dan pemilikan sarana-sarana produksi. Barang konsumsi adalah barang yang dipakai oleh seseorang bersama dengan keluarganya, seperti rumah, kendaraan, fasilitas olah raga, koleksi buku dan lain sebagainya. Yang tidak boleh menjadi milik pribadi adalah sarana-sarana produksi, seperti pabrik.
          Dallas : Opportunities Limited in Grapevine's Vineyard Creek Estates        
Dallas : Opportunities Limited in Grapevine

Opportunities to purchase a luxurious Plantation Homes’ design in the intimate, upscale community of Vineyard Creek Estates are dwindling. However, the builder still has home sites and inventory homes available for buyers ready to act quickly.

The 12 elegant designs Plantation offers feature high-end finishes, award-winning architecture and a variety of amenities such as island kitchens, stylish master suites and game rooms. The one- and two-story designs range from 2,092 to 3,614 square feet and are priced from the $410,000s.

Buyers hoping to move in before the New Year can choose from a range of available homes in various stages of construction. Already completed is 4429 Vineyard Creek Drive, featuring hardwood-clad floors, a sweeping “Gone with the Wind” staircase, a private study with triple French doors, a tiered media room, a jewel box breakfast nook surrounded by oversized windows and a deluxe master suite. The four-bedroom home is priced from the $540,000s. Two additional inventory homes are slated for November and March completion.

All Plantation Homes come with a two-year heating-and-cooling cost guarantee, and meet the highest standards of the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED for Homes program. Certification through this program requires following stringent mandates to build high-performance homes that use less energy, less water and fewer natural resources, creates less waste, and is healthier and more comfortable for homeowners.

Residents of Vineyard Creek Estates enjoy numerous shopping, dining and entertainment options. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy boating on Lake Grapevine, an 8,000-acre recreational lake surrounded by miles of hiking, biking and Segway trails. Golfers can hit the links at any of three nearby golf courses, and everyone will enjoy Grapevine’s many award-winning festivals.

The community also is zoned to award-winning schools in the Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District, including Colleyville Heritage High School — ranked No. 55 in the state. The school earned gold level recognition from U.S. News and World Report in 2015 based on state proficiency standards and how well the school prepares students for college. Colleyville Heritage also ranked 263 out of 2,300 high schools across the nation on the Washington Post’s Most Challenging High School List.

Sprouts are the best. They're the lazy man's greens and there's so many varieties to get you through the year.

I'll backtrack. We all know that vegetables are super important in any diet. Particularly raw vegetables. Particularly raw, green, leafy vegetables. But it's not always easy to eat enough of them, especially in winter. Who wants big leafy salads loaded with cooling produce (like lettuce and cucumbers) when it's freezing outside?

This is why sprouts save the day. Did you know that one cup of lentil sprouts contains 2.5mg of iron? And almost 7 grams of protein? You'd have to eat about 7 cups of raw spinach to get that much nutrition.

And, sprouts are easy to make, even for the black-thumbed gardeners out there. Soak some seeds for 8-12 hours or overnight, and drain and rinse a couple of times a day until little tails have formed. There's plenty of step by step sprouting guides on the internets so I won't go into detail here. No fancy equipment necessary. Just a jar, seeds, water, and TLC.

Here's a terrible photo of some sprouts I made today. 

The tails are about the same length as the seed, and that's when I like to eat them. Here we have a lentil sprout and a mung bean sprout - but of course you can sprout anything, like chickpeas, wheat, almonds, sunflower seeds... Any whole seed, bean, or grain.

Then what? Well, you can cook them but that will lead to some nutrient losses. Also I personally think they taste better raw. Just throw a hefty handful on top of any dish - soup, salad, stew, or mixed through rice or quinoa. As long as your food isn't piping hot when you mix the sprouts through, you'll retain the nutrients.

You can also create a side dish using the sprouts. They taste great with a sprinkle of cumin and a squeeze of lemon juice. Or, you can try my version of raw chili. You'll need:
1 cup of sprouts (I like mung bean sprouts for this)
A half cup of corn (optional, not everyone handles raw corn well)
2 large or 3 medium tomatoes 
Half a red capsicum
A big handful of fresh herbs like parsley and oregano (dried is ok too)
A few squeezes of lemon
A chilli pepper (optional).

Set aside sprouts and corn in a bowl. Put the tomato, capsicum, herbs, lemon, and chilli into a food processor. This will be the sauce, so make it as smooth or as chunky as you like. Pour the sauce over the sprouts and corn, and stir through. 

You can eat it just like this, or spoon it into cos lettuce leaves to make "boats". It also tastes good as a topping for a baked potato. 

