HTTP Verb Tampering Demo/Example/Tutorial         

What is HTTP Verb?

  •  According to Wiki "The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is an application protocol for distributed, collaborative, hypermedia information systems.  HTTP is the foundation of data communication for the World Wide Web.

  • Verb is nothing but HTTP methods used to indicate the desired action to be performed on the identified resource.

-  List of some basic HTTP Verb or Methods
  • GET
  • HEAD
  • POST 
  • PUT

What is HTTP Verb Tampering? 

It's a method to bypass a defense technique by tampering the verb. Some secret directories have restricted access by  basic authentication. This directories are protected by the .htaccess file which can be easily exploited. This attack is a result of a Apache  htaccess file misconfiguration .

An administrator, limits the access to the private resource or directory just via POST request method. See the vulnerable code below.

Here AuthUserFile is the directory to the .htpasswd file which contains the username & password in encrypted format.

require valid-user

It just limits the POST method & matches the credentials that saved in htpasswd file, if wrong error page shows up.

Here the administrator has limited POST method, but also not blacklisted other methods?. This means any requests via other method would lead the attacker having access to the protected  private resources or directory. Below i have provided a video DEMO of  successful exploitation of an HTTP Verb tampering vulnerability via Live HTTP Headers ( Firefox add-on) on AT&T sub domain (Reported & Fixed). In the next post i will be showing you various ways to fix or apply a patch to this vulnerability .

What are the problems with Hamilton 68?

The researchers say “the accounts tracked by the dashboard include a mix of such users and is the fruit of more than three years of observation and monitoring,” citing a November 2016 article by Weisburd, Watts, and Berger, titled, “Trolling for Trump: How Russia Is Trying to Destroy Our Democracy.” The text outlines a wide array of Russian “active measures” designed to erode Americans’ faith in their democracy, including efforts as serious as military-orchestrated hacker attacks. Hamilton 68, however, doesn’t claim to track secret Russian hackers, and what we (supposedly) get is relatively underwhelming.
“Attributed government or pro-Russian accounts.” We actually have some idea which accounts Hamilton 68 is tracking, when it talks about this group of Twitter accounts. At the top of the dashboard, there is a widget called “Top Tweets of the Last 24 Hours” featuring a repeating rotation of “top tweets” by Russian state Twitter accounts. At the time of this writing, the accounts displayed belong to the Russian Foreign Ministry, RT America,, Sputnik International, and RT UK News.
The Alliance for Securing Democracy says its goal with this project is to “spread awareness of what bad actors are doing online” and to help journalists “appropriately identify Russian-sponsored information campaigns.” But what journalist needs a “dashboard” to know that the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Twitter account belongs to “Russian-sponsored information campaigns”? And what is the use of singling out that RT America tweeted about a school explosion in Minneapolis on August 2? Perhaps Russian “active measures” aim to “erode trust between citizens and elected officials and democratic institutions,” and maybe reporting on tragedies or infrastructure failures in America furthers this aim, but characterizing such tweets as “what bad actors are doing” comes eerily close to branding such journalism a Russian propaganda effort.
“Bots and human accounts run by troll factories.” All we know about this category in Hamilton 68’s methodology is that researchers periodically have to “replace accounts that are suspended,” meaning that the dashboard possibly doesn’t monitor a full 600 Twitter accounts at all times, if the deleted bots on the list aren’t replaced automatically. According to Weisburd, Watts, and Berger, bots are a “key tool for moving misinformation and disinformation from primarily Russian-influenced circles into the general social media population,” citing fake reports about a second military coup in Turkey and a gunman at JFK airport.
These incidents stand out, however, because they’re so rare and extreme, and Hamilton 68’s focus on bots risks overlooking the typically futile background noise these accounts produce online. Because the accounts aren’t identified, moreover, there’s no way of knowing if the bots reflected in the dashboard weren’t temporarily hired to promote pro-Russian content before some other client — a shoe company or a vitamin manufacturer, for instance — ordered the latest campaign. This may be a wild, silly hypothetical, but we don’t know any better, with the raw data hidden from us.
“Accounts run by people who amplify pro-Russian themes after being influenced by Russian propaganda efforts.” This is far and away the trickiest, most problematic aspect of The Alliance for Securing Democracy’s new project, and it’s also presumably where researchers wanted most to avoid “debate” about their selection criteria. How do you identify “pro-Russian amplifiers” if Russian propaganda’s themes dovetail with alternative American political views? One of the problems with PropOrNot, in Adrian Chen’s words, was that it unfairly targeted media outlets that “exhibited a pattern of beliefs outside the political mainstream.”
Hamilton 68 tries to dodge this issue by concealing the people it says are “pro-Russian amplifiers.”
J.M. Berger says the project’s selection process has a “98-percent confidence rate,” but that’s an easy claim to defend, when you won’t tell anyone who's on the list.
Kevin Rothrock

          House votes to repeal Obama 'blacklisting' rule        
Congressional Republicans moved a step closer Thursday to repealing an Obama administration regulation that industry opponents claim blacklists companies from procuring federal contracts. The House voted 236-187 for a resolution under the...
          untuk menangkal situs porno        

Untuk menangkal situs porno tidaklah sukar. Secara umum ada dua (2) teknik menangkal situs porno, yaitu:
• Memasang filter di PC pengguna.
• Memasang filter di server yang tersambung ke Internet.

Teknik yang pertama, memasang filter pada PC pengguna, biasanya dilakukan oleh para orang tua di PC di rumah agar anak-anak tidak melakukan surfing ke situs yang tidak di inginkan. Daftar lengkap filter maupun browser yang cocok untuk anak untuk aplikasi rumah tersebut dapat dilihat pada ? parent’s guide ? browser’s for kids. ? parent’s guide ? blocking and filtering.

Beberapa filter yang cukup terkenal seperti
Net Nanny,
I Way Patrol,

Tentunya teknik memfilter seperti ini hanya dapat dilakukan bagi orang tua di rumah kepada anak-nya yang belum begitu tahu Internet.Bagi sekolah yang terdapat fasilitas internet, tentunya teknik-teknik di atas sulit di terapkan. Cara paling effisien untuk menangkal situs porno adalah dengan memasang filter pada server proxy yang digunakan di WARNET / di kantor yang digunakan mengakses Internet secara bersama-sama dari sebuah Local Area Network (LAN).Teknik ke dua (2), memasang filter situs porno tidaklah sukar. Beberapa software komersial untuk melakukan filter konten, antara lain adalah:

Mungkin yang justru paling sukar adalah memperoleh daftar lengkap situs-situs yang perlu di blokir. Daftar tersebut diperlukan agar filter tahu situs mana saja yang perlu di blokir. Daftar ratusan ribu situs yang perlu di blokir dapat di ambil secara gratis, antara lain di:

bagi sekolah atu perkantoran, alternatif open source (Linux) mungkin menjadi menarik karena tidak membajak software. Pada Linux, salah satu software proxy yang paling populer adalah squid ( yang biasanya dapat di install sekaligus bersamaan dengan instalasi Linux (baik Mandrake maupun RedHat).

Untuk melakukan proses filtering pada squid tidaklah sukar, kita cukup menambahkan beberapa kalimat pada file /etc/squid/squid.conf. Misalnya

acl sex url_regex "/etc/squid/sex"
acl notsex url_regex "/etc/squid/notsex"
http_access allow notsex
http_access deny sex

buatlah file /etc/squid/sex

contoh isi /etc/squid/notsex:

contoh isi /etc/squid/sex:

untuk memasukan daftar blacklist yang di peroleh dari squidguard dll, dapat dimasukan dengan mudah ke daftar di atas tampak di bawah ini adalah daftar Access Control List (ACL) di /etc/squid/squid.conf yang telah saya buat di server saya di rumah, yaitu:

acl sex url_regex "
acl notsex url_regex "
acl aggressive url_regex "
acl drugs url_regex "
acl porn url_regex "
acl ads url_regex "
acl audio-video url_regex "
acl gambling url_regex "
acl warez url_regex "
acl adult url_regex "
acl dom_adult dstdomain "
acl dom_aggressive dstdomain "
acl dom_drugs dstdomain "
acl dom_porn dstdomain "
acl dom_violence dstdomain "
acl dom_ads dstdomain "
acl dom_audio-video dstdomain "
acl dom_gambling dstdomain "
acl dom_proxy dstdomain "
acl dom_warez dstdomain "

http_access deny sex
http_access deny adult
http_access deny aggressive
http_access deny drugs
http_access deny porn
http_access deny ads
http_access deny audio-video
http_access deny gambling
http_access deny warezhttp_access deny dom_adult
http_access deny dom_aggressive
http_access deny dom_drugs
http_access deny dom_porn
http_access deny dom_violence
http_access deny dom_ads
http_access deny dom_audio-video
http_access deny dom_gambling
http_access deny dom_proxy
http_access deny dom_warez

Dengan cara di atas, saya tidak hanya memblokir situs porno tapi juga situs yang berkaitan dengan drug, kekerasan, perjudian dll. Semua data ada pada file blacklist dari

Block Situs di Mikrotik Lewat Winbox

1.Buka winbox yang berada pada desktop.

2. Klik tando ( … ) atau isi alamat Mikrotik pada kolom Connect To:

3. Maka akan muncul gambar seperti di bawah ini, kemudian pilih salah satu.

4. Setelah itu isi Username dan Passwort Mikrotik

5. Kemudian klik tanda connect.

6. Dan akan terbuka jendela Mikrotik seoerti gambar di bawah ini.

7. Untuk block situs klik menu IP pilih Web Proxy

8. Kemudian Setting Web Proxy dengan mengeklik tombol Setting.

9. Maka akan muncul jendela seperti gambar di bawah ini.
Setting Web Proxy sepeti gambar di bawah ini, kemudian di klik tombol OK.

10. Sekarang kita mulai buat settingan website yang akan di block.Klik tanda ( + )
Maka akan muncul jendela, dan kemudia setting seperti gambar di bawah ini.

11. Kemudian klik OK, maka akan muncul catatan pada jendela Web Proxy.

12. Coba cek settingan tersebut dengan mengetikan kata “porno” pada google.

13. Dan kemudian enter, jika muncul tampilan seperti gambar di bawah ini maka settingan block situs Kamu berhasil.
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Kejahatan dunia maya (Inggris: cybercrime) adalah istilah yang mengacu kepada aktivitas kejahatan dengan komputer atau jaringan komputer menjadi alat, sasaran atau tempat terjadinya kejahatan. Termasuk ke dalam kejahatan dunia maya antara lain adalah penipuan lelang secara online, pemalsuan cek, penipuan kartu kredit/carding, confidence fraud, penipuan identitas, pornografi anak, dll.

Walaupun kejahatan dunia maya atau cybercrime umumnya mengacu kepada aktivitas kejahatan dengan komputer atau jaringan komputer sebagai unsur utamanya, istilah ini juga digunakan untuk kegiatan kejahatan tradisional di mana komputer atau jaringan komputer digunakan untuk mempermudah atau memungkinkan kejahatan itu terjadi.

Contoh kejahatan dunia maya di mana komputer sebagai alat adalah spamming dan kejahatan terhadap hak cipta dan kekayaan intelektual. Contoh kejahatan dunia maya di mana komputer sebagai sasarannya adalah akses ilegal (mengelabui kontrol akses), malware dan serangan DoS. Contoh kejahatan dunia maya di mana komputer sebagai tempatnya adalah penipuan identitas. Sedangkan contoh kejahatan tradisional dengan komputer sebagai alatnya adalah pornografi anak dan judi online.

Pada pemilu 2004 lalu, ada sebuah kasus yang cukup mengegerkan dan memukul telak KPU sebagai institusi penyelenggara Pemilu. Tepatnya pada 17 April 2004 situs KPU diacak-acak oleh seseorang dimana nama-nama partai peserta pemilu diganti menjadi lucu-lucu namun data perolehan suara tidak dirubah. Pelaku pembobolan situs KPU ini dilakukan oleh seorang pemuda berumur 25 tahun bernama Dani Firmansyah, seorang mahasiswa Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta jurusan Hubungan Internasional.

Pihak Kepolisian pada awalnya kesulitan untuk melacak keberadaan pelaku terlebih kasus seperti ini adalah barang baru bagi Kepolisian. Pada awal penyelidikan Polisi sempat terkecoh karena pelaku membelokan alamat internet atau internet protocol (IP address) ke Thailand namun dengan usaha yang gigih, polisi berhasil meringkus tersangka ini setelah bekerjasama dengan beberapa pihak seperti Asosiasi Penyelenggara jasa Internet Indonesia (APJII) dan pihak penyedia jasa koneksi internet (ISP/Internet Service Provider).

Belakangan diketahui motif tersangka adalah untuk menunjukkan bahwa kinerja KPU sangat buruk terutama di bidang Teknologi Informasi, namun itu tidak bisa dibenarkan dan pelaku tetap diproses sesuai hukum yang berlaku.

          VirtualBox piix4_smbus Error        
VirtualBox 3.2.10 gives me the following error message when booting Ubuntu 10.10:-
piix4_smbus 0000.00.07.0: SMBus base address uninitialized - upgrade bios or use force_addr=0xaddr

This error is caused by VM having no smbus but Ubuntu always trying to load the module. It doesn't affect anything but is a bit annoying - to fix...

1. Check module is being loaded

lsmod | grep i2c_piix4

2. If so, blacklist it in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf, by adding the following to the end of the file:-

blacklist i2c_piix4

3. Update the initramfs

update-initramfs -u -k all

          Jon Bokenkamp        

The creator of The Blacklist and its spin-off, The Blacklist: Redemption, discusses why he made the move to television after fourteen years in features, leaving and returning to LA, his collaborators, how he does and doesn't like writing, and more. 

          Writers Assistants        

Megan Metzger (When Calls the Heart), Dave Metzger (The Blacklist), Joelle Cornett (Pure Genius), Charlotte Lewis (Faking It), and Jake Thomas (Notorious) discuss what the job entails, how they got their jobs, the best rooms, and the odd place a writers' assistant holds in a writers' room. Recorded on September 11, 2016 at Nerdmelt Theater

          Breitbart is on it.        
Yeah, this diversity debacle doesn't promise to die down anytime soon:
Numerous individuals alleged to be members of Google’s management team have been caught bragging about forming blacklists to impact the careers of colleagues with different political beliefs.
In a series of screenshots from 2015 onwards provided to Breitbart News by a verified Google employee, individuals described as left-wing Google management employees can be seen discussing the ways they punish their colleagues both inside and out of the company.

“While Google appears to be doing very little to quell the hostile voices that exists inside the company, I want those hostile voices to know: I will never, ever hire hire/transfer you onto my team. Ever. I don’t care if you are perfect fit of technically excellent or whatever,” declared former employee Adam Fletcher in a post on Google’s internal, staff-only Google+ network: “Internal Plus.” “I will actively not work with you, even to the point where your team or product is impacted by this decision. I’ll communicate why to your manager if it comes up.”

“You’re being blacklisted by people at companies outside of Google,” he continued. “You might not have been aware of this, but people know, people talk. There are always social consequences.”
Nothing new to readers here, but Breitbart has considerably more reach than I do. However, Allum Bokhari's interview with a rebel Googler, "Hal", is illuminating:
Hal: Witch hunts are a well-known cultural problem at Google. The company is currently facing a Federal complaint filed by the National Labor Relations Board in April for interfering with employees’ legal right to discuss “workplace diversity and social justice initiatives.” The complaint alleges that Senior Vice President Urs Holzle and numerous managers in his organization actively stoked up witch hunts in 2015 and 2016 intended to muzzle low-level employees who raised concerns about the company’s practices. The trial is set for November.

Several managers have openly admitted to keeping blacklists of the employees in question, and preventing them from seeking work at other companies. There have been numerous cases in which social justice activists coordinated attempts to sabotage other employees’ performance reviews for expressing a different opinion. These have been raised to the Senior VP level, with no action taken whatsoever.

Allum Bokhari: What’s it like to work in such an environment? Do you think it damages employee output?

Hal: A lot of social justice activists essentially spend all day fighting the culture war, and get nothing done. The company has made it a point to hire more people like this. The diversity gospel has been woven into nearly everything the company does, to the point where senior leaders focus on diversity first and technology second. The companywide “Google Insider” emails used to talk about cool new tech, but now they’re entirely about social justice initiatives. Likewise, the weekly all-hands “TGIF” meetings used to focus on tech, but now they’re split about 50/50 between tech and identity politics signaling.

For conservative employees, this is obviously demoralizing, but it is also dangerous. Several have been driven out of the company or fired outright for sharing a dissenting view. Others have had their promotions denied or suffered other forms of deniable retaliation. Most of us just keep our heads down because we can’t afford to lose our jobs.

          Dear Yes-at-Googlers        
Welcome to the home of the Evil Legion of Evil.

I, Vox Day, the Supreme Dark Lord of said ELoE, am your humble host. Benvenuti. You need not worry about your physical safety being at risk, the Vile Faceless Minions are chained in their kennels, and muzzled, and have been provided sufficient SJW bones upon which to chew.

Let me assure you that as the bestselling author of SJWs Always Lie, I am perfectly aware that you have been lied to by your fellow Googlers about me and this site. This is not a site that incites harassment, quite to the contrary, as an American Indian who is regularly attacked and misraced and misrepresented and lied about, I am often a victim of SJW harassment.

Since I have been receiving death threats from your kind since 2001, when I first became a political columnist, you will forgive me if I am less than entirely impressed with your preening and posturing about the imminent danger that public exposure supposedly poses you. And before you attempt to engage in the usual toothless social justice rhetoric here, you may wish to keep in mind that I literally wrote the book on the subject.

As you were belatedly informed, your newsletter, of course, does not endorse the content here, so let this welcome serve as your trigger warning that here you will encounter people who:
  • do not agree with you
  • are actually more intelligent than you
  • are better-educated than you
  • and frankly find you to be tediously predictable and rendered functionally stupid, if not delusional, by your foolish social justice convergence.
But if you are polite and civil, I expect the Dread Ilk will treat you in a similarly polite and civil manner. And if you choose otherwise, well, as our guests, we are happy to permit you to establish the rules of engagement.

In certain confidence of the ultimate victory of the Legion, I am,


Since absolutely no one here has any idea what I'm talking about, I refer to the following excerpts from Google's internal SJW newsletter, to which I of course subscribe. Apparently making it known that Google employees are threatening people with violence, threatening to silence those with differing opinions, refusing to work with each other, spying on each other, and making blacklists is, somehow "putting Googlers' physical safety at risk".

I would have thought it was putting their employment at risk, but perhaps Google's executives want their employees engaging in that behavior. I don't know, and really, I don't care. And if you think the best way to move forward is lobbying your bosses to delete this blog, well, all I can say is that it certainly would make for one HELL of a chapter in my forthcoming SJWs Always Double Down.

          John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein        

The writers of Horrible Bosses, John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein (Burt Wonderstone; Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2) talk about their process, their breakthrough Blacklisted script called The $40,000 Man, learning how to pitch, their National Lampoon's Vacation reboot, and more.

          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 09-17-2013 with Kim Baxter        

Blaze Foley- Clay Pigeons - Live At The Austin Outhouse
The Centennial- I Can Relate - Nervous System
Can- Mushroom - Tago Mago 40th Aniversary Edition Remastered
Accordion Crimes- Forecast - Songs To Drive Wives Away
Gayngs- Cry - Relayted
David Axelrod- House Of Mirrors - The Edge David Axelrod At Capitol Records 19661970
The Black Angels- Dont Play With Guns - Indigo Meadow
Shipping News- The March Song - Very Soon And In Pleasant Company
Buildings- I Dont Love My Dog Anymore - Melt Cry Sleep
Roar- Just A Fan - I Cant Handle Change
Charles Bradley- Strictly Reserved For You feat Menahan Street Band - Victim Of Love
Neko Case- Deep Red Bells - Blacklisted
Thee Dang Dangs- Kingdoms Lost - For The People
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion- Rachel - Year One
The Outfit- El Presidente - Tough Kids EP
Dan Auerbach- Whispered Words Pretty Lies - Keep It Hid
Three Second Kiss- Caterpillar Tracks Haircut - Tastyville
David Bowie- Ashes To Ashes - Scary Monsters Remastered
The Magnetic Fields- Sunset City - The Charm Of The Highway Strip
Rodriguez- Inner City Blues - Cold Fact
The Smiths- Rusholme Ruffians - Meat Is Murder
DJ Shadow- Hindsight - Preemptive Strike
Land Lines- Bomb Blast - Land Lines
Land Lines- Anniversary - Land Lines
Shellac- Be Prepared - Excellent Italian Greyhound
Wilco- At Least Thats What You Said - A Ghost Is Born
Portishead- Roads - Dummy
Tjutjuna- Bottle Kids - Tjutjuna
Russian Circles- 309 - Empros
KaitO- Try Me Out - Band Red
Slint- Good Morning Captain - Spiderland
AA Bondy- Oh The Vampyre - When The Devils Loose

playlist URL:
          Passphrase dictionary attack countermeasures in tklbam's keying mechanism        

Background: how a backup key works

In TKLBAM the backup key is a secret encrypted with a passphrase which is uploaded to the Hub.  Decrypting the backup key yields the secret which is passed on to duplicity (and eventually to GnuPG) to be used as the symmetric key with which backup volumes are encrypted on backup and decrypted on restore.

When you create a new backup, or change the passphrase on an existing backup, a new backup key is uploaded to the Hub where it is stored in the key field for that backup record.

When you restore, tklbam downloads the backup key from the Hub and decrypts it locally on the computer performing the restore. Note that the Hub only allows you to download the backup key for backup records to which you have access (e.g., you are the owner).

Only you can decrypt your passphrase protected backups

All of this matters because it means that as long as you use a passphrase to protect the key, even the Hub can't decrypt your backups, only you can - provided you remember the passphrase (or failing that, at least have the escrow key stored in a safe place).

In other words, the decryption of the backup key happens locally and at no point does the passphrase reach the Hub, so we can't decrypt your backup even if you asked us to. Neither can an attacker that has theoretically compromised the Hub, or a government agency that comes kicking down our door with a court warrant.

The problem with cryptographic passphrases

But wait. If an attacker has local access to the key, his ability to run dictionary attacks to find the key's passphrase is limited only by the computational resources he can throw at it.

Remember there's a critical difference between a passphrase used for authentication purposes (e.g., to an online service) and a passphrase used for cryptographic purposes.

By contrast, a passphrase used for authenticating to an online service doesn't need to be as strong as a passphrase that is used cryptographically because with an online service, even if no explicit countermeasures are used (e.g., IP blacklisting on too many failed attempts) there is still a network between the attacker and the service. The available bandwidth places a debilitating upper limit on how many passphrases can be tried per second. Also, in practice there are usually  bottlenecks in other places which would slow down an online dictionary attack even further.

But a passphrase used for cryptographic purposes assumes the attacker has access to the ciphertext, and that's a whole different ball game.

To better understand what we're up against, here's the formula for calculating the size of the passphrase search space:

log(howmany_different_possible_values ** howmany_values) / log(2)

For example, consider a typical 6 letter password.

6 ASCII printable letters = maximum 42-bits of search space.

That's a maximum of 4 trillion possible combinations. Which sounds like a lot. But it really isn't, since:

  1. You can probably squeeze out about 1 million local passphrase tests per second from a modern multi-core workstation, assuming a typical passphrase encryption method is used.

  2. This is one of those problems that are trivial to parallelize.

    If you rent just 100 computers (e.g., in the cloud) you could exhaustively search through 42-bits in about 5 days.

    And remember, today the bad guys often have millions of computers at their disposal via botnets.

  3. People are very bad at choosing truly random passwords. A clever attacker will try the low hanging fruit first, so they're likely to find out your passphrase much sooner than by brute forcing blindly through the full search space.

    For example, say you know a 6 letter password is much too short for an encryption key and instead you're using a longer random combination of 10,000 common English words:

    • 2 words = 18-bits worth of search space.
    • 3 words = 27-bits worth of search space.
    • 4 words = 36-bits worth of search space.

    English words aren't very random so your "paranoid" 3 word, 17 letter passphrase may actually be easier to crack than a truly random combination of just 4 ASCII printable characters (28-bits).

    For comparison, let's see what happens if you use 6 random individual characters.

    If you just use random lowercase characters the search space is reduced to 27-bits which is 32,768 times easier to search through than the full 42-bit search space of 6-letter ASCII printable passwords.

    If you just use random lowercase characters and numbers, the search space is 30-bits which is 4,096 times easier to search through.

    If you just use random lowercase and uppercase characters and numbers, the search space is 35-bits which is 128 times easier to search through.

The good news is that each bit of search space doubles the expense for the attacker.

The bad news is that it takes a truly random combination of 11 uppercase, lowercase characters and numbers just to reach 64-bits worth of search space, and a 10M strong botnet could crack even that in an average of 10 days.

Bottom line: even your supposedly ultra-paranoid passphrase (e.g., r0m4n14nv4mp1r344rdv4rkn3st) of 4 random words from a dictionary of 150K words (in l33t speak) only has about 50-bits worth of entropy, despite being 27 characters long. A 10,000 botnet could crack that in about a day.

Countermeasures: increase computational cost

Though it's impossible to prevent these attacks entirely I've implemented a couple of countermeasures in the way TKLBAM generates passphrase protected keys:

1) The first trick: increase how computationally expensive it is to calculate the cipher key from the passphrase:

def _repeat(f, input, count):
    for x in xrange(count):
        input = f(input)
    return input

def _cipher_key(passphrase, repeats):
    cipher_key = _repeat(lambda k: hashlib.sha256(k).digest(),
                         passphrase, repeats)

The principle is that calculating a hash costs CPU time so by feeding the hash into itself enough times we can linearly increase how expensive it is to map the passphrase-space to the key-space.

For example, repeating the hash routine 100,000 times takes about a quarter second on one of the cores of my computer. If I use all 4 cores this limits me to generating 16 cipher keys per second. Down from 1.6 million cipher keys per second. So that's one way to dramatically reduce the practical feasibility of a dictionary or exhaustive brute force attack.

Note that an attacker can't circumvent this calculation by searching through the key-space directly because even after we increase the cost of generating the passphrase space a 100,000 times over, the cost of trying to bruteforce the 256-bit key-space directly is still countless trillions of times greater.

The weakness of this technique is that an attacker would have to pay the cost of mapping the passphrase-space (e.g., a dictionary) to the key-space only once when trying to crack multiple keys.

2) The second trick: increase how computationally expensive it is to decrypt the key packet by increasing the number of times we pass it through encryption:

def _cipher(cipher_key):
    return, AES.MODE_CBC)

ciphertext = _repeat(lambda v: _cipher(cipher_key).encrypt(v),
                     _pad(plaintext), cipher_repeats)

This part of the computational expense is key-specific so trading off memory to pre-calculate the mapped key-space won't help you with this step.

Implementation notes

Embedding repeat parameters in the key packet

The current implementation hardwires 100,000 repeats of the hash, and another 100,000 repeats of the cipher.

This makes searching through the passphrase-space about 200,000 times more expensive. On my workstation it takes 0.5 seconds to encrypt or decrypt a key (per-core).

I'm not sure these are the ideal parameters but they are in the ball park of how much you can increase the computational expense before usability suffers.

That's not to say you couldn't go higher, but there's a practical upper boundary to that too. If you're willing to wait about a minute for key generation/decryption you could increase the computational expense about 100 times over and that would give you 100 times better protection or allow you to use a password that is 100 times weaker with the same protection.

Just in case, to allow the number of repeats to change or be user configurable in the future the key formatter routine embeds the repeat parameters into the unencrypted portion of the key packet. This allows the key parsing routine to extract these parameters from the key itself so it can just as easily parse a 0.5 second key (I.e., the current default) as a 5 second, or 50 second key.

Embedding a version id

Just to make sure the key format is future proof I'm also embedding a version id into it.

Embedding a version costs almost nothing (an extra byte) and makes it easier to support incompatible changes to the key format should the need arise (e.g., changing of cipher/hash, changing the format, etc.).

Worst case scenario, we increment the version and implement a new incompatible key format. Old clients won't be able to understand the new key format but will at least fail reliably, and new clients will be able to support both new and old key formats.

          Ù…اژول دروپال Pop-up Question Redirect        

اگر در طراحی سایت با دروپال نیاز دارید که کاربر بعد از ورود به سایت با یک پیغام روبرو شود و بعد از کلیک بر روی دکمه مورد نظر به صفحه ای منتقل شود، میتوانید از ماژول دروپال زیر استفاده کنید.


Pop-up Question Redirect

طراحی سایت,بهینه سازی محتوا,سئو,دروپال,آموزش دروپال,طراحی سایت دروپال,ویدئو دروپال,ویدیو دروپال,ماژول دروپال, popup دروپال

این ماژول به این صورت عمل میکند که شما بعد از نصب ماژول دروپال به صفحه پیکربندی ماژول رفته و با صفحه ای مانند عکس زیر روبرو م شوید.

طراحی سایت,بهینه سازی محتوا,سئو,دروپال,آموزش دروپال,طراحی سایت دروپال,ویدئو دروپال,ویدیو دروپال,ماژول دروپال, popup دروپال


تنظیمات ماژول دروپال Pop-up Question Redirect

در قسمت title، عنوان باکسی که قرار است به کاربر نمایش داده شود را میتوانید وارد کنید.

با علامت زدن چک باکس show to logged in user می توانید تعیین کنید که این باکس تنها به کاربرانی که در سایت لاگین شده اند نمایش داده شود.

در قسمت popup message هم پیغام خود را وارد نمایید .

در قسمت های بعدی شما میتوانید متن دکمه yes را مشخص کنید و اینکه بعد از کلیک بر روی yes به چه صفحه ای منتقل شود کاربر و متن مابقی دکمه ها. البته تنها دکمه yes است که شما میتوانید برای آن مسیر مشخص کنید.

در قسمت popup ip blacklist شما میتوانید مشخص کنی که این popup برای چه آی پی هایی نمایش داده نشود.

و در قسمت آخر هم میتوانید برای این popup یک زمان نمایش مشخص کنید و بعد از انجام تغییرات بر روی save configuration کلیک کنید تا تغییرات ذخیره شود.


اگر قصد حمایت از ما را دارید، لطفا مطالب ما را در شبکه های اجتماعی به اشتراک بگذارید (مخصوصا گوگل پلاس laugh  )

امتیاز دهی: 
هنوز امتیازی داده نشده

          Google SJWs Have Wrongthink Blacklists        
Two Minutes of Hate Breitbart: Numerous individuals alleged to be members of Google’s management team have been caught bragging about forming blacklists to impact the careers of colleagues with different political beliefs. In a series of screenshots from 2015 onwards provided to Breitbart News by a verified Google employee, individuals described as left-wing Google management […]

After the title character is seen getting fired and blacklisted in the new movie Trumbo, I’m thinking, as most lawyers would, that he should sue! Dalton Trumbo was a highly paid screenwriter under contract to MGM at the time, and would seem to have a clear case of breach of contract. So why doesn’t he...

Read More

The post Trumbo appeared first on Law Offices of Joseph C. Markowitz.

          Facebook spims – part2        
Here is an updated fresh list of blacklisted people… There was this kid called ‘Sasha Nicol Thompson’… There was this shit called ‘Pop Pitayachaikul’… There was this dude called ‘Rit Charoenpanon’… There was another shit called ‘Phaiiz Tarasansombat’… There was another chinky called ‘Amy Mccormick’… There was a child named ‘Vanessa Rachel Tauro’… There was […]
          Google blacklists Damore to protect weak women from diverse opinions        

Everything is not rosy at Google. An internal memo written by Google engineer James Damore accusing the internet behemoth of operating as an “ideological echo chamber” is riding high on the news cycle. Google, opined Damore, is a place where

          VPS Hosting – Block, Allow, dan Ignore IP Address tertentu pada WHM menggunakan CSF        

Bagi anda yang berlangganan paket VPS/Dedicated/Colocation berikut dengan paket cPanel/WHM, tidak perlu mengalami kesulitan lagi terutama dalam hal management keamanannya (Firewall Management). Dengan CSF pada WHM, anda bisa menentukan siapa saja yang diperbolehkan akses ke server anda (whitelist) atau siapa saja yang tidak boleh mengakses server anda (blacklist/blocking) dengan mudah, karena berupa tampilan grafis yang […]

The post VPS Hosting – Block, Allow, dan Ignore IP Address tertentu pada WHM menggunakan CSF appeared first on Blog Ardhosting.

          Comment on Blacklists: Major Blocks on the Path to the Inbox by Jason Blackley        
I'm aware that many ISPs use <a href="" rel="nofollow">spam blacklist checking tool</a> to quickly see if networks are blocked. This is a useful place to check to see whether your email range is being blocked, and thus potentially proventing your email marketing getting through.
          Comment on Blacklists: Major Blocks on the Path to the Inbox by Kevin        
I never heard of spam trap email addresses. If that's true, then do you think it is a good idea to <a href="" rel="nofollow">keep cleaning your list</a> of the subscribers who have not opened any e-mail for a long time? If someone hasn't opened even single one of my e-mail for several months, it can be either because I am on their personal blacklist or it is a spam trap email addresses, so in either case I think it will be best to remove them from the list.Is there a way to routinely clean up your list just to make sure you are not sending mails to spam trap email addresses?
          Filtering libvirt XML in Nova        

I saw a request from a customer float by the other day regarding the ability to filter the XML used to create Nova instances in libvirt. The customer effectively wanted to blacklist a variety of devices (and device types). The consensus seems to be "you can't do this right now …

          Seven Random Things About Me        
You like me, you really, really like me!

Or at least MommyTime at Mommy's Martini does. She just tagged me on my first ever meme, and I'm so excited I have of course dropped EVERYTHING to post. This means that the slim chance I had of ending this day less behind than I started is now over, and dinner will be late, and when the contractor shows up tomorrow morning just as I'm leaving for work to find out where I want the electric sockets on our new screen porch (a story for another time), I won't know, because I will have been writing instead of measuring stuff, and I'll just say "there" and "umm, there," and in mid-July, when I can't get the lamp close enough to my book because the electric socket is on the wrong wall, I'll kick myself for not being more disciplined, and spend a lot of time on the Internet trying to find an invisible extension cord.

But anyway, the deal is this: I'm supposed to post seven weird or random things about me, and then tag seven people to do the same thing. But MommyTime only tagged four people, and I'm so grateful to her for actually being a reader that I'm now totally enthralled by everything she does, like she's in seventh grade and has actually spoken to little old me, a lowly fourth grader, in front of the entire playground, and so if she did four, then four it is. So here goes.

1. I do not like raw tomatoes. I know this because, as a mature 48-year-old who's trying to set a good example for her very picky 14-year-old, I still try them every summer, and they still taste just as awful. I have never tasted embalming fluid, but for some reason I have always imagined it tastes just like raw tomatoes. If you don't think this is a significant social limitation, you obviously do not live in the South. People down here are serious about their tomatoes. "You're kidding," they say. "Come on -- there's nothing better." My grandmother in particular really seemed to think there was something wrong about me. It's kind of like being on Joe McCarthy's blacklist, only different.

2. I once woke up at 2 a.m. with a burglar standing at the foot of my bed shining a huge flashlight on me. Yes, this was scary, but only after the fact. At the time, what it was was INFURIATING. I've never been so pissed in my life. This is SUCH a long story, it will have to be my post tomorrow. If you're intrigued, check back.

3. I am more repulsed by the technical terms for body parts than the gutter words. Not that I'm crazy about those. I prefer pointing.

4. Remember Gary Hart, who had to drop out of the 1984 Democratic presidential campaign because he went sailing on a boat called Risky Business with a young blonde woman not his wife? (If you weren't born back then, you just got a history lesson.) When that happened, it came out that Gary Hart had long been screwing anything and everything in a skirt. Well back in 1983, when I was a newspaper reporter, I interviewed Gary Hart in the coffee shop of a motel where he was staying during a campaign swing through our city. There was not another soul in the coffee shop. Yet the only thing Gary Hart talked about with me were his theories about government. (Maybe it had something to do with #3.) I must admit when all the stories came out a year later, I was insulted. I thought maybe I should print up a T-shirt that said "I interviewed Gary Hart, and all I got was this lousy newspaper story," but then I realized I would be my only customer.

5. I am the only right-hander in the Bird household. I am the only Bird who is bad at math. I am also the only Bird who is not an incredible singer. Coincidence? I think not.

6. I met Bob, my husband, in 1985 when I interviewed at his law firm, but he doesn't remember it. When I went to work there in 1986, he and I went to lunch the second day and became fast friends. When we went home to our respective families over Thanksgiving, we rode together, still just as friends. Hearing me talk about him during that visit, both my mother and my sister wrote on slips of paper their predictions that we would be engaged by the next Thanksgiving. The really weird thing is that (a) neither of them had ever been an underwear-drawer-prediction-hider, and (b) neither of them knew that the other had done it. Less than a month later, we were dating, and the following Labor Day, we got engaged.

7. Having dry sand or dusty dirt on my feet makes my skin crawl. If you ever suspect me of being a terrorist, make me walk barefoot across a dirty grocery store floor and then force me to eat a bunch of raw tomatoes. I'll tell you anything you want to hear.

So there you have it -- not the most bizarre person you've ever met. On the other hand, maybe not quite so plain vanilla as my friend Jane's friend, whom she refers to as "Boring Katie."

***** Here are the rules and my tags. *****
This is the “7 Things” meme, and here are the rules:

Link your tagger. Post the rules.
Share 7 facts about yourself (random or weird)
Tag 7 friends
Leave a comment letting them know they have been tagged.

As for who I'm tagging, I'm a relatively new kid on the block, bloggily speaking, and half the people I read regularly would say "Betsy Who? Emptying What?" if I tagged them. But hopefully at least one or two of these fine ladies will play along.
They are (drumroll, please):
1. June Cleaver Nirvana.
2. Just Chicken Feed.
3. Thursday Drive.
4. Whiskey In My Sippy Cup.

Don't worry about how behind you are! Go read them!

          Whitelist = Blacklist - The 'fix' for this is to...        
The 'fix' for this is to clear the filter list when you change from white to black (or vice versa).(Interface: Ghost: Pulse 3 | Bug: Whitelist = Blacklist)
          Pembiayaan koperasi kowaja sehingga RM150,000.00        
- Keuntungan 1.99%
- Tanpa penjamin, tiada cagaran
- kelulusan 5-7 hari

- keistimewaan:-
->jawatan kontrak, blacklist & yang telah melebihi had kelayakan juga dipelawa memohon.
->gaji pokok minima RM600.00
->Jawatan tetap lebih 3 bulan layak memohon
->pinjaman berteraskan konsep Islamic yang diyakini
->Blacklist, CCRIS, CTOS dipelawa!!!!

istimewa untuk kakitangan kerajaan & Badan Berkanun
Blacklist atau bankrupcy turut dipelawa

untuk semakan kelayakan, sila SMS tempat bekerja, jumlah gaji kasar & potongan yang tertera di dalam slip gaji

untukk keterangan siala hubungi azroy / mursal di talian 018-2429009 @ 017-2772179 @ emel :

atau boleh terus kunjungi : Murfiza Enterprise, 20, 1st Floor, Off Jalan Cahaya, Taman Anggerik Desa, 35900 Tanjong Malim Perak. Tel/Fax:05-4598464
          re: Opinion — UPlay Is Awesome, And Everyone Should Rip It Off        
when uplay works, it migt be good. let me tell you my first(and last) experience with uplay. First, let me say that I have steam accout with ~200 games, origin with 10 games and gog with 5 games. I had zero problems with this services. I havent seen CRC error for many years. I have quite high end PC without any problems. Few days ago i tried to download and install Splinter cell blacklist on uplay. Download speed on uplay is very nice, i managed to max my line at 12-14MBs. While installing, i kept getting CRC errors. I tried file validation 4x until i got stuck on the same file with CRC install error. So i redownloaded 20GB again and got stuck on another file(after many validations and installs). I redownloaded the game to another HDD just to make sure and i got stuck on another CRC error(after many validations and failed installs). So i redownloaded the game 4th time and after 3 or 4 installation validations i managed to finally install the game. I tried to start the game. I have downloaded patch, installed the patch, validated system and the game started. I quit, downloaded 2nd patch, installed the patch, validated system, game started. I quit, downloaded 3rd patch, installed patch, validated system, game started(automaticaly). I think there was 4th patch but by that time i lost count. It took many hours and about 100gb to install single game. On steam? I download the game and play it. On uplay, i almost downloaded warez version of my game because uplay just wasnt working. Try to google CRC error and uplay. You will find that this is not rare case.

          Government blacklist of Korean universities includes one in Gangneung        
The news was apparently on Monday: now the English news is full of it.
I first learned of the blacklist from Asiaone:
The naming and shaming of 43 poorly managed universities by the Education Ministry on Monday has spawned confusion and concern among universities, with some decrying the label or expressing worries about next year's freshmen recruitment.
But a closer look and deliberate search finds the news everywhere.
 Officials have said that an equal provision of funds to all schools would be a waste of taxpayer money and could end up as a lifeline for uncompetitive colleges. President Lee Myung-bak has also called for college restructuring as a condition for providing government money to universities.
   In South Korea, 80 percent of higher education institutions are operated by private foundations that rely heavily on tuition for revenue.
And also:
The ministry said it has chosen the universities in consultation with advisory bodies based on the results of a university evaluation that used criteria, such as the employment rate of graduates, the yearly enrollment rate and the number of full-time instructors. 
The Herald has copied the same press release as Yonhap.
The news has reached Malaysia, where Bermana reports:
The education ministry has selected 43 private universities that will have their subsidies partly cut or denied next year as part of a government drive to weed out poorly managed schools.
I find this big news especially as I just finished writing a big article saying that blacklists couldn't happen here.  I don't exactly have egg on my face, but perhaps on my freshly washed jacket.
My old university is on the list, which I cannot find in full anywhere - Asiaone names a handful of the schools in question.  I hope that my friends are okay, or will be okay during the next semester.  Time to dust off those resumes!

          Twitter et les faux profils - Antiref        

Le compte TWitter Antiref publie régulièrement une liste de faux comptes twittos à blacklister/bannir de ses followings et de ses listes. C'est une bonne source pour faire le ménage régulièrement !

          Nike LunarEpic Flyknit Shield | Director's Cut        

More sexy shoe porn for your eyes to feast upon! We present the final installment of the LunarEpic series of product films, created by yours truly and produced by Blacklist.

Please check out our Behance page for more insight into the process.


Client: Nike
Global Brand Communication Studio EP: Noah Stanik
Global Brand Communication Studio Producer: Sarah Barkley, Chrysi Diamond
Global Brand Design, Running Art Director: Esther Chang

Production Company: Blacklist
EP: Andrew Linsk
Producer: Justin Harris

Production Studio: Tendril
Director: Chris Bahry
Executive Producer:Kate Bate
Producer: John Szebegyinszki
Editor: Michael Barker
Pitch Concepts & Design: Chris Bahry, Vini Nascimento, Nejc Polovsak, Santi Zoraidez
3D Artists: Nejc Polovsak, Alasgar Hasanov, Brad Husband, Florent Arnould, Will Sharkey, Rafael Santos
FX: Alasgar Hasanov, Rafael Santos, Simon Fiedler
Lighting and Render: Nejc Polovsak, Brad Husband, Chris Bahry
Additional 3D Artists: Sergei Falaleyev, Ben Pilgrim
Compositing: Chris Bahry, Brad Husband, Patrick Coffey
Music and Sound Design: John Black of CypherAudio

Cast: Tendril, CypherAudio and Twistedpoly // Nejc Polovsak

Tags: 3d, animation, fx, liquids, fluids, design, cinema4d, arnold, houdini, octane, process, redshift and art direction

          BEWARE: This Overlooked Treat Could Take Your Dog’s Life… Just Made Blacklist        
There’s a ton of products that you have to keep away from your dog. Is ice-cream one of them or it’s totally fine to treat
          Commenti su Quinta Colonna, ultima puntata in attesa del trasferimento su Rete4. E qualcuno difende Sottile… di jc penny        
I think one of your ads caused my internet browser to resize, you might want to put that on your blacklist. jc penny
          OECD Tax man ready to change blacklisting rules on Panama        


OECD says Panama pledge a positive step

The country faces a review on its financial services sector by the Global Forum.

Following the announcement of President Juan Carlos Varela on the commitment of Panama to exchange financial information, the director of the Center for Fiscal Policy and Administration of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Pascal Saint-Amans acknowledged that the pledge is a step forward for Panama but said the country still has a long way to go.
Saint-Amans spoke with La Prensa during the annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, which concluded yesterday in Lima, Peru. The following are questions and answers from the interview.
What do you think of Varela's pledge?
It is a good step forward. In October of last year, 94 countries committed themselves to the automatic exchange of information. They pledged to implement the standard. Panama was one of the few jurisdictions that did not make the pledge, along with Bahrain, the Marshall Islands, Vanuatu and Nauru, with Panama being the only significant financial center.
Panama said it would exchange information, but that it would not accede to a multilateral convention. what is your opinion of that?
From a legal point of view, once a commitment is made, it has to be implemented. To share information, it can be done through a multilateral convention, or it can be done bilaterally. In that case, one should move fast if you want to grant the exchange of information to all interested countries that meet the standard of confidentiality.
Do you think that Panama will pass to the second phase of the review of its jurisdiction?
The peer review, which includes 30 countries, has made that recommendation to the Global Forum, which has until the end of October to decide. I think it was premature of Panama to announce that, as it broke the rules of confidentiality. It is more than likely, but who knows. There are members of the Global Forum who are not in the peer review group. We have to wait for the Global Forum, which is the sole decision-making body in this matter. In substance, it is true that the members of the review group have recognized some progress that was made in Panama.

Varela said that debate on the exchange of information should be conducted in the UN. Do you agree?
It is an opinion I respect completely. But in this case, there are 127 jurisdictions, including Panama, that are members of the Global Forum. What matters is that all countries are equal. No longer is the OECD a group of countries dictating what rules other countries have to make.
In Panama there is a concern because the steps demanded by the OECD could hurt the competitiveness of the financial services industry. Do you agree?
It is not true. Because all countries have moved. What happens is actually the opposite. Panama won a competitive advantage by not conforming. That is why other countries think that the situation is very unfair because Panama is receiving money that they have lost. The perception in Panama is really different from the perception outside.
Do you think that those flows of money look to hide the funds from tax authorities?
The reviewer group will decide that. But that's basically what we heard from the banking industry.
In the country there is a sense that a double standard is used. That the United States is not required to provide information with the same level of transparency that it demands from Panama. Is that a fair statement?
The rules are the same the United States is expected to act with reciprocity with any other country. Look at the review of the United States. It has a mark in regards to beneficiaries and they have to change. Currently they are providing required information, but not enough

- See more at:

See also 
More Pascal Saint-Amans statements in Panama: Profits for two men and a dog
The Economic Case for Tax Havens

           Doctors Blacklisted by CVS Seeking Legal Action         

Back in November, some Florida doctors received an unsigned letter from CVS/pharmacy telling them that the company's pharmacists would no longer fill prescriptions they write for painkillers and other powerful drugs. Community members against pill mills and overprescribing doctors are thrilled with the actions taken by CVS. The company is being praised for taking proactive steps at a time when prescription drug abuse has become out of control in Florida. However, the letter has also been called a "blacklist" and has been criticized as discriminatory....

          BWW Exclusive: It's Her Turn! Get a First Look at Julia Murney in GYPSY at Cape Playhouse        

The fifth production of the Cape Playhouse season arrives as Gypsy takes the stage, the second musical in the historic theatre's 91st season. Starring Julia Murney, Caroline Bowman, James Lloyd Reynolds, Tess Soltau and Garett Hawe, and directed by Michael Rader, Gypsy plays now through August 19. BroadwayWorld has a first look at the cast in action below!

Winner of six Tony Awards, four Olivier Awards, and seven Drama Desk Awards, and regarded as one of the greatest musicals ever created, Gypsy is the ultimate tale of an ambitious stage mother fighting for her daughters' success... while secretly yearning for her own. Set in America in the 1920s, when vaudeville was dying and burlesque was born, Arthur Laurents' landmark show explores the world of two-bit show business with artful humor, heart, and sophistication. The celebrated score, by Jule Styne and Stephen Sondheim, boasts one glorious hit after another, including: "Let Me Entertain You," "You Gotta Get A Gimmick," and "Everything's Coming Up Roses." music by Jule Styne, lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, and a book by Arthur Laurents.

Rose will be played by Julia Murney (Broadway and national tour, Wicked; The Wild Party, Drama Desk nomination); Caroline Bowman (Broadway: Wicked, Kinky Boots) is Louise; James Lloyd Reynolds (TV: The Blacklist, Odd Mom Out, Law and Order, Law and Order SVU) plays Herbie; June will be played by Tess Soltau (Broadway: Wicked, Addams Family); Garett Hawe (Broadway: Newsies; Mary Poppins, Matilda; national tour: Wicked) is Tulsa; Playhouse favorite Jennifer Cody (Broadway: Shrek the Musical, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Pajama Game) plays Tessis/Cratchit; Wally Dunn (Broadway: Spamalot; Gypsy with Bernadette Peters; One Mo' Time; Master Class) is Pop; Jane Blass(Gypsy starring Patti LuPone; national tours, Hairspray, 9 To 5) is Mazeppa; Amy Bodnar(Broadway: Oklahoma; Cape Playhouse: As Bees in Honey Drown) is Electra; Tom Ferguson (The Music Man, Cape Playhouse 2016) is Uncle Jocko; Allie Keisel (national tour: A Christmas Story) is Baby June and Lily Grace Riddle (regional: Phoenix Productions) is Baby Louise.

Cape Playhouse Artistic Director Michael Rader (national tours: A Christmas Story; Scrooge: The Musical) directs, with choreography by Jason Sparks and Garrett Taylor is musical director. The design team includes David L. Arsenault (scenic design), Gail Baldoni (costume design), Zach Blane (lighting design), and Robert Hornbostel (sound design).

Tickets begin at $35.00, and can be purchased at, at the Cape Playhouse Box Office (820 Main Street, Route 6A, Dennis, MA), or by phone at 508-385-3911.

Photo Credit: Nile Hawver/Nile Scott Shots

high res photos

Caroline Bowman (Louise)

Julia Murney (Rose)

Tess Soltau (June) and the cast of GYPSY at Cape Playhouse

Julia Murney (Rose), Caroline Bowman (Louise)

Julia Murney (Rose), Caroline Bowman (Louise)

Caroline Bowman (Louise)

Caroline Bowman (Louise)

Tess Soltau (June) and the cast of GYPSY at Cape Playhouse

Caroline Bowman (Louise), Tess Soltau (June)

          Photo Coverage: Julia Murney, Caroline Bowman & More Rehearse for Cape Playhouse's GYPSY!        

The fifth production of the Cape Playhouse season arrives as Gypsy takes the stage, the second musical in the historic theatre's 91st season. Starring Julia Murney, Caroline Bowman, James Lloyd Reynolds, Tess Soltau and Garett Hawe, and directed by Michael Rader, Gypsy plays August 8-19. BroadwayWorld has a sneak peek at the company in rehearsal below!

Winner of six Tony Awards, four Olivier Awards, and seven Drama Desk Awards, and regarded as one of the greatest musicals ever created, Gypsy is the ultimate tale of an ambitious stage mother fighting for her daughters' success... while secretly yearning for her own. Set in America in the 1920s, when vaudeville was dying and burlesque was born, Arthur Laurents' landmark show explores the world of two-bit show business with artful humor, heart, and sophistication. The celebrated score, by Jule Styne and Stephen Sondheim, boasts one glorious hit after another, including: "Let Me Entertain You," "You Gotta Get A Gimmick," and "Everything's Coming Up Roses." music by Jule Styne, lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, and a book by Arthur Laurents.

Rose will be played by Julia Murney (Broadway and national tour, Wicked; The Wild Party, Drama Desk nomination); Caroline Bowman (Broadway: Wicked, Kinky Boots) is Louise; James Lloyd Reynolds (TV: The Blacklist, Odd Mom Out, Law and Order, Law and Order SVU) plays Herbie; June will be played by Tess Soltau (Broadway: Wicked, Addams Family); Garett Hawe (Broadway: Newsies; Mary Poppins, Matilda; national tour: Wicked) is Tulsa; Playhouse favorite Jennifer Cody (Broadway: Shrek the Musical, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Pajama Game) plays Tessis/Cratchit; Wally Dunn (Broadway: Spamalot; Gypsy with Bernadette Peters; One Mo' Time; Master Class) is Pop; Jane Blass (Gypsy starring Patti LuPone; national tours, Hairspray, 9 To 5) is Mazeppa; Amy Bodnar (Broadway: Oklahoma; Cape Playhouse: As Bees in Honey Drown) is Electra; Tom Ferguson (The Music Man, Cape Playhouse 2016) is Uncle Jocko; Allie Keisel (national tour: A Christmas Story) is Baby June and Lily Grace Riddle (regional: Phoenix Productions) is Baby Louise.

Tickets begin at $35.00, and can be purchased at, at the Cape Playhouse Box Office (820 Main Street, Route 6A, Dennis, MA), or by phone at 508-385-3911.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Broski

high res photos

Caroline Bowman, Garett Hawe

Garett Hawe

Garett Hawe, Caroline Bowman

Garett Hawe

Caroline Bowman, Garett Hawe

Caroline Bowman

Caroline Bowman, Garett Hawe

Caroline Bowman, Garett Hawe

Caroline Bowman, Garett Hawe

Garett Hawe, Caroline Bowman

James Lloyd Reynolds, Julia Murney, Caroline Bowman

Julia Murney, Caroline Bowman

James Lloyd Reynolds, Julia Murney, Caroline Bowman

James Lloyd Reynolds, Julia Murney, Caroline Bowman

James Lloyd Reynolds, Caroline Bowman

Julia Murney

James Lloyd Reynolds

Caroline Bowman, Julia Murney

Julia Murney, James Lloyd Reynolds, Caroline Bowman

Caroline Bowman, Julia Murney, James Lloyd Reynolds

Sam Skalbeck, Drew King, Garett Hawe, John Scaccetti

Drew King, Garett Hawe, Sam Skalbeck, John Scaccetti, Tess Soltau

Drew King, Garett Hawe, Sam Skalbeck, John Scaccetti, Tess Soltau

Garett Hawe, John Scaccetti, Sam Skalbeck, Drew King

Garett Hawe, Drew King, Sam Skalbeck, John Scaccetti

Garett Hawe, Drew King, Tess Soltau, John Scaccetti, Sam Skalbeck

Drew King, Garett Hawe, Tess Soltau, John Scaccetti, Sam Skalbeck

          Politics - USA        
 sebster wrote:
and think they can actually convince the super-delegates to move away from the candidate with the most votes and the most pledged delegates, and support him because... he's making lots of noise about unfair it is that the party would ignore the voice of the people.

There was an editorial on, I think it was HuffPo basically begging for the super-delegates to switch over to Hillary. Their cited evidence was that Obama, like Sanders made a late surge in taking states. They also flipped because of the polls at the time showing that Obama projected to do better against both Republican candidates. The article did concede that the super-delegate flip became largely meaningless because Obama's late surge gained enough delegates that he would have won outright, but Clinton dropped out, presumably "in return for" getting the SecState job.

The main point of that article though, was that the super-delegates should flip to Sanders because, according to their math, Sanders fares better against Trump in every single head to head poll, and by a much more significant margin than Clinton.

While I wish it would happen, I doubt it will. I think that if any super-delegates did so, they'd quickly find themselves decertified and probably blacklisted from party operations.
          Politics - USA        
 Ensis Ferrae wrote:
There was an editorial on, I think it was HuffPo basically begging for the super-delegates to switch over to Hillary. Their cited evidence was that Obama, like Sanders made a late surge in taking states. They also flipped because of the polls at the time showing that Obama projected to do better against both Republican candidates. The article did concede that the super-delegate flip became largely meaningless because Obama's late surge gained enough delegates that he would have won outright, but Clinton dropped out, presumably "in return for" getting the SecState job.

The main point of that article though, was that the super-delegates should flip to Sanders because, according to their math, Sanders fares better against Trump in every single head to head poll, and by a much more significant margin than Clinton.

HuffPo is pretty much total junk, and that article is a pretty good reason why. Obama's argument to the super-delegates was never based on anything as meaningless as polls about hypothetical match ups. They flipped to Obama because he had won the delegate count from the primaries. Obama then made the perfectly simple case that he was the choice of the party’s voters, and the super-delegates should respect that. The super-delegates knew that super-delegates over-riding the choice of the electorate would be disastrous in November, so they respected the primary results and flipped to Obama.

While I wish it would happen, I doubt it will. I think that if any super-delegates did so, they'd quickly find themselves decertified and probably blacklisted from party operations.

Nah, for Sanders to take the lead in total delegates he'd need to flip 381 super-delegates over to him, or 73% of the super-delegates who’ve currently pledged to Clinton. That would represent the Democratic party moving en masse. If that happened there’d be no punishment, because the party isn’t going to punish itself for what it all did.

The reason they’re not flipping is because it makes absolutely no sense for them to flip. They wanted Clinton, and the majority of voters chose Clinton. So why would you over-ride the choice of the voting base, to select the person you didn’t like as much in the first place?
          Funtrip Sensasi Ranukumbolo, Taman Nasional Bromo Tengger Semeru, Kabupaten Lumajang, Jawa Timur        
Liburan akhir tahun 2015 harus berkesan dan ke tempat yang keren yang belum pernah saya datangi sebelumnya, itu adalah misi traveling saya diakhir tahun 2015. Mengingat di tahun ini pekerjaan saya lebih numpuk dan padat daripada tahun-tahun sebelumnya. Tapi mau kemana dan ama siapa? Itu yang menjadi big question’nya, karena belum ada gambaran sama sekali. Bulan September 2015, Fitria salah satu teman sekelas saya di kampus membuat semacam open trip tapi yang diajak hanya teman-teman sesama pengajarnya di sekolah dan mengajak teman-teman kuliahnya juga dengan destinasi ke Bromo plus Rafting harga Rp.970.000,00 2 hari 1 malam di Malang sudah termasuk tiket kereta Matarmaja PP pada akhir bulan Desember. Wow …. Keinginan untuk berlibur ada pencerahan, setelah memastikan ada teman yang lain 1 kampus ikut juga, langsung deh tidak ragu untuk say yes for holiday. Ditambah lagi dengan kondisi sekolah yang lagi ribet-ribetnya jadi tidak memungkinkan untuk private trip, karena sedikit waktu luang untuk observasi tempat wisata, memesan tiket transportasi, penginapan dan lain-lain. Mumpung ada Fitria yang menawarkan diri, jadi lebih bersyukur, mulai dari pembelian tiket kereta dan lain-lain semua Fitria yang mengurusnya, saya tinggal transfer-transfer aja. Oh iya ketika di Malang nantinya kita juga sudah memakai agent travel ya, agent travel ini yang biasa Fitria pakai untuk liburan setiap tahunnya. Nama agentnya blakrax trip organizer. Blakrax salah satu trip organizer yang sudah handal untuk kawasan wisata di Kota Malang dan sekitarnya. Tetapi juga melayani trip-trip lainnya diluar Kawasan Malang. Silahkan cek website resminya atau Fanspage FB’nya mereka sering buka open trip loh.

Menjelang bulan November 2015, kondisi Gunung Bromo sedang tidak bagus. Gunung Bromo sedang erupsi dan untuk sementara waktu kawasan wisata Gunung Bromo ditutup. Alhasil kami harus pindah haluan destinasi, karena sampai menjelang satu minggu sebelum keberangkatanpun keadaan Gunung Bromo masih belum membaik. Di group open trip kami pun dibuat voting destinasi-destinasi alternatif, mulai dari wisata Kota Batu Malang, mendaki Ranukumbolo, dan alternatif-alternatif lainnya. Untuk pilihan alternatif lainnya selain ke Ranukumbolo kita harus menambah uang trip lagi, mulai dari hanya seratus ribuan sampai tiga ratus ribuan, untuk yang ke Ranukumbolo kita cukup nambah Rp.15.000,00. Saya pribadi awalnya agak kurang srek dengan pilihan Ranukumbolo walaupun cuma harus nambah Rp.15.000,00 saja, mengingat kondisi saya yang sudah lama sekali tidak naik gunung, tidak ada persiapan sarana dan fisik juga, karena waktunya sangat mepet dengan pengambilan raport di sekolah. Saya lebih suka wisata yang agak nyantai, jadi saya pilih Batu. Tapi hasil dari voting, sebagian besar memilih untuk trip ke Ranukumbolo dikarenakan tidak perlu nambah uang cukup banyak lagi ditambah menjelang keberangkatan banyak teman yang mundur tidak jadi ikut trip dengan berbagai alasan. Yasudah saya harus terima keputusan bersama, bagi saya yang penting diakhir tahun bisa liburan yang cukup jauh.

H-2 keberangkatan justru sedang sibuk-sibuknya mengurus raport, jadwal pengambilan raport tanggal 19 Desember 2015, sedangkan hari keberangkatan tanggal 20 Desember 2015. Untuk naik gunung biasanya seminggu atau 2 minggu sebelum keberangkatan seharusnya membiasakan diri berolahraga, minimal jogging. Tapi apa daya, justru jadwal sedang padat-padatnya untuk UAS anak-anak plus pengambilan raport, saya hanya sempat membeli jaket yang waterproof, windbreaker dan polar, itupun membeli saya sempat-sempatkan ditengah pengisian raport. Karena saya sadar, saya adalah manusia yang tidak tahan dingin, sedangkan jaket atau sweater yang saya punya semua tipe yang hanya untuk gaya-gaya’an saja. Dari hasil searching saya, suhu di Ranukumbolo pada malam hari bisa bekisar antara -20C – 200C, terutama ketika musim kemarau suhunya dingin sekali, sedangkan saya berkunjung ketika musim hujan yang menjadi kendala cuacanya adalah hujan tentunya.

Hari keberangkatan, Minggu, tanggal 20 Desember 2015. Jadwal kereta kami (Matarmaja) berangkat jam 15.15 dari Stasiun Senen. Meeting point kami pun langsung di dekat depan pintu masuk. Dari Depok saya berangkat jam 12.30 lewat banyak hahhaha, biar cepat karena takut telat saya naik gojek langsung menuju Stasiun Pondok Cina, harga tiket commuterline sebenarnya hanya Rp.3000,- tapi plus kartu jaminannnya jadi Rp.13.000,-. Dari sini saya harus pindah-pindah comutterline dulu, pertama transit di Manggarai, naik kereta yang menuju Jatinegara (kereta yang menuju Jatinegara nunggunya suka lama) sempet khawatir si karena janjian ketemuannya jam 14.00 di Senen, apalagi teman-teman banyak yang sudah sampai. Transit lagi di Jatinegara pindah commuterline yang menuju ke Stasiun Senen. Sesampai di Senen pun kondisi stasiun penuh sesak dipadati penumpang yang sepertinya dengan tujuan yang sama keluar kota. Tidak lama saya bertemu teman-teman yang lain kami langsung naik kereta Matarmaja. Kami kedapatan seat di gerbong 5 kelas ekonomi harga tiket kereta Senen-Malang Rp.115.000,-. Oiya untuk tiket kereta kami sudah memesan dari Bulan September, karena berbarengan dengan liburan sekolah jadi belinya harus 3 bulan sebelumnya.

Sebenarnya ini adalah trip pertama saya naik kereta dengan perjalanan jarak jauh hehehehe, jadi saya secara pribadi cukup excited merasakan naik kereta hampir 17 jam lamanya. Saya duduknya dekat Nina dan Rodiah, seharusnya satu lagi dengan Puput, tapi karena Puput ada raker di sekolanya mendadak tidak bisa ikut deh. Moment ini kita manfaatkan untuk cerita panjang lebar mengenai kegiatan kita masing-masing. Apalagi profesi kita yang sama-sama guru, jadi kita punya segudang cerita mengenai pengalaman masing-masing. Enaknya naik kereta dekat Nina dan Rodi saya jadi selalu diingatkan untuk sholat dan melakukan ibadah lainnya dalam kondisi apapun, jadi tidak khilaf dengan kesenangan mau trip. Ya bagitulah naik kereta berjam-jam rasanya kaki pegal-pegal karena lama ketekuk, belum lagi susah untuk tidur karena posisi yang kurang nyaman. Ketika kereta sudah mencapai Stasiun Tegal dan seterusnya, kondisi kereta mulai sedikit lengang karena banyak penumpang yang sudah turun, jadi saya bisa pindah-pindah duduk untuk melempengkan kaki.

Akhirnya sampai di Malang juga, setelah pantat pegel duduk terus, sampai di Malang hari Senin, tanggal 21 Desember 2015, jam 08.30. Sesampai di Malang kami sudah dijemput oleh agent travel kami, ada Mas Anwar, Mas Didin, dan Mas Adrian yang lebih terkenal dengan panggilan Mas Jangkung. Yups semua orang dari agent travel ini ramah-ramah, khususnya Mas Jangkung yang klo ngobrol suka heboh sendiri hehehehe. Kami langsung diajak menuju semacam kaya foodcourt pinggir taman yang letaknya tinggal menyebrang dari Senen. Destinasi pertama adalah disuruh makan dulu, menu makan dan minum terserah, menu makanannya terdiri dari macam-macam makanan tradisional seperti soto, ayam penyet, rawon, dan lain-lain. Klo saya pesan rawon daging ajalah, biar makan berkuah. Sambil makan kami sambil ngobrol-ngobrol sama para guide plus kenalan sama teman-teman Fitria lainnya. Teman-teman Fitria ada Bu Leniati, Ka Siti (kakanya Fitria), Bu Arie, Pak Agun (Satu-satunya cowo di group trip ini) sama Rani teman sekampus saya tapi kami beda kelas.

Selesai makan pagi kami langsung diboyong ke markas blakrax yang terletak di tengah-tengah perumahan di Jalan Bratan Timur H5 Sawojajar menggunakan angkot yang sudah dicarter. Markas blakrax dapat dikategorikan rapi dan bersih walaupun saya lihat sebagian besar yang mendiami markas ini adalah para lelaki. Sesampai di markas sekitar pkl 10.00 kami langsung diintrusikan untuk memilah-milah barang yang akan dibawa tracking, barang yang harus dibawa adalah pakaian ganti 1 stel, jas hujan, jaket, senter/headlamp, makanan dan minuman pribadi secukupnya dan yang paling penting kami harus membawa sleeping bag masing-masing 1 dan harus dibawa sendiri tidak boleh nitip ke guide heheheh. Ya karena saya tidak memilki seni melipat yang bagus, walaupun isinya hanya barang-barang seperti itu, tas saya tidak muat, malah tadinya saya mau meninggalkan atasan jas hujan saya di markas tapi ketahuan Mas Jangkung jadi wajib dibawa. Tas saya, kategorinya yang paling besar dan paling berat dibandingkan tas teman-teman lainnya. Padahal barang bawaan saya sama dengan yang lain entah kenapa jadi yang paling berat. Jadi deh saya bahan ceng-cengan klo di dalam tas saya ada peralatan make up mangkanya berat dan besar. Tapi tas saya masih belum ada apa-apanya si dibandingkan 3 tas yang dibawa guide kami, tas mereka naudzubilah besarnya. Karena semua akomodasi kami seperti tenda, peralatan masak, makanan, obat-obatan dan perlalatan lainnya sudah mereka semua yang menyiapkan, kita hanya membawa peralatan pribadi masing-masing saja.

Take a picture di depan markas
Pulang dan pergi menggunakan jalur berwarna merah

Setelah semua barang rapi dan masuk ke dalam angkot perjalanan menuju shelter berikutnya dimulai. Sekitar pkl.11.00-12.00 kami sudah sampai di rumah Mas Pandu guide ke-3 kami, disini kami ganti jenis transportasi, karena jalur yang kami lalui berikutnya menanjak dan menikuk jadi paling cocok menggunakan mobil Jeep untuk menuju Ranupane. Sambil siap-siap memindahkan barang dan mengecek akomodasi lainnya sekalian menumpang sholat. Rumah Mas Pandu sepertinya sudah biasa didatangi tamu-tamu yang mau berwisata, ibunya pun ramah, di rumah Mas Pandu sudah tersedia tempat sholat dan toilet. Setelah semua barang naik ke atas jeep kami berangkat ke Ranupane sekitar Pkl 13.00 ditengah jalan kami sempat mampir ke toko untuk membeli jas ujan bagi yang tidak membawanya dan makanan minuman tambahan. Saya naik jeep dibelakang bersama sebagian besar teman-teman lainnya karena yang bisa duduk di depan hanya 2 orang dan Mas Pandu sendiri sebagai drivernya. Perjalanan menuju Ranupane, menyelusuri lereng kawasana taman nasional Gunung Semeru, Tengger dan Bromo jadi konturnya naik turun tetapi didominasi tanjakan dan berkelok-kelok cukup bikin saya jadi merasa mabuk darat. Tapi pemandangan dan suhu yang semakin lama semakin dingin rasanya mengalahkan mabuk darat saya. Apalagi ditengah jalan saya disuguhkan dengan pemandangan Gunung Bromo dan lembahnya yang indah sekali, sayang karena kami sedang mengejar waktu sampai di Ranupane sebelum sore menjelang jadi tidak bisa berhenti sekedar foto-foto.