You could add cumin and use coriander leaves as the herb, and then put this chili in a burrito or atop nachos. 

If you're so inclined, you could dice celery and capsicum into this chili and make it even more like its cooked counterpart. 

Leftovers keep pretty well, although the liquid from the sauce may separate and need to be stirred through. 

If you're like me and feeling a bit stodgy from all the winter comfort food, try adding some sprouts to your meals. I'm pretty excited about sprouts, and with their help I think I may just make it through another Melbourne winter :)

          Why weight loss doesn't work        
The fat trap.

This article appeared on the New York Times website a while ago. It describes the plight of the overweight and obese in losing weight. Those who successfully lose significant amounts of weight will eventually regain it. This is compounded by "fat genes" that supposedly predispose individuals to obesity and even to selecting high fat, high calorie foods. Those who lose weight are described as forever having to meticulously monitor calorie intake and expenditure.

Pretty depressing stuff if you're overweight.

Losing weight is fantastic, but who wants to always be measuring food and maniacally exercising? Always thinking about food and worrying about the pounds coming back on? It's enough to make a person abandon the running shoes for a pair of extra wide sweat pants.

This article is everything that's wrong with weight loss and "dieting". It's based on starvation level diets, which are unrealistic and impossible to maintain in the long term. Unfortunately, what the author doesn't realise is that by eating in accordance with our physiology, it IS possible to lose weight and keep it off, without being doomed to a life of food scales and calorie charts.

The problem with "diets" is that they're a quick fix solution to a systemic problem. Mainstream medicine will tell you that it's all about "calories in vs calories out", without taking into account the complexity of the human machine. Starve, over exercise, and get hyped up on stimulants, and the body will eventually rebel. Rapid weight loss will see a significant loss of muscle tissue, the body's effort to reduce calorie requirements by removing  energetically demanding tissue. With a loss of muscle tissue comes a drop in basal metabolic rate. In addition, stress hormones kick in, which promote fat storage and feelings of hunger. Then, when the dieter succumbs to any sort of refeeding, their body a) becomes more likely to gain fat, and b) requires fewer calories to maintain the same initial body weight.

This is why fast weight loss never works in the long run. People want to lose 5 or 10 pounds in a matter of weeks, but this is often mostly water, salt, or glycogen... with some muscle loss and eventually some fat loss. It makes about as much sense as chopping off a leg to lose some quick pounds. The number on the scale may be lower, but at what cost? What's the point of being "thin" if your adrenal glands are burned out from chronic stress? Or if you've increased the risk of cancer from all the chemicals ingested in food? Or if you're unable to enjoy life because of obsessive calorie counting?

Most people want to lose weight to reduce their risk of diseases like diabetes and heart disease. But too many weight loss programs leave the individual in worse shape than when they started! Malnourishment is the precursor of disease - and it is difficult to obtain all necessary nutrients on most calorie-restricting diets.

In the raw food world, there is increasing focus on building health as a means of achieving a healthy weight. When an individual is truly healthy, mentally and physically, a healthy weight can be effortlessly maintained.

How is this achieved?

True health includes athletic fitness, hydration, stress management, strong social relationships, a sense of community and belonging, exposure to sunshine and nature, and adequate rest, in addition to ingestion of healthy foods and minimising exposure to toxins. Addressing all these issues permanently means a lifestyle and habit change - developing a consistent routine that addresses all of these needs, and which is realistic and can be easily maintained.

So, what should the overweight person do to lose some pounds? Before doing anything, get a full physical work up. Cholesterol, liver function, blood pressure, heart rate, everything. It's called a baseline measure - and it will be the comparison point for all subsequent measurements on the journey to health.

Once that's done, it's time for diet change. Don't be afraid - a healthy diet will not mean rabbit food and leave you constantly hungry. In fact, you get to eat more than you ever would have thought. Cut out animal products: dairy, meat, eggs, honey, as well as soda, fast food, and processed snack food. Replace these things with whole plant foods, like fruit and vegetables, whole grains, legumes and beans, and small amounts of nuts and seeds. Stick to a low fat, whole food vegan diet and watch your health skyrocket. Incorporate as much raw food as you can. Entire meals can be made 100% raw, like a breakfast smoothie with bananas, mangoes, and water. And for those who think it's too radical a dietary change: don't worry, there's vegan alternatives to almost every meal in existence. Tempeh and seitan instead of meat. Veggie burgers instead of beef burgers. Scrambled tofu instead of scrambled eggs. Almond milk instead of cow milk. Yes, you can have vegan pizza, burgers, and pies. All of these are great transitional tools for getting off the dead animals and onto the plants.