Diatas jeep aja masih sempet-sempetnya foto

Sesampai di kawasan Ranupani pkl. 14.30, sebelum naik Gunung Semeru semua pendaki harus mengikuti briefing dahulu, di ruangan briefing ini ada beberapa rombongan yang akan naik seperti kami, sebagian besar tujuannya sama seperti kami ke Ranukumbolo ada juga yang bertujuan ke Kalimati. Di sini kami diberikan pengarahan dan gambaran seperti apa keadaan kawasan Gunung Semeru saat ini, Apa yang diperbolehkan dan apa yang tidak diperbolehkan saat mendaki. Salah satunya adalah kami harus membawa pulang semua sampah kembali ke bawah, jadi di list barang-barang apa saja yang dibawa, jika tidak membawa sampah kembali dan ketahuan, konsekuensinya adalah harus kembali ke atas untuk mengambil sampah yang tertinggal atau di blacklist tidak boleh memasuki kawasan Taman Nasional Gunung Semeru seumur hidup. Kami juga dilarang mengotori air di Danau Ranukumbolo, danau yang airnya bisa langsung diminum ini, merupakan sumber mata air di Gunung Semeru, Danau yang masih dianggap suci bagi beberapa sistem kepercayaan, jadi tidak boleh menggunakan jenis sabun di danau. Peraturan utama yang paling terakhir adalah, setiap orang harus membawa sleeping bag masing-masing dikarenakan kematian pendaki sebagian besar dikarenakan hypothermia, jadi tas setiap pendaki dicek apakah 1 orang sudah ada sleeping bag satu. Setelah selesai mendengarkan briefing yang cukup informatif dan menarik karena cukup kocak, kemudian mengurus administrasi dan menandatangani surat pernyataan oleh salah satu anggota tim baru dipersilahkan naik ke Gunung Semeru.

Waktu menunjukan Pkl. 15.45 ketika kami memulai untuk mendaki, baru beberapa meter kami jalan hujan sudah mulai rintik-rintik turun, karena cukup lebat juga jadi kami harus memakai raincoat, ini juga alasan mengapa harus membawa tas yang ada coverbag’nya untuk menjaga barang yang dibawa tetap kering. Keadaan hari ini memang cukup mendung, tapi kami tetap semangat, selama diperjalanan menuju pos 1, sistemnya kelompok dibagi menjadi 3, kelompok yang berjalan cukup cepat di depan, kelompok yang berjalan menengah dan kelompok yang tidak berjalan cepat ada dibelakang, setiap kelompok tentu saja tetap tetap diawasi oleh guide kami. Jalan menuju pos 1, keadaannya hanya jalan setapak yang sebelah kirinya berupa tebing-tebing. Sayang sekali satu bulan sebelum keberangkatan kami terjadi kebakaran yang cukup hebat mengakibatkan banyak pohon dan ilalang yang hangus terbakar. Sepanjang jalan juga terkadang ada beberapa hambatan sampai kami harus menunduk, melompat bahkan merangkak karena ada beberapa jalan yang terdapat pohon tumbang karena longsor. Sebenarnya kami adalah bukan rombongan yang biasa naik gunung, jadi kami jalannya santai dan setiap merasa sudah lelah kami akan istirahat, Jadi sepanjang perjalanan kami sering-sering istirahat. Walaupun kondisi jalannya masih relative datar untuk tanjakan dan turunannya tapi cukup bikin ngos-ngosan bagi kamu yang tidak terbiasa naik gunung. Setelah ± 1.5 jalan kaki, akhirnya kami mencapai Pos 1, di pos satu ada gorengan dan semangka yang menyambut. Hua . . . .  semangkanya terasa lebih nikmat, apalagi tanpa harus disimpan di kulkas semangkanya sudah cukup dingin. Harga berbagai gorengan dan semangka Rp. 2.500,-, ya lumayanlah klo di setiap pos ada seperti ini, sebagai pelepas dahaga. Kondisi badan saya mulai dingin karena bermandikan keringat, tapi saya tidak bisa pakai jaket karena itu akan membuat keringat saya keluar banyak, jadi selama perjalanan saya tetap memakai celana raincoat dengan tujuan agar bisa duduk asal dimanapun. Di pos 1 bapak pedagangnya membuat perapian, enak sekali rasanya bisa menghangatkan tubuh dengan perapian.

baru sampai pos 2

Baru jalan sebentar sudah mulai hujan

Setelah sekitar 10 menit beristirahat kami melanjutkan perjalanan, karena memang sejujurnya perjalanan masih sangat jauh menuju Ranukumbolo jadi tidak boleh kelamaan istirahatnya nanti jadi mager lagi. Jarak antara pos 1 ke pos 2 lebih jauh dibandingkan dari shelter ke pos 1. Hari semakin sore ketika menuju pos 2, kabutpun mulai turun dan suhu semakin dingin, dan sudah ada beberapa teman yang kelelahan dan merasa putus asa, tapi tidak henti-hentinya guide kami menyemangati bahwa perjalanan ini akan worth it banget ketika sudah sampai di Ranukumbolo. Ya saya pribadi pun sudah mulai malas-malas’an jalan kakinya, yang menjadi motivasi pribadi saya adalah pembuktian diri, saya mampu atau tidak untuk bertahan dikondisi yang saya sendiri sebenarnya tidak tahan. Akhirnya kami sampai di pos 2 sekitar Pkl.17.00,- di pos 2 sudah tidak ada pedagangnya dikarenakan sudah pulang karena sore. Di sepanjang perjalanan pun kita akan bertemu dengan pendaki lain, saling tegur dan sapa, itu yang paling saya senangi ketika naik gunung. Semua saling sapa dan senyum ketika saling berjumpa, bahkan saling memotivasi untuk semangat menuju tujuan masing-masing. Entahlah naik Gunung Semeru ini sensasi berbeda karena sering sekali saya papasan dengan pendaki lain dari berbagai daerah, jadi merasa tidak sepi. Mungkin akibat film 5cm yang membuat Gunung Semeru jadi tujuan utama untuk para pendaki maupun non pendaki yang ingin merasakan sensasi naik gunung.

Saat ditengah perjalanan pos 3 kondisi sudah tambah gelap, kabut semakin tebal membuat jarak pandang benar-benar terbatas. Atas intruksi guide kami, saat ini jalannya tidak boleh terpisah-pisah lagi, apalagi setelah dicek ternyata sebagian besar dari kami justru tidak membawa senter atau headlamp. Jadi strateginya begini, teman-teman yang tidak bisa jalan cepat justru jalannya paling depan, semua tidak boleh saling mendahului dan jika sedang jalan posisinya harus sama. Posisi berjalannya selang seling antara yang tidak membawa senter dengan yang membawa senter. Saya sebagai orang yang tidak membawa senter hehehehe . . . . langsung memposisikan dibelakang Rani yang baik hati yang pasti mau menerangi jalan saya, dibelakang saya juga ada Mas Jangkung, oke cukup merasa aman sebagai orang yang jalannya sering kesandung. Semakin lama jalan benar-benar gelap ditambah hujan, saya hanya fokus dengan langkah kaki Rani yang jalan di depan saya, saya mengikuti jejak langkah Rani sebelumnya dan tetap mendengarkan aba-aba dari teman yang membawa senter tentang hambatan-hambatan seperti ada batu, jangan terlalu ke kiri karena jurang, jalan pelan-pelan karena licin dan menurun. Sesekali saya juga minta tolong disenterkan langkah yang harus saya ambil karena sama sekali saya tidak bisa lihat. Ya gitu deh akibat tidak bawa senter sendiri jadi menyusahkan orang lain heheheh.

Disaat gelap melanda masih aja sempat foto, lokasi pos 3

Sekitar pkl 20.00 kami baru sampai di pos 3, perjalanan menuju ke Ranukumbulo seharusnya dengan waktu normal bisa ditempuh dengan jalan kaki sekitar 4-5 jam, yah untuk kami lebih-lebih dikitlah. Untungnya guide kami juga cukup sabar, jika memang tidak kuat istirahat dulu tidak memaksakan diri.  Di Pos 3 ini kami istirahatnya sedikit lebih lama, karena setelah ini kami akan menghadapi tanjatan yang paling curam dibandingkan sebelum-sebelumnya, tapi setelah ini perjalanan akan kembali relative datar. Perjalanan dari pos 3 ke pos 4 kami tempuh 1,5 jam, ketika dari kejauhan melihat kelip-kelip tanda orang bertenda, rasanya seperti berakhirlah penantian yang ditunggu-tunggu.

Dari pos 4 ke Ranukumbolo, jalan yang kami lalui selanjutnya turunan dengan keadaan tanah yang tidak rata. Sebelum turun guide kami sempat menawarkan mau berkemah dimana, mau berkemah di dekat tanjatan cinta, jadi klo pagi bisa melihat sunrise langsung dari pintu tenda tetapi kami harus jalan lagi, ya lumayan gitu deh jalan kakinya lagi, atau mau langsung bertenda pas kita sudah turun jadi tidak perlu jalan kaki lagi, tetapi jika mau melihat sunrise besok harus jalan kaki dulu. Melihat situasi dan kondisi yang rasanya sudah tidak memungkinkan lagi untuk lanjut jalan kaki jadi kami memutuskan untuk langsung bertenda saja jika sudah sampai di pinggiran Danau Ranukumbolo.

Touchdown Ranukumbulo, Alhamdullilah . . . . sampai disini langsung cepat-cepat mencari spot untuk cuci kaki dan mengambil air untuk persedian minum sambil menunggu Mas-mas guide kami membangun tenda, bahkan teman saya ada yang langsung ketiduran, ckckckck . . . . . . Katanya Ranukumbulo adalah salah satu spot yang bagus untuk melihat langit dimalam hari yang penuh bertabur bintang, ya jelas disini tidak ada sama sekali polusi cahaya. Sayangnya memang cuaca sejak tadi siang mendung dan sempat diselingi gerimis, jadi langitnya tertutup awan, hanya beberapa bintang yang terlihat berkelap kelip. Huwalah . . . . mas-masnya sudah sigap sekali, tidak lama menunggu 3 tenda dome sudah jadi, masing-masing tenda untuk ber-4, pas sekali 2 tenda untuk perempuan dan 1 tenda untuk laki-laki. Tenda jadi langsung kami masuk tenda masing-masing, saya satu tenda dengan Rodi, Rani dan Nina. Segera masuk tenda karena sudah tidak tahan seluruh baju dan celana saya basah keringat, yang justru membuat saya semakin merasa dingin apalagi habis bersentuhan dengan air di Ranukumbolo. Setelah semua selesai mengganti baju, membersihkan badan cukup dengan tisu basah. Suara dari luar sudah memanggil untuk makan malam, ya ampun tidak berasa klo saya terakhir makan itu pas tadi pagi. Enaknya make agent travel gini nih, semua sudah siap tidak perlu ngurusin sendiri hehehe. Menu makan hari ini nasi dan soto ayam, sepertinya soto ayam yang tadi pagi lalu dipanaskan kembali, plus teh manis anget. Mantab dah klo kondisi seperti ini mau makan sesederhana apa aja juga rasanya sudah enak, apalagi makannya bareng teman-teman seperjuangan.

Selesai makan, langsung kami masuk tenda masing-masing bersiap-siap untuk istirahat, apalagi mengingat besok kami harus melalui jalan yang sama untuk pulang. Saya memilih tidur dipaling pinggir biar saya merasa sedikit lebih lega, dan tidak bikin rusuh ketika tidur suka tiba-tiba guling-guling kemana-mana. Rasanya hangat dan nyaman sekali ketika sudah masuk ke sleeping bag, inilah juga untungnya bawa sleeping bag masing-masing, keep warm is important. Tidak lama kemudian mulai sepi sepertinya semua memang sudah tidur karena terlalu lelah. Tidak lama kemudian pun saya ikut tertidur, sekitar jam 01.00 terdengar suara berisik-berisik saya intip dari tenda ternyata masih ada rombongan yang baru sampai, saya kira saya adalah rombongan terakhir, mereka berkemah tidak jauh dari tenda kami.  Beberapa saat kemudian saya sering-sering bangun karena udara yang dingin dan sesekali angina gunung yang menusuk tulang masuk melalui celah-celah tenda. Setelah saya ganti celana yang hangat baru bisa tidur nyenyak sampai akhirnya saya terbangun kembali oleh suara Rodiah dan Nina yang mau siap-siap sholat subuh dan mengambil air untuk wudhu. Setelah saya mengintip keluar ternyata memang matahari sudah mulai menyembul keluar. Keinginan untuk berburu sunrise dikalahkan oleh kekuatan gravitasi untuk tetap cuddling dengan sleeping bag didalam tenda. Teman-teman yang lain juga tidak ada yang mengajak untuk keluar makin mager aja hehehehe.

Our tend and Ranukumbolo Panorama

Harus tetep gaya kekinian

Tempatnya itu bengong able

Wefie 1

Wefie 2

Tag line'nya blakrax

Mulai pkl.06.00 saya baru mau keluar tenda, kegiatan berikutnya adalah mencari spot yang bagus untuk foto-foto, tapi tetep ya saya dan sebagian besar teman-teman lainnya mau’nya foto-foto pun tidak jauh dari tenda. Sebenarnya kami diajak untuk cari spot foto yang fenomenal lainnya. Seperti diatas bukit, ladang ilalang ataupun ke oro ombo yang katanya ada ladang lavender. Yang mau ikut ke tempat-tempat cuma Rodiah aja, hahahaha. Setelah puas foto disana foto disini, sampai kehabisan gaya, akhirnya kami dipanggil untuk makan dulu. Makan pagi kali ini dengan menu sayur sop sosis, chicken nugget, dan telor dadar by chef Pandu dan chef Didin. Lagi-lagi kami hanya tinggal makan. Setelah makan, semua diharapkan segera membereskan barang pribadi masing-masing, karena jam 09.30 kita sudah siap berangkat kembali turun. Setelah membereskan barang pribadi, ganti baju dengan baju trecking, kembali mengisi air untuk persedian minum ketika pulang dan membereskan sampah-sampah langsung cuss tapi sebelumnya kita menyempatkan diri untuk foto bareng sebelum bye bye ke Ranukumbolo.

Biar tidak tampak besar fotonya dibelakang aja

Teman tidur hari ini

Mas Pandu Our guide

Ma'af ya agak gelap

Mas Didin our checf

1....2....3.... Jump

Sekitar jam 10.00 kita turun, sepanjang turun juga jalannya sudah masing-masing, sepanjang jalan banyak bertemu dengan orang-orang yang baru mulai untuk naik. Bahkan saya bertemu dengan group yang salah satunya adalah wanita yang sedang hamil 2 bulan, wihhh . . .  keren. Katanya karena sudah diagendakan dari 3 bulan yang lalu, dan karena selama menjadi anak gadis dilarang kemana-mana. Untung orang tua saya tidak pernah ngelarang-larang selama berada di jalan yang benar. Perjalanan lebih enak ketika berangkat karena lebih adem, klo turun lebih panas terus istirahatnya juga sebentar-bentar karena harus mengejar waktu. Di setiap pos tidak lupa selalu beli semangka penghilang dahaga dan penambah semangat. Selama perjalanan Bu Leni tertinggal jauh dibelakang dibandingkan teman-teman yang lain karena sedang mengalami keram perut tapi Bu Leni ditemani Mas Didin dan Mas Pandu si.

Ranum dari kejauhan

Bye bye Ranukumbolo

Sampai di pusat informasi sekitar jam 3 sore, sebelumnya kami harus melapor diri dulu, setelah selesai istirahat sebentar langsung menuju Jeep dan perjalanan ke Tumpang (Rumahnya Mas Pandu dimulai). Walaupun jalannya berbelok-belok dan banyak guncangan tapi ngantuk tak tertahankan jadi selama di jalan merek melek, setengah tidur. Tidak lama kemudian hujan turun dan cukup deras, mana jaket ada di dalam tas. Yasudah iklas aja semuanya jadi basah deh. Sesampai di rumah Mas Pandu sudah menjelang magrib, karena saya cukup basah diseluruh tubuh (ceileh kaya lagu dangdut) buru-buru deh abis minum teh anget, mandi dang anti baju, mumpung yang lain lagi sibuk makan. Setelah itu baru makan masakan mama’nya Mas Pandu, ada sayur bayem, tempe, ayam dan yang paling enak adalah sambel terongnya itu loh. Setelah makan, sholat magrib jam 18.30, kita langsung menuju basecamp Blakrax.

Dari awal trip ini saya memang prefer untuk menginap di semacam hotel sederhana atau homestay aja agar lebih privasi, untungnya ada Rodiah yang mau menemani dan sharing cost. Untuk teman-teman yang lain mereka menginap di markas blakrax, tempatnya juga nyaman, mereka malah dikasih extra bad, tapi buat saya cukuplah 2 hari ini kurang, khusus hari ini pengen banget tidur ditempat yang luas, empuk, dan nyaman (hahahah dasar anak manja). Sekitar jam 19.30 saya dan Rodiah diantar ke penginapan, yang mencari penginapan pun mereka. Jadi perjalanan bersama blaxrak selesai sampai disini. Saya pun bertemu teman-teman yang lain besok ketika mau pulang langsung di Stasiun Malang. Perjalanan saya keliling Kota Batu akan dilanjut di lain lapak. Baca juga ya.

Barang pribadi yang wajib dibawa
Tas yang memiliki raincover
Sendal gunung memakai sepatu gunung lebih bagus lagi
Sleeping bag (dapat dari agent trip)
SIMAKSI (diurus agent trip)
Surat keterangan sehat dari dokter (asli)
Foto copy KTP/identitas lainnya
Sarung tangan dan kaos kaki
Makanan dan minuman pribadi secukupnya

Gojek  Rumah-Stasiun Pocin          : Rp.15.000,-
Comuterline PP Depok-Senen         : Rp. 6.000,-
Kereta kelas Ekonomi Senen – Malang (PP): @Rp.115.000,00. = Rp.230.000,00
Paket Trip Rp. 970.000,- include tiket kereta api PP Senen-Malang, makan selama trip, peralatan kemah, kendaraan selama trip, SIMAKSI, guide 3 orang, Peralatan P3K, dan asuransi

For more info our travel agent is Blakrax Trip Organizer. 
You can contac them FB; @blakrax trip organizer, call: (0341) 3021029 web:

          Receiving a call about iphone 6 small skills        


  iphone is not only configured with high-quality parts, beautiful design, safety and reliability of the application, the system is also a smooth and practical. Iphone then as the most fundamental and common function, then call this function and many users do not know some of the tips that we have here to understand what exactly together!

  Receiving a call about iphone 6 small skills

  1, with Siri Siri hit with phone calls and speakerphone

  Sometimes inconvenient to occupy your hands to unlock tap the phone, direct "Hey Siri, call xx", you can use Siri call. If you want to use hands-free calls directly through direct "Hey Siri, hands-free call xx" to use a hands-free call, do not hand to press after the call hands-free, even if the phone in your pocket does not matter.

  2, by informing the call center

  You can use the Launcher application launcher or other add favorite contacts, and then use the starter in the notification center, directly call a contact by sliding Notification Center.

  One advantage of this approach is in the lock screen without unlocking the phone to call a contact directly by the notification; the second is someone else pick up your phone when you can pull down the notifications directly related to the call center contact (can also cause other issues); Third, when you use certain applications without exiting the application when you can call directly through the notification Center.

  3, with Spotlight search Call Contact

  Sometimes using an application and want to call someone, do not exit the application and then open the phone application, you can display the drop-down notification center, and then enter the contact name associated in Spotlight, you can by Spotlight to call, click to direct call telephone.

  4, I think quietly, do not want to answer the phone

  Yes, who do not want to take the phone, but would like the Internet, use the network, how do? With Do not disturb. Direct pull notification center, open Do not disturb, this time in addition to your default contacts personal collection calls will remind, the other calls are no longer reminders.

  5, do not want to take the other phone, but you want to know each other a few calls

  Sometimes there will be such a thing, and her boyfriend odds, engage in small emotions thrown out the door, do not want to pick him up the phone, the most direct way is to add it to the blacklist. But you do not know so he gives you a few calls, but also feel he can not find what you are feeling anxious. If you do not want to answer her phone, he would also like to know you made a few calls, he felt helpless and anxious, concerned, you can also use the Do not disturb.

  The boyfriend's phone Remove from Favorites, then draw from the bottom of the iPhone display control center, if you're open mode, this time your boyfriend's phone will not be prompted, but will show missed calls dialed how many times he your phone. Both to avoid the telephone harassment, retaliation he can feel his eager call you feel.

  6, and the reminders back with a reply message

  When you sometimes inconvenient to answer the phone, you can simply click on the reminder calls, reminder and then choose the top selection information call reminders and reply with the information.

  More on iphone Practical aspects of knowledge, all in YDT-PARTS official website, so stay tuned!

Oleh: Kholda Naajiyah

Pelaku poligami dituduh merendahkan perempuan karena menjadikannya sebagai budak nafsu. Suami poligami berarti mengabaikan hak-hak perempuan. Bila yang berpoligami pria bejat, itu bisa saja terjadi. Bahkan suami monogami pun kerap mengabaikan hak-hak perempuan.

Tapi bagi suami yang taat dan takut kepada Allah SWT, insya Allah kekhawatiran di atas bisa ditepis. Justru poligami adalah bentuk kecintaan dan perhatian lebih pada kaum perempuan.

Kebolehan poligami memberi peluang besar bagi perempuan untuk menikmati kehidupan berumah tangga. Perawan tua yang tak juga menemukan jodoh perjaka, diberi kesempatan oleh Allah SWT untuk menikah dengan pria beristri.

Ini bisa menjadi solusi atas problem sosial di masyarakat. Misalnya fakta di sebagian wilayah di mana jumlah perawan tua atau janda banyak, karena lelaki banyak yang terbunuh di dalam peperangan atau konflik.

Bagi perempuan mandul, poligami menjadi jalan untuk menikmati rasanya menjadi ibu. Sebab jika suaminya menikah lagi dan memiliki anak, itu otomatis menjadi 'anaknya'.

Poligami juga mampu meningkatkan taraf ekonomi kaum perempuan. Bukankah seorang wanita yang semula tidak memiliki apa-apa, akan mendapatkan nafkah dan waris jika dinikahi laki-laki meski telah beristri? Seperti janda dan anak-anaknya, akan mendapat jaminan nafkah dan terangkat perekonomiannya dengan adanya suami yang memperistrinya, meski poligami.

Perempuan yang memberi izin suami poligami, juga bisa lebih berkonsentrasi untuk ibadah dan mengawasi anak-anak. Maklum, terkadang istri begitu capek hingga tak mampu beribadah maksimal. Sebab ia harus mengerjakan berbagai urusan rumah tangga yang tak ada habis-habisnya. Akhirnya, bisa jadi ibadahnya kurang khusyu'.

Tapi, dengan tidak adanya suami (karena berada di rumah istri yang lain), membuatnya lebih konsentrasi ibadah, bisa leluasa puasa sunah, membaca Alquran, dakwah, membaca buku, dll.

Ia juga lebih bisa memanjakan dirinya. Seperti merawat tubuh, menekuni hobi, olah raga, dll yang selama ini kurang mendapat porsi waktu. Dengan demikian hak-haknya sebagai perempuan justru lebih terjamin.

Menginapnya suami dengan istri yang lain, meringankan beban perempuan itu. la bisa lebih "santai" tanpa dikejar kewajiban untuk melayani kebutuhan suami, termasuk kebutuhan biologis. Jadi sangat salah anggapan bahwa istri yang dipoligami dijadikan budak nafsu.

Ujian Kepemimpinan

Bagi Muslim taat, poligami bukanlah pilihan ringan. Poligami sebuah konsekuensi syariat yang berat tanggungannya dunia dan akhirat. Karena itu tidak semua Muslim yang taat punya kehendak berpoligami. Hanya mereka yang mampu dan siap lahir batin saja yang berani mengambil risiko itu. Bisa dibilang satu dari seribu.

Dalam konteks kepemimpinan, poligami adalah ajang pembuktian dari kemampuan seorang laki-laki dalam memimpin. Di situlah kepemimpinan seorang suami teruji, apakah ia mampu mengelola keluarga besarnya dengan baik dan seadil-adiinya. Bukankah suami adalah qowam (pemimpin) rumah tangga?

Firman Allah SWT: "Laki-laki adalah pemimpin bagi kaum wanita, karena Allah telah melebihkan sebagian dari mereka atas sebagian yang lainnya dan karena mereka telah membelanjakan sebagian harta mereka..."(TQS An-Nisa [4]:34).

Keluarga adalah institusi terkecil yang butuh pemimpin. Allah SWT menetapkan kepemimpinan itu di pundak suami. Ketika ia menikahi satu istri, kepiawaiannya memimpin tentu berbeda dibanding saat menikah dengan lebih dari satu istri. Ketika ia memiliki dua anak saja, kepemimpinannya tentu berbeda dengan ketika ia memiliki delapan anak misalnya.

Ibarat organisasi, semakin banyak jumlah anggotanya, semakin besar tanggung jawab seorang pemimpin. Permasalahan yang dihadapi semakin kompleks. Otomatis kemampuan dia menyelesaikan masalah, berinovasi, memotivasi anggota, dst semakin diuji.

Ketika ia diserahi tugas sebagai pejabat, setidaknya jiwa kepemimpinannya lebih teruji. Karena itu, tuduhan bahwa pria berpoligami selalu menyalahgunakan jabatannya tidak relevan.

Reduksi Syariat Islam

Bung Karno yang dikagumi sebagai putra terbaik bangsa ini pun berpoligami. Tapi tak pernah diusik. Pemujanya masih loyal hingga kini. Giliran ulama atau tokoh Islam, langsung 'dibantai'. Karena yang ditohok memang Islam, bukan tokohnya.

Ironisnya, saat poligami dicaci, selingkuh diamini. Buktinya, sewaktu pemilihan caleg dulu, pejabat yang dikenal suka main perempuan dan mencalonkan diri jadi caleg, tidak ada yang mem-blacklist. Tidak ada yang berkampanye "jangan pilih caleg selingkuh". Termasuk aktivis perempuan, tidak ada yang lantang menyuarakan agar tidak memilih pejabat yang punya wanita idaman lain (WIL). Itu karena memang Islamlah yang dipersoalkan. Bukan sekadar tokoh-tokoh pelaku poligami itu.

Ini seiring dengan cita-cita mereka untuk merevisi UU Perkawinan untuk menghapus poligami dari hukum positif di negeri ini. Upaya mereka sejalan dengan agenda sekulerisme di tanah air. Bahkan kalau perlu, seluruh aturan yang berbau syariat Islam lenyap dari negeri muslim terbesar ini. Itulah yang harus kita waspada.


“Sampaikanlah walaupun hanya satu ayat”
Jika ikhwan wa akhwat fiLLAH meyakini adanya kebenaran di dalam tulisan dan fans page ini, serta ingin meraih amal shaleh, maka sampaikanlah kepada saudaramu yang lain. Bagikan (share) tulisan/gambar ini kepada teman-teman facebook yang lain dan mohon bantuannya untuk mengajak teman-teman anda sebanyak mungkin di HALAQOH ONLINE, agar syiar kebaikan dapat LEBIH TERSEBAR LUAS DI BUMI INI....

Ikhwan wa akhwat fiLLAH juga bisa mentag pada gambar ini....



dan ikhwan wa akhwat fiLLAH mari bersama dukung gerakan Hidup Sejahtera di Bawah Naungan Khilafah, dengan menyukai fans page di bawah ini.

fans page Hidup Sejahtera di Bawah Naungan Khilafah


Jazaakumullah Khairan wa Syukron Katsiiran 'Alaa Husni Ihtimaamikum.

          FDR1849 Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio interviewed on Blacklisted News Radio        
A wild conversation about current affairs; the Venus Project, turning your children over to the men who start wars, protecting property in a free society - and taking the cancer of the state to that nice Dr. Anarchist!

          FDR2046 Mad Markets, Paper Money and the End of Economics        
Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, is interviewed about current market conditions on Blacklisted News -

          Mexico – Out of Control – The Supernatural Side of the Drug Trade.        
MEXICAN DRUG WAR: 2,234 MURDERS IN JUNE, THE COUNTRY’S DEADLIEST MONTH IN AT LEAST 20 YEARS Rising demand for heroin in the United States and a bloody power struggle inside one of Mexico’s most powerful drug cartels have put the country on track to record more killings in 2017 than in any year since … Continue reading Mexico – Out of Control – The Supernatural Side of the Drug Trade.
          A Solid Case        
About three or four years ago I pretty much gave up hope of finding any more singer/songwriters or bands that conected with me in a deep way. From the time I discovered Steve Taylor until the time I discovered Dan Bern I had a wild ride of enlightenment.

Mark Heard, U2, Daniel Amos, the 77s, the Choir, the Call, Vigilantes of Love/Bill Mallonee, Tom waits, Nick Cave, 16 Horsepower and Emmylou Harris all conected with me in a deep and personal way. Plenty of other artists ought to be included on that list, but these are the standouts.

But then I hit a dry spell, and until very recently I've discovered nothing new in the world of music. This, I suppose, is at least partially due to many personal harrows in the last few years; but the musical landscape seemed a bleak place.

I had read plenty of good reviews about Neko Case and her voice, so I finally broke down and bought a copy of Blacklisted, her second solo album. While I can't say it affected me the way some of the previous artists I've listed did, her voice is amazing. And her songs are haunting. She reminds me a little bit of Maria Mckee with a darker, american-gothic twist.

For me now, it's not so much a matter of discovering earth-shaking musicians; but of appreciating the beauty and artistry of people like Case.
          How we can win        

I think one of the greatest things about being a spazz is the fact that I'm constantly bombarded with random thoughts and on rare occasion come up with a good one or in this case ones. As most of you know at this point we lost the election last year and have been tumbling down the rabbit hole ever since. We lost because we weren't able to attract young voters, Latino voters, Black voters, low-income voters, welfare receiving voters and my favorite demographic of all the low-info voter. Obviously, there's some overlap there, but this group of Americans voted overwhelmingly for a guy who couldn't balance his own check-book.
So why was the Left so much better at convincing these people to vote for them? Well, in the case of black and latino voters they had a monopoly on their attention. It's the great unforced error of the last four years that the GOP and many conservatives never reached out to the black and latino communities in a meaningful way. I don't mean pandering, of course, because Democrats pander enough for three or maybe four national parties. The thing is you can't win a debate you aren't having and we collectively gave up on those demographics in favor for "independents". It's one of the reasons we lost.
Then, there's the low-income voter. We never targeted this demographic with messages explaining just how Leftist policies were hurting them and would continue to hurt them. We explained it pretty well to other voters, but not to those people who were most impacted by crappy pay often made crappier thanks to rich Union Bosses pulling money from their already crappy pay checks. If we had been able to explain how reversing inflation (real inflation is probably at the level it was in the 70s) would give them more buying power and in turn make them wealthier and how lowering taxes would bring down prices and promote growth which they could then benefit from they might have voted for Romney. We didn't and so they didn't. 
Young and low-info voters are probably the same people and both when overwhelmingly for Obama (Obama won high-school drop-outs by double-digits.). Why? Because not only have we been doing a horrible job educating the nation (well, not us, the Left owns education) we have ceded virtually the entirety of pop culture to the Left and they are free to shape the minds of the culture any way they wish. The bar has been set so low by Hollywood and the Literature community that not only was Twilight a best-selling book franchise it was also a best-selling movie franchise. And if you ask the question about why there aren't more conservatives and libertarians in writing books, scripts and directing films the answer you inevitably get is that liberals are more creative than conservatives.
Hollywood is proof that creativity is positively dead among liberal writers and directors. Not only are most films retreads of older better films, they're also light on intelligence. The fact that we've been given not one but two sketch films based on "Inappropriate Comedy", but one of them is actually called "Inappropriate Comedy". Not buying a ticket is simply not a strong enough vote against the terribleness of liberal pop culture. Ashley Judd speaking in front of a crowd of zombified teenage women drone on about how great she was, how lame Republicans are and the crowd actually ate it up. If someone as mindless as Ashley Judd has been given a place of respect in real society, enough that she'll attempt to enter into Congress, we have a real problem.
I, like most of you, have a lot of ideas about how we can counter the Left across the board. We need to send young smiling conservatives door-to-door in neighborhoods where blacks and latinos represent the majority. We need town-halls in urban centers. We need to shove our ways onto PTA councils, go to political rallies with signs possessing more depth than your average "narwhal for oil" slogan coming out of the rotten mouths of occupiers and ancient hippies.
We all need to find areas that we're willing to work in, and yes, I know we're conservatives and most of us have real jobs and families that take up most of our time. However, if we're going to win this thing we need to make time for social improvement. That's why I started the Conservative and Libertarians Writers Network google group. Because not only do I want to help real people struggling to become published authors but have been blacklisted by liberals who own the industry, I also want to take a step towards slowing and eventually reversing the Leftward stumble of our once beautiful national culture. So if you know any writers, poets, essayists, artists and editors that lean to the right let me know and let them know about the group. It doesn't matter if you just write or draw for pleasure either, I'm hoping to create a community where people can develop their skills and discover talented writers (and everybody else I can get to join). I have been damned lucky so far in the fact that most of the very first people to join the group happen to be published authors, bloggers, editors and even publishers. 
If I succeed in creating this community, publishers that lean towards conservative or libertarian will have a giant pool of potential talent to pick from. So please, if you or someone you know (distant cousin from Alaska?) have artistic inspiration of any kind make sure you get yourself and them to the group or start your own. I don't even care if you join mine or rip it off, just do something.

          Security for Startups: A 10-Step Affordable Plan to Survival in Cyberspace        
This post originally appeared in TechCrunch.

In the past two years, cyberspace has clearly changed in ways that threaten every online business, big or small. Startups now use the cloud infrastructure that mature companies do, and quickly aggregate large, juicy caches of private user data and payment credentials. As malware infestations scale to scour the â€œlong tail” of targets, they don’t discriminate between the Fortune 50 and the TechCrunch 50.
In fact, some increasingly common attacks — like DDoS extortion — specifically target smaller, more vulnerable businesses, whose loose cowboy cultures, shallow security expertise, fragile infrastructure and fresh capital make for easy pickings.
Jeremy Grant at NIST reports â€œa relatively sharp increase in hackers and adversaries targeting small businesses.” According to a recent survey, 20 percent of small businesses in Canada reported cyber losses last year. Who knows how many more fell victim and just don’t know it?
“Startups are incredibly vulnerable to cyber attacks in their first 18 months. If a business thinks that it’s too small to matter to cybercriminals, then it’s fooling itself with a false sense of security.” – Brian Burch, Symantec (CNN)

For many attacks—API disruption, marketplace fraud, IP theft—the smaller the target, the greater the damage. Startups often lose a year or more when targeted by identity thieves, nation-states, hacktivists, competitors, disgruntled employees, IP thieves, fraudsters or Bitcoin miners. Evernote, Meetup, Feedly, Vimeo, BaseCamp, Shutterstock, MailChimp and all fell victim to extortion rackets, and Code Spaces shut downaltogether. “When our API collapsed under a DDoS attack, we experienced more customer churn in that one day than we had in the entire two years since our launch,” recalled one CEO.
StubhubUber, and Tinder struggle to battle fraud in their marketplaces. Uber employees themselves were caught defrauding competitor Gett.,FormspringDropboxCupid MediaZendesk, SnapchatClinkleMeetMeLastPass (a password security company!) and many others have had to tell users they lost their passwords or payment credentials to hackers. Cyber thieves stole $5 million worth of Bitcoins from Bitstamp, and destroyed Mt. Gox and Flexcoin. Hackers exposed the content and identities of Yik Yak accounts. The CEOs of HB GarySnapchat and many other startups have been vilified following the theft and publication of embarrassing emails. Google routinely blacklists websites for weeks due to malware. Appstudio,SendGridHB Gary and others have been defaced or even permanently shut down by anti-Western hacktivists for political reasons. For, the damage appears to have been fatal.
And even if your startup beats the odds and survives its infancy without a serious incident, playing catch up later will cost many times more in time, money, reputation and distraction as you change architectures, re-writing code, moving infrastructure, re-imaging laptops, migrating email, and replacing billing systems.
But until your startup can afford a CISO, how do you protect your mission, IP, brand, assets, employees, and capital from cyber threats? For startups with limited resources and intense focus, what’s the right measured response to these threats?
To help our portfolio companies answer these questions, I surveyed Silicon Valley startups to understand their regrets and successes in mitigating cyber losses. I interviewed technical founders, Engineering VPs, CTOs and CISOs to hear what measures they wish they’d taken sooner, or in some cases, later. I also tapped security gurus like Dan Farmer (author, inventor of SATAN), Barrett Lyon (anti-DDoS warrior, hero of Fatal System Error), and Richard Clarke (author, top cyber intelligence officer in the White House and State Department).
I learned that adopting strong security practices is much easier to do when a company is young, while they still enjoy a small attack surface and a manageable number of devices to track. I was encouraged to hear that some basic, affordable practices â€“ both technical and cultural â€“ can mitigate the greatest risks to startups, positioning them well to develop a strong cyber posture as they grow.
So I now advise founders to download and consider these recommendations from Day One, and review the team’s progress quarterly. A secure organization starts at the top with the CEO, but demands a team effort. Whether you’re in a leadership position in finance, engineering, operations or finance, or simply in a position to influence those who are, following this 10-step plan could potentially save your venture.

Cyber security will remain unsolved for as long as people compete for resources on a planet with digital assets. We face this challenge together, so as you read, please think about what may be missing, and share your feedback. As a VC, I share the entrepreneur’s goal – to minimize the distraction of cyber threats so each startup can focus on its mission. Keep in mind that if you want your venture to make a dent in the world, you can’t let hackers make a dent in you.

          The Internet's Neighborhood Watch        

The Neighborhood Watch dates back to July 1, 1700 in Colonial Philadelphia with the passage of the Safe Streets bill. With no police department yet established, citizens took turns as the appointed watchmen to "go round ye town with a small bell in ye night time, to give notice of ye time of night and the weather, and anie disorders or danger."

In many ways, cyberspace today feels like Colonial Philadelphia - fraught with "disorders and dangers" and no police force capable of apprehending the offenders. No wonder then that last February President Obama signed an executive order calling on Americans in the public and private sector to establish the equivalent of a cyber Neighborhood Watch.
"It is the policy of the United States to enhance the security and resilience of the Nation's critical infrastructure and to maintain a cyber environment that encourages efficiency, innovation, and economic prosperity while promoting safety, security, business confidentiality, privacy, and civil liberties. We can achieve these goals through a partnership with the owners and operators of critical infrastructure to improve cybersecurity information sharing..."
But sharing cyber threat data is shockingly rare, despite the fact that for the last two decades, hackers have steadily organized a vibrant industry around the tools and services needed to launch cyber attacks --credit card credentials, script kiddies, zero day vulnerabilities, bot armies, and other staples of cyberwarfare are sold through web sites and channels similar to those associated with legitimate IT purchases. And yet up until 12 months ago, when a wave of cyber attacks against US banks, government agencies and media sites exposed our economy's soft underbelly, no enterprise would ever voluntarily discuss its security infrastructure, let alone acknowledge a breach or even an attack, lest they worry their constituents.

But in those 4 months from October 2012 to February 2013, everything changed. A steady drumbeat of DDoS attacks rendered our banks offline and, for the first time, account holders have demanded their banks openly address the problem. In a novel gesture of transparency and collaboration, Bank of America actually asked the Feds for help.

The US has responded by organizing industry and government to start collaborating, so that cyber attackers, as they are detected, cannot simply jump from target to target. Twenty nine federal agencies today share real-time threat data stemming from cyber incidents through an exchange integrated with all the heterogeneous security infrastructure across those agencies. Suspect IP addresses, bad app signatures, malicious domain names, fraudulent host names, and other types of black lists are now updated in real time to broadly deflect attacks as they are discovered.

Furthermore, this federal "ActiveTrust Exchange" has now been opened up to large commercial enterprises, including financial institutions (like BVP) and some mega Silicon Valley tech companies. The President's vision of a national Neighborhood Watch is now a reality.

Paul Ferguson, VP Threat Intel
The company that developed and operates ActiveTrust is Internet Identity ("IID"), a somewhat obscure company in Tacoma, Washington with deep security DNA. IID is pioneering the idea that security technology should be decoupled from security data - that you can't rely on your vendor of security hardware and software to also provide you with all the intelligence you need to filter bad traffic. Your security gear is only as good as the blacklists they enforce; without up-to-date cyber intel, you can't repel the motivated and highly targeted cyber attack.

IID now sells various services and intelligence feeds, but the primary product is membership in the ActiveTrust exchange. ActiveTrust includes highly sophisticated governance modules to anonymize and regulate what you share (to satisfy the lawyers) and what you ingest (to weed out the George Zimmermans from your Neighborhood Watch).

Based on the success of these recurring revenue services, IID has profitably bootstrapped. But the government's collaboration initiative is so important to the viability of the internet that I'm proud to report that I've reached out to IID and Bessemer has just led their first round of venture capital. The Company is now very well funded to invite many more members to join ActiveTrust, starting with critical infrastructure.

I invite you to contact to apply for membership in ActiveTrust. Let's work together to "to give notice of ye time of night and the weather, and anie disorders or danger."

          Vet Carlton Cuts Up and Cremates Dead Patient Without Owners Permission, Without Notifying Pet Owners of their Pets Death        

Virginia Veterinarian Carlton Elam is living proof that the disciplinary actions of the Virginia Board of Veterinary Medicine are useless as a deterrant to future violations. How else can you explain a history of violations going back over 25 years?

Moreover, his most recent violation also raises the question: What is a veterinarian trying to hide when he cremates a dead patient without ever notifying the owners that their beloved dog has even died?????

Ask yourself:

If a human died in the hospital, and the attending physician performed an autopsy and then cremated the person, all without ever notifying the family of the death, would that phsyician still be practising?????

This is not the first time I've heard of this kind of thing happening at a veterinary practice. In fact, years ago, I heard a similar story from a veterinary hospital receptionist working here in the Washington DC area: At the practice where she previously worked, she boarded her dog for the weekend. The only thing wrong with her dog was that he was taking Deramaxx for arthritis. When she returned to the hospital she was told that her dog was dead. He had died that weekend while in the "care" of unlicensed, unsupervised veterinary assistants. They refused to allow her to see the body, telling her it would "upset her" too much. They cremated the dog without her permission and handed her a box of ashes.

I would like NOTHING MORE than to give the name of the animal hospital at which she said this occurred; however, for my own legal protection, I cannot do so. However, I can tell you that the hospital was one where the owner had disciplinary action taken on his license in a different case, and one I have written about. Unfortunately, the former staff member never filed a complaint with the vet board or took any other action against the vet, so there is no public record on the case involving the death of her dog. This places me at liability if I name the hospital, whereas if there were public record of this having occurred, I could name the hospital. One more reason you should REPORT these kinds of things. Also, since that hospital had other complaints against it and prior disciplinary action, her reporting of this incident might have resulted in stronger action being taken against them as repeat offenders. Sadly, like so many victims -- particularly those who also work in the veterinary field and are afraid of being "blacklisted", she did not file a complaint. So they blithely go along till this day doing things like that, I'm sure.

Therefore, my deep gratitude goes to the owners of "Bumpie," a dog who fatefully died in the care of Virginia Veterinarian Carlton Elam. You see, they DID file a complaint with the vet board, and THERE IS PUBLIC RECORD which can be republished to warn others about this man. But does it make a difference anyway? Do vets even pay attention to disciplinary actions of the vet board -- unless the vet board actually does something serious like enforce a license suspension or revoke a license? Apparently not . . . which brings me back to Carlton Elam.

What happened to Bumpie? Why did he die at Elam Veterinary Hospital in Powhatan, Virginia? And . . . do Elam's actions after Bumpie's death give us a clue that perhaps Elam was trying to cover something up? Judge for yourself.

In an order dated December 1, 2008, the Virginia Veterinary Board states in its findings of fact that "On February 8, 2008, [Dr. Elam] failed to notify the owner of Bumpie that Bumpie had died the night before."

"Following the discovery of Bumpie's death, Dr. Elam performed a necropsy without obtaining the permission of Bumpie's owner or allowing said owner the option of having the necropsy performed by another veterinarian."

"Dr. Elam arranged for the cremation of Bumpie's remains without receiving permission from Bumpie's owner."

"Dr. Elam failed to record the cremation of Bumpie's remains in the medical record."

Why did Bumpie die? Will we ever know? Don't ask what the necropsy showed, unless you just fell off the proverbial turnip truck!

But this was FAR from Dr. Elam's first violation. And so, the Veterinary Board -- citing the fact that at the time Dr. Elam committed these acts, he was already on probation as a result of a prior Board order (which required him to maintain a "course of conduct" commensurate with the requirements of the code), found him in violation of their prior order, and placed him on "idefinite probation" for a period of not less than 3 years. They reprimanded him and fined him $1,500. But what are the terms of the probation? Will this keep Dr. Elam from doing such a thing?

Apparently not, because he was already on a 3-year probation when he did this!

So -- WHEN EXACTLY -- does the Virginia Veterinary Board suspend or revoke a vets license for violating probation? Can a vet simply continue to commit such acts over and over, and simply get an extended probation each time? Seems so.

You see, in January, 2008 -- just one month before Elam necropsied and cremated Bumpie without even telling the owners he'd died -- The bet board had fined Elam $10,000 in another case. YOU ALMOST NEVER HERE OF A FINE THAT HIGH. They also had said that within a year of that action, they would conduct an unannounced inspection of Elam's facility. Did they?

In their order, dated January 28, 2008 -- mere days before poor Bumpie died under Elam's care only to be necropsied and cremated before his owners found out -- the Board said:

" . . . On or about January 16th, 2006 . . . Client A presented to his practice with 'Coconut,' a canine who was not eating well and was constipated. Dr. Elam documented in Coconut's records that he prescribed 10 mg of prednisone to be taken twice a day for neck pain. On or about January 30, 2006, Coconut was returned to Dr. Elam's practice having lost approximately two pounds and still was not eating. On February 4, 2006, Client A presented with Coconut who was eating small amounts of food. Based on bloodwork, Dr. Elam diagnosed Coconut with Addison's disease."

Over the next several months, Coconut's owners continued to bring her in to see Carlton Elam, and she continued to lose weight.

In early June, however, Coconut's owners apparently finally took her to another vet, who diagnosed Coconut with "hepatocellular carcinoma." The Board said:

"Dr. Elam overprescribed the amount of Prednisone administered to Coconut for treatment of Addison's disease, and failed to diagnose Coconut's carcinoma . . . Although Coconut continued to decline, Dr. Elam failed to offer to refer Client A to a Veterinary Internal Medicine Specialist."

So, Coconut's owners seem to have lost nearly 6 months between the time Coconut exhibited illness and the time they got a correct diagnosis from another vet. Time they could have spent treating Coconut for her cancer, instead of overdosing her with prednisone.

In their original letter to Elam requesting that he attend a conference to review allegations against him, the veterinary board stated that Elam never conducted an ACTH test to confirm his Addison's diagnosis. According to an ACTH test is necessary to confirm diagnosis of Addison's. If Elam did not do this, was he giving Coconut large quantities of steroids for a disease she didn't even have??? According to, "The Merck Veterinary manual recommends a prednisone dose of 0.1 – 0.2 mgs/lb. per day." If Coconut was getting 10 mg twice a day, that is 20 mg per day. That would be an appropriate maximum dose for a 100 pound dog. And that's only if she DID have Addison's -- which it seems was a misdiagnosis. Was Coconut a 100 pound dog???? If not, what are the consequences of a prednisone overdose? According to Wedgewood Pharmacy, "Chronic or inappropriate use of corticosteroids, including prednisone, can cause life threatening hormonal and metabolic changes"; also side effects include: "polyuria, polydipsia, polyphagia, poor haircoat, GI disturbance, diarrhea, vomiting, weight gain, GI ulceration, pancreatitis, lipidemia, elevated liver enzymes, diabetes mellitus, muscle wasting, and possible behavioral changes." Corticosteroids suppress the immune system. What effect would that have on the survival of a dog with cancer?

As I mentioned, the Board fined Elam $10,000 in that case. This is an unusually high fine, and I believe the reason was . . . he had a long history of violations including:

1983 -- Found in violation of State regulations when he induced labor in a horse and then left her. "There was a difficult delivery, and the foal was born dead." The Board fined him $250.

2002 -- The veterinary board found Elam had failed to maintain adequate records in the case of two patients, "Tor" (dog) and "Christmas Pie" (cat). They fined him $500. However, in my opinion, this appears to be a case in which much more serious things occurred, but the Vet Board just found him guilty of the "lesser" violation of recordkeeping. This is one of the sneaky things Board's do to protect vets. Why do I think this? Because the Vet Board's Notice of "Informal" conference includes allegations that that Elam may have engaged in unprofessional conduct and provided substandard care. This is stated in the Board's notice telling Elam to come to an "informal" conference to discuss the complaint. This notice includes the following information:

"You performed medical tests and procedures, some unnecessary, on your patient "Tor" . . . without obtaining the client's authorization and discussing additional charges. Further, you failed to appropriately diagnose "Tor," and you failed to maintain adequate and complete patient records for him." They go on to give the following specifics:

They go on to say:

"You performed or had performed numerous tests on Tor, some unnecessary, without Client A's authorizatin, in that Client A discussed euthanizing Tor with you upon his admission on November 6, 2000. Additionally, when Client A noted "Tor's" condition was deteriorating on November 7, 2000, she told you she did not want to keep "Tor" alive if he was not going to get better. You denied that Client A ever mentioned euthanasia to you and stated that you provided 'only minimal diagnostic testing and treatment to stabilize "Tor." In fact, billing records indicate you performed internal parasite examinations on November 6 and 7, 2000; complete blood counts on November 6 and 7, 2000, and two (2) blood chemistries on November 7, 2000 in addition to the one performed on November 4 by another veterinarian before "Tor" expired on November 7, 2000."

I remind the reader that the above was included in the ALLEGATIONS, not in the findings of fact, and that the findings of fact do not include substandard care or unprofessional conduct. They include only recordkeeping violations. The question is: WHY??????

These allegations go on to state:

"You performed unnecessary medical tests on your patient, "Christmas Pie" . . .further, you failed to adequately diagnose "Christmas Pie" and failed to maintain accurate patient records for her. Specifically . . . Client A presented Christmas Pie to you for teeth cleaning. Your records indicate that "Christmas Pie" weighed 8.1 pounds, and you administered anesthetic according to that weight.[emphasis added]. "Client A provided previous and subsequent records indicating the weight of the cat has remained stable at approximately 6 pounds prior and subsequent to your December 22, 1999 treatment of her . . . Client A again presented "Christmas Pie" to you on or about July 31, 2000, with symptoms of frequency of urination and excessive thirst. At her request, you performed tests to determine whether the cat had decreased kidney function. Althouth you performed tests that you indicated ruled out anemia, you failed to adequately diagnose the cat's condition or provide a treatment plan after performing additional tests. Further you performed tests based upon your belief that "Christmas Pie" had lost two pounds since December 22, 1999, despite Client A's assertion that the weight you recorded in December was incorrect."

2003 -- The veterinary board investigates a complaint against Elam, and finds no "clear and convincing" evidence that he committed violations.

This, IN SPITE of the fact that the notice available online prior to the board's finding of "no violation" include the following allegations:

" . . . . on April 15, 2002, Client A presented to your practice with "Chloe," a puppy, for a routine spay. You spayed Chloe and sent her home the same day. [The next day] Chloe's sutures ruptured allowing her intestines to be exposed. You took Chloe back into surgery and repaired the incision, but Chloe died later that night. You failed to properly suture Chloe's incision during the initial surgery."

After Elam's history of repeated complaints and findings . . . he still is allowed to practice by the State of Virginia. Here is a screenshot from the Veterinary Board website showing the long list of documents associated with investigations and disciplinary actions taken against Elam:

When will the Virginia Veterinary Board put an end to Elam's trail of tears?


Order in the Case of Bumpie

Order in the Case of Coconut

Allegations in the Case of Chloe

Order in the Case of Chloe

Order in the Case of Tor and Christmas Pie

Allegations in the Case of Tor and Christmas Pie

Order in the Case of the Dead Foal

WARNING: This vet also goes by the name of Nick Elam and C. Nick Elam.

          Shadowy organization publishes blacklist of writers who track down con-artists        

One of the better services provided by the Science Fiction Writers of America is Writer Beware, maintained by Victoria Strauss and Ann Crispin, which lists scammy vanity publishers, book doctors, fake agents and other entities devoted to separating hopeful writers from their money.

Predictably, Writer Beware has attracted a lot of approbation from the people who appear in its annals, and this, in turn has spawned a mysterious website called "The Write Agenda," a front for shadowy, pseudonymous individuals who purport to be a writers' group that seeks to correct the record as set out by Writer Beware. The Write Agenda includes a blacklist of writers who spoken out in favor of Writer Beware, as well incoherent bilious rants about those who make it their hobby to expose scammers and con-artists.

I woke up this morning to discover that The Write Agenda has added my friend John Scalzi to its boycott list, but not me. Frankly, I'm jealous.

Unlike those who are going out of their way to trash Victoria, Ann and Writer Beware, I’m not hiding behind of phalanx of apparently fake groups, names and social media accounts — I’m an actual live person, actually working professionally in the writing industry, who actually knows Ann and Victoria and who has benefited from the hard work they have put into Writer Beware. If Writer Beware’s long and honorable history of sticking up for writers — and sticking it to scammers — isn’t enough to convince you of its good works, consider this my personal endorsement.

Returning to The Write Agenda, I’ll note that I myself am on its Author Boycott List. I could not possibly be prouder of this particular achievement of mine. As far as I can see it means that when it comes to being someone who speaks out for authors against those who would scam and deceive them, I am on the side of the angels — as are, I will note, rather a healthy number of writers and publishing industry professionals who I consider friends and colleagues. Indeed, I suspect that soon a number of other authors I know will go examine the list and be positively hurt they are not on the boycott list as well. I say: Try harder, my friends. Apparently all you need to do to get on the list is inform new and emerging writers about scammers, predators, and possibly also their deceptive front organizations. If you want to know how to get started on that, check with Writer Beware. It has some ideas for you.

          URI.DisableResources not loading (2 replies)        

I'v been trying to get the URI.DisableResources directive to work, but setting the config directive to true didn't seem to actual change anything. Digging into the code (which I'm very unfamiliar with as this is my first time working with HTMLPurifier), it seems to me that the URI.DisableResources filter is not being loaded into the HTMLPurifier_URIDefinition class.

class HTMLPurifier_URIDefinition extends HTMLPurifier_Definition
// ...
    public function __construct() {
        $this->registerFilter(new HTMLPurifier_URIFilter_DisableExternal());
        $this->registerFilter(new HTMLPurifier_URIFilter_DisableExternalResources());
        $this->registerFilter(new HTMLPurifier_URIFilter_HostBlacklist());
        $this->registerFilter(new HTMLPurifier_URIFilter_SafeIframe());
        $this->registerFilter(new HTMLPurifier_URIFilter_MakeAbsolute());
        $this->registerFilter(new HTMLPurifier_URIFilter_Munge());

Shouldn't there be a line in there for URIFilter_DisableResources?

$this->registerFilter(new HTMLPurifier_URIFilter_DisableResources());


          Nimbus Fairy Outfit For V4/A4        
Nimbus Fairy Outfit For V4/A4
Nimbus Fairy Outfit For V4/A4 This delicate super conforming fairy outfit comes with a dress, wings and frills which can be added to the dress. It comes with 7 high resolution texture maps at 3000 x 3000 – Clay, Earth, Flame, Forest, GoldLeaf, Ice and Smoke. Each figure has separate texture groups for the cloth and edges so the textures can be mixed and matched as you like. The Dress comes with 59 morphs and the Frills 41, including the Aiko 4 morphs. Dials for the bones in the skirt have been placed with the morph dials on the body parameters so that you can easily tweak the morph and translation dials to set the clothing to Vicky’s pose.
          UAE unofficially blacklists big European banks with Qatari investments        
Preview The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has reportedly cut out Western banks with substantial Qatari investments from its state projects. The move is likely to tighten the embargo on Qatar, put in place by a group of Gulf countries in June.
Read Full Article at
          End of the line for foreign-made fishing boats in Indonesia?        
Indonesian fisheries minister Susi Pudjiastuti is purging the archipelago of foreign-made fishing boats, which she believes are being widely used as fronts for illegal foreign fishing operations. The action follows a 2015 audit of 1,132 foreign-built boats. Of those, 328 were cited for major infractions, have been “blacklisted” and will be sunk by the government; […]
          California Cities Are Trying to Shun the Companies That Build Trump’s Wall        

Overmatched in Congress by gerrymandering, rural bias, and clustering, blue cities and states have little power in Washington to stop President Trump’s border wall.

Back at home, however, they issue billions of dollars in procurement contracts to some of the same construction companies that are bidding to build the wall along the U.S-Mexico border. Maybe it’s there, politicians reason, that they could make their voice heard.

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles City Council voted to draw up a law to require firms bidding for city contracts to disclose their role in the border wall. Oakland and Berkeley have already said they will not do business with companies involved in design and construction of the wall. Similar efforts have been proposed in San Francisco and New York, and California state legislators have taken aim both at contracting with companies who work on the wall and using state pension funds to invest in them.

The first question that has to be asked about these efforts is: What wall?  Trump’s signature promise hasn’t exactly been coming along as planned. In May, after a rushed bidding process characterized by being open-ended in some ways (the wall should perhaps have solar panels, the president said) and extremely specific in others (the wall must be transparent so Americans can’t be hit by 60-pound packages of drugs, the president said), DHS announced a group of finalists had been selected.

But in July, the Trump administration said that a planned showcase of prototypes from those finalists had been postponed, after a complaint about the bidding process from the Penna Group, a Fort Worth, Texas-based contractor. Michael Evangelista-Ysasaga, Penna’s chief executive officer, told me that his company’s bid had been rejected because the government misunderstood the terms of the paperwork. “Any time there’s a rush, mistakes are made,” Evangelista-Ysasaga says.

The wall model display in San Diego that was supposed to be under construction by June has now been delayed twice, first to the end of the summer, and now until November.

Meanwhile, a leaked transcript of Trump’s January phone call with Mexican President Enrique Peña-Nieto revealed that the commander in chief was not nearly as determined to have Mexico pay for the wall as he had been on the campaign trail.*

With all that in mind, threats from local jurisdictions may not be the preeminent hold-up for the wall. If the project goes forward according to Trump’s promises (which it won’t), it would constitute one of the largest nonmilitary contracts in the United States. Senate Democrats say the wall would cost $70 billion to build. Probably worth the cost of being shut out of California procurement, in other words.

Still, the outrage around the wall has been successful so far in dissuading several high-profile companies from participating in the bid process. When the bids are finally revealed, the opprobrium could stick to some of those companies in ways that extend beyond what’s prescribed by local or state law. When it comes time for blue states to award corporate subsidies, for example, firms might find their enthusiasm for the wall becomes a political liability.

The gestures are reminiscent of the movement to divest from private prison companies. New York City’s pension funds decided in May to sell stock and bonds in a trio of prison companies. Architects have also moved to stop their peers from designing prison projects.

Unfortunately for municipal legislators, the problem with the wall (which, again, won’t happen) is that the profit motive is so large, it’s probably worth forfeiting your company’s right to supply steel to California public works projects. Another reason why this border-spanning, solar panel-encrusted nightmare won’t quite die yet.

*Correction, Aug. 10, 2017: This post originally misspelled Enrique Peña-Nieto’s last name.

          Comment on Home Loans 101: What You Need to Qualify for a Mortgage Today by Harry Sutherland        
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          Spam Filter Reviews        
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          How Can I Make My Spam Filter More Effective?        
Each spam filter out there works on the same basic principles, but they all work differently. You probably know this if you have more than one email account with different email providers. Some can get rid of all of it, and some get rid of most. Other times, nothing seems to go to the spam folder, and your inbox is clogged with junk. There are a few things you can do to your filters that can turn that around if that is a problem for you.

What you can do with your spam filters will depend on who you have for an email service provider. In some, you have the option to flag a spam email that comes through to your inbox. When you do this, it send the email off to the service provider so that it can be added to the collection. From this collection, the programs they use to filter out spam can look through and see what it missed and how to do a better job with filtering.

Another option would be to use your email providers blacklist, if they have one. When you use this, you add the email address to a list that will tell your provider that spam is coming from that address. This can work, but it is not as effective as it once was. Spam producers know about this, and they change emails almost daily. That means the address you have on your blacklist is probably not in use anyway.

You can also change your settings on some spam filters so that the only emails you get are from addresses that you have in your contact or address folder. That means unless they are already saved as a contact, they are not going to get through. This eliminates most spam, but also means that legitimate emails from people not in your contacts are going to be lost. This is not the best solution when you have a business email account for obvious reasons.

When you get an email, you usually know if it is spam or not. However, there can be times when you are not sure. The email could be from someone you know, but they did not state that very well, or the message within the email is not clear. In that case, you should use a Spam Filter for Outlook and Express. Download SPAMfighter today to see what information you can find about that sender and email address.
          â€˜Glee’s’ Dot-Marie Jones Teases Finn Tribute, Talks Sheldon’s Sex Change: ‘I Was Blown Away’        

Dot-Marie Jones’ “Glee” character has gone through a pretty monumental change just as her Fox show is coming to an end; the former McKinley High School football coach Shannon Beiste is now Sheldon Beiste — sex change and everything.

While Jones knew something was up for her final story arc, she couldn’t have predicted the roller coaster to come.

“Ryan [Murphy] had told me he had big plans for my character. I didn’t know what it was,” Jones recalled to TheWrap of her conversations with the show creator. “Then I got the script and I’m reading it and … at first when I tell Jane Lynch‘s character that I had cancer, I was devastated. I was like ‘Oh my God, they can’t have my character die!'”

She continued: “Then by the end of the script I’m having a transition — my sex change — which I was kind of blown away by that, I wasn’t expecting that.”

That’s a fairly big curveball to throw at an actor who is ready to ride off into the sunset following the Fox show’s March 20 series finale, but Jones wasn’t concerned about having the chops to pull it off.

“I didn’t feel pressure from the acting aspect of it,” Jones explained. “I felt pressures in that I didn’t want to disrespect anybody. and I wanted to do the best job I could do and to make them proud.”

Still, it took a little while for her to mentally prepare for such a last-minute transition.

“I was kind of upset at first, to be honest, because I didn’t want to let down the big tomboys and the straight girls … that I’d represented in the seasons prior,” she admitted.

Plus, she had been very proud of the domestic violence storyline that Shannon had been through. That all said, the public feedback Jones has since received quickly put any temporary concerns she had to bed.

“It’s been amazing, it’s been incredibly favorable,” she said of the reception.

Sheldon’s personal transition was part of a larger “Glee” storyline, which saw the show welcome a transgender choir to its airwaves. The inclusion moved Jones.

“They were just so proud to be represented and to be seen and to be heard,” she said. “These people are just like us, there’s nothing different about them. They’re trying to live their lives as normal as possible. It was overwhelming, the tears I was crying during that show were real. It wasn’t acting.

Speaking of tears, Jones’ last-ever “Glee” scene was filmed with Matthew Morrison, a fellow Fox thespian who she’s grown extremely close with over her 47 episodes. Another friend is Lynch, whose Sue Sylvester has had, as Jones put it, “a hell of a ride” herself, which is comes to a head on Friday’s episode “The Rise & Fall of Sue Sylvester.”

Tonight, Sheldon will be one of only two people who publicly backs Sue, who supported him during the transition, per a network description.

After that, there are just three more “Glee” episodes left. The show had to bid farewell early to male lead Cory Monteith following his 2013 accidental death.

While “Glee” officially said goodbye to the actor and his character Finn Hudson in the 2013 episode “The Quarterback,” there will be one last dedication of sorts in the series finale in two weeks, Jones suggested.

“I can’t exactly say what it is, but there is something mentioned,” she said.

“Glee” airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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          Sue Sylvester Gets an Unpleasant Surprise in ‘Glee’ Sneak Peak (Exclusive Video)        

McKinley High principal Sue Sylvester’s extracurricular activities are catching up to her on tonight’s episode of “Glee,” and she answers for them in a bombshell preview video exclusive to TheWrap.

Fox News host Geraldo Rivera guest stars as an investigative reporter who exposes some skeletons in Sylvester’s (Jane Lynch) closet, and they include some shocking sexy pics. This doesn’t go over well with the superintendent, though, and Sue must defend herself for her past misdeeds.

“I don’t see how my personal forms of recreation have negatively impacted my job performance,” Sylvester says.

Nevertheless, the superintendent gives Sue the boot.

“After I saw your locker vendetta and pornographic spread, I cannot allow you near the students of McKinley. Or any other young people, anywhere, ever,” he says.

“You’re fired.”

See if Sue Sylvester can get her job back on “Glee” the end of the episode Friday at 9/8c.


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          How ‘Glee’s’ Jenna Ushkowitz Created a Global Support Network for Adoptees (Video)        

Actress Jenna Ushkowitz  can add party planner — and, more importantly, philanthropist — to her resume.

One of the founding cast members of Fox’s “Glee,” Ushkowitz is fronting an important cause ahead of the Mar. 20 finale of her show, which costars Lea Michele, Mark Salling, Chris Colfer and Dianna Agron.

“Kindred: The Adoption Foundation” was launched by Ushkowitz and friend Samantha Futerman, both Korean-American adoptees who grew up auditioning alongside one another.

The organization was founded while Ushkowitz and Futerman were working on the documentary “Twinsters,” about female identical twins who grew up on different continents and found each other via social media. The project was partially funded by Kickstarter, and the filmmakers started noticing a slew of fellow adoptees communicating on their fundraiser’s comment thread.

“Through Kickstarter, we had an influx of adoptees reach out to say, ‘This is awesome,'” said Ushkowitz. “There’s a lack of an adoptee community because we’re so widely spread around the world. We decided that we would start Kindred and become the blanket foundation, the go-to so we can direct people.”

Kindred will offer services like discounted DNA testing and home-country travel resources for adoptees. And as for that aforementioned party? It goes down on Tuesday at Los Angeles’ Sofitel Hotel, and counts a star-studded host committee in John Stamos, Emma Roberts, Kristin Chenoweth, Kevin McHale, Sarah Hyland and Darren Criss.

Lucky locals still have a chance to snag tickets while supplies last. Learn more about Kindred here.

The two-hour series finale of “Glee” airs March 20 at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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          Splinter Cell Blacklist - Abilities Trailer - Jeuxcapt        
Splinter Cell Blacklist - Abilities Trailer Plus d'infos :

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          UK MP Dhesi Wants Sikh Blacklist Pruned        
JALANDHAR – UK MP Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi said he wanted the Indian Government to prune the blacklist of Sikhs prepared by the security agencies 30 to 35 years ago over their alleged anti-India activities. “It would be good if the government can do away with the whole thing or maybe just leave a handful of […]
          You Couldn't Ignore Me If You Tried: The Brat Pack, John Hughes, and Their Impact on a Generation        
You Couldn't Ignore Me If You Tried: The Brat Pack, John Hughes, and Their Impact on a Generation
author: Susannah Gora
name: Mark
average rating: 3.78
book published: 2009
rating: 3
read at: 2016/06/30
date added: 2016/06/30
You Couldn’t Ignore Me If You Tried
Author: Susannah Gora
Publisher: Crown Publishers
Published In: New York City, NY
Date: 2010
Pgs: 367


The cultural touchstones of a generation of American teenagers, the Brat Pack movies and actors changed the fabric of understanding for many who thought they were on their own and that it was only happening to them. John Hughes wrote the soul of the American teenager and put it onscreen for the world to see. Outcasts, prom queens, preppies, burnouts, frosted lip gloss, skinny ties, and a feeling of invincibility. Was it the last time a generation believed in happily ever after?

Behind the Scenes
Young Adult

Why this book:
I’m a child of the era. We all wanted to be Jake Ryan. I wanted to be John Bender.

Favorite Character:
As much as I wanted to say my favorite character here was John Hughes or Molly Ringwald, I can’t. They’re both shown as people here. More real than Hollywood usually likes people to be shown. Same can be said about all of the eponymous pack.