Make sure you eat enough - the calorie density of plant foods is generally  lower than animal products. One fast food hamburger meal is easily the equivalent of 10-15 bananas. Make sure enough calories are consumed to meet nutritional targets, maintain energy levels, and sustain a positive mental attitude. 30bananasaday.com is a great resource, or check out the Banana Girl Diet, Banana Boy Diet, and Raw Til 4 pages on facebook.

Next is movement. You can't be healthy if you're not fit. Do whatever floats your boat, whether it's running, walking, swimming, rock climbing, salsa dancing, or yoga. As long as you're moving. If you do what you enjoy, it won't even seem like a work out - it will just be fun. Incorporate activity into daily life. Play with your dog or your kids. Ride your bike or walk instead of using the car. Take the stairs.

Ensure adequate rest. Get off the stimulants. Most of us are running around on too-little sleep, but artificially boosted with coffee, energy drinks, and chocolate. The body can't rest when we're hyped up on drugs, and rest is crucial for recovery. It's common to require 8-10 hours of sleep per night - or even more if athletic. Drink plenty of water. Spend time with uplifting people who encourage you to make positive changes. Get outdoors.

Over time, you will see radical shifts in your physique as well as mental outlook and attitude. You will become less interested in weight and more focused on how you FEEL. Happiness, vitality, and vibrancy will attract more of those things into your life. And THAT's the goal - not simply a number on the scale.
          Enjoy the Benefits of Living Near Nature with Plantation Homes        

When searching for a new home in a community, several key characteristics always seem to rise to the top. Buyers are often searching for a home close to employment centers, a community that feeds into a good school district, and a location that provides easy access to the types of dining, shopping, and entertainment options that may interest them.

In addition, people now find themselves eager for a community that includes all of these options with the additional added benefit of being close to nature and/or designed to put a focus on outdoor spaces and natural elements – and for good reason.

Data is increasingly indicative of the benefits of living in and spending time in nature. With today’s busy schedules, the need for these elements to be closer and easier to access is understood. 

Spending Time in Nature has Positive Health Benefits
Designing a community around nature is a trend prevalent in some of the newest communities being built. Such amenities make attractive and desirable locations and backdrops for new home buyers, plus they are shown to have a positive impact on the health and well-being of residents.

Research shows convenient access to natural elements and an increase in time spent outdoors have positive benefits on the health of humans, contributing to reduced stress levels and positive mental well-being.

Research into the topic has shown:

Advantages of a Waterside Property
In Texas, new home communities are increasingly being built near lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water. In the hot Texas summer, this can be an especially attractive option for new buyers. In addition to the aforementioned health benefits of purchasing a home located in natural elements, there are several tangible reasons why doing so can be a good investment for a homeowner.

An oft-cited reason by many new buyers is the ability to take advantage of the additional recreational opportunities provided by a body of water. With popular hobbies such as boating, fishing, waterskiing and more only able to be conducted on water, it is easy to see why sports enthusiasts flock to these locations. Some people even cite the ability to partake in new hobbies that would been prohibitive in urban locations as an added benefit.

But in addition to the recreational opportunities, lakeside and lakefront homes also offer additional advantages over traditional homesites. Lakeside and lakefront homes are often more desirable and retain their value longer than other properties due to their limited supply and secluded locations that can offer additional privacy as compared to other structures.

Enjoy the Benefits of Lakeside Living with Plantation Homes
If you are sold on the benefits of lakeside living and are ready to pursue your dream and enjoy the health benefits of a home surrounded by nature, partner with Plantation Homes. In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Planation Homes builds in established communities with easy access to the benefits that come with lakeside living.

One such community is Wildridge, located directly on the shores of Lewisville Lake in north Dallas. Even though the community is part of the bustling Metroplex, new home buyers in the community will find the outdoors right out their front door. Community features include miles of winding trails, a stocked fishing pond, and waterfront access. Plus, a recreation and amenity center complete with pool allows residents to have the choice of enjoying leisure within the community or exploring the surrounding wooded landscape.

Located west of the bustling Frisco area in Oak Point, residents enjoy easy access to I-35 and the Dallas North Tollway allowing quick drives to downtown Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Denton, McKinney, even Arlington. Schools in the community are zoned for the Little Elm ISD.

Contact Plantation Homes today to find out more about the floor plans and homesites available at Wildridge.

          Houston : Plantation Homes Offers $10,000 in Options for Towne Lake Homes        

Summer just got a little hotter for purchasers of a new Plantation home in the award-winning, waterfront community of Towne Lake. The builder is offering $10,000 in options and upgrades when customers purchase a new home by July 31.