The Feel:
As I read this book, instead of thinking of the actors, movies, and plots, or even the timeframe, culture, and society, my brain is replaying the theme songs from these movies through my mind’s...ear. John Parr’s St. Elmo’s Fire(Man in Motion) has been running on a loop in my head for way too long.

Favorite Scene:
Gedde Watanabe’s audition to play Long Duk Dong in Sixteen Candles where he showed up in character and stayed in character until the casters thought that he really had problems with the English language, making them believe that he was actually from Korea and that English was barely a second language to him. And at the end, he reveals to them that he is from Utah.

Molly Ringwald on John Hughes - “He was inspired by me, and I was, in turn, inspired by him. And it was great. I felt a bit that it was like Woody Allen and Diane Keaton. I don’t think that I’ve worked with someone before or since, who I felt understood my strengths as well as John. I just don’t know if I am ever going to find the same thing with anyone else.”

This is one of the saddest statements I’ve ever read in light of John’s having passed on in 2009.

Mia Sara admitting that she threw herself at Matthew Broderick during the filming of Ferris shows on the screen. You can see her real life crush there. Real emotion trumps acting. But good acting is awesome too. Reportedly, Broderick rebuffed her...repeatedly. And that you can’t see in the acting.

The pained awareness behind Ferris’s monologues when he talks about the future.

Plot Holes/Out of Character:
Fast Times at Ridgemont High is given short to no shrift in this film. Same with Valley Girl. And a couple others besides. I get that the amount of focus went to the Hughes films plus St. Elmo’s Fire, but the Brat Pack movies felt like more than just these 7 films. Though Fast Times is largely shafted here, mentioned in passing, Say Anything, also penned by Cameron Crowe, does get some love in the final chapters of the book.

Hmm Moments:
John Hughes clacking along on a typewriter with a picture of 14-year-old Molly Ringwald over his writing desk. True, the script turned out to be Sixteen Candles. But...isn’t that a bit creepy? Hughes was very in touch with his female teenager side. He touched the teenage spirit in a way that movies hadn’t previously. But still. Never knew that she inspired the actual character to that degree. Interesting.

Hughes channeled his inner teenage girl better than any director in living memory.

So connected was Hughes to his young cast and his young characters that it seemed at times as if he were going for a do-over of his own teenhood. Of Hughes, mused Time’s Richard Corliss, “ Who wouldn’t grab the chance to remake one’s adolescence?”

Maybe that’s what Hughes was aiming for. And maybe there are some who would think that. I’d say “F that.” The broody son of a bitch that I am today would hate the broody son of a bitch that I was back then.

Never realized that it was during the filming of St. Elmo’s Fire that “that” name got hung on them. Judd Nelson’s feeling that that was a death knell of some kind is telling. The moniker did seem to cheapen the massive talents involved.

Love the casting stories that are included here.

Being in the Brat Pack is like a venereal disease. If someone made a movie with two of the people previously labelled as members, you became a member.

David Blum’s article in the New York Magazine that labelled them the Brat Pack was sarcastic and mean spirited. Joel Schumacher, the director of St. Elmo’s Fire, saw Blum when he came to interview him as coming across like the guy who never got invited to the party and had finally found his lever and fulcrum to move the world. Invited out for a night with the friends, he was shown a bunch of guys who may have been showing out trying to be more impressive and he took it all to heart and inflated it and, then, conflated it with his personal dislikes. So an article that was ostensibly about Emilio Estevez’s budding career as an actor, writer, and director at 23-years old...and being Martin Sheen’s son blew up into something else entirely.

Pretty in Pink has always been my least favorite of the so-called Brat Pack movies. And now I know why. The ending always struck me as out-of-character based on how the plot up to that point. The original ending was supposed to be Cryer’s and Ringwald’s character dancing at prom as friends, but a test audience booed that ending. And thus, the rewritten and filmed ending rehabilitating McCarthy’s caddish character. Always rang false to me. And now, I know why.

The similarities in plot between Pink and Wonderful may be because of the changed ending. Hughes was trying to have the story that he actually wanted get to the screen rather than the focus group screened “hero gets the girl, geek gets left out” ending that Pink ended up with. Some Kind of Wonderful felt derivative in another way too. It re-rung the bell at the museum from Buehler. The author tries to make the argument, unsuccessfully, I believe, that the two movies while sharing thematic elements are sufficiently different. The success of these movies lead to a derivative tidal wave of formulaic, lesser movies. Many borrowing plot elements and, even, stars from other Brat Pack movies.

Ringwald’s manager, her mother, at that time, as the Brat Pack movies reached their nadir, passed on reading for Pretty Woman and Blue Velvet because they didn’t meet Molly’s image. This was the era when Julie Andrews had just appeared topless in SOB. C’mon. Molly’s mismanaged career in this era lead reporters to characterize her as an actress who dithered over scripts, dithered over interviews, and came across as spoiled when she’d tell reporters that the press wouldn't let her grow up naturally.

John Hughes comes across as almost Peter Pan-ish. He was Ferris. He was the characters played by Anthony Michael Hall, Jon Cryer, Andrew McCarthy, and Matthew Broderick, et al. He channeled his friends and their experiences along with his own. He was in touch with his inner 16-year old girl. Hence, his understanding of Molly Ringwald, Mia Sara, and his friendship with Sloane Tannen, his producer’s teenage daughter, who he had extensive conversations with during the production of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. She was the namesake of Bueller’s girlfriend Sloane Peterson, making her one part Sloane Tannen and one part Hughes high school buddy Jackson least in name. In today’s post Neverland Ranch, post Long Island Lolita world, we’d make it into something unclean and tawdry. His calling his producer’s house to talk to Sloane instead of her dad would set off the squick alarm at high volume today. Same with his relationship with Molly Ringwald during the filming of Candles, Club, and Pretty. Looking at his results, he was telling the stories of young souls coming to maturity as the real world impugned itself on the fairy tale of High School and its princes and princesses, its trolls and fairies, its blurs and spiders, all its little monsters, all straining toward a better tomorrow that they don’t understand.

It’s a shame that John didn't live long enough to make the high school reunion movies that would have brought some of these characters back to the screen later in life. He made 4 Vacations and 3 Beethovens, and 4 Home Alones...and we still loved his movies. Okay...okay...the Vacations were good stuff.

Ferris represented the first time that Hughes didn’t really connect with his actors on the same level as on the previous movies. This was the beginning of the end of Hughes pack movies even though he still had a few to go. This was Hughes second graduation from High School.

The behind the scenes stuff on Some Kind of Wonderful sounds like a colossal cluster.

Hughes is portrayed here as having the classic “you’re dead to me” attitude toward directors and actors who refused him. Hughes along with some others tried to pressure Anthony Michael Hall to be Ferris thinking that his mother was pressuring him. A 4 hour pressure meeting that after surviving it and still passing on the movie lead AMH to say of John Hughes in this book, “He was my best friend.”

Despite the label Brat Pack and its connotations, when you line up all the work that these actors have been involved in since the 80s, it’s an impressive filmography. Some got typecast into oblivion almost. But some of them have taken part in a touchstone or three outside of the teen, youth, high school genre. The book came out too far back to give credit to them, but Spader’s turn on The Blacklist as Raymond Reddington and Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark/Iron Man are both awesome. The coda hasn’t been written on these actors’ careers. Some of them will fade away but some will continue to pop up and flash their talent before us. And I look forward to it.

Not Another Teen Movie, SuperBad, and a host of fellow travellers are the generational children of John Hughes, Joel Schumacher, and the Brat Pack movies.

Last Page Sound:
Sad and good and depressing.

Author Assessment:
Loved that Gora chose to reach back to the some of the cultural touchstones of the movies of my youth. It’s a little bit of knowing how the sausage is made though. I love that the document was written. And I enjoyed reading it. But I do think differently about some of it now. I would definitely read other stuff from Susannah Gora.

Knee Jerk Reaction:
glad I read it

Disposition of Book:
Wichita Falls Public Library
600 11th St
Wichita Falls, TX 76301

Dewey Decimal System:

Would recommend to:
genre fans

          Enforcing the Travel Ban on Putin’s Deputy PM        

The biography of Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Rogozin reads like a guide to whatever is trending in Russian politics: a rising star in Communist Youth in late Soviet years; a defender of democracy at the White House barricades and cofounder of a liberal party in the early 1990s; a nationalist and imperialist firebrand from the mid-1990s as President Yeltsin’s policies became increasingly unpopular. With Vladimir Putin’s rise to power and the consolidation of authoritarian rule, Rogozin firmly allied himself with the Kremlin. Though he continued with nationalist rhetoric—speaking and throwing neo-Nazi salutes at far-right rallies—he has consistently defended Kremlin interests, whether as head of the Russian delegation in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe or as leader of the hastily created Motherland bloc that was (successfully) designed to divert votes from the opposition in the 2003 parliamentary elections.

With his appointment as Russian ambassador to NATO in 2008, the former street orator officially joined Putin’s team, urging his fellow nationalists to “boldly integrate into government.” This was not difficult, with Putin’s policies increasingly resembling Rogozin’s imperialist speeches. In 2011, as the Kremlin faced mass protests on the streets of Moscow—in which some nationalists joined liberals and leftists in demanding democratic elections—Rogozin was brought back from Brussels and appointed deputy prime minister, issuing a call to “national patriots and Russian nationalists” to abandon the protests and support Putin.

Lately, the onetime firebrand has been in the news mostly because of his travel mishaps. Blacklisted by Western countries since 2014 over the Kremlin’s aggression in Ukraine, Rogozin has tried several times to sneak past the sanctions. In 2015, Norway’s foreign ministry issued a protest over Rogozin’s covert visit to Spitsbergen, an Arctic island under Norwegian sovereignty with special travel and residence rights for Russian citizens, which was in formal violation of the travel ban. A year earlier, Romania closed its airspace to Rogozin’s plane, prompting him to seek a detour and threaten to return on the Tupolev-160 bomber. It appears the threat fell short: last week, Rogozin once again tried to fly through Romania—not in a bomber, but on a regular commercial passenger flight, which was prohibited from entering EU airspace and had to land in Minsk because of Rogozin’s presence on board. The deputy premier called the Romanian authorities “bastards,” accusing them of endangering the lives of passengers—although if anyone had endangered passengers it was Rogozin himself by trying—yet again—to circumvent the EU travel ban.

Dmitri Rogozin’s persistence is understandable: for someone who had spent so much time in the halls of Strasbourg and Brussels it must be frustrating not to be allowed to travel. Western democracies should be firm, however, in their enforcement of targeted measures against those who enable and personify crude violations of international norms.

OG Image: 

          Russian Lawyer’s ‘Trump Mission' was to Dump Magnitsky Act        

Largely overlooked in the heated discussion of last summer’s meeting between Natalia Veselnitskaya and Donald Trump’s campaign executives, and whether or not it constituted “collusion,” is the reason the Kremlin-connected lawyer and lobbyist sought the meeting in the first place. By her own admission, it was to try “to get the United States to reverse the Magnitsky Act” in the event of a Trump victory. Whatever else this story reveals, it is an important reminder of the Kremlin’s priorities—and of its continued attempts to undermine the 2012 US law that authorized targeted visa bans and asset freezes for Russian officials complicit in “gross violations of human rights.”

The Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act, enacted with sweeping bipartisan majorities in both houses of Congress over opposition from the Obama administration, set a groundbreaking precedent: for the first time, responsibility for human rights abuse was assigned where it was due—not to an entire country, but to specific empowered individuals “responsible for extrajudicial killings, torture, or other gross violations of internationally recognized human rights.” “All the infamies of the [Putin] regime—lies, cruelty, miscarriage of justice, thievery, bigotry result from impunity,” wrote Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, who was instrumental in convincing the US Congress to pass the law. “The Magnitsky list is the most pro-Russian decision taken in the West in many years. It is harmful to Putin’s thieves, murderers and scoundrels, and it is beneficial to the country.”

The reason this law is so harmful to Putin’s system is the well-known preference of Kremlin officials and Kremlin-linked oligarchs for Western lifestyle. Like their Soviet predecessors, they preside over a system that suppresses the most basic rights and freedoms of their citizens—but unlike members of the Politburo, they opt for the West when it comes to storing their own (ill-gotten) money, buying their houses, and educating their children. Losing that privilege was unthinkable, and the Kremlin was ready to use any methods—from Putin’s order tasking his foreign ministry with stopping the law to using blackmail and conditioning Western adoptions of Russian orphans on the non-passage of the Magnitsky sanctions. As Moscow columnist Valery Panyushkin commented at the time, “I know of only two organizations in the world that harm their own children in order to scare their enemies—they are Hamas and [Putin’s] United Russia party.” Putin continues to publicly condition US-Russia cooperation in strategic areas—such as the revival of a bilateral agreement on the disposal of plutonium—on the repeal of the Magnitsky Act. As Veselnitskaya’s mission shows, unofficial proxies also continue to be used for the same goal.

As of today, 44 people have been sanctioned by the US government as human rights violators under the provisions of the Magnitsky Act. They include Putin’s top law-enforcement official, General Alexander Bastrykin, responsible for a slate of politically motivated prosecutions and for personally threatening the life of an investigative journalist. At his Senate confirmation hearing in January, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson pledged that the Trump administration will continue to apply the Magnitsky Act. So far, it has not added any new names to the list of individuals sanctioned under this law. There would be no better way for the administration to back up its assertion that the meeting with Veselnitskaya was “such a nothing” than to demonstrate its commitment to the continued implementation of one of the noblest pieces of legislation passed on US soil.

OG Image: 

          US Blacklists Top Putin Lieutenant        

MOSCOW—Earlier this week, the US Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control announced five new additions to the Specially Designated Nationals List under the Magnitsky Act—a federal law that provides for visa bans and asset freezes on Russian officials involved in human rights abuse. This decision brought the number of people sanctioned under the Act to forty-four. It also shattered an unspoken glass ceiling that had been in place ever since the Magnitsky Act was passed by strong bipartisan majorities in both houses of Congress, and over objections from the Obama administration, in 2012. All of those placed on the sanctions list—at least in its unclassified section—have been low- or mid-ranking officials well outside of Vladimir Putin’s close circle.

Until now. Among the new names announced on January 9th was General Alexander Bastrykin, chairman of Russia’s Investigative Committee and a close confidant of Putin’s since their university days in Leningrad.

General Bastrykin exemplifies the very group of people the Magnitsky Act was intended to target: a high-ranking government official who uses his power for political reprisals. As head of Russia’s top law enforcement body—and before that as deputy prosecutor-general—he personally oversaw all of the notorious politically motivated cases, including those against the Bolotnaya Square protesters; against Yukos oil company and its executives (including Vasily Alexanyan, who was kept in prison despite severe ill-health and in violation of a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights, and was only released to die at home at the age of thirty-nine;) against opposition activists and their family members, such as Sergei Udaltsov, Leonid Razvozzhayev, and Oleg Navalny. It was also Bastrykin who, in 2012, took Sergei Sokolov, deputy editor-in-chief of Novaya Gazeta, to a forest near Moscow and threatened to kill him over the newspaper’s critical coverage.

From the moment the Magnitsky Act become law, Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov advocated for the sanctioning of General Bastrykin. He did so both publicly, in statements and interviews, and privately, in meetings with Members of Congress on his trips to Washington, at which the author of this blog was also present. In March 2014, shortly after Nemtsov’s last visit to the US, a joint letter from Representatives Jim McGovern (D-MA) and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) publicly urged President Obama to add Bastrykin to the Magnitsky List.

But for all those years, he seemed too powerful to be sanctioned. That ceiling is now gone. Just as the authors of the Magnitsky Act had intended, those involved in gross violations of human rights will not be welcome in the United States, regardless of their rank or influence. It should stay this way—whatever the party colors of the administration in the White House.

OG Image: 

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          Resisting Police Surveillance - An Overview        
This is an unedited version of an article I wrote that appears under the title "Keeping an eye on us" in the current issue of Red Pepper magazine. It aims to give an overview of the complex issue of police surveillance and undercover spies.

Surveillance officers at Kings Cross station for UKUncut protest, April 2012 [Photo: Copwatcher on Flickr]
The existence of a secret Special Branch unit that had infiltrated and gathered intelligence on political groups has been known for some time: the journalist Peter Taylor spoke to a number of anonymous former members of the Metropolitan Police's Special Demonstration Squad (SDS) from the 1970s and 1980s for his television series 'True Spies' as far back as 2002.

However, the unmasking in October 2010 of police officer Mark Kennedy, who had worked undercover for seven years in the environmental protest movement, was unique. For the first time, a police spy had been publicly named and it led to further revelations about other undercover officers, including 'Lynn Watson' in Leeds, 'Marco / Mark Jacobs' in Cardiff and PC Andrew 'Jim' Boyling inside the roads protest group Reclaim The Streets in London. It has also triggered an internal Metropolitan police review led by the chief constable of Derbyshire, Mick Creedon, and a two year investigation by Guardian journalists Paul Lewis and Rob Evans, which has so far identified 12 police spies inside different protest movements. The publication in June this year of their book, “Undercover: The True Story of Britain's Secret Police”, with an accompanying Channel 4 Dispatches programme, has reignited public and media interest in the conduct of these officers and the lack of accountability of undercover police operations.

Unravelling the secret identities of men like Mark Kennedy has revealed genuine individual suffering that has resulted from their lies and deception, including the cynical sexual abuse of women activists, who have begun legal action against five officers, and the blacklisting of workers in the construction industry based on information passed to private companies by the police. However, much of the headline-catching and often shocking information from former Special Demonstration Squad officer Peter Francis, the Guardian's whistleblower who is central to Lewis and Evans' book, focuses on the period from the late 1980s to 2000 when Francis was working undercover. His exposures include the key role of one former SDS officer Bob Lambert, now an academic at the University of St Andrews, in co-authoring the London Greenpeace leaflet that led to the infamous McLibel defamations trial in 1994. Francis has also revealed the targeting of the family of murdered black teenager Stephen Lawrence and of anti-racist and black justice campaigns throughout the 1990s, including one, the Newham Monitoring Project in east London, that I was active in at the time.

However, keeping the spotlight on activities involving the now-disbanded SDS during the 1990s has, to some extent, allowed the Metropolitan Police to try and distance itself from what it is portraying as 'historical allegations' that are hard to investigate: in a statement, Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said, “finding out the truth about what happened 20 years ago is not a straightforward task”. Although the surveillance of the Lawrence family in particular is embarrassing for the Met, it has distracted attention away from undercover officers like Kennedy, Watson and Jacobs, who were active much later, during the last decade.

Until they were uncovered in 2010, all were part of a different and far bigger operation than the London-centred SDS, called the National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU), which operated undercover throughout England and Wales. Until 2010, when it came under the command of the Met's Counter Terrorism Command, the unit was based within the Association of Chief Police Officers, a private company, which meant that it was largely exempt from any public scrutiny. As recently as 2009, Mark Kennedy's activities for NPOIU led to the arrest of 114 climate activists in Nottingham for conspiring to shut down a coal-fired power station and came close to creating a serious miscarriage of justice: evidence he had gathered that exonerated many of the arrested activists was not disclosed to the defence at their trial and 20 people were convicted of conspiracy. These convictions were only quashed when the case against six others collapsed after Kennedy has been exposed.

Units like NPOIU that were created in the late 1990s represented an expansion in tactics by the police. The last decade has seen a significant shift towards gathering vast quantities of intelligence data and sifting it for patterns and connections to predict how individuals and groups will act, the basis for the National Intelligence Model originally developed in 2000 for tackling serious organised crime. The same approach has been adopted wholesale by officers monitoring protest movements and the result is that, with little democratic debate or accountability, large numbers of people who have been engaged in legitimate campaigning, many with no criminal records, are now on secret police databases for opinions or activities (like non-violent civil disobedience) that were once seen as “normal” in a free society. A recent estimate suggests there could be as many as 9000.
Police Liaison Officers at the anti-EDL protest in Tower Hamlets in September [Photo: Copwatcher on Flickr]
Whilst there are almost certainly still undercover officers at work, collecting data on an industrial scale involves more visible and far more invasive methods. Forward Intelligence Team (FIT) police photographers target 'persons of interest' at protests. Officers make widespread use of stop and search powers, as was evident at the Climate Camp at Kingsnorth in 2008, or refuse to allow demonstrations to leave a police 'kettle' until they provide their names and addresses. It can even mean mass arrests as a form of intelligence-gathering, which according to testimony given in Parliament by Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Lynne Owens, seems to have been the main reason for the detention of UKUncut activists who briefly occupied the Fortnum and Mason store in London in March 2011. A recent Freedom of Information request about Police Liaison Officers, the officers in blue bibs who have appeared at demonstrations since 2009 and whose role is supposedly facilitating protest and improving communication, has confirmed that they are "likely to generate high-quality intelligence from the discussions they are having with group members" and “must ensure all intelligence is recorded on Crimint" [a Met police database]. During the trial of a number of cyclists arrested at a Critical Mass on the day of the opening ceremony of the Olympics last year, a senior officer revealed that at least six Police Liaison Officers had attended the previous Critical Mass in plain clothes and on bikes to 'identify organisers'.

Coupled with the use of technology to monitor social media by the successor to the NPOIU, the National Domestic Extremism Unit, the police are aiming to build a detailed picture of individuals that involves far more than investigating and prosecuting offences. According to Val Swain of the Network for Police Monitoring (NetPol), which brings together a number of groups concerned about the rising level of protest surveillance, “while ostensibly acting against criminality, intelligence-led policing of protest has the potential to disrupt and deter the act of protest itself”. Put simply, its origins in tackling organised crime mean it is almost designed to frighten people into avoiding the exercise of their right to protest and worse, says Swain, it operates “away from the scrutiny of the criminal justice system, there are no checks and balances, no public visibility, and no effective accountability”. NetPol argues that it is this lack of accountability that protected undercover officers like Mark Kennedy for so many years and ensures that almost anyone can be treated as a potential criminal if they participate in many forms of protest. It is calling for the abolition of the National Domestic Extremism Unit saying, “we do not accept that the case has been made for the necessity of continuing the activity of a unit that has been associated with unethical and possibly unlawful behaviour, nor any other that specialises in the surveillance of dissent”.

FIT photographer at Occupy's 'Meet The 1%' protest, May 2012 [Photo: Copwatcher on Flickr]
But while the surveillance of protest continues, what can individuals do to protect themselves? There are some simple steps: avoid talking to Police Liaison Officers, for example, would seem sensible considering what we now know about their intelligence role. The campaigners from FITwatch recommend using face coverings to ensure police Forward Intelligence Team officers cannot photograph you: masks are always legal to wear, although in certain circumstances a police officer may arrest you if you refuse to remove one. It is probably a good idea too to avoid carrying a mobile phone with every personal contact you have if there is a possibility that you may be arrested. NetPol is also arguing that protesters should avoid agreeing to leave a police 'kettle' in exchange for providing personal details to officers, particularly now that the High Court has ruled that it is “not lawful for the police to maintain the containment for the purposes of obtaining identification, whether by questioning or by filming [and] not lawful to require identification to be given and submission to filming as the price for release.”

It is important to remember, more than anything, that almost every effort to gather more and more intelligence on protesters has been successfully resisted by activists and their lawyers. Meanwhile, if you want to find out what data the police already hold on you, consider making a Data Protection Act subject access request to find out if you are on the “domestic extremist” database. Guidance on how to do so is available from Guardian or here at Random Blowe.

Anthony Spilotro - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Acidemic - Film: Drowned Phoenician Sailor and his Mermaid Muse ...

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          Losing battles, but winning the war against Free Speech         

You will have noticed the outrage this week by various interested parties over entertainers and comedians. Firstly Dapper Laughs (who he?) was driven to a virtual assisted suicide and has decided to become something else that doesn't offend the easily offended, then after ten years of mind bending cleverness, some guy manages to land a spacecraft on a comet and is forced to apologise for wearing a "sexist" shirt by the usual frothing, self loating Radical Feminists. Next up, another entertainer I've never heard of is denied a visa to the UK because he "chats up women" as if no man has ever done such a thing here and finally, a female celebrity who dared criticise IngSoc Ed Miliband on TV is hunted and abused by those who demand her immediate unemployment and silence in some grotesque attempt at McCarthyism in the UK 

Yes, it's depressing and pointless and the sight of the usual "champions of the uterus" claiming victory by shutting down free speech is galling, but let's look at the victories our free speech has actually achieved recently.

We can now talk about Pakistani grooming gangs without being hauled off to prison or placed on an "unemployable" blacklist. We can point our fingers at corrupt Politicians and have them removed from Child Sex Abuse inquiries, to the level that the State can no longer find anyone incorruptible to do the task. We stopped the UK going to war with Syria via social media, we can expose the lies and hypocrisy in seconds and we can laugh publicly in the faces of our corrupt press, Politicians, Parliament and Police. Taboos that we dare not speak out against are gone and whilst a few are still paying a very heavy price for the right to speak as they see fit, we are winning the fight against a select self appointed guardians of our morals. The Twitter mobs are failing as once they could hound an individual for speaking an unpopular truth, they are now held to account by millions of equal voices.

As regimes with no personal freedom are finding out, once the social media genie is out of the bottle, you cannot place it back. The pompous "social commentator" or "community leader" no longer speaks on our behalf, the distinguished "columnist" or "great thinkers" are no our spokespeople and most importantly of all, your representative in Parliament is no longer the representative of your voice or your beliefs. 

Expect many more casualties as the battle rages on, with unpopular views slowly becoming more vociferous (yes, free speech IS ugly) but expect transparency, accountability and intelligence levels to rise as instead of being lectured to by the chosen (and unelected few), we unleash the voices, hopes, opinions and aspirations of billions of individuals. 

Now that really will be a first for humanity - equal voices for all. About bloody time.


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1. Kali Linux 
Klai Linux
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Node Zero
It is said the necessity is the mother of all invention, and NodeZero Linux is no different. There team is built of testers and developers, who have come to the census that live systems do not offer what they need in their security audits. Penetration Testing distributions tend to have historically utilized the “Live” system concept of linux, which really means that they try not to make any permanent effects to a system. Ergo all changes are gone after reboot, and run from media such as discs and USB’s drives. However all that this maybe very handy for occasional testing, its usefulness can be depleted when your testing regularly. Its there believe that “Live System’s” just don’t scale well in a robust testing environment.
All though NodeZero Linux can be used as a “Live System” for occasional testing, its real strength comes from the understanding that a tester requires a strong and efficient system. This is achieved in our belief by working at a distribution that is a permanent installation, that benefits from a strong selection of tools, integrated with a stable linux environment.
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4. BackBox Linux
BackBox Linux
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The power of this distribution is given by its Launchpad repository core constantly updated to the last stable version of the most known and used ethical hacking tools. The integration and development of new tools inside the distribution follows the commencement of open source community and particularly the Debian Free Software Guidelines criteria.
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6. Samurai Web Testing Framework.
Samurai Web Testing Framework
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Knoppix STD (Security Tools Distribution) is a Live CD Linux distribution based on Knoppix that focused on computer security tools. It included GPL licensed tools in the following categories: authentication, password cracking, encryption, forensics, firewalls, honeypots, intrusion detection system, network utilities, penetration, packet sniffers, assemblers, vulnerability assessment and wireless networking. Knoppix STD version 0.1 was published January 24, 2004, on Knoppix 3.2. Thereafter, the project stagnated, lacking updated drivers and packages. A release date for version 0.2 has not yet been announced. A list of tools is available on the official website.
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8. Pentoo.
Pentoo is a Live CD and Live USB designed for penetration testing and security assessment. Based on Gentoo Linux, Pentoo is provided both as 32 and 64 bit installable livecd. Pentoo is also available as an overlay for an existing Gentoo installation. It features packet injection patched wifi drivers, GPGPU cracking software, and lots of tools for penetration testing and security assessment. The Pentoo kernel includes grsecurity and PAX hardening and extra patches - with binaries compiled from a hardened toolchain with the latest nightly versions of some tools available.
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Weakerth4n is a penetration testing distribution which is built from Debian Squeeze.For the desktop environment it uses Fluxbox.This operating system is ideal for WiFi hacking as it contains plenty of Wireless tools.
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10. Matriux Krypton.
Matriux Krypton
 The Matriux is a phenomenon that was waiting to happen. It is a fully featured security distribution based on Debian consisting of a powerful bunch of more than 300 open source and free tools that can be used for various purposes including, but not limited to, penetration testing, ethical hacking, system and network administration, cyber forensics investigations, security testing, vulnerability analysis, and much more. It is a distribution designed for security enthusiasts and professionals, although it can be used normally as your default desktop system. 
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11. DEFT. 
 Deft is Ubuntu customization with a collection of computer forensic programs and documents created by thousands of individuals, teams and companies. Each of these works might come under a different licence. There Licence Policy describe the process that we follow in determining which software we will ship and by default on the deft install CD.
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CAINE represents fully the spirit of the Open Source philosophy, because the project is completely open, everyone could take the legacy of the previous developer or project manager. The distro is open source, the Windows side (Wintaylor) is open source and, the last but not the least, the distro is installable, so giving the opportunity to rebuild it in a new brand version, so giving a long life to this projec
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13. Bugtraq
Bugtraq is an electronic mailing list dedicated to issues about computer security. On-topic issues are new discussions about vulnerabilities, vendor security-related announcements, methods of exploitation, and how to fix them. It is a high-volume mailing list, and almost all new vulnerabilities are discussed there.
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          Re: E3 2012 |OT| Wii U scores, Kinect snores, and lol move        

It looked to me like there were a lot questionable changes made to a bunch of proven franchises this E3. DOA 5 has a freaky new look, Sam Fisher got replaced, Dante has black hair and a scrawny new body, Tomb Raider has loads of QTE now, and Leon is back sporting some stealthy new out of place moves.

          Forgotten London films: Night and the City (1950)        
Unarguably the finest British film noir ever made, Night and the City was directed by American Jules Dassin. Its strikingly dark tone may not be unrelated to the fact that Dassin took the project because studio head Darryl F Zanuck had told him he was about to be blacklisted by the McCarthyite House Un-American Activities … Continue reading Forgotten London films: Night and the City (1950)
          Cabell’s New Predatory Journal Blacklist: A Review        

Cabell's International has stepped into the gap left by the demise of Beall's List, providing a new predatory journal blacklist that promises to perform the function of identifying and calling out scam publishers more consistently and transparently. How is it doing so far?

The post Cabell’s New Predatory Journal Blacklist: A Review appeared first on The Scholarly Kitchen.

          Iptables – Blacklist IPs – linux.        
Iptables – Blacklist IPs – linux.   Install IPset. sudo apt-get install ipset sudo ipset create blacklist hash:net   Create auto-update script of ips database. Download script for Debian/Ubuntu: sudo wget "" -O /usr/local/bin/ Script for other linux systems. sudo nano /usr/local/bin/ #!/bin/bash IP_BLACKLIST_DIR=/etc/ipset-blacklist IPSET_BLACKLIST_NAME=blacklist # change it if it collides with a pre-existing ipset …

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          Today on Tablet        

Today on Tablet, Ron Capshaw has a fascinating piece on the famous crime novelist Ed Lacy, whose real name was Leonard Zinberg.

A Harlem resident his entire life, Zinberg was deeply interested in the plight of blacks. His first story, “Lynch Him” (1935), dealt with vigilante action against Southern blacks. His first novel, Walk Hard, Talk Loud (1940), about a black prizefighter, earned praise from Ralph Ellison. Drafted in 1943, Zinberg, as a Yank correspondent, continued his attacks on racism, even the anti-Japanese variety. By the late 1940s, Zinberg’s future as a major novelist seemed assured—until the blacklist era. A communist since the 1930s whose name appeared on the lists of at least three organizations deemed subversive by the attorney general, Zinberg was also vulnerable because he was married to a black woman who worked for the radical Jewish newspaper Die Freiheit. Zinberg wanted to both dodge the blacklist (he was so secretive about his identity that not even his literary agents knew that Lacy was a pen name) while at the same time continuing his attacks on racism.

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          U.S. Troops Flow Into Yemen and More Are Probably on the Way        

Aden (GPA) – More U.S. troops entered Yemen this week escalating ground operations against al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). And according to the Pentagon, additional troops are likely to follow.

Pentagon spokesman Jeff Davis has not ruled out sending additional troops to Yemen shortly, possibly even in a matter of weeks.

U.S. and U.A.E. Troops Push AQAP Out of Oil and Gas Fields

Emirate officials greeted U.S. forces at an airport in Hadramaut province on Friday as they entered Yemen. Mainstream media is wishy-washy describing the role that the troops will play which indicates that their activity is likely much more involved than officials would like to admit. BBC even whitewashed over the presence, using the term “US-backed troops” instead. Yemeni media, on the other hand, has been crystal clear in their reporting, insisting that the fields are directly under control of U.A.E. and U.S. troops.

According to Yemen’s Saba News Agency, U.S. and Emirate forces swiftly expelled AQAP from oil and gas fields in Shabwah province. This operation led many Yemeni’s to worry about the U.S. and their allies intentions and possible looting of Yemen’s resources; especially so considering that the United Arab Emirates relies heavily on Qatar for gas.

Yemen was the “War on Terror” Test Kitchen

The U.S. is already conducting air strikes targeting in AQAP-controlled areas of Shabwah and Hadramout. Yemen has long been a testing ground for the U.S.-led “War on Terror.” President George Bush used Yemen to test various rehabilitation techniques on inmates at Yemeni prisons. We now know that extreme torture was also taking place at 18 U.S.-supported prisons in Yemen.

President Obama turned to Yemen as a real-life test field for his drone operations.

For decades, Yemen has been a thoroughfare for takfiri militants looking to carry out their intolerant version of jihad throughout the region.

Unfortunately, since the Saudi-backed forces in Yemen frequently fight along side AQAP against Yemen’s resistance, it’s hard to understand how pushing the militants out of a few oil fields will solve anything in the long-run.

U.S. and Saudi Forces Won’t See Success Against AQAP– But Yemen’s Resistance Will

Yemen’s resistance, including Ansarullah and the Republican Guard, are the only forces genuinely fighting AQAP both militarily and ideologically. Their concept of pluralism and inclusion stands in direct contrast to AQAP and many Saudi-backed forces. Areas controlled by Yemen’s resistance rarely have problems with terror attacks from AQAP or ISIS because security forces routinely monitor checkpoints. Many residents have actually fled southern portions of Yemen for this reason: the resistance forces provide a level of security that doesn’t exist in the Saudi or U.A.E.-controlled territory.

As of now, the Pentagon states that their objective in Yemen is to fight AQAP– not Ansarullah (aka “the Houthis”). And the public should feel compelled to believe them at this point. The U.S. has not expressed any interest in sending troops to help Saudi forces fight Yemen’s resistance. In fact, they’ve adamantly stated that this is the Saudi’s war, not the United States’. No, the U.S. is more concerned with money.

The Saudi war against Yemen is profitable because the Saudis and all of their allies buy weapons from the United States. Defense officials must know that waging war– themselves– against Yemen’s resistance would just create a money pit. And it’s a war they certainly won’t win easily.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, August 9th, 2017.]
          Cara Menghilangkan Blacklist Smadav        
1.Pastikan Smadav di komputer Anda tidak aktif(Klik kanan pada ikon Smadav di System tray dan klik Exit).

2.Lalu hapus file "PIRΔSYS.DLL" yang ada di "C:\Windows\System32\PIRΔSYS.DLL" Jika sudah tidak ada, lanjut ke langkah ke-3)

3.Klik Start-Run lalu ketik "Regedit" atau tekan logo Windows & R secara bersamaan lalu ketik "Regedit" untuk menjalankan registry editor.

4.Lalu buka HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> Microsoft -> Notepad pada registry editor.

5.Kemudian cari "lfPitchΔndFamily", "lfPitchΔndFamily2", dan "lfPitchΔndFamily3", bila sudah ditemukan hapus semua lfPitchΔndFamily.

6.Selanjutnya buka C:\Program Files\Smadav dan klik 2 kali pada file "SMΔRTP.exe" untuk menjalankan Smadav.

7.Masukkan Register smadav pro pada tab Setting di Smadav.


          Microsoft Bing Reverses Sex-Related Censorship in the Middle East        

Imagine trying to do online research on breast cancer, or William S. Burroughs’ famous novel Naked Lunch, only to find that your search results keep coming up blank. This is the confounding situation that faced Microsoft Bing users in the Middle East and North Africa for years, made especially confusing by the fact that if you tried the same searches on Google, it did offer results for these terms.

Problems caused by the voluntary blocking of certain terms by intermediaries are well-known; just last week, we wrote about how payment processors like Venmo are blocking payments from users who describe the payments using certain terms—like Isis, a common first name and name of a heavy metal band, in addition to its usage as an acronym for the Islamic State. Such keyword-based filtering algorithms will inevitably results in overblocking and false positives because of their disregard for the context in which the words are used.

Search engines also engage in this type of censorship—in 2010, I co-authored a paper [PDF] documenting how Microsoft Bing (brand new at the time) engaged in filtering of sex-related terms in the Middle East and North Africa, China, India, and several other locations by not allowing users to turn off “safe search”. Despite the paper and various advocacy efforts over the years, Microsoft refused to budge on this—until recently.

At RightsCon this year, I led a panel discussion about the censorship of sexuality online, covering a variety of topics from Facebook’s prudish ideas about the female body to the UK’s restrictions on “non-conventional” sex acts in pornography to Iceland’s various attempts to ban online pornography. During the panel, I also raised the issue of Microsoft’s long-term ban on sexual search terms in the Middle East, noting specifically that the company’s blanket ban on the entire region seemed more a result of bad market research than government interference, based on the fact that a majority of countries in the MENA region do not block pornography, let alone other sexual content.

Surprisingly, not long after the conference, I did a routine check of Bing and was pleased to discover that “Middle East” had disappeared from the search engine’s location settings, replaced with “Saudi Arabia.” The search terms are still restricted in Saudi Arabia (likely at the request of the government), but users in other countries across the diverse region are no longer subject to Microsoft’s safe search. Coincidence? It's hard to say; just as we didn't know Microsoft's motivations for blacklisting sexual terms to begin with, it was no more transparent about its change of heart.

Standing up against this kind of overbroad private censorship is important—companies shouldn’t be making decisions based on assumptions about a given market, and without transparency and accountability. Decisions to restrict content for a particular reason should be made only when legally required, and with the highest degree of transparency possible. We commend Microsoft for rectifying their error, and would like to see them continue to make their search filtering policies and practices more open and transparent.

          Payment Processors Are Profiling Heavy Metal Fans as Terrorists        

If you happen to be a fan of the heavy metal band Isis (an unfortunate name, to be sure), you may have trouble ordering its merchandise online. Last year, Paypal suspended a fan who ordered an Isis t-shirt, presumably on the false assumption that there was some association between the heavy metal band and the terrorist group ISIS.

Then last month Internet scholar and activist Sascha Meinrath discovered that entering words such as "ISIS" (or "Isis"), or "Iran", or (probably) other words from this U.S. government blacklist in the description field for a Venmo payment will result in an automatic block on that payment, requiring you to complete a pile of paperwork if you want to see your money again. This is even if the full description field is something like "Isis heavy metal album" or "Iran kofta kebabs, yum."

These examples may seem trivial, but they reveal a more serious problem with the trust and responsibility that the Internet places in private payment intermediaries. Since even many non-commercial websites such as EFF's depend on such intermediaries to process payments, subscription fees, or donations, it's no exaggeration to say that payment processors form an important part of the financial infrastructure of today's Internet. As such, they ought to carry corresponding responsibilities to act fairly and openly towards their customers.

Unfortunately, given their reliance on bots, algorithms, handshake deals, and undocumented policies and blacklists to control what we do online, payment intermediaries aren't carrying out this responsibility very well. Given that these private actors are taking on responsibilities to help address important global problems such as terrorism and child online protection, the lack of transparency and accountability with which they execute these weighty responsibilities is a matter of concern.

The readiness of payment intermediaries to do deals on those important issues leads as a matter of course to their enlistment by governments and special interest groups to do similar deals on narrower issues, such as the protection of the financial interests of big pharma, big tobacco, and big content. It is in this way that payment intermediaries have insidiously become a weak leak for censorship of free speech.

Cigarettes, Sex, Drugs, and Copyright

For example, if you're a smoker, and you try to buy tobacco products from a U.S. online seller using a credit card, you'll probably find that you can't. It's not illegal to do so, but thanks to a "voluntary" agreement with law enforcement authorities dating back to 2005, payment processors have effectively banned the practice—without any law or court judgment.

Another example that we've previously written about are the payment processors' arbitrary rules blocking sites that discuss sexual fetishes, even though that speech is constitutionally protected. The congruence between the payment intermediaries' terms of service on the issue suggests a degree of coordination between them, but their lack of transparency makes it impossible to be sure who was behind the ban and what channels they used to achieve it.

A third example is the ban on pharmaceutical sales. You can still buy pharmaceuticals online using a credit card, but these tend to be from unregulated, rogue pharmacies that lie to the credit card processors about the purpose for which their merchant account will be used. For the safer, regulated pharmacies that require a prescription for the drugs they sell online, such as members of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), the credit card processors enforce a blanket ban.

Finally there are "voluntary" best practices on copyright and trademark infringement. These include the RogueBlock program of the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition (IACC) in 2012, about which information is available online, along with a 2011 set of "Best Practices to Address Copyright Infringement and the Sales of Counterfeit Products on the Internet," about which no online information is found. The only way that you can find out about the standards that payment intermediaries use to block websites accused of copyright or trademark infringement is by reading what academics have written about it.

Lack of Transparency Invites Abuse

The payment processors might respond that their terms of service are available online, which is true. However, these are ambiguous at best. On Venmo, transactions for items that promote hate, violence, or racial intolerance are banned, but there is nothing in its terms of service to indicate that including the name of a heavy metal band in your transaction will place it in limbo. Similarly, if you delve deep enough into Paypal's terms of service you will find out that selling tickets to professional UK football matches is banned, but you won't find out how this restriction came about, or who had a say in it.

Payment processors can do better. In 2012, in the wake of the payment industry's embargo of Wikileaks and its refusal to process payments to European vendors of horror films and sex toys, the European Parliament Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs made the following resolution: 

[The Committee c]onsiders it likely that there will be a growing number of European companies whose activities are effectively dependent on being able to accept payments by card; [and] considers it to be in the public interest to define objective rules describing the circumstances and procedures under which card payment schemes may unilaterally refuse acceptance.

We agree. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies notwithstanding, online payment processing remains largely oligopolistic. Agreements between the few payment processors that make up the industry and powerful commercial lobbies and governments, concluded in the shadows, can have deep impacts on entire online communities. When payment processors are drawing their terms of service or developing algorithms that are based on industry-wide agreements, standards, or codes of conduct—especially if these involve governments or other third parties—they ought to be developed through a process that is inclusive, balanced and accountable.

The fact that you can't use Venmo to purchase an Isis t-shirt is just one amusing example. But the Shadow Regulation of the payment services industry is much more serious than that, also affecting culture, healthcare, and even your sex life online. Just as we've called other Internet intermediaries to account for the ways in which their "voluntary" efforts threaten free speech, the online payment services industry needs to be held to the same standard. 

          Little-known Joseph H. Lewis diamond-in-the-rough, TERROR IN A TEXAS TOWN, gets the Blu-ray treatment via Arrow Academy        

A director with some 54 credits on his resume, whose films, a few of which -- Gun Crazy, The Big Combo, The Undercover Man -- are oddball gems that are much better known than he is, Joseph H. Lewis (shown below) was one of those filmmakers whose served his material, rather than the other way around. TrustMovies grew up greatly enjoying some of this fellow's films without being aware of who he was or how he fit into the world of movie-making.

All that is beginning to change these days, as Lewis'
better films continue to be more fully recognized and appreciated. One of these is TERROR IN A TEXAS TOWN (from 1958) which has just arrived on Blu-ray in a smackingly good edition from Arrow Academy -- with some first-class Special Features in tow. Starring that always-capable actor Sterling Hayden (below), playing the son of a recently murdered father who arrives in the titular town to take over his dad's home, the movie proves an unusually low-key and philosophical western about the meanings of freedom and justice.

The movie's excellent screenplay was written, under a pseudonym, by Dalton Trumbo, and it bears a number of this blacklisted writer's hallmarks, starting with its low-key approach and interest in ideas, as much as in action -- all of which director Lewis serves up to a tee.

Once in town and having learned of his father's death, Hayden's character encounters the suave-if-tubby lead villain, essayed with classy smarm by Sebastian Cabot (above, right), along with his hired-gun henchman, played by a crackerjack performer new to me named Nedrick Young, a blacklisted actor/writer who would give us the following year (using yet another pseudonym) the Oscar-winning screenplay for The Defiant Ones.

Mr. Young (shown above and further above) makes a simply terrific villain: intelligent but frightening and as impressive in his own way as is Hayden in his. The pair makes a fine set of adversaries, and the change that occurs in Young's character (I hesitate to call it growth, but yet I think it is) once he encounters a man who is unafraid to die (the fine Victor Millan, below, right), provides a death scene of such simplicity, intelligence and strength that it instantly becomes one of the more memorable that movies have given us.

The women in the film are quite interesting, as well, particularly the our villain's "kept woman" who does not seem to quite have to strength to stand on her own. As played by an actress also new to me, Carol Kelly (below, left, and at bottom center), this character proves to be another of the movie's memorable people with some interesting things to tell us.

Terror in a Texas Town, while adhering to practically every last one of the cliches of the movie western, still manages to often be quiet, thoughtful, and sometimes surprising -- never more so than in the scene (below) in which three bad guys work over our hero, and instead of the expected all-out, razza-ma-tazz fight scene, we get something quite other.

Conversations between characters are equally low-key and telling; they make us listen and consider. And director Lewis serves the intelligent screenplay exceedingly well, drawing expert performances from all, and keeping the relatively taut story-line moving along at a decent pace.

At most, I suppose, this is simply a very good example of the B movie that used to show up on double bills and sometimes proved better than the main attraction. But it is yet another feather in the late-arriving cap of this unusual and far-too-unheralded film director.

From Arrow Academy (distributed here in the USA by MVD Visual and running a lean 80 minutes. Terror in a Texas Town arrived on Blu-ray disc on July 11 in a new 2K hi-def restoration from the original film elements, with an uncompressed mono soundtrack. Also worth watching and included on the Blu-ray is the excellent introduction to the film (and its director) by Peter Stanfield.

          Friday Tonic: On calling others to the truth        
In the Name of Allaah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful. 

‎O you who believe! Obey Allaah and His Messenger, and turn not away from him (i.e. Messenger Muhammad) while you are hearing. [Quran 8:20]

I used to say that calling people to the truth is like a doctor-patient relationship. If you have the truth from the Qur'an and Sunnah and someone lacks it then you are the doctor and he is the patient. The doctor tries as much as possible to make the patient understand the dangers posed by the ailment he's suffering from and oncee he succeeds in doing that, the patient is at the mercy of the doctor.

If he's told to spend millions to buy drugs, he won't antagonize the doctor but rather will be thankful and look forward to raising the fund.

We need to systematically make people realize how far they've derailed from the truth and the consequences of such so that they will be willing to accept the truth to save themselves from self-destruction.‎
The Prophet (P) preached, invited, prayed to Allaah and was patient in inviting the misguided folks into the right path. When we imbibe this culture we will go a long way in convincing others.

People can never be as misguided as the people of the pre-Islamic era (Jahiliyyah), yet the Prophet (P) never lose hope in preaching to them, he was persistent and consistent in his call until those among them whom Allaah has decreed guidance for accepted the truth.

Do not lose hope in teaching people the Qur'an and Sunnah no matter how steep they are in ignorance and misguidance. Be kind and persistent with the truth.

‎The Prophet (P) was victimized, insulted, blacklisted by those he was ardently wishing good for, he never relented until some accepted the truth because he was sent as a mercy to Mankind. 

‎Don't lose your patience in the midst of excessive misguidance and think that force or violence will bring people to the truth. 

‎Preaching using the methodology and the teachings of the Prophet (P) is a strong tool to guiding people. ‎ 

‎Don't be complacent if you find yourself on the path of true Sunnah, you have no assurance that you will not derail, pray to Allah to keep you firm and be patient with those that are yet to accept the truth.

Email:, Twitter: @amraabdul Instagram: @penabdul‎

          Free MP3 Music Download Player        
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Best app to search free mp3 music across more than 600.000 songs!

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Search music by title, artist or album

This app can play your Download mp3 file. It is not a download music app though

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❤memory efficient, takes very small amount of memory & easy to use.
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❤Shake to Skip and Flip to Pause with threshold customization
❤Support most of popular audio file formats.
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Get favorite mp3 songs more easily by typing the genres / albums / song name of the music like as Classical, Jazz, Blues, Reggae, Hardcore, Rock, Ballad, Metal, Pop, Dubstep, and others. Download music mp3 more simpler and faster with the best quality music app in this year. You can listen your music or songs files from you local storage so no need to use anymore extra music player.Easily find and play music songs by genres, albums, artists, songs and folder

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          Menjadikan Smadav 8.4 Menjadi Pro        
Smadav telah mengupdate variant terbaru nya yaitu Smadav 8.4. Pada Smadav 2011 Rev. 8.4 kali ini meliputi: Pendeteksian khusus untuk beberapa virus shortcut terbaru (MSO-sys, fanny-bmp),penambahan database 40 virus baru, penyempurnaan deteksi semua varian virus shortcut, penambahan teknik heuristik, dsb.

Smadav Virus Scanner Engine (SmadEngine.dll)
Engine lama Smadav yang telah digunakan sejak 2006 tidak digunakan lagi sejak Smadav 2010 Rev. 8.1 ini. Perombakan ulang Virus Scanner Engine inilah yang membuat rilis Smadav tertunda sebulan lebih. Engine terbaru ini benar-benar ditulis ulang dari nol menggunakan bahasa pemrograman C++ dengan menyempurnakan engine sebelumnya yang masih ditulis dengan Visual Basic. Sebagian besar teknik pendeteksian virus yang ada di engine baru ini telah dirubah dan disempurnakan menjadi lebih baik. Penggunaan memori di engine baru lebih stabil dan efisien dibandingkan engine lama, begitu pula kecepatan scanning yang juga menjadi lebih cepat.

Kompatibel di Windows Vista & Windows 7

Pada Rev. 8 dan rev-rev sebelumnya Smadav memang masih belum kompatibel 100% di Windows Vista dan Windows 7. Tapi di Rev. 8 ini Smadav baik scanner maupun protector-nya sudah mendukung dan kompatibel 100% untuk digunakan di Windows Vista dan Windows 7.

Beriku daftar lengkap penyempurnaan Smadav Rev. 8

  • Engine scanner baru (SmadEngine.dll) untuk mendeteksi virus lebih cepat dan akurat.
  • External Database (Smadav.loov) untuk memudahkan update database untuk Revisi berikutnya.
  • Plug-in klik kanan di explorer terbaru (SmadExtc.dll) yang lebih baik.
  • Kompatibel di Windows Vista & Windows 7.
  • Pendeteksian beberapa Virus Internasional yang banyak menyebar di Indonesia (Sality & Alman) sudah lebih cepat dan akurat.
  • Penambahan database lebih dari 100 virus baru beserta varian-variannya
  • Perbaikan false alarm pada beberapa file.
  • Penyempurnaan metode blacklist key ilegal Smadav Pro
  • Perubahan struktur tim Smadav untuk tahun 2010
  • Penambahan menu uninstall di Tray Icon untuk memudahkan proses uninstall
  • Dan banyak penyempurnaan lainnya …

Cara Menjadkian Smadav 8.4 Pro :

  • Bagi sobat yang belum punya bisa klik INI
  • Kalau Penginstalan sudah Selesai Klik SETTING
  • Jika ada tulisan smadav anda di Blacklist, tidak usah khawatir.
  • Setelah itu, pada Registrasi Smadav Pro, masukan seperti ini :
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Download Smadav 8.4 :

Ziddu                4Shared                  Hotfile

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          5/26 defcon: stuxnet, square & born this way        
senior defense official squirms on US involvement in stuxnet* flashback: israel tested stuxnet at dimona* senator blocks bill giving feds power to blacklist piracy sites* brookings’ darrell west: we don’t need federal internet agency* lady
          â€˜Blacklisting’ of Right-Wing Stories More Proof that Facebook ‘Rules the News’        

By Lauren McCauley Common Dreams May 10, 2016   ‘Blacklisting’ of Right-Wing Stories More Proof that Facebook ‘Rules the News’ Journalists from across the political spectrum raise concerns after former employees reveal manipulation of ‘trending’ bar     Revelations that Facebook may have regularly “blacklisted” conservative stories from the platform’s “trending” news section was met […]

The post ‘Blacklisting’ of Right-Wing Stories More Proof that Facebook ‘Rules the News’ appeared first on ChrisInMaryville's Blog.

          By: Eliseo Ostler        
I think one of your ads caused my internet browser to resize, you might want to put that on your blacklist.
          The Highest-Ranked New Series: 1950-2017        
Michael Weatherly stars in CBS's Bull --
the highest rated new series of the 2016-2017 TV season. 

It's not easy for a new series to break through the broadcast TV clutter -- particularly these days. But in 66 years of Nielsen rankings, there has only been one season where the highest-ranked new series didn't even rank in the Top 30. In fact, the highest-ranked new series made the Top 10 a leading 47 times, the Top 5 a second-place 35 times and #1 twice.

NBC had the highest-ranked new series a leading 25 times, CBS a second-place 21 times, ABC a third-place 18 times and FOX twice.

Below is a listing of those top-ranked new series by year since Nielsen began monitoring TV viewership in 1950 -- with editor's notes (rankings are based on HHs):

1950-1951   #5 - The Colgate Comedy Hour, NBC

1951-1952    #3 - I Love Lucy, CBS

1952-1953    #6 - The Buick Circus Hour, NBC

1953-1954    No new shows in the Top 30

1954-1955    #6 - Disneyland, ABC

1955-1956    #18 - The Perry Como Show, NBC

1956-1957    #19 - The Ford Show, NBC

1957-1958    #4 - Have Gun -- Will Travel, CBS

1958-1959    #4 - The Rifleman, ABC

1959-1960    #16 - Dennis the Menace, CBS

1960-1961    #4 - The Andy Griffith Show, CBS (the first time a spinoff was the highest-ranked new series)

1961-1962    #4 - Hazel, NBC

1962-1963    #1 - The Beverly Hillbillies, CBS (the first and only time a new scripted series ranked #1 for the season)

1963-1964    #4 - Petticoat Junction, CBS

1964-1965    #2 - Bewitched, ABC

1965-1966    #5 - Batman (Thursday), ABC

1966-1967    #14t (with The Dean Martin Show on NBC) -- Family Affair, CBS

1967-1968    #19 - Gentle Ben, CBS

1968-1969    #4 - Mayberry R.F.D., CBS (the first and only time a continuation series was the highest-ranked new series)

1969-1970    #11 - The Bill Cosby Show, NBC

1970-1971    #2 - The Flip Wilson Show, NBC

1971-1972    #6 - Sanford and Son, NBC

1972-1973    #4 - Maude, CBS (the second time a spinoff was the highest-ranked new series)

1973-1974    #7 - Kojak, CBS

1974-1975    #3- Chico and the Man, NBC

1975-1976    #2 - Rich Man, Poor Man, ABC (with seven new shows in the Top 20 -- and four in the Top 10, this was the most successful year for new series.)

1976-1977    #5 - Charlie's Angels, ABC

1977-1978    #11 - How the West Was Won, ABC

1978-1979    #3t (with Happy Days) - Mork & Mindy, ABC [the third time a spinoff was the highest-ranked new series and the only time the highest-ranked new series was a spinoff tied with its parent series]

1979-1980    #3 - That's Incredible!!, ABC (tied with NBC from 1995-1999 for the most consecutive years with the highest-ranked new series)

1980-1981    #14 - Magnum, P.I., CBS

1981-1982    #13 - Falcon Crest, CBS

1982-1983    #10- The A-Team, NBC

1983-1984    #8 - Kate & Allie, CBS

1984-1985    #3 - The Cosby Show, NBC

1985-1986    #7t (with Dynasty on ABC) - The Golden Girls, NBC

1986-1987    #13 - Amen, NBC

1987-1988    #2 - A Different World, NBC (the fourth time a spinoff was the highest-ranked new series)

1988-1989    #2 - Roseanne, ABC

1989-1990    #5 - America's Funniest Home Videos, ABC

1990-1991    #13 - America's Funniest People, ABC

1991-1992    #4t (with Cheers on NBC) - Home Improvement, ABC

1992-1993    #15 - Love & War, CBS

1993-1994    #5 - Grace Under Fire, ABC

1994-1995    #2 - ER, NBC

1995-1996    #4 - Caroline in the City, NBC

1996-1997    #3 - Suddenly Susan, NBC

1997-1998    #3 - Veronica's Closet, NBC

1998-1999    #5t (with Veronica's Closet) - Jesse, NBC [tied with ABC from 1976-1980 for the most consecutive years with the highest-ranked new series]

1999-2000    #1 - Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?: Tuesday, ABC (the first time in 37 years that a new program ranked #1 for the season)

2000-2001    #11t (with Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?: Thursday on ABC and The West Wing on NBC) - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CBS

2001-2002    #9t (with Will & Grace) - Leap of Faith, NBC

2002-2003    #3 - Joe Millionaire, FOX

2003-2004    #7 - The Apprentice, NBC

2004-2005    #4 - Desperate Housewives, ABC

2005-2006    #7 - Dancing with the Stars, ABC

2006-2007    #11 - Sunday Night Football, NBC

2007-2008    #13 - The Moment of Truth, FOX

2008-2009    #6 - The Mentalist, CBS

2009-2010    #8t - NCIS: Los Angeles (the fifth time a spinoff was the highest-ranked new series) and Undercover Boss -- both on CBS [the first time two shows were tied for highest-ranked new series in any given season]

2010-2011    #9 - Body of Proof, ABC

2011-2012    #12 - Person of Interest, NBC

2012-2013    #14 - Elementary, CBS

2013-2014    #6 - The Blacklist, NBC

2014-2015    #4 - NCIS: New Orleans, CBS (the sixth time a spinoff was the highest-ranked new series and the first time a spinoff was the highest-ranked new series with a sister spinoff that was previously the highest-ranked new series)

2015-2016    #13 - Little Big Shots, NBC

2016-2017    #5 - Bull, CBS

          The Highest-Ranked New Show For Each TV Season Since 1950        
Little Big Shots with Steve Harvey was last season's highest-ranked new series.
It's not easy for a new series to break through the broadcast TV clutter -- particularly these days. But in 66 years of Nielsen rankings, there has only been one season where the highest-ranked new series didn't even rank in the Top 30. In fact, the highest-ranked new series made the Top 10 a leading 47 times, the Top 5 a second-place 34 times and #1 twice.

NBC had the highest-ranked new series a leading 25 times, CBS a second-place 20 times, ABC a third-place 18 times and FOX twice.

Below is a listing of those top-ranked new series by year since Nielsen began monitoring TV viewership in 1950 (with editor's notes):

#5 - The Colgate Comedy Hour, NBC

#3 - I Love Lucy, CBS

#6 - The Buick Circus Hour, NBC

No new shows in the Top 30

#6 - Disneyland, ABC

#18 - The Perry Como Show, NBC

#19 - The Ford Show, NBC

#4 - Have Gun -- Will Travel, CBS

#4 - The Rifleman, ABC

#16 - Dennis the Menace, CBS

#4 - The Andy Griffith Show, CBS (the first time a spinoff was the highest-ranked new series)

#4 - Hazel, NBC

#1 - The Beverly Hillbillies, CBS (the first and only time a new scripted series ranked #1 for the season)

#4 - Petticoat Junction, CBS

#2 - Bewitched, ABC

#5 - Batman (Thursday), ABC

#14t (with The Dean Martin Show on NBC) -- Family Affair, CBS

#19 - Gentle Ben, CBS

#4 - Mayberry R.F.D., CBS (the first and only time a continuation series was the highest-ranked new series)

#11 - The Bill Cosby Show, NBC

#2 - The Flip Wilson Show, NBC

#6 - Sanford and Son, NBC

#4 - Maude, CBS (the second time a spinoff was the highest-ranked new series)

#7 - Kojak, CBS

#3- Chico and the Man, NBC

#2 - Rich Man, Poor Man, ABC (with seven new shows in the Top 20 -- and four in the Top 10, this was the most successful year for new series.)

#5 - Charlie's Angels, ABC

#11 - How the West Was Won, ABC

#3t (with Happy Days) - Mork & Mindy, ABC [the third time a spinoff was the highest-ranked new series and the only time the highest-ranked new series was a spinoff tied with its parent series]

#3 - That's Incredible!!, ABC (tied with NBC from 1995-1999 for the most consecutive years with the highest-ranked new series)

#14 - Magnum, P.I., CBS

#13 - Falcon Crest, CBS

#10- The A-Team, NBC

#8 - Kate & Allie, CBS

#3 - The Cosby Show, NBC

#7t (with Dynasty on ABC) - The Golden Girls, NBC

#13 - Amen, NBC

#2 - A Different World, NBC (the fourth time a spinoff was the highest-ranked new series)

#2 - Roseanne, ABC

#5 - America's Funniest Home Videos, ABC

#13 - America's Funniest People, ABC

#4t (with Cheers on NBC) - Home Improvement, ABC

#15 - Love & War, CBS

#5 - Grace Under Fire, ABC

#2 - ER, NBC

#4 - Caroline in the City, NBC

#3 - Suddenly Susan, NBC

#3 - Veronica's Closet, NBC

#5t (with Veronica's Closet) - Jesse, NBC [tied with ABC from 1976-1980 for the most consecutive years with the highest-ranked new series]

#1 - Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?: Tuesday, ABC (the first time in 37 years that a new program ranked #1 for the season)

#11t (with Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?: Thursday on ABC and The West Wing on NBC) - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CBS

#9t (with Will & Grace) - Leap of Faith, NBC

#3 - Joe Millionaire, FOX

#5 - The Apprentice, NBC

#4 - Desperate Housewives, ABC

#7 - Dancing with the Stars, ABC

#11 - Sunday Night Football, NBC

#13 - The Moment of Truth, FOX

#6 - The Mentalist, CBS

#8t - NCIS: Los Angeles (the fifth time a spinoff was the highest-ranked new series) and Undercover Boss -- both on CBS [the first time two shows were tied for highest-ranked new series in any given season]

#9 - Body of Proof, ABC

#12 - Person of Interest, NBC

#14 - Elementary, CBS

#6 - The Blacklist, NBC

#4 - NCIS: New Orleans, CBS (the sixth time a spinoff was the highest-ranked new series and the first time a spinoff was the highest-ranked new series with a sister spinoff that was previously the highest-ranked new series)

#13 - Little Big Shots, NBC
          check your up to date delicious links.        
$ curl -k | xml2| \grep '@href' | cut -d\= -f 2- | sort | uniq | linkchecker -r0 --stdin --complete -v -t 50 -F blacklist

This commands queries the delicious api then runs the xml through xml2, grabs the urls cuts out the first two columns, passes through uniq to remove duplicates if any, and then goes into linkchecker who checks the links. the links go the blacklist in ~/.linkchecker/blacklist. please see the manual pages for further info peeps. I took me a few days to figure this one out. I how you enjoy it. Also don't run these api more then once a few seconds you can get banned by delicious see their site for info. ~updated for no recursive

Diff your entire server config at

          Comment on Whitelisting Vs Blacklisting by joshua haas        
Hi. What is the earliest date that either URL black list or URL white list is used in access management? Thanks.
          lorien website BLACKOUT        
Friends, as of midnight Eastern Standard Time (GMT-0500) on 18 January 2012, I will be blacking out all sites that I host in protest of two short-sighted bills currently being considered by the US Congress, known commonly as SOPA and PIPA. These sites will be down until 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time (GMT-0800) on that same day.

E-mail will not be affected, and webmail will still work.

For more information on what SOPA and PIPA are, and why you as an Internet-using individual should be concerned about legislation that will give the United States Government the mandate to remove sites from the Internet without benefit of criminal trial or due process, please check out


-- Lorrie
          DNS Blacklist with Exim        
By setting the anti-spam DNS Blacklist feature in Exim you can eliminate a majority of your daily spam in a few simple steps.

          KillerMobile BlackBaller Pro v3.20.1 S60v3 S60v5        
KillerMobile BlackBaller Pro 3. 20.1 is actually a user friendly Call and Message {SMS/MMS} management program. This program permits you to setup choices for the reason that how to handle calls/SMS/MMS from various numbers. You can choose to filter calls, auto respond via SMS or even utilize such as an answering machine.

BlackBaller Pro Key Features:

▪Filter Calls & SMS's (Blacklist)
▪Auto Reply via SMS to an incoming call or SMS with a pre-formatted message
▪ Play a voice message to the caller .
▪ Setup an on-device answering machine.
▪ View full logs of each Filtered event
▪ Restore Filtered SMS's to the native messaging app.
▪ Create unique voice clips for each caller.
▪ Set how long the device should ring before taking over the call.
▪ Allows you to interrupt the app even after it takes over the call.
▪ Set the SMS auto-reply to be sent once per day or after every SMS.
▪ Be prompted each time you manually reject a call to add this number to your blacklist.
▪ Create lists that include all Contacts or All non Contacts or even All callers, use patterns with wildcards for the ultimate in flexibility.
▪ And much, much more!

Download BlackBaller Pro S60v3 S60v5

          Comentário sobre Sites não confiáveis para comprar online. BlackList. por Adriana        
Ferraz import é confiável? Vende celular
          Comentário sobre Sites não confiáveis para comprar online. BlackList. por Tico        
          Comentário sobre Sites não confiáveis para comprar online. BlackList. por Tico        
Gente comprei um microondas e não recebi por isso alerto a todos o site "WWW.CENTERMAGAINESHOP.COM.BR" não entrega os produtos, não responde e-mail e o telefone do SAC só dá ocupado no horário comercial, só atendem fora do horário comercial ou no horário de almoço sendo uma gravação dizendo a seguinte frase "NO MOMENTO ESTAMOS FORA DO HORÁRIO DE ATENDIMENTO, POR GENTILEZA LIGUE EM OUTRO HORÁRIO". GOLPE = "WWW.CENTERMAGAINESHOP.COM.BR" = Não comprem
          Project HoneyPot for MyBB        
Project HoneyPot for MyBB

This MyBB plugin integrates Project HoneyPot into MyBB.

- Prevent users who hit a threat score threshold from registering on your forums.
- Ability to view full history logs in the 'Admin Control Panel'.

Currently, this plugin requires you to have a Project HoneyPot access key (which is free!).


Firstly, you will need to get an access key from Project HoneyPot.
1. Head over to Project HoneyPot and create an account.
2. Next, you will need to go to the "Manage HTTP Blacklist" page and generate a http:BL access key.

Now that you have an access you, you can install this plugin.
1. Merging all the folders and files in the "UPLOAD" directory to your root directory of your MyBB installation. This process should notoverride any existing files.
2. After installing this plugin, head over to your MyBB "Admin Control Panel" and navigate to "Configuration" -&t; "Plugins". On this page, you should see the "Project HoneyPot for MyBB" under the "Inactive Plugins" list. Click "Install & Activate".
3. Now, head back to the "Configuration" page and scroll to the bottom of the page to find the "Project HoneyPot" settings under "Plugin Settings". On this page you will need to enter your access key; you can also configure your threat level threshold on this page too.


If you have entered a valid access key and threat level, this plugin will automatically prevent any users who hit your threat level threshold from registering on your forums.

You can see all of this plugins activities on the Project HoneyPot logs, which are located under "Tools & Maintenance", in the "Logs" sub-menu.


- Project HoneyPot -
- MyBB -
- Jamie Sage -

          Time For a Custom Email Address?        
So this is scary. From Tumblr:

Starting on June 30, 2017, customers will no longer be able to log in to their Yahoo and Tumblr accounts through email addresses with the following domains:,,,,,,,,,, and

I don’t know why this is happening or what’s going on at Tumblr HQ, but blacklisting a ton of email addresses is pretty bold. And it’s a wakeup call to people everywhere – when your email address is on someone else’s namespace, you have to deal with whatever business decisions that company makes. But if your email address is on your own domain, the worst case is that you’d have to change email hosts.

Get a custom email address!

          Harry Belafonte on Kaepernick Blacklist: “To Mute The Slave Is Always Been To The Best Interests Of The Slave Owner”        

Legendary actor and civil rights activist Harry Belafonte offers strong, yet true words regarding the Colin Kaepernick x NFL blacklist. With a protest against Roger Gooddell’s NFL on the way in New York, civil rights activist and legendary actor Harry Belafonte weighs in on a variety of topics, including Colin Kaepernick. Belafonte’s resume as a […]

The post Harry Belafonte on Kaepernick Blacklist: “To Mute The Slave Is Always Been To The Best Interests Of The Slave Owner” appeared first on Okayplayer.