Buyers can peruse available options and decor selections at the Plantation Homes’ design center. There, they can view the hottest trends in home design, such as outdoor kitchens with built-in grills, wet bars in the game room or the addition of a second master suite. New homeowners can choose upgrade granite countertops and hardware, add hardwood floors or design the perfect bedroom retreat, all with the help of a Plantation Homes’ design professional.

“There is more to creating a perfect home than selecting a floor plan, “said James Miller, region president of McGuyer Homebuilder Inc., (MHI), parent company of Plantation Homes. “Buyers want homes that express their interests and fit in with their lifestyles. With Plantation Homes’ flexible home designs and an array of options, the sky is the limit — and $10,000 goes a long way.”

Plantation Homes offers 20 contemporary designs in Towne Lake, a planned community comprising 2,400 acres in Cy-Fair. Homes range in size from 2,384 to 4,271 square feet and feature volume ceilings, island kitchens, spacious great rooms and relaxing master suites. Prices are based price from the $350,000s.

Residents of Towne Lake enjoy an active lifestyle with neighborhoods connected by waterways and scenic coves. A planned Boardwalk will feature waterfront restaurants, office space and recreational outlets with marina parking for residents’ boats. Other amenities include a fitness center, tennis courts, clubhouse, biking and hiking trails and a new, state-of-the-art waterpark featuring a lazy river winding through waterfalls and tunnels, a diving pool and a landing pool for the spiraling water slide.

Towne Lake is located in Northwest Houston off Barker Cypress and U.S. 290, close to major employment centers, shopping, dining and entertainment options. Students attend schools in the award-winning Cy-Fair Independent School District.

          Houston : Plantation Homes Touts Kings Harbor Townhomes        

Plantation Homes has started construction on six luxurious townhome designs that are sure to sell quickly in Kings Harbor, a 40-acre mixed-use development that combines lakeside urban living in one of Houston’s most coveted suburban neighborhoods, Kingwood.

The designs now underway showcase the variety of townhomes Plantation Homes offers in Kings Harbor. Buyers can select from attached and detached designs, two and three bedrooms, and plans with game rooms and flex space. All of the homes feature ample outdoor living areas, including covered patios and balconies, second floor common areas, two-car garages and third-floor master suites with spacious closets.

Plantation offers five townhome designs in Kings Harbor, which is built along the shores of Lake Houston. Priced from the $310,000s, the designs range from 2,475 to 2,739 square feet. The builder has opened its Corrigan design — a two-bedroom home with a formal dining room, first-floor flex space and dual master closets — as its model home at 1707 Billfish Boulevard.

Empanadas at Chimichurri’s and fresh fruit smoothies at The Berry Bar are in walking distance for residents of Kings Harbor, which boasts numerous restaurants, shopping and boutique offices. Residents also enjoy engaging events, such as First Friday concerts, a patriotic fireworks show to celebrate Independence Day and “Champagne Tuesdays” at The Tasting Room. The Pier at Kings Harbor is the only multi-venue waterfront alternative on Lake Houston for boating enthusiasts. The community is located along Lake Houston Parkway near Kingwood Drive and FM 1960. Upscale shopping and popular restaurants at Kings Crossing Town Center and Kingwood Commons are a short distance away, making this an idyllic hometown for those with urban sensibilities.

View available homes in Kings Harbor.

          Houston : Plantation Homes Now Selling in Towne Lake’s New Section        

The essence of lake living is within your reach when you purchase a new Plantation home in the scenic, master-planned community of Towne Lake in Cypress. The builder is now selling in a new section of the 2,400-acre property, which is centered on a private, 300-acre, recreational lake.

Inviting, easy-living home designs, inspired by the Hill Country ambiance that imbues this sought-after Cy-Fair community, provide ample living space and endless opportunities for casual entertaining with spacious great rooms flowing into attractive, functional kitchens. A model located at 10403 Mayberry Heights Drive demonstrates both the beauty and functionality of these homes.

With 20 designs ranging in size from 2,384 to 4,271 square feet, beautifully finished exteriors and interiors, formal living and dining rooms, upstairs game rooms adjoining data centers, elegant staircases and indoor balconies and options to create al fresco dining areas with Texas-sized covered patios and outdoor kitchens, buyers are sure to find a home that perfectly expresses their individuality.  Prices start from the $350,000s.

Plantation Homes builds all of its homes to be eco-friendly, exceeding the platinum standards of the Environment for Living Program and ensuring that homes are comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient.

Residents of Towne Lake enjoy an active lifestyle with neighborhoods connected by waterways and scenic coves. A planned boardwalk will feature waterfront restauran