          DVD Verdict 1285 - Blast Processing! (By This I De-Creed)        

This week, Steve's raids some tombs in Uncharted territory, Jon helps Vengeance get Revenge, and Kev has a personal "Crysis" to deal with. The boys chime in on Sony's big Playstation 4 show, Ubisoft announces Assassin's Creed 4, and there's some shenanigans afoot over at EA. This episode is brought to you by SC: Blacklist Double-A's, official battery of Sam Fisher; because when your personal freedom is at stake, you don't want duds in your NVG's.

          Terrorist chief Balraj dies in a heart attack        
Pro LTTE websites today said a senior terrorist leader known as Balraj had died in a heart attack at an LTTE base in Wanni on Tuesday (May 20). Balraj said to be the first leader of the terrorist band named after the son of LTTE leader V. Prabhakaran - "The Charles Anthony Brigade".

Balraj being a founding member of the LTTE was an accomplice in many civilian massacres carried out by the LTTE. According to the Pro terror websites, Balraj has been given self styled rank of "Brigadier:" by the LTTE leadership.

LTTE is a ruthless terrorist outfit that has been fighting a bloody war against the citizen of Sri Lanka since 1983. Inspired by the tribal ideologies of its megalomaniac leader V. Prbhakaran, the outfit's main cause is to create a mono ethnic separate homeland for the Tamils in Sri Lanka. The LTTE is also blacklisted under the UN list of shame for using child soldiers in combat.
          NerdCast 380 - Espionagem Digital        
Lambda lambda lambda! Hoje Alottoni, Marco Gomes, Cardoso, Bluehand, Caio Gomes e Azaghal  ███████ ██ █████ █████ ESPIONAGEM DIGITAL! Neste podcast: Entenda que █████ ████████ ███████, descubra a verdade sobre ███ ██ ███████ ██████, ouça quem ████████ ███ ██████ e ███████ ██ ███████ no Brasil. Tempo de duração:  101 min ARTE DA VITRINE: Ciro Sollero Splinter Cell: Blacklist já está à venda! Veja onde comprar o seu na página do Facebook da Ubisoft Formula Santander Siga o ritmo da Forza Ferrari e GANHE! Lançamentos na Nerdstore Camiseta Protocolo Bluehand Zumbis Camiseta Breaking Bad Camiseta Na Guerra Você Mira Ou Atira Sorria, você está sendo observado! A arte da espionagem nos filmes, livros e games com preço especial do Submarino Protocolos Bluhand de volta na Nerdstore Compre Protocolo Bluehand: Alienígenas Compre Protocolo Bluehand: Zumbis Branca dos Mortos e os 7 Zumbis (20% de desconto) Independência ou Mortos (20% de desconto) Nerdbooks no Skoob, deixe a sua resenha Protocolo Bluehand: Alienígenas Protocolo Bluehand: Zumbis Branca dos Mortos e os 7 Zumbis Independência ou Mortos Cozinha dos Nerds Desafio Cozinha de Jack Se o vídeo da Guacamole tiver 80 mil views Tucano vai comer o verme da mescal Festival de Hambúrguer (1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5) por Vinicius Patente Philly Cheesesteak (1 | 2) por Bruno Costa Guacamole por Dan Arsky Lombardi Picanha Invertida por Rafael Titan Nerds na Caceta da Agulha Ivannildo Neto Barros Rodrigo Sirianni Doação para Daianne Fernandes E-MAILS Mande suas críticas, elogios, sugestões e caneladas para EDIÇÃO COMPLETA POR RADIOFOBIA PODCAST E MULTIMÍDIA
          Canada Joins the Copyright Blacklist        

          Alasan Pinjaman Di Tolak        
Beberapa hal dibawah ini dapat menyebabkan kredit tanpa agunan (KTA) ditolak pihak bank:

Fail Verification
Kegagalan verifikasi disini maksudnya adalah bilamana pihak bank tidak bisa mendapatkan informasi yang tertera di dalam form aplikasi Anda. Informasi tersebut meliputi: data pribadi Anda, pendapatan (bisanya melalui HRD atau Finance) dan data kerabat dekat (emergency contact). Hal ini dapat terjadi bila pihak bank kesulitan menghubungi Anda, misalnya ketika Anda dihubungi handphone Anda tidak dijawab, lowbatt atau diluar jangkauan. Di kantor ketika dihubungi pihak bank kebetulan Anda tidak ada ditempat.
Bagian keuangan atau HRD menjadi bagian penting juga dalam hal ini, karena pihak bank akan menghubungi mereka untuk konfirmasi mengenai status dan pendapatan Anda di perusahaan tersebut. Ketika pihak bank sulit mendapatkan informasi tersebut maka besar kemungkinan pinjaman Anda akan ditolak. Begitu juga dengan kerabat dekat (emergency contacat) Anda harus mudah dihubungi. Untuk itu ada baiknya mencantumkan lebih dari 1 nomor telepon kerabat, seperti nomor telepon kantor dan nomor handphone lainnya sehingga mudah dihubungi.

Bad Credit

Bila Anda memiliki history kredit yang buruk, maka peluang untuk mendapatkan pinjaman sangat kecil. Ketika Anda menunggak pembayaran cicilan kredit Anda selama 2 bulan berturut-turut maka ini membuat history kredit Anda kurang baik. Lain lagi halnya bila Anda pernah bemasalah dengan salah satu bank/ leasing hingga Anda tercatat dalam 'blacklist'.  Ini membutuhkan waktu yang cukup lama untuk memperbaiki kredit buruk menjadi baik, meskipun masalah tersebut telah Anda selesaikan. Namun demikian, masih ada beberapa bank yang bisa mempertimbangkan masalah tersebut.

Pemakaian Kartu Kredit
Pada saat Anda mengajukan permohonan Kredit Tanpa Agunan (KTA), dan penggunaan kartu kredit diatas 70% dari jumlah limit kartu Anda adalah hal yang kurang menguntungkan dalam penilaian kredit Anda. Apalagi jika  kartu kredit Anda over limit, Anda akan kesulitan mendapatkan jumlah pinjaman seperti yang diinginkan.  Kemungkinan disetujui tetap ada, tetapi mungkin jumlah pinjaman yang disetujui dapat menjadi masalah bagi Anda. Pembayaran kartu kredit yang Anda lakukan setiap bulan juga menjadi perhatian credit analyst. Pembayaran kartu kredit yang terlambat dan pembayaran minimum (minimum payment) misalnya, juga mempengaruhi penilaian Anda.

Ini adalah hal yang tidak boleh Anda lakukan dalam mengajukan permohonan pinjaman. Hal-hal yang termasuk didalam fraud dalah: pemalsuan data, informasi, dan dokumen. Jadi, bijaksanalah ketika Anda mengisi form aplikasi pinjaman, bahwa data yang Anda tulis adalah data yang sebenarnya.

Dokumen-dokumen fotokopi yang dilampirkan hendaknya dapat dibaca dengan jelas dan baik. Dalam hal ini fotokopi KTP seringkali membuat pinjaman Anda ditolak, misalnya karena foto didalam KTP kurang jelas photo (wajah), tulisan nomor KTP dan tanggal lahir atau nama kurang jelas terbaca atau terdapat coretan-coretan pada KTP.

Jumlah Pinjaman
Besarnya jumlah pinjaman yang dapat diajukan berbeda antara bank satu dengan yang lain, ini tergantung aturan dari bank yang bersangkutan. Seringkali terjadi aplikan tidak tahu sistem dan tata cara pengajuan jumlah pinjaman, sehingga mengajukan jumlah pinjaman sesuai kebutuhannya. Tentu tidak ada yang salah dengan hal ini.  Akan tetapi, pengajuan jumlah pinjaman yang terlalu besar atau diluar aturan bank tempat Anda mengajukan pinjaman -  dapat menyebabkan pinjaman Anda ditolak. Baiknya konsultasikan dengan marketing Anda mengenai besarnya pinjaman yang dapat Anda ajukan.

Adapun besarnya pinjaman yang dapat diberikan pihak bank akan dipengaruhi oleh hal-hal seperti:
  • Limit kartu kredit yang ada,
  • Penghasilan per bulan,
  • Jumlah tanggungan jika ada,
  • Pengeluaran kartu kredit jika ada,
  • Pengeluaran cicilan pinjaman jika ada,
  • Dan lain-lain.
Katagori Industri Usaha Perusahaan Anda 
Bahwa ada beberapa industri usaha yang dihindari oleh bank untuk diberikan pinjaman KTA.  Untuk informasi katagori ini.

Karakter Aplikan
Ini adalah hal yang agak sulit dijelaskan.. karena, tentu saja karakter seseorang adalah cermin prilaku masing-masing individu yang telah terbentuk sejak lama. Tetapi, pada saat tertentu credit analyst terkadang merasa perlu mempertimbangkan karakter dari aplikan. Tentu saja type karakter yang disukai umumnya seperti tidak banyak beralasan, bertanggung jawab dan sebagainya.

          Golden Globes 2015: l'elenco completo delle nomination        

All'alba di questa mattina, al Beverly Hilton Hotel, sono state annunciate le nomination per i prossimi Golden Globes, che si terranno l'11 gennaio 2015 nel medesimo hotel. 
La 72esima edizione degli ambitissimi premi, sarà presentata per il terzo anno consecutivo dalla coppia formata da Tina Fey e Amy Poehler (nella foto).
Peter KrauseKate BeckinsaleJeremy Piven e Paula Patton hanno invece annunciato i nomi in gara per l'assegnazione dei premi.

Di seguito, l'elenco completo delle categorie televisive in concorso:

Miglior serie drammatica
The Affair
Downton Abbey
Game of Thrones
The Good Wife
House of Cards

Miglior serie comedy o musical
Jane The Virgin
Orange Is The New Black
Silicon Valley

Miglior miniserie o film per la tv
The Missing
The Normal Heart
Olive Kitteridge
True Detective

Miglior attore in una serie drammatica
Clive Owen, per il ruolo di John Thackery in The Knick
Liev Schreiber, per il ruolo di Ray Donovan in Ray Donovan
Kevin Spacey, per il ruolo di Frank Underwood in House of Cards
Jame Spader, per il ruolo di Raymond Reddington in The Blacklist
Dominic West, per il ruolo di Noah Solloway in The Affair

Miglior attrice in una serie drammatica
Claire Danes, per il ruolo di Carrie Mathison in Homeland
Viola Davis, per il ruolo di Annalise Keating in How to Get Away with Murder
Julianna Margulies, per il ruolo di Alicia Florrick in The Good Wife
Ruth Wilson, per il ruolo di Alison Lockhart in The Affair
Robin Wright, per il ruolo di Claire Underwood in House of Cards

Miglior attore in una serie comedy o in un musical
Louis C.K., per il ruolo di Louie in Louie
Don Cheadle, per il ruolo di Marty Kaan in House of Lies
Ricky Gervais, per il ruolo di Derek in Derek
William H Macy, per il ruolo di Frank Gallagher in Shameless
Jeffrey Tambor, per il ruolo di Mort/Maura in Transparent

Miglior attrice in una serie comedy o in un musical
Lena Dunham, per il ruolo di Hannah Horvath in Girls
Edie Falco, per il ruolo di Jackie Peyton in Nurse Jackie
Julia Louis- Dreyfus, per il ruolo di Selina Meyer in Veep
Gina Rpdriguez, per il ruolo di Jane Villanueva in Jane The Virgin
Taylor Schilling, per il ruolo di Piper Chapman in Orange Is The New Black

Miglior attore in una miniserie o film per la tv
Matt Bomer, per il ruolo di Felix Turner in The Normal Heart
Colin Hanks, per il ruolo di Gus Grimly in Fargo
Bill Murray, per il ruolo di Jack Kennison in Olive Kitteridge
Alan Cumming, per il ruolo di Eli Goldman in The Good Wife
Jon Voight, per il ruolo di Mickey Donovan in Ray Donovan

Miglior attrice in una miniserie o film per la tv
Jessica Lange, per il ruolo di Elsa Mars in American Horror Story
Frances Mcdormand, per il ruolo di Olive Kitteridge in Olive Kitteridge
Frances O’Connor, per il ruolo di Emily Hughes in The Missing
Allison Tolman, per il ruolo di Molly Solverson in Fargo

Miglior attore non protagonista in una serie, in una miniserie o film per la tv
Martin Freeman, per il ruolo di di Lester Nygaard in Fargo
Woody Harrelson, per il ruolo di Martin Hart in True Detective
Matthew McConaughey, per il ruolo di Rustin Cohle in True Detective
Mark Ruffalo, per il ruolo di Ned Weekd in The Normal Heart
Billy Bob Thornton, per il ruolo di Malvo Lorne in Fargo

Miglior attrice non protagonista in una serie, in una miniserie o film per la tv
Uzo Aduba, per il ruolo di Crazy Eyes in Orange Is The New Black
Kathy Bates, per il ruolo di Ethel Darling in American Horror Story: Freak Show
Johane Froggatt, per il ruolo di Anna Bates in Downton Abbey
Allison Janney, per il ruolo di Bonnie in Mom

Michelle Monaghan, per il ruolo di Mary in True Detective

          How To Eat & Lose Weight. The Montignac Diet        

This is a low Glycemic Index (GI) diet for people who love their food, and is the latest offering from Michael Montignac - the founding father of GI dieting.

It is based on two eating plans: one to lose weight, and the other to keep it off. The plans take inspiration from French cuisine, so the good news is that the foods that are blacklisted by calorie-counting diets - such as red wine, cheese and chocolate - are all allowed.

The method, which excludes high GI carbohydrates and saturated fats, allowed Montignac to lose 35lb in just three months.

The menus give two main meal options: either protein and fat, or high-fibre carbohydrate. Lunch should be the main meal of the day.

Breakfast: herbal or fruit tea; oatcakes topped with non-fat cheese; and sliced apples.

Lunch: cherry tomato and basil soup; chef salad of cheese, ham, boiled egg, tomatoes and olive oil; and a few squares of dark chocolate. Optional snack: almonds and hazelnuts.

Dinner: vegetable soup; wild mushroom ramekins with rocket salad; chopped apples with fromage frais.

The diet's golden rule is to eat as low on the glycaemic index as possible, in order to trigger fat loss. Most overweight people release too much insulin when they eat carbohydrates, and the stored glucose is then converted into fat. Low GI foods stabilise the amount of insulin that is produced by the pancreas, which, in turn, improves the efficiency of your metabolism to allow you to maintain the weight loss. Montignac also believes the diet is successful because it allows you to eat the foods you love, so it is sustainable - even over Christmas.

There is now a large body of scientific evidence to support the low GI method. Claire Williamson, nutrition scientist for the British Nutrition Foundation, says there are proven advantages to following the basic principles of this diet. "Studies have shown that eating foods with a low GI can have health benefits - particularly for diabetics or people with insulin-resistant syndromes," she says.

"It can also reduce the risk of healthy people developing diabetes and other diseases. Though it's still unclear whether this is a direct result of the GI rating, or other factors like the high fibre content, or the fact that many of these foods are also low in calories.

"Many foods with a low GI are the ones we associate with a healthy diet for other reasons, such as vegetables and whole grains.

"We would always recommend that people include good quantities of these foods in their diets."

Williamson does warn that following a low GI diet can be quite difficult - because calculating the GI content of a meal is more complicated than it looks - but says that the long-term sustainability of the diet makes it a fairly sensible one. "I'm in favour of any diet that encourages healthily eating, but allows moderate enjoyment of the foods you like," she says.

More: What's The Secret Of The French Diet?

The French Diet

Chloe Rhodes

Official web site of Michel Montignac and the Montignac Method

          Hollywood Divided by Kevin Brianton        
Hollywood Divided
The 1950 Screen Directors Guild Meeting and the Impact of the Blacklist
by Kevin Brianton
University Press of Kentucky
October 2016
Hardcover ISBN: 9780813168920
174 pages

Amazon - Barnes and Noble - Powell's

On October 22, 1950, more than 500 directors met at the Beverly Hills Hotel for a Screen Directors Guild meeting. The topic on hand: Cecil B. DeMille's call for the dismissal of SDG's president Joseph L. Mankiewicz. Many big-name directors including John Huston, John Ford, Rouben Mamoulian and many others would deliver speeches either for or against the recall. This meeting occurred during the thick of the Hollywood backlist era and quotes from the speeches would live on for decades sometimes morphing into different variations. It represented what Kevin Brianton, author of Hollywood Divided, calls "one of the bitterest chapters in American cinema history."

It's easy for us to put the people involved in this meeting into two distinct camps: liberals and conservatives. And depending on your political views these two camps would also carry the label of good people and bad people. It's true that liberals were eyed as potentially dangerous because they were most likely to have ties to Communism. And it's also true that conservatives led the charge to seek and oust industry members who they thought were clearly Communist. However, as Brianton explores in his book, the divide between liberals and conservatives wasn't always very clear. Some directors attending the meeting identified as Republican yet made very liberal movies. Others considered liberal sometimes leaned conservative. On DeMille, Brianton explains "it would seem that his rigid conservative ideology drove him one direction, while his personal afflictions tugged him another way." In this book, Brianton breaks down the different motivations and ideologies of many of the top directors involved in this infamous SDG meeting and we discover that not everyone, even the two big players in all of this DeMille and Mankiewicz were as clear cut in their two political camps as most people like to think.

Brianton's book is incredibly detailed. Everything you could possibly want to know about SDG's 1950 meeting can be found within its pages. Its meticulously researched and told in a very unbiased way. The first part of the book explores the events that lead up to the meeting. The second part breaks down almost minute by minute the events of the gathering. And the third part explores the meeting's legacy and the myths that came out of the oral history of that important moment in film history.

I was interested in learning about DeMille's background and how he lead the charge of many conservative movements in the industry even as early as WWI. Directors Mankiewicz and Ford and their motivations and actions are explored closely as well. I'd love to read some additional books exploring the Hollywood Blacklist. Actor Robert Vaughn wrote a book called Only Victims: A Study of Show Business Blacklisting which I have my eye on. If anyone were to write a book about how films before, during and after the blacklist era both had an effect on the blacklist and were affected by it, that would be a book I'd pick up immediately. If anything this slim volume on one aspect of a dark moment in Hollywood history whet my appetite for more reading.

If you're researching the Hollywood blacklist, Kevin Brianton's Hollywood Divided is a invaluable resource. If you're looking for an overall history of this era, this book would only be a supplement to your reading but still worth your time.

Thank you to University Press of Kentucky for sending me a copy of this book to review.

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          The Hamburg Halfstep Uptown Toodeloo, Don Jr.'s Boo-Boo & Other Scandal Tales        
For something that doesn't even exist in the view of one primary protagonist and is a "witch hunt" in the eyes of the other, the Russia scandal is generating a tremendous amount of heat and the flicker of flames at the feet of President Trump's eldest son in what may become a conflagration. 
As non-stories go, the scandal is a lulu.   
It has resulted in a special prosecutor and five congressional investigations, dominated coverage of the Trump administration since practically the inauguration, resulted in an epidemic of high-level administration recusals, several Tweeting Hall of Fame entries from the man himself, an ever increasing number of leaks by disgruntled staffers from within the White House, provided steady work for a small army of criminal attorneys, and resulted in a timeline that now has over 230 separate entries. 
The much anticipated showdown between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin during a side meeting at the G20 summit conference in Hamburg, Germany last Friday was, of course, not a showdown. 
Happily for us, we have competing versions of what transpired to choose from, and just about the only thing about the sitdown that is not at odds is that everyone who was in the room is a congenital liar. 
According to the version peddled by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who held Trump's hand, the president opened the meeting with a "forceful" condemnation of Russian attempts to interfere in the election, "pressed" Putin on the matter more than once and raised "the concerns of the American people" regarding the interference.  
This account is dramatically at odds with the tepid response Trump had given during a very public press conference only a few minutes earlier when he said "I think it was Russia, but I think it was probably other people and/or countries. . . . Nobody really knows for sure."  That is except the American intelligence community, who Trump managed to yet again diss during an earlier stop in Poland.
According to the version peddled by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who accompanied Putin, Trump accepted Putin's denials of any interference and told the Russian president that some people in the U.S. were spreading "fake news" about the interference. 
This account is consistent with Putin's previous comments on the interference, but more importantly, is part of a larger and thus far successful strategy to provoke suspicions among Americans about Trump's relationship with and intentions regarding Putin and Russia.  Just because Moscow helped elect the guy doesn't mean it isn't going to try to undermine him.
Trump does not do irony, so it is pretty much a waste of time to note that he saved his choicest invective not for America's historic foe and its global mischief making but for the news media and CNN in particular during his F*ck Everybody Else tour of Europe in what was his boldest effort yet to squander what remans of American credibility.   The news media is a pillar of American democracy, for all its faults, while in Russia and its satellites the media is rigidly controlled by Putin, on whose watch nearly 30 journalists have been assassinated. 
Viewed in terms of whether Putin and Trump got what they wanted from their meeting, Putin  prevailed.  Did he have Trump for lunch, as some pundits declared?  Maybe not, but he had a mighty tasty snack.
Another day, another previously undisclosed meeting between Team Trump and a close ally of Putin.  And this one is a break-out humdinger. 
The meeting took place at Trump Tower on June 9, 2016, two weeks after Trump Sr. clinched the Republican presidential nomination.  It was arranged by eldest son Donald Trump Jr. with son-in-law Jared Kushner and campaign manager Paul Manafort in tow. 
Their guest was Natalia Veselnitskaya, a Russian lawyer best known for her attacks on the Magnitsky Act, a U.S. law that blacklists suspected Russian human rights abusers, of which there are a slew in Putin's Russia.  Sergei L. Magnitsky was a lawyer and auditor who died in mysterious circumstances in a Russian prison in 2009 after exposing one of the biggest of the several corruption scandals during Putin's rule.  Perhaps he slipped on a ÐºÑƒÑÐ¾Ðº мыла (bar of soap). 
The law so outraged Putin that he retaliated by halting American adoptions of those extra white caucasian Russian orphans, and my guess is that one purpose of the meeting was to see if that unfortunate situation could be leveraged to Trump's advantage during the forthcoming presidential campaign.  As in him promising to free up adoptions if he was elected. 
There is nothing wrong, of course, with Team Trump meeting with Russians, although that seems to have happened an awful lot.   In fact, dozens of times, most of them undisclosed until someone from the Liberal East Coast Media came sniffing around and it's noted a particular meeting was yet another example of the mass amnesia that has afflicted many Trump acolytes when they filed out their security clearance forms and just plum forgot about all their sitdowns with foreigners of the Russian persuasion.   
This was the case with the Veselnitskaya meeting with Kushner, whose amnesia seems to run run especially deep.  Trump Jr. is not required to fill out a security clearance form because he does not serve in his father's administration, but has repeatedly lied about having any meetings with Russians.   
The Russians in these meetings are invariably Putin puppets.  They never are opponents of his repressive regime.  And, of course, they never reached out to Clinton on the adoption issue or any other, while the ensuing shitstorm from Trump and Republicans should she have met with Putin's pals  would have been unrelenting. 
But that's not the least of it, reported The New York Times on Sunday in a blockbuster that gives new meaning to the term "deeply-sourced story."     
Trump Jr. agreed to meet with Veselnitskaya only after she promised to provide dirt on Hillary Clinton. 
The implications of this are simply ginormous. 
Not only is Donald Jr. now in legal jeopardy, this is the first documented example of people in the campaign eagerly accepting Russian help, as well as the street running the other way.  Instead of the Russians reaching out to Team Trump for info to help it better coordinate its election interference campaign, Team Trump reached out to the Russians for info Daddy could use in his vendetta against "Lock Her Up Hillary."
Anyhow, Trump surely put worried minds at ease on his return from Europe in tweeting that he was prepared to form an "impenetrable Cyber Security unit" with the very people who interfered in the election. 
Which, as many people quickly pointed out, is like George W. Bush forming an anti-terrorism squad with Osama bin Laden in 2002.

           - Author Bertil Lintner: 'In Myanmar they are putting the cart before the horse'        
Prominent Burma-watcher, journalist and author Bertil Lintner was in Yangon for a weeklong journalism workshop. The formerly blacklisted writer was interviewed by Mizzima about recent political developments and the year ahead.
          The Most Dangerous Communist in the United States”        
August, 2015

ISBN (cloth): 


Price (cloth) $: 

August, 2015

ISBN (paper): 


Price (paper) $: 

Gary Murrell is professor of history at Grays Harbor College. His website is
Murrell, Gary. afterword by Bettina Aptheker.

Pub date (e-book): 

March, 2017

ISBN (e-book): 

A Biography of Herbert Aptheker
A probing biography of a controversial American scholar-activist

Price (e-book) $: 

When J. Edgar Hoover declared Herbert Aptheker “the most dangerous Communist in the United States,” the notorious FBI director misconstrued his true significance. In this first book-length biography of Aptheker (1915–2003), Gary Murrell provides a balanced yet unflinching assessment of the controversial figure who was at once a leading historian of African America, radical political activist, literary executor of W. E. B. Du Bois, and lifelong member of the American Communist Party. Although blacklisted at U.S.
Tue, 08/11/2015

Related Subjects: 

"A first-rate piece of scholarship and a great book, which amounts not only to the life story of an individual, but a balanced, provocative, and clear-eyed history of American Communism from its 1930s heyday to its virtual collapse in the 1990s."—Maurice Isserman, author of If I Had a Hammer: The Death of the Old Left and the Birth of the New Left

"Murrell points a vivid, detailed picture of Aptheker's political life and for this he should be commended. 'The Most Dangerous Communist in the United States' is a monumental accomplishment."—People's World

"In a remarkable Afterward, Bettina Aptheker pays tribute to her mother and her father, without removing the stain of an activity [sexual abuse] that, she says, he inisted he could not remember. Did this activity have any role in his scholarship or political activity? Bettina does not think so, and neither does Murrell, so we are left to wonder, or simply let it pass by as another of life's imponderables."—Portside

"If you’ve never heard of Aptheker, Murrell’s new book title, 'The Most Dangerous Communist in the United States:' A biography of Herbert Aptheker spells it out quite plainly. But the book is anything but a plain read. Murrell captures an American activist at the professional height — and troubling family depths — of his life. From inspiration to expiration, the book is a thorough study of a man J. Edger Hoover once declared ‘the most dangerous communist in the United States’."—Daily World

"Gary Murrell has given us a much-needed comprehensive study of the life and work of Dr. Herbert Aptheker, Marxist historian and political theoretician. . . . We are indebted to him."—Science & Society

"I am grateful to Murrell for uncovering so much about [Apthecker] and setting it all in order."—American Communist History
6.125 x 9.25
3 b&w

          Pay or Die (1960)        

As part of the All Ernie Borgnine Day on SUTS on TCM yesterday, I was glad to see Pay or Die (1960) being shown after considerable time on the shelf for this rarely seen movie. The film was rooted in historical fact centering on the extortion and murders conducted by largely Italian gangs in the early years of the 20th century in NYC--and the filmmakers do not attempt to glamorize the Mafioso in any way. The role gave Borgnine one of his best opportunities to play a realistic and quite heroic person, New York Police Lt. Joseph Petrosino, whose immigrant background and sharp detective skills enabled him to infiltrate the gangs feeding on Little Italy and the city at large. He was able to alert the public and the Congress about Mafioso who were emigrating to this country on false papers to perpetuate their crimes while eluding justice. Interestingly, this was not the first time that Lt. Petrosino had been depicted on film. A silent, The Adventures of Lt. Petrosino, made in 1912, also attempted to tell his story, as did the Gene Kelly dramatic turn in  The Black Hand (1950), which featured an excellent, restrained performance by J. Carrol Naish as the police lieutenant. However, this film is by far the best of the biopics devoted to this individual, thanks in no small part to Borgnine, whose characterization honors the work ethic, kindness and generosity of spirit exhibited by the vast majority of Italian-Americans in everyday life.

Above: The real life Lt. Joseph Petrosino and Ernest Borgnine in a more expressive portrayal of this individual.
Ernest Borgnine blended his innate warmth with his considerable ferocity in this part, bringing out the man's remarkable determination, idealism and decency while he almost single-handedly tried to mitigate the power of The Black Hand (another name for the Sicilian Mafia) on the lives of Italian-Americans. The actual Joseph (Giuseppe) Petrosino was said to be a guarded individual who rarely smiled. After emigrating from Sicily as a boy in the 1870s, he worked at everything from shoe shining to street cleaning, gaining valuable knowledge about his community, until his private sense of honor compelled him to became a remarkably fearless crusader as a policeman, working against the dregs who shamed his personal sense of justice and made it harder for other Italians to become accepted as Americans. In contrast to the real life Petrosino's reserve, Ernest Borgnine's affability and embracing smile help to make his cinematic characterization of the lawman a human being first, and an avenging angel, second. If anything, this makes his character's near misses from the Mafia more chilling for a viewer. In one particularly harrowing sequence, Petrosino is waiting on a crowded subway platform for a train, when he is pushed onto the tracks. Thanks to our involvement with the character, his desperate scramble to save himself and cling to a post just inches away from the rushing train made me leap up when it occurred. Not surprisingly, Borgnine wrote in 2009 that "people still ask about that scene today...Pay or Die," the actor noted, "was one of the great pre-Godfather Mafia movies."

Having seen this movie as a child, it certainly left a mark on my psyche, particularly the opening sequence when a girl playing an angel in a street festival becomes a pawn in an extortion scheme. Since this was one of those movies sometimes run five times a week on Million Dollar Movie on WOR Channel 9 in New York, this movie made a generation of kids in big Catholic families a little leery about processions and festivals from then on...but I digress.
Above: This particular opening set piece with the littlest angels in jeopardy signaled the beginning of a different kind of gangster movie than audiences were accustomed to in 1960. 
Quite powerful and violent for the early '60s, the story's quieter scenes are equally memorable. The moments between the young Italian woman and the policeman she loves, portrayed beautifully by neophyte Zohra Lampert and Ernie with enormous tenderness, are in marked contrast to the cruelty exhibited in other scenes. According to interviews with the actress and director Richard Wilson at the time of the film's release, there was concern over the tendency of the intensely eager, talented young actress from Off-Broadway (whose only previous film performance had been a bit part in Odds Against Tomorrow), to give almost too much to her portrayal.

The 23-year-old Lampert, playing a turn-of-the-century baker's daughter seeking an education, had been hired for her role as Adelina Saulino by the director after a phone call convinced him that she was right for the part. A screen test and a long term contract with Allied Artists reportedly followed. While the dark, sensitive, velvet-voiced talent of Lampert was obvious to most people, her rise as an actress was not quite as smooth as hoped, perhaps in part due to her deep commitment to her art.  With the director's guidance, Lampert had prepared for her role by working at Sarno's Bakery in Los Angeles (which is still there in the Los Feliz section). Every day for a week she worked to learn how to knead and roll dough, to utilize a baker's peel (the long-handled shovel used to insert dough into a bread oven) and to tote firewood on her back by means of a forehead strap. "That Wilson," the actress commented at the time, "When he says 'realism,' he means it!"

When it came time to rehearse her scenes for Pay or Die on the set however,  "Zohra wouldn't," explained Wilson. "She'd play the scene for real every time. I took her aside and said, 'Look, this will exhaust you. Relax.'" The daughter of Russian-German immigrants, Lampert realized that her inability to temper her spontaneity and restrain her character's emotions apparently made it difficult for her to play a scene the same way twice. As Wilson realized, "this was the nature of her gift. She could not pretend [and] it drove some of the other actors, not to mention the crew, mad."

Ultimately, the director noticed that Lampert's lack of artifice was "such a challenge" to her fellow actors that she "kept everyone on their toes." Wilson concluded that "...I never felt so sorry for anyone in my life. I was afraid she'd break down. But she never did. I've never seen more courage on the set." Fortunately for those of us who have enjoyed seeing this actress over the years, she persisted despite what sounds like a rocky start, and has had a very long career, giving distinctive performances in whatever venue she appeared over time.

In the context of the film, the personal life of the policeman was in marked contrast to the dramatically depicted, real life threats posed by the Mafia against simple working people and even famed individuals such as Enrico Caruso (they blew up his car outside the Met to make him pay for protection). The burgeoning activities of the gangs, including the harming of children, persisted, prompting Petrosino to cast aside personal happiness in the face of such endemic violence--even on his wedding day--when all the gifts were doused in a bathtub in search of a suspected bomb (there was one there, but fortunately it did not explode thanks to his precautions).

Above: Ernest Borgnine & Zohra Lampert in Pay or Die (1960). 
By emphasizing the humanity of the central figure and all of the characters in this movie, the filmmakers avoid making one more meaningless action flick, since Pay or Die doesn't turn away from the depiction of the horrendous acts of individuals working for the gang (a child is crippled, another is kidnapped, an elderly baker is placed in his own oven, and there are repeated attempts to hurt Petrosino) the movie makes it plainer than most American films of the period about the depths of brutality rampant among these gangsters.

Above: Zohra Lampert being threatened by members of The Black Hand in Pay or Die (1960).

The insidious nature of The Black Hand's influence on the Italian community was subtly portrayed, as the film showed how "pillars of the Italian community" were sometimes in cahoots with the gangsters, and actively making Petrosino's work more dangerous and difficult. Nor does the movie ignore the rampant ignorance and prejudice of Americans about the recently arrived Italian immigrants, with even fellow policeman casually using terms such as "dago" and "wop" to describe the people they were supposed to be serving. Even as Petrosino created an "Italian Squad" within the department made up of Ilalian-Americans who knew the problems faced by their community first hand, the commitment of the powerful to helping him achieve something concrete remained quite tentative, reflecting some of the suspicion and skepticism of many at that time toward Italian immigrants in general. The film also emphasizes how Petrosino used pioneering scientific techniques such as material analysis, his keen observational skills of individual and crowd behavior, along with a dogged, logical pursuit of the facts to build his case against the parasitical mobsters, which ultimately led him to Sicily.

Above: A typical extortion note sent to victims in Pay or Die (1960). 

While I suppose that this was a B picture when it was released, and may have been inspired in part by the controversial success of The Untouchables series on television, the period details in Pay or Die were very well done, with the set design and costuming looking noticeably lived in and Lucien Ballard's excellent black and white cinematography enhancing every scene. Best of all, the movie shows the personal struggles of the Borgnine character as he strives to advance his career in order to gain the respect of his community and to build a family life with the girl he loves, despite his own limitations and his fears about the future. Most poignantly, the end of the film has a tragic quality, but the script, by blacklisted writer Richard Collins (Song of Russia, Thousands Cheer) and a scenarist noted for his contributions to the best of the Basil Rathbone Holmes series, Bertram Millhauser (The Suspect, The Web), emphasizes the nobility and dignity of one man's life.

Above: Borgnine, cinematographer Lucien Ballard, and director Richard Wilson on the set of Pay or Die (1960). 
The director Richard Wilson, a longtime associate of Orson Welles from his Mercury Theater days through his film projects such as the legendary Citizen Kane (1941),  The Lady From Shanghai (1947) and MacBeth (1948), coordinated the action and the reflective moments in the film extremely well, creating a fast-paced, gripping story that lingers in memory. Pay or Die is available from The Warner Archive as a DVD-r.

If you are interested, Ernest Borgnine was interviewed below about this movie by Alan K. Rode at The Palm Springs Film Noir Festival in 2010. At age 93, Ernie's lively comments are revealing about his own background as well as funny and discerning about the making of this movie.

Borgnine, Ernest, Ernie: The Autobiography, (Kensington Publishing Corp., 2009).
Johnson, Erskine, Girl Meets Hollywood: It's the Mark of Zohra, Ocala Star-Banner, Feb. 16, 1960.
Maeder, Jay, Big Town, Big Time: A New York Epic : 1898-1998, (Sports Publishing, 1999).
The Milwaukee SentinelLovely But Lonely Star, Feb. 28, 1960
University of Michigan Library Archives, Wright, Richard, The Orson Welles Papers 1930-2000, Special Collection.

[Photos & Screen Caps: Courtesy of DVD Beaver, A Certain Cinema, and Heritage Auctions]

          Modi Aims to Build New Business Relations with Europe        
In his maiden visit to Europe, Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi is trying to present India as a major manufacturing and investment hub. In his three-nation trip, he is going to visit France and Germany, two of the major economies of the Eurozone followed by Canada, where a significant population of Indians resides.  European Union had blacklisted Modi when the violent communal riots had rocked Gujarat in 2002, under his governance. With India’s economy growing faster than China, Modi is trying to win the opportunity to build relations afresh with the European Union. India ranks 142nd out of a list of 189 countries in a “ease of doing business” global league table, released by World Bank. Bureaucracy, corruption and strict tax regulations have earned bad reputation to India’s business environment. The new government under Modi has relaxed a number of rules for foreign investors to make India business-friendly. Also, ‘Make in India’ campaign was launched by Modi to promote the country as a lucrative business hub.  India is yet to finalize the deal to buy 126 Rafale fighter jets from the French company Dassault Aviation even after three years of negotiation. However, French President Francois Hollande is optimist that the deal would not define the future business relations between the two countries.  After his visit to France, Modi will meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Germany is India’s largest trading partner in the Europen Union. Modi and Merkel will jointly inaugurate the Hannover Messe trade fair.  In 2013, the business between India and the European Union increased to 72.7 billion euros. Both the partners are positive about the future business opportunities.

Original Post Modi Aims to Build New Business Relations with Europe source Twease
          COOL BANDS FROM 80'S        
ACER FURY - heavy metal
Acid - Belgium
AGENTZ - hard / heavy
ALIEN - hard rock
AMETHYST - heavy metal
AMULANCE - heavy metal
Angeles Del Infierno - Spain
Angus - Netherlands
ANTIX - heavy heavy
Apocrypha - USA
APOSTLE - christian heavy metal
Arakain - Czech
Arkangel - Venezuela
Arkanus - Spain
Armageddon - Cyprus
ARROW - hard / heavy
Arrow - Sweden
Asgard - Germany
ASHBURY - heavy metal
ASSASSIN - heavy metal
ASSAULT - heavy metal
ASTAROTH - heavy metal
ATTACK - epic heavy metal
Attack - Germany
Attentat Rock - France
ATTILA - heavy metal
August - Russia
AUROCH - heavy metal
Avalon - Canada
AVALON - hard rock
Avenger - UK
AXATAK - heavy metal
Axia - Sweden
Banzai - Spain
Baron Rojo - Spain
Barren Cross - USA
Bella Bestia - Spain
Between The Sheets - Germany
Biscaya - Sweden
Black Angels - Switzerland
Black Coffee - Russia
Black Diamond - USA
Black Rose - UK
BLACKLIST - heavy metal
Blacklist - USA
Blackout - Netherlands
Blade Runner - UK
Blaspheme - France
Blitz - Germany
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BLOODY CLIMAX - heavy metal
Bloody Mary - Germany
Blowin Free - Austria
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BREAKER - heavy metal, USA's Accept
Bruque - Spain
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FORGOTTEN CHILD - heavy metal
FORTUNER - heavy metal
Gator - Germany
Ghandi - Germany
GILGAMESJ - heavy metal
GLASGOW - hard rock
Goliath - Spain
GRAND BITE - heavy metal
GRAVEN IMAGE - heavy metal
Gris Perla - Spain
H - Bomb - France
Halley - Spain
Hammer - UK
HAMMER HEAD - heavy metal
HAMMER WITCH - heavy metal
HANDS OF MERCY - heavy metal
Hanover - USA
Hard Knox - USA
Harlequyn - UK
Harppia - Brazil
HEATHENS RAGE - heavy / speed metal
HEAVEN WARD - heavy metal
HEAVY LOAD - heavy metal
HEAVY METAL ARMY - heavy metal
Heavy Pettin' - UK
HELLCATS - hard rock
Hermetica - Argentina
Hiroshima - Spain
Hocculta - Italy
Horcas - Argentina
Hunters Club - UK
Hurry Scuary - Japan
INCUBUS - hard rock
INDESTRUCTIBLE NOISE COMMAND / I.N.C. - rough thrash metal
Inherent Sin - Germany
INHERENT SIN - heavy metal
INSANE - thrash metal
Intrinsic - USA
ION BRITTON - heavy metal
Iris - Rumania
Iron Cross - Finland
IRON CROSS - thrash metal
IRON HAWK - heavy metal
IVORY TIGER - hard rock
Jackal - Denmark
Jewel - Japan
Juggernaut - USA
Kabat - Czech
Karthago - Hungary
Kat - Poland
KILLEN - heavy metal
Killers - France
KNIGHT CRAWLER - heavy metal
Korrosia Metalla - Russia
Kraken - Colombia
KRATOS - heavy metal
Kreyson - Czech
KSB - hard rock
Kymera - Germany
KYMERA - heavy metal
Lada Krizek - Czech
Lanzer - Germany
LAST LEG UP - hard rock
LEATHER ANGEL - heavy metal
LEGAL TENDER - hard rock
LEGEND - hard rock, 70's element
LEGION - heavy metal
Leize - Spain
Liar - Germany
LIXX ARRAY - hard rock
LORD - heavy metal
Loretta - Czech
Loud Crowd - Finland
Lust - France
LUST - heavy metal
Luzbel - Mexico
M - 16 - heavy metal
M - 16 - USA
Mac Beth - Czech
MADD HATTER - hard rock
Madd Hunter - USA
MAINIAX - heavy metal
Mainiax - USA
Make Up - Japan
Malisha - USA
MANDRAKE GARDEN - heavy metal
Mania - Germany
MANIA - heavy metal
Maniac - Austria
MARK LOWREY - hard rock
Martyr - Netherlands
Marvel - Spain
MASQUE - heavy metal
MATA KOPAS - heavy metal
Mata Kopas - USA
MC BLADE - hard rock
MEGATTACK - heavy metal
Megattack - USA
Melrose - Japan
Mephisto - Germany
MESSIAH - heavy metal
MESSIAH FORCE - female fronted hard rock
Metal Lady - Hungary
Metal Mercy - Sweden
METALWOLF - heavy metal
MILITIA - heavy metal
MILLENNIUM - hard rock
Mindless Sinner - Sweden
Missio - Hungary
Mistery - Germany
Mistreated - France
MISTREATED - hard rock
More - UK
Mortal Sin - Australia
MOTHERLODE - hard rock
Motorband - Czech
Mox Mix - USA
Muro - Spain
MYDRA - heavy metal
MYSSTRESS - heavy metal
Mystery Blue - France
MYSTIQUE - heavy metal
Nightcrawler - USA
Nightwing - USA
Noisehunter - Germany
Non Iron - Poland
Nu - Spain
NYTRIX - heavy metal
Omen - Hungary
ORPHAN ALIES - heavy metal
Ossian - Hungary
Overdose - Brazil
OVERDOSE - heavy metal
Overdose - Sweden
OVERLORD - heavy metal
P. Mobil - Hungary
PALASS - heavy metal
Pandoras Box - Hungary
Panzer - Spain
PARADOXX - heavy metal
Paranoia - Russia
PARASITE - heavy metal
PHOENIX - hard rock
Poker - Germany
Pokolgep - Hungary
Pomarania - Yugoslavia
Powerhouse - Belgium
Precious Metal - USA
PROBE - hard rock
Prophacy - USA
PROUD EXISTANCE - heavy metal
Puno De Hierro - Mexico
Q5 - USA
QUEST - heavy metal
Rapid Tears - Canada
Rata Blanca - Argentina
RATED X - heavy metal
RAVEN BITCH - heavy metal
Raw Energy - USA
RAY GUNN - hard rock
Reckless - USA
Revenge - Brazil
RHOADS - heavy metal
Riff - Argentina
Riff Raff - Finland
RIGGS - hard rock
Roachclip - Germany
ROADRUNNER - heavy metal
Rock Asylum - USA
ROCK CANDY BAND - hard rock
Rock Dam - Spain
Rock Goddess - UK
Rod Sacred - Italy
Roksnax - UK
ROXX - heavy metal
Sabbrabells - Japan
Sable - Spain
SABRE - heavy metal
SACRAFICE - heavy metal
Sacred Blade - USA
SACRED FEW - heavy metal
Saigon - UK
Samurai - UK
Sangtrait - Spain
Saracen - UK
Satans Host - USA
SAVAGE GRACE - heavy / thrash
Savage Steel - USA
Seikima II - Japan
Sextiger - Austria
Shah - Russia
SHELDER - hard rock
Shellshock - Belgium
SILENT LISTENER - heavy metal
Silent Listener - USA
Simson - Austria
SINISTER ANGEL - heavy metal
SIREN - heavy metal, Mekong Delta's
Six Point Six - Germany
SNAKEBYTE - heavy metal
Sobredosis - Spain
SOLAR EAGLE - heavy metal
SORTILEGE - heavy metal
Spinx - Russia
Split Beaver - UK
Steel Angel - France
Steelover - Germany
STONEFIELD - heavy metal
STONEHENGE - heavy metal
STORMGARDE - hard rock
STORMTROOPER - heavy metal
Stormwave - Austria
Strana Officina - Italy
STREAM - heavy metal
Stream - USA
Strike - Italy
Strike Force - Argentina
STRIKE FORCE - heavy metal
Strike Master - New Zealand
SUNSET - hard rock
SURRENDER - hard rock
SWEET TEASE - hard rock
Syndia - Poland
TAIST OF IRON - heavy metal
Talon - Germany
Tank - UK
Taramis - Australia
TARANTULA - heavy metal
Target - Belgium
TAROT - heavy metal, Nightwish's
THATCHER - heavy metal
Thatcher - USA
THE SHINE - hard rock
THOR - heavy metal
Tigres - Spain
Titan - France
Titanic - Czech
Tombstone - Italy
Torch - Italy
Trash - USA
Trauma - USA
Trial - Belgium
Trilogy - Australia
TROP FEROSS - heavy metal
Trotyl - Bulgaria
TSA - Poland
Tublatanka - Czech
Turbo - Poland
TWILIGHT PROJECT - heavy metal
TYRANT' S REIGN - heavy metal
Tytan - UK
TYTON - heavy metal
Tyton - USA
TZAR - heavy metal
V 12 - Portugal
VANADIUM - heavy metal
Vandale - Netherlands
Vanexa - Italy
Vendetta - Germany
VENIN - heavy metal
Vice Human - Greece
Victory - Germany
Viking - USA
VISITOR - heavy metal
Vitacit - Czech
VITREA - hard rock
VIXEN - hard / heavy, Marty Friedman's
Vodu - Brazil
VOODOO CHILD - heavy metal
VOODOO FIRE - hard rock
VXN - heavy metal
Wardance - Germany
Warhead - Belgium
WARMINISTER - heavy metal
Warning - France
Warriors - USA
WARZWOLF - heavy metal
White Cross - USA
WHITE HOTT - hard rock
White Wolf - USA
WIDOW - hard rock
Wild Dogs - USA
Wild Horses - UK
WILD PUSSY - hard rock
WILDROSE - hard rock
WITCH - heavy metal
Witchfynde - UK
Witchhammer - Norway
WIZARD - hard rock
WYXMER - heavy metal
Wyxmer - Italy
X - Ray - Japan
XCALIBER - heavy metal
XCEL - heavy metal
Young Blood - UK
ZEN VENOM - heavy metal
Zenith - Spain
Zeno - Spain
Zero Nine - Finland
Zhendra - Spain

          Episode 23: On the Waterfront        
Elia Kazan might have broken the Hollywood Blacklist. Instead, when HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee) asked him to name names, he sang like a canary. His actions ended many careers, and broke the spirit of many Hollywood players. Kazan never apologized; indeed, his career and life from that moment staged a defense of his decision. "On the Waterfront"--which won Oscars for Best Picture, Best Director for Kazan, Best Actor for Brando, and Best Actress for Eva Marie Saint--was his most elaborate, and perhaps eloquent, staging of what he felt to be the righteousness of his actions. The script and visual style are very noir, and the effect is jarring--for noir usually tells the tale of a man who makes a mistake, and is haunted by the consequences. Here, noir is co-opted by a man who wants to believe he can do no wrong. This podcast is brought to you by Clute and Edwards of To leave a comment on this episode, or make a donation to the podcast, please visit "Out of the Past: Investigating Film Noir" at
          Ð£Ñ‡Ð¸Ð¼ÑÑ составлять вайт и блэклисты        

При работе с тизерными сетями мы можем наблюдать разный уровень ÐºÐ°Ñ‡ÐµÑÑ‚ва Ð¿Ñ€ÐµÐ´Ð¾ÑÑ‚авляемого Ð¸Ð¼Ð¸ трафика. Где-то он тщательно сортируется Ð¸ проверяется, но среди прочих может встретиться и «ÑÐ±Ð¾Ñ€Ð½Ð°Ñ солянка». Из-за этого Ð½ÐµÐ»ÑŒÐ·Ñ быть на 100% уверенным в том, что купленный вами трафик - это реальные люди, а не боты. Даже в тех тизерках, которые не прибегают к мошенничеству, админам не всегда удается отсеять весь мусор.

К счастью, всегда можно заблокировать рекламные площадки, которые не дают результата, воспользовавшись блэк/вайтлистами (black/whitelists). Сайты, приложения или другие специфические источники трафика можно «ÐºÐ¸Ð½ÑƒÑ‚ÑŒ в чс» Ð½Ðµ только из-за ботов. Причины могут быть разными, как и причины для слива со строго определенных площадок.Баннер 300х400Как работают блэк- и вайтлисты? Их использование зависит от того, как предполагается лить трафик:

  1. Слив со всех доступных площадок и блокировка неэффективных. Блокировка площадок — это фактически создание блэклиста. Обычно с этого начинают, когда тестируют новый источник или оффер.
  2. Слив с определенных площадок или только с одной площадки. Вайтлист нужен тогда, когда необходимо сохранить результативный Ð¸ÑÑ‚очник Ñ‚рафика, с которым вы работаете. Также в него Ð¼Ð¾Ð¶Ð½Ð¾ внести лучшие сайты по прошлым результатам, или же просто купить готовый вайтлист у кого-то.

В любом случае, нельзя бездумно составлять эти списки, для появления в нём нового пункта должны быть какие-то основания.

Функции и возможности блэклиста

Заблокировать площадки можно двумя способами: составить список площадок через интерфейс личного кабинета или же вручную вписать ID источников в поле ввода, все зависит от выбранной вами тизерки. По сути, эти способы идентичны и варьируются от сети к сети. Для составления списка нужно установить определенные правила, то есть перечислить, за что площадки должны попадать в блэклисты. Вот несколько соображений на этот счёт:

  • Боты. Ð›ÑŽÐ±Ð°Ñ площадка с очень высоким процентом Ð±Ð¾Ñ‚-трафика должна быть в блэклисте. Да, некоторые сайты с ботами могут приносить прибыль (что, конечно, редкость), но когда процентное соотношение доходит до 70% или 80%, вероятность получить прибыль стремится к нулю;
  • Очень низкий или очень высокий CTR баннера. ÐžÐ±Ð° эти варианта указывают на проблему с трафиком: Ð½Ð¸Ð·ÐºÐ¸Ð¹ CTR говорит о чрезмерной Ð´Ð¾Ñ€Ð¾Ð³Ð¾Ð²Ð¸Ð·Ð½Ðµ ÐºÐ»Ð¸ÐºÐ¾Ð², высокий — указывает на присутствие ботов;
  • Низкая эффективность. ÐÐµ каждая площадка подойдет для определённого оффера. Если она не приносит конверсии длительное время — блокируйте ее без лишних размышлений.

Вайтлист: как его создать Ð¸ работать с ним?

Суть его схожа с блэклистом, только Ð²Ð¼ÐµÑÑ‚о блокировки теперь вы «ÑÐ¾Ð¾Ð±Ñ‰Ð°ÐµÑ‚е» Ñ‚изерной сети, с каких конкретных площадок вы будете покупать трафик. В этом случае можно либо просмотреть доступные площадки и выбрать необходимые для слива, либо же загрузить свой сформированный вайтлист. Все работает точно так же, как и в случае с блэклистами.

Причины, почему стоит использовать вайтлисты:

  • Ограниченный размер блэклиста. Ð’ Ð½ÐµÐºÐ¾Ñ‚орых тизерках Ð²Ñ‹ можете добавлять в блэклисты любое число площадок. Но Ñ‡Ð°Ñ‰Ðµ всего существуют ограничения. Например, в ExoClick, крупном Ð¸ÑÑ‚очнике адалт-трафика, максимальное число площадок, которые можно заблокировать, — 999. Но в этой сети десятки тысяч площадок, и можно предположить, что как минимум 1000 из них совершенно бесполезна. Единственный выход — выбирать лишь те сайты, которые дают хорошие результаты, другими словами, создавать вайтлисты;
  • Извлечь максимум из определенной площадки. Ð˜Ð½Ð¾Ð³Ð´Ð° встречается несколько подходящих площадок, с которых вы хотели бы получать трафик. В таком случае можно использовать вайтлист повторно для подходящих рекламных кампаний;
  • Площадки по категориям. Ð•ÑÐ»Ð¸ вы продвигаете нишевые офферы, рассчитаные на специфическую аудиторию, то вам потребуются и специфические площадки на сайтах/в приложениях, относящихся к соответствующей тематике. Это распространенная тактика для тизерных сетей, многие из которых предоставят вам вайтлисты.

Белый или черный — какой выбрать?

У обоих подходов есть свои плюсы и минусы. Тизерки предпочитают работать с блэклистами, но не очень большими. Это происходит по той причине, что когда вы блокируете слишком много площадок, они не смогут продавать вам трафик из других площадок. Ð¢Ð° же ситуация наблюдается, если использовать Ñ‚олько вайтлисты: вы попросту выбираете лучший трафик, оставляя сети «Ð´Ñ€ÑÐ½ÑŒ». Бывает, что списки устаревают, или же список, который подходит для одного оффера, совершенно не подходит для другого, даже похожего оффера.

Цель любой тизерной сети — продать весь трафик, который доступен, в том числе Ð½Ð¸Ð·ÐºÐ¾ÐºÐ°Ñ‡ÐµÑÑ‚венный. Из-за этого предпочтение отдается покупателям, которые не занимаются чрезмерной оптимизацией, и многие алгоритмы тизерки распределяют больше трафика на менее оптимизированные ÐºÐ°Ð¼Ð¿Ð°Ð½Ð¸Ð¸. Поэтому для того, чтобы получить максимальный объем, стоит сосредоточиться на добавлении в блэклиста только самых Ð½Ð¸Ð·ÐºÐ¾ÐºÐ°Ñ‡ÐµÑÑ‚венных источников. ÐŸÑ€Ð¸ этом учитывайте, что как только вы отключаете показ рекламы на этой площадке, весь трафик из нее исчезает, так что старайтесь сначала оптимизировать другие аспекты, прежде чем по ошибке заблокировать что-то хорошее.

В ряде случаев не остается другого выбора, как использовать вайтлисты, к примеру, в случае работы со специфическими нишевыми Ð¿Ñ€Ð¾Ð´ÑƒÐºÑ‚ами. Если вы это делаете, то приготовьтесь платить более высокие ставки за клики и показы (CPM или CPC).

Вайтлисты и блэклисты можно использовать и в будущих кампаниях. Существует вероятность, что одни и те же площадки принесут лиды на офферы, похожие на предыдущие. То же и с блэклистами - ÐµÑÐ»Ð¸ площадки совсем никудышные, они не улучшатся в одночасье.


Вайтлисты и блэклисты — важные инструменты для всех, кто работает с тизерным трафиком. При правильном подходе каждый список может принести пользу. Как обычно, важно не переусердствовать, поэтому не добавляйте в блэклисты много площадок. Ð’ыработайте собственные Ð¿Ñ€Ð°Ð²Ð¸Ð»Ð°, определяющие, Ð² каких случаях площадка заслуживает нахождения в блэклисте, но учитывайте, что тизерные сети предпочитают менее оптимизированные кампании.

          Episode 12: Rififi        
Hollywood began tearing itself apart with accusations of Communism in 1947, and in 1949 American director Jules Dassin was blacklisted. In order to pursue his craft he fled to France, where he cobbled together a small budget and a motley crew of B stars. Together they created the heist masterpiece Rififi, the tale of a ragtag international band of thieves who use inferior tools and superior know-how to pull off the job of a lifetime. They are in the clear until somebody rats and then one by one they are hunted down. The real crime is that Dassin had to fashion this allegorical gem while in exile. This podcast is brought to you by Clute and Edwards of To leave a comment on this episode, or make a donation to the podcast, please visit "Out of the Past: Investigating Film Noir" at
          Characteristics of spammers on Blog        

Below listed are 50 unique characteristics of spammers on blog recently. Read it to determine if you’re on the dark side (or not).

  • You begin your emails with, “Dear Friend,” “Dear Customer.”
  • You bought, purchased, rented or “joint ventured” your list with others.
  • You refer to your customers and prospects collectively as a “list.”
  • You live your marketing career one batch email at a time.
  • Your email consists of a size 38 Impact font. Your emails have nothing to do with recipient’s interests.
  • You have an email marketing campaign send daily email to your prospects.
  • When times get tough, you just hit your lists harder.
  • You don’t bother checking your “From” address for human replies.
  • You only see Digg and StumbleUpon as sources of thousands of hits.
  • Your email is sent to yourself, blind-carbon copying recipients.
  • Your email lacks the necessary unsubscribe link.
  • You padded your unsubscribe link with more than four lines to bury the link below the fold.
  • Your email contains more CAPS than a Pepsi bottling plant.
  • Your subject lines begin with “Re:” or “Fwd:” even though you didn’t reply or forward.
  • You predicate your call to action with “If you’re interested…” or “If you’d like…”
  • Your email makes assumptions that your readers want to buy more when they just bought something.
  • The graphics in your e-mail are the email.
  • You worry about how many opt-outs and bounces you might earn, rather than the value you provide your subscribers.
  • Your email recipients have no idea who you are or why the received your message.
  • You can honestly say you live your life one spam complaint at a time.
  • You changed email service providers four times in the past two years.
  • You know your ESPs abuse desk personnel on a first name basis.
  • Your ESP’s abuse desk personnel know you on a first name basis.
  • When asked about spam, you instantly deny it, citing CAN-SPAM Act technicalities.
  • Your email contact database is older than your shoes.
  • Your contact database is segmented into “blast,” “email” and “do not email.”
  • You sent an email and suddenly wonder why you landed on the blacklist of several ISPs.
  • You insist it’s the fault of the ESP that your deliverability is in the dump.
  • You recently purchased a list of leads and telepathically know they want your email.
  • Your opt-in Web Form lacks any sort of expectation of email.
  • You send several thousand pieces of email on a daily basis, yet don’t consider yourself an Internet marketer.
  • You send several hundred pieces of email and feel exempt from anti-spam laws.
  • You just exported your Outlook address book and imported that into your email provider.
  • Your small business had 1500 customers for the previous year, yet you sent mail to 40,000 “prospects.”
  • You’re in search of an email list cleaner, email blaster or mass mailer.
  • You’ve got the latest information diet pills, mortgage offers, debt consolidation and are the expert in making money quick with no obligation.
  • People opt into your marketing expecting a free iPod and they get bombarded with offers.
  • When you go to trade shows, you collect email addresses, not network with industry peers.
  • To you, search engine optimization means more traffic, not better results for visitors.
  • Your email marketing consists of sending offers to your entire list of contacts.
  • In an effort to get your email delivered, you include the text of “F.r.e.e” or “no.ris.k” in your messages.
  • You blame your recipients for reporting your message as spam to their ISP.
  • It’s a good day for you when the spam complaints are below 3%.
  • You’re a member of an organization and believe you can “blast” your message to all members.
  • You decide the value of your email marketing, not your recipients.
  • You have an abnormally large database for the actual interest in your products.
  • You seem to have invented a new form of opt-in, known as a “soft opt in.”
  • You aren’t sure if your contacts are opted in or what they opted in for.
  • Your lead generation model consists of a fishbowl at conferences.

          Homegrown Day 6        
Put on your party pants. On Friday night, there’s no holding back. Nearly 50 original acts — from the weird to the wild — have one unified mission. From Beaner’s in the west to Sir Ben’s in the east, Duluth is ready to rawk. Soulful harmonies reign at the Sacred Heart Music Center with Black Diary, Emily Haavik and Friends, and Low. Haavik and Friends released their first album, You Were the City, late last year. Haavik is excited to be moving forward with her songwriting. “We spent so much of our time on the recording process last year, now that we finally have that sucker out we’re able to focus on some new material!” R.T. Quinlan’s features a full set of hip hop. Legacy Glassworks has a rowdy roster of garage rock and hip hop. The Red Herring Lounge hosts a mishmash of genres, from punk rock to punk folk and post rock, topped off with the alt-country of Actual Wolf. For the first time, Blacklist Artisan Ales is participating in Homegrown. The renovated Last Place on Earth head shop on Superior Street will host shows by Boku Frequency, the Confused Brothers Band and Supreme Rocka Hi-Fi. Those traveling […]
          WannaCry Money Laundering Attempt Halted        
A cryptocurrency exchange network has blacklisted the WannaCry criminals' Bitcoin wallets. (CCM) — The hackers behind the WannaCry ransomware have been foiled in their attempt to launder the Bitcoins they received as ransom payments, according to a BBC report. The BBC says that the hackers attempted to use an exchange network called ShapeShift to switch the Bitcoins into another
           Porn-blocking season is here again..        
The world woke up this morning to a rising crest of hysteria about the arrival of  a Royal baby, and the sound of David Cameron making a determined lunge to secure the Daily Mail/Mumsnet vote before everyone (including him) goes on holiday : by "declaring war" on Internet porn. As someone said on Twitter (there's always one), we're very keen on babies, just not on letting anyone see how they're made..

Dodgy jokes aside, Dave's latest  vote gathering strategy is more sickening than funny. His speech - aimed apparently at a pre 1996 stage of Internet governance - about how to tame that pesky unregulated Internet and drive online porn into the sea can be found in its full glory here. Anyone who knows anything about the field will notice immediately that the speech cunningly and quite convincingly intermingles two entirely different topics: (1) access by children to entirely legal pornography  (which is  nonetheless "corroding childhood" - see below) and (2) the eradication of access to images of the abuse of children, possession of which is universally criminalised.

Children and legal pornographic content

Re (1), Pangloss is no more keen than most on some of the nastier aspects of modern easy access to legal pornography - recent research apparently showing that teenage male sexual expectations of girls (and girls expectations of their own bodies and actions) are formed largely by what they see porn stars doing springs to mind - but, as a society, we long ago made a decision that where we were talking about content that some like, but others find objectionable,  and that does not, like "child pornography", record  sex with persons who could not possibly consent, in principle, domestic use of it by adults is legal.  That attitude may need revisited - we seem , possibly , to have seen public support for creation of new types of universally illegal pornography, such as violent and  rape  porn, and snuff videos. But to do so is a matter for parliamentary and public debate - not a matter for Google or ISPs to fix overnight because David Cameron likes to be seen as a caring family man.  Hiding legal but nasty porn away from UK ISP subscribers by default-on porn filters may be a relief to some adults who can then happily assume the Internet is fixed  and go back to the telly  - but it is unlikely to stop children accessing it, and very very unlikely indeed to stop people making it when there are so many distribution channels left where a buck can be turned.

Cameron says he wants to stop "how online pornography is corroding childhood". But in fact even if we accept this is entirely the fault of online porn (what nothing to do with  Rihanna? cheap alcopops?  reality TV? the Sun?) almost as much as can sensibly be done to monitor or stop child access to unsuitable materials has already been done, destroying Cameron's voter-friendly assertion that Internet providers and search engines are obdurately refusing to take responsibility (we already know they don't pay tax, don't we boys and girls!) .

In fact driven by the abysmal PR associated with any tinge of friendliness to pedophilia, service providers too often lean in the other direction, of over blocking content. UK mobile operators, working on the assumption that children have unprecedented unsupervised access to Internet content  via the mobile Web, sign up to a voluntary code where a safe filtered Net is provided  unless you can prove you are an adult (not easy,  and often a pain to do). Schools provide still further filters, often draconically over blocking everything from Facebook to fashion sites. Almost every UK ISP now provides family friendly filters to subscriber households for free on request. Google provides a Safe Search option which if used on strictest setting stops anyone searching on words like porn or rape - yes , just like Cameron says doesn't happen right now.  The accountholder - ie, an adult - can lock Safe Search  so that any kids in the household can't turn it off.

Yet strangely evidence, empirical and anecdotal,  shows generally low uptake by parents on both these impressive safeguards. Why is that? Could it be parents aren't actually as bothered as they say about child safety ? Is that why Cameron thinks default opt-out from porn will solve the problem and if so, are   children likely to be isolated from porn just because an automated filter is switched on? I doubt it -  most kids do or can find out how to run a VPN or a proxy server access nowadays, , having learnt what these are by the kind educational services of the anti filesharing industries . What requiring adults to "opt into porn" will mainly do is provide a nice database somewhere of adults who dare to opt out of filters on the ground they have no idea what these so called porn filters might scoop out (LBGT material? Almost certainly. Safe sex or breast cancer info? Probably. Fanfic? Quite likely. ). At the moment we also have no idea who might get access to that list in some future unpleasant scenario (unevidenced rape accusations, custody battles and  school or public sector employment checks come fast to mind). It would be nice to see the Information Commissioner having something to say about this aspect.

Access to images of child sexual abuse and stopping the underlying abuse

But  returning to (1) , this is the part of this speech where Pangloss feels she has historical expertise and which made her truely angry this morning.  Cameron's advisers - and hence Cameron himself, indubitably  - know and have known for a very long time, that web blocking via the IWF blacklist does nothing but stop amateurish and accidental access to images of child sexual abuse ("stumbling upon" is the phrase most often used)  and that this is a tiny, tiny part of the problem of real abuse to real children by hardened paedophiles and their suppliers.  The IWF was truely set up to facilitate removal of child abuse images from UK servers and in that it has succeeded - less than 1 % of this material is now hosted in the UK. It was never meant to stop determined acess to foreign hosted material bceause it was known this was impossible. As long ago as 2005, Mike Galvin, then of BT and the IWF and one of the architects of Cleanfeed, admitted to the Guardian that it "won't stop the hardened pedophile" and that its main use was to help protect people who eg accidentally followed links to images of child abuse  if sent in a spam email. 

Unfortunately any political gesture connected to web blocking, that tiny part of the problem - recently  brought to public attention in the not very statistical sample of the shape of the killers of  Tia Sharp and April Jones -  guarantees a Daily Mail headline. Result for politicians. But hardened or repeat pedophiles do not, as a rule,  find the images they seek via Google - what and have their search record archived? - but from parts of the Net which are not part of the Web and which are not mapped by Google spiders - and hence not blockable by Google either.

These places are sometimes  known as darknets, eg P2P sites for swapping illegal material - or "hidden services", the phrase the IWF uses in its latest report to describe anonymised websites where new pedophile material often makes its first appearance. The IWF know all about this, which is  they recently hired a technical analyst to look into how to monitor  this kind of traffic. CEOP knows too. The European Commission has spent a great deal of money funding research into P2P content blocking. In fact even I knew, as far back as 2000 when I first wrote in detail about the law and child sexual abuse.  You can find a version of the same argument in the 2009 version of that piece here.

How then can pedophile access to  images of child sexual abuse be controlled by mainstream search engines, if  these predators do not largely use mainstream search engines? Simply, it can't. This doesn't stop Cameron saying that search engines should "step up to the plate" by blocking certain search terms. We dont know how this is meant to work yet, so  it's difficult to critique. But one obvious criticism is that filter by keywords is easy for pedophiles to avoid - just use code words that run ahead of blocking, just as right now the word "Lolita" has come to signify underage sex - but will stifle legitimate searches by ordinary people. For example today I searched for Cameron's speech by putting in "cameron porn Internet  speech". Tomorrow I may not be able to do that perfectly responsible thing.  As usual the items that suffer from over-blocking tend to be the same marginalised concerns: survivors seeking advice, confused LGBT teens seeking community, etc.

What more can be done sensibly then? Spending money on the option that actually works: not avoidable and plaster-over-the-cracks blocking but actual take down of material abroad - most prevalently in the US (56% origin of child abuse images, say the IWF) , not some inpenetrable lawless post Soviet republic - and associated international policing co- operation. The IWF knows this. Their 2012 annual report still says : "We believe that the most effective way to eleminate child sexual abuse contentis to remove it at its source" Banks know this. They spend money on securing local take down of fraud and phishing sites abroad with the result that these sites come down in hours, while the sites that host child sex images stay up for often up to 60 days (also from the IWF report). CEOP knows this. Their former CEO Jim Gamble resigned two years ago because CEOP's budget was effectively being cut. Web blocking is much cheaper than policing, especially if you get Google to pay for it. Gamble was on the circuit the last few days, castigating Cameron for grandstanding for election votes .

So if all these experienced child welfare advocates know this , why doesn't David Cameron ? Could it be he isn't thinking of the children after all?
